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how many type of ram

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Preferred Solution: how many type of ram

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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At Computex 2015, Intel has announced Thunderbolt 3, a new iteration of the company's high bandwidth hardware interface. And for the first time, Intel has ditched Thunderbolt's proprietary connector, instead opting to funnel everything through the soon-to-be-ubiquitous USB Type-C connector.

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A:Intel launches Thunderbolt 3, will use USB Type-C connector

Can I mention this is f*cking epic!
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It's been years in the making but USB Type-C finally made its grand entrance this past week on Apple's new MacBook and Google's new Chromebook Pixel 2 a day later. While it's great to finally see the successor to modern-day USB,...

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A:USB Type-C is still susceptible to its predecessor's flaws

I don't get this. How can you infect a 220V wall charger which is just a step-down transformer in it's basic form with a virus? How can such a thing retain any data? It has no AI.
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Google released the original Chromebook Pixel a little over two years ago. At $1,299, the system didn't make a ton of sense for most but what it did was serve as an example of what a high-end Chromebook could look...

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A:Chromebook Pixel 2015: Great build quality, fast, USB Type-C and cheaper (but still too expensive)

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My year old ACER Aspire keyboard just stop working in a couple of capacities First the numbers on the key wouldn t type at all Checked Num Lock fine then stopped some thing... Laptop working wrong the type and keys tried to type numbers at top of keyboard well some typed the right number but most didn t or typed more than one number Ran Webroot Anti-spyware and Anti-Virus clean Then I shook my computer to see if any crumbs or foreign materials were throwing something off clean Took out battery nada Restored computer to the day before any problems Changed nothing Pressed every Laptop keys stopped working and some type the wrong thing... key to see if something was stuck or key broken None The Delete Backspace Enter and Space Bar do NOT work at all So basically the entire keyboard is not working due Laptop keys stopped working and some type the wrong thing... to something If I type any one key some of them type what I wanted but continue to type the letter or number until I log out of my Google Engine I have always had issues with the keyboard I will be typing along and the cursor will randomly go back to previous sentences and start typing what I am currently typing It is so annoying Why is it hopping all over the place A computer major friend who teaches computer classes said to write to Google and maybe I would find others with similar problems I found several quot sticky keys quot problems but none on point with none of the keys working or working properly He suggested perhaps a Trojan Horse virus but my sweeps come up clean Can anyone help me Thank you Shawnascy nbsp

A:Laptop keys stopped working and some type the wrong thing...

It could be a virus. But It also could just be your keyboard is bad. You may need to take it to your local repair shop if it. Is a laptop and have them check the keyboard out for you. I really do not think it is a virus.
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I have this dell laptop, XPS M1330 that I bought new the ship date was 01/08/2008. I have been wanting to upgrade to a SSD but I don't know what kind of connector the system board has on it. It is some of SATA connector but it has separate power connector. I am hoping someone can tell me what type of connector this is and do they make a SSD with this type of connector.

You can view the photo I took of the drive here:[email protected]/13177305443/

A:Connection type?

Those connectors are SATA and SATA power (the longer one is SATA power). No idea how it works on a laptop though, I think the connectors just are fixed in place where the old HDD was. Before buying an SSD though, make sure it fits in the old space and you should be good, correct me if I'm wrong on any of this though.
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Hey all new here Hoping for some advice Last night I was playing my games when suddenly my Bigfoot Network Adapter crashed I rebooted thrice attempting to have it come back to no avail I began using my Wireless adapter in its place The next morning I booted up to find that the Bigfoot Network Adapter had come back but with an issue My computer is showing that it is connected to the network and I can read all network computers and access copy write files to other systems on the network The issue is I have no internet on my computer I have tried booting multiple games with them crashing they never crashed as such before even with Internet' 'Access type: Internet no but no internet and tried even booting Skype which crashed when attempting to connect to the internet I m afraid I ve done some tweaking that I shouldn t have considering I was attempting to run my game with lowest ping But I ve only used installable proxy programmed such as SmoothPing and FixMyLag Any help would be appreciated Please PC Specs Intel Core i GHz GB Corsair Vengeance GB Vertex SSD Windows Ultimate SP If there s anything I ve missed do tell New to this fixing 'Access type: Internet' but no Internet stuff Cj nbsp

A:'Access type: Internet' but no Internet

Have you reinstalled your WLAN drivers?
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Hi all,

So I'm upgrading my motherboard from an ASRock which has caused me nothing but problems since I got it to a MSI. They both are intel socket motherboards. My question is, how do I go about doing this? I would prefer to keep my files from my prior build but I have read that it is necessary that I reinstall my OS before I install my motherboard. I realize I can backup my PC's files and then reinstall them once I've installed the new motherboard but are there things that I should be mindful about while working on this process?

I have a lot of specific questions about this process. So maybe a step by step instruction or something like that would be a good place to start and I can see if I have questions from there.

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Hello. I want to find out why Windows does this cheking to my Memory Card. It happened while booting. After "Checking file system on D:
The type of the file system is FAT32." and other stuffs like: "Unrecoverable error in folder \System Volume Information\catalog.wci.", or "\Sounds\FosterThePeople-PumpedUpKicks(ButchClancyRMX).mp3 first allocation unit is not valid. The entry will be truncated." and "Cross link resolved by copying.
\Images\IMG00502-20121218-1525.jpg is cross-linked on allocation unit 6984." After this proces Windows started normaly. I've cheked my documents on the card and found out that some images were damaged and some old music appeared, but only samples, from about 18 seconds to 56. I foud, also, a "BOOTEX.LOG" file, written in Notepad. Could you explain what happened, please? &sorry if there are some bad spelled words.

A:Checking file system on D: The type of the file system is FAT32

It perhaps got removed incorrectly while some programs still had the file data open/in memory. I'd pull everything off the card, format it, and put the data back.

What is the card in? Does it have to be FAT32? Could you use ExFAT instead?
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I have an ATI Radeon 9250 which is pci.
I'm looking to upgrade to a decent gpu.
I want to know if having a pci card necessarily means I only have a pci slot.
I have an Intel Celeron 2.4 GHz

I used PC wizard but didn't really come to any conclusion.
Under mainboard it says "Slot PCI : 32-bit [5.0v, 3.3v] - Empty"
Not really sure what this means.
I also see "Number of PCI Bus : 2"
Does this mean I could use two cards?
And also I see "Number of AGP connectors : 1"
Does this mean I have an AGP slot?

If I can upgrade, what might you recommend? I don't really play games, purely for game development.
If I'm stuck with pci cards, could I get anything that could significantly increase performance?

A:What type of card can I use?

You should take a look at your hardware instead of trying to find evidence buried within software detection methods. Learn what you have by seeing and identifying for yourself. Once we know for sure what you have available for card slots, we can then advise you with further details.

Physical Differences: PCI Express [ PCI-E ] vs AGP vs PCI

Difference Between AGP and PCI

Taking the Mystery Out of PCI-Express
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Hello TechSpot,

I am thinking of dual booting Linux Mint with my Windows 7 OS. I don't have a cd big enough for the installer, and I am thinking about buying a stack of CDs to use for booting. However, I don't know which CD type to buy. I will be using them also for Movie making, file storage, back up and etc..
Which one of these would work?



A:What type of CD is good for installing Linux or other OS for dual boot?

They're DVD's, not CD's; though you can use them for burning a Linux ISO, it would be a waste of most of the capacity of a disk though. I'd choose DVD-R's.

You can always download Linux live creator and use that instead. You just need a spare 1GB USB memory stick/thumb drive.
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I'm looking to buy a new CPU for my laptop it has an Intel Celeron M socket. What's the fastest CPU I can get with that socket? Also would work with it, I noticed it has a 775 socket type so i'm guessing no.

