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How to test for short

Q: How to test for short

My power supply died

Before I install a new Power Supply ,where can I test for possible shorts?

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Preferred Solution: How to test for short

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have 4 ESD mats at the computer workshop I work. The ESD mats are interconnected and one of them is connected to ground through a resistive socket (or whatever it's called) which must be several Megaohms because my Ohmeter cannot read it (it reads up to 2MOhm). Yesterday I did this test: I used a voltmeter set to AC voltage, negative probe touching the ground in a socket, the other one between my fingers. I measured 2 volts. Then I put on the ESD wrist-band and I was surprised to find that not only did the voltage go down, it rose to 2.2volts!. It looks like this mat isn't working, am I right?

A:How should I test my ESD mats?

to ground through a resistive socket (or whatever it's called) which must be several Megaohms because my Ohmeter cannot read it (it reads up to 2MOhm).Click to expand...

Never heard of a 'resistive socket' but the concept sounds correct.
The object is to absorb the energy to avoid the immediate discharge. However, we use capacitors for that and may be the reason for the ohm meter test results.

I would expect a resistor->capacitor->earth.ground type of circuit. The capacitor absorbs the energy and slowly drains it back to the ground. The resistor slows the charging of the capacitor to avoid the immediate ESD.

Your 2v DC test is not correct either. ESD is high voltage of a very short duration and the mat+socket would not respond to low voltable, long duration.
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Memtest and other memory test software don't tell you which of the modules is the faulty one. Is there any way to tell which is the bad stick besides testing one-by-one?

Thank you

A:Does any memory test tell you which of the memory sticks is bad?

Not really. but you can test each stick one by one
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The impending launch of DirectX 12 is one of the more exciting things to happen in PC gaming in recent years. Many people are eager to see how the low level API will improve the performance of games that implement...

Read more

A:You can now test DirectX 12 yourself with latest 3DMark update

This is way windows is doomed. DirectX 12 should be available for win 7-10, but MS is so greedy, they cant seem to understand why they are disliked and windows will evientaly be destroyed by Google. Just look at there market share. I betting big on SteamOS, and once it takes off, I will take the jump. Windows is now to bloated, and with greed, I hope all backers back Vulkan. DX12 on Win 10 only has officially broke the camel back.
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Couple days I got new a case Corsair Graphite 230T Orange. I installed mother board P8Z77-V LX, new cooler Evo212. I THINK I installed the motherboard right in the case. I had to remove 1 pin that was blocking the placement of the board.

A:New case possible short circuiting home

There is 1 board mounting post that needs to be left out from time to time. I even believe I've seen phenolic, or some type of composition pins to be put in that position.

If you look carefully at you board, you may be able to spot the position, by the lack of ground tracks running to it.

Best I can do. BTW, I don't really trust any thing to do with "tinyURL" or similar links. No offense intended.
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I have an msi 4 beeps, short long 2 motherboard which I think uses AMI BIOS code and I accidently changed a setting on the BIOS menu and then it restarted and gave me short beeps along with a message that flashed kinda fast saying something along the lines of quot please insert usb flash disk with bios file quot CHECKING FOR USB DEVICE quot DEVICE NOT Found quot Afterwards I removed anything in the USB slots and tried but still got the same message I then read that some people solved the issue 4 short beeps, 2 long by removing the power cord and waiting before removing the CMOS I waited minutes to insure that the extra charge dissipated then 4 short beeps, 2 long removed it I waiting for about minutes before reinstalling it and now I got short beeps a pause and then long beeps I also have no image on the monitor I tried looking into the beeps but I couldn t find a description of this code I could find info for short and info for long but I m not sure what this means either I am not over clocking either It WAS running windows Motherboard gm E - fx GPU MSI Radeon HD CPU AMD FX A single TB Western Digital black HDD Any help would be much appreciated to solving this nbsp

A:4 short beeps, 2 long

Try to used your onboard video card.. pull out your external video card...
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lt lt RESOLVED gt gt For some reason whenever I try to run the file benchmark on my WD Blue TB or WD Black TB on HDTune Pro it always immediately returns a screen saying quot I O Error Test aborted quot Normally I would understand if this was happening if these drives were HDTune on gives drives I/O very test and new aborts Error old or had any indication that they are dying in some way However both drives have been purchased within the last months and the Blue drive was purchased only four HDTune gives I/O Error and aborts test on very new drives months ago They are each filled to approximately - capacity at the moment with this being the highest capacity the Blue has ever reached while the Black drive at one point hit before I reshuffled some files I haven t noticed any other issues with the drives at all except that HDTune s regular benchmark seems to say that the Blue drive is slightly faster than the Black which clearly shouldn t be the case HDTune s own drive status program shows no SMART issues in any of my drives either Does anyone know what could be causing this or how I could fix it Also I m not sure if this is relevant but my motherboard is currently set to run its SATA ports in quot RAID Mode quot instead of AHCI mode I HDTune gives I/O Error and aborts test on very new drives m not sure if that would matter but I don t currently have a RAID array this setting is just from a previous array that I used to have and now I m afraid that if I change the setting my drives might not boot anymore nbsp

A:HDTune gives I/O Error and aborts test on very new drives

Never mind, I figured it out. Problem was being caused by my drives being assigned as the A: drive and B: drive (Windows 8 allows this, and my slight OCD has always tormented me at not being able to use them for hard drives previous to this, so naturally I jumped on the opportunity to assign those letters). Anyway I reassigned to J: and K: drives just for the purpose of testing and all is now well!
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While transportation, probably my Harddisk must have moved or something, now I cant access it.
I have a Western Digital 1TB HD, and a Western Digital 500 GB HD.
Here's an image explaining whats going on! Can anyone help me with this?


A:PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable

The message

pxe-61: media failureClick to expand...

is telling you that

the CD has nothing mounted which is bootable
the HD has nothing that is bootable
so it tries to boot using the NIC interface and it too has failed
You need to investigate the MBR and the C:\ partition for validity
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I recently built a computer with the asus OCII GTX 770 gpu and ran a quick stress test with msi kombustor. I set the setting to no anti-aliasing and 720p resolution (not full screen) and ran the furry and tessy (gl4) stress test. At about 7 minutes my gpu got up to about 83 degrees C with fan speed at 100 percent. I stopped the test as I still don't know too much about stress testing and how hot I should really let my GPU get. I know the NVidia website says the max this card can take is about 98 C but I was wondering if at 7 minutes, 83 degrees C was normal or if that is too hot even for this stress test. Thank you.

A:Question about my stress test results for GTX 770

For a stress test, that's pretty normal on an GPU like that, stress testing pushes the GPU to it limits which most of the time is more than games will even push it. As long as your temp stays below the threshold NVidia says (Which in your case is 98) then your fine. I would however, if you want to improve the temp, see if you can improve the airflow around the GPU area, the Asus Cooling system is pulling in air and pushing it down on the GPU which means you have to move the air once its been pushed over the card. I would try adding a fan around the GPU exhausting if your worried.

But honestly, your fine.
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I have an intel core i7 4770k and I'm not overclocking it at the moment. My idle temps are around 28 degrees Celsius. Is it still necessary to run a program like prime95 and stress test my cpu even though I am not overclocking?

A:Do I need to stress test if I'm not overclocking?

It's not necessary, but you can still check the stability of your system, regardless of whether you are over-clocking. I've heard many times, servers are done so to prepare them for future task. Running the test will allow them to potentially catch any issues before they are brought on-line.
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So I got my graphics card, memory and cpu heatsink attached to my asus sabertooth z87 mobo and test with an external test. I get 1 long beep followed by 5 short beeps, although there is a small pause before the final (5th) beep. Now I only have the speaker in and do not have anything connected to a monitor. The manual says 1 continuous beep followed by 4 short ones is hardware failure but it doesn't say anything about a 5th beep that comes after a small pause. Could any of this have to do with the fact that I do not have a monitor plugged in anywhere? Other components:
GTX 770
Corsiar vengeance LP 16GB 1600mhz
Hyper 212 EVO

A:First time external test with mobo

Okay so now I put it in a monitor and an error message came up saying cpu fan error and im in the bios screen now. anyone ever have this problem?
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Hello all members,
I was searching for dedicated server for one of my clients and whenever I find a new host, I try to test dedicated server speed by downloading sample files. Recently, I have tested dedicated server speed, but how can I be sure that this speed will remain the same for my client's after buying?

FYI, here is the link from where I have tested dedicated server speed: to expand...


A:Dedicated server speed test

Hmm; would appear that you are referring to a network bandwidth test.
However, as I write this is DOWN - - ping just gets 110% timeouts.

