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Can't create folders on storage drives using Windows 7

Q: Can't create folders on storage drives using Windows 7

I recently built this computer see other a thread on building a PC using Windows on a ssd drive and I used my sata drives for storage audio video The other drives folders using Can't 7 storage create Windows on drives are from my old system and they were set up for RAID I re-formatted the drives but now they automatically create a system info folder and a recycle bin folder I don t know why but Can't create folders on storage drives using Windows 7 I can t create a folder on these drives They are patitioned NTFS Does this have something to do with the RAID configuration from my old system I need to create folders to manage my projects but it will not allow it Also I installed Norton on the system I am using the internet for downloading programs I need once everything is going smooth I will no longer access the web with this PC The Norton has an error on it and when I try to fix it it gets stuck on trying to optimize the storage disk E My SSD is drive C with a partition D for B U the next drive is E Does anyone know what I am doing wrong Thanks to anyone who can speak to this problem nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Can't create folders on storage drives using Windows 7

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Can't create folders on storage drives using Windows 7

Which RAID Configuration are you in? I think you may have have it set up incorrectly. Depending on what RAID you are using will depend on how your drives can be used. Let us know what RAID you are running which you should be able to find this in your RAID control panel when you boot into it. Thanks.
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Hi all Weird problem that s driving me insane - If I put an external USB drive I ve tried a gb quot gb brand new USB key gb friend s USB key to Able folders USB drives not but files create on into my Dell D XP laptop I am unable to do any update activity on files So the following doesn t work right click select New - gt Able to create folders but not files on USB drives Text Document renaming a file touch a file using Cygwin copying a file from the internal drive to the USB drive If I try I get Unable to create file blahblah Access is denied Copying a file to the USB key gives me quot Cannot copy blah blah Access is Denied Make sure the disk is not full or write protected quot and that the file is not currently in use I ve tried all sorts of files and I get the same error But these will work leading me to believe it s not a write-protect problem Right click select New - gt Folder rename folders even if they contain Able to create folders but not files on USB drives files mkdir a folder from Cygwin All the things in the list about the doesn t-work list on another Windows laptop Can anyone think of where I can start looking to see where the problem is coming from Thanks in advance Michael nbsp

A:Able to create folders but not files on USB drives

What are your computers specs and Operating System?
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Hello Firstly I apologise because I know there is so much written about this subject However at the same time when one cannot find the solution after literally share create Help regular LAN drives/folders to to not Home - a hours one must get help I have thrown the towel in as they say put the white flag up and here Help to create a regular LAN to share drives/folders - not Home I am I have PC's all with Win Pro I have access to web via cable via a CG router All boxes belong to same named 'Workgroup' Under Explorer Network tree all boxes and drives can be seen All drives on all boxes are already Shared with small shared icons showing on drive's name in tree and all passwords are off All permissions are set for full use as I am the only one here who uses them Problem Whene evr I go to a drive on any box from any box I get the dreaded 'Windows cannot access etc I have turned off router boxes and left and re created and joined a Homegroup but this only got me to the Public etc folders I need to get to all boxes and all drives folders It was hard in Dos and got easier thru etc until it was a piece of cake in XP Now it is a nightmare I was advided to not have a Homegroup so had all the PC's leave the Home Network It does not exists anymore I have Googled and read all day but am still not clearer I still see all the folders in each box from every box but as soon as I click to see the files in the folders get the NO Access panel I can see and access all the Public User folders but not the drives and other folders I need to access many folders on many drives across all boxes every day I hope I can get help here as I am exhausted spending days at this Thanks in anticipation
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I created a Storage pool with the following setup. Three 3TB drives with parity all in an external enclosure with eSata and USB 2/3 ports. It was connected via USB when created and had production data loaded and tested without any issues.
After a few days of use I decided to see what happened when I tried to access it via the eSata port. No luck, due to a driver on the eSata card issue with Win 8. So I powered all back down and plugged back in via USB. At this point the Storage pool went
into the state as per the screenshot below. Any suggestions to either fix the issue and/or retrieve the data that is in the volume?
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Hi I've been trying to sort this problem for days and it's driving me nuts I can copy folder s but when I try to paste them into another folder or drive I get a pop-up - Microsoft Visual C Runtime Library Runtime Error Program C windows explorer exe abnormal program termination when I click OK all my desktop icons disappear for a second or and then they come back When I right click the Paste option is grey Windows into folders drives. folders different or won't paste as if it has forgotten I've copied something seconds before I can copy a few small files to different folders and drives but that's about it I've run anti-virus and mailware - nothing I've run Windows won't paste folders into different folders or drives. sfc scannow no results I tried to do a clean boot but it couldn't find misconfig exe So I downloaded the Windows won't paste folders into different folders or drives. file and tried to paste it into windows system and it asked if I wanted to paste it over the old one Clicking ok it Windows won't paste folders into different folders or drives. said access is denied So I ran misconfig from the desktop did a clean boot tried copy and paste and the same runtime error came up I checked the permissions for the windows folders and C drive both said I didn't have full control I just have Modify read and write When I tried to get full control it came with access is denied I've tried copy and paste in Safe Mode still get the error I don't know what else to do Any help would be great Thanks

A:Windows won't paste folders into different folders or drives.

What files are you trying to paste? If you are trying to paste files into a System Folder, there might be a problem. Are you doing that?
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Hi Can anyone help me I am really concerned I may have lost the contents of the Storage Space I have Windows Drives Storage 8 and Help: 3Tb Spaces created in Windows Having read an article by Woody Leonhard extolling the virtues of Storage Spaces and how it could take over from Windows Home Server I began the transfer at the end of October I started with HDDs most or Tb drives but there were Tb drives which I had been using elsewhere and which were already formatted as Tb The transfer process was going well and I had got Help: Windows 8 Storage Spaces and 3Tb Drives almost complete with about Tb transferred on to the storage space based on a now grown pool of about Help: Windows 8 Storage Spaces and 3Tb Drives HDDs The Storage Space it was on a parity basis- was all green although I was often prompted to increase the number of HDDs as the transfer progressed and all new HDDs had been successfully assimilated Borg like The problem arose when I tried to add a new Tb Seagate HDD It was only recognised as Tb and so I attached it to my main PC and formatted it via GPT and got Tb showing I then put the HDD in the Win machine and in My Computer it appeared as Tb However when I sought to add it to the Pool the applet showed the HDD as being only Tb Back in My Computer it confirmed the HDD was I thought it might just be a minor bug in the applet and clicked to add the HDD to the pool but having done so the overall size of the Storage Space only increased by Tb not the I expected I immediately hit the remove button before anything much could be written to the HDD and removed the HDD from the Pool Storage Space repaired successfully I then rebooted the machine but now Storage Spaces showed a red error and on looking at the info on the disks within the pool the previously good Tb HDDs are each shown as providing Tb pool capacity but there is now a yellow warning triangle Warning Disconnected reconnect drive Needless to say there is no physical disconnection And the Storage Space no longer appears in My Computer When I look in the Add drives page the two HDDs are shown as unformatted and available to be added However I have not added them as I believe that doing so will wipe all of the data from them What should I do Advice most welcome Thanks

A:Help: Windows 8 Storage Spaces and 3Tb Drives

Sorry you are having problems with this. I was not running a Storage Spaces until you posted and then I decided to try it using 2 640 GB drives. Not many of us have 15 hard drives laying around.

None of us would want to be responsible for you loosing any data, so any suggestions should be vetted thoroughly before you take any action.

Considering the info you have given, I would try to add the last 3 TB drive and see if it can be incorporated, and don't worry about its size just yet. The Storage Spaces utility seems to format the drives, so being pre-formatted may not make a difference to it. Also, there may be some requirement by the utility to balance out the space for consistency. But I would guess right now, your primary goal is to remove the red notification on your space. Would you agree it is probably the result of the 2, 3 TB drives being shown as "disconnected"?

I will hope, that because the drives show as disconnected, the data was maintained on the remaining drives. Is there any way you can tell for sure?

So, some questions. of the 15 drives, how are they connected to your system?

Are you using a UEFI or Legacy install? My drives were configured as GPT by the Utility, but I run UEFI.

Now, my tests:

I had to test using a Mirror setup, since I only have two drives. You need at least 3 for parity. If I can find another drive, I might try that later.

But I created the pool, shut down the system and removed the drives. A reboot showed no storage spaces in disk management.

I plugged one of the drives back in (hot swappable) and the pool came back with just the one drive. The Spaces utility showed the files there and a yellow triangle with "drives disconnected" type message you seem to show. Of course, my drive was disconnected. I plugged it in and the space rebuilt, and everything green again.

Edit: I found a 3rd hard drive and set up a parity pool. It was strange, that although I was using 2 640 GB and 1 500 GB drive (1.61 TB), the max size was showing as 1.07 GB. I changed that, of course, to 1.07 TB but not sure it was legal to do that, so not sure why it was being listed a GB.
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I've done well setting up a new computer with Windows and Windows Live Mail and transferring Windows Mail Live Folders......again!!! Storage everything from my Windows XP computer with Windows Live Mail I run a small business and desperately want to keep everything in my Storage Folder with many client sub-folders on my XP computer I have read and read and read for days how to export import these messages but nothing is working I can easily find the file with all my folders in Windows Live Mail Storage Folders......again!!! it on the XP but there is nothing within the folders The Windows Live Mail Storage Folders......again!!! messages do exist as they are still there on the Windows Live Mail screen When I export and try to import on Windows it says the file is empty which of course it is I can't help feeling that the actual storage folder emails are kept someplace else that also need to be imported This is driving me crazy and all help would be very much appreciated It's time my life moved on PS before this computer I wasted a whole day on another computer that ended up having to go back Many thanks in advance Cathie

A:Windows Live Mail Storage Folders......again!!!

Hi Cathie, Welcome to Seven Forums
I dont like using the storage folders, when I get mail I want to keep, I open it, click file & save as... then put it in an external hdd.
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On my employers computer last night his storage folders began to randomly delete themselves from his windows live mail every time he shut to program down Over the course of shutting down and reopening the program - times a total of nearly GB's of email was deleted from his Windows Live mail I used a data folders Windows Mail its Live and storage recover program to scan the hard drive and recover the Windows Live Mail and its storage folders deleted items The inbox and sent folder remains untouched and and new folders created at the same Windows Live Mail and its storage folders root level as sent and inbox appear to be unaffected as well Some of the recovered email is corrupted and is just gibberish and random text strings and symbols Have no idea what it causing this and not sure if a reinstall of the Live mail client would correct this issue The system is a Windows -bit IE all adobe items up to date java up to date mcafee antivirus and windows Windows Live Mail and its storage folders fully up to date prior to this starting last night Any insights or thoughts would be greatly appreciated

A:Windows Live Mail and its storage folders

Quote: Originally Posted by WayneWelgush

...60GB's of email was deleted from his Windows Live mail...

