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Raid 0 Problems and Essential Data Recovery solved

Q: Raid 0 Problems and Essential Data Recovery solved

I would just like to revisit one of the posts from yesteryear Entitled Raid Problems and Essential Data Recovery I had a major problem with my HD discs after my motherboard blew When I replaced my motherboard due to the bios not being configured Data Raid Essential Problems 0 solved Recovery and to know how my Raid drives operated I thought I d lost it all - and so did everyone on these forums and my friends BUT after a little use of common sense and hope I got it all back and I did it all by myself Here s the basics I got a cheap IDE HD disc drive I stuck it into my motherboard as the master drive with my Raid ones as they were in the raid slots didn t matter which way round I installed Windows on the IDE drive I bought some software like Runtime Raid Reconstructor I ran that software It detected the Raid drives even though windows couldn t I asked it to perform a configuration test It completed the test and opened my drives I used an external drive to remove Raid 0 Problems and Essential Data Recovery solved all stored data off the Raid drives I eventually removed the IDE drive and formatted the Raid drives ready for a standard configuration and Windows Install I put all my files back Raid 0 Problems and Essential Data Recovery solved on to the Raid drives from my external JOB DONE Now I ain t no tech head right BUT I understood that the concept of openning Raid drives in RAID requires two bits of information Block size Drive priority ie which is first second Any Raid reconstruction software will work out through trail and error what the configuration is of your drives so you can get your data off This isn t a tech heads version of what to do but I was stuck for months last year thinking I d lost it all I of course won the battle and punched the air a fair number of times Hope this helps any of you out there in the troblesome Raid land nbsp
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Preferred Solution: Raid 0 Problems and Essential Data Recovery solved

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Dear Techspot after spending a fair old bit of coin on a computer a couple of years back it was to my dispare that I recently had to replace my motherboard the thing really messed up it wouldnt even get as far as keyboard initialisation so no BIOS control So Ive changed from a socket MSI K N SLI NForce motherboard to a Socket ASUS A N Deluxe Then comes the problem the HDD s Raid config I have Western Digital Gb drives in Raid After fitting the motherboard and stupidly not noting which drive was in which 0 problems recovery RAID and essential data SATA RAID port originally things only got worse I plugged them in and couldn t get them to show up on the main bios page as quot first SATA master quot and quot second SATA master quot as I believe they should by the way at any time in this thread I may be completely wrong My IDE drives show up fine but this is my first point of confusion My NVIDIA controller on the advanced settings of my bios does not RAID 0 problems and essential data recovery detect the HDDs at all but the quot silicon raid controller quot will detect RAID 0 problems and essential data recovery the drives in the type shown on start up not in the bios main page After changing the settings with both of these controllers and changing the SATA RAID ports the HDDs were in there are available bootup would always end in quot Disk boot failure Insert system disc quot Then I really messed things up I went to the silicon raid controller bios menu and created a raid array This may or may not have accessed the drives and overwritten the original raid boot data So now here I am Im desperate to keep information that was on the HDDs There is some recent data that I didnt get to back up I heard if it s all gone a bit wrong I could get a seperate IDE HDD install windows on there and use a raid repair application to gain access to the drives through My Computer I hope I have provided enough info on this drawn out situation and that someone can shed light on things I m well over my head with this nbsp

A:RAID 0 problems and essential data recovery

I think they show up as one drive in 0.

Have you set the Bios for raid operation?
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Hi I need some help direction or advice Earlier this year a virus crashed my computer If possible I want to try recovering data from hard drives that were configured in a sata raid Since the crash I have installed a new ATA Maxtor GB hard drive and have XP installed again I have installed the SATA DRIVES and they are recognized in the BIOS They don t show up in my computer When I open VIA Raid tool they are there and shown as operating normal but not in any array I don t know if I should try to create a new array or how to proceed and not damage any data if any is still available Any guidance and help Recovery Solved: RAID Data 0 SATA from is greatly appreciated Operating system XP Mother Board ECS P M PRO-M Processor Intel Pentium socket GHz MHz FSB MB Solved: Data Recovery from SATA RAID 0 L Cache Using onboard sound Video e-GeForce LE Hard Drive GB ATA Maxtor set as Master IDE Hard Drives - GB SATA Seagate Baracuda DVD Drive Sony R W set as Master IDE Memory Corsair GB - modules MHZ nbsp

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HELP. I had a NAS 200 connected to my router via RJ45 to store pictures on from 4 networked computers. All computers are running Vista Home Premium. The NAS has two 320G Seagate SATA hard drives.

A representative from a RAID recovery software company said his software would not work as Linksys uses proprietary formatting. The tech at Linksys accessed my computer to try to fix the NAS200 and when he was done, My public folder and the pictures that were in it are no longer viewable.

Amazing, the case number the tech gave me, bogus.

At any rate, is there any way that I can connect the two drives to my PC via SATA and recover any files? I connected the drives and Disk Management sees them with partitions, but under my computer, none of the drives show up.

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Hi I have recently encountered a problem in which that my computer does not boot into windows at all and is all down to a NTLDR being missing I have tried going into the recovery console however the fixboot etc have not been successful and a check disk scan shows that the file Data on RAID 0 recovery system is corrupted I am using two GB Hitatchi HDD with RAID I put in a new GB HDD and installed a new OS on it so that I can recover data on the two GB HDD and am using active undelete When recreating the RAID for the two GB and scanning it it finds all the files on them intact however when trying to recover the data folders and files it seems to fail with some of them I was wondering if there were any other methods I could use Data recovery on RAID 0 to recover my data other than using active undelete which has shown me my data is intact however has trouble recovering them Thanks if anyone can help
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I ve made a few very stupid mistakes After data Two Solved: problems recovery a GPU failure I retired an older Windows XP PC with two old ATA HDs It would be desirable to copy much of the data from the old HDs to my new Windows system I thought I simply could plug in one Solved: Two data recovery problems HD at a time to the DVD-ROMs ATA cable and copy the files through the windows explorer interface It started out nicely with windows recognising the Harddisk I could however only copy about half of the relevant files as I got several file corruption errors with entire folders being unreadable and the helpful windows suggested running chkdsk Just for fun I tried starting chkdsk from the command prompt and predictably got the message that it cant be run without admin priviliges I thought nothing much of it Unfortunately Windows started chkdsk on reboot and the process was uninterruptible Now I could recover some of the contents from the previously unreadable folders but most of the files that should have been there seem to be gone Obviously I dont want to make another attempt with the other HD which contained the OS Instead I tried to connect it to our second computer which runs XP an OS that I am much more familiar with This PC has a SATA HD so I tried using the ATA connector of the DVD again No matter the boot priority settings in BIOS XP tries to boot from the old ATA HD first which fails Disconnecting the SATA drive thinking that I at least could try to copy the most important data to USB sticks didnt help either This leads me to two questions Is there any recovery software or service that will save data lost after a chkdsk How can I access the second HD in a safe manner nbsp

A:Solved: Two data recovery problems

you can buy cables to connect the device onto the USB
I would also try using UBUNTU - that way your not under windows control

boot from another Operating System

If you have another PC with a cdwriter and spare CD
goto and download the ISO

full details are here

click on the image "download ubuntu"
Select a location
then begin download
Save the file onto your PC – remember where you saved it – so you can find it again to create the image bootable CD.

You do NOT copy the ISO file onto a CD - you have to use the ISO to create a bootable CD
The CD creator software you have on the PC may have an option to create an image from an ISO
If not - use this free program

When the UBUNTU CD boots - you will see the following options
1) Try ubunto without any change to your computer
2) Install ubuntu
3) Check CD for defects
4) Test memory
5) Boot from first hard disk.

Use OPTION 1 "Try ubunto without any change to your computer" ONLY this option this will run from the CD and not install onto your harddrive - be careful, if you do install onto the PC - you will wipe the data and software OFF your hard drive.., so repeat only use option 1

Now you should see a UBUNTU desktop
This at least proves the main parts of the PC are working

you should see the USB or all the attached drives if you have connected to the PC again
Now you can copy the files to a new USB drive or onto the system hdd

recovery software
From a Elvandil Post
Here's a list. If the free ones don't see anything, forget the pay ones. I know Pandora is still around and has updated recovery software. And the other day, someone used the Disk Investigator at the bottom, which is meant to show you how much stuff is still on your drive after you thought you cleaned it, and they managed to get all their files back. Dr. Freeware is pretty new and updated not too long ago, with other useful tools, too.

Here's the list, anyway (I have more if you run out ):

Free recovery applications:

Dr. Freeware Boot CD (also has partition tool, drive cloner and imager)
DiskDigger & NTFSWalker
Pandora Recovery (Free for personal use)
Smart Data Recovery
Recover Files
Roadkil's Undelete
Free Undelete (NTFS only)
Softperfect File Recovery
ADRC Data Recovery Tools
Undelete Plus
Data Recovery
PCI File Recovery
Ultimate Data Recovery
Disk Investigator


O&O Disk Recovery
Paragon Mount Everything (Mounts any file system, CD/DVD burning, File Manager, Partitioner)
GetDataBack (For FAT or NTFS)
Ontrack EasyRecovery Pro
File Scavenger
Recover My Files
RecoverPlus Pro
Zero Assumption Recovery
[email protected] File Recovery
Final Recovery
Recover4All Professional
Easeus Data Recovery Wizard
NTFS RecoveryClick to expand...
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Hi guys need some advice I have win running on RAID using Seagate GB hdds My motherboard is an ASUS P series with an onboard Intel Raid chip So apparently one of on auto Data recovery on HDD wrong rebuild RAID the drives went dead and since it's RAID no problem right Just replace the Data recovery on RAID auto rebuild on wrong HDD disk and it will auto rebuild Problem is this thing happened just as i was about to step out of my house for a week long vacation I thought i'd get a new drive when i got back and shutdown the pc to save on power while i was away Fast forward a week so i boot up the Data recovery on RAID auto rebuild on wrong HDD computer and the Intel Raid boot sequence shows that i have a degraded drive No biggie I thought i'd boot it up first and replace the degraded drive later What i didn't notice was that Intel Raid controller had designated another one of my existing drives as a spare and marked it for auto rebuild in Windows So upon booting into Windows Intel Rapid Storage starts rebuilding on the wrong drive So now i have TB HDD data that has been wrongly auto rebuilt I've sinced replaced the degraded drive and the array is back to normal but my data drive is mush I tried using Active Undelete and it's able to scan the files and recover but the files are corrupted Anyone have any suggestions on what software i could use to try to recover the data

A:Data recovery on RAID auto rebuild on wrong HDD

This MAY work, it has worked a number of times on failed RAID systems, and also failed a couple of times;

Recuva - Features


This also MAY work;

It has worked a number of times on failed RAID systems and only failed once;

You want the download from the first column with "UNLIMITED" data recovery;

Free Partition Recovery Software - Recover Deleted FAT/NTFS/Ext2/Ext3 Partition.


These work, but cost money!

