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Windows 7 and restricting \ controlling CD\DVD

Q: Windows 7 and restricting \ controlling CD\DVD


We need to restrict several Windows 7 (32) desktops with staff, Server 2003 really does not have anything, same as Win7 GPEDIT, seems to be all or nothing, however,

From the Windows 7 desktop:

- Windows 7 Explorer
- Go to the DVD\CD
- Right-Click Properties
- ?Sharing?
- Advanced Sharing
- ?Share this?
- Permissions
- Add Domain (User1, User2, Etc) or create a Domain group ?AllowWin7CD? and add user to this,
- Remove default ?Everyone?

Anyone see a security or problem with this? Simply sharing as a network resource and assigning domain rights.

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Preferred Solution: Windows 7 and restricting \ controlling CD\DVD

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I established a computer just for clients to login to for their data files I just getting ready to go live but noticed under the Properties gt Security Tab for several of the more critical folders Program Files Users Windows includes the following quot Group or user names quot Users Administrators TrustedInstaller SYSTEM CREATOR OWNER Also noticed the c USERS folder and the user names within it are visible I hid just the user folder but could Controlling/restricting access. remote file multiple users still change to c users and view its folders Am I correct that these seem like to glaring security issues I have set myself up Controlling/restricting multiple users remote file access. in the administrator group and the remote access users with quot limited quot access in the users group Should I or is there any reason not to restrict the Program Files Program Files x Windows folders to the Administrator group only or will this probably prevent the users from using running the programs as well Should each user be granted specific permission plus me as the administrator instead of Group level User permission of their individual c users username folder Can should the c Users username folders be hidden Any suggestions are appreciated

A:Controlling/restricting multiple users remote file access.

Post Follow-up:

Well, just realized one problem with hiding c:\users or their sub-folders. Seagate dashboard (ver backup utility to 3tb USB doesn't "see" the hidden folders to backup -- that's a problem....

I un-hid the folders and now backup "sees" the folders

Still looking for suggestions...
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we have 2 computers users which are misusing their pc, copying lots of video clips and watching video on their computers, want to know how can i block access in windows for restricting the dvdrw, and restrict pendrive on a specific user account, and restrict video playback on specific account on windows 7 pro..

A:restricting access in windows 7 pro

If this is for a company, then it is rarely a good thing to use computer lock down steps against users like you mentioned. They might decide to spend their time finding ways to mess with information that is important to the company.

They might see the lock down as a challenge and spend their time finding ways around the restrictions that you have put in place.

Allow Users To Run Only Specified Programs in Windows 7 - How-To Geek

You would have to tell us a lot more about what these users are supposed to be doing on the computer in order for us to formulate a lock down plan. And off the top of my head, I don't know how to prevent a user from using a USB port (pen drive) and yet allow other users to use that port.
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We would like our end users to login into DOMAIN. If user cancels logging into DOMAIN then all option should be disabled such CDROM, USB,RUN,CONTROLPANEL ETC. How to achieve this?

We would like to force end user to log-in into the DOMAIN. Once he logs in, he should be given privileges using Active Directory.


A:Restricting windows XP Desktops

You answered your own question. If you have a Domain controller, You set up Group Policies and privileges on the Domain Controller in Active Directory for each users. Once they log into the domain there Active Directory profile will come into affect. If there is not a local user profile on the computer, then they can't log into the computer, once the computer has been added to the domain.
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I've been searching for a few days now, and haven't been able to find anything regarding this, but perhaps some one here can help. I need to disable the buttons on WMP as well as disabling the esc comand from the keyboard. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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I have just obtained a new machine, which will also be used by some children for basic learning. I would ideally like to restrict use of the machine under their profiles so that they cannot, for example, change system settings, change the registry, change display settings, create shortcuts to programs for which I have not given them access via the start menu or desktop, etc.

I used to use a program called poledit.exe in order to restrict individual profiles, but that only functioned under Windows 95 and Windows 98 SE1. I am currently using Windows XP Pro. Does anybody have any suggestions of an alternative program I would be able to obtain in order to restrict individual profiles in the way I have suggested, or another method for receiving this same result? Many thanks in advance for your responses.


A:Restricting user profiles in Windows XP Pro

You can, under your administrator account, add a new user, and choose the limited account option. Under Control Panel>Admin Tools>Local Policies you can look through there and disable/enable functions from there.
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We are having problems with PCI scans that show "the remote service supports the use of weak/anonymous/medium strength SSL ciphers", is there any way of disabling these in Windows 7?

A:Restricting weak ciphers in Windows 7

Please try these steps to disable it in this article:
Please Note: Since the website is not hosted by Microsoft, the link may change without notice. Microsoft does
not guarantee the accuracy of this information.
Hope that helps.
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Does any one know how to stop the libraries folder appearing when you log into windows 7 on a network using a gpo

A:Controlling windows 7 libraries with GPO

You can use the del command to delete it.
If you want to disable Windows 7 Libraries, have a look to this article "How to Disable Windows 7 Libraries":
You can use the mentioned solutions as scripts via GPOs. 

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties or guarantees , and confers no rights.
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Can anyone tell me or point me somewhere on the web where I can get information on what keyboard commands I would need to be familiar with in order to work (at least to get the task manager window and maybe a couple of others like this opened)? I'm asking this specifically for those rare instances when the mouse isn't functioning at all.