A:Socket type

Don't try to replace laptop processors.
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This is the strangest error I have EVER seen in XP. I find no mention of this phenomenon anywhere on the web so perhaps I am the first? I surely hope not.

I have a Dell laptop with an integrated keyboard (i.e. built-in). Suddenly, and with no good reason, today my keyboard is acting strangely. Some letters I have to hit 3 times before they type. Others twice. And yet others behave as normal. The correct letter will eventually appear but my Lord no one should have to hit any character on the keyboard more than once.

I need this fixed ASAP because I am taking this PC out of the country with me and I have to be productive.


A:Windows XP - Keyboard - some letters I have to type multiple times for them to appear

Laptop keyboard problem

This could be a failing keyboard matrix, fairly simple to order a new one from Dell and fit. Or it could be the keyboard software faulty. A way to check for a failing keyboard, is to plug in a separate keyboard, into a USB socket. If all works well, then the fault is the Laptop's keyboard. Hope that helps, if only to eliminate one possible problem.
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The keyboard on my Dell 1501, will not the letters I,O,P when I press them. My laptop is older, just three years, and has had moderate use, mainly my husband looking for information. It has the Vista program, I know, but it has worked basically fine for the little use it gets. Nothing has been spilled on it, could they be worn out/

Is there anyway to take the keyboard cover off without damaging it and look to see if there is some type of debris blocking the connection?

A:3 keys won't type on keyboard

Inspiron 1501 laptop from Dell seems straight forward for removing keyboard to check for debris. Check it out at:
Read directions carefully as laptops are quite delicate.

good Luck
Failing that, a new one shouldn't be too expensive.
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1) Connect to plasma tv using hdmi output & watch online videos from youtube etc.
2) Go online thru free public wi-fi like hotel rooms, McDonald etc.
3) Later go online from anywhere (Cars etc) by buying data plan from AT&T etc.

Plz comment on Inspiron M101z for my usage type.
What other options do I have in this category?


1 Year Limited Hardware Warranty
Microsoft Office Starter 2010
McAfee SecurityCenter, 30-Day Trial
Dell Online Backup 2GB for 1 year
Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0
AMD Athlon II Neo K325 (Dual Core,1.3GHz,2MB Cache)
Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium Edition
4GB DDR3 SoDIMM at 800MHz, 2x2GB DIMM
320GB SATA Hard Drive (7200RPM)
56WHr Lithium-Ion Battery (6-cell)
11.6'' High Definition Truelife WLED (1366x786)
Combo 802.11n 1x1 with Bluetooth 3.0 HMC
Integrated 1.3M Pixel Webcam
AMD RS880 Integrated Graphics
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Strange request I know but getting rather fed up with the noise of my Logitech Wave keyboard now So I m on the hunt for a keyboard with silent press keys I don t mind the latest flat style keys featured on Mac keyboards and my Sony Vaio laptop They just need to be silent or Looking a for keyboard silent type almost silent as the noise Looking for a silent type keyboard when I m typing is driving me nuts LOL Currently I own this Ideally I m looking for something like the one I have illuminated keys would be ideal but not essential and a wrist rest is a must or it be flat along its bottom edge so I can purchase a Kensington duo gel pad to match my mouse one Most crucially it needs to be Looking for a silent type keyboard silent with good weighted keys and comfortable for extended typing I would prefer wired don t need to worry about batteries then but USB rechargable ones are fine as I have plenty of USB ports Its for lots of typing generally office based use No requirement for games I don t need any keyboard mouse combos as already have a Logitech Marble trackball and LX cordless mouse Budget is around UK Pounds What would you all get Thanks in advance and sorry if this is Looking for a silent type keyboard in the wrong forum I couldn t really decide where it fit best nbsp

A:Looking for a silent type keyboard

The newer wireless ones are lasting more than a year.
This is a product you should see and test.
The silent one can be a pain, if they don't fit your comfort zone
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I am building a PC and i found out about SSD drives. I have never heard of them before. Anyways I wanted to get one but I'm not sure how many GB do you need. I was thinking of using it for the operating system so it starts up faster and then use my 1TB HDD for all other files. can you do that?

A:What type of SSD do you need?

Three issues: Cost, size, and speed.
And their long-term reliability is still in question.
Plenty of 60 GB and 80 GB SSD drives available for under $100 now... but above that, you can easily pay $235 to $285 for one that is fast and rugged.
There are price drops nearly every week... while 12 different manufacturers know this is the cash cow. They are all rushing to beat their competition.
After Christmas, there will be 350 GB to 500 GB drives at a reasonable price... Then if they work well, two years from now, you probably will not find many regular hard drives still on the market.
We just received our first SSD drives on the first of July... and so far they are impressive... Quiet, relatively fast, but not nearly as fast as a Good Western Digital, Samsung, Seagate, Fujitsu, or Seagate hard drive... But they are now up to $350 for 250 GB.
Now if we only knew something about their long-term reliability... everybody speculates they will be good for five years... We will need to be convinced.
In the meantime there is nothing wrong with using a Western Digital, Seagate, Fujitsu, Toshiba, or Samsung drive that is 500 GB for $55... or a 750 GB for $80. Just avoid the unreliable TriGem, Hitachi, Maxtor, There are still plenty of problems with the 1TB 1.5TB, and 2 TB hard drives.. mostly with speed and early failures..
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I was helping a neighbour reinstall windows xp pro on his older computer which had become unusable because of viruses. While trying to type in the activation code, I found that the z key would not produce any response, so I replaced it with another keyboard and the same things happened, in fact I tried 4 keyboards in all (3 were ps2 and 1 was USB) and they all had the same problem when trying to type the letter z. Any ideas?

A:Keyboard will not type z

Hey I really have no hear such problem before. It a really very serious problem. I think the activation code which you are going to enter is incorrect. Not only 'z' key is working what about another keys. I think it will be your installing or CD from which you are installing problem. You have to try it from another CD.
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I have an eveshamvale computer - I have run CPU-Z - and it lists the motherboard as eveshamvale - however 'eveshamvale' have gone bust, however I was considering upgrading this to windows 7 - but just wonder about the drivers ?

Anybody any views if this is feasible ?
Edit Seems the Motherboard is MSI K8T Neo-FIS2R - anybody any ideas if this will work with windows 7 - or where I might get drivers ?

A:EveshamVale - Motherboard Type

Windows 7 works well with a lot more hardware than any Windows OS before. There is a Windows Upgrade Advisor program out there. Google for it
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is the p5k premium/wifi-af compatable which Intel Core2 Quad processor can i upgrade to from the one i have

A:Core2 Quad processor to replace CPU Type DualCore Intel Core 2 Duo E8400, 3000 MHz (9

You already asked this here:, try to keep it to one thread.
Anyway, yes it is and I personally don't think its worth upgrading your processor, nor buying a gtx 480. Probably be cpu choked either way.
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I want to buy an external hdd for an acer travelmate 5320 laptop as the hdd in the laptop is nackered. How do I know what type of external hdd to buy?



A:What type of HDD do I need to buy

if the external HDD is staying in one place then get this
Cavalry CAXM Series 1TB $94.99

but if your going to be traveling then this
LACIE Rugged XL 1TB $134.99
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Okay so I was looking around at server motherboards. (I want a server, and I'll hopefully eventually get the money to buy one.)

I noticed that apparently this board doesn't state what type of power connectors it uses.

Now, they may be assuming that everyone of course would know what type it uses, but this seems presumptuous to me.

