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Bootup issues with hardware

Q: Bootup issues with hardware

i think this is the right forums, anyway here i go:

i get the following problems when booting up the computer and doesnt allow me to complete the booting up process i.e freezes when booting up

here are the following messages:

Keyboard error or no keyboard present
Suggested SDram CAS Latency time is "2"
Conflict I/O ports:378
Floppy disk(s) fail (IO)

these messages are random and different every time i start up

the mouse doesnt work either in safe mode and all the connections are secure to the computer, at times the keyboard works. The only reason i can think of these errors is that after using an application that froze the computer i got this.

any help would be great
thank you

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Preferred Solution: Bootup issues with hardware

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Bootup issues with hardware

sorry for double post:

i have a:

P2 333mhz
64mb ram
4.3gb hdd
windows 98
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I'm a newbie & I don't know which forum to go to, sorry if I'm in the wrong one. I've loaded winxp on my system & before I could finish protecting it, norton's & spyware programs, a virus or something got on my drives (got 2) and now every time I bootup I get "found new hardware" & it finds both my disk drives & my cd drives as well as some that have symbols & numbers in them. I've seen this before on my neighbors pc & they had to format & start over, that fixed theirs. I don't want to format my d drive because of all the data on it. I have a backup, but not a current one. besides its a lot of work to restore it. has anyone seen this problem & how do I fix it!!!!!


A:on every bootup I get found new hardware

use your existing protection to attemp to rid your computer of the malicious code. you may have to download one or more removal tools ( which particular protective softwares do you have already? make sure they are both upo-to date before going after the viruses.
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Win 98 on a Pentium 133.
PC boots past the BIOS, it seems, and then hangs and freezes when the screen says:
"Scanning DMI pool...."

This happens on boot to floppy or to hard drive.

What's that mean?

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Happened about 20 seconds after logging in, no idea why, maybe it was something i downloaded? Ive run malwarebytes, MSSE, all clear

can someone help identify the problem?

Thanks in advance, you guys are lifesavers!

A:BSOD After bootup. No new hardware - Driver issue?

What about the network adapter issue? You did not responded there. I think you should have marked that one as solved before starting a new discussion.
Seemingly random BSOD - PFN list corrupt

This time it is a display issue. And the display driver is the latest, 340.52 WHQL.

Stress test the Graphics Card using Furmark.
Video Card - Stress Test with Furmark
Take the 15 minutes benchmark test.

Check if the Power Supply Unit (PSU) supplying adequate power to the computer or not.
eXtreme Power Supply Calculator
Also let us know the wattage of the PSU.

Is the computer hot? Report us the heat of the computer after a couple of hours of your normal usage. Upload a screenshot of the summery tab of Speccy. Alternatively, you can publish a Speccy snapshot too: Speccy - Publish Snapshot of your System Specs .

Let us know the results.

BugCheck 116, {fffffa800b6b3010, fffff8800f5c193c, 0, 2}

*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for nvlddmkm.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for nvlddmkm.sys
Probably caused by : nvlddmkm.sys ( nvlddmkm+15393c )

Followup: MachineOwner

2: kd> !analyze -v
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed.
Arg1: fffffa800b6b3010, Optional pointer to internal TDR recovery context (TDR_RECOVERY_CONTEXT).
Arg2: fffff8800f5c193c, The pointer into responsible device driver module (e.g. owner tag).
Arg3: 0000000000000000, Optional error code (NTSTATUS) of the last failed operation.
Arg4: 0000000000000002, Optional internal context dependent data.

Debugging Details:
fffff880`0f5c193c 48ff256d6d7200 jmp qword ptr [nvlddmkm+0x87a6b0 (fffff880`0fce86b0)]






ANALYSIS_VERSION: 6.3.9600.16384 (debuggers(dbg).130821-1623) amd64fre

fffff880`029c71c8 fffff880`10159134 : 00000000`00000116 fffffa80`0b6b3010 fffff880`0f5c193c 00000000`00000000 : nt!KeBugCheckEx
fffff880`029c71d0 fffff880`10158e3e : fffff880`0f5c193c fffffa80`0b6b3010 fffffa80`0b60fa60 fffffa80`0a4c8410 : dxgkrnl!TdrBugcheckOnTimeout+0xec
fffff880`029c7210 fffff880`0f40ff13 : fffffa80`0b6b3010 00000000`00000000 fffffa80`0b60fa60 fffffa80`0a4c8410 : dxgkrnl!TdrIsRecoveryRequired+0x1a2
fffff880`029c7240 fffff880`0f43ded6 : fffffa80`ffffffff 00000000`0000523b fffff880`029c7390 00000000`00000005 : dxgmms1!VidSchiReportHwHang+0x40b
fffff880`029c7320 fffff880`0f423ce9 : fffffa80`0a4ea000 ffffffff`feced300 00000000`00000005 fffff880`0f55852a : dxgmms1!VidSchWaitForCompletionEvent+0x196
fffff880`029c7360 fffff880`0f426be7 : 00000000`00000001 00000000`00000000 fffffa80`0b606010 fffff8a0`09e05250 : dxgmms1!VIDMM_GLOBAL::xWaitForAllEngines+0x1e9
fffff880`029c7460 fffff880`0f4252d8 : fffff8a0`09e05250 00000000`00000000 fffffa80`0a4ea000 00000004`00000005 : dxgmms1!VIDMM_GLOBAL::SetupForBuildPagingBuffer+0xd7
fffff880`029c74a0 fffff880`0f42522e : 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000001 fffffa80`0a4ea000 fffff880`0f423b56 : dxgmms1!VIDMM_GLOBAL::UnmapVideoApertureSegmentInternal+0x34
fffff880`029c7630 fffff880`0f42e77e : fffffa80`0a2cb930 00000000`00000001 00000000`00000001 00000000`00000000 : dxgmms1!VIDMM_GLOBAL::UnmapVideoApertureSegment+0x13e
fffff880`029c76a0 fffff880`0f42e527 : fffff8a0`09e05250 00000000`00001000 fffffa80`0a2cb930 fffff8a0`09e05250 : dxgmms1!VIDMM_APERTURE_SEGMENT::UnmapApertureRange+0x7a
fffff880... Read more
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How do I randomize all hardware serial numbers each bootup to avoid hardware detection?

I want to change all serial numbers and MAC addresses to random ones.

This is for Windows Vista.

A:How do I randomize all hardware serial numbers each bootup?


What good will it do?
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I installed a Pioneer DVD R/RW into a Dell XP pro machine. Before connecting the cables I downloaded the drivers from the Pioneer website because there was no disc available. I shut down, connected cables, rebooted, went through the found new hardware prompts. The auto driver installer was unable to see the drivers I downloaded. There was an UPGDVD.exe file that accessed DOS and updated the drivers that way. The device works fine.

The problem is that I still get a "new hardware found" popup upon start up and following the instructions w/ automatically searching or looking in a specific place is unsuccessful. The device still works fine after canceling the pop up. It is just annoying and I would like to remedy it.

Device manager sees the DVD burner and says it is working properly.

Suggestions?? Thank you in advance.

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How do I randomize all hardware serial numbers each bootup to avoid hardware detection?

I want to change all serial numbers and MAC addresses to random ones.

This is for Windows Vista.

A:How do I randomize all hardware serial numbers each bootup?

Not sure how about the serial numbers or why you're doing this, but there are command line programs to change MAC addresses, it should be easy enough to write a program to send random values to it on boot up.
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Hey this is my first time posting here but I'm familiar with BSOD's fault. hardware during Windows bootup, suspecting forums and such Well I might as well describe my problem I have a HP Pavilion dv ca laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium CPU AMD Turion X GHz Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce Go M RAM Gb DDR Well Windows BSOD's during bootup, suspecting hardware fault. this all started out a few weeks ago I was busy doing my normal stuff browsing the web talking to my friends on Skype and listening to music in iTunes when I get a notification for an update to bring iTunes up to I did the update and the process went smoothly But then things started to go horribly wrong for me During the reboot sequence Vista blue screened and went into autorestart Unfortunately I was unable to make out what the message said During POST everything was fine but when Vista tried to boot up I chose start Windows Normally when it gave me the option to it blue screened yet again during this bootup and restarted So in a rut I quickly hit f and managed to get into boot options Naturally I tried to get into safe mode BUT that's when things started to get weird It tried to boot but I got absolutely no GUI at all Explorer exe somehow didn't load up properly or anything My mouse was working as the pointer was up and I could move it around and everything but behind it was just a black screen Nothing else at all Frustrated I hard rebooted and did a system restore BUT during the restore I chose a restore point that was set the day before it gave me a message saying that the restore point could not be used please use another one That was an odd one So I fiddled around with the different restore points until I found a good one that was set before the iTunes install But then this is when things got really weird Windows finally managed to boot properly and I could get into my desktop But then I noticed that the internet wasn't connecting I tried to connect manually but Windows kept saying that the dependency group service could not be started This was getting a little odd So I tried to start it manually by going into My Computer BUT when I tried to do that Windows told me that it couldn't start it up at all and then afterwards I got BSOD' yet again Frustrated and going through a horrible anxiety attack my schoolwork and personal files are on this laptop here and I'm not one for backing up on a regular basis I tried doing another system restore THIS time it seemed to have worked out ok cause now the services had managed to get working again I'm typing this up right now on said laptop because everything's stable at the moment However I'm suspecting that Windows won't boot up right if I do a restart and go through the whole cycle yet again leaving me in an anxious mess Since I have no idea where the BSOD report dump is I checked the reliability monitor and it gave me this http i photobucket com albums a ityReport jpg - Part http i photobucket com albums a ityReport jpg - Part http i photobucket com albums a ityReport jpg - Part http i photobucket com albums a ityReport jpg - Part So finally my question is what just happened How did iTunes do this DID iTunes do this Is my computer still properly stable Is a Vista reinstall in my future I need some help making sense out of my situation I appreciate you guys taking the time to read this

A:Windows BSOD's during bootup, suspecting hardware fault.

UPDATE: A friend of mine that's CompTIA A+ Certified took a look at the computer finally and ran some memtests; turns out that there was a bad stick of RAM that was doing this. I'm grabbing another 1 gig stick during the weekend, so that'll be fine now.

This topic can now be closed. :)
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I ve just been well helped by folks in the Mail area for OE I now seem to be having problems booting up Hopefully this can be resolved easily I believe this started when I today attempted to do a quot safe boot quot When I now reboot I get a couple of error popups In the heading of the first a bunch of quot squares quot Text following is Windows cannot find quot squares quot Make sure you have typed Next error Issues Bootup message heading is Desktop Could not load or run quot squares quot specified in Registry Make sure file exists or remove file from registry Next error message heading is many more quot squares quot Windows cannot find quot squares quot Next error message heading is Desktop Could not load or run quot squares as above When scanning for registry issues CCleaner did Bootup Issues not find anything I dont know how to go into registry and Bootup Issues have been told it s like black magic Furthermore my wife reported a Trojan during a scan a week or so ago which seems to have been taken care of by either AVG or Spybot not sure which she used but it tas a Trojan Horse Generic BHES as I read her writing Anyhelp appreciated Thanks Bill Forgot to mention I m running WinXP with all latest updates nbsp

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Hi everyone I m a n b here and I d like to ask for some expert advice about me PC s new motherboard Just recently my ASRock K S GX was destroyed by an insect mad so I ve got an old mobo from my neighbour - it s in Bootup issues great condition an ASUS of some description but everything that was attached to the old board fits in the new one Anyhow I switched it on and everything is working splendidly up to the point where BIOS loads the operating system XP Bootup issues home I just get the quot OS initialisation method quot screen the Bootup issues one where you choose Safe Mode Last Good Config etc Regardless of which choice you pick it just loads a grey bar that sits on full and doesn t change It Safe Mode is chosen then it lists the system drivers and such as they load and the list stops at mup sys Any ideas nbsp

A:Bootup issues

when you change moboz you have to reinstall windows
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So... if you haven't read my post from about an hour ago... here's the deal. Computer Crashed a couple of months ago ---windows wouldn't work right. Windows put back in...separately of other version in an attempt to fix it. --didn't work. Everything from the OLD windows is wiped, it is EMPTY. on Startup I have to choose the version I am on now (i named NEWXP) to start up, it doesn't just start up all by itself. NEWXP is already the default boot option. Any ideas on how to get rid of the other option?

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Socket 775
P4 3.00 GHz Intel
L1 cache 16 KB
L2 cache 2 MB
250 GB SATA Western Digital HD (boot)
200 GB ATA Maxtor HD
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
BIOS Version = ASUS P5ND2-SLI ACPI BIOS Revision 0501

It seems I have to go through a serious of reboots to get my computer going. It will always go through bios but then it usually freezes in a black screen or gives a read boot disk error. On the reboot it will sometimes repeat or go through the XP login. It usaully freezes while it loads the settings. On the next reboot it will load my settings and I'll have my backround and everything but it freezes. It usually boots fine the time after that. Any ideas on why this happens or how to remedy it????

A:bootup issues

Sounds like you have a failing hard drive or a bad master boot record. How old is the hard drive?

I also noticed that you didn't list your PSU, this could be the problem as well. Would you share with us the specs on your PSU?
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Hi all I have a new Dell XPS and have been plagued with strange problems since I got it about a month ago I have not called Sketchy and Issues Bootup Weird Dell because their support is basically worthless IMHO and I can never understand the person on the phone I am technical but not when I can't understand their speech I bought this computer for specs and plan to replace the Sketchy Bootup and Weird Issues mobo very soon for something overclockable For now I can't seem to figure out how to fix a few issues I like it when my computer responds immediately I am not at work and do Sketchy Bootup and Weird Issues not have to put up with the IT group and their policies making my machine unresponsive I am mad as hell and I won't take it anymore My old machine was not like this but then it had Windows bit I am not Sketchy Bootup and Weird Issues sure why this bit version would be so much worse and less responsive unless I have an incompatible piece of hardware installed or something But I have checked all drivers for compatibility and all are bit compliant So what gives Here is a short list of complaints Upon login there is a second black screen then screen appears but is frozen for about to seconds I assume it is loading tasks and services etc I can deal with this if the other issues would go away Getting slow response - - second delay after I press CTL ALT DEL to bring up task manager - then a second black screen then taskman pops up - unacceptable Random freezes This can happen any time and always recovers The pauses are to seconds long and always at the wrong time - anytime is the wrong time When I am trying to do anything and it freezes it just pi e me off - VERY unacceptable The only game I play is MS FSX During simulator flights I suffer from random freezes No crashes just freezes I sit suspended in air for what seems like eternity When shutdown or restart is pressed there is a second delay before it cooperates - unacceptable Sometimes the Internet status icon does not appear in the tray other times the sound service does not start and other times my HP wireless printer monitor service does not start Sometimes all of the above happens Usually a reboot will fix all issues except the freezing and unresponsiveness The computer is as follows Dell XPS i Extreme GB DDR RAM nVidia GTX with MB DDR Hauppauge Tuner PCIe Soundblaster X-Fi Titanium PCIe Windows bit all updates installed MS Security Essentials employed And I removed all the Dell crap the very day I got it from FedEx Please help if you can And you may go ahead and flame me for buying a Dell too Hey it was on credit and discounted through work or else I would still be running a Core Duo because my wife would never let me spend the cash Thanks in advance
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This is the error Bootup with issues Dell laptop message I got when I tried to boot up my Dell laptop If you have received this error more than once it could indicate a serious problem with your computer We Bootup issues with Dell laptop recommend that you do the following Back up your files to avoid data loss in case of a complete hardware failure Contact the original manufacturer of your computer to determine the specific component which is failing Additional technical information Although we know the problem is caused by a hardware component the error report does not contain enough information to tell us the specific component It is likely that the problem is being caused by one of the following computer components Random Access Memory RAM System board Central Processing Unit CPU Power supply My Dell Inspiron isn t doing much inspiring at the moment Matter of fact the only thing it s inspiring is heartache and pain and that s all it s done since I bought it almost years ago Here s the deal with my uninspiring Dell Inspiron It s had a litany of problems It s had its motherboard replaced twice both times under warranty and it s just had its monitor replaced at a local repair shop off of another system I bought from Ebay but that s another story for another time The problem with it now is it won t even load BIOS completely most of the time and when it does load completely it ll completely freeze up after about to minutes not recognizing any key sequence I put in Sometimes it ll even give me a blank screen All this after I just brought it home from its latest trip to the repair shop I m at my wits end I can t afford another computer right now I feel like I ve tossed a thousand bucks down the snake hole Please help Thanks nbsp

