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installing PCI expansion card providing LPT interface

Q: installing PCI expansion card providing LPT interface

I am installing a PCI expansion card that provides a second LPT interface for attaching an external ZIP drive to a computer. The system currently has one LPT interface, using the standard IO assignments to which a printer is attached. I Followed ESD procedures to install the card. After I physically installed in the system and restarted, the computer locked up when the Windows GUI interface loaded. The computer runs Windows ME. Can anyone give me a list of steps I should take to isolate the cause of the problem.
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Preferred Solution: installing PCI expansion card providing LPT interface

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Wanting to add USB 3.0 to my existing AMD system and am seeking input from those that may have already been down this path. The LaCie LaCie USB 3.0 PCI Express Card looks pretty interesting but I have no experience with their products ... any feedback would be appreciated.

A:What's the best USB 3.0 expansion card

There's not much magic in USB expansion cards. The card you mention will work fine as long as your motherboard has an accessible PCI-e X1 slot
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Bought a USB2 4 port -pci expansion card from, put it in pc and the thing sat there dead ,no beeps,,not a glimmer of life.
Mailed the company,swopped it,put new one in,,still dead,tried alternative pci slots,took out other cards,no joy.
tried it in another machine,,whoopee do,worked fine.
Any suggestions? shouldnt all standard cards work in all machines? Am I missin somethin here?
System specs.
Gigabyte GA-6vx7+ board,celeron 566,512 mb ram,ati rage/pro 32mb AGP,seagate 20gb HDD,conexant modem,Dlink 10/100 ethernet,soundblalster 128.ricoh7120 cdrw,dvd drive.

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I upgraded the memory in a computer, booted up the computer and new memory was accepted. I shut down the computer and installed an SMC network card in a computer. I went to boot the computer up and I got three high pitched beeps, followed by a pause, then a low tone noise. Everything boots up except the monitor will not come on. I have taken out the additional memory I put in, have taken this computer completely apart and reassembled it and when I boot it up I still get the beeps and the monitor will not respond. I have double checked all the jumpers. Any clue to what this could be?

A:Installed Expansion Card

From that pattern, it sounds like a video problem.
Might be the Video Cards is loose in the socket. Take it out and try reinstalling it again. Also, check to see if there is any dirt/etc. on the contacts. An old trick is to use a pencil eraser to clean the contacts. Likewise, blow out any dust/etc. in system.

Also, does it work without the SMC network card installed?

Another possibility is that it got a static charge when you were installing the network card.If that happened, the only thing that you can do is replace it.

Hope this helps
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What expansion card can I use? I have the Acer ATC-605-UR51 desktop AKA the TC-605. I seem to have two expansion slots inside. One is smaller, and I used it for this USB 3.0 card. One is larger. I wanted to have some USB 2.0 ports and purchase this card, but it did not fit. What can I buy? Thanks!!!!
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The PCI card (Adaptec 29160N RAID) is 32-bit but the expansion slot on the motherboard (Super Micro P4DPR-6GM+) is 64-bit 66MHz PCI (3.3V). The card's POST doesn't show up during boot. Is this because it's 32-bit and the slot is 64-bit?
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Looking for a quality USB 3.0 expansion card with an NEC chipset. All the ones on Newegg seem too be made by no names.

Thanks in advance

A:Please recommend a USB 3.0 expansion card

I just looked on NewEgg. Rosewill and Transcend are not no-names in my book. They make decent gear. - usb3 pci card
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installed the sata pci epansion card but did not get the pop up to say installing new hard ware looked in the device manager and only new thing there is in the storage controller section and that is a via raid controller 3249 the card im trying to get working is the via vt6421a chipset i have had this same card working before but not this time any ideas to get windows to detect this card i have tryed evertthing i could think of before i ask for help thanks for any help i get i have two new cards and nieither one gets found
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JohnWill said:

I'd stick with the NEC chipset for expansion USB 2.0 cards, here's an alternative:

This should work in any desktop system with a spare PCI slot.Click to expand...

i have a dell 8200 dimension and i bought a pci card to upgrade my computer to 2.0 usb port and it is not supported and it wont work as far as 2.0 speed. sorry for butting in to this thread but i was quite dissapointed. did i get the wrong info? and can i truly upgrade my machine?

A:USB 2.0 Expansion Card Doesn't work

Even though it appears you're having the same problem, please start a new thread when you have a new issue. It's very difficult to keep two problems straight and who's working on what in a single thread. I've created a new thread for your issue here. Thanks for your cooperation.

RE your issue: It would help if you told us what specific card you purchased, and what the exact symptoms are.
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Hi, New to the forum. I have an HP 450-A24 Slimline and would like to know if it is possible to install a 4 port USB 3.0 PCIe expansion card?  All I have been able to find out is that the expansion port has been used. Is there any way to still add 4 port USB 3.0 PCIe expansion card?   Thanks fror your help
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Okay so I have the Corsair Force GT Series 120GB SSD. Its port's are Sata 3 and well my motherboard is a MSI Pro-E long story short it does not have a sata 3 port. So my question is there anything out there I can buy that does have a sata 3 port like something that will hook on the PCI slot's or something. I basically dont wanna have to buy a new mother board but I still wanna get the amazing speeds because right now im getting half its peformance anyways please write back soon. If you give me a link to a product I prefer and my max budget is $50.​

A:Expansion card with SATA III ports for SSD?

You will need a free PCI-E slot. But this should get the job done.

I do not know much about the brand. But it does have 5 Eggs on Newegg.
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The USB expansion card is a Via Vectro vt USB card PCI expansion causes CMOS error that I scavenged from an old build whose motherboard fried when the cooling fan suddenly stopped working it was an OLD build CPU couldn't shut off automatically when the temp got too high and I know most boards have been able to do that for about years It was tested working in another PC emachines T its older than my little sister but it still works so I use it to test stuff I upgraded it from mb to mb of RAM which can comfortably run Windows with aero turned off although I do dual boot with Android x because PCI USB expansion card causes CMOS error why not so I PCI USB expansion card causes CMOS error know the card isn't broken The PC I'm trying to install it in PCI USB expansion card causes CMOS error is a Lenovo Thinkserver TS which I upgraded to gb RAM ECC of course I know I don't need enterprise grade stuff but I hate blue screens and corrupted files and put a TB Seagate Barracuda in When I put the USB expansion card into the PCI slot and press the power button it gives me a CMOS error beeps which means the card is incompatible with the BIOS This doesn't make sense to me because PCI-e the Lenovo is supposed to be software backwards compatible with PCI the expansion card How do I get it to work EDIT Its a full-size pcie so its not like I'm trying to stick a big card into a tiny hole

A:PCI USB expansion card causes CMOS error

Ah... you've transported us all back to the bad old days of the IRQ error (Interrupt ReQuest).

At that time there were only 15 IRQs and it was quite common to need to manually change a new device's IRQ position so that it did not conflict with another device, freezing the system.

Modern PCs use the APIC system which greatly expands the number of IRQs and reduces the possibility of conflicts.
But this system relies on Plug-and-Play devices to automatically configure the IRQs. That is why the vast majority of people reading this will have never heard of it.

Can you get into your BIOS settings with this card installed?

You could try the card in a different PCI slot if you have one. That would sometimes change the IRQ in older systems.

You might also try doing a ClearCMOS procedure with the card plugged in. That may force the system to reassign IRQs for all the P&P devices and free up whatever IRQ that old card insists it has to have.
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Hello I am expansion Sata 3 for card Solved: a newbie and need some help I have purchased one Samsung PRO SSD GB solid state drive and plan to install a brand new retail version of Windows on it plus no more than probably to favorite applications such as Google Internet Explorer Microsoft Office etc I have around a year computer that has SATA ports on the motherboard with all expansion slots unused My computer is a HP a f pavilion desktop http support hp com us-en document c http h www hp com hpsc doc public display docId c It has the following unused expansion slots PCI Express x slot PCI Express x slots PCI slot I have also purchased two separate but identical WD TB hard disk drives WD Black My one SSD and two HDD s have the Sata III interface but my motherboard has only Sata II From much research I have decided that to get the full or Solved: expansion card for Sata 3 close to GB s provided by Sata I would purchase a Sata expansion card I also determined that to get a Sata expansion card that has a X interface would put Solved: expansion card for Sata 3 me close to GB s and thus get the full potential out of my new sata drives I have chosen the HighPoint Rocket L -Port SATA Gbps PCIe x Host Bus Adapter http www bhphotovideo com c product -REG HighPoint R L ROCKET L INT PRT html as it has a X interface It don t think my motherboard is configured for RAID as I don t see the needed controller or anything in BIOS that mentions RAID and that s OK with me So hopefully I could use the JBOD mode as I don t have to have raid anyway and use the X card to get the maximum potential of my three Sata drives I am not a gamer and don t plan to use the X slot for anything Solved: expansion card for Sata 3 else Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am not experienced enough to make these decisions on my own Aprilair nbsp

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Hi Im wondering if there is any way to upgrade an internal graphics card in a laptop that wont break my wallet looking for someway to play games Laptop Card Video Expansion for less than - if possible If i cant upgrade the card i have a mini pci-e slot that is open is there any graphics cards that i can put into that Next option after that is usb port are there any external cards that run on usb after that how about expresscard are there any expresscard video cards after that is there any adapters Laptop Video Card Expansion like can i Laptop Video Card Expansion adapt an expresscard right into a pci-e port i dont care if its hanging out or if i have to plug in a separate power cord I know Magma has an enclosure through expresscard but the damn things like so i might as well by a new laptop if im gonna shell out that much Ive looked at ViDock which is about does anyone have any experience with that but i was hoping for an even cheaper solution if possible and i dont care what it looks like if it looks like i just ripped a desktop apart and its hanging out next to my laptop i dont care as long as it works is cheap and is semi portable any information and help is greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Laptop Video Card Expansion

It would be good to know your current laptop brand and model, OS, configuration, and memory possibilities,
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I am working on an older MB, a Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3. I want to use Sata 3 for connecting my SSD and hard drive. The only onboard SATA 3 connections are GSATA using a Marvell controller. I have read these are not very good and not as fast as Intel ICH10.

