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Canon scanner comes on noisily

Q: Canon scanner comes on noisily

I have a Canon N U USB scanner connected to my eMachines W running XP home Got drivers from Canon s site For some reason upon bootup or restart the scanner acts as if it is beginning to scan There is a very loud whirring noise and the mechanism slowly travels from the front end of the machine to the top back The light is on and everything seems to freeze at the top back In Canon on comes scanner noisily a Canon scanner comes on noisily normal scan the scanner is completely silent There doesn t seem to be a pattern to this power-on noise Sometimes I boot up and it doesn t do it Other times it ll start after I ve booted up and been on the computer for a few minutes Sometimes it will do this when I restart the computer I changed the USB port where it was plugged in First it was plugged into one of the ports on the back of the tower Then I tried it in a hub Device Manager doesn t indicate that it s in conflict with anything else Also connected to this computer is a HP Photo Scanner which is not a TWAIN device an Aiptek Pen Tablet two printers--one laser one inkjet HP Epson --and a Plextor ConvertX a device that allows video to be put on the computer from an analog device or other digital device and two USB hubs a Belkin and a Asound There are no little yellow exclamation point things in Device Manager for anything connected to the computer Does anyone have a theory about this odd situation Sally nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Canon scanner comes on noisily

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Canon scanner comes on noisily

I've an external zip drive attached to Win98SE tower via USB cord. During start-up/reboot of the computer, it too will make a loud whirling/whizzing sound, as if its looking for a file, etc. on a zip disc.

With that said, the best I can offer on advise would be that potentially your scanner has a similar situation, or some other related "fault" - such as the software "confusing" the mechanism w/in the scanner to attempt a scan, or could just be the scanner itself looking for a "home" placement of its moving parts.

Have you contacted Canon for any ideas?
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I recently installed a CanoScan FB620P to my computer which runs Win XP,the scanner works fine thru its software,but why cant I see it in My Computer folder or in Controlpanel scanners and cameras,because I would like to share the scanner.

Any ideas Henkes
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Has anyone had experience with Canon FB630U CanoScan with a USB?
Have Windows ME and new computer.
When I look at these boards, I see mainly HP scanner problems. (Doesn't that tell me something?)
Thought I'd try a Canon.
Anyone having trouble with this particular model?
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I'm having trouble using the e-mail button on my scanner. The instructions in the manual and reality don't coincide. Bet that's never happened to anyone else.

Anyways, before I go into details I just wanted to know if sanyone out there has some experience with this.

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Hi All - upgraded to Canon Scanner an Intel i Canon Scanner CPU with ASRock P PRO motherboard Everything went well Windows found everything and installed the drivers fine apart from one In the System there is a Canon LIDE scanner which shows as a CanoScan with the yellow exclamation mark Also Canon Scanner Devices and Printers it shows up but with the yellow exclamation Canon Scanner mark Have reinstalled the supplied bit Canon software for it but still no go It is USB powered so swapped around the USB cable but still a no go area Unplugging and reconnecting the scanner makes no difference I have no idea where Canon places the drivers for this when the set up program installs Going online Windows finds the driver software but reports back that it has encountered an error while attempting to install it The software it is tryng to install is CanoScan LiDE F Does anyone have any ideas why this thing should suddenly stop working Everything else is fine Any input appreciated as I'm loosing more hair over this Win bit SP - Intel i - gb SSD - ASROCK P PRO - GB ram

A:Canon Scanner

Sorry forgot to mention - but I have KB2552343 installed which I believe was a fix released by MS to fix updating some driver issues
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I needed to reinstal the operating system due to bug-windows 2000 pro. The hardware wizard would show for the scanner, no imaging device is listed in the device manager. When I use the CD for the scanner or the downloaded driver from the site the result is the same: no twain. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!!

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How to make canonLide 60 driver adapt to a canon lide 30 scanner. The canon 30 scanner is incompatible with windows 7 - 64 bit. I was told I could update to the 60 driver and the scanner would work. Any answers


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Gateway Laptop bit Opsys new with Vista upgrade to Windows How to get the Canon IS- Scanner cartridge to function on Windows I am new here please give me some latitude Earlier this evening I made Scanner How to Canon BJC-55 IS-12 to get Work a post to a thread and this is new info that I have to report but How to get Canon BJC-55 IS-12 Scanner to Work I can not find my original post Previously I reported that the MS techs could not get the IS- Scanner cartridge to function Well I stumbled over the or perhaps one of many solution a few minutes ago This is How to get Canon BJC-55 IS-12 Scanner to Work exactly what I did Left click Start Left click All Programs Left click folder IS Scan Plus Right click program IS Scan Plus left click Properties left click Compatibility change Compatibility Mode to Windows XP Service Pack For my then new job three years ago I bought a laptop portable printer and the optional scanner cartridge Discovered that the scanner would not work on my Vista machine I tried Virtual PC but the laptop did not have Hardware Virtualization I fummed everytime I had the need to scan a jobsite sketch or some other document I had to copy it by hand drive to a store or make several follow up calls to get a copy to my office but only if the scanner worked Finally I can use my scanner with my laptop on the road Oh wait a minute I quit that job and now I sit at a desk surrounded by the bleeding edge the boss says this often as he relates spending money to bleeding of technology Well its good to now have the ability to use it in case I need it

A:How to get Canon BJC-55 IS-12 Scanner to Work

According to MS it is Windows 7 Ready:

Windows 7 Compatibility for Canon BJC-55 Inkjet Printer: Canon. Drivers, Updates, Downloads
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Hi, my canon scanner comes with a program that automatically converts the scanned documents into pdf format. Recently I got an HP 3 in one printer-scanner and I'm just wondering if there's a way I can use the canon program to convert the documents scanned by the HP scanner.


A:Canon scanner software

Not sure that would work, you could always scan then print to pdf with the program below, I use and think it's great.
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Hello again,
I'm wondering what everyone else uses for a scanner? How fast does your scanner scan at, this Canon scans pretty slow at all DPI. Does everyone else have the same problems? Is there any tweaks to make this thing scan faster?

Thank you,
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scanner: canon canoScan D1250U2 flatbed scanner
using windows xp

when I try to scan, it comes up with a message saying select source but there is no source to select, tried unplugging the scanner & then plugging it back but it still does not work, is it to do with the twain source and how might I solve it. Tried installing a new driver, still won't work.

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The gist is I am trying to use a Canonscan negative scanner on my P C which runs on Win XP Home The P C is a new one The scanner was fine with my old machine running on Win The scanner uses a scsi an Adaptec AIC- The canon software will load and the interface will appear on screen but then I get a message quot can neg. XP and canon scanner 2710 t find scsi quot I use Photoshop for my image editing and if I try importing the scanner into this the same message appears I have tried the canon U K website for new drivers but the remedy suggested didn t work I tried the Adaptec people and their remedy didn canon 2710 neg. scanner and XP t work I tried the search-engine Google and there are a lot of letters and comments on the same theme Most of these comments are actually rather scathing about Canon yes there is a separate site for this problem I now have a scanner sitting here for which I paid around yrs ago and now I cannot use it Before I quot show canon 2710 neg. scanner and XP it the window in this room quot can any of your collegues help J Davis E-mail email protected nbsp

A:canon 2710 neg. scanner and XP

Try the Adaptec website; they have a list of updates for Windows XP. They may have what you need.
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Hi all Im not sure where to turn at this point Heres the run down Just opened a Canon LiDE Scanner hooked it up USB only and downloaded the driver through windows Win Prof bit Then I installed the software off the disk It tried to install a driver but said I had a newer one and it was skipping that step Everything looked like it installed ok I put an image on the scanner and start the scan through the newly installed program and it says quot scanner is warming up please wait quot then an error pops up code:5,202,52 to use scanner. canon trying when stating quot Error The scanner driver code:5,202,52 when trying to use canon scanner. will now be closed code quot Steps Ive taken Uninstalled the scanner and driver and disconnected the scanner from my PC Restarted the machine Did a code:5,202,52 when trying to use canon scanner. full install of everything off the disk Shut down the machine Hooked up the scanner then turned on the machine When windows booted up it said installing device driver again which I thought was wierd but then that went away I code:5,202,52 when trying to use canon scanner. opened the scanner software again and still when I tried to scan something i got the same message I THEN did a clean install on my wifes laptop and it gave me the same message I tried searching for the code online and found some references to the Twain folder but Im pullin my hair out here nbsp
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hi there, im affraid im a bit of a novice but ive got a canoscan n67ou and have had it a few years. its hasnt been used in a while..
ive just gone to use it and went into the photo program and pressed scan but it doesnt do anything and says scan error please turn scanner off and folllow instructions in manual..well i dont have the manual or anything that came with it.
its making a noise and i unpluged it and pluged it back in and it said hardware installed and ready to use.
any help would be really appreciated,
many thanks

A:Canon Scanner Not Working? please help


First off, don't be afraid about being a novice! That's why we are here to help, help you fix your problem, but most importantly also, you learn

What is the software that came with the Scanner? And do you know the model of the Scanner?
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I bought this scanner long ago when I was using 98SE. When I upgraded that comp to XP I d/l'd the XP drivers fdor the scanner and it worked fine. When I got this comp I hooked the scanner to it. It worked fine for a year, but now I seldom use it, maybe once every 2-3 months or so, that's why I've never bought a new one. The last few times I've used it, it wouldn't scan. Device Manager had the yellow mark. If I uninstall it in Device Manager and run the new hardware wizard it gets reinstalled and works fine. So, any ideas what could be causing the install to go bad between uses? Thanks.

