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Compability with MSI motherboard

Q: Compability with MSI motherboard

So I am building a PC.I was thinking of taking a MSI FM2 A75MA E35 as my motherboard but it is very hard to come across by,esspecially in Croatia.I am wondering is this motherboard compatible with my system?
with this system:
AMD Athlon X4 760K-CPU
Corsair Vengeance 8 GB 1600 Mhz-RAM
NZXT Source 210 or 220-Case
Corsair CX430 430W-PSU

Sorry for my english.
Thanks in advance.

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Preferred Solution: Compability with MSI motherboard

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Compability with MSI motherboard

Nice build. Any FM2 motherboard should be compatible with the CPU. Make sure you buy a motherboard with the A85X chipset since that allows for maximum overclocking. I recommend maybe upping the PSU to about 550W or more just to be safe. The GPU requires a 300W, but with a 100W CPU and a few other components, it could easily overrun the 430W.
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I intend to use the following hardware POWER SUPPLY Corsair Memory W TX SERIES ATX CASE CoolerMaster Centurion Black Silver Case PROCESSOR Intel Core Duo E GHz M Cache S MHZ GRAPHICS Sapphire technology Radeon HD MB PCIE DDR RAM and compability Motherboard DUAL DVI MHz RAM OCZ Technology x GB DIMM PC - Reaper MOTHERBOARD Gigabyte GA-EP -DS My main concern is that the ram may not be compatible If so do I need to buy different ram The socket on the motherboard is ddr sdram and is the same for the ram However it says the RAM and Motherboard compability quot Supported RAM Speed is PC - PC - PC - PC - quot but the ram is pc - I want the build to be as plug and play as possible so don t want to have to change any settings or flash any bios because I don t know much about that I have been advised that the motherboard should have the right stuff on it to support the processor right away Can RAM and Motherboard compability you recommend some good quality ram for this build and can you see anything tweaking that I will need to do before to make this work I already have all the components except for the motherboard and processor which I am buying soon I may need to send the ram back if I have made a mistake Thanks in advance for any help nbsp

A:RAM and Motherboard compability

Check this for your RAM support :
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Hello. I want to upgrade my GPU and i'm not sure if it's compatible with the mobo (MS-7613 indio). I would like to use a RX 460 or a GTX 950. Is it possible with any manufacturer? If not do i've other possibilities?
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Can anyone please tell me what processors are compatible with this motherboard -

Manufacturer- ASUSTek Computer INC.
Product- Kelut 2.02
Chipset Manufacturer- Gammagraphx Inc
Processor- AMD AthlonXP 2400+ (2Ghz)

i tried the ASUS site but there was nothing about it there so can anyone please help me to find a compatible processor for this motherboard, Thanks

A:Motherboard Compability Question?

Since you already have an AMD Athlon XP CPU installed I'd say that you can install Athlon XP CPUs up to the XP 3200+ model. It is also possible that you could install the early socket A Semprons.

Here's a list of the Athlon XP CPUs:
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Hello fellow nerds

I just got a new motherboard and I am uncertain if the network card, this one, if it will fit in the slot, see attached image.

A:New motherboard + network card compability

Your link doesn't work. You don't need to post pictures or anything like that. The network card will have a certain slot type, like PCI, PCI-Express, etc. Your motherboard will have a list of available ports. You can find this in your manual or just by looking at the motherboard closely (your screenshot isn't clear and much is covered). Match them up, and you are good to go.

Aside from all of that, your new motherboard should have a network card built-in.
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I ordered a computer and ordered this processor http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E and this motherboard http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E I m just wondering if they re compatible They work but maybe they re not working like how they re supposed to I Graphics (Diablo 3 compability? Problem? problem) CPU/Motherboard Or got the computer in and put it together and I m having troubles with it It seems to run good and whatnot doing simple tasks but in a game I play Diablo when I m in the game my character lags and skips everywhere It ll go good for like - seconds then lag around Graphics Problem? Or CPU/Motherboard compability? (Diablo 3 problem) for a while then back to normal It s not the video card because I tested Graphics Problem? Or CPU/Motherboard compability? (Diablo 3 problem) it in my friend s computer and it works just fine It sounds like a video problem though This is the ram I ordered with the motherboard and processor http www newegg Graphics Problem? Or CPU/Motherboard compability? (Diablo 3 problem) com Product Product aspx Item N E The hard drive is my old hard drive and it has windows xp bit which I re-formatted and installed with the motherboard I know my game works with it because I had windows xp bit on my old computer and it ran it just fine along with the video card The only things new are the motherboard processor power supply and ram The video card is almost years old I m just stumped on what the problem is and why my video games run so much worse than they did in my old computer I could have everything ALMOST high graphics and now with my new computer parts I can t even run it on low Can somebody PLEASE give me some insight on what to do here All my drivers are up to date as with windows updates Getting really frustrated with this Thanks Jonathan nbsp

A:Graphics Problem? Or CPU/Motherboard compability? (Diablo 3 problem)
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I'm using HP DV6 with Micron 16JSF51264HZ-1G4D1 4GB RAM.
I'm thinking to add 4 gb ram to at this adress => Kingston Technology Company - Kingston Memory Search - Search Results for: KVR1333D3S9/4G
If i'm use this ram, is there a any problem or somethink like that ??
[Sorry for english]

A:RAM Compability

Use Crucial to find what RAM you need.RAM Memory Upgrade: Dell, Mac, Apple, HP, Compaq. USB drives, SSD at
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I use a single ultra 512mb stick of ddr400, it runs at ddr333 even thougth my processor's fsb is at 533 but what i need to know is can i buy a different brand of ram and expect them to work in non dual channell. the site for the ram i hope to purchase is

and the ultra ram that i run now is

thanks for the input

A:Ram Compability

Check what it recommends in the mobo manual to be on the safe side. As RAM speeds increase they're less forgiving than in years past.
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hey guys i have a geforce 7600Gt and i have a asus a8n-sli mobo and i wanna upgrade to sli, but i want to keep my current card

i read a while ago that you must have 2 cards that are identical, but last week i read in maximum pc that you only need the same chipset and the cards can even be from different manufacturers....

so whats the real deal? do i need to get another card from xfx that has the same part number or can i just grab any old 7600GT?

A:SLI compability

Its "recommended" that you have the same cards, I know someone with different cards or I should say same chipset and different name brands. I dont advise going with different brands though, its not worth saving 10-20 bucks with the chance of your cards, both of them messing up just to save a buck.
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I'm trying to run a program called Workshop Information System (WIS) for SAAB. I am running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. After buying this program I discovered that it won't run in windows 7, I think the problem is more with the 64bit than the windows. from researching it I have found that it should work if i use the option to run in xp mode. My problem is that I can not get this to work? When I try to run it this way it says the program is not compatible? I also read that i could run it using a program called Alcohol 52? Does anyone know how to make this program work on my windows??

A:Compability mode

Have you followed the steps outlined in the link below?
Relevancy 46.44%;#entry1975260^^^^^^^^^^^^This is the exact problem im having. I did a Google search and it popped this up, which I thought might of been posted in the wrong thread. Please somone help!

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I am going to build a computer.
I already have certain parts at home. (harddrive, dvd-writer, new win7 cd)

My parts are:
Thermaltake Thunderblade 120 mm LED Basic Fan
Rood, 3-Pin-aansluiting, Retail

Sharkoon Media Reader III
Zwart, USB, Retail

SAPPHIRE HD 5450 (11166-02-20R)
VGA, DVI, HDMI, CrossFireX, Low Profile, Lite Retail

Intel® Celeron® G540
FC-LGA4, "Sandy Bridge", boxed

Sharkoon WPM500
Zwart, 2x PCIe, Kabel-Management, Retail

Sharkoon Drakonia
500 - 5000 dpi, Retail

Cooler Master Elite 430
Zwart, Red LED

Sharkoon Skiller
Zwart, (US-Layout), Retail

ASRock Fatal1ty P67 Professional (B3)
FW, RAID, Gb-LAN, Sound, ATX, Retail

GeIL 8 GB DDR3-1333 Kit
GD38GB1333C9DC, Dragon RAM, Retail

My main worry is the RAM (it's not in the supported list) and the CPU (it is in the supported list)

And do I miss something?