Do I need to buy an expansion card? If so, can anyone recommend one?
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I currently have harddrives installed in my computer of which are SATA the th is IDE this one isn t actually plugged in right now I also have a SATA BluRay drive making SATA connections which uses all of my SATA expansion / card for Need suggestions RAID motherboard s available ports I m quickly running out of storage space imagine that and am looking into a PCI SATA card I ve Need suggestions for RAID / SATA expansion card found a few that have external ports but I need then to be internal Can anyone recommend me a decent affordable SATA expansion card with at least internal ports RAID capabilities might be nice but it isn t something I m looking at using just yet so it isn t a requirement I also understand that I ll need a more powerful PSU I m looking at an W with modular cables to reduce clutter Right now I m using a W Also I know someone might want to suggest external drives I d like to stay away from them I ve just never liked external drives and the last thing I need is something else to clutter up my desk So does anyone have any suggestions nbsp

A:Need suggestions for RAID / SATA expansion card

Do you have any PCI-express slots available on your motherboard? Unless your PSU is really poor quality you don't need to upgrade just to support additional drives.
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I'm looking for a PCI USB card that has internal headers for connecting front panel and internal readers. Anyone know of such a beast? It needs to have the NEC USB chipset, no VIA or ALi chipsets please.

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Can an Intel 3160.HMWG.R Dual Band Wireless AC + Bluetooth Mini PCIe card Supports 2.4 and 5.8 be installed the Aspire AXC 603 UB17 expansion card slot?   Will this be recognized by Windows 10?
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My friend runs causing problems 9 card with PCI printers! expansion USB his own CD duplicating business and to print onto the CDs USB expansion PCI card causing problems with 9 printers! he has CD printers x Epson R x R Originally he had of each all connected to his front panel and rear USB and it worked USB expansion PCI card causing problems with 9 printers! fine In order to connect the new R s he bought a PCI expansion card http www scan co uk Products Scan- -Port-PCI-USB -Card-NEC-Chipset-PC-MAC-OSX-Compatible-Hi-End This worked but was a bit troublesome it USB expansion PCI card causing problems with 9 printers! kept giving various errors He tested the PCI expansion card by plugging in his external CD Drive and it could only burn at x When he had all printers plugged in he changed one from being plugged in to the expansion card and connected it to the rear mobo USB and the power cut out Since then he s had various problems with the printers and wants me to format his PC and install everything from scratch He s tried reinstalling the printers I can give a detailed list of the problems if needed He s got a custom built PC with he thinks a Tagan PSU thats W So it shouldn t be a power thing as USB doesn t draw much does it V His mobo is a Abit IC G Can get any more info thats needed Basically I m hoping you guys of much knowledge can help me out with these questions - Do PCI expansion cards work as well as onboard USB Should he have got a branded card e g http www scan co uk Products Belkin-Hi-Speed-USB - -Port-PCI-Card- F U VEA - Is this the best setup for using this many printers Should he have a nd PC with of them plugged in or even something fancy like a print server not sure how they would accomodate printers Any tips or suggestions would be really needed Thanks for reading Dan Gent nbsp

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Can an Intel 3160.HMWG.R Dual Band Wireless AC + Bluetooth Mini PCIe card Supports 2.4 and 5.8 be installed the Aspire AXC 603 UB17 expansion card slot?   Will this be recognized by Windows 10?
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Hi My motherboard got a port called Mini PCIE It looks similar to the standard PCIE port but is much smaller I guess that's why it's called mini AND it appears to be tilted degrees to Mini card Adding PCIE expansion WiFi the right if I'm right So I would have to place the card vertically Space seems Adding Mini PCIE WiFi expansion card to be limited Of course I could be wrong on that Board type is MSI AM i Photo is below The port in question is just next to the two SATA data ports actually on the left in the second pictures I'd like to install Adding Mini PCIE WiFi expansion card a Wifi card there Please tell me How and where Where am I supposed to place the antennas Do you know any good cards I didn't buy the card yet only the motherboard Thanks a lot The mini PCIE port is just above again next to the white-blue capacitors and left to the sata ports and lies vertically in the picture with a number tag written to it

A:Adding Mini PCIE WiFi expansion card

Hi ... The Link below should be of some help ...
MSI AM1I Review | AM1 Motherboard Review | Computer Shopper
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Dear Forumer, I'm trying to use 2 graphic card via expansion slot to provides 2 display monitors however, the system only detect 1 graphic card even I installed two graphic cards. I'm using window 10, 64 bits OS. graphic card used1. 128MB ATI RADEONx600 SE2. NVIDIA Quodra 600 Please advice. Thanks 

A:Expansion slot for graphic Card for HP Z220 CMT Workstation

@Dr_Saiful?, welcome to the forum. Here is the Maintenance and Service Guide for the computer.  Beginning on Page 26 you will find the Workstation Specifications.  In the specs it says that two video cards can be used as long as the required wattage is no more than 150W.  I suspect that you may be exceeding the wattage of your power supply unit (PSU). Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.
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High guys, i have this PC model, which is great for me as its small and allows me to hook up my TV box to it, so i can watch tv through my PC.
However, I would love to be able to play some of the high end games which require a good graphics card, so I am looking for a slimline model with a single expansion plate (I have no idea what that means!)
I currently have the NVIDIA Geforce 5700VE which is just not good enough. So I was wondering if someone could help me out finding a really good graphics card that would fit the requirements of my Aopen XC cube.

A:slimline model graphics card with a single expansion plate??

By the way the specs of my PC are:

Windows XP professional, service pack 2
Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.00GHZ (2CPUs)
1024 Ram
DirectX 9.0c
NVIDIA Geforce FX 5700VE, 256MB Memory (What I want to upgrade!)

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I am planning to get a Transcend 128GB JetDrive Lite 130 Flash Expansion Card supported by Macbook. Wanted to check if this would be supportable on Lenovo Ideapad 710S as well? I have a SD card, but it does not go completely in. Any other alternative of increasing storage space? Lenovo is not helping in replacing the SSD.
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R G Graphics Controller Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB F Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Dell Computer Corp U Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Updated Yes Interface Card Solved: Card/ Ethernet NIC On-Demand Scanner Enabled I just got off the phone with AT amp T Tech Support guy i Solved: Interface Card NIC Card/ Ethernet didn t say geek and he Kamlish took over my computer and checked out all the parameters and says quot I tink it might be your Interface Card quot or perhaps CAD The problem is that I am connected to the internet at all times at Mbps yet pages will start to open then they stall freeze and I have to hit the refresh button or the back or forward icons to get it moving which usually works Other times it works just fine and I zip around without any problems and then the problem comes back Is there any way that I can check to see if it is the network card which Kamlish spoke of or a diagnostic test to perform to locate the exact problem The yellow ethernet wire connects to the back of my computer is soldered in so it can t be replaced if it is the culprit Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

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Probably a simple one but im stumped.

Have a SSDIII drive with OS installed via a USB3 4 port PCIe expansion card with SATAIII ports.

Master OS drive is installed and working fine on the drive however is not showing up in BIOS for autoboot, so I have to manually press ESC to enter boot menu and select the SSD drive to boot which works fine.

Have checked all the BIOS advanced boot up devices can see all hard drives, USB drives, CDROMs and external USB drives but not the relevant SATAIII drive. I am presuming its due to the fact its on an expansion card and have not found a solution please help.

Card installed : PCI Express Card USB 3.0 4-port VIA (Transcend Information TS-PDC3 Combo PCI-e Interface Card 2 x USB 3.0 2 x SATA III ) Transcend Information TS-PDC3 Combo PCI-e Interface Card 2 x USB 3.0 2 x SATA III: Computers & Accessories

Drive : OCZ Vertex 3 SataIII drive.

A:Windows7 SSDIII on PCIe expansion card not showing up in bios for boot

Plug the SSD into the first SATA port if you have one. Win7 is not meant to be installed on a USB drive.
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I have just picked up my custom build computer with windows 7 home premium x64.
I installed a driver for my recording interface (lexicon Omega) so it can work with my music production software which is Reaper. Once i open reaper and create a new track, as soon as i go to arm the record button, a BSOD comes up. after i restart my computer, everytime i open Reaper my PC crashes with the same BSOD.

I did a system restore and tried reinstalling the driver but the same problem persisted.

