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Networking issues after installing Windows 7 on one computer

Q: Networking issues after installing Windows 7 on one computer

Hey guys I installed Windows onto one of my computers the one that connects directly to fios a couple weeks back and since then I have been having network issues All of the other computers on the network run XP including the one that has my printer connected to it Since I upgraded the one computer to all of the other computers have been unable to print aside from the one that 7 Windows one installing on issues after Networking computer is actually connected to the Networking issues after installing Windows 7 on one computer printer of course All computers are on the same workgroup MSHOME After I installed on the one computer it defaulted the workgroup to HOMEGROUP so I had to change it back to MSHOME and got rid of the homegroup the new Windows feature On the computer that is running Windows if I look at the network it sees no other computers but if I go on one of the XP computers the one that is attached to the printer I can see the Windows PC as well as the other XP ones On one of the other XP computers I cannot see the other XP computers but it allows me to add a network place so I can see a shared folder on the Windows PC It however does not allow me to add a network place that is located on any of the other XP computers I m very confused about all of this and I have no idea what might have happened and I need to get these computers networked with the printer once again After I realized that none of the computers were able to print I went into system options right clicked on the network printer and clicked properties and I got the quot Print spooler service not running quot message but it is running I added a new printer and updated my drivers and tried to add a printer on each computer on the network and tried to select a shared printer by name but they all say quot Cannot connect to printer Check the printer name quot etc I have no idea what to do at this point so if anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it Thanks nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Networking issues after installing Windows 7 on one computer

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Networking issues after installing Windows 7 on one computer

Shut down all computers. Boot the "host" (the one with the printer directly connected) and one other XP PC. See if you can get connected and print to the remote computer. If successful, boot one PC at a time and see if you can get working again. If unsuccessful with just the two PCs please show for each of them ...

Start, Run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt:
(For Vista or 7 type CMD in the Search box after Start)

Type the following commands:

nbtstat -n


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.
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I bought a Compaq Laptop in 2005 in India. I received an "Operating System CD" (That's what it says!) with XP Home SP2. The key was on a sticker below my laptop.
I recently changed over to a Mac and want to install XP on it (Sorry!). Can I do that legally without any hassles? Also, I have moved to the US now, so does that matter? (Are licenses for particular areas only?)
Thanks a ton!

A:Installing Windows from a CD which came with one computer on another: Legal Issues

If the software is legit (easily checked by the COA you have stuck to the machine) then to install it to another machine would be okay provided that you remove it from the laptop (can only be installed on 1 machine). There are a couple of problems you may come across. If the laptop has a version of XP that's been volume licensed by Compaq then it won't install on the other machine. If it's the full (or OEM) version then it should be okay. You would likely have to ring MS to activate it and explain to them that it has been moved from one machine to another. They are pretty helpful with this type of problem and as long as you are genuine in your approach then there shouldn't be any major problem.
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(After doing much research) I have an older PC with XP SP3 that I want to upgrade to windows 7. First I want to clone the hard drive to an external drive then install the 7 on the computer (yes I have enough free space on the hard drive). From what I have read I will lose my documents and other files and programs I have installed. What I am worried about is the drivers. Are they left alone? Replaced? If 7 does not have an appropriate driver (like to the FAX modem) will the old one be retained? If not will my PC recognize any driverless hardware and try to find drivers via "plug and Play"? Can I import the missing driver from the clone? Thanks.

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Ok I don Major issues XP with Windows Pro Solved: computer. on installing new t know if anyone can help me on this one or not it s going to be Solved: Major issues with installing Windows XP Pro on new computer. difficult perhaps considering the limited information I can give I recently put together a new computer for my girlfriend but didn t have the time to stay during the entire Windows installation Apparently while XP was installing my girlfriend had gone out her mother attempted to follow the prompts eek during this she mis-typed the serial key and didn t know what to do according to her the installation froze She couldn t tab to get back and it didn t recognize the mouse She restarted the computer and apparently was able to get windows to install My girlfriend called me later to tell me that quot the screen is all wrong the colors don t look right quot Upon asking her what the problem was she replied quot the screen quot Describe it to me quot it s the monitor quot No what s wrong with it quot THE SCREEN DOESN quot T LOOK RIGHT quot Heh You can see what i m dealing with I had her go into desktop settings to crank the resolution up to at least x and high colors after she hits apply nothing happens I told her to install the drivers for the graphics card She s tried twice each time it goes through the driver installation and tells her to restart Upon restarting it goes to the Windows loading screen and then as best I can tell from what she s telling me the monitor looses signal from the PC Screen goes black monitor light goes from green to orange Computer is still on it doesn t restart She can only get back in via safe mode I m no technical genius but I m not computer illiterate either I built my own rig done some tech work at my old job etc but I m stumped Without being able to actually get over to her place to look at it myself until tomorrow the best I can guess is that either the graphics card a GeForce GT is bad or they FUBAR d the Windows installation I don t necessarily see the card as being bad seeing as when I started the installation everything looked fine if the card was simply bad wouldn t she NOT get any kind of picture As I said I dunno if anyone can give me any advice based off the limited info I can give I m just trying to see if I can find out anything to help her get it working herself If I can t get her up and running before about today when she has to leave for work it should be a moot point as I can go out there myself tomorrow to look at it BTW in case it s necessary here s her components that I picked out and put together for her Pentium D ASUS P NSLI LGA NVIDIA nForce SLI Intel Edition ATX Intel Motherboard EVGA -P -N -TX GeForce GT MB -bit GDDR PCI Express x Video Card Hard drive is a GB Western Digital she s got a gig of Corsair RAM etc I figure the only thing that matters in this situation is perhaps the card really but then I don t know for sure obviously Any ideas anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Solved: Major issues with installing Windows XP Pro on new computer.
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Ok, just upgraded to Windows 10 this week and been bashing my head bloody for two days on networking issues. What on the green Earth are my networking credentials in Win10? I have a Microsoft account I'm logging into Win10 pc with (which I hate but besides the point), everything is asking me for credentials, and I put in the email address and password I log into Windows with and it doesn't work. I have a network with a workgroup and homegroup set up, and my Win7 pc and Win8 pc have no problems talking to each other but My Win10 can't access the win7 pc, though it accesses the Win8 pc just fine. I also can't access a WDMyCloud on my network, it keeps asking me for Windows credentials and nothing I put in works, it does not like the email address/pass I use to log in to Windows 10 either. I'm literally stumped. Can someone help me out?
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Hey all,
I have a wireless/wired network setup in my apartment. There are 3 computers connected to through wireless, and one connected through an ethernet cable. I'm having issues with only one of the wireless computers. It will connect fine, and work with a full internet connection. But if I take the netbook out of my apartment, or put it to sleep (or some other method of temporarily severing the connection) it has issues reconnecting beyond a local connection.

Restarting the computer, automatically getting new IP settings from the network adapter, resetting the network adapter, or disconnecting and reconnecting from the network don't help at all. It seems the only way to re-establish an internet connection (beyond local only connection) is to reset the router.

None of the other computers on the network are experiencing any issues at all.

Any suggestions? Thanks much

A:Networking issue - one computer has issues with connection

What OS?
Laptop or desktop?
What Router to you have?
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Hi My desktop computer is infected with some virus spyware etc I am running Windows XP SP I have several problems My search engine google redirects to incorrect pages occasionally after I have searched a topic and click on Possible Settings, Computer Networking Issues Internet - Connection, - Several Virus the website I want to visit not a consistent issue and I occassionally get popups in a new tab on my browers I run Mozilla I have a network connected to two other laptops but I can Possible Virus - Several Computer Issues - Internet Connection, Settings, Networking no longer connect to the network the other computers are still running the network just fine but cannot access the desktop The desktop has the direct internet connection with a cord not wireless Each time I try to connect to a file shared on the network on another computer I get the message quot Little-ashlyn school is not accessbile You might not have permission to use this network resource Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions The network path was not found quot Occassionally when I restart my computer I have limited connectivity and cannot access the internet it's hit and miss if the internet will work or not This problem has generally been solved when I restart my computer a second time When I have tried to repair the connection on the Connection I get the message quot Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action cannot be completed TCP IP is not enabled for this connection Cannot proceed quot The start taskbar on my computer has turned from the XP version to the silver classic version I have manually reset this but each time I restart my computer it reverts back to the silver classic theme when it used to be the blue XP style There is no option in the drop down menu under the Theme settings in Display Properties for the Windows XP theme anymore I used to put my computer into hibernation mode but it does not shut down anymore It will go to the Please Stand By screen for a brief second then return to the desktop screen i assume something is running in the background that is preventing this from working I have tried to restore my computer to a previous point but did not solve the issue I have ran scans with AVG Spybot Search and Destroy and Malwarebytes all in safemode They have picked up other items on my computer but nothing seems to fix the issues I have been dealing with These are all the issues I have discovered so far hopefully someone can help me out Thanks in advance

A:Possible Virus - Several Computer Issues - Internet Connection, Settings, Networking

Hello and welcome to TSF.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link given below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and a

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

link at the top of each page.

Please follow our pre-posting process outlined here:

After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.
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Hi guys,

I am happy with using my Windows 7 till recently I've decided to upgrade to Windows 8 Professional especially when it is given free by the University. I am using a Fujitsu Lifebook SH561 bought in Singapore. I've never had issues accessing the wireless at home with my Laptop with Win 7 installed.

However recently with the upgrade, my laptop will intermittently be disconnected to the wireless and can only be connected to the internet via LAN cable. Using the troubleshoot features, the results are "Gateway is not available". I've tried to search online for solutions but to no avail. Attached are some of the information suggested online that may be of use to anyone willing to help me out.

Any guidance to solve the issue will be deeply appreciated!

A:Networking Issues with Windows 8

For updated drivers for the wireless try the Fujitsu support site or visit the Windows update center using the wired connection. Networking problems should be posted in the networking section.

Fujitsu America - Support
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Trying Issues 7 to Networking XP Windows to network my XP desktop and Windows desktop The Windows machine is connected by wire to a -wire wired wireless router The XP machine is connected via wireless D-Link DLW-G to same router I have Windows 7 to XP Networking Issues internet connection from both devices with no problem but cannot get either to see each other from the other Using the -Wire interface I can see both devices on the network thru the -wire router But I cannot see either machine from the other via network in windows I have win machine set to Work network sharing and discovery enabled and passwords required turned off On the XP machine I Windows 7 to XP Networking Issues used Network Setup Wizard to setup the network on that end On both ends the workgroup s named quot WORKGROUP quot and the machines have unique computer names Windows is USS-Excalibur XP is USS-Excelsior Yet neither sees each other In addition I have a work laptop running Vista connected to my corporate work network via the same -wire router wired And I can see that laptop device from the win machine when I show the network map but not the XP machine I am totally confused on where the problem may be Can anyone help

A:Windows 7 to XP Networking Issues

This usually has to do with sharing permissions in XP.

Try this.

What I did was to disable the firewall on the XP Machine -- just for testing
reset all the file / print sharing options
then on the XP machine run the NETWORK SETUP WIZARD from the control panel -- not sure what this actually does BTW but at this stage I was going to try anything. I ensured the workgroup name was the same as the W7 / Vista computers. Also when this completes check Finish the wizard - don't run on other computers.

Re-boot the XP machine.

Hey presto. Open Sesame.
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Hi all Hi I was trying to setup a three computer to share file without using windows homegroup and without needing a username and password to connect the PCs together PC running windows running windows XP PCs setup I have files on one of the windows PC that I have set of sharing and have connected both of the other PCs but I need to connected to the files I need the admin username and password before I can connect to them this is what I am trying to solve Here is my advanced sharing settings setup Windows networking 7 issues home or work network discovery - ON file and print sharing - ON public folder sharing - ON file sharing connections - - bit encryption this is for the windows XP PC password protection sharing - OFF HomeGroup connection - recommend Public network discovery - ON file and print sharing - ON public folder sharing - ON file sharing connections - - bit encryption this is for Windows 7 networking issues the windows XP PC password protection sharing - OFF And also set it up so that everyone can has access on the share and advanced sharing but I still asks me every time I try to access a Windows 7 networking issues file on for the admin username and password Have I set it up wrong or is there something that im missing Thanks for reading my post Sean nbsp

A:Windows 7 networking issues

Well, I'm on Win/7 Pro 64bit and do not use Homegroup to access my iMac, Win98se file server or 2 variations of Linux.

* 1) of course, all must be in the same WORKGROUP
* 2) XP/Pro SP2 has the LLTP service, but XP/SP1 needs to add it
* 3) There are two forms of sharing:
(a) Public anonymous​(b) Per User Sharing​Normal Simple File sharing will create (B) style and the remote will need the user/password for the directory being accessed.