Thanks in advance,

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Thinking of replacing the exiting ram with
G.Skill Ripjaws SO-DIMM F3-1600C11D-8GRSL 1.35V (Low Voltage) 8GB Kit (4Gx2) DDR3 1600

Not sure it is compatible. I doubt it is compatible to 8gb ram.
Please advice.

A:Tecra M11 - RAM compability

Can you please post notebook full model name (M11-xxx)?
Just to check which chipset is inside and RAM compatibility as well.
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A Mobile Phone with Bluetooth 1.2 can be compatible with a Bluetooth headset 2.0?
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Few questions.

Why isn't the LX830 supported for windows 10, its a relatively new PC?

Will it ever be officially supported for windows 10...please?

What will happen if I upgrade to windows 10? the windows 10 app said their will be no problems on my machine.

Thank you.
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I want to buy a ASUS GTX660 TI graphics card and I wonder if u could tell me if it is compatible with my motherboard which is INTEL DQ35JO ..thanks

A:Graphics card compability

What is your CPU? From what I see, your board is from 2007, so your system will bottleneck the card, so it isnt worth just upgrading the GPU.
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Hi there,i have an hp notebook, Hp pavilion g6 - 1270sj, and it's hard disk just broke had windows errors and is no longer working, so i am looking for replacement, but i am not sure about what replacement is compatible with this notebook.what HDD can i use as replacement? Thanks in advance,Snir Kadosh
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I was just wondering if the AMD 6000 would be compatible with the Arctic 64 pro which can be found here :

A:AMD 6000 mobo compability

It should work... go for it!
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Is it safe to charge T450 (with integrated graphic card) with 90W AC adapter?For example here is written that it is compatible: the other hand, on laptop under battery is writte that accept only 20V 2.25/3.25A, means (45/65W).
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Can i install the new Samsung 960 Pro M.2 NVMe SD on the HP Phoenix 850-070st i7-5820K Hexa Core 3.3Ghz. Motherboard- Viking uATX- Chipset Intel X99. M.2 socket, key M: 1.Will it boot?
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In terms of compatibility which is huge to me and my main interest it got better with some older games that had issues in older builds but still needs work Some games now work properly which is progress but please continue to work on compatibility and better framerate for older games Here are some issues I still notice that were there in older builds as well The Longest Journey - When I try to quit the game the textbox that is supposed to appear is all white for some reason so I can't click yes or no Works perfectly fine on windows gran theft auto - The text in the menus are transparent or invisible for some reason so I can't select anything Hitman Silent Assassin - issues several compability 10 with Having games Windows on Can't see intro and when I start a game I just hear sound and a black screen is shown If I alt tab and Having compability issues with several games on Windows 10 return then it finally loads the game but I can't even walk with the framerate being all over the place My character would just walk slowly and eventually it freezes grand theft auto vice city - The game runs at fps yet on windows using the same machine I can run it with fps Deus EX Game of the year Edition The one released in - Inconsistent framerate does not stay at fps like on windows It dips to fps during certain parts Quake - If I have fraps on then the game has this weird blinking flicker issue Dino Crisis - Game runs on a forced window and I cant force full screen either with alt enter Some games had a similar issue like mafia and max payne but got fixed Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell original game - Task bar appears in game need to alt tab just to get to full screen
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Hello first message on this forum i'm a Vista x user since one year I experienced some good thing i'm using vista internet and problem x64 Vista compability for dsmax and i use at least my gig of ram But i got a udge problem my internet has crashed yesterday for the th times It means that I have re installed times vista cause repair doesn't work Ok what happens exactly each time Vista x64 and internet compability problem it becomes when I boot the PC then when Vista x64 and internet compability problem it's booted all my internet applications crash attempting to display an url I try to connect via firefox trillian chat software filezilla ftp soft live messenger IE x I can ping google all my widgets works here Vista x64 and internet compability problem is a screenshot in french The best Dialog box is on the bottom it says Windows has detected no trouble with the network on your computer It appears to be a Socket connection problem So actually i'm trying to focus on the bugg is it my PC or windows My problem whit that is it happens at any time whitout any special action from myself I'm actually plans to go back on XP but vista is really better to work any Ideas thanks
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i have window 7 ultimate 32 bits.
i want to upgrade it with the same window(window 7 ultimate 32 bits).
but i always shows following message
window 7 update compability report "the computer started using the window installation disk. remove the installation disk and restart your computer so that windows restarts normally.then insert installation disk and restart updates ".

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor is not showing any problem.

plz HELP

A:windows 7 update compability report

Why not follow the instructions you've already received??

Why are you attempting to upgrade to the same edition you are already using??

....let's see what you are using.....
download and save to desktop -
Once saved, run the tool.
Click on the Continue button, which will produce the report.
To copy the report to your response, click on the Copy button in the tool (ignore any error messages at this point), and then paste (using either r-click/Paste, or Ctrl+V ) into your response.

Please also state the Version and Edition of Windows quoted on your COA sticker (if you have one) on the case of your machine (or inside the battery compartment), but do NOT quote the Key on the sticker!
How to Tell - Home
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Hi So im helping a freind to build his computer and after many hours of trubleshooting i know the problem The cpu that he got is an K FM cpu But the motherboard only supports FM Cpu's if you have the F BIOS version But the stock on the mobo is F and i cant update the bios becouse i dont know really how to compability BIOS New How cpu i problem. it? build. fix do flash a bios via a usb stick And i cant see anything becouse nothing shows up on the monitor Also no mouse or keyboard light up or give any sign of life What do i do New build. BIOS cpu compability problem. How do i fix it? On gigabytes website they say you need to have a FM cpu to update the bios so it becomes compatible with FM Why gigabyte are you doing this i've heard you can use the BIOS without a cpu but apperantly gigabyte doesent support it Only ASUS does that i dont know Does he have to change out the cpu or change motherboard to one thats already compatible with FM

A:New build. BIOS cpu compability problem. How do i fix it?

He will likely have to change to a CPU that is compatible with the motherboard, flash the BIOS, and then put the new 7700K into it.

Is it possible to borrow an FM2 CPU from somewhere? Something that is compatible with the motherboard? I keep a spare Phenom chip around just for that purpose. It's saved my butt twice with motherboards that don't ship with the right BIOS version.
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I just upgraded the memory for my Dell 600m laptop and now I have one spare memory card from my Dell 600m (256MB, DDR, 333, CL2.5) and I want to know if I could use it in my Dell 1200 laptop that only has 128MB of the memory from my 600m compatible with my 1200?

Thanks for the support!

A:Memory compability for Dell laptops

Do a Google search for memory configurator and enter in your specific transplant patient's information and see if it is the same type and speed if they are then your good to go .
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I am looking forward to upgrade my hard drive and I have a special deal. I don't know if my motherboard supports SATA drives. Please help me.

Here are my motherboard specifications

Here's the drive I want to buy


A:Solved: SATA Drive compability

From what I see, your motherboatd does not support SATA natively, you could buy a PCI SATA expansion card that will work with the drive you want to get.
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*compatibility -maximum character sorry
Hi , like i said i wanna change compatibility entry


is it possible? i mean changing reg entries or patching some files? it's very important for me
regedit HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers
change 640 x 480 to 1024 x 768 doesn't work
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Hi everyone, I plan to install a new SSD into the M2 slot (currently empty)the new 960EVO series has been announced at quite good price in comparison to 950.I wonder is it OK to used this new one. Please let me know if there is any probs or diffs to install it. Thanks! My current lap is 592G with 1TB hybrid from Toshiba and latest BIOS 1.11 - [email protected] mode
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Hi Experts,

I want to use Dungeon&Dragons online in 3-Dimensional setup with IT3Z drivers on ATI RAdeon HD5870 graphic card.

