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Windows 7 , laptop drivers, will they work?

Q: Windows 7 , laptop drivers, will they work?

I just bought a Toshiba Satellite L305D-S5934 laptop from Best Buy and I figured I would give Windows 7 a try on it as I have multiple computers.

Before I install I just want to make sure if I am going to be okay using Vista drivers for this laptop after the install? I would think wireless/ethernet drivers would be okay but not sure about the ATI graphics drivers or sound.

Am I go for launch or should I be concerned about anything?


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Preferred Solution: Windows 7 , laptop drivers, will they work?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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EDIT The short version first Everytime I try to run the HOTKEY drivers for my laptops backlit keyboard I get an error telling me that they have stopped working The long version If anyone could help me with this problem that has been annoying me for the past months it would be greatly appreciated I have a Clevo P sm laptop Windows Home SP It came with drivers hotkey that were supposed to control the backlit keyboard already installed various colours brightness etc This didn t work out of the box I then downloaded and installed some custom backlight keyboard software designed for the Clevo s Link to it here Backlight Controller with LightFX clevomods This actually worked the program ran fine and I was able to change the colours etc But it only lasted a week and then stopped working I simply couldn t figure out what was wrong I tried the latest Clevo drivers and a reinstall of the custom software and I got a Windows message saying this quot Exception caught the type initializer for threw an exception Runtime terminating true InnerException System InvalidOperationExeptopm Cannot open OutLLog on machine Windows has not provided an error code-- gt System ComponentModel Win for work keyboard drivers laptop won't Backlit Exception The interface is unknown ---End of inner exception--- quot and it goes on like that That was a few months ago Recently I tried to install the latest hotkey drivers released by Clevo They are actually for the Clevo P sm-A the latest model but I though what the hell But am again getting an Windows error message quot HKeyTray has stopped working quot Under the details of the message it says quot C Users Horize AppData Local Temp WER tmp WERInternalMetadata xml C Users Horize AppData Local Temp Backlit keyboard drivers won't work for laptop WER F tmp appcompat txt C Users Horize AppData Local Temp WER F tmp mdmp quot As you can see I have no idea what this means The backlight still turns on with the laptop in the default blue colour but I have no way to control it If anyone can shed any light on this matter or even better yet solve it it would mean a hell of a lot because its been bugging me for so long and I spent too much on the damn thing to have it annoy me this much Thanks in advance Oh one more bit of information that I m not sure is relevant or not but I ll include it When I bought the laptop the online shop that I bought it from accidentally sent me the laptop without either of the hard drives in SSD and normal They apologised and sent out the hard drives the next day and Windows was pre-installed on the SSD so that when I turned the computer on for the first time it didn t need me to install it Again not sure if that s relevant but Backlit keyboard drivers won't work for laptop hope it helps anyone willing to give the problem a shot a solving it Thanks again nbsp

A:Backlit keyboard drivers won't work for laptop

You mean that you can't install the drivers for your keyboard, i just have the same issue with my HP 2000, it turned out that the driver file that i have is out of date, and the program named DriverIdentifier has helped me, you can try it ( , when you register, remember to select to use as personal so that they will give you free access.
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Hi all A bit of a strange one I can't get my head round I have recently fired up my laptop on drivers Graphics with WDDM laptop will only card work after about a year of not using and I was immediately presented with a BSOD with a atikmpag sys error it was fine when last Graphics card on laptop will only work with WDDM drivers used After reading up on this the error points to corrupt drivers So I downloaded the latest Graphics card on laptop will only work with WDDM drivers drivers from the AMD website used a third party utility to completely remove the old drivers and the same error occurred After repeating the process countless times and not getting anywhere I decided to give it a complete clean install of Windows The install went fine and Windows loaded the WDDM drivers for the card and finally it booted up normally with no BSOD After all the updates had installed I then updated the drivers again from the AMD website and the same BSOD occured I tried this a second time and they finally worked but a strange artifact appeared round the cursor and some windows and then the machine reset itself So it appears my laptop will only take the default WDDM drivers and nothing Graphics card on laptop will only work with WDDM drivers else I never had this problem before because I can remember running the latest drivers in the past These are drivers I used Legacy Any suggestions
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i have put win xp on a dell inspiron 1300 laptop. when i try to add the drivers from dell website for the soundcard. it wont work i have tried drivers from elsewhere but all dont work. when i goto device manger there is a question mark over pci device and video controller. im really lost and dont have a clue how to fix this i hope someone can help.


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i have a hp laptop which had windows 7 64 BIT , then i planned to reinstall windows
so i used two different driver backup programs (driver magician and driver genius) , and i completely backed up the drivers
then i formatted the system partition and performed a clean windows installation , but this time i installed a 32 BIT version , and when i tried to restore the drivers from the backup program itself nothing was restored , and when i tried using windows device manager to restore them it kept saying that the driver program is already up to date (although these driver programs weren't installed at all)
is this problem because i installed a 32bit windows or that's something else !!!!!!!!!!! , please help me

A:do 64 bit drivers work for 32 bit windows

64-bit drivers won't work with a 32-bit system. I have never used those driver backup programs so can't comment on the issues you are having with them.

I recommend that you go to the mfrs website of the motherboard and whatever other devices you require drivers for, and download the correct 32-bit drivers from there and install them.
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I have a Toshiba Satellite C655-S5061. It is running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. I just downloaded the ISO for Windows 8 Developer Preview (without developer tools) and I want to install it over Windows 7 without erasing ANYTHING. If I install this, will my Wireless drivers and other things like that still work? I NEED Wifi drivers for school.

A:Will drivers work in Windows 8?

Most Windows 7 drivers will work with Windows 8.
For better help with Windows 8, take a look at:
Windows 8 Forums
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I was a succesful tester of Windows RC where the realtek audio drivers worked flawlessly Recently i purchased and installed windows RTM Home Premium If you have the following symptoms when reinstalling windows RTM with the realtek audio - No Realtek icon in the taskbar - Cannot active the realtek driver window from control panel - The windows audio playing drivers windows 7 don't rtm Realtek in work devices do not show up when requested well For some reason the realtek driver or Windows RTM are not compatible anymore with RTM got released The problem is not with the driver however but with User Accounts Management security settings Install the latest driver from Realtek which you find on the www realtek com The version of the driver currently is Realtek drivers don't work in windows 7 rtm Then disable UAC through Control Panel - gt System Realtek drivers don't work in windows 7 rtm - gt Change User Account Management and reboot You'll notice now that the Realtek driver taskbar icon the brown luidspeaker shows up in your taskbar Good news Click on the taskbar icon and the RT driver windows shows up In this window you can change the driver operating from Stereo to Clearly some things are wrong with audio in RTM Because you cannot open the audio play devices dialog through the windows luidspeaker icon and right clicking the option from the menu So maybe this is a preliminary work around Sven

A:Realtek drivers don't work in windows 7 rtm

I have had no issue with installing the Realtek driver in Windows 7 RTM...

You might be an exception
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I've been googling and searching the forums here and I'm not sure.......

I have a striker formula II MB, when I install windows 7 will the mother board drivers install from their disk or do I need to burn some updated ones.

Thank you for any help.

A:Will my mother board drivers work with windows 7

I would install Windows 7 without them and see what happens.

Windows 7, like Vista, has a ton of legacy drivers on board for most occasions.

Run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor -->

Regards. . .


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Hi, I have a Sony VAIO vgn-cr35s and I changed my hard drive since the previous one broke. And now my new hard drive is running Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit version 6.1 (build 7600) I just wanted to know if the drivers of Windows Vista will work on 7? Because I'm about to download the Ati Radeon X2300 driver from the Sony site but I just wanted to know if it'll work

Thanks in advance!

A:Will Vista Drivers work fine on Windows 7?

Matter of trying. Some do work, some don't.
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First let me give a bit of a backstory I have an Acer laptop that I got recently that came with Windows Home Premium bit I bought a Windows Upgrade CD before that to upgrade the computer I'm using right now from Vista to Windows Anyway I'm planning to sell the laptop Windows worked of install Windows Drivers properly do after work not 7 perfectly fine on the machine albiet a bit slow but it worked well enough to use for basic tasks But I thought maybe it would be faster and better for the sale if I installed it over the existing version In retrospect I really hate myself for doing this because now from what I can tell none of the drivers work properly including the Wireless drivers that would normally detect a network The resolution is also less than it was when I got the machine and there are no options to put it back to the proper resolution I don't have a drivers CD from Acer so I don't know what Drivers do not work properly after install of Windows 7 I can do I've tried booting into the previous Windows installation but it won't work Drivers do not work properly after install of Windows 7 properly So now I'm wondering if I have to get a CD from Acer with the drivers or am I just messed up here I really would appreciate any help guys Thank you

A:Drivers do not work properly after install of Windows 7

We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.
startup repair disc-create

Did you make the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?

