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Solved: Screen is black after system restore and update. Set back one day, screen is

Q: Solved: Screen is black after system restore and update. Set back one day, screen is

I need help ASAP. My computer was having many issues today, so I did a system restore. When it was done, it downloaded updates, I only restored it back to yesterday. Now, when I log into my account, the screen stays black and all I see is the pointer. What can I do to solve this? The PC is shut down right now.

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Preferred Solution: Solved: Screen is black after system restore and update. Set back one day, screen is

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Screen is black after system restore and update. Set back one day, screen is

Usually, system restore is used to resolve problems like this. You might want to consider doing a clean install and see if that has any affect. Hopefully your data is saved on an external or flash drive. There's also additional options that you can find here:

-- Ryan
Windows Outreach Team
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Hello everyone. I apologize for any typos and such in advance I'm on my android phone. I recently got a fake spyware MS recovery on my computer. After Googling around I saw that a system restore should have fixed the problem. I did a system restore in safe mode and now when I attempt to boot my computer it gets past the initial hp screen, attempts to start windows and then just gives me a black screen with a cursor. At this point I can't do anything but shut it down manually. I've tried entering in all forms of safe mode and it doesn't work. There is also a tool called system recovery I can get as an option when I press esc as the hp icon appears but it does the same thing, just gives me a black screen with the cursor. I'm lost here I'm not sure what to do. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

A:[SOLVED] black screen after system restore, am not abld to do anything

Try pressing F11 at the HP splash-screen instead of Esc.

This should start the Factory Recovery utility to do a fresh install of Windows 7 as it was when the machine was first purchased.

Be aware, though, doing this will overwrite everything currently on the C: drive, but that's one of the reasons why keeping backups of your files is so important, you can do a full factory recovery without losing anything.
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Am on my cell because cannot get past a black screen with only a cursor on it...when
I try to restart my pc.Have Windows7,was doing system restore when
It somehow was cut off,resulting in a blank black screen,with only
A cursor on it.
I tried rebooting in Safe same screen
Was reading on forum re:last known good configuration,so
Did F8...found screen(it was not highlighted as an option) but,tried
It got up to..saying Windows stating w flashes of logo
Am relatively new & scared to try anything more adventurous without
Help....have 2days of notes off several forums
Please,Help me Cannot get into my pc and my new TV just broke!!!

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When I'm connected to the Internet, I get the black screen with the Windows XP logo flitting about if I've been innactive for 2 mins. Can I correct it?

A:Solved: Screen keeps going back to Black screen with Windows XP icon keeps coming up

Only when connected to the internet?

Right click empty desktop.
Properties>Screensaver - Check what you have it set to.

Monitor Power.
Power schemes>always on.
Turn off monitor>never.
System standby>never.
Turn off hard disks>never.
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? OS - Windows 7 SP1
? x64
? What was original installed OS on system? Windows 8
? Is the OS an OEM version (came pre-installed on system) or full retail version (YOU purchased it from retailer)? Retail Version
? Age of system (hardware) 4 months
? Age of OS installation - have you re-installed the OS? 1 week

? CPU Core i5-3330
? Video Card Nvidia GT 620
? MotherBoard
? Power Supply - brand & wattage 300w

? System Manufacturer Dell
? Exact model number: Inspiron 660
Added Samsung 830 128gb SSD + 3TG Seagate in replaced of the original 2TB Seagate HDD.

I have tried reinstalling Nvidia drivers, currently use the older version 310.90
Previously used 314.22.

A:[SOLVED] I get black screen after coming back from screen saver/idle

The following may be helpful when reading the remainder of this post:Beta and Legacy Drivers | GeForce

NVIDIA Driver Downloads

Advanced Driver Search

Product Type: GeForce
Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit
Product Series: GeForce 600 Series
Product: GeForce GT 620
Recommended/Beta: Recommended/Certified


Name Version Release Date
GeForce 314.22 Driver WHQL 314.22 March 25, 2013
GeForce 314.07 Driver WHQL 314.07 February 18, 2013
GeForce 310.90 Driver WHQL 310.90 January 5, 2013
GeForce 310.70 Driver WHQL 310.70 December 17, 2012
GeForce 306.97 Driver WHQL 306.97 October 10, 2012
GeForce 306.23 Driver WHQL 306.23 September 13, 2012
GeForce 301.42 Driver WHQL 301.42 May 22, 2012

BugCheck 0x117
These crashes are DirectX/graphics card related. DirectX comes installed with Windows, so this may indicate Windows corruption. It may also be that you have corrupted drivers or a graphics card hardware problem.
If you are overclocking any hardware, please stop.

Run a system file check to check Windows for corruption: Click Start Menu
Click All Programs
Click Accessories
Right click Command Prompt
Click Run as administrator
sfc /scannow
and press Enter
Once it is complete, make note of the message. If it says Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations., restart your computer and post back
If the message does not say Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations., restart your computer and do steps 1-6 again.
You may need to do steps 1-6 up to three times with a restart in between each run to resolve all corrupted files.
If you still have corrupted files after a fourth run, post back here with the following:Click Start Menu
Click Computer
Open your C: drive
Open Windows
Open Logs
Open CBS
Copy and paste CBS.log or CBS (it may not have the log extension) to a location you will remember.
Compress (zip) the CBS file and attach the .zip file to your next post.

Follow the steps for Diagnosing basic problems with DirectX. To re-install your display card drivers as outlined in the DirectX link, use the following steps.
Download the drivers you want for your display card(s)
Click Start Menu
Click Control Panel
Click Uninstall a program
For NVIDIA:Uninstall the NVIDIA Graphics Driver (this should uninstall all NVIDIA software and drivers)
Restart your computer
Make sure NVIDIA 3D Vision Driver, NVIDIA 3D Vision Video Player, NVIDIA HD Audio Driver, and NVIDIA PhysX System Software are not still listed under Uninstall a program through Control Panel
If any remain of the above, uninstall one at a time
If asked to restart after uninstalling any of the above, do so, and continue uninstalling any remaining NVIDIA items until all are removed

For AMD:Uninstall AMD Catalyst Install Manager if it is listed (this should remove all AMD graphics software and drivers)
If AMD Catalyst Install Manager is not listed, use the following method to uninstall the graphics drivers (this applies to onboard graphics, as well):Click Start Menu
Right Click My Computer/Computer
Click Manage
Click Device Manager from the list on the left
Expand Display adapters
Do the following for each adapter (in case you have multiple display cards)Right click the adapter
Click Uninstall (do not click OK in the dialog box that pops up after hitting Uninstall)
Put a tick in Delete driver software for this device (if this option is available, otherwise just hit OK) and hit OK

Alternatively:Login as an adminstrative user
Click Start Menu
Click Control Panel
Click Hardware and Sound
Click Device Manager (the last link under Devices and Printers)
Expand Display adapters
Do the following for each adapter (in case you have multiple display cards)Right click the adapter
Click Uninstall (do not click OK in the dialog box that pops up after hitting Uninstall)
Put a tick in ... Read more
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Hi this looks like the right place but apologies if not first time posting and all I've been trying all day to resolve a networking issue and eventually decided to do a system restore After doing so the PC boots but then leaves a black screen with only the mouse pointer Black screen Restore with System Tools pointer no and after Restore visible If I go through the Win auto-repair feature the only recovery tool there is Startup Repair the other options do not appear System Restore System Image Recovery Windows Memory Diagnostic and Command Prompt Here's a few things I tried that haven't worked Ctrl alt del does nothing Hitting shift doesn't show sticky keys pop-up PC freezes when attempting to boot in safe mode Checked boot device OK in BIOS Tried logging in to the black screen Removed all connections and hard reset Any help would be really appreciated I'm about to throw the thing out the window It was working fine except for the networking issue before system restore Thanks

A:Black screen with pointer after System Restore and no Restore Tools


Scan the system for possible virus infection.
Windows Defender Offline
Let us know the results.
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A few times now I have been in internet explorer and then the screen with go back and forth from black screen back to internet screen and back and forth between the 2 for a few minutes and then will hit me with a blue screen with a bunch of writing on it and then will restart. It seems to run fine after the computer restarts itself but this has happened a few times now!

A:Screen flips back and forth from black screen to normal then blue screen

Can you provide a few details [remember we can't see or touch your system] about the hardware and software?
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Hi guys!

My computer icons keep getting bigger when i restart it so i tried system restore.Everything is going fine but when it finishes im stock at black screen so i shut it down manually.And when i start my computer it stock again at black screen after windows loading.Ive tried pressing f8 and going to startup restore,typin chkdsk/r in command,going to safe mode but nothing happens.

Help guys i want it to work again:(

Sorry for my english.

A:Black screen after system restore

Do you have a Windows Disc? If so, you can boot off of that and do more troubleshooting in the RE (recovery environment) and Command Prompt
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Every time I fo a system restore, it shows a black screen after the system reboots. It's a brand new windows 7 machine (2 weeks) that has been connected to the Internet for about 1. I have MalewareBytes and Avast Free Edtion, both turn up nothing...

A:Black screen after system restore

If it's a new machine it shouldn't even need a System Restore. Return it for a replacement or a refund.
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My laptop (sony vaio, windows 7 64bit) was not working properly so i ran system restore but while it restarted for the restore windows performed an automatic update, on startup now all i get is a black screen with a cursor. I have tryed startup repair and chkdsk/r in cmd, alas to no avail. Can anyone help? I have some data that i would like to save so I'd prefer not deleting everything just to restart windows.

A:Black screen after system restore

First boot the computer with an Ubuntu Live CD to a USB HDD. Once safely backed up, Reboot the computer and press the Assist key, or F10 to enter Sony Vaio recovery. This should restore your computer back to factory defaults then you can restore your backup
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My computer has a black screen. Hp Media running Windows XP. How do I - or can I - open in safe mode to find a restore point and restore? Thank you.

A:System restore help from black screen???

Depends on why it has the black screen of death, of course we have now way of knowing that, so try this.
How to recover from a corrupted registry that prevents Windows XP from starting
Connect your non-bootable hard drive to another computer, as a secondary drive and boot into windows. If you can see your data on the drive, back it up Now, then follow the rest of these instructions.

Open Windows Explorer. Click on Tools|Folder Options|View. Check the box beside "Show hidden files and folders". Apply your change.

Navigate to the d:\System Volume Information folder ( d: represents the crashed drive letter).
You will see a folder named something like _restore{.........} the dots represent an alpha-numeric sequence.

In this folder you will see folders named RP0....RPnn. Find the one with the highest number.
These are your System Restore points. In the highest numbered folder you will see a folder named snapshot. In this folder are registry hive files which you need to recover your system:


Create a subdirectory; i.e, d:\Windows\TMP. Copy these files to the TMP subdirectory. Rename them:


Note: Be sure to lose the period (.) in the file named _registry_user_.default
Delete the files in the d:\windows\system32\config subdirectory with the same names.
Copy the d:\windows\tmp files to the d:\windows\system32\config. subdirectory.
Put your drive back in its original system. Your system should start normally. If you get the same error go back and choose another folder ( RPnn-1) and repeat the procedure.
If you are denied access to any folders you will have to take "Ownership" of the folders first.
If this procedure fails to work you must reinstall Windows, or replace defective hard drive and reinstall windows.
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At first it started with me downloading Cataclyst Control Center to update restore, pc. Did screen I I when system now the start a get black a my graphics card wich is a X-fire ATI series There apeared a black border around my screen of around inch but wherever I chekked the resolution Did a system restore, now I get a black screen when I start the pc. showed it was my native x while still showing the black border I tried de-installing CCC at that point but it didn't work I also tried a system restore but that didn't work either I formatted my pc to factory defaults at that point After a month Did a system restore, now I get a black screen when I start the pc. I started using the pc again and when playing Battlefield I got an error that my graphocs card was failing or something So this time I went to the device manager and tired updating it there but it automaticly installed CCC again and my resolution got screwed again I found a solution from Solved not displaying x on Acer H H - ATI - Graphic-Displays quot I just went through this myself with an Acer P H The problem has nothing to do with Acer and everything to do with ATI You see ATI assumes that you'll use your HDMI cable to hook up to a TV Since most TVs are configured with overscan i e the edges of the broadcasted image don't appear ATI aggressively defaults to shrinking the image by when using HDMI to ensure that the entire desktop will be visible The solution is to install the ATI Catalyst Control Center available from their website There's a section called something like quot desktops amp displays quot On the bottom of that tab will be an area with a small icon of a monitor Right click on that and select quot Configure quot One of the tabs that shows up has a slider for display scaling Move the slider to and voila It was for my wife's computer I had already promised to reduce the cable clutter by having a single thin cable for both audio and video so not getting HDMI working would have entailed a serious loss of face quot So I tried looking in the CCC but found no such option and then went to the website to update CCC I got the latest version and again found no such option I chose to do a system restore and never again try to update my drivers for the sake of having a normal screen When the restore was finished it automaticly restarted my pc and I got to the password screen with normal resolution now and typed in my password after that I got a blackish screen with only my mouse on it wich I could still move I restared my pc again then and this time I didnt even get to the password screen it just straight out went to the blackish screen with my mouse on it after the welcome screen Any suggestions

A:Did a system restore, now I get a black screen when I start the pc.

