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Dimension 4550 memory needed

Q: Dimension 4550 memory needed

I have a Dimension 4550 with 256 mb of memory. I'm ready to upgrade at this point and i know that only certain types of memory will work. Anyone have any ideas what kind i need and or links to the proper items at a reputable online store?

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Preferred Solution: Dimension 4550 memory needed

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Dimension 4550 memory needed
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Any links to a Dimension 4550 compatible PSU, preferrably 350 or so watts?

I've searched the net and only found one site that has dell compatible PSU for sale and id like some other options before purchasing.

Thanks for the help guys, this forum pwns!

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Hello Ok so here s the deal My church Upgrade Dimension 4550 Graphics Card just bought a brand new hp this last january It has Vista We upgraded the graphics card to an ATI Radeon X Pro We also 4550 Dimension Graphics Card Upgrade upgraded the Power to a watt Maddog The reason for upgrading this card was so that we could 4550 Dimension Graphics Card Upgrade run S-Video from the computer card to an HD TV So we turn on the computer and when we go to turn on the TV and active the extended desktop the computer screen blinks acouple of times then nothing It just goes back to where it was We can make the HD TV be the Primary screen but we want it to be an extended desktop and run a program for words and scripture and that sort of stuff we ve tried everything Called HP they said that this card wont work for that pupose But the circuit city guys promised that it would work So for the last couple of months we have been using a laptop to do all of this And of course the graphics card isn t the best and we have a brand new computer just sitting right there So if you have any info that will help us with this that would be outstanding Now We are willing to swap the HP for the Dimension that is at my Pastors house But this card will not fit in the Dell So we are kind of in a pickle Please help i ve been to forum after forum about this subject -Thank you in advance nbsp

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system model

Dell Computer Corporation Dimension 4550
System Service Tag: CXXV421 (support for this PC)
Chassis Serial Number: CXXV421
Enclosure Type: Mini-Tower


2.00 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4
8 kilobyte primary memory cache
512 kilobyte secondary memory cache
code name northwood
brand id 9
package Socket 478 mPGA

main circuit board

Board: Dell Computer Corp.
Bus Clock: 400 megahertz
BIOS: Dell Computer Corporation A08 09/23/2003

memory modules

2048 Megabytes Installed Memory

Slot 'DIMM_A' has 1024 MB
Slot 'DIMM_B' has 1024 MB

hard drives

240.06 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
197.87 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space

3.5" format removeable media [Floppy drive]

WDC WD1600AAJB-00WRA0 [Hard drive] (160.04 GB) -- drive 0, s/n WD-WCAS26342810, rev 58.01H58, SMART Status: Healthy
WDC WD800JB-00JJC0 [Hard drive] (80.03 GB) -- drive 1, s/n WD-WMAM9AWK2606, rev 05.01C05, SMART Status: Healthy

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I updated my Dell to Windows 7 last night and I realized that I don't have any sound drivers or cards. I have been Googling for about 3 hours now without any luck. Can any one help me?

A:Dell Dimension 4550 Upgrade - No Audio Driver/PCI Input Device

Read your other post !
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I updated my Dell to Win7 last night and I realized that I don't have any sound drivers or cards. I have been Googling for about 3 hours now without any luck. Can any one help me?

A:Dell Dimension 4550 Upgrade - No Audio Driver/PCI Input Device

Quote: Originally Posted by ZeroManArmy

I updated my Dell to Win7 last night and I realized that I don't have any sound drivers or cards. I have been Googling for about 3 hours now without any luck. Can any one help me?

Have you tried Dell?

If they dont have a win 7 driver an earlier one can be used if it is installed in compatibility mode.
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I have a Dell Dimension 4550. Please Help! I am wondering if anyone can give me detailed step by step instructions or give me a website to REINSTALL the entire system. To delete everything so I can start over brand new. Dell tech support is way over priced. Please HELP!!!

A:Dell Dimension 4550


did you get restore disks with the computer when you bought it?
or an xp disk with a motherboard disk
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my mate wants more ram for his dimension and I need to check exaclty what type he needs.
Could you please tel me what type of ram it needs?

A:Dell Dimension 4550 RAM

look here, use the drop down menu's to select the correct computer
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hey guys after a good with dimension cpu's 4550 compatible years of use i think cpu's compatible with dimension 4550 my processor has cpu's compatible with dimension 4550 pretty much cpu's compatible with dimension 4550 had it with noticeable heat damage and poor performance im ready for a switch but im having trouble figuring out what will actually work with the computer properly and the last thing i wanna do is order something that im just gonna have to send back so some input will be appreciated the computer runs off of a intel pe chipset im not sure if that matters and im pretty sure its socket type on the dell website it says on the system information that the mobo will support up to a ghz processor a speed that i would be satisfied with honestly here is the rest of the information on the systems processor Microprocessor Microprocessor type Intel Pentium microprocessor that runs at or GHz internally and MHz externally or or GHz internally and MHz externally L cache KB first-level L cache integrated -KB or -KB at full microprocessor speed so yeah any suggestions on what would work properly on my computer would be cool links to websites that sell it even better thanks guys nbsp

A:cpu's compatible with dimension 4550

no replies :[
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I have an old Dell 4550 desktop that I would like to restore and add some memory to
it currently has 256 MB and I would like to get it to at least 512 MB.....would I be
better to add an additional 256 (would there be room) or simply replace the 256 with
512? How hard is it to replace the memory myself??

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I am planning on upgrading my old Dell Dimension 4550 to Vista after Christmas.
I am sure when you first read this you'll think, blimey what's he doing that for, but it only came with an 18Gb hard drive and 256mb of RAM.

I am planning on replacing these components with at least a 160Gb hard drive and 1Gb or RAM

Question 1;
- What kind of hard drive does it take?
#i.e; 2" hard drive or 3" hard drive

Question 2;
- What kind of RAM does it take
#i.e; DDR etc...

Question 3;
- Is this completely insane or can it be done, and done well???

Thanks very much and have a very Merry Christmas

A:Dell Dimension 4550

I have just looked at the specs and I dont think that I would bother, IMHO it would run crap.
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I have a Dell Dimension 4550 that will not recognize the hard drive, I have tried all the settings (master, slave, cable select) it was working yesterday but seemed to get a virus from facebook (from what I am told) and the screen went black. Does not sound like a hard drive problem to me since I was able to hook it up externally and extract the data. Will not boot to my cd either. it is running windows xp and everything is stock on the machine.

A:Dell Dimension 4550 error

Does it recognize said drive in the BIOS?
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I know I have to take this computer with old OS out of service, but I wanted to know if this is a good candidate for ubuntu or a NAS server or media server. It runs well and has maximum RAM. It does have SATA.
Are people using this as a movie server in their homes? Can this be a file repository and then automatically sync with the cloud to backup files? I have a router that would allow me to access remotely, but thought if its mirrored in the cloud I could access files from my onedrive. I am also considering moving to google doc, or amazon or some other cloud server for my files, but I thought if I kept syncronized files on my home network it would speed things up and reduce bandwidth.
Thanks for yout help in advance.

A:Dell Dimension 4550 running XP

I guess it all depends how well it performs under any of these tasks.  I use my old but well kept up to date Dimension 5000 to backup my wife's Surface Pro 4 via home network on Windows 10.
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I got this computer like 5 years ago I think and I just upgraded my computer ram to 2GB and on the dell spec's it says it can only hold 1GB of ram. Did 1GB sticks not exist 5 years ago or what?

Sorry I didn't know where else to post this at if this is the wrong place.

A:Question about my Dell Dimension 4550

If you right click on my computer and go to properties does it show 2 gigs?
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I have a DELL Dimension 4550 that is giving the following error at bootup:

lsass.exe - System Error

"The endpoint format is invalid."

You hit OK and the pc reboots and message comes back each time. The strange thing I have noticed is I have 512MB ram installed in this pc and the system is reading only 32MB. It boots to safe mode fine. I even tried the memtest on bootup and it is only seeing 32mb of ram! I have removed the module and reseated and cleaned the contacts. No good. Is this a case of just buying new ram? Or could it be deeper than this?

A:Dell Dimension 4550 issues


I was doing a little research and found out that lsass.exe is a system process of the Microsoft Windows security mechanism. More than likely from what I read you have a virus of some type.

I would recommend you get the following scans done in safe mode:

PS: Check out this site for a lot of information about lsass.exe (I used it to help you):

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I have an old DELL Dimension 4550 that I am trying to experiment on. I would like to know if I can upgrade the CPU to this:

I know that I will need faster RAM right? Like Pc3200? That is fine because i want to max this thing out.

Also.... What types of RAID offer backup capabilities? Does it start at level 5 or is there lower levels that offer mirroring?

A:Will this work in my Dell Dimension 4550?

It only takes DDR 333 or 266 memory and Pentium 4 processor.
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i took the heatsink in my dimension 4550 out recently and i cant seem to get it back in can anyone help me?


