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Solved: User Account Control-how to configure?

Q: Solved: User Account Control-how to configure?

I've set my sons log in on his PC to a 'standard ' user as he was going into the registry disabling cyberpatrol and so on. Now I'm getting it in the neck because he can't download programs games can I set up his standard user to download programs or at least to prompt so I can put a password in? I don't mind him downloading games, just don't want Cyberpatrol disabled. At present it just says something to the effect ' you require administrative rights to perform this task' but no option to log in as an administrator on his account.....thanks!

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Preferred Solution: Solved: User Account Control-how to configure?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I inherited a Dell XP Computer with Vista Operating System from my stepson Pat who could never names, user Privileges, Permissions, an control User Account file Control, Ownership, figure out the machine I seem to have many problems with Vista revolving around User Account Control User Account Control, Privileges, Permissions, Ownership, user names, file control an Privileges Permissions Ownership user names file control and directory structure etc I ve been working around UAC problems but there has to be a User Account Control, Privileges, Permissions, Ownership, user names, file control an way out of this My most recent issue IE has problems fully loading web pages With IE like several programs that I run with this computer I get messages that say I have corrupt files I get object error warnings Chkdsk does not fix problems While shopping for a new car battery with many pages open the computer completely hung up last night I had to kill power and reboot IE did not work I Unloaded and IE would not work also Google Chrome is fine I have internet access I reset all defaults After hours of messing around I discovered the way to start IE is Run as Administrator Then like so many other programs I run I get the screen Windows screen A Program needs your permission to continue When I dumped my old files on this XP computer from my old computer They resided in User Mike W old I had no permissions with this user so I moved all the files to Pat I renamed user administrator Pat to Mike W under the desktop but the user pat did not update under the OS C drive Users Pat and there is no option to rename here Pat was the original administrator Vista is telling me that Vista creates a List of directories under the Administrator including a Desktop Downloads Documents Contact Favorites etc When I open explore right Click off the classic START button The folders display in green What is the significance of the Green colored folders in windows explorer Somehow I ended up creating two desktops in User Mike W The actual desktop has some but not all the files from the yellow folder Desktop in Mike W none from the Green Desktop folder How do I clean this all up I ve been to the help sections of Vista and looked at permissions ownership UAC etc but when I go in to try to change anything in the check boxes they are grayed out I have no place to start Please Help me get some understanding and control of this machine as I am desperate

A:User Account Control, Privileges, Permissions, Ownership, user names, file control an

Hello, did you use the Easy Transfer method ? Transfer files and settings from another computer
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I have a backup program (ntbackup) that used to run fine on XP and 7. I ran it every night using the task scheduler to take automatic backups of important stuff. Now on Windows 8 it requires admin authority. I've no idea why but is there some way I could permanently authorize this program? It still works great except that I have to run it manually and respond to the user account control for it to continue. Is there any way to avoid this? Or is there some way to make the task scheduler pre-stage a response to the UAC query?

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Iíve had to disable my User Account Control.

Not to mention that Iím tired of saying yes 50 times when I want to do something ..
Itís been preventing me from installing programs.

I just discovered that WinPatrol has been updated to work with Vista.

I liked WinPatrol in my XP OS Ö
It stopped a lot of programs from being added to the startup list ..
And a bunch of other junk being added that I donít like.

Iím thinking WinPatrol is better that Vistaís User Account Control.

Comments ???

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I recently switched from Windows Vista to Windows 7. While operating on vista I had User Account Controls (UAC) active and liked the fact that I had to provide a password in order to perform certain functions. However, once updating to 7 I discovered that UAC doesn't require a password simply asks you yes or no about whether you want to allow something. My question is simple. Is there a way to change this so that a password must be entered to perform a function. (Example below)


When turning off the network adapter the screen would gray-out and nothign could be done until I had entered an administrators (my) password. In windows 7, I select disable and the screen grays-out like usual except I only have to click "yes". No password needed. I would like to change this, if possible.

Thanks for your help.

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How do you disable and enable user account control?

A:[SOLVED] Disable User Account control

Open Control Panel and select User Accounts. The last option in the list allows you to disable or enable UAC.

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Hi..lately on startup the User Account Control window appears and it asks: Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer?

Program name: ISUSPM.exe
Publisher : Unknown
File origin : Hard drive on this computer
Program location : "C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\CommonFiles\Installshield\UpdateService\ISUSPM.exe"
- Startup

I went too this location on my computer and this program is installed but lately on startup it asks me do i want too click on yes or no too allow this program too make changes to my computer..why is it doing this now when it didnt before and what do i do? Ive clicked on both yes and no lately and it still is appearing on my startup. If anyone can help will be greatly appreciated!..Thanks

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Hello, I'm new to this forum, sorry if this question has some really obvious answer. Anyway, whenever I try to download something or launch a program (ex Malwarebytes, Maxthon), the UAC dialog box asks me the standard question, although whenever I click "change when these notifications appear", the box closes instantly and does nothing else. Even trying "change UAC settings" from the charms bar results in nothing.

A:[SOLVED] User Account Control Glitching

Welcome to TSF,

Not so sure what exactly the notification box you're seeing, you may read some suggestions from here:

How to Stop Notifications in Windows 8.1

If the above link didn't help, please provide us a screen capture of the exact notification that pops up on your screen to better assist you.

Please keep us posted.
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I need to create a user account that can only use ms office applications also i dont want the user installing anything also i dont want the user using the internet i would like to know how to control all the aspects of the computer by using the mmc or some other program plz
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I'm new here and I have a windows vista 32 bit service pack 2 operating system.

Just recently I have made horrible mistake when cleaning my computer , that I can't seem to reverse but maybe you could help me *fingers crossed*

In C:\Users\HOME ADMINISTRATOR\AppData I deleted alot of Roaming. Local Low,and Local Files and have emptied it from my recycle bin.

Because I have user account control on, I can't pass that prompt screen when I click allow, I just wait and wait and nothibng happens. I come out of it by prompting windows task manger using ctrl + alt+ delete. This makes it even more difficult since I cannot turn user account control off ,prompt run, or system restore without that prompt.

What are my options? what do you suggest I do? Is there another way to restore my computer sytem wihout losing all my current document files?

Please help

A:[SOLVED] Deleted App Data,User Account Control Prevents System Restore,Please Help to

Depending on what you deleted, SFC may help you out.

Open a command prompt, and type SFC /scannow let it run. Any chance you have a backup of your user folder?
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In our company, there are few computers where we can access only limited user accounts. I went to control panel >> user accounts >> shows the only limited user account name like "xyz". It doesn't show us any administrator account names, why is it so? And how I can make it happen in my personal computer?