IT3Z gives a compatibel 3-D output for DX9 and beta DX10. First I got only error messages, but then installed DX9 in addition to DX11.
And know I can use the DX9 ITZ? version with windows 7.

But I want to use the DX10 beta version, too. But I cant find a DX10 for windows7 ?
Can you help me what to do?

Best regards

A:Downgrade windows 7 homepremium 64 from DX11 to DX10 for compability?

Windows 7 already include DX9-11, you can't downgrade DX11 to 10

Use Vista SP2 compatibility mode for this game: Compatibility Mode
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I currently have an AL-1540CS printer that's hooked up to the USB port of my PC. I went to the official SHARP Website to search for the drivers of it and I downloaded them. The problem is whenever I try to install the drivers it says:

"The installer has detected an unsupported operating system. This software can only be installed in the following operating systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista"

After it shows this message it just closes. I tried using it with compability mode, but it won't work either with any settings. I contacted SHARP, but no answer from them yet.

Any help?

A:Printer drivers not installing on Windows 7 due to compability issues.

This is SHARP's response:

"Thank you for contacting Sharp Electronics Corporation.

Currently, there is no software available for your copier that is compatible with Windows 7. We do have the software CD available for purchase, however, this will only work with Windows XP. We have no timetable on the release of any software at this time."

What the heck? Are you kidding me? I now have an unusable printer. Is there anyway I could fix this?
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Hi, I'm about to buy a new wireless card for my Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E531. The card I am going to buy is Intel Wireless-AC 7260 + Bluetooth, PCIe Mini Card (7260.HMWWB).Is it compatible (regarding Hardware and BIOS Whitelists)? Thanks,a customer

A:Thinkpad Edge E531 Wireless Card Compability

I would love to have an answer to this as well!(Since I also have been thinking of this lately)I'm using win10 and have the newest BIOS if that's a question
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Hi I have a nephew who recently got an used Laptop from my sister s husband Dell Inspiron and i m helping him setup a wireless connection for it Its pretty old and not that powerful but he s only Years Old so he probably won t use it other than for internet and e-mail anyways i found a good Adapter Solved: USB Question. Backwards Compability Network Wireless usb adapter on Newegg com http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E but its USB and his laptop only has a USB interface I know that USB devices are suppose to be backwards compatible but i don t know if that rings true for usb wireless adapters so my question is will it work he has windows installed on the laptop Another question i have is if indeed it is compatible now much of a performance degrade will it suffer from being connected to a USB interface I plan on using a g wireless network for both his laptop and my desktop so what internet speeds can he expect on his laptop My internet is mbps kbps thanks in advance nbsp

A:Solved: USB Wireless Network Adapter Backwards Compability Question.
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Helle everyone I 1.65V 2x2GB with compability 1600MHz Corsair ASUS M5A78L-M/USB3 XMS3 have a problem with the sound on my board quot popping clicking sound quot like when you power on your speakers but it's constantly does that and even when on standby I will start from the very first day when I built my PC Well I built my PC from ASUS M5A78L-M/USB3 compability with Corsair XMS3 2x2GB 1600MHz 1.65V following parts Motherboard ASUS MA L-M USB PSU ALPINE W RAM Corsair XMS x GB MHz V GPU Gainward nVidia GTX Ti GB bit Golden Sample also knows as quot GS quot CPU AMD Phenom II X Black Edition GHz MB Cache HEAT-SINK Coolermaster Vortex Plus CPU Cooler DVD driver Pioneer DVR-S LBK which is LightScribe as well HDD Samsung Spinpoint F don't know which model exactly but spec gt TB RPM Gbps From the very beginning I had Windows XP bit and of course all of my gigs didn't worked and also I've been suffering sound delay eg you've been shot and you see that but you'll hear it in about seconds so NOT GOOD then I went on Windows Ultimate bits note that I haven't got a speakers JUST gt HEADPHONES so it solved the problem with RAM's I can use all of them properly now and I am happy with that but it was annoying to be sitting all the time on the headphones so I bought quot Logitech X- speakers BRAND NEW ones And the story began from that moment I started to be hearing weird sounds and the sound takes a half of a second like quot popping clicking or beeping quot or I don't know how it would be called like quot So I tried to bring whole motherboard back to the shop where I bought them left it to them After a couple of days I'm back and got told like quot the thermal paste was on cpu's socket and cpu's pins quot SOMEHOW quot got told again that I could choose that quot Motherboard would be sent to ASUS supplier to clean the socket quot but CPU I needed to clean my self but the guy was not too sure about my cpu's life and will it work properly or I don't know So it is sent now quot the MOTHERBOARD quot but I've been told to wait for it for another days to get it back but I couldn't wait for that much and I bought another one exactly the same one I got sent but just BRAND NEW ONE So brought home CLEANED CPU TO THE CONDITION AS IT WAS NEW added a bit of thermal paste on the surface of cpu inserted everything onto they belonged positions quot ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING AS IT SHOULD BE quot GOT THE SAME POPPING SOUND Well then I tried my friend's exactly the same cpu as I have quot AMD Phenom II X Black Edition etc quot SAME POPPING SOUND So I'm getting to the conclusion that I need to check quot THE RAM MODULES quot Cause NEW MOTHERBOARD SAME CPU friend's one is doing the same popping sounds as my one I've even tried my cpu on friend's computer and it goes well just well as it should be quot So my opinion that it could be rams but WHY or PSU Sorry for taking you to read it all but it's all what you should know if you want to help or advice or at least suggest me something to do with this problem to solve it Thank you for your patients hope I will get some respond on this one Thank you again

A:ASUS M5A78L-M/USB3 compability with Corsair XMS3 2x2GB 1600MHz 1.65V

Check all timing settings in the BIOS - don't try to push the RAM. However, a quick search shows your problem is not unique - others have the same problem. Likely suspects are:

> IRQ conflicts (don't believe the "no more IRQ issues with Windows 7" argument)

> High DPC latency issues (reporting the issue as 'Music flickers/crackles when browsing the Internet','Sound output pops/crackles/hesitates', 'audio stops working after Windows 7 has been running for a while', 'Jerky sound playback Win7', 'Windows 7 Audio Stutter Problem' etc)

> Issue caused by running Microsoft Security Essentials or Forefront (virus scanners apparently can contribute to the problem)

For Security Essentials, try:
1. Open Microsoft Security Essential or Forefront.
2. Click the Settings tab.
3. Click Excluded files and Locations
4. Click Add.
5. Select either of the following paths, depending on the scanner you are using:

C:\Program files\Microsoft security essentials\MsMpEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Forefront\Forefront System\Client\AntiMalware\MsMpEng.exe

6. Click Ok.
7. Click Save changes.
8. Close the scanner program, and then restart the computer.

You might also try excluding other network intensive programs like iTunes.exe or iTuneHelper.exe.

Good luck.

