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Thermaltake Challenger Ultimate overrides Windows' sound

Q: Thermaltake Challenger Ultimate overrides Windows' sound

Just bought thermal take challenger ultimate keyboard and having a problem when when I plugin the keyboard it override the windows sound and goes off, tried with 2 pcs win 7 and win 8 same thing no sound
want a solution

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Preferred Solution: Thermaltake Challenger Ultimate overrides Windows' sound

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Thermaltake Challenger Ultimate overrides Windows' sound

Got the same problem..
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Windows 10 overrides bios settings for wake-up.

I have set in bios to wake up on ctrl-esc.
That works until I boot into windows 10.
Now when I shut down windows 10, my computer will
wake up on ANY keyboard event or mouse event.
OK so then I uncheck in windows:
power management->allow this device to wake up the computer.
Now the problem is that when windows shuts down, it turns off
the keyboard totally so it is impossible to send keystrokes.

All this time my settings in bios are:
don't power up from mouse
powerup on ctrl-esc ONLY

In windows 7 I don't have this problem, everything works
as set in bios.

My computer is not in sleep or hibernate.
Another thing to note is that when I power it up
by clicking any key ,and then power it down on the switch
next time it will only start on ctrl-esc.

(hybrid sleep is off)

Many thanks.

A:Windows 10 overrides bios settings for wake-up.

OK I figured it out.
I need to disable "fast startup".
Everything works fine now.

But if I wanted fast startup , is there a way to
choose which key wakes up the system?
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Hey guys:

System was fine. Started it up this morning and all my sound was gone. I've re-installed the Asus drivers 50x. Tried the same in Safe Mode. I am using an external speaker set-up. They are Altec Lansing speakers. They have a powered sub and left and right main speakers and also left and right rear speakers. I don't have the rear speakers connected and I haven't for years(without issue).

Anyway, booted up this morning and I have no sound from Windows, the internet, or my music or movies. I'm dieing over here!!! I've read a bunch of stuff and nothing I've read works. I need some help.


A:No sound at all?? Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit

I did try a system restore... and I restored it back to 4/30. I still don't have sound?? I thought it would be that easy. But hence... nothing is that easy when it comes to computers!!!!!
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Hey guys:

System was fine. Started it up this morning and all my sound was gone. I've re-installed the Asus drivers 50x. Tried the same in Safe Mode. I am using an external speaker set-up. They are Altec Lansing speakers. They have a powered sub and left and right main speakers and also left and right rear speakers. I don't have the rear speakers connected and I haven't for years(without issue).

Anyway, booted up this morning and I have no sound from Windows, the internet, or my music or movies. I'm dieing over here!!! I've read a bunch of stuff and nothing I've read works. I need some help.

Would a simple fix be to just buy an audio card???


A:No sound at all?? Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit

Please cross check if you have speakers enabled:Let's try the following troubleshooting methods and verify if the issue is resolved.Method 1.Perform the task mentioned below to set speaker as default:1. Go to Start and click on control Panel.2. Click in Sound, then a new window will open up.3. In the new windows click on the tab"Playback" and right click in the winodw and click on Show Disabled devices.4. Now check if Speaker is listed there and right click on it and choose enable.5. Highlight that speaker and click on "Set as Default"Refer the articles below for more help:
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Hello, I have problem. I installed yesterday first time Windows Seven Ultimate. And I have problem, I don't have sound. I tested everything tryed to install drivers and other programs but nothing...

My motherboard is MSI S1155 H61 help me. Because I'm thinking back again to Windows XP, if I not fix sound. I spend all 8 hours on searchings and installings

P.S I'm sorry for bad english.

A:No Sound HELP. Windows Seven Ultimate

Can you fill in the system specs? I'm not a hardware expert but there are system builders on the forum who know quite a bit about hardware and drivers.
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hello i have a hp pavilion a1640n i did a install of windows 7 ultimate but like a jack *** got rid of the recovery partition also. i had sound at one point how ever it would always cut out now if it comes on at all its for like 30 seconds then off again for days maybe even weeks. I cant find the drivers or do i know which ones i would need for my mother board (its onboarrd audio) if that matters. can some one please help me get sound back on my pc and yes i have tried the old xp drivers the vista drivers the ac97 and high definition drivers.

A:windows 7 ultimate and no sound

man no help
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6th November 2010
Hi Guys.

I have a serious problem. I installed Windows 7 Ultimate on a new custom-built computer that I acquired. Things went well for several months and then suddenly I lost all sound.
Pictures are fine but no sound.I scanned to see whether it was the result of a virus attack, but the computer came up clean. I then tried updating the drivers but received the message that the latest drivers were already installed. I tried downloading drivers from the Mother board manufacturers but that didn't work.Lastly, I reinstalled Windows 7 but the problem remains. I also checked the forum to see if there was any information that I could use but came up empty.
My computer has a Biostar Tseries mother board with an AMD quadcore processor.

Is it a software problem or a hardware problem how can I tell? Is there a solution at all to the problem?

Please advise.

With Thanks.



Is your speakers working properly?
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Hello I have ran Win Beta and Win RC without any problems I installed Win Ultimate and now I don t have any 7 Sound Windows Ultimate--No sound Under quot System Information quot there is nothing listed under quot Sound Devices quot And of course its not listed in the quot Device Manager quot and the volume control speaker by the clock says quot The Audio Service is Not Running quot System Specs OS Name Microsoft Windows Ultimate Version Build System Manufacturer MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL CO LTD System Model MS- System Type X -based PC Processor Intel R Core TM Quad CPU Q GHz Mhz Core s Logical Processor s BIOS Version Date American Megatrends Inc V SMBIOS Version I tried running Uniblue Driver Scanner and Driver Genius Pro with no luck Windows 7 Ultimate--No Sound The motherboard model is G M -L V with onboard sound From the MSI site I downloaded the quot Realtek High Definition Audio Driver quot for Windows Vista ver as listed for this board installed it and still nothing Thanks in advance for your help nbsp

A:Windows 7 Ultimate--No Sound


Couple things......I had similar issues with Windows 7.

1) Remember to use System Restore often before making any changes to your system as well as any windows updates. That way you can go back if an update messes things up without reinstalling windows 7.

2) What version of windows did your computer originially come with? Do you have the audio driver CD for that with you now? In my case Windows 7 sound would not work but I reinstalled the driver from my XP CD and that fixed it. Then the sound went away again later and I had to reinstall windows and now I am going to use system restore often and worse case I can always use the driver CD again...even though it for XP, it still worked in Windows 7 for me even while windows update failed and picked the wrong driver.
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Hi all, in need of documents regarding challenger 2000 software or better known as Kermit95 software.

Has anyone compiled operating manuals for Kermit, I have taken over a network running this product and company will not support internet vpn tunneling.

I need to find out all I can about print abilities of Kermit.

Thanks in advance for all the help. J

A:Challenger\ DIS sofware


Never used the program, but have a look at this:


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hi i saw the dimesions of the case but im not sure if it can support all video cards and all spu fans and heatsinks plz answer the case that i bought form newegg came good with no damages at all but it had a very thin secc and when i was putting the psu it kinda broke and a friend told me that the challenger is very good and very big big so...

A:Rosewill challenger is big?

that's a very nice case for the price. you can fit any video card in it as long as its not over 11 inches long
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I bought a new case the Rosewell Challenger to be specific to replace my NXZT Hush, because it was falling apart, so I got the new case today and I swapped everything inside the new case but the problem is simply this it won't start up and I am unsure of what is going on, I have the P5Q Pro by asus mother board I was wondering if any one had the Challenger and knew where about everything plugs into the only thing that is different that I have not plugged in was the pin that said AC-97 I couldn't find that labeled anywhere on my motherboard, and the main on the motherboard I am uncertain if it is supposed to cover the entire pins because it seems to me it leaves 4 pins short, but it has main written on the pin box, I can't remember help would be great right about now thanks a lot.

A:Rosewell Challenger help.

The AC-97 is the audio plugin for the front panel. It should be plugged in to the audio connector usually located on the bottom of the motherboard.The Main, is probably the 24 pin power to the motherboard. Most PSU's have a 20+4 pin connector to accomidate motherboards with either a 20 pin or 24 pin connector. You motherboard manual should show what kind and where each pin is located.
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I am running Windows XP Professional on partition There is no problem with the sound Windows in Ultimate 64bit sound 7 No I recently installed Windows Ultimate Bit on partition and use the dual boot feature which is working fine However I cannot get sound In Realtek HD Audio Manager all speakers test well In the Sound Applet in control panel speakers is the default device and the test produces sound tones in all speakers Yet I cannot get startup or exit sounds in Windows and there is no sound when playing movies cd No sound in Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit music or watching video on the No sound in Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit internet I downloaded the latest driver from Realtek dated version There is still no sound except for the test tones I did an uninstall and re-install and no sound I tried different driver versions and still no sound On another computer I am running Windows XP Professional and Windows Ultimate Bit in a dual boot configuration with no sound problems in either operating system Is there a problem with the bit drivers Can anyone help

A:No sound in Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

What does device manager show for your soundcard?

Where did you get your copy of Win7?
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Hey guys I just bought myself a new PC I was using Windows XP on my old computer and the sound worked fine for both my headset fairly new at that and speakers Ultimate Windows 7 Problem Sound about a year and a half old On this new PC I have Windows Ultimate and I noticed I can t hear any sound I clicked on the mixer Windows 7 Ultimate Sound Problem and went to the headset I have USB ports in the front and back of my PC and have tried both same results and I can hear the sound test letting me know how loud a sound will be as I adjust the volume perfectly fine when I move it however here s what it looks like http yfrog com mrsounddp As you can see the sound bar stays really small even though I could hear the sound test fine That s the only thing I can hear fine though as everything else seems like it doesn t even have sound That picture is when I drag it all the way up to too I appreciate any help This is killing me xx Must play SC with sound nbsp

A:Windows 7 Ultimate Sound Problem

try updating your Audio Driver from device manager(right click on computer <manage<click on device manager located on left pane, right click on SOUND, VIDEO AND GAME CONTROLLER (collapse it) update driver search automatically
or download Audio driver from site

if persists
uninstall the Audio driver and install updated driver again, configure Mic again and test the issue,

i hope the problem will solve soon
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Hello There,

I have been having a reoccurring problem that I just can't figure out. I watch a lot of video's on my dual screen setup and what has been happening for awhile is light static when at least two sources of audio are there. At it's worse it actually stops playing audio, when I look at the mixer it will show a non moving amount in the Device bar yet no actual sound comes out. Sometimes it will make a loud static noise and start playing again and occasionally I have to restart the pc. I have fully updated my sound card drivers and have all applicable codecs. I am at my wit's end. I will be happy to supply any needed info to figure this one out and thank you so much in advance for helping.