A:xp shows only limited account name in user account control panel

Because you are logged in as a Limited User, so you can't make changes to the computer. Speak with your Network Administrator at your company.
At the log in screen hit CTRL+ALT+DEL 3 times fast. This will give you the traditional Windows Log In Screen. If you have the Built In Administrator accounts password, you can log in as Administrator and create a new Admin user account.
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dont know user account control password AND no administrator user so i cant download/install anything, cant update, and i cant change any settings someone please help PLUS i just got this computer iv read some other entrys where people had the same problem as me they said to do a system reboot in safemode but i dont know how. can someone help me? thank you

A:dont know user account control password and no administrator user

after the bios loads but before windows start to load hit f8 and you get your windows boot options.
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How come the UAC is set to the lowest setting for the admin, but for a standard user it is still set as default (requiring admin password)?

A:User Account Control for standard user.

Built in admin bypasses UAC, hence the setting. Any other users (even users created as admin) get UAC prompts.

This is one of the many reasons security best practices dictate creating a second admin account and disabling the built in one.
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there is an account user password in user account control under an email that I didn't set up, I own the computer but I cant access the account because I don't have a password
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How to lower/remove User Account Control and give full access to the user?

A:User Account Control


User Account Control (UAC) - Change Settings in Windows 8

^^ tutorial should help.

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Can I Disable User Account Control (UAC) for one Windows 7 application or program?

A:User Account Control

Quote: Originally Posted by teja1946

Can I Disable User Account Control (UAC) for one Windows 7 application or program?

Only by granting it "admin" privileges. what are you trying to do?

Elevated Program Shortcut without UAC Prompt - Create

Ken J+
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Dear All,

How do i configure my user interface, i mean user only can use what application i give and user only can see application that i give. Other then that i it hide. User can not go to setting. Only read and use. Appreciate your assist.

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I have installed Warhammer Online and it works fine but whenever I go to start it up I get this annoying window that says "Do you want the following program to make changes to this computer".

How can I turn this so it doesn't do this everytime I start up Warhammer?

A:User Account Control.

You should see a "Change when these notifications appear" link. Click that, and personalize it to your liking.
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GM all,

Does anyone know how you add a publisher so you stop getting the User Account Control dialog popup's?

Thanking you in advance,


A:User Account Control

Not necessary go to control panel User Ac Control Turn off

User Account Control - UAC - Change Notification Settings
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When starting up I get a message that one or more programmes need my permission to continue - one is Sound Flow from Sony - is there a way to stop getting these messages.

A:User Account Control

Have you tried msconfig? Here's how to use it
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I am on a Dell Pentium 64...running Win 10 that I just installed over win 7 home...I was getting comfortable with it and tried to remove having to use a pass word every time I wanted to get followed the instructions on help page..several times and didn't work but must have hit something wrong as now every time I try doing something I get a box "User account control) asking me if I want this app to make changes on this page...the YES is greyed out I can not do anything to try and solve the problem: IE: system restore or go back to win 7...

Any help will be greatly appreciated..

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I have just downloaded Windows Live Mail. How do I stop Windows asking me if I want to open it whenever I select it from the desktop?

A:User Account Control

Hello Bill, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If you like, you could create an elevated shortcut to open it elevated without getting the UAC prompt.

Elevated Program Shortcut without UAC Prompt - Create
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I disabled this feature because it was the only way it allowed me to save software to the programs folder on the C drive. I know its a security feature of vista but am I jeapordizing anything by disabling it?

A:User Account Control

no u should be fine, its just a precautionary measure by microsoft to stop programs installing on your system by themselfs! but as long as your carefull u should be fine
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hey guys, everytime i try to open a application called steam this appears...
i know this appears when something is going to install or change something but is there any way the user account control can still work but steam is an exception? thank you for helping me

A:user account control

Create Administrator Mode Shortcuts Without UAC Prompts in Windows 7 or Vista - the How-To Geek
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Two nights ago I opened my browser IE11 and got this popup:

Do You want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?

Program Name: Internet Explorer
Verified Publisher: Microsoft Corporation
File Origin: Hard drive on this computer

If I click no then I can't use the browser. If I click yes it opens and can use it like normal.
This happens every time I try to use IE11

Is anyone else having this issue?
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since upgrading to vista i have had all sorts of problems from itunes going through set up everytime i clicked on it to not being able to view on demand programs on the internet and not being able to access my own ipod. since i switched the uac off all these problems have been solved. the only problem i found was that my game saves oncivilization 3 and total dissapeared but decided to get around that by just turning it on again. if anyone is interested in trying this i simply opened system configuration,tools and scrolled down to system configuration and clicked to turn uac off and then launch. required a restart but well worth it if it helps , and to undo it you just do the reverse. hope this helps someone.

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I notice that a lot of newcommers to this Forum seem to turn off UAC as that get annoyed with it keep asking for confirmation of an action.
Do you run it and if so why?

A:Do you use UAC (User Account Control)?

Sure i use it ..... The reason being we all from time to time make mistakes it is very easy to click on some thing you dont intend to .... Also i would say its even easier when using a Laptop with a touch pad
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So recently I messed with my user account name (not a good idea). So then I had to go into safe mode and enable Admin
account. This ended up deleting my current user account. I can't find it on the login screen. The files are still there, but I can't find a way to reenable the account. Also, I can see the account in "parental controls", but not in the "Manage
accounts" section. Do you have any suggestions?

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Everytime I log onto Pokerstars, I had to click continue from the Used Account Control to go to the website. Is ther anyway to disable this. I've tried searching here with no luck.

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I just got this from this article http www winsupersite com faq windows asp User Account Control improvements Windows Vista's most reviled feature is being completely overhauled to be more customizable Four settings will be Control User Account available Never notify least secure The user is not notified when a program tries to install software or make changes to the computer The user is not notified when they make changes to Windows settings or when programs try to do so Only notify me when programs try to make changes to my computer The user is not notified when a program tries to install software or make changes to the computer The user is not notified when they make changes to Windows settings However the user is notified when programs try to make changes to the computer User Account Control including Windows settings Always notify me The user User Account Control is notified when a program tries to install software or make changes to the computer The user is also notified when they make changes to Windows settings or when programs try to do so Always notify me and wait for my response most secure The user is notified when a program tries to install software or make changes to the computer The user is also notified when they make changes to Windows settings or when programs try to do so Later Ted

A:User Account Control

Mine is always set on 4 so I know what updates are being installed so I can scan them with AVG.
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I cannot for the life of me figure out my administrator password. I thought I knew what it is, but for some reason it isn't working and I don't know why. I also have the user account control on. I am using a standard user account right now. I can't download anything with the user account control on, and because I can't remember the administrator password.. I can't turn it off. I tried resetting the administrator password using the command prompt, but all I get is "System Error 5 has occurred. Access is denied." That is the only administrator account and I switched the administrator to that account August 13th. I don't know what to do. I don't have a password reset disk or a Vista disk. Please help!

A:PLEASE HELP!! User Account Control

Hello Kbaugh, and welcome to Vista Forums.

You could use METHOD THREE in the tutorial below to reset you password using the reset disc created in it to regain access to your user account.

Reset User Account Password

Hope this helps,
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I regularly get fed up with the User Account Control intrusiveness, but I do not want to do away with its good work. It does not appear for every application or .exe file I run, just some. So - is there a master list somewhere of 'acceptable' applications it will allow me to run with no question, and that I can edit?

