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MoBo speed settings in BIOS

Q: MoBo speed settings in BIOS

Have an Elite MoBo K7S5A and the BIOS settings in CPU Pnp CPU speed show 2 settings i.e. 100Mhz/100Mhz, which can be changed to 100Mhz/133Mhz or 133Mhz/133Mhz.
I have an Athlon XP2000 cpu.with 512k SDRAM (2x256)
Q1. What does each setting relate to; Mem speed FSB speed Proc speed?
Q2. I have set the speed to 100/100 (the default form best perf)and it works fine but when I look in my sys Info it says my proc is 1.2 Mhz, when I set the speed to 133/133 it shows my proc as correctly as an XP2k cpu running at 1.6Mhz. But it hangs. What should it be set to.
Q3. The manual says that the MoBo is 200 or 266 FSB does this mean I can only use multiples. I ask as I am just putting together another machine with the same MoBo.

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Preferred Solution: MoBo speed settings in BIOS

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I am building a new machine and I would like someone that has already built a KV7-V system to tell me if the soft menu setup in the AwardBios automatically IDs the CPU and sets up the proper operating speed.
(FSB 400MHZ)
If not can you walk me through the procedure. My CPU is a AMD Athlon 2900+
with 512MB PC3200 DDR 400 MHZ RAM.


A:KV7-V MOBO-CPU Operating Speed Setup in the Bios

let it take care of itself, it should find the speed alright
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I replaced the mobo on my Dell 5510. Purchased from Dell. Sticker on mobo says BIOS ver A05. About every other day I get blue screen and physical dump of memory. My system info says my BIOS ver is A07. How do I go about changing BIOS? Is it as simple as pulling battery for 15 seconds? Some have offered this suggestion but I get a little worried at "friends" advice.

A:Replaced MOBO on Dell 5510 BIOS sticker on MOBO says A05, system in still has BIOS of A07

Removing the battery won't change the BIOS version. You need to download the version you require from the Dell site. From Windows you "flash" the BIOS. Take your time preparing for this. If anything goes wrong you will wreck your motherboard.
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So recently I purchased a Galaxy GTX MB video card I was previously using a BFG Tech GTX When I first installed the GPU I was on an ASUS P B Deluxe WiFI Edition motherboard I am now on an ASRock P time) up Bios (slowing Mobo boot up GPU showing BIOS before Extreme motherboard I mention the old mobo because the problem has been the same regardless So I link the issue to the GPU Anywho the new Galaxy card on boot displays it's own Bios information before the mobo Bios page shows up It's actually the first thing I see on my monitor It just simply displays Galaxy Bios version etc etc etc It doesn't last for more than - seconds but I personally feel it's an unnecessary delay Especially since I'm so adamant about computer efficiency and I try to get my boot up times as fast as possible Just a personal hobby I enjoy So I was curious if there is a way to disable this initial Bios screen I did many google searches and couldn't find the problem to a a perfect description Some people did mention that it has GPU Bios showing up before Mobo BIOS (slowing boot up time) to do with a motherboard conflict but that's why I mentioned bother motherboards One was old and the one I'm on now is brand new I've never purchased a Galaxy card until now so I'm curious if it's unique to their brand I've never updated Bios on a video card before and I'm not sure if it'd cure the problem either Anyone familiar with this situation Thank you Edit I'll take a picture of the Bios screen and post it quick I just thought about doing it but I typed this entire message and I can't do that unless I restart

A:GPU Bios showing up before Mobo BIOS (slowing boot up time)

It will still have to do it's thing...even if you manage to make it disappear....I have had systems in the past that has done that same thing...if speed is what your after a SSD will do more for that.
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Hello As is often the case I left my computer on overnight a couple of nights ago When I woke up there was no response Nothing was coming to the monitor and although the system and cpu fans were still on the HDDs were not receving power Now I ve taken the case of and dug around I can report the following symptoms The obvious one is that the PCs crappy speaker is making a constant medium pitch buzzing noise when the system is powered on This is NOT a beep MOBO? Bios Bios Not or reaching Ami screen even from the ami bios suggesting an error code and even if it was a wierd low beep ami bios a continuous beep isn t part of the ami bios error selection http www bioscentral com beepcodes amibeep htm Indeed I had to hunt around a bit before I realised that the sound was even coming from the speaker at all System fan and cpu fan still come on Nothing to monitor and HDDs don t fire up Likewise no power to optical drives e g pressing open close does nothing I ve tried reseating everything I ve also tried taking away all extraneous hardware soundcard and tv card I ve dedusted and am confident it s not a heat problem I never get heat problems thanks to my trusty zalman The system is self built Ami Bios or MOBO? Not even reaching Bios screen and years old MOBO battery is about a year old but in any case - this is interesting - taking the battery out and turning on the pc still gets the medium buzzing sound which I gather also means I ve cleared the bios Indeed I removed the CPU itself and the system fires up for a second and then closes down again But even then the buzzing comes on indicating that it s very early on in the process The power supply is about years old and is an antec w I just can t work out what s going on and I m not really even sure what the buzzing has to to with it although the fact that it coincides in time with the problem in general means that it surely is related nbsp

A:Ami Bios or MOBO? Not even reaching Bios screen

Consider the PSU may have failed.
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When I press Restore Settings button in BIOS setting (through F2 when Dell logo is displayed at booting) then the dialog with two options is shown:

BIOS Defaults
Factory Settings

What is the difference about these two options (BIOS Defaults vs. Factory Settings) please?
Thank you.
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Hi Guys I restored an image created with Macrium Reflect on my wife's computer Custom build with Asus P Z -V LX mother board and everything went fine until rebooting when i got to the quot Please press DEL BIOS access UEFI Cannot Bios, to settings or F2 DEL enter press Please or F to enter UEFI BIOS settings quot then everything stopped I have tried F DEL F F just about Cannot access Bios, Please press DEL or F2 to enter UEFI BIOS settings all the F combinations and nothing works I have two SSD drives one with Win Pro and one with Win Pro not connected at the same time and neither of them will boot up I have tried changing the jumper pins from and to and for sec to clear the RTC Ram in CMOS then returned then to and and tried rebooting no change so i removed the battery and repeated the jumper pin swap then reinstalled the battery and still no change cannot get passed press DEL or F to access the BIOS settings I even downloaded the latest BIOS and updater as shown and put them on a USB flash drive together and tried the Macrium Rescue disk and still nothing happened and it will not open the BIOS maybe i got it all wrong I was hoping someone here might know how to put it right i am out of idea's and any help would be greatly appreciated System Specs Intel Core i K Ivy Bridge GHz MB Motherboard Asus P Z -V LX LGA ATX Motherboard Memory G Cannot access Bios, Please press DEL or F2 to enter UEFI BIOS settings Skill GB Kit x GB DDR Ripjaws X C MHz Samsung Series GB quot mm SSD SATA x Win and Win Storage Drive Western Digital Caviar Black WD FAEX quot TB MB RPM Graphics Card Leadtek Quadro MB DVI DP Optical Drive LG CH LS x Black SATA Blu-Ray Combo Drive Retail Pack Card Reader Shintaro in quot Sound Card Integrated Gigabyte GZ-X Black Mid Tower Case - Cannot access Bios, Please press DEL or F2 to enter UEFI BIOS settings W PSU Power Supply XFX Core Edition Operating System Microsoft Windows Professional OEM Bit Anti Virus Trend Micro Maximum Security Keyboard amp Mouse Microsoft Wireless Desktop Monitor Asus VE H quot Full HD WS MS LED Thanks Guys
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Good evening!
A week ago I reinstalled Windows 7 in EFI mode on my laptop, and now I've got this problem: whenever I turn on my computer after a shutdown, the BIOS says "System Resuming" instead of "Press F2 to enter settings". This makes impossible for me to access BIOS settings. Previously, my BIOS used to say "System Resuming" only after a hibernation. The weird fact is that - as far as I remember - this thing started happening only after a few days.
Can you help me?
Thanks in advance :-)

A:I can't access BIOS settings because BIOS assumes Windows is resuming

Try doing a shutdown command from a CMD window, or Start button / Run
The command is shutdown /s

See if entering the command manually makes a difference in how it starts up
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I am about to up the ram(128) with an extra 256 stick.
My problem is that I was told my 128 was pc133. Belarc and system tells me bus speed is 100Mz. BIOS was set to auto is reset to 133 but it still runs at 100. Mobo jumpers set to auto.

Q1 Any way I can check the ram stick Infineon marked B67 86RC
94V-0 Infineon site just seems quote the reference on the chips.
Do I need that info?
System P3 650 Mz 128 ram W98 20 gig drive Cd-rom Cd-rw IE6
Dial up.


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This is my first post here, so hi to everyone.
I just got an ASUS X401a Notebook and I want to use a flash drive to boot from Linux.
I need to change the sequence in the BIOS so that the flash drive is first choice to boot from.
I have no problem accessing the BIOS utility, but it allows me to alter only some settings. Those in blue colored font I can change those in black font I cannot. What drive to boot from first is in black and not adjustable.
I used command line to work as admin and I also set up a password for admin in the BIOS to access the BIOS utility, but still no go; some things are allowed to be changed some aren't.

Any help is appreciated.

A:BIOS: Can access BIOS utility, but cannot change settings.

Is it asking for a password or something?
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I recently took a BIOS update and I later on found out that it has messed up my Notebook. File transfer speed has been riduculously slow, games and movies stutter occasionaly. Everything has changed and it does not look good. Product Info: Model: Pavilion AB522TXOS: Windows 10 64-bit ( updated to the very last) RAM: 8 GBProcessor: i5-6200U

View Solution.