This link has some reviews you might like to see.
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What is the usual diagnosis or outcome when an HP C AIO won HP many not self errors diagnostic; test printing printer t print a correct Self Test Diagnostic from control panel It printed it one won t print another because of multiple errors was missing ALL data from boxes amp sections of pg report - except color print test boxes looked fine Just printed report sections headers amp data boxes Gone through usual printer reset steps power reset HP printer not printing self test diagnostic; many errors clearing hardware error codes via quot secret menu quot then unplugging amp waiting sec That clears or more errors but they re-appear The errors just rotate clear another pops Carriage or paper jam neither true carriage moves easily HP printer not printing self test diagnostic; many errors by hand - isn t quot jammed quot when reports it Hitting OK starts carriage moving again No paper or bits Took lid amp top cover off No paper bits that are visible - front back inside paper tray area w o dismantling entire unit Ink system failure printed perfect text lines amp color boxes on the partial HP printer not printing self test diagnostic; many errors self test after that error appeared amp was cleared - several times Pump Motor Stalled DON T think ink motor is stalled or not working Printed perfect lines headings amp color boxes on the one self test lacking data With top cover off can see all pump gears belt turning normally in warm up Pump sounds normal during printer prep Paper pick up rollers NOT turning - that s true except for ONE self test w o the data They turn easily by hand not dirty - just don t engage Is it just fried With so many errors - most seem false AND unable to print accurate self test diagnostic not sure this is just a quot reset quot issue Had a power outage - but it was on surge protector UPS w voltage control - ALONG w modem router VOIP ATA PC monitor None were damaged Tried plugging printer into wall outlet - no change DC voltage of printer adapter checks OK w meter IS it a POSSIBILITY though AC adapter voltage is OK it s not delivering correct mA Not sure how to check DC mA of AC adapter - any advice there It cost after tax - yrs ago at steep discount Light use If it s toast not sure I d buy an HP not just because of this - more for HP s apparent declining reputation For avg home use - All In One types wondering which brand now has best satisfaction reliability AND least trouble using generic ink Maybe they re all junk now As in now yrs of light use may be avg life DON T want one w colors combined in or cartridges Thanks nbsp

A:HP printer not printing self test diagnostic; many errors

Seems toast to me. You've been pretty thorough.
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Well hello a few days ago I stumbled on my own feet and my laptop slipped out of my hands breaking the hinges until I will get LCD short cable circuit new parts I decided to still use it today while watching a movie the lid curved back a little leaving me with a white screen adjusting the lid back fixed the problem although it happened everal more times with either white or blavk screen later forgetting the hinge issue I laid it down on the table when it seemed to crash and shut itself down after turning it on again I saw a flash where the lcd cable goes and smelled LCD cable short circuit something burning now the screen is black when turned on the vent starts in about seconds and after - seconds it shuts down again the cable also LCD cable short circuit obviously looks burnt so the questions are can I fix the cable would replacing it help could the short circuit have damaged other hardware is it even a cable issue that makes the shutdowns appear I have a dell latitude e and I would love the one helping me out till I die nbsp

A:LCD cable short circuit

Have you got an external monitor/tv to plug it into to test?
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I recently purchased an Asus N56V Series laptop. The laptop has impressive specs, including an i7 Core and a Nvidia GT 635M graphics adaptor, so I can understand it having a below average battery life. However, I am only getting 1 to 2 hours of battery life on it, even when I am not running processor and graphic intensive programs. Product review indicate that will battery life for this laptop is below average, the battery should still last 4 hours under normal conditions.

Is there any reason why my battery life is so limited? Has anyone else had similar problems with this model of laptop?

Thanks for the help.

A:Surprisingly short battery life on new laptop

Are WiFi enabled or Bluetooth? Unless absolutely required, disable.

Also look thru the Control Panel for Power Options and be sure to reduce usage for the Battery Choices.
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Beside of Ping and tracert cmd, IS that any tool which i can use to test network latency?

A:Network latency test

on windows pathping
let it run to completion and you get a better picture ot the path to your destination.
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Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me with putting together a desktop pc from scratch test Compatibility I haven t done this before and I was wondering if someone could help me in determining if these parts will go together I looking to build a gaming pc These are the parts I m hoping can go together If there is a better deal or Compatibility test better performance Compatibility test system for the same budget I would be glad to know CPU AMD - FD FRGUBOX Motherboard Gigabyte - GA- FXA-UD Memory Compatibility test Corsair - CMV GX M A C SSD Corsair - CSSD-F GBGT-BK HDD Western Digital - WD EZRX Case Antec - LANBOYAIR-RED Video Card EVGA - G-P - -KR Sound Card ASUS - Xonar-DX PSU Antec - EA- -GREEN Moniter Acer - S HL Blu-Ray Burner Panasonic - UJ- Wireless Card D-Link - DWA- Moniter Acer - S HL Mouse Logitech - - Keyboard CoolerMaster - SGK- -GKCC Network Card - Wired INTELLINET - OS Either Windows Professional or Windows Release Preview Webcam Microsoft - PD- nbsp

A:Compatibility test

Hi Dillon, there's a few things that you could tell us to help us help you.
1. Do you have a budget?
2. Are you willing to buy online?
3. What is your intended usage for this PC? Anything other than gaming?
4. Do you require any specific parts?

as for your current list, It looks OK, but I would make some changes.

firstly, switch the AMD FX-4170 out for an intel i5. I run an FX-6100 in my rig, and it performs nicely, but it's not so great for intense gaming (BF3, Metro 2033, Crysis, etc.) I'd go with the intel i5 3570K or the 2500K. A nice Motherboard to go along with that CPU would be the Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H, which is around $175.
Also, I'd suggest you look into getting an aftermarket Heatsink for your CPU. the Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO is insanely good for the price of around $35, so I highly recommend that.
Next, the EVGA GTX560Ti is a great choice for gaming, but at around $330 (AUD) it's a bit pricey, and you'd be happier with a HD7870 or a GTX570. here are four cards I'd recommend:

AMD: Sapphire Radeon HD7870 2GB GHz - $320
or if you're willing to spend a little extra: MSI R7950 - $369
both these cards would outperform a 560Ti, plus they're PCI3.0

NVIDIA: ASUS GTX570 - $309
or if you're willing to spend a little extra: Gigabyte GTX670 - $399
these cards would absolutely demolish any game when paired up with a 3570K or a 2500K.

my personal recommendation would be:
CPU: intel i5 3570K
GPU: MSI R7950
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H - $175
HSF: Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO - $35

this list is just my opinion, so feel free to disregard :3

Anyway, moving on, the rest of the parts seem good, it's just those few things I wanted to point out. I'm sure other techspotters will help soon enough too.
Good luck
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Hi all, here is my question I'm recently building my first PC and and unfortunately I am only able to order part by part. Currently I have my processor, motherboard, power supply and will be ordering my memory next. my processor is a i5 3570k with the Integrated HD4000 Graphics and mobo is a MSI Z77A-GD65, so I planned on using the on-board graphics till I can afford an aftermarket one.

So basically my question is with the processor, mobo, power supply and memory in hand will I be able to run a test boot on the system so I can make sure I don't have any defected or broken parts. If not can you list any extra parts ill need before I can try a test boot. thank you very much.

A:Quick question on test boot

You'll need RAM to seal that deal. The bare components you'll need for a boot/POST are CPU, PSU, board and RAM...a monitor and keyboard wouldn't go amiss either.
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I just moved my system (Asus M2N sli deluxe) to a new Antec computer case, and installed a large Noctua heat sink. Still using the same video card (Asus en7200gs). when I tried to boot up I got the error code. Makes sense b/c I don't get any video. I tried re-seating the video card and tried a different slot. No luck.

I just ordered a new video card to try out (I could use the HDMI upgrade anyways), but I have doubts that will fix it based on other inconclusive threads I have read.

What else could the problem be? Could it be the new CPU heatsink? Maybe the motherboard is bowed? Anything else I can try?

A:Award BIOS - 1 long, 2 short beeps - video error

Just try the new video card when it comes in. The beeping may mean that the motherboard is okay
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Hi, (First Post)

While it is often true that when you get no post after startup, that it is often the powersupply - it would be nice to know if the motherboard is functioning properly.
I use power supply testers, a great time saver, but does anyone know of a reasonalby inexpensive motherboard tester on the market?

A:Board test equipment

Well, I have seen a few mobo/ram testers on Ebay but have no idea how good they are. Just do a search on there for motherboard tester and several will come up, they are about 20.
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Have a "pxe-e61: media test failure, check cable" error on a toshiba satelitte L455-S5975, Windows 7

Had to replace hard drive because orginal failed. Changed BIOS to boot CD/DVD drive first, then hard drive second, to load Windows. When I started laptop I received "pxe-e61: media test failure, check cable" error. I changed BIOS to load the hard drive 1st, CD/DVD 2nd. same issue.
- BIOS does identify both HDD & CD/DVD drives.
- CD/DVD drive was working correctly right before the old HDD failed.

What else can I do?


A:"Pxe-e61: media test failure" error help

Go into your Bios and see if Network is in the boot order and disable it. Then try to boot again and post back what happens.
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Haf X Asus Rampage III Formula Core I - stock Cooler Master V CPU Cooler kits GB of G SKILL Ripjaws Series GB x GB DDR PC Desktop Memory Model F - CL D- GBRL running in triple channel x Palit GB GTX in SLI Corsair TX watt PSU Windows Pro bit Well first off I m on my second build and I intend to OC My first build was nothing but making sure the Ram was clocked and timed according to specs and unlocking my BE s extra cores On this build all I ve been running is basic tasks and not much gaming on stock settings for several New rig: test stability errors Pre-OC'ing weeks I want to get a moderate overclock ghz on New rig: Pre-OC'ing stability test errors my i - would be nice for starters The overclocking guide I found said to make sure my system was stable at stock I m actually a little bit surprised I hadn t ran prime already When I realized I hadn t even downloaded prime I decided to do so and run it And to my surprise I get an error not mins into the blend test quot FATAL ERROR Rounding was expected less than Hardware failure detected consult stress txt file quot I ve never actually gotten an error from prime because my first build wasn t built for OC ing and pushing the hardware to its limits I m not actually quite sure where to go from here Any advice The blend test of prime says it tests the CPU and some Ram should I start to prepare myself mentally for RMA ing at least one component nbsp

A:New rig: Pre-OC'ing stability test errors

this could be a problem with your ram why you need 24GB is crazy to much of a chance of one of the sticks being bad i would try them all separate and see if you still get the error.
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Okay here goes I have no sound on a system I ve built It has a biostar mobo with an onboard Realtek for VIA Audio Controller The OS is Windows XP SP with everything updated I have installed all the proper drivers shows Windows, hardware and No despite what dxdiag, test sound... directly from either Biostar or No sound... despite what Windows, dxdiag, and hardware test shows Realtek Whether I use simple headphones or simple stereo amplified computer speakers I have no sound No sound... despite what Windows, dxdiag, and hardware test shows The Windows hardware test the one where you read into the microphone and it shows both the record and playback levels shows great level in each but I have no sound despite what Windows says I ve installed all Chipset No sound... despite what Windows, dxdiag, and hardware test shows drivers as well directly from Biostar I ve run a dxdiag and this is the error code it is showing - quot DirectSound test results Failure at step User verification of software HRESULT x error code dxdiag also noted that the the ALCXWDM SYS is not digitally signed by WHQL the Windows Hardware Quality Lab but I have never had that be an issue Many drivers are not signed Anybody have any idea I ve built dozens of systems over the years repaired many more and I have never dealt with this nbsp

A:No sound... despite what Windows, dxdiag, and hardware test shows

Based on all you say, my best guess is it's a hardware issue as all the drivers/software/Windows seems to think everything is fine. (maybe the audio jacks are broken or not connecting to mobo? idk... just guesses)

I've run a dxdiag and this is the error code it is showing - "DirectSound test results: Failure at step 19 (User verification of software): HRESULT = 0x00000000 (error code)Click to expand...

