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dimm slot 1 and 2 error with ddr400

Q: dimm slot 1 and 2 error with ddr400

i have just built myself a pc, using an asus k8v se deluxe motherboard, amd 64 2800+ cpu, asus 9520 td graphics card, crucial ddr400 512mb ram, maxtor 160gb sata hdd's and optical drives.
put the pc together and went to install windows, only to find it would blue screen and reset, i search the net and it said this could be due to bad ram, so i ram a mem test and it came back ok, tried putting the dimm from slot 1 to slot 2 but the same thing happened, put it in slot 3 and it worked!
tried a friends pc2100 ram and that worked in all three slots.
put the pc2100 ram in slot 1 and the ddr400 ram in slot 2 and that worked (where as before with the ddr400 on its own in slot 1 or 2 it would fail)

any ideas as to whats wrong?

many thanks
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Preferred Solution: dimm slot 1 and 2 error with ddr400

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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i have had trouble with my computer after cleaning it (can of compressed air) it would boot to log in screen then go black on the monitor or it would blue screen and restart.

after figuring out it was a RAM problem i tried another stick of RAM but same problem so i guess its the actual slot it goes into, i only have 2 on my motherboard lucky one of them is working still.

has anyone had this problem or know of a way to fix it, i am wondering if some of the canned air/gas became a liquid from spraying to close and got in it.

any help would be appreciated thanks.

A:RAM slot/DIMM slot? blue screening me!


ok so i have been looking into my problem more, when booting i press tab to show the POST?? or somthing and it says that 1 of the RAMs wouldnt/couldnt R/W (read write?? i dont know)

then i get the screen saying that windows has had hardware changes and asking to how i want to start windows (normal, safe mode, etc) i have tried all but it just restarts.

now its only with 1 of the 2 dimm slots this happens and i have tried differend RAM in there but only the 1 slot works

any help would be appreciated

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I have a motherboard that supports DDR266 RAM. Will a DDR400 RAM work on this motherboard. If not will it damage the motherboard.

A:Using DDR400 RAM on DDR266 slot

It depends on your Mother Board.
Some Boards will be Backwards Compatable which means the DDR400 will Run at DDR266

But frankly it is not a Good Idea at all.

What is the MB ????
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Can I put a DDR 333 (PC 2700) memory chip in a mobo slot geared for DDR 400 (PC 3200) without the chip frying? The "case latency" on both chips appears to be the same.

A:Want to use DDR333 in slot geared for DDR400

yes - the board will always default back to the slower speed. If the option is available as part of the BIOS, change that as well (but remember to put it back should you ever upgrade the RAM!)
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New PC conf. and I got RAM question, shall I put the memory sticks in SLOT 1/3 or stay with my current setup 2/4?

Intel Core i7-4790 3.6g 1150
Asus Maximus VII Hero Z97 DDR3 1600

A:DIMM slot 1, 3 or DIMM slot 2, 4?

It probably doesn't matter, what does the manual say ?
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As the title suggest my motherboard seems to have an issue reading memory I have x gb sticks and the computer will not boot unless a specific stick is in the A dimm slot The computer refuses to boot if that same stick is in any other slot and when placed in the A slot a beep message indicating I have no memory installed occurs The other stick seems to not work in any slot including A and the computer will only boot with two sticks if they're in A A but still only reads stick This problem arose after I installed a Hyper cooler I have read of similar issues due to the instillation being to tight and remedying it by loosing however I loosened it and the problem still persist I fear I might be too late and the damage has been done I do issue. slot RAM/Dimm need all gb to be accessible so any help or advice is welcome As for the memory itself the stick that can boot with the computer reads no error yet it still only works in that slot The other stick I received after an rma of a previous one I can assume the stick works fine but I can't test it I have also updated my bios to the most current version

A:RAM/Dimm slot issue.

Sort of the same thing here,

Asus X58 + 6/12GB memory overclocking - detecting less memory than installed - - different look at memory

lots of different troubleshooting tips to try.
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Well I recently decided to upgrade from 1gig of RAM to 2Gigs on my A7N8X-E Deluxe 2800+ ... It had 2 512Ram sticks in the first 2 slots (Which I assume means it never was running dual channel mode right?) Well I went and got a 1gig stick that matches exactly to every spec the 512 sticks have, except its one gig instead of 512. I put the 1gig stick in the #1 slot, 512 sticks in #2 and #3, but it shows i have 1536 RAM, the 3rd Dimm slot is not picking up anything at all, like its empty, except it isnt, and I know all 3 sticks of ram work just fine

Is there something Im missing thats causing the 3rd Dimm slot to not recongnize anything there? Because the PC does know it has a 3rd slot

A:PC Not Recognizing 3rd DIMM Slot?

Put the two 512MB memory modules in slots 1 & 2 leaving the 3rd slot to house the 1GB memory module. If that doesn't work, try booting the system with each memory module by itself to see if you haven't "burnt" one of the modules during the installation.
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Hi I have Slots on my motherboard for Ram I have a and x PC Ram Sticks When I have in the first slot it boots up Trouble? Slot Dimm fine When I put the Dimm Slot Trouble? other two in My computer freezes after the first two boot up pages then restarts Does anyone know what can cause this problem Also how can I test if the other dimm slots are working or faulty I ve added a Hijack This file also Dimm Slot Trouble? Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at AM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system csrss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS system ZoneLabs vsmon exe C WINDOWS System alg exe C WINDOWS system wscntfy exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files MSN Apps Updater en-au msnappau exe C WINDOWS system Mixerbar exe C Program Files Zone Labs ZoneAlarm zapro exe C PROGRA Grisoft AVGFRE avgupsvc exe C PROGRA Grisoft AVGFRE avgamsvr exe C Program Files Grisoft AVG Free avgcc exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe E EXE programs HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Bar about blank R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www news com au O - BHO no name - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Reader ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO no name - - F - D - - D F - C Program Files Spybot - Search amp Destroy SDHelper dll O - BHO no name - EDE -C B - E- - BF AF E - C Program Files MSN Apps ST en-xu stmain dll O - BHO no name - BDBD DAD-C - A -ADC - B B FF D - C Program Files MSN Apps MSN Toolbar en-us msntb dll O - Toolbar MSN - BDAD DAD-C - A -ADC - B B FF D - C Program Files MSN Apps MSN Toolbar en-us msntb dll O - HKLM Run THGuard quot C Program Files TrojanHunter THGuard exe quot O - HKLM Run msnappau quot C Program Files MSN Apps Updater en-au msnappau exe quot O - HKLM Run Mixerbar C WINDOWS system Mixerbar exe O - HKLM Run AVG CC C PROGRA Grisoft AVGFRE avgcc exe STARTUP O - HKCU Run MSMSGS quot C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe quot background O - Global Startup ZoneAlarm Pro lnk C Program Files Zone Labs ZoneAlarm zapro exe O - Extra button Related HKLM O - Extra Tools menuitem Show amp Related Links HKLM O - Extra button Messenger HKLM O - Extra Tools menuitem Windows Messenger HKLM O - DPF A FD C -A C- FC-ADB - D Creative Software AutoUpdate - http www creative com su ocx CTSUEng cab O - DPF -C A- E-A -C C BBF Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool - http go microsoft com fwlink linkid amp clcid x O - DPF B-B - D-A D -FCFDF E C WUWebControl Class - http v windowsupdate microsoft c ls en x client wuweb site cab O - DPF B E - ECB- DA- C A- F A FF MsnMessengerSetupDownloadControl Class - http messenger msn com download MsnMessengerSetupDownloader cab O - DPF F ACF C-C C- B- BEF- B D Creative Software AutoUpdate Support Package - http www creative com su ocx CTPID cab Soltek Motherboard SL- KAV PC SDRAM AMD Athlon nbsp

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My 2nd DIMM slot is not recognising my DDR2 RAM.

I have 2 slots with 256mb in each. I safely took the 2nd one out to check the type because i am upgrading to 2gb. I put it back in again and now when I press F2 on startup the 2nd DIMM slot is classed as "Empty"

Any suggestions? Thanks

A:DIMM slot not recognising RAM

reset your cmos and retry. If that doesn't work - your slot went bad.
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Hello - I have a bit a a problem, not so big now, but will be in the future...

A quick overview of my system specs:

MSI K8N Neo-Force 4
AMD Athlon 64 3500+
2 x Nanya 512mb RAM, 1 x Corsair 512mb
ATI Radeon X1600 Pro (Sapphire)
200gb Seagate Barracuda
120gb Seagate Barracuda
2 x DVD/CD Combo Drives (TS-H552)

Heres the problem: DIMM slots 1 and 3 run fine, but 2 and 4 wont accept RAM... it gives me long beeps, so something is wrong with the slots... The RAM is compatible with each other, I checked that, and it is compatible with my system.

Do these slots take a different kind of RAM or is something wrong with the motherboard?

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I have 6 DIMM slots. 3 of them are red and 3 are black. Is there any difference between the two colors? I have a P6T mobo.