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I am trying to reinstall xp sp Home edition on my older desk top computer as I wanted to upgrade the capacity of hard disk to GB and to eliminate various PC problems My old disk was only GB capacity Here are the specifications for my desk top Desktop is Mesh for which there is no support in the UK it ceased existing a long time ago in UK Mother Board Asus P R -VM Processor unit Intel Pentium chip IXP My old HD which I am replacing is PM - Maxtor Y PO GB capacity My new HD is Quickview Maxtor L PO GB capacity The installation reaches to the stage when it has to write the system files on to the hard disk and it fails The system BIOS recognises P4R800-VM Controller for Driver XP Re-installation Storage motherboard Mass Asus for motherboard the new disk as it is showing it as L PO in the BIOS I have gone through lots of forums and realise that mass storage device driver is not compatible with the new drive or is missing I have even tried to reinstall the system on to the old hard disk to see what happens but it still fails at the same place I do not have manufacturers disk of drivers for my desk top as it came only with recovery disk and no drivers disk I have found all the drivers chip set vga etc from Asus site but do Mass Storage Controller Driver for Asus motherboard P4R800-VM motherboard for XP Re-installation not know which driver is for mass storage Device there Or should it be from Intel site If so what the name would be Please help to get correct mass storage device driver on a floppy disk as I can only insert the driver in the installation process at RAID drivers insertion point I cannot clon old HD either as the drive is already formatted I was trying to reinstall the system first onto the old drive to correct the errors When that did not work I bought Quickview maxtor drive with higher capacity But still I cannot reinstall on the new drive I have an original XP SP Cd from another PC and I downloaded the installation programme on floppy disks from Microsoft site But even this combination does not install the system In this way the system tells me in the middle of the installation that the system cannot copy the file plugin ocx obviously this particular file is not available on the xp sp CD I have I don t know how to obtain it and from where In the end the system cann not copy the files on the hard drive and fails Sorry for the long post as I wanted to explain where I am at the moment in ths process Would be grateful for any advice in this matter nbsp

A:Mass Storage Controller Driver for Asus motherboard P4R800-VM motherboard for XP Re-installation

Almost a word for word copy & paste from THIS forum post made in 2014
@muckshifter the bus inspector should be along soon
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Hi (a post after a long time)
I've a F90M motherboard (with intel 915G chipset - i gues chipset doesn't have to do anything with front panel connections, but ... ). It came out of Acer 3700GX PC (i think its a bit old ).
Ok, now i'm trying to put it in a standard larger ATX casing. I've fitted it in and everything works fine except the front panel connections. I cannot identify the front panel connections and could only manage to identify the power switch pins on the motherboard.

I've searched over internet and couldn't find a manual of the motherboard (found manual for the PC on but it doesn't tell how to connect front panel)

so can you guys please suggest me the connections for front panel LEDs, Audio and USB.

and i really believe that you TSG guys are up to it

Thanks in advance

A:Identify motherboard's front panel connections | PC Acer 3700GX | Motherboard F90M

no replies????

is it such a hard/stupid question??
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I've been looking for the front panel pin layout on the Dell Dual Xeon Motherboard with Dell P/N: 0WN7Y6 (it is a # zero, W, N, #7, Y, #6). 
The front panel connector is 27-pin...28 spots with one pin left blank. The pin layout isn't included in the manual and I'm trying to boot two of these motherboards without the 27-pin connector. I just need to know which pins need to be jumpered in order to test for boot to BIOS.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

A:Dell Motherboard- P/N 0WN7Y6 Dual Xeon Motherboard Front Panel Pin Layout

Dell doesn't make the front panel connector pin-outs public. So unless you map them yourself or somebody else has done it...
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I could use some creative customer service here. My M3800 shipped with the known power-on motherboard defect. It was replaced at no charge, which was very nice. However, the replacement (2nd motherboard!) is now having the same intermittent dead / no power problem.
To get the computer running, I have to remove the case (12 screws) and un-plug the internal battery to 're-set' the electrical fault. After I put it back together, the computer starts normally. This is not very convenient, especially when meeting with new clients.
The problem is that I am being told I am outside the 3-month repair warranty. I think this stinks! It's a known issue and I would like someone at Dell to step up make my expensive computer work normally all of he time.
Yes, I have run every diagnostic known to man and the internet.
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Well I Just Bought A Broken Emachines I Thought The Capacitors Where Blown But They Look Fine The Problem Is It Wont Post It Has A Via Chipset Thats Probly The Problem I Dont Want To Get The Emachines Replacement Because It Costs 2 Much The Emachine Is A T2200 If Any Body Could Help Me Find A Great Fit Motherboard That You Can Hook Up The Front Usb Port To The Motherboard That Would Be Great It Has A Amd Processor And I Would Like It To Have Onboard Video It Dosent Matter What Ram It Takes

A:Emachines Bad Motherboard Whats A Good Replacement Motherboard

Need a motherboard here too

for the same model that is
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Okay, so as the topic title implies, for the life of me, I cannot figure out which motherboard model I'm supposed to get for this Dell Inspiron 1300 here. Only info I have is that it has the Centrino sticker on the palm rest of the case, and I also have the service tag, but that doesn't seem to give me much information from what I've found.

I've taken the motherboard out of the thing and looked it over, but no luck, as I don't see the model number on it.

Will someone please tell me how I'm supposed to figure out the motherboard model number so I can get a new one?

A:Dell Inspiron 1300: Bad motherboard, but which motherboard do I order?

You can search by the service tag number
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hey guys, does anyone if there are any other drivers for this board? i'm looking at this page after selecting 'driver' and 'win7 64 bit'. i only see 'audio', 'chipset' 'LAN' and 'RAID'. on the other boards i've seen, the driver software was much more comprehensive and contained several different pieces of software.

what's the main driver i need to install after installing win7 for the motherboard? just wondering if i'm missing something and need to install something else for the 'main features'? or are there main features found in the BIOS before win7 boots up? how does win7 recognise the board btw? does the board have drivers built in already? how can winxp recognise mboards that have been made very recently?

thanks guys

A:Gigabyte motherboard: P55M-UD4 some questions on motherboard software

Those are all the drivers you need, and really all any motherboard needs to work. You also have some Utilities under the drop down menu of "Download Type" but these are optional tweaking and similar utilities not required for proper operation of the system. Any version of Windows will have limited driver support, enough to install and run until the correct drivers are installed, or for a SATA or RAID controller under Windows XP drivers are loaded via the F6 prompt during the initial stages of the XP install to allow it to detect the hard drive. There are no drivers built into the hardware itself.
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I'm trying to be a bit cost effective for college by replacing parts of an old computer in order to get it to run CAD (specifically making it possible to run Solidworks 2016) better, but I am new to modifying computers. I currently have a Dell 15r 5520 with no modifications. I have found a 15R 7520 motherboard on eBay to replace it but it says with no video. Does this mean I would have to buy a separate graphics card? If so, any recommendations? Would I be correct in assuming that it comes with the i7 processor? Also any input on upgrading to a SSD?
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The motherboard on my envy 17t-k200 needs to be replaced.  The part number installed on the refurbished machine is 793272-501.  I have found a motherboard, part number 794984-001.  Is 794984-001 compatible with my envy 17t-k200? 

A:can i replace motherboard 793272-501 with motherboard 794984...

Hi, Yes as you can see on the list: Regards.
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I just started running Replacing Solved: motherboard with motherboard? identical a Solved: Replacing motherboard with identical motherboard? home business for PC Repair and Tutoring My first customer has a malfunctioning motherboard I believe She has an old Gateway with Win ME I believe that it is the mother board because nothing works on bootup during the gateway splash screen It says that it has detected the keyboard and mouse but also to consult the user manual if a further problem exists The keyboard and mouse won t work with it anyway It goes on to say that there is no hard drive detected and there is no CD-ROM drive detected I am left with a blank black screen with a flashing cursor at the top left hand corner The whole time that it is booting there is a continuous ticking noise I thought that it might be the hard drive for that but it is fine I suspect a bad capasitor My question is this If I find an identical motherboard will a swap go seemlessly or not I am also inviting any other advice on this The only drive that does work is the A drive but when I put a disk in it I get a message saying to take it out and strike any key Well you can t strike any key if the keyboard doesn t work Plus I can t find the any key Just kidding I m not that dumb I knew it was going to be an adventure getting into this business but didn t know how hard it would be to troubleshoot something that was originally a simple issue When I first looked at her PC the Goback utility wouldn t let her onto her desktop because that clock was set for a time that hadn t yet come to pass The ticking noise was present at that time and her original usb keyboard and mouse wouldn t work with the computer either I opened the computer just to see what she had inside it and I changed out the clock battery thinking that this may have had something to do with it I closed it again and the next thing I knew it wouldn t even boot far enough to get to the GoBack screen that was poping up just before the windows startup I doubt that changing out the clock battery would have caused the motherboard to crash That is why I m hear I guess Anyone want to take a stab at it Many Thanks nbsp

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I am installing Motherboard Monitor. Wizard wants to know what motherboard I have. Don't know where to find it. Related question, MBM list of supported models does not list mine (Dell Inspiron 6000), however, last MBM update was late 2004, (before i6000) and i 5100 is on the list, so I am assuming i6000 is supported. Where do I find motherboard ID? Thanks for prompt response --> wizard is waiting.