Merely to use the slider to reduce the level of intereference is not what I want as I would still like to be asked with executables that I have not approved.

Is there a way to do this, or am I misunderstanding what it does?

A:User Account Control

Hello Jcaswell,

Sorry, but there's not a way to add an exception list for UAC. That would defeat the whole purpose of UAC asking for your permission to allow something to run elevated first. For example, if you added a program's exe file to an exception list and that exe file became infected by malware or a virus, then that malware would be able to run elevated without your knowledge since there was no UAC prompt to ask you first.

If you like, you could read more in depth details about UAC in the links in the blue NOTE box at the top of the tutorial below.

User Account Control - UAC - Change Notification Settings

Hope this helps,
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hi, i have a question about Windows Vista's UAC..
Isn't windows vista without UAC the same as a regular windows xp? Since windows xp doesn't have a UAC...
or does windows xp have some kind of hidden security program that vista doesn't have, which requires vista users to have UAC?

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Hi i control account? do How user a I have many people using my computer and I want to stop them from being on my account What I mean by this is that I want to set up an account for everyone else to use with the following control I as an administrator get to control password creation account pictures and all personal settings THEY HAVE NO CONTROL OVER BEING ABLE TO CHANGE WHAT I How do i control a user account? HAVE SET My library computer and data files are unseen by the other account This means they can not edit my documents open my music THEY BASICALLY WILL OPEN THE USER ACCOUNT AND SEE NON OF MY FILES I as an administrator control what they surf on the net e g adult content I know some of this seems like 'mission impossible' but please can you help me I am sick of feeling like I don't control my own computer any more As for point I would like to elaborate My biggest concern is that my documents keeps on appearing in the documents section of the user account that I tried to create Even though I have tried everything to stop this nothing has seemed to work PRINT -- I could not get this print screen to upload so I will describe it In the print screen it is the same as the PRINT but there is a 'Public Documents' file and the file includes all my personal files Thank You m gendi

A:How do i control a user account?

What you are wanting to do is very simple. Type in the Windows search box " user " and then choose User Accounts, from here you can create a new account for the other users and choose standard user account for them. I would make just 1 user account and let all the others use that unless you want that everyone has their own account.

To secure your files from others you can either edit the user accounts permissions but if you are not familar with that then I recommand either first reading up on it or you can simply make a folder private by right clicking on it and chosing to not share the folder.
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plz if you know tell i can turn off user account control?

A:User Account Control

Method 1: You can disable UAC by following this ways:

1. Start, Run. ( or open taskmanager, File, New Task (run) )
2. type "msconfig.exe"
3. Press return/enter or click ok.
4. Under the tools tab search for Disable UAC
5. Highlight it and click Launch
6. Close the new window that will appear
7. Click ok to close msconfig.

Restart your pc.

Method 2:
Go Start > Control Panel\User Accounts and Family Safety\User Accounts

Then click on "Turn UAC on or off"
After that restart your computer.
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My question is, when installing or uninstalling programs, do you want this (UAC) enabled or disabled. One program owner told me to disable to install or uninstall his program. There has to be a standard on this for a user to know when to or not to. It would be nice to know if one way deletes more of a program than the other.


A:UAC User Account Control

Hello Camper,

It's best to keep UAC turned on for better security. You can read more about UAC in the links in the tutorial below.

User Account Control (UAC)

Hope this helps,
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This "security" feature has become very annoying and frustrating! A permission dialog appears every time I try to use applications that I have responded "allow" previously. What is even more a problem, I cannot download anything since I use Fresh Download which Vista security does not appear to like.

How can I fix this? Must I completely disable Vista security?

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Heya folks.I am using Windows 7 Pro.I've noticed that a fair number of games and programs elicit a response from User Access Control every time they launch. Generally this makes for a slight annoyance; I simply click "yes, I do want this program to launch." However, I have come across programs that actually crash because of the UAC interruption. The only UAC controls I have found set the level of interference (no help there) or turn it off completely (fixes the problem but leaves my system without UAC enabled and requires a reboot). I have also tried "run as administrator" in compatibility mode, no help there. Is there a way to create a list of trusted programs for UAC? If not: assuming I know what programs I am launching, what are the security ramifications of running Windows 7 with UAC disabled?

A:User Account Control

Use TweakUAC and set to "quiet mode"
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Hi folks.

Every now and then, I use PowerTools Lite to see what "rubbish" has accumulated in the Registry etc.
Vista treats this prog as unidentified and displays the UAC window giving me the options of running it or quitting.
Is there a way of letting Vista know that I trust this program and therefor not display the UAC window each time I launch it?

A:User Account Control

Originally Posted by grasmith

Hi folks.

Every now and then, I use PowerTools Lite to see what "rubbish" has accumulated in the Registry etc.
Vista treats this prog as unidentified and displays the UAC window giving me the options of running it or quitting.
Is there a way of letting Vista know that I trust this program and therefor not display the UAC window each time I launch it?

I dont know but one thing you can try is to launch power tools as admin. You can also lower the uac sensitivity.

Cant help ya I just turn mine off

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Last night my Brother in law brought his laptop as he was having internet trouble with a dongle We Account Control User tried everything and left it with SP installed but suggested he gets Windows So today he has it and we try to User Account Control upgrade but keep getting the UAC screens with a greyed out OK box There is standard user account we cannot edit the registry or MSconfig as UAC kicks in or User Account Control a fail to write to the registry error We cannot upgrade as it asks the UAC question User Account Control - we cannot run the setup file as administrator as the account isn't one and any other hidden account is exactly that hidden The only solutions I see say to use the Windows Vista disc it was pre-installed so that's a no-go Safe mode - nothing useful in user accounts cannot get into Manage by right clicking computer Cannot add an account as no option to do so cannot delete the account cannot access the internet as wireless needs a setting changing and UAC stops it again HELP Logging off the account does nothing just bounces back to same screen on reboot
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Hi Everyone,

I am experiencing reoccurring issues with User Account Control in Windows 10. These issues are being experienced on at least three laptops that I have configured (for use in a Domain environment).

Initially I made the 'error' of turning UAC (User Account Control) off but soon reaslised that it must be left on for the Windows Apps to work. The first give away was when the new Groove music player would not open when staff double clicked on their voicemail attachments.

Subsequently I turned UAC on to the setting shown below -

Ever since making the above change, from time to time - and I suspect that Windows updates may play a part - UAC inadvertently turns itself back off again.

If anybody else has experienced this issue and overcome it can you please share your solution?