A:Difference between DIMM slot colors

There are 2 RAM channels. Each channel has a different color.
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Well ill get right to it months ago i came back from work and a dimm slot wasn t working led load indicators on ram so i pulled it out made sure there wasn t anything making a bad connection put it back in still didn t work tried different sticks still didn t work So i did an rma to asus and they sent it back saying it just needed a bios update but the thing is i tried every bios slot? dimm causing Cpu/Mobo bad version they had I don t know if it actually fixed it or Cpu/Mobo causing bad dimm slot? not as i forgot thermal compound doh but i don t believe that it actually fixed it so now my suspisions are on the cpu Could a bad AMD processor cause a specific dimm slot not to work cuz i ve heard they have their memory controller on the processor Any guesses ill post again monday after i get the grease c if it does actually work thanks in advance nbsp

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A couple of weeks ago, I attempted to install a new DIMM into my computer. During this attempt, the clip on one of the sides broke off. The slot still works but since it ends up being vertical when I put my computer back together, the DIMM keeps working its way loose. I suddenly drop 512MB when I turn my computer back on.

Is there any way, short of replacing the computer or motherboard, to firmly hold the DIMM in place?

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When running memory diagnostic tests, I get a failure where the logs point to "Channel Num 0 DIMM Num 1" - but nothing about which of the four slots contains the failing DIMM.Where can I find documentation that translates this Channel/DIMM numbering scheme to Slot Numbers 1-4 or physical slot locations (Primary or Expansion) mentioned in the service manual? I've tried to keep this question brief and to the point, but I can provide more detail if necessary. Thanks!
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Ok so, I fried my motherboard a while back and am just now getting an Abit barebone kit with a brand new motherboard and was wondering whether my DDR RDIMM will work in the new DDR2 RIMM memory expansion slots?
Abit Barbone Kit tech Info:

Diablo Black and Silver ATX Mid-Tower Case with 400 Watt Power Supply
Abit LG-95Z Intel Socket 775 MicroATX Motherboard
Intel Celeron D 360 3.46GHz OEM Processor

Here is a link to the barebone kit at

A:will DDR DRIMM work in DDR2 DIMM expansion slot?

No. You need ddr2 memory.
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Hey Guys, I recently joined these forums due to a error BSOD which I received great help with, thing is running MemtestCL, Memtest86+ and Windows Memory Diagnostics, I kept getting "Hardware Problem Detected".

So one by one I tried the Modules in all 4 DIMM Slots and 2 sticks together A1,A2,B1,B2 slots but returned Errors, tried this on all 4, and found one Module was causing the error message.

I tried the remaining 3 Modules in all the slots with no error at all, my question is, does this sound like a problem with the Module itself? Or the Motherboard??

A:Bad Module or Bad DIMM Slot? Corsair Vengeance 16GB

Module. If all the other sticks worked in every slot, its the ram. Were it the mobo slot, known good sticks would test bad in the mis-behaving mobo slot.
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I recently upgraded my processor amp motherboard from AMD Phenom II X Asus M N T-M Now it s AMD FX- amp Asus M A L-M LX I ran two modules of RAM GB GB on that previous motherboard These are my modules Corsair CMZ GX M A C Vengeance GB Single Module DDR Memory Kingston Value RAM GB don t know the exact model but it was a Mhz always 2nd DIMM Solved: on Memory slot on is hardware new reserved motherboard module Both modules have the same latency I just had to downclock the corsair module to Mhz amp then they both ran in dual channel mode Now on this new motherboard when I check sys info in BIOS it shows just GB RAM or GB basically it Solved: Memory on 2nd DIMM slot is always hardware reserved on new motherboard just detects what s in the first slot When Solved: Memory on 2nd DIMM slot is always hardware reserved on new motherboard I boot into Windows it says that GB or GB the other slot is always hardware reserved Also task manager shows wrong RAM speed Instead of Mhz it shows Mhz And when I really run it at Mhz or even below Mhz it s always wrong in task manager There s another interesting thing happening when I try to change the memory speed in BIOS When I change it amp as soon as I hit enter after F system just powers down for a few seconds amp boots right up This is just my second motherboard amp idk if it s normal but it sure doesn t feel right I m posting this after going through a lot of posts on similar topics amp the solutions are not working for me I even checked for bent pins on my CPU but it looks good As it looks either the RAM modules are incompatible on this motherboard but then why is the speed in task manager always wrong or something is wrong with the motherboard This is what I think but I need your help to make it work I m mentally exhausted now nbsp

A:Solved: Memory on 2nd DIMM slot is always hardware reserved on new motherboard
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I have noticed a steady progression of either bad Dimm or Dimm slots. In the last 3-4 years as computers come to our shop I notice that people are complaining about lock-up problems and you go inside the machine and thump the ram chip and the machine will either reboot or give a hard lock-up. So my question is it bad ram contacts, bad slots or just cheap metals ? I have machines that are 8-10 years old and no ram problems at all that are still solid as a rock. The problem does not seem to be one certain manufacturer.

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I am looking to upgrade my RAM to 4GB. Am I better off using 2 Dimm's @ 2GB or 4 Dimm's @ 1GB?

Thanks in advance!

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I have a AMD Dual slot video card on my Asus M A X-Evo Motherboard It is installed in the first x slot and I also have a PCI-e x XF-I Titanium Sound card The problem I am having is that one of the x slots is covered by the video card and the nd one is open but right smack below the Video card My Video card is the Sapphire slot Question PCI-e dual below slot card video about GHz Edition non OC Attached is a picture of what I am trying to explain My other question is Will this cause issues since one of the GPU fans is semi covered Its it recommended Last question If I move this to one of the x slots below on my motherboard will it cause my x PCI-E slot to slow down Thanks ahead of time for any help you can provide Computer Specs - Asus M A x-Evo Motherboard AM AMD FX Core Ghz Sapphire AMD Radeon GHz Edition GB GB DDR Kingston HyperX memory x GB GB WD Black Edtion SATA HD TB WD Black Edtion SATA HD Sound Blaster XF-I Titanium PCI-E x Sound Card Thremaltake Bronze PS Smart Series DVDRW SATA DVD-ROM SATA nbsp

A:Question about PCI-e slot below dual slot video card

My opinion ...

Yes, setting up like that will have an impact. The air flow to your GPU will be restricted so it will more than likely run hotter than it did. It may still stay withing recommended specs, but it will run hotter.

The motherboard has onboard sound (Realtek® ALC892 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC ), any particular reason why you don't use that? Onboard sound is perfectly good for gaming and the like now, its not like older machines where you needed a dedicated card for decent quality. In my opinion, you only need a dedicated card if you are doing a lot of detailed audio work (mixing, remastering and other specific audio work). This would totally remove the issue.
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Most of the time when I start my laptop I get this error message. I have tracked it down to the pci bus and found:

Memory Range 20000000 - FFFFFFFF not available.

in the conflicting device list. what now?
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Q: Ddr400

I want to use DDR 400 in my computer.
I am using Mercury p4m266 NDFSMX mainboard.
128 SDR
Mainboard clock frequency is 133Hz...
How can I use DDR 400 in my computer after removing 128SDR


arunthedon said:

I want to use DDR 400 in my computer.
I am using Mercury p4m266 NDFSMX mainboard.
128 SDR
Mainboard clock frequency is 133Hz...
How can I use DDR 400 in my computer after removing 128SDRClick to expand...

no can do, your MB doesnt use DDR 400 ram, it wont fit slots, ddr is 184 pin you have sdram which is 168pin
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hey guys, i just upgraded my RAM to KINGSTON DDR400 PC3200 and am trying to figure out how to get it to run at the max MHz or frequencey. i dont know much about RAM or ratios or anything. i went into my bios and messed around but didnt achieve much. any help would be greatly appreciated. here are some screens of CPU-Z tests. PLEASE HELP!


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Q: Ddr400

I am using Mercury p4m266 NDFSMX motherboard.
I have a SDRAM of 128 MB.
My cpu frequency is 100MHz.
I bought a 512MB DDR400 which is not working in my computer.
Is this because that the clock frequency is low?.
Please tell me how to use DDR400 in my Computer....


The users manual says you can use either SDRAM or DDR SDRAM, but you cannot use them simultaneously. It looks like you will need to remove the 128MB SDRAM.

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ok the lady I got this comp from says the comp the video card its reading now is not as good as the one in the PCI slot so Im wondering how do I make it so it reads the PCI slot

The AGP vid card though comes out with a Adaptor to make it so you can plug in moniters

Anyway Should I leave my moniter plug in the AGP slot video card or put it where no video card is but goes right into the computer

and no there is no plug that goes into the PCI slot

I hope this is understanable


A:How to switch the comp from reading your AGP slot to PCI slot

Jimboson said:

Anyway Should I leave my moniter plug in the AGP slot video card or put it where no video card is but goes right into the computer
Click to expand...

That's known as integrated graphics, now do you have a PCI video card and an APG video card or an Integrated video card and an AGP card?

Also what are they Radeon xxxx? or Nvidia xxxx? we need to know the model numbers to tell you which is the better on to use.
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hi there,
i need to know which know which graphic card will fit for my computer. Ie i want to know which type: DDR ,DDR1 or ddr2 i bought my computer in 2007, but thats not enough to tell.
so please let me know how do i know which pci slot i have?

