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Bluetooth CF Card in Laptop won't work (IRQ or I/O Range?)

Q: Bluetooth CF Card in Laptop won't work (IRQ or I/O Range?)

Since installling winXP SP i have problems getting my PDA to Bluetooth with my laptop although I am not sure that is the reason I have an Ambicom BT CF card in my laptop P III with a PCMCIA adapter My PDA is Pocket PC and already BlueTooth enabled It has updated drivers too It Bluetooth CF won't Laptop in I/O Range?) Card work or (IRQ all worked before SP and worked even better when I updated my Ipaq drivers Before SP I have been to advice page on Microsoft and tried their advice http support microsoft com defaul kb en-us but no joy One thing they suggest is to try to run bthprops cpl Bluetooth CF Card in Laptop won't work (IRQ or I/O Range?) but that doesnt seem to have any effect except a little flutter on my laptop I have installed and reinstalled uninstalled reinstalled all drivers heaps of times I have used device manager to uninstall the device and reinstall it I have followed instructions to the letter Tonight I have had a look in Device Manager under Ambicom Bluetooth Device it seems to indicate a problem with IRQ and or I Bluetooth CF Card in Laptop won't work (IRQ or I/O Range?) O Setting It says The drivers for this device are not Bluetooth CF Card in Laptop won't work (IRQ or I/O Range?) installed Code To reinstall the drivers for this device click Reinstall Driver Under Properties it says in a small table Resource Type Setting IRQ I O Range F FF And Input Output Range F - FF used by SMC IrCC - Fast Infrared Port In Device Manager for SMC IRCC Fast Infrared Port under Properties again in a small table Resource Type Setting I O Range F FF I O Range F FF IRQ DMA Does that mean the IR device is conflicting with the BT device If so don t be fooled by the fact I worked it out If I did I don t understand how Although I have written all that down I am not a techie It made me feel great typing it out but it doesn t mean anything at all to me If anyone thinks it is a problem and I can fix it please do let me know but in Baby Steps Many thanks nbsp
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Preferred Solution: Bluetooth CF Card in Laptop won't work (IRQ or I/O Range?)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I'm looking for a long range laptop card, for my Presario V2000 laptop. If someone could suggest some really long range models. And does anyone know what the longest range one (though I'm sure it's expensive).

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I just bought a HP 15 AC083TX laptop. i updated all the drivers, but even if i keep my laptop just 1 metre away from the router the bars are drastically reduced to just 2 bars. any idea what is wrong?

A:The WiFi card in my laptop has poor range

What router u have? Can u test with a different WiFi device?
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Hi there Tried to pair a Logitech Miniboombox on to a W virtual machine using vmware workstation The built in Bluetooth adapter didn't work but a USB bluetooth adapter could be attached to the VM and the device paired instantly Is bluetooth not supported natively by vmwware The USB adapter is just a get around - speakers USB only with work vmware card Bluetooth on would prefer to use the Native device if possible I see from the vmware site that the dialog only appears on the Host but I couldn't get the device to pair on the VM USB adapter -- no problem from the vmware site seems to imply that it SHOULD work without using a separate USB adapter LimitationsWorkstation and Fusion have these limitations for Bluetooth support Outgoing connections only A virtual machine may establish a connection to a remote Bluetooth device but remote devices do not see services that virtual machines try to advertise Virtual machines Bluetooth speakers only work with USB card on vmware cannot change the name class or discoverability of the host's Bluetooth adapter The host is exclusively in control over setting whether other Bluetooth devices can discover the host and what name it appears as The host is exclusively in control of the pairing process and collecting displaying PIN numbers The guest may scan for devices and initiate a connection with any device If pairing is required the pairing dialog box appears on the host not in the guest From the guest's perspective the device appears to pair without having needed a PIN Any vendor-specific capabilities on the host's Bluetooth radio are not passed through to the guest For example some radios provide a vendor-specific command to change their BDADDR These commands do not appear in the guest The guest sees a generic VMware-brand radio The virtual Bluetooth controller itself is not part of snapshots During snapshots it is disconnected and reconnected Any ongoing connections with Bluetooth devices are terminated at the time of a snapshot Cheers jimbo
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Please.. what the correct driver file I need in my notebook for works bluetooth and card memory!! I downloaded several, but continue dont works.. =(
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Good day,

please pardon my bad english.

i am using TOSHIBA NOTEBOOK SATTELITE C840 1011R which has a bluetooth connectivity shortcut located at the F12 button (i dont know its developer). i was completely shocked when i tried to turn on my bluetooth using this shortcut, and the "bluetooth symbol" didnt appear. i am a noob in terms of technology, computer terms, repairs, drivers etc. but i want to fix it on my own to save money. i dont know if it is because i downloaded Avast 2015 and erased it or what. please help me. i really want to fix it or re-install it. please bare with me because i dont know much about computers.

thank you and have a good day

A:My bluetooth on my laptop won't work

Hi ... Welcome to Seven Forums ... Install the Value Added Package from the Link below ...
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I am trying to connect a Logtech wireless headset. I cannot find any settings for Bluetooth, or driver updates. On the bottom of the laptop I found the model number 15-1010wm. I tried connecting wth Control Panel>Devices and Printers, and the connect a device option. It found a phone, but not the headphones. In the summer I was looking in the settings and saw Bluetooth, either on my laptop or my siblings' (neither of them have Bluetooth options now). I have looked in Device Manager on mine and my siblings' laptop, and saw no Bluetooth. I have looked at multiple guides and none of them work. I know the headphones work because I connected them to my tablet.  Does anyone have any ideas or links to Bluetooth drivers that might help?