A:Downgrade a BIOS update or Optimising BIOS settings

Hey @Rahul_mk,  I would like to welcome you to the HP Support Community. If my reply resolves your issue or answer your question(s),  please let others know this reply was helpful by clicking the Accept as Solution button. I understand that you did a BIOS upgrade but it did not take well to your HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab522tx. You mentioned that your Notebook is now slow and games and movies are stuttering.  Many HP Notebooks have an HP BIOS Restore tool that may recover the BIOS from an earlier version and restore basic functionality. Please follow the documentation to do a BIOS reset.  Have you tried to perform a hard reset?Which BIOS version did  you upgrade to? You said that Windows 10 is up to date.Have you tried using the HP Support Assistant for updates also?  You can try following the below steps to reload the factory installed BIOS Setup Settings:In the BIOS Setup utility, select the Exit tab.Select Load Setup Defaults.Select Save Changes and Exit (pressing F5 and the Enter key will also load the Setup Defaults).Press Esc and then Enter to exit Setup.If you require further assistance, I would be more than happy to continue to help you. Please re-post with any information you think may help me find a resolution for you. Please also let me know if the BIOS reset works. If you would like to show you appreciation for my efforts today, please take a second to click the Thumbs Up button below. I am glad that you joined in!  Have a great day!
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I have a HP 2760P and I'm running Windows 7 64bit,I did a clean install since I replaced the harddisk, I installed HP Protect Tools. Problem:Most of the BIOS settings are grayed out, I can't change anything. Do I need to login to the BIOS as Administrator or so? When I enter the BIOS I get asked to login.I can only login with my Domain-Account, I can't enter another account name.I therefore login and see the bios-settings.However most settings are grayed out."Set Administrator Password" is also grayed out. How can I enable the BIOS-settings?Do I need to Login into the BIOS as an Administrator? How can I do that, during entering the BIOS it only let's me login as my regular domain-account or how can I even set an Administrator-Password? Thanks and best regards 

A:BIOS settings grayed out, Login To BIOS as Administrator?

leonardlin wrote:I have a HP 2760P and I'm running Windows 7 64bit,I did a clean install since I replaced the harddisk, I installed HP Protect Tools. Problem:Most of the BIOS settings are grayed out, I can't change anything. Do I need to login to the BIOS as Administrator or so? When I enter the BIOS I get asked to login.I can only login with my Domain-Account, I can't enter another account name.I therefore login and see the bios-settings.However most settings are grayed out."Set Administrator Password" is also grayed out. How can I enable the BIOS-settings?Do I need to Login into the BIOS as an Administrator? How can I do that, during entering the BIOS it only let's me login as my regular domain-account or how can I even set an Administrator-Password? Thanks and best regards What I have found is that this situation arose for me when I logged in to the BIOS as a regular user after installing HP ProtectTools and enabling Pre-boot authentication.  I needed to log in as an admin user. However, in my case, I had yet to set up an administrative password for the BIOS prior to setting up HP ProtectTools.  What I needed to do was the following set of steps: 1.  When the system reboots, it SHOULD give you the option to log in to the BIOS as a guest or registered user.  Log in as GUEST into the BIOS instead of a registered user (wierd, but it works).2.  Go to BIOS Security settings and create a BIOS admin password.3.  You should then be able to edit additional settings, although you may need to log out and then log in as guest and type your new BIOS admin password. Hope this helps! Best Regards,Eric
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I recently upgraded to a new motherboard and I noticed that I can now use PC3200 ram... I already have 3 sticks (3x512MB) of PC2100 RAM. My question is: if I buy a stick of PC3200 RAM will that stick of ram automatically slow down to match the PC2100 RAM or will I have one stick of ram that is simply faster? Or will they not work together at all?

Thanks for the help!!

A:Different ram speed modules in the same MOBO... OK?

They will all work at the speed of your slowest stick.
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Hay I bought a scythe fan for my case to go on the side i've tried plugging the pin connector into the PWR FAN pin and CHASIS FAN pin it gets detected in the bios and in speedfan and various other software to monitor the fans Its running fan speed? not controlling Mobo at RPM which is way to loud for me i've tried ASUS AI suite amd overdrive speedfan ect to try and turn down the RPM but none of them effect it its going at non stop and wont slow down no matter what and even in the bios when i selected 'silent' mode it did not budge in speed at all Mobo Mobo not controlling fan speed? ASUS M A TD EVO AM AMD SATA Gb s USB ATX AMD Motherboard Fan Scythe DFS - quot ULTRA KAZE quot x mm Case Fan Anything i can do to make this software or bios adjust the fan to the Mobo not controlling fan speed? correct speeds If i bought a hardware fan speed controller would that work I was looking at something simple like this Newegg com - Sunbeam PL-RS-PCI Rheosmart PCI W Fan Controller But i'd rather not buy if Mobo not controlling fan speed? my Mobo or some software can adjust the speed for me

A:Mobo not controlling fan speed?

You can use speedfan to set the percentage speed to control the fan but speed fan must be open at for this work. Only fans with 4pins and mobo's with 4pin slots will utilize the built in fan controller....that's what the 4th pin is for. Other wise you will need a fan controller of some sort. I haven't used on myself but that one looks fine
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I have a VN7-572G. The presented BIOS settings are sort of lackluster for a gaming laptop and I know what I'm doing enough to tinker with more advanced settings. I've examined the BIOS for this laptop and there are a ton of locked-away settings. Unfortunately, there is some sort of BIOS security implemented that prevents me from just flashing a modified BIOS onto this laptop. Is there perhaps some sort of way to officially access more advanced settings or any way of requesting one from Acer?

A:Advanced BIOS Settings and/or Unlocked BIOS? (VN7-...

Hi, Short answer, NO.
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Im starting this thread so that for all who have unlocked their bios for wirelesscard whitelist removal or what ever, using the link on techInferno using svl7 mod can have a guide as to what settings can be used to improve the performance of their y510p and what settings to stay away from.  For those who have difficulties in retrieving the files from techInfernos website can pm me. Any and all suggestions and requests are welcome. Happy modding.

A:Y510p Bios mod, Best unlocked bios settings.

I would do this, but after paying 1000 for this laptop, that risk of bricking the bios..

Lenovo y510p - Intel Quad-core 4th gen i7-4700MQ @3.40Ghz - 16GB RAM - 1TB HDD 8GB SSD - 1080p FHD - Nvidia 755m SLI
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Just wondernig as my CD-ROM can burn at 40X, media is 52X rated, but CD only burns at 24X or so.

A:can the mobo limit cd burn speed?

yes, but not usually. write speed is usually limited to media type, quality, etc... 52X, 40X, refers to READ speed, not write speed.

Write speed is almost always slower.
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My motherboard (manufactured by Zaapa...
apparently out of business) has no documentation. I want to upgrade from P2 350
to highest possible Pentium CPU. How can I find out how high I can go? Someone told me I could put a P3 chip on this board. My BIOS
is Award version 4.51 PG.

P.S. Larry, my favorite Lovecraft was "The
Colour Out Of Space".

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I have an old and noisy PC Iam looking at for a friend, its an old Celeron 2.6Ghz and the fan is going full belt at 3500 rpm, temps are 35'c and the fan is connected to the 3 pins on the motherboard (ASRock P4VM890) with a 3 pin connector (with 3 wires, so all are being used) - the fan speed is reported in BIOS but can not be adjusted at all anywhere.

Could it be the fan is not a Variable Speed type?

or is the Motherboard doesnt support Variable Fan Speeds?

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Just built a computer with Soyo Dragon Platinum (via 333) mobo, AMD XP 2100+ CPU, stick of generic 256M 266 (2100) DDR ram and a Maxtor 40gig 7200 HDD . When I set the CPU speed @ 133 (having also set the ram speed accordingly) I get "SUWIN" or other errors when trying to install my Win 98SE. If I do manage to get it installed I get a bunch of GPF's basically making the box worthless. If I set the CPU and RAM speed to 100 Mhz then it all seems to work fine. I'd like to get the speed I paid for (yeah, I know I didn't need a 333 board with the current XP chips but I'd like to get at least the 266 it's capable of) What's going on here? Any ideas are appreciated!!

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I have a 4 year old Toshiba L550 that is running fine but after a lot of Googles I cannot find at what SATA speed the SSD is being driven at. From my pic I am guessing it is only 3GBs??

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can someone explain to me what FSB settings are?

Can they be altered on all mobo's and can they be overclocked (or is this dependant on the mobo)?


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Soltek 75kav/x- max supported cpu speed is 1.5 ghz.

can i test a 1.67ghz on it, ran at a lower speed? i just want to make sure it works...

A:cpu test on mobo rated for lower speed

Yes the worst-case scenario is that it will boot up with a Processor error, but at least it will Boot proving that the board is good, however if it doesn't boot then the board may be cooked.
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I have just downloaded the newest Catalyst Display Drivers from the ATI site and upon checking the AGP bus settings it states that it is off. I know for a fact that both my motherboard and grapics card have 8x ports but I cannot find any way to enable these settings. This is a big problem as gaplay is severely affected by the fact that the AGP is not enabled.

System Specifications:

P4S800D-X motherboard
Radeon 9800 PRO 256 RAM
1GB Kingston Ram
Intel Celeron P4 3.0GHZ
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does anyone know the "DIP" switch settings for a ASUS D33005?
Any help would be greatly apprieciated

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My email has a barebones special from Tiger Direct that features this mobo. (Mach Speed Viper MK8-939A). It sounds nice but I have a couple of questions. I'm not familiar with Mach Speed products. It has an MGP port that according to the Mach Speed website supports AGP cards. Is it indeed a "normal" AGP slot? Would my ATI 850 work there? Is the PCI Express slot usable with an AGP card? What I mean is can you use both together at the same time? I have not been looking but I also have not noticed mobo's that have both AGP and PCI Express slots? Are they available from other manufacturers? Would this be worth the price of $299 after rebates? Sounds like a good deal.

A:Solved: Opinions on this mobo Mach Speed Viper MK8-939A

Mach Speed has a poor reputation, early on their website was non-existent and support is apparently very bad. The products themselves are compareable to ECS.
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Hey there,

I recently bought OCZ DDR2 PC2-6400 Platinum Revision 2 RAM:

I have Asrock 775Dual-VSTA mobo and here is the website:

My question is that even though I understand that my mobo supports DDRII667/533, what are the best setting for the RAM to run on my system ?