A:Problem with sound on Windows 7 Ultimate. Please Help!

Loud static seems most probably from connections rather than software or drivers. Double-check those and use some alcohol to clean any jacks.

("Hypnopedia" is "sleeping children"? or "child sleep"? like the "ped" in "encyclopedia". Does it mean something? )
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Hey guys just joint this community cause i have a serious problem and dont know how to fix it Yesterday i reinstalled windows on my pc using a win ultimate x this time because i recently bought new ram for my computer Since x64; 7 Windows devices Ultimate sound no the first start i noticed that my sound didnt work annymore I checkt serveral forums Windows 7 Ultimate x64; no sound devices installed new drivers etc but couldnt solve the problem I dont know wich information u guys need to help me so here are some screens i collected First of all my Problem Uploaded with ImageShack us This is what i see in the sound devices usually there were about - diffent ones yes i klicked to show me all dis and enabled Uploaded with ImageShack us So her is a screen from the device manager as u see driver is up to date Uploaded with ImageShack us And her some System information i collected with AIDA Uploaded with ImageShack us I read that there is an option in the boot menu where i can enable disable the onboard chips for sound but i didnt found that option in my bootsection all stuff was enabled tho Hope you guys can help me if there is anny further information needed pls ask specificly Thanks Some further information Errr and im Windows 7 Ultimate x64; no sound devices using Medion speakers

A:Windows 7 Ultimate x64; no sound devices

Windows will install a generic "HD Audio Codec" if the integrated audio is detected. According to what I find this has RealTek ALC888 audio.

If there are any Intel motherboard chipset drivers, install them as one of the things the chipset drivers do is identify all the devices (if they are not identified they will not be detected). Also, check the BIOS in case the integrated audio (may be labeled as "legacy audio") is enabled. That too would prevent Windows from detecting and installing a driver.

If you can get the sound device recognized you can download the RealTek drivers can be accessed here Realtek
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I've recently got a new laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate installed.

The sound setting box from Control Panel seems to open when a system sound is or would normally play.

I have run through the settings several times and managed to reduce the incidence by adding some sounds, yet nothing seems to prevent this window opening from time to time. I have yet to spot a clear pattern beyond that it always happens on start up.

If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

A:Windows 7 Ultimate Sound Settings

Go to your manufacturers website and see if there are updated audio drivers.
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Hello About a Ultimate 7 Sound No Windows 32bit year ago I built my cousin a computer using some spare parts I had around using an original Creative Audigy as the sound card Due to him trashing so that it had the BSOD and me not quite liking the setup I had placed on it I took the computer from him to wipe the OS and reinstall it This time however the sound doesn t work and I ve Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit No Sound tried everything I am not ignorant to computing and am of the time self sufficient so this is an expert mostly reaching out Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit No Sound to other experts as this problem has me stumped I tried installing the drivers and reinstalling them letting windows install it s default drivers to which it says it couldn t find any installing a creative compatibility pack removing Upper and Lower Filter entries in the registry bit of a last ditch standard windows troubleshooting in which it says quot An unexpected error occurred The trouble shooting wizard can t continue quot replacing the sound card with an Auzentec X-fi Prelude and installing and reinstalling its drivers checking windows update for drivers etc The two main errors I have are quot No audio output device detected quot when hovering over the speaker icon with the red X and quot Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware The driver may be corrupted or missing Code quot in the device manager with a yellow triangle flag over the device Do note that this install is a striped install using RT Se en Lite which took out things like Windows Media Player and the default drivers etc but since I realized that this could be the problem I made a new partition and installed clean unaltered Windows bit on it and the problem remains even on that install I ve run chkdsk and sfc which got to about and said it found corrupted files but couldn t fix them which might be the problem but the log didn t have anything I recognized as I haven t deciphered one of them before so I am unsure and that could just be due to the stripping that RT Se en Lite did unless the master file list that sfc uses is generated from when you install windows not just a default list Any ideas

A:Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit No Sound

EDIT:It appears I spoke too soon. I thought that the problem persisted on the clean install but I hadn't installed the drivers yet. So I installed the drivers on the clean install and the audio worked. So it seems that something I stripped out using RT Se7en Lite did break the Audio.(As a side note when I went into the clean install the "Multi-Media Audio Device" showed up with a question mark where as in the stripped install it shows up with a yellow triangle when the drivers aren't installed).So does anyone help me care to find out what critical file I removed because I put a TON of work into this and don't wont to have and reinstall, let alone figure out what part I need to recheck in RT Se7en Lite. Could sfc possibly restore the missing files?Any help is greatly appreciated.
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I am losing sound from the speakers after unplugging head phones. In the past I've been able to fix the issue but old age has clearly gotten the better of me and I cannot recall how to fix the issue.
Thanks,Jay from Brisbane

A:XPS 17, Windows 7 Ultimate, loss of sound

Hello Jay. Test the driver by switching between the Realtek audio driver and the Windows native driver.
1. Open the Device Manager (find it in the Control Panel, or type devmgmt.msc into the search box).2. Expand the "Sound, video & game controllers" and right click on "Realtek High Definition Audio".3. Select to "Update Driver Software".4. Click on "Browse my computer for driver software".5. Click "Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer".6. Put a check in the box "Show compatible hardware" if not already checked.7. In the list of devices, click "High Definition Audio" (the native driver).8. Click "Next".9. On the Update Driver Warning box, click "Yes" (install the driver). 10. Restart the laptop if prompted. If not prompted, then no need to restart.[To get back to the Realtek driver, do it again but reverse the names in steps 2 and 7.]If you only have the symptoms with one of the drivers, then the other is at fault. If you have the same symptoms with both audio drivers, then see the Headphone Jack FAQ, which explains a hardware problem that causes loss of audio through speakers even though audio is okay through the jack.
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Dears I have a problem on my PC with no sound with OS OS with PC with on Windows sound, problem no PT-pt 7 my Ultimate Windows Ultimate PT-pt I do not know why because I no longer have sound I've tried connecting other columns and nothing works The cable with the quot jack quot is well connected as well as the USB plug I note that reproduces the sound because you see the scale of sound to move as the peaks of the sound but the column does not play not even system sounds I am sending a report containing information about the motherboard and the sound card of my computer so that they can assist me in solving Motherboard CPU Type QuadCore Intel Core i - MHz x Motherboard Name Gigabyte GA-X A-UD v PCI PCI-E x PCI-E x DDR DIMM Audio Dual Gigabit LAN IEEE- Motherboard Chipset Intel X Tylersburg Intel Nehalem problem on my PC with no sound, with OS Windows 7 Ultimate PT-pt System Memory MB DDR - DDR SDRAM DIMM Corsair XMS CMX problem on my PC with no sound, with OS Windows 7 Ultimate PT-pt GX M A C GB DDR - DDR SDRAM - - - MHz - - - MHz - - - MHz DIMM Corsair XMS CMX GX M A C GB DDR - DDR SDRAM - - - MHz - - - MHz - - - MHz DIMM Corsair XMS CMX GX M A C GB DDR - DDR SDRAM - - - MHz - - - MHz - - - MHz DIMM Corsair XMS CMX GX M A C GB DDR - DDR SDRAM - - - MHz - - - MHz - - - MHz DIMM Corsair XMS CMX GX M A C GB DDR - DDR SDRAM - - - MHz - - - MHz - - - MHz DIMM Corsair XMS CMX GX M A C GB DDR - DDR SDRAM - - - MHz - - - MHz - - - MHz Type Award Modular BIOS Multimedia Sound Adapter nVIDIA HDMI DP nVIDIA GF - High Definition Audio Controller Sound Adapter nVIDIA HDMI DP nVIDIA GF - High Definition Audio Controller Sound Adapter nVIDIA HDMI DP nVIDIA GF - High Definition Audio Controller Sound Adapter nVIDIA HDMI DP nVIDIA GF - High Definition Audio Controller Sound Adapter Realtek ALC Intel JB ICH - High Definition Audio Controller The drivers I have installed R were taken away to Windows bit Realtek I await your information which I thank you Hugs Daniel Dias

A:problem on my PC with no sound, with OS Windows 7 Ultimate PT-pt

English only is this forum, if you need help please post a translation.
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Hi guys, I am looking for a sound card for windows 7. I was reading online and saw the many people had compatibility issues with windows 7 and sound cards.

Do you know if there is a sound card that is compatible with windows 7 and is about $30-$40?

Much appreciated!

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I just re-installed windows 7 ultimate , and now i cant playback any sounds, the driver is up to date, and there are no conflicts, everything appears to be ok. My sound was working with the prior installation of windows 7 ultimate using the same drivers. It's an on board sound card, and i've done a search for what's installed, and it says AC'79,.....somebody please help me to rectify this situation before i take a baseball bat to my system.

A:No sound playback in Windows 7 ultimate!

have u looked in control panel.....sound........ checked your default?
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I've just yesterday installed Windows Ultimate and everything's been fine apart from one thing There is no sound whatsoever I've tried Downloading ALL the availible Windows Updates including optional ones The drivers from the DVD which came with sound at Ultimate, 7600 no all. Windows my motherboard The drivers from the the website of my motherboard The latest Realtek drivers from the Realtek Website The latest ATI catalyst drivers None have worked My headphones are simply not detected and the only audio device 'Digital Audio HDMI ' is shown as not plugged in I've tried plugging the Windows 7600 Ultimate, no sound at all. headphones into the front panel rear panel and there is still no response at all as if they simply don't exist I'm at a bit of a loss as what I could possibly do I know it's not my headphones that are at fault since I've just tested them on another system and they're fine Any help Windows 7600 Ultimate, no sound at all. would be greatly appreciated this is really really annoying I've posted all my system specs Thanks in advance

A:Windows 7600 Ultimate, no sound at all.

