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Samsung R620 stuck on Samsung logo

Q: Samsung R620 stuck on Samsung logo

I have both Linux and Windows Vista installed on my notebook. Today when I turned it on I accidentally chose "Samsung Recovery" instead of "Windows Vista" in GRUB. After Samsung Recovery has loaded, I quit it and the computer shut off. I turned it on again and now it doesn't make it to the GRUB, it shows the Samsung logo, then "boot from ahci cd-rom", and then it reboots and shows the samsung logo again. I can enter BIOS (F2), but can't enter Samsung Recovery (F4) anymore (after showing "please wait..." the computer reboots again). I tried setting the BIOS back to default but it didn't help. Any input would be much appreciated...
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Preferred Solution: Samsung R620 stuck on Samsung logo

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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hi I have samsung laptop

When I press power button, then its shows me samsung logo on the screen and after that it goes to black screen.
I try to replace hard disk, laptop find this new hard disk.
but then it straight goes to the BIOS and over there I try to change boot order, to boot from dvd player but I couldnot find any option there.
I open it up and clean everything inside the machine.
but problem is still there.
Is anybody help to to fix this machine.


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brand new here with no issues other than the header.

i was resetting windows 10 home as i "was selling said laptop" and it hung at 17% and proceeded to stay there for around 7 hours. i restarted the machine and its now stuck at the Samsung logo. i can get into the BIOS but im not a tech. is there a setting i may access to set me on my way or is my motherboard most likely dead or dying?
i downloaded iso of win 10 from the windows site to usb flash and dvd but par for course, its not reading from either media.

any help at all is greatly appreciated.

heres the system as i know it minus the motherboard as best buy upgraded it while under warranty and didn't forward documentation for new board.

Samsung NP-300E5E
2.6GHz Intel Core i5-3230M
8 gb
intel hd 4000
bios ver: p08rbd
windows 10 home

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Samsung RC510 - Got stuck at windows 10 logo when trying to boot into USB.
Help me!

BIOS Type:

BIOS Date:
January 19th, 2011



Intel 044 rev 2




A:Samsung RC510 - Got stuck at windows logo when trying to boot into USB

I also have the same problem with my Samsung RV511
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I have a Samsung NP E A-S SEA with Tb internal Seagate HDD All of a sudden it stucked up at Samsung logo with fix how boot on home premium to win7 stuck at samsung logo F and F options Could how to fix boot stuck at samsung logo on win7 home premium no longer boot to its OS Windows Now trying to press F hoping for a recovery but it'll just say please wait then for at least how many seconds screen will just turn black with blinking cursor on the upperleftmost part of the screen not blinking in a few seconds after Again trying to do another way by pressing F Yes I could enter setup hdd is detected cdrom is detected Defaults have been loaded boot priority set to cdrom st then hdd nd saved and reboot inserting windows installation disc or any other disc such as the windows recovery disc that comes from the laptop pack when i first bought it But it seems nothing has worked even almost all cd's related to windows installation all autorun Sorry not really an expert on how to fix boot stuck at samsung logo on win7 home premium troubleshooting procedures But since childhood this is my first time to experience the problem Now writing and telling you this problem and asking you all to please help solve if you have any solutions I have important files on the hdd which I haven't back it up By the way I even bought an enclosure hoping to recover the important files inside the hddisk but of no avail Does not detect the hdd it only detects the enclosure Thank you and hope to hear from you

A:how to fix boot stuck at samsung logo on win7 home premium

Download Seatools: dos version as the windows version requires windows to be running on the drive being tested). It's an .iso file you can burn to a cd and then boot from it. There's a .pdf guide on that page too you can download if you need help.
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Hello there just a similar question thought maybe i will get any kind of help here Situation is pretty just see i boot samsung after a logo screen black obvious i have got a Samsung Nb model is NP E C i see just a black screen after samsung boot logo with windows on board Though it were simply to just erase it i mean format partition and install windows os So what i have done deleted all partitions create one single partition and start installing windows on it After first restart just after Samsung boot logo screen went black Went to bios and saw that boot priority set to dvd hdd is second pressed f for the restart Same situation - black screen After several tries i start pressing F or F button quick boot option menu appeared - i chose dvd as for boot device when on screen i saw PRESS ANY KEY TO i hit NOTHING and hola - windows installation goes on With that trick i install Windows but the problem that can start OS only with that trick - if i doing everything else i see just a black screen after samsung boot logo What could be the solution for this Is this some bios changes i need to do or else Thanks guys

A:i see just a black screen after samsung boot logo

Quote: Originally Posted by rwds

Hello there, just a similar question, thought maybe i will get any kind of help here.
Situation is pretty obvious: i have got a Samsung Nb, model is NP355E5C, with windows 8 on board. Though it were simply to just erase it, i mean format partition and install windows 7 os. So what i have done: deleted all partitions, create one single partition and start installing windows on it. After first restart, just after Samsung boot logo, screen went black. Went to bios and saw, that boot priority set to dvd, hdd is second, pressed f10 for the restart. Same situation - black screen. After several tries i start pressing F8 or F9 button, quick boot option menu appeared - i chose dvd as for boot device, when on screen i saw PRESS ANY KEY TO.. i hit NOTHING, and hola - windows 7 installation goes on. With that trick i install Windows 7, but the problem that can start OS only with that trick - if i doing everything else, i see just a black screen after samsung boot logo.
What could be the solution for this ? Is this some bios changes i need to do or else ?
Thanks guys.

To Downgrade to Windows 7.
Downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7
Warning you must have the uEFI/BIOS firmware setting in Step Three set.
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Problems on initializing Samsung GB with Samsung s Disk Manager Ontrack tm Hi There is some problem on my gb Samsung HD The situation is this I have had an old computer which have an ancient motherboard because of the limitations of motherboard it was initializing Hd as gb I installed Samsung s Disk Manager program named Ontrack It does something with the MBR to make the gb initialized HD as gb When you re in bios setup it says your samsung is gb but when you reset and wait for the system disk error message Ontrack activates and then your hd is gb you can install Manager: with on initializing 80GB Disk Samsung Samsung's Problems Ontack(tm) OS after that Here is the problem I bought a new computer whose motherboard to initialize my GB hd as GB also but things didn t happen like that On bios setup it says my HD is gb I plugged the HD to my other computer and its partition magic says quot gb BAD quot also A modified MBR by a program ontrack can fool bios setup if so can i use XP CDs system recovery console with fixmbr command f it is not how can i make my Problems on initializing Samsung 80GB with Samsung's Disk Manager: Ontack(tm) hd back to normal not for old motherboards initialized as GB New motherboard is MSI RS M -IL and because of this problem I cannot enable S M A R T feature I need help and thanks from now on nbsp