These are a couple of CPUZ screenshots for the DEFAULT settings my mobo detected for the RAM.

Thanks in advance

A:Asrock mobo settings for OCZ DDR2 PC2-6400 RAM

Please correct me if I am wrong but is it not ok to run a high-end RAM on slower frequency for relatively old computers ? :suspiciou
For example, PC3200 memory should work fine in a system that takes PC2100 or PC2700.
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I have a Gigabyte GA-8AENXP-D Mobo. I just installed 2 more Kingston 1gb DDR2 modules for a total of 4 kingston 1gb DDR2 modules. When it boots it only sees 3145728k of ram. When I had just 2 1gb modules it showed 2091752bytes of ram. I know the new ram is good as I have replaced the old modules with the new ones and everything worked fine.

I can even remove one of the modules and still get the bios reporting it only sees 3145728bytes of ram. I have the modules in the correct slots. I have the latest bios update from Gigabyte. And this Mobo is supposed to be able to handle 4 gigs of ram.

Because of this, windows will only use the 3 gigs of ram!

Anyone come across something like this before?


A:Mobo bios does not see all of my ram.

first off, i'd like to point out that running 4 gigs of non-ecc ram and/or using all 4 memory slots is a bad idea. reliability and performance take a big hit, one that often negates the advantages of more ram.

you should proceed to test out all your modules one at a time, then trying them in dual channel config. a little experimenting with module setups will often reveal the bad stick/problem. just remember to be smart and avoid killing your machine with static discharge.
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Re ASRock K VT Athlon I left my system running the other day and came back a few hours later to find it had not hibernated but the screen was blank the fans were running and the power amp HD lights were lit I hit the reset button and nothing happened I turned off the power supply Now when I try to power up I only get running fans and the front led s power amp HD stay lit I am down to the point now where I have bench tested quot the unit with only the MOBO CPU with heat CPU, MOBO, Bad ? BIOS or sink and Bad MOBO, CPU, BIOS or ? fan stick of memory and the speaker connected Bad MOBO, CPU, BIOS or ? If I short the power switch the fan starts running the CPU gets warm but no beeps nothing I think I am down to either a bad MOBO CPU or BIOS How do I check this further Below are some of the things I have tried Went thru a multimeter check list PSU is OK All voltages on ATX connector OK All ATX ground circuits on MB OK Removed all components and connectors from MB amp reinstalled Cleared CMOS by jumper and also tried to clear by removing the battery I have tried a spare known good PSU I have tried both sticks of memory alone in slot nbsp

A:Bad MOBO, CPU, BIOS or ?

Probably the board. When a processor goes bad you usually get beeps or no activity.
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Hi all

This may sound a daft question so apologies.
Sony Viao laptop comes up with the message no OS found, tried a recovery says cannot find a hard drive. Ubuntu disk does the same.

The strange thing is when i boot it i dont get any BIOS appear, checks or the F button or del option to go into boot/setup. I do get the Sony Viao logo appear and thats it.

So question is it the mainboard or just the bios is the issue?
Any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

A:Mobo or just BIOS

Ok quick update, i think this is the HD now.
because i got the Sony Vaio screen ... i tried various F buttons and found that F2 allowed me into the setup. Which obviously means that the BIOS is fine, so looks like the HD then, any thoughts would be appreicated
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Hi I'm Jeff I heard about this site from my brother but I'm not sure if he's a member Looks nice gg Specs XP Pro SP GHz gb RAM BIOS? not... I Mobo? know HDD? Let me throw out my dilemma It started with me looking at my task BIOS? HDD? Mobo? I know not... manager Like many people I wondered why I had so many svchost's running why they were taking so much power and what they did I DLed a third party task manager that allowed me to get into the svchost and view what processes were being run Now I'm not exactly computer retarded but I should have known better than doing what I did Because I couldn't find an svchost that ran anything even remotely familiar I found one that was running one operation one from the description that I thought I could stop for a moment just to see what happens I can't tell you what it was called exactly only that remote was in the name What happened is my computer told me it was shutting down in Tminus seconds then did I tried to start it back up It showed the first screen delete to setup screen and the screen where I'd boot from disc After that it did not try to boot the hard drive Just stayed black So I flashed the CMOS It came back to life PHEW saved myself But not really Still every now and then it will do it this was about a week ago I suppose I would flash my CMOS and try again but I realized that it didn't help Sometimes it wouldn't work when I did and sometimes after a try or it would without having to Then one day my computer randomly took my HDD out of the boot sequence It didn't take me long to figure that out so I threw it back in Also during times when it doesn't want to boot the hard drive I've moved the HDD to first boot priority That doesn't seem to make a difference either It seems random So I reinstalled windows I figured whatever I did to this task I stopped would be fixed since it didn't seem to be the CMOS or BIOS at this point It didn't help In the process of putting all of my programs back on my computer I naturally have to restart all the time Sometimes it does it's thing and sometimes its just a dink Well I'm posting from this computer right now It's running and it's doing so just fine And actually it hasn't done it probably the last times I've rebooted in the last days or so But the fact that I never know when it's going to and the fact that my hard drive schized out into hyper-speed once since the reinstallment leaves me craving answers As you can see from my specs it's an ancient machine year old Northgate from Staples Only new hardware is a power supply And I have replaced the battery on the motherboard not with a new one one just as old but used much much less I am building a new system probably in the next week but I would like to solve this or at least know I can't so I can sell it and put towards another With obsolete RAM and integrated sound video card I can't gut it Tell me it's not junk Thank you in advance

A:BIOS? HDD? Mobo? I know not...

It could be a number of things; the first thing I would try is checking all of the connections on your Hard Drive! That's one of the most common problems, they call it the three C's. Connections, connections, connections. Seeing as it is an ancient machine, how long has it been since you cleaned it out. (dust, gunk, etc....)

Second thing, you know the capacitors on the motherboard? Check to make sure that they aren't bulging, per the image attached.!.jpg

Next, I wouldn't suggest flashing your BIOS so much. That should only be done on extreme occasions and usually only when doing major upgrades to your workstation where your motherboard isn't 100% compatible with the old BIOS. That doesn't really sound like the situation here though.

As far as killing svchost.exe--as you found that doesn't have anything to do with your problem. From the mouth of wikipedia:

"In software Svchost.exe is a generic host process name for services that run from dynamic-link libraries (DLLs) within the Microsoft Windows operating system. At startup, Svchost.exe checks the services part of the registry to construct a list of services that it must load. Multiple instances of Svchost.exe can run at the same time. Each Svchost.exe session can contain a grouping of services. Therefore, separate services can run, depending on how and where Svchost.exe is started. This grouping of services permits better control and easier debugging, but it also causes some difficulty for end users wishing to see the memory usage or vendor legitimacy of individual services and processes. End users in Windows XP Professional (and derivatives, such as Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP Media Center Edition) can run the following command at the system prompt to get a breakdown:

tasklist /svc /fi "imagename eq svchost.exe"

Hopefully that helps for future reference.

As far as your hard drive goes, have you changed any of your hardware configuration? i.e. added a CD-ROM Drive or changed your slave/master configuration?

Your Hard Drive could simply be going bad as well! Do you have a spare Hard Drive that you could install Windows on and see if that one boots just fine?

You've done a good job of trying things to narrow it down--maybe we can narrow it down more and solve your (and now my) curiousity bug! :) Keep me posted!
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Hello, I have an A8V-E Deluxe motherboard, and I made the mistake of updating the BIOS to one that I really didn't need, so now I can no longer modify my voltages. I have brought my Athlon 3000+ from 1.8 GHz, to 2.4 GHz, but it is really unstable, because I can no longer modify my voltages. The CPU vCore is at like 1.3 volts, but I need at least 1.6. I have tried to redownload an older BIOS, but it won't let me. Is there any way to revert the newer BIOS to an older one???
Relevancy 48.16%

I'm trying to install a fresh copy of Windows XP on my Gateway CX2610 laptop. However, setup says that "Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed on your computer." I popped the HDD out (it was an old one) and popped a brand new HDD in, and tried to install XP again. Same problem. Any ideas? Do I need a BIOS upgrade? Is it the motherboard?

A:Is it my BIOS, or my MOBO?

When you get into the BIOS setup, does it recognize the drive?
Relevancy 47.73%

I Have An Amd Xp 2000+ running on an a7v8x-mx mobo, i have it set to default on the dip switches, and the computer is only seeing my cpu as 1.25ghz and it wont let me clock it in bios, its all greyed out

Relevancy 47.73%

Looking to play Skyrim and I need to upgrade my video card (PCI only).
I have a Sony VAIO PCV-2210. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
CPU Arch : 1 CPU - 1 Cores - 1 Threads
CPU PSN : Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.53GHz
CPU EXT : MMX, SSE (1, 2)
CPUID : F.2.7 / Extended : F.2
CPU Cache : L1 : 12 / 8 KB - L2 : 512 KB
Core : Northwood (0.130) / Stepping : C1
Freq : 2545.97 MHz (134.02 * 19)
MB Brand : Asus
MB Model : KIRIN-V
NB : Intel i845GV rev A1
SB : Intel 82801DB (ICH4) rev 01
GPU Type : Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller
DirectX Version : 9.0c
RAM : 1024 MB DDR
RAM Speed : 134 MHz (1:1) @ 2.5-3-3-7
Slot 1 : 512MB (3200)
Slot 1 Manufacturer : Kingston
Slot 2 : 512MB (3200)
Slot 2 Manufacturer : Kingston

A:Do any of these PCI cards work with my mobo and will it run Skyrim on lower settings?