Once you have a virtual disc of the drive Don't do any operations on the drive itself; ( there is some freeware for this, you will have to search Google for it I don't have a link offhand), you can then try all sorts of things without endangering your data any further.

Also see here;



Regards....Mike Connor
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I m reloading XP Home onto a fairly old essential Is GA-8S661FXM-775 SATA on motherboard? a Gigabyte RAID hyper threading Gigabyte GA- S FXM- motherboard Included in the driver downloads from Gigabyte for this particular mobo is a SATA RAID driver After Windows was up and running when I checked the Hardware in Device Manager there was a yellow question mark indicating that drivers were needed Consequently I ran the SATA RAID drivers and the question mark went away so obviously this was an integral part of the mobo as I had no other programs or hardware installed When I opened the SATA RAID program from the shortcut in the Notification area I had no idea what it s about I ve tried to read up on the technology of it but I m afraid it s beyond me Can anyone advise me in very simple terms Exactly what SATA RAID does Is it essential to the proper running of the motherboard Are there any dangers inherent in the use of it With unknown quantities I prefer to leave them out unless they Is SATA RAID essential on a Gigabyte GA-8S661FXM-775 motherboard? are really needed Any help would be appreciated Is SATA RAID essential on a Gigabyte GA-8S661FXM-775 motherboard? but please keep it really simple Thanks PB nbsp

A:Is SATA RAID essential on a Gigabyte GA-8S661FXM-775 motherboard?

You can read about RAID here:

No it's not needed for the motherboard to function. Some motherboards have standard SATA ports and some RAID SATA ports.
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I have recently completely re-installed my win xp prof sp system and also subsequently used restore So everything is fine BUT I did a major backup as I do regularly and noticed that the amount of data in the backup had increased considerably When I checked I found that I had copies of the folder 'Application Data' That's misleading because I know everyone has folders of that name Forget about the one in 'Local Settings' I also have one in the folder bearing my name I also have a similar one in another folder If we pretend my name is Fred and data' application 'Is essential my desktop computer is called fredsdesktop then this other folder is called fred fredsdesktop and in this folder is another Application Data similar but with more recent dates Is this to do with my restore process If I disable by changing its name the 'active' 'Application Data' will my computer start up and run I just 'Is application data' essential dont want to disable the computer with a false move Thanks for any help

A:'Is application data' essential

Leave them alone unless you want problems.

One of the main reasons for a total backup to grow in size with each successive backup is the "System Restore" feature. It creates a new restore point everytime you install software , and adds that to the existing restore points. It can easily add several Gbytes if you have a large hard drive.

Before I create a full system image backup I disable SR to remove all the restore points. This reduces the size of my backup file by around 3-5 GB.

I make the backup then I enable SR again.
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I am concerned about sending sensitive data, such as information to a credit bureau, over the internet.

Reputable companies assure they have security to protect sensitive information, but I am more concerned with security from my computer and transmission over the internet.

I have Trend Micro that provides protection against virus, spyware, and a firewall. It is gets regular updates.

Microsoft Windows important and recommended updates are automatically installed.

Yet, knowlegable computer users tell me additional protection is needed, and one protective program leaves gaps which other programs would cover.

For real security, please advise what other security programs I need, hopefully free.

Thank you.

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Is it possible to use a separate hard disk for your OS and programs with data storage on a RAID Array consisting of two (or more) identical hard disks?

Would the system disk need to be the same size as the disks used for the RAID Array?


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Evening all I ve recently become tired of having all my videos music software installers and other such things that are used by several PCs in the house scattered all over those PCs taking up disk space and ending up being difficult to find when I need them What I want to do is take an old PC I m not using the less money I spend the better and set it up to host all of this stuff on a network drive Now I ve done a Storing Solved: data, important RAID? little looking around on the net and I ve come across a little Solved: Storing important data, RAID? something called RAID I like the idea of having some sort of Solved: Storing important data, RAID? failsafe should one of the drives die because that PC will basically be the only copy of many things I ve spent a few years accumulating lol I ve also read the Techguy quot Guide for installing and configuring Raid quot But there s still plenty of questions and I ll never get a certain answer until I actually ask someone Now let s see I ll be using x GB drives in this system follow link for Everest report Should I even look at RAID or should I just try to keep the files on the first TB backed up nicely on the second TB Of course I would be tempted to use the quot extra space quot and keeping a constant backup would probably become annoying What s the best RAID level for me From what I can tell RAID- basically takes for example two drives and uses one as a copy of the other so that if something one of the drives is lost the data is not This sounds pretty good to me On the down side its storage capacity would be in my case TB How fast would the actual transfer rates be from card to system compared to SATA or The RAID controller card would be PCI and I ve found cards that cater to both SATA amp However the SATA cards tend to be more expensive and I d like to know if it s worth bothering or whether the data would just be bottle-necked due to PCI speed limitations anyway Is there anything I ve gotten wrong not thought of not asked that you think maybe I should have asked ways of going about this that I ve not considered etc Thanks folks nbsp

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hello everyone I am thinking to renew the whole data in current renew can data how array? RAID question: I raid the in raid array md My environment is raiddev dev md raid-level persistent-superblock chunk-size nr-raid-disks nr-spare-disks device dev hdb RAID question: how can I renew the data in raid array? raid-disk device dev hdd raid-disk this dev md is home so I m not booting from this disk and the other file systems including root and boot are on dev hda What I want to do is to renew the whole data in home Is there any way to do this by switching dev hdd with all new data copied then sync this new data to the other raid disk dev hdb FROM dev hdd the disk just added with new data TO dev hdb currently active raid disk Usually after switching the HDD to new one data in dev hdb is to be copied to dev hdd for recovery But in my case I want to do the opposite I would be so appreciated by all your helps Thank you nbsp

A:RAID question: how can I renew the data in raid array?

I'm not sure what you want to do.. You want to copy something to the /dev/hdd disk (from another computer maybe) and then copy the data from /dev/hdd to the RAID array?

Since you are using RAID1 then it should be fairly simple.
You just simulate disk failure by removing /dev/hdd. You could do this by making the hdd drive hdc instead (jumper it to be the secondary master). Now you mount the "hdc" drive (that really was you hdd) and copy whatever you want to /dev/md0.
Since it's a RAID1 array then all the data that goes to md0 is written to hdb and when the /dev/hdd comes back the RAID is syned onto both disks again.

I'm not sure if that makes any sense to you. Can't be less obscure than your post though
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After a crcdisk sys boot failure on my Vista machine I bought a new GB disk and started with a fresh install a Solved: from data of disks pair RAID Recovering of Vista on Solved: Recovering data from a pair of RAID disks the new disk I previousy had a pair of GB disks in an array Other than the boot failure the two disks appear to be working fine as I can use the Vista install DVD to get to a command prompt and can see all the files From the new disk the new installation appears to be working fine but I have a large amount of files I d like to recover from the old disks The machine has just two hard drive bays so I m not quite sure how to go about recovering the Solved: Recovering data from a pair of RAID disks data on each of the GB disks If I put just one of the old drives in and boot from the newly installed disk the old disk shows as GB unallocated drive and I can t seem to get access to it I also have a USB to SATA cable on order which I m thinking I can use to run the new drive as an external drive and then copy across from the old drives using the Vista install DVD Is this a reasonable approach or is there any way to get to each of the GB in turn to lift my files off nbsp

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We have a dead raid motherboard. We have data on 2 raid hard drives that we need to recover. Is there any way to do this without installing a new raid motherboard? Is there any company that can recover this data?

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8GB DISKGO SECURE USB 2.0 FLASH DRIVE is not visible, they are replacing it after trying to reload the USB info. Can anyone recommend a data file recovery program for this?


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Alright my hard drive had been having some issues as of late I deal a lot with large files on my computer Slaving data recovery hard problems for drive a from school things like my animation homework my music videos me and my friends make even some pretty Slaving a hard drive for data recovery problems cool lookin light saber fights the works The hard drive Slaving a hard drive for data recovery problems started making a weird clicking noise and would lose performance some times I had to restore God knows how many times because it would drop registry files or just stay with a black screen for over an hour I finally got fed up with it when it lost the System file and couldn t load windows last night so I got a hold of one of my dad s spares loaded up XP Pro and went to slave the old drive to get the data off of it the old drive was gigs but it s showing it only around and will only ask me if i want to format it when I click on it Not sure if it helps but the sequence of events were as follows Take out old HD Replace with new HD Set old HD to slave hook everything up Boot up computer Format new HD and Install Windows XP Run windows XP click on D drive and get message asking if i want to format the gig actually gig HD Was I supposed to wait until after I installed windows to install the Slaved drive or what what am I missing here If you have any ideas please send em my way I hate to start all over again nbsp

A:Slaving a hard drive for data recovery problems

Usually a clicking noise will mean a hardware failure. When it asks you to format the drive that points to a failure of the read/write heads. Running software on it isn't going to work and unless you have a clean room you aren't going to be able to recover the data yourself. Take it to a data recovery professional and they will perform a free diagnostic on the drive. That way you will know just how serious it is. I've had good experiences with a place called CBL data recovery. Good luck. JT.
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I have a disk with 2 partictions. Recently my system would not recognise either one of them. However I have got lucky and XP home is able to read from one of these 2 partitioned drives. However when copying some files from this drive I get message - Data error :Cyclic redundancy check. But this is only sometimes and I have been able to copy most of my data off this drive.

My big problem is that the second partition is unaccesible. Xp recognises this drive as as drive G: but it is unable to read it.

Just for info when booting I get a Master File Table error.

Can anyone recomend any software tools to recover my data. Would really really be a huge help.