A:Controlling my Windows PC via the keyboard
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Good day I am currently experiencing the following errors with my Windows -bit Toshiba Satellite laptop - I am being blocked from 64-bit laptop on Malware Potential restricting windows access 7 my User Profiles intermittently when I try to log in during and after start up I am getting this error message quot Windows is unable to load user profile Please try again later quot - I am unable to use my phone as a USB device when it is connected to my laptop even though my drivers are up to date the cable is working properly I have tested it on other phones the phone is unlocked and the relevant settings were adjusted on my phone so that the phone can function as a USB device and allow me to view files on a PC laptop It even gives me the option to safely remove Potential Malware restricting access on windows 7 64-bit laptop my device on the task bar Potential Malware restricting access on windows 7 64-bit laptop when it is connected to me device yet I cannot open it to view files - My anti-virus programs are not updating Both AVG and Bitdefender were unable to update on the laptop Currently I am only using Bitdefender - The desktop configuration file is in all my folders as Potential Malware restricting access on windows 7 64-bit laptop a hidden file along with the System Volume Information RECYCLE BIN Program Data folder as hidden files When I tried to delete them in safe mode the Program Data and System Volume Information Folders don t move and the other two hidden files come back eventually - I cannot access my Microsoft Office programs Below are screen shots of what occurs when I try to enter a Microsoft document quot Configuring Process Configuring Microsoft Office Professional Plus quot - quot Preparing to install quot quot Preparing wait while Windows configures Microsoft Office Professional quot quot Error Setup cannot find the required files Check your connection to the network or CD-ROM drive For other potential solutions to this problem see SETUP CHM quot Then the program closes then I get this error message quot The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable Click OK to try again or enter an alternative path to a folder containing the installation package ProPlusWW msi quot in the box below quot This is the link the shows up in the Use source text box quot C MSOCache AllUsers - - - - - quot When I tried to select the box to get the use source the dialog box with the error message disappeared br br - All of my programs are gone except Internet Explorer the Accessories program folder Bitdefender Maintenance Notepad folder the startup folder WINRAR br br br Can you assist me please I though that this was the Recycler virus virus so I have tried implementing the steps explained in this link to no avail en kioskea net br br br Thank you in advance div class messageTextEndMarker nbsp div blockquote article div div class messageMeta ToggleTriggerAnchor div class privateControls span class item muted span class authorEnd a href members cia ci ci class username author dir auto cia ci ci a span a href threads potential-malware-restricting-access-on-windows- - -bit-laptop title Permalink class datePermalink span class DateTime title Dec at PM Dec span a span div div class publicControls a href threads potential-malware-restricting-access-on-windows- - -bit-laptop title Permalink class item muted postNumber hashPermalink OverlayTrigger data-href posts permalink a div div div id likes-post- div div li ol input type hidden name xfToken value form div class pageNavLinkGroup div class linkGroup This thread has been Locked and is not open to further replies Please start a New Thread if you're having a similar issue br a href https techguy org welcome style margin View our Welcome Guide to learn how to use this site a div div class linkGroup style display none a href javascript class muted JsOnly DisplayIgnoredContent Tooltip title Show hidden content by Show Ignored Content a div div div id mjcThreadBottom... Read more
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I keep my laptop with standard windows 8 on. But when I go out, I would like to remote control laptop using ipad or android tablets. I tried teamviewer. It makes lot of data traffic. But I am not sure whether that is optimal compared to other free remote control softwares available. I tried with logmein also. But logmein does not free have android app. Any light thrown on this will be appreciated. My criteria is
1) free software
2) with less internet data traffic compared to others
3) ease of use


A:remote controlling windows 8 laptop

I use PocketCloud for iOS on both my iPhone and iPad. I am unsure if there is an Android version.

The limitation would be that you will not be able to use RDP with the standard version of Windows. But the only real advantage of this is that it is easier to setup and doesn't require a 3rd party service to run continuously on your PC.
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Does anyone know how I can control my startup programs in win2000? I have removed everything from my startup menu but there is still a lot of programs starting up (i.e real player and others I have installed which are not win2000 specific). If win2000 does not have an efficient way of doing this is there a third party program that I can use? Also, does anyone know a list of services I can shut down to improve the performance of my computer without harming the OS? Thanks in advance!


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So I installed Windows 10 on to my system, but I have not hooked it up to the Internet. Call it paranoia, but I want to make sure Win10 does not go rogue on me before I let it go to the net.

But then I found this program called O&O Shutup10 which seems to shut down a lot of the privacy items. I have not used it, maybe tomorrow I will have time to play with it, but has any one here heard of this program? And does it truly do what it says it can do?

Just some poking around Win10 I found some settings, but they are in different areas. This program seems to put it all in one area to view. Just wondering.

A:Controlling Privacy in Windows 10, Could it be true?

I'm sure there are programs that can do such but many I believe wouldn't use those types of programs simply because their level of paranoia isn't as high as those that have things to hide from . We live in a world nowadays there is no such thing as privacy, no matter what one tries to do . Thanks to the ways things are in the middle east, life as we know it ( PRIVACY ) is gone . Also, many don't care for illegal programs or what ever.
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I use Windows Explorer extensively. But I am constantly annoyed about the same problem. I use descriptive (long) file names and when I open an Explorer folder, the file name column is not wide enough to display the complete file name. Of course, I can widen it and then "refresh" but when I open another folder, it also has narrow "file name" column, etc.,. And after I reboot, the problem occurs again. Does someone know of a way to modify "something" that will make the column widths stay where they are set? Thanks bobhen

A:Solved: Controlling Windows Explorer

Go to the Microsoft Knowledge Base and look up Article # s310297. This tells you how to do the job.
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Hey mates,

This is a very "beginner"question. I'm somewhat familiar with windows (not as much as I thought or wanted to be) , but basically the problem is this. Windows shuts down on a regular basis in the middle of work, quitting every program, reboots, and isntalls updates. I am pretty sure this is related ot the "action center" and whatnot, but how do I control that so that it
asks if it wants to restart (in the past, it asked to postpone 10 min, 4 hours etc) now it doesnt' seem to be doing that.
where I set how frequently it does that.


A:Windows 7 Auto-update (controlling it)

This workaround will stop it happening: Disable Install Updates And Shutdown Option In Windows 7/Vista

Or you can reconfigure Windows Updates:
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I have wasted far too much time trying to figure this out on my own so I thought I'd simple ask I have two Win machines both bit Home Premium Controlling Explorer re expanded Windows folders Sp When create a shorcut to a folder eg SongDB Controlling Windows Explorer re expanded folders windows explorer launches exactly as I expect it to with the SongDB folder expanded in the left pane As I drill down in the right pane to find my file the left pane properlty shows me the nested folder path Perfect On Controlling Windows Explorer re expanded folders my other Win machine when I do the same thing it behaves differentely The left pane goes to the the top of the drive and stays there As I drill down on the right pane I have no idea what folder I am in I tired to find the setting to fix this - It should not have to be this hard but I gave up Controlling Windows Explorer re expanded folders after minutes of total frustration It hsould have taken a few seconds So I give up - where is the setting

A:Controlling Windows Explorer re expanded folders

Hello Mediaman,

Right clicking on a empty area in the Navigation Pane, and checking the Expand to current folder option should be the one you are hunting for.

Navigation Pane - Automatically expand to current folder

You might also want the Show all folders option checked as well. You could test with it checked and unchecked to see how you like it or not though.

Hope this helps,
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I have a large living room. On one end of the room is a Windows 7 computer connected to speakers and a media system. This has all my music contained on it.

On the other end of the room, I have a netbook. However, to change the music on my desktop, I have to get up off my sofa, walk over to the desktop PC and change tracks on the desktop PC. I want to be able to control everything from the netbook.