A:Problems on initializing Samsung 80GB with Samsung's Disk Manager: Ontack(tm)

If you are using XP then boot fromt eh XP Cd. Then delete the existing partition and create a new one and format that.
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Hello, Last week i did a upgrade on my Inspiron 15R SE(7520) with a SSD Samsung EVO 850 500GB, and now i'm intending to buy one msata Samsung EVO 850 500GB, But i would like to do a RAID 0 with those two "drives", So is that possible? Will it work and have a gain of performance?
Sorry for my bad english, i'm still learning.
My Specs (Inspiron 15R SE (7520)
Intel Core i7 3632QM
8GB ram 1600Mhz
Primary: SSD Samsung EVO 850 500GB
msata: 32GB MZMPC032HBCD
Secondary: Seagate ST1000LM024  5400RPM 1TB
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CLONE FAIL FAIL FAIL So I have a Haswell i rig GTX with Platinum PSU etc etc W Pro and a few other W PC s I tried the clone op with also and on the SSD to clone in question it is a Samsung EVO Gb SSD It seems to work perfect But its getting near full ish Gb spare so I bought a Samsung EVO VNAND Gb twice the capacity and thought an easy clone was in store I also have some additional drives I have just disconnected for the Clone op as the Samsung clone software was being stupid trying to get me to clone my documents drive to my new SSD With or without the other drives connected it FAILS FAILS FAILS So when I try to clone It SSD CLONE SAMSUNG Fails every SSD to PC FAIL Samsung on gets CLONE FAIL SAMSUNG SSD to Samsung SSD Fails on every PC to about cloned and then fails Time after time Recent ERROR MESSAGE is - quot Failed to retrieve source information bc quot I tried to clone the SSD to SSD on a CLONE machine Box A FAIL I tried to clone using Macrium Reflect A FAIL I tried to clone using EASEUS A CLONE FAIL SAMSUNG SSD to Samsung SSD Fails on every PC FAIL I tried them all a few times including the SAMSUNG CLONE Software FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL What am I doing wrong Is there a problem with the Gb SSD I don t know about I am using this PC with it in now Or will a SAMSUNG EVO not clone to a SAMSUNG CLONE FAIL SAMSUNG SSD to Samsung SSD Fails on every PC VNAND Do I have to try everything including disabling features such as RAPID MODE And Disable Performance and everything Or what I have been a dozen hours trying to do this simple task P S I tired to contact SAMSUNG but as I bought the SSD s from Amazon their help website gives me the brush off And I dont want to send them back as they both work I installed a bare W onto the VNAND and it ran great But I have thousands of files and links to the other hard drives and programs etc etc etc and it would take me a month of part-time work to get them all linked properly so I PREFER To CLONE It should be easy so

A:CLONE FAIL SAMSUNG SSD to Samsung SSD Fails on every PC

Create a recovery CD with Macrium(Win PE Rescue), back up your current SSD to an external HDD, install 500GB SSD and boot with rescue CD( Win PE) and restore the image from the back up with Macrium Reflect.
Try this utility, I have cloned with this a while ago: AOMEI Windows Backup, Cloning, and Recovery Software
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Hello HP Support. I have spent now 3 days trying to find the latest firmware for Samsung MZ7TE256HMHP-000H1 aka HP P/N: 742038-002 Samsung PM851 Model: MZ-7TE2560 Which is an OEM of the Samsung Evo 840The latest firmware would address the write slow issue.The current firmware on the SSD is: F/W: EXT09H0QWhat I need is the tool or the software to update the SSD to: F/W: EXT0DB6QAnd the Samsung Firmware update image and tool doens't detect the OEM drive.Scouring the donwload section of HP support doesn't show the firmware update tool. HP EliteBook Folio 1020 G1 HP P/N: 742038-002P/N MZ7TE256HMHP-000H1 Samsung PM851 2.5" 256GB SSDModel: MZ-7TE2560   

A:Samsung MZ7TE256HMHP-000H1 aka HP P/N: 742038-002 Samsung PM...

@StevenKhieu? To better help you we would need the exact model number or product number of your laptop/desktop??? REO
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I just bought a new Samsung monitor and it has 1 stuck pixel. I tried applying pressure to it and it didn't do anything.

A:Stuck red pixel on Samsung monitor

Did you apply pressure during a full power on/off cycle?
I don't know if that still works, It's been years since I have tried it. If captaincranky finds this thread, He probably knows the best remedy or things to try....he's a bit of a monitor expert.
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I am buying a new monitor. Probably one of these two in title! Which monitor is better?
I need some suggestions...

A:Samsung SM 2333SW vs Samsung P2250N

Samsung SM 2333SW

Bigger, nice specs. On the other one, I can't read the text.
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I want know...  Which one ist faster?Which one is better?Which one has better drivers under windows 10?Which one runs cooler?
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I get above error; I've updated the intel rapid storage driver and asmedia sata controller driver.
My motherboard is an asus z97 deluxe. Help is appreciated; thx !
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After installing Samsung Touch Supporter on my non-samsung PC,I get this:

"This Program only runs on a Samsung PC.
Program will terminate."

I try to use some of the software that came with the Samsung Series 7 PC.
I will not let me open the program.
I have an Archos 9 PC and would like to use it.

Can anyone make it so that I can install this software on any other PC?
Sometimes it's a simple edit,can anyone look in to this?

Software can be downloaded from the Samsung website here(it's under manuals & downloads/software):
Support - Tablet PCs XE700T1A | Samsung Tablet PCs

May you please attempt to fix Play Touch App (Software) (ver.,Play Touch Luancher (Software) (ver., and Touch Supporter (Software) (ver.

Note: Play Touch Laucher says the same message as above,but still manages to open, Touch Supporter does not though

A:Samsung Series 7 software on non-Samsung PC.

That software is only licensed to use on the Samsung PC it came on, so I don't know why you would expect it to work on any other PC.

Samsung is also the most difficult model to get the OEM software to work after a Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 which is entirely legal and recommended for most users of preinstalled Windows to get the best Win7 performance.

But for Samsung it's especially important to back up the Recovery Image and make a secondary Win7 backup image so that if any features are missing after Clean Reinstall and the Samsung software won't work correctly, you can set it back to factory condition.
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Call 0800-014-8577 for Samsung Support in the UK, Our well expert technicians are here to help for our valuable Samsung customer, Samsung Printer customer Support, Samsung customer care, Samsung Printer Help desk Number.

