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(Resolved) Alienware GTX 780M GPU in other machines?

Q: (Resolved) Alienware GTX 780M GPU in other machines?

Ok, what im doing is upgrading my MSI GT 70 laptop GPU with a GTX 780m. I have been wanting this for awhile and I have found some in recent times with good pricing on ebay.

Now my question is because I have had trouble finding information on the subject, will a card from an Alienware work like a standard Mobile GPU? Meaning can I just stick it in any compatible MXM 3.0 Port and it will work.

For the record, I am coming off of a GTX 675m.

The problem I have heard in the past is that Alienware/Dell use custom Bios which lock down certain features. I am curious here if I buy a GTX 780m from an alienware if it will work fine in my MSI (MSI is pretty easy to do from what ive seen).

Anyone have any information towards this endeavor I would really appreciate it. I have been searching the web but I have not found much on the subject (I can find plenty about upgrading GPU's, but nothing specifically pertaining to putting Alienware/Dell GPU's in other brand machines).

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Preferred Solution: (Resolved) Alienware GTX 780M GPU in other machines?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: (Resolved) Alienware GTX 780M GPU in other machines?

Issue was resolved, this is apparently doable since the Alienware cards are not locked according to other users.
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Hello everyone I have a graphic driver issue I need help with Here is the situation I had opened up GeForce Experience and automatically updated my graphic drivers The updater crashed while updating Tried to update again and it gave me the message saying my driver was up to date no need to update Opened up Steam and tried to play a few games and they all crashed 780M working? GTX - not Driver I also noticed games outside steam were very sluggish I checked device manager and only my onboard video card was shown My high performance card was no longer listed under display So I uninstalled GeForce experience and the driver then reinstalled an earlier driver version I was advised on GeForce forums that I could just install the previous version and it should 'roll back' Same problem my games would crash and things were slow Removed those drivers and reinstalled earlier ones Rinse and repeat removing and installing different version drivers times After being advised not to use GeForce Experience to update my drivers and to go to the manufacturer website I did so I removed my current video driver and installed the one I downloaded from manufacturer Throughout this whole event certain drivers make my video GTX 780M - Driver not working? card not appear in device manager and require me to install a different driver on it to get the card to display It's a total nightmare and I'm sorry but everything worked fine until GeForce Experience crashed on me Currently my video card is shown in device manager the driver seems to be installed and my games do in fact work The problem is the FPS rate is extremely low Before this issue I was having around FPS inside certain steam games which I'm now getting Before I updated the graphics driver my entire laptop worked extremely well and I've yet to have any issues With that being said I believe that if I could completely uninstall the graphic driver and reinstall the one I had before all this mess occurred things would be back to norm I don't now how to figure out what version I used to have and I'm not so sure I'm uninstalling the driver completely I'm in device manager just selecting uninstall I'm willing to roll back my laptop a few days but I do not have restore point created Maybe the driver is not installed correctly If anyone has any advice on this topic it would be highly appreciated A different way to uninstall the driver or maybe a way to freshly install the video card I don't know Hell if I knew a very simple way to restore my laptop to the way it was when I got it I'm willing to do that as a last resort Everything I have is backed up Thanks for you time I appreciate anything that can help -Steve System Specs OS Win CPU i - MQ GPU GeForce GTX m Ram gb Make Model Dell - Alienware

A:GTX 780M - Driver not working?

Reinstalled windows, was a long process but it worked.
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Purchased new laptop loaded with Windows 10 Pro which cannot see the Windows server 2008 R2 or map a drive on network. Can see all the 32bit workstations running Windows 7.  Upgraded Windows 7 machine to Windows 10 with the same result except the
mapped drive on server still works.
Can anybody help me
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We have 5 Win 7 machines and 3 XP machines in a domain with 4 printers. There were no issues until this past weekend when the Win 7 machines started saying a specific printer was offline while the XP machines would still print to it. The printer (HP T1100) is connected directly to the network, not shared. There have not been any changes made to the printer, server or the machines.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Hello I have a workgroup set up with about computers running windows and running windows XP This morning out of nowhere the XP computers can't access the network visible not machines same 7 within to XP machines Win network network is set up and hosted on Win machine and the Win computers can't see the XP computers in the network things are happening that make this particularly weird from the Win Win 7 machines not visible to XP machines within same network machines I can ping the XP machines successfully and from the XP machines I can ping the machines successfully They are both active on the network From the host computer Win I can see and access all of the XP computers though the XP computers give me an error message when I try to even go so far as to Win 7 machines not visible to XP machines within same network find the Win computers on the network From all the XP computers I can see the other XP computers on the network and from the Win computers I can see the other Win computers and finally The Win computer is hosting a database back end from which the front end on each of the computers XP and pulls the data Both XP and computers have no problem still pulling the data from the back end in the Shared Documents folder on the host computer even though the XP computers can't see the network Any suggestions

A:Win 7 machines not visible to XP machines within same network

Are you in a Workgroup or HomeGroup? Did you check Advanced Sharing options?

I wonder why would all machines act up same time, maybe some security software common to all?

Check the state of these services:
Go to Start\Control Panel\ Administrative Tools\ Services.
- Computer Browser
- DHCP Client
- DNS Client
- Network Connections
- Network Location Awareness
- Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
- Server
- TCP/IP Netbios helper
- Workstation
-- Start one by one if above doesn't help
- SSDP Discovery
- UPnP Device Host
- IPSec
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I have a network of about 90 computers connected together and i am currently running server 2003. Now when i go to network place on my xp machine, i am able to see all of my computers that are connected together. But when i go to network place on my window 7 machine, i am only seeing some of my window 7 computers and not the xp computers. The network discovery is turned on, on all of my window 7 and still nothing.. can anyone advise......

A:Not Seeing my XP machines on my Windows 7 machines

are you on a work group or domain
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I used the CCleaner program last week to clean up my computer and after I re-booted my computer the "system32" window popped up. So everytime I restart my computer now that window pops up. How do I get rid of it and how do I keep it from happening again?

Thank You


A:system32 window resolved(RESOLVED)

Could you be more specific ? "system 32 window" doesn't really give us much.
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Any opinions? They have good systems for a cheap price, but how is customer support and performance? I would be buying from Future Shop most likely btw.

A:E Machines

By all means, build your own computer! It will give you valuable experience and knowledge. Seriously. Even if you're buying this for another person, build it anyway. It can really be a rewarding experience.

Anyway, to the point...I imagine it's good, but not the best. E Machines has never really had a good reputation when dealing with customer service, part quality (the small things - like HSFs, cables, fans, PSUs, cases, etc.), in fact I've never heard anyone say anything good about E-Machines. But I would very much reccomend building it yourself. If I can do it, so can you.

