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Gigabyte G1Assassin 2 Motherboard/Corsair AX 860i won't power up

Q: Gigabyte G1Assassin 2 Motherboard/Corsair AX 860i won't power up

I have put together a new build with the Gigabyte Assassin 2 m/board and a Corsair AX 860i PSU. On start up the PSU clicks out and won't run. The PSU Self test is good - green light and the fan is running, however when I connect all the peripherals the PSU just drops out and will not run. I have double checked all connections from the CPU, M/board, memory, graphics cards. This is all in a Thermaltake Level 10 case, my next check will be the hard drive connections - hot swap bays. Any help will be really appreciated.
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Preferred Solution: Gigabyte G1Assassin 2 Motherboard/Corsair AX 860i won't power up

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi guys,
Just got a new Gigabyte GA-7VRXP motherboard and tried to run it with 256meg Corsair XMS2700 DDR, but it is giving me major problems. Reformatted the h/d (Maxtor D740) but Windows 2000 would not install AT ALL (blue screen errors on every attempt), Windows 98SE did go on eventually but again it keeps crashing and locking up, can't install anything else (ie directx 8.1!)
Any ideas? I feel it could be the memory or else the power supply (also have a Geforce 4 ti4400) which is a new 300watt model (supposed to be a good brand... but cant remember the name as Im now at work)

Anyone know of any incompatibility issues here?
Thanks for any comments

A VERY frustrated Donk3.

A:Gigabyte GA-7VRXP and Corsair XMS?

I did a search for your subject line (-the ?) and I got this:

Gigabyte ga-7VRXP w/corsair 333mghrtz pc 2700

Seems to have the same problem as you, but other people have it working. Also seems the GA-7VRXP has some RAM compatibility issues.
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System Specs Windows Xp Pro SP and latest security patches Pentium gb Corsair XMS X MB MHZ CL Seagate SATA HDD Nortons Anti Virus with current virus definitions and subscibed until Feb The problem is the pc keeps shutting down and restarting I have rung Microsoft Tech Support with the error codes and they said it is RAM related if not the ram itself or RAM configuration I have done a memtest on each individual Corsair module I have and no errors in any of them Then I did a memtest with running X modules in Dimm and Dimm to run at Dual Channel and Corsair GA-8IPE775-G Gigabyte & no problems I Gigabyte GA-8IPE775-G & Corsair then run memtest with X modules in Dimm Dimm and Dimm this runs at Single Channel and once again no problem Gigabyte GA-8IPE775-G & Corsair there Then I ran Gigabyte GA-8IPE775-G & Corsair X modules in all the Dimms at Dual Channel and I get errors I removed module from Dimm and did test and got error Replaced module in Dimm and removed module from Dimm and no errors Swapped ram modules to each different Dimms except Dimm and no errors This leads me believe that Dimm slot on my motherboard is at fault Cas settings on RAM that I have tried - - - - - - And bumped voltage to and I have been in contact with Corsair and they say it is motherboard problem is there any settings that I can do that I have not already done to try and fix the problem Runs rock solid with gb gb of RAM does not gb at all So I am pretty sure that it is the motherboard I would like to know how to find and read the minidumps Thanx in advance Gudge nbsp

A:Gigabyte GA-8IPE775-G & Corsair

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot

This is not me forte,
When Windows crashes with blue screen, it writes a system event 1001 or 1003 and a minidump to the folder \windows\minidump. Check system event 1001 and 1003 and it has the summary of the blue screen.
Several members study the mini dumps and can tell you the culprit/s.
They ask for 5 or 6 mini dumps to see the trends.
zip them down and attach to post or if too big U/L to a website and
list the url here..
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Hey Im planning on overclocking my e as I want to wait it out until after Christmas to upgrade my computer I was previously P35 DS3L Corsair A70 Gigabyte and going to buy a overclocked sandy bridge bundle but changed my mind A70 Corsair and Gigabyte P35 DS3L and wanted to wait I just have a few questions really I was wondering A70 Corsair and Gigabyte P35 DS3L whether anyone had used a A Corsair and a Gigabyte P DS L Board I want to know whether it will fit I was going to purchase a Titan Fenrir Evo but had seen a few things online about it being MASSIVE and the corsair is better from what I ve seen in reviews I recently rang up overclockers co uk about a GPU cooler not fitting and asked him the same question and the guy said that you cant really tell until you buy it not a whole load of help but meh maybe he was having a bad day xD Also what thermal compound would you recommend I buy Slightly off topic if anyone knows of any aftermarket coolers for a non reference it would be awesome cant seem to find any at the moment and I really want to overclock it I foolishly bought a akasa vortexx to be disappointed but to be fair the website did not state otherwise RMA ftw Thank you for you time and any replies nbsp

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As per my title I have the gigabye kns ultra mother board and I recently upgraded the ram to the Corsair specified in my post The PC runs fine for the most part but anytime I do anything ram intensive PC gaming DVD burning etc The PC will sometimes restart I have not run memtest yet that is my next step I m wondering if anyone here can take a look at my bios settings and let me know if anything needs changed TwinX2048-3200C2 KNS Ultra Corsair 939(problems) and Gigabyte there that could be possibly causing the problem I also have the RAM in mem banks and should I maybe go and or and Here are my BIos settings for the Ram with how they are currently set HT Frequency Ration x CPU Clock mhz Hammer Fid Control Auto DDR Clock Time Mode - Manual CPU DDR Clock Ratio DDR Timing Manual Cas Latency TCL MM Ras Active Time Tras Auto Ras To Cas Delay T Row Precharge Tme t TRP Row To Row Delay Auto TRRD Row Corsair TwinX2048-3200C2 and Gigabyte KNS Ultra 939(problems) Cycle Time Trc T Row Refresh Recycle Time TRFC T Read to Corsair TwinX2048-3200C2 and Gigabyte KNS Ultra 939(problems) write time TRWT t Write Recovery Time TWRT t Write Recovery Time TWR Bus Clock Write to Recovery Time TWTR Bus Clock Refresh Rate TREF Mhz US Read Preamble Value ns Async Latency Value ns AGP Clock CPU Voltage Control Auto Normal CPU Core V AGP Volt Control Normal HTL link Voltage Control Normal DDR Voltage control Normal Thanks Alan nbsp

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Hi there,

I've recently got this baby up and running but I've been getting LOADS of blue screens, some I can see as "Memory_Management" and some I don't recognise. I don't do any overclocking and everything is left at default, FSB, Voltage, Ram Timings, etc.

I also did a Prime95 Blend Torture Test and it came up with one error after I think around 2 hours or so of testing.

I've monitored the temperature closely and the System and CPU temperature never got above 50C. The GPU runs hotter but I think never more than 100C. I have no idea about RAM, PSU or HD though but I mean it's not boiling though its warm after hours of load.

I've also tried upping the CPU and RAM voltage to 1.35V (From 1.325V) and 2.1V (from 1.9V) but no improvements.

Anybody have any idea what's wrong?!


A:C2D E6300, Gigabyte 965P-DS3, Corsair XMS2-6400 5-5-5-15 & WD3200KS Problem..

You might email Gigabyte. The way I'm reading this:

You might need the 5-5-5-12 timings rather than the 15.

The DDR2 800 boards have been pretty picky with RAM. Some more than others. I've heard about this board being extremely picky.
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hey guys, does anyone if there are any other drivers for this board? i'm looking at this page after selecting 'driver' and 'win7 64 bit'. i only see 'audio', 'chipset' 'LAN' and 'RAID'. on the other boards i've seen, the driver software was much more comprehensive and contained several different pieces of software.

what's the main driver i need to install after installing win7 for the motherboard? just wondering if i'm missing something and need to install something else for the 'main features'? or are there main features found in the BIOS before win7 boots up? how does win7 recognise the board btw? does the board have drivers built in already? how can winxp recognise mboards that have been made very recently?

thanks guys

A:Gigabyte motherboard: P55M-UD4 some questions on motherboard software

Those are all the drivers you need, and really all any motherboard needs to work. You also have some Utilities under the drop down menu of "Download Type" but these are optional tweaking and similar utilities not required for proper operation of the system. Any version of Windows will have limited driver support, enough to install and run until the correct drivers are installed, or for a SATA or RAID controller under Windows XP drivers are loaded via the F6 prompt during the initial stages of the XP install to allow it to detect the hard drive. There are no drivers built into the hardware itself.
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Alvorix RS880-uATX

Enthusiast Series CMPSU-650TX 650W ATX12V / EPS12V

A:Solved: Will this corsair psu work with my motherboard? How can I tell?
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Ever since i got this new motherboard and CPU ive been having a bit of a nightmare Wont Gigabyte Power up ga-ma790fx - Phenom AMD 9850 Supply & Power with it Gigabyte ga-ma fx-ds -Latest Bios AMD Phenom Black Edition gigs PC ram Corsair XMS CM X - ATI Radeon The problem is that the motherboard will NOT power up at all with the of the latest power supplies watt i have It wont work at all with Nothing happens its just dead Arctic watt Jeantech PSU brand new and working Corsair watt HX PSU working It only seems to work with my Jeantech Watt PSU and i cant for the life of me figure out why Ive tried everything to get the board to work with the new PSU s I had thought that the PSUs i got were dodgy but after testing out one in an older PC it worked fine Ive removed all parts and tried powering up and i cant get it to boot up But the PC seems to work fine with the oldish watt PSU which i find just unbelievable Can anyone help with this nightmare Now on the Gigabyte site the CPU i have isnt listed as supported by this motherboard which is kinda worrying could this be the reason If so how the old Power Supply Wont Power up - Gigabyte ga-ma790fx & AMD Phenom 9850 PSU boots up I just want to have the fracking thing working with the right PSU nbsp

A:Power Supply Wont Power up - Gigabyte ga-ma790fx & AMD Phenom 9850

if I read the specifications right on your mobo... it implies that it has the 4 pin PCI-e input(power) but it also has the 8pin ATX power conector. (it may be simply removing a cap that is actually right next to the 4 pin connector, thus making it an 8 pin connector (thats how it was on my mobo)

Try using the 8pin power with your new PSU, see if that works.
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Does the HX850 support 3rd generation Intel processors? I see in the specifications here that it is fully compatible with 4th gen intel processors but what about i5-3470.