A:Do I need a server PSU to go with a server motherboard? If so what type?

Well here is your board's complete technical specifications along with recommended power supply; I hope this will help, and good luck for your build.
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Hi guys after quite a bit of trouble with choosing comparing etc my next graphic card I decided to go with GeForce GTX mainly because it seems a bit better than radeon HD and even though it doesnt have dx as radeon has it has PhysX which is an advatage since newer games will focus on dx and not but anyway I m now stuck on choosing the quot type quot of this Zotac, gigabite type EVGA, GTX GeForce OC...) 260 (TOP, graphic I sort of eliminated the basic one because I dont really care about say - bucks for better performance and decided to go with ASUS TOP version but than I saw this Gigabite OC version and really can t tell which one is better they re almost the same price or if there is better type here are the types I came across on my GeForce GTX 260 type (TOP, Zotac, EVGA, gigabite OC...) shop website with prices in USD -GigaByte GTX SO GV -N SO - I MB PCI -E - -GigaByte GTX OC GV-N OC- I MB PCI-E - -Zotac GTX Synergy ZT-X E KG-FDR MB PCI-E - -Asus ENGTX Glacia tor Plus HTDI MD MB GeForce GTX 260 type (TOP, Zotac, EVGA, gigabite OC...) PCI -EAsus ENGTX Glacia tor Plus HTDI MD MB PCI -E - -Gainward -Bliss GTX Golden Sample MB PCI -E - - Zotac GeForce GTX GS AMP Editio n ZT -X E KG -FCP MB - - ASUS ENGTX TOP HTDI M from asus store http www asus com product aspx P ID wFbgFmfX Zo exlV amp templete - and many other types mainly Gigabite Zotac EVGA here is the link site is in my native tongue czech but you will be able to clearly understand the types and prices they have USD - czech crown http www czechcomputer cz fulltext jsp query GTX amp type stockitem what I m looking for is obviosly the best-go best performance and I would like it to eventualy be able to go crossfire when I upgrade my motherboard And I would like to ask if it would be compatible with my PC here are current specs Motherboard - ASUS M A Graphic interface - ATI Radeon HD Graphics Memory - mb dual CPU -AMD Athlon X CPU Speed - overclock from bus speed MHz Power Supply Make Model - Watt output Amperage - not important since I obviously need a new one for this graphic card OS Windows XP Prof bit thanks for any hints and help nbsp

A:GeForce GTX 260 type (TOP, Zotac, EVGA, gigabite OC...)

The Gigabyte GV?-N26SO?-896I? (Super overclock ) version is the best performer of the bunch. It is on par with the GTX 275 in performance and comes with the standard Gigabyte three year warranty.
Review here
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Hello ? Techspot.

I just got a question about dvd media.
There are several dvd type such as following:


I want to know which type of media is the best for "Back-up", "Keep the personal data forever (such as video, files) ?

Also, I want to ask everyone who look at my thread: What type of media are you using ? (I alread list them in the previously).


A:What is the most popular DVD type?

All the ones with BD in the front are actually types of Blue-Ray discs. Single layer Blue-Ray discs hold 25 gigabytes, and double layer 50, so they would be the best option for back up if your drive supports them. Normal DVD R discs only hold 4.7 gigabytes, and dual layer hold 9.4.

I personally use an external hard drive, not optical storage. Most of my pictures, videos, and music are backed up in other places though, like image hosting websites, my netbook, and my music player.
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Hi I have a Sony Vaio VGN-CR Since last evening I m facing a problem with the four arrow keys They type Keyboard junk keys arrow type characters - problem strange characters The up key ends up tying quot oig quot The down key ends up typing a backslash RIght key types quot LJH quot and left key types quot mn quot This is happening in all the applications - office notepad browser etc It s the same characters every time not some random characters For example if I turn the Num Lock on the quot oig quot becomes quot g quot All other keys are working absolutely fine Only these four keys are an issue These also work fine for - mins in between suddenly and then go back to their erratic but predictable ways I tried uninstalling the driver and then reinstalling cleaning the keyboard the keys are absolutely in shape visually As a heavy user of Office I am finding it impossible to handle this even for a day Please help with a solution suggestion nbsp

A:Keyboard problem - arrow keys type junk characters

In our experience with the Vaio keyboards, you have reached the time when a replacment NEW keyboard is the best option.
Sometimes, turning the keyboard upside down and giving it a thorough cleaning with difluoroethane gas such as Dust Off (a lot of it) will take care of it... but not often.
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Hopefully this is the place i need to be to post this question if not I m sorry I am very new to all this so thanks for reading and trying to help me So I have recently become an attic to the world of MMORPG s and have become an absolute World of Warcraft addict and want to play Aion when it comes out in a few weeks I have playing for almost a year now on a very old Dell which could barely handle WoW so I decided to invest in something mid price range for gaming knowing i might need to upgrade a few things for optimal game play The system was actually working great for WoW when my purchase I wondering please, for videocard I need of what help type system should I first got it two weeks ago no lag what so ever in major cities of WoW I need help please, wondering what type of videocard I should purchase for my system with at I need help please, wondering what type of videocard I should purchase for my system least fps in heavliy poplated areas on up in questing areas on totally maxed out settings in the game I was so happy with the system that I purchased a large new quot monitor a few days ago to upgrade from my old quot one Well now my fps is way down and I m bumed out and thinking that I need to upgrade my video card because i went with such a big monitor Hopefully someone can reccomend one that I will be able to afford so my brother or boyfriend can install it After buying a new system and a nice new big monitor to match I really only have - to spend on it but I m willing to go up to If anyone could help me out I would really appricate it Here are my system specs i m readding off the box so if I missed something please let me know General Spec -Brand CyberpowerPC -Model Gamer Ultra -Processor AMD Athlon II X GHz -Processor Main Features bit Dual Core Processor -Cache Per Processor x MB L Cache -Memory GB x GB DDR -Hard Drive GB SATA-II Gb s RPM HDD -Optical Drive X DVD R RW Dual Layer Drive -Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT GB PCI Express Video Card -Audio Sound card - Integrated -Ethernet Gigabit LAN -Power Supply W -Operating System Windows Vista Home Premium -Bit Motherboard Asus M A -CM -Chipset AMD G CPU -CPU Type Athlon II X Installed Qty -CPU Speed GHz -L Cache Per CPU x MB -CPU Socket Type AM -CPU Main Features bit Dual Core Processor Graphics -GPU VPU Type NVIDIA GeForce GT -Graphics Interface PCI Express x Memory -Memory Capacity GB DDR -Memory Speed DDR -Form Factor DIMM -pin -Memory Spec GB x -Memory Slots Available Total -Hard Drive -HDD Capacity GB -HDD Interface SATA II -HDD RPM rpm -Optical Drive -Optical Drive Type DVD RW -Optical Drive Spec X DVD R RW Dual Layer Drive -Audio -Audio Chipset Integrated -Communications -LAN Chipset Integrated -LAN Speed Mbps -Front Panel Ports -Front USB -Front Audio Ports -Back Panel Ports -PS -Video Ports VGA DVI -TV Out -Rear USB -RJ port -Rear Audio Ports ports -Expansion -PCI Slots Available Total x PCI Express x - x PCI Express x - x PCI Hopefully this is the info that someone would need to help me out THANKS AGAIN for your time nbsp