When I built the 2nd machine in my house - I bought everything in mass from newegg - and they gave me no problems, had great prices, customer service, etc. etc. And it was very fun building the actual computer, from scratch. The great thing is that when you set up every peripheral for the first time, and set it up in it's permanent location, you press the button and everything works flawlessly. Very good feeling :grinthumb
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I have one computer that got infected with quot antimalware doctor quot and quot ARManager quot Two machines down XP Which at first I got rid of with quot Malwarebytes quot but not with out a lot of Two down XP machines error messages and application terminations I thought I could restore it before the infection occurred but sadly the earliest I restored Two down XP machines it to was when they first was installed onto the machine So I used RKill and Combofix which got rid of the infection Still a few pop-ups but not as many as before But the internet is gone I had access to the network but couldn t browse anywhere via Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer I ran dial-a-fix program used the repair function in Network Connections reentered DNS and TCP IP settings but nothing is working I have it to the point where I am told the web page is loading but nothing is showing no matter how long I wait I saved the logs for the Rkill and Combofix just in case Here is a couple of the errors I am getting quot Act Outlook Service exe NET Framework Initialization Error quot quot AppleMobileDeviceService exe Application Error The instruction of x c fef quot referenced memory quot x dc quot The memory could not be quot read quot quot quot mDNSResponder exe Application Error The instruction of x c fef quot referenced memory quot x quot The memory could not be quot read quot quot quot ActSage exe Unable to find a version of the runtime to run this application quot Update The second machine with printing issues was resolved via deleting all traces of local printer in registry and restarting the computer and reinstalling drivers and printer Update The Computer can now connect but takes a while to load pages and sometimes when I click on a link I get redirected to random websites

A:Two down XP machines

Update: Internet is up, but randomly redirecting in IE, Firefox is fine.
Also, MS Outlook will not open at all, not in safe mode no regular mode.
Excel and Word will start and work fine then randomly close down.

XP Pro
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Hi Just bought new computers all with Window Purchased these for grandmas Two Lenovos and New Machines One ASUS laptop Trying to set up their e-mail accounts all use a local company rathen than gmail or yahoo etc They really miss the old structure with Outlook Express Rather than trying to teach them something new is there a way to get an inexpensive Outlook program for them They don t use anything else from MS New Machines Office Sales rep said there was a Outlook Express program that was free to download but I haven t found it yet Help Please Second question Each of the machines go to MSN with their brand name in the address Have tried to switch to plain msn com without rather than asus us msn com and same with Lenovo brand but alway goes back to this add on I don t like the brand controlling how I they browse How do I get rid of this Thanks so much for the help nbsp

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Is it possible and legal for me to install the same copy of XP on two seperate computers both of which I own? (only one is on the net)

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I have installed windows 7 7100 X86 on my machine. (got my own key)
Lent the RC disk to someone else who got their own key, but installed with my key...
Both activated fine and updated...

Could this cause issues later???


A:2 machines with same CK key

There are only a few keys being handed out - thousands use each one - M$ are just letting anything activate at this stage.

By being guinea pigs and testing the o/s - we are working for them for nothing.
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I'm not sure if this is the right forum to be asking this questions, but I'm looking for a dedicated fax machine for a non profit organization. I'm totally on the out on fax machines, but would like some recommendations. Price should be in the 150 to 300 dollar range. Thank-you!

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Hi I have a small home network setup which works fine with my machines It has a router to an NTL cable and a hub to extend connectability to my laptop when required My computers all have individual names Fujitsu Dell AMD XPS Laptop They are all on the same workgroup Homebase The XP machine has an ethernet connection to the router and it can use it to connect to the internet but i can t get it to see any of XP see 98 Can't to ... my the get machines my machines All of my machines can see each other and connect to the internet but i can t get them to see the XP machine I have asked the XP machine to search for other computers and it does not find any but Can't get my XP to see the 98 machines ... it doesn t tell me where its looking i assume its looking at the lan I realise that a lot of Can't get my XP to see the 98 machines ... the files would not Can't get my XP to see the 98 machines ... be compatible with XP any way but quite a lot would be The HTM files would be and the JPEGs I think the Emails would be and the BMPs I think the internet shortcuts might be compatible but i don t know I have spent many hours trying things including setting up the XP quot Home or Small Office Network quot and also making sure that TCP IP appears in its network configurations I have file sharing enabled on the machines but it is not clear to me how to do this on the XP machine although i think i have done that I am going to try net user guest and see what i get Cheers John nbsp

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Can I install the same download of Win 7 RC1 on two machines (using the same product key)? or do I need to make a new DVD for each machine?



A:RC1 on 2 Machines

Hello JAS, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Normally you could use the DVD on any machine, but would need a separate product key per machine. However, since Windows 7 is still in testing, the keys have been working on more than one machine to activate them.

This will change of course when the retail version is released though.

Hope this helps,
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I have two fax machine and only one phone line.I work in a nursing home do to problems with doctors not wanting to use two fax # we can only have one line. How do you fix them to work? I was told that if you turn the ringer off on one it would send and receive and the other would just receive this would be fine if I knew how. Any suggestion?


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Okay I purchased a e-machine for my son , we have had it three years and he hardly used it. It will not turn on at all now. I checked the power supply infact I even changed it out. But the system will not start nor will the internal fan start. Any ideas what could be the problem?


motherboard dead, fan dead, outlet messed up, who knows?

Do you hear any sounds when you try to turn it on? Has it had any problems previously? Have you modified it in any way previous to the PSU switch?

What kind of e-machines is it?
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Below are examples of what I see when pressing F12 with IE11 on different machines. Both have the same set of updates. The first is on a Sandy Bridge with a i5-2550K, second an i7-3770K. Both are running w7 Ult 64bit.

EDIT: First image is from IE10, my mistake.

Why the difference?

A:F12 different on two machines

The first image seems to be from IE10... are sure it is IE11 - right?
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I just used my alienware respawn cd on my computer and im not that good with computer drivers or ultilities but once i reformatted it i cannot play any online games, i tryed installing this ATI graphics cd but it still comes up with a message of go to control panel and install computer components. and now i feel like i wasted alot of money because the company doesnt warn you about losing a whole bunch of drivers! please somone thats really well at computers help.


It sounds to me like you are still missing a few drivers. Or to be more accurate, you didn't install all the drivers.

In your hardware manager, what items are showing up as yellow?
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HiI have alienware it in mid 2014.Recently I installed windows 10 and it taking so much time to I decided to.go.back 8.I copied my friends system image (alienware 14) to external hard disk thenthen I entered advanced settings and restored by using *image.But my wifi is not this time I choose d alienware respawn to restore.but *after restore is device stuck at start screen and wont even enter boot options,setup, just shows the starting logo and no changes

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hi,i recently installed alienware skinpack.i then uninstalled it but my icons are the alienware ones.i have tried everything to reset them-system restore,tune up utilities,etc,but no luck.


Hi you might take a look at method 2 here Icon Cache - Rebuild - Windows 7 Help Forums
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So I m going to help a friend build a computer and in return he gave me an old alienware from about with an Asus motherboard an athlon xp and a geforce fx All it had was a bad hardrive so I switched that out for a pair of gb seagate sata drives to raid I also added an extra gig Alienware help! of ddr lying around I have never used raid before so this was my first time After setting up raid I proceeded with installing windows consumer preview During the setup it couldn t detect the hard disk and asked for drivers Well since I had no idea where I would find Alienware help! drivers for a raid controller for a year old motherboard for an un- realeased os I made the decision to turn it into a linux machine I pulled out my bit copy of ubuntu and installed it It picked up the array and I installed it onto that When it was finished I proceeded to boot into Alienware help! the os but was unable too when I picked the boot device Alienware help! as hd I was unable to boot and tried all the hd boot devices So after a long day my question is How do I boot off my raid array nbsp
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I was looking at the specs of a GTX680 and it is a smaller card than the 670. It is not as long and it only covers 2 slots were the 670 covers 3. Will the 680 fit an Alienware X51?