In BIOS, is onboard sound enabled?
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Since yesterday, I logged onto youtube and noticed my sound was not working at all. I have tried disabling my sound and enabling it but it doesn't resolve the problem. I also tried trouble shooting the sound and it told me to plug in the speaker but I have internal speakers, it also said "The peripheral does not appear to be plugged in. Check the connection. Proceed to next step to finish."

I have no idea on how to resolve my sound issues. This has never happened before.

A:Sound on Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit not working?

Quote: Originally Posted by ac97

Since yesterday, I logged onto youtube and noticed my sound was not working at all. I have tried disabling my sound and enabling it but it doesn't resolve the problem. I also tried trouble shooting the sound and it told me to plug in the speaker but I have internal speakers, it also said "The peripheral does not appear to be plugged in. Check the connection. Proceed to next step to finish."

I have no idea on how to resolve my sound issues. This has never happened before.

Did you try external speakers ????

Maybe the internal one's are broken
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Hi Everyone I Have a major problem thats been goin on for weeks now and i have no idea wat to do I recently installed windows ultimate -bit and for some strange reason my audio No After Sound Ultimate Windows 7 32-Bit Installing is not working when i went to device manager i saw a yellow question beside mutimedia audio controller I will list the description below of my model PLZ CAN SOMEONE HELP ME I WILL PROVIDE MORE INFO IF NEEDED Operating System Windows Ultimate -bit Build win rtm - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer IBM System Model P U BIOS Phoenix FirstBios tm Desktop Pro Version for IBM ThinkCentre Processor No Sound After Installing Windows 7 Ultimate 32-Bit Intel R Pentium R No Sound After Installing Windows 7 Ultimate 32-Bit CPU GHz GHz Memory MB RAM Available No Sound After Installing Windows 7 Ultimate 32-Bit OS Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C Windows DirectX Version DirectX DX Setup Parameters Not found User DPI Setting Using System DPI System DPI Setting DPI percent DWM DPI Scaling Disabled DxDiag Version bit Unicode ------------ DxDiag Notes ------------ Display Tab No problems found Sound Tab No sound card was found If one is expected you should install a sound driver provided by the hardware manufacturer Input Tab No problems found -------------------- DirectX Debug Levels -------------------- Direct D retail DirectDraw retail DirectInput retail DirectMusic retail DirectPlay retail DirectSound retail DirectShow retail --------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name Standard VGA Graphics Adapter Manufacturer Standard display types Chip type Intel r G Graphics Chip Accelerated VGA BIOS DAC type bit Device Key Enum PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV Display Memory n a Dedicated Memory n a Shared Memory n a Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor Name Generic PnP Monitor Monitor Model Monitor Id Native Mode Output Type Driver Name vga Driver File Version English Driver Version DDI Version unknown Driver Model unknown Driver Attributes Final Retail Driver Date Size bytes WHQL Logo d Yes WHQL Date Stamp Device Identifier D B E - - CF-A - FACC CB Vendor ID x Device ID x SubSys ID x Revision ID x Driver Strong Name Unknown Rank Of Driver Unknown Video Accel Deinterlace Caps n a D D Overlay n a DXVA-HD n a DDraw Status Not Available D D Status Not Available AGP Status Not Available ------------- Sound Devices ------------- Description Default Sound Playback No Default Voice Playback No Hardware ID Manufacturer ID Product ID Type Driver Name Driver Version Driver Attributes WHQL Logo d Date and Size Other Files Driver Provider HW Accel Level Emulation Only Cap Flags x Min Max Sample Rate Static Strm HW Mix Bufs Static Strm HW D Bufs HW Memory Voice Management No EAX tm Listen Src No No I DL tm Listen Src No No Sensaura tm ZoomFX tm No --------------------- Sound Capture Devices --------------------- ------------------- DirectInput Devices ------------------- Device Name Mouse Attached Controller ID n a Vendor Product ID n a FF Driver n a Device Name Keyboard Attached Controller ID n a Vendor Product ID n a FF Driver n a Poll w Interrupt No ----------- USB Devices ----------- USB Root Hub Vendor Product ID x x D Matching Device ID usb root hub Service usbhub Driver usbhub sys bytes Driver usbd sys bytes ---------------- Gameport Devices ---------------- ------------ PS Devices ------------ Standard PS Keyboard Matching Device ID pnp Service i prt Driver i prt sys bytes Driver kbdclass sys bytes Terminal Server Keyboard Driver Matching Device ID root rdp kbd Upper Filters kbdclass Service TermDD Driver i prt sys bytes Driver kbdclass sys bytes HID-compliant mouse Vendor Product ID x B x Matching Device ID hid device system mouse Service mouhid Driver mouhid sys bytes Driver mouclass sys bytes Terminal Server Mouse Driver Matching Device ID root rdp mou Upper Filters mouclass Service TermDD Driver termdd sys bytes Driver sermouse sys bytes Driver mouclass sys bytes ---... Read more

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Hello, i am running Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit OS and i am trying to setup my Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum and i am having issues with my 5.1 Speaker System. The only speakers i can get to work are my Back Left, Back Right, and Front Left. The Front Right, Back Center, and Sub are not working even though i set them up as 5.1 in the Creative Console. My drivers are up to date. I am currently using the SBAX_PCDRV_LB_2_18_0017 version. I would really love it if anyone knows a fix for this, any help would be appreciated.

A:Windows 7 Ultimate 32-Bit Sound Problems

Scratch that, i now got all but the Rear Right and Left working. Any ideas on getting the 2 Back ones working would be helpful =P
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I have installed COD : Black Opps on Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1
I have core i3 process with 4 GB Ram & 1GB Nvidia Graphic Card
I'm not able to hear any sound in the game in the COD " Black Opps, other games are working fine, some time's i can hear the sound & some time I don't.
i update the sound card driver, you have mentioned few thinks like to change the properties of the sound card, in advance, did that but still its not working.
Please assist me to resolve this problem.

A:Windows 7 Ultimate no sound on COD Black Opps

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Where did you get a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate? Where did you get COD from?

You mention a few things you tried, did you try to reinstall the game?
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The new WINDOWS 7 installation just give me HIGH-DEFINITION AUDIO DEVICE option under playback tab which I can tell it is working properly because I see the green levels going up and down when test option is clicked. However, no sound coming out of the plugged in-ear headphone and no speaker option is available.

I tried several times to install REALTEK HIGH-DEFINITION AUDIO DRIVER => 32bit_ Win7_ Win8_ Win81_ R273, but I followed the installation instructions, and somehow I do not see the realtek device under sound, videos and game controllers in the device manager. I pretty much sure the device has not been installed properly, for some reason.

I am attaching some screenshots with system information and audio info display.


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Hi, I've recently upgraded my Asus A3Ac (from 2004) to Windows Vista Ultimate and it works fine, but just one thing: there is no sound. I don't know where to find the audio driver suitable for my pc, does anyone knows? Thanks a lot!

A:Need Help With Sound After Upgrading To Windows Vista Ultimate

Thanks for your help, anyway. I've solved this problem but now I've got another one: my Camera on My Asus A3Ac driver only works on Windows Xp, not in Vista. Can someone help me with this driver? Thanks a lot!
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So yeah, i just got Windows 7 Ultimate x64, and now there is no sound at all.
When i holding the mouse over the sound logo next to the clock it says: "No audio outout device is installed."
And whenever i try to install new drivers it says: There is no device installed on your computer that support this.
But the soundcard is in there, it worked fine untill i changed to Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

And i?ve tried almost every driver possible for my soundcard, and nothing works, just the same error message.
I?ve also tried taking the card out from its place and putting it back in again. Still nothing.

Any help here?

A:Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Cannot detect my sound card!

Did Device manager lists your sound card?
Can you specify the name of your sound card?
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Dear forum members i'm a Regular Sound Ultimate Problem 7 32bit Windows Under windows user since Windows XP SP few months ago i upgrade Sound Problem Under Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit to Windows ultimate bit i have onboard sigmatel sound card which works under Windows XP SP SP without any issue after installing sigmatel audio driver for Windows Sound Problem Under Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit XP but it's not working under win i tried to install that XP driver under windows with 'windows XP SP ' compability mode Sound Problem Under Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit it installs well but no sound except some heavy noise from speaker when i play any kind of music video etc I use a Microlab speaker i also tried Win Vista driver for sigmatel high definition audio codec but same issue happens again that means no sound except heavy noise from speaker built-in audio driver high definition audio codec working good under Windows but there is also an issue with it as well i can play sound nicely with this driver when i connect my audio jack with front panel but no sound when i connect it with Rear panel that means i only listen clear sound with this driver when i use front panel but not Rear panel but in Windows XP i can listen sound from both front amp rear panel but under windows with default built-in audio driver only front panel working not rear panel so everytime i want to listen music or watch video i need to disconnect my audio jack from rear panel amp connect it with front panel to hear sound it's a very annoying work i search online many times to find a solve for this problem but no luck recently i heard about this forum amp decide to give a post here about my problem i think if anyhow i find an audio driver for my sigmatel which will work under my windows ultimate flawlessly i can hear sound from rear panel as well this problem is making me crazy is there any solution of my problem plz guys help me Regards

A:Sound Problem Under Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit

The problem lies in the device driver which has not been updated for Windows 7, get a new sound card as this one is clearly too obsolete

What is the exact model of this sound card?
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Hi everyone before i reinstall windows maybe one of you guys can help me out I just installed windows ultimate bit on my dual core E P B system Fresh installation Before that i had XP pro SP I have soundcards i use the PCI creative soundblaster live but there is also the onboard one Both are detected by windows and for both i found some drivers after some research - Creative i installed the kvx drivers latest version - Onboard its activated in the BIOS and i installed the latest soundmax drivers seven drivers both show up in the computer hardware listing and in the audio mixer I even get the green levels showing that there soundblaster/onboar Windows x64 Sound No Seven ultimate is an audio No Sound Windows Seven ultimate x64 soundblaster/onboar output However i get absolutely no sound from my speakers and its working checked on my No Sound Windows Seven ultimate x64 soundblaster/onboar ipod right before i also used my headphones from the creative nor the onboard audio cards Nothing which No Sound Windows Seven ultimate x64 soundblaster/onboar is why i suspect it might be related to the windows audio interface and not the drivers themselves But i might be wrong about that So what can i do now Anyone faced the same situation before PS i work in IT so i tried all the basic stuff but please speak away if you think i might have forgotten something PPS yes also i checked the other threads and didnt find anything so far but maybe i skipped something important

A:No Sound Windows Seven ultimate x64 soundblaster/onboar


Hi and welcome. I have a sound blaster around here soomewhere. Let me see if I can replicate the problem. mine 64bit win 7 ultimate, 4 gigs. take me a bit so if I dont come back PM me. Im working win 7 and vista so I dont wnat it to fall thru the cracks.

