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Back ports (USB, ethernet) stopped working, front ports partially working

Q: Back ports (USB, ethernet) stopped working, front ports partially working

Vista Ultimate -bit ASUS Rampage Formula motherboard USB mouse and keyboard connected in back ports Two things Back ports working, partially ethernet) working front ports stopped (USB, happened Avira antivirus warned me of some threats which I either ignored or deleted Windows Update Back ports (USB, ethernet) stopped working, front ports partially working had some updates ready although I m not sure if it updated I turned off my PC for a couple of hours turned it back on and realized that my USB keyboard was not working on the password screen I eventually unplugged it from the back and plugged it into the front where it worked However my USB mouse did not work when plugged into the second front port nor did it work when plugged into the front port in which the keyboard worked I accessed System Restore using my keyboard and restored to one day previously When it finished both keyboard and mouse worked although I got a pop-up message alerting me that the quot drivers for your device could not be installed quot When I clicked quot OK quot the mouse stopped working again I have checked BIOS and both mouse and keyboard are recognized so it does not appear to be a hardware issue nbsp
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Preferred Solution: Back ports (USB, ethernet) stopped working, front ports partially working

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I'm really puzzled with this one: Vista shows neither my digital camera or my MP3 player plugged into my USB ports. However, my HP thumb drive shows up fine in the same ports in the front of my machine. Why would a static memory drive work fine but two capture and playback devices Not work?

Any thoughts? Thanks for any help.

A:USB ports have stopped working - partially

Please plug in the digital camera and the MP3 player.
Then check Device Manager to see what it has to say about the 2 devices.
To get to Device Manager, go to Start and type in "devmgmt.msc" (without the quotes) and press Enter.

Let us know if the devices are detected.
Let us know if they have any problems (red x's or yellow !'s)
Let us know if there are any unknown devices.
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There is some problem with my font USB ports. All was fine until yesterday when they stopped working. I havent made any hardware change. Installed windows 8 but that was last week.

I connect my Logitech Gamepad, the LED switches on but it doesnt show up in the control panel, works when connected to the rear USB port.

Please help..

A:Front USB ports suddenly stopped working

You might have to open up your case, trace back the cable, and re-plug it. It could be detached, or the USB controller on the front ports could be fried somehow too.
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I have an Inspiron M531R-5535 and about 3 days ago I noticed that none of the USB ports were working when I tried to back up my phone.  The next day, the Ethernet port failed.  It is not the wire, as it works on a different computer.  My WIFI is working fine, but it is really slow, so I would love to be able to get the port working again.  I am extremely unknowledgeable about computers, so any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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This is a brand new custom built PC for web browsing for a motel lobby.

Win7 Home Premium
AMD A4-3300 Llano
MSI A55M-P33 FM1
Rosewill FBM-02 MicroATX Mini Tower

Running latest BIOS and latest drivers downloaded directly from manufacturer's website.

I tried switching between all 3 internal headers and none of them would detect the flash drive.

If I plug the drive in the rear ports it detects right away leading me to suspect the case's ports might be defective but I don't have another USB 2.0 card lying around to confirm.

Based on this info does it seem likely that the front ports themselves are faulty?

A:Front USB ports not working, but rear USB ports work…

You might check to see if the case end of the USB cables are properly plugged into the front panel holding the headers. Some board need more than one brand of USB drivers, Renesas, NEC, etc.
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I have an EVGA 750i SLI FTW motherboard and recently (after moving the motherboard to a different case) there is no sound coming from the rear ports. When I connect headphones to the front, the sound works. Is it a sound card problem (I'm using the integrated card)? It's not a big deal, I can just pick up one for 20-30 bucks but I just want to know the problem beforehand. Thanks in advance.

A:Sound issues: back ports not working, front (headphone) port works

the front ports are most-likely canceling out the rear ports, unless you've dealt with a similar setup that worked fine.
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Today i just bought some ear phones, with a connected mouth piece. Problem is that my two front ports are dodgy for the microphone and headphones. So if i put the jacks from my headset into the back, i have to take out my speaker input.. Is there any way i can have the speakers in, and the headset and revert back to each without going at the back and changing them? Any help appreciated

A:Headset not working, front ports not working

First, its possible inside your computer case, there is just a loose cable that is causing the problem with the front jacks on your computer. Check inside, right behind where the earphone jack is for a cord running to somewhere on your motherboard or Sound card.

If that dosn't work,
Do you have a CD/DVD player with a earphone jack and have you tried that?
Assuming its the port that is bad itself and not just loose, you could check in at radio shack, bestbuy, or for a cord that splits the output. If you get lucky you might find one with a chanel select that will allow you to swap which recieves the output.
The other option, from radio shack I got a Bluetooth USB adapter for $20 and a good pair of BT earphones, again purchased online for cheap (I recommend samsung BT500 earphones).

Another alternative, my speakers have a earphone jack in them as well (the computer speakers, as well as the reciever I currently have my sound card plugged into).

If you have a quality home theater set up, for $80 on new egg you can pick up a good soundcard with optical, Coax, and AV out which you plug into your home entertainment center that again will allow you to use headphones.
Good Luck
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Hey guys.

I'm having a rather unusual issue with my USB 3.0 ports (Asmedia) on the front side. The back ones work fine so I'm unsure if it's anything to do with the drivers or even in the BIOS? Could anyone suggest any troubleshooting methods?

CPU-Z validation for specs below.
Speccy information:

A:Front USB 3.0 ports not working?

What does Device Manager show, any issue with USB Controllers?

Make sure the case USB ports wire connector is plugged into the Motherboard. Unplug then plug the connector back in.

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I had to do a system recovery do to many problems, lost a lot. After reinstalling all of my softwear, I tried to plug in my dig. camera and found nothing. I also tried to use my CAD key and got nothing. The USB ports in the back of my computer work fine. My OS is windows XP. Thank you very much; j-vit
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I have a Gigabyte motherboard in a Antec Lanboy case. The case has two front USB ports. The USB ports do not work with most devices. For example if I plug in a USB key or a webcam I get the balloon that says "the device may not be recognized". But if I plug in a keyboard, mouse, or RF receiver, it works. Could it be that the front ports are USB 1.1 or are underpowered? I've read that Gigabyte USB connections are a bit different, but I've checked them before and are as illustrated in the manual By the way, I'm on XP SP2 and the USB connections from the mobo are not a single block - they are individual pins.
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Hi there I recently bought a barebones kit from Tigerdirect It has usb support and the case I have is a cougar mid-tower case Everything has been hooked up correctly as far as I know and yet one of the usb ports on the front of my case does not work The connector that went into the motherboard front on ports USB not 1 working case. from the front of the case it yielded to both the usb port and the standard port as well So only one cable was plugged into the motherboard that I assumes powers both of them USB ports on front case. 1 not working My usb works though I don t get full use out of it because I don t own any devices USB ports on front case. 1 not working to make it useful but the standard port does nothing at all Doesn t even give power I ve tried plugging a phone into it a flash drive a plug n play device Nothing Does anyone know why the port would be working and not the standard one I should also add that all the usb ports on the back of my case work fine too It s just this one single port on the front of the case and I can t figure it out for the life of me nbsp

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I built my computer November 1st 2007. Ever since then I haven't been able to get the front mic or audio ports to work. My front USB ports work fine though. I just recently started wanting to use them, so I didn't worry much about it until now.

I reinstalled all my audio drivers and chipset drivers, specifically the vista 64-bit ones (thats my OS) included on the motherboard disc. My rear audio works fine. Also, I'm 100% positive that the front audio cable is plugged into the motherboard correctly.

Whenever I plug something into the mic or audio port, it goes in fine, but my computer doesn't detect it.

Computer info:

XFX, Nvidia 650i Ultra motherboard.

Integrated Realtek audio.

Apevia X-Cruiser case (just in case it might be something wrong with the case)

I really appreciate any help!

A:Front Audio And Mic Ports Not Working

Before I look up your front panel connections and your mobo, let me ask you what speakers are you using? Does it have a separate (remote) volume control? Mine has jacks for both on the side
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Hey guys,
its rajkalyan here.
I have an Antec case (not sure of model, will find out)
and an ASUS A7V600 motherboard.
Using ASUS's guide for the USB ports in the front (the little pins had labels)
I put the pins in.
I can plug something in to charge, like an iPod, but I can't access the data on it.
Any help?


A:Antec Front US Ports not working...?

Double check the connectors and make sure they are correct.
The data lines are polarized.
+ needs to be connected to + and - to -.
Make sure the cable you are using is acually a data cable and
not just a charging cable.
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I'm learning as I go here so please be gentle I upgraded from Windows Home to Pro and lost all networking capability including Homegroup After trying all suggested solutions on the entire internet I did a Factory Reset I ran all updates until was back factory OS was and up to date The networking issue was resolved but I then realized that I had no use of the USB ports -- which were working fine before the factory reset Still in I attempted all online fixes to no avail I then installed again Still no ports Scoured the internet again and these are the things I can recall that I've tried nbsp - Update controller drivers via device manager using both methods search and choose from computer - Uninstall USB controllers Shut down disconnect power amp battery hold down power for seconds start and several nbsp nbsp nbsp variations of this - Update root hubs- Uninstall root hubs- Manually install new drivers from AMD site including chipset - Enable Legacy Support via ports from not after working 8.1 USB Ho... upgrade (front/left) Bios- Manually install legacy drivers from AMD site because why not note I'm not exactly sure if the legacy drivers installed I don't know USB ports (front/left) not working after upgrade from 8.1 Ho... how to tell except that I chose them manually to update by release date that matched the date on the download package nbsp I should also note that I tried to get Windows Update to install available drivers The yes tick box is checked but when I run Troubleshooter it tells me Update is not configured USB ports (front/left) not working after upgrade from 8.1 Ho... to install drivers No matter how many times I try the box is always yes and Troubleshooter tells me it's set to never install drivers nbsp nbsp I also lost audio control but found the driver somewhere on the HP site Can't remember where nbsp nbsp I did yet another reset but NOT to factory this time --just a nbsp Recovery in and all updates Nothing changed nbsp I've tried different devices in the ports that were all working prior I get nothing and nothing shows in Device USB ports (front/left) not working after upgrade from 8.1 Ho... Manager with of them newer model SanDisk flash drive and Samsung phone but when I connect an year old flash drive I get USB device not recognized and it shows with the yellow exclamation box in Device manager nbsp The controllers nbsp are nbsp AMD USB eXtensible Host Controller - Microsoft Root Hubs USB Root Hub xHCI nbsp I thought I'd give disabling xHCI a shot via Bios but there is no USB access in bios version F nbsp I ran the HP system test thing via Bios and tested the USB ports Results are nbsp USB Port Check FailedFAILURE ID GF X- HU V-XD X A- D B PRODUCT ID D C UA ABA nbsp Help Please Anyone nbsp nbsp

A:USB ports (front/left) not working after upgrade from 8.1 Ho...