A:Can't Get Bluetooth to Work On Windows 8.1 Laptop

 I remember a month or two ago Windows updated. This could be helpful.
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Hello nbsp My nbsp HP laptop is a Pavillion Entertainment dv - us product WA UA ABA serial edited by mod on - - running Windows Home Premium OA bit and purchased I think nbsp It is running HP Integrated Module with Bluetooth Wireless Driver won't work with laptop speakers HP Bluetooth provider is Broadcom version nbsp Although my beloved HP laptop shows it has paired with bluetooth speakers I bought this past week it won't Bluetooth speakers won't work with HP laptop play music through them nbsp Since both bluetooth speakers work fine with my brand new HP Envy desktop I am guessing this is due to my laptop running outdated Bluetooh driver nbsp Unfortunately the 'update bluetooth driver' button has been grayed out and I don't know how else to update the bluetooth driver nbsp I just ran the HP update but that didn't seem to affect the bluetooth driver nbsp Bluetooth speakers I have paired EasyAcc cannon Ion Mini Block Rocker nbsp The EasyAcc cannon flashes blue and their information states it is ready to be paired even though my HP device manager shows it is paired to the laptop nbsp I tried several of the suggestions on your forum but was unsuccessful nbsp I hope to use this speaker in my classroom next week so your help is greatly appreciated nbsp Thank you Lori nbsp

A:Bluetooth speakers won't work with HP laptop

Thank you for participating in the HP Support Forum.The Serial Number (SN) has been removed from your post to protect your personally identifiable product information from theft and subsequent fraud, in accordance with the HP Support Forum's Rules of Participation #4: "Protect privacy...don?t post your computer?s serial # or contact information publically, and do not allow someone you don?t know to remotely take control of your computer."Respectfully,eric-g

I worked for HP.
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Hi, I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FS415M, running on Windows XP...
I have a bluetooth headset that i want to use for Skype but not sure how to get it to work... I have a bluetooth USB dongle, I have searched, found + connected the bluetooth headset, but dont know how to set it up so that I can use it...My sound is still playing through my laptop, and when I try to change audio from default device there is no option to change to my headset.... Is it compatible? Anyone know how I can set this up to use with skype etc?

Thanks alot for any help...
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It looks like neither of the drivers above support bluetooth in Windows 10 Home 64-bit, but someone might be able to help.

The WiGig card's driver is the latest, and the 3YX8R cannot be detected by any means!
Any suggestions?
Thanks a lot.
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I want to port my bluetooth headset from my cellphone to PC for use with Skype.
The headset is I guess class 3 - 10 meter range.
Is there any advantage to getting a class 1 dongle for the PC? What effect will it have on range?

A:Bluetooth range

Not sure what the question is here really, most dongles are 1.1 compliant now anyway a grade 1 is more or less 100m range now depending on the price, which varies very little so the 100m would be my choice anyway. I run the Belkin F8T001 with my phone no problems at all. Your biggest problem is the phone as some of the older Bluetooth enabled ones could be a bit picky as to the dongles they connect to if they where not Data enabled. Rare though.
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hey fellas, i posted in the networking forum about using my tv as a monitor but its in the other room. if i got a bluetooth keyboard would'nt that work? i am about 20 feet from my computer. thanks fellas.

A:bluetooth keyboard range?


Try Googling: Bluetooth Range

You'll find everything you want to know!
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I would like to know on how to extend my bluetooth range. Like lets say I go on a daytrip to Boston or something, and I want to extend my bluetooth from all the way. Like how many miles is that? I saw a bluetooth transmitter on Ebay for like $150.00. Is it possible to extend the bluetooth like over a mile away? I really want to buy this usb transmitter on Ebay, but it is quite expensive. Will a tall antenna help the range as well? Just let me know if I can do that. So please get back to me asap on this. So thank you very much!

A:I would like to know on how to extend my bluetooth range please.

NO...bluetooth has limited range and both the transmitter and reciever has to be in close proximity to each other for the device to work properly.
Bluetooth devices can be in 3 different power classes:

Class 3 : The lowest power, the max. range of this is 10m (30 feet)
Class 2 : Max range is about 50m (150ft)
Class 1 : Max range is about 100m (300ft)

These ranges can be affected by environmental conditions i.e. furniture, walls, people so ranges can easily be reduced. Bluetooth is not a line of sight connection so it can be used through walls and floors.

reference link: Bluetooth range distance - Computer - Mobile Computing

Is it possible to boost bluetooth range?

Technically it's possible. You can achieve 1km (or better) range, but this is only possible between two transmitters/receivers. It is not possible to have 1km range in a bluetooth marketing sense. What's moreover, in many countries Bluetooth devices with output power stronger than 20dB (which is Class 1, 100m) are prohibited.
reference link: Bluetooth Range: 100m, 1km, or 10km?
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Hello - I ordered a HP ProBook b refurbished laptop the other day and because of stock photograph and not doing my research I thought all these models came with a built in webcam as standard but when I got it I see that where the webcam is supposed to be and the webcam LED on the screen bezel are both blanked off - what would be involved later on if I find a webcam module on ebay one day to fit it - I am technically challelenged and have already had the laptop apart well the keyboard out rather and see some empty connectors one I am presuming for the b with a fingerprint reader - which again my laptop hasnt but nbsp am not really interested whether it had fingerprint reader or not - I am presuming I will have to order a screen bezel as and Laptop add webcam card bluetooth module 6455b ProBook to well one which has the glass for the webcam rather than being blanked off but where would the cable add webcam module and bluetooth card to ProBook 6455b Laptop of the webcam module fit into on the mainboard Also was hoping the laptop would have Bluetooth but it hasnt no biggie but if i come across a bluetooth module could i swap it out for the WWAN card that plugs onto the mainboard under the keyboard nbsp Many thanks for any info nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp
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Hi nbsp I got this laptop months ago and to be honest I'm quite nbsp disappointed with the wifi and bluetooth performance The first attempts to connect to my home wireless network were unsuccessful The laptop would detect a very Wifi range and conectivity/low Bluetooth low signal nbsp strength and would Bluetooth and Wifi conectivity/low range connect only when placed a few feet away from my AP Immediately I thought that it was an issue with the antenna maybe a disconnected cable I opened the laptop and to my Bluetooth and Wifi conectivity/low range surprise I found that there was only one antenna cable even when the card has two antenna connectors Main Aux and that it was connected Bluetooth and Wifi conectivity/low range to the Aux plug I nbsp swapped the antenna to the Main connector and nbsp immediately the wifi signal went from poor to excellent Unfortunately the bluetooth signal suffers from the same problem it only detects and connects to devices within a feet range I believe that this laptop comes with a Broadcom Wifi Bluetooth Combo board I would like to know which antenna does the Bluetooth use and if there is any possibility that I could add an aux antenna into the chassis to improve the connectivity nbsp Thanks in advance nbsp
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Had a little incident with the laptop It got dropped pretty hard drunk sibling fight dont wanna discuus it really Took it apart like I did a couple months ago to replace the motherboard the wireless card was is loose and the bluetooth card fell out Tightened up the wireless card but dont know where the bluetooth card goes I turned on the laptop before taking it apart after the quot incedent quot to see what worked if anything It started up fine well it sounded fine but I couldnt see anything Took a closer look with the lights off and could barely see the screen Was real dark but there I do have some vertical lines running bluetooth card with Dell laptop display, Problem Inspiron 9300 thru the screen so thats getting replaced Problem with Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop display, bluetooth card soon anyways So where do I plug in the bluetooth card and whats the deal with the monitor Loose connection Completely shot What can I look for in terms of loose connections etc as I put this back together Any other tips or help Thanks a lot nbsp