A:GTX 680 fit Alienware x51

The top X51 on comes with a 670, so YES appears to be the answer, although I don't know if case size changes or not from the 4 different X51 models, for 100% certainty I would call and ask them.

Only other concern is the 680 is 25 more watts then the 670, as they appear to be putting pretty weak PSU's on those systems to cut corners.
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Hi everyone,
This is my first post on techspot! Ok so anyways I was looking around for a new computer and I decided to go with a really cheap alienware. Well i was looking at the cpu and I need some help. A) what amd processor is good for gaming and B) should i go dual-core? I was looking at the amd 64 4000+ for a single core and for dual I cant decide( they all look better than what i got ). I am also aware of the new AM2 coming soon, well ok i just found out today ( I'll buy a alienware when they make a compatable motherboard). What amd cpu's are gona be useing that. Oh and the fx series is just too much money. And one last thing money is a concern to me, so dont just say to go with the 4800+ . Thanks!

A:Cpu for new alienware

first of all Alienwares are not cheap, in fact they're quite expensive.

as far as the CPU is concerned, pretty much all AMD Athlon64's are good for gaming. obviously the higher the PR rating the better performance. just be sure to get a socket 939 platform and not a socket 754.

as far as single or dual core is concerned, applications written for single cores will run faster on a single core CPU than a dual core CPU. if you multitask then go dual core. but if you're strictly looking at game performance... then I would stay with a single core.

the video card will be the more important thing to consider when it comes to gaming. in most games the video card will have the biggest impact on performance. so if money's an issue then spend the extra on a better vid card vs. the better CPU
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Hey Guys,

I'm buy a Alienware Area-51 750i. But I'm not sure what to customise it with.

I dunno to get either:

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E8500 3.16GHz 6MB Cache 1333MHz FSB
Intel® Core™ 2 Quad Q8200 2.33GHz 4MB Cache 1333MHz FSB

I'm meaning, Is it worth the extra £36?
The rest of the specs I'm getting are:

Alienware® Approved Liquid Cooling
750 Watt Alienware® Approved Multi-GPU Power Supply
2GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz - 2 x 1024MB
Alienware® Approved ASUS P5N-D nForce 750i SLI Motherboar
500GB SATA 3Gb/s 7200 RPM
20x Dual-Layer DVD±RW with LightScribe Technology

Edit : I forgot to put Dual 512MB NVIDIA® GeForce® GTS 250 -Superclocked Edition - SLI Enabled

I was wonderign if that would be a good setup. If not can you guys reccomend me somethign better. I'm also not changing from Alienware.

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Hello, simple question. Where can I get an Alienware Area 51 tower/case. I only need the case nothing else I already have all the inside stuff including a power supply all I need is the bare case if anyone has any thoughts, or ideas on how I can get my hands on one I would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.



Have you tried contacting AlienWare directly?

That seems like the easiest way to get it, if they will sell you just the case... Also, I haven't seen those cases for sale anywhere else, so it might be your only choice...

You can find alienware here...
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Does alienware notebooks like area 51 extreme come with the alien ice cooling system because in the clip of the "alienware difference" it says there is an alien ice cooling system. Is alien ice better than any other cooling system?


Maybe try asking alienware . Give 'em a call.
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Hey guys~

I just wanted to know if I could change the power supply and graphic card which is on my alienware.

My Tower is
this one.
If possible, I want to get BFG EX-1000W power supply and I want to get the ATI Radeon 5970 Graphic card.
+ my current computer spec
Processor: i7 920
Power supply: 525W
Graphic card: NVIDIA GTX 260
System manufacture: Alienware

Thanks !

A:Does Alienware allow..?

Please do not double-post. Please read the rules, especially the section entitled "Multiple Postings".
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I am replacing updating my PC that I use in the office and taking the older one home to use Both are Dell systems and will run WinXP Pro SP The new one is spec d out with a GB HDD and the old one runs off a GB HDD I run all my data off of an external HDD and I sync Swapping machines between HDD OS with backup Swapping HDD with OS between machines the data from the external to the GB and that is only GB of data I don t need all that HDD space on the office PC I d rather have the space on the old PC that I will take home to use Is it possible technically and legally Swapping HDD with OS between machines to just swap the HDD s from the PC s and just load the appropriate drivers that are specific to the system config I can always just swap the HDD s and reformat reinstall the OS s using the XP Pro software that is licensed to each system but I don t want to spend that much time with the OS reinstalls if I can avoid it and still have a stable system The timing of the purchase was off and I didn t order it before the Xmas holiday when I was off and could do the laborious OS installs Thanks Jerold nbsp

A:Swapping HDD with OS between machines

you should be able to swap the hard drives legally as long as you own both.

you will need to do complete installs. might even be best to do a format
before an install on both machines. windows does an examination of
both machines for hardware to detect hardware to prevent piracy.

i don't have xp and don't know all the issues but you will also probably
need to go through a
authorization. they may refuse to authorize it suspecting you
of windows piracy and leaving you with the
machine to stop working after 30 days.

all in all it may be easier to buy more drive space when you
need it for the home machine.
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I have in my possesion an Emachines 820.

Having major issues with it. when it's plugged in and swiched on at the PSU, the CPU fan and the PSU fan spin. The power button however is dead, does not have any effect what-so-ever.

I had some mild success when i unplugged everything, (cd rom/floppy/hdd etc...) and removed the system battery. After about 15 mins, i tried to boot, got a beep and a bios. So i plugged the HDD back in, and tried to boot again. It booted, got half way through loading windows and switched off.

Has been dead ever since, can't even get a bios now.

All that happens is the CPU and PSU fans spin up, (although not at full pace) and i get an LED disco. (all 3 led's on the keyboard and the hdd led all flicker at me)

Anyone got any suggestions?



A:E Machines 820 Problems

Sounds like it has bad memory or power supply. If the PC is a few years old it may not be worth fixing.

I wish I had better news.
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If I go to Start/Computer/Network, Ionly see my two Win 7 machines, by thier name, but do not see any XP machines ( see left side of screenshot).

If however I go to Windows Explorer, and type in the ip address of any XP machine, it pops right up, and I see that XP machine (by its ip addrress), along with the Win 7 machines by name ( see right side of screen shot).

What is going on?? Why can I see all my machines right away? I used to !

A:Can only see XP machines via IP Address

Windows 7 debuted a feature called homegroups. this could be why you don't see the machines if the windows 7 machines are not part of the same "homegroup" which xp machines can not be, they may not show under that view. To get them networked the easiest way is to share folders on the windows 7 and search from the xp machines.

remember you should still be able to type "\\computernamehere" into a explorer or run command and bring up and shares on that system. (firewalls not withstanding) Give that a try on the windows 7 machine type \\xpcomputernamehere into the run command and see if it at least gets the printers folder of the xp machine.
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My brother has recently bought a custom built machine that came with xp prof pre installed, once hes hooked up to the web he needs to register his copy. Just a couple of questions...

1. what happens if he doesnt register hi pre installed copy of windows?

2. If he registers, could i install xp using the disc that came with his computer (im currently still on 98), what issues are there about the licenses on 2 different machines.

3. If he doesnt register am i then free to use the xp cd.
what im basically trying to say is can we both use his version of xp with the one cd?