Is there a good music server that I can run on my desktop PC that allows me to change the tracks, play and pause from my netbook from a web interface?

A:Controlling Windows 7 music server from another computer

Welcome gibson321,

If both are connected to the internet, you could use Freeware TeamViewer to remote connect to the desktop.
I use it to connect to other computers in my workplace & at home when testing out various systems.

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I purchased a GMYLE Windows media remote to control dvd software on my computer which works fine but the remotes nav, play and pause buttons etc also at the same time controls iTunes, is there a way to stop the remote controlling iTunes?
Just some info, obviously it does not happen when iTunes is closed but I like to keep it running all the time to download podcasts in the background and don't really want to keep closing it when I want to watch a dvd.

Also I went into iTunes/preferences/devices and ticked the box "only allow paired or home sharing remotes to control itunes" but every time I open iTunes preferences again the box is un-ticked.

A:Stop Windows remote Controlling iTunes?

Isn't there a way to remove iTunes from the device? I mean, it must have support software running on the PC, can't it be configured to exclude iTunes?

I use VLC Remote, VLC Streamer, VLC Amigo, WmpRemote, Mobile Mouse, Remote Mouse and Windows 8 Mouse to control various programs on my computers from my iPhone. For special programs I program them into Mobile Mouse Launcher. I also have a stand alone remote for iTunes, ti connects to my iTunes Share and controls the whole app.

If I don;t share the iTunes Library, then iTunes can't be added to the remote, so you could try un-sharing your itunes library and see if that makes it stop responding to the controller.

PowerDVD also makes a remote to control that program from an iPhone or Droid.

I can't believe that a remote like that cannot be configured! Is this the product in question?

GMYLE Infrared wireless Vista MCE Remote Control | GMYLE

Because it looks like that remote was designed for XP MCE through Windows 7, and not 8.
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Apologies if the question has been asked before, but I've tried a search for this sort of event, without success. I've made it a practice to clear the Event Logs prior to shutting down (somewhat anal, I know!), so that - if anything goes pear-shaped during a session - I might have a chance of tracking it down, as I've only got that day's logs to view. In Vista Ultimate, you can filter the Windows Logs for that viewing, but I can see a way of getting the filter ("Warning" only) to stick permanently. Saving the filters as a custom view only seems to last for that session too. Is there a way, please?TIA! Ray.

A:Controlling The Appearance Of Windows Logs In Event Viewer

Hello Ray, yes you can filter logs, but about Warning-only permamently you cannot...For a little solution try press on "Type" ...
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I would like to know if there is any way we can control (or modify)the "change owner to" drop box list in windows for a particular resource (for example say a file) using a vbscript or batch script.

the reason i am asking this is because for usbstor.inf file , i have given ownership access to domain admin group via batch script, but since administrator and my id are appearing in the "change owner to" drop box, i am again able to regain ownership back and then modify the permissions for the usbstor.inf file. I have tried using subinacl for denying the take ownership permission for the administrator group and my id , but even then i am able to take ownership back.
any help to resolve this issue is reallyr really appreciated
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I would like to know if there is any way we can control (or modify)the "change owner to" drop box list in windows for a particular resource (for example say a file) using a vbscript or batch script.

the reason i am asking this is because for usbstor.inf file , i have given ownership access to domain admin group via batch script, but since administrator and my id are appearing in the "change owner to" drop box, i am again able to regain ownership back and then modify the permissions for the usbstor.inf file. I have tried using subinacl for denying the take ownership permission for the administrator group and my id , but even then i am able to take ownership back.
any help to resolve this issue is reallyr really appreciated
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i have a laptop that has 2gb of Ram in it but when windows loads if you right click my computer and properties it says it has 256MB but if you boot to the BIOS it see all 2gb of Ram there... i am wondering if it is a DLL file or some sort of malware that is restricting the ram down to 256 and making my latop run like crap...

any insite out there anyone seen this?

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My E Drive is restricted for a specific user , so that user cannot open the that drive ,

Note : E- dirve is FAT32

error: "Access is denied"

please try to solve this problem
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We upgraded our phone service Restricting Access and our provider is asking for a VPN connection so he can access service his equipment at our facility This is easy for me to do What I need help with is how to permit him to see only his device I don t want him poking around When he logs on he will be assigned a permanent local address His device will need to have a permanent address I believe but that is not assigned yet It is a small company but I don t want to walk around to Restricting Access the servers and desktops to fool around with their firewalls I also don t want to slow down our network very much I Restricting Access might also like to be able to see his device from my pc just because I read the manual for the router and I think you can filter based on Restricting Access outside ip address but I think the tech travels and will not always be able to be vpn ing from the same fixed address A sketch of my network is below Thanks in advance for suggestions modem Netopia Router Switches Phone Various other servers desktops etc company device nbsp
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How do I block certain web sites from being viewed by my kids

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Is it possbile to restrict how much is printed on a home printer My mom s boyfriend and my mom bought thisnew printer and I know its quot theres quot but he just prints like there is no tomorrow Restricting Printing Since he is a guitar player he goes to these guitar website and prints off the chords Restricting Printing and what not to play them His printing habbits are so bad I came home from school one day and I say a stack of paper that was bout inch high with a guitar page on top and I Restricting Printing asked whats that and he and my mom said quot oh thats just some stuff about playing the guitar quot I almost freaked out I mean this is insane Yesterday I went to print my essay for school and we are already out of frickin ink we ve only had the printer for one month This is ridcious Does anybody have any help I ve even told my mom that she ll have to pay for the ink cause I m not cause its quot her quot printer

A:Restricting Printing

Ever try unplugging the printer and then plugging it back in when you need it?

This situation sounds pretty funny, but he might wear out the printer.
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Is there a way to restrict students from using certain software such as VLC or AVS (used for movie watching)? Can it be done without extra software? If not, what software is best?
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I keep restricting a site through internet options but when my daughter types in the website www. site .com it just comes back as if it had not been restricted. Is there another way of doing this many thanks.

A:restricting sites

What browser are you using and on what operating system ?
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Hello Everyone,
I'm planning to wipe out a computer in a few days and I want to know the best way to restrict just one user from installing things. I will be running Windows XP Pro SP3. I know you can restrict things in MMC but I'm not really sure if it will do that for just one person seeing as group policy affects everyone. Or is there some software I can use. Do you think just setting the account to restricted will work? I have to do this because people keep installing unnecessary programs. I want only the administrator to have true administration abilities. Thanks much!

A:Restricting Users

Limited user accounts are prohibited from installing programs or changing system settings.
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Not sure if this is the right place to post this.