Nicely writen first post btw. I assume you have checked all the usual stuff, so completely out of left field: are you using the default win 7 sounds? Im feeling if the system sounds work and you are getting response on the green bars that the cpanel has to be installed correctly but check device manger. maybe even see if there is an older vista driver just in case.

Let me go find that sound blaster while its still light.

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I Have Just installed windows 7 and theirs no sound. its giving me the option of Digital Audio (S/PDIF) and nothing else, anybody know why the speakers option is not there?
please help
Kind regards

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Hey, I'm here desperate for help. I've tried right about everything to fix my continuous sound glitches in my windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.

When I listen to music or playing anything audio-related, I get small glitches at random times, and I get even more if I do other stuff on the computer, for example chatting on msn or using my webcam. It seems like the applicationsounds are disturbing eachother in someway.

However, these problems did not occour when I used windows XP.


I've got an integrated audio device in the motherboard and a Creative Soundblaster X-Fi external soundcard.

I've tried to format the computer using the 32bit system, still the same.

I've tried to install various drivers without any succsess.

So please, if anyone know how to fix this, post your best solution!

A:Continuous sound glitches in windows 7 Ultimate!

How much Ram do you have? If you could give us more information about your machine, it could help us to better help you
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sound device is not recognized(no sound, video and game controllers in device manager)
plus my internet(wireless built in PCI card) does not work

im thinking the drivers somehow were deleted when i attempted to charge my ps3 controller via PC(how it all started, went on to do a clean install of windows 7 because of the problem, but the problem is still here)
any ideas where i can get the proper sound and network drivers?

motherboard: Abit AN8 / Fatal1ty AN8 Series

if more info is required to be given on my behalf, just ask

A:Windows 7 ultimate 32bit, sound device not recognized

Universal abit > Motherboard, Digital Speakers, iDome, AirPace, Multimedia

The drivers from manufactor.
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Hi I cant get the sound to work under windows 7 ultimate 64 on my notebook acer Aspire 7738G and I have tryed the driver from the support site but i wont wok or just did somsing wrong

A:No sound windows 7 ultimate 64 acer Aspire 7738G

Is this the drivers you downloaded:
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Hi everyone,

I'm currently looking at this case for my new build. It seems like a nice cheap case for my build, but I'm worried about its size. I'm getting a GTX 570 which is 10.5 inches long and I've read a couple of reviews about people having trouble fitting shorter cards in there, but some reviews said that largers ones like the 570/580 could fit.

I'm just wondering if anyone had this case and could give me some insight on this. Currently this is the only thing stopping me from deciding on this case.

I was also looking at the Cooler Master HAF 922 which plenty of reviews say anything can fit in there, but its costs twice as much.

Thank you

A:Rosewill Challenger case size uncertainty

This case:
Antec 300
would serve you better. it is much sturdier than that Rosewill and ANY video card(s) will fit. I use this case so I know what I'm talking about. The price is great for the quality of this Antec!
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i just bought an nvidia Ge force 9400 gt and tried installing the drivers and i get an error message that says
(the nvidia setup program has detected that one or more Microsoft hardware installation wizards are active. do you want to continue with setup? click yes to minimize setup until you complete or cancel the other installation wizard(s). click no to exit setup.)
the installation wizard is trying to automatically install the hardware but if i go into control panel/administrative tools/plug and play and disable plug and play like i was told, the program says that there is no available graphics adapter but the original error message telling me other installation programs are running is gone. how am i supposed to install these drivers if windows is trying to install them with another program? How can i disable hardware install wizard so that it doesnt disable the graphics adapter PLEASE HELP!

A:Windows hardware installation manager overrides my Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT install

Follow these steps to install your new graphics card:

1. Download the latest drivers for your card. Clean all old video drivers from your system. You may use Driver Sweeper if you wish.
2. Shut your PC down and put the new GPU in the motherboard slot.
3. Start up the system and change your primary graphics adapter in BIOS to PCI-E (assuming you have a PCI-E card) or PCI / AGP.
4. After logging in to Windows just close the Hardware Installation Wizard when it comes up. Double click on the drivers you downloaded and it should be installed without any issues.
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I have an Acer Aspire 4530 Notebook. And once I upgraded to 7 Ive noticed problems with the sound. I have the latest windows 7 Ultimate Drivers 64 Bit for the built in realtek card from the acer website.

This is my problem. Sound works fine. Then When I go to adjust the volume either from the bottom right icon or the dial on the front of the laptop, (Sometimes this happens its not a 100% thing which Is weird) the sound just stops. There are no error messages and or anything you just cant hear anything. And this only happens sometimes. To get it to work again I have to restart a few times or completely power it off.

Anyone have any idea what this is?

Thanks in Advance.

A:Windows 7 Ultimate SOund Problems On Acer Aspire 4530

Acer has a new BIOS version for your Notebook on thier support site, the date on the update is 11-17-09. It doesn't say anywhere that I could find just what that update was supposed to fix, so I am not sure if it would help you or not. Flashing a BIOS can be a tricky thing though, you might want to read up a bit if you have never actually done it before. You might try giving Acer support a call and see if they can give you more info on just what that BIOS update fixed before you try anything.
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I have a Dell XPS M1333 Laptop that originally came with Windows Vista Home Edition. I did a wipe of the hard drive, where I then did a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate. Now that I have done a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate there is NO sound at all. Also, I did a check in Device Manager to see the audio driver did install correctly, but still have no sound. In addition, Device Manager shows the Base System Device did not install correctly. I tried doing the auto search on the internet for the driver, but no luck. Can this be the cause of my issue with NO sound? Does anyone have any suggestions? If anyone has a suggestion, please send me an email to: [email protected] Thank You!

A:Dell XPS M1333 clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate, and now NO sound

No sound in Windows - Microsoft Windows Help

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I have a desktop running Windows 7, with a second hard drive that I want to use to backup my laptops. The laptops are able to access the network, the internet, and the printers attached to the network. However, when I try to backup to the "backup" the laptop drive, I am asked for a login and password. The default setting is no password required for file and printer sharing. My laptop is running Vista Ultimate. I have NOT set up a login and password for the desktop. How do I access the files on the desktop from the laptop, so I can backup the laptop?

A:networking Windows 7 Ultimate and Vista Ultimate cannot access shared folder
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ok so here is my problem i VGA xbox DVI overrides for 360 just bought a new xbox i bought a DVI to HDMI cable and a RCA splitter for the xbox i VGA overrides DVI for xbox 360 connected the audio to my stereo with the RCA splitter and the DVI to HDMI from my monitor to my xbox my computer is hooked up through the VGA cable on the front of my monitor is my options button i can switch it from VGA to DVI from there with both my xbox and my computer on when i switch it over to DVI the screen goes black like it is switching over but then it goes right back to VGA the only way for me to run my xbox is to shut down the computer if my xbox is on and i turn the computer on the computer automatically takes over and switches to VGA how do i stop this and is it even possible i don t want to have to shut my computer down each time i wanna play my xbox plus i want my sound to run through my computer speakers so that i can eliminate my stereo i have surround with my computer and with the computer being shut down while i play xbox my speakers don t work If anyone has a solution for me i d be greatful thank you Bones nbsp

A:VGA overrides DVI for xbox 360

Sounds like an issue with the monitor itself. It should stay on the input that you select.
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I got one of those AIM viruses from my friend because I haven't had one in forever and it didn't look very suspicious. Anyway, Spybot got rid of most of the stuff I think, but it keeps detecting all these overrides like Firewal Override and Anti-Virus Override. I haven't been able to run my anti-virus program because of this. Any ideas on how to get rid of these?

A:Security Overrides

Hello vonwoofenIs this what you are talking about as shown here?
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Will I be able to do this while keeping all my programs and settings? As I have put A lot of time into configuring my pc to how I want it.



A:Upgrade from windows 7 Ultimate RC to windows 7 Ultimate Official Release

Please see -->

Regards. . .


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hi i need some help with getting rid of an unwanted admin pass word on my computer. i never set one up and a kid up one in and i have no idea of how to get around this. i know how to turn my computer on and use the internet to get into trouble and that is about it. could someone please help!

A:Solved: password overrides

The TSG forum doesn't assist with bypassing or circumventing a password-protected computer because we have no way of knowing the true intent of the person requesting assistance.

Read the forum rules.

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So my motherboard fried and i had to get a new one and when my board failed it crashed my hard drive. After I installed my new mobo, it was bsod looping on startup and wouldn't repair so I tried reinstalling 7 as it was my current os and it wouldnt work as it is an upgrade cd. I tried installing vista which came with my pc and it gets stuck at 0%. I then put xp on and upgraded to vista from xp. Now i have a working vista ultimate 32 bit os but it wont upgrade to 7 and yes it is compatible as I had it before my hard drive crash. It goes up to copying files at 35% and freezes for a while until I get an error code: 0x80070017 Please help!!! Thanks!

P.S. I bought my windows 7 cd not downloaded it.

A:Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit upgrade from vista ultimate gets stuck on 35%

Bump :( I really need help plz!
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Can I upgrade from Windows ultimate 32bit ver 6.1 ( build 7600) to windows 7 ultimate 64bit edition and keep all of my installed programs and files ?

[meaning not having them moved to a new folder called windows.old]

A:Upgrading from Windows ultimate 32bit to Ultimate 64bit

No, you will need to do a clean install.
Windows 7 Upgrade Paths - FAQ
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So I have this OEM disk of windows vista that I bought when it came out. I want to format a computer and install windows 7 64bit ultimate on it. How do I go about using my vista liscence key for that? Is it possible to do a key transfer or something? Microsoft's website is all about windows 8 and I cant find any information


A:Vista 32 bit ultimate liscence key to windows 7 64bit ultimate

Quote: Originally Posted by astanar

I want to format a computer and install windows 7 64bit ultimate on it. How do I go about using my vista liscence key for that? Is it possible to do a key transfer or something?