A:Problem with Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop display, bluetooth card

What is this laptop's make and model?
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Hi, I have a windows 7. I have found the bluetooth in my computer, it says "fsquirt" aswell. When I open the file, it says send files or recieve files. So if i click on Send Files, it says " select where to send your files" with a large box under it which i cannot type in. If i press recieve files, it says " windows was unable to transfer some files, an address incompatible with the requested protocol was used.

So i dont know how to fix this!?! Help please? I'm trying to send videos from my phone to my computer via bluetooth!

A:(Bluetooth on computer) I've got bluetooth but it wont work! HELP!
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Hi the VGA on my laptop (model below) has turn out bad, will NVIDIA GeForce 9800 series support its... please I need quick reply thank you...

A:Will this card work on my laptop?

If the card has the same interface connector as the original card, it should work fine
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I have a Dell Inspiron 15r laptop that i bought for mobile gaming when i'm not at home. The problem is it only has Intel integrated graphics, and I am told I need a dedicated card to play games. I checked out the Dell site and some of the 15r models come with ATI cards, but other than this what video cards will work with my laptop?

I like Action/Adventure, RPG, MMORPG (WoW anyone?), FPS, etc., so I want as good of graphics as possible with my computer.

If you need any other specific info please tell me where to find it as i'm not a whiz with computers and especially laptops.

A:What video card will work on my laptop?

I think you might be **** out of luck, I hope you still have your reciept because as far as I know you cannot replace the video card on laptops - laptops are tightly saudered and jammed together as compact as possible

1. If you have a warranty I reccommend hitting it with a hammer and saying you bought it that way
2. Buy a desktop?
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Hey guys,

So i spent the entire day trying to figure out why my Bluetooth installed fine but after one restart it disappeared and it wouldn't come back. I finally figured it out that the FN+F2 (wireless/bluetooth switches) is what enables/disabled it HAHAHAHAHA.

default (after startup): WiFi on / BT off
first time: WiFi on / BT ON yay~!
second time: WiFi off / BT on
third time: WiFi off / BT off

and repeat.

I hope this helps people with their bluetooth issues =)

Windows 8 was able to install all my Function Keys so I'm going to assume this will be the case for others. Good luck
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Alright guys, I have just refreshed my pc because I was having numerous problems with it and it turned out to be a bad stick of RAM. However, now I am having software issues. Whenever I try to make a call on the desktop version of skype, the program crashes. Whenever I try to open HP support assistant, the program crashes. When i am using the metro app version of skype I get a weird artifacting type problem on any of the buttons. I have this same problem in internet explorer and on Netflix. Netflix will not play on Chrome. It will play on IE, but with the button artifacting problems. My computer will not pair via bluetooth with my phone. What would be your recommended course of action? I don't know where to begin. I have tried updating drivers and the like but it has not helped.

Thank you

A:Bluetooth won't work, skype won't work, ntflix won;t work

Microsoft zune won't work either. It crashes when trying to set up.
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Hello everyone One of my parents has recently purchased a new a laptop a targa traveller x x specs are x tk- gig ram etc Anyway the laptop has an integrated wireless card and came with vista home premium preinstalled However we cannot possibly get the thing to connect to our or any for that matter wireless network This is what I tried -the regular way entering network name not card does integrated Wireless on laptop with work password Wireless does not work with integrated card on laptop etc etc It gives an error message but it says unknown error -With a completely unhidden and unencrypted network doesn t work -with a usb dongle to make sure it s the card- gt works perfectly card doesn t -try xubuntu live cd and guess what exactly the same problem With Wireless does not work with integrated card on laptop the integrated card I can see any wireless networks in range try to connect it asks me for a password I give it and nothing happens Same story with unencrypted it just doesn t connect And again if I use the USB dongle in xubuntu it works perfectly Does anyone have any idea as to what the problem might be would installing XP possibly solve the problems this doesn t seem likely to me since xubuntu linux gives exactly the same problems or could the card just be faulty nbsp

A:Wireless does not work with integrated card on laptop

What you have described sounds most like a software error, rather than hardware, probably created in the setup stage.
The usual trick is to remove all related software, edit the registry with a simple editor such as RegEdit or RegCleaner, then reboot and reinstall... after carefully examining the security on the master network... and WEP vs WPA setups.
Or use software such as Network Magic.
Be sure you have downloaded the latest drivers and firmware.
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hey, here i have a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo-pro v3405.
I recently installed vista home premium x86 on it, but after all drivers are installed. The only thing failing to start is my Intel 3945abg wireless network card.
I've checked the Unit list, petty I do not recall what it was called, anyway, it wont work. When I run diagnostics, all it says is, use the pre-made button to turn on your wireless network card. Guess what, I tried all the buttons for the wireless, but no. Won't work.
I did work fine in Xp though.
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So, all of a sudden, my laptops dvd rom stopped working. It shows up in device manager, and says it is working, but it won't read anything that I put into it. In addition. My wireless card shows no available wireless networks, though there is one here in my home and another computer here in my home shows 5 of them locally. My son was home for a bit and was playing with it. It is possible something happened, but I am wondering how to fix it...where to begin. Please help!

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My Laptop Model : HP Pavilion 15-ab267cl  My Sony Bluetooth Head Set model:  Sony mdr-zx330bt I am not able to connect my bluetooth Headset to the Laptop. IN bletooth devices it's not detecting my headset

A:laptop Bluetooth is no detecting my sony bluetooth headset -...