A:Reseat heatsink dimension 4550

Please list the type of installation that you removed. Were there 2 plastic keepers put through holes in the motherboard that needed to be removed? Was it held in by tape or what?
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My dell when i unplug it and plug it back in won't keep the bios settings. I replace the battery with a new one and the jumper is on normal. But it will tell me my cmos battery voltage it low but it's brand new. I can't figure it out. The jumper said normal or setup. I can't even find a service manual for it. Well thanks for any help i can get.

A:dimension 4550 bios battery help.

Hi GWB21471
Thanks for writing to us.
After changing the battery is the BIOS saving the settings?
Have you replaced it with the same part# as the original one. If yes, then possibly we are looking at the connector on the motherboard is faulty.
Do provide us your system tag#, email address and name via private message,by clicking on my name in blue and then select send a private message
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can anyone help me on how to format my computer? i know that i will lose all my information. thanks

A:How do I format my Dell Dimension 4550

Do you have recovery disks that came from Dell?
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I saw a few threads about this stuff and saying it could be the power supply. It could be that but I wanted to make a 100% sure before I bought one. Here is the story, my girlfriend was taking apart the computer to clean it, it had worked before she just unplugged it any everything. She ended up cleaning up the computer from the inside and outside, but when she put it back together it won't turn on. When I plug the power cable to the power supply a little green light will light up on the mobo. But thats about it, I've tried a different socket and different wire with no changes. The light by the power button doesn't light up at all. Wondering if you guys think something could have messed up. I tried to check the connections and everything seems to be please!!

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Today I reformatted my Dimension computer but I have misplaced my driver CD and must download and install all my drivers This is of course impeded by my ability to find a working Ethernet Controller driver I have used the Dell website for the Broadcom driver for the Ethernet Card but it gives me the message quot This zip file is part of a multidisk zip file Please insert the last disk of the set quot Note that I bought my computer in I have never heard of quot Broadcom quot before today and I'm wondering if newer models use a different ethernet controller than the one I own I googled for other fixes but none of them seem to work Please note that I have no drivers for any other devices installed beyond basic Windows installation According to my Device manager I am missing drivers for all of the following components -Camera Probably the USB webcam I have plugged in but haven't bothered to install -Ethernet Controller -Multimedia Audio Contoller I'm not so worried about this I know where to get drivers finding Need Dimension 4550 help for it -Network Controller Possibly my wireless network card -PCI Input Device The Dell website is confusing and there are a lot of drivers up for download and I need help figuring out which ones I need Almost all of them say quot Optional quot so I can't figure it out Please help

A:Need help finding drivers for Dimension 4550

Lets see what we can do.

First install the Chipset Driver:

Lan Driver:

I know you have downloaded it before, but please do so again. I had the same issue the other day. I ended up redownloading it and had no issues.

Once you have internet access run Everest under my signature and attach the report to the thread. The report will tell me what hardware you have.
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Hi I m new to all this over clocking stuff I recently found this year Dimension 4550 Overclocking Dell old dell I had and it didn t have good ram or gfx card so I got mb ram for it which boosted it up to gt gt and also got a MB ATI Raedon x gfx card for it I was playing this game the other day and Dell Dimension 4550 Overclocking its not that much of a game that needs really good specs its just Counter-Strike I should have had FPS constant but it was really bad The game was skipping a lot like I would try to step forward it would freeze for like seconds and if I help the button to keep going forward after the seconds I might have actually moved but whats the point if the guy is behind the door and then it lags for seconds He pops out and shoots me in that seconds my screen is frozen Also the keyboard was lagging a lot like if you were to type Hello it would take about seconds to actually show up So I m guessing there is something wrong with some the CPU is only GHZ Pentium I tried to over clock it but when I went into the BIOS it didn t have any options for over clocking so I am guessing Dell locked the BIOS so you cant OC it so is there anyway to unlock it so I could OC it Thanks nbsp
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Alright Here s the deal I have a Dell Dimension desktop at this moment I Upgrading help a 4550, Dimension Dell need want to upgrade this on the theory that upgrading the old system will give me a workable if not spectacular system My Upgrading a Dell Dimension 4550, need help total budget is preferably around dollars though I imagine that I could go over that if needed Oi it won t let me post the link to the documentation how annoying I have a Radeon Pro video card in it at present and the rest is pretty much stock-it s a GHz processor I believe with nothing else spectacular It came with MB of DDR SDRAM and I ve added a stick as well for a total of -something My current possible intentions I want to upgrade the RAM-if I can get it at a good price I ll replace one or both of the ram modules with for gig of ram I think I read someplace that this particular model of computer doesn t support dual-channel ram anyway so I want to upgrade the video card It is as the link will state a x AGP slot and I want the best I can get within reason The current power supply is watts-I can try replacing it if absolutely necessary Does the video card need updated that badly I m not good at comparing them Bear in mind that I don t need a high-end gaming rig here I just want to be able to run some newer games I d like to be able to run Oblivion or Fallout for example Lot of newer games for me that I d like to be able to run I m currently considering the GS video card nbsp

A:Upgrading a Dell Dimension 4550, need help


as a newbie you cant post links, as for Dell PC's why bother upgrading it, just sell it and buy a new unit, easier in the long run and cheaper, from what i remember Dell use specific PSU's in some of their machines so if you wanted to swap it out it would have to be a Dell PSU.

You can pick up a good spec PC for a few quid nowadays as they are getting cheaper all the time.
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Dell true to form has made the cmos non-upgradeable for use with WIN8. So, with regrets, I need to know what motherboard, cpu and sound cards, memory, etc, I will need in order to upgrade this elephant.

Then of course, I need to know if my graphics card, NVIDIA GeForce 6200, power supply 250W, etc are sufficient. The power supply is welded to the frame of the box, so will be a pill to change out. I also need suggestions on which Sound card, since there isn't one now. It too is part of the motherboard.

I guess I should also ask if this upgrade is even possible. Is WIN 8 backward compatible with xp software? I hope so, since it would be cheaper than purchasing a new machine and software.

Any and all advice will be appreciated.

A:What is needed to upgrade a Dell Dimension 8300 XP to 8.1?

Easiest way is to run "Upgrade assistant" : Upgrade Assistant: FAQ - Windows Help
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Hi, I am trying to reformat a Dell Dimension on Windows XP Home, and have never had a problem like this, don't know what I am missing, the machine was purchased with XP home on it, and there is a reinstall disk. When you do the reformatt when it comes back up and runs through the process it does not ask for the product key? It reformats and when machine is supposedly all set up and ready to go half the information such as ethernet card, audio drivers etc is not there. If you are doing a complete reinstall should it not ask for the product key??? This really has me puzzled, I have reformatted 3 times, and am not coming up with the proper setup. I am going to work now and will not be back until this evening, but anyones input into this would be greatly appreciated.

Tks Chris

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I've got a Dell Dimension 4550 desktop that I've had for 7 years. It has worked fine but lately, I've been having problems related to the monitor and I hope someone can offer some advice (besides buying a new system).

For some reason, my monitor goes into "sleep" mode shortly after booting up my system. The only way to avoid this problem is to go into safe mode but I can't access the internet in safe mode. Any ideas on how to resolve this problem? I've already tried restoring my system (several times) to a previous date (going back several months) but to no avail.

Any ideas on how to resolve this problem?

A:Dell Dimension 4550 desktop problem

Maybe it is too old to work any more
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Well I had to reinstall WinXP a few months back I actually want my sound to work again and I have been at it for four hours I have tried any and all techniques and methods for doing this that I have ever learned for the past twenty years I found a driver on my installation CD copied it extracted it and attempted to install it oh an unknown error occurs The installer tells me to reboot my computer and try again which does not alter the outcome I found this page looking through sound Dimension Dell No my lovely on 4550. your archives http support dell com support down amp fileid Oh it is an updated version of the file I found on my installation CD it creates the same outcome I get the SoundMax installation screen and then it fails after going through a few No sound on my lovely Dell Dimension 4550. screens telling me a driver has not been found it tells me to reboot and try again Which changes nothing I do not know if this is a clue but there is no volume control in my system tray and if I attempt to open the volume control through the start menu under accessories-entertainment I get this message quot There are no active mixer devices available To install mixer devices go to control panel click Printers and other hardware and then click add hardware quot I can utilize a readme file which opens a browser window No sound on my lovely Dell Dimension 4550. for the driver titled quot Analog Devices x Integrated Audio Driver quot If I select open and enter the proper path I get to the same place the SoundMax installer starts to run a page or two flies by and then it exits because a driver is missing or so it says the message says to reboot but rebooting does not work Of course I had to try Dell tech support and I realized quickly I was speaking to computer illiterates in India try to tell them what is happening it is like they do not even hear you and they want to run me through a troubleshooting checklist I have already done four times at my rather heavy expense yeah I hung up after about ten minutes Any ideas

A:No sound on my lovely Dell Dimension 4550.

