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Change of language of Windows Vista

Q: Change of language of Windows Vista

I have purchased an Acer Pc in Spain with Vista Home Premium. The salesman assured me that I would be able to see all of my programs in English after the shop ran a conversion programme. This has not worked at all. The program did convert most of my windows to English but in the process lost all of the programmes that were preinstalled by Acer. I restored these using a factory restore disc but this converted my Windows back to Spanish. My question is this "Is it possible to obtain a factory restore disc that will install everything in English". I have contacted Acer support in England and they have referred me to Acer Spain. Suprisingly when I contacted Acer Spain they referred me to Acer England.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: Change of language of Windows Vista

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Change of language of Windows Vista

Hi and welcome to TSG...

The only people that could supply an English Recovery disk for your system from would be Acer. You could buy a full copy of Windows Vista, but you would not get any of the programs preinstalled by Acer.
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So I had windows swedish version but my friend used my computer and he somehow changed the language to Finnish, Now i wanna know how to change back? I dunno the language so i dont know where to click and such..

A:How to change the language on Windows Vista?

I sent a message to Kari, he should be checking in soon.
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I have just purchased a new Notebook , its on its was via postal service so Im trying to find info before I get it.

It comes loaded with Windows Vista but German version becuase I purchased it in Germany. Is it possible I can change language to English ?

If not is their any other way I can load Vista in English ?

Thx for any info...

I know with windows XP you can simply borrow a CD in English and use your own Key, this possible with Vista...

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I have a friend that just purchased a new Gateway laptop and he needs to
change the language from English to Polish. Can anyone tell me how to do this?
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please can somebody how i can change windows vista home premium edition language from spainish to english.

A:please can somebody how i can change windows vista home premium edition language from

Hi, Ms only made this natively possible in the ultimate version, however I have not tested this though the reports are positive :-
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I bought the sony laptop with single language pack. The OS language is in spanish. I need to change the language to english. How to change the OS language in single language windows 8.

A:Change language in windows 8 single language OS pack

Hi Hi thiru79, Welcome to Eight forums,

Check this link.

Display Language - Change in Windows 8

Keep us posted.
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Language Tool

supports the following operating systems:
Windows 7 Starter
Windows 7 Home Basic
Windows 7 Home Premium
Windows 7 Professional
Windows 8 Single Language
Windows 8.1 Single Language
Windows 10 Home Single Language

supports the following languages:
Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Taiwan), Chinese (Traditional), Croatian,
Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, English (United Kingdom), Estonian, Finnish, French,
French (Canada), German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian,
Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian,
Russian, Serbian (Latin), Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Spanish (Mexico), Swedish, Thai,
Turkish, Ukrainian
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I have just received my laptop back from repair (it had it's hard drive replaced) and it booted up in German!!

The laptop went to Toshiba's office in Germany and came back with Vista installed in German :(

Pleace could someone explain how to change it back to English?

Thanks for your time

A:How to change the Vista language?


If you make a Google search, you can find many forums and articles how to do it:
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Hi friends,one of my friend living in czech republic wants to buy a dell laptop.It comes with Vista Home Premium but in czech language.he wants to ask whether he can change the language to english (after buying the laptop)& if so how?...ur hlp will be highly appreciated..thx in advance..

A:Change language in Vista..

Found this. Maybe will help.
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I recently bought a laptop installed with Vista in Chile.

Naturally, everything is in Spanish.

I am giving the computer to a friend who doesnt speak any spanish and I would like to change it all to English.

Can anyone tell me how to do this please?


A:Change Language in Vista?

mr wolf,

Here is a Microsoft link that (sort of) explains what the difference is between LIP and MUI.
Windows Vista Multilingual User Interface Pack (MUI).*
Windows Vista Language Interface Pack (LIP).*

If you have Vista Ultimate - you will be in luck - if you have - Windows Vista Ultimate -
MUI is also available for Vista Enterprise -
I have never installed either of these - so not sure what LIP, would be lacking.
"If you are using Windows Vista Enterprise, contact your system administrator for information about installing additional languages."


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i installed vista from my german installation cd and i cant seem to figure out how to change the system language to english (for example change "programme" to "program files"). Is this even possible or am i stuck with german?

A:Change The Language Of My Vista Installation?

You'll have to purchase the language pack for this. If you've got the Ultimate version (and a couple of the other high-end versions), you'll be able to download the language pack from Windows Update.
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Hey Guys ,
I recently bought an new laptop (Lenovo 3000 N200) and I got a Vista Basic in Hebrew .
Since then , I am trying to change the Vista language into English .
How can I Do it ?
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I really hope some one help me.

few weeks ago i bought the laptop from Korea which is vista home premium K. K means korean edition. Then I can not understand Korean, i really need to change my display language,

I tried to install language pack, but it doesn't work.

Please guys, help me to change my display language,

thank you

A:How can I change My display language of Vista?

Well i think you can't...Vista Ultimate and Bussiness can...

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Hello guyz ..

i've download lp-en-us form


but it seems that it does not work on Vista Home Premium only work on Vista Ultimate ..

and I heared there is no en-us.mui ( English Language pack ) for Vista Home Premium ..

I wanna change my system Language form Arabic 2 English , i have not found any MUI for Windows Vista Home Premium even
so , can anyone help me ?