Hi @write_on, Thank you for posting at HP Forums. I understand that the USB does not work either with Windows 10 or Windows 8.1. According to the failure ID you gave, it is a USB failure with a code 434. It seems like a hardware failure. Please use the following link to create a case for your issue, and contact HP. If you live outside the US/Canada, please click the link to get the contact information for your region.
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A while ago my front USB ports stopped functioning The controllers still show up in the device manager even after reinstalling them Or at USB Front not ports Solved: anymore. working least I think they do it s one controller to two ports right but whenever I plug in a USB device even ones that previously functioned on these ports nothing happens The LED on my gamepad doesn t Solved: Front USB ports not working anymore. even light up I ve tried scanning for hardware changes The ports came with the case The computer is custom built System specifications Windows XP SP using a custom shell lt -Have tried uninstalling the new shell and putting default shell back to explorer USB devices still did not work on the front ports Asus A N X bundled with nForce sound card AMD Athlon M Processor Two hard drives One Cd Drive One DVD Drive nVidia GeForce Ti Videocard Any ideas are appreciated It s a total pain to have to find my way to the back USB ports all the time Edit Oh Wait Not sure if it actually is detecting three sets of two USB ports the device manager lists the following Universal serial bus controllers Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller USB Root Hub USB Root Hub USB Root Hub Does this mean I have to figure out the enigma that is the front panel of my pc case I hope not nbsp

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Hi guys,

My NEW PC's two front USB 2.0 ports suddenly don't work. It was OK when i first installed Win 8 on it, but since window update, the front ones just don't work anymore. I couldn't charge my phone using USB & the external HHD just keep flashing & beeping (no power source apparently upon googling). What happened? I didn't think i changed anything? Why suddenly stop working then? How can i troubleshoot? Would hate to bring the whole PC down to the local shop due to such minor issue. Appreciate your input. Thanks!

A:front USB 2.0 ports suddenly stop working

since it happened right after an update lets try to bring the computer back in time when it did work, please follow this guide:
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I noticed these past few days that my front USB 3.0 ports are not working. Whenever I plug a USB 2.0 flash drive into the front ports, the activity light on the flash drive itself does not turn on.

I did clean all old Windows updates using disk cleanup which may have caused the problem.

So far, I uninstalled the USB driver and tried to reinstall the software with no success.
I have attached a picture of a screenshot after the driver installation failed.
Thank you

A:Front USB ports not working, driver problem

Just a couple of questions, how did you reinstall the drivers? Through Device Manager or running from the motherboard disc utility? And did you have any USB devices plugged in when installed it?
Usually if you run the software from the motherboard disc and choose drivers you'll get a list of drivers with check boxes next to them, and any that aren't installed will be unchecked. Those would be the ones you need. The ASMedia XHCI controller is the driver for your mid board header which controls the front USB 3.0 ports and that look as if it's installed fine, so I'd run that motherboard utility and see what it shows up.
Also could you post a screenshot of Device Manager with the USB controllers section expanded.

For what it's worth I have a very similar set up in my back up rig (A10-5800k on an ASUS F2A85-V Pro) and have never got the front USB 3.0 ports working on the BitFenix front panel I added. Not saying we won't get yours working, just that you're certainly not alone with this issue.
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Hey everyone I am trying to fix an HP Slimline s5-1224. The front USB ports are not working. When I tried downloading the Texas Instruments USB Controller Driver and tried running it , I got an error about how its the wrong operating system or something of that nature. I am not sure if drivers are the issue with this problem or if its a hardware issue but either way I am trying to find out. The fact that the driver wont install is kind of wierd, can it be because its for Windows 7? I couldnt find any drivers for Windows 10 for this particular desktop. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks 

A:Front USB Ports not working on HP Slimline s5-1224

Check within Device Drivers for any flagged items.  Check that the USB cable from those ports is still plugged into the motherboard.
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We have a Prodesk 600 SFF and the USB3.0 ports on the front panel turn on and off repeatedly whenever we plug in any USB3.0 USB sticks or harddrives.  (i.e. - the device comes ready and then not ready and then ready again and then not ready all within a matter of seconds).   If we plug those devices into the USB2.0 ports there is no problem.  If we plug USB2.0 devices into the 3.0 ports, no problem.  We have this happening with both Windows 10 and Windows 7.  I've gone to the support site but do not see any drivers related to USB ports(other than USB keyboards/mice).  I've considered a bios upgrade but the box is already at L01 V02.57.  Has anyone else seen and solved this problem or does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem?  Thanks.
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I have had this computer for over a year, when I initially got it I noticed the two audio ports on the front of the tower were not working. I double checked to see if it was plugged in on the mother board in the right spot, it was. I decided to just leave it before anything else broke, but after a year I love my computer less and am willing to take the risk .

When I plug it into speakers into the front audio jacks (There are two) Realtek HD Audio does not give the message "A Jack Has Been Plugged In". The back ports work fine for the record.


Windows XP SP3

Motherboard: MSI 975X Platinum PowerUp Edition

Realtek HD Audio Manager:
Driver Version
Audio Codec ALC888.

If you need any other information please let me know as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: Front Panel Audio Ports Not Working

Well I got it working after much forum searching!

"Had same problem but problem isn't the chip.
In Realtec Audio Manager, if you hover over the pink and green icons for the front panel you'll probably see they're both set up for speakers or headphones.
To solve you first need to unplug the microphone.
Then click on the 'folder' icon, which is just to the right of where it says 'ANALOG'.
Then make sure you enable fron't panel jack detection and enable the auto pop-up dialog.
Then plug the mic in, and when the pop-up asks tell it that you've plugged in the Mic.
Suggest you disable the front panel detection and the auto pop-up afterwards as it's a right pain.
You can get a similar end result if you use the 'Connector Retasking' facility - just right click on the pink or green socket icon.
Hope this helps someone.
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We have a Prodesk 600 SFF and the USB3.0 ports on the front panel turn on and off repeatedly whenever we plug in any USB3.0 USB sticks or harddrives.  (i.e. - the device comes ready and then not ready and then ready again and then not ready all within a matter of seconds).   If we plug those devices into the USB2.0 ports there is no problem.  If we plug USB2.0 devices into the 3.0 ports, no problem.  We have this happening with both Windows 10 and Windows 7.  I've gone to the support site but do not see any drivers related to USB ports(other than USB keyboards/mice).  I've considered a bios upgrade but the box is already at L01 V02.57.  Has anyone else seen and solved this problem or does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem?  Thanks.
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I have had my hard drive reformatted recently and installed Windows from Windows XP All the drivers and hardware are currently working fine However my Audio Panel Not Working [SOLVED] Front Ports front panel audio ports mic and speaker have stopped functioning The front panel ports used to function smoothly in my previous setup The audio driver installed previously was Realtek HD Audio Driver and the OS was Windows XP Currently I have a generic 'High Definition Audio Device' driver provided by Microsoft Is it possible that the front panels have stopped working due to the absence of the Realtek Driver I read in numerous articles that the front panel [SOLVED] Front Panel Audio Ports Not Working ports could be enabled through the Realted HD Audio Manager Is this true Can the problem be solved simply by installing new driver and software or do I have to explore the unknown for me realms of computer hardware Any help [SOLVED] Front Panel Audio Ports Not Working is appreciated D Also sorry for not posting specific information in this post but I do not know precisely what information is needed If the need arises I will be happy to provide them Thanks in advance

A:[SOLVED] Front Panel Audio Ports Not Working

Has anyone else experienced this type of issue? Does anyone know of the solution?

I'd really appreciate any help! :)
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My XP is having problems, none of the ports work any longer, they are not recognized. I cannot connect to the internet, but I know its just my desktop, because my laptop works fine with the same modem. What can I do?
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Hi we ve just moved into rooms ports not in working Ethernet an apartment Ethernet ports in rooms not working and have realized the two ethernet ports in each of our bedrooms aren t working We contacted our real estate agency who first told us to quot buy a new one quot but after some further explanation told us they would get back to us tomorrow on whether it is our problem or theirs So in the meantime I was hoping you guys could offer any help or explanations or things to explore so that we can fix it on our own I looked around the internet and found that there is usually a central hub where these wires come together behind a panel somewhere I ve checked all the bedroom closets but didn t see anything There is another closet with the hot water heater and something else but I didn t see any wall panels There is another large panel in the wall by the laundry room with the air filter and above that are a few electric charts and labels that cover something but it says it is dangerous to remove with the power on There is another closet on our balcony with a cable box inside but it is locked with a termination lock We have cable internet though Northland if that matters nbsp

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hey guys i recently just switched on my pc and found that all the usb ports have been disfunctional i did not ad any new hardware nor did i install any new software. im using vista ultimate can someone please help me as my printers and all my external drives are no longer working. Is there a driver update or a link of any software that can fix the problem.
when i plug a device into my usb it shows power on the device but my computer does not register it....

please help

A:My usb ports just stopped working

Look in your device manager and see if any USB devices have show to be not working or not installed. In any case try deleteing the USB Controller and letting Windows reinstall it.
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usb ports were working fine for my headset and wireless mouse keyboard receiver just two days ago working have usb ports stopped today first my headset wouldnt work usb ports have stopped working when i plugged it into the one outlet then i tried in the other outlet and got no luck and my wireless reciever wouldnt work after i plugged it back in either and the usb ports have not worked since usually it gives me no indication that it found something is plugged in but sometimes it will give me a message in a little pop-up bubble saying quot USB Device Not Recognized quot one of the usb devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and windows does not recognize it for assistance in solving this problem click this message clicking the message brings us a screen that shows the available usb ports with an unknown device in one of them at the bottom it says a recommendation to try reconnecting it and if windows still doesnt recognize it replace the device this device has always worked without any problems for the months ive owned this computer and so has the headset so im pretty convinced the devices arent the problem

A:usb ports have stopped working

Quote: Originally Posted by obadagibidaz

usb ports were working fine for my headset and wireless mouse/keyboard receiver just two days ago. today first my headset wouldnt work when i plugged it into the one outlet, then i tried in the other outlet and got no luck, and my wireless reciever wouldnt work after i plugged it back in either. and the usb ports have not worked since. usually it gives me no indication that it found something is plugged in but sometimes it will give me a message in a little pop-up bubble saying
" USB Device Not Recognized"
one of the usb devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and windows does not recognize it. for assistance in solving this problem, click this message

clicking the message brings us a screen that shows the 3 available usb ports, with an unknown device in one of them. at the bottom it says a recommendation to try reconnecting it and if windows still doesnt recognize it, replace the device.

this device has always worked without any problems for the 3 months ive owned this computer and so has the headset so im pretty convinced the devices arent the problem.