A:which graphic card slot do i require for my PCI slot

The type of memory doesn't matter, its the type of interface the computer supports among a few other things to watch for.

You likely have a PCI-Express slot, as long as it a x16 slot it doesn't really matter if its a version 1.1 or 2.0 slot.

Is this for your Dell or another computer? Whats you budget and what needs do you have for the video card?
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This is the strangest thing I've seen in the past years of using computers I have an Acer Aspire - laptop that came with windows but I'm very picky and I wanted Windows xp back so I went onto Acer's website and won't mouse USB slot USB first other in works any slot, in only work but USB downloaded all of the windows xp drivers and then formatted the laptop to Windows XP with intergrated Service Pack The computer works just fine except for one very strange oddity - the USB mouse I'm using only works when plugged into the first USB slot it will refuse to work in the other USB slots I'm using a Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer USB which is my favorite mouse and I USB mouse only works in first USB slot, but won't work in any other USB slot have of them at home When I was formatting the laptop USB mouse only works in first USB slot, but won't work in any other USB slot I had the mouse plugged into the first USB slot and now that is the ONLY slot it will work in If I plug it into the other usb slots the red laser will come on which means it's getting power but it will not move the cursor and clicking either of the mouse buttons won't do anything When I have the Device Manager open and I plug the Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer mouse into the first USB slot the 'Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer ' entry will appear in BOTH the 'Human Interface Devices' tab and also the 'Mice and other pointing devices' tab However when plugging the mouse into the other usb slots the 'Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer ' entry will only appear in the 'Human Interface Devices' but NOT the 'Mice and other pointing devices' tab I could just go about my business using the first usb slot for the mouse but this little strange problem is pissing me off hugely as I might want to switch the mouse to another USB slot based on how I have the laptop positioned on a desk or other surface I should also note that the 'Human Interface Devices' tab has a 'HID compliant device' entry in it that isn't present on my desktop computer and my mouse works on any of the usb slots on my desktop computer I wonder if this is the problem I tried disabling this entry but it doesn't help any A final point to note is that I have many other usb devices such as flash memory sticks camera card readers external harddrives gps devices and they all work perfectly fine no matter which usb slot they are plugged into Very strange indeed Is there anyway to make my mouse work in any of the other USB slots

A:USB mouse only works in first USB slot, but won't work in any other USB slot

Hi NukesGoBoom,

I have seen a similar problem, but it was all USB ports that weren't working.

First, check the BIOS to make sure all USB ports are enabled, which they probably are.

Are all drivers installed and up to date? Do any yellow question marks or exclamation points show up in Device Manager?

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Im new here and have a quick question:

Just wanted to know which would be better? I have an old sparepart machine which i dont want to spend any money on. PC:
Asus p4p800s mb
2.8ghz p4

and for the ram:

2x 512 ddr400
1x 1GB ddr266 + 1GB ddr400

which would be better mainly for gaming?

Cheers guys

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If The motherboard Spec says "Dual-Channel un-buffered DDR400 and higher memory support" does this mean i can run DDR500 RAM?

thanks in advance

A:Ddr400 + Ddr500

AFAIK, no boards officially support ddr500 speeds. That said, ddr 500 will work in a motherboard that supports ddr400, but at ddr400 speed(it downclocks). Also, if you overclock, you can make the memory run at it's full clock speed, if you clock it high enough.

An example of this would be on an amd64 cpu, if I overclocked the htt speed to 250mhz, the memory would be at ddr500 speed(if I didn't use a memory divider).

If you don't understand that last part(I know it may sound like greek, if you aren't into that), don't worry, you don't need to unless you want to overclock your cpu.

Hope this helps though.
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Hey guys,

I'm running an ABIT AG8, which supports DDR400 and dual channel. I've got two 512Mb DDR400 sticks, and dual channel mode is enabled. The FSB's running at 200MHz (technically, 204), and the memory frequency is set to 1:1/2x200. All well and good, it would seem, so I ought to have an effective mem freq of 400, right?

Well, SiSoft Sandra's reporting that I have a Max Memory Speed of 2x166, and an actual speed of 2x133 = 266. Anyone have any idea why?

Thanks in advance!

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Well, here we go again: I'm getting helped out.

At least, I hope I am...

Anyway, here's the deal: My RAM is Kingston DDR400. I would tell you the exact model num. but I don't really feel like removing the sticks.

Mobo: Biostar K8M800-M7A
CPU: AMD Athlon64 3200 (754)
RAM: 2x Kingston DDR400 512M

I think that's all you'll need.

Anyway, When I look in WarpSpeeder (A program bundled with the mobo, used for overclocking) It shows RAM speed as 166 MHz. Now, I don't know exactly how to read this.

I once read somewhere that with DDR, you double what it's showing you, thusly: 166 translates to 333 MHz. Now, my RAM is supposed to be running at 400, and I have confirmed that the mobo supports that. So, what do I do? Or am I just looking too much into it and being paranoid?

A:DDR400, is it really running at 400?

Look in your mobo-manual to find the BIOS-settings to change the FSB from 166 to 200, so it runs at 400MHz.
Current FSB Frequency=200/Current DRAM Frequency=200/DRAM Clock=400, stuff like that.
A half decent mobo should tell you at startup that it runs in DDR400 mode/128bit (mine does, Abit AV8 3rd Eye).
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My Motherboard is MSI 6566 E - Chip set intel 845E Max (Max memory alowable is 2Gb)
I want to upgrade my memory module to 1Gb,
Motherboard specification said that it is compatible with DDR 333 or DDR 400
I already have 256Mb DDR pc 333,

i want to upgrade it to 1Gb but DDr333 not available ,only available one is DDR400
can i use 1Gb DDR400 and 256Mb DDR 333 together
If it is not what will be better,

1. Two 512Mb DDR400 or
2. One 1Gb DDR400
Pls be Kind enough to answere

A:DDR333 and DDR400 Together

Usually, yes. The total memory will then run at the speed of the slower modules. The machine I'm using right now has DDR333 and DDR400 (Intel 915GAG), and it runs just fine. (mixed brands too, but all are generic types)

One caution make sure these are "generic" modules. (standard spec, run of the mill DIMMs). the trouble usually starts when you mix high performance and generic types. The timing and voltages can be different, which is much more critical than the speed.
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before windows loads i have to load it manually by selecting F to set up or F 03 Error-Resource in slot Conflict-PCI to resume since i dont know what needs setting up i just select F this started this week im thinking its because my drive is getting a bit full at the moment this is displayed before that Resource Conflict - PCI in slot Bus Device F O or has a in the middle Function then at the bottom of all other pc info is F to setup or F to resume this is the whole screen that comes up Phoenix BIOS Release K Copyright - Phoenix Technologies Ltd All rights Error-Resource Conflict-PCI in slot 03 Reserved Copyright by Hewlett Packard Company Release Cpu AMD Athlon MHz M System Ram Passed k Cache SRAM Passed System Bios Shadowed Video Bios Shadowed ERROR Resource Conflict - PCI in slot Bus Device F in middle of Function UMB upper limit segment address E DD Moose Initialized Fixed Disk in middle of Maxtor D in middle in middle H Atapi CD - Rom Philips Spd P then the F to setup or F to resume
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I want to upgrade my RAM.
Currently I have DDR266 RAM (256 MB) . I want to upgrade it but I am not able to get DDR266 RAM. So I have to go 4 DDR400 RAM.
Can the DDR266 & DDR400 RAMs coexist on my system or I'll have to dump my older RAM.

System COnfig :
motherboard : Intel845GL chipset
Intel P4 2.4 Ghz
256 MB DDR266 RAM(8 MB shared video memory)
40 GB hard disk.

Will my motherboard support DDR400 RAM as Intel website says that 845GL based board supports DDR266 RAM.

Also I want to upgrade my hard disk. How much capacity(GB) hard disk can my system support??

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I bought 2 1gb ddr 400 pc3200 and my computer will power on but not boot and no video when installed but will work in another one but only says it has 2 512mb in bios. The one that won't boot which boots fine with 512mb pc2100 is a custom built with intel p4 478 board model D865GBF with 4 slots which will hold 4 1gb ddr pc2100, pc2700 and pc3200 and the other is an HP Pavilion 734n Athlon XP 2.0 Ghz which works fine but instead of having 2gb memory it says 1gb total under my computer properties and 2 512mb in bios. I bought the memory on ebay and says backwards compatible with pc2100 and pc2700. I have updated the bios in the hp with no success. Both computers have windows xp. The intel board has p4 2.66ghz.

A:ddr400 memory issues

That's "buying a pig in a poke" and not how you buy ram. Ram is matched by density, ecc factor, and cas latency. If you don't know what that is all about, you need to go to ram mfgr sites that have configurators like www.crucial, corsair or
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Athlon 64 3400+
FSB running at 200mhz
1.5 gigs Kingston Hyper-X DDR400 PC3200 Dual Channel RAM

Ok, so previously I had been running my pc with 1 gig (2x512mb) of DDR400 RAM, which was running at the expected 400mhz. I randomly decided to buy another 512mb stick of the exact same RAM, and I put it in, totaling to 3 sticks of 512mb DDR400 Kingston blah blah blah. With this added chip, the clock speed of my RAM dropped to 333mhz. Is this just an inevitable trade-off of running three sticks as opposed to two? Furthermore, is the decrease in speed justified by the 512mb memory increase? Is there a way I can make it run at 400mhz with three sticks? Thank you ahead of time.