That result happens when you ran the DirectSound test and you told Dxdiag you couldn't hear anything (i.e. user verification is what failed)

dxdiag also noted that the the ALCXWDM.SYS is not digitally signed by WHQL (the Windows Hardware Quality Lab), but I have never had that be an issue. Many drivers are not signed.Click to expand...

Agree, that's not the issue

The Windows hardware test (the one where you read into the microphone and it shows both the record and playback levels shows great level in each, but I have no sound, despite what Windows says.Click to expand...

As far as windows is concerned, it thinks your sound is fine (again, makes me think is purely hardware is my guess)

/* EDIT */
One other thought (tho don't know if applies) but under Ctl Panel->Sound, i think under Audio tab(?), check that the default playback device is set correctly (in case it lists more then one playback device)
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Hi, can anyone tell me how i can test my ram please ?
I have 12gig of DDR 3 and memtest cant allocate it for some reason, the OS see's all the ram as does the bios, so how can i test its integrity ?


A:RAM test?

Hi vale
You try Mem scope which you can download here

Download the iso and burn to cd.
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My PC recently started to freeze so I did a PSU test with a tester & it showed no -5v LED when testing the 24pin connection. I bought a new PSU and had the same problem with the PC. I tested the new PSU and again it showed no light for -5v. What is going on?? Is it coincidence both PSUs failed on -5v or is my set damaging the PSU? The old PSU was an enermax 650x and the new one is a coolermaster 600w. I don't really need the wattage but it was always in case of an upgrade.

Please help!!


A:PSU test results - what does it mean?

Either your tester's dodgy or you've got a case of really bad luck and two faulty PSUs. If the -5v rail test light isn't on, I can only assume that there's no current going through it. If it's the type of tester I think it is;

Green = in range (close enough to the correct voltage - think tolerance is about 5%)
Red or Orange = out of range (too high or too low; faulty)
No LED = Immediate fail or the pin isn't conducting properly with the tester

Check out the pic below (hope it works) and see if that pin is connecting with the corresponding pin on the tester. If it is, then yeah. Broken tester or broken PSUs.

Most testers are fine, but just like all other electronic items it could be faulty... I'd be tempted to try another tester or confirm with a 3rd power supply - preferably one that IS already tested to be okay. It's highly unlikely your tester is breaking the supplies.

If it's starting to freeze, give your machine a RAM test and Hard Drive test. If they both pass it's likely (likely! not definitely!) software - nothing a format/reload can't fix

Hope that helps mate.
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I was given an old desktop from a place I work because it no longer worked and it was time for them to upgrade anyways It was easy to determine that the only problem was the HDD was corrupted I have a new HDD I am going to install but I results... Memtest86+ test advice? wanted to check the RAM since that may have caused the corruption With all modules installed x gb x mb I ran Memtest There was an error on the first pass zero errors on the second pass I ran Memtest on each module individually to determine the faulty stick but all passed on at least two passes I was hoping the faulty stick would show up I reinstalled ALL sticks and have Memtest86+ test results... advice? been running Memtest for the last hours no errors on passes Stupid me for not writing down the first error I received I d like to figure out if something is wrong before I go forward and start using the computer What would you guys do in this case If I knew what module initially caused the error I d automatically replace it but I only know it was one of the four nbsp

A:Memtest86+ test results... advice?

I reinstalled ALL sticks and have been running Memtest for the last 24 errors on 14 passes.Click to expand...

In that case, I find it likely that there is nothing wrong despite the previous error.
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Well, i have 5.1 creativ speakers got about 2 years back. they worked fine with wxp but when i upgraded to wvista and w7 all hell broke loose. at a point in time in vista i got the rear speakers to work. when i upgraded to w7, i also got the rear speakers to work eventually. i now have a new motherboard with shitty drivers and can't get the rear speakers to work. in the tests they work but when i play music, watch movies anything nothing comes out of the front centre or rear speakers. any help guiz?
p.s. the drivers my mobo uses are VIA HD Audio deck. i've tried uninstall all sound drivers and reinstalling but to no aveil
p.s. also at one point in time few days ago everything was working but the next day the rears just stopped...

A:5.1 Speakers rear and mid sound not playing any sound apart from test

did all the speakers sound when test in via hd audio deck or windows 7 audio control panel?

if yes, most likely you will need to enable the 'upmix' feature of VIA. I'm not sure what is it called, but in Realtek it is called Realtek Speaker Fill or Dolby ProLogic IIx. If there isn't any, you may want to try Channel Mixer for foobar2000.
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hey gang,
i am d-sub. i have an acer aspire one zg5 netbook. I've owned it for several months. i turned it on recently and got this message while it was booting.
pxe-e61: media test failure, check cable
pxe-mof: exiting pxe rom
then it shows the aspire one logo screen for a second and goes blank. the mouse is setting in the center of the blank screen. i am able to control the mouse. can u help?

A:Media test failure

First, can you see anything... that allows you to remove and reinstall the driver as a first step... Looks as if you have a part to replace, if the configuration allows it... otherwise, is it under warrnty still?
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I recently had a computer crash on my machine that resulted in it powering on with long beep and short beeps I begin to troubleshoot short mobo asus 3 1 beeps on long the hardware and find that the video card s gpu fan is caked with dust knowing that was not a good sign i started to clean and inspect the card turns out that the card overheated and the capacitors started to pop literally the tops were all busted open to varify the problem i put in a video card from a know working machine in the computer and it booted up no problem this card has never been overclocked on for extended periods of time or over strained with high demanding games programs this happened because it 1 long 3 short beeps on asus mobo was in a closed space and never cleaned out things to remember from this experience -asus mobo long short beeps means video card not recognized -clean out inside of case regularly i use canned air for my computers -keep case it well ventilated area i hope this helps anyone running into a similar situation later on nbsp
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Does anyone know any good RAM test freeware that works for XP?

A:RAM test

Memtest is highly recommended.

It doesn't need to be compatible with XP, the best versions run from CD/bootable media and run without the OS functioning.
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Hi guys

I wanted to check my PC,apparently there's sth wrong with it since it doesn't turn on the monitor whenever it restarts, based on the archive of this great site I checked the Graphic card and RAM. but I don't know how to check the CPU or mobo, could you tell me what I should do?

PS: I think I should buy new ones!!!

thank you guys
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Hi I don t really know in which category this belongs so I ve put it in General What is the problem My friend has a problem with his computer Everytime he tries to boot his PC the screen remains black and his computer beeps long short beeps after that it keeps repeating a short beep We searched on the internet for this beep code and found that it could be a RAM or EGA problem However it gives the same beep code without a videocard and we thought that it should just boot with the onboard chipset We also tried removing the RAM sticks by both or switching them without any luck When did it happen We were at a Lanparty with people at the time we were with and the th had yet to arrive When he did he plugged his laptop in and my friend s computer just died but all other PC s stayed on A thing to mention is that we were all plugged into the same socket And that socket was short 1 long 3 boot, to beeps and Failed not grounded His Hardware Videocard Ati Radeon HD MB Motherboard Asus P QL SE RAM x GB DDR Mhz unknown We would appreciate any help Marty nbsp

A:Failed to boot, 1 long and 3 short beeps

If you can, I'd suggest getting some more RAM and testing it.. If it's still giving you the 1 long and 2/3 short beeps then it could have blown your motherboard.. < Asus Award Beep Codes

Lists the 1 long 2 short as a video issue, and a continueing beep as a RAM issue, so if your getting both then I'd say either the boards gone and it can't read anything, or it just blew out both... I'd say it's best to get it tested at a shop where they have parts they can test on it.. Best of luck to you.
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Hi, I just got a pc from a friend. To my knowledge it has a Pentium 4 2.8GHz and 2 gb of ram with a 500watt power supply. Not sure if it works though, whenever I turn it on it makes this strange sound and the cpu fan barely spins at all (its obvious the sound is the fan) All I want to do is make sure this computer works, and will post before I go out and buy a cpu fan for it. Is there any way of going about this without damaging the computer? Any help is appreciated.


A:Needing to test out computer

first thing i would do is connect a monitor to see if the motherboard POSTS; look for any errors on startup. there is the possibility that the power supply needs to be replaced but if you can verify the processor needs a new cooler i would look into swapping that as well.
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hi hoping to get some help here my desktop manchine would not boot today it is a xfx 680i LT sli motherbored with a intel Q6600 in it, a xfx 8800gts graphics card and 3gb of memory.

when i try to boot it, it get as far as saying "main processor" and then just stops.

anyone got any ideas?


A:Freezes on the post test?

