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how to extend the warranty period

Q: how to extend the warranty period

I want to extend the warranty period of my newly purchased system..inform me as soon as possible
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Preferred Solution: how to extend the warranty period

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have bought JBL Speaker FLIP Model FHP 2 on 14th July 2014 but it worked for only 2 to 2.5 months thereafter not working anymore.
I have taken to SPAR Artee Industrial on 29/09/14 but they are not providing free replacement not they are able to repairs as Charging PIN has spoiled. THe part is not available locally. The JBP Speaker are not working at all now.

Kindly suggest, for the Customer Care Complaints I am unable to find the Customer Care/ Replacement Customer Care / Service Center / Top Management Contact numbers for getting help for repairs / replacement.
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Hi been awhile since I last posted. In the house we have a desktop and 2 laptops on the go in the house.The desktop is wired internet while the laptops are run on wifi.This worked fine until my isp UPC upgraded my internet speed from 50mb to 120mb.. The desktop and one of the laptops still works fine but the acus laptop has web access for between 20 mins to 45mins before the wifi drops off and becomes limited access. The wifi needs to be renabled to regain access to the wifi which lasts another small while until it gets limited access again.

The laptop specs are:
Acus K53e
Windows 7 home premium 64bit
intel Centrino N100 wifi adapter
Ram 6gig

At the moment its running for 30 mins then wifi cuts off for a few seconds before starting up again.
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Hi Could you please tell me if this is possible:
My computer is connected to a wireless network. Can I hook up my D-link (DIR-412) to my computer and use the internet from the computer to output another wireless area?

Thanks sounds complicated.

A:Connected to WIFI and want to extend wifi with another wireless router

Where you live is your setup like this?

WiFi Router


Modem with built-in WiFi Router

If you want extend the WiFi you would get WiFi Access Point. Or you can take a WiFi Router and disable NAT, SPI, DCHP, then you create a static IP address. 192.168.x.50
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I need to extend my signal on my router. It is not going as far as I need. The place where I need it has an Ethernet port in the room but I would need to be able to wire from the piece of equipment that I decide to use there. It would probably best be a router unless an access point can have ports to hook up to additional equipment in the room that I already use. I know it is best to stay with the same brand and my router is NETGEAR DGN3500. Can anyone tell me what they would use? Thanks.

A:What would you recommend to extend my wi fi signal

Best to use either Wireless Access Point or Wireless Router (disable DHCP,VPN, SPI and NAT)

Example #1 using two Wireless Routers (note interwebs = modem)

Example #2 Using Wireless Router with Wireless Client Bridge with Wireless Access Point

There are also PowerLine Wireless (one box connects to our router lan port) uses AC power

These are the options you can use or just use Access Point which has Wireless features. That would connect to your Router as shown in the first example. Port 1 goes into the single port of Access Points to extend your Wireless where the room is not getting enough single to it.

Your model is also ADSL modem and router all you need to buy is either Powerline set or AP (Wireless Access Point) which has wired LAN connection port.
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Hey everyone I have an old laptop with a battery that lasts about h in quot Power Saving quot mode I m going to be stuck next week for about hours at a location with few available public outlets and need to stretch my battery life as much as possible I ve already for battery to Looking life extend ways "techie" done the obvious generic tips of quot defragging the hard drive quot quot dimming the screen quot quot using few no external devices quot quot tweaking my power usage settings quot etc but it s not enough I m looking for some good quot techie quot solutions now like quot underclocking the CPU quot or quot removing the CD drive quot All suggestions are appreciated I d love to try to squeeze another hours out of this battery if possible no I don t have another battery and don t need to buy one just for this one event Thx PS Another idea Removing HDD and booting from USB Flash drive nbsp

A:Looking for "techie" ways to extend battery life

Removing the HDD and booting from a flash drive is probably the worst decision you can make. Flash drives have very slow speeds (even though they are flash memory, they arent fast) and very little capacity. Keep the HDD.

There are only a few more ways to improve battery life other than dimming your screen and adjusting the power usage settings. Under-clocking the CPU is really done by the "power saving" mode.

Try these suggestions:
1) Run this tool:
2) Turn of your network adapter. There is usually a switch on the side of the PC that toggles the network adapter on and off. That will save you a ton of power. Also make sure bluetooth is off. I dont think your older PC will have it, but just make sure.
3) Use this tool to remove any unnecessary processes from start up. This will speed up your computer while also reducing the amount of processes that run (thus reducing CPU and RAM usage).

I can suggest other options, I just need your OS. If it is Windows 7, it is easy too, if it is XP, I cant really help there since I forgot the OS.
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hi all

after a bit of a slog trying to log on here (had to setup a new user as my old one was not sending password resets) im finally on! phew

anyways im after a bit of advice with regards to extending my wireless range.

currently my setup is as follows

phone line > netgear ADSL2+ wireless router (834gv4 iirc)> eithernet cable to my pc (out of range)

however the other day I came across a netgear DG834GT super wireless adsl router.

does anyone know how I can set the DG834GT to act as a extender or repeater (not sure on the correct terminology here)

all I want to do is extend the signal to the few rooms that dont get it.


A:How to extend my wireless..?

What you need to do is setup the 2nd router as an access point. You run an ethernet cable from your first router (the one hooked up to the dsl modem) to the 2nd router but before you do thaqt configure the 2nd as an access point.. Also make sure the set it to a different channel and the same SSID. I can not give you specific instructions or even know for sure the the 834GT is capable but that is what you need to extend your range.
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I sent my laptop in to be serviced under warranty because the keyboard would not work. was denied service because of water damage but now my screen doesn't work, can someone help

A:My screen won't turn on after service was denied on warranty due to water damage

Water can destroy a laptop or any other electronic device. Chances are that the water sat underneath the keyboard and flowed onto the motherboard where it dried causing corrosion and damaging the motherboard permanently. You could take the laptop to a repair shop and they could give you a repair estimate. Of course, you will have to pay for this repair. If a liquid is spilled on a laptop in the future, immediately open it and turn it upside down. This allows the liquid not to hit and pool on the motherboard, or in a keyboard
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Okay, Complicated question.

I have one hard drive partitioned between

Windows XP Home edition And Ubuntu 10.10

The ubuntu is 5.29 GB's

The Windows XP is 148.08 GB's

I want to extend the Storage space on the ubuntu Partition without having to delete and reinstall Ubuntu.

Is this possible?

Thanks for the Help.

A:How to extend storage on a partition

I usually use G Parted Live, it's always worked well for me.
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A few years back I purchased - GB Kingston Value Ram sticks Kingston ValueRAM GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model KVR D N K G I used it on an Intel X board that warranty, compatibility... Memory was glitchy finall gave up and swapped it on to an MSI X- board with a Q processor Memory warranty, compatibility... that was glitchy so I scrapped the Memory warranty, compatibility... whole thing and did an I- build Decided to revisit the Q and the Kingston Ram and do a Home Theater build using an Intel DG RK The quot tested ram quot spec for that board calls for volt non ECC ram However when I go Memory warranty, compatibility... on the Kingston website and plug in that motherboard it specifies the ram If I plug in the - GB sticks of that I use in the I- build everything works fine But when I plug in the ram of the GB sticks are accepted by the motherboard and two are rejected with the -beep code When I was running this ram on the previous motherboards they were always glitchy beep codes at startup lock-ups I must have run Memtest times and always showed no errors Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I should look for the problem Ram always says quot limited lifetime warranty quot but when I have run Memtest in the past it shows no problems Does anyone have any suggestions about warranty replacement I think that will be a waste of time nbsp

A:Memory warranty, compatibility...

Compare the votages and timings in BIOS against the designed specs of the RAM. Do they match?
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I have a Windows PC built on the ASUS M A -CM Motherboard This motherboard has the ATI Radeon onboard video chipset For over a year I was running the video via the D-Sub port to a -inch LCD monitor with no problems A few months ago I wanted to extend my desktop to a second -inch LCD monitor so I purchased a PNY VCGFX PEB GeForce FX MB -bit DDR PCI Video Card I was looking for an inexpensive card that had two D-Sub ports This setup works okay most of the time Windows 2 Video to desktop extend to card monitors but the video performance is sluggish the video stalls and hesitates frequently Occasionally the whole system just stops working I never had these problems running Video card to extend Windows desktop to 2 monitors a single monitor with the onboard video Is the GeForce FX incapable of running Video card to extend Windows desktop to 2 monitors two monitors at the same rate as the ATI Radeon runs a single monitor Is there another video card I should consider both of my monitors have D-Sub ports but only one of them has a DVI port Thanks nbsp

A:Video card to extend Windows desktop to 2 monitors

I don't think any modern graphics card should struggle to run 2 monitors. I have a Hd4670 that happily ran both without an issue.

Have you tried un-installing your current Nvidia software, and then re-installing the latest software available from ?
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So I upgraded my setup from Benq quot to Acer quot better resolution and they were cheap on newegg So I m selling one of the monitors in a package deal to my dad with a comp and the other went to my girlfriend so she can have monitors She has an old HP running XP MCE it has an AGP FX with Can display a even to FX another extend GF monitor? 5200 VGA and DVI outs I assumed perhaps incorrectly that that meant Can a GF FX 5200 even extend display to another monitor? she could run monitors like I do It seems she can only clone or expand horizontally or vertically the desktop instead of extending Expanding wouldn t be too bad except that both of the monitors she has are different resolution So extending is really the only usable option Is the FX just incapable of doing that I think this is something that should be handled outside of the Nvidia Control Panel since in every computer I ve seen a display extended on was able do do that just in the regular display properties I have at my disposal a PCI Radeon with VGA and DVI and a AGP GF GS I don t know if the will do what we want and I know the will but I don t think the will fit in the HP case and it seems unlikely the HP PSU will survive very long with the in there So before I go through cleaning out the Nvidia drivers to install a PCI I d like to see if anyone knows if its a physical limitation of the card nbsp

A:Can a GF FX 5200 even extend display to another monitor?

I thought the,"extend desktop", was a function of the driver, and not of the card. or (?)