Style (a) needs a special setup to access \\systemName\PublicShares shown here

However, I use style (b) to control who has access to what - - ie: if they don't know the user/password, then NUTS to them - - I can't trust'm.
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Hi I am new to the forumn. I look forward to meeting many new friends. I own a small business and we are still in the start up phase so I cannot afford to spend big dollars in a IT department.

I seek help on I am trying to network 2 printers 1 cable modem and 1 tower pc. I have the cisco wireless N router (model: wrt160vn) and I have connected accordingly.

The issue I have is everything is connected, when I look into the network map it shows that they are all connected. When I try to use the preinter it states it is offline.

I did check all of my sharing options, I have the networ just set up as a simple home netowrk for the time being to be operational. I don't exactly know what I am doing incorrect, but I do look forward to learning lol.

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My network woes are similar to Waats Pinging them was unsuccessful as was issues networking Mac/Windows disabling the firewalls We spoke to a quot genius quot at a nearby Apple store who was of absolutely no help either I m running a WinXP Pro desktop and an XP Pro laptop I ve a shared laser printer a Mac/Windows networking issues network multi-function printer network storage bays and a wd hd media device interface for the tv My wife runs a macbook and can see and interact with the network hdd s most of the time and the multi-function printer some of the time She can never see my computers or the shared printer nor can I ever see her laptop She s usually connected to our Mac/Windows networking issues network via wifi but sometimes through ethernet as well with no real change in what she can see not see Also every so often I need to reconfigure the wifi as she s no longer able to connect to it at all via her macbook or iphone Suggestions nbsp

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Hey This seems like a useful site I m glad 2000 Windows / Networking XP issues... I found it I recently swapped out a computer in my network and now am having trouble accessing files and printers between two of them Originally there were Windows machines I ll refer to these as amp and XP machines amp and everything worked fine between all of them I removed and replaced it with an XP machine and now I can t access files and printers on When I go to quot View entire network quot from Windows 2000 / XP Networking issues... any of these machines I can see all the other computers however when I try to double Windows 2000 / XP Networking issues... click on which is now the Windows 2000 / XP Networking issues... new XP machine from it gives me the quot Network path not found quot message Same thing trying to access from I ve tried everything I can think of like renaming computers creating new network connections checking share settings adding new users making sure users have administrative abilities tried the quot power user quot option in tried with passwords and without passwords I even replaced the network card in the new machine The network wizard disc that you can create in XP doesn t run on Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks for your time -Bud nbsp

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Hi guys I'm having some problems with SMB style shares First some background My roommates and I are on a college campus and have always been able to access computers on the residential network via Network Neighborhood Workgroup aka SMB shares This was true regardless of operating system My server which sits in the next room is publicly accessible to those on the network For awhile it was running Windows XP Professional SP and everything was fine I then upgraded to Windows Ultimate It took me awhile to figure out how to do simple 7 OS networking Windows issues & X Ultimate folder shares and avoid the whole Homegroup nonsense since non-Win computers can't use those Eventually I got everything running with the same public Windows 7 Ultimate & OS X networking issues share folders and everything was fine Some time passed and we decided to upgrade the server's motherboard processor and RAM Our new motherboard is an Asus M A XTD EVO I planned to do a fresh install of Windows Ultimate but the operating system was clever enough to install all the appropriate drivers on its own I installed an upgraded chipset driver set and everything seemed fine But then the problems began Initially people transferring or streaming media from the server would be find themselves disconnected from the server regardless of operating system Basically while the server could be pinged the SMB Samba aspect identity of the server would disappear The server could still see other computers and still had internet so from its perspective everything was fine The only way to allow other computers to connect to shared server folders again was to reboot the server I tried several things to correct this from changing the quot network type quot e g from home to public enabling and disabling IPv etc etc Eventually something I did I still don't know what enabled Windows computers in particular other Windows machines and one Windows XP Pro laptop to remain connected without issue However those using Apple computers including me are unable to maintain a consistent network connection with the server requiring frequent reboots and resulting in annoyance My initial thought is simply a network driver issue given the recent hardware change but according to Windows Update we're using the latest and greatest drivers and I haven't heard of anybody having this issue on the Asus boards and support Subjectively it feels like the disconnects and subsequent connection refusals occur when quot too many quot people are connected but I have had instances where I'm the only one connected and then I'll suddenly get disconnected so that's probably not the case I should also point out that following a disconnection when attempting to reconnect the error message that quot the server cannot be connected to reached etc quot happens immediately - that is it doesn't actually sit there and try to connect for an extended period of time This suggests to me that its effectively quot finding quot the server but its been blacklisted for whatever reason Any thoughts suggestions hints would be greatly appreciated P S Why is simply sharing a folder such a giant pain I don't want to deal with all this user password guest stuff - I want a simple folder share without any form of authentication required And when I do share folders in Win randomly the quot Users quot folder gets shared too which I don't want at all

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I just got a new computer at work and it has Windows on it My old computer ran on XP and and Networking 8 Windows Vista between XP issues and was connected to two different computers with access to the My Documents folder on each computer That Networking issues between Windows 8 and Vista and XP is all I need access to I have tried everything to get my new computer set up so that I can have access to those two folders as they are extremely important for my job I mapped the network drives from both computers to my new one and they access to my computer When I worked from the Windows computer and tried to access those computers I received an error message saying that access was denied and to contact my network administrator I have access to other folders on the XP and Vista computer except the folder that I need to get into I have brought in two different people who do freelance work and neither one was able to figure this problem Networking issues between Windows 8 and Vista and XP out I would appreciate any help as it is going on four days that I have been unable to properly do my job and I have just been emailing files and documents to myself The XP and Vista computer do not need networked together either nbsp

A:Networking issues between Windows 8 and Vista and XP

do you have usernames and passwords on the other PCs
do you have a username and password on the windows 8 PC
are they all the same ?

What firewall / security suite or anti-virus do you currently have on the PC - or you have ever had on the PC in the past - any trial ware - like Norton, kaspersky or Mcafee or any free security suites like zonealarm, AVG , Webroot etc
I have access to other folders on the XP and Vista computer except the folder that I need to get intoClick to expand...

is this access to the public folders ?

a few articles below on how to share windows 8
windows 8
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SO Im having trouble with File Sharing on my NEtwork.

I can get all my Stations to "See" one another, and I have set up permissions on the "server" but I can't seem toget them to connect.

Everytime I try and access the C: Drive on the Server I get the following:

"c" is available, but the user account you are trying to log on with was denied access.

windows cannot further diagnose the problem because network diagnostics does not know the user name and password that is required to connect to the shared folder.

Can anyone offer me any sort of advice on how to proceed?

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This problem is irritating I ve got an IBM Thinkpad Lenovo t p with windows vista business on it My dads I issues with Windows Business. Networking Vista cannot for the life of me connect to the Networking issues with Windows Vista Business. internet There are sometimes when I can successfully connect to the wireless wired modem but with no internet access Even then it s flaky I ve had experience with computers and everything i know and tried has failed to fix my problem I ve resorted to helplessly searching online for an answer Typing in keywords to my dilemma Networking issues with Windows Vista Business. on google and other such websites I ve run a HijackThis scan Included as well as provided the entire ipconfig results I m also wondering about removing those tunnel adapters I ve no idea where they came from And there are so many of them seems quite unnecessary but hey thats windows eh I m not too happy as of late with vista in general I use xp and down alas my dad really needs help and can t afford to buy any software Just with I could fix it DHCP is running DNS is running IP helper is stfo I ve tried Manual tcpip registry editing netsh winsock reset manually assigning IP DNS Gateway for both wired and wireless uninstalling and re-installing the devices ran spybot s amp d ad-aware and avg virus Networking issues with Windows Vista Business. scans Anyway I hope i ve provided enough information at this point Much appreciation in advance for any light that can be shed on this issue -Kanzar nbsp
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Hi there I have two desktops One running Windows Home Premium the other running Windows XP Home edition I ve got them networked by wireless dlink router although using cables running off the ethernet ports and they are obviously seeing each other as I can browse the entire C on the Win XP machine from the Windows machine no problem I can also receive the internet on both machines The problem Home/7 Windows issues XP Networking: sharing lies in trying to view any folder on the Win machine from Windows XP Home/7 Networking: sharing issues the Win XP machine In Win XP I browse to Entire Network Microsoft Windows Networks sorry I m going off memory here as I m away from the computers in question and finally Workgroup After I click the plus symbol on Workgroup I then get the two computers listed Upon double clicking the Windows computer I get the big bad quot lt COMPUTER NAME gt is not accessible quot etc error I ve read all manner of things relating to disabling simple file sharing but this seems to only apply to Windows XP Pro I ve also read about setting permissions for folders but I can t even reach the desired folder so as to right click it and set the permissions I m stuck at not being able to double click the Win computer name One thing I ve thought of however is that the two computers do not have a static ip address set I was thinking of maybe setting the Win machine to and the XP machine to As it is I m not sure of setting IP addresses and subnets etc except on a straight crossover cable set up In this case I have the computers networked via a Dlink router The moment I put a static ip address in the XP machine s TCP IP settings under Local Area the net connection is knocked out As far as I m aware the Dlink s ip for accessing it s web page is Can someone tell me if I m on the right track here or can I have the TCP IP settings as quot automatically obtain quot and find some other method to get the XP machine to see s share folders Regards JazzCat nbsp

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Hi there This could be a Windows or a Win XP issue I'm Windows 7 Home/Windows XP Networking: Sharing issues. not sure which I have two desktops One running Windows Home Premium the other running Windows XP Home edition I've got them networked by wireless dlink router although using Windows XP Home/Windows 7 Networking: Sharing issues. cables running off the ethernet ports and they are obviously seeing each other as I can browse the entire C on the Win XP machine from the Windows machine no problem I can also receive the internet on both machines The problem lies in trying to view any folder on the Win machine from the Win XP machine In Win XP I browse to Entire Network Microsoft Windows Networks sorry I'm going off memory here as I'm away from the computers in question and finally Workgroup After I click the plus symbol on Workgroup I then get the two computers listed Upon double clicking the Windows computer I get the big bad quot lt COMPUTER NAME gt is not accessible quot etc error I've read all manner of things relating to disabling simple file sharing but this seems to only apply to Windows XP Pro I've also read about setting permissions for folders but I can't even reach the desired folder so as to right click it and set the permissions I'm stuck at not being able to double click the Win computer name One thing I've thought of however is that the two computers do not have a static ip address set I was thinking of maybe setting the Win machine to and the XP machine to As it is I'm not sure of setting IP addresses and subnets etc except on a straight crossover cable set up In this case I have the computers networked via a Dlink router The moment I put a static ip address in the XP machine's TCP IP settings under Local Area the net connection is knocked out As far as I'm aware the Dlink's ip for accessing it's web page is Can someone tell me if I'm on the right track here or can I have the TCP IP settings as quot automatically obtain quot and find some other method to get the XP machine to see 's share folders Regards JazzCat

A:Windows XP Home/Windows 7 Networking: Sharing issues.

The usual fix for the can't access Win 7 machine from XP is listed below.

On the Windows 7 machine navigate to the following registry key.
create or modify 32-bit DWORD: LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy
set the value to: 1

You don't need to use static IP's to fix this type of problem, use DHCP, it works fine for me in every situation.

Also check the time/date settings on both machines and make sure they are in sync. This will also cause problems with sharing.

As for permissions you will need to add Everyone to the list on the XP machine. Windows 7 has a similar feature but Everyone is already on the list you just need to go through the steps.

Perform the following steps on the XP machine, but because you are already sharing the entire C: drive you must have already done this step. It's not recommended to share the entire drive because it's considered to be a security risk.
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I have networked two computers, one Windows XP (32bit) and the other Windows Vista (Ultimate x64)

I have Internet on the Vista computer (ICS sharing from XP computer)

From the Vista computer I can access shared folders on the XP computer

On the XP computer I cannot see any of the Vista shared folders

I can't get Print Sharing to work (the printer is connected to the XP computer)

When I try to play games over LAN both computers cannot see the other one

I've tried the following;

Disabling firewalls on both computers...

Using the same workgroup name on both computers (MSHOME)...

Connecting the computers without an internet connection...

Turned on all "sharing and discovery" options in windows vista (network sharing center)

...... out of ideas, you have any techspot???

A:Windows XP and Windows Vista networking issues

Same issue with the X64-XP with X32-XP they have the same problems. I know that Vista has some issues with XP with networking that's. Most of us networking guys at work just either have Vista on all the PCs or just revert back to XP. I think there is something you can do it's on
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So ever since I got a new computer with windows 8 I've had issues networking with my other windows 7 machine. I eventually resolved the issues with my other machine by disabling the firewall on the windows 7 machine (it's a media server so there was no need to have it online).

