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Computer not recognizing 2nd of the same WD mass storage device

Q: Computer not recognizing 2nd of the same WD mass storage device

I have two WD 3tb external drives. They both work but only one at a time. I am running Windows 7. I have renamed both drives but still no go. I have previously have had a 2tb and one the 3tb drives running at the same time with no problem. I had to upgrade to the 3tb from the 2tb because of the size of my projects I am working on. Does anyone have a solution?
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Preferred Solution: Computer not recognizing 2nd of the same WD mass storage device

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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When I connect my eFilm device to my computer (MS Vista), in order to transfer pictures from my digital camera to my computer, my computer does not recognize or acknowledge the eFilm device (USB).

How do I get my computer to recognize a mass storage device (G drive)?

Thank you for any help.
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Month old HP Win gb x machine Keyboard and mouse drivers unaffected USB Mass storage device properties messagewith driver check on quot Windows cannot verify devices will recognize not Device USB Mass external Storage storage the digital signature for the drivers required for this device quot with driver check off Tells me drivers are corrupt or missing Search show diver where it should be C Windows System drivers usbstor sys also usbfilter sys USB Mass Storage Device will not recognize external storage devices Used the HP Recovery Manager to restore factory setting for USBStor sys it indicates it is successful but no USB Mass Storage Device will not recognize external storage devices changeon reboot still cannot use flash drives SD cards external HDs Units work find on my laptop Called HP times after extensive troubleshooting each time following their instructions go USB Mass Storage Device will not recognize external storage devices to hp com go instant get screen saying request has been received Each time tech tells me he cannot find my request After a while read hours told they need to talk to supervisor will call me back KISS OF DEATH never hear from them So can I fix this or am I going to have to pay for repairing a seven month old HP Or am I going to have to buy yet another pc

A:USB Mass Storage Device will not recognize external storage devices

Nobody has a clue, huh?
I guess I am the only one ever to have this happen!
Ok, thanks, goodbye.
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On my tool bar at the bottom of the screen there is a safely remove hardware icon. When I select it takes me to screen that gives me 2 selections to safely remove hardware. One is my printer and the other is USB mass storage device. When I highlight either it shows me the device name again and says at location 0.
" HP Photosmart 3100 series at location 0"
" USB mass storage device at location 0"

Why is the icon there to give me the option of removal? Should I remove? What is the term "mass storage device referring too?

Thank you

A:Usb mass storage device

Your printer probably has a sdcard slot on it. You can remove the memory card from your camera and put the card directly into the printer and print pictures directly from it. No need to bother to remove it or shut it down.
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Worked on USB device on Monday at home and it would let me save to and move files from the USB.Tried device on Tuesday on various machines (XP and 2000) but gat message "USB device not recognised". I have also tried on my home PC where it last worked. can anyone help with this problem I am not that technicial , so simple instructions would be best.Thanks

A:USB Mass Storage Device

first, what is the name of your device and what is it? does it have a write protection switch on it?

Hello and Welcome to Techspot
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am using Transcent 2GB pendrive.
now my pendrive does not detect in my computer. its LED blue lights blinking.
But does no detection.
I try to uninstall and reinstall this device via device manager and add hardware. no use.
It shows "The deive cannot start (code 10)"
How to solve the problem.
Thankx to all.

A:USB mass storage device:

Can you test the device in another computer? Sounds like it might be broken
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When I put files [eg songs in this case] onto the USB device and then stick it in another computer it lets me play them but it says I can only do so while its plugged in. I got it because I was sure I would be able to copy them onto the second machine. It's not the write-protect switch that's preventing me...I've tried that approach.
I may be able to copy them with WMP by "copying the now playing" but that would be too slow.[if it even works]
Any help and suggestions appreciated.

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i have a Gateway u notebook WIndows -bit specs are Quote Processor Intel Core Duo T Mobile Processor GHz MHz FSB MB L Cache Operating System Genuine Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium -bit with Storage Device Mass SP Memory MB MHz DDR Dual Channel Mass Storage Device Memory x MB Modules Hard Drive GB RPM SATA hard drive Color Premium Design with synthetic leather palm rest black polished keyboard surround and deep rich Jet Black finish Wireless Network Intel WiFi Link a b g Draft-N Wireless Adapter AC Adapter Application Software Microsoft Works Microsoft Money Essentials amp Microsoft Office Home and Student -day complimentary trial period Battery -Cell Lithium Ion Whr AHr Chassis Chassis with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator with up to MB of Dynamic Video Memory and Intel GM Express Chipset Digital Media Software Microsoft Windows Media Player Cyberlink Power Go amp Cyberlink LabelPrint Dimensions Box quot H x quot W x quot D or mm H x mm W x mm D Dimensions System quot - quot H x quot W x quot D or - mm H x mm W x mm D Display quot High-Definition Widescreen WXGA Display x True Aspect Ratio Expansion Slots ExpressCard Type External Ports USB VGA Connector HDMI V Connector Keyboard and Mouse Full-Size Keyboard Synaptics Touchpad with Vertical Scroll Media Card Reader -in- Digital Media Card Reader Memory Stick Memory Stick Pro Multi Media Card Secure Digital xD-Picture Card Memory Capacity Maximum GB ' Modem K ITU V ready Fax Modem RJ- port Multimedia Buttons Illuminated Multimedia Touch Controls Network Gigabit Ethernet LAN RJ- port Optical Drive x Multi-Format Dual Layer DVDRW and DVD-RAM featuring Labelflash Technology Security Software Symantec Norton -day trial Sound High-Definition Audio - Channel Built-In speakers microphone headphone SPDIF Audio Out Warranty Year Parts and Labor Web Camera Megapixel Integrated Webcam Weight lbs kg system unit only lbs kg box i hook up my external HD and it will not show up Mass Storage Controller with the yellow driver properties say Quote The drivers for this device are not installed Code There is no driver selected for the device information set or element To find a driver for this device click Update Driver i tried updateing but couldnt find anything any help

A:Mass Storage Device

i also tried to reinstall the Intel_Matrix_v. drivers from gateway

they will install

i will restart, it will locate the drive as plugged into usb. it will show that its installing drivers

then said there was problem installing

and the yellow exclamation is back
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I recently bought a new Dell XPS 600 and after a few days it now shows four removable discs installed under my computer's "Devices with Removable Storage" section. I have no clue what these are... they are listed next to both my DVD drives as... Removable disk F:, Removable Disk G:, Removable Disk H: and Removable Disk I: Can anyone please tell me what these are? When i use the Safely Remove Hardware it shows these 4 together as USB Mass Storage Device. Thank You!

Sanfus Barron

A:USB Mass Storage Device???

Sounds to me like you've got a memory card reader on that machine...and or one built in to your printer.

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I am having trouble with my IPOD I was wondering if this error was the reason it wasn't working?
This is what error message comes up for the mass storage device:

Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware because there is a duplicate device already running in the system. (Code 42)

Click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device.

A:Mass Storage Device

I always reply to the head scratchers. Please un-plug/turn off all your USB devices EXCEPT the Ipod, your keyboard, and mouse. This includes your printer, and any Jump Drives you may have plugged in.

1.) Open your Device Manager
-Right click on my computer
-Select 'properties'
-Click the 'hardware' tab
-Press Device Manager

2.) Do you see your Ipod on the list? If so, uninstall your IPOD. I don't have an IPOD so i don't know what group it would be stored in, but I would assume your Universal Serial Bus Controllers.

3.) Download a new Ipod driver or load the Ipod driver off your cd like you did the first time you installed it.

I hope this fixes it.
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I am wondering if ti normal for me to have the green arrow icon in the start up corner of my desktop I am talking about the icon which when I place my mouse cursor over it "safely remove hardware" . i do have an external drive connected by a USB but it is turned off and the icon remains even when I unplug the USB cable.

A:usb mass storage device?

I think as long as you have anything hooked to USB you will have that. I have 2 printers and a scanner hooked USB and the icon is always there...
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Hi All,

Been using the new Windows 7 for a week or so now, everything is great! But i have one big issue. Every time i plug in a USB pen drive or my tomtom device, a window appears with a message saying that the device drivers can not be installed. When i click on the ballon message it just displays the device followed by a red X and 'Failed'

I have tried many usb mass storage devices and i still have the same issue.

Can anyone help???

Thank you for your time.


A:USB Mass Storage Device

Sounds like you have some issue involving "uppers filters" and USB ports and devices. Do any USB devices work well?

You could Google that and try to find an answer or how to edit the registry to repair it. I'd tell you but I forget where to look in the registry to do this.

In any case, if you attempt, set a restore point before.

Try a Windows Update while device(s) is/are attached. See if they need a drive letter assigned in disk management.

If not, pick your favorite one and right click on it in the device manager. Properties. Details tab. Change dropdown to hardware ids. Copy and paste results here. No screenshots as alternative, please.
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I plugged in my external Hard Drive (Laptop Hard Drive in a USB cradle) and it worked fine - Opend it up and browsed some files. I then a day later plugged it in and it asked for drivers, It searched windows update but did not find any. I cannot not access the drive although it worked first time.

Any ideas?

Thanks, John.