Does it have the power connectors to support this microATX motherboard - MSI H61M-P31-W8?

Also, will this power supply fit in this mid tower case - Cooler Master Silencio 452, dimensions and specifications here -

Thanks for the help!
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Hell all!

I just finished building my new CPU and am running into some issues... this one is regarding my evident trouble with Corsair Vengeance 8gb (2x 4gb) RAM and my Asus M4A89GTD PRO MOBO.

Upon system startup if I let it go itself it freezes very wuickly, before Windows can even load. Each time i start up I have to hit my MemOK! function on the MOBO and it will load without issue, thus why I am here now.

So obviously the RAM works and works well with the CPU build but I am trying to find a way to get it to load correctly without having to leave my case open to hit the MemOK! function. Ideas?

Thanks in advance!

A:Corsair Vengeance 2x 4GB sticks and Asus Motherboard

Note: The issue was occurring before the OS (win 7 64bit) was even installed.
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I am trying to determine if I need to get a better PSU and I can not seem to find the specs for the Corsair H50 Water cooling unit. I want to make sure my PSU is large enough to not cause any problems. I've looked around at PSU Calcs but none seem to list the H50.

Here is my new system:
CPU: i7 860
Mem: OCZ Gold DDR3 1600
VC: ATI Radeon 5870
PSU: OCZ 650watt
SDD: Intel X25-M G2
HDD: [email protected] & 500GB Western Digital Green
Cooling: Corsair H50
Fans: 2x80mm, 4x120mm
Fan controller: NZXT Sentry 2
Drives: DVD-RW (1)

Can anyone tell me if 650w is enough for this system? Thanks in advance.

A:Corsair H50 Power Requirements

650W should be sufficient.
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I was given a year old Corsair power supply XMPSU- TX-C I wanted to make sure it Questionable Power Corsair Supply s working right before plugging it to a motherboard So I did the paper clip power on trick and all the voltages were ok I proceeded to connect just one harddrive The harddrive spins up and then Corsair Power Supply Questionable makes a revving noise every second as if its powering down and back up repeatedly Also theres a green LED light on the harddrive that blinks normally its a solid on This doesn t happen every time I cycle the power supply however When the harddrive powers up properly the LED light is constantly on and rpm is constant I tried two other harddrive with the same outcome The problem is definitely intermittent I connected all three harddrives with the same results I tried the same setup with two other power supplies with no issues at all I am now sure the issue is specific with the Corsair power supply Is it because there s not enough load on all rails making the power supply unstable The AC current draw was only mA so it wasn t the overcurrent protection kicking in The V line was steady Corsair Power Supply Questionable but the V line fluctuated a few hundredths of a volt in unison Corsair Power Supply Questionable with the harddrive revving The V line was steady when the harddrive powers up normally I m hesitant to connect a full computer to this Anyone have an idea before I try to RMA the power supply Is this just a peculiarity of this model nbsp
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Hey Folks! I'm planning on swapping out my Dell Dimension 3000's current power supply with a new one and I'm checking out the supplies on Best Buy's website. Can anybody recommend me a power supply that's got high wattage but nothing considered overkill? I mainly listen to music, download films (legal downloads) and watch ripped DVDs on the HDD so I'm not looking for something that'll power a small third world country. I'm no gamer so I'm just interested in a power supply that'll give me great power and last me a few years without breaking the bank.

Here's a list of power supplies I'm looking at:


A:Power Supply Recommendations (Corsair?)

You would be better off buying this one online IMO, but if you can't, then you should get the same model at Best Buy, Click here for a link to it on BB's website.
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I am thinking about getting this AMD CPU amp GigaByte MB from NewEgg Newegg com - Computer Parts PC Components Laptop Computers Digital Cameras Best & CPU Motherboard AMD GigaByte and more ModelBrandAMDSeriesPhenom II X ModelHDZ XCGIBOXCPU Socket TypeCPU Socket TypeSocket AM Tech SpecCoreDenebMulti-CoreQuad-CoreNamePhenom II X Operating Frequency GHzHyper Transports MHzL Cache Best AMD CPU & GigaByte Motherboard x KBL Cache x KBL Cache MBManufacturing Tech nmVoltage - VThermal Power WManufacturer Best AMD CPU & GigaByte Motherboard WarrantyParts years limitedLabor years limited ModelBrandGIGABYTEModelGA-MA GP-UD HSupported CPUCPU Socket TypeAM AM CPU TypePhenom FX Phenom Athlon FX Athlon X FSB MHz Hyper Transport MT s ChipsetsNorth BridgeAMD GXSouth BridgeAMD SB MemoryNumber of Memory Slots pinMemory StandardDDR Whether MHz memory speed is supported depends on the CPU being used Maximum Memory Supported GBChannel SupportedDual ChannelExpansion SlotsPCI Express x x PCI Express x slot running at x PCIEX x PCI Express x slot running at x PCIEX PCI Express x PCI Slots Storage DevicesPATA x ATA Dev MaxSATA Gb s SATA RAID JBODOnboard VideoOnboard Video ChipsetATI Radeon HD graphics built-in MB DDR MHz SidePort MemoryOnboard AudioAudio ChipsetRealtek ALC AAudio Channels ChannelsOnboard LANLAN ChipsetRealtek CMax LAN Speed MbpsRear Panel PortsPS Video PortsD-Sub DVIHDMI x HDMIUSB x USB IEEE x IEEE aS PDIF Out x OpticalAudio Ports PortsOnboard USBOnboard USB x USB Onboard Onboard x aPhysical SpecForm FactorATXDimensions quot x quot Power Pin Pin Is this close to top of the line or is there better models of these two products

A:Best AMD CPU & GigaByte Motherboard

This motherboard look pretty good.

MSI K9N2 Diamond - Review Tom's Hardware : NFORCE 780a SLI Motherboard Comparison
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trying to put my 40 gig quantum fireball plus hard drive onto another computer that currently has a 15 gig HD, but for some reason it will not boot up gets stuck. The 40 gig has an operating system and many files and I did not want to format. The motherboard specs are: Gigabyte ga5-ax bios v.4.51, I am thinking that the motherboard will not support the larger hd and I probably need to flash the bios, What do you think? does anyone know if the motherboard supports the hd, cannot find it on their website.

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a custom built machine that i'm working on apprenlty has an onboard sound card, its not meant to be fancy or nothing but the sound is not working but the box definitly says there should be sound but all i get is a beep coming from the MB. how do i found out what motherboard i have so that i can download the appropriate driver to run the sounds bit of the mb. i'm running on XP
PS the disk i have appaers th have the incorrect driver none of them seem to be compatible with XP and certainly do not make the sound work.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium bit Processor AMD Phenom tm II X T Processor AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD Series Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB J Total - MB Free - MB K Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co Ltd GA- A-UD x x Antivirus BullGuard Antivirus Updated and Enabled My PC specs are as above I have a CD DVD drive with the Lightscribe facility which I can t get to work I ve been in touch with Lightscribe and their forum and they say it could be a problem with the mobo settings Here is a copy of their last posting In your particular case your Samsung Lightscribe drive requires AHCI to be enabled on the SATA port the drive is connected to Apparently Gigabyte motherboards do not have AHCI enabled by default Ask your tech to walk you through perform the process and verify changing the setting doesn t adversely affect any of his configuration It involves editing the registry in Windows The motherboard Gigabyte value data entry is numeric I think your motherboard may also support individual or bank SATA port mode configuration in the BIOS settings so the method is best left to your tech I also was talking to Samsung tech support and he thinks as well that that is your underlying problem at this point My value data entry is numeric I have done some research and found this site useful http www windows news com how-to-enable-ahci-in-windows- but I think I need some guidance when it comes to the BIOS settings I ve been trying to contact the techie who built the PC but I ve not Gigabyte motherboard had any response to my emails and it s been going on for quite some time now so I thought maybe I would like to have a go Gigabyte motherboard at it with the help from this forum nbsp
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I would like to know if there are any issues that may make my system unstable if I use the current upgrade to put SP3 on my system .
System Specs:
Gigabyte S series motherboard GA-MA69VM-82
AMD Anthlon 64 X2 Processor
Core processor 4000+
2.1 ghz ,896 mb ram
DDR 2 memory
Sata ST3320620AS Harddrive

I have tried to look it up but get conflicting reports or I just don't understand them enough to make and informed decision .
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OK I guess I am a dummy. I have built several computers, but none with a Gigabyte Motherboard. I would appreciate anyone helping me install the drivers for this MB. It seems that one has to install the drivers for each slot and the card that goes in it, and this is a revision 3 board board which Gigabyte took the LPT printer port off of and I installed a PCI printer port but can not get to work and my sound card will not work.

Help Nick

A:Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R P35 Motherboard

Is this it:
Umm took about 2 secs to search
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hi i have a packard bell i connect 1275 pc it has a gigabyte ga -6wmm7 motherboard the computer was running fine last week and now when booted no beep no post screen fan spins hard drives spin the motherboard light comes on ive reseted the ram ive left batt out 24hrs and nothing any suggerstions? thanks
and also as this problem is doing my head in could i get another motherboard and fit it into my pc tower and keep power supply?


I would disconnect/reconnect the mobo power cable...seeing if it may just be a loose wire (please do that with the system OFF and unplugged...we would like to see you post back here...). Otherwise, have you had any power surges in your neighborhood recently? Do you keep the system on 24/7?