Hi, You have to allow your Sony is discoverable. How ? Please check its manual. Normally it MUST have a blue button to press. Regards.
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Acer aspire's Bluetooth doesn't work since I bought it I've installed drivers too but it doesn't work what should I do.
In its specs it has Bluetooth . But there is no Bluetooth device found in device manager how to repair this.
Please HELP!!

A:acer aspire 4738' s bluetooth doesn't work but wifi work?

Hi ... Welcome to Seven Forums ... What is the Model Number of your Laptop ? ...

Did you buy the Laptop from new ? ...
Did you mean Windows 7 x86 ?...
If your System Specs are correct you have 4 GB of ram ? ...
If that is the case your Windows should be 64 Bit ...
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Hi all A bit of a strange one I can't get my head round I have recently fired up my laptop on drivers Graphics with WDDM laptop will only card work after about a year of not using and I was immediately presented with a BSOD with a atikmpag sys error it was fine when last Graphics card on laptop will only work with WDDM drivers used After reading up on this the error points to corrupt drivers So I downloaded the latest Graphics card on laptop will only work with WDDM drivers drivers from the AMD website used a third party utility to completely remove the old drivers and the same error occurred After repeating the process countless times and not getting anywhere I decided to give it a complete clean install of Windows The install went fine and Windows loaded the WDDM drivers for the card and finally it booted up normally with no BSOD After all the updates had installed I then updated the drivers again from the AMD website and the same BSOD occured I tried this a second time and they finally worked but a strange artifact appeared round the cursor and some windows and then the machine reset itself So it appears my laptop will only take the default WDDM drivers and nothing Graphics card on laptop will only work with WDDM drivers else I never had this problem before because I can remember running the latest drivers in the past These are drivers I used Legacy Any suggestions
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I've been trying to use my MicroSD card adapter in my laptop's SD card slot, but it won't even read or recognize that it is there. I've tried and external SD reader and that won't work either.
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I have a D-Link Di-524 Router that is 2.4mhz and 802.11g. This router is wired to my PC in the office (second floor) and wired to my son's computer in the next room. I also have a laptop that I use on the first floor. Most days I get a good signal downstairs, but sometimes I have a low signal and depending on where I use it ie..Kitchen or livingroom I can sometimes loose the signal.

I would like to get an inexpensive range extender or wireless repeater. I have been looking at the Hawking wireless G range extender (HWREG1) or the Belkin Wireless G Universal Range Extender (F5D7132). Will both of these work with my exsisting system? Is one better than the other or should I go with something completely different? Thank you in advance for your advice, I appreciate the help.

A:Will these Range Extenders work?

I do not know about these specific extenders/repeaters, but, overall, I mostly hear about people who have been dissatisifed with the results (or lack thereof) from these types of devices. It seems like whatever type of interference caused the original connectivity problem(s) continued to do so with the extenders/repeaters. It could be that these devices are mostly intended to extend the distance of a good wireless connection and not to overcome other problems that the signals may be having in getting to your machine.
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I am looking to replace my old 9600Pro with one of these cards, but I really have no idea what the differences are between them. Yes I know AGP is dying but I would like to get another year out of my PC before making a new one. I have a 420W PSU with an 18A +12V and 1GB of RAM, I'm not sure if any of these require more since I couldn't find requirements.

1. SAPPHIRE 100174L Radeon X1650PRO 256MB

2. SAPPHIRE 100175L Radeon X1650PRO 512MB

3. SAPPHIRE 100198L Radeon X1650 512MB

4. SAPPHIRE 100197L Radeon X1650 256MB

A:Looking for Mid-Range AGP card

X1950 pro

Best you are going to get for the money and if your 420 watt PSU is a decent one, it will handle it.
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Looking at getting a Wireless B/G/N router that has removable antennae so that we can attach a range booster to it (Hawking). Trying to get signal to the house next door on our ranch - it's throwing distance.

My mom picked up a linksys N router but the antennae don't remove.

Hard to tell looking at pictures online.


A:Plz Suggest a Router to Work w/Range Booster

How far can you throw? Any N router ought to handle the length of a football field if there are no obstacles. Are you working line of sight, and what adapter(s) is at the other end?

I think that all Belkin routers do NOT have detachable antennas. In general D-Link routers do have detachable; the D-Link DIR-615 definitely has two detachable antennas, and is a pretty decent router.
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Currently run a nVidia 6600GT card. The fan bearing makes a hell of a noise when the system comes on and can take 3-4 minutes to settle down. I'm not a gamer, but doe use the pc for watching movies and photoshop work. Any suggestions for a good mid-range card that won't break the bank? Top end spend would be 100 ($200?) but probably happier round 65-70. MB supports SLI but I really want to replace a noisy card not pair it up with another!

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Hi guys my Nvidia Geforce 8500 has finally passed out and after several months of the BSOD its time i purchased a new graphics card. I dnt have that much money to play around with and the max i want to spend is 50 quid but i could push to 75.

I have been looking at the Geforce gt 220 which i can get at just under 50

can any1 reccomend me another card in my price range

thanks alot

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hi i have the following config:
HP VP17 17" LCD max res 1280*1024-60Hz
intel core2duo E4500 2.2Ghz
mobo:Asus P5LP-LE
chipset intel 945g
1 pci express*16 slot

i wanted to know if xfx geforce 9600gt 512mb is compatible.
also my monitor supports only vga but the card needs dvi.can u suggest a vga card
also how much power supply is required.thanks in advance

A:suggest a mid-range card

Hi, dv29, and welcome to the forums.

The only compatibility issues you *should* run into is if your motherboard supports PCI-e 2.0 or not.