I've been saving mail since 2001 (10 years) and the size of my "Windows Live Mail" appdata folder is about 600MB. It can't hurt to do a repair install of Windows Live Essentials via Programs and Features. (I think the 2011 version requires that anyway due to a bug in Junk mail filtering.) You might also try sorting the mail into smaller sized groups before exporting from the original program and keep them sorted the same way in WLM. I found more suggestions here: Re: live mail message store folder size - is there a maximum? And here:
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I honestly have no idea what that page is called, but when I want to change save locations, none of my drives show up. It worked before but now it just doesn't want to display anything sadly. Here are a few pictures of what I am talking about.

My drives wont show up in this section either...

The thing is though, they display properly in the "This PC" Section so I know they are plugged in correctly.

Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you!

A:Windows 10 System Storage not displaying drives.

bump... Can someone please fix this?
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Windows Live Mail supports Windows in are Live Folders Mail missing Storage Storage Folders which are useful to archive away or classify Storage Folders are missing in Windows Live Mail emails across a number of accounts Regretfully by default it is not shown The procedure below will work with the newer Windows Live Mail v which supports ribbon menus a la MS Office Look for the View tab on top of the ribbon and select click it Once opened look for the Layout section In that section in the upper right side look Storage Folders are missing in Windows Live Mail for the text Storage Folders and click on it if need be to enable it The Storage Folders section should now appear in the left pane of the main window Sorry this is not a tutorial on the parts of a ribbon menu I've picked up their names here and there through the years A few additional notes I have used the Mail app in Windows after using Outlook Express and then Window Live Mail it feels like a cheap piece of junk I stopped using it and deleted the email accounts I configured there In my opinion one killer feature of Windows Live Mail is that Storage Folders are mapped into REAL Folders in the hard disk Likewise each email message is saved as an eml file and its contents can be read with a simple editor like Notepad This means that you no longer have to deal with some proprietary format such as edb or ost or pst as with MS Outlook It also means that if one of those files gets corrupted only one e-mail is affected instead of the whole message store And finally to migrate a WLMail store it is enough to make sure WLMail is not running in your source system then simply copy the folder holding your message store path is stored at File - Options - Mail - Advanced tab - Maintenance button - Store Folder button The caveat here is that emails formatted as web pages will have HTML sections in it like a web page when looking at the source Likewise instead of images you have any number of encodings like Base that save their binary contents into a printable readable format in which each character represents say bits of the original image But any text in your email will still be visible and eml files can be read and interpreted individually with an appropriate client
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Hi guys.

Using WLM and I have created a number of folders to help sort out my e-mails.
I now want to move theses folders into one folder, which I can do, but only using explorer.

However, when I restart WLM, it recreates the moved folders again in their original locations.

WHY? How can I relocate my folders where ever I want without WLM recreating them again.



A:Moving Storage Folders in Windows Live Mail

Hi Jerbear, welcome to Seven Forums.
If your pc crashes, you will lose all the mail in WLM. Depending on what email account you have, the messages can be read by accessing it directly. Here's a better method. Never Lose Emails.pdf
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Since downloading Windows 10 in late December, 2015, I have been having SO many problems with my pc. I finally ran a "refresh" a couple of months ago and my email was removed. I downloaded it back, but all of my personal storage folders are gone. I called Microsoft, but they wanted to charge me $150 to tell me how to get them back. I cannot believe that. Anyway, I can't afford that right now, but I am desperate to get them back, as I keep so much info in those folders. Does anyone know where I can find them on my pc? I would be so grateful to anyone who could help me. Thx!!!
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How do I import long-term storage files (with lots of really, really important emails I wish to save) from Windows Live 2012 to the new Windows 10 email program? Can't find any how-to help anywhere so far.


A:Importing Windows Live Storage folders into Win 10 Mail

Originally Posted by oldMGguy

How do I import long-term storage files (with lots of really, really important emails I wish to save) from Windows Live 2012 to the new Windows 10 email program? Can't find any how-to help anywhere so far.

That's because it currently can't be done!

W10 Mail and Calendar app doesn't yet have support for any off-line activity; only on-line sites and their on-line folders.

Keep watching future updates, and keep running Windows Live 2012 until it does. (A tip for migrating -- Use File/Advanced/Maintenance to move all WLM storage into its own directory, and back it up.)
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This seems to be hard going. I understand it may be possible to do this if I uninstall/reinstall the program but that seems like overkill.

Also I imagine if I go into the programs folders on the C-drive I should be able to pick them out.
But why can't I seem to do this easily from within the program?

There must be a way surely.
Has anyone done this?

A:deleting storage folders in Windows Live Mail

Hello geordief
Have a look here see if that helps -

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I have been storing lots of information in my email storage folders. Recently, I was attempting to clear them up a bit, you know, getting rid of messages I no longer needed. Little did I know that by doing that, I was risking losing at least a years worth of messages that I really do need. I've tried restoring to a date I knew would still contain all the folders, but it didn't work. I also tried importing the files from the compact view, and I called Carbonite, but they wouldn't help. I am totally frustrated. Can anyone help me out?

Hopeful thanks,


A:Lost storage folders Windows Live Mail

Have you had a look in the Recycle Bin, they might be there, but you will be very lucky if they are.

Having image back ups of your computer is really essential these days, particularly if you have data that is very important.
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I keep a dozen folders of archived emails in the Storage Folders of Windows Live Mail. They were originally imported into WLM when my old PC with XP and Outlook Express was retired. This was about a year ago. All was well until recently... all of my folders vanished.... without a trace.... for no reason. Not a problem because I have a backup of those files still in the Outlook Express format. So.... I imported the folders again last night, was quite happy about it and went to bed. This morning they were gone again!! Nobody but me had access to the computer.

I have seen a number of these reports in various forums (including this one), but I have not been able to find an explanation or a fix. Does anyone here have any ideas of what might be causing this?

A:Disappearing storage folders in Windows Live Mail

Might want to try the most obvious, first. There are little arrows or pointers, by the storage files. If you click on it the files will expand, open if you will, and be seen.
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A Moderator has Moved your thread to our Windows forum as there are some things you need to know in order to rescue data you probably need and some drives way any of pull hard there to Is independently? data off drives/storage other stuff you shouldl be aware Is there any way to pull data off of hard drives/storage drives independently? of help should arrive soon My hard drive won t boot and SMART says it s BAD backup and replace quot I can t replace it now no money so I was wondering if there s a way to get Windows completely pulled off the drive Is there any way to pull data off of hard drives/storage drives independently? from its sectors and transferred to another storage drive WITHOUT the hard drive connected to a motherboard no BIOS etc Just independent of its self with the jumper power to start it can data be physically removed from it without it being connected to a motherboard Is there any way something like this can be done Because here s what I want to do I want to clear the hard drive and keep its files the OS and other files on it move them to another storage drive then boot them from say a GB USB drive and install them on a new hard drive from there Will something like this work Assuming I boot from the USB with a new functioning hard drive installed can I just sort of quot move quot the OS to the new empty hard drive to install it there What are the steps of doing this exactly I m not skilled experienced in this area at all nbsp
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Like the title states...I cannot create a new folder, anywhere. I don't know if my kids did something or the registry went awol.

All help would be so appreciated. Thanks

A:Windows 7 - can't create new folders WHY?????????

This advice from Brink may be what you're looking for.
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Just upgraded to Windowss 7 with Windows Live Mail, used Windows Easy Transfer to move from machine running Outlook Express. All of my accounts, folders, and message rules were imported just fine, but I cannot change message rules to filter new incoming emails to go into the correct folders - everything goes into the Storage Folders which is totally frustrating :-( If I try to edit a message rule the "OK" button is ghosted. Surely there must be some way to get emails to go into the correct account folders?

A:Stop email from going into Storage folders in Windows Live Mail

Are you accessing your mail with POP or IMAP?
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Before uninstalling the operating system all data files were backed up into a separate directory on C:

After the o.s. was reloaded I downloaded Windows Live Mail and started to use it.
I want to recover the backed up storage folders and the contacts folder and instal them into the new Live Mail. I have followed some instructions from but no success.
Since I am using the most recent installation, is this creating a problem that will not allow the backed up folders etc. to write into the new folders.......or what !!

A:Windows Live Mail; move contacts and storage folders .

WLM has an "Import" feature feature for contacts and email messages. When importing, navigate to the location on the backup where the folders "Windows Live Mail" and "Windows Live Contacts" are kept. It should be within "<username>/AppData/Local/Microsoft"
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During a six week holiday I've been accessing my emails from a Kindle and pretty sure I've not deleted anything but returning home I opened Windows Live Mail to find all the storage folders intact but the subfolders have disappeared folders storage Windows emails disappeared Live - Mail in i e If Windows Live Mail - emails disappeared in storage folders I open a folder I find all the emails under it But if I open a folder marked 'Groups' under which there were four sub-folders e g tennis bridge etc then there's no emails in them The emails under those folders are nowhere to be found So going on the Internet to Hotmail and opening my email account there I find the storage folders intact with all of the missing emails phew How can I restore them to WLM on my PC I've tried 'synchronisation settings' and doing manual 'send receive' but no joy I've checked and they're not in the 'deleted' section But they exist on my PC when I did a search for eml files In fact under App Data Local Microsoft Windows Live Mail Hotmail I then find all of the sub folders entirely intact with contents How can I restore them to the Windows Live Mail application So I manually created the missing sub-folders in Windows Live Mail and then tried a 'send receive' but still no joy Baffled all advice most welcome and gratefullu received

A:Windows Live Mail - emails disappeared in storage folders

Answered my own question in the end. Went into Windows Live Mail and deleted the email account. Then added the email account, waited for synchonisation to finish with the server and, hey presto, everything is recovered and restored and all the subfolders and contents are there. I have absolutely no idea what happened, what the glitch was, but just wanted to report how it got fixed.
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Recovering from a recent crash, windows decided to wipe the storage space I had that contained 2.6tb of media. Ignoring that fact, I'm trying to get things set back up. Windows 8, I can access the drives themselves with no problem, individually, but storage spaces shows only 1 drive, no information, and it's unusuable. Now, if I plug the same drives into my other computer, it works fine, can even create the storage space. But if I switch it back over, then suddenly it's and unrecognized configuration. I've rebooted, formatted, swapped USB ports, switched to a hub and back, and I cannot get windows to recognize the drive in storage spaces. Computer management shows them fine, and as I said I can access them using the drive letters with no issue. Any suggestions on how to proceed with this?
Also, it's a fresh install of windows, although it did install nearly 200 updates yesterday.
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Help. For some reason, I can no longer create new folders on my desktop or within existing folders. It's not an option when I right click in an open area, and when I click "new folder" within an existing folder, nothing happens. Any help as to why?