This is my first post so i hope ive given enough info... if not, just tell me and i will post more.

More info:


PC Specs:
AMD FX 6100
8GB Ram
ATI HD6850
Gigabyte 990FX


A:BSOD using reaper (DAW) after installing drivers for interface.

Quote: Originally Posted by PureMetal

I have just picked up my custom build computer with windows 7 home premium x64.
I installed a driver for my recording interface (lexicon Omega) so it can work with my music production software which is Reaper. Once i open reaper and create a new track, as soon as i go to arm the record button, a BSOD comes up. after i restart my computer, everytime i open Reaper my PC crashes with the same BSOD.

I did a system restore and tried reinstalling the driver but the same problem persisted.

This is my first post so i hope ive given enough info... if not, just tell me and i will post more.
More info:

PC Specs:
AMD FX 6100
8GB Ram
ATI HD6850
Gigabyte 990FX


You uploaded the data collection application instead of the data, please use this method instead.

We do need the actual DMP file as it contains the only record of the sequence of events leading up to the crash, what drivers were loaded, and what was responsible.

It is almost impossible to spot trends from a single DMP file so if you have more than one please upload them. If you only have one please wait until the computer crashes again then upload both.

You may be able to get the DMP files without crashing by booting into safe mode (F8) with networking.

To enable us to assist you with your computer's BSOD symptoms, upload the contents of your "\Windows\Minidump" folder.

The procedure:

* Copy the contents of \Windows\Minidump to another (temporary) location somewhere on your machine.
* Zip up the copy.
* Attach the ZIP archive to your post using the "paperclip" (file attachments) button.
*If the files are too large please upload them to a file sharing service like "Rapidshare" and put a link to them in your reply.

To ensure minidumps are enabled:

* Go to Start, in the Search Box type: sysdm.cpl, press Enter.
* Under the Advanced tab, click on the Startup and Recovery Settings... button.
* Ensure that Automatically restart is unchecked.
* Under the Write Debugging Information header select Small memory dump (256 kB) in the dropdown box (the 256kb varies).
* Ensure that the Small Dump Directory is listed as %systemroot%\Minidump.
* OK your way out.
* Reboot if changes have been made.
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Ok, so the ASUS MicroATX Guppy MB I got from a spare parts bin has no builtin SATA support. So I got one of these sata to IDE plugins that go on the back of the drive -

But, the machine will not install Win7 on that drive via this interface changer. It also won't backup the vista install to the drive. Seagate says they won't RMA the drive unless it fails on their seatools utility - which it does not that I can tell. Any suggestions on what might be some options. I would like to have a complete Win7 install on this spare drive just incase something craters.
This is a test machine by the way - it has nothing other than a web browser at this time so it would not kill me to do a clean Win7 install on it - I would just rather not.

A:Suggestions on installing Win7 on a SATA with IDE interface?

I would suggest a plugin SATA card for the PCI/PCIe slots.
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My internet was acting up for over a month Howard had tried to help me with Interface Card Network running Hijack This and other programs and nothing seemed to Network Interface Card work The problem was that IE and Firefox would not work at all secure web sites would not work on AOL but AOL worked fine other than that We never did discover the problem after MANY attempts I finally gave in and wiped my hard drive yesterday only to boot it back up and discover I have NO internet now So I called my broadband company and a tech worked with me for an hour or more He discovered that when I click on the LAN connection that it says it s connected BUT when I use IE it says page not found for everything AOL now says no connection and windows update says no connection He did some more digging and found that I have no IP address He tried to force it to find one he tried uninstalling and reinstalling resetting the modem and several other tricks to no avail His final advice was to take it in and ask someone why my Network Interface card is not registering an IP Now we checked inside and it appears its integrated onto the motherboard Our question is a very uneducated question can we purchase a new non integrated card and install it bypassing the non working one Also could this be a sign of the hard drive or motherboard giving out No other problems are evident since the reformat and reinstallation of Win XP Thank you Laura nbsp

A:Network Interface Card

AOL now says no connectionClick to expand...

Well AOL never connects :haha:

To answer your question about the PCI Network card ( like Linkys or something right? ) You can get that and just disable the one onboard from the Device Manager

Hope I helped
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I've just installed WINXP Pro on my Dell Latitude D600, and all's well until I tried to set up my DSL internet connection. The router installation failed because it could not detect a Network Interface Card. Is this hardware/software and can anyone advise what I can do to obtain one or otherwise solve the problem?

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I cannot get onto the Internet.
In Device Manage, my
Microsoft 6to4 Adapter
Microsoft ISATAP Adapter
Microsoft ISATAP Adapter #3
Teredo Tunneling Adapter

All have the yellow triangle and the exclamation mark on them. Does this mean I need a new Networking PCI Card?
Have tried just about everything else to get online.

A:Network Interface Card

HP Pavilion p6745 Desktop PC (QP697AA)

It comes with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit - which I assume it's still running.

It has Realtek RTL8111E 10/100/1000 Mb/s ethernet.

Here is the driver (sp51333.exe) for it.

Download and save the sp15333.exe file, then close open windows, then double-click it to start the install process, then follow the directions.

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My computer crashed for the first time! I do have everything back except my scanner. My scanner software is in, I have checked all the connections and cabels, but my scanner detector says my 'interface card is missing'. It says the scanner detector cannot find Microtek sheetfed scanner or a flatbed scanner with ADF,ADP or Go button. The startup SCSI check for scanners is checked in each box and here I am in hopes that someone out there can help me out. I am not sure where to go from here. Thanks to any one who can help get my scanner back. nancij

A:interface card missing

In the scanner software setup, there should be a place where you have to choose which interface card to use....for example, on mine, I have an HP scanner, but did not install the HP interface card into my computer, as I have an Adaptec SCSI card already in when I run thru setup, I must select the Adaptec interface, rather than the default, HP......
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hi is there any one out there could advise me on how to find out what make interface card is installed on my comp please????

A:make of interface card?????

Hi driver_uk2001 ......
If you go to this link... and run the advisor program, it may tell you all you need to know about your computer.

Hope this helps.

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technical data for NIC Davicom 9102/A PCI

A:Network interface card

Amazing what you can find.
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is there a very wide difference in performance between two video cards(both of 256mb)of 64 and 128 bit memmory interface?

A:which one is better,64 or 128 bit memmory interface of video card?

Absolutely, there is a big difference. The 64 bit is not even worth considering. The 128bit is the way to go. 64bit cards are bastardized versions of the real thing.
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for my older computer. Thanks for letting me know I needed it. Now, back to my original question; To hook it up to the DSL Router, do I need a 5e patch cable? I just want to be sure that I order the correct thing. Thanks.

A:Okay, got my PCI network interface card ordered..

Yep, a standard CAT5/CAT5e patch cable is all you need.
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I know this sounds like a very stupid question, but Are the ONLY Interfaces for graphics Cards PCI-E and AGP? I See "PCI" Interface Cards on the internet, Are these just bad evil people who are too lazy to add the Hyphen and E or is there really a PCI Interface for graphics cards? I am almost certain there are only AGP and PCI-E Interfaces but the internet is telling me about some "PCI" Interface cards, Thanks for clearing things up for me, In advance

A:Graphics Card Interface Question

There are regular PCI video cards, for sure. PCI-E is of course PCI-Express, but just PCI by itself is the same little slot you put in your sound card and modem.

There ARE mobos with no dedicated video slot, and thus PCI is needed for expansion.
We sell them regularly.
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My realtek ethernet card was working fine last night, but today I can't get any response. I've tried using different cables, and using a different port. I'm on a University networ and all my roommates connections are working fine. The LED on the card is on...but its not blinking and someone told me that it is supposed to be blinking if it is transferring data. Device manaager says its working properly. Any ideas, suggestions?

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im thinking of buying a new video card. I found one that im intrested in (BFG GeForce 7300 GT / 512MB DDR2) however it requires INTERFACE: AGP 8X. I used CPU-Z to find out the information i needed to know about my graphics interface and these are the details

version: AGP version 2.0

transfer rate 4X
max supported 4X
side band enabled

will i be able to use this video card?

thank you for your time and replies

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Whenever I have to select a network card in a non windows 8 compatible application, I just get a blank list whereas using a virtual computer or my friends laptop (who uses windows 7) will show the full list of available network interfaces. So I was wondering if there was a method to make sure the program sees the network cards.

I'm an industrial engineer automation, so I have to be able to connect with the devices I have to program. I'm sick of using a virtual computer with slows down my device, I hope someone can help me

The programs are not officially supported, so if you contact them they just say: we can't help you, you have windows 8.

PS. Compatibility mode does not work.
PS2. This only happens with NON compatible windows 8 applications.

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Our desktop PC won't connect to internet. Problem has occurred before and we've solved by going to Device Manager, found NIC, uninstalled the NIC and rebooted. Problem today is I can't locate either Device Manager or NIC. Can you help? Many thanks Gary

A:[SOLVED] Network Interface Card (NIC?)

Good to hear from you again, Gary. Pity it's because of a problem. You actually can't find (as in "it's not there") Device Manager??? Have you tried clicking "Start|Run" and typing "devmgmt.msc"? This command should start up Device Manager and then you should be able to uninstall/reinstall the NIC.