As for PSU requirements, visit eXtreme Power Supply Calculator Lite v2.5 and calculate it yourself...but be-warned, this will require some intimate knowledge of your computer components.
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Just yesterday my wireless was working I have not added Wireless But Networks Network to In Work No Claims Range or removed any programs Today my computer shows that my wireless card is working properly but it is not finding any wireless networks in range which is wrong Yesterday while at my apartment I could see networks today I see none When I Wireless Network Claims to Work But No Networks In Range go to the coffee shop it does Wireless Network Claims to Work But No Networks In Range not see that network either Right now I am sitting at my school and it is not picking up the network in here either Everyone else around is picking up the network just not me I have checked everything and cannot figure out what the problem is I have a Compaq Presario R Z running on an AMD Athlon XP Processor MHz and GB Ram Running XP Pro w Srvc Pack My internal network card is a Broadcom b g WLAN I even uninstalled this and rebooted and after reload it still does not want to pick up any of the networks Any ideas where I can start Already tried the program that fixes corrupt TCP IP drivers WinSock XP and it did not work Again nothing was changed prior to this problem All the settings are the way they have been for the last years Thanks Vic nbsp

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Okay wireless a to Trying on to extender Hotel device. get range work from the flood I salvaged a WRE G that I was using at my house it was not damaged at all so a malfunctioning unit is not the case At the Trying to get range extender to work on a Hotel wireless device. hotel they have wireless but you can only get it right by the door of the hotel room I decided to try my WRE G in order to boost this bubble to the rest of the hotel room I can get into the WRE G s page by hardcoding my laptops card to X and a subnet Trying to get range extender to work on a Hotel wireless device. Also I got the MAC address of the wireless device to input into the WRE G s Trying to get range extender to work on a Hotel wireless device. web based setup The problem I have is even after this I can t web browse I also tried changing ALL of this IP information to the hotels IP scheme I E X and have the gateway as theirs but this yielded no other results either Mind you I have no access to this router and I just want to boost relay without administration on their hardware I have an okay from the front desk to do this as long as I do not tamper with the hotels hardware BTW this is a unsecured wireless network so were not dealing with encryption or anything being the problem This isn t a have to setup As they do have a wired connection but the problem is we have computers AND the wired connection has a web based agreement page that will not allow you to just input an access point already tried that it must be that the wired was an existing lockdown service they never removed and wireless is newly added and wide open for use Any thoughts on why I can t get this range extender to bounce this signal just about more feet nbsp

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Alright so I m on a budget and I just upgrade my computer to these specs - Opteron overclocked from GHz to GHz CPU holds GHz stable through all stress tests at on both CPU cores at a temp of C - GB PC value RAM - Biostar GeForce -m motherboard - Crappy integrated GeForce graphics with PCI-E x slot - Black Steel W power supply with A on v rail So I m looking at spending between and before shipping on a mid range card I m on a tight budget so even the jump to is a video Mid card recommendation range PCI-E bit too high for me I d like to play Oblivion again but this time with some half decent settings I beat it on an ATI Radeon XT and some other modern gen games but the settings don t need to be maxed Mid range PCI-E video card recommendation or anything I m a moderate gamer Here s the cards I m considering in order of price Radeon X PRO only has GDDR though GeForce GT GDDR again Radeon X XT GeForce GT recertified Radeon X XT a bit too high I m literally pinching pennies Radeon X GT no way I can afford this All the cards I mentioned have MB of VRAM Assume stock settings etc etc So I m leaning towards the recertified GeForce GT in terms of price performance but I was hoping for a little advice What do you all think nbsp

A:Mid range PCI-E video card recommendation

Go on and buy used!
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I just installed a new ATI Radeon 8500[128MB] video card and am now experiencing freezing with the error Out Of Range 23 kHz 37kHz. Sometimes the error appears at other times I just get a black screen. This happens while just browsing the internet, no games.

I have tried changing the display settings, screen resolution, refresh rate and increasing the DPI. I have now reverted back to the original settings. 800 x 600 85Hz 96 DPI.

Supported Video Modes are: 640 x 480 140 Hz
800 x 600 110 Hz
1024 x 768 85 Hz
1152 x 864 75 Hz
1280 x 1024 65 Hz

Yet I am unable to get a refresh rate above 85 Hz.

I also installed another 128MB of memory.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

Kind Regards,

Specs in profile have not yet been updated.

OOps I think I posted this in the wrong forum feel free to move. Thanks.

A:New Video Card Error Out Of Range

What drivers are you using? and why would you want a refresh rate above 85hz? is the supported resolutions for the video card or your monitor? and if that si from display properties is the box " hide modes that this monitor cannot display" box checked?
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I have a GTX 460 768mb and windows 7 64bit and I have had that for for a while. About 1 or two months ago, i started getting "Out of range" on my monitor. I fixed it by switching to another one and correcting resolution. About 3 weeks ago Battlefield Bad Company 2 would display out of range when trying to open it up. This was just random after restarting my computer. The problem started to get worse and now with the graphics card i cant do anything. Safe mode wont work with it in and switching to motherboard graphics works, but switching back doesn't. I have tried uninstalling drivers, but i cannot reinstall them due to me not being able to do anything with the card in. I want to see if it might be software related or hardware before i send it in to get it replaced. I have a 19 inch Westinghouse LCD monitor.

A:Out of range when installing graphics card

Sounds like a faulty video card OR a failing power supply. Test the card in another PC, that will determine for sure.

Aside from that, uninstall any drivers/software listed in Add and Remove programs. Specialized drivers are not needed for the card to work (and aren't used anyway in Safe Mode).
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Hi all,

I am shortly upgrading my PSU to a 650w Corsair model. Bearing in mind my PCs specs which aren't great (old CPU/Motherboard) and it only runs PCI-E 1.1 I was wondering what a good choice of graphics card would be. I want to achieve as good a performance as possible in terms of gaming. I dont really use my PC for much else so its only with gaming in mind.

I don't want to upgrade my board and CPU and have about 120 to spend on the graphics card. Any recommendations for my specific spec of PC?

Thanks folks

A:What graphics card will run well on my PC in £120 price range?

If you can push it up by a fiver you can get a HD6870, which is about the best your going to get for your budget.

Its a very capable mid range GPU.

Look here:
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I just installed a new graphics card on my pc. When I boot, I get a box that says

Signal out of range
H: 45.0KZH V: 85.7Hz
Mode should be below ...
1280x1024 75Hz

How do I do this?


A:New graphics card says SIGNAL Out Of RANGE

Boot in safe mode, set the video resolution and refresh to within the limits of the monitor.
Then reboot.
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I have upgrade my Windows XP pc to W7 and after the upgrade my 802.11n Wireless Lan Card has an poor range that fluctuates between 1 and 2 stripes. Anyone else also have this problem?