Perhaps you can download just the display driver:

ATI Radeon

and not CCC.

Uninstall CCC and all.

Run cleansweep to get rid of all video garbage.

Guru3D - Driver Sweeper

Install just the one video driver.
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I have Windows Earlier my computer was acting funny after trying to open some videos from restore after screen Black login, won't system my camera that I had connected I retarted hoping it would act normal I got the opposite Every time I try to start Black screen after login, won't system restore up Black screen after login, won't system restore it goes to a black screen after I put in my password I will not let me open task manager or anything I see a cursor that I can move around but just a black screen I've tried to google the problem I am currently in safe mode and tons of people said to do a system restore Problem is it says I haven't created any restore points and to open up system protection Here lies ANOTHER problem in my awesome string of luck When I click on it the system protection tab is not there It's completely missing I tried going to start right clicking computer and going to properties Guess what It's not there either like it should be Does anyone know how to fix the black screen problem OR figure out how to set system restore up Thanks in advance

A:Black screen after login, won't system restore

Hello mirandafaye and welcome to Seven Forums. Please see my reponse to your post in Performance and Maintenance.
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Hey, so yesterday I did a syste, restore on my PC as my start menu and explorer tabs weren't working and now I have a black screen. The computer is turning on but absolutely nothing is appearing on the screen. I have tried the options that HP has on their site to try resolve the issue but it is not working. Can anyone please help??!!
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Recently I have system restored to a day earlier. When I started windows normally it goes past the starting windows screen then goes black with my mouse coursor hovering over a black screen. I can't login to my computer. I also had a BSOD today and I was able to get into safe mode. Now, after system restoring, I can't. Last time this happened the computer man said he found something on the internet to fix it and that the problem was a file became corrupt during the restore. This has happened before. I dont know how to fix it though. Help please!

A:Black screen start up after system restore

I realize that this isn't much help, but there's literally thousands of possible causes for the black screen issue.
I would suggest using System Restore to restore to an earlier date (if possible).
If that doesn't work, then I'd suggest backing up your stuff and installing Win7 fresh.
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I have Windows Earlier my computer was acting funny after trying to open some videos from my camera that I had connected I retarted hoping it would act normal I got the opposite Every time Black restore won't login, after system screen I try to start up it goes to a black screen after I put in my password I will not let me open task manager or anything I see a cursor that I can Black screen after login, won't system restore move around but just a black screen I've tried to google the problem I am currently in safe mode and tons of people said to do a system restore Problem is it says I haven't created any restore points and to open up system protection Here lies ANOTHER problem in my awesome string of luck When I click on it the system protection tab is not there It's completely missing I tried going to start right clicking computer and going to properties Guess what It's not there either like it should be Does anyone know how to fix the black screen problem OR figure out how to set system restore up Thanks in advance

A:Black screen after login, won't system restore

Hello mirandafaye and welcome to Seven Forums. Sorry to hear you're having these problems. My usual disclaimer: I'm not an expert at anything.

If your camera is still contected remove it from the computer. From Safe Mode, try running a System File Checker scan from an elevated command prompt (option two of the tutorial.)

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

The scan will look through all protected system files and try to replace incorrect corrupted, changed/modified, or damaged files with the correct versions if possible. If any problems are noted, run the scan three times and reboot back into safe mode after each scan. Please post back if this helps or not.
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I have Vista 32-bit on a Dell-XPS.

Just did a restore to factory setting since it took 15 mins to boot-up and my programs kept freezing (already posted this problem but found no solutions so I did the restore to factory settings as a last resort).

Now, it STILL takes a while to even get to the black screen. I have a black screen with a white cursor that I can move around. I pressed the shift key 5 times and something does pop up with a yes/no option.

I tried to put it in safe mode, but it told me to finish installing windows. (The black screen happened right after my restore to factory setting).


had to leave it on for about an hour to have windows continue installing
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Hey there fellow seven forums,

I have recently upgraded my computer, I put in new ram, a motherboard and processor, my new parts are DDR3 Ripjaw 8gb, Foxconn Z68 motherboard, and an Intel i5 2500 3.3 ghz processor

The problem I am having is a similar problem I had awhile back but fixed with the usb trick, but now my computer won't boot on my primary hard drive which is stuck on a system restore loop, and then restarts, and my other hard drive just shows a black screen with a blinking _ , but other than that all I can get into is the BIOS, I am just hoping I do not have to reinstall my entire operating system to fix this, and I want to figure out why my 1TB hard drive suddenly stopped working,


A:New computer, black screen and system restore.

Boot the DVD System Recovery Options to run Startup Repair repeatedly. Report back results.

Did you partition the 1tb to a smaller size before installing Win7?
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If anyone can help me with this I would be incredibly grateful I have a p ghz with gb of ram running XP Home I was updating my drivers on friday and after I installed new firmware for my liteon cdrw it no screen System restore/black loop longer recognized the drive I decided to try and see if system restore would fix the situation I told it to go back about an hour System restore/black screen loop ago to before the installation of one of the minor windows updates that came out a few days ago It went through its operation and restarted and it ust hung System restore/black screen loop at a black screen with a mouse icon I can move around I restarted again and attempted to use the option to revert to last known good windows restore point and once again it hung at the black screen with the mouse right after the Windows XP Logo and loading bar screen Every single option I choose from that screen ends up with me stuck at a black screen with a moveable mouse The only difference is with safe mode or safe mode with command prompt when it is just a black screen mouse and says quot safe mode quot in the corners There is no command prompt I have tried to use the windows reinstallation disk to do a repair operation but after it reinstalls and restarts it just hangs at that damn black screen with a mouse I am able to get into the recovery console with the xp reinstallation disk and attempted to run C windows system restore rstrui exe but it will not execute I see the file when I give a dir command but it simply says quot The command is not recognized Type HELP for a list of supported commands quot I don't understand why it won't open or what even happened for that matter If anyone can help me or give me some advice I would greatly appreciate it I have a half written paper on that computer due tommorow that I have to finish

A:System restore/black screen loop

I would reinstall windows. As long as you don't format the file will still be there.
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Ok you wonderful people Everything can be working just fine then system freezes after a second or two the screen goes black for about three norm freezes black System flashes then back screen to seconds after that it works fine but does some very strange things System freezes screen flashes black then back to norm it may jump to link on a web page or just change pages if you are typing what you have already typed may or may not be there this computer is used mostly by my wife who wanted a webcam So I installed it a few days later she tells me the computer has problems So I uninstall the cam she said the problem started before the webcam please help I have an unhappy wife who wants to take over my laptop ok heres the DDS file DDS Ver - - - NTFSx Run by GINNY at on Thu Internet Explorer Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition GMT - AV Panda Internet Security On-access scanning enabled Updated FW Panda Internet Security enabled Running Processes C WINDOWS system svchost -k DcomLaunch svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe -k netsvcs C Program Files Panda Security Panda Internet Security TPSrv exe svchost exe svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C Program Files Common Files AOL ACS AOLAcsd exe C Program Files Common Files AOL TopSpeed aoltsmon exe C WINDOWS system cisvc exe C Program Files Java jre bin jqs exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared VS DEBUG MDM EXE C Program Files Microsoft SQL Server MSSQL MICROSOFTBCM Binn sqlservr exe C Program Files Panda Security Panda Internet Security PsCtrls exe C Program Files Panda Security Panda Internet Security PavFnSvr exe C Program Files Common Files Panda Software PavShld pavprsrv exe C Program Files Panda Security Panda Internet Security pavsrv exe C Program Files Panda Security Panda Internet Security AntiSpam pskmssvc exe C Program Files Panda Security Panda Internet Security AVENGINE EXE c program files panda security panda internet security firewall PSHOST EXE C Program Files Panda Security Panda Internet Security PsImSvc exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe -k imgsvc C Program Files Viewpoint Common ViewpointService exe C WINDOWS wanmpsvc exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Panda Security Panda Internet Security ApvxdWin exe C WINDOWS SOUNDMAN EXE C Program Files Common Files AOL ee AOLSoftware exe C PROGRA B'SCLI Win K BSCLIP exe C Program Files Picasa PicasaMediaDetector exe C WINDOWS vVX exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe -k HTTPFilter C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe C WINDOWS vVX exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files Google GoogleToolbarNotifier GoogleToolbarNotifier exe C Program Files Kodak Kodak EasyShare software bin EasyShare exe C Program Files Panda Security Panda Internet Security SRVLOAD EXE C Program Files Yahoo Messenger ymsgr tray exe C Program Files Panda Security Panda Internet Security WebProxy exe C Program Files Panda Security Panda Internet Security PavBckPT exe C WINDOWS SYSTEM cidaemon exe C Program Files Internet Explorer IEXPLORE EXE C Documents and Settings GINNY CO- AAABD B Desktop dds scr Pseudo HJT Report uStart Page hxxp www yahoo com uSearch Page hxxp us rd yahoo com customize ie defaults sp msgr http www yahoo com uSearch Bar hxxp us rd yahoo com customize ie defaults sb msgr http www yahoo com ext search search html mDefault Page URL hxxp www yahoo com mDefault Search URL hxxp us rd yahoo com customize ie defaults su msgr http www yahoo com mSearch Page hxxp us rd yahoo com customize ie defaults sp msgr http www yahoo com mStart Page hxxp www yahoo com mSearch Bar hxxp us rd yahoo com customize ie defaults sb msgr http www yahoo com ext search search html uInternet Connection Wizard ShellNext iexplore uSearchURL Default hxxp us rd yahoo com customize ie defaults su msgr http www yahoo com uURLSearchHooks H - No File uURLSearchHooks H - No File uURLSearchHooks Yahoo Toolbar ef bd -c fb- d - f- d f - c progra yahoo companion installs cpn yt dll mWinlogon Userinit c windows regedit s c pav reg c windows system pavdr exe... Read more

A:System freezes screen flashes black then back to norm

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a description of your problem, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed. Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread. Also please explain your problem as fully as possible. Each little detail will help in getting your system cleaned up and functional again.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scans:Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop.alternate download link 1alternate download link 2Make sure you are connected to the Internet.Double-click on mbam-setup.exe to install the application.When the installation begins, follow the prompts and do not make any changes to default settings.When installation has finished, make sure you leave both of these checked:Update Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareLaunch Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareThen click Finish.MBAM will automatically start and you will be asked to update the program before performing a scan.If an update is found, the program will automatically update itself.Press the OK button to close that box and continue.If you encounter any problems while downloading the updates, manually download them from here and just double-click on mbam-rules.exe to install. Alternatively, you can update through MBAM's interface from a clean computer, copy the definitions (rules.ref) located in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware from that system to a usb stick or CD and then copy it to the infected machine.On the Scanner tab:Make sure the "Perform Quick Scan" option is selected.Then click on the Scan button.If asked to select the drives to scan, leave all the drives selected and click on the Start Scan button. The scan will begin and "Scan in progress" will show at the top. It may take some time to complete so please be patient.When the scan is finished, a message box will say "The scan completed successfully. Click 'Show Results' to display all objects found".Click OK to close the message box and continue with the removal process.Back at the main Scanner screen:Click on the Show Results button to see a list of any malware that was found.Make sure that everything is checked, and click Remove Selected.When removal is completed, a log report will open in Notepad.The log is automatically saved and can be viewed by clicking the Logs tab in MBAM.Copy and paste the contents of that report in your next reply and exit MBAM.Note: If MBAM encounters a file that is difficult to remove, you may be asked to reboot your computer so it can proceed with the disinfection process. Regardless if prompted to restart the computer or not, please do so immediately. Failure to reboot normally (not into safe mode) will prevent MBAM from removing all the malware. MBAM may "make changes to your registry" as part of its disinfection routine. If using other security programs that detect registry changes (ie Spybot's Teatimer), they may interfere or alert you after scanning with MBAM. Please temporarily disable such programs or permit them to allow the c... Read more
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I am having issues with my screen turning black and white about 10 seconds after the desktop comes up on startup. I have done a few system restores which seemed to return it to normal colors for a few weeks at a time and then i would have to restore it again. The most recent system restore did not help it at all.

