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Hello . My HP Pavilion g6 is charging when its Off but if I ...

Q: Hello . My HP Pavilion g6 is charging when its Off but if I ...

hello.... My HP Pavilion g6 is charging when Off but not charging when I switch it On, I have changed powerpacks and changed the Operating System too but the problem persists, When its On the LED switches on for a few seconds then Off
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Preferred Solution: Hello . My HP Pavilion g6 is charging when its Off but if I ...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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i have been using this laptop for 2 years i get it from my friend .

from start it always charges battery upto 56 percent.

and i thought that there is problem in the battery cell and in few months battery backup becomes very short.

Yesterday i bought a new battery for my laptop but it is giving me the same problem which i had with my previous battery.

So this is not battery problem.

Things i have tried

1)Removing battery and uninstalling windows ac adaptor from Device manager.

2)Removing both battery and power Adaptor and pushing the power button for 20 sec if there is any residuel current.

Nothing has worked for me so far.

I would be thankful for your guidance.

Thank you
(I'm running windows 10 X64)
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I have an HP Pavilion 17-e067cl. The laptop just stopped charging. I inspected the dc power jack and found the ceramic that covers the center pins missing so I replaced. When I plug the charger in I do not get a charging light. I have checked the back of the connector the dc power jack plugs into and I am getting voltage. I also checked the batter terminals and I am getting voltage there as well. What can I check as the machine is currently dead and will not operate.
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I have a friends HP Pavilion DV laptop it has been dropped but there is no external physical damage but it has stopped charging in the normal way When I was given the laptop it was completely dead it had in Charging/vga Dv4000 Pavilion Hp fact run the battery completely flat a Hp Pavilion Dv4000 Charging/vga fact that not forthcoming until I had stripped it Hp Pavilion Dv4000 Charging/vga down looking for any signs of obvious damage or Hp Pavilion Dv4000 Charging/vga broken connections etc which I didn t find I purchased another DV off Ebay with a damaged screen having used the hardrive from the original and connected to an external monitor everything worked fine including the charging the battery now back to The original laptop screen was reattached and all was fine picture perfect everything running as it should almost The problem I have is that the AC adapter will only charge and run the laptop when an external monitor is connected to the VGA socket disconnect and it reverts back to battery only considering the screen and inverter are the only components used from the original I assumed that there may be a problem with the inverter I found another screen assembly and replaced that and the problem is still there I now have Two DV laptop s which I assume have the same fault the hardrive amp AC adapter are the only two components that are shared both work very well apart from the need to connect them to an external monitor through the VGA socket in order to get them to run and charge the battery HP help desk suggested downloading the latest Bios F which I but didn t resolve the problem it has been suggested that the power socket could need repairing but it doesn t affected either unit by moving the AC plug at all In a nut shell plug an external monitor into the VGA socket and the AC power and charging is as it should be the monitor doesn t need to be powered either As an enthusiastic amateur and some what out of my depth I feel its time to get some of you experts onboard any suggestions welcome if kept clean A thankyou to Colin from www truestate com hprepair for his useful and friendly help Many thanks Bob nbsp

A:Hp Pavilion Dv4000 Charging/vga

It appears after that connecting the monitor via the VGA socket is providing an Earth enabling charging to operate, the AC adapter socket has been tested OK.
It has been suggested that a chip on the VGA circuit board may have failed causing the previous strange behavior.
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Hi dear, I have my laptop now for one year. It always worked well.But now, the adapter is plugged in and my laptop is working as always. But it is not charging. When I remove the adapter then te laptop falls out. So I can only use the laptop when it is on the adapter. Does anybody now how to solve this problem?  Thank you in advance.  Kind regardsKoen

A:My HP Pavilion is plugged in, but not charging.

Koen17 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about your laptop no longer charging and wanted to help.Since it could be the battery, the charger, or both, here are some troubleshooting steps you can try:HP Notebook PCs - Using and Testing the AC Power Adapter | HP Customer SupportHP Notebook PCs - Testing and Calibrating the Battery (Windows 8) | HP Customer SupportGood Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution".========================================================================
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Son has a pavilion 10 X2 laptop 2in1. The charger (I'm in UK) states output of 5V 3A. Can you use a charger that has less amps?I have another USB charger, Anker USB charger which outputs at 5V 2.4A. Is this enough? Will it just charge slower?Also there's another charger I have, from a surface 3, which outputs at 5.2V 2.5A.So are all safe? With one having a different voltage, and both others having lower amps?Thanks

A:Pavilion 10 X2 charging question

Hi, It is highly recommended to use HP charger (and for warranty too) BUT by some reasons you need to use other charger TEMPORARY, I recommend the first one (ie 5V 2.4A). Regards.
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I typically keep my laptop plugged into AC power whenever I'm using it and transport it in Sleep mode with the lid closed whenever I'm taking it on a trip nbsp The laptop is years old and the battery isn't holding a charge as well as it used to so it'll go from down Pavilion charging" in, g7 "plugged not to when it's in Sleep for maybe a hour trip nbsp I just moved to a Pavilion g7 "plugged in, not charging" new state and left it in Sleep mode in my laptop bag for more than hours which presumably took the battery down to nbsp Now that I'm unpacking and back up and running the indicator in the Pavilion g7 "plugged in, not charging" system tray constantly reads plugged in not charging with Pavilion g7 "plugged in, not charging" battery but it was yesterday nbsp However the laptop powers off immediately whenever I unplug it from AC power even with the lid closed in Sleep mode nbsp I've tried several different outlets and a spare charging cable but can't get the battery to start charging nbsp I know the battery is old and may need to be replaced but I suspect that it could also be a software or sensor failure because the battery drained while it was in Sleep mode maybe nbsp I've tried a few other troubleshooting steps online cleaning the battery contacts and reseating it updating battery drivers removing the battery from Device Manager and rebooting but nothing's fixed it nbsp The laptop still runs fine on AC power with the battery removed nbsp Any ideas to try before I give a replacement battery a shot
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I have been have problems with my DV4000 charging, it would charge only if I connected a external monitor to it, it was using that circuit as it earth source, you only had to connect it with no power.
It turned out to be the AC adpter socket, there is a tiny micro switch inside the socket which is opened when the adpter is plugged in, in my case the switch was damaged and wasn't switching as it is surposed to.
The laptop was taken apart and the socket unsoldered and replaced with a new one, approx 15.
hope this is useful to you all, thanks also to Colin from : a really helpful genuine Guy.

Regards Bob

A:Charging HP Pavilion DV4000

This is a very common problem with laptops in general. People first suspect and replace the AC adapter, then find out that the DC jack (in the US) is bad. Some of the DC jacks are on a separate cable, and some DC jacks are soldered onto the motherboards. I have a Toshiba Satellite with a soldered DC jack. This jack cost $42. The laptop has to be completely disassembled
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just bought new bttery, checked it's voltage ok, now is run down. checked the charging unit, voltage output ok. now what can i try?
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hiplease can someone assist my laptop has just died on my today. was working fine and battery went low, I plugged in charger but not charging. I've tried different charger but no luck. charging port doesn't look damaged. if I press power button the light on side flickers 3 times then goes off.I don't want to lose any of my info....please help?RegardsKarusha
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Hello, I am new to this forum thing. I have a 2 year old pavilion x-2 detachable personal laptop. Recently updated the OS to Windows 10. Ever since then I have been having problems with holding a charge on the battery. And now this morning it is unable to turn on and will not charge at all. I no longer have the serial number so I can not find out if I have a warranty through HP, which I think I do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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Can someone please help? My Pavilion is plugged in and for the past few days i noticed that it was pretty low. I checked today and clicked on the battery button to see the status and it says "19% avalible (plugged in, not charging)".
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Hi team, My laptop has recently run out of battery and the charger is not working. I have read various forum posts about HPs not charging and the remedies for it. But the problem I am facing is that the laptop has run out of battery so I can't charge it up to solve the charging problem.  The model is HP Pavilion G6-1241ea. I have recently updated to Windows 10 but not sure if 32 or 64-bit and can't check on the control panel. Anyone have any magical ideas?? Thanks, Fabian
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can i use pavilion laptop when it is charging up or will it damage it's battery if done.