Acer Empowering Technology > Acer eRecovery Management.
Acer Support - Answers, E-Mail, Chat - How can I restore my computer with the backup discs I created?

Manual how to use Acer eRecovery Management here:'s%20guide/Acer%20eRecovery%20Management%20English.pdf

Have you tried pressing <Alt+F10> at boot up, to goto the Acer eRecovery Management.
Acer Support: Frequently Asked Questions list for How to use Acer eRecovery

You can Order Acer recovery disks from here:

You can download up to date drivers from the Acer website.
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Hello all Upgrade scenario I upgraded my ancient Dimension from XPSP to Windows Pro bit via a Drivers 8 Sound Windows May Integrated XP Work On Some clean install Result Windows Pro installed all necessary drivers except my bit integrated sound drivers and printer Post Installation Activity Tried a manual install and received a drivers not compatible warning Tried a manual install using the compatibility Some XP Integrated Sound Drivers May Work On Windows 8 mode and received the same warning as above Note Even though the driver installation failed the process did leave all post installation files on my hard drive Final Solution Went into the device manager found the flagged media controller and manually updated the driver by pointing it to the post installation file folder for the sound drivers All sound drivers were immediately recognized and all flags were removed This method of manually updating the sound driver after a failed normal installation worked perfectly for me So if you are in a similar position you may want to give my solution a shot before giving up and buying a new sound card Good luck Note After the initial upgrade Windows update found a newer version of my integrated sound driver so I installed it and that worked too

A:Some XP Integrated Sound Drivers May Work On Windows 8

As Dell does not support later OS' with this "old" legacy model you are limited mostly to the default HD Audio Codec that Windows may install. Some audio functions are handled differently internally in the OS between XP and Vista/Win7/Win8 thus the reason the older drivers do not work (or work properly). If you found drivers that will work you are in the minority. I used to do a lot of support on the Dell users forum and users were installing PCI sound cards compatible with the OS they wanted to use to get sound.
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What is the purpose of the generic drivers Windows has built into it?

Example: a generic driver for a 56k modem. I have never seen one of these
to work with a modem...has anybody?

So are these generic drivers that M$ has bundled with windows a waste
of space. has anybody here ever got one to work?

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Hi guys!

Ive been looking around on the internet to see which drivers work best with Windows 7 and it seems like 185.85 seems to be the best. But i was wondering as the post i found was from 2009, is there any of the new drivers working better with windows 7? I did see that 314.22 worked for some.

Anyway thanks for the help,


A:Latest Nvidia 9800GT Drivers that work with Windows 7?

My missus has a 9800GT and it runs everything as good as could be with 314.22 drivers. Even with my GTX 560 i run the same driver's. No point in going with the latest unless there is some fix for certain games and your model of card. This is really all they bring new drivers out for fixing game bugs and making newer cards more compatible.
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i absolutely hate the windows 8 interface so i downgraded to windows 7... now drivers won't work. optical drive and wifi won't work. i used a bootable usb to downgrade

have dell inspiron 15-3537 i3-4010u 1.7ghz. PLS help.. just about ready to chuck this outta the window

A:need some consoling, downgraded frm windows 8 to 7 drivers wont work

You need to go to the dell inspiron 15-3537 i3-4010u support page and download the right drivers
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Dell Vostro 1500.

A few weeks ago, I received a blue screen of death that would not get off my computer. I had the Windows Antivirus Pro Virus that would not go away. I am going to school tomororw and needed this off my computer. So I decided to wipe the hard drive clean with the Dell CDs that came with this purchase. I downloaded Windows XP and some of the drivers. Some of the drivers that i tried to download say they downloaded but then do not come up. Broadcom440x10/100 is saying the network cable is unplugged, I have no idea what that means and internet will not work. What can I do manually to make this work?

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Hi there! I want share my problem with you. I upgraded windows and and everything seems ok, but! Suddenly after default driver instalation (AMD Catalyst 03.00.0808) from my manufacturer, screen started to flash. I tried restart, but it doesnt help. I just reinstall Win 8 5th time because of this.

I need help to find some solution for my video card. I have switchable graphics (AMD 6650m + Intel 3000)
I found new Catalysts, but nothing seems to work. It just doesnt distinguish that AMD. Intel works.

THX for reply.
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I reinstalled Windows 7 last night and when it booted back up the screen resolution has changed, I have several drivers that aren't working and I can't connect to the internet. Any thoughts?

A:Reinstalled windows 7, drivers dont work and can't connect to internet

Reinstalled how? Clean install, factory restore?
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I just purchased a new video card for my old Acer M that I dual boot the original Vista Windows Vista Card Boot. 7 Drivers Video but Dual not in New work and Windows on I bought a new Asus Nvidia GeForce GT video card to play Skyrim Windows will install the drivers with absolutely no error messages but upon rebooting they won't load and I'm stuck with basic VGA I booted out and back to Vista and loaded New Video Card Drivers work in Vista but not Windows 7 Dual Boot. them and they installed fine as well and upon rebooting into Vista they actually load My Windows install is a recent clean install because I tried upgrading to Windows and didn't do a clean install and it borked itself on all my legacy hardware Does anyone know why a clean install won't load new video card drivers but my old Vista install loads them fine Yet another reason not to abandon the Vista Beast Vista is the last OS that recognizes my Rio Karma MP Players Before anyone asks Yes I downloaded the latest drivers for Windows Pro Bit directly New Video Card Drivers work in Vista but not Windows 7 Dual Boot. from Nvidias website and installed them and still get a quot No GPU detected quot message when trying New Video Card Drivers work in Vista but not Windows 7 Dual Boot. to run the NVidia software that comes with the drivers NVidia Driver Version

A:New Video Card Drivers work in Vista but not Windows 7 Dual Boot.

Hi, try to update your motherboard drivers....

Also post your complete pc specification please.
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I installed windows 7 on a older hp laptop.

What drivers do I run vista or xp drivers as per this page.

Its a DV8125NR with 1.5gb ram

I need the video drivers and sound drivers for this.

Has anyone installed windows 7 from a fresh install IE no update just on a clean HD? What drivers did you run?

A:Windows 7 drivers for HP laptop

My sound does not work with stock windows 7 drivers.
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I just bought a gateway ID49C07u laptop that was preinstalled with windows 7. W7 didn't want to play nice with my network at my office and I decided to install windows XP directly over the W7 partition.

I forgot to think about how I would be able to get proper drivers for this motherboard/vid card/sound card etc so that it'll work.

Am I SOL or would I be able to find drivers supported by XP on this brand new machine?

A:XP Drivers on a Windows 7 laptop.

and welcome to the Forum

Have you checked the Gateway support site to see if they furnish XP drivers for that laptop?

What was the problem with win7 and your netwrok? I have just finished upgradeing one complete office to win 7 and everything worked fine ( better than with XP I might add )
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Hi Guys, Can some1 plz help me in getting all the drivers for my system. I have installed windows 8.1 in my laptop. Thanks! Regards,Prashant

A:I need all drivers for my hp laptop windows 8.1

Hi: You should be able to use the W8.1 drivers and software from the 15t-ac000 on your model except the BIOS and firmware files. Use the latest Intel graphics driver listed...sp72651 Use the Realtek wireless and bluetooth drivers.
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I recently installed windows 8 32 bit on my HP 15-d009tu Notebook PC and couldnt find wlan drivers for the same. Where can I find the drivers? hardware id for the laptop is :PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_0036&SUBSYS_217F103C&REV_01 

A:want drivers for my laptop windows 8 32 bit

Hi: This driver should work for you... This package contains the driver installation package for the Qualcomm Atheros QCA9000 Series wireless LAN Controller in the supported notebook models running a supported operating system. You would also need this bluetooth driver... This package contains the driver installation package for the Qualcomm Atheros Bluetooth in the supported notebook models running a supported operating system.
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HI, everyone. My name is Steven. I'm using Lenovo Y450 with OS Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

I have a question here, my laptop model drivers is support until Windows 7 x64.
And now I want to change my Windows from 7 to Windows 8, its possible that Windows 7 drivers can using in Windows 8?
Thank You.

A:Windows 7 drivers work on Windows 8?