If this doesn't work then please let us know some more detail about the machine. When did it stop working? Did it stop after installing a Windows Update (perhaps SP3) or other software? Have you tried a System Restore back to before the problem occurred?
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what is configuration profile for network interface(NIC)?

If multiple network interface(NIC's) have different separate configuration profile means all configuration parameters were changed or only IP address?


A:Multiple network interface card

Sounds a lot like homework to me, as does your other question.
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My desktop computer will not recognize the network interface card, the network card is built into the mother board. It was working fine, then after rearraning the office (the computer was unpluged) we set the computer back up, it booted up fine, but the network interface card was not recignized by the computer, the computer is hooked up to a "D-LINK Ethernet 5 port Switch" along with 2 other computers. Which are at present working fine.

also oddly enough, there is no active floppy drive on the desktop computer, but one appeared, when the network card disapeared.

We hooked a laptop to the same network plug that the desktop was hooked too. and when i looked at it this morning, same thing, the network interface card was gone.

any comment would be helpfull


A:Problems with Network Interface Card

so it might be a problem with the port switch? does it disappear permanantly? or does it come back if you don't plug it into the port. what if you rearrange the set up in the port switch?
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Can someone please tell me how I can find out whether or not I have a 10Base-T Ethernet Network Interface Card?


A:Ethernet Network Interface Card

If it has a RJ-45 jack on it, then it supports 10Base-T.
The plug and jack look like this:

If it some more exotic hardware (Unix machine or some dedicated appliance), the same jack may be used for telephone or serial communications, but this is very unlikely.
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I would like to get some information what is the best sound card with an interface for my vist 64BIt SP 1 operating system . I tried M-audio Fast track ultra but it doesn't work properlly. Thanks for any info
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I recently moved to Puerto Rico and the internet is making my gaming experience more of a nightmare than anything else. My question is would a Network Interface Card be worth installing, such as the K1 Killer NIC? I've built computers before but a better NIC never crossed my mind so I dont know how they work.

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I have a HP Pavillion a200n, windows XP

i installed a dvd rw drive afterwards the original cd rw drive is no longer being recognized by my computer. The cd rw drive was (E and the dvd rw drive was (F I switched the connector cable and the cd became (F and dvd became (E Either way only the DVD rw works. Can you help me?

A:original cd rw drive does not work after installing expansion dvd rw drive

You didn't mention the jumpers. How did you set them?
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Hi Tech guys,

Each time when I highlight the 2 network interface card on my laptop, first one is the Ethernet card and the second one is the wireless card right click and select Bridge connections it automatically disable my wireless interface card instead of creating a new virtual bridge connection.
Is the first time happen before I am able to create a new virtual bridge connection without problem.
Regard Stuckfree,
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I just reinstalled W2000 pro on my home made computer since I could not fix the blue screen problem I wrote about yesterday. I have a Asus P4S8X-MX motherboard and I am using DSL from Verizon. My other computer using XP is hooked up to this same router and working ok.

I cannot get the W2000 computer to access the internet. What do I have to do to get it to work? The NIC is built in to the motherboard. It used to work before I reinstalled windows.

TIA Gary

A:Solved: Network Interface card not working

I found the CD that has the drivers on it.
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Hi I recently dusted up my antique Pentium system as I had to GT for Nvidia PCI Interface card Graphics 520 Solved: Bottleneck postpone by new build The system details are as follows Pentium MHz ECS P STP-FL Mainboard MB PC SDRAM GB HDD Windows XP I bought a conventional PCI version of GT Zotac Graphics card as there was no AGP PCI-Exp slot on my mainboard to give a boost to the system Initially i had trouble getting the modern graphics card recognized by my old mainboard and finally had success with DOS level PCI tweaks I should say I learnt a lot from this old system in the process I was pleasantly surprised to be able to watch full HD videos in a Pentium system courtesy of GPU Even i could game a bit with some old titles NFSMW My question is quot Will there be a bottleneck of even this low end graphics card due to the PCI interface MB s in comparison to its PCI-Exp version if Solved: PCI Interface Bottleneck for Nvidia GT 520 Graphics card so by how much tentatively quot The card specs are MHz core MHz memory speed bit MB DDR VRAM nbsp

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Hey , sorry to bother, but could sumone please answer me a quick question...
(plz no suggestions on new/better motherboards or graphics cards)

So, i've decided to get a new graphics card , but i'm confused, wat is the meaning of the memory interface e.g. sum video cards state the memory interface is 64bit and sum say its 128bit, now wat is meaning of that?

I've got an old motherboard and i'm just looking for a video card upgrade so i've decided to get the Powercolor X1650, so it says the memory interface is 128 bit will this work on my old ASUS P5PE-VM?

Plz help im reli confused~!


A:Solved: Video Card Interface... (Quick Question)

That is the type of memory used on the card.

You do understand that the 1650 comes are either an agp or pci-e correct? You need the agp version to work with that board.

The next thing to consider is that card is going to use more power than the onboard type video that your mb is now using. Do you have a power supply that is capable of powering your video card? I would be looking for a min 350-400W with at least 20amp on the 12V rail.
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I'm some what new at building computers

first off how come when I see inside a computer the ram is in a certain type of color slot? and then then the other color is left empty. does that mean I can only use half the slots in a mother board?

and while I'm at it, this iceQ + radeon HD 5750 has an interface of PCI Express 2.1 X16 will it be compatible with a motherboard that has PCI Express 2.0 X16?

Thanks in advance

A:Solved: 2 simple questions on ram and a video card interface

If the slots are all the same size (lengthwise) ---- then it is usually denoting dual channel ability.

If they aren't, could be the board can use DDR or DDR2 ram, but, not both at the same time.
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I have windows 10 64 bit.  Nvidia customer service thinks my dedicated card is not responding because I may have it connected incorrectly and that is why I get only Intel 530 because it is going to the motherboard rather than to the GT 730 card.  I'm connected by HDMI ports on both devices with a brand new cable that came with my new equipment.  Q.  is there one particular port I should use so the monitor interacts with the GT 730 card and by-passes the motherboard and Intel 530?   Thanks

A:connecting monitor to rear of XPS 8900 so GT 730 card will interface with it
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Is this Possible??

Here is the scenario

I provide support to the users remotely in different companies
I want one specific machine to get IP address from the same network and if in case the DHCP crashes i want it to get a static ip address from different subnet so that i should be able to connect to that machine remotely.

The above given scenario is for XP machine and not on linux

Please reply to this,as this will be a kind of disaster management for me.

Thanking you all in advance!!!

A:Binding two ip addresses to one Network Interface card in different Subnets

Yes you can bind more than one IP to a network interface. To do so, open the properties page for TCP/IP for your NIC. Then click the advanced button which will bring up another GUI. You should see at the top of the new window a box where your current IP is listed along with the ability to add, edit, and delete any IPs. Just click add and punch in the additional IP.

The problem you are going to have is if the new IP is on a different subnet (which would be case in most instances) is required to be routed outside of that local LAN segment you'll need to configure another router to be on that local LAN segment or you'll need to have a router which supports multiple subnets for routing. In addition, you'll have to add static routes to each configured workstation if you need to have traffic routed through the gateway for the new subnet. You can use multiple default gateway configurations on the Windows boxes. Microsoft says Windows will only use additional default gateways in a failover mode. But adding multiple default gateways to any endpoint be it workstation or server is never recommended unless you really know what you are doing.
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Dear team,
here i sm susil kumar. i installed windows server 2008 and i get error while i was testing the DHCP(dynamic host control configutration). that error i mentioned in title. so kindly give me the solution for that error.
Note: detailed of error i seen in command prompt

The operation failed as no adapter is in the state permissible for this operation.

An error occurred while releasing interface Loopback Pseudo-Interface 1 : The sy
stem cannot find the file specified.
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Hello all,

my problem is Iam having a HP dot matrix printer which is having GPIB or HPIB interface connector. Now i want to take print outs from windows using the same printer. for that i`m having a GPIB interface CARD from national instruments. So i think i have to load the driver for detecting the printer.

what should i do for my printer to work properly
pls help me


A:Driver for windows in order to interface HP dot matrix printer GPIB ISA card

Wow, an HP dot matrix?

What's the model number?
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I've just downloaded a software that tranfers interface Win Xp to Vista so that I can feel comfortable with a new interface, on the web: but in its intructions, there is a warning saying that, it can make serious problems to your system! So, I'd like to ask friends who have been using this about this warning! Is there anybody having this problem with thissoftware, please tell me some problems you usually face with! Thanks a lot

A:Software to tranfer Win Xp interface to Vista interface?

Looks good and I've known it to work well with users but have no personal experience with it. You'd be better searching and asking on their dedicated forum here:

Keep in mind that every system is different, even with the same OS and hardware so others problems may not reflect yours. If you ever want to revert to your older style (at present) then all you have to do is uninstall this pack.
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I'm building multiple interfaces (forms) in VB.NET. How do I make a button in my first interface which I'm calling "Main Menu" take me (or the end user) to other interfaces in the program? in other words, how do I make end users go back and forth between forms? Also how do I make the "Exit" button close the form? What kind of code do I need to do all of that? Does each interface has to be in its own project or is it possible to build multiple interfaces in one project?