Hello I am setting up a desktop for my grandmother so that my little brother and sister can use it play online games, watch youtube, and do homework.

We don't want them to be able to install programs, change settings, use unauthorized programs,etc.

What is the best way to accomplish these things. The solution can be simile or advance. I am pretty good with computers and other technologies...

For example we don't want them installing toolbar, or any game that requires you download and install something.


A:Restricting use of computer

What operating system are you using?
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I teach elementary computer. How do you restrict the user from being able to delete apps on desktop? or restrict their admin rights.

Thanks Fore

A:restricting user

Welcome to the forum.

Give the users only a limited account. Such an account cannot uninstall software or change system settings.
You cannot limit an admin account. All administrators have the exact same rights you do. Attempting to restrict an admin account is an exercise in futility. This is by design.
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On XP Home & Pro, can I have AOL 9.0 load for 1 user only? It seems to load AOLSP Scheduler, AOLdial, etc before user logon screen.

A:User-Restricting AOL

Is this starting for every user on the system?
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I have a question.

I have a web site that I need to down load onto my computer so that
I can read my e-mails from work. I keep getting the restricted message.

I just read that the problem is that the site I am tring to get has a message. This conection to the server is encrypted.

Is there anything I can do with my computer so that my computer will
let me use this website. It does say that I can trust the certifact of this website but
it is still restricted.


A:how to add a website that xp keeps restricting

Welcome to TSF....

More than likely the web site being restricted means that you will need special permissions to gain access to it, since hacking into it to gain the email will be instantly spotted by the IT department when the system being hacked will report the next time you go into work you stand a good chance of being terminated... I would start with your immediate supervisor in asking if you could have outside access to your company email servers and let him/her take the initiative in getting it for you.
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Hello i am running server 2003 and i want to restrict it so users cant access the control panel. How would i do it?

A:Restricting Users

Group policies.
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Howdy Y'all I gotta use your Brain for a sec....

Is there any way to prevent unauthorized users from plugging in to my network/domain? (ie with laptops) and getting an IP?
I know that they will be very limited in movement even with them getting an IP but still I want to try and prevent it from happening period.

This is a large organization so assigning by MAC for each and every PC is not feasable and limiting the DHCP scope to the exact number of clients we currently have is not an option either.

This is a windows 2000 domain with 90% win2k Pro clients.


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Hi peeps, let me explain. I have a laptop among my other computers and Ive recently had my son take it out of the house to him mums who decided to keep it for a month

Anyhoo, ive been looking through the admin settings on it and wonder if theres a way to lock it so it will only ever connect to my wireless network. nobody but me has access to the administrator account, they are all standard users.

Its a windows 7 laptop by samsung, model NP-r519

Thanks in advance

A:Restricting a laptop to one network

What version of Windows are you running? And do you want to exclude the network card?
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I'm interested in learning how to restrict access to specific programs not all programs such as firewall,taskmgr,run any program that would all changes on windows. I'd like to be able to password protect.. newbie to security a trojan recently changed permissions to taskmgr and msconfig etc. Now I have installed admin to only that user and made new limited user accounts and run in that however when I install new programs I do so as admin . any security articles or advice would be great.
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Ok. So first things first. I ran a registry cleaner(NETGATE) and afterwards i lost my internet connection completely. It said it was connected, but nothing was working. So after much grief I finally ran sfc /scannow and my internet connection came back to me....the only problem is now its slow as bleep. There are other computers connected with the router and mine is the only affected. I've gone through everything I can trolling the internets for the answers and much of it has helped, but I can't do this alone anymore. I need some help real bad its driving me nuts. So tell me what specs I can give you to show you wtf is going on with my world.
Please and Thank you. - apiffyone
p.s- tried /release /renew netsh dnsflush ect. all by just reading tid bits of others same issues. maybe someone can make sense of it.

A:need help something is restricting my internet connection(TRIED EVERYTHING)

Hello, Welcome to BleepingComputer.
I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.
If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps.
Please download and run this DDS Scanning Tool. Nothing will be deleted. It will just give me some additional information about your system.

Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links if you no longer have it available.  Save it to your desktop.

DDS.scr <- not recommended if you use Chrome to download this .scr file. Use the other options.


Double click on the DDS icon, allow it to run. 
A small box will open, with an explanation about the tool.  No input is needed, the scan is running. 
Notepad will open with the results. 
Follow the instructions that pop up for posting the results. 

Please note:  You may have to disable any script protection running if the scan fails to run.

Please just paste the contents of the DDS.txt log in your next post. DO NOT attach the log.
Third party programs if not up to date can be the cause of infiltration an infection.
Please run this security check for my review.
Download Security Check by screen317 from here.
Save it to your Desktop.
Double click SecurityCheck.exe and follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box.
A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.

Search and delete the AdWare, PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) installed on your computer.
Please download AdwCleaner by Xplode onto your Desktop.

Close all open programs and internet browsers.
Double click on AdwCleaner.exe to run the tool.
Click on Delete tab follow the prompts.
A log file will automatically open after the scan has finished.
Please post the content of that log file with your next answer.
You can find the log file at C:\AdwCleaner[Rn].txt (n is a number).

Please post the logs for my review.
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I have been using Ubuntu Linux since quite some time, and have found it quite good on permissions fronts.
I can create a folder and set group permissions very well.

I have a Windows 7 Ultimate x32 at my home, and that PC is used by 2 people.
It has some crucial and private data.
I would want to know a way I can restrict a user from accessing predefined drives only.

for example, I create another user for my room-mate and restrict him from accessing my E and F drive somehow, giving him restricted rights too.

Is it possible!?

I found a nice tutorial here , but that's to lock a folder, and haven't been tested by me.

Please let me know as soon as possible.

A:Restricting a user to particular drives

Drive Access - Restrict or Unrestrict - Vista Forums


Permissions - Allow or Deny Users and Groups

You're going to have to play with user policies and it could get a bit complicated.
Be very careful doing this or you could lock yourself out.
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Please don't mind. I know this topic does not belong to this forum but I posted this earlier in User Safety Forum and even yesterday also posted in User Safety Forum but did not receive any reply. So I thought to try in this Forum. My problem is as follows
I have two users in Win 10. First is My Self an Administrator and second one is a Local User. In Computer Management I stopped sharing of My Self Folder. It is showing now "not shared". In C drive user folders, I clicked My Self Folder and clicked stop sharing but even than Local User is able to view My Self Documents and Desktop etc. In my XP machine, i have no problem and Local user can not view the Admin User Documents.Please advise.
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Is there a way to turn off access to the Control Panel by secondary user accounts ? My kids keep getting in there and changing things, I'd like to put a stop to this.