Hi StevenLow and welcome to the Seven Forums.
The answer to your question is yes except in vary rare circumstances. You should go to the Lenovo web site and see if they make updated drivers for your machine.
You may want to ask for help on how to upgrade to Windows 8 in our sister forum Windows 8 Forums
The guys over there will help you out with setting up Windows 8.
Good Luck.
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my laptop (hp pavilion g6-2305tx) came with windows 8, but i switched back to 7, but i want to use updated drivers from hp for windows 8, will it work? thanks advance.

A:windows 8 drivers work in windows 7 ?

I wouldn't try it. I recommend looking for the Windows 7 drivers on HP's site.
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hello there,

i really need to know if there are available drivers for hp compaq nx9110 that are compatible with windows 7? i've tried a couple of things to no avail.

A:can my laptop run windows 7 (i need compatible drivers)

Does HP's/Compaq's website have downloads for Windows 7 or have you tried vista drivers?

Try 7 drivers before vista's
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I have a Dell inspiron it shipped w vista I upgraded to windows bit did a clean install with OTS of help from here in July Dell didn t windows w help on drivers need laptop 7 w/o supported support my laptop with Windows bit drivers I did searching and found a group of bit drivers from dell laptops that were supported and shared the same hardware I think Most of it need help w windows 7 on laptop w/o supported drivers went fine however now I m starting to have some problems or need hardware that originally had problems need help w windows 7 on laptop w/o supported drivers I kinda brushed off for the time My Laptop WILL NOT SLEEP It powers down hibernates instead I believe it to be either a need help w windows 7 on laptop w/o supported drivers Nvidia Display Driver problem b Wireless Mouse usb receiver Windows Action Center says Drivers are causing windows to standby or hibernate slowly Nvidia kernel mode driver Live Cam Auto Console Monitor OEM Mon exe I ve attached some of the event logs maybe someone can interpret them for me One of my USB Devices are suddenly unknown tried updating ect no help I did test each USB port and they all still seem to be functioning correctly It worked correctly for few weeks after I installed windows then suddenly became unknown My webcam console software says no supported device please plug in to continue I'd installed the drivers for it and believed it would help Wish I knew more about this Are there specific windows logs or reports I could find more info that I could post to help in assisting me I know a lot of this stuff would be best answered on Dell specific support forum And I've tried - Get no help or even replies for that matter Would surely appreciate any all help or leads anything I'm stuck completely and don't know what else to try

A:need help w windows 7 on laptop w/o supported drivers

Did Dell support Vista 64 bit drivers for your model? If yes. Try installing them.
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Can?t see drivers of my laptop when booting with Windows 7 DVD,

I wanted to format my laptop (HP EliteBook 8770w) and thus I booted with my windows 7 DVD but at the step of ?Where do you want to install windows?, I can?t find any driver. As the ?load driver? button is clicked, I got the message shown on the attached screenshot.

What might be the issue here?

Is there some settings at the BIOS level that make the drivers appear?

Thank you



A:Can’t see drivers of my laptop when booting with Windows 7 DVD,

Will the HDD show in BIOS?
You need to download sata controller drivers the HP web site.
SATA Driver - Load in Windows 7 or Vista Setup
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Hey there,
I'm going to install windows 8.1 on my laptop(Acer Aspire 5943g) next month. But i recognised that for this laptop there are no drivers for windows 8,8.1 etc.. Only drivers that i found are for windows 7 64-bit, which I have had installed on my laptop(the laptop is 3 years old so there is no more support). The question is if my laptop will work on windows 8.1 with drivers for windows 7 correctly? Thanks!

A:Will my laptop works using windows 8.1 (drivers)

Have a look at this, it should point out any issues that need addressing. Upgrade Assistant: FAQ - Windows Help
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Pls help for drivers win8.1/ 64 bit for hp Laptop XB777PA#ACJ
Unfeigned Regards,
Laxman SIngh Kavia
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I am going to uy a new HP notebook (selected Pavillion family and preferable HP Pavilion 15-bc002ur).But i have IT restriction to install MS Windows 8.1. On HP site I have not found the drivers for this device despite it's mentioned in the list ( Is it any chance to find MS Windows 8.1 drivers for this or similar device?I need HP with i7 CPU, SSD drive (alone or with HDD), not more 15 inches LCD, not less 8Gb of RAMI heard that Ultra HD resolution may be not supported well on MS Windows 7-8.1.Is it truth? Thank you!

A:HP Pavillion Laptop and MS Windows 7-8 drivers

  Hi Please refer to this forum
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i need hp laptop 15-ac040tu full drivers for windows 7 32 bit operating system.. please help me to resolve this..

A:need hp laptop 15-ac040tu drivers for windows 7 32 bit

HP does not support your model for 32 bit operating systems. That is going to be a very hard model to find drivers for. See if these few work... First install the Intel chipset driver and reboot.  2nd file on the page. Next, try this graphics driver...first one on the list is 32 bit. USB 3:  Download, unzip and run the setup.exe file.  The 32 bit drivers are in this file too. Then for a lot of the other devices, you can try the W7 32 bit drivers from the HP Probook 450 G2.  Do not use the BIOS or firmware files.    Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee
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i need wifi drivers for my compaq presario cq57 laptop. i am unable to turn on my wireless adapter after updating to windows 10.  Manufacturer: Realtek Semiconductor Corp.Description: Realtek RTL8188CE 802.11b/g/n WiFi AdapterDriver version: 2013.12.331.2016Physical address (MAC): ?68-A3-C4-76-58-31
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I m using hp envy dv4-5205tx running windows 8(came with it when i bought the laptop)

I m having trouble running games in windows 8 and prefer running windows 7

So, before doing anything, i tried to find all the drivers needed for my laptop in the official hp site, and I saw that only drivers for windows 8 available for my model since its a new model.

I tried to find the drivers manually, but scared that it might be incompatible with my laptop model. But i seriously want to reformat to windows 7.
Hope you guys will give me some solution to overcome my situation.

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I have the hp pavilion 17-049wm. It first had 8.1 but i got rid of it and now i have 7.

I first had to get the lan and wlan drivers and they are working. But i am sure that there are lots more drivers i need to download.

For example Realtek High Definition audio driver.

Is there a free program that will automatically see what i need and download it?

I went to hp's website and all there drivers were for windows 8

On all the desktops that i build the drivers come on the mobo cd but laptops dont come with any cd's.

I dont know what mobo i have in this laptop all i know is it is hp lol


A:Installed windows 7 on a laptop that used to have 8.1 need drivers

Hi there ... Any Drivers that are missing after your Install of Windows 7 ... You should run Windows updates after that you should try the Drivers from the HP website .. If they do not work at least you can get the Version of the Driver you need there ... Then go to in your case Realtek High Definition audio driver... Go to the Manufactures website and try the Drivers there ...
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Can someone please get me a list of the required drivers for Windows 10 for my Toshiba laptop.

Also, can someone please assist me with my Toshiba Face Recognition feature? Whenever I try to unlock my computer with my face, it is not recognizing it. There has to be a reason why it isn't working. There is no tape over the webcam lens housing.

My Specs are listed in the Specs area of this forum.

Help would be greatly appreciated!

Jesse Williams

A:Windows 10 Drivers for Toshiba Laptop

Have you tried going to the Toshiba support page and searching.

I think this is your computer, But You will have to do your homework to find out if this is actually your computer.
Open the Drivers & Updates tab then select Windows 10 64 bit and select the newest ones.
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Here is the link for the driver     but i am not sure of what steps you are refereing to.  RegardsSATISHP4 Click " Thumb's up " icon if the question is answered/resolved.
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I have updated my Samsung P C from Windows to Windows The update process appears to have loaded drivers for all the devices successfully apart from the touchpad In the case of the touchpad a Synaptics PS Port TouchPad driver has been loaded it works satisfactorily except that there is no Windows laptop Samsung for 10 drivers option to reverse the direction of two-finger scrolling When the laptop was running Windows the touchpad driver was for a Synaptics PS Port TouchPad and two-finger scrolling worked in the quot reverse quot direction I have tried updating the driver using the Samsung Update facility but this did not help I have checked available drivers on the Samsung web site Windows 10 drivers for Samsung laptop but it only lists Windows drivers I'm sure that the last time I checked it also listed Windows drivers My questions are I have found a site http www driverscape com manufacturers Windows 10 drivers for Samsung laptop samsung laptops-desktops p c- p c that claims to provide Windows drivers for the P C Is it safe sensible to download drivers from sites such as this or would I simply be Windows 10 drivers for Samsung laptop downloading a virus Or can someone suggest where I could obtain a Windows driver Is there any way to check the manufacturer and model of the touchpad without disassembling the laptop Would loading a driver for a different Samsung laptop be an alternative If so can anyone suggest which model ranges would be most likely to use the same touchpad as the P C
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I'm looking to update drivers for my new laptop (Product: N3Y37UA#ABA, Model: 13-4195nr). I downgraded from Windows 10 home to Windows 7 Enterprise. Windows update is not working with the Enterprise edition and I've been successful finding some drivers, but not all. I succeeded at installing the drivers for touchpad, USB, wireless, video, and SD card, but would like to install as many as I'm able to. Here is what is showing up as still deficient in the Device Manager: HP Truevision Full HDPCI Device (PCI Slot 4 PCI bus 1 device 0 function 0)PCI Simple Communications Controller (PCI bus 0, device 22, function 0)TouchscreenUnknown device (location 0 port_#0007.hub_#0001)Unknown device (on Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System) Thank you! 