Packard Bell, when it was here in the States, was very propietary as far as their case designs. Not sure whether an off-the-shelf motherboard will fit into their cases. That power supply might be questionable also. You can contact PB Europe here and ask them before spending your hard-earned cash.
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Hey everyone I ve tried everything I can possibly think of to fix the Gigabyte GA- VTXE motherboard What happens when you turn it on is that the processor fan flickers and then doesn t do anything The light on the motherboard itself turns on but I get no activity from any other part I ve tried replacing the power supply with the new w power supplies with nothing else connected inside the machine I get the same result I also have tried to take the battery out of the machine over night and came back and I put a new battery in it along with trying the old one and it still does the same thing I m up for any suggestions on what I can do with this We have had more than computers go down with this Gigabyte Issue Motherboard type of problem and the company that supplied us with the machines are screwing us on the warrenty The manufacturying warrenty ran out a long time ago Are Gigabyte Motherboard Issue all these motherboards faulty In need of any help Switch nbsp

A:Gigabyte Motherboard Issue

Are they overheating cpu's
you don't say if the fan comes back on
does the board at least boot to bios
If the answer is yes to first one
If you have a spot for another fan to plug into try that get it running so you can get to bios
I tried to get manual from gigabite site no go there
so I can't say if there is a bios option for fan controll
next check to see if this dealer stuck some bad program on machine that is shutting down the fan settings may be goofy

Good Luck
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Anyone else having fun with these?
I have just finished building 6 new machines based on this board and 4 of them have failed to accept the drivers for the sound card. In each case the device manager shows a PCI device with no driver and the sound card is missing.
2 of the 6 boards are OK.
They have all be built by me and are otherwise all the same.
I have downloaded the latest drivers from the web site but this did not fix the problem.

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For anyone who likes to troubleshoot mainboards here is a good one I Perplexing Motherboard Gigabyte have spent days trying to resolve the problem and have more or less succeeded However there are still some issues pending see the last paragraph Note that my brother gave Perplexing Gigabyte Motherboard me this board because it had become unstable and during my tests it was apparent My plan is to put the board into my secondary desktop system Ostensibly the board dislikes Windows XP on a NTFS partitioned drive however loves Windows Me on a FAT partition during the early testing phase There were no problems no instability at all when I connected a drive running Win or Win Me to the board Of course the chipset was not even designed for the old O S s MAINBOARD - Gigabyte GA-K NS Rev AMD Socket nVidia Chipset circa The following is a list of actions taken Because the Gigabyte board had several domed top one leaking capacitors uf v it was assumed to be the cause of the instability problem So with a solder tool in hand I went to work and replaced all of the defective ones The surgery was successful in a sense that the board remained fully functional But the same problem that existed before still existed afterwards Used different DDR PC memory modules of different sizes in different slots - all had passed the MemTest test Flashed the BIOS chip to the latest a version - Tweaked the BIOS settings many times Replaced the -volt CR mainboard battery with a new one Used different graphics cards including one old PCI S to bypass AGP No other cards were installed on the board The processor is an AMD - - pulled and inspected but had no replacements to use No shorts on the board as it was mounted on a heavy piece of cardboard Tried different Power Supply Units Most of the time it would boot using Safe Mode but always failed if a Normal boot And after or attempts of Normal booting which would fail at the Desktop screen just after the icons were displayed it would blank the screen and reboot itself and eventually it would corrupt the MBR which had to be restored - last count times Did a complete fresh reinstall of Windows XP Pro and no problems were encountered during the installation but no change in behavior The ntbtlog txt revealed little information Left the board running overnight in Safe Mode still fine the next day Downloaded and installed the latest nVidia chipset drivers from Gigabyte for the board - didn t expect any change and didn t get any Used three different hard drives Chkdsk gave them a clean bill of health Then I took one of the drives with Win XP and reconnected it to my other system booted just fine - no problems at all A guess would be a memory address or Windows driver error especially because the crash occurred only during Normal boot ups and rarely with Safe Mode drivers During a couple of the boots I chose for Windows not to automatically restart after a fatal error but there was nothing much on the blue screen STOP x E I installed the MS dumpchk exe and had it to analyze the minidump file Here is the last part of it Unloaded modules f b f c imapi sys Timestamp unavailable f c f d redbook sys Timestamp unavailable f d f e amdk sys Timestamp unavailable f f Cdaudio SYS Timestamp unavailable f f f a cdrom sys Timestamp unavailable f a f ab Sfloppy SYS Timestamp unavailable Finished dump check Why does Windows XP attempt to load the amdk sys file The AMD processor is classified as a K- It would seem that any attempt by the O S to load a processor driver that is not compatible would indeed cause the problem outlined above Any insights would be appreciated I then made an assumption that the mainboard controller might not like a NTFS partition so I repartitioned and reformatted the drive using FAT reloaded Windows XP with the basics and the same configuration and Voila it now boots in Normal mode and is running fine Go figure I obviously never experienced a similar problem Why would Windows XP fail to fully boot because of a pa... Read more

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I just got a new Gigabyte motherboard (GA-P35-DS3L). I don't think I have the right components for overclocking but I was wondering, in the BIOS under the MB Intelligent Tweak it gives you three options to enhance your system's performance, Standard, Turbo, and Extreme. Will I be fine if I set it to the Extreme option which lets the system operate at its best performance or would that overwork the machine.

I have:
Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.8GHz
NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT
2G of Corsair DDR2 XMS2
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I recently bought two PCs to set up a DIY VHS to DVD conversion shop and have spent hours falling over obstacles Shopping list Gigabyte GA- N Pro dual channel RAM GB DDR memory Twinmos AMD Athlon XP GB Seagate rpm HD for OS x GB SATA have got - duds? motherboard 2 GigaByte I Seagate Barracuda rpm HD one for recording onto and one for writing to Radeon video card Prolink PlayTV TV card BENQ Dual DVD writer First problem was that WIN XP Home SP wouldn t load completely It couldn t read copy files This was solved by putting the DVD drive and the HD in another PC and the OS loaded perfectly So nothing wrong with DVD drive nor HD Running ULead VideoSTudio keeps falling over during the conversion of video or Video Audio multiplexing I have loaded the latest BIOS from gigabyte and loaded an updated burn engine for GigaByte motherboard - have I got 2 duds? Ulead and it has produced two runs without falling over Maybe problem has gone but I am running another job tonight These problems happen to both new machines which are identical Have I got TWO dud somethings or have I missed a setting My nest step is GigaByte motherboard - have I got 2 duds? to try out my ASUS motherboard from my earlier PC in one of the new ones but this is now getting to quot brute force quot method Any suggestions out there tony nbsp

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My Gigabyte K NS Pro motherboard Athlon is totally unresponsive First after I had swapped the graphics card to another computer and back again I got a long beep followed by two or three shorter beeps sounded more like a stutter and a completely black dead motherboard gigabyte screen I tried disconnecting and reconnecting various items and even completely disassembled cleaned and reassembled the computer Now nothing happens at all when I try to power up Not even a mobo led lights up nor does any fan start up even a bit I crossconnected the power supply and power switch with the other older computer and starting that one up with this computer s power supply worked so the power is ok the other way around didn t work of course although I should add that the other one is an older ATX with just one -pin connector dead gigabyte motherboard while this yr old computer has both a -pin and a -pin V connector I also tried resetting the bios by removing the battery for a few minutes but to no avail I can t remember exactly dead gigabyte motherboard but I believe the total unresponsiveness came after I tried to boot without the GB ram installed dead gigabyte motherboard but I don t believe that could cause any permanent damage Any thoughts nbsp

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The Gigabyte GA-7ZX (Rev 5.0) motherboard compatible with Windows Vista

A:Gigabyte motherboard question

After a quick check, I would say no. It doesn't look like it supports 64-bit processors... You could always try Vista though
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Hi we ve moved house recently and the movers seem to have knocked something in one of my PCs and it just refuses to turn on now After the move and plugging it in it emitted long beeps with pauses which according to the Gigabyte motherboard means bad RAM I swapped the RAM and it Gigabyte boot won't motherboard still didn t work I unplugged everything leaving only the RAM and video card plugged in and it powered on the fans and hard drive but I still got the beeps I then removed the Gigabyte motherboard won't boot RAM and still got the beeps Changed to a different slot and still got beeps I tried a different power supply and still got beeps OK so I swapped the motherboard for another one I had lying around that is supposed to be working Now after I power this one on I get NO beeps at all This is with the RAM only this new motherboard has onboard video I have tried swapping the CPUs as well I bought a second hand AM processor Other things - no numlock lights on a keyboard if plugged in - I tried plugging in an enclosure open detection plug and still nothing AFAIK I have plugged in the motherboard header connectors properly Are they supposed to go in only one way It seems that no matter which direction I try them in the power still comes on I tried the speaker plug in different directions as well but still got no sound Do I HAVE to plug in a set of speakers with this motherboard I have tried clearing the CMOS by removing the battery for about a minute and putting it back in still nothing Also I have an ATX power supply with one of those detachable -pin type things I can choose to plug it in on the motherboard or not plug it in Should I plug it in I m not talking about the separate V -pin plug thingy Just for reference the motherboards are http www gigabyte com tw Products Motherboard Products Overview aspx ProductID They are both GA-M -S but one is plus I think and one is not I m not sure nbsp

A:Gigabyte motherboard won't boot

ok, your psu seems to be the only thing you haven't swapped out.
the 24-pin thing is the main connector that supplies power to your mobo so it DEFINITELY IS NEEDED. However your mobo may only have a 20-pin port, so assuming your psu has a 20-pin and a 4-pin attachment to give you the 24-pin option (for newer boards) then you should connect it.
The knock could well have damaged the ram slots though.
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So I have a gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 (rev. 5.0) and basically in the bios utility I click update bios from Gigabyte Server and there comes up my model name and then an option of "AMD 760G, award bios, VER.FA" and really i just wanted to know if this is an update for my bios because naturally I do not want to mess up my computer.

So yeah any help would be appreciated.