Failed hard drive...
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Hi all I think I have a problem with my nVidia GeForce GTX I was watching a dvd to motherboard? 8800GTX test Diagnostics and on my computer when suddenly strange artifacts started to appear and then the whole computer froze up but the sound kept playing I switched my computer off Now when I start up my computer strange lines and dots appear on the XP loading screen and when the desktop should appear I get white black blue bands across the screen and I can t see the desktop at all I can start up in safe mode with no problems I tried to install updated drivers but I get an error message saying quot The nVidia control panel could not be installed the most recent driver will be restored quot It has now rolled me back to driver version dated February I have also tried cleaning and resetting the card I am certain it is not a heat issue Diagnostics to test 8800GTX and motherboard? as the hottest it gets is degrees only on very hot days and when I m playing the latest games and the Diagnostics to test 8800GTX and motherboard? original crash occured while I wasn t playing a game but watching a dvd I have not overclocked my card I Diagnostics to test 8800GTX and motherboard? m assuming the issue is most likely a hardware problem and is either my graphics card or my motherboard Can anyone recommend diagnostic utilities tests that I can run to isolate exactly where the problem is occuring The computer was bought from Dell just over years ago and I have not installed or removed any hardware since getting the computer Here are my specs Dell Dimension Intel Core Quad Processor Q GHz Windows XP SP GB RAM mb PCIe x nVidia GeForce GTX ANY HELP WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED Thanks Simon nbsp

A:Diagnostics to test 8800GTX and motherboard?

sounds like it might be time to replace the video card... could be faulty vram. artifacts typically mean two things... overheating or faulty video memory. anything above 70c is pretty hot, even for a 8800GT but i wouldn't be surprised if it was the onboard ram. uninstall the drivers from the add/remove programs menu and then run Driver Sweeper to clean up the files. restart the computer and try to install the latest WHQL drivers from and restart again. if you still experience strange artifacts or other performance issues, replace the card.

i don't think you would get any video at all if the motherboard was the culprit, so start with the video card. as far as diagnostics tools go... you can't really isolate and hardware related issues through software. best thing to do is just trial and error.
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I m having a problem with my Toshiba Satellite L regarding the quot PXE-E Media test failure check cable quot message I ve tried every remedy every website has given I ve tried resetting the boot sequence using the HDD as its first choice But I ve also realized that under BIOS it doesn t seem to be reading the HDD I ve tried taking it out and putting it back PXE-E61 error test media in That didn t seem to work either The screen has been cracked for about a month but you could still see aout of everything But since the PXE-E61 media test error error message the laptop screen has gone completely blank Now I have it hooked up to my desktop s monitor Anyways what PXE-E61 media test error I m trying to ask is that could the problem have PXE-E61 media test error something to do with the monitor or video card I ve been on about different sites and I do remember one suggestion was to replace the video card Do laptops even have video cards lol anyways help is much appreciated nbsp

A:PXE-E61 media test error

PXE is an option to boot across the network! Check you BIOS settings and ensure you
have the HD as the first choice

see description
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I just built this new pc and I am having such a issue with it I have a OS installed and cannot load many programs on it always getting errors sometimes I get errors loading windows I called Wester Digital and Error! Sector Wright Test:: Cable they sent me new HD s I ran a test Western Digital Data LifeGuard Diagnostic as they advised me to do with the old HD s and gives me this error The error was showing up on my other HD s Cable Test:: Wright Sector Error! now on the new HD s I just got I am running a MSI -C AM AMD ATX AMD Motherboard AMD Phenom II X Black Edition Callisto GHz Cable Test:: Wright Sector Error! Socket AM W Dual-Core Processor Model HDZ WFGIBOX G SKILL GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model F - CL D- GBNQ With Western digital HD s GB GB Can it be that my motherboard is bad or more possible to be more bad HD s nbsp
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i am getting a pxe-e61:media test failure check cable fault on my hp nx9005 laptop.
i have removed the hdd from the laptop and installed it in my pc as slave using a 2.5 - 3.5 adaptor with psu. it registers in the bios but not in windows. if i then disconnect the main pc hard drive and set the laptop hdd as master and try and install windows xp using the xp cd it states no hdd present

from this i would take it as the hard drive is damaged/dead

any advice welcome, thanks

A:HP nx9005 pxe-e61: Media test failure check cable fault

So you have placed the laptop Hard Drive in place of your Desktop CD/DVD Drive? (as is what I usually do)
And your Windows version cannot see it in My Computer?

With the 2,5" Drive in place of the removed CD/DVD Drive (on its own IDE Cable)
And with the current Desktop system drive still connected (also on its own IDE Cable)

Go to start > Run > diskmgmt.msc > ok
Can you now see your drive?

If so, confirm the Volume type is Healthy and running NTFS (just like your main drive?)
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Hey guys, I'm new to the forum, was looking here a few days ago - my broadband connection became really slow for no apparent reason and I wanted to test my speed - I was told about this new one on one of the forums called Streetstats, which not only gives you your broadband speed but also tells you what speeds your neighbours are getting - genius!

It really worked for me (found out I could be getting a much better deal with a different provider, so I'm now switching!) - would be interesting to see if it's just a one off or if it really is the most accurate speedtest around...

A:Broadband speed test

You can find them with a Gurgle search... I would download three to try... You
may be very surprised to see the variance in results.
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Hello TS Alright I just ordered all the parts for a new system build short a PSU noise - PC similar New to 'zap' makes Build I built the pc and when I press the power button a noise emits from the PSU Imagine putting your tongue to the roof of your mouth New PC Build - PSU makes noise similar to a short 'zap' and then make an abrupt quot TSS quot sound Not sure if that helps but thats the best way I can describe it I have looked at the connectors for the power switch reset switch power led ide led over and over again thinking that I must have connected them incorrectly I have made sure that they are connected correctly My question is this does this sound like a PSU failure or MOBO failure or User failure Here are the specs PSU Thermaltake Purepower W RU W ATX V CPU Intel Core Quad Q GHz MOBO ASUS P QL PRO Memory OCZ Reaper HPC GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC HDD Western Digital Caviar SE WD AAJS GB RPM SATA Graphics XFX GeForce GS MB -bit GDDR PCI Express x Optical LG X DVD R DVD Case RAIDMAX Tornado ATX- WU Black SECC Steel ATX Mid Tower nbsp

A:New PC Build - PSU makes noise similar to a short 'zap'

Are you sure it's from the PSU? Could be the power button or some other connector shorting somewhere. Check for any shorts to be sure.
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I just picked up a used computer for free and I m thinking I got what I paid for it is a Dell Dimension The previous owner said the computer worked fine when he last used it no idea how long ago that was Anyway when I first tried to boot it it made it to the Dell intro screen BIOS boot and then halted with the status bar stuck of the way The I RDRAM Boot to Won't think test Used Computer need - I second time I tried to boot it a different error appeared on the screen - a text-based error which I can t exactly remember The third time I got beeping from the motherboard and no video The diagnostic lights on the rear of the machine are YYGG - quot Memory failed to be sized or enabled quot After some research I determined that the beep code I was getting - - - is not documented for the motherboard - lucky me I read somewhere that the and used the same Used Computer Won't Boot - I think I need to test RDRAM beep codes - so I cross-referenced and found that the beep code likely meant a failure in one of the memory modules I think the beep code was - - - I just wanted to get a sanity check on my troubleshooting so far I realize that I probably need to track down a good RDRAM set of memory modules OR a set of RDRAM continuity modules My other question is are the continuity modules just jumpers or is there actual circuitry on Used Computer Won't Boot - I think I need to test RDRAM them I honestly don t want to spend any money on this computer especially since Used Computer Won't Boot - I think I need to test RDRAM it could be a goner Wish I could figure out a way to test the memory without doling out some money nbsp
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RAM: (2x) 2GB Ballistix (part number:BL25664AA80A )


When i boot up my comp, it proceeds to POST and does a failed memory test.
instead of Memory test: ST********** ), it becomes : (Mem or Memory te) and then the computer restarts. You can not access bios page,safe mode or access anything. If im lucky and i am able to get the computer running it will work for like 10-20 minutes and restart, even if im youtubing or just surfing the net.

NOTE: i am using an Award bios

A:Post memory test failed

It fails POST? Are there any beeps when you turn your PC on?

Try removing one stick of RAM and run the PC. See if the problem persists. If you're getting a memory error then run memtest86+ on each module separately.

However, first I'd recommend that you clean the inside of the PC and reset every component on your motherboard after cleaning.
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Hello All
I have a strange problem with the laptop mentioned where as to boot the machine i have to put pressure on the keyboard until it has booted once it has booted it works fine but if i release half way through booting it freezes, I had tis problem before on an older laptop which turned out to be earth springs on the motherboard not touching the case correctly if this is the problem could someone point me in the right direction of dismantling and repair instructions for the said laptop or if you think the problem is something else please don't hesitate to let me know.
Thanks In Advance

A:Short Curcuit Fujitsu Siemens Amilo pi 2515

Hello again seems nobody has any ideas of about the problem could somebody please direct me on how to take the laptop apart to remove the motherboard
thanks for your help
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Hey I have an old Inspiron B130. Seems the battery is bad, or maybe it's just not charging, or maybe it's just not working in some other way? My question is how can I test?
I don't want to just rush out and buy a new battery without knowing if the laptop battery subsystem is working. The laptop came from a person who "claims" that the battery is actually a new one. I can't verify, so I want to see if I can test the laptop itself.
I wonder if there are wiring diagrams or something where I can just test a few of the pins. Or I wonder if the pins are testable at all without a battery plugged in?

How can I make sure the battery subsystem works before I buy a new battery?

A:Test battery and test output from laptop?

If you can't find any diagrams, just get a multitester, and with power off and pc unplugged, take out the battery and find pos / neg terminals on the computer against the chassis (unless they are labelled on the battery by chance?). Once you know which terminal is which, put the battery in the computer, let it charge (does the charge light come on? I should have asked that before). for a couple hours, unplug it and check the power. You may not see the full 11 volts (at least that's what I think the battery is on that model), but if it's charging, you should always have at least some residual power...
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What's the best freeware to test Pentium 4 temperature and other CPU stability?

A:Freeware to test Pentium 4 temperature?