But now all of a sudden I'm having issues again and can't figure out why. I can see my other machine in my network listing and sometimes I can connect to it and sometimes I can't. Diagnostics just say "everything is set up right but we can't communicate with the machine". And when I can connect to it it keeps cutting out and videos will end abruptly and it's impossible to transfer anything without it getting disruped halfway through.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

A:Constant issues with Windows 8 networking to Windows 7

You shouldn't need to disable any firewalls for basic networking between these Op systems.

I'd suspect that a third party anti virus software is involved.

Have you tried setting up a Homegroup between these machines?

Is this a single router network or do you have another access point in the network?
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Ok to issues Windows Re fix Need installing 7 help. so my computer is having a lot Need help. Re installing Windows 7 to fix issues of issues lately I believe it is because of Need help. Re installing Windows 7 to fix issues some Need help. Re installing Windows 7 to fix issues registry issues that cleaners have caused I cant install many driver gpu drivers some games etc I built this computer its very fast i use it for gaming and school work Now heres what i want to do I have hard drives One is a western digital gb blue drive i bought when i first built the computer I filled up the driver messed everything up some how and bought a western digital tb and reinstalled windows on that What i would like to do is completely start over I want to wipe both drives and install windows on my gb drive and make that strictly for windows And then i want to run all my programs games and other things on my tb drive Is this possible I have my install disk Just want to do things right this time One more thing last time i reinstall was many because my old mother board died and i replaced it and when i did windows wasnt genuine so i called windows hoping they would give me a new product key i have the old one but it didnt work and i couldnt understand the two people i called and talked to any way i can get it registered without buying a new copy just for the cd key

A:Need help. Re installing Windows 7 to fix issues

Wait, slowly now . First of all you need to type properly if you want people to help you... Fix up your grammar. Now, from what I understand, you want to format your computer clean and install Windows 7 on the 320GB HDD right? Are both your HDD's internal? And did you buy Windows 7 from retail?

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I have a built computer with one hard drive that seems pretty much done for with an extra internal hard drive that s never been touched Instead of trying to repair the other one I m now trying to install Windows on the other internal hard drive It s fine until it asks me to select a driver Then I run into this error message quot No signed device drivers were found Make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers and then click OK quot I looked it up and some other forum responses were to hook the HDD Windows 7... Issues installing up to another computer that already has Windows installed then format it from there The problem is that my laptop which already has Windows isn t recognizing the disk at all either I left the internal hard drive in the desktop with the power Issues installing Windows 7... supply hooked up and the desktop turned on and used a SATA eSATA cable to hook it up to the Issues installing Windows 7... laptop I m at my wit s end My tech support who built Issues installing Windows 7... the computer in the first place is my ex-boyfriend He prefers to just take the computer for an unknown amount of time but I d really like to try and avoid that Can you please help Thank you P S - I obviously cannot download and run the recommended program above as I have no operating system gt lt nbsp

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I recently purchased a Linksys router which requires Windows Service Pack 3 for installation. I installed the update on Windows Update and it shows it as sucessful, however I have restarted my computer several times and is still running on SP2 when I check "My Computer - Properties", and the router set-up CD is still saying I need to upgrade to SP3. Why is it not working? I have searchd everywhere on the computer to see if maybe the files need to be Run, but I cannot find them. I am totally at a loss to figure out how to complete the update and continue installing my router. Please help!
Thank you,

A:Issues installing Windows SP3

Download the full SP3 install file from here:
Download: Windows XP Service Pack 3 Network Installation Package for IT Professionals and Developers - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details

Before you start the install, temporarily disable your anti-virus.
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So I just built my new computer. All is well until I try to install Windows. When I get the blue screen which installs all of the necessary drivers and whatnot to start the Windows installation it just hangs at the "Setup is starting Windows" message on the bottom of the screen. This is just before where you choose where to install Windows, create partitions and all of that fun stuff.

Any help getting Windows to install would be great, so far I'm stumped.

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i bought my lenovo g50 series about a week ago and initially it had windows 10. Hell broke loose when i down graded to windows 7 and i don't know what to do. firstly the usb ports are not reading any usb drives, 2ndly the ear/head phone jack is not working and its really pissing me off. so can you please help me.......
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue and moved post to its own thread.

A:Lenovo g50-70 issues after installing Windows 7

Hi mikemjscott , 
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Did you manage to install the drivers from the support site.
Would you have the machine number from the sticker or check it from the parts lookup page.
Just keep your serial number confidential.
Update us as soon as convenient.
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Hi Guys I am not sure if this is the right place for this but here I go I have just built my own home built machine Spec at end of post and I am having some problems installing windows I have tested this system with my old gb IDE drive and I Sata Issues 7 windows HDD with installing can boot into the ubuntu partiton so the rest of the system is ok When I try to install windows it gets to quot where would you like to install windows quot and there are no Issues installing windows 7 with Sata HDD drives available I have checked all of the cables are plugged in sata and power and tried serveral SATA ports on the mother board but still no luck The drive has also been formatted There are serveral settings in the BIOS for quot PCH sata control quot IDE AHCI RAID XHD and I have tried them all when I set this as IDE the hardrive Issues installing windows 7 with Sata HDD is visible in the BIOS where as either of the other two settings it is not In all of these cases the drive is not recognised when I get into the windows install The M B guise suggested the AHCI mode I have also Tried using the M B disk to install SATA drivers once I get to the windows install page also no joy I have checked the specs on the website I bought these from and they are both Serial ATA- compatible and the HDD is Windows compatible I am somewhat out of idea s here The only thing i can still see is that there appear to be two jumper pins on the back of the HDD but the HDD was OEM and had no manual and i cannot find any description of what they do if anything If someone has any idea why this isn t working I would greatly appreciate the help Cheers Possum Samsung SH-S C x Internal DVD R RW SATA Drive - Black Intel Core i GHz Lynnfield Socket LGA Processor - Retail Thermaltake Frio CPU Cooler EVGA GeForce GTX MB GDDR PCI-Express Graphics Card with HAWX PC-Game Xigmatek Midgard Pure Black Edition Gaming Case Microsoft Windows Home Premium -Bit - OEM Gigabyte GA-P A-UD Intel P A Socket DDR PCI-Express Motherboard Hitachi HDS CLA TB quot SATA II Hard Drive Corsair XMS GB x GB DDR PC - C MHz Dual Channel Kit CMX GX M A C OCZ ModXStream Pro W Modular Silent SLI Crossfire Ready ATX Power Supply nbsp

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I can't right click in the start menu. and My outlook express will not look for email when i hit the send and recieve button.
please help.


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I got a virus on my computer called PromptDownloader I didn't know how to remove it so I brought it to a guy who said he would re-install Windows and clean out my computer with compressed air He did this and removed of after issues re-installing 7 Windows Experiencing :/ my fans because he said they were Experiencing issues after re-installing Windows 7 :/ not working anymore I picked up the computer and have been using it for a couple Experiencing issues after re-installing Windows 7 :/ days I no longer have a smooth user experience with this computer It is very slow and glitchy the opposite of what I expected Experiencing issues after re-installing Windows 7 :/ with a fresh install Google Chrome crashes a lot If I leave a Youtube video on the screen even with it paused my browser is almost guaranteed to crash Playing a very non-cpu intensive game Runescape is even problematic And my IP address isn't even the same anymore It looks like I'm on a proxy somehow I'm hoping someone here could provide some insight as to why I'm experiencing these issues Is it possible this guy used some bootlegged re-install disk I'm hoping its that so I can just buy the re-install disk off Amazon and fix these issues Any input is greatly appreciated Your IPv Address Is b ef ed b d Stars to hide full IP

A:Experiencing issues after re-installing Windows 7 :/

Hi Giraffeman, and welcome to Bleeping Computer.
What is the make and model of this computer?
Please download and install Speccy to provide us with information about your computer.  Clicking on this link will automatically initiate the download. 
When Speccy opens you will see a screen similar to the one below.

Click on File which is outlined in red in the screen above, and then click on Publish Snapshot.
The following screen will appear, click on Yes.

The following screen will appear, click on Copy to Clipboard.

In your next post right click inside the Reply to Topic box, then click on Paste.  This will load a link to the Speccy log.

Please download MiniToolBox to your desktop.
Right-click on MiniToolBox.exe and select Run as Administrator.
You will see an image like the one below.

Click on the following checkboxes only:
• List last 10 Event Viewer log
• List Installed Programs
• List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
• List Minidump Files
Click on Go to start the scan.  Once it is finished highlight the text, then copy it and paste it in your topic.
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I have a TE2100 and then I set up new OS windows xp professional after finished I open window but display not full missing right side about 1 inc(top left butom OK full) I looking on device have yellow question mark "?" at other device "PCI Device".
How I can do it please tell me. VGA card original about Nvidia Geforce 4 220 (I cant remember)

I have problem to same some body in forum is member name Stockcar44 you can look it on my link:

I am sorry about English not good because I am Thailand people

Thank you for every body

A:Several issues after installing Windows XP on TE2100

Man, sorry but thats not acceptable that you ask a question, post an link which contains the answer for your problem and ask what to do.

I can only tell you what is written in the link you?ve posted: Check the BIOS if "Fullscreen" is enabled and update your Videodrivers.

That will solve your problem.

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I have crippled a brand new unused Lenovo G580 Laptop trying to install windows 8.

Attempted to install from a USB drive after the install from desktop option failed due to "cannot initialize start menu" error.

Having loaded the USB on the "Where do you want to install windows 8?" menu my HD was listed in 4 partitions: 1= system Drivers (system), 2 = Windows 7 (Primary), 3 = Lenovo (Primary) 4 = Lenovo_Part (reserved)

Installation was not possible on any drive to due error message : "The selected disk has an MBD Partition table. On EFI systems Windows can only be installed to GTP disks"

I then stupidly clicked on format and formatted partition 2 which contained the Windows 7 OS thinking that would let me install 8. However even after that the same error message prevents installation and now i've lost my windows 7 files meaning the laptop no longer runs.

Can anyone give me some sage advice or point to where I might get some?

A:Major Issues Installing Windows 8

We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.
startup repair disc-create

Did you make the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?
Lenovo Support - Home (US)
How to use Lenovo Recovery
Lenovo Support - Home (US)
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I wanted to do a reinstall of Windows 7 and so far it's done nothing for me except cause stress and frustration. First it tells me it cannot install to disc because it's GPT, whatever that means... So I'm told to do Shift+F10 and enter these commands:

select disk 0
convert GPT

This appeared to work but then I got a different message. It reads "Windows cannot be installed to the disk. This computer's hardware may not support booting to disk. Ensure that the disk's controller is enabled in the computer's BIOS menu."

Not sure what to do from here... It managed to install Ubuntu so the HDD itself is fine. It's just Windows 7.
I'm on an Acer Aspire V531 BTW.

Please help this is my only computer....

A:Various issues with installing Windows 7 installation.

It also appears that the Next button enables now, even though I still get the message. When clicking next it copies the files and then gets stuck on expanding at 0%.
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Recently I have built a new pc a lot of the updates seemed to install in the first attempt. But out of the last 17 updates that I have left they will not install and i get the error codes.

Code 800B0100

Code 80092004

Code 80070570

Something to mention I had the KB3020369 AND KB3045645 amongst the updates im having issues with and those two installed with out any problems (I am no sure if this is relevant but something I did notice)

A:Windows update installing issues

Windows Update Posting Instructions
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I damaged the original drive on my Toshiba Satellite So I bought a new Toshiba HHD for it Originally when I first mounted the drive I got an Issues 7Pro Windows Installing error saying the drive was not formatted NTFS so it would not install the OS So I put the drive in my other laptop and formatted it yes - NTFS Now I put the freshly formatted drive into the laptop I want it to run on I install the windows and all goes good until I am personalizing the computer section when I noticed it didn t ask me about setting up the network or any other thing except for the time amp zone Once it rebooted I had the OS running but can t Installing Windows 7Pro Issues connect to the router Long story - short I wiped the drive - reformatted - reinstalled windows Same Issue For some reason it will not load a bunch of Installing Windows 7Pro Issues the hardware drivers so it doesn t recognize things like the NIC Anyone have any ideas Thanks nbsp
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Okay here is the issue If any more info is needed to help me out please let me know and I will try to get it for you My Father gets Software for free from his job So he brought iTunes windows issues- 7 installing Windows over and I installed it for him on his laptop since he hated Windows Vista and then I installed it onto my desktop Both computers are running Windows ultimate bit I then iTunes installing issues- windows 7 installed the newest version of itunes on his laptop a few months ago so he could sync music to his phone Then I went to install itunes onto my desktop since I recently bought a ipod touch During installation I get iTunes installing issues- windows 7 this error towards the end I tried getting help from other sites but no one had a clue There was no virus software running in the background or any other software running during install so nothing to interfere with during install So I gave up and ended up installing a older version iTunes installing issues- windows 7 of itunes today I thought I'd give it another shot to update the version of itunes I had with the newest available version I uninstalled the old version and downloaded attempted to install the newest version straight from apples website I then get this same error again When I hit the quot OK quot button the window closes then the status green bars says quot rolling back processes quot and then attempts to install the software again And nothing I went back to try and install an older version of itunes and now when its fully done installing itunes does not want to quot pick up or recognize that I have an ipod plugged in quot Right now my ipod is completely useless cause I cant even get itunes on my computer I'm currently trying to install itunes Version bit

A:iTunes installing issues- windows 7

Welcome to windows 7 support forums,

The issue you are describing is an incomplete install of Itunes using the Windows 7 OS.
Resolution of this issue is as follows:Remove all Apple/quicktime apps/programs and services including apple mobile device
reboot your system, download/install the latest version of Itunes.
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I'm not very experienced with Win2k but my boss needs help. Her computer is a Thinkpad A22m, pIII 600 mhz, 328mb ram. For some reason, the ethernet port on the back of the computer does not we're using an old-school ethernet pcmcia card with adapter. The adapter seems to work fine...all three lights work properly, and when I look at the status of the LAN connection it seems to be sending packets and connecting fine. However, it's not receiving any packets at all, and it won't connect to any website. The adapter is a Linksys EtherFast 10/100 card. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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I have 2 windows updates that haven't installed for about a month now..

-Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 4 on XP, Server 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Server 2008, Server 2008 R2 for x64 (KB2656351)
-Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 4 on XP, Server 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Server 2008, Server 2008 R2 for x64 (KB2600217)

I don't have a clue why but everything installs fine.. I install them, restart my computer and everything does its thing while that's happening and they just pop up again when I do a search for updates after computer has restarted.

A:2 Windows Updates not installing, .NET Framework 4 Issues

Please follow the Windows Update Posting Instructions and post the requested data
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Hi Installing after [SOLVED] Issues two 7 new Windows computers. on I'm having a load of trouble and I need some help Let me explain the problem Alright I have two computers An Alienware Mx Laptop and an HP Pavilion Desktop I decided I wanted to wipe them clean and start new So I got my USB that I received from Dell that has Windows loaded on it Popped it in the desktop and Installed a new Windows on it I went into quot Computer quot and deleted quot Windows old quot which contains all files present before the installation Then I did [SOLVED] Issues after Installing new Windows 7 on two computers. the same exact thing to my Alienware Laptop except instead of using the USB I use the recovery disc that came with the computer Then I [SOLVED] Issues after Installing new Windows 7 on two computers. deleted quot Windows old quot on that one too Everything was fine besides that my Desktop now thinks its an Alienware computer The USB was Windows Alienware or something I dont know if thats important The problems i did realise were that neither computer could connect to the internet The desktop could with an ethernet cord but the laptop couldnt at all wireless or not I also noticed that on both machines there was absolutely NOTHING in Programs in the Control Panel If I were to uninstall a program theres nothing there Usually I connect my Laptop to a larger display using an hdmi cord now it wont work My Alienware no longer has AlienFusion AlienRespawn and all the other Alienware programs that I believe are quite important What can i do Update I just realized there are many items in quot Device Manager quot that have a yellow warning sign Under Sound video and game controllers it shows duplicates of quot High Definition Audio Device quot and one of them has a yellow warning sign under its properties it says quot The device cannot start Code quot Under Display Adapters it shows duplicates of quot Standard VGA Graphics Adapter quot and It is also saying quot The device cannot start Code quot And lastly under Other Devices everything a few duplicates is having the yellow sign and it says quot The drivers for this device are not installed Code To find a driver for this device click update driver quot There are two quot unknown devices quot that say this as well Thanks for taking the time to read I greatly appreciate your help

A:[SOLVED] Issues after Installing new Windows 7 on two computers.

You cannot use an usb that had windows 7 loaded on it to install on the hp. it will be preactivated and have the dell logo, it will be an oem addition of windows and it won’t match your hardware on your hp, your wireless will not work until you download all your correct drivers.
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I have a problem im using sp1 at the moment and for some reason when im using the internet viewing my documents when i scroll down on pages it goes in slow motion. When i try and move pages around with the mouse everything is slow and its incredibly irritating. Now is this to do with the fact that i havent got sp2 everything else seems to run smoothly playing games downloading things ect. I tryed downloading sp2 but my computer wouldnt start up properly i have had so many problems with this pc you wouldnt believe ps it has nothing to do with malware or spyware i have Adaware Norton ect. Im currently having to use a house fan to keep it from overheating

A:Issues When Re installing Windows XP Home Edition



Im currently having to use a house fan to keep it from overheating

we need your specs, take the side off, if it isnt already off for the fan.
what does the power supply say? is the case clean?

you might need a re-apply of artic five on your cpu.

post back
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Hello...I will start from the begining .

I bought the Acer V5 and tried booting it came with boot-up Linux which means nothing to me so I made a Windows 8 bootable USB and the problems started. First I could'n find the USB and after enabling the Legacy mode it finally found it and booted from it. Turned out the partitions are GPT and as I made the USB MBR it couldn't install so I canceled which I guess was my mistake but there was no other option. After that I created the bootable USB with GPT partition scheme and tried again. Unfortunately this time I got something called GNU GRUB....wth? I googled around and found the commands required for booting - root (hd1,0), then chainloader +1 and finally boot. Then I get the famous The Boot Configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors with Status: 0xc000000e. Of course tried that couple of more times but still to no avail. I cannot recover or repair as Windows was never really installed, so I don't know what to do....Hopefully someone here would be able to help. Thanks in advance guys.

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I've just purchased a laptop (without a cd-drive) and wanted to install Office.

As a student I have free access to Office 2007 (Microsoft Office Suite 2007 Service Pack 1 32-bit (English) - MSDNAA).

I'm currently using Office Starter 2010.

Now when I download the iso file, using winRAR I am able to extract the files but when I try to install I get the following:

This is then followed by the message: "There are no products affected by this package installed on this system".

I've looked online for a starter version of Office 07 (or something like that) to no avail. I've also attempted to "burn" the iso to a usb stick and install it that way but again with no success.

I'd be grateful for some help as I have no idea of where to go from here.

A:Issues installing Office 2007 (Windows 7)

Welcome to the forum,

What you are trying to install is just the service pack, that's why you are getting that message.
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I just installed Windows and it works but the installation was very difficult I'm hoping someone can help me understand what happened so that future installations go more smoothly I was running Windows on a custom desktop PC with an Intel motherboard years old I downloaded Windows and burned the installation W DVD I rebooted to the installation Explain? Windows Issues 8.1 Someone - Can UEFI Installing DVD My PC has hard drives are blank the other partially occupied by a W installation I installed W onto the remaining space on the third drive The installation seemed to work W booted from the hard drive after rebooting from the DVD However UEFI Issues Installing Windows 8.1 - Can Someone Explain? after I removed the DVD and rebooted the PC it booted to W no choices no bootloader etc If I reinserted the installation DVD and booted the DVD it would boot W from the hard drive Weird Question why would W UEFI Issues Installing Windows 8.1 - Can Someone Explain? boot when the W installation DVD is not inserted where W would boot from the hard drive after booting from the DVD Next I found no solution W would not let me burn a recovery DVD The installation DVD presented no options for recovery repair etc upon boot it would just boot W from the hard drive So thinking that MBR was clearly set to boot W I decided to wipe the drive by installing Linux I then inserted the W installation DVD hoping to install W over Linux but got the message quot A resource is missing quot I spent an hour on the phone with Microsoft no solution Later I happen to notice the quot UEFI Mode quot setting in the BIOS activated it and then everything went fine the installation DVD booted happily and installed W onto the drive W now boots normally without the DVD All is well Question why did setting quot UEFI Mode quot in my BIOS make everything work My somewhat uneducated guess when the installation DVD is booted it looks for EFI partitions If it finds one it will at least in some scenarios boot from it even if the BIOS is not in UEFI mode That's why W booted from the hard drive after booting from the installation DVD Without the DVD if you boot in non-UEFI mode it boots from the MBR which still had my W setup The W installation did not reconfigure the MBR for some reason why not That's why it booted W in before I enabled UEFI mode In UEFI mode the installation DVD configures the EFI partition and the BIOS properly and the disk must always booted in UEFI mode If all this is correct I guess my final somewhat rhetorical questions are why doesn't the Windows installation program inform the user about UEFI settings and why didn't tech support say anything about UEFI Thanks in advance for helping me understand this

A:UEFI Issues Installing Windows 8.1 - Can Someone Explain?

Can you post a screen shot of Disk management?

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Eight Forums

Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image - Windows 7 Help Forums
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I am trying to get my laptop ready to Issues Service 1 Windows Installing Pack 7 install Windows I'm currently running Windows I understand I need to at least install Service Pack before I can install Windows Every time I try and download Windows Service Pack I get the following error code I ran the System Update Readiness Tool but it doesn't correct the problem Below is my CheckSUR log How can I correct these issues so I can download the Service Pack and reserve Windows Checking System Update Readiness Binary Version Package Version - - Checking Windows Servicing Packages Issues Installing Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Checking Package Manifests and Catalogs Checking Package Watchlist Checking Component Watchlist Checking Packages Checking Component Store f CSI Payload File Missing x CPFilters dll x microsoft-windows-cpfilters bf ad e none f e fe f CSI Payload File Missing x CPFilters dll x microsoft-windows-cpfilters bf ad e none b Issues Installing Windows 7 Service Pack 1 cb c e e f CSI Payload File Missing x CPFilters dll amd microsoft-windows-cpfilters bf ad e none c b df c Summary Seconds executed Found errors CSI Payload File Missing Total count

A:Issues Installing Windows 7 Service Pack 1

Please follow the Windows Update Posting Instructions and post the requested data

If the file is too large (8MB compressed), remove the older CBSPersist cab files until the final file is below the limit - you can always post them separately after zipping them. (the forum doesn't allow the upload of bare CAB files, for a number of reasons)

Please also post the C:\Windows\windowsudpate.log file
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I purchased a new hard drive recently to replace an older one that seemed to have stopped working I had lost access to the windows disc that originally came with my computer due to a move I was not able to participate in packing my own things due to being in the hospital so I purchased hard on 10 Windows new Issues installing drive a usb flash drive Issues installing Windows 10 on new hard drive to create a bootable usb to install windows on the hard drive I have gone through the process several times and each time the computer restarts Issues installing Windows 10 on new hard drive I am taken back to the initial installation screen and am forced to go through the process again This is the first time I've actually replaced Issues installing Windows 10 on new hard drive a hard drive so I'm not sure how to proceed or fix the problem I've redone the process of putting the windows installer on the usb several times using both the windows media creation tool and rufus using a windows iso I've double checked to make sure nothing within the computer case was disconnected or loose I'm not sure how to proceed at this point

A:Issues installing Windows 10 on new hard drive

Just as the computer reboots the first time during install, pull the flash drive out.

The problem is that your bios is set to boot from USB flash drive permanently as the first device. Bios needs to be set to boot from the hard drive first as priority - and then you manually tell it to boot from the flash drive when you want it to. The workaround to changing your bios settings is to pull the flash drive out just as the computer reboots the first time when installing Windows 10.