Have you updated drivers or downloaded any programs in the last 2-3 days?

Can you see them in your device manager? computer>system properties>device manager (left)>Universial serial bus controllers (usb)
Any yellow triangles?

A system restore would more than likely fix it if your really stuck.
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The USB ports on my friend s laptop HP Pavilion DV running XP Home randomly stopped Working Stopped USB Ports working about a week ago He hasn t made any changes to the system in some time When you plug in a USB device it gets power but the computer doesn t recognize it Here s what I ve tried so far - Uninstalled all USB drivers from the device manager - Unchecked the USB Ports Stopped Working quot allow computer to turn off this device quot option USB Ports Stopped Working under power management - Installed newest version of the nVidia cihpset - Made sure that USB is enabled in the BIOS - Tried a registry fix found here - http forums techguy org hardware -usb-ports-suddenly-stop-working html Unfortunately nothing has worked What worries me is that I also tried using an Ubuntu live cd and no USB devices were recognized there either I m thinking that this might be a hardware problem which can t be fixed but does anyone have any ideas on what to try before I declare this problem unfixable nbsp

A:USB Ports Stopped Working


have a look here:

I also tried a live Linux cd (Puppy)

Hope this helps

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hi guys, this problem has been plaguing me for a long time now. tried searching everywhere but none of the solutions seem to be working. My USB ports were working fine until one day when i uninstalled my HP printers drivers and software. It doesnt show any problem in the Device Manager(i.e no exclamation marks) but devices seem to be drawing power from the ports, only windows does not detect these devices. When i plugin any device, i don't get the sound which i usually do nor a popup from the system tray. Plz guys help me out as I;m really really stumped.
Im using Windows Xp Proffessional with SP2.

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I was working normally, playing a game, but then suddenly the sound stopped working. I identified that it was the USB ports, not the speakers, that were not working. The computer has 12 USB ports, all of them have stopped working. Is there any way this can be fixed? I ran the TSG SysInfo, but it just came up with this:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version:
Processor Count:
Graphics Card:
Hard Drives:
Antivirus: None

I'm guessing it shouldn't do that. Please help me as soon as possible! Oh, sorry if this was posted in the wrong section!

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Hello guys!
This error happens suddenly... All the USB devices and the ports are working, they are activated on the bios, but they don't work when the Windows starts... In the Device Manager it shows an exclamation on USB controllers an says about code 10...

If I remove all the devices and then "Check for new Hardware", windows recognize all of them and everything works fine... Bu is just restart the pc and the error returns...

I've already updated the BIOS from Motherboard (updated it from USB, worked 100%), but when entering in Windows.

I've tryied to look for some Drivers, but didn't find nothing about USB drivers for my MB and Windows is using the "generic" USB Controllers...

IThe MB is a Gigabyte GA-MA69VM-S2 (which is supported by Win7) and I'm using Windows 7 x64

Thanks guys

A:USB ports stopped working right...

How long have you been having this problem? Is this a new motherboard and a new installation of Windows 7? Did it work prior to upgrading (if you did) to 7?
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On my Hewlett-Packard 110-412na machine running Windows 8.1, the USB ports stopped working a couple of times recently

Since USB is the only interface between keyboard and rodent, and I waited 20 minutes or so, I had to switch the machine off and back on again.

I looked in Device Manager where everything looked ok (no yellow flags). The properties of all the devices stated that they are all working properly.

On the second occasion I was writing in Notebook, which doesn't have automatic saving, and lost a lot of work.

What might have been the cause of the USB shutting down?

A:USB ports stopped working.

Bad or missing driver. You can use Speccy from to see what it shows.
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This morning ALL of my USB ports stopped working. If I plug something into them I get an error message saying "One of the USB devices attached to this computer has fmalfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it." I have gone into device manager and now exclaimation points or anything. When nothing is plugged in the Root hubs show working correctly. When I plug something in and check it I see Unknown Device- then click properties and get "No drivers are installed for this device"

Why would my drivers disappear. I have tried my wireless mouse, my printer and my iPod. nothings works. I did a system restore, that didn't help.

Hope someone can help!

My computer is a laptop- Acer Aspire 9300 Using Windows XP

A:USB ports have stopped working

Well, for now the problem is solved- I shut the computer down, UNPLUGGED it, waited about 10 seconds then plugged it back in and rebooted! Works perfectly now!!

Hope this helps someone else!! I just spend 4 hours trying to figure it out!!
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Hi I've been working on this problem online with HP for over a Ports Working Usb Stopped week They've given up and are shipping me a box to return the machine for them to fix at the factory Before I give up the PC for the time it takes them to do that I thought I'd ask here to see if anyone has already successfully solved this problem My computer has stopped recognizing anything that's plugged into any USB port Device manager says the ports are active and fully powered We've tried re-installing the USB Root Hubs anyone know why there are always two of them multiple times upgraded the drivers and in a last-ditch attempt to make everything like new again we reinstalled the operating Usb Ports Stopped Working system entirely to factory condition after backing up all our data to DVDs Still no recognition of anythign in a USB port Printer says it's installed but nothing will print flash drives are Usb Ports Stopped Working not recognized nor camera or iPod Interestingly enough it doesn't seem to be a hardware problem since the iPod WILL charge in the USB port just won't sync Has anyone seen this problem before Thanks

A:Usb Ports Stopped Working

I can't say for sure, but if you've reinstalled the OS and still can't use the USB ports - then it's time for a repair/replacement. It sounds to me as if it's a partial failure of the USB ports (the data channel rather than the power) - but I don't know a whole lot about their construction. Sorta like one of the traces that the data travels is broken, and it's broken before the split to the different ports (but this is only speculation on my part).

I may have seen the same thing at work not long ago - but can't recall the make of the system. As I seem to remember, we shipped it off for repair at the service center.
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I have a AMD Proc and the USB ports all stopped working, or so it would seem. My USB mouse still makes the connect and disconnect sound and works fine. My Ipod, Dig. Cam and Printer do not work now. Inside the Chipset menu in the bios I have ALL 8 USB ports working and I still have nothing, I checked and windows says they're all working in the device manager too, am I missing something, like a driver or something that is not talking properly to the pc or windows? The other USB ports, when I connect something (Like my Ipod) make an internal sound and my ipod will CHARGE but not connect to Itunes, nor will anything other than my mouse for some reason.....any ideaS?

A:USB ports stopped working


Usual advice: remove the USB items under Device Manager, reboot..

Let us know ..

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I recently acquired an HP Elite model H - and I reinstalled my OS from scratch Custom Windows Ultimate In SS 3.0 Stopped USB Working? Ports the beginning the ports on the top of the unit next to the stereo jack and mic port were working After installing the OS flashing USB 3.0 SS Ports Stopped Working? my BIOS and updating all drivers they are no longer working by which I mean when I put a flash stick or other USB peripheral nothing happens Now I m pretty sure it s a software issue because the stereo out and microphone ports work fine and they are all a part of one piece of hardware and because they did work at some point It s a fairly new device still long under warranty so I doubt it could have failed so quickly I looked in my bios but couldn t find any settings that relate to USB and in my Device Manager it shows no unknown devices HP upper level tech support wasn t much help either and wanted me to reinstall my OS entirely USB 3.0 SS Ports Stopped Working? or backdate my bios flash which is both crude and risky For reference he tells me I have an IPISB-CH Pegatron Mobo I used the bios flash and controller drivers directly from HP s website for my model Any ideas I m wondering if there are separate drivers I need Google H - drivers bit to see exactly what I used Thanks nbsp

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I have the HP envy 23 all in one touch screen, the USB ports stopped working a few days ago. Everything worked fine last week. Anytime something was plugged into the USB port it was installed like it should with whatever pop-up came up, and it was disconnected properly as well. Does anyone know what I can do to get this issue fixed? I remember having to go through this before around 5 months ago and it seems like the support team deleted the USB list and then it added back when I restarted the computer.Any help is appreciated.Thank you!
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My computer crashed after doing a backup and the keyboard stopped working so I decided to remove all USBs and reinsert them then all my other USBs stopped working how do I fix this ?

And I get error 28 for all my USB drivers

A:USB ports stopped working

Sometimes this is a BIOS issue.
Reboot your computer and hit the "Delete" button, during "post".
It should be a black screen with white alpha numerics. At the bottom of the screen it may tell you to hit a different key, like F2.
In the BIOS,check your usb setting, in case it has gone haywire.

Also update the info in the "My System Specs". More information makes it easier to trouble shoot.
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I am in a spot of bother since I have to give an important presentation and all of a sudden my USB ports (3) in HP pavillion dv6(running windows 7 64 bit) stopped working. I plugged my friend's ipod touch to charge from the computer and it did not work and after that none of the ports will work. I tried reinstalling the drivers, restarted the computer multiple times and even ran a virus scan but its of no use. Out of the 3 ports only one says "windows detected a problem with the device", the other 2 wont even say anything. I even checked at the registry keys to see if the USB ports are enabled and they were fine. My warranty expired this December so now I have to pay HP for any trouble shooting.
Is there any simple fix to this solution which I am missing?
Thanks a lot for your time!

A:USB ports stopped working

Two possibility come to mind there may be more of course.

1. A USB port has become physically damaged
2. The port may be OK mechanically and the device damaged the electronics
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Hi guys, after a bit of help because all of my USB ports on my FS Amilo laptop have stopped working after i installed win7.

Immediately after the installation they were ok, but since then they've all stopped working. Any device that is plugged in (Webcam, mouse, USB stick, regular camera) doesn't work, windows simply says 'the device is not recognized'. The error code is 43.

I've tried updating all the drivers, both through windows update and through the manufacturers' websites, but haven't found any updates, and i'm finding it hard to believe it can be the drivers if everything was running smoothly before.

All help would be much appreciated, cheers!

A:All USB ports stopped working

Quote: Originally Posted by Matto6

Hi guys, after a bit of help because all of my USB ports on my FS Amilo laptop have stopped working after i installed win7.