A:Need Motherboard Id To Install Motherboard Monitor

In the BIOS.
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Hey guys I just joined this forum because I need a little help with my motherboard I am not that technology savvy so I m sorry for any errors A few days ago my monitor stopped working At first I thought it was my video card so I kept fiddling around with it to see if I could fix it It worked a little so Wondering I if fix fried my motherboard motherboard) fan my how to (and I thought I fixed it Then every once in a while it would freeze I opened it up and switched out the video card but still it had the same problem of freezing That s when I noticed one of Wondering how to fix my motherboard fan (and if I fried my motherboard) the fans on my motherboard wasn t turning on It would rotate once or twice and not start but now it doesn t even rotate I m wondering if I can fix the fan its plugged in correctly and if I have to buy a new motherboard I can t tell what motherboard I have Wondering how to fix my motherboard fan (and if I fried my motherboard) so sorry So in short my motherboard fan is not working Any way Wondering how to fix my motherboard fan (and if I fried my motherboard) to fix or do I need a new motherboard nbsp

A:Wondering how to fix my motherboard fan (and if I fried my motherboard)

I would start by checking your power supply with a good tester tool and multimeter.
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Hi , 

With recent upgrade of Windows 10 upgrade, my computer XPS 2710 totally black out.  I have been told that mother board is gone and have to replace. With the replacement Mother Board , I think I am required to re-install the Windows 8  and I think it will ask for a Product key , since it is a replacement mother board. Please advise, with the faulty motherboard, forced to replace the Motherboard. how will be go with the reinstallation of Windows 8.   With so many details in the forum about the faulty motherboard of XPS 2710 just because of the Windows 10 upgrade. I am planning to fall back to Window 8 with the replacement mother board, pleaser advise.

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Hi I have some Toshiba Tecra M series but for some reason the laptop no longer works with a battery attached and just get flashing light on the laptop It works fine with power but won't swatch on at all with a fully charge battery I have tried many and it's not the battery I have taken the laptop apart but can t find anything that is wrong So it must be the battery motherboard M10 Toshiba same Tecra the series series A10 asTecra motherboard? and or charge circuit resisters gone on the M Anyway Toshiba Tecra A10 series motherboard the same asTecra M10 series motherboard? I was looking at a motherboard replacement On looking about it appears that Toshiba released a M and a A series They both look about the same to me with the same Toshiba Tecra A10 series motherboard the same asTecra M10 series motherboard? fittings but to be sure can anyone tell me if a A motherboard is the same as the M motherboard Maybe someone who works with these day in day out hopefully will know Just don t want to buy and A if it s not compatible with M case and fittings
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I need to know if the HDMI motherboard in a 60" Samsung Plasma TV can be used in a Sony Bravia 52" TV. The motherboard in my Sony died and I have access to one in a Samsung Plasma that's screen cracked.

A:Is a 60" Samsung Plasma HDMI motherboard compatible with a 52" Sony Bravia HDMI motherboard.

No, it would not be, in the past I had to repair a tv for a friend that had his board shorted that was an LCD Sony Bravia 52 Inch and its board was very specific as with all Sony Products. The Boards on the TV's are the hearts and the companies that built them don't allow for parts to be interchanged easily. Your best bet is ebay and finding the part number to find a board, that's how I got the one I used to fix it.
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Hey guys

i just finished my build and i have no idea why i went for a motherboard with 2 slots for ram it can hold up to 16gb but luckly ebuyer sent me out an extra 4gb of kingston hyperx ram so i have 8gb all together but theres a problem theres 4 sticks !

obviously i wouldnt want to send it back so what do ya think either upgrade my motherboard and smash the extra 4 gb in there or keep to my original one i dont have money to blow atall im really struggling if its something that will really make a difference ill go with it if not then ill just keep to my original and when i come to buy a graphics card i will get a 2gb graphics card to help with gaming all i really do is gaming i dont really do anything else

thankyou for your time

A:Motherboard 4gb Max or change motherboard for 8gb ?

I'd go with 4 gigs until you had a major reason to believe it wasn't enough. If that ever happens, consider your next move. Most people do just fine with 4 gigs.

I considered 8 gigs on my 4 slot board but decided against it and don't regret it.
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I'm having to get a replacement motherboard as i have a fault on this one. It will be a like for like replacement (exactly the same) Will i have to reinstall Windows 8.1, or can i just plop it in and it will boot/load the drivers that are needed?

I wanted to ask, as people often changed it for a different motherboard (chipset/make)

Any help would be great!

A:Replacing motherboard for the same motherboard. Win 8.1

There's usually no need to reinstall Win8 even with different MBs.
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I have read the forum on sysprep, however I see that there are some procedures which must be completed before the old HHD is removed and input into the new motherboard.

Problem is.....My old motherboard crashed and I cannot implement sysprep on the old system, how would I get along doing this if the hdd is not botting up on my new motherboard?

A:motherboard died and need new hdd on a new motherboard

For what it is worth, Windows 7 seems to be pretty tolerant of new motherboards. Quite a few people have reported here that they swapped boards, reconnected the old hard drive, and booted OK. Without using Sysprep.
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Hey to all the people seeing this! First of all thanks for viewing this thread ^^

Right, You may have seen my posts about a faulty motherboard not giving video, If not then it doesn't matter to much because this is the story:
I needed to replace a motherboard as the old one was bad.
The New motherboard came, Still no Video, Dead motherboard
Sending the faulty one back for a refund

NOW heres the dilemma:
I can't find the motherboard again so I'm going to replace it with another ones (make/model not yet decided) But how do I go about installing the drivers for the new one? I've searched Google yet the only thing I could find is being able to boot up the computer to un=install the old ones? Is there anyway to do this without booting it up prior to installing the new MOBO? Many thanks, Mark ^^

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Hey i am building a computer soon and the motherboard i was going to get isent on thier list no more so i need ur help on mother boards,

i was going to get:
Gigabyte P35-DS3L $123

now im thinking:
Gigabyte P31-DS3L $95

other options:

need to be compatible with:
Antec T.P.3 Trio $127
Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 $228
2G Kit-800 (2x1G) Kingston Ram $ 55
Gigabyte 512MB 8600GT $116
Seagate SATA 160GB $ 63

Thanks in advance, Ryan

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I have the following ECS NFORCE SLIT-A V LGA NVIDIA nForce SLI plz! ECS help.. motherboard ATX Intel Motherboard LG X DVD R Super-Multi DVD Burner Albatron Geforce GS Kingston ValueRAM GB SAMSUNG GB Pentium Ghz This setup was running flawlessly for about - months now and then suddenly it started ECS motherboard help.. plz! to not boot up properly every other power up When I would hit the power button it would just freeze at the BIOS screen where it says quot press del to enter BIOS setup quot The only other thing it would say is the version of my BIOS and the type of processor Upon restarting it would usually work I re-seated the processor memory and vid card Then it worked for a few days with out any problems I came back from the weekend to find it ECS motherboard help.. plz! just got stuck on the bios screen no matter how many times i tried to reset I made sure my memory was in right made sure all the connections were good etc Upon turn on No video output System would just idle No power to CD drive No beeps or anything System would just idle Please Help nbsp

A:ECS motherboard help.. plz!