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we have PC's at home desktops and a laptop all running Win XP Pro SP Symantec AV and Zone Labs firewall one desktop started running real slow I suspect after a program download from eMule Symantec AVC keeps alerting on Vundo Trojan Low Zone and Trojan Dropper Looking at the autoruns I saw several malware files such as mgrs exe tuvurss dll and ssqrq infected - machines #1 help please dll Any help will be greatly appreciated sine my Symantec AV Adware SE and Spybot cannot clean these attacks I followed the initial Steps recommended on your site here are the results HijackThis log Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v BETA Scan saved at on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files please help - infected machines #1 Common Files Symantec Shared ccSetMgr exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccApp exe C Program Files Symantec AntiVirus DefWatch exe C PROGRA SYMANT VPTray exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared VS Debug mdm exe C Program Files Symantec AntiVirus Rtvscan exe C Program Files Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition Apps apdproxy exe C Program Files Babylon Babylon exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard HP Software Update HPWuSchd exe C Program Files HP hpcoretech hpcmpmgr exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard Digital Imaging bin hpotdd exe C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe C WINDOWS SOUNDMAN EXE C WINDOWS avp exe C WINDOWS System spool drivers w x hpztsb exe C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe C WINDOWS system ZoneLabs vsmon exe C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Reader reader sl exe C Program Files Zone Labs Integrity Client iclient exe C WINDOWS system sistray exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccEvtMgr exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system wuauclt exe C WINDOWS mgrs exe C WINDOWS system taskmgr exe C WINDOWS system wuauclt exe C WINDOWS system wuauclt exe D downloads HiJackThis v exe C WINDOWS SoftwareDistribution Download ad c df a d b a update update exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www msn co il R - URLSearchHook Multi Media Toolbar - b c - a- -bda -fbae e - C Program Files Multi Media tbMult dll O - BHO no name - AutorunsDisabled - no file O - BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO no name - B DBEF - - A-B E - AD BA D AA - C WINDOWS system ssqrq dll O - BHO SSVHelper Class - BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - BHO Multi Media Toolbar - b c - a- -bda -fbae e - C Program Files Multi Media tbMult dll O - BHO WebManager Class - D AA -D - - - CDAB A F - C Program Files BitDownload TorrentManager dll O - BHO no name - FB D A-B F - EA-BC -D DDB - C WINDOWS system tuvussr dll O - Toolbar Multi Media Toolbar - b c - a- -bda -fbae e - C Program Files Multi Media tbMult dll O - HKLM Run SiSUSBRG C WINDOWS SiSUSBrg exe O - HKLM Run SiSPower Rundll exe SiSPower dll ModeAgent O - HKLM Run ccApp quot C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccApp exe quot O - HKLM Run vptray C PROGRA SYMANT VPTray exe O - HKLM Run Adobe Photo Downloader quot C Program Files Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition Apps apdproxy exe quot O - HKLM Run Babylon Client C Program Files Babylon Babylon exe -AutoStart O - HKLM Run HP Software Update quot C Program Files Hewlett-Packard HP Software Update HPWuSchd exe quot O - HKLM Run HP Component Manager quot C Program Files HP hpcoretech hpcmpmgr exe quot O - HKLM Run DeviceDiscovery C Program Files Hewlett-Packard Digital Imaging bin hpotdd exe O - HKLM Run QuickTime Task quot C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe quot -atboottime O - HKLM Run SunJavaUpdateSched quot C Program Files Java jre... Read more

A:please help - infected machines #1

1. Download & save this file to Desktop ->

2. Double click on combofix.exe & follow the prompts.

3. When finished, it shall produce a log for you. Post that log & a fresh HJT log in your next reply

Do not mouseclick combofix's window whilst it's running. That may cause it to stall
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I was faffing about with Virtual box yesterday then when i turned my computer on today i got this screen.

Is this normal? i'm a bit worried.


A:Virtual Machines

What was the result of chkdsk?
Relevancy 34.4%

I'm trying to do a system restore on and e-machines PC but when it gets to around 15% I get the following message.....


If I click YES it says it can't find it. If I click NO it aborts the restore and gives the error code 437. I've tried it with a blank floppy in the A drive and also a floppy with a notepad file called GHOSTERR.TXT.

I've done a search on GHOSTERR.TXT and there are a lot of results, but no-one seems to have an answer!!

Has anyone here come across this problem and managed to fix it?



Ghost is erroring out and generating an error file called GhostErr.txt. If you put a blank floppy in the drive when prompted to create that file, you should be able to save it to the disk and open it to see what the problem is. The most likely cause is a corrupt ghost image file.
Relevancy 34.4%

I have a 6 yr old Dell, works fine. Plan on buying another Dell soon, just want to upgrade. I've been told Radio Shack sells a cable whereby both machines will work together as one more or less. If so, I have lots of questions....
Do I need special programs?
I use dialup, will either machine be available to pick up mail or go on the web, naturally one at a time. Does my server allow this type of operation or will they balk?
Do both PC's need to be powered up or is this "cable " just a pass thru.
Is operation of both or either PC done from either operator position.
Whats this cable called?

A:Joining two machines

IF both machines are equipped with a Network Adapter, then a cross-over Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable is required.

That would allow you to set them up in a peer to peer network, also it would allow one (the Host) to be able to access the internet and the second PC to use that connection, but both PC's have to be on.

Without knowing if both PC's have a network adapter (ethernet port) it's not possible to say if this will work for you. Ethernet cards (to add-in) are cheap for normal desktop PC's

Each PC operates independently, but the "network" created by such a cable allows you to access the data on one PC from the other. Essentially that is the limit of the cross functionality obtained by connecting them. (I have 4 networked here, sharing printers, broadband and files)

All this depends on the version of Windows on each PC as to how easy or hard it is to set up.
Relevancy 34.4%


i have some 10 machines [P-III] which are not been there some way where in i can make use of all the machines to create one single virtual machine and use all its mermory and processor and Harddisk space for some good use....

for. e.g. : i create a virtual server of 10 machines [the network users will recognize it as 1 single machine]...and use it as a file server...or something of that sort...any application which can help me....

thanks in Advance.

A:how to make use of my old machines

You could try creating a Beowulf Cluster.
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I have 4 machines on a work network. All machines are Windows 7 Pro 64bit. Password sharing is on. All computers have only 1 user account you can locally log in from.

Sharing used to work perfectly by entering the username/password of the computer you were trying to access. I did not need to have the same local username/password on all.

Now on one of the computers I enabled the Guest account and I can no longer access it from the network. All other computers work fine. What's up? Help please.

A:Can't access one of my machines!

Welcome to seven forums VigVoodoo!

Are you trying to access another PC from the guest account??? Or the previous account?
Relevancy 34.4%

Now I don't know if I am in the right place but I have a four outlet TP-Link router and have been wanting to
a) be able to print from any machine without having to plug a machine in one at a time can this be done ? tutorial (have looked)
b) what is needed when one wants to have more than four machines hooked to the router at one time, I do believe there such a thing as a switch but a Google and Wikipedia - ing have just left me confused as to what they do or what to do.

Am not good with the tech jargon and hope there is some tutorial in here - if there is I can't find what I want could someone shove me in the right direction please?

A:Accessing all machines

If you come out of one of the 4 ports, you can link to 5, 8, 16 port Hubs or switches. Then even link some more off of them depending how many computers you want on the network. Make sure all are in the the same workgroup, printer sharing is turned ON.
Relevancy 34.4%

should a emachines E101 ( pc world cheapy about 3 years old- XP) have TWO hard drives fitted as standard? or has somebody been messing with the internals?