Kind Regards,

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User Account Control - Explained UAC is a smart new feature for Explained User (UAC) Control - Account windows vista based operating User Account Control (UAC) - Explained systems In windows xp you could User Account Control (UAC) - Explained only have sorts of accounts A limted users User Account Control (UAC) - Explained and Administrator User If you were an administrator any program you run would have administrator rights and it could do anything to your computer When you confirm one of these boxes that means the program or command has administrator permission for a temp period of time In Windows Vista it's very differant an administrator account is a standard account but it has permission to do administrative tasks for some authorized programs So if you have an admin account you really have a standard account but when programs need it to it can be an admin account programs you authorize If a virus was downloaded and opened in a XP machine that program could do anything as the whole account has adminitrative permissions In vista the administrator account is standard account so when the virus trys to do anything dodgy you would have to confirm it so the account is changed to admin 'mode' for a the program only Can i turn off UAC Yes you can However if you do your whole account will be admin so anything could happen without your notice This is not recomended UAC also have the feature of doing administrator tasks on a limited account You have to confirm you are an administrator by entering your password and then the program can run administrative things on that account for a temp amount of time This guide was wrote as a help book for confused users
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I'm having a problem with the User Account Control UAC When it asks for permission to continue it asks a Guest account password I'm using my personal account and the guest account is off My personal account is the only account set up but it is currently running as a Standard user I can not change my account back to Administrator due to the UAC problem I tried Registry Editor to disable the UAC but errors occur Can someone give me any info on how to disable the Control Problem Account User UAC or get rid of the User Account Control Problem UAC asking User Account Control Problem for Guest Password Overall Guest turned into an Administrator and my only account turned into a standard Guest account is turned off and I cannot run anything that requires an Administrator password First of all I guess one of my friends changed my account to a standard You cannot change an account to a standard if its the only administrator account you have It changed anyways This happening the Guest account turned into an administrator

A:User Account Control Problem

Have you tried booting into Safe mode and Making an administrator, There will be an Administrator there after you have booted into the Safe mode

see Safe Mode For more Information

Hope This Helps,
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UAC makes me want to blow my brains out. I have it turned off, and STILL it's telling me that I don't have permission to do the simplest things, like moving a video into public viewing folders. I need to move it into public in order to access it from my other computer joined on a network. but yet I can't.


Why in god's name they couldn't make Vista sensible.. I'll never understand. I'll probably have figured this out or no longer have immediate need to know by the time someone gets to this, but I thought I'd give it a try anyway. Does anybody know why this is occurring? I could handle it if it asked for a password but it doesn't. It just says I don't have permission and that's that.

A:User Account Control.. beyond ridiculous

Yea, my first thread with a self fulfilling prophecy if you blow your brains out you will become "DeadCorpse". You have UAC off so Vista cannot add permissions to what you want to do. You will need to do it yourself.. the public folder gets different treatment since as it's name suggests it is designed to be shared therefore it makes sense to tighten it's security.

This reg Hack will add a "take ownership of this file" to your right click context menu perfect for what you want. Copy and paste all below in the code box into notepad in notepad select "file" then "save as" call it ownership.reg and save to desktop open desktop right click to merge into registry. Reboot to take effect.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="Take Ownership"

@="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrators:F"
"IsolatedCommand"="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrators:F"

@="Take Ownership"

@="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" /r /d y && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrators:F /t"
"IsolatedCommand"="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" /r /d y && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrators:F /t"
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I've heard there's a way to "tone down" the annoying tendendies of Vista's User Account Control so that it only "selectively" pops-up instead of endlessly nagging the user every time they try to execute a program ?

The trouble is, all the fixes I read for fixing this endless nagging, apply to Vista PRO and not Vista Home Premium !

I do not want to shut off User Account Control completely, just make it less agressive and less of a nag. Any suggestions ?

A:Less Aggressive User Account Control

Tried this method?
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A Closer Look at Windows Closer Look: A User Control Account User Account Control There is not probably a single Windows Vista A Closer Look: User Account Control user who is not annoyed by Vista s User Account Control Not many computer users on the other hand would say that the UAC is a waste of resources and not beneficial to system security What Microsoft did not make right in Windows Vista was to find the right balance between annoyance and security but they A Closer Look: User Account Control promise to do better in Windows The User Account Control did not get redesigned in Windows It is still an integral part of the system s security What Microsoft did change is the amount of notifications a user receives They integrated a UAC slider in Windows which will not display an UAC notification anymore when the user makes active changes to the Windows settings It will however still popup a notification if a software wants to make those changes There are three additional UAC slider settings that change the amount of notifications and prompts the user receives Read more at the source Later Ted

A:A Closer Look: User Account Control

I would have to agree, here MS finally did a good thing and allow us to use this for what we want. Rather then the old on and off. Since I have been working for eBay I have seen a need for UAC since I didn't think many newbies actually did everyday tasks on the computer. At least now for the elite people or maybe the not so elite, we will be able to manage this Below is a pic so you don't need to go to another site to view it.
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Hi, I keep on recieving this popup down the bottom right of me screen because i have turned UAC off

Check your User Account Control settings user account control is turned off click this notifiaction to fix this problem

Do any of you know if there is a part of the registry where it could allow me to turn this off, if so could you please tell me how

Thanx in advanced

A:user account control is turned off

Originally Posted by Smiler_16

Hi, I keep on recieving this popup down the bottom right of me screen because i have turned UAC off

Check your User Account Control settings user account control is turned off click this notifiaction to fix this problem

Do any of you know if there is a part of the registry where it could allow me to turn this off, if so could you please tell me how

Thanx in advanced

Hello Smiler,
A) In stead of turning off UAC, I have an alternative for you. Basically it will keep UAC on BUT it won't annoy you with all those prompts, as long as you are in administrator account. In my opinion, it's the best of both worlds. Link below : -

User Account Control (UAC) - Elevate Privilege Level

B) However, if you insist to keep UAC off, and you want the popups gone, here is the way :-
Control Panel > Classic View > choose Security Center icon >left panel, click Change the way Security Center alerts me > Choose Don't notify me, but display the icon
That's all you have to do. But remember this, from here on any warning will be in the form of an icon at the notification area, no popups. So, keep an eye on that area or you might miss an important warning, ie Windows Defender off , Windows Update, Firewall off etc.
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I don't know why it keeps telling me to verify PSP 8 everytime I try to work in it, I have used that program on my old desktop computer for the longest. Please help how do I disable it, I tried doing it before and my laptop settings were all messed up the icons on the screen got super large and I was so mad. PLEASE help me. What do I do now?

A:Having trouble with User Account Control

Hello Applepie,

What's the exact message that you are getting?

UAC, it a security notification prompt for you to approve before Windows allows a program (ex: PSP 8) to Run as administrator (elevated). You could set the UAC notification settings to "Never notify" to turn off UAC and not get anymore UAC prompts, but that would lower the security of your entire system.

If you are getting a "Open File - Security Warning" notice, then see if the tutorial below may help.

Open File - Security Warning : Unblock File

Hope this helps for now,
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I m this XP-SP PC with some kind of infection that brings up a quot User Account Control quot popup any time I try to run any program any browser Task Manager etc When I try to run anything the popup says quot Windows Security Control" Fake "User in XP Account Center block active process csrcs exe Process try direct access to memory process programName quot I have options Allow which will close the program I m trying to run or quot Scan System quot which will take me down the purchase path One way or another I m unable to open browsers rkill in any form anything outside of ComboFix won t open ComboFix opens but it doesn t seem to Fake "User Account Control" in XP get rid of it By the way those UAC popups are active even in Safe mode with Networking I ve tried ComboFix RKill Malwarebytes Anti-Malware I ve taking the hard drive out and connected it to another PC where I ran MS-Security Essentials Avira AVG and they didn t get rid of this thing Any ideas I m ready to try anything Thanks much

A:Fake "User Account Control" in XP

Nobody out there has really experienced this one?
I'm ready to reinstall XP.