Everest Home... Here is the download:
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my mobo shorts out whenever i screw it to the case so i laid a rubber sheet underneat it. it works, but is there something better to use?

A:Mobo short

Hi Seris,
sounds like the fiberglass resin has been chipped off around one of the standoff screw holes. you maybe able to see which one it is and use a rubber or fiberglass washer on that standoff.
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Hi all i need some major help before i end up throwing my PC ouy of the window i have a audable female voiced message as i switch on CPU test System failed my PC System failed CPU test saying quot system faled cpu test quot i have no idea how to stop it i have taken my PC to many different people and no one seems to know what the problem is i have been told to System failed CPU test clean the dust on the fans which i have done several times over the last years and i have reset the whole PC wiped everything off and rebutted all the software i have been told that the cpu means there is a fault with the processor surley if the processor isnt working then i wont be able to switch on my PC and use the internet word excel etc which i can ive very much baffelled with the technicalities of computers and with my own PC the message really gets on my nerves hence i want to throw it out of the window i need your help assistance as no technical expert seems to know why im getting this message or how to stop it and fix it Thanks nbsp

A:System failed CPU test

Ok, now tell us what your PC's make and model is... Have you tried resetting the motherboards bios to the default settings?
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Hi I have recently built my own PC but when im using it It constantly freezes for about - seconds then it works again but it Fault) for (Hardware short Computer time a Freezing keeps doing it and the Hard Drive light stays on during the Computer Freezing for a short time (Hardware Fault) freeze and when it starts flashing the computer starts Computer Freezing for a short time (Hardware Fault) working again Some people say I go too fast but I only run one program at a time Also it is a gaming computer so it should be able to cope can anyone tell me what is causing this to freeze Also It takes ages for something to install on the computer My system specs are P K Premium Motherbaord BFG GTX Graphics Card GB Reaper GB DDR RAM TB Spinpoint F Hard Drive W Coolermaster Power Supply Pioneer Blu-Ray Reader Drive Q GHz Porcessor Vista Ultimate -bit One of these is slowing my computer down badly but I dont know which one I have a feeling it could be the Hard Drive because of the Slow Installations and freezes and also the light being on when it does but im not sure nbsp

A:Computer Freezing for a short time (Hardware Fault)

Identical problem here.. hard drive light goes solid and pc just stops for 1 min, still able to move the mouse cursor but cannot slect anything or alt-tab etc. Any alt tab or double clicking is cached up and then all fired off at once when the minute freeze is up.

I'm pretty certain now it's down to my Asus P5K-E motherboard (which is what I assume the original poster has)

I'm looking towards M/Board now as I have swapped drives and changed CPU from Q6600 to Q8200 also switched from Vista 32bit to Win7 64bit and still get the issue.

I alleviated it for a while by switching my SATA 300 drive down to 150 mode by setting the jumpers.

Have flashed the P5K to the latest bios with no joy.

Full specs are..
Q8200 Quad
Asus P5K-E Wifi Premium
500GB Samsung SATA300
4GB Ram
lightscribe 20x DVDRW
Sony Bluray Drive (installed after problem had already appeared)
2 x ATI HD3870's in crossfire config.
Windows 7 64bit / WinXP dual boot.
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Hello members i posted a question about days Lan the failed media adapter test ago about my acer travelmate showing a blank screen after changing the hard drive but powers up the same fault develoded on different acer travelmate a month before after removing hard drive i tried the hard drive in my packard bell easynote and this also developed a problem where the screen is ok lights up and lets me go into F SETTINGS after trying different Lan adapter failed the media test settings and even loading default settins now all that happens after coming out of F is a flashing - minus sign in the top left corner of the screen on the packard bell A friend has just brought a IBM THINKPAD and Lan adapter failed the media test tried the hard drive in the acer but still the blank screen after putting back the hard drive back in the IBM it shows this message LAN ADAPTER FAILED THE MEDIA TEST PLEASE CHECK THE CABLE AND REBOOT THE SYSTEM why am i Lan adapter failed the media test getting this message on the IBM THINKPAD and it also appeared on the PACKARD BELL a few days ago after swapping the hard drive as on both occasions the only cable plugged in is the power cable on each laptop why would changing the hard drives develop these faults on three laptops where as before they all worked ok sorry this post is very long but i need to explain as clearly as i could as i am a Novice with computers please help me as i am desperate to get them all working again much appreciative for any help or advice and please feel free to E-MAIL ME to ask me anything regarding these problems THANKS BARRY nbsp

A:Lan adapter failed the media test

pick one system and work on it -- then begin on the other

which one is most important to you?
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How to test PCIe slots I had a brand new video card installed and working Configured it and started using it to see what it was capable of as far as D applications slots? How test PCIe to After about an hour the card was destroyed LEDs and fan still worked but my PC could no longer detect the card in the slot I tried to force it to detect checked BIOS tried the second PCIe slot on same board but the vid card was already defective by then Fortunately I was able to exchange the vid card for a new one I also upgraded my PSU as someone suggested that the How to test PCIe slots? PSU might have been caused the How to test PCIe slots? damage to the vid card Now before I just throw in the new vid card and PSU I want to cover all of my bases as I won t be able to get another free exchange if this vid card also gets fried So I ve been doing some researching and I d feel a lot more comfortable if I could somehow test verify whether the PCIe slots on my mainboard are functioning as they should be So can anyone recommend some simple PCIe slot test that I can perform at home with minimal tooling Perhaps there are some software tools for monitoring voltages currents or maybe I can find a cheap voltmeter around here Equipment is difficult for me to find here but the local technicians are very lowly skilled knowledgeable and careless about handling and ESD Any suggestions Thanks nbsp

A:How to test PCIe slots?

your problem was probably a voltage spike from a bad psu if your switching it out you should be fine there aren't any PCI-e tests that i know of unless you have an old crappy card you dont want to test in the slot.
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I got a laptop from a friend recently. Its an HP pavilion dv6500. They tripped over a USB cord and it fell on the ground and wouldn't turn on. They then took it to a local repair shop who told them they needed a new mobo. They put the new mobo in and still had the same problem. When you push the power button all the lights along the dash come on, and the fan and cdrom start up but no beeps and then it just like stalls out. the screen stays black, no ext video nothing, but the lights stay on. I have tested most of the components and all work, everything leads to the motherboard but that was replaced. any advice is greatly appreciated.

A:HP pavilion won't run POST test

I'd say faulty new motherboard, but it could be as simple as the Power Adapter

Here's the Tutorial: No POST (Power On Self Test) guide

Here's HP Support
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Hi, today we were apparently upgraded from 2mb broadband, to 10mb.
I cant see a great deal of difference on this pc (the good one), but the one in the living one (the other one) is much faster.

can i easily test this online? i have tried a couple of tests and to be honest they are saying i've got a rubbish speed...I know its up to 10mb which can mean below 10mbs, but these tests are showing me awful speeds.

can someone guide me here please lol thank you

A:Internet speed test

your netboard got to supports 10/100/1000 mb/s to get all speed DSL will support.And the lines go to and in home got to be like new.Or data transfer rates may be low.hope it helps.
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Hi, I have recently built my own PC but for some reason I keep getting 1 long beep followed by 3 short beeps, but it doesnt happen all the time, sometimes it will turn on fine and other times I get the beeps, it is really annoying me because I cant find any problems, I have read that these beeps can be the Graphics card or the RAM but I find it strange that it does it sometimes and not all the time, can anyone please help with this problem, Thanks.

My system specs are as followed:
Asus P5K Premium Motherboard
Intel Quad Core Q6600 CPU
8GB Reaper RAM
BFG NVIDIA GTX280 OC Graphics Card
CoolerMaster 1000W PSU

A:1 Long Beeps, Followed by 3 Short Beeps (sometimes)

hi 1bellb

make sure that all of your RAM chips are firmly placed into their slots and that they aren't susceptible to movement in and out of the slots. You could also run Memtest on your chips from here - You've heard right about the beeping sounds probably being caused by RAM issues. Good luck

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Started playing a game with some friends. Its called RF online.

I keep getting lockups. I've loaded up some other games like CoD4/5, roller coaster tycoon3, and havnt had any lockups.

I've tried lowering my settings in bios for my ram, still getting lockups.

I'm trying to isolate the issue.

Anyone have some input to help me with the issue. All help is appreciated


A:Memory stability test

check the following (in order)
1. RAM - test with memtest 86+ booted from a CD/floppy
2. PSU - test with a tester tool AND a multimeter under load
3. test registry for errors
4. check drivers
5. check online speed (is it sufficient)
6. check game version - is there a patch?
7. check BIOS (if necessary - for the latest version - this is a last resort)
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Hi I m struggling with a problem have a home built PC using an ASrock Dual VSTA mobo Been working fine installed XP which is upgraded to SP I installed the latest VIA and BIOS patches from the hangs in Seatools long test ASrock site and am up to date I have IDE drives and a DVD combo drive It s been working fine for years My son has filled up the disks so thought I d add a th SATA disk Fitted a maxtor TM AS Gb drive using one of the free sata sockets in the BIOS I set this to be no RAID BIOS can see all the disks fine including the SATA disk However if I run the latest seatools for DOS from the UBCD Seatools hangs in long test is the latest version it passes the short test but hangs the long test the Long test sits at complete forever and the LBA counter goes through - Seatools hangs in long test iterations then hangs I m not clear if this is expected I d guess not under XP the formatting of the drive failed I returned the disk and got a replacement Same thing happened so replaced again same thing So I doub t it s the disk The last disk was formatted in the shop and XP can see the disk but if I do anything with it I get VIA error messages in the system event log and long pauses where the PC is unresponsive i read that you have to reduce the SATA to SATA with jumpers for the VIA VT chipset which the mobo uses tried that no difference I have googled this extensively and have not found a problem like this Either nothing works drive unseen or it s fine Mine almost works While I think I have to use the VIA driver I m not running RAID and I have RAID disabled in the BIOS if I run Seatools for Windows almost all tests are listed as quot unavailable quot and generic tests all fail nbsp

A:Seatools hangs in long test

Well, neither the Maxtor nor the ASrock are known for reliability or long life... but maybe you have a defect on your WXP install disk...
These problems are maddenly difficult to track down. Good luck.
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I was given an old Toshiba Tecra S1 laptop this past August. It was a company laptop and so I didn't expect much but after cleaning up the system, adding RAM, etc., it has been running quite well.