A:Canon N650U scanner

Well, for me, the most problematic hardware has always been the scanner. I guess I'll just admit it's time for a new/better one, and go shopping this week. It would be easier, though, if I used it more often, but-- I want it when I need it.
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After installing Windows 8.1 the printer and fax works but I can no longer scan to my computer. I have tried the Canon Toolbox program with no results ... scanner is not found. I have tried the Microsoft scanner program that comes with Windows 8.1 and it
cannot find the scanner either.
Help please.

A:Canon MF4270 Scanner

Download the latest drivers for Windows 8.1 from the manufacturer's website.
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I am trying to install my scanner driver's from a drivers CD to xp home with Sp2
it keeps coming up with an error
(16bit windows subsystem .C:WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\AUTO EXEC.NT.
The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows
applications. Choose 'Close' to terminate the application
close or ignore)
can anyone help
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not to sure how good you are with this but do you think this could be the same reason my scanner is not working? i just got a new printer/scanner canon mx850 and i can print fax copy fine but when i go to scani get this message..


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hi . i have recently upgraded my os from windows 98 to windows xp. i have managed to locate drivers that supports the above os systems for my printer. however , i have problems installing the drivers for my scanner. anyone familiar with canon N1220u series scanner?i have downloaded the drivers to my hard disk , but i am not sure how to make it work . please help !


A:canon scanner drivers

go to where you saved them and look for the readme file print if off for reference
then just click on the exe. file or install file
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Hi all I've had great help on this forum in the past but this might be a bit trickier I am trying to get my Canon DR- C scanner recognised on my Windows -bit laptop but with no success It worked fine on my old Windows XP computer This is what I have done Installed what s on the original set-up CD-ROM - ISIS amp TWAIN driver for DR- C v - CapturePerfect v - JobRegister v - JobCore v Visited Canon Europe s software site DR- C selected Windows as my operating system and downloaded the Available software for DR- C namely - The latest ISIS amp TWAIN driver for DR- C v states that Windows -bit is supported - CapturePerfect Updater v only states Windows is supported without any mention of - or -bit It works one minute but then is not recognised by my laptop the next If I go to the Windows Compatibility Center it states that Windows -bit is supported by the DR- C scanner but the link to the downloads is to the USA Canon site Those Windows -bit downloads are the same as on the Canon Europe site namely - the same ISIS amp TWAIN me scanner anyone Canon my get working? help Can driver for DR- C v - the same CapturePerfect Updater Can anyone help me get my Canon scanner working? v but it says unlike Can anyone help me get my Canon scanner working? on the Canon Europe site that this is supported by Windows -bit Emulation Mode whatever Emulation Mode means There s also a RepairReg exe utility on this site unlike the Canon Europe site I need this scanner every day for my legal proofreading work I'm having to run it off my old XP computer at the moment It's a brilliant scanner but if I can't find a solution I'm going to have to get a new legal scanner and that's a lot of money Any help would be appreciated Thanks Bertie

A:Can anyone help me get my Canon scanner working?

Quote: Originally Posted by bertietheblue

It works one minute but then is not recognised by my laptop the next.

This looks to be the salient point. If it worked once then you must have the correct software installed. So next is to check the connections. First the USB cable/lead. Take all other USB connections out and try the scanner in another USB port on the Laptop. If not can you beg, borrow or steal a spare USB cable to try. Check to make sure ll the mains connectors are secure especially if you have a transformer. Carefully check the mains lead to this.
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hi i got a scanner for xmas ,i installed it but theres no twain or driver on it..i downloaded a driver from a website but it still dont work......... .

A:canon scanner lide 30

Maybe you can find out here something useful.
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Installed a CanoScan 4400F a few weeks ago and all went well with one exception - computer wouldn't bootup correctly - would hang @ Welcome Screen..

Chkdsk would remedy temporarily.

Took to tech and they determined that the culprit was maybe Canon, maybe Adaware 8. Un-installed Adaware & Canon Scanner items. Things back to normal

Re-installed Canon and had even more corrupt problems. Had to restore to previous date.


Win XP Pro
Svp 3

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Having acquired the above scanner, Can anyone explain to me how I can scan a printed document and open it up in Microsoft Word. I have tried all different options but all i get is rows of little square boxes.
Any help would be very appreciated.
Thank you.
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I am running Win Pro and have a Canon Flatbet Scanner Model N U I saw an old post in this forum for this model and how to install Scanner Drivers N670U Canon the drivers Since it was old post I thought I might want to get Canon Scanner N670U Drivers more recent information I called Canon and they do not have drivers for Win but they do have drivers for Vista I was told by the first tech I talked to that these will work in Win I download both the drivers and the Toolbox which he said I would need He also said that all I had to do was install the drivers and then hook up the scanner and Win would recognize it I did as he told me and that DOES NOT work the drivers will NOT install So then I tried quot Trouble Shoot Compatibility quot and nothing I did would allow the drivers to be installed From that old post it said that if the drivers were installed in the compatibility mode that would work Another reason for newer info First is there another way to install using the quot Compatibility Mode quot Has anyone since that post been able to get this Scanner Model drivers to work The second tech I talked to at Canon said that under no circumstances would those drivers work I don't always believe them because they are trying to sell me a new scanner Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:Canon Scanner N670U Drivers

i had a similar problem, and downloaded a vista driver, it worked great.
did you check what bit you have, 64 or 32 bit ?
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Hi *,

FYI, Canoscan D646U scanner is compatible with Windows 7. Just use the XP drivers (Ver. 6.0.2b) to install it. I tested it on Windows 7 Ultimate and it works like a charm!

Good luck!

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Just wondering if anybody can help. I have a Canon 3200F scanner which I can't get working on 7 RC 32-bit.
I have downloaded the driver from Canon, installed it and nothing really happened. I then discovered that I needed to install a WIA driver, which I downloaded. But when I try to install it 7 says it may not have installed properly.
The scanner now shows up on the import list under Photoshop CS4, but when I select it to import it then stalls for a short time then tells me it can't connect, and to check the leads etc.

Anyone got any ideas.

Thanks in advance for any help and sorry it's a bit of a long post.


A:Canon 3200F Scanner trouble

You should be able to get it to work for now by using Canon's own Canoscan Toolbox software, and you can select it to open its scans in Photoshop afterward, for example. It's an indirect route, but it's the way to get it to work.

Otherwise last I heard/read was Canon expects to release Windows 7 drivers/software for its products once the OS is officially released in October.

My own fingers are crossed I'm not permanently doing workarounds and/or in the market for a new scanner and printer. My "old" Canon ones were still working just fine for my own purposes otherwise.
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Canon Scanner 4200F;OS Windows 7 (64)Downloaded, from Canon site, the CanoScan toolbox AND the 64 bit driver.Both installed correctly and are recognized by the system.When I tried to scan, using the toolbox,†the Scanner lamp goes on but the scan will not initiateand the error "Cannot communicate with the scanner - check cable and connection."Changed USB ports - same msg.reloaded drivers - same msg.Canon help claims that the problem is that the OS is "blocking the Communication"Q:† If this is true how do I unblock?

A:Canon Scanner driver problems

The issue IS that although the Canon supplied driver for the 64 bit Windows 7 OS loads the WIA driver is required for the scanner to operate.† The WIA driver that came with the 4200F is 32 bit and will not load.Contacted Canon support and finally got them to understand the situation.The outcome is that they are sorry for the inconvience - BUT there is no 64 bit WIA available.Looks like the only solution is to purchase a new, compatable, scanner.Canon won't get the business.Thanks to all.
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The scanner on my Canon MP 150 printer does not work on my Windows 8 (x64).
Nothing happens whenever I press the scan button, although printing works fine.