A:Samsung Printer Help, Samsung Support

SPAM SCAM SPAM SCAM Samsung Printer Support is a Third Party Technical Service provider. Trying to take your money by misleading advertising. They are NOT genuine Samsung support.
FE notified
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I have two Samsung NVMe 950 Pro (MZVKV512) that came preinstalled in a Lenovo ThinkPad P50 running Windows 10 x64. The Samsung Magician (latest v4.9.6) software does not detect the drives as Samsung Brand SSDs and therefore OS Optimization is unavailable (the only option is to run a benchmark). Samsung Magician supports this SSD as I can see users in other forums using the software on their systems (not necessarily Lenovo). I have also installed the Samsung NVMe Controller driver and this is showing in Device Manager. There are no system updates available and UEFI BIOS is up to date (version from the 4th May). Any ideas?
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Hello Friends.  I successfully installed a Samsung 950 Pro M.2 SSD as a boot drive just fine.  However, it looks like the Windows 10 NVME driver is being used in place of the Samsung NVME driver.  I saw this post here where it says: "Windows is indicating it is using the NVMe driver for this drive." However I do not know how to determine this myself.  I am using a utility called "AIDA64 Extreme" and it's telling me the driver provider for the 950 is Micrososft and the driver version is 10.0.14393.0.  So, how do I get the 950 to use the Samsung driver instead?  Thanks for any help. 

A:How to tell if Samsung 950 Pro is using Samsung NVME driver ...

Hi, From Samsung tool (Samsung Magician), it shows my machine uses Samsung firmware, no information about driver. It uses Microsoft driver. The tool allows use to check and update firmware but not driver. Regards.
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So I've had this monitor for about a year now, and i got it for free. It worked perfectly fine until as of late in which it has been stuck in sleep or standby mode. I confirmed that it wasnt my computer as it wont even turn on, even when unplugged from my computer. It says it was manufactured in march 2007, which makes it kinda old, but i would still like it to work, without anything too hard to do as im quite inexperience in saudering and other such things.

A:Samsung SyncMaster 906bw D Stuck in Sleep/Standby mode, help :(

Please do not start more than one thread for the same issue.

Closing duplicate.
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I came home today and found my Samsung Syncmaster 216BW in power save mode (blank screen, power button blinking) and it won't come out of it. I've tried everything I can think of, including trying it on my other pc and it still just flashes with no picture. Its not the refresh rate or resolution as these settings have been fine since I first installed it. I've tried rebooting and re-inserting the cables a number of times without any luck, and the power turning off/on and hitting keys does nothing. None of the menu buttons on the actual monitor itself do anything either.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Searching the net, others seem to have had similar issues with other samsung monitors.

A:Samsung Syncmaster 216BW - Stuck in Power Saving Mode!

There is a test you can perform with the monitor to see if the monitor is malfunctioning. An explanation of which is located at the link provided.
Go here:

and click on #16 "When I Turn On My Monitor, The Screen Remains Blank"
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I have this Samsung Notebook and after using it for certain time, the PC crashed giving DOS sounds. When I started the PC again, I was at the boot screen asking me to choose the OS. Although my keyboard didn't worked. Now my PC is somewhat a brick. How can I solve this issue? What's the best way to restart the keyboard?

A:Samsung Notebook keyboard not working and stuck at boot screen

Could you please write exactly what you see onscreen? What is written?
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So I've had this monitor for about a year now, and i got it for free. It worked perfectly fine until as of late in which it has been stuck in sleep or standby mode. I confirmed that it wasnt my computer as it wont even turn on, even when unplugged from my computer. It says it was manufactured in march 2007, which makes it kinda old, but i would still like it to work, without anything too hard to do as im quite inexperience in saudering and other such things.
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Hi - new forum stuck 8.1 upgrade loop 900x Windows 8 failed Samsung in to member hope I'm doing this the right way I have a Samsung NP x D i with Gb SSD and Gb RAM running running Win x After several months putting it off I decided to let Windows update itself to At some point during the upgrade it stopped and began cycling itself on amp off showing the blue screen message quot Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart We're just collecting some error info and then we'll restart for you quot Then it's stuck in a Samsung 900x Windows 8 to 8.1 upgrade failed stuck in loop loop restart samsung logo blue screen restart etc I cannot access the BIOS with f I have made a recovery USB drive on another Win x Samsung laptop different model The X will not boot from this in either the USB or USB port and as I cannot access the BIOS I cannot check whether boot from USB is enabled The boot time has always been very fast due to the SSD With more conventional laptops and desktops in the past I have usually been able to solve this sort of problem on my own but I can't even get started with Samsung 900x Windows 8 to 8.1 upgrade failed stuck in loop this Does anyone have a suggestion how I might recover the computer or do I have to take it in for repair I'm also wondering whether this is most likely to be a windows issue or could it be a hardware failure Many thanks Nigel PS If wrong forum please advise

A:Samsung 900x Windows 8 to 8.1 upgrade failed stuck in loop

I too this week encountered this issue, after speaking with Samsung support, they insisted this was my fault for installing the update and i would have to pay them for the privilege of re-imaging the msata hard drive. I thought otherwise and have tackled the re imaging myself, some items of software are required and one part required to complete the task.

The Steps i took were as follows -

1 - Purchased a msata to USB converter for about ?15.

2 - After removing the msata hard drive, insert in to the converter and back up all your files to another PC.

3 - Using another PC I next used a software tool - Hard Disk Low Level Format Tool - using this selected the correct HDD and removed all partitions, allowing the hard drive to be reinitialised.

4 - From windows Disk Management - reinitialised the HDD, the created 2 partitions, one is 200mb in size and formatted to FAT32 (this will become the EFI partition, and format the rest as NFTS.

5 - Download a copy of Windows 8 Enterprise from the Microsoft website, or if you have a disk that can also be used.

6 - Download a tool - Win to USB - and install.

7 - Run Win to USB - select the Windows 8 ISO, and choose the correct version required, then choose the destination drive to install, this will then show the two partitions with two check boxes, choose FAT32 partition for EFI, and NFTS for windows installation files. then let it install the files to the Hard drive.

8 - When at 100% and complete, remove hard drive from converter, reconnect to the Laptop.

