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There are strange processes in the task manager

Q: There are strange processes in the task manager

Hi every one this is my first thread and I'm having a problem with my laptop so plz help me

there is a strange processes in the task manger called diduytt.exe there is more than one but with the same name I can end all the processes except the last one I cant end it
but after a while these processes start coming up again and my laptop start to heat up and I located
the place of the processes every time I delete it it dose come back again

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Preferred Solution: There are strange processes in the task manager

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: There are strange processes in the task manager

Not sure here but you may have a virus. Have you tried running a virus scan?
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Every 10 seconds audio manager will set the volume on my mic to 0 and mute it I have already tried to uninstall it and reinstall it but no result.
It may be malware but I am not sure as of yet. Would really appreciate help right now.

A:Realtek Audio Manager Mic Problem

Problem Solved, As suspected it was malware. To fix this launch task manager, then go to start up, go through the list if something dosn't have a icon or dosn't seem to fit in right click and open its file location. If you are definite that it is malware disable it, restart go to the file location and delete all the files.
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I was updating my graphics card drivers for my graphic card PNY GEFORCE GTX 660 and went to device manager, I used ?automatically search for new driver? and a dialog box appeared "Windows has determined that the driver is up to date".
Yet, I went to Nvidia website and did a driver update. I checked again Device manager for my display adapter and the new driver was TWO MONTHS NEWER.
I wonder why that happens.
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Hello there, so here is the really weird problem I am having

When I connect pc to pc monitor, it gives black screen (the ms-dos screen were you have the "_" blinking on the left top)

When I connect pc to my TV, it works all good.

Here is the strange part:

When I connect my pc to my TV and it works, if I unplug the cord and connect it back to pc monitor, without shutting down the pc, IT WORKS! ...

graphic card : geforce750, hdmi cable

Any idea what is going on and how to fix it?

A:Really strange graphic card pc monitor and TV problem

Try updating your video card drivers
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Hello, lately I've been having the strangest of problems:
My mouse doesn't work as it should - sometimes clicking on something doesn't do anything, sometimes it does something different, as if some altering keys were pressed - eg sometimes clicking on a tab in a browser will close it (with left mouse button).
I have tried to locate and update new drivers for my keyboard and mouse, since these are my guesses for what could be causing this, but couldn't find any driver for the keyboard and the driver for the mouse didn't change anything.

My mouse : Trust MI-6970C Laser Mouse
My keyboard: Genius KB-G265
I'm running Win 7 Professional

I can't think of any changes that I did at the time this started happening, so I'm really at loss.
Thank you for any advice on this.

A:Mouse and Keyboard acting strange

Try them with another computer. If they both work OK suspect either a hardware problem with your computer or a possible malware infection. It could also conceivably be a Windows problem but the other two possibilities are more likely.
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Hey, I'm a new member here with a problem!

I have a pair of Skullcandy Crushers with an arguably great built-in mic that turn on with a press of a button. However I built a new computer a few days ago and installed the latest version of the ASUS Realtek HD Audio manager, and while the audio on the headphones work, the mic refuses to work and isn't even recognized on programs like Skype and Hangouts.

I have tried the front two ports and tinkered with the settings and nothing has worked as of now, please help ASAP!


A:Skullcandy Crusher mic not working with ASUS Realtek HD Audio Manager

Yeah thats because Skullcandys aren't really built for computers, just iPhone & Android. I had the same issue with my Skullcandy headphones and decided to buy a legit for PC headset. Sorry you spent your money on them!
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Hello All I am having a bit of a strange issue that I have with CPU Motherboard or Strange issue never run into before Yesterday after getting home from the store I booted up my PC and started to play a game although I noticed that I was getting framerate stuttering It seemed to keep dropping a lot throughout my play So I started taking a look at some of my sensor utilities Strange issue with CPU or Motherboard When I opened Asus Probe II I noticed that it was telling me that one of my chassis fans weren t running Okay no problem it must have gone bad I than took at look at the frequency and noticed that my AMD FX- was only running at GHz per core I also checked CPUZ and had the same results So I booted to the bios just to take a look and noticed that it show my Chassis fan WAS running fine and that my frequency was at GHz per core as it should So I though that it must be a fluke Booted back into windows and again same issues So I shutdown and took the side off my case which is also where the Chassis fan it said was running is located Turned the computer back on and noticed the fan was running fine I logged into windows and noticed that seconds after windows logs in that one chassis fan turns off and the CPU underclocks to GHz multiplier All of the other fans in my case still running perfectly GPU running fine HDD s running fine Could it be possible that Asus probe II itself is underclocking my CPU If so what would be causing the fan to shut off My first thought was power-supply but I have no issues when stressing my hardware even in this state I am an IT consultant but have not run into this issue before Any help would be greatly appreciated PC Specs- ASUS m a r Motherboard AMD FX- CPU CoolerMaster HYPER N CPU Cooler Kingston HyperX Blu GB x Galaxy Geforce GTX Ti OC w PowerSupply Cougar Evolution Full Tower Case Samsung gb SSD Let me know if you need any other information nbsp

A:Strange issue with CPU or Motherboard

CPU temperature too high?
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I am confused and have no idea where to start... I apologise in advance for the wall of text.

Recently I have been experiencing odd issues with my WiFi router ( at least I think its the router) ZyXel Keenetic Giga II. The most annoying of which is the periodic inability to load random webpages. For example, I might be able to load google but not any of the search results while at the same time being able to browse reddit on my phone or tablet. The pattern changed constantly and it doesn't seem to affect any particular web pages. Like I said - random. This happens once or twice a week and seems to be increasing in frequency. I have tried rebooting the router. Rolling back to factory settings, changing DNS. With no result. It only resolves itself when it "feels" like it and usually lasts from 5 min to several hours. It is also worth mentioning that I hardly ever use my laptop and most of the browsing and streaming is done using various mobile devices.

Any help in defeating my router would be greatly appreciated.

A:Strange issues with WiFi router

Describe "The most annoying of which is the periodic inability to load random webpages" in detail please - -
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I ran out of USB ports, so I went in for a powered USB hub.

One by one, all the USB ports went out of action, and then windows (XP) would not boot normally.

That was quite a scare.

I detached all devices attached to the USB ports and ran Device Cleaner (thanks to Lookin)

The PC began to boot normally, and all but one USB came alive.

Any explanation?
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I've recently built a new computer for myself and has been running perfect for a few months. A couple days ago whilst gaming/browsing my monitor went into power safe mode and shortly after my computer shut off, I tried to start up again only to have the same problem occur , the only old parts were a graphics card and psu, I just got in a new gpu and installed it successfully. Same problem occurs. All fans are running properly including the heatsink , processor core temps are around 39 , everything seems to be running ok? Thoughts?

A:Very strange custom computer issue

Check event viewer to see why it shut down.
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First things first Specs Processor Intel Core i - AM CPU GHz Video Card GeForce GT M RAM drop FPS Strange GB OS Windows Home Premium Issue I ve been getting a strange FPS drop Strange FPS drop across all my games recently I would start out fine and then my FPS drops and stays low When I Alt Tab out of the game wait a while and return FPS jumps back to normal before once again dropping and staying low Right now I m using Dishonored on high settings to test my FPS because it doesn t demand much I would start out at around FPS after a few minutes it drops to around When I Alt Tab out wait a while and go back FPS jumps back to before again dropping and staying around I m monitoring my temperatures with CoreTemp and MSI Afterburner My temps never exceed C F MSI Afterburner shows that my CPU usage goes to but Task Manager does not show the same My Memory usage stays low Task Manager does show my Disk usage sometimes spiking Things I ve tried - Uninstalling all Windows Updates since April - System Reboot - Defragmentation - Virus Scan - Various methods found in other forums No luck The strange thing is this has never happened before About two weeks ago everything was fine Then a few days ago BAM low FPS I don t know what to make of this Plz halp UPDATE to things I ve tried - Made sure my graphics driver is up to date for my specific card nVIDIA - Unplug my mouse UPDATE to things I ve tried - Clean install graphics driver nbsp

A:Strange FPS drop


Well now I just feel silly. I've identified the problem to be a throttling issue that plagues many M14x R2 users. If GPU temp exceeds 67C, it throttles and FPS tanks. Strange thing is: this has never happened before. I would be playing at 80+ temps and my FPS would be fine.

Anyway, I've identified my problem. Gonna try to find a fix. I'll post here if I find one in case future users have the same problem.

K peace out.
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My laptop had headphones plugged in because I was watching a film but while I was in another room my laptop was knocked onto the floor around - ft drop change mic to a HD audio headphones Realtek port? port a manager, landing on the headphones jack the wire is fine but the ports completely broken I can see cracks and its loose and everything The laptop has Realtek HD audio manager and in my experience of this program on other desktops I ve had I was able to change Realtek HD audio manager, change a mic port to a headphones port? what port does what My laptop only has a headphones port and Realtek HD audio manager, change a mic port to a headphones port? a mic port and I would like to see if I can switch the mic port to be the headphones port because I never use an external mic however in Realteks audio manager I can t find out how to do this In pictures I ve seen on the internet there is a quot Device Advanced Settings quot button as seen in this picture http www vistax com attachments ealtek-hd-audio-driver-version-hd manager jpg but my program doesn t have this Do I need to download a newer version of the software or is it just not possible to change my mic port to be my headphone port I dont mind if I have to use third party software I just want it to tide me over till I can get it sent away Thanks for suggestions greatly appretiated nbsp

A:Realtek HD audio manager, change a mic port to a headphones port?

I doubt very much if this will be possible. The mic and headphone ports are wired directly to the Audio section of the motherboard, there connections cannot be altered.

Your best bet is to get the damaged port repaired.
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I have had a look round the posts but nothing I try stops the internal drive getting accessed.
I have unchecked the CD autorun using TweakUI (this worked for someone else)
I have temp disabled AVG along with BoostSpeed and Team Viewer
The only process running apart from sys idle is svchost.exe (1%)

I hope someone out there manages to work their magic as they did the last time I posted here!

A:Hard drive light flashing with nearly no processes running

Sounds like the System Index service is running.

When you find that happening, disconnect from the Internet to be sure MS Update is not running or something on your system is phoning home to be sure.

To see all Internet connections from your PC, grab a copy of CurrPorts - - runas admin and you will see everything. Click on the column heading Remote Host Name to get active connections at the top if the list. The menu Options is used to customize the display; here's my list

display Listen, Established, TCP, UDP, IPv6,

display port in The Address,

sort on refresh,
Ask Before Any Action
That last one is interesting; running as admin, you can Close a port or Kill the application with that port.

CurrPorts identifies all ports on the pc (mine number 112 as I write) and if I select all ports with a Remote Address, I see I have 20 connections.

btw: Remote Addresses shown as are local services (like a proxy or AV service), so out of the 20, only two are actually remote - - both HTTP browser connections.
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One big question mark in this situation. It started yesterday when I rebooted & couldn't get on line wirelessly. I rebooted & got back on. NO changes have been in the wi fi settings.
My W7 tower & iPhone are on the same wifi & no problems.


A:Strange Wi-Fi sporadically not connecting situation

Well, since I posted this, I've had no problems. I had to plug into the DSL to make above post but am on the wireless right now. but
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Yesterday, I started a download and kept the pc on with my Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex External HDD 1TB plugged in. After I woke up I realized that there was a power cut and the computer went off unexpectadly (I had no UPS or any backup system).And, I found that my Ext HDD was not seen in my computer anymore (It was working perfectly until before I went to bed).
In device manager, under 'Disks' it shows 'GoFlex Hard Disk', but in BIOS or Disk Manager there is no sign of this HDD.

I really need the data in the HDD badly. Please help me recover it.
P.S. I read somewhere that keeping the HDD in freezer might help and give a little more time. Is that true? Worth the risk?