If you happen to miss it - when the computer reboots into the first install screen again, just remove the flash drive and restart the computer.
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Hi I'll try to be succinct as possible System Information 200 Installing R7 Dell 7 580 Issues Radeon SP1 AMD Windows in http s postimg org mooss pg System Information Indepth jpg http s postimg org c n rkmr Page Graphics Information jpg I was having some issues with my Dell i tower Issues Installing AMD Radeon R7 200 in Dell 580 Windows 7 SP1 http www sevenforums com pc-custom-builds-overclocking -help-advice-sought-overhauling-noisy-dell-inspiron- -mt html amp thanks to the advice I stuck my finger in the fan of the graphics card and lo and behold the noise ceased So I enquired http www sevenforums com graphic-cards -gpu-advice-replacing-ati-radeon-hd- -dell- c kjt-mainboard html amp posted here and elsewhere received advice Issues Installing AMD Radeon R7 200 in Dell 580 Windows 7 SP1 and consequently I bought PSU http www bequiet com en powersupply http www ebuyer com -be-quiet-straight-power- w-fully-wired- -gold-power-supply-bn amp GPU http www ebuyer com -sapphire-r - - gb-ddr -vga-dvi-hdmi-pci-e-graphics-card- - - g So having successfully fitted the PSU amp GPU I couldn't believe my luck things were going so well what transpired is on powering up for the first time everything was big and bland as I guessed might be expected So I ran the installation disc The install performs and completes with errors yet when I again rebooted I got what I had before everything sized and adjusted correctly through a AV receiver in windows Nero on my inch LED TV - correct desktop etc Notification on install Application Install install package failure The errors made me concerned things weren t as they should be so I opened the Catalyst Control Centre and all that is available provided is basic information within two tabs Graphic Software and Graphics Hardware There aren t any options to configure resolution or what have you Then I discovered the installation disc had replaced my IE with IE which annoyed me no end The damnedest thing is IE will not allow me to import my favourites it states Invalid File Path Utterly useless and infuriately having tried all manner of workarounds As yet I haven t uninstalled IE and re-installed IE because I am unsure whether this might be detrimental to the graphics configuration at present Na ve maybe but why would running the installation disc change the IE on my system So I went to the AMD website downloaded and installed what I presumed would be the complete and up-to-date driver software suite and again I received errors No appreciable changes but for a rather useless piece of software called AMD Gaming Evolved which doesn t seem to have any function what-so-ever Haven t uninstalled yet but want to Again - Notification on install Application Install install package failure Thereafter I did a Windows Update windows SP which normally I would never do having found on each past occasion having done so causes more problems than any appreciable benefit After I re-ran the installation disc and here linked below is the final error report http s postimg org gkulf e n AMD Catalyst log Installation Failure jpg http s postimg org qmhhmt cf AMD Catalyst log Installation Failure jpg The tower case is a little small so after installing the PSU with its thick cables the space has become restricted and through Speccy I am seeing some fluctuations in temperature from the Low s to the low s for the CPU Please see as above http www sevenforums com pc-custom-builds-overclocking -help-advice-sought-overhauling-noisy-dell-inspiron- -mt html Should I be concerned and if so what do you recommend I should do Another thing is Speccy isn t showing any temperature reading for the AMD Radeon R is this normal a good thing or not I would be extremely grateful for any advice and guidance to resolve the issues above to thereby know everything is as it should be and profit from the complete capabilities and facets of the installed graphics card Many thanks in advance

A:Issues Installing AMD Radeon R7 200 in Dell 580 Windows 7 SP1

I forgot to link the AMD Driver/Software Suite online I installed:
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Last week i try to instal a dual-boot system windows xp on windows installed i couldn't shrink the disk c from manage it said something about defragmentation i Installing issues windows windows 7 on xp dual-boot have disk drives with no partitions the disk c it has with GB free to create a new partition with GB i know that easeus partition will help me because i did do this once but was dual boot windows on a windows xp installed i made one partition with gb from C with easeus partition then i restart my computer and easeus made his proces after a moment - gt restart and then i should put the Installing dual-boot windows xp on windows 7 issues windows in the dvd-rom but the system was blocked like this http img yfrog com img jpg del tab Installing dual-boot windows xp on windows 7 issues was not working - gt restart again but this time i push del fast to go to bios but i didn't go to bios it made his usualy components verification everything was ok and then was blocked there I made my decision to go to a friend to format my hard drive instal athe windows on the disk and everything was ok on his pc so to explain i record my problem now my english sucks On my pc it remains the same probl but i could reinstal my windows windows xp and i have this problem on my startup MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service the first half is a delay the last half is when i restart to go to bios

A:Installing dual-boot windows xp on windows 7 issues


I don't really understand your problem, but try pressing F11 during the POST. The manually select your drive from the resulting window.

Hope this helps,
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I downloaded Windows 10 Anniversary Edition on my HP Notebook 15 a couple days ago.  This version came as an update, and it was not clear to me until it was complete. This laptop is new for me, purchased in June this year.  Since the update, the sound quality has been poor; very scratchy and white noise in background. Not sure what to do to fix this.  Anyone else?
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I am trying to get my Windows 7 system to install updates, but the Windows Update screen keeps saying "Checking for updates". Basically, its taking it forever to install updates. Also, Internet Explorer does not work right. Internet Explorer keeps freezing up. I am trying to upgrade it to Windows 10 for my brother.

Someone's help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

A:Issues installing Windows Updates and using Internet Explorer

I have already ran SFC/ SCANNOW and it found no issues. I reset Windows Update components and that didn't fix the issue either.
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HP pavilion dv notebook Product Number FH UA ABC Intel Core Duo CPUT Upon catching a bug virus I took no chance and formatted everything instead of the system recovery solution F since there was a virus there anyway so I did not want to take any chance Since I did not make any CD DVD from from the previous Windows Vista system that came with the Notebook I went buying a brand new Windows XP Pro DVD But now the Install of XP dv6700 pavilion hp my notebook installing Issues on Windows Windows XP Pro keeps failing with error quot Setup did not find any hard disk drives Issues installing Windows XP on my hp pavilion dv6700 notebook installed in your computer quot when chosing the option quot To set up Windows XP now press ENTER quot I have no other option to chose other from To repair Windows XP Installation using recovery console Press R quot and to quit setup Press F But no options to boot the install Issues installing Windows XP on my hp pavilion dv6700 notebook from a nd rd partition Obviously the Hard drive is on a nd rd partition of the hard drive and Windows XP Install can t access it So I loaded a Boot CD ran fdisk from Bart s CDROM Boot Diskbut it fails with error quot AUTOEXEC Booted drive ia sL Setting up Ram disk at drive q Autoexec Aborted quot and it would not launch fdisk I guess it has to do with the fact that the system booting drive is on a nd rd partition I usually have no problem using fdisk or partition magic to merge all partition in one get the partition activated and boot the install from there but on my notebook I seem to not be able to do so Thanks for helping nbsp

A:Issues installing Windows XP on my hp pavilion dv6700 notebook

That's because XP does not have the SATA drivers for the Hard Drive .. so it doesn't see it.
If you know the Driver .. it can be slipsteamed into the XP install CD.
Even if you can do this, you'll probably have trouble finding the other drivers that are missing.

Have you though about getting the recovery DVDs from HP ??
You should have recovered from the recovery partition .. it was safe.
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I am trying to get my Windows 7 system to install updates, but the Windows Update screen keeps saying "Checking for updates". Basically, its taking it forever to install updates. Also, Internet Explorer does not work right. Internet Explorer keeps freezing up. I am trying to upgrade it to Windows 10 for my brother.

Someone's help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

A:Issues installing Windows Updates and using Internet Explorer

I have already ran SFC/ SCANNOW and it found no issues. I reset Windows Update components and that didn't fix the issue either.
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Ok so I bought a new pc the other day it was delivered with Win preinstalled bit version its a Packard bell Imedia I've had a play about with it and I hate windows that's why I drive installing with 7 Windows GPT issues Ultimate.. Hard have my windows ultimate at hand ready to go on there I've changed the boot GPT Hard drive issues with installing Windows 7 Ultimate.. priority for dvd drive first and enabled boot mode Once I've got to boot mode the dvd drive never shows up in GPT Hard drive issues with installing Windows 7 Ultimate.. the boot menu just the of TB GPT Hard drive issues with installing Windows 7 Ultimate.. hdds I have in there appears The drive is working as I've tried to run windows install from the desktop though it has failed and I've read a little online to find out its due to the hdd drives being formatted in GPT format I have never come across this before I know a little about pc's but not enough to know how to solve this issue I really want to go back to Win as I got on well with it and I hate windows and I don't have a touch screen monitor to go with it either and nor would I want a touch screen monitor YCH hope someone here can help me i'm at my wits end haha

A:GPT Hard drive issues with installing Windows 7 Ultimate..

Hello DrWolfenstein, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Since this is a new PC and formatted as GPT, then you have a UEFI motherboard.

If you have not already, then I would recommend creating a factory recovery USB to be able to restore Windows 8 back to factory conditions on your PC if you should ever want to in the future.Create a Packard Bell Factory Default Backup in Windows 8
Next, double check to make sure that there are Windows 7 drivers available for all devices on the PC. There's no sense in installing Windows 7 if you don't have drivers for the PC.

To install Windows 7 on UEFI, you would first need to create a bootable Windows 7 UEFI USB flash drive using the tutorial below.UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows
Next, the tutorial below will show you how to install Window 7 on UEFI with the UEFI USB.UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 7 with
Hope this helps,
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I currently have an AL-1540CS printer that's hooked up to the USB port of my PC. I went to the official SHARP Website to search for the drivers of it and I downloaded them. The problem is whenever I try to install the drivers it says:

"The installer has detected an unsupported operating system. This software can only be installed in the following operating systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista"

After it shows this message it just closes. I tried using it with compability mode, but it won't work either with any settings. I contacted SHARP, but no answer from them yet.

Any help?

A:Printer drivers not installing on Windows 7 due to compability issues.

This is SHARP's response:

"Thank you for contacting Sharp Electronics Corporation.

Currently, there is no software available for your copier that is compatible with Windows 7. We do have the software CD available for purchase, however, this will only work with Windows XP. We have no timetable on the release of any software at this time."

What the heck? Are you kidding me? I now have an unusable printer. Is there anyway I could fix this?
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First of all let me preface this Issues Spyware Computer/windows Issues/slow that I am not a computer expert so I really need someone to kind of slowly lead me thru this My computer runs well for a while with no issues if I leave and come back especially after a few hours it slows down Also recently when I restart the computer to get it back to normal it seems like it takes forever for Windows to start up sometimes after several attempts and the black screen with the options about restarting Windows in Safe Mode and Windows Did Not Start Successfully Here is my HiJackThis log Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at AM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer Spyware Issues/slow Computer/windows Issues v SP Boot mode NormalRunning processes C WINDOWS System smss exeC WINDOWS system winlogon exeC WINDOWS system services exeC WINDOWS system lsass exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC WINDOWS System svchost exeC WINDOWS system LEXBCES EXEC WINDOWS system LEXPPS EXEC WINDOWS system spoolsv exeC WINDOWS System nvsvc exeC Program Files Sunbelt Software CounterSpy SBCSSvc exeC WINDOWS System svchost exeC WINDOWS system fxssvc exeC WINDOWS Explorer EXEC Program Files Musicmatch Musicmatch Jukebox mm tray exeC WINDOWS system taskmgr exeC Program Files Glary Utilities memdefrag exeC Program Files Avant Browser avant exeC HJT HiJackThis exeR - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www pledgepark com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http www yahoo com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www yahoo com R - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings AutoConfigURL R - URLSearchHook Yahoo Toolbar - EF BD -C FB- D - F- D F - no file R - URLSearchHook no name - A FAF - E- cf- - F A D - C Program Files MyWebSearch SrchAstt bin MWSSRCAS DLLO - BHO Tensons Application DownloadAcceleratorManager BHO - - - da- cd - c - mscoree dll file missing O - BHO SSVHelper Class - BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dllO - BHO no name - E D - A- EC-A -BA D E E - no file O - BHO FDMIECookiesBHO Class - CC E F - E - FA- FAA- BF - C Program Files Free Download Manager iefdmcks dllO - HKLM Run MMTray quot C Program Files Musicmatch Musicmatch Jukebox mm tray exe quot O - HKCU Run msnmsgr quot C Program Files MSN Messenger msnmsgr exe quot backgroundO - HKCU Run Yahoo Pager quot C Program Files Yahoo Messenger YahooMessenger exe quot -quietO - DEFAULT User Startup AutoPlay exe User 'Default user' O - HKLM Software Policies Microsoft Internet Explorer Restrictions presentO - HKLM Software Policies Microsoft Internet Explorer Control Panel presentO - Extra context menu item amp Search - http edits mywebsearch com toolbaredits p ZJYYYYYYNJUSO - Extra context menu item Download all with Free Download Manager - file C Program Files Free Download Manager dlall htmO - Extra context menu item Download selected with Free Download Manager - file C Program Files Free Download Manager dlselected htmO - Extra context menu item Download web site with Free Download Manager - file C Program Files Free Download Manager dlpage htmO - Extra context menu item Download with Free Download Manager - file C Program Files Free Download Manager dllink htmO - Extra button no name - B E C - FCB- CF-AAA - C - C WINDOWS System msjava dllO - Extra 'Tools' menuitem Sun Java Console - B E C - FCB- CF-AAA - C - C WINDOWS System msjava dllO - Extra button Yahoo Messenger - E D C E- B F- D -B C - C C - C Program Files Yahoo Messenger YahooMessenger exeO - Extra 'Tools' menuitem Yahoo Messenger - E D C E- B F- D -B C - C C - C Program Files Yahoo Messenger YahooMessenger exeO - Extra button Messenger - FB F -F - d -BB E- C F - C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exeO - Extra 'Tools' menuitem Windows Messenger - FB F -F - d -BB E- C F - C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exeO - Trusted Zone http awbeta net-nucleus com HKLM O - DPF - - - - - http register v... Read more

A:Spyware Issues/slow Computer/windows Issues

Hi Chillin662!

I will be handling your log to help you get cleaned up. Please give me some time to look it over and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I'm in Hijackthis school and Teachers will check my posts.
Sorry that it took us so long to get back to you, but as you can see we're stumped withthe amout of logs.