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On some of my programs and games i have user account control on there (i didn't put it on them)
They make my programs lag and now some of my programs won't be able to update.
I see what programs have UAC because it has a shield in the bottom right corner of the icon.


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Is there a cmd that I can set in Windows so I only have to click yes one time (in the attached picture) when I start a prog? Right now I have to click yes on the box every time I start the prog even though the prog is set to run as administrator. Also sometimes when I right click on a directory in FreeCommander The prog stops working and "prog has stopped responding" shows up in the blue line on the top of the box. And when that happens I have to use Windows Explorer to complete the action or FreeCommander will stop running again. I have tried all 3 version's of the prog. I still have the same problem.

A:re: win7 user account control box

Hello Steve,

If you like, you could use the option in the tutorial below to create an elevated shortcut to run the program elevated without getting a UAC prompt.

Elevated Program Shortcut without UAC Prompt - Create
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My situation is that I have a laptop running on Windows 7 64 bit that I was given by my college that is connected to the college's wifi network. I want to uninstall some programs since it is very slow but when I try uninstalling a program, it says that I need the User Account Control ID and password. Is there trick or hack that can help me bypass this User Account Control knowing I don't know the ID or password for the User Account Control.

Thank you

A:How to Disable User Account Control

One thread on this subject is more than enough.

Please read the forum rules.

6) No discussions of hacking someones system, network, password, etc.

Contact you I.T. Department at the college.
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Hi all,

I have some old programs that force the allow or deny screen to appear every time i execute the application or i restart the system with the program set to automatically run after login.

Is there a way to tell the system to preauthorize the program so UAC will let it run without having to deal with the allow/deny screen?

A:User account control question.

Quote: Originally Posted by nelsonm

Hi all,

I have some old programs that force the allow or deny screen to appear every time i execute the application or i restart the system with the program set to automatically run after login.

Is there a way to tell the system to preauthorize the program so UAC will let it run without having to deal with the allow/deny screen?

Try here: Elevated Program Shortcut without UAC Prompt - Create

and Welcome to Seven
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Hi Everyone,

I am experiencing reoccurring issues with User Account Control in Windows 10. These issues are being experienced on at least three laptops that I have configured (for use in a Domain environment).

Initially I made the 'error' of turning UAC (User Account Control) off but soon reaslised that it must be left on for the Windows Apps to work. The first give away was when the new Groove music player would not open when staff double clicked on their voicemail attachments.

Subsequently I turned UAC on to the setting shown below -

Ever since making the above change, from time to time - and I suspect that Windows updates may play a part - UAC inadvertently turns itself back off again.

If anybody else has experienced this issue and overcome it can you please share your solution?

Kind Regards,

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Hello everyone,

I just purchased my first Windows 7 machine. I've got a few questions as to how I can customize UAC to perform as I need.

First, is there any way to disable User Account Control for a specific user (like myself) but leave it enabled for the other users (like my girlfriend and my mother)?

Also, is there any way to disable User Account Control for all users on specific applications? For example, I've got a few startup applications that require UAC approval - so I'm required to enter my password at startup for every standard user on the PC. I'd like to add an exemption for these applications, and a few others, to limit the unnecessary UAC prompts.

Thanks in advance,

A:Customizing User Account Control

No, UAC is an all or nothing setting.

You should at minimum, leave it running at the default setting.
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Can User Account Control be set to automatically give permission to certain programs that need administrator privileges?

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Hi there,

Does anyone know how I can turn off the irritating messages that pop up everytime I open something like the regisrty or msconfig? I have turned off User Account Control which worked for a day or so, then came back again, even tho its turned off... I have admin rights on my pc.

A:Vista User Account Control

I am on vista premium and got totally fed up with these messages.

Try the following method on folders if you cant access them properly and see how you go-it worked for me fine

right click on file
click properties
click security
click advanced
click owner in top tabs
click edit
highlight the user you want and click apply/ok

I have not been able to totally stop the messages but this method seems to work a lot. I have been told that i have to go into local and user settings to disable the messages keep coming up but i cant find it anywhere-premium seems to run a different version than vista ultimate

Depending on your version go into CONTROL PANEL-ADMIN TOOLS-COMPUTER MANAGEMENT-LOCAL USER GROUPS ETC and disable it from there

As i said, this apparently works in ultimate but not in the premium version as local user groups are not there in that section-in my version anyway!!

Hope it helps
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Hello everyone Anyhow i have problems with UAC account setting - I can only disable (UAC) issues Account User Control UAC account via msconfig - If using Control Panel I am not able to click any link that has the shield logo beside it The window will appear and User Account Control (UAC) issues simply dissappear seconds User Account Control (UAC) issues after By using the standard Administrator setting User Account Control (UAC) issues not the true Administrator access - I cannot perform Windows Update Error - I cannot log-in to Windows Messenger Same error message - I can connect to my wireless router but the icon is showing as 'not connected' - So far i found out that i cannot change the sound and mouse setting - I cannot uninstall program - i cannot change my anti-virus setting Question - Are the above is what is supposed to happen when using standard Administrator setting If no - Should I consider Vista repair or clean re-install If yes - I would like to have UAC security but with true Administrator access Is this possible If so should I consider enable the built-in Administrator and set-up password Many thanks

A:User Account Control (UAC) issues

Hello Ymi7, and welcome to Vista Forums.

With those issues, you might consider doing a System Restore using a restore point dated before these problems or a repair install.

The built-in administrator account is the only one with true full power, but UAC is not active in this account. A standard administrator account has the same power, but you just have to approve an administrator action with UAC first before it is allowed.

Hope this helps some,
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I use Miniminder a small date reminder program published by Vellosoft com This comes on the desktop on each boot up with dates that are in range according to one's setup for the program However it has stopped doing so which means I have to open the program but first I am presented with the UAC Program name-- 7 Control bit) Account (64 User Windows minimind exe Verified publisher--Unknown Do you want to allow the program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer I enter the admin password so I get in I have right clicked the minimind exe file in Explorer selected properties security and users are listed as Full Control Modify Read amp execute Read Write-- are all ticked as Allow On selecting the details tab copyright is shown as Vellosoft from whom I originally downloaded the software free although I have previously made donations to the site Can anyone advise me please why I User Account Control Windows 7 (64 bit) cannot now have the program open up on boot up as it should do--it is in the Startup list of programs Thank you
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Sorry if this is posted in wrong section
I have windows 7 ultimate and cannot figure out how to disable the
popup that asks if you want to allow this program to make changes to hard drive

it says user account control but i went there an couldnt find out how
any help would be super
thank you very much

A:user account control popup !