A:I need help please, wondering what type of videocard I should purchase for my system

well for your display i recommend an ati 4870 and here is a nice one right in your budget XFX HD-487A-ZWFC Radeon HD 4870 1GB $149.99 Free Shipping it should play wow and about any other game you throw at it on high settings. also make sure if you buy it to go to the XFX website and register the card within 30 days to get there warranty. well now that i look at your power supply you will need to upgrade it before you can do any video card upgrades Antec EarthWatts EA650 650W this one is $79.99 with free shipping but trust me both are of the highest quality and come highly recommended.
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Hey everyone I m new to opening and moving things around What Graphics of slot have Card? for I type a do the inside of computers and wanting to learn more about it Ok so I have this Compaq Presario and can t find any information on it over the internet I ve been wanting to play some games below Ghz because thats all it can really take So i What type of slot do I have for a Graphics Card? decided to get GTA San Andreas The problem is that my bulitin graphics card only has a max of MB LAME I want buy a new PC but way way What type of slot do I have for a Graphics Card? way later on in the future Economy So I decided that i wanted to get a new temporary graphics card till I wait this very long time So I searched around Walmart com CHEAPO and found this nicely priced MSI MB PCI-E nVidiaNX GS Graphics Card For ONLY Bucks But it says its a PCI Express card and I don t know if I do have a What type of slot do I have for a Graphics Card? slot to fit The Computer Compaq Presario With -Windows XP SP -AMD Athlon tm XP - GHz MB of Ram I m willing to buy more Ram It s on my list I don t know if this is any helpful but I installed GTA Vice City and it worked fine Nice speed everything besides when I hit A fire hydrant or when it rained or had anything to with water or blood splatter the game would look all funky and had to minimize and bring back when that was over in order for the game to work properly P S If you know what type of card I can use can you send me the link please think Cheap LOL And can you please get link from Walmart Radio Shack Ect Stores Any Good Games PICS DIDNT LET ME I Put Them In Trakback BY THE WAY MY FIRST POST ON ANY WEBSITE FOR HELP THANX nbsp

A:What type of slot do I have for a Graphics Card?

the photos are in h t t p : / / s62.photobucket . com /albums/h107/gomez123098/
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Would it also be possible to mention if it's secure & how (WEP 64/WEP 128/WPA/WPA2/etc.) ?

Feel free to mention the brand & models of the equipment you're using.

A:Which wireless type of network are you running at home?

Draktek Vigor 2600 VG. WEP 64 bit - but then I have nobody nearby and anybody in a car is going to stick out like a sore thumb around here!
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I'm really confused.
I need a video card with a 128MB and support for pixel shader 2.0

I have a Dell Dimension B110
It Lacks AGP or PCI Express Graphics Slot

So, which card should i get? I really want to buy it and play my game.

A:What type of video card do I need to get?

Theres a great guide on these very forums.
Here is a link to it.

Good luck
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I have a laptop that I am using as a wireless network in my home. On the top of the laptop it says NOTEBOOK but I can not find anything that tells me what the brand or model number is. It's my daughter's old laptop and she has no idea what brand it is. The only thing I see is the part number on the battery ms2127/ms2128I even went to my computer and checked in properties and it tell me nothing concerning the make or model. I googled the battery part numbers and it gave me several vendors that use that type battery. Is their any way I can get the model or maker of this laptop. Thanks in advance for the help.

A:Laptop type

Assuming you have Windows 2k or XP, you may get more info from System Information.
Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Information. Also when you first turn it on, you may see something on the screen (before windows loads) that may give you more info.
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I am trying to buy a cpu for my home desktop and i dont know what to buy because i am not sure of my mother board is there a way that i can find that out without taking it to a shop.

A:What type of motherboard do I have?

Download CPU-Z (
Unrar it, and run the cpu-z program.
Go to the second tab (mainboard) and it will give you brand and model #.
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I have a ECS A790GXM-A (no tweaks) and and AMD 940 Black Edition processor. I had the original BIOS and just updated it to the latest version. Both show in device manager as AMD and processor type unknown. I just tried the chip in a ASUS motherboard (ASUS M3A78-T) same AMD 790 chipset and loaded the drivers from the ASUS cd and the processor shows up correctly and runs a awful lot faster than the ECS board. Anyone experianced this? Is there a problem with the board?

A:Phenom 940 not showing Processor type in Device manager

It's recommended to update the BIOS then install Windows (not the other way around)
Obviously confirm all system drivers are up to date
Or do a Repair on Windows

Microsoft's Windows XP Professional Repair Install step by step

Microsoft's Windows XP Home Repair Install step by step

Vista Repair: (index page) (guide)

This is why posting more info helps

For further help: Please put your System Specs information in your Profile
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Offline files - Unable to make ..... Files of this type cannot be made available offline.
I am trying to figure out what to do. It is a word document for address labels. When we go to shut down the computer the sync comes on and then stops with this error message. What can I do to get this to stop coming up? Thanks.

A:Offline files - Unable to make files of this type

Start here;
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Hello type Keyboard works, won't all I have been a long time reader but this is my first time to post After coming in from out of town and turning on my computer the keyboard is having issues typing If I hold down a key the letter or number will appear after to seconds However all the shortcut keys and function keys work fine The keyboard works fine in the bios It is a USB keyboard and so I swapped it with my backup keyboard No dice with that one either and I tried to use a Keyboard works, won't type PS adapter guess what No luck I built this computer and am usually pretty good with this stuff but Keyboard works, won't type I am at a loss I have to think it is windows or something I tried reloading the software driver also Checked all the USB ports in device manager No yellow question marks Unplugged all other USB devices Ran all the Windows Troubleshooting options and it gave me nothing This thing worked fine days ago It is XP x if that helps Anyone have a clue Thank you so much nbsp

A:Keyboard works, won't type


I found the solution. After much deliberation it was simply in the Accessibility Options. For some reason the Filter Keys check box got checked. I have no idea how or why this happened but for anyone that cares, this is the fix.
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my work lap top hp compact nc 6400 when i log on it is difficult to key press it either
won't or if I wait and go very slow it will type the letter than i wait and type again. but eventually it will take the first letter than run on the entire block with that letter and not let you delete than it just stays that way looks like this ccccccccccccccc
and will not delte ? I shut down and the problem still persests I might add that at work yesterday it did not do this . Thanks

A:HP keyboard stick or no type

cleaning your laptop keyboard: Howto

You could check with an external plugged in USB keyboard, just to confirm that it is the laptop keyboard (but I think it is)
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I have a Compaq V2658, and was wondering what socket the CPU is, as I was wondering if it was possible to upgrade it. Currently it has a Turion64 that runs at 2GHz, which is fine for most things, but I'd love to put in a better processor.
Edit: It's a Socket 754, does anyone know if there are faster CPUs that can be installed in it? I haven't found any.

A:CPU socket type for Compaq V2658

The AMD socket 754 was replaced by the 939 and the AM2 socket... I don't think any upgrade is possible or even worth the effort
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I currently have a pc that was windows 2000 that is now not working. I recently put a new hard drive into the pc and it currently store all my music (itunes) and document flies. I would like to if it is possible to take the hard drive out and connect it to my other computer externally. The only other issue is the other computer is running on vista. Is it possible to do this?

A:Can I make my internal HD external and I change the type of microsoft it runs with?

Yes, you can take that hard drive out of the 2k machine and read it just fine in Vista. What you can't do is take your OS drive from 2k and boot another machine with it, but I don't think that is what you were asking.
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I am not very computer literate and don't know the difference between AGP and PCI slots.

I would like to upgrade my video card but I need to know what kind of slots my motherboard supports. I have attached a photo and hope some one can tell me what I have.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

A:What type of slot are these?