Relevancy 34.4%

My friend got some viruses on her E Machines el1300g-02w and she wants to do a complete factory restore.

She does not have a recovery disc. She also tried F11 at start up [and F10 as well] and did not get a restore screen.

How can she restore it back to factory settings???

Relevancy 34.4%

I do tech support at a school with about 70+ Windows XP computers. Over the summer, our goal is to have everything re-imaged. Here's what I'd like to do...

1. Reinstall Windows on a machine, and customize it with the software and settings we'd prefer
2. Make a clone of this installation
3. Install this clone on all machines of the same type (Dell Dimension xxxx, Dell Optiplex xxx, etc)

I'm just not sure how this will affect licensing. All of the machines are pre-built Dell computers with XP OEM licenses. Is there a specific way to do this without screwing anything up? Or would I just have to change the license code to the one on the computer?


Relevancy 34.4%

One Desktop PC & One Wireless Laptop PC both running W7 Home Premium. Would like to just connect these PCs together. Desktop is wirred to a DSL router. Both PCs are able to connect to the Internet but can't seem to find eachother.

I know this should be simple..but I can't seem to get this to work. I just want to share the files and the printer on my desktop with my laptop. My laptop can't seem to see my Desktop in Network settings...

Would really appreciate anyone's help here...thanks!!

A:Need help connecting two w7 machines

Did you turn on Discovery in Network & Sharing Center ?
Relevancy 34.4%

Hello I am unable to connect to any XP machines via network I have over wireless stations I can access the station if it Isn t XP However my two XP stations are inaccessable they are actually even inaccesible to eachother They are connected to the interenet effectively however I can not establish information in terms of file sharing I get the message quot windows cannot access Station Name quot When I attempt to click access machines. XP Can't on their computer icon in the network Can't access XP machines. section of windows All the wireless stations are on the same network name I can ping every machine in the network Can't access XP machines. Why can t I connect by clicking on their icon in quot network neighborhood quot Also - is this quot network neighborhood quot on the desktop defined as quot Active Directory quot and how to i define the protocols Please give precise information PS- I have guest account enabled and they are all on the same network Why am I unable to connect Thanks for any practical information nbsp

A:Can't access XP machines.

XP Home or Pro?
Relevancy 34.4%

If I have one copy of Vista, is it possible to install it on two machines?

A:Vista on 2 Machines

No. unless you get lucky.
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So I have a network with 3 computers, a readynas, and multiple network printers.

Two machines have 64 bit RC 1, one has XP.

XP machine can see both Seven machines, and NAS.

64 bit machine one can see everything as well.

64 bit machine two could see everything when I did the first install of RC. I reinstalled to fix some boot manager issues, and now it cannot see the XP machine, nor the NAS from windows explorer. I can connect to the readynas through it's IP address in a browser no problem, I have full internet and networking between it and the first 64 bit machine.

No homegroup is set up on either seven machine. The network is set to Home. Drivers are installed for the ethernet properly, latest drivers.

I looked through settings and everything seems to be gravy. What am I missing. Nothing changed between the two installs except 18 hours of time. =/

A:Can't see NAS or XP machines on Network (64 bit RC)

It is funny... My networking was working fine on 7 (64 Bit RC).
Then all of a sudden... It is one way now.. The 7 PC can see all XP PCs etc and access their shared folders.
The XP machines can no longer access any shared folder on the 7 PC. Have not changed any firewall settings. Using the 7 firewall.
Relevancy 34.4%


I would like to run ubuntu as virtual machine on my win 8 desktop pc. I installed vmware player and then separatley downloaded an ubuntu iso- couple of problems:-
There seems no option on vmware player to create a VMVMware player doesn't seem to recognise iso files - its looking for a vmx file - which I don't appear to have....
This is my first venture into vm's - got the feeling I have missed something pretty big.....

A:Virtual Machines in win 8

Hi there,

I don't think you can get any help here for the usage of VMWARE player. You should try the VMWARE player forum for that.

But besides that. Why don't you use Microsoft Hyper-V instead? I use it for all my VM installations and it works really good!

Here is a tutorial on how to install the Hyper-V.

Hyper-V Manager - Add to Control Panel in Windows 8
Good luck with it.

Relevancy 34.4%

I want to use a virtual machine on my laptop.(windows8.1, amd a8 1.8, 6GB, 500GB) Is there a version of Virtual PC to use or should I use Virtual Box, or VMware. Wanting to be more proficient with some tech skills on some different OS's.
Relevancy 34.4%

Hi all,
I have used ghost before to image XP PCs over the network, but have yet to try either win7 or an OEM OS (xp was an enterprise license). My Qs:
Is it legit to ghost OEM PCs? I have 60+ new PCs, with OEM win7. I was thinking that I could take one PC, set it up the software etc then push the image. I would then change the license key to the one on the box. Is this correct?
If all the systems are the same, do I need to sysprep?
I have heard horror stories of syspreping win7 - if I need to do a sysprep, does anyone have a good guide?
Any help/advice greatly appreciated,

A:Ghosting OEM Machines - possible?

This seems to work well: SysPrep to move HD to another computer

Imaging or cloning directlyl would need to be to the exact hardware since Win7 cannot be counted on to start on new hardware without SysPrepping or utilizing a feature like Acronis Universal Restore or a Paragon Adaptive Restore CD.
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I am operating in windows xp. Emachines t5010. I have had to use system recovery 2 times in past 7 days. My computer would be running fine and then just shut down. At first i was able to just turn it on again then last week it wouldn't hold a boot, i did system recovery and it worked very well for a few days then the same thing happened. I cleaned out all the dust inside the tower, i also did another system recovery yesterday and am using internet explorer 6 now instead of 7, as of today computer is fine ..however i fear this may just be temporary and want to troubleshoot before problems occur again.

A:e machines issue

emachines have been notorious for poor power supplies. I don't know if that's gotten better over the years, but they'd replaced Packard-Bell at the bottom of the barrel several years ago ...
I don't know if their association with Gateway has helped or not. I think the Packard-Bell/NEC merger probably helped kill off NEC's Computer Systems Division ...
Relevancy 34.4%

Have had a go at Brink's tutorial on setting up a home network (have three machines all plugged into the modem) so that I can send data from one to the other, but am getting to the password bit and it's telling me I can't use that password.

Now is the password for the UAC logon for any particular machine? or do I have to create one.

I am trying to do it with the cables to the modem / router - TP-Link TD-W8960n as I have my wireless disabled as I don't need it and prefer cables. Plus I would really like to be able to use the printer from each machine.

Sorry Brink but it looked so easy and I am now stuck for an answer.

A:Networking my machines

One word: HomeGroup.

If all of the machines are Windows 7, HomeGroup it up. It's MUCH easier, IMO.

If you have public sharing turned on but are being asked for a password, it is because machine A is trying to access B yet B has an account with the same name as A so B says that A should supply the password for the account on B, regardless.