Just a guess - put in a new bios battery.
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hi, i've recently purchased a new motherboard today. it is a socket a motherboard that supports up to 1.4ghz and faster. amd athlon/amd athlon xp/ amd duron.

i thought my cpu was 1.2 ghz, but it's actually 950 mhz duron.

the computer seems to run, but will that be a problem in the long run.

and my graphics card does not work, but when i put it in the motherboard graphics, it works... any ideas?

A:new motherboard

The CPU more than likely needs to be set up in the BIOS. It is more than likly your front side bus and multiplier that need to be set to get the processor to be recognized as a 1.2 GHz. You also need to go into the BIOS and disable the onboard video in order to use the add on video card.
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I'm about to purchase the Intel Q6600 and a Nvidia 8800GTX. Which motherboard is best suited for this combination with good overclocking capabilities? I've looked at the Intel 975XBX2KR, and Asus Striker, but the Striker is a little too expensive I think. I appreciate any opinions to help me decide.

Oh... also, what memory should I buy for the the board you suggest?


A:Which Motherboard?

well... I'm an Asus fan boy. the board I have is stable, but overclocks only 35%. If you need something higher go with the psB deluxe, its cheaper too, and there are reported 80% overclocks with aftermarket coolers, or you could always go for the intel badaxe board if you want to get crazy with it.
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I recently purchased a mb/cpu combo from a trusted source on the web. The board is ECS K7S5A, the CPU is an AMD XP 1600.
when I installed everything and booted up, my mb AND windows
2000 both reported that an XP 1100mhz cpu was present. When I called the vendor who sold me the combo they told me to change some settings in the BIOS and it (the BIOS)will recognize the cpu as 1600. When I do this windows is still telling me I have an 1100mhz installed...does anyone think I was sent the wrong processor and that they are not being honest.

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I m upgrading my computer CPU motherboard GPU possibly hard drive CPU Core Duo E Motherboard I don t know some type of Gigabyte motherboard http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E GPU GT should I would be What motherboard best? buy it factory overclocked http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Hard Drive x Seagate Barracuda GB http What motherboard would be best? www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Outside of school work I mainly use my PC to play PC games such as Supreme Commander and Oblivion or watch Anime I have a W OCZ technology GameXStream power supply and GB RAM PC- Hz OCZ Gold What motherboard would be best? which I ll probably upgrade to What motherboard would be best? PC- MHz http www ocztechnology com produc cz gamexstream power supply-nvidia sli ready http www ocztechnology com products memory ocz ddr pc gold gx xtc http www ocztechnology com products memory ocz ddr pc gold gx xtc nbsp
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This is my 1st time I build a new PC and have the following 2 questions (Case = Antec Pro series P182, PSU = Antec 650W Neopower Blue, Mobo = Asus P5k3 Deluxe WiFi, CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E6850).
1: The case has 2 LED lights for 2 IEDE HD with 2 pins plug for each LED but my Mobo has only 1 connection for these lights. Can I use a "Y" connection if it exists or I should forget about the 2ns LED?
2: The Mobo provides a 4 pin plug for the system warning speaker but there is no such wire included in my Case or Mobo. Where do I find this wiring?
Thank you

A:New Motherboard

Ignore 2nd IDE connector. Some users may install an additional drive controller or other device.

Some cases do NOT include a speaker cable. If there isn't a speaker, then there is no cable. Some motherboards include bult-in speakers. It is not too big of a deal, but handy for trouble shooting when things do go wrong.
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I have a computer that the power supply went bad and took the motherboard with it. I have searched for the exact replacement for this motherboard but have not been able to locate it in stock. How do I make sure I get a compatible motherboard for the rest of my computer. here is a link to the motherboard that was in my computer.

also when I get the motherboard will it have the cpu with it or will I have to purchase it separately if that is dead too.

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i have bought new award bios motherboard its an jetwayv266b plus a new amd duron 1.2ghz we have set bios and started to load windows millenium but in setup it is running slow and stopping at about 10per cent loading is there any body who can help with proper bios settings

A:motherboard, cpu

Hi, Possibly someone could....but, some details might help.
It could be a power problem- got a good, high enough output power supply, and is the fan in it working, clean, etc?
Any beeps other than the one that is normal heard?
Got a good battery on the board?
1. Name brand computer or clone?
2. Type of install- fresh format of old hard drive?
3. How are you running setup- directly from an OS CD or by copying files to the hard drive first?
4. You probably have the manual for that new board- have you followed the reccommended setup procedures?
5. Followed the guidelines for installing CPU and fans?
RAM of the type it should have?
RAM seated right? Do it again, just to be sure.
6. What is the hard drive arrangement- Primary Master on Primary IDE connector of the motherboard? CD drive as Master on 2ndary IDE connector or is hard drive slaved to the CD drive (it should not be, for good performamance).
7. There are some BIOSes that are more or less self-detecting and load the CPU settings for you, are these showing what you have for speed of CPU? Amount of RAM too?
You can use the Setup Defaults setting to see what happens, rather than the Optimal or Best Performance settings...which can be tough on things until the right drivers for everything are loaded after you get Windows installed. But, usually this turns on the bootup virus scan that may be included with the motherboard-- should turn that to Disabled.
Disconnect any peripherals you can, no printers or other devices like that, only need items RAM, CPU, Hard drive, CD, floppy if you have that. if you have added a sound or video card, and the motherboard has either of these onboard, you may have a conflict. You should disable onboard sound if you have a sound card, there are settings in BIOS usually to do that.
Any heat problems seen- do you have a temp monitor to check? All the fans turning? Any other messages you see?
8. Any other partitions on that hard drive at all?
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My emachine T2825 motherboard went belly up. I have never replaced a motherboard so I thought since I'm replacing it I might as well try and to upgrade it to a faster one. Can I do this? How will I know what model board will work in my PC? Also will these boards come with a processor on them and if not how will I know what processor will work on the board I get? and should I get another power supply with more wattage? I have a 250 watt PS now. Where can I get these items? Sorry for all the questions but thanks for any advice.


A:What motherboard should I get?

Almost all motherboards have a socket for a processor so the processor can be upgraded, and do not come with the processor. The manufacturer will say what socket type it supports and also usually will have a processor compatibility list on their website. 250W isn't a lot, but will power a basic system. If you'll be significantly upgrading the computer a higher power supply would be better. A good place to buy in the US is
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I did something stupid and need your help My P computer won t turn on Here s what happened I had taken out the cd burner to use in another computer and was putting it back in this one When everything was hooked up I plugged in the power cord and reached around the back to turn on the power switch I hit the switch by accident and moved that over to I thought I had moved it back but I didn t check I pushed the rocker switch on the PSU to the on my Motherboard? I Did fry position and went downstairs I never powered up the computer I went downstairs and shortly after heard a noise and went upstairs to see what happened The power supply was smoking so I unplugged the power cord from the computer I fried the PSU I didn t know why until later but thought the computer should be ok since I never turned it on I got a new PSU and tested it so I know it s good but the computer does Did I fry my Motherboard? nothing when I push the on button in front Did I fry the motherboard too What are the chances other components are damaged Thanks for your help nbsp

A:Did I fry my Motherboard?

The chances of damaging your mobo is low IF you did NOT power on the PC when the PSU decided to die. I would check and dbl check your connections to the mobo, make sure you have the 4pin molex plugged in next to the CPU.

Do any fans come on? Does the PSU fan come on? Any Beeps?
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Hi, I do believe I have a Foxconn 945 7MD Series motherboard, could I please have a full specification of this motherboard as I would like to know what this motherboard can handle, instances such as CPU, Ram, Fan concerns also other specs about this board. As I can not find it on any website I have come across.

Thanks guys!