A:802.11n Wireless LAN Card poor range?

Try updating you WIFI driver, If you give me some speck i can link you to the download.
Have you moved your device at all or have you moved anything around the router, E.G Fridge, TV ECT...
These can all soak up your precious signal! :P
if you Pm me i would be more then happy to help!
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Hi, i had a gforce 8400gs which is spoiled now. i want to upgrade my graphic card within 3500rs i am confuse because i like to play game and all type of card does not support games as well as i use 3d software like 3ds max and PC config is P4 3gb ddr2 . please anyone guide me

A:Which is the best graphic card within 3500Rs range?

Hi, Welcome to sevenforums.

Can you post your complete system configuration? Like your motherboard etc.

We would like to know what kind of slot your mobo has. AGP or PCIe.

If AGP, then I will suggest Radeon HD 3450 Video Card - 512MB, DDR2, AGP 8X, DVI, VGA, DirectX 10.1, Single-Slot. Price 69.99$

If PCIe, go to this link and check it out. - Computer Hardware, Video Cards & Video Devices, Desktop Graphics Cards, PCI Express x1, DirectX 11
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After clearing a paper jam, I can't print the range of pages from the jam to the end. When I try to print range 150-199 Word appears to print 1 page only and nothing comes out. If I delete pages 1-149 and print all, it works fine.

Any ideas????


A:Word 2000 printing page range doesn't work

That's an interesting problem. When I experience a paper jam, after I clear it, my printer automatically picks up and prints where it left off without any interference from me. Have you tried waiting to see if it will resume?

If that doesn't help, I'm sure someone else will have a solution for you.
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could someone tell me how to turn my graphic card off in bios. thanks

A:New graphics card installed, but monitor says out of range?

I have changed your thread title to reflect your problem. Please use proper thread titles from now on. Thanks.

You should click on the edit button in your post and give as many details as you can as to what your problem is. This should include your system specs etc.

That way, members will have a better idea of what`s causing your problem.

Regards Howard
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AMD Phenom II X4 945
PSU: 450W
Windows 7 Ultimate x86
Monitor Resolution: 1280x768 (Might Use my HDTV as external monitor for HD gaming)
Budget: 5000-8,000 INR (100-160 USD) [Cheapest Recommended]

I know the specs are pretty low. I was eying AMD Radeon™ HD 6850 but it requires 500W. So 5770 is the only option left?


A:Suggest a Mid Range Graphic Card for these Specs

I think the most important question here is which 450W PSU do you have? If you are not sure open your tower and look for a sticker on the psu. Check the model # and the amps on the +12V rail and post back please.
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Hi guys just wondered what you thought was a good laptop for the above price, not looking to spend more than 600 really.

Doesnt need to be amazing, the odd game on football manager, internet, office, etc... little bit of graphics, odd dvd, etc...

Any suggestions would be good, if i could get a duel core that would be an advantage too.

Thanks again and any reviews that you have with your current laptops would be cool for recommendations or possibly, what to avoid.


A:Best Laptop for £550-600 Range? ? ?

Hi Saint,

Dell have done me no harm on this side of the pond. Yes, there are far cheaper options available but I've found that when things go wrong you are better off with a Dell or HP.
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Hello I just got a new video card last week and it s been having some odd issues with World of Warcraft Ever since I installed the new card it has froze up or my monitor would black out forcing a reboot or I would get an error saying my signal is quot Over Range quot All while WoW was running At no other times do I have issues I ve downloaded and installed the latest drivers for my card to no effect dust shouldn t be a problem because error. Freezing/shutting out Video Card off/Signal of range I routinely dust my computer with canned air and lately I ve been keeping the case open with a house fan Video Card Freezing/shutting off/Signal out of range error. blowing on the card I changed the refresh rate in WoW to hertz to match my monitor and haven Video Card Freezing/shutting off/Signal out of range error. t tried it yet I was unable to locate a driver for my Balance CM Monitor I m not sure what else to try This is very frustrating and I would appreciate any advice Thank you Below are some of my systems specs AMD Athlon bit Windows XP Service Pack Powercolor Radeon PRO MB Video Card nbsp

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Hi and firstly wishing you all the best for Ok I will keep this short as its been asked many times but like time it moves on and different models come to light for being popular for whatever reasons My wife s Laptop has died it is a Toshiba and to be fair its had some hammer so it hasn t done bad for yrs solid work I could mend it but want to get her something new and jazzy p So simple question what s a middle of the road laptop that s a good make at the moment for around max All she does on it is emails work stuff I already have office YouTube general browsing and course work along with Facebook of course lol so 400 Suggestions mid-range for laptop a max? for plenty of HDD space for the pic would be good I have looked in the market for lappy s around this price but all new ones I can find come with W and I really don t want it and would rather stay with W Thanks Suggestions for a mid-range laptop for 400 max? for any advice offered Regards Lee nbsp

A:Suggestions for a mid-range laptop for £400 max?

I believe its free to download from windows 8 to 7?
anyway for that price youd be looking at like an A8-4500M or an i5 as the cpu. The i5 is probably a little better for what basic things this laptop is for You might be looking for something like this.

Im not really hip to Intel performance but that seems like it would be just fine to me. Although you might wanna try a different brand, because if you are expecting it to last 8 years like your last one Acers do NOT have the best build quality. Ive had one sitting here for about a year and its still in great condition but I havent really travelled with it. THe lid is sort of flimsy.

Just my 10 cents.
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My Dell Vostro 1500 laptop came with their wireless 1390 802.11g MiniCard installed.
When in my room in hotels, etc., I am able to pick up free wifi signals to connect to the internet. These signals are apparently coming from "just down the street".
The signal varies from good to weak, depending on the time of day.
What is recommended to boost the reception?
Can antennas be connected thru the laptops USB port? How does the antenna signal combine with the internal antenna (on the minicard?)?