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Heya I ve had a couple different posts on here because of some pretty mad malware Basically my comp won t load to the login screen so another member and I determined it was best to do a fresh install Now I have a recovery console on issue. do from Raid won't frehs Solved: driver Recovery load to CD install. my hard drive forgot what program made it and I have the recovery CD The hard drive recovery will accept my raid drivers and send me through however when I try to get to recovery from my DVD it gives me the old fatal error oooooo xb or what not Solved: Recovery won't load from CD to do frehs install. Raid driver issue. Of course I need to utilize the DVD version to install windows and believe it or not I m using the same floppy I used when it work I did mess with my BIOS settings to get something else to work so now I m stuck Can i do a clean install from windows safe mode works regular mode won t or is it absolutely best to do it from Dos recovery nbsp
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Hey folks I somehow really messed up on this one I had a problem where my computer wasn t booting past the windows load screen and to try and fix I loaded a system recovery in safe mode That seemed to bother my computer more as now it won t boot saying the following quot Windows could not start because of the following missing or corrupt file WINDOWS SYSTEM CONFIG SYSTEM quot It suggests that I use windows recovery So screen wont & issue. complete, blue Solved: setup recovery raid Windows I pop in the DVD and sometimes it works sometimes not It will often freeze on loading a video file driver and at the end it will read quot file i prt sys caused an unexpected error in at line u t in d drive quot I think its my bogus DVD drive but it does work half the time So even when the windows recovery boots I would let it go through and hit R for recovery However it says Windows doesn t detect any Solved: Windows recovery wont complete, blue screen & raid setup issue. drives probably because I have two drives on Raid I retry and hit f when it starts to load third party drivers Now I have discs for raid drivers I ve tried all each with multiple options within The computer is years old so for the life of me I can t remember which I ve used when originally loading windows When I post my bios shows Sil Sata Raid Bios version I tried Solved: Windows recovery wont complete, blue screen & raid setup issue. all disks but the Sil Sata Raid Driver Disk by ABIT Version multiple times Still no go What happens is I get the blue screen of death quot Problem has been detected etc etc Check for viruses etc etc run chkdsk f to check Solved: Windows recovery wont complete, blue screen & raid setup issue. for hard drive corruption Stop x b oxF D xC x x quot Now I believe that my drives are fine When I go into the raid settings in bios it says they are operating normal and the problem that made the computer go haywire is a problem I experienced before that people fixed here and discovered to be a driver issue See old post years ago http forums techguy org windows-xp -solved-windows-cant-boot-black html So now I m stuck I can t recover it seems so frustration is building I will try and download the latest drivers from ABIT and try those but anyone have any ideas I ve tried recovery maybe times and no go Not sure how to proceed as I unfortunately need some data on these drives I realize this was incredibly long so I really appreciate your help and hope some of you out there truly enjoy a good challenge Thanks again -Jeff Mobo AB Pro nbsp

A:Solved: Windows recovery wont complete, blue screen & raid setup issue.
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I have a laptop will not boot! I installed the drive in a caddy and it only shows me the system reserved part. not the rest of the drive... it is a hitachi hdd and when put back into the laptop and tested with hitachi hdd diag software, it says bad sectors were found and wants to erase or attempt a sector repair on the drive... i have documents i want to recover.. will attempting a sector repair possibly help... is there a better option..... any advice or opinion ...please help


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I Formatted a Video DVD. (DVD +R)
Can I retrieve the data from it anyhow?

A:Solved: Data recovery from DVD

There are many on the Web. Here's a free one: CD Recovery Toolbox

But I don't think you can retrieve the data if your CD has been formatted.
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Hi all.
has anyone any ideas on the best way to retrieve a lost word document.

A:Solved: Data Recovery

I take you mean that you deleted that word file by accident.

You can try this:
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My sister has an HP laptop on which her motherboard failed She wasn t backed-up so she needs to get her files off the HD What I would like to do is remove the drive stick it in a case and make an external HD out of it extract the files she needs out of it then reformat it and use it as a backup drive I suspect that I can t just plug my new homemade EXHD into a USB port on another PC and drag and drop the files she wants into a new folder Is there any way to get around having to install that drive into the same kind of computer it came out of to retrieve those files There s always more than one way to skin a cat What are my options Best Buy wants to get the files But like I said I would like to get the files and have an EXHD in the bargain too Thanks Scott nbsp

A:Solved: Data recovery

I suspect that I can't just plug my new homemade EXHD into a USB port on another PC and drag and drop the files she wants into a new folder.Click to expand...

you should be able to - you may get a permissions error

I get over that by using UBUNTU
Running that on a PC from the CD only and then copy between the system HD and the USB HD

I have seen a post here recently to get around that windows access denied error - i'll try and find
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i Need to recover my hard drive and was wondering if you new any program that would recover the data?. the drive makes a noise like its try to start i put it into 2nd pc on IDE and it says drive not formatted, the drive has no OS on as it was a IDE drive in a USB Caddy. and is a FAT 32

all the best and thx


PS Drive was created with windows XP Home

A:Solved: Data Recovery

I got bad news for you. Your hard drive is toast. Software isn't going to any good at this point. Two problems: 1. the drive is making noises. 2. it says "not formatted". That usually indicates a read/write head problem. You need to take your drive to a recovery lab to get your data. Try CBL data recovery, they do free diagnostics and will let you know what the costs will be.
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So, I've been asked to sort a friend's computer.

They turned it off while installing updates (XP Home) and now it's boned.

From the recovery console I can navigate directories but can not copy any files.

Whenever I try a repair installation and choose the windows partition, setup states that it can't do anything.

When plugged in as a secondary drive, windows prompts me to initialise the disk.

What are my options? I need to get the data off (but can't send the disk away).

I've tried TestDisk to no avail, this doesn't even see the disk.

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I have a fairly new Dell XPSOne Vista Desktop and the hard drive has failed. Called Dell and they told me they will replace the hard drive. Unfortunately I have not backed up my data. Is there anyway to recover my data? I have seen many sites on the internet but am not sure how trustworthy they are. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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sir, accidentally i format my important drive and i seperate that drive into two drive, but few days after i come to know that many of my important file,photo ware formatted....and then i tried for recovery but none of my files were it may be i seperate the drive?????..what to do with my recover process???? i realy need to get back all my imp. photos and doc... pls help pleaaassee?????

A:Solved: data recovery

If you have formatted the drive and then partitioned the chances of recovering your data, are slim, even with professional and costly recovery procedures.
I can only recommend that you try one of the many free recovery porgrams OR depending on the value of the data contact one of the many advertised data recovery firms.
I suggest you try the free offer on the link below and then take it from there

I presume you know never to install the recovery program OR recover to the drive in question.

Perhaps this may help further
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I have a friend who allowed someone to stay at his house while he was on a business trip. While my friend was away, the person staying at his house crashed his pc and he "fixed it" by reinstalling windows xp without backing any of his data. Consequently, all his data was lost. My question is... Is there any way to recover that data? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Data Recovery

It sounds like a "clean install" was done, otherwise the data would have survived, one would suspect.

That means the disk has probably been formatted and Windows reloaded from scratch?

If so, much of the data will have been overwritten.

However, it is possible that if a repair was done, and not a clean install that the users profile has gone, and the data (if stored under "my documents") may just be inaccessible due to permissions.

In that case it may be possible to recover, but how computer savvy is your friend? If that data is valuable, messing around will only lessen the chances, it would be preferable to let an expert examine it?

We really don't have all the facts, so its hard to be any more precise.
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I have a friend with a heavily infected laptop so i guided her over the phone to use sdfix. It ran the scan and removed the infection but when it booted, and she tried to log in. It just log off again. Safe mode doesn't work and so i am planning to clean install the entire thing

However if there a way to recover the date/files in the hard drive. OS is windows XP and computer is a laptop

If possible, wouldn't like to slave a laptop hard drive as i am not confident doing this with a laptop hard drive


A:[SOLVED] Data Recovery

You could boot from a linux cd and copy the files . . otherwise, attaching it to a working pc is the easiest way. You could use something like this:

You would need to know if the drive is PATA or SATA
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I used my Nikon D80 to take pictures. I used "cut" command from windows to transfer pictures to a laptop. my laptop got stolen. What is the best program to recover data from teh 4.0 GB SanDisk memory card I had in the camera?


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Today my RAID1 failed again, and during fixing it I accidentally _cleared_ both disks.

I read somewhere during my last RAID1 failure that all that clearing does is deletes the boot partition/sector of the disk, which seems reasonable since it only took a millisecond to complete the task.

Does anyone know how to recover this? I'm lost without all of this data.

Please help.

Edit: I thankfully solved this by disabling SATA, then one of the two drives appeared, untouched, in Windows. The other is lost, but that's not an important matter, I'll rebuild the array to sort that.
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I have problems mine is recovering data from a DVD-R amp a friend is looking for my help in recovering data from a quot corrupted quot Flash Drive I was burning data on a DVD-R multiple sessions disk when my Burner crapped out while using Nero I now have a new Burner amp when I go back into this disk I can only read data from my st session when I compare the s from Nero s disk info tool however it also shows that session is still open but I cannot read anything from sessions amp Looking around I spotted CD Recovery Tool Box Free is there anything more recent and or better that would let me try to recover the data on this disk The data in session is still on my HD but I would like to be able to recover the data in the other sessions worst DVD-R data recovery data Flash & Drive recovery possible case even just the file names would be a DVD-R data recovery & Flash Drive data recovery small plus Now for the Flash Drive It is a Lexar Gig DVD-R data recovery & Flash Drive data recovery amp what supposedly happened is that Peter lent it to a fellow employee so he could extract some data probably a mistake When he got it back a few minutes later amp tried to use it all he got was a message that it was corrupted As it has all of his product codes phone numbers amp personal sales data for the last year he is really desperate to try amp recover DVD-R data recovery & Flash Drive data recovery the data He does not have a computer of his own so he has no backup another bad idea He has gotten a new Flash Drive a Sony Gig but I have told him that he better go out amp get a nd one to use as a backup As I know basically nothing about Flash Drives is there a program out there that maybe can recover his data Any and all help along with a few words of advice would be greatly appreciated Oh yes I have computers one running on Windows so I can run my old DOS programs amp HD so I guess that dates me amp the other on XP Pro which from what I have read may be an advantage in recovery Happy Skies Chris nbsp
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Hey Techies I have a couple of questions. What is a good software that I can use to backup my hard drive? Also what is a good software to use to recovery a hard drive or files on the hard drive without the program being install on the computer first. Example: If my hard drive crashed what can I use to recover my files on that hard drive?

Also, I am sure I know the answer to this but I thought I would just make sure. If I get a message saying my Window OS is corrupted, can I use the XP disc to reinstall Windows without losing my files, ie: pictures, music, my documents?

Thanks for any and all help.

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Alright, I really need help today. My friend gave me a flash drive to take to work and uninstall the U3 system on, when I uninstalled it, it essentially reformatted the flash and I lost all of his information. As a side note, I thought it was only uninstalling U3, not reformatting the flash. In the end, it was my stupid mistake.

Anyways, back the story... So I went to the sandisk website and found their data recovery software for removable media (like MP3 Players and such), but being an open source believer, I sought an alternative.

I basically need to know if there is any great freeware for flash drive data recovery. If there isn't, then can anybody help me in some other way? This is pretty urgent as the data was probably important.

Flash Drive Specs:
Sandisk Cruzer micro 2 GB Black (Came with U3 installed, of course)

Any help or comments are much appreciated!!!

A:Solved: U3 Troubles: Data Recovery

PCI File Recovery
Smart NTFS Recovery
Smart FAT Recovery
Tokiwa Data Recovery
Myplaycity Data Recovery
Softperfect File Recovery
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I recently had a machine die and am trying to migrate my old data to an external drive, however, many files and directories in my "Dirs and Setttings" folder will not copy. I get "access denied." The most frustrating part of this is the radomness that this happens: some files and dirs copy fine others dont. Those that don't have read-only marked when I go into properties; I uncheck it then apply changes, try to copy and the whole circle starts again. Any ideas?

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Hi all,

I have an old Dell Inspiron 7000 laptop.
It died years ago, some problem with the MB.
It was too costly to replace the MB out of warranty at the time.

I want to recover the data, and clear the drive, then trash the whole thing.
It's just gathering dust, so time to get rid of it.