You can't, you will need to buy a Windows 7 licence.
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Hey there I had virus or some sort of corruption on my past PC I could no longer even get into windows After some frustration I just went and bought a new PC What I wanted to PC's Installed Past OverRides HD New - HD PC New -- Bought do was set up the HD from my first PC and put it on this new one as a secondary and do a virus scan on it or - simply take the files I needed off of it and disconnect it My problem is this When I put in the new HD it overrides the new PC s HD I ve tried Bios and it will not let Bought New PC -- Past HD Installed - OverRides New PC's HD me adjust which HD boots first It always gives the older HD the first spot in line The old HD is an IDE HD I believe I plugged it into the motherboard Bought New PC -- Past HD Installed - OverRides New PC's HD directly The new HD is SATA As far as conifgging the MASTER and SLAVE settings on the back -- I am confused I ve tried many different combos Is it a cable issue nbsp

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My screensaver (a custom one) has a tendency to override some, but probably not all, fullscreen games if I don't use the keyboard or mouse for long enough, for example if I'm watching a cutscene or using some non-mouse, non-keyboard controllers (gamepads, smartphones etc.) Similarly, when I play Don Bradman Cricket '14 for an extended period of time on my gamepad, power saving kicks in and my screen turns off, despite the game running in the background. I thought that fullscreen programs overrode screensavers and power settings in this respect. This happened with Win7 as well, and I had no luck fixing the problem back then.

Is there a way to fix/workaround this issue? Of course, the obvious way is to disable the screensaver and extend the amount of time taken before power saving kicks in, but that's my last resort since I wish to do neither.
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when i got my wireless router up and running, vista wanted the pin number and had me go ahead and set up the security. now when i go to the router page i via the IP address of the router, i can't change the router settings without vista killing the connection and not recognizing the router anymore. then i have to reset everything and it's just a pain in the ass. this is happened with my dynex router and now with my new belkin. what is the deal?

side question: is it necessary to set up the router with a wired connected computer or can i do it wirelessly. and also does one computer always have to stay wired to the router?

thanks peeps
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I posted a message in the W98 section but I don't now if the problem is limited to W98 so I'm also posting this link to the thread.
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I am using Firefox 21.0 as a browser and suddenly instead of opening (my home page) it opens the home page. I sign into my account and go to after clicking "remember me" and then select as my home page by dragging the butterfly logo to to home button. The next time I open Firefox I have to repeat the process. Can anyone shed some light on why this is happening?

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Hey everyone,
The problem is, whenever moving around while using my mouse keyboard set-up, (Its a logitech keyboard-mouse combination) I always run into the same problem. I can be moving around using my keyboard but as soon as I go to move the screen with my mouse, my character will stop. He just stands there like he's froze. Once I stop touching the mouse, he can move again-while using the keyboard to do so. I may just end up purchasing another keyboard and mouse. Independent units though.
Any idea on whats goin' on?

Thanks in advance

A:Mouse overrides Keyboarding Actions

Havok said:

my character will stop.Click to expand...

Are you saying the cursor stops blinking?
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Hello Im having trouble drawing a line in a picturebox in visual basic Draw in a visual overrides line and net at first I just wanted to see if i could but now its annoying anyway So ive been looking around the web and I see some of the same answers and relatively the same ideas on the subject but no concrete quot this is how quot answers I ve been toying with it for a while and still can t do it so this is what I want to do Ive written a procedure that will get the start and end coordinates it s a little sketchy but im not too worried about it right now Code 'Form level Private formGraphics As System Draw a line in visual and overrides Drawing Graphics Private myPen As New System Drawing Pen System Drawing Color Red Private Sub setgetCoords ByVal getOrSet As Boolean If getOrSet Then intStartX System Windows Forms Cursor Position X intStartY System Windows Forms Cursor Position Y Else intEndX System Windows Forms Cursor Position X intEndY System Windows Forms Cursor Position Y End If End Sub so Draw a line in visual and overrides then once ive done that im stuck as to where to put this Code formGraphics DrawLine myPen intStartX intStartY intEndX intEndY Also I ve heard quite a lot of mention on MSDN and other sources of overriding the onPaint method Override the Form s OnPaint method Use e graphics to draw graphics Outside the OnPaint procedure dim g as graphics g Me creategraphics draw on g here g dispose Click to expand but that means nothing to me as i have no idea how to use that or what it even is can anyone offer some help with this matter nbsp

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When I use Fn-F8 to turn off WiFi, the WiFi Function Button at the top of the keybaord doesn't seem to be able to turn it back on, even though it claims to. The only thing that turns it back on is to use Fn-F8 again. Is this designed-for behaviour, or is it a bug (not that it matters, but curious).

For info, the Function Buttons are shown along the top at It is also shown in, page 2-8, enumerated item #14.

I run Windows 7 on a Satellite A660, PSAW3C-047017.
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I have searched through the forum looking to see if someone has already addressed this but I have found nothing that has helped me I have a HP When I insert the CD that came with the all-in-one I am prompted to auto run automatically overrides Software/Setup Vista CD. or search the files So far so good So I click on autorun and then click on install software The software will ask how the equipment is connected to the computer either directly or through a network I click on directly and then the software tries to detect the all-in-one connection This is where I have the problem Once the install program tries to detect the all-in-one Vista kicks in and overrides the install program It installs drivers it sees fit to and the install setup program I was running ends up getting an error This is the error message I receive quot Please make sure the printer is connected to the computer and powered on NOTE After powering the printer on it may a few moments for setup to detect the printer quot No matter what I do this is what happens everytime I have gone into my settings and disabled the drivers I have also changed it so it is supposed to prompt me as to how I want to install software drivers As well I have uninstalled the printer The printer works with the drivers that Vista installs but it does not provide all the options Vista automatically overrides Software/Setup CD. I need The setup install program on the cd does though Ultimately the printer is rendered useless as I cannot do what I need to do with it I am left where it will not allow me to install the software I need Any suggestions on how I can stop Vista from overriding my setup install

A:Vista automatically overrides Software/Setup CD.

When prompted to autorun or search for files, why don't you search for files and point to the CD?
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My Windows Security Center no longer recognizes my Avast Antivirus and Comodo Firewall.( Win XP home sp2)

Somehow my registry must have changed. Your recommendations for registry cleaners seems to make the registry off limits for nearly everyone.

I get 2 problems in Spybot S&D scan--"Microsoft Windows Security Center Antivirus Override.... and ....Firewall Override."

I can check the box in Win Security Center to monitor these myself, but can the registry be fixed. Any solutions??

A:Registry problems--Win Security Center--overrides

I just switched from Avast to AVG hoping that might get my Win Security Center to recognize my antivirus program.

I have to set both the firewall and the antivirus to "monitor myself" since they are unrecognized

Are there any fixes for this problem. Or is this a registry problem?
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Hello everyone I'm not too sure where to start explaining my problem But I'll try and give you all as much information as I can So here I am spec-wise Windows Ultimate -bit System Model GX T GHz G RAM Nvidia M GT Realtek Drivers I noticed something was wrong yesterday when every x64 all. Sound Ultimate No at video I Ultimate x64 No Sound at all. came across was very very choppy I also realized that no sound was coming from my computer at all I thought something was wrong with my video audio driver so I went through the song and dance of updating them Open up youtube click a random video Opens quickly still shot of video appears Browser stalls to nearly a halt along with the video and still no sound So I went searching for more closure on my problem I tried openning up a few music files winamp would open just fine But no matter what the timer would not budge from Almost like it knows it knows what it is supposed to do but forgot how to talk Also no audio file will open in WME at all Giving me a C D B Error I decided to do some more troubleshooting I disabled my audio driver and opened another video And to my surprise it ran perfectly without worrying about sound in the first place Which was good I'm getting closer to isolating the problem So I updated all of my drivers again configured virtually everything I could get my hands on The device manager says everything is fine The Realtek Audio Manager says everything is there and should be working But when I try and test it It doesn't do anything at all no sound check on the speakers no blue outline nothing The basic control panel sound test also gave me the simple error message of quot Failed to play test tone quot So I'm left here stumped an audio problem like this that has just popped up out of the blue is very interesting I'm right on the verge of simply restoring everything but I'd like to see this through -------------------------------- But here's a run-down of my problems in case my entire thought process isn't very important to you Audio files will open but will not play EXCEPTION WME Will not open anything Embedded media players will not play With audio driver enabled A video will load and start playing But will slow down instantly There is no sound and even the smoothest of videos will become extremely choppy With audio driver disabled A video will load and will play normally without having to worry about sound My biggest concern Updating the drivers did not work Everything is up to date but I get a quot Failed to play test tone quot error in most config menus That or nothing will happen at all Hopefully there is an easy solution to this In the mean time I guess I should start looking for my DVD

A:Ultimate x64 No Sound at all.

Hello Gebz,

Have you tried a System Restore to a point before the troubles?

What anti-virus are you using? Try running a full scan, and also download Malwarebytes and run a scan.

Could you also post a screenshot of the Performance tab of Task Manager while the video is choppy?

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Hello I am new but here goes First is your output from TSG SysInfo program Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows bit Processor Intel R Core TM i - CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R HD overrides WiFi Internet Solved: Ethernet connection Graphics - Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard MSI Z A-G MS- Antivirus Windows Defender Disabled You must realize that I live away from the city and only have an iPhone for a hot spot It connects via WiFi Bluetooth and USB I have found USB quicker but it doesn t seem to work under Windows So I connect via WiFi only The problem is I have a LAN based on a D-Link DIR- router This router has a WiFi option and has a Buffalo File server attached to the device that we use as a backup Solved: Ethernet overrides WiFi Internet connection file server and personal cloud When I am connected via WiFi and I plug in the Ethernet connection the computer overrides the WiFi and attempts to connect to the Internet via the Ethernet port It does know that the WiFi is connected as it is displayed on the bottom of the status bar as Internet but choices to ignore or not check I have gone to the devices and changed the priority to be Wireless on top and Ethernet on the bottom This is done via the quot Network and Sharing Center quot quot Change Adapter Settings quot ALT-F to get quot File Edit View Tools Advanced and Menu quot options quot Advanced quot and finally quot Advanced quot again Then put them in the priority you wish Ethernet still overrides this and times out when I attempt to access anything on the Internet It works the same on my wife s Windows Laptop It returns to normal if you unplug the Ethernet cable Since I wish to have other files available it is a pain in the bottom to have to unplug the Ethernet cable every time you change over to do something else and I usually forget and have to deal with the can t connect message It might be a simple solution to connect via WiFi to the router then hard wire the computers to the router but this hasn t been a workable option The router doesn t seem to be able to handle that type of connection but if you know how to do this it might be worth a shot Thanks for listening and I will keep an eye out for an answer I hope you can help Thanks for any help you have to give Jack nbsp

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Already posted on Mr Excel but received no replies I ve inserted a simple hyperlink in an excel spreadsheet that links to another excel workbook The link works fine and does exactly what it s supposed to do namely when I click on it the target workbook opens The minor though irritating problem I have is that the hyperlink overrides my custom settings for XP In the advanced settings of My Computer s properties I have set the Performance Settings to Custom There I have unchecked all the options except show windows contents while dragging Now whenever I click on the hyperlink on my worksheet either XP or Excel overrides my custom settings by checking the Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing If I go into the custom settings and uncheck the box it gets re-selected again as soon as I click on the hyperlink I can t for the life in me understand why this should happen as the one does not appear to have any relation to the other I ve tried googling the solution but have come up with nothing Can anyone tell me what s going on and how I can prevent it from happening Thanks nbsp

A:Solved: Excel hyperlink overrides XP custom settings: help!