A:External HDD gets detected in Device Manager but not Disk Manager or seen in 'My Computer'

Power outage probably killed something in the enclosure or its PSU. The drive in the enclosure is probably fine. I would remove the drive from the enclosure and put it in a dock or install it in a desktop computer before considering freezing it. Freezing is usually reserved for click of death drives, and a last ditch effort.
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HDD 1 tb Seagate hardisk not working,is not visible in the laptop, can b seen in device manager for 1min then gets disconnected automatically and the light on the hard disk starts blinking

A:HDD hardisk not working,not visible in the laptop,visible in device manager for 1min then disconnect

If the system worked before with this drive, I would say the drive is bad.
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Hi Guys I hope you can help me out with this problem I am having About a week ago when I turned on my computer the cpu fan was at and continued as I logged into windows I thought this was strange so I shut the computer down and started it up again Again the fan (?) problem Strange videocard was on so Strange videocard (?) problem at this stage I thought perhaps it was the gpu fan and went into a game and found that my nvidia gtx was not being detected As I have had exams I have not really been able to look into the issue until now but assumed perhaps my graphics card had died even though I have only had it just over a year and have not used it to excess so I took the power cables out from the graphics card I have an external Strange videocard (?) problem power supply and used my computers Strange videocard (?) problem integrated card to do my work The computer without power going to the graphics card works fine although on occasions the cpu fan still does its thing which requires a restart to fix and I can no longer get into my bios settings which I find strange The computer just freezes Last night I opened up the computer and reconnected to power and found that the gtx s fan does work however it is still not being detected I intend to test it on a another computer in the near future I connected a gtx which worked fine the last time I used it a few years admittedly and was surprised when it also was not detected Now I am wondering with the wierd cpu fan issue and the fact the bios is not working is perhaps my motherboard to blame for these issues Here are the specs for my computer It is an all in one computer I got from pc specialist Thanks alot PowerGlide Extreme quot Glossy Full HD Multi-Touch Screen x Processor CPU Intel Core i Quad Core Processor i - GHz MB Cache Memory RAM GB SAMSUNG MHz SODIMM DDR MEMORY x GB Graphics Card GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX - DVI HDMI DP - D Vision Ready nd Graphics Card NONE Motherboard gigabyte- msh qi-si Bios- Amercian megatrends Inc F i Memory - st Hard Disk TB quot SATA-III GB s HDD RPM MB CACHE nd Hard Disk NONE st DVD BLU-RAY Drive x SATA DVD R RW Dual Layer x CD-RW Memory Card Reader Integrated in Card Reader SDXC MMC MS XD Sound Card ONBOARD CHANNEL HIGH DEF AUDIO AS STANDARD Wireless Wired Networking GIGABIT LAN amp INTEL WIRELESS N CARD INC BLUETOOTH USB Options x USB PORTS x USB PORTS AS STANDARD Operating System Genuine Windows Home Premium Bit w SP - inc DVD amp Licence Office Software FREE Microsoft Office Starter Limited functionality Word amp Excel Anti-Virus BULLGUARD INTERNET SECURITY - FREE DAY TRIAL DVI-D amp HDMI Monitor Cables x METRE GOLD PLATED V HDMI CABLE nbsp
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I truthfully don't know how to explain this so I'll start by saying with nothing in my dvd/cd I see this

Memory Card (0) is a usb flashdrive.
Now when I remove it, I see this

Yet still there is nothing in my dvd/cd drive.
The question is, why does it show in my DVD/CD drive when nothing is in there period!

A:Strange USB/CD/DVD situation

But the CD drive (L was removed. So was Memory Card (O

BD-ROM Drive (E says you have a bluray disk drive in your computer. Do you?

Anyway, go to Organise (top left) > Folder Options > View > Hide empty drives in the Computer folder [make sure it's ticked]
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This graphic keeps appearing and disappearing on my screen. Its not embedded in the desktop as I cant click on it, the arrow goes behind the graphic. The sound keeps going on and off.


A:Strange graphic no sound

Looks like your monitor on screen display.
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I K ghz crossfire gig windows Hi all I have been having this very strange problem with vsync for sometime now and only recently discovered that it was something to do with v sync itself I think This is what I recorded Basically in some games not all I get what is shown in the video Now the thing is I found while I was playing around is that if I disable v sync totally this stuttering tearing seems to go away by quite a lot in Strange Sync tearing V causing microstutter/screen games The fps goes to I think cod is fixed to that and it smooths out a lot but its still a little jittery and not perfectly smooth This is also the case with bad company I never had Strange V Sync causing microstutter/screen tearing in games a problem with Strange V Sync causing microstutter/screen tearing in games any game up until about years ago when this started happening unexplainably Another strange thing about this is that it only seems to Strange V Sync causing microstutter/screen tearing in games occour ONLINE Single player has non of this at fps If I use a controller to move there is no stutter tearing I had the same issue with battlefield but for some reason I cured it by limiting the fps to and its smooth as butter I have tried this with some of the other games but it does not work To add to the strangeness this also happends on a completely different PC I built a while back And led me to believe it was an internet problem I ran many tests all to come back clear I even changed providers again as I say it only happends on some games not all games affected BF Bad company All Call of Dutys Crysis and a few more games not affected counter srike global offensive rising storm red orchestra war thunder bf with fps cap Things I have tried lots and lots of different drivers Disabled crossfire upgraded mobo cpu and ram tried different monitors tried taking my pc round a friends house still happend switching from hdmi to vga to dvi reformated windows and the list goes on If anyone has any ideas about this please let me know nbsp
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My key bord keeps puting difrent things then the letter I press like

h = nhm
n = nhm
h = nhm
b = bgv
m = hm
and space bar doz nofin and backspace doz nofin
plus outher strang things

A:Keybord is acting strange

Dude what.

Replace keyboard?
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Hi, so my integrated webcam isn't showing up and I'm trying to confirm whether it's died or not. I know the first step is to go to the manufacture's website, but as an Asus user I wasn't able to find anything to help me solve this problem asides from this model knowledge base.

Here's my Device Manager Data link below (first time using mediafire so let me know if it works)

Model info:
Windows 7 x64

Thanks so much!
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This has got to be the strangest thing ever to happen to me. I had an AGP ATI video card with 256 mb on board which I do not remember the exact model number. It was about 8 years old. I have recently bought a flat screen 1080i 24 inch led TV which works great as a monitor ( and I mean great) Eventually the ATI card went bad and a friend had lying around an older NVIDIA TNT2 model 64 pro64 with only 64 meg on board. I almost flipped out to find that this older NVIDIA card was a 100 times better. Now everything is so crystal clear even at 1920 by 1080 my screen looks almost like an apple retina display. even the colors are so much brighter. The biggest complaint I had with the ATI card was poor contrast which I blamed on my TV/monitor, But no more. How could this possibly be? it makes absolutely no sense.

A:Very strange video question (:

Not sure. But I had an opposite experience many years ago. I had a p2 300 with an ATi Rage Fury Pro (I think) and played EV Nova on it, shortly after I built a 1Ghz Athlon Thunderbird system and had a GF2MX 32Meg card and it didn't look as good as the ATi.

Perhaps you didn't have the correct/best driver installed.
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At a basic level the problem is that from a laptop I can perform an nslookup on an IP and on the coorosponding hostname and receive responses I can also ping by IP and receive a response but if I ping by hostname or FQDN I receive an error stating quot could not find host quot If I run an quot ipconfig flushdns quot quot ipconfig registerdns quot it Strange DNS problem resolves the issue for a period of time but then it returns I am running a Windows R domain Strange DNS problem with integrated DNS Strange DNS problem connected to a SonicWALL firewall The firewall is providing DHCP services and issuing IPs to the wireless devices that are having the problem While the problem is happening I can look at the DNS server and see the A and PR records for both the laptop I am using and the server I am trying to connect to The problem is occuring on both Windows and Windows machines THe problem has only presented itself within the last two months nbsp

A:Strange DNS problem

tgsssl said:

At a basic level the problem is that [from a laptop] I can perform an nslookup on an IP and on the coorosponding hostname and receive responses. I can also ping by IP and receive a response but if I ping by hostname or FQDN I receive an error stating "could not find host"..Click to expand...

Are you attempting to ping a PC name on the LAN or an FQDN of some non-local

If I run an "ipconfig /flushdns" "ipconfig /registerdns" it resolves the issue for a period of time but then it returns
I am running a Windows 2008 R2 domain with integrated DNS connected to a SonicWALL firewall. The firewall is providing DHCP services and issuing IPs to the wireless devices that are having the problem. While the problem is happening, I can look at the DNS server and see the A and PR records for both the laptop I am using and the server I am trying to connect to. The problem is occuring on both Windows 7 and Windows 8 machines. THe problem has only presented itself within the last two months.Click to expand...

hmm; DHCP from an independent device while you have a local DNS service??? Not a good idea.
Your DHCP & DNS services should be coordinated (your DHCP hands out the address of your DNS). For non-local dns queries then your service performs a recursive lookup to a PUBLIC DNS server, eg your ISP's.
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Just booted up my computer this morning and got the clicking and spin up and down sounds and the computer wouldn't load up and I kept restarting the computer and trying different things and it just stopped doing it and booted up perfectly fine. My hard drive is a Western Digital and when it was acting strange it said on the post screen that it was a WDC HAWK 10.0 and some other numbers and it never said that before. What could this mean? Why would the hard drive do this and post a weird model name and then go back to the right name and work fine like no issues at all? Event viewer gives no errors and disk check made some corrections to the file system and that's about it. Is the hard drive failing?

A:Hard drive acting strange

Likely. login as admin and run CHKDSK C: /F /R
it will require a reboot to run and it will take a L O N G time to complete the five stages
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I have an odd problem with a new GPU card where I get no video signal on power up but on boot problem video Strange as soon as Windows load the graphics driver the monitor turns on My system is self built and has been running fine until recently when I seemed to have a problem with the existing GPU hence the warranty replacement My system is Motherboard GA-X A-UD R Rev CPU Intel I- GHz GPU MSI GTX PE OC Memory GB Crucial DDR PSU Coolermaster RS- -SPHA-D W V A V A V A Now I ve already run through a swathe of tests and can confirm that all the components Strange video problem on boot are working Tried GTX in another system and it works fine tried an NVidia Quadro in the above system and it works fine - I see video from power up to Windows login screen I ve tried different DVI cables and this makes no difference - the cables I am using are good Next I have a KVM so I put both the GTX and the Quadro into the system and cabled their DVI O P to separate ports in the KVM This is where the fun starts NOTE there is no onboard video so I need some way to see the BIOS and boot screens hence this setup Some background on the motherboard It has a BIOS setting that defines what PCI slot will be used as the initial display port This can be set to PCI PCI-E slot and PCI-E slot As long as I put the Quadro in slot I can use the PCI and PCI-E slot BIOS settings and I will get video from power up but the GTX does not produce a signal until Windows loads its driver at which point the monitor turns on and I can login to Windows using the GTX as my display If I swap the cards around I don t get a video signal at any time and no matter how long I wait Windows does not appear to boot If I change the BIOS setting with the Quadro in slot to PCI-E slot then I do get video Finally if I remove the Quadro it is irrelevant what the BIOS setting is I get no video signal on power up until Windows boot loads the GTX driver and from that point I can work normally I ve googled extensively but haven t found anything close to this some similar and none of the solutions are relevant to my problem I have upgraded the vbios on the but have not been able to find the latest BIOS for the motherboard I ve tried using the Gigabyte BIO update tools but a the Bios tool doesn t list my motherboard b another tool lists my motherboard as revision but it is clearly marked on the board as revision c they list the BIOS version as FB but on the download site there is no FB revision for either revision or revision motherboards so reluctant to try flashing any of the later BIOS versions I m thinking of buying a cheap GPU just so I can get into BIOS or the Windows boot menu when I need to if I can t track down the problem so any suggestions would be gratefully received BTW I have cleared the CMOS and reset the BIOS multiple times but it makes no difference Many thanks George nbsp

A:Strange video problem on boot

Seems the problem may lie with the card. After exhausting and eliminating all causes I could think of, the last thing I thought of to try was to connect to my TV using the HDMI socket on the card. This provides a video signal from power on but using the DVI socket I don't get video until Windows has loaded the GTX 670 driver.