just realized I can't post links yet. I was looking at Micro Center under PCI cards.
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I replaced the motherboard in my daughter s PC because the old one wouldn t boot or go into the BIOS To keep expenses as low as I could I decided to re-use the old case or BIOS issue? mobo chip Ghz AMD Duron BIOS or mobo issue? and drives My choices were limited because it is a quot socket A quot chip I also TRIED to re-use the memory but it wouldn t boot so I BIOS or mobo issue? bought meg of RAM as recommended by the board mfg EPoX I first tried to boot up with just the monitor mouse and keyboard attached no drives and it will boot the first time The EPoX mobo instructions say to select quot Load Optimized Defaults quot when you enter the CMOS setup utility This will work the first time you do it and then when you click on quot save amp exit quot as instructed the pc freezes up Keystrokes have no effect If you reset the pc and then press quot delete quot to go back into BIOS during the POST it will not work It hangs on the last screen If I turn the unit off reset the CMOS and then start all over I can get into the BIOS and try to set the date time It will hang again and not go into the BIOS again i have no way to get into the OS because the hard drive has been formatted Any ideas BTW I am the adventurous type and will try to fix most anything but I m NOT a geek Thanks in advance Bernie nbsp

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OK I have an pretty old computer that ive fixed up so to speak I bought a new hard drive and its all plugged in and issue MOBO/BIOS it works fine my only problem is that this computer s MOBO/BIOS issue BIOS says that it IS bootable by cd but in reality it isnt Also im trying to set up an OS on this new drive and cant get anything to install Ive tried using boot floppies w cd-rom support to boot the OS installer but when my BIOS gets to the quot Please insert bootable media into the appropriate drive quot prompt whether or not there is a floppy cd-rom in any drive the computer shuts down after about seconds after pressing lt enter gt Ive tried removing the MOBO battery RAM all IDE cables and replacing them but still nothing I also wish to mention that my floppy LED light is ALWAYS on and when i try to flip over the cable the computer doesnt detect it When i put floppies in it doesnt even try to read them Could it be a floppy drive problem causing all of this I have extra floppy drives to spare thanks for the input IHR nbsp

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Hey guys i just got a new mother board MSI (new Help bios mobo im new problem) me quot K T NEO -F quot VIA K T Pro Chipset Motherboard for AMD Socket CPU and processor AMD Athlon KB L Cache Socket -bit Processor I installed it and put in Help me im new (new mobo bios problem) my DDR Kingston MB ram sticks and my ATI Radeon video card I also have one hard driver not ATA and one ATA Harddrive They re both hooked up and the non ATA is the master My case has fans and they are all plugged in A W power source also Now that the specs are done to the problem I turn the comp on and Help me im new (new mobo bios problem) i hit shift f It gets the the bios screen and says to hit Y or N to do flash recovery or w e so i hit Y and it goes Not too far though after about seconds it beeps times then again and again I checked the beep codes and means its the video card i have no clue if it is or isnt and im very confused I tried re-seating my VC and then doing it again I also tried Re-seating my ram and then the VC and then doing it again It just confuses me Please help Thanks Patrick nbsp

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Im working on a dell,running winxp,p4 processor,512 ram. Its giving errors ive personally never seen before.First it was saying disc read error,operating system not found,and once or twice came up with keyboard failure. Also said failed post and to contact dell. (not under warranty)I tried a different harddrive and it got as far as the progress bar before loading xp,but then froze,and after a few went back to "hit ctrl alt,del" to restart etc.Could this be a problem with the BIOS? and is that replaceable in a dell? or more serious than that?mobo maybe?(ive never replaced BIOS before,so forgive my ignorance)

Relevancy 47.3%

Hey all So close to getting this new computer to work here is the problem I turn on the switch the mobo starts to boot up the HDD starts spinning up and seeking the CD drive s green LED blinks the corsair mem s activity LEDs blink the whole computer sounds like it s booting up that lovely higher pitched sounds of the fans speeding up the keyboard lights come on and the amber LED on the front is turning to green AND THEN THE WHOLE THING SHUTS DOWN about two seconds later it trys again and then shuts down again My current theroy is that the heatsink that INTEL sent me with the processor is either not making good contact with the processor isn't bios booting mobo into or that the grey clay crap that they put on it isn t acting as a good enough heat transfer compound below is what i am using to build the computer does anyone else have any idea what it could be thanks in advance mobo isn't booting into bios Mother Board MB ASUS P GDC-V DELUXE CPU INTEL PENTIUM PROCESSOR GHz -pin MB CACHE MHz FSB Memory Corsair MB DDR PC- HD Hitachi GB IDE ATA- MB CACHE CD Drive LITEON DVD -RW SOHW- S WHITE Floppy Drive Sony MB White Floppy Drive Power Supply ASPIRE ATX-AS W BK Video Card To be added once PCI Express Video cards hit market for now running video off of integrated video processor on the Motherboard nbsp

A:mobo isn't booting into bios

You need to do the "barebones" startup. Just the RAM, CPU with heat sink etc, and the monitor hooked up. If it works add components until you have a problem. It it doesn't work try the same thing with the MB out of the case on a non conductive surface. If it still doesn't work then you are left with trying to troubleshoot RAM, power supply, overheating or the motherboard.
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I have a motherboard that came from HP xw3100. Part number is 323091-001. HP d530 has the exact same mobo, based on the part number.

Strangely, on HP's website xw3100's BIOS and drivers have not been updated since 2003 whereas d530 has more recent versions. So, can I use the BIOS and drivers for d530 on this?


A:HP mobo BIOS and drivers

If your Computer was manufactured in the Model run that you quote as "2003 era" then this is your BIOS driver. The difference between the two MoBo might not be that significant but if you really want check get a magnifying glass and check all the stripes on all the DIODES. One different colored line or different combination of the all the same colors but in a different sequence is an actual difference in manufacturing technique. Maybe you should use a microscope just in-case the difference is only that big.
I use a BIOS driver for my Gigabyte GA-8GE800 Pro MoBo that were last released in 2004. I update with these in-case my current drivers become corrupted eg. refresh to make new-like
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I just Updated my PCChips M848A-rev 2.1 to M848A v.5
It all went good til the start of the sistem...the sistem halts at "Checking NVRam"
Can my mobo be repaired? It's Bios Chip cannot be taken off..

A:Help with Mobo Bios Update

what did you update? If you did not complete updating your BIOS, you will need to send the motherboard into the manufactuer for a physical hardware reprogram. BIOS updating is one area where you need to be exact, precise, and patient. It is not an amateur task.

BIOS is FIRMWARE not hardware.
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Since I can't get a restart (Start/Shut Down/Restart) thing going on this new MoBo with a hard drive installed from another pC (with programs), and I seem to have glitches in MS Word (Winword errors on all files), I copied files to a CD and will do a full fdisk/format...but

The MoBo is a K7 Triton Series, GA-7VM266 and I have the utility disk that came with it..

How should I run that utility (after fdisk/format and under that DOS prompt, or in Windows98SE after an install of Windows)??????

Problem is that I have to hold the power button in for five seconds to shut down...I want to get it to operate as normal, by clicking either start/shutdown or restart...hope that makes sense?

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Ive never updated a bios before...

If you dont have a floppy drive can you use a flash drive to do the bios update.

A:MOBO BIOS update

I used my flash drive to update my own, but I have an Asus board, they have many tools to make it easy,
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I purchased ??????? Memory/MoBo/BIOS a p c -E Deluxe MoBo and have installed a Intel P E GHz Prescott MHz FSB MB L Cache HT Processor a GB of Ram Below and a ATI AIW Video Card MB DRAM Kingston ValueRAM Dual Channel Kit Pin G x DDR PC- Specifications Manufacturer Kingston Speed DDR PC Type Pin DDR SDRAM Error Checking Non-ECC Registered Unbuffered Unbuffered Cas Latency Support Voltage V Bandwidth GB s Organization two M x -Bit Memory/MoBo/BIOS ??????? I have all the MoBo settings in set-up on standard auto and the latest system BIOS installed yet the system is running my memory at quot DDR Frequency Mhz Dual Channel Linear Mode quot How do I get the system to recognize that the Ram is DDR and runn accordingly I ran test on the memory and am even more confused now I ran Microsoft s freeware quot Windows Memory Diagnostic quot and the memory failed every test I thought that odd and ran the test per chip bank The test showed bank A as generating all of the errors I took the DIMM from bank B and placed it in bank A leaving the bad DIMM from bank out of the system I again ran the test and again the memory failed all test So now I extracted the memory that was originally in bank now in bank and removed it from the system I replaced it with the memory that was originally in bank and put it back in bank while keeping the other out of the system Again the memory failed all test I also tested all memory with the cache turned off as well as on and always the same results I have also run Memtest Pass and received no errors Is there a problem with the motherboard - possibly Bank A In addition before testing the memory I updated my BIOS and received an unexpected message quot Check Sum Error quot I was given the choice of pressing F to go to set-up or F to reset defaults I choice F and later entered setup and switched it back to Plug and Play by OS Could the BIOS be the cause of the memory errors MS Mem Diag is reporting nbsp

A:Memory/MoBo/BIOS ???????

Thanks to you guys that viewed my question even though no one had a response. I wrote ASUS Help Desk and they said to RMA the board - sounded like a dead memory bank. I just built the machine two weeks ago and the last thing I wanted was a DOA MoBO. I guess I should have suspected something sooner as the memory usage was never over 30% even with games and video editing. I suppose it saw the memory - just couldn't use it. Weird!!! I have a new question if someone has experience I would be thankful if they shared it. I yanked the MoBo and plan on replacing it. I have a 0 RAID on the promise SATA connections. I am running XP Pro Sp 1a. Is it possible to just plug up the new MOBO and go. I haven't activated the OS as I suspected something wasn't right. Thanks again to those who stopped to help.
Relevancy 47.3%

Finally got everything together and the nerve to flip on the switch thanks to the advice that I have gained from some great people here Though when booting it does something that I have never seen a PC do before and it has me wondering Like any system the first thing displayed is the bios quot Fasttrak BIOS quot Then it goes on to a second line quot Scanning for HHD, Issue???? BIOS, or MoBo IDE quot After it has several periods posted after the Scanning for IDE it then states quot No drive attached to Fasttrak controller The Bios is not installed quot What exactly is it BIOS, HHD, or MoBo Issue???? telling me I searched Asus s site for info of this nature and come up empty handed I have been able to go on and BIOS, HHD, or MoBo Issue???? install windows and the software drivers needed for other hardware with out any trouble Along with copying everything I wanted from my previous PC on to this system again surprisingly no trouble yet nbsp

A:BIOS, HHD, or MoBo Issue????