A:Restricting user access?

Have you tried giving them limited accounts?

XP Home or XP Pro?

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I need to know if there is a way to disable the start menu from windows xp pro and also if i can remove the "file, edit, view, etc..." from my explorer windows. Thanks.

A:Restricting user access

you can use group policy to achieve all those things,
but the settings will affect all the users login-in on
that machine.

Unless you are on a domain where you can use
GPO's & OU's to refine the settings.
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I have some PCs in my plant that need access to intranet sites, but not internet sites. I am using dns resolution, so the user can access the intranet apps by name instead of an ip address (ex: http://po for purchase orders instead of 192.168.x.x)

I have heard you can put a host header file on the local PC that can limit internet access based on how it is set-up. This sounds cheaper than buying some content filtering program. Any examples of guides on how this is done?

Also, any better ideas on how to do this restriction?


A:restricting internet access

Well there are ways to do it, that are easy but the knowledgeable person can probably get around it. If you don't set a Gateway address in the TCP/IP settings it won't know how to get out on the Internet.

I would bet your router can probably block these PC's from accessing the Internet as well.
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I am wanting to restrict my login system where only users with a certain email address can join. I am at a loss on how to do this. I heard somewhere to use pattern matching but im still a little unsure. Could anyone possibly help me out?

A:PHP: Restricting to certain email addresses


function checkEmail($email)
$allowed = array('''');
  list( , 
$domain) = explode('@'$email);
in_array($domain$allowed) ? true false;
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Hello everyone let me start off by saying I m not experienced in networking so I m going to try to explain as best as possible whats going on at my office Where I access for Restricting users! work there are about - computers all hooked up to the same internet and files I believe its called the Restricting access for users! network drive When you click on My Computer and theres a folder with all the users It s where each computer has a file on the drive with the persons name who works on that computer but each computer does not share ALL of the files on the computer just the ones that you drag and drop in this network drive Every computer has access to view these user files that everyone saves The problem is that we need to restrict certain computers on the network from viewing important files that they shouldnt be viewing Or maybe have the users type in a pass to view each folder and every user folder has a different password or just block some computers from seeing certain files Because we need some employees to access all files and some employees only to access one folder Is it possible to do this If so can you please explain how THANKS I REALLY APPRECIATE IT nbsp

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i posted this on the networking part of the forum too but it maybe an OS issue i am running QuickBooks and a Tech Dispatching Application on ONE Win is restricting too much. Win2003 DC Apps server because i needed better security and accounting on this server i made it a Domain Controller i thought i fixed most of the issues cruised a lot of forums and the client side apps seems to be working with the server apps my issue now is that the server applications will Win2003 DC is restricting Apps too much. not interact with each other even though they are on the same server nor will they update themselves they worked fine with each other and were able to update themselves before i made the server a DC the firewall Win2003 DC is restricting Apps too much. was not changed and i have tried updating the server apps with the Win2003 DC is restricting Apps too much. firewall turned off could not connect to the site IE works fine and is set to low security temporarily the client side QuickBooks application does update patches without issue workstations are all Win XP SP is there something in Win DC that restricts permission for applications how do i change that nbsp
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I have been asked to limit employee's access on computers (we have an array of Windows 7 and Windows 8), and my boss advised me to turn on the guest account so changes can't be made. However this isn't really effective, does anyone have any suggestions? I have tried parental control etc but we need restriction applied to accessing folders/the C drive/various webpages.
Thanks x
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I have win7 home premium on a laptop and a desktop for my kids. I have them set as standard users not administrators. I there some way to prevent them from installing programs or deleting any files? I want them to be able to play their games (mostly Minecraft) and browse. I have Mobicip installed and use it for parental controls. I keep both computers protected with MBAM Pro and MSE, but I want to prevent other problems which would require me to wipe and reinstall Windows. My son (8) is particularly resourceful and I already have to password protect the BIOS to keep him out.

Any suggestions?

A:restricting users access

Hi -- I think this should answer your question. If not, check back.
What is a standard user account?
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My little 2y kid, while using my computer to play games, delete my stuff and mess alot around, connecting to dialup ISPs and other things.

I want to restrict his access to only his games and nothing else. For that I made him a limited user, without a password, and done my self a password, as administrator (I use XP pro)
But he still has access to every thing!
He can access 'My documents' and delete anything there. When I right-click my documents > sharing and security, to make it private, the option is not active. Why?

And, is there a way I can restrict his access? like hiding start button and systray, without hiding them for me as an admin?

Where can I read about restricting a child's access in Windows XP?

A:restricting my kid's access as a user

1 Click Start and select Run
2. Type gpedit.msc in the text box and click on OK.
3. The group policy editor will load. Navigate through the folders and you will discover hundreds of items that you can limit access to and control*

*Note: This only works in XP Pro.
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Here's my issue I need to restrict Internet access on several computers in my network but I still Internet Access Restricting need them to be able to see other network services I used to do this with CyberSitter and it worked great for what I needed but now I need to install a new program on many of these clients and the new program will not work on a computer that has a program like CyberSitter installed Probably a port issue but even forwarding does not fix it The users are Power Users so I have removed all the browsers and they can't reinstall them without admin rights Except for IE There's so many different ways to get Windows to open IE that I need a different solution for Explorer I'm using both and XP machines Does anyone know of a way to kill internet access for Restricting Internet Access IE without killing network access using either the hosts file or some other security protocol within Windows Any help would be great Thanks

A:Restricting Internet Access

I think there may be something in this Windows XP Newsgroup thread that can help you.
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My sister dropped her laptop on the ground yesterday, and for her job, she needs to access the internet quite a lot.
I allowed her to mail on my computer in another account now while I'm at work.
How can I restrict her from accessing the hard drive, plugging in usb, run executables, change themes and that stuff?
She only needs the Opera browser.

I'm not that good with group policy

- JustCall

A:Restricting other users from data.

Hey JustCall,

Have you tried looking into Parental Controls?
How To Use Parental Controls in Windows 7

It may be a little simpler for you then reworking all the system permissions.

Although you can look at removing her user from the Users group, and then assigning specific permissions to her folders, which would prevent her accessing other files on the machine.

In fact -- User Rights Assignment - Add or Remove Users and Groups

Is probably what you should read through, it will help you to understand some parts of Group Policies.