Before we can start, please post a fresh hijackthis log back here.
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I have a home network with machines that are running Windows XP. I have one computer that still has Windows 98, and I seem to be having a problem getting this machine to work on the network. The Windows 98 machine recognizes the wireless network (MsHome), but I can't see any of the other computers from the Windows 98 machine. I also cannot access the internet. I run the wireless utility (NetGear WG311 wireless adapter), and it says that I am connected to the network. From the other computers on the network, I can see the Windows 98 computer, but can't access it. Any suggestions?

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No networking - new Windows computer - TCP IPv and TCP IPv - Odd IPCONFIG results ----------------- The computer is Windows- -bit I'm on Comcast - cable-modem No new - 7 TCP/IPv4 networking Windows computer and - T The router is a DLink gaming router I've bypassed the router - that didn't help I've been stuggling with this for days - and I DID No networking - new Windows 7 computer - TCP/IPv4 and T connect once briefly If I recall the connection just went bad - I was looking at pages and then I clicked something and waited and waited I think I've been stressed by this so I can't say that was exactly how it happened but I think No networking - new Windows 7 computer - TCP/IPv4 and T so ----------- This is a computer I'm setting up for someone It will ultimately be used alone in a home plugged into No networking - new Windows 7 computer - TCP/IPv4 and T Verizon FIOS ---------- My network here when I'm working is called DavidNet I changed the workgroup from WORKGROUP to DAVIDNET ----------------- There is Norton Security on this new machine Turning it off didn't help I might need to uninstall it - but that would leave me naked except for the Windows firewall When I look at the Norton view - there have been different results An old result was that it saw my other computers and presented them by name I changed them all to Trusted Now it sees the correct MAC addreses of the other computers but not their names It says I belong to quot unknown network quot --------- This computer has TCP IP entries TCP IPv and TCP IPv --------- When I run IPCONFIG I see Connectinon-specific DNS prefix blank Link-local IPv address some long string full of numbers Link-local IPv address An address that means NOTHING to me WHoIS says it is UNKNOWN Subnet mask Default Gateway blank ------------------- Other things I've tried Assigning and address on my private network RELEASE and RENEW I think it hung on RENEW

A:No networking - new Windows 7 computer - TCP/IPv4 and T

Had similar problem: After several Hours with 4 Windows Techs... I had a laundry list of problems including no sound, no backup, no internet, no ready boost, no security, etc... after an aborted program installation and a bad Windows shutdown.
IF POSSIBLE, CREATE A RESTORE POINT BEFORE PROCEEDING (this may not be possible if Windows Backup service is disabled). Additional information about service settings can be found at Windows 7 Service Configurations by Black Viper.
AS A SHOTGUN APPROACH: Start---execute on command line "service.msc" Or Start--All Programs Administrative Tools-- Component Services---Services (local) [maximize window] Inspect the list of component services (screens of them). Select disabled services one-by-one; reset Startup Type to "automatic" (a few won't allow this or will reset properly at reboot). You can attempt to start each service as they are activated (some are dependent on other services, view with tab of dialog) or reboot after all are activated.
I had about 3/4 of the services disabled. Took about 3/4 hour to reactivate. Results were pleasing to the eye and effort!
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Personally, I hate windows 7. I think its crap and that windows xp is more friendly to me. I know that windows 7 is more stable than windows xp, but I don't care, I just wan't windows xp. So, I put the disk in my computer and I clicked install windows xp, but than this thing popped up.

It syas that windows 7 is incompatible with windows xp. How can I make windows 7 compatible with windows xp so that I can install and use the windows xp OS instead of windows 7?

A:Installing Windows XP on Windows 7 - Incompatibility Issues

You cannot start installation of an older version from desktop of a newer version. You need to boot your PC with XP install media.
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I have an ASUS ROG RAIDR Express PCIE SSD which I have it in UEFI mode where I was able to install Windows 7 successfully on it with my motherboard BIOS set to UEFI mode and CSM to UFEI as well. But now when I connect my storage HDD's and my 2 Corsair Neutron GTX SSD's which I set up in a RAID0 array in Legacy mode along with my Blu-ray RW optical drive, they're not recognized in Windows at all. How can I get Windows to recognize my drives in UEFI if even possible at all? I've tried switching the CSM back to Legacy to see if that'll work, but my system gets stuck in boot loop after the Intel RAID setup screen.
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Hi, I recently clean upgraded my Xp to Windows 7. I did a clean sintall and am slowly installing everything from scratch.

When I downloaded AVG free, it wouldn't configure the files, it just stalled.

I went with Avira, who have never failed me in the past and it installed and downloaded files without any hassles, lucky.

Since then I've downloaded the latest patch for my evga gtx 285 and the driver just stall when it says "installing files". I downloaded the 64bit patch.

The same thing has happened when I downloaded iTunes 64bit. The thing just stalls when it looks as though ti's completing installation.

Any ideas? Thanks


A:Solved: Issues installing programs/drivers with Windows 7 64bit

Anyone of these failed installed my have messed things up, that NOTHING is going to get installed.

Have you tried cleaning up the failed installed?
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I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium on a 64 bit HP Laptop with 4GB RAM. I'm networked with several other computers. When I try to get to the desktop on my Windows 7 machine from Vista, the Network displays the Windows 7 desktop for an instant and then reverts to the Windows Vista desktop. The problem is new. I've done virus and malware scans.

The procedure I'm using:
I double-click the Network icon on the Vista desktop. In the window that opens I click on my windows 7 icon, enter the appropriate login and password. I then see my Windows 7 shared folders and I click the shared desktop icon to open the Windows 7 desktop in order to transfer files, etc. The Windows 7 desktop opens for an instant and then all the open windows disappear and the Vista desktop reopens.

This problem just started occurring. Any ideas on what's causing the problem and how to fix it?
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I recently bought a Windows 8 laptop that I am trying to network with my Windows Vista desktop to get access to files and use the printer. I see the Windows Vista computer on the laptop but it will only let me access it if I have the firewall turned off. If I turn the firewall back on, it won't allow me access. I am using Kapersky internet security on both machines. How can I go about accessing my desktop and keep the firewall on. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :

A:Networking Windows Vista Computer to Windows 8 Computer

How can I go about accessing my desktop and keep the firewall on.Click to expand...

Configure the firewall for the desired access. That may mean to "trust" or "allow" any devices on your LAN.
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I bought a D-Link networking card and once I installed it my sound stopped working I have an old sound blaster card and I m running Windows XP Before I installed the NC card the sound worked fine Winamp played mp s fine and other sounds worked too But after I installed the NC card it stopped working Now when I try to play and mp in Winamp the timer just reads and nothing plays I ve tried everything I could think of I changed the output to waveout I messed with both of the cards settings in the device manager there are no conflicts btw I ve uninstalled reinstalled and removed drivers and nothing networking after sound No card installing is working The only way I can get sound to play is if I remove the NC card from my computer and turn it No sound after installing networking card back on Then the sound works perfectly At first I thought it was just a problem with the card so I took it back and got a Linksys NC card But I m having the same exact problem with it I emailed tech support but I doubt i ll get any sort of reply until tuesday I d like to get this resolved asap so anyone have any ideas or have had this same problem other specs Matsonic ms motherboard AMD K - mb PC Geforce TI Sound Blaster Linksys NC Best Data k modem nbsp

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Computer has not been working good for several weeks. It keeps shutting down and giving me a blue screen of death. Some days it will happen within minutes of logging in other times it won't happen for several hours or if I am lucky a day or two.  Right now I am logged under safe mode because it has been happening so much. Would appreciate some help with this issue. Thanks!!
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hi i have set up a home network and have an old celeron running windows xp i have mad it into a file server so i can dump files from my P over to the gig hard drive on my server it was working for a while before but now when i want to acess the network hard drive it wont it just hangs for a second then says it could not connect to the drive so i deleted the drive and tried to map the network drive agin but it cant see the drive n the network i have tried troubleshooters and stuff but it wont work so how do i reset the network so that Networking Issues it looks like the stock network as if i just installed Windows XP fresh ok well i tried Networking Issues all the stuff on microsofts site but it did not work i followed the directions hand in hand and my file server still wont show up on my network from my good computer and viseversa but here is another problem when i rebooted the server some settings where changed such as the perfomence settings i have turned off all the performence settings so it looks like windows but when i rebbot full power off it is back to the default windows xp does this mean there is something wrong internally with my server PS all of these problem happened when i rebooted my good computer but i left my server on all night and this morning everything got ed up what does this mean nbsp

A:Networking Issues

I am going to ask that this duplicate thread be closed; see
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I recently had DSL installed in my office. I have two other computers (W2K and W98) networked just fine to the DSL router. When I try to 'network' the WNT system, I am just lost.

All I want is for the DSL to work on the WNT system. The modem/router shows a 'green light' on the 'Ethernet Network' for that particular computer, so I know that the modem/router knows that the cord is at least hooked up.

The ISP for the WNT computer is Worldnet/ATT who said that they couldn't help me with networking issues, which I don't believe this is but I could just be retarded.

Please Please Please - any help would be so appreciated!!!

A:WNT issues - networking?

Hi There!

Perhaps this thread might be better suited for the Networking forum.

Did you check your IP Configuration? If the NT machine isn't getting a correct IP address, then that would cause your troubles.

Also, try swapping cable ports on your DSL router and see if there may be a bad port.

Good Luck!

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I recently set up a music server downstairs in my house making use of Spotify and iTunes I would also like to use it as a form of networked storage It has a large gig hard drive in two partitions C amp D C is the operating system which I don t want to touch at all I want to share D over the network so I can dump files to it when I have finished with them and may need them later I have right clicked on D sharing and security clicked upon If you do not understand the risk but still want to share the root of the drive click here then clicked upon Share this folder on the network gave it a name and Allowed networked users to change the files I have configured the firewall to allow certain IPs to connect to it Clicked apply But when I go to try and access the drive on my laptop it does not show up under My Network Places Basically I cannot find the drive Issues Networking I have just shared nbsp

A:Networking Issues


windows xp home or xp pro ?
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Has any else seen this? I loaded a Dell Optiplex GX260 P4 2.6 Ghz, 512 MB Ram, 40 GB HD, Intel Pro 1000 MT Network Adapter. When I performed my first install, I did not have a network cable connected to the machine. Once the install completed (which seemed to take forever), I was unable to connect my network. I tried turning the firewall off, and making other adjustments. When I ran ipconfig /all, no adapters showed even though it was showing with the Network Connections.

After I while, I ended up reinstalling the machine with the network cable and was able to connect to my network.

A:Networking Issues

Never set-up an image on a GX260. I have set gx270's and few other models from Dell. I think your issue was just one of those 1 time quirks.

I have had a few weird issues with USB posts and video cards when setting up Dell computers through work. Nothing that didn't have a work-around.
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Hi, a friend of mine has recently purchased a new rig, and saddly his internet isn't working. He has 64 Bit Vista, so I have no idea how to work that. He got as his adaptor. His motherboard is a Asus P5QL Pro. He said that he's only getting a local connection, if not any connection at all. When he tries to diagnose and repair, it said it failed because the router didn't respond. I'm clueless to why this is happening, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Networking issues

Is there available there a computer that does connect?

If so do this on the working computer...

Drag mouse with left button down across the lines inside the box below then paste to an open CMD prompt and hit enter, ignore any errors for now.

@echo off
ipconfig /all >"%USERPROFILE%"\Desktop\ipconfig.txt

netsh interface ip show config >"%USERPROFILE%"\Desktop\lac.txt

netsh winsock show catalog >"%USERPROFILE%"\Desktop\lsp.txt

netsh dump >"%USERPROFILE%"\Desktop\netshout.txt

ping >"%USERPROFILE%"\Desktop\ping.txt
Reboot see new icons on desktop, paste contents of ipconfig lsp and tcp.txt back to thread.

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This might be a network issue:

I'm over at a friends house and we have 3 machines (2 laptops, 1 desktop) connected through a wireless network. we can't see each others machines or shared folders through windows, and sometimes our machines cannot connect to each other for playing the game.

laptop 1 can see games hosted by both desktop and laptop 2, but laptop 2 cannot see games hosted by laptop 1 or desktop, and desktop cannot see games hosted by laptop 1.

sounds like a cool math problem, right? What steps can I take to resolve this issue? Thanks.

A:CoH networking issues

Hi Granitemoose,

I hope this webpage can help you to sort your network issues.
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Alright, I am currently connected through my Apartment Complex's internet and everything was running smoothly when today a window appeared upon log-in that asked me to "Choose a Network" So I chose public, as what is suggested by my Apartment. Well now, in my Ctrl+Alt+Del menu under Networking my Apartment's internet is running at 0.00% and will not move, while the new "public network" is cruising at 70-90%. Normal internet browsing runs fine, no lag whatsoever, but the second I try to play any online video game my latency goes through the roof (up to 550k ms before disconnect). When I try to turn off the public network and simply rely on my apt. internet I have 0 connection anywhere. Is there anything else I can try that will fix my problem?