9 - Some adjustments are required to the bios, with my x900, it kept booting straight to bios, i disabled secure boot and deleted all configurations listed. then form boot list, find Start menu (might be worded differently) press shift key + 1, an exclamation will appear next to the item, preventing it from booting straight to BIOS, you can also adjust the order, i moved the internal HDD to top of the list. Save Bios and Exit.

10 - Laptop should now cycle to internal HDD and boot with fresh install of Windows 8.

This worked for me, hope it can help others out too,
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Hello when my samsung syncmaster 940b 19" screen goes in sleep/stand by mode(blue light on the power button flashing), it sometimes get stuck in it, i usualy can get it out of it by moving the mouse but now recently for some reason it get stuck in it i have to restart the comp, is there a solution or something i should check? or is there a way to shut down that damn stand by thing.

Thanks in advance.

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I upgraded on Friday from windows 8.1 to windows 10 
Since then  it became very slow to start
the fan seems to be continuous - neither sleep nor shutdown buttons/clicks work - I have to switch the button off/on
each time it go to sleep

this is the image of the chat I had with Samsung today - 
I tried running SW update it didn't work and vanished - not possible to uninstall as now the directory path is different........

A:Samsung NP350V5C-A06UK user (Windows 8.1) upgrade to Windows 10 - see Samsung response to me!

Please run a system file check (SFC) & DISM (if necessary) if you are on win 8 or higher

All instructions are in our Wiki article below...
Should you have any questions please ask us.

System file check (SFC) Scan and Repair System

Wanikiya and Dyami--Team Zigzag
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I cant reply to any messages or the successful sending of replies is intermittent. Most of the time they just go into the Outbox which doesn't have a SYNC Icon Button in it. Ive tried rebooting the device to no avail. I don't want to have to reinstall the
software as it may permanently wipe out some messages, etc. and I read some very unfavorable things about the updated version of this same App.
What other remedies exist?
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I really need you guys to help me on this.... i just bought Samsung jet and have installed Samsung New PC studio into my laptop. But i cannot run this program as it keep on appeared:

New PC Studio has stopped working.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: NewPCStudio.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 49e6d9a5
Fault Module Name: Secur32.dll
Fault Module Version: 6.0.6002.18051
Fault Module Timestamp: 4a366084
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 000021dc
OS Version: 6.0.6002.
Locale ID: 17417
Additional Information 1: c060
Additional Information 2: 6257e35ffaf5fb500d9790030367de3e
Additional Information 3: b562
Additional Information 4: 21e35a6d0bc52ba6a38b0e481fab5ce7

Any idea on how to solve this problem?? many thanks in advance....

A:Samsung jet - Samsung new pc studio


First we need you to go to c:\windows\minidump which is where the BSOD dump file is located. zip the most recent dump file (*.dmp) and upload it to us. If you need help uploading let us know
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Keep seeing secondary drive disappear under heavy IO operations.  This has happened across multiple machines.  Have attempted all firmware and BIOS updates available.  
Anybody else seeing this with their T7910's and have you used any other drive models in these workstations.
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Hi I recently got a monitor from one of my friends saying that it was broken Its a Dell in LCD I have my main monitor a in Samsung wide screen So i just plugged it into the not my display is stuck dual Computer in monitor will Samsung and monitor mode second Computer is stuck in dual monitor mode and will not display my Samsung monitor DVI slot on my graphics Card When i went into the display config i set up dual monitors just to see if it was working The dell monitor would blink up then quit on me When i was messing with the Display settings I made the Dell Not my Samsung the Default Computer is stuck in dual monitor mode and will not display my Samsung monitor Monitor I Computer is stuck in dual monitor mode and will not display my Samsung monitor unpluged the broken Dell and restarted Now my computer regognizes the Samsung as the second monitor and it just shuts it off and recognizes nothing as the main I managed to get it into safe mode and it recognized the samsung but every time i try go back to Normal Start the screen is blank How can i get it to recognize the Samsung as my main nbsp

A:Computer is stuck in dual monitor mode and will not display my Samsung monitor

You might try reinstalling your cards video drivers
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i went from windows 8 to 10 about a year ago ans now i got this problem... and also sometimes it loads up pc detected a problem restarting for u.. and it just keeps doing that... and then gets stuck tp another black screen...i have this pc for more than 2 years.

A:Pc stuck in hp logo then stuck in black screen and startup r...

Hi, Shutdown the notebook.  Tap away at the esc key as you start the notebook to enter the Start-up Menu.  Select the Diagnostic Menu option ( f2 ) and run the tests on the Hard Drive and Memory. Post back with the results, including any error codes that may be generated. Can you also post back with the full Model No. and Product No. of your hp 2000 series notebook - see Here for a guide on locating this information. Regards, DP-K
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My computer automatically updated when I turned it on. It's on the HP logo screen. The update stops at 9% and won't budge for the past 2 days.
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I bought a new MP3 Samsung YP-T9JAB. When I connect the MP3 in my PC (Windows XP home edition) I get an error message "MTP device works not properly"
I cannot see the MP3 in the explorer and I have tryed to reinstall the driver manually (I have uninstalled it first), also in different USB port, I have reset the PC.
I know that MTP is Media Transfer Protocol but nothing more...
Some advice or tips ??

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I am trying to clone my HD onto a newly purchased Samsung850 Pro SSD. I installed the Magician SW, then attached the SSD with a USB To SATA connector and the SW doesn't recognize the SSD. I have a 32G San Disk "Ready Cache" SSD with Condusive Express Cache SW and have uninstalled that SW but the Ready Cache SSD is still in the system which I will remove when I open it up. Any ideas?
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I have Samsung DVD in my computer. It can read all the music and movies DVDs and Cds, but it can't read software and game DVDs. Hence it hangs my computer. What should I do?
Edit/Delete Message

A:Samsung DVD

See if this might apply CD/DVD or Disk Problems? How to Fix Problems Caused by Filters
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While putting together a future PC build on Newegg, I found a better motherboard choice seen here. Which as you can tell supports M.2 instead of just a 2.5 SSD. So now I'm trying to decide between the Samsung 850 Pro & the 950 Pro M.2 SSDs for my OS.

1: How much faster would startup & shutdowns of Win 7 or even 10 be on this M.2 V.S traditional 2.5"?