A:USB Mass Storage Device

are you plugging the external HD to a pc or a another labtop? did you plug it back into the same port as before.
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When I insert the Micro Sd card into the USB adapter and insert the adapter, the Explorer sees it as a Removable Disc (F)
then asks me to insert a disc, or format a disk.  The device driver through control panel shows USB Mass Storage Device, and the driver is working properly.

It worked properly earlier in the day, but now it doesn't.
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Im having a problem with my usb mass storage device. I have a external io magic dvd 4x dual drive burner. I install the drivers restart my computer it detects the usb storage for when the computer boots till windows is loaded up and then i get the the yellow sign in the device manager. I havent changed or added any software. It has worked for the last 5 months till this last week. Anyone have any ideas?

A:Usb mass storage device

What does the yellow sign say?

You could try uninstalling all USB related drivers and let Windows reinstall them from scratch.
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Where can i download a usb mass storage device usb storage device? mass driver usb mass storage device? or how can i get it back on my pc I believe i deleted it because i remember removing it from add remove programs and now i can't see it in device manager Before and after i deleted it my Iomega External usb mass storage device? USB CDRW Drive has suddenly usb mass storage device? not been detected by my computer was not detected even when i had the usb mass storage device so this is not why it's not being detected While i was removing other programs that i thought might have been causing this i accidently deleted USB Mass Storage Device from Add Remove programs and i believe that is a driver i need for my usb plugs to work As far as the cdrw drive goes i have tried everything on the Iomega troubleshooting page except for one thing that involves the usb mass storage device but now i don't seem to have it on my computer and i was wondering if there was somewhere i could download it or how i would get it back

A:usb mass storage device?

What make/model computer do you have?
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hi, recently my creative zen has died. i believe the problem is the unit and not the 40gb fugitsu hard disk. i really need to recover my music as i am living in europe and my cd's are back in australia. i had 25gb of mp3's on there... i have just bought a hard drive housing and placed the hard disk from my mp3 player into that hoping i would be able to recover my files. my computer recognises the usb device, recognises the hard disk type and model no. , but says that it is not initilized. when looking at the properties of the drive it recognizes the size but not the partition style etc. im wondering if this is because my mp3 player has its own way of accessing the disk and windows xp doesnt recognise the format style??? i dont know much about this stuff and really would appreciate any help with it..


A:mass storage usb device


Yes I am guessing, but from what you are saying, it sounds like Creative has its own proprietary disk format?

Have you tried contacting them thru their Website?

Do you know anyone with a similar unit that would let you install the drive to off load the music files?
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I have a Genesys usb mass storage unit. I have the Vista driver and it's been installed properly. The problem is that it doesn't show up as a drive under my "computer."

I have tried to update the driver, uninstall and re-install and it still won't show up. It does show up in the "safely remove hardware" window and the device manager.

A:USB Mass Storage Device

Try these.... they are harmless steps...
1:stop plug and play service in services.msc and restart it... then,
2:start->right click on "computer"-> left click on manage-> on L.H.S. click on storage, click on disk management...on the R.HS. check in disk management if that USB drive shows up as unallocated space. If yes, reply to this post.
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I recently lost my hard drive and had to rebuild from scratch. Everything works well with one exception. Whenever I plug my Olympus D520 camera into the USB hub (powered), windows says it sees new hardware and the promptly reboots. Upon the reboot, the camera is seen as a disk drive. Not liking how this worked, I then installed CAMEDIA 4.0 (Olympus Camera Product). Now when I plug in the camera, it still reboots but when the system gets nearly loaded it see's the camera as new hardware and reboots again. This will go on forever unless I unplug the camera, then the system boots nicely. Any ideas here?

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When I try to eject my external hdd , windows says " the device is currently in use ,close any programs " .But all my programs are closed , so how can I find out whats is doing this ? It was suggested that you can use the windows Resource meter to find out. I did that and it says there is no program using the external hdd E: , any suggestion is appreciated .

A:Eject mass storage device = the device is currently in use ?

When you right click on the Eject icon in the system notification (tray) area, is there any other option other than eject?If so, click on it.message edited by Johnw
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In Device Manager, there is a USB Mass Storage Device or an Unknown Device, even when there isn't anything plugged in. This is occurring on a Dell Dimension 5100. This is not the pc in my system specs. How do I fix this?
Here are some Device Manager screenshots:

A:USB Mass Storage Device/Unknown Device

The PC is unplugged from power (with all USB devices unplugged, as well as the DVI and ethernet cables) and the CMOS battery is removed.
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Good day guys

The pc's at my local library keeps hiding all data on any mass storage devices connected to it and creating broken shortcuts off all data on the data on any mass storage device connected to it. Any other computer is then unable to view data on the mass storage device.

I can recover my data easily and I have put on a warning script on the library pc's to warn people of the problem. Locals using these pc's are in danger and I do fear someone would come in and try to use an external hard drive disk.

My question is: What is wrong with these pc's and how do I fix the problem?

Thanks for the help

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Went to Device Manager noticed USB controllers was opened and the USB mass storage device was highlighted Went in the properties this message was waiting for me Code Windows cannot use this device because it has been prepared for safe removal but has not been removed There is no device installed in any of the ports etc To fix the problem unplug device from computer What device and plug it in again All drivers are up to date as I checked them just now The driver is from the year and when asked if I wanted windows to check storage device mass driver? USB did so and found no new drivers Kasperski has a driver on it more updated but since it is not signed I guess it won t install it Did everything to USB mass storage device driver? try and install Kasperski s driver but to no avail Also did the check for solutions but got no where on line or off Anyway do use a g storage device but always use the uninstall mass storage device when removing Not a problem cause it does work with the device just wondering if you can uninstall it and reinstall the driver under driver details or the uninstall as soon as you click on the USB mass storage device Is this actually on the computer or is it the mass storage device USB mass storage device driver? I plug into the usb port nbsp

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My laptop win xp Professional sp of late win device Mass xp error storage USB has a problem Whenever USB Mass storage device error win xp I insert a new device such as a card reader into the usb port after it is detected and the software usb mass storage device starts loading the driver I then received the following error message The software you are installing for this hardware USB Mass Storage Device has not passed Windows Logo to verify its compatibility with windows XP Continue your installation of this software may impair or destabilize the correct operation of your system either immediately or in the future Microsoft strongly recommends that you stop this installation now and contact the hardware vendor for software that has passed Windows Logo testing Two options are then presented Continue Anyway or Stop installation If I choose continue the device will have a Yellow and Mark as an unknown device on the Device Manager I do not have any problem with this card reader on my other win xp sp computers and I have used the same card reader with this computer for years without any problem Any advice would be appreciated nbsp
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Hello People I Problems Device USB Storage Mass need help pretty bad i tried alot of things and took me hrs just attempting every single fix i find OK lets get started Problem is i can't connect any kind of Portable Hard Drive USB Mass Storage Device Problems in this laptop i am able to connect in a different computer actually different computers except this one so the HD is not a fault Also no Reformatting Until i get my files This every thing i have tried to fix it USB Driver - General Fix for Problems My Laptop is Windows Home Premium Used PCs and Laptops are Windows and a XP to test the hardrive All Drivers are fully Updated Used CMD Used System Restore Used Safemode Scanned for Antivirus Malware Adware Used Device Manager to uninstall the driver and reinstall TB Updated WD Universal Firmware SES Driver Disabled Antivirus Used diff cords Used Windows Fix Okay USB Mass Storage Device Problems my analyst USB Mass Driver tried to reinstall it delete the INFCACHE Its Up to Date Its Visible in the Devices and Printer For some Reason Windows can't Verify it Also its not visible in Disk Management so i can't designate a new letter or Initialize it All Drivers ive installed to fix this Hard is not showing Another Disk Management Thank you for helping

A:USB Mass Storage Device Problems

Hi Detrolord, Welcome to the forums, Have you tried the drivers from Western Digital ? WD Support / Downloads / My Passport / My Passport Essential (USB 3.0) Also try redownloading the motherboard chipset and card reader drivers and reinstalling them
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I have a computer that is installed Win pro SP It unable to recognized USB flash recently all USB ports I found the USB keyboard and mouse are work fine after testing all USB ports but USB flash amp card reader amp hard disk amp DVD rewritable drive are all unable to recognized Take these USB devices that unable to recognized to another computer to test and result is they are all fine These USB devices that unable to recognized will show under Unknown Device in Device Manager but I found USB Mass Storage Device will not show under USB in Device Manager I once tried the following solution but all unable to USB Mass disappear Storage Device solve this problem nbsp Remove Unknown Device in the Device Manager then search again It's invalid Remove all USB Enhanced Host Controller under USB in the Device Manager then restart it's invalid I once suspected USB Mass Storage Device driver was crash so I copy windows inf usbstor inf amp usbstor pnf and windows system drivers usbstor sys from aother computer same OS into to this computer It's invalid I suspect it's USB Mass Storage Device set to deny access Check privilege of windows inf usbstor inf amp USB Mass Storage Device disappear usbstor pnf but they have not been changed same suspect USB Mass Storage Device set to deny access Check Removable disks deny execute access amp deny read access amp deny write access in Group Policy Editor but they are not configured same suspect USB Mass Storage Device set to deny access Check Start Dword is in HKLM System CurrentControlSet services USBSTOR it has not been changed delete UpperFilters under USB in HKLM System CurrentControlSet Control Class then restart it's invalid Because I didn't set the system restore point so can not used it to recovery Does anyone have other idea for fixed it Thanks
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My laptop win xp storage device error win xp Mass USB Home sp of late has a problem Whenever I insert a new device such as a card reader into the usb port after it is detected and the software usb mass storage device starts loading the driver I then received the following error message The software you are installing for this hardware USB Mass Storage Device has not passed Windows Logo to verify USB Mass storage device error win xp its compatibility with windows XP Continue your installation of this software may impair or destabilize the correct operation of your system either immediately or in the future Microsoft strongly recommends that you stop this installation now and contact the hardware vendor for software that has passed Windows Logo testing Two options are then presented Continue Anyway or Stop installation If I choose continue the device will have a Yellow and Mark as an unknown device on the Device Manager I do not have any USB Mass storage device error win xp problem with this card reader on my other win xp sp computers and I have used the same card reader with this computer for years without any problem Any advice would be appreciated nbsp
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Hello everyone.