A:drivers for a new laptop and windows 7 downgrade

Hi: See if these drivers work for the camera, PCI Dev, and the PCI Simple Comms Controller... This package contains an HP Universal Camera Driver to support the integrated webcams in supported notebook models that are running a supported operating system. The Realtek USB and PCIe Media Card Reader Drivers enable the integrated media card slot in supported notebook models running a supported operating system. This package provides the Intel Management Engine Components Driver for supported notebook models running a supported operating system. If you installed the Intel graphics driver and the touchscreen still isn't working, unfortunately, I would not know why. Please post the hardware ID's for these two unknown devices, so I can figure out what drivers they need. Unknown device (location 0 port_#0007.hub_#0001)Unknown device (on Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System) To find the hardware ID, click on the unknown device in the device manager, and then click on the Details tab at the top of the unknown device window. Now you will see a Property drop down list, and it will be set to Device Description. Drop down on that list and select the 2nd item (Hardware ID's). Post the top string of characters that you see in the window.
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HI GUYS.I'm in a bit of a pickle here witm my B50-45 Laptop.I bought it with Win10 and obviously i didn't like it so i put win7 on it straight away.Found all the needed drivers for it except the USB 3.0.I searched for hours online and it seems that win7 drivers for USB 3.0 dont't exist anywhere!They only got win8.1 and win10. Does anyone have any ideas please? except for upgrading windows?PLAESE HELP! I REALLY WANT TO KEEP WIN7
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Hey folks,

I've recently reserved my copy for Windows 10 on my Asus R500A laptop and when the first time I got that laptop three years ago back in July 2012, it was pre-loaded with Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 x64 edition.

I realized that when its time to upgrade my current Windows 7 system to Windows 10, most of my files and drivers will be brought over to the new operating system.

The only problem is that I'm worrying right now - is whenever I wanted to do a clean install of Windows 10, I want to make sure that I have the "proper" drivers for my laptop that is designed to work with the new operating system.

What advice can you give to me right now in regards to Windows 10 drivers for this laptop?

A:Windows 10 drivers for Asus R500A laptop

After W10 has finished updating and is fully installed, make a restore disk.
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500-15ISK Laptop (ideapad) - Drivers for Windows 7 Why has suddenly the drivers removed for windows 7 OS 64 bit removed ? it was there until few days back?

Go to Solution.

A:500-15ISK Laptop (ideapad) - Drivers for Windows ...

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
The Windows 7 drivers are still there, but a glitch with the Operating System selector doesn't show them separately.  You can still view the available Windows 7 downloads by leaving the Operating System selector set as "Pick an OS."  All the available downloads will be displayed and you will have to go through the list finding the Windows 7 downloads.
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Performing a clean reinstallation of Windows 7 on a Dell Inspiron N5010. Should I let Windows Update give me everything that I need, and then look for drivers on the Dell website for anything that does not work properly? Because I think that a lot of the stuff that their website recommends you install will end up as useless clutter ...


A:Clean Reinstall Windows 7 on laptop - Drivers

Download your drivers from the Dell website before reinstalling.
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i have a Dell N5050 but can't have the drivers for xp
please help me if any one have
Thanx in advance

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I wanna to intall windows 7 in my laptop (Gateway P-6831FX 32bit Windows vista) but in the gateway page I can't find the drivers for Windows 7, so my question is... is it possible to upgrade my laptop from Vista to Seven even if the drivers r not provide by Gateway?

If is indeed possible where I can find them? anyone have the same problem? or any tip? I really appreciate


A:Laptop Gateway P-6831fx drivers for Windows 7...

Quote: Originally Posted by Angelusx999


I wanna to intall windows 7 in my laptop (Gateway P-6831FX 32bit Windows vista) but in the gateway page I can't find the drivers for Windows 7, so my question is... is it possible to upgrade my laptop from Vista to Seven even if the drivers r not provide by Gateway?

If is indeed possible where I can find them? anyone have the same problem? or any tip? I really appreciate


Hi Angelusx999 And welcome to the forums , Win 7 should find the majority of the drivers straight "out of the box" for those it cant find ,use the Vista drivers in compat mode Compatibility Mode . It is a wisw idea to do a clean install of win 7 Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version that way no problems are carried over from the existing installation , If you need more help just post back
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Servive tag 6fgvct1

Can anyone kindly direct me to the correct DRIVERS for me? I went to the dell site and cant seem to find the

Network controller
SM Bus controller
Thank you

A:Windows 7 dell laptop..drivers missing

All I am missing now is the network controller driver if anyone can help
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As it says above trying to install 7 on my HP pavilion 17-e049wm witch has windows h8.

I cant stand windows 8 it is way past saving for me. Plus I don't have a touch screen so there is really no need to have windows 8 anyway.

I will save you from the large rant about all the things I cant stand but if anyone would like some entertainment you may ask for the full rant and rage pakage.

Any way do I need to worry about drivers for this machine? I went to hp's website looking for drivers for 7 but they only have it for 8 and 8.1.

If I needed to download drivers what would it be for and were do I get it.


Edit: as much as I don't like windows update could it get me the drivers?

Thanks again

A:Installing 7 on a windows 8 laptop. Do i need to worry about drivers?

well i did some looking around and this seems to be a lot deeper than I first realized. Windows 8 uses the new UEFI bios.

That means it wont be as easy as format the hard drive install windows 7. I dont think 7 will work with uefi alone. I have to figure out how to make the bios turn on legacy mode somehow. I don't know all the technical terms that they use as i only stated learning about this new UEFI bios today.

Basically i need new bios to talk to old windows 7.

I may need to go to 8 forums as they might be able to walk me through UEFI. I have created a windows 8 recovery disk so if i screw it up good i should be able to get back were i was. Supposedly.

Wish me luck
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My co-worker asked me to find drivers for his new laptop that he downgraded to 10) friend's Need Windows from laptop (downgraded for drivers Windows -bit from Need drivers for friend's laptop (downgraded from Windows 10) Windows I taught him how to install an OS and how to format drives using Gparted awhile back He apparently did that and put Windows on it At Need drivers for friend's laptop (downgraded from Windows 10) work he showed me a computer with a long list of drivers missing when I went into Devices and Printers and saw his system I am the only person that he trusts to find the drivers and install them This includes USB drivers I found one but I could not install it because no network driver and no USB drivers CD Drive works Thank Arceus I need to show up with a disc burned of all the drivers on Wednesday His computer is a HP -f wm and in Devices amp Printers clicking the computer shows this long list that he had to take a picture of and send me when I asked for the model number Ethernet Controller Network Controller PCI Data Acquisition amp Signal Procces PCI Encryption Decryption Controller SM Bus Controller Universal Serial Bus USB Controller Unknown Device Unknown Device Unknown Device Unknown Device Unknown Device Note He only has standard VGA driver for video atm I could not find a single driver There is a post on HP forums where a lady claimed to have found most of the drivers but I could not find a single one There were several replies with about or so more drivers which the OP claimed worked and said that anybody with the same model laptop to get them from there However all but one of the links to those drivers were broken links This was only a few months ago too

A:Need drivers for friend's laptop (downgraded from Windows 10)

The computer was designed for Windows 10 so it is entirely possible some of the drivers you want are not available for Windows 7.
Right click each device in Device Manager. Select Properties. Under the Details tab select Hardware IDs in the dropdown box. Look at the first line. Copy and paste that line into a Google search or you can go to and look up the Vendor and Device ID numbers to see what if any drivers are available.
Your USB drivers are probably for USB 3.0. USB 3.0 drivers are not native to Windows 7.
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I recently purchased an Acer Aspire M5-583p-6324. I went from Windows 8.1 > Ubuntu 14.04 for class, needed it to do Fortran on, and now I decided to go back to Windows 7 in order to do Java on and play some games. However, as was the case on Ubuntu, my wireless isn't working, and I can't seem to find any drivers for Windows 7. Any help?