2: How much faster could MSE perform a full scan of lets say 100GB files from an M.2 V.S 2.5"?
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I cant install my samsung pc 3 studio for my mobile phone. Help pls

A:samsung pc 3

Its showing my phone is connected but all the icons are in black and white
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Maybe you guys have an idea. We have a Samsung sd-612 dvd/cd-rom in our Computer and are just able to use it as cd-rom but not dvd. OS is Win98.
We tried updating the firmware, but everytime we ran it it picked up our ricoh rewritable drive instead and not the dvd. We removed/uninstalled the RW/R and now if we run the update for the dvd it tells us that it can't find the drive. How can we update the driver from cd-rom to dvd? How can we update the firmware?
The sd-612 shows up in the System Device Manager as working.
We tried updating the firmware in dos and in windows, both give the same error. Can't find drive.

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Samsung gets a lot of love for its solid-state drives which pack super-fast storage into 950 SSD Samsung's Pro small packages thanks to the company s V-NAND technology but its new drives crank things to On Tuesday Samsung announced Pro M SSDs that marry V-NAND density Samsung's 950 Pro SSD with blazing fast NVMe speeds delivered over a PCIe x interface Translation It's really small and really fast The new SSD-on-a-stick features -layer V-NAND and will come in GB and GB options priced at and respectively The Pro will be available in October but you might want to wait a few months before opening your wallet In early Samsung plans to introduce a jaw-dropping TB Samsung's 950 Pro SSD Pro that will use the company s recently announced -layer Samsung's 950 Pro SSD V-NAND according to PC Perspective Basically more V-NAND layers means denser storage capacity which is why Samsung will be able to pack more storage into such a small package The Pro features the Non-Volatile Memory express NVMe protocol which Samsung says will translate into improved performance for laptops and workstations as well as better battery life for clamshells If you want a slightly longer explanation of NVMe check-out our recent performance showdown between M drives on the market today Source

A:Samsung's 950 Pro SSD

Want NEED!!!
(I edit HD video, so I can use every ounce of speed I can get)
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Hey guys im having troubles with my new CD-RW, i believe its an old model now, Im running Windows XP, but i need some help.

I brought it off some guy and he didn't give me the hardware to install it, so when i have connected it and turned my computer back on it doesen't come up in my computer???

DO i need the hardware and if i do would anybody know were i can get it from

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I've looked around with no luck trying to find the software so I can watch dvd's on my dvd rom. I don't have the disk or anything so anybody know where . Amazingly , there are people here who can find anything anywhere and it truely fascinates me!

A:Samsung DVD Rom

Try here for a free trial of power dvd:-
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I have a tab 2..I want to be able to watch films and tv etc from my tablet onto my tv, I have a hdmi cable but I need an adapter which I am having trouble nfinding, as reviews say it doesnt work on a tab 2
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i have a problem with my yp-t9.
it was working perfectly fine until today when i tried turning it on and it didn't turn on at all.
no low battery message, no error message, nothing. blank screen.
i tried pluging it to my computer but NOTHING.

A:samsung yp-t9

Contact Samsung:
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i was wondering if there is anything special about samsung RAM? one of my friends was purchasing sum RAM from our local computer shop and like they stock corsair and crucial and stuff but they recomended the samsung over them. wats with that? isnt like corsair meant to be the best?????

A:Samsung RAM!

I wouldn't go with anything they recommended. I never trust the sales people. It's probably being discontinued or something crazy.
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Have been looking for a new SSD for a 10 install and my local supplier have the 850 Pro and the 750 Pro (250GB's) available at $125 & $115 respectively. Now I am wondering what the actual difference is because the read / write specs are virtually identical and I cannot find anything that makes sense to me that would make one buy the 750 over the 850..
So has anyone has any experience with the 750 - it is partly that the price is cheaper but not overly important .
I have mostly 850's and a couple of 950 Pro's installed in different machines and I do notice a difference between those two.
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I'm trying up replace a HDD with an SSD. I downloaded Samsung Data Migration, connected the SSD using the correct USB cable, started the program to clone/migrate and all that shows is the Source (the HDD in the PC) but the Target (being the SSD) is greyed out so I cannot complete the migration. What am I missing? When checking Device Manager, the SSD shows as a Mass Storage Device, but that's the only place it shows up. Any help would be gratefully accepted.
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i have a samsung mp3 player

i have three computers, on one of the computers the mp3 is not detected.

on my other computers it is detected without any problem

they are all windows xp.

how can i fix this problem?

thanks in advanced.

A:Samsung 1gb MP3

make sure there are no conflicts in device manager
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ALso like to double check my pc updates so could anybody confirm that this ram

will work in this motherboard

Asus P5GD1-VM Intel 915G Skt 775 800FSB SATA M/board

Furthermore I can get 2 gb of this Samsung ram for 75, seems very very cheap. I want it for gaming, is it worth it?

Cheers for help.
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Hi, i have a Samsung R519 laptop, windows 7 home premium. Yesterday it was playing up, nothing would load and i kept getting that little blue circle all the time. today i turned it on and i got the menu start windows normally or start windows repair (recommended) i have tried both these and it reloads but just goes back to the same screen. I have tried the samsung recovery solution 4 to restore it, but all it keeps saying is please wait.... so that is not loading either. i do not have a disc that i can load into it either. Do i just leave it and wait and see if it loads or what else can i do?

A:Please help me with my samsung

While you are letting it go, you could download a plain vanilla disc for your version and platform, in case you need to do a clean install.

In fact, most of us do this from the start with OEM systems.

Official Windows 7 SP1 ISO from Digital River ? My Digital Life
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Anyone ever bought one ??

Comparing performance to Samsung 850 Pro SSD eId=1&bop=And&CompareItemList=-1|9SIA4P03H20193^9SIA4P03H20193%2C20-147-361^20-147-361&percm=20-147-361%3A%24%24%24%24%24%24%24

A:Samsung 950 Pro M.2

I have two of the 512 gb versions on the way to play around with. Going to put them in new build with the Asrock Z170 extreme7+ mobo.
Several people running them already though.
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I recently recieved my dell inspirion 5150 back from dell. They did some work on the mother board. Everything was fine until I tried to play a dvd and nothing happened. What gives? Cd's still play fine, just not dvd's. Thanks in advance.
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needing advice for hooking up my monitor (samsung syncmaster t190) and a trendnet tk-207k 2-port usb kvm switch.
i want to use a dvi connection from my master pc, but the kvm switch only excepts a d-sub connector.
can i connect the monitor using a dvi cord to the master pc
and also run the d-sub cord from the same monitor to the kvm switch?

the present setup is: d-sub cord from monitor to kvm, then a d-sub cord from the kvm switch (stock cords) to both the master pc and the slave.