Yesterday I ran a harddrive diagnostics by utilizing Seagate Tools for a routine maintenance session.

1. It passed both the S.M.A.R.T and the Short DST tests twice.

2. It failed the Long DST test twice.

* What does this mean for my harddrive?

A:What Does this Laptop Hard drive Test Failure Mean?

If the diagnostic is correct, the drive is beginning to fail. It should be replaced. If you have any critical data on the drive back it up ASAP.
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i have a new 9800GT , i would like to test and see what marks i get .
any help would be great thanks. system specs: AMD 4400+ 2.30GHz, an asus motherboard M2N4 fbs is 1000MHz. 500gb hard drive, 2gigbytes of ddr2 800 fbs
and a 700watt power supply with 3 12volt rails.

A:How can I test my new 9800GT

Wouldn't the usual 3DBench work?
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I have a seagate gb sata my problem is sometimes the system does not detect the disk sometimes even if it gets detected and when tested with seatool for dos sometimes all tests get successful some times the same drive fails on short dst Disk self test and when run seatool(dos):short sata long with fails, Seagate tested hangs 80gb dst dst with Seagate 80gb sata tested with seatool(dos):short dst fails, long dst hangs long DST after or percent completion all disk activity stops and the system hangs nothing happens without restart Some times the disk goes to pio mode uninstalling the ide controller driver fixes the problem Sometimes i need to change the sata controller port to run properly but problem also occur with the changed port the disk was in warranty and i got a new replacement drive but the same problem started occuring with the new drive also i suspect the sata controler ie mobo as well as hdd i am equipped with a digital multimeter and a spare system How can i detect the problem the detection is problamatic becoz the faultyu behaviour is nondeterministic Please help me out of this problem nbsp

A:Seagate 80gb sata tested with seatool(dos):short dst fails, long dst hangs

The seagate drive is bad (fails and hangs using Seatools diagnostic). It should be under warranty. Go to the Seagate support site and fill out a warranty request. Follow instructions
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hi id really appreciate if someone could help me, i dont know much about laptops but a little! ok my acer travelmate 290 only boots to the acer page no futher, it says to press f2 to setup which i did and on the bios menu the 1st setting it says disabled, i gather this means the hd is disabled? is there any way i can sort this out? it then goes to a black screen and says media test failure check cable, and rom space not avalible card disabled? then exting pxe rom? then back to a blue screen with a choice of cd rom to boot from or hard disk drive, diskette a, or pxe lan, none of then work? would love someones help many thanks

A:Media test failure

Please got back to Bios Setup, locate set Defaults, enable it, the Save and Exit
If this does not help, you may need to remove the HardDrive (physically unscrew and detach) then re-insert it again. Then try powering up again.
If this still does not help, you may have a dead internal HardDrive
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HI Techies This is my first post here I am doing my first MOBO build and am having Test Media disk Failure, check boot failure cable, some issues Here are my specs PC Media Test Failure, check cable, disk boot failure Chips A G Motherboard AMD Athlon X GhZ GB DDR RAM GB SATA Hard drive GB SATA Hard drive Now when I first turned on the computer I got the following error I have seen posts with this Media Test Failure, check cable, disk boot failure error before and I tried some of the things but they didn t work for me The only thing I didn t try is replacing the Lithium battery which I will do tomorrow But in the mean time the error I got was the following PXE - E Media Test Failure check cable DISK BOOT FAILURE INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER Now here is what I have tried so far - Reset CMOS by placing the jumper in the CLR CMOS mode for about secs - Unplugged Video card HDD cables - Switched RAM around - tried booting a Win XP cd - taking out the lithium battery and placing it in again I would appreciate any help from you guys Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Media Test Failure, check cable, disk boot failure

Make sure your BIOS is set to boot from your optical drive first.

Or you have a SATA hard drive and controller and are trying to boot from an unpartitioned drive on a controller that you haven't provided a driver for.
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fixed pictures D gts failure beeps long short) long (beeps: 1 2 failure? 8800gts short w t Bought a PC Power and Cooling W Silencer - amps on a single V rail crazy power and stability Ordered Tuesday night received Thursday afternoon with free UPS shipping Thumbs up Newegg So far so good everything is fine I just love those totally original boxes PC P amp C use Mah poor GTS don t worry we will be together soon again You you deceiver You can never be trusted again Everything finally nice and settled Stuff seems fine My work 8800gts failure? (beeps: 1 long 2 short) bench aka kitchen Thanks for all the help D ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maybe a few months ago I bought me a new gts MB from XFX It was just a normal MB gts no overclocking nothing Previously I had a X XT So anyways it 8800gts failure? (beeps: 1 long 2 short) was all fine and dandy However in some games I did not see a huge performance increase I thought to my self must be CPU limited I keep going and having fun until one day my comp runs but the monitor doesn t Turn it off re-turn it on it runs Didn t take notice of the beeps other than the fact that it wasn t the normal beep I always get Today I come 8800gts failure? (beeps: 1 long 2 short) home from school and what do you know Comp runs again monitor receives no signal I get long beep and short beeps I have concluded this is a video card failure long beep and short beeps seems to be standard for video card failure where the BIOS fails to output an error message graphically Even more so my monitor didn t receive a signal It all adds up After a few reboots I got it to work - until it froze a few seconds later Now my gts hasn t been overheating Constant - sometimes celcius So it must be some internal error maybe VRAM What are your thoughts First I ll try my PC with my good old X XT see if that works Also - could it maybe be a PSU problem My PSU is an Antec truepowerII W Maybe it s not juicy enough I haven t been overclocking At all Well I did but not since I got my gts My motherboard is a high-end or atleast quot was quot high-end Foxconn SLI It s showing me FF which is normal for most things It seems to get all the way to XP and my account when the GFX fail in addition to the normal FF only to further say something about my video card According to XFX I did indeed register with them as they said I have a lifetime guarentee to a new card as long as I didn t physically torment it Yeah I did indeed not physically torment my poor baby Ideas guys nbsp

A:8800gts failure? (beeps: 1 long 2 short)

As i began reading your post the first thought that came to me was psu....
Relevancy 28.38%

I have my motherboard sat on a cardboard box attached to hard drive with OS installed,graphics card,2 sticks of memory,keyboard and mouse and everything seems to be working fine apart from powering/starting up problems.
On pressingthe power button on the case sometimes it starts sometimes it doesn't.
I have also tried another PC case thinking it might be a dodgy power button but the same thing happens with the other case.
Sometimes i have to disconnect the power from the wall socket before it will start up.Once it starts up it is absolutely fine and stays on with no problems.
Do I have to change something in the bios
The mobo isn't a new one it is a MSI 6526 ver 3. and I have a pentium 4 1.8gHz CPU
Any advice would be gratefully appreciated
Thank you

A:Bench test mobo, power-on problems

Always disperse the internal voltage (by removing the power cord, then holding in the ON switch for 30 secs)

Make sure to disconnect everything internally (ie all addon PCI devices, and CD/DVD connection and floppy connection (if you have one) from the motherboard

Actually here's a good BenchTesting guide.

One last possibility, I have had faulty case and CPU fans cause boot up issues.
And faulty Power Supplies (doing strange things)

You should also reset CMOS to defaults
Relevancy 29.24%

I need to test how fast my memory sticks are operating. I have 512mb x 2 installed and they are supposed to be operating at 400 mhz, but if they aren't operating at that speed, then I want to install 1GB x 2 because my system will not handle that much memory at 400 mhz speed (I already tried), but should be able to at the 333 mhz speed. If anyone know a way to check the actual memory speed capabilities and settings of my system, I would be very grateful. Thank you all.

A:How do I test memory speed?

I found another thread on TechSpot that mentioned the utility I was looking for, it's called CPU-Z and I highly recommend to determine what your system can handle for RAM, etc. Now my question is, what is the maximum speed latency my system can handle? My CPU has bus speed of 100 MHz with Rated FSB speed of 400.0 MHz. So that means the fastest this CPU can handle is approximately PC2100 without any wasted bandwidth?

My system can't handle dual-channel BTW. Since it is non-dual channel will the increased bandwidth of my current memory (400 or PC3200) help in this regard? Thank you all for reading my post.
Relevancy 32.25%


can any help me to fixe my asus p4vp-mx motherboard i try to change a new video card the result is 1long and 2 short beep plz help for dis thanks

A:1 long and 2 short beep


there is a buid in video cards and i also clear the bios but the problems still there
Relevancy 29.24%

Discussion about varying nos from temps programs led to this test I ran CPUID Hardware Monitor HWM Core Temp CT Sensors program temperature 5 test View Pro SVP Speed Fan SF INTEL Desk Utilities IDU all at once I used PC 5 temperature program test Wizard Windows Benchmark as 5 temperature program test stressor SVP shows MUCH higher stress than SuperPi My 5 temperature program test system Gateway c d E ghz gb generic RAM hz gb Hitachi HD XFX GTxxx Arctic Freezer Pro CPU Cooler VISTA Ultimate HWM CT SVP kept almost identical nos about c - HIGHER than SF IDU which were also almost identical It is my belief that Intel engineers who fabbed this chip should be the baseline Unfortunately IDU only shows one core temp but it appears to be the hotter one and they show numerous MBO temps SF has good charts but I still need to learn more to setup To me the most surprising result was to find by far my hottest component was ICH on MBO reached c My CPU idled - maxed - but I have lots more fan speed can hardly hear it if i ever learn how to increase Personally I will run SF graphs with IDU gauges Don Julian Later ArcticPro has fins bent to deflect airflow to MBO stock ICH c at IDLE DROPS to at max nbsp

A:5 temperature program test

Sorry, but that is way too hard to read.
Relevancy 32.25%

The cable is actually long enough but since the HDD has to be at the end I can't get the DVD ROM and The HDD when there together to be put into there respective mounting spots. It there a way to move the middle plug further down the line?
Also, One end of the cable is blue. Is that the end that goes into the HDD or does it really matter as long as the HDD is on the end.