So, how do I do this myself?
Is there a standard 2.5" drive and are there connectors on the market to
let me attach it to another PC through say a USB port? Anything else?

Has anyone done such a thing before?
Am I being realistic?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Recovery of Laptop data

I have one of these gadgets and it works very well.
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MODS I'm very sorry I just noticed I put this in the wrong section could you please move this to the appropriate section Thanks Recovery Data Please. [SOLVED] Suggestions or Help Hello my name is Eliot I'm new here but have been a bit of a lurker Thanks for having me The Problem The hard drive on my boss' computer some how changed its format to nothing the PC wouldn't [SOLVED] Data Recovery Help or Suggestions Please. recognized it nor would a windows install disc Its a Western Digital hard drive with Windows XP Pro It was on a poorly built custom PC this person that built it did not take into consideration that the office is somewhat humid in the summer and has static electricity problems specially in the winter So the problem started with the drive booting to the windows logo and then restarting itself and hang on restart And then it just wouldn't recognized the drive at all What I've done I have tried a recovery disc to no avail because the drive is not formatted I did recover files using Testdisk For the goal that I have yet to achieve in retrieving the Data My boss needs her emails from that disk I successfully retrieved the outlook express folders located in about places in the directory of the drive For some reason the DBX files that I located contain NOTHING She told me that its the only program that she used she never backed the emails up so they would not be in PST file format I have looked everywhere and cant find anything Do you all have any suggestions or is she out of luck Oh and for the even bigger problem she took the PC to someone else and that person decided that reformatting the drive and installing windows would help retrieve the files yeah epic fail there buddy I guess he didn't know that formatting is basically wiping the drive clean And there was only one partition by the way Thanks in advance everyone Sorry for the super long post

A:[SOLVED] Data Recovery Help or Suggestions Please.

In Outlook Express you can't make a backup to a PST file anyway as that can only be done with Outlook from MS Office. That's why Outlook Express is pretty lame for an office environment as you have to back up every 'DBX' folder separately.

I'm afraid if Windows 7 has been installed on the previous XP partition, there is no chance of retrieving anything from the previous OS which has been overwritten.

I suggest your boss uses Office Outlook in future (Windows 7 has no built-in email client anyway so she'll have to decide on something). She can than easily make a regular backup as single a PST file which contains all contacts & all messages both sent & received.
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this relates to sharing external drives between a os x and xp machines i plugged in a seagate gb external drive FAT formatted into my mac mini threw an for and recovery others help Solved: warning re:data me for a alias of the drive into the movies folder in order to see what front row made of the collection of films tv shows and Solved: a warning for others and help for me re:data recovery music videos Solved: a warning for others and help for me re:data recovery i had collected great it sees them hey what a nice interface oh look a little preview of the clip great just need to get a dvi to video adapter and this is going under the telly optical audio into my surround amp everyone s happy until front row locked not allowing me to force quit so i had to shut down using the power button restart and the mac does not recognize the disc and it needs to be formatted not readable by pc either bang goes gb or so of media this happened to a work colleague with a smaller seagate powering down the drive does not eject it safely shutting down the mac with the drive in seems to do the same thing corrupting the drive my questions are is my data gone forever short of a data recovery company lots of money what is the best way to share data between osx and xp hope this can help save others the trauma of losing stuff nbsp

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Hello Board first time poster Thank you for taking the time to review my issue I run a small Computer repair services company and am in search of the opinions of others in the field re data recovery software I was using a program called quot ReclaiMe quot My experience with this software Recovery Software Solved: Data so far has been hit and miss I have the older version of ReclaiMe on an XP box I ve used Solved: Data Recovery Software it several times to recover data from quot RAW quot drives its slow and very unreliable as far as being able to actually copy the data once it is quot recovered quot I Solved: Data Recovery Software just Solved: Data Recovery Software purchased the latest version of ReclaiMe I have it installed on two different systems a win box and a win box Neither will even find data from a drive that is seen as quot RAW quot The application searches for about hours and reports quot no data found quot I really need a reliable application that will not have a hard time recovering quot RAW quot drives that are connected via a USB slave cable Any suggestions Thank you all in advance JP nbsp

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Somehow my hard drive was deleted. Or at least a portion of it and a goodly amount of mp3's. Well I used a data recovery program but now manyof the mp3's will either not play, play as another song. Play as one song then play the song their supposed to be, etc. What gives and can i correct this?

A:Solved: Data recovery has all my mp3's screwed????

Probably not.

The files were likely "fragmented" on the hard disk drive, and the recovery does not recognise that, so you end up with bits joined that shouldn't be and bits missing.

You are lucky to get anything recovered that is playable.
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I had two SATA drives that had Windows installed and my PC was having problems loading them. I've now installed these ina different PC using a PCI SATA Adapter. However, when I try to access them from Windows it says the file structure is corrupted and they are no readable. This is described in this post...

I am wondering if there is any data recovery software I could try that would enable me to access the data on these drives?


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I have two drives that were used in a RAID 0 (Striped) system.
They are identical. 160 GB SATA (Seagate)

I am looking for suggestions for professional data recovery companies.

Thank you,

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Hi Guys, A Relative Of Mine Was Thinking Of Donating An Old PC But Was Worried That Personal Data Might Be Recovered. They Asked Me What Was The Best Way To Ensure Privacy. I Advised The Safest Way To Protect Data Would Be To Remove The HD & RAM module, And Replace Them With New Ones. They Asked Me Was There Any Other Possible Way Data Could Be Recovered, Which Brings Me To You. Is There Anyway Data Can Be Recovered From Any Other Areas Beside The Hard-Drive or RAM??

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I had a problem with dell Laptop When I was using WMP it got stuck in the middle of a song Then it said that I need to use chkdsk for checking error in disks I did so When it started checking it started deleting automatically all the files and deleted everything from my OS partition Now it has nothing in it When I booted into UBCD win that recovery? better [SOLVED] for formatting of What data is type I created before it is showing as a MB partition When checked using a partition manager it is showing that the remaining space are unallocated now So the only option that I have now is installing a new OS on the same partition Now can anyone tell me which one would be better method for formatting FAT or NTFS if am going to use data recovery software to recover my lost files Thanks in advance Update For me there is no other go other than formatting Coz already the partition size has become MB and remaining GB has gone unallocated Is there any other way to recover data

A:[SOLVED] What type of formatting is better for data recovery?

NTFS is more secure and is generally easier to retrieve data from. There are a variety of programs out there to retrieve data.
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I don't in fact know if this is the data recovery virus but I did have that virus and recognise the symptoms The first thing that has started happening is that my browser is very slow and shuts down often Then google redirected my search Then next my USB outlets quit working for me this cuts off my internet because I work on a wireless router to my desktop That is when I clicked on the start menu to do on... Virus Data [SOLVED] Recovery hanging a system restore and noticed an empty folder for quot Data Recovery quot I did [SOLVED] Data Recovery Virus hanging on... the system restore and it [SOLVED] Data Recovery Virus hanging on... works for awhile then all the [SOLVED] Data Recovery Virus hanging on... bugs start showing up I have restored times while I have been trying to do the first steps I got the blues screen of death once when I tried to run GMER but it finally worked I tried to save the files on to a flash drive but the computer wouldn't recognise the usb port So right now this minute the computer is working okay so I can post here I truly appreciate all your help to us middle aged homemakers I will post reports in next post God bless you

A:[SOLVED] Data Recovery Virus hanging on...

DDS (Ver_2011-08-26.01) - NTFSx86
Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18702
Run by Administrator at 1202 on 2012-07-02
============== Running Processes ===============
============== Pseudo HJT Report ===============
uStart Page = hxxp://
BHO: Adobe PDF Link Helper: {18df081c-e8ad-4283-a596-fa578c2ebdc3} - c:\program files\common files\adobe\acrobat\activex\AcroIEHelperShim.dll
BHO: Office Document Cache Handler: {b4f3a835-0e21-4959-ba22-42b3008e02ff} - c:\progra~1\micros~2\office14\URLREDIR.DLL
BHO: Java(tm) Plug-In 2 SSV Helper: {dbc80044-a445-435b-bc74-9c25c1c588a9} - c:\program files\java\jre6\bin\jp2ssv.dll
BHO: JQSIEStartDetectorImpl Class: {e7e6f031-17ce-4c07-bc86-eabfe594f69c} - c:\program files\java\jre6\lib\deploy\jqs\ie\jqs_plugin.dll
EB: {32683183-48a0-441b-a342-7c2a440a9478} - No File
uRun: [ctfmon.exe] c:\windows\system32\ctfmon.exe
uRun: [MSMSGS] "c:\program files\messenger\msmsgs.exe" /background
mRun: [LWS] c:\program files\logitech\lws\webcam software\LWS.exe -hide
mRun: [iYogi Support Dock] "c:\program files\iyogi support dock\iYogiSupportDock.exe"
mRun: [cctray] "c:\program files\ca\ca internet security suite\casc.exe"
mRun: [QuickTime Task] "c:\program files\quicktime\qttask.exe" -atboottime
StartupFolder: c:\docume~1\alluse~1\startm~1\programs\startup\netgea~1.lnk - c:\program files\netgear\wna1000\WNA1000.exe
StartupFolder: c:\docume~1\alluse~1\startm~1\programs\startup\secuni~1.lnk - c:\program files\secunia\psi\psi_tray.exe
IE: E&xport to Microsoft Excel - c:\progra~1\micros~2\office12\EXCEL.EXE/3000
IE: Google Sidewiki... - c:\program files\google\google toolbar\component\GoogleToolbarDynamic_mui_en_89D8574934B26AC4.dll/cmsidewiki.html
IE: {e2e2dd38-d088-4134-82b7-f2ba38496583} - %windir%\Network Diagnostic\xpnetdiag.exe
IE: {FB5F1910-F110-11d2-BB9E-00C04F795683} - c:\program files\messenger\msmsgs.exe
IE: {2670000A-7350-4f3c-8081-5663EE0C6C49} - {48E73304-E1D6-4330-914C-F5F514E3486C} - c:\progra~1\micros~2\office12\ONBttnIE.dll
IE: {92780B25-18CC-41C8-B9BE-3C9C571A8263} - {FF059E31-CC5A-4E2E-BF3B-96E929D65503} - c:\progra~1\micros~2\office12\REFIEBAR.DLL
LSP: c:\windows\system32\VetRedir.dll
Trusted Zone:\ttlc
DPF: Microsoft XML Parser for Java - file:///C:/WINDOWS/Java/classes/
DPF: {02BCC737-B171-4746-94C9-0D8A0B2C0089} - hxxp://
DPF: {5AA5A569-F96F-4628-A528-8B3698F558BB} - hxxps://
DPF: {6414512B-B978-451D-A0D8-FCFDF33E833C} - hxxp://
DPF: {7530BFB8-7293-4D34-9923-61A11451AFC5} - hxxp://
DPF: {8AD9C840-044E-11D1-B3E9-00805F499D93} - hxxp://
DPF: {CAFEEFAC-0016-0000-0029-ABCDEFFEDCBA} - hxxp://
DPF: {E2883E8F-472F-4FB0-9522-AC9BF37916A7} - hxxp://
TCP: DhcpNameServer =
TCP: Interfaces\{F4EF3A8D-BEF6-4180-A23D-D5B295482E33} : DhcpNameServer =
Filter: text/xml - {807573E5-5146-11D5-A672-00B0D022E945} - c:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\office14\MSOXMLMF.DLL
Handler: skype4com - {FFC8B962-9B40-4DFF-9458-1830C7DD7F5D} - c:\progra~1\common~1\skype\SKYPE4~1.DLL
SSODL: WPDShServiceObj - {AAA288BA-9A4C-45B0-95D7-94D524869DB5} - c:\windows\system32\WPDShServiceObj.dll
============= SERVICES / DRIVERS ===============
=============== Created Last 30 ================
2012-07-02 15:11:16 -------- d-----w- c:\windows\FLV Player
2012-06-27 04:43:21 -------- d-----w- c:\documents and settings\administrator\a... Read more
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Hello all,

Thank you for taking the tiime to review my issue. I have a hard drive formatted HFS+ (was in a MAC that got liqued spilled on it) I have a data recovery program called "reclaime" installed on XP (NTFS) the data recovery program finds all the files just fine, problem is that when I attempt to copy the "recovered" files, I get the following error msg, "some files were not copied because the active license (windows) does not support the file type or the file system type." Is there any way to copy these files (which were created on a MAC formatted with HFS+) to my XP machine formatted with NTFS?