I tried searching for MP Navigator software for Windows 8, but I can't find any.
There seems to be only 2 software available for Windows 8 - Easy PhotoPrint and Canon My Printer, but they do not have any scanner functions.

I also downloaded the OmniPage SE and tried scanning using this software, but it does not detect my scanner.

What should I do?

A:Canon MP 150 scanner not working with Windows 8

I looked on the support site for that printer and you are correct; there is minimal support.

If it is not supported, then the choices are pretty simple; either install a supported os like win7 OR purchase a new printer that is supported in win8.

Really the only other thing is to wait for cannon to release compatible software for win8.
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I attempted to scan a document on my MP470 Canon printer/scanner.
The printer/scanner would not scan.
I contacted a toll free Canon support number, was routed to iyogi, talked with a support fellow, and he said there was a problem with my computer.
He accessed my computer, made some changes, and now, I can force to printer/scannner to scan via computer commands but not via the printer/scanner control panel... and the printer/scanner now will not print!
Any comments or recommendations?
Thanks for the attention.

A:Canon printer/scanner will not print.

I contacted a toll free Canon support number, was routed to iyogi, talked with a support fellow, and he said there was a problem with my computer.He accessed my computer, made some changes...
***FACEPALM*** I certainly hope you didn't pay these iYogi clowns to trash umm repair your computer? What "changes" did "he" make? How did "he" tell you "there was a problem with (your) computer" (what problem?) BEFORE he "accessed your computer"
>>>Any comments or recommendations<<<
Yeah, don't let 3rd party high pressure sales pitchmen err "technicians" take remote access of your computer. I didn't buy the printer from iYogi & it certainly isn't an iYogi brand... I would have kneecapped the [email protected]$$ at Canon who tried to blow me off.
Sorry to be so harsh but this type of "support" really makes my blood boil.
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I just bought a new new dell laptop that's running on Windows 8, and I used the installation disc that came with my Canon MX320, plugged it in correctly and everything seemed like it would work fine, but once I hit the scan button I got this message " Netgear error in scanner code 2,148,0 turn off scanner and follow instructions in manual. ...and it stopped. I went to the manual on my desktop and that code doesn't show any results. Can anyone help???

A:My MX320 canon scanner won't scan...

How is it connected? Does it still print?
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I have changed my PC and need to re-instal my scanner driver. However I have mislaid my English disc and only have the German/Dutch one. I have downloaded the English driver tb4135-en and it is on my desktop. I am at a loss how to instal it and use it. Can anyone please help?

A:Canon LiDE 30 scanner driver.

What you need to do is download the latest ScanGear ("LiDE 30 Scanner Driver Ver.") software package.

The Windows XP driver that I downloaded for the Canon LiDE 30 is called lide20lide30n670un676un1240uvst7031a_xpen.exe. I don't see where you found the file called tb4135-en.
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I have recently bought a Canon All-in-one Scanner, Printer and Copier i-SENSYS MF8030Cn, and I am having an issue with it.

It supports two interfaces, USB and Ethernet (network). Over USB, everything works fine, Scanning, Printing, Copying, ect.

But I need the the device on ethernet (network), so I set it up to do so today. When installing the MF drivers for it (printing and scanning), it installs the printer drivers fine, but when it starts to install the scanner drivers, I immediately get the error "Could not install the scanner driver. Try to install again."

I am getting the exact same error on two different laptops, one is 32 bit, the other 64 bit, same error. Help would be appreciated, thanks.


A:Scanner issues with Canon MF8030cn

I came across this utility that may help: ScanGear CS

Below are the available downloads. Depending on the file, you may be asked to enter the serialnumber of the product. Please have it ready for your convenience.

I found it on this site: Windows 7 ? Canon LiDE 35 installation fix | Bull's Rambles

It is an old utility, and for a lide-35, but it is compatible with win-64bit, and it just might work.
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I have Windows 7 64-bit on my pc,I went to the Canon website and they have no drivers for the Canon 5000f scanner running
Windows 7 643-bit.
Is there another website where I can find the correct driver?

A:Driver for Canon 5000f Scanner

this says the driver is built into windows 7 or not needed

what happens when you connect the scanner - whats listed in device manager

have you installed any of the utilities that came with the scanner

whats on the included
CanoScan Setup CD-ROM
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My Canon Lide 110 Scanner has recently acted a little odd in regards to small business card scans.

The card is placed correctly on the glass, centered perfectly, but when I open the finished scanned product, the card is located on the extreme bottom of the screen. Normal size documents appear to scan normally. It's small business cards that are not scanning centered.

This is a somewhat newer problem.

Now, I have a brand new computer and the scanner is still acting whack.

FYI : This scanner is used daily, at least 3 times a day, 7 days a week.

What do you think might be wrong ?

A:Canon Lide 110 Scanner.. odd problem...

Probably the scanner lamp is not "parking" properly. It needs to be unplugged from the mains thaen plugged back in.
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I had to buy laptop because my desktop with winxp died. Now how do I get the scanner to work?
thanks, Frank
here is my system log:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU P6200 @ 2.13GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1844 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 730 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 260242 MB, Free - 221308 MB; D: Total - 29690 MB, Free - 28508 MB;
Motherboard: LENOVO, MoutCook, Not Applicable, WB01561071
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

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It is strange that Canon is not releasing Vista x64 drivers for Lide 20 scanner. Neither US page nor UK page have the drivers, although the later Lide line scanners to have the drivers for 64 bit Vista.

It is possible to get the scanner working on Vista x64. Vuescan applications installs its own drivers and actually is a very nice application to work with. It is not free though (40$ for standard, 80$ for pro) and limits you to usage only within Vuescan, meaning that other applications will not see the drivers that Vuescan has installed and you will have to use Vuescan all the time. It is a grear application though that outperforms any bundled-with-the-scanner utilities that I have seen.

However I would like to know if there is a beta Vista x64 driver for Lide 20 or if there any free solution for this driver issue.

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Is there any way to 'adapt' a slide adaptor to a Canon Lide 30, just for the sake of trying it and test the quality? What adaptor would work? Basically for color slides ....

Any other 'next best' ideas?


A:Slide Adaptor for Canon Scanner

The adapters plug into the scanner. The scanner has to know the adapter is plugged in to send power to it and not to the regular scanning lamp. If your scanner doesnít have a plug-in for an adapter you canít use one.

You really need a light built into the lid of the scanner to get decent film and slide scans. The adapter units arenít very good. And anything you can jerry-rig is going to be poor.

Your scanner has CIS sensors. CIS sensors have almost no depth of field. Even the thickness of a slide frame would probably cause weakness in the image. Any holder that the slides sat on would make it very poor. I donít think they make any CIS flatbeds that have a photo lid or adapter for that reason. So my guess is that it doesnít have a plug for an adapter.
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Does anyone know of a 32 bit driver for a Canon 9900F Scanner?

A:32 bit Driver for Canon 9900F Scanner

Quote: Originally Posted by Grizzledsourdou

Does anyone know of a 32 bit driver for a Canon 9900F Scanner?

Hi Grizzledsourdou , Welcome to the forums, Unfortunately there is no Win7 driver for your scanner , download the vista driver Canon CanoScan 9900F Scanner Driver Download | All Drivers ? Windows XP, Vista, 7, Sound, Printer, Scanner, USB, Laptop Drivers Easy Download and install in compatibility mode Compatibility Mode
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I ve had this scanner for awhile It started off not working then it worked fine for a few months now all of a sudden it s acting weird again There are two issues a I click on quot autoscan quot and it immediately opens into Adobe elements which I do not use I have no way to switch the assocation there will Lide Canon work! not 110 Scanner is nothing anywhere I can see that would allow me to do that b Sometimes it will actually go into the scan mode and I say go ahead Canon Lide 110 Scanner will not work! and scan and then it pretends like it s going to scan and then Canon Lide 110 Scanner will not work! immediately blasts an error message at me quot Unlock the switch and try again quot I have done this over and over and over again I have uninstalled and reinstalled the scanner driver I have disconnected all cables then uninstalled the driver then restarted the computer and then reinstalled attached the cables and this has solved Canon Lide 110 Scanner will not work! nothing If I go into devices and printers and click on quot scan quot it will pretend to scan but the scan is absolutely black Done this several times In device manager it says everything s fine How do I a stop it from automatically going into Elements I don t know elements and furthermore once in there there s no way to scan or at least I don t know the program and don t want to have to deal with this I just want to scan a darn photo b How can I get a scan made nbsp

A:Canon Lide 110 Scanner will not work!

