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(Resolved) Alienware GTX 780M GPU in other machines?

Q: (Resolved) Alienware GTX 780M GPU in other machines?

Ok, what im doing is upgrading my MSI GT 70 laptop GPU with a GTX 780m. I have been wanting this for awhile and I have found some in recent times with good pricing on ebay.

Now my question is because I have had trouble finding information on the subject, will a card from an Alienware work like a standard Mobile GPU? Meaning can I just stick it in any compatible MXM 3.0 Port and it will work.

For the record, I am coming off of a GTX 675m.

The problem I have heard in the past is that Alienware/Dell use custom Bios which lock down certain features. I am curious here if I buy a GTX 780m from an alienware if it will work fine in my MSI (MSI is pretty easy to do from what ive seen).

Anyone have any information towards this endeavor I would really appreciate it. I have been searching the web but I have not found much on the subject (I can find plenty about upgrading GPU's, but nothing specifically pertaining to putting Alienware/Dell GPU's in other brand machines).

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Preferred Solution: (Resolved) Alienware GTX 780M GPU in other machines?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: (Resolved) Alienware GTX 780M GPU in other machines?

Issue was resolved, this is apparently doable since the Alienware cards are not locked according to other users.
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Ive made up my mind already on getting the Alienware MX18r2. My question or want for suggestion would be on which ram to get, mSATA solid state drive, and primary hardrive to get. I have a big budget, around $3500. Any build suggestions? Here is the site/link for the custom build.

A:Alienware MX18 on XTOPICPC custom build help

Hi, I think you can do a lot better for cheaper without going through alienware.
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Anyone suggest some upgrades (if any?) for this old beast, current stats:

LAPTOP: Alienware Area-51® m7700
Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 670 Desktop Processor w/ HT Technology 3.8GHz 800MHz FSB 2MB
Memory: 3GB Dual Channel DDR2 SO-DIMM at 533MHz - 2 x 512MB / 2 x 1024MB
Hard Drive: 100GB 7,200 RPM
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900 GTX
Monitor: 17" WideXGA+ 1440 x 900 LCD Display
Sound Card: Intel® 7.1 High-Definition Audio
Mouse: USB Logitech® G5 Laser Gaming Mouse
Operating System: Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 2 (2600.xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301-1519)

A:Upgrade suggestions for Alienware Area-51 m7700

Not much point upgrading, that's quite an old machine. You're better off saving up and building a new system.
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Hi All I am having a weird issue with my Cisco router From the router I am able to ping and reach out to the internet but from the client I am able to reach out to the internet but unable to ping I am not sure where is the issue but when I traceroute to it my packets are dropped at my routers interface All my pings from the client time out I checked the Access list to make sure ICMP is not blocked Following is my running conf ip audit notify log ip audit po max-events ip ssh break-string ipv unicast-routing no ftp-server write-enable no scripting tcl init no scripting tcl encdir no voice hpi capture buffer no voice hpi capture destination interface Loopback description abc ip address interface FastEthernet description Connection to officeswitch ip address duplex full speed ipv rip abc enable no ipv mfib fast interface FastEthernet description ISP ip address ip access-group ISP -IN in ip access-group ISP -OUT out ip route-cache flow duplex full speed auto interface Serial description ISP ip address ip access-group Verio-IN in ip access-group Verio-OUT out ip route-cache flow serial restart-delay interface Serial no unable ping Can from router ping from client to but machines ip address shutdown serial restart-delay interface Serial no ip address shutdown serial restart-delay interface Serial no ip address shutdown serial restart-delay router ospf log-adjacency-changes network area default-information originate router bgp no synchronization bgp Can ping from router but unable to ping from client machines log-neighbor-changes network mask aggregate-address summary-only no auto-summary ip classless ip flow-export source Loopback ip flow-export version ip flow-aggregation cache protocol-port enabled ip flow-aggregation cache prefix enabled no ip http server no ip http secure-server ip as-path access-list permit ip as-path access-list deny ip as-path access-list permit ip as-path access-list permit ip as-path access-list permit ip as-path access-list permit ip as-path access-list permit ip as-path access-list permit ip access-list standard Access permit deny any log ip access-list extended ISP -IN permit tcp host any eq www log permit icmp any any log deny ip any log deny tcp any any eq ftp log deny tcp any any eq smtp log deny tcp any any eq log deny ip any log permit ip any any ip access-list extended ISP -OUT permit icmp any any log permit ip any any ip access-list extended ISP -IN permit icmp any any log deny ip any log deny tcp any any eq ftp log deny tcp any any eq smtp log deny tcp any any eq deny ip any log permit ip any any ip access-list extended ISP -OUT permit ip any any permit icmp any any logging trap debugging logging source-interface Loopback snmp-server community apricot RO snmp-server trap-source Loopback snmp-server location S Ellsworth Ave Suite snmp-server enable traps snmp authentication linkdown linkup coldstart warmstart snmp-server enable traps tty snmp-server enable traps config snmp-server enable traps envmon fan shutdown supply temperature snmp-server enable traps bgp redistribute static route-map ISP PATH permit match as-path route-map ISP PATH permit match as-path set as-path prepend route-map SETPATH permit match as-path set as-path prepend I will appreciate any input to help me solve this problem nbsp

A:Can ping from router but unable to ping from client machines

I am able to reach out to the internet but unable to ping Click to expand...

ping is not required to have connectivity - - it is only a test & traceroute tool.

From the client, get a command prompt (or in Linux a Terminal) use nslookup
If it returns the IP address of google, then you can ignore the ping problem
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Now I have been trying to run Skyrim on all the minimum settings and it just will not reach a usable frame rate. I am using the M11X from Alienware with all the original manufacturer components. I do not know a whole lot about computers but it seems that the problem is with my video card. The Geforce GT 335M. Is there anything I can do to increase performance, short of having to purchase new equipment entirely?

A:Poor Skyrim performance on Alienware M11X laptop

How much memory is installed? What CPU is installed and what version of Windows is installed? Is Windows fully updated?
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this is the things i bought
z68xpu ud3 mother board
Intel Core i7 870 processor
8 gb ddr3nano kingmax 1600
hdd 2tb sata 2 black edition
vga sli 590
power supply odin pro
case haf 932 coolermaster

A:I got a new desktop since my Alienware bring me down

Thats a little sad.

The Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3 is a Z68 chipset board using the FC-LGA1155 socket. It requires a "Sandy Bridge" LGA1155 CPU ( four digit model number starting with 2. i.e. 2400, 2500, 2600 etc... There are also unlocked three multiplier CPU's suffixed "K" ( 2500K, 2600K and 2700K) for people who like the idea of overclocking. Which brings us to your CPU...

...which is a "Lynnfield" CPU made for FC-LGA1156 for the previous series of Intel motherboards ( P55 primarily).

In short, your CPU is NOT able to work with the board you have chosen. You will need to return it and select a CPU from this range of models.

This is the motherboards product page. You can view the CPU support list from the button on the right-hand side of the page. I would also double check RAM compatibility (either from the board's manual or download a copy of the memory support list ) - the RAM you have listed is rated at quite a large voltage range (1.5 - 1.8 volts)...anything over 1.65 volts will cause your (eventual) CPU to have an incredibly short lifespan.
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i keep getting this message your driver has recovered kernel mode driver 257.8 something like this of course near to the loads of crashes i had while playing games or some times while i am just using the internet, i tried all the nvidia drivers the old the new and i tried also all dell drivers i have the latest updates for the windows and this laptop is just 2 months old. using nvidia 260m gtx sli. need help plz

A:Alienware m17x crash hang freeze

Try running memtest. Search for YUMI Multiboot. Download and follow instructions.
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We have a desktop with xp and 2 laptops with windows 7 home premium. The xp machine is connected to dsl and a 4 in1 printer. A linksys router connects to the laptops. I have tried several times ( maybe too many ) to set up this home network.

I would like to let them share files and the printer. The best I have managed is that the xp machine can see all 3 in the workgroup under my network places. A login window comes up for laptop #2 but #1 brings up an error message stating that it is not accessable and the network path was not found.

The windows 7 machines both see each other, but neither sees the xp machine.

I would like to start all over to connect them. Is there a good step by step description of the procedure for this?

Thanks for your time,


A:Looking for a step by step to network XP and Windows 7 machines

First, the XP systems need to have SP3 to enable Win7 to find and share with them.
This will install a few new services like Link-Layer Discovery - - be sure that is left AUTOSTART.

Second, make sure all systems have the same WORKGROUP name;
XP and Win7 have different defaults, so change one to match the other.

Third enable print/file sharing on all systems. This will open the Windows Firewall ports required.
If you have a third party firewall, then here are the generic rules:
assuming your router address is (the important part is in bold) then

allow in tcp/udp source=192.168.1.* ports=137,137,139,445
allow out tcp/udp destination=192.168.1.* ports=137,138,139,445
the src/dest addresses lock out any other addresses and keeps sharing localized to your lan

The above is the Network Access side of sharing.

Now you need to setup the shared folders and the NTFS side.
This will control the <everyone> permission setting as read vs r/w - -
but use the Sharing Tab on the properties of the specific folder.
DO NOT share the C: drive itself.
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hi gang got a job enquiry about replacing screen and hinge on alienware laptop ( dell right ?? ) just want a quick link for new screen and hinge. Thanks

A:Alienware laptop (sos)

What model?
Something like this?
EBay Search
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Hey guys.

I use the normal pc - monitor output with the usual 15 pin cable, using windows 7.

My PC supports that and HDMI, so Ive always had my monitor running and HDMI to my TV.

When I have had this connected - I always used my sound system for sound as the hdmi cable never picked up sound from the TV.

All of a sudden my tv doesnt worked with cable to the monitor and doesnt transfer the sound to my sound system (green speaker port) and ive no idea what to do.

My tower works with the HDMI cable though........and sound comes from the TV which has never worked before.

A:Video output options (resolved)

Okay, I managed to fix this - took hours.

I have this set on multiple display using Win7. It was fine and then all of a sudden only 1 display would work. I now have it back on normal display for my monitor which works fine but the HDMI on the mounted tv on the other side of my room is very distorted with the colours. It was perfectly fine before. I tried restoring the settings etc but still the same. Tried changing resolution etc and still the same nonsense.

Weirdly enough it's only round peoples faces like the edges of their face, nose, eyes etc. This is confusing the life out of me.
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Hello everyone I just purchased a new Alienware PC pointer with issues Mouse new Alienware Mouse Aurora and it is just fantastic My only little problem is that I am having a weird issue I can t seem to find an answer for online When I boot my PC everything is working perfectly fine like it should However whenever I access a website or program that makes the screen flash my mouse pointer dissapears It will then reappear as little lines with no mouse pointer visible It is a pain to navigate the computer this way until I go to a web page or program and the mouse pointer comes back Please let me know if there s anything I can do to correct this My setup is a Intel Core I QC Ghz MB Cache Windows bit Dual ATI Mouse pointer issues with new Alienware Aurora Mouse Radeon HD with crossfire enabled The mouse that I Mouse pointer issues with new Alienware Aurora Mouse am using is a Razer Deathadder and I connected to through HDMI to a inc Vizio P LCD television nbsp

A:Mouse pointer issues with new Alienware Aurora Mouse

I'm not sure if this will help, go to your Mouse settings in Control Panel and turn on the "mouse trail" set it to the minimal that it will go to. Try and get the screen flash+mouse disappear to happen and see if it goes away.