A:best way to increase laptop wifi range


You may want to review the site rules about borrowing someone's WiFi

WiFi "Piggybacking" / "Wardriving" - We do not support the act of using someone else's Internet without permission. Also, please note that almost every ISP prohibits sharing your Internet connection with another home, and we will not assist you in breaking their rules.Click to expand...
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Hi, I get out of range on my monitor when I try to play certain games.It works fine when i'm not using the monitor, by the display on the laptop is crap.any ideas? Its an 9 year old Sony LCD tv and the laptop is a "Standard" Lenovo i5 Laptop

A:Out of Range problem [laptop tv-monitor]

mmm - a 9yr old lcd tv and a standard 15in laptop (likely the latter is quite new and provides a much higher resolution o/p that then the Sony can handle)?What actual model Sony is it; and do have the manual and full specs. for the Sony?How are you feeding the Sony/connecting to it from the laptop?How are you setting/determining the display resolution on the Sony when using the laptop graphics adapter o/p?I seem to recall one can set the external display with a different resolution the laptop's own display.Are you viewing on both the laptop and the Sony at the same time?What is the resolution you set for the laptop on its own and does it sit within the range for the 9yrs old Sony?Very likely the Sony isn't able to handle the resolution you have set for the laptop display; so perhaps set it (the laptop's) a little lower? Check the manual for your Sony to see what it can handle...?
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Two different questions:

1) Whats the exact range of the N router?

2) Is there any way I can improve the network pick-up range of my wireless laptop card? Will buying a N wireless card (whether or not the router is N) improve how far I can pick up internet signal from a router?

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My daughter recently gave me her old Palm Treo 650 cellphone. Apparently it is too old to "speak" (sync) with Windows 7 64 bit using their software but it can be done using bluetooth. The phone is bluetooth enabled and has an infared port, but my computer is lacking -- something -- to make the connection...what do I need? a USB dongle-thing? Something else?

A:What do I need for bluetooth to work?

Bluetooth is just a connection method. If it can't sync with Windows 7 64-bit using a USB sync cable, that isn't fixed by syncing with Bluetooth. You still need the Palm Desktop software or (maybe?) Outlook (not Windows Mail). If you want to attempt to connect the phone to the computer with Bluetooth, you need a Bluetooth USB dongle for your computer. I've never had much luck with Bluetooth data connections. Given the age of the device, the challenges are magnified.
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Hi I just registered on forum and sorry about my poor english Actually i visit this forum for years and i'm thankful for many times i getting help on it Now why i registered First recently i purchased ACER AO C bb i believe this version is for eastern markets with won't Bluetooth work preinstalled Windows starter Bluetooth connectivity has work On back is written that device has installed Atheros bluetooth module AR BBU Shortly Bluetooth won't work after purchasing i installed Windows Home premium Bluetooth won't work x Everything was fine since i decided to connect my netbook with my phone by bluetooth connection Almost one week after i couldn't manage to do that I will insert pictures to explain i hope where is problem As you can see on first picture ''allow device to connect'' is greyed out I've searched on different forums including this one without solving I Bluetooth won't work believe that I will find solution here Drivers are ok i believe System did quot see quot bluetooth network but is not connected because neither my phone quot sees quot netbook or other way around I manage to establish bluetooth connection with usb dongle but that doesn't makes me happy If you can please help me

A:Bluetooth won't work

Hello and welcome.
Well, your English was not that bad. I could still follow you basically.

Since you were able to connect the phone to the USB dongle, (correct?) then that means everything should be alright with the phone.

I believe the first thing you may need to do is click "Add a Device" to let them detect & identify each other. Once there is a profile created, then the next time you want to connect maybe click "Allow a Device to Connect." Try that and see if it works.
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After recent update of windows 10 hp connection manager remove from my pc and bluetooth is not shown in device manager. I don't find any way to turn the bluetooth on or off, also the bluetooht is not apear in action center.
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I have an Acer Aspire 5720z, and there is a BlueTooth button on my laptop. When I press it, it says "No BlueTooth Device"

I never really paid any attention to the BlueTooth, but I bought a BlueTooth mouse today, and I cannot get it to work.

There are no BlueTooth things at all on my computer, and When I try to install BlueTooth drivers, it says that I need to enable my BlueTooth but I don't know how!!
Helllllllp please

A:BlueTooth won't work?

Quote: Originally Posted by Petoskey

I have an Acer Aspire 5720z, and there is a BlueTooth button on my laptop. When I press it, it says "No BlueTooth Device"

I never really paid any attention to the BlueTooth, but I bought a BlueTooth mouse today, and I cannot get it to work.

There are no BlueTooth things at all on my computer, and When I try to install BlueTooth drivers, it says that I need to enable my BlueTooth but I don't know how!!

Helllllllp please

Acer laptops dont always come with the bluetooth modules installed, there sometimes sold as 'Bluetooth Ready' meaning you can buy an additional module for it. If you have a look for the exact model number underneath, I'll have a look about for you to see if it comes with one already installed.
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Im trying to pair my dualshock 4 controller with my pc and it won't work. I had no issues until I used it with my ps4. It gets detected under the Bluetooth settings as wireless controller When I click pair it does nothing for 10-30 seconds then says "that didn't work"

A:Bluetooth won't work.

Sometimes it takes awhile and multiple times to pair and connect.
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Please Help - ASAP - Thank you in Advance.
(I did also post this under Business Applications, before realizing it should probalby go here - sorry about that)

I'm just STUCK on this one last bit of my code to finish off this macro for a meeting today

I am Copying a Range of data, from a specific sheet on about 36 Workbooks
I need to paste only certain columns from that copied info, into a new worksheet.

Maybe I'm making this sound too difficult... at this point all I need is:

Columns A-E, K, P, S-U, W, AB-AC, AE-AH, AJ-AK, from the "TargetData" (Defined Range) on Customer Targets worksheet of Test1, to Paste into Columns A-S of the Build Worksheet

This should be easy right? I'm having a mind block...

A:Excel Macro - Move Specific Columns from Range to New Range - ASAP If Possible

There have been a bunch of views, but not replys or suggestions. Am I not including the right information? Is this not posted in the right place? Can someone please help me?
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Hi guys,

I am in search of a new mid-range (400-600) laptop, which will be used primarily for Word processing, email and Web browsing - so nothing too fancy.

However, the most important aspect is the battery..

At the moment I have a Compaq and the battery life is awful. Previously, I had a Dell and it could stay off charge for much longer.

So please, either give me the name/model of a very good/long lasting laptop battery that I can look out for, or recommend me a laptop that has good battery life.