A:can i use pavilion laptop when it is charging

Hi, Yes, you can use it while charging without causing any problems. Regards, DP-K
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Just purchased HP - Pavilion x360 2-in-1 in December.  When I plug the charger in the battery does not charge.   Should I replace the  battery or charger or both? Thanks!

A:Battery not charging on HP Pavilion

  Hi @vballsmithc , Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums and Welcome.  I have looked into your issue about your HP Pavilion 360 Notebook and issues with the battery and charging. Here is a link to test and calibrate the battery. Plug the power adapter directly into a functioning wall outlet. Do not plug it into a power strip, surge protector, or secondary power source as this could cause and issue. Here is a link to troubleshoot the AC power adapter. Please let me know the outcome of these test. I hope this helps. Thanks.
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Hi @ all.I am having problems with my PC. It is no longer charging. When I plug the charging line (the charging wire and adaptor) it is not charging. The orange charging light by the charging port is not coming up. But when I am about to plug in the charger, it makes some sound to show that the charger is good and working well. But if I put on the system, it will come up but the charger and the adaptor is not charging the PC.I have removed the battery and held down the power button for about a minute and it still did not work.Please help. What can I do
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I had this laptop for about two years then suddenly it stopped charging. The battery is saying plugged in, not charging and is at 11%. If i plug out the ac adapter the laptop will instantly shut off. The only thing is that the laptop fell of the bed about 50 cm tall, this happened 4 months before laptop stopped charging.Also the orange led charging light is constantly blinking.
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Hello sir,my HP pavilon g4 250 series does not come on until I use the AC adapter before it comes on when it comes on the battery writes plugged in but not charging.
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My computer had a small fire in the charging port; the charger is certainly ruined, but my main concern is that the melting seems to have completely ruined the port. The computer itself still works, but there is no way to charge it.
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I Have had my HP for just over 6 months and all of a sudden i noticed that the battery wasn't charging. It is plugged in and when i hover over the battery it says 'plugged in, charging' but it isn't charging at all. If i turn it off and leave it for a while it will charge to about 8% and then it just stops. i really need my tablet and would really appreciate any help, I am aware that it is under warranty however if there is a possibilty it could be sorted without sending it away then i would really apprecated that.  Thank you in advance.
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We have found that our battery is not charging.  We now need to have the laptop constantly plugged in to make it have power.   Sometimes when we turn the computer on, as it doesnt hold enough power now to go to sleep mode that it has an error message displaying about the battery and needing to do something about it but it always moves to the next screen too quickly for me to understand what the issue is and what to do about it. Can you please point me in the right direction on how we can resolve this issue as it is annoying.  The minute the power chord comes out of the computer, the power is lost. Regards,Kellie Anthony
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Hello Everyone nbsp I have a HP Pavilion Notebook PC with Windows and is almost two years old nbsp A few months ago I had my Laptop In Pavilion Charging Not Plugged HP laptop on my lap and it randomly turned off after turning it back on it did not charge above around nbsp Every now and then I would plug it in to charge and it would say plugged in not charging so I fixed the issue by turning it off taking the battery out turning it on uninstalling nbsp Microsoft ACPI-Control Compliant Method Battery turning it off putting the battery in turning it back on and the ACPI-CCMB would update and it charged back up to around nbsp As of about a week ago that stopped working I've tried updating the ACPI-CCMB doing the above multiple times and nothing works I noticed the recommendation for the HP battery utility but that didn't work in the past when it wouldn't fully charge and the computer has a percent charge and will not hold a charge so in the step where it says to turn it on unplugged my computer won't turn on nbsp After trying to use the HP battery utility a few things happened I have to mash the escape button in order to access the menu pressing it when the logo appears like it says does nothing When I tried to run the battery test it said minutes remaining and complete before freezing the computer up and after pressing the power button it instantly turned off nbsp I don't know if I need to get a new battery or if I just need to try something I haven't heard of yet nbsp Thanks for your help -Kadratos
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I have the above notebook but it says plugged in not charging and the battery does not hold power nbsp This charging plugged 11-n084sa, not in, Pavilion is what's been found so far nbsp The power charger is ok I have tried more than one and also tested it with a multimeter The DC jack is ok I have tried another brand new one nbsp UEFI HP Diagnostics say Pavilion 11-n084sa, plugged in, not charging that nbsp AC adaptor test passedBattery Check - Primary - OK The battery charge check was unable to test the primary battery Component test warningThe battery is deeply discharged I left it plugged in charging for a couple of hours but did not do anything nbsp Battery detailsCharge capacity Battery Age daysDesign capacity mahFull charge capacity mahRemaining capacity mahCurrent maBattery Status OK FAILURE ID OK Terminal voltage mvDesign voltage mvCell voltage mvCell voltage mvStatus AD AC power Yes nbsp All HP software drivers and windows drivers have been updated and I have also tried holding down the power button with the battery out to drain the power removed the ACPI compliant driver nbsp I've also tried booting off a linux usb which when loaded says charging but it does not change from at all nbsp Possible battery or systemboard error nbsp Thanks in advance
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just bought new bttery, checked it's voltage ok, now is run down. checked the charging unit, voltage output ok. now what can i try?
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My HP Pavilion x360 2 in 1 (brought in February this year) is plugged in but not charging. I can't remove the battery without opening the back panel which I don't want to do. It's plugged directly into  the wall socket with the cable provided with the notebook when it was purchased. Please advise on how to fix the problem. Many thanks

A:HP - Pavilion x360 2 in 1 Plugged in but not Charging

Hello @saxclone, Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! The Forums are a great place where you can find solutions for your issues, with help from the community! I understand that you are having an issue with the notebook not charging, and wanted to assist you! First, try reviewing the following documents, and let me know how it goes:HP Notebook PCs - Battery Does Not Power Notebook or Hold a ChargeHP Notebook PCs - Testing and Calibrating the Battery (Windows 10) Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great day!
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Hello My laptop doesnt seem to be charging at all even when it is plugged in. The message that I have looked in the power icon says "Plugged in, not charging". I need help to solve this. I bought the laptop in the webstore of HP 8 months ago, so the laptop still have warranty.. By the way, the Product Number is M1W93UA#ABA. Thanks in advance,Alonso.
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I work for a 10-K010NR X2 HP Pavilion issues charging computer shop and we've had one customer with this model laptop tablet that's HP Pavilion X2 10-K010NR charging issues had completely unpredictable charging issues practically since day one We've been through the system numerous times even replaced both the battery and HP Pavilion X2 10-K010NR charging issues the logic board but STILL cannot predict whether it'll charge at any given time or not So far the only thing that's generally gotten it to charge again is to do a forced power off restart when it happens to have enough charge to do so anyways nbsp Instinct tells me the power management driver has some sort of fault across this line of laptop since full blown logic board AND battery replacement didn't even resolve the issue All system drivers are fully up to date and multiple technicians have looked this device over we're wondering if this is some known issue and how to possibly resolve it There is no evidence of any hardware damage everything suggests this is somehow software driver firmware related
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My i pod shuffle 3rd generation does not seem to be charging. Where is the correct USB port on my Pavilion,which is 18 months old. Do I have to have i tunes on to charge?