I have a PC with Windows 7 Professional 64-bit installed. My problem is that with some usb devices I get an error 28. These devices are working on other PC. For example I have 2 usb sticks 16gb. The one is working fine, and the other has an error 28.
I searched for viruses with Microsoft Security Essentials, Malwarebytes and combofix and nothing was found.
Tried system restore, and also shut down the PC and disconnected it from power supply, just to discharge the capacitors. But still the same.

A:Mass Storage Device error

I run for a second time Malwarebytes, it found more things to delete and then everything was working.
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I ll try to keep it short as possible Been reading the do s and don ts most of the day -(F; Mass device G:, Storage USB - Drives H:, I:,) and made it a long USB Mass Storage device - Drives -(F; G:, H:, I:,) way through the elephant in the room post Already knew the do's and don'ts but wanted to make sure Haven't been here in a while One problem - got a few more slow of course - I can barely write this Each time I reboot my pc I get an icon in my systray to remove new hardware This I really only noticed today so I don t know if it s always been there - nd extra computer desktop changing to Windows I hope with your help The message USB Mass Storage device - Drives - F G H I Not even sure I have all of those Second problem only mention it here because it might be realted I bought this computer used It s obvious that he tried to clean out his data first and most likely got more than his data or it had a bad effect From the first time it was started a pop-up says WELCOME TO THE FOUND NEW HARDWARE WIZARD You lucky JERK This wizard helps you install software for PCI device Tried the wizard a few times - Windows can t find the software I don t have a disk that it will take either I just close it but it pops back up every few minutes Have no idea what it wants or what a PCI device is to try tracking something down HP Pavilllion a n MS Windows XP Home Editiion Service pack Intel Pentium CPU GHz MG Intel Express family Chipset I got coreinfo and Speccy while crusing the site today if you need more info Just had to close this window to get the name Speccy and had to close the found new hardware window because it was locking everything - Goofy thing wouldn t close for about minutes to close Now it s back again Thanks Danny

A:USB Mass Storage device - Drives -(F; G:, H:, I:,)

to Bleeping Computer forum.

The message: USB Mass Storage device - Drives -(F; G:, H:, I:,)
Not even sure I have all of those..

According to the official specs ( ),your PC seems to have come with USB card reader. XP will show the "Safely remove Hardware" message if there is a card reader is plugged so there is nothing wrong with that.

ried the wizard a few times - Windows can’t find the software. I don’t have a disk that it will take either.
To identify the device with missing driver, please follow the below steps.
1. Open RUN dialogue ( Win key + R ) and enter Msinfo32.exe in it.
2. When the "System Information" tool opens, choose File -> Save and give a name a name of your choice. 
3. Download and install 7-Zip from
4. Now right click on the saved file and choose  7-zip --> Add to archive. This will compress and considerable reduce the file size.
5. Attach the file using More Reply Options --> Attach files with next reply.;-g-h-i/
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I am using Nokia Lumia 920 phone which is have windows 8.1 in it. Recently due to uninstall of one my app i lost its backup too. I want to retrieve my backup form the phone. But to my recovery tool its not detecting as a mass storage drive. Can you please let
me know how can I make my Lumia 920 as a mass storage device to recover data using my recovery too
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Hello, everyone =)

OK, well, I've got an external hard drive that I'm connecting to my USB port. I can mount it just fine in linux (mount /dev/sda1) but in Windows XP Pro, it appears in the system tray as a "USB Mass Storage Device" but I can't seem to access it from "My Computer" in any way. I'm a Linux user who is rather new to Windows, but I still have a feeling that this is not my own problem. Anyone have any ideas of what is going on?

Thanks in advance

A:Windows XP Pro not seeing a USB Mass Storage Device

You may not have a windows filesystem installed on the drive yet. If that's not the problem, try this fix:

Unplug ALL USB devices.
Open Device Manager.
View, Show Hidden Devices.
Uninstall all devices under USB Controllers.
Uninstall all devices under Storage Volumes. Say no to any reboot prompts until you are finished. Also, if a Storage Volume doesn't uninstall, ignore it and move to the next one.
If you have a yellow ? with unknown devices, uninstall all of the entries there as well.

When this is done, reboot TWICE.

Reconnect the USB devices and see if they're recognized properly.
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I have a 80gb brand new ipod and it works on my friends computer but simply doesn't register on mine in windows or in itunes. This is def a windows problem as i have also recentrly bought new usb ports to double check it wasn't that. Can anyone suggest any settings i can fiddle with to get this thing working?

My setup is as follows:

vista 32bit
conroe e6300
160gb HDD
esata2 conroe xfire mobo (asrock)
80gb ipod classic
usb 2.0

I would be grateful as i've tried alot!!!

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When I attached my camera to the usb slot for my Mustek DV3000 camera, the console comes up and hangs, I can't view the pics. I have tried it on another computer, no problem. I am at my witts end!!!!!!!, Any suggestions

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I have a 80gb brand new ipod and it works on my friends computer but simply doesn't register on mine in windows or in itunes. This is def a windows problem as i have also recentrly bought new usb ports to double check it wasn't that. Can anyone suggest any settings i can fiddle with to get this thing working?

My setup is as follows:

vista 32bit
conroe e6300
160gb HDD
esata2 conroe xfire mobo (asrock)
80gb ipod classic
usb 2.0

I would be grateful as i've tried alot!!!

A:Mass storage device not recognised

can anyone suggest anything please?
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When I connect a flashdrive to the pc the pc shows that it found hardware and the hardware is installed.I can however not access the drive because it is nowhere to be seen.
In device manager the drives are also shown and it says that it is working fine.I can click on the "safely remove hardware" button and then it stops the harddrive but there is no place I can get access to the drive.

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Can someone please help me.....

I have data on several USB Hard Disks that I have used as backups. When I plug these into a new machine with Vista Ultimate 64 bit, Windows is not able to find the drivers for this.

These are not new-fangled devices - they are even recognised in Win98.... (many years ago!)

Windows is not able to find the drivers even looking on the internet.

Please help!


A:USB Mass Storage Device not recognised

i have found if you turn off puter and plug it in another usb slot then boot up it will usually find it and work
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Hello searching around Google this forum has come up a few times now with threads about quot USB Mass Storage Device quot but I don't see a quot solution quot If I can quickly outline my problem and then if anyone needs full specs ask away and I'll provide I've got a Storage installation Mass USB Device new PC It has Vista Business x on it All works fine Or so I thought Using the USB slots at the front of the machine for things like card readers or headphones they do their job When I went to plug a memory stick into the computer I got an error about quot USB Mass Storage Device quot failing to install I tried other sticks Same problem I then tried some Maxtor external drives Same problem each time My iPod Video also hit the same thing A Lightscribe external DVD writer same thing Ok maybe it is a device driver so I uninstalled the device under Device Manager and scanned for new USB Mass Storage Device installation hardware same problem I deleted the USB controller - same problem I tried plugging each of these devices into the back of the computer in another USB slot They all worked faultlessly indeed the lightscribe is working away as I type this So the USB device driver seems to work - just not on that controller I found one thread that referenced C Windows System DriverStore FileRepository and looking to see if there are multiple entries like usbstor inf b b and others with different alphanum entries There are I have tried to point the driver install at different ones with no luck I'd really like to get the front USB ports working rather than having to crawl under the desk Does anyone have any suggestions Thanks I found that

A:USB Mass Storage Device installation

Not all usb ports work exactly the same ..."It's about power" ..

Try an UBS powered hub ...

There should be more than 1 port in the front ...?

Did you try all of them....?
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I do have a problem with Mass storage device usb driver and precisely with an iPod Classic 80Go.I tried everything but I always have the problem only on my computer;It detects the iPod as an amovible disk but iTunes doesn't detect it and its content is unreachable.