Any ideas why the DVI socket is fine when I use the NVidia Quadro but doesn't provide a video signal in standard VGA when I use the 670?
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I have an edimax br-6240wg wireless router. It started giving me real trouble - the computer will tell me a network cable is unplugged, tries to get a new ip address, and then almost immediately says a cable is unplugged, ad infinitum.
Meanwhile, the wireless seems to work since other devices can connect to it, unless it'd during the time that my computer is being used and giving me all the cable unplugged problems.
So to summarize: on my computer it won't work, but the wireless works for others, unless my computer is in use.
I thought it may be the ethernet card that's the problem, but when I connect to the internet via a regular dsl modem, the internet works fine. So it doesn't seem to be the computer.
I'm wondering if it's not a virus.
Can you help?

A:Strange router/Internet connection problem

Try factory resetting the router.
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Strange is the only word I could come up with.
I( am using an on board audio on ASUS M5A97 r2.0. Which is Realtek.
For some reason the output is often only comes out of only one speaker (left). I thought that it could have been something wrong with my speakers, but I noticed that whenever I play games the sound comes from both speakers. I have also disabled the HDMI sound device for my video card, to no avail. I thought the two might have had a conflict. I tried changing various settings in Realtek control panel and Windows own sound settings, but nothing worked. I am out of ideas.

Anyone know what I can do? I have a 2.1 speaker setup, for now and the sub works just fine.

A:Audio output in Windows 8 is strange

Have you tried uninstalling your drivers and reinstalling them or just up dating them
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I say strange as I have Strange graphics issue card no idea how the issue happened why it s been doing what it s been doing and how doing what I have done has fixed it sorta Let me explain in detail There I was playing total war Napoleon and decided to show the missus a video replay of one of my battles which I was ambushed Unfortunately the game crashed and despite what I tried to do such as tab out of it or windows button or even Ctrl alt del it All I could see was the replay frozen I had no Strange graphics card issue choice but to restart pc I soon realised that no picture is coming on my monitor which was strange Couldn t work out why so decided to switch the HDMI connection from GFX card to mobo HDMI socket This worked as the display came back however in closer inspection my pc seems to think I no longer have a GFX card quot no hardware detected quot is displayed when attempting to open nvidea Program I reset CMOS settings thinking something dodgy might have happened and it may fix it Instead it got worse as then I could no longer even get a display via onboard graphics I decided to take out graphics card and put it in the other pci express port This seems to of solved everything So now it all appeared to be back to normal I put the graphics card back to the original pci express port and I don t get no display again The fans on the graphics card works still though and obviously the card isn t the problem as it works on other socket So does this mean my pci express socket is fried If so how do I ensure the same don t happen to the other socket which I m being forced to use nbsp

A:Strange graphics card issue

What is the make and model of the motherboard? Usually the second PCIe slot is slower in speed than the one closest to the CPU... Like x16 to x8. The graphics card may have failed to run at x16 speed now
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I ve been having this strange internet issue where certain pages would load and then at other times my internet would be super slow and nothing would load or load halfway I even get the cannot find page error But if I refresh and reload I can see the page again after several attempts I already replaced my modem and I am still getting the error I noticed this in my modem log - - T issue Internet Strange L The last quot DNS request timed out - server quot message was repeated times - - T L DNS request timed out - server - - T L The last quot DNS request timed out - server quot Strange Internet issue message was repeated times - - T L DNS request timed out - server - - T L DNS request timed out - server - - T L The last quot DNS request timed out - server quot message was repeated times - - T L DNS request timed out - server And this is my mytcp txt Windows IP Configuration Host Name XXXXX Primary Dns Suffix Node Type Hybrid IP Routing Enabled No WINS Proxy Enabled No Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Marvell Yukon E PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller Physical Address - - C- -D - E DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Marvell Yukon E PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller Physical Address - - C- -D - F DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes IPv Address fda c c ad a c Preferred Temporary IPv Address fda c c aa b a e Preferred Link-local IPv Address fe ad a c Preferred IPv Address Preferred Subnet Mask Lease Obtained Wednesday July PM Lease Expires Sunday July AM Default Gateway DHCP Server DHCPv IAID DHCPv Client DUID - - - - - - - C- - - C- -D - F DNS Servers NetBIOS over Tcpip Enabled Ethernet adapter VirtualBox Host-Only Network Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter Physical Address - - - -B -F DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Link-local IPv Address fe dd a b c ac Preferred IPv Address Preferred Subnet Mask Default Gateway DHCPv IAID DHCPv Client DUID - - - - - - - C- - - C- -D - F DNS Servers fec ffff fec ffff fec ffff NetBIOS over Tcpip Enabled Tunnel adapter isatap BE E DF -F E - F- C- D ABF DC D Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter isatap F D CF- B - - FEA- BDFBEC Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter isatap F A - - CAF- D - CD AA Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Please help This problem is so frustrating and I thought my replacement modem would make it better Turns out it wasn t even the modem nbsp

A:Strange Internet issue

heres the full error log

2012-07-14T08:14:18+01:00 | L4 | TR-069: Resolving ACS URL - Retry 0
2012-07-14T08:14:18+01:00 | L4 | TR-069: ACS URL resolved
2012-07-14T08:14:18+01:00 | L3 | TR-069: Connect to Retry 0
2012-07-14T08:14:18+01:00 | L3 | SSL: Handshake Success
2012-07-14T08:14:18+01:00 | L3 | SSL: Connect Success:
2012-07-14T08:14:18+01:00 | L3 | SSL: Certificate Verify Success:
2012-07-14T08:14:18+01:00 | L3 | TR-069: Post Inform - reason 2 PERIODIC
2012-07-14T08:14:28+01:00 | L3 | TR-069: Closing connection on HTTP 204
2012-07-14T08:14:28+01:00 | L3 | SSL: Closing Connection:
2012-07-14T08:31:49+01:00 | L3 | DNS: request timed out - (server
2012-07-14T08:31:50+01:00 | L3 | The last "DNS: request timed out - (server " message was repeated 1 times
2012-07-14T08:31:50+01:00 | L3 | DNS: request timed out - (server
2012-07-14T08:31:50+01:00 | L3 | DNS: request timed out - (server
2012-07-14T08:31:50+01:00 | L3 | DNS: request timed out - (server
2012-07-14T08:31:50+01:00 | L3 | The last "DNS: request timed out - (server " message was repeated 1 times
2012-07-14T08:32:45+01:00 | L3 | DNS: request timed out - (server
2012-07-14T08:32:46+01:00 | L3 | DNS: request timed out - (server
2012-07-14T08:32:46+01:00 | L3 | DNS: request timed out - (server
2012-07-14T08:32:46+01:00 | L3 | The last "DNS: request timed out - (server " message was repeated 2 times
2012-07-14T08:32:46+01:00 | L3 | DNS: request timed out - (server
2012-07-14T08:32:47+01:00 | L3 | The last "DNS: request timed out - (server " message was repeated 2 times
2012-07-14T09:29:14+01:00 | L3 | DNS: request timed out - (server
2012-07-14T09:29:14+01:00 | L3 | DNS: request timed out - (server
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Hello I m new Today has happened several things maybe casualities maybe not One my graphic card has dead Yesterday I saw the temp and it was C the pc crashed several times and the card has years I shutdowned the pc but today the card is not responding at all ok its likely my fault Well after that I restarted with another old things Strange card All running fine But suddenly I see a file called Putty rnd with modification date about after google about it it says it is some random file created Strange things by a program to remoting access servers obviously I have never used that program After that I try to access my router and I cant because my user and password doesnt work Maybe my girlfriend who is able to confuse the router with a radio has changed the password and hasnt told me or maybe I have alzheimer but the password was written down in a sheet and it wasnt the default Strange things password at all I have had to reset my router So everything is working fine but the videocard Then I have passed ComboFix I dont have idea what it says but if someone can Strange things tell me if I have been hacked or something Ill be eternally thankful otherwise you can call me paranoid I have deleted putty rnd without problem ComboFix - - - f kvs - x Microsoft Windows Ultimate GMT Running from I ComboFix exe FW PC Tools Firewall Plus Disabled D B - F F- CA - BF - A DC SP Windows Defender Disabled Outdated D DDC A- F- fae- E -DA C ACF Other Deletions C install exe c users f kvs AppData Local assembly tmp c users f kvs AppData Local Temp ae - - - ed -ee ddec a CliSecureRT dll C Windows Activador exe Files Created from - - to - - - - - - --------d-----w-c users UpdatusUser AppData Local temp - - - - --------d-----w-c users Default AppData Local temp - - - - --------d-----w-c users Administrador AppData Local temp - - - - ----a-w-c windows ativpsrm bin - - - - --------d-----w-c program files x Linksys Wireless-G PCI Wireless Network Monitor - - - - --------d-----w-c users f kvs AppData Roaming PCToolsFirewallPlus - - - - ----a-w-c windows system drivers PCTCore sys - - - - ----a-w-c windows system drivers pctwfpfilter sys - - - - ----a-w-c windows system drivers pctgntdi sys - - - - --------d-----w-c program files x Common Files PC Tools - - - - ----a-w-c windows system drivers pctNdis-PacketFilter sys - - - - ----a-w-c windows system drivers pctNdis sys - - - - ----a-w-c windows system drivers pctNdis-DNS sys - - - - ----a-w-c windows system drivers pctplfw sys - - - - --------d-----w-c program files x PC Tools Firewall Plus - - - - --------d-----w-c programdata MySQL - - - - --------d-----w-c program files MySQL - - - - ----a-w-c windows SysWow EEBAPI dll - - - - ----a-w-c windows SysWow EEBUtil dll - - - - ----a-w-c windows SysWow EEBDSCVR dll - - - - ----a-w-c windows SysWow EBAPI dll - - - - ----a-w-c windows system E GCINST DLL - - - - ----a-w-c windows system E ILMHRE DLL - - - - ----a-w-c windows system E IBCBHRE DLL - - - - --------d-----w-c programdata EPSON - - - - ----a-w-c windows system esxw ud dll - - - - --------d-----w-c program files x epson - - - - --------d-----w-c users f kvs AppData Roaming SanDisk - - - - --------d-----w-c users f kvs AppData Roaming SanDisk SecureAccess - - - - --------d-----w-c users f kvs AppData Local Proxure - - - - --------d-----w-c programdata ClubSanDisk - - - - --------d-----w-c users f kvs AppData Roaming Skype - - - - --------d-----r-c program files x Skype - - - - --------d-----w-c program files x Common Files Skype - - - - --------d-----w-c programdata Skype - - - - --------d-----w-c program files x Paradox Interactive - - - - --------d-----w-c program files x HOI Doomsday Armageddon - - - - --------d-----w-c program files x Alcohol Soft - - - - --------d-----w-c users f kvs AppData Roaming Vso - - - - ----a-w-c users f kvs AppData Roaming inst exe - - - - ----a-w-c windows system drivers ezplay sys - - - - ----a-w-c users f kvs AppData Roaming ezplay sys - - - - --------d-----w-c program f... Read more

A:Strange things

There are some issues with the system.We do not encourage running Combofix unless instructed by a helper. But since you did it anyway, we will discuss it.

Combofix removed some Trojan Processes. One is an entry for Activator.exe. This is a Trojan that may log user information and possibly block access to certain security related sites.

The Start page has been taken over by malware.

some random file created by a program to remoting access servers, obviously I have never used that programClick to expand...

No, not obviously. Are you synching any mobile devices? Maybe this> SAMSUNG Android?

An unsigned file for BITS was downloaded in 2009. The system is missing a valid system file> BITS.
I am not comfortable with the following- please explain:

Maybe my girlfriend who is able to confuse the router with a radioClick to expand...

How is the router being manipulated>
If you would like us to check the system for malware, please follow these steps: Preliminary Virus and Malware Removal.