I just hooked up a Canon Lide 90 yesterday. I know you have already removed, and reinstalled the drivers, but I believe I would remove the drivers you have, and start from scratch/blank slate. Use Google to link to the Canon support/drivers link. Once there choose Consumer and home office/Scanners/Canoscan series/, scroll down untill you see Canoscan Lide 110/choose driver & software/, scroll down till you see select your OS, then select your os from the drop down box. After you have accomplished that, scroll down, and click driver/download the driver(you could have had a corrupt driver, and a fresh one never hurts). After the download completes, scroll down to software, click software. Download MP navigator, that is Canons scanner software with all the tools you need to scan, etc. After MP navigator has been downloaded, go offline. Now, go to where you downloaded MP navigator, and execute the software. After that, go to where you downloaded the Canoscan driver, and execute that. If all goes as planned, and both programs execute aok, plug the scanner in, your computer should recognize the scanner, and you should be able to scan using the MP navigator software. Now, that said, if you have other problem(ie the scanner is toast, or other computer issues, that is a completely different story). But that is how I set my Lide 90 up, and had no problems, worked the first time.

Good Luck
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i have this cannon scanner i have having trouble with i do not if it is the driver or the usb cable i have tried several times to install and uninstall but still it does not let me scan. if someone has had trouble with this scanner please let me knw thanks

A:canon scanner flat bed lide 30

My guess is that your scanner is going bad. Try it on another computer (and see if you can try another cable (maybe off of a printer?)
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Help Please!
I have windows 98 and I installed a canoscan D 660U yesterday. Everything went fine with the installation but the scanner wont run and when I start-up my computer I get the following message-
STIMON has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down.
STIMON caused an invalid page fault in
module D066UUD.DLL at 0167:100066f4.
EAX=00000000 CS=0167 EIP=100066f4 EFLGS=00010246
EBX=01904248 SS=016f ESP=018dfbfc EBP=01904248
ECX=01904248 DS=016f ESI=018dfc20 FS=2df7
EDX=018dfc20 ES=016f EDI=01904574 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
c6 40 02 40 ff 95 7c 03 02 00 8a 07 33 c9 3c b3
Stack dump:
01904574 018dfca0 01904248 00000000 01904248 1000739b 018dfc20 018dfd5a
018dfe26 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000

Tried everything Canon said, tried everything MS said, even had the Stimon.exe emailed to me, but no success.

A:Stimon error (Canon scanner)

Welcome to TSG!
Seems you have covered most bases with Canon and MS. Also if your name is John I see you also tried the unit install on another computer with the same error.[email protected]&rnum=5
Let me ask the obvious since I am sure Canon would of suggested this, have you downloaded the current driver sets for the unit and installed them?
If not try the suggested method for installation of the driver set.
Another thought would be the unit itself is defective and maybe needs to be replaced under warrenty.

Thats all the suggestions I have maybe others will have more.

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I used this scanner for years with Windows 98. I recently changed computers and now use Vista. Since this scanner connects with USB, I figured I would see if it worked with Vista. It seemed to install perfectly. However, if I scan a picture, it comes out multi-colored (see Doors pic). I'm not sure if the problem is with the scanner or its not compatible with Vista. Any ideas.? Dennis

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I have a Canon DR-1210C scanner and it runs perfectly in Windows XP and Windows 7 (32 bit) but will not install in the 64 bit version of Windows 7.

The control panel shows the scanner but it will not work. I found 64 bit drivers on the Canon web site and it said they were "emulation" drivers. They do not install.

Anyone here been successful in installing one of these scanners in Windows 7 (64 bit)?


A:Need Canon DR-1210c scanner installation help

I forgot to say that I went to the device manager and used their "update driver" function. It found nothing online and when I selected the manual update, I selected the file and folder that hold the downloaded Canon drivers for this scanner and it did not work their either.
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I have a Canon dr- c document scanner and am having what I think is a driver software issue Through the custom buttons on the front and Job Registration software I had programed in several scan types I use frequently Once I a single scanning job and try to press a custom button for the next scan job the scanner or software will not allow me to start the next job unless I restart my computer This is Canon DR-1210C Scanner Problem a new development I m not sure what started it but up until last week I could always scan multiple jobs without an issue I went to the Canon site and downloaded installed all the latest drivers and software versions available This actually made the problem worse as none of the custom buttons would work I uninstalled everything and re-installed only the software that came with the unit Now I am back to being able to scan one job at a time then having to reboot my computer Any ideas Thank you YYY nbsp
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Hi all This is my first post I hope you can help I got a Canon MP multi-purpose for Christmas to replace my old Canon printer and scanner separates I set up the machine itself according to the instructions and had it working fine as a standalone Then came the PC install First off the install CD wouldn t read very well Undaunted I went onto the Canon website and downloaded the MP drivers manually - they are actually a more recent version than Scanner not MP600: Canon working the ones on the disc I ran the install and all seemed to be going OK Several components popped up their quot Found new hardware Canon MP600: Scanner not working quot wizards and I followed them all diligently One threw up an error and said it had not installed correctly I cannot remember exactly what it was but I think it was something to do with a Bus and I think it was scanner-related rather than printer-related Followed through the rest of the install and tried testing Printer was fine When I went to scan I could initiate a scan from the PC but after scanning it could not return the scan data to the PC I put this down to the failed install The problem is this I have uninstalled the drivers properly several times and reinstalled them again each time trying both the CD which now reads OK sometimes and the downloaded drivers uninstalling each time However on no occasion since the initial install attempt has the module which failed to install properly the first time tried to install itself again There was a checkbox the first time saying quot Do not tell me this again quot but I m sure I unchecked it If I cannot get this module to try and reinstall itself again I do not know how to get the scanner going I m sure there is a flag somewhere in the registry related to this but how to find it Any advice would be appreciated I ve uninstalled and reinstalled so many times my heads spinning Thanks nbsp

A:Canon MP600: Scanner not working

Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager. Uninstall any devices in error and reboot. You should be prompted for the hardware again.
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Hey I m ready to pull my hair out I have a Dell D Latitude docked using Windows XP and trying to get the scanner part of a Canon MP780 scanner get installed - can't Canon MP multifunction machine to work I ve used it for printing color things for about the last two years I ve had it and I decided today to try to actually use the scanner beyond minutes of frustration I ve spent a couple hours on it today and just am not making any headway When I attempt to scan something I get an error message that tells me it s either not turned on not connected or whatever I have installed repaired uninstalled reinstalled the software And I ve done it again I have uninstalled removed in the device manager the scanner which has the yellow exclamation point and let it find it again I have attempted Canon MP780 - can't get scanner installed to update the driver Whenever I do that it does NOT remove the exclamation point and tells me I must restart my computer for the new driver to take effect but when I reboot it s the same again error message when trying to scan no scanner on the list under cameras and scanners and the yellow exclamation point in the device manager I have downloaded the driver from Canon and tried that thinking my CD might be bad That makes no difference I am using a powered USB hub so I tried connecting directly to my docking station instead of going through the hub Didn t make any difference The printer works fine and of course it s using the same USB cable I am attempting to use to scan The scanner is not listed in the control panel under cameras and scanners and when I try to add it there there is no canon listed as a choice for adding and when I attempt to get around that an try to find the inf file anywhere on the CD or the downloaded driver from Canon com I get nowhere I can usually figure these things out after a while but this one has me totally baffled Anyone with any ideas I d appreciate the help Thanks in advance Mitz nbsp

A:Canon MP780 - can't get scanner installed

While I am unsure if it is a solution, and you already recognise that some things don't like USB hubs, your mention of a "docking station" alerts me that the USB port on the docking station is also actually a hub.

