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Can someone recommend a good display layout recovery program?

Q: Can someone recommend a good display layout recovery program?

I used WinTidy for years but apparently it doesn't work for Windows 7, which I now use. Can someone recommend a good program or applet that will let me save a layout and then restore it if it gets jumbled around by a crash or something?


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Preferred Solution: Can someone recommend a good display layout recovery program?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Can someone recommend a good display layout recovery program?

Do you mean icon positioning? I've had some success with Icon save/restore, even though it hasn't been updated for Vista or 7. Am now using Iconoid save/restore.
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Hi there

Please please can you recommend a decent burning software that I can burn avi files & mpegs directly to DVD so they will play in a home DVD player.

I am going round in circles round the net, but anyway I will cry no more. I dont want this for free either I will pay if its decent although If its cheap then thats a good bonus :

So Burning software that will burn avi to dvd and be watchable on home player.

Good value if possible.

I am running Vista 64.

Thanks very much, any help will be much appreciated

A:please recommend good program for burning

OUCH! Vista 64...I was going to recommend either Pinnacle Studio or Premiere Elements until I saw the 64.

You need to know what codec was used to make the avi and see if a program you are interested in will handle that avi. For instance, most if not all will handle the DV avi but only certain ones will handle (import) a divx avi.

If you ever go back to 32 bit OS then Premiere Elements. I can't make a recommendation other than from my posterior as to function on Vista 64.
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Can you recommend a good, free antivirus/antimalware program that doesn't occupy too much space and therefore slow my pc down? Thank you!

A:Recommend a good free antivirus program

You ask a question we get quite often. With that in mind our very own quietman7 has written up a very good overview and provided valuable information. There is no one size fits all choice when it comes to antivirus or malware protection tools and resources.Please take a look here: Choosing an Anti-Virus ProgramThe entire topic has good information and should be read as well.
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Has anyone got any good recommendations on some good quot easy to use quot free internet security software please I help out quite a few Silver Surfers old age pensioners around good Recommend a security internet please program free my area as a sort Recommend a good free internet security program please of help the community kinda thing I do it for nothing as allot of the old folks don't have ha-pennies to rub together and I hate it when they get ripped off by the large IT companies out there that just wanna take them for all that they have Thing is I use a paid for internet security program and I haven't really played with any freeware programs in this field that are out there I'm looking for something that is really basic with minimal user intervention that will keep them fairly Recommend a good free internet security program please safe as lately I've had a spate of malware and adware problems that I've had to help sort out of them are using AVG for normal virus like activity but allot of them are getting duped by fake quot anti virus quot programs like quot Antivirus quot and multiple malware programs etc I've done some research into the following but would like to have your opinions on the best way forward Online Armor ZoneAlarm Free Firewall PC Tools Firewall Plus PrivateFirewall Comodo Firewall Pro Agnitum Outpost Firewall PS quite a few of the PC's are entry level so could you also give an indication on any performance issues as this would also be greatly appreciated Nick

A:Recommend a good free internet security program please

Comodo is a very interactive firewall, but I really enjoy it, and it's very friendly. It also has an anti-virus as well. A lot of my IT friends recommend zonealarm as well.
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I'm finishing up rebuilding from a bad hard drive. I got no warning that there was a problem (but I wasn't really looking either).
I think I should have some software installed that monitors my hard drives (reads SMART or tests the drive, or such) and lets me know if something is going bad.

So what do you recommend?
I've seen Gibson SpinRite, Passmark DiskCheckup, And Priiform Speccy mentioned here. Is there any consensus among the IT professionals as to what is the best program or method to keep an eye on my hard drives for pending problems? I have computers with Hitachi, HGST, WD, Seagate, and some SSDs by Corsair, Kingston, and Samsung (and probably a few I've forgotten about) so a single program that works with all drive brands would be nice.

Thanks for your feedback.

A:Can you recommend a good Hard Drive maintenance program?

Never had any issues with Crucial's SSD's.
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The only thing like this that I use is CC Cleaner, but there are literally thousands of others and some are viruses posing as beneficial utilities so I'm scared to try Google.

I'm looking for personal recommendations from the wonderful, knowledgeable TSF Staff. :)

Oh and I already know the best thing to check first is viruses/malware, drivers and overheating issues so let us stick to performance enhancement & cleaning software only thanks!

A:[SOLVED] Can you recommend a good 'tune-up/speed-up' program for Vista?

Google is ur best friend! Well anyway u might ant to try jvPowerTools 2009 (shareware), TuneUp Utilities 2009 (shareware), AusLogics BoostSpeed (shareware) I have all of those, my PC has been running like the first day I bought it, 2 years ago.
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Every year my family does some fundraising for a charity we support We kick off our campaign with an email to past supporters and to give it a quot personalized look quot basically name in the salutation and a Can can good a someone free program handle email merge? recommend that reference to how much money they've given in the past I've used the ancient Pegasus email program which the first time I had this need was the only free email software I could find that could handle my requirements Those Can someone recommend a good free email program that can handle merge? requirements are Let me compose a formatted bolds underlines colors email template Take input that is generated from a spreadsheet in Pegasus's case the sheet gets saved as a tab-separated text file turned into a data file Then a quot merged quot message is sent out one to each recipient from the data file and formatted as the template message is Pegasus is a klunky and less-than-intuitive piece of software that I always have to relearn to be able to use and I'm wondering what's out there free easy to use and better today If it matters we're talking about - generated emails that would Can someone recommend a good free email program that can handle merge? be handled in a merge
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Hi I have win ultimate on my pc someone program recovery software please a recommend Can and recently purchased a new a-data gb hard drive and put about gb of data on it So probably due to my own fault it crashed and i kept Can someone recommend a software recovery program please getting the 'you must format this drive to use it' error I might have caused it by accidentally unplugging out the drive without safely stopping it Anyway I ran a checkdisk or similar command Can someone recommend a software recovery program please from command prompt as Can someone recommend a software recovery program please found on another forum that repaired it so it is now visible as a drive in my computer Luckily it still knows how much data is on it because in my computer it says gb used blah blah blah But the problem is that when I go into the drive there are no files on it bar one which has no extention program to open it with and has no properties Please can somebody help me out I need to recover the files I have tried numerous data recovery programs but they didint come up with the proper files just portions etc

A:Can someone recommend a software recovery program please

Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery - Free Download
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I need it to recover data from corrupt hard drives. Thanks in advance.

A:Can Anyone Recommend A Data Recovery Program?

Try PC INSPECTOR, it's freeware.
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Need a good data recovery program, I had easy recovery 6 but it doesn't work on a vista 64 sys..and don't want to spend $600 on 6.2..i see alot on the inet but..
opinions ?


A:good data recovery program ?

I use the free Recover Files 3.11. It does support Vista but I'm not 100% sure about the 64-bit version.

There's also the free Recuva.
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I would like to know if any of you can recommend a good file recovery program.
The program that I am using right now is PC Inspector File Recovery.But its no good.It does find deleted files but when i try to open those files there is nothing in them.
If it is movie clip I dont see anything after the file is recovered.
Any recommendations.