Black = AGP
White = PCI
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lats say I got a laptop with a intel pentium m centrino, 1.6ghz, 2mb cache, 533 fsb. socket 478.

what can I go up to. on mine though, the cpu has its outermost corner pin gone as well as the one directly inwards diagonally from it. I found other cpus on ebay saying socket 478, but they have the outer corner as well as one next to it gone instead, so where my 2nd pin is missing, this other one has a pin there, so it wouldnt fit on my motherboard.

if I just find one with the same pins missing?

I know there are P4's that are 478 pin, they have a fsb of 800 though, and my memory is only 667, but i have a feeling that the fsb is one of the factors you cant go past what your motherboard is rated for.


A:Besides socket type, what else limits cpu upgrade?

This is a very tricky thing to do, or accomplish. Even if you could find a compatible processor, I doubt if you would see much of an improvement in performance gain. Just max out the total system memory and be happy with that
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I'm older, as are my eyes, and the type in HTML emails is difficult to read. I changed Outlook 2003 to display everything as Text so I can enlarge using my scroll wheel but the tons of hyperlinks detract.

My Windows menus and Firefox are 14 point for easy reading but I can't find an Outlook setting that applies to HTML messages.

Your help will be appreciated.



A:Enlarge type in HTML email

Have a read of this thread:
It states Outlook2007, but should be similar (if not the same)
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I have a celeron d 2.40ghz/256/533 the number i goggled and brought up info was (SL87J) I'm wondering how i can figure out what type of socket this fits into.

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Hi..i'm having a little trouble finding the ram type that inspiron 1600 uses..there seems that there's no trace of the 1600 model on the dell site. anyone knows what kind of ram and bus frequency does this laptop uses? oh and, i guess i can use generic ram right? thanks in advance.

A:Inspiron 1600, which ram type uses?

Try this:
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I have DVD-R disks with content documents graphics files etc NO VIDEO files that was backed up from a previous computer I cannot read or even see any of the content data DVD-R can read DVD-R content; video with with Cannot same read type content from these DVDs I have Cannot read DVD-R with data content; can read same type DVD-R with video content an identical type DVD-R with video content and it opens and runs just fine I have a Toshiba Qosmio and its DVD drive reads DVD multi-recorder DVD rewritable CD rewritable When I insert any of these data DVDs the DVD drive F on my machine that usually says DVD-RAM next to the icon in Explorer now says CD drive although the icon itself says DVD-ROM at the bottom of the icon If I click on the F drive icon or attempt to open files from the F drive I get an error message that says F not accessible Incorrect function If I right Cannot read DVD-R with data content; can read same type DVD-R with video content click on the drive and go to properties it shows that all the disk space is used which should be correct each of the DVDs should essentially be full of content but I cannot see any of the folders or files on this drive even when I click mixed media as the file type to open rather than video files Again inserting the exact same type DVD-R disk with video content into this drive works just fine I have attempted the same procedure on my Dell Latitude D DVD drive reads DVD-ROM CD rewritable The DVD drive in this computer shows up in Explorer as DVD CD-RW drive When I insert one of these data disks into this machine and double click on the CDC drive icon nothing shows up Cannot read DVD-R with data content; can read same type DVD-R with video content but I get no error message If I right click on the drive icon under properties then settings the device shows up as CD-RW drive and under media type it says device not ready Again the identical type DVD-R disk with video content into this drive works just fine Please help nbsp

A:Cannot read DVD-R with data content; can read same type DVD-R with video content

you may need the correct codecs. Also if the discs are +R, you will not be able to read them in a -r drive.
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I bought a used IBM Thinkpad T20 Thinkpad Type 2647-92U from eBay for use this semester on campus. It is in great shape and has a recent edition of Windows XP but an older version of MS Office which does not boot properly.

This computer was a part of a network and keeps trying to connect to it each time Windows loads. It came with a LinkSys Wireless-G Notebook Adapter 2.4 GHz 802.11g card.

The CD is an official copy; clean and has no scratches or nicks. The DVD/CD-ROM will boot other CD's such as music CD's and DVD films and data discs with MS Word files etc on them.

Any help would be appreciated!



A:IBM Thinkpad T20 Thinkpad Type 2647-92U Won't Boot my MS Office 2005 CD

That T-20 is pretty long in the tooth. I suspect your optical drive either needs cleaning, or is worn beyond repair.
Did you try the CD in another drive as a double check?
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A:Hiper Type M 530w or Antec Smartpower 2.0 450w

Nobody reads yesterdays newspapers.....

The Antec "Smartpower" series is an older, possibly discontinued line of PSU. Antec stands behind their product for sure but these units do suffer problems sometimes from a bad run of capacitors. (As do many other products). If I remember correctly, the 450 watt "Smartpower" carries the worst customer rating of any Antec PSU, (2 eggs).The Hiper PSUs seem to be fairly new in the marketplace. This judging from the low number of reviews at Newegg. I would suggest looking at the Antec Neo Power line, Seasonic, or wait for more info on Hipers offerings.
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Im trying to find drivers for my motherboard. It's a Gigabyte GA-8VT88OP Combo (it says it on the board). I went on the Gigabyte website and it has two versions of this: GA-8VT88OP (rev1.x) and GA-8VT88OP (rev2.x). I dont want to install the wrong driver, so how do i figure out which one mine is?

A:MObo type: rev1.x or rev 2.x

Won't it hurts if you try this and that drivers?

Remember, you need to experience it firsthand.

If it is wrong, uninstall it and install the other one.

Plus, the label on the board, usually near RAM...

GA-8VT88OP (rev_._)

The revision should be there on the white sticker.
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Hello guys I have a broadband connection Just now I have configured it for always-on i e PPPoE connection For that I had to create a new connection in my ADSL router page Previously I was using Dial-Up Type access ie switch-on your PC and Dial a B On is safer? type Dial-up access Which Always Or Band connection just as we Which is safer? Always On Or Dial-up type access dialed in Dialup internet Days I have seen many sites providing hacked ID Password of my Which is safer? Always On Or Dial-up type access ISP My ISP has Download Upload Data limit of GB So I Which is safer? Always On Or Dial-up type access am worried that is it safer My logic for worriness is that when I used Dial-up type access my id password was on my HardDisk So it was behind a firewall installed on my PC But as I quot THINK quot I dont know actually that in PPPoE connection I saved my ISP user id pass on Modem Router s page its saved in the modem s memory So I GUESS it is now unsafe Am I Right Any suggestions Thanks in advance TheHacker nbsp

A:Which is safer? Always On Or Dial-up type access

Your modem router does contain a username and password used to access your account with your ISP, and if you leave the modem router admin password as default it is true that it can be hacked into via the IP address. There are bots that trawl for 'open' IP addresses. If left on 24/7 it increases the window of opportunity for it to be found.
If you power off your modem router it will reconnect when powered on again so I would recommend this is probably the best option. Also change the settings for responding to incoming pings if there is one - deny response is what you want.
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My hard drive was recently damaged and i need to know, what hard drive i shud use for my compaq presario M2000.. also, what is the difference between IDE and SATA?

A:Need to know wat type of hard drive to buy for my notebook

Look for your model or serial number go to type in your model and see what the type of HDD is uses or can handle. How old is it? Is it 3 years or less. You might be able to use 160GB or 80GB. Check on the HP site first.
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I had my PC and the DVD drive for almost a year. I dont remember doing anything related to the drive but it suddenly failed to read any type of discs. Whenever i will insert a cd, the light will turn on and i think its trying to read the cd but then it will just stop and the light will go off. When i double click the drive from my computer, it just displays a blank window and i think it is recognized as a blank cd. What should i do?

A:DVD rom cannot read any type of cd's

Clean the upper/lower filters:

Then, insert your windows install disk and boot.