I found this.

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Hi I would really appreciate some help advice with the following as I m pretty much at my wits end I attempted to install a second harddrive into my pc something which I ve done before in other pcs without too much trouble After swapping the order of the four drives two please Mobo messed need Bios/ help up, hdds plus a cdrom and a cdrw around till Bios/ Mobo messed up, need help please they all were seen by windows and in the order that I wanted I turned the pc off cant quite remember why it was over a week ago went and ate When I switched it back on it wouldn t boot so I got the cmos screen up and checked that everything looked as it should It did so I tried booting again and it would hang each time the only way I could get out of the hang was to pull the plug out So I did this maybe a dozen times then had the quot bright quot idea of resetting the cmos jumper on the mobo Nothing drastic happened good or bad so I reset the clock date made sure the hdd settings were set to quot auto quot and then exited It hung again so I pulled the plug and then Nothing The fan comes on and the light but that s it I have an AOC monitor that turns itself off onto standby mode if it dosn t get a signal which is what happens when I plug it in now I ve Bios/ Mobo messed up, need help please tried disconnecting all drives and just running it with ram and graphics it s onboard not a seperate card but still the monitor switches to standby giving a quot no signal or cable disconnected quot message first Bios/ Mobo messed up, need help please There s no beeps no floppy boot if I connect the floppy Just the light and fan So I desperately needed to check my email so I got my older slower pc that I never use and plugged that in the monitor for a few days while I tried to look up some advice as to what might be wrong Then yesterday I read on a techrescue net forum that someone with a similar problem was being advised to try some different ram in case the chips had blown So I took the ram from the working older pc and tried it in my main not working one Didn t make a difference and when I put the ram back in the older pc I now get the same responce from the monitor on this one too - although the hdd makes some reasuring noises on this one still I m now down to my last pc an old barely functioning laptop with a broken cdrom and a dodgy floppy But obviously and thankfully the modem works I m disabled hardly ever get out of the house and my pc is quite litterally my lifeline If anybody can get me out of this mess I will be eternally grateful to them Mark nbsp

A:Bios/ Mobo messed up, need help please

hmmm... you should get SOMETHING with just the CPU plugged in... even with the memory pulled out.

Your system might have died, and sticking in RAM into it might have damaged your "old" memory... speculating. I or anyone else wasn't there... and don't know anything about your hardware.

Try only this when powered up: CPU ONLY. no drive cables getting power or data to the board. Just the CPU, not even the memory - you should still get POST, if its still alive. (also, reset CMOS again too. unplug power - change cmos jumper for a few seconds then back to normal, replug power cord, press power button).
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I just built a new computer and it seems to boot, but it makes no boot noises and does not seem to register a monitor plugged into the graphics card.
I'm using an NForce 680i MOBO with an Nvidia GeForce 8800GTS 640 MB graphics card. I also tried it with an Nvidia GeForce 6800 GT 256 MB card with the same results. Any ideas what to do?

A:New mobo won't display BIOS
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I Upgraded my Mother board due to there being now PCI-E port-only AGP, and in doing so I bought a New MOBO that did not come with a Driver/Bios CD Hence I now have no sound. My current MOBO is the: Asus P5GD1-FMS. I have no clue how to go about finding the right drivers/bios ect. Any help would sure be appreciated!

A:New MOBO and Need New Bios & Drivers

You should be able to get the drivers for the "Asus P5GD1-FMS" at ASUS:

You can use the "ASUS Navigation Wizard" or under "General Download" select the appropriate category from the drop down lists.
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Hello P ghz ddr pc ram Intel D PEBT Been having a problem with a hard drive that I just cannot snag Well I think I have the issue possibly straightened out now but stepping in here for advice HD BIOS Mobo woes I purchased a WD JB gig hard drive and am having trouble getting it to run properly I get frequent corruption some types of video media will not play and crc checks using SFVCheck fail when this drive is connected via the slave channel in my system XP Home with Service Pack is in I tested out an old Maxtor gig on the slave channel HD Mobo BIOS woes and had no such problems Also switched IDE cables and did all the other precautionary steps Now I was leaning towards the problem being the physical hd itself However I forget to mention that this is an RMA d drive and the previous drive gave me the same problem Anyway I set up the gig in an old Athlon box as master and installed Win k Pro on it WORKED FINE This proves that there is nothing wrong with the physical drive CRC checks passed the vids in question played What did I do next I installed the drive in this box as master and installed XP Home on it Went to boot and I get a quot set proper boot device quot message or something along those lines So I go ahead and put my real boot drive on slave and see what happens It boots off of the slave It still recognizes the gig hd but it is assigned D in windows and acts as if it is the slave with all the same problems as before I check the BIOS and everything it has everything as I set it up not how it actually works So now I figure it might be a BIOS update issue In numerious formats and repartitions of my drive I actually did get an instance of the BIOS having trouble seeing the drive on one occassion So it turns out my BIOS is p The current version is p So I check around through the BIOS update notes and come across - quot Fixed a bit LBA drives accessing issue quot Yay I think I have may have found the solution I go to flash my bios and it fails Why Well turns out I have an oem variant of the motherboard and p is as high as the BIOS goes So basically I cannot update the BIOS any further and the probable fix is out of my reach I have two questions Considering my symptoms is it likely that a BIOS update would address the issue I was told to pick up a PCI ata controller and use the drive off of that Wouldn t the BIOS still come into effect and cause trouble Thank you very much for your help -Brian nbsp

Relevancy 47.3%

Just built a new machine using p Issue Bios/Mobo wd asus motherboard Using dual core ghz gig ddr- ram The problem Bios/Mobo Issue is that some how the bios keeps getting altered upon reboot from its default settings and I have to hit f to reset bios to default after every reboot The error is gives is something like overclock failed Which I have not attempted to overclock the machine at all I want it to run its default bios and keep it that way Some how this is not happening and I am forced to hit f every reboot I downloaded and successfully flashed the bios to latest version on its own ez-flash reboot I had to hit f in order for bios to load and go to windows Im concerned this is some flaw in the motherboard Every part for this machine is brand new just built it days ago and have been fighting this problem ever since Video card and power supply have both been verified as not a problem Basically losing bios settings every reboot tried pulling battery didnt help I can try a new battery but its a brand new mobo So not sure what else could cause bios to forget or mess its settings every reboot nbsp

A:Bios/Mobo Issue

It could have been a bad flash. corruption in the bios will cause it to reset every boot.
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Hi i Mobo BIOS problem ve set up a used QDI P V A A - MainBoard with a P EB Mhz I plugged in the RAM hard drive with XP and floppy and the message comes up new CPU - enter BIOS to set it up But ANY changes I make Mobo BIOS problem to the BIOS causes the PC to die on Save and Exit quot The CPU mobo jumpers are set correctly but changing BIOS from default Mhz CPU to the correct CPU causes total PC failure forcing a BIOS reset I realise I ll probably have to reformat and or re-install XP but I can t even begin that cos I cannot change the boot order to floppy first - cos it all goes dead when i try to restart and AGAIN i have to reset the BIOS in order to start Mobo BIOS problem it at all All Mobo BIOS problem help much appreciated thanks QDI motherboard manual - http www qdigrp com qdisite eng products A - htm nbsp

A:Mobo BIOS problem

This IS a generalized guess, but more info from you may clarify?

First, what is the BIOS setting that you are changing, and FROM what value TO what value?

Second, what is the specification of the Memory that you are using?

I'm guessing that you are pushing the Memory Bus speed beyond the spec of the installed memory????
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I have an HP Pavilion a n desktop it was a vista bit home premium now its an windows bit home premium Software amp Driver Downloads HP Pavilion a n Desktop PC - HP Customer Care United States - English My motherboard is an ASUS P LP-LE LEONITE https h www hp com ewfrf wc roduct click the link My CPU socket pins were damaged and so i bought another one it is the same motherboard i install it my cant update for mobo! bios my I but my PC notice that i changed it My original Bois that the mobo came with is just like the new one I update it the old mobo to the lasted bios from hp which is But since i changed it it revert it the which is the new motherboard bios So the i downloaded I cant update my bios for my mobo! the bios from hp to update it but it says it does not I cant update my bios for my mobo! meet the system requirements and i cant update it but some how it update it to from some windows update package So is there anyway i can update it to like i had it before I read on the internet that if you change you OEM mobo and replace it with another even if its exactly the same one it will not be recognize as an hp motherboard since my pc is an hp pavilion Anybody has this problem PS i did not buy the new mobo from hp i got it off ebay And the Bios from HP is for windows vista not seven Also i already try installing vista again and updfate the bios from vista OS but no luck its not recognise as an OEM mobo

A:I cant update my bios for my mobo!

Ok calm down. There are a few ways of doing this. I had the same problem with another HP I worked on.

Downloaded the bios folder that I have uploaded )This is the one from HP I just extraced it). The application named "Flash" in the folder I uploaded with this post right click and go to "properties" then go to "Compatablity" and change to windows vista. Then click ok and just run the application named "Flash." Post if this works or not.
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In the manuel for my mobo the highest processor that it has settings for is a 233 if I buy a 500 mhz Amd K6-3 will the computer recongnize it will I have to put it in manually in the cmos.