Have you check the device manager on your computer, check if the sound card there are installed. You may see yellow exclamation mark on them.
Try updating the drivers from there ,intead of installing it using the setup utility of the soundmax.
BTW is this a built-in sound card?
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Due to my kids constantly plugging things in and out of my USB ports 2 are now broken. I wanted to remove the motherboard so that I can replace the ports. I removed all the screws that I can see holding the board to the case, but it still is being held in by something else. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Removing Dell Dimension 4550 Motherboard

Dell 4550 Manual

I too have a Dell 4550 & I also know how hard it can be to navigate thru the Dell site But if you click on this link
& select Replacing the System Board You will see that the mobo slides out on a tray.
Look for a green tab to slide it out then once out one would remove all the screws & then give it a lil push to the left ,kinda like you would on a side cover of a tower.
Good luck I hope the link is of some help!
PS: I need a replacement board for My lil girls 4550 since a power surge fried it & it's no longer covered be Dell.
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Hi:I read several messages in forum about problems with some video cards. For a Dimension 4550, NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT and GeForce 6800 GS are the best options. Somebody is using ATI video cards for Dimension 4550? I know that ATI Radeon X1300 is not working for this model, but what about other ATI models? What about ATI Radeon X1600 or ATI Radeon X800? Please let me know.Thanks for your help,szarate

A:Compatible Video Cards for Dimension 4550

***   ***  UPDATE  ***  ***
It would appear that forum poster, wizard2u, successfully installed an evga 6800gs in his 4500.  I can't speak for other brands, but that card worked.  So disregard information you see below except for the benchies.
I'm going to give you an update on using 6800gs cards in your 4550.  It appears that the 6800gs is too long and bumps into an ide hard drive connector on the motherboard.
This picture posted by Pro depicts the mobo of a 4500.  The case dimensions and motherboard diagrams of the 4500 and 4550 are the same.  Thus the 6800gs will not fit as Pro states.
The next links show the relative speed of the 6600GT in comparison to the  Ati offerings you mentioned.
Granted these benchies are run in computers with faster cpus, faster memory,  than a 4550, and with pci-e vid cards.  The only point is to demonstrate that the 6600GT is faster than the ATi solutions.
The only hope is that nvidia will release the 7600GT as an agp card and make it shorter than the 6800gs.
Good Luck
Dimension 4550Intel P4 2.53GHzA08 Bios768Mb DDR 333MHz RAM533Mhz fsbSapphire OEM Radeon 9800Pro w/128MbSoundBlaster LiveD-Link 524 Wireless RouterLite-on DVD-romLG-DT-ST CDRW-rom 848-1bWD 600BB 60Gb Ultra ATA 100 7200rpm HDWD 1200JB SE 120Gb ATA 100 7200rpm HDBenQ FP71G+ LCD monitorWin XP SP2 (all updates)
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I receive a CPUO Fan Failure message everytime I boot up. After a period of usage my icons become very large and I have to RE boot
I haven't cleaned the insiode of the CPU for a while . Will this help or do I need new fans?

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Hi again,

In a nutshell - have an old Dell Dimension 4550. Trying to wipe it clean and restore it for one of my kids to play games on.

I have the reinstallation CD, and have tried every webpage solution I can find. Still no bueno...

CD in drive

Computer will not boot from CD

Changed boot sequence in BIOs
Still no luck

CD will load/open find if chosen from MY COMPUTER option, but it will not boot or be recognized upon a reboot

Any ideas or tips?

This PC appears to have some issues too, so just wanna do a clean wipe and restore....any tips or walk-throughs would be appreciated. Tried for a whole day and still not NOTHING.

(Here's the last website solution I tried:

A:Wiping a Dell Dimension 4550 Clean


Does the drive read the OS disc in the current windows.

Do not forget to either have the Dell Drivers disc handy or download the drivers from dell to a flash drive.

If you are using the Original Dell OS disc it is bootable.

If the drive is working the pressing F12 when the Dell logo appears should get you to the Boot Device Menu. At that point it couldn't hurt to run the drive diagnostics Since you mention issues with windows. (Boot Diagnostic Partition) or you can boot the Dell drivers disc for the Dell Diagnostics.

if the disc is bootable and the drive is operating properly then you should be able to boot from it in the boot device menu.

You could test the disc in another computer too.

I am familiar with the Dell Dimension 2350 through the Dimension 4600 and if the disc and the drive are good it works.
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can any1 help me here iam at my wits end with this now it i ahve a dell dimensin 4550 with a E210882 MOBO it was fully nworking i shut it down went 2 bed when i got up and tried to turn it on i got nothing no beeps no lights or anything i checked everything and it seemed to be fine then my freind said change the psu so i bought a new 1 and all i get is the light on the MOBO comes on no fans no hd and i no its not the cpu as i have checked it on my other pc coz they are the same socket 478 and it had new capacitors on the mobo about 2mnth ago iam ready to sling it through the window if no one can help me on here and go and buy a full new pc

A:Dell dimension 4550 mobo e210882

Look on the motherboard at the Northbridge heatsink as shown in the attached pic. There will either be one or two wires than run across the heatsink that connect to "loops" or "eyelets" on the motherboard (the red arrows point to the "loops" or "eyelets"). See if one of the "loops" or "eyelets" has pulled loose from the board.
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I did a format & reinstall of XP on my mother's Dimension 4550 last night and came to find that there were problems with the network adapter. Tried using the Resource CD to no avail. Then I did a google search and came upon a thread here which I followed. I actually followed the process described in the post 20 on that thread.

I still have two problems. I now get a message stating that a network cable is unplugged, and the Multimedia Audio Controller still shows up as an alert w/ the yellow ? mark / exclamation point that distinguishes problems areas. Any ideas what could be wrong?


A:Dimension 4550 ~ Network adapter problems

I actually have a second problem which is the front usb panel is dead. I have tried plugging flash drives in both slots and nothing happens, I don't get the beep, nada. Any ideas?
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(ON DELL DIMENSION 4550)so i just reinstalled windows on a new hard drive and im at the point where i have to install/update drivers. On the device manger there are 3 devices with a ?and! : Ethernet Controller,Multimedia Audio controller, and PCI Input device. I have the resource cd but i don't know how to update the drivers. any help is appreciated

A:Installing drivers on Dell dimension 4550

Put the resource CD in and Device Manager Right click on the device and select update driver, when prompted select the CD drive as the target to search.
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Wondering if it was possible to upgrade the memory (RAM) on a 2004 Dell Dimension XPS. What is compatible with this computer and where is the best place to get it? Does Dell offer memory upgrades?

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I have a Dell Dimension 4550 that I've had to reformat the drive and reinstall Windows XP. Now I can't get any sound from the system. The diagnsotic test work fine (including sound) but nothing from any media players, itunes, etc.. problem seems to be that I do not have any Audi devices installed. The system only has what was shipped as standard so I assume this is some sort of inbuilt device. When I look in the control panel under Sound & Audio, there are no default devices shown for Sound playback, Sound recording or MIDI music playback.
Any help in how I can reinstate these much appreciated.

A:Audio Device Problems On Dell Dimension 4550

Do you have all the original discs that came with the computer? If so, you'll have to reinstall the drivers for the onboard audio from the appropriate CD. There should also be a manual with instructions on how to do it. You could also go HERE (links to Dell website for 4550 downloads). From here, download whatever you need and install it on your computer. Let us know how you fare with this, and we'll go from there!
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Ive been getting a blue screen lately and this is what it entails

0x000000F4 (0x00000003, 0x85B9B020, 0x85B9B194, 0x805F9F88)

Anyone know?

My specs should be in that section that I filled out when i registered.

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Hi on my Dell Dimension 4550 I just recently reinstalled Windows XP (Home Edition SP2) and I am trying to get my internet working. In Device Manager I see a (!) beside "ethernet controller" (Code: 28). I am assuming this means that I am just missing a driver am I correct? What driver do I need, or what else should I be doing to get my tower on the internet? It is a DSL connection thru a router and generally any of the computers in my home work fine by just plugging the wire in the back.

I should also add that I do not have any of the CDs that came with my computer.

A:Dell Dimension 4550 Ethernet Controller ERROR

Hello donjlegacy,

Since you don't have the Driver CD for your system you can download the drivers from the Dell website and then transfer them to the system.
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hi guys

got a green light,but dead to the world.
changed power supplies but same story.

must be either the switch,the control board where the switch is plugging into...or the cable running to the main board...
or the main board itself.

when i work on a standard pc i use a screwdriver to touch the pins and power up a pc without a switch.
how can i do this on a dell desktop.


A:dell dimension 4550 green light...but not powering up

which green light? Does the fan turn on? Does it send the video to an external monitor?
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Hi, I am trying to figure out what graphics card to get for my computer. I'm pretty sure that my computer has AGP and PCI slots but I do not think that my computer has PCI-Express and this makes me sad because I was wanting to get a NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT.

My computers specs are:

I have 2 Gigs of Ram and a GeForce FX 5500 Graphics card right now.

I would like to know what kind of graphics cards I can get and if my computer really has a AGP and PCI slot for a new graphics card. And if I can get a NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT.

I mostly play World of Warcraft and Battlefield 2, my budget is around 100 to 200 dollars

Another thing I would like to know is should I even upgrade my graphics cards since my computer is so old. It's at least 5 years old.

A:Upgrading my Dell Dimension 4550 graphics card?

4x AGP
250W PSU

7600GS about the best with your psu:

8600GT AGP's are comming, but don't know when exactly
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Hello there,

Iv got a dell dimension 4550. I had to re format my computer, and after i did it, i got trouble installing the ethernet controller..