The machine is an HP Slimline running Vista

Graphics Card(?): NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT

Monitor is a Samsung 226BW

I am not sure if it is my graphics card, vista, my monitor or something else i am over looking.

Any help would be appreciated.



A:Black and White screen using Vista after System Restore

I had the exact same thing happen. It turned out to be the Digital Vibrance setting. Go to your NVidia Control Panel-Display..Adjust desktop color settings.
Somehow, that slider was at 0% instead of the default 50%.
Hope this helps.
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Hi I hope someone can help Willing to donate some money on Black no Smile screen restore Face system for the advise I have a Model Sony VAIO VGN-NR E S Dual-Core GHz -inch Widescreen Notebook The laptop has always worked fine One day my daughter decided to install some app from Facebook and before I knew it the next day I turned on the laptop and it gave me the screen that is attached I have tried the following Tried hitting F fast upon startup I get the Sony system tools screen but I attempt to do a system restore but it tells me there are no points I tru doing a restore of quot C quot drive and it tell me that our system drive is too small or may not exist and to insert Disk but I have no disks I downloaded the AVG startup virus CD and booted with it and it found no virus I read that I may have Smile Face on Black screen no system restore just lost my partition how can I get it back or is there a windows cd i can download to reinstall it I am new to this so please talk to me like i am an alien lol nbsp
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Hey everyone I'm new to these forums but I really hope you can help me I've got a PC with an Asus motherboard that isn't too old Maybe years and today I've run into some serious issues that I've never even heard of before So I booted up my computer this morning as I do every morning and it came up with a red box that said something about a logonui error and CHKDSK I'm sorry I can't remember exactly what it said I was a bit System and Of Screen Black Death, (LogonUI) No Restore shocked and hit OK without thinking Anyway so after I clicked ok on this box the screen stayed black just with my mouse cursor on the screen So after a while of waiting I decided to just hit the reset button on my computer Then I think was the CHKDSK thing started doing something with all of my files there was a lot of white text filling the screen and every couple of lines it would say the word CHKDSK This went on for quite a long time so I Black Screen Of Death, and No System Restore (LogonUI) thought maybe it was sorting itself out Safe to say it did not The black screen of death Black Screen Of Death, and No System Restore (LogonUI) came back with just my little mouse cursor I did a little bit of online looking around and a lot of people suggested doing system recoveries and stuff so I dug out my Windows disc that came with the computer and popped it in and hit F so I could boot it up When i selected System recovery it seemed to be doing it but after a while the box would just disappear and nothing would happen So it seems that I can't get past the black screen of death and even with the Windows Disc I can't perform any kind of system recovery Has anybody got any kind of help for me It'd be really really appreciated Thanks

A:Black Screen Of Death, and No System Restore (LogonUI)

Unless your BIOS has an option to start the one-time Boot Menu with F8, it is not how you boot from the repair disk. Is this F8 menu the one with Safe Mode and such? You can go into BIOS and set the 1st boot device to CD-DVD. Or just disregard this if you are sure you are booting with the CD.

Did you try Safe Mode yet? Are you getting the black screen after/before windows logo, at welcome screen or after logging in.
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Desktop PC : Acer / Windows 7 Home Premium / 62 Bit

1. This just happened randomly but my Task Bar & Desktop stopped responding when I log in. The cursor kept loading when there was nothing to load. (My whole desktop was literally frozen - can't click on anything) My Skype was running when I logged in and it seemed to worked normally. I clicked on Internet links on my Skype chats and it opened up fine.

2. So I started my computer in Safe Mode and tried to do a System Restore.

3. The computer restarted and it came up this black screen (haven't logged in or seen any of the start up stuff yet). It made this loud noise + beeping noises.

4. At the moment my computer is quiet with and the screen has been black for 5 hours.

Should I manually turn off my computer and do System Restore again or do something else ?


A:Computer screen black for 5 hours after System Restore.

First, never try to do a System Restore in Safe Mode.
Safe mode is best for a clean shut down.
System Restore is best in Normal Windows Mode.

Turn off your PC manually.
Do not try a System Restore again.
Let it sit for 1 or 2 days then on it.
See what is going on.

Note when was your last updates?

Is the PC boot into safe mode or BSOD?
If safe mode, check what is the system restore date the PC is currently using.
If BSOD, turn off manually.
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Hi, everyone. I restored my Windows Vista Inspiron 1420, and after downloading and installing the necessary drives on the Dell website, everything seems to work fine. I've installed AIM and tried the to video chat, but my integrated camera doesn't quite work as the screen is black. The audio works just fine however. I don't understand what else to install. Does someone have a solution to this problem?

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My daughters computer is a Windows XP (as is mine) - she first could not go anywhere or click anything without an error window popping up. Each error window was different. She couldn't even get into the screen to choose system restore, recovery would go to the same day or day before only. She finally got into safe mode and started a system restore which froze at 37% at a file that she is sure is the problem. Then it went to black screen. We are sure it's a virus (at least I am) but we can't get into her programs to run anything. Can you help me??? I am computer stupid, so give me kindergarten instructions, please. My Bad, I have just been informed that it did not go to black screen, she just turned it off - now a file is missing or corrupt.

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Greetings I restore movable system screen after death Black of with cursor sincerely hope that someone here can help me I had a windows update that would not install got stuck at part after about hrs I Black screen of death with movable cursor after system restore went ahead and turned off and restarted the computer I could get into windows but it was super slow I Black screen of death with movable cursor after system restore restarted in quot plain quot safe mode and everything work fine I ran MBAM and AVAST and they did not find anything I restarted in safe mode with networking to update the scanners just in case and the system again ran super slow I was able to update MBAM after about - hours so i restarted in plain safe mode ran MBAM still found nothing I ran windows defender and found nothing I tried safe mode with networking still super slow I decided that perhaps it was the windows update that was the issue and i used safe mode to restore the computer to a date prior to the update This caused a NEW problem Now I will go through POST just fine see the windows green bar just fine flash the windows logo screen ok but instead of seeing the log in page I will get a black screen with a movable cursor This occurs even if safe mode is selected any variety On the black screen with movable cursor arrow after POST and before the log in screen I have tried Ctrl-Alt-Delete nothing happens Pressing shift times this brings up the sticky keys dialogue box Pressing the windows button on the keyboard nothing happens I restarted the computer and used f to enter the quot advanced quot start up options Here are my results Startup Repair finds nothing wrong Repeated system restore with a different date --problem still occurs did this for dates Windows memory diagnostic tool no problems found CMD chkdsk r for C fails to run says quot Chkdsk cannot run because the volume is in use by another process quot I tell it Y to run at the next restart but it never runs just boots up to the black screen with cursor I have tried USB based recovery disks and burning various cd recovery disks but the computer will not boot from them Yes I ve changed the bios it just quot hangs quot on a black screen with blinking cursor in top left if I select anything other than the hard drive I ve left it for an hour like this the whole time the USB light is on but nothing ever loads for the cds sometimes the reader is spinning sometimes it just flashes a few times and moves on to load from the hard drive I ve tried three different recovery programs in both usb and cd form I have an ACER aspire M desktop GB ram Vista Home Premium I use Avast and Malware Bytes for antivirus and spyware respectively I do not have recovery disks I use ACERs built in Windows System Recovery Options I am willing to quot give up quot at this point but only if I can copy my files Is there a way to use the system recovery command prompt to copy my files I have a second internal hard drive or I have a USB external drive Any suggestions on how to either fix the black screen or recover my files Thanks Ambam nbsp

A:Black screen of death with movable cursor after system restore

Pull out the hard drive and put it aside for now. Get a new drive and install it. Load Windows fresh. Apply all the drivers and Windows updates. Install the old drive as a second drive and recover your important files that way
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Laptop is 2 months old running Windows 7, rarely used and has no extra hardware etc installed. Windows was pre installed with no discs in box
Today upon opening it has a black screen with press  F11 for recovery. Recovery runs using Cyberlink power recover but on completion it goes back to the black screen with  pressF11
I got into safe mode and advanced boot options but there was no option to system restore
Could anyone help with how to resolve this
Thanks very much

A:Black Screen- Press F11 for Recovery, no system restore option

There will be no system restore points after running Cyberlink power recover as that wipes the old windows and puts a new copy on the drive as I understand it.
At this point in time I would get a hold of the manufacturer for support and warranty since it is only two months old. Just curious, HP?
If it is an HP, What happens when you run the built-in hardware diagnostics. They should be available on the same screen as the Press F11 message.
Good Luck
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Hopefully I am in the right place and apologies if not as I am a newbie to any kind of forum posting I have researched my problem here and found similar situations but nothing that quite fits or has helped Here is Restore No 8.1 after Screen System Mode Black Safe Windows all the information that I have and the events that have led up to the black screen problem Lenovo S p Touch Laptop running Windows which was installed already on computer A few weeks ago I upgraded to Windows however it caused some issues with emails power options etc that I didn't have time to figure out so after about week I decided to go back to Windows thinking I would wait a few months and try Black Screen after System Restore No Safe Mode Windows 8.1 again Everything seemed to be running fine at that point except that my laptop would still not wake up when opening top I did install updates to drivers and Windows critical updates after moving back to with no obvious issues Until I received an email that my Outlook emails would not work properly in Windows Live in a couple weeks unless I installed a certain update so of course I installed the update After that every email I received was from an Unknown Sender even after I allowed them Because I couldn't find an easy fix for this I decided to restore my computer back to before this update was installed and that's where everything went wonky After initializing the system restore the computer said it was working and it may take awhile I got busy and after a couple hours looked at the computer and it was just a black screen Pushing any keys did not change a thing so I forced a shut down Upon restart the Lenovo name appears with the circle of spinning dots then nothing I can move the cursor and see it along with a small twirling blue circle but clicking anywhere on the screen does nothing I have tried unplugging the computer removing battery removing media in cd holder pressing Shift on restart F shift and F FN and F along with F I have forced shut down at least times hoping that a system recovery or something would pop up and CTRL ALT DEL does absolutely nothing I should also mention that I do not have any type of recovery or installation disk but I did back up my files on external hard drive before installing Windows so I'm not too concerned about losing files Any help is greatly appreciated as I am at a complete loss Please note that I am not too computer savvy but can follow directions as long as you use dummy language and not technical computer terms

A:Black Screen after System Restore No Safe Mode Windows 8.1

In Windows 8, 8.1, or 10, you have to hold down the shift key while clicking Restart to get to the Troubleshooting and then Advanced Startup options which includes System Restore.
If you are lucky enough to have the power icon on the Welcome screen its not too hard.  If it isn't there, its no fun at all.....
Running a normal system restore (not from the Advanced startup) gives malware the ability to reinfect you during the reboot process.  In the advanced startup, you are running a mini-Windows with none of the usual junk loaded.
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Hello and thanks for this fantastic forum The topic title is the end result I'll describe best I can the precursor events First Win update froze waited for an hour with no circle movement that circley msg System during Catastrophic now failure attempt screen black Restore thing that rotates during updates and such Second restarted computer googled what to do about this several recommendations came up I decided on a System Restore Third the instructions said to restore to the to the restore point just prior to the frozen update This failed so I attempted to restore to the next closest Restore Point I should note that these first two were for the updates of that Tuesday meaning they had the same date and similar Catastrophic failure msg during System Restore attempt now black screen times No clue if this is relevant I just thought it odd as the system updated on shutdown I didn't manually install the updates if I am correct would have created a Restore Point for each manual update Then the Catastrophic Error message popped up attempting to restore from the nd closest Restore Point The two had the same dates and similar times I realize I should have written down the Error codes but I neglected my normal diligence Fourth I reset the computer thinking of trying Safe Mode options to restore the system Holding down F during the entire boot process would not boot to Safe Mode The loading Windows screen did NOT appear the computer just went to the Log-in screen I restarted the computer then repeatedly pressed F during the boot process again no Loading Windows screen appeared just went to Log-in Screen From my understanding the F pressing comes during the Loading Windows part I realized that my keyboard was wireless and thought maybe a wired keyboard would work to get into Safe Mode Switched out my wireless for a usb keyboard Attempted the two prior methods again with the same results Next Using the system configuration utililty in Administrative Tools I tried to force the computer into Safe Mode I chose Safe boot network and No GUI Clicked Launch System Restore and got a black screen after the HDD Light lit up and I assume booted into safe mode pressing the enter button the HDD responded but couldn't see what I was actually clicking on So The screen has the error no signal after the assumed boot up occurs the HDD lights works for the length of time a safe mode boot takes The HDD light responds to the enter key pressing for two or three taps I don't think i am in BIOS I can't tell however Any help is greatly appreciated Thanks much in advance Any info I left out or corrections to my timeline is welcomed I was at this for about hours so my recollection may be fuzzy System Win Home Preminum -bit NVIDIA GT gigs Mushkin Gigabyte MOBO AMD Phenom II BE

A:Catastrophic failure msg during System Restore attempt now black screen

"Holding down F8 during the entire boot process would not boot to Safe Mode"
Don't hold down the F8 key, just tap it once a second or so. You may have to try this several times because the process is finicky.
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For the past couple of days I would turn on my computer and only the background and bottom bar would load. Nothing would open, couldn't click on anything, ctr alt delete didn't work. This morning I started it in safe mode with no network and it turned on fine. I turned on again normally and started a system restore. The restore is going back about a month. My computer has now been on a black screen with the cursor for over an hour.
What do I do?