A:req : change my system Language in Win Vista Home Premium

You are quite right.. it is only for ultimatr.Dont know of any work arounds for it, either, sorry
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Can anyone tell me if i can change the language of windows vista from spanish to english? I have just bought a spanish pc and the OS is in spanish - doh!

Its got vista home premium. Some sites say that i just need to install the language pack, whereas elsewhere i have been reading that i need vista ultimate to download the MUI or LIP packs.

Can anyone cleverer than me clear this up?

thanks for any help.


A:Can i change the language of vista home from spanish to english?

check for the language packs on windows update optional downloads
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i just bought a new laptop from ebuyer uk, an Asus A7U-7P274C

when i turned it on the first installation screen gave me the options of german or italian, so i chose italian expecting to skim through the setup then change the language in the control panel. anyway i got to the control panel, got into the language settings and chose english (united states) but the display language is still italian.

ive searched countless forums and tried everything, i would update but the laptops not yet connected to the internet and i cant understand any of what its asking/telling me. help would be MUCH appreciated

A:vista in italian???, new laptop, change language to english

problem solved, gave up on changing the language i just rebooted the laptop to its factory default, thanks anyway
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I have Windows Vista Home SP2,
I need to change PC language from Norvegian to English,

Thank you.

A:My Windows Vista is Norvegian language, I need English language.

If you have the multi language installation disc, you can change the language during a reinstallation. If it is a Norwegian only, then you are stuck unless you can borrow an English installation disc and activeat with the key that is on the COA sticker (on the bottom of the laptop).
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I have Windows XP professional service pack three, but i can`t understand the
instructions inside because the language of the installer is not English, i don`t know what language is it..

Please tell me what to do.
How can i change the language of the installer ?

A:how to change the language of operating system to English language

you can get english version of service pk3 here Windows XP Service Pack 3 Download - Softpedia
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Desperately seeking help I have just bought a new PC in the UK and brought it back to my home in Lanzarote It has XP and I installed Works on the initial set up I was required to register Windows Change on Language XP etc After this all my menu and dialog boxes have been changed into Spanish Also my Automatic Updates tab and all its content in System Properties is entirely in Spanish Thinking I was helping I went on to download the latest Updates which made the situation worse by changing OutlookExpress into Spanish also I have a theory from checking out Microsoft support that this may have something to do with my ISP address and that XP has tried to be helpful by downloading and changing my language settings Language Change on Windows XP in Internet related programs Also I am unable to use the Search for files or folders facility as it says that its missing components for this Tried to install Norton so we can at least get on line without fear of virus and Norton wont install properly as it doesn t match the language settings I am really frustrated as there is no one I can go to on Lanzarote and the Compaq presario PC world help desk numbers arent obtainable from my telephone Any suggestions Thanks Vicky nbsp

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Hi everybody,
I need help with this, I'm giving my older Toshiba laptop running Win 7 (Home Premium 32bit) to my neice who's going to college, I will do a clean install but I'm not sure if during the install process gives you the option to change the OS language to Spanish (she lives in Mexico).
Thanks in advance for any help.

A:How to change the language in Windows 7

Hi Ponch0, welcome to 7F

From how I see it, you would be better off if you had a valid license from Mexico.
Meaning, that copy of 7 would already be Spanish.

It can be done, but you will need to upgrade To Ultimate:
Download languages for Windows - Microsoft Windows

That link lead to:

If you have the Ultimate or Enterprise edition for Windows Vista or Windows 7, you can download additional language packs by using Windows Update. Once you turn on Windows Update, you can choose which languages you want to install (language packs don't update automatically). Here?s how to do it.

Source: Install language packs using Windows Update - Microsoft Windows

This applies to any language:
How to change system language of Windows 7 Home Premium from russian - Microsoft Answers

This link may offer some insight:
How to change system language of Windows 7 Home Premium - Microsoft TechNet Search
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hello masters i need help on how can i change the language of my friend laptop its in italian i try the region and language but nothing change.. how could i possibly change it do i need a program to do it.. thanks so much..!

A:language change for windows 7

Let him use "Windows Update" to download an optional update: "English Language Pack Windows 7".
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help i have a p.c that i dont know what to call it,if its a mini laptop or what but the screen size is 7 inches,the problem i am having is that its not in englsh $ i need to change it to english,but the operating system on it is windows ce,the hard disk size is just 1gb i dont know if i can format it with windows xp cos the windows ce i have searched for it $ can't find it pls which o.s can i put in it that will not take much space $ work well with it ? or is there any other way of changing this language?

A:help change of language of a windows ce

Windows CE Language Support
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okay so i just bought a new netbook and i was setting it up the other day. i must have press a wrong button or something, but the language is completly in french! i dont know how to change it... i have tryed going to the control panel, then regional languages and then changing everything to english but it still wont work! everything is still in frnch i have even re-booted the comp several times...but still nothing

if someone could help me i would really appreciate it!

A:Windows XP can't change the language!!

Are you talking about Windows itself or Internet Explorer? If it's Windows, it means you have a french version...
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is there anyway to get a language pack for windows 10 to change the language back to English?
I was able to manually download a language pack but I wasn't able to install it through CMD.
I haven't bought the Windows 10 pro to change it for me, but was wondering if I am able to change it manually on the current version of Win 10

A:Just got Windows 10, Need to change Language

Have a look at this thread in which I replied to a member who wants to change Japanese language to English.
Post #2 is how to Add language > install the selected language > set it as default > reboot.
I also posted screenshots for "before" and "after" change of display language.