This is however NOT a fix if it does work.. I use to play Battlefield 2 and half the time my mouse would disappear "behind the screen" as if there was no mouse there, but I could click things. Turning on the trail displayed the mouse but it was really aggravating and a little hard on the eyes..

Like I said it is not a fix. What do you mean though about a webpage/program that loads and makes the screen flash, like, it changes resolutions to accommodate for the program?

If it is that then I see this either being a video or monitor issue.. Maybe try changing the screen refresh rate, or the bit colour? I haven't had this issue in a long time so I can not play around with it to try.

One last thing you can try is, there is also a setting where the Mouse Pointer Trail is enabled that says to hide the mouse when you type, try disabling this and see if it helps? I doubt this will fix the issue but you never know.
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Hey all I ve got an Alienware M i laptop When power is applied either via battery or adapter it starts up immediately without use of the start button with both fans going Then after about second you can see any lights on it go out for a split second and the fans kick off then the whole thing starts all over again Won t stay on long enough to post or anything The entire cycle last less than seconds tops And it ll just continue for as long as power is applied I ve tried it with no HDD no RAM no SLI cable for the vid cards no CMOS battery and even no processor - same thing If anyone would like a short vid of what it starts M9700i repeats and stops, Alienware is doing I Alienware M9700i starts and stops, repeats can send it Alienware M9700i starts and stops, repeats to you - forum won t allow me to post links just yet in messages Thinking the mobo is just fried Can anyone give me any other ideas before it gets parted out TIA nbsp

A:Alienware M9700i starts and stops, repeats

did this just happen out of the blue?
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I repair laptops and I cant fix my alenware. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to start to bios or for the screen to come on and after that it works great for days if left on and then if you restart it the laptop comes right on but if you leave it off for 5 minutes it takes a long time for the screen to boot to bios. I have reflowed the chips swaped video cards and ram still does the same thing. Does anyone have any ideas what else I could try.
Thanks Jamie

A:My Alienware takes 5 to 10 minutes to start to BIOS

Get the latest update for your Bios?
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my webcam on my alienware m15x has recently stopped being recognized. i went into device manager and tried that but it still isnt working with any of my webcam chat programs. I tried to do a system restore and that didnt work at all. i need suggestions on what i can do to fix this issue, im thinking i might have to just do a full wipe and use the restore disc that came with the laptop but thats my last resort. please help. email me with your suggestions.

A:Webcam on Alienware m15x

kboldra said:

i went into device manager and tried that .Click to expand...

Tried what?

Honestly I'd suggest just calling up Dell support (Look in the pouch of information Alienware bundles with their machines). Alienware costs for a reason, and one thing that at least they don't try to get out of is supporting their hardware.

If you don't want to do that, can you give us a little more information such as what application it isn't working in? Full wipes are last resorts.
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I have an Alienware M11x with Intel core 2 duo processor clocked up to 1.73 Ghz, with 4GB DDR3 crucial RAM, and Nvidia 335 GM (1GB) and I'm not quite sure how well it should cope with most modern games...

I have FIFA 11 and COD Black ops, of which FIFA 11 doesn't play smoothly on medium graphics with no AA on 1368x768 resolution (less than 30fps), and cod black ops on low graphics no AA on 1368x768 doesn't play smoothly (less than 30fps).

I'd of thought I would get better fps but maybe I'm being naive, how can I improve these fps as I'm sure I should be getting better.

Due to the hybrid graphics, it's hard to find an update for the graphics card driver that works!


A:Alienware m11x bad fps?

I'm actually on the fence about buying one of these - want a small laptop that can game and this *seems* to fit the bill, but the FPS that you are reporting I have seen reported for those games in other places.

There's one thread I found with Google - apparently the Steam forums are overloaded with complaints as well. I don't know how much help you will find with that thread, but you aren't the only one having issues.

Making me think twice about getting an m11x. Sad, as it's such a beautiful machine.
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hey I just got a new alienware desktop i connected to the monitor seeking to monitor, signal Alienware help sending not via the dvi cable last night and was working great I shut it down and when i wake up i try and start it up It boots at least it sounds like it does but there is no image on my monitor Alienware not sending signal to monitor, seeking help I restart a couple times no go So i unplug the monitor and reconnect it no luck the monitor will pop up the digital signal input when i plug it in but wont display anything from the computer I tried the monitor on another computer it works great So I try the dsub cable and do all the same Same situation I try connecting both at the same time no go I try the alternative monitor jack no go Needless to say im very frustrated Im Computer literate but certainly no expert It just doesnt seem to make any sense to me It worked great last night and now nothing the computer has been in consistant temp and environment and certainly hasnt been smacked haha Any help would be great Cboydrun nbsp

A:Alienware not sending signal to monitor, seeking help

Which model is your Alienware and which video card is installed?

hm ... Is the dsub port on your computer part of your video card or is it from your mother-board's on board graphics chip?

I'm hoping you'll be able to temporarily use your system's integrated video chip on boot-up instead of your graphics card. Then you might be able to resolve this issue by uninstalling and reinstalling your video card's drivers.
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Hello im swapping somthing for a Alienware Aurora M Want to know if i can replace the graphics card if Alienware of Aurora M9700 Lines display dots on it is the problem and can somone give me a ebay link of somone selling one and is it easy to change it has a problems with graphics card causes as he said wen he installs the graphics card it gets worse lines of dots on screen Heres an image info Processor AMD Turion ML- processor GHz Chipset NVIDIA nForce SLI Memory Two SODIMM sockets GB DDR Unbuffered Non-ECC memory Supports maximum memory capacity up to GB Graphics Dual NVIDIA GeForce Go GS MB MXM gig Hitachi rpm SATA HDD x Dual-Layer DVD -RW Display quot WUXGA TFT LCD native x Audio Stereo speakers with integrated subwoofer Intel High-Definition Audio External I O Connectors x Power port x Lock jack x Ethernet port x Modem port x Headphone jack x Microphone jack x SPDIF jack x PCMCIA slot x Lines of dots on Alienware Aurora M9700 display TV-out port S-Video x TV-in port S-Video x USB ports x VGA-out port x DVI-out port x -pin mini IEEE port Lines of dots on Alienware Aurora M9700 display x Multimedia MMC SD MS MS Pro Card Reader Dimension and Weight quot x quot x quot Starting at lbs Be helpful if somone can reply asap planning on swapping sunday Thanks nbsp
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Greetings I have a minor dilemma with my home network I have three boxes networked together via a modem switch through SBC ATT amp T I ll call the systems Gaming Family and General XP Home three machines network issue, From the Family and General machines I am able to share files at will through the shared file in properties From the Gaming syatem I can access Home network issue, three XP machines files on the other two boxes at will I cannot access files on the gaming system no matter Home network issue, three XP machines what I do My steps so far I have rebooted the router switch Both by unplugg it it and using the reboot button located behind the switch I have switched NIC s on the system I am able to ping the IP and the name of the computer from the other two machines I have checked to Home network issue, three XP machines ensure the file sharing box is checked in the properties tab for both NIC s on the gaming system I have made sure Windows Firewall is off I have even uninstalled Zone alarm and made sure Windows Firewall is off The system worked up until a couple weeks ago then suddenly stopped I don t know exactly when but I do know I had not changed ANY settings prior to it stopping the file sharing I have also checked to see if the IP address in Zone Alarm is correct I feel like this is a Firewall issue but I am past anything that I know of to test or check uncheck Some have suggested going to a True Home Network using the newer home server software from Microsoft but I am not ready for that just yet nbsp

A:Home network issue, three XP machines

Please state the version of the OS on all systems

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Hello And thank you in advance for any and all help I have had this Alienware 240m with GT Nvidia Problems m15x laptop for about or months and the only game I Play is counterstrike And i always ran good fps - in game Recently I have this problem where it Problems with Alienware m15x Nvidia GT 240m seems as if my gpu isnt even working at all Because I ran a furmark test and the max fps I got was - Here is my cpuid Hardware Monitors ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hardware monitor Intel Core i M Power W Processor Temperature C F x F Core Temperature C F x C Core Hardware monitor NVIDIA GeForce GT M Temperature C F GPU Core Hardware monitor ST AS Temperature C F x D Assembly Temperature C F x D Air Flow Hardware monitor Battery Voltage Volts x CB Current Voltage Capacity mWh x Designed Capacity Capacity mWh x F Full Charge Capacity Capacity mWh x F Current Capacity Level pc x Wear Level Level pc x C Charge Level Processors ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Number of processors Number of threads APICs ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Processor -- Core -- Thread -- Thread -- Core -- Thread -- Thread Processors Information ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Processor ID Number of cores max Number of threads max Name Intel Core i M Codename Arrandale Specification Intel R Core TM i CPU M GHz Package platform ID Socket LGA x CPUID Extended CPUID Core Stepping C Technology nm Core Speed MHz Multiplier x FSB x MHz Rated Bus speed MHz Stock frequency MHz Instructions sets MMX SSE SSE SSE SSSE SSE SSE EM T VT-x L Data cache x KBytes -way set associative -byte line size L Instruction cache x KBytes -way set associative -byte line size L cache x KBytes -way set associative -byte line size L cache MBytes -way set associative -byte line size FID VID Control yes Turbo Mode not supported Max non-turbo ratio x Max turbo ratio x Max efficiency ratio x TDP Limit Watts TDC Limit Amps Core TDP Watts Uncore TDP Watts Power x Watts Power x Watts Power x Watts Power x Watts Power x Watts Power x Watts Power x Watts Power x Watts Power x Watts Power x Watts Max bus number Attached device PCI device at bus device function nbsp

A:Problems with Alienware m15x Nvidia GT 240m

Your post does not report anything alarming. What we may need is the memory installed, hard drive, and other software installed.
Is Counterstrike the only game you play that is giving you trouble?
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i am working on a Dell Optiplex SX260.
I went to check the ipconfig and i got an AIPA addressing
so i tried to ipconfig /renew, ipconfig \flush dns and nothing in the cmd line seem to work
so i went into the Registry to check the IPAutoconfig value to see if it was 1 or 0 because if the value was 1 then AIPA was enable, but i didnt find anything about the IPAutoconfig value
so i updated the nic driver and restarted then try ipconfig /all in the cmd line but no ip appeared so i tried ipconfig /renew and got and error about the DHCP server not be recognized
so i tried to unplug the ethernet cable from the workstation and the switch it is plugged into and tried to replug it up and still no results
is there anyone who can give me some good directions to resolved this AIPA issue.

A:How to resolved AIPA addressing

DHCP (or lack thereof) is the right path to follow. The 169.x.x.x is a result of a dhcp request w/o a reply.

1) remove all static addresses from the NIC settings
2) ensure the firewall allows tcp/udp in/out ports 67-68 any src or dst ip addresses
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Hi People,
I have an Alienware M17-R1 laptop. I get the first screen with F10 Boot Options and F2 Enter Setup. Pressing the buttons many times at reboot but they never work. I then get the Startup bios, shows bios screen is the option screen to run in Safe Mode, Safe Mode with networking.......selecting any option does not do anything, That screen will time out. The last screen has on it cannot find sfsync04.sys Error 0x0000428.
I cannot get into the bios. Tried all the function keys at startup that the manual suggested. I unplugged the cmos battery. No help. When I did receive this laptop the battery was unplugged but I do not think that would matter.
What would be wrong if I cannot get into the bios setup. BTW: I cannot boot from CD either.