Before you tear all the hair out, try it direct into the laptop, undocked?
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The ubiquitous svchost is causing problems on my computer This problem has been going on a couple of months slowly I ve been getting a handle on it which seems to concern my scanner although its been connected to the computer for years it still works happily I have not added anything I can think of that would have contributed to the problem apart from regular updates from Microsoft AVG etc The version of svchost running is part of Windows Image Acquisition It tends to be using somewhere between and of the processor But the part which eventually causes the computer to slow down and crash is that problem Canon and svchost WIA, scanner it is adding about handles a second as seen in task manager The computer gets slow the screen doesn t refresh properly if you bring an app to the front there are holes in the window so you can see the app behind and eventually get an Out of Resources message I caught this WIA, svchost and Canon scanner problem the other day fortunately task manager was minimized so came up quickly the handle count was up WIA, svchost and Canon scanner problem to nearly I closed down svchost and the handle count went back to about and my computer got back to working normally again I can t disable WIA it s needed for the scanner My latest work-around is to unplug the USB cable on the scanner that seems to cure the problem The scanner is a Canon Canoscan F it s been in use for years so this morning I updated the driver for the latest from Canon although I don t actually think they were any newer I have attached a screen dump from Process Explorer showing the link to the scanner driver which is CNQU DLL Having had a look at the system folder for the file I have updated it because it now says it was created this morning although last modified in The scanner was not actually doing anything when this screen dump was taken but as I said the number of handles being used is increasing and will eventually crash if I don t kill svchost I have run a full scan of AVG anti virus and not found anything also I used Little Registry Cleaner this morning it found about errors but not the one that fixes this So has anyone got a fix for this or can suggest where to go from here Thanks Sty nbsp

A:WIA, svchost and Canon scanner problem

Have you tried another USB port, or cable?

Have you recently gone from USB 1.0 to USB 2.0?
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I recently upgraded to W and can't get my Canon-DR- C scanner to work According to Microsoft it's supposed to be compatible I got and installed the driver package from the Canon site Driver installed OK and device manager says it is quot functioning properly quot I did not install the quot job tool quot below the Twain driver because it doesn't say it's compatible with W When I click the scanner icon in control panel it throws a pop-up that says quot You need a WIA driver to use this device quot and it invites me to install it from my mfr CD which I don't have anymore and anyway would not be compatible with W No scanning applications can see the scanner Looked up this error message and Scanner DR-2580C Problems Canon it seems to mean I haven't installed a Twain driver but of course that's what the Canon driver is Anyone have an idea about how to straighten this out Canon seems to offer no support email links on their site something I'll keep in mind during Canon DR-2580C Scanner Problems my next scanner purchase decision

A:Canon DR-2580C Scanner Problems


2 years on from you and I'm having the same problem too. Did you find a solution?

All the best
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I have a Brand new Canon Scanner - LIDE 210 Model
and I am try to install it on my New computer
my computer has Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit Operating System
When I put the install CD in it opens and every thing goes along well until it start to install and when the Installation Box comes up it goes as far as Registering the Program Information and then just times out
with the message
( An Error Occurred while files were being copied : 0001 0000
Please help
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Ok, so I am trying to fix my dad's printer, because it will scan now but wont print. Everytime you try to print it says unable to print, print error, printer not responding. I checked and recheck the cables, reinstalled the drivers, checked to make sure its default printer. The printer recently started to do this, however I am not sure why, since it came with the computer. Any help is welcomed!

Thanks for your time and help!!!
computer is a Gateway GT5220:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ Dual Core Processor
1GB PC2-4200 DDR2 Memory
250GB 7200rpm SATA Hard Drive
16x DVD+/-RW Dual Layer Burner
Integrated GeForce 6150 Graphics with 128MB Shared Memory
Integrated 7.1 Audio with Stereo Amplified Speakers
v.92 56Kbps Modem and 10/100 Ethernet
Seven USB 2.0, Two FireWire and 9-in-1 Card Reader
Windows XP MCE, Works 8, PowerDVD, McAfee Internet Security

A:Canon Mp150 printer/scanner

Try re-seating the Ink old is the printer?
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Greetings Everyone I have hooked up a Canon DR- N Document Scanner onto a Dell OptiPlex GX with a Pentium GHz MB RAM and Windows Professional SP The scanner is properly DR-3020 Issue Canon Scanner recognized in both the Device Manager of the Control Panel and the Imaging Devices of the Control Panel The SCSI also recognizes it Canon DR-3020 Scanner Issue as the boot process goes and it is assigned as Device The problem is that no matter how many times we Uninstall Reinstall the TWAIN driver will not function We receive the following two errors Cannot communicate with the scanner Check status Scanner driver will be closed Cannot open the TWAIN driver make sure the TWAIN driver is not opened in another application or scanner connection is proper Canon USA has probably the worst website for support Also they do not seem to carry any later drivers for this model since the original v which is also the same as the install CD Anyone have any suggestions Thanks Joel nbsp

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I currently have my MF4270 printer connected with a network hardcoded IP address that works fine from all the local computers. I now need to scan to one of the computers, but the scanner is not recognized via the Ethernet IP address. The documentation seems to suggest that I ADD a USB cable from the 4270 to the computer of interest. Is that true? If so, then I must assume that there's no network scanner support?

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I have a Brand new Canon Scanner - LIDE 210 Model
and I am try to install it on my New computer
my computer has Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit Operating System
When I put the install CD in it opens and every thing goes along well until it start to install and when the Installation Box comes up it goes as far as Registering the Program Information and then just times out
with the message
( An Error Occurred while files were being copied : 0001 0000
Please help

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I have tried to setup this Cannon FB630P on a 2 and half year old machine
with windows 95. The computer has an Intel 166 MHZ MMX processor and 32 MB
Ram. I can install everything just fine. When I start the CannonCraft
CS-P 3.7 software ECP DMA appears under the I/F mode, but when I begin to
preview something it calabrates the scanner and then scans about half an
inch before reporting a Communication Error, Error Code 0x00080800. I have
checked the parallel port, and it's set to ECP with a DMA set to 3.
I have checked my win and system.ini files for drivers that might be
interfering and found none.
If anyone has some suggestions they would be appriciated.



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I have just installed Windows 7 64 bit dual booting with Windows Vista 32 bit.

I can't get drivers for my Canon CanoScan LiDE 50 Scanner to install on Windows 7 (works fine on Vista)

See on the Canon Website that they are not showing any Windows 7 drivers for this scanner which I can't get to work.

Tried LiDE 60 drivers but could not get these to install with my scanner.

Is there anything I can do to get this working. Or do I have to reboot Vista if I want to continue using this scanner?

A:Canon LiDE 50 Scanner won't install

Quote: Originally Posted by arrow

I have just installed Windows 7 64 bit dual booting with Windows Vista 32 bit.

I can't get drivers for my Canon CanoScan LiDE 50 Scanner to install on Windows 7 (works fine on Vista)

See on the Canon Website that they are not showing any Windows 7 drivers for this scanner which I can't get to work.

Tried LiDE 60 drivers but could not get these to install with my scanner.

Is there anything I can do to get this working. Or do I have to reboot Vista if I want to continue using this scanner?

win 7 can run vista drivers. They just need to be installed in the compatibility mode. get the relevant driver, right click>properties>compatibility mode. set to XP and install.

Goodluck and let us know if you need help

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i bought a canon lide210 scanner and i'm having trouble getting it to work.

my computer is running on windows XP pro service pack 3

when i install everything from drivers to software and i try to scan something i can hear the scanner working but when scanning is finished it displays a black page

i am using the windows xp drivers i found from the canon website and i am using the newest ones as well
some that are as new as january 17th
i went to the store and exchanged my first lide210 with another and they both have the same problem so i'm positive it's not a hardware defect.

very frustrating.
i hope someone can help me

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Can I install and operate my perfectly good and working CanoScan 8000F scanner under Windows 10 ? Both Canon and Vuescan say "no" - is that really the case, or is there some workaround or third-party software available?
Can I install and use my old but reliable (and legitimate) MS Office 2000 in Windows 10?

A:Windows 10 Canon scanner and MS Office

I was told by Canon that my trusty Canonscan 8800f would not work with W10. I downloaded the Windows 8.1 drivers and it runs in W10 in 8.1 compatability mode. I use Outlook 2016 on one PC and Office 2007 on a laptop.
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Hi folks,

Her indoors is not happy!!

I have converted her Lenovo laptop into a dual boot (XP/7 32-bit) - the intention being to get everything she uses onto 7 and "convert her" to 7 too

In XP she has been happily using her wireless connected Canon MG6150 and was comfortable with its scanner driver (Scangear).

In 7 I located the printer on the network and Win 7 got the driver for it. The "printer side" of the driver is fine but the "scanner side" is very minimal (it's a WIA rather than TWAIN) and she's not a happy bunny.

Should I remove this printer and start over, using Canon's own software? Bearing in mind that this printer is already wirelessly connected, what's the best procedure - install the software first from Canon's site and then connect the printer? If so, how do I stop it from searching Windows Update for a driver?