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Of all the things that should be absolutely automatic in Windows, saving and restoring the desktop layout has to be at the top of the list. Having to sit there and rearrange all your icons is a major annoyance. I cannot understand why this is not a simple right-click option!!! I have tried Icon Resorer and it works on this machine, but on my new Windows 7 laptop it will not install; tried many times. Same with another machine as well. there something else I can use that will definitely work?

A:Need good app to save/restore desktop layout!

I use this one. It allows saving custom layouts, different ones for different resolutions, and deleting old ones.

(This works fine with the Vista kernel. Some of the older ones didn't, though they created the menus.)

Certainly, the layout is important to me. And I hate having to redo it after a crash or forced power down. But I can see why it is not an option. Consumer research must have showed it to be undesirable. I know that it surprises me that on the 100's of peoples' machines I have worked on, they are perfectly happy with the default, automatic layout, even though it takes me forever to find anything and it changes with new additions.
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can anyone suggest a good UPS unit?

for the following rig:

Intel Core i7 860
GTX 275
4Gb DDR3 ram
750W psu
sound and video running through an LG 32" HD TV.

A:can anyone recommend a good UPS?

Quote: Originally Posted by Goomba81

can anyone suggest a good UPS unit?

for the following rig:

Intel Core i7 860
GTX 275
4Gb DDR3 ram
750W psu
sound and video running through an LG 32" HD TV.

Welcome to the windows 7 forum.
Goomba, I have used APC Backups since the beginning, depending on the budget you have will depend on the type and "Bells and Whistles" you want.

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Can you please help me to buy a VERY GOOD antivirus im willing to purchase one because i badly needed it... and can you tell me why is that good over the others.. Thanks.

A:Can you please recommend a VERY GOOD Antivirus..


ESET Smart Security wins hands down. It's much lighter on system resources in general and catches potential threats before they can get loose on your system. I have tried all of the others on various PCs (from modern to older models) and it is just the fastest IMHO. Others just make the machine too slow for a lot of people.

the firewall is excellent in the latest version (v4) and antispam is great too.

lastly, it's highly configurable unlike others. If you're just after antivirus, then ESET NOD (which is built into ESET Smart Security) is the best in many respects.
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I'm looking for a good amd asus/msi mother board for an athlon 64 939 chipset.

I'm thinking about buying the a8n-e, but I don't know.

A:Can someone recommend a good motherboard

If you're planning on using an AMD 64 X2 dual-core processor, stay away from the nVidia chipset based boards. It took me three motherboards to get one that worked properly with my AMD 64 dual-core processor, I ended up with the Asus A8R32-MVP Deluxe with the ATI Crossfire chipset.
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Nornally I cut a big mpg file to small pieces by TMPGEnc, or easy video splitter, and the pieces can be played independently. It works for me in most cases.

But there are some mpg files I can't cut with the tools that I mentioned. I guess that mpg file has internal video/audio errors. I can play it with media player w/o any problem. So can anyone recommed a good mpg cutter? Do not tell me to use the physical cutter tool like MasterSplit. What I want is cut pieces can be played independently by media player. thx

A:can anyone recommend a good mpg cutter?

you could also try vcdgear to fix any mpg errors in the file you're working on:

and give DVTool a try, does a decent job of quick cuts etc. although the process/interface seems a little quirky

i get the best quality cuts/edits using bbmpeg

and it sounds like you're already familiar with the good resources over at DVDrHelp
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its for my mom, she doesn't game, do anything resource intensive. want to spend 300-500 bucks. heres what i would like for it to have: dual core proc., 3 gig RAM, 250 gig hard drive. thanks guys.

A:Can someone recommend me a good laptop?

someone please?
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I'm looking for one for my parents' house. About 50-70 bucks or so. Nothing fancy.

A:Can someone recommend a good Wi-Fi router?

I have purchased 3x of these the all now have the same 5dBi 3x = 15dBi and each router packs a -20dBm = 100mW. Very strong about again if you have older home you have to see how many you need. These cost $50 plus. Depends on where you get it online. I don't have any issues with TP-LINK TL-WR1043ND

32MB of RAM
8MB for Flash
400MHz NPU
832KB Packet Buffer
10/100/1000mbps ports WAN / 4 LAN
USB Port can be use Media server or FTP server using the latest ROM update.
Removable SMA ANT.

My review of this router here
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I'm really looking for a good firewall, and as much as possible,

i don't want to buy, i just want firewalls that are FREE but still,

in good quality. Thanks in advance to anyone out there

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I have used the Linksys wrt g for many years Apparently its a G router and its very old and everyone uses an N router Looking for a router with good range that extends I see there are someone Can router? recommend a me good routers that are mbps mbps mbps and mbps and even mbps For someone that would be Can someone recommend me a good router? streaming movies and netflix what is the minimum that is needed Someone said any router that is mbps is going to be a cheap router mpbs would be intermediate level and mbps would be high level My internet is Road Can someone recommend me a good router? runner and im Can someone recommend me a good router? on the mbps standard plan Does that mean anything much So having the mbps needed to stream movies without lag Also which company should be avoided I still like my linksys wrt g router a lot so should i stick with a linksys N router Some ppl say avoid netgear and dlink Is there a reason for this They said their support is very bad Can someone recommend me a specific wireless router I assume its better to pay for a router with better mbps than a cheap router thats like and mbps I want to make sure the router is a good one

A:Can someone recommend me a good router?

The latest routers are using a new standard 802.11ac which are capable of up to 1.4Gbps, they use channel bonding of multiple channels in the 5Ghz frequency range to achieve this. I haven't tried any of these newer routers so can't really give a recommendation on them.

You would also require a newer 802.11ac NIC, either PCI or USB, in order to obtain all the WiFi speed of these new routers.

As for wireless streaming without issues, you can easily do this using the older 802.11n standard at about 300Mbps, there are many routers for under 100 dollars that can do this.

I use the D-Link DIR-655 which is still one of the best routers ever made but there are many choices in this range.

Your roadrunner plan doesn't effect the LAN speed of your network so wireless streaming will work fine.
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Before I start, just want to say hi to everyone This is my first post!

So, a couple of weeks ago, I decided to spend my saved up cash and bought a new computer. But during the time of spending time with my new computer, my PS3 has been neglected love And I think it deserves some new games! I have already purchased a couple of games: Skyrim (Had it, but left it at my nans, never to be seen again) and La Noire. They should be arriving this Saturday or Sunday, so until then, does any one have any brilliant other games that I could buy??? (There is no spend limit with me!) I am thinking about Uncharted 3 and Max Payne 3?