A:HP pavilion which port for charging i pod shuffle

that would be a question you should ask Apple.  a usb device should charge with any port, although some have a + symbol on the port to indicate charging ability. Have you tried charging your mobile phone on a usb port of the notebook to ensure that it is working?
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Since a few days I am having a problem with the nbsp battery of my notebook I have my notebook plugged in but it won't charge When pointing the battery icon in the system tray it says available plugged in not charging nbsp It started of a few weeks ago when the notifications for low battery stopped appearing where it normally did so at and This was not plugged HP Pavilion G7 battery not charging in, - a major issue for me however I looked around at the forums and I couldn't fix it with the advice here This also goes HP Pavilion G7 - battery plugged in, not charging for this newer issue I tried uninstalling the drivers for the battery removing the battery from my laptop restarting Windows nbsp and nbsp reinstalling the battery in different orders none of which nbsp do the job nbsp There's HP Pavilion G7 - battery plugged in, not charging no damage to the battery When I remove it from the laptop I can work using the power cord nbsp I did a battery check with the HP support assistance and it says I need to purchase a HP Pavilion G7 - battery plugged in, not charging new battery But I can't really accept that it can't be that it stops working so suddenly The battery had an outstandinlgy good lifetime up until a few days ago I don't want to pay for something that still has a lot of potential to be functioning well nbsp My serial number is Moderator edited Serial Number My product number is E R E ABH The model code is G - ED nbsp Please help me on this one

A:HP Pavilion G7 - battery plugged in, not charging

Hi @Lewistrick  Thank you for your query.  I grasp that until a few days ago your battery was working well but now it will not charge. You followed some suggestion in the forum but they did not help. You ran the battery test and were informed you need to replace this one.  You are concerned that the test may be faulty and that you do not need to replace it. Here are two documents to help you understand battery life and provides an alternative method to test the battery to ensure the first test was correct. HP Notebook PCs - Understanding Lithium-Ion and Smart Battery Technology Battery information center.  If I have helped, feel free to give me a virtual high-five by clicking the 'Thumbs Up' icon below.? and if your issue is resolved please click solution provide to help other people find this information .  Best of Luck and have a terrific weekend!
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hi, i bought HP Pavilion g4-2212tu Notebook PC 2 mnth ago.It is giving pluged in not charging issue from the 1st day. I take it to the servise center they replaces the charger.but it would't solve the issue...When I connect my charger to it, it starts charging but after sometime it stops and the battery icon shows "plugged in not charging".

A:plugged in not charging HP Pavilion g4-2212tu Notebook PC

Hi Lordofcyberpunk, Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums and Welcome. I have read your thread on your HP Pavilion g4-2212tu Notebook and battery not charging. Plug the power adapter directly into a functioning wall outlet and into the computer. Do not plug it into a power strip, surge protector, or secondary power source. Here is a link to test and calibrate the battery. Here is a link to test the ac adapter. You can utilize this website to learn how to contact HP if needed, based on your region: Contact HP Worldwide Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Thanks.
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This laptop is brand new. The past few days, when I plug it in to charge, i get a messae over the battery icon saying "pluged in, not charging". I have read that this is in fact a software issue dealing with Windows 10 and I have tried multiple times to imlement solutions involving the Device Manager. The only thing I haven't tried is actually removing the battery because I do not think this particular HP model can be have its battery removed by the user. I would really rather not have to exchange laptops especially if it is a Windows problem, is there any way you can help?

A:HP Pavilion Notebook "Plugged in, not charging" message

Hello aer12994 There is one thing you can try that might work, provided there is nothing physically wrong with the battery. It is possible to disconnect the battery, which will help make this procedure successful.It requires you to remove the eight screws on the bottom of the case first. Before you get started, here are the instructions to do so, starting on page 29.As long as you don't replace anything, you wont fault your warranty.HP Pavilion Notebook PC Maintenance and Service Guide - c05228250 Instructions for fixing Battery not charging:You can try this without disconnecting the battery first. If its not successful, you will need to use the instructions above to disconnect the battery before using this procedure. 1. Unplug the power cord to the laptop and remove any other unnecessary items like a USB drive, etc.2. Disconnect the battery cable only (no need to remove the battery).3. Temporarily replace the bottom cover and plug the power cord back in.4. Turn the laptop/Windows 10 on.5. Press both the Windows key and X key. Click on Device Manager from the list that pops up.6. Under Desktop (drop the arrow down to show the listed items if not showing), find Batteries and click the drop down arrow next to it.7. You should see one or both of these items...               Microsoft AC Adapter               Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery      Right click on each one and choose Uninstall.8. Close the window and shut down the computer.9. Unplug the power cord.10. Reconnect the battery and reinstall the bottom cover.11. Connect the power cord and turn on the computer. Let me know what happens.
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Hi I bought an HP Pavilion G notebook only a couple of months ago and I have had this problem from the beginning I have looked at some other forums and it seems like a lot of Pavilion HP charging. not G6 plugged (laptop) Notebook in, people have had the HP Pavilion G6 Notebook (laptop) plugged in, not charging. same problem with the laptop being plugged in but not charging This problem is really frustrating as the laptop is plugged in to the power source and into the laptop but half the time it isn't even registered as being plugged in The battery gets drained Once or twice the battery has fully run out whilst plugged in and then been charged to next time it was turned on Please tell me if this is some kind of programming or software fault or if it could be a hardware fault I have run the battery checker several times and each time it has not found any problems with it As the laptop sometimes recognises that it is in fact plugged in but doesn't charge I personally suspect that it is not a problem with the power adapter PLEASE HELP ME Thanks Sorry for the long message Solved View Solution

A:HP Pavilion G6 Notebook (laptop) plugged in, not charging.

