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Vista Updates Not Configuring Correctly

Q: Vista Updates Not Configuring Correctly

Here is what is going on I am running a triple boot system and have just completed installing XP all updates and applications Now I am in the midst of getting Vista Ultimate installed but initally was getting a Code error when I installed Office the error disappeared and I was able to update Vista and Office with the exception of these three update which would initally say they were downloaded and installed and then on the reboot configuring after rebooting it would say that these updates were not configured properly and would revert them I have tried to download them earliest to lastest still same problem occuring Have deleted all temp files and cookies still nothing These are the three update that will not configure correctly A software update is available for the Windows Vista installation components A June update is available for the Windows Vista Customer Experience Improvement Program CEIP An October update Not Vista Updates Configuring Correctly is available for the Windows Vista Customer Experience Improvement Program CEIP nbsp
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Preferred Solution: Vista Updates Not Configuring Correctly

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Compaq Presario v vista Home Premium looking at my update history updates were always successful until when a kb update Updates not Vista 60 correctly wont configuring and install errors - failed F from there occasionally an update will work but most wont there are hundreds and hundreds of failed ones listed currently we have important and optional update that havent installed one time i tried downloading them and it failed then the next time id downloaded installed rebooted then said they didnt configure correctly and reverted I see no obvious trend in which ones work and which dont and listing them could take forever i could post screenshots of the list if that would help I can see that windows defender updates work security updates for vista or net 60 Vista Updates wont install - errors and not configuring correctly framework dont tend to rarely they will i went through a bunch of the most recent errors here they are each came up on multiple updates A F F - service pack gives this i tried quot microsoft fix it quot not the quot aggressive quot one though i tried the repair bet thing on the microsoft site other than that i have tried turning off my firewall we had a google redirect virus not long ago that we ran about a gazillion fixes and antivirus things for so im thinking its not a virus problem although i cant rule out that one changed something in any ideas thanks in advance

A:60 Vista Updates wont install - errors and not configuring correctly

Vista Home Premium 32bit SP2.Well maybe not directly related but I checked my update history log the other day and there were 22 updates that failed. If you right-click on each failed update you can copy info and paste it into NotePad so you can read the info and paste the update link into your browser. e.g.Security Update for Windows Vista (KB2507618)Installation date: ‎14/‎04/‎2011 17:23Installation status: FailedError details: Code 8024200DUpdate type: ImportantA security issue has been identified that could allow an unauthenticated remote attacker to compromise your system and gain control over it. You can help protect your system by installing this update from Microsoft. After you install this update, you may have to restart your system.More information: downloaded all the 22 failed updates and tried to install them but they all came back with 'Update does not apply to your system'
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I had a message to restart my Toshiba computer and now it keeps restarting and is stuck in "configuring update 3 of 3 0% complete" mode. What can I do?

A:Vista OS stuck in configuring updates 3 of 3

If you are trying to install Vista SP1 (RC) it will restart a few times, let it, and it does take quite a long time to install.
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Hope somone can help me, my dell laptop with Vista OS is stuck on "Configuring updates stage 3 of 3 0% complete. It keeps restarting and coming back to this. I have left it for 2 days doing this then I have tried system repair and using my Vista Cd to repair with no luck. I tried to do a system restore but That was no help. Can I restore without lossing all my data and programs. Please Help

A:Vista stuck on configuring updates

Hi, try this open a command prompt by right click and choose run as administrator for Vista.

Updates are not installed successfully from Windows Update, from Microsoft Update, or by using Automatic Updates.

Open a command prompt and follow the instuctions:
Method 1: Register the Wups2.dll file in Windows
To register the Wups2.dll file in Windows, follow these steps:
Stop the Automatic Updates service. To do this, follow these steps:
Click Start, click Run, type cmd, and then click OK.
At the command prompt, type the following command, and then press ENTER:
net stop wuauserv
Register the Wups2.dll file. To do this, follow these steps:
At the command prompt, type the following command, and then press ENTER:
regsvr32 %windir%\system32\wups2.dll
Note For a computer that is running Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, type the following command, and then press ENTER:
regsvr32 %windir%\syswow64\wups2.dll
Click OK on each verification message that you receive.
Start the Automatic Updates service. To do this, type the following command at the command prompt, and then press ENTER:
net start wuauserv
Exit the command prompt. To do this type exit, and then press ENTER.
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I have already succesfully downloaded the updates and my computer turned itself off last night. This morning i turn it on and seems to be taking longer than usual. (it has even frozen before.) So i turned it off right as i saw it was not frozen, cuz the vista sign was coming up, but it was to late. So I booted up the computer right away and every thing was working fine. I started it in normal mode rather than safe or the other options because, i usually put it in normal mode and it works fine. Now it is configuring updates and is at 3 of 3 100% and has been like that for a while. Like at least an hour now prob. It also says "Do not turn off your computer". But maybe that would help and restart it in safe mode? IDK Someone please help! PLEASE!

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Hi, I am a computer technician for a third party support company. I have been faced with an issue that I can not seem to resolve and would like to avoid the route of doing a clean install of the system.

I have come across a computer that is stuck on bootup configuring Windows updates. I have done a large amount of research plus my own methods and have still yet to come up with a solution and was wandering if anyone could provide some sort of insight, anything would be much appreciated.

A:Vista stuck configuring updates.

Does it boot in safe mode? If it does then I think you can clear out any pending updates from the command prompt. Let me know if it does boot and I'll try and track down the fix for you - I had a similar problem not long ago but can't remember the exact procedure!.
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I have a HP Pavilion DV6000 Notebook with Vista Home Premium SP2 that has 2 problems:

1. There are 24 updates available but will not configure properly and reverts to original settings after rebooting.
2. Restarting from the Start Menu shuts down by does not restart - needs to be turned on manually.

A:Vista updates not configuring properly

Are you sure you did not interrupt the computer when windows prompt you to restart and is installing/configuring on boot-up? Try going to safemode and choose startup repair or go here ->
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I am running a triple boot system and have just completed installing XP all updates and applications Now I am in the midst of getting Vista Ultimate installed but Bit Not for 32 Properly Updates Vista Ultimate Configuring initally was getting a Code Updates for Vista Ultimate 32 Bit Not Configuring Properly error when I installed Office the error disappeared and I was able to update Vista and Office with the exception Updates for Vista Ultimate 32 Bit Not Configuring Properly of these three update which would initally say they were downloaded and installed and then on the reboot configuring after rebooting it would say that these updates were not configured properly and would revert them I have tried to download them earliest to lastest still same problem occuring Have deleted all temp files and cookies still nothing These are the three update that will not configure correctly A software update is available for the Windows Vista installation components A June update is available for the Windows Vista Customer Experience Improvement Program amp CEIP amp An October update is available for the Windows Vista Customer Experience Improvement Program amp CEIP amp Thanks for any suggestions or fixes

A:Updates for Vista Ultimate 32 Bit Not Configuring Properly


error 52 for office 2007 is You were not connected because a duplicate name exists on the network. If joining a domain, go to System in Control Panel to change the computer name and try again. If joining a workgroup, choose another workgroup name.

Are you on a home network or business?
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Windows Vista keeps rebooting on configurung updates 3 of 3, 0% complete. How do I fix this? dont have a repair cd, I ve tried the repair mode. need help.

A:Vista keeps rebooting computer, stuck on configuring updates,

Hi cbaehl,

This user had the exact same message you've reported - being stuck on 3 of 3. Seems like his situation was resolved by one of these two suggestions. Check them out and see if they help:

Good luck!
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Hey! So I saw another closed topic that had the same issue, and tried to follow steps in there but couldn't get the repaid screen after pressing f8.
So what happened is the power got cut off suddenly, and when trying to boot, it started doing windows update and now it's stuck on step 3 of 3, and keeps restarting over and over to no avail.
I've tried booting in safe mode, does the same, and when I press f8 on startup I don't have the repair your computer option.
Could someone help me please?