Sam! x

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My PSU died the other day. I had it unplugged for a while, plugged it back in and I heard a clicking sound and the fans blew some air out. this lasted for a couple of seconds. I realized something was not right hit the power switch on the PSU and it stopped. Turn PSU power on, Push on button and.........Nothing. Took Computer in and the PSU tested Dead. Dropped $90 on a new 600w PSU (CoolerMaster) got it home hooked it up pushed the button.............The CPU fan and Case fan twitched a little and that was it. If I wait a while and try again...... twitch. Is the Motherboard fried as well? is there a way I can tell?

A:is it the Motherboard?

When a pw supply fails, it can take out other hardware as well. You need to swap in known working parts ie cpu, ram, video, etc to test each one.

FWIW I had a system brought to me for a no boot condition. When I attempted to pw ON the system, the pw supply exploded and shot sparks and smoke out the back. It took out everything except the mouse and keyboard. Everything else was fried ie board, ram, hd, video, etc, etc.
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motherboard Asrock K7S41GX/ARIANET MIDI CASE

recently got this asrock k7S41GX ( socket A )and an arianet midi tower but after assembling all the hardware and cables I only get is a sparkle on the fan/heatsink when I turn it on can someone help me. And will also a Radion 7000 graphic card work with this motherboard



On that particular motherboard you first must set the Front Side Bus jumpers to match that of the processor you are using. If not it won't boot.
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I have an old ecs-a939 motherboard that I think is acting up. Most of the time USB devices will not work and i have reinstalled windows xp plenty of times and tried all the available bios's. Also during games after about 20 mins in they usually freeze up for about 10 seconds and then continue on like nothing happened and continue doing that bout every 5 mins. Sometimes the games even start to artifact. I have even tried 2 different video cards. I have tried upgrading my power supply but there is no difference. I found that if i put the /onecpu command at startup that is tends to crash less but it still crashes.

AMD dual core 3800+
Evga 8800gts / Evga 6800gs
2gb kingston ram
Antec 500Watt power supply

So my question is: Could it be my motherboard that is causing these problems and if so where can i buy a new one, other then ebay, that ships to canada?

A:939 motherboard

Try the AMD Dual Core Optomizer here (third from the top) for the game performance issues:,,30_182_871_13118,00.html
It won't help with the USB problem though.
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HI Ive recently brought a new Abit Raid motherboard
and I was wondering if any one can help me with the bios settings Like what setting do I use for a Amd athlon xp 2.1ghz
processor (when i start up it says it is 1248mhz) in the softmenu
It has 256mb of ddr ram and two old 3gb scsi harddrives

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I have an asus motherboard that states "memory standard- DDR2 800", and I just got 2 GB of Corsair "DDR2 675 (PC2 5400)". Will this memory work with my computer? Please say yes.. and thanks for looking at my question.

A:Will my motherboard run this ram?

Hello and welcome to TechSpot. :wave:

Yes, DDR2 675 will run on your computer. The highest RAM the motherboard supports natively is DDR2 800; anything faster than that might void the warranty or something. Any DDR2 RAM slower than that, with maybe the exception of DDR2 400, should run well.

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This computer is about a year and a half old My dad built it and he s built a couple computers so I trust his work I know it has an AMD Athlon bad motherboard? I a Do have processor a pretty high end ATi video card ghz of ram etc I can get all the part specifics later if that s needed Basically what happened with the PC is during video game play my dad would get a blue screen and he found that the computer said that there was a hard drive failure He would have to perform checkdisk to get it running again This happened a few times It even happened when he opened up the start menu again just a blue screen He tried hard drives both of which were completely fine and still Do I have a bad motherboard? got the error He took it to Best Buy to have their techs look at it and all they told him Do I have a bad motherboard? was it was hard drive failure Well he bought a new computer and gave me his old one to try and salvage it since my old computer is pretty ancient I did a fresh install of XP everything was fine then I rebooted the computer and now it s not regognizing a hard drive and obviously it says that Windows has not been installed Should I start out fresh with a new motherboard nbsp

A:Do I have a bad motherboard?

my first assumption is you have a hard drive problem* not mobo
word of advice, best buy (and I shop there too!) never let them tell you whats up , 90% time they have no clue and want to sell you up^....
Hold a bit, someone smarter then me should have a more "experienced" answer for you shortly*... good luck (remember- hard drives are a lot cheaper now than b4)
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I've came upon an intel m/b at a non profit computer surplus store
it's a "AT" socket 370. on the board it say's (Intel confidental).
When it boots up it say's (engineering Bios only) Version 00.04.2064..solarno CRB internal motherboard. Farther down in booting it say's decompilation or disassemnly prohibited, evaluation copy, not for sale. Board works great, can you tell me what board it is so i can download a new bios for it. The chip sets are intel secret Fw82815 and Fw82801aa. Thanks


Sounds like it may have been a workstation board.....? Not sure, just found some info on a search and it seemed like your post was getting buried.....if nothing else, this will pop you back to the top...
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hi, im looking to upgrade my current system, i currently have a
AMD Athlon? 64 X2 Dual-Core 4200+
ASUS A8N-SLI PCI-Express Mainboard

any suggestions on what i should go for? im mainly going to be using it for gaming, and id like the motherboard to have either crossfire or sli, which is best out of the two?

basically, the best motherboard and CPU money can buy? i have no budget (thank you student loan ) lol


A:What Motherboard and CPU to buy?

You're looking at the core2duo, and SLI 8800gtx, although thats such an overkill its just not funny.

Never say you don't have any budget, cos you can run a PC build over 10k easy.
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Hi folks.

I recently replaced my motherboard with an ASROCK CONROE FSB1333 but during a short spell of sickness lost my notes of what wires to connect where concerning the sockets on the front of the cabinet i.e. 2 X USB's plus headphone and speaker sockets etc. Can anyone advise me please?

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does any one know for sure if a bad motherboard will ruin a good cpu or a can a bad cpu ruin a good mothermoard.
I want to test a motherboard and cpu with another set that I know to be good but I don't want to ruin the good ones.

The suspect motherboard and cpu give no post sounds when powered up but the cpu fan runs. Is the cpu bad or is the motherboard bad?

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Can a FOXCONN WinFast K7S741GXMG-6L be overclocked? and if so where would be the best place be to get info on doing this??

Thanks in advance

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Just got through putting together a new system but it hasn t been without incident bad? you a How do motherboard if is tell I first partitioned the hard drives in DOS using the Disk Directors Suite component of the Acronis True Image Rescue Media then I loaded Vista x Once I got into Windows I looked in My Computer and saw that many of the drive letters were messed up I called Acronis about this and they confirmed that it was probably due to me using an older version of True Image Rescue Media But then I had a problem with getting a How do you tell if a motherboard is bad? quot disk read error quot I eventually ran the VIsta repair tool and that has since cleared that up but beyond that I ve had instances where Windows does not remember settings that I changed one time it did not recognize the SATA hard drive on boot up then the next time it did Also once I got that quot missing NTLDR quot message Most of these problems have seemed to disappear for one reason or another In the meantime I ve just been busy running diagnostics I ran two tests on the hard drives and they are OK I then ran a program called quot Hot CPU Tester which claims it tests the CPU and hard drive though I did not do the burn-in test I just ran the diagnostic I was told by Microsoft that the quot disk read error quot message can be due either to bad drives or problem with the Master Partition Table which would make sense given the problems I had But another tech friend of mine has suspicions about the motherboard That s why I m trying to find something else that could test it It s an MSI K N SLI Platinum motherboard I also have an AMD Phenom processsor and GB s of RAM nbsp

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I have a MS-6182 ATX WH8 slot 1 motherboard with the intel 810 chipset and the manual says that it can handle 500MHZ and faster processor. I have tried contacting the maker of the board but with no reply. Can anyone please tell me what is the fastest processor I can use on this motherboard, I am having a hard time finding this information.
Thank you for your time.

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i have two questions.

1. i think my motherboard is broken and i need to replace it but i dont know how to choose the right motherboard for my cpu. i have a P4 3.2 ghz processor.
how do i go about getting a new motherboard?