NOTE: If you already have any of the scanning programs on the computer, please remove them and download the versions in these links. This includes the current Malwarebytes you now have on the system

When you have finished, leave the logs for review in your next reply .
NOTE: Logs must be pasted in the replies. Attached logs will not be reviewed.
I see processes for a firewall and antimalware, but I don't see any for an antivirus program. Adviser you install an AV: Suggestions:

Antivirus Software(only one):
[o]Microsoft Security Essentials
[o]Comodo AV
[o]Avast! Free Antivirus
Please leave the logs in your next reply.
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I'll explain as best I can but my description skills is not that great.

I noticed ever since I got a slight upgrade to my bandwidth from 10dl 1ul to 20dl 2ul, my online games have been having these weird "hiccups", for instance lets say I'm running left and for a second or two I'll keep going that way and everyone else around me seems to go the way they were running while this hiccup happens like my computer stroked out for a bit then regained itself, this happens randomly it seems so I can't figure out why.

Windows 7 64bit
Intel Core i5 2500K @ 3.30GHz
MSI P67A-C43 (MS-7673)
x2 Corsair DDR3 4096 MBytes
Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 SE (301.24)

A:Network acting strange

Could this possibly be a server lag issue and not an issue on your end?
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I have a bit of an odd problem that I haven't been able to find any solutions for. My laptop detects and automaticaly connects to saved networks when its switched on however if I then connect to another network the laptop then won't be able to detect any of my previously saved networks without being restarted.

Thanks for any help!

A:Strange wireless connection detection problem

Only thing I can think of is a setting is wrong or an issue with the driver.

Could try simply uninstalling the wireless drivers, downloading and installing the newest ones and hope that fixes the issue.
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So this week while browsing the internet I noticed my internet connection was being really strange I commonly have around an MBPS me) strange is to for my apparent So being Internet no (at reason least Download So my Internet is being strange for no apparent reason (at least to me) and around an MBPS and around So my Internet is being strange for no apparent reason (at least to me) - ping but whenever I start to run anything like Skype or So my Internet is being strange for no apparent reason (at least to me) watch a stream youtube video or run an application that requires an internet connection such as steam or something my internet connection just sways from normal to terrible like in the ping with less than a MPBS DL and UL any one have a clue on what the issue could be the same thing happened maybe like a month or two ago and after ignoring it it would disappear but now its been persisting for much longer than usual By the way the issue appears to be a wireless issue since it does not occur on any of my other computers that have an ethernet connection and this computer is too far to put an ethernet cord in so i prefer not to have a long wire going across my house nbsp

A:So my Internet is being strange for no apparent reason (at least to me)

Brand and model of computer? Age of hard drive? Memory capacity? Operating system? How old is the current install? What scans have you run?
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Hi all made thread about this before but wasnt sure where it was coming from iu now know its def the psu its a 750watt .. and fo0r months now when i 1st start pc it makes like a whirling grinding noise quite loud so i have to turn off then back on and always the 3rd time it will stop and work fine. sometimes i get to desktop and no icons so have to press little restart button but then ok and only when cold as if been on a while and i restart or turn off and on it dont do it do i need to buy new 1 or is there a fix for it cheers

A:Strange noise from PSU on start up

The fan in the PSU is the only thing that usually makes noise. I can't in good faith recommend that you replace the fan in your PSU because even an unplugged PSU can generate enough voltage to KILL you. Please get a new PSU instead.
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I just got a brand new Klipsch Promedia 2.1 system for my laptop.

These speakers have amazing ratings, and my friends who have had them before said the ones they had sounded amazing for them, and yet they, like me, notice the following problem in mine.

The bass is great, but for some reason my system seems too bassy. Like I know I can turn down the subwoofer, but it's as if all the low/bassy sounds are always drowning out the higher/vocals, which always seem to be a bit dulled down.

I have a Lenovo Y560p laptop with Realtek HD Audio. I was thinking perhaps I have this sound problem because it doesn't let me select 2.1 for my settings, and it's stuck on "stereo". I've tried downloading and installing drivers from Realtek's website.


A:Realtek HD Audio Manager + 2.1 speakers - not working right

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hi - i was just playing music on my dell latitude e4300 via bluetooth to a belkin bluetooth receiver connected to stereo.

somehow the connection got dropped - during a phone call on a land line. may be irrelevant.

now, i cannot get bluetooth connection back. there is no bluetooth icon in the system tray.

i cannot find 'bluetooth' devices in start>control panel> devices
--i have 2, and both ought to be there.

i unplugged bluetooth receiver, and had win 7 search for devices to add - no luck.

sure, i can reboot, and everything will probably come back.
but i am hoping for a better answer. i don't want to have to reboot every time the bluetooth connection gets lost.

i searched the web for a little, but only found unrelated posts, or posts with no answer. THANKS!

A:Bluetooth connection lost, icon gone from system tray, not in device manager

bluetooth light/icon on laptop, not screen is on; no bt

ok, i rebooted, thinking the bluetooth icon would again be in system tray, with the red in the middle, showing i have bluetooth capability, but that sound is not currently being directed to bluetooth.

no icon.

the dell laptop does have bluetooth icon illuminated on the laptop, just above the function keys - not on the screen at all / not in sys tray.

the bluetooth receiver is on, is working.

'add a device' is not finding this bt thingie.
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My CPU is working hard on something and I don't know what it is. Attached is the hijackthis log.

When playing games as well, suddenly games starts hanging like cpu is being used somewhere else. When I exit, it remains at 0% for sometime, then again starts spiking. I am not sure what the problem is..

Plz help...

PS. Excuse me if this is not the correct forum....redirect if needed.

A:CPU shooting to 40-50% without any active processes

try to disable trend micro , if this doesn't help , go to task manager\processes , and see the process that takes a lot of cpu usage and end it.
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Suddenly one of my hdds dropped from windows it shows as failed in disc management and cant be reactivated from there Tho its seen in a bios boot and in device manager even says device is working properly When i checked bios i did it in ways with and w out bad hdd hooked up To hook it up i unplugged a working sata port - ST As- HDD BIOS device can't in but and manager it access seen GB and hooked problem HDD to that sata port when i rebooted into bios and checked what i seen on port was now ST AS- GB Does this seemingly point to fact this is the problem HDD being seen in bios now i decided to check Ie Device manager and it shows ata devices named ST AS so to assure myself i boot down HDD seen in BIOS and device manager but can't access it unhook problem drive and reboot now in device manager disc drives i see only one named ST AS when i re hook the problem hdd device manager shows both again So it appears device manager and bios see this HDD thats giving me nite mares i ve tried active undelete and BadCopy Pro But obv theyd fail as windows isnt seeing this drive As in my re search of last several weeks ive heard the SATA drive may be taking itself off line if Windows try to access it too much and that a sata usb bay cable s may sort me out here as im told some have had success when hooked in the traditional way a sata drive fails If this is possible i wont mind another purchase but the software has already set me back a fair bit PS ive seen the youtube video on swapping out the pcb but im also told matching a pcb is near impossible and it shows no physical damage i can see it seems a huge long shot its the pcb i also hear drive getting power and once or x i heard access noise Any further direction in this matter is appreciated Cheers nbsp
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Got a bit of a strange one im looking for help with please.

Had my WD 500GB external hard drive for over 12 months.

Latley when I go to windows explorer, right click on the drive and left click on properties i get a reading says free space is 273gb. when I try and past something in there, a movie for example, i get an error saying there isnt enough space left. File of the movie is roughly 3gb.

To trouble shoot i tried to past a small picture file and that worked fine.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

A:Strange problem with WD 500GB external hard drive

Ok been working on this problem since posting question with a friend.

Confirmed its a FAT32 error

opened cmn and ran CONVERT e: /FS:NTFS /v

when it asks for what drive use My Passport

if it asks for dismount i selected yes

i then received an error saying the volume has inconsistencies so i ran chkdsk e: /f

when that finished i ran the CONVERT e: /FS:NTFS /v which worked and im now filling up my external hard drive once again!

IMPORTANT - to ensure you dont loose any valueable data on your drive backup before trying this, this worked for my and I cant guarantee this will work for everyone.

Hope it helps someone out there.
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hi all I am new here and my problem is i wanted to back up my mp collection from my hd so i wrote them out to dvd-r s with the roxio creator It took a while because i had over mp s to back up I din t do any compression or anything i just wrote them to discs Well after the rd one was written i checked and dvd looked fine with about mp s on it but from past experience i never write data Strange DVD problem? just quot look quot at the data So i started to play them for a test in alphabetical order Strange DVD data write problem? - played back fine but would not and then more bad one plays and then badones Ect Until until by no more on the disc would play leaving some bad files Strange But at least i did not delete any of the originals yet by tyhe way all of those played just fine so the writing must have somehow corrupted the backups So then i decided to check the other two discs All played absolutly perfect on the other two dvds The only thing i noticed is taht roxio has something called quot retrieve quot Which pooped right up when i put disc amp back into the dvd writer drive Anybody got any idea what is going on with this situation i will go back and try to write the bad ones again Any help is greatly appriciated Thank you Strange DVD data write problem? jerryuuc redacted com is my email nbsp
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I have a WD external USB 2.0 HD. Yesterday, there was a message on screen asking to update driver or something. I ignored it. Now, the HD is gone. It is not under device manager/disk drives. Everything under universal serial bus controllers works properly.

I downloaded HDD Scan and ran it. It did not find the drive. What can I do now?

A:External USB 2.0 HD not seen in device manager

Try this:

1. Uninstall your USB Mass Storage Device then Scan for Hardware Changes.
2. Clear your Mountpoint. You can use Autorun Protector (req .NET2.0) or delete all Mountpoints2 entries in regedit
3. Use DriveCleanup (posted by LookinAround)
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I have seen similar problems to mine but Realtek Audio HD jack not unplugged Manager recognizing not exactly the same I am using windows home Realtek HD Audio Manager not recognizing unplugged jack prem bit Motherboard H m with a Gateway dx - e All drivers are up to date as of - - I m new to the forum so please forgive any ignorance on my part All was working fine until yesterday When front jack detection Realtek HD Audio Manager not recognizing unplugged jack is enabled with Realtek HD manager I can t hear my speakers but my headphones work When I disable it the speakers work as do the headphones if plugged in The funny thing is when I enable the detection it is showing that on the front panel headphone speakers that there is still a jack plugged in and also shows where I actually have the speakers plugged in and that is the rear jack I assume that is why I can t hear any sound from the speakers I don t know why it doesn t respond when I unplug the headphones Note that it detects all of the other jacks when something is plugged in or unplugged Any help would greatly be appreciated nbsp

A:Realtek HD Audio Manager not recognizing unplugged jack

Have you installed all the Windows 7 updates including Service Pack 1?
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recently had an unexplained incident out of the blue - an error msg appeared saying something like quot G drive corrupted run chkdsk quot - i could not access the G drive so i rebooted and chkdsk ran automatically on reboot this machine Logical (among fails other manager disk things) has hard drives one sata one ide with multiple partitions G is my main data partition also it s a well managed machine with AV firewall etc so it booted up again and all seemed fine i could access G drive ok except these are some of the issues i have now cannot connect to the logical disk manager service all the relevant services are set to auto and started so disk management is not available my backup software cannot see any drives dcom error many times in the system log The application-specific permission settings do not Logical disk manager fails (among other things) grant Local Activation permission for the COM Server application with CLSID F D- E C- D - C - EFFB F to the user NT AUTHORITY NETWORK SERVICE SID S- - - This CLSID corresponds to Microsoft WMI Provider Subsystem Secured Host i have worked through the MS fix for Logical disk manager fails (among other things) this without success dcom error many times in the system log The server A F E - CF - D -BF - ED did not register with DCOM within the required timeout in the registry this belongs to Windows Image Aquisition which i do not specifically use and the service Logical disk manager fails (among other things) is turned off anyway if i check the dependencies tab for any service i get the error Interface Class not registered google searches only seem to turn up partially related fixes have run sfc scannow but no change malwarebytes found no badies so a bit sad really just thought someone might have an idea or two nbsp

A:Logical disk manager fails (among other things)

You need to specify your OS and SP level. I am suggesting you could try system repair. Here is the Vista method. XP is similar. I am not familiar with the Win7 version.