I googled it , searched this forums and couldnt find a solution. Did find some links, but they have expired. Would be great if anyone could help, thanks
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Hi all. I currently have a dell dimension 4550 which I have upgraded several times (ram, hdd etc.). however, my geforce 4 mx 420 graphics card can no longer support even basic games like fifa08, hospital tycoon etc. i'm thinking of an AGP x1650XT, but my proprietary psu is only 250W -- not enough to support the card.

any suggestions on a decent gfx card that can run on my dell rig? thanks

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Unable to use the reinstall disk that came with computer. The bios will not allow me to make the cd boot first. The control F11 does not work. When I boot with win 98 boot disk at the A prompt the c drive is inaccessible, message is failure. Downloaded "" to fix the F11 key only worked at saving unable to restore. The partion is mess up and only went back to last december and that was bad. The operating system is Win xp home.I have all disks from dell. If i try to use the reinstall cd in windows it tells me I have a newer verison and will not load. When I go to details it tells to boot with cd, control F11 not working and this cd can not be loaded from dos.

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My Dell Dimension 8100 is with 2, 64Mb cards. I wanna upgrade it to bit higher level. Im having a 512Mb card. Im wondering, is it possible to plug da 512Mb and 64Mb card as pairs in da Sokets 1 and 2 (I have 2 dummie cards for socket 3 and 4) ?

As i checked with da Dell support web, they provide a hint :

" If you upgrade the memory, the RIMMs must be upgraded in matched pairs of identical MB capacity in both sockets 1 and 2 or sockets 3 and 4".

So, in my situation, do i have to match da socket 1 and 2 with same 512Mb or is safe to plug 512Mb with 64Mb in da specified sockets? I dont care about da optimum performance, least 512Mb is enough for me.

thanx in advance.


A:Memory upgrade - Dell Dimension 8100, plz help

Your Dell uses RDRAM and those must be installed in matched pairs only, as the instruction from Dell plainly states. You will not be able to use your single 512MB module unless it is RDRAM (not SDRAM) AND you can pair it up with another identical one. Ordinarily you can only buy RDRAM in pairs regardless of capacity so I suspect your 512MB module is not RDRAM and, therefore, you can't use it.
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After looking on the Dell Support forums I was advised that my system:
Dell dimension 8200 uses RDRAM PC800
So I went and bought 2 x 128 (I understand RDRAM has to be in pairs)
SAMSUNG Memory 800-45

They fit in the slots fine, but when the PC boots its beeps and displays and error saying the memory is incompatible, please replace with memory 40ns or faster!

Please advise!!!


A:Dell Dimension 8200 Memory Upgrade

Did you get an upgrade on the motherboard or processor?
The Dell 8200 base model might use PC800, but if you upgraded it might take some faster RAM. Check into that and post back.
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I bought two 1GB PC3200 samsung memory sticks for my PC and my PC originally comes with 512mb PC2700. I have read the maual so the samsung memory is compatible with the PC. Also, i read that u can mix PC2700 and PC3200 together but it will run at slowest speed. So, I just added the memory to dimm3 and dimm 4 slots and when i turned the computer on it start to make a beeping sound and it wouldn't do anything else. Then, I tried it without the original memory it still didn't work. THere a 4 dimm slots on the motherboard and the max it can support is 4gb. SO, anyone has an idea whats wrong. I currently have two 256mb PC2700 installed and they work with the original memory combined. But, the two 1GB ones wont work.

A:Dell Dimension 4600 memory upgrade

Check here:
Older Dells are finiky with compatible ram. Crucial has a memory scanner, it will tell you what you have, what is compatible, what they have, and is garanteed to work.
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removed by author......................


A:Memory Upgrade - Dell Dimension 8100, plz help

I answered your identical post elsewhere. You shouldn't post multiple identical posts as it leads to confusion when different people answer each one.
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I have a Dell Dimension 4500 and want to add more RAM. When go to many websites, it said I can have a max of 1G RAM. However, when I went to and do their website scan, it said I have the capacity to upgrade is 2G. This is actually the capacity the 4500 can go to. Who do I believe?
I am hoping to find two 1G PC 3200 Chips (maybe find them on ebay) to max the computer out with 2G? If this is possable, what type of chips should I look for?
Thank you,

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I have

Dimension 2400
Processor Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.40GHz
Processor Speed 2.34 GHz
Memory (RAM) 256 MB
Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Operating System Version 5.1.2600

To upgrade RAM, I bought

Capacity 2GB (1 GB STICK X 2)
Model: PC3200 SAMSUNG
Type DDR
Frequency: 400 FSB


having researched that the Dimension 2400 can take 2x1GB

When I install the 2 x 1Gb, & power up, the PC freezes at the initial Dell power up screen, 1/4 way along the horizontal power up measurement bar.

When I reinstall my original 256mb RAM, it fires up perfectly.

Dell say they havent tested PC3200, & recommend PC2700 & PC2100 only, but everywhere on the net it says backwards compatible

Help pls ?

A:Dimension 2400 Memory upgrade problem

When you are dealing with Dell and any other brand name computer, the first thing to do is find out what THEY think you should buy from THEM!

I upgraded the wife's 8200 AFTER reading the Dell info and then went to Ebay.

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Hi I would like to answer a question or two about memory 9200 Dell Dimension upgrade for Memory I use a Dell Dimension with a quad-core q GHz Viiv CPU MB GTX graphics card and GB MHz memory I use Home Vista bit and know that even though Vista only uses GB ram all modules are being used I am really wanting to play the game Flight Simulator X at high settings mainly which for those of you who are familiar is extremely demanding Firstly I know what overclocking and such is out of the question and that doesn t concern me and I know Dell are quite rigid Memory upgrade for Dell Dimension 9200 about upgrading but say I wanted better memory Where should I look and what should I do Say I bought GB of memory GB modules at MHz instead of MHz Firstly will my p c accept the memory And secondly will it make a difference I have heard that there is some relationship between cpu and ram With the cpu I have got will it actually run at MHz or what How about that super powerful Corsair memory that runs at Ghz How would that effect my system if it is accepted Any help on this subject would be much appreciated Btw for those of you who know about the Windows Experience Index my p c has for cpu and graphics and for ram - overall Also my motherboard is a Dell Inc CT with Intel P G chipset if that helps at all nbsp

A:Memory upgrade for Dell Dimension 9200

I really doubt if increasing from 667 to 800MHz would do anything for you. The motherboard in your system may be the weak point, or bottleneck
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This is a Dell Dimension 4550 with a floppy disk drive. It works well except that about every 4th time taht I eject a floppy from the drive, the computer crashes immediately. It shuts down.

Has anyone heard of this before or have an idea of what could be wrong? I'm wondering if it's hooked up wrong or just a bad floppy drive.

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downloaded and installed the chipset, downloaded soundmax (R56339) and when it starts the installation it says "Driver not found! Reboot your system, and run this setup again." no audio device is found in the control panel ( it was working until my girlfriend installed a logitech webcam if that helps any) any help would be appreciated, tried downloading all kinds of drivers, nothing seems to work

A:Dell Dimension 4550 Windows XP, no audio device found?

Check BIOS. Is onboard sound listed? Is it enabled?
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The Service Tag comes up, along with the Express Service Code and Ship Date...but everything else is blank.
Is it just because it's old (2003) or could it be something else?
I cannot do the "Current Configuration" analysis because the system does not have a working hard drive.
How can I get the system configuration information?

A:Why doesn't the Service Tag for Dimension 4550 not show any system information?

You cant remote get current configuration on a machine that has no hard drive from another machine.
F2 Bios various menus will show what is in the machine.
There isn't any way to do what you are asking from a remote machine.
CPU info, Ram Info,  Video Card Info etc can be seen from bios.
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I am trying to take an old Dell of mine apart. I want to take the MOBO which is ties to my copy of Server2003 and put it in a new case. I have a dremel if it doesnt line up right. The only problem is the front panel headers. I need to find out what is what. Has anyone solved this yet? Ive seen some other Dell models done this way. The Intel MObo in it is an E210882.

Thank you in advance

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I recently formatted my Dell Dimension 4550, and have got it working pretty well except for one thing; the USB controller. I have no idea what it does because my USB ports seem to be working fine, and I can't seem to find the right drivers to get it working. I get the trademark giant yellow question mark in my Device Manager next to "Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller". Could someone please help?

A:Need help with USB Controller drivers on recently formatted Dell Dimension 4550

Your dell should have a driver disk, run it and install all the drivers. If you don't have this disk you can download the drivers at, click on desktops then home and office, then the support tab on top. Then pick your model from the list and follow the instructions
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I want to upgrade my memory, I have a Dell Dimension 8200 Desktop Computer. It has 256MB PC800 RDRam presently. I want to add at least 1 GB, but am not sure what i need to buy.What memory is compatible for this?