That said, Nvidia shows a very current driver in association with your card and Win XP;

Disclaimer: Dual monitors annoy me, for this very reason, as does the new 16:9 aspect ratio, and the fact you can't run one monitor horizontally and one vertically from the same card.
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Hello everyone I know there are tons of threads period) Dell power unused does (after not up long D505 like this but nothing seem to work for me plus my situation is a little different I got this Dell D505 does not power up (after long unused period) laptop after it lay unused for about a year and all the posts I saw were talking about a laptop that suddenly stopped working Basically it won t turn on Nothing at all happens when I push the power button no fan HDD activity flashing of lights - Nothing The power cable socket seems to be working because when I initially plugged it in the quot charging battery quot light went on and stayed on for a few hours I assume while the battery charged Now it won t turn on when I unplug-plug the power cable but if the power cable is plugged in and I push power while holding Enter it does flash for a moment Things I tried Removing power battery holding power button for seconds Reseating RAM HDD CD-ROM Trying to power up without HDD Disassembling the laptop with the help of a service manual and taking out and plugging in the screen keyboard touchpad connectors removing the heatsink to verify that the CPU is firmly in place and putting it back There seems to be a battery called quot Reserve battery quot - what is it for Maybe it went flat Anyone has any idea what I can try next Thanks nbsp

A:Dell D505 does not power up (after long unused period)

The reserve battery is probably run down. See this link:
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Okay this is a very odd problem What happens exactly is that at what seems a random point of of stops period working time at random Sound time usually long after the computer s Sound stops working at random period of time been turned on though a very loud buzzing and static-y sound will start playing from my speakers or headphones if they re plugged in This goes on for about seconds and then all audio cuts Oddly enough if I even try to play a sound say I press Play on a song in Winamp it won t even play the song at all almost as though it knows the sound won t work If I let a video play there s a big lag time before it starts and then it plays but without sound If I wait long enough usually about minutes the sound comes back I at first thought it might be my speakers considering they re almost years old but when I noticed this would happen to my headphones too I figured it was the sound card My sound card is a Creative SB X-Fi Any other information that you need please just tell me I hope this problem isn t as odd and uncommon as I think it is P All help is greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Sound stops working at random period of time

What are your complete system specs? Have you tried updating the sound card drivers directly from Creative's support site?
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So I was trying to decide if I wanted to upgrade or switch out my Freezone for a high powered Tech liquid cooling system for my setup Just thought if I could mod my freezone but Coolit Freezone I'm warranty voided... happy somehow http coolitsystems com you can find the unit here So heres what the system lacks imo from trial and error increasing my vcore from vs to vs fsb from - changing multiplier CT speedstep enabled disabled -large liquid resevoir -liquid tubing larger than quot -push pull feature since the unit is Coolit Freezone warranty voided... but I'm happy so compact Freezone stock At vcore at cpu stock multiplier and fsb Ghz temp Cidle CFull load At vcore I could overclock with a multiplier of to Ghz temp Coolit Freezone warranty voided... but I'm happy Cidle CFull load At vcore I could overclock with a multiplier of to Ghz temp Cidle CFull load At vcore I could overclock with a multiplier of to Ghz temp Cidle CFull load Freezone modded At vcore at cpu stock multiplier and fsb Ghz temp Cidle CFull load At vcore I could overclock with a multiplier of to Ghz temp Cidle CFull load At vcore I could overclock with a multiplier of to Ghz temp Cidle CFull load At vcore I could overclock with a multiplier of to Ghz temp Cidle CFull load Now for the modification info I purchased high cfm fans I bought them here http www sidewindercomputers com depf drhisp html I replaced the mm fan with one of the new fans on the opposite side of the radiator I placed another Creating a push pull effect To mount the inner most fan I had to remove the liquid pump which actually was a good thing it created more lengh in the loop giving more options in my case to remount the pump When I first bought this unit I was curious to know why I could sometimes here the pump rumbling This unit comes filled with a anti-corrosive liquid that is said to be selfsustaining and not need refilling I should have RMA d it then but I was unknowledgable about water liquid cooling at the time To remedy this i bought more anti-corrosive liquid Went to my local pharmacy picked up some syringes cc units were the only syringes available so I got them anyway I very carefully poured the liquid into the syringe then ever so carefully injected enough liquid to refill the loop which took about fills of the syringe To make sure the loop was air tight I took a lighter and lite a flame maybe a cm from the tubing this sealed the very small whole I made Afterwards i tested the loop for leaks ran the unit for hours There you have it my new and improved unit Working well to date My motherboard cpu options are listed in my sig btw nbsp

A:Coolit Freezone warranty voided... but I'm happy

Might I add, these are only what I did to my unit and the results. They are no way shape or form of any kind of directions*
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After years of building PCs for friends and family I purchased a Dell Vostro 410 for work as it was a good deal.

Anyway as things happen, the jack pin from the speaker system broke off leaving the end in the pc.

Try as I might I could not pull it out and ended up drilling out really carefully. Unfortunately now cannot use the onboard sound and have installed a pci sound card.

From what I can see, there is no evidence of my abuse and I have paid for 4yr warranty, should I come clean and get a new mobo or just keep quiet?


A:Have I voided my dell warranty

well if u are going to try warranty, do not tell them what u did, and I may get banned for saying that. if the pci card is working just keep quiet and use it.
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Okay it s been a while since I ve posted a problem Won't Period. OC. Q6600 and I hope Q6600 Won't OC. Period. I can communicate it properly lol The Hardware - Mobo Gigabyte EP -DS L - Mobo Abit FP-IN Fatal ty - CPU Q6600 Won't OC. Period. Intel Core Quad Q - GPU ATi Radeon HD - RAM GB OCZ DDR - PSU W Forgot brand I ll add it if I remember More Detail - Chipset Intel P Gigabyte board - Chipset nVIDIA Abit Fatal ty board - OS Windows Vista Ultimate x - Cooling Zalman NT Tagan El Diablo Frigga-huge fan on the site D The Issue At Hand Well it s pretty simple I can t get it to boot overclocked not at all - on either of these boards each of which has been touted for easy overclocking on a budget I m not a newbie to Overclocking but I AM a newbie to overclocking Intel chips A previous AMD Fanboy I ve been told and have always assumed that it s the same idea I gave up a month ago when it just didn t work but now it just sits there with that giant Zalman and the mm case fan doing nothing but look cool Which they do excellently What I ve already tried pretty much comprises what s worked for me in the past raise the clock speed in increments raise voltages marginally and or lower the clock and raise the multiplier Every time no matter how minimal the change was my computer failed to post but instead beeps violently yes violently on both boards forcing me to clear the cmos and start over Thankfully the Gigabyte does this automatically Is it possible my chip may just be non-OC-able for some odd reason The NV BIOS menu said it was unlocked or something like that Remember it was over a month ago Any help would be appreciated The Short and mandatory silly Version Meh Q runs great at GHz but phailzors at GHz Not kidding a speed increase of MHz causes BIOS beeps and I gotta clear the cmos nbsp

A:Q6600 Won't OC. Period.

Have you tried disabling C1E, or does your BIOS even support that? Make sure you've unlinked the FSB and RAM speeds, that would cause some problems for sure. On my board, I have my Q6600 at a solid 3Ghz on 1.25 vcore, so don't push the volts up too far. You could try dropping the multiplier and pushing the FSB speed up.
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I have a few posts on this and I am tring to get a internet connection to my shop from my house. The shop is about 250-300 Ft from the house. Modem and home computer is in the basement of the house. can I use a wireless bridge (ENCORE ENRXWI-G IEEE802.11g 54Mbps Wireless LAN Extender) some how if I mount it under the eve of the shop roof and run a 10/100 ethernet cable from it to the shop computer.

I bought a 9dbi antenna fro the shop commpters Wifi pci card. It will show the house router but no signal.

A:Wireless Bridge to extend range?

What about an access point with in the garage with a external antenna mounted to the outside shop wall.

TRENDnet TEW-450APB 108Mbps 802.11g Wireless Access Point
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I currently own three Computers, all of which are differant ages but are all Windows XP's. One is slow, one is kind of fast, and the other doesn't work. The one that doesn't work is because the monitor is dead. Me and my Grandma made sure all of the plug-ins were in the proper places, and the Monitor just doesn't turn on! The computer starts up and I can see the main computer light turn on, it's running just fine. There is the start-up sound, and you can hear noise from it. But you can't see anything out of it. The monitor light doesn't even turn on! Does anybody have a solution to this?

A:Dead Screen. Period.

You have three PCs. Can you try another monitor from one of the other PCs? If it works, it would be a good bet the original monitor is dead.
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Hi thanks for reading I have a down of shuts a Computer after period time really weird problem with my PC which Computer shuts down after a period of time I built myself at the end of last year It worked fine until some months ago when I was playing Call of Duty the frame rate dropped drastically I play it all High smoothly with an XFX GT I thought it strange but expected it to stop in a few moments but after a few seconds the whole computer shut off This had never happened before so thinking it was some random error I switched it on went off for awhile and when I came back it was off once more I started it up again only to have it shut off by itself again after some booting Desperate this repeated for a couple of times till I opened the casing cover checked everything was connected closed the casing and started it up However this time I had left my computer tower lying on the floor instead of it standing straight up as it was previously Strangely it didn t shut off This works until now- a day ago I stood the tower straight up while it was on It didn t turn off for a long time about an hour or so then it shut off So now it s lying on the floor again Please help if you can I have no idea what s happening I do have some other problems with my PC since I am a completely amateur to PC building and was rather surprised to find my rig works the first time after assembly but I m sure that they re not related to this I m thinking it s a cooling problem but I ve no idea where to begin Specs Asus P K Pro mobo Intel Core Quad Q x GB Corsair DDR MHz PC - XFX GT XXX Edition Ac Bel W ATX PSU Centurion CAC-T Casing EDIT My mobo included some AI Suite that allows me to view the CPU s temperature When the case is lying down it s about - C not under load But when I stand the case upright it rises to C and I immediately lie the case down because I don t dare let it go any higher Upon checking the CPU Heatsink Fan all screws connected it to the mobo were loose I screwed them tightly but the above situation happened again although it was a tad slower to happen I removed the CHF and checked out the CPU- there was some melted stuff on it so I assume it s the thermal paste So what is wrong with it Should I buy another heatsink fan or what nbsp

A:Computer shuts down after a period of time

Hey there Beanbag

Yea it might be an overheating problem but its not to say.... your graphics card could be overheating or even the processor.... It could also be that your PSU is giving in....