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I am just about ready to upgrade my video card to an 8800gt, but I definitely know that I'm going to have to change the stock fan settings of the card in order to maintain a decent temperature. I'm planning on using Rivatuner 2.06 to do this, so my question is, which would be better for the card? Setting a constant fan speed (such as 60% no matter what) or having the fan speed fluctuate with the temperature (such as 60% speed at 75 degrees, 85% speed at 90 degrees, and 100% at 100 degrees)? And by the way, I was just throwing out numbers at random, so those wouldn't be what I would plan on setting them to.

A:8800GT Fan speed settings?

it is better for the life of the card if the fan speeds vary. I can tell you from experience the 8800gt fan is quite loud you would not want it constantly spinning at high rpms even when you are not playing games.

Also i am currently using default fan speeds with no problems, it is a little bit hot but nothing risky so far. Although my case does have great airflow
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I download large files from time to time and notice that my download speeds are in excess of Mbs or rather DL bandwidth is being allocated Download settings? speed which in turn drag resources from internet explorer when trying to view other pages or downloading other files simulaneously also I have noticed that sometimes the downloads are cut off before finishing as if my bandwidth just drops out or corrupted as a result of the download speed I have noticed when using DL managers not native to windows Download speed settings? that the same thing would occur until I lowered the max dl speed i do not want to use a third party dl manager I use win Download speed settings? default download manager and can set the default diectory but am not able to find where to set the download speed I want to Download speed settings? set it to at least so I have other resources available I am familiar with editing the registry and have searched for entries pertaining to download attributes but cant find what I am looking for I have searched on the interent with no luck I have searched win options with no luck Can anyone help

A:Download speed settings?

Here are some free download managers
Internet Download Manager
Download Accelerator Plus
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Hello, I recently upgraded my z560's ram to 8 GB. The new ram working fine but the problem is it's still running on 1066Mhz which should be run on 1333Mhz. I bought the one on Crucial's website and ram supported up to 1600Mhz. I couldn't find the settings on the BIOS screen. So could you please help me adjust the settings?ThanksMy laptop's specs: CPU: i5 M460, OS: Win7x64, bios vers: 29CN31WW(2.08)
Relevancy 47.3%

Hello I recently posted on this forum after having issues with my computer not booting Then the PSU literally blew up a day later Old System Specs Q MSI P N Diamond Silverpower sp w has good reviews just not well known Corsair GB HD The issue I had was turn on pc everything lights up but GPU fan spins at full speed as if it was getting no power or connecting to motherboard G-card will not boot at all I did however find a very strange work around To boot the machine I had to remove the pin CPU power on the motherboard Turn the machine on but no boot Turn it off and replace CPU power Turn machine back on and everything works perfectly So It seems that the card can never boot up from cold If I re-started it worked fine I now have a new motherboard cpu RAM and PSU Both motherboards work perfectly with my tester g-card New PC Parts I k Gigabyte GA-Z X-UD P-B Corsair TX w V The new one fails to boot at all even with various different power cables removed I cannot RMA card as it is No works fan kinda speed boot, card? mobo faulty on other - - full 5870 second-hand BY using my 5870 No boot, fan full speed - kinda works on other mobo - faulty card? trick on the old motherboard it works perfectly so the card actually works It s just having big issues accepting power to 5870 No boot, fan full speed - kinda works on other mobo - faulty card? boot Would flashing the g-card bios help This quote is from an article about flashing the g-card bios It seems to sum up my issue the video BIOS initializes the card As soon as it receives power from the motherboard the BIOS activates the card and identifies itself to the motherboard BIOS In short the video BIOS starts and identifies the card and provides its initial crop of settings However if I can get any advice on other things to try out then I will happily do them The PSU s are not at fault as There is the same issue with a new Antec PSU and my brand new Corsair TC w which is supposed to be one of the dogs bollox of PSU s Thanks in advance for your reply Ivan G-S nbsp

A:5870 No boot, fan full speed - kinda works on other mobo - faulty card?

Welcome to the world of custom building lol, my computer has similar problems that if i have had it turned off for more than 5 minutes it will not boot and keeps bluescreen until i do a clean boot with a power drain, my solution to that is do just set the bios on the MB to use a 1W standby and leave it in sleep mode always (reboot it every so often)
Relevancy 46.87%

Hi guys hope y all doing good just a minor problem i got I have a built system from about two years now that was always starting operating shutting-down fine Soyo Mobo AMD clocking ram onboard videocard on Sunday suddenly it completely froze while i was using it a on drives, & BIOS in MoBo nothing happens Power very faint purple overlay Power on MoBo & drives, nothing happens in BIOS came on the monitor display after powering off the Power on MoBo & drives, nothing happens in BIOS system it refuse to power back on i know there is power on the mobo because it lights up when the Power on MoBo & drives, nothing happens in BIOS system is plugged in all fans start spinning when i push power button the cd drive lights up and i can eject and close it the problem is that nothing comes on the monitor monitor power light is green there is no beep no sounds at all not even hard-drive-reading sound no display from bios i reset the bios still nothing i bought a NEW battery same type for bios still nothing PLEASE I WOULD BE MOST GRACIOUS FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE nbsp

A:Power on MoBo & drives, nothing happens in BIOS

Possible a failed monitor or failed video graphics card. Replace with another to test.
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Wanted to uodate BIOS in one of my oldies which is:
Chaintech 6OIV0 - Last BIOS I've heard is fm 2000/8/28
1.Fixes system booting hang with AGP-RI41/RI60
2.Fixes system restart hang with some VGA driver
3.Fixes some 3Com Lan card not appear in PCI device listing
after win98 system restart]
BIOS package file is:6OIV0828.exe
In theory one can download it fm Chaintech website:
but it's never active.
Maybe somebody knows where I can get it or have it/
pls let me know.

A:Old CHAINTECH mobo - bios needed!

Can't vouch for the Web site or the file.
Use at your own risk.
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I have picked up a fairly old PC with an Intel desktop mainboard and the bios is not accessible with the usual "delete" at boot up . I believe there is a switch on the board that i need to activate. I cannot find one - please does anyone know what i should be looking for and where about it might be positioned. Thx for any help.

A:Enabling BIOS with Intel Mobo

It might as well be insert or F2 key that you have to press. The manual will help.

I really doubt th switch on the mobo thing. It would be ridiculous to force people to open up their computers (voiding the warranty) to change a BIOS setting.

A neat trick is to boot the computer without the keyboard to make the BIOS display an error message and tell you what key to press to get into setup.
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Gigabyte shows that if I install i7 3770k I will need Bios ver. F10

I have an i7 2600k installed now with BIOS ver. F5

Do you guys believe it is safe to install BIOS ver. F10 while my 2600k is installed?

Afterwards I intend to change out the CPU's.

A:BIOS Update on a GA-Z68X-UD5-B3 MOBO

It shouldn't be a problem as BIOS updates are usually backward compatible and just have "added support" for whatever hardware.

When you update the BIOS, follow the update instructions exactly and don't have anything else running (e.g. browser or e-mail) so as to not interfere with the BIOS update. Keep in mind a failed BIOS update can corrupt the BIOS and unless your motherboard has a BIOS recovery option, worse case it can require a motherboard replacement.
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Hello received a replacement Biostar Geforce M MB - working fine except for this It came with the newest bios v and when I put it all together it crashed RMA updated mobo BIOS/ with Problem after an hour or Problem with updated BIOS/ RMA mobo so Not a BSOD but just a complete freeze with an odd diagonal pattern on the screen It occurred or other times and not being able to find the problem there were no dumps or event log messages I downgraded the board to the bios I had used on the board I returned for an unrelated problem v With this bios the new board is A-OK - no more crash How can I get to the bottom of this kind of problem - it might be useful but not imperative to run the new BIOS because there s a few extra features in there that could be useful I have emailed Biostar regarding the crash but got not response Perhaps there s a bad default setting with the new bios - If I could track it down it would be great Any thoughts Thanks Dave nbsp

A:Problem with updated BIOS/ RMA mobo

You are doing the right thing by contacting Biostar. Great that your rig is working now. Good thinking to revert the BIOS. Way to go.
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I installed a new ASRock 4CoreDual-VSTA mobo with a Pentium D 2.8 ghz 915 CPU and a new Radeon X1650 Video card.
I have a yellow ! at PCI to PCI Bridge Controller with error 35 (Not enough information in the Bios - update etc.)
I have rec'd. no response from ASRock and find no bios update for this problem.
I have no sound and my sound properties say "sound board may be in use".
I assume these are realted problems.
I can't be the only one who has had this problem with the board.
Do I have a faulty board or is there a bios update or some other cure?
I have Windows XP home.

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I updated my BIOS through windows using MSI's Live Update 6 software and it has been stuck on this screen for about 30 minutes...
Is this normal? I'm scared to reboot it because I'm concerned about getting stuck in a possible boot loop.
Any ideas?

A:MSI Mobo BIOS Updating Through Windows...

If you reboot, and the BIOS is in fact corrupt, you won't get stuck in a boot loop.

You will get stuck with no-POST, much worse than a boot loop.

What is the model of your motherboard? I can find its internal technicians manual and find out if there is a disaster recovery method. Sometimes they're very easy to perform.

Don't reboot that computer until I find out first, just in case the chip was erased but not flashed, or returns a bad checksum.
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Anyone know where I can get the latest bios and chipset drivers for my mobo? Its an Intel Grantsdale-G i915g that came with my Gateway... Also, does it change automatically when I DL them or do I have to do something?

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I have the P4C800-E Deluxe modo and Kingston(x2) DDR400 Duel channel memory set-up. The problem is that when I over clock the processor I loose the 400MHz and it goes to 160Mhz, but i can overclock successfully. If I do not overclock, I can have my memory at 400MHz. So what gives? Why can I not overclock and have my memory at 400MHz?

A:Overclocking in BIOS using ASUS mobo

I think that ASUS has an automatic thing that does that automatically if it is not overclocked properly.. it's really annoying.
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I have just purchased and installed a new intel d845wn mobo with a 1.7ghz P4, it all works fine but i cannot get into the BIOS.
The manual says hit F2 but that dosent seem to work.