In the case of XP this wont be very effective unless you actually have the install CD with slipstream SP level as well.

Other possibilities are system restore to before the original error; and/or a deep scan for malware.

Failing all that, a complete system reinstall might be advisable, which is a pain in fundamental anatomical areas.
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So i have a Radeon x pro strange issue really A my computer with and wanted A really strange issue with my computer to put A really strange issue with my computer it in my system I tried putting it in with my current power supply but it didnt have enough power So i had to replace my old powersupply with a new W A really strange issue with my computer one So im having my friend install the the new powersupply and when we hook it in we had it on top of the computer just in case and it explodes We put my old one back in along with my graphics card and it works fine Normally i would get a no signal screen but now it works fine But heres the odd part I did this at my friends house and the plug the new power supply was hooked into when it blew up is the only plug anywhere that will let my video card run without a no signal screen Im wondering if anybody knows what may have happened and why that wall socket is the only one it will work in Thanks nbsp

A:A really strange issue with my computer

Some wall sockets restrict power output and vice versa, depending on how well the electrical system is set up in the home. Word of advice though, you should never connect a computer directly into the wall and always use at least a 6-socket surge protector. The fact the power supply blew up on you could mean the outlet is not to spec, the unit was faulty, or there was a static/ground issue (placing the PSU on top of the tower is basically the same thing as having it actually installed). It doesn't sound like either of you has too much experience with computer or electronic equipment, so I would suggest reading up on how to properly install a PSU and finding an affordable UPS unit to prevent any future damage to hardware. APC makes some affordable devices and they are hard to not recommend.

Also, know that not all power supplies are created equal, and some are just garbage...
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Hello, today I came home and I when I sit in front of the PC I heard a strange sound from it. It's not very noise but if it's quit then I hear it. I believe that maybe it has to do something with my PSU, because when I put my ear closer to the PSU I hear it very clearly from it. Also It sometimes just go away and sometimes appears again. So my quiestion is is it seriuos?

Motherboard: Intel Corporation DG33BU
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 @ 2.00GHz

All of my devices temp's are normal.

Thank you.

A:Strange sound from PC

Personally for me, when a client of mine is trying to tell me about strange computer sounds, either over text, e-mail or phone, sometimes without being there to witness it myself, diagnosing the sound can be rough.

So as I ask my clients sometimes, what type of sound are we dealing with? Is it a "high reeving" sound like high RPM's of a car, when it's engine is engaged? Is it small clicking sounds, similar to when being a kid and putting poker cards on the forks of a bike and having the card going across the spokes of the tire? Or is the strange sound grinding, crunching or heavy plastic against plastic sounds?

I always try to check out the power supply cooling fan first, see if it's little motor is going out. Sometimes I implement a quick fix for power supply fans that are on their way out. I sometimes will take out the power supply out from the case, get my little can of (3 in 1 oil), tilt the power supply up, so that the fan is pointing right at me, rest it on top of my work bench and dab only 2-3 small drops of the oil just behind the fan, where the plastic blades meet the small metal shaft, there is where I eye dropper the oil. I will let the power supply rest with it's cooling fan pointing upwards for about 2-5 minutes. Then let the power supply sit for about 30 minutes, resting (right side up). After I plug it in and what do you know, all the strange and funny sounds are gone.

Again this is just a quick fix and if your cooling fan motor is going out, my technique here is just a (mask), it will just provide enough lubrication to hide the true problem for an unknown period of time, or until the fan motor decides, regardless of the amount of lubrication, to give up the ghost and die.

If you go with my little quick fix, take care and take caution not to drop the oil to far deep into the power supply, electricity doesn't play to nice with liquids, even if that liquid is an oil based product, it will still go (sizzle sizzle and pop)!

Good luck..................
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I have a Western Digital 250 GB external HD that had been working perfectly until yesterday afternoon. It has been making this repetitive whirring noise *not the clicking noise of death* and it died before I had a chance to copy the data onto another external. When I plug in the USB it makes the connection noise, but autoplay does not come up and it does not show up in my computer anymore. I did look in device manager and disk management and it does show up but it had no drive letter and it says unreadable. (I've attached a screenshot of this)

Is there any way I can recover the data off of it? Should I just take it out of the enclosure and hook it up to a desktop pc?

A:External hard drive broken shows up in device manager but not My Computer

It sounds like the drive itself is dead rather than the enclosure. The repetitive 'whirring' noise likely is immediately following the click of death, just the click is pretty quiet on a lot of notebook drives. If yours is a full size (3.5") drive in that enclosure, then perhaps you are right and the click of death isn't occurring.

In either case, its not going to hurt to hook it up internally, because even if it doesn't work you aren't any worse off than you are now.
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Fairly newer Toshiba Satellite L s Windows Before i get into the details you should know part of my laptop s problem is even being able to type Trying to go back and change a word jumbles up everything so apologies for the insults to English grammar and language that may come Anyways at first i thought i had a virus My anti viruses settings, strange getting problem Returned to worse laptop yet factory deleted the effected files My scanners said everything was clean but to be on the safe side brought it to Staples where i bought it The guy said a system restore to factory settings would work I did that and the problem was STILL there After countless scans the virus seems to be gone I ve barley even had this laptop a couple months and im really trying to avoid shelling out money for something i JUST bought and wasnt cheap for me anyways Description of Problems Things like to highlight on their own For example if i go into a folder with pictures and i click on a thumbnail the rest one by one light up If i click on a picture to view its like its a slideshow when it shouldn t be Issues with tool bars as well If i click when i try to scroll down to pick something often other tool bars light up It doesn t seem to have anything to do with the mouse If there are bubble options to pick Returned laptop to factory settings, yet strange problem getting worse from like quot male female quot the chosen answer may bounce back and forth on its own I ve checked driver updates nothing I just defragmented toshiba health monitor says everything is fine Thanks for reading any information you need i ll do my best to get nbsp

A:Returned laptop to factory settings, yet strange problem getting worse

First thought is it sounds as if the 'left-click' is sticking or repeating very fast.
Does the same effect happen if you use the touch pad or a plugged-in USB mouse?
Can you go into Control panel, hardware, devices and printers, mouse, 'Pointer options' tab. Set the 'Set pointer speed' in the centre of the scale.
Then untick the box 'Enhance pointer precision'
In the 'Buttons' tab, click 'Restore defaults'
See if that makes any difference.
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Well I re-formatted the other day and have a problem that I ve never had before so here goes I currently have my Hi-Fi and Manager HD Realtek Audio my headphones plugged into my machine they used to work perfectly together I mean that the same sound off every program played into both of them at the same time If I didn t want to use my speakers I d simply Realtek HD Audio Manager turn the volume down on the front of it Now after re-formatting I can t get them to combine in Realtek HD Audio Manager I don t know if this is to do with RHDAM or if it s a Volume Mixer problem It s seriously starting to annoy me Even if I could just choose the programs that each device used So that I could put all programs onto both of them that would be great I m using the front Headphone and Mic socket for my headphones Pink amp Green For my Hi-Fi I m using the back black and pink sockets There are other sockets that I could use but I ve tried them all and to no avail The other colours just in case it s relevant are blue black green and bronze Can someone help me please Thank Realtek HD Audio Manager you P S I searched and couldn t find anything that related to this exact problem P P S I ve found that the same as before if I blow into my mic or move it the sound comes through my Hi-Fi speakers nbsp

A:Realtek HD Audio Manager

have you tried the 'connector retasking' by right click the jack in the RHDCPL, also the additional options :
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Hey guys I have a problem my laptop is Lenovo T with windwos xp It was working great but suddenly I started the laptop one day I Found that when it s starting up the screen goes strange with more the one color appears in it and after about minutes the welcome screen comes and the computer works normally So any help here By the way I have installed a new windows xp but without deleting the other because i have only one partition and here are the strange thing which I see in starting up gt gt shared - download DSCF jpg I put in anohter mointor and I see something very strange Now when I open the laptop I doesn t see the normal things that i supposed to see in the strartup the laptop screen is as u saw in the first attached post the Monitor screen makes no signal untill after min I see the normal welcome screen and noramlly use the computer -- while the laptop screen still unfixed untill it become noramlly after about minutes nbsp

A:Strange startup

Cannot see attach

I cannot get attach file (pic). Can you post it back ? For that we could probably help you out.
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I noticed there was a problem similar to mine at techspot com vb topic Strange problem drive multi-hard html Mine though has hit all my HD s except C When I try to double click the drive it comes up with an error msg My drive icons are all folders I can type in the drive letter in the address bar and access the drives luckily and when I open my Strange multi-hard drive problem task manager I have a winlogon exe file loaded that is in my C Documents and Settings user Application Data I have tried to get rid of the winlogon exe and autorun inf files manually also editing my msconfig startup and services and also the run entries in registry I have used norton av avast avg mcafee and a few other virus and mal spyware programs Any help would be greatly appreciated as I don t want to format again It seems everytime I go onto Strange multi-hard drive problem youtube com I get some kind of Strange multi-hard drive problem virus I stopped using it but a friend of mine used my computer and went on youtube and screwed my computer up Is there a way to stop certain programs from running on a computer without using third party software I am using WinXP sp nbsp

A:Strange multi-hard drive problem


if you believe this issue to be related to viruses (and seeing as your winlogon.exe is in your documents and settings I would agree) then you should post here:

they will have you do all the steps necessary steps to try and get rid of the infection as well as any others that may be there. Be aware that you may have to go to the point of re-formatting and re-installing windows to get rid of the problem.
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I have msi nvidia gt MB it s around years old The problem is that whenever i play games there is a screen with GPU, problem Strange by black black screen with monitor power blinking and i had to restart my computer as Strange problem with by GPU, black screen there is no other way to get back around desktop Alt tab ctrl alt del didn t worked I read almost all article about black screen using google but without specific answers My computer won t detect my video card once black screen happens and the only solution i had found is to take out GPU fan insert gpu without fan to PCIE slot and then boot the computer PC won t boot black screen after starting windows screen But when i take gpu out from pcie slot and then reattach fan with some thermal paste it works for around days This is the third time i have repeated this procress Also there are horizontal small lines and white dots in BIOS screen when my card is not detected I am sure it s GPU issue not PSU RAM etc So my question is what s wrong with my GPU why it works when i repeat my process of inserting gpu without fan and then reinserting it with fan I have checked the GPU temprature constantly and it never went past C on load on idle so it s not temp issue as well Also i noticed my GPU shader clock is default and core clock ic default in msi afterburner I have attached the screenshot rivatuner and gpu-z also shows and I have never overcolcked my gpu i don t have clue how this higher clock was set Please guys help me to solve this problem Thankx in advance nbsp

A:Strange problem with by GPU, black screen

Try swapping out the Power Supply even thought you say it's okay. Doing this might just solve your graphics card problem. What brand and wattage is your power supply?
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hi guy's i just upgraded from windows vista to win.7 and everything was working fine till i went to my device manager then i found out that my coprocessor is not installed i have tried installing it automatically but to no avail please what driver is recommended for the coprocessor can Nvidia product work am using an amd sempron processor nvidia graphics 2gb ram 32bit operating system and window 7 ultimate operating system.

A:Coprocessor in device manager?

Not sure what component of your system that "Coprocessor" will be from. Do you have a cd or dvd that came with your system/motherboard? If not check what motherboard you have and go to the manufacturers website and download the latest drivers for it. I would guess that would be the most likely culprit
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Yesterday I started noticing that my computer randomly makes 2 quick noises in a row that sound like sandpaper being scratched together. The first is a longer noise, the second is the same type of noise but abbreviated.

It happens when I am using the computer at random times (maybe every 10 minutes) and also when I am not using the computer, just a few feet away perhaps.

Any ideas? ... This noise is annoying because I have the volume on quite a bit due to medical transcribing w/ sounds files.