Thank you.

A:How can I Connect an interface (or form) to another interface in a VB.NET program..

Okay, unless has changed dramatically from VB6, the code for your comand button should look like this:

to close it:

unload me

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For those of you who have tried out the Windows 10 Technical Preview (either computer or phone), how have you reported your feedback or bugs/issues to Microsoft?I'm genuinely interested as, despite the apparently large number of users downloading the preview, there doesn't seem to be much activity in the Insider forum.I also wonder whether most people just download it and try it out for a bit without actually providing any feedback or reporting bugs.What's been your experience?

A:Providing Feedback on Windows 10

Yah we try to ive feedback and report bugs.
They gonna collect the info anyway so I let it go after a while.
Then I threw in the towel and reverted back to 7.
Prolly keep 7 long after end-of-life.
We gettin hitched
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I've got a Dell desktop computer with horizontal drive bays standing up on its side, like a tower. The computer was designed for this by coming equipped with a CD-ROM drive that has tabs at the 4 corners so that the CD will remain in the tray in a vertical position (I hope I haven't confused anyone). I have an open drive bay and would like to install an internal SCSI CD-RW. Is there a SCSI CD-RW that can be used in the vertical position (with tabs), like my existing CD-ROM drive? Any help will be appreciated.


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Hallo After days of frustration Help BSOD providing info my with the Lenova support hotline I'm failing trying to solve my BSOD problem myself Only trouble is that I cannot get the Laptop to boot Help providing my BSOD info at all either in normal mode or safe mode Thus I cannot get the information required from the http www techsupportforum com foru ns- html thread So this is what I know Lenova w with all the trimmings OS - Vista Windows Windows x Ultimate x -bit or x x What was original installed OS on system new install Is the OS an OEM version came pre-installed on system or full retail version YOU purchased it from retailer Actually it's a upgrade installed on a fresh hard drive my mistake as I originally formated the XP off Age of system hardware - bought june Age of OS installation - have you re-installed the OS no - not yet CPU - i Q Video Card - Help providing my BSOD info nVidia MotherBoard - dont know Power Supply - brand amp wattage - Standard lenova power supply The hardware has been tested and is running correctly in all tests sofar However I cannot boot the machine Normal boot - lasts about secs of the windows loading screen before coming Safe Mode - same Any other mode - same Booting from DVD and doing a repair System restore fails Command prompt allows acces to the hard drive but thats all so no USB ext HHD or CD DVD to allow install or copy files on and off No network connection Re-installing software using standard install - doesn't work obviously Custom install - I'm not that far yet still hoping to save my files Booting from Lenova quot Think advantage quot System restore fails no network conections Access to HDD but not to any other medium Any help suggestions to get me on my way would be great ly appreciated Thanks guys Ricky

A:Help providing my BSOD info

Sorry, but there is not a lot we can do to help you. There is obviously something seriously wrong with the hardware of your laptop.

My advice is to contact Lenovo again and don't take "No" for an answer until they are willing to replace your laptop; it should not be acting up like that.

If you want to back up your data, try this method:


One way of backing up data is via Ubuntu. Ubuntu is completely free, and has the advantage that it can be run off a USB stick or a CD - saving you having to install it on your hard drive.

You can get it from here: Download | Ubuntu

Step #2 on that page shows you how to create the USB/CD.

Once you get it running - copy the data from your hard drive to an external drive. Do not copy to the Ubuntu drive as the data will not be saved on shutdown.
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We have a usb scanner that requires 500mA of power.  However, for several of our customers using HPs, the usb ports are not providing enough power to the scanner causing an application crash.  Some customers are using the HP EliteDesk 800 G1 USDT, others are using HP t310 zero clients.  Plugging the scanner into a powered usb hub has resolved the issue every time.  Is there a modification they can make to the Universal Serial Bus Controllers to ensure that a particular port will be able to provide 500mA so they do not need to purchase a powered usb hub for every system?  Or do you have another suggestion? Thanks in advance.
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To prevent web sites from learning all about you and your browsing habits, you need to enable various security settings in your browser. You may also choose to install one or more browser extensions to automatically configure your browser for optimum privacy. But having done all that, just how well is everything working to protect your identity online?

Is there an easy way to find out?

It's a web site which will attempt to identify you from your browser. But instead of then using that information for its own purposes, it reports the data back to you, so you know just how much personal data your PC is divulging.

To test your browser you simply need to head to Panopticlick and then click on the Test Me button to start the process.

How Much Privacy Is Your Browser Providing?

A:How Much Privacy Is Your Browser Providing?

Cyberfox Intel x64 version 43.0.2
Privacy-related Plugins: uBlock Origin | uBlock Origin filter lists: uBlock filters?, uBlock filters ? Badware risks??, uBlock filters ? Privacy, uBlock filters ? Unbreak, Adblock Warning Removal List, EasyList, Peter Lowe?s Ad server list?, EasyPrivacy, Malware Domain List?, Malware domains, Fanboy?s Social Blocking List?, GRC: Greek AdBlock Filter?

RESULT: First 3 tests: "yes"
Last test: "your browser has a unique fingerprint"
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Hi nbsp I brought Lenovo Y last feb with accidentl protection plan for a year Then I had a problem with my laptop and I contacted them and I am busy person they wasted more then hours with remote login and still problem persisted com... Support not How providing I for do Y50. Lenovo then they said they will send In-Home person and that In-Home person came after almost months at point when I even forgot I called them Then he changed parts more problem arised contacted them again now during my busy day they contacted me and asked me to do remote login but I can't Lenovo not providing Support for Y50. How do I com... as I needed my laptop for use at that point then they marked It Lenovo not providing Support for Y50. How do I com... as a solved problem even though it wasn't I thought of extending warranty as problem was not solved and I was expecting that there might be more problem but they don't provide my extended warranty as I had issues though they did not solve it Now my laptop is acting weird I see different error game crash ram currupted and when I tried to contact them on their business hours which they specifically says that they are available for call on sarturday from morning to evening EST I contacted them but it says they are not available currently I tried chat support though the don't have techinal chat but guess what they have chat support for SALES I tried someway found that I can chat with them atleast give it a try I was th in a queue it told me ETA was aroung mins so it means that they still have agents taking request when I was st in queue ETA started acting different it went to mins from and then i waited more than an hour and finally they said to me that there are no agents available and said to me try to contact email support but guess what LENOVO doesn't have email support in UNITED STATES So today morning which is monday morning I gave call to customer support and they when I said my problem to them that lady just said to me that this is after sale department and not technical department let me forward you to technical department I knew she was going to hang up and did not want to solve my problem she told me incase phone gets disconnected what will be best number to call which rang a bell that they are going to hung up just pretending that they care After - mins or so they hung up and still no one contacted me This is how they treat there customers who even paid for warranty doen't get any solution are they going to solve a problem or not so here I am complaining about them in this forum incase they even try to solve problem for customers
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I have a bit my for Internet Solved: Providing LAN of a good and tricky question I have a network consisting of computers configured - The question is as follows Solved: Providing Internet for my LAN I have a Server that is connected to the internet It has two NIC one has the DSL router the other the is connected to the switch which is in turn is running the LAN I wish to supply the LAN with internet BUT I want to be able to monitor bandwidth usage - display summaries assign quotas assign priorities and manage User accounts with passwords for each individual I have tried a couple of things - including running NAT ISA server and bridging All of these can provide the LAN with internet access - but with NAT alone I can t monitor and summarize with ISA it does not give me the correct User Password management and with bridging there is nothing at all Please tell me there is something out there that can help me nbsp

A:Solved: Providing Internet for my LAN

You will need some sort of management software, here's something that sounds like what you need:
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W7, sp1, no hotfixes, x64, hidden (or super) Admin. account

I'm getting this error;
Windows is not providing a valid folder name for the "Common Desktop" folder. I tried several searches, but it's such a odd error message. I could see a message that it couldn't find a folder, but not providing a proper name?

The program that is giving me the error is ThumbsPlus V8. I have installed at least 25 other programs prior to this error with little issue (other than it's W7). I un-installed V8 and installed V7 of the same program with no error.

Any guess what that error message is suppose to mean?

A:Not providing a valid folder name

Ask on the ThumbsPlus support site.
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Hi  I have got Local Disk Z out of the blue and when I am trying to access it does not provide authorisation.  I have not attached any printer or USB except external HDD Further for authorisation it asked to go to security Tab in prperties where there is no such tab. Do help How do I remove it
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Today I noticed that Google is not providing me with search results. I mistyped a criteria and Bing came up. When I went back to Google, I noticed I can't get any search results. I noticed in IE Properties that Bing is listed as the default search provider. There is no option to remove it, even under the Administrator account. Can I just add Google as my search provider and make it my default? Thanks.

A:Google not providing search results?