I don't care about display quality on the slave pc, but would like the best display possible when using the master pc.
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My Samgsung V25 plays videos very slowly and jerkily. Also, it frequently freezes and then loses the sound device on reboot. Often, I must reboot a few times before it picks up the sound device again. Any ideas? Many thanks.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.40GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 758 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller, 64 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 28607 MB, Free - 17715 MB;
Motherboard: SAMSUNG Electronics, SENS V25, 02FE , 012345678901234567
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

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Hi I am have problems getting my Samsung VP-D55 camcorder to work with windows vista via firewire. The camcorder is just not being picked up could it be that I have a 4 pin firewire on my laptop. its getting me down
Can anyone help me please.
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Can anyone help me? I need to know if the Samsung V25 has an infrared port, and if so where? Thanks!
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I made a boo boo. I purchased a new Samsung 840 EVO SSD to replace the mechanical drive in my Windows laptop I just found out that I apparently have the older style eSATA drive and the new drive does not have power connection.

I also have a Apple MacBook 2008 all aluminum model which has a mechanical drive. Does anyone know if the 840 EVO drive might possibly work in it?

Thanks for any info.
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I have the above DVD drive. I put a cd I have been using to write data to in it. After stopped working. The drive door wouldn't open so I had to use a pin to manually eject it. System sees it and says there are no problems. The weird thng is, in "My computer" if I go to the properties of the drive, it thinks there is a blank cd in it w/688 mb free. There is no cd in the drive. It almost acts like there is no power to the unit, during the boot sequence my cdrw drive comes up but this one does not. I checked the firmware of the dvd and it says "boot". Anyone have ideas?

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Today NewEgg has a New Years Day sale and I noticed they have a Samsung 840 Pro Series 128 Gb SATA III SSD for $130 US. Is this a good buy, as far as SSDs are concerned? I would use it to run my Windows 7 installation. Thanks for any input.

A:New Samsung SSD

Getting any kind of SSD is a good buy! You will notice the performance right away.

I use my SSD for my Windows 7 Ultimate install and drivers, then install all games and software on a 1TB Western Digital drive.

This keeps your SSD clean and swift and gives you lots of room
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Hello to all,

Can you please help me or point me in the right direction, My laptop has just had a fit and nothing works now all I have on my screen is a load of black and white flashing squares just like a checkerd flag. Please help I am in deep trouble if it is broken

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Hello all, looking through this forum I am sure someone can help me! I have a Samsung VP-D55 - yeah i know, it is an old model. I also have a mountain of those little tapes that I want to digitise. I run a Mac Leopard OS X. I have rummaged through my box of miscellaneous wires under the desk (come on everyone has one dont they?), and lo and behold I have found a lead that fits the camera and seems to have a firewire port on the other end - which fits the one in the back of my Mac. BUT the mac doesnt want to play. Has anyone got any suggestions that may help me? Many thanks if you do.
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Running windows vista basic.I have installed samsung SH-S182M super-writemaster DVD-Ram.Vista not recognizing,is vista compatible or wrong drive.
Please help

A:samsung dvd-ram

I would check the manufacutrers website to see if it requires a driver for vista. Can you see the DVD drive in bootup? Is it visiable in device manager? If you can see it in bootup and visable in device manager this might be a drive letter issue.
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Woke up today with articles on AnandTech and Tom's Hardware about the Samsung 840 Pro SSD.........check it out.

AnandTech - Samsung SSD 840 Pro (256GB) Review

A:Samsung 840 Pro SSD!

That looks to be one awesome SSD there!
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I've got this 19" Samsung LCD monitor that was sent to me to be repaired. The initial problem with it was that it made a hissing noise, then stopped working. Right away I knew it was the capacitors, so I fixed them. But now the backlight doesn't come on. Shows images on the screen, but no light to illuminate them. I'm pretty sure that it's not the screen since I've tried two screens in it already. Could be something on the board, but off hand I can't think of what it could be, everything looks fine. Anyway if anyone could help shine some light on this problem, I would really appreciate it, but as of right now I'm going to see if I can figure it out.
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when we are connecting through dail-up connection we were unable to connect. then there was a message "There was no dail tone" & it gave information if your modem is multi modem U should need another type of modem. Plz advise me whether my laptop will work by using dail-up connection or not or is there another way.
Thansking U........


A:samsung sensX20

With absolutely no information about the laptop the version of Windows involved, or the exact symptoms, it's hard to say. Does this happen all the time?
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I am tring to download a utility to repair my samsung hard drive but, the site won,t let me. If anyone has this please let me know were to find it. Thank-you

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Hi if anyone one can help id appreciate.
I have a Samsung L313 that is stuck in usb mode with or without lead in the camera screen starts off " connect to pc or printer, iv taken battery out , mem card and left battery out overnight but no change.
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Hey guys,
im just wondering if anyone knows where i could *aqquire* some firewire driver software for a samsung vp-d101 camcorder.
thanks in advance
p.s sorry if this is in wrong part of the forum...

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Can anyone help - my Samsung R510 laptop has developed a problem. When I switch on, the power indicator lights OK but everything else is dead - no sound from the fans etc and of course the screen is dead too. Power is getting into the laptop from the adapter OK.



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I can buy a replacment one for $45, but I wont. Gotta buy other things. My PC budget is low, I by far wont put high end stuff in it. I only do that with cars. Heh
So im looking at a PSU thats equvilant to that SFX model. It gives 112 and is quiet. 20 pin connector too.

I dont know what else, Inever bought a PSU before.

A:Samsung SFX 108C PSU- Need a new one!

Corvette said:

I can buy a replacment one for $45, but I wont. Gotta buy other things. My PC budget is low, I by far wont put high end stuff in it. I only do that with cars. Heh
So im looking at a PSU thats equvilant to that SFX model. It gives 112 and is quiet. 20 pin connector too.

I dont know what else, Inever bought a PSU before.Click to expand...

You don't give any specs on your computer, so I can't make any comments, other than I wouldn't put another power supply in such as you had. It appears that it is only 112 watt, which would be inadequate for most any computer. If your budget won't allow for a good power supply, you should wait until it does. You should be able to find an adequate power supply close to your price range, if you check the sales and online.
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I want to purchase a Samsung DVD burner from newegg..most reviews on the site from the past week mention that software is included, some say there is none included. I called and they claim that no software is included with OEM drives. I dont know what to believe. I dont want to buy this and have to spend $60+ on software. Whats the deal?

A:OEM Samsung software?

Buy it. Good drive. Use free software, or buy Nero or CD Creator or Roxio at or Often as cheap as $5.00 to $12.
You might want to download the firmware and software updates afterward.