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I m hoping someone on here can at least help me to get files off my laptop - My fiance turned her laptop off yesterday prior to us going out When we came back she tried to turn it on and it would should her quot compaq quot bootup screen then it would show a black screen Eventually it would read windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt Ntoskrnl exe Please re-install a copy of the above file So I put the Windows disk in issues Windows Solved: bootup help! please - ran the recovery console and followed the microsoft directions http support microsoft com kb - doing method and Once I did that I tried to reboot and this popped up Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt ntfs sys So again I followed the directions renaming ntfs sys - ntfs old and copying over ntfs Solved: Windows bootup issues - please help! sys to replace it Finally I thought I Solved: Windows bootup issues - please help! had fixed it So I started it back up it got to the Microsoft Windows Home Edition screen that comes up the black screen loading up windows and then it a blue screen popped up saying SESSION INITIALIZATION FAILED I tried to get into safe mode so I could get to the desktop to restore to a point where the computer worked right but it starts to show a list of the files loading up for safe mode when it gets to a point and the same blue screen pops up Basically if I have to reinstall windows to hopefully fix it that is fine but I would like to know if there is A any solution to fixing the problem and at least B being able to files off the drive Any help would be greatly appreciated and i thank everyone in advance for trying to help me with this problem nbsp

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I get bootup times of about - minutes I've Time/Other Bootup Slow issues tried replacing the RAM removing every USB device running in safe mode changing startup programs and finally a system restore to about months ago to Slow Bootup Time/Other issues no avail It happened after I installed some damnable windows updates last weekend and as I said system restore did not work The first critical error is below the rest have just been warnings I would like to avoid reinstalling Vista if possible On an unrelated note it also Slow Bootup Time/Other issues cannot read DVDs CDs unless I reboot it doesn't have the issue if it's connected to the internet Thanks in advance to whoever helps I apologize if this is in the wrong section System Specs Acer Aspire M Intel Core Duo CPU E ghz GB RAM Vista Home Premium bit ATI Radeon HD Pro Log Code Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Performance Operational Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Performance PM Event ID Boot Performance Monitoring Critical Event Log LOCAL SERVICE PC-PC Description Windows has started up Boot Duration ms IsDegradation false Incident Time Slow Bootup Time/Other issues UTC AM Event xmlns quot http schemas microsoft com win events event quot System Provider Name quot Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Performance quot Guid quot cfc ec - b - eba- b- caee b a quot EventID Version Level Task Opcode Keywords x TimeCreated SystemTime quot - - T Z quot EventRecordID Correlation ActivityID quot - B C- - BDE-EEE C quot Execution ProcessID quot quot ThreadID quot quot Channel Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Performance Operational Channel Computer PC-PC Computer Security UserID quot S- - - quot System EventData Data Name quot BootTsVersion quot Data Data Name quot BootStartTime quot - - T Z Data Data Name quot BootEndTime quot - - T Z Data Data Name quot SystemBootInstance quot Data Data Name quot UserBootInstance quot Data Data Name quot BootTime quot Data Data Name quot MainPathBootTime quot Data Data Name quot BootKernelInitTime quot Data Data Name quot BootDriverInitTime quot Data Data Name quot BootDevicesInitTime quot Data Data Name quot BootPrefetchInitTime quot Data Data Name quot BootPrefetchBytes quot Data Data Name quot BootAutoChkTime quot Data Data Name quot BootSmssInitTime quot Data Data Name quot BootCriticalServicesInitTime quot Data Data Name quot BootUserProfileProcessingTime quot Data Data Name quot BootMachineProfileProcessingTime quot Data Data Name quot BootExplorerInitTime quot Data Data Name quot BootNumStartupApps quot Data Data Name quot BootPostBootTime quot Data Data Name quot BootIsRebootAfterInstall quot false Data Data Name quot BootRootCauseStepImprovementBits quot Data Data Name quot BootRootCauseGradualImprovementBits quot Data Data Name quot BootRootCauseStepDegradationBits quot Data Data Name quot BootRootCauseGradualDegradationBits quot Data Data Name quot BootIsDegradation quot false Data Data Name quot BootIsStepDegradation quot false Data Data Name quot BootIsGradualDegradation quot false Data Data Name quot BootImprovementDelta quot Data Data Name quot BootDegradationDelta quot Data Data Name quot BootIsRootCauseIdentified quot false Data EventData Event

A:Slow Bootup Time/Other issues

I get a bootup time of about 2 to 3 minutes with Vista, and even with 7 as well. I would not worry about that part, though the errors may be a bit more serious.

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I decided to run a couple of programs on my laptop that were supposed to help quot tweak quot my system and make Processes, wrong? issues is New BootUp what & it BootUp issues & New Processes, what is wrong? run faster smoother TuneUP Utilities amp lolo memory mechanic from Crucial Since running these programs I ve noticed issues on bootup and I m noticing new process s running on my system that are eating up CPU power amp memory Whenever I restart my computer before my log in screen shows up I get this following message on a blank screen quot Checking file system on C The type of file system is NTFS Cannot open volume for direct access Windows has finished checking the disk quot After screen goes away things seem to run as normal except that my bootup time has increased quite a bit and my system is very sluggish for a few minutes after logging in Whenever I bring up the Task Manager I notice these NEW processes unsecapp exe location C Windows System wbem WmiPrvSE exe Right clicking for properties or location doesn t work System same as above right clicking for info doesn t work I ve run MalwareBytes AVG free and ESET NOD online scanner they all claim that my system is clean However as I ve decribed above I m having a lot of brand new issue that just cropped up today I ve never noticed these process s before and they are eating up a lot of CPU amp memory Also when I ran HijackThis I got the following error quot For some reason your system denied write access to the Hosts file If any hijacked domains are in the file HijackThis may NOT be able to fix this quot Did I get some new quot super bug quot that was hidden in one of those programs one that s evading my AV scans and causing errors with HJT If so how can I get my system fixed If not what else might be going on and how do I fix it nbsp

A:BootUp issues & New Processes, what is wrong?

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 6:28:24 PM, on 9/9/2009
Platform: Windows Vista SP1 (WinNT 6.00.1905)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6001.18294)
Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\ieuser.exe
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\HijackThis\HijackThis.exe
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL =
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Search_URL =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page =
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page =
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Search,SearchAssistant =
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Search,CustomizeSearch =
R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Local Page =
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Local Page =
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings,ProxyOverride = *.local
R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar,LinksFolderName =
R3 - URLSearchHook: Yahoo! Toolbar - {EF99BD32-C1FB-11D2-892F-0090271D4F88} - C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Companion\Installs\cpn\yt.dll
O1 - Hosts: ::1 localhost
O2 - BHO: Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper - {06849E9F-C8D7-4D59-B87D-784B7D6BE0B3} - C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Acrobat\ActiveX\AcroIEHelper.dll
O2 - BHO: IESiteBlocker.NavFilter - {3CA2F312-6F6E-4B53-A66E-4E65E497C8C0} - C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG8\avgssie.dll
O2 - BHO: Java(tm) Plug-In SSV Helper - {761497BB-D6F0-462C-B6EB-D4DAF1D92D43} - C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\ssv.dll
O2 - BHO: Windows Live Sign-in Helper - {9030D464-4C02-4ABF-8ECC-5164760863C6} - C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Windows Live\WindowsLiveLogin.dll
O2 - BHO: Google Toolbar Helper - {AA58ED58-01DD-4d91-8333-CF10577473F7} - c:\program files\google\googletoolbar1.dll
O2 - BHO: Java(tm) Plug-In 2 SSV Helper - {DBC80044-A445-435b-BC74-9C25C1C588A9} - C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jp2ssv.dll
O3 - Toolbar: &Google - {2318C2B1-4965-11d4-9B18-009027A5CD4F} - c:\program files\google\googletoolbar1.dll
O3 - Toolbar: Yahoo! Toolbar - {EF99BD32-C1FB-11D2-892F-0090271D4F88} - C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Companion\Installs\cpn\yt.dll
O3 - Toolbar: (no name) - {CCC7A320-B3CA-4199-B1A6-9F516DD69829} - (no file)
O4 - HKUS\S-1-5-19\..\Run: [Sidebar] %ProgramFiles%\Windows Sidebar\Sidebar.exe /detectMem (User 'LOCAL SERVICE')
O4 - HKUS\S-1-5-19\..\Run: [WindowsWelcomeCenter] rundll32.exe oobefldr.dll,ShowWelcomeCenter (User 'LOCAL SERVICE')
O4 - HKUS\S-1-5-20\..\Run: [Sidebar] %ProgramFiles%\Windows Sidebar\Sidebar.exe /detectMem (User 'NETWORK SERVICE')
O8 - Extra context menu item: E&xport to Microsoft Excel - res://C:\PROGRA~1\MICROS~3\Office12\EXCEL.EXE/3000
O9 - Extra button: Send to OneNote - {2670000A-7350-4f3c-8081-5663EE0C6C49} - C:\PROGRA~1\MICROS~3\Office12\ONBttnIE.dll
O9 - Extra 'Tools' menuitem: S&end to OneNote - {2670000A-7350-4f3c-8081-5663EE0C6C49} - C:\PROGRA~1\MICROS~3\Office12\ONBttnIE.dll
O9 - Extra button: Research - {92780B25-18CC-41C8-B9BE-3C9C571A8263} - C:\PROGRA~1\MICROS~3\Office12\REFIEBAR.DLL
O13 - Gopher Prefix:
O16 - DPF: {7530BFB8-7293-4D34-9923-61A11451AFC5} -
O16 - DPF: {E2883E8F-472F-4FB0-9522-AC9BF37916A7} - Read more
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My dad s Dell is having a series of issues He posted a similar thread in the Hardware forum but it s possible it might be more than hardware so checking here to see if ya ll might (XP) issues 8400 Dell with Bootup/Network/etc have some suggestions as I know this forum gets more visibility and he s getting anxious He turned on the computer last night to have it not booting up at all It gave a series of beeps followed by beeps and then wouldn t do anything after that He tried multiple times with one or two of them bring him to the BSD asking to boot in safe mode or system restore He did try a system restore Bootup/Network/etc issues with Dell 8400 (XP) but that just caused it to beep at him again and then shut off Then this morning while I was on the phone with him it booted up normally however he s got no internet connectivty with it But he is able to access the other machines in the house that are on the internal network I ll be heading over there in about an hour or so and will be there for a few hours Any and all suggests or support would be greatly appreciated I don t have the technical specs handy but if you need them let me know and I ll get them Right now I think I mostly need to know some decent diagnostics I can have him run nbsp

A:Bootup/Network/etc issues with Dell 8400 (XP)

*bumping so my dad can find it easier for posting his own replies and details*

He's having continued multiple issues. The machine seems to be booting up now without major issues and beeps. However now he's having repeated Unknown USB Device errors, and such. One time we tried to fix it, the machine wouldn't recognize the external USB HD anymore. Took a bit of trying but we got that back.
Still having issues with the machine, though.
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Hi All,

I need some assistance .. I have a friends laptop that seems to have some boot up issues. Once, I turn it on it goes thru the normal bootup and XP logo screen just displays and never get past that . I have tried F8 - Safe boot - all options and still at same point . Just display XP logo screen and sits there . It is just the Blue screen with Windows XP logo with some hd activity and nothing. I am able to move mouse around the screen. Atleast, I know it is not locked up .

My friend said the last thing she was doing was using a usb drive and safely removed it.

Any suggestions .. Please help

A:HP Laptop - WinXP Home - Logo Bootup issues

Can anyone please help me ?
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I added a third sata internal HDD—every time I boot up windows asks to look for a driver—if I let it look, it will not find one anywhere even if i manually look for the driver and the drive disappears from drive manager and my computer—it I use task manager to kill the “look for driver process” everything is fine—stranger yet NOTHING shows up as an error in task manager! (ever) (the drive is present with drivers installed!) Any ideas?
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Hi, This is my first post, Please let me know if this is correct forum. My Lenovo 11 Yoga recently had an issue with its power jack where the inner rectangular part came loose. I ordered a replacement power jack connector E54926 and was able to remove laptop cover and attach the replacement.Now, when powered - I can see a very faint "LENOVO" logo and nothing afterwards.So, I am unsure where the problem could reside.  I tried increasing the brightness which didn't help. Could you please suggest how to troubleshoot further. Let me know and I can fill additional details. Thanks in advance
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This is very troubling, I get the attached error. Before it says no driver found it says "Searching preconfigured folders"

What I have done:
Installed the latest drivers from Compaq's website, including chipset
Scanned computer with Compaq's driver scanner, updated a video chipset it said was NEW
Downloaded the chipset drivers from Intel's website
Updated the BIOS
Tried using a blunt force driver installer (I don't normally use these)
Searched Windows Updates for any updates, including hardware
Under Device Manager, it doesn't show ANYTHING as unknown, exclamation, question, etc...all looks well there
Tried uninstalling USB from Device Manager and rebooted

Does anyone have ANY suggestions? It comes up everytime the computer boots, I have searched and searched Google and haven't really found anyone who has had this problem...

Windows 7 64-bit
Model: Compaq Presario CQ60-615DX

A:Intel ICH9 Family USB2 driver issues on bootup

Motherboard sounds like to might be failing. My only suggestion is to try SlimDrivers. Other then that if the system is still under warranty you could try having it replaced.
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Greetings Trying to help my neighbor fix her PC she has some software opens at - malware they had related? are issues My bootup, window some Documents loaded to access her workplace but it isn t a company machine and they won t help her because it s quot not a company PC and it s not work-related quot because her kids may have caused it On bootup her My Documents folder opens rightin the middle of the desktop IE wasn t resolving My Documents window opens at bootup, had some malware issues - are they related? webpages She was getting popups for a while I ran a HJT scan and Googled a few of the My Documents window opens at bootup, had some malware issues - are they related? things My Documents window opens at bootup, had some malware issues - are they related? that I didn t recognize I used to work at a helpdesk resolving spyware virus issues Some of them looked connected to rootkits and other malware I booted into safe mode with networking ran a current AVAST scan - it found nothing I also ran an updated SSD and cleaned up few adware pests I ran an online scan www eset com - it cleaned a few things my wife walked by and clicked quot fix all quot before I could make note of them Housecall wouldn t load - it complained there was no connection to the Internet Booted back into normal mode - and still have same My Documents problem She was getting errors about her proxy settings not being correct - I went into the IE Control Panel and put them back on quot Automatically Detect quot and disabled the proxy settings which had been populated with seemed suspicious This seemed to resolve IE not connecting to pages but she still gets that My Doucments folder opening at reboot - which leaves me suspicious that the problem isn t really gone yet I see no Java in her add remove list but something called Automise Runtime - which appears to be some sort of keystoke automation software She says she would never have loaded it Otherwise her add remove list looks pretty benign other than some HP crapware I suspected the SAAZDPMACTL - Zenith Infotech Ltd - until I found them online - they look like a Tech Support service she may have used to resolve company issues I m stumped Is there something obvious I am missing Is the My Docs folder launch a MS Windows blip I can fix - or is it a sign of something more sinister I would appreciate any advice at all Thx jlk The current HJT log Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system Ati evxx exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C PROGRA AVG AVG avgwdsvc exe C Program Files LogMeIn x RaMaint exe C Program Files LogMeIn x LogMeIn exe C PROGRA AVG AVG avgam exe C PROGRA AVG AVG avgnsx exe C Program Files LogMeIn x LMIGuardian exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared VS DEBUG MDM EXE C WINDOWS system HPZipm exe C PROGRA SAAZOD SAAZDPMACTL EXE C Program Files AVG AVG avgcsrvx exe C Program Files AVG AVG avgrsx exe C PROGRA SAAZOD SAAZRemoteSupport exe C PROGRA SAAZOD SAAZScheduler exe C PROGRA SAAZOD SAAZServerPlus exe C PROGRA SAAZOD SAAZWatchDog exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C PROGRA AVG AVG avgemc exe C PROGRA SAAZOD RMHLPDSK exe C Program Files AVG AVG avgcsrvx exe C WINDOWS system Ati evxx exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPLpr exe C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnh exe C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI Control Panel atiptaxx exe C Program Files HPQ Quick Launch Buttons EabServr exe C Program Files Common Files Sonic Update Manager sgtray exe C WINDOWS system dla tfswctrl exe C PROGRA AVG AVG avgtray exe C Program Files LogMeIn x LogMeInSystray exe C Program Files HP HP Software Update HPWuSchd exe C Program Files LogMeIn x LMIGuardian exe C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe C ... Read more
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Hi guys Just joined the forum hopefully you can help me out Bit of context I've built a new pc and everything has been working perfectly for the past weeks All of a sudden today I've had a few issues I've tried troubleshooting but been unsuccessful so far Issues I got win7 time BSOD, Problem with SSD, Monitor issues on bootup via the BSOD a couple of times trying to boot today however I didn't get the error code as the default restart on failure setting was on when I eventually got the pc to boot and switched the setting off I've not had the BSOD again so will update if I can get the error code The pc would hang on starting windows for about minute seconds then give the BSOD I had to use system restore and reset the CMOS settings to get the pc to boot which now it does however this is where the issue I'm stuck on comes into play Since then I've still been getting a long boot time on startup with windows it went from seconds in the previous weeks to minute seconds today have tried clean boot and the startup time is the same I've also tried sfc scannow to verify the system and there are no integrity violations I have a duel monitor setup and noticed the main monitor I use as my desktop is no longer the one showing the system startup but rather my secondary one is I didn't change any settings here and found the primary desktop is still set as the main monitor once the pc boots to desktop eventually I have the main monitor plugged into the motherboard via DVI and the secondary plugged into my graphics card also via DVI I'm getting a feeling the motherboard might be causing the problems here I have a secondary hard drive set up to Problem with bootup time on win7 via SSD, BSOD, Monitor issues put all the files on I don't regularly use to free space up on my SSD which again was working perfectly for the last weeks however I've just noticed the pc is no longer showing the secondary hard drive in my computer I don't know if this is because I reset the CMOS settings to default Will try changing the hard drive SATA port on the mobo and update Any suggestions would be appreciated Thanks in advance Scott