A:Gigabyte Motherboard Update Help

Download and run Speccy as linked in my signature, click on the Motherboard on the left hand side then expand the BIOS section. That will give you your current BIOS version, unfortunately I'm having trouble getting on the Gigabyte website to check the most revision recent available. Is there any specific reason you're contemplating updating your BIOS? If all's working well I'd just leave it as is.
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ok, so i was planning on putting another ide hdd in my homebuilt computer, for more storage. i plug it in and start up and BAM it doesnt start. the fans come on and the hdd starts whirring, but no vga signal. The funny thing is that the power light keeps flickering like mad. ive tried everything. takeing everything out, putting it back in. Only trying to boot up with ram and cpu and mobo, but nothing. ive looked on google many times for this problem, but could not find anything.
cpu: 64 athlon 2800
ram: 1 gig ocz
psu: generic 250 watt

A:Gigabyte Motherboard not working

A few things to consider

when you are adding a second hard drive to the comp you have to tell the computer which is the primary and which is the slave. Its a lot more than hooking another one up and "let 'er rip" situation.
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ASUS P6T-SE or the G-B EX58-UD3R motherboard

A:Asus or Gigabyte motherboard

there both great boards the udr3 is crossfire and sli compatible with a bios update i recommend them both but im partial to gigabyte then asus
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I ve just built a system using a gigabyte GA-K NSC- motherboard amp an AMD X chip socket when i turn it on there are no lights or LED s on dead gigabyte motherboard? the motherboard amp the the CPU- amp chassis- fans just spin periodically ie - they both spin for a second then cut out spin for a second then cut out amp so on i ve swapped PSU s three times of the times using firstly a W thermaltake PSU that dead gigabyte motherboard? powers a much bigger Athlon X system amp also a brand new dead gigabyte motherboard? OCZ W stealthstream both of which produce the same stop-start-fan-spinning behaviour i ve swapped the RAM for another stick of DDR that works in another system i ve done the jumpers on the CMOS so all i can think is it s either the CPU or the motherboard not knowing whether the GA-K NSC- motherboard is supposed to illuminate in some way to indicate its getting power from the PSU i can t pinpoint the dud component any help much appreciated nbsp

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does anyone know how do i run two vga monitors from this motherboard Gigabyte GA-MA GM-S H Mobo onboard GPU - ATI Radeon X Can i run one vga monitor directly from the onboard monitors a to Motherboard?... 2 run Gigabyte from possible VGA port as normal and simultaeously run the the other vga monitor by plugging it into the onboard DVI port via a dvi-vga adapter If no to the above how do i do it do i have to install an extra graphics card to get the second monitor working i cannot enable the surroundview feature in the BIOS which apparently has something to possible to run 2 monitors from a Gigabyte Motherboard?... do with dual monitor support I want to be able to use photoshop over two monitors for this setup or just surf the net on one monitor and do work on word etc from the other I am trying to connect one CRT vga monitor and one TFT vga monitor to the integrated chip on the motherboard I have the ati castalyst control centre software installed the graphics are onboard It just can t seem to see the second monitor i think it could be because the nd monitor i am trying to attach is actually a vga monitor but I am trying to connect it through a DVI to VGA adapter It s almost like the nd monitor is forced to turn itself off by being plugged into this adapter - when I unplug it from the adapter it comes onto standby and the green light is on potential voltage issue here you think I have tried the detect settings in the catalyst software but its not visible I did think about buying a VGA splittler cable try that and forget the DVI port altogether http www computercableinc com ccinc products jsp sub Y Splitter Cables amp id thanks in advance for any help nbsp

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hi, I have a gigabyte GA-8IDLM 845 AGPset motherboard which runs happily on a 1.7 cpu but I bought a 2.8 intel cpu and it boots up no problem but then freezes up after 1 or 2 mins. The user manual says board supports intel pent4 cpu's but does not say how manty mhz it will support.
Would it boot up if it was the wrong cpu or have I got another problem?

gigabyte motherboard
2.8ghz Intel cpu
2 166 pin dimm PC 100 ( two 128 sticks not enough but will get more)


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Have the HP Pavilion Elite m f with the class action replaced motherboard in April good to go nbsp nbsp Replaced the stock seconds post, PSU upgrade 5 does up powers Corsair power... not Nvidia GeForce GT GPU with a Zotac GTX Ti GPU and replacedthe stock HP Watt PSU with a Thermaltake W RU TR Watt PSU in May nbsp nbsp Everything goes good until October nbsp nbsp PC starts randomly shutting itself off and will not power up until I unplug the power cord and wait or minutes nbsp nbsp Eventually it stopped powering up all together nbsp Reseated all PSU power connectors etc nbsp same result nbsp Removed all the cards etc same Corsair PSU upgrade does not post, powers up 5 seconds power... result nbsp Reinstalled cards one by one etc same result nbsp Reinstall the stock HP Watt PSU now everything works just fine nbsp nbsp Thought it Corsair PSU upgrade does not post, powers up 5 seconds power... was a premature Thermaltake PSU failure nbsp nbsp Bought and installed a Corsair CMPSU- TXV Watt PSU a few days ago but still not good to go nbsp nbsp nbsp Lights go on fans spin but no POST no video runs for about seconds shuts off turns on by itself over and over again nbsp nbsp Reseated all PSU power connectors etc same result nbsp nbsp Removed all the cards etc same result nbsp Reinstalled cards one by one etc same result nbsp Reinstalled the stock HP PSU now everything works just fine again nbsp nbsp nbsp Spent hours reading various forums nbsp nbsp Some say RAM may not signal correct voltage to PSU nbsp If so can I change the RAM voltage in the BIOS nbsp Others say reset CMOS which I did same result nbsp And someone on this HP board thought maybe the Pegatron IPMTB-TKTruckee motherboard may only accommodate a PSU up to Watts nbsp Any ideas nbsp Can I get away with just using my stock HP Watt PSU after all nbsp Thanks nbsp nbsp Solved View Solution

A:Corsair PSU upgrade does not post, powers up 5 seconds power...

I have an addendum to add to this thread.  To refresh, my questions focused on a possible mis-match of PSU and motherboard specs:  Is it an ATX 12 Volt 2.0 and above spec problem or a Wattage cap problem?  I posted my questions to the Corsair PSU Forum concurrently and I paste here now, a response to RAM GUY.   "Hi RAM GUY,Sorry I could not reply until now.  Thank you for clarifying the difference between the ATX 2.0 spec and 2.01spec in that the Negative -5 Volt Rail is not present in the 2.01 spec andbeyond.  As I mentioned previously, the Thermaltake PSU that has beenrunning in my 2009, HP i7 Tower for the last 7 months says 12 Volt ATX 2.2on the case and even though the OEM HP power supply says 12 Volt ATX2.0 in spec literature I found on Google, the actual PSU I have does nothave any ATX spec rating on the case.  So I think it is safe to say, mymotherboard does not require the Negative -5 Volt Rail in that it playednicely with 12 Volt ATX 2.2 spec up until recently.Though theoretically there is supposed to be no limit on the amount ofWattage you can use to power your motherboard because the motherboardis suppose to use only what it needs and cap the rest, it appears that OEMscan dial up Wattage limitations if they deem necessary.  Could be as simple HP, not wanting to compete with some of it's HPsProfessional Work Stations, thereby caps Wattage on some Pavilion EliteSeries models to prevent them from becoming a much less expensivesolution.In any case, I think with all available information digested, it's not aboutATX specs, but rather my HP motherboard has a Wattage limit of 650 Wattsthough I think I read someone else got the same motherboard going with750 Watts but I don't remember where to find that posting."I am back up and running, yeah !Thank you again Lasvegaswireman !
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My board have dual BIOS so I guess it means the spare(?) BIOS is the backup in case of crash. If that's the case do I have to set it up or is it loaded with the defaults?

A:My Gigabyte B75 motherboard with dual BIOS

Yes its basically your spare tire as far as motherboards go. Lets say you are flashing your BIOS and the power goes out. In most situations with a single Bios, this will mean your MOBO is basically dead. If this happens, you simply restart the PC and it does it automatically.

For more information, check this out:
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I'm recently built a HTPC utilizing the following motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-MA785GM-US2H AM3/AM2+/AM2 AMD 785G HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard. Everything works great with the exception of the audio. I am trying to run regular 2 channel stereo to my television, but the volume level is extremly low. I have to turn the tv up all the way to be able to hear anything. I used the same wire and connected it to my laptop and everything works fine.

I have double checked the installation based on the motherboard owner's manual and even tried connecting to other audio output ports on the motherboard. Nothing seems to work. Obviously the tv has it's own internal amplifier and will get plenty loud. I have updated all of the drivers and played with all of the settings for hours but nothing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Low Volume Issues with Gigabyte Motherboard

What kind of adapter/connector are you using to connect the computer, and which output(s) on the motherboard are you using to do so?
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I have just re-installed an old PC with Windows Vista. Was running Linux.

I have not been able to find the driver for the 2nd HDD controller on my Gigabyte motherboard.

The main controller is working (3 SATA drives attached) but the motherboard has an onboard PATA driver with RAID1 or 0. I have two drives attached to that (no RAID) but unable to find the correct driver.

I believe the motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-8I915P-MF. However, the driver from that page says my computer does not meet the minimum requirements.

Any advice on narrowing down the search for these drivers please?


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I tried to install the GA-7VAX motherboard w/ 512Mb of PC3200 ram. When turning on the power all I get from the motherboard is one long beep and nothing else. I know usually 3 beeps means video problem but haven't ever had this problem.

Does anyone know where I can get the error code descriptions for this?

Or if someone knows the problem could you please share it with me?

I have looked through the motherboard manual that came with it and it has nothing about the boot error tones!?!?!?

any help appreciated.....thx


A:Gigabyte motherboard not booting to bios

We would have to know the BIOS it Phoenix, Award, American Megatrends...??