Edit: no, we do not encourage software piracy -- Nodsu
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hi, rite basically i brought the new samsung d900 and when i try to put songs or pictures from my pc, it willo not allo me to do this, how do i do this?


A:samsung d900

I am pretty sure there is software that came with the phone to install on your computer to allow you to transfer data between the phone and the pc. Now this software may be blocked by your firewall if you have one installed. Make sure you configure that firewall to allow that specific program to run on the computer.
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My samsung R510 screen as gone black, with just a flashing dash in the left hand top corner, I have tried removing battery, have tried the samsung recovery disc, and it said A disk read error occurred press ctrl+alt+del, but it still came up blank. Could it be the hard drive, or is there something else I can try before buying a new hard drive. Can anyone help me please.

A:samsung r510

To use the recovery disc you must set your laptop to boot from the CD drive so it boots from the recovery disc instead of from the hard drive. You need to go into BIOS Setup when you first turn on the laptop by pressing "F2" at the Samsung splash-screen.

In BIOS Setup, look for the boot devices list, put CD-ROM at the top of the list. Then "Save & Exit" (usually F10).

The hard drive is a separate issue. it may have failed but you won't know that until you start the Recovery process - you will get errors that Recovery cannot continue or words to that effect. To test for drive failure the correct way, use the drive manufacturer's diagnostic software for DOS which runs from a bootable CD. The links are here:
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I could find anything about my problem here, so i hope i dont repeat post ...
My printer's leaving blank center on paper. I changed toner already and i didnt help , so it have to be printer problem, right?
Any idea? PLease help, dont wanna buy ANOTHER printer ...;o((
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i got a new 250gb smasung spinpoint hdd today as i only had 1.2gb left on my existing one. But after i've put it in and start up the computer, it does not show in my computer but it does in device manager. Is there any way to make it show up in my computer?
(I've got the existing one set as the master and all the cables and jumper pins are correct) oh and it's IDE


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Samsung Laptop NP300E5C Windows 7 64 bit home premium

When I put the installation disc in I was going to reinstall windows 7 then I clicked something and it told me this portion has programs and drivers that your computer manufacter had installed and if you delete it you can't get it back I clicked OK after it got installed it looks older and there are no more programs like the wireless internet driver is there a way I can download all them back I tried all the recovery methods and no luck Its a windows 7 home premium 64 bit I will appreciate if you solve my problem and please leave links if I need them I sure hope you know what am talking about
you can watch a video of my problem I made it
If you have the answer plz also post it on the video to help others

A:Help Samsung Laptop

Hi, if you have access to another computer or an ethernet cable to connect your laptop to your router goto the site below

When it loads on the left hand side in blue you will see a list in blue starting with manuals, click drivers then all the drivers will be there for your laptop, just download each one needed.

Hope this helps
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My Samsung NC20 won't boot up! I just see the power light but nothing on screen at all. No response to any key. Please help.
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Okay I bought a Samsung 305E4Z OS: DOS last night and I decided to install my own Windows 7 Ultimate x84, problem is... It hangs when its on "Expanding Windows File" at 0%... I would like to know how to I solve this problem? Please and thank you.
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Why some HDD dislike SMART check up?

HD Tune is poison for Samsung drives and will add Unknown parameters why is that?

After using SMART tools on Samsung drives will slow down, make more noise and Temp will go up just little bit.

Reading Samsung drive with SMART will make drive old by two years at lest.

A:Samsung and SMART

I have no idea what you're talking about, but I have three Samsung drives here, and reading the SMART parameters has never done anything to them.
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I just installed a Samsung which is a in widescreen lcd I am running win xp and i only have properties adaptor and then either quot list all modes quot or quot properties quot Either way i can t see any place to change the resolution to its native resolution of x In quot list all modes quot it shows many different resolutions all the way up to but not So can anyone help me with this please My level of skill is pretty good in general but I help 940 Samsung Need w monitor know very little about video stuff as i am not a gamer and often have relied on the video built into the mobo I am running win xp pro sp w a gig of ddr ram version Need help w Samsung 940 monitor of power strip mb version of nvidia geforce mx in pci format The power strip is registered but i dont know what to do there or how to force x so can anyone Need help w Samsung 940 monitor help me with this I dont care if the help comes thru windows or thru power strip I would just like to get this resolved Thank you nbsp

A:Need help w Samsung 940 monitor

try going to the properties and under the settings tab there should be a screen resolution setting bar that you can slide through the resolutions, are the current drivers installed for the monitor?
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I have had my samsung r510 laptop for almost 2 years now, and all has been fine.
HOWEVER, a few days ago I noticed that my charger is only working when it is in a certain position, otherwise no power! Does anyone have any experience with this problem? I don't want to buy a new charger and then find out it is the lap top that is playing up! Thanks in advance!

A:Samsung charger - help!!!

has anyone stood on the Plug that goes into the laptop - I have had to repair a couple of these for my kids .......(and one not so kid )
do you own a voltmeter at all (Multimeter) where you can measure voltages
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Does anyone have a user manual for a Samsung SHD-3062A hard disk drive please? I'm trying to resurrect an old one. It worked when I last switched it off which was a few years ago but now it just beeps at me slowly.



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Hello there i hope this is the right place to post this

okay well i recently ordered a samsung p2570HD monitor online from amazon well it took awhile to get here and i didnt mind that got it for a good deal

so when i got my item i turned it on and to my disappointment i see a bright green pixel so i try udpixel and jscreenfix each for 20 min to no avail

so i was hoping someone out there had the same problem as me and was able to resolve it

thanks in advance

A:samsung p2570HD

In most cases the pixel is stuck and there's nothing that can be done. I don't know what their policy is, if there's a zero stuck pixel policy you may be able to exchange it. I think the might have a zero bright pixel policy within a few days of purchase, call Samsung or even try the retailer.
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I want to buy a new stick of RAM (512meg PC3200 DDR400)

Well my problem is that i was going to buy CRUCIAL RAM
But i discovered in my motherboard manual that there is a list of makes to use (and crucial aint there)
It also says that using any other ram than the makes Tested , it could damage my mobo

So it looks like i have to buy KINGSTON or SAMSUNG

So which is the better RAM ...........Kingston or Samsung

thanks for help

A:Kingston or Samsung ?

hi and welcome to Techspot

The best ram alot of people say is Kingston, its the most expencive but i have heard it works good so go for that, and where are you shoping for it. and if u dont mind how much are you paying for it if its over 70 its to much. and is it Dule chanel

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SO today I went to frys and got one of them LIGHTSCRIBE dvd burners( samsung SH-S182) I uninstalled my old sony dru 510A, and installed the new burner, but when i turn on the computer , windows doesnt even see it , during boot if i try o open it , it opens, but when windows loads, it wont open half of the time. Sometimes it opens ,but sometimes not.