Cant change language to english

See if that will help you a bit.
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I added the Korean language to my Windows 7 Sony VAIO but I donot get the Korean characters when I go from English to Korean on my taskbar. I added the Korean language according to the instructions and I can see it when I go to Control Panel. I can change my language preference to Korean by hitting Alt + Shift, but the language on my computer does not change. Please help.
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the name of the apps in the metro are in different language than English so how can I change the language? and also when I click right click on the desktop I see the options in English in addition to another language so how can I change it to be all in English?


A:How can I change my windows 8 language?

Take a screenshot of the language settings window as shown below and post it here.

To open language settings, go to Control Panel and click Add a language under Clock, Language and Region (Control Panel Category view), or Language (Control Panel Icon view).

Screenshot tutorials:

Screenshot - Capture Screenshots Directly in Windows 8Screenshot - Create with Paint in Windows 8Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Eight Forums

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Hello everyone So yesturday I Not 8.1 language in able to windows change had no idea what happened I write in two languages and no problem so far My PC was updated automatically after I shut it down and today I work up and each time I press LEFT SHIT ALT the language doesn't change at all I have to change it from the taskbar which is Not able to change language in windows 8.1 a pain Not able to change language in windows 8.1 I went to advanced settings and I saw that the keys are the same quot LEFT SHIFT ALT quot but each time I press it I'm not able to Not able to change language in windows 8.1 change the language Also I found that since the update I have a quot touch keyboard quot in the taskbar I don't know what happened It seems Windows did an update on that area and things are not working for me So how can I fix this problem because I'm writing very slow now because each time I should change the Language I have to use the mouse and go to taskbar and click on the language I want Hope you can help me Thank you

A:Not able to change language in windows 8.1


Have you tried re downloading the language packs? Check out this Microsoft article that states some packs have to be re downloaded after an update.
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I recently purchased a desktop computer with Windows 7 64 bit operating system in Spanish. I noticed that unless you have the Ultimate version, there is a steep fee to purchase the language packs. So I used a program called 'Vistalizator.' Worked like a charm and was quite simple to install and of course it is free, unless you want to give a donation.

Anyway, several months later Windows was doing its updates and it must have picked up on the fact that I have modified the program. So now I keep getting a window flash up from Microsoft stating that I am not using genuine Windows operating system.

This is the only thing that I've modified, so is there a program out there that I can run to verify this is actually the problem?

Aside from that, is there anything I can do, aside from re-installing Windows from scratch?

A:Windows 7 - Language change

Maybe contact Windows Customer Service and explain. Once you give them all your license info, they are usually pretty helpful.
But then again, if it is an OEM license, they may just refer you to the manufacturer.

But it still might be worth a shot.
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I have windows xp, non-english installation, I want to switch it to English.

I have used the control panel > regional and language options > languages
but it can only change the language of the current user (start menu and other stuff), while the logon and log off screens, and any new user's interface haven't changed!

any help would be appreciated!

Thanx in advance.

A:How to change windows xp language?

I think you will have to reinstall windows from a CD that has the language you want. I don't think you can install a Spanish version of XP and then change it to English.
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I wish to change the language of windows 7 from English to Polish, so that everything will be in polish language. do i have to get windows 7 in polish or i can do the changes in the english version?

A:how to change the language of windows 7

For everything you ever wanted to know about language packs go to
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Hi everybody. I recently bought one Hp Pavilion dv7 with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit english. There is a way to change the language from enlgish to spanish? Maybe through Windows Update? or some MUI Packet? Thank You.

A:Change the Language in Windows 7

You must have Win 7 Enterprise or Ultimate in order to change the languages:
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is there anyway to get a language pack for windows 10 to change the language back to English?
I was able to manually download a language pack but I wasn't able to install it through CMD.
I haven't bought the Windows 10 pro to change it for me, but was wondering if I am able to change it manually on the current version of Win 10

A:Just got Windows 10, Need to change Language

Have a look at this thread in which I replied to a member who wants to change Japanese language to English.
Post #2 is how to Add language > install the selected language > set it as default > reboot.
I also posted screenshots for "before" and "after" change of display language.

Cant change language to english

See if that will help you a bit.
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I have a new laptop with a OEM version of windows 7 Home edition in German, and I would like to change it to English. To run in XP mode, I have upgraded it to Professional, via an English language upgrade, but that has made no difference. The language settings in the control panel do not do the job, just reset keyboard and time and currency display, but I can imagine that there is something in the registry which will define the language that the system uses to display everything.
Anyone know anything about that ?
Thanks for any info
Niedrnsill Austria. (PS have had our first fall of snow that has settled nicely, 8 inches)

A:Windows 7 language change

In the start search box type language and click on Region and Language when it shows up. Click on the "Keyboards and Languages" Tab then click Install/Uninstall languages, then run through the wizard and you should be able to switch to any language you please.
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i have problems with my window XP language as it is installed all the options and the language are in italian language and i want to change that from italian into english, can some-1 help me in this rergards.
i have tried doing that by the co9mntrol panel regional settings but its not working.

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Hello, how is life going?
I have bought a TOSHIBA laptop in Austria, the language's settings are in German, and now that i want to turn it to english, i can't find the solution because i have windows seven home premium 64 bits.
Is there any solution or tricks to that problem please without buying another windows licence, i can't use it now because i have no idea about the language.

thank you in advance !