I have no idea if this is related, but 2 days ago, I got automatic Windows Security updates installed.

Please help

A:Windows 7: Can no longer create folders

Hi can you try system restore to a point prior to the update and see if that helps.
It is seldom that a update causes issues that said 1 did last month but that was withdrawn and fixed.
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The issue happens on multiple platforms - wont load memory up 3 External Windows drives disk USB storage SSD 10 PC and LapTops running Win Issues are with Windows 10 wont load up USB 3 External SSD memory storage disk drives Samsung Portable SSD MU-PS direct USB output - I have tried several of these Drives and all wont work and SanDisk Exterme Pro SATA in a quot SATAIII to USB external enclosure Vantec NexStar G NST- S An explanation mark comes up beside these drives under Windows 10 wont load up USB 3 External SSD memory storage disk drives Disk Drives in Device Manager Not seen in Disk Management BOTH of these SSD disk drives work well under Win - without ANY problem at all These are both new SSD Disk Drives I have even tried formatting them st under Win - but Win still won't Mount them despite them working nicely under Win I have tried using the Disk Drives latest drivers to no avail So the issue is not with any particular Win computer ASUS PC ASUS ROG amp HP laptop nor with any particular SSD drive Multiple complaints and unsuccessful quot helpful quot suggestions are on the various Web Forums about this SAME problem This suggests to me that there is a serious problem with Win that Microsoft has not addressed yet As an aside - I am now using a HP PC Z and I have gone back to using Win - I won't touch install Win upgrade from Win - there is a serious issue with this OS in my opinion Same conclusion by my IT department at work - they wont touch Win either - months ago they upgraded our large multi- PC systems from XP to Win I have have had a look at HP website to what needs to occur to run Win on my HP Z - NO way will I attempt this upgrade Both of my external SSD external drives work nicely under Win
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I can't create folders any longer, anywhere -- including on facebook, desktop, within existing folders. My only option is to create compressed folders. I have a Samsung laptop, Windows 7 Home Premium.

A:I've lost the ability to create folders in Windows 7

Then someone has compress the drive. I don't see what facebook has to do with creating folders on a local system. Facebook is a internet website.
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I can't find any help with this problem. I'm use to using Windows 7 file explorer favorites. Under favorites/desktop I have a file named cyndy in which I created folders for my pics, musics, documents etc. Apparently things don't work the same in Windows 10 Quick Access. In desktop I created a folder named cyndy in which I created folders for pics, musics, documents etc. The problem is Windows creates a desktop icon for the actual folder not a shortcut. If I delete the folder from my desktop, it deletes all my files in the folder. What am I doing wrong? It's driving my crazy. Thanks
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This tutorial is to help to install Windows bits on new MB that has USB and other USB Create MB's with for drives installation Windows new new a flash 7 drivers that are not in Windows installation disk I d a hard time to install Windows bits on my new Gigabyte Z MB because Windows installation disk doesn t have Intel USB and new SATA AHCI and or RAID drivers If you try to install Windows without these drivers you will not have mouse and keyboard if it s connected to USB port and you will not see your disks Gigabyte Create a Windows 7 USB flash installation with new drives for new MB's provided a Windows USB Installation toll which is intended to install USB and NVMe disk drivers It didn t work as it should I guess one reason was that my Windows installation disk wasn t SP After downloading Create a Windows 7 USB flash installation with new drives for new MB's a Windows SP installation disk from MS it did install the USB driver but did NOT my SATA AHCI and or RAID drivers to the install wizard So I began to Google to find some other options I found on this site http codeabitwiser com how-to-install-windows- -with-only-usb- - -ports that gave me a line to follow thanks to Travis Payton It didn t install other drivers so I had to adapt it to my needs You should read it and also this https www msigeek com unmount-and-clean-up-a-wim-image-using-deployment-image-servicing-and-management-dism Here is my tutorial My MB is a GA Z so it worked for my MB If you have AMD or another kind of Intel MB you will have to adapt it to your needs You will also need a computer with Windows installed Hope it help you to build a Windows installation disk with USB new SATA AHCI and or RAID and any other drivers to install or maintain windows - First of all update your new MB BIOS - Configure the BIOS and set Storage Boot and PCI device to UEFI and XHCI Hand off to enable On the computer with Windows installed - If your Windows installation disk isn t SP download it on MS site Windows iso download https www microsoft com en-us software-download windows - From your MB manufacture site download the latest chipset USB SATA drivers and bits and any other drivers you need like MVMe disk driver They must be multi file type inf cat sys and not a exe msi or msu type Some explanations On the Windows installation disk there are two wim files on sources Boot wim and Install wim We are going to work on these two files - Boot wim has the wizard for maintenance and to install Windows It has two programs and we are going to work on both Windows PE index Windows Setup index - Install wim has the four Windows brands and we are going to work on the one you want to install Windows Homebasic index Windows Homepremium index Windows Professional index Windows Ultimate index - Create a folder tree any place you like as below - Extract the Sata USB files and any other drivers like MVMe disk driver you have downloaded - Place the and bits Sata files as extracted it can have folders and sub folders on the Drives Boot Sata folder - Place the and bits USB files as extracted it can have folders and sub folders on the Drives Boot USB folder - Place the and bits other files as extracted it can have folders and sub folders on the Drives Boot other folder If you don t need any other drivers leave it blank - Place the bits Sata files as extracted it can have folders and sub folders on the Drives Install Sata folder - Place the bits USB files as extracted it can have folders and sub folders on the Drives Install USB folder - Place the bits other files as extracted it can have folders and sub folders on the Drives Install other folder If you don t need any other drivers leave it blank To work on boot wim and Install wim we are going to use C Windows SysWOW dism If your computer is bits replace C Windows SysWOW dism with C Windows System dism Make this cmd files make new text files copy the text commands and rename as cmd - Clean cmd C Windows SysWOW dism cleanup-wim pause - Mount info c... Read more
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Windows Backup settings option "Include a system image" does not include all drives.
Is it possible to have Windows Backup take images of all drives, or is it better to just go with selecting other drives via the drive letter options?

Perhaps a silly question.
Other than ability to recover from hardware errors etc, does Windows Backup have any other advantage(s) over System Restore?

A:Can Windows Backup create image for all drives?

Hello Hairyscot,

When you select include a system image it will back up your c: drive and system reserved if you have one. Basically any drive which is needed for windows to run. You can select any drive to include in the backup if you want. When you do a restore it will restore ALL the drives that were selected in the backup, not individual ones.

When you do a system image restore it will restore EVERYTHING on that drive. It's good if you have a bad virus, malware and need to completely restore the windows drive. System Restore doesn't always (actually rarely) remove viruses, etc.
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I have been using Windows Live Mail for about a month I am still trying to set it up up, Folders on restart? drop Live moved Mail Windows Storage back so that I can have all of my messages at the top left and not within each email account I have set up Quick Views which covers most but not deletes Noting the Storage Folders at the bottom I quot moved up quot these Windows Live Mail Storage Folders moved up, drop back on restart? folders along with the Out Box so that they are under the Quick Views above all of the email accounts I have However whenever I restart the program they are back at the bottom Additionally whenever I delete an incoming message or send out a message it goes into the appropriate email account rather than were I would prefer into the storage folders for these items where they would all be together when I am searching for a prior incoming or sent email st Question How can I keep the storage folders at the top on restart nd Question How can I have deletions and sent messages automatically placed into the appropriate Storage Folders rather than into the individual email accounts Thanks

A:Windows Live Mail Storage Folders moved up, drop back on restart?

Quote: Originally Posted by Coastalguy

...1st Question: How can I keep the storage folders at the top on restart?
2nd Question: How can I have deletions and sent messages, automatically placed into the appropriate Storage Folders, rather than into the individual email accounts?...

1) Can't move them and have them stick. That's a bug from 2009 that apparently has not yet been fixed.
2) You may have to alter your definition of "appropriate". Microsoft has decided that users of their free mail program want things separated by account. As a workaround, I set up only one pop3 email account and forward the mail from another to that one. (Unfortunately, the storage folders get thrown in to the mix if I use IMAP or Newsgroups since all drafts and sent items for those two wind up there.)

If you feel strongly about recreating the Outlook Express experience all I can think of is this tutorial: Windows Mail
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Server has been great and online for about 7 months without issue.  Three times over the last two weeks, all clients' mapped drives just drop and Windows Explorer hangs...  I am not able to disconnect drives via command prompt, nor remap drives
via command prompt.  However, I can ping the server and remote desktop to the server perfectly.  No errors in logs on workstations or server.  Affects all workstations (60+ running Windows 7 Pro) simultaneously.  Client mappings to
other servers (Windows 2008 R2) running on the same switch are unaffected.  Reboot the 2012 server and you can reconnect to mapped drives by clicking on them in Windows Explorer.  Any ideas?
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Hello All,

I have set my system up with a number of partitions. The primary partition is a 128GB SSD, whilst there are an additional three partitions mounted as NTFS folders on the primary, for ease of use.

I upgraded from Windows 7 (Home Premium) to Windows 8 Pro last week. Since then, I have been unable to extract zip files using the built in Extraction utility on the mounted partitions. It complains about being unable to create the directory I want to extract the files to.

Could anyone help me with this?

(Please note, all solutions will involve me copying from a USB drive to the machine as I won't have a home internet connection for another month )

A:Windows 8 Extraction Utility - Unable to create folders

maybe this helps: "Bad Command Structure" Error Message Occurs When You Extract Files from a Compressed Folder
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I have a drive at work that is shared by many people. Within it are many folders to organize all the files. At times it is difficult to locate certain files; even using Explorer search becuase the file name may not be known.

What I would like to do is have a "table of contents" document or program to open that displays all the files, showing their folder location, and a link to that file.

I was able to do this somewhat in Excel but with 3,000+ files, doing so manually would be painstakingly difficult and time consuming.