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I have a Dell Dimension - GHz with MB of RAM - MHz I am looking to upgrade the memory Apparently it needs RDRAM apparently same as RD RAMBUS I am thinking of adding MB That s where my questions start There seem to be tons of RD RAM options supposedly compatible with Dell Dimension with 8100 upgrade memory novice Dimension - Dell significant variation in price I list Dell Dimension 8100 memory upgrade - novice below to make my point gt MB x MB Dell Precision Workstation PC ECC Memory kit p n - - gt EDGE MEMORY - mb rambus kit for dell dimension memory ram for gt KINGSTON MB MHZ NON-ECC PIN RAMBUS MEMORY for Scanning some of the messages on the memory upgrade there are cases where people upgraded RAM and have run into problems not compatible unrecognized didn t have the right drivers or BIOS I visited the Dell site for updates - but it seemed unhelpful in this matter There were a bunch of downloads in various categories - but geared towards someone knowing exactly what they wanted to update not a novice trying to keep applicable things up-to-date So anyway - I am a bit nervous about going through the expense and effort to put in the new RAM only to find system can not use it or worse is offended by it I guess the final question is that this is a rather old system Is it simply a bad idea to sink more money into it I would welcome any advice hints and suggestions Thanks a lot in advance nbsp

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Would anyone know where I could download the appropriate driver for the Dimension 4550 Ethernet? I formatted the system and the drivers were negatively affected.

Currently the Device Manager has a big question mark next to 'other devices' with further question marks below, under Ethernet Controlled and Multimedia Audio Controlled.

Please help. ya'll.

A:[SOLVED] Need to download driver for Dell Dimension 4550 Ethernet adapter
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I solved this problem myself after spending days searching on the web but since the solution seemed completely unintuitive I thought I d post it for any other frustrated user The problem Last year I installed a PCI card in my Dell Dimension to allow me to swap an old IDE drive for a new Seagate Barracuda SATA hard drive The drive worked fine for a while but then it periodically failed to be picked up on boot - the Silicon Image A controller would fail to find the hard drive and then the grub loader would fail I figured out that if I physically switched the connection to the other SATA port on the PCI card the drive would be recognised on the next boot most of the time This was a very annoying solution Recently the drive started disappearing while I was using Windows XP which was particularly worrying so I set aside some time to finally fix the problem My setup The SATA drive is set to SATA Besides the SATA drive I have an IDE drive set to master on the master cable which is my main boot drive I have an Ubuntu installation on the SATA on 4550 Dimension PCI-connected drive SATA Dell arbitrarily disappears drive The system dual-boots using grub I ve disconnected one of my CD drives and PCI-connected SATA drive disappears arbitrarily on Dell Dimension 4550 my floppy drive just in case to avoid power problems Things which didn t work Changing PCI slots for the SATA adapter card Changing IDE drive to cable select PCI-connected SATA drive disappears arbitrarily on Dell Dimension 4550 Updating BIOS or chipset from Dell s website Crying like a little girl The solution I disabled the built-in ethernet adapter supplied by Dell both in Windows and in the BIOS disabling the adapter in the BIOS would have been enough Everything s worked fine for two weeks Don t ask me why this worked During my web crawl I came across a post where someone mentioned that the on-board ethernet in some Dells disrupts the power supply to the PCI bus In fact had previously had problems with a PCI TV-capture card Anyway whoever that poster was quot thanks quot because it fixed my problem The one thing I hadn t tried was to update the A controller BIOS in my PCI card but I wasn t sure where to get a suitable update There s a thread on Icrontic Forums seemingly devoted to A updates in case anyone needs one nbsp
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Hi Everyone,

I have an MSI K7T266 Pro 2 motherboard with 2 x 256MB 184 pin PC2100 DDR SDRAM installed. It has 3 memory banks 2 of which are populated

Is it possible to upgrade the memory on this motherboard to PC2700 or PC3200 (DDR400)? The manual says it supports PC1600 & PC2100 "At the time of writing" Does this mean it might support future memory upgrades?

Can I mix memory types? eg Could I leave the existing 2 x 256MB PC2100 modules there and add say 1GB of PC2700 or PC3200 to fill the vacant third slot?

Thanks for your help.


A:Memory Upgrade Help Needed

Im sorry to say that this board will only support up to ddr 2100. Only a newer motherboard that supports ddr 2700 can handle that kind of memory. If the motherboard did support 2700. Sure you could mix and match, but it would only run at the slowest speed. Since a 2100 cant run at 2700.

I hope this answers your question....

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The system's fan was very loud so I put in a new power supply and then everything booted up fine. Unfortunately, that didn't solve the problem. It was the Motherboard fan making all the noise.

So, I put the old power supply back in and now the system doesn't power up at all. I checked all connections & I replaced the power cord and tried a different electrical outlet.

I even put the new P/S back in and nothing changed. It still doesn't power up. It's dead!

Any suggestions?

A:My Dell Dimension 4550 won't power up. New P/S, power cord, etc. doesn't help.?

gbsdirect said:

It was the Motherboard fan making all the noiseClick to expand...

Do you mean the CPU fan ?
If so then I wonder if the CPU has been cooked

I would start by dispersing all internal voltage.
Detach the power cord
Press the power button in for 20 seconds
Re=attach the power cord
Try again

If it didn't fix then remove all addons, usb devices really anything attached (except screen and keyboard and power cord)
And try again

If it didn't fix then, confirm all internal connections are secure (even detach the dvd drive{s}

If it didn't fix then try disconnecting all fans (what !) for about 10 secs (turning on) I once had a fan of all things, that stopped my computer from turning on (unbelievable, I know)

Lastly, check the CPU for heat damage !
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I need advice as to the best way to upgrade the memory on my custom built desktop computer. It is presently outfitted with two 512MB DDR PC2700 modules and has one empty slot. The motherboard (Soyo SY-P4X400 Dragon Ultra Platinum Edition) can apparently handle PC3200 and up to 2 GB of DDR 400. I'm uncertain as to whether to scrap the two existing memory modules and install two 1MB strips of DDR 400 - PC3200 OR to fill the empty slot with a 1MB strip of the foregoing. I'm obviously in over my head and would appreciate any suggestions. BTW, the unit is running a Pentium 4 processor and Windows XP Pro. I'm not a "gamer" but I do run multiple programs all day and my rig has become agonizingly slow.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Everyone I currently have the following memory installed in my computer X MB x Mx DDR - SDRAM PC - - CL up to MHz CL up to MHz pin I don t understand all that but that s what s showing as the type of RAM I have The following is what I Needed Solved: Help Memory Upgrade m considering buying but I m not sure if it Solved: Memory Upgrade Help Needed will be compatible with what I ve listed above They say it s backward compatible but I don t know I d appreciate Solved: Memory Upgrade Help Needed your advice and opinion Thanks JEDEC Standard -pin Dual In-Line Memory Module x DDR Mhz Pin DIMM Module Performance PC DQ DQ Burst Frequency MHz Inputs and outputs are SSTL- compatible SDRAM have internal banks for concurrent operation Differential clock inputs Data is read or written on Solved: Memory Upgrade Help Needed both clock edges Bi-directional data strobe with one clock cycle preamble and one-half clock post-amble Address and control signals are fully synchronous to positive clock edge Programmable Operation Burst Type Sequential or Interleave Burst Length Operation Burst Read and Write Auto Refresh CBR and Self Refresh Modes Automatic and controlled precharge commands Serial Presence Detect SDRAMs in FBGA Package RoHs compliance nbsp

A:Solved: Memory Upgrade Help Needed

by: The best way to buy compatible memory is to use a Memory finder from one of the companies that manufacture or sell Memory sticks.
Go to and use thier memory advisor. It's free to use and they will recommend and guarantee the memory will work.
You will need to know your computer's name (Dell, e-Machines, HP, etc) or the motherboard name.
Another source is
The stick you're looking at will probably work, but why take chances?
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I have a Dell Dimension DIM Intel Pentium CPU GHz GHZ MB RAM I bought sticks of MB True PC DDR Dimension Help/Advise RAM needed 4600 Dell with on DDR-SDRAM MHz fast CL GB sec Bandwidth pin Dimm for desktop PCs not for laptops x modules sub nanosecond Backward compatible to PC and PC Non ecc non registered unbuffered This is what all the websites said that my computer s RAM needed My problem is that I can t get the computer to boot up with the new sticks in any of the slots When I put the original RAM sticks Help/Advise needed with RAM on Dell Dimension 4600 back in then the system boots up normally When the computer read all sticks and booted I got the blue screen of death that said mismatched memory or either I get beeps and blanks screen Help I updated all our computers and this is the last one and mine and I need more RAM Any help will be greatly appreciated this is about to drive me crazy because changing the RAM was so simple on the other computers and mine is not cooperating at all Thanks in advance Carla nbsp