A:Random strange noise from speakers/earphones

A click or buzz noise that happens every 10 or 15 minutes, could be coming from another electrical device on the same mains wiring, for instance, a fridge, or central heating thermostat.
Each time a fridge motor starts up, it puts a 'spike' of noise into the local mains wiring, which is amplified by items such as Hi-Fi or PC speakers. If that is the case, it is possible to buy for a few pounds (dollars), a small choke that will clip over the mains lead, near the plug, which will cut the interference down.
Also, there are mains extension cables with multiple outlets designed for HI-Fi of PC use, which have spike suppression built in. It is sometimes called 'mains conditioning'.
These are not the same thing as 5 extension 'gangs' !
The prices vary wildly, but here is one I found quickly.
Or try (if in UK)

Also: From past experience with interference in a HIFi system, the problem turned out to be coming from the central heating boiler next door! In that case the fault has to be stopped at source. You might try fitting an RF filter to your speaker or headphone lead. I have a similar 'Choke' on my PC speakers. I bought a DAB radio this year, and a similar device is fitted to the mains adapter.
These clip on ferrites are designed to go over the mains lead to prevent the interefence from running up the lead, but if you use headphones for transcribing work, or audio typing, it might be better to wind the headphone lead through this choke, several times over.
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Ohai Techspot how re you Good with Very problem strange monitors to hear I m pretty miffed with my new computer build to be honest let me tell you why Recently after much struggling with Amazon s delivery services I got the final parts for my computer set-up Now it s all been set-up I ve followed an online guide to the letter and two of my computers will no longer display on my monitor I m currently on Laptop A My old desktop is Desktop A and my new Desktop is Desktop B Desktop A and Desktop B are no longer able to send information to a monitor for some reason yet Laptop A is currently literally right now using the desktop monitor to extend the desktop Desktop A worked earlier this week but simply stopped sending information to the monitors tested with two monitors and two cables shortly before I went to pick up the final part for my new rig Any advice you could give me to fix these problems would be highly appreciated Desktop A has an inbuilt card and and external card which I am about to check I m going to remove the card and use only the in-built card to see if that changes anything and Desktop B only has an external one there is no in-built one on the motherboard Thanks for reading Moospammer Update Desktop A now works without the graphics card in nbsp

A:Very strange problem with monitors

you'll need to disable the on board graphics (built into the motherboard) before installing a new graphics card. when this isn't done, the computer doesn't know that it should be using the new graphics instead of the integrated one; will not display video. to disable the onboard adapter, restart the computer and hit the DEL key or corresponding F# key to access the BIOS. navigate the options and find the setting that controls the onboard graphics adapter, disable it, and then exit and save changes. now you can install the new card and affix it to the monitor. let us know if that fixes it.
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Hey this morning i put in a new video card xfx radeon hd and installed the software and drivers from the ati website It seems that the hdmi audio driver Audio manager Realtek HD gone! has screwed up my realtek audio I had the problem when I went from xp to win and installed the newest driver v it did not work so i found the cd that came with the computer and installed the old one v it was fine I ve tried to do that again by uninstalling the driver from the device manager but the problem is that the hd Realtek HD Audio manager gone! audio manager is never installed and not even seen in control panel I ve done the same in safe mode and no luck When i try to manually add hardware Realtek HD Audio manager gone! and select the version i get a blue screen of death the installs fine but there is no audio and no audio manager i used to be able to get the audio manager at least when i did this a year ago I ve system restored to a couple days back and still no luck this is driving me insane for hours now Any help will be appreciated Thanks dxdiag shows no audio the droidcam is for my android phone had that for a while that s not the problem Thanks img imageshack us img png nbsp

A:Realtek HD Audio manager gone!

its a problem with the radeon video card, it disables onboard audio. in bios settings change onboard audio from auto to enabled, save and exit. it will work.

what a waste of 5 hours
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ok well first off i dont have physical access to the router but i know its a linksys and of course the default gateway is i m connected to the router and have internet access however i want to seen router problem... like strange anything Linksys it never check the model of the router this is an unsecured network and Linksys router strange problem... never seen anything like it i m trying to help my broke uncle out so he can sell some stuff on ebay and keep in touch with his daugther in the hospital who s constantly on her laptop anyways hope no one judges or takes offence this is an unsecured network and when you type the gateway address in the url bar the screen just turns white and sais done i ve never seen that before it doesent as for the username and password witch i know on a default linksys is admin admin i have to order a cheap wireless adapter for my uncles laptop too and the signal strength is great on my laptop but i have a good wireless card i looked at cheap ones like this for him Linksys router strange problem... never seen anything like it newegg c o m Product Product aspx Item N E url and from the reviews i m hopeing it gets good signal quality i ll use a usb extension cable to manuver it for optimal signal Linksys router strange problem... never seen anything like it strength anywho does anyone have any ideas why i cant get into the routers management page also i d really like to get active on this forum i was working alot for fast-teks on-site computer services as an independent subcontractor witch was a way for me to work hours a week without overtime not sure if that was legal or not i quit after working there for a year and a half and then started a job at a local shop and got taken serious advantage of the guy that owned the place still calls me all the time cause he doesent know how to do anything and i m going back tommorrow cause he promised he d pay me by the day like - dollars witch isent much for all i fix and what he charges so i ll try it i guess but i genuinly like helping folks and i m starting college in january so if theres any tips on how to do this forum thing i ve never done it thanks everyone in advance nbsp

A:Linksys router strange problem... never seen anything like it

It isn't clear to me if you are connected to the router by a cable. If you are trying to access the router's administrative console, I believe you need to be connected by a physical cable although I'm not a expert in this area.

Regarding the Rosewill RNX-G1LX USB adapter, I have the similar Rosewill RNX-G1 USB adapter (it has a removable SMA antenna) and it works just fine on one of my XP Home PCs. I also use an extension cable for positioning purposes.
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I have a Dell computer that my customer could not BIOS in Strange setup tabs boot up Upon further investigation I found the hard drive was failing as to the obvious and constant spinning up and stopping it was obviously doing The customer bought a new seagate SATA gb hard drive to get vista back on and the machine back up and running After connecting the Strange BIOS tabs in setup hard drive I noticed a few strange things happening But it s been so spiratic I havent been able to pin down a specific one so bear with me here A few times it froze at the hp boot screen Other times it Strange BIOS tabs in setup would run past that and boot from the vista install disc and into the beginning of the installation only to run into a blue screen error Most Strange BIOS tabs in setup confusing of all and my getting to my point now is when I finally went into F for the bios setup to check things out Looking at the standard Pheonix Bios screen I noticed the tabs above read as follows First Tab Main Second tab Advanced Third tab oweb Fourth tab Boot and the fifth tab reads Epid Now the Epid I know is supposed to be Exit and I have no clue what the heck oweb is but something is really screwed with the bios I m just not sure where to go next as I have NEVER seen this before nbsp

A:Strange BIOS tabs in setup

"...the hard drive was failing as to the obvious and constant spinning up and stopping it was obviously doing"...

This sounds like a failing power supply. The power supply could be affecting the bios display too. Try pulling the CMOS battery, with the computer unplugged and replacing the battery back in the motherboard, then booting the computer back up
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Hi all First post behavior MP3 strange so hello MP3 strange behavior everyone I have a basic mp player ALBA gb The player works well and I ve had it nearly years But when I connect it to my laptop running Vista Ultra via usb and format it there s mb of free space Lately when adding an audiobook which is say mb long it will only load two thirds of the audiobook and a small window appears saying can t create no or stops transfering at when theres parts to the audiobook Another strange thing is that I ve had quot Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows quot mbs on the player and it loaded without a hitch May have been magically shortened to get it all on some how I don t think thats the case But why does it accept a large audiobook and then wont even accept just over mbs I was thinking that the formatting application on Vista is at fault Any ideas on this one please Thanks nbsp
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Hi there I m having some problem with my sound behavior I m using intel d gcnl onboard Realtek audio manager HD behavior realtek driver win xp I ve chasing front panel audio port Here s the problem I m having recently I connected my front panel port HD pinouts But after connecting my front Realtek HD audio manager behavior panel is treating like rear panel and giving output on both panels Realtek audio manager does not popup for plugging front panel there is a portion for front panel in audio manager amp ticked auto popup Like as while playing music in speaker if I connect head phone in front panel both speaker amp headphone are running simultaneously Is it natural or one of the panel should get muted Here what I did Connect front panel wires in intel d gcnl board HD Config Reinstall realtek audio driver Also try with recent updated driver Plug both panel speaker amp headphone Both are playing at the same time same thing none of them are getting muted Is there any solution or it is natural If natural is there any way to mute one of them Please healp nbsp

A:Realtek HD audio manager behavior

It is natural if they have been heavily used, or overdriven. What sound cards and sound chips do is burn out or wear out... Might be time to disable what you have, and install a low cost sound card.
For such a setup on a d945gcnl, you have some significant miles on it.
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Ok so, I was playing an online game on my HP Pavillion 6500 when suddenly a purple screen with pixilated squares appears. I reboot the laptop and now when it's starting up all I see is strange pixilated screens (usually black, with squares) similar to TV static. It does not respond to any input and doesn't get to the windows logon screen. I have tried connecting the laptop to a external monitor, but it seems that the laptop doesn't recognise it.

I'm just wondering what hardware part has died and what the problem might be?

A:Laptop suddenly has strange pixilated patterns & not responding at all

It sounds very much like your onboard graphics chip has died to me. Unfortunatly with laptops it usualy is a matter of replacing the whole motherboard.

You could try a cmos reset, which i think is done by removing the battery and holding down the power button for 5 or so seconds. Also make sure there is no dust or crap blocking any of your vents, and a good blast of compressed air cant hurt.

Hope this helps
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Does anybody know what this device does. It's located under SCSI and RAID Controller, it's called AWFOEXCS IDE Controller. I have no idea what the hell is that.

A:Unknown device shown in device manager

I've seen those on the Media Center edition of Windows
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Hello. My dell latitude D505 laptop was making a loud winding noise underneath(facing me) the left side closest to the screen. Underneath that location is a fan. Why it was making such a loud winding noise, It sounded similar to an old tape player rewinding a cassette. I don't know but I do know it's never done that before.

Does anyone know what this could be and is it safe to use my computer even though the winding noise stopped? It lasted for at least a few hours, then suddenly stopped.

Thank you.

A:My Dell Latitude D505 laptop was making strange winding sound

Is it warm or hot in that location? It's either the HDD or CPU Fan?
If it's the CPU Fan that needs to be replaced.
If it's the HDD then backup your data or clone the HDD as the HDD is starting to go.
Normally if it's the HDD it will make clunking noises.
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This is just a quick tutorial so you can get the most out of a 2.1 speaker configuration, I was helping a member out on a different forum since he was asking if there was a Realtek HD Audio Manager option for 2.1 speakers and I thought this tutorial might be helpful if you guys want your 2.1 speaker setups to sound better. From doing this tutorial the bass coming from your sub wont have a bunch of static when you're blasting your speakers and from doing this everything will sound more clear when you're playing music at a low or high volume. Just open up Realtek HD Audio Manager and copy these settings from the screen shots I took on my computer.

A:How to: 2.1 speaker configuration (Realtek HD Audio Manager)

this is nice but it should have been posted here Techspot's Guides and Tutorials
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Hi guys.

I have been experiencing this problem for quite sometime.

My friend has an 8GB Kingston pen drive. It works fine on all PCs except mine. I can transfer data from the drive into my PC but not the other way round. Whenever I try to transfer files from my computer into the pen drive the transfer speed drops to a crawl and the operation invariably fails.

Also, I have noticed that data transfer speeds to and from my external Maxtor HDD is much faster than normal USB pen drives.

Any ideas?

I must also mention that the drive used to work fine before. But it was once pulled out of another friend's PC while it was being formatted as there was some problem. Since then these issues started on my system. However, no one else seems to have this problem with it.