It would be perfect if it was updated automatically, as these files change on a daily basis; adding new files and deleting old ones.

Is this possible? What would be the best program for it? Access?

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I've been putting this off for the past few days, but I can't make new folders in Windows Explorer. When I right click, where there used to be an option for a new folder, there is now an option to make a shortcut. It's not that my computer is completely incapable of making new folders, I can do that if I use Pinnacle Studio 14 as a workaround when I do video related work, but that is annoying to use, and I'd like the convenient method back.

A:Unable to create new folders in Windows Explorer or desktop

Hello BlueDemonofFire, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Downloading and merging the .reg file for the listed folder option in the tutorial below may be able to fix this for you. It will restore the default associations and "New Folder" option for folders.

Default File Type Associations - Restore

Hope this helps,
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This isn't crippling or anything like that, but it certainly is annoying. Every time an update fails using windows update lately, it seems to create folders filled with random numbers and letters that I cannot delete because I "require permission from System" to do so. Is there a utility or workaround that can help me to get rid of them?

Picture of said folders attached. Everything above "Aeria Games" has been created this way.

A:Failed Windows Updates create folders that cannot be deleted

Quote: Originally Posted by Visigoth

This isn't crippling or anything like that, but it certainly is annoying. Every time an update fails using windows update lately, it seems to create folders filled with random numbers and letters that I cannot delete because I "require permission from System" to do so. Is there a utility or workaround that can help me to get rid of them?

Picture of said folders attached. Everything above "Aeria Games" has been created this way.

Running the disk cleanup wizard should remove them,.
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Hi guys I recently made the switch from XP to bypassed vista points can I how non-empty have windows 7/vista when folders? create junction I in yessss I am trying to move certain how can I create junction points in windows 7/vista when I have non-empty folders? folders off the system partition c to another partition d and am having difficulty I thought the best way to do this would be to use JUNCTIONS This way any references or hard-coding to the original path will not be affected For example if you type in command prompt junction c users d users It will make c users a junction to the target folder d users in other words all the data willl really exist in d users but any references to c users will still work and simply redirectly to d users The problem I am having is that you can only use the junction command when the source folder is EMPTY For how can I create junction points in windows 7/vista when I have non-empty folders? example in the above command c users MUST be empty or the command will not work how can I create junction points in windows 7/vista when I have non-empty folders? Thus what I wanted to do is copy the entire c users folder to d users and then delete everything in c users and create the junction Unfortunately I cannot delete certain files no matter what I try I ve tried safe mode tried using quot unlocker quot and even using a linux live cd which causes corruption when writing to NTFS due to bad drivers I also wanted to do the same for Program Files and ProgramData folders but those as well are impossible to completely empty If anyone knows how I can empty these folders please help me Junctions are a very elegant solution but unfortunately only work when the source folder is empty Thanks nbsp

A:how can I create junction points in windows 7/vista when I have non-empty folders?

First of all, hard links need to be to files and folders inside the same partition and can't be created across partitions. You may have better luck with other types of symbolic links, but they will not work as well as hard links and you may end up with duplication instead of repalcement of most of them (though they can have differing contents).

"Junction" is not a Windows command. Maybe you are thinking of "mklink".

For most user folders, it would be far easier to simply change the locations of the shell folders in the registry.
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Hi I got a new TB drive which I would like to create a system image on as backup My problem is that when I try to create a system image Windows is checking two drives to backup One drive is my C drive and the other is my SSD which technically has an install of Windows on it but due to some error with the boot sector of to backup 2 Windows image drives system requiring create I am unable to boot from the SSD So a little background I was running Windows from my SSD when after a Windows Update the SSD's secondary boot Windows requiring backup of 2 drives to create system image sector got messed up and I could Windows requiring backup of 2 drives to create system image no longer boot from the drive I then reinstalled Windows on my HDD which is the drive I currently use to boot up Note that the SSD still works-- I can access all the OS files that are on it I just can't boot off the drive I recently found out that the S M A R T status of the drive I'm currently booting off of is quot Warning quot which is why I bought a new TB drive to replace it My goal is to create a system image on a partition I created on the TB drive then use that system image to copy onto the SSD and start using the SSD as my boot up drive again assuming a format will solve that boot sector issue Thus we're back to my current issue where I can't create a system image unless I backup both my C drive and the SSD because apparently the SSD is required for Windows to boot up I tried marking the SSD as Inactive in hopes that Windows would stop requiring it to backup but that just broke my PC because it would tell me that BOOTMGR is missing and then I'd be stuck in a restart loop I was able to get my PC to boot up again after I used the Command Prompt via Repair your computer to mark the SSD as Active again I was thinking of just reinstalling Windows on the SSD but then I would have to reinstall all my programs again which is a real drag and I might run into the same problem where Windows will think that two drives are necessary to boot up Does anyone have any ideas on how to quot unlink quot my SSD from the boot up process so that Windows can start up without it Any advice would be much appreciated

A:Windows requiring backup of 2 drives to create system image

Nevermind-- I was able to resolve the issue. Had to unplug all drives except for the one I wanted to boot off of and then run Startup Repair. That allowed me to boot up without my SSD.

Windows ended up not letting me restore a system image to a blank drive (my SSD) though so I had to copy my OS partition to the SSD using Partition Master, and then run Startup Repair again to make the drive bootable.
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I hope someone can give me a hand here because I can't even access regedit, c drive, One drive, or install any new devices. Even launching the windows troubleshooter fails to load application. Everything was working fine pre windows 10
I cant save any folders to my documents, pictures, downloads will download but cant launch or install. I can't even create new folders on the desk top. Please any help would be the best help right now.

A:All folders and drives Not accessible Windows 10

Just an update, after using Windows Repair from the portable version I was able to restore all permissions after running it in Safe Mode with Networking
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As you see in the screenshot Explorer just sits there trying to load the folder I've requested This happens seemingly randomly at with Explorer load network folders/drives drives. mounted can't least I haven't been able to find a pattern If I unmount all network drives the problem disappears Sometimes it loads within a few seconds while some other time it can keep loading for several minutes preventing me from doing anything useful As you can imagine this is very frustrating One solution to temporarily bypass this is to cut the network connection and open the folder I need and then reconnect the network System -Windows Home Pro -ZyXEL NAS with latest firmware I've gone through several firmware updates since purchase -Other devices mounted as network drives for easy access e g Android phone Shield Android TV etc -Router Netgear WNR Lv with Tomato firmware by Shibby Same as NAS gone through several firmware upgrades -downgrades problem persists The router is Master Browser and WINS Server and these features are turned off on Explorer can't load folders/drives with mounted network drives. the NAS ipconfig all shows WINS Server as router
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My roommate first mentioned she was having problems with the crashes right-click on explorer windows folders/drives cursor in her word attachments from emails She asked me to see what I could After a hour of so right-click crashes windows explorer on folders/drives of searches I was able to fix right-click crashes windows explorer on folders/drives her problem by deleting the Word DataApp folder Then I wanted to clean up her laptop for her Toshiba running Vista Home I ran a checkdisk which took forever and analyzed for defragment which turned out to not be necessary I could not access my defragment tool via my usual right-click on C properties tools etc because anytime I right-clicked on C I got a quot Explorer could not work quot and quot has to restart quot time and time again no matter what option I chose in the right-click menu So I ended up finding an indirect route to analyze defragment through the help menu This right-click menu problem led me to more internet searching and I found shellview references but that was no help either Then I figured there is something really wrong with this computer Next I wanted to run a spybot check but had many difficulties installing it had to quot run as administrator quot but even then I was unable to download updates so it was impossible to run a check for problems So here I am in your forum I have followed the steps and you'll notice that HiJackThis could not install via step I have pasted text files Panda export and main export from Deckards I have attached extra txt from Deckards PANDA SCAN EXPORT TEXT FILE ANALYSIS - - PROTECTIONS MALWARE SUSPECTS PROTECTIONS Description Version Active Updated Windows Defender No No MALWARE Id Description Type Active Severity Disinfectable Disinfected Location Cookie Traffic Marketplace TrackingCookie No Yes No C Users Kimbee AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows Cookies Low kimbee trafficmp txt Cookie Casalemedia TrackingCookie No Yes No C Users Kimbee AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows Cookies Low kimbee casalemedia txt Cookie Doubleclick TrackingCookie No Yes No C Users Kimbee AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows Cookies Low kimbee doubleclick txt Cookie Doubleclick TrackingCookie No Yes No C Users Kimbee AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows Cookies kimbee doubleclick txt Cookie Atlas DMT TrackingCookie No Yes No C Users Kimbee AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows Cookies Low kimbee atdmt txt Cookie Atlas DMT TrackingCookie No Yes No C Users Kimbee AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows Cookies kimbee atdmt txt Cookie RealMedia TrackingCookie No Yes No C Users Kimbee AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows Cookies Low kimbee realmedia txt Cookie FastClick TrackingCookie No Yes No C Users Kimbee AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows Cookies kimbee fastclick txt Cookie FastClick TrackingCookie No Yes No C Users Kimbee AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows Cookies Low kimbee fastclick txt Cookie Tribalfusion TrackingCookie No Yes No C Users Kimbee AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows Cookies Low kimbee tribalfusion txt Cookie Tribalfusion TrackingCookie No Yes No C Users Kimbee AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows Cookies kimbee tribalfusion txt Cookie Mediaplex TrackingCookie No Yes No C Users Kimbee AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows Cookies Low kimbee mediaplex txt Cookie Com com TrackingCookie No Yes No C Users Kimbee AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows Cookies Low kimbee com txt Cookie Statcounter TrackingCookie No Yes No C Users Kimbee AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows Cookies Low kimbee statcounter txt Cookie Overture TrackingCookie No Yes No C Users Kimbee AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows Cookies Low kimbee perf overture txt Cookie YieldManager TrackingCookie No Yes No C Users Kimbee AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows Cookies Low kimbee ad yieldmanager txt Cookie Apmebf TrackingCookie No Yes No C Users Kimbee AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows Cookies kimbee apmebf txt Cookie Apmebf TrackingCookie No Yes No C Users Kimbee AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows Cookies Low kimbee apmebf ... Read more

A:right-click crashes windows explorer on folders/drives

Hello tallard,

If you still require assistance, I am not seeing any installed Anti Virus program. Here are 2 very good free Antivirus products which are available: Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic.

Select one of these, or another of your choice. Download, install, update definitions, and run a full system scan.