A:Driver for Canon MG6150 scanner

Just to let you know, I removed the printer, downloaded the Canon software and driver, re-installed and I have a happy wife now

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Hi there Folks it has been a long time since I have been here but not a forgotten place Firstly I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Not With Scanner Vista Canon Communicating all the best for This has been frustrating me now for some time I will try to explain as Vista Not Communicating With Canon Scanner best as I can I have a Canon Flatbed Scanner F that works perfect on my XP Pro Machine when I install the Scanner onto my Vista Ultimate system using Canons Vista Drivers canon scanner f is correctly listed in device manager in drivers it shows This device is working properly starting the software tried many Acquire Twain shows Canon F I select acquire image will load the canon scan gear press preview will start the scanner and start warming the lamp to then it will cut out and report it can not communicate with the scanner Cable may be disconnected I know it is not tied all USB ports that work ok with everything else Installed and uninstalled drivers and scan gear about times also used canons uninstall utility same result followed canons install guide nothing showing in IRQ conflicts Anyone any idea would love to hear willing to try anything hawk nbsp

A:Vista Not Communicating With Canon Scanner

Try scanning with a different app, like Irfanview or Paint.
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Hello Everyone,
I just recieved my new scanner today. I tried installing it in my Compaq computer which unfortunately has windows XP Pro on it now, Came with ME. For some reason the disk that came with this scanner doesnt have Xp on it, Thats ok. Canon's web site does. So i downloaded the new driver's and cannot get it to load still. So im thinking maybe it's the scanner, So i hooked it up to my other computer which has 98se on it and it loaded and worked great. Anyone have this problem before? If so please help me out here. I also had a guy from canon trying to help me with no success.

Thanks Guy's,
Ed Fitz

A:Canon 1220U scanner problem.

What type of interface does the scanner use to connect to the PC? I am assuming USB from the U in the model #
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I've searched this online, but I haven't found a solution that works.

Basically, I have a Canoscan FB 320P Scanner, and no installation disk. I've downloaded the drivers from the Canon website, and a few other places. Anytime I try to scan anything, I get a common error message, that reads, "The parallel port may be used by another application 0x00060800"

I also have an HP Deskjet 695C connected with the scanner.

Then it tells me that it can't find the Twain source, to re-check the connection, and try again, but to no avail.

I want to get it so that at least the scanner shows up in the control panel under installed imaging devices. I tried going into the control panel, and adding a new imaging device. It always searches for an .inf file -- is that what I'm missing? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Windows OS: XP SP2
Dell 3000 Pentium 4.

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I have a Canon CanoScan FB P scanner that I ve been using with my Windows XP desktop for years just fine Although I bought the scanner in it s been working like a charm since then with no problems However I just bought this Windows desktop and when i moved the folder over with the CanoScan files in it and clicked on the exe file it told me that quot The program can t start because csp osu working Windows not with 7? Canon scanner dll is missing from your computer Try reinstalling teh program to fix this problem quot Although I tried to install the files from my saved folder and my CD they all failed to install i went to Canon s download site and Canon scanner not working with Windows 7? it said that the drivers don t work on both Windows and XP which I know is wrong because I ve been using the scanner just fine with my Window XP system I ve tried looking online for the drivers with no success I supposed it s possible that this old scanner doesn t work with Windows but is it really that much different from XP I dont want to just go out and outlay the cash for a brand new scanner if I dno t absolutely have it Any suggestions nbsp

A:Canon scanner not working with Windows 7?

If you got it in 1999, the odds of it working in w7 are slim to may be a typo on Canon's site about XP, but I'd put a lot of money on anything that was produced in 99 not working on w7, unfortunately.
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The software for the Canon MP280 is automatically installed but the scanner is not recognized by programs such as Paperport. When I try to use the installation CD that came with the MP280 it starts the process of installation and gets to the install screen and tells me that a printer is already in use and that I should reboot and try again. The same message comes back after following the install process from the CD again.
Everything works just fine with Windows 7 and I have no idea of even how to begin looking for a solution. Anyone have any ideas on what my next step should be?

A:Canon MP280 multifunction scanner not recognized

thanks for helping
solved link, canon drivers
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This should be a simple, automatic procedure, but it is not working. I have a Canon N1240U flatbed scanner. it wasn't used for awhile, so I plugged it back in (it connects with USB; there is no other power). Immediately the computer sees it and announces it. But it won't work, can't find the driver, so I go looking for it, get it from the Canon site, and that should be says on the site that you download it, and it will unzip and install itself. however, I get the file downloaded, then click on it to extract it, and it goes through the process of extraction. But I can't find the extracted files anywhere...where are they? It is supposed to self-install, but I've tried several times and ntohing happens.

Please help...tearing hair out...using bad language...probably dumb question/easy solution...

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I am using Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. I have a Canon LiDE 200 scanner with an older driver. I found a newer 64-bit driver on the Canon website, but after installing it nothing changes with the driver?it's still the same old driver I had before. I have tried uninstalling the scanner (in Safe Mode) and then restarting the computer, but it doesn't change anything. The new driver from Canon is just an executable and so it runs and installs itself somewhere, although when I check in Device Manager the old driver is still there.

I would appreciate any help someone could give me in updating my scanner to the new 64-bit driver.


A:Canon LiDE 200 64-bit scanner driver problem

I finally figured out how to scan my drawings/images back into PS. CS6 does not install several legacy (pre-CS4) plug-ins, extensions, and presets, including TWAIN. You can download the optional TWAIN plug-in at the Adobe website, for both Mac and Windows. For CS6, I placed the TWAIN.plugin file inside my Photoshop Plug-ins folder. Now if you have CS6 (on Windows 7) it comes with two versions of Photoshop—one is in the Program Files folder (64-bit) and the other is in the Program Files (x84) folder (32-bit). I opened Windows Explorer and navigated to the PS plug-ins folder in Program Files (x86), then I restarted Photoshop. Voila! Problem solved! I can now scan from my Canon LiDE via the PS File > Import menu.
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I have a Canon MX850 all-in-one printer/scanner. I cannot for the life of me get networking scanning to work on Windows 7 x64 7100. Win7 detects the network printer, but for whatever reason I can't get the scanning to work over network. If anyone has some good instructions for setting this up, let me know. I've tried Canon's IJ Scan Utility, but it finds no scanners. I've installed the driver manually, but then Device Manager just says "Canon MX850 ser Network", but I think it is supposed to include the IP address in the device name.


A:Canon MX850 - Anyone get network scanner to work?

No luck here. The printer works fine as well as the built in copy and fax functions but the scanner is a no go. I contacted Canon for info on Windows 7 beta or upcoming drivers and their response was that they had no information on Windows 7 drivers. Not much help there.
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I have an old Canon F913800 CanoScan scanner. It does not work with Windows 7, but I need it, and I can't use Windows XP mode (my Pc crashes if I try to install it.) The scanner says "LIDE' on the front. I tried it on an old Mac iBook on Mac OS 9 and it works purposely. So is there a universal scanner driver or software to let me use this?

A:Canon f913800 scanner Windows 7 x64 professional

The model number is really FB630U.

The scanner is supported by Vuescan:

VueScan Scanner Software for Windows 7, Mac OS X Lion, Linux, iPhone, iPad, iPod

It's not inexpensive, but you can download a trial version to see if it works for you.
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bought canon pixma mg5250 three-in-one printer recently and sofar happy with it.

decided to scan in all my pre-digital-age photo albums. these are large clumsy things. the scanner lid is making the job awkward so i thought i would temporarily remove it - cant figure out how. it will not affect the scanner as the albums cover the glass completely so printer wont think the lid is not closed.

making a long and boring task annoying into the bargain!

any ideas?



A:Solved: canon printer - how do i remove scanner lid?

opened at request of OP
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Hi masters on computer First i m sorry if the topic already made before but i can t find it so i make My opened MP can't MP258 with Navigator Help] EX scanner [Need canon 3.0 this topic ok straight to the topic i ve bought new Canon MP with the scanner built in i ve installed the program in the CD that comes with the product but i got a problem my scanner wont detected The MP Navigator EX always says this when i m start click the program and also what i have done and the comment about it quot Cannot start the MP Navigator EX Check the following points The supported model of this software is as follows Check your product model is listed MP MP MP MP MP MP MP When your product model is not [Need Help] My canon scanner MP258 can't opened with MP Navigator EX 3.0 listed install correspondent MP Navigator or MP Navigator EX quot my small question how come it pop up like this when the CD is a set with the printer quot MP driver scanner driver which supports your product model is installed quot my comment i have installed all from the CD quot Your product model is not connected to PC properly and the power is ON if there is a power supply quot my comment the power already ON quot Reconnect the USB cable when connected with USB quot my comment already do this many times What happened exactly And what should i do Could you please give me helpful solution Thank you before I ve already asked many friends but no solution Regards Ladyphie nbsp

A:[Need Help] My canon scanner MP258 can't opened with MP Navigator EX 3.0

What's you Operating system ???
Can you Print with it ??
Have you tried to run the scanner using Windows Fax n Scan ??
Do you have any other Image viewers installed .. such as Fastsone or Irfanview ??
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I am new to this forum so please bear with me as to any mistakes.