PS, the data recovery software is only available on my XP machine

Thanks in advance!


A:Solved: running data recovery from XP pro (reclaime)

Found "MACdrive" does exactly what I need
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Hello, my hard drive recently became partially corrupted, so I'm trying to copy the data to another one to see what I can salvage, but when I try to access the hard drive it says "access denied" I tried changing the permissions but I really have no idea what to do here

A:[SOLVED] Hard drive data recovery

Take ownership of the drive or folder.
If you are having problems accessing a corrupted drive, try recovering your files with the free TestDisk Program, I have had the best luck with GetDataBack. You will need another drive of the same size or larger to restore your files to.,
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Hi all I have a from Recovery Hard Disk Corrupt Solved: Data hard disk that is actually a laptop internal hard disk Few days back i dropped my laptop from the roof and broke it There was nothing that could be recovered from Solved: Data Recovery from Corrupt Hard Disk it but this hard disk So i decided to put this hard disk in a hard disk case and use it as an external for backup purposes It was working fine and all my data that used to be in my laptop was still present A couple of days back my windows on my desktop got corrupt so i thought to first backup all my data to this laptop hard disk and then reinstall windows For that i used ubuntu live cd I copied all the data and then reinstalled windows But when i connected this disk to my computer and clicked on the partitions of this disk an error came up quot The path you specified is not present quot I guess that the disk is corrupted though my data is still there on the disk Can come one please help me to recover the data Thanks in advance PS Please excuse my english i am not a native english speaker nbsp

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I had to do a quick reformat on my second filenames? recovers that software recovery Data Solved: drive it didn t have any sort Solved: Data recovery software that recovers filenames? of windows or other OS installation on it I lost a large amount of files but according to data recovery software like Recuva and iCare Data Recovery they are all still recoverable thank goodness But theres a problem I had allot of different types files sorted into different folders and given special file names some were special projects I was working on and needed the file Solved: Data recovery software that recovers filenames? names to find out what they were When I try using recovery programs It just gives me generic file names like quot file png quot quot file rar quot and etc as it is right now everything is globed together in this huge mess thats going to take me literal months to sort out Is there a program out there for free that recovers your data but in a way that recovers the file name or folder structure I had it in before or if thats asking too much is there a way I can at least get the file names back I know its asking allot but I got to try to see if theres anything else out here before I attempt fixing this gaint mess Thanks for the help nbsp

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Hi I need to have data recovery done on one of my hard drives I know this is pretty expensive but the data Recovery Services Solved: Data Company Questions on the drive is important It was backed up not too long ago but I have put alot Solved: Data Recovery Services Company Questions on it since Does anyone have any suggestions or experiences with any data recovery service It seems to range from national types down to mom and pop companies There is one I see on the net called Gillware and there are also ones in my area Southeastern NY I ve removed the drive from my system it is a secondary drive and installed it into a friends external case with the same results It spun up long enough for my PC to see the USB connection but then it died The drive is making a click and the pitch from the drive spinning goes up and down like it is struggling Any ideas suggestions or testimonials would be appreciated Thanks in advance for your time nbsp

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I accidently put my USB drive in the washer I first realized it was in the washer when I finally went to take out my clothes and put it in the dryer When I found the USB Drive in the washer I noticed the top cap of the USB was still attached After realizing that it was in the washer took the USB out Washed USB Machine Recovery Solved: for Drive - Data and wiped it down with a dry cloth Then I went to my laptop to plug it in As a result the laptop recognized it in addition the laptop also viewed all my of files on the disk however the USB drive kept dismounting every few seconds By the way my USB Drive is made by Kingston My question to you is what do I do from here Would data Solved: Data Recovery - for Machine Washed USB Drive recover help me I am planning Solved: Data Recovery - for Machine Washed USB Drive to learn a little Solved: Data Recovery - for Machine Washed USB Drive data recover myself I just do not know where to start So far I have put the USB Drive in a dry container filled with dry rice uncooked rice I found out about this idea online earlier I plan to leave it there about four days and then figure out what else to do next nbsp

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is it safe to delete data from my recovery partition which I don't want to regain space on that partition? i want to regain some hundred mbs on this partition to backup my os and other important things - can i do this? or can't my recovery partition be modified?

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Someone mistook eMachine's "system recovery" for XP's "system restore".

Barring the availability of a time machine, which data recovery program is better at recovering files from hard disk drive sectors which have been over written; Easy Recovery Professional, GetDataBack, or something else?

Thanks for your advice.


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I wanted to upgrade my current computer from 4x intel 60gb SSD to 4x 240 drives ( configured in raid 0. The 60gb worked fine! But when I took out the old drives and replaced it with the new ones, rebuilt raid, and then load windows installer nothing is showing in the partition setup window.

So, I have 5 drives in the computer, 4x 240gb SSD and one 2tb SHDD in single disk mode. when windows load and gets to the partition part is only shows the 2tb drive and not the RAID, but if I disable raid and go to AHCI or IDE they show up (EACH). I have gone to the gigabyte and downloaded the drivers and loaded them and they still do not show up.

This is the motherboard I have

Any Ideas?


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Hello I just got an MSI P motherboard MSI IDE/RAID Solved: problems 915 I am Solved: MSI 915 IDE/RAID problems trying to install IDE HDDs and IDE optical drives The IDE HDDs are plugged into IDE on the mobo and they are working fine The optical drives are plugged into IDE I tried IDE also They do work - they were used yesterday in another computer They do not show up in BIOS or windows as IDE drives They do show up when the VIA RAID utility loads after POST but never show up as IDE I ve tried a few options in the BIOS with no success What am I doing wrong here Why are they recognized as part of RAID but don t show up as IDE I am a RAID noob so that doesn t help MSI s website is no help My system W power supply MSI P mobo Pentium GHz proc sticks RAM - HDD IDE - GB i m going to update my GB is trashed and a GB optical drives cdr dvdr Thanks for any info you can provide nbsp

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I have a latop that seems to have an overheared motherboard.
I removed it's internal HDD and made it an external HDD of a laptop I bought to replace it.
My new Laptop sees the external HDD but I can not access the documents/pictures/programs, yet the laptop acknowledges the data.
I am running Windows XP on both but the original laptop requested a password for the user.
I am not sure where the problem is.
Any suggestions?

Regarding the overheating, the heatsink was blocked with a wad of LINT.
The laptop will not boot up and basically the led indicators slowly light up and then turn off when I try to boot up.
I am not sure of it is the power connection/fuse(?), something on the mother board, or chip. I did notice a few days before the final crunch that the graphics were distorted.


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I Can't Start The Program.. I This Get Error When Start

I Can Press "Start Service" But.. It Show This Message Again After 4-5 Second

What I Wrong ? .. [My Old Audio Driver Is Realtek R2.10]

PS. This Program Compitable With AIMP3 ?

A:SRS Audio Essential .. Problems

Did you restart after you installed the program?

Frequently Asked Questions
General FAQ’s
1. What are the best practices for installing and running Audio Essentials?
Audio Essentials works as part of your audio subsystem. To ensure a clean and successful install:
Close all running applications, especially media players or any websites steaming multimedia content.
Ensure that all service packs and patches are applied prior to installing Audio Essentials.
Once installation is complete, restart the system and you are good to use the software.
Source: SRS Labs

If you are running this in a virtual machine it will not work:

7. Can I use Audio Essentials with Virtual Machines?
No. The VM architecture hijacks the Audio pathways and will not allow Audio Essentials to process audio.
Source: SRS Labs

You can try using a troubleshooter, it may find the services needed to run SRS go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Troubleshooting\Hardware and Sound, and use the Playing Audio troubleshooter.

If not there are Services you can check manually. Windows Audio | Black Viper's Website |
Besides the ones listed at Black Viper's site these are also important; Windows Audio Endpoint Builder, and Power.
Make sure any dependencies are also started, and set to Automatic.

About your p.s., see:, for one recommendation.
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Hi everyone My external USb Wd mybook box has tb Seagate Sata and i use original Wd disc as W installed in My PC Case as sata II Today my old problem appears again as Corrupted disc I recovery external Data data but problem, space. Can reach no corrupted have Get Data Back NTFS and i used before plenty of times for recovery loss data or unwanted deletions but This time im stuck Becouse the disk i try to recover includes gb about used disk space only audio files only gb about empty space Thats too big for me to recover to other disks i don't have enough spaces that my other disks can handle I have about gb FREE disk space in several disks or partitions include My thinkpad SL Notebook Data recovery problem, Can reach corrupted data but no external space. --------- So my question is wit keeping my lost data in corrupted disk first can i take them slowly to this gb spaces i know i can and after create somehow emty space deleting those recovered gb on corrupted disk and use that empty space for more recovery Or smilar solutions Becouse DISC PRICES IS HEAVY nowadays and really i'm out of budget with buying some equipments upgrades ---------- IS THERE Data recovery problem, Can reach corrupted data but no external space. ANY PRACTICALLY POSSIBLE SOLUTION even can take very long time Like creating slowly slowly some extra spaces don't know how I know i look silly in Data recovery problem, Can reach corrupted data but no external space. situation becouse i know u should never write to same disc if you dont want to say goodbye to your files E-how happened not necessary to read these part according my experiences Thats the mistakes DOn't do those at the same time After Letting my Share program DC took big share space on that disk today -there were people downloading from my disk and don't know why i did that -i used heavly that disk to tag amp rename my music -Also let windows seven index -and also let my dc indexes my share I did these things at the same time disks was working My Downloads were happening another disk but it didnt help there were no any problems im just suspicious about some virus worked on this corruption but i don't have enough clue to say that Seems overload processes made this corruption Also one more mistake i made even i know shouldnt that there was a single folder with about gb value in my musics as jukebox folder Also don't do that normally i allow for download and upload only single disk for example gb Anyway somehow after restarting my OS i suddenly see half of my data was gone from TB disk and stupidly unlike other times while using get data back i tried to write a little amount from lost data to free space on same disc then immediately i gave up but this time disk become unstable Completly corrupted after restart my restart reasons are immediate quit for suspicious virus etc with using removal batch files becouse i SO as classic sorry to take ur time and PLEASE Help

A:Data recovery problem, Can reach corrupted data but no external space.