Hi, You can help us help you by posting the following information. 1.  The full Model No. and Product No. of the notebook - see This HP web documentif you are not sure that you how to locate the model number and\or product number. 2.  The complete version and name of the operating system you are using ( ie Windows 7 64bit ). Go into the Device Manager. (type device in the search programs and files box and click on device manager as seen in the following image) Expand the Batteries device. Right-click on the Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery and select uninstall. Do the same thing with the Microsoft AC Adapter device.    After you have uninstalled both devices ,then you can right-click on any of the devices in the Device Manager and select  and click on scan for hardware changes.  When you have done that, the operating system will reinstall the drivers for both devices.
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I have been using my Pavillion (about 2 yrs old) with no issue.Yesterday, closed the lid on standby, go to turn back on today. Nothing.Plug in. Nothing. No charging LED light, the power button flashes if I press it, as if to tell me to charge.Have tried 2 HP adaptors, and both adaptors on my friends pavilion. They work fine.I am currently travelling indonesia and need my laptop for work - loathed to take it to a backstreet computer 'fixer'.I am unable to remove the battery pack as it is internal battery and I don't know how.Please help. I really need to be back up and running pronto.Thanks.
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Hi, I have just purchased a brand new laptop (HP Pavilion 15-an001na).  However I can not charge it.  i can only use it with the AC adaptor plugged into it. At the bottom of the screen it says 'charger plugged in but not charging' This is really inconvientant, has anyone came across this issue before? And/or has a solution? Regards, Chris
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I have two problems with my HP Pavilion 17-f010na laptop. I recently installed the Windows 10 upgrade (previously 8.1). The problems: The laptop is not charging the battery. Battery status is displaying "0% available plugged in charging", if the mains charger is turned off the laptop immediately shuts down.When the laptop goes into standby mode (after specified power saver time), the screen goes black (which is normal) but the laptop will not come out of standby mode, screen remains black, the power light remains on.I don't know if these two problems are related or if the Windows 10 upgrade has caused these problems? The laptop is just over a year old and has had very little use, perhaps just a few hours only.
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I've been having this problem since recently after I got the laptop over a year ago Whenever my laptop is plugged in and under a load. under when reboots g4 charging Pavilion HP heavy and heavy load Videos Games and anything else that puts stress on the computer It will either reboot suddenly Instantly go black and restart or freeze with colored bars on the screen Multicolored usually cyan yellow and HP Pavilion g4 reboots when charging and under heavy load. magenta I looked in the error log and found this This is the error that happens every time Code - lt Event xmlns quot http schemas microsoft com win events event quot gt - lt System gt lt Provider Name quot Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power quot Guid quot C B A- - C -AC E- C D B quot gt lt EventID gt lt EventID gt lt Version gt lt Version gt lt Level gt lt Level gt lt Task gt lt Task gt lt Opcode gt lt Opcode gt lt Keywords gt x lt Keywords gt lt TimeCreated SystemTime quot - - T Z quot gt lt EventRecordID gt lt EventRecordID gt lt Correlation gt lt Execution ProcessID quot quot ThreadID quot quot gt lt Channel gt System lt Channel gt lt Computer gt GarrettRyan-HP lt Computer gt lt Security UserID quot S- - - quot gt lt System gt - lt EventData gt lt Data Name quot BugcheckCode quot gt lt Data gt lt Data Name quot BugcheckParameter quot gt x lt Data gt lt Data Name quot BugcheckParameter quot gt x lt Data gt lt Data Name quot BugcheckParameter quot gt x lt Data gt lt Data Name quot BugcheckParameter quot gt x lt Data gt lt Data Name quot SleepInProgress quot gt false lt Data gt lt Data Name quot PowerButtonTimestamp quot gt lt Data gt lt EventData gt lt Event gt My warranty is expired so I can't get the computer replaced I've tried switching to a charger my brother has for his HP Pavilion Not a g but still g-series I've tried googling my problem and have found a few similar issues but no solutions to the problem I would appreciate it if somebody could help me with this Thanks P S If you need more information feel free to request it

A:HP Pavilion g4 reboots when charging and under heavy load.

The freezing with colored bars is your biggest clue.

It is probably the GPU (Video Card), go to the manufactures website and look to see if there are any driver updates for the machine.

You said this started recently, Have you done updates lately, maybe the driver update is corrupt, try rolling back the video driver

How To Roll Back a Driver in Windows 7
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What I do ? Laptop battery not changed

A:Re: plugged in not charging HP Pavilion g4-2212tu Notebook ...

It has to be 3 or 4 years old. Time for a new one.
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My relative spilled some tea on his laptop Unfortunately the darn thing won t accept the AC Adapter It will turn white than orange and just sit there without actually charging or powering anything It says it s there but it s Bad Pavilion charging/power g7-1150: circuit hp not It won t charge and when you remove the battery while it s running it looses power I opened it up and found that area was rather corroded I cleaned the area with alcohol but the damage was already done and the only fix I can find is replacing the motherboard The entire system runs perfectly fine except that darn area Is there a way to bypass the charging circuit and deliver the proper voltage directly via the battery connector or is there a way to modify the battery so it ll hp Pavilion g7-1150: Bad charging/power circuit charge from an external source He doesn t really care as long as I can get his laptop working again without spending the cost of the laptop to fix it I was thinking a battery pack that connected normally that has an external connector for a charger nbsp
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Hi I got this notebook new in November  and in January it died, it was sent to HP and it took them til the end of April to fix it, it was the mother board. The bloody thing has just died again. My oh noticed the battery was low earlie so plugged the charger in but didn't notice it wasn't charging until the battery completely ran out. He plugged said charger in again but nothing, the notebook will not turn on nor does the charger seem to work, we changed the fuse and still nothing. If you press the on button there is a rapid flashing light on the left hand side of the notebook which seems to be the charging light but the notebook remains unresponsive. Any ideas please? Thanks
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Hello All I need help with new out of the box HP Pavilion TouchSmart 15-109wm. The battery is not charging. Once you unplug the power, it dies. I have follow a couple of fixes, uninstalling the window AC software and reinstalling it, folding a piece of paper and twisting  it in the power connection on the labtop. None worked. I am all the way in Africa and I need these labtops working.Thanks
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So my laptop has two LED lights one in the front and one near the plug-in for the charger Before it would charge perfectly and won't charging dv8 & unles... suddenly stops HP charge Pavilion both lights turned on then my charger broke and my grandmother got me a charger This charger worked perfectly but the near-plug-in-LED HP Pavilion dv8 suddenly stops charging & won't charge unles... light stopped turning on Only the front one was turning on but aside from that everything seemed just fine My laptop requires a w Charger and the charger she gave me was of w I didn't know this until about a week ago since suddenly during gameplays it would just randomly stop charging after about minutes into a video game or after maybe hours of just browsing and stuff I went to a place to get it checked nbsp and they told me it was because of the charger etc etc Now I bought a new charger and it's still the same it charges even though the battery icon says it's on and doesn't move from there but it suddenly just stops charging after a while again The problem with it not charging is that my laptop gets extremely laggy and only lasts about minute before it shuts down Is it the battery Please tell me there's another solution Batteries are expensive The reason I added so much detail to this question is because I don't want to leave anything out Thanks
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Hello, I have recently ugraded to windows 10, everything (or I should say almost everything) works fine, except for the dreaded red x on my sound icon that says "No audio output device installed" when I hover the mouse over it, so I have no sound. And the other thing is my battery doesn't seem to be charging (the battery is new) it simply says "plugged in and charging" but it clearly is not because if I unplug the power cord, the computer goes off. I have looked around the internet for about a week now spending countless hours reading different forums from different websites, including this one, but I can't find any fixes that work. PLEASE HELP! HP Pavilion dv6608caWindows 10 64bitProduct number: DY130UA#ABC Thank you in advance!

A:No sound and battery not charging HP Pavilion dv6608ca Wind...

right click on battery then pick power options, on the left side of the window that appears it should say choose when to turn off the display. check what that says. as for the audio, the driver may not be compatible with windows 10
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hi from senior Joan. My led battery lamp keeps flashing. Is there reason for concern?  I am not charging to 100%. Would this be an adapter issue or does battery need replacing? computer is 4 years old and works fine otherwise. thanks much for any help..