A:EIDE cable to short

Its just simpler to buy a new cable, they are cheap.

To answer your other questions though. Generally blue end goes to the motherboard, and the other end has 2 plugs that are closer together, meant to be for your master and slave devices. In reality it doesn't matter, but you probably don't have a drive that close to where the IDE controller on the motherboard is to actually be able to use it 'backwards'.
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Mobo ASUS M N-SLI Deluxe AM NVIDIA nForce SLI MCP ATX AMD Out of the box arrived yesterday video card Nvidia GS new months ago PSU Apevia w Beast Power new months ago Ram gigs G SKILL x GB 3 short (New System) long 1 -Pin DDR out of the box arrived yesterday HDD WD Raptor years old CPU AMD Athlon X Windsor GHz Socket AM W Dual-Core Processor Out of 1 long 3 short (New System) the box arrived yesterday Bios Award Bios Old mobo and new Ok so heres the issue a week ago I had an msi k n neo -f mobo in my case with gig of ddr ram and an old socket single core processor It stopped working a while back and would give me either no beep signal or a long short beep signal so I changed out the video card and it gave me the same signal I figured it was time for a new mobo and along with it I would need a new cpu and new ram so above is my current set up after everything was installed its now giving me a long short bios code which says that it is either the video card thats bad or the ram So I switched out my video card again and no luck so I suppose I can rule out that I then took out the ram and inserted only one no luck so I changed that stick to another stick and still no luck kinda figured it wouldn t be the ram since its new and all this power supply is a great psu and has plenty of power to run whatever I need At this point I think I have a computer ghost keeping me from running a good machine If anyone has any ideas I would be more than happy to try them nbsp

A:1 long 3 short (New System)

ok, with the PSU, CPU, and Mobo, im getting the beep signal 1 long 3 short. so its the same signal. (I think this is normal though, because the video card is unplugged.) what should I try next?
Relevancy 31.39%

Hello all,

I know this has been covered extensively in other threads but...

Ive tried searching for this to no avail.

Which pins do you short together? I cant seem to find this info. I know which chip, but which of the pins do i short?



A:D400 Bios password reset - Short Method

Hi Leesh and welcome to the TS Forum :wave: :wave:

From what people have told me (via feedback from the site) the usual favourite is pin 3 and 5, short whilst powering on from 1 to 4 seconds or short with the battery out and the AC removed and press the power button repeatedly.

To really be sure you need to be methodical, try various pin configurations and keep a note of what you have tried..BUT DONT SHORT PIN 8.

Happy shorting

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Quite a few sites do exist where your personal digital photos can be shared with your friends. Does anybody have something similar to recommend for your video??
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hey guys i was doing some google surfing and i found a site that had a 9800 gtx running 3DMark i personaly dont think its offical but you never know!
i have the pic i found in an attachment below

A:9800 gtx test in 3DMark06!

And.. umm... Why didn't you just post a link?
Relevancy 32.25%

OP Windows XP Video Card Nvidia GT Mobo MSI K N Neo -F Ram gb Bios Award phoenix bios d Power Supply w Apevia Beast Power I ve had this computer for years now and ive had problems everyonce in a while but they have been fixed The issue im having currently ive been having for the last or so months the computer would work fine for about to weeks and then one morning I went to turn it on and it gave me a beep signal of long beep and short beeps because I have an award bios I went 1 short... confused 2 so im long to go look it up on the internet and I found out that it was 1 long 2 short... im so confused a video problem so I switched out my video card and still no luck then I figured maybe it was a problem with my ram so I took that out one at a time and it still gave me the same long two short until there was no ram and I got the series of short beeps signaling no ram socketed someone said that the 1 long 2 short... im so confused power supply could be dead so I tried it with a different supply no luck the next thing I did was I took out my cpu for like or hours and then put it back in that seemed to do the trick for about a week but then it started happening again I tried that trick again but it hasn t worked the next thing I thought was that maybe my bios battery was old or something so I took it out for seconds and poped it back in as soon as I plugged the power cord back in it started up and gave me a normal beep signal I thought it was a miracle until I had to restart it after a restart it gave me the same long short again so now ive narrowed it down it cant be the video card it cant be the pci-e socket it cant be the cpu because it ran on that cpu fine for a while right it cant be the bios battery it cant be the power supply and it cant be the ram so that leads me tooo im not praying hard enough rofl im not sure what to do at this point if someone solves this issue they will be the tech guru of the year no one so far as been able to solve it so if anyone has any ideas on what this could be please PLEASE post something here this is a better summary of something I posted in the wrong forum P nbsp

A:1 long 2 short... im so confused

Yes I read that one too, when you posted it.

I was thinking that a temporary fix (we'll get to long term later) may be to remove the power cord, then hold in the power On switch for 30 secs, then re-insert the power cord, and turn on.

But, even if it works, it's temporary.

I wonder if you have tried updating your BIOS:
Not sure which PCB revision you have.

I wonder if you have tried removing the motherboard.
Now there's a really good reason for this (not just the obvious stuff that most know) but the board may be held in (securely) on a slight angle or bow (not bows and arrows; angles and bows!!)
This may also be the case for the CPU as well, the amount of pressure the Heatsink is attached to the board, can cause the motherboard to basically bend.
Which can then cause an intermittent video fault (on the PCI bus)

Well, there's my 2cents; try bench test
Relevancy 31.82%

Ok so ive been here several times over the past or so years with this same issue and every time I think I have it solved but to no avail here is the issue my computer was working long bios) short? 2 beep 1 (award fine one night and in the morning it wouldnt start I click the power button and everthing sounds fine until Its suppost to give a single beep but 1 long beep 2 short? (award bios) insted it gives me long and short beeps I have an Award bios and when I went to check out what this means it says it quot Indicates a video error has occurred and the BIOS cannot initialize the video screen to display any additional information quot so im not sure what this means other than the video card is bad the video card is pretty new and before I go any further i guess I should say that the last time this happend I fixed it by resetting my cpu and before you say it yes I have already tried this nbsp

A:1 long beep 2 short? (award bios)


Sounds like the video card bit the bullet :dead:
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I ran req. burner min. test DVD failed Vista System Requirements Lab to test my computer running Vista Ultimate x It passed all hardware amp software requirements tested except for my DVD burner and gave my system a failing grade because of it Seems to make sense to me since I ve had a lot of problems running games that have been freezing and crashing BSOD I m not sure if it might be other issues causing these problems i e GPU changing OP system to DVD burner failed Vista min. req. test Vista Oc ing CPU or over heating So apperantely it s telling me I need to upgrade my DVD burner NEC DVD RW ND - A ATA Device approx yrs old so I thought to start there If this is the case I would DVD burner failed Vista min. req. test be looking to replace it with a good quality DVD burner and would appreciate any suggestions or recommendations that would be compatible with Vista x Thxxxxxx MySys E GHz ASUS P W DH Deluxe FOXCONN GTX OC GB Corsair DDR PC - OCZ GameXstream w PSU Zalman CNPS WD Raptor G WD G SATA LG widescreen LCD Logitech Z- Sound Blaster Audigy ZS Saitek Eclipse G Laser Vista Ultimate x nbsp

A:DVD burner failed Vista min. req. test

A 4 year-old burner needs to be replaced. Any new combo burner will work fine under Vista. You can spend as little as $30 for a simple CD/DVD burner or as much as $300 for Blu-Ray compatiblity. It's your choice. Make sure you have installed all the Vista updates too. There are some 50 or 60 at this time
Relevancy 31.39%

ok heres my problem at first games would crash often then i comp. start long short, 2 1 beep wont couldnt even install games saying a cabnit file is corrupt 1 long beep 2 short, comp. wont start or there is a problem with my networking I took my comp into a shop they said i needed a new operating system so i bought windows vista premium bit installed it First I installed wow which worked then I had to download the patches after downloading they wouldnt install saying the download was corrupt or there were too many errors in wow to reinstall it I did a chkdsk in the command propmt says theres nothing wrong with my hard drive I have dual channel memory so I bought new sticks of g ram to replace them thinking that could be the problem When i put the new ram in started the comp it wouldnt boot just a black screen and gave me the boot code of long beep followed by short over and over I think that means a bad video card i took it out put it back in same thing so i used one from a different computer same thing does any one know what could be wrong with my comp its like months old nbsp

A:1 long beep 2 short, comp. wont start

Not all Ram cards are compatible.

If you remove the new ram cards does it work?
Or if you just use the new Ram cards, and take out the old ones, does it work ?

I'd say, more likely Ram issue

You may also want to post all your Hardware system specs, including the new ram specs
Relevancy 28.81%

I'm running an 8800GT OC on a power supply that's sub-par to what the system requirements are telling me to have. Yell at me all you want, go ahead. It's an Antec 380w that came bundled in a case that I have from a build that never got further then the case...

My question to you is... is there some kind of software that I can check how much power my card is getting/using and compare it to stats on how much it should be getting?

Everything is stable, this is just out of curiosity. Thanks!

PS. Feel free to list game demos I should download to test the eye candy on my new toy!

A:Is there a program I can test my GFX Card's voltage with?