Download Combofix from any of the links below, and save it to your desktop. For information regarding this download, please visit this webpage:

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

**Note: It is important that it is saved directly to your desktop**


1. Close any open browsers.

2. Close/disable all anti virus and anti malware programs so they do not interfere with the running of ComboFix. If you are unsure how to do this, please see this link


Double click on combofix.exe & follow the prompts.When finished, it will produce a report for you.
Please post the C:\ComboFix.txt along with a new HijackThis log for further review.
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I have a Windows Ult x Desktop which is basically the house quot File Server quot and a Desktop suddden network on folders/drives share Ult won't all of Windows 7 all of a sudden on Friday after a reboot the Windows 7 Ult Desktop won't share folders/drives on network all of a suddden internal hard drives couln't bee seen on the other computers in the house The other computers I have are as follows HP DV - nr running Win Vista HP x HP DV something running Win Vista HP x and another desktop wunning Windows XP Pro x When I try to access the networked drives from the other computers I get the error pictures below When I check the desktop the drives are shared the way they Windows 7 Ult Desktop won't share folders/drives on network all of a suddden are suppose to same as they've been for over a year now but all of a sudden they can't be connected to by the other computers as you can see in the picture the computer appears on the network but the externals can't connect to the desktop However I can connect from the desktop to a shared folder on my laptop DV Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated

A:Windows 7 Ult Desktop won't share folders/drives on network all of a suddden

Page 2 Bump??
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This is happening on WinXP SP Using Windows Explorer a right click on a drive or a folder causes a minute hang in Explorer After that time it comes back to life I think the result at that point is as Drives Hangs Click 3.5 Minutes Right for Folders on Windows Explorer or if I had never clicked but I m not exactly sure because I ve usually moved on Here are related facts If I open a second Right Click on Drives or Folders Hangs Windows Explorer for 3.5 Minutes copy of Explorer right away and repeat the right click it works fine If I cancel the first copy of Explorer regardless of whether or not I opened a second copy there is a delay in re-writing the desktop icons and then most icons disappear from the system tray Task Manager shows the tasks are still running I have used ShellExView to turn off EVERY shell handler in the Registry it does not solve the problem So they re back on now I have used Registry Mechanic to clean the registry I have used quot sfc scannow quot Related functions such as Alt-f will also cause not only Explorer to hang but every other program that is running most of them but not all for around minutes The problem also occurs in ANY window which offers a right click option on a drive or folder such as an Open File dialog box In a symptom that may or may not be related the Windows Explorer Status Bar refuses to stay visible when changing folders or drives Within a given folder it stays put until the folder is changed Fact above gives me a strong gut feeling that it s not a corrupted file or driver and an almost-as-strong feeling that it s not malware Until recently the computer was protected by McAfee Antivirus I just switched to Kaspersky and it found no relevant problems PHijackthis log attached Appreciate any help or insight nbsp

A:Right Click on Drives or Folders Hangs Windows Explorer for 3.5 Minutes

did sfc /scannow find any problems? did you run it with the XP cd in?
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Hi I would like your help on the following I have a Windows PC that is going to be used by - people I want to be able to hide or lock folders among these accounts so an in and multiple 7 Programs Drives Windows Protecting Folders accounts account can not access or even better see other person's files and folders I want all of them though to be able to use all the programs installed to the PC Also not essential but it would be nice to know if I could make the same with programs although Protecting Programs Drives and Folders in multiple accounts Windows 7 all programs are going to Protecting Programs Drives and Folders in multiple accounts Windows 7 be used by all accounts It is just nice to know for any future needs Can I achieve this with Windows or will I need a seperate third party application I would prefer to use Windows settings even if it is more quot tiresome quot to Protecting Programs Drives and Folders in multiple accounts Windows 7 set up as I have used third party applications some years ago but ultimately I found them not very efficient Can you provide some info on how to do this Thanks for you help Dionisis

A:Protecting Programs Drives and Folders in multiple accounts Windows 7

Yes, just make them a standard user.
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I have a new Dell computer XPS running Windows Professional I have an old Western Digital My Book external drive to a folders Windows drives Problem external library moving 7 from USB and a new one USB The old drive has Problem moving folders from external drives to a Windows 7 library a cloned Acronis version of my old computer on it The new computer had a little trouble finding the old drive but eventually did so and no trouble finding the new drive I was able to copy the folders I wanted from the old external drive to the new one but not from either the old or the new into a Library I created for stuff from my old computer Of course I can link the folders to Problem moving folders from external drives to a Windows 7 library the Library but not actually copy them to it- which is what I had planned to have old and new data in one place reserving the new external drive for clones or backup When I attempt Problem moving folders from external drives to a Windows 7 library to either drag the folder or do a copy I get the red circle with a line through it Any suggestions for what is going on

A:Problem moving folders from external drives to a Windows 7 library

Hello bmanning, and welcome to Seven Forums.

As a test, see if you will be able to drag them to your desktop first, then move them to where you like afterwards. Windows 7 has built-in security that prevents anything from being copied from an external source directly into a system folder. It has to be to a user folder (ex: desktop) first, then from the user folder to a system location.

Hope this helps,
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I've had my machine for quite some time now, and I just now got my hard drive set up for Windows backup. When I go to the root of a hard drive, not just my backup HDD, but every external and internal hard drive (other than the bootable), there will be an empty folder labeled, "Music." I have no idea where this came from, or why I don't have permissions to delete it. I am the administrator of the machine, and have full access to the root and subfolders.

I used cmd with elevated privileges to delete the folder off one drive at some point, but came back as soon as Windows Backup was ran. I'm at a loss, any help is appreciated. Thanks.

A:Windows Backup makes unwanted folders on all drives, want deleted

Did, you, by any chance, backup your music files?
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I added two new drives and its says im using 8.15TB of 19TB pool capacity but for some reason I cannot change the storage pool maximum to be greater than 15.8TB once I go above 15.8TB it shows a message "The specified size is not valid"

A:Cannot create storage pool greater than 15.8TB

Thats because you only can choose a maximum pool capacity of 10.9 TB.
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Hello everybody First I want to thank all of you who maintain this great site with useful solutions of many windows problems I tried to search some suggestions for this one too but did t find anything so decided to beg for your help Please excuse my poor English drives backup hard directory of in external windows folders Strange I m using Dell Inspiron notebook with windows vista home premium and gb hard disk A week ago it happened that the memory on my C drive suddenly went to bytes without downloading or copying anything at all on C at that moment with no connection to internet I was sure to have at least gb before starting to copy some files from C to an external gb hard drive and the memory got eaten during this process After copying I cleaned about gb which decreased mysteriously to about mb after few minutes I ran ccleaner but didn t get more than mb of Strange backup folders of external hard drives in windows directory temporary files I searched around the web about this and the most common reason for loosing space I found was the shadow storage and the restore point service I tried to fix it but did Strange backup folders of external hard drives in windows directory t work for me because since I had the memory space gone to bytes all the Strange backup folders of external hard drives in windows directory restore points was automatically deleted After cleaning up some more space I set up a restore point manually but naturally the shadow storage didn t exceed mb Then I used a little program called TreeSize witch allowed me to see the space used by all the folders in C and I found something really strange In the windows directory there was a hidden folder named F that contained information stored on my external devices that I did not ever copied voluntary to my C and this folder exceeded gb Well I just deleted it the system did t crash and I was extremely happy to gain more than gb of free space The same day I had to put some documents on my gb usb Since it s in the same time a mp player it was almost full Then I copied some pictures from the sd card of my camera which had about mb of used space After that I saw that the memory on C decreased with gb so I ran TreeSize again and guess what I found amp an H an F hidden folders on windows directory with all the information of the devices I just used I thought it was some useless for me backup service on vista went on the settings looked on the web but didn t find anything May be it s a stupid question but do you have any idea about what could cause this strange backup and how to disable it It s not a virus I hope I just don t want to delete those folders again and again and if I ever decide to watch some movie from my gb external hd I guess I ll run out of space again very quickly Just for information while writing this I plugged my other mp player with gb info and tried to take it safely about sec after Although I have closed all other applications I got a message saying that the devise is used by a program and can t be stopped About minutes later I was able to take it out so I ran again TreeSize and found a new gb G folder amp When I got the first message I took a screenshot of the taskmanager attached may be someone more experienced than me could recognize the program which makes these copies Before plugging the mp player I ve taken another screenshot and then compared but the number of running exe files was the same I hope to hear from you soon with whatever suggestion you have Thank you nbsp
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I recently purchases a ASUS ROG with an SSD and HDD. I am trying to create a storage space with a resiliency of Two-Way Mirror, but the "create storage space" button is greyed out unless I choose the simple resiliency. The OS is on the SSD drive. Any suggestions as to why I am not able to create the two way mirror? Any suggestions appreciated, and thanks in advance.

 Capture 6.PNG   274.26KB

A:Storage Spaces Unable To Create Two-Way Mirror

I found this
but I don't know about using different technology drives. I would anticipate that if both ae the same technology there would be little or no problem setting up the two-way mirror.
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My new Toshiba laptop runs Windows 8, boots in UEFI mode and GPT formatted, can I create a logical partition solely for storage so that when I format/recover windows partition like windows system image restore, the files and folders stored in the partition is not affected?Just like I did in my old windows 7 laptop that boots in BIOS mode and MBR formatted, which I put the partition as D:\ drive? Are there any posibilities I do that without messing up the system?


Logical Partitions NO, as with UEFI & GPT you can have up to 128 Primary partitions.
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This is the rd post I've made with regard to Windows Live Mail Need with WLM Storage help folders and I haven't had one response Need help with WLM Storage folders so I don't know if it will do any good to post again or not On the left top you have your email account and beneath that is Inbox Drafts Sent Junk Delete Then I have the Storage Folders section And under that I also have Sent Drafts and Delete It will not allow me to delete these duplicate folders There was also a Junk folder in this section and it did allow me to delete that Am I supposed to have these duplicate folders under both the email account and the Storage folders I thought those should only Need help with WLM Storage folders be up above under the account I'm trying to make sense of this Windows Live Mail and figure out how to use it but no one seems to be interested in giving me answers to any of my questions Maybe they are too dumb for answers But they are't dumb to me because I'm the one in the dark
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I have just started using WLM, it is having a folder named as `Storage Folders`.
What is purpose of this folder??
How can i remove it?

Actually i upgraded from WM to WLM and now WLM is having this storage folder containing all the mails from WM. As the `Storage Folders` is not linked to any email account, i transfer the mails from it to the appropriate email account folder. But now i am unable to delete this Storage Folder, even i cant delete any item in its heirarchy..