Immediately after the installation they were ok, but since then they've all stopped working. Any device that is plugged in (Webcam, mouse, USB stick, regular camera) doesn't work, windows simply says 'the device is not recognized'. The error code is 43.

I've tried updating all the drivers, both through windows update and through the manufacturers' websites, but haven't found any updates, and i'm finding it hard to believe it can be the drivers if everything was running smoothly before.

All help would be much appreciated, cheers!

Run LookInMyPC (first link in my signature) and post the log here.
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Hello I m new to this so I ll stopped Usb working ports try my best to explain the problem I have a wireless mouse that stopped working the problem is when i plugged the wireless receiver in the USB port the computer says quot found new hardware quot and hardware is installed and ready to use The mouse works for Usb ports stopped working a couple seconds but then after that they stopped moving after I restarted the computer the mouse still stands in the center on the screen so I tried a different port the same thing happens and if I use the the USB port already the mouse won t even move for a few seconds Its not the mouse s fault because I asked my neighbor to borrow his mouse which is USB plug mouse and the same thing happens just like my mouse I tried to to see if its the USB devices problems but I use my flash drive and it works so its not USB device s problem so I m wondering if some one could help me with this problem nbsp

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I am new here and not sure if this post belongs here, if not please point me in the right direction.  
About five month ago I built a pretty basic computer. I have been using a pretty crappy tower since then and today upgraded. I switched out all the internals and set everything up in the new tower. After booting up into windows (8.1) anything connected to any USB port would become unresponsive. Although every minute or so the number lock light would flash signifying the keyboard was receiving power for a split second. I shut down the computer and booted into BIOS and the keyboard worked perfectly. I also checked to make sure the USB ports were enabled in one of the BIOS pages. Even after this the keyboard and mouse refused to work after entering windows. 

A:USB ports stopped working

   You might want to try re-installing your motherboard and chip set drivers, it couldn't hurt.
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My front and rear USB 3 ports stopped working. The rear USB 2 ports still work. When I plug an external HDD into the front USB 3 ports it powers up the drive, but it isn't recognized in Windows Explorer. My USB card reader doesn't light up. Device Manager doesn't show any USB 3 devices, and nothing is showing a yellow x in Device Manager.

Any ideas? The last time I used the front ports was a few weeks ago at most. There have been Windows 10 updates since then, but I don't know specifically when they stopped working.
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I have a new Dell Dimension E521

It runs on windows vista. Last week all of the usb ports stopped working, including front and back. I've never had this problem before i have no idea what it would be. Can anyone help me?

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after the windows 10 anniversary update all my usb ports have stopped working i still get a sound to say i have plugged it in, but then when i try to send something to it it says insert a disk? help please.
my computer is a twelve month old dell with loads of memory.

A:usb ports stopped working after AU

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question after the windows 10 anniversary update all my usb ports have stopped working i still get a sound to say i have plugged it in, but then when i try to send something to it it says insert a disk? help please.
my computer is a twelve month old dell with loads of memory. do a restart and check again
check for any further OS updates
Check in device manager to see if there are any issues with the drivers
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.
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I have a problem with my desktop PC The USB ports are not working so I can t use my keyboard or mouse I m not sure if it has any connection with this but today I tried installing a SSD to my system with no luck While doing that I set the BIOS to AHCI as I read that would be the most optimal Well I kept getting errors trying to install Win to the SSD so I decided to save it for a later time Then I turned off my PC unplugged the SSD and plugged my HDD back in On boot up I entered BIOS and set settings to default After this my USB ports stopped working I have tried turning off my system unplugging the powercord and the CMOS battery for at least minutes with no luck I have also tried plugging my keyboard into every single USB port my PC has I can t even enter BIOS or press F to enter safe mode now Any suggestions stopped USB ports working I m using WinXP and my motherboard is a Gigabyte GA- A-UD nbsp USB ports stopped working

A:USB ports stopped working

Borrow or purchase a ps2 kb. Enter BIOS and enable USB KB/Mouse. I'm not sure it is called exactly that, but it is something similar that you will be able to find. I too have a Gigabyte motherboard (older than yours even) and have had problems with it liking USB kb inputs until I explicitly set that in the BIOS. What is weird is sometimes USB will work if that isn't set, or sometimes it will half-*** work, as in I could get into the BIOS or force the boot selection menu, but then the kb wouldn't work.

So bottom line is, I know what you are describing, but I don't know of a good fix, outside of just acquiring a ps2 kb which will get you out of this situation 100% of the time.
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My ASUS X VB has USB ports I have Windows Bit it was a clean install weeks ago It was working fine until today I noticed that my Ipod Shuffle wasn't USB Working Ports Stopped recognized when I plug it into a USB port Device not successfully installed Device manager shows a code I tried another USB port no luck Tried one on the back and it works It turns out that the Shuffle only works on of my ports That's not good So I did the usual routine of restarting uninstalling reinstalling the driver iTunes and uninstalling reinstalling the USB driver I even went as far as doing System Restore as far back as USB Ports Stopped Working and I know it was working fine back then Even the system restore didn't help so I reversed the restore Reckon it USB Ports Stopped Working might be the Shuffle's problem so I hooked it to another computer Works fine as usual so I know it's not the Shuffle Then I unplugged the Microsoft mouse from my other computer and the mouse works fine on that other computer and plug it into this one The mouse is not recognized for ALL USB ports Awesome I realized once I turn on my computer and go to Device Manager without plugging in anything I still see an quot Unknown Device quot with that yellow triangle with and exclamation mark and I can't get rid of it regardless of uninstalling updating or disabling the driver and can't rollback since the button is faded I really hope it's not hardware failure though I really don't think it is since it's happening for multiple USB ports If anyone has any ideas on my problem it will be greatly appreciated I spent half of my day trying to troubleshoot this now and my boss is not going to be happy if he finds out that I haven't been doing my work But I can't focus on my work unless I get this fixed gt lt And Reinstalling Windows is a pain especially after that two days of work fine-tuning my Windows

A:USB Ports Stopped Working

Welcome! Where is the yellow mark in Device Manager? I did not catch what you said: does anything work on those ports?
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HP ZV us laptop xp pro svs pk USB has stopped working ports rear right side neither working stopped USB ports has worked since I inherited this laptop on left side have always worked well untill week ago Now showing device not recognized for ipod and wireless mouse logitech I also have attached my digital camera before and it worked fine shows nothing when attached now I have done things I now know to cause problems for usb I plug different items USB ports stopped working into same port and I have unpluged things without using windows device removal I plugged my Ipod into my mac and it works fine What I have tried so far on different days System restore Removed in device manager and shut down to let windows reinstall with amp quot found new hardware amp quot Shut down removed power cord removed battery and held power button seconds to clear power from capacitors Ran USBDeview and uninstalled all usb devices Tried Microsofts' Mr Fixit Reset bios Ran sfc scannow And out of desperation ran Free Windows Registry Repair by REGSOFT COM I read that many have tried an OS reinstall and it didnt help Any help would be soooooo appreciated

A:USB ports stopped working

Go to the HP Support/Download Drivers page and type in your make and model. Download the Chipset driver for your computer. Install that. If still having problems, go to Device Manager and uninstall everything under Universal Serial Bus Controllers. Restart. But now go into the Bios, here see if there is anything for USB or Legacy control. Disable this. Now restart the computer. You should have nothing listed for USB in the Device Manager. Now reboot, go back to the Bios and enable USB. Restart and the computer will reload all USB devices. If this still fails, the motherboard USB chipset has failed, and you will need a new Mobo.
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hi all, this problem started out as just one port, but quickly has spread to all ports. i installed a new printer hewlett packard 3550 deskjet, which initially worked perfectly and then died after printing once. i have also just installed a dvd burner (LG super multi RW) which doesn't seem to work properly either. since installing these new things all my usb ports have died. further i have to restart my computer often three times before the mouse will work. worried. any suggestions?

A:all my usb ports stopped working!

uninstall the new stuff and restart with the printer connected.
this should reinstall that device and it should work more than once.
Once that is stable, repeat with the dvd.

using the device manager, you should never see a red or yellow icon, which
says disabled or problem respectively
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Hi everybody, I was updating my drivers on my xp desktop, suddenly the devices attaced to ports stopped working. I assume I was downloading a usb port driver ets I cannot remember. Now none of my ports are working (4back and 2 front) I have done the usual device manager check which shows two standard openHCD USB Host Controllers and two usb root hubs, I have tried to uninstall them and reboot (after turning off system restore) no use my pc does not recognise any device connected to the usbs. Checked BIOS nothing obvious. I am considering downloading a new motherboard driver install. Can anybody help me please. Thanks.
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I am running Windows XP SP3 on a HP Compaq NX6325.

A month ago I got all 3 of my USB ports stopped working. Device Manager shows each USB Host Controller and the corresponding USB Root Hub as working correctly.

I can uninstall the USB Root Hubs, but the 3 Host Controllers will not allow me to interact at all, i.e. I when I try to update the driver, disable it or delete it then the window freezes until I stop the process.

I have updated the BIOS to the latest from the HP website and made sure that USB is enabled.

Searching the web I have tried a few driver check programs, all of which says nothing about upgrading the USB.

One thing to mention.... from the MS website it states that USB usualy uses IRQ 9 whereas my USB Controllers are on IRQ 19.

Any help gratefully received

A:3 x USB Ports Stopped working

You cannot update...USB controller drivers, those are installed by Windows. If they are damaged, updating won't necessarily overcome that.

Go to Device Manager...ignore the hubs, uninstall each controller...reboot.

FWIW: General USB Problems in Windows XP -

You might also try Microsoft Fix it Center Online - .

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I have a Dell laptop and i reďstalled windows xp 2 months ago.
There were no problems and everything worked untill suddenly all the USB-ports stopped working...
i tried to uninstal all the usb-port by deleting them and then restarted my laptop and all the usb-ports were back so they were reset but it still doesn't work!
please help me, i thought of making a back-up and reinstalling the laptop again but with the usb-ports not working it is hard to connect an external hard drive
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Hey guys,

Earlier today my computer just stopped recognising my network adapter. Luckily, I've got a built-in one but it isn't any good because I only get about 25% of the actual speed I'm meant to. I've tried the following to fix it:
Unplugging the power cable for 5 mins
Reinstalling it with device manager
Using the disc
Using a different USB port
Replacing the adapter

My computer is the Packard Bell iXtreme M5850. Can anyone help me try to fix this?