A:Alienware laptop - Cannot enter bios

Hello Friends,
Well I figured out the laptop keyboard is bad. Many keys do not work. The ones to enter the bios, the "enter" key.... I found out by pressing the keypad "enter" key which worked when selecting items from the safe mode menu. KISS when starting to trouble shoot. :;O)
Now I just have to find out why it won't boot into windows.
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Hello I have three computers connected with a KVM switch They share a inch Acer monitor that is no longer 7 or detected Monitor running XP on no longer machines being detected Monitor no longer detected on machines running 7 or XP by two machines running WIn one -bit one -bit nor by a machine running XP I have a inch monitor that is detected correctly when I swap it in on the KVM switch The inch monitor is not detected whether it is connect to the machines directly or through the KVM swtich The inch monitor used to be detected as an AL W and is only recognised as a non-PnP monitor with generic resolutions available Has any one seen a monitor fail in this way The display seems vivid and is now running at x on the Win machines but cannot be run higher than x on the XP machine an older notebook with Intel mobile graphics My issue is that the monitor may be failing and that the native resolution the one where the fonts are sharpest of x can no longer be accessed On one of the machines with an ASUS P N-D mobo I have updated the video and chipset drivers to the latest ones Looking for ideas I haven t seen this problem before please let me know if you have Thanks nbsp

A:Monitor no longer detected on machines running 7 or XP

The failure is not uncommon. It is the manufacturing fault of the Acer, and Acer will not help you.
When it is "worn out" it has reached the end of its useful product live. Acer warranties it for a year, but you pay shipping, and it takes quite a while to get it back. If older Acer, parts are not available, and it will be trouble when you find them.
The KVM switch is not part of the problem, in our experience.
Yes this is typical with a lot of Acer 19 inches that are more than 18 months old.
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Currently we are using an HP All-In-One on an older Dell running XP Media Center I am stumped as to how to get a Win machine and a Vista machine to recognize the XP printer I can locate the printer via a wired router from the Vista and machines But an error message appears that I need a driver I have hooked up the printer to the Win and Vista machines individually and the driver automatically loads Printer works fine That tells me that the drivers are present on the Vista and the machines but when I go back to having the printer attached to the XP machine I cannot print from the V or machines and I am told I need a driver I downloaded the Vista driver onto the XP machine but cannot get it to install I have printer sharing turned on Does the Vista driver have to be present on the XP machine I have run the install disk on both the V and the machines and it asks if I want to install the printer directly or is it 64 a XP Machines with (32) printer a on Vista64, Networking and 7 on a network I reply network but the search reveals no printer even though I can find the printer on the network map Alternately is a cable adapter available that would allow me to split the printer cable via USB It would need to be quot backward quot splitter meaning that the printer cable that would conventionally plug into the computer would need to split into two receptacles for two USB cables I am really stumped on this one nbsp
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i have the following specifications,what is the best videocard for windows 7,

ubuntu 9

------------ my system specifications ------------

asus p5n73am

intel dual core 2.5 ghz

2gb ram

160 gb western digital harddisk

liteon - moserbaer dvd writer

zebronics cobra cabinet(tower)

onboard via vt1708b - audio

nvidia geforce 7050/nvidia nforce 610i - video


my smps is rated 450 watts

i love to play sims 3 with graphics enabled at the maximum .

A:Best videocard for Intel machines Ati, Nvidia or others

There is no "Best" but you must make sure that your 450 watt power supply can handle it...
You will find terrific arguments from every side... nVidia, ATI, etc..
Then you have to figger in what games you play
Most often it is a cost issue...

SIMS does not make huge demands on your system... but I would change the power supply before going too much higher than your nVidia GeForce 7050...

Unless you are shooting for higher, more powerful games, you are likely fine with what you have.
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Someone finally did a through test of the dreaded Bestec powersupply

Note to owners of E-machines with the Bestec Powersupply: Replace it ASAP Lack of overvoltage protection on the 5VSB rail will lead to a fried motherboard if one of the capacitors on that rail fails. (And with the cheap caps in this unit failure is rather likely)

A:Anyone with an E-Machines might want to read this

We we not agree with this analysis. We, too, have had a team of independent experts analyse the eMachines Bestec Power supply.
First, the same Bestec power supplies work fine in the low end Gateway, Dell, HP, Compaq, and several Tiger computers without the high failures.
The problem with the eMachines units is the motherboards, which were designed by Intel and others, but then manufacturered in Korea under license to Tri-Gem. These motherboards are missing key components in the plastics of the board, and the circuitry... which allows them to shrink and curl. During the shrinkage and curling, the electrical circults are pulled and twisted by the force of the board curling or shrinking... creating short circuits that destroy the Bestec and other brands of power supplies that eMachines used from 2002 to 2007...
We have 700 eMachines computers stored in a barn awaiting action... because eMachines knew they were bad.
The thing eMachine owners need to know is that in excess of 60 percent of eMachines Desktops built and sold during that time have failed with no apologies nor compensation from eMachines
The problem is moot now, as eMachines, once owned by Gateway, and before that, by Tri-Gem, is now owned (as I understand the transaction) by another Korean company of famous name and note.
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Hello I have been using surge protection since it was invented and I paid over for a network quality -outlet strip by Newpoint Protector Mystery Surge resolved These protectors always seem to have an LED labeled quot protected when lit quot whether they are the run of the mill Staples brand or a more expensive APC model I have one from Radio Shack with only one outlet designed for a large appliance such as a microwave or AC with Surge Protector Mystery resolved electronic controls that can easily be Surge Protector Mystery resolved destroyed by a surge Recently I noticed that the green LED that indicates quot protected when lit quot was not lit but the appliance was powered and working fine I have always suspected that these quot protected when lit quot indicators were put there for one reason and it s not to tell you that the protection circuit is working The reason they are used at least in the model I own is so that when the LED burns out you go out and buy a new protector On my Radio Shack unit screws were used to hold the two halves of the case together so I took it apart and proved my theory correct The LED that is labeled quot protected when lit quot is wired through a K watt resistor directly across the V fused line The LED has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the MOV s there are of them are working or not The only thing the LED could possibly indicate is that the internal fuse has not blown and that can be found out by testing the appliance plugged into the unit The LED in this unit is wired through the K resistor directly across the VAC line without a diode This puts the full V on the diode during the reverse phase of the AC cycle when the LED is not conducting In this circuit it is only a matter of time that the LED will burn out I am now convinced that the designer chose the LED to sustain the high reverse voltage without breaking down for several years but no more This insures that the owner will have to buy a new protection device and chances are they will buy the same model they had before So to make a long story short it may be OK to continue to use the surge protector if the quot protected when lit quot LED is out However it is NOT OK to use the device if the LED indicating a WIRING FAULT is lit Wiring fault indicates a faulty ground or reversed hot and neutral on the receptacle into which the protection device is plugged This is a serious problem and must be repaired immediately I hope this saves some of you time and money but I am also interested to know whether anyone else has taken such a device apart and found the same thing to be true of different types and brands FW nbsp

A:Surge Protector Mystery resolved

I noticed that the green LED that indicates "protected when lit" was not lit, but the appliance was powered and working fineClick to expand...

But when not lit, this means there is a fault (either in the Led or the power itself)
Therefore the Surge Protector would be deemed as faulty (even if it still protects)
I believe this may also be stated in the manual

It is not for the user to take the Surge Protector apart, to confirm that it may just be a LED fault. Therefore the Surge Protector should either be serviced or replaced.

Note: Many users have also successfully replaced internal batteries inside the Surge Protector, but again this requires a qualified service technician (and must adhere to the manufacture warranty requirements).

I do not recommend users to take apart their equipment, especially devices holding voltage, that could potentially be dangerous and at least, causing a warranty void issue.

Not recommended
But interesting fact about the fact that the light may not be the diagnostic reference.
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I have 2 IBM 8090 machines. Small Form Factor.
Both are P4 3.0 GHz HT processors.
On startup, both immediately show at 58C while idle.
While browsing the web, they reach 66C.
Used for folding on a team. While folding, temps jump to 78C and hold steady.
All temps are shown by SpeedFan and HWMonitor.
Have removed all old thermal paste and applied new thin coat of Arctic Silver 5. No change.
Due to the tri-fold configuration of the machines and the size, opening the case is not an option.
Hard drive rests above HSF (copper) with inlet fan blowing through fins of HSF.
Has anybody got any ideas on how to bring these temps down?
Already have an ice tray sitting in front of them and a fan blowing towards them.

A:Question about SFF machines

Are you having issues with the SFF computers freezing or crashing? If not, don't worry about the temps... SFF computers as well as most laptops run hot, compaired to desktop systems
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Getting ready to build a new computer and gonna get rid of the old one =) (not so old actually)

Alienware Laptop
Dual Core T7400 2.16GHZ Processor
2 8700M GT Nvidia Geforce cards

20" Screen
Bluetooth built in

What do you all think? I was gonna go with 500 USD.
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So I finished some work for my dad He wants to buy me a laptop as a quot reward quot I have until tomorrow to decide So far I have this from Alienware If you can make better pls post here There is no price limit as of now Thx Video Graphics Card Dual MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD - the Alienware laptop on go CrossFireX Enabled Processor Intel Core Extreme Quad QX GHz MB Cache MHz FSB Design amp Alienware laptop on the go Display Black Ripley Design Chassis -Inch WideUXGA x LCD p with Clearview Technology Keyboard Options Illuminated Keyboard Alienware Exclusive Design - Astral Blue Operating System Office software not included Genuine Windows Vista Ultimate -bit Edition with Service Pack Notebook Tuners and Remotes Without Media Center Remote Control or TV Tuner Memory GB Dual Channel DDR SO-DIMM at MHz x MB System Drive Single Drive Configuration - GB Solid State Drive Optical Drives Dual Layer Blu-ray Disc Reader BD-ROM DVD Alienware laptop on the go RW CD-RW Wireless Network Card Internal Intel Ultimate N a b g Draft-N Mini-Card with MIMO Technology The World s First Mbps Wi-Fi Adapter Sound Card Internal High-Definition Audio with Surround Sound Warranty -Year AlienCare Onsite Service and Toll-Free Phone Support Power Additional Battery -cell Lithium-Ion Battery Alienware Extras Alienware laptop on the go Alienware Mesh Cap Alienware Extras Alienware Mobile Binder Alienware Extras Owner Identification Card Alienware Extras M Protective Cloth Sleeve Alienware Extras M Keyboard Diagram Overlay Avatar Alienhead D usd as post Do your worst thx nbsp

A:Alienware laptop on the go

We have seen a number of failed Alienware laptops in our shop. They seem to be having a series of manufacturing problems, despite being purchased by Dell.

Be sure you get the longest possible warranty? And remember it is now a Dell with the contract Dell service techs coming to your house without a clue.

I would go for a high end HP, or a high end Dell or ASUS over the Alienware, dispite the sometimes appealing configurations.
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Hi, I can't recall how/why my laptop (Alienware) won't turn on due to the fact it's did not received power from its adapter, I've 2 adapters and both are working fine (they're both have green light on) I did remove the battery and plugged the adapter but still not working, before I do anything silly I wanted to ask how many possible issue outcome are there that's I have to deal with such as, is it battery? PSU? or the motherboard? Thank in advance.

A:Alienware Laptop Power

Too early to say, ie it could be anything, even the Ram.