A:HP Pavilion dm3t battery icon shows 99% available (plugged in not charging)

If the power adapter is producing the proper voltage and the battery is not charging, at four years old I would suggest that it's time to replace the battery.
If you know someone who can test the output of the power adapter this would let you know if the problem is with the adapter or the battery.
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I have got problem on my laptop, I already had a problem where my laptop used to go on sleep mode whenever I plugged the charger or press the brightness increase or decrease button, but i managed to work despite the problem. But, now my laptop has stopped charging at all,
whenever i put the charger my laptops shows sign of charging but donot actually charges, as the charging light remains off ... if i try to move the charger tip then the charging light glows sometime. I am really in a problem so plz help me.
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I have got an ASUS k56cb for more then a year now and it has been working fine for my. But now i came across this problem while trying to charge the laptop while windows 8 is running. When the laptop is turned off i can charge my laptop but when i try charging it while windows 8 is running it keeps flickering.
I have reinstalled windows 8 but that didnt fix the problem. And if i try to run the laptop on ac-power it will shut down when booting or shut down after 10-15min. Before this problem i was charging the laptop while working. I dont know if its the charger or the battery. I have measureed the charger and it is gives 19v all the time. I dont really know what to do know and any help will be appreciated.


Verstuurd vanaf mijn LG-H815 met Tapatalk

A:Charging light keeps flickering on and off and windows 8 charging icon keeps flickeri
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Dell laptop not charging..getting message plugged in not charging I brought Dell Inspiron 14R laptop 2 years back . My laptop is not getting on with battery..only when power cable is plugged in its getting on..but getting message saying "plugged in not charging"...replace the battery.

Is this an issue with battery or do i need to change the AC adapter. Do i need to buy a new battery?

Please let me know your suggestions. Thanking you in advance.

A:Dell laptop not charging..getting message plugged in not charging

Quote: Originally Posted by sirisha

Dell laptop not charging..getting message plugged in not charging I brought Dell Inspiron 14R laptop 2 years back . My laptop is not getting on with battery..only when power cable is plugged in its getting on..but getting message saying "plugged in not charging"...replace the battery.

Is this an issue with battery or do i need to change the AC adapter. Do i need to buy a new battery?

Please let me know your suggestions. Thanking you in advance.

Hi sirisha,

We truly regret for the inconvenience. Please check the link below which would help you resolve this issue:

Kindly perform these steps and let us know, so we can advise you further.
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Hello! My ProBook 4540s was working fine until few half hour ago, when I unplugged it to move it and then attempted to plug it back in, and it stopped charging.  When plugging in the power cord the light above the power jack (and no other lights) flashes white 9 times.   This is the exact same problem as posted here there is no solution. Please help
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I am having a problem with my laptop computer. I figured out that my laptop, when being charged or using the Power Outlet, runs at 100% CPU at times, and slows me down when running and working on some open applications. At first I thought I had tons of spyware or even a virus, and even posted a Hijackthis file here. Nothing was found.
I figured out that my cpu runs at 100% when using the power outlet, or when my computer is chargnig. When I unplug the powercord and use the battery life, everything runs GREAT!!!!! my cpu drops to a normal 4-8% usage with multiple applications running. WEIRD huh? Can anyone relate to this ?? Is this and indication that my battery is going bad???? Can someone help me with this or suggest what is going on? I am running windows XP home edition, and have a compac presario 1500 series. Pent 4..


A:CPU runs at 100% when charging laptop battery, when not charging its fine. HELP!!!
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I just got my computer back from having the motherboard switched out because of another problem, but now my battery will not charge. The light is on and it says it is charging, but it isn't. Should I attempt a gauge reset or something else?

It is a Lenovo y50, which I have had for 3 months. The battery needs to be unscrewed from the back.

A:Says plugged in and charging, but is not charging. Just got motherboard fixed.

If it is not charging maybe the battery is defective.
Did they gave you back the original charger?
Did they install another different motherboard which might use a different charger?
You may need to contact the person who repaired it to find out.
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I m coming through with this issue because I saw so many people including dell tech support struggling with this issue before The issue is as follows you connect your laptop to the charger the charging light goes on windows says quot charging quot even the BIOS says charging and yet the battery s says charging but charging it's not Dell [solved] E7440 voltage just keeps going down no matter what you do about it Dell tech support usually try to guide you to reset the BIOS battery by removing the main battery and press the power button but it s not the case here The solution I found was a very strange one changing the RAM slot seemed to solve the issue completely Just taking the RAM card from one slot to the other on one slot it s stopping your laptop from charging on the other everything is good I honestly don t know nbsp why that is and I m a PC technician myself nbsp considering the laptop ships with two perfectly good RAM slots but I thought the solution needs to be Dell E7440 says it's charging but not charging [solved] out there I m hoping Dell E7440 says it's charging but not charging [solved] I managed to help some of you Even with my less then perfect English Sapir
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For some time have received the error message regarding under power smart adaptor with newer replacement HP adaptor matching original.  Battery icon lists % charge & "not charging".  Battery tests good in HP Support Assistant battery check.  Power adaptor will power my older Pavillion laptop but not  the Envy with or without battery installed.  Battery charging LED does not light.  Have tried re-calibration by deleting Microsoft devices in Device Manager.  Envy will operate with and without battery while using Dell power adaptor. Computer repair shop says Smart adaptor produces 0 voltage (even though it powers Pavillion) and I need a new battery (even though diagnostic test indicates good). Help!!!
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I have a dell xps 12, bought in 2012. Recently the battery stopped charging. The battery shows 0%, so I have to be plugged in to turn the laptop on. When it is on, the battery icon on the task bar says "plugged in, charging" but after a day it is still 0%.
Since then I bought a new battery. Just fitted it, but now the battery icon on the task bar says "plugged in, not charging". Furthermore, when I Fn+F3 to show the battery meter, it says "battery charging diabled". There is no option here to turn battery charging on. Nor is there an option to enable battery charging in BIOS. 
BIOS does show battery performing normally, so does the battery meter (Fn+F3). BIOS also shows AC adapter as 45W, which is the original adapter.
Any help is appreciated!
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Battary not charging showing plug in not charging , laop top was purchase in july 2015 from Vijay Sales mumbai chembur. Pl give some solution
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i bought hp 4530s four months ago and today i have found that it is not charging though it says "plugged in,charging". I have tried several methods like uninstalling Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery but nothing happen... wot might be the problem? plz help me !!

A:hp probook 4530s plugged in,charging but it is not charging

Hello thambu90, i understand that your battery is not charging. Test the battery to make sure that it does not have any problems.Here is a link to a document that will walk you through the steps. Here is a link to a number to call HP if the battery does not charge. Let me know how everything goes.
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Hi supporter,
I buy a laptop DELL XPS 13 9350 from Microsoft store (NY) last week. But it stop charging at 80%. I have read all related topics on this forum, but my issue isn't solve. I did: - Update Window- update BIOS ver 1.4.4- BIOS > setting > general Battery Information: health excellent, 80% (Idle), AC Adapter = 45W-Power Management > Primary Battery Charge Configuration: Standard- all step here (, except (step 5 & 6).- I ran diognasis test in BIOS: everything passed. What could I do next? Thanks
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I've had my HP Envy laptop for about 3 months, and yesterday I noticed that when it was plugged in it wasn't charging (the battery icon says "plugged in, not charging"). I turned it off overnight, plugged in, and this morning the battery was fully charged. It only seems to not charge when it is turned on. I have tried removing the battery, turning on, deleting the ACPI-compliant control method battery, turning off, and turning back on again (as advised in other forum responses), but with no joy. At first I thought it could either be a battery issue, but the fact it fully charged overnight whilst off would lead me to believe it's not, and is probably a software / settings issue. Any ideas please, I've run out of google search ideas!!