Here is the thread I made on Ubuntu forums in order to solve my previous issue: [SOLVED] No Wireless Connection on Fresh Install of Ubuntu

Thanks in advance

A:Missing Wireless Drivers on Windows 7 Laptop

Forgot to add, Acer only offers Windows 8 drivers for the laptop model.
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Hello who can help me Who tested it this versions I tested and is hard to find the right one I'm talking about drivers on GeForce M on Windows Drivers from mainfacturer i can't use anymore because are no longer supported damage An... Updating drivers Windows 10 on 730M(laptop) for Very good notebook without support nbsp I was choosing between then then then and the last What can Updating drivers for 730M(laptop) on Windows 10 An... be the most reccomended perfomace functionality for laptop on Windows I 'd like to decided by nbsp ratings discussion tested on those five driver versions nbsp Is there anyone who tried some version from those five This topic is about that nbsp I don't want to drivers from NVIDIA EXPERIENCE I mean the newest drivers because -x x are not good by people and newest not equal the best I want to priot set Just keep in mind I am using a Laptop Notebook is Optimus so is always better use drivers from mainfacturer but i can't roll back on Windows nbsp The MS update driver does not always have the best performance and in a lot of cases causes a BLACK SCREEN on reboot nbsp Do u have any experience with this I can't test every versions by NVIIDA GENERIC drivers Maybe have no issues in Win but perfomace is the second thing I had here topic months ago maybe less but answers weren't good So i need serious answer nbsp Thank you and I look forward for answers
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Hello who can help me Who tested it this versions I tested and is hard to find the right one I'm An... Windows 730M(laptop) on drivers for 10 Updating talking about drivers on GeForce M on Windows Drivers from mainfacturer i can't use anymore because are no longer supported damage Very good notebook without support nbsp I was choosing between then then then and the last What can be the most Updating drivers for 730M(laptop) on Windows 10 An... reccomended perfomace functionality for laptop on Windows I 'd like to decided by nbsp ratings discussion tested on those five driver versions nbsp Is there anyone who tried some version from those five This topic is about that nbsp I don't want to drivers from NVIDIA EXPERIENCE I mean the newest drivers because -x x are not good by people and newest not equal the best I want to priot set Just keep in mind I am using a Laptop Notebook is Optimus so is always better use drivers from mainfacturer but i can't roll back on Windows nbsp The MS update driver does not always have the best performance and in a lot of cases causes a BLACK SCREEN on reboot nbsp Do u have any experience with this I can't test Updating drivers for 730M(laptop) on Windows 10 An... every versions by NVIIDA GENERIC drivers Maybe have no issues in Win but perfomace is the second thing I had here topic months ago maybe less but answers weren't good So i need serious answer nbsp Thank you and I look forward for answers
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does anyone know if Dell will be releasing drivers for Wndows 7 64 bit for the Inspiron 1525 laptop and if so when wil they be released? thanks

A:drivers for windows 7 64 bit on inspiron 1525 laptop

Welcome to the forums
They don't even offer Vista 64bit drivers for it (which often
work if Windows 7 doesn't install certain default drivers), so it's unlikely they'll be releasing Windows 7 drivers at all for the Inspiron 1525?
It'll be hit and miss therefore, whether Windows 7 installs drivers for everything (unlikely tbh), and you'll be on your own I'm afraid, in regards to finding suitable drivers if it doesn't
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Hey all,

I just acquired a new laptop an Acer Aspire E1-510 laptop.
It comes with Windows 8 by default and wanted to install Windows 7, so I did my regular pre-install driver checks, and found out Acer does not have Windows 7 drivers for this model.
I saw in another post that the same thing happened to someone else for a different Acer E1 model and they found the drivers. Could you help me with finding the correct drivers?

Thanks in advance,


A:Windows 7 Drivers for Acer Aspire E1-510 laptop

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums ... Run Windows updates .. Then any Drivers that are missing report back ....
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I have the HPDV ea which I bought back in I just wanted to know if windows will run smoothly on my laptop like it does on demonstrations videos I've seen on you tube Also I've seen it work 8 my Windows on laptop? Will starts ups in a matter of seconds on some laptops do I need a high end laptop for that or will I get similar start up speeds on the specs my laptop currently has Thanks Specs Product Name dv ea Product Number FM EA Microprocessor GHz Intel Pentium dual core processor T Microprocessor Cache MB Level cache Memory MB x MB x MB Memory Max Up to GB Up to GB may not be available due to -bit operating system resource requirements Video Graphics NVIDIA GeForce M GS Video Memory Up to MB MB dedicated Hard Drive GB Multimedia Drive Blu-Ray ROM with SuperMulti DVD R RW Double Layer Display WXGA High Definition BrightView Widescreen x Fax Modem High speed K modem Network Card Ethernet BT integrated network interface Wireless Connectivity Intel PRO Wireless ABG Network Connection Sound Altec Lansing speakers D Sound Blaster Pro compatible sound bit integrated Keyboard key compatible Pointing Device Touch Pad with On Off button and dedicated vertical Scroll Up Down pad volume control mute buttons Quick Launch Buttons PC Card Slots One ExpressCard slot also supports ExpressCard External Ports -in- integrated Digital Media Reader for Secure Digital cards MultiMedia cards Memory Stick Memory Stick Pro or xD Picture cards USB VGA port HDMI connector RJ modem connector RJ ethernet connectorS-video TV out headphones-out mic-in IEEE remote control infrared port remote optional cable docking connector Dimensions cm L x cm W x cm min H cm max H Weight kg lbs Power W AC Power Adapter -cell Lithium-Ion Li-Ion battery What's In The Box HP Will Windows 8 work on my laptop? Pavilion WebCam with Will Windows 8 work on my laptop? Integrated Microphone HP Mobile Remote Control

A:Will Windows 8 work on my laptop?


It will run Windows 8 fine. Don't bother with x64. Install x86 (32 bit).
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Processor AMD Turion? 64 X2 Dual-Core Mobile Technology TL-56
Ram 1024 MB
Hard Disk 160 GB SATA
Screen 15.4? WXGA High Definition BrightView Widescreen
Optical Drive Lightscribe Super Multi DVD Writer (+/-R +/-RW) with Double Layer support
Graphic Card NVIDIA? GeForce? 7150M
WiFi Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Mod Lan Integrated 10/100 Ethernet LAN
Card Reader 5-in-1 integrated Digital Media Reader for Secure Digital cards, MultiMedia cards, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, or xD Picture cards
Finger Print Yes
ieee IEEE 1394a
USB 3 ports
Built in Camera Yes
Carry Case -
OS Genuine Windows Vista? Home Premium
Weight 2.86 Kg
Battery 65 W AC Power Adapter
Will this features work for Windows 7 ?

Plz help me know it ....

Thnx in advance

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Hi Everybody,
Pls advise me as I am really having tough time.
I have got Laptop Dell Studio 1458 which came installed with Windows 7 64 bit edition.
Recently I formatted and installed Windows 7 32 bit OS of my own.
However I am unable to find Windows 7 32 bit edition compatible Drivers for Ethernet etc for my dell laptop.
Pls let me know how or from where can i download 32 bit windows 7 compatible dell drivers.
This is really urgent as I am unable to use ethernet ports on my computer.
Looking forward for guidance.
Pls advise. The below devices are not getting recognized its really urgent.

A:Dell Laptop Studio 1458 - Need Windows 7 Drivers 32 BIT

Quote: Originally Posted by sunandoghosh

Hi Everybody,
Pls advise me as I am really having tough time.
I have got Laptop Dell Studio 1458 which came installed with Windows 7 64 bit edition.
Recently I formatted and installed Windows 7 32 bit OS of my own.
However I am unable to find Windows 7 32 bit edition compatible Drivers for Ethernet etc for my dell laptop.
Pls let me know how or from where can i download 32 bit windows 7 compatible dell drivers.
This is really urgent as I am unable to use ethernet ports on my computer.
Looking forward for guidance.
Pls advise. The below devices are not getting recognized its really urgent.

dell doesnt support 32 bit for that computer. why did you change from 64bit to 32?
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I recently reinstalled windows 7 on my samsung rv511 laptop and now it's running very slow and many features aren't working.

i've been reading forums and chipping away for 2 weeks so far. if anyone has any other ideas, they'd be much appreciated.

here are the main problems i have noticed
1. hdmi connection not working.
2. itunes tells me i don't have hd drivers installed.
3. computer generally running slowly.
4. shift keys and caps lock key often don't work (this was also an issue before reinstall)
5. 3 samsung drivers failed to install on multiple occasions.

here's what i've done so far;
1. reinstalled windows 7 from cd
2. installed all windows updates
3. installed all drivers for my model from samsung website
4. installed all windows automatic and optional updates
5. ran nvidia scan to check for updates (none needed)

i've read on seven forums that samsung computers can be very difficult to reinstall, so any advice would be much appreciated.