Everest home Edition - good program to test your temperature and also gives you other valuable system information....

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I contacted Asus support for warranty claims for a friend as his motherboard was faulty and was within the warranty period. But there was no response might be the email on which I contacted was wrong in a similar case Intel had given a very prompt response can some one tell me where can I get the contact info as the email given on their website was non responsive.

A:How to claim warranty

The case I referred to was from India so some contact email where I can contact here,
I raised this thread because when I went to the shopkeeper it was very very difficult for me to make him understand the BSOD ,STOP screen error which after reading memory dump I came at a conclusion was a motherboard error and the service personal in India at Priya were not convinced even though I had changed motherboard so I wanted to know the procedure.
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Spent a good while "chatting" w/ NewEgg & Seagate - India about OEM vs "Retail" hard drives.

NewEgg clearly states on their site that many "OEM" Seagate internal drives drives have 5 yr parts & labor "Manufacturer's Warranty" (on the specific HDD specs page).

Seagate - India, tells me that drives designated as OEM will NOT have any warranty (or support) honored by Seagate to the end user.

For those w/ experience in this, what's the actual truth about OEM drives & warranties, from NewEgg or any other E-tailer?

A:Warranty difference OEM hard drive vs "Retail"

OEM you have to go by what the Manufacturer of company says as they're the one going to help you out. So OEM drives if you buy them from a vendor at a computer show they'll replacement for free. The vendor not the Manufacturer company. HDDs I just buy them wholesale and still get the protection from the manufacture. Unless NewEgg is going to protect after 5 years down the line, but you'll have to get that in writting..

Retail - Price is higher unless you get it on clearance then it would be the same price of OEM but you get protection

OEM - Price is cheaper low overhead
OEM - no hardware brackets
OEM - no retail box
OEM - no manual
OEM - no warranty (unless you a PC repair shop of PC vendor since you would buy in blunk)
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hi i m using a dual-vga note radeon desktop can't extend 9800xl: NOT vga dvi card from medion electronics whenever i try to extend the desktop to the second monitor the dialog grays-out the monitor icon and unchecks the box as far as windows is concerned the second output isn t connected both monitors display fine in safe mode and when the machine is booting same image displayed twice by the time windows boots and a user logs in the image is displayed on only the primary monitor the secondary monitor is black while i can buy a new if i sell this one buying a card which isn t agp and dual vga for example vga dvi isn t an option i have two vga monitors and don t have the funds to buy two digital monitors and i ve already gone through two dvi vga adapters they don t seem to be made very well here is some supplementary information -------------------------------------- in the windows display properties dialog settings tab if i select the radeon 9800xl: can't extend desktop secondary monitor then check extend my desktop and click apply the screen flickers but the secondary monitor is returned to grayed-out again and the desktop still stays on only one monitor same thing within ccc if i try to enable the nd monitor from within the ccc by right-clicking on the icon the screen flickers but the secondary monitor is returned to grayed-out again and the desktop still stays on only one monitor if i click on the advanced button there aren t any ati tabs only the usual windows ones i was using a radeon before and i remember there were more tabs in the previous version of the control center getting the properties of the RADEON SERIES - Secondary monitor windows reports the adapter is working fine the ati ccc icon displays fine on the right-mouse menu if i click the background as well as in my system tray in the ati ccc on the displays manager section the only monitor selectable in the graphics adapter pull-down menu is the primary vga selecting clone main or stretch main to the nd monitor does nothing either in event manager i have a system error logged when i try to extend the desktop CRT invalid display type the source of the error is ati mtag i ve tried using several different versions of the ati drivers as well as the official drivers from medion from changing versions doesn t help i ve tried using just the driver w o ccc and that doesn t help either here is what dxdiag tells me about the card ------------------------------------------- Card name RADEON SERIES Manufacturer ATI Technologies Inc Chip type ATI Radeon Graphics Processor AGP x E Monitor Default Monitor Driver Name ati dvag dll Driver Version English DDI Version or higher Driver Attributes Final Retail Driver Date Size bytes here is what ccc tells me ------------------------- Graphics Card Manufacturer Powered by ATI Graphics Chipset RADEON SERIES Device ID E Vendor Subsystem ID Subsystem Vendor ID Bus Type AGP Current Bus Setting AGP X BIOS Version BIOS Part Number A M BIOS Date Memory Size MB Memory Type DDR SGRAM SDRAM Core Clock in MHz MHz Memory Clock in MHz MHz Primary Display Yes Driver Packaging Version - a- C-ATI Catalyst Version Provider ATI Technologies Inc D Driver Version D Driver File Path System CurrentControlSet Control Video BFF-AE C- A - A- EC F Direct D Version OpenGL Version Catalyst Control Center Version any help would be MUCH appreciated thanks t l nbsp
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I am trying to extend the range/reception of my D-Link DI-720U router and DWL-G520 pci adapter with an external (omni) antenna.
I am getting a very weak signal, and sometimes no signal from the router, which is downstairs at the back of the house. The pc is upstairs in front of the house.
Total distance is about 30 feet. There is one ceiling/floor, and a couple of walls between the router and the pc.

A laptop with a D-Link DWL-G650 card is receiving a much better signal (by at least 25db) when placed in the same location as the pc's antenna.

I have been looking into the Pringle Can-Tenna and some store bought antenna as well.

Any ideas?



A:Extend Wireless Range?

So one computer can receive good signal at a particular spot while another computer cannot?

It sounds like the computer that can't receive good signal has a faulty wireless card. You might consider a replacement.
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if i remove the heat Spreader off of the ram and put a diff. one on with that mess up my Warranty.

A:Ram Warranty

sorry for posting this, i just found the info i needed, and again sorry for the post. google is my new best friend
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I m a noob here obviously WRNG: users: "hand" boot Dell a extend mods, vol./Plz oh great Unmountable I read the faq and other links provided under my intro to the site I ve also read at least pages from searching unmountable quot I ve a Dell P purchased in late that I use at home Win XP Home edition I ve listed what specs i remember in my profile that I could remember I m work The computer had worked just fine until I clicked on a Dell pop WRNG: Dell users: Unmountable boot vol./Plz oh great mods, extend a "hand" up window that emanated from the Dell icon on the menu bar It was for a day free trial for a WRNG: Dell users: Unmountable boot vol./Plz oh great mods, extend a "hand" PC tuneup I ve had this Dell icon since day one and receive tips and suggestions that pop up now and then I clicked on the link for the program to remove unwanted internet files trash bin etc I had family over and came back to see restart computer on the screen Did this and as you expected saw the blue screen with Unmountable boot volume stop x ed I tried the different modes to get back into it the various SAFE MODEs LAST KNOWN GOOD CONFIG and nothing worked It just kept going back to the blue screen or the screen i just mentioned with SAFE MODE etc I tried getting to the command prompt but to no avail I ve the Home Ed Windows disk that came with the computer and tried changing the bios to reflect to start with CD drive but it s not reading from the CD This is where the ig nant noob part comes in well as if it didn t earlier I m presuming it s not reading from this disk because it s for installation and not a boot disk I went to Microsoft s support page http support microsoft com kb en-us to see if that would help As you ll read below putting the cd in didn t get me to any screen Welcome to Setup where I could enter recovery console I ve an older Dell Dimension P from that has XP Pro on but uses an IDE HDD vs the SATA in the newer Dell so I went to a local computer store and bought a USB to IDE SATA cable with the idea of hooking up the jacked up HDD to the older computer and trying to recover important files I don t want to lose Although one of the posts I read from my search was a guy doing something similar and discovered his older computer did a CHKDSK on the jacked drive stuck it back in the computer hit start windows normally and it worked fine I m really hoping I ve that kind of luck I am curious though if it s going to be an issue that the older comp has XP pro and jacked one is Home Ed I wouldn t doubt there s more issues that I may be facing as well I called Dell and spent for him to basically lead me to his conclusion that it was out of his realm how to remove data from the HDD but he would tell me a sequence of keys to push in order for the computer to go back to it s settings etc when it left the factory Of course when this is done I d lose everything on the drive When I get off I intend to try hooking up the messed up drive to old comp and see what happens Thanks in advance for any flames or advice yes I feel like an for more reasons than one Chris nbsp

A:WRNG: Dell users: Unmountable boot vol./Plz oh great mods, extend a "hand"

No need to feel like an *****.

First of all you can try using a windows 98 boot disk to boot to your CD. I'm not sure where that will get you, if you don't want to reinstall the OS (and lose everything).

Secondly, you shouldn't have a problem putting that HDD into an old computer and pulling the files off of it. Just make sure the jumper is set properly on the back of the drive (Master, Slave, or Cable Select). Plug it in and power it on, Windows should find the drive and allow you to transfer files.

As far as the error code goes and what can be done..... I don't have a great answer for you, but maybe someone else will. Just be patient and see what comes along.

:wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:

Would you please take a few moments to read the following. It will help to make your Techspot experience a more pleasurable one.

Techspot FAQ.

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I think that I will need a female to female adapter to extend it, right?
I can't find any online... any suggestions?

A:need to extend my a/v cable

Look more carefully?

Also, how about another plain female-to-male cable?

Mind you, the longer the cable, the bigger the loss in quality (unless you have a digital setup) and the less joints in between, the better.
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I left my computer on over night and when i came back and tried to use it, the computer wouldn't respond. My first thought was to just move the mouse and bring it back but nothing happened. I turned it off by pushing the power button and restart the computer but nothing happened when i turned it back on!! No splash screen no BIOS or POST beeps.

I tried unplugging the Hard drive and powering it up but i got no error beeps.
So i took the RAM out and powered up again and got the error beep i was looking for. you guys think its the RAM that went bad?

*i did try to switch the RAM to a different slot but i had the same problem not beeps, no POST. (the computer is relatively new; How could the RAM just die like that?)