No software that I know of... There is hardware that will do it, but it is expensive and bulky.
The indepth examinations at,, and many of the gaming sites have published very accurate reports. If yours is the same as those in the reviews, your usage will be the same if it is running properly.
Relevancy 27.52%

Getting this error when I try and slave a drive. Jumper settings are correct, cable is in good shape. Will boot to master drive, but when I slave the other drive I get this message. Any suggestions.. I'm trying to slave a drive in order to recover files.

A:PXE-e6Media Test Failed, Check Cable, No Operating System Found

Just to make sure, is the Master drive on the end of the cable and the Slave on the middle connector?
Relevancy 25.37%

Hi guys...
I just plugged my Onkyo 6.1 Channel (S-680) to my computer. I connected the receiver to the Digital Out port of my motherboard (Intel 915GV Chipset-Asus PTGD1 - LA). It uses the Realtek ALC880 drivers. Whenever I open Sound Effect Manager and do the Speaker Test, sound comes only from my front speakers. The rears/centre/sub all light up but no sound is played. However, while running games/music/films I get sound from all my speakers (though not very satisfactory and not real surround sound). Can anyone please help me with this?

Also, I can't open Realtek HD Audio Manager (RTHDCPL.exe). Only RTLCPL.exe (Sound Effect Manager) works. When I click on RTHDCPL.exe nothing happens. Please do help out.


A:No Sound From Surround/Centre/Subwoofer In Realtek Sound Effect Manager Test

try this:

1) try to go to the settings of your sound effect manager & there are selections there for 2.0, or what ever you may find that corresponds to your speaker channel.

2) if nothing corresponds to the given selections,try to download the latest audio driver from your motherboard's manufacturer website.

3) otherwise,you need to plug-in a sound card that has the feature to play with 6.1 channel audio.

Relevancy 28.81%

I just bought a new Acer P201W LCD monitor from Staples. It comes with a 3 year LIMITED warranty, so it does not cover dead pixels. Also, I did not buy the optional warranty that does cover dead pixels from Staples. I have 14 days to return it if I don't like it. Within those few days, I want to test if I have any dead pixels so I can return my monitor. What programs are free and has lots of settings I can use to test my monitor for dead pixels? Like a full screen program that flashes random solid colours. By the way, I use integrated graphics (and VGA) and my system is not very fast so I hope the program is not too resources hungry.


A:New monitor want to test for dead pixels

here u go buddy theres nothing to install you just open up certain pics and you will see the pixels if there are any dead ones:
Relevancy 29.24%

We had a power cut this morning due to a digger cutting through the electricity cable in our drive. PC wasnt switched on at the time but now wont switch on. Have checked fuse that is fine.
Power cable is fine.
Anyone have any other ideas!
I have one very gutted teenage son!!!

A:No power to PC? / PSU Test

That power cut has probably damaged the PSU.
Cheap enough and easy to replace - as you have not said where you are I cannot recommend a supplier.
Relevancy 28.38%

i was wondering if and how it would be possible to bypass the motherboard, to test a water cooling loop, without the danger of the CPU overheating in case it doesn't work etc?

I came across this but is there a way i can do it, because it looks like its just one wire, so it cant be that complex can it? lol

thanks guys

A:How to Bypass the Motherboard, to test Watercooling Loop?

That just allows you to connect the whole rig to the PSU directly so you don't need to power on the motherboard to turn it on. It's used mainly to test the watercooling setup outside the PC's casing, so you can check for any leaks etc.
As for your initial problem, how do you expect to monitor the load and idle temperatures if the motherboard doesn't have power? That is what you want to do, innit? If you do then IMO,test the rig with the mobo powered on, since if the CPU gets too hot, it'll automatically turn the PC off before any damage is possible.
Relevancy 28.38%

I have a BIOSTAR U8668-D Mobo and is not working at all... now.
I turn it on, and nothing hapens but the power is OK, the procesor's fan cooler turn on and the Harddrives feels like is doing something for one moment... but then nothing...

After this I turned off the power and installed a POST Card on the MOBO and saw that the LED for BIOS was not on.. like it hasn't a BIOS at all thi mobo...

what to do?

A:Mobo with no POST test (No BIOS activity)

I guess it is the BIOS ... try the process where you remove the BIOS chip and fix it with another similar motherboard (while turned on).

I am not sure though, and am a starter just .... sorry couldn't find the links for you at the moment.

I hope others will have a better reply for you.
Relevancy 29.67%

Can I take out the HDD from one computer and install it in another as 2nd HDD "slave" just to test the HDD to see if it is working?

A:Test HDD

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Yes, you can do that with no problems.

Another thing you might want to do, is test the drive with the hard drive manufacturers diagnostic utility.

You might also want to try another ide cable as they can fail from time to time.

If you can`t find it, take a look at this thread HERE.

I take it from your question, you`ve been having problems and suspect a faulty hard drive?

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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The critical time for a new PSU is right out of the box, so it should be tested before installation. With all connections removed and the unit turned off (the "0" side of the switch), unbend a paper clip and slide one end into the green wire hole on the large motherboard connector. Slide the other end into any black wire hole on the corresponding motherboard jack, then turn the unit on. If the fan runs, install the PSU. If not, it's defective.

I've wasted boocoo time installing PSU's that were DOA -- even the best brands.

A:Painful Lesson #2 -- Test A New PSU Before Installation

that's not all inclusive. Some PSUs are "smart" and will on run their fans once a temperature is reached.

Relevancy 31.39%

BACKGROUND: I now have videos of two of my presentations on DVD's and finally succeeded in getting them onto my hard drive. Each is divided into many 'chapters'. I would like to save a few short portions of each video to post on the media page of my website. Here are my questions:

1) How do I capture only about 3 minutes of each DVD to post on my website? What program do I use to do this job? (I have Sonic, Edit Pad Lite, Media Center and Power Point on my computer.)

2) How can I tell what format my video files are currently in?

3) To post on Website Tonight, where my webiste is housed with Go Daddy, video files need to be in .mpg, .avi or .wmv formats.
If my files are not in one of the above formats, how do I convert these files?

Thanks for your help .


A:Editing a video DVD to post short segments on my website

Try using Google's You Tube. You may be able to upload and play the entire DVD's without editing or cutting them down
Relevancy 29.24%

I've installed a master and slave drive into a different PC.

The PC that they came from was a HP 550 and they went into a Gateway E4100. I've also installed the video card, and disk drive.

After adjusting the jumpers to get the PC to DOS mode I'm now getting the following messages:

"UNDI intialized failed"
"Media Test Failure"
"Boot Failure"

I'm could use some direction on troubleshooting.


A:Media Test

If you are trying to use Winodws on the hard drive from the HP 550, into the Compaq, it will never work without a new version of Windows or a call to Microsoft...
But if you are merely trying to use one drive as a slave...
Are these SATA drives, or EIDe drives?
Tell us what you mean by "adjusting the jumpers to get the PC to DOS mode" and why you are doing that?
Basically, it sounds like what you have is not respected by windows, perhasp because your jumpers are incorrect.
Relevancy 28.38%

Can someone advise if the connection speeds given on websites dedicated to this task are accurate?

can you reccomend a site to do this for me. I want to make sure I am getting what I am paying for.


A:do websites that test connection speed really work?

Yes they seem to work rather well. Here is the one I use. Hope it helps.
Relevancy 29.24%

I'm not sure this question belongs here. I slaved a hard drive to my computer to clean out garbage. Now I've installed it back in HP Pavilion 525c. The normal startup screen hits for just a second, the I get: PXE-E61 media test failure, check cable and PXE-M0F Exiting NVIDIA boot agent AND Reboot and select proper Boot device or Insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key. I appreciate anything you can give me.

A:Media Test Failure

Sounds like you over-wrote some important sectors. If the HP recover disk set will allow it, run Windows XP disc in repair mode from a cold boot.
Relevancy 29.24%

Test your router With the below I got with Dynex 4.7 for Internet and 4.68 with a Load.. I really don't do internet gaming but the max score is 5. Anyone of you out there with DIR-655 can you run the test using the link below I would like to know what you get?
Relevancy 31.39%

hi, i been gaven a sitecom wireless router, and i'm experiencing some problems.I managed to secure my connection and make it work in my computer, but when i change user (in the same pc) the internet in the beginning works , but after som seconds, it stops and i must restart my router to get it work.any help??i'm really noob with routers and internet connections, so any answer shuld be detailed.

thanx in advance!!

A:wireless router, intenet only works for a short time.

I am not sure, but it would appear you have the wireless setup under your user account - remove it, log on as Administrator and set it up again.
Relevancy 24.94%

My specs are in the signature below. A couple of months ago, my 'puter would act funny when I turned it on. I could hear the hard drive whirring, but the monitor would not come on and my mobo was telling me system failed cpu test. I would turn it on several times, then almost by magic it would work after the fourth or fifth time. I've stripped the thing down, took off the heat sink, reseated the chip after cleaning the surface, reapplying my arctic, and putting the sink back on. I had changed nothing to my system when it started happening. I'd guess my mobo is about 18 months old, same with the Pentium 4 chip.

I'm wondering why it's happening intermittently. Is it a chip issue, a mobo issue, PSU, or something else? I'm stumped. Need some advice.

A:"System Failed CPU Test"...intermittently...what gives?

You should try another power supply first
Relevancy 28.81%

Have Tyan Tempest i5000XL, 2x Xeon 5355Quads,4GB Corsair Reg PC667FB-DIMM, Evga 8800GTX graphics, Adaptec4800SAS with 2x Seagate cheetah in Raid.
Running Check it CPU test passed, motherboard test passed except cache test which failed, when running memory test rig locks up. Have run PCMark05, will not do overall score as internet browsing test initialization fails, HDD test [ 9148] and graphics test [ 10959] are good, CPU test [8493] and memory test [ 4354] are low. So is there a connection to the failed cache test? I had overheated the cpu's on build and the rig shut down, could there be a cpu or motherboard issue?
Thanks for your thoughts