A:Problem with bootup time on win7 via SSD, BSOD, Monitor issues

Update: Turned the pc on this morning and it took 12 seconds to boot, the hard drive is showing in my computer now as well. I don't know what the problem was or why it's not happened this morning but hopefully it doesn't come back.

Will update if there is an ongoing problem, if not I will be marking this thread as solved later on today.
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EDIT FOR ANYBODY WITH THIS PROBLEM JUST CUTTING OUT ALL THE UNNEEDED FLUFF bootup mouse Nothing on issues. weird CtrlAltDel Having clickable until Solved: SO YOU CAN FIND YOUR ANSWER Problem On boot up desktop is not Solved: Having weird mouse issues. Nothing clickable until CtrlAltDel on bootup clickable have to ctrl-alt-delete to make it so Some programs do not work right as parts of them become quot isolated quot forcing the mouse to only work in that little part of the program making the rest inaccessible On bootup desktop does not work because it isolates your widgets I could move weather widget around Solution Change mice It was related to a broken side button make sure when you change mice to test a new one that you completely shut down to switch mice if you boot up with the bad one plugged in and THEN switch them the problem will still exist In my research it seems this problem is due to side buttons on mice So if you use a mouse with side buttons ie more than just left click right click and scroll wheel that is probably the problem Make sure your side buttons are not stuck or broken nbsp

A:Solved: Having weird mouse issues. Nothing clickable until CtrlAltDel on bootup
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Not sure if these are related or DVD/USB Issues Hardware Various not but my PC is having various hardware issues Various Hardware Issues DVD/USB I m using a Dell Inspiron running Windows XP SP It has a ghz Celeron processor and MB of RAM The machine is connected to a Vantec Lapcool cooling station which has USB Ports an SD MMC Card reader an MS MS PRO slot an SM slot and a CF CF II MD slot I am not sure if the two USB ports on the Dell itself are or I also use a Lexmark X Prin-Treo printer connected via USB Finally I had a Various Hardware Issues DVD/USB virtual DVD drive installed but removed it hoping to fix at least part of these problems with no luck Various Hardware Issues DVD/USB Here are my issues DVD drive won t read DVDs It reads audio and data discs just fine but won t detect a DVD for some reason I thought the virtual drive was causing this but removing it didn t help USB SD Card Reader issues After successfully using my SD card reader once I used the Safely Remove function before taking out the SD card and noticed that the entire cooling station was quot stopped quot for removal Since then I can t get the card reader to read the SD card even though the fans on the cooling station appear to be working fine I tried disconnecting the entire device and removing all the USB drivers from my system Oddly even after doing this the machine loaded USB ports even though there are only two built in The other removable storage devices MS SM CF are not recognized until I reconnect the cooling station Printer After going through the process described above with my cooling station the printer reinstalled new quot copies quot of its driver rather than the ones previous there So now when I print I am using quot Copy quot and quot Copy quot rather than the original driver and original quot Copy quot I used before Not a big deal but I thought it might illuminate the problem a bit I don t know if this stuff is related or if my machine is just getting to old to work well The cooling station does come with its own power supply but I m confused about why the SD reader would work fine the first time but then require additional power Needless to say the DVD drive is my biggest concern so any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

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Hello i have a computer that is running Windows XP I recently came upon a problem trying to access any websites When i go to either Chrome IE or FF it wont let me go to any websites I have used LAN cabled connection forever but i also had a Wireless ethernet adaptor that i enabled and tried to use that as well So i tried both wired and wireless and they both can connect to the network but it wont go to any sites it would just sit there and either do nothing or say something like action has been canceled Now i went to the Command Prompt and i ping a couple of addresses such as yahoo and my router address and they all came Issues, Hardware with LAN XP back positive with no packets interrupted or not sent So that told me that i was indeed connected to the internet I also tried to connect to the network with my other desktop and laptop and they can surf the internet pretty well XP Hardware Issues, with LAN so i know it has been singled down to that specific computer It was working well until today I dont know what happened Can anyone give me some help I dont know if this is a networking issue or a hardware issue I have uninstalled and reinstalled all of the internet browsers as well and nothing works I have also reinstalled all the drivers for my WAN and LAN ethernet cards and nothing happened Any help would be appreciated Thank you nbsp

A:XP Hardware Issues, with LAN

closing duplicate thread, please continue here.


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This could just as easily be posted in the Windows or Other OS folders but since I issues Hardware OS and suspect that it s a hardware issue this seemed like the place to put it My wife got bit hard by the Linux bug and decided to install Ubuntu on her system about - months ago Since we have the quot normal quot sort of married relationship she got the better hardware in her box the specs escape me at the moment my apologies while I got stuck using the older stuff We recently purchased her a laptop for work and so I now have the ability to upgrade myself to her old system Here s the issue merely switching hard drives with the same hardware earns me a strange sound from the drive and seeing a blue screen window flash onto the screen before the mobo reboots itself I get an option to run Hardware and OS issues the drive in Safe Mode but to no avail as the same whirring sound and blue screen error flickers on the screen too fast to see before rebooting again and again The Ubuntu drive boots up fine with the same hardware and the WinXP drive boots up fine with the old hardware but despite flashing the BIOS and CMOS nothing seems to work My only option at this point seems to be moving all the sensitive files off of the WinXP drive through our network to her laptop and then to completely reformat both drives as I d like to use both in the finished setup Any help or advice would be very much appreciated nbsp

A:Hardware and OS issues

If she had the "better" hardware and you had the "older stuff", then the hardware is not the "same", is it? If you move a Windows installation to a different chipset, then it happily BSODs.
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I am having a problem with my PC It is a home built with a Gigabyte Issues Hardware EP T Extreme motherboard with a Intel CPU GB DDR Corsair ram Gigabyte Nivida GT video card and GB Sata drives set up in a RAID array I have tried overclocking and cannot Hardware Issues get it stable Runs fine for a time and then suddenly starts not to POST I have gone back to completely standard to see if I can find the problem and even with that there are issues The drive has two Primary partitions and one extended that is devided up into other partitions The first primary holds Vista x and the second is going to hold Windows Server as a demo trial Symptoms One symptom is that when it goes to power up the fans start up it tries to POST and then shuts itself down and does that in a continuous loop There is no beeps or any response at all Looking at the lights on the MB all seems normal To fix this I have to remove the video card and pop out the memory and put it all back in and then it works Almost as though something has not seated properly Second symptom is that access to the drive appears very slow but a read test shows quite good compared to another PC that is slightly under powered from this one Getting up around MB sec read speeds Third symptom and has only just started since I tried to install Windows Server Got it installed but the version I had must have had a preinstalled key on it and it would not give me the trial so I reformated the partition and started again Now every time I go to install it it Hardware Issues will fail saying the file is corrupt After cancelling and restarting the POST screen takes ages to scan through the SATA ports and one drive is usually missing I am assuming this is the cause of the corrupt file as well Other times the drives show up but the RAID array does not show up Only way to fix it is to power the machine down not simply reset and power up again and it usually boots up fine Sorry for the long post but it is driving me batty This is my th PC I have built and while I have had the odd trouble with the others they have been quickly traced down to faulty memory or a drive that failed I am at a loss with this one The video card is huge and actually sits on the SATA connector for the DVD but it looks fully seated and is locked in with the clip The only other thing nearby is a Draytek n router that has wireless It is sitting fairly close to the PC and above it Any suggestions welcome

A:Hardware Issues

Hello veldthui,
I had a very similar problem, (different hardware), i found that upping the voltage to the NB and memory fixed it for me, i don't suppose this is going to be that easy, but may be worth a try.

I think i would try just one HDD and a fresh install until the system is running OK.

Symptom One, does it do this when the Bios is set to default ?, because thats normally the sign of a bad OC.

Hope this helps, good luck and post your results.
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I accidentally dropped my laptop while it was running, the keyboard stopped working, so I turned it off and back on, and it said hardware failure imminent, please back up now and it said to press f2 for diagnostics or enter to run startup.. so I press f2 to run a hardware test, and its saying the test failed. Here's what it said - failure id: 9u4emw-6np86h-mfgjxg-608g03 and product id: d1e80ua#aba. When I try to run startup, it just goes black and won't do anything. Please help, if you can. Will I have to replace my hard drive?
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hey there.. i have this probelm..all my programs and desktop icons..and anything i try to download to fix it shows in paper form..if i try to access anything using my start menu such contorl panel i get message:To opeen this file windows needs to know what created it. Windows can go online to look up automatically, or you can manually select from a list of programs on your computer.

use the wb service to find program
select the program from list..
when does this mean? and what can i do to fix it..

A:hardware issues

Isn`t this the same post you`ve got in the XP forum ...
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I m hurting bad My desktop has been on the fritz for the last month or so My major suspect is Issues Hardware the motherboard Problems Random reboots BSODs Freezing Steps tried MemTest - Yielded THOUSANDS of errors on my sticks of RAM Corsair Hardware Issues XMS MB PC DDR MHz - Tested them individually and in both slots and errors were found all times and RAPIDLY - Got replacement sticks from TigerDirect and within minutes of testing on MemTest I found errors CPU was overclocked at GHz AMD Athlon x BE so Hardware Issues returned it to GHz Downloaded BlueScreenView to check out my recent BSODs and found that amp ntkrnlpa exe amp was misbehaving A Google search lead me to a thread where updating networking drivers solved the issue so I did that I had a freeze a few minutes later Bought this desktop as a bargain bundle from TigerDirect http www tigerdirect ca applicati -WebletMain- Hardware Issues -CANLET- - order amp SRCCODE CANLET Along with this video card http www tigerdirect ca applicati -WebletMain- -CANLET- - order amp SRCCODE CANLET Let it be known that my HDD already crashed and was replaced by Seagate May be related Video of MemTest pre-RAM switch http www youtube com watch v WyFPGVGpeA Image of MemTest post-RAM switch Data from BlueScreenView Dump File - - dmp Crash Time PM Bug Check String PFN LIST CORRUPT Bug Check Code x e Parameter x Parameter x e Parameter x cff f Parameter x Caused By Driver halmacpi dll Caused By Address halmacpi dll b File Description Hardware Abstraction Layer DLL Product Name Microsoft Windows Operating System Company Microsoft Corporation File Version win sp beta - Processor -bit Computer Name Full Path C Windows Minidump - - dmp Processors Count Major Version Minor Version Dump File - - dmp Crash Time AM Bug Check String BAD POOL CALLER Bug Check Code x c Parameter x Parameter x Parameter x Parameter xfea c Caused By Driver win k sys Caused By Address win k sys fdcf File Description Multi-User Win Driver Product Name Microsoft Windows Operating System Company Microsoft Corporation File Version win rtm - Processor -bit Computer Name Full Path C Windows Minidump - - dmp Processors Count Major Version Minor Version Dump File - - dmp Crash Time AM Bug Check String MEMORY MANAGEMENT Bug Check Code x a Parameter x Parameter x be Parameter x f Parameter x e Caused By Driver ntkrnlpa exe Caused By Address ntkrnlpa exe dec File Description NT Kernel amp System Product Name Microsoft Windows Operating System Company Microsoft Corporation File Version win sp beta - Processor -bit Computer Name Full Path C Windows Minidump - - dmp Processors Count Major Version Minor Version Dump File - - dmp Crash Time AM Bug Check String UNEXPECTED KERNEL MODE TRAP Bug Check Code x f Parameter x d Parameter x Parameter x Parameter x Caused By Driver amdppm sys Caused By Address amdppm sys f File Description Processor Device Driver Product Name Microsoft Windows Operating System Company Microsoft Corporation File Version win rtm - Processor -bit Computer Name Full Path C Windows Minidump - - dmp Processors Count Major Version Minor Version Dump File - - dmp Crash Time PM Bug Check String UNEXPECTED KERNEL MODE TRAP Bug Check Code x f Parameter x d Parameter x Parameter x Parameter x Caused By Driver amdppm sys Caused By Address amdppm sys f File Description Processor Device Driver Product Name Microsoft Windows Operating System Company Microsoft Corporation File Version win rtm - Processor -bit Computer Name Full Path C Windows Minidump - - dmp Processors Count Major Version Minor Version Dump File - - dmp Crash Time AM Bug Check String PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA Bug Check Code x Parameter x c Parameter x Parameter xb f c Parameter x Caused By Driver halmacpi dll Caused By Address halmacpi dll b File Description Hardware Abstraction Layer DLL Product Name Microsoft Windows Operating System Company Microsoft Corporation File Version win sp beta - Processor -bit Computer Name Full Path C Windows Minidump - - dmp Proces... Read more

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Hello to any kind soul who can help me with some Hardware issues! of these problems Before you read below Hardware issues! please note I am on another computer with internet and Hardware issues! that is how I am writing this Okay so to begin with I recently reformatted downgraded actually from Vista Home Premium to XP professional in hopes of removing a polymorphic file infecter that was on my computer Very unfortunately more harm than good was done I m now missing drivers which I cannot find anywhere on the internet and in Device Manager there s an exclamation point next to a and the devices I am missing apparently are an Ethernet Controller Network Controller PCI Device and an SM bus controller I found out that I cannot connect to the internet nor does my sound work It seems like a relatively easy fix just find the drivers and reinstall them but I ve been at it for a couple of days now and I can t seem to find the right ones Any help would be very much appreciated - NihonjinSarilo nbsp