[EDIT} Here is what it says about Award BIOS 1 long beep=memory problems:

There is a list of reccommended brands of 3200 RAM chips...look it over, did you use any of these brands? Here:
Most RAM is guaranteed- if reseating does not clear up problem, try swapping modules and slots they are in...try running with just one in. All else fails, RMA the RAM, send it back for refund or replacement...hope you get it fixed!
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I ve been having some computer problems awhile back my computer would randomly shut off and then it refused to turn on It wasn t a processor nor power supply problem as my brother tried my processor on his computer and it worked and his power supply on my computer and nothing happened So I bought a new motherboard the other day as stated before a Gigabye PE I installed starting 865PE Gigabyte not up Motherboard it correctly nothing is missing or in the wrong slot yet when I turn on the power Gigabyte 865PE Motherboard not starting up it shuts off at a random time during the booting sequence Sometimes it will not give me a single beep sometimes it ll beep once It turns off during the memory check Gigabyte 865PE Motherboard not starting up sequence sometimes during the harddrive scanning and sometimes right before Windows would normally load up It refuses to stay on for more than seconds and there s absolutely no pattern in when it shuts off Again my power supply and processor and memory all work fine and i ve reseated the memory to all slots and tested it on another computer The motherboard is brand new unopened I highly doubt that I bought two defunct motherboards in a row any solutions nbsp
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Deciding whether to get new PC or put new hard drive in my PC - posted previously on problems- hard drive has crashed The guy who came to help me said to get more RAM - new hard drives and he Advice on motherboard size RAM Gigabyte for would repair windows Went to purchase RAM and showed the man my manual for my Gigabyte Ultra Durable TM MB GA-P -UD P Under Memory it says - x DDR DIMM sockets supporting up to GB of system memory This guy said Advice on RAM size for Gigabyte motherboard - it will not take anymore than the gb of RAM that I already have installed - I could put more in but it would be not be available I found his accent difficult to understand I do not understand this if it says gb why can I not have gb I am basing my decision on whether to get a new PC on this as if I cannot increase to more than gb of RAM then its maybe time to update Very confused Thanks for advising me

A:Advice on RAM size for Gigabyte motherboard

From Crucial site:

Looks like 16GB capable, have to expand the tab on the memory list. Can run the Scan Your System button also: - Crucial System Scanner

PS: Do you have 32 or 64 bit Windows installed? Memory is limited on 32 bit systems. Memory Limits for Windows and Windows Server Releases (Windows)
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Just thought id share with you the wonder that is @bios. you can upgrade your bios over the net. All it takes is a couple of clicks and a reboot and bobs your uncle.

A:Gigabyte Motherboard Owners, plz read

TweakBoy - a link would be helpful!
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Gigabyte K8VT890-9 Via Socket 939 ATX Motherboard

This motherboard is one i have my eye on. It says i can run both DDR and DDR2 RAM ?! I dont think thats right. That's why im posting, maybe you guys can tell me whats going on.

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I ordered a computer with and they didn't even send me any driver installation CDs, the speakers I bought with the PC, and an SLI bridge to connect two SLI video cards, which is supposed to come with the motherboard, right?
I called them up and told them to send me those things and I got an Asus SLI bridge in the mail. I have a gigabyte manufactured motherboard. Would the two be compatible?
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Hi there I've recently bought new parts to upgrade my PC Everything seems to be plugged into the right ports on the motherboard but all I get is a quick red flash on the front of my case and on the powering up button but nothing else I've checked and made sure all of the cables are connected to the right ports in the f pannel The only cables I can't see which are missing from the f pannel is the PWR LED and the CI leads I will try to take some photos and will edit this thread once done to add them Any help would be great Current Specs MOTHERBOARD Gigabyte GA- FXA-UD AM AMD FX SB DDR ATX CASE CA- Hornet NG ATX Midi Gaming Tower CPU AMD FX- Black Edition CPU COOLER Corsair H i GT mm High Performance All-In-One Liquid CPU Cooler GPU EVGA GTX SC ACX GB GDDR Dual DVI HDMI DisplayPort PCI-E Graphics Card RAM Corsair Vengeance GB x GB DDR Mhz POWER SUPPLY Techsolo ATX STP- W

A:Booting Issues: Gigabyte Motherboard

All the cables for the front panel connection must connected and connected correctly for the PC to operate properly. Consult your mobo manual for correct front panel wiring orientation.
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The Gigabyte S-series GA-945GCM-S2L/S2C says it can hold x2 1.8v DDR2 Dimm sockets supporting 2gb system memory, but im confused as does that mean each slot can hold 2gb of ram (a total of 4gb) or does it mean i can only have a total of 2gb. Any help is much appreciated thanks.

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have a gigabyte Ga-ma78gm-us2h mobo with amd 7850 processor. suddenly stopped! Now occasionally it will run normally for a short while, but most times it will not beeps ....just power on. Tried swapping power supplies but made no difference. Any ideas what to try next?

A:Gigabyte motherboard stops working

Try to boot it with minimum hardware, i.e. one RAM module, use onboard display and see whether system POST normally as it should or not.

Also, clean your system using air canister to get rid of any dust etc.
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note There's a TL DR version scroll down Hey guys My popped a blue screen few months ago and according to you guys it was motherboard Asus - decision: Gigabyte dead RIP This week I got a new GPU a GTX and it's motherboard decision: Asus - Gigabyte working great so far But It was too big for my case my friend still had an old pc lying around he didn't use and it was okay with him if I took it so I did Now this pc still had everything on it and its motherboard was bigger than mine more space yay so I installed that one instead Everything works great but I wasn't feeling so comfortable with it I thought a sudden hardware change that could mess up some stuff driver related and googling a bit around it was suggested to reinstall windows when getting another mobo Too bad I didn't know this installed the motherboard right away and messed up the drivers already I would've sticked too my old mobo if I knew Too late I guess Time to format my pc again yawn I wanted to make sure this mobo I'm using is actually better than my old one because changing later again means reinstalling windows again So I wanted to ask you guys which of these motherboards look better to you I'm not really sure how to measure motherboards I think you just look at what features it has and hasn't The only real differences I've noticed was the chipset amd g vs amd g and the slightly better onboard gpu yay Now you should know I won't upgrade my hardware again I will stick to what I have and even if I upgrade my next cpu will definitely be an Intel so new motherboard Both of these mobos support my amd t TL DR Which of these motherboards should I use They both have everything I need is there any feature that would result into maybe better performance or any useful feature I'm missing Gigabyte vs Asus
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Bought a GA-71XE w/ an AMD Thunderbird 800MHz CPU and 128MB PC 133 PC 100 RAM. New ATX powersupply. I can not get any drive to boot. Neither the floppy nor the internal Hard Drive seem to respond correctly. What am I doing wrong?

All I get is [Searching for Boot Record From Floppy...Not Found] and [Searching for Boot Record From IDE-0...OK] then, [invalid system disk].

To the best of my ability, I have checked & re-checked all the BIOS settings and board jumpers to no avail. Nothing I've done seems to make a difference. Have tried a variety of "known to be good boot floppies".

The HDs, CD-ROMs and Floppy were fine in my old PC but I can't seem to get them to work.

Please respond ASAP. I'm desperate!!!

Thanks in Advance

A:Gigabyte GA-71XE Motherboard woes

Check the link below.

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My computer won't boot as of today. My motherboard clicks continuously when I turn the power on - it also flashes 4 green lights and 2 red ones. This doesn't seem to stop or have any pauses. Anyone know what this error code means? I am currently searching for them online but haven't had any luck.

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I have a GA-M68MT-S2 Rev. 3.1 mobo. I am having problems with the computer locking up at times so I wanted to update the BIOS from FB to FC. I put the file to (got it from Gigabyte website for that board for the OS I am running) ... update the BIOS on a flash drive. I have it in the USB port on the mobo. When I go to Q Flash and ask it to update the BIOS it tells me drive not found. Can't do it while in windows either ... what can I do???

A:Can't Update BIOS On Gigabyte MotherBoard

1. Is the flash drive formatted FAT file system
2. QFlash

Updating the BIOS with the Q-Flash Utility

A. Before You Begin

From GIGABYTE's website, download the latest compressed BIOS update file that matches your 1. motherboard model.

Extract the file and save the new BIOS file (e.g. X79UD7.F1) to your USB flash drive or hard drive. Note: 2. The USB flash drive or hard drive must use FAT32/16/12 file system.

Restart the system. During the POST, press the <End> key to enter Q-Flash. Note: You can access Q-Flash 3. by either pressing the <End> key during the POST or pressing the <F8> key in BIOS Setup

For full details please see user guides
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I was having an issue with Windows and it Gigabyte Windows Z87-D3HP and motherboard 10 was strange repetitions of the BSD very randomly The last time it made the error it turned into a very annoying nightmare Windows has ways to spot the errors and I looked for the crash messages in the Administrative Tools It yielded memory errors I remembered that I purchased a new set of Gb DDR ram chips and I thought the chips were defective Interchanged the chips Windows 10 and Gigabyte Z87-D3HP motherboard and all was of no avail SUDDENLY I went to Gigabyte s web site and the solution was very easy the BIOS must had to be updated for Windows if not the motherboard would work erratically So I installed the BIOS through a software they have for Windows and the problem disappeared I know that many of us could have the same problem The first time that I tried to install Windows my computer hanged - it was the pre-official version This is my first time here but I had been years assembling and repairing my computers If you are benefited by this thread please tell it here thanks for the Tech Support Guy for giving us this opportunity to express about our computers nbsp

A:Windows 10 and Gigabyte Z87-D3HP motherboard

So, I installed the BIOS through a software they have for WindowsClick to expand...

Windows based bios updaters often cause problems. A much better method for a gigabyte board is to use Qflash which is built into the bios. This removes windows from the task; it is the only way I update a gigabyte board.
With the gigabyte dual bios setup, it is not that big of a deal. If you had gotten a bsod while updating the bios, when you restarted, the backup bios would take over. It is a big deal when updating on other boards ie asus, asrock, etc without the dual bios.
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...And if this motherboard can be overclocked can someone please explain to me how. My BIOS screen options are not showing anything useful.

A:Can a Gigabyte GA-M61PME-S2 motherboard be overclocked?

A poster in this thread;

said "m61 or mcp61 or nforce430\mcp6100 or nforce400\mcp61 based boards
suck at overclocking..."