A:Networking issues

use PUBLIC only when you are at a hotspot.

delete that connection and recreate it and chose PRIVATE instead.

Now go to the Firewall, and DISABLE file/print sharing (only because it is a large complex of untrusted users). Normally, you would enable this if it was your own router and your own systems.

Your gaming may be an issue as frequently games require specific ports, say for steam and with this setup, enabling port forwarding for you will deny it for all others.
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SO here is a good one for anyone who wants to take a stab at it nbsp I have a user running Windows pro that is having serious problems nbsp He is able to connect to the network but here comes the fun part he is unable to connect to any network printer in the environment by their name nbsp with serious networking issues PC We can PC with serious networking issues connect to them by IP address and map it but it still will not print PC with serious networking issues to it nbsp The printer will kick off a test page from his PC but nothing else nbsp When I try to RDP to a server from his laptop I have to do it via IP and not DNS entry nbsp Even the fully qualified name will not work nbsp We have tried several thing for two days and are completely out of answers nbsp All drivers are up to date and so is the firmware on the laptop nbsp Any help is much appreciated since it is the plant manager
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hi i'm having networking issues, i've just installed 7 on my main computer and i'm trying to network it to my laptop. the main is runing with two network cards (one for internet one for laptop). 7 is only connecting the internet wich is fine but it won't do the laptop. any ideas?

A:networking issues 7 + xp

Did you configure ICS on the Windows 7 machine?

Here's a Windows 7 ICS Tutorial
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I have a computer that runs Vista Business that I just use it for file sharing and basically as a network drive I can access it from my laptop as network drives and through remote desktop at all times but when I go to access it from my xbox it doesn't show up most times It used to show up and work all the time and something lately has changed maybe a update I have WMP set up to share to the xbox To get the files to show up on my xbox again I have to either restart the computer or disable the network adapter and restart it and then I'm able to see it with Networking 11 WMP issues again But if I leave it sit till say hours later it won't find that computer again I can access my laptop Networking issues with WMP 11 that runs Ultimate all time so this leads me to believe its a networking issue with that computer Any ideas on how to fix it

A:Networking issues with WMP 11

Am I the only one that experiences this problem?
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Hey guys I have recently re-configured a network at our place of work It is a small office Networking LAN Issues consisting of about computers on the LAN I am using a Router as a DHCP server which ties into a port D-Link Gigabit switch Previously the other guy who configured the network had about switches Since we do a lot of cross traffic I figured one switch would be beneficial I use a P - i based computer to do all the hosting of our excel files which we all use and modify of the computers so far have gigabit network cards and others have mbps cards The only exception is a network printer which has a mpbs card The issues I have been having are LAN Networking Issues the following When you are working LAN Networking Issues on files off the server they are fairly quick the problem is when you stop working on them for about - minutes or so it seems that the computers lose contact with the server and need to reconnect before opening the file I went into the server adapter settings and disabled Green Ethernet which is a power saving option That doesn t seem to have solved that problem The second MAJOR problem I have been having is that it doesn t seem like excel files are saving properly sometimes as when I try to re-enter the file I get XML errors saying would you like us to repair this file This problem seems to be becoming more and more of an issue If anyone has any ideas or comments I would really appreciate the help with this matter Cheers nbsp

A:LAN Networking Issues

First off, what specific version and patch level of Windows is the "server" running?

Have you properly setup file sharing in Excel?
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Hi I need help i ve been dealing with this problem for a week now and it just keeps getting bigger Sorry for the whole load of detail but i ve included everything may have some relevance The issue initially was that my connection would keep disconnecting on my vista enabled laptop through wireless The logo would show that it was connected and everything would seem fine but all connections would disconnect eg msn firefox etc This problem initially started a week ago where when the internet would quot disconnect quot from my laptop the wireless connection would also My Issues Networking show that it My Networking Issues was disconnected I installed a firmware update for my router this stopped it from disconnecting the wireless network but this increased the problem of frequent disconnections on msn internet explorer etc I thought it was the router contacted the makers and they were willing to replace it But I didnt have the patience or the time to wait two weeks and be without a wireless connection So I went out and purchased and N router The same problem occured so I returned that particular router and started to reuse my G router I then updated the drivers for my wireless adapter on My Networking Issues my laptop This resulted in me getting a low or no connection everytime i tried to connect to wireless network Even though everything seemed fine and all the wires were in the correct place and what not And that is where i am stuck i have read My Networking Issues about this problem but i m not computer literate and I do not understand anything slightly regarding the fix or possible fix for the issue My set up is as follows Xp enabled desktop is connected to the router which is connected to my cable modem Vista enabled laptop uses the wireless connection What i did was swapped the two around connected the ethernet cable from the router to the laptop and used my wireless card on the desktop to pick up the wireless network And it works So it s something to do with vista and I have no idea what it is I ve been trying for the last hours to come up with a fix Currently i ve set up the ethernet into the laptop and im using the wireless card on the desktop This way I can be next to the router Any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated I am totally computer iliterate so please bare with me Thanks nbsp

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hi there i'm new here so please excuse me if this has been posted in the incorrect place..
i am trying to setup a friends pc with a WiFi system to network her home pcs
the wifi system is Linksys wireless-G model no:- WAG54GS
i seem to be able to connect the ADSL gateway to the pc and the ADSL line in for BT broadband fine but when going through the installation it advises me that it cannot fine the internet connection but i know that the gateway box is recieving the ADSL signal..
could this be something to do with the bt connection username and password being different to the one inputted with the installation Guide?
it doesn't help that there is no real setup guide with the thing
anyway have any of you got some good ideas?

A:Networking issues

If i were you, I would try bringing it up in the Networking part of the TechSupportForum
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Hi guys I am about to tell you the story that has ruined my past week Last weekend I realize the internet is still running at about speed it should It was doing this for the Serious Issues Networking past week starting last saturday at least from what I could tell I called the ISP Atlantic Broadband The guy I got is clueless and wouldn t help me He won Serious Networking Issues t help at all the advice he gives is confusing and doesn t make any sense whatsoever Well anyway he tells me to connect my computer to the modem without my wireless router THAT i could understand I had already done that anyway So i do and I got the same speed HOWEVER to make matters worse I start getting popups in the task bar from Windows Media Library saying that people are trying to share files from me ONLY without the router ONLY when I m hardwired to the modem Some of the computers devices that it listed about - trying to connect include tina-pc bob-pc quot other names quot -pc about or so of quot Xbox quot MSN home or something like that Those are just to name a few So now I figure someone is sending me a DoS which is causing the slowdown Of course my ISP being the people they are cannot help They said that quot on their end quot i looked perfect they said there was no problems So then trying to at least regain wireless I plug in the router Its a no go it doesn t obtain an IP or DNS etc Then im about to go crazy I cooled down by doing some homework After completing some I decided to try it again Luckily this time the router worked Now and what im using now the wireless works It is still utterly slow BUT when im on the router firewalled remember I dont get the people trying to connect This leads me to the following conclusions It is nothing on my computers since hardwired computers one laptop that hasn t been turned on in months up until one day last week both experienced slow connections and got the people trying to connect to me This has been happening for a while now Possibly at the most week I really experienced this however a few days ago I decided to call the same day I really noticed it I possibly think its one of the following - ISP is screwing with me and getting some of their users connecting to me or something similar - a hacker or someone is sending me a DoS highly unlikely but possible I guess What I already did - Got a new modem from the ISP brand new Motorola - Reformatted a computer that could have possibly been infected with spyware Doesn t help The pics attached are as follows the first one shows how people try to connect to me The second shows that I have the sharing off and the quot help quot file says that people need to connect to your network to share files When I took those shots the router was UNPLUGGED and I was ONLY hardwired directly to the modem No wireless at all was on on the laptop and as I said before the router was disfunctional The last two show my terrible speeds I should be getting close to kbps down Any help would be appreciated Btw I have called the ISP times since this started all unable to solve my problem A technician from their department came just days ago saturday and tightened a few wires Of course coincidentally when he came the internet was working OK Later that night I got speeds like this nbsp

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I have a small LAN that began giving me problems. The LAN worked fine until a couple of days ago and started have connectivity problems. The LAN environment has not changed between its working state and these problems.

The LAN has a W2K and a W95 machine connected using NetBEUI. W2K is shared so that the W95USER has access to a drive. W95 is shared so that all users have access to all drives without a password. W95USER continues to access W2K without a problem...

W2K is having a problem accessing W95. W2K can access some of the drives and not others. W2K can access some of the folders on the accessed drive but not other folders. W2K can access some of the subdirectories of some of the accessed folders but not other subdirectories....

Any thoughts??????
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This has been an odd experience I can only network to my Win desktop for only the Public area from my Win laptop As many times as I try to get to My Documents or the entire c drive I can not open them Win issues Networking 7 I manually shared my quot music quot and quot my pictures quot but can not do the entire drive or documents Doing all the same to share those Homegroup does not work at all even after using the homegroup key but under normal Workgroup networking works between all our home computers All the WinXP computers are available Win 7 Networking issues in total c drive etc from either Win computer Win 7 Networking issues It is only the newest Win desktop that either has an unusual setting I don't see or the default is to only allow only quot public quot All Win 7 Networking issues the obvious from not using a pw to checking all files in the networking area to manually trying to share advanced share etc Appreciate any ideas or input

A:Win 7 Networking issues

Sharing the root drive is counter indicated by the operations manual.
Even if you pulled it off you'd like be swarming with viruses in a matter of hours.
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Hi there all Can someone help me out I currently own a Dell XPS M Specs core duo Ghz Gb ram Intel wifi Windowsn Vista Home Premium bit Since I had the laptop since last week from new the Wifi worked fine and so did the ethernet connection On Saturday I installed a DELL mobile broadband mini card and installed the drivers from Dells website Problem When i connect to the broadband service the system shows as conneceted but i am not able to access anything on the internet I have have tried various sim card T-Mobile Vodafone but with no luck Problem The following day I tried to use the internet using my Wifi connection the connection ran good for about mins then started Networking need Several Issues - help!! disconnecting and was left with a limited connection and warning triangle in my taskbar Problem I now get the same issue with the ethernet connection Problem I have removed the drivers for the mobile broadband card and all Several Networking Issues - need help!! seemed fine then about half Several Networking Issues - need help!! an hour late I get teh same issue as above for both the wifi and ehternet connection Also every now and then I see a pop up message appearing saying that I am connected to an unidentified network Can someone help me out please Many thanks in advance Rikki nbsp

A:Several Networking Issues - need help!!

Can you not system restore tobefore you installed the card?
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HI i have been asked to set up the following on two PC's

PC 1 connected via adsl wireless router with cctv system and fire alarm system connected via a web address connected to the router. and

The other pc in reception use to connect wireless but signal was to poor. So they install a new adsl phone line with a seperate router default gateway same as the other pc. My qestion is there any way of connecting pc 2 to pc 1 but only having access to the ip address as staed above with out giving full access with out using seperate remote log in software. Was thinking on the line of setting up a vpn connction. The one with the cctv on is running windows xp and reception machine is running windows 7
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Hey, i'm not very technical when it comes to networkng, so i came across this forum and decided to ask for some help.

Basically in my house are two PC's running windows XP, they both connect to a netgear wired router. However, recently on the computer i use, no longer has a connection being shared to it. I am unsure on how to set up a new connection to the router, however have tried and everytime it has been unsuccessful.

If anyone has any troubleshooters or ideas to this. Please help me, much appreciated, thanks.

p.s. The admin pc in the other rooms' connection is still currently working.

A:Networking issues

Are you saying that the machine no longer has an Internet connection, or that you can't access shared files or folders? They are different problems.

If the former, the first thing to check is continuity: Is the ethernet cable securely plugged in at both ends, and do you get a link light on the router for the port the machine is connected to?

After continuity, does Windows report any network connectivity issues like "Limited or no connectivity" ? That message indicates it didn't get an IP address via DHCP.

Do you have any firewall software running on the machine? If so, try disabling it. Norton IS is particularly fond of disabling Internet access for no reason.

What browser are you using? Have you checked "Work Offline" ?