Yes, you can make Google your default search provider - not sure whether that will fix anything tho.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks
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I've recently bought a HP Laptop model no(ac673TX) But there are no drivers avaiable in the official site of HP I just need some drivers to install in my laptop  Please upadte your site as a previous site ASAP
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I ve been tasked with building a network for a Cafe that includes free wifi for customers I m looking for suggestions about how I might on Wireless Providing Cafe Suggestions go Suggestions on Providing Cafe Wireless about doing so I m fairly capable and am willing to put some work into getting it the way I d like Also if you have quot pieces to the puzzle quot that would meet requirements I d work towards getting them all together I do have a somewhat quick timeline though My requirements and thoughts are a no- to low-cost solution excluding necessary networking hardware needs to be able to easily handle up to Suggestions on Providing Cafe Wireless ish connected users without any noticeable issues WPA encryption I ll have a static key up for display that may or may not change periodically I d like a landing page upon first DNS request that redirects to an quot I accept quot type legal page this page should continue to display until the accept button is pressed I m guessing it d keep track via MAC or IP if MAC not possible the list of accepted clients should be cleared each night so they have to accept each day some kind of automatic block for someone that is on regularly daily the idea behind this is the owners are worried about keeping businesses and business-people in the area from leaching from our free connection without being regular customers I should be able to easily remove a block in case of a user that is rightfully using the connection a proxy or other solution to prevent users from abusing our network for p p and other illegal activities this isn t that big of a deal if too difficult security to and from local network devices which also require internet access like security cameras thinking VLANs maybe I d really prefer not having to build a server for this and get everything running on the AP itself with ddwrt tomato similar although I know this is asking a lot Other Notes I m familiar with and prefer HP networking equipment I m thinking of just grabbing a cheap-ish procurve and just dangling the AP off of it That way I can configure VLANs and ACLs which would secure the network I ll need the ports for local equipment anyway I know there are receipt printer solutions but I don t want to deal with the maintenance training and cost I once stumbled onto an organization that supports open wifi networks that you could join and they d manage it for you I m not sure if it d meet our requirements but I would be interested in looking at them more closely if only I could find them again Also any suggestions on type and speed of internet connection should I be looking at for this Thanks nbsp

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I have a custom built PC and Providing Enough Peripherals? For USB Ports Power Not a long time ago my mouse died I thought it was due to the mouse just being faulty but I tried it with another PC and it worked perfectly I was confused and tried the mouse in the bios settings of my computer and it worked perfectly again However when I USB Ports Not Providing Enough Power For Peripherals? booted into Windows the lights on the mouse went out and Windows didn't even pick up that a mouse was connected USB Ports Not Providing Enough Power For Peripherals? I also noticed that certain USB memory drives and external hard drives were very temperamental when it came to functioning properly with certain USB ports it just seemed to be random whether they decided to work or even be recognised by Windows This was usually fixed by unplugging and plugging them back in or trying a different port I sort of ruled out a motherboard or port issue as the ports that didn't work were always different and it was all very random The mouse however didn't work at all regardless of which port it was plugged into I managed to come up with one fix though my keyboard has one USB passthrough which when I plugged the mouse into worked perfectly again and so I used that for a few months as a temporary fix The external memory problem wasn't fixed though Then today the keyboard died too it is fully back light and it just went out following an update of Windows Neither the passthrough nor the keyboard itself work at all and are as if they are both unplugged They are not even recognised in Windows One strange thing however is that when I plug my keyboard into a USB port it lights up and the back light works again and the mouse lights up through the passthrough too but it is still completely infunctional in Windows One other thing I noticed was that when I initially plug my mouse in to the passthrough it lights up and so I know there is power running through it but immediately goes out unless the keyboard is plugged into a USB port Please note that if the mouse is plugged straight into the USB port it doesn't light up at all only through the passthrough I know I should uninstall the update but as I have no working keyboard or mouse I can't and it would also be a short term solution and I want this completely resolved Any help is greatly appreciated thank you

A:USB Ports Not Providing Enough Power For Peripherals?

boot into safe mode and see if things work there. this will eliminate a hardware issue. and point it souly to windows.
If this works fine, download and install the latest chipset drivers for your mobo, as well as the usb 3 ones as theys are controlled by a different chipset on your mobo. this should solve your issues.
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Trying to install Windows 10 and the upgrade failed 4 times at 87%, after few hours of working on it. I called Microsoft and they said my ZX6971 all in one computer can not run windows 10 since Acer/Gateway drivers needed are not availlable. My Gateway ZX6971 is fairly new, has a touchscreen, 1TB memory, upgraded to win.8.1 pro with media center and everything is compatible with windows 10 as even the check up tool says but just needs updated drivers. Will Acer provide the needed windows 10 updrade drivers anytime soon before the free upgrade will expire?

A:Is Acer providing Windows 10 drivers for all in on...

First of all create the DVD/USB recovery media for your PC, so you will be able to revert to factory OS.  you can try a thing if you have some spare time.recover your windows 8 product key: Download windows 10 from Microsoft website, using the download tool: an USB or DVD bootable media using that tool.backup all your data and create the Acer erecovery media, to restore your PC back to factory if something went wrong.Boot using the windows 10 bootable media, choose custom install and erase your HDD partitions; install windows 10 skipping product key requests.Once at desktop  you can look for any drivers that windows 10 can't find (you can check about any yellow exclamation mark on Device manager (windows logo key + X, Device manager) When all drivers are ok and you system is running smoothly, press windows logo key, choose Settings, updates & security, on the left side click Activation (must have a data connection) and input your windows 8 product you will have a clean and authenticated windows 10 install.
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I need to provide access to applications in my PC to multiple remote users (Internet Based). Could one of you guide me in this regard.


A:Providing Remote Access to applications in my PC

Are you talking about something like remote desktop? You aren't going to connect multiple users at the same time in that scenario.
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Trying to install Windows 10 and the upgrade failed 4 times at 87%, after few hours of working on it. I called Microsoft and they said my ZX6971 all in one computer can not run windows 10 since Acer/Gateway drivers needed are not availlable. My Gateway ZX6971 is fairly new, has a touchscreen, 1TB memory, upgraded to win.8.1 pro with media center and everything is compatible with windows 10 as even the check up tool says but just needs updated drivers. Will Acer provide the needed windows 10 updrade drivers anytime soon before the free upgrade will expire?

A:Is Acer providing Windows 10 drivers for all in on...

First of all create the DVD/USB recovery media for your PC, so you will be able to revert to factory OS.  you can try a thing if you have some spare time.recover your windows 8 product key: Download windows 10 from Microsoft website, using the download tool: an USB or DVD bootable media using that tool.backup all your data and create the Acer erecovery media, to restore your PC back to factory if something went wrong.Boot using the windows 10 bootable media, choose custom install and erase your HDD partitions; install windows 10 skipping product key requests.Once at desktop  you can look for any drivers that windows 10 can't find (you can check about any yellow exclamation mark on Device manager (windows logo key + X, Device manager) When all drivers are ok and you system is running smoothly, press windows logo key, choose Settings, updates & security, on the left side click Activation (must have a data connection) and input your windows 8 product you will have a clean and authenticated windows 10 install.
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I have an Acer Aspire M PT- running Windows While using a wireless mouse the mouse became disconnected from my computer not physically disconnected but an error message popped up saying the device was not recognized I pulled out the USB wireless transmitter plugged it back in and it re-connected with my computer Shortly thereafter the mouse became disconnected Ports still providing any devices, power recognizing but not USB again same thing as before with an error message and now no USB device will USB Ports not recognizing any devices, but still providing power connect to my computer I will get power from the USB port but it will never recognize devices and nothing shows up when I scan for new devices My computer has usb ports and neither port works I made sure to try multiple devices and check that these were working on other USB Ports not recognizing any devices, but still providing power computers I first tried deleting all of the USB drivers every driver listed under the quot Universal Serial Bus Controller quot section in the device manager and then restarting the computer but the problem remained I tried using a system restore point but the USB ports still weren t recognizing devices even after the restore though I am not the restore point was far enough back since I tried a lot of different things before doing the restore I changed the power settings for the USB port so that the power was always on still nothing I was always getting power through the ports it just wasn t recognizing devices I went to some computer techs and they had me change the boot order in BIOS and used a USB thumb drive to boot the computer into Ubuntu from the USB drive but once loaded USB devices wouldn t work in Ubuntu either Before booting from a USB we just tried plugging in the thumb drive which had a light built in that showed when the device was being read When the thumb drive was first plugged in the light would turn on for a second and then turn off after a few second the light would flash for maybe a second or two and then turn off again and wouldn t light up again not really sure what that means After about two hours of trying things they told me that it must be a hardware issue but I am not sure how I could load an operating system from a USB thumb drive if it was a hardware issue I am trying to hold off on a system refresh or anything that would wipe programs from the computer since I have several proprietary programs that are difficult to reinstall I contacted Acer and they wanted to charge me over for help so I would also like to avoid that Any help is much appreciated nbsp

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A while back I had an old computer that basically would power on simply by providing power to it (we used one of those "power center" bases where you could turn everything on with the flick of a switch).

Both my current computers basically play dead when you give them power, they only boot once you manually press the "on" switch on the tower.

My question is, what exactly determines whether or not a computer powers on by simply having juice vs. having juice AND pressing the power button on the unit itself? Is it the mobo? The power supply? I'm thinking mobo, but I wonder if this is something I can select by fiddling with jumpers or something.

I'm planning to set this particular computer inside an arcade cabinet for MAME. Ideally, I want to be able to have the machine boot just by flipping on a surge protector. Any ideas?