Since that site specializes in these things, I think that is definitive.
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Hi I am Gigabyte Solved: with Need GA-Z77X-D3H help motherboard new to pc Solved: Need help with Gigabyte GA-Z77X-D3H motherboard building Recently I try to build a pc Solved: Need help with Gigabyte GA-Z77X-D3H motherboard Everything is OK but only the LAN Solved: Need help with Gigabyte GA-Z77X-D3H motherboard part had a problem The network cable will automatically unplugged and reconnecting repeatedly when there is large amount of usage of data I follow the solution I saw on line by changing the speed and duplex settings to Mbps full duplex It solved the problem but again after large amount of data used another problem shows up The network shows there is no internet access I have changed a few cables already I am not sure now if it is the motherboard problem or the drivers or the settings problem My home speed is very slow Mbps Kbps download speed Kbps upload speed Can it be the reason Please help me with this issue Thank you very much My computer Intel i - K Gigabyte GA-Z X-D H REV Kingston HyperX x GB RAM MHz Gigabyte Nvidia Geforce GTX Ti Corsair ATX power supply VS Cooler Master Centurion Casing Network Adapter Qualcomm Atheros AR PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller NDIS nbsp

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Corsair Professional Series Gold AX1200 Power Supply will it fit into a tower case raidmax Sagitta
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UPDATE I solve the problem The problem was that the motherboard had some glitches and I just bought the same motherboard and it fix the problem Thanks alot for the informations on problem Gigabyte Having with pc a up boot my motherboard making trying to figure out whats the problem with my computer I have a Gigabyte GA-M SLI-S NVIDIA nForce SLI Socket AM ATX Motherboard I always leave my Pc on all night and day and now just days ago when I left my Pc alone Having a problem making my pc boot up with Gigabyte motherboard doing nothing and go play my PS and came back the screen was off while the PC is Having a problem making my pc boot up with Gigabyte motherboard still on When I go and Having a problem making my pc boot up with Gigabyte motherboard try to move the mouse so the screen video could come up it doesn t do nothing When I try rebooting the computer it have no boot and no video Leave my PC on all night and day and reboot my Pc was fine day by day But I shut it off from time to time hen I not using it to go somewhere Does anyone know whats the problem Did I destroy my CPU or motherboard I checked my CPU and it look like there is no problem with it When I disconnect the power cable for my video card I don t hear no beeping sound it suppose to beep Also taking off the ram and boot my pc again still no beep sound The video card is ok because I put my GTX in my brother computer it show video Is there something when the video card is always sitting on that one thing that say Gigabyte heat sink stuff Don t it heat that thing up and mess up the motherboard I also tried to reset the CMOS to default I still doesn t boot up So doesn t anyone know an answer for my problem Thanks for reading this nbsp

A:Having a problem making my pc boot up with Gigabyte motherboard

Hello and welcome to Techspot!

I'd say the prime suspect is your power supply. What make is it, and how many watts?

Can you test that PSU in another system (or test another PSU in your system)?
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The other night I started my PC up I got Hard disk failure.

I've tried One of the Two sata drives in another computer and it works.
I've tried the Sata to motherboard plug in another computer that works.

I plugged everything back in my computer and when I booted it didn't work not even Cdrom, I then changed the plugs from motherboard to Harddrive and cdrom around and got one Hard drive coming up.

I'm unsure what to do next it doesn't seem to like me at all, this computer is barley many months old. Please help if you've any idea.

A:SATA Plug Issue with Gigabyte Motherboard

talk to Gigabyte about a RMA. that should cover this. I do not have there e-mail but u can get it on there site if u look.
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Hi all This is my first post so 970A-DS3 Gigabyte New and BSOD motherboard freezes Now please be gentle I'm not a New motherboard Gigabyte 970A-DS3 Now BSOD and freezes great computer expert as you'll gather from my post but as I'm absolutely skint at the moment I New motherboard Gigabyte 970A-DS3 Now BSOD and freezes can't really afford to take my PC into a shop I had built for me about years ago a PC It has a Phenom ll X at Ghz It has a GB SSD and a GD WD blue secondary drive I have x GB Corsair CM X - C DHX installed I decided I wanted to OC as I was starting to get lag when running poker sites tables over two screens using Holdem Manager and broadcasting via Teamviewer I therefore bought a pipe cooler with a fan and went about installing this to my CPU I had to take out the stock clippy thing as this screwed from the back When doing it I used a screwdriver slipped and scored ther board across several tracks I then tried it and of course it didn't work I went out and bought a Gigabyte A-DS I installed everything rebiult windows Pro and it was running OK Then it would freeze completely and sometimes BSOD I have tested all RAM in Memtest single CPU when selecting multi cpu it does nothing and each on their own in any slot are fine It's when I pair them I get problems No matter which two in which pairing memtest crashes on test at and reboots I had a look on here and got an old thread HERE However the settings in this take my RAM to like MHZ and of course do not work Some of the points are configured differently too due to different motherboard So how do I proceed Do I RMA the ram the board do soemthing else All suggestions are welcome Many thanks A novice Ps - When running Prime it works with any one chip or two chips but not with or It crashes sporadically with in and sometimes doesn't run at all

A:New motherboard Gigabyte 970A-DS3 Now BSOD and freezes

If your getting blue screens then:

An i would suggest to not OC, and put everyting back on default settings.
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Hello techy people I got me a problem on upgrading my system to AM Gigabyte GA-MA GT-UD H mobo with a x AMD cpu Seems my mobo has Gigabyte Motherboard GA-MA785GT-UD3H PS2 USB issues only one PS port and looks to be for either mouse or KB and i guess UBS port for the other input device I Gigabyte GA-MA785GT-UD3H Motherboard USB PS2 issues have used a port KVM for about years or so to control my PC s and now it seems i carnt with this new mobo The mouse in the KVM is USB but i use a converter to PS Keyboard on the PS port works fine with the KVM but using a PS to USB converter on the UBS port doesn t At the moment i use a second USB mouse to use the PC So the PS to USB converter didnt work So i bought a Konig USB to PS adapter giving me two FEMALE PS sockets This also didnt work Using both PS sockets Gigabyte GA-MA785GT-UD3H Motherboard USB PS2 issues for the mouse KB and just the mouse on its Gigabyte GA-MA785GT-UD3H Motherboard USB PS2 issues own also failed KB into the mobo direct using the PS port works but the mouse using Konig adapter still fails Infact my mouse on the KVM into the gigabyte doesnt work unless the mouse is direct to the USB port on the mobo If your eyes glazzed over then i m sorry but im now open to offers ideas or even a solution P S Though i use the mouse right handed and been left handed It doesn t give me too many problems using a second mouse with my left I just want my desk space back for more junk to collect on nbsp

A:Gigabyte GA-MA785GT-UD3H Motherboard USB PS2 issues

You can try a PCI card like this:
or this:
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In a previous post I had a problem with the memory sticks. I have installed 4 512mb sticks and system is up and running fine except system only shows 1 gig installed instead of 2 gigs. Is there a reason why I can't get 2 gigs to run??? I am using Linux Ubuntu 7.04 with and athlon xp2500 processor and memory is pc3200 running at 400mhz. 2 sticks which are in slot 3 and 4 are Kingston kvr400x64c3ak2. Slots 1 and 2 have the original 512mb dual sided sticks that I had from the beginning, and worked fine. Thanks

A:Memory Question on Gigabyte GA-7n400 motherboard!!

Got the memory working, now just wondering why system has 2 gigs installed, but is only showing 1 gig installed.
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I am installing a Gigabyte GA EP 45c DSP3R motherboard. The ethernet ports on the rear I/O plate have metal shields covering the ports. Should they be bent back in towards the case or should they be bent forward extending from the plate? There are no instructions given in the gigabyte manual.

What is the purpose of the shields? If they are bent into the case they will contact the metal covering on the ethernet port modules. Are they providing a ground contact?

Relevancy 55.04%

Hi a few weeks ago I purchased a Gigabyte G Sniper along with an Intel i k I wanted to try Windows when I installed the new motherboard but when I installed drivers bsod s and freezes occurred I thought that perhaps everything wasn't optimized for the new and BSOD:s Sniper instability 3) (Gigabyte motherboard on G1 latest Windows and went back to Win First I went to the official site and downloaded drivers but exactly the same thing started happening Not having much to lose on my C I reinstalled again and went to the supplied disc for drivers for a while everything seemed to work but perhaps days later the main issue resurfaced bsod s freezing and just plain instability Along the process I have memtested my memory updated my BIOS to the latest F j updated drivers from the Gigabyte site and Qualcom Atheros site for the network card and as I'm writing this I'm in a sort of safe boot a bit BSOD:s and instability on new motherboard (Gigabyte G1 Sniper 3) more stable from msconfig exe I have checked all temperatures and nothing is too high My previous setup had all the same BSOD:s and instability on new motherboard (Gigabyte G1 Sniper 3) components except the motherboard cpu and that system was rock solid perhaps the cpu got a little warm but no crashes with an older gigabyte am matx board along with a Phenom II ghz quad core Kind regards Zurtax

A:BSOD:s and instability on new motherboard (Gigabyte G1 Sniper 3)

Update Intel XHCI driver from
Update Killer e2200 driver from Killer Gaming :: Support :: Driver Download Support

You are using a beta of display driver. Uninstall it using AMD Catalyst Un-install Utility and then install the latest WHQL only.

Then report us back. Let us know the situation.
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My mate just got his new pc. It has a Gigabyte M55SLI-S4 Rev 2.0 motherboard.
Basically, his sound is not working properly. We have updated all the drivers for the sound and it didn't clear up the problem.

Anyway, all his speakers are connected properly and produce sound, all but his front speakers (green jack). In this first screenshot, it says it's not connected properly.

So, he changed an option which changed the (green jack) to power speakers, which then recognizes the front speakers, but still no sound.(Screenshot below) We have no idea where to go to from here.

Relevancy 55.04%

Hi people.
Can anyone tell how I would go about updating my BIOS?
I need to update it to fully support my AMD FX-4100 Processor.
This is the motherboard
I have gone onto where it says downloaded and I downloaded the latest BIOS
But when I clicked run nothing happened, Is this meant to happen?
and I don't want to have to flash my BIOS as a lot of places say its a bad thing to do, unless that is the only way of doing it?
Also, how do you find out what is your current BIOS? I thought it told you when you went in the BIOS but I couldn't see it anywhere?

Please could someone help me. Thanks!

Relevancy 55.04%

my build is just going all over the place. first i was going with an AMD setup, and then i wanted to upgrade this and that, and now i'm finding myself buying an intel setup.

i'm going to be getting an intel GA-P35-DS3L motherboard. i have a very important question about it in regards to will it work with my setup.