Et cetera.
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Howdy all I know it s late and i should probably wait until morning yet i pull my hair out I m trying to connect my Mac s Airport Extreme n capable with my wife s PC laptop running Vista and have been having PC Hi! issues Mac, b/n Networking nothing but trouble PROBLEM I set up a wirless network from my Mac and it works for the Mac And i can see it on the PC But i can t connect successfully to the PC which runs Vista I CAN use the network on the PC without NO security but i want security And i can hardwire to the Hi! Networking issues b/n Mac, PC PC successfully I think it s down to password or key security issues I set up a simple password on my Mac and tried that on the PC Didn t work I then tried the quot equivalent quot password for the PC to no avail Anybody know how to succesfully connect I m trying WEP and have found a quot equivalent quot key that is characters long although the PC i think wants a -character key Can t find a character key I ve also tried WPA and above with longer pass keys to no avail I m stuck Thanks nbsp

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Hello all I m having some networking with XP issues A friend of mine has a small office network of computers They are all networked with a small D-link router that connects all PC s and a huge Lanier All in One Printer is also connected via ethernet These Pc s are also all sharing this printer and a certain folder on the main Issues! with Networking Help! Please XP computer that they use files from and make Networking with XP Issues! Please Help! changes to Networking with XP Issues! Please Help! The main computer was running Windows Professional as the others were running Windows As I said before all PC s were having file print sharing capabilties What I did was UPGRADE the main PC to XP Pro and the other two PCs were just too old so I swapped them out with newer machines running XP Pro as well After the upgrade of the main machine as it rebooted it had several different usernames to choose from at the user select screen in XP I assumed these were all the users of the previous network I just selected the one that was the name of the Woman who used it Angela I immedietly ran the Network setup wizard and configured a new workgroup called quot Allied Home quot this is a loan company in case anyone cares I then made sure the Lanier printer still worked and suprisingly I didn t have to install the XP drivers to make it work The printer worked fine I then went to the other PCs that had fresh copies of Xp installed and ran the network wizard on both of those So now I ve got my workgroup called quot Allied Home quot configured to where when you click on it you see all PC s on the network Heres the problem When I try to map the other computers to the data folder in which they all need to share it asks for a username and password to enter the main computer Why is this My friend assures me whoever set this up previously never password protected anything She has no idea what the username or password could be I have tried the same username that logs in and it just says invalid every time I ve tried directly connecting to the main PC by clicking on the icon for it as well as typing the file path in the quot add a network place quot option angela data I m mainly a hardware based computer person and I m still learning about networking in all of the Windows software As of now the whole office is a mess because none of the PC s are working together properly without file print sharing capabilities The other problem is that when I try to set up the printer to work with the other PC s I can t seem to connect it to them I m made sure it is a shared printer on the network but for some reason it won t browse to it I didn t think the main computer having a password would matter since the printer isn t exactly connected to the main computer but to the router box Is there a different method for making a printer work on a network if it is connected through a router rather than directly to one PC on the network I just need to get everything back to the way it was while using the newly upgraded XP Any wisdom would be greatly appreciated Chris nbsp

A:Networking with XP Issues! Please Help!

First off since this is a networked printer and you don't have a "server" I would not "share" this printer from the 1 PC to the other 2. I would just do direct network connections to this printer. This eliminates the need for a PC to stay on all the time just to print.

What you should do is go to the manufacturers website download the drivers for the make/model and in the install for MOST of these types of all in one printers it asks if its networked. In there you put the IP of the printer and then it installs. Sincey ou did an upgrade to the 1 PC it probably kept all the settings from the prior install.

Secondly when you use XP Pro in a workgroup setting and you have MULTIPLE usernames when your accessing a share on ANOTHER PC that PC has to have the usernames of the people who are connecting in on the PC that they are ocnnecting into. I.E. if you have a User - Angela and she logs onto Angela on PC 1 then tries to connect to PC 2 then PC 2 has to have a local user account with the same password as PC 1 called Angela.

Also make sure to check your firewalls this is a major problem that can block interconnection of PC's inside a LAN.
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Hi I have been having an issue with my Issues Networking Westell wireless modem ever Networking Issues since I moved it to get it closer to my PS At first I went to the Playstation forums but when I noticed it was disconnecting from my laptop also I figured it was a networking issue I moved the router to the pantry as seen in red in the image and it is currently next to Networking Issues a window My quot man cave quot is out about yards from the router The PS gets around - signal strength I recently disconnected a wireless phone in the pantry because I have been told it can cause interference but it didn t help While I am in the house sometimes the internet just disconnects from my Macbook for about seconds to a minute and then works fine when I go through the steps of reconnecting it When I go out to my man cave the PS randomly won t connect and my laptop sometimes just sits with a loading bar about a fourth of the way on the address bar in Safari Currently I have WPA encryption on the network If you need any more specs I will try and get them to you if I know how if I don t you may have to tell me how to The image was done freehand and is not to scale Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

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I am running a wireless network between my laptop in my room and my main PC in the study The laptop is a Compaq Presario and the main pc is a custom made AMD Athlon XP Both of these machines run Windows Ultimate The problem is issues Networking on the laptop I Networking issues can't seem to connect to the HOME Networking issues PC computer when I double click on the the HOME PC computer Networking issues in the network folder However if I am on the PC I can access SHADOW Laptop and the folders that I currently have on the share without any issue Access the Internet from the laptop via the wireless connection is fine as is on the main PC So what am I missing from this problem or what steps haven't completed to get the laptop to be able to access the shared resources from the main pc The message that I get on the laptop when clicking the HOME PC link is HOMEPC-PC is not accessable You might not have permission to use this network resource Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions Logon failure the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer

A:Networking issues

I would select the folders on your desktop that you want to share --> properties --> sharing --> share
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Alright, from the top...I've got 2 computers, both running XP, both running thru a Linksys Ethernet Adapters. Both wired with CAT5e. Anyway, I can't seem to connect them or access the folders on the eachothers systems. They both go to the hub and one computer(computer-1) has a printer on it. Now, in the network connections window, computer-1 has a connection labeled Local Area Connection 2, while computer-2 has a connection labeled Local Area Connection. I'm assuming that these connections should be the same. Also I know that the files/folders on the respective computers should be selected as shared and whatnot. And altho I "shared" them, I could not access them. I tried in the Network Places window to add a network place, and when I opened their workgroup labeled "workgroup", I got an error that said it could not find the folders on the network. please help me out....

A:Networking Issues

Both PCs must be in a workgroup with the SAME name on each PC.
Then you go to where you manage accounts (in W2K Start/Settings/Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Computer Management/Local Users and Groups).
Click Users and enter the name and data of the OTHER PC's User.
Click Groups and give the wanted access in one of those groups to this user.
Once done you must give access-permission on the Disk or folder/folders that the other person can use. Rightclick on that HD resp. folder and select Sharing, then select Read/Write or All for that user.

You must do this also on the other PC for the fist user.
Have fun.
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I have a client who has a Linksys 'N' router with both wireless and wired settings They have computers connected to the router and can all share the Internet perfectly well The computers are mostly running various versions of XP and have different levels of virus scans and firewalls The network is 'MSHOME' The ip address is and all users have ip addresses running from to with most computers connected both wirelessly and wired I've just added a VISTA Home computer to the network For some reason I can ping the vista computer I can see it but i can't access it I've turned off all Firewalls all Virus protection all password protection I've enabled the sharing of the documents and the printers without any requirements I don't understand why I can't access the resorces does anyone have any ideas All computers are updated and the firmware on the router is the most updated I chatted with Linksys and they said it should Networking Issues work Thanks Lauren
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I have the drivers Solved: Networking Nvidia Installing following situation Windows XP Home SP rd party Driver scans show that the following drivers are needed to be updated Nvidia nforce Networking Controller from Ver - gt Nvidia nforce PCI System Management from - gt If I pay I can click the icon to have these automatically downloaded for me but I resent paying for anything that should be free Drivers are available on the Nvidia site but I just need some guidance to ensure I am going about this the right way First in Device Manager the PCI SM driver shows that it is not required or not loaded Does this mean that the driver is on the system and hence may show up in a driver update scan - but the corresponding device is not in use and therefore the driver and ergo the update are not required Second in Device Manager I notice that there are the following entries Nvidia network adapter version and Nvidia network bus enumerator I m guessing that both these entries are part of the quot Network controller quot found in Solved: Installing Nvidia Networking drivers the driver scan Third my motherboard is not an quot nvidia quot motherboard It is a gigabyte board with some Nvidia devices on it When I go to the nvidia site it lists driver updates for nforce series SLI x AMD SLI AMD ultra AMD AMD There are also updates for intel chips but my motherboard is an AMD one My motherboard is described as having an nVidia nforce series chipset - X Now I notice on looking at each of the four nforce models above that the driver to download is Solved: Installing Nvidia Networking drivers called quot Release quot and release contains Ethernet WHQL note same version as my requirement Network Management Tools quot Sedona quot SATA IDE driver WHQL SATA RAID WHAL RAID TOOL SMU driver WHQL SM Bus driver WHQL assume same version as my requirement Away mode driver WHQL Installer Now I m guessing that this is a whole package to update the chipset of the motherboard described on the nvidia site not my motherboard And that in fact not only do I not want all those drivers but to install some could be downright dangerous as they may be totally unsuitable for my situation However I downloaded the package and saved it on my computer - I cancelled out of the set up Now on the computer is a folder called NVidia nforce and in that folder is a number of files and subfolders One of the files is the setup which runs the installation of the whole package The folders are listed as for example quot Ethernet quot quot SATA quot quot SM Bus driver quot etc and I guess the installation calls on each of these to install the various bits and pieces I went to device manager and clicked to update the Nvidia network adapter by manual means It asks for the file nvnetfd ini When I open the ethernet folder from the download there is a separate setup file in there probably called upon by the master setup file in the main folder Within this ethernet folder is a subfolder and within that there are files nvnetfd and nvnetbus What I think I need to do is to select nvnetfd from this folder and use it as the update file for the Nvidia network adapter Then to go back to the network enumerator bus and update it using the nvnetbus file from the same ethernet folder Alternatively perhaps I could run the setup from within the Ethernet folder and it would install them both Then if I require the PCI System management update I would do the same clicking on the PCI System management entry in device manager and browsing to the SM Bus driver folder and finding the matching ini file there Now my only concerns are Just because these are the correct files names and versions would it be safe to use them on my system even though they are part of a package for a different motherboard ie does the same driver for the same device come in different flavours depending upon what it s environment is or is each one the same driver irrespective of how it s placed with other motherboard components I m assuming that... Read more

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Acer Travelmate 290LMi laptop
Windows XP Pro service pack 1
Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG
Realtek RTL8139 ethernet


I installed XP service pack 2 and my networking stopped working. Neither wireless or ethernet could acquire an IP address. Another laptop in the house was still working so it wasn't a router/network issue. When I try to ping anything (host or IP) I get error 65.

I tried reinstalling the wireless and lan drivers from but it didn't do any good.

In the end I uninstalled Service Pack 2 and then networking worked again.

Has anyone else seen this problem? Any ideas how to solve it so I can install sp2?

I've just found - I did have ZoneAlarm but I uninstalled it after I installed sp2.


A:Networking lost after installing XP service pack 2

that article is specifically related to ICS (internet connection sharing), which is windows based, not through the router.

After installing SP2 you will need to check some things. Firstly, that your NIC is installed and working properly (through the device manager). Second, you will need to configure/disable the windows firewall, which I believe activates itself after installing SP2.

You could also try assigning it a static IP address instead of letting it auto-assign itself one.
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When I try to install CIV III, on XP. I get a unable to locate K: Check network plugs and cables,, I found that My Documents points to a drive K:, but there is no drive K. So I right click the My documents folder and select properties, and The Target s set to K; and cannot be changed? How can I change this or point the game to ignore it. ( I have had no other problems with this computer, (other games) and the game installed fine on my laptop)! This computer is set up for a network to work from home, where I would have to dial up to the VPN, Or I can dial to the internet??? Any ideas would be appreciated..

Thomas 73'
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Hello all,
ok so here's my problem, up until yesterday all was well....but now my admin/base computer which connects via the LAN is not connecting to the internet, or at least it is showing up as connected (computers at bottom right of screen) but when you try to use firefox etc... nothing works. the computers that connect to the internet via the wireless connection however are having zero problems and are fully working.. Also, the admin/base computer has no problems connecting to the LAN network.
i'm using a netgear dg834gv2 wireless router with xp sp2. i've tried numerous times now to try and set up the router but to no avail. i've tried re setting, factory re-setting. i'm not sure how to fix this at all?!? could it be a possibility that there is an incorrect i.p somewhere in the settings?

any help apprieciated,

A:Internet networking issues (LAN)

use run->cmd /k ipconfig /all to see the network configuration
you should have ip-addresses like aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd everywhere and specifically,
none of them should be blank, or start with 169.*.*.*

verify that where the ethernet cable plugs into your system, you have green lights showing.

go to your device manager and verify that the driver for the NIC has no yellow or red marks.

you should be able to UNINSTALL the driver, reboot, and now INSTALL a driver.