UAC improves the security of the system greatly, and helps protect against threats and malware.
It should NOT be disabled. If you disable UAC you are turning off a main security feature in windows and will be more prone to get malware on the PC

Some helpful links:

What is User Account Control?

User Account Control - UAC - Change Notification Settings
Make sure you read the links. There is important information there.
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Ok this is getting very very annoyed and I've had enough. 
Every time I try to delete folder all I keep getting is " You do not have user permissions " then I right click on the folder ; then the security tab then ownership to get full control of everything ; but everything thing is grayed out their so whats that all about and how do I fix that dang it ! ? 
Using win 7 ; HP 64 bit ; could use some fast help  : (
Thanks a bunch

A:Turn off user account control

Ok I am getting " Unable to display current owner "  so what now hum ?    ouchy
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Hello all....

I'm just wondering what all of you are running (if at all) your UAC at? Post and let us know.

I have mine set at "full"; slider all the way up. I've seen from experience over at x64 that it's a bad idea to operate with it disabled...
People that (supposedly...) know what they're doing getting infected!

Just curious.

See: User Account Control - UAC - Change Notification Settings

Later Ted

A:User Account Control Settings

For now, I have it set to this below while I'm still doing experiments and stuff.
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Today,I made a huge mistake in changing the User Account Control Permissions for the C drive .I have a 2007 Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop.It's operating system is Windows Vista Home Basic 32 bit.Now I can't access the C drive at all.I can't make any changes to the User Account permissions.I get a box saying "Access Denied" for any attempt to change either.What can I do to restore the User Account Control permissions the way it was?

A:User Account Control Permission

Hi spookypeep,

Welcome to TSG.

You can try the following:

System Restore

Press and hold the Windows key + R on your keyboard.
In the Run box, type rstrui.exe and hit Enter.
Follow the on-screen instructions to restore your computer to a date before the issue(s) started.
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I am setup as a standard user. When I try to change anything I get the User Account Control message. It asks for an administrator password, but it is not allowing me to enter the password. I know the pass, but when I try to type it in, nothing happens.

A:Can't access User Control Account

Originally Posted by MrOctober

I am setup as a standard user. When I try to change anything I get the User Account Control message. It asks for an administrator password, but it is not allowing me to enter the password. I know the pass, but when I try to type it in, nothing happens.

log on as the administrator then.
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Does anyone know of a method to approve apps to pass User Access Control?

I use Thunderbird for my email. Each time I open it, UAC prompts me for permission. Is there any way to grant permission to individual apps without shutting down UAC altogether? I've researched enough to think that it may be possible - but I'm still unsure of the exact "how".

I've eliminated the UAC prompt at the wife's office by adding the UNC path (to their file server) to the Intranet sites in IE7. But this doesn't seem to work with local files on my home system. It may be a case of my screwing up the syntax tho'.

Any suggestions?

A:User Account Control Issues

I seen several statements to the fact that there is no way to white-list a program for UAC:The reason UAC doesn't allow "blessing" of an executable is becuase it would allow lower-privileged applications to start blessed higher-privileged applications and abuse them. Imagine the (likely) common case of a user blessing a command prompt to always run as administrator. A lower-privileged application could thus start the always-trusted command prompt and use it to elevate its privilege level and abuse the system.There should be some way to modify certain paths or actions to not need admin privileges but I do not know how.
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I disabled UAC still I have to Right click and run as admin for gain full access. For example with Command Prompt, i was trying to run bcd command it gave me access deined then I had to elevate the cmd to gain full access which is ridicules.

A:User Account Control - Annoying!

Navigate to this key:


In the right pane set EnableLUA to 0.

Solves all the UAC problems.
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I run Vista Home Premium and last night I turned on User Account Control without thinking Now I am having all sorts of problems with Vista As soon Problems Control User Account as I turned it on I wanted to immediately turn User Account Control Problems it back off so I went into the START menu and then the CONTROL PANEL From here I typed in quot uac quot into the search box and this screen appeared Then when I click on quot Turn User Account Control UAC on or off quot nothing happens I then went and tried to turn it off through the quot User Accounts quot menu however this is what appeared when I clicked it So now User Account Control Problems I am stuck with the UAC on and I don't know how to turn it off Anytime I try to install new software or try to make changes to a User Account the User Account Control box pops up and asks me to type the Administrator Password and click OK to continue However there is no where to enter the password I cannot get a cursor present anywhere in this box in order to type this password I have tried to insert User Account Control Problems the windows vista disc in order to uninstall everything and then reinstall however the UAC box pops up and doesn't let me continue with this option either Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you

A:User Account Control Problems

Try using msconfig to disable UAC:

Open Run command either by pressing <Windows Key> + R or through Start and type in command in the search
Type in msconfig (you should see the UAC pop up asking whether you wish to continue)
Click the Tools tab. Scroll down till your see Disable UAC. Click on it and press the launch button below.
A command window will open. When that command is done, you can close the window.
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Is it possible to turn off UAC for a single program? Or is the particular setting it is set at apply to all programs? I ask because I have one program that it asks me every time I open the program. I'd like to turn off the notification for that program but leave the rest of them as they are. Is that possible?

A:User Account Control question

Hello Cheezit,

Currently UAC is applied to all programs. However, you can create a elevated shortcut for a single program to have it with UAC on without a UAC prompt as a workaround.

Hope this helps,
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I seem to be having a problem. I have a clients Laptop with me and he seems that he forgot the password. I need to install an antivirus program on it but I can't because the User Control Account won't allow me . It asks for a password. I went into control panel and tried to turn it off but the same message came out. Here is an image provided

A:Disabling User Account Control

Can you call your client?
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When I purchased my laptop some 4 years ago, a user account control password was set. I have absolutely no idea what it is. It is set as the administrator account. Up til Vista caused a problem with my user profile I didn't have any problem since I logged in under that account. Is there any way to find out what my password was set as. I've tried downloading ophcrack and it didn't find the password. HELP. I can't do any updating until I figure out what the password is. Toshiba can't help.

A:User Account Control Password

Hello Bandybear, and welcome to Vista Forums.

What is the issue you are having with your user profile?

Have you already tried doing a system restore at boot using a restore point (if available) dated before you started having this user profile issue?

Hope this helps for now,
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Hello all.

I just purchased malwarebytes pro because I was impressed with the program and I wanted the real time protection the professional version offers. However, I have a question, this might be absolutely nothing but I need to know; when I click on the malwarebytes icon, the User Account Control prompt comes up asking if I want to allow the program to make changes to my computer, will this effect the programs ability to provide me with real time protection? In other words, if malware was being added to my PC, would malwarebytes not be able to stop it real time because the account control would not allow in to make changes? I want malwarebytes to have complete control to keep my computer safe, is there anything I need to do?


A:Malwarebytes Pro and User Account Control.

There is no need to do anything, it will intercept and prevent installation of known Malware and also prevent you from viewing known web sites.