I have NO way of telling if my dvd rom drive is supported. when i power it on, and it flashes, the bios drivers need to have my dvd rom drive supported or it won't recognize it on startup. and when i try to install anything like an OS or something, i'm screwed so hard. so i need to know if an HL-DT-ST DVD-ROM GDR8162B drive will be supported and recognized. if it isn't, i'm stuck with having to buy a drive that IS supported.

A:Gigabyte motherboard supported drives question

Hum.. Pretty much all storage devices are universally supported on everything if we leave aside more exotic interfaces like SCSI/SAS or hardware glitches.

That's why we have those stadards called IDE and SATA for - to have things work.
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When playing certain games or when having the volume up whilst browsing I can hear interference sound when moving the mouse + high pitch whistling noise when playing certain games.
Tried turning off C1/C3 settings in BIOS but didn't work.
I have a Gigabyte G3 Motherboard, anybody else experiencing this or has a fix please?
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Is the Gigabyte EX58-UD3R motherboard compatible with i7 Duo Core Processor?
Here is the link below about the motherboard i am planning to buy for custom pc.

GA-EX58-UD3R (rev. 1.0) - GIGABYTE - Product - Motherboard - Overview

If it is NOT compatible with dual core processor, is having a 3+ i7 Core Processor still worth to get?

A:Is the Gigabyte EX58-UD3R motherboard compatible...

yes as long as its socket LGA1366 it will support it
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Hellow so today i orderd my first gaming pc i was really happy until i tried messing with it so i started messing with it because i was having problems opening up BIOS everytime i restarted my computer i held shift while restarting also i spammed i held onto all the keys imaginable while Gigabyte ( Motherboard CMOS errors BIOS and ) my computer was restarting to try to open up the bios it kinda Gigabyte Motherboard errors ( CMOS and BIOS ) worked it showed up the big pointer arrow that BIOS has but after that it Gigabyte Motherboard errors ( CMOS and BIOS ) turned pitch black so Gigabyte Motherboard errors ( CMOS and BIOS ) after that i started looking for tutorials on what i could do to make it work so i found a brilliant tutorial remove de CMOS he said after i removed the cmos when i turn on my computer it apears the gigabyte logo and pitch black it goes nothing happens i dont have pendrive or a cd reader i can use i can probably get a pendrive easily what can i do to get this to work i need help i have been the past HOURS working on this looking at a black screen cannot help but shed some tears specs processor intel i - motherboard GIGABYTE GA-B M-D PH CHIPSET B gpu gigabyte gtx x gb ram kingston HyperX what do i have to do i didnt not understand what i did and i found no explanation for what happend either besides that i cleared the CMOS i thought my BIOS was locked and i had to clear the CMOS to be able to access the BIOS again i have the graphics card and the mother board's cd's with me if i have to use them can i it be done with a pendrive any help would be insanely appreciated in my moments of helplessness
Relevancy 55.04%

I was just wondering if anybody has used the newest versions of Gigabyte's new suite of motherboard software, such as "East Tune, Dynamic Energy Saver, @BIOS". I have the EP45-UD3R (Intel chipset) board so the included versions should be close to the latest. The disc even has Adobe Reader 8.01. No, that won't be installed, thank you very much. I just mention it to establish chronology

We're welcoming strong opinions here, let 'em rip, tell us how you really feel. We can take it.
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No video output on iGPU or GPU on Desktop. Motherboard not posting. GPU fan spins at 100%. I've tried removing all RAM sticks and tried each one by itself. I've removed all hard drives. I've reset GPU and tried without GPU. I feel like I've tried everything at this point. It's a new power supply. I've tried two other power supplies as well.

I can't get Dual BIOS to kick in, either (no switch on this board so I have to use the power cycling trick).

Gigabyte Z77MX-D3H
i7 3570k
AMD 6950 2GB
Silverstone 500W Strider PSU

A:No video output from motherboard/gpu. Gigabyte Z77MX-D3H

Hi and welcome to TSG.

Based purely on your description, it sounds like the motherboard has failed.
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I hav a new Gigabyte motherboard which is a GA-P35-DS3L model. Problems that occur is that wen i start the CPU turns about a quart way then stops, also the PSU wont start or the GFX fan. If i remove the 12V ATX cable then the fans will start but nothing happens basicly i want to no if weda me motherboard is dead or if i can fix it as it may be related caus wid any1 els?

need help urgently plz!

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My computer is low spec and over years old I only have GB RAM which is beginning to become a problem on Windows so I was thinking of upgrading although it seems my motherboard only has slots so would mean Gigabyte upgrade) Motherboard (Memory GA-8TRC410M-NF I need to purchase x GB or x GB but is it really worth it to spend the money I have always put off and delayed upgrading my PC due to motherboard processor and ram etc needing to be compatible so is easier to upgrade as a whole but I'm not ready yet and looking to squeeze Gigabyte Motherboard GA-8TRC410M-NF (Memory upgrade) possibly another years out of my current system Where is a cheap place to buy my RAM I was only looking to spend like or else it seems like a waste especially as my processor is intel pentium Ghz should I buy used RAM or buy it new Thanks I forgot to add I'm running Windows off Corsair Force GB SSD My physical memory is usually always up around I haven't fully optimized startup programs yet and I don't game mostly just web browse and use pc as entertainment media center occasionally like to edit images render create videos burn cds convert formats some things Gigabyte Motherboard GA-8TRC410M-NF (Memory upgrade) that are little processor intense so not sure ram would benefit in those scenario ideally I think an extra GB but I'm guessing it'll be more cost effective and worth it to go x GB for GB but will my system only register show GB because I'm on bit windows

A:Gigabyte Motherboard GA-8TRC410M-NF (Memory upgrade)

I really think upgrading your memory now would be a waste of money. You would be better off waiting till you can afford a new motherboard, CPU, etc. & then get the amount of RAM that you would like then.

Your current RAM socket on the motherboard has probably been superseded, so getting new RAM now would mean it would not suit a new motherboard later, so whatever you would spend now would be wasted.
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I have a gigabyte motherboard model GA-7VM400M F4 I need a new Bios. Techspot has it on there website but I can't download it. im unable to find anywhere else can anyone help please?

A:Gigabyte motherboard model GA-7VM400M F4 I need a new Bios.

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

You should be able to find a bios update HERE.

Unless you have a specific reason for updating your bios, I don`t recommend it.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I am just wondering wether if i can put a Powercolor X50XT video card inside the Gigabyte GA-K8NXP-SLI motherboard? i really want this board because of its SLI ability down the track for upgrades and i also don't have to give up another precious PCI slot. (because the X850XT needs 2 slots cause of the cooler and seeing that this board has 2 PCI-Ex16 slots, and i can't run this card in SLI it would be perfect)

So is this possible or do i have to get a non-SLI motherboard to use My ATi card?


Does this motherboard support Seagate NCQ drives?


A:Powercolor X850XT in Gigabyte GA-K8NXP-SLI Motherboard?

I don't understand the question. Ar you asking if the SLI board will operate with just one GPU card? If so the answer is yes. If that's not the question then clarify please. The nForce4 SLI chipset supports both the Seagate and the Maxtor DM10 drives.
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I'm replacing an Asus motherboard with a Gigabyte GA-EP41-UD3L and, of course, the rear blanking plate is different. I've searched the net for ages but no luck. Can anybody point me in the right direction to buy a suitable plate please?

Relevancy 55.04%

I have a gigabyte motherboard and love to keep everything up to date. So when I go to the motherboards driver update page, I would love it, if they kept fresh onboard realtek LAN drivers. This motherboard uses the Integrated Realtek RTL8111E LAN driver. The driver gigabyte offers is from 2011. I was having issues with it, so I decided to go to the source. I went to and saw that my driver was past 2 years outdated . Luckily, has a download page with LAN drivers, so I grabbed a fresh batch from 2013 and the problem I was having seems to have been fixed. I will include two pics, one of the old driver, and one of the new. I was wondering if A. this is a common occurrence and B. what do you guys do about this?

A:Gigabyte motherboard update page sure is out of date

The drivers for my Gigabyte motherboard (and an ASUS in another PC) are dated 2012.

Many manufacturers do not update drivers unless there is a specific need, such to fix a problem, support new hardware, OS, etc. I used to do support (for 10 years) on the Dell forums and as a general rule Dell did not issue driver updates unless a device had a problem or did not meet their published specs. Dell like all PC vendors are in the business of selling new PC's.

Using non-vendor Drivers can be an issue with some PC's, as some PC vendors have custom implementations and custom drivers.

Each one has to be handled on a case by case basis. Finally the old adage "if it ain't broke don't fix it" applies to many.
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I'm using a GA-M750SLI-DS4 with a NVIDIA nForce 750a SLI Chipset along with Crucial M4 128 GB SSD.

When I check if TRIM is enabled I get a 0 (which means yes). But I've read that nForce chipsets don't have TRIM support?!? is this true?

from (bare foot kid):
AHCI : Enable in Windows 7 / Vista

"Just to put in here for nForce users, nForce boards do not support AHCI (with the exception of nForce boards that include onboard graphic cards), and also don't send the TRIM command for SSDs.
Also, they don't hav AHCI support, right? Is there a way around this?

A:SSD Question: TRIM and AHCI for this Gigabyte motherboard

As far as I am aware, the nForce controllers don't send the trim command, but if you use the Microsoft controllers, they will send the trim command.
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Can someone explain what might be going on here please.
MoBo ~ Gigabyte GA-73PVM-S2H on Windows 7
I have a Belkin USB Hub which is connected to one of the rear MoBo USB ports and works fine.
I also have a USB Wireless Adapter which is plugged into one of the Hub Ports and works fine.
To tidy wiring up a bit, I removed the Wireless Adapter USB plug from the Hub and plugged directly into MoBo USB and Wireless Adaptor stops working.
Even if I plug the Wireless Adaptor into the MoBo USB port which the Hub was using still does not work.
Plug the Hub into the MoBo USB Port and and the Adapter into the Hub again and it works OK.
Can anyone explain why the Wireless Adaptor will not work when plugged directly into the MoBo but works OK in plugged into a Hub which is plugged into the MoBo?