The most basic thing for GP, don't change what you do not need to.
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Is there a way to turn off access to the Control Panel by secondary (Limited) user accounts ? My kids keep getting in there and changing things, I'd like to put a stop to this. I'm running Vista Home Premium 32 bit.


A:Restricting user access?

Windows Steady State has recently been updated to include Vista support. It's free from Microsoft here:'ll access each account by clicking on it in the Steady State windows and then adjust that account's settings there.
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Okay, so I have about thirty people behind a router and while I can completely retsrict people via their IP address. I need a way to restrict certain people to certain sites. What can I do? I tried content adviser in internet explorer but it does'nt work for crap. Any ideas?

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at my school there is somthing like or computers on a server and they are nto big towers like anormal computer but a little box that looks like a modem and a flat screen monitor and the access on these computers are very well extreamly restricted like i restricting on computers access this is a list of what is on the desktop recycle bin bottom left of the screen nothing but a clock well on some computers there isnt even a clock start menu microsoft office internet explorer my documents ok thats about it whats on these computers even downloading is restricted and restricting access on computers when you deleate stuff it dont go to the recycle bin and even right click is restricted but some teatchers accounts have full access to the computers eg control panel the lot now i was wondering is there any software out there that i could download to do exatly what i have put restrict prity much everything but only on certain users nbsp

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I have two computers, both running Windows XP Home edition with SP3, and they are used by a large number of people. My mother and I are the only one with any security sense and won't download things that are unknown to us. My brother and his friends all use a guest account while my mother and I each have password protected administrative accounts. The guest account has the ability to download a scary amount of files including executables. Is there a free program or a way to edit a web browser, other than IE, that will allow me to restrict download ability on the guest account? Preferably I would be able to enter a password to override this if needed. Any help would be appreciated.

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I do not know if this is the correct spot for this post or if what I am asking can be done. I have a laptop computer running Windows 8 that has two users and and admin account. The laptop is shared with my family and I am wanting to restrict what one of the users can do.

Below is a list of things I am wanting to restrict:

-Installing any programs without admin password
-User unable to empty recycle bin
-User unable to access incognito mode in google chrome
-User being able to delete history in google chrome
-User accessing incognito mode of IE
-User deleting internet history of IE by using control+h

Thank you in advance for any help and if anything else is needed just ask and I will reply as soon as I can.
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Windows Server 2003. I want one shared folder on the server to be visible to only one group of users. When I created the foler, it seems to have come with settings that make it visible to all users and all users have read&execute privileges. The security tab does not see to permit removing these users so I can resttrict access to a single group.

What am I missing?
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I have 3 computers networked in my office. The computer I am having a problem with is running on XP. I have 2 different user accounts on this computer and would like the administrator to be the only user able to access the internet. The non-administrator user is not very knowledgeable in computer technology, so if I can't fully restrict internet access on her account, restricting her access from internet browsers would also work. I am not sure how to achieve this, any help would be very appreciated.

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Is there a way to turn off access to the Control Panel by secondary user accounts ? My kids keep getting in there and changing things, I'd like to put a stop to this.


A:Restricting user access ?

Utilize your parental controls feature.

Control panel > user accounts > manage another accounts > Additional things you can do you set up parental controls. Do not skip Family options options
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XP pro 60 gig HDD.. partitioned 4 times. C D E F

I want to restrict access to non admins on the entire the D: partition. I cannot figure out how this is done on Win XP. It apparently is considerably different from Win 2k.

All partitions are NTFS. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Restricting access to a partition on Win XP???

Have a read of this Winguides Article
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I am setting up a new computer and I want to have it so that the Admin account can access the internet, but when a simple user logs in, they cannot user IE, or Firefox. How can I do this?


A:Restricting Program Access


I have started a similiar thread in Web & Email Fouem called 'Can I Disable Internet - Tools - Clear History. 'lotuseclat79' has given some detailed steps to turnoff the Internet... check it out.

I would say you would want to know what u are doing first though.....!!
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Next weekend my Toshiba laptop, running Vista Home Premium SP1, is going to be used to access a wiki, at a public venue. I would like to create an account that can only run a web browser which can only access the wiki, and have the account not be able to access any files on the laptop, that are not owned by that user.

How do I do that?

Once the account is setup, how do I restrict the browser to only access the wiki site? I prefer to use Firefox 3, but can use IE 7, if it is easier to setup.

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I am using XP and am trying to restrict access to the internet. I have to be able to access only two sites and no others. One site is used to update a database and the other is a site to get required forms for my bussiness. I have created a common User account with restricted access to the internet. But it seems that access to other internet sites are gained by opening the two I allow and entering the url in the address block. Is there a way to keep anyone from accessing any other site except the two I require?

A:Restricting Internet Access

Password protect your account.What OS are we talking about?
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How do i restrict accounts in Windows Xp Home? Eg stop a user from creating an account?

A:Restricting accounts? (Xp Home)

It's in here somewhere
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Hi I have a Win 2000 PC and I would like to be able to put user restrictions on it for a local user. I have went into "gpedit.exe" to change some things but they do not seemm to take. Is there someplace else I can set these restriction?

A:Restricting Local User

Did you run gpupdate /force and allow for at least 2 logins? also run gpresult to see if they are applying or not.
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Im the admin on my PC. There is a limited user account. I want to set permissions for certain folders such that they cannot 'cut' or 'delete' the files. Please help me with the settings. I have tried rightclick>>Security but i dont know to proceed further. Any help greatly appriciated.

A:Restricting Limited User

Hello Ayson,

You can use the tutorial below to help you do this. After your select that user account, you can check the "Deny" option that you do not want that user account to be able to do with that folder.

Folder Permissions

Hope this helps,
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Here's what I have:

4 pc's hooked wireless to our main pc, all are networked together.
All use Xp pro

The modem is a Comtrend CT 301 ADSL
Router is a D-Link DL 52
The signal is encrypted
Each pc reach the net through the router.

I desire for staff to have full PC access except for the network, except for myself. I need access to the network from any computer.

Now that I have all the computers networked together do I have to set up an Admin client and password on each computer and then set up a separate client for the staff. Then go in and set permissions on that staff's client.


A:Restricting accesses to the network

Might have been better to click on the red triangle in the upper right of your other thread ( ) and asked a moderator to remove the 'Solved.' That would preserve the history of the help you've already had on this issue.
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I'm resriticting users on IE so that they can only access one page that is work related and for the most part i have been successful, however i have found that even if you put and in the restricted sites they are still accessible..doesnt make sense except that perhaps a deal was struck and in the code for ie its written to override restricting these sites...sounds like something they might do lol..anyway if anyone knows how to restrict these sites too id appreciate an email on how to do it..thanks again and tech on dudes and dudettes...