A:Reinstalled Windows 7 - Samsung Laptop - drivers not installing

Please follow these tutorials to provide the current operating environment of your machine.
Speccy - Publish Snapshot of your System Specs

This is a configuration and log collection tool - ignore the title
Follow OPTION ONE: DM Log Collection
Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

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Hello everyone , As i request as the title , Full Drivers All it , Thanks a lot!

A:Need Drivers For My Laptop , Model : ASUS S300CA - Windows 7 , 64 Bit!

Hi there ... Did you Laptop come with Windows 8 Installed ? I can only find Drivers for that Model with Windows 8

Most should work
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I have just got new Asus X555LA with "FreeDos", Installed windows 7 on it.
*but* i cant find drivers for windows 7, only 8 (and they not work, I have checked).

I installed windows 7 on a lot of pc's- never didn't manage.
Search in google don't show nothing.

What can I do?
Thanks in advanced.

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My computer was recently pushed an update, thank you Microsoft to Windows 10.1 aka Windows 10 Anniversary Upgrade. I noticed immeidately when playing music from MS Groove, that it sounds different. After further investigating, I noticed that I no longer have Beats Audio Drivers, GUI etc. I would greatly appreciate if someone could assist me in getting the Beats Audio.exe so that I can once again enjoy my tunes.  Thank you, Darryl

A:Beats Audio Drivers Are No Longer On Laptop After Windows 10...

Hi, Try downloading and installing the IDT HD Audio software package on the link below - this should also provide the Beats gui. When the installation has completed, restart the notebook. Regards, DP-K
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Hey Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place but any pointers would be hugely appreciated I'm running an ACER Aspire G laptop which comes with Vista -bit installed I'd really like to give the Windows RC candidate a try but don't want to screw anything up laptop install Windows drivers? video - for Preparing 7 I'm Preparing laptop for Windows 7 install - video drivers? going to add a new partition so I can dual-boot the existing OS with the new Preparing laptop for Windows 7 install - video drivers? one but my major concerns come from ensuring the hardware works acceptably The graphics chipset in the G is a Radeon HD Mobility and I keep it up to date under Vista using the Mobility Modifier software Will the same modified drivers work fine with Windows RC I'm hoping that there might be someone on this board who's been in a similar position Also and this isn't quite on the topic of drivers the laptop has gb of RAM installed - is it worth using a -bit version of Windows RC or does that complicate matters unnecessarily Many thanks for any advice you can offer

A:Preparing laptop for Windows 7 install - video drivers?

hi mate,

i was in the exact same position as you are are lol. I have a vaio though. It has 4 gig ram, the same card as yours. I had windows vista 32 bit too. So i ended up installing windows 7 64 bit on a separate partition and so far no problems!! I also used to use the mobility modder in vista but in windows 7 it hasnt worked for me yet. However in their forums some people report success with those drivers in win7 so i must be doing something wrong. But i dont think there is the need for modifiying the drivers just yet because the ones that install automatically when u install win7 are relitively new as well.

So i would suggest u go for win7 64 bit if u can, but make sure u have the other drivers available for your ACER, like motherboard, audio, etc.. Should be available on their website..

hope this helps
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I have an older printer and a new laptop.

I downloaded the Windows 7 64bit drivers for my new laptop off the HP website and the setup goes well all the way to the end when I connect the printer and wait for it to go through the driver install process. I get to step 7 of 8 and it stalls out for quite a while. When it finally completes it says that the install failed. The driver is not installed. I tried this several times. Even completely uninstalled the printer and reinstalled. I then ordered the disk from HP and tried to install directly from it but I got the exact same problem.

I am assuming the issue is with the computer.

Windows 7 Home Premium

x64 based system

AMD A4-3300M APU

Thanks for any help.


A:HP Photosmart C5280 All-in-One drivers won't install on Windows 7 laptop

I have an older printer and a new laptopPlease list the printer and computers Full make and model, as it may not suit your "newer" laptop, also any other details on the printer .Thank You -
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I have just got new Asus X555LA with "FreeDos", Installed windows 7 on it.
*but* i cant find drivers for windows 7, only 8 (and they not work, I have checked).
I installed windows 7 on a lot of pc's- never didn't manage.
Search in google don't show nothing.
What can I do? 
Thanks in advanced.

A:Asus X555LA laptop- windows 7 drivers issues

Hello, and Welcome
Go to Device Manager. Look for any yellow exclamation marks. Right click each device. Under the Details tab select Hardware IDs in the dropdown box. Copy and post the first line from each device in your next post.
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I have created a GB partition on the SATA HDD in this laptop and Laptop drivers SATA XP HP455 Windows for Probook G1 want to install a seperate bootable XP OS The inventory tracking software I need to run will open in the XP virtual machine mode BUT all software functions such as Windows XP SATA drivers for HP455 G1 Probook Laptop report printing sorting and searching do not work Windows XP SATA drivers for HP455 G1 Probook Laptop in the XP virtual machine nbsp When XP setup loads and asks for drivers I have none and setup stops nbsp I have tried nLite but with same results when it asks for a driver to add to the install folder I don't have one If there is a driver on my restore disk that will work where is it located and what is the name nbsp So I need XP drivers that will recognize the SATA drive in my laptop during installation I have copies of either XP SP with SP upgrade or SP available to install nbsp My laptop has a AMD A - M APU with Radeon Graphics and ATI Bios CPE Ver F nbsp Anyone have a solution for me nbsp Very thankful for any help

A:Windows XP SATA drivers for HP455 G1 Probook Laptop

Hi: The only suggestion I can offer would be to try the sata drivers from the probook 4545s. That was the last model HP provided XP support and drivers for. The sata drivers are in the packages folder after you run the exe file or you can use a free file utility such as 7-zip to extract the driver files into their folders.
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I recently purchased an Acer Aspire M5-583p-6324. I went from Windows 8.1 > Ubuntu 14.04 for class, needed it to do Fortran on, and now I decided to go back to Windows 7 in order to do Java on and play some games. However, as was the case on Ubuntu, my wireless isn't working, and I can't seem to find any drivers for Windows 7. Any help?

Here is the thread I made on Ubuntu forums in order to solve my previous issue: [SOLVED] No Wireless Connection on Fresh Install of Ubuntu

Thanks in advance

A:Windows 7: No Wireless Connection Available on Laptop - Drivers Missin

what kind of drivers does your computer use?
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So i just clean installed windows 7 so obviously the drivers need to be install manually., however as i install LAN and networking drivers i download from acer's site., it gives me error and failed to install.The LAn realtek gives me error 39 while wireless driver cant be installed (i have downloaded every wireless drivers from acer's site from windows 10 to windows 8.1 and non of them works. Any help? I pretty like windows 7 over 10 and 8.1. And i'm a noob in terms of hardwares.

A:Are drivers of windows 8.1 laptop compatible with windows 7?

Every Windows version has its own drivers.. I mean win8.1 drivers are different from win7 drivers.

Try Windows update inside Windows 7,
Maybe you are lucky and Os finds the right drivers.