A:HP Envy Battery Problems - not charging when on, charging fu...

Hello HowfenClaret, Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I would encourage you to post your product number for your computer. I am linking an HP Support document below that will show you how to find your product number. As well, if you could indicate which operating system you are using. And whether your operating system is 32-bit or 64-bit as with this and the product number we can provide you with accurate information. How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?Which Windows operating system am I running?Is the Windows Version on My Computer 32-bit or 64-bit? Please re-post with the requested information and I would be happy to provide you with assistance. Thank you for posting on the HP Forums. Have a great day!
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For some reason my laptop once stopped charging I tried a few different outlets at a library and non of them made the laptop start charging again charging organge light glowing I got home and my outlets charging randomly LED blinks Pavillion not but charging, 15 there didn't work either THen after a while I tried an outlet again and it worked Then this problem occured one more time then I fixed it somehow And the last time it occured nbsp I haven't been able to fix it Trust me I've tried almost everything I tried turnign it off taking the battery out and holding the powere button then trying to charge it I tried waiting for hours but nbsp have not tried a new charger nbsp nbsp So here is the problem I see I plug in the charger and the charging LED does not glow instead it randomly it seems random blinks nbsp nbsp I once left my laptop to do that for hours and it still didn't even charge Also I can't turn on my laptop without the battery not sure if thats even possible as I have not heard it is possible nbsp nbsp I'm going to send it back to Costco soon but before I do please help me figure out how to fix it thanks

A:Pavillion 15 not charging, but charging LED blinks randomly

I also cannot turn it on because the battery is probably at o%
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Hi, I'm having problems charging my gateway laptop unless I wiggle the charging pin and power brick a certain way. I have tried replacing the charger and battery. It doesn't help. Also If I run on straight AC with no battery the laptop will shut off if it moves due to the contact problem. Does any one know why this happening?

Thanks for the Help.

Also its a gateway t-6859 laptop.

A:Laptop has problems with charging unless I wiggle the charging pin.

how old is the laptop sounds like your ac in port has de-soldered from the psu part of the motherboard. its the most common thing to break on laptops since they get a lot of stress from the cables pulling on them or they are built cheap either way. is is it still in warranty?
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My charging port got pulled from inside of laptop. Where inside does it connect back?

A:My laptop was charging & got dropped and broke charging por...

I am not sure how you think we can help without knowing the model or product number. Once we have that we can find the manual which will show exactly how to get to it and what parts you will need. Without it, no way to know.
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My dell Inspiron 3420 bios version A09 suddenly stopped charging battery , and the power icon show this message(Plugged in and charging) but my battery does not charge.
I tested another charger and another battery but did not help.
Thinking that changing bios might  help,I am trying to change the bios but can't downgrade even i tried /forceit command. 
I can access logic board if for troubleshooting someone could educate me about  voltages of sda, scl and dc jack connector to the board.
Kindly help me.

A:(Redirected) Plugged in, Charging but not Charging

As you have a laptop, best to post this in the Laptop Forum here: Bev.
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Need Help The problem started from June about AM UTC Philippine Help!!Battery:Plugged charging) In,Charging(but really not Manila I open my Notebook that morning to check Help!!Battery:Plugged In,Charging(but not really charging) on my e-mails and bills at gmail but it's not powering up At first I thought that the battery was slightly drained because I saw my sister still using it Help!!Battery:Plugged In,Charging(but not really charging) at midnight I asked her if she did not plugged in the charger when it is nearly drained but she said she plugged it and it is still full when she shut it down It is Li-ion Battery I tried plugging in the charger to check whether it still has remaining battery It powered up On the taskbar notifications running apps it says Available Plugged In Charging So to check out the problem I left it turned off charging for about two hours Then after two hours it still says Available Plugged In Charging What the hell is this I asked my self I installed an app to check the status of the battery Battery Bar Battery Bar says something like this Capacity K of K mWh not sure about this Charging mW Running on AC Available Something like that Summary Notes Does not power up without Charger It detects the Battery saying Available Plugged In Charging Though Plugged In Charging it does not charge at all because of mW charge rate It turns off when the Charger is plugged out It still run even without the Battery when the Charger was plugged in of course then a red x mark shows in the notification taskbar battery icon Thus The problem is somewhere in the Laptop or in the Battery It is not the battery ports connectors nor in the charger connector because the OS still can detect it

A:Help!!Battery:Plugged In,Charging(but not really charging)

How old is it? Most likely the battery if you use it a lot on battery power, not plugged in.
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I have HP pavilion RT3290 from 2 year,Nowadays i find when i plugge in charger it will charge but after 84% of charging it show plugged in, not charging tag.Simmilearly on bettery system get shutdown when 40%bettery remaining without showing any battery warning  of 7% and 5%.
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I have Toshiba satellite model C875?7304. The battery indicator on the desktop says that it's charging but the percentage is depleting. This is on a brand-new battery that came with 67% full and a new adapter. When the laptop is off the LED indicator in the front is lit like the battery is charging. However it is not. After leaving it plugged in for a few hours the percentage was the same as when I turned it off. Also the adapter wasn't warm at all. I've tried all Toshibas recommendations removing all power from the laptop and holding the power button down for 30 seconds to a minute. Also removing the battery for the bios and reinserting it. Still that hasn't worked. I removed the laptop battery and the laptop will not power on using AC power only. It's almost like the laptop is only using battery power and the adapter is not charging the battery or keeping the laptop on. Laptops only about a year old. Any suggestions anyone?

A:Toshiba satellite charging but not charging

As the laptop's only a year old the original battery should be fine and not need replacing. Also if it won't run from the AC power only something is wrong. Look for your receipt and if it's still under guarantee take the laptop back.
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I found out yesterday morning that for some reason, the battery on my laptop isn't charging. I'm staying at my mother's house for the weekend and since then the problem has occured. At home, it always charged properly and never gave me any problems.  Could I need a new battery? I've tried going to Device Manager and uninstalling and re-installing drivers and the whole 9 yards, yet the problem still persists. Thank you in advance
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HelloHP EliteBook 840 G2The indicator shows: Battery plugged in, chargingbut really the battery not charging - bar doesn't movePlease help, what to do?