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I have a Gigabyte GA-K8NSnxp with a Athy64 3400+ and
two sticks of 512 Corsair 22251T XMS but the MOBO picks it up
as DDR 333 not 400.
does anyone know about this issue or how it can be fixed.....
there is no DDR speed setting in the BIOS on this board.

A:DDR400 showing up as DDR333 - help

Thanks for the quick response Rick.... but this board has no Memory
settings at all, except for voltage. I have spent about 2 hours
going over the board (for jumpers) and the Manual and BIOS for
other settings all I have found are:
mutliplier for the CPU
FSB for the CPU
Clck for AGP
and voltages for all of the above as well as the DDR voltage, but
no SPD / manual override of manual DDR settings. I am bummed
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Hi again all i have a problem again haha well i have DDR memory but Everest shows Memory Bus Properties Bus Type DDR SDRAM Bus Width -bit DRAM FSB Ratio Real Clock MHz DDR Effective Clock MHz Bandwidth MB s my CPU is an Athlon XP (i as registering think) DDR200 DDR400 mobo is MSI KT V memory is x MB Samsung M L ETM-CCC DDR my FSB is set to multiplier is locked at the problem is my memory is registering as mhz real clock effective but shouldnt it be in the benchmarks im getting read speed of MBPS write speed of MBPS and latency of ns a benchmark report is attached my DRAM FSB ratio is and when i change the FSB to i get mhz real clock effective so i believe the ratio is the problem my board has a FSB and memory bus but even if i set my RAM frequency to MHz it stays in everest i cant find anywhere in my bios to DDR400 registering as DDR200 (i think) change the dram fsb ratio and although i can raise my FSB to i cant lower the multiplier to get around it that way Any ideas thanks in advance Ash nbsp

A:DDR400 registering as DDR200 (i think)

Set the DRAM:FSB to 1:1 & that's the most you will get from it. Running the memory faster then the CPU's FSB is a waste & might even hamper performance.
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My Dell 4600 has 2x128 PC3200/DDR400 RAM. I want to add 2x256 for a total of 768MB. The Dell site recommends RAM that is 184-pin, 32x64, non-parity, unbuffered. When I check sites like Kingston, the RAM they specify for the 4600 is quite a bit more expensive than Kingston's value RAM.

Is there really a difference?

Can I use value RAM or do I need to use the more expensive RAM?

Would the system suffer with value RAM? seems to have some good RAM options. Other recommendations?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

A:DDR400 Memory Questions

Dell machines can be very particular about memory . . Value mempry will often not work in them.

Try here: it's guaranteed to work and usually as reasonably priced as anywhere.

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Hi there

I'm upgrading the RAM in someone's PC from 512mb (2x256mb sticks) to 1gb (1x1gb stick). the two 256mb's are PC2700 aka DDR333. Can I safely purchase 1gb of PC3200 aka DDR400 and expect it to either:

1. Slow down the DDR400 to DDR333.
2. Just work at DDR400.

I haven't got the model number to hand but will it work?


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First of all I guess I should list my system Ghz Dual Core AMD ASRock N PV-GS - MOBO ASUS EAH GB - PCI-E Graphics GB DDR - w PSU Windows Ultimate -Bit OS error... or problems PCI-E slot card graphics Motherboard I think that s everything that is relevent if Motherboard or graphics card error... PCI-E slot problems anything else will help please don t hesitate to ask and I will add information as needed Secondly THIS SYSTEM DID WORK I can t remember exactly when it all went wrong and as I hadn t been gaming for months it was a kind of irrelevent Motherboard or graphics card error... PCI-E slot problems problem when I did a format PC Just got clogged and so this was the easy option and my graphics card didn t display a picture on my monitor I just took it out and used the Onboard crappy graphics I am now faced with a dilemma SOMETHING isn t right my PC without Graphics card installed just would not progress past the BIOS screen failing to load drive information etc Even when I took off everything and tried to boot the board with no other devices present First I naturally changed the PSU Luckily I had another exactly the same model etc and the same problem existed So annoyed I rifled through my older PC bits n bobs and built up an old Ghz system with AGP grapics but after realising that with only GB of DDR it was as useless as band aid for a severed limb I tried again with my current system This time it booted While I had it running I made sure to download the latest BIOS version and upgraded Now I have the issue of the PCI-E Graphics card not working except straight after the upgrade of the BIOS it did work BUT it stalled again on the BIOS screen and after a reset it shunned the PCIE graphics again and I was forced to plug the monitor back into the onboard graphics This is where I stand now I have no other PCIE board or Graphics card and only enough cash to buy one or the other for at least a month - And PC components are not easily returned so should I make the wrong choice on which I buy then I will be forced to meander on agitated and vexed by the situation The onboard graphics is useless not only because it s mb but also because it randomly cops out filling the screen with erm imagine an old TV set that is not recieving a signal and you get that white static - Well it s like that but motionless And I am then forced to reset the PC and then get back into windows to a graphics error Or it just Blue screens me Sorry for the long post and probably over complicated explaination - But my question is a simple one Which would you buy if you could only choose one I m assuming MOBO but if I buy it and I am stuck with working MOBO s and one broken graphics card I ll be a tad miffed to say the least Same if I end up with two working graphics card So I throw myself at you all hoping you can determine which would be the best place to start Additional Info Memory test - Passed Processor Test - Passed PSU - Passed All HDD and DVD Drives are okay also nbsp

A:Motherboard or graphics card error... PCI-E slot problems

First, in this situation, you need to test that PCIe graphics card in another computer to rule it out
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I like to play online computer games like Battlefield 2, but have been locking up due to system instability and I need more ram.

right now, I only have (1) 512mb stick of Corsair PC2700 (DDR333) in my computer.

My motherboard also supports PC3200 (DDR400)

Should I match the ram I have now with another 512mb stick of Corsair PC2700 (DDR333) or should I switch to 1GB of PC3200 (DDR400)?
also, I have a Pentium 4 3.06 ghz with 533(fsb). Would a Pentium 4 of the same ghz, but with 800(fsb) make a huge difference for gaming?
Asus P4SDX mobo
Pentium 4 3.06 ghz, 533 (fsb)
Corsair CM64SD512-2700 512MB DDR333 PC2700
Radeon 9700 Pro
Audigy 2
Maxtor diamond plus 9: 120 gig, ATA133, 7200 RPM
Sony HMD-A440 19 inch FD Trinitron
Klipsch Pro Media Ultras

not sure what the drives are :/

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Okay first off Hey Now onto my problem I decided to upgrade Problem DDR400 Memory DDR333 & - with my computer for christmas and have Problem with Memory - DDR333 & DDR400 come across some problems with my new memory I did do all the neccesary reasearch beforehand and such but it hasn t turned out so well Either my manual lies or my computer is just deciding to me a pain My computer consists of the Athlon Bundle originally although I have updated the graphics card so here are the current specs Windows Vista AMD Athlon Processor GHz mb RAM DDR GeFOIRCE GT MHz Core MB DDR Memory x GB Harddrives Okay so basically everything has gone well except for my new memory two sticks of gb DDR- Dimms My manual and motherboard case says that it is DDR compatiable but this is where my problem comes to light I have tried putting both of my sticks in resulting in the gb memory I want but when I boot up it only appears to be a random number usually below mb or so Can vary from to mybe or its odd I have removed one which seems to never Problem with Memory - DDR333 & DDR400 work even on its own and placed the other in on its own This seems to work but my computer crashes out when I do too much resulting in the Blue Screen of Death and a memory dump The error changes often I have tried to put my original DDR in the Slot as I have read in some threads elsewhere and place my DDR gb in the other to hopefully trick it into clocking it at the slower speed It works similar to being on its own however sometimes resulting in a x E error and whatnot I can give more details if you ask me for them but to my knowledge thats about all I can give at this time I ll add more if I think of it Sorry fairly noobish at all this I have heard that its possible to clock the DDR s at Is there another way than just rearranging them in slots as this seems not to work for me Thanks nbsp

A:Problem with Memory - DDR333 & DDR400

What is the Make and Model of your Motherboard?
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what is the difference btwn DDR333 and DDR400?

A:Difference btwn DDR333 and DDR400 Ram

DDR 400mhz is essentially faster than 333mhz. It is also known as PC3200 (400mhz) and PC2700(333mhz). It means that there is a bandwidth of 3.2GB/s and 2.7GB/s. The price difference can be very little and you should definately pick up the 400mhz one. Even if your motherboard doesn't support 400mhz, it will still accept it at the slower speed. I believe 400mhz is the highest standard until ddrII makes a big headway and they come out with higher bandwidth of 500+mhz.
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I installed 512MB DDr400 on my AsRock P4i65G (478) 1.5GHz but the BIOS detects it as DDR266 (133MHz) only. The BIOS does not provide settings for RAM speed. Is there something wrong with the mainboard or is it with the new memory I installed?