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I am a newbie to this forum Trying to get at the root of some error issues in my event viewer I had a virus removed with Spy Sweeper but I m still having some hardware issues that makes my browser close For some background info here is a part of my Spy Sweeper program and the virus info Operation Registry Access Target SYSTEM ControlSet Enum Root LEGACY SSIDRV Hardware I think issues, Driver Source C WINDOWS SYSTEM SERVICES EXE PM Tamper Detection Operation Registry Hardware issues, I think Access Target SYSTEM ControlSet Enum Root LEGACY SSHRMD Driver Source C WINDOWS SYSTEM SERVICES EXE PM Tamper Detection Operation Registry Access Target SYSTEM ControlSet Enum Root LEGACY SSIDRV Driver Source C WINDOWS SYSTEM Hardware issues, I think SERVICES EXE PM Tamper Detection Operation Registry Access Target SYSTEM ControlSet Enum Root LEGACY SSHRMD Driver Source C WINDOWS SYSTEM SERVICES EXE PM Tamper Detection Operation Registry Access Target SYSTEM ControlSet Enum Root LEGACY SSIDRV Driver Source C WINDOWS SYSTEM SERVICES Hardware issues, I think EXE PM Tamper Detection Operation Registry Access Target SYSTEM ControlSet Enum Root LEGACY SSHRMD Driver Source C WINDOWS SYSTEM SERVICES EXE PM Tamper Detection Operation Registry Access Target SYSTEM ControlSet Enum Root LEGACY SSIDRV Driver Source C WINDOWS SYSTEM SERVICES EXE PM Tamper Detection Operation Registry Access Target SYSTEM ControlSet Enum Root LEGACY SSHRMD Driver Source C WINDOWS SYSTEM SERVICES EXE PM Tamper Detection So this was eradicated from my computer a few days ago But I m getting these expected closings in firefox and internet explorer and disk errors tthat I don t understand Hanging application firefox exe Version hang module hungapp version hang address x Falut bucket Faulting application explorer exe Version faulting module unknown Version fault address x ac Fault bucket An error was detected on device Device Harddisk D during a paging operation The interesting thing about the Internet explorer messages is that I m in Firefox when I get them So why would I get internet explorer messages Like I said I think this a hardware issue since I felt pretty safe about the elimination of the virus Any help you can bring to this issue would be appreciated nbsp

A:Hardware issues, I think


Explorer.exe is Not Internet Explorer

The fault (yes a Hardware fault) is referring to your HardDrive, or HardDrive data Cable

Regarding HardDrive: Run a HardDrive Diagnostic Test
Regarding (Sata) HardDrive data cable: Replace
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First I get into BIOS my optical drive is recognized I install windows boom We re in Second I try to install drivers because my motherboard once I got passed the bios did not recognize my ethernet cable and mouse keyboard so I had to plug in the cable for the front side USB in my motherboard in order to navigate Then I begin to install drivers and once I install a couple drivers my PC restarts on Hardware Overall with Issues it s own since then I cannot install or do anything because my PC doesn t recognize my Optical drive Troubleshooting Drive is powered can put in and take out disks Changed Sata cables SSD is recognized so I used the cable from the SSD to the Optical drive and used it for the optical Drive Still nothing but SSD is still recognized and I can log into windows Powered down took out optical drive completely powered on without it then plugged it back in after turning PC on and powering down w o Optical Drive Nothing worked Am I missing something here This is my first PC build on my own Thank you so much for those who can give insight on the issue nbsp

A:Overall Issues with Hardware

Please post your system specs, To include Make and model for the following Mother Board (including Revision number), Processor (Exact Model Number), Ram, Video Card, Hdd(s), Optical Drive(s), Power Supply Manufacturer Model, Wattage and Amperage on the +12V Rails, OS, and any other peripherals installed on the motherboard.
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PC Spec: Pentuim 2, 192 mb RAM, 40 GB HD, WXP Pro.

Recently, I took out a 32MB SIMM and replaced it with a 128MB DIMM, to see if it would work (feebie from work). When I restarted my computer, it took about 4 mins to get through the Tulip startup screen. Finally, when I reached the User account screen, the mouse (PS2) crashed.

I replaced the mouse with a USB mouse, and it worked fine, but now the keyboard has crashed. My serial ports seem to have stoped working.

From what, I could see, the PC has taken the memory, but is running slower than b4 (faulty RAM, incompatable?). The serial port problem may by unrelated, but seems highly co-incidental.

Any thoughts???



A:Hardware issues

Have you tried putting the original memory back in to see if u still have the same problems?
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i am having difficulty getting my new pc working. i am attempting to use my old harddisk with win 7 preinstalled. it works fine in my old pc but when i put it in my new pc i get the dreaded blue screen then it reboots.
tried using windows recovery but that doesn't seem to help at all.
the new pc specs are as follows, ga-z77-d3h m/b. overclocked i5 3570. 16gb ddr3 ram. in an antek 300 case with 750w powercool modular psu. also with an asus gtx 560ti graphics card.
i cannot use the windows disk for recovery as i do not have a compatible disk drive currently. (the old one uses data cable, not supported by new m/b)
any suggestions?

A:new hardware issues

Hi and welcome to TSF the operating system is looking for the drivers from the old system so it will not boot at best you could try a repair but it may not work and you need a install disc the other option is a fresh install but you need a disc for that also and it then goes to you purchasing a disc if the one you had is oem tied to the old machine plus a cd\dvd drive
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ok you are going to love this one. had a compaq 5002CA with 800 mhz 192 mb and a zillion problems . finally mother board went, so i put the hard drive with ME , the modem (pctel- hsp56), the cd writer (phillips 20 x i think?) into a deskpro compaq with a used mother board . 400 mhz pentium 11 . now i cannot get the modem to work tried new drivers etc... and in system info i get an error ACPI IRQ holder for PCI IR , ACPI\PNPOCF\00000002 error code 22. i checked the powercfg. and apparently if the systems prepares to hibernate after changing it the APCI is suppose to be working and it does so what next???

A:hardware issues i think ???PLEASE HELP

When you moved the O/S to the new motherboard, things didn't match up. The most logical course of action is to format the new drive and reinstall your O/S, most times you can't just rip the MB out and install a new one without problems like the one you describe.
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My girlfriend is running a laptop with Vista on it She believes that the problems occured as a result of her downloading service pack since the problems arose around the same time though I m not certain this is the case She first smelled something rotten when her CD drive didn t start Hardware issues a movie she put in it She opened the My Computer icon and saw that there wasn t even a CD drive being shown underneath her Hardware issues C drive No icon Nothing Later on she noticed her USB drives weren t working correctly They were charging her phone but not properly detecting it The icon that was shown says Removable Device She clicks on properties and then clicks the Hardware tab It brings up the name of the hard drive she has for her computer and Android for her phone I ve had her disable and re-enable the USB devices but that hasn t worked I have no clue how to handle the CD Drive since that isn t even showing up in the list of hardware her computer has plugged in I ve had her update drivers and that hasn t done the trick either Obviously her USB ports are getting power if it s charging her phone but they aren t detecting things properly Anyone got any suggestions nbsp

A:Hardware issues

When you go into device manager, do you see any yellow ! or ? there?
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Sorry i didnt see this board ebfore and i dont know how to move the topic, but i got a hardware problem, well i think its caused by hardware:

If you can help please do, if yuou could move the topic here? (moderator) that would help thanks

A:Hardware issues

Please do not double-post. Make a request if you want something moved.
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I am creating this thread to identify and provide information about hardware, both internal and external, that is not fully compatible and functional when using Windows 8.

When you list a component/device, please use the following for ease of reading:

Type of Device:
Model Number:
Designed For:
Windows 8 Issues: For example, does not work at all, software/utility program doesn't work, limited functionality, driver used, etc

A:Windows 8 Hardware Issues

Type of Device: Video card
Manufacturer: MSI
Model Number: N210 (nVidia, 512MB DDR3)
Designed For: Windows 7
Windows 8 Issues: MSI Afterburner program does not work. Desktop shell menu (Screen Resolution, etc) is VERY slow to respond. Hardware does function properly. Utilizing 2 of these with a 4 monitor setup.
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Right now, my laptop has multiple hardware issues. First, it heats up very quickly, even if I am not using a lot of programs at once. Secondly, it does not recognize the battery anymore. Also, it does not recognize the C: drive any more because the system crashed in the middle of being wiped by CCleaner. Now, whenever I try to do anything on this laptop, it is exceptionally laggy and crashes a few times a day.

What can I try doing to fix these issues?

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The hp pavilion dv notebook I bought is a lemon The most hardware issues..HELP! Numerous recent and most aggravating problem is the monitor stopped working It started out Numerous hardware issues..HELP! by randomly displaying green areas with some red dots in place of dark colors I played around with the screen wires and it cleared up the problem for a few weeks after that Numerous hardware issues..HELP! the display would disappear completely then come back Now it s mostly just a blank black screen with some scrambled mixture that show up once in a while I have it plugged into an external monitor right now and the display is fine on there but its Numerous hardware issues..HELP! not very convenient I swapped the screen and wires from a different hp notebook model and the problem persists although the swapped parts condition is questionable also Another issue that I ve had for a long time is the dvd rom doesn t work properly It s getting power and I can open up the tray but its not recognized anywhere on my laptop I swapped the dvd drive from the same laptop I got the screen and wires from and the problem is still there The camera and microphone also don t work but that doesn t bother me much at all So does anyone have any suggestions about what might be going on here Any help is appreciated Also on a side note the left screen hinge snapped and I m on the third power cord now The tip that plugs into the laptop has been overheating and coming loose Overall this laptop has been a headache nbsp

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So looking to make my computer run faster while running games browsing and I want to make upgrades issues & Hardware run sure I'm Hardware upgrades & run issues covering my bases Already have a comcast modem granted there are faster modems but internet connection has always been fast Buying RAM upgrades for my computer a Dell Dimension MB chips However the website I'm buying from told me it's capable of holding GB chips and after checking my manual turned out that it can't That sound reliable or should i even bother and continue the purchase Memory itself is fine gigs and it's only half full I don't know any other Hardware upgrades & run issues ways to significantly boosting my computer's speed suffice freeing up memory but if there are other factors i need to consider please let me know Second problem run issue A few months ago I opened a bad rar file which Hardware upgrades & run issues contained a virus or something of that nature and since then IE pop-ups have been invading my screen I've tried several times to delete the virus via free antivirus software or a system restore which locked me out from any previous dates the virus came into contact What's the best FREE way into ridding myself of the virus which i think is adware I'm thinking of completely cleaning my C drive and restarting from the systems discs which I'll ask from this board to help me do but please let me know if there is some free software that can help me

A:Hardware upgrades & run issues

the 1g should be sufficient for xp
follow the five steps here
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Hey everyone, I've got a problem..

I'm trying to play some CoD1 and I'm having some troubles getting a steady FPS of 125, I don't know why though. I recently reformatted and before I did so I could run CoD1 perfectly fine with a steady FPS of 125 even while recording. I've tried many things and I'm starting to think it might be something wrong with my computer. I've noticed that when I'm letting my computer idle my fan starts going and it gets a little loud, which is odd. Anyone have any ideas on what it could be and any fix? Thanks!

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New build, am having problem with system shutting down all by itself for no apparent reason.
Have narrowed it down to incompatible RAM, or so I hope......
MOBO is a Gigabyte GAM-59-SLI S5
CPU is an AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ 2.0 gHZ
O/S is Vista home Premium 32 bit
I have been told that Vista is very particular as to what type and size of RAM to use, the Gigabyte website does not specify what I should use either.
Can anyone offer help or insight on this?
Thanks in advance

A:Vista Hardware Issues

MOBO is a Gigabyte GAM-59-SLI S5CPU is an AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ 2.0 gHZO/S is Vista home Premium 32 bitHi, you did not say what RAM you are using. Vista takes up a little over 500MB just to run. The lowest you should go is 1GB, but if you are a gamer I would suggest 2GB.however, the problem you describe sounds like the CPU heat sink may not be firmly set. Did you use thermal grease?If the CPU gets hot your machine will shut down. Try removing the heat sink/fan assembly and reseat it. Make sure that the fan is working properly when you turn it on.Please let me know how much RAM you are using and what type it is (E.G. DDR, DDR2, etc...), and what speed it is.Thank you.
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well hello there. i hope there is someone out there to help me out.
ok well i have this computer that i built not to long ago... it was was working fine until the other day when i was viewing some movies on my tv using the tv out the videocard... since then i have been having problems. sometimes it will load properly sometimes it wont and sometimes it would appear that its working fine but all of a sudden it will lock up or a blue screen would appear(although less common)... when i manually restart it would sometimes say cmos corrupt so i would load defaults but problem still exists.
my build consists of:
and im running on Vista Home Premium x64/ and xp home edition x32 on my secondary hard drive
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Alright, so here's the deal: I spilled some acidic drink on the top of my computer and it leaked down to mess up and fry 1 of my graphics cards, motherboard, cpu, and tv tuner. So, I replaced them all and upgraded the cpu and graphics card.

When I came back into Windows, I had to reactivate it, and DRM is all messed up to where I can't even stream Netflix movies. I tried resetting the DRM folder, did not work. Tried reinstalling Silverlight, did not work.

I'm not sure what else to do here. Anyone know how to fix this?

A:DRM Issues after hardware upgrade

Welcome to Seven Forums Izzmo. Here is a link that may help you fix this problems.

You may be unable to play protected content after your computer hardware changes

A Guy
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So I have a laptop lately all my computers are going to crap that used to have vista but I quot upgraded quot to XP I have been getting unmountable boot volume BSOD Xp issues. Boot or hardware? errors Once every or so boots it boots up properly Because of this I haven t shut down the computer at all I have had no problems with it since Well today I did an update which required a reboot The laptop went into the loop again of trying to boot up and then getting the BSOD I don t think its a hardware issue or anything to do with the Xp or hardware? Boot issues. HDD When it did boot into windows I ran HDD checks and nothing came up The drive came up healthy and without errors Today just for the hell of it I decided to pop in a boot cd that I had made Lo and behold it boot up right away So is this an XP issue or did I just get lucky and my HDD is still crap tia

A:Xp or hardware? Boot issues.

Boot to the recovery console and run chkdsk /r
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Recently my Mouse s right button shuts down apps as well as closing windows folders files For example I tried to delete a folder from my Favorites from IE but I right clicked oin this folder IE closed Aklso when I downloaded a driver and saved it to folder when right clicked on the driver in it s folder the folder closed I have upograded my mouse s driver as well as my touchopad s driver which also has the same issue I thought is simply a hardware issue but after Software or hardware issues?? broswing here reading about poeople who were having troubles with the Right Click menus I want to check to be sure my problem not a software issue instead But other than instances I posted here all the Right Click menus seem to work just fine Any idea on where to start fixing this BTW does anybody know where I view the default Right Click menus and possibly under what circumstances they appear when I right click nbsp

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I ve been having a slight problem with my Internet connection ever since I rebuilt my computer seems I just can t figure out how to configure my networking devices correctly I have an MN- wireless Xbox adapter plugged hardware new with issues Connection into the back of Connection issues with new hardware my computer via Ethernet cable This adapter has worked flawlessly in the past to connect my PC to the router downstairs but it s not working right now It s connected but not correctly configured the speed is too slow For some reason I only see quot Internet Connection quot under quot Internet Gateway quot and quot Connection quot under quot LAN or High-Speed Internet quot when I open Network Connection issues with new hardware Connections from Control Panel I should see a quot NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller quot under LAN H-SI but it s not there I can t really configure any settings for the Internet Gateway and I know the connection isn t doing anything I have the drivers installed for the NVIDIA controller and my adapter connected but it doesn t appear as an active connection should be mbps Does anyone know how to set this up Hardware ASUS P N-E mobo w nForce Networking Controller Microsoft MN- wireless Xbox Live adapter attached to nForce NC Linksys WRT G wireless-G router nbsp

A:Connection issues with new hardware

Alright I guess the MN-740 adapter was somehow affiliated with the Internet Gateway. I removed the gateway but for some reason I cannot get the "Local Area Connection" to appear in Network Connections, like it should.
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Ok, multiple issues with my PC.
Configuration : P4, 845 GV motherboard, bios version VA84510A.8GA.0023.

1. It switches on directly on stwitchin on the mains(without having to press the power button on the CPU)
2. On turning it on, it displays the message : "CMOS/GPNV checksum bad. CMOS Date/Time not set" (changing the battery didnt help)
3. The monitor(SAMTRON) keeps giving the message "Control lock locked/unlocked" intermittently.
4. Also get"CPU was previously shutdown due to a overheating issue" message, once in a few days.
I have 2 Hard disks - 40GB Samsung(Primary) and a 250GB Seagate(additional)
I installed SpeedFan and it shows me that the the seagate hard disk gets heated very fast, often reaching 50 deg celcius withing an hour or 2.