The only real problem (and it is a problem) is that Malwarebytes real time scanner conflicts with a majority of paid for av programs. I used to use the Pro version but it does not work well with Bitdefender 2013 and made my PC unstable. If you start to get random crashes, system hangs etc you can guarantee that this is the problem and you have 2 alternatives. You can either keep M/ware pro or keep your paid for av software (I don't know what you use). To get round this, well known, problem many users keep Pro and run MSE instead of other av software.

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I'm trying to copy a downloaded file to a program but get the "Administrator permission required" message. I am the administrator on this home computer and believe that I can change settings of the UAC.
Understanding that , if I lower the settings will that allow me to copy this program?
Additionally, once I have done that, can I once again go back, undo this and return to the previous higher settings?
Here's hoping that someone can understand my poorly phrased question,

A:Windows user account control (UAC) ?

Understanding UAC  in Win 7
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Hi, I keep on recieving this popup down the bottom right of me screen because i have turned UAC off

Check your User Account Control settings user account control is turned off click this notifiaction to fix this problem

Do any of you know if there is a part of the registry
where it could allow me to turn this off with vista home, if so could you please tell me how

Thanx in advanced

A:user account control is turned off

umm use ur hidden admin account?
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In my Win 8.1 system, I disabled UAC and I'm an Admin. Still, I'm prompted to confirm certain actions, such as writes to Program File (x86). Sometimes, it seems that the prompt appears when I want to copy a file from a network share to a protected location. Is there a way to prevent this? How about a way to permanently elevate my account to System? Thanks.

A:Bypassing User Account Control entirely

Using the msconfig / Tools method to Disable UAC apparently does not completely disable UAC. You need to change the registry to do this. See here: Disabling User Account Control in Windows 8

Also here: [Solved] Can't drag files from Explorer into 64-bit programs

Change the following registry key:


Key: EnableLUA

Value data: 0

Note: This prevents Metro/Modern apps from working.

Also here: Disable UAC Completely -

You can also do this using Local Security Policy:

1. Run secpol.msc from a Run box.
2. Navigate to Change Local Policies, Security Options.
3. Change User Account Control: Run all administrators in Admin Approval Mode to Disable.
4. Restart
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I cannot load any programs and cannot log in as administrator when the box pops up with a yes or no answer I can only select no it wont let me select yes to install

A:user account control access not possible

See if this helps.User Account Control (UAC) - Change Settings in Windows 8
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I use Paint Shop Pro X to convert and enhance photographs Most of my photos have recently been transferred to a new laptop operating under Vista of which I have no real experience I can delete files from within PSP When however I try to save an amended image that has User Not? Control Or Mystery? Account already been saved as a tiff a dialog informs me quot The application could not overwrite the specified file Please make sure you have the necessary file and directory permissions quot As I am the only administrator - indeed the only user - the message made no sense On a hunch I switched off User Account Control and restarted the system Surprisingly this seemed to solve the problem - no dialog and I could overwrite files To confirm the change I switched UAC back on and once more the dialog came up and I couldn't overwrite Windows Help amp Support file doesn't suggest this type of function Is it something usual or just some inadequacy of PSP operating under Vista

A:User Account Control Mystery? Or Not?

Hi -

Actually, you are not the top admin in Vista. There is a hidden admin account that you can activate and logon to, but unlike XP, if the password to it is lost, forgotten, etc... you will most likely be looking at a Vista re-install.

Here are 2 MS KBs on Vista user accounts and the UAC - the 2nd describes how to enable hidden admin:

More comprehensive, from TechNet - Server 2008 UAC - basically the same as Vista, except if you have Home Basic or Home Premium, Group Policy can't be modified as is described in the article:

I do not recommend that you continuously run w/ hidden admin account. Certain things top admin can't do - among them include the installation of some Windows Updates.

Regards. . .


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I have just installed & 32ibt Home Premium on an old Vista machine that I could not rectify the mess it was in.

The problem is that my friends children accessed iTunes, free games, P2P stuff / sites. some unsavoury stuff from their friends phones etc and heaven knows what else and she is sick of it as this happened on her laptop and I had to factory default that one to make it operable.

I have looked through the tutorials and cannot find just exactly what I need to do to allow the owner full access to the machine yet allow the kids to use it but only for certain things such as education sites, Youtube and Word etc as she (and I) do not want to go through this again.

Could someone please point me in the right direction or is there no such thing like that that can be done?

A:User account control - restrictions

Hello John,

About the only thing I can think of is to setup an administrator account for the mother, and make the kids use a standard user account. In addition, enable the built-in Adminsitrator account and create a password for it so that it cannot be used without knowing the password.

Afterwards, she could setup Parental Controls on their standard accounts. The hard part is to either setup the web filter to only allow specified sites, or only block specified sites.

If she wants to allow the kids to run anything that runs elevated by default, then she could use the tutorial below to create a shortcut that will allow them to without them having to know the password.

Elevated Program Shortcut - Create for Standard User

Hope this may help some.
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Hello Tech Support forum users I would like to User Password Control Account ask for a help question with my window password problem I have made account password in admin and other was manage other account with password Then one day I remove my User Account Control Password admin password I thought I don't need it anymore except there User Account Control Password another one password I have forgotten about my other account have become admin because I removed my main password It happen to appear the manage other account had become administer account I only see my standard user account in my starting screen it has no passwords The other one with the password account doesn't seem to appear in the starting login screen I couldn't install any programs without my password My father try to use his reset disk I try of them Guest Account Toshiba None of them work It is on control panel user accounts help me I couldn't do anything If you don't understand me I'm very sorry I'm not very good at explanation of my problem Thanks for your support Peace Out Pain You

A:User Account Control Password

Sorry, but it's against the forum rules to assist you with circumventing passwords or other security measures. This topic is closed.
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I run x64 Vista. I want to leave UAC active but have a program I run at startup be allowed to load without having UAC stop the load and ask permission to run the program every time I boot. Anyone know how?

A:User Account Control problem

Try this How to disable the User Account Control Prompt for certain application
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Hi I am a new windows 7 user. When I set UAC to default. I am unable to open Itunes and other file contents are listed as empty(backup files). The message I get when trying to ope Itunes is "The folder Itunes is on a locked disk or you do not have write permission for this folder".

I would like to be secure, especially when on the internet, but would like access to programs etc.

Note I am using windows 7 home premium (64 bit). I use AVG free antivirus and Microsoft Security Essentials with real time protection turned off (I beleive I have to do this so that it does not interfere with AVG - but am not sure)

The computer was set up for me with me as administrator.

any help would be appreciated.

Regards Tad

A:User Account control settings

It sounds like you may have a corrupted User Profile. Try making a new User Account with administrative privileges. Log on using the new account and see if this resolves the issues.
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Is there a way to dissable user account control in vista os ? The reason I ask is this, it is blocking some programs on my pc that were installed and trusted by me. It also affects permissions and denies me access to some files. I have a private network, and am the sole owner of my pc's, and don't think that an operating system should deny my access to anything on my pc's.