A:Acer system restore stuck on black screen with cursor

Hello caldie Welcome to the Forums . Please try a repair in advanced boot options : Advanced Boot Options
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So I'm helping out a friend on Facebook I'm going to post our dialogue I'll talk to her and get responses from her Cassie ----- Help my computer wont start up about an hour ago via Mobile Web Comment LikeUnlike o Aly ----- Check your power source It may be fried If you leave your computer on for long time you'll probably need a new one minutes ago LikeUnlike o Cassie ----- A new wat Its been off for days now minutes ago LikeUnlike o Aly ----- Power supply It's hardware in your computer Ask your mom or dad to check it for you How long have you had that computer minutes ago LikeUnlike o Cassie ----- Since last christmas minutes ago LikeUnlike o Aly ----- Weird Laptop or desktop minutes ago LikeUnlike o Cassie ----- Laptop Black Startup; on Prompting System Automatically Restore Vista Screen minutes ago LikeUnlike o Aly ----- That makes sense It's probably time to get a new power source Ask your parents to look into it minutes ago LikeUnlike o Cassie ----- Hmm the hard disk test failed why minutes ago LikeUnlike o Aly ----- You did a hard disk repair What program did you use minutes ago LikeUnlike o Cassie ----- Nothing the computer tested it minutes ago LikeUnlike o Aly ----- Wait so the computer is running You can turn it on minutes ago LikeUnlike o Cassie ----- Yes lol I just cant get to the desk top minutes ago LikeUnlike o Aly ----- Oh I gotcha Ignore all that lol Do you have XP Vista or W minutes ago LikeUnlike o Cassie ----- Vista minutes ago LikeUnlike o Aly ----- Blech of course it has to be the one I have practically no experience on it Okay tell me EXACTLY what your computer is doing Like what does it do when you try and go to the desktop minutes ago LikeUnlike o Cassie ----- First it starts up then it trys to go Vista Automatically Prompting System Restore on Startup; Black Screen to system restore Vista Automatically Prompting System Restore on Startup; Black Screen by saying windows loading files it loads goes to a black screen and never makes it to system restore minutes ago LikeUnlike o Aly ----- Can you jot down exactly what the screen says before it goes to the black screen and post it here minutes ago LikeUnlike o Cassie ----- It says nothing minutes ago LikeUnlike o Aly ----- You said quot tries to go to system restore by saying windows loading files quot What did you mean by quot saying windows loading files quot minutes ago LikeUnlike o Cassie ----- Idk thats all it says minutes ago LikeUnlike o Aly ----- Hmm I'll look into it and get back to you in an hour or so minutes ago Like

A:Vista Automatically Prompting System Restore on Startup; Black Screen

Use safe mode and do a system restore to before the problem started.If the problem is severe, you can reboot and press F8 in order to launch Vista in safe mode. Just enter "C:WindowsSystem32strui.exe" without the inverted commas in the command prompt in order to execute System Restore.;-black-screen/
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I have tried all of the start up troubleshooting steps given on line.  There is a light on where the power cord plugs in to the base of the computer.  No sounds.  I have called tech support and keep getting disconnected.  I cannot do any more without someone calling me back.  This computer is 2 months old.  Please help me contact someone.
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Hi hoping I can get some help with Windows Ultimate on a PC I built myself still have pointer system Black failed logon screen w/movable mouse restore after the official install disc using an Intel chipset mobo with an i processor and an SSD for the C drive I found similar problems by searching the forums but the fixes in those threads didn t work or didn t apply to me The version of Windows I have is a Japanese version -bit version I first tried posting to Microsoft s Japanese support forums but only got one reply and it wasn t very helpful So I ll try and describe translate my problem as best I can and will try to Google the English equivalents of any onscreen text After a Windows Update Exact Audio Copy which I use for my own CDs would no longer start for some reason I first tried reinstalling it deleting its registry entries and installing older versions but it still wouldn t start so Black logon screen w/movable mouse pointer after failed system restore I then tried to use a Restore Point from before the Windows Update But Windows froze during the restore process on a blue screen with flower patterns so after forcing a shutdown Windows boots but the logon screen is all black with just a mouse pointer Same thing with the various safe modes Enable Boot Logging Enable low-resolution video Black logon screen w/movable mouse pointer after failed system restore x Last Known Good Configuration advanced Directory Services Restore Mode and Debugging Mode All resulted in a black login screen with movable mouse pointer so I don t think it s a problem with my video card EVGA GeForce GTX Did not try Disable automatic restart on system failure or Disable Driver Signature Enforcement Tried the Recovery Console but no problems were found in Startup Repair System Restore didn't work there were three points the first one was to cancel torikeshi in Japanese the previous Restore operation presumably the one where my PC froze the other two were for Critical Updates from a few days ago The Cancel one and the second Critical Update one resulted in the error described here https support microsoft com en-us kb with error code x I tried applying the hotfix from Microsoft on that page but I wasn't able to do so with wusa in the DOS prompt in the recovery console it gave me a library error or something The other Critical Update restore point gave me the rstrui exe application error The instruction at x f f a referenced memory at x The memory could not be read I tried chkdsk R but it didn't seem to find any problems later did it again in HBCD and it said correcting errors in the uppercase file Unfortunately I stupidly haven't made any system images for this PC so can't try System Image Recovery Windows Memory Diagnostic didn t seem to find any problems When I ran sfc SCANNOW OFFBOOTDIR c OFFWINDIR c windows it resulted in Windows resource protection did not find any integrity violations A friend suggested HBCD so I used that to make a backup image of my C drive and I ran some HDD tests but didn't find any problems Also tried resetting my Windows logon password to see if that would let me login but I'm still getting the black logon screen Then I tried a couple virus scans Avira didn't work in miniXP ClamWin worked and I was able to update its definitions before the scan but it didn't find anything Then I tried GMER but it took all night I don't think it found anything but it closed as soon as I clicked on Save then my mouse stopped responding then the PC froze when I used the keyboard to select Shut Down The PC still boots but that was the last thing I tried Would greatly appreciate it if I could receive some assistance but I'm not in any hurry Thanks in advance

A:Black logon screen w/movable mouse pointer after failed system restore

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post. 
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So last night i noticed Windows was bothering me about an screen @ lead it now BSOD to black restore, my starup safe into boots system update Being tired BSOD @ starup lead to safe my system restore, now it boots into black screen and wanting to go to sleep i clicked shut off without update But as it was BSOD @ starup lead to safe my system restore, now it boots into black screen shutting off it still said quot applying update quot Took around a minute then it shut off Then this morning as i was trying to boot it it went through BIOS then the normal swirly windows colors Then as it went into the screen after that the one that normally shows me my log in i got a BSOD The listed reason was driver irql not less or equal I didn't think enough to take note of anything else I went through the same cycle a few times until i tried to start in safe mode which said quot Loading files quot then black screen and bios start again I tried safe mode again and i got in Thinking it was the windows update which caused this which i still do i did a windows restore to about days ago Having to leave i left it do do its thing and when i returned it was just a black screen with my mouse I shut if off with the power button unplugged it for thirty seconds then tried to start it up As soon as i power on it goes through BIOS then the windows logo saying quot Resuming windows quot then the black screen with my mouse It doesn't respond to anything at all I will also add that my dual monitors are still in extension mode i e i can move my mouse from one black screen to the other So what do i do now I tried googoling it but i can't find anything I would describe my level of expertise as above average but I'm no expert I still have my windows reinstallation disk that came with the dell Thanks for any help If you need anymore info just ask

A:BSOD @ starup lead to safe my system restore, now it boots into black screen

Try running start-up repair.
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Hi, haven't been able to log in to my main PC since October. Keep getting a black logon screen after the Windows loading screen. I've Googled for solutions, posted on the Japanese Microsoft help forum, posted on, but no solutions have worked so far.

I've tried Safe Mode, Windows Restore, sfc /scannow, but nothing has worked. Not sure if anyone here has any other solutions, but thought I'd ask before I try paying Microsoft Japan for Premier Support.

Please see the thread for the circumstances for my problem and the specific solutions I've tried.
Black logon screen w/movable mouse pointer after failed system restore - Windows 7

I know it's a long read, but maybe doing a quick text search in the thread wouldn't take too much time, that way you could know if I've already tried a solution or not. Thanks in advance.
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I have an Acer desktop with Vista bit Home Premium edition with Service Pack loaded on it My computer was working fine yesterday afternoon at least it appeared safe doesn't no screen login; =( mode; on work Black restore system to be but when I tried to boot my computer up last night I could not get my desktop to load Windows seems to boot up as I can get to the screen with the user names to login No matter which user I select however the screen just goes black with only the cursor showing I have tried booting from the last good boot point from the F menu but the same problem persists I have tried booting in safe mode but the screen shows Black screen on login; no safe mode; system restore doesn't work =( up all black once again except for the four Safe Mode texts in the four corners and the text Microsoft R Windows R Build Service Pack at the center top of the screen The Repair Your Black screen on login; no safe mode; system restore doesn't work =( Computer option from the F menu at startup is about the only thing I have been able to get open on the computer thus far Startup repair can t find anything wrong with the computer When I try to do System Restore I get the error x B so it can t rollback to my restore points I ran the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool and it didn t seem to find any errors although I couldn t view the whole report when it restarted because the screen once again went completely black except for Black screen on login; no safe mode; system restore doesn't work =( the mouse cursor when it restarted I am at wits end and have no idea what to do to try to get my computer to start Any help would be GREATLY appreciated as this is my computer not only with my personal files but with all my engineering software and school work saved on the harddrive Thank you nbsp

A:Black screen on login; no safe mode; system restore doesn't work =(
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Hi people, i've just registered to this forum to ask you about this, Since i've made a registry defrag with TuneUp Utilities (which probably has gone wrong), when i reset the computer, and I logon to my user, it shows a black screen, then back at the logon screen. If I do it again, the user doesn't show up anymore!
It happened three times already, i had to make new users, and i'm sick of it. Any ideas of what could it be?

A:Black screen after login for some seconds, then back at logon screen!


Yet another case of registry defraggers causing harm. In the future, you know now to stay far away from them.

I suggest a system restore to get to a point before TuneUp utilities. If that doesn't work, it will be time for a repair install.

Good luck!

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Hi all,

I have Win7 Ultimate x64 installed on an brand new HP Pavilion s5-1205z Slimline desktop.

When I am reading an email or document the screen will just suddenly flash to a black screen for a second. Sometimes it does this several times in a row, and other times just once or twice. It is random and does not matter what program I am in, if I am browsing, playing a video on-line, or typing. I have installed Java and done as much troubleshooting as I can and can't find anything that relates to that kind of behavior at all in the Help Files or FAQ's.

Any suggestions of where I might look to see if I need to check or uncheck something, and what, would be very much appreciated.

A:PC screen suddenly flashes to a black screen and back

Combining the info that you posted here with the info in this thread - I gotta wonder if someone is able to remote into your computer. If you are not too far along in setting up your computer, you might want to consider a clean install without all of the bloatware.

Unless you have a specific need for Java - uninstall it. If you need it, then it might be worth the security risk of having it installed. If you don't need it - then why risk having it installed?
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I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro. Everytime or almost everytime I click on an app or go to the desktop and try to get on IE 10 (desktop version), my screen flashes and goes black for a few seconds then returns me to the screen with the space needle, then I click on it and it signs me back in. When I try to use Google Chrome, the websites freeze up on me. I don't want to have to reinstall/reformat as I paid $40 for this for one, and secondly, I don't want to have to repurchase Office 2010 as my licenses ran out. Please help. I ran every update that comes up and restart, but this doesn't change this issue. I'm hoping there will be a patch or service pack or some update that will fix this. Any ideas why it does this and any way to fix it without reformatting?