A:Change language of windows seven

See this
[Direct Download Link] Official Links to Download MUI Language Packs for Windows Vista and 7 (Both 32-bit and 64-bit Versions Including SP1, SP2) - Tweaking with Vishal
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Hello I have looked at all the old threads about this problem dated some years ago Mostly answered by Kari Thanks Kari I wonder if there have been some new developments about this issue which I think will get more and more common as people move from one country to the other more often and also buy PC's abroad I was given this Dutch HP laptop that was not used since It's a HP CQ - ED Product Presario CQ and it has Windows professional bit on it installed This is very confusing as the Dutch use half the English words and half Dutch so even to put my system specs here I need a dictionary And then if you try to find a translation for the English 'download' to a Dutch word they give you 'download' but it is't I read that changing MUI starter language is only available in windows Enterprise and Ultimate but then I read some confusing professional change PC 7 in language Windows info about 'Vistalizator' Can anybody shine some light on this confusing issue Thanks a lot for any help Cheers Thelma
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Im running windows 7 pro in spanish (im trying to do the same in 32 bit and 64 bit) but Im unable to change the language of the system. I want to change it to ukraninan.

In windows update language packs are not shown. In control panel the change language is not shown either in the tab "keyboard and languages", there is only the keyboard configuration.

I even tried to download the language pack from a 3rd party site and it is now shown either after "installing" it. Between quotes because it only blinks a cmd screen.

I tried to follow both guides, this one:
Windows Update - Reset
And the microsoft one:

Still nothing...

Could you help me?


A:Unable to change language in windows 7

Hi Brick8,
You can only download that LP if you are running Ultimate or Enterprise version of W7.

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I bought a Win 7 when I was in France and installed it but despite setting the local language in English (Regional and Language Options) during installation, the entire admin and desktop remains in English.
How can I switch the whole win 7 system in English language?

A:How to change Windows 7 installation language?

If you are not running Windows 7 Ultimate this can only be achieved using a program such as; it is an easily accessible built in feature in Ultimate but requires third party software like this to implement in any other version, however it does use the official Microsoft Language Packs.

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Does somebody knows how to put Windows XP Home to English. I know that in XP Pro is possible.
If not possiblein XP Home, how then can I have Windows XP help in English. My computer has the program in German, everything else uploaded by me is in English

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Hello all I live in Denmark locale change Windows and - 7 language and am currently in the process of buying a new laptop I found one I wanted and ordered it I've now gotten an email stating that the OS is German and with German localization The OS is Windows Home Premium and my question is whether it's possible to change these things to Danish I tried looking at microsoft com and that got me confused I found a page stating that only the Ultimate and Enterprise versions had language support Download languages for Windows - Microsoft Windows Then I found a page giving instructions on how to change the locale of windows which is supposed to work on any versions Change the system locale It would be very nice if it's possible to change to locale and language to Danish - or English I don't care which one - as that would allow me to buy a superior laptop compared to another Windows 7 - locale and language change I was looking at

A:Windows 7 - locale and language change

Welcome to Seven Forums Oruge.

Take a look at this tutorial How to change your default Region and Language settings It might help you.
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Hey guys,
my friend gave me a computer which he said it didnt work anymore so i took it and messed with it for a while until it worked,and installed the os that he gave was windows 2000 professional...but in french .so is ther ANY way for me to change the whole computer language?????

c ya,
Jamesp.s. on the title i meant 2000

A:How can i change my windows 200 system language?
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I got windows vista 64Bit Ultimate RUSSIAN edition.
It got russian interface, i want to chenge it to English.
I downloaded english language pack but i dont know how to install it.
Help please?
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I found out that you can change your Windows 7 language without owning the Ultimate edition. You just need to download Vistalizator and the MUI language pack you need.

Good for if you bought your laptop overseas in a different language.

A:Change your Windows 7 language w/o having ultimate!

Thanks, it works perfectly.
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I need to know how to change the language of a Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 without formating. This is because I am interested in buying an ACER Aspire Predator G3610 from Germany which would obviously come with german windows. I would have bought it from UK if it were not for the fact that all UK ACER Predator come with older and lower specs than the german ones.

In fact an ACER Aspire Predator G3610 from Germany will have the new generation i7 2600 sandy bridge cpu, 16GB ram, Nvidia GTX560Ti graphic card, etc while those in the UK are still using the older i7 CPU, have fewer ram and cost much more.

A:How to change language of Windows 7 home 64 bit SP1

Hello ercolesptr
Have a look at this thread it will explain your options SOLVED: Change language Windows 7 Home Premium OEM Spanish to English

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I changed language on my Window XP from English to Chinese under the Advanced tab. After I rebooted the machine, My Computer, Window Explorer, and Control Panel fail to start up when I click on it. Other programs on my Window works fine.
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HI everybody

Please help me - I'm trying to find out how to change the whole of my windows XP OS from English to German language (this includes all menus etc).

I was told by somebody that is apparently easy to do if you go though control panel - I would have thought some sort of German Media kit would be needed and some form of Upgrade licensing for German XP????

I am confused and I really have to resolve this issue ASAP.

This info may also be helpful:
The laptop is a corporate HP laptop which has been licensed under the Select A agreement with Microsoft.