A:Computer no longer works after period of inactivity

Please use proper thread titles.
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Hello I have a P Ghz processor in my computer that I risk and warranty...should overclock? I take I this got got from futureshop with a year extended warranty plan on all hardware and labour So basically the only thing they dont cover is the software Now my question is should I take the risk of overclocking it to achieve the highest speed possible And if it gets toasted because I never overclocked before I will just take it to futureshop to have it replaced OR do you think they wont buy the trick and automatically know I overcloked and burned it ALSO Will this have ANY negative effect on my other hardwares such as ATI Redeon ram or DVD drive like burning it or anything SO If you think this is a great apportianity for a first timer to screw around and possiblt get a brand new pc replacement please refer me or tell a detailed guide on how to overclock I will surely I got warranty...should I take this risk and overclock? update the progress if it gets going Thanks P S I got warranty...should I take this risk and overclock? Is there any other way aside from overclocking and possibly burning the CPU to burn a hardware such as motherboard without a technician knowing it was completely delibrate lol nbsp

A:I got warranty...should I take this risk and overclock?

Dude, 2.5 GHz is pretty fast. Don't overclock. They may take the trick, but its against the law to do that, you could be in prison for a max of 3 yrs.
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My pc randomly reboots itself after a period of time. It usually happens when Im running about 3-4 IE browsers, AIM, and Outlook Express for a while. i thought it was my overclocked CPU that was the problem, so i disabled over heat turn-off in the BIOS. Could there be errors in my registry?

Athlon 2500+ XP overclocked to 3400+ (42 C at rest)
Abit NF7-S2 Motherboard

A:PC Reboots itself after being on for a period of time

That processor is seriously overclocked.

Overclocking reduces the lifespan of the hard ware and also overclocks the RAM and PCI bus, so have you tried not overclocking the system?

There is no point in turning off the overheating monitor in the BIOS if the processor isn't overheating, which it doesn't appear to be doing if its temperature is only 42 degrees.
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Hello everyone I have searched for days trying to find the answer to a problem that I m having and haven t come up with any solution I have Connection extend routers to two range wireless two wireless routers a linksys BEFW S and a d-link DI- The D-Link is much faster but the range is horrible The range on the linksys is much better I would like to set them up so that computers connecting within the range of the d-link can take advantage of the speed but outside of the d-link the computer will connect through the linksys Is this even possible Or would it work to set it up so that one computer connects wirelessly through the d-link and one connects through the linksys That could work too I only have one DSL router and the linksys and d-link routers are sitting next too Connection two wireless routers to extend range each other I have tried connecting the linksys with an ethernet cable from the linksys port for internet to an open port on the d-link and configured them similarly but with separate ips Either way nothing I have done has worked and I was wondering if anyone could help me with a solution Your time is much appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Connection two wireless routers to extend range

This should work OK I think. I'm not up on wireless, much prefer a bit of wire. I have two ADSL routers on my network (only one connected to my ISP) and all machines hook up OK using DCHP form the connected router. See as you can only have 1 DCHP server the wireless machines will probably need to have static addresses. I would think it will work better if the two routers were not too close.
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Gaming LCD's

I am wondering what the best lcd monitor for gaming is. I am hooking this up to dual 7800 gt's and want to take advantage of this by buying a premium monitor. I know that for gaming lower response time is better and that native resolution should be relatively high, any help would be appreciated. By the way, im looking to spend around $500.

A:The BEST gaming lcd...period

For $500 you could easily buy any high-end 17" LCD. And for 19", $500 will get you a pretty good one, if not a great one. LCD prices are changing so rapidly.

But if you get a 19", make sure it suits some basic things first, like the type of connection. Is it DVI? Does it match your vid card outputs? Getting a digital signal is the first thing to look for. Then make sure it handles your favorite resolution. For 19" this would be like 1280x1024 or even 1600x1200.
After this, the best thing to do is find a site that runs comparisons on LCDs. Select the 3 to 5 or so that you like best and compare side to side. You'll see who has quicker response times, brighter picture, more features etc...
PCWorld has such comparrisons, check, then just do some googling.

Couldn't say what is the "BEST..period". Some people would say only CRTs can be the best.
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Hey guys I guess I m back somehow I ve been missing in action from the computer scene for a good deal of time now I m thinking about getting a job at Fry s Best Buy Circuit City etc but in the computer department I went MIA from the computer scene around when we started getting the AMD or so and when the Radeon XT s started coming out So what a computer of components over period Progression of time I m trying to find out is what Progression of computer components over a period of time new technologies have been introduced since then What are the newer and hotter video cards mobos processors and even audio devices out on the market and perhaps which are better performing if at all not benchmarks but for example a P gt Celeron I see all these new video cards and processors and it just makes my head spin If anyone could just list what s come out since then and the new cards out and any new technology that d be very sweet I d appreciate it Appologizies if in the wrong forum I tried to fit it best nbsp

A:Progression of computer components over a period of time

i cant believe i dissed Intels

Well first off, i guess i should introduce hello

I think some technologies that are big now...

SLi-Nivida dual card tech (think PCI express) ..and ATI's answer to it (crossfire?)
Dual Core CPUS (plus the fact that the prescott core is terrible)
SATA drives (3g is the newest that is)

and o neon lights..just kidding

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Hello recently my laptop Dell Inspiron running WinXP Media Edition s been failing it freezes anywhere from ten seconds to five minutes after I log in I m unable to install an antivirus because the laptop freezes during installation Safe Mode seems to be well safer although even so it has frozen I m unable to install the antivirus Kaspersky in Safe Mode because Windows Installer is disabled and none of the of short freezes Laptop after a time period solutions I ve found Laptop freezes after a short period of time online seem to do the trick And I suspect that even if i could get the installer to work it d freeze halfway through anyway I have no idea what s causing the freezing it might not even be a virus at all I ve noticed that the laptop always freezes at the quot Copying new files quot stage of the Kaspersky installation although whether that has something to do with my own timing or that procedure I can t guess Also the time that the computer did freeze in Safe Mode I was attempting to rename a file The computer is completely frozen Num Lock Scroll Lock can t be activated deactivated the mouse doesn t move etc I can t even shut down without either pulling the plug out or holding onto the power button nbsp

A:Laptop freezes after a short period of time

That model has been out for about three years? How long have you had your Inspiron 6400?

We need to know the configuration, including hard drive size, brand, free space, as well as memory installed.

It could be that the CPU cooling is too full of dust, hair, fiber, etc. to cool adequately... or that the hard drive is failing, or that you have inadequate memory. But it could simply be an infestation that needs to be cleaned out.

Have you tried re-enabling Windows Installer? Have you attempted to use MalwareBytes, SuperAntispyware, ComboFix, Windows Defender, Spy Sweeper, Spyware Doctor, or other top-flite spyware detectors and removers?
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Eltima Java/SWING Components extend the standard set of visual library components, offering new ways to present your creativity to clients. You can add new attractive styles to your software, buttons, color dialogs and integrate Eltima Java/SWING Components into your Java applications or applets. Use new Table Navigation Toolbar component to insert, duplicate, delete entries etc., new search mode and new methods for printing in ELTable component.

More info:
Download free trial (651 Kb):
Order full version ( $99.95):
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I'm receiving a BSOD into about 1 - 2 hours of gaming.

BlueScreenView reports the error as:

Bug Check Code: 0x00000124

Caused by driver hal.dll,
Caused By Address hal.dll+ 37213, ntoskrnl.exe+1c5f2d

Is this Hardware related, Graphics Card perhaps? I'm also constantly getting atikmdag.sys and atikmpag.sys crashes but am not sure if that is related to the BSOD in question.

A:BSOD after long gaming period.

Follow the instructions here> Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions - Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 & Vista
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To synchronize the contacts and messages with my Exchange Server, Windows 10 requires an increase of the work stations security, forcing a new Windows login
after a specified inactivity period.
Once the increased security is implemented users can only play with an inactivity period range of 1 to 5 minutes.

In my capacity of Administrator of the network, I would like to be able to increase the value of the inactivity value beyond 5 minutes for those stations that
are not exposed to public access, which requires that Microsoft communicate to me the name and address of the Register key which controls the inactivity period after which a new login is required.

I really need that Register key to resolve my problem!

Luc Béliard

Luc Béliard
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once when I've installed Win7, I've divided my HD to several partitions.
unfortunately i gave only 50 GB to drive C.

Now I would like to extend it, but the extend option is in gray.

my partitions status is attached.

is there anything i can do in order to merge partitions ?


A:can't extend primary partition (Disk C)

Try using a different partition manager. I used to have problems with the default built-in Windows partition manager so I decided to use Acronis Disk Director Suite and my problems were solved. You may also want to try Paragon.
Relevancy 34.83%

I installed windows on my computer a few years ago and abandoned an old XP partition I would like to have that usable space back completely remove the XP partition I have attached a screenshot of my disk management My windows is my active OS the winXP OS usable into partition, Remove Old space extend was abandoned a long time ago I've removed partitions from dual boot systems many times Normally I just delete the unused partition run windows recovery and restore the boot record then expand the existing volume and everything seems to work fine I would even accept the loss of the GB if I could expand my existing Remove Old OS partition, extend into usable space into the GB unallocated Remove Old OS partition, extend into usable space but I can't do it through disk management or diskpart I'm using an old Dell desktop about years old but runs perfectly for what I use it for with physical serial ATA hard drives installed one GB the other is TB The GB contains the boot record and OS the other is strictly storage and a work in progress drive

A:Remove Old OS partition, extend into usable space

Disk Management cannot extend an existing partition into another partition that is on the left (crazy limitation) but 3rd party partition management software can. Try this free one: Best Free Partition Manager for Windows | MiniTool Partition Free
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Hi All,

I am using Exchange Server 2007 and I am wondering what the default email retention period is for all folders? Will Exchange 2007 automatically delete messages after 'x' number of days/weeks/months/years? If it does delete automatically what is the default time period?