A:Windows 8 Pro, screen goes black and back to lock screen

I had the same problem at first. Then one day the listing of all my apps disappeared. I did a refresh and lost a lot of programs but the files were still there. Then I noticed that the problem with the apps had fixed itself and they worked. My feeling is that the initial install wasn't complete and the refresh completed the install. Recently, after loading my Epson printer's CD, the apps once again disappeared. Had to do a system restore. Now I am having trouble with my screen just being black and not coming on at all...even after a reboot. Win8 has a lot of problems.
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I have windows vista and the update didnt work. my computer ( acer extensa ) is in a black safe mode screen. i tried system restore and it said i dont have restore points. what to i do? thank you so much.
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Hi Guys I have samsung ativ book laptop with switchable graphics between Intel HD and ATI I have holding off on windows update because it failed last two times and gave me black screen after logon I had to restore restore , Blank screen System and they fail Update Windows during previous two occasions But outstanding windows update KB's has been piling up since so decided to do the fresh attempts this time I manually created restore points and then updated the windows I did have latest graphics drivers before update I thought Microsoft might have fixed this problem but turn out to be same issue Blank screen after logon with mouse cursor I used task manager to run msconfig boot into safe mode uninstalled Intel as well as ATI drivers After rebooting I still was getting blank screen with mouse cursor even though Windows Update , Blank screen and they System restore fail it was using basic Microsoft graphics driver So I concluded that its one of those windows update causing this problem I tried few things here and there but nothing worked so decided to restore But restore failed and windows went into diagnostic Windows Update , Blank screen and they System restore fail in startup it went on attempt to repair few time and finally said that I need to restore Windows showed me only restore point the recent one My manually created and previous restore points were wiped out So Windows Update , Blank screen and they System restore fail I clicked on whatever available That too failed Now my pc doesnt start I mean it start and shows only blank screen If I reach to repair menu there is no restore point found repair start up fails boot into safe mode with networking shows blank screen does anyone has any suggestion Of course I can take a backup and wipe out everything But would like to give it a try to fix it as I have taken lot of efforts to customize this Laptop Thanks Girish

A:Windows Update , Blank screen and they System restore fail

Can you get the command prompt?
With the command prompt it may be possible to find the updates and remove them.
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I just bought a new HP Envy 17.5 inch laptop.  I have found that if the screen is pushed back more than about 95 degrees that the screen goes black.  This is unacceptable as the screen needs to go back for easy viewing.  Is there a config setting I can turn off this?
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Hi Folks First time noob here thanks in advance for your patience and expertise It's been awhile so if you need additional information I'll be more than happy to get it for you in a timely manner Again thanks OMG Some really peculiar things have into Black Screen, Not HP with and Screen Back - 7 Does Boot Win CP, been happening in addition to your average no-boot situation Here's the story First some specs Win 7 Does Not Boot - HP Screen, into Black Screen with CP, and Back HP a n Came with XP upgraded to Win bit I think Win 7 Does Not Boot - HP Screen, into Black Screen with CP, and Back nVidia Win 7 Does Not Boot - HP Screen, into Black Screen with CP, and Back graphic card Ram I believe is GB I upgraded Processor Athlon V GHz HD GB I have an old one slaved in and I have an external drive as well A couple weeks ago got discouraged and busy at the same time so this is my first real attempt at fixing it I was doing some things on the computer with my mom when I unplugged the wireless keyboard from the USB Big mistake because I actually have done that before and had to reboot and baby it in order to get squared away and back to original running condition Anyway as soon as I pulled that USB the screen froze Usually I just reboot but this time it didn't happen So I tried unplugging everything and doing the whole reboot thing to no avail Today I spoke with a friend who suggested I do a disk boot I had the disk and tried it The weirdest thing happened - first the computer wouldn't recognize the keyboard wired by now and I unplugged restarted plugged in restarted etc I was finally able to get to the quot Boot from cd dvd quot any key thing and the keyboard worked to get me to the restoration screen So far - Startup Repair and - System Restore Hasn't worked So I pulled up a command prompt and that's pretty much where I am at this point BTW I've unplugged everything except the keyboard and occasional mouse Mostly it's been the keyboard and that's it but the mouse does help and so I've been using it intermittently to get me through the menus etc Ummmmmmm This is so confusing sorry So I guess I'm at the point where I was trying to get to the Safe Mode screen from the C prompt or X sources but I don't know the proper commands This is where I would like some help OR - If you have ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS - I would be very very appreciative Again thanks for taking the time to help a noob like me and I eagerly await the great information I'm sure you'll have for me Take good care and please let me know if you need any further information Best Maitai P S I just wanted to take the time to again thank all the folks who answer questions such as mine in a forum such as this one You folks are going to get a special cookie in heaven the afterlife or wherever we go after our time here on earth You're awesome Maitai

A:Win 7 Does Not Boot - HP Screen, into Black Screen with CP, and Back

So sorry to be asking this, but it's been a couple days and I'm still needing some of your good help. Is there anyone who can assist me to deal with this malady? I send many, many thanks to you all.

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I download bios my elitebook 2570p which running windows 10 64bit on this link run the installer, follow the wizzard guide, until the reboot button appeared. after i press the button, the notebook reboot but screen not lit up, just the keyboard leds were lit up.I pressed win + b button but with no luck, caps lock blinking, sometimes numlock also blinking.then i hard reset by removing battery and press the power button for 15 seconds, it become worse because when i plugin the charger, no sign of light charging.  Any help would be appreciated? Thank you very much
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I was using the Internet until it froze on me, the next I know, there's a blue screen and then it shut off. When I restarted the computer, it brings me to a black screen which has two codes
PXE-E61: media test failure, check cable
PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM.
I'm only able to do F2 which brings me to a menu screen called: PhoenixBIOS Setup Utility and F12 the restore option. it will not restore. When F12 is selected, it brings me to the Boot Menu which displays:
LAN (in white)
CD/DVD DVD/CDRW UJDA770- (SM) (in blue)
<Enter Setup>
but when selected, instead of restoring, it brings me back to the black screen. HELP!

A:Solved: Stuck at black screen, won't restore! Error Code: PXE-E61 media test failure
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Hello all
First time poster with problem after peforming sys restore on win7 pro 64bit.
Was troubleshooting a problem w/taskbar not staying hidden, tried to restore back 24hrs to when a java update occured. Restore seemed to proceed normally, but upon restart, it boots normally to just before the login screen would appear, then the screen goes black and all that is visible is the cursor , which I can still move.
But that's as far as it gets. Trying to boot in safe mode, or repair mode ends exact same way - can't boot in to try anything
Any ideas??

A:Black screen at boot with safe mode, system restore, or repair mode

no one has any suggestions? I also triedtoboot to my win7 dvd to see if I could attempt to repair but again, it only gets thru the windows bootscreen then goes black with only the mouse cursor showing as before.
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Hi everyone I'm having trouble with my Acer laptop This is what happened I recieved an automatic update for IE I tryed it out I did not like the new settings So I tryed to delete it it said that I Vista Windows Screen after into System Blue Login goes Screen. Error Restore No do not have permission to do that So I did a System Restore to go back to IE and it looked like it was doing it's thing Then it went into the Blue Error Screen I turned my laptop off and then back on No Windows Vista Login Screen after System Restore goes into Blue Error Screen. after a minute or so Everything looked ok all the intros still come on but quot Windows Vista Home Premium bit Full Version Login Screen or Welcome Screen quot does not load at all Just stays on a blank black screen with the mouse arrow I tried using the F options on the laptop but they have not done anything so far SafeMode does not work and apparently there are no Restore Points anymore No Backups either Command Prompt still works I did a scan and it said there is nothing wrong but there is Should I get the full version of Windows Vista Install Disk and use the Repair option from there You know where the disk has options like Install Uninstall Repair I'm not talking about a Recovery Disk with the same F options as my laptop

A:No Windows Vista Login Screen after System Restore goes into Blue Error Screen.

Originally Posted by staypuft

Hi everyone. I'm having trouble with my Acer laptop. This is what happened. I recieved an automatic update for IE9. I tryed it out, I did not like the new settings. I tryed to delete it, it said that I do not have permission to do that. So I did a system restore to go back to IE8 and it looked like it was doing it's thing. Then it went into Blue Error Screen. I turned my laptop off and then back on after a minute or so. Everything looked ok, all intros still comes on but "Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit (Full Version) Login Screen or Welcome Screen" does not load at all. Just stays with a blank screen and arrow. I tried using the F8 options on the laptop but they have done nothing so far. SafeMode does not work and apparently there are no Restore Points. No Backups either. Command Prompt still works. I did a scan and it said there is nothing wrong but there is. Should I get the full version of Windows Vista Install Disc and use the repair option from there? You know where it has options like Install, Uninstall, Repair? I'm not talking about a Recovery Disc with same F8 options.

Can someone please give me an explaination on how I can boot a disc from a DVD drive. I'm unable to login to Windows Vista, do I use the Command Prompts to boot a disc?
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Hello .. I really need help!!

I was restoring my system then my laptop's battery died and the system shut down.. I tried to turn it on again then the restoring process proceeds again untill it finished then I got the black screen, i tried to turn off my computer manually but I get the black screen after ASUS logo... I tried to press F8 and Esc but nothing happened.. I literally can't do anything but turn the system on and off.

Please help me!!

A:[SOLVED] Black screen after restoring system

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

It's always best to keep power to the laptop when doing these sort of things.

Do you have the Windows installation CD? Or any recovery CDs?
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I have an HP m9000t pavilion elite and i have had this problem since i got the computer in December: whenever I log off, the screen goes to sleep, as it does after 20 minutes of inactivity. This doesn't happen when I shut down, only log off or switch user. Does anyone know whats wrong? Thanks for the help

A:[SOLVED] Screen goes black when system logs off


if it helps, I had my old Compaq machine replaced with this HP one, but I am still using a Compaq monitor.It's a FS7600. Also, it is a VGA monitor, but my computer only has a DVI, so P sent me a DVI-VGA external adapter, but I don't think it is a hardware issue.
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My son has a Toshiba Satelite P that he just upgraded from Windows XP Home Premium to Windows -bit After to screen after upgrade login/welcome 7 goes before screen System black Win 32-bit the upgrade completed the computer booted fine The within minutes he got the BSOD and the system rebooted Now he can t get Windows to fully start We ve tried all of the options from F with no success We have the Toshiba System Recovery Disk but it won t launch The Boot sequence has been changed to boot from CD DVD and then the Hard Drive The Memory Diagnostic from the Windows disk ran fine with no errors I m thinking I might need to re-format wipe the drive to start fresh but don t know where to obtain System goes to black screen before login/welcome screen after Win 7 32-bit upgrade a boot CD no floppy drive on this laptop Does anyone recommend a software that I can purchase to clear everything without destroying the CD DVD accessibility so I can then use the System Recovery Disk to put it back to the original factory Settings

A:System goes to black screen before login/welcome screen after Win 7 32-bit upgrade

Toshiba, usually pressing F12 when the Toshiba Logo appears will get you to the Boot device menu. If not then,
Go here Choose the Download Tab, No Login required, That is for the Forums.

Download the user manual and see how to get to the boot from CD/DVD drive.

The Drivers tab will show the Toshiba drivers. They are needed for Windows 7, If no drivers for WIn7, Then don't, as getting all that are needed will be a royal pain.

I've even seen certain model of Toshiba that have a XP Bios and a different bios for Vista.

Good Luck
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Hi can anyone help me ive posted on another forum but have not been able to get any luck ive now been directed here This was my post any ideas on my problem http www bleepingcomputer com forums top ml entry Brief overview Everytime i load up I get a Black Screen prompt Before Welcome Screen The System hangs on until i click ok This window's Screen!, Welcome hangs I help.., Black I need Before this Xp System Screen/prompt mean pro really on prompt is always a different title with the name of a location Inside this pop-up window are square charaters usually two square characters It is square because my system cannot read I really mean this I need help.., Xp Black Screen/prompt Before Welcome Screen!, System hangs on pro that type of character I think thats why the are square characters So to get passed it to reach the Welcome screen I must click OK After I click OK the Welcome window comes up and then everything is ok as I am on my desktop screen http img imageshack us img omnk q cp d jpgThis is what it kind of looks like

A:I really mean this I need help.., Xp Black Screen/prompt Before Welcome Screen!, System hangs on pro

Black screen = Master Boot RecordSomethings not loading correctly;en-us;314503
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I have a Gateway NV U ? black recovery system screen disks, Can't [SOLVED] use with Windows -bit I was on the computer everything was fine then out of nowhere firefox crashed and an error screen came up but disappeared before I could even read it Restarted and the same problem windows would appear to load but crash and restart Then I would just get a black screen that had a loading bar saying windows loading when it finished it would just go to the Gateway logo and [SOLVED] Can't use system recovery disks, black screen ? restart never went anywhere Now the screen is just black on start-up Twice I've had something pop up on the screen for a second but it disappears so its not the screen I'm trying to use the system recovery disks but I can't when I start the computer the screen stays black it makes minimal noise and the cd drive doesnt usually run even if it does nothing shows up I have no idea where to even go from here any ideas

A:[SOLVED] Can't use system recovery disks, black screen ?

what are you running
video card
power supply

check the listings in the bios for voltages and temperatures and post them

d/load and run the h/drive makers diagnostic utility on the h/drive

Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
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I have an ongoing probem that I'm still trying to fix, one thing I have done is used Revo uninstaller to remove McAfee which I thought might be a problem. It removed all traces of McAfee and this and also seems to have taken system restore point with it!