Inviato da mio iPad utilizzando Tapatalk
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have about a year Toshiba laptop and I right [Help] wont laptop on Windows my XP work am having [Help] Windows XP wont work right on my laptop extreme trouble with it I am about to throw it out my third story window but I thought I [Help] Windows XP wont work right on my laptop should post here to see if any if you guys could help It all started about a month ago when my computer was running very slowly and one day I got a message saying message saying windows have to shut down due to a critical error So it shut down and when I tried to reboot it said windows could not run because of a missing windows directory and to run the recovery console on the windows XP CD Well the problem was that I don t have the window XP CD just the Toshiba recovery CD which formats the drive and automatically installs windows XP Well so I tried using the Toshiba Recovery CD but kept on getting either a bad system partition error it installed but when I restarted all I got was a blank screen like no operating system was installed or that same windows directory error About after the th try of using the Toshiba recovery CD I got windows installed successfully However it ran very very very slow even at the boot up I managed to run ad aware and a virus scanner and it found spy ware and viruses on it even though it was a clean install That s not my main problem though every time my computer went to sleep automatically after hr or so and came back up it would show that same windows error Saying that windows could not start because the windows system config system directory is missing So I ran the recovery CD again and the same thing happens once I finally get windows installed it goes to sleep and never gets back up successfully This has been an endless process So I got a couple questions to ask in order to attempt to fix this before I throw the damn thing out the window Anyone ever heard of this problem and a solution of windows not starting up properly after it automatically goes to sleep How it is possible for me to still have spy ware and viruses after I format it with the Toshiba recovery CD My CPU usage fluctuates from about to constantly I assume this is because of the spy ware and virus s but I ran ad-aware and it said I had processes and process modules What exactly are process modules and what are other reasons for my CPU usage to be so high I am running off a local area university connection connecting with my USB port is it possible the virus s and spy ware on getting on through there after I run the Toshiba recovery console Is there any diagnostics software program that can tell me the condition of my hard drive ram etc can of like a benchmarking program That s about it for now if you have any idea how to get my laptop back to normal health please respond Also can you give some tips and any routine maintenance you perform to prevent from something like this happening Thanks for your help David nbsp

A:[Help] Windows XP wont work right on my laptop

Instead of using the recovery cd, try to get a window xp cd from someone and do the clean installation again.
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I am trying to connect a Logtech wireless headset. I cannot find any settings for Bluetooth, or driver updates. On the bottom of the laptop I found the model number 15-1010wm. I tried connecting wth Control Panel>Devices and Printers, and the connect a device option. It found a phone, but not the headphones. In the summer I was looking in the settings and saw Bluetooth, either on my laptop or my siblings' (neither of them have Bluetooth options now). I have looked in Device Manager on mine and my siblings' laptop, and saw no Bluetooth. I have looked at multiple guides and none of them work. I know the headphones work because I connected them to my tablet.  Does anyone have any ideas or links to Bluetooth drivers that might help?

A:Can't Get Bluetooth to Work On Windows 8.1 Laptop

 I remember a month or two ago Windows updated. This could be helpful.
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Hi there everybody Loaded Windows onto my daughters laptop just before Christmas Everything worked great Suddenly around mid January most of the apps stopped working The computer is connected to the internet If I go to the desktop I can open Google Chrome or IE and browse no problem If I run IE from the tile it starts and works However I am having the following problems - Cannot connect to the on work Windows laptop won't 8 apps store - Cannot Windows 8 apps won't work on laptop connect to Bing sports - Windows Defender cannot update virus definitions - Windows tries checking for updates but it doesn't actually find any So I did a bit of searching to try and figure out how to update windows defender I found this post How-to Force Windows Defender Updates Everything Express I followed all the steps and shutdown Antimalware Service Executable quot I tried updating Windows No luck But I went back to the tile screen and tried the store and bind sports and they work no problem In my little pea brain this seems to be some sort of issue with windows defender Any idea what the proper fix would be Thanks Brian

A:Windows 8 apps won't work on laptop

can you think back to what was installed around that time?

video driver is a common culprit. so is installing a third-party antivirus or firewall. also, were any changes made to the router or network configuration? is this laptop able to connect to another network and have these apps/Windows Defender function properly?
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I'm using a Lenovo ideapad U530. The best I can give you in terms of specs is this screenshot - Otherwise, I don't know much about specs.

The reason I'm so worried about upgrading is that this laptop cost me a pretty penny, and I'd rather not have Windows 10 break something that can't be fixed. (especially since this laptop was bought just last year)

I've heard some people say their graphics drivers started crashing and freaking out after upgrading.

I want to make sure things will be fine.

A:Need opinions on how my laptop will work on Windows 10

If you have the upgrade ion in the taskbar opening that gives you a report telling you everything will be fine or if there are any problems what they are
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i bought recently a new dell laptop model 3558 inspiron with procesor intel core i5 has a linux preinstalled on it ,but it does not help me very much ...i want to buy a windows 10 license but to avoid surprises and wasted money ,i would like to know if this laptop is compatible and tested with windows 10

A:will windows 10 work on my dell laptop?

natalie 77,
Your computer does support Windows 10. You can click the links below for information installing Windows 10 as well as a drivers link.
Windows 10 Support
Inspiron 3558 Drivers, Downloads and Manuals
Drivers Help, Tutorials and Install Order
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So about a week ago I made the decision to update to windows 10, little did I know it was going to crash my laptop. what happens is my screen won't stop flashing. The icons on my screen appear and disappear over and over and over again. It never stops. It never stayz long enough for me to click on anything.

My question is, is there anything I can manually do, that won't erase the entirety of my hard drive, to either restore it back to windows 7 or just make windows 10 work?

I'd really love some advice, I honestly don't want to pay to have it checked out. (I'm a poor college student)
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I m having a lot of trouble using my laptop since win upgrade The drivers are really very old seems like win drivers have been used especially the BIOS driver which dates back to The boot time has increased alot from seconds to approx seconds Also the Dell logo shows twice once the regular one and one more in which the rotating dots are very slow I ve contacted Microsoft support for the same After diagnosis they said it was a driver issue nbsp Also I ve contacted the DELL support as well but I got the answer as quot Sorry sir your warranty period is over and hence we cannot for 10. Dell Obsolete of windows drivers Inspiron laptop 3537 15 resolve this issue quot I would appreciate the driver updates from DELL software community And also to keep providing updates Obsolete drivers of Dell Inspiron 15 3537 laptop for windows 10. for the laptops series which have closed This is a common problem with DELL stopping software updates for old laptop series Any help regarding the above issue are welcome Thank you in advance

A:Obsolete drivers of Dell Inspiron 15 3537 laptop for windows 10.

Unfortunately, I cannot say when or if the Windows 10 drivers for the Inspiron 3537 will be updated. However, you may want to istall a fresh Windows 10 upgrade  on your computer. You will need to install the original installed OS on your computer and then upgrade to Windows 10.  I have included some links to help you if you choose to do so.
Troubleshooting Slow System Performance
Inspiron 3537 Drivers and Downloads
Windows 10 upgrade
All recovery images contain the version of Windows that shipped with your system. If you upgraded to Windows 10, you will need to reinstall your original version and then re-upgrade to Windows 10.
Windows Media Backup 
Reset or reinstall Windows 10 on your Dell computer
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How do I get back into my laptop when I have locked myself out and can't remember the password?

A:Will that previous answer work on a windows 10 laptop?

Lexiboo Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about being locked out of your PC and wanted to help. Your post has been split off into its own thread, so there is no "previous answer" for us to see.Here are some password recovery steps you can try: Forgot the Sign-in Password (Win10) | HP® Customer SupportGood Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------Please click "Accept As Solution" on the post that solves your issue to help others find the solution.Please click the Thumbs-Up symbol on the left of the Reply button to say thanks fopr my help.========================================================================
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2days ago i shut down my laptop VAIO VGN-FW490J, half an hour later i turned on and windows did not start, the windows logo stuck on screen and then my laptop became hot and hotter while windows did not start and still windows logo stuck, i tried any other option even windows disk, it did not boot. i just saw black screen after press any button to boot from disk. i don't have back up disk unfortunately. what's the problem? just tell me, i need laptop for my M.A course

A:laptop's windows does'nt start, any other option does'nt work.\ why?

Hi milad325i, Welcome to the forums , 1st off have a read of this tutorial then post back with the results Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot
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Hey guys This is a pretty detailed explanation of what's AMD Windows (laptop) Radeon? hanging Screen Starting HD6490M drivers been happening while skipping over the petty details On the web trying to order take out suddenly the screen goes black fans go into overdrive and continues like this for about minutes Hold down power button to fully shut down and then restart On restart system hangs at quot Starting AMD Radeon? HD6490M drivers hanging Starting Windows Screen (laptop) Windows quot screen and again fans go into overdrive Eventually after a million AMD Radeon? HD6490M drivers hanging Starting Windows Screen (laptop) way of trouble shooting - find out it was the video drivers causing the issue HOWEVER no matter how many times I removed old drivers and installed new ones the problem persists and eventually decide to completely uninstall and do a clean install of Windows Enterprise After the clean install attempt to install drivers once again and it begins causing the same issue - hangs at quot Starting Windows quot screen and fans go nuts Decide to just soldier on and go without pretty graphics Honestly though not being able to play any games means this laptop has essentially become an unwieldy tablet for all intents and purposes My suspicion is it may be a bad PSU causing the issue by not powering the motherboard enough to properly run the graphics card Does anyone else have any ideas though If it IS the PSU being that this is a laptop and all are there any realistic cheap options for repair I've repaired internals of my previous laptops before but nothing as vital as the PSU Are there any programs or utilities out there that I might be able to try to I don't know Maybe direct power towards the graphics card instead of some of the processors This was my boyfriends OVERLY powerful laptop but after it crapped on him not being at all tech savvy he said I could have it and as its a yr old laptop I am determined to do everything I can to salvage it Thanks for any help

A:AMD Radeon™ HD6490M drivers hanging Starting Windows Screen (laptop)

Welcome to the forums.