Any Ideas?


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Hi all,
Can som1 help me?
I have a asus p5n-d mobo, that keeps giving the same error at start up " Cmoc checksum error - Defaults loaded". Ive updated the bios file from 0601 to 0801 and also changed the battery but I keep getting the same message.

Ive tried to reset the bios with the mobo cd but that aren't no help either.
If their arent anything else I can do, im thinking of getting a budget socket 1155 mobo with sli, could som1 recommended a mobo.


A:Asus mobo Bios error?

Clear CMOS And Update Bios
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Hi I would like to know how to find out what type pf MOBO I have and how to update the bios...i have newer hardware in an older comp and I think it might help it all work better...Good idea or No...thanks

A:MoBo type and Updating bios

Easiest way to find out the mobo make and model is to look at it.

Usually the data is printed on the mobo between the PCI slots.

Only flash the BIOS if you are correcting a problem that the motherboard maker has identified and issued a bIOS update for. There is a reasonably significant chance that a BIOS flash will fail and leave you with a permanently non-working motherboard.
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Hi folks,

I have an ASUS M2N-SLI deluxe mobo. I decided to update from bios version 1102 to the latest (1302 or something like that). For some damn reason, when I started flashing the bios using ASUSUpdate, the computer froze while erasing the EEPROM information. After waiting 15 minutes, I became convinced that the machine crashed while flashing, and I restarted, and as expected, there's no bios, so the machine does not post.

Does anyone have any home solutions to fix this particular problem, or is my only option to send the motherboard back to ASUS?

Thanks, and have a Happy New Year.

A:Help! Bad Bios Flash...Mobo Bricked?

BIOS Auto-Recovery Tool
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I just put my first build together about a month ago and i couldent quite figure out how to flash the bios. i downloaded the Drivers from EVGA's website but im pertty sure that it did not even touch the bios.

can anyone give me a suggestion?

A:Need Help Updating my Bios on my EVGA mobo

Most of the time when you flash the bios, you need to transfer them to a 3.5 floppy disk. Then stick the disk in the A drive, shut it down and restart. When it reboots, it will go into DOS momentarily and flash the bios. It should then reboot, at which time you need to remove the disk. It should then restart in the normal mode. Even though EVGA has a program built into the motherboard utilities to download and flash in Windows mode, sometimes the bios just won't flash correctly OR the bios just won't catch. I had an EVGA 590 SLI and had the same problem. The program just wouldn't work directly from the internet or by saving the file in Windows. I had to transfer to a disk and flash the bios as above. One of the best utilities for flashing the bios in Windows has to be ASUS. Since I upgraded my board, I've upgraded the bios 2 revisions and haven't had a problem as of yet. ASUS rocks!!
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Today I was helping my brother install a new Mobo BIOS GFX to New Mobo, enter won't - and boot CPU CPU and GFX card to his PC The installing seemed New Mobo, CPU and GFX - won't boot to enter BIOS to go fine I ve built a few computers before and I didn t see anything go obviously wrong no damage to parts etc Yet when we came to plugging the computer in and turning it on the monitor just read quot No Signal quot I tried the following - Changed Monitor - Changed VGA Cable - Changed expansion slot we put the GFX Card in - Changed GFX Card After searching round for some answers I plugged in a PS keyboard and attempted to boot the computer again While the numlock function works the cap locks and scroll lock don t light up when pressed Tried it with two keyboards so it is definitely a problem with the computer booting despite the fact the GFX card motherboard case fan case lights and CPU fan all light up start spinning Any ideas Specs W Power Supply Mobo GIGABYTE P M-UD Graphics Sapphire Radeon HD Vapor-X CPU Intel i QuadCore Mouse Razor Deathadder Keyboard Logitech G I should mention I didn t uninstall any of the old motherboard drivers before attempting the swap which I understand now isn t good practice but which I thought wouldn t be a problem Would this stop the computer booting Thanks to all of you who take the time to respond nbsp

A:New Mobo, CPU and GFX - won't boot to enter BIOS

Its not a driver problem, yet.

Did you remember to plug in the auxiliary power connectors to both the motherboard and video card? What brand power supply are you using?

Also, at the top of this forum there's a guide for troubleshooting builds. You should go through those steps and report back.
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I've acquired new to me but old mobo, Gigabyte GA-MA790X-DS4, now every time I start up PC or have to reboot I have this BIOS flash screen that does what it does then goes on to load up windows. With my old Asus mobo I didn't have this bios flash screen. Is there a way to disable this? It's just a personal annoyance.

I've searched and found that there is a setting in the BIOS to do just that but it's on the newer boards. I've scoured my BIOS settings and just can't seem to find it, if it exists at all for my mobo.

A:mobo bios flash screen

Hello Jimbo,

I looked at your mobo's manual below starting at page 36 chapter 2-1, and I don't see an option to turn the "splash screen' or "Quick Boot" on or off either.
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I recently updated my mobo's bios and with the update I now see this "press F4 to use ACC". I have an AMD Phenom II X4 940 BE CPU. Is there any benefit to using this new function that ASUS is offering with my quad core.

A:Asus mobo bios update

It looks like ACC is a utility for unlocking AMD CPU hidden cores for 'overclocking'.

So if you are into that kind of thing it may be a useful tool.
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I just got this board as part of my new system and the bios is totally confusing Gigabyte please Mobo help bios RV2 GA-N680SLI-DQ6 me I was wondering if someone good help give advice on the best way to have the settings set One of my problems is that my memory is but the mobo runs at I don t understand all the different MAC Lan amp Lan settings I have the PC going to the internet through a router so I only need one Lan but don t know which one to use and set in the bios In the bios DD v is marked as FAIL and in red I don t want to get heavily into overclocking but would like to get the best settings for my system Many thanks in advance My system Intel Core Duo E CPU x Kingston Hyper GB Kit memory MHz Gigabyte GA-N SLI-DQ RV Mobo Razer Barracuda AC- Digital Audio Card XFX PCIe GTX xXx Video card Thermaltake W Toughpower PSU WD GB SataII HD x WD GB SATAII HD Compro T HDTV Dual Tuner PCI Card Thermaltake Bigwater water cooling Gigabyte GA-N680SLI-DQ6 RV2 Mobo bios help please Samsung BW quot monitor Samsung Syncmaster quot monitor Silverstone TJ Tower nbsp
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I am looking at ASUS' support, and am planning to flash my BIOS to an updated version, as I have exhausted all other attempts at stabilizing my system.

The instructions tell me to make a boot floppy. As there is no logical way for me to do this, as my board does not have a floppy cable present, this proves impossible. Anyone flashed the BIOS on an ASUS M4 series? Tips?

A:BIOS flash - ASUS MoBo

Have a look Here and see if the info helps

It's relating to creating a boot cd instead of using a floppy

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I have a year old pc memory and mobo Bios, problems that im trying to sort out for my sister specs below the motherboard had failed it was taking an hour to even send a signal to the monitor so i replaced it with an identical one previously i had been told it was a processor problem so i had also replaced that it was definatly a motherboard problem as the new one has fixed it the cpu made no difference it now starts up straight away but where it would usually count up the memory on the opening screen it says quot Dram Clk mhz quot with a flashing cursor below the z in mhz i cant enter the bios by pressing delete presumably becasue the keyboard hasnt been detected yet it just sit there with a Bios, mobo and memory problems flashing cursor i cant Bios, mobo and memory problems do anything to it from a friends advice ive tried resetting the bios using the jumper switches and it made no difference ive also checked the memory and tried many different combinations I really do have no idea about this im totally lost Specs Mobo NMC VAX slot A CPU Slot A Athlon Memory mb mb X mb X mb X all P Graphics Geforce mx Sound Gamesurround fortissimo original mobo was an EP- KXA which failed and was replaced with the identical NMC VAX the CPU was also upgraded from a athlon to a at the same time as the motherboard please help if you can Thankyou nbsp

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I have a Giga-Byte GA-6BX7 mobo . I attempted to flash the bios . While flashing it , everything seemed to go fine . But when I tried to reboot it , nothing . The bios does not even start up . Have I fried the bios ? Is there any way to fix this ? Thanks

A:Mobo bios flashing problem

If you didn't make a back up copy of the old bios then the only thing to try is clear the cmos by using the jumper or removing the battery for 5 minutes with the power unplugged. If that doesn't fix it you may need to contact them. Some companies will mail you a new bios rom chip, some you have to send the mobo in for reflash.
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Hi hope you can help I have an ASUS A N SLi Premium motherboard running GB HDD s in a RAID array that was working OK The system won t boot and if you will excuse the long mobo problem? RAID BIOS or explanation here is what happens On RAID or mobo BIOS problem? boot-up the ASUS splash screen appears Then the RIAD BIOS as follows Sil SATA RAID Bios Version Copyright - Silicon Image Inc Press lt Ctrl-S gt or F to enter RAID utility ST AS Gb ST AS Gb No Valide deivce this is how it is spelt Press any key to continue Or Press lt Ctrl-S gt or F to enter RAID utility The Boot then continues listing the drives as Diskette Drive A Primary Master DVD-RW ATA Primary Slave CD-RW ATA Secondary master none Secondary Slave none In the RAID utility the two physical drives are listed but the entry under Logical Drive says Invalid RAID drive The keyboard stops working here so I cannot toggle down the options My Windows Boot Disk won t work with the error message Windows could not start because of a computer disk hardware configuration problem Could not read from selected boot disk Check boot path and disk hardware Please check the Windows documentation etc The system Bios is accessible and when I check the Hard Disk Drives it shows the only entry as Bootable Add in cards By the way after a few seconds even in system Bios the keyboard then stops working It s a Bluetooth Logitech wireless Before I try ANYTHING I thought I d ask as I don t want to lose the Hard Disk data and this sounds like a RAID driver BIOS or system BIOS problem Cheers Steve nbsp

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Hi guys newbie question searched the mobo Renaming BIOS files? forum but couldn t find any I wanted to flash my mobo MSI Neo Platinum BIOS to the latest in an attempt to solve my BSODs too much to elaborate here I first used MSI s Live Update utility but was not really convinced it did a completely clean job didn t seem to update DMI pool Anyway to do it myself I used Winflash no FDD Here s the thing Winflash reads bin BIOS images while the image on MSI s website is a b Is it okay for me to change the extension such that Winflash can read it That is to say BIOS image files are like text files e g no Renaming mobo BIOS files? matter Renaming mobo BIOS files? what extension you call it it s still a text file and will open correctly with any text editor Actually I ve got ahead and done it but am wondering if I did the right thing PC seems to boot and function normally though Still have the BSODs but I think it s just because it was a mess to start with gonna put in a fresh OS soon nbsp

A:Renaming mobo BIOS files?