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A:Can someone recommend me a good ADSL

Everything DSL is a good place to start.
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I m having recommend anyone Can HDD? good External a slight worries that my media drive is failing I have one for OS and one for Media Documents Etc It may be nothing but I store my image backups Can anyone recommend a good External HDD? of the OS drive on that I figured I d be better off overall if I just got an external drive So I went out today and got this External WD My Passport Ultra TB Portable External Hard Drive USB with Auto and Cloud Backup - Black http www amazon com Passport-Ultr amp sr - amp keywords external hard Can anyone recommend a good External HDD? drive When I got it home I installed the software on it but when it came to copying files from the secondary onto it I got delayed write failures up the wazoo I also heard a weird tick from the drive I figure this thing was compromised somehow Maybe I did it though I don t understand how All I know is that it s the Passport that s the problem I fired up another external drive and tried copying files from the secondary onto it It was copying just fine This external is an old secondary hard drive that was starting to fail and didn t have as much space as this one I slapped an enclosure on it and was lucky to rescue the data I m going to return this tomorrow but I still want an external Maybe this was a fluke and I can get this exact same type of drive tomorrow with no problems I don t want to gamble on that though My computer stats in case they re needed Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R G GV GL Express Chipset Family Mb Hard Drives D Total - MB Free - MB E Total - MB Free - MB H Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Dell Inc M CN B M Antivirus avast Antivirus Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled nbsp

A:Can anyone recommend a good External HDD?

If your intent on getting an extra drive to use as a back up and you are familiar with hard drive installation I'd recommend buying a drive from and putting it in an enclosure yourself. I tend to prefer western digital but there is always a chance of a bad drive with any manufacturer.

Alternatively you could use a program like dropbox. Here are a few examples---

If you really want an external drive Id look at a local bestbuy. Make sure you check prices online first as Bestbuys policy now states that they will price match many online competitors.

I have found that this can save you a lot of trouble if you end up having issues with what you buy as you can just take it back and avoid shipping things all over.

If you are intent on getting an external drive online would you want something small that you can carry around or would you prefer something that costs a bit less buts a bit more bulky?
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Hi All:

I just ran a search and found that I have 2046 dll files in my system.

Since I've installed and uninstalled hundreds of programs in my endless search for real gems, I imagine that a fair proportion of these 2046 dll's are orphans and no longer used by anything.

Does anyone know of a reliable and efficient program that would help me to clean them out?



A:Can Anyone Recommend A Good Dll Cleaner?

Download and update Ccleaner hereReboot in "SAFE MODE"Go to options/advanced and tick the "prompt for registry backup"After that first click on "problems " and select everything with the register and analyze. You should be prompted to make a backup and thjis will be stored as a default in "My Documents " After that you should run the general cleanup. Reboot and advaise whether it is ok
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Hey all,

I'm thinking about buying a UPS as the area I live in has had a few power cuts lately.

I've looked at various different types. I'm not too bothered about one that gives me constant power, just one that can kick in and keep my pc on for a few minutes so I'm able to shut down properly.

Anyone have any recommendations? Nothing too expensive.

A:Can anyone recommend a good, cheap UPS?

What is your maximum price limit?

If you have a Maplin store near you, take a look at these (ranging from ?60-?130): Maplin Electronics : UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies)
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All the sudden I am getting pop up's left and right...can anyone recommend a good free pop up blocker?

Thank you!

A:Can anyone recommend a good Pop Up Blocker?

I'm using Firefox with the Adblock addon ..

Seems good enough for me.
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I want to put a new secondary IDE drive in my DAW for Cubase SX recording and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations?

It needs to be as quiet and as fast as possible without falling to bits in the middle of e recording session.

I have been hearing great things about Seagate Barracudas and Western Digital Caviars.

Comments please (clean ones!).


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can anyone reccomend a good atx case for me? Style doesnt matter to much but it has to be large and not too expensive. Ive seen a few good cases around like the antec 900? or the coolmaster haf or cosmos?

thx if you can help:grinthumb

A:Anyone recommend a good ATX case?

The cases you suggested are pretty much top of the line on a budget in my opinion. id go for the antec.
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Hi guys, I do VO and I need a good audio recording software that will record as an mp3. I've been getting recommendations to use Audacity, but I think that might be too complex for what I'd be doing. I don't need to mix or edit, just talk into my mic and record my lines. I'd prefer a free and lightweight software that wouldn't drain my system.

I used to simply use Musicmatch Jukebox, which also recorded audio as an mp3, but after reformatting my computer I lost it and now am in need of another audio mp3 recording software.


A:Can Some one Recommend a Good mp3 Recorder?

I think you need this app:'s freeware.
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I'm looking to upgrade from onboard sound and need some good soundcard recommends, i have a budget of about ?20/?30 maybe abit more if it's worth it. The card i'm looking 4 must have an optical in/out with a connection 4 the front pc case audio jacks and at least have 5.1 sound 7.1 would be nice but not a must have.I listen to alot of music and also record and edit my own stuff sometimes but i need a card thats not a resouce hog when im doing normal tasks.
Dont really know what i'm looking 4 when it comes 2 pc hardware so any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanx.

A:Can anyone recommend a good soundcard please ?

While it's over your price range, I just ordered the Asus Xonar DX the other day for less than $90 shipped to my home. I have heard nothing but good reviews for that card. Here's some user reviews from newegg: Asus Xonar DX. It has 7.1, HD audio front panel connectors, the sound from what I've read is really good, and it also brings a Toslink adapter so you can connect the optical.

I should be getting it on Monday, so I'm excited
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I will soon need a anti-virus. Also I want a good program to protect against malware, hijackers, ad-ware, trojons and other unwanted things in computers. It doesn't have to be free. I'm willing to pay. I prefer being able to download it but If not, just let me know the name of the program.

A:Recommend me some really good programs

For anti-virus software, I recommend Avira AntiVirFirewall I would choose ComodoNOTEIf you are going to use Avira AND Comodo, be sure to only install the Firewall portion of Comodo and not the Anti-virus portion. You will be prompted during installation.On demand scanning I would use MalwareBytes Anti-Malware and SUPERantispywareAnd finally, SpywareBlaster which fills the holes in programs that can be exploited, and in effect, prevents you from getting infected in the first place.
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Hi I am looking to anyone a DVD-Rewriter good recommend buy a DVD drive in the next couple of weeks As i want to be able to put all my home movie footage onto DVD and also treasured videos onto DVD I am just looking for any recommendations on any particular current DVD rewriters at the moment I not sure which ones to buy I will list my requirements as that may help I have a SONY DVD player connected to my TV at the moment and that plays DVD R RW and DVD-R RW at the moment so am looking for a DVD-rewriter which does this anyone recommend a good DVD-Rewriter formats in the future i am looking to get for my TV at Sony DVD recorder So anything I do on my PC DVD-Rewriter i want to be able to play bak on this recorder and player which I have Cost is not an issue so you can recommend any drive u like finally I basically looking for a reliable DVD drive Below is my spec of my PC which will give u an idea what sort of machine the drive will be running on Any recommendation or links to sites will be very useful Thank anyone recommend a good DVD-Rewriter you All nbsp

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I am getting ready to get a new cpu for my computer and I would like a recommendation for a decent cheap gaming cpu I could get around $150. Right now I'm looking at this one - AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb 3.4GHz 4 x 512KB L2 Cache 6MB L3 Cache Socket AM3 125W Quad-Core Processor HDZ965FBGMBOX
I'm not looking for anything outstanding though as long as its better than my current
AMD Athlon II X2 215 processor.