Recently purchased a Canon Pixma MG5350 printer/scanner.

Installed CD ROM into my 2 old lap tops (1 with XP the other with Vista) working well.

Loaded the cd-rom into my new Toshiba with windows 8 and though it recognises the printer and comes up with the menu,the Scanner facility is missing and I cannot find it anywhere.

Any suggestions please

A:Windows 8 Canon 5300 series NO scanner

Have you tried downloading the drivers from PIXMA MG5350 - Canon UK
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Okay so this hasn't been a problem for me before Just yesterday I was able to scan documents to my PC however MX420 with do -- Problems go? files Canon my Scanner Where today it is causing me a lot of trouble The way I usually did this before was by going to 'Start' -- gt 'Devices and Printer' -- gt 'Canon MX ' -- gt 'Scan Management' and then I could scan my pictures But today my quot Devices and Printers quot are not Problems with Canon MX420 Scanner -- Where do my files go? even showing up at all It just keeps on loading and loading and loading I have been at this for almost an hour now but still they are not showing up So my next step was to go to my Canon MX scanner settings Once I got there I tried to set my files to go to a certain place However the only settings they have is to open up the scanned document in Photoshop CS But once that opens up the document is not even there I really have no idea what's wrong I mean this was working fine yesterday but all of a sudden it's so messed up If someone could PLEASE help me I would really really appreciate it

A:Problems with Canon MX420 Scanner -- Where do my files go?

I found an alternative to saving the scanned documents to my PC. So it's all good for now.
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How to scan from Canon MG2460 Printer to Laptop with Windows 10.This printer does not have a scan button.

A:How to scan from Canon MG 2460 (No Scanner Button)

You scan by using the Canon software which was installed on your laptop from the CD when you installed the printer/scanner. See this: edited by phil22
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I'm looking for a windows 7 driver fro a cannon D660U scanner, but alas, canon does not have one. The computer is running win7 home so XP mode is not an option. Is there another work-around?

A:Windows 7 driver for a Canon D660U scanner

It would be worth trying the Vista 32bit version driver for it. Worse case scenario is it won't work.
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I have installed what canon says is a 64 bit driver suitable for win 7 but when I try to use the msoft built in scan and fax facility, I get an error message telling me I need a wia driver, whatever that is.

I have not been able to source one, so has anyone any ideas.

By the way, the canoscan program works perfectly with win 7 64 bit.


A:64 bit driver wanted for Canon 9950F scanner

Hi dogman, maybe this will help you Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) (Windows)
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My canon printer isn't supported by Windows 10. Troubleshooting it just tells me there is no drivers. It prints fine, but i cannot use the scanner. Is there any way i can get the scanner to work, more specifically in gIMP?

A:Canon MP240 Scanner No Driver (Unsupported)

Check whether the Windows 7 driver will work. It might work, but no guarantee. Then see whether it works with Paint.
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I am running Win98 2nd ED. Have had a Canon 620 printer from the start, 3 yrs. I don't have a USB port. I purchased a Visioneer 8100 scanner and connected it to my PC with the printer, Astra 610P worked this way. Had lots of problems. Went to Visioneers' tech sight. Did all they said to do. I have downloaded all of the latest drivers and changed everything they recommended. When I turn on the scanner the printer repeatedly goes through start up until I turn it off. They work independently of each other but won't work together. If I can't figure this out, I can return the scanner for one that would be more compatible but would like to get it to work. Any ideas??


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Hello All,
I think I saw a partial solution to my problem with the Cannon BJC 85 scanner feature on the Vista forums.
For some reason the scanner cartridge is not compatible with Vista o/s.
I was able to download the IS 12 scanner program partially onto my computer
using the Windows 98 mode as mentioned by the guest hgdffkhdf .
I also saw a posting by [EMAIL REMOVED] about ISScan_v350.exe
as being a solution.

Could anyone give me more detailed instructions on how to make the scanner work on Vista o/s?
Surely there must be a driver that will allow me to detect the scanner with Vista.

A:Where can I find a driver to detect a Canon scanner?

According to the Canon website you do not need any drivers for this model with Vista as they are already built into the operating system.

You may need software however to enable various features of the machine in which case you should be looking at that website.

Please, never publish email addresses in public forums, I suggest you edit your post and remove it for safety and privacy reasons.

I'll steer you to the software if you tell me which country you are in.
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I have a Canon IR N installed in a PC and connected via usb While that was installed winxp pc everything worked perfect even the scanner But since I installed 1025N Canon scanner IR Problem installing W x I could not get the scanner to work me I installed the driver but then gives me the alert triangle on the device and only allows me to use it as a printer does not recognize the scanner I ve tried to uninstall the driver and Canon IR 1025N Problem installing scanner re isntaalr from the original cd in xp compatibility mode I ve also downloaded the latest driver from the Canon page and nothing unless it be one specific because there are few available and did not know which one to use well And I ve tried the solution posed in this article http answers microsoft com en-us -problem b a - e d- a - dd - c d and nothing I really do not know what else to do Any help please Greetings nbsp
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Does anyone here know if any Vista drivers will be available for this scanner?

The web site gives a phone number to call but they are closed and there is no other way to contact them such as email etc.


A:Vista drivers for Canon DR-1210c scanner?

According to an internal Canon memo obtained through a judicious Google search, Canon will support Vista in all DR-1210C's produced after 6/07. They also state a policy of upgrading TWAIN/ISIS drivers etc. to support Vista. The memo says nothing about distributing drivers to existing customers and I have yet to find any sign of 1210 drivers available for download.
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I have been given a canon prima mg3250 wireless printer/scanner but when I try to scan to my laptop I get a message (an internal error has occurred exiting this software) I have spoken to canon over the last week or so they even sent me to their local repairer who decided to give me a replacement, but I still get the same message they have now told me that something could be blocking the printer connecting to the network. I can only scan if I connect using a USB cable canon said this morning that they will upgrade my complaint and could get back to me in a week or so. Has anyone experienced this problem or have any constructive advice, I am not very computer technical but can get by with a little help mainly from google but not this time any help or advice would be great.

A:canon prima mg3250 printer/scanner

what windows version are you using ?

what firewall is on or has ever been on the system

have you installed the scanner software OK,if on a Mac
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Anyone recommend a driver that might be compatible for Windows 7? Canon site , even in EU says it will not be supported.
Probably time for a new one, hey.

A:Canon N67ou Flatbed scanner driver

Quote: Originally Posted by Rogo338

Anyone recommend a driver that might be compatible for Windows 7? Canon site , even in EU says it will not be supported.
Probably time for a new one, hey.

Hi there

why get a new one if you don't need it -- just run XP as a virtual machine using free virtualisation software like Virtual PC, vmware server or VBOX. Your scanner will work just fine on this.

If this is the only app you need a tiny 256MB RAM Virtual XP machine will run just fine.

Save your money for more HOST RAM, better Video, another HDD etc. Unless you really NEED a new scanner the hardware will last for ages and ages.

I'm still using an old HP plotter circa 1985 -- works fine on an XP virtual machine.

Use the Virtualisation section of the forum for info in this topic and how to set up virtual machines.