Before you write more data or attempt to read data from the drive through Windows, I would suggest using a Live CD like SysRescueCD to boot from and access the HDD.
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I recently bought a Platinum/RAID K8N Solved: Problems MSI Neo2 MSI K N Neo Platinum motherboard w AMD When it works its been great but I ve had a number of problems with it Initially I had it set up in RAID and it was fine Then I decided I wanted to use RAID but before doing that I upgraded flashed bios everything still seemed fine I then rebuilt in RAID and the USB ports didn t work After trying everything in vain I RMA d the Solved: MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum/RAID Problems board bought through Monarch they told me they replaced the board b c there was a hardware issue So now I ve rebuilt and everything was fine until I woke up one day and my antivirus scan was spinning it s wheels So I tried a couple of other apps Musicmatch for example and they did the same So I tried to restart the computer and it wouldn t boot Went to BIOS and it no longer recognized my sata hard drives the RAID array I brought BIOS back to default settings was able to force BIOS to search for and find the hard drives re-set the RAID settings then reboot go into the RAID set up screen f on reboot and do a set boot on the array before I can get back into windows In short a pain in the This is fairly regular Needless to say Monarch is trying to blame it on anything they didn t sell me and won t take it back in fact they re trying to sell me a seperate raid controller which is partially why I bought the new board in the first place What a joke I ve heard through the grapevine that this may be a common issue any ideas Thanks nbsp

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Hi I m running problems Solved: drive RAID Hard IDE Windows XP Pro I have two IDE devices connected on the Pri IDE port and two other ones on the Sec IDE port now I m trying to get to work a working Hard Drive WD GB with Data and NTFS partitions already on it with not jumpers Master connected on the Raid port Pri Raid on my mother board Asus P P -E Deluxe but windows can t find it either under Control Panel Administrative Tools Computer Management Storage Disk Management or using Partition Magic Either Things I have done to determine if it was a hard drive problem Solved: RAID IDE Hard drive problems - I tried the same have drive on other IDE port and it works fine so the HD seem to be healthy - I tried connecting another working hard drive on the same Raid Pri Raid on board port with not result proving that is not a hard drive problem - I tried setting up the jumper as a slave with not result so I put it back as master Things I have done on the Bios - I update my bios to the latest version from Asus web site P P E rom - I set up on the Bios in the Advanced tab Onboard Devices Configuration Operation Mode as IDE since I m only using the one hard drive - Every time I restart my computer the black booting screen say D WD JB- EVA GB Ultra DMA IDE BUS Master Enable Which I take as the Mother Board has recognized the HD plugged on the Raid onboard port - I tried setting up on the Bios again on Advanced tab Onboard Devices Configuration Operation Mode this time as Raid and as was expecting it gave me a error saying that the array haven t been determined or something like that meaning that is the wrong configuration because I m using only one HD as IDE so I put the Operation Mode back as IDE Things I have done on Windows - I downloaded and installed the latest Raid drivers from the Asus site raid but on Device Manager SCSI and RAID controllers WinXP Promise FastTrak tm Controller Windows still give me a yellow exclamation sign and a message saying the hardware may not work properly - I downloaded and installed the latest ATA drivers from the Asus site ATA just to see if it could work and I got the same message saying the Wizard could not find a better Match for my hardware than Solved: RAID IDE Hard drive problems the software I currently have installed so I install back the latest Raid drivers from asus with the same result Any other ideas thanks Alex nbsp

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Minitool Power Data Recovery or Runtime Get Data Back, which
one would you choose or which one did you choose? I want to purchase a serious data recovery program for personal business use.

A:Minitool Power Data Recovery or Runtime Get Data Back, which

you can try the trial of both products which give you a taste of what the programme is like
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hi i have a scSi disk GB i [Hard header sql recovery] data Drive / extractors data lost information from it and tried to recover with other recovery softwares to no avail finally i got winhex amp got the professional licence i can now data extractors / sql header [Hard Drive data recovery] be able to see all the information on the whole NTFS partition but the problem is that i data extractors / sql header [Hard Drive data recovery] can t be able to recover it when ever i open the logical drive i can see all the information and most of the information is stack up in a quot free space quot which is around gb which i can be able to see has all the information that i need i have tried to recover the free space but its only copied to the location that i specify and no recoveries are made recovering the files by type name has bore no fruits a freind told me i have to curve out that area and use data extractors to get the information out of that area freee space the information in that drive are sql data bases and zip files whats the header for sql what techniques do i use to curve out that space and be abele to extract the information for i can even read the information in text format which are the data extractors available in the market kindly assist its quite urgent i get this information out nbsp

A:data extractors / sql header [Hard Drive data recovery]

I don't know where this thread properly belongs -- but I suspect the question may be too esoteric for most here.

Since it involves data recovery from a hard drive I'm going to move it to Hardware, I think "all other software" is not likely to have anyone with this type of experience.
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Minitool Power Data Recovery or Runtime Get Data Back, which
one would you choose or which one did you choose? I want to purchase a serious data recovery program for personal business use.

A:Minitool Power Data Recovery or Runtime Get Data Back, which


Both are good programs and i would recommend purchasing both ( if you can afford ). Both has it's own pros and cons.
"GetDataBack" is good at virtual reconstruction of damage/unrecognizable file systems but i personally found it weak at recovering image files. It recovers images but most of them seems to be corrupted in my testings. Also you need to purchase seperate versions for FAT and NTFS ( GetDataBack simple is garbage ).

On the other hand, "Power data Recovery" works with both FAT and NTFS and it is better at recovering image files. Another proven tools is "R-Studio" which has quiet good reputation among DR professionals. It's user interface is not newbie friendly but has lot's of options which no other tools offers.

Data Recovery from an External Disk with a Damaged File System
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Hi I hope you can help me as Photosmart Problems Essential HP with Solution Center/HP I have nearly gone crazy after buying a HP Photosmart C All-in-One Problems with HP Solution Center/HP Photosmart Essential printer scanner copier Everything is set up fine and it prints great However I am having enormous problems with the software I Problems with HP Solution Center/HP Photosmart Essential have uninstalled and reinstalled and rebooted and rebooted more times than I have had hot dinners My initial problem was that the HP Solution Center which is where you access the scanner settings ets just wouldn t open A timer would come on for a few seconds and then no life at all And the HP Photosmart essential programme sometimes worked but more often than not froze on me and refused to activate the import button when I was trying to import photos In my last attempt I uninstalled then I temporarily suspended all my anti-virus programmes etc and installed and then turned my anti-virus back on That was kind of successful in that I can now open up my HP Solution Center However every now and then I still cant operate the quot transfer quot button for transferring photos AND most annoyingly it is still hit and miss if the HP Photosmart Essential will work or not That is it still freezes and more often than not won t open the import photos window I use Windows XP by the way Please can you help me I thought it should all work perfectly at the the touch of a button I have done a hijack this logfile Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files Softex OmniPass OPXPApp exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Common Files AOL ACS AOLAcsd exe C PROGRA Grisoft AVG avgamsvr exe C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe C PROGRA Grisoft AVG avgupsvc exe C WINDOWS system ps exe C PROGRA Grisoft AVG avgemc exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard HP Software Update HPWuSchd exe C Program Files Common Files AOL ee AOLSoftware exe C Program Files BT Voyager ADSL Modem dslstat exe C Program Files BT Voyager ADSL Modem dslagent exe C WINDOWS system GEARSEC EXE C PROGRA COMMON AOL AOLSPY AOLSP Scheduler exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition Apps apdproxy exe C WINDOWS wanmpsvc exe C Program Files VoyagerTest fts exe C Program Files Sprite Software Sprite Backup SpriteService exe C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe C Program Files Microsoft ActiveSync wcescomm exe C Palm Hotsync exe C PROGRA MI AA rapimgr exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard Digital Imaging bin hpqtra exe C Program Files Logitech SetPoint KEM exe C Program Files WinZip WZQKPICK EXE C Program Files Logitech SetPoint KHALMNPR EXE C WINDOWS system ntvdm exe C WINDOWS system wuauclt exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard Digital Imaging bin hpqSTE exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard Digital Imaging bin hpqbam exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard Digital Imaging bin hpqgpc exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard Digital Imaging bin hpqpsapp exe C Documents and Settings Owner Desktop PROGRAMS HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www google co uk R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www tabloidcolumn com R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer SearchURL Default http search aol co uk web isinit true amp query s O - BHO no name - D -C F - efb- B - ECA - no file O - BHO HP Print Enhancer - C E- - -BF - C - C Program Files Hewlett-Packard Digital Imaging Smart Web Printing hpswp printenhancer dll O - BHO Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHel... Read more

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WD Essential 320gb USB 2.0
I bought the drive over a year ago and it has worked well
I then had Xp
Now I have Vista and it will still work But only when I plug the Usb out and then in again

It is plugged into a Usb powered hub

It seems to control 2 points on the hub Whether there is something plugged into the 2nd usb or not

They both glow orange when it is not working.

Tried other usb devices in the same sockets and they work ok.

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When the computer boots up it presents me with two options and just sits there. It requires that I press F1 or F9, however USB is disabled, in order to enable it I have to press F1 and enable it in the bios. This is only a problem in that the 700c is a "legacy-free" model and lacks any ports other than USB ports so I cant press F1 to get into the bios or get past the prompt. Any thoughts on how to fix it?

A:Gateway essential 700c usb/bios problems

If USB is not disabled by default, then power off, remove the CMOS battery for 15 minutes, replace and reboot.

That should reset the BIOS to default.
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I booted up my Win 7 computer today and ChkDsk said my Ex HDD may have been corrupted and proceeded to delete some files. Those were some very important files - how can I get them back? (Video and Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 files)

I prefer free methods on this - I know I can buy software to do this, but I currently don't have the money. Or a very cheap method, if nothing else.

It's ironic that today was the day I was going to back up this drive.

Please help!

A:External HDD data recovery - Chkdsk erased some data!!

"How To Recover CHK Files Created by CHKDSK and SCANDISK ? Raymond.CC Blog"
How To Recover CHK Files Created by CHKDSK and SCANDISK
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i have lost my tally recovery data wheni pasted from pendrive tally data to computer was replaced

A:tally recovery data how i recover my replace data from my pc

Recover your data in Tally - Some Tips & Tricks to Recover Tally Data
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I am planning on a new fresh install of Windows XP Professional. I am wondering if I will run into any problems with my RAID setup which I am using to store temporary store backup copies of the files located on hard drive 1 (XP install).