Have a look here: Tutorial: No POST (Power On System Test)
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Recently Swapped out my old enermax PSU for a new one Plugged everything back in I inadvertenly disconnected a a twin wire two prong Aurora on Alienware Strange Connector Door cable which connects to the hinge of the front door of the Tower It is tied into Strange Connector on Alienware Aurora Door the other connectors for the system pannel pin connector on the motherboard However i do not know where it plugs in I would not normally care but the PC will not power up with the new PSU All i am getting is the standby power LED on the motherboard to light up I have connected the two fans to the same cables as the EZ plug which i just use a ordinary four prong connector The DVD and CD-R drives use the same power cable The HDD i have using a SATA power connector Finally the floppy drive just uses a standard connector with nothing else on the other v connectors The motherboard uses a ATX connector EZ plug and pin connector I just realised i connedted the PSU up incorrectly I used an EZ plug with the ATX connection which i should not do with a Geforce GT on Asus A N-SLI Deluxe ez-plug should only be used with two cards I also forgot to connect the six prong connector on the video card Would this earlier omission on my part have damaged the mobo I rectified and still no change nbsp

A:Strange Connector on Alienware Aurora Door

That 2-pin plug is probably 5 volts gonig to LEDs in the door. Carefully go over the motherboards manual and recheck all the power supply connections to it. If all else fails, take the system down to the bare minimum, no sound card, no video card and only one memory stick and see if it powers up. Try resetting the CMOS while you are at it
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Ok I don t know if anything can be done about this or not I will go ahead and give you m9700 problems SLI Alienware Aurora on some background on my system and situation I purchased it around Prod Order No A I Identification Customer Name xxxxxxxxxxxxx Customer Account No xxxxxxxxxxx II Configuration Processor s Processor CPU Name AMD Turion tm Mobile Technology ML- CPU Manufacturer AuthenticAMD CPU Caption x Family Model Stepping CPU Version Model Stepping CPU ProcessorId BFBFF F CPU CurrentClockSpeed MHz SLI problems on Alienware m9700 Aurora CPU AddressWidth Bits CPU DataWidth Bits CPU SocketDesignation CPU Case Color New Background System Memory Memory Module Mem Capacity MB Mem BankLabel DIMM Mem Type DDR Mem Bandwidth PC MHz Memory Module Mem Capacity MB Mem BankLabel DIMM Mem Type DDR Mem Bandwidth PC MHz BIOS Information BIOS Manufacturer American Megatrends Inc BIOS Name Default System BIOS BIOS Version W D BIOS Version A M I - Motherboard Information MB Manufacturer alienware MB Product Aurora m MB SerialNumber W DA AB MB Version AB Video Adapter Video Caption NVIDIA GeForce Go GS Video AdapterRAM MB Video DriverVersion Hard Drive s FUJITSU MHV BH Disk Model FUJITSU MHV BH Disk Size GB Disk TotalHeads Disk TotalCylinders Disk TotalTracks Disk TracksPerCylinder Optical Drives Other Storage Slimtype COMBO SSC- K Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition DirectX Version c Assembler Initials RR Tester Initials AI Test Date AM III Burn-In Benchmarks Doom Doom fps DMark Game Tests DMark Score DMarks GT - Return To Proxycon FPS GT SLI problems on Alienware m9700 Aurora - Firefly Forest FPS GT - Canyon Flight FPS CPU Tests CPU Score CPUMarks CPU Test FPS CPU Test FPS IV IRQ Configuration System timer Standard -Key or Microsoft Natural PS Keyboard -available- -available- -available- -available- -available- -available- System CMOS real time clock Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System NVIDIA nForce PCI System Management -available- Synaptics PS Port TouchPad Numeric data processor -available- Secondary IDE Channel Marvell Yukon E PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller NVIDIA GeForce Go GS OHCI Compliant IEEE Host Controller Realtek RTL M Wireless LAN Network Adapter NVIDIA GeForce Go GS Ricoh MMC Host Controller Ricoh Memory Stick Host Controller SDA Standard Compliant SD Host Controller SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller Agere Systems AC Modem NVIDIA nForce Serial ATA Controller Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller NVIDIA nForce Serial ATA Controller V Miscellaneous N A VI Final Checks VII Installed Device Drivers Microsoft AC Adapter - - SLI problems on Alienware m9700 Aurora AMD Turion tm Mobile Technology ML- - - Standard -Key or Microsoft Natural PS Keyboard - - Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery - - Synaptics PS Port TouchPad - - Slimtype COMBO SSC- K - - FUJITSU MHV BH - - Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller - - NVIDIA nForce Serial ATA Controller - - Agere Systems AC Modem - - SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio - - NVIDIA GeForce Go GS - - Realtek RTL M Wireless LAN Network Adapter - - Ricoh Memory Stick Host Controller - - SDA Standard Compliant SD Host Controller - - OHCI Compliant IEEE Host Controller - - Ricoh MMC Host Controller - - Marvell Yukon E PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller - - Primary IDE Channel - - Secondary IDE Channel - - Bluetooth Bus Enumerator - - Winvnc video hook driver - - Audio Codecs - - Legacy Audio Drivers - - Media Control Devices - - Legacy Video Capture Devices - - Video Codecs - - Microsoft Kernel System Audio Device - - Microsoft Kernel Wave Audio Mixer - - Microsoft WINMM WDM Audio Compatibility Driver - - BisonCam NB Pro - - Broadcom Bluetooth USB Device - - Bluetooth Audio - - Bluetooth High Quality Audio - - Two weeks after arrival I realized that it only showed one graphics card so I sent it back to alienware for two weeks so they could fix it They reinstalled the os and sent it back to me but it still did not show after two ... Read more

A:SLI problems on Alienware m9700 Aurora

Either one of the video cards is bad, or you motherboard may be defective as far as running in the SLI mode is concerned. Have you tried swapping the video cards to see if it is one card or one of the SLI motherboard sockets?
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I m going to be as specific as I can be becasue I really need to fix this problem ASAP I bought an Alienware Area- laptop and all I ve been getting is problems Video card faliure Viruses and this It was working fine a few days ago RIGHT after I had just got it back from having a new video card replace the defective one I was getting re aquanted with my computer when it suddently froze I ve had computers freeze before so I didn t saee a problem I restarted my computer and I haven Need help with laptop Alienware BIOS t been able to enter windows since At first I noticed that the POST ended itself with the message quot operating system not found quot Upon closer look after quot Need help with Alienware laptop BIOS Scanning for IDE drives quot the POST informed the that there is quot No Drive attached to FastTrak Need help with Alienware laptop BIOS controller No BIOS is installed quot Then it would resume the completion by saying quot Operating System not found quot I gave up on trying to recover all my data I ll do anything to get it to work I can t reinstall Windows beause it wont detect my drives They re two gigs connected through RAID and they never had a problem before While in POST it informs me that my BIOS is a FastTrak tm BIOS Promise Technology After clicking F to enter Setup Utility it says on top quot Phoenix cME FirstBIOS Pro Setup Utility I don t know what to do I hope I provided enough information Please help nbsp

A:Need help with Alienware laptop BIOS

Also, I'm not an expert on laptops or anything so if you know what the problem is and what I have to do, don't move to fast. I wont know very many technical terms ect.
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A friend of mine was contemplatig the purchase if an Alienware PC. I decided to do a little research about there prices and this is my outcome. Just thought I would share it with you.

All prices are in AUD. Maybe its not so bad in the US I dont know.

Alienware vs PCManiacs​
Below is the default configuration of the Alienware Area-51® 7500

Below is the keyboard you get with the Alienware PC as you can see it is a generic keyboard, thus we can assume so is the mouse.

Below is the same thing from PCManiacs

Sub Total $2,871.00
Freight $149.00
GST $274.55
Total $3,020.00

PC Maniacs
Sub-Total: $1,527.00
Courier (Star Track Express - Deliver To Postcode: XXXX): $92.00
Total: $1,619.00

A:Alienware Pricing

Are you REALLY certain that Alienware is the best choice for your needs? Lately, we find them to be considerable trouble, both in early failures, and in difficulties getting parts and tech support. Perhaps tech support is better in Australia?
Shipping is high for what you report.
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Hello CPU to CardBus Adapter attached 80% Network on Spikes Alienware PCMCIA m7700 w/ I am currently trying to resolve the issues with CPU Spikes to 80% w/ PCMCIA Network CardBus Adapter attached on Alienware m7700 my brother s Alienware CPU Spikes to 80% w/ PCMCIA Network CardBus Adapter attached on Alienware m7700 m i Notebook computer There are a few minor issues and one big issue Before I go on I will tell you the specs Intel Pentium GHz GB RAM DDR -SDRAM PC CLEVO D T Motherboard NVIDIA GeForce Go GTX MB Promise Stripe RAID SCSI Disk Device GB HDD Space Now the issue that has been occurring since he received it which was about a year ago the CPU usage spikes up to - average I have scanned for any viruses malware and spyware Nothing comes up when I scan it no particular process in the Task Manager appears to show what is making the spike since the Task Manager usually gets rid of the spike It seems that it might have to do with the PCMCIA Network CardBus Adapter Manufacturer Atheros Every time it s taken out the computer runs as it should - no interruptions or spikes However most of the time when the adapter is attached the spikes will come very randomly I have changed quite a few settings regarding the performance of the computer which only seem to show temporary benefits Other notes the keyboard appears to be warped when you apply pressure on the laptop left side of the touch mousepad the PCMCIA card will beep indicating new hardware found However the card will still work properly as pressure is applied I have tried many methods to resolve the issue yet I cannot seem to fix it So I am guessing it could be a hardware problem - but how does a hardware issue affect the CPU spikes I have tried updating drivers and such including ones that can t be found on the Microsoft website or anywhere else Before anyone tells me that my brother should send it back to Alienware he cannot because he no longer has warranty I would greatly appreciate any help Let me know if any other information will be required to determine what the issue could be and then hopefully we can all find a solution UPDATE Another issue that occurred The notebook will freeze and lock up after an unknown amount of time has passed during idle Nothing is running in the background and I have even turned off the screen saver It requires me to restart the computer and then the Windows loading screen will be up for up to - minutes Once I remove the Network Adapter it will go straight to the User menu I am completely dumb-founded Please help Any information will help nbsp

A:CPU Spikes to 80% w/ PCMCIA Network CardBus Adapter attached on Alienware m7700

unfortunately I am not familiar with alienware laptops but can you try to replace the pcmcia card with a known as working ok one from another computer?
btw does he really need this card? you said its a network card. the laptop has one onboard, right?
when did you install the windows os? did you try a different hdd with a fresh install?
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I use FIOS. I have a static IP address set up. And manually entered my DNS servers which I got from my ISP -verizon.

Everything has run fine until recently about once a day I get 'problem loading page, or wherever took to long to respond'

at this point no sites will load except for home page or pages that don't change and are in my cache

If i flushdns then registerdns it works again till the next day

Just trying to determine what could be the cause for this. It just starting happening in the last week or so

Also when this happens I can ping websites without packet loss, but I can't load them through a browser

A:Problem loading page - resolved by flushing DNS/ register DNS

change the static DNS addresses to use DHCP. This is effectively what you're
doing on a temporary basis with the /registerdns
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hi peeps hope someone can help
ive got a alienware model d9t that wont boot .it get to the menu where you can pick safe mode click safe mode
but then a blue screen that flashes really quick
ive tried to reinstall windows and it wont detect the hard drive
so i put a new hd in and still the same problem
change the memory and still the same
really got me thinking now what the problem could be
any one had this and sorted it ...