Does it see that?

If not, your CD laser is gone.
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i want to get another serial ata whats a good way to check what type i have any programs out there etc?if im correct i have standard serial ata not serial ata is standard serial ata 300 series? to tell what type of serial ata i have?

There is no serial ATA 2. There are 1.5Gbit SATA and 3.0Gbit SATA (SATA 150 and SATA 300).

For most practical purposes, there is absolutely no difference whether you are using SATA150 or SATA300.
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I recently installed a new hard drive in my computer. It seemed as if I was doing everything well. I followed all of the Steps on the installation CD. Now after the Installation of the hard drive I am unable to enter into the Windows XP OS. It says to press ctrl, alt, Delete to restart. When I restart my computer I can either press Delete to go to the the Bios, CMOS settings or go back to the screen where it says press ctrl, alt delete to restart.

What should I do?

A:NTLDR: Type ctrl, alt,delete


1: chek yiur BIOS settings, hdd jumpers (if it's PATA drive(IDE)), reset CMOS.

otherwise followthis steps

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I have an old pc (hp and need more hard drive room, i dont want to replace my old harddrive, but i dont know what type of hard drive i will need and if i can input a slave as i dont have the xp disks.. any help i will be thankful
cheers /Falce

A:What type of hard drive i will need?

First, call HP to see if they still have the discs for that model... the phone number is on the tech support site. If so, they will sell them to you for less than $23 to $30 including shipping...
If they don't have the discs any longer (they don't restock when they run out) you can buy an OEM version of Windows XP Home for $64 to $89, then download all the drivers you need from the HP site.
The rest is simple, although it is a pain to get the case apart if you have never done one before.
Then buy a Seagate with a five year warranty from,, or where you can often get a 250 GB drive for under $100, or an 80 GB for $60 or less. Samsung, Fujitsu, and Western Digital are also good but with a lower warranty.
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when you SLI two cards...does that give you a greater pixel pipeline?

would two 7600 gt's do well for sli

or should i just buy one 7900

help a fellow gamer out!


A:sli. what type of cards should i get. and a quick question

Actually, 2 7950 GT's running in SLI are awesome,You'll pick up some insane speeds and the textures will look phenominal, and the graphical quality will be astounding. Just remember to purchase a more powerful psu and add some fans in the systen becaues they will run extra hot.
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im looking to buy another 1Gb stick of ram for my pc and i know there are differnt speeds ie PC4200 etc.

how do i find out which is for my pc?

A:Finding RAM Type

read this please:
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Hi I posted this under Toshiba Modem Mystery But since that is an old one and seems to be resolved I guess I will put it here afresh as this is a different type of problem and I Toshiba of Problem Modem type Different cannot use the paper trick as my laptop does not seem easy to open at the bottom I have a Toshiba Satellite A- laptop with agere software modem I am having some different problem I have a desktop at home Netvista IBM model and it connects to the internet through the same wires and telephone lines without any Different type of Toshiba Modem Problem problem But when I use the same telephone wires and power socket for my laptop I have problems I tell you about the telephone wire and power line to tell you that I am having a doubt that there is some power interference between my chargings Different type of Toshiba Modem Problem system battery and my modem and yet the same power lines are okay when I work with Netvista The problem is as follows - When I click quot dial quot I hear the sound of static in the line Hence I presume the modem does not connect easily Btw when the modem connects properly there is no static and the sound of the handshaking is followed by a metallic rippling sound and I have noticed that when that sound comes my modem connects perfectly So in this case the modem connects after a lot of time and sound and then the data does not flow The pages do not open This problem does not happen when I take out the power cord When the laptop is on battery the modem connects easily and also the speed is okay In fact I have seen if I am connected after a lot of tries when connected to power the modem speed improves and becomes perfect if i take out the power cord This is happening everytime at home when I connect with power supply on Another problem I find is that the modem seems to hang the system for a long time and I am not able to work After some time it allows me to work but the above internet connection problem remains till I remove the power supply cord However at office the supply is through our office UPS Hmm this can be have some pointers because at home I do not use the UPS which is used for my netvista desktop and connect directly to the same source of power There the problem of connection is not there though the hanging problem is there still Now I will have to understand what you said about the paper sticking but if anybody can tell me the reason for my problem i will be grateful I tried the quot Talk to Toshiba quot option and talked to somone overseas but even he could not help And like one of our friends above I do not find it desirable to take my laptop to the service centre and that too just AFTER ONE MONTH of purchase since the problem is from beginning Btw I have windows SP- and dual core T processor etc Thanks to all nbsp

A:Different type of Toshiba Modem Problem

shan said:

I do not find it desirable to take my laptop to the service centre and that too just AFTER ONE MONTH of purchase (since the problem is from beginning!!!).Click to expand...

If its only a month old you have to take it back or else you risk breaking any warrantly.

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I was just wondering what type of video cards everyone here has....(Participate in poll)

A:What type of Video Card do you have?

Ati Radeon 7500 DDR here. I love it except for one thing, the frames I'm getting in OpenGL games are 5 or 6 frames faster then my Voodoo 5 5000. And guess what there driver problem (Doh!). The Direct3D performance is eye-watering though .
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i was looking on ebay to get an idea for prices of a new internal hdd and noticed that there are different kinds. im guessing that these are types of connections. im not sure what ones im using but i think they are IDE(the flat, grey cables?). i was just wondering if someone can point me in the right direction.

my motherboard is a gigabyte RZ series 8S661FXMP-RZ.

are any of these types faster than others? or any benefits or anything?

any help is much appreciated.


A:what type og HDD do i need? IDE, SATA, SCSI?

Your mobo supports ATA-133 and Serial ATA-150.
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Im on Blueyonder Cable and would like to connect my main pc and a laptop to the internet. A friend of mine says I Need the MAC address to connect to a router, but I need a router first can any body recommend one under 50.00
many thank in advance

A:what type of router do I need?

Pardon, any type should work. Don't know what's available in the UK, any one brand should do the task. Buffalo is a favorite of mine. I know that is sold worldwide...
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480W psu
abit IC7, 800fsb
pentium 4 sck 478 prescott 3.0e/ 800/ 1mb
n vidia a310 / 256MB graphics
dvd rw, cd rw
2xhard drives.

this is my proposed system and i was wondering what ram i should be using, ie. DDR xxx / PC xxxx?
I am looking for around a gig.


A:What type of ram should i be using?

Which IC7 motherboard is it? IC7-G or IC7-MAX3?
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I can't seem to figure this out. I've used the device manager, but it doesn't say video card specifically. Just audio, video, game controllers. Is this where my video card is located? I'm not all that computer literate so any help you can offer would be much appreciated. I'm just trying to play a DVD on my computer. First i thought i needed a new decoder which i downloaded and now the error message and resulting "support" is saying I have compatibility issues between the decoder and my video card. Where is my video card? Any thoughts?

A:Determining Video Card Hardware Type

It's under the display adapters tab in Device Manager. BTW, I think u must need codecs right? Try downloading the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack Full from here. Use any of the first three link on that page to download the installer and when u install it, it will bring u to a page with all these check boxes and stuff. Just take some time to scroll down and check every box u can find (except the Morgan mixer or whatever it's called). Then try running ur DVD.
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I'm replacing a friends laptop hard drive, everything went ok I bought a standard 2.5" disc from eBuyer, took out the old one and instead of the normal array of pins it was a large flat connector with no power input.

What type of hard dsic is this?

The old one was called an IBM somthing or other, (the label was ripped).



A:Dell laptop HDD replacement, not the usual type...