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Problem CanoScan Scangear would appear in Portugese and not English Turned out to be the driver was wrong Followed instructions from Canon FAQ as below This worked for me after I let the New Hardware Wizard find the correct driver for English from a drop down list The driver was on the original installation CD from Canon but failed to install for some reason All other programs were installed correctly in English Please see attached screen shot This procedure may work for other Canon drivers also Kind Regards to Everyone John MOS ScanGear appears in the wrong language My scanner driver software is installed in the wrong language how do I reinstall it in the correct language You will N650U Language Canon Reset Scanner first need to remove the scanner driver and then reinstall it in the Canon N650U Scanner Language Reset correct language following the procedure below Note This procedure will remove the scanner driver from your computer Canon N650U Scanner Language Reset however it will not remove the application software Unplug the USB cable from your scanner Download Deldrv exe which is located at the bottom of this document under the File Attachments section Download the appropriate driver for your scanner which is located under the Self Help section of Customer Support on www canon ca Double Click Deldrv exe Select the model of your scanner Click Ok A message will appear which says quot Are you sure you want to uninstall the following driver quot Click Ok Double Click on the scanner driver which was downloaded in Step to expand the files Unplug the USB cable from your scanner and then reconnect it The Add New Hardware Wizard should now appear Follow the steps for installing the downloaded scanner driver DISCLAIMER Canon Driver Downloads is for the support of Canon Products SOLD IN CANADA ONLY It includes drivers for Canon brand products Some of the software is subjected to export controls under the U S Export Administration Regulations and anyone receiving the software cannot export the software without a license or other authorization of the U S government COPYRIGHT The Canon Driver Software quot Software quot is owned by Canon or its suppliers and is protected by Canadian copyright laws and international treaty provisions You may not distribute the Software for profit or modify it in any way NO WARRANTY Any use by you of the software is at your own risk The software is provided for use only in connection with the Canon Canada Inc Web Site The software is provided for use quot as is quot without warranty of any kind Canon and its suppliers disclaim all conditions and warranties of any kind either express or implied including without limitation implied conditions or warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement Canon is not obligated to provide any updates to the software NO LIABILITY FOR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES In no event shall Canon or its suppliers be liable for any damages whatsoever including without limitation incidental direct indirect special and consequential damages damages for loss of business profits business interruption loss of business information or other pecuniary loss arising out of the use or inability to use the Software even if Canon has been advised of the possibility of such damages BY DOWNLOADING THE FILE BELOW I HAVE READ UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO THE DISCLAIMER INFORMATION PRESENTED Details Answer ID ProductsScanner CanoScan D U CanoScan D U CanoScan D U CanoScan D U CanoScan D U F CanoScan D UF CanoScan FB U CanoScan FB U CanoScan FB U CanoScan FB U CanoScan N U CanoScan N U CanoScan N U CanoScan N U CanoScan N U CanoScan N U CategoriesSoftware Questions Date Created AM Date Updated PM Click on the file below to begin the download Deldrv exe nbsp

A:Canon N650U Scanner Language Reset

Since you are posting concerning a printer I have moved this to the hardware forum. Please look over the forums and subforums on the main page and in the future start a thread in the appropriate forum.
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... Or maybe it's the driver I can't install. (Still not sure what the difference is.)

I've got Windows XP SP2 and a Canon FB630U scanner that someone passed along to me. I downloaded the driver and followed the install new hardware wizard accordingly. But when I got to the end, the wizard reported that it couldn't install the driver. A Windows pop-up balloon said that maybe the device wasn't working.

The friend who passed it on to me said that he couldn't use it anymore on his Mac because the OS was too advanced now and Canon hadn't updated for it. Is it possible that I've got the same issue with XP? I found a 2001 posting on this site for the FB630U, so I guess it's pretty archaic by now.

A:Solved: Canon Scanner - Can't Install Firmware

Have you gone here and downloaded the Windows 2000/XP software / drivers? You have to click the Driver tab.

You must turn off pop-up blockers like Google toolbar to see the download window.


In computing, firmware is software that is embedded in a hardware device. It is often provided on flash ROMs or as a binary image file that can be uploaded onto existing hardware by a user.

A device driver, or software driver is any computer program that allows other programs to interact with a computer hardware device, or else to work as if they are interacting with a particular device.
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After cleaning out a heap of virus and malware from a windows 98 machine and then running windows update cd (that came out early last year) the scanner gets an error message. See attachment.

The scanner is a Canoscan FB636U and is powered though its usb cable.

There is the yellow ? over the canoscan FB636U in device manager and an attempt to find a new driver does not recognize the drivers on the installation cd.

A spare USB cable has been tried the scanner works when installed on another machine.

Any help appreciated.

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I have owned a Canon Pixma Mp750 Muli-functional printer for several years and it has always worked perfectly on my Windows XP PC.

I have purchased a new Windows 7 PC and updated the printer and scanner drivers from the Canon download website. The printer works great, but the scanner won't scan.

I've tried using the MP Navigator, Scangear and the Windows Scan & Fax facility but the process only gets as far as the calibration stage and stops. I eventually get an error code 2,178,0. I have tried to resolve it by changing the USB port, uninstalling the drivers and re-installing them, but the scanner still won't scan.

Any ideas, guys? The Canon support team appear to think it is a Windows error, but I'm not so sure. The drivers all seem to be installed correctly.

A:Canon Pixma MP750 scanner problem

I have canon pixma e500. using windows xp 64 bit. the scanner and copy functions are fine but no print. if I connect it with windows 7, everything works super fine.
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Hi Canon Scanner Problems with LIDE90 Solved: there I recently installed Windows and am having problems installing my scanner a Canon LIDE I had no problems running this scanner on Windows Vista Business N bit but now I am running Windows Professional -bit I seem to be having a whole host of problems First of all the scanner is listed as compatible on the Microsoft Windows website although Windows Update does not recognise it and so will not provide me with the update I have been on the Canon website and downloaded the correct driver version and tried installing it to no avail The scanner worked briefly but upon actually scanning the document in the CanoScan software running within Adobe Photoshop crashed and lost connection Now whenever I try to make a connection to the scanner via Photoshop the following errors appear quot Cannot communicate with scanner Cable may be disconnected or scanner may be turned off Check status Scanner driver will be closed quot Followed by quot Could not open the TWAIN source Make sure there is a valid source for your scanner in the TWAIN directory found Solved: Problems with Canon LIDE90 Scanner in the Windows directory quot Please could you advise Cheers Andrew nbsp

A:Solved: Problems with Canon LIDE90 Scanner

You need to get 64 bit drivers.
Check out
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I have a printer Canon PIXMA MP150. Before i was using Windows ME and it was working then I changed my PC which had windows 7. Since buying my New PC my scanner (which comes with the printer) is not working.

Could you please advise how to fix this problem?


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I just purchased a Canon pixma MG6220 and installed it last night. Both of my laptops can connect and print to it with no problems. I wanted to see how the scanner works, so I selected scan and then "forward scanned data to PC". After selecting this, I only get "local (USB)" as an option. If I tell it to search again for networked PCs, it does not find any and still only returns local (USB). FWIW, I do not have this printer connected at all via USB to any computer. How can I get my printer to locate my computers?

A:Scanner (Canon MG6220) cannot find computers to forward to

You don't state how everything is actually connnected. However, from what I've seen, many models won't scan if used over wifi. They expect to be directly connected.
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Nine months ago I purchased a Canon MP All-in-one printer scanner fax I installed it as directed using the CD included with the printer I have Windows XP I have used the printer and fax functions without a problem but have never been able to get it to scan Whether I attampt to scan using the scan buttons on the printer or using the MP Navigator program that was installed automatically when everything else was installed off the CD I get the same result it starts the scanning process and then this message appears quot ScanGear MP quot is in the colored bar at the top of the error box and under the colored bar it says quot Cannot communicate with scanner Scanner may be turned off a cable may be disconnected Please check the status and try again Scanner driver error 2,155,0 with Canon code: scanner Cannot communicate MP830 will be closed Code quot I have tried reinstalling everything off the CD provided - no help Then I tried removing Canon MP830 error Cannot communicate with scanner code: 2,155,0 everything and reinstalling it off the Canon download page - still same result and error message I made sure the USB cable was securly fastened at both ends - still no go Ideas nbsp

A:Canon MP830 error Cannot communicate with scanner code: 2,155,0

After a long session with a Canon support guy we decided to try a different USB cable. I never imagined it would be the cable since communication was happening for the print and fax functions. But in thinking about it, the scan function is the only one with lots of information going the OTHER direction on the cable...well, it was the cable. I now have a new USB cable and it all works like a charm.
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My new Canon MX300 does not allow me to scan. Anything else works well, it prints/copies/faxes/but does not allow scanning. I have re-installed the software plenty times, removed other scanning software wich could be in conflict with the new Canon software, changed the USB cables and purchased a brand new one because someone solved a simular problem. Whatever I did, it want work. The error code 2,155,0 comes up every time. Any advise please

A:Canon MX 300 printer/fax/copier/scanner error code 2,155,0

Ah, mine had the same error, I couldn-t scan and I couldn-t copy. I sent it back and they replaced the motherboard. Now it works ok.