A:Can you recommend a good cpu for gaming?

That's the same cpu I have in my system.....runs every thing well GTA 4, Mafia 2, and Flatout......

Some of the chips are very good over-clockers....but not mine

You haven't filled out your system spec's so I can't tell if you have a AM3+ board....
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I have ordered all my components except for the case. I was thinking of ordering either of these:

My maximum budget is around £50.


- Good/sleek looking
- Has to accomodate ATX motherboard and an nVidia GeForce GTX 460
- Around or under budget

Please give your comments and recommendations

A:Please recommend a good case!

Go for the M59- It has the capability for 5 fans stock. The other has like 3
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I have a computer that I want connected to the internet at the same time as well as my dads computer two rooms down the hall. We've been searching for routers in magazines, but I've never had any experiance with any before. What companies are reliable, and wireless would be a big plus.

I have come across these:

Airlink 54 Mbps Wireless-G Broadband Router $19.99

D-Link Wireless-A/G Dual Band 108Mbps Wireless Broadband Router $39.99

Netgear 54Mbps Wireless-G Broadband Router $29.99

Linksys Wireless-G Router (With Vonage voice over IP Service) $0 (After rebates)

Any help in finding a great router would be appreciated.

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Can someone recommend a good registry cleaner? I found RegZooka on the web and it said to stay away from RegUtility and RegCure. I also saw some not so great remarks about Advanced Fix. Has anyone used a good registry cleaner that you can recommend? Thanks.message edited by CyberDude

A:Recommend me a good registry cleaner?

It seems that a lot of people are unaware of all the things CCleaner is capable of doing. Rather than running MSCONFIG, just fire up CCleaner, click on Tools > Startup then either disable or delete anything you don't want loading. Check all the entries for all the tabs (Windows, Internet Explorer, Scheduled Tasks, etc) & disable/delete as necessary. You can also use it to uninstall programs, scan/clean the registry, run System Restore, manage cookies, etc. Take the time to look thru all the settings.EDIT: I see you asked about this several months ago: don't know why anyone would still be using dialup in this day & age, but I have a question. If you were to uninstall the USR software/drivers & then reboot, will XP load compatible drivers? If so, why not just use them? Also, I just downloaded the driver zip file from the USR site & had a look. The file you appear to be having a problem with is an executable (probedis.exe) not a DLL. How are you installing the drivers? What would happen if you just right clicked on 1807DF32.inf & clicked install? edited by riider
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Specifically, what I'm looking for is a free download manager on par with Star Downloader that can get to PHP links. I've just re-realized just how hard the regular windows download sucks when SD can't kick in.

Thanks in advance...

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I was planning on getting a new drive, but can anybody please direct me to something really worth seeing.

Something that is not too expensive for a price range of $100-130 for at least 200GB in size and if possible, a solid state one. Thanks...

A:Recommend a good Hard drive...

unfortunately you will not get a 200 gig solid state drive for that money. 200 gigs would cost around $600 (US prices).

$130 should get you 1 terrabyte (1000 gigs) of storage (maybe a bit more) - i can't recomend any particular drive as i don;t know what is available where you live, but you should be okay if you stick with a good name brand eg samsung, seagate, fujitsu, hitachi etc
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Anybody recommend one? This is my first time getting a conroe board. I was thinking of getting the Gigabyte one witht the 965 chipset.

Any help appreciated

A:Anyone recommend a good Core 2 Duo motherboard?

Wallabing - check out - they just ran a review. look under mobo


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Hello. Can you recommend a good free c and c++ compiler for learning the programming language? (Win XP/Vista) Iíd like one that keeps itself in one folder so that I can use it from a flash drive.

Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Can you recommend a good free c and c++ compiler?
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Title says it all. Doesn't matter if it is wireless or not. Price is not an issue.

A:Can someone recommend me a good ADSL router?

Linksys WRT54GC. Been using it for 2 years now. No problems. 3 yr warranty. 24/7 tech support.
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I recently got Windows and found that the email application that came with it was pretty bad I replaced it with Mailbird which billed itself as the best email application for Windows but I have had problems with that as well I have a corporate email account for which I want to use an application other than Google Yahoo etc What would you recommend My wishes are as You Recommend Can A Email Application? Good follows Be Can You Recommend A Good Email Application? able to search individual files incoming outgoing trash separately With Mailbird it will only search all files together Be able to delete an entire trash folder at once With Mailbird for some reason I get two trash folders and when I delete an email some go in one folder and some in Can You Recommend A Good Email Application? the other One of those folders I can delete all at once With the other however I have to delete each one individually which sends those emails to the othert trash folder which I then have to delete again all at once Be able Can You Recommend A Good Email Application? to organize folders by date sender etc Stability with fonts sizes and the ability to increase the size of the image Immediate downloading of emails and attachments Mailbird can be frustratingly slow sometimes Thanks for your thoughts nbsp

A:Can You Recommend A Good Email Application?

Outlook which is part of the MS Office package is a very good program
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Hi Folks

Currently have an Asus Xonar DS 7.1 sound card and listen to a lot of music,could anybody recommend me a worthy upgrade to this card?

Have about ?100 too spend!

Many Thanks

A:Can anybody Recommend A Good Sound Card?

What is it you're looking for? Better sound quality? What are you connecting it to and are you using digital or analogue? If you're using analogue you may well not notice any difference with a better card. Also assuming you want to avoid creative... Anyway:

I did a lot of research for my card and came up with the Asus Xonar D2/PM which has a better SNR than your current card (118 db vs 107db for the DS). THD may be better too. It can also do Dolby in addition to DTS. Comes with a MIDI port daughter card and bundled basic music production software if that's your bag. I've linked to the PCI version: there's a pci-e version, but be aware that the pci-e one needs power from a floppy connector, unlike the PCI which needs no additional power.

If you can stretch to ?140 there's the Asus Xonar Essence ST which is the next step in sound quality (124db SNR) Can only do stereo, unless you buy the expansion card. I've linked to the PCI version; again there's a pci-e version with the same caveat as above.

Hope this helps.
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I have a client who needs incremental backup of drawings but doesn't want to use tapes.

He's thinking along the lines of ras access to his business network and letting his home computer control backups by downloading from server at work

Is there software that can handle this?

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I've been having intermittent problems with my mouse, here's the topic.
Buying a new one is a must, to hunt down the source of the problem more easily.
So which mouse do you guys/gals use & which would you recommend for gaming/general use ?

A:Recommend a good gaming mouse

Razer, and Logitech are my first two choices for gaming mice, from there it is all about how much money you want to spend. Personally I like mice that give you a switch that toggles the dpi on the fly. That way you can have it super sensitive for gaming and not so sensitive for non-gaming uses.
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I need a new 2,5" hard drive for my laptop, because my 640gb is not enough for me at the moment and i'm starting to think that mine's getting more problematic as time goes by...