Kind Regards,


A:Default time period for message retention when using

Closing dup. Please do not start multiple threads on the same topic.
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I have a friend's Gateway laptop period welcome Slow screen boot post M- The topic started here http www bleepingcomputer com forums t gateway-slow-to-start I have used bleeping computer tools to clean it of malware and such before Recently it has had Firefox issues and Cannot load XPCOM has come up twice I've fixed that by re-installing Firefox each time The first time none of Slow boot period post welcome screen his browsers would work My friend had not had it back from me for much time when he brought it back because of a slow boot and there was yet another PUP on it Side note the owner has let the machine run until the battery completely died several times Anyway the computer operates fine EXCEPT for the amount of time it takes between the welcome screen and the appearance of the desktop which is up to seconds or so Could it be something scanning at start-up How do I investigate this There was a period when it quit doing this but it is back to it's craziness again On the previous topic page we cleaned it of junk and tried to run some hard drive checking programs Gsmart control made it BSOD Here is a link to the CBS log https www dropbox com s zvf ehbzo f fy CBS oldcapri txt dl TIA Barry

A:Slow boot period post welcome screen

I am not sure what to tell you, but since you have already received help here, I can only tell you my story with system start-up time. I also have Vista OS, I have the same "problems" with long delays between the welcome screen and the desktop appearance. It's black screen for about 1 minute, and when I look at computer case, HDD light is off for that 60 seconds, and after that time, red light starts to blink and desktop shows. Maybe it's not a bug, it's a feature.
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I installed 10 on three machines and one has a mind of it's own when it comes to sleeping.  No matter how I set the power settings or screen savers if I get up and walk away from the machine it has gone into sleep mode when I come back.    In some respects it could be a useful thing, but since I'm not choosing for this to happen, it's a problem.

A:Windows 10 PC Going To Sleep After Short Period Of Inactivity

I installed 10 on three machines and one has a mind of it's own when it comes to sleeping.  No matter how I set the power settings or screen savers if I get up and walk away from the machine it has gone into sleep mode when I come back.    In some respects it could be a useful thing, but since I'm not choosing for this to happen, it's a problem.
I've discovered this issue predates Windows 10 and some online posters noticed something I have been able to verify in my situation.  It you restart, boot up, or wake from sleep with the power button the system doesn't go to sleep after a brief period of idling.  If you wake it from sleep with keyboard or mouse it does go to sleep.  I think better stated would be, it returns to sleep.  This discovery explains why at times I have thought the issue had somehow been resolved. Using the power button to wake up a system is an OK work around, but not ideal.
Relevancy 36.12%

Hello partition Extend Since my rather tiny C drive is becoming cluttered and I fear that some day too soon I will get the 'no space left' message I went to look into options to extend my C drive to install programs to What always annoyed me was how my C drive is only GB while my D drive Extend partition which is empty and unused aside from what looks like an update dump folder of some sort is GB - and I can't install much on that useless space Now I can Extend partition only extend the C drive with unallocated space to the right of it but there's a small MB Recovery Partition quietly hiding next to it which looks empty just as well so I can't do anything to extend my C drive unless I can free that space next to it Since I don't want to mess with anything unnecessarily I was hoping someone could help me out here A quick screenshot of the partitions shown in disk management is attached I'm not very tech-savvy but I was fed up with this so I'm hoping someone can help out here

A:Extend partition

How about installing a second drive, copying everything from D: to it, delete D, and extend C: into that space?
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Hi this is my first post here and y computer won't boot untill POST it starts up to Asrock-that's some program already installed in my computer-it's not a problem so it just starts up till there it doesn't show the Windows logo but takes me to a black screen with a blinking period-not a cursor I've read articles to fix this but with a blinking cursor and in my case it's not a cursor that blinks but a period So Won't blinking period? a load screen with just POST black any help Also since this is my first time here is there a way to attach images Because i took some photos of what my monitor only shows up at boot or I'll just post them to a third party Won't load POST just a black screen with blinking period? image sharing website and paste here the links Any help would be appreciated thanks I use A Samsung desktop computer Windows bit gb installed ram or total memory Won't load POST just a black screen with blinking period? Cpu Intel reg Pentium reg ps I remember before this happened i left my computer for a moment not in sleep and when i get back to shut Won't load POST just a black screen with blinking period? it down i saw the black screen with blinking period i didn't mind it since i have to go elsewhere and just shut down the AVR

A:Won't load POST just a black screen with blinking period?

And i dont have any boot discs, i think i have lost them before. I am also able to enter the BIOS by pressing F2 or Delete button but i don't know how to use it, i can post the pictures' link if anyone wanna help? thanks.
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My C drive was dying so I replaced it and did a bare metal restore from a Can't a partition extend backup with ShadowProtect All went well except that now when I click Can't extend a partition Computer to view the drives it tells me that the new C drive is only GB which was the capacity of the older drive The new one is bigger TB I'm trying to change the partition there's only one to a bigger size using Disk Management in Windows but it's not working In the upper part of the dialogue where it lists the drives it's reporting the incorrect amount of space GB But in the lower dialogue where it shows the partitions it's showing the correct size of the new drive - GB It all shows up as a Primary Partition there's no Unallocated Space If I rt-click and try to extend the volume that option is grayed out One forum says Can't extend a partition that if you convert the disk to a dynamic disk it will then let you extend the volume But it won't let me do that either - it tells me there's not enough space available to convert it How can I make Windows see the full size of the new drive

A:Can't extend a partition

I'd say that you need to consult your Shadow Protect documentation on how it works.
Relevancy 35.69%

My sister gave me her laptop because she knows nothing about computers and couldn t use it It is a Gateway Model MT Windows Vista drive-reformat? extend C -bit system She said the system had a bunch of viruses but they fixed that and removed everything off the system extend C drive-reformat? I booted up the system and am getting extend C drive-reformat? low disk space errors There are no programs loaded There is a C drive and a D drive Nothing is on the D drive at all and there is GB of free space The C drive only has MB of free space out of GB I ve tried to extend the C drive extend C drive-reformat? but the option is grayed out in Disk Management I tried to delete the D drive but the option is grayed out in Disk Management I do not have install disks Is there anything I can do to make the computer usable I m not use to Vista is there a way to reformat and re-partition if you do not have the install disks I could not find any where to make a restore disk Thanks for any help you can give teenabeena

A:extend C drive-reformat?

Have a look here:Extend Or Expand Volume Of Windows Partition In Windows 7/Vista
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Why does my screen sometimes goes blank after a period of inactivity ( like 8 hours )? And sometimes not!. My monitor screen just turns off ( yellow light ). Then i just turn my mouse and screen goes back to normal. ITS TOTALLY RANDOM!
I have disabled all sleep functions.
I disabled the screen saver and I disabled the OPTION of the OS turning off the screen. Yet, the screen will still turn itself off after a period of inactivity. I'm currently using a BENQ G2250. All power saving is disabled in monitor menu.

8gb ram
Asus Sabertooth Z97 Mark 2
Corsair 750 RM
Asus Strix 980 Ti
monitor: BENQ G2250
Relevancy 35.69%

I am trying to send a VS HCI command to hard-reset a BT module and this error comes up after about 70 seconds..
The same code works on Win7 and Win8.1 but Win10 doesn't allow me to do a hard-reset by sending vendor specific HCI command.
Relevancy 27.09%

I can't "extend" my "C" Drive even tho there is free space??
I have 251GB free and I cant add it to my C OS drive?

A:I can't "extend" my "C" Drive even tho there is free space??

The Free Space is in an Extended partition.
Right click on the free space and delete the Extended partition. You can then extend the C partition into the Unallocated space released.
Relevancy 36.55%

Hi. I'm not sure if I'm in the right type of forum, but I have had no luck finding an answer. I have this odd problem of when I want to double space, I get an unwanted period. For example, if I have a colon with two spaces after colon, this is what happens:


It backspaces and inserts a period, all on its own.

Has anyone encountered this before?

Thanks so much, Kelli

A:How do I correct unwanted period after backspace?

My iPhone does that, so I bet it is a feature of some software you are using. Is this happening on a PC and does it happen everywhere (while using notepad for example)? Check your keyboard software as a starters.

You can also try a clean startup - Troubleshoot Application Conflicts by Performing a Clean Startup
Relevancy 34.83%

I have been running bootcamp on my IMac for quite some time now, and I've began to run out of space on my C: drive. I have shrunk the size of my Mac OS partition, however I cannot extend the Windows 7 partition into the free space. I would prefer to do this without external programs, as I have had trouble with them before.
Also, here is an image of the Disk management window when I try to get it to extend.

A:Cannot Extend Volume In Disk Management On Bootcamp

Welcome to the forum,

Unfortunately you will have to resort to a third party program because windows disk manager won't let you extend to the left.

The partition wizard bootable CD is a good choice,

Partition Wizard : Use the Bootable CD
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I maintain some software that makes The expired period on has semaphore Windows7 timeout a tcp socket connection to a different piece of software and sends data back and forth pretty basic stuff there We use boost asio to handle reading and writing of data over the socket connection We have a client that has deployed this software on Windows The client has been having issues with our software not being able to maintain a reliable socket connection One thing I have noticed is that quite often the networking callback are receiving The semaphore timeout period has expired on Windows7 the error The semaphore timeout period has expired This error is not coming from anywhere in our code or the boost code I've done some research on it and I found a Microsoft Knowledge base article on this error for Windows XP support The semaphore timeout period has expired on Windows7 microsoft com en-us kb I've seen a few people ask questions about The semaphore timeout period has expired on Windows7 this error on Windows but they're all in regards to moving files to different drives nothing regarding network connections What does this error mean in regards to Windows Does the knowledge base article I mentioned still apply to Windows
Relevancy 35.26%


I am trying to extend Partition C using the unallocated space.
When I right click on C, the "Extend Volume" shows grayed out.
When I right click on D, the "Extend Voume" shows available.

How do I do get that option available to extend C ?

Bonus question: how do I do to get completely rid off D? I do not need it, but I am afraid that if I delete it then I will have problems booting up my PC

Thanks in advanced!

A:How do I get extend Partition C ? Option grayed out

Quote: Originally Posted by Hamlet


I am trying to extend Partition C using the unallocated space.
When I right click on C, the "Extend Volume" shows grayed out.
When I right click on D, the "Extend Voume" shows available.

How do I do get that option available to extend C ?

Bonus question: how do I do to get completely rid off D? I do not need it, but I am afraid that if I delete it then I will have problems booting up my PC

Thanks in advanced!