A:Strange USB Port scenario with Gigabyte Motherboard

As a start I would go to the Device Manager and look at the Properties of each of the devices and see if there is a "Ports" Tab, then see if there are any options to change the port location.

If the wireless adapter has any program settings I would check all of those to see if there is anything that can be changed.
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I ve GA-G31M-ES2C Motherboard Gigabyte Problem another pc which s configuration is- Intel Dual Core E Gigabyte GA-G M-ES C GB DDR RAM DYNET PC - U- GB HDD OS-Windows XP SP Its running without any trouble for last years with Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2C Motherboard Problem GB DDR RAM DYNET PC - U- but last week I am facing a problem that my pc stuck when windows xp loads or after login it shows me that some broken color in RGB amp stucks but when i changed RAM amp installed MB TWINMOS RAM PC - U its running nicely I installed my GB DDR RAM DYNET PC - U- in Pentium pc with esonic intel chipset motherboard that ram running without any trouble What s wrong with Gigabyte GA-G M-ES C Note that both Twinmos amp Dynet are same BUS How I fix this problem Thanks in advance I ve a question to expert my Pentium pc with Esonic Intel Chipset Board has GB DDR RAM DYNET PC - U- if i install GB DDR RAM DYNET PC - U- in my p pc it shows me that GB RAM but dual channel not supporting but both of RAM are same BUS only latency timer different can I use different latency RAM in same board Will this create any problem or make my system slow nbsp

A:Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2C Motherboard Problem

Test the RAM, one stick at a time using MEMtest86. It could be a motherboard fault, the RAM, or even the power supply.

DUAL channel will only work with identical sticks of RAM (ie: same size...and preferably same speed). Speed won't matter as much, as most motherboards will then simply run at the speed of the slowest stick.
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Hello everyone wave I m have an old and aging system here is the following specs E P Neo -FR FIR HDD gb ODD Pcolor X Pro gig ram transcend seasonic s II W Cooler master 600W Series Professional Corsair OCZ HX650W ModXStream V.S. Pro Supply Power V I just got OCZ 600W ModXStream Pro Power Supply V.S. Corsair Professional Series HX650W a power color G from a friend its free blush excess from his upgrade OCZ 600W ModXStream Pro Power Supply V.S. Corsair Professional Series HX650W will my computer PSU able to handle the power required for this video card It will be my first attempt in overclocking this old system of mine will be my testing bed Since my aim was to practice and experience overclocking I m planning to get a new PSU because I m afraid of blowing things up My option are OCZ W ModXStream Pro Power Supply and Corsair Professional Series HX W I need advise to which one is better I read each PSU specification I wonder which one is better the multi rail design of OCZ or Single rail of corsair Is wattage of both PSU will be enough if i go on multi GPU X on crossfire in the future Thanks you OCZ 600W ModXStream Pro Power Supply V.S. Corsair Professional Series HX650W rai nbsp

A:OCZ 600W ModXStream Pro Power Supply V.S. Corsair Professional Series HX650W

Corsair is generally considered to be a slightly more reliable brand. I personally would suggest a single 12V rail with high amperage. Do you require a modular PSU? If not, then the Corsair 650TX is cheaper than it's modular counterpart, the 650HX.

I think that for a single PowerColor HD 4850 the Corsair 550VX will be more than sufficient. However, if you're looking to keep the system more "forward compatible" (not future proof because nothing is), the Corsair 650TX should do great. I would think that the 650TX would be the best choice for CrossFire with 2 HD 4850s.
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Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R

Asus P6X58D Premium

I heard the gigabytes UD3R's usb 3.0 get cancelled when using crossfire or sli? Does Asus Premium does the same?

thank you for your answers, would help me alot

Explain in detail if you can please..

A:Motherboard Gigabyte or Asus? Which one fully support usb 3.0 and crossfire?

I heard the gigabytes UD3R's usb 3.0 get cancelled when using crossfire or sli?Click to expand...

That does not seem very probable. What's the source of this information?

Both ASUS and Gigabyte are great brands. Just get the board that comes in cheaper as long as they have the same feature set.
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I m reloading XP Home onto a fairly old essential Is GA-8S661FXM-775 SATA on motherboard? a Gigabyte RAID hyper threading Gigabyte GA- S FXM- motherboard Included in the driver downloads from Gigabyte for this particular mobo is a SATA RAID driver After Windows was up and running when I checked the Hardware in Device Manager there was a yellow question mark indicating that drivers were needed Consequently I ran the SATA RAID drivers and the question mark went away so obviously this was an integral part of the mobo as I had no other programs or hardware installed When I opened the SATA RAID program from the shortcut in the Notification area I had no idea what it s about I ve tried to read up on the technology of it but I m afraid it s beyond me Can anyone advise me in very simple terms Exactly what SATA RAID does Is it essential to the proper running of the motherboard Are there any dangers inherent in the use of it With unknown quantities I prefer to leave them out unless they Is SATA RAID essential on a Gigabyte GA-8S661FXM-775 motherboard? are really needed Any help would be appreciated Is SATA RAID essential on a Gigabyte GA-8S661FXM-775 motherboard? but please keep it really simple Thanks PB nbsp

A:Is SATA RAID essential on a Gigabyte GA-8S661FXM-775 motherboard?

You can read about RAID here:

No it's not needed for the motherboard to function. Some motherboards have standard SATA ports and some RAID SATA ports.
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My sister, who lives in another state, has a computer with a Gigabyte Motherboard; Model: GA8IPE1000PRO-G ATX 865PE. She would like to add a memory card reader to a 3.5" bay. It will require an internal USB connector on the motherboard. I need to know if this motherboard has a USB connector, which would allow the connection of the card reader. I tried to find a schematic/description of the motherboard online, but was unable to find one. I will be the one to install the card reader, but I have no way of knowing if I can connect it to the motherboard. I want to go ahead and order the reader and install it while there. I would like to know if anyone could provide me with this information.



A:Gigabyte Motherboard Model: GA8IPE1000PRO-G ATX 865PE Question

The motherboard has onboard usb connectors to power up to four usb ports on the front of the case.
Link to manual
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Installed new Gigabyte Motherboard & P4 3.2 CPU and now I have a blue screen telling me that I either have a virus or the hard drives are not installed correctly or that the hard drive is corrupted. I have a 80g and 40g hard drive and I do not know where to go from here. They say run chkdsk but from where as I only see a blue screen.

A:Please Help - Installed new Gigabyte Motherboard & P4 3.2 CPU nowhard drive problem

I take it you reinstalled Windows after installing the new motherboard + CPU. If not, did you at least uninstall the previous IDE drivers ?
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Can't figure out why they are out. Upgraded the bios from F4 to F5 and no effect. Can't see any devices that I plug into these ports. Never liked the transfer rate on these ports when they were working. Very slow - like a standard USB port.


A:USB 3.0 ports not working on Gigabyte GA-A75M-UD2H motherboard

Quote: Originally Posted by rkaczano

Can't figure out why they are out. Upgraded the bios from F4 to F5 and no effect. Can't see any devices that I plug into these ports. Never liked the transfer rate on these ports when they were working. Very slow - like a standard USB port.


Any chance we can get your system specs? My crystal ball is in the shop being repaired.

Probably just a driver issue but cant tell till we get your specs.
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I recently built a new PC for gaming and the gigabyte motherboard manual says it's expandable to 32G. I put 4x8G sticks and the computer shows 32G but says only 16G is usable. What's up?

A:gigabyte motherboard supports 32G DDR3 computer says only 16G usable

Physical Memory Limits: Windows 7

The following table specifies the limits on physical memory for Windows 7.
--------------------- ---------------- ----------------Version Limit on X86 Limit on X64Ultimate 4 GB 192 GBEnterprise 4 GB 192 GBProfessional 4 GB 192 GB Home Premium 4 GB 16 GBHome Basic 4 GB 8 GBStarter 2 GB N/A
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I have recently bought components for two pcs my friend built them for me I am using the Gigabyte GA-EP -DS motherboard it has an on board sound card I cant get sound on one PC the other one I can only because I m using a Black Magic Intensity Pro as my sound card but both pcs have this problem When I try devices Motherboard Gigabyte on working No sound GA-EP43-DS3 to play music or open the volume control the No sound devices working on Gigabyte GA-EP43-DS3 Motherboard pc says that I have no sound devices enabled and recommends I go to Add Hardware in the Control Panel I have done this and the sound related devices are installed and working apparently I have the latest Realtek HD Audio Drivers which came on my motherboard CD I have done a little bit of research and someone said that the sound card needs to be enabled in the BIOS but I cant find anything No sound devices working on Gigabyte GA-EP43-DS3 Motherboard about it in my BIOS - all the wires leads seem to be connected inside my PC Any help is much appreciated this is driving me crazy nbsp

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trying to find out the compatible ram for this motherboard i know i have a couple post's just trying to find the right price

A:Athlon X2 7850 OEM & Gigabyte GA-MA770-UD3 DDR2 Motherboard

rizzir, welcome to the forums.

Best place to start for that is the supported memory list of the board,

GA-MA770-UD3 (rev. 1.0) - GIGABYTE

The list isn't the be all and end all for what works with the board as they don't have the time to test everything. It is a good place to start though. If it helps any just about any DDR2 should work, just a matter of how much you want to spend.
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My Gigabyte Motherboard (8PE667 Ultra) wont recognise the full speed of my cpu. I have a P4 2.4 and the motherboard only recognises it as a 1.2ghz. A friend was looking at it today and said it has something to do with the Jumpers, but couldnt find any jumpers on the motherboard, or any appropriate settings in the BIOS.

Could anyone please help me


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Does anyone know what Wireless internet card is compatable with the GIGABYTE 8S661fxm-rz moterboard??
How do i find out what connections on my motherboard are called?"so i can buy one for my pc"its using a tp-link at the moment and is very slow at downloading!
can i read them off of the motherboard?
ty for the help guys!

A:Wireless internet card for Gigabyte 8S661fxm-rz motherboard

That board has PCI slots. So most of the current wireless adapter cards would work. Just don't get anything that says PCI-Express.

How are you testing your download speed? What speed do you subscribe to?