Can we have some deets on the OS setups, please?
Relevancy 34.4%

First problem I have is that I have e-machines computer an need I have help and an e-machines computer second is that I was having a problem with spyware and maybe even a virus so I then pretended that I new what I was doing and started deleting things in my reg edit with out making a back up now I cant move things with my mouse on my computer everything has to be moved by keyboard and i cant move stuff around can only I have an e-machines computer and need help open things there are now other problems as well no task bar at the bottom so I have to use ctrl alt delete to go anyware on my computer Normaly I would just do a Recovery on my harddrive by now But I have lost the recovery cds and there is not a back up on the harddrive cant do a system restore because I had that feature turned off Another question would be could I use another persons recovery discs to reformat my hardrive with xp or do I have to order new ones or buy a whole new xp from the store is there a place where I can maybe get the complete reg I have an e-machines computer and need help that is basic with xp I dont know as you can see I need help on this nbsp

Relevancy 34.4%

I have 2 machines MACHINE1 and MACHINE2 running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and am trying to map to the D: drive from MACHINE1 machine on to MACHINE2. I enter \\MACHINE1\D$ as the drive address but then it tells me access is denied. The account name and password is the same on both machines (no domain here) and I have tried specifying MACHINE1\Qu0ll as the user name but it still won't let me map the drive.

Curiously I can see the D: drive when I double click on MACHINE1 in Network but I cannot write to it without "Access denied" messages again.

I would have thought this was fairly simple so what am I doing wrong? Is it some kind of firewall issue?

A:Can't network 2 machines


Verify that Netbios is enabled on both computers.
Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP ? TTC Shelbyville – Technical Blog

Create Identical User Names and Passwords.

What happens if you try accessing MACHINE 1 this way instead of \\MACHINE1\D$, replace the D$ with a C$

Do a test, share the C Drive from Machine 1 and give full access permission for now.
Then form Machine 2, click on Start and type \\MACHINE 1\C press enter after.

Also, pls. see if Disabling the Password Protected Sharing helps.

Please report back with the results.
Relevancy 34.4%

Hi to all. I THINK I may need a new mobo for an E Machines 370, but dont know which 'socket' to look for.
Original specs were Intel Celeron 1.80 ghz processor,256 DDR ram (but I want to upgrade to 2x512 DDR,) ATX case, 4 usb's at back, two at front.
Hard disc I THINK is OK, PSU cooked, but can replace. Want to use old processor if possible to keep costs down. Purely home/internet use, no gaming or other intensive use.
(UK) Thanks in advance...

Relevancy 34.4%

I have two machines, one Windows7 and the other XP Home, connected via a router. The Windows7 machine is a laptop on wireless, XP machine has a cabled connection.

The Windows7 machine can see the internet fine through the router. Mcaffee "Manage network" running on the Windows7 machine can see the XP machine.

*But* Windows7 Network and sharing can't see my XP machine. Any suggestions?

[Annoyingly, this *was* working until earlier today when I used System Restore to tidy up after a different problem. Now it won't work on any system restore state. I might try removing Mcaffee and reinstalling it but before I go that far, I thought I'd ask you good people for any simpoler explanation...]


A:Can see internet but not other machines

I can now see the xp machine and shared folders from my Windows7 machine. I have no idea what changed of significance - I downloaded an update to office and rebooted, but I'd already rebooted several times.

Not the end of the story though - the network sharing centre fails to put the xp machine on the network map saying "the following discovered devices cannot be placed on the map". Anyone know what causes that state? Is it harmless?
Relevancy 34.4%

Long ago, when I could work on systems, I had this deal that I could plug four systems into it and my monitor, mouse and keyboard worked on each machine. I can't remember what that was called. Anyone know? Would like to get one for my Mac Mini and Dell. Thanks!!


A:Two machines, one each peripheral

It would be called a KVM switch.
Relevancy 34.4%

can i do a clean or custom(leave swindows.old)on system using windows 7 home premium family upgrade pack on three machines one of which is 32 bit others 64 bit. and enter key codes and activate?.

A:new install to three machines

The Family pack comes with both the 32-bit and 64-bit installation disks and the product key works on both versions. So yes, you can mix the installs.

Yes, you can do a clean or custom install.

Custom Install Windows 7

For a clean install, you need to use a small workaround. Heres how.

Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version
Relevancy 34.4%

I have free Callwave, but now they want to charge 3.95. Anyone know of a free net answering machine. Currently running win 98 2nd ed.



A:net answering machines


You may want to have a look at some of these:

Never used them myself, though


Relevancy 34.4%

hello these are the facts i itself resrtarts machines have a netvista months old celeron ghz and mb ram gt with machines resrtarts itself xp pro gt cable modem gt one day the computer decided to shutdown by itself gt and i got that message saying that xp wasn t shutdown properly gt i tried to repair the machine in safe mode gt but then when trying to machines resrtarts itself boot it up i got the same error message gt then i tried to restart the machine normally but the machine decided to keep just on rebooting so i said ok my system is corrupted and i formatted the c drive and tried to reinstall xp pro gt installation was running smooth up to the point where it was looking for a network connection and machines resrtarts itself then it shut down again gt so i restarted again and the computer tried to finish the installation as it was going right away to startup gt but it just keeps on crashing gt i m not sure but i would say i have a problem with my power supplier gt what do you recommend me to do gt thanks nbsp

Relevancy 34.4%

Someone finally did a through test of the dreaded Bestec powersupply

Note to owners of E-machines with the Bestec Powersupply: Replace it ASAP Lack of overvoltage protection on the 5VSB rail will lead to a fried motherboard if one of the capacitors on that rail fails. (And with the cheap caps in this unit failure is rather likely)

A:Anyone with an E-Machines might want to read this

We we not agree with this analysis. We, too, have had a team of independent experts analyse the eMachines Bestec Power supply.
First, the same Bestec power supplies work fine in the low end Gateway, Dell, HP, Compaq, and several Tiger computers without the high failures.
The problem with the eMachines units is the motherboards, which were designed by Intel and others, but then manufacturered in Korea under license to Tri-Gem. These motherboards are missing key components in the plastics of the board, and the circuitry... which allows them to shrink and curl. During the shrinkage and curling, the electrical circults are pulled and twisted by the force of the board curling or shrinking... creating short circuits that destroy the Bestec and other brands of power supplies that eMachines used from 2002 to 2007...
We have 700 eMachines computers stored in a barn awaiting action... because eMachines knew they were bad.
The thing eMachine owners need to know is that in excess of 60 percent of eMachines Desktops built and sold during that time have failed with no apologies nor compensation from eMachines
The problem is moot now, as eMachines, once owned by Gateway, and before that, by Tri-Gem, is now owned (as I understand the transaction) by another Korean company of famous name and note.
Relevancy 34.4%

I have 2 IBM 8090 machines. Small Form Factor.
Both are P4 3.0 GHz HT processors.
On startup, both immediately show at 58C while idle.
While browsing the web, they reach 66C.
Used for folding on a team. While folding, temps jump to 78C and hold steady.
All temps are shown by SpeedFan and HWMonitor.
Have removed all old thermal paste and applied new thin coat of Arctic Silver 5. No change.
Due to the tri-fold configuration of the machines and the size, opening the case is not an option.
Hard drive rests above HSF (copper) with inlet fan blowing through fins of HSF.
Has anybody got any ideas on how to bring these temps down?
Already have an ice tray sitting in front of them and a fan blowing towards them.

A:Question about SFF machines

Are you having issues with the SFF computers freezing or crashing? If not, don't worry about the temps... SFF computers as well as most laptops run hot, compaired to desktop systems
Relevancy 34.4%

I have an old e-machines T2385. The HD died so I bought a new HD and copy of XP home. Those installed OK, but the problem is that the display is very low resolution. It is this way for two different monitors, so I THINK it is the on-board video card. Possibly a driver (??)