You won't be able to extend the C: Partition to the left using the windows built in disk management. Only to the right.
If you want to extend to the left you will need to use a 3rd party Partition tool. Minitool partition wizard free will do the job.
I would advise taking a full backup/system image before moving the Windows partition. And have a 7 system repair disc on hand too. Also disable system restore before moving the partition. You can enable this again afterwards. When the windows partition moves to the left, the old system restore points will point to the old partition and won't work.
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This can be a best human brain enrichment solution without any claimed side paraphernalia. Every single client who devours bought accelerin is usually discontented featuring a safe practices. Simply no harming side effects or contradictions create most people have struggled claimed. But flat most of us advise each of our bibliophiles to help seek the advice of their own medical assistance vendors whenever they know no matter which negative effects using accelerin.accelerin

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VisIt ThIs SitE=?! ? >
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Noticed that a couple of the online shopping networks are giving quot Lifetime Support quot on many of the computers they are selling They never talk about the quot Warranty Period quot not even once during the hours long show I can believe that with quot Lifetime Support quot that years from now I could call one of the major computer support numbers and they would answer some questions support vs Warranty Lifetime but are they trying to deceive us in a way so that we as customers could call in in years and complain of the computer not booting up and they would diagnose it and say the hard drive is bad and they send out a new one FREE Come on - most of us that have bought computers in the past know better but there are new first time customers and older folks that aren t that familiar with using Lifetime support vs Warranty or purchasing a computer that certainly can misunderstand that there is a BIG difference Lifetime Support is NOT Lifetime Warranty I think this kind of sales bull needs to stop - their lying by omission Just makes Lifetime support vs Warranty me furious when I watch them Your thoughts please nbsp
Relevancy 36.12%

Hi, new to this forum and I have a major, major problem that I hope to not have to pay money for.

My computer is an Asus Desktop, CM1730 series, with a custom NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Card

Full Specs:

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 430

CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 220 Processor

Memory: 4 GB

64 bit OS

Now the issue ive been having is that within a set amount of time on any application based game, my computer BSODs. It has no visual cue, just the screen goes dark and the system restarts. This started about a year ago, and has became considerably worse. Whether its Minecraft or Portal 2, my computer dies without warning. I have the MineDump below. I would like to at least know what the problem is before I send it in to GeekSquad repair, as I dont want them to spend weeks trying to figure out whats wrong.

A:BSOD while playing all games for a set period of time.

Did not know I needed to add the thing. Here it is:
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Whenever I try to copy large files over a wireless network (Laptop > Desktop) I get the following error:-
Error 0x80070079: The semaphore timeout period has expired
I've done a search on Google and have found that a number of other users are having the same problem, but no-one seems to have a fix for it.
Can anyone help?
(I'm running Vista Ultimate on both my Laptop & Desktop)

A:Error 0x80070079: The semaphore timeout period has expired

Hello Ady,
Thanks for your post!
This issue may be a little complex and require some steps to troubleshoot:
1.    Update the driver of wireless network adapters in both of your computers.
2.    Temporarily disable all the firewalls and anti-virus applications, then check the issue again.
3.    To exclude the factors from other services and applications, do a clean boot to check the issue and perform Step 4.(KB929135) How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista;EN-US;929135
4.    With clean boot, try to apply the hotfixes contained in the following KB articles:(KB932045) Error message when you use a network connection to copy a large file from one Windows Vista-based computer to another Windows Vista-based computer: "The connection has been lost";EN-US;932045(KB932063) Several problems occur on a Windows Vista-based computer when you work in a wireless network environment;EN-US;932063
If problem still persists after steps above, this issue is very possibly due to network devices or configurations, please let me know:
1.    Whether this problem occurs in wired network?
2.    If strengthening the network signals, the problem can be changed?
3.    What size of files will lead to this error.
4.    Does this error terminate the copy process?
5.    Models of the wireless network adapter and wireless router.
More details about his issue are preferred. Thanks!
Have a nice weekend!
Lionel Chen
Microsoft Online Community Support
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I m running Windows bit with GB RAM idle RAM 7, period after Windows usage excessive When I boot up the physical memory usage starts out at - which seems high but doesn t affect the speed THAT badly It tends to remain at about that level as long as I keep working BUT if I leave the machine idle for a while the RAM usage goes way up After about three to four hours the usage ends Windows 7, excessive RAM usage after idle period up going over I understand that services and tasks are still running and that it is expected that Windows will use available RAM however when other programs need it Windows doesn t seem to give it up and my system comes to a screeching halt Sometimes I m lucky enough to be able to reboot but often the system crashes sometimes requiring me to run a repair before it will boot I ve tried a clean boot although it seems to take a little longer for the problem to manifest it still occurs I m a busy mom and I don t have the time to reboot every time I have an interruption and need to take a few hours away from the computer BUT I'm also hoping to squeeze a little more time out of this computer before taking on the expense of buying something that's a little less obsolete J Any ideas
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I'm Simon and i have been having a problem with my hard disk management. I actually own a 1TB HDD and have
a few partitions that was created a long time ago. However, i had 600+ Mb's unused and not in a partition. 
Now that my primary partition is almost full i wanted to extend my space using disk managment but it was grayed out.
I have even tried creating a partition for the 600+ Mb's and tried to shrink and extend but nothing seem to work.
I have attached the screenshot for your kind review.
Please help....i really appreciate it. Thank You :)


You need a 3rd party app like easeUS partition magic.  You cannot do it with the built in utility

BTW no screenshot attachedWanikiya and Dyami--Team Zigzag
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I deleted the unwanted recovery partitions on windows 8.1 using  'Diskpart'.The unallocated memories were created but they cannot be used to extend any other partitions even by using Diskpart.I am just able to create them as normal partitions buth
not by combining them but each seperately.Any solution for this...pls...
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I have a little Acer Revo HTPC. I am running out of recording space, so I took a look to see what was using up my 500GB drive. Turns out almost 50% of it is set aside in a partition for "Data". I would assume this is for system recovery, but it shows empty.

Can I reclaim this space or extend the main partition? I do not want to lose my ability to recover my system.

A:Can I delete or extend a partition?

Hello SJM mate I use Partition Wizard to domost things with partitions I am not expert but I think that you can delete the D: and just extend the C: into the space it leaves.
MiniTool Free Partition Manager for Window 8/7/vista/xp | Partition Wizard Free Edition see my pic

PS the space made by deleting D: may show as unallocated space it is ko to go ahead and follow the pic instructions.
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I have a little Acer Revo HTPC. I am running out of recording space, so I took a look to see what was using up my 500GB drive. Turns out almost 50% of it is set aside in a partition for "Data". I would assume this is for system recovery, but it shows empty.

Can I reclaim this space or extend the main partition? I do not want to lose my ability to recover my system.

A:Can I delete or extend a partition?

Hello SJM mate I use Partition Wizard to domost things with partitions I am not expert but I think that you can delete the D: and just extend the C: into the space it leaves.
MiniTool Free Partition Manager for Window 8/7/vista/xp | Partition Wizard Free Edition see my pic

PS the space made by deleting D: may show as unallocated space it is ko to go ahead and follow the pic instructions.
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Hi. So recently i started having this problem. So i would start playing a game or doing something resource intensive, and after a while my PC would just freeze,not respond to anything, and then restart. And i know this technically isnt a BSOD thead, but i have no idea where to put it, so i decided to put it here, as there was no really better section for it. It only seems to happen when i am talking with someone over skype though. Next time i restart my PC i will make sure to put it in the mode, where when it receives a BSOD it doesnt restart to try and catch if there is an actual BSOD appering. Thanks in advance

A:Computer randomly reboots while playing games for an extended period

The system specifications in my account settins don't want to save so here they are

ASRock Extreme4+
AMD A8-6600K(Which is an APU) With its integrated graphics as my only GPU
8GB of DDR3 memory, and i cant remember its brand
WD Black 500GB Hdd
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Has anyone carefully reviewed Comodo's hardware warranty? It will pay the user $500 malware permanently damages the system - beyond any repair - with CIS installed. In 99.99999% of cases a clean install of the OS fixes everything. And how are you going to prove that malware permanently broke your HDD, your screen, or any other hardware?

Comodo's Warranty is phrased and termed in a manner that makes it a virtual impossibility that Comodo will ever have to make a pay out.

It's all fine and good that Melih stands behind his products - but the warranty is absurd.

This illustrates the ridiculousness of it all...

I, HJLBX, will personally insure anyone - absolutely free of any cost - against "The Sky Falling," and will pay anyone who presents a valid claim - $1,000,000,000.

Such insurance is worthless.

Just sayin...

If anyone wants that Falling Sky insurance, then send me a PM.

A:Comodo Warranty

August 12th:
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After during the infection period? Protection indirect question in this thread I am asking question about Webroot protection here I have chat with Biozfear who suggest me to open seperate thread in which members who use or have knowledge about the product can describe the method and clear my Protection during the infection period? doubts My query is Suppose my computer get infection and I already have Webroot secureanywhere complete on it and its unable to detect the threat Please don t say that even if you have quot X quot av and it will miss the test done at various labs and here at MT shows webroot misses many According to rollback features how will Webroot protect during time of no detection until it gets detected considering upon detection scan will kick in and roll back any changes What happen to my sensitive data during the infection period I read that there is encryption of your sensitive data but how I believe as I don t find any specific software like quot safemoney quot quot safezone quot where my data are safe even my machine is infected How come webroot able to know which are my sensitive data Thanks nbsp

A:Protection during the infection period?

you have Safe Start Sandbox and Identity Shield (that show the lock in the tray icon when you are active on your browser) , you can adjust the level abd create rules for the websites you visit.