When I open system restore I just a blank screen.

Is there anyway I can reinstall this option back to my PC.

Win XP

Thanks for any help

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Hi All Newbie Here Happy New Year To You All Big Freezes Solved: Screen Start Restore System Problem With My Desktop On XP Not Sure About Specs But Fairly Sure Its SP bit Turned The PC On And Came Up With The Blue Screen It Restarted Itself amp Now It Loads The Solved: System Restore Start Screen Freezes Pentium Logo Like Normal Then Loads Starting System Restore Page With A Loading Bar Underneath It It Then Freezes Like That There Is No Restore Disc In The Drive amp If I Put A Restore Disc In The Drive Same Thing Happens If I Repeatedly Tap F On Start Up I Get A Boot Menu But Each Option Just Loads Up The System Recovery Page Only Way To Turn It Off Is The Switch Behind Or The Power Plug The Pc Was Working Fine Last Time It Was Used Few Months Ago Now This Blue Screen Error Message Was Something Like quot KERNEL DATA INPAGE ERROR quot Technical Info quot STOP x a xe cfad xc xbf x f win k sys - address f base at f data stamp bdd c hope this helps really could do with this running don t mind if i have to loose my date not alot on there dont have a xp disc was pre installed when bought Thanks In Advance Mark nbsp

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I have a Dell Inspiron using Windows Vista bit I think and it s been giving a lot of trouble I decided to wipe the whole computer and start all over and I have all the discs to go with it I have tried to follow the instructions in the manual that came with the computer to do Factory Image restore but after it says to select repair your computer the system recovery options should appear where I should be able to proceed by entering language then typing ADMINISTRATOR But this window doesn t appear Another window opens instead saying Windows error recovery and gives an option to open with Windows vista Windows vista Yes twice or safe mode Is there another way of wiping the computer to factory settings Or another way to get to system recovery options so I Recovery' screen? keep to error Solved: 'Windows but Restore getting System do Need can continue with the factory image restoration I have backed up everything so I have nothing to lose and have all the discs Operating system drivers etc I have managed to fix my last laptop by doing a full wipe and reboot but Solved: Need to do System Restore but keep getting 'Windows error Recovery' screen? this is beyond me Any ideas Any help would be appreciated nbsp

A:Solved: Need to do System Restore but keep getting 'Windows error Recovery' screen?

It sounds as though the Factory Restore is corrupt. You will need to manually reinstall Windows, Drivers and Software back into the system. You can click the links below for information on loading Windows Vista, Driver Download Page.

Manual Install Windows Vista

Drivers Download Site

Driver Install Order

Thank You,
Dell-Jesse L
Dell Social Media and Communities
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Hello I'm currently in safe mode in my windows laptop which i can only access this computer by The reason is because when i try to boot windows regularly i get past the login screen then to be pwned by some black screen with my cursor only displaying What i think it's from I downloaded screen 7 Black care update/Advanced Windows system windows after a software from IOBit called Advanced system care then i ran a full system clean I came back Windows 7 Black screen after windows update/Advanced system care later to reset my laptop and encountered an update i let it update When the update was finished i started getting the Black screen of death Things i tried - System restore It couldn't find a restore due to the update - Uninstalling updates No difference was made - The CTRL ALT DEL then some link for the fix CTRL ALT DEL doesn't work - Start up repair Nope no difference - The sfc command It worked but still no difference I'm think pretty much stuck as i don't have a Windows CD although i have a formatted USB i'm considering downgrading to XP But i'm getting problems with that aswell All help will be appreciated

A:Windows 7 Black screen after windows update/Advanced system care

my first suggestion just to see if we can get you booting is to open msconfig
(just type it in the search box in the start bar)
go to the startup tab, and untick everything there.
Reboot normally and see if you load.
Hopefully it's a startup application.
If this works you can slowly retick the items in msconfig under the startup tab until you find the program actually causing the problem.
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I am using Acronis True Image Home 2010 as my back-up program and have a full back-up and (as of now) one incremental back-up on a portable hard-drive. My question is: should I need to restore my computer's system, how should I do it? That is, restore the full back-up and then the incremental back-up? (I see the size of the incremental back-up is less than 1/2 the size of the full back-up.) Thanks for any and all suggestions.

A:Solved: How to Restore System: Full Back-Up or Incremental Back-up?
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Hi everyone.  Sometimes a little knowledge is dangerous.  Here's what happened After an automatic update last night, my Envy 150 notebook screen stopped working.  I was able to connect to an external monitor with no problem.  I figured it was related to the update, so I tried to roll it back but was not successful.  So here's when I did the dumb thing: I thought maybe the monitor would work fine in safe mode, so I went into msconfig and checked the box to boot into safe mode. Well, now the display still doesn't work, but neither does the external monitor.  And I can't figure out how to get it out of safe mode because I can't see what I'm doing with no monitor.  Is there anything I can do to get out of this position? Thanks in advance.
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Hi,  My problem is that the screen keeps flashing black, just for a second, and then coming right back. It's not really a problem, but it seems like it's happening with increasing frequency.  The computer is fairly new--less than 6 months old. It's connected to wifi most of the time, I run Opera as a browser, and have a Dropbox account I'm hooked into. I only have about 4gigs free on the hard drive, and the memory (as shown in the task manager) is usually around 85%. I work online, and do have a lot of tabs open at once, so the load can get heavy (that's why I switched to Opera, it was freezing up with Firefox's heavy load). Any insight would be appreciated--I just want to know it's not heading towards a crash! Or if it is, if ther's anything I can do about it. Thanks!
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So I'm pretty tech savvy I feel embarrassed black, crashes Screen back, goes comes pc to have to come here as I usually solve my problems with a little TLC and Google My monitor will go black for a second come back go black come back It can do this at random intervals when my PC is idle when I'm in-game when I'm browsing the web It's not such a massive problem because the screen comes back But sometimes quite Screen goes black, comes back, pc crashes often actually my PC just hangs and automatically restarts My Graphics drivers are up to date Chipsets are up to date Bios is up to Screen goes black, comes back, pc crashes date Every driver on my PC is up to date and fully updated via windows update I checked event viewer and I'm getting event kernel-power error I'm under suspicion that it's my cheap PSU causing the issue but it's so sudden and it's worrying me that it could potentially be my GPU or my RAM TLDR Screen goes back and comes back when under load pc hangs and restarts event kernel-power error Specs CPU AMD FX- GPU Nvidia Geforce TI SC Ram GB DDR Mhz gb kingston hyperx gb corsair vengeance both are locked to via bios so they work fluidly together Operating system Windows Motherboard MSI gm-P FX I'm not sure if there's any information I'm missing but as I use my PC to work I'm sort of in a rush to get this annoying little problem resolved I would post the entire event viewer log but I'm unsure on how to do that I really need help here Thanks for taking the time If you know how to copy the entire log from event viewer let me know the more information I can provide the better
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Hello everyone Well heres the story i just got my doom of screen back! The Black is new computer put together specs GB Corsair DDR ram SATA hard drive old and used not new GB invidia GTS video card ASUS P N-D SLI mother board Intel Core quad GHZ DVD drive also old WATT power supply okay here is the problem i cant seem to install windows it hangs at completing install FOREVER so i decided to The Black screen of doom is back! just go back to the trusty windows XP the disk has windows XP home SP the install goes very well and i can create my windows accounts and all but as soon as i install the video drivers for my video card and restart my computer it will shot the XP logo and at the bottom the little bar running across then were its suppose to show witch account to log onto it just sits there with a black screen and a mouse keyboard wont respond only mouse and it will stay on that black screen forever its so annoying some one please help i got a starcraft beta key but my pc to run the game wont work Thanks for any help u guys can give

A:The Black screen of doom is back!

Hi there, You said you were trying to install Windows 7 but which version are you trying to install. As you mentioned XP install fine, is it possible to access safe mode when this black screen is displayed, restart your machine and keep pressing f8, then from the menu choose safe mode. This way we can rule the graphics card as the culprit.

The other thing I can thing of is that the driver your installing on XP, needs to be XP driver and I am sure you have probably done this already but it is good to check. You could try also installing an older version if provided on the graphics card manufcaturer.

I would personall run a test on the hard drive, I would start with a check disk which can be done using safemode + cmd , the recover console or a live CD. This way we can test the Hard Drive for errors. The live cd I would recommend is which provides many Hard drive testing.

I know the memory you have is new so I cannot say that you need to test it, however try the install with lesser RAM. I can't technically explain how in any way this will do anything, however when your troubleshooting you have to do many things.
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Hello, I have a dell latitude 6430u with windows 8 pro.
I have a very strange and very annoying problem - the screen seemingly randomly goes black with no cursor, anywhere in windows and then comes back again. Sometimes it remains black for just a second sometimes for twenty seconds. And it may continue going back and forth for up to maybe 5 times or more.
The computer is brand new (two weeks old). A this started about a week ago. But in the beginning it didn't go black randomly, but rather changed resolution randomly. I tried updating the graphics drivers and other drivers and maybe that caused the newer problem.
I would be grateful for any help,

A:Screen randomly goes black then comes back again

The computer is brand new (two weeks old)
return it! ............ and get another one
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Greetings all so lately I ve been having some problems with my Dell Vostro A that runs Windows Vista Home Basic -bit service pack Anyway recently I ve been having problems with my laptop I often leave my goes Screen on. won't black turn back laptop on while I m around the house doing things mainly it s downloading or running a virus check but when I return the screen is off which is good I set my screen to turn off after a few minutes but when I try to get the screen to turn on again Screen goes black won't turn back on. by pressing a key on the keyboard or clicking the touchpad or moving it nothing happens I can t get the screen to turn back on and so I am forced to hard reset my laptop which I really don t like to do When I start up the computer again it works fine but I notice that not much of my downloads or scan have been completed like the computer froze pretty early on At first I thought Screen goes black won't turn back on. it was a virus or something so I posted on the appropriate forums on here here is the link to that topic http www bleepingcomputer com forums topic html Unfortunately it appears that this isn t the problem so now I m here trying to find help to resolve this issue I hope someone out there knows the cause of this problem and a way I can fix it Thanks in advance
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Just bought an envy 360 get home and in the middle of using the notebook the screen goes black. I turn the computer off and back on. Screen comes back on but after a few minutes it goes black. You can tell the screen is still on cause you see light on the outside of the screen. Why did I choose hp. So dissatisfied
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So obviously I didn t really solve the problem because the reasons I thought it was happening before are not occurring this time at all Here is the original thread with the quot solution quot http forums techguy org games -solved-games-cause-monitor-go html So now I actually have a fresh install of Windows XP Speedfan says my temps are all around C and after a reboot Supreme Commander crashes my PC around seconds into a Same is black screen crash back... old map Screen goes black fans spin up sound glitches out etc Upon rebooting immediately the temp is still C If my processor or GPU were overheating so much that my PC crashed I d think the temp would stay Same old black screen crash is back... higher longer I ve had my GPU up to C and still was able to play games fine and I don t see my PC going from over C to C from the time it takes me to power off my PC to Windows loading Speedfan So here are some new theories RAM - I ran DXDiag and it said I have MB of RAM but after a clean reboot my page file was in use immediately Maybe I don t know what a page file really is but I thought it took over AFTER the RAM ran out If this is true does it mean my RAM is bad since the page file is being used as soon as Windows starts That would explain crashes pretty well PSU - It s an older PSU years so I guess I could see it going bad but aside from gaming I experience no problems whatsoever I don t really have the money to just go and buy another PSU to see if that was the issue Heat - Even though it sounds ludicrous a part of me is open to the idea of my PC overheating If any experts out there think that this could still be happening despite what I said above please say so I will gladly upload pics of my case so that you can recommend ways to cool it down Drivers - In the post that I linked to above Smiles n Grins suggested downloading older drivers for my card because the newer ones are defective I tried doing this again since it seemed to have worked for a little bit the last time but now I have a fresh XP install but all of the drivers from his link are for quot Quadro quot whatever that is and I can t install them I m not sure how I got it to work last time Thanks in advance you guys have been a lot of help so far with most of my problems nbsp
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Hello So on my computer something strange happens when I uninstall UxStyle It Black Post-Windows Flashing Black Screen Update UxStyle has broken my Windows install once and it has done it again The UxStyle Black Flashing Post-Windows Update Black Screen first time I kept on doing system restores to see what was the problem that made that black screen After trial and error I narrowed it down to UxStyle So I deleted Windows and installed Windows which is what I wanted in the first place Now I decided to triple-boot Windows with Vista and and it has succeeded I reinstalled UxStyle thinking it was just a problem with my old Windows install and then uninstalled it after a few days since I felt like the regular look was better I rebooted Windows and the same effect happened So I would like to know if I can get and replace those three patched DLLs with unpatched DLLs for Windows Could I just change the broken ones to have old next to them and then place the ones I get here there Also would sfc scannow work

A:UxStyle Black Flashing Post-Windows Update Black Screen

Hello lct01a, and welcome to Eight Forums.