A:Mass storage device usb driver

Try reinstalling iTunes since iPod drivers come with iTunes, It may not be properly installed.
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Hi I have an USB device mass functioning storage not Easydisk USB mass storage device not functioning MB USB flash drive which functions on my W K PC at work and several other PCs but not on USB mass storage device not functioning my Windows XP PC at home When I plug the device into the home PC I get a notification that new hardware USB mass storage device not functioning has been detected and after a while about a minute - which is obviously too long the device gets a drive letter assigned in this case F However when I click on the F drive icon I get the message quot Please insert a disk into drive F quot My home PC has all the critical updates and SP I have a feeling the device may be USB - but surely this should still function I tried another approach and connected the USB flash drive when the PC was switched off I booted the PC and once logged in it detected new hardware it also stated that it was a USB device though I am not so sure Once it was installed it asked me to reboot which is odd I did this and when I clicked on the F drive icon after reboot it still came up with the same error message as above There are no errors in device manager Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is driving me nuts Thank you hillsa nbsp

A:USB mass storage device not functioning

You may want to move or copy all your files on the drive to your W2K machine, then plug it into the XP machine. You also might want to look for drivers for it, but XP should be able to detect it.
(I have a SanDisk 256MB and it works fine on XP)

Welcome to TSG
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I recently purchased a new digital camera I brought it home connected it to my computer by USB and followed the instructions to upload the pictures to my PC I had some difficulty realizing that my computer actually recognized storage XP mass not detecting device it as a mass storage device but eventually it worked I was very happy Less than a week later I had some more pictures I wanted to upload I connected the camera to the computer and nothing happened The camera did not respond it essentually turns off while connected to my computer the E drive did not show on My Computer and when I opened up the software I use to upload the pictures no mass storage device was detected as being attached to my PC I didn't install any drivers for the camera so there really isn't anything to re-install It's like the computer is completely unable to realize anything is connected to it I've tried uninstalling reinstalling my USB root hubs editing registry keys http support microsoft com default en-us uninstalling the uploading software hey it was XP not detecting mass storage device worth a shot restarting my computer a million times plugging the camera into different ports I read that plugging something in to the ports on the back of my PC that are connected to the motherboard directly would do the trick--this just caused a power surge and froze my PC and performed an exorcism My Device Manager doesn't show anything at all as being connected to my computer The E drive doesn't show up Nothing I have a Wacom tablet that I plug in to my USB and it's working just fine After I uninstalled the USB root hubs I plugged it in and XP automatically detected it and installed it again But when I plugged in the camera it's like it isn't even there I'd appreciate any suggestions Thank you

A:XP not detecting mass storage device

The fact that your PC froze sounds like a bad cable. The only other logical solution is a bad camera port. Take it to a Drug store self service photo booth & see if it works there. Many give the option of inserting the memory card or the USB cable.

There is probably nothing wrong with your PC.
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I have assembled a SOYO Dragon 2 v2 with 1 gig mem, SATA Western Digital HD, 2 IDE DVD/CD roms,. device manager shows 2 mass storage controllers under "Other Devices". the 2 Disk roms, and the SATA HD are listed correctly in device manager. My SOYO board has 4 IDE connectors and 4 SATA connectors, should I just delete the other devices and reboot the system or disable the other controllers in BIOS?

Thanks for any assistance

A:Dev Mangr, ?mass Storage Device?

Have you got the latest drivers for your motherboard? It sounds like Windows hasn't found drivers for the controllers.
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It has been  quite some time since I have had any issues but I have another one you may possibly assist me with...
It has to to with my USB Mass Storage device that shows a code 52 not digitally signed. Been all over the web. What a mess of suggestions! Tried updated everything, Deleted and reinstalled....still the same problem. Checked Windows and HP (sigh) still no solution. 
Please do you have any solutions or good advise? 

A:USB Mass Storage Device Code 52

See .
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This is going to be a long winded post but I want to give as much info as I can with the problem I m having I worked on my neighbor s Dell Dimension desktop pc recently SYMPTOMS VERY slow Occasional BSOD Beginning Physical Memory Dump Physical Memory Dump Complete REMEDIES TAKEN Ran Trendmicro Housecall Minor threats F: USB Device Mass Storage unknown found and removed but wouldn t fix a macro vulnerability in MS Word Ran Adaware Free Spybot S amp D A Squared Free Hijack This CCleaner Removed all threats etc successfully Upon numerous reboots the BSOD with the same message indicated above reappeared and the pc would freeze Replaced unknown F: USB Mass Storage Device a bad RAM stick with a known good one Formatted and reinstalled Win XP with the Dell provided disk and Dell provided drivers disk All went well with no more BSODs Reinstalled all the latest versions of Adaware Free Spybot S amp D A Squared Free Hijack This CCleaner along with the latest definitions where applicable Deep scanned with all in Safe Mode just to unknown F: USB Mass Storage Device be sure Obviously no threats found Reinstalled all her personal software and All Windows updates including SP All worked flawlessly Connected to the Internet--no problems there Man I m on a good roll now so I returned the pc to her so she could reinstall her printer since all seemed to be working OK Got a call from her last evening and she said she was having problems installing her printer so I led her thru the uninstall procedure via the HP disk uninstall option Rebooted the pc and tried to reinstall the printer again This time the Found New Hardware Wizard popped up We didn t go any further with that and I had her end that task via Task Manager The printer installation completed successfully according to what it said but didn t put an HP printer program group into the All Programs list The printer will print and copy a document but will not scan unknown F: USB Mass Storage Device This I suspect is because the printer did NOT install completely after all I then had her reboot and the Found New Hardware Wizard reared its ugly head again so I asked her to check the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the System Tray It showed an F USB Mass Storage Device along with her printer as well The F USB Mass Storage Device also shows up in Windows Explorer as a DISK drive if she told me correctly Now to finally get to the point of this post--there is NO USB Mass Storage Device connected to the pc external HD flash drive etc What is this device and is the New Hardware Wizard looking for this F device I was wondering if anyone can give me some ideas as to what this phantom device is and how to find out what New Hardware Wizard is wanting to install I plan to go over in a couple of days and am trying to pick your brains for a solution s The only devices connected via USB are the Dell keyboard Dell mouse and her HP printer scanner copier with fax--all connected to the rear panel USB ports There is nothing connected to the front panel ports I m not so concerned with the printer problem as I believe I can fix that once I lay my own beady little eyes on the situation myself Kinda hard to fix em over the phone Thanks in advance for any and all ideas that I can try when I get my hands on that machine from hell Dell Dimension Windows XP Home Edition SP HP printer scanner copier with fax Intel Pentium GHz Intel GV chipset MB DDR SDRAM USB X ports front rear PCI X PCI Express X X expansion slots ACPI APM power configuration Hyper Thread Technology Ready GB EIDE HD DVD -RW D E Integrated network card Ethernet Fast Ethernet nbsp

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I just purchased an Sandisk MP Player for my daughter When I connect the player to her PC I am prompted to load the drivers which I have done at least times now but the device does not then appear to be recognized by her system It does not appear as a device in My Computer or in Windows Media Player She has a eMachines T I did some research and found the MTP Porting kit on the MS web site I downloaded it but it made no difference For comparison I connected it to my wifest PC eMachine T It prompted me to install the drivers and once I did I could sync it with Windows Media Player and it shows in My Computer I talked to Sandisk and they told me to reinstall WMP v which was already on her machine but I did as requested and it made no difference My wifes PC also has v exact same version on my daughters pc Next I reviewed the USB serial USB Mass Support Storage Device buss controllers in Device Manager My wifes pc had two entries USB Mass Storage and USB Composite Device that were not showing on my daughters PC I copied to two drivers and was going to USB Mass Storage Device Support load them on my daughters pc until I discovered that the drivers were already on her pc -- same size and version The MP Player requirements state USB but I'm not sure that I have USB Mass Storage Device Support that version on either of USB Mass Storage Device Support these two pc's They are less than years old I'm not sure how to determine the version I am stumped Is there some way to force all of the USB drivers to load again I would appreciate any help Thanks Chuck

A:USB Mass Storage Device Support

I wanted to add that I get a message that the MTP drivers are not Windows Signed and have not passed Window Logo testing. This is awfully odd in that the drivers (MTP Porting Kit) came directly from MS.
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Hey guys and gals I am having a problem with good ole windows and my mass storage device To set the scene I have a GB portable hard disk drive basically a quot HDD in a caddy that uses a USB cable to interface with the computer It works like a dream and allows me to make all of my files and life (Not Mass detected) Storage Device portable However when I am at home I leave it plugged into my PC as I turn it off between sessions using my PC If I boot the PC with the Mass Storage Device (Not detected) portable hard drive already connected it appears to be down to sheer look if windows picks the device up of the time it doesn t and I have to remove and re-connect the drive once windows has loaded In the situations when the device has not loaded during boot-up just before I do my disconnect and re-connect trick if I open the eject and remove hardware tool windows tool found in the systray it shows the drive as connected Interestingly though the drive does not have a letter after it in brackets E g it would usually read Safely Remove Mass Storage Device - Drive E But when windows loads and its already connected it reads Safely Remove Mass Storage Device I fear that I will end up being told that this is just another bug on the endless list of faults in Microsoft products But any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Lucas Meloch nbsp