A:Strange Kingston USB issue

have you tried putting the usb drive on other usb slot.
if so, then still nothing happen..maybe you should check your usb setting on bios.
or you might lack some driver for your usb slot.
my 2cents
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There have been quite a number of posts about such issues but never seen this one before After I bought my USB external drive a TB Toshiba Stor-E my laptop recognized it fine copied files onto it etc Then I plugged it into my other laptop recognized it used it Since then however my first laptop won t recognize it It external drive Strange non-recognition won t show up under MyComputer under Device Manager not even under Disk Management Troubleshooting steps tried tried to get it recognized with add new hardware under Device Manager look for hardware changes ticked view hidden devices removed USB hubs and let Windows re-recognize them installed Windows Strange external drive non-recognition on laptop previously it had XP ran drivercleanup I found in one of the threads looked for lower- and upperfilters in registry nada This morning I formatted the entire internal hard drive and reinstalled Windows XP just for kicks nada It still won t recognize it while it is working fine with my second laptop The computers that recognize the drive both have XP on them Any ideas nbsp

A:Strange external drive non-recognition

I don't know if I have the answer but let me ask, when you removed the external hard drive from the laptops, did you stop it first or did you just unplug it?
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I do have a new issue I have a AMD X2 processor, I have just installed an extra gig of memory and now I notice one core seems to running at about 90% the other is low about 5% however the system idle process is showing at about 97% but the CPU usage at the bottom of the task manager screen shows CPU usage as about 47%!!!

Any help appreciated!!

I think I did see a similar thread here somewhere I will have a look!!

A:Strange CPU usage figures

OK so I removed 1 gig of memory which I had jsut installed to bring it up to 2 gig and it is back to normal
on the CPU usage side of things.
Of course I am 1 gig of memory down.

It was the new memory I removed.

I will try and install it again.

I am suspecting incompatible memory?
Relevancy 27.95%

My CPU usage is at about 80%, and that's when I'm doing nothing. >.< I want to shut down all the processes except the ones that are absolutely necessary, but how do I tell which ones are which? Basically, all I need to know is which ones are for my track pad and keyboard and all that fancy stuff. I mean, I know I need to keep the AVG one and that sort of thing...but this computer came with about six hundred applications that all have these really vague and meaningless names, so I have no idea if they're important or not. DX

A:Necessary processes for Toshiba Satellite A135?

My laptop is getting old (1.3ghz single processor) so trimming processes is a must to me.
Here's my list of processes anotated for disable, manual, auto
Relevancy 45.15%

Every now and then I get an error, "The device 'Generic volume' cannot be stopped because a program is still accessing it", after trying to safetly remove my USB device.

No matter what I do I can not get it to say Device is ok to be Safetly Remove (or what ever it is)... - I mean I close everything that I can think of; I have tried to close a few program under the "Processes" tab of the windows task manager however some of these unsure if I she End Process so when unsure I do not. Is there anyway of knowing what these programs are?

Back to the USB device isue - will shutting off computer be good enough to unplug the USB drive? As there is always a little power in the computer on shut down.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated - thanks,

A:Questions on: safely remove hardware and Windows task manager

Look in the bottom toolbar for a tiny icon that has a green arrow pointing down to the left, and a grey image of a USB flash drive just below it.
Right click on that tiny arrow-grey box set. You will get the box "Safely Remove Hardware"
Click on that choice, and wait until you get the message on your screen that it is safe to remove the USB flash device.
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I ll get straight to the point My wireless internet has been acting strange lately My Strange Internet issue connection just goes out to a quot limited connectivity quot or quot local only quot on my laptop at the most random times for a few minutes at a time then comes back on and so forth It s been doing this for a month and I have no idea how to fix it It s extremely frustrating especially when playing online games and the connection just goes out randomly I have comcast tv phone and internet service and have had it for about a year now and haven t had problems since about last month so I m not sure it s them I ve Strange Internet issue called them about times dealing with it and with that I ve changed my ethernet cables got a Strange Internet issue new router they ve came out and quot boosted quot our router signal unplugged and replugged back in the router and modem etc and nothing at Strange Internet issue all seems to help as this problem still is happening Can someone please help Thanks nbsp

A:Strange Internet issue

Download iSSIDer and run on scan for wireless in your area. You might be getting slammed buy others wireless signals in area.
You had mentioned you had changed the router, but you didn't say anything about the wireless on the laptop? Did you try uninstalling the driver or reinstalling it. Get another adapter and see if the issue goes way. Or have a friend come in and see if he or she has the same issue.
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Hey guys, got a problem for yall! Let me begin with my setup:

9800 GX2 GPU
Q9450 CPU
ASUS Striker II extreme 790i
DDR3 OCZ 1gb 1333 platinum series (2 sticks)
Zalman fan
900w akasa psu

Now here's the probelm: The pc locks up anywhere from 10 seconds to 3 minutes. I've switched graphic cards, tried the ram individually and today replaced the motherboard - which made no difference whatsoever (probably should have tried tech-spot beforehand). I have also installed and reinstalled several different versions of windows on the system; the crashes take place as I'm installing and if i get it passed the installation it crashes soon after.

It just freezes completely, keyboard and mouse unresponsive, no blue screen or anything, just a freeze (mouse doesnt move etc).

Any help is much appreciated! Thnx

A:Strange freezes/lockups PSU?

Are all settings on your system at stock?

Have you tried running on a different PSU?
Relevancy 21.5%

i just bought an nvidia Ge force 9400 gt and tried installing the drivers and i get an error message that says
(the nvidia setup program has detected that one or more Microsoft hardware installation wizards are active. do you want to continue with setup? click yes to minimize setup until you complete or cancel the other installation wizard(s). click no to exit setup.)
the installation wizard is trying to automatically install the hardware but if i go into control panel/administrative tools/plug and play and disable plug and play like i was told, the program says that there is no available graphics adapter but the original error message telling me other installation programs are running is gone. how am i supposed to install these drivers if windows is trying to install them with another program? How can i disable hardware install wizard so that it doesnt disable the graphics adapter PLEASE HELP!

A:Windows hardware installation manager overrides my Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT install

Follow these steps to install your new graphics card:

1. Download the latest drivers for your card. Clean all old video drivers from your system. You may use Driver Sweeper if you wish.
2. Shut your PC down and put the new GPU in the motherboard slot.
3. Start up the system and change your primary graphics adapter in BIOS to PCI-E (assuming you have a PCI-E card) or PCI / AGP.
4. After logging in to Windows just close the Hardware Installation Wizard when it comes up. Double click on the drivers you downloaded and it should be installed without any issues.
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Monitor goes blank sometimes for no apparent reason. The LCD light starts flashing like its in sleep mode and the only way to get it to come back on is to force a reboot (only happens while gaming). I have updated all drivers and there is no system crash when this happens. If you have any ideas PLEASE let me know

pc is home built.
amd athlon 2.8 duel core black chip
asus m3n72-d mootherboard
geforce 9600 graphics card
2 gigs ddr2
500 gig sata drive
Samsung Syncmaster 210t monitor

A:Monitor acting strange, please help

Try another monitor for testing. This will help determine if it is the monitor or the computer
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I am currently trying to recover videos off of a JVC camcorder that died It had a gb Hitachi quot HDD so I ordered an enclosure for it and set it up When I plug it in it makes the windows new hardware found noise and pops up in the bottom recognizing it as a mass storage device The light on the enclosure comes on and I can hear feel the hard drive spinning It is visible in device manager but not in my computer In disk management it shows up as quot Disk Unknown Not Initialized quot and when I right click it and hit initialize I get an error simply stating quot The device is not ready quot I also tried running testdisk on it but testdisk does not even see it All forums I have seen thus far say the only way around this is to re format it but I m really hoping someone has a better answer because I really want those videos Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Cannot initialize disk in disk manager

Tough one, but why don't you see if you can find used JVC model online that still works and transfer the data. JVC must be using some other sort of format that Windows can't detect. If you had XP or 98 SE box you could try to see if the setup you have can see the media.
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First the basics Win bit TB Hard Drive partitioned into more or less equal C containing System and Prog Files stranger and Drive strange gettting Hard D containing data Two external drives USB containing backups of the inhouse drives X TB WD Essential drives for connecting to TV with video files Drives originally formatted to FAT system I think now formatted to NTFS OK this is the problem I have on drive c an avi file about G in size I want Hard Drive strange and gettting stranger to put it onto of the WD drives for use with the TV It will not copy over it starts then stops and then the pc hangs It is playable on the C drive and it WILL copy over onto the D drive and both of the USB back up drives but not the WD drives I have tried both and changed the cables The strange thing is that other avi files will copy So I did a Chkdisc no problems found and lastly tried to format it The drive will quick format but the pc hangs when trying to do a full format and I am tearing my hair out Any of you more knowleable members have any idea what is happening Thank you Braaiman nbsp

A:Hard Drive strange and gettting stranger

Probably worth getting something like SeaTools to check that the drive passes diagnostic tests.

You can also check the Event Viewer (administrative tools control panel) and see what kind of errors are appearing (if any) at the time of the hang.
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the sound on my laptop wont work ive gone into device manager under the control panel and went to the current realtek hd audio manager driver and it says its working properly but i cannot hear any sound out of my computer I ve tried putting headphones into the computer and they wont work either i just get a sort of fuzzy sound but cannot hear any sounds of the computer I even replaced the speakers in the laptop only to find out that it was not the problem there are two icons in the toolbar at the bottom -one is a volume symbol and is red in color this just recently came up -the other is a regular white volume symbol where i can adjust the volume i ve looked into the sound manager and none of the volume adjusters are muted or anything so i have no clue what the problem is can any please help me with this nbsp

A:Realtek HD audio manager problems

I'd first try just reinstalling Realtek using the latest version you find from your system provider or motherboard mfr.

To remove it, first look in Add/Remove programs to see if Realtek listed and remove it there (that should remove applications, control panel applets and drivers). Then check Device Manager and, if still there, uninstall it from there too
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This is not a regular laptop key problem.

i am facing a strange laptop key problem with my sony vaio laptop
the 'w' key in my laptop goes on typing by itself
i cannot type anything.i cannot use anything related to the w key
it types @ like 1 keystroke/sec

the key goes on by itself

please help
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i have gone through my devices and on the bottom are my usbs and they all have a question mark by them

A:USB in device manager has a question mark by it

With the amount of information given I have to say the best advice I can give is install the driver.

Might want to check out the link in my signature.
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My with PC issue Strange PC started acting up this afternoon Strange issue with PC The screen went out like a cable came loose or something checked the cables and all was good so I tried to turn off but didn t work so switched off in the back and when I tried to turn it back on it didn Strange issue with PC t boot up but you could hear it running So I decided to take the PC apart and clean it thinking maybe it was dusty dirty I took the power unit off and opened it and cleaned all the dust and dirt out with some can air I then put everything back together except now the computer won t turn on at all The mother board has a green light on when the computer is plugged up so I believe its getting power but when I push the power button nothing I removed everything except my DVD drive and hard drive in case of conflicts but still nothing I have an ASUS P S -MX mother board with gigs of ram Up until this I had not had any issues with my PC nbsp

A:Strange issue with PC

It would be good if you could arrange for a different PSU to test. It seems like the power supply may be at fault.
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...It initially didn't show up in 'Computer' (or My Computer). Device manager said its working properly.
I put the Vista Disc in (had to get a pirate one from someone because my disc drive won't read the official one all of a sudden) and tried to install Vista on this one as a way of forcing it to show, only to get an error code 0x8007000cl. I then split the new 1.5 tb drive into 98 gb and about 1300 gb via the vista DVD's drive list that comes up, partitioned the 98 gb, and now that smaller one at least shows up under 'Computer' but it still wont allow me to format it.

Any ideas please? Thanks.

A:3rd hard drive shows in device manager but..