Further to my post. I've since discovered that 'animated windows' only lasts until I switch off my pc. Next time I start it up, the custom settings have reverted to their original settings (i.e., with the animated windows option unchecked). In other words, the way the excel hyperlink overrides my custom settings in XP only lasts for the duration of the current session. Bizarre and pointless.
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I got a mod that runs a docmd close action if a user does not have the correct access level Code Public Sub Level If UserLevel lt Then MsgBox quot You require a higher access level to view this section quot DoCmd Close End If Solved: Cmd VBA: Close Mod Overrides Btn Access Command Open End Sub When I run a from the from should call the level Mod and it should check if the user have Solved: Access VBA: Btn Open Command Overrides Mod Close Cmd the required access level to enter Code Private Sub Form Load Call Level End Sub Now the problem is that if I got a button and I command it to open a new form that runs the level mod the mods docmd close command gets override by the button s open command Code Private Sub Logon Click DoCmd OpenForm quot Switchboard quot acNormal 'logon End Sub I know I can call the mod in the button s code but it would be easier and lot less code if there was a way to set up the form to execute the mod correctly nbsp

A:Solved: Access VBA: Btn Open Command Overrides Mod Close Cmd

Have you put a message box in the level1 module to check that it is actually going there?
I would use msgbox UserLevel
It seems odd that the on load & module are being overridden by previous code.
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music overrides talk in movies, Realtek HDAudio installedin Ideapad 100S
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity and added Subject line to Body of message.
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When I use Fn-F8 to turn off WiFi, the WiFi Function Button at the top of the keybaord doesn't seem to be able to turn it back on, even though it claims to. The only thing that turns it back on is to use Fn-F8 again. Is this designed-for behaviour, or is it a bug (not that it matters, but curious).

For info, the Function Buttons are shown along the top at It is also shown in, page 2-8, enumerated item #14.

I run Windows 7 on a Satellite A660, PSAW3C-047017.
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Title says it all. the "set associations" part of default programs lists a whole lot of compressed file formats with the description of "universal extractor archive", but as opening with WinCDEmu.

how do I fix this quickly? there's like 30 of them.


A:WinCDEmu overrides Universal Extractor for default programs.

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I have been working through a lot of issues with Vista Ultimate. Just when I thought everything was OK I have another issue. This time it is with regard to recording sound with my Videos.
I can hear the sound when viewing the Videos in PowerDirector but when I go to produce the video the result is without sound.
I tried to produce with both PowerProducer and windows movie maker, same thing.
Any help appreciated.
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i have hooked up my pc 2 my panasonic hdtv and am now using it as my current monitor. however, there is no sound whatsoever. no matter what i do, i dont get any sound at all. I connected video through a hdmi to dvi cable and audio through a 3.5m jack (male to male) please help! thanks for your time

A:no sound in vista ultimate (x64)

and yes, I have installed codecs and the tv sound works, but it doesnt work through my cp
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I have a set of computers that need to enable IE printing but nothing else in the file menu. I thought we could keep the entire file menu disabled and enable the print button but it forces the file menu to appear when we have it disabled.

I've tried enabling the file menu and disabling all the options given in the IE/toolbar GPO section but i still get the full menu poping up. Was trying to get it so only the print options appear. I'm using windows server 2k3.

Has anyone else experienced this or know of a work around? Thanks for the help.
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I just noticed something as I am working on my new vista machine (always used XP up till now)...

when i have Google AutoFill setup in my google toolbar for IE7, my IE7 auto-complete and saved passwords no longer work! When i turn off google autofill, everything works fine!

are you kidding me? does anyone know a way around this? worked fine in XP...

A:Google Autofill overrides IE7 auto complete & saved pwds?

I just found the answer (I was having the same problem). Get rid of Google Auto fill (disable it) and use MSN's toolbar form fill. It works better as it fills in the form for you without pushing the form fill button. And yes, you can still use Auto Complete.
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I upgraded from Vista to Win 7 32 bit on my HP dv9000 series laptop.At first my sound was fine.Then I was doing the updates and there was an optional update for my Conexant High-Definition Audio Driver audio. driver.I regrettably chose to do the optional and now my audio doesn't work whatsoever.In system devices it says my audio card is working, but when I go to the sound in control panel it says no audio device is installed.

I've tried going to the manufacturers website and downloading the original Software & Driver Downloads HP Pavilion dv9627cl Notebook PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English) and still the same story.I also have Driver Genius and tried the audio driver there and still no luck.

ALSO, I don't know if its related, but I have 2 base system devices not installed since the upgrade and I can't find them with Driver Genius. Does Anyone Have Any Ideas?!

A:Upgraded from Vista to Win 7 Ultimate (NO SOUND!)

I got this issue resolved on my own.After updates for windows 7 Processes weren't turned on that support my audio.I figured this out then used Tweak Windows Services with SMART Utility : HomePage | The Windows Club on "safe" to turn on/off processes that are or aren't relevant.
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Hello all, and thanks for looking.

My name is Corey, and yesterday I got my computer back from a friend who fixes computers. He put in a new Motherboard, new graphics card, an extra gig of ram (now running 2 GB of ram), a faster processor and windows vista ultimate.

My box is running like a top. But no sound. What is a computer with no sound?!?

Here are the things I know...

OS = Windows Vista Ultimate SP 1
Processor = AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3400+ 2.45 GHz
RAM = 2.00 GB
System = 64-bit OS
Graphics = NVIDIA GeForce FX 5950 Ultra
Sound, video and game controllers = Realtek AC'97 Audio for VIA (R) Audio Controller
Motherboard = Abit-KV8 Pro

Any thoughts? Thanks.

A:No Sound In Vista Ultimate - So Frustrated

Abit doesn't seem to provide drivers for that in Vista.

But you know the sound is Realtek so I would try the Vista driver here:
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Hi, my sound works fine but when i install my High Definition drivers (that came with my motherboard) it doesnt detect my speakers or microphone etc.

Now my speakers/microphone etc would only work with these drivers when i had XP.


its ALC880 series or something whatever that means
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Here's how...

I decided to do a full reinstall of Vista Ultimate 64-bit.
The problem was that Realtek drivers would not install (the ones from Intel for my board or the ones from Realtek themselves)

After the install I reinstalled the chipset first and rebooted, then immdiately installed the latest realtek driver, the one that was released yesterday which previously wouldn't install for me (I happened to do the build yesterday)

Then Video driver (intel integrated 3100 for now) and then LAN.

Then immidiate install of SP1.

Then everything worked like a charm.

Hope this helps someone..

****Mods I was hoping to be able to edit the topic to say SOLVED! so that more people may look and maybe this could help, but I don't have that ability****
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Hi, can somebody tell me, where to get HDMI Audio drivers for ATI HD4870 card...

My OS: Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 x64 edition.

A:ATI HD4870 Sound On Vista Ultimate X64

You can click the link below to AMD support in regards to HDMI Audio Driver for the 4800 series card.

Radeon HD 2000/3000/4000 Series - No HDMI Audio Available
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As the title says, I was wondering if reinstalling windows home premium would work, as I have tried disabling drivers, uninstalling and reinstalling drivers. Checked everything on control panel.
So would reinstalling home premium help?

A:Upgraded to 7 Ultimate from Home Premium, and now no sound.

Quote: Originally Posted by reliefwithbeef

As the title says, I was wondering if reinstalling windows home premium would work, as I have tried disabling drivers, uninstalling and reinstalling drivers. Checked everything on control panel.
So would reinstalling home premium help?

Probably not. It is probably just that the driver needs to be re-installed.
How To Find Drivers:

- search Google for the name of the driver
- compare the Google results with what's installed on your system to figure out which device/program it belongs to
- visit the web site of the manufacturer of the hardware/program to get the latest drivers (DON'T use Windows Update or the Update driver function of Device Manager).
- if there are difficulties in locating them, post back with questions and someone will try and help you locate the appropriate program.

- - The most common drivers are listed on this page: Driver Reference Driver Reference
- - Driver manufacturer links are on this page: Drivers and Downloads
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I have just reformatted my notebook to vista ultimate.

But now I have found that I have lost half of my sound volume, and when I put my outside speakers in it stops the song in media player and I have to start the song all over again for it to play through the speakers.

If I pull the speaker out of the socket while playing music no sound comes from the computer like it should do.

Please help.

A:Sound issue after new installation of Vista Ultimate


Have you tried to update a sound driver or Windows put it by default?
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Am setting up dual boot with XP Home(first install) & Win 7 Ultimate (second install).
Tried to install on Win 7 Ultimate my Sound Blaster Audigy2 Value and got the message "No Sound blaster
sound card found". I couldn't run the basic installation, but I could install Creative Media Source add-ons
such as Creative Audio Converter, Organizer and Player. Still cannot run the basic install.
Pentium Dual core 2.50 Processor, Asus P5N-D M/board, 8mb OCZ PC 6400 DDR 2 memory, two WD 500
GB hard drives, GeForce 9500GT Graphics Card, 550 watt power supply.
Sound blaster works great on XP Home....