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I m back to having some big fun building modding rebuilding a home-brew PC for as much bang for the buck as I can get I cannibalized an old Dell E quot Media Center Edition quot PC with DDR memory but a zero-fun Intel built-in Graphics Processor and no PCI-e X expansion Platform - New and 2GB DDR400 P4/s775 w/AGP HTPC/MCE I don t think the Intel chipset even supported the SATA- disk interface but I ve been told that is rarely achieved and that will work just fine for video manipulation - mainly Direct to Disk recording New HTPC/MCE Platform - P4/s775 w/AGP and 2GB DDR400 of ATSC DTV signals I picked up a super el-cheapo Mobo - the Foxconn FX popped New HTPC/MCE Platform - P4/s775 w/AGP and 2GB DDR400 in the socket P GHz and since the mobo can t handle DDR put in some Samsung stock DDR DRAM The odd thing other than the New HTPC/MCE Platform - P4/s775 w/AGP and 2GB DDR400 memory of this Mobo is that it provides an AGP slot instead of a PCI-e X slot - which is probably fine Except - I am not happy with the frame rates I am seeing running YouTube video off the web although Live ATSC TV through the Hop-Hawg WinTV HVR seems to be crisp and snappy enough I haven t tried doing any real recording to disk yet - still tweaking the overall system There is this little X LCD panel for the front of the nMedia box that isn t cooperating either - no relation to the other issue I m sure The AGP card I installed is another one cannibalized from a different PC that was collecting dust It s a MB FX GeForce generic brand - why not - they are all mostly reference designs anyway I can t really tweak the system proc any well not practically without big expense and I can t boost the DRAM anymore so that leaves the AGP for getting more throughput Any thoughts on what I would need to upgrade that to in order to get better streaming video off the web Oh yeah - it s a M Ethernet through a switch and a DSL at Meg - which is about all I can get out here in the sticks Would anyone suggest a different Socket Pentium rather than the AGP route nbsp
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Hi does anyone no if the OCZ Performance DDR400 2048MB Dual Kit w/two PC3200 1024MB DIMM`s, CL 3-3-3-8 is good memory ? thanks

A:OCZ Performance DDR400 2048MB Dual Kit

OCZ is a good name for all kinds of computer components. Main thing with ram is compatibility with your machine and quality. Corsair, Geil, Mushkin, Crucial, Ocz, are all good.
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I have a Dell 4600 that uses PC3200/400 DDR RAM. I currently have 256MB total and would like to add 512MB. The Dell site recommended RAM is 184-pin, 32x64, non-parity, unbuffered. Their cost is $63/ea for 256MB sticks.

Sites like Crucial, Kingston, PNY have different ($$$) SKUs for Dell 4600 than their standard ($) RAM. What's the difference? Can I use the lesser expensive sticks?

Would appreciate if someone could tell me if the following Kingston RAM will work in a Dell 4600? BestBuy has them on sale for $90/pr AR for 256MB. Thanks!

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I have :

Pentium 4 3.0ghz w/HT
2x256MB Dual-channeled DDR400
Windows XP
Geforce FX 5600 Ultra 128MB o/ced
120 GB 7200 RPM HD

My question is...if I buy two more 256MB DDR3200 modules, doubling my ram, about how much of a percentage in performance would that boost? I do everything on the computer: music composition, video editing, gaming, etc.

A:2x256MB DDR400, what kind of boost?

Buy some...

Hi, :wave:

512mb of ram is quite adequate for older games, but i'd recommend at least 1gb for new games like doom3 and hl2.

I myself had 512mb, and purchased another 1gb and it made all the difference with games etc. etc.

My specs..
P4 540 3.2 PRESCOTT (800FSB)
460W PSU
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Hi guys I recently built a new PC with the following specs Win K Pro P Ghz Rev B Gigabyte GA SQ mobo x Mb DDR PC - Winbond Leadtek GF Ti Maxtor Gb HDD RPM The motherboard supports Dual Channel DDR which i want to be able to use the problem is that after installing the RAM in the appropriate slots instead of the BIOS reading Dual Channel DDR it reads single channel DDR bit the PC is very unstable and crashes randomly if i place the RAM in slots amp the BIOS gets very Chipset DDR400/SiS655 problem upset and the PC won t boot properley If i use just one of the sticks everything works fine so initially i thought the problem was a faulty DDR400/SiS655 Chipset problem stick of RAM and contacted the customer support dept from where i purchased the RAM I was told that the company had no success with any Dual Channel mobo using that particular brand Winbond so i exchanged it for Corsair Mb DDR TwinX x Mb Platinum CAS thinking it would solve the problem it hasn t i get the same faults Now after reading articles from the WWW i am lead to believe that the SiS chipset which is on the mobo doesn t actually support DDR although Gigabyte says it does Can anyone shed DDR400/SiS655 Chipset problem any light on this and also has anyone had success with this chipset and Dual DDR Just to make you aware the BIOS version when i got the mobo was F this was meant to address the issues with DDR being unstable on the board i have since updated to F but the problem persists Your help with this matter would be greatly appreciated Thanks Prom nbsp

A:DDR400/SiS655 Chipset problem

Just as a thought, if the mobo will only run DDR333 in Dual Channel, would it work if i set the BIOS to read the memory as DDRR333 ?
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I m about to upgrade my processor and mobo to a P C - Intel PE from a Athlon XP - VIA KT The mobo I m getting Abit IS wants dual DDR400 Or with DDR266 New Dual-Ch Mem? stick channel DDR altho it can handle my old DDR stick New Dual-Ch DDR400 Mem? Or stick with DDR266 I ve already got an old MB PC DDR New Dual-Ch DDR400 Mem? Or stick with DDR266 Mhz stick I ll have to unload about bucks to get two MB Corsair Kingston-ish DDR Dual Channel sticks Anyone know if the performance increase when going to a dual channel setup at DDR is worth the clams it ll cost me Keep in mind I ll still only have total MBs I realize I could find cheaper mem but everyone tells me to just get high perf name-brand mem if I m bothering to upgrade because of stability and compatibility issues with the new intel chipsets I m a little strapped as is and would rather survive with my single DDR stick for another several months But if the performance benefits are super-duper I may have to slurge Any thoughts nbsp

A:New Dual-Ch DDR400 Mem? Or stick with DDR266

Yes there will be a performance difference between the two however if funding is an issue I would is in same position try the 266 and see if all works OK until funding has improved.

Just my 2 cents.

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yah just a question, and if so give me a price range please for a pci


A:can I add a AGP slot or PCI slot to a comp that doesnt have one?

You can't add a slot to a motherboard.

How old is this computer that it doesn't have a PCI slot? Those have been around for quite a while. Are you sure it doesn't have one? Even AGP is not new technology.

EDIT: After seeing your other thread, are you asking if you can purchase an AGP or PCI video card? That's a totally different question, and the answer would be yes depending on which slot your motherboard has. How much it costs depends on what you plan to use the computer for. A simple one is cheap, and high-end gaming cards can get expensive.
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Uhmm I'm having a problem in my pc after upgrading my 1GB DDR400 PC3200 memory by adding another 1GB DDR400 PC3200.
Before I installed the new memory, loading after the bios only take 20-30 sec and the CPU usage is normal.
After installing the new memory the loading after the bios takes 2-3 mins and by just opening "my computer" the CPU usage is hitting at 100%.
I tried to install a fresh copy of my OS but still having the same problem.
Is there any incompatibility?

Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz (2 CPUs)
Motherboard: ASUS P5RD1-VM
VCard: Radeon X550

Need Help. Thanks

A:High CPU usage after upgrading 1GB to 2GB DDR400 PC3200


Update to the latest bios if you aren't running that yet.

ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
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I was planning on giving my friend my old set of mushkin high performance ddr x He has an hp desktop with a p cpu mb x a PNY fx and a watt psu He has an asus mobo but im not too keen on asus s intel model names but i could probably identify the name if i saw it for some reason when the ddr is in there dual channel single channel - it doesn t matter the video card won t boot the mobo boots and even = nogo? +asus mushkin + ddr400 p4 mobo loads windows you can hear the login sound from autologon The only thing i noticed was that in cpuz the stock memory was listed as running at mhz that just doesn t seem right strangly the bios had no features to oc or even change the fsb or the voltage is this a case of a weak psu only watt or is this mobo just not compatible with mushkin memory or maybe this is because of the crappy fx if it is will a gt and a w psu fix this nbsp
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my desktop unit uses PC3200/DDR400 ram modules, but in the bios setting (which is set to auto detect) reads as 333MHz instead of 400MHz.

now im using 4 PC3200 sticks on my mobo (2 - 512MB and 2 - 256MB sticks= 1.50GB) and there is an option in my bios to take it off of auto and set the DDR speed manually.

but also i've head that if you use 2 PC3200 sticks you can easily get the max speed of DDR400.

but the question im trying to salve here is, can i safely run my ram at its max speed without ruining my system by setting the speed i the bios with 4 modules of ram?
or do i need just 2 sticks of ram for that.