Yes, the BIOS files are raw binary images and it doesn't matter what you call them.

Of course there may be some proprietary solutions that use some weird format of their own. Such a file would result in an immediate error message from the BIOS flashing utility of course.
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The very with MOBO P35D3 BIOS MSI new hanging first time I powered up my new rig the BIOS hangs and repeats Here s what happens I press the power-on button on the front of the case and the HDD LED and Power Switch LED come on The PS fan the CPUFan and the SysFan case exhaust fan start running The monitor displays lines of info about the nVidia card and that s it No BIOS info The LCD screen turns black and reverts to quot No Signal quot The fans stop within five second the process repeats itself If I do nothing it keeps looping as described Aside from the graphics card and one HDD and the CD DVD player there is nothing else installed The HDD is powered by a SATA power cable and is plugged into the MOBO via a SATA cable Here s what I ve done so far On the MOBO I moved the JB and JB jumper pins to MHz I don t plan on overclocking I tried pressing the CMOS button and got CMOS setting Wrong Date and Time setting wrong Press F to run setup Press F to load default values I pressed F and entered the BIOS hanging with new MSI P35D3 MOBO date and time and then pressed Save amp Exit It rebooted and did its recycling thing again I then pressed the CMOS reset button as it was recycling and this time pressed F and got quot Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected device and press any key quot I installed Vista During the Vista install it reads quot will restart several times during install quot About - mins after entering the Product Key it tried to restart and got hung up looping again I pressed the CMOS button and the screen displayed the lines of nVidia version etc and then CMOS setting Wrong Date and Time setting wrong Press F to run setup Press F to load default values I pressed F and the installation continued Once again it tried to restart and got hung up with the repeating behavior I reseated the memory I took out one stick and left the other in slot it was able to boot and run Vista using the above procedure I exchanged sticks and placed the other into slot it was able to boot and run Vista using the above procedure Via MSI s OnLine Update tool Windows I successfully updated the BIOS from v to v Unfortunately I still have to press the CMOS button to stop the repeating behavior and then press F After that it boots fine since posting this MSI has updated the BIOS x The most recent is v B Via MSI Drivers and Utilities CD I installed the drivers amp utilities I updated the graphics card driver from Microsoft Vista s default to nVidia s latest since posting this I ve upgraded to v Vista worked perfectly for hours yesterday and again today once I was able to boot using the above procedures Suggestions Thanks Kerry MOBO MSI P D MS- Processor INTEL Core Duo E GHz FSB MHz M LGA w fan Memory CORSAIR MB x MB DDR MHz PC C G Dual-Channel Kit Hard Drives Western Digital Raptor GB Serial ATA RPM HDDs w MB Buffer CD DVD drive PLEXTOR PX- SA SW-BL X SATA DVD Burner Black DVD RW Power Supply ULTRA X W Energy Efficient Modular ULT Power Supply Graphics Card XFX Geforce GT Fatal ty MB GDDR PCI Expr x Video Card OS Vista Ultimate -bit nbsp

A:BIOS hanging with new MSI P35D3 MOBO

That problem is likely VISTA rather than BIOS. Have you considered a clean install of VISTA Ultimate?
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I have a ASUS K V mobo with bios problems I ve tried to update it but whenever I start the process it tells problem bios mobo Asus me that the board is NOT an ASUS board I know it is because Asus mobo bios problem I bought it new from CompUSA and installed Asus mobo bios problem it myself The update then fails Right now it s causing problems with sound I ve tried to install the drivers for the sound controller but each time I get a message that tells me quot Access is Denied quot This even happens when I boot into windows quot safe quot mode as administrator Using the flash utility upon startup is no help either The utility just says the file I m trying to update the bios with is not the correct file size and fails I ve tried removing the battery for as long as minutes trying to reset the memory but to no avail It still doesn t work I m running WinXP Pro with a AMD Athlon processor G memory Asus is no help at all I ll never buy another ASUS board as this one is a replacement for the first one I had and now it s failing Can someone help me solve this nbsp

A:Asus mobo bios problem

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

I seem to remember some Asus mobo`s were faked, although I can`t remember when this was or what models were affected. whether this is the source of your problem I don`t know.

Run the free Everest programme from HERE and see what details it gives you for your mobo. Then, check the results with the Asus site.

The only other thing I can suggest is you RMA the board.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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Hi .

I have an ASUS cd burner and nero 8 express which i have never used .

I am trying to write a cd at 4X Speed but the drop down box is greyed out and set to 10X .

How do i change it to 4X .

your help is appreciated .
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Hello there. Several months back I reinstalled Windows XP onto a family laptop with an Athlon X2 dual core processor and 2GB of RAM. While I was at it I also introduced Kaspersky Internet Security. As I don't use the machine in question as my primary device, I did not have to suffer through months of sluggish performance like my family members did. I finally got a little smarter about it and tinkered with the settings for Kaspersky. After disabling a few features, and setting some scanner settings from "regular" to "low," speed is finally somewhere near acceptable. The main question I have is, have I lowered the security to an unacceptable level?

A:Need speed, lower security settings?

Please perform the following, so that we can get the exact specs of your computer. This will better assist us in helping you more.Publish a Snapshot using SpeccyThe below is for those who cannot get onlinePlease take caution when attaching a text file to your post if you cannot copy/paste the link to your post, you will need to edit it to make sure that your Windows Key is not present.
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I have overclocked 2x8Gb Ddr3 1600Mhz GSkill ram to run at 1866MHz. Suddenly i see blue screen "Error code... your pc need to restart" and i see the problem is overclocked ram. Without overclock have no problems.
All into the BIOS is on default settings, excluding ram speed.
I want no XMP proffile, which can give max 1600MHz ram speed, just want to put ram to 1866MHz stable, without crash.
I remember my old PC overclocked CPU crashes, but when i put CPU voltage high and all became stable.
Motherboard ASRock FM2A88XM-HD+
CPU AMD A10-7800
Good massive dual tower cooler
Windows 10
So the question is what else to change-CPU voltage or what?
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Hello I wanted to know if anyone could give me help: Cry: for my graphics card,
in menus' under-performance GPU-Power I am asked to insert the CPU processor speed from 800 MHz to 2100 MHz, but I do not know what is best for my notebook an Acer Aspire 5552G with AMD Phenom II X3 N830 with an AMD Radeon HD 6650M and the OS Windows 7 64bit and 4GB Ram 750GB HDD.
I use the GPU for recolare
The AMD Vision Engine Control Center ver.2011 .1025.2231.38573.
Thanks to all who can give me ideas.: Banghead:

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Could any help me reslove this problem I having with this new board I have AMD XP Pro GB RAm amp Mb Geeforce AGP Asus Se New For Needed runs used Help default CMOS 800Mhz when settings MOBO at K8V-X Graphics card I ve recently upgraded to this new mobo all parts are fully working but after Help Needed For New Asus K8V-X Se MOBO runs at 800Mhz when default CMOS settings used I have installed this new mobo and load the defualt cmos settings it loads up Win Xp but when I check in my computer its running at Mhz so I restart the computer and the monitor turns onto stand by mode and the computer becomes unusable Until I remove the battery of the CMOS and it allows me to use the computer again so this time I then correctly set the settings myself and pressed save and exit and once it restarted it does the same as above and no hard drive activity and turns off the monitor Do I need to upgrade the BIOS Please can someone help me as I hear this I nice board and can t wait to use it Kind Regards Adam nbsp

A:Help Needed For New Asus K8V-X Se MOBO runs at 800Mhz when default CMOS settings used

It's probably running @ 800MHz because cool'n'quiet is enabled. Disable cool'n'quiet if what you wish is to have the CPU constantly running at full speed (set power management to anything except "minimal power management").
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I m intstalling a Shuttle AK GTR Mobo followed all the instructions but there are no Installing NO or beeps bios video Mobo new bios beeps and no video Using an ATI Installing new Mobo NO bios beeps or video mb AGP video DDR Ram Maxtor gig hard drive that hasn t been formatted yet This is the second board I had the same problem before and so I sent the mobo back thinking that the bios must be dead but now I am wondering if I am doing something wrong I cleared the cmos on the new board but Ihaven t tried flashing it I switched video cards and monitors on the last board which resolved nothing I haven t tried it yet on the new board This motherboard since it is the R version is supposed to have raid but judging from the picture in the manual in which the raid connectors look similar to the IED connectors I do not believe that the raid connectors are actually on this board which isn t a big deal with me unless it has something to do with the problem The other board was the same nbsp

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I have tried clearing CMOS by removing battery for 10 mins.
I have since deleted whole windows 7 partition and I'm currently using 14.04 Ubuntu.

Anyways, can someone help me clear my Bios Password somehow? Maybe by using some free bios program?
My Bios has the latest firmware update V4.7 also.

I can click Del upon booting and get into my Bios -but I do not know the bios password.
It's a simple password, just forgot what it is. In the mean time, this bios keeps...

Relevancy 46.44%

I just bought a new athlon Xp and motherboard I have it all together and I hit the power and entering bios it locks up and won't allow me to change the settings what would be causing this? It is showing the correct frequency the cpu should run at and the RAM is testing correct at post. So what is the deal?