A:USB ports stopped working

Might be worth noting that my peripherals all work in whichever slot I put them in. It seems that only the Netgear product seems to have stopped working. It is the Netgear WNA3100.
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I have an e-machines computer that runs on windows xp A couple of days ago the power went out while the compuer was on and since then none of the usb ports on the computer will work The problem is that the keyboard and mouse and printer and camera al run on usb so its making it difficult to use I found an od ps keyboard and plugged that in to try to fix the computer I tried system restore and it didnt do anything what is weird about it is when i turn the computer on th mouse lights up untill windows starts to load then working usb ports stopped it goes off and stays off there is seperate cards on the computer with usb ports an neither of them will work at all anyone have any ideas also i wanted to add there is usb ports on the came card as my eithernet and the internet works fine but the usb s done nbsp

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Hi It would be great if anyone has an idea what kind of problem I am dealing with here Two days ago my USP ports just stopped working I turned off my Toshiba Satellite A - in the evening the next day I turned it back on nothing I tried HELP!!! working! stopped ports USB to connect my mouse and two different external hard drives their light is on so there is power but the devices are not recognized In the device manager it shows a yellow exclamation mark next to all the USB ports and under properties it says quot Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information in the registry is incomplete or damaged Code quot I tried to uninstall the drivers and reinstall it s still the same Is there anything else I can do Is it likely to be a hardware problem The laptop is only months old and everything else works fine Thanks so much for any suggestions Luna nbsp

A:HELP!!! USB ports stopped working!

Try this fix by JohnWill

Johnwill's solution

Create a file with NOTEPAD containing the following lines and save it as FIX.REG
-------------------------- Use text after this line --------------------------------

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment]

-------------------------- Use text before this line --------------------------------

Double click on FIX.REG and say yes to the Merge Into Registry question.

Unplug ALL USB devices.
Open Device Manager.
View, Show Hidden Devices.
Uninstall all devices under USB Controllers.
Uninstall all devices under Disk Drives that you know are not present.
Uninstall all devices under Storage Volumes. Say no to any reboot prompts until you are finished. Also, if a Storage Volume doesn't uninstall, ignore it and move to the next one.
If you have a yellow ? with unknown devices, uninstall all of the entries there as well.

When this is done, reboot TWICE.

Reconnect the USB devices and see if they're recognized properly.

NOTE: If you have a USB keyboard and/or mouse, you'll have to modify the instructions and leave enough parts for those to function. I don't have one yet, so I haven't had time to modify the instructions.
Microsoft MVP - Shell/User
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I have a E1-570. Today when i turned on the pc, something weird happened. Two of my usb ports stopped working. I tried to update the drivers but everything was up to date. Is there a way to fix the problem? they worked until this morning.
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The port that doubles as the powercord port does allow my battery to be charged, but it does not power any other devices that use USB connections.  Does anyone have any suggestions? solutions?
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Nothing I plug into any of my usb2.0 ports will work.

I get the message 'USB Device Not Recognized - One of the usb devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it. for assistence in solving this problem click this message'

Clicking this message inevitably didnt help.

This has only happened today, and I only noticed it after installing Daemon Tools v4.0 which I have now uninstalled which hasnt solved the problem. This could of course be a coincidence.

Can anyone suggest anything I can try? Let me know any information you need and I will post it.

Thanks in advance


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Hi I am using an HP DV us laptop with Vista Home Premium All stopped ports working! USB SP -bit and an AMD Turion TL- processor Let me know if you need any more info to troubleshoot A little over a month ago I plugged in an old optical mouse to my laptop which I had previously used on a much older desktop Almost immediately I got a popup message saying quot One of your USB devices is malfunctioning quot The mouse didn t work in that port so I tried another one It worked for a few minutes then All USB ports stopped working! I got the same message again I unplugged the mouse and decided to give up A few All USB ports stopped working! minutes later I started getting the same error message over and over again multiple times in rapid succession with nothing attached to my usb ports I wish I had written down or copied the exact error message but I didn t and now it s too late to remember the exact message At that point I was sleepy and All USB ports stopped working! I decided to deal with the problem the next day When I woke up and tried to plug in a different mouse which was working on said laptop previously I discovered that NONE of my USB ports were working at all Since then I have tried every fix I could find on the internet on many different forums and nothing has worked Upon further inspection I noticed that the USB ports still supply power sort of For instance when I plug in my usb hard drive it lights up but doesn t spin and nothing is recognized by the computer When I plug in my Windows Mobile Phone with the usb charger the phone beeps to tell me it s plugged up but doesn t charge and nothing is recognized by the computer None of the USB devices or controllers in device manager show any errors Nevertheless I have tried uninstalling reinstalling them multiple times to no avail I have also tried unplugging removing the battery waiting and then restarting per one suggestion I found online I have tried doing all of this in safe mode It seems that most of the forums with posts about this issue deal with Windows XP I haven t found hardly any that talk about Vista I have been told by my tech-savvy friends and from HP chat tech support that since I have tried all the common troubleshooting tricks and nothing has worked that my problem is either an OS issue reinstall windows from scratch or a hardware issue replace a shorted or fried motherboard I don t wish to do either Although I am now preparing to back up all my data and reinstall windows I thought I would ask for help first Please Help nbsp

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i have an hp ze2000 laptop, windows xp, both my usb ports have stopped working, i have reformatted, still no results, one stopped and later the other, i do alot of plugging in and unplugging due to using my cellphone as a modem, could have had an impact, could anyone help me with this, i love this pc.


A:usb ports stopped working hp laptop

Hi Chris,

Does this problem still exist?

If so, could you please go to your device manager and check to see if you have any DEVICES that are disable, questionable (question mark), or any that are not installed – UNKNOWN.

How to get to device manager:

Click on START
Right click MY COMPUTER
Click on the HARDWARE TAB

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop and two days ago all the usb ports and my SD slot stopped working. I went to plug in my external hard drive and an sd card to back up photos and they both stopped working. Not just the usb port that I was using, but all 4 of them are not working. They have not worked since, even with a shut down, or restart. I have windows XP. Not sure what else to put here, but appreciate any help.

A:USB Ports and SD Slot all stopped working

Okay, odd...they are all working now. I guess, is there anything I can do to make sure this doesn't happen again?
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I have a Windows self made PC with a Asus P P D-E Pro mother board About months ago my USB ports just stopped working out of the blue I had no option to do a system restore to fix it I had it disabled In my device manager I see three yellow marks next to the USB controllers I put a screenshot below showing it I ve tried everything to fix it the drivers I downloaded were from this website http www asus com Motherboards P P DE PRO HelpDesk Download All the USB ports do not work including the - on the back and the on the front My mouse lights up when I plug it in but it does not move even in safe mode I m using a USB gt PS connector to use an older mouse right now Any suggestions I was about to buy a PCI USB card but I wanted to see if anyone knew how to fix it first nbsp

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I have a Toshiba Satellite which is just about one year old (not sure on exact model name/number). Recently both my USB drives stopped working, once in awhile right after I restart they will work fine, and then randomly stop working again. It's completely baffling! lol I have looked in Device Manager, and it says that everything to do with USB is working properly, and it also says that it can detect my mouse and that the mouse is working properly. I have looked through other threads on here to see if I can find a solution but nothing seems to be working. I'd appreciate any advice, or just to let me know whether this may be something to do with an actual part and not just computer settings. Thanks
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My main desktop which has been going through a bit of a patch at the moment now has all USB ports acting very strangely in that plug something in and the insert sound goes off but nothing shows up in Computer and even Kaspersky does not ask if I want to scan it.

The machine has the usual back and front ports and also a card reader (Icy Box with 2x3.0 and 4x2.0 and SD etc slots)

Now I have tried chkdsk /f /r sfc MBAM SAS ADW full Kaspersky scan and tried the sticks and drive sin my other machines and all are good. Have installed all the drivers etc etc but still no go.

Any ideas please before I run a rescue disk and memtest as I seem to be running out of options. Boards about three years old now - Asus P8Z77-V

A:USB ports suddenly stopped working

Try unplugging all the power and let it sit overnight. Then plug in and try again in the morning. I've seen this work on occasion when all the USB ports suddenly don't work. For that matter, if simply unplugging AC doesn't work, might be worth pulling out any CMOS battery too.
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when i insert any usb device including a usb flash drive, my laptop doesnt detect it.
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Hi I have lost access to all the USB ports on a PC There was no apparent crash but I realised there was a problem when the USB Mouse stopped working stopped Ports working USB Solved: Everything else is working OK I get an Error drivers corrupted or missing and the entries in Device Manager both have yellow marks against them I only have quot Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller quot and quot Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller quot entries below the entry for Universal Solved: USB Ports stopped working Serial Bus Solved: USB Ports stopped working Controllers - no Root Hubs are there and there are no Unknown Devices anywhere else I was running XP Pro SP when the ports went but have installed SP and Updated to see if that did anything - it didn t I have tried the troubleshooting suggestions on Microsoft such as deinstalling and rebooting updating system restore and have done a repair installation using my original XP SP disc all with no result The PC has been scanned with Kaspersky and Spybot but nothing shows up I have done a clean-up and defrag and USB is enabled in BIOS I ve completely disconnected from the power socket some people on forums have found that works and checked for any issues in the Registry I have the original disc for the ASUS Motherboard but that won t let me install the USB driver because I have a more modern version via XP Similarly downloads from Microsoft just tell me a more modern version exists and that I can t overwrite them I have another PC with XP Home as well as a Win laptop so have done a few comparisons and the main thing I ve spotted is that all the USB drivers are Stopped in the System Information Software Environment System Drivers window Also the other PC has Root Hubs in Device Manager I m presuming that something has corrupted but don t know where to go from here I m quite confident with most PC things but don t know much about replacing individual files within the OS I m reluctant to reload completely if it s possible to just replace a few files Sorry this is a bit long but I ve been trying all sorts of things Any suggestions will be appreciated nbsp