A:Samsung Dvd Burner


Did you change the jumper on the back accordingly to your master/slave needs ? Set it to master if it is the only drive or the first drive on the IDE cable or Slave if it is the second drive on the IDE cable.

Double check the power connection to the unit. Make sure it is firmly connected.

Since it isnt opening and closing wich it should do reguardless I would say it is a faulty unit. Just take it back and get a new one if the above info dont cure.
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Okay I have a samsung laptop RV411.
So i closed the cover, and then opened it for transfer. However, I did not shut it down. So when I opened it, it turned black and it turned BSOD. It says KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR. So I restarted my PC. Now, I cant get out of the POST. There is 2 available options F2 for setup and F4 for recovery. I pressed both and it went Please Wait... Forever! I used the recovery disk no luck. need help!

A:need help on samsung laptop.

Hi Tabatot, welcome to sevenforums. Try inserting your installation DVD and carrying out a "repair install"
Repair Install
this will preserve all your user settings. Let us know how you get on...Good Luck!
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I m new by HDD XP recognised not Samsung to this forum so please excuse any unintentional breach of etiquette I received a new HDD for Christmas which I tried to install last night However even Samsung HDD not recognised by XP though it shows up in the BIOS device list and the XP Device Manager it is not visible on My Computer and no programs can save to or read from it I have tried numerous different hardware configurations re-reading the HDD manual from cover to cover searching these fora and the Internet but to no avail The only lead I found was this thread in which the author is struggling with the same model of hard drive but seems to have Samsung HDD not recognised by XP a different problem From what little I know of it LBA does not seem to be the problem but I would be delighted to be corrected at least then I would have an idea of what to do My spec is as follows Motherboard ASUS A N X-VM Other HDDs ExcelStar Technology J XP drive Quantum Fireballp Samsung HDD not recognised by XP LM Optical Drive Pioneer DVD-RW DVR- D The ExcelStar and Quantum drives are on one IDE cable ExcelStar master Quantum slave and the other two drives on another DVD drive master Samsung slave Thank you in advance for any help or advice and a belated Merry Christmas nbsp

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i have a problem in booting from samsung cd rom , i am using windows 10 and my device is HP pavillion X360   i want to boot from it for installing windows but i cant ...
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Hello Everyone I am Digimax Samsung 850 moving to Paris next week for the summer I m working as a performer at Disneyland and am very excited and while I m out there I m going to get as many snaps as I can to record my time there At the moment I own the Praktica Luxmedia which is bulky to say the least The picture quality is very good but I think that there are better cameras out there that can raise the bar Ironically the one I ve had my eye on is the Samsung Digimax A because it s reidiculously cheap Samsung Digimax 850 from my local store until Monday B because on paper the picture quality looks to be better than my current model MP and xzoom to my camera s MP and xzoom C because it s incredibly compact and would be easier to carry around than my current brick I guess I am asking any owners of this Samsung camera or camera buffs if it is worth the swap because to my eyes it looks like a win-win Thanks in advance Richard nbsp

A:Samsung Digimax 850

It isn’t the level of camera we can consult advanced reviews for. 5X optical zoom and MPEG4 seems like a great deal for that price. Samsung makes decent cameras and what I have seen of it looks OK.

I saw one comment that battery life isn’t great, so you will need a charger and NiMH batteries. You will get twice the photos per charge as with alkalines. And alkaline batteries for an inefficient camera become expensive enough that it inhibits your shooting. You will also need a memory card. One Gig is usually considered appropriate for an 8Mp camera so you don’t have to shoot at lower quality, but you should be able to do OK with 512Mb.

Unless you make large prints I doubt you will see the difference going above 4Mp. But having a convenient size is important.
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Ok i have just recently got a myself a new camcorder and when i bought this one there were two versions one just the same as this one but the next step up, but they were out of stock, so i had the version just below, then after getting my camcoder i now know that the one above this one came with the installation CD and the cable that connects it to my computer.

So for this version i have no cables or anything to connect my camera to my pc and i don't know how i do it? So anybody know how and where i can start?


A:samsung vp-d351

First find out what cabels are needed its probably gonna be some sort of USB cables.

Check out the samsung web site many companys post their firmware manuals and other software someware in the support section, just see if you can find the infor relating to your cam and then download it
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This exe is using an inordinate amount of computer resources.
I don't want to uninstall it because I occasionally use it for music and photos.
I would like to have it on demand but not have it start automatically.
It is not in MSCONFIG > Startup.
I can kill it by stopping the process in task manager.
Is there a way for me to boot without starting samsung link.exe?
Frank C

A:samsung link.exe

If it isn't set to run automatically under msconfig it could be found under services (services.msc), task scheduler, or the start up folder in start menu. I'd start with services. That is the likely spot.
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Gday I have rung Samsung I am still waiting for a reply So I thought I would try here Because I am running Vista and not Win Samsung have quot Samsung Magician quot which I am guessing allows me to defrag the drive I have been away on holiday's when SSD Samsung Pro 128GB I got back and restarted my desktop Samsung Magician immediately popped up with a firmware update So I updated the firmware followed Samsung SSD Pro 128GB the prompts and restarted my PC I have AHCI enabled so even though I have my two Optical Drives as st and nd start up so when the machine boots the option of boot from CD DVD is no longer there BUT the two Optical Drives and also my nd SATA Hard Drive appeared Now to the issue at hand after the firmware update during the reboot the only drive to show up was the Samsung SSD Pro 128GB SSD my SATA and two Optical's are no longer showing when the machine boots Once the PC had finished booting up I went to Computer to make sure all the drives were there The SATA HD was the two Optical's were not I threw in a disk that had data on it initially it didn't read So I replaced it with my Vista Disk it then found one drive put the Vista Samsung SSD Pro 128GB Disk into the other drive and it found that as well My question to Samsung and to you guys is why aren't my other drives showing on boot up

A:Samsung SSD Pro 128GB

Have you tried opening Windows Explorer and mapping the network drives?

Edit: Do all your drives show up when you open the BIOS?
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I am doing a report on how Samsung media players better than ipod media players. I am trying to support Samsung. I would like to hear from experts on this.