2. im thinking of upgrading to a duelcore soon. what do you guys recomend me to get?

thank you.

A:Motherboard help.

Look at the socket your cpu is now in. On one of the four sides, there is a wider band of material, usually cream colored or beige... the socket is embossed in that frame. From there, it gets easier.
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i need a new motherboard and want to use my current CPU. im sure that its a 775 socket will the cpu be compatible with any motherboard with that socket?
please help.

A:help with motherboard

What is your current Cpu?
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Can anyone recommend a good Motherboard, and Memory that goes along with these Socket types.

I would like the motherboard to support up to 8Gb of memory, SLI ready, and costs around 200$ and below. Are my first choices all right or are there better ones for that price?

I would like to buy 1 or 2 Gb of Memory as well but i'm not sure what will get the most bang for my buck.

Socket types

1. Socket AM2

-Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe Motherboard
-Asus M2N32 WS Pro

2. LGA 775

-Asus P5N32-E SLI nVidia 680I
-Asus Striker Extreme Nvidia 680I
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I just got a bunch of used hardware and was going to put together a comp. for the first time .The motherboard is a Uwave2 . I'm not sure what all the real lil plugs are on it does anyone know where i can get a diagram or schematics on it . I have seen the basic stats on it , but that doesn't tell me what the plugs are i have a aftermarket case and have no idea where to put some of the on/off lights and things like that at .So sry for being a noob to the building game but thx alot for any help.

A:motherboard Help

That board was commonly used by both Compaq and eMachines... you will find more info there.

Also, you should be able to find info at and
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Is this motherboard ok for my computer?

Here is my everest scan

I will be keeping all the same components just changing the mobo

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I have a dell latitude C640. the other day it fell off my lap onto the floor (2.5 ft)carpet. everything ran fine until I plugged in the ac cord, nothing happened, the batteries won't charge, the ac light won't come on anymore. I even took out the batteries and had it run just on ac it in the motherboard? A friend of mine that works on desktops took out the motherboard and showed me where the ac plug connects to the board---i can't tell, i know nothing about the inside of computers. What is the problem, how much would a new motherboard cost?
Could an electronic store trace it down for me???



Welcome to the board.

I went to Dell's site to check the motherboard specs but they don't have a public view for it so I checked a few other locations with no luck. I was looking for the placement of the in-line power fuse.

It's just possible that it was jarred loose or broken. Can you check that?
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My Specs Motherboard ASUS P P Deluxe Video Card ATI All-In-Wonder Pro Ram GB Kingston I Bad motherboard RAM? or am having major problems with my computer Something is causing my hard disks to develop bad sectors I replaced the power supply to an Antec NeoHE watt and I bought a new surge protector Now I am getting video display problems to point that I cannot do anything on my computer The display is bad even on the startup screens and in BIOS My registry started having problems and I received an error in Event Viewer that something was corrupt and to do LODCTR r filename I tried a different hard disk video card and monitor I put in all new psu and SATA cables I Bad motherboard or RAM? plugged the SATA cable into the second SATA port I updated all drivers and the Intel chipset I updated the BIOS and reset CMOS and set BIOS to defaults I swapped the RAM to different slots and I checked all the connections on my motherboard My motherboard is still under warranty and ASUS has advised me to run MemTest- to Pass which I am doing right now The display is a mess black and Bad motherboard or RAM? blue vertical lines with some red boxes as well the letter V is in the blue lines but it looks like after Pass it has no errors So what do you guys think is wrong with my computer Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Bad motherboard or RAM?

Gwen said:

My Specs:
Motherboard: ASUS P4P800 Deluxe
Video Card: ATI All-In-Wonder 9800 Pro
Ram: 1 GB, Kingston

I am having major problems with my computer. Something is causing my hard disks to develop bad sectors. I replaced the power supply to an Antec NeoHE 500 watt and I bought a new surge protector. Now I am getting video display problems to point that I cannot do anything on my computer. The display is bad even on the startup screens and in BIOS. My registry started having problems and I received an error in Event Viewer that something was corrupt and to do LODCTR /r:filename.

I tried a different hard disk, video card, and monitor. I put in all new psu and SATA cables. I plugged the SATA cable into the second SATA port. I updated all drivers and the Intel chipset. I updated the BIOS, and reset CMOS and set BIOS to defaults. I swapped the RAM to different slots and I checked all the connections on my motherboard.

My motherboard is still under warranty and ASUS has advised me to run MemTest-86 to Pass 7, which I am doing right now. The display is a mess (black and blue vertical lines with some red boxes as well; the letter V is in the blue lines), but it looks like after Pass 6, it has no errors.

So what do you guys think is wrong with my computer?

Thanks in advance!Click to expand...

A surge protector will not help in this case

Have you tried to reseat the graphic card?

Have you tried just the minamal things to start the compter/?

Motherboard, Harddrive, one stick of RAM, Graphic Card?

Have you tried removing the motherboard and putting it on a none-condutive material?
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Is this for real??


A:A BMW-2 motherboard???

"The ultimate driving machine " i mean motherboard...
I think that sounds like a typo..<been sarcastic> i wonder if it comes with the Euro M 45 engine and limited slip differential , lol
A search on google come with this which doesn't point to any specs.
BTW were did u hear about it?
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Hello. I have a DFI LANParty UT RDX200 CF-DR motherboard. When I try to boot it up, the computer "starts", as in that the fans turn on, four red LEDs light up and that's all that happens. I read the manula and it says that 4 diagnostic Red LEDs means that it's at system start-up, but it has not detected anything else. It gets stuck in POST. I've done numerous things.

1. Reset CMOS jumper
2. Taken out CMOS battery.
3. Tested each piece of hardware (which all work)
4. Replaced the BIOS
5. Sent it in to DFI
6. Replaced power supply

I cannot think of anything else to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A:Motherboard help!

There is a good sticky at the top of the hardware forum for "problem builds"
Also check the motherboard is not shorting to the case.
Are you sure the heatsink is fitted correctly with the correct amount of thermal paste?
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Here s the info I rma d my motherboard to asus I just got it back here s what I have now New power Supply - DOA? Motherboard Please!! Help watts New Video Card New Motherboard New Processor NOTHING HAPPENS The green light on the mobo comes on but that s it No fans no Help Please!! Motherboard DOA? beeps nothing I have tested the power supply it s good Help Please!! Motherboard DOA? all voltages are where they should be All the power connections pin and pin are all connected correctly The board is not in the case anymore I wanted to make sure it wasn t shorting out on the case somewhere so now it s on the anti-static packaging that it came in I also removed every uneeded piece of hardware The only things connected now are the power supply cpu heatsink and fan I get nothing I have tried jumping the power switch pins on the motherboard to make sure it s not a faulty switch on the case I get nothing Checked all jumpers made sure they are in the right position nothing The strange thing is when I remove the power supply and jump the and pins the power supply fan comes on and works normally But as soon as the power supply is plugged into the motherboard the fan doesn t work anymore and I get nothing My guess is I rma d a bad board and they sent me a bad board right back Any help would be GREATLY appreciated nbsp

A:Help Please!! Motherboard DOA?

May I give you a compliment and say you've done what you should do and I'm impressed. Most ppl don't know all the tricks like pin 14 and 15 on the 20pin connector or jumping the mobo power switch to eliminate the switch factor.

All I can think is that the *****s shipped you back your original board somehow.
Was the original mobo/problem the same issue?

I really don't know what else to suggest, like I said you've covered all the bases that I know of. Maybe some others here got something we can't think.

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ok guys, i found these 2 boards last night. this 1 for $104>>

and this 1 for $135>>>

which 1 is a better board for future upgrades, durability, and etc.. i would like some info before i buy 1 . thanks in advance guys

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I need a P4G533-LA motherboard or equal and I would like to know where I could get one besides Ebay.


If you can find one on Ebay I would grab it, you are going to struggle to find one anywhere else