Where did you get the graphics drivers from? For a laptop, you should only use the drivers that are provided by the manufacturer. In this case, Samsung.
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I had drivers ready before I formatted the computer. I got them off of the dell website and they were all specifically for my computer. However, now that I have xp, the drivers will not work.

Does anyone know where I can get the proper drivers for my computer?

Dell Studio 14z
Intel Core Duo
Windows Vista premium (preloaded) but now has Windows XP sp2

Currently, these are yellow ? marked in the device manager:
Ethernet Controller
Network Controller
PCI device
SM Bus Controller
Video Controller (VGA compatible)

Thank you

A:Formatted my Laptop with Vista and changed it to Windows XP. Now cannot find the proper drivers?

What is your Service Tag number?
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I have a Dell XPS M1530 laptop with 4gigs of Ram running Windows 7 Professional. I have a 465GB HD with 356 GB free. Will windows 10 pro work?

thanks in advance.

A:Will Windows work on a Dell XPS M1530 laptop with 4GIGs of Ram

Originally Posted by tippy

I have a Dell XPS M1530 laptop with 4gigs of Ram running Windows 7 Professional. I have a 465GB HD with 356 GB free. Will windows 10 pro work?

thanks in advance.

Most likely possible. I installed Win10 on a Dell Studio 17/1747 a couple of days ago that had Win7. Have also installed it on 2 Dell Inspiron 15 Notebooks, just finished one. One thing to watch for is perhaps the need for updated/Win10 compatible drivers for Wireless Network and, if you have it, Bluetooth Wireless [both of my 15s needed it] but check with your Service Tag to be sure.
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Hi The laptop I use for work appears to have contracted the UKash Virus Canadian Version It is running Windows XP SP and on Work Windows XP Ukash running laptop Virus can no longer seemingly access the internet I have done some reading on the topic and have tried a few things by downloading programs to a USB stick on another PC and trying to run those programs from Safe Mode Networking on the infected PC Attempted to install MalwareBytes on the infected laptop However I ran into a problem on the install saying Run Time Error - failed to load control vbalGrid from vbalgrid ocx - I then uninstalled the software Attempted to install HitmanProKickstart on a USB stick and Ukash Virus on Work laptop running Windows XP then boot the infected laptop from the USB stick However it gave me an error SA not found which I think it a result of PointSec running on the PC I have done some more reading on the topic and am looking at Combofix but I'm concerned about screwing something else up without being supervised As I mentioned it's a work laptop and probably a result of me installing something like BitTorrent or something else our IT people would not be happy about so I am trying to solve the problem without their involvement Any advice Thanks in advance Edit Moved topic from XP to the more appropriate forum Animal

A:Ukash Virus on Work laptop running Windows XP

Welcome aboard  Please follow the instructions in ==>This Guide<== starting at Step 6.  If you cannot complete a step, skip it and continue.Once the proper logs are created, then make a NEW TOPIC and post it ==>HERE<==  Please include a description of your computer issues, what you have done to resolve them, and a link to this topic.If you can produce at least some of the logs, then please create the new topic and explain what happens when you try to create the log(s) that you couldn't get. If you cannot produce any of the logs, then still post the topic and explain that you followed the Prep. Guide, were unable to create the logs, and describe what happens when you try to create the logs.It would be helpful if you post a note here once you have completed the steps in the guide and have started your topic in malware removal. Good luck and be patient.If HelpBot replies to your topic, PLEASE follow Step One so it will report your topic to the team members.
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So recently I have noticed that the touchscreen on my laptop no longer works, which I could live with, but I also noticed that when I mouse of the start button in the lower left and I click on it, nothing happens. Can someone please help me with what's going on.
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Both use windows 7. Its the old version of photoeditor that came out in 1998.

I'm using Home Premium

A:Solved: Why does Windows PHotoeditor work on my laptop and not on my desktop
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Hi guys I bought a refurb Lenovo laptop and while I like it a lot on getting Lenovo Windows to properly 7 work Trouble laptop I wonder if the hardware is not really playing nicely with Windows It's a T laptop Intel Core i processor i - M with dual-core Intel Centrino Advanced-N GB Ram Installed my own SSD Samsung GB I am basically having svchost high CPU usage and RAM Since this has threads it seems to be hogging of the threats all the time hence the CPU is at rather than the classic Windows update as well infinitely checks for updates Tried to install dotNet so I can use the Lenovo system update to get the drives and that too just hags during installation after the download is complete I Trouble getting Windows 7 to properly work on Lenovo laptop have a feeling is this svchost problem But what is the problem The svchost hogging starts after the fresh install of Win What can I do to diagnose edit I decided to format again everything and keep watching task manager to see Trouble getting Windows 7 to properly work on Lenovo laptop when something abrupt happens Everything was fine until I introduced the CD key and activated windows As soon as that happens svchost system stays at on thread and the RAM ussage went from k to over GB while I was watching it Trouble getting Windows 7 to properly work on Lenovo laptop in the span of a few minutes
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Since i bought my HP windows  beats sound smart touch laptop the audio on the laptop and the webcam will not work PLEASE HELP

A:My sound won't work on my HP smart touch windows laptop

@Beckyville5410?, welcome to the forum. When requesting help you should always include the make/model (i.e. p6-xxxx) of the computer and/or monitor. This information is necessary for us to review the specifications of them.
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I installed Windows 10 on my Daughters Gateway NV55C laptop and now the Elan touchpad won't work. I uninstalled the old driver and went to Gateways website and installed the new driver and it's still not working. The touchpad doesn't even show up when I click on the Elan tab in settings. I'm getting quite frustrated and any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Installed Windows 10 on Gateway Laptop now Touchpad won't work

Do you have a mouse plugged in? Some Notebooks automatically disable the touchpad when using an external mouse. Most Notebooks have a procedure for turning it off, sometimes a switch but most use the Fn key plus another Fx key to toggle it On or Off, these usually occur before the Operating System loads. What I do in such a circumstance is boot to a diagnostic CD disc or Linux LiveDVD to see what works.
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recently downloaded total recorder and i have seemed to hav deleted the soundcard when installing it somehow? i restored my computer and fixed it, then it seemed to be running slowly. I then restored it again to what i thought would be an earlier state but...... no sound card again and so i have lost a restore place... grrrr. i have tried unistalling and reinstalling Realtek but it says installion failed still... there seems to be a problem??? ALSO the DRVSTORE in the system32 is blue so dont kno if its thats the problem??

any help please :)

A:No sound on laptop, running windows 7,no update seems to work :/

Run sfc /scannow
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So I was using Windows 8 on my Samsung laptop, but a little while ago I decided to switch it to windows 7 home premium 64 bit since I didn't really like 8.. since then a lot of the build in keyboard functions have stopped working (understandably). Most of the F1-12 keys would control things like volume, screen brightness, wifi connection etc. I can live without using most of them since they are able to be changed elsewhere, but the one thing I can't figure out how to use is the keyboards backlight. it worked when the computer was running windows 8, so obviously it HAS the hardware, but I don't know if windows 7 recognizes that it's there. Any ideas how to fix

A:Laptop keyboard backlight won't work after switching to windows 7

Hello and welcome spirit some decent system specs would be helpful mate because we need to know what we are working with

Now this is similar to a problem that I had with my new Asus laptop that had 8 and I had to make changes in the BIOS for certain things to happen like booting 7 for example. So as I have already said the specs please before we can even make a start.
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I'm using windows 8 pro which I upgraded from windows 7 home premium in january. After the upgrade, my e key stopped working. After another few months, more keys stopped working and now, no keys are working. What do I do?

A:Laptop keyboard doesn't work after upgrade to windows 8

does an external keyboard work
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Hi all,
after upgrading to Windows 10, I see that my projector OPTOMA is not recognized via cable HDMI by my laptop ASUS X751L : no image with message 'source not found' !! (while the cable VGA works perfectly !) I suspected that it's a problem of driver but I don't know which is the missing driver ! ? Can someone help me ? Thanks a lot .