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My gig Super Talent USB problem Device storage Mass flashdrive works fine on other computers and it USED to work on my Windows xp but suddenly it wants me to quot install quot it using the Hardware Wizard And when I do try to install it it gives me this message I STOPPED Installing because i was scared I've had this flashdrive for seven months and it never showed me that message the very first time I plugged it in on USB Mass storage Device problem my computer It was instantly recognized and it worked great But that message started showing up after I installed the Logitech Camera driver for my webcam My USB Mass storage Device problem flashdrive wont show up in quot my USB Mass storage Device problem computer quot and quot disc management quot anymore but it shows on device manager as quot usb with yellow exclamation point And when I try the quot Safely Remove Hardware quot before plugging it out the quot mass storage device quot is not even there as if my flashdrive is not even plugged I tried unplugging the webcam then plugging the flashdrive then rebooting I even unplugged my keyboard but nothing seems to work I tried every USB ports on my computer too Im thinking of uninstalling the webcam driver but i also need the webcam Is there anyway that i could make my flashdrive work with my webcam if not together then at least when my webcam is unplugged Please help I really need my flashdrive to work again on this computer

A:USB Mass storage Device problem

Plug the Flash Drive in if you get the Hardware Wizard, let it install. If you do not get the hardware wizard and the device is not listed in My Computer, then go to Start/Run and type devmgmt.msc and hit enter. In the Device Manager, expand Universal Serial Bus Controllers, if you have a Unknown Device, then right click it and uninstall it. Now pull the drive out and put it back in. Go through the hardware wizard if asks.
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I amp ve been busy with my computer In the last week I amp ve installed new monitor have had to take out my AGP x card and put it back in and I amp ve had to take my PC mb stick of RAM out and put it back in So I might have jostled something in my computer I have three drives on my Mass Problem with USB Device Storage computer a WD IDE drive in C win se a GB Seagate IDE in D WinXPsp and a USB mass storage device The USB device is GB My USB device has three partitions G H and I I amp ve noticed in the last couple of days some knocking coming out of my usb drive So I amp ve taken it out and put it back in It is connected to Problem with USB Mass Storage Device my computer via a USB to IDE cable Usually this does the trick but today I had some really bad knocking I took it out and rearranged the power supply wires Now my usb device doesn amp Problem with USB Mass Storage Device t show up at all on my computer When I am in Win and plug the usb cord in it tries to show up but I get a yellow dotted line at the top of my computer screen and then it reboots When I plug my usb device in WinXPsp my computer automatically reboots My usb drive is less than a year old I purchased it in December from Tiger direct I also purchased a three year extneded warranty It is a WD Caviar It seems to early for the drive to wear out Also something else When I reboot my computer I see the notation on my DOS screen USB to Atapi Bridge I used to see USB to Mass Storage Device Also my Device Manager in XP used to list the Mass Storage Device under Universal Serial Bus Controllers Now it doesn t Perhaps my drivers are screwed up and I just need to reinstall them But USB doesn amp t require any drivers in XP One more thing IF I turn off my computer connect the USB Storage Device and start the computer I ll get into a reboot loop Constantly rebooting and rebooting again Does anyone know how to get my usb device to show up again nbsp

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hey everyone, I have an in internal hard drive in a USB enclosure, and the hardware works, but windows will not recognise it. I believe i need a new driver. can anyone help?? Thank you!

A:USB Mass storage device drivers

No drivers are required for USB mass storage for 2K/XP.

I believe your problem is probably that you haven't formatted the drive yet. Right click on MY Computer, Manage, Disk Management. You should see the new drive in the bottom section with all the space as Unallocated. Right click on it and Partition and Format it.
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Ok something very weird is going on here guys... I plug in a new portable Hardrive I got and a new video camera I got... it reads the USB but doesnt show up in my computer... in device manager it shows up but with a yellow question mark. These products are plug and play... dont need a cd to use em. I go to my laptop everything works fine... I take my thumbdrive plug her in works fine, take my other portable camera works fine. For some reason its not letting anything new be hooked up??? any reason why...? To me it doesnt make sense and ive pretty much tried everything i can think of


P.S. Ive even returned both items and got new ones and they didnt work either... my comp only seems to take in things ive installed previously to something... there is something blocking new mass storage devices.

A:Mass storage device conflicts


in device manager it shows up but with a yellow question mark.

A yellow question mark indicates a missing driver.
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I'm using one of those pen drives(lexar 64mb jump drive) that plugs into a u
sb port. Only the other day, after my computer crashed, the device now fails
to work. It appears in device manager but says that 'the device cannot star
t(code10)' and i can't access it in explorer. I've tried it on a pc with win
98SE and xp and neither works.

And yes, i've tried re-installing the drivers (thanks lexar tech support for
that sage advice). Has anyone else had problems like this? It was work fine
before now and other than the PC crashing i can't think what could have hap

any ideas?


ps all i really want is the data off the thing! (i know i should have backed it up :-( )

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Hey All On my new build Foxconn G MXP-K GB RAM Pentium Dual Core GHz USB drives cause issues I ve tried three different flash drives and a portable hard drive and have gotten the same result with all of them on both Windows XP and Windows When I plug the drives in they take a very long time to install then appear to install successfully On Windows XP trying to access the drive after it installs would result in explorer locking up In it results in an error saying quot the disk is not formatted format now quot then when I accept to format the disk quot The disk cannot be formatted quot FWIW I had started with JohnWill s USB repair technique registry edit removing all usb controllers drives etc and reboot twice but it had no affect on or XP s situation I have absolutely no idea what the issue is I ve got all the chipset drivers installed and it just won t cooperate USB is fine with the keyboard and mouse but it seems as though everything else fails miserably Any ideas at all will be appreciated Thanks Joe nbsp

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I have a portable burner but can't find D drive. I opened the mass storage case earlier and disconnected the burner. To my amazement it worked, D drive was back. Not for long as soon as I rebooted it was gone again. I have the same problem with the laptop.Both computers have worked with it in the past. I can see the mass storage in device manager under USB ports but can't find the burner. I have recently reinstalled XP,but only on the desk top computer.This is the computer I have been using it with.Somehow during or after the install the burner in the tower and the portable burner traded drives.I hope someone can help.It's all pretty new to me but I'm learning to love playing with them.
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I recently got a new computer and from the moment I've started using it, in the tray on the taskbar, the safely remove hardware icon is always there. I click it and it says "USB Mass Storage Device". The thing is, I have nothing connected to any of my USB ports. It's not bothering me or anything, I was just curious as to what may be causing this.

Relevancy 83.42% there any software I can download, purchase, etc..that will enable me to repartition my mass storage device. It is a "G" and I want to divide it into "f" and "g" let's say. All of the software I have been able to locate allows partitioning of the Hard Drive only and not for peripheral mass storage. My computer is running XP professional.


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The device 'Generic volume' cannot be stopped right now. Try Stopping the device again later.

I've tried stopping it later, and there is no data streaming off of it or being saved, but I still can't remove it, any ideas whats wrong here ?

A:Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device
I tried Unlocker 1.9.0. It worked.
Seems to me to be a workaround rather than a fix, but that was the best advice from Microsoft. I have noticed that after renaming devices this does not happen anymore. This could be coincidence, but has held true for several flash, cf, usb hdd devices that I have used.
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I have a problem where the card reader uses a mass storage device driver.

However after the MP3 players device driver is installed and the MP3 player is connected, the MP3 player only connects for a second and then disconnects again.

I belive the problem is caused by the cardreader and mp3 player trying to use the same device driver.
Has anybody else experienced this problem or know any potential fixes to this problem.

Thanyou for your time and effort.
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I already have a 400GB USB external drive which I installed 6 months ago, and a 2GB USB flash drive; these installed and worked fine.

Today I purchased a new 500GB external USB mass storage device which is detected by Windows XP (SP2). But searching for the driver (both windows drivers and driver cd) cannot be found.

I tried my friends external USB mass storage device, and a few flash drives, but the same problem arrises. Yet my previous drives (which installed approx 6 months ago) are still recognized and work fine.

If you could help me with this problem, it would be most appreciated.

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Recently i have bought a new brand new computer and installed windows bit on it It works perfectly fine until recently when I wanted to use my old external HDD AH S but it seems it cant install something installed? driver storage cant be device* *Mass A little note pops up saying that there is a new device detected and suggests installing the driver needed for it so I just wait But after it tries to install a little red X marker indicates it hasnt installed properly Then I check out whats wrong seems to be a Code faulty digital signature So I have tried to uninstall *Mass storage device* driver cant be installed? the ghost driver from device manager and re-install a couple of times still no luck I have also tried *Mass storage device* driver cant be installed? different usb cables *Mass storage device* driver cant be installed? I also tried deleting INFCACHE still no luck so after all that I finally tried using different devices I used a flash drive from my phone and also tried my PSP system they all fail to install I also ran in safe mode and tried to open my HDD but all it does is try to install again but then it just fails again There is nothing wrong with my devices since I had a windows XP computer wich opened all these perfectly fine I am kind of lost what to do here any suggestions EDIT Forgot to mention that none of these devices actually need a driver

A:*Mass storage device* driver cant be installed?