PS. Thank you for the email wishing me a Happy Birthday I am 52 years old today

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After I switched to Win I decided I wanted to turn off my sign in at start up and somehow I went threw netplz and I unclicked something and that's where it got annoying From then on I have not been able to make any changes account User Control migraine to the system because I'm for some reason signed in as a Guest I want to User account Control migraine download a new version of a game User account Control migraine but the UAC wont allow me User account Control migraine Everything I have looked at online seems promising but at every step I get the message from UAC about wanting to make a change to continue and it tells me that I have to enter the admin password and click yes but the yes is grayed out and I cant I forgot how but I even followed a tutorial that showed me how to sign in as admin but I cant because I will get the same message aggravating other than throwing money at Geek squad what else can I do this is the free win upgrade on a computer I got in lol it came pre loaded and I don't have any back up disks so if anyone can help or just rip the band aid off and gimme the bad news Id appreciate it
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Hey guys:
Everytime I restart my computer, MiniTool Partition Wizard setup wants to install.  It shows that the setup program is in C:\Users\My Name\appdata\roaming\pwpe75.exe  So I go in the folder and I delete the setup file.  When the computer reboots, it runs the setup again.  In details under User Account Controls it shows that it re-created the setup file.  Is there a way to stop this from happening??  It's making me nuts!!!!!

A:User Account Control has gone crazy

open a run window, ( hit the windows key and thr R key at the same time.) and type in  msconfig and hit enter. click on the startup tab, and lok for the application files there. If listed, uncheck it.
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I have a Dell XPS running windows vista ultimate. A few days ago i picked up a virus, I ran a bunch of anti-virus and anti-malware (malware bite, dr web, smithfraud etc) my machine seems ok but this user account thing is making me nervous. I currently do not have the machine connected to the internet. I need some help in fixing this please.
Tom R

A:user account control keeps turning off

Some viruses can be very difficult to analyze. A fairly common feature of sophisticated viral attack is that they play games with your security... Simple things that you can easily check and which are a good indication of infection are:-

Check and see if both the Firewall and the security centre are turned on. Do this in a sneaky way by going to "Control Panel" >> "Administrative Tools" >> Services and scrolling through the list. Both the Security Centre and your Firewall should be marked as automatic start. if they are stopped, start them, (while making them automatic,) and see what happens. Check and see if you can revert to a previous system restore point and create new system restore points. Both of these can be accessed through the Windows Help and Support Centre. (I am much more familiar with Xp than Vista, so you will need to use windows help and support for the exact details anyway.)

The important thing is that in order to evade security, malware has to attack these key systems. There are registry keys you can look at, but if the malware has any kind of sophistication it will create a virtual registry that appears to be clean. So without using specialized tools, us mere humans have to be sneaky and look for inconsistencies.

Your anti-viral scanner, (I use Avast,) should check the MBR, (a common hiding place for these viruses,) check the scan logs to see if the MBR was actually scanned?

If these checks come up positive, then you probably have viral problems, if they don't, you still might have viral problems but personally I would look for other solutions first, for example:- "am I remembering to click 'Apply' after changing the settings?"
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hi i have window 7 ultimate 32 bit edition and i was wondering if it is bad to turn off user account control the uac settings because every time i try to open a program it keeps telling me do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer? its really annoying and kinda make my programs slow when i want to open them if it is not bad to turn it off can some one please tell me how to turn it off thanks

A:is it bad to turn off user account control?

As long as you know which programs you are opening then it's perfectly safe to turn off UAC. The link below shows you how, it's very easy to just turn it off.

User Account Control - UAC - Change Notification Settings
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Basically, I have a family member who does things on the computer that they shouldn't be doing and never listen. Currently, there is only 1 account on the computer and it is the admin account.

What I am looking to do is, create a user account that is limited from absolutely everything pretty much, except browse the internet, use Skype, watch online streams, etc.

I want to set the account so that they cannot install absolutely anything on the computer. That's one of the biggest issues I have right now. I tell them not to download anything, install anything and what not, but they never listen. I want it so that even if they manage to download a file, they cannot install it.

I hope I've made my problem as clear as possible.

Needless to say, the OS is XP Pro SP3.

Please and Thank you!

A:User Account - Limited Control

Control Panel Icons: Windows XP User Accounts



I advise not to use fast user switching (or as less as possible). This option has a great advantage to quickly check your e-mail, print a file or whatever, while the other user is logged on. To disable this fast user switching: Control Panel, User accounts, Change the way users logging on or off, disable Use Fast User Switching. By disabling Use the Welcome screen, users must long on with both their username and password.
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This is an odd one... hoping you can help

I was not doing anything (was using my work PC, not this pc) and all of a sudden I get the UAC message to allow a program to make changes. The program name was "User Account Control Program", from Unknown publisher and then had a long Reg Key looking thing. I tried to get a screenshot but it didnt work.

Well I hit no.. But has anyone seen this? seems fishy to me


A:UAC - Program Name: User Account Control

It sounds like a prank. Did you run a scan with MBAM ?
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Is there any additional security protection to be gained by moving the UAC slider from the default setting to its highest setting on the administrator account (to notify when changing Windows settings?)

I use a standard user account for most of my work, so this setting will only take effect when the elevation prompt appears. I generally know when I am changing a Windows setting, don't need to be notified, but I'm wondering if this setting will block some actions by malware.


A:User Account Control setting

I suggest my approach. If you are confident, leave it on default
Then use a standard account, for everyday use. The virus etc, can only change what can be changed from a standard account, if caught early

Now we will have the opinions from all those that disagree.
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Is there something called 'Use User Account Control (UAC)' on Windows 8?

I am having a hell of a time installing Adobe Acrobat (it used to work perfectly fine until 3 days ago). Nothing works whatsoever. The only hope I have now is that I saw one tip describing how to change a seting on the 'Use User Account Control (UAC)' and Adobe should install after that.

How to resolve the error The Temp folder is on a drive that is full or is inaccessible? | Support by iYogi
Why doesn't Adobe install like a normal program? I have no idea. On Windows 7 I never had problems like this. When I moved to Windows 8, I had nothing but problems. It's like I spend 10-15 hours per week fixing all kinds of things that shoudl work perfectly fine. On Windows 7, I spent 0 hours per week doing fixes.

A:Is there something called 'Use User Account Control (UAC)'

hello ryguy7277,

You can start your research here:

User Account Control (UAC) - Change Settings in Windows 8

Good luck.
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Right honestly i like this thing, but when i start up my PC it always asks me for permission to run my motherboards update program, is there a way to make it remember my allow command or do i have to live with it.

A:User Account Control Question

I encountered that with Realtek audio drivers startups.
-Turn UAC off
-when your motherboard program comes up, tell it to run and uncheck always ask
-reboot again
-Turn UAC back on
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Hello all. I will try to make this short.

I can not open any file that requires admin approval first. This is the 2nd time this has happend (formated the first time and now it's back again after a few days).

When I try to open a file it says:

The specified procedure could not be found.

If I disable UAC, everything works fine. Sounds like a virus thats wants me to disable it so it can do more damage?

I have kaspersky and nothing suspesious is coming up... I don't know what else to do - PLEASE HELP!