What do I have to do? Is it really simple or am I over-complicating things?

Thanks in advance for all your help.

Best regards

A:PLEASE HELP! URGENT!!! Windows XP - how can I change it to the German language?

To change the default language:
Click Start>Control Panel
Double-click Regional and Language Options.
Click the Languages tab.
Click Details, then Add.
Under Input Language, add the language you want.
Under Keyboard Layout/IME, click the keyboard layout you want to use.
Click OK.
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How to download en-us or Other language version of Windows 8.1 pro?
Changed everything Time Location Language en-us
Down language us uk
I have upgraded laptop Windows 8 pro us uk
Please help

A:How to change install download language for windows 8 pro

After updating Windows 8 UK to Windows 8.1 UK, check windows updates for UK language pack.
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I have installed windows 7 starter edition on a HP Mini.
The edition is in English. And i want to change the display language to Danish.
Can it be done?
And How?

Please help


A:Windows 7 starter - change Display Language

in the control panel under region and languages

see if you can set it there
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I'm trying to change the XP "Regional/Language" from English to Spanish. After rebooting, it stays as English. The default now say's Spanish. I've even installed the language pack for Spanish from CD.

A:change Windows XP language fr English to Spanish

Does this help at all?
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I have a computer that has French language. And I don't want it. I want English on my computer. And I've heard that the display language can only be changed in Windows 7 Ultimate. Is that true? Also, I downloaded a software that can change the display language in Win7 Pro called "Vistalizator" (Downloaded from here) But after I downloaded and installled the MUI then changed the display language to English this message appeared:
And when I restarted my computer to finish the process, I got the black screen of death with only the cursor on it and I got forced to load the safe boot file. Any help?

A:How to change display language in Windows 7 Professional SP1?

Hi XproCraft,
Ultimate & Enterprise are the only W7 versions that support additional languages.
There are conflicting reports about the validity of other programmes adding additional languages.
However looking at your systrem specs and Vistalizator, did you run the 32 bit version??

As you have a desktop you should have a set of W7 discs, i would suggest you try a repair install.
Repair Install

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I had purchased Dell Inspiron 13" 7348 2-in-1 Laptop while in Japan. It came with Japanese Single Language Windows 8.1. Eventually I changed it to English by downloading English Language Pack.
Using Free Windows 10 upgrade by Microsoft, the laptop is upgraded, however it fails to change the base language to English.
Can someone help? 

A:Inspiron Laptop with Windows 8.1 Upgraded to Windows 10 can not change base language to English

Hello pmorwale,
I assume you've tried to follow Microsoft's directions?
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Hi everybody ..

Can I change the display language in Windows 7 Home Premium ?

I have tried to use the Vistalizator but did not succeed

if i can how I change the display language ?

Thank you

A:Can I change the display language in Windows 7 Home Premium ?

Vistalizator causes your Windows to lose its activation, changing its validation status to non-genuine. The same happens with all other known cracks to install language packs on other editions than Ultimate and Enterprise.

Read more here: Display Language Change- Win 7 Home

There is no valid and working way to completely change display language on Home Premium. If your Windows language is English, French, Spanish or Russian you might be able to install a Language Interface Pack (LIP) in your language that changes the most common menus and dialogs to your chosen language. However, according to official LIP site of Microsoft an Arabic LIP for instance does not exist.

Check avalaible options here: Download languages for Windows - Microsoft Windows

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I aquired a PC a while back from Amazon which came with a trial version of Win7 in German preinstalled (I installed a full version of Win7 onto it so I did not encounter this problem). The question is if someone wanted to upgrade the trial version to a full version would you be offered the choice of changing the language?

Relevancy 58.91%

Hi. I'm a Brit living n France, and have just purchased a new computer running W7 Home Premium but obviously the system language is all in French and I just can't seem to get it to change to English. I've read various (conflicting) bits online, some of which suggests I need to have W7 Ultimate in order to be able to do this. Can anyone verify?

If this is the case, am I best served upgrading to Windows 10 where it appears (again, just from what I've read) that this function is free?

Many thanks in advance for any help

(one small point is that I really don't mind whether it ends up on 7 or 10, I just want the language changed!)

A:windows 7 home premium, change system language?

Have you gone to the Microsoft site and found the various language packs that are available? You should be able to install the English (UK or US version) without any difficulty.
Relevancy 58.48%

I would like to know how to change language in Windows Boot Manager in my dual-boot computer.I used bcdedit and it says that Windows Boot Manager is on Device\HardDiskVolume2.I think this is a partition from Windows 8 when it was installing.When using Disk Management,I see 4 partitions.One is C(Windows 8),D(drivers),H(Windows 7) and an EFI system partition.

A:Windows Boot Manager language change in UEFI system

change language

It might help to know which language/s are involved.
Relevancy 58.48%

I want to disable Macfee Antivirus and I want to change my computer windows language. Please guide me how should I do?

A:Temporary disable Macfee Antiviruse and How can I change Windows Language?