A sfc /scannow will attempt to repair any modified or corrupted system files, so that would be a good first step.

SFC /SCANNOW Command - Run in Windows 8
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Dear point [SOLVED] time; every long failed. at Restore System Blue screen Experts Since Yesterday I am faced with a new problem After I start the system as usually goes to load personal settings and then long long blue screen more than - minutes later slowly every thing comes up Already faced with too long boot up time I [SOLVED] Blue screen long time; System Restore at every point failed. have my machine cleaned certified by [SOLVED] Blue screen long time; System Restore at every point failed. security experts in this forum I have winpatrol snoopfree scotty SuperAntispyware and ESET all recommended ones running It used to take a long time before Dell quick set comes up Now that blue screen time So I tried system restore strangely system restore at any time I choose comes with quot there are no changes quot error I copy the sr and sr services trace here I googled and found Norton does that I have no Norton on my system and I have searched for stray norton in my registry there is none Here is the log Event Type Error Event Source sr Event Category None Event ID Date Time PM User N A Computer ANAND Description The System Restore filter encountered the unexpected error ' xC F' while processing the file 'DESKTOP INI' on the volume 'DP x e - x c ' It has [SOLVED] Blue screen long time; System Restore at every point failed. stopped monitoring the volume For more information see Help and Support Center at Events and Errors Message Center Basic Search Data e N c Output of Erservices Event Type Information Event Source SRService Event Category None Event ID Date Time AM User N A Computer ANAND Description A restoration to quot System Checkpoint quot restore point failed No changes have been made to the system For more information see Help and Support Center at Events and Errors Message Center Basic Search Any help in above would be greatly appreciated I see multiple problems there My system config Latitude D windows xp SP complete to latest update Thanks a ton

A:[SOLVED] Blue screen long time; System Restore at every point failed.

Go to Start/Run and type chkdsk C: /R and press enter. The Command Prompt window appears (DOS). Now type a Y for Yes to run Check Disk at next bootup then manually reboot the computer. The Check Disk utility will run at next boot up and try and fix any file errors.
You also can download the ISO image for Seatools, WD DataLifeGuard or Drive Fitness in my signature and burn the image to a CD using IMGBurn also in my signature. And boot off of the newly created CD and run the Quick and Advanced tests on the HDD.
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Hi thanks startup, death Black at Solved: all blue with began screen screen a of for checking Solved: Black screen of death at startup, all began with a blue screen my question I haven t found an answer to my particular situation Dell xps m laptop w vista It all started with a blue screen w scrolling text after the fated restart The blue screen text said quot if this is the first time you ve seen this message quot and then comp restarted again showing the blue screen then restarted into windows repair mode after repair mode tried to fix Solved: Black screen of death at startup, all began with a blue screen the problem comp restarted then the screen went black blank right after the little windows loading animation where the bar keeps moving from left to right and there s a small windows logo It all happened fast so there may have been steps I forgot but that s the jist of it Now screen always goes black blank during startup after the windows loading animation so I can t start windows in normal mode I can start in safe mode if I manually force shutdown by holding the power button so I m not imploding with fear ok I am Possible causes This occured right after installing vista updates that restart was when I saw the blue screen Also occured the restart after running a patch called quot Vista TCP IP and UAC AutoPatch quot I downloaded it from softpedia the developer was listed as defcon and their website listed was securevista net but the site is down I found this out after the problem occured The patch had lots of positive reviews and lots of people on other sites also suggest using it to remove the limit of tcp connections which windows unnecessarily imposes Removing the limit supposedly increases P P filesharing speeds so it s a common approach to slow utorrent problems etc to patch the tcp sys file I have since quot unpatched quot it using the unpatch file which came with it but I m suspicious of the software developer now The patch originally disabled UAC user account control which is suspicious to me but I m not highly tech savy so I dunno if that s common or not I did also remove mcafee s security center I was busy I guess that was a mistake should always restart after each big change I apologize for the complication this creates in identifying the problem It s possible I did something else before the fatal restart if none of these three could be the culprit then I ll think harder about what that could be but for now these changes stand out in my mind I m assuming that windows repair mode s changes didn t cause this problem but I don t have any factual reason to believe that What could this be What can I do Thank you p s This is the last time I ever install software from a company that doesn t have an active website even if this wasn t the problem s cause nbsp

A:Solved: Black screen of death at startup, all began with a blue screen
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I've been working on a dell inspiron 1525 today and cant figure what is causing this problem.

The laptop boots, displays the post screen, and then the screen goes black.
You can boot into BIOS,
You can boot into the Boot menu.

You cannot boot into safe mode, the f8 key does nothing,
when using the boot menu, u can't boot into a windows disc to reload the operating system, it just goes black.
I did however manage to boot into a linux cd i have and run a HDD test (what passed) and a memory test (what also passed).

It does exactly the same on an external monitor aswell so I am lost with this one.

Any ideas would be appreciated

A:[SOLVED] Dell Inspiron 1525 - Screen goes black after POST screen?

Which OS is on the computer?
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Hello I ll go ahead and start from the very beginning Thanks in advance though for taking a look at my problem About a month ago my computer would give me a few problems while booting screen before Cant black Windows login boot, Solved: screen up I would start the computer it would run through BIOS run through the Windows loading screen and after that it would run the CHKDSK to make sure my disks are fine CHKDSK doesn t work it just freezes right before checking the disks so I restart and generally it will boot up Most of the time it would boot up perfectly but rarely would it go to the xp loading screen and then flicker as if it as Solved: Windows Cant boot, black screen before login screen going to go to the windows login screen but wouldn t The screen would just stay black and I d have to restart Solved: Windows Cant boot, black screen before login screen Next time generally it would work perfect So this brings me to the current day After the Solved: Windows Cant boot, black screen before login screen windows xp loading screen it goes black The computer is on but I don t see any activity for the HDD via the LED SO i go into safe mode i finally get CHKDSK to run I had to really mess with some stuff to get that working Windows says the volume is fine and the only way I can boot my PC is in safe mode but even that will freeze sometimes while loading some of the files Just to let you know I m running Raid and this is my first time running it I m not sure if this symptom is a common problem if one of the disks are going out Does anyone know whats going on Could it be a virus that messed with a boot ini or any startup stuff also is there anyway to remove problems within safe mode I tried removing anti-virus program thinking it might help but wont allow me nbsp

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Every so often my screen will go black and then immediately return to normal. I'm  running the most currect Video Driver. There's no rhyme and reason when it will do it and it doesn't do it that often..... What could be causing this?Thanks.


A:Yoga 900 Screen Flickers Black Then Goes Back On

Hello, Maybe you could try what Igra tells here:
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I'm using Win Home Premium on my Asus desktop and am not a PC expert but managed up. starting TIMES screen after at Black back to get things so that after minutes it either sleeps or hibernates not sure which it's called in a way where the power usage goes down to about watts and the monitor screen shuts off too I think the HD shuts down too Then when I come back and click the left mouse button I can hear some kind of motor start back up in the PC and it takes me to my password screen I enter it and go back to what I'm doing without the need to reboot I like it this way But SOMETIMES instead of waking up like that I just get a black screen and nothing - no way at all to wake it up I have to shut off the power at the UPS turn Black screen at TIMES after starting back up. it on then do a complete reboot from the power on switch Is this a flaw in Win that it does that sometimes

A:Black screen at TIMES after starting back up.

Could be just a transient glitch/bug. You say this is a now and then thing? How often? I'm sure the "motor" you hear is just the HDD starting back up (spinning). How often between times does this happen? In my experience, and others may differ, I've found its best to shut your machine completely off every now and then. Thats not a recommendation, o.k., as not all agree on this, but it works for me. If this happens with some regularity, you could 1.) run a memory test 2.) Run a sfc/scannow to check/repair any corrupted system files. I'll post links to our tutorials on how to do these. Just click on the blue link and follow instructions. Hope this helps!

Memory Diagnostics Tool

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker
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This problem is been happening for some time now. I have not used this computer for a while. I update the Geforce driver and also all the window updates. I ran malware check and antivirus scans everything comes up clean. What can I do to solve this issues, I am at a loss and our local Microcenter Tech group says everything checks out. The screen will go black then may or may not pop back up. If it does pop back up there is a error message that says Video Driver Kernel error version 358.91 or the computer will reboot then post a message that it recovered for a system error. Any help on this would be great. Thank you.

A:Screen goes black and sometimes comes back with kernel error

That error seems to indicate a known problem with nVidia drivers.
Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post. 
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hey i recently bought the 'complete edition' of BF2 including bf2, special forces, euro force and armoured fury. i've successfully installed bf2 and special forces but each time i double click on the desktop icon it loads up a small screen with the battlefield 2 logo on it, then my whole screen goes black like it should. but then it always returns to my desktop as if nothing has happened, without a tab in the bottom panel thing.
i've tried adjusting the screen refresh rate in the Video.con file through notepad to match my computer's, and also i've tried running the program as administrator and also in compatibility mode (xp sp2). what more can i do?

A:Battlefield 2 - Black Screen Then Back To Desktop


I had the same issues(and more) with BF2 with a Vista 64 bit install on a new PC a couple weeks ago. You appear to be doing the right things by running as administrator and XP compatibility mode. Hmmm...I assume you are actually logged in as an administrator with admin rights set up, correct? And when you run BF2 you are right clicking the shortcut and selecting run as administrator from the options there? Mine works fine now using the above procedure. The only other problem I had was crashing to desktop when in an online game. This problem appeared out of the blue at the beginning of April. BF2 would CTD after anywhere between 1 and 20 minutes..every time online. Turns out this started happening to many, many others.

It appears to be a new problem with the EA Download Manager. Once I uninstalled that and reinstalled BF2 from disk and run the game from disk the problem went away. So, if you are using the EA DM, you may want to uninstall it and see if installing and running from disk fixes your proble.

the only other thing I can think that I have read about causing this would be a conflict with you vid card and drivers., but I'm not up to speed with that particular issue.

Good luck.
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To give a bit of a background - I had to change the mothboard of my system comes Screen couple of back black goes for a and seconds up last month because of an incident of burnt PSU Coming to Screen goes black for a couple of seconds and comes back up the current situation - since the last few weeks I have noticed that when I am viewing a video on fullscreen mode I would often hear a system alert sound like the one you get when you plug and unplug in a pendrive It doesn't occur always though I immediately check Screen goes black for a couple of seconds and comes back up the events viewer to see if it has logged anything but no errors warning show up there that could describe what happened at that time Moreover the screen often turns black for a couple of seconds and comes back to normal Sometimes before it comes back to normal I could see my screen changing to a much lower resolution and then back to the original one Again nothing related to graphics or monitor in the event viewer My system specs - AMD FX - CPU Asus M A L-M-USB AMD Radeon HD GPU Corsair Vengance - GB x CM B PSU Corsair MX- - GB SSD Seagate - RPM - GB Seagate - RPM - GB This didn't start happening following a clean install btw I have searched for updates to my graphic drivers but found no new updates The monitor is quite old though - - yrs I guess What could be happening here Many thanks
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Screen randomly goes black then comes back on, no message saying display driver has stopped working. Happens every 10-15 minutes. Fresh install of windows 7 too. Anyone has this problem before? Should I try re-seating GPU?

A:Screen goes black for a second then back on without any error messages

ok so its not ever 10-15, just went 2 hours without it happening, wasn't doing anything GPU intensive, reading my mail..
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On this recent windows update, 2/14/13, my computer froze on the "Preparing to configure windows" screen for several hours. I rebooted normally and the screen went to "configuring updates" and stuck at 67% for about an hour. I got frustrated with it and rebooted to safe mode to see if I could do a system restore and when I did it said there was no restore point back up!! What the hell? So I rebooted normally and now it is still just sitting on the "Preparing to Configure Windows" screen with the circle spinning. I am using W7 Ultimate on a Dell Dimension 2400. Can anyone help me with this issue?