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Alright well recently as in the last couple of days I have been having problems with my internet conflicting and are information Modem Computer providing At random intervals of the day my computer will tell me that it is connected to the modem but the modem is not connected to the internet However when I look over at the modem all Computer and Modem are providing conflicting information of the lights are on and flashing like they should be The DSL light is on and the Internet light is flashing to show that it s working Furthermore if I go into the setup page for the modem using my browser the status page there also tells me that the DSL is connected and that the LAN is connected as well This happens randomly and when it does I attempt to correct this myself by changing my static IP settings and DNS server settings Eventually it does start working again but I don t know if it is because of something I actually fixed or by random luck I hope you guys here can help me figure out this problem nbsp

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Are there any techniques or methods to find web sites by giving ip address, i.e mapping ip address to web sites,without nslookup xp
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I have used AirBnB some time ago but am very hesitant to providing a a AirBnB my privacy is ID personal pic. of concern? - use it today Which is a shame because I could save a bundle of money So I would appreciate comments on the following AirBnB has a policy that in order to rent a room I must provide either a link to my social media site that contains my picture or provide a picture of my personal ID such as a driver's license or passport AirBnB uses Jumio to validate IDs Jumio's privacy policy states Jumio may use the Personally-Identifying Information a user submits for any purposes related to Jumio's business including but not limited to providing you with Jumio's services and personalizing and AirBnB - is providing a pic. of my personal ID a privacy concern? improving those services for you This makes me very uneasy This could mean that Jumio if it wanted could sell my personal ID if it helped generate revenue for their business At the very least my personal ID would end up in the database of AirBnB and Jumio Makes me very uneasy So my question is Am I being paranoid in not wanting to provide my ID to AirBnB Is this a real privacy concern

A:AirBnB - is providing a pic. of my personal ID a privacy concern?

Your analysis of their policy is correct. And if it makes you very uneasy, you should not use them.
Why don't you use the first option: picture on social media? I suppose that is not going through Jumio?
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Hello forum Gurus,

I Have a machine running Windows 7 x64 with two network interfaces. This machine is being used as a DVR and is connected to 4 ip cameras. The DVR software is Milestone Go.

When using interface one 3 out of the 4 cameras work without any problems but camera 4 constantly drops offline with lots of ping timeouts on average about %60 loss.

When using interface two there %0 ping loss on all 4 cameras but only Camera 4 has video the other 3 cameras have no video. That may be a DVR software issue but not positive.

Thank you in advance.

A:more ping drops on interface 1 than interface 2

The firewall is deactivated.
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Hello there I recently swapped out my HD for a GTX and after about two days I noticed my windows had done a auto-update and rebooting itself and was at my login prompt . . or old new card . No to one installing after re-installing video monitor signal and my No signal to monitor after installing new video card or re-installing old one . . . USB keyboard and mouse suddenly were not working at all the keyboard had no lights on either I then proceeded to reboot the computer when I did this I suddenly No signal to monitor after installing new video card or re-installing old one . . . had no signal coming from my video card The card was still running its fan and everything else on the motherboard was running as well but no video I then thought it might be a video card problem so I re-installed the HD and it seems to be doing the same thing I have been researching every thing I can No signal to monitor after installing new video card or re-installing old one . . . possibly find on how to fix this issue however nothing seems to work and im almost thinking the PCI-E slot may be dead however the HD runs its fan directly from the mobo through the slot and when I power the computer up with that card in it the fan spins like normal Things I have tried so far Ensured everything was seated properly and all cords were in the proper places Reseated Cleaned any dust off my RAM HDD Proccessor all PSU cords going to mobo as well as USB cords As well as did a mobo test by removing the RAM and booting to see if it beeped and it did with the RAM in place its giving me short beep but thats been like that for a long time Reset my BIOS by removing the CMOS battery for abit as well as doing the jumper reset on my mobo Ensured the BIOS had not switched to onboard somehow I am using the onboard now which is working fine but I had to go into the BIOS to turn it on myself it was still in the PCI-E setting I had removed the ATI drivers when I installed the GTX card but I did a restore to rollback to them when I attempted to use my HD again and still nothing I looked very closely at my PCI-e x slot doesnt appear to be any damage or broken pins I have tested both of these video cards on a seperate computer and both are working as intended on it Here are my specs -HP p - running Windows home premium bit -AMD Phenom II X T Processor CPUs GHz - GB DDR - RAM - TB SATA HDD -N-Alvorix-RS -uATX Alvorix Motherboard -CORSAIR Gaming Series GS W ATX V v PLUS Certified Active PFC High Performance Power Supply more than enough for either card -Currently running off the onboard video HD chipset also attempting to use HD mb pci-e x card the stock card Zotac GTX SE mb my new one I know from all I have read that I might be wasting my time and this is a slot or motherboard issue that may not be fixable but if anyone can think of anything it would be greatly appreciated Thanks Eric nbsp

A:No signal to monitor after installing new video card or re-installing old one . . .
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Hoping someone can help me with my networking dilemma I have a desktop computer running Vista and a laptop running Win The Vista machine can see all the folders on Win and write to those providing Win7 laptop access not Vista machine to folders the Win machine sees the computer Gateway but cannot see the folders at all When Vista machine not providing access to Win7 laptop I diagnose the problem Win comes up with The remote device or Vista machine not providing access to Win7 laptop resource won't accept the connection Now what is odd is these two have worked fine together for a couple of years I shared a Video folder last week and ever since the Vista machine no longer shows its folders to the rest of the network One other thing that happened recently although this sharing problem happened before I removed it but I got an Alreon virus on the Vista machine which I managed to clean thanks to this site and that machine runs much faster now but still will not be seen by the laptop I have tried various suggestions I have come across while researching this all the right things are checked in Sharing and Discovery Client for Microsoft Networks is checked TCP IPv is unchecked and v is checked Lost as to what to do to get back to Win accessing Vista Thanks George

A:Vista machine not providing access to Win7 laptop

I have a very similar problem. I created a network between a win7 laptop and a Vista desktop. The Vista system can see the WIN7 Public and Default folders. I can see the Vista system, but when I try to connect to the Vista desktop it asks me for an account name, There is only one account on the system so I enter it and the password and it says invalid account or password. What is it looking for???
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I have lost my cd rom windows will not acknowledge that it is there although on start up is is shown as being found. thanks for the help with the video card.

A:lost cd-romdrive while installing graphics card card doesn,t work right either

Welcome to the forum Ray and Julia,

Recheck all the cables and make sure they are plugged in properly.

When you install a new video card you have to remove ALL drivers for the old card.
Uninstall the drivers for the old card in Add/Remove Programs and if you don't have the option there, check in Control Panel/Device Manager and make sure there are not 2 cards showing under Display Adapters. If the old one is still showing, Highlight it and click Remove.

Uninstall the new video card drivers, restart then re-install the new drivers.
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I work in a company which has lakhs of computers in its LAN, I want to find ip address of computer which provides Internet Access.
Due to security I dont want to run any software,Is there any other way or some code which can find out IP adress which can route to internet.

A:How to find a hidden proxy server providing internet connection in a LAN

Do you want to find out other people who are using a proxy server that shouldnt be accessing the Internet or do you just want to get access for yourself.
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I have an Asus A N-E mobo which has optical and coax outputs for sound and an nForce chipset I just got a set of Logitech Z- speakers and couldn t get them to receive a signal from either digital output from my mobo They worked if I hooked them up Is causing providing system 5.1 is instability. fix? support there driver a Sound to the direct outputs but not the digital I called Asus and they told me to install the Realtek sound drivers instead of the nForce sound drivers which I was using So I did Now both the optical and coax jacks on my mobo output sound and with quite a bit more volume than the direct hookups but the sound quality in some games Half-Life Galactic Civilizations is noticably choppier However the biggest disappointment came when I fired up Battlefield When I actually get into the game the sound is absolutely awful None of the sounds I hear coming from the speakers is representative of anything that s happening on my screen It s horribly loud and the same sounds keep looping over and over again When I press ESC to quit the game my pc actually crashes to a blue screen of death which has never happend once in all of my years of using XP Pro which tells me that quot ati dvag quot is causing the problem and the driver is stuck in an infinite loop What fun I m not really concerned about fixing this problem with the Realtek driver because I m not happy with its performance in games that actually work and I can always switch back to the nForce driver and use the direct inputs Sound driver providing 5.1 support is causing system instability. Is there a fix? But I d really really like to get those digital outputs working but try as I might I couldn t figure out a way before I installed that crappy Realtek driver So to make a long story short is there a way to get the nForce driver or maybe a rd party driver to support my coax and optical outputs Sound driver providing 5.1 support is causing system instability. Is there a fix? nbsp

A:Sound driver providing 5.1 support is causing system instability. Is there a fix?

Good Evening Stinky, that really is technically "up there " stuff you have.
I got a headache just reading about it! The AI system is real space age stuff.

I did see a set of Nvidia drivers at
but I haven't played with 64 bit stuff with my TRS80 or 286 up to this point so wouldn't know.
As you mention the realtek drivers seem to be the most mentioned but I wouldn't be surprised if you have problems getting those drivers out. 30megs sounds like complicated drivers. Better you than me "gunga-din"!
Sorry no help.
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During Microsoft's big announcement earlier today that Windows 10 will arrive this summer, the company also revealed that it is working with Xiaomi to test its new operating system among power users.