How To Temporarily Disable Your Anti-virus, Firewall And Anti-malware ProgramsNote: Depending on your anti-virus version, the instructions may be different.To change the language settings, refer to the applicable instructions for your operating system:How to Change the Display Language in Windows 7How to Change the Display Language settings in Windows Vista/Windows7How to Change the Display Language settings in Windows XP
Relevancy 58.05%

Hi all Spanish Change Windows OEM 7 Premium language Home SOLVED: to English I thought I'd share this with the community as SOLVED: Change language Windows 7 Home Premium OEM Spanish to English I myself had been looking for an answer for quite a time Scenario English ex-pat living in Spain Bought new laptop Toshiba Satellite L - Z with OEM Windows Home Premium in Spanish Want Windows in English I'd been trawling through the threads and had found these Completely change language of Ultimate installation amp win language change Googling also revealed I could only change the language if I had an Ultimate or Enterprise licence I had thought of downloading a legitimate English version Home Premium ISO from Digital River but a format and clean install was a last resort - even though there's plenty of OEM bloat I didn't want to risk some things not working or have problems trying to activate later So I made a C drive image just in case Solution Download MS English language Pack don't forget to check the MD hash download Vistalizator The language pack won't install by itself - probably because the OS isn't Ultimate or Enterprise but launch vistalizator it doesn't install just runs and open the language pack from there The only thing is I wanted my main account in English and a secondary user account in Spanish but SOLVED: Change language Windows 7 Home Premium OEM Spanish to English that isn't possible I CAN still change back and forth between languages but I have to do it through Vistalizator and reboot The language settings in the control panel don't do anything and the vistalizator language switch is a global change - all accounts are either English or Spanish But it works - in English and I'm loving my new laptop Regards D

A:SOLVED: Change language Windows 7 Home Premium OEM Spanish to English

I don't think this will stay here very long since vistalizator is a hack that violates the EULA.
Relevancy 55.04%


I have a vista, the problem is i live in France so the computer is french with the language.
Anyway way want to upgrade to windows 7 but i want the english version!!
Will it work do i have to upgrade to a french version and then change language afterwards.
By the wayi don't mind wiping the hard drive Please help me i need to get this vista crap of my computer!!!!

A:Vista to windows 7 need to know about language

I very seriously doubt you would have any problem.

Just do a clean install, booting from your Windows 7 disc, and choose English as the language on one of the earliest screens you see.
Relevancy 55.04%

I just bought a Sony Vaio, CR VGN-CR21LH laptop with vista home basic installed. I bought it in Korea, hence it is all in Korean.

My question basically is, if I install Vista ultimate in english, will everything (programs etc) automatically become English?

Is Vista the operating system & does it dictate the language for the computer?

Also, how do I find out what BIOS I have & whether it supports slic (v2)?

I realise this is not totally focused to Vista but many thanks for any help that is given.

Regards & happy new year.


A:Windows Vista Language

Vista Ultimate is able to switch languages fairly easily through Windows Updates. Try this link for detailed instructions:
Relevancy 54.61%

Hi all,
A friend recently purchased a new PC in Spain with Vista Home edition in Spanish as the OS. I am aware that to change the display language you need to have Ultimate or Enterprise edition installed.
what options are available for him to change the display language into English, i.e. a Microsoft update/download etc...
many thanks,
Relevancy 54.61%

Does anyone know if the MUI pack that is to be included in the Ultimate editon if it is available for download yet. I have the RC-1 loaded and would like to try this as well.
Relevancy 54.61%

...hey, does anybody know how to convert a Japanese windows vista (home premium edtion) to an english vista (home premium edition) ???

do i need to download something from MS???

please help me...

thanks in advance!!!
Relevancy 54.61%

can anyone help i have a friend who has just come from turkey back to uk and has a laptop with windows vista but language is set in turkish and when i go into options there is no choice from united kingdom the laptop was purchased in turkey and has a genuine windows key code any help would be greatly appreciated

Relevancy 54.18%

I am living in Beijing China at present and am about to buy a new Lenovo Ideapad Laptop This comes with Windows Vista Home Premium Preinstalled Chinese Version I then intend to use the Free Windows Vista Language 7 Changing ->Windows Upgrade : Upgrade Program to acquire Eglish language media It is clear in Microsoft's documentation that this is not a supported upgrade path However assuming I can get Lenovo to provide the English Language Windows upgrade media I should be able to do a clean install as per Doing a Clean Install Upgrade Vista ->Windows 7 : Changing Language with a Upgrade Windows Version and Paul Thurrot's Method In fact this would be the method for achieving any unsupported upgrade path eg Vista - gt Vista Upgrade Vista ->Windows 7 : Changing Language - gt Chinese Vista - gt English Can anyone confirm that this is true particularly for the language upgrade Dave ---------------------------------- Further reading has led me to believe that this is definitely possible Check out the bottom line of the chart image Quote Upgrading Windows Vista from one language e g English to Windows in a different language e g French requires a custom install I've also checked that Lenovo FREE Windows Upgrade Program asks you both which language and architecture your previous machine is running So a white lie about having wanting the English bit Vista should net me the relevant Windows upgrade disks I'll post once more when I can confirm this on my new machine

A:Upgrade Vista ->Windows 7 : Changing Language

hello davient!

i have a similar situation also with an lenovo notebook.
also want to make an english version from localised.
can you report any success in your upgrading?
additionaly, info from links you posted pushed me to a thought that it is (theoretically) possible to do a clean update from vista home premium -to-> 7 professional or ultimate... what do you think about it

thanks in advance,
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I just installed windows vista ultimate

The problem is I cant get the korean language to work.

I installed it and added the language

but i cant get the language bar to appear on the task bar.

what do i do?