A:Help/Advise needed with RAM on Dell Dimension 4600

Best thing to do is return the ram. But a different brand of pc-3200. It's really no big deal so don't worry! Get Kingston, Crucial, OCZ, Patriot, any name brand. It'll work as long as it's compatible. Most any pc-3200 ram will do the trick.
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First of all if this is the wrong section I'm sorry but it seemed like the most appropriate section to me The problem started completely randomly It was maybe or months ago when it started One night I was on my computer doing whatever and the Problem - Dimension NEEDED! With 5150 HELP Dell next morning this happened Problem With Dell Dimension 5150 - HELP NEEDED! I booted my computer up I logged in to my Windows XP file thing I waited for everything to load And waited And waited It loaded the desktop background all my desktop items my taskbar and or system tray items then stopped I could move the mouse and click and the start button was responsive when I rolled over it but I couldn't bring up the start menu I Could click and drag and make the grey box and my desktop icons would turn blue when selected but nothing would open I left my computer on for about an hour and when I came back to check on it there was nothing on the screen but my desktop background I found out a few things Safemode has never worked on my computer so if there's a way to make it work please tell me Remember though the computer with the problem is completely unusable It will also freeze on the log-in screen The blue screen with the Windows XP files The icons light up when I mouse over them but click doesn't open anything I'm almost certain it isn't a virus because I had free antivirus programs Avast Antivirus and AVG Free and I also had McAfee Total Protection Besides the problem was happening before I logged in to my Windows XP File and can viruses start up at that screen If I had to make a guess and remember this is a TOTALLY unprofessional guess and is probably completely stupid and wrong I would guess that my computer is overheating somehow due to a fan problem Any help is appreciated and I just thought of unplugging and plugging my computer back in Although I have no idea how it might help Just remember the computer that is messed up is COMPLETELY unusable so any solutions requiring me to use that computer are pretty much useless unless someone knows how I can get on to safe mode Right now when I try safemode on that computer I just get a black screen with a ton of drivers in white letters and it basically stops there IMPORTANT EDIT I would GREATLY prefer a solution that doesn't need me to wipe my harddrive I'm not even sure where my recovery disks are I've heard of Live Discs for Linux but I'm not sure which are good and how to even use them and the only reason I see to use them is to check if I have viruses Thanks in advance

A:Problem With Dell Dimension 5150 - HELP NEEDED!

hello & welcome to TSF

how long did you let it set when trying to go into safemode ?

some times it can seam like it is just freezing but it is really just loading the drivers

try safe mode again but let it set about 10 min before aborting the attempt

then get back to us

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A:Needed: BIOS pwd reset, Dell Dimension 8400

Well got this from your manual anyway

Locate the 3-pin password jumper (PASS) on the system board, and attach the jumper plug to pins 2 and 3 to clear the password.
When you receive your computer, the jumper plug is attached to pins 1 and 2.
Close the computer cover
Connect your computer and monitor to electrical outlets, and turn them on.
After the Microsoft® Windows® desktop appears on your computer, shut down the computer
Turn off the monitor and disconnect it from the electrical outlet.
Disconnect the computer power cable from the electrical outlet, and press the power button to ground the system board.
Open the computer cover
Locate the 3-pin password jumper (PASS) on the system board and attach the jumper to pins 1 and 2 to reenable the password feature.
Close the computer cover
Connect your computer and devices to electrical outlets, and turn them on
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Hey guys,

First time here, thought you may be of some help. My goal is to purchase the latest 6800 Nvidia card. I'm having trouble finding a compatible power supply of alteast 300watts for my Dimension 8200.

Dell Parts claim they only offer my existing 250w power supply. They mention there are other 3rd party vendors who manufacture higher wattage compatible power supplies for my dimension 8200. My only problem is I can't seem to find any??

Can anyone be of any help here...?


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A:300w + Power Supply needed for my Dell Dimension 8200...

Is your power supply one of the older ones that has the proprietary ATX connector? if so the only place I know that sells them is PC Power and Cooling.
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Would like to add memory to system. Buying memory from Dell is expensive has anyone with simular Dell Sys used memory other than Dell with success?

A:Dell Dimension M166A & Memory

Try here, choose dell in the drop down list, and see if you can choose your system in the next list.
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I have a Dell Dimension 4500. I am wondering what kind of memory I can put in
it? It had 256 pc2400 in it. Can I use 3200 in this machine? What memory
would be best to run xp on this machine?

Dell Dimension 4500 model DHM
Thank you,

A:Memory for a Dell Dimension 4500

According to Crucial, you can use PC2700 or PC3200 on your machine. It does not indicate PC2400 is applicable. Click here to see the info.

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I have a Dell Dimension 2400. I currently have 1Gb of RAM installed (2x 512Mb). Recently, I visited the Crucial website to system scan my computer. Unexpectedly, I found out that my system can hold up to a maximum of 2GBs! I couldn't believe it so I did some more researching. Most of the sites, (crappy memory sites), and they all say it can only hold 1GB. I would really really like to have 2Gbs or Ram. But I don't want to go and spend all that money and find out I can only use 1. I need help with knowing whether I can get 2gbs of ram. If anyone has a 2400, please give me some info. Thanks.

A:Dell Dimension 2400 Memory Help
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I am looking to upgrade the memory on my Dell Dimension 2400 to at least 512 mb. I have heard that you have to purchase a specific kind of ram (dell certified?) and that it won't just use any kind of brand. Is this true? If so, can someone point me in the right direction?

I know that it must be DDR PC2700/333 but I'm unclear as to which brand to buy.

I spoke with Dell and hung up unclear (she spoke very poor english) so really got nowhere.

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Hello, I have a Dell Dimension B110 which had been working fine, until I set it out for a while. I have recently hooked it back up and got a 1-3-2 pattern with the beeps. And the diagnostic lights on the back are D,C,B are yellow, and A is green. I read on the Dell website that it is a memory not being detected issue. I tried reseating the memory and moving them around. I also tried different RAM that I know works, and same thing. I am also getting no video output. I am wondering if it is a problem with the memory sockets or the whole Motherboard itself.

Can anyone help me? I am hoping not to buy anything, but if I have to, I will.

-Alex (ajwolfe)

A:Dell Dimension memory issue

DDR 400 LOW Density INTEL Compatible ram may be hard to find.  If its more than $40 for 4 1 gig sticks its not worthwhile.
Carefully Blow out the dust from the inside and the power supply.  Remove all ram and reinstall 1 stick at a time.
Dimension 1100/B110 is an ancient system.
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I have a Dell Dimesion 4600. should I upgrade certain hardwares or is it not worthwhile, and I should just buy a new PC? (of course cost is part of the issue) I use my comp pretty much just to surf the web, download audio and video files, watch DVDs, use Microsoft Word etc.

A:Upgrade dimension 4600 or buy new PC

In general, if you will spend more than $300 and it does not include a graphics card expense, then it is better to replace.
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Hiya ok here is my question compared to some of u reading this post i would be what u would call a noob i know how to build computers but i had help from a cuz but i lost touch with him what i help Dimension upgrade 3000 need to do is upgrade my dimension s ram so i can play good mmorpgs p ok so here is goes i want to upgrade my ram from mb to at least or more just enuf to play good games here r my comps Dimension 3000 upgrade help specs WARNING thir pretty sad Processor Intell R Celeron R CPU GHz lt ----pretty bad huh i want to upgrade this Memory RAM lt ----need to update this too Those are the things i want to update so what will i need to at least get the GHz to maybe or more and have enuf to make this comp able to play kick vid games with no prob i already know this comp can Handel good games i know this cuz i can play lots of mmorpgs so far but i wanna get ready for AoC sorry if i sound like a complete noob but that s y im here P S dell told me that i can update it but not by much and that im better off getting a new comp but i think that s a bunch of bull cuz a comp tech told me i could update it to a certain point so it will be at least enuf to play good Dimension 3000 upgrade help games btw i want to spend maybe only meh maybe more or DEFENTLY less i don t want to spend like cuz i could just buy a new one p nbsp

A:Dimension 3000 upgrade help

You could spend like $675.00 at Dell and purchase a computer that would blow your ancient Dell Deminsion 3000 away. You'd get a new Dell Inspiron 530 with an Intel® Core?2 Duo Processor E4600, Windows XP Home, no monitor, 2GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz- 2DIMMs memory, 250GB Serial ATA Hard Drive, 16x DVD+/-RW Drive, nVidia GeForce 8300GS 128MB video card, Integrated 7.1 Channel Audio, Dell USB Keyboard and Dell Optical USB Mouse, No Floppy Drive Included, No Modem option, no wireless adapter, no optional ports, no printer, no speakers, no surge protector, no security suite (because you'll download Avast or AVG instead), no productivity software (because you'll download Open Office instead), no entertainment editing software (because you'll download instead), and none of the other stuff they offer except the one year warranty.

All of this can be yours for $569.00 plus tax plus shipping.