It is a 2.5" form factor SATA drive using the standard SATA connector.
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I had my nephew over and he was playing on my computer (BAD IDEA) and he had been drinking a lot of soda. He burped very loud and then projectile vomited on my crapy Dell. he fried the mobo. i want to upgrade do a nice dfi and amd set up im thingking of a AMD Athlon 64 FX60 Toledo 2000MHz HT Socket 939 Dual Core Processor Model ADAFX60CDBOX (what a mouthful) and a DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 SLI-DR Expert Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 SLI ATX AMD Motherboard. this should work with my existing, and safe components, including a nice vga Ati 512mb. any coments on these choses would be great, including if i should update my graphics card (it is pretty new). Thanks!:wave:

A:New Mobo Type?

What's your ATI card?

That would be a very good system, just make sure your power supply can power it properly.
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I installed a new dvd burner into my laptop Window reconize the drive but the drive wont reconize any type disc that is put in it. The drive is a samsung SN-W08B2. I updated the firmware. I dont know what It could be. Could it be a bad burner?

A:New burner wont reconize any type of disc

Windows recognized it but is it recognized in the bios? I have had that happen where windows sees it but the bios doesn't.
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Hello, I need to know what type my RAM is.. if it is either DDR 400 or something else, people has told me it is DDR 400 due to this screenshot

but it is only running at 200 Mhz, If my ram is DDR 400 how come it is only running at 200 Mhz instead of 400 Mhz


A:How do I find out what type my ram is?

Pc3200 and DDR 400 are one and the same.

but it is only running at 200 Mhz, If my ram is DDR 400 how come it is only running at 200 Mhz instead of 400 Mhz

Thanks.Click to expand...

Because it is DOUBLE DATA RATE (DDR) which means it sends the signal twice so 200mhz X2 = 400mhz
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This is a terribly naive question, but how do I find what type of memory works for my laptop? I just bought a Compaq Presario V4000T and want to buy a 1G chip to add to its meager 256 memory. Going through HP, I am given a product number for the memory, but it is not available for purchase through the site. I'd rather buy it through a discount site anyways, but searching for the product number on Newegg comes up with nothing. And their customer service reps cannot offer help.

Can anyone assist? My employer has taken care of all this stuff previously, and this is my first personal laptop. Thus I suffer.


A:Laptop memory - what type?

download cpuz, go to the spd tab, and read max bandwidth box, which is the ram you need, e.g. pc2700
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Just wondering how i would find out the make of my motherboard.. and if there is like an online manual i could get

becuase i need to find out how to erase the data on the cmos and properly reinstall the jumper cables. cuz my ***** freind removed them all and doesnt know where to install them

A:What type of MotherBoard do i have?

no operating system is installed at the moment becuase i need to get into
BIOS so that i can change the boot to CD-rom cuz i dont have a floppy! BUT i cant because some1 put a password on this peice of **** ..

the mother board its self has a p3 cpu 856mhz! lmao
also i put in 40gb hdd
intergrated graphics! no APG SLOT! so i cant use my radeon 9200 se

the only reason im working with this back up comp is becuase my crappy emachines computer broke! the mother board is fried or sumthing! so i gotta wait 3 weeks for the manufacter to repair it! lol
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Hey whta's up, basically need to install a RAM module from TradeMe(Ebay) but don't know what type to install.
Comp Spec:

Intel Pentium III 866MHz, 128 Mb RAM


A:want to install RAM module, don't know what type or spec. of RAM to use


howdy, well I have found out that my 866 can support a max of 512Mb (does this soud right), so basically I have to get a 256Mb stick to fit into the spare slot (will upgrade the current 128Mb stick later), basically the only thing I am unsure about is Static RAM (I think SDRAM??) PC rating, (like PC130), what is this, anyone????

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I have a problem with my computer that has me stumped. When I type letters on my laptop computer, numbers come out...I restarted to see if that would help but everytime I try certains letters, numbers come out...Anyone know a solution to this? thank you in advance. :approve:

A:When I type letters on my laptop, Numbers come out!!

:stickout: Nevermind, I figured it was the number lock.
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I have a compaq presario with a GB hard drive The drive was partitioned into sections A third of the drive was used for a backup utility The computer just seems slo I have used a compaq tool and removed that partition to allow me more room knowing full well this only leaves me with the restore discs My What Hard Do Drive Buy? I Type computer still seems sluggish From information I have found online through compaq one drive that could replace this is rpm and GB They want over bucks for that drive can t I buy one cheaper than that I can t seem to obtain much more information on the current drive A belarc readout says there is an intel b bus master IDE controller do you keep the same rpm speed Are there other things that have to match what I now have Do I need to take a peek at the current drive and see if more information is on it What more do I need to know and what would you all recommend for this computer I have more belarc specifics if they What Type Hard Drive Do I Buy? are needed thanks nbsp

A:What Type Hard Drive Do I Buy?

You do not want a 5400rpm drive and you don't need to buy something for outrageously high price from HP.

Go buy the cheapest new IDE (non-SATA) drive from a computer store and it will be twice as fast as your current hard drive.

That said, most likely your speed problems are not caused by the hard disk. You should consider things like disabling unneeded programs, defragmenting the hard disk, buying more RAM..
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I've got a Logisys Keyboard that will not work when I plug it into my USB Port (Any of them)... My USB Ports *DO* work (Ive tested that). It gets power (its an illuminated one) but will not type. However, it came with a USB -> PS2 Converter and it works fine if I plug it in that way.. but, the PS2 Converter snapped (long story), and now I am without a keyboard. Anyone know why it doesn't work just straight USB?

A:USB Keyboard Won't Type

Sometimes with those USB devices you must install the software that came with it for them to work. Did the keyboard come with any software?
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Hey all, I was hoping someone on this board would be able to help me out.

I'm looking for a PC keyboard(PS/2 or USB) that would be like a laptop keyboard, where the keys are very easily pressed and sensitive. If anyone here has one of those or knows of a company that manufactures that type of keyboard please toss me a link or in the right direction.

Thanks all.

A:Specific Type of Keyboard

You can try the UltraX Flat by Logitech.
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After about 4 months of putting up with a crappy PCI video card, I've decided to upgrade my mobo to something with PCI-E. I found a nice mobo on Newegg that supports both socket 478 and PCI-E but only prescott processors. Now I'm thinking that my processor is a prescott but I want to make sure. I kept only the documentation from the processor which tells me nothing about its type, but dumped the box while cleaning a while back so I was wondering if anyone knew any programs or tricks to find out what type of processor you have in your machine (prescott, northwood, etc.)

A:Figuring out processor type?

go and download a program called CPU-Z. get it here

also everest is a good program. get home edition here
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After recently acquiring a server and using some great help from this site to remove SBS and installing XP I have a new question??

My BOIS tells me I am running 1 933Mhz PIII (tualatin apparently), and I need all of the details on the type so I can put another one in there as I have space for 2 on the board. The Server is Dell Poweredge2500, can anyone help me??


The Fool From Persia.....

A:Can anyone help Identify MY CPU type????

download everesthome 220, its free. it will tell you all you need to know about what is in your pc
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Looking for usb or serial external PCMCIA type ll slot.

Now what im tring to do, is...

I currently use my cell phone with a data cable to connect to any computer as a modem. then i can dial out using a special service from alltel called Acess mobile link (slightly higher speeds than regular dialup and this eliminates the middle man and i have unlimited data download) Anyways... they also offer a PC card for type ll slots (common on laptops not on PCs) witch is setup to basicaly do the same thing that my cellphone is doing only i can not find any thing that would allow me to use the card with out having a type ll slot. ANYTHING would be nice. like a "usb adapter" would be nice, or even an "external type ll slot".