A:Windows vista ultimate - Language bar problem

Hi, how did you install it? I ask because there are a number of reasons for the language bar to not show. I take it right clicking on taskbar and selecting Toolbars "language bar " is not an option. Under Msconfig does ctfmon show up in your startup's, you need it for the language bar to work. Copy below into notepad and then "save as" call it language.reg and save desktop double click on the saved file to merge into registry Reboot to take effect:-

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

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My Notebook comes from the U.S. with Vista Ultimate. Now I want to upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate here in Europe.

I heard that an in-place upgrade to Windows 7 is only possible within the same language (e.g. EN-US). Now I worry that I'll buy the wrong Win 7 version.

I know that my current Vista Ultimate is English, but how to find out which one (could be British as well)? Ist there a native OS language at all besides the language I set in the "regional and language options" in the control panel?

And is this important at all? As far as I know Windows 7 Ultimate supports 35 languages, so does it matter at all as long as I accept to install Win 7 in the same language like my Vista is?

Sorry, maybe I'm a bit confused *ggg*. Thanks so much for any enlightements!

regards, Wolfgang

A:Upgrade Vista Ultimate -> Windows 7: OS Language

Hi Drachenstein, welcome to the Seven Forums.

If you want to do an in-place upgrade, you have to have exactly the same language version. Info about the pre-installed OEM version with activation key can normally be found in the sticker in the bottom of the laptop.

If you ordered your laptop from the USA, the OEM Windows Vista most certainly is English. So for in-place upgrade you need an English Win7. To my knowledge Windows 7 is available only in one universal English version; no EN-US or EN-UK versions exists.

Relevancy 53.32%


I purchased a laptop in Italy and all the display is in Italian language.

I followed the steps given in user guide. But the Keyboards and Languages tab does not show Display language dropdown list to choose a language.

I want to change the display language to English. Is there any way to do this ?

Thanks in advance.

Relevancy 53.32%

i just installed pidgin 2.4.1 and the problem is that...i can see all the chinese characters in the buddy list and the screen names of the people in the conversation window...i can also see the chinese characters i type in the conversation window but the chinese characters other people type in the conversation window cannot show there anyway to solve this problem?
Relevancy 52.46%

Hi all,
Help! I often disappears at the bottom of the panel "icon of languages​​".
But it appears after rebooting the PC.
How to build it?
Relevancy 52.03%

Hello, I am new to Vista. I received my laptop with spanish keyboard and spanish Windows. I love my spanish keyboard but I do not like the spanish Window.

Is there a way to change my windows language to english without installing vista from scratch?

A:Change Language

Originally Posted by aderegil

Hello, I am new to Vista. I received my laptop with spanish keyboard and spanish Windows. I love my spanish keyboard but I do not like the spanish Window.

Is there a way to change my windows language to english without installing vista from scratch?

Hello aderegil, and Welcome to the Forum.

Have a look here;

I hope this helps

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hello can someone guide me on how to change my comupters language? its in french and id like to put it in english.

A:change language

A simple google search and we have your answer.

Display Language - Change
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Dear All

Yesterday i purchased a compaq destop with windows 7 operating system installation but the problem is they did installation in Arabic language when i was turn on the system the total things are in Arabic language. Please can anyone tell me how to change the total things from Arabic language to English language.

A:How to change the language

Go to "Control panel">"Clock Region and Language">"Keyboard and language> Display Language>Install Uninstall Display Language>Select Install Display language>
Then if you downloaded your language package you brows its location or if you don't downloaded language package click "Launch windows update. Then select windows update window your prefer language and click update.

Display Language - Change
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hello, I tried to change the display language from EN to Spanish for my friend. His computer runs on XP Pro SP3. I followed steps from microsoft (linkage attached); however, the display language didn't change after I re-started the computer.

Does anyone know other way to make it happens?

Relevancy 52.03%

Can anyone help me change the UI language? I believe I first need to check what are the lanuages available...

My computer was bought in Canada and I need to change from French to English or Spanish.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you all in advance.

A:Change UI language

Hi, Please see this:

You would have to order the other language and install that way.

Here's some places that may sell Windows XP in other languages,GGLG:en&q=Windows+XP+French+edition

I'd be looking on eBay...
make sure you buy from someone reputable
Relevancy 52.03%

i was given a Toshiba laptop to work with but the language is in cheskou republic,the OS is windows vista home premium. how do i change it to English?

A:how to change language.

You would need MUI language packs, which are not available for Vista Home Premium -

Regards. . .


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okay so here's my story ,

i bought my PC from a store in Paris so evrything is in french , my french is pretty good but there's always a few words i just dont understand especially when dealing with problems on my computer wich i rather avoid so thats basicly the problem , ive tried changing it myself quite a few times

before you all start telling me to go to Configuration panel then to Regional options date and language i want to tell you that i have already tried that several times before and it hasnt worked i personally think that i dont have the english language pack installed wich is pretty weird as its a pretty expensive PC anyway , hope you can help me out ive been to a couple of other forums and havent found a solution yet.


A:Cannot change language on my PC

Hi and welcome to TSF

I don't think you can convert XP to a different language. You have to purchase the English language version of XP.

Relevancy 52.03%

I have a Dell laptop that I need to change the language to Spanish. How do I do this? Thanks.

A:Change Language

what os is it? usually you can change the language in control panel > regional settings.
Relevancy 52.03%

Hello to everyone!