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I Three DDR400, Slots, Deluxe ASUS A7N8X-E m about to massively upgrade my system using the ASUS A N X-E I have three slots for RAM modules If I want to use my memory in Dual Channel mode and I do DDR400, Three Slots, ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe can I start off with twin sticks of Mb and then later on add a third module of MB without the board freaking out because the DIMM s are not the same size or DDR400, Three Slots, ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe am I locking myself into HAVING to put another Mb module in that third slot I d LIKE to be able to just drop in TWO Mb sticks but I m choking on the DDR400, Three Slots, ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe cost If I could get away with dropping in two MB sticks for now knowing that some time in the future I could drop a Mb stick and shuffle the other two I d be happy with that option Or conversely would it better to sacrifice dual channel for now drop in ONE MB module and then go dual channel sometime later when I can put out the extra cash for a second Mb module All advice appreciated I m really on the fence about this nbsp

A:DDR400, Three Slots, ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe

You can mix and match the sizes in the slots as you please. Dual channel is slightly faster
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My system is restarting again and again and last time it didn t started It was not showing display I had two RAMs and I removed the new which I recently installed months back Details Old Ram KVR X C A New Ram KVR X C A Motherboard Intel D GVHZ Intel RAM DDR400 compatibility with D865GVHZ motherboard urgent System BUs Speed MHZ System Memory I am running only the old RAM now as the new one seems to be causing problem The Intel website says RAM DDR400 compatibility with Intel motherboard D865GVHZ urgent in quot Supported system bus frequency and memory speed combinations quot that the RAM combinations are To use this type of DIMM The processor s system bus frequency must be RAM DDR400 compatibility with Intel motherboard D865GVHZ urgent DDR MHz DDR Note or MHz DDR or MHz I DONT KNOW WAT IS MY SYSTEM FREQUENCY AND WHICH RAM TO USE THE OLD ONE IS ALSO NOT COMPATIBLE IT SEEMS BUT IT IS RUNNING THE new ram is not What to do I ll be claiming RAM warranty so which one to get now DDR OR DDR Please help and visit the following link intel com support motherboards desktop RAM DDR400 compatibility with Intel motherboard D865GVHZ urgent d gvhz sb CS- htm Thanks nbsp

A:RAM DDR400 compatibility with Intel motherboard D865GVHZ urgent

Your manual :

From your manual:

Installing and Removing Memory
To be fully compliant with all applicable Intel SDRAM memory specification addendums, the board
requires DIMMs that support the Serial Presence Detect (SPD) data structure. You can access the
PC Serial Presence Detect Specification at:
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Greetings I m dropping by because I m having some trouble with my new RAM perhaps someone can help me out I did have links to my hardware but due to my DDR400 Kingston won't PC3200 512mb boot new ValueRAM PC 2x with post count I can t post links sorry This is my mobo Google quot PC won't boot with new 2x Kingston DDR400 PC3200 512mb ValueRAM abit ic quot top link ABit IC -G Running a P ghz The manual states it can handle up to gb of DDR RAM I was having no trouble running at gb of RAM with the following combination x Corsair mb DDR PC sticks in DIMM slots x mb DDR PC I m not sure what brand cpu-z can t tell me either in DIMM slot This is the new RAM Google quot Kingston ValueRAM MB quot nd link down x Kingston ValueRAM MB -Pin DDR SDRAM PC won't boot with new 2x Kingston DDR400 PC3200 512mb ValueRAM DDR PC I have completely removed the old RAM for now I have tried putting stick of the new RAM in DIMM slot my computer will not boot up Power comes on fans spin up monitor is not activated no PC won't boot with new 2x Kingston DDR400 PC3200 512mb ValueRAM screen read out This is the same thing that happens when no RAM is installed I ve tried both sticks separately both together the x Corsair and the x Kingston in the correct DIMM slots and and my system still refuses to boot The only thing I can see that is different is that the Corsair is v the Kingston requires v My bios by default is set to v and again it won t boot when even just the Kingston is installed Am I looking at a simple incompatibility with this mobo and this RAM or is there some magical setting in the bios I can tweak The problem is I m not sure what I m looking for in the specifications to tell me I will admit I bought the RAM as it was on sale very cheap when I purchased a new PSU for my other PC Thanks for any suggestions and advice nbsp

A:PC won't boot with new 2x Kingston DDR400 PC3200 512mb ValueRAM

Edit: I didn't edit the original post as their wasn't an option, guess I wasn't actually logged in. Sorry.

Hooked up my system speaker to check for beeps.

Got 1 long beep, then silence, then 1 long beep, which would indicate a RAM issue for sure... this happens with either of the 2 Kingston sticks installed, separately, in any DIMM slot.

Trying to boot with no RAM in at all gives the same reply.

I've also tried clearing the CMOS then booting with 1 stick of the new RAM, same beep.
Edit 2: Okay, looks like this is not compatible, for some reason. It doesn't appear to be In the compatibility list on for my mobo. Oh well.
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I wanted to buy a Barton then i thought quot why don t i buy a and overclock it to quot im getting ddr ram same cost as ddr and rom my supplier and my motherboard can go up to fsb i also have an audigy sound card a saphire gfx card and a nic the motherboard has a small fan on the northbridge already and i currently have a large fan and heatsink that i k2-ultra on 2800 with Overclocking msi Barton ddr400 running a was using with my palimino it came Overclocking a Barton 2800 running with ddr400 on msi k2-ultra with the motherboard and cpu in a deal from overclockers co uk its a big cooling solution and i don t think it will need replacing i m just wondering what sort of performance i would get from this setup whether i can clock it to over and whether i should try lowering the multiplier and raising the fsb instead of just raising the FSB on its own im also wondering whether the amount i could overclock it would actually make it worthwhile or maybe i just shouldnt bother and Overclocking a Barton 2800 running with ddr400 on msi k2-ultra stick with the standard speed i really fancy making use of the ddr potential tho nbsp

A:Overclocking a Barton 2800 running with ddr400 on msi k2-ultra

of your CPU fan is nice, and not cheap OEM..I'd buy the 2600 for even cheaper and hit 3000+ levels...

edit: make sure barton core
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Relevancy 43.43%

Anyone have the same mobo( ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe Socket 939) and a 2x 1GB G.skill on their system? Did you guys have any problem detecting the memory?

Please share.. Thanks in Advance.

A:ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe Socket 939 & G.Skill DDR400/PC3200?

No problems here at the shop. What is your memory? What does the BIOS say?
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I just upgraded my system to the ECS K8M800-M2 motherboard because i wanted to use my DDR400 memory (that i have 2GB of). I purchased the board and an AMD 3100+ processor from Fry's. I had (what I thought was) a corrupted copy of Win XP, so i formatted the 250GB Seagate drive (Drive C) and formatted the other partition (Drive F) as NTFS also. The computer hangs on "Verifying DMI pool data" and then takes between 5-10 minutes to find XP and boot. The white line with black hash marks moves VERY slowly and then it finally boots up to XP. I had installed the drivers for the motherboard on a previous install, but reformatting the C drive should've removed them. I have removed ALL the hardware except the harddrive and still the problem. Does anybody have any ideas???


A:ECS K8M00-M2 MB +amd 3100 +2GB ddr400 long hang at verifying DMI Pool
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Hi guys,

I build my computer some days ago and I was with no problems.
But after I tried to play GTA 3 and FIFA 2006, for example, it beggins crashing.
I can't play more than 2 minutes in a game and my computer gets frozen or crashed.
After this, it starts giving me BSOD errors even in Windows XP (not in a game).
Like I said, my system is:

Windows XP SP2
A8V / AMD64 3000+ / 2x512 Kingston DDR400 / nVidia AGP FX 5500

Here are the minidumps... all them...

I hope someone can analyze this minidumps and tell me what I have to do.
I'm testing memories, but I think that aren't them.
It isn't really getting hot. About 37 Celsius CPU, 30 Celsius Motherboard and 39 Celsius VGA.

What should I do?
I've already tried update some drivers, but it didn't work too.

Help me, please!!!



Gilcio Grella

A:BSOD and Rebooting => A8V / AMD64 3000+ / 2x512 Kingston DDR400 / nVidia AGP FX 5500

Hi HacKiller,

I've investigated your minidumps and the culprit is faulty ram.

1. Reseat the memory stick to another memory slot
2. Downclock the ram
3. Clean the dust inside the computer case
4. Make sure that the ram is compatible to the motherboard

If it still crashes, diagnostic which memory stick is faulty
1. Take out one memory stick. If windows does not crash, the removed memory stick is faulty.
2. If you have only one memory stick, replace the ram
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After going through the manual for the Asus P4C800-E Deluxe I got to bring my system back up to speed. I noticed something that puzzled me to the point that I had to ask.

How come with some Brand/Model/Size of DDR DIMM's the maximum number that can be used, is less than the number of sockets that are available. No matter what the size of the chip is (256MB or 512MB). Even though they state in the specifications for this mobo that it is capable of supporting up to 4GB. (Not that I will ever need that much memory)

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Would you say Ram that has SDR Dimm written on it is SD-RAM? or DDR? Any way to tell?