Is there a place for drivers for the on-board video card? Or does anyone have a similar situation.


A:e-machines T2385

Hi waynefmckinstry and welcome to TSF !

Indeed, you just need to install the drivers.

All drivers are available on the manufacturer's website (click on downloads) :

Start with the chipset drivers, then the video drivers.
Relevancy 34.4%

Hi all
A question i need answered. A friend has a computer with a lan card installed and windows 98 se installed. He is having a new base unit built also with a lan card installed and also running win98 se.
He wants to network the two machines together but he only has one mouse/monitor/keyboard.
He will be using the new base unit with the above attached, the question is how to network the other machine without keyboard and monitor it possible if so how?
Thanks in advance Atomic666

Relevancy 34.4%
Relevancy 34.4%

Computer Setup

1 Desktop Clone - XP Pro SP2

1 Portable - Vista Ultimate

1 Netgear Router

Currently the two machines listed above can see each other, have internet and share files.

I just received a new computer from Work with XP2 and has policies that limit what I can do. When I log into this machine it requires user name/password/domain name connected or not connected a network.

At home I can connect with this machine to my network for internet- wired or wireless after adding WEP key.

What I am looking to do is Remote into my computer upstairs so I dont leave any footprints on the new portable. With the other portable this is possible. (Desktop is upstairs and I stay downstairs most often.

I can not get this new computer to see my other computer. This is where im stuck.

Any thoughts??

A:Networking XP Machines

If they are both accessing the internet through the same router failure to ping is almost definitely a firewall issue. You didn't mention ping, but I assume that's what you meant by "see."
Relevancy 34.4%

Hi I am looking to set up some a few virtual machines I haven t worked with this before so this is new but I shouldn t need much more than Machines Virtual a Virtual Machines shove in the right direction I have two things I eventually want to do First off what I want to do now is set up a XP virtual machine inside a -bit Vista install Virtual Machines on my desktop Eventually I want to set up a XP virtual machine inside ubuntu on my laptop but Virtual Machines I don t need to bother with that now ------------- On my desktop I have GB of DDR ram and am running a core duo E Ghz so there won t be any issues of resources How do I go about setting up the XP virtual machine in Vista Does anyone have any suggestions as to which free software to use I had planned on using vmware but that is only because it is the only free one I know of Thanks nbsp

A:Virtual Machines

Give Virtual Box a try http:// I'm using it in Vista to run
Ubunto 7.10 Gutsy.
Relevancy 34.4%

I've got a workgroup of 3 XP machines: A, B and C.

A and B can see each other, but C can not see them.

However, connectivity on all machines is fine, and A and B can access the shares of C, but C can not access the shares of A or B; A and B can access each other.

There are no firewalls in-between the computers for testing purposes, and the issue is the same regardless of ports used on the switch.

A and B can browse the workgroup as expected, but C produces a timeout of:
"The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available".


Relevancy 34.4%

Just ordered two new machines for the home network. Primary web browsing, a few light games and some home businesss software (Word, Excel etc.) Got a "deal" on 1.4 Ghz P4s with 30 G HD, CD ROM and NIC for $200 but no software . . . ie No OS. I do this for fun and am knowlegable enough to be really dangerous at it. I have XP on the laptop now but have been encouraged to go LINUX as "the way of the future" on the new machines. I don't know anything about LINUX and really don't want to have to learn unless it is in fact going to replace XP in a short time. Opinions?

Thanks for your input.

Relevancy 34.4%

I want to purchase an inexpesive system for home use. I saw E machines advertised in the paper. I went in to talk to the salesman.He strongly recommended against purchasing a E machine and steered me over to a more expensive machine. Switch and bait or the truth? all opinions welcomed.

Relevancy 34.4%

Just a quick post to see if there is a answer to this question:

I have to find a piece of software that can scan our domain and report back which users have admin rights on there local machines.


Relevancy 34.4%

We have one of our servers that has a problem, it seems that some thing was changed and now we can only see the machines that have net bios running, all the others without net bios are not seen by this server. Not sure what happened. Need help.

Thank you

We are running Windows 2000 Server

Relevancy 34.4%

I don't know if this is the right place so here goes:

My company has started doing animations and sending it out to people. Recently we have been doing like 30-50 discs a time but since we have only one computer to make the DVD, it takes a long time to do 30. Has anyone had any experience in using DVD duplication hardware, like the Aleratec Copy Towers (


Relevancy 34.4%

Does AMD anthlon 2, P 360 core with 64 bits?

A:e machines E642g 64bit supported
Relevancy 34.4%

hello all,
i have a question about connecting two machines.
an old 286 zenith and a newer hp with win me on it
the reason is the old machine has a lot of drawing on it in an
old version of ACAD. how can i get this info aff of this old
machine? it only has a 5 1/4's old, 1988. any help
would be greatly apreciated. cheers, Rev

Relevancy 34.4%

I work part time at an elementary school and they have Pentium 2 machines with 32 MB memory.
One of our biggest problems is machines being really slow.
My basic diagnostic goes like this
1)Delete tmp, bak, and chk files
2)remove temporary internet files and history
3)Run scandisk and defrag(if necessary)
4)Have the teachers remove the unecessary Desktop shrtcuts and items in the systray, because they lengthen the startup

Is there any other way to increase performance???


Relevancy 34.4%

my sister in law(store manager) works for that major retailer(w-mart) and i talked extensively her with over the lastest in discount retail computers.

for the past 6 months,they have been selling $500 emachines and they have received over 25 similar complaints on the installed modems(they returned thier computers). the customers were being "bumped offline",etc from thier dialup isp.

the isps(different companies)were reporting the same conclusion,the modems installed in the machine was"old,outdated,etc.,the problem".

one customer just installed another modem and has been having no problems since. the reasoning,to spend an additional $30 for a modem to the $500 computer was still a good deal.

so be informed of these emachines and i guess,generally $500 computers. although $500 hp computers have been making customers happy.
Relevancy 34.4%

A customer of mine has AOL at home and the office Both sites are running the same account the only difference being the office has two wired PCs and home has one plus a wireless desktop There s also two laptops which access the account from both locations The problem is the wired PC at home keeps logging out saying something about an attempt from another location to log in All pretty much understandable until you know that the main office wired machine doesn t do it despite running the AOL software just like the home wired one only these two machines are running the software The rest don t You d think it would do the same but it doesn t I ve told them to unplug the office router when AOL Same machines. two account, they go home to see if AOL are seeing that logged in but it s apparently made no difference The problematic machine is the one which Same AOL account, two machines. first had AOL on it but I doubt that ll make any odds I does seem to point towards the office setup being logged in and AOL then not letting the home one in but the office one doesn t log out when you d think it would or throw up any multiple login errors Apparently it didn t happen before the new router was installed at the office Something is conflicting somewhere but it still happens when the office router is off I m reluctant to wipe the problematic one despite it really needed a clean install to be fair Both routers have built in ADSL modems The one at home hasn t changed at all The one at the office has been configured from scratch so both have the same login details It s weird that the office one has all the same details but doesn t flip out but the one at home does The only difference is the make model of router I ve thought about multiple users but they need to use the same login at hime and work to pick up any international emails which need sorting there and then Any help will be gratefully accepted Cheers nbsp

A:Same AOL account, two machines.