Plz guide me on this..

A:Storage Folders in WLM


---you may try this page, it shows step-by-step format--->The 'Complete' Uninstall/Reinstall Method For Windows Live Mail - Windows Live Community---

---please post your results---thank you---
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I tried to updating to the latest Windows Defender definitions on our workstations, the first attempt failed and it succeeded on the second try.  After installation went through our users noticed a randomly named folder in the root of their disk drives,
some had it in their c:\ others in other drives they had mounted (ie d:\ e:\  f:\).  The folder can only be accessed with administrator privileges and inside the folder there's a randomly named mpasbase.vdm file.  What could be the cause of
this and why isn't creating the folder in the OS partition but randomly choosing any disk that is mounted?
We're running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit on our workstations.
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I'm trying to create a system image (Control Panel\System and Security\Backup and Restore (Windows 7) -> Create a system image), however my storage spaces drive is not listed in the available selection to save the image to.
Why is that and what can do about that?

Thank you.
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I have w 7 with wlm and need to move only the storage folders to wlm in w 10

A:how to move storage folders from w 7, wlm to wlm in win 10

copy the contents of this folder and restore to the same place in Windows 10:
%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail
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I am using Windows Live Mail on an H-P desktop running Windows 7 (64). I had numerous storage folders listed in the left hand pane when I opened the mail program and they have disappeared. The folders still exist as I can move emails into them but I need to see them when I open the program. These folders were listed under STORAGE FOLDERS and were listed that way when I moved my email from another program. I would appreciate help on how I can restore the names of the folders on opening the program.

A:WLM. Storage folders have disappeared

Hello and welcome bargee now so that I have it right - these folders just stopped appearing? If so I would suggest you start with running these< if necessary include the /f switch in the command line as per Option2
if these do nothing try these

ADW download frombleeping computer delete any rubbish found with the malware scans
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I fixed a laptop with the help of Nasdaq, now I have another security question. I did a clean install of Win7 on my desktop, but I did not format m storage drives. I left them untouched. What is the best way to scan them for viruses, malware, etc? Can anything self install off the drives without being clicked?

The computer had an svchost.exe issue. That is what prompted a clean OS install.

A:Best way to scan storage drives

So far I have run MSE and am now running malware bytes.
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Hi, i have alot stored up as backup, but would like to install about 3 or 4 IDE drives into a docking box, or external box..........

anyone know of some nice products out there that can do this?

i want to store about 3 or 4 IDE drives in an external enclosure that you can hook up USB and self powered.........


A:Looking for a Storage Solution (IDE DRIVES BOX)?

The only multi enclosures I have seen are sata. What you could do would be to build a basic system and connect all the drives you want with a ide controller card/raid card. This would then connect through a network and be available to all systems on your network.

I have a backup box I made from old parts/pulled parts. It has four ide drives in the system counting the system drive. Each workstation on the network has access to all drives for backup, etc.
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Someone I know split my C:drive and created another drive (E) but the problem is that the C drive has on 1.95 GB and the E drive has 16.6 GB. My computer is not functioning correctly and need to reformat so that C has more space to download things, install programs etc.

can anyone help?

M Harber

A:Split drives need more storage

simply put when you reinstall create a larger C:\ partion typically i like to use around 4-5 GIG but thats up to you...

Are you reinstalling xp or is this an older o/s?

one thing you can try if you dont want to have to reinstall is one of the drive partitioning programs such as partition magic...

Caution: using partition magic can cause you to loose data...

It all depends on how it wants to work for you. I have used it at times to extend a partition and it has worked flawlessly, then other times it royally hosed the drive causing me to have to wipe all partitions and start over..
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I have two HD (both WD / 1 ATA - 1 SATA) I want to install in a couple of old computers as a second drive data storage. I've tried connecting them but they don't show up as being installed. Also, one has a clacking sound when computer is turned on.

How can I check to determine if they are good or not?

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Good morning. My built in card reader drives are not showing up under My Computer, and they are not working at all. Any thoughts or direction on how to remedy this would be greatly appreciated. I use the compact flash all the time, and having to use a plug in card reader is terribly slow.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+, x64 Family 15 Model 107 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3453 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 372554 MB, Free - 243351 MB; D: Total - 8997 MB, Free - 1024 MB; G: Total - 953198 MB, Free - 445444 MB; J: Total - 610328 MB, Free - 149051 MB;
Motherboard: ECS, Nettle2
Antivirus: AVG Internet Security 2012, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

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I was running Windows 7 and Using Microsoft Live Mail. I do a lot of shopping online and have the receipts stored in storage folders in the program. I bought a new laptop that runs Windows 8 on it. I have exported the storage folders and saved them on a flash drive. Then I saved them onto a flashdrive and transferred them to the new laptop. But Windows 8 won't open them. It won't open any of my email stationery either. It keeps wanting to import them as contacts. I have looked for another program to use to open the .eml files but can't find one. Can you please help me?


A:Need Help Importing Email Storage Folders

Hello Steph, and welcome to Eight Forums.

If you meant that you used Windows Live Mail, then you could also install it in Windows 8.

Afterwards you could import your messages back into Windows Live Mail. This is assuming that you exported them using the method below first.
Windows Live Mail - Export and Import Email Messages - Windows 7 Forums

Windows Live Mail - Export and Import Email Accounts - Windows 7 Forums

Windows Live Mail - Export and Import Contacts - Windows 7 Forums

If not, then you should be able to just drag and drop the .eml files from your backup into an inbox in your email client program to add the messages back.

Hope this helps,
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I have a dilemma here...

I have folders under STORAGE FOLDERS that I am taking off GMAIL since I wont be using that account no more...

I have been organizing folders and putting folders for the correct account

I just noticed I have 6 empty folders... that once had stuff in it......

Please tell me I havent lost everyting!

I AM SO ANGRY right now...........

Thank you,
ALSO... I have tried restoring those folders from a backup on 01/28 it wont let me says the file is in use and all thats in those missing folders is WINMAIL.FOL no emails

I got to have those emails very very very important

A:Emails lost under storage folders

I just went to :

C:\Users\Christopher\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\Storage Folders (1)

The folders are there, but they're empty..

All thats under
C:\Users\Christopher\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\Storage Folders

is deleted mail, sent mail, for newsgroups and all of that
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I was in WLM, and suddenly almost all of my storage folders dissappeared.
The scroll bar used to be only 1" long so I could scroll down to see them all, but now it's about 4" long, so will only let me see the first few storage folders.
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My desktop has an SSD (C:) as the primary/boot drive and a 1TB HDD (E:). Because SSD's deteriorate with every write, I have tried to keep items that are constantly added to or deleted (working files) on the HDD. I just noticed today that the storage folder for my Windows Live Mail were on the SSD, so I changed them to the same location (/Users/(name)/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows Live Mail) on E:. However, strange thing happened when I did that. The Inbox emails all re-downloaded from Comcast's server. . . but the emails I SENT (Sent Items) did not all come over. I got only the sent emails from mid 2013 to the end of February 2014 on BOTH of my email accounts (personal and business).

Why? I looked into the old storage folders on C: and they're empty. What happened to the Sent Items after February 2014?!
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All of a sudden today I had storage folders pop up on the left toolbar on windows live mail. It is underneath my account and the outbox. How do I get rid of it? Thanks

A:Storage Folders on Live Mail

Hello Isufrontier,

In Windows Live Mail, click on View on the menu bar (ALT+M - Show Menu bar) and Layout. Next, select the Folder pane option and uncheck Show Storage folders.

Hope this helps,
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Having followed the good advice of Shawn on a nearby recent thread, I successfully restored lots of 'orphan' messages, one by one. Now I have the tedious task of moving them back to the folders they started in, from the Storage Folders to the account-related ones. It is tedious because you have to manually create each individual folder in the target area.
But why bother? At least for relatively inactive files? That is, what is the operational difference between Storage Folders and the account-related ones?
I cannot find a simple description of that elsewhere.

A:why not use Storage Folders for all inactive emails?

Quote: Originally Posted by koalady

...what is the operational difference between Storage Folders and the account-related ones...

There is one difference between the Storage area folders and those under a POP3 account: If you ever want to delete the POP3 account all it's subfolders and the contents will dissappear with it. I've set up my WLM to look like Outlook Express by having all mail forwarded to a single POP3 account. I then created sub-folders under it to sort messages into. However, I must remember to move all the important sub-folders over to the storage area before I delete the account.
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We have 3 different drives for the office on a network and it says there is only 24.5GB of 278GB on all 3 drives? All the drives contain different files mostly word and pdf docs.. and all of the drives have no where near the 278GB of documents. How could I go about getting to the root of this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

A:3 drives EXACT same amount of storage?

Hi otterman It seems like these three shortcut point on the same drive. The first two would be:\\\COMMON01\\\COMMON02And I suggest you to ping "PC-090". I'm ready to bet that its IP address is In short, all these shortcut points on the same drive, but on different folders on that drive. There's no issue so there's nothing to look for
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HP Pavilion desktop and Laptop same OS Windows Home Premium bit I use a Linksys Router on my Drives Storage. it USB on Bin $Recycle - Using and Network Network Storage and Lots of std USB Attached Drives seagate fantoms etc The USB's are attached to my Desktop and shared on the Laptop if I go to the recycle Bin on the Desktop C drive only drives $Recycle Bin - Using it on USB Drives and Network Storage. are listed the C root drive and ONE and newest USB tb drive The network storage has a Recycle Bin on it but saves no deleted files folders and is empty As the other drives but only the TWO drives listed on C go to the Bin I would like ALL USB Drives AND Flash drives to go through the C boot drives in case of mistakes I can't find any references on how to accomplish this or if it can be done And I don't know why the single seagate tb does and the others don't Any ideas Thanks I would like to utilize the C drive Recycle Bin on all drives but when I deleter files they do not appear

A:$Recycle Bin - Using it on USB Drives and Network Storage.