So I was thinking of getting this one, because I can get it at an accessible price and i've heard very good things about it (i think the only bad things i heard about it is that, in this day and age, SSD's completely overshadow it). It's got 1TB, 7200RPM and a 32MB Cache, sounds great to me. Since I can't afford a SSD+HDD combo, I wanted you guys to recommend me a good HDD for my laptop that's both fast and big, or tell me if that one is worth getting.

I'd like anything with 1tb or more, and my budget is about 110$ but the lower the price the better =P

Thank you for your time.

A:Can anyone recommend me a good and fast HDD for my laptop?

look for a used drive. save some cash
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Want one that is quite big (not too big) with a fast surface for playing games like CS and COD4


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I Lost My Protection On My Antivirus A While Ago. Can Anyone A New Version Of An AVG Antivirus?

A:Solved: Can Anyone Recommend A Good New AVG Antivirus?

Hi Coco767,

Here are some good, free antivirus programs:

Microsoft Security Essentials
Avast! Antivirus
Bitdefender Antivirus
Make sure to completely uninstall AVG after installing your new antivirus program.
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I have cable and download is supposed to be 768kbs but am trying to download a huge file and it is downloading at 19.9kbs. Estimated time to download....28 hrs - 30 min. AARGH! What can I do to speed this up? Have called cable company... no help there.

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looking for an aftermarket sound card for my system. Mostly for 2.1 audio and must have integrated headphone amplifier. Must be 100% compatible with 64 bit windows and Linux so good driver support.

A:Recommend a good sound card

Go down the Asus route, there cmedia chips are well supported in Linux.
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I'm kind of new to the whole online gaming thing ... unless you count yahoo pool .. but recently I started playing wtcc the race and I was amazed it was so much fun. I have GRAW and I'm just about to install it and see what it's like online.

Anyway what I am hoping is someone could recommend a shooter and what out of these could ppl surmise would be the best multiplayer.

Call of duty 4
Quake wars enemy territory
the new UT
MOH airbourne

Or should I try something like counterstrike.

Just looking for something fun that lots of ppl use to ..err .. try and shoot each other .. lol.

I wonder if that could become an amry recruitment slogan .

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I'm browsing through the RSS apps for 8 Metro but nothing really stands out...

I was wondering if anyone has tried any of the RSS readers, and if there's an undisputed champion?

Thanks for your recommendations guys...
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Hey guys. I know this isn't really a "what's the best printer" but..

My parents asked me for a wireless printer for XMAS.

I have no idea what to get them.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

What printers are good? What printers suck? (Inkjet Vs. Laser? Canon Vs. HP?)

They just want a wireless printer that can print decent photos.

Any suggestions, are thanked. (If you provide an Amazon link, I will purchase via affiliate link if that's allowed, and if I pick your printer).

Thanks to anyone for suggestions.


A:Can anyone recommend a good printer? (For my parents)

PS: They use windows 7 64 bit
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I got a used dvd player (not sure if it's a burner--how can I find this out?), but Windows Media player tells me that I need a dvd decoder in order to view a dvd. Any recommendations?

A:Could someone recommend a good free dvd decoder? works for me.
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I am looking for a new USB flash drive with all of the following features:

Metal case or very hard plastic. Not rubberized.
USB 3.0 with R/W speeds of at least 50MB/s
No cap, swivel cap or removable protective casing.
At least 16GB or more.

I still have SanDisk Cruzer Micro Titanium. I am looking for something similar in size and features, but faster with bigger capacity.

Any ideas? Thanks

A:Recommend a good USB 3.0 Flash Drive

I bought the Mushkin Enhanced Atom 64GB USB Flash Drive. The write speeds are a bit slower than I wanted at 20MB, but read speeds are above 100MB. I can't complain though as the drive performs as advertised. And for what I want it works perfectly. The casing is hard plastic not rubberized. I know you said no cap, I had that rule as well but grew tired of trying to sort through the available options. Anyway I wanted to pass the word on the recorded speed for my purchase. My last purchase was years ago for a 16GB Cruzer Micro like the one you have.

Here are the benchmarks for my flash drive.

Starting benchmark.
Bechmarking H:(070B51D3EFFD0114)
Started at 3/27/2015 7:46:25 PM
Filename: H:\test.tmp
Starting large file benchmark. With 100MB file.
16384k:6 Write Speed:30.01MB/s
16384k:6 Write Speed:12.35MB/s
16384k:6 Write Speed:12.21MB/s
16384k:6 Average Write Speed:15.29MB/s
16384k:6 Read Speed:120.24MB/s
16384k:6 Read Speed:119.94MB/s
16384k:6 Read Speed:120.17MB/s
16384k:6 Average Read Speed:120.11MB/s
8192k:12 Write Speed:15.81MB/s
8192k:12 Write Speed:11.34MB/s
8192k:12 Write Speed:11.79MB/s
8192k:12 Average Write Speed:12.70MB/s
8192k:12 Read Speed:120.74MB/s
8192k:12 Read Speed:121.35MB/s
8192k:12 Read Speed:121.55MB/s
8192k:12 Average Read Speed:121.21MB/s
4096k:25 Write Speed:12.96MB/s
4096k:25 Write Speed:15.06MB/s
4096k:25 Write Speed:12.31MB/s
4096k:25 Average Write Speed:13.34MB/s
4096k:25 Read Speed:119.21MB/s
4096k:25 Read Speed:118.23MB/s
4096k:25 Read Speed:119.46MB/s
4096k:25 Average Read Speed:118.97MB/s
2048k:50 Write Speed:13.38MB/s
2048k:50 Write Speed:8.91MB/s
2048k:50 Write Speed:8.88MB/s
2048k:50 Average Write Speed:10.01MB/s
2048k:50 Read Speed:111.43MB/s
2048k:50 Read Speed:110.82MB/s
2048k:50 Read Speed:111.68MB/s
2048k:50 Average Read Speed:111.31MB/s
1024k:100 Write Speed:10.32MB/s
1024k:100 Write Speed:12.79MB/s
1024k:100 Write Speed:15.42MB/s
1024k:100 Average Write Speed:12.50MB/s
1024k:100 Read Speed:116.58MB/s
1024k:100 Read Speed:113.60MB/s
1024k:100 Read Speed:116.50MB/s
1024k:100 Average Read Speed:115.54MB/s
512k:200 Write Speed:11.92MB/s
512k:200 Write Speed:14.19MB/s
512k:200 Write Speed:14.09MB/s
512k:200 Average Write Speed:13.31MB/s
512k:200 Read Speed:120.32MB/s
512k:200 Read Speed:119.08MB/s
512k:200 Read Speed:120.05MB/s
512k:200 Average Read Speed:119.82MB/s
Deleting file.
Starting small file benchmark. With 10MB file.
256k:40 Write Speed:8.28MB/s
256k:40 Write Speed:11.13MB/s
256k:40 Write Speed:7.81MB/s
256k:40 Average Write Speed:8.86MB/s
256k:40 Read Speed:94.47MB/s
256k:40 Read Speed:95.36MB/s
256k:40 Read Speed:94.49MB/s
256k:40 Average Read Speed:94.77MB/s
128k:80 Write Speed:6.15MB/s
128k:80 Write Speed:13.09MB/s
128k:80 Write Speed:4.10MB/s
128k:80 Average Write Speed:6.21MB/s
128k:80 Read Speed:91.57MB/s
128k:80 Read Speed:92.04MB/s
128k:80 Read Speed:93.11MB/s
128k:80 Average Read Speed:92.23MB/s
64k:160 Write Speed:8.12MB/s
64k:160 Write Speed:11.53MB/s
64k:160 Write Speed:11.81MB/s
64k:160 Average Write Speed:10.19MB/s
64k:160 Read Speed:87.04MB/s
64k:160 Read Speed:89.33MB/s
64k:160 Read Speed:86.33MB/s
64k:160 Average Read Speed:87.55MB/s
32k:320 Write Speed:1.87MB/s
32k:320 Write Speed:11.50MB/s
32k:320 Write Speed:9.33MB/s
32k:320 Average Write Speed:4.11MB/s
32k:320 Read Speed:31.22MB/s
32k:320 Read Speed:30.31MB/s
32k:320 Read Speed:31.01MB/s
32k:320 Average Read Speed:30.84MB/s
Deleting file.
Starting tiny file benchmark. With 1MB file.
16k:320 Write Speed:1.69MB/s
16k:320 Write Speed:8.21MB/s
16k:320 Write Speed:7.90MB/s
16k:320 Average Write Speed:3.57MB/s
16k:320 Read Speed:28.70MB/s
16k:320 Read Speed:29.28MB/s
16k:320 Read Speed:28.30MB/s
16k:320 Average Read Speed:28.76MB/s
8k:640 Write Speed:4.43MB/s
8k:640 Write Speed:5.20MB/s
8k:640 Write Speed:5.06MB/s
8k:640 Average Write Speed:4.87MB/s
8k:640 Read Speed:24.73MB/s
8k:640 Read Speed:25.06MB/s
8k:640 Read Speed:24.82MB/s
8k:640 Average Read Speed:24.87MB/s
4k:1280 Write Speed:2.83M... Read more
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I'd like to know if someone can recommend a free Zip utility. My free version of WinZip expired without my using it. Now they want me to buy it and I only use the function once a year or so, if that. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