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Hi BP community,
I have been using my laptop for almost 3 years now and recently I have been experiencing 3-4 minute boots on my PC. I was wondering whether my computer is getting old and if these are first signs indicating that it may start to die soon. Is this related to my hardware?
Here are some specs: 
Operating System
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1
Intel Core i7 2670QM @ 2.20GHz 60 °C
Sandy Bridge 32nm Technology
6.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz (9-9-9-24)
Hewlett-Packard 1802 (CPU1) 62 °C
Generic PnP Monitor ([email protected])
Intel HD Graphics Family (HP)
596GB Hitachi HTS547564A9E384 (SATA) 47 °C
Optical Drives
IDT High Definition Audio CODEC

A:Is my computer getting old/Do i have hardware issues?

I would be more inclined to look at increasing boot an indication that I've increased the number of items that initiate at boot.  I would use a startup manager to review those items, either disabling or removing any that are non-essential.
AutoRuns is the one that I use, but users need to be careful with it because it provides much more data than should be fooled with .  The Logon tab in AutoRuns is the one which reflects the typical startup items which are not essential to Windows/system.  Of the items which may be reflected on that tab...the only essential ones will relate to Windows, the installed AV, and such...all other items are nonessential.
If you click on the Logon tab and then post a screenshot of it, someone can offer opinions about your startup items.
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Hi, i have just moved from a pentium to a P2, tower case, and i have successfully transferred over my CDR and CD, plus sound card, Modem and scanner card. All works O.K except that now before i access Win98 i hear 3 beeps, one long and two short, it then goes to the command prompt as boot normally does, and i hear the same beeps, it then goes into Win98. Any idea what these beeps mean and how i go about trying to find what the errors are ?.

A:Few Issues on Win98 and hardware

It could be that your video card is not installed or is incorrectly initialised.
Try to clear CMOS and if your video card is present remove and reseat hope this helps you out.
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I m trying to issues Hardware/software learn how to fix and understand how computers work what to do and what not to do etc Not sure how to completely describe the issues with my computer but here goes My XPS computer dell computer it s crap I know but it was a gift has been slowly degrading in performance as time goes by and I have no idea what to do about it What I ve tried doing I ve tried running system mechanic defraging the registry harddrive scanning my computer for malware spyware viruses but nothing seems to be working The issues I am having chirping noises coming from my computer and freezing when the chirping occurs youtube com videos won t load browser completely freezes while watching a video browsing a website if I try to load another tab the browser freezes until the said tab is loaded browser freezing while downloading Hardware/software issues programs music causes browser freezing Also contacted dell for support which helped suppress the problem but It didn t fix the issue Help Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM i - CPU GHz Intel Hardware/software issues Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card AMD Radeon HD Series - Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Dell Inc YJPT Antivirus Lavasoft Ad-Aware Updated and Enabled nbsp

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Well first off let me give a quick background on my problem It started out as Crazy Help. hardware issues. random shutdowns so I unticked the box that makes windows shut off on system failure and sure enough it Crazy hardware issues. Help. became random BSOD Nothing useful in determining the cause always some different error whenever it happened My first try at fixing it was to open up the case and reseat the memory video card and all my cables and wires because I had recently moved the computer That didn t help So I reinstalled windows since all my important data is immediately moved to more permanent storage due to a paranoid mistrust of hard drives This fixed the bsod but still did not cure the problem Now I get random app errors you know quot Blah blah has experienced an error and needs to be shut down quot or quot quit unexpectedly quot and whenever I try to install software its a gamble It may install fine or I may get errors More specifically I was installing some games and little boxes popped up during installation about md s not matching When they do install all patches fail one said something about I O errors or a corrupted file being a likely cause SO here s what I know Its NOT the hard drive tried two one pata one sata with same exact errors Its NOT the memory have two s and it acts the same using each Motherboard Not sure Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated I m stumped nbsp

A:Crazy hardware issues. Help.

What motherboard, power supply, and processor (CPU) do you have? It seems to me like a weak or faulty power supply.

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My computer has been messing up alot recently.

Asus P4C800-E Deluxe
Intel P4 3.0HT
Sound Blaster Audigy2 Gamer
Segate 120gig HDD
PNY 6800 Ultra
Corsair 3200 DDR 400
Vortec PSU 600watt All voltages are good

O/S: Windows XP Professional SP1

Basicly the computer runs really slow, boot up times are very long and the overall performance isnt what it should be.
I flashed the BIOS with the newest version, still the same issues. All my drivers are up to date. Computers with hardware
half as good as mine performe better in games and in benchmark tests. The processor runs at 34C/93F. Anyone have any ideas
on what I should do? Im about to just junk this and buy some new stuff.

A:[resolved] Hardware issues

Slow computers are almost always malware. Download & Install Hijack This!, run a scan, save the logfile and then post a copy of it in the Securities Forum for an Expert to analyze.

Also, while you are waiting, download the most recent virus definitions for whatever AV software you are using and run a scan. A decent anti-spyware program such as Ad-Aware would also be a good idea.
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Alright this problem has been haunting me for a bit My computer has a history of restarting itself to Issues be I hardware suspect becuase of my trusty thermal diode very bad cooling I suppose The motherboard I m using Soltek w an nforce chipset if you need the exact model number I ll dig it up however Issues I suspect to be hardware is a temp job that I paid twenty Issues I suspect to be hardware bucks for I just need some opinions here Issues I suspect to be hardware I had my new video card in for a while and it worked fine GeForce OC from BFGTech Completely sexy It wouldn t much restart at LANs but at home it would throw a fit Now the onboard LAN on this sucker has been known to go out and also throw a fit once and a while so this must be kept in mind After a while It started to abruptly restart and am told by the error codes it was first a driver then a divice driver So I emailed BFGtech support and they told me to uninstall the drivers then clean them in safe mode I do that reinstall the drivers and it appears to work but then begins the same problem I uninstall SP and it works fine for a few days then starts to freeze itself instead of restarting I watched the HDD activity light and it pulsed at a set steady rate So then I end up formatting times trying to diagnose the problem no issue my external hard drive houses all my fun stuff After a while a huge amount of Serious Error boxes popped up and i investigated I was told it was a device driver once again So I did the sensible thing I switched back to my Radeon LE MB and it seemed once again to work fine for a few hours Now it s acting up agian No stop errors yet nothing in the System logs but there probably will be soon like it had been doing Note While I was formatting I had to do the NTFS Quick Format instead During the other format it would restart itself at the next day at Sometimes the thermal die would give me readings close to my shutdown temp and sometimes it would be something like forty degrees beneath That said So I ve isolated that it is NOT my GeForce But I am having troubles still I don t know if it s something with the motherboard an angry hard drive or even if my RAM or Power Supply is not doing the job correctly My Power Supply isn t exactly a name brand job I might want to whip out the multimeter on that perhaps But suggestions are appreciated gt I m at a loss FOLLOW UP BCCode d BCP D BCP FF BCP BCP D OSVer SP Product if that helps That s just the device diver one nbsp

A:Issues I suspect to be hardware

It has been my experience that anytime you get strange and inconsistant problems the first things to check are the powersupply and the RAM.

In this case the first thing I would do is to pull the side and run the machine with a fan blowing in the side to see if it helps. If it does, then heat is part of your problem.

Next I would check the powersupply either with or multimeter or with another known good one.

Third I would try with just one stick of RAM. If you only have one, try a different stick and see if anything changes.
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Some background info This computer is a VAIO RA G I bought it refurbished off of Ebay in the fall of I kept the stock ATI X in for a while but installed a Nvidia GT by BFG the overclocked out of the box model and had that card running fine for at least a year The power supply of my computer at the time Hardware Issues, Help Please Weird was the stock Sony Watt one which was probably a little weak for that card and may have contributed to the power supply giving out Around November of last year the harddrive gave out which makes me believe poor quality components were used in the refurbishing process throughout The processor has a metal tube water cooling system as well The power supply I replaced my old one with was a mini ATX as that is all that would fit my previous Weird Hardware Issues, Please Help power supply was not a mini ATX however I don t know if the form factor would make a difference So about a few months ago I heard a pop from the back of my computer and the smell of smoke I wasn t positive on what the problem was but I suspected it was a power supply burn out I then ordered some cheap Watt Chinese power supply off ebay as I was short on money and had it working fine for a month for the most part The only issue was that initially my computer would crash whenever I ran something such as a graphics intensive game I later found out with a temperature program SpeedFan that the case graphics card and cpu temperature ran around Celsius normally and shot up to Celsius until crashing when a game was run I then took the power supply from the case and kept it outside while keeping the case open and running a fan through the whole thing I got the temperature down to about Celsius for normal running and at about Celsius for gaming Everything worked fine for a while I then got overheat issues again and switched out my gt card for the old X After that as the CPU was at Celsius about and maybe Celsius for games and everything worked fine for a while That s when things got weird After running a game on it what seemed to happen was another overheat but the computer did not start again when I tried to turn it on After trying various things I found that if i unplugged the power supply switched it from V to v plugged it in again it s a switching power supply unplugged it switched it to V again and plugged it in the computer would turn on fine This didn t last long after an hour it crashed again and would start up for only seconds with the above method I then tried running on as low a power draw as possible by disconnecting a harddrive and the cd drives This worked for a few hours until another crash happened that actually caused a loud popping noise like the first time my other power supply failed I then tested the power supply with my cheap tester which just has one LED light which indicates if it works or not and apparently it still works I then tried hooking it back up to the system but it only starts the system for a short while before crashing again And like before it crashed immediately when I hook up another harddrive or cd drive So I don t know what to do the problem could be on the motherboard or with the power supply and I don t know what type of power supply I should get higher wattage if the power supply failed because it was too weak or lower wattage if it failed because of overheating Since the power supply tester said the power supply was working after the popping noise maybe my other supply didn t actually break though I threw it out so I ll never know The problem may be something else altogether Maybe dust behind the motherboard is causing some issues Any input would be helpful thanks nbsp

A:Weird Hardware Issues, Please Help

empemitheos said:

After trying various things I found that if i unplugged the power supply, switched it from 115V to 225v plugged it in again (it's a switching power supply)Click to expand...

Hmm you may be a little confused here
There's no "switching power supply" exactly
That Voltage setting is dependant upon which country you live in, and what your current normal voltage is, coming from the power outlet.

By putting the Voltage selector in the wrong position you could have:
1. Blown the new Power Supply
2. Blown the Motherboard

You may need some more help from someone more experienced there with you
As I think at this stage it's replace Power Supply again and/or Motherboard at the same time
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I have a wierd setup up at an office and I think the configuration is slowing things down. Any suggestions would be great. Here is my setup.

Let me know if something looks out of place or what.

Static IP #2 hosts a webserver and it seems as though there is issues forwarding ports to the 2nd router. Not sure.

A:Hardware Configuration Issues

It looks clean as a whistle .
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Hello I ve been having an issue with my PC for some time and I m not sure what the problem is but it s become such an annoyance that I really need to get it fixed When I m doing something that my computer should be very capable of handling best example I can Odd (I hardware freezing issues think) think of is when I m typing or loading a webpage full of images I get weird computer lag Not internet lag computer lag It s become a very common occurrence now If it happens while I am say typing it will take the key I was typing right at the time of the lag and repeat it Odd hardware freezing issues (I think) several times If I am listening to music as well it will start skipping for a moment then go right back to normal when the lag Odd hardware freezing issues (I think) ends It only lasts for at the most about a second but it gets really frustrating when it happens several times in the course of a minute I m running XP Service Pack on an AMD Athlon dual core GHz per core Odd hardware freezing issues (I think) My video card is nVIDIA GeForce GT gig of onboard memory Sound card is stock two hard drives gig and gig an asus motherboard and finally gigs of Patriot-brand RAM It doesn t make any sense that it would be lagging up like this as it didn t used to do this on my old single-core GHz PC that I had before this All of the hardware in this PC was in the old except for the video card Any ideas Sorry if I haven t provided enough information if you need anything additional feel free to ask and thank you ahead of time nbsp
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Ok i haven t ordered any parts yet and i am still deciding on a few of my parts for my new computer I ve decided to go with a single video card for now So which card do you think i should get I de really like your opinion http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E This comes with a rebate and i get the AMD x for less if i buy it http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E Also i couldn t decide on a motherboard I was looking at the ASUS A N -SLI but i just found that Lanparty expert board and someone told me those were also really good http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E And one last thing This is a really good monitor right http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E Well a lot of the reviews complain about a low viewing angle what is that nbsp

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Hello Over the past couple of days I have been having problems with USB devices None of them not even the printer will work properly with the error Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware because a previous instance of the device driver is still in memory Code I have tried various solutions on the Internet but they have not worked The driver could not be loaded because a previous version of the driver is still in memory I have tried restarting reinstalling the driver and troubleshooting Here is issues... Hardware driver the report Devices and Printers Publisher details Issues found USB Mass Storage Device is not working properly USB Mass Storage Device is not working properly Windows has detected a problem with USB Mass Storage Device Detected View device details Completed Problem Hardware driver issues... with PnP devices Problem with PnP devices There are problems with some PnP devices Windows will take additional steps to further troubleshoot these devices Detected Issues found Detection details USB Mass Storage Device is not working properly Detected Windows has detected a problem with USB Mass Storage Device Device Hardware driver issues... information Name USB Mass Storage Device ID USB VID amp PID C Error code View device details Completed View details about USB Mass Storage Device and check if there is a solution available Problem with PnP devices Detected There are problems with some PnP devices Windows will take additional steps to further troubleshoot these devices Detection details Collection information Computer Name ERDERHOME Windows Version Architecture x Time April Publisher details Devices and Printers Troubleshoot problems with devices and printers Package Version Publisher Microsoft Windows Devices and Printers Troubleshoot problems with devices and printers Package Version Publisher Microsoft Corporation Hardware and Devices Find and fix problems with devices and hardware Package Version Publisher Microsoft Windows Windows Network Diagnostics Detects problems with network connectivity Package Version Publisher Microsoft Windows Printer Find and fix problems with printing Package Version Publisher Microsoft Windows USB Troubleshoot problems with a USB device Package Version Publisher Microsoft Windows Help much appreciated Thanks

A:Hardware driver issues...

Remove all devices plugged into a USB port and restart the computer to see if the problem persists.
If it doesn't, start adding the devices one at a time followed by rebooting until  you find the device causing this.
If no device is found to be the culprit usd the Fix it at Microsoft Support.
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Hi I'm new to this forum but have been following various threads for over two months now I have a Packard Bell ixtreme machine 7 Win 124 BSOD hardware issues? using the EG M board Win 7 BSOD 124 hardware issues? I bought it in November and since then have had BSOD crashes THe PC was brand new with Windows home premium x The processor is gigahertz Intel Core Quad Q with GB DDR ram I use two monitors through a NVidia GeForce GT card GB - VGA All of the mini dmps show errors that I think is Hardware related although I've read on here that this could be a false positive I have patched the drivers up to the hilt for every piece of hardware on the machine Some times I can use the machine for less than half an hour before it crashes other times longer I don't play any games other than Football Manager and the only software I use is Office and the Adobe Web Premium suite Before each crash the machine slows down with the mouse pointer becoming more difficult to control If I am using anything that has sound IE - a movie on youtube or on Football Manager there is a Win 7 BSOD 124 hardware issues? sound that is similar to a Fat Boy Slim remix as if it is stuck The crashes either happen when using IE football manager office or the adobe suite I have set all of these to run in Windows XP service pack compatibility mode incase the fact they are bit programmes makes a difference The weird thing perhaps just a coincidence - but pretty much every time is that once it has crashed if I restart I can generally use the machine until I close it down again without issue Which is the main reason I'm persisting with this as it doesn't make sense I could take it back as it is in warranty I've Win 7 BSOD 124 hardware issues? always built my own but had to get one quickly when my last beast broke due to some work I was doing at the time I am however loathe to do so because I hate things like this beating me I thought at first it was AVG which I uninstalled and replaced with AVG I then replaced that with Estat Nod I read a post by COLDSHIVER and followed the majority of the suggestions made by himself and others on this forum These include Followed instructions to speed up windows general housekeeping to get rid of stuff like transparent boxes switched off indexing altered power plan to high performance etc I have ran various tests on the Ram modules windows memory diagnostic and Memtest passes - no errors Ran SFC scannow - everything is fine Installed CPUID everything looks ok I thought it was overheating so moved it to make sure vents are clear Installed SpeedFan and checked that the processors don't spike get too hot just before the crash The Graphics card seems to run at a constant to degrees The four processors core run between c and c which i don't think is too hot Is there something I am missing here I have acquired a Geforce PCI card to try instead of the GT incase the card isn't actually compatitble but thats a major step down and I think that might void the warranty Is this one worth battling guys as although I can take it back I would rather sort it with your help Thanks Steve

A:Win 7 BSOD 124 hardware issues?