Yeah, that is an iffy one. Maybe this can help:
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Hi there I need some help because it is driving me USB Flash/Mass Can't device to Storage Help! copy nuts not being able to Help! Can't copy to USB Flash/Mass Storage device find out why this is happening I can't copy to my USB flash disk Kingston Data Traveler GB or my external hard drive - Toshiba '' GB HDD in a USB powered external enclosure I can copy very small files to the flash drive - like - kb Anything bigger results in a quot preparing to copy quot window with a scrolling bar Nothing happens if i wait The first time i plugged in the USB hard drive Windows recognized it and tried installing drivers for it but it just hung on quot Windows is installing drivers for this device quot and i had to unplug the drive since nothing was happening Now nothing happens i don't even get the previously mentioned balloon in the bottom right corner though the hard drive powers up And to make this even crazier my USB mouse and keyboard work just fine no matter of what USB i connect them front panel back I tried uninstalling them from Device Manager enabling disabling Legacy USB Support from the BIOS was set to BIOS Setup Only plugging them in all the USB port i have including front panel There is nothing wrong with both the USB flash drive and the USB hard drive - they work perfectly on my laptop the second i plug them in Please help - i really need the use of these two devices

A:Help! Can't copy to USB Flash/Mass Storage device


Will any USB storage devices, other than these two, work properly with this PC currently?

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Can anybody help me please?

I have recently bought a Pluscom 2.5 IDE TO USB HDD ENCLOSURE

There appears to be an Hitachi hard drive inside. Sorry if I am not explaining this very well.

When I plug in the two USB leads from the mass storage device into my Sony VAIO (Windows Vista Home Premium) the Pluscom device does not appear in My Computers. I bought a power lead and tried connecting the Pluscom device to the computer again, but still nothing. Two red lights appear at the end of the Pluscom device, but apart from that, nothing else happens.

How can I get this device to work? It is really bugging me now as I have wasted many hours trying all sorts of solutions, but to no avail.

Please Help!!! Blonde in Distress!!!!

A:Pluscom Mass Storage Device Problem

Hj Blonde in Distress when this sort of thing has happened to me it usually turns out the ide lead has been incorrectly plugged in the red lights indicate a fault.Its usually only necessary to plug in the thick usb lead.Check the ide lead for bent pins and try reconnecting.
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usb mass storage device driver for a XP code 39is this something one can download or hardware one needs pick-up at a computer store?if it is something one can download, where does one go to retrieve?also what ever needs to be done, would one still be able to keep all info on ones computer?

A:usb mass storage device driver XP code 39

Are you having issues with anything related to USB?
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Okay here s the deal I have working properly Mass Storage USB not Device the following USB USB Mass Storage Device not working properly Mass Storage Devices and none of them are working SanDisk -in- Memory Card reader Memorex m flash drive Nikon Digital Camera Samsung Yepp T z Music Player I also have the following USB Devices that ARE working which are not classified as Mass Storage Devices Targus Wireless Laser Mouse Descriptive huh Sony Cli PEG-TJ Palm OS External HDD Samsung G mounted on an external HDD kit not detected or classified as Mass Storage but as a physical hard drive These devices are installed on Windows XP Professional SP All Windows updates are installed They worked properly until I bought a new mobo and CPU Ran repair from boot CD after installing them just to be safe I m probably forgetting some non-Mass Storage devices but that doesn t matter The point is that my Mass Storage devices don t work They all work fine on another computer running the same OS I can go to the Device Manager and I can see them it says they re working properly It always says that whether something is actually working or not So here s where it gets wierd I can go into Disk Management and I can SEE the devices plugged in and there s no drive letter assigned Okay easy enough just assign a drive letter In this case it s F as it s not in use by anything else So I go into My Computer it still ain t there Also when I reboot the computer or remove and replace the device it will no longer have a drive letter I have to assign it all over again I go back to the Disk Management and right-click on the Mass Storage drive and hit open Bingo it opens Halellujah I can see all the files and I can change them open them etc But I still can t get to it in any other way I type f in Windows Explorer but it says there is no such drive Stupid Windows Anyway even if I can get at the files it s still very inconvenient I d much appreciate some help here if anyone s got any ideas Here s most of the stuff I ve tried to do to fix it but didn t work Uninstall USB Drivers then reinstall Delete all USB VID entries in the Registry They reinstall on startup and this supposedly fixes problems with Mass Storage devices according to Microsoft no dice Repair from Boot CD Uninstall Reinstall device drivers It never works but it s always worth a shot Unplug computer for an hour I was desperate and someone said it would work Try different USB ports Smack it knock Smack it again unch Leave it alone for a day then try again later It s worked for me before A really long and pointless list of commands in cmd that Microsoft said should fix it Also tried most of the things at the following site http www experts-exchange com Hardware Q html There are loads of suggestions on that page but you can t see them with the link because they want you to register If you re registered there good for you To see it do a Google for quot Hardware XP Pro will not recognize USB mass storage devices quot and click the top result rofl getting through a site s security with Google search results None of them worked I tried all of them except for actually buying a new USB card Oh and someone said it s possibly Line Noise quot on the USB cable that long USB cables will sometimes have that Well I m using a inch USB adapter instead of a cable the adapter is supplied with my MP Player So that isn t my problem So please give me any suggestions Or if you ve had a similar problem then tell me what you did to fix it I m not willing to do a fresh install but if that worked for you then tell me at least nbsp

A:USB Mass Storage Device not working properly

Oh, and I just noticed something: When I try to put a file on it that is more than 12 characters long (Including extension) it will tell you that "The destination soes not support long file names"

And I can't include spaces... this is just stupid.

Ya, now THAT is going to annoy the puke: out of me. HELP ME!
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Hey everyone gotta few questions I m trying to turn Device.... Storage USB Mass Problem ejecting off my external HDD for the night and when I use quot Safely Remove Hardware quot I sometimes like now for example get the error quot The device Generic volume cannot be stopped right now Try stopping the device again later quot Nothing is writing to the HDD the light is on and just solid green blinks orange when it s being read When I go into Safely Remove Hardware the device listed is quot USB Mass Storage Problem ejecting USB Mass Storage Device.... Device quot When I click Stop I get three more choices USB Problem ejecting USB Mass Storage Device.... Mass Storage Device Generic volume - H Maxtor Y P USB Device Trying any of the three produces the same result Does anyone know if this can be fixed from Windows or do I need to reboot and just try again whenever this happens Also how bad is it to just turn off an external HDD without going through Safely Remove Hardware Thanks Oh yeah XP Home SP nbsp

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I am having issues disconnecting / ejecting a Seagate portable expansion drive. I keep getting the following error message (see pic) .. I don't have any open programs.. Why am I getting this message? How do I fix it?

A:Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device

There is some handle (process) hanging on to it. Once you shut down the system, you can remove it - that is the easiest approach. That happens often.
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Have USB thumb drive. Not formatted?? IN my computer it shows as Removable Disk G
CLick on it Message Please insert disk into drive G. If I rt click click on format it says no disk in drive G, Insert a disk and try again. How the F&^%$ do you format a thumb drive
using XP

A:thumb drive/mass storage device

Try going to command prompt and type "Format x" replace x with the drive letter of the thumb drive (i.e. format c: )
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nbsp nbsp Quote Originally Posted by Problem Mass Ejecting Device Problem USB Storage Ejecting USB Mass Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device Storage Device This device is currently in use Close any programs or windows that might be using the device and then try again This to Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device me is the most annoying feature in Windows Why can't Windows tell me what programs or windows are using the device so I know what to close Many times I have tried closing all programs and windows that might be using the device I even closed programs and windows that I was fairly certain were not using the device just in case they were In resource monitor the Disk E Queue Length shows no activity and nothing is listed as using the drive in the Disk tab I can go into an Elevated Command Prompt and run Diskpart select the volume associated with the USB Mass Storage Device and run a remove dismount of the volume and it still claims the drive is currently in use How can it be in use if it no longer has a handle and has been dismounted I have reason to believe this is either the security software preventing removal of the device or Windows itself After some time I am able to remove the device This happened to me most recently on a computer with Norton installed which is supposed to stop all scanning when the system is no longer idle Windows also was not indexing the drive for faster searches Any ideas what causes this behavior Any suggestions on how to remove the drive if it happens in the future

A:Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device

There are some third party Shareware Programs that identify the handles. USB Safely Remove is one such that I was using with XP but have discontinued in Windows 7. There is a provision for forced removal too but I have never used it.

Not being able to remove a pen drive is very annoying but I wait, sometimes till I have shut down the computer.

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Hello guys ...i am new one here ...
I have a serius problem .When i try to unplug or safe removal a device and especially wd passport essentials , or kingston data traveler , i get this error usb Mass storage device is not working properly.I cant find a solution for this problem ....See the picture

the light of the removable storages are on and i cant safely remove them .Is this a windows bug or this is a problem that i only have .,...

Thank you for the support .

A:usb Mass storage device is not working properly.


I can't think of a solution off the top of my head, so this will be trial-and-error.

Okay, so you plug in the drive, and what happens? Does the drive work properly?

Then you want to remove the drive. You click Safely Remove Hardware, and then it gives the error?

At what point did you take the screenshot above?
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hi guys, i am unable to open my pen drive(mass storage device) after leaving my machine on hybernate without ejecting the device.. now it shows that windows can't open the device. plz.. help as i don't want to loose the data on the device.... any solution????