A:Can someone recommend a good FREE Zip Utility?

7-Zip is probably the most popular one. Never really liked WinZIP.
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I have just finished building my first PC and usign the Gigabyte MoBo with onboard video.

The MoBo is GA-965G-DS1 (Ver 1.0) and the grahpic is not to my desire.

I would like to purchase my own video card and need some advice.
What shoudl I be looking for if I am not using it for playing games, just watching DVD movies and online movies etc.

Please tell me the minimum spec that I need and possibly a few brand names.


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NOthing pricey.....but good quality and will last a while.

Sure the Logitech MX Optical duo is nice but I have no use for a cordless keyboard.....and its too much $ for me.

I just need to replace my present ones. Need a keyboard that has soft keys with as little spring action so its less stress on the fingers

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Hi all

I'm slowly getting all my old programs back on my fresh install. At the moment media player won't play divx so can anyone suggest a good divx bundle or codec bundle.


A:Can anyone recommend any good codec bundles
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Have an ASUS A8N32-SLI-Deluxe motherboard coming to me, I would like to get a recommendation on a case. I am looking for a bigger case, no mid size towers. I would like this case to have 3 3.5 bays, 4+ 5 1/4 bays, and a top mounted PSU slot. The case needs to be able to take advantage of the heat pipe running down the mobo.

A:Anyone use this MOBO and able to recommend a good case?

No one else using this mobo yet? putting a Athlon 64 x2 4800+ in it, should be super fly jiggy dope pimp then! Just need a good high tower case for it now. So.. effectively...... BUMP
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Hi All,

I'm still learning about HJT logs and I have been using these websites for my research.

And TSG obviously.
I was wondering if anyone out there would recommend any good sites I can use when interpreting HJT logs.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi guys!

I need to buy a 19" Square (4:3) LCD monitor with good response time. Which do you think I should go for.

Viewsonic VX922 with 2ms response time seems to be impressive and has good reviews on the net. How do you think it is or is there some other even better in the same price tag.

Please let me know the make and the model number of the same.

PS: I am not interested in Widescreen monitors.

Thank you.

A:Recommend a good 19" LCD Monitor

You can;t go far wrong with that monitor.. cheap, responsive and an all round good monitor I would say you had made a good choice yourself
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Hi everyone,

I have been using McAfee virus scan online and have decided to change to another one. I have heard that Norton is not that good, but Pc-Cillin has been highly recommended by a friend of mine. I have no problem paying for the virus protection but I just want one that will not mess up my computer (which McAfee has done in the past) and one where there is good customer support if it happens.

All suggestions will be gratefully accepted. Thanks.

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Could anyone recommend me a Windows laptop that can watch Videos can run Windows and does not have loud fan noise like the MacBook and MacBook Pro Basically I want a laptop that can run a lot of applications at the same time without lagging and without tormenting your ears with the fan noise And is cheap maybe at most And also does not get out of order easily when I drop it accidentally and has relatively cheap warranty policy I would be willing to buy used or refurbished computers if it fits my criteria even if it's originally Windows XP computer but on which you can install Windows MacBook Pro warranty was like for years which is kind of expensive in my opinion BTW if you didn't buy a warranty at the end of me a Recommend good cheap laptop the first year of free warranty can you buy warranty later So I wanted a computer Recommend me a good cheap laptop with warranty of maybe at most per years I guess I could run bootcamp or Parallels on the Windows if I really need Mac but so far I don't think I discovered anything definitely better in a Mac except maybe the display So I guess if I wanna use something like Final Cut Pro Is there a Windows version that is just as good maybe I could just run Parallels which is why I need a computer with good speed and size to tackle many apps at the same time Anyway I don't like running Parallels on Mac because I can't handle the fan sound that goes along with it and there's lots of Windows-only apps that I couldn't run on Mac and was deprived of computer experience for years because of it And when I run Parallels it's too slow and loud However if there is no laptop or computer for that can do all the things i mentioned then just recommend me whatever

A:Recommend me a good cheap laptop

Quote: Originally Posted by Girom

I guess I could run bootcamp or Parallels on the Windows if I really need Mac? but so far I don't think I discovered anything definitely better in a Mac, except maybe the display. So I guess if I wanna use something like Final Cut Pro (Is there a Windows version that is just as good?) maybe I could just run Parallels (which is why I need a computer with good speed and size to tackle many apps at the same time)

Hi, and welcome to seven forums.

It is very hard to get Mac OS X running on a Windows machine. VMware and all that stuff is for people with a lot of computer experience.

In your search of a good laptop; go have a look at the Compaq brand by HP. They are quite cheap, but very reliable.