STOP 0x124 is a hardware error that's reported by your CPU to Windows. As such they don't contain much useful information for the average user.

A STOP 0x124 error is usually a hardware error (something's broken) or a compatibility issue. This link contains the most commonly recommended troubleshooting steps: [2-Int] Stop 0x124 - what it means and what to try

The dump files that I analyzed didn't have any significant info in the extra parameters, nor did it list any older drivers.

Please provide this info so we can have a deeper look into things: SF Diagnostic Tool
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Okay, later this week, my computer went haywire. It seems that the keyboard ceased to function properly. The mouse click, like when using it in My Computer, left clicking would bring the properties and right click as normal. I though that I had some rootkit or something, and since I had another drive, I started to installed XP again, and while I got through the process, while setting it up (the GUI w/ entering CD key) it wouldn't enter in bn and nothing else. Nothing seems to be working. Used 2 keyboards and mice, nothing works. Booting into Vista on that HD gave me an error (not enough time to read). What could have gone wrong?

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Hello there well for a while hardware FPS possible issues, issue? my computer has been having FPS problems just after my motherboard and CPU had both died We replaced both of them with the same Motherboard A-D P by GIGABYTE and CPU Intel R Core TM FPS issues, possible hardware issue? Quad My fans used to run at a FPS issues, possible hardware issue? much faster speed then they do now I even upgraded to a liquid cooling system yet the fan speed is basically the same I even went into BIOS with the latest version of it and tried to max FPS issues, possible hardware issue? out the fan speeds but nothing changed at all My temperatures are great yet my FPS just drops but I still think that my fans are running too slow If it s not a problem with the fans then is it a problem with some new hardware I only have had FPS problems specifically drops after both of those had died Cooling speeds http forums techguy org attachment php attachmentid amp stc amp d ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report Operating System Windows Ultimate -bit Build Service Pack win sp gdr - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer NVIDIA System Model -CK-NF BIOS Phoenix - AwardBIOS v PG Processor Intel R Core TM Quad CPU Q GHz CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Available OS Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C Windows DirectX Version DirectX DX Setup Parameters Not found User DPI Setting Using System DPI System DPI Setting DPI percent DWM DPI Scaling Disabled DxDiag Version bit Unicode --------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name NVIDIA GeForce GTX Manufacturer NVIDIA Chip type GeForce GTX DAC type Integrated RAMDAC nbsp

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Since my mate who happens to be a computer Guru of the house with issues Really Strange (Hardware) almost a decade can t figure out my issue I hope you fellows Really Strange issues (Hardware) can we are about to chuck the system out the Really Strange issues (Hardware) window I have been having very strange noise like static boom poping sounds screeching like rubbing two cookie sheets together we replaced quot Every Piece of hardware with my mates Parts quot even went out and bought a new motherboard quot Asus quot switched it from msi replaced Every cord even the HD and still the poping sounds precide with every inch of it changed Restructured We have the computer littery out of its case built up sitting on a static paper gigs of Ram DDR AM Socket Motherboard Asus M v-mx SE quot X quot Series Duel core AMD Anthlon x Processor Creative soundcard Extreme Gamers XFI lt now this is the interesting part When I place this in my system thats when I get the weird noise I have exchanged the card times and my mate happens to have the same card and we even exchanged my card with his same driver set etc and yet the sound only happens on my pc I Have my Cobra sound card installed right now and the issues stop but I was hoping for a decent soundcard and my mates pc is lower end then mine and he has zero issues Also My sata HD is giving me s Binary when I hook it up o o if you have any type of clue Please before we chuck the dang thing out the local window help nbsp

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Early last year I purchased a pre-built gaming computer which I have been having serious problems with ever since When gaming for over Hardware Issues [Urgent!] minutes or so I would run into a BSoD without warning or more frequently the infamous quot screech of death quot plus application corruptions of the time fixable by a re-boot I upgraded from XP to hoping it Hardware Issues [Urgent!] was just software driver incompatibility but unfortunately it was not that easy Although I no longer get the BSoD - now it's just the latter Assuming it was then a faulty GPU I had my ATI Radeon HD which was terrible anyway replaced with what you can check out on the side This did not change anything and actually has made it happen more often Perhaps there is something wrong with the power supply Is this affecting the CPU since this new GPU has a fan and is eating up more power I have no idea but because of this I've lost hours of work and gaming efforts not to mention the screeching is horribly unpleasant - especially for those talking Hardware Issues [Urgent!] to me on skype Notes - I have ran multiple performance tests of all hardware but no errors can be found using BurnIn Test - Core temperatures are pretty stable and always below C - Problem occurs more often in graphically-intensive games such as GTA IV and from what I have observed any game whilst in a skype call or running WMP - sometimes even photoshop

A:Hardware Issues [Urgent!]

NOTE: Please provide the following information for a more detailed response:

While waiting for a reply:

I suggest starting all troubleshooting with the following diagnostic tests (located at this link: Hardware Diagnostics ). They'll save you a lot of time and heartache if there is a hardware failure, and you'll have the disks on hand in case you need them in the future:


H/W Diagnostics:
Please start by running these bootable hardware diagnostics:
Memory Diagnostics (read the details at the link)
Hard Drive Diagnostics (read the details at the link) - Test ALL of the hard drives.

Also, please run one of these free, independent online malware scans to ensure that your current protection hasn't been compromised: Free Online AntiMalware Resources (read the details at the link)
There are also free, bootable antivirus disks at this link: Free Online AntiMalware Resources - Bootable Disks
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I recently bought a dell xps and i have had nothing but problems with it since i got it Its past the point of where i can return it because i was a day late on that option The system is horribly slow no matter how many times i reinstall the OS through issues. 420 Dell XPS Hardware formatting the partition and installing it again quot I have Win Vista Home Premium bit quot Everything opens slow from simple programs diagnostic tools control panel to web pages Occasionally after long periods of the computer being on it seems my HD craps out on me and i can no Dell XPS 420 Hardware issues. longer open anything and have to restart I get the following message quot Windows cannot access the specified device path or file You may Dell XPS 420 Hardware issues. not have the appropriate permission to access the item quot Ive also added a gb stick of ram to my system Ive been told that order or settings could determine whether your system performs better I cant seem to find a simple guide for a novice like me Current specs Dell XPS w Vista bit Home Premium TP Motherboard Intel X Chip set GB Hitachi HD Raid is enabled as well as indexing Intel Core Duo CPU E Ghz Bus Speed FSB GB to GB DDR RAM quot I removed the MB stick and left GB sticks DRAM Frequency FSB RAM Cycle Time clocks Im looking for any tips and tricks to try before i have to send my whole computer back to dell to be refurbished if Dell XPS 420 Hardware issues. i must I also considered trashing the DDR Ram and buying pairs of DDR because my motherboard supports up to GB of it nbsp
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Hi my saga continues I found out what the issue was with my cdrw dvd jumpers in the wrong location only took me days and a new cdrw dvd to work that one out so managed to use the OEM disk with the initial computer set up All going well computer booting into XP Home nice So next back to the upgrade I put the new mobo MCP P M and processor AMD Athlon Ghz back in with the same configuration that was just working Joy and behold it read the recovery disk and ran ideas. Issues any with new hardware, yipee It reformatted the disk as before yipee Next it went through post no prob yipee Then blue screen of death Agghhh x b xF AFA xC x x Any ideas I have a new sata HDD on order but I only have the time recovery reload disk not an original version of xp to use I can t actually Issues with new hardware, any ideas. get in to XP to run chkdisk or similar Cheers What are peoples views on this guys prices and setups http stores shop ebay co uk bmz-co W QQ armrsZ HDD is a Seagate ST A running as master on the primary only IDE cable Issues with new hardware, any ideas. with cdrw dvd as slave nbsp

A:Issues with new hardware, any ideas.

Could this be your problem?

MS Says...
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hi there,

my laptop computer sometimes when watching a program or on the internet goes into a blue colour and it's very hot on laptop
pls can anyone resolve and help solve this problem



A:Hardware Issues Laptop

It sounds like you have a heating problem. I would suggest buying some computer duster/compressed air and blowing out the fans on your laptop.
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Greetings and Salutations I ve had this issue for about a month now After years of computer repair and diagnostics I ve or Ware Hardware Issues.. maybe even finally run into an issue I can fix It started as a browser redirect China TV Save etc and has sense moved to random reboots I ve had two just trying to post this I ve run the standards SpyBot Ware Issues.. or maybe even Hardware S amp D AVG Anti-virus Ad-aware with little success Now this system is heavily tweaks and Overclocked but all the temps and hardware diagnostics fall within tolerable limits So with that said here is the requested data Edit I have also attached a HiJackThis log in addition to ones requested DDS Ver - - - NTFS AMD Run by CaveHermit at on Tue Internet Explorer BrowserJavaVersion Microsoft Windows Ultimate GMT - SP Spybot - Search and Destroy disabled Updated ED FAF- B F- B -ACA - E C DADBE Running Processes C PROGRA AVG AVG avgchsva exe C Windows system wininit exe C Windows system lsm exe C Windows system svchost exe -k DcomLaunch C Windows system svchost exe -k RPCSS C Windows system atiesrxx exe C Windows System svchost exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted C Windows System svchost exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted C Windows system svchost exe -k netsvcs C Windows system atieclxx exe C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalService C Windows system svchost exe -k NetworkService C Windows System spoolsv exe C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalServiceNoNetwork C Program Files x Common Files Acronis Schedule schedul exe C Program Files x Common Files Acronis CDP afcdpsrv exe C Program Files x Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support AppleMobileDeviceService exe C Program Files x ASUS AsSysCtrlService AsSysCtrlService exe C Program Files x AVG AVG avgwdsvc exe C Program Files x Bonjour mDNSResponder exe C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalServiceAndNoImpersonation C Windows system svchost exe -k imgsvc C Program Files x Spybot - Search amp Destroy SDWinSec exe C Program Files x AVG AVG avgam exe C Windows system svchost exe -k NetworkServiceNetworkRestricted C Windows system taskhost exe C Windows system Dwm exe C Program Files Realtek Audio HDA RAVCpl exe C Program Files x BOINC boincmgr exe C Program Files x iTunes iTunesHelper exe C Program Files x AVG AVG avgtray exe C Program Files x BOINC boinc exe C Windows system conhost exe C Program Files x BOINC projects climateprediction net famous windows intelx exe C Program Files iPod bin iPodService exe C Program Files x BOINC projects climateprediction net famous um windows intelx exe C Windows system conhost exe C Windows system SearchIndexer exe C Program Files Windows Media Player wmpnetwk exe C Windows System svchost exe -k LocalServicePeerNet C PROGRA AVG AVG avgrsa exe C Program Files x AVG AVG avgcsrva exe C Windows Explorer EXE C Program Files x Mozilla Firefox firefox exe C Program Files x Mozilla Firefox plugin-container exe C Windows system wbem wmiprvse exe C Program Files x BOINC projects einstein phys uwm edu einsteinbinary ABP windows intelx exe C Windows system conhost exe C Users CaveHermit Desktop dds scr C Windows system conhost exe C Windows system wbem wmiprvse exe Pseudo HJT Report uInternet Settings ProxyOverride local BHO Java Plug-In SSV Helper dbc -a - b-bc - c c c a - C Program Files x Java jre bin jp ssv dll mRun SunJavaUpdateSched quot C Program Files x Common Files Java Java Update jusched exe quot mRun QuickTime Task quot C Program Files x QuickTime QTTask exe quot -atboottime mRun iTunesHelper quot C Program Files x iTunes iTunesHelper exe quot mRun AVG TRAY C Program Files x AVG AVG avgtray exe StartupFolder C Users CAVEHE AppData Roaming MICROS Windows STARTM Programs Startup BOINCM LNK - C Program Files x BOINC boincmgr exe mPolicies-explorer NoActiveDesktop x mPolicies-explorer NoResolveTrack x mPolicies-system ConsentPromptBehaviorUser x mPolicies-system EnableUIADesktopToggle x mPolicies-system ConsentPromptBehaviorAdmin x mPolicies-system EnableLUA x mPolicies-sy... Read more

A:Ware Issues.. or maybe even Hardware

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Follow the instructions that pop up for posting the results.Close the program window, and delete the program from your desktop.Please note: You may have to disable any script protection running if the scan fails to run. After downloading the tool, disconnect from the internet and disable all antivirus protection. Run the scan, enable your A/V and reconnect to the internet. Information on A/V control HEREWe also need a new log from the GMER anti-rootkit scanner. Please first disable any CD emulation programs using the steps found in this topic:Why we request you disable CD Emulation when receiving Malware Removal AdviceThen create another GMER log and post it as an attachment to the reply where you post your new DDS log. Instructions on how to properly create a GMER log can be found here:How to create a GMER log
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I have Windows 7 Pro and this just started happening a few days ago:

I have recently uninstalled Office 2010, and then reinstalled it. After doing so my computer boots up slower now and starts Windows with a black desktop (No icons, nothing only the SuperBar). After a few seconds (around 5/10) the desktop shows.

I don't believe its ever did this before.
Office should have added a Q drive for its self it did not do that this time.

Is the any reason that Windows starts with a Black screen?


A:[SOLVED] Slow bootup - Black Desktop after Bootup

Office does not add any Drive letters when you install it. If you want to map a different drive or partition to save your Office Files to, you have to do this manually.
Go to Start/Search and type CMD right click the CMD.exe icon in the search results and Run as Administrator. In the Command Prompt type chkdsk /R and press enter. Now type a Y and reboot the computer. the Check Disk utility will run at next boot up and try and fix any file errors.
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Hello Trying to help out a friend with her Lenovo R e laptop She asked me to install a wireless card which was no issue but it was the other things I noticed that had me questioning things Right from the boot up it was painfully slow I checked the startup but nothing screamed at me Once the boot up was complete it seems as if something is hogging resources but I am unable to find it There are the random memory errors that seem to pop up pegging Explorer as the culprit software/hardware Erractis issues It is just as slow trying to close out anything At shutdown just as slow again but there is a rash of programs that are Erractis software/hardware issues not ending forcing the error box letting you know Erractis software/hardware issues they are not responding I am at a loss so I need some expert help Here is the requested info DDS Ver - - - NTFSx MINIMAL Run by Candy Clark at on Thu Internet Explorer Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition GMT - AV AVG Enabled Outdated - - - B- E B FB Running Processes C WINDOWS system svchost -k DcomLaunch svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe -k netsvcs C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC spmonitor exe C Documents and Settings Candy Clark Desktop hijackthis HijackThis exe E Malware DDS dds scr Pseudo HJT Report uStart Page hxxp www google com BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class e f-c d - d -b d- b d be b - c program files adobe acrobat activex AcroIEHelper dll BHO b de- c - bf-b b- b f a e - c program files microsoft money system mnyside dll BHO Spybot-S amp D IE Protection - f - d - - d f - c progra spybot SDHelper dll BHO SSVHelper Class bb-d f - c-b eb-d daf d d - c program files java jre bin ssv dll BHO Windows Live Toolbar Helper bdbd dad-c - a -adc - b b ff d - c program files windows live toolbar msntb dll BHO x - No File BHO CPwmIEBrowserHelper Object f e -a - cf - d - e e f c - c program files lenovo client security solution tvtpwm ie com dll BHO fdd b - d - ffb- - b ad acc - c program files microsoft money system mnyviewer dll TB Windows Live Toolbar bdad dad-c - a -adc - b b ff d - c program files windows live toolbar msntb dll uRun ctfmon exe c windows system ctfmon exe uRun SpeedUpMyPC quot c program files uniblue speedupmypc launcher exe quot delay mRun TrackPointSrv tp serv exe mRun PWRMGRTR rundll c progra thinkpad utilit PWRMGRTR DLL PwrMgrBkGndMonitor mRun BLOG rundll c progra thinkpad utilit BatLogEx DLL StartBattLog mRun EZEJMNAP c progra thinkpad utilit EzEjMnAp Exe mRun TPKMAPHELPER c program files thinkpad utilities TpKmapAp exe -helper mRun TPHOTKEY c progra lenovo pkgmgr hotkey TPHKMGR exe mRun TP EX tp ex exe mRun SoundMAXPnP c program files analog devices core smax pnp exe mRun SoundMAX c program files analog devices soundmax Smax exe tray mRun igfxtray c windows system igfxtray exe mRun igfxhkcmd c windows system hkcmd exe mRun igfxpers c windows system igfxpers exe mRun LPManager c progra thinkv prdctr LPMGR exe mRun SunJavaUpdateSched c program files java jre bin jusched exe mRun AMSG c program files thinkvantage amsg Amsg exe mRun AwaySch c program files lenovo awaytask AwaySch EXE mRun TVT Scheduler Proxy c program files common files lenovo scheduler scheduler proxy exe mRun DiskeeperSystray quot c program files diskeeper corporation diskeeper DkIcon exe quot mRun ACWLIcon c program files thinkpad connectutilities ACWLIcon exe mRun Picasa Media Detector c program files picasa PicasaMediaDetector exe mRun cssauth quot c program files lenovo client security solution cssauth exe quot silent mRun Microsoft Works Portfolio c program files microsoft works WksSb exe AllUsers mRun Microsoft Works Update Detection c program files common files microsoft shared works shared WkUFind exe mRun MoneyStartUp quot c program files microsoft money system Activation exe quot mRun ACTray c program files thinkpad connectutilities ACTray exe mRun MSConfig c windows pchealth helpctr binaries MSConfig exe auto dRun AVG Run c progra grisoft avg avgw exe RUNONCE StartupFolder c d... Read more