A:Alienware laptop problem

I'm not going to tell you I know the cause of this problem, but I do know one of your problems, it's alienware... Next time, sorry I can't help more.
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Hello all I am hope I have come to the right place to get some help I have an Alienware Area It has been a good laptop for years although never the gamer I d hoped for So here is my problem it shuts off Alienware oddities no reason no warning just shuts off when ever If I am lucky it will boot up again if it doesn t then I don t get anything at all execpt optical drive activity if there is a disk in No video at all At first i thouht maybe over heating so I took it apart and cleaned out the dust and reseated the video card and memory and made sure all of the fan were working That made no differnece either even running it with the covers Alienware oddities off It also at some point corrupted the OS and the system files so I figured this was a good time to do a fresh install For the most part it went well and I had almost convinced myself the problem had gone away But it has resurfaced after a few days of constantly being on This time however when I rebooted I got a BSOD saying PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA Alienware specs G P G memory PC M Gforce FX GO G rpm HITACHI HD I am out of ideas short of sending it to Alienware for repairs so I hope some one out there has some good info Thanks nbsp

A:Alienware oddities

sounds like a faulty memory to me. if you have two dimms, try to run the laptop with one and then the other.
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Yea u just need to know is this worth it? All i am trying to do is play Some World of Warcraft and you know a few other games. Nothing too Graphic ( example: Battle Field, Fear, Bioshock, ect..) You know games like WoW, CounterStrike, Mabey Warhammer when it comes out. Im ganna be doing digital art on this thing using Adobe photoshop and Corel paint software. As u can see im on a budget so would this be good?

A:Alienware Area-51 m555

It looks decent, however keep in mind it is very hard to modify laptops, and if you were to be doing graphic work, I would recomend a desktop just so you could do modifications as needed, such as better graphics cards... Of course, I am in the same boat, I do graphics, and am looking to replace my laptop (my stuff has to go back and forth from work to home) and that looks like one I would consider

*However, I just went in to add all the pieces and upgrades I would need and it doubled the price, plus some... keep in mind if you are on a budget*
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ok put a new MOBO in my area m to fix a not booting problem the occured from a suspecting power surge while i as deployed overseas problem was fixed some what now it POST Alienware XP load load won't screen past and everything but when it get to the XP load screen with the blue bar that bounces back and forth it shuts down i try to re boot it gives the normal xp not shut down normal and the normal choices i try to boot in any option even safe mode it repeats the Alienware won't load past XP load screen problem swapped HD MEM CMOS bat when using the respawn kit norton ghost of HD at date of shipment of CPU i got with the cpu it will reload xp but doesn t fix the problem if i try and load a fresh copy of xp it won t even get pas tthe first portaion or the install before it shuts down cpu specs pro intel p ram gforcego graphis dual hd i g and i g non raid prolem even exsist in RAID or i am suspecting a corrupt file load somewhere in the thread but the guy fixing it suspects hardware Help please this problemhas got me a witts end nbsp

A:Alienware won't load past XP load screen

Pay more attention to your typing...

Your going to have to strip down the system to bare minimum hardware. Set the bios to failsafe defaults, use on-board video if you have it. Remove any USB devices and any add-in PCI cards like a NIC, sound card and use only 1 stick of RAM for the Windows fresh install
Relevancy 33.11%

I'm trying to replace the video card in an e-machines t-2642. I know e-machines are crap but I was given this computer and I want to see if the hard drive is alright. I called tech support(which was a joke) and the guy kept telling me to take it to a certified computer technician. I know that it can't be that hard to replace. I was wondering if it was just a jumper or something like that. I installed the new video card in one of the PCI slots and the computer turned on and I could here Windows start up but the monitor wouldn't power up. I don't have any manuals for the computer and I can't find anything on the Internet(a lot of e-machines questions but nothing specific to my problem). Any help would be appreciated.

A:replacing video card in e-machines T-2642

What is the model of the video card you are trying to install? You will have to turn off the on-board video first. Install the new video card. When the computer starts to boot up, press DEL a couple of times. You will see a blue screen with options on it. This is the bios setup screen. Look for Integrated PCI video, and disable it. Reboot your system...

The infamous T2642:

Operating System: Genuine Microsoft® Windows® XP Home
CPU: Intel® Celeron® 2.60GHz Processor
128KB L2 cache & 400MHz FSB
Chipset: Intel® 845GV chipset
Memory: 256MB DDR (PC 2100)
Hard Drive: 40GB HDD
Optical Drive: 48x Max. CD-RW Drive; 3.5" 1.44MB FDD
Video: Intel® Extreme Graphics 3D
64MB Shared memory
Sound: AC '97 Audio
Network: 10/100Mbps built-in Ethernet
Modem: 56K ITU v.92-ready Fax/Modem
Peripherals: Standard Multimedia Keyboard, 2-Button Wheel Mouse, Standard Stereo Speakers
Ports/Other: 6 USB 2.0 ports (2 on front), 1 Serial, 1 Parallel, 2 PS/2, Audio-In & Out
Dimensions: 7.25"W x 14.125"H x 16"D
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Hi, I'm a newbe. I have an e-machines T4080 with a bad motherboard, which I gather is not uncommon. The motherboard is a Trigem Imperial G. part number 100056. The cheapest I can find this mobo is $165 on ebay. is there a suitable replacement? I understand that I may need a power supply and another copy of XP also.
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Hello guy I took my laptop to the technician and they open up my laptop and running the test On Alienware Disappeared Sound and discovered that my laptop soundcard is not damage but the wire may be loosed so they tighten it up to my amazed it work again but to find that the speaker onboard is working but not for the sockets both mic and headphone technician tried again but to Sound Disappeared On Alienware the same result they literally shook their head I took it home and reinstalled from Vista to XP pro hope it just a software conflict or whatever and then it work both sockets and laptop speaker but only for a short time cuz if I restart it the sound just disappear again My head is completely numb now cuz I can t think of how to fix this stupid laptop s sound of mine Also I am curious why EVEREST displayed Intel GBM ICH -M - High Definition Audio Controller on my laptop but instead it said I m using Realtek HD Audio is that the issue to my laptop s sound disappearing nbsp

A:Sound Disappeared On Alienware


Try registering with the pc makers site and downloading the chipset driver....this needs to be installed 1st and rebooted before an audio driver is installed...get the audio driver here as well...once you should be able to find your systems drivers
Relevancy 33.54%

hey guys i just got a new laptop and im having a huge problem. ANY audio that comes out of the speakers is crackly. even when i startup the system, the vista startup noise pretty much lags and sounds just...crackly! it has integrated sound btw. ive reformated twice and it doesnt fix the problem =[. pleaseeeeee help me! heres some specs:

amd turion 64 mobile technology - 2.4ghz
2gigs ram
nvidia gforce go 7900 gs
soundMAX integrated digital audio

A:crackly/distorted sound on alienware

Um.. you downloaded the newest drivers for your sound card from the Internet right? Try typing in dxdiag in the command prompt and making sure that directx is detecting your sound card. Also while in dxdiag you may want to turn down the directx "hardware sound acceleration level" under the "sound" tab. Also check out
Relevancy 34.4%

Hi I got this issue relating on my Laptop Soundcard which I cannot resolve At that time my laptop is working perfectly but then my sound card just disappear after days not working sound Alienware has no with the box I then reformat the box hoping to have my sound back guess what Alienware has no sound it doesn t work I have all the correct drivers and I m sure did not add any hardwares during that time no dropping no viruses I assume updated free AVG if I must say there s no issues at all Then I took it to the local technician they didn t Alienware has no sound have a clue either they recommend a hardware repairing no guarantee but I refuse I took it back home and turn on the laptop to see there a new hardware found I put my drivers CD and install it right away so there I was got my sound to working again Until I was out of town for a few days and left my laptop untouch and now here it is again turn on the laptop and sound gone again It is truly weird and annoyance and my question is is this hardware Alienware has no sound issue or software and how am I about to solve this if the technician can t help me I m just wondering has anyone ever encounter this issue before please guide me Alienware m i-R Intel Core Duo T GB GForce Go MB Intel High Definition Sound nbsp

A:Alienware has no sound

usually can be driver error. do UNINSTALL and restart before install again.
just a reminder: my laptop have no sound when it's in the max volume;
it also have no sound after standby / hibernate (if use other driver)

well, for me, most of the case, hardware error are rare. if it do, you might ask for warranty.

have you try connecting a speaker to it?
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Okay, I now have a replacement question. I found the easy way out, I guess I can just buy a way overpriced replacement mobo from the eMachines site. Meh, fine by me, I simply don't know enough to replace all the stuff that's dead. However, it doesn't seem to come with any memory, nor does it come with a CPU fan. Simple question, do you guys think that the fan and RAM I have on the blown mobo are still any good? Or do I need to blow more money replacing them as well?


A:Help with replacing mobo/psu. (E-machines)

That is a pretty general question as you didnt give much details to whether or not you are replacing the Motherboard with the exact same one or an upgraded one. As long as you are getting one that is compatible with the processor that was in it to begin with, then you should be able to use the same CPU heatsink/fan (be sure to use thermal paste). Even though the fan should still work, I like to replace heatsink/fans when I replace motherboards as they are not expensive and you may get a little better cooling (especially if the old one was stock). The RAM should still be fine as long as it is compatible with the new board (i.e. if the RAM is DDR and the new board uses DDR). The only way to tell if the RAM is still good is to try it in another system or try it in the new board. Hope I helped.
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Just got an alienware laptop 7700aurora. When I turned it on, the screen shows a bunch of dots and x's. It's not pixels cuz the same thing happened when I connected it to my pc screen. Any ideas???

A:alienware display problems

Isnt there some soft of warranty on a $3,000+ computer? If you just got it, RMA the thing. Its better than having to deal with ongoing problems.
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I have an e-machines T1740 and am having problems turning it on!!! Before I had problems with it freezing up all the time, and then it

literallyClick to expand...

sat in my closet for over a year and I took it out within the last week and it started working just fine!!! However, now I have a problem that I cannot engage the hard drive. It turns on, but only the fan is running and no other programs load. I tried unplugging everything, waiting for about 1/2 hr., and then plugged everything back in, but still no luck. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you.

A:e-machines T1740 won`t turn on.

please read the FAQs about e-crap machines. Your PSU has probably blown and taken the motherboard out with it.

We get millions of posts on techspot about e-machines
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I have a brand new alienware laptop that just recently has had display won't post Alienware Laptop problems Alienware Laptop won't display post booting It seems like everytime I shut the machine down from windows vista when i go to turn it back on the fan spins up and the lights come on for the wireless adaptor battery and the hdd light comes on for a second or so and then turns off and does not spin up If i have a cd rom in the drive it spins that up almost like it is trying to boot up but nothing is displayed on the screen The screen is totally off not lit at all No post beeps then after awhile of sitting i press the power button and it will work Also there is no response from the keyboard if i press numlock or capslock however the lights associated with the keyboard flash after i pressthe power button Also i have tried plugging it in and removing all my accessories I have contacted alienware and i am in the process of sending it back but i wanted to wait andsee what you guys thought in case it is some stupid mistake and to find out what it might be Thanks again nbsp

A:Alienware Laptop won't display post

RMA it if it is brand new. Alienware quality control is somewhat lacking- especially on their desktops.
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hi i just recently bought a laptop from alienware and now i am having trouble connecting to my network via a wired connection It had worked when i first got it and now it doesn t No damage has been done the to machine it seems like it happened out of the blue I NIC problems laptop Alienware have tried restoring it back before the problem and i was successful but it did not fix the problem When i plug the cable in i get no lights on my router and no notification on my computer that i am connected I looked at the device manager and the nic cardis installed and working properly and has up to date drivers My router Alienware laptop NIC problems works fine and i checked the Alienware laptop NIC problems ports on both the router and the rj- jack on the laptop for bent pins both are fine I have tried different cables as well as other routers and connections nothing seems to work my wireless connection works just fine my guess is that it is actually the port on the laptop itself maybe has a short in it nbsp

A:Alienware laptop NIC problems

Sounds like winsock problem... Try this...

click on start
click on run
type cmd
netsh winsock reset
netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt
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I am quite concern about my new Alienware Laptop's Temperature which is really high for my amazement. When using programs, copying large files the HDD temperature can go up to 54-55 and the CPU temperature can reach up to 57 Degrees Celsius using the touchmouse on the laptop can be grueling because of the heat.