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Hi my PC requires DIMM memory but when I look at best buy I only see DDR DIMM memory...are those two the same? If not, how are they different and what can I do to acquire the proper memory type.

A:Ddr Dimm?

DIMM is Dual Inline Memory Module, DDR is Double Data Rate. DIMM's come in many types including SDRAM, DDR, and DDR2.

If you post your motherboard model that would be useful to determine what type and speed you need.

You should download Everest and see what it tells you about your memory:
Look under Motherboard -> SPD.
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I have an old HP Pavillion XL761. The manual states "Maximum ram: 512 MB (2 x 256 MB DIMM) "

what will happen if i put a 512MB in one DIMM and have the second DIMM empty? Anyone know if it can damage the pc in any way? I am running redhat fedora core 4. thanks

A:max ram per dimm?

IF the specs state max is 256mb per slot then that is the Max Mem size that the MB will support on each slot

Generally it wont Boot, But I would not risk damaging the Hardware by trying this.
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Q: Dimm?

Hello all,

I've found out that one of my RAM cards has fried, and want to buy a new one. However, I have no idea what DIMM is; does it matter if the DIMM for each card is different? How do you know what your DIMM is? By counting the contacts?

Also what is 'ECC' and 'non-ECC' ?

And just to make sure, the RAM has to be the same type right? Eg DDR SDRAM.

Sorry for the numerous questions, and thanks in advance.


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Hi all I wasn't sure where to post this run with Can DIMM... only one so apologies if you see this duplicated amp thanks for patience on this SYSTEM SPECS ASUS P P D-E PRO Intel i - with Thermalright MUX- cooler Sapphire ATI Radeon HD graphics card x Corsair DDR GB DIMMs Windows Professional Can only run with one DIMM... bit Seagate GB SATA HDD Lite On IHBS DVD CD BluRay ODD Lian-Li Extreme Power W PSU in Lian-Li PC FNWX case All well cooled Running IntelBurnTest only gets the CPU temp up to deg C max Problem is this built the system installed Windows successfully all updated via Windows Update Latest AMD drivers loaded for graphics It ran ok for a day or so then I started to get a problem which has got more consistent If I boot with both DIMMs installed Windows gets to Loading Windows then the screen a BENQ HDMI connected goes black and then after a few seconds an error no signal is displayed As far as I can tell other activity continues HDD activity LED etc This happens almost without fail If Can only run with one DIMM... I start in Safe Mode it does run Windows OK Did some troubleshooting tried different monitor cable used VGA rather than HDMI moved the to different PCI slot made no difference I thought it must be the at that point until I got Windows up amp tried running IntelBurnTest again and got error before it could start saying you can t specify more memory than you have or somesuch So I shutdown took out one DIMM and rebooted Boots reliably now Tried the other DIMM Still boots reliably So I can then run Windows happily with either DIMM but not with both Another info point is that if I eg boot a memory diagnostic utility from the ODD with just one DIMM installed it loads and runs for ever no errors no screen black out problem If I install BOTH DIMMs then try to run the diagnostic it starts to run the diag then the screen blacks quite quickly with no signal error displayed and we are back to the start again ANOTHER info point is that having got Windows running successfully on either DIMM alone I can happily launch apps connect to the net run eg YouTube or iPlayer vids all seems good If I then insert a disc into the ODD close the drawer and try and access the disc more often than not I will get the same problem screen goes black and a few seconds later I get the no signal message on the screen If I don t use the ODD all seems OK I have tried running the system with both DIMMS with unneeded hardware ODD audio connector etc disconnected and get the same problem I have updated the BIOS from the Asus website I have loaded the latest drivers from AMD website All voltages amp temps are in spec At this point I suspect the mobo but for no logical reason just gut feel given the disparate ways to trigger the problem But I am interested in any suggestions or similar solved problems Final info point is that the Asus website does not include the specific Corsair DIMM in their qualified list although others same manuf same spec are included Additionally the Corsair website does not list this particular DIMM as qualified for the ASUS P P D-E PRO mobo either but is this a red herring as they probably only test qualify with one DIMM anyway The DIMM was one recommended to partner the ASUS mobo on the retailer website so I didn t find the Corsair Asus website qualification lists til after Thanks in advance for any advice

A:Can only run with one DIMM...

Ahhhh asus boards.... I love them and hate them. I have the asus maximus formula. I bought some lovely Blackdragon ram to replace my kingson value ram. It would only boot with one stick (of the four) If i had 2 or more sticks I would BSOD.
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My other PC has both SIMM and DIMM slots..
I recently switched to DIMM..

The mother board has jumpers for 3.3 or 5 volts (for the RAM)..
It has been set to 3.3 all the time I've had it, but now I want to know if that is right.
Reading the manual, it looks like that was wrong... It shows SIMM as 5 volts...
The DIMM was taken from another PC, So I haven't a clue how to find out if it's 3.3 or 5 Volts..

Did a few googles but turned up nothing.
#'s on the ram:
G-7J ....... 8511G
PC100 - 322 - 620

Mother Board :

I have a .pdf manual, but I'm lost as to the right voltage..

A:DIMM, How do I know 3.3V or 5V ?

looks to me that its all 3.3v.
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Hi I have an ASUS P P I in a DIMM DIMMS Can 4 3 MB use Deluxe MB with DIMMS I am running Win x with x Gb sticks Gb total I have been encountering an increasing number of various Memory type BSOD errors Finally the BSOD started occurring more and more frequently so I ran Memtest v All the errors were reported between addresses Mb and Mb I decided to test the sticks individually in each slot The errors were still reported in the same address range no matter which stick I used as long as it was in slot B so I have good sticks but defective slot Since I have x Gb sticks can I use Can I use 3 DIMMS in a 4 DIMM MB sticks Gb or just two Gb Very strange slot failing after being in my PC for years and never having been touched I don't suppose it could be fixed could it I'm currently using A amp A Gb and no more BSOD but I'd prefer more RAM since I've already got more good sticks TIA Norm

A:Can I use 3 DIMMS in a 4 DIMM MB

Sure, you can use three 4 GB sticks to give you 12 total.

I think you may lose dual channel capability, but that's not a major difference. 12 GB in single channel is certainly better than 8 in dual channel IF you actually use the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th GB of RAM.

Have you monitored how often you actually use more than 8 GB?

I suspect the RAM slot can be repaired, but that the cost would be prohibitive unless you know someone who would do it for you on the cheap as a personal favor. Most likely you'd be forced to buy a new motherboard.
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I have an Asus P4S800D-E. According to the manual it will support 64mb to 1gb Dimms in any of its four Dimm sockets. There are 2 blue sockets and 2 black ones. The manual recommends using the two blue ones first, so at the moment I have one 512 card in each blue socket. XP recognizes these no problem. However, this morning I added a 1Gb Dimm to one of the black sockets and XP doesn’t recognize it. I checked it from Everest too and it doesnt see any more memory.

All memory is the same brand and type (Samsung) and is in the Asus compatibility list for my motherboard.

Any suggestions?

A:XP not recognizing new 1GB Ram Dimm

Doh - restarted and it recognizes it now!

Mods - fell free to delete this thread
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right now i'm studying for my a+ hardware test and i'm going over the ram section. i was wondering is rimm better than dimm? what kind of system would you use rimm?

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Adding a half gig of RAM to my computer. I've got two 512 sticks already installed in sync (I don't know the technical terms), and I've got two 256 sticks I want to put in the remaining dimm slots. I just wanted to check before I go for it: will I be able to do this, add sticks of a different size and will there be any cons i.e. potential performance hit? And do I need to do anything special, or just install the sticks, turn it on and go?

Thanks in advance

A:DDR/Dimm question

If your motherboard and RAM are dual channel than the 521 + 256 should be on one side and the same order on the other two slots. If no dual channel than it dosn't matter where the sticks go. All you have to do is pop the sticks in , no other config is needed.
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Hi I have a computer that was used just for kids to surf the net on and email and such it s motherboard died got that verified by a tech guy DIMM's for Need 168 Motherboard pin CPU Well I just bought memory chips for it a couple of months ago and Need Motherboard CPU for 168 pin DIMM's I thought I d get another motherboard that would take this type of memory I can t find any in my searches could be my fault most likely Can anyone help me out I don t want a major upgrade just something that will function The one that died is an AMD w Sound Video and mhz CPU A motherboard with CPU would be ideal I m lookin for something used cheap affordable Any ideas on where I may find one or how to search for a specific motherboard that takes this specific type of memory I must not be searching properly because I keep coming up with the biggest badest ones available Thanks for your time nbsp
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I have Windows 7 32-bit and 2 x 1GB G.Skill DDR2 1066 modules installed.
- I am thinking of adding one more G.Skill DDR2 stick (1GB).

Does it make sense just to install 3 GB?

Thank you!