Thanks guys, really appreciate it.

As always.!

A:Mid-range business laptop (Best battery life?)

They will all suck after time, just make sure you're not running a battery down to dead and then charge it. Charge it before you need to, so to speak.

Honestly, I don't think any "stock" manufacturer battery will be extremely different than the other.
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i have a sony with intergraded (802.11 b/g)wireless. if i go out to my garage i have a week signal and drops incur.

how can i ad an antenna. i know if i had an external wifi card i could just add on a stronger DBI antenna but if my lap top has an internal intergraded card what can i do to increase its range?

A:how would i extend the range of my interated wireless laptop??

You could get a wireless access point, but it would have to be hard wired to the existing router somehow. We have two through out the house and they work pretty well....but, we have cat 5 built into the wall in many locations through out the house.
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Hello I find this problem especially strange because I can access the internet on every other computer we have in the house XP Vista Windows RC Server It is an acer Extensa laptop if that helps I m pretty sure it s running a broadcom wireless card That s what it says in Device Manager though the name seems pretty generic Anyways the router is running DD-WRT and is configured to serve DHCP and has three static DNS addresses It was also using WPA Encryption but recently I decided just to go back to WPA it seems to work with the computer then So when I connect to my network from of to connect Vista internet? can't Laptop IP, out getting range the Vista Laptop the result is quot No Internet Connection quot or quot Local Only quot Pinging any address results in host unreachable or Vista Laptop getting out of range IP, can't connect to internet? error code Vista Laptop getting out of range IP, can't connect to internet? or cant remember which order I can t even ping the router it gets an error Meanwhile the computer gets a weird IP such as Vista Laptop getting out of range IP, can't connect to internet? Please help me with this problem I can t system restore I have no backups nbsp

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Please Help - ASAP - Thank you in Advance.

I'm just STUCK on this one last bit of my code to finish off this macro.

I am Copying a Range of data, from a specific sheet on about 36 Workbooks
I need to paste only certain columns from that copied info, into a new worksheet.

I think I've attached a sample of the code, and some test workbooks I've been using.

Any advise would be helpful. I know this should be easier than I'm probably making it...

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Quote Originally Posted by Computer Specs MSI GT -US Windows Ultimate Build AMD Turion x Ultra Processor ATI Radeon HD Graphics Gigabytes RAM I've been trying to pair an Apple Wireless Keyboard bluetooth to install/work! get Can't with my laptop so I can type from a distance I bought it to work with the iPhone but also wanted to use it with my laptop to increase functionality I couldn't get the bluetooth driver to work on this computer Can't get bluetooth to install/work! through the software because it kept saying that the bluetooth device wasn't ready Can't get bluetooth to install/work! and wouldn't turn on I tried to download the latest driver from MSi's website when I realized that the driver never did install properly I tried to install it once and it froze so I closed out of the installer This led to it being installed anyway but not fully I tried to uninstall and run the installer again but it froze and I left it open the past few days but it's still stuck and probably will remain stuck The driver is called quot Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba v quot Can someone please help me Please

A:Can't get bluetooth to install/work!

Info from Microsoft on Bluetooth -

Check Toshiba support for Windows 7 BT drivers -

Windows 7 SP1 build 7601 should install via Windows Updates - Windows 7 Service Pack 1

Regards. . .


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I've had this problem for quite a while now and it's starting to drive me crazy My bluetooth devices can't connect to my laptop because it appears as though they can't find it at all The device work doesn't Bluetooth bluetooth speakers was already added and used to work with my laptop and it still works with my phone or other computers without any trouble but my laptop's bluetooth just isn't working I Bluetooth doesn't work can't delete it from my added devices to try and re-add it Worst of all I can't open Bluetooth settings at all Not using Control Panel not using the bluetooth icon not using search just not at all I click it and nothing happens So I've tried to look it up in Services msc to see if it might be disabled but it says it should be running In msconfig it says the Bluetooth service is stopped however Either way I'd love to use my bluetooth devices with my laptop again so if anyone knows how to fix this that would be awesome

A:Bluetooth doesn't work

Go back to Services and right click on the Bluetooth support service and double click on it.
When the Bluetooth support service properties open look to see what the startup type is, then click on Start in the the Service status.
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I got a TINY TECH Bluetooth USB Dongle which I have no problem using it on my PC with Win 2000 but when I try to use it on other PC with Win XP, I have problem installing the installion software. Can anyone please help. Thanks in advance.


A:Bluetooth USB Dongle dun work with Win XP

Simple things first, make sure you have software that is compatible with Windows XP, might have to download an update if the product only ships with W2K
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Everybody discusses their problems, but there is very little info about a Blurtooth Dongle that works without problems in Windows 7 (32-bit in my case.)

I live in South Africa and it looks like it could be years before there are any on the shelves here, so I have to import myself, and trying to find one is a mission.

A:Has anybody got ANY Bluetooth Dongle to work?

I have a CSR Bluetooth Dongle that works fine for me, although i didnt buy it, and the dongle itself lacks identification. Windows 7 Ultimate x64 btw.
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I am very inexperienced nbsp After upgrading to windows on Friday last day nbsp I now see on the notifications that under on after work not wi... desktop does Bluetooth XC-603 COMPATIBILITY Bluetooth does not work on XC-603 desktop after wi... nbsp it Bluetooth does not work on XC-603 desktop after wi... lists Qualcomm Bluetooth Suite nbsp as unavailable so I assume my bluetooth will not work nbsp I cannot refind an earlier message I read nbsp with a list of Acer machines that qualified mine did nbsp for some kind of nbsp update nbsp I seem to remember that somewhere it said to nbsp update Bios nbsp first before upgrade to windows gt nbsp but windows compatibility said nothing about my bluetooth and nbsp isn't Bluetooth does not work on XC-603 desktop after wi... updating the BIOS something that Acer should on its own if it is necessary nbsp I find this scary and have no idea what or even how to do a BIOS update if it is necessary nbsp Pleeeeez help Oh one last thing if important I log in to my computer with windows account not ACER gt nbsp I couldn't figure out the whole apps thing nbsp and my son figured out how to get an older style start page when I had the nbsp I hope someone here can give me very specific instructions on how to get my bluetooth back working nbsp Thank you ever so much for any help
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