Now for files in your HDD, i dont see any visible setting except the Core Shield. Maybe it is done in the background.

i will ask in the beta tester channel
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As I had a spare Period on Expired! Hard Browser Trial New Can't Edge Drive get copy of Win upgrade version I decided to configure a new Hard Drive Which I have on swappable pull out trays So to make sure Can't get Edge Browser on New Hard Drive Trial Period Expired! there were no bugs or glitches this is what I did Formatted the Drive Clean Install of Win XP Clean Install of Win To Upgrade XP to Win Using an Iso Disk I Can't get Edge Browser on New Hard Drive Trial Period Expired! burned I then installed a free upgrade to Win which was accepted and registered by MS Everything was fine except for one thing When I try and use MS Edge I get a banner on the Screen which says 'This App can't open your trial period for this App has now expired Visit the Windows Store to purchase the Full App Then there is a Link to Can't get Edge Browser on New Hard Drive Trial Period Expired! go to the Store but there is no sign of an App for MS Edge I don't understand what's going on here so need some advice what to do I've still got Edge on this Hard Drive but not on this other New Drive

A:Can't get Edge Browser on New Hard Drive Trial Period Expired!

Try this that I found it may work for you as I have had no trouble at all

1. Find C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe
2. Right-click and Run as Administrator
3. Copy this line:

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}

4. Right-click in the Powershell window to Paste and then press Enter.
5. There is no need to restart. The fix should implement right away.

If you have previously disabled Windows Firewall or do not have it running, the above steps will result in errors. Use the steps below to enable Windows Firewall and the reverse if you wish to turn it off again afterwards.

1. Right-click the Start button -> Click Run
2. Type Services.msc and press Enter
3. Scroll down to find Windows Firewall
4. Right-click then click Properties
5. Under Startup Type dropdown -> Select Manual. Click Apply
6. In the top left portion of the Services Window, Click Start this service.
7. Now follow the steps in the first section, and it should work.

These steps worked for this guy
They have no guarantee to work for you
Also worked for the other person as well.
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I'm going under Computer Management>Disk Management and have deleted a partition which gave me the unallocated 48gb, and I'm trying to add that unallocated space to the main drive (C), and it's not letting me, When I right the C drive there is only a shrink volume option, the extended volume is shaded gray. How can I fix this?
I have windows 10, not 8. I'll attach a picture.
Dropbox - issue.png

A:How can I extend my hard drive space?

Because in order to extend the partition, the partition HAS to be next to the freespace..
you have a partition in-between C: and the freespace..
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i have 500 gb hard running windows 7 c drive was allocated a space of 30 gb at the time of installing the it was almost full.i have D,E,F,G and H drives.among them D drive is of 97 gb it is free now.plz give a suggestion to
for my problem.thank you.

A:how to extend c drive on windows 7?

C can only be extended into free space immediately following it.
If D is immediately after C, in Disk Management delete D and then right click on and extend C into the space created.
If there is any other layout you need a third party partition manager such as Be aware that there are (low) risks involved and you should back up your data before using a partition manager.
From the number of partitions you have it is clear that you must have an Extended partition containing logical partitions. This may limit what you can do without third party tools.
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I've Windows 7 system and space in C: drive is exhausted. I tried to extend the space using disk management tool. 
For this I created freespace adjacent to C: drive, but still the Extend Volume menu item is disabled.
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Hello I have a Dell Inspiron Series Laptop with Windows While purchasing I asked for partitions to be created on it They created partitions C D and 10 to How Windows Volume and Extend Recovery in partitions delete E drives Then I wanted to install Ubuntu so I created space on C drive by shrinking the volume This shrunk my C Drive After that I wanted How to delete Recovery partitions and Extend Volume in Windows 10 to install Ubuntu There was an option to upgrade to Windows for free So I thought to upgrade to Windows and then install Ubuntu I did the upgrade to Windows but forgot to reclaim the unallocated space back to C drive So after Windows installation I have this drives And now I am not able to allocate the unallcoated space to C drive since there is now a recovery partition present between C drive and the unallocated space And I am also running out of space on C drive How is it possible to reclaim space on C Drive by deleting shifting the recovery partition and extending the C Drive to claim the unallocated space And considering the partitions that I have which drive should I try installing Ubuntu I want C drive to contain some space since I need to install programs games in C drive Also many software nowadays dont ask for an install location but install directly to C drive Could someone please help me out
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Hi all I didn't know where to put this thread but because it has to do with system performance I thought this might inactivity period of after random a (supposedly) System Freeze be the best place to post my issues with Win Let me get straight to the point Up-to-date Windows install ver OS Build I haven't tested it but it seems like when the computer becomes inactive after a period of time the whole system freezes - the mouse isn't moving the desktop remains static on the last windows that were there the time remains static System Freeze after a random period of inactivity (supposedly) it doesn't change CTRL ALT DELETE doesn't work Only solution seems to be to a hard reboot In all other aspects the computer works fine no System Freeze after a random period of inactivity (supposedly) virus as determined System Freeze after a random period of inactivity (supposedly) by up-to-date version of Free Avast AV SSD runs super fast computer reboots shuts down and goes to sleep perfectly It's just when I am working on the computer and get sidetracked and when the computer becomes inactive the computer freezes System Specs other relevant aspects of my system can be viewed on my system specs page Custom Built E non-OC GB DDR RAMGTX up to date driver Any thoughts Is there some sort of log that I can call up to show what is causing this stall freeze hang-up Thanks again

A:System Freeze after a random period of inactivity (supposedly)

Its definately a random period of time , differant every time? not for example when trying to enter screensaver mode/sleep mode/defrag etc?
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Am going away for extended period.

When does the free offer terminate please?


A:Free Instal Period

currently it is end of july
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Am going away for extended period.

When does the free offer terminate please?


A:Free Install Period

currently it is end of july
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I set up my dual monitors yesterday This is how I have it configured nbsp Monitor cable attached to HP DisplayPort into computer via what looks to me like a USB type connection Monitor D-Sub cable into computer via D-sub cable connection nbsp Both monitors are on and working however monitor is a duplicate of monitor I tried changing the Display settings to extend but the computer does not detect a second monitor nbsp I did what was suggested by Microsoft shut down computer and or unplug the cable and plug back in Doing this twice did not help nbsp I downloaded LGs Dual Smart Solution driver to possibly fix this issue as well but it did not I contacted LG for support but they could not figure it out - thinking it is a PC Not 7 Does Not Monitors - Will Enterprise Windows Extend Dual Detect issue and not their driver I modified the Dual Smart Solution driver with a Windows 7 Enterprise Dual Monitors Will Not Extend - Does Not Detect recommended modification from LG but it did not fix the issue I also reversed the cables as suggested but that did not help Is there another solution for this problem or is it just the PC itself
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I'm getting now this error now after year We been using VDI-Windows nbsp for more nbsp than a of License grace Status: out hardware period or expired Additional license tolerance) (KMS year License Status: Additional grace period (KMS license expired or hardware out of tolerance) suddenly we got this message Can please advise what wrong in VDI image Observation gt office and Windows OS is NOT immediately activate through KMS gt delay of to minutes before successfully activated the windows MS office nbsp Error License Status Additional grace period KMS license expired or hardware out of tolerance License Status: Additional grace period (KMS license expired or hardware out of tolerance) --------------------------- Windows Script Host --------------------------- Software licensing service version Name Windows R Enterprise edition Description Windows Operating System - Windows License Status: Additional grace period (KMS license expired or hardware out of tolerance) R VOLUME KMSCLIENT channel Activation ID ae ee - b - c -acb - d Application ID c -d - d - e-d ec f f Extended PID - - - - - - - Installation ID Partial Product Key HVTHH License Status Additional grace period KMS license expired or hardware out of tolerance Time remaining minute s day s Remaining Windows rearm count Trusted time PM Please use slmgr vbs ato to activate and update KMS client information in order to update values Robert
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I have read multiple threads from this website and others with no real answer on how to fix this issue so I apologize for starting another thread about it The web is littered with so many people still having this issue I just recently updated I then created a boot disk and performed a clean install I use a Razor Black Widow Ultimate keyboard and a Logitech G x laser mouse I can reboot I can shut down and restart and everything seems to work fine But after leaving the pc off all night and start in the morning I have no mouse or keyboard This has happened Saturday morning Sunday morning and yet again today Fortunately I have Acronis backup of keyboard working and shutdown period Mouse of being after long pc stop my install so when this happens Mouse and keyboard stop working after long period of pc being shutdown I just re-image the Mouse and keyboard stop working after long period of pc being shutdown hard drive and start searching for solutions again Any thoughts on how to fix this problem I have the latest Logitech mouse drivers and running Razor Synapse for keyboard software The latest thing I have done is disable fast boot but have not had it shut down long enough to see if it fixes the issue thanks mw

A:Mouse and keyboard stop working after long period of pc being shutdown

Here is a list of things I have done in hopes of fixing this issue:
disable legacy USB in bios
disabled fast boot
installed latest Intel chipset
installed latest set point drivers

are any of the above a waste of time or is anything above one of the suggested fixes?
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Hi all,
Until recently, I ran a dual boot system with Ubuntu - but for business reasons, I uninstalled it (along with it's bootloader).
Anyway, I cleared up the hard drive space in the Disk Management app on windows 10,
I have about 350GB free space from Ubuntu and I cannot extend the C: partition, you can see what I mean here

I can't seem to extend my partition and whatever program I use I have to buy the full version to extend my partition,

A:Can't extend windows 10 partition into unallocated space

Try MiniTool Partition wizard. It is free.
I used it several time when I was unable to "extend" the volume back to my main drive.
Windows' own diskmanagement is no better than a ground-level app for partitions.
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hello again dang this thing is a pain new issue today trying to save a tiny rtf file to external USB drive and get quot semaphore timeout period has expired quot message and have to save to local drive instead also get the message if i drag and drop into the expired period timeout has semaphore desired location perhaps related to the issue i occasionally have the machine semaphore timeout period has expired loses connection to the external drive and either the folder shows empty it's not or doesn't show as even being connected little blue light on the drive will sometimes go out sometimes not but still no access EDIT i have two verbatim USB drive attached one or the other of them will occasional disappear from This PC and when i look at device manager there is an error on that drive i disconnect and reconnect and the drives show semaphore timeout period has expired up and the error in device manger goes away there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why this happens when it does and i try to save something to the drive that's when i get the quot semaphore timeout period has expired quot i have tried to update drivers using windows search online and it always says i have the best drivers loaded the drives have been checked for errors and windows reports none there is still quite a bit of available space on them gigs on each and when they are connected and live i can access files with no problem it just decides to seemingly drop the drive randomly thanks for any help
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I looked at the lifecycle page and it didn't list a date for EOL.
I read that IE 11 would be supported for as long as Windows 10.  Windows 10 LTSB build 10240 with IE 11 is supported for 10 years.  So, does that mean IE 11 will be supported until at least July 2025?
That seems like an unusually long time.
Where is documentation located describing specifics on how long IE 11 will be supported?
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Once I have installed OpenSuse OS on my HP laptop. Now I removed it. I have separate partition left with it. I want to extend it to my C Drive but after shrinking it, I am not able to extend that partition to my C drive. I have very less space left with my C Drive. Please tell me how to extend that partition to my C Drive.