A:Creative Sound Card not found in Win 7 Ultimate

Install or reinstall the Intel motherboard chipset drivers and see if that helps. On older Intel chipset systems, if the chipset drivers have not been installed, non detection of devices can happen.

Some of the older SB Audigy devices are not supported by Creative for Vista/Win7. Does Creative have a Vista/Win 7 specific driver? The XP driver is not compatible.
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I just got a Toshiba Qosmio F45 AV411 with Vista ultiimate. This notebook is famous for its stereo sound, Harman Kardon speakers with subwoofer, and Dolby Home Theater audio. Unfortunately mine has very low volume for some reason even if you turn the master volume all the way up. And if I listen to music on the highest possible ( which is not high enough at all )
The sound is hoarse like when you listen to music on very cheap speakers with very high volume.

Please help, cause even though it was second hand it still was expensive.
The shop wasnt very helpfull.


A:Sound problem in Qosmio with Vista Ultimate

Please make sure that the volume on windows is all the way turned up, and there should be volume buttons on the actual unit which may work independent of the operating system so make sure they are all the way up.

Also make sure in the windows mixer the windows sounds are all the way up, and whatever program your using has the volume turned up.
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I am a member since 2 months Windows 7 Ultimate x64, about 2 weeks ago, I bought sound card Asus Xonar DX PCI-E, but after continuing problems and lack of support from Asus (Asus thank you, I had to reinstall the system 3 times within 2 weeks ) Now I wonder what card to buy would not lose again.
I thought the Auzen sound card, I read the description that has drivers for Windows 7 x64, maybe someone has this card and knows how it works?

Models of sound cards:
Auzen X-Fi Prelude 7.1 - Auzentech, Inc. Sound Cards. Audio You Can Believe In. World First soundcards for Music, HTPC, and Gaming.
Auzen X-Fi Bravura - Auzen X-Fi Bravura from Auzentech, Inc. : World First soundcards for Music, HTPC, and Gaming.
Auzen X-Fi? Forte 7.1 - Auzentech, Inc. X-Fi Forte PCI-Express Soundcard : World First soundcards for Music, HTPC, and Gaming

Maybe someone have other proposition ?

I will be grateful for the help

Best regards

A:Win7 Ultimate x64 and sound cards - did something work?

If you're looking for the best sound quality, you're better off going for a HT | OMEGA, Sound Blaster or M-AUDIO card. They all have decent 7 support, but it's best to check before hand. I've heard nothing about Auzen and very little about Asus cards.

HT OMEGA Striker 7.1 PCIe Card
HT OMEGA Striker 7.1 Win7 Drivers x86/x64

Any of the Sound Blaster cards should work, some people don't like Sound Blaster but they have decent support. Just make sure the drivers are there before purchase via Creative Labs Online Store
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I am building a system and put windows 7 ultimate retail on it, but have not activated it yet. The computer is running perfect and i have already installed all drivers, software, etc...

Can i somehow use the Ultimate OEM instead of retail without a clean install?

Probably not needed to know but both are x64.

A:Windows 7 Ultimate retail to Ultimate OEM

You have an OEM ( system builder ) product key as well as a Retail product key?

Should be fine to just enter the system builder key.
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Who wants to settle a bet between my brother and my self? How is Termaltake pronounced? :bounce:


Me? I'd pronounce it "Thurmal - tayk" Can't see how else you'd do it really....
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Can one of Y'all tell me what the ThermalTake GiantII GPU cooler wont fit?? my cap on $$ is like 150USD. my shopping will start with your advice.



That is on SICK cooler's some specs that I found:

"A universal clip helps insure compatibility with both nVidia based and ATI based video cards."

(1) The video cards without the heatsink mounting holes or with components that interfere with the heatsink cannot accommodate this product. (2) The heatsink occupies an adjacent PCI slot. (3) If the components on the video card interfere in any way with the heatsink components, you cannot use this heatsink. In such a case, you should immediately stop installation and return the product. (4) This heatsink if quite large at ~4.5" wide. It will add some height to the top of the video card when installed. In some thin cases such as the Casper II this may make it impossible to reinstall the video card. Make sure your case has space above the card slots before deciding to use this cooler.

It would be nice if ThermakTake listed known cards that simply don't work with it...

And here's a decent review link going over the finer points:

Hope this helps...let us know if you get it and how it works out...
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Hello,i just installed win 7 ultimate 64 bit and my notebook works well but after windows auto update,my acer 4520 cant detect sound.i tried to reinstall chipset and audio drivers from acer website but still doesn't work.Pleaseeeee HELP....

As you can see there is no sound device.PLS HELP.

A:acer 4520 sound dissappear after win 7 ultimate 64 update


As after windows update system’s sound stopped working, I would suggest you to use Windows Update again as there could be possibility that some updates might be pending or might have corrupt driver. You may need to set Windows Update to “Automatically Download” and install recommended updates. Installing any important, recommended, and optional updates can update system features and other software that might help to fix your sound problems.

If the issue still persists, then try doing System Restore back to the date when your system was working fine.

If you have multiple security programs installed, turn them all off (your driver may not install if security systems are turned on) now load your new audio driver, restart, turn the antivirus back on.

Install software from the device manufacturer. For example, if your device came with a disc, that disc might contain software that installs an audio driver for the device.

Let me know if that resolves the issue.
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Hi I notice some similar threads but none that relate to my setup I have a y old Inspiron laptop with XP Media edition installed when new I recently bought Windows Ultimate upgrade - now 9400 Inspiron to from no XP sound! 7 Ultimate Media and upgraded - very easy and great improvement I now have no sound I have no idea what sound card etc I have in other than this info from Belarc - Operating System System ModelWindows Ultimate build Install Language English United States System Locale English United Kingdom Inspiron 9400 upgrade from XP Media to 7 Ultimate - now no sound! Dell Inc MP System Service Tag Chassis Serial Number Enclosure Type Portable Processor a Main Circuit Board b gigahertz Intel Core Duo kilobyte primary memory cache kilobyte secondary memory cache Multi-core total Not hyper-threaded Board Dell Inc YD Serial Number Bus Clock megahertz BIOS Dell Inc A Drives Memory Modules c d Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space SONY DVD -RW DW-Q A ATA Device Optical drive FUJITSU MHV BH Hard drive GB -- drive s n NW T P H rev SMART Status Healthy Megabytes Usable Installed Memory Slot 'DIMM A' has MB serial number E F D Slot 'DIMM B' has MB serial number Inspiron 9400 upgrade from XP Media to 7 Ultimate - now no sound! E F A Local Drive Volumes c NTFS on drive GB GB free Network Drives None discoveredUsers mouse over user name for details Printerslocal user accountslast logon Inspiron admin local system accounts Administrator admin Guestnever Marks a disabled account Marks a locked account Microsoft Shared Fax Driveron SHRFAX Microsoft Inspiron 9400 upgrade from XP Media to 7 Ultimate - now no sound! XPS Document Writeron XPSPort Controllers DisplayATA Channel Controller ATA Channel Controller Intel R GBM GHM ICH -M Family Serial ATA Storage Controller - C Ricoh xD-Picture Card Controller ATI Mobility Radeon X Display adapter Generic PnP Monitor quot vis January Bus Adapters MultimediaIntel R G ICH Family USB Universal Host Controller - C Intel R G ICH Family USB Universal Host Controller - C Intel R G ICH Family USB Universal Host Controller - CA Intel R G ICH Family USB Universal Host Controller - CB Intel R G ICH Family USB Enhanced Host Controller - CC High Definition Audio DeviceVirus Protection Back to Top new Group PoliciesAVG Anti-Virus Free Edition None discoveredCommunications Other DevicesConexant HDA D MDC V Modem Broadcom x Integrated ControllerAPIPA Address Dhcp Server none responded Physical Address Intel R PRO Wireless ABG Network Connection primary Auto IP Address Gateway Dhcp Server Physical Address Microsoft ISATAP AdapterTeredo Tunneling Pseudo-InterfaceNetworking Dns Server Ricoh OHCI Compliant Host Controller Microsoft AC Adapter Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery Microsoft Composite Battery Standard PS Keyboard PS Compatible Mouse SDA Standard Compliant SD Host Controller Generic USB Hub USB Root Hub x Generic volume shadow copy Can anyone help

A:Inspiron 9400 upgrade from XP Media to 7 Ultimate - now no sound!

Quote: Originally Posted by aldo1234


I notice some similar threads but none that relate to my setup. I have a 4y old Inspiron 9400 laptop with XP Media edition installed when new. I recently bought Windows 7 Ultimate and upgraded - very easy and great improvement!!! I now have no sound. I have no idea what sound card etc I have in other than this info from Belarc -

Operating System System ModelWindows 7 Ultimate (build 7600)
Install Language: English (United States)
System Locale: English (United Kingdom) Dell Inc. MP061
System Service Tag:
Chassis Serial Number:
Enclosure Type: Portable
Processor a Main Circuit Board b1.85 gigahertz Intel Core Duo
64 kilobyte primary memory cache
2048 kilobyte secondary memory cache
Multi-core (2 total)
Not hyper-threaded Board: Dell Inc. 0YD479
Serial Number:
Bus Clock: 133 megahertz
BIOS: Dell Inc. A00 12/17/2005
Drives Memory Modules c,d93.42 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
80.69 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space

SONY DVD+-RW DW-Q58A ATA Device [Optical drive]

FUJITSU MHV2100BH [Hard drive] (98.52 GB) -- drive 0, s/n NW08T6427P2H, rev 00850028, SMART Status: Healthy 2048 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory

Slot 'DIMM_A' has 1024 MB (serial number E613F58D)
Slot 'DIMM_B' has 1024 MB (serial number E613F58A) Local Drive Volumes c: (NTFS on drive 0)93.42 GB80.69 GB free Network Drives None discoveredUsers (mouse over user name for details) Printerslocal user accountslast logon Inspiron05/01/2011 15:17:05(admin)local system accounts Administrator14/07/2009 05:53:58(admin) Guestnever
Marks a disabled account; Marks a locked account Microsoft Shared Fax Driveron SHRFAX:Microsoft XPS Document Writeron XPSPort:Controllers DisplayATA Channel 0 [Controller]
ATA Channel 1 [Controller]
Intel(R) 82801GBM/GHM (ICH7-M Family) Serial ATA Storage Controller - 27C4
Ricoh xD-Picture Card Controller ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 [Display adapter]
Generic PnP Monitor (17.2"vis, January 2005)Bus Adapters MultimediaIntel(R) 82801G (ICH7 Family) USB Universal Host Controller - 27C8
Intel(R) 82801G (ICH7 Family) USB Universal Host Controller - 27C9
Intel(R) 82801G (ICH7 Family) USB Universal Host Controller - 27CA
Intel(R) 82801G (ICH7 Family) USB Universal Host Controller - 27CB
Intel(R) 82801G (ICH7 Family) USB2 Enhanced Host Controller - 27CC High Definition Audio DeviceVirus Protection [Back to Top] new Group PoliciesAVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011 None discoveredCommunications Other DevicesConexant HDA D110 MDC V.92 Modem

Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated ControllerAPIPA Address: Dhcp Server: none responded Physical Address: Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection primary Auto IP Address: Gateway: Dhcp Server: Physical Address: Microsoft ISATAP AdapterTeredo Tunneling Pseudo-InterfaceNetworking Dns Server: Ricoh 1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller
Microsoft AC Adapter
Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery
Microsoft Composite Battery
Standard PS/2 Keyboard
PS/2 Compatible Mouse
SDA Standard Compliant SD Host Controller
Generic USB Hub
USB Root Hub (5x)
Generic volume shadow copy

Can anyone help?