FYI: My working area is fully air-conditioned, I've also using block object as a laptop stand for better air circulation - though the result is what I have mention above. Please help me how to ease this issue

Spec: Intel® Core?2 Duo 2.16Ghz
7600 go 256MB NVIDIA® Graphics
2 x 512 (667 Mhz DDR2 Memory)

A:Alienware overheat? need help

Nah those temps are fine, my laptops touch mouse can get veryhot too (burns my fingers sometimes aaha) and the underside can get VERY HOT, but as long as the comp doesnt turn off because of over heating, its all good.

thoses temps are fine any way, i have a desktop computer that gets hotter cpu readings than that.
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I mean I know they arent top of the line or anything... But are they good for what they are supposed to be? As in cheap and decent? Is one even worth getting? Thanks.

A:E-Machines any good?

eMachines is an entry level box for entry level people with entry level experience with an entry level price.
I've had no problems with the 5 eMachines I have owned...but I'm sure other will disagree here...
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I can never find any kind of user guides or manuals for these Pitney Bowes fax machines. If anyone knows of a site thats does have some (preferably free) I would greatly appreciate the help.. Thanks

(Right now Im looking for info on the Pitney Bowes PB 1630)

A:Pitney Bowes Fax Machines

I would call the manufactuer's help line.
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I ve made Alienware Laptop an ordered of a laptop from Alienware and wondering how it do Area- m Processor Intel Core Duo Processor T GHz MB Cache MHz FSB Operating System Office software not included Genuine Windows Vista Basic Display Alienware m quot WideXGA x LCD - Saucer Silver Motherboard Alienware Intel PM ICH Chipset Memory GB Dual Channel DDR SO-DIMM Alienware Laptop at MHz - x MB System Drive GB Serial ATA Gb s RPM w NCQ amp MB Cache Primary CD ROM DVD ROM X Dual Layer DVD -RW X CD-RW Combo w Software Video Graphics Card MB NVidia GeForce Go Sound Card Intel High-Definition Audio Wireless Network Card Internal Intel PRO Wireless a b g Mini-Card Communications Integrated Mb Gigabit Ethernet amp K V Modem Power Additional AC Adapter - Alienware m Watt Auto-switch Adapter Warranty -Year AlienCare Toll-Free Phone Support w Onsite Service Alienware T-Shirt Alienware T-Shirt - Black - Price Includes Instant Rebate - XL Alienware T-Shirt Alienware T-Shirt - White - Price Includes Instant Rebate - XL Special Financing Offer No Interest for Months - Valid only with the Alienware Credit Card SubTotal Shipping Discount Tax Order Total nbsp

A:Alienware Laptop

Hey that's not a bad price at all. But keep in mind that Alienware's customer support has deteriorated over the years, not the least due to them being owned by Dell. I'd suggest the Zatoichi from Sure, it's a Turion X2 but you can get a custom skin on it, as well as a bigger HDD for a lower price than the Alienware. Give it a shot.
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I am working on this computer for a customer and it has numerous issues including the cdrw drive. Does anybody know of any generic drive on the market that will fit this computer properly without spending 80 to 100 dollars. I have already tried an A-Open cdrw-dvd drive that will not fit because of the mechanism on the previous drive. The previous drive is an HL Data GCE-8483B which I assume is an LG drive. Any help is appreciated.

A:Generic cdrw-dvd rom for E Machines W2646 computer

Herbssat said:

I am working on this computer for a customer and it has numerous issues including the cdrw drive. Does anybody know of any generic drive on the market that will fit this computer properly without spending 80 to 100 dollars. I have already tried an A-Open cdrw-dvd drive that will not fit because of the mechanism on the previous drive. The previous drive is an HL Data GCE-8483B which I assume is an LG drive. Any help is appreciated.Click to expand...

"I have already tried an A-Open cdrw-dvd drive that will not fit because of the mechanism on the previous drive"

Are you saying that the previous CDROM's face plate was part of the front case?
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Problem Computer crashed a while back every time It would boot into XP pro it would lock up about - minutes after logon I tryied recovery console and reinstaling OS but it keeps stating device not Alienware OS boot to 7700 wont found in XP instalation recovery I cleared CMOS Wont boot to OS Every time during boot phase i see it searching for a bootable device Continuasly states Operating system not found or somtimes it Alienware 7700 wont boot to OS will go through gt detecting gt BIOS not instaled Alienware 7700 wont boot to OS OS not found gt then it will reboot to bios after I pressed F Somtimes will not load BIOS configuration menu or states BIOS not installed BIOS not found ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- What I have done Checked physical connections including ATA hard drive pins and ATA ribon cable no apparent damage Tried both connection ATA ports amp the machine has only booted to XP once succesfuly after detecting ATA Hard Drive Disabled SCSI HD in BIOS and made sure its looking for an ATA drive used Defualt setting for BIOS Cleared CMOS by removing all power sources BUT manufacture states revers CMOS polarity by fliping over the battery i d rather not do that I have seen what reversing polarity can do to electronics very nasty even with DC power Result after all efforts thus far my Alienware will not load OS due to not locating a bootable device Somtimes I am able to get into BIOS configuration times I am unable to get in Also continualy states BIOS not found instaled or OS not found Please help nbsp
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a friend of my needs help connecting his two computers, and i do not know what to do. Both of his computers are windows xp and he is trying to connect them with a 10/100 fast ethernet switch d-link, h/w ver:4 DSS-5+. i do not know what to do and i do not know what disks he has for setup. all of his firewalls are disabled. i would appreciate an answer asap. ty

A:How to connect two Windows XP machines
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I have an Alienware - start, saying Computer BIOS HELP! PLEASE Alienware not won't found! Aurora and when I tried to turn it on last night it gave me a black screen that said Searching then BIOS not installed then Program not found I called Alienware they made me pay for a year warranty renewal just to tell me I am going to have to send my computer in for a new motherboard that even though I JUST got a new mother board in May the warranty for that only lasts months and we are past that so now they want me to pay another for parts and labor I talked to a few friends of mine who know alittle about computers and they said if it was the motherboard my computer wouldn t start at all I did a couple google searches and thats how I came across this website from a couple threads I have read maybe PLEASE HELP! Alienware Computer won't start, saying BIOS not found! I just need to remove the battery for a few minutes I attempted to start my computer again this morning and that time is started all the way then froze when loading my desktop icons and went PLEASE HELP! Alienware Computer won't start, saying BIOS not found! into blue screen saying there was an error and to restart Someone please help nbsp

A:PLEASE HELP! Alienware Computer won't start, saying BIOS not found!

This is what I have been getting:
Detecting ..........
No device found !
Bios not installed.
Operating system not found.

When I called tech support they had me change it from RAID to ATA then back to RAID, then restart. It gave me the error again...
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i want to buy my self a computer with a fast proseser, is relyalbe, so i found these two, plz could someone tell me which 1 is better, the dell xps 700 or the alienware for 899 pounds

A:wats better dell xps or alienware

wats better writing messages in gibberish or posting them in the wrong places
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I am looking for a motherboard for an e-machines T1840. e-machines is not able to supply it - can a substitute board be used, and if so what are the characteristics I should look for in a similar replacement?

Thanks, John Godshall

A:Motherboard for an e-machines T1840: Where can I locate?

Emachines generally use tri gem mobos, which are junk. you can use any mobo that supports your processor and ram to replace the board. if you have a recovery disk instead of an OEM XP disk then your going to need to make an XP disk from it to be able to reinatall XP.
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Good evening one and all,

I have an e-machine T6520. We bought it less than a year ago.
Operating System: Windows xp MCE
Issue Description: Thanks for the e-support.
Yesterday, my audio started sounding funny. Various playbacks (via
headphones/speakers attached to either Line-In) played out rather
scratchy and distorted). I ran the MCE online support(great resource)but
alas, the assorted diagnostics, tests, and other troubleshooting hints
did not lead me to a solution.
Do you have any suggestions/guidelines/directions that could assist me in this most confounding dilemna ?

Please get back to me SOON - Thanks, Patrick

A:e-machines Audio dilemna

Wow, you never really hear of audio problems with Windows. So when is that occuring? Just constantly?
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Hi everyone,
This is my first post on techspot! Ok so anyways I was looking around for a new computer and I decided to go with a really cheap alienware. Well i was looking at the cpu and I need some help. A) what amd processor is good for gaming and B) should i go dual-core? I was looking at the amd 64 4000+ for a single core and for dual I cant decide( they all look better than what i got ). I am also aware of the new AM2 coming soon, well ok i just found out today ( I'll buy a alienware when they make a compatable motherboard). What amd cpu's are gona be useing that. Oh and the fx series is just too much money. And one last thing money is a concern to me, so dont just say to go with the 4800+ . Thanks!

A:Cpu for new alienware

first of all Alienwares are not cheap, in fact they're quite expensive.

as far as the CPU is concerned, pretty much all AMD Athlon64's are good for gaming. obviously the higher the PR rating the better performance. just be sure to get a socket 939 platform and not a socket 754.

as far as single or dual core is concerned, applications written for single cores will run faster on a single core CPU than a dual core CPU. if you multitask then go dual core. but if you're strictly looking at game performance... then I would stay with a single core.

the video card will be the more important thing to consider when it comes to gaming. in most games the video card will have the biggest impact on performance. so if money's an issue then spend the extra on a better vid card vs. the better CPU
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I won this Auroura ALX in a contest and now that I have it, I am at a loss as to what it is good for.It seems to run nicely, but what is the big deal why are there two video cards? I only have one monitor
4 gigs of ram, can only use two.Any thoughts on what games or that stuff are good, I'm new to all of this, but it is starting to be fun.

A:Alienware ALX, won it in raffle, what is it?

This HAS to be a joke. You won a $5000 computer in a RAFFLE? Pffft.
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Someone at work has an e-Machines computer that suddenly conked out as she was playing solitaire I know the processing power required for solitaire could have fried the CPU I took a look at it and there is a quot sizzling quot noise coming from the power supply So I figured that the power supply bit the suddenly PSU probably out, conked e-Machines dust and got a new one and put it in The only thing the computer does is to light up the power LED e-Machines suddenly conked out, probably PSU on the front of the case I ve cleared the CMOS by removing the battery and using the jumper I held the power button down for a long time I ve checked all of the capacitors to see if any had bulged due to a power spike and I ve removed all PCI cards and still nothing The only sign of activity coming from the computer is the green LED on the front of the case None of the fans even start to turn when the power button is hit My guess is that whatever took out the power supply also fried the motherboard but I m posting this to see if anyone else has another idea nbsp

A:e-Machines suddenly conked out, probably PSU

I agree it does sound like the mobo is dead.