A:unable to open mass storage device

sounds like it its corrupted. Not much windows will be able to do if it wont let you open it that is about it from that side. Something I would try is seeing if it will open under a linux partition. If you go to Download - Linux Mint you can download it to a bootable CD and then run it with out installing it. It is worth a shot to see if it will open it. If it does open it just copy it to another drive and then reformat that one. The only other option that i know of is to send it to a professional data retrieval person. VERY expensive so guess it depends on what the data is worth to you.
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Everytime my Seagate Expansion Portable Drive is plugged into my PC (Windows 10 64bit), Window's Event Viewer repeatedly reports warning messages:

Event 129, UASPStor

Reset to device,\Device\Raidport1, was issued

Also, USB 3 write speed was extremely slow - it often took more then 8min to write a 5GB file into the drive. During the writing process, the writing speed cycled between 0MB/s to 90MB/s. Most of the time, the writing speed stayed at very low values, < 1MB/s.

Device Manager reported that I have the latest UASPStor driver. If I disabled the UASPStor driver, the drive became disconnected.

If I plugged in the Seagate drive into a Win 7 machine, it worked perfectly well.

Can anyone help me to solve the problem?
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I recently added a Maxtor 80 gig external hard drive mainly as a storage device and it has malfunctioned. It wont come on except for a brief second when windows tells me it has no drivers then it goes off and windows says the device isnt connected. Have I now lost everything on this device? Is it the wiring? Is there anything I can do to retrieve whats on this drive?
Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Recently I've bought a new pc and somehow the system cant detect my external CD rom burner drive when i connect it to the USB port. I did a check on the status of the USBC Mass Storage Device from the device manager and it says "This device cannot start. (Code 10)". The troubleshooter help doesn't seem much too useful.

i've had no problem with the USB with my previous computer. Really can't figure out what's wrong. Any kind souls there who can offer me some advice? Really appreciate it. Thanks many much!

A:USB Mass Storage Device - Troubleshoot (Code 10)

Did you get a driver installation CD with the drive?
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After attempting to 'Eject' my flash drive (all programs closed), I got this message. I've just transferred lots of data over to it using Synctoy, and do not want to risk pulling it and potentially damaging what's on there. In the past I've pulled these drives regardless of message, but ended up with various empty (0-1KB) picture files strewn everywhere.

The drive is still plugged in, I want to learn how to remove this flash drive safely. Can someone help?

A:Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device

The simplest way: Restart Windows.
In closing down Windows will force an end to the writing process and "safely remove" the drive before shutting down to restart.
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Hi all well this is a long shot now to post a question about my prety old mp player Rio Chiba The thing Storage Rio recognized? Chiba not being Mass 128 Device is that I have a good amount of good music I would like to copy Rio Chiba 128 Mass Storage Device not being recognized? off of it Anyways I have Vista Home Premium bit and when I plug in the mp player it recognizes it as being a Rio Chiba device but can not find any available drivers for it I already tried the following -changed the cable-directed the quot New Device quot wizard to look for drivers in C Windows INF C Windows winsxs-copied different copies of quot usbstor inf quot Rio Chiba 128 Mass Storage Device not being recognized? amp quot usbstor PNF quot into C Windows INF and different locations but none of those have worked-I have even tried deleting INFCACHE and nothing -went to http www digitalnetworksna com support r asp prodID which is Rio's support page for this device but they claim it doesnt need a driver as the OS should read it as a mass storage device The mp player still works fine and plays music as it should it just doesnt want to be recognized in either vista or xp any help or suggestions is really appreciate it as Im very little away from giving up on it Thanks all

A:Rio Chiba 128 Mass Storage Device not being recognized?

With it plugged in go to the Control Panel>Administrative Tool>Computer Management. Double-click on Storage. Double-click on disk Management.
On the top, click on Action and select Refresh

If it doesn't show, go to your Device Manager and see if there are any yellow exclamation points by the USB Root Hub Controllers
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Problem ejecting USB Mass Storage Device - My Drive M See my System Specs I have Problem Ejecting Mass USB Storage Device just finished a session between my C and M Drives well at least I thought so When I tried to Safely Remove Hardware I get the following Error window Questions Is there a way or shortcut that I can use to find which programs or windows are still using the Drive Will potential problems result if I just do Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device a 'hard' close-down ie gt Start gt Switch Off button 'Closes all open Programs Shuts down Windows turns off Computer' Will the same apply if I do a gt Start gt Restart close-down and restart procedure I have attempted to Safely Remove Drive M via the Icon in the Notification Tray and through Device Manager but the results as shown above are the same All contributions donated in the spirit of the New Year will be gratefully accepted ex gratia and will not be subject to any exchange of monies filthy lucre or bribes

A:Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device

Maybe you ain't done yet. Wait for a while longer? Go to the fridge and have a beer. Or do something...else.

Earlier OS versions gave us hourglass or spinning stuffs when windows is busy. Not Vista. I go by blinking HDD light.
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I have many USB driven devices, flash drives, MP3 players, etc. and when i transfer data to these devices, the data becomes corrupt and unusable, or in music/pictures, the data only seems to get partially there. After transferring some images to the mass storage device, they came out garbled, like the pixels were rearranged and put in the wrong order. Some images are not even viewable. Music skips, as if I was playing a CD with deep scratches.

Transferring data from these devices have no effect on the data, it only occurs when I am sending it to the device. I have used every USB port on my computer with no success. One bizarre occurrence I have noticed is that I have a USB printer that seems to be unaffected by this corruption.

A:USB Mass Storage Device Data Corruption

How many USB devices do you have and how many ports. Are you using hubs?

External devices are slow compared to hard drives. If you are experiencing corruption playing music and video files from USB, they may be too slow. Copy the files to your hard drive.

USB has limited bandwidth, like anything. Too much data cannot be transferred at one time.
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Hello all,

A colleague of mine bought a sony USB2 80Gb hard drive, on plugging it into the usb port it appears that it is recognized but when you check in my computer nothing is recognized. He say's it did come with a disk which unfortunately he left at home. I thought the mass storage devices were plug and play?? Any idea's peeps?


A:New Sony mass storage device not found

Did he FORMAT that HD yet?
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Hello I'm new to this forum and could really use some help I have just bought a new Mass Driver Storage Missing Device Blackberry Torch smartphone and when I connect it to my Toshiba C Laptop computer operating Windows using the Blackberry Desktop software the computer recognizes the phone is connected but I cannot import media from my phone to the computer I spoke Missing Mass Storage Device Driver with Blackberry Tech support for hours who tried to find the Mass Storage Device driver and was unable to locate it Here is a copy of his email to me Hello Dana Thank you for contacting BlackBerry Customer Support I am following up on case number INC which is currently open In regards Missing Mass Storage Device Driver to your issue with your BlackBerry's media card not being detected on your Windows Toshiba laptop we will need Toshiba to resolve an issue with your Mass Storage driver missing from your Missing Mass Storage Device Driver computer The BlackBerry torch uses standard windows drivers known as a quot Mass Storage Device quot In our efforts to find this driver manually in your system we have found that it is missing in your driver libraries While this may not effect any previous device that might currently have a Mass Storage driver in use because they are already installed this will effect any device that may need the driver reinstalled Such as your other BlackBerry Their are several forums with your laptop model having issues with various products usb drives external hard drives etc in relation to the product not being able to install due to the Mass Storage Driver that is missing from Windows We have tested on your Windows XP computer and it was able to detect and use your new phone with out an issue The Mass Storage Device was able to install without an issue Because the Mass Storage Drivers are included with Windows they are not included with our software download In order to resolve this issue you will need Toshiba to either install the missing Mass Storage Device driver or they will need to repair Windows If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us Thank you again for contacting us Sincerely Ken BlackBerry Customer Support Research In Motion Limited I spoke with Toshiba who tells me that because it is a software issue I should speak to Microsoft I called Microsoft and they tell me that because the serial number of my software contains quot OEM quot then it is a toshiba issue Except for Blackberry trying to help I have found nothing but walls Can someone help PS When I try to connect my Sony Walkman MP player the computer wont recognize that it is connected Thanks

A:Missing Mass Storage Device Driver

Sounds odd to me, but the first place I would start would be to download the chipset drivers for your computer, unzip them into a folder, and when asked where the driver is, point it to that folder...

Windows 7 will search through all the subfolders thoroughly for a driver... Hopefully it's in there...

If not, go to device manager, select the device that doesn't have the driver (mass storage...) and double click, or right click and select properties.....

Go to the details tab, and under hardware id's or under parent, look for the vendor & device ID's and copy them exactly for us to see what the device is...

It'll look something like this: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_3A39&SUBSYS_3A398086&REV_00\3&2411e6fe&2&D2
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I recently bought a new ipod and my laptop was not finding it, so i searched for an anwer and was told to uninstall the apple usb driver and the usb mass storage device, then plug it in. It worked at first, but now both drivers are gone and two have some yellow triangles by them,and when i try to update the drivers it says something about a code 39. How do i get back the 2 missing drivers and fix the code 39's. I have no idea what to do (im not very good with computers). Someone please help!