When a file or folder is deleted it goes to the $Recycle.Bin folder of the drive in question. This is fundamental to the way the recycle bin works and there is no provision made for changing it.
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In the Storage Pool section I get this error message Drive or Storage Space issues Check Physical Drive and Storage Spaces sections In the Storage Spaces section I get this error message Error Inaccessible check the Physical Drives Section In the Physical Drives okay, Physical Space drives in Storage I are but cannot ac section all T drives are checked as okay and have either of their capacity used or of their capacity used These drives are in a disk enclosure that can be attached either by eSATA or USB I get the same error under either attachment method I am guessing that the virtual disk information metadata is corrupt and the data on the four drives is not recognized as a storage pool any more The device manager shows the disks individually and the storage pool is not recognized In the Storage Spaces section of the Control Panel the storage pool is recognized but inaccessible Since the data on the disks appears to be good is there a way to rebuild the virtual disk data Parity is the redundancy method Thanks in advance for your help
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I ll try to keep it short as possible Been reading the do s and don ts most of the day -(F; Mass device G:, Storage USB - Drives H:, I:,) and made it a long USB Mass Storage device - Drives -(F; G:, H:, I:,) way through the elephant in the room post Already knew the do's and don'ts but wanted to make sure Haven't been here in a while One problem - got a few more slow of course - I can barely write this Each time I reboot my pc I get an icon in my systray to remove new hardware This I really only noticed today so I don t know if it s always been there - nd extra computer desktop changing to Windows I hope with your help The message USB Mass Storage device - Drives - F G H I Not even sure I have all of those Second problem only mention it here because it might be realted I bought this computer used It s obvious that he tried to clean out his data first and most likely got more than his data or it had a bad effect From the first time it was started a pop-up says WELCOME TO THE FOUND NEW HARDWARE WIZARD You lucky JERK This wizard helps you install software for PCI device Tried the wizard a few times - Windows can t find the software I don t have a disk that it will take either I just close it but it pops back up every few minutes Have no idea what it wants or what a PCI device is to try tracking something down HP Pavilllion a n MS Windows XP Home Editiion Service pack Intel Pentium CPU GHz MG Intel Express family Chipset I got coreinfo and Speccy while crusing the site today if you need more info Just had to close this window to get the name Speccy and had to close the found new hardware window because it was locking everything - Goofy thing wouldn t close for about minutes to close Now it s back again Thanks Danny

A:USB Mass Storage device - Drives -(F; G:, H:, I:,)

to Bleeping Computer forum.

The message: USB Mass Storage device - Drives -(F; G:, H:, I:,)
Not even sure I have all of those..

According to the official specs ( ),your PC seems to have come with USB card reader. XP will show the "Safely remove Hardware" message if there is a card reader is plugged so there is nothing wrong with that.

ried the wizard a few times - Windows can’t find the software. I don’t have a disk that it will take either.
To identify the device with missing driver, please follow the below steps.
1. Open RUN dialogue ( Win key + R ) and enter Msinfo32.exe in it.
2. When the "System Information" tool opens, choose File -> Save and give a name a name of your choice. 
3. Download and install 7-Zip from
4. Now right click on the saved file and choose  7-zip --> Add to archive. This will compress and considerable reduce the file size.
5. Attach the file using More Reply Options --> Attach files with next reply.;-g-h-i/
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Hi I recently bought a fairly high spec refurbished computer from a school clearance sale and I am now wanting to use it to be the basis of a simple media center The problem I am facing Is that it wont recognize my mass storage devices memory sticks and an external HD through the USB ports It Knows they are there because it will show me the names mass USB are storage working not drives but it wont install them automatically and brings up the Install New Hardware Wizard I ve tried using this but it will reach the end of the installation and then say Invalid data I have checked with the drivers on my laptop and there are the same ones on the new PC I am aware that some schools deliberately block USB storage devices for a variety of reasons so I googled my USB mass storage drives are not working problem It came back telling me that to disable Enable USB ms devices there is a simple registry tweak to change the DWord quot start quot value to -disable or -enable which is located at HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services USBSTOR However when I checked in RegEdit there was no USBSTOR directory at all I have many questions Does this directory exist as a default or is it something that is added for this tweak Is there another way of disabling the USB for hardware other than mouse and keyboard If so how can it be reversed Thankyou

A:USB mass storage drives are not working

I just checked 2 of mine.
USBSEOR is there
Go to the Device Manager & see if the USB is listed & enabled.
If it is expand the listing, right click each [in turn] & uninstall them
Restart the unit to let them reinstall
when done try them.
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I'm hoping someone here might have experience with mirroring drives in Windows I'm reading How-to's but some of my basic questions remain unanswered I have an SSD C used for the OS and loading apps and a Storage Drives? Spaces Mirror 2 TB drive that holds for all my files Storage Spaces Mirror 2 Drives? images and videos etc I want to add a second TB drive and create a Storage Spaces 'Mirror' setup to offer redundancy in case the D drive fails I also have off-site of backups From what I've read the mirrored drives will need to be formatted so I will have to backup and re-copy all the current data onto the Mirrored set But here's the question Will a single mirrored drive behave like a single drive if it's removed from the set and connected to another computer Does the file and folder structure of one of those mirrored drives offer access to the files if it's removed and accessed using a removable SATA dock on another computer Thanks for any help with this question

A:Storage Spaces Mirror 2 Drives?

It's a bit pointless as a lot of space will be wasted and if one is infected so will the other. If you use disk imaging you can have lots of backup spanning a few months that is creating images not cloning
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Yesterday my external hard drive, flash drives, iPod, and memory card reader, which are all USB mass storage devices were working fine. However, today none of them show up in explorer, and when they're viewed in device manager all of them have an error message that says, "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)". I have already used system restore to go back to yesterday and it didn't solve the problem. Also, my flash drive is made by Sandisk and has a second partition that mounts as a CD drive, and this works properly. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? This is very bad for me because I can no longer back up my computer until it recognizes my external hard drive.

Thanks for the help!

Edit: I am using 64-bit Windows 7

A:USB Storage Drives Not Recognized, Code 39

I updated to the latest chipset drivers and the latest BIOS for my motherboard, but USB storage devices still won't mount. I'm at a loss. Perhaps something is wrong with my motherboard?

Here is a picture of what device manager looks like now. As you can see, the USB drives no longer have yellow error triangles next to them under the "Disk Drives" dropdown, but under "storage volumes" there is an equal number of generic volumes with yellow triangles as there are USB storage devices plugged in.
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Are different capacity (128 GB vs 256 GB) more expensive to manufacture? If so, why? How do these costs change depending on the type of storage, like Flash Drive vs SSD vs HDD, and for what reasons?

I realize larger drives will generally be PRICED higher simply because more space = better (generally), better = higher demand, higher demand = people willing to pay more. But are there MANUFACTURING/MATERIALS cost differences between the two and if so, what components/labor/manufacturing processes bring these about? Obviously HDDs have some rare materials, like Neodymium, but this would be present in roughly the same quantity regardless of HD capacity (provided drive physical dimensions stay the same, which they generally do).

A:Manufacturing costs of storage drives

Unless someone on our forum is a manufacture of such items, I don't think we can give you a exact answer.
With any product things like demand, materials, labor, market place competition, shipping, storage, advertising and many more have bearing on the cost.

Intel will spend over a Billion dollars to have a plant constructed just to make cpu chips.
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This problem is driving me crazy and I am having one great big headache at this moment trying to figure Removable working-HELP drives not storage this one out None of my removable storage drives are functioning All are recogninzed by the computer but they can not be accessed Everything says quot lt drive gt is not accessible Incorrect function quot I put my flash card in and the computer sees it and recognizes it as such but won t let me access it Same with any CDs or DVDs I put in my drives Removable storage drives not working-HELP I can t install new programs with a cd because it is not accessible I install new software by downloading from the proper website Removable storage drives not working-HELP When I plug in my Fuji camera to download pictures to the pc it recognizes the camera and gives it a drive but I can t download the pictures My A drive is not accessible What is happening I am running XP w SP My DVD drive is SONY CD-RW CRX A My DVD is generic DVDRom X I have tried a system restore with no success I have tried to update everything and nothing Removable storage drives not working-HELP I have disconnected unplugged and tried reinstalling EVERYTHING without success Please help nbsp

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After moving an email to my 'saved stuff' folder within the Storage folder, I delete the original item within the Inbox.

I find that the saved item has also vanished.

This has happened over 6 times. I keep restoring the item by sending it to myself again from another source.

I've been assuming that an item in the Inbox that is also in the Storage folder area would result in having two emails on my machine. Is this wrong? Is one a shortcut?
If anyone knows of a meaningful explanation of the Folders and theory, please post it.

A:Deleting in Inbox also deletes in Storage folders.

Quote: Originally Posted by spamrp44

After moving an email to my 'saved stuff' folder within the Storage folder, I delete the original item within the Inbox....I find that the saved item has also vanished...

I'm using the 2009 version, but 2011 should work the same: When I move a message from any pop3 account folder to a storage folder, it just moves and there is no need to delete it from the source pop3 folder. You could try a repair of Windows Live Essentials via Programs and Features. It sure sounds like something is wrong.
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I am in desperate need of help I have Windows on my C drive email help storage to computer Need & new moving folders with a dual boot to Windows Beta on my D drive I turned on my computer one morning and Windows wouldn't boot saying that it was corrupted I tried all the repair tools that Windows offers and the only thing I could do is boot into Safe Mode I am ready to upgrade to Windows and delete the beta version but I need to get my data off of the Windows load I can access the files on the C drive with Windows and I tried following instructions for moving my Windows Live Mail to a storage device It will not let me move it saying that I need Administrator permission I've tried several things that I have found to get Administrator permission but I still get that message Need help moving email & storage folders to new computer Does anybody have any suggestions I really don't want to lose the mail that I had Need help moving email & storage folders to new computer on the Windows drive and I am at a loss as to how to take control of my own computer that I paid for and am the only user of Microsoft and their stupid permissions make me so mad when they restrict what the owner of Need help moving email & storage folders to new computer a computer can do with that computer Any suggestions would greatly appreciated I'll try anything Barb

A:Need help moving email & storage folders to new computer

Welcome Barb
If it is truly a permissions problem you can get full permission by using the full adminstrator account
Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable
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Hi Have just had a stab at using my Netgear DGND s USB drive sharing - I had a spare external HDD I want to be able to access files on it both over the net and from local network Both work fine very easy to set up however I am unable to edit settings for the shared folder which means I am unable to password protect it I don t need a password for local sharing but obviously it isn t ideal to have files freely available on the Internet have looked into troubleshooting but can t find any similar stories with Netgears I click quot edit quot or quot create network folder quot and it loads for a second or two but just stays Storage Netgear Network Solved: USB Folders on the same page There is only one option to select but I have tried clicking the radio button first anyway then clicking edit same result Is there something blindingly obvious I haven t done have done wrong Anyone with a similar router able to get it up and running properly Cheers nbsp

A:Solved: Netgear USB Storage Network Folders

you must enable the popup windows in order to have the right configuration window opened.
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Hi guys I am looking for a network storage solution for users to have access to private folders across our LAN so they can store their files Here s a quick rundown of the setup a about XP Workstations b networked using Static IP NOT on a domain-- these are for the most part standalone cloned workstations using DeepFreeze c possibly - users needing private storage across the LAN d online storage solutions Solution Private NAS - for Network Storage Folders are not an option given that our internet capabilities are very poor due to our remote location e already have a debian samba server NAS for Network Storage Solution - Private Folders sharing up public mounts to the LAN Now I am looking for something easy to accomplish this job I know one NAS for Network Storage Solution - Private Folders way is to do a samba pdc and join a domain and users could then have all the private storage they need However in our particular situation it is overkill to go to a domain just for this What about a NAS solution Are there NAS products out there that could allow me to set up or individual username password accounts to individual private folders on a NAS and users could access from across the LAN Cost is not a limiting factor we have a decent budget for a complete solution and the easier ie-staying away from domains linux samba the better for the folks who need to administer this Any suggestions are welcome nbsp

A:NAS for Network Storage Solution - Private Folders

I'd consider a server, I think 75 workstations are a bit much for most NAS boxes.
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I used to know of a security system for usb flash drives and pretty much any portable storage.