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My wife was recharging her Ipod on my computer and after she finished I noticed that my computer was frozen I rebooted by using the restart button and it restarted without any Windows error messages However all of the USB ports were gone If I plug in a memory stick it lights up but is not recognized I tried un-installing all of the USB contollers and rebooting but the ports still do not work No errors appeared under each controller in the device manager quot the device is working properly quot I suspect it s a motherboard problem Is there anything else that I can do to diagnose the problem Thanks Processor Model Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz Speed GHz L On-board Cache kB ECC Synchronous ATC Mainboard Bus es ISA AGP PCI USB FireWire MP Support CPU s System BIOS American Megatrends Inc Mainboard ASUSTeK Computer Inc P C -E Chipset ASUSTeK Computer Inc Unknown Front Side Bus Speed x MHz MHz data rate Total USB Working Stopped Solved: Ports Memory MB Video System Monitor Panel NEC MultiSync Monitor Panel NEC MultiSync Adapter RADEON SERIES Adapter RADEON Solved: USB Ports Stopped Working SERIES - Solved: USB Ports Stopped Working Secondary CD-ROM DVD TSSTcorp CD DVDW SH-S D CD X Rd X Wr DVD X Rd X Wr Logical Storage Devices MB quot Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space PLEXTOR DVDR PX- A CD-ROM drive quot format removeable media Floppy drive ST A Hard drive GB -- drive s n LJ K EM rev SMART Status Healthy Solved: USB Ports Stopped Working ST AS Hard drive GB -- drive s n NF RQE rev SMART Status Healthy ST A Hard drive GB -- drive s n PM EV G rev AAD SMART Status Serial Parallel Port s COM LPT USB Controller Hub Intel R EB USB Universal Host Controller - D USB Controller Hub Intel R EB USB Universal Host Controller - D USB Controller Hub Intel R EB USB Universal Host Controller - D USB Controller Hub Intel R EB USB Enhanced Host Controller - DD USB Controller Hub Intel R EB USB Universal Host Controller - DE USB Controller Hub USB Root Hub USB Controller Hub USB Root Hub USB Controller Hub USB Root Hub USB Controller Hub USB Root Hub USB Controller Hub USB Root Hub USB Controller Hub USB Composite Device FireWire Controller Hub VIA OHCI Compliant IEEE Host Controller Keyboard Standard -Key or Microsoft Natural PS Keyboard Mouse Microsoft PS Port Mouse IntelliPoint Human Interface HID-compliant device Human Interface USB Human Interface Device MultiMedia Device s Device SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio Communication Device s Device Intel R EP V Modem Operating System s Windows System Microsoft Windows XP Home Version Service Pack Network Adapter s Network Drivers Enabled Yes Adapter Intel R PRO CT Network nbsp

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Lately every time I try to connect a known working USB device, like digital camera, thumb drive, web cam, etc. I get a pop up window that says the device is not recognized. I have a printer plugged into a USB port, and it works, although I did have to reinstall the driver for it recently, because it too get the same error.
Is there a driver or drivers I should reload? What should I do to determine if it's really a hardware (port) problem? Devices will work on other computers, just not this Compaq desktop, 1.6Ghz, 2GB RAM, roughly 3 years old, XP SP3

A:USB Ports suddenly stopped working

Try these ideas;
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Hello all,

A Few days ago my laptop stopped reading my 2 USB 2.0 Ports (I am using a Compaq Pressario v6000 Laptop with Vista Home Premium 32bit). I went to the Device Manager and updated, uninstalled, reinstalled, prayed to god yada yada the drivers with no luck. I also went back to a old restore point and no luck with that. My computer is fully updated and I have no other idea's what to do. I have read something about INF files but I am somewhat computer literate (enough to get me in trouble) but not enough to know about INF'S and what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advanced for your time.
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Just like that, the USB ports on my DV4-1435DX just upped and stopped.  I got messages that said that USB devices not recognized.  I tried uninistalling and reinstalling the drivers for the devices, thinking that somehow they were corrupted, but no go.  When I plug the USB devices (Logitech unifying receiver for my wireless keyboard and mouse and a Bluetooth adapter) into the docking station they work fine. And wouldn't you just know that my warranty ran out in July of 2010! Anyone else have this problem?  Is it going to cost me a lot to get this fixed?  I don't want to spend money for a repair that will end up costing as much as the notebook cost in the first place.

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A:My notebook's USB ports stopped working

Problem solved.  After much researching, I found a five-year-old post that suggested I remove all the USB devices from the computer, turn it off and remove the battery and leave it for a bit.  Fifteen minutes later, I started it up, plugged my peripherals back in, and voila!  It was all working again! I'm glad it's back workng again, a laptop without USB ports was a major problem, and I envisioned expensive repairs that would have made it cheaper to just buy a new one. Whew!
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That day suddenly my PC's USB ports stopped working. I tried all USB ports with deferent kinds of drives(pendirve, mobile, modem) but computer is not responding. I tried reinstalling my windows 7 but remains same. I also tried Ubuntu, Mint, Hirens Boot CD etc but no OS finds my any kind of USB disc. On windows 7 I tried uninstalling and installing USB drives manually but don't work. In the mean time today at dawn one of my USB modem started working(on Win7) but after some seconds it became like before.

Can anyone figure out which problem I'm facing? Is it related to my hardware?

A:Suddenly all USB ports stopped working on win 7

First place I would start would be update all primary drivers for your PC, what ever flavor you have, desktop/laptop. Go to that vendors website and download and install all the latest drivers. If you have add on specific hardware go to that vendors site for drivers.

The next thing I would do is to rule out any Virus's, malware, spyware and adware that my be lurking about your system. It's known that some of these nasties can and do corrupt system software and hardware.
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I am using Windows 8.1 on an ASUS X550C. All my USB ports (2 USB2.0 and 1 3.0) have suddenly stopped working. External drives when connected show a light but are not recognised. Graphics tablet and printers also do not work, though they do when attached
to another printer.
I have not recently done anything by way of software installations.
I have done a clean boot, but no difference. I have ensured the latest Windows Updates are installed.
In Other Devices, the USB Root HUB (xHCl) has a yellow exclamation mark next to it. Searching for an updated driver produces no result.
Everything else on the machine seems to be working ok.
Advice please.

A:Windows 8.1 USB ports stopped working.

Device Type: Other Devices
Manufacturer: Unknown
Location: on Intel(R) USB3.0 eXtensible Host Controller - 01.00 (Microsoft)
Device Status:
The drivers for this device are not installed (Code 28).
"Update Driver" produces no results.

In the Intel download center, we can only find the driver for Windows 7
And the link below mentioned that Windows 8* has a native in-box USB 3.0 driver.
Windows 8* has a native in-box USB 3.0 driver.
since we're unable to to install the driver via Windows update or download it from manufacture website, but the driver must be corrupted in your system for some unknown reason, so I suggest you return the system to a previous point at which everything is
function fine with restore point.
response contains a reference to a third party World Wide Web site. Microsoft is providing this information as a convenience to you.
does not control these sites and has not tested any software or information found on these sites.

Yolanda Zhu
TechNet Community Support
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About 3 years ago, I gave my old Pentium 4 XP custom-built computer to a non-profit agency. It worked flawlessly until about 3 months ago when ALL of the USB ports stopped working. I checked the many posts on this forum for the same problem, and have tried

doing a system restore back to October;

checking to make sure the USB ports are enabled in the BIOS (they are);

deleting all the USB ports from Device Manager and letting Windows install them again (which it did);

reinstalling the chipset drivers.
None of these fixed the problem. Given that, the conclusion I come to is that some component on the mobo has failed. Am I right, or is there something else I need to try?

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All the USB Ports were working just fine two still are the one with this keyboard and mouse plugged into it but I haven't UNPLUGGED them since this problem started so I'm NOT going to do that now JUST De... my The Ports Stopped USB *SUDDENLY* in Working IN CASE those ports stop working too and The USB Ports *SUDDENLY* Stopped Working in my De... then I have absolutely NO The USB Ports *SUDDENLY* Stopped Working in my De... ACCESS to my computer at that point and everything was how it normally was nbsp I had just plugged in a flash drive and removed data from that drive unplugged it thru the eject button and I also had an external drive plugged in later and it worked and ejected just fine and then OUT OF NOWHERE now it the USB ports REFUSE to work nbsp I'll plug in the device I'll hear the NOISE on the computer that lets you know it's plugged in but then NOTHING happens and it does NOT get recognized in the My Computer Devices folder nbsp I have tried ALL the available ports and NONE of them work nbsp I tried my devices on another computer and they work perfectly fine nbsp It's THIS computer nbsp And it's only a year and half old And I bought it BRAND NEW nbsp nbsp I NEED THESE PORTS TO WORK nbsp It is how I TRANSFER my Family's Pictures from the camera and then I BACK THEM UP on an EXTERNAL DRIVE nbsp I was just about to DO THAT when everything went wonky nbsp nbsp This computer is like the HEART of the media for our Family and I can't have this happening nbsp nbsp I'm sooo UPSET right now nbsp I have restarted and rebooted and I have even unplugged the power source from the PC for multiple minutes and it STILL did not help nbsp I even left the computer OFF for over hours and STILL it REFUSES to recognize anything put into the USB ports EXCEPT the Keyboard and Mouse which were ALREADY PLUGGED in when this problem started nbsp So I am NOT unplugging them in case that makes them STOP WORKING too nbsp nbsp PLEASE oh PLEASE tell me there is a solution to this problem and that Somebody Awesome knows how to FIX this and walk me through it nbsp PLEASE nbsp I'm not very computer smart but I can follow directions VERY well nbsp nbsp So if there's anything you can do PLEASE let me know ASAP nbsp It's holding up EVERYTHING right now nbsp nbsp I would appreciate it SO MUCH if Somebody will help me figure out this problem nbsp There is NOTHING on the internet to help me fix this nbsp I tried nbsp Again thank YOU for listening and I truly HOPE Somebody will be able to help nbsp Have a FANTASTERRIFIC Day Today nbsp Sincerely Jen nbsp nbsp I have a Lenovo H System Model -bit Operating Systemx -based ProcessorWindows BitIntel Core i - CPU GHz GB Installed Ram GB usable nbsp nbsp Moderator comment nbsp Post font color and size normalized

A:The USB Ports *SUDDENLY* Stopped Working in my De...

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
I am assuming that the two USB ports that are working are on the back of the computer.  That the two other back ones along with the front ones are not working.  Possibly there is a conflict with the hardware information stored in the CMOS which is preventing all the USB ports from working.  I would suggest you try clearing the CMOS to see if that will correct the problem you are having.  On page #26 of your model's Hardware Maintenance Manual show the location of the coin cell CMOS battery.  The battery's socket will either have a little tab to eject the battery or a slot in which you can use a small screw driver to lightly pry up the edge the battery.  With the machine unplugged remove the battery and press the power button for 15 seconds.  Then reinstall the battery, plug and then boot up the computer to see if the problem is resolved.  It is normal after clearing the CMOS to have to enter the time & date when the computer is booted  up.
The link below is for your model's Hardware Maintenance Manual. When working inside your system please follow all precautions and recommendations that are noted in the manual.
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I have a Compaq Presario CQ62-215DX, running Norton Internet Security and firewall through Windows 7. I sucessfully installed new Wireless LAN and Lightscribe system software several days ago, along with the Live Essentials, Realtek and Windows 7 Updates.