And for your Final Cut Pro alternative: Avid | Home --> Pinnacle or Sony Vegas Pro.

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Ace Utilities seems to be pretty good, but it's not free. I've heard the best free one is Crap Cleaner, though I have never tried it out myself.

I'm looking for a utility that will clean junk files, clean the registry, etc.

Please recommend a good utility, that's preferably free.

Also, I have a question about those cleaning programs. I'm not very computer literate, so when I run a registry scan and it brings up all those "bad" keys, is it safe to remove them all? I used Ace Utilities and I deleted all the "bad" keys that it pulled up. If not, how will I be able to tell if that key should not be deleted?

Also the same with the junk file cleaner. How does a computer illiterate person like me know which is safe to delete?

THanks in advance for any help.

A:Please recommend a good cleaning utility.

Hear ya go , choose what you like from here. Personnaly I use Windows Clean Up, Link is at the bottom of this Post. Remember to back up prior to running any Registry Cleaner, just to be Safe.
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my wishlist

>Not just text
>not tooo adictive
>free - and not in the shadow of non-free benefits (why i hate runescape)
>not too time wasting (the other reason i hate runescape) - e.g not lots of waiting, constant action
>fun (the final reason i hate runescape )

please suggest

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thinking about a new graphics card but i get a little overwhwelmed when i start looking around - can anybody suggest a good card, not too expensive, to enhance gaming and photchopping? the range seems to run from $50 to $300 but i'm not clear how you determine value and performance...


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i have posted a question about trying to save my collage or covert it?? to be able to use it as a .gif file to upload. If I use a screen shot capture like snag it, then the animation of the gif files are no longer working...hence my issue. How can I make a collage (if I don't have Photoshop) with say 4 rows by 4 rows images 150x150 px and some are animated (i.e. snow falling). If there is another section on this site I'd be better suited asking for help, please feel free directing me ;o) I'm a newbie just trying to get a xmas background for a layout.

A:a good free/shareware icon collage maker for layout background?

Have you tried Picasa ? its freeware and available here for download Ive made some very good collages in it, it may or may not be what you want,its worth a try .......
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Sorry if that's the wrong part of the forum to post this question. I hope you'll still help me with this quick question.

I want to switch keyboard layouts between US and German. I already added the German layout and I can switch between the two. My problem is that I do not know how to get the small icon on the bottom right that displays which layout I'm currently using. So far all I can get is an icon showing a keyboard and I can get the language information when I click on it but it's not as convenient as just having the abbreviation of the language displayed. I couldn't find anything about this in the settings.

Please, help.
Thank you very much

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I have been searching the Internet for a good external CD/DVD burner. But I am so confused. I don't want to spend more that $80 on it. But I want one that will work with Windows XP, Windows Media Player and has LightScribe.

I had the LiteOn one, but apparently it was defective. And I have been told on here to try a cord powered one instead of a USB powered one.

Thank you.

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Just looking for some opinions. I need to purchase a printer to install on a network. In the back office they don't have a printer, all they would be using it for is to print out drafts, so they only need black and white. I need something that is easy to install on a network and the price isn't through the roof. Anyone have some suggestions? thanks.

A:Does anyone recommend a good laserjet to install on a network?

I have an HP 1200 that is connected to a network and it seems to be pretty stable. I think the newer model is 1300.
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Here are two processors with integrated graphics. Which is better?
AMD Athlon 5350 APU
Intel Celeron G1840

I have the 5350 and it's graphics performance is great. It's like a full-featured GPU!
But! I'm thinking to get this Intel one for an other computer . Do you think ir's graphics are as good as the AMD? Or is Intel's graphics still as bad as it was before?

A:Which processor (with good integrated graphics) would you recommend?

depending on what you use the graphics for, you may be better of just getting a cpu that doesnt have integrated graphics, and then get and actual gpu, which will actually provide better performance than integrated
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I good packet Recommend writing software? was recently given a TDK CDRW drive for Xmas What a screamer It came with Nero I installed InCD as well as Nero Express because of my writes are Recommend good packet writing software? with InCD formatted disks use them for zipped backups However InCD has a very odd and aggravating habit It seems to check for the presence of a disk in the drive every - minutes and when it does the system is momentarily locked as when the hourglass is on Only lasts for - seconds but drives you nuts Recommend good packet writing software? when you re writing a report and typing fast Only way around it is to unload InCD from the Task Manager Brought this to the attention of Ahead Software tech support and got nowhere So I m considering dumping Nero and going with something else I used to use Adaptec version with an old Plextor and it was OK but I don t like Roxio s update policies which is mostly NOT to update anything for free So can anyone recommend some really good software for mastering and especially packet writing nbsp

A:Recommend good packet writing software?

If you were happy with DirectCD go back to it. The problem is that you canít get it without the package and it is expensive. Most people consider DirectCD to be the best packet writing software and Nero to be the best all around mastering software.

RecordNow has a packet writing component (DLA) and has a free trial. The damage is only $40 if you like DLA. It has a Prassi engine for the mastering software which I personally like. Iím still using the Prassi software on my old Plextor but will probably try RecordNow when I upgrade.
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Help.The default windows software sucks....

A:Can someone please recommend good software for scanning textbooks in XP Pro?

My Physics teacher uses ABBBY FineReader and he seems to be quite pleased with it. U can get it here. Its trialware so u'll have to buy it though.
As u can see, its pretty well rated on as well, so it has to be a good product.
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I want to buy a gaming desktop already built. But I'm on a budget. I need one that lets me upgrade the parts like the GPU in the future. I want your recommendations on buying one.

Someone said I'd do fine with an i5 and Nvidia 960 for now and upgrade to 970 later.

Please post links and prices. Thanks.
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We currently use one of these in conjunction with a PC and projector for doing presentations.

It has proved very unreliable, and everyone is fed up with seemingly not being able to use both the mouse and keyboard at the same time. Every time it is used it has to be re-taught. It's making us look unprofessional.

Can anyone recommend a good keyboard and mouse combo that works over a range of at least 10m, and that is reliable?

I was thinking perhaps a BlueTooth logitech one But it seems a little pricey.

Any advice would be more than welcome.

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I want to know if there are any good host file updating applications that I can use to block nasty websites and popups... 3 sites i regularly visit throw up poker and casino popups and iam sick to death of them, they open in new windows and so are hard to block with a popup blocker..

can anyone help with this...

come to think of it no websites I use require new windows to be opened, i prefer new Tabs, so i could just disable that feature all together

I use chrome


EDIT: im trying this .... "Go to Wrench icon > Options > Under the hood > Content Settings > Javascripts. Disable javascripts for the problem websites."

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I have a Toshiba Laptop with Windows 7, specs are listed in my system specs, and would like to try tinkering and spending time learning new stuff. I want to be able to dual-boot and it would be nice if the OS is stable enough that it won't destroy my windows 7 to the point of having to reinstall everything.

P.s. - I have no experience with linux, but am ready to learn and spend some time on it.