A:DDR2 3 DIMM, 3GB, 32-bit


There's kernal patch for 32 bits to support 4 gigs
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Hi i have emachines l with xp and with ubuntu and the latter just crashed i sent it the service center and they repalaced the mother board but now it only recognizes half the ram of a mb dimm so the OS feels too sluggish I exchanged the modules between the two pcs thinking maybe one was damaged but it runs fine on the xp pc I was thinking maybe the bios was different since it s kinda old maybe it was on storage and had and older version of the bios The mobos on both pcs are the same k mc g by First Intl Computer Inc - Supports Sempron Athlon processors Socket FSB Up to GHz RAM -pin DDR DIMMs Support DDR SDRAM Supports a maximum memory size GB System Bios ACPI APM DMI SMBIOS PnP USB PC PC Y K Compliant -http www fic com tw product motherboard AMD K MC G aspx- and so are the dimms i exchanged them and still one recognizes mb the other- with the fresh mobo- only It can t be from the OS i think because on the loading screen before loading form the hdd where it checks ram and stuff it ony recognizes ANy thoughts nbsp

A:only half ram, it's not the dimm

It's possible you got a defective mobo from the shop. If it doesn't see any DIMM in the second slot, but the DIMM works in the other machine, take it back for a replacement. I'm surprised they didn't test it properly.
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i understand that this RAM is a little old, and i really do not have ANY experience with this type of RAM my first question is: so they even still sell it?
and secondly
Install at least one DIMM module on the slots. Each DIMM slot supports up to a maximum size of 1Gb. Users can install either single- or double-sided modules to meet their own needs . Please note that Channel A DIMMs (DIMM1 & DIMM2) can respectively work alone but channel B DIMMs (DIMM3 & DIMM4) Must work in pair with Channel A DIMMs Click to expand...

i basically understand it... but still...what?
also is this RAM expensive? i know most memory is cheap but... could replacing them in pairs get expensive?


Try here

theres a scan that will tell you what you need
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Hi I m CPU/AGP/DIMM setting running little confused circles at the moment on one hand I sent Gigabyte a note asking if my MB would support a yes it s old P MHz CPU and they said quot Thank you for your kindly mail and CPU/AGP/DIMM setting inquiry About the issue you mentioned according to the specification it can only support MHz FSB CPU/AGP/DIMM setting processor It does not support MHz quot OK approve Then when I go to their site amp download my system specification sheet down near the bottom it says CPU AGP DIMM setting CPU FSB Multiplier Vcore Voltage adjustable via BIOS AGP Voltage Clock adjustable via BIOS DIMM Voltage Clock adjustable via BIOS I have a GA- GE Pro MB yes I told you already OLD CPU currently P GHz Wanting to upgrade CPU price difference between P GHz amp P GHz with a larger BUS KB verses M only AUS Please Help I m not to worried about BIOS Flashing as MB has quot DUAL BIOS quot nbsp

A:CPU/AGP/DIMM setting

My apology, what was your question again?
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Does a anyone know if standard PC100 DIMM will work OK in a Designjet 500 24" Printer?

A:DIMM for Designjet 500


According to Crucial, it takes 144 pin sodimm pc100.

See here


Also an excerpt from the page,
Important information about your system
In order to upgrade the printer must have the HP-GL/2 accessory card installed (C7772). This card has one socket available for a memory upgrade as well as 16MB non-removable memory. With this card installed the total non-removable memory is 32MB.

OUCH! Did a quick search for that part, pricing is between $400 and $600 US.
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Ok, so I just bought a new motherboard, due to my chipset not working properly and it used ddr2. my new motherboard uses ddr3. I bought some new memory and it is UDIMM, not dimm on the gigabyte website. Will it still work on a GA-78LMT-S2?

A:Udimm vs dimm

DIMM is a style of memory and they have different types. UDIMM is "unbuffered" and is the most common for consumer PCs so should work in your PC.

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Hi all, listen i got this question, have an amd 2600+ with DDR DIMM PC2100 (266Mhz), 256MB ram, i want to add another ram stick this time PC3200 (400Mhz), 512MB, ¿what would happen?

P.S. I read few days ago that amd 2600+ need at least DDR DIMM PC2700 (333Mhz), but till now I'am running my pc with 266mhz and no problem =]

Ty 4 your time.

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I recently got a Gateway PC (P III, IGhz) that came with 128 MB RAM. With Prices so reasonable, I snatched up a stick of 256 MB and one of 128. There are three DIMM slots on the MB.

Someone advised that I should install the 256 stick in the "first" slot because that is the fastest slot, then add the two 128s after it. All the RAM is PC 133.

OK...which is the "first" slot, and does it really matter? The thing recongizes 512 MB RAM...but I have it instralled ( L to R as I look at the board): 128/256/128. Shold I change that, and if so to what order?

A:DIMM/RAM, Where To install???

If the system boots, and there are no problems with your operating system running, the ram that you placed in the slots are ok.
Should you have any problems with your operating system, ie: Windows 98SE or ME, then you might want to check your CMOS, and see what the ram is clocked at, and if you can change any settings. If the settings are on turbo, change them to normal. This all depends on what motherboard you have, and what version of CMOS you have.
If your computer came with the book for your motherboard, all of your questions should be answered there.
Otherwise, check their web site for technical information.
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Anyone know of any software that can display SPD info?

A:How can I read the DIMM SPD?

Hwinfo gives the rated speed..

PCwizard at www.cpuid gives info as well.
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Yesterday comp. was working. This morning when I turned it on I got the message, "Bank (?) leave requested but not enabled. Dimm CL/T mismatched. Dimms running in Min mode"
Is this bad memory or is my MB gone?

A:Mismatched Dimm

Hello Buckeyenick and Welcome to the forum

Have you bought any memory modules lately?
Have you checked if all the memory modules are properly seated?

Try removing and re-seating the memory modules, then if that does not work try booting the system with one module at the time.
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Oh god title should be instead of I m not THAT bad Hey TSG Dwellers I m putting together a new i system MSI P A-C i k G skill RipjawsX DDR x gb I fear my heatsink Corsair A is going to clash with my RAM by about mm Can I install the RAM in slots if this is the case The Story instead Can I of install 1/2? in RAM 2/4 dimm I missed delivery on Thursday irritating but thankfully got it redelivered Can I install RAM in dimm 2/4 instead of 1/2? today After ripping open the parcel with glee I discovered my OEM processor was truly OEM-tastic and rather than just lacking a box as I d thought there wasn t a even a heatsink more irritating For some reason Intel have made the heatsink holes literally a mm or two futher apart than LGA so I couldn t just use my spare Zalman Can I install RAM in dimm 2/4 instead of 1/2? Jumbo-Fan aggravating Not wanting to wait until Monday my new toys having already been delayed I hastily took to the internet in search of Heatsinks with about an hour deadline before Saturday delivery cut off After skim reading some pages I decided the freshly discounted Corsair A looked pretty reasonable but such was my haste I didn t bother measuring anything x Having had a few hours reflection and contemplation and measuring I fear the fan will clash as said above by a measly millimeter It might work out but if not can I install the RAM in Otherwise I ll have to mount the fan on the other side possible I think which means it ll be blowing into the optical drive hardly ideal Cheers for the help P S Can anyone explain what the sata degredation affecting some boards actually is Will it break my HDD or the transfer speed just slows nbsp

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I have a K6-III 400mhz, FIC 503va+ mothervboard 32mb Jaton video, Creative awe 64 Sound. I tried to add a 256 mb Dimm to my system and it does recognize it. No video when I boot, and fails post with beeps. The dimm slots are known good and the chipls are also. Fic says that it is compatible with the motherboard. Someone told me that it wont work because it is a double stacker dimm. I am not familiar with this term and was wondering if anyone else was. I have verified jumper settings, It is pc 100 mhz dimm. Help and Thanks!


A:256 MB Dimm incompatable?

Double stacker just refers to having chips on both sides of the stick instead of just on one side (less MB per chip, but more of them) - I've heard for years that "single stackers" were better but have never been able to tell a difference based on performance or dependability.

As for your problem, How do you know the DIMM is good? Test it in another machine? I think FIC moboards suck, but there have been the occasional good ones produced. FIC says the DIMM is compatible you say, did they take all the chip specs from you to come to that determination or did they just say 256MB should work?
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I am installing a biostar MB the specs call for 3.3 volt unbuffered sdram @ 12ns it is a 66 meghz bus speed my question will standard sdram @ 66 unbufferd work? I cant seem to find anything that gives me 12 ns in its specs the MB in a M5SIB Biostar

A:dimm types

12ns works out to 83 mhz, just get PC100 sdram and it should work fine, if you decide to change processors the ram will still be usable on a 100 mhz fsb.
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I was a little confused, but can anyone tell me the difference between SDRAM & DIMM....actually, is theer a site that explains ALL types of ram? Webopedia isn't that big of help.


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Is there a difference in DIMM memories? My motherboard' book reads that the DIMMs required must be 100 MHZ. Do they come in different pi configurations?

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I have bought a refurbished T430s and I used it for 2 weeks. It worked great.Suddenly, it has stopped to work. When I turn it on, no display, no beep error code, just the noise of the fan which speeds up.I found out the cause of the issue.See here :Image1 Image2I have replaced the SO-DIMM and all works again !Is it a known issue ?The laptop is still under warranty, but i have no proof of purchase. A 4Gb SO-DIMM costs 20?, is it worth to activate the warranty ?