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Once I have installed OpenSuse OS on my HP laptop. Now I removed it. I have separate partition left with it. I want to extend it to my C Drive but after shrinking it, I am not able to extend that partition to my C drive. I have very less space left with my C Drive. Please tell me how to extend that partition to my C Drive.

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This is an odd problem This has been happening for a few days now and I'm at a bit of a loss about what the problem is exactly It seems to have started after a recent Windows update but I'm not sure exactly what specific element has screwed things up for me and it may have taken a bit of time for me to notice the problem due to the nature of it I wouldn't know when to roll back my system to even if I was willing to try and I'm not at this point If I leave Windows alone for more than a few minutes it freezes This happens without fail and it's consistent Any more than five minutes give or take a minute or two and it's frozen hard and requires a hard reset Ctrl alt del doesn't work alt tab doesn't work nothing but the power button or the reset button on the case has any affect There is no error message there is no spinning wheel mouse icon the mouse pointer doesn't move It's just frozen and no input does anything The when Idle hard Windows a period. freeze for 10 short screen just has Windows 10 hard freeze when Idle for a short period. a still image of whatever was displaying when it happened and audio is also dead no system sounds or anything There was sound once but it was when I had a game running and left it too long and it was just that locked up audio buzzing sound It's a hard lockup of my system and not just the video getting stuck It also doesn't matter if something is running If I have a video or game running it still happens As long as I'm not actively inputting something with an input device such as the keyboard mouse or a gamepad it locks up If I pause a game to go get something to eat it's frozen when I come back if I'm watching a video and get up to go to the bathroom it's locked up when I get back it doesn't matter if I pause whatever it is or leave it running If I'm doing something typing playing a game or whatever it will run for hours uninterrupted No problems whatsoever I've got Fallout and I've played for several hours without any problems as long as I'm sitting there and actually playing the game It's like the PC is trying to go to sleep or go into an idle or power saving mode from a lack of input and is crashing hard as a result The problem is I've disabled everything that would do that I'm running Windows x Home edition I have an i k Gb of Ram two Radeon HD s in Xfire doesn't matter if this is on or off and my boot drive is a SSD It's not a new system and Windows has been running fine on it for several months now I've already disabled all screensavers there are no scheduled tasks or updates screwing with anything They all happen in the middle of the night and nothing is pending All my drivers are up to date caches have been cleared and everything runs fine as long as I'm there and active The usual suite of common updating software such as adobe and virus definitions are also up to date so that isn't it either I have already disabled shut downs and sleeping in the power settings Every power setting has been adjusted so that my PC never shuts down on its own and was already set that way to begin with I've double checked and everything is still set the way it should be I've already turned off Link State Power Management in all power settings That isn't it either I do have AMD's new Crimson drivers but this was happening before I installed them That's not the source of the problem I installed the new driver in the hope of maybe fixing the problem and it had no effect on it I've scanned for viruses malware and adware My system is clean My temps are fine all system monitors show a clean bill of health and no unusual activity spikes in my hardware Task Manager processes and services don't show any extra or unusual programs running Nothing is out of the ordinary when this happens outside of there being no input for a bit There are no error messages popping up at all No BSOD or indication of any problems outside of the freezing itself It just locks up suddenly and once it does no input does anything but a reset usi... Read more

A:Windows 10 hard freeze when Idle for a short period.

Hi, some thoughts and a possible temporary 'fix' to get you by for now.. while you research the many threads there are on sleep issues on the forum, and some questions that may help anyone looking at this.

First, have a look at this and see if it relates to your situation:
Solved Win 10 Unattended Sleep Timeout - Same as Vista, Win 7,8[.1] ? - Windows 10 Forums

If not fixed:
1. If you put your PC to sleep or into hibernation manually, can you resume successfully?
2. Have you tried a clean boot - what happens?
3. You can also use shellexview (freeware) to disable shell extensions (hide all MS items first, the disable the rest) and see what happens- should not need to restart to try.

Finally, to keep you going for now: try downloading and installing 'Don't Sleep' (freeware).
Running this may stop your PC going into this odd state.
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Hi everyone, is using a non genuine windows considered illegal? We all know that we can have a notification saying our windows isn't genuine and doesn't have the ability to customize our operating system but i can still live with that and i still want to use windows no matter what.

A:Using Windows after Trial Period

Running a non genuine windows after the 90 Days grace is theft - just the same as walking into a strangers yard and driving away in their car

You will not get any assistance here
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My computer hangs after long periods of been on. I think it is a problem of waking up.
I attached a hijackthis file.
I also had a BSOD problem but I had to restore Windows to a previuos restore point.
Included also is the omgbsoddebugging file.
Please help me to make my computer work at it s best.
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I have three of these monitors all connected to a single GTX 680. The center monitor is connected via HDMI and the two side monitors are connected via DVI. With only a single monitor enabled, there is no lag. When I enable a secondary or third monitor in Control Panel>Display>Extend desktop to this display, I get lag. FireFox scrolls unsmoothly and animations throughout Windows are sluggish. I have Minecraft opened on the center monitor. The ingame FPS counter always stays above 80 but "feels" like 40 FPS (it's not smooth). Any suggestions on what to do?

Enabling the secondary and third monitors with NVIDIA's Control Panel (Surround) doesn't give any lag but breaks window snapping so I'd really like to control the monitors with Windows Control Panel.

A:Lag/Laggy animations with multiple displays (Extend desktop)

Its interesting that the nvidia control panel does not cause lag when setting it up, but windows control panel causes the issue.
I'm guessing you probably already checked for updated graphics drivers?
I would say you are running to much for the card to handle. Yes its possible. What resoloution do you have for each monitor? Even the best cards might stutter under three monitor loads and games.
You might need to do a dual card setup.
But again, it works fine under nvidia so this is puzzling.

2 possible causes for this(I think):

1)Try checking that this setting 'Multi-display/mixed GPU acceleration' is not set to 'Single display performance mode' in the nVidia control panel (it's under 'Manage 3D settings'). Might take a look at that.

2) I don't have transparency enabled. I do not think it adds anything to the user experience and it isn't particularly good looking either. Otherwise Aero is still enabled aside from transparency.

Try a fps test and see what results you get.
Also, check your temperatures. If the card is getting really warm pushing all those displays and a game, it could be causing this issue. Although you said you were running mine craft....not exactaly a amazingly graphical game

Hope these thoughts somehow help...
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Hello. I'm a New Member on this forum. Nice to Meet U Everyone

I have something to ask about my partition problem here :

That's my partition list, and I want to extend Unallocated drive (that I recently used for Ubuntu) to drive C or D, but I can't do that because I can't click "Extend Volume" at drive D.

Any ideas ? what I supposed to do ?


A:Can't Extend Volume

Minitool partition wizard will solve your problems and its free.
You'll probably need to move the empty space next to the partition you want to expand it to.
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Hi Guys,

I have a restaurant renting my downstairs premises with a hotspot that Im allowed
to extend into our house, however they don't want a wired connection to their network
with their POS systems, so I can only access wirelessly.

They've given me the MAC address and IP of the router. I wanna know, if I have a
spare Netgear DGN2200, is there away to set it up as a repeater/extender, even if I
need to use 3rd party firmware, to take the signal I get strong in the one corner of my house and then repeat throughout from my spare router(as much as the router can).

I've seen too many conflicted articles and threads, so not even sure if this is possible,
else what hardware should I purchase?

Thanks in advance !
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Hello, I'm sure Shawn is aware of this setting, and I'm sure he'll eventually read this, and can link me to the post to how to do it =)

I have my computer set up to when it is idle after 5 minutes, it will turn the screen blank for 3 seconds then it will show the lock screen. Sometimes I'm at the computer desk busy doing something non-computer related, and all of a sudden I notice in the corner of my eye that the screen goes blank. I had the computer set up to whenever that happened I grab the mouse real quick and move it to come right back to whatever was showing on the screen before it goes to the lock screen. Reason why I want to catch it right in time is so I don't have to re-type the password at the lock screen. There is a setting somewhere that lets me do that. Where is it again?

A:Where Is That Few Second Time-Out Grace Period Again?

Hello pepanee,

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Lock Screen Timeout Period - Change in Windows 8
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Hi, I purchased a new laptop - E5-573-36RP on 16th Apr 2016. When checking the warranty online here( , I see the expiry date is 3rd April 2017 which is incorrect. I also want to purchase extended warranty. How do I go about correcting the expiry date and purchase of extended warranty? Thanks!D

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Hello, my company has resold nearly 100 Acer laptops in the last year. All have worked great except one. It will not charge a battery. We have verified this by swapping batteries from identical units.
The real issue is that we cannot get this unit replaced. It was purchased from Newegg Business and when calling the support number and entering the SNID [edited for privacy]the automated system says it's out of warranty and sends us to the 3rd party.
So then we communicate with Newegg who says Acer has verified the warranty and for us to call back. This has been going on for over 7 months! Meaning in less than 5 months the real warranty will expire though this thing has never been used.
Please help!

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A:No Warranty Support

Thanks, we tried that many times. The Newegg rep just found that by using the chat support and entering the full Serial Number it finally worked. The phone support nor chat would accept the SNID. So this was the root of the  problem.

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Hi! I have a question about the Win10 update. I bought my unit last June this year. Will it void my warranty if I download the update and update my Unit form Win8.1 to Win10?

A:Warranty Question

It will not void warranty if you download the update and update the Unit form Win8.1 to Win10. You may create the USB recovery media before making any changes on your computer. Install all the updates for windows 8.1 and wait for the windows update 10 icon to be displayed in taskbar.