A:Missing USB Mass Storage Device driver

Hello Clueless96, welcome to the forum

Try this, take your time and work through it line for line, it is not as hard as you may first think;
General USB problems
After a USB device is installed and then removed Windows hides the driver this first part makes all hidden drivers visible.
Remove all USB devices
Click on start orb, Type Advanced System settings in the search box and click to go there.
Click on Advanced tab, Click on Enviroment Variables.
Under the window System variables click on New.
Type " devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices" (without the ") as the variable name and type 1 as the value.
Click ok 3 times to close the windows
Click on start orb, Type Device Manager in the search box and click to go there.
Click on View, Click on Show hidden devices.
Now you can uninstall all old and unknown USB devices. I think it will be best if you uninstall all USB devices
The infcache.1 file is used to store information about USB drivers, the information in this file may have become corrupted or may cause windows to load the wrong driver or cause a driver not found message to be generated.
Deleting this file will force windows to generate a new infcache.1 file
Right click on the start orb and select Windows Explorer,
Select Computer in the address bar and search for infcache.1
Right click on the file infcache.1 (if you have more instances of Windows installed only do this for infcache.1 C:\Windows\System32\Driver Store)
Click on properties, Click on security tab, Click on Edit, Click on Add
Type Administrators In the window with the blinking cursor, Click OK
Place a tick in the box under allow to the right of Full Control, Click Apply, Yes and OK
Delete the infcache.1 file
Connect a USB device, but not the one you were having trouble with to make a new infcache .1
New Start the PC and try your device again.
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More from the "I Hate Vista" department:

I'm posting this in the Vista forum because I don't remember ever having this problem, especially to this extent, when running XP or 2000.

Vista simply will not let go of my USB flash drives most of the time. I have to either log off or shut down the computer to remove it. It doesn't matter if I wait five minutes or fifty minutes; the result is the same.

I open Task Manager and shut down all running programs, I go through the disconnect procedure repeatedly and Vista just will not let go.

Is there a fix for this; it's really getting aggravating?

A:Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device

It may be being "Indexed" for the search options or scanned by your AV program.
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I get the folowing note when I go to properties in usb mass storage device in device manager. there is nothing plugged in usb ports so I can;t remove it. I have plugged an external hard drive in and removed but it did not help. can you please help me clear this??

Windows cannot use this hardware device because it has been prepared for "safe removal", but it has not been removed from the computer. (Code 47)To fix this problem, unplug this device from your computer and then plug it in again.)
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Hi I have a problem Symptoms - Any USB Mass Storage Device won t Any Windows won't in Storage Explorer my Mass appear USB Device appear in my Windows Explorer - It will appear on the bottom right screen as safely remove hardware and you can safely remove it - Device Manager can detect it in two locations Disk Drives and Universal Serial Bus Controllers as USB Mass Storage Device In their properties it says quot This device is working properly quot - Disk Management cannot detect it It will only showed my CD Drives And I ve already assigned the CD Drive letter to something elze Z - My mouse and My soundcard work Any USB Mass Storage Device won't appear in my Windows Explorer perfectly in all USB port - All the devices that I ve plugged to my USB work perfectly in another computer I ve tried these solutions It didn t work - Tried another USB Flash Drive Mp Player and my External Harddrive - Tried to plug it to all the USB Port - Tried to delete UpperFilter - Cannot assign the USB Mass Storage drive letter because it won t be detected in Disk Management - Tried to uninstall and reinstall all the USB controllers in Device Manager - The Virus amp Malware scan result were nothing Using latest Avaast and Ad-Aware - Tried to delete dosdrives in registy - Unchecked all quot Allow computer to turn off this device to save power quot Ok I ve done all of those and still can t read all my USB Flash Drive Mp Players and my External Harddrive All help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated Thanks Wii nbsp

A:Any USB Mass Storage Device won't appear in my Windows Explorer

try the FAQs
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I have several mass storage devices (SanDisk thumb drives, and a Seagate FreeAgent Go external hard drive). All have functioned properly on my Sony VAIO laptop for a long time. Suddenly, none of them are recognized by my computer. I have tried to uninstall and update the drivers in the Device Manager. The update/install is successfull for all the USB connection drivers, EXCEPT for the USB Mass Storage Device driver, which continues to have a yellow exclamation point on the icon. How can I fix this driver and get my USB devices recognized so I can use my data? Thank you!

A:USB Mass Storage Device driver not functioning or updating

please do no duplicate post here
closing this one

continue here
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I have an external mass storage device containing a 60 gig hard drive.

This "caddy" by Belkin has an ON/OFF switch as well as the usual USB connection.

If I reboot the PC with the unit ON, the whole thing freezes and won't start up.

If the unit is OFF during the reboot, everything works fine.

Likewise, after the reboot, turning the unit ON gets it working and there are no problems.

I guess something in the BIOS BOOT section has to be fiddled with to fix this?

A:Won'r boot when external mass storage device is connected

Yes it could be that your bios has usb drives enabled for booting.
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Flash Disk message quot USB storage USB that install device doesn't completely? mass mass storage device that doesn t install completely quot I have a MicroX StormBlue USD- with GB that suddenly stopped working The symptom is a bit strange In some computers USB mass storage device that doesn't install completely? the USB Flash Disk doesn t install completely saying that is an error in the installation Nevertheless a Removable Disk appears in My Computer In other computers there isn t any installation error and a Removable Disk is installed in My Computer In both cases the Removable Disk installed when accessed in the explorer drops USB mass storage device that doesn't install completely? a window saying quot Please insert a disk into drive F quot I already tried to format the flash disk in several ways but the drive is always recognized with MB I also tried to use the stormblue available software but the usb flash USB mass storage device that doesn't install completely? disk is not recognized by all the software I ve used The cause of this is not of my knowledge but I suspect that my flash disk was removed without dismounting it first but I m not sure Thus anyone have a clue to resolve this BR PMS nbsp
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The flash drive icon on my computer is being shown as a file and when i double click it , it says that access is denied, i can only access it through explorer now, is this a virus?

A:Mass storage device icon shown as a file

Probably not, but it is a flash drive that perhaps needs to be reformatted.
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Just re-installed xp. In device manager the yellow exclamation mark is beside the mass storage controller icon. How can i fix this?

A:Mass Storage Controller Error in Device Manager

You will have to find out what the device actually is and get the correct driver for it. Does this computer have a driver disk with the system? If so the driver will be on the disk. The only other way is to go to the computer Manufacturer's web site and locate the driver download section and get the driver there.
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Hey all,

I just bought a second hand U200-104 and am installing it now. My OS is Windows Vista Business 64bit & the 32bit seem to be working ok. Though i installed all there is to it on the driver page i keep having an unidentified "Mass Storage Device" in my device list.

In the properties, it says:
- Location: PCI-bus 3, Device 11, function 2

Hope someone can help me !
Thanks a mollion in advance :)

A:Satellite Pro U200-104 - Driver for Mass Storage Device

Hi buddy,

> Location: PCI-bus 3, Device 11, function 2
To be honest this information is not useful?
You should check the device and vendor ID in device manager of this device.

At the moment it?s hard to say what device it is but you should try installing the card reader driver. Check the Toshiba website for this!!!
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I have an Acer R3610 (so everything is via USB). When I plug in an I/O Magic disk drive, I get an error "Device driver software was not successfully installed".

I had earlier tried to fix this situation by going to Device Manager and deleting all drivers under USB controllers. When I rebooted everything re-installed except for USB Mass Storage Device.

So I need some new ideas.

A:Problem installing USB mass storage device driver

Rather implausibly I used their site search to look for an I/OMagic drive, hoping to get a listing for drivers, they have no results for it !
But depending on the model number you might try here to get an updated driver version. I/O Magic Drivers - I/O Magic Windows Drivers
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I use windows xp ...when I plug in my usb mass storage (external hard disk), the windows did recognize the external drive...When I manually upgrade driver, the result was "This device cannot start. (Code 10)....Anyone could help me please...???

Oh! some quick background, this was working just fine until I moved my workstation to a different location. I do have a HP printer that also becomes a removable drive when connected.

Thank you,


A:This device cannot start. (Code 10)...for usb Iomega mass storage???

Try removing all other USB devices before plugging it in. Remove it from Device Manager and restart.

Does it work on other machines?
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Being a tech guy I have about usb wont storage device Vista recognize mass any Usb mass strage devices of ever size shape brand and flavor From external hard drives to those cheapy free flash drives you get at CES nothing will work on this particular machine running Vista Ultimate bit Yes these usb starge devices work in many other machines on many operating sytems This is a problem Ive had for a while dont know when it started Having quite a few netwroked computers and this one not being my main system Ive just been to busy or lazy in deal with the problem Im sure yall wanna know the symptoms so here it is plug in any usb mass storage device get a little pop up saying USB device not recognized quot Unknown Device quot appears under USB Controllers in Device manager with no installed driver quot no drivers are installed for this device quot Oh other usb things do work just in case you ask like this keyboard and mouse So hopful I just need a new driver reinstall the drive nbsp

A:Vista wont recognize any usb mass storage device

Uninstall the USB ports in Device Manager

Just rt- click and select uninstall on all of the USB drivers.
They will reinstall when you reboot.
If you lose your mouse, hold in the power button to reboot.

See if that does anything for you.
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MUVO TX FM is not detected at all. XP is updated..permissions are ok..bios up to date..legacy enabled..tried from safe mode...can't understand why IPOD mini gives me no grief but the Muvo won't be recognized.