The fact that your system will not load your disk is worrisome, but I suspect you have a defective drive, or inadequate resources. Tell us more about your computer brand and model, or about the motherboard.
Is this a new SATA drive you are dealing with?
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Hi I am having a problem setting up my new audio connections I have a simple speaker desktop system that also comes with a sub The two speakers have jack connections to the sub unit and then the sub has a green cable connection that use to always hang out in the green port in HD Manager Problem Realtek Audio the back panel of my computer But i recently bought a Razer Lycosa keyboard and that comes with a headphone and mic port on the keyboard itself So i connected the green and pink cables from the keyboard to the green and pink connections on my back panel headphone and mic and plugged in my green cable from the sub to the black port of the back panel So in the Realtek HD audio manager ports are used The green port is set to headhpones for the keyboard the pink port is set to mic for the Realtek HD Audio Manager Problem keyboard and the black port is set to front speakers The front speakers and sub work perfectly fine they play audio as always The headphone jack on the keyboard also plays audio when i plug my headphones into them however when i plug my headphones into the keyboard it doesn t disable the desktop speakers they both play at the same time I ve been in contact with Razer to see if there are keyboard settings that are meant to resolve this but there is no option in the keyboard for any of this Razer say this is an Realtek HD Audio Manager Problem audio driver issue So is there any way that i can set the Realtek manager to understand when headphones are being plugged into the keyboard Or is there a way i can manually disable the desktop speakers when i plug in my headphones nbsp

A:Realtek HD Audio Manager Problem

its not a driver problem. if you tell me what version of windows your using i can help you more. here is a simply solution, open Realtek HD Audio Manager right click on black port on the right and go to Audio Device Settings then from there move the slider on the top to mute the desktop speakers when you want the muted
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Hello I have read both the advice by Tedster and loads of other stuff both here and elsewhere on the net However nothing seems to match My USB Mass Storage stick has been working fine for a while Contrary to strange A situation Flashdrive USB much advice given about removing these devices I have allways just pulled it straight out and stuck it in elsewhere It has worked consistently on all sorts of systems from XP through VISTA and WIN and then I was using it on my A strange USB Flashdrive situation XP machine and just for a laugh I thought I would use the Safely Remove Hardware button And now the device is removed permanently When I insert it the light doesn A strange USB Flashdrive situation t come it is not recognised no drive letter of any kind is allocated it doesn t appear in any lists and so on on all machines I can possible find Some of the data is backed up but some isn t I suspect that either I am doing something silly and everything can be fixed the stick is completely dead and I shall have to put it down to experience I hope that the first is true and someone can give me some quick advice about how to fix it many thanks nbsp

A:A strange USB Flashdrive situation

For your immediate problem see this post for How to use the DriveCleanupTool

As to using/not using "Safely Remove". Using "Safely Remove" notifies Windows that you want to remove the device
> Windows can then be sure to write everything it needs to the flash drive and close any open files before you remove it

When you "unexpectedly" remove the drive.. it's "luck of the draw". Yea, most times it happens it won't be harmful but sometimes it can end up corrupt the flash drive filesystem and you may lose your data (and hope data recovery tools can find it)
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hi i'm haveing an issue with my laptop it won't come on or charge and its not the cord or the battery the power switch works and the hard drive is good and so is the ram any ideas out there i could use the help thanks all

A:Hp Pavilion dv4 strange issue, not taking charge

The power jack connector on laptops are soldered (internally) to the motherboard. If the solder connection should break, power can't be delivered (internally) to power the battery or run the computer.

You might try it yourself (see here) if you're comfortable doing so or you'll need to take it to a repair shop
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Hi everybody.

I just bought myself a Powercolor Radeon HD 4890 yesterday. After installing the card and the required drivers everything works like a charm. However, every time I start up my PC I get a message saying that a new device has been found on my system. On checking Device Manager I found an "Unknown device" entry under "Other devices".

I'm attaching a screenshot of Device Manager.

Are there any drivers I'm missing? It only happened after removing my old card (after uninstalling all its drivers) and installing the Radeon.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


A:Unknown Device In Device Manager After Installing Radeon HD 4890

I have a Powercolor Radeon HD 4890 (I also have a Gigabyte 4890 and XFX 4890 in two other PCs). I think you need to install the latest ATI Catalyst Suite. You may have installed the driver only package. Anyway, I think it has to do with the HDMI capabilities of the card. High def sound is built into the card (the HD part of the card name) and the HD sound driver is part of the Catalyst Suite. When you use an HDMI cable to an appropriate display, HD sound is also transmitted through the same cable from the Radeon graphics card.

Of course, be sure to install .NET Framework 2.0 as it is required before you can install the full Catalyst Suite. The HD sound driver won't install without it. At least I had trouble before I installed .NET 3.5. I went to Windows Update and installed .NET Framework 3.5. 2.0 is included in that update and 2.0 wasn't available separately.
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I recently built a PC using these parts XFX ATI Radeon HD MB GDDR PCI-Express Graphics Card bootup Strange problem GB G Skill RipJaws MHz DDR Dual Channel Memory Kit W OCZ Fatal ty Modular Power Supply Gigabyte GA-P -US L motherboard TB Samsung SpinPoint F HD BX I - Intel Core Strange bootup problem i S Lynnfield Quad Core Xigmatek Midgard case Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro Quiet Intel CPU Cooler Windows Each morning I get various BSOD s but if I remove stick of ram the PC boots without a problem I then can switch off put the memory back in again the PC boots without a problem and will run perfectly well all day restarting as often as I like I have run memtest on the individual modules of ram and on the Gg total and no errors found The BSOD s are varied in the error codes but I m am leaning towards a hardware fault but am open to any suggestions A PS I have recently installed Bluescreen view and here are the last few BSOD s - - dmp MEMORY MANAGEMENT x a x xc x ffff x ntkrnlpa exe ntkrnlpa exe b b d NT Kernel amp System Microsoft Windows Operating System Microsoft Corporation win rtm - -bit C Windows minidump - - dmp - - dmp PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA x x dcc x x c b x ntkrnlpa exe ntkrnlpa exe e NT Kernel amp System Microsoft Windows Operating System Microsoft Corporation win rtm - -bit C Windows minidump - - dmp - - dmp PFN LIST CORRUPT x e x x a x x halmacpi dll halmacpi dll cca Hardware Abstraction Layer DLL Microsoft Windows Operating System Microsoft Corporation win rtm - -bit C Windows minidump - - dmp - - dmp NTFS FILE SYSTEM x x fb x d a x d x aa e Ntfs sys Ntfs sys NT File System Driver Microsoft Windows Operating System Microsoft Corporation win rtm - -bit C Windows minidump - - dmp - - dmp MEMORY MANAGEMENT x a x xc e x ffff x ntkrnlpa exe ntkrnlpa exe b b d NT Kernel amp System Microsoft Windows Operating System Microsoft Corporation win rtm - -bit C Windows minidump - - dmp - - dmp MEMORY MANAGEMENT x a x xc e x ffff x ntkrnlpa exe ntkrnlpa exe b b d NT Kernel amp System Microsoft Windows Operating System Microsoft Corporation win rtm - -bit C Windows minidump - - dmp - - dmp KERNEL MODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED x e xc x c a x e x ntkrnlpa exe ntkrnlpa exe a NT Kernel amp System Microsoft Windows Operating System Microsoft Corporation win rtm - -bit C Windows minidump - - dmp - - dmp SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED x e xc x d c x e f cc x e f b USBSTOR SYS USBSTOR SYS c USB Mass Storage Class Driver Microsoft Windows Operating System Microsoft Corporation win rtm - -bit C Windows minidump - - dmp nbsp

A:Strange bootup problem

Are you running two 2GB memory modules? Can you swap the modules in their positions, like module 0 in slot 1 and module 1 in slot 0? How many memory slots are on the motherboard two or four?
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acidentally uninstalled my speakers in the device do i reinstall them

A:Audio device - Reinstalling audio after removal from device manager

This is the Chat & Socialize forum :rolleyes:
We cannot supply technical support in this forum
You could select: Audio and Video forum, for your issue

Hi ypamela0912 :wave:

Please read the following:

B00kWyrm said:

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Hi I recently got a GB Seagate external USB hard drive I ve been & with 4.5 Trouble Installer Windows Seagate Manager experiencing Blue Screens for a while now after the drive was added and I am currently troubleshooting in the BSOD forum here on Trouble with Windows Installer 4.5 & Seagate Manager techspot One avenue we tried was to uninstall the Seagate Manager software because it seemed it could be linked to my problem I am not able to boot normally as soon as my desktop appears I get a BSOD with quot page fault in non paged area quot I have been going into safe mode for my troubleshooting I used the Seagate chat today because I was not able to uninstall the Seagate software on my computer apparently it s because it can t be done in safe mode from what I was told by the chat tech I was instructed to download Windows Installer Since I have done that I am getting a different error message Error Windows installer service could not be accessed etc from the add remove programs because I don t think that the installed correctly in safe mode Does anyone know how I can get my windows installer back to normal or updated to while in safe mode since I can t boot normally right now Thanks Joe nbsp

A:Trouble with Windows Installer 4.5 & Seagate Manager

You could try using System Restore to bring your PC back to a point before you installed Windows Installer 4.5.
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I'm needing a little help. I own a Compaq Presario C770US Notebook, and I'm trying to hook it up to my TV to watch movies, but my video controllers won't install. I've been to the Compaq website and installed the driver over and over again, but nothing works. Exclamation points are still beside Video Controller in Device Manager. I've googled this problem over and over again. When I go to Properties and Settings, The #2 icon doesn't even show up, it just has a picture of a monitor. Can someone help me fix this problem. Here are the specs to my computer.

Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional
OS Service Pack Service Pack 3
DirectX (DirectX 9.0c)
Computer Name JOSH
User Name Administrator

CPU Type Unknown, 1866 MHz (3.5 x 533)
Motherboard Name Hewlett-Packard Compaq Presario C700 Notebook PC
Motherboard Chipset Unknown
System Memory 2037 MB
BIOS Type Insyde (04/29/08)

Someone help me with this problem, please?

A:Video Controller has an exclamation point beside it in Device Manager

Click Start->Run, enter: msinfo32. Click the + sign next to Components to expand it
Click Problem Devices. Anything appear?
If yes, click on it, Ctrl-A to select all, Ctrl-C to copy it, Ctrl-V to paste into next post
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Hi I'm using a MSI GX630 and I tried turning it on a few times yesterday and it wouldn't even show me the logo or anything at all to be honest. Then I turned it on once and the screen was a strange colour, a picture of it is attached. Picture taken with a camera phone at night, so it may not be very clear.

MSI GX630:
AMD Athlon X2 QL-62 2.0GHz
nVidia 9600m GT 512MB RAM
250 GB HD
Windows Vista Home Premium SP1

Any help would be appreciated, please.

A:MSI Laptop screen shows strange colours at start up. Help, please?

What does an external monitor show when you connect one? Is it good or does it show the same as the laptop screen?
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I have a 40 gb Samsung IDE drive and a 500 GB Seagate Sata drive. I also have an LG DVD RAM drive as a slave on the IDE channel with the samsung drive. My problem occurrs as soon as I try to install any apps or games from DVDs or other optical media onto the SATA drive. The PC freezes after the initial 1-2 mins of installation. I have to press the PWR button and reboot the PC.

The same is the case when I try to ocpy media or create an image of a DVD or CD on to the SATA drive. The PC becomes completely non- responsive. I have already tried 3 SATA drives so I know that the drive is not a problem.

I have an ASUS M2n68-AM SE2 Mobo with a 5200 Processor. Could the Mobo be a problem or is this an OS issue.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Strange Problem with SATA drive

I tried to find drivers on Asus's site for your board, but as always their site sucks and I can find your board, but then there is nothing to download in the downloads section. That board has an nForce 630a chipset, and I'd guess you'll want to update the drivers for that. It should be involved in any operations with your sata drive.

I'd go here: and do the pulldown menu stuff to get your driver. For the "Product" section I really doubt it makes any difference on which 630 you choose, I think they are all the same driver.

Give that a shot and see what happens.
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i have got this external drive ( laptop hard drive made external using a IDE to USB bridge) and when i connect it to my pc it works fine...but as soon as i paste a file in the drive it disconnects and connects remains connected until i try to paste a file again and it happens again...sometimes, it doesnt happen immediately when i paste a file but happens during the process of copying the file....the same drive worked fine on my second pc and even worked fine with my main pc for once...

any idea to what might be going wrong?

A:Strange problem with USB External Hard drive

Maybe there is something wrong with the IDE to USB adapter or perhaps you have a bent or damaged pin at the connector.