Only other thing I can think of is the psu may not be compatible with the computer.

What I mean is, some oem computers use a psu that is wired differently. So if the psu goes bad, you can`t just pop in a generic psu. This probably isn`t the case, but I thought it worth a mention.

Regards Howard
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hey Everybody,

Here's something that's been grinding my friend's gears for some time. He's got an E-machines desktop which starts up with this loud annoying beep. We share an appartment and I can always tell when he boots it up :]

The only solution that I've found so far, was... to disconnect speakers and reconnect after the PC speaker does the darn noise. The thing is, I don't like that kind of approach and so does my friend.

Does anyone know how can we turn it off? Is there some hidden BIOS setting that controls it?


A:Annoying beep on E-machines

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Take a look HERE at a possible solution.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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Please Help!!!

I am trying to network 3 computers together!! Setup as follows:

Machine #1: Windows XP Home (connects to the internet using USB Modem)

Machine #2: Windows XP Pro Laptop

Machine #3: Windows 2000

Can get internet on all 3 machines via ICS but can only network the XP Home machine & Windows 2000 machine. The XP Pro machine will not network at all!!!!!

Any help would be greatly received.


A:Networking Window Machines

Are they on the same workgroup? Did you try browsing by their individual IP addresses instad of their computer names?

:wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:
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Hey all I m planning on building a computer my first and I m a bit confused but learning as I go and want to know how my planned build will compare to my computer machines each other? How do these compare to at work What I have at work is a Dell precision with a Pentium rated at GHz G How do these machines compare to each other? ram I think Not sure exactly which video card is in it some NVidia quadro What I m planning on buying is an AMD an Asus A N motherboard not sure exactly which one a video card in the - range and minimum of Gig memory in addition to all the other componants PSU hard drive etc My question is whether the proposed machine will be worse than as good as or better than my office workstation I do a How do these machines compare to each other? lot of solid modeling at work and will at home in addition to some gaming and don t want to build a machine that is worse than what I have which is good but doesn t handle the How do these machines compare to each other? modeling flawlessly Any thoughts Thanks John nbsp
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Which of these babies is the best buy?.... please consider performance, brand, model, tech support and warranty.

Configuration will be:
Alienware 3.0GHz 800MHz FSB 1MB
Dell 2.13 GHz/2MB Cache/533MHz FSB
RAM: 1gb DDR
VIDEO: nVidia GO 6800 Ultra 256DDR
HD: 60GB 7200
NW: Intel Wireless
OPTICAL: 8x CD/DVD Burner (DVD+/-RW) to expand... to expand...

Thx in advance!
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When I turn on my computer and monitor, my monitor says "no signal". I hooked up my monitor to another computer and it worked perfectly fine. The computer is an E-Machines T-4170. I have had my Uncle take a look at it and he said that it was most likely the motherboard. He replaced the hard drive, and all video cards. So that is most likely not the problem.

I am to understand that I am not the only one who has encountered this problem. I have read other topics on how to solve this problem, but I don't really know what I am doing. Money is tight, so I can't take it somewhere or ship it out.

Thanks in advance for help.

A:E-Machines T-4170 Startup help.

The eMachines made around the time yours was are having alot of faulty power supplies.
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Does anyone have any experience with Microsoft's Thin Client servers and machines? I would like to set up a small network using thin clients but have not heard much about it. Any tips, suggestions, stories, etc.?
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should I buy a dell xps or a alienware system....... please post if u have any comments...... THANK YOU

A:dell or alienware

cant really say because i always build my own systems from scratch it adds to the excitement and thrill of worrying if everything will work great when it is finished plus it gives me a better understanding of the bios settings
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I have a question, my brother is giving me his (I have no clue why) Alien Ware computer and everyone says I'm so lucky because those are really good computers! Are they really that great?

P.S. Click on the picture! That's what I'm getting.

A:AlienWare Computer!

I love mine. And just for the record- I dont believe you.
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What's up,
I just bought an Alienware laptop second hand and the ac adapter was fried. After some hassles with Alienware I recived a new ac adapter. (It seems that being the second owner the warranty is void and Alienware won't even let you order parts. I had to pretend to be the original owner and they sent me a new ac adapter. Where there was supposed to be 4 prongs sticking out for the connection to the laptop there was 1 chunk of mangled metal sticking out. Then they didn't want to replace it.)
Finally I got a working ac adapter and when I went to plug it in it surged on me. Obviously an internal problem on the laptop! I'm wondering how hard it would be to repair the internal power supply or replace it. And where I could get the part. I appreciate your time.
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Saw Alienware's advertisement in yesterday's PCGamer, thought I would look into it more...

Alienware Area 51-M

I want one!

Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 2.4GHz 400MHz FSB w/ 512KB Cache
Hi-Performance Heatsink/CPU Cooling Fan
Intel® 845MP+ICH3M Chipset - FC-PGA 478PIN DDR
512MB DDR PC-2100 - Two SO-DIMMs
40GB IBM Travelstar 4200 RPM ATA100
ATI Mobility RADEON 7500 64MB DDR
Sound-Blaster Compatible 3D Audio
3.5 3-Mode Floppy Disk Drive
8X DVD / 8x4x24 CD-RW w/Software MPEG2 Decoder
Integrated 10/100Mb Ethernet NIC
56K Modem with V.92 Technology
AlienAutopsy: Automated Technical Support Request System
Aliencare Toll-Free 1-Year 24/7 DEPOT Warranty
Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional
Personalized Owner's Manual
Optimized & Configured for High-PerformanceClick to expand...


A:Alienware's Dream Laptop

I think Papa posted about it somewhere. He actually convinced one of his collegues to buy that thing.

I know a lot of things I would be doing if I had 3000$ & none of them would invovle computers.:rolleyes:
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Hello, simple question. Where can I get an Alienware Area 51 tower/case. I only need the case nothing else I already have all the inside stuff including a power supply all I need is the bare case if anyone has any thoughts, or ideas on how I can get my hands on one I would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.



Have you tried contacting AlienWare directly?

That seems like the easiest way to get it, if they will sell you just the case... Also, I haven't seen those cases for sale anywhere else, so it might be your only choice...

You can find alienware here...
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Does alienware notebooks like area 51 extreme come with the alien ice cooling system because in the clip of the "alienware difference" it says there is an alien ice cooling system. Is alien ice better than any other cooling system?


Maybe try asking alienware . Give 'em a call.
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Any opinions? They have good systems for a cheap price, but how is customer support and performance? I would be buying from Future Shop most likely btw.

A:E Machines

By all means, build your own computer! It will give you valuable experience and knowledge. Seriously. Even if you're buying this for another person, build it anyway. It can really be a rewarding experience.

Anyway, to the point...I imagine it's good, but not the best. E Machines has never really had a good reputation when dealing with customer service, part quality (the small things - like HSFs, cables, fans, PSUs, cases, etc.), in fact I've never heard anyone say anything good about E-Machines. But I would very much reccomend building it yourself. If I can do it, so can you.

When I built the 2nd machine in my house - I bought everything in mass from newegg - and they gave me no problems, had great prices, customer service, etc. etc. And it was very fun building the actual computer, from scratch. The great thing is that when you set up every peripheral for the first time, and set it up in it's permanent location, you press the button and everything works flawlessly. Very good feeling :grinthumb
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Hi all A while ago I posted a query about why my system was locking up while playing Unreal Tournament online in the Audio And Video Forum The title was quot Online lock-ups quot Basically my system was freezing after playing only one or UT Online Lockup...Resolved two maps UT Online Lockup...Resolved online UT and changing drivers re-installing and even re-formatting made little if any difference While searching cyber-space for a cure I came across a similar forum thread from someone else with the same problem and a similar set-up The cure he suggested was Disable Animated Fractals Just that That s all I tried it To do it Start a practice map or game Enter the advanced options menu by typing in quot preferences quot in console Open the quot Display quot settings menu Look for quot NoFractalAnim quot and set it to TRUE Try it out by going online What this does is disable the fancy d animations of flames liquid surfaces etc I tried it a week ago and sure enough the problem has stopped so far So I just thought I d put this in in case anyone else was struggling with the same prob Thanks to Arris amp svtcobra for helping out earlier though I cant remember which forum the cure came from My System Athlon T-bird ECS K VZA mb Crucial cl ram Hercules Prophet III drivers SB Live digital UT Online Lockup...Resolved Win SE DirectX Spyke nbsp

A:UT Online Lockup...Resolved

Glad you have it working now.
Thanks for posting back a solution. If more people did this there would be a lot less questions being reasked all the time
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I was just fairly curious as to find Edition 10.10 Desktop machines Ubuntu virtual & out if Ubuntu bit can be loaded onto a quot virtual machine quot For recently I have entered the world of virtual machines and drives I downloaded Microsoft Virtual PC and have been using that to install several versions of older Windows Operating Systems without one single problem Now I would like to start dabbling in the Ubuntu Desktop Edition 10.10 & virtual machines world of Linux and Ubuntu and the like So can I just go ahead and set up a virtual machine as I would do to install an older Windows O S Just making sure the hard drive size is set to a size that Ubuntu likes For I ve seen some information around here that Ubuntu can be loaded onto a CD and ran from there Also that Ubuntu can be loaded onto a USB flash drive and run from there as well So why not loading Ubuntu onto a virtual drive on a virtual machine I would suspect that this can be done but just want to play it safe first by asking the question Thank you to anyone who might offer up an answer or advise here nbsp

A:Ubuntu Desktop Edition 10.10 & virtual machines

I run it virtually all the time without issues at all, but I use Virtualbox for my guest OS requirements.

I'm not sure if MS Virtual PC 2007 will cover Linux installs, but assuming it does it should be fine. Just download the latest ISO and mount it within the virtual console to use the disk.