Any ideas besides "buying a laptop" would be nice

A:"Wireless PC card" adapter? USB or External type ll slot or ANYTHING

Not sure if I am understanding your right or not....

But would something like THIS do the trick?

It'll give you a type II PCMCIA slot in the back of your computer.
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I'm hopeing to get some upgrades for my birthday for my com, the 2 im after mainly is a new cpu an mobo, an im going after a 64bit setup. I was comparing prices an realised that socket 754 (cpu's and mobo's) is a hell of a lot cheaper than 939. Is there a great deal of diference bewtween the 2?

A:What type of socket is better, 939 or 754

The bigger number is always going to be better. If you need reasons:

1. 939 has dual channel memory support, 754 is only single channel.
2. 754 doesn't support PCIe, 939 does.
3. This compares most all AMD's processors. You can see that the 939 is superior (unless you are short on cash)
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When installing the memory, should i put the 1 GIG stick first and the 256 stick in the second slot or the other way around? Does it matter? Which way would be faster?

A:Which RAM stick first? Need help ASAP Building system as I Type


Need more info...
What or how many ram slots?
Depends on what you want dual or single channel
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would like to passivly cool a socket 479 ,thinking heatpipe no fan
looking at the shuttle I.C.E. heatpipe and others.should I invest in heatsink for the southbridge chip?
found a nice board and cpu no intel numbers says confidential on board
not FCC approved
has a socket 479 1.8 ghz 2mb cache cpu 855gme chipset and a 6300esb southbridge
problem is no retention and heatsink /fan on cpu
not familiar with this type of processor.

A:best type cooler socket 479 pentium M 1.8 also should I cool southbridge

Socket 479? I know of 478, but not 479. There must be some sort of typo.
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I have a dvd/cd rom and it cannot recognize/play any type of disk (audio cd, cd-rom,dvd). After inserting any disk, the player tries to read it and then a window stating "insert disk in d: drive" pops up.

Please help


A:Any disc type not recognized by player

check all its connectors on the back,remove and then reinstall it in device manager but otherwise it sounds like its trashed you'll either have to get it repaired or a new one. sorry
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I am using a XFX Geforce FX 5200 AGP 8X in my AGP 4X slot and was wondering what disadvantages there are of using an AGP 8X card in a 4X slot.

A:AGP type

You will notice no difference in performance. :wave:
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how do i know what type of agp slot is on my motherboard 4x8x ect.i would like to install a high 3d graphic card i only have a 8mb nvida agp graphic 64 bit card now i have a plentlium 11 system

A:What type of agp slot

Finger out what kind of motherboard you have, then cross reference it's specs at the manufacturer's website. Typically when you first boot up, the mobo's name is displayed. Since it's a P2 system, I wouldn't hold my breath on being able to install the lates & greatest video card.
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I just had a family member buy some ram for their notebook, and for some reason it doesnt like it. The laptop is an Ibm thinkpad 600x. The ram purchased was 256mb pc133 sodimm 32x64-74 144-pin. I dont get why it wouldnt work as the thinkpad uses pc100, but the pc133 should scale back right? Im also not sure, but maybe it has to do with the density, i dont know what the thinkpad uses, nor if the ram purchased was high or low density, anyone have any ideas?

A:Ram type for Ibm thinkpad 600x?

Quite amazingly you can find the exact RAM specs for your laptop on the IBM website.

Newer PC133 RAM does not scale back (not always anyway).
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Recently decided to upgrade my Mobo and RAM but need to know a few things before I place an order. This is my first time doing this so...

First how do I identify which type of Pentium 4 chip I have so I can correctly choose the mobo and what will I have to look out for to match up with the chip?

I wanted to get something along the lines of the ASUS "P5GDC Deluxe" i915P Chipset Motherboard For Intel LGA 775 CPU here:

Also is DDR2 really worth getting over DDR?


i should also add that I have a p4 2.66 with 512kb L2 Cache just need to know the Socket number (I think)

A:Identifying P4 type and Motherboard question

Go here, and download Everest Home Edition. It will tell you everything you want to know, and it's free. Afer you install it, just click on "Motherboard" and then "CPU".

As far as the Ram goes, somenone else will have to help you on that, sorry.
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Not sure if this is the right spot to post this but have seen a few similar posts in here just none with anything i can use.

Im got a dvd copy of a movie which happens to be in a format I can find no info on. The file extensions range from .r00 - .r87 (boozers) with a misc .sfv .rar adding up to 4.26gig and Im at a loss at what to do. The files are both audio and video tracks. I cant seem to find anything capable of converting the file types or if i even need to. Ive tried using nero ahead and a few other programs but known seem to support the file type and im a abit wary considering some have asked about ts_audio files and the like.

Any help would be appreciated as my kids are driving me up the walls about it.

A:Need some assistance with unknow DVD type

Try a dvd player for your operating system, if you've already tried this then i don't know.. im guessing the dvd failed to play on windows media player or real one player or something like that, try a dvd player :grinthumb
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i need to buy some memory for my pc, im not sure how to tell what kind i have or need. its a dell 8200, if anyone can help please do. thanks!

A:Need help figuring out memory type

Go to
Their 3-step memory-finder will tell you exactly what you need.
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I am looking to upgrade the memory in my Compaq Presario S7150. I currently have 256mb and i'm looking to stick in another 256 or possibly 512.

The only problem is i dont have a clue what type is supposed to go in.

Please could someone tell me how i find out what type i need because its driving me mad looking for it.

As you may have guessed i'm not that technical, so any replies in ***** speak would be appreciated.


A:Type of memory needed

Keep in mind you only have 2 memory slots. Id get the 512mb.
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I am looking into getting my brother-in-law one of those pen mice that can be used in photoshop and other programs instead of a mouse to draw things. Has anyone ever used them before, or know of any good brands?

A:Suggestions for a pen type mouse (tablet) for graphic design

Wacom are the most "famous"
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I have a HP DVD Writer 300n and I dont know what DVD it can burn. Can I use +R/+RW or -R/-RW.?


A:What Dvd Type`??

It appears you are only able to burn to +R and +RW.
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Hi all, I have a PowerColor 9800Pro 256MB
and would like to know how to check what memory type I have but all memory is covered by heat sinks.
I have taken the card out and inspected it and recorded all numbers on it.
I see that it has two S/N's
I quess one for the Radeon 9800Pro 256 XR98-D3
and one for the PowerColor
is there a way to cross reference the numbers to check what memory is installed?
No product information manual online for the 9800Pro yet.

A:Check memory type 9800Pro

Look on the actual RAM will have a pretty long number. What are the last 2 digits?

If it's Samsung, then:

2A = 2.86

30 = 3.0

33 = 3.3

And if it's Infineon:

30 = 3.3

33 = 3.3

Even the Samsung 3.3 is working for nearlyt everyone over stock R9800PRO speeds (With a BIOS Flsah), but the Infineon seems barley able to surpass it's rating, ie 3.3 around 303mhz, 3.3 around 333mhz, but usually a little less than that

Hope you have the Samsung:grinthumb
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Thats what started coming up in the POST screen when I boot up the computer. It used to say AMD XP2000+. I thought the BIOS might have reset but all the settings are the same. I have an XP1700 Ive been overclocking for 5 months with no problems until now. CPUID says the bus is still running at 300mhz but the chip speed is back to normal at 1400mhz. Ive never seen anything like this before.

A:Unknown CPU type?????

Guess I stumped everyone. Its back to normal now. Im rebuilding this thing with an nForce2 Ultra board this weekend so Im not going to worry about it.
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Anyone interested ?