It used auto-run and a batch file to automatically send an email containing the IP address of any computer that it is plugged into(Except computers in witch you say are ok)

This way, if your flash drive is stolen and used on a foreign computer it will send you an email with the IP address of whoever stole it.

You can use their IP address to locate their location and/or report them to the police.

Unfouruanetly I cannot find the files anywhere on the internet.

If you know what im talking about and perhaps have a link to the files, please post it. Thank you.

A:USB Flash Drives and Other Portable Storage Security

Hi and Welcome to TSG,
I've seen such progs for laptops, for instance but not flash drives. If you want to secure data on your flash drive (and keep a backup copy elsewhere) you could use the well regarded (free) TrueCrypt in 'traveller mode':

I hope this helps?

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OK I was preparing my computer to do a clean install of Windows A few weeks ago I inquired if it would be safer to disconnect my storage drives prior to doing a clean install of Windows I went ahead and disconnected my storage drives except my computer would not boot up I got a message telling me I had a boot up failure and to install my system disc and hit Enter I did that but nothing happened I re-connected the storage drives only this time I did not get a message plus my computer did not boot up I just had a blinking cursor at the upper Left corner of the screen After a couple of hours of troubleshooting I entered the Setup BIOS and selected Load Defaults Well everything was back to normal and the computer booted up I don't want to go through this again so I am asking how can I get my computer to boot up with only the C Drive and without the storage drives connected I am just disconnecting storage drives not Computer boot would leery about doing a clean install and Computer would not boot disconnecting storage drives having my storage drives affected one way or another considering all my backups and settings are stored in these drives Any help would be appreciated Thanks

A:Computer would not boot disconnecting storage drives

It could be for many reasons.
I guess the boot loader isn't on your drive C: but on one of your Data HDD.
You probably has a Legacy system with Master boot record (MBR).
When it boots, the information of MBR transfer the booting system to a Boot Loader. On a MBR system you can only have one main Boot Loader. This Boot Loader can have more than one OS on it's parameters, that is, the boot sequence can be transfered to more than one secondary boot loader.
You also have Ubuntu on your system. If it has been installed after Windows and not on the same drive, the MBR on C: is transferring to Grub main boot loader on the drive where Ubuntu is installed. Grub then loads Ubuntu or transfer to Windows boot loader on C:.
If you take out this drive, MBR on C: won't find Grub and you can't boot.
To fix this, remove all drives except the one with Windows and with Windows Installation DVD make a boot repair. It will modify the MBR on C: to transfer boot sequence to windows. Ubuntu won't boot any more.

Then you have two options. Load Ubuntu from Windows boot loader ( or install MBR on the Ubuntu drive that will transfer the boot sequence to Grub on that drive, a Grub boot repair ( Before loading Grub boot repair, remove all HDD except the one that has Ubuntu. Then you will have two separated OS, each one with its own drive and MBR and you choose witch one to boot on BIOS.
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Windows 10 really likes to start up my storage drives. I have them set to sleep after one minute in the balanced power profile but not long after they spin down something else causes them to start up again.

They will eventually turn off but spin up again at a later time for no reason.
I see that there is no data being written to them in task manager.

A:What keeps waking my sleeping mechanical storage drives?

Windows itself will wake the drives periodically for maintenance and such, if they are on USB then the drive itself may be just coming in and out of sleep mode.
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I want to install Windows 8.1 on minibook that I have changed its Hard Disk. but I encountered this error:
'We couldn't find any drives, To get a storage driver, click Load driver'
thanks in advance
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> sorry and please redirect if in wrong forum<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Hi everyone,

I want to back up my drive contents. I was looking at the vast arrary of online and external storage drives.

I think i want to go for an external drive. USB 2 probably with at least 150gig. Can anyone point out good model / company to buy from.

Also could i install another aperating system on this drive that my computer can boot from?

All replies views and do's and dont's appreciated.


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All right, so this problem happened about 3 days ago when I came across a virus/malware program called SpywareRemoval 2009. Needless to say, I immediately ran both my anti-malware and anti-virus software and caught it right on its arrival.

Now, NONE of my extra storage devices (iPod, SD card, USB drive... nothing!) is being detected as storage.

They all appear in Device Manager under disk drives, yet when I check Disk Management, none of them appear. Everything that was once plug and play is no longer doing anything (although... it is kinda weird that the USB drive shows up as a CD-Drive with no storage capabilities...).

I REALLY don't want to have to wipe my system. I've got all my music on my internal and no way to back it up.

If anyone has any ideas, they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A:All external storage devices are not being detected as drives. Help!

Hi, you probably have trojan, read

the solution starts on p2
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I have a simple three disk parity RAID - calles Storage Space - W: drive.
3 x 1.36Gb gives me about 2.72Gb storage plus the parity bits.

This storage space has about 1.47Gb of data leaving some 1.24Gb free.

Storage Space Static is telling me my disks are 88% full and to add three extra drives

See screendump. What am I missing or not understanding here ?

How do I rectify this situation please ?


Muppet the Wonder Dog
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Good morning,

I'm intending to buy my first SSD and to install Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.

My current BIOS will allow me to set the ACHI option which I understand is required for SSD use. I've also read that changing this setting in the BIOS from IDE to AHCI will cause my current XP Pro OS to BSOD, that in itself is not a problem as I won't be using it again.

What I would like to know and to get some assurance about is what will changing that setting do to the SATA drives, also connected to the mobo (not USB), that I use purely as storage? Will they be OK? Will I lose access to them or will they be fine?

Any help gratefully accepted.


It's a mistype in the title, I know it's AHCI

A:What does changing to ACHI do, if anything, to purely storage drives

Hello ZBDMiller. Welcome to the forum.

Switching to AHCI will have no effect on your data drives. They will look and work exactly as they do now.

Switching modes only affects previously installed operating systems. It is a software problem, not anything to do with hardware or any physical change to the drive.

AHCI introduces some advanced connection features. The main one is just how the drive communicates with the controller - all behind-the-scenes stuff.

The one feature of AHCI that is noticeable to the user is the ability to "hot swap" drives. That is, connect or disconnect a drive while the PC is running.
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I am really interested in drive pooling as I have a computer running windows now that has drives x TB and X TB that act as my home media storage center I have TV shows split between drives and movies data on Space set on computer up with drives... Storage on drives When I access these from other applications it can be hard to group everything together and if I run out of space somewhere it is a nightmare Win pro x is on it's way but wanted Storage Space set up on computer with data on drives... to know how to set up Storage Space I have looked through the tutorials but Storage Space set up on computer with data on drives... cannot figure out how to set my system up if I have media in different spots Do I create Storage Space and all drives are in it then I just have to point to if from my other applications to get to the data Do I create a storage space for each type of media music TV shows Movies etc When I add a drive to a Storage Space set up on computer with data on drives... storage space how do I get it to include the files within the storage space and not just use the quot empty quot drive space I am not looking for redundency protection but to make my handling of data across all the drives easier e g quot Did I put my Futurama series on drive or Did South Park make it on to one drive or did I have to split it up Thanks -S

A:Storage Space set up on computer with data on drives...

Hi can you not dedicate 0ne or both of the 3Tb drives to video/audio. If you could then everything would be on one drive and I would guess each would take a lot of DVD's / downloads

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Importing messages into WLM creates a "Storage Folders" account which can't seem to be deleted.

I really want to get rid of this and it's sub folders, would uninstalling then reinstalling WLM sort this out?

Any Ideas?


A:Unable to delete Storage folders from Live Mail.

Hello ElBeasto,

In Windows Live Mail...

Click on View on the menu bar (Alt+M), and Layout. Next uncheck the Show Storage folders option under folder Pane, and click on OK.

Hope this helps,
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I have 7 different email accounts on my WLM. Currently, whenever I send or delete a message, it goes into the corresponding folder under the designated email account. This requires that when I want to search for a deleted or sent item, I have to look under every account to find it.

I currently have Quick View and storage folders moved to the top, and now move any sent and deleted items to these manually, so I have them all in one place.

Is there any way, that when I delete or send a message, that it will automatically be sent to the storage folders, rather than the actual email account folders?

A:Send Deletions and Sent Items to Storage Folders, not Accounts

Quote: Originally Posted by Coastalguy

I currently have Quick View and storage folders moved to the top, and now move any sent and deleted items to these manually, so I have them all in one place.

Is there any way, that when I delete or send a message, that it will automatically be sent to the storage folders, rather than the actual email account folders?

Answered here: Windows Live Mail Storage Folders moved up, drop back on restart?
Additional info: livemail and imap - not storing sent or drafts on server
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I've just bought a Samsung SATA DVD drive, model SH-S223L/RSMN. It appears in Device Manager as TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S223L ATA Device. Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit.

It seems to be working fine, but in Windows Explorer (Tiles, Group by Type) it appears in the Hard Disk Drives group, and not under Removable Storage.

The only change I have made since installing it is to add an UpperFilters entry to
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/Class {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} to make iTunes start without complaining. I don't think this is related.

Any ideas how to get it back in the right group?

A:DVD in Hard Disk Drives group, not Removable Storage

I would check your bios settings. What's the port it's plugged into designated as?