Here's my setup:
HD1: Windows XP Professional
HD2/3: RAID Setup

I used Window's Computer Management > Disk Management to create the RAID setup (Dynamic > Stripped).

I just don't want to have any problems adding the RAID setup or getting my files back after I install XP again and go to add my RAID setup. Is there anything I need to do?

If you need to know additional info, just let me know.

A:Solved: Reinstalling XP, problems with current RAID setup?

Stripped, RAID 0, is a bad backup idea. If either drive fails, the data is lost. Why not run a RAID 5? I realize you're running the RAID 0 as a backup of HD1, but I've lost RAID drives before without clues as to the source of failure.
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Greetings I am new to these forums but it seems to me this was a good place to go for perplexing questions such as the one I am posing - Solved: Recovery Empty Text Docs Sizes Despite File Data files/Word Google FTW Anyway I recently had a Western Digital hard drive crash due to an unstable connection to the PC I managed to fiddle round enough with it to where I can connect it to get data from it though I don t trust the connection to last long Said connection failure resulted in my having to format the drive in order to have windows properly read it I ve managed to get a lot of the iportant audio I had stored on the drive using software called GetDataBack There were a few files thad appeared to have been recovered but that were silent GetDataBack showed me file sizes which told me said files had ovbiously been broken somehow though I had copies of these elsewhere so I wasn t too worried When it came to retrieving my documents and text files however I encountered a very strange thing GDB shows that all the file sizes are correct at least on the one Solved: Data Recovery - Text files/Word Docs Empty Despite File Sizes s I compared to copies I had floating around but when I go to copy them and view the on another drive said files appear to have no text The file size once on the Solved: Data Recovery - Text files/Word Docs Empty Despite File Sizes drive shows me KB Why would GDB show me the correct file sizes but copy over the same file that appears to be completely void of data Why would audio files be more in tact than simple doc and txt files Is there any way I can repair recover these files or are they really devoid of data even though GDB shows me that they are not I m running MSOffice but even those documents created with seem to be empty I have doc files which oddly don t open in compatibility mode until after I ve saved them as a new file but even then those still appear empty of data At present I m plum out of ideas for things to try If I m indeed SOL it ll at least be something I just want to understand why I m receiving contradictory information LOL Though I d really not accept the SOL idea until I know for sure there s nothing else I can do to recover these text files All Suggestions Welcome Bobbi nbsp

A:Solved: Data Recovery - Text files/Word Docs Empty Despite File Sizes
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Hello, I have Windows 7, WLM Essential 2011, Firefox.

PLEASE help with these 3 glitches?:

1. How to alphabetize the folders I created in the email at the left column? they don't arrange automatically...

2. System folder ?Outbox? is missing, how to get it?

3. How to get rid of the tiny triangular ?icons? (don?t know the name) which make the sub-folders? I want a straight, non-indented column of my folders.

Thanks ever so much for any help! Adela

A:Problems in Windows Live Mail Essential 2011

Could you post a picture, I don't appear to have any of those problems???
Perhaps, at this stage, a reinstall of WLM would solve it?
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Hi Everyone,

I've been having troubles updating my windows live messenger to the Essentials version. It says i have to update it to Windows live Essentials, so I've read most of the threads, but none seem to help or i just can't find the right one. Everytime i install Windows live essentials, it installs up the the 99% part and then just rolls back to 0% and says installation cannot continue. Then it says :

An error occurred during the installation of assembly 'Microsoft.VC90.CRT,version="9.021022.8",publicKeyToken Please refer to Help and Support for more information.

Please close all other open programs, and then try again. It looks like another progran is preventing the installer from working. hr:0x80070643

Any hints or solutions?

A:Problems with Installing Windows Live Messenger ESSENTIAL

Try to install from safe mode.
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BTW if this is in the wrong forum then please tell me and then move as appropriate Thanks Yesterday I was trying to put my Packard Bell iMedia running Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack to sleep and I got a blue screen with the following error codes STOP x x x C A xC x Following that I could not boot in any mode further than the Microsoft Windows XP loading screen at which point the same blue screen was displayed Today I decided to go ahead with a Packard Bell Partial Recovery which allows you to retain your data At first the System Restore on the first screen and Partial Recovery on the second screen options were greyed out and then Bell recovery Data following Packard partial recovery System Restore randomly became available so I tried that got an error message clicked quot OK quot the first time and closed it the second time and both times it restarted Then Partial Recovery was suddenly available So I went ahead with that and when it came to the screen where it asked me what user I wanted to retain the only option was quot No Profile quot Thinking that my data would still be in the place the instructions said it would be C documents and settings Chosen user name I went ahead with quot No Profile quot The recovery ran and the computer restarted and Windows started up again as if it was the first time I'd ran the computer So I created the two user accounts that had previously existed and then logged in with mine Among other messages due to the computer thinking it was new again a Data recovery following Packard Bell partial recovery Packard Bell window came up telling me that Data recovery following Packard Bell partial recovery the recovery had succeeded and my data was in quot C documents and settings Chosen user name quot It wasn't there And it's not there for the other account for Default User for All Users or for Shared Documents There is however about GB of the hard drive being used up by something and I don't know what So after all that I really have two questions Is my data still on the computer Data recovery following Packard Bell partial recovery If so can I recover it I'm on an old Compaq with Windows ME right now BTW I was able to hook it up to my monitor and get an internet connection It's just as well I had it

A:Data recovery following Packard Bell partial recovery

clarification - does your documents and settings folder only shows your new accounts?

do you have two window folders? Try a windows search for your old profile folder and see what it comes up with.
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I have a 300gb Maxtor Drive partitioned into 4 drives...the OS on the hd was Windows Vista...While i was reinstalling XP i accidently formatted the whole drive because it didnt show the rest of the partitions on the the time i realized what i just did it was already 5% i decided to stop it by turning off my computer...

i was wondering if the data (music, files, pictures, etc etc) is still recoverable...if so, what are the necessary steps that i should take to recover friend sent me OnTrack 6.3 EasyRecovery Pro and i went out and bought Search and Recover 4...should i do a clean format on the drive and then run a data recovery software or should i run the software with the drive being 5% formatted...

if someone can lead me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate it...thanks


A:Data Recovery Lost Data from format

Closing duplicate, please reply here:

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Hi I have been using a Kingston gb data traveler to store work however as I was saving my word document to go home Word crashed and restarted itself it did not however bring up any autorecover options I therefore thought everything was ok and pulled out the USB When I tried to plug this in again it says USB device not recognized This device may have malfunctioned etc It then proceeds to install the USB as an unknown recovery? unrecognised Traveller USB - data Data device and appear like this in the device manager I desperately need to recover this data I was designing a Data Traveller USB unrecognised - data recovery? website and had pages of text on the USB stick What I ve Tried Plugging the USB in another machine This bought up exactly the same error Downloading a Data Doctor Recovery Pen Data Traveller USB unrecognised - data recovery? Drive tool This however did not recognise a USB as being in the system and thus did not work Is there anything I can do to rescue this data P s I use Vista -bit Business nbsp
Relevancy 50.74%

I have a 300gb Maxtor Drive partitioned into 4 drives...the OS on the hd was Windows Vista...While i was reinstalling XP i accidently formatted the whole drive because it didnt show the rest of the partitions on the the time i realized what i just did it was already 5% i decided to stop it by turning off my computer...

i was wondering if the data (music, files, pictures, etc etc) is still recoverable...if so, what are the necessary steps that i should take to recover friend sent me OnTrack 6.3 EasyRecovery Pro and i went out and bought Search and Recover 4...should i do a clean format on the drive and then run a data recovery software or should i run the software with the drive being 5% formatted...

if someone can lead me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate it...thanks


A:Data Recovery Lost Data from format

Don't know of any freeware ...
But I know someone who has recovered all of his data from a formatted drive using ..

I know he tried some others ... but this one worked.
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I have a 300gb Maxtor Drive partitioned into 4 drives...the OS on the hd was Windows Vista...While i was reinstalling XP i accidently formatted the whole drive because it didnt show the rest of the partitions on the the time i realized what i just did it was already 5% i decided to stop it by turning off my computer...

i was wondering if the data (music, files, pictures, etc etc) is still recoverable...if so, what are the necessary steps that i should take to recover friend sent me OnTrack 6.3 EasyRecovery Pro and i went out and bought Search and Recover 4...should i do a clean format on the drive and then run a data recovery software or should i run the software with the drive being 5% formatted...

if someone can lead me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate it...thanks


A:Data Recovery Lost Data from format

Please do not post duplicates. With patience, you should get a reply to your post within 24 hours.
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Hiya I managed to lose one of my HDD s with all my multimedia on it and have been trying unsuccessfully Pc Data File Recovery Inspector Recovery With to regain it with PCINSPECTOR The Data Recovery With Pc Inspector File Recovery HDD ISNT where my windows is installed and has become corrupted something happened with the partition and it went kablooey The problem i seem to be having with PCINSPECTOR is that it comes up with for example quot Cluster MP quot and it doesn t work Is it something wrong with how im using PCI or something like that I scan for drives Choose quot NONAME on FIXED DISK quot scan for logical drives and withing the first ten seconds it comes up with two partitions Choosing the second one i get these files and the first one nothing Scanning them for FAT So basically am i using quot PCI FR quot properly am i doing something wrong and or is there a cheap better alternative with results Patch Sorry guys bt i managed to fix this with the use of a different program Awesome program I m gonna plug it now quot R Studio quot well worth the investment My Multimedia was worth the odd
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Here's a problem that's fairly simple to explain.

I have a laptop with two HDD's in RAID-0 configuration. The motherboard died, and I want to back up the data before I send it to the manufacturer for repair.

Is there a way to do this, or is it impossible?

A:Getting data off HDD's configured in RAID-0

Raid-0 is a big risk as far as data loss goes, if one drive fails you loose everything. After the motherboard is replaced the system should continue to run from the drives you have without any data being lost. You could simply remove both of the drives before you send it for repair.

As far as I know, any back up software will see this Raid setup as one single drive so even if you create a back up you will not be able to restore it to the Raid set up, it will have to go onto one single drive.

To take a back up of the drives you would need to connect them both to another PC and use software like Acronis True Image. I must add that this is only a "may be" as I am not sure if this will work with a RAID-0 configuration when the drives are hooked up to another PC.
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I am ordering a new Dell system with Raid-1 but not sure of Raid-1's pros & cons.

The main reason is data security. But few questions.

(1) Currently I clone my HDD twice a week as a back up using Acronis True Image software. Could I still do that by removing one of the Raid 1 drive OR the Raid -1 configuration will duplicate the new 3rd drive when I remove the 2nd drive ?

(2) Could I remove the Raid -1 configuration in case if I don't like it for any reasons ? In that case could I continue on cloning the drive as I am doing currently using Acronis ?