Everything was operating correctly yesterday, but when I booted up my computer today my wireless mouse refused to work. After trying a fix involving a USB stick, I realized that none of my USB ports work. The ports light up when I restart, until Windows 7 finishes logging in, and once it begins the drivers refuse to work. Is it because of the recent updates? Because I cleaned up my back-up copies? Any help will be apprecited!

A:USB Ports Have suddenly stopped working...

Have you tried disabling and re-enabling all of your USB controllers and ports in Device Manager?

If you don't know how to do get there...
Start menu > Right click on Computer > Manage > Device Manager

Moreover, to disable USB ports, go to the Universal Serial Bus Controllers button in the Device Manager. Right click each individual one and click disable. For each one. Then after each one is disabled, start from the top and do the same thing but click Enable this time. There are some dependencies in there sometimes that will disable more than one individual device, so be aware of that.
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Yes my front USB ports no longer work I have at the front for easy access and at the rear It s just the front ones that have stopped working I have tried a working have Fronts ports USB stopped memory stick camera sat-nav and phone and nothing is recognised in any of the front ports but work fine in the rear I have a external hard drive which has its own power supply and tried that that also works fine Fronts USB ports have stopped working in the back but not Fronts USB ports have stopped working in the front ports The drives are not listed in Computer management Here is what I have tried Phisically checked disconnected and reconnected the wired connections inside the PC Checked for device conflicts Disabled each Fronts USB ports have stopped working USB controller in one by one in turn Uninstalled all USB controllers rebooted to find and install all controllers again Logically I can t think it to be a physical connection problem because nothing has changed or moved to disturb the enclosed wiring I can only think that there is a common component controlling the front ports that has become misconfigured or worst scenario - gone pop I did attempt to system restore but since this problem occurred I have installed XP SP and cannot roll back to a date where I remember them working Where next - or is it terminal Windows XP Home now SP HP Pavillion AMD nbsp

A:Fronts USB ports have stopped working

In addition, as I can't use the USB lead to access pictures on my camera, I have just tried the XD camera card and it seems that the front card slots don't work either. It must be a fault common to the front panel. I have checked and double checked the physical connections. Please, any suggestions? Many thanks.
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All of stopped USB working ports correctly All the USB ports on our emachines T desktop stopped working with several devices this afternoon A previously set up USB connected printer shows up as off line Plugging in a flash drive or WiFi USB dongle triggers an audible USB connection alert but the drive does not show up under quot My Computer quot and the LEDs do not light up on the WiFi dongle All USB ports stopped working correctly which was working fine up to that point Unplugging any USB device triggers a USB disconnect alert The flash drive and dongle work fine on another computer The USB mouse on this computer is still working normally The computer was running Windows XP Home SP at the time and I updated to SP All USB ports stopped working correctly in the hope it might solve the problem but it did not We had attached a new WD TB My Book Essential external HDD the day before and installed All USB ports stopped working correctly but never ran a backup using the WD SmartWare software that came on it Earlier today I manually copied about GB of files from another external USB drive to the new one with no problem My wife was able to access the files on the drive after that and was able to use the USB dongle wireless connection for getting on line for a few more hours She could not get on line after dinner and that was when I found that most of the USB connected devices were not working The new drive was not showing up under quot My Computer quot as well I tried disconnecting the new drive and then un-installing the SmartWare but no change I installed the registry patch suggested by Rollin Rog in another thread and then checked the Device manager with quot show hidden devices quot enabled Under quot Universal Serial Bus Controllers quot I get - Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller - USB Root Hub - USB Root Hub - USB Root Hub - USB Root Hub - VIA Rev or Later USB Universal Host Controller - VIA Rev or Later USB Universal Host Controller - VIA Rev or Later USB Universal Host Controller None of them are grayed out and double clicking on each reports that they are working properly The only warning that I see is for quot ADS Instant DVD quot under Non-Plug and Play Drivers I have used Instant DVD in the past but the USB based hardware has not been connected to the computer for over a two years I moved the USB mouse plug to the port that was used by the new drive and the mouse still works I did get the USB disconnect and connect alert sounds and a new USB device pop-up when I moved the connection Am I missing some setting somewhere Do I have a corrupted driver Did I have some type of USB hardware failure that only lets the mouse work nbsp

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Hi I hope someone can give me some advice on this stopped 350 All G1 working ports USB have Laptop. issue nbsp I turned my laptop on the other day and none of the USB ports worked Any device I plug in 350 G1 Laptop. All USB ports have stopped working is not recognised and there is no power from the USB ports Mouse lens does not light up External HHD light is off USB flash drives do not light up Powered deviecs are also not recognised so it's more than just a USB power issue When I say not recognised I mean there is no indication that they are even connected no pop-up error message or indication in the Device Manager that the device might be faulty nbsp I have tried uninstalling all USB drivers without result i have booted from a Linux CD and from a Win ERD nbsp without result I have also tried a hard reset also without result I have reset the BIOS and checked that USB is enabled in the BIOS but that also made no difference nbsp If anyone has any usefull tips I would be very grateful nbsp Funster
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I m not even sure if this completely stopped ports USB working is the right place to post this but if I hadn t shaved my head I would have been ripping my hair out by now I used a quot mass storage device quot for my SD card to put pictures from my camera onto my PC This always worked fine until USB ports stopped working completely that one fateful day I plugged it in and a bobble came up saying it exceeded the limit the device Didnt know what this meant since I honly had a few pictures on the card I removed it and put it in again this time it sorta freaked and the bubble popped up twice I tried removing it again but it wasnt responding and eventually froze my computer so I pulled out the USB ports stopped working completely device and rebooted Upon restart i noticed that the device wasn t being read at all when i plugged in so I went to check the device manager but the mouse wasn t working or keyboard or anything else i tried to plug into the USB ports device manager says quot device is working properly quot for all ports but no device ever gets read when i plug it in no light on the device comes on no bubble no nothing I deleted the USB root hubs and restarted they reinstalled but no devices work I went into power management and made sure that quot allow my computer to shut this device off to save power quot was OFF still no luck I ran some Belarc Advisor on my computer and it recognized all the USB ports I don t know what else to do can anyone help nbsp

A:USB ports stopped working completely

Sounds like you may have overloaded the USB port and it is now toast.

If you have a Dell;

Otherwise, time to buy a USB PCI card.
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I have an older Dell Dimension 2400 running XP. The USB ports stopped working after I reinstalled XP. I checked the device manager and it says all the usb ports are working properly. Is there a way that they have been disabled? Is the device manager the correct place to check on them?

A:[SOLVED] USB ports stopped working

How do you know if your USB is disabled? What devices have you tried? You can try to go into Device Manager and right click the Enhanced Open Host Controller under USB and Uninstall it. Then Right click any device in the Device Manager and Scan for Hardware Changes, this should reinstall it. If it still doesn't work then go into the Bios and Disable USB press F10 to save then restart. Now Restart go back into the Bios and Enable USB pressing F10 to save. When you boot up it will load fresh USB drivers.
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My CPU has been 100% for over a month. I first thought it was a virus so a scanned w/ every program out there and nothing would detect anything, HJT log was reviewed and nothing found so I went down the Registry Path and tried to repair with Registry Repair Tools to no avail. So I backed up all my files and did a complete OS re-install in CPU is still at 100%. And when this problem first started by USB ports stopped working.

A:CPU 100%...OS Re-install did not fix. USB Ports stopped working.
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A couple of strange things happened to my laptop today.
While i was using it the 2 USB ports suddenly stopped recognising the 2 things i had plugged into them, a mouse and an internet dongle. So i rebooted to try and solve the problem but when i did i got the BootMGR is missing message, so i used the recovery discs i have to bring it back to factory status but the USB ports still don`t work.
I deleted the USB host controllers and rebooted, the host controllers are back but the USB ports are not working.
Anyone know what is happening?

The laptop is,
Toshiba Satellite c660/c660D
Windows 7 (was ultimate but now Home Premium as recovered)
AMD V140 Processor 2.30GHz
2.00GB RAM
64 bit OS.

A:Solved: USB ports stopped working

It looks like a hardware problem, the restore would normally install the correct Usb drivers.

You can try running this, it's the chipset utility from Toshiba for your laptop, it should install Usb drivers :-
Unzip the exe file and run it.

If that doesn't help you may have to buy a PCMCIA Usb adaptor or similar.
Are there only 2 Usb ports on the laptop ?
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On a previously fine PC USB ports working! suddenly All stopped I noticed the usb cable for my Palm Pilot had fallen out so that s why I couldn t connect to it So I foolishly plugged the usb cable in The screen froze had to press reset to reboot On rebooting my ISDN adaptor had a cross on it indicating it wasn t enabled it was IMPOSSIBLE to restart it So I deleted it in device manager it wouldn t delete quot the device has failed to respond in a timely fashion quot All USB ports suddenly stopped working! Then All USB ports suddenly stopped working! I realised all USB connected peripherals were not responding ie isdn adaptor amp printer Everything I ve tried has failed switched ports cables nothing is detected when a usb cable is plugged in So I was stuck with no internet connection until I reinstalled my old PCI modem Please guys any advice would be much appreciated I m concerned All USB ports suddenly stopped working! something I did plugging that cable in has fried all my usb ports on my mobo MB nbsp

A:All USB ports suddenly stopped working!

XP 1900+
Win XP
512 Mb RAM
100G W Digital HD
4 usb ports on ASUS A7V 266E Mobo

PS system restore hasn't helped, all usb still kaput!
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just few days ago my printer and webcam and iPod connected and worked perfectly fine. Suddenly non of them work anymore!

When i turn on my printer a msg pops up syaing "Unknown Device Not Recognized", same thing happens when i attempt using my webcam and plug in my iPod. But the thing is, my camera works! When i connected my Sony Digital camera to uploaded pictres, it worked! and it still works.

So why is it that my camera's the only device that will conenct to my computer?

Windows XP

A:USB ports suddenly stopped working!!