A:Battery plugged in, charging - but really not charging

Dear Customer,Welcome and Thank You for posting your query on HP Support ForumIt looks like your Notebook is not charging the Battery, We will surely assist you with this issuePlease perform below shown steps to resolve the issue:Step 01. Click on the Start ButtonStep 02. Type "Device Manager" in the start search box & open the Device ManagerStep 03. Look for Batteries and expand it by click on the + symbol on the leftStep 04. Right Click on "Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery" & uninstallNote: This Battery driver will get re-installed automatically when you restart the Notebook againStep 05. Please Shutdown the NotebookStep 06. Please remove the Battery and unplug the Power AdapterStep 07. Press and Hold the Power Button for full 1 MinuteStep 08. Go ahead and put back the Battery and connect the Power AdapterStep 09. Look for "Plugged In Charging" message on the Battery iconAfter performing all the steps if you are facing the same issue still, please perform three more steps:1. Run a Battery Check in HP Support Assistant[Install the Software if it's not available]Note: Replace the Battery If Health Check Status shows Replace2. Update the latest BIOS for your Notebook from HP Support Site3. Please check your Notebook with a known good Power Adapter & Battery from a different NotebookNote: If a known good battery is also not charging we need to replace the system boardHow to improve the life of a Battery:1. It is not advisable to use the Notebook when the Power Adapter is connected2. It is not advisable to keep the Power Adapter plugged in even after the Battery is fully charged3. You need to let the battery drain completely before charging again4. Power Plan should be set correctly for extended battery life5. Please keep the Screen Brightness at lower level6. Please turn OFF Wi-Fi Connection when not in use7. Please remove the CD/DVD's from the Optical Drive when not in useTesting and Calibrating the Battery (Windows 8) this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again**Click the KUDOS star on left to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem.Thank You,K N R KAlthough I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP
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Client's relatively new Yoga 500 is exhibiting a weird problem in Windows 10 anniversary edition. The battery is currently at 47% but keeps flickering between charging and not charging. The icon changes every second, possibly faster. Tried swapping power supplies so it's not that. When first reported, the battery was at 40% but then got to 47% during a reboot. The battery on the Yoga 500 is internal so not possible to try swapping batteries. Any ideas or suggestions?
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My 4540s recently has problems with battery charging. When I plug in, on the taskbar it says : "Plugged in, charging", however it is not charging. It is not going above 0%. I followed the steps that are here like uninstalling "Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery" and then removing battery, holding power button for a minute and then putting back battery and turning notebook on. But it was useless. My laptop still not charging. Please help me with this issue.

View Solution.

A:It says: "Plugged in, charging", but it is not charging (454...

Farahim wrote:The result is the same even when the laptop is turned off: It's not charging. It's always 0% and the light does not change its color to green (which indicates that its charged).That is incorrect. Off, as in no color, indicates fully charged. See the image I provided to you in my previous post. If you purchased the battery from a vendor who provides a guarantee, it should be still in warranty since it has been less than a year. Contact them for a replacement.
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Sorry if im in the totally wrong area first Charging. Randomly Not Then Charging time post My laptop Dell m Vista gig Ram So my Dell M one day decides to stop charging and then slowly looses its power until it goes dead I have had this issue once before so as I did before I let the laptop sit there for a couple of hours then plugged the power back in and it worked again But now whilst im on it it is always detecting the charger then not recognizing it and so on until eventually Randomly Charging Then Not Charging. it just stops detecting it and goes flat and I have to wait a couple of hours before I can try again I have checked the part that goes into the laptop as in opened it and checked it there was no obvious damage So I have no idea whats wrong Could it be the mother board Why is it working if I leave it for a while Thank you in advance

A:Randomly Charging Then Not Charging.

I also forgot to add that its my laptop, its not taking power, my battery is alright.
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I have a HP Probook 4740s laptop. When the laptop is open (ON) and I plug in the power it shows Plugged in, Charging but it does not charge. The only time it charges in  when I have the laptop closed (cover down). I have run the EUFI and systems diagnostics, uninstalled and re-installed the battery drivers in Device Manager and the battery report is fine but the problem still persists. Anyone ever had this issue kindly assist. I don't have any warranty on the laptop.
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I own dell latitude e6410 and had its bttery replaced bout 4 months ago. the battery did good giving me 4 hrs backup (9 cell). now whe i hover above the battery icon in the taskbar it says 0% available plugged in charging.................but not actually charging i've tried the power button thingy and uninstalling and re installing the battery driver, didn't work for me. what should i do??

A:Plugged in charging but not charging

Update System Setup (BIOS):
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My dell Inspiron 3420 bios version A09 suddenly stopped charging battery , and the power icon show this message(Plugged in and charging) but my battery does not charge.
I tested another charger and another battery but did not help.
Thinking that changing bios might  help,I am trying to change the bios but can't downgrade even i tried /forceit command. 
I can access logic board if for troubleshooting someone could educate me about  voltages of sda, scl and dc jack connector to the board.
Kindly help me.
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I will move the cursor over the battery icon and it says "93% available (plugged in, not charging)"
How do I get it to charge to 100%? Becuase I would like max battery power when I unplug my laptop.

Thanks B.

A:Charging problem not charging

My only guess is that you could be using a charger with enough wattage to run the computer but not enough to run the computer AND charge the battery.

Is this the power supply that came with the computer?
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I don't know where to post this...
I think theres a problem with my battery
But I don't wanna risk buying a new one. (cost a lot)
So I wanna be sure of what's the problem...

it shows
35% (plugged in, charging) but it never goes up to 36% at all.
But after some minutes...
(plugged in, not charging)
and my battery charge LED indicator is flashing....

I did this Method that I seen here

Battery Charging Is Not Indicated in Vista or Charging LED Does Not Turn On HP Pavilion dv4-1117nr Entertainment Notebook PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

But well, it still didn't go up to 36%

Some say that I could just take the battery off the laptop...
and still use my battery charger...
But I don't wanna risk damaging the charger...
If that happens, I have two things I need to fix
And I don't think I can take it.

A:35% (plugged in, charging) then not charging. :|

Hello and welcome. I read those instructions. and from your post, i can assume that you did those steps correctly and are still having issues. To further trouble shoot this , how bout testing what happens when you are running on battery and the charge is waaaaay low. Plug it in and see if it charges. and if it just charges to the one level of 35% . If this happens after it ( battery ) has been run down to a low power state and only charges to 35% , then to me that would indicate a battery issue. So, with that in mind, let battery run down and then plug it in and report back how far it charges back up to. Also, note how long it takes it to run down to a state where you need to recharge it.
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The sound on my notebook works fine until I connect it via HDMI to an HP Pavilion 24xw monitor.  Then the audio disappears.  If I disconnect it, the audio comes back. I have tried going to the 'Sound' section of the control panel.  There are two options:Speakers Realtek High Definition Audio HP 24xwThe default is Speakers Realtek.  When I use the test facility my notebook plays the test sound.  I have updated to the latest version of the driver. Can someone help with why when plugging in the monitor the audio disappears from my notebook? Thank you so much!
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Dear everybody! I'm going to buy more 8GB Crucial ram for my laptop. Currently i have 4GB. So i will have 12GB ram total. So Could anyone give me some advices about this. Is it ok ? Is it compatible with my device ?  Thank you.  

A:HP-Pavilion-17-f100-Notebook-PC-series - HP Pavilion Noteboo...

@0xaddr? Memory Supports the following configurations: ? 12288 MB (8192 MB1+ 4096 MB1; not supported on computer models with a 32-bit operating system) Your manual here. REO
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a simple question......will a HP Pavilion 15-n034sa motherboard fit into a HP Pavilion 15-n083sa ?

help me obi-wan youre my only hope!!


A:will a HP Pavilion 15-n034sa motherboard fit into a HP Pavilion 15-n083sa ?