A:internet explorer restricting

Hiya and welcome

NOTE : You cannot assign a Web site to the Internet zone. The Internet zone contains all Web sites that are not on your computer or in the local intranet zone, or that are not already assigned to another zoneClick to expand...;EN-US;q174360

However, looks like its a third party software time. Found this one:

It blocks sites, and even chat rooms. There's an FAQ here:


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i have recently upgrade my processor from a intel pentium d 950 to a intel core 2 duo e8400.

i have a ASUS P5N-E SLI motherboard which the E8400 is compatible with and seems to restrict the frequency of the processor from 3.0ghz which it should be running to 2.0ghz, has anyone got any advice on this matter?

A:Bios restricting cpu frequency

You might need a BIOS update. Have you checked with Asus?
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i want to know how to restrict access to certain files on my computer.
i am running win XP. i dont want to block everything just certain important files/folders in my docs for example, from my kids and ex husband etc. is there a way to block these without having to block it all?


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I have a home network with 3 computers , a nas drive and network media player. I want to add another pc to a network that will only have internet access and not share any other item (all my items are set to share right now). Also I want to limit internet bandwidth to this pc to about 25% of total bandwidth, How do I do this?

A:restricting network access

As long as you don't enbable File and Printer sharing and don't share anything on it, you shouldn't have any issues. It is off by default. If you want to limit bandwidth you will need a router that does QOS. What is the make and model of your router.
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I am running Win 2012 AD with windows 7 users and no proxy in environment. I would like to restrict some win7 users to browse only 2 websites and disable all other websites ..Is this can be achieved from GPOs ? or is there any other quick way
of doing it please ?
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Seemingly a pointless thing granted, but would save unplugging and walking off with the router to prevent younger brother spending entire night on bebo.
Looking for a program that prevents a computer accessing a wireless network outside of set times, say 10pm to 8am connection is not possible. Couldnt make windows do this, or find anything on, so google found this site. Im hoping someones got a suggestion.

Im unsure of its relevance, but all PC's running windows XP with various processor speeds, from 450Mhz to 1.7Ghz. Connecting through a 3com router.

p.s. program would need to have a password built into it as far as i know

Thanks in advance

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My process Restricting to a folder access ultimate goal is to have some monitoring software on my computer that I am not aware of how to turn off I know that s ultimately an impossible goal but I m trying to make it work anyway I thought I had it all worked out using a third party app called Folder Guard but then discovered that it only works under Admin users hence my problem I have a program the monitoring software Restricting folder access to a process that runs under my account and I am limited It needs access to a given folder and both creates and deletes files within that folder At the same time I need to be prevented from deleting from that folder The obvious answer is permissions The problem the program runs under my name if it can delete a file in the folder Restricting folder access to a process so can I If I deny myself access to the folder the process can t get there either So basically I need to restrict folder access to the process and nothing else especially explorer exe A third party app Folder Restricting folder access to a process Guard does this quite well but only if you re an admin user which I can t be way too many other options open up for evading the monitoring software Third party apps even not free are OK but I wonder if there s already something in Windows XP Home SP and or permissions that can make this work Thanks ETA Folder Guard s tech support just told me their program should be able to work under limited users I must have something set up wrong There is however something that tells me Windows should be able to do something similar through permissions etc without third party programs Other people have asked similar things across the internet before so it would be nice if an answer was given for the next person who runs into this post Or if a moderator wants to just delete this topic that s OK with me too I didn t see a button to do it on my end

A:Restricting folder access to a process

Why don't you set the program to run as a system process. Then all you have to do is set the NTFS permissions to allow full control to the system and the administrator and delete everyone else. You will have to go to the advanced tab on the permissions page and uncheck the "Inherit..."- select copy- apply teh n you can go back to the main permissions page and remove everything but those two items
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This seems like it should be very obvious, but I can't figure out where to set it.

Setting up a new machine. I want only users in one group to be able to log in.

It's an XP Professional machine as part of a Microsoft AD network. Users are all AD users, I want the group to be an AD group as well (not a local one). We are using Group Policy to control the computers.

I'd *really*really* like to not use the restricted groups part of group policy; that seems like an ugly sledgehammer method of something I consider fairly basic network policy--who can log in.


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Im currently using BT Total Broadband ,and i was just wondering during the

day they manage to restrict download speed using torrentz to a really slow

speed until midnight but download speed directly from the web always max

out the bandwidth consistantly..

How do they do this ??

A:broadband restricting download speed

This type of thing is not unique to BT or any one ISP - Known as traffic Shaping it relies on analysing the stream of data passing to your address from the internet and throttling the speed available to certain types of data - normally "peer to peer" traffic.

You may find some oblique reference to the practice in the small print of the contract but it is not likely to be prominently advertised

Some ISP's will actually use this information to throttle all traffic for high bandwidth users rather than simply the one traffic type
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Hi All I have two PC s at home both running Win XP Home Edition which are networked together using wireless networking I have this PC mine connected to the net via a cable connection and I use XP s ICS to share this always on connection with my son s PC upstairs All works just fine I am wondering if there is a feature I can www network Access home on Restricting use within XP that would allow me to dissallow access to the Internet to my son s PC when Restricting www Access on home network I chooses so to do For example when he comes home from school usually the first thing he does is to turn his PC on and get on the web Now I don t mind this but I insist - as most parents do - that he does his chores and homework before chatting to his friends So does anyone know if I can disable some service or something like that which will temporarily stop him using the web I appreciate I could simply disconnect the wireless networking USB device but I don t want to have to keep doing that Alternatively is there some software that would allow me to control when he gets access to the net Thanks in advance John nbsp

A:Restricting www Access on home network

you may want to try this program... It allows you to block access to applications... This should work in your case. Good Luck

PS. I have not used this program just found the link.
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hello, I have partitioned my system hard disk into 2: one is the boot partition where I have installed WinXP with SP3, Documents & Settings and Program Files.

The extended partition I have kept for my data.

I would like to restrict access of the (complete) extended partition ONLY to those who have administrator previlages on my WinXP.

I don't know if this is possible, but incase it's not, then I would like to configure some of the folders in the extended partition to be accessible ONLY to those with administrator privilages on my system.

How can I do this?


A:Restricting access to extended partition

In My Computer, right click the drive letter for the extended partition [probably D:], click Properties, click Security tab, then remove Everyone and Users, leaving only Administrators, System, and Creator Owner (and any other groups who need access).