Your old computer is way to slow to really get any benefit from changing the processor or adding more memory. It doesn't have an AGP slot for a faster video card so you'd be stuck buying an PCI video card, a new power supply, and more memory. The only thing good about your computer is that it would be fairly cheap (roughly $150-$300) to ?upgrade? but doing so wouldn't make your computer much faster.
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im new here so hi to everyone im working on upgrading my old dell dimension yes i know it may be better to purchase a new one but its something i want to do i have already ordered a few things but am doubting one of my purchases i ordered GB of PC memory having upgraded GB of memory last year which will have me at GB total Dimension upgrade 2400 the max from what i understand the second purchase which i AM doubting i bought off ebay which Dimension 2400 upgrade is a Pentium gHz that i understand is a prescott and has a fsb which may be a problem i guess my mistake was i was paying more attention to the socket rather than the other details and after more research i realize this may not be acceptable Im not really sure about the return policy off ebay but is there any way i can make this CPU work by lowering the bus speed in the BIOS or something Thanks if anyone could help UPDATE i just restarted my computer on jumped into the BIOS and from what i saw under the CPU setting was that i could change it between Normal and Compatible Anybody know if this is the answer to my problem Note- did not change or save Dimension 2400 upgrade any changes to the BIOS nbsp

A:Dimension 2400 upgrade

can i please get someones advice?
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I bought a GeForce 9800 GTX (graphics card), and a Apevia ATX-AS520W 12V (motherboard) to put into my Dimension C521. I didn't think about the case for it being to small, but I don't really know a site to buy a new case! Or can I upgrade it to support them?!?!?! PLEASE HELP!

A:HELP!! Upgrade Dimension C521?!?!

Try and

Both have cases and both have good prices. also your local Bestbuy has computer cases. they are more expensive though.

Generally speaking, if you have a Dell case you will need (at least) a Dell motherboard to go in it. they are usually made for only one board. As for the video card there is no way that you could fit a 9800GTX in that case. There are a ton of cases to choose from on those sites. Hope this helps you out.
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I have 4 dell dimension 5150's and would like to upgrade all 4 to the fastest CPU possible for that old of a computer.
Would an Intel Pentium D 945 3.4 GHz LGA 775 CPU SL9QQ 4M/800 Presler Dual Core work?
They now have PROCESSOR, 524, 3.06, 1MB, PENTIUM 4 PRESCOTT DT, G1
Or what is the best I could get in these?
I've got windows 7 and hoping to be able to get on up to 10 but the 524 is not compatible.

A:Dimension 5150 cpu Upgrade

The Pentium D945 is the maximum that can be used in the Dimension 5150/E510. 
However, if you do not have the 0HJ054 motherboard installed and you upgrade the CPU on most other motherboards you will get an "incompatible CPU" at boot up and must press F1The Dimension 5150/E510 does not support any of the Pentium G20xx Series processors, these require a different motherboard and socket..The Dimension 5150/E510 motherboard has a Socket LGA 775 and does not support any Core 2 Duo/Core 2 Quad processors, only Socket LGA 775, P4 and Pentium D can be used.The Pentium D945 is the maximum that can be used in these models.  Prior to upgrading the processor, check that you have the latest BIOS version installed.You can find more Dimension E510/5150 upgrade info, here:
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There's quite a few like this, but none seemed to answer my question so I'm going to start my own and be straightforward.

I'm looking for the best video card upgrade for my Dell Dimension E310.


Dell Dimension E310 DV051
Motherboard- Model #0JC474, Chipset i915P/i915G
Current Card- Intel 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family
Memory- 1.5 GB RAM
CPU-lntel Pentium 4
CPU Speed- 2.80 GHz
Power Supply- Dell?
Output- 230W

The main game I will be playing is World of Warcraft, and I'm currently getting from 5-15 fps, averaging at about 8, which is not very good. If there is a card I can get up to $175 (or close) that will significantly improve my fps, please let me know.

A:Dimension E310 Upgrade

Well you can get a one of these cards

But then you would have to upgrade your PSU and I have no idea where to get a power supply for a dell. So I would just get a Geforce FX 5500. It should play WOW pretty good.
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I recently received a new video card as a birthday present. The card is an VisionTec ATI Radeon HD 4870 that requires a PCI Express x16 and 600 watt power supply.

First, my Dell Dimension XPS Gen 2 contains only a 420 watt power supply.
Second, there are no PCI Express slots (only AGP and PCI slots).

It is worth upgrading my current machine's motherboard and power supply?
Would it be cheaper to buy a new machine to support this new video card?

I'd like to use the machine both for games (like Crysis) and for home video editing.

A:Should I upgrade my Dell Dimension XPS Gen 2?

Your computer is a proprietory manufacture make and model
Do not update the Motherboard to some new brand
The support page for your model tells you what it currently has (see here)

You are best to update the entire computer
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I would like to upgrade my Dell Dimension 2400
Here are its specs

Pentium 4 2.66gHz processor
80 GB Hard Drive
256 Ram(I am not sure if it is 2700 or 3200)
It has an intergrated graphics and sound card
If you need anything else then could you ask me for them

I would like to get these things,
1Gb additional ram
A graphics card that can run games well
Also a new power supply if needed
Would these things be enough to run games such as battlefield 2 and KOTOR well with at least decent graphics?

What would you suggest doing?

If at all possible could you keep it under $300 but it is alright to go aboce that
If I need a new MoBo then I found this one
would this work in the Dimension Case?

A:Dimension 2400 Upgrade

The motherboard you list will fit in your dell case, but won't work with your current processor.

Here's a board that should work with your current processor and also still fit in your case.

Here's a pretty good power supply for the price.

A gig of ram, hyper x

And a midrange video card, x1600pro

I believe that will be about $50 overbudget w/ shipping.

Should be pretty good for the price.
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I want to add more ram to my pc. Is there a less expensive way to do this? If I order from Dell they claim I will need 2 modeules which should run over $200. I currenly have 512mb and I would like to go to a gig. I have been looking into getting Geek Suad to do this but it would cost a fortune. Can someone give me directions?:

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I have a Dell Dimension E520 and the crucial scan says that I have 2-256 DDR2- pc2 4300 sticks in the computer. When I run the memoryx scan it shows that the sticks I can put in are pc2-4200 sticks. Is there a difference and can I put the pc2-4200 in?

A:Solved: Dell Dimension E520 Memory

boo5790 said:

I have a Dell Dimension E520 and the crucial scan says that I have 2-256 DDR2- pc2 4300 sticks in the computer. When I run the memoryx scan it shows that the sticks I can put in are pc2-4200 sticks. Is there a difference and can I put the pc2-4200 in?Click to expand...

I wouldn't necessarily trust scan results, if it's done by someone ready to sell you stuff. Maybe go to the manufacturer's support page and check with what's compatible...

Looks like yours will take:
533-MHz = pc4200
667-MHz = pc5300
800-MHz = pc6400

dual DDR2 unbuffered SDRAM
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I know this is a pretty old computer, but it still works for all the general emailing/surfing and odd iplayering! Starting to get a little slow. May be related to XP but already has 1GB memory in it but was wondering if doubling it to 2GB is really going to make much noticeable difference? As I hear the main difference is really just going from 512 to 1GB. The other option I was thinking was upgrading from XP to Windows 7. Thought it may make startup quicker but not sure how much faster it will be in general?

this is the memory I think crucial points me to:

would be about £27 with P&P

A:Upgrading memory on Dell dimension 3100

To go to windows 7 make sure there is even drivers for it and will it even support an upgrade to that.If not it will just be a lesson in futility finding drivers and it wont run right.If its that old just bump it to 1g of ram and stay with windows xp.
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Primarily interested in CPU upgrade at this time. I downloaded CPU-Z to determine my specs, and am providing this stitched-together set of screenshots from that program:

I just upgraded the CPU on my friend's Dimension 5150 with success. I would like to replicate that on my 2400 - a much weaker machine. This computer is primarily used for casual internet browsing and occasionally watching a Youtube video. The only programs that really tax the CPU are my disk defragmentation and the program CCleaner. When I have a large internet browsing session of 100+ tabs, the CPU is also taxed at that time. 
I would like to max out this computer using cheap upgrades parts I can buy on eBay. On my friend's 5150, I bought an upgrade CPU for $5 shipped and a thermal paste from ebay for 80 cents. I wouldn't mind buying a cheap video card and a CPU to upgrade this old workhorse

A:Upgrading old Dell Dimension 2400 CPU, GPU, Memory, etc.

 The Dimension 2400 can use either 400MHz or 533MHz, Socket 478, P-4 Northwood, or Celeron processors with a 512k or smaller cache.
You cannot use any Prescott processors [1mb cache].
The maximum supported processor is the P-4 Northwood, 533MHz, Socket 478, 3.06 GHz.
Prior to upgrading the processor, check that you have the latest BIOS version installed.
Regards to the video card, only PCI cards are supported, no PCI Express cards are supported.
The Dimension 2400 supports a maximum of 2GB [2x1gb Modules] of DDR memory.
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Hey Everyone,
I have a Dell with 512MB of RAM. I did some research and bought the recommend memory. I have 2 sticks of 1 GB DDR PC-3200, 128x64 High Density DDR. We I install them i get 2 long beeps, 2 short beeps, and 2 long beeps. And thats it. Not picture or no more sound. What did i do wrong?

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hi recently updated my graphics card on my old pc for my niece to use, its so she can play some games and things, the pc is pentium 4, dell dimension 4400 it currently has 2 sticks of 512, i have read else were that thats the maximum it can take, my question is, is there a way around this, i was hoping to get 2 gb in, 1 gig in each slot but i need advice on this, can i change the sockets? or would that involve replacing the mobo?, im good on computers but only ever replaced memory never really looked into this before, is it possible, and help or info would be much appreaciated

thansk in advance

A:Ref Memory for Dell Dimension 4400 for gaming

Yes, that is the max. 4400 Series
Build a new PC from scratch if you want to get better performance. That old Dell is not worth upgrading.
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I am trying to overclock my newly-installed Q6700 by fitting new higher speed RAM.