Sorry to bump this but if anyone has anything at all it would be appreciated.

Relevancy 34.4%

Anybody out there know how you get a recovery disc with the e-machines-4026 and yet there is no instructions in the manual. So if anybody can help and let me know if its easy to format the pc without instructions or post instructions in reply i would be much obliged.or send me e-mail
[email protected]

A:E-machines 4026

Not familiar with that machine but many have the "recovery" placed in a small partition on the machine. Some of these also offer the option to reformat and return the machine to "just as you bought it" status or to reformat and install only the operating system.
Relevancy 34.4%

Well, am running a cyber cafe and have only 30 desktops, all same make, same speed, same memory(RAM), same processor & same HDD capacity. But these days some machines are slowing down in the way i don't understand, I performed normal diagnostics but there was no change.Do I need software to boost up again my machines, clients are so complaining! Thx. Shadow Walker,158926.0.html
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Greets Now that we are done with the Blast virus I have a new problem that I hope XP are All - Cant 98's Hit Machines Net Now Fine?!?! people can equally help me All XP Machines Now Cant Hit Net - 98's are Fine?!?! with Today in an office of people all the XP machines can no longer connect to the internet They can log into the server and Windows machines plugged into the same network port with the same cable CAN access the internet while their XP counterparts cannot XP and can log into the corporate server though Most but not all of the computers did All XP Machines Now Cant Hit Net - 98's are Fine?!?! have the MSBlast virus but all were cleaned with Symantec s FixBlast and have had all WindowsUpdate patches installed They were hit and fixed last monday and had no ill effects until today Today none of the Windows XP machines can connect to the net I realize that the payload is th- st of each month but changing my calendar date did not help I am responsible for the upkeep of these machines and while mine did NOT get the blaster virus I too am down on my XP machine Can ANYONE shed any light on why only XP machines are off the company T line but can log into our network and PLEASE GOD how to fix them Thanks nbsp

A:All XP Machines Now Cant Hit Net - 98's are Fine?!?!

Did you disable system restore on each of the xp's before you cleaned them logged in as the admin?

Here's how to check:
Start/run type in "services.msc" and change "Startup type" from automatic to disabled. Run the tool.

If still no success, try running the fix tool in safe on a single xp, THEN enable system restore, and see if that pc can hit the Internet.

Tell me the server's been patched....
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I need a good inexpensive way to test firewire. I build and sell computers, and when the customer wants the front firewire we have no good way to test it before we send it out , without someone bringing in a camera from home..

any ideas?

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hi i want to set and Machines Together XP Network ME up a simple network with two computers one runs ME Dell Dimension P with RAM and the other runs XP Home Dell Dimension P with RAM i want to get a wired router and hook the two computers to that to share internet and files i am specifically looking at the SMC VBR router located here http secure newegg com NewVersion FeedBack CustratingReview asp item N E i have a motorola surfboard Network ME and XP Machines Together and i use comcast cable i am running AVG for virus protection and Zone Alarm firewall on both machines my printer is not networkable so i have no need of a print server i will just connect it to the XP machine and Network ME and XP Machines Together access it through the network now i have spoken to several people and no one seems to have connected these two OS s together so i don t know if i am in for trouble can anyone comment on any known issues with what i am trying to do this is my first networking attempt and i would like to arm myself ahead of time so i can make the process as painless as i can i have read lots about networking in general but none specific to my attempt any help is greately apreciated nbsp

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I just bought an external USB HD with 120 GB. How would I go about put the virtual machine hard disks on my external drive so I could run Vista off of it to see if I like it? Is this even possible?


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I have a machine named \\FI-MOVIE running Win7 Ultimate.
We also have 12 other Win7 machines in our network.
10 of the machines get the login screen when they access \\FI-MOVIE - all works fine there

But... 2 of the machines get this error screen... (see attached image)
The 2 machines doesn't even get a login screen, they only get the error screen.
How do we fix that?

The \\FI-MOVIE computer can access both of the trouble machines without problems

A:\\name is not accessible - but only from certain machines?!?

Ok we just fixed one of the computers by going to:
Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center\Advanced sharing settings
and changing Public Folder Sharing to ON - that brought up the login screen on that computer.

The last computer already have the setting to ON - and the last computer have been able to access \\FI-MOVIE for a long time until one day the user (aka me) could not remember the \\FI-MOVIE password and made 10 wrong attempts (or so) which resulted in the attached error screen. I wonder if \\FI-MOVIE have locked out that user?? Could that be it? And where do I check for that?
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I mean I know they arent top of the line or anything... But are they good for what they are supposed to be? As in cheap and decent? Is one even worth getting? Thanks.

A:E-Machines any good?

eMachines is an entry level box for entry level people with entry level experience with an entry level price.
I've had no problems with the 5 eMachines I have owned...but I'm sure other will disagree here...
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I just got a Dell pc with windows 8. I already have a network (wired and wireless) with 3 xp machines and 2 printers & internet connection. I have connected the Win 8 pc to the network wirelessly and it browses the internet fine through the network router. I also managed to get it to print on the network printer. Therefore the connections are working. However one of the xp machines has most of the files we use on a shared drive. I want to be able to access these files on the Win 8 pc but I cant see any of the xp machines. The drive is shared as all 3 xp machines can access them.
Any ideas?

A:Win 8 pc cant see xp machines on network

MS "This problem occurs if the Link-Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) Responder component is not installed on the Windows XP-based computer.

Network Map in Windows Vista & later makes network diagrams of the connections between network devices that can be used to troubleshoot connectivity problems. Network Map uses a discovery protocol called Link-Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) that queries other devices on the network to determine how the network is organized.

Windows Vista & later includes the software components that implement the LLTD protocol. For other devices on the network to be displayed on the map, they must enable a discovery protocol that can respond to the mapping requests from the Windows Vista & later-based computer."

For the XP Machines:
Download Link Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) Responder (KB922120) from Official Microsoft Download Center

Also Make sure windows 8 network & sharing is showing your network as a "Home" Or "work" network so it trusts the local zone
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Can you run your current license of windows in a VM, IE I want run a windows 10 vm inside windows 10 without paying for anything.

A:Virtual machines

That's not supported by the license.
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Hey guys and gals, I recently had someone give me an Emachines-T2642. It has an intel celeron processor of 2.40 ghz and has 2GB of ram "memory" And ait does have Windows 7 Ultimate with 111GB Hard drive. Seems to be a bit on the slow side. Any tips on making it faster or thoughts feel free to comment ;-) Thank You all for listening ;-)

Is the 2gb of ram memory really the max? It can't go beyond that?

A:E-machines T2642????

hi according to this it max memory is 2gb RAM & SSD Upgrades | eMachines T2642 | Crucial UK
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Sorry for the complicated mess I put below but ..

Got a strange network setup, I currently have 3 laptops running Windows XP Pro. I have it set up so that everyone has their own username and password and once they have logged in they are presented with the same Documents ,Pictures ,Music and so on by changing the file locations to my NAS.

( Each person has their own user on the NAS to only be able to access their own documents and the public section).

Now what I am wanting to do is make it so each person regardless of the machine they are on , Has the same wallpaper.

EG: User 1 is on laptop 2 and sets a wallpaper. User 1 now can log in to Laptop 1/3 and have the same wallpaper as it is saved to the NAS.

Can this be done? I would think it wouldn't be to hard to be able to do.