(3) Any other pros or cons ?

Thank You.

A:Need help with RAID-1 (data mirroring )

The downside to RAID 1 would be slower performance (multiple writes) and if something is corrupted or damaged on drive 1 that change will be made to drive 2.

You should be able to break the mirror without any issues. If you want to duplicate a drive with Acronis, you should still be able to do that while the mirror is in place as long as acronis can access the RAID drives. I would suggest either adding a internal drive to store the images or using an external drive.
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Sony Vaio has (2) TOSHIBA THNSC128GMMJ micro Sata SSDs in a RAID. The pc is flat dead. it has what appears to be a proprietary connector. the two drives combined appear as one and have to be read as a pair. is there an adapter to USB or SATA from the Sony connector? I need to get the data.

A:Micro SSD RAID need my Data

If the RAID setup was RAID 0, I'd say your chances of recovering data are slim to none.
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I have an Asus a7v333 motherboard with a raid MB FastTrack133 tm Lite Bios Version that ran very smooth for couple years with 2 of 80 GB HDD WD in stripe mode(raid 0).Suddenly the XP PRO hang and can't boot or repair any more. Although the stripe array show as Functional, the system blocks immediately after this message when I want to repair or recover:Examining disk configuration and then it shows an unlimited Examining 152634 MB Disk0 at Id0 on bus0 on Fasttrack...So I can't enter in recovery console either.
I must mention that after I booted with Win XP cd I press F6 and loaded the correct driver but it seems that is a bad block somewhere.
Can you give me some help on how can I recover my data ?
Thank you .I'll appreciate.

A:Recover RAID 0 Data
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I have a Dell with two drives in a RAID mirror array My programs have become virtually useless over time IE Word Excel Macros Adobe etc are all experiencing functionality problems if I can use them at all A simple reinstall is out of the question Something got screwed up with MS not possible lol and I am unable to reinstall office I cant even get updates or uninstall it Yes it is a legal version What I want to do is reconfigure the drives so they are RAID data? and 1 How do keep I stop two separate drives purchase XP SP and Office Professional then wipe one drive How do I stop RAID 1 and keep data? and install both on that drive I can then leave the other drive as is since it has some How do I stop RAID 1 and keep data? software that I need and the company is no longer in business to issue a new license They said I would have to keep my computer to keep using the software I bought the software when they were on their way out Because no one else had what I needed to do Too bad they had a fantastic product My RAID is part of the motherboard and I have software called Intel R Matrix Storage Console In poking around what there is of the program There isnt much I can do in that other than create arrays There is one more space inside the computer to add a inch drive and I have empty SATA ports I have tried to add an external SATA drive but the system tried to add it to the RAID I do have a spare pin power and could get a new cable to allow for an extra IDE drive I m not as techno as I may sound Is the IDE a pin ATA connector I m hoping that by using a non SATA drive it will not attempt to add it to the RAID Then I could make it my boot with the replacement software then leave the RAID as is Is it possible to do what I want or do I need to get a new computer and install one drive as a second Will the new computer accept it as a normal drive and not think it is part of an array If it were not so expensive to get an iMac configured the way I would need it to run this cr p then I would do it in a flash nbsp

A:How do I stop RAID 1 and keep data?

Well, what you can do is make sure that you have all your IMPORTANT STUFF BACKED UP! Then when you go into the raid configuration utility, remove the current raid array, and then create a new one. Usually they will give you different options of what type of array to create. I would suggest a Raid 0, or if it gives you the option, allow it to configure the drives as "SINGLE" drives.
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Hi all I m hoping somone here can give me some good news as to how this can be done but I am not very optimistic data 0 from Retrieving RAID I had a Dell XPS that took a dump on me The motherboard got fried and I decided to build a new computer myself rather than have to deal with Dell again The Dell had two drives in RAID If i put them in the new machine as the only drives it Retrieving data from RAID 0 is going to want to partition format them to install windows I don t want this I was hoping there is a way to retrieve files from those drives mostly photos and movies and things in my docs and move them onto my new computer I know I know I know I should have everything backed up but I didn t I regret it but I never moved everything over to my external as I had planned I was only able to move some before the motherboard fried If anyone has an idea to help me out with this I would really appreciate it Thanks nbsp

A:Retrieving data from RAID 0

the pain of losing raid-0 ...

oh man, we all feel your pain :blackeye: you already know what SHOULD have been
so we'll not harass you on what would-should-could of.

you might TRY to move the pair to the new system to see if the BIOS would recognize
them. if so, there's a slim (~1% imo) chance that you just might get access.
it would mean getting new drivers installed, but that would be a JOY compared to
where you sit now.

Raid-0 is particularly difficult to relocate or recover as
there are multiple HDs required
the ORDER of cabling is important
the raid software drivers can be an issue
and that's before any media considerations, eg partition errors.

Hopefully, anyone with Raid-0 reading this thread will take this experience to heart
and take immediate steps to PRESERVE IMPORTANT DATA on the raid.
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Yesterday I woke boot question disk issues RAID Solved: RAID - disappearing - up to find my computer had bluescreened overnight scsiport sys was in the bsod message Solved: RAID boot issues - disappearing disk - RAID question and the stop error code was a --------------- x A KERNEL DATA INPAGE ERROR Click to consult the online MSDN article A page of kernel data was not found Solved: RAID boot issues - disappearing disk - RAID question in the pagefile and could not be read into memory Solved: RAID boot issues - disappearing disk - RAID question This might be due to incompatible disk or controller drivers firmware or hardware Windows NT Setup Troubleshooting Guide KB NT Recommendations for the current error message are buried down inside this article which isn t necessarily limited to NT Connecting a Hard Disk Drive in Slave Only Mode Leads to System Halt During Resume From Standby KB Win XP SP Windows installed on a slave drive BIOS Manufacturers Should Not Clear the IDE Decode Enable Bit in STM ACPI Method KB Win Win XP Server Vista via http aumha org a stop htm -------------------- The system has preformed fairly flawlessly up to this save for a CPU fan error which I may have caused in testing note to self never detach a system fan while the computer is running JUST to see if the fan readout warning system works and bluescreens a while back because I had both DVD drives set to cable select I rebooted several times and the system did not find a bootable drive - it would just hang at the cursor that displays before the XP splash screen appears Once my raid utility reported my RAID failed I have two Seagate GB RPM drives in RAID and a as a standalone drive I use for backup My board is an ASUS M V FULL SPECS SilverStone Temjim TJ case ASUS M V Socket AM VIA K T ATX Motherboard AMD Athlon X Windsor GHz Zalman Heatsink G SKILL GB x DDR PC SAPPHIRE Radeon X PRO MB -bit GDDR RAID Seagate Barracuda GB RPM SATA Hard Drive x Seagate Barracuda GB RPM SATA Hard Drive x SAMSUNG X DVD R LightScribe Black IDE w Powertek PSU OPTI-UPS Voltage Stabilizer SAMSUNG BW Black in ms DVI Widescreen LCD SAMSUNG NW Black in ms VG XP Pro SP The GB drives are in SATA ports amp and the GB is in the port labeled as RAID there are only available SATA ports The GB array is partitioned into a GB windows parition and a GB storage partition with some unallocated space on the disk Finally it booted to windows and I began to verify my data had been backed up which was not the case I use NovaBackup as an automated solution So I began to manually backup and the BSOD appeared again I rebooted and it once again hung on the cursor before the XP splash Rebooted several times and it finally went back to windows same BSOD after about - minutes Rebooted several times no go I booted to a live ubuntu CD and received error ata port failed to respond along with a slew of other errors I rebooted and it went to linux - no hard disks were found I disconnected the disk drives booted shutdown reconnected and booted again - same error Reseated RAM whynot - same error Long story short - after no less than reboots XP finally booted stably and I backed up my data The system has not had the same issue since yet I would not be surprised if it happens again However Last time I booted the GB disk had disappeared It was not in My Computer or Disk Manager Rebooted and it was available I am just looking for some information and advise on this issue My diagnosis is a failing raid controller on the board or a failing disk I ve listened closely to the drives and there is no audible sign of failure Perhaps I m using the RAID SATA port incorrectly I m looking for a disk utility to verify the integrity of the disks ---- Also I have a question about drives in RAID -- if I were to detach my RAID drives insert new drives and change the raid configuration would it be possible to reinstall the old drives change the raid config back to RAID and boot from the drives or would the RAID need to be rebuilt re... Read more

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I have to recover my System Drive ("C") RAID-1 array. The mother board manufacturer tells me that I have to perform the following steps:
use an OS CD (XP has a great tool for this) and boot to both drives separately
go through the first steps on the OS load, you will get an option to format, and also to delete the partition table.

delete the partition on both drives, then reboot,
go to BIOS and enable RAID.
F10 to save and exit,
after the initial post screen, goto the RAID controller and setup the array.

save and exit and install your OS from there.
He also says that I may be able to do an image copy and then restore from that. Does anyone have any success with recreating a RAID-1 array from an image copy, and, if so, what image copy software did you use?

A:RAID-1 Recovery

I am confused as to what you are trying to do?? You have RAID 1 with 2 drives and one is bad? or you are trying to move your RAID 1 to 2 new drives? or New MB and want to move your RAID 1 to new MB???

Let me know? -WS
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Basically what has happened is my backup server went down due to its motherboard failing.
So my idiotic boss who thinks hes the worlds best admin decided he was going to put the drives in a spare server to try and recover the data that was on them.
Now this wouldn't work anyway, but he didn't lable the drives and in his ultimate wisdom managed to get them mixed up.

Anyway, now the server has its new mobo I'm stuck with the task of trying to figure out what order the drives were in originally.

Is there any way of doing this, or do I have to sit there and try every possible combination with the drives?

A:Raid 5 Recovery

I think you're stuck with juggling them until you find the right combination. Hopefully, the RAID controller will give you a clue when you stick them in. If this is RAID-5 as indicated, it might even be smart enough to figure it out for you.
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I have a RAID 5 setup with 5 drives using the Intel ICH10R chipset. When I flashed my BIOS recently, it reset its settings to their defaults. When it restarted, it rebooted into Windows before I could change the BIOS settings back to the proper RAID configuration. After setting the BIOS settings back to RAID and rebooting, the RAID array failed. One of the drives was detected as a non-RAID drive. The partition for the RAID volume was inaccessible and Windows Disk Management detected it as type RAW. How can I repair my RAID array? Thank you for your help.

A:RAID 5 recovery

In case anyone's interested. This thread traces the steps I went through to fix my problem:
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Peoples, My motherboard has failed and I need to get a new motherboard, I am afraid that I will lose the data that I previously had due to that fact that I had a RAID architecture in place and I have been informed that the only way to recover the data is to use the exact same mother board with the same drivers, the motherboard that has failed is a Gigabyte-GA-SINXP1394 and I had a RAID 0,1 in a striped configuration using WINXP SP2.

Can anyone give me any suggestions on the best way forward.

Thanks Peoples...................