A:Erractis software/hardware issues

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.Please take note:If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If you are unable to create a log because your computer cannot start up successfully please provide detailed information about your installed Windows Operating System including the Version, Edition and if it is a 32bit or a 64bit system.
If you are unsure about any of these characteristics just post what you can and we will guide you.Please tell us if you have your original Windows CD/DVD available.If you are unable to perform the steps we have recommended please try one more time and if unsuccessful alert us of such and we will design an alternate means of obtaining the necessary information.If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review your topic an do their best to resolve your issues.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan again:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links if you no longer have it available. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explanation about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Follow the instructions that pop up for posting the results.Close the program window, and delete the program from your desktop.Please note: You may have to disable any script protection running if the scan fails to run. After downloading the tool, disconnect from the internet and disable all antivirus protection. Run the scan, enable your A/V and reconnect to the internet. Information on A/V control HEREWe also need a new log from the GMER anti-rootkit Scanner. Please note that if you are running a 64-bit version of Windows you will not be able to run GMER and you may skip this step.Please first disable any CD emulation programs using the steps found in this topic:Why we request you disable CD Emulation when receiving Malware Removal AdviceThen create another GMER log and post it as an attachment to the reply where you post your new DDS log. Instructions on how to properly create a GMER log can be found here:How to create a GMER logThanks and again sorry for the delay.
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OK I have a Gateway GR that is pretty much retail except for Issues (Many with hardware) PRoblems Major cards a pci-e Radeon x and a Sound Blaster Live card I got this computer from my dad which at the time was working fine I put it in my room and put my sound blaster live card in it and the computer wouldnt turn on Pushed power button and nothing happened nothing So i took out the card Sound card and waited overnight Pushed Major Issues (Many PRoblems with hardware) the power button the next morning working like a champ After a day i tried to put the card back in and when i tried to power it up it didnt work So i figured that pci slot may have gone out so i mived it down one slot and it worked fine After about - days i got a new desk for my room so i unpluged my computer and put the new desk up and when i hooked the computer back up it didnt work I took out the sound card and waited over night Still didnt work Took out my pci-e Radeon X card and waited another night and it worked fine So at this point i reset the bios to defaults and it worked fine The next day i woke up and tried to turn it on again and it didnt work AT this point i was very angry I ordered a new motherboard from www skyline-eng com this is where gateway gets there motherboards from and when it came and i installed it it still dosent work Does anyone have any suggestions for this problem Ive also heard some stuff about some kind of paste between the processor and the heatsink i have a socket T Processor when i take it out the processor it looks like some is missing between the heatsink and processor P S -I have a watt power supply and these are the specs on my computer http support gateway com s MOTHERBD Inte nv shtml http support gateway com s PC R sp shtml nbsp

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So I have an old PC I use as a Media PC.

MB: Asus p5e-vm hdmi
CPU: Intel Core2 E7500 2.9GHz

Has a few hard drives and runs all day.

My issue is it keeps dropping network connection.I right click and check the problem and it pops up Gateway and it has been fixed. This usually fixes it for an hour or 2 then does it again, but today I had to reboot the PC to get it to reconnect (witch feels like it takes hours compared to my laptop). Its plugged straight into the router. Asus doesn't even have drivers for Win 7 for the Mother board. If I cant get this sorted I'm going to have to scrap it and setup a new system and I kinda don't want to spend the money on that although it would be cheaper on my power bill.

Any help would be great.

A:Default Gateway issues (old hardware)

Check the power management tab for the adapter in device manager properties, make sure box is not checked to allow the machine to turn off the hardware to save energy. Try a different cable. Update the driver for the network card. Look in the ipv4 properties, advanced tab, put the address of the router in for default gateway.
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I recently reinstalled Winblows XP on my machine and I m getting a load of problems that I ve never gotten before Problem My USB ports don t seem to want to work in the boot up process when they don t feel like it I have to restart my computer a few times for it to recognize my usb keyboard When it does work it first freezes for a couple seconds right before the memory test which it never used to begin... do I [Hardware issues galore] Where do I could probably avoid the agony by just using a PS keyboard but I love my keyboard for one and also it is probably Where do I begin... [Hardware issues galore] a deeper issue than that Problem Just recently my Creative Sound Blaster Audigy card stopped working and I m really not sure why I just started up one day and it there was no sound For now I ve been using the onboard audio which fails hard Problem My DVD drive is no longer being recognized Now I wouldn t have posted this one but something really strange is happening here I have MagicISO installed as well and those virtual drives aren t even working I ve always had troubles with this computer and it reading disks very well sometimes it just refuses I went into device manager and they are both installed I tried uninstalling them and now it won t find the DVD drive at all as a new hardware and I disabled the virtual disk and enabled it again for it not to work In MagicISO it shows a where the drive letter should be and won t allow me to change the drive letter manually This is driving me insane Please help me out My computer specs are below and if you need more just let me know -----SPECS----- Windows XP Professional Service Pack Intel Pentium GHz Dual Core gigs of Ram MSI GM-FR mobo Creative Sound Blaster Audigy NVIDIA GeForce GTS nbsp

A:Where do I begin... [Hardware issues galore]

When you installed XP, did you then install all the manufacturer drivers, or did you just let XP do it for you?

My suggestion would be to identify your motherboard and install the newest chipset drivers for that specific model, and then go on to install the newest suitable manufacturer drivers for the rest of your kit.
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Hi all Never nice to have your first post as a problem but I reckon I ll be spending a lot of time on here as there seems to be no end of good advice Any hardware configuration issues Installation / help would be much appreciated First off my spec Gigabyte N SLI -DS L can be found here http www ebuyer com product Q Ghz G stepping http www ebuyer com product Corsair RAM x gig http www ebuyer com product Inno D GT G MB bit GDDR Dual DVI HDTVOut PCI-E Graphics card Samsung spinpoint gig and an Antec Sonata case with watt psu Right After masses of problems with my Asus board pre Gigabyte and a faulty gigabyte board city link have finally found my house Put everything together and start up the PC Problem quot Warning A new CPU detected amp ROMSIP table has been updated accordingly quot I have no idea what this meant might not even be a problem but in any case I restarted as it told me and tried to go into the bios All seemed fine After messing about with my old xp harddrive and the USB mouse amp keyboard support in the bios I decided to get on and install vista on the samsung A couple of times it hung right at Installation / hardware configuration issues the beginning of the install I put Installation / hardware configuration issues this down to my crappy usb dvd drive but went to the bios and loaded the fail safe defaults It installed all the way up to the completing installation screen and then froze Tried it again same thing except this time half the screen went blank and had a colour band across it looks like a gfx card problem Started up again Got a gfx card error noise from the motherboard when I plugged in the internal DVD drive Checked the connections and tried again - froze at the same point this time with the internal drive Basically XP seems to work fine - even though its all configured to my old computer I don t know why I got a gfx card error because with my asus board I used to play crysis with no problems although the board went wrong and was a nightmare This is why I think its a problem with Vista and my hardware configuration rather than the hardware itself Ebuyer has kindly offered to take back the ram the cpu the gfx card and the motherboard free of charge to check them out but I ve been trying to get this up and running for weeks now sending things back and forth so I d quite like to get it sorted myself I ve read about a few fixes on here for example http forums techguy org windows-vista -work-around-procedure-vista-installation html that I m going to try but they seem quite old Why is this problem still prevalent I m not going to lie I was hoping someone could hold my hand on this one - because by the time I get this sorted my expensive new pretty old now PC will need replacing Sorry its an essay an ideas nbsp
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I ve been having some hardware trouble lately and I m not too sure what the problem might be One of my video cards stopped working and I wanted to test it one more time before sending it in for a repair I was temporarily using a different card at the time When I plugged the video card in I got no different results so I took it out and sent hardware Unidentified issues Solved: it to the manufacturer to get it repaired When I tried Solved: Unidentified hardware issues using the temporary card again however it didn t work either I later found out that the temporary card worked on other machines so it was clearly something wrong with another part of my computer Sure enough after I got my video card repaired by ATI it still did not work in my computer it worked in other machines as well After being told by numerous people that it was probably my motherboard s AGP slot that had been damaged I pulled the trigger and got a new motherboard that was identical to the old one an ASUS K V SE Deluxe I then painstakingly rewired my entire system to the new board and turned it on The result nothing It still had the exact same problem The machine itself turns on but the monitor is totally unresponsive and there are now power on self test beeps If you read this far then I thank you for doing so Does anyone know what my problem might be nbsp

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hi - I have a PC that I put together a couple of years ago that I use mostly for gaming and multimedia I m a graphic designer photographer and it s always been a diagnose issues? hardware Tools to great PC Tools to diagnose hardware issues? up until recently when things have started to run really slow - not at an OS level that s all still nice and speedy but it s when I m playing games or trying to manipulate large photos and videos I assumed that the video card - an Nvidia GTS mb RAM was going bad so I switched that out and saw the same performance I then started looking for a suite of diagnostics that might actually identify what was wrong and along the way I found PCWizard This runs a benchmark and during the tests it reported my gb of RAM Tools to diagnose hardware issues? as having a score of so I got another gb of RAM either as a replacement or upgrade but after replacing that I m still seeing for RAM in the benchmarks So right now I m left thinking that it can really only be the CPU or more likely the motherboard but I m unable to figure out which it is and I don t have a quot known good quot to swap out and test Does anyone know of a good hardware diagnostic suite that might tell me exactly what component on my machine is humped thanks in advance Machine specs Motherboard ASUS P N -E SLI Plus LGA C MCP P CPU Intel Core Duo E Conroe GHz LGA W Dual-Core Processor RAM CORSAIR XMS GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Video Card Leadtek WinFast PX GTS TDH GeForce GTS MB -bit GDDR PCI Express x nbsp

A:Tools to diagnose hardware issues?

I want to lurk on this one. same issue. I do some repair for a living and am not happy with what I have so far for hardware. [and frankly, when hardware other than the consumables is involved, I just chunk the mboard]
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I want to install a new mb on a pc but I'm thinking that when I try to start the pc after connecting the old hdd, the os won't recognize the mb. The OS if I remember correctly is XP home. It was an OEM, so can I use the original recovery disks that came with the system?

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Hi I wasn't entirely sure where to post this so if it should go in another forum let me know and I'll repost there So my system was closing in on years old and not working well even after replacing the HDD a few months ago So I decided to replace nearly everything CPU mobo RAM minor hardware new after install issues Some GPU and PSU Some minor issues after new hardware install CPU AMD Athlon K Richland Ghz Mobo Gigabyte AMD AX GPU Gigabyte Radeon R X Gb RAM Some minor issues after new hardware install Crucial Gb DDR PSU Corsair W Plus Gold ATX V and EPS Overall installation went fine although I learned the hard way how Windows reacts when you upgrade all of your hardware Once I resolved that and some driver issues the CD that came with the Mobo gave me BSODs when it autoran things are running mostly quite well However there are a few minor issues I'd like to iron out and I'm having a hard time finding answers First Hwmonitor is not showing either the temps for the cores of my processor or for my GPU Second in Device Manager I see the following The Properties panel shows both of those as having no drivers Now there's only one connection for USB pins in my case whereas the mobo has two separate sets of USB pins so I'm wondering if those are showing up that way because nothing is plugged into the mobo If so should I just delete those out of the Device Manager The third issue is that whenever my monitor Dell S W goes into Power Saving Mode it won't 'wake up' when I move the mouse I'm not sure if the system is freezing but no keyboard commands like CTRL-ALT-DEL or ALT-F seem to do anything I check the driver for the monitor and they are the most current available I tried turning off 'Hybrid Sleep' in the Power options but I'm not sure if there's anything else I should try Thanks in advance for any advice on these

A:Some minor issues after new hardware install

Hi have you tried reinstalling the chipset, Also the makes and models of your .
Power supply.
Would be useful here.
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Hey everyone Im at a loss here and I am about to throw my PC off my balcony I have an asus P N -E SLI motherboard and I was upgrading my Nvidia issues after adding Vcore new hardware GT To an ATI HD I also installed a Corsair H liquid cooling system for My E Core Duo processor Needless to say everything was working before the hardware upgrade After installing the video card and H My Vcore issues after adding new hardware system posts and gives me a hardware monitor abnormal error message When i enter my Bios I was getting Vcore issues after adding new hardware errors with my voltage my V was showing and my Vcore was to high and was at I installed a new power supply watt modular zalman PSU to replace my watt corsair to see if that would fix my problem Now my V is fine but I am still getting for my Vcore settings My processor has NOT been overclocked everything is stock settings in the bios and my CPU will just over heat itself even sitting in the bios I replaced the liquid cooler back to my stock heatsink and installed my old video card I am still getting the same vcore rating I have reseated the processor reset my cmos and even updated my bios This is really driving me crazy I have a feeling my processor or my motherboard or both have become defective during this hardware upgrade and I have no idea why that could have happened With the liquid cooling my CPU was staying cool but the Vcore was just way too high and was really screwing with the system Would not load windows wouldn t even let me reinstall windows bit Any suggestions would be great but it looks like IM going to need to pick up a new board new processor and new memory for an i setup I planned on getting those parts anyways just it wont be for a month or two and would like to have my PC working until then I forgot to include that I have even tried manually setting the Vcore to and it will still post and show that its Please HELP nbsp

A:Vcore issues after adding new hardware

you check with SpeedFan and send the temperature.
ATI HD5850 is better, you resetting the graphics card.
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I recently purchased a few new items for my desktop listed below Video Card ASUS GeForce GTX Ti DirectCU OC MHZ GB GHZ GDDR xDVI HDMI DisplayPort PCI-E Video Card Motherboard ASUS P Z -V Pro LGA Z DDR SLI PCI-E PCI-E PCI SATA DisplayPort USB Motherboard Processor Intel Core i K Unlocked Quad Core Processor LGA GHZ Ivy Bridge MB Retail Memory Corsair Vengeance CML GX M A C Low Profile GB X GB DDR - CL Dual Channel Memory Kit Heatsink Cooler Master Hyper Plus Direct Touch Heatpipe Heatsink AM AM LGA LGA LGA mm I had purchased a new hard drive when my old one failed months ago I just picked up a gb Certified Data internal quot Hard Drive So this I hope is not the issue Reason for buying new hardware is because my computer was just restarting itself over and over and over couldn't boot up I have installed all hardware items to manufactures installation instructions I am able to get into the Motherboard bios to change things if needed I windows help! startup issues, - hardware, 7 New am able to boot to a system repair with my windows disk That repair has been tried times so far and windows is unable to determine the cause of the problem One thing that does happen is when i try to boot up it starts the windows boot up screen then the blue screen of death flashes for half a second and the computer restarts Please help -Brendan

A:New hardware, startup issues, windows 7 - help!