Tell us the brand and model of computer, whether a desktop or a laptop, and the location of the usb ports... whether front or back, or whether we are talking about a powered external hub, or a multimedia box in the middle of the computer which has a 9 in 1, 15 in 1, or similar memory card reader with USB ports.
Are the USB ports built into the case, or on a pci card slot on the back of the computer.
Generally, USB ports do not fail. There are a few times when they do because any electronics made with chips, thyristors, and printed circuits can fail. But USB ports are among the most rare of failures... except when you are using multiports.
On inexpensive USB connections, they all share one connector... If you have four or five ports on one connector to the motherboard, then those in use will reduce the power that is accessible on lower quality units.
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Last night I was doing my usual gaming on my PC when I started getting popups about USB drives malfunctioning I didn t think much of them at the time Later on during the night my USB mouse stopped working I didn t think much of it and I switched it to a free port It started working again Then trouble USB ports working stopped suddenly started I plugged my headset into another free port it had been plugged into my Xbox it was working fine beforehand and started to watch an episode of a TV show The sound was horrendous It USB ports stopped working suddenly wasn t the file and it was not my headset as I tested it again on my Xbox and was working fine I switched USB ports It didn t work Then my mouse stopped working and my keyboard Funnily enough my USB phone charger still showed it was charging my phone and it still does right now I restarted my computer and at the POST screen it said a keyboard error had occurred or one was not connected When I start my computer with the keyboard plugged in the lights flash and the backlight comes on it is an illuminated keyboard so the blue lights beneath the keys work for some reason but none of the keys registered I had to dig out an old PS keyboard to get my computer to even get past the POST screen I did some reading around and saw a simple fix of turning off your computer and unplugging it from all power sources so I left it unplugged for hours while I was at work with the CMOS battery removed I got home and plugged it back in with just the keyboard and the same thing happened Backlights come on but nothing works It seems that the things I plug in to my USB ports aren t receiving enough power I am guessing that because after leaving my phone on the charger for or so hours it only got about of its charge Does anyone know what my problem could be I m going to go make sure all of my power supply cords are plugged in correctly and firmly It s a watt corsair power supply with the mobo listed in my spec thing I put at signup I ll post any requested specs after work tomorrow if any more are needed Short version USB ports stopped working and seem to not be getting any power to power the things I plug in nbsp
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Okay well heres my problem peoples I restarted my PC today you know start gt turn off computer gt logon slow ports working not Ethernet screens & restart and when I restarted my internet connection went Note I have comps on a router so im using the other one right now I checked all connections their fine I checked all settings their fine theres no reason at all I can see that would stop my internet from Ethernet ports not working & logon screens slow working Oh and I might add that the network connection I had on it the comp said it was still connected but it gave some really weird dodgy IP address thats completely nothing to do with my network Then I saw it you know the lights that light up at the back of your ethernet port well nether of them were on at all They didnt come on when a wire was connected or when it was disconnected So I think it may be a hardware situation here I only bought this PC a few weeks back and if we need to pay to get it repaired my parents will hurt me lol not litterally But yeah I seriously need to get it working Oh and one more thing that happened at the same time the internet stopped working you know after you log on on the windows xp logon screen it shows the quot WELCOME quot text on the blue background thingy Well it shows that welcome and stays there for about a minute before actually loading up my desktop In that time CTRL ALT DEL etc dont work ether I believe the are related surely they have to be I really appreciate any info anyone can give me nbsp

A:Ethernet ports not working & logon screens slow

Yes, they could be related.

The easiest thing to try is to take the ethernet cable from the computer that works, but keep it in the same router port, and plug it into the computer that does not conenct and see if the lights come on.

You can check on the connection status by going to Control Panel -> Network Connections -> and the selecting the correct Local Area Connection.

You can also go into Control Panel -> System -> Hardware -> Device Manager and check to see if there is a driver problem. You can even uninstall the card and reinstall it if you have the driver on CD. Make sure you note any settings for the connection first so if you need to you can restore them later.

If its a bad card and it came with the computer then it should be a warranty issue if it comes down to that.
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Hi,I when I connect the usb nano receiver of my mouse in one of the front ports of my cabinet it works fine,but when I put the nano receiver in one of the back ports ,the mouse lags!
Any solution?
Thanks in advance
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I have an older stopped ports Both USB suddenly laptop on working Dell Inspiron that's been rock solid since day one I recently Both USB ports on laptop suddenly stopped working transferred all my music from my PC to my Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex so I could organize my files while I was out of town Both USB ports on laptop suddenly stopped working on business When I got to my hotel and plugged the Seagate into the USB port the laptop would not recognize it There's two USB ports one of the USB ports does nothing at all when I plug the drive in not even a 'Ding-Dong' sound The other port at least responds but still not recognized By quot responds quot I mean Windows responds with a quot Dunn quot sound not the happy two tone sound of a device actually being recognized and available just a quot Dunn quot I've used this drive before on this laptop on several occasions so I know it's compatible I also came home and plugged to drive back into the PC to see if the drive itself responds It does and all files are there and happy Also when plugged into the non-responsive USB slot the light on the drive blinks a couple times the platters spool up for or so seconds then goes out When plugged into the other USB slot the one that goes quot Dunn quot the light comes on and stays on and the platters spin untill I unplug the device But it's still not recognized Nothing shows up under the Disc Management tool either Normal USB thumb drives work normal still

A:Both USB ports on laptop suddenly stopped working

This procedure USB Selective Suspend - Turn On or Off has helped others with issues similar to yours.
Try it and see if it helps. You would want to turn the feature OFF, or disable.
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On my desktop I was doing a gfx driver update AMD Omega from ver and running the Catalyst Uninstaller was asked to restart and in doing so without thinking booted to Safe Mode had driver sweeper Working Stopped (Win7x64 Hm Ports USB Prem) on my mind and after choosing Safe Mode with networking all ports front and rear stopped working including mouse KB thumb drives and external hdds Being unable to navigate whatsoever I plugged in another hard drive booted to it USB Ports Stopped Working (Win7x64 Hm Prem) and all the usb ports worked again eliminating the MB and devices I've run sfc scannow several times finding no errors also I know in pwr options on the drive in question I set the usb suspend pwr at disable I tried holding the pwr button on the tower down for more than seconds after pwring down and unplugging and let it sit for over a hour hoping it may have been a thermal in the psu but that didn't change anything either Any ideas on a workaround so as not to do a complete OS reinstall

A:USB Ports Stopped Working (Win7x64 Hm Prem)

Is the machine functional enough to boot to Advanced boot options by pressing F-8 at boot?
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Hallo I am DESPERATE for help please I have a Toshiba Laptop Equium A series with Windows -bit My A200 USB Equium - have working stopped Ports USB ports are giving me major problems I use a USB Internet Modem on several computers and Equium A200 - USB Ports have stopped working it Equium A200 - USB Ports have stopped working works fine on all computers including Toshiba A month ago the USB Internet would suddenly and continuously disconnect itself from the Internet when I use it in USB port one When I use it in USB port two it doesn't register anymore The port simply doesn't register the device Both USB ports work fine when used by other USB products I had always used USB Internet in USB port one with a cooling fan for my laptop in USB port two Now when I insert the cooling fan USB Internet disconnects itself and won't register unless i remove the fan and remove and re-insert the USB Internet I have done the following Run an anti-virus Uninstall re-install and update all drivers for USB ports chipset famlies Internet Modem EVERYTHING I've checked with my Internet provider the problem lies with my PC not them I don't know what to do I am fed up PLEASE help

A:Equium A200 - USB Ports have stopped working

Have you installed some additional software for this external device? If yes remove it from the system, restart your notebook and try to install it again.
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Desperate for help amp USB working stopped Solved: ports PC desktop on or advice can I fix this myself or do I need to take it to my computer guy Desktop is what I use to make my income Problem- No working mouse or keyboard or audio or internet connection according to tray icons on startup one morning recently Night before I was teaching myself how to manually download last update to IOS for iPhone S I don t want IOS on a S and kick it out of reset mode but it required java to complete This PC has never accepted java without small problems so Solved: USB ports stopped working on desktop PC I usually don t use it Plus it s the only PC I ve ever owned that I can t do a system restore on So I intended to download java fix the phone amp then delete java But during the process a PC restart was required so I risked it amp everything was fine But when it became really late amp I was too tired to continue I shut down the PC as usual overnight intending to give it a try in the am Next morning the PC seemed to be working fine only anything connected by USB didn t work Any info advice would be greatly appreciated as I work freelance so while the expense of the computer guy at this time of year isn t great I just need to do something to get it working again as soon as I can I m completely stumped on where to even start when I can t press a key or click the mouse to even find what s wrong not to mention not having my phone working either Desktop- Dell Inspiron bought second hand Intel Core Duo E Ghz Gb RAM GB hard drive Using of course Windows Thanks ever so much nbsp

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I've got a bit of a problem with my computer and was hoping some advice Basically all the USB ports on my computer have recently USB Ports stopped my have working modem) 2.0 - Help! (and All possibly my stopped working - I can still use them to charge my iPod but not to communicate with it I no longer All my USB 2.0 Ports (and possibly my modem) have stopped working - Help! get the little icon in the bottom right hand side of the screen when it's connected and I can't use my printer because the computer insists it's off-line I've tried two different cables so it can't be a problem with that I've got two USB ports on the back of my computer built into my motherboard - can't remember the exact model offhand but the processor is one of those Athlon bit ones if that s relevant and I've also recently upgraded my monitor to a dell FPW so I've now got another couple not working on the side of that too I even tried taking the USB card from my old computer that has USB sockets in it and plugs directly into the motherboard - but this didn't work either - the printer wouldn't communicate and the iPod actually froze the system when I plugged it in surprising as this rarely seems to happen with Windows XP I've also been trying to get All my USB 2.0 Ports (and possibly my modem) have stopped working - Help! a temporary dial-up internet connection sorted in my new house while I'm waiting for the broadband to get transferred over but I couldn't get it to work - the modem wouldn't All my USB 2.0 Ports (and possibly my modem) have stopped working - Help! dial out I had thought it could be something wrong with the phone-line maybe but now I've noticed the USB problem too I think it's probably something up with the computer What could cause this sort of thing Could it be a hardware problem with the motherboard Would the only real solution to be to buy a replacement motherboard I will if I have to but I want to make sure that's definitely the problem and the solution first Could it maybe be caused by a software or driver problem something messed up in Windows somehow How could I look for this sort of thing and what could i do to fix it if it is what's wrong Pretty sure it can't be a virus or anything like that though since I've not had an internet connection for a month or so now and this is something that s only happened recently Plus I've run norton systemworks and it's found nothing The only change I've made to my system recently was changing the monitor from an old quot CRT to a new quot widescreen LCD monitor - could this feasibly have messed the USB ports up somehow Thanks in advance for any suggestions advice Glyn

A:All my USB 2.0 Ports (and possibly my modem) have stopped working - Help!

Hi Glyn

Did you recently install SP2? When I did, it turned on the power saving mode on my USB ports which gave similar symptoms to this