Actually that's a hard question, generally its not possible to install another motherboard, sometimes it is. In this case one is an AMD platform and the other is an Intel platform, there could be tons of differences in mounting holes, physical design, clearance, connectors, heat dissipation requirements, cooling systems, etc. Laptops are not like desktops that use more standardized designs.
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Hi, I just bought 2 laptops today and wanted it to be in Windows 7 64 bit instead of Windows 10.May I know where to get the Winows 7 drivers?I had tried to search around but I couldn't get Win7 driver.Can you provide me? The laptops I just bought are:HP Pavilion 14-ab175TXHP Pavilion Notebook - 14-ab161tx
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I have a Genuine Microsoft DVD DV4 not does ... Pavilion internal Pavilion UEFI show dvd using for Windows When I put the Bios in UEFI boot mode It does not boot from the DVD or Pavilion DV4 Pavilion using UEFI does not show internal dvd ... if i use a USB bootable stick nbsp formatted using APT format When I hit esc on boot and select the boot devices to boot from nothing is shown nbsp If nbsp I let it just try to boot it give me a message that no bootable image on hard disk It is a new hard nbsp When I put it in legacy support mode it will boot either the USB or the internal DVD but I want to use UEFI and the new APT format for security What device can you buy so this laptop nbsp will boot something that is portable media on this bios nbsp It came with this format on the original hard drive with windows nbsp Thanks Buford nbsp HP Pavilion DV - cl with INSYDE F bios from latest update
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I would like to connect my HP Pav 23-1010t All in One Desktop to my HP Pav dm4 laptop.  For the purpose of switching between the two, using the HP Pav 23 video/monitor, keyboard and mouse to control what is on the laptop.  Will a KVM switch work?  Or some other swtich or cables?
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My HP Pavilion 500-205t was destroyed by a lightning strike. The HD is o.k. I have purchased an HP Pavilion 500-490 because the specs were very close.  I  want to use my 205t HD. Both computers are Core i3-4130, have 1 TB 7200 SATA 6G 3.5 HDs, same OS (Windows 7 Pro 64). My question is:  can I swap them out, or do I need to get an external HD enclosure and copy the 205t to the 490? If I need the external HD enclosure, looks like aluminum would be best, but would like recommendation for one which would hold my HD.
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Hi I replaced the battery on my Gateway New between toggling charging" "not "charging" and Battery MA with a brand new one non OEM With the laptop turned off the new battery charged New Battery toggling between "charging" and "not charging" well without any problems But when I charge the battery with the laptop turned on I see the battery icon changing from quot plugged in-not charging quot to quot not plugged in quot New Battery toggling between "charging" and "not charging" to quot plugged in-charging quot and the cycle repeats The charging LED indicator also keeps turning off and on following the icon messages this indicator was constantly on when charging with the laptop turned off Looks like the battery charging is getting messed up when Windows is trying to monitor the status Applications also are exhibiting a strange behavior during this time I had started a virusscan and whenever the battery icon changed to quot not plugged in quot the virusscan used to pause and would resume when the icon changed to quot plugged in-not charging quot or quot plugged in-charging quot Very weird I uninstalled the Battery ACPI driver through Device Manager but that did not help The other battery drivers are reporting up-to-date versions I tried removing the battery altogether and connected directly to the power It works for sometime and then suddenly the laptop shuts off So cannot use that solution either One other data point is that the original battery was V mAH watt hours whereas the replacement one is V mAH watt hours But it has the correct battery model number Could this be a cause I had thought this difference should not matter Any help on how to fix this Thanks very much

A:New Battery toggling between "charging" and "not charging"

Hello and welcome drpvrvena mate sounds lie you have a dud battery my friend the voltage difference could be a possible cause even though it is only 0.3v.

The cycling stuff is also in my humble opinion indicative of a faulty battery. Now battery drivers?? I have never heard of such a thing I mean a battery is a battery I think maybe you mean something to do with the charge circuitry

But just a matter of interest try running these

download from bleeping computer

in that order delete any rubbish the malware scans find
Personally I would dump the AVG or at least pause it and see what happens with that charge problem.

If you ant to change to another security then let us know plenty of free suites and better than AVG (again not hard in my mind) .
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Could my lumia 535 hv a charging problem or its a battery that is spoilt.. It shows that its charging but nothing is actually charged even after like 3 hours and for the battery still when charged directly.. For more than 3 hours ..doesn't charge beyond 35%.. What can I do.. Before reaching the center?

A:its charging but not really charging

Are you using the original charger? Is it plugged into a 110V or a 220V outlet? Are your cellular signals good while charging? Are you downloading anything or using your phone while charging?
Have you tried restarting your phone?
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.
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My HP Pavilion TouchSmart Notebook PC has recently stopped charging. It will only turn on when plugged in, but won't charge. The second I unplug it, it dies. Is there any way to fix this?


Hi Jroth2655, It seems something wrong with laptop's battery. Is there are any warnings related to battery in Windows? Try to shutdown your laptop, remove the battery and then return it back. Chech the the issue after this. Also you can check the battery by using instruction from this video: Best Regards,Alexey.
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hey guys,when i plug my adapter charger my laptop is not charging.Instead I get this orange and white blinking lights.I have tried uninstalling the APCI driver but nothing special happens but when I remove the battery and return it back and switch on my laptop the battery appears to be charging but later on when I try to charge it I have to repeat the same process all over again.
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Hi,Not very good at this sort stuff, but I have just purchased a HP 250 Laptop but it doesn't seem to be fully charging. Had it a week. Used it twice.Any help and please don't baffle me.Thanks for any help X
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I purchased my HP Stream Laptop in Feb 2016, its used from my university work/studies. It is currently not charging or holding its battery power. I troubleshooted it and the results say the battery needs to be replaced. I tried to follow the instructions on how to get it replaced but was unable to. How can I get the battery replaced and will it be covered under warrenty? I really need to get this fixed asap Thank you
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my vostro 220 I could charge my phone via the usb port when the computer was off. However, my optiplex 380 wont charge while computer is off. Why and can I change this?

A:USB charging

Only some PCs have the ability to charge a USB device when the PC is off. It's not something you can change if that wasn't build into the system. I suspect the 380 was manufactured before this became a handy capability.
You could put the PC to sleep rather than turning it off, and set Windows not to turn USB ports off which should allow charging. But sleep uses more power than "off"..
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Hey all Not charging I posted this on another forum so Not charging I may as well copy paste the post I got myself a new HP laptop around a year ago All was working fine until my power adater charger wire broke so I had to get a new one It arrived I plugged it in and the laptop charging light lit for minutes or so then went then came on again this was a while ago so I can t remember exactly what happened I was able to turn on the laptop briefly during this time for minutes or so all was fine then it turned off again because it had no charge Then the light refused to show at all So I sent the charger back to Ebuyer they told me they tested it and it was faulty OK I said Got a replacement charger plugged it in the light showed straight away but I couldn t turn on the laptop I thought maybe I should leave it charging So I came back after a couple of hours the light had gone off and my laptop still dosn t turn on I tried again the other day too managed to get a light on the laptop and charger even heat from the charger and battery and the charging light turned green to show a full charge but I wasn t able to turn it on at all I m not sure what the problem could be faulty power supplies from different companies is unlikely I ve also tried running it without the battery in but connected to the charger as I hear laptops can run this way No luck Surely it must therefore be the laptop itself The warranty has expired so i m not sure what to do now Update - I also took my laptop round to my friend s house of the guys there know there stuff about computers They opened part of it up but couldn t see what was wrong They made an interesting point though at least selling the laptop as faulty for the components will make me around the same as an IT shop would charge to fix it nbsp

A:Not charging


did you buy an original HP part or was it a copy, ive seen some good Dell PSU's blow up laptops as they are overvoltage and not regulated.
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I ve tried charging my HP 250 but it is not responding. I recently removed the battery and connected its charger directly. With direct current it seems to be functioning well without any power cuts. The problem is when i connect the battery it does not charge. I have tried many new batteries and chargers but the problem still persists. #desperate