If you are running XP Home, boot to Safe Mode first, as the Security tab is only visible in Safe Mode.


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My work computer needs a bit of attention and I am the one to help apparently. I want to ensure the employees here (crew on a motor yacht) are unable to open any sites of a 'dodgy' nature. is there anyway to do this?

Thanks, Lynne
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I've been googling my butt off for about days now and the all I keep finding is essentially quot use the group policy editor quot Well I'll be darned if I can find any info on how exactly to make it do what I want which is Prevent specific users from having ANY internet access at all Not simply restricting IE but in essence disabling the network Restricting on users internet XP axx specific connection so that those particular Restricting specific users internet axx on XP users get the shaft Certain users still require internet axx This is a single machine XP Pro connected directly to a high-speed line adsl with hardware firewall used by a LOT of people in a rather important environment local fire station Two users will be in control of everything other than myself as power users I will be the only administrator So I get that using the group policy editor is the way to go but the changes Restricting specific users internet axx on XP it makes seem Restricting specific users internet axx on XP to be global and not user group specific How does one go about disabling the network connections internet etc for those users that group How does one then assign that group policy object to just that user group So for once I am asking to be treated like a n bish little kid because I need to be able to explain this to the power users so they can understand what I have done I want to pass on the know-how so I don't have to keep doing this lol
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I think that my computer has been infected by a virus or spyware because when the computer starts, there is a notice:
"This Operation Has Been Cancelled Due To Restrictions In Effect On This Computer"

I can't find the Control Panel, I can't go onto the internet and system restore is one of many applications that my computer is restricting.

Can anyone help me PLZ?!?!

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Good Day
I'm using VBA an dhave a UserForm with 4 TextBoxes, when typing in the text, about 5 lines to each box, the text disappears behind the end of the box on the righthand side, how could the text be kept inside the box area?
Is it possible to tab to the next line in a textbox?
Please help on this matter would be greatly appreciated

Thanks Rusty
below is veiw of UserForm

A:Solved: Restricting Text area

Hi there!

Why not just set the MultiLine property to True? It defaults as False. This should do what you're looking for. For manual line returns hold the Shift key while typing in the textbox and hit Enter.

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I have a desktop running win xp pro.
My 5 yr old son logs on using a user account made for him, which i have configured as a Limited User Account.

But he still wreaks havoc on the computer, deleting files, changing many program features.
I want to limit his powers on the computer. I just want him to play his games and visit few websites of my choice . I want to restrict his access for all other features of the computer. I dont want him to explore the computer by using my computer. I want only the documents in his My Documents to be accessible to him. I also dont want him to access the start menu. (..thats where all his destructive powers start from!!)
Someone told me that all this is possible by editing the group policy.
I went to gpedit.msc.....then I got stuck...what do i do.
Can someone guide me......

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I am trying to lock a form through editing restrictions in word 2007, windows 7 but want users to be able to edit headers/footers, is this possible as I am unable to find a solution?
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Can someone please tell me how I can prevent certain users (accounts) on my computer (XP Pro running), from being able to access the internet at all.
Relevancy 39.99%

I currently have 3 computers on a home network. I would like to share a folder on one, but only allow one other computer to see it. Can I do this and how?

Relevancy 39.99%

I have a Windows XP machine on a network run by a Windows Server 2003 box. How can I restrict the windows XP machine so that only 4 specific users are able to log in?

Relevancy 39.99%

I installed Hamachi Free VPN. I have shared (full control) my entire external drive for convenience for everyone on my LAN. However, there are some folders that need to be excluded from this share over the VPN due to sensitive information in those folders (other users on my LAN backup data to those folders).

Is there a way to restrict ALL users over the VPN from accessing those folders (without adding a rule for every user)?

Hamachi free support has nothing on this...

A:restricting folder(s) at network level

really? No one here knows??
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Complete access novice here. I've attached the beginnings of my inventory DB. When using the Stock Items form, once i've chosen from the drop-down menu under Stock Categories, i'd like the next drop-down menu (StockSubCategories) to be restrited to the list shown in the Stock Sub-Categories table. IE, once i've chosen "Kitchen Supplies", i would not like to see "Fuel" as a possible Sub-category.
I'm too clueless, so any help appreciated.

A:Access - restricting lookup choices

take a look at the attached, first I made a query from the "Stock Sub-Categories" table.

Second I placed criteria in the query under field Stock Categories like this...

[Forms]![Stock Items]![StockCategories]

this refers to the Combo on the form, and serves as criteria to the Combo you want to restrict (StockSubCategories).

the next step uses VBA in the "After Update property" on the "STOCKCategories" combo on the form.

Private Sub StockCategories_AfterUpdate()
End Sub

what it does is, when you make a choice it will requery the source of combo "StockSubCategories".

*Note that I changed the source of this combo to point to the query I made. Compare the changes to understand how it works.
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Hi everyone Please help me stop users from browsing unwanted websites and chatting on my system I know this topic has unwanted Restricting usage Internet of been discussed before and there are softwares out there which will serve the purpose but my situation is different I want to restrict certain websites and certain chat programs like yahoo messenger etc without the user knowing that the websites etc are blocked or without them knowing that any filtering software is installed As far as I know no filtering website restriction software is able to work in a hidden mode I remember that back when I was in university the Restricting unwanted usage of Internet system admin over there had installed some software for restricting websites and whenever we tried to browse the restricted websites an error would appear in browser windows that access is denied and we should contact system administrator Can I install the same software on my PC any other way to block restrict certain websites Can I block certain ports so that users of my system can not chat Please help me ASAP I am using Windows XP SP and i am using cable internet nbsp

A:Restricting unwanted usage of Internet

If your users are unsavy, you can easily block websites by adding them to the restricted list in your browser. I say unsavy because by using another browser (or an external browser such as Pocket Firefox, which runs from a USB thumb drive without touching the desktop), they could get around this limitation. A local proxy can be bypassed by using another TCP stack.

Companies do it the easy way: They install a web proxy that accepts web traffic, and a firewall that blocks web traffic. That way, the only way to surf is through the proxy. By installing filters on the proxy, you can prevent whatever you like. This, by the way is what you saw at your university. The web page you saw came from the proxy itself (a separate system), not from your computer.

At home, if your router supports it, you can restrict web pages and specific ports. If you had an inexpensive system lying around, you could install two network cards and install free Linux software. Plug one NIC into the modem and the other to the router. You will get the same result your got at your university.

By the way, you want your users to know that the site was intentionally blocked. If you don't, they will reset the computer, the router, the cable modem or all three.

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