The Ubuntu setup guide in my signature was produced using Virtualbox to run Ubuntu as a guest OS.
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Hello I was wondering if anyone could help rebooting machines XP randomly are I have a few machines that are rebooting randomly I was able to decipher the mini dump but I still can t figure out what is going on any help would be appreciated Loading Dump File C Documents and Settings cballard Desktop Mini - dmp Mini Kernel Dump File Only registers and stack trace are available Symbol search path is C WINDOWS Symbols Executable search path is Unable to load image ntoskrnl exe Win error n WARNING Unable to verify timestamp for ntoskrnl exe Windows XP Kernel Version XP machines are randomly rebooting Service Pack UP Free x compatible Product WinNt suite TerminalServer SingleUserTS Machine Name Kernel base x d PsLoadedModuleList x Debug session time Wed Dec UTC - System Uptime days Unable to load image ntoskrnl exe Win error n WARNING Unable to verify timestamp for ntoskrnl exe Loading Kernel Symbols Loading User Symbols Loading unloaded module list Bugcheck Analysis Use analyze -v to get detailed debugging information BugCheck C cd b cc GetUlongFromAddress unable to read from f GetUlongFromAddress unable to read from f Probably caused by ntoskrnl exe nt KeContextToKframes eb Followup MachineOwner --------- kd gt analyze -v Bugcheck Analysis BAD POOL CALLER c The current thread is making a bad pool request Typically this is at a bad IRQL level or double freeing XP machines are randomly rebooting the same allocation etc Arguments Arg Attempt to free pool which was already freed Arg cd reserved Arg Memory contents of the pool block Arg b cc Address of the block of pool being deallocated Debugging Details ------------------ GetUlongFromAddress unable to read from f GetUlongFromAddress unable to read from f POOL ADDRESS b cc BUGCHECK STR xc CUSTOMER CRASH COUNT DEFAULT BUCKET ID DRIVER FAULT PROCESS NAME System LAST CONTROL TRANSFER from b to f cc STACK TEXT f d c b c cd nt KeContextToKframes x eb f d c f b cc d nt VfBuildMdlFromScatterGatherList xa f d c e e d fc nt MmGetSessionById x d f dac c e nt MiIsPhysicalMemoryAddress x f ddc e c nt IopCmResourcesToIoResources x f df f nt RtlpTraceDatabaseInternalAdd xc STACK COMMAND kb FOLLOWUP IP nt KeContextToKframes eb f cc d pop ebp SYMBOL STACK INDEX SYMBOL NAME nt KeContextToKframes eb FOLLOWUP NAME MachineOwner MODULE NAME nt IMAGE NAME ntoskrnl exe DEBUG FLR IMAGE TIMESTAMP bd e e FAILURE BUCKET ID xc nt KeContextToKframes eb BUCKET ID xc nt KeContextToKframes eb Followup MachineOwner --------- nbsp
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hello everyone, im new to the forum and was hopping to get some help with a cloning issue that ive had come up recently. i currently use nortons ghost 8.2 to clone out my computers at work, its good and works well but i constantly using boot disks is slowing me down and is becoming to much of a hassel for me since im getting more of demand to roll out more machines at once. so i was wondering is anyone here knows how to make computers boot into ghost off the network through some sort of dhcp process or wake-on lan process. basically im looking for a way to make computers boot into ghost automatically without me having to manually boot every machine one by one. any help on this will be greatly appreciated.

A:cloning out machines without using a boot disk

How are the machines configured out of the box?

Usually "network" comes after the hard drive, so in case these machines have something on their disks, they will never boot from the net unless you go and fix the settings in BIOS. Meaning that you might as well boot the cloning software from a CD.

If you can get the machine to do PXE boot, then you can use this excellent free disk cloning program called UDPcast. You can even use it with local boot - the thing is designed to broadcast the disk image to multiple targets simultaneously and you could pretty much deploy thousands of machines in one go
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hello everyone, i am a newbie here.

i got my alienware laptop less than 10 days ago, and it has been restarted itself randomly for 2 times, the first time i was using photoshop and the second time i was just reading some web pages...i have done some research and the problem appeared to be the hardware.

that will be so damn awesome if it's the hardware 'cause i'll have to go all the way 20km to get local dell store to fix it, and they will take weeks maybe just to get some i hope, it's a system bug.

alienware 15m (that 15inch model, can't remember what's called)
windows7 home prem,
8G ram
650G hard drive
ATI HD 5850 (some people said that it could be the graphics card drive's fault)

A:Why my dell alienware restarts itself randomly?

First, since this things only 10 days old it is certainly under warrenty. I'd be telling Dell straight up to fix this thing and a) either they send someone to get it or b) they give you an RMA # with them paying the shipping both ways.

If you don't want to take this path first then go to their website, find your exact laptop model and update their latest video drivers from there.
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I was looking at possibily changing my Windows XP media Edition Pro Icons
to some thing a bit more striking ..? and came across this ......


Bold and exciting Alienware custom icons create an unforgettable visual atmosphere for your desktop. From the Internet to the Recycling Bin, your Alienware icons will set a new standard for style.

just wondering if any forum members have tried them...?

your comments and advice most welcome


A:New Icons ....Alienware custom icons

Icon Changing has been around for a while with XP. has them, and im sure others do too. StyleXp is a good program for customizing your xp. Watch for viruses or spyware on themexp though, my virus scanner has acted up a few times on that site. It isnt the downloaded file, but it occurrs when you download. Downloading to the current/default folder without switching seems to avoid viruses however.
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Here's a nice selection of fast & efficient window managers in case KDE, Gnome & the likes run too slow.

IceWM ( Nodsu's favourite )



You can also mix them, for example use fluxbox with Gnome ( instead of the default MetaCity WM ).

There are quite a few of those faster, more "subtle" WM, if you have any good ones, post them here.

A:Small Window Managers : for those who do not run NASA machines

FvWM ( probably one of the oldest WMs )

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My first post to a forum so here goes Got BSODs within my first week Very discouraging after having dropped so much on this machine Updated to latest BIOS version A which appears to have addressed issues with disconnecting of power cords Also reset my BIOS to RAID setup when it couldn t find my OS during bootup This last BSOD came while i was transferring a MB file on a update M17x continue Alienware - BSODs after even A07 BIOS homegroup i created between two PCs As a side note Alienware M17x BSODs continue - even after BIOS A07 update while on line with Alienware support I asked for any additional items to do to give my machine proper care and feeding to keep additional BSODs from occuring As a result i downloaded the latest ATI Mobility Radeon HD driver and installed that Here is the info from the crash and my dmp file is uploaded OS Version Locale ID Additional information about the problem BCCode a BCP B BCP BCP BCP FFFFF CDD OS Version Service Pack Product Here are my specs Intel Core i QM GHz GHz Turbo Mode MB Cache GB Dual Channel Memory x GB DDR Alienware M x W A C Adapter -inch WideUXGA x RGB LED p Crossfire GB ATI Radeon Mobility HD TB Raid x GB RPM HDDs Genuine Windows Home Premium bit English Slot-Loading Dual Layer Blu-ray Burner BR-R DVD -RW CD-RW Channel Audio Intel Ultimate N WiFi Link a g n x MIMO Technology nbsp

A:Alienware M17x BSODs continue - even after BIOS A07 update

The driver sighted as your issue is the Intel Harddrive controller driver iaStor.sys and especially for RAID configurations.
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hi i need to find hard drive drivers ( they are MHW2080BK 80GB hard drive) for my alienware m5700. i also need to learn how to integrate those drivers to a windows xp reinstallation cd. can someone also tell me if there is a better alternet way to get ride of this windows reinstallation message that says: Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer.

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Machine AREA- M D T Hello All My problems started with screen freezes - various programs times of freeze - seemingly no common denominator as far as what I was running - after which I would have to do a forced reboot Windows actually crashed out a couple of times but I was always able to restart - till now I tried to do a system restore with my restore disc - was told Windows could not be started due to a disc error Decided to upgrade to a bigger HD and do a clean install Popped in the new HD and my Windows restore install disc - hit the power button - and got nothng accept the sound of the cd spinning up Black monitor OK Reset the BIOS - started her back up enter BIOS configuration screen and the screen freezes Forced reboot - black screen again nothing - no Alienware splash no loading of configurations screens no Bios edit option for F - just dead again I could hear and feel the CD and HD spinning up - just couldnt get ANYTHING on the monitor I thought maybe I had a bad memory stick Tried them both one at a time resetting the BIOS each and every time by removing the CMOS battery - I get the same results every time - a screen Alienware problems 7700 freezing/crashing D900T Area-51M freeze at various points - sometimes while editing the BIOS once I made it as far as starting the loading of Windows - but it always either crashes out with a mesage of quot Cannot start Window - Disc error quot paraphrased or just freezes up and my only option is a forced reboot During the start of my hardware Alienware Area-51M 7700 D900T freezing/crashing problems investigation I noticed I had a bit of a dust clog issue going on so Im wondering if maybe something got cooked If it was my memory both sticks got it so Im thinking it isnt my memory Its not the HD because I have a brand new one in with absolutely nothing on it not even Windows Brand new CMOS battery in place Looking back I think this had been going on for quite some time gradually getting worse and worse Does anyone have any suggestions as to what direction component I should consider next Ive GOT to get this thing running again Thanks in advance for any advice Sean nbsp

A:Alienware Area-51M 7700 D900T freezing/crashing problems

I have some suggestions: Check your fan to see if it works properly, overheating can cause random errors. Look inside your CPU or laptop to see if anything is damaged or destroyed, if so take your computer to the place where you got it and let the person see it. They might be able to help.

Hope this helped!
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My A07 even update - after Alienware BSODs BIOS continue M17x-R2 first post to a forum so here goes Got BSODs within my first week Very discouraging after having dropped so much on this machine Updated to latest BIOS version A which appears to have addressed issues with disconnecting of power cords Also reset my BIOS to RAID setup when it couldn t find my Alienware M17x-R2 BSODs continue - even after BIOS A07 update OS during bootup This last BSOD came while i was transferring a MB file on a homegroup i created between two PCs As a side note while on line with Alienware support I asked for any additional items to do to give my machine proper care and feeding to keep additional BSODs from occuring As a result i downloaded the latest ATI Mobility Radeon HD driver and installed that Here is the info from the crash and my dmp file is uploaded OS Version Locale ID Additional information about the problem BCCode a BCP B BCP BCP BCP FFFFF CDD OS Version Service Pack Product Here are my specs Intel Core i QM GHz GHz Turbo Mode MB Cache GB Dual Channel Memory x GB DDR Alienware M x W A C Adapter -inch WideUXGA x RGB LED p Crossfire GB ATI Radeon Mobility HD TB Raid x GB RPM HDDs Genuine Windows Home Premium bit English Slot-Loading Dual Layer Blu-ray Burner BR-R DVD -RW CD-RW Channel Audio Intel Ultimate N WiFi Link a g n x MIMO Technology Just got another BSOD today second dmp file attached nbsp

A:Alienware M17x-R2 BSODs continue - even after BIOS A07 update

One is 0xA error citing Intel Matrix Storage driver related file (iastor.sys), and second cited 0x124 i.e. hardware issue.

As the thing is in warranty I would suggest to take it back and ask them to fix it for you. In the interim, you uninstall Intel drivers from your OS, and see whether that stabilize the system.
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I recently used McAfee anti virus solutions on my computer. And they didn't work to the best of my anticipation. For example, when I tried to download updates from their server it never worked (I legitimately obtained a copy of the solution, their servers were online and my internet and computer functions were operational). I have an AMD Athlon 3500+ 64 bit processor. I have known others with 32 bit processor computers, who have used the exact same software I have; and it worked fine on their computers. Could this be because of my processor? I am also running Windows XP Home Edition with all of the current updates :chef: .

Your efforts are deeply appreciated.


A:McAfee Solutions Working on 64-bit Machines

Could you be more specific about the problem? How does it not work?
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My new computer Errors Alienware Stop box on out Constant of is expierencing constant stop codes and counting in days I have been doing some reading about stop codes and have tried some of the basic general Constant Stop Errors on out of box Alienware fixes for the stop codes but they still keep comming I have contacted alienware Constant Stop Errors on out of box Alienware support but they seem to not understand what a Bug Check Code is I have the most recent video drivers from NIVIDA but that didnt seem to help The system seems to crash when idle of surfing the internet or sorting photos Primarily I was getting x of them so far Most recently I have seen x f of them so far I understand that the minidumps have some information that may be able to pinpoint the root cause but opening them and analyzing them is a bit beyond my current level of understanding If somone could have a look at the minidumps and shed some light on other things I can try to fix this problem I would be a verry happy person Thanks in advance for your help Drew Here are some of the minidumps I hope you can understand what they are trying to tell me nbsp

A:Constant Stop Errors on out of box Alienware

More Dumps

I have had alot of crashes and here are the most recent of the minidumps. I hope I am not overloading anyone.

Thanks agian.