Thanks in advance

A:Please recommend a good Linux distro for my laptop

Most people consider "Ubuntu" the most polished Linux distro;

That said, you won't destroy your Windows installation installing it either. This assumes that your HDD is much closer to empty, than it is to full, so there won't be any problem creating a small Linux partition. Ubuntu reads NTFS, all you files would be accessible with it.

Now, there are problems if you decide you no longer want Linux on the machine. "GRUB", the Linux boot loader, sets Linux as the default OS and Windows must be chosen at startup. Attempting to remove Linux trashes GRUB, and there must be repairs made to the Windows install, or it no bootie.

I haven't dealt with LInux in a while, the novelty kinda wore off for me.
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I'm looking for a good free installer application that is easy, What app do you guys think is the best? I have used WinRar in the past to make self extracting exe files, but i'm looking for something a little nicer.

A:Recommend a good free Installer application?

How about 7zip?
Image:SelfArchive_709.PNG - wikiHow
windows solution: (dunno if it will work on windows7)

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Hi, i'm making a video using Windows movie maker. I would like to add some extra audio sound effects to it, but It doesn't give me that option. It only allows me to add music or a narration, but i specifically want to add some sound effects. Anyway, can someone recommend a video editing software for me that will allow me to add sound effects seperately?

I've also used Zwie Stein 4 but my computer doesn't meet the requirements in order to use it. My system is a Pentium 3 with 730 mhz.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated, thank you.

A:Can u recommend a good video editing software for me?

Not sure what software is available in CANADA but you could try ULEAD MOVIE MAKER. You should be able to down load a trial from the web
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Hello people! I cannot decide between the following 3:

1. G500
2. Marathon 705
3. Anywhere

I am not into gaming and more into office work. I am right-handed and need ergonomic mouse for "Palm Rest" where my palm lies comfortably on the back of mouse and is not facing downwards which causes strain. I work on laptop mostly in same location so i am less mobile. My length of hands is over 17.5cm if counting from the wrist so small mouse like Microsoft 3000 is not good for me and i need at least medium one. Corded or cordless and working on glass is least important but i would prefer laser over optical. Battery life should be 6 months or more.

A:Can Anyone Recommend Any Good Logitech Ergonomic Mouse?

Go to the local stores and test the display models to see what fits your hand. Mice are a personal preference, regardless of how they are used, it boils down to what you like and feels comfortable.
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I have X Notifier in Chrome 16.0.912.63 beta-m; it shows email for Yahoo acct just fine- but not for HM.

A:Recommend a good Hotmail notifier for use with Chrome?

I'm using X Notifier with a hotmail and live address in chrome with no issues in version 16.0.912.63 m.

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Are there any free tools out there? My brother's kids have torn the hell out of his PC with downloads for Runescape and who knows what else (apparently trying to hack their way to success). His co-worker told him to try PC Tools, but it only detects... it doesn't remove anything until you pay to register it.

Anyway, four kids in the house and a limited income... right now he'd rather put food on the table than pay for something he doesn't know anything about to fix something the kids will likely screw up again.

A:Recommend me a good spyware removal tool?

Oh, and Win PC Defender is the culpit (though there's probably other things going on as well).

CheatEngine 5.3, 5.4, and 5.5 were installed for Runescape. Win PC Defender wasn't installed by anyone, it just mysteriously appeared claiming there were other viruses.
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I'm guessing any mic about 100 dollars would be nice?

I do have an out of order (the screen not working) MacBook Pro. If I recorded with a mic connected to MacBook Pro as opposed to the p6 HP that I have would the sound quality be different?

A:Could you recommend a good mic that catches bass great?

I never used a mic to catch bass. I always used fishing lures and bait.
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Looking for a recommendation for an all-around amazing joystick or controller, maybe something that can serve as controller for Nintendo 64 roms/emulation -- but also one that can be used to play arcade fighters. And one that can connect over usb.

Any thoughts?
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Could someone please recommend a good reference book to help those of us that can't figure out Vista? Something in plain language would be appreciated. I have looked on Barnes & Noble and came up with some titles like:

"Windows Vista Plain & Simple"
"Sams Teach Yourself Vista"

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A:Recommend good reference book for Vista

cybernana said:

Could someone please recommend a good reference book to help those of us that can't figure out Vista? Something in plain language would be appreciated. I have looked on Barnes & Noble and came up with some titles like:

"Windows Vista Plain & Simple"
"Sams Teach Yourself Vista"

Any suggestions would be appreciated.Click to expand...

Have a look HERE.
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I bought one that supported the laptop to put space between it and the surface, from dollar store for a dollar, but it was so weak that it broke when I stepped on it.

I would like one that could even adjust the height of the laptop screen...

A:Could you recommend a good laptop holder/ventilator?

There's plenty to choose from here laptop cooler
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Hi all;

I'm going to be upgrading to a new Windows 8 PC soon. My external hard drive is giving me problems for the 3rd time and I think I'll have to reformat it once again and lose some important files. Frankly I'm tired of this. I want to move to cloud storage and not worry about this kind of thing happening again.

What is a good cloud storage service for backing up an entire computer reliably?

Thank you!

A:Recommend a good cloud storage service?

Depends what files you actually want to back up.
Personally i use a combination of Google Drive and Skydrive, both have free accounts but i pay for extra storage on both.

There are loads more but it depends on what your needs are.
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My PCs OS is Windows Home XP SP3 and for real time protection I use Comodo CIS and Spywareblaster and use SAS and MBAM as on demand scanners. It is a long time since I have had an infection but the other day I somehow got a virus which both Comodo and SAS picked up straight away. As my buddy in Australia had sent me an email that day with some photos, although i'm not certain I am thinking that is where the virus came from. My main email account is Hotmail and as I cannot see any email scanning function in my Security programs wondered what you others use for scanning your emails. Is there a program that is easy on resources which I can use to scan my emails or does Comodo do it for me behind the scenes so to speak?.

A:recommend me a good free email scanner?.

I use AVG 8.5 (free) and couldn't be more satisfied with it. It has an integrated email scanner for Outlook and various other clients, but I'm not sure if it has a web based email scanner. However, it has link scanning and just yesterday it alerted me to a malicious script that was trying to run. I highly recommend getting it and keeping it up to date, especially since you can program updates and scanning to run automatically.AVG Free 8.5
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attempting to create a recovery disk with a "iso" in a .rar. i put the unzipped two folders and a file to a dvd. nothing can be done with these when clicked or attempting a boot from them i've found. what file or files are put to a dvd to enjoy a recovery disk, to repair two files within the system32 folder that show up on BSODs?
please and thank you

folders - boot, sources
file next to them - bootmgr

once folders are clicked
files in folder boot - bcd,, bootfix
files in folder sources - boot.wim

A:[SOLVED] layout of files put to recovery disk?

Create the recovery DVD from from the control panel in Vista> Create a system repair disc
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Hey all,

Just wondered if anyone could recommend some good software for reading linux partitions from within Windows 7?

A:Anyone recommend good software for reading Linux Partitions?

Linux Reader Works good.