I would appreciate to be told how to change the original language in my PC.

Presently it is in Spanish and I would like to change it to English. I use Windows XP.

Thanks in advance for your kind assistance.


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A:How to change PC language?

Basically, you are looking for an utility, which will help you to open up bios and translate it yourself?

Such programs do exist for some BIOS vendors. But problem is, that there are some many vendors and versions of firmwares that it is not possible to create a universal editor. And most of those firmware are available only in English versions.

There will be no visible reaction of Windows 7 to a new BIOS, whether officially patched or not offically (if your won't brick your computer of course and it will start).

There used to be a custom patcher for BIOS firmwares, that allowed motherboards to recognize bigger hard drives. Those things were totally home made and Windows run smothly on those computers with non-orginal firmwares.

Changing bios - whether that is it's language, ability to read bigger HDDs, SLIC information or some other information in it, will take no affect on language of Windows itself (menus & help files).

Language feature of Windows 7 is independent. You would have to have Windows 7 Ultimate, Enterprise (for corporations only) where you can legally change Windows language yourself, but that feature is not auto-configuring (you have to manually select it and download some Language Interface Pack [LIP] files).
Relevancy 52.03%

I've been given a Micromax laptop for my kids but it's in Germany. Is it possible to change the language or would I need to get it wiped ?


Relevancy 52.03%

hi.. I am just about to buy a laptop in China.. It comes with xp (chinese) pre installed. If i get a copy of the academic price XP sp2 upgrade version shipped from home (australia) will i be able to just install that over the top to get english?

Are there any other easier/cheaper ways to do this?



See if this helps:
and this:
Relevancy 52.03%

I live in the UK, and so all my settings are set for the UK on a Dell Dimension with XP SP2, but for some reason whenever I try to install something now, things are appearing in arabic like text. i.e. on any installation wizards everything is in arabic looking text, nothing is in english. Ive looked at my language and regional settings in control panel (which all display in english), and are all set for english/united kingdon, so how do i turn this arabic looking text off ? Please help newbee here !
Relevancy 52.03%

I have a CD to put in, however the computer chooses not to download the language software and I can't get the japanese option to appear and some how the language goes to Kazakh! I want to be able to have 2 languages because my mother is Japanese and needs to be able to write mail etc, in Japanese to her friends and family! So because of this issue I tried several times to change the language option to make sure that the characters were enabled, and they are yet the CD does not want to load and I need serious help !
help me!

A:I can't change the language

Hi try this LINK and post back if you have any difficulties.
Relevancy 52.03%

Hi! Can someone please tell me how to change the language setting from French to English on Windows 7 Home Premium
When we first set up, we do not know why it turned to French and now we cant switch back. There is no display language under the keyboard and language section. We also tried to install the language, but it did not work.

please HELP!!!

A:Change language

What do you mean by language? Do you mean typing language or the interface language?

What version of Windows 7 have you got?
Relevancy 52.03%

I've been in the language and change from Danish to English as a was on the list, but although it says that it should be English, so is the language of the system itself continues to Danish. how you change the language completely on your entire computer? If it's on the list must surely not be downloaded?

A:change of language

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

You haven't told us which version of Windows 7 you're using, but you need Windows 7 Ultimate to take advantage of 34 language packs.
Relevancy 52.03%

Title says it all. Don't confuse it with changing the language, but customizing language names.
Don't ask me why.

I don't mind hardcoding or doing 'hard' stuff. Just give me some directions if you think it's possible.

A:Is it possible to change language name?

Are you talking about changing the language of your Windows 8 user name?
Relevancy 52.03%

so installed xp pro in english on my laptop and now i want to change the interface to russian
so how do i do that?
(in regional setting it has some european and asian languages no russian though)

A:language change xp

If your XP is in English, you cannot change the language of the interface.

You'll need to buy a russian XP installation CD.
Relevancy 52.03%

i want to change the language of my computer from chinese to computer is windows xp..plese help me a cant understand chinese.

A:change language
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Hello everyone. I have Windows 7 Home Premium installed on my laptop (which is my first pc) and it's language is Portuguese. I would like to change it to English or Romanian. Is it possible? Do i need to buy other Windows 7 in one of my desired languages? I'm asking this here because all i found in CP regarding language changing had to do with keyboard or non unicode programs or Windows Live language settings. Other than that i couldn't find anything else. I feel like i should mention i'm totally noob (only 9 months since i have this laptop)

A:How to change OS language?

Hello FlorinSabin,

Sorry, but only the Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise editions allow you to change the display language from the original language it was installed as.
Relevancy 52.03%

dear sir
i have bought a windows which has system lagugage in Polish(polski) i want to change the icons and help topics i mean every particaular thing in to english laguage i tried so hard but its not changing i even asked microsoft but thier topics did nt help me i will be very great full of you if help me with this .basically i want to change every in to english

A:Change language

Hello shafeeulah, Welcome to TSF!

Providing you have an English version of Windows? XP installed, this should not be a change the language, please try this...

Go Start > Control Panel (Switch to Classic View) > Regional and Language Options > Regional Options > Change the Language to English (United States) > Advanced > Change the Language to English (United States).
You may be asked to insert your Windows? XP CD-SP2, if so follow the on screen prompts.
Once finished Apply > OK...reboot the computer.

Post back with the results.

Kind Regards,