A:Windows update froze, go to safe mode and no system restore back up

Hi davron94,

If there is no 'Restore Point' available, you may try uninstalling the recent 'Windows Updates' in 'Safe Mode' and try booting to 'Normal Mode' again: Windows Update - Uninstall an Update
Note: Please create a new 'Restore Point' before attempting this step: System Restore Point - Create

Hope this helps. Do reply with the findings.
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I turned off System Protection and when I did a windows update I thought I saw a message that said "creating restore point". I checked and it did turn it back on. That is annoying. I want it to be off permanently.


i forgot, i triple boot the following:

win xp pro 32 bit
vista business 64bit
windows 7 pro 64bit

A:Disabled System Restore/Protection, windows update turns it back on

Windows Update always does the Creating Restore Point regardless if it is off. It does not turn it back on ever.
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After a system restore I get a black screen after password entry. I can access task manager and see 5 processes running. I'm able to click a restart and my pc then boots properly. I've searched and know this issue is long-traveled but I'm wondering if this restore issue is unusual and if I should be concerned.

The only device I added recently is a cable modem, but I think I've seen this happen before. I also just restarted with no issue.


A:Black Screen After Restore

IME there are 2 different "solvable" causes for the black screen error (and goodness knows how many unsolvable ones).

The first is malware. Malware removal by a qualified malware removal pro will usually fix these things.
The other is outdated drivers. Updating the drivers will also usually fix these things.
But the critical piece here is the ability to get into Windows. If you can't get into Windows, then there's no easy way (IME) to fix it.
As a 3rd suggestion, I'd suggest running SFC.EXE /SCANNOW from an elevated (Run as administrator) Command Prompt.
You may want to create another Administrator account to see if the system does this with it also. If it doesn't, then there's an issue with the user account - and you'd be best served by transferring your data to the new user account.

At work we used to work on them (black screen issues) for a while (up to 2 weeks) before we gave up and formatted them. But there's just too many different things that can go wrong and cause this issue.
Now we only try restoring the system with a System Restore point. If that doesn't work, then we backup the data, perform hardware diagnostics, wipe the hard drive, and install Windows "clean" with updated drivers (NEVER use the driver CD that came with your system/mobo - it's outdated even before you get it!!!).
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So here's the deal screen Black Windows [SOLVED] after screen loading starting from the beginning Note I've been away for about a year and I just got back today I'm pretty psyched about Starcraft so I tried to install it a couple hours ago [SOLVED] Black screen after Windows loading screen The software failed to connect to the Internet to validate the installation At the suggestion of a member of another forum I ran ComboFix exe It totally fixed the problem I could have [SOLVED] Black screen after Windows loading screen stopped there but I was a little greedy I then installed Windows Updates on my computer up to but not including XP Service Pack I did this because SC II more or less asked me to I restarted upon completion and the problem began After the Windows loading screen the screen becomes black Shortly afterward there is no more input to the monitor it turns off I hear a beep every seconds from my computer but nothing else This continues until I restart Safe Mode and Last Known Configuration do not work I have the Recovery Console installed but I don't know what to do with that Unfortunately I disabled System Restore quite a while ago to save space I am fairly certain the culprit is these Windows updates What I would ideally like to do is well uninstall them I don't know how to navigate the text workspace of the Recovery Console though and I don't even know if it can be done I'd really appreciate any help at all It's so unfortunate that my computer worked great after a year of sitting idle and then I went and messed it up in an hour

A:[SOLVED] Black screen after Windows loading screen

Use an XP Installation Disk to run chkdsk, and hope your problem is HD errors.

If Safe Mode, Last known good configuration and System Restore are all not working, the only thing left is a Repair Installation.

Do you have a XP Installation disk ?
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Hey, im new here ive tryed a couple of other site but no luck so, my problem here is that like a week ago this thing popped up about opera gold its a nice ware has ended and needs to close? so i clicked dont sent then my computer shut off, ok so i turned it back on and after the bios flash screen (where it says press f2 for setup Ect.) it just goes to a black screen. I've tried starting in safe mod it just keeps getting stuck on KDCOM.DLL and just sits there. Anyone got a clue what could be the problem?


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So this has been happening for quite some time now. While in game in almost every game, my screen will periodically freeze and turn black, then after a few seconds come back on to renew game play. This ONLY happens when I am in-game, not while anything else is happening on my computer. During this I can still hear audio from all sources but the game itself. The frequency of this varies from game to game, and some are even free of the problem, but it's become very tiresome. I've tried everything I could think of to fix the problem, including backdating and updating my drivers, but I'm no expert. I can only assume this has something to do with my card, any help would be appreciated

I've got 8 gigs of ram, an Nvidia Geforce GTX 660, CPU is a 2x 3200 MHz, couldn't tell you about the motherboard other than it came with the factory built tower.

A:Screen periodically turns black during gameplay then comes back on

Are you running the fan speed at automatic? I was having the same problem with my Radeon HD 7770 when the fan speed was set to auto. Going to a manual fan speed of 60% solved the problem and my GPU runs a lot cooler. Go into your Nvidia control panel and try setting the fan speed above 50% and play your game, bump it higher if you still get black screens. It makes your PC a little louder, but it's better than damaging your card with excess heat.

I don't think that the automatic fan speed modes work on either Radeon or Nvidia cards in the last few sets of drivers, based on the forum complaints that I've been reading lately.
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Hi, I'm having a problem with my Dell Latitude E6400. When I'm not using it for a while the screen goes black (like into a sleeping mode) like all computers and laptops do. But if it stays black for a little while, and when I go to get back on it and move the mouse around or press the keys the screen won't turn back on but the computer is running because the light on the keyboard are lit up and I can hear the fan running. The only way I can get the screen back on is if I shut it down by pressing the power button on my keyboard and turning it back on.

Can anyone please tell me what to do or what is wrong with it. That would be much appreciated. Thank you

Being thirteen doesn't mean I don't know what I'm talking about.​
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About 75% of the time when I Restart/Reboot my PC (with XP OS) I get only a black screen after it goes down. In other words, when I Restart it takes the system down but doesn't bring the system back up again. I get no BIOS information, no mouse cursor...nothing - just a black screen. When this happens I have to shut off the PC using the On/Off button on the tower (which I'm always able to use successfully) and when I turn the PC back On again the OS system always comes back (as it should). As I said, this problem only happens about 75% of the time when I Restart/Reboot. This has been happening for at least a few months, but I don't really think about it until I Restart it because I leave the PC on 24/7. Any ideas what the problem may be?
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I have a new ProBook G that I use most of the time with a Dell monitor w connected via the DisplayPort with the lid closed and after to monitor screen Black switching back external on the ProBook If I Black screen after switching to external monitor and back lift the lid on the ProBook the display switches to the laptop fine and if I close the lid it switches back to the external monitor Black screen after switching to external monitor and back fine However if I switch inputs on the monitor to view a different computer then switch the monitor back to view the DisplayPort that the ProBook is connected to the ProBook will not display either on the external monitor or on its own screen if I open the lid on the ProBook the display on the ProBook is black as well The only way I have found to recover the display on the ProBook is to force the laptop down by holding the power key until it powers off then powering it back on and letting it boot up I have tried cycling the lid and waiting to see if the ProBook will eventually output on the DisplayPort or the ProBook screen It won t I have tried the Windows P keys without effect as well as unplugging the DisplayPort cable from the ProBook but the display on the ProBook will not come back on The ProBook boots up fine on the external monitor nbsp I have found that if I open the lid on the ProBook before I switch the input on the monitor away from the ProBook then switch the monitor back to the DisplayPort connected to the ProBook and close the lid it switches back to the external monitor fine If I forget to open the lid on the ProBook before switching the external monitor away from the ProBook that is when I get into this black screen issue nbsp Prior to the ProBook I had a HP EliteBook p The EliteBook did not have this issue Lifting the lid on the EliteBook would ALWAYS cause the screen on the laptop to restore nbsp Power options are set to never turn off the display and never put the computer to sleep while plugged in which it always is When I close the lid is set to Do nothing The power button is set to put the ProBook in sleep mode when pressed I thought that I could use the power button to put the ProBook to sleep when it is the black screen mode in hopes that when I brought it out of the sleep mode the screen or monitor would come back Oddly when it is in the black screen mode the power button will not put it in the sleep mode nbsp Interestingly if I just power the external monitor off then back on it does not put it into this black screen mode nbsp Any ideas on how to recover the ProBook from a black screen without doing a forced power down
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XP pk Black Screen usb more than on 2 back starting in plugs if the Black installed Screen comes up comes up on starting if more than usb plugs installed in the back I have Windows Xp Professional Version Service Pack --Intel R core TM Duo CPU E GHZ GB Ram The Black Screen comes up straight away when ever starting cold It says quot A disc read error occured quot quot press Ctl Alt Del to start quot If I do that quick enough windows comes on ok but leave it a while and it goes to a blue screen and then some times I have had to reconfiger the Bios boot priorities back to looking at the right hard drive M ST AS as it somehow changes it Strangly this is only happenes if more than usb plugs are installed in the back Starts straight into windows fast if black and white printer and the Ethernet cable is pluged in but if I put in a usb hub or even other usb plug such as my colour printer or the web cam or my pen drive up comes the black screen If I plugthe USB plugs in after it has stared then it and they go OK nbsp
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Hi all Not sure how to say that sleep back long screen from after black mode in english In french its called mise en veille prolong When I close the screen panel of my Hp b laptop it get in sleep mode But when I open the screen flip open the screen is black and the computer black screen after back from long sleep mode seems to works fine The backlight works and the hdisk works But impossible to get image on the screen It does that since the laptop is new We got of those laptop at the job black screen after back from long sleep mode and does the same thing The informatic departement seems they solve the problem but they dont want to help me since they are get pay to work at the job but not for me -O amp quot I heard its from the usb wakeup mode from Hp not windows but I cant find where I get to the power management of the peripherics I read tone of replies of this problem on the net but did not find anything that works Most problems are -bad pilot -bad usb peripherics -virus Denis nbsp

A:black screen after back from long sleep mode

It is a common problem on hp laptops.
See this

Try Manually pressing Fn+F4

You may find that hibernation will work, whilst sleep will not, as sleep retains power to ram and many HP`s had a problem with the graphics card operating properly after sleep mode.
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When I closed my laptop today, the silver back came away from black border around screen on the lower left corner by tne hinge.
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Hello team About since the beginning of this week My computer would without reason turn off the screen goes black and reboots This has happened about times now this week but prior to that it has never done this At first my primary suspect in my mind was Firefox Flash Shockwave because the time the shut-off happens it's when I was online I updated all software and reduced hardware acceleration in response However the last time this has happened I was not online so I'm ruling Firefox and Shockwave out I ran some heat tests with SpeedFan and my cores and GPU seem optimal unless occasionally exceeding C is a problem so I can probably rule overheating out it's not like the fans roar before the computer shuts off I did virus scans Screen) Computer Shuts Turns And Back (black On Off and they came up clean I have Computer Shuts Off And Turns Back On (black Screen) a Dell Studio XPS MT that has approached its th year this summer All of its hardware is stock except the power supply I had it replaced around May of this year because the original died out unexpectedly However since that time I had no problems with the new one I could give the name of the power supply but I don't have it on-hand at the moment Thank you for any assistance you can provide

A:Computer Shuts Off And Turns Back On (black Screen)

Hi Welcome to PCHF,

The following will help gathering some more information from the system...

Download MiniToolBox and save the file to the Desktop.
Close the browser and run the tool, check the following options:
List last 10 Event Viewer logList Devices (select Only Problems)List Users, Partitions and Memory sizeList Minidump FilesList Restore Points
Click on Go.

Post the resulting log in your next reply.
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My screen will sometimes go black for a few seconds and the sound stops but when the picture come back the sound doesn't This only happens if I'm using my monitor connected by as my default sound device but when I use my headset that is no there when a picture sound goes few back Screen the black seconds, come for connected by optical wire there is still sound when switched back to my monitor there is still no sound The problem also makes it so that I can't make my hidden taskbar Screen goes black for a few seconds, when the picture come back there no sound rise when I mouse over it when I'm on the Chrome Screen goes black for a few seconds, when the picture come back there no sound window although I can still get to the taskbar by pressing the Windows button on my keyboard Restarting is a temporary fix although whenever it turns off it gives me a notification about Waiting for explorer exe to close picture of message then I have to click a button to force close that program My computer closes it automatically when my headset is set as my default sound device This problem has only ever occurred when I play League of Legends but for the most part I'm playing League when on my computer System specs OS-Windows Home Premium bit GPU-Nvdia GTX CPU-Intel i k Motherboard-Gigabyte Gaming Power Supply- W Bronze RAM- GB Monitor-BenQ GL