Boot into the BIOS and reset the to default settings.

While in the BIOS what is the SATA mode set to?

Try disabling the auto restarts and see if we can get the BSOD info.

Restart the PC and at the ASUS logo repeatedly tap F8 to get to the Advanced Boot Options. Once there select Disable Auto restart on System Failure.

Instead of running the repair you may have to backup the data and perform an OS Reinstall.
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Hello I ve been experiencing a problem with my PowerSpec G desktop for the last few weeks I ve brought it into a local repair shop and my GPU CPU RAM HDD and Mobo all were tested Issues, Computer Hardware or Software? with no problem My problem is when I start to play WoW Crysis CoD or really any game including Tzar oldie my computer blue screens with Memory Management and more recently Hyper Transport Sync Flood Error F to resume When the blue screen occurs my screen goes grey with odd lines going vertically and my computer becomes very loud and emitts a screech like sound through the speakers I ve checked CPU usage less than with WoW Crysis on Max Computer Issues, Hardware or Software? Settings and less than with Tzar However even with no applications processes my RAM seems to be around usage RAM problem The computer is about months old no OC ing at all I brought it in to get it re-imaged back to factory settings with no luck i re-installed a game and it proceeded to blue screen with the same error I brought it back a second time just to be told it was all tested and passed but the CPU heatsink was overloaded with dust which was cleaned Specs AMD t BE ghz HiS Radeon GB Dual Channel RAM Crucial W PSU The only other devices I have connected are a Razer Naga Keyboard and headset Please help I cant see where the problem lies and I miss my gaming I cant see how this could be fixed by cleaning the heatsink and I ll keep this updated once I pick it up later today I did some research and found that it could be a faulty PSU a RAM BIOS Voltage issue or just bad RAM PSU CPU nbsp

A:Computer Issues, Hardware or Software?

ummm...well imn ot really a well computer expert...but my laptop had a similer problem...i tried evrything i fix it....untill i just had to reinstal my OS(win xp) and after that everything worked fine.....but thats just me....also...make sure u dont have a nasty virus .....that caused a blue screen on my computer yeah...but dont re instal ur OS until the computer experts comein and give u advice.....
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Hello and thanks for any help Her keyboard is acting wonky on her laptop and the volume goes up and down on it's own I opened MSE and there was a Java trojan in quarantine removed it updated and ran scan again and it came up clean Then ran Malwarebytes in Mother My having infected or to help. me sure Not issues came for if hardware and had hits for Zwinkey q Killed those now MB and MSE show clear but we are still having issues I ran security check FSS minitoolbox MB rootkit and rkill I will My Mother in came to me for help. Not sure if infected or having hardware issues post those results now Results of screen 's Security Check version Windows Service Pack x UAC is enabled Internet Explorer Antivirus Firewall Check span Windows Firewall Enabled Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus up to date Anti-malware Other Utilities Check span MVPS Hosts File Spybot - Search amp Destroy Java Update Java version out of Date Adobe Flash Player Adobe Reader Adobe Reader XI Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Google Chrome Process Check objlist exe by Laurent span Norton ccSvcHst exe Microsoft Security Essentials MSMpEng exe Microsoft Security My Mother in came to me for help. Not sure if infected or having hardware issues Essentials msseces exe Malwarebytes Anti-Malware mbamservice exe Malwarebytes Anti-Malware mbam exe Spybot Teatimer exe is disabled Microsoft Small Business Business Contact Manager BcmSqlStartupSvc exe Malwarebytes Anti-Malware mbamscheduler exe System Health check span Total Fragmentation on Drive C End of Log span Farbar Service Scanner Version - - Ran by Donna administrator on - - at Running from C Users Donna Desktop Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack X Boot Mode Normal Internet Services Connection Status Localhost is accessible LAN connected Google IP is accessible Google com is accessible Yahoo com is accessible Windows Firewall Firewall Disabled Policy System Restore System Restore Disabled Policy Action Center Windows Update Windows Autoupdate Disabled Policy Windows Defender WinDefend Service is not running Checking service configuration The start type of WinDefend service is set to Demand The default start type is Auto The ImagePath of WinDefend service is OK The ServiceDll of WinDefend service is OK Windows Defender Disabled Policy HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows Defender DisableAntiSpyware DWORD Other Services File Check C windows system nsisvc dll gt File is digitally signed C windows system Drivers nsiproxy sys gt File is digitally signed C windows system dhcpcore dll gt File is digitally signed C windows system Drivers afd sys gt File is digitally signed C windows system Drivers tdx sys gt File is digitally signed C windows system Drivers tcpip sys gt File is digitally signed C windows system dnsrslvr dll gt File is digitally signed C windows system mpssvc dll gt File is digitally signed C windows system bfe dll gt File is digitally signed C windows system Drivers mpsdrv sys gt File is digitally signed C windows system SDRSVC dll gt File is digitally signed C windows system vssvc exe gt File is digitally signed C windows system wscsvc dll gt File is digitally signed C windows system wbem WMIsvc dll gt File is digitally signed C windows system wuaueng dll gt File is digitally signed C windows system qmgr dll gt File is digitally signed C windows system es dll gt File is digitally signed C windows system cryptsvc dll gt File is digitally signed C Program Files Windows Defender MpSvc dll gt File is digitally signed C windows system ipnathlp dll gt File is digitally signed C windows system iphlpsvc dll gt File is digitally signed C windows system svchost exe gt File is digitally signed C windows system rpcss dll gt File is digitally signed End of log MiniToolBox by Farbar Version - - Ran by Donna administrator on - - at Running from C Users Donna Desktop Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack X Boot Mode Normal IE Proxy Settings Proxy is not enabled No Proxy Server is set FF Proxy Setting... Read more

A:My Mother in came to me for help. Not sure if infected or having hardware issues

Welcome aboard   Download Temp File Cleaner (TFC)Alternate download: click on TFC.exe to run the program.Click on Start button to begin cleaning process.TFC will close all running programs, and it may ask you to restart computer. Please download AdwCleaner by Xplode onto your desktop.Close all open programs and internet browsers.Double click on adwcleaner.exe to run the tool.Click on Scan button.When the scan has finished click on Clean button.Your computer will be rebooted automatically. A text file will open after the restart.Please post the contents of that logfile with your next reply.You can find the logfile at C:\AdwCleaner[S1].txt as well. Please download Junkware Removal Tool to your desktop.Shut down your protection software now to avoid potential conflicts.Run the tool by double-clicking it. If you are using Windows Vista, 7, or 8; instead of double-clicking, right-mouse click JRT.exe and select "Run as Administrator".The tool will open and start scanning your system.Please be patient as this can take a while to complete depending on your system's specifications.On completion, a log (JRT.txt) is saved to your desktop and will automatically open.Post the contents of JRT.txt into your next message. Please run a free online scan with the ESET Online ScannerDisable your antivirus programClick on "Run ESET Online Scanner" button.Tick the box next to YES, I accept the Terms of UseClick StartAccept any security warnings from your browser.Check Scan archivesClick StartESET will then download updates for itself, install itself, and begin scanning your computer. Please be patient as this can take some time.When the scan completes, click on List of found threatsClick on Export to text file , and save the file to your desktop using a unique name, such as ESETScan. Include the contents of this report in your next reply.
NOTE. If Eset doesn't find any threats it'll NOT produce any log.
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Now that I'm back from Iraq and back from Hawaii my Wiard Found issues. New Hardware oh-so-mean boss sent Found New Hardware Wiard issues. me there for weeks I have another issue M laptop here is now giving me fits with a printer Dell photo printer This printer was previously installed on this laptop and worked well for months in Iraq I de-installed it and attempted to use a Lxmark series as part of an office assingment No go I de-installed the and came back here Now that I want to use my I have issues I've installed it using the enclsoed CD and it prints well However a quot found new hardware balloon quot pops up off of the icon tray and then a quot New Hardware Wizard quot screen pops up with a notation quot Cannot install this hardware Dell Photo Printer An error occured during insatallation The system cannot find the specified error quot At the bottom of the page are the normal buttons which are all greyed out EXCEPT quot finish quot which closes the New Hardware Wizard page and restarts the ballon from the icon tray which brings up the New Hardware Wizard screen De-installing the printer and insatlling from the wizard only or re-insatalling from the CD have no effect I e no real problem printing but an omni-present quot new hardware wizard quot screen in the background Ugghhh

A:Found New Hardware Wiard issues.

Well, when you go into your device manager does it show the printer drivers? If not you will probably have more success just going to Dell's website and DLing the driver straight from there.
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I am currently having a BSOD between 1-2 times a day.

custom built my pc about a month ago.

I have run memtest achieved 10+ passes without a problem.

stress tested GPU as the PNY is known to have issues, which i found out after purchase, but no reaction to the stress test.

increased the voltage for the cpu to allow for extra room for the cpu

Windows 7? 64-bit
? Windows 7
? OEM as I made it myself
? less than a month
? less than a month
? intel i5-2500k 3.3ghz oced to 4.6ghz bought as a pre-overclocked bundle
? PNY GEFORCE gtx570
? asus p8z68-v gen3
? CoolerMaster 1000w Silent Pro Gold
? custom built

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 2057

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 124
BCP1: 0000000000000000
BCP2: FFFFFA8007903028
BCP3: 00000000BE200000
BCP4: 000000000005110A
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 768_1

this is one of the error codes i get, the other one being different in BCP2

BCP2: FFFFFA80111B6028


A:BSOD Windows 7 hardware issues


Symptom: Device is disabled.
Cause: A device is disabled preventing it from working properly.
Details: The device, D-Link AirPlus G DWL-G510 Wireless PCI Adapter(rev.C), is disabled. If this device is no longer used it may be intentionally disabled. The Plug and Play ID for this device is PCI\VEN_1814-DEV_0302-SUBSYS_3C091186-REV_00\5-D93DF5B-0-0800E6.
Resolution: 1. Determine if you need the device.
2. If you need the device, enable it in Device Manager.
3. If you do not use the device it can be left disabled.



A fatal hardware error has occurred. Parameter 1 identifies the type of error
source that reported the error. Parameter 2 holds the address of the
WHEA_ERROR_RECORD structure that describes the error conditon.
Arg1: 0000000000000000, Machine Check Exception
Arg2: fffffa801121b028, Address of the WHEA_ERROR_RECORD structure.
Arg3: 00000000be200000, High order 32-bits of the MCi_STATUS value.
Arg4: 000000000005110a, Low order 32-bits of the MCi_STATUS value.

Debugging Details:

TRIAGER: Could not open triage file : C:\x86\triage\modclass.ini, error 2

BUGCHECK_STR: 0x124_GenuineIntel





fffff880`0337aa58 fffff800`03013a3b : 00000000`00000124 00000000`00000000 fffffa80`1121b028 00000000`be200000 : nt!KeBugCheckEx
fffff880`0337aa60 fffff800`031d6c43 : 00000000`00000001 fffffa80`1121cea0 00000000`00000000 fffffa80`1121cef0 : hal!HalBugCheckSystem+0x1e3
fffff880`0337aaa0 fffff800`03013700 : 00000000`00000728 fffffa80`1121cea0 fffff880`0337ae30 fffff880`0337ae00 : nt!WheaReportHwError+0x263
fffff880`0337ab00 fffff800`03013052 : fffffa80`1121cea0 fffff880`0337ae30 fffffa80`1121cea0 00000000`00000000 : hal!HalpMcaReportError+0x4c
fffff880`0337ac50 fffff800`03012f0d : 00000000`00000004 00000000`00000001 fffff880`0337aeb0 00000000`00000000 : hal!HalpMceHandler+0x9e
fffff880`0337ac90 fffff800`03006e88 : fffff880`03372180 fffff880`03372180 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 : hal!HalpMceHandlerWithRendezvous+0x55
fffff880`0337acc0 fffff800`030c562c : 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 : hal!HalHandleMcheck+0x40
fffff880`0337acf0 fffff800`030c5493 : 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 : nt!KxMcheckAbort+0x6c
fffff880`0337ae30 fffff800`030cc3d2 : 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 : nt!KiMcheckAbort+0x153
fffff880`0339a420 00000000`00000000 : 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 : nt!KiDeferredReadyThread+0x2c2



MODULE_NAME: GenuineIntel

IMAGE_NAME: GenuineIntel




Followup: MachineOwner

That's a bad sign of Processor Failure, fix the first and then see if that fixes it, otherwise go new PC shopping, Processors cost almost 1/3rd the cost of a new computer if it's a decent Processor.
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Hi to everyone who reads this I have an external USB-linked Western Digital Hard drive of GB where I store Images of my C D and E partitions Now my problem on a irregular basis I hear the quot Hardware remove sound quot or quot Disconnect Hardware Sound quot from Windows and it has something to do with my external HD Yes I've tried different USB slots When I hear that sound I go to Windows E and then I notice that my volumes on that Sound Remove issues Hardware disk aren't visible Hardware Remove Sound issues A few seconds or minutes later I hear that sound again and everything is back to normal but a while later Hardware Remove Sound issues it begins again and again repeatedly Sometimes more than fifthy times a day and its very annoying And because I have stored my Images there I just don't want them to be obsolete when an emergency occurs It's like Vista loses connection with the USB-HDD and then regains it I don't know who's the culprit or what causes that Even when I bootup using Acronis True Image from a bootable disk I stil can't see my drives in that program window I use that program to control my Images and know it's not reliable anymore wel the program is it's just a fault in Windows somewhere that causes the constant disconnectivity I'm against the wall here can someone help me out Does someone have an adequate solution for that or had the same problem Thanks for your time and answer s Best Regards Carlo
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Hi Our business rents from a large shared office building We have our own wireless network but internet service provision is handled by the building itself Currently our main office space houses a Cisco Linksys router WRT N which seems to be questions Hardware / issues Networking working but is at least years old In my office far down the hall from that router is a Netgear Universal Dual Band WiFi Range Extender WN RP that seems to be working and a N Netgear Wireless Dual Band USB Adapter WNDA vs that blinks in and out of service so we re planning to replace it Our technician is not a networking Networking issues / Hardware questions professional so we have failed to obtain advice about the products that we Networking issues / Hardware questions re using So Thought I d look here for help Netgear recommends upgrading the adapter to an A WiFi USB Adapter I ve come across a deal that offers both that model AND a Netgear R WiFi Router bundle Is it beneficial to have matching Networking issues / Hardware questions manufacturers products All Netgear rather than Netgear working with Linksys Do we even have the right setup for our offices Currently there are desktops connected to this network Soon there may be a third We all need to connect to our wireless network and therefore to our NAS which stores all shared data Please provide some guidance Thanks so much nbsp

A:Networking issues / Hardware questions

it is not eseential that the manufacturers be the same, but it does cut down on incompatibilities. i would just look for the best that you can afford and check to make sure the can work together. my thoughts are that if it's not broke, don't fix it. i would say that google is your friend, but google is evil, bing is your friend.
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Hello everyone I have had Windows RC for a couple months now and I seem to have some recurring issues that i would like advice on First I have my computer go into Sleep mode after a period of time and then it freezes so when i go to Windows issues. Software? 7 or Hardware awaken it the pc wont respond and i have to hit Windows 7 issues. Hardware or Software? the reset button This happens probably one out of every two times my PC goes into Sleep mode Second Every so often when i start my Windows 7 issues. Hardware or Software? computer and select Windows from the boot menu something happens Im not quite sure what but ill try to explain it Windows wont load at all and sometimes it just shows the mouse somethimes it shows nothing at all and sometimes it shows the mouse but it disappears Both those things have happened occasional even after i reinstalled What im really wondering is are these problems just the RC's bugs or a problem with my hardware and will installing the current retail version fix these I know its alot but I figured you guys here can handle it Thanks in advance

A:Windows 7 issues. Hardware or Software?

Hi there, it doesnt look like a RC bug. Have you updated the chipset driver?