Its probably a driver. Since your system is so old there are only vista driver.. They can be used if installed in compatibility mode. To do that right cleick the installer>properties>compatibility>choose vista.

Go to dell with your express service tag here . Drivers & Downloads

download the correct driver (32bit or 64bit) and install.
Ken J
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I am having trouble reinstalling my driver for my Ultimate Edge bit soundcard I recently tried to install a new video philips edge card Problem from 5.1 ultimate sound card a radeon from Tyan which thus far hasn t worked properly So I reinstalled my NVIDIA RIVA TNT Model pro Everything works fine again accept my soundcard I have speakers too which I cannot hear I kept a download of the soundcard driver on my PC for piece of mind However when I reinstalled my vdeo card the soundcard wasn t working It appeared as normal in the device manager but there was no noise coming from it Problem ultimate edge 5.1 sound card from philips and I couldn t open it s own philips control panel or sound agent any more I uninstalled it and restarted the PC and tried to install Problem ultimate edge 5.1 sound card from philips the driver again but the computer crashed and has continued to every time I try to reinstall even from a new download from philips website and the report from microsoft was as follows http wer microsoft com responses SGD ed f a- a - ae-ba d- d ff d a f A driver problem I have an AMD Athlon xp Ghz MB RAM WIn Xp Pro DVDRW CDRW quot Floppy GB hard drive Philips Ultimate Edge bit soundcard And also an extenal Sound blaster which I only use to transfer midi from my Zoom digital recorder To use the Sound Blaster I used to simply disable the Philips card and once I d finished I enabled it again I don t even Problem ultimate edge 5.1 sound card from philips get any physical sound from my sound blaster as it s not compatible I remember having trouble with these drivers in the past I never allow windows to search for a driver as instructed in the items manual I always stop the windows installation manager and run my own driver which I have saved to my PC In Fact even the Philips disk never worked previously for me I have an icon for my philips control panel on my PC down in the right hand corner but it fails to open driver when I click it If I try to open the Sound Agent from my program files it tells me that it failed to open driver My version of sound agent is Version I am starting to suspect that it may be an internet explorer issue Perhaps if I revert to IE and install and then upgrade to IE afterwards that might work Perhaps it won t install on IE but if it was previously installed and then upgraded to IE it would work Can you help me to resolve the issue I need my Sound back could it be that my external sound blaster should be uninstalled first Then reinstall Philips UE and then reinstall External sound blaster nbsp

A:Problem ultimate edge 5.1 sound card from philips

to revert back to IE6 will hurt nothing, but I do not think it will help either, but try if u want and see.
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Hello there all I re-formated my pc to windows ultimate My sound refuses to work It worked fine on xp but on windows it doesnt In device manager the sound device displays normally without a question mark because the driver is installed on AC work ultimate win7 wont - Realtek '97 sound Its realtek AC ' drivers and its for my motherbords on board sound I have tried for the past days to figure out why it isnt working but with no luck at all Its really irritating not being able Realtek AC '97 - sound wont work on win7 ultimate to listen to any music on my pc Notes The sound is not muted the driver was installed device manager doesnt display a question mark the sound appears to play in media players eg winamp wmp wmpc etc etc i have audio codecs installed didnt help at all even though the sound plays i hear nothing the speakers ARE on and ARE working - tried other speakers too volume is up on media players speakers are plugged into the right jacks So that should about cover the list of expected questions from the answers list i hope If anyone could give me a solution to this i would be most greatful Thanks in advance

A:Realtek AC '97 - sound wont work on win7 ultimate

Quote: Originally Posted by Sinobiah

Hello there all,

I re-formated my pc to windows 7 ultimate. My sound refuses to work. It worked fine on xp, but on windows 7 it doesnt? In device manager, the sound device displays normally without a question mark because the driver is installed.

Its realtek AC '97 drivers, and its for my motherbords on board sound. I have tried for the past 3 days to figure out why it isnt working, but with no luck at all. Its really irritating not being able to listen to any music on my pc.


1) The sound is not muted
2) the driver was installed
3) device manager doesnt display a question mark
4) the sound appears to play in media players eg. winamp, wmp, wmpc etc etc
5) i have audio codecs installed... didnt help at all.
6) even though the sound plays i hear nothing
7) the speakers ARE on and ARE working - tried other speakers too
8) volume is up on media players
9) speakers are plugged into the right jacks

So that should about cover the list of expected questions from the answers list i hope...

If anyone could give me a solution to this, i would be most greatful!!

Thanks in advance!

There are a couple of other things to try...

Right click the Microsoft speaker icon in the task bar, select "Playback Devices".

"Speakers" should be the default output device, (green check mark)

Select speakers with a single left click... to buttons should become active.

Configure and Properties. Under Configure make sure you're set to stereo.

After that click on the Properties should see a config window with several several tabs. If you have the Enhancements tab selct it, check immdiate mode then "Disable All Sound Effects". Then click the advanced tab and select 16-bit - 44.1kHz (CD Quality).

Might want to reboot after all this.

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I dual boot with xp pro sp2 and vista ultimate. When ever on vista my sound will go in and out. As in Ill play a song one minute, and the next nothing will play and I will get no sound at all from anything (i.e. Games, Videos). I also have k-lite codec pack. Again I won't make any changes, the sound just stops working. Also the video playback gets extremely slow. Thanx.

A:Vista Ultimate - Sound Works Half the TIme

Have you verified the driver versions you have running with Vista vs. what's available at the MSI support site. Click here for the downloads for your Mobo. (I provided a link but YOU need to verify that link is correct for your system)

Also verify the BIOS version installed. Don't be quick to update BIOS tho. Read this first
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I left my computer last night and to find today this morning there was a problem with the sound I was playing music last night Using - no audio Solved: Problem sound! with Vista OS Ultimate fine as I generally do each day No changes were made and no installations to make the audio not work When playing some music I can Solved: Problem with audio - no sound! Using Vista Ultimate OS see the playback devices shows the graphic equaliser so it is receiving some output but no sound can be heard I Solved: Problem with audio - no sound! Using Vista Ultimate OS just left my computer up all day and night like I always do can t put it into energy saving mode because I need an active Internet connection for work related software it is n and I rarely reboot it unless I installed something like windows updates Also I have SP I noticed that last night my speaker icon in system tray was flashing on off from being muted icon to normal non muted icon This is something that has never happened before I tried to see why this was showing at the time but as the music was still playing I didn t think it was a problem so just thought maye some other software was interferring with windows or something Also worth mentioning is that my audio devices are listed many times which I hever never had before and I noticed this about a week ago but the audio was fine then I do not recognise DSaudiodevice as my normal default device but it has been since th of September Also as you can see in the screenshot Tucbaudio is listed down many times Any idea why the name of my default audio device has been renamed and why there are so many Tuc-b ones listed When anything like this happened to me I am usually able to troubleshoot it by myself and solve it relatively fast but this time I have no idea what may have caused it I hope you can guide me through possible causes Thank you Recent software installations are as follows COMODO Internet security Prevx SpywareGuard javacoolsoftware SpywareBlaster javacoolsoftware TagTuner If it can tbe fixed I will have to make a clean install of vista which I really don t want to do I was waiting to buy W before making a clean install onto a new HDD nbsp

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I have had a Thermaltake Bigwater SE that I have had sitting in the box in the basement for over a year now Problem is I have been having troubles finding a case that it will fit in SE Anyone got ? Thermaltake a Bigwater I Anyone got a Thermaltake Bigwater SE ? have built several systems that consist of a mm rear fan however the radiator housing has not fit into any of them there is just not enough top bottom clearance for it to fit Most of the cases have been Cooler Master mid-towers however i have tried some other brands that I cant remember Well and a Antec which is on the large side for being a mid-tower I am pretty sure that maybe a thermaltake case should house its own product but I really dont want to take the chance of ordering one and not have it fit big PIA and expensive to RMA a case So I was wondering if anyone has this water cooler in a mid-tower What brand and model would be Thanks In ADVANCE nbsp
Relevancy 43%

Thermaltake has just released a new mm circular quot flower quot type cooler http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E It s in the same vein as the Zalman s and TT Blue Orb type cooler But it has heatpipes Right now I am using a Coolermaster Hyper L It is a heatpipe system but the radiator fins all point in the same direction Consequently it doesn t distribute air toward all the thermal zones and ICH the way I would like Also with the new Intel quot Quiet Technology quot the BIOS never bothers to spin the fan PWM control faster than RPM The new TT cooler is so new it doesn t have but one review although that s a egger This is an intel DG WH board ATX An Antec quot solution series quot Mid-Tower case w side air duct Celeron Cedar Mill GHz I don t actually have a heating problem per se But I think I could do better The new TT cooler has the standard Intel push clips but I actually like them they haven t given me any trouble whatsoever yet Take a look at the new cooler and tell me what you think please nbsp New CPU Cooler Thermaltake

A:New Thermaltake CPU Cooler

Its looks nice actually. I'd recommend this one for those with side panel ducts to quickly get heat out of your case and the zalmans for those who have the back exhaust like myself. Good find here, thx for posting