A:Vista looping on startup on stage 3 of 3 Configuring updates

Anyone? Please ?
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My dads vista laptop is stuck on configuring updates of complete On start up it sticks on this screen then automatically restarts but keeps looping back to this update message As I cannot get into the computer at all I tried starting in safe mode which brought me back to the same screen I was able to press f on start up to access system recovery from a previous point but this only gives me one previous point to restore from which in of 3 stuck configuring vista, 3 complete updates 0% loop says windows updater I have restored from this point anyway but am getting the same problem I have tried repair but it doesnt find anything wrong I am loathe to do a complete reset as I do not want to lose all the photos Please can someone offer any advice on this issue and it is driving me insane The laptop is months old I have looked up other threads on this problem but system restore from a previous point always seems to work for other users but not for my problem nbsp
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I have windows vista and everytime I turn on the computer it says configuring updates step 3 of 3.
but it gets stuck on that screen and never finishes, ive tried restarting and i keep getting that screen. Ive tried safe mode and last known good configuration and it keeps bringing me back to that screen.
i did a google search and mine is NOT looping. I also cant rename the pending.xml file because i cant get access to a command prompt. i dont have a vista CD because my laptop came preinstalled with vista so the CDs i got are a bootable image and not the actual vista CD.

i wanna try to run some programs but cant even get on to windows. Any ideas?

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First some background info I'm running Vista home edition on a Fujitsu FMV Biblo NF D laptop It's a Japanese computer with Japanese installation However I changed the UI language to English After about months of use the battery stopped charging We haven't bought a new one and just use the computer plugged into the stuck 'configuring cycle [SOLVED] updates' Windows in Vista mains Yesterday I used the computer fine did a windows update and restarted all [SOLVED] Windows Vista stuck in 'configuring updates' cycle OK Later I set the computer to sleep and then later on unplugged it and put it away This morning I switched it on and I got the familiar configuring updates screen I thought nothing of it went and made a cup of tea while it did its thing When I came back I noticed that it was getting to update of and the computer would restart This happens continuously if I let it I then pressed F and tried safe mode - it didn't work I then tried f and 'Repair your computer' It's all in Japanese but I managed to get to a diagnostic screen where I received the following report Problem Signature Problem Event Name StartupRepairV Problem Signature AutoFailover Problem Signature Problem Signature Problem Signature Problem Signature unknown Problem Signature NoRootCause Problem Signature Problem Signature Problem Signature WrpRepair Problem Signature OS Version Locale ID I searched around the internet using this report and followed advice to use the Vista CD to run Startup Repair I didn't receive the CD with my computer so I downloaded and burnt a Vista recovery CD and ran Startup Repair Startup Repair couldn't find and problems solutions I then tried System Restore I had not created any System Restore points Major oversight on my part I know I then tried the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool No problems I also ran a Fujitsu repair diagnostic tool all in Japanese but it basically checked the CPU memory and HDD for errors No errors reported I've read that some of these errors can be fixed by going into the command prompt and changing some files Unfortunately I couldn't find any such solutions for my particular error code I know that exhausting the Startup Repair and System Restore Point solutions gives me few choices but I really hope I can find a way of fixing the computer without losing any data I am utterly grateful for your expert help and advice Please help

A:[SOLVED] Windows Vista stuck in 'configuring updates' cycle

Hello majorbriggs and welcome to TSF!

Sounds like you are getting a BSOD while your computer is updating. Can you get onto your desktop atall? (if you could Go to C > Windows > Minidump > zip up the dump files and upload them with your next post)

How much free disk space did you have?
When was the last time you updated the drivers on your laptop?
Have you installed any new software prior to this happening?

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Hi I just got my HD reimaged by HP a couple of weeks ago and so vista has been periodically updating by itself Lately when I startup I keep going through a cycle of quot Configuring updates stage of quot to quot Updates not configured correctly Reverting changes quot As Vista s been updating often without me realizing I m not sure which of these updates is causing this problem I have read this reply http support microsoft com kb and am not sure if this will solve the problem quot How to avoid this problem To avoid this problem obtain and install update from the Microsoft Download Center correctly....reverting changes configured not updates vista separately from all other updates on the Windows Update site vista updates not configured correctly....reverting changes Install the update that applies to your version of Windows Vista so that you can successfully install future updates The following files are available for download from the Microsoft Download Center Windows Vista x -based systems Download the Windows -KB -x msu package now Windows Vista x -based systems Download the Windows -KB -x msu package now quot I am hesitant to download this because I JUST got my comp back from HP I have limited computer knowledge but am able to check for these OS Vista Home Premium Version Build lt ----- what does this mean my googling comes up with little in layman s terms and other information from quot System Information quot any suggestions or other info needed to determine what my next step should be I m avoiding shutting down restarting for the time being nbsp
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Can anyone help me? My computer is stuck in a constant reboot with a message that states "configuring updates stage 3 of 3" I am unable to locate the original Vista cd.

A:Vista keeps rebooting with message "configuring updates 3 of 3"

You need to boot with the VISTA DVD on the next re start and attempt a repair, in this case, System Restore" (that I always turn OFF) ... if a restore to the time before the update was successful, load Windows, turn Automatic Updates OFF temporarily, Update all your hardware firmware if any, including Motherboard BIOS, update all your drivers from the manufacturer's web site, any other updates for programs and device utilities available, install KB937287 then turn Automatic updates ON and allow windows to install needed updates by itself.
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EDIT: Please see my updated information a few posts down.

Hello, I'm having issues on a Windows 7 64 bit system. If the updates install, then upon restart it fails configuration and reverts back. Otherwise the the updates will fail and I get the following when using the windows fix it for windows update tool.

I am running a sfc /scannow currently. The failure code on all the updates is 80200001.

Thanks for any help.

update: the sfc /scannow

"Verification 100% complete.

Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations."

A:Windows Updates Fails configuring updates and reverts back

Hi bro,I had the same problem 3 days ago and I have solved the problem so, I think, I can help you,first of all I need to know if you have any antivirus tool intalled on your computer,if it so,[download CLEANER sofware from's important]uninstall them,for this action use safe mode by pressing F8 button,when you boot with safe mod you will not be able to uninstall your antivirus,because you have loaded only the drivers that needs safe mod,that's why you must delete your antivirus manually,for best result go to control panel-->folder options-->mark "show hidden files,folders,archives" apply and ok then go to user folder and open AppData\Local\"antivirus folder" and delete it,after this open AppData\Roaming\"antivirus folder" and delete it as well,at the end,you have to delete the main folder of your antivirus,that is installed on C or another drive.for example:C:\Program Files\ESET.After that open cleaner go to REGISTRY and scan for issues and if you get[I am sure you will get errors] any problem,fix them[delete them,you don't need to save registry settings before deleting] after cleaning registry, you have to run cleaner,so, go to software main window and press RUN CLEANER button[it's the last step] and restart your computer with normal mode.Now you can install updates and configure your windows safely.I hope this will help you
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get this message: updates not configured correctly, reverting changes.

stuck in a loop, keeps trying to start but wont. safe mode didnt load/work, neither did last known configuration.

any ideas how to get this to boot/work again?

update: trying repair from the install dvd. see if that works.

A:wont boot after installing updates. updates not configured correctly reverting change

Startup repair from the dvd did not work.

I did use this registry defrag program. wonder if that did something to the registry?

Free Registry Defrag

I generally avoid registry cleaning programs because I don't trust them. thought id try it once to see what happened. not sure if this caused the startup issue or something with the windows updates I installed caused it. I did do several restore points. would that help me fix the issue?
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I have Vista Home Premium edition on my new laptop. It takes about 10-15 minutes to configure updates and sometimes it shuts down automatically and starts configuring again. What can I do so I can stop this feature and manually install updates. I'm getting frustrated waiting for all this to complete.
Olivia's Mom

A:Configuring Updates

HI pmnastasi,
Everything you have stated above is by design. You can tell windows not to automaticaly install the updates if you like so you can install the updates when you want. Here is how:
Click Start (windows orb) > Control Panel > At the top left corner click Classic View > Click Windows Update icon> Click Change Settings at top left corner and adjust the Windows updates as you like. Hope this helps!
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From around about three days back I when turning my PC on I get the message configuring update do not switch off your computer 0 % done. Now normally it will go through the process of configuring the updates downloaded however this time it just sits at 0% until it seems to time out and then it boots normally. The next time I turn on the same thing. I am not sure as I have really not taken note but I think I get a similar thing on shutdown

Any ideas on this would be appreciated

A:Configuring Updates but it does not

Same thing here, and it is going to start me p*** off a bit. Every morning to wait 5 minutes when it configures the update and then takes it back and starts windows normally.
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Hi, I have had Vista for a little over a year and so far i've had no complaints, but recently i've been recieveing configuring updates on startup and shut down this lasts for about 40 minutes each how can i stop this any help is useful


A:configuring updates

try changing your windows updates settings to "Check for updates but let me choose etc"
then you can allow or not the updates that's causing the problem.
start/right click on my computer/properties/windows update/change setting.
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I am having trouble with my windows updates. Updates history shows that all updates have successfully been installed. However, when I turn on and off my computer, I get a screen "configuring updates - 3 of 3". The computer takes ages to start or turn off......please helpppppp!!!!!!

A:Configuring updates - 3 of 3

Hi Lina, this is a known bug in Vista. We will need to Rename the Pending.xml file, and then edit the registry.
To fix this problem, try these steps:
1: Boot from Windows Vista DVD and on the Install Now screen, click Repair Your Computer.
2: Click Command Prompt.
3: Type cd C:\windows\winsxs and then press ENTER.
4: Type ren pending.xml pending.old and then press ENTER.
5: Type regedit and then press ENTER.
6: Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Now click on the File menu and then click Load Hive.
7: Locate the following folder:
When you are prompted for a name, type Offline_Components.
8:In Registry Editor, locate and then delete the following registry subkey:
HLKM\Offline Components\AdvancedInstallersNeedResolving
HKLM\Offline Components\PendingXmlIdentifier
9: Type exit and restart your computer.

Full info: The update is not installed successfully, you receive a message, and the computer restarts when you try to install an update in Windows Vista
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For the past month, every time I switch on this computer, I get the message "Configuring Updates No.3 of 3-0% complete".
Clearly the configuration is never successful or the message wouldn't keep re-appearing. Can anyone tell me how to successfully complete the configuration OR how to stop the message since it makes access so very, very slow? Thank you.

A:Configuring Updates

Can you still boot to windows? Have you tried uninstalling the latest updates?
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I ve had this problem for about a month now and it s more frustrating than anything My system still runs completely fine however it s start up and shut down that are the issue here Every time I shut down the computer I get the regular shut down routine only it says quot Configuring updates quot every time On start up I get the quot Configuring updates quot message and then it says quot Shutting down quot and the screen goes black before starting back up Shut down and start up both take approximately minutes a piece and that s not an exaggeration And once the computer has finished starting up it always tells me that Windows failed to connect to a System Event Log or something like that Anyways I don t have a clue what to do and would updates... Configuring like to be able to use my laptop without waiting minutes for start up every time I ve done a HijackThis log Hopefully someone can help me Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows Vista WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C Windows system Dwm exe C Windows Explorer EXE C Program Files Windows Defender MSASCui exe C Program Files Intel Intel Matrix Storage Manager IAAnotif exe C Windows sttray exe C Program Files McAfee MPS mpsevh exe C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnh exe C Program Files Spare Backup SpareBackup exe C Program Files Common Files aol ee aolsoftware Configuring updates... exe C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe C Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exe C Windows System igfxtray exe C Program Files Common Files AOL Loader aolload exe C Windows System hkcmd exe C Windows System igfxpers exe C Windows system igfxsrvc exe C Windows ehome ehtray exe C Program Files AOL waol exe c PROGRA mcafee com agent mcagent exe C Program Files Windows Media Player wmpnscfg exe C Windows system taskeng exe C Program Files BigFix bigfix exe C Windows ehome ehmsas exe C Program Files AOL shellmon exe C Program Files Windows Media Player wmplayer exe C Program Files Windows Live Messenger msnmsgr exe C Windows system wuauclt exe C Program Files Mozilla Firefox firefox exe C Windows system SearchFilterHost exe C Users GatewayUser Downloads HiJackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page about blank R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http www gateway com g startpage html Ch Retail amp SubCH BB amp Br GTW amp Loc ENG US amp Sys PTB amp M M- R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www gateway com g startpage html Ch Retail amp SubCH BB amp Br GTW amp Loc ENG US amp Sys PTB amp M M- R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant http www gateway com g sidepanel html Ch Retail amp SubCH BB amp Br GTW amp Loc ENG US amp Sys PTB amp M M- R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search CustomizeSearch R - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings ProxyOverride local R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Toolbar LinksFolderName O - Hosts localhost O - BHO Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO BitComet ClickCapture - F E - A- B A-BCAF- B BFDFEA - C Program Files BitComet tools BitCometBHO dll O - BHO NCO IE BHO - ADB E- AFF- - AA - DAC DFA - no file O - BHO SSVHelper Class - BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - BHO AOL Toolbar Launcher - C - CB - A -B F - EA C F - C Program Files AOL AOL Toolbar aoltb dll O - BHO scriptproxy - DB D A - - E -B D- F C - c PROGRA mcafee VIRUSS scriptcl dll O - BHO no name - E D - A- EC-A -BA D E E - no file O - BHO Windows Li... Read more
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I have had a Toshiba Satellite laptop for 6 months and has always run great. I started it up today and it says Configuring updates Stage 3 0f 3 with 0 % complete. Do not turn computer off. During the shut down stage it will allow me to hit F2 and get into cmos update, which I have not done yet. It keeps going thru this cycle. I have Home basic Vista on a Toshiba 135. I could not find where anyone else has posted this, so I am hoping for an answer. I did not catch whether there was a stage 1 or 2 to the configuring. I hope someone has some ideas. Thanks a bunch.

A:Configuring Updates

Have you tried booting into Safe Mode (pressing F8 at the time when the system finishes posting)?

Once in, I'd suggest uninstalling the updates that were most recent.
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My Fujitsu Seimens Amilo Li has been stuck for 24 hours trying to configure updates from Windown Vista Home Basic. I cannot use the computer as it tries to configure these updates and warns not to turn off the computer. I need to override this and make it go away.
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Last night I shut down Windows and it installed some updates I think When my mum started the computer today it gave the message stated in the topic title three hours later and it was still doing so I booted into the Recovery Console intending to run System Restore but was told there wasn't enough disk space The recovery console was installed by Fujitsu Siemens on a GB partition my system partion has GB free so I tried Updates: Configuring 3: Stage 0% of 3 the Repair Your Computer option which told me that there were no problems I suppose that as far as it is concerned the OS boots so nothing is wrong As a last resort I went to the Command Prompt and tried sfc scannow but was informed that Windows couldn't complete the action At this point I booted from the Fujitsu Siemens recovery disk which gave me the option to Install or Repair so I picked Repair and went through all of the steps above with the same responses Is there anything else I can try I am reluctant to reinstall Windows as I didn't have Configuring Updates: Stage 3 of 3: 0% a chance to burn the Drivers DVD so would need to manually find them after installation but I will do it as a last resort PS My OS is Vista Home Basic

A:Configuring Updates: Stage 3 of 3: 0%

Doesn't matter, I just went ahead and did an install.

I unpacked the Drivers iso that was still on my machine (under Windows.old), and I now have Ethernet and Wi-Fi, just need to sort out my resolution (in the process of that now) and then install my software, and, of course, install the multitude of updates that have been released since Vista was first released.
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when switching laptop off message saying configuring updates but does not do anything just hangs there any help with this would be great as it is doing my head in
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every time i boot my laptop with windows vista on says configuring updates for HOURS. it will never boot nor let me log in. even in safe mode i cant get it passed configuring updates. I try and restore the pc using the repair disc but it says no restore points have been made on this computer. I CANT reinstall windows i have way too many important files and programs on this laptop. ugh any fixes?

A:stuck on configuring updates

Have you tried the last known good configuration ?
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Hi, all

I run Windows Xp on my A200. How can I configure the Automatic Updates feature to prompt you before you download updates?


A:Re: Configuring the Automatic Updates


*To configure the Automatic Updates feature:*

1. Right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.
2. Click the Automatic Updates tab, and then click Notify me before downloading any updates and notify me again before installing them on my computer.
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I have a desktop which I use strictly for gaming It has Windows Vista Ultimate x SP I decided today to put some updates on it and unfortunately got the awesome quot Configuring Updates of quot issue where there is no progress and it just reboots over and over First step I tried was to run Problem Configuring Updates Different) (New/Maybe in Safe Mode and use System Recovery However all three Safe Modes Safe Mode Safe Mode w Networking and Safe Mode w Command Prompt all still encounter (New/Maybe Different) Configuring Updates Problem the Configuring Updates issue actually it just skips right over saying quot Configuring Updates quot and just says quot Shutting Down quot Next I tried to download a Vista System Recovery Disk iso since before I started modding my desktop it was a premade Dell After successfully burning the iso to a DVD-R I put it in the tray and proceeded to start up the computer I selected to boot up from my disk drive It starts off fine saying that Windows is loading files but then it just goes to a light blue screen the same screen that you get when asked to select the user and login it is not a blue error screen I can move my mouse around but there are no system recovery options or anything like that to choose from I do not have a Vista installation disk Thanks Dell Any tips

A:(New/Maybe Different) Configuring Updates Problem

You may want to try these solutions
They usually work

How do I reset Windows Update components?
Description of the System Update Readiness Tool for Windows Vista, for Windows Server 2008, for Windows 7, and for Windows Server 2008 R2
Cannot Update Windows using Windows Update
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Does anyone know how to stop configuring updates because i am tired of my stupid anti virus saying that the program is broken after each update and when the update happens it stays at 3of3 0% then i have to go to safe mode restart computer then it doesent do the updates which i am tired of this..and i do not have the disk of the vista it came with my computer when i bought it.

A:Stop configuring updates

MS about it The update is not installed successfully, you receive a message, and the computer restarts when you try to install an update in Windows Vista and Windows 7

instead Vista DVD you can use special recovery disk Create a Recovery Disc
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Last night I was using my computer when it suddenly said "configuring updates, shutting down." I have Vista ultimate. I guess I'm lucky that everything seemed to work and it only tried once and came back, but it still scared me. Luckily I wasn't doing anything important; what if I had been working on some big paper? Also my husband and son had the same problems on their computers too but my husband's computer took all day to finish it.

Please please please I just want to know how to prevent it from ever doing this again! It just shut down with absolutely no warning. That's beyond the pale as far as I'm concerned.

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When booting up my lap top it gets to the window where it says "configuring updates 3 of 3 progress 0% do not shut off computer" then its says shutting down and the computer restarts its self and goes through the same thing over and over and over. How do I get past this? I have tried starting in safe mode as a well as booting from a disc, same thing still happens.

A:cant get past configuring updates

Press F8 before it starts to boot.
See if one of the options (other than safe mode) is "Last Known Good Configuration".
Try that.
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Here is new thread with cab and screenshots. It should be noted that the update seemed to work after applying suggestions from NoelDP.
original post;
Asus All in One ET2410IUT Windows 7 64bit home premium. 9 security updates error message, "failed configuring windows updates - reverting changes" after installing and reboot. Tried several times with same result. Installed the updates one at a time and 8 of them worked. The "Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2962872)" is causing this problem. On shut down and reboot the computer goes threw this same loop each time.
ps. also ran the win repair tool.

Thank you for your help, joe jitzu

A:Help with win7 updates not configuring

We need the other data requested in Windows Update Posting Instructions as well - although I doubt that it will show too much in this instance

However, the SFC scan you ran was in the uploaded file - and showed that it had found and fixed one problem.

Line 8491: 2014-07-12 23:15:48, Info CSI 00000305 [SR] Repairing 1 components
Line 8492: 2014-07-12 23:15:48, Info CSI 00000306 [SR] Beginning Verify and Repair transaction
Line 8495: 2014-07-12 23:15:48, Info CSI 00000308 [SR] Repairing corrupted file [ml:520{260},l:72{36}]"\??\C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper\Windows"\[l:16{8}]"img0.jpg" from store
Line 8508: 2014-07-12 23:15:48, Info CSI 0000030b [SR] Repair complete
... not exactly a critical problem .
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I just installed Vista days ago and It was working great I then went to install some updates I got all or so at once and went from there The system went to restart and sat at quot configuring updates quot for about min then quot Shutting down quot for updates Configuring hours? 16+ another before I decided to force reboot and system restore Then I went back and started installing the updates at about at a time This worked until I got to the last couple updates and the same thing happened On another computer I looked up the problem and Microsoft said to just let it sit until it s done as it has to quot uninstall language packs quot or something So I Configuring updates 16+ hours? let it sit over night and during school and it had been about Configuring updates 16+ hours? hours I decided it just needed help shutting down so i force rebooted and then it got stuck on quot Configuring updates quot after loading Windows What am I supposed Configuring updates 16+ hours? to do I can t keep system restoring every time i install an update My system Vista Home Premium -bit Intel Core Quad E nVidia GeForce gt ASUS P N-E SLI Mobo gb Corsair Ram Seagate gb hdd second gb hard drive used for docs nbsp

A:Configuring updates 16+ hours?

You can use the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility in Safe Mode, to remove any specific Security update
Until you work out which one is causing the issue
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My sons laptop
is currently stuck at the screen "Configuring updates: Stage 3 of 3 - 0% complete. Do not turn off your computer."
It has been like this over that last several hours or so. It keeps rebooting to the same screen like its in a loop.
I have turned it off and tried safe mode but it goes back to the same screen. Ran the diagnostics that came with the laptop and everything passed, no problems noted.
I have the reinstallation dvd for this laptop.
What do I need to do to attempt recovery of the OS and will any data he has be kept or will it be lost?
His computer is a Dell Inspiron 1525, 3 GB RAM, Windows Vista Home Premium, SP1 (maybe SP2), 32 bit.

A:Configuring Updates Fails

Try it a few more times. Only, once it gets stuck, just reboot it. Wait just a little bit when it does maybe 3-5 minutes. Eventually it will stop trying and load to original without the update.
Relevancy 55.47%

Hi all. I am having the same problem with vista stuck on configuring updates stage 3 of 3 0% then restarts. but when i start up and try to goto recovery it won't do anything. Like it doen't even recognize i'm hitting f11. Is there any other way to get the command prompt to open? I've tried making a vista boot disk and it won't even recognize it. please help. thanks

A:same problem with configuring updates

Hi and welcome to TSF you need to enter the bios and make the cd\dvd drive the first boot device, put the disc in and restart your computer and it should boot from it,try F2 on boot to get to the bios
Relevancy 55.47%

My computer came with windows vista home premium. It prompted me to restart to finish installing updates, so I did. It has been showing the screen "configuring updates: stage 3 of 3 - 100% complete" for HOURS now...I thought the computer simply froze so I force restarted it, but it led me to the same exact screen of "configuring updates". I then tried starting in safe mode, and that also led to the same screen....

There is no cancel option, I unfortunately don't have a CD/DVD for re-installation... It is still configuring as I type this thread from my netbook, and I really need my computer to work today...Can anyone please help?!?!?!?!

I thank you ahead of time!

A:Problem with Configuring Updates!

and now it's reverting changes???
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Hi well yesterday in our area we were having storm issues and had a lot of brownouts one the comp picked up as a surge issue and the when updates behaviour Odd configuring motherboard shutdown to Odd behaviour when configuring updates protect itself and had to go through the bios screen before rebooting where i also had the message that windows didn't shut down normally A little while later the lights flickered again and the monitor briefly went off and back on so i decided to abandon comp work for the day until the winds died down so I shut the system down and it decided to install updates as it was shutting down It managed to get to shut down without anymore brown outs occuring I started up my comp this morning and it got up to configuring the updates reached then the comp restarted itself then continued configuring the rest I checked my event log and it listed a few things one being a kernal power shutdown which occurred a few seconds after something saying trustedinstaller had requested a restart for reason upgrade which seemed odd It also said that ie security update had failed not sure i even have ie on my comp as i never use ie Is this something worrying or do some updates just do this while configuring

A:Odd behaviour when configuring updates

Hi if you do not use internet explorer but have been running your updates regularly check which version you have if it is prior to IE 10 then the update would fail if it is ie 10 and you do not wish to use it you can turn it off How to turn Internet Explorer off - Microsoft Windows.
and yes some updated require a reboot
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Every single time i try to start up my vaio laptop, it starts up but i can never get to my desktop. It also goes to please wait, configuring updates, and then it shuts down. This continuously goes on for hours at a time so i honestly do not think it is actually updating my laptop. someone please help me!!! I need it for school work!

A:Configuring updates error

I think that the Windows Vista/7 installation disc might fix this. I am not 100% sure but it's worth a shot.

Go to this link:

click on how do I use startup repair and follow those steps. It is the same for Vista and Seven.

To boot your computer using the CD: when you turn your computer on there should be a F_: Boot options text somewhere on the first screen, hit that key on your keyboard to boot from CD.

Another thing you could try is starting the computer in safe mode. This may or may not work. When your computer is booting up, hit F8 repeatedly.

Let us know what worked and what didnt work here

Hope this helps!
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My laptop is windows 7 pro

After downloading some updates, it tried to install them.

The machine tries to reboot. It gets to 35% and then says failure configuring updates, reverting changes and the shuts down to restart. This cycle continues endlessly.

Any help is appreciated

A:failure configuring updates

Try booting to Safe Mode, or using the Startup repair option.
Once you manage to get back into windows, start with following the Windows Update Posting Instructions and post the results.
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We download the above update on and have been without a computer ever since 3 Configuring of and support updates 3 After several calls to tech support we were told that we had to go out and buy a new Vista disc as our original one is back home and we are in vacation in FL We are seniors and living on a limited income and cannot afford to put all this time and Configuring updates 3 of 3 and support money into something that Micro Soft caused After many many calls to support with wait times up to minutes We only have a cell phone here and almost all our minutes are used up waiting for someone to come on the line we were told that we were quot high priority quot and that they would call us on between - PM We are on vacation and were suppose to go to Sea World which we cancelled and support never called We called them back got some represenative who gave me a fake name and ID and told me that the wait time would be from - minutes After waiting for minutes I hung up and called back and was told that it was closed We are so frustrated and upset by the treatment that we are recieving we are cutting our vacation short to get back home to resolve this issue If anyone knows of anyone that we can call and talk to or even an office that we can drive to and hand them our computer to fix it we would really appreciate the help

A:Configuring updates 3 of 3 and support

Looks like you're going to have to do a complete Reformat/Reinstall, thats what i had to do after these updates. There are some guides in the tutorial section of how to do that.

Edit: You will need the original disk, or even just a disk.
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since yesterday, everytime I start windows, I get the message "Configuring Windows Updates 0% complete". I have to wait like 15 minutes then it says something like "Failure applying changes .. reverting".

What could be the problem ?


A:Configuring Windows updates 0%

hmm now it seems to work again ...
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I received updates today and all installed however one update KB showed error F While configuring updates it would show Stage of - complete Then it would show windows Configuring updates updates not configured propertly I tried this several time same results I did a system restore and then tried installing only the security update same results After this I reinstalled the other update with no problem This is the first time I have had a update not to install I am using AVG Internet Security version however I don't think Configuring windows updates this is the problem as I have received over windows updates inthe past I do have windows set to install updates automatically every day I have contacted MS Configuring windows updates with this information but have not received a answer To tell the truth I trust the forum more I look up some information and this update applies to windows server Itanium-based system I have a HP Pavilion s n with AMD live processor Comments welcome

A:Configuring windows updates

Try install this hotfix manually
if you can't install it in normal mode try install it in safe mode
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My sons laptop is currently stuck at the screen "Configuring updates: Stage 3 of 3 - 0% complete. Do not turn off your computer."
It has been like this over that last hour or so. It keeps rebooting to the same screen.
I have turned it off and tried safe mode, goes to the same screen.
I have the reinstallation dvd for this laptop.
What do I need to do to attempt recovery of the OS and will any data he has be kept or will it be lost?

A:Configuring Updates Fails

MS about it The update is not installed successfully, you receive a message, and the computer restarts when you try to install an update in Windows Vista and Windows 7 -METHOD I

because it is laptop and don't you have Vista DVD instead use Vista Recovery Disk
Create a Recovery Disc
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I run Vista Home Premium; virtually every time I turn on the pc I get a message saying 'configuring updates stage 1 of 3 do not turn off the computer' then shortly aftr 'updates were not configured properly, reverting changes'.

This whole process can take up to 10 minutes before the pc can be used.
Any advice - is ther a update which is causing the problem. i ahve abot 28 updates which have failed to load.


A:Configuring updates problems

Please run this small program then copy and paste the results here for the Tech's. This will help them help you better
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Every time my computer starts I get this error message that says configuring updates stage 3 of 3 0% and it goes to blue screen and reboots itself. I can start in safe mode but it will not let me restore to an earlier date. I have also tried rebooting from disk and repairing computer that way, no help either. What else can I do?
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I reformatted my PC as below
1-formatted and installed fresh vista ultimate 64bit
2-installed SP1 with standalone installer
3-installed SP2 with standalone installer
4-then went online and updated with windows update
but problem occured and freezes while configuring updates at stage 2
Any ideas to solve this problem please, greatly appreciated

A:Freezes during configuring updates,please help!

I'm not sure what the problem is with that. You should contact microsoft. Crashes like that are expected in Vista since a lot of people say it sucks.
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when ever i turn th computer on today, it says CONFIGURING UPDATES before it wil eventually go to th start sign in/log in screen. Why is this? It hasnt done it until today... will it keep doing it?? when i turn th desktop off it says its installing the updates, im confused... can i fix it?
Yes Im new to windows 7... & not very computa savvy LOL

A:confused... configuring updates

A lot of the updates require a reboot before the updates can be applied... Dont worry, this is normal...
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Today I decided to update and once I reset they began installing until 30%, where the message changed to shutting down without actually crashing until 30 minutes later. After I turned my PC on again it just continued from the 30% and completed without any more problems.

A:DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE while configuring windows updates

I wonder why people ignore the instructions at the top of the page, explaining what information to supply when seeking help with a BSOD? Maybe the instructions are too complicated?

Attachment 351959
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It started March 29th (last Sunday)

After logging out I got a message, "Configuring Updates Stage 3 of 3 - DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER"
So I set my laptop aside for the night. The next morning I realized it was in a continual loop: Configuring updates stage 3 of 3 - 0% complete. Do not turn off your computer. After 10 secs. it was 100% complete and then it would shut down. After 30 seconds it was the blue screen giving me the choice of safemode / safemode command prompt/ safemode w/ networking / Launch Start-up Repair (recommended) or start windows normally. I tried all 5 (several times) to no avail. Sup?

Thanks for your help,
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I did a factory re install on my Lenovo G585 laptop which came with Windows 8. Everything went well and I was going to do the Windows updates so that I could install the Windows 8.1 update. I restarted and before the computer finished booting it started bringing in updated, then at 98% I got a message that said "Failure configuring Windows updates Reverting changes Do not turn off your computer" That was 6 hours ago and all that's happened since is that message is on the screen and the spinning dot ball is spinning next to it. Please Help! what do I do now?

A:failure configuring Windows Updates...

Hi Len,

This has happened to me before as well, just power down your computer and try again.

This link may also help you!

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Hello Everyone.

I did a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate x64

after installed 33 updates, pressed restart after the updates installed

now im stuck on configuring windows updates at 15%

it wont progress any further, what can I do to fix this? please help!

A:Stuck on Configuring Windows Updates

Turn off computer and wait a while and turn it on again - sometimes it work -if not,you have to boot in safe mode and restore system,if unable to boot in safe mode too you have to boot installation disc and from this level restore system

More details how to restore system:System Restore
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I've been having ongoing problems with the latest updates for vista. The installation fails. (KB948609, KB944036 and KB936330 which is SP1) Yesterday I downloaded a registry cleaner (Uniblue) and ran it, then I restored the settings and attempted to uninstall it. That failed too (error message: The InstallAware wizard for Uniblue RegistryBooster 2009 has failed "Fatal error during installation." Please check your settings and try again.

I tried restarting the computer, but now it won't boot up. It keeps getting stuck at "Configuring Updates 3 of 3 0% complete.`It displays this for a moment and then shuts down again, gets to this point again, shuts down again, etc. Once I got to the screen that displays the user names, but then it shut down again.

Any suggestions?


A:Computer won't boot: configuring updates

Update on this: I just called Acer's support centre and they had me try a system recovery. This failed and they told me the error code that came meant that the update had corrupted my hard drive. I now need to buy a new hard drive and I guess an OS.
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3330 CPU @ 3.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8063 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, -1984 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 940980 MB, Free - 823009 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0XR1GT
Antivirus: Bitdefender Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

Hi,I'm using Windows 8 and for the last 3 or 4 months it will freeze during updates. I have 35 updates and it will get to 19 and freeze or sometimes it will complete updates then it will try and configure updates, get to 98% then say Failure to configure updates reverting changes.

A:Windows 8 updates and configuring problems

Have you tried installing them a few at a time? Sometimes I can get faster installs of updates installing 2 or 3, then 2 or 3 more.
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I am having Windows Vista Bussiness Serv pack1 installed on my laptop. Whenever i restart my laptop this message always display 'configuring updates stage 3 0f 3 - 0% complete. After few minutes it disappear and laptops works normally.

How can i get rid of this message to appear everytime during start.


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This has become a daily ritual At pm every night my system shuts down Sometimes I catch it and delay it hours but other miss the warning It takes about - minutes to get back to where I was before the shutdown quot Shutting Down quot quot Starting Windows quot quot Failure configuring Windows updates quot quot Reverting Changes Failure Windows Updates configuring quot quot Don t shut off your computer quot Shuts down and reboots quot Starting Windows - please wait quot Then it is back up When I shut it down for the night - about minutes quot Please do not power or unplug your machine quot quot Installing updates of of Power up in the morning - to minutes quot Starting Windows quot quot Preparing to configure quot quot Failure configuring Windows Updates quot quot Reverting Changes quot quot Do not shut down your computer quot quot Shutting down computer quot quot Starting Windows quot quot Please wait quot quot Preparing to configure Windows quot quot Configuring Windows quot Is there anything I can do Failure configuring Windows Updates to end this nbsp

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I had a problem with the September updates and with the July updates. All updates seem to be installed and then the computer has to be restarted. The "Windows Updates being Configured" is OK and then reboot and "Windows Starting". But then the display becomes black and nothing more seems to happen. After about half an hour there seems to be no more disk activity. Then I wait for another hour and still nothing more happens. Then I have to turn off the computer and let it reboot. Then it seems to be a normal Windows startup.

1. What can I do to avoid this problem at the next patch tuesday?
2. There was no "Configuring Windows" after this reboot. Does it matter?

Windows 7 Home Premium SP1
HP Pavilion g6 Notebook PC
Intel Core i7-3612 QM CPU

Best regards
Sven Ingvar J?nsson
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This morning, July 31, I started a restart of my computer. During the normal shutdown the notice that the system was installing Microsoft updates came up that three updates were going to be installed.

For over six hours my Windows Vista Home Edition software has been in an endless loop that starts with a message on the screen that states:

Configuring updates: Stage 3 of 3 - 0% complete, Do Not Turn Off Computer.

I have tried to start in safe mode with networking and the same message appears and the endless loop process starts all over again.

Is there a way to stop this process? If so how?

A:Configuring updates endless loop

You should try this:
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i did a system restore to factory setting and i try to install updates but it fail.i had 146 updates after the install part i got 96 updates 50 updates were succesful but 96 were failed all of them are about windows 7 i am going to install 8 at a time to see if that work wish me luck. see you on the other side also error 800F0826

A:failure configuring windows updates

If you're going to install Windows 8 anyhow - why ask for support for Windows 7?
If you actually want to fix Win7...

Please follow the Windows Update Posting Instructions and post the requested data
If the file is too large (8MB compressed), remove the older CBSPersist cab files until the final file is below the limit - you can always post them separately after zipping them. (the forum doesn't allow the upload of bare CAB files, for a number of reasons)
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hi, I'm trying to turn my laptop on but it keeps shutting itself down and restarting with the message: ' Configuring updates. 3 of 3 0% complete'
It then shuts itself down again and goes back to that message.

I'm desperate to get a file off my laptop but this just won't stop happening. What on earth can I do? Any help is GREATLY received!

Thank you so much

A:Configuring updates - in perpetual loop

Can you start your notebook in safe mode (F8 at start-up > safe mode option)?
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For a while now (several months) I am having trouble installing windows updates. An example:

Error Code 800F0922 when installing a safetyupdate (KB2736693) for Microsoft.NET framework 3.5 on windows 8 and windows server 2012 for x64-systems.
But then when installing a different safetyupdate (KB2742616) it doesn't give me an error.
I also get error configuring updates from time to time after I update while restarting or shutting down.
I think the problem has something to do with writing permissions, because I can't install microsoft office 2010 either. When trying to install microsoft office it only installs it partially, after which it says that I don't have the privileges to write something to my E drive.

Any help would be appreciated!

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I recently reinstalled my ASUS Laptop. But now I'm having trouble installing Windows Updates.
It tries to install the following updates:
KB2756872 (Update foor Windows 8 for x64-systems (169,9MB))
KB2770917 (Update foor Windows 8 for x64-systems (142,6MB))
KB2779768 (Update foor Windows 8 for x64-systems (59,8MB))

When my laptops needs to get restarted it gives an 'Failure Configurating Windows Updates'
My PC can still boot normally but it won't want to install the updates.
I tried install them 1 per 1. But that didn't work.
I got a log file on my desktop here it is:
windowsupdate.log -
OutputReport.txt -

Please help me because this irritates me a lot.

A:Failure configuring Windows Updates

Do you have any 3rd party anti virus installed ? if so, disable it and try to run updates again
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Greetings My first post to this listserve and thank you for sharing time expertise to help stopping updates loop "configuring ..." help Need others I found this listserve when reading posts on Malwarebites about similar problem same problem I am having to wit -Have Toshiba laptop circa or so sans battery but with Need help stopping "configuring updates ..." loop power cord running Vista - and I assume is a bit os but not sure on that point Made my assumption during a tour of safe mode when I Need help stopping "configuring updates ..." loop saw reference to system -The problem started when I used the recovery disk from Toshiba to do a clean install After running the clean install disk the computer on its own started downloading updates from Microsoft - I believe I recalled seeing a screen at one point showing installing update of in the s -At some later time I saw screen show message similar to don't turn off computer - but that message stayed on for more than hours and thinking it was stuck I did turn off machine and then restarted which resulted in a screen showing the configuring updates message - which nevers goes away -I then went searching for fix Found Malwarbites and read posts from Maurice trying to help someone with similar problem then found a February post from Maurice on BleepingComputer to Sheila on similar problem suggesting a fix involving use of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool - and so I did download that Farbar Recovery Scan Tool downloaded on a different computer onto a thumbdrive and ran that scan tool on the Toshiba - and I have a copy of the scan but don't know where to go from here In case someone is interested in reading that scan and perhaps offering assistance and hasn't fallen asleep reading this long-winded post I am pasting the scan report under my signature Thank you bdalite Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool FRST x Version - - Mod Edit Removed malware log data not allowed used in this forum see No DDS HijackThis or ComboFix logs Vista - http www bleepingcomputer com forums forum- announcement- -no-dds-hijackthis-or-combofix-logs-should-be-posted-in-this-forum - Hamluis

A:Need help stopping "configuring updates ..." loop

Start your system from the recovery disc.
Select Repair Options and then Command Prompt.
Type in the following commands, pressing Enter after each one:
cd windows/winsxs
del pending.xml
Close the command prompt and restart your system.
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I just got my Lenovo Ideapad Y back from Lenovo today after it needed its hard drive and motherboard replaced I turned it on set it up and spent a couple hours downloading and installing things as well as transferring files and uninstalling all the freeware that on Stuck configuring laptop new updates came with it I accidentally uninstalled Realtek my sound Stuck configuring updates on new laptop driver and tried reinstalling but no devices would appear in my sound configuration settings In any case I tried restarting and Windows started downloading updates It had Stuck configuring updates on new laptop total and after two hours it finally finished downloading them and then said quot configuring updates don't turn off your laptop quot or something to that effect After a few minutes it said quot Failure configuring Windows update Reverting changes Do not turn off your computer quot Then after a few minutes of doing that it restarted and now it's stuck on that screen When I try restarting the Lenovo icon appears the screen goes black then it turns blue and flashes the quot configuring updates quot screen for a second before immediately returning to quot Failure configuring Windows update Reverting changes Do not turn off your computer quot I've tried restarting multiple times and this is all that happens now What should I do I cannot access any other part of Windows to my knowledge and I don't know how to access safe mode while starting up f doesn't do anything Help please

A:Stuck configuring updates on new laptop

Lenovo is finicky that way, at boot you must repeatedly tap F8 to get into Safe Mode.

Once in, select a restore point prior to getting those updates.

108 updates is to much at a time to install, do it in batches of 5
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I recently just tried to install some Windows Updates. It downloads them and seems to install them fine, but when I restart is when things start going sour. I get to the initial "Configuring Windows Updates..." screen fine before it restarts, but on the next "Configuring..." screen after reboot my computer blue screens right around 30%. I honestly don't have any clue what could be causing this as other updates have installed perfectly fine before.

A:BSOD While Configuring Windows Updates

Hello an welcome Anthraxe mate system restore to just before the updates were done and then set the updates to let me know when available and let me choose which to download.

When that happens just do them two or three at a time (untick all except for two or three) once the machine baulks again then you have found the problem child.
Relevancy 54.61%

I have FINALLY built my new PC and I have not gotten the driver updates for all the hardware yet. I am having trouble recognizing my two SLI videocards, 5.1 Soundcard, monitor, and Playing DVD's in the ROM drives. Will the updates fix a majority of these problems? Because They are showing that the computer can see them it is just not using them to thier full potential. What do you think?

A:Driver Updates & Configuring Hardware

Without the proper drivers those devices will not work properly, once you install the drivers then Windows will know what to do with them and they should then be fully functional.
Relevancy 54.61%

Hello everyone Recently I have beend installing updates on my PC that runs on configuring Failure updates Windows Windows Ultimate Three days ago Failure configuring Windows updates it was rebooting as usual but then this erros message shows up quot Failure configuring Windows updates Reverting changes Do not turn off your computer quot So as recommended I didn't turn off the computer and just waited After a while I went to bed and left my PC on overnight to see if the problem would be solved by the morning It wasn't so I just pressed the power Failure configuring Windows updates button for seconds and restarted my PC Since then I haven't been able to acces anything since it just stays on that error for hours Starting Failure configuring Windows updates up in safe mode doesn't solve anything I've read somewhere that pressing F before the Windows logo shows up brings up a booting menu where I can choose some repair option When I press F I just get a windows where I can pick options which I guess is the hard drive and something else but that does't solve my problems I also don't own any sort of repair discs or flash drives Any help would be apreciated If something isn't clear enough just ask and I will try my best to explain myself English isn't my native language Thanks in advance

A:Failure configuring Windows updates

Hi, if you can boot to safe mode do so and in advanced boot options you should see a option "repair your computer", if not I am afraid you will need a copy of the OS dvd (could you borrow one), the repair your computer option (RE) allows you to access a command prompt, from this we can fix your problem, you need to boot from the dvd and go past the language setup and select the second option which is "repair your computer"

select command prompt, at the x sources prompt type:-

bcdedit | find "osdevice" (exactly as shown here, the | is called a "pipe" and can be found above the \ key). It will return an OS partition drive letter (usually C:) use whatever drive letter you see in the following commands, will will assume C:.

At the x\: sources> prompt, type:-

C: (press enter) next type:-

cd C:\windows\winsxs (press enter).

Next type:- ren pending.xml pending.old (press enter).

Next Type:- regedit (press enter)


On the File menu, click Load Hive

The select hive location will open, browse to C:\windows\system32

Locate the following folder: C:\windows\system32\config\components, (the one that say's simply "components") click to select.

When you are prompted for a name, type:- Offline

In Registry Editor,you will now see a key "Offline" expand the + & locate and then delete the following registry subkeys:-

HKLM\Offline \AdvancedInstallersNeedResolving

HKLM\Offline \PendingXmlIdentifier

Go back to the key "Offline" and highlight it, go to "file menu" and select unload hive.

Restart computer

You should be able to get back into windows, next go to start search and type:- cmd, right click on the returned cmd.exe and select "run as administrator" at the prompt type, pressing enter after each line:-

Net stop wuauserv
cd %systemroot%
Ren SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old
Net start wuauserv

Try updates, let us know how you get on.
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Configuring updates: Stage 3 of 3 -0% complete.
Do not turn off your computer.

A:Configuring updates stage 3 of 3 -0% complete.

Hello tammywoolhouse and welcome to the forums

Can you boot into safe mode with networking for me please:

Advanced Boot Options

Then from safe mode, can you copy and paste the contents of the following logs for me please:

C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CheckSUR.persist.log (If it isn't there, then don't worry about it)

This will give us a little more information on these problematic updates

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I have a friend which has Vista, just installed SP1 ( I know a bit behind), now they get a message every time they boot "configuring updates stage 3 0f 3 - 0% complete" After few minutes it disappears and laptop boots into Vista.

I know about the reboot loop issue, but this one appears to boot, just the delay and the message.

The pending xml has been deleted, but the message continues.

I am thinking of installing SP2, but am hesitant to do so.

Anyone ever seen this behavior before? What to do.

Thanks to all who reply.

A:configuring updates stage 3 0f 3 message

I would do a system restore from before the update and then try again. It is not installed properly.
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Hi. I'm trying to download some basic updates to Windows 8 (I have 11 to be installed), but my PC (a self-build) won't finish installing them. Once the download is complete and I restart, I get the message, 'Failure configuring Windows updates. Reverting changes. Do not try to turn off your computer.'

I've tried the steps listed at (aside from system restore), and none of them have had any effect. My Windows 8 HAS been authenticated.

I've Googled the problem and tried a few things, including the video at the bottom of this post, but nothing's working. Any help would be appreciated.

I'll be out of the country and away from my home PC until this Friday, so won't be able to try any solutions until then.

How to Fix: "Failure configuring Windows updates. Reverting changes." - YouTube

A:'Failure configuring Windows updates'

Aside from the System Restore? Meaning did you try it or not? Also did you try the Fixit from Microsoft? Fixit
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Hi guys, can you help please. My daughters dell laptop is stuck on configure updates. Doesn't update and comp restarts over and over it is groundhog day on the lappy. I cannot get to anything. Any ideas please.
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So when I previously turned off my desktop computer, Windows 7 installed over 200 updates before turning off properly. When I turned my computer on again after a while, a message appeared: "Failure configuring Windows updates. Reverting changes. Do not turn off the computer" The message stayed in loop for over an hour and then I turned off the computer by pressing down the power button. I repeated this several times in safe mode and command prof but nothing changed.
My computer hasn't had this issue before.
If there are any solutions, a step-by-step guide would be helpful as tech isn't my strongest attribute

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So i just upgraded windows vista to Windows 7 Ultimate 32Bit so i had lots of updates i needed to install

So i clicked on install, it downloaded and then installed them asking for a restart, i did it, it installed updates then shut down then rebooted, on the reboot it said Configuring Windows updates and went up to 15% and then Failure Configuring Windows Updates, Reverting Changes and then it shuts down, boots back up says Configuring your Computer, and then its just normal and when i login the updates are not installed and it tells me that i have the same number of updates available

Update History

I have tried resetting Windows Updates but it didn't work, please help

A:Failure configuring windows updates

Please run this one MS Fix MS Fix it 50202 in Aggressive mode.If it don't help too,please click on any error,read details and post here
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I am getting slightly mad here

I have installed the updates for the above, both with automatic updates on and off.

It gets to 15% then fails

How do i get them to configure

PLEASE PLEASE any suggestions


A:Failure configuring updates - windows 8 (not pro)

Same problem here, 15% then fail. Updates KB2769165 and KB2770917. I have Windows 8 Pro.
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Computer keeps restarting itself and every time there`s a message "Configuring updates 3 of 3 0% complete. Do not turn off your computer".
It will restart itself a few times with the same message and then after a few restarts nothing happens. The computer is on but windows will not start up.

It`s windows vista home.

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Beginnning yesterday 7/28/09, everytime I shutdown or startup my computer it says it is configuring updates. On startup it sits on this screen for 10 mins before desktop is shown then error:

failed to connect to System Event Notification Service service

appears in bottom right.
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Hi guys,

Last night I did a system refresh and this was the result this morning, faaaantastic!

I am currently having an issue on my laptop at the moment where it's stuck in an infinite loop of 'reverting changes' after having tried to update and failed at 30%, I have done some reading at ways to boot into safe mode however it would appear windows 8 doesn't give me the chance.

I do not have a copy of my original windows 8 disc and am at a loss, please help!
Edit; I have tried spamming F4, F8, F10 buttons and none are allowing me to enter boot mode.

A:Failure Configuring Windows Updates 'Reverting Changes'

Open the Admin command (Win+X->Command Prompt(Admin)) and type:
bcdedit /set {current} safeboot minimal
Restart your PC, it should boot into safe mode.

To remove it from booting into safe mode, run from Admin Command:
bcdedit /deletevalue {current} safeboot
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Guys...I screwed up. I need help bad. So what I did was let windows install some updates. This was fine but then it said "failure configuring windows updates. reverting changes. do not turn off your computer." So I let it but it has been going for ages and it just wont move. Its stuck in a loop !!!! I try and try again but its just stuck on a loop. Also all the tutorials involve doing something while logged on, but I can't log on as it is STUCK IN A LOOP !!!!. 
As you can see I need help. Please help me out here lol. The PC is a Toshiba Satellite P850.  

A:Failure configuring windows updates LOOP!!!!!!!

If it is still stuck in the loop force a hard shutdown.  Cross your finger and restart the computer.
Let us know the results.
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My hard drive recently died so i ve replaced it Vista was reloaded with the recovery CD provided by my manufacturer So i got Vista installed and began the process Loop of Reboot-Configuring Hell. The Updates of re-installing everything It had to install Updates Today however days after the inital updates It decided The Reboot-Configuring Updates Loop of Hell. to get stuck in the loop It just stuck there on configuring updates while rebooting every so often I restarted i booted from the recovery CD and everything THEN I walk off to use another computer to google the issue and come back to see a Login Screen gt gt I The Reboot-Configuring Updates Loop of Hell. log The Reboot-Configuring Updates Loop of Hell. in and think RIGHT Backup NOW So i click my little start button and see to the bottom left a red button with a Installs updates then shuts down your computer I daren t shut down Ever S Dear god - What do i do I know that if i press that button i doubt i ll ever get a login screen again I could system restore but thats practically un-installing updates isn t it I dont want to spend another hours re-installing everything so what do i do Please nbsp

A:The Reboot-Configuring Updates Loop of Hell.

If your recovery DVD is SP1, then you can install SP2 after reinstallation, this will save many of the 81 updates from being installed.

It must be SP1 before you can install SP2

I would reinstall again.


SP1 if you need it
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Hello, i restored my samsung sidesync homysync lite laptop to factory image, it installed 97 updates and then after restarting multiple times i get this " Failure configuring windows updates, Reverting changes, Do not turn off your computer." I get this for more than 3 hours now, i tried to restart it but i keep getting this,i cant get in windows. What can i do?

A:failure configuring windows updates, reverting changes

That many updates will take a very long time to revert. Let it do it's job. When things return to normal, install 5 at a time, less wear and tear on the computer and less frustration for you. If you get an update that won't install, hide it temporarily and continue on with the rest then come back to the ones that did not install.

Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter from this site before proceeding with the updates.
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I have a 10 yr old Sony Vaio VVGN-nw115j with this issue. I have a recovery disc but do not want to factory reset because don't know what I have on computer and cannot see it. I saw a topic on this but it was closed.

A:Configuring updates: stage 3 of 3 - 0% complete loop, please help

Tap F8 at boot and then select safe mode with command prompt. Use Method 12 here. If you cannot get to a command prompt you will have to rename the file using a bootable disk like Hirens or a live linux disk such as Puppy linux. 
Do you have access to a Windows 7 computer?
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I recently tried updating to windows 10 but got update errors, I ran sfc /scannow and found I had corrupted files, however it couldn't fix them. I tried everything and had to resort to upgrading windows 7 again to repair all windows files. This required me to install updates again. I downloaded and installed all 201 updates then when I booted my computer this earlier it got to the stage where it said Failure configuring windows updates reverting. Does anyone know how long this is going to take I've already been waiting 30 mins and need my PC ASAP . Also is there any work around to this?


A:Please HELP - Failure configuring Windows Updates Reverting changes

Try downloading/installing like 10 or 20 updates at a time and install the updates you can install for now.
Go to updates history and check which one is failings, uncheck it so you can minimize the loop here, then try to solve the failing update after that.
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This is a message that could piss off the Pope.  I'm reloading computers and doing massive amounts of updates, as many as 210 at a time, and sometimes I get this message.  And it doesn't take out just the defective update, it takes out ALL the updates done in that session!
Is there a way to fix this problem or minimize the amount of time wasted on it?
I always run the Microsoft 50123 fixit before updating.  Sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn't.
What causes this enormous time-waster?

A:Failure configuring Windows updates, reverting changes.....

Try running the system readiness tool before the updates. It's a kludge but you could run approx 20 updates at a time. That way the most it could take out would be 20.
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While trying to figure out why my computer was running so slow. I shut it down and was going to boot it back up in safe mode to see if that helped at all and now I am getting the above Failure to configure windows updates.
What do I need to or can I do for this issue.

A:Failure Configuring Windows Updates. Reverting Changes. HELP

Hi 4honeys Are you able to boot back your computer normally or is it stuck in a loop of "Failure to configure Windows Updates"?
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I just bought new Asus Vivotab Smart Windows 8 tablet, after the very first windows update it failed to install some of the updates, and then after the reboot I am now stuck with the message "Failure configuring Windows updates, reverting changes".
It never gets any further than this, it never reverts, I have left it running for an entire day and have restarted several times.

please note that this is a tablet, so there is no keyboard so I cannot press any F keys to get into recovery mode, and no CD to boot from etc.

A:Failure configuring Windows updates, reverting changes

Hi Snake,
had to leave my lappy COMPLETELY alone for it to finally revert.
After that go
Then install updates.

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I purchased a new ASUS LAPTOP which came with windows 8 installed.
When i tried to restart after installing Gtalk i got this message.

"failure configuring windows updates. reverting changes. do not turn off your computer "

I got this on last friday i.e the 6th of june, ever since i am not able to do anything with my laptop. I dont have windows 8 dvd as well.

How do i re boot it?
Model number : Asus 15634 Laptop Intel Core i3

I also tried pressing the power button for 15 secs , still no luck
Tried f8 f9 and windows + r and windows+ X keys no luck

A:failure configuring windows updates. reverting changes!

Hi Diva,
had the same prob after restore factory settings.

I let it run for about 2 hours it finally reverted, after about 7/8 tries

After you are up and running go

Controlpanel>windowsUpdate>troubleshoot, to clear any errors

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BACKSTORY Hello today I helped my mother with her PC My old gaming rig because she had those advertising addons all over her browser I successfully uninstalled and disabled all of the programs then did a defrag and disk cleanup while I was at it The PC has a gtx in it so I had a look for updates and decided to remove GeForce Experience Nvidias GeForce experience wasn't cooperating so I ran the Display Driver uninstall tool version from quot http www guru d com files-details display-driver-uninstaller-download html quot I ran it and it said it would reboot in safe mode due to registry changes Problem Now the PC fails to boot at all It gets through the safe mode load screen with all the sys files then it says quot Failed configuing windows updates Reverting changes Do not turn off your computer quot I left it for mins nothing was happening I've since tried booting from last known good configuration and start windows normally but both boot in safe mode and get stuck on the Failed to configure message I have also tried using the windows disk here are screenshots of my step by step attempts I am absolutely dumbfounded I don't know what I've done or what windows [SOLVED] updates. configuring Failed to do to fix it

A:[SOLVED] Failed configuring windows updates.

On your first screen shot, what version of windows is on the computer, and what version is your windows CD?

Your recover from image screenshot, is looking for a image file, do you have clone of your hard drive?

To run chkdsk from the Recovery Environment, you need to point to your Windows drive, the command you typed is trying to run chkdsk on the windows CD.
type this chkdsk E: /r
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I've been stuck on this screen for awhile now and its quite annoying. I just got this laptop about a week ago and haven't really done much on it. I recently did put a whole bunch of pictures on it though that I really don't want to lose, that would be really terrible really. Anyway, this screen won't go away, all I did was try to update it to Windows 8.1 cause a message popped up saying to do that from the computer settings button that you find on the charm bar. I did try turning it off and on because another forum said that that worked for them. Then after restarting it came right back to this screen. But I literally can't do anything because it's stuck on this screen! Any advice?

A:Failure configuring Windows updates/ reverting changes/

I hope that you still have the backup of your pictures.

Your problem is not very clear, it looks like you are talking about two different things. There is no popup that will tell you to update to Windows 8.1 by "saying to do that by the computer settings in the charms bar", it just isn't done that way.

The best bet would be to use the recovery partition in your computer to reset to original factory conditions, see your computer manual on how to proceed.

When done install all the windows updates then go to the Windows Store to get and install the Windows 8.1 update.
Windows 8.1 - Update to from Windows 8
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I am using the automatic updates feature for Windows Updates. I think I have it set to update at about 4:00 a.m. I am not normally on my computer at that time, but when I am it is because I am working on a very important project. Therefore, I cannot afford to have my computer shut down with no notification. On XP, I would at least recieve a warning that my computer was about to configure updates, then I had the opportunity to save and close out. In Vista, it justs shuts down whatever I have open to install and search for updates and then provides me with an automatic retreval when my computer reboots- which does not always have everything up to the point of shutdown. How can I get a setting change for a notification before configuration of updates and still maintain my automatic update schedule?

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I have found a previous post on a looping issue that I am currently having during start up I do not have an install dvd so I have followed the previous posts instructions and I have the FRST txt which I have attached I have followed the instructions below and now I am stuck at this point I don't know what to do next On the System Recovery Options menu you will get the following options Startup Repair System Restore Windows Complete PC Restore Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool Command Prompt Select Command Prompt In the command window type in notepad and press Enter The notepad opens Under File menu of stage loop complete Configuring 0% updates: - 3 3 select Open Select Computer and find your flash drive letter and close the notepad In the command window type Configuring updates: stage 3 of 3 - 0% complete loop e frst exe for x bit Configuring updates: stage 3 of 3 - 0% complete loop version type e frst and press EnterNote Replace letter e with the drive letter of your flash drive The tool will start to run When the tool opens click Yes Configuring updates: stage 3 of 3 - 0% complete loop to disclaimer Press Scan button It will make a log FRST txt on the flash drive Please copy and paste it to your reply

A:Configuring updates: stage 3 of 3 - 0% complete loop

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