Read more

A:Microsoft is providing select Xiaomi users with a ROM to put Windows 10 on their Android smartphones

And who knows, perhaps this sort of thing could catch on to the point where handsets are sold as barebones devices that allow users to select the OS of their choice during the setup processClick to expand...

If you would have said that a year ago I would have laughed it off but not it seems like that might really be the way of the future.

There hasn't been any real innovation in the smartphone segment for the last few years, interchangeable parts on smartphones may very well be the way of the future, there just doesn't seem to be anyway to improve on what's already here without some drastic improvement like upgradability.

As far as making Windows 10 free to android users seems like a very smart move on Microsoft's part. There are currently more android phones in peoples pockets than any other smartphone. Making their OS free to them is a very easy way to get their OS in everyone's pocket.
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Mozilla has a long history of innovating with how users interact with content: tabs, add-ons, live bookmarks, the Awesome bar ? these and many more innovations have helped the Web to dominate desktop computing for the last decade. Six months ago we launched Directory Tiles in Firefox, and have had great success with commercial partnerships and in aiding awareness for content important to the project, including Mozilla advocacy campaigns in support of net neutrality and the Mozilla Manifesto.

Today, I?m pleased to announce Suggested Tiles ? our latest innovation and complement to Directory Tiles, as we work to create a more powerful and personalized Web experience for our users. I discussed the Mozilla mission in the context of digital advertising earlier this year. Suggested Tiles represents an important step for us to improve the state of digital advertising for the Web, and to deliver greater user agency.

A:(Firefox)Providing a Valuable Platform for Advertisers, Content Publishers, and Users

as long as we have the ability to turn them off, mozilla can do what they please.
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So I am having a rather unusual issue here I have been fixing up a computer which was loaded with code 0x80070005 activation providing denied) (Access error is Windows malware viruses I have run the below software programs to help clean Windows activation providing error code 0x80070005 (Access is denied) up the system - Malwarebytes Anti-Malware - Super Anti-Spyware - HiJack This After cleaning it up I am running into one additional issue which is flagging my system as not being genuine The system was purchased with a valid license key for Windows Home Premium -bit My thought here is that there is still some rootkit or rogue malware running which is preventing me access to this file It is preventing access to other system files such as the hosts file the ability to start stop services through the services msc console etc Couple of things I have tried to resolve this - Microsoft support KB article https support microsoft com en-us kb - Disabled Plug N Play service within registry through CMD command - Enabled Administrator account to attempt activation After attempting these steps and performing a reboot I am still unable to get around this unusual activation error Please help

A:Windows activation providing error code 0x80070005 (Access is denied)

Also provided is my MGADiag results from the infected system:

Diagnostic Report (1.9.0027.0):
Windows Validation Data-->

Validation Code: 50
Cached Online Validation Code: 0x0
Windows Product Key: *****-*****-73CQT-WMF7J-3Q6C9
Windows Product Key Hash: KaFG+RmurcM3ZxzWyfEP9WtPUJw=
Windows Product ID: 00359-OEM-8992687-00010
Windows Product ID Type: 2
Windows License Type: OEM SLP
Windows OS version: 6.1.7601.2.00010300.1.0.003
ID: {51482646-6E61-4A0A-B81F-423BF58A8C0F}(3)
Is Admin: Yes
TestCab: 0x0
LegitcheckControl ActiveX: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Product Name: Windows 7 Home Premium
Architecture: 0x00000009
Build lab: 7601.win7sp1_gdr.151019-1254
TTS Error:
Validation Diagnostic:
Resolution Status: N/A

Vista WgaER Data-->
ThreatID(s): N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002

Windows XP Notifications Data-->
Cached Result: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
File Exists: No
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
WgaTray.exe Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
WgaLogon.dll Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002

OGA Notifications Data-->
Cached Result: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
OGAExec.exe Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
OGAAddin.dll Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002

OGA Data-->
Office Status: 109 N/A
OGA Version: N/A, 0x80070002
Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Office Diagnostics: 025D1FF3-364-80041010_025D1FF3-229-80041010_025D1FF3-230-1_025D1FF3-517-80040154_025D1FF3-237-80040154_025D1FF3-238-2_025D1FF3-244-80070002_025D1FF3-258-3

Browser Data-->
Proxy settings: N/A
User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Win32)
Default Browser: C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
Download signed ActiveX controls: Prompt
Download unsigned ActiveX controls: Disabled
Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins: Allowed
Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe: Disabled
Allow scripting of Internet Explorer Webbrowser control: Disabled
Active scripting: Allowed
Script ActiveX controls marked as safe for scripting: Allowed

File Scan Data-->

Other data-->
Office Details: <GenuineResults><MachineData><UGUID>{51482646-6E61-4A0A-B81F-423BF58A8C0F}</UGUID><Version>1.9.0027.0</Version><OS>6.1.7601.2.00010300.1.0.003</OS><Architecture>x64</Architecture><PKey>*****-*****-*****-*****-3Q6C9</PKey><PID>00359-OEM-8992687-00010</PID><PIDType>2</PIDType><SID>S-1-5-21-531353185-1000728662-116016096</SID><SYSTEM><Manufacturer>HP-Pavilion</Manufacturer><Model>AY633AA-ABA p6313w</Model></SYSTEM><BIOS><Manufacturer>American Megatrends Inc.</Manufacturer><Version>5.14 </Version><SMBIOSVersion major="2" minor="5"/><Date>20100119000000.000000+000</Date></BIOS><HWID>1B583E07018400F4</HWID><UserLCID>0409</UserLCID><SystemLCID>0409</SystemLCID><TimeZone>Eastern Standard Time(GMT-05:00)</TimeZone><iJoin>0</iJoin><SBID><stat>3</stat><msppid></msppid><name></name><model></model></SBID><OEM><OEMID>HPQOEM</OEMID><OEMTableID>SLIC-CPC</OEMTableID></OEM><GANotification/></MachineData><Software><Office><Result>109</Result><Products/><Applications/></Office></Software></GenuineResults>

Spsys.log Content: 0x80070002

Licensing Data-->
On a computer running Microsoft Windows non-core edition, run 'slui.exe 0x2a 0xC004F012' to display the error text.
Error: 0xC004F012

Windows Activation Technologies-->
HrOffline: 0x00000000
HrOnline: 0x00000000
HealthStatus: 0x0000000000000000
Event Time Stamp: 10:10:2015 17:24
ActiveX: Registered, Version: 7.1.7600.16395
Admin Service: Registered, Version: 7.1.7600... Read more
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Hello there I am doing some work for a friend on his after installing onboard graphics signal from card No card OR new PCI-e new-ish HP computer The specs it shipped with are HP Pavillion p p Aloe H-RS -uATX motherboard AMD Athlon II X processor GB DDR memory Integrated ATI No signal from PCI-e card OR onboard graphics after installing new card radeon HD graphics watt No signal from PCI-e card OR onboard graphics after installing new card Bestec power supply He wanted to upgrade the graphics for gaming and ended up purchasing an XFX ATI Radeon HD brand new Because it recommended a W power supply he also purchased a second-hand-but-tested L amp C brand W power supply He first replaced the power supply and reconnected all the elements of the motherboard and the hard disk and optical drive and then booted up and everything worked and displayed just fin with the onboard graphics BUT After installing the XFX ATI Radeon HD in the PCI-e slot he hooked the monitor to the DVI ouput on the card and rebooted the computer appeared to reboot normally and all fans and lights were running appropriately but no signal at all during the whole process from the graphics card Not too unusual right But He powered down took the graphics card back out and reconnected his monitor to the onboard graphics then booted back up This time even though it had booted successfully in this configuration just a few minutes previously with perfect monitor signal he got the quot no signal quot from the monitor We have since worked on this problem quite a bit to the extent of our abilities The XFX card works like a dream when inserted into my computer So does his monitor But no configuration of power supplies original or higher-powered second-hand or graphics output ports seems to be able to send a signal to his monitor Have also tried using a VGA cable in addition to the DVI or turning the monitor on before the computer Have also tried putting my old PCI cardin his computer and no output through it either The last confusing element of this problem is that the lack of signal is not consistent more like When I arrived to take a look at the computer today he booted the computer up with the new graphics card and the new power supply both installed and voila we got an image on the monitor showing the bootup screen and about five seconds of Windows beginning to boot Then boom it cut out with a quot no signal quot and we haven t been able to coax the signal back yet Any ideas There s only so much I can possibly do without a functioning display Please let me know any thought you may have as this leaves us scratching out heads If you need any more information from me please ask nbsp

A:No signal from PCI-e card OR onboard graphics after installing new card

Maybe a loose connection in computer or cable/monitor.
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I will be installing a PCI video card on a HP and I need to know how to install this.
I know you will need to go into the Bio and disable the onboard display drivers. but i dont know how to do that will someone help me.

Thank You,

A:Installing a PCI Video Card and disabling onboard card

I am almost pretty sure that your hp should auto detect the new video card and default to it. At least that has been the case in everyone that i have installed. try that first. Just remember to connect your video cable to that card after you install it and not the original on board video card.