I currently have PC2-4200 533MHz RAM, and I think my machine accepts CL5 (whatever it is - I know it is latency). Would it accept CL6 or CL4 too? I have my eye on this: and they are CL6

Before anyone shouts, I want to say that it has recently been discovered that XPS410/Dimension 9200 machines CAN accept up to 8Gb of RAM contrary to what Dell themselves say.

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Dell Dimension Memory Problem Today I just received my new processor for my Dell Dimension I know it old but runs great as a media pc I upgraded from a GHz bus L processor to a GHz bus L with Hyper-Threading The new processor runs at GHz since I do not have the Dell Dimension with the bus I knew this before updating the computer However after running the Windows Experience Scoring I went from a score in memory to a score The processor went from a score The following is the build on this computer MB x 8200 Memory Dell Problem Dimension Samsung PC NS RDRAM running as duel channel Any Ideas On PCI Raid CardOn PCI Raid CardOn PCI Raid Card Determined by lowest subscore Memory RAM GB Graphics ATI Radeon X Series Gaming graphics MB Total available graphics memory Primary hard disk GB Free GB Total Windows Professional Manufacturer Dell Computer Corporation Model Dimension Total amount of system memory GB RAM System type -bit operating system Number of processor cores -bit capable No Storage Total size of hard disk s GB Disk partition C GB Free GB Total On PCI Raid Card Disk partition D GB Free GB Total On Dell Dimension 8200 Memory Problem PCI Raid Card Raid Disk partition E GB Free GB Total On PCI Raid Card Media drive F CD DVD On PCI Raid Card Media drive G CD DVD Graphics Display adapter type ATI Radeon X Series Total available graphics memory MB Dedicated graphics memory MB Dedicated system memory MB Shared system memory MB Display adapter driver version Primary monitor resolution x DirectX version DirectX or better Network Network Adapter Bluetooth Device Personal Area Network Dell Dimension 8200 Memory Problem Network Adapter Linksys WUSB N Wireless-N USB Network Adapter with Dual-Band ver

A:Dell Dimension 8200 Memory Problem

To be honest I was expecting a real problem. These numbers are really nothing something to concern yourself over.
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hi i just tried installing a 1gb pc3200 ddr sdram into my dell dimension 3k. when i turn it on the pc begins beeping and nothing happens. i dont want to beleive that i wated my money for nothing. can anyone pleaaase help?

here are the module's specs:
1GB DDR 184Pin
1x 1GB
400 Mhz
1024MB x 1
High Density Chip configuration 128x64
Non Registered

A:dell dimension 3000 memory issue

Hi crymz and welcome to Techspot

Dells (like most brand-named Pc's) often use cheap motherboards which are very picky about RAM. I ran into the same issue when trying to upgrade my mother's Dell Demension 2300.

your computer beeps when you have your new RAM stick installed, is that stick combined with another (older) RAM stick or is it installed by itself? if it's by itself and you get error beeps when booting then that RAM stick will never work with that board, but if it only beeps when installed next to another (older) RAM stick then they may be imcompatible. try the new RAM stick by itself and see what happens...

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Hi Can I install Gb of RAM on Dell Dimension Right now I have two memory slots and each slot comes with mb RAM So total is GB Every time I turn on my PC there s a weird sound coming out PC Spec Computer Computer Type ACPI Multiprocessor PC Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition OS Service Pack TRIAL VERSION Internet Explorer IE DirectX DirectX c Date Time - - Motherboard CPU Type Intel Pentium J MHz x Motherboard Name Dell Dimension Motherboard 4700 for help Need Dimension Dell upgrading on Memory Chipset Intel Grantsdale-G i G System Memory TRIAL VERSION BIOS Type Phoenix Communication Port Communications Port COM Communication Port ECP Printer Port LPT Display Video Adapter NVIDIA GeForce MB D Accelerator nVIDIA GeForce PCI-E Monitor Dell WFP Digital quot LCD F H S Multimedia Audio Adapter Analog Devices AD AD Intel FB ICH - AC Audio Controller B- Storage IDE Controller Intel R FB Ultra ATA Storage Controllers - IDE Controller Intel R FB FBM Ultra ATA Storage Controllers - F Disk Drive WDC WD JD- HBB GB IDE Optical Drive SONY DVD-ROM DDU x x DVD-ROM Optical Drive TSSTcorp CD-RW TS-H B SMART Hard Disks Status OK Memory Devices CHANNEL A DIMM Memory Device Properties Form Factor DIMM Type SDRAM Type Detail Synchronous Size MB Speed MHz Total Width -bit Data Width -bit Device Locator CHANNEL A DIMM Memory Devices CHANNEL B DIMM Memory Device Properties Form Factor DIMM Type SDRAM Type Detail Synchronous Size MB Speed MHz Total Width -bit Data Width -bit Device Locator CHANNEL B DIMM Memory Devices CHANNEL A DIMM Memory Device Properties Form Need help on upgrading Memory for Dell Dimension 4700 Factor DIMM Type SDRAM Type Detail Synchronous Speed MHz Total Width -bit Data Width -bit Device Locator CHANNEL A DIMM Memory Devices CHANNEL B DIMM Memory Device Properties Form Factor DIMM Type SDRAM Type Detail Synchronous Speed MHz Total Width -bit Data Width -bit Device Locator CHANNEL B DIMM Motherboard Properties Motherboard ID lt DMI gt Motherboard Name Dell Dimension Front Side Bus Properties Bus Type Intel GTL Bus Width -bit Need help on upgrading Memory for Dell Dimension 4700 Real Clock MHz QDR Effective Clock MHz Bandwidth MB s Memory Bus Properties Bus Type Dual DDR SDRAM Bus Width -bit DRAM FSB Ratio Real Clock MHz DDR Effective Clock MHz Bandwidth TRIAL VERSION MB s Chipset Bus Properties Bus Type Intel Direct Media Interface North Bridge Properties North Bridge Intel Grantsdale-G i G Supported FSB Speeds FSB FSB Supported Memory Types DDR- SDRAM DDR- SDRAM DDR - SDRAM DDR - SDRAM Maximum Memory Amount GB Revision Stepping B Package Type Pin FC-BGA Package Size cm x cm Core Voltage V In-Order Queue Depth Memory Controller Type Dual Channel -bit Active Mode Dual Channel -bit Memory Timings CAS Latency CL T RAS To CAS Delay tRCD T RAS Precharge tRP T RAS Active Time tRAS T Refresh Period tREF us Error Correction ECC Not Supported ChipKill ECC Not Supported RAID Not Supported ECC Scrubbing Not Supported Memory Slots DRAM Slot MB DDR - DDR SDRAM DRAM Slot MB DDR - DDR SDRAM Integrated Graphics Controller Graphics Controller Type Intel GMA Graphics Controller Status Disabled PCI Express Controller PCI-E x port In Use x nVIDIA GeForce PCI-E p Video Adapter Click to expand nbsp

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Dell Dimension Memory Problem Today I just received my new processor for my Dell Dimension I upgraded from a GHz bus L processor to a GHz bus L with Hyper-Threading The new processor runs at GHz since I do not have the Dell Dimension with the bus I knew this before updating the computer However after running the Windows Experience Scoring I went from a score in memory to a score The Problem Memory 8200 Dell Dimension processor went from a score The following is the build on this computer MB x Samsung PC NS RDRAM running as duel channel Any Ideas On PCI Raid CardOn PCI Raid CardOn PCI Raid Card Determined by lowest subscore Memory RAM GB Graphics ATI Radeon X Series Dell Dimension 8200 Memory Problem Gaming graphics MB Total available graphics memory Primary hard disk GB Free GB Total Windows Professional Manufacturer Dell Computer Corporation Model Dimension Total amount Dell Dimension 8200 Memory Problem of system memory GB RAM System type -bit operating system Number of processor cores -bit capable No Storage Total size of hard disk s GB Disk partition C GB Free GB Total On PCI Raid Card Disk partition D GB Free GB Total On PCI Raid Card Raid Disk partition E GB Free GB Total On PCI Raid Dell Dimension 8200 Memory Problem Card Media drive F CD DVD On PCI Raid Card Media drive G CD DVD Graphics Display adapter type ATI Radeon X Series Total available graphics memory MB Dedicated graphics memory MB Dedicated system memory MB Shared system memory MB Display adapter driver version Primary monitor resolution x DirectX version DirectX or better Network Network Adapter Bluetooth Device Personal Area Network Network Adapter Linksys WUSB N Wireless-N USB Network Adapter with Dual-Band ver

A:Dell Dimension 8200 Memory Problem

Welcome to Seven Forums
First off could I get you to enter your system information here

So all members have to do is clcik on My system specs in the lower left hand corner of any of your posts insted of having to go to this post.

Next coudl you download cpu-z and post a snip of what speed your memory is running at?
cpu-z CPUID - System & hardware benchmark, monitoring, reporting
Thanks. Fabe