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Virtual PC 2007 has no sound no matter what guest os

Q: Virtual PC 2007 has no sound no matter what guest os

Im not sure if this has been answered before but i couldnt find anything

i have vista home premium with onboard sound (realtek audio) i have virtual PC 2007 and no matter what guest os i try windows xp or 98 i am unable to get sound, i have removed and readded virtual machine additions to no avail,.

i have also tried virtual box and vm player and got the same issue
any help would be appreciated as there are games i cant play on vista


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Preferred Solution: Virtual PC 2007 has no sound no matter what guest os

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi. I installed XP Virtual PC 2007 on my XP hosting computer but I am unable to hear any sound.
The virtual sound card is "Sound Blaster 16" and ,in device manager, it shows up as enabled. Music audio will run in media players but I just can't hear anything . It does not make any sound when loading up windows either.

My sound card is a Sigmatel. I tried installing the factory drivers but received an error saying that "This system is not compatible with the drivers."( something like that).

Does anyone know what I can do to get the sound to work on my virtual pc?

A:Virtual PC - No sound on guest OS

What OS are you running as the Guest?
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I have installed a guest WinXP under Virtual PC 2007 SP1 on a WinXP host. but I am not getting any sound.
I searched here but the only thread I found was closed (presumably for inactivity) without an answer.

Can anyone help?

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I'm planning installing Windows XP on a Mac running virtual box and was wondering if it makes a difference between 32 bit and 64 bit edition? If both can run fine I guess I'd go with 64 bit since it's faster.

A:In Virtual Box does it 32bit/64bit matter?

Whether or not you can run 64bit guests depends on whether you're CPU has the VT-x extension flag on the CPU.

If it doesn't, you will be unable to run 64bit guests, regardless of whether the host (e.g. OS X) is 64bit or not.

I would recommend you stick to 32 bit, you really don't need the extra performance, nor will you see it when running an OS virtually as a guest within a host OS.
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I have Vista as my Host OS and using Microsoft Virtual PC, I have Installed 3 machines (XP, Win2003 and Linux)
I am connected to Internet via USB data card.

My guest OS are not able to see each other.(ping each other). How to solve this?


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I am still having ONE small issue. I got the additions installed, but it is still not allowing me to set up a shared folder between the virtual machine and the host system. It's saying "Not installed." Here, I'll give you a screenshot of the issue I'm getting.

A:Virtual PC 2007 - set up a shared folder between virtual machine and host?


Start your virtual machine & install the additions pack under "Action"
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my aunt had a laptop with microsoft office 2007, laptop was stolen.

I gave her my laptop with microsoft office (word, power point and excel ) but its 2010.

What can I do on options or settings to make ms office 2010 look like ms office 2007...
I know this sounds stupid but it is what it is.
thank you.
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I have Vista Business with SP1 installed on my T61 Laptop (see my computer Specs in the little computer icon next to my name)

I have 1 Virtual PC running with 512 MB RAM allocated to it. this VM is running Microsoft Server 2003 R2. the problem is that its very choppy and slow. I had Virtual PC 2007 installed on this same system, with out the service pack 1 on the host OS and it ran fine.
In both cases the Virtual PC tools were installed

Is this an issue with Vista Service Pack 1, or is there some setting in the VM that i need to set?

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I have a Virtual PC running Windows XP and I changed the Network Adapter to use my home network to download an ISO image for VS2010. That worked but now when I start my Virtual PC and go to My Computer it reads my host PC's C drive and not the Virtual PC's C drive. Can anyone help me to 'reset' my Virtual PC to use the virtual C drive again? I found this problem when I went to mount the ISO image to install VS2010 that the virtual C drive icon was looking at my host C drive and not the virtual C drive.

A:Virtual PC 2007 does not use virtual C drive

Hello keviny, and welcome to TSG. I hope you receive the help you require so I'm going to move this to the XP forum where it will get better attention.
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I have an old Lexmark Colorfine inkjet printer bit that runs fine on Win platforms I have no other printers available amp cannot configure this driver to the host Win XP Pro SP OS w Pentium IV CPU GHz as XP does not support the driver for this printer Except for this printing issue I have successfully installed and operated Win SE as a VM using VPC SP spending many hours configuring updating polling reading blogs amp tips etc etc all to no avail IEEE- secure both ends sc config spooler start disabled amp net stop spooler no results either I do not expect to network this system either as the XP host will not allow load the Lexmark driver Win98 on problem LPT1 host w/ 2007 on VPC guest XP Why won t the VM capture and print to standard h- Fh IRQ Bidi LPT The printer control program responds graphically processing the print job within the VM environment but the printer queue accessed through VM Control Panel remains empty pause function also unresponsive via Control Panel Is there a reliable software solution trick for this problem or am I attempting LPT1 problem on guest Win98 w/ XP host on VPC 2007 the impossible Is it because the CPU does not support virtualization All of my other applications MS Office Adobe etc run fine on the VM Just can t get the bloody system to print Grrrrrrrrrrr Can anyone help this blind squirrel LPT1 problem on guest Win98 w/ XP host on VPC 2007 find a nut Frankly I m amazed that at this relatively late juncture of development an answer for this problem seems so obscure in general printer issues relating to this matter appear countless Many thanks for any help and consideration nbsp

A:LPT1 problem on guest Win98 w/ XP host on VPC 2007

Since my last post I formatted HD, reinstalled host XP Pro SP2, VPC 2007 SP1 & guest Win98SE among many other "blind squirrel" attempts to get Lexmark 2050 operational. Steve Jain offers some helpful tips in his blogs, & by many online accounts a physical printer "should" function from a guest OS w/o host driver. I've read "standard" LPT1 must be configured in VPC console before installing virtual OS; which I've done. I have also established a MS loopback adapter network with print sharing enabled & firewall disabled; still all to no avail. Lexmark 2050 runs virtually, but not physically; print job does not reach VM control panel printer queue, however printer control program detects on/off line status of printer (I guess due to a dedicated bidi comm line). Can it be NTFS vs FAT of WinXP vs Win98? Or every time the printer is turned on, the host's Hardware Wizard detects it; could it be the HW captures LPT1 before the guest does? No easy task to silence HW. Are other WinXP "services" from "typical" installation suspect of capturing LPT1? It would be a shame to discard an otherwise functional printer; after all this is the cause of the "bigger picture" - the amount of unnecessary waste/polution Americans generate! No one can ever accuse Lexmark of "going green"!
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Here is the problem I just recently was given a laptop. I was told that it was hooked up to a tv with HDMI but, there was sound on the laptop. I am running Windows 7 Premium HP Pavilion g7-1318dx Notebook PC
Serial Number: 6CF2085XDS Product Number: A7A43UAR . I have no sound with just notebook speakers. I have went to the HP driver download site and tried to download the audio drivers. I receive a warning " The Hardware detected is not supported by this IDT software package. Install will now abort." There are 3 Audio downloads on the Hp website none work. The speaker Icon down by the clock with a red X on it when you do a mouse roll over it says no speakers or headphones are plugged in. I have tried headphones still no sound. I have also tried to the windows trouble shooter and it says it detects no problems. Play back devices is only showing Digital Audio (HDMI) High definition Audio device not plugged in. Recording says there are no audio devises are installed in. I have tried everything any help would be appreciated.

A:No sound no matter what

I think that you need an extra lead because HDMI gives picture only. The lead I have has a mini stereo jackplug at one end which goes into the computer's headphones socket and two phono plugs (white and yellow) at the other to plug into the TV's audio input at the back. You should then be able to work out how to set up the sound via Control Panel.
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I have a Medion MD A P with onboard sound AC the other day I noticed a hot electrical type smell coming from my computer while it was on and it was still running fine but the fan on my power supply wasn t running so I immediately turned it off and went out and bought a new power supply a w After I re-hooked recognized?? what no sound Onboard 97) I matter do? (AC not everything back up it had alot of problems during boot up and I re-installed windows and then realized I only had to update the bios as it showed an error on Onboard (AC 97) sound not recognized?? no matter what I do? it it in the device manager so after I had to reinstall all the updates and service packs and BIOS all is well except my AC onboard soundcard doesn t show up in the device manager and no matter how many times I try to install the drivers it doesn Onboard (AC 97) sound not recognized?? no matter what I do? t show up anywhere error from winamp is directsound output Bad directsound driver V errorcode it s not detected in direct x as i updated to newest version either A did I overlook plugging power back up to it after I Onboard (AC 97) sound not recognized?? no matter what I do? installed my new power supply I couldn t remember if I had to unplug power from it B did I fry my sound chip how do i find out C can I install another soundcard if the onboard is bad any help is greatly apreciated Oh and it s not virus related as I m protedted and nothing has been detected Thanks nbsp

A:Onboard (AC 97) sound not recognized?? no matter what I do?

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot

oneno said:

A: did I overlook plugging power back up to it after I installed my new power supply? I couldn't remember if I had to unplug power from itClick to expand...

No onboard sound doesn't require separate power

oneno said:

B:did I fry my sound chip? how do i find out?Click to expand...

Not likely, if everything else is working

oneno said:

C:can I install another soundcard if the onboard is bad??Click to expand...

Yes, in fact your system will run a little better taking some of the load off the cpuClick to expand...

Please read this thread and post back..
Most likely the sound is disabled in the bios.
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After getting my new PC all together, I realized I forgot to buy one. Are there any compatibility issues I should need to know before purchasing one?

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I have a HP G - SA with Windows Home Premium One day the original Hard Drive that came with the Computer packed up and ended I Serious Not Help Matter What Working, People. Sound Try. I Need Not up not working making weird ticking noises and it was confirmed that I needed a new one Now I got Sound Not Working, Not Matter What I Try. I Need Serious Help People. a hard drive with the same RPM and GB BUT wasn't the exact same as the one that came with it Now if that causes any problems then please say so and what problems does it course I formatted the Hard Drive and Partitioned it as well also did all the CD's made for Windows System Recovery Which are System Recovery DVD Windows Recovery Media for Widows Products Disc of and of cause the second Disc also and well finally Application and Driver Recovery CD Everything seemed fine but the intial Start-Up takes longer than the original Hard Drive but saying that after the Start-Up the laptop runs smoothly and nicely Normally All my stuff like Anti-Virus stuff was all finally installed onto my computer still no problems until it occurred that no sound at all was playing but I hadn't really noticed then so then I was did the Windows Updater and installed everything on that even the latest Sound Codec for it Then I restarted my computer I also installed the latest BIOS for it and that didn't work either Now I keep getting this stupid Preparing to Configure Windows every time on load up and there is NO SOUND either but the Sound Meter is moving plus the speakers are not done in either because it doesn't make weird noises or off sound cause it doesn't make any sound anyways and I have done everything possible I did all what HP said what to do which usually solves the problem and also looked at many forums many saying what HP said but still doesn't work and also did HP System Recovery to set it to factory settings and that still doesn't work at all I honestly don't know what to do at all people its a very peculiar problem and don't have any clue in how to solve it I'm pretty experienced in computers so I'm willing to listen to anything So what shall I do to solve this problem Shall I do the whole Partitioning and Formatting again or does that have nothing to do with it Also checked if it was muted and it isn't and also saw if the device was in yellow and well it wasn't

A:Sound Not Working, Not Matter What I Try. I Need Serious Help People.

I have redone the Reocvery Discs and hasn't fixed my main problem at all.

But it has fixed the annoying 'Preparing to Configure Windows' thing popping up and the start up is roughly how it used to be. But still no sound at all did all the things again and still nothing. :S Have no clue what so ever. So I'm hoping you people can give me ideas on how to fix it. Thx.
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I got so many problems with my computer and my sound is one of them.

My computer always starts out with sound but seconds later, my computer keeps saying that there is no audio device. I already searched for a driver for my audio device, but it rarely works every time. Yesterday, it worked, but now it doesn't.

The last time my sound worked perfectly was back in February, and I should have gotten this fixed but I'm in school and mostly use my laptop at school. So I had little time to get my computer somehow fixed with the many problems it has.

This is my first time here so, there I go.

A:No Sound, No Matter How Many Driver Reinstallations I Did

On board sound or a sound card? If a sound card, what brand name is it?
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Strange... I went to play a movie this morning on my computer for my daughter and windows media player came up blank, but sound was there to be heard. I tried the same flick in media player classic and then in real player but got the same results. I tried diferent movies, but got the same results. It seems as though something has disabled all video capabilities on my puter. What can be done? Thanks in advance for any advice.

A:Getting sound but no picture in any of my media players, no matter what movie...

Most likely that the files need a newer codec. Try these codecs and see if it helps.
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I have installed Virtual PC 2007 on a Vista machine. It works great for running XP on the Virtual machine to run some legacy software I have. The only problem is that for one of the programs I need to have a USB foot pedal attached. Microsoft says that Virtual PC does not recognize any USB devices except for a keyboard and mouse. Is there any other way to get around this?

Does VMware support USB devices?

A:Virtual PC 2007

VMWARE has better support for USB devices, though I don't have any direct experience connecting USB to a VMWARE session.
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I know that Virtual PC make use another system on the same physical computer and that it is good to prevent against virus. But I would like to know if it give me Vista, XP etc?

Also I would like to know how much resources it can take on my PC?

A:Virtual PC 2007
Windows XP SP3
Minimum Memory 256 MB
Minimum Hard-Disk Space 3 GB
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I have heard a bit about running another operating system using Virtual Machine 2007 and was wondering, do you need to install drivers etc like you would with a fresh hard drive install?

A:Virtual PC 2007

All you need to do is download Virtual PC, As far as I know you will have to install most of the drivers, but not all, I have VPC and I reinstalled my Sound card drivers, and vid card drivers..

Also if I were you and you're planning on extensively using VPC, I would suggest upgrading your ram, and possibly OS.. I have XP-64 Bit Pro with 16 Gigs of ram, and two monitors, constantly have XP and Vista running, 4 Gigs for Vista and 12 for Xp
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I have just started playing around with MS Virtual PC 2007. It seems like a cool way to have other OS's "on hand" without having to do a true install.

I installed Win98 on one virtual machine, but had trouble updating it through Windows Update. The info on the error indicated that it may be a firewall setting. The PC I am running VPC on only uses Windows Firewall, but is connected to an NAT router. I tried adding VPC to the WF exceptions, but that did not help.

Any ideas?

What kind of security issues does one have to worry about while on the net on a VPC session? Or is that the beauty of it, that it is self contained?

I would like to have a comletely updated install of Win98 on a virtual machine just for old times sake, and a lightweight Linux distro such as Xubuntu.



A:MS Virtual PC 2007

Microsoft doesn't support Win98 any longer do they? I think that means no updates, virtual PC or not.

Virtual PC is sandboxed as long as you don't tie into any real-time part of the computer that can transfer an infection.
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hi ya

Installed Virtual PC 2007 on my 1.8GHz AMD Duron, 512Mb Ram, 160GB HDD 256MB PNY Geforce 6200, WinXP Home Custom built PC.

I am running XP Home as both the Host OS and the Guest OS, It's on the Guest OS to test software. Will soon be testing Vista Business in same way but after installing XP home on the Virtual PC i tried installing the Virtual PC Additions the following message:

The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed. This can occur if you are running Windows in safe mode, or it the Windows Installer is not correctly installed. Contact your support personnel for assistance.

Just a note i was not in safe mode.

A:Virtual Pc 2007

Try this free program to re-register your Windows Installer:
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I want to use Virtual PC to install XP as guest OS on my new Vista PC. I have been given conflicting advice as to whether I should install the virtual OS on a separate partition on the host machine; or to the same partition; or it doesn't really matter. Please could someone with practical experience advise me?

A:using Virtual PC 2007


Originally Posted by Shrubsole

I want to use Virtual PC to install XP as guest OS on my new Vista PC. I have been given conflicting advice as to whether I should install the virtual OS on a separate partition on the host machine; or to the same partition; or it doesn't really matter. Please could someone with practical experience advise me?

Hey mate

From my experience i installed Virtual PC on XP and run vista, win95, winnt, win2000....

then i installed Virtal PC on vista, and load those images...all runing fine

I have them on my D drive where no OS is just data...

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I once used Virtual PC 2007 at school a long time ago, but now can't figure out how to get it started at home. I installed Virtual PC, but not sure how to load an operating system on the virtual machine. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

A:Virtual Pc 2007

Hey!I once used Virtual PC 2007 at school a long time ago, but now can't figure out how to get it started at home. I installed Virtual PC, but not sure how to load an operating system on the virtual machine. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!Here you go mate, all the info you need is here...
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After dealing with Virtual PC 2007 i have noticed that i have to transfer my .vmc files back and forth alot to make sure that it is up-to-date across my laptop and desktop computer.
I do work on both and since they are both Vista machines i cant run Dreamweaver 8 on either of them (thus im left with VPC 2007) my question however is, would it be possible to make the .vmc files syncronize in some way so that i don't have to copy them back and forth all the time?

A:Virtual PC 2007 on-the-go?

Not that I know of.
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Howzit guys
Working in Virtual PC, all working fine, then the next day, it will not open the same disc image. I have important base files I have to extract from this virtual drive.
Anyone had this issue before? If you can help, I buy you a case of beers!
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Hello I am preparing to take the MCITP Pro exam in a few months I am using the MS Press Study Guide for the - exam to prepare for the exam One of the requirements RAM much 2007 Virtual for How PC for preparing for the exam with this book is setting up a lab on my pc using VPC The author recommends How much RAM for Virtual PC 2007 setting up virtual pcs XP Pros Server amp Vista My OS is Vista I have a ASUS M A-VM motherboard w integrated X graphics MB- MB I have gig of RAM for graphics The author recommends gigs of RAM for the VPC lab I would like to go with gigs to stay on the safe side - I know Vista will not utilize all of it As a matter of fact my pc only uses about half of the gig My question is how much RAM should I add if I use - OS with VPC Also can I set up a VPC on an external drive Thanks Bob

A:How much RAM for Virtual PC 2007

Hi, you will get away with 2gb Ram. If you have the money you can go to 4 gb, though it will not be fully utilised 32 bit systems are limited typically the max available is 3.25 gb. 2003 Server will require you to set available ram to 1024 so you definitely need more then the 1gb you now have I would say Vista is much happier with 2gb then 1. Here is a good tutorial on VPC:-

Sorry yes you can set it up on an external drive DO not put it on "C" (your main windows drive) will run like a draft horse.
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There s some OLD programs from when I was a kid that I d like to run So I got Microsoft s Virtual PC My host system is a Toshiba A- Satellite XP Media Center BG ram The virtual environment I PC Virtual 2007 6... DOS + created for DOS is a MB virtual hard drive with Mb ram So the first set up I have I installed FreeDos Install went fine and it seems to be working great No set up required for my sound mouse or DVD drive But one of the programs I want to run produces this error message quot An internal virtual machine error has occurred The virtual machine will now reset quot Not sure what to do with this and the searches I have done seem a little sketchy So using Virtual PC 2007 + DOS 6... the same virtual environment as described above I borrowed an old quot drive and set up DOS- Install worked GREAT But it s been like - years since I have used DOS And while I remember all the basic commands I have forgotten how to set my the CD-ROM sound etc Anyone have any ideas on where I need to go from here If there s a way around that virtual error using freedos that s the way I d rather proceed as it auto detects everything Thank you nbsp

A:Virtual PC 2007 + DOS 6...

I'm not sure you'll find sound drivers and the like for DOS for your sound board. As far as setting up the basic stuff like CD drivers, you can simply download a working example.

Some MS-DOS Boot Disks for all occasions.

NetBootDisk - Universal Network Boot Floppy


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hello, i'm new to the forums and was wondering if anybody could tell me how to remove (completely) a virtual machine from virtual pc 2007. in the help section it states "You remove a virtual machine by using the Remove option on Virtual PC Console, and each virtual machine must be removed individually. To be removed, the virtual machine must be closed or in a saved state. When you remove a virtual machine, it is only removed from the list of available virtual machines. The virtual machine files, including the virtual machine configuration (.vmc) file and virtual hard disk (.vhd) file, are not deleted or changed when you remove a virtual machine." microsoft's website dosen't offer anything else (imagine that) nor can i find any info from google. is removing the machine from the console and deleting the .vhd and.vmc files sufficient? where do they reside?



A:virtual pc 2007

Deleting the .vmc and .vhd files are sufficient to remove the virtual machine from your computer (though nothing is ever really, really gone for good.)The files ought to be found in the My Virtual Machines folder in your My Documents (or simply Documents in Vista) folder.
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If I install XP as a Virtual Machine on Vista, do I need to find all the XP drivers for my computer for it to run properly, or will it adapt the Vista drivers on the host machine to run everything?

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I've installed MS Virtual PC 2007 on a system running Vista Home Premium. I need to run Quickbooks 2005 and it won't even install on Vista. Someone on the Quickbooks forum suggested using XP on a virtual PC.

Virtual PC installs but I get error messages about it not being compatible with my OS. When I start it it launches ok and finds the mac address and GUID. It looks for the DHCP but can't find it. I then get the error message.... Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


A:Virtual PC 2007

VPC is not tested on the Vista Home platforms, but it should work.

Once you install VPC, you then have to install XP in the virtual machine you created, that's what the boot prompt is for. You can capture the CD/DVD drive and boot the VPC session from the XP media and do the installation.
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I installed Virtual PC 2007 on my Vista computer and put Xp Pro on it. It works great and everything but, weird question how does it work? I have a virtual hdd of like 60 gb but it doesn't actually take any of my hdd space how is that so?

A:Virtual Pc 2007

Yes it does take some of your hard drive space - Try looking through My Documents for something like My Virtual Machines. In that folder will be the file that your VM runs from (and it's size will be the amount of hard drive space that it's taking up).

You can change the sizes through the settings when your first open Virtual PC 2007.
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Hi All

I am trying to figure out how to install additions on my virtual pc so I can shared folders from my host computer. Running Vista Home Premium for host and Win 2K in virtual pc. One step I found says to click on Action tab and the install update additions. I do not have that option under action tab. I have; start, pause, reset, remove, settings and properties. Pause & reset are grayed out. I have been to Microsoft's website trying to find answers without any luck. Anyone run into this problem?

Thanks, Doug

A:Virtual PC 2007

You need to be running the Virtual PC, in your case Win 2K, to install Additions.
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I need assistance connecting to the internet from my virtual machine. I was abke to do it when initally installed, but now it is not working. How do I correct this problem?

A:Virtual PC 2007

See if networking driver updates solves the problem.
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I m trying to restore a physical image of an XP machine to a VPC session P V - Physical to Virtual I ve seen a few methods to do this but I haven t had any luck getting them to work including a method that was posted in another thread on this site VPC had a straight forward way for allowing VM Additions to work on a DOS based VPC session But it looks like VPC no longer supports this method as stated in the Help but the VMAdditions iso file included with VPC does contain the fshare exe utility that is supposed to allow you to map a drive from the DOS VPC to the host computer I just can t get it to run on the VPC session I DOS 2007 PC support Virtual used PQI to create my XP physical image and would like to use it Virtual PC 2007 DOS support to restore the image to my VPC session Here s the sequence of steps I need to perform - Launch VPC from a bootable DOS CD that also contains PQI - Format the C drive of the VPC session to match the HD space of my image - Somehow map a drive to where my XP PWI image is located - Run PQI within the VPC session - Restore the XP image from the mapped drive location Any help or alternate methods would be appreciated nbsp
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Hi there,

last week I discovered VPC and it works like a charm.

However, _printing_ from MS-DOS, or even Borland DBASE IV directly, is still a feat waiting to be accomplished.

Ideally, I would like to _print_ to CutePDF (to get a PDF); this basically amounts to the same thing as being able to print to any of the printers and use the printing drivers installed on Windows XP.

Any help & ideas much appreciated.



Virtual PC 2007
Host: Win XP Professional; Guest: MS DOS 6.22

Borland DBASE IV

See also:
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I installed Microsoft's free Virtual PC 2007 and am curious: how safe is it REALLY?

This would be really useful to test run applications for spyware/viruses before I install them on my main machine. If I execute all files on the virtual machine, can anything "migrate" to the physical host machine?

And, let's say the Virtual HDD has an OS that is infested with (exaggeration) millions of viruses and spyware. Won't any good anti-virus scanner see the Virtual HDD (.vhd) file as being infected?

it seems to good to be true and I don't want to end up doing something stupid if the virtual machine is not 100% separate from my physical machine.


A:How safe is Virtual PC 2007?


I work all day with Virtual PC and also VMWARE wich is more or of the same. A virtual PC has a virtual disk that's basically a file on you HD filesystem, wich of course can be a normal file would. But if you are a good user you will protect from that situation with a good AV.

You can build a network with the virtual pc's and do whatever you want

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I have some questions about the VPC environment My main OS is Windows XP Pro and I XP on Pro W2k? runing PC 2007 Virtual am using VPC to run W k My questions are Say if I download a virus in the VPC OS will it effect my main operating system Or just the VPC so all I have to do is delete the VHD virtual hard drive How do I switch my mouse from the VPC to my main OS without pressing CTRL ALT DELETE How do I move a file from my main OS to the VPC environment ex I have a SAV and I would like to move it to the VPC environment to install Without re downloading it and having to pay a fee The file is to big to email and it would be a waste of CD Rs Does my computer meet the application benchmark AMD Turion at GHZ and running with GB ram Could you please tell me the running in the following environments W K XP home Pro and Vista Business Thank you very much ps If I put this in the wrong Thread could someone help me move it to the proper location nbsp

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i use build 7100x64 and installed virtual pc 2007 for x64 with sp1.
i mounted the 7100x64 iso and booted. But I get this error:

File: \windows\system32\winload.exe
Status: 0xc000035a
Info: Attempting to load a 64-bit application, however this CPU is not
compatible with 64-bit mode.

Is there a solution for this problem?


A:virtual pc 2007 64 bit problem

Hello Nechan,

Sorry, but you can only use a 32-bit OS as a virtual machine (guest) in Virtual PC when you have either the 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 7 installed.

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I've installed VPC 2007 and created a Win98 box. I want to play an old game, Clandestiny, but the video and audio are very choppy and the game runs to slow to play. I'm new to VPC, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

A:Clandestiny on Virtual PC 2007

VPC is not meant for gaming. It uses a generic set of hardware not your host computer's actual hardware. You could try allocating more RAM, but if this game has specific hardware requirements, then I doubt it'll work in that environment.
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Hi everyone,

I have a strange little quirk I ran into that maybe one of you may know something about with Virtual PC 2007 SP1. I have Vista 64 bit Ultimate w/SP1 installed as the host computer. If I use the 32 bit Vista Ultimate as a Virtual Machine (VM), I have no problems with the network connection or anything else in the VM. If I use the 32 bit Vista Home Premium as a VM, everything works fine except the network connection in the VM. The settings are the same on both.

I wanted to use Home Premium since it is the only one that I have a spare product key number for.

Does anyone know of a reason why the network connection will not work with the Home Premium edition over the Ultimate with the exact same VM settings?

I hope it's not simply because I have Ultimate installed as the host.

Thank you for any thoughts,

A:Virtual PC 2007 question

Hi Shawn,

A couple of things that might help you. Firstly, SP1 for VPC2007 is available, dated 5/15/2008, and it might fix the bug you are experiencing (if you haven't already got this update). Secondly, here is a link to the VPC2007 community support pages from Microsoft entitled 'Discussions in Virtual PC for Windows'. I know that this link appears as 'Windows XP Newsgroups', but that is where they have located this particular forum. Have a browse through and see if there is anything there. If not, post your query there and see if you get a reply.
All the best,

Download details: VPC 2007 SP1

Windows XP Newsgroups=
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Hi all,

Anyone knows whether we can create a cluster using virtual PC 2007.

Details as under

Server01 - DC, DNC, DHCP
Server02 - Member Server

Objective: To Create a cluster among server01 & server02 and install exchange 2003 on Server01 (active /passive nodes) & test for failover / failback scenarios

I would like to know if this is possible in Virtual PC 2007.


classfriend at yahoo dot com
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I have a VHD file that I use for a windows installation. The problem is that it's a lot bigger than it should be. Windows says that it's using 3 GB. The actual file is 10 GB. I tried compressing it, but it made no difference. It's supposedly a dynamically sized drive.

A:Virtual PC 2007 VHD file

Virtual pc says its dynamic meaning if you need more than 10.0g it will grow as needed. I think the default when you first install it is 10 gig in which you are prob only using 3.0.
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I am getting ready to install this to test some software and I wonder about the uninstall process. I did not find it addressed on Microsoft's website.

If it works, I will be getting some new hardware and I will not need it on the original PC any more.

Any concerns?

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Hi ! - I'd like to have a VM running while browsing the Internet. I found the MS site to download the software. But, I don't have a Windows CD with my ACERs XP operating system. Never received it with the PC. The 'D' drive is where the factory default reload resides. I loaded that up on two DVDs a long time ago in case I needed to reload. Is there any way to get a VM up and running with what I have ?

Windows XP Media Edition/ACER Aspire 5100 laptop. 1G ram, 100G HD -


A:MS Virtual PC 2007 Question ...

No - you'll need a separate o/s. You can't install the same o/s on 2 machines (one virtual) and use the same key. Simply won't work.
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Can anyone help me please??? I am running Vista 64 and installed virtual pc 2007 sp1 and Windows 7 within this but can't get an internet connection.

I have looked on the forums and done the necessary like installing network driver and installing the virtual machine in vista network area but it has not worked.

I have uninstalled the virtual machine and re-booted as suggested and then re-installed but it still will not connect to the internet.

I have now run out of ideas.

Anyone help pleeaaase?

Thanks in advance.


A:No internet using Virtual PC 2007

Quote: Originally Posted by steverido


Can anyone help me please??? I am running Vista 64 and installed virtual pc 2007 sp1 and Windows 7 within this but can't get an internet connection.

I have looked on the forums and done the necessary like installing network driver and installing the virtual machine in vista network area but it has not worked.

I have uninstalled the virtual machine and re-booted as suggested and then re-installed but it still will not connect to the internet.

I have now run out of ideas.

Anyone help pleeaaase?

Thanks in advance.


First, you've attached a DirectX "DxDig.txt", which as exactly nothing to do with networking.

Second, have you set the Virtual Machine to have a network adapter, which in turn should be set to Shared Networking. From there, you should be able to adjust the network connection settings in the virtual OS just as you would any other "real" computer network settings...
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Hello everyone I could find a better place for this other Virtual Solved: 2007 PC help then for the quot guest OS quot I m trying to install The Solved: Virtual PC 2007 help host pc is Windows Server Enterprise at a datacenter The specs are CPU AMD X Dual Core X GHz East Coast D C West Coast D C Data Center East Coast USA RAM MB Bandwidth mbps unmetered GB East Coast D C Disk Drives X GB SATA Raid None Operating System Windows Enterprise East Coast D C West Coast D C Control Panel None The quot guest OS quot that I installed was Windows XP Pro Since it has the features to open certain files but Server can t But as soon as I tried to install XP Pro it lagged pretty bad I couldn t use the mouse had to use the keyboard to navigate the installation Then as soon as I was in the desktop after install I installed the additions and it fix the mouse a little bit but it lags so much That at a point it was - seconds for the start button to open up The same thing for Windows Explorer it was so hard but I thought it was because I remoted into the Server and it was in a way remoted into XP Pro virtual pc So is it because Server Enterprise or anything I see that Server Standard is supported so I would think that Enterprise is supported no Any help would be AWESOME Thanks again Aaron nbsp

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i'm running win xp pro on an amd athlon 64 3500+ with 1 gig of ram. i've installed msvpc2007 and ran the wizard. when i try to start the vhd all i get is a black screen. it doesn't post. i've used msvpc2004 and had no problems. i uninstalled 2007 and reinstalled 2004 and am having the same problem.
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I ve been using VPC OS Virtual PC not 2007 loading for quite some time with only a few issues here and there Recently however error messages flashed on the screen and it immediately shut down before I could read what they were When I tried start it back up it stops at a blank screen with a blinking cursor It takes no input whatsoever and stops right after the normal flash of text on the screen that it Virtual PC 2007 not loading OS s supposed to do on startup There were no changes to the configuration and there s no error message at all Also it is most likely a problem with the virtual disk as using a new disk with no OS works EDIT I created a new virtual disk and installed an OS on it and am able to retrieve all Virtual PC 2007 not loading OS of the data from the problem disk with no problems However I can t boot from it So the disk wasn t corrupted but for some reason virtual pc can t boot it nbsp

A:Virtual PC 2007 not loading OS

I use Vmware. What I do to avoid this problem is to store any "must have" data on another partition and I keep a backup copy of the VM.

With VMware, the entire virtual disk and the OS installed on it are contained in a folder, it's a simple matter to create a backup folder and copy/paste the contents of the original folder. This not only protects against the VM becoming unbootable, but also anything else that goes wrong. It's faster to restore a backup copy of the VM than it is to spend time actually fixing any little thing that goes wrong.
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I installed Virtual PC 2007 on Vista Business x86 and installed XP Pro as my virtual OS with 512MB of allocated ram (out of 2GB total). What I was wondering was that I noticed that the program only had 8MB of video memory when I have a Nvidia 6200 that has 256MB of onboard video memory. I checked the device manager and it said I only had a "S3 Trio32/64" video adapter installed. I looked at the Virtual PC settings and did not find anything to configure my video/graphics options.

Does anyone know what the deal is with this?

Also, I am primarily experimenting with this, but I was wondering, is it was possible to play legacy games with Virtual PC?


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MS have realesed Virtual PC2007

Use Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 to run multiple operating systems at the same time on the same physical computer. Switch between virtual machines with the click of a button. Use virtual machines to run legacy applications, provide support, train users, and enhance quality assurance.
Virtual PC lets you create separate virtual machines on your Windows desktop, each of which virtualizes the hardware of a complete physical computer. Use virtual machines to run operating systems such as MS-DOS, Windows, and OS/2. You can run multiple operating systems at once on a single physical computer and switch between them as easily as switching applications?instantly, with a mouse click. Virtual PC is perfect for any scenario in which you need to support multiple operating systems, whether you use it for tech support, legacy application support, training, or just for consolidating physical computers.

Info here


A:Virtual PC 2007 Released!

Is it compatible with Vista x64? if it is Can I run win98 and win xp? same time?Thanks for the post.
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I have set up a virtual PC 2007 Network on my desktop, all the Networking connections are using MS Loopback Adaptors. How would I go about copying the VM's and migrating them to annother desktop.

A:Virtual PC 2007 Migration

I don't know what the network adapter configuration has to do with anything, but with VirtualPC, you simply copy the .VMC and .VHD files from one computer to another.
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i have virtual pc 2007 installed in my xp sp2

i tried to install vista rc1. i tried it using a dvd. but after asking for the product key it says that install.wim is corrupt and exits the installation.

what should i do to overcome this?. i tried to download the rc1 but the customer review over.

is there another site where i can download the rc1 or rc2? can i go ahead with my existing copy by reparing the file.

plz help!

thanks in advance for ur replies

A:vista in virtual pc 2007

dodge_viper said:

iis there another site where i can download the rc1 or rc2? can i go ahead with my existing copy by reparing the file.

plz help!

thanks in advance for ur repliesClick to expand...

Nope. Vista has gone RTM.
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A few days ago I went to the control panel and enabled the built-in Guest account for the first time I quickly logged out logged in to switch over to the guest account then I switched back to my main account This apparently caused my mouse to behave differently -- I immediately felt like the sensitivity had been cranked up although sound mouse global to caused a & creating account? Guest by changes I suspect it is entirely the acceleration that is acting differently global changes to mouse & sound caused by creating a Guest account? I went to the control panel mouse settings and checked the sensitivity level and enhanced precision setting These were still identical to the mouse settings I had always used About a day later I also noticed that my sound was different When I went to continue editing a video that I had been working on for weeks and thus was intimately familiar with I immediately thought that the bass in the music track was louder I also noticed the same phenomena with a website I frequently visit to generate white noise To the best of my knowledge I couldn't find a place in the control panel or in my sound card software that lets you adjust the system-wide equalizer or anything like that Is there an explanation behind this or am I just crazy to think enabling the guest account caused global changes
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Hi all,

I was looking at the event viewer and noticed that there are multiple "logoff" events - event id 4634 - associated with the guest accolunt on my computer. The guest account is disabled. There is no associated "logon" event with matching event id although there are numerous SYSTEM logon events and one rather curious "anonymous user" logon event.

I am concerned that this may suggest a trojan but have no other symptons or issues to concern me other than these entries.

Can anyone shed any light?

A:Vista Pro. Multiple Guest logoff events with guest account off

ANONYMOUS LOGONs are routine events on Windows networks.
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As we all know Windows 10 is a technical preview right now. Most of us are using it in Virtual Machines, but we cannot set our resolutions past 1024x768 which kills the preview experience for us.
So that said. How are we going to make Guest additions work on Windows 10 right now for Virtualbox? Any ideas?

A:Virtualbox Guest Additions in Windows 10 Guest Operating System

1024x768 is a pretty big resolution (at least more than enough to read text). However, I suggest you to post at the official forums for further improvement of Windows 10 Preview (its compatibility)
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I have a on desktop Virtual taskbar not on 2007 PC problem with Virtual PC I m running Vista Home Premium as a host and VPC was working flawlessly even though the OS is not supported Now I can t open VPC When I click on the desktop icon Virtual PC 2007 on taskbar not on desktop double left click or right click-open or on the Start All Programs section the VPC logo briefly appears on the desktop and disappears and a small icon is on the taskbar When I check Windows Task Master Virtual PC Console is running When I scroll over the Virtual PC Console tab on the taskbar a small screen appears above the icon Unfortunately when I double click on the taskbar icon the icon disappears and Virtual PC is no longer shown as running in Task Master If I right click on the taskbar icon Maximize is grayed out The problem began after I used the computer on battery I usually only use it on AC power I put the host system to sleep a few times with VPC running My computer is an HP dv and the guest OS is XP Pro Does anyone have any idea how I can restore VPC I m willing to reinstall VPC but how can I do it without setting up another -gig patrician There were a couple of old forum threads on this topic but they were closed and the links didn't work Thank you

A:Virtual PC 2007 on taskbar not on desktop

I found a solution, and I thought if somebody else had the same problem it would be useful for them to know the solution.

The key is the options.xml file. (To find it, search the name, but you have to do an advanced search because it's a hidden file.)

Open the file in Word, and look at the "left position" and "top position;" mine were some seven or eight digits. I changed the settings to 429 left and 148 top, and Virtual PC 2007 displayed correctly.

Hope this helps somebody.


Baby Boomer
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Hi I am trying to install, Windows XP 64 as a Guest in a Windows Vista 64 Ultimate host through Windows Virtual PC 2007.

I have down loaded Windows Virtual PC 2007 and have it instaled as a software application on my Windows Vista 64 Ulimate computer. I have used the Windows Virtual PC 2007 software to create a Windows Virtual PC, it has a plain black screen with simple letters on it. What I can't figure out is how to get the Windows XP 64 on the install disc in to the Virtual PC.

Best and Warm Regards
Adrian Wainer

A:Install XP 64 to Windows Virtual PC 2007

You cannot - Virtual PC only supports 32bit Operating Systems as guests - I tried the same thing myself, and that is how I found out - See Microsoft Virtual PC - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Also see and and and

What I did when I found that out was sign up to Beta test VMWare new VMWorkstation. It supports both 32bit OSs and 64bit OSs.
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I have Vista Ultimate and I have installed MS Virtual PC 2007. I am trying to install a version of XP on a virtual PC so that I can run some older software. When I try to run the setup disk, I get past the format utility and then Vista re-boots and I am stuck. Any help getting past this point in the XP setup would be appreciated.


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Hi all!

Ok, I have a freaky problem with MS's Virtual PC 2007 SP1. I have googled this but I have not found an answer.

I have had it installed for some time, and I have used it on my current laptop once. This time I created a new virtual machine with the same settings and location as always, but when I clicked to run the virtual machine, my HOST machine got the BSOD. Here is some info I got from the BSOD:


STOP: 0x000000D1 (0xE1F74000, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0xAA140CC6)

I have heard of this type of BSOD appearing in the virtual machine, but not on the host. Every time I have to turn off the laptop and restart it.

Can anyone help with this, I kinda NEED to use Virtual PC for work...
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I am running Virtual PC 2007 on a Vista Platform. Everything is good with the exception of setting up shared folders. I have three guest PCs running. I have installed Virtual Machine Additions on all three. I am able to set up and access a shared folder on the host system on one of the three with no problem but the other two refuse to access any shared folder. When I configure the shared folder, it shows up in the guest PC under MyComputer, but it shows as "disconnected" and is inaccessible.

I had this same config working just fine when Windows 2003 was the host platform, but can't get it to work with Vista as the host. Is it a Vista problem?

Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?

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I have been trying unsuccessfully to implement Ubuntu under MS Virtual PC So far I spent about ten hours on this activity - results nil There is a good analysis of the problems of using VPC to make Ubuntu work at http arcanecode wordpress com For anyone trying to bring up Ubuntu in a virtual machine environment this is very helpful Many of the descriptions apply more generally than just to VPC I decided that I had spent too much time trying to use VPC so I went hunting on the web for an alternative I found the Sun product VirtualBox -Win x msi Within two hours I had a fully functional Ubuntu machine running under An Microsoft to 2007 alternative PC Virtual VirtualBox The installation process is extremely smooth and quite intuitive - I didn't have to go looking for Help The VirtualBox product has the virtue An alternative to Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 of allowing human errors to be corrected using the Back buttons and it doesn't get you lost in a tangle of incomprehensible jargon It seems to operate very adequately in terms of speed Without any tweaking I was able to begin surfng the web in Firefox - this post was done using FF in Ubuntu under VirtualBox installed in MS XP SR It seems to work just fine
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NOTE Sorry about my Forum Question being too long to fit Here it is in full to this Pro. Win option PC 7 safer I VB MS Is it a add a 2007 Using Virtual in until new post Using MS Virtual PC in Win Pro Using MS Virtual PC 2007 in Win 7 Pro. Is it a safer VB option until I add a new Is it a safer VB option until I add a new machine to replace XP that runs Win for internet Greetings BC Community In another words I have two separate PC s running through a x port KVM leaving two ports wide open for more machines Machine This is my current Acer PC running Win XP Pro with its own flat screen monitor It s also my business pc for internet using FF It s also where all my -Bit hardware devices are still hooked up to alleviating the driver hassles of trying to network them into the second machine running Win Pro thanks to the KVM option which solved that whole problem Machine This is my customized PC for DAW running a specifically optimized and highly tweaked version of Win Pro as my main platform for my work in music and digital studio recording For the uninitiated DAW Digital Audio Workstation A term usually used to describe a PC or a Macintosh Computer that is used primarily for Music Creation and Recording Mixing and Mastering Audio Files Found in many Home studios as well as Professional Recording Facilities With a DAW PC we use only software tools to create music Therefore we have no need to ever introduce this platform to the internet at all Nor are we to ever bother with updates for Win ever It s a totally isolated machine dedicated to only creating and recording music along with MIDI interfacing and VST type Plug-ins better known as soft synth to generate keyboard synthesizers to play and record via MIDI etc However in recent years advancements with Virtual PC s allow us DAW users to still access the internet in order to download Plug-ins a o music software updates etc Even check email if we want if in a jam Once we close or X out the browser we are once again isolated I ve been using this Virtual PC they gave me running XP since with no problems So in conclusion I ve decided to keep Machine running XP Pro and disconnect it from the internet forever Until I find a third machine running Win I ll rely on the Virtual browser in the DAW PC running Win Pro right now I also was using a Linksys E Wireless- N Router But the Verizon guy recently disconnected it when I switched back to them after deciding to leave Time Warner Cable He understood my DAW set up and declared I didn t need it with their modem http www tigerdirect com applications searchtools item-details asp EdpNo amp SRCCODE WEBGOOPA amp cm mmc o mH CjC BBTkwCjCV -CjCE amp gclid CL uL P LwCFWUOOgodSV ABA I think I need to re-activate that router again before April What do you guys think about all this I d be interested in hearing your thoughts a o further recommendations Thanks Re MH

A:Using MS Virtual PC 2007 in Win 7 Pro. Is it a safer VB option until I add a new

I would have a look at VirtualBox which is free and easy to
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I installed Virtual PC on my HP dv9200 laptop running Windows Vista Ultimate, I also purchase Windows XP with SP2 and installed into Virtual PC. Everything downloaded OK, but am having trouble trying to connect to the internet. I am using a Sprint Air Card DSL connection. What do I need to correct this problem.
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So im having a problem. I have a macbook pro 17 and im running windows 7 on it. Only 7, no mac osx. Im using MS Virtual PC 07 to run xp in 7, considering the dual boot thing is **** on a mac with 2 ms os'. The problem is i have no drivers in the virtual xp pc. even if i install the boot camp drivers, still, nothing. this is important becasue i am trying to run Arturia Storm 3.0, which is only XP compatible... u can check their site.


A:virtual pc 2007 running xp on macbook pro

Virtual PC emulate S3 Trio, i think that you cant install any driver
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I am running Win3.1 guest on an XP host.

I would like to use a USB printer for which, there is not a windows 3.1 driver. Win98 is the minimum requirement.

I found this, but it does not address USB.

Is it possible to use the USB XP driver from within the 3.1 virtual PC using emulation?

A:Virtual PC 2007 printer pass through?

Would I have more luck if I installed a network printer on the host and then configured the guest for network support and added it that way?

And, if so, I would most likely be better off using Windows 3.11 as apposed to Windows 3.1, right? The best netowrk option in 3.1 is "Microsoft Network or (100% compatable)"
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I On Wireless Get Work Can't Virtual To PC 2007 MS recently installed MS Virtual PC on my Windows XP machine host I had no problem setting Can't Get Wireless To Work On MS Virtual PC 2007 up Windows XP guest OS on the VM and setting up shared folders However I do run into a problem in getting my wireless adapter to work on the VM so I can access the Internet I have ensured that quot Virtual Machine Network Services quot has been installed for the Intel R PRO Wireless ABG adapter and the adapter even shows in the Virtual PC Console under settings I have selected the adapter in the settings menu in the Virtual PC Console but when I launch the VM and go to START - gt CONTROL PANEL - gt NETWORK AND INTERNET CONNECTIONS - gt NETWORK CONNECTIONS I see that the LAN device name is Intel -Based PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter Generic Why is this Why isn t it detecting the Intel R PRO Wireless ABG adapter Am I missing something here Any help is much appreciated nbsp

A:Can't Get Wireless To Work On MS Virtual PC 2007

This is normal. You won't see the host computer's hardware listed in Device Manager on the guest virtual system. Since you selected the wireless adapter be used in the virtual environment, it should work fine. The virtual system will see it as a wired adapter.
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I try to open a vmc file using virtual pc ,it was loaded ,but with a black screen! - I don't know any causes!

I have windows 7
CPU i3
Display driver: Intel(R) HD Graphics family (updated to date)

I really need it working as I have task should finish this week!

Any help?

Thanks in advance,

A:Black screen in virtual pc 2007

Hi there

I think Virtual PC only runs 32 Bit guests -- in any case unless you are running XPMODE why don't you switch to VMWARE VPLAYER or VIRTUAL BOX. I prefer VMWARE - both FREE products .

Virtual machines work usually flawlessly with these. I think there are also FREE converters to convert Ms's VHD (Virtual Disks) to those required by VBOX / VMWARE so in theory you don't have to install your guest again - although it might be better to re-create the guest --watch activations though -- configure before re-activating --Windows 7 can be moved between machines so just phone if it wants re-activation -- don't mention Virtual machines or Ms will pop a blood vessel - they usually haven't a clue about these things.

Also after installing your guest(s) always on First boot run the install VMware tools or virtual box additions -- this greatly enhances video / mouse / hardware graphics acceleration (3D etc -- Aero effects for W7 !!) etc.

I've got a W2000 and a W98 VM running and displaying in FULL SCREEN on a huge monitor -- 60 CM screens weren't even THOUGHT of when these two OS'es were current !! = but you need to install the VMware tools / vbox additions or you'll only see your guest in VGA / SVGA on a small square in the middle of your monitor with unreadable fonts.

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I'm trying to get virtual pc 2007 to start a virtual machine, but as the virtual machine starts, it reboots the host pc. The virtual hard drive I'm using is Xp SP2 with IE6 installed. The host machine is XP SP2.

Anybody got any ideas ?

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First of all, great forum! :P

As you can see from my profile I have Vista Ultimate x64 but I can't install Virtual PC 2007. Basically I downloaded the installer (making sure it was the x64 version), ran it and it all went fine until suddenly the installation just rolled back and said that no modifications were made to the system. It doesn't give me an error message.

I searched on the Internet but I can't seem to find the solution. And yes, I tried both the normal installer and the SP1 version.

Any tips?

EDIT: I now found out that it rollsback when it says "Installing network drivers (x64)...".

A:Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 won't install

Hello Rhystic1, and welcome to Vista Forums.

See if right clicking on the installation file and clicking on "Run as administrator" will allow it to install.

Hope this helps,
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Hi I ve been trying to setup Microsoft 2007 Virtual Server a virtual network using Microsoft virtual server The documentation is sketchy at best I finally have it setup on server enterprise with server standard as the guest OS I m trying to get the network adapter to work It first said it was unplugged it said it was an intel adapter but then I clicked external network and it shows a com adapter which I don t have I figure it s the default adapter for the virtual machine It shows as connected I configured it with the settings for my subnet then tried to ping computers on the subnet and it timed out---didn t make the connection I ve been googling for a few days and I found that you can use the physical adapter in the computer but no where can I find out how to do this How can i setup the guest OS to use the conputer s physical adapter Any and all responses will be greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Microsoft Virtual Server 2007

Pick the actual NIC from the list in the settings menu, Network.
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I am trying to set up Windows 7 RC1 in a virtual machine on my vista box. when trying to install I get 0xc000035a attempting to load a 64bit app however this cpu is not compatible with 64bit mode. i am using Virtual PC 2007 64-bit but when in the information tab of about virtual pc 2007 it lists my processor as 2 Pentium 3 x86's? does 64-bit VPC refer to the apps you can run with it or just the architecture it runs on?
thanx in advance.

-Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 @ 3.16GHz
-Gigabyte GA-E7AUM-DS2H w/ GeForce 9400 chipset
-Zotac Nvidia GeForce 9600GT(SENT BACK when it hit 102C)
-8GB GSkill DDR2-800
-Corsair 750W PSU
-500GB Samsung SATA3.0
-1TB Seagate Baracuda SATA3.0
-Windows Vista Ultimate x64
-Pioneer Blu-Ray Drive
-Digital/analog/FM tuner PCIe 1x
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I have old and new reference products dictionaries etc some of which are only compatible with Windows I have both XP and Vista installed on two seperate hard drives and am switching between them using the bios I downloaded Microsoft Virtual PC both bit and bit but couldn't get either working under either operating system Apparently Vista home premium isn't supported but it's also telling me that Windows XP Home Edition Version Service Pack is not a supported environment when I try and install it and I don't understand why since it's listed as being supported at the Virtual PC Support page I feel like the only way How can Virtual PC I work? get 2007 to Microsoft I'm going to be able to get all the software I want running at the same time is to build a second PC and run them side by side Surely there's an easier less expensive and more economical solution How can I get Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 to work? Every step I take towards the solution seems to move me back two so help would be very appreciated Truly

A:How can I get Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 to work?

Maybe you should try VirtualBox, there is a GPL version.
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MS Virtual PC - This seems to have been an issue for a long while but I ve yet to find a solution after a couple of days of googling My problem is that the Virtual Machine Network Services driver does not seem to install I m running XP pro sp on a dell d using Virtual 2007 PC Driver Issues.... a Dell Wireless WLAN Mini-Card I downloaded and installed VPC - but it didn t pick up my network services I found out that it was the VM Network Services driver So I ve uninstalled rebooted re-installed - no joy Uninstalled VPC rebooted re installed - no joy I ve tried all combinations of uninstall reboot reinstall uinstall driver re boot etc with no success I ve checked the Dell site for the latest Nic drivers with uninstall and re-install reboot of VPC Drivers in all the combinations - no joy Basically no matter what I do when I look at the properties for the Virtual Machine Network Services Properties all the details are blank I can t find an answer anywhere every thread seems to end when someone posts that they have blank properties So any ideas or Virtual PC 2007 Driver Issues.... help would be appreciated Cheers Steve nbsp

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Hey Im using Openvpn to connect to a proxy server and reroute back to the internet After establishing the openvpn connection in a VirtualPC virtual pc the internet connection is apparently lost despite still being inside PC Using 2007 Virtual OpenVPN able to ping external addresses More specifically I open www google com in Firefox or IE I establish the VPN connection I can then navigate briefly on the page that is open for example clicking on quot images quot or quot business solutions quot on the google homepage I can t open any other sites or use other applications like Windows Messenger I can ping external sites I have the exact same setup inside a VMWare Workstation virtual pc and it works with no problems so I do not believe the problem has anything to do Using OpenVPN inside Virtual PC 2007 with my openvpn config files or server setup If its any help I ran the Windows Messenger connection troubleshooter and it ran into a problem at the quot Default Gateway quot step although it doesnt specify anything beyond that Any ideas I appreciate the help nbsp

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i have new laptop with vista home premium installed. My old system had XP and I used a audio editing product call Cooledit Pro 2. I use it constantly and need it on my new laptop.

However, when I tried to intsall CE pro in vista, it fails to install as there are multiple missing files. Therefore I decided to install VPC 2007 and then XP Pro with CE Pro.

However, once all is installed, the audio quality is horrible. It cuts in and out constantly. When I installed VPC it did warned me that Vista Home Premium was not supported but I found several forums indicating that it worked fine anyways, and the install, once I clicked ok to the warning message, went fine.

I have installed all the latest audio drivers, bios updates, etc and I asssigned 1 GB of RAM to the winXP o/s. Still the trouble continues.

Any thoughts?


A:Virtual PC 2007 and audio troubles

It's probably a combination of factors. The operating system isn't supported (I'm surprised VPC installed), you're using virtual hardware not the actual physical hardware, not enough resources, etc. A dual boot system might be a better choice in this case.
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Is there anyway to keep virtual PC 2007 running while I am logged off my machine? I'm using Vista Business x64. Any ideas would be most helpful.


A:Virtual PC 2007 - Kept running while logged off?

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Sorry, but when you log off all running programs are terminated. You could try Switch Users instead.

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Hi all,

I am a newbie in networking field and trying to know more about it. Currently, i just installed virtual pc 2007 on my window 7 and also another window 7 and window server 2008 as the guests in the virtual pc. Now, i am trying to connect those guests together using local host. Can you show me any link or suggestion to do that since i been searching for the whole day but couldn't find anything about that. This is one of the subject in my uni and i want to set the enviroment the same as the lab.

Thank you very much
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Here is a nice thread with lots of user experiences of trying to install Ubuntu 8 under Microsoft Virtual PC 2007.

Installing Ubuntu 8.04 under Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 ? Arcane Code

Best and Warm Regards
Adrian Wainer
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I run Vista Home Premium and realize it is unsupported.

When I try to install Windows 95, I get an error message like "no DHCP or proxy DHCP was offered" or something. The disk is in, and yes I tried making the disk drive my primary controller.


A:Microsoft Virtual Machine 2007/Vista

if you want to run Windows 95 on Virtual PC 2007? The first thing to know is that it will still run, just without Virtual Machine Additions. The next thing to know is that if you take the Virtual Machine Additions from Virtual PC 2004 and install them on Windows 95 under Virtual PC 2007, it should work. Keep in mind that this is all unsupported.
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Hi all,

My question concerns Virtual PC 2007 and a DOS application that utilizes a serial BIC card.

A little background is in order. I use VPC for testing. One of the programs that I test is a legacy DOS program (completely DOS no windows - REALLY old school!) this program uses a serial BIC card to access several serial ports (about 8 in total).

My question:

How can I emulate these serial ports INSIDE Virtual PC without actually having these ports available? Sort of "tricking" the system.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. I also do some light programming (C#, VB 2005, ASP.Net...) so if you think you may know OF an answer requiring some programming, that's ok too just throw in a link or two and I will check them out.

Thanks a ton,

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A:Virtual PC 2007 Serial Port question

Hmm, no thoughts anyone?
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Good Afternoon,

I am running Virtual PC 2007 on a Windows XP Pro 64-bit computer with 2 network cards.

One network card is wired into my switch, and is part of our domain.

The other network card is wired directly into a DSL modem/router and has nothing between it and the Internet.

I want my actual PC to use the "domain" nic, and I want my virtual pc instance to use the "non-domain" nic.

No matter how I have configured this, I can not get my virtual PC onto the Internet, even though I confirmed from my actual PC that both connections work.

Any ideas on how I can get this to work?

Much appreciated.

Bob Gibilaro
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System: AMD 64 3000+ 2GB Ram 160GB HD Win XP Pro. I have Vista
RC1 running correctly in MS Virtual PC. I am trying to upgrade to Vista Business. My Vista Bus U/G copy is on 4 CD's, not a DVD! I tried to upgrade my main XP first, but after nearly completing, (read all 4 CD's OK) the system crashed, so I used Ghost to restore XP. Now trying to UG inside Virtual PC 2007. All goes well, untill it asks for CD number 2. When I click OK after inserting the CD it just continues to ask for the CD No. 2. I have sucessfully disabled Autorun and Autoplay (from the registry), but still have the problem. It eventially gives an error cade 0x000010 and tells me to restart the installation. Would love to get some help on this ! Many thanks, Errol Greer.

A:Virtual PC 2007 and Vista upgrade problem

Problem solved ! For each CD I had to click on the CD tab and tell it AGAIN to use my F drive (the DVD). It seems that it clears the link to the physical drive between loading CDs.
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Hello First time poster so sorry if this is in the wrong thread I just bought a new Samsung Ativ Virtual 8 & Graphics SP1 PC Windows 2007 Microsoft Book and upgraded to Windows I'm into a lot of things requiring older operating systems like Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1 Graphics & Windows 8 Windows and the best VM to handle these older OS is VPC SP I have Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1 Graphics & Windows 8 gone through and applied the proper x installations and patches to make the program work with Windows and that goes quite smoothly The only thing I don't like is that I can't set the VM resolution to my host resolution X I did some research and Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1 Graphics & Windows 8 apparently Microsoft released a fix KB which among other things allows higher resolutions up to x Here's where issues start happening I download the proper x fix run installation no problems When I go to run the program it now comes up with a dialogue saying no network adapter was found on the physical computer yet the internet works fine on the host just not in the VM Also I am still unable to set the VM resolution to X the highest it will go is X Obviously the patch is either not working or I've done something wrong somewhere I've uninstalled multiple times restarted etc with no luck either Can someone suggest how to maybe get these issues resolved I'm mainly worried about the resolution Even if I had to go in and somehow modify the driver to allow for the proper setting I could probably do that if you gave me easy instructions Thanks

A:Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1 Graphics & Windows 8

So after a little digging, I discovered another program, VMware, which greatly supports Windows 9X products. It runs very smooth and even adjusts resolution on the fly, so when I go to full screen mode, it automatically adjusts the guest resolution to my computer's native resolution. Perfect.
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hi, I have windows nt 4.0 sp6 installed in a VM with virtual machine additions. anyway, I enabled shared networking (NAT) the guest does not see any of the computers on my network, and internet explorer will go to any web page.
any ideas, im typing this on my host, so i know the network works.

A:Solved: Virtual PC 2007 shared networking

lol, i Fixed it.
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This update keeps installing over and over

It has now installed successfully 7 times and is shown as successful in the Update History list - 7 times!


I suppose I could uninstall VirtualPC since I have not been using it lately.

I should mention that it does not show up in the Control Panel | Progarams and Features | Installed Updates list, though.

One other thing: VirtualPC is not supposed to work on Vista, but it does. In fact my son does development using it daily.

A:Security Update for Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 (KB969856)

I suppose this update is (KB969856). If it shows again in the Windows Update you can hide it, just right click this update and select Hide Update.
The Virtual PC 2007 is supported on the Vista OS except for Vista Home Basic and Vista Home Premium, however it works on the Vista Premium.

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I'm considering running Virtual Machine 2007 on my laptop which is running XP media center. I know that XP Media Center is close to XP Professional, but I don't know if it has the ability to run Virtual Machine 2007. Does anyone know?


A:Does Virtual PC 2007 work under Windows Media Center XP

Media Center is not listed as a supported host operating system. I wouldn't say it's close to XP Pro. It's different.
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Re Virtual PC on XP - How to install Win SE or get it to read image of old laptop HD with Win SE On my WinXPPro SP desktop I would like to run Windows Virtual PC and quot dump quot into it my entire old Win SE laptop so that my old Win SE laptop will live forever I have no Win SE OS disks to install the quot guest quot OS - the only source for the OS is my old Win SE laptop What to do This is what I have done so far I have run Clonezilla on my old Win SE laptop to make an image of its entire hard drive on an 2 old How get Win98SE on - PC Virtual or of it install to image 2007 XP read HD? external drive Then I re-connect the external hard drive to my new WinXPPro SP desktop The first time I am using Virtual PC on my new WinXPPro SP desktop Virtual PC 2007 on XP - How 2 install Win98SE or get it to read image of old HD? I am successfully getting Virtual PC to boot up off the Clonezilla iso file so that Clonezilla can run However Clonezilla Virtual PC do NOT see the external hard drive and therefore cannot quot restore quot the old laptop image into Virtual PC Clonezilla running in Virtual PC is giving me these error messages quot Error No unmounted partition s are found To use Clonezilla to save or clone a partition the source partition must be unmounted Press quot Enter quot to exit quot No disk image is found in home partimag Make sure you already saved an image Or make sure you did not try to restore an image saved from partition s to disk s Program terminated quot Any thoughts Thanks
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I've got an XP installation running in the virtual pc and two network cards in the host system.

I want the second network card to go directly to the virtual pc - so anything connected to the network connects to the virtual pc and not the host system.

Secondly, I want this VM to run on startup.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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Re Virtual 2007 - old HD get install read Win98SE Virtual to of How to PC image or it PC - How to install Win SE or get it to read image of old laptop HD with Win SE On my WinXPPro SP desktop I would like to run Windows Virtual PC and quot dump quot into it my entire old Win SE laptop so that my old Win SE laptop will live forever I have no Win SE OS disks to install the quot guest quot OS - the only source for the OS is my old Win SE laptop What to do This is what I have done so Virtual PC 2007 - How to install Win98SE or get it to read image of old HD far I have run Clonezilla on my old Win SE laptop to make an image of its entire hard drive on an external drive Then I re-connect the external hard drive to my new WinXPPro SP desktop The first time I am using Virtual PC on my new WinXPPro SP desktop I am successfully getting Virtual PC to boot up off the Clonezilla iso file so that Clonezilla can run However Clonezilla Virtual PC do NOT see the external hard drive and therefore cannot quot restore quot the old laptop image into Virtual PC Clonezilla running in Virtual PC is giving me these error messages quot Error No unmounted partition s are found To use Clonezilla to save or clone a partition the source partition must be unmounted Press quot Enter quot to exit quot No disk image is found in home partimag Virtual PC 2007 - How to install Win98SE or get it to read image of old HD Make sure you already saved an image Or make sure you did not try to restore an image saved from partition s to disk s Program terminated quot Any thoughts Thanks nbsp

A:Virtual PC 2007 - How to install Win98SE or get it to read image of old HD
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Hi everyone I would like to ask if anyone can please help me with the following problem I installed Microsoft Virtual PC on a windows XP host machine and I installed windows XP as a virtual guest OS I am using a dial up internet connection on the host machine and I want to connect the guest OS to the internet Can you please walk me through the process I have looked in the help file and searched online but I really need someone to just walk me through it as I cannot seem to 2007 with help up for Connection Internet dial PC Request virtual Re: get it to work I m using shared internet connection on the guest when I go to quot network connections quot in the guest it says the local area network is connected Zone alarm on the guest machine seemed to sense some traffic after I selected shared connections in the virtual pc settings tab the host was already connected to net Re: Request for help with virtual PC 2007 dial up Internet Connection when Re: Request for help with virtual PC 2007 dial up Internet Connection I switched the guest to shared connections but when I try to surf with Internet explorer on the guest it just says quot cannot find server or dns error quot and the page will not load If I try to update AVG anti-virus on the guest is says quot server cannot be converted to the IP address quot When I try to send a test email on the guest with outlook express it says quot cannot find email host quot I would appreciate any help or advice you can offer Thanks John nbsp

A:Re: Request for help with virtual PC 2007 dial up Internet Connection

Hi everyone,

My internet connection just "started working" on the guest PC and I'm not even sure why. It seems that if I am already connected to the internet on the host machine before I start virtual PC, then I can connect to the net via the guest machine. However, if virtual pc is already running before I connect to the net on the host machine, then the guest machine will not connect to the net.

I have the free Vmware player on my host computer, and the free Vmware "converter" software. At first, I thought there might be some sort of conflict between virtual PC and Vmware. However, there seems to be no conflict.

My main concern now is that I have the networking set up to be secure. I don't want to compromise the security of my host system due to my networking setup between the host and the guest OS. Both the host and the guest systems are windows XP and I have anti-virus and ZA firewall on each.

My feeling was that it would be safer to surf online via a virtual machine. I don't want any malware from the virtual machine to be able to infect the host system. I know nothing is 100% effective, but my goal was to make the virtual machine act somewhat like a sandbox to protect the host OS from infection. Another reason I wanted to install virtual PC 2007 was just to play around with the operating system itself and use it as a learning tool. If I screw it up, it won't effect the host system. I can just restore it, or completely delete it
and start over.

I would appreciate it if someone could look over my setup below and let me know if it seems that I have everything set up correctly. Any general advice or advice with respect to security would be appreciated.

Thanks for your help.

My current internet / network setup for host and guest:

On the host machine, if I go to control panel, then network connections, I have my regular internet connection icon under dial up, then Under LAN or high speed internet, I have five connection icons
which are...

Vmware virtual earthen network adapter VMnet1
Local area connection 2 (Microsoft loop back adapter)
1394 net adapter connection (says it's connected)
Local Area connection, Nvidia nforce networking controller (says network cable unplugged)
Vmware virtual earthnet Network adapter VMnet8

On the host machine, under properties, advanced, for my regular dial up connection, under "internet connection sharing" I have a check in the box "allow other network users to connect through this computers
internet connection". Under "home networks connection" I have "local area connection 2" selected. I have the box checked for " establish dial up connection whenever a computer on my network attempts to
access the net". I have the box checked for " allow other network users to control or disable the shared internet connection".

In the guest virtual PC, under network connections, there is only one connection icon shown, it says " local area connection, connected". The icon also says " intel 21140- based PCI fast earthnet adapter

Once on start up, the guest machine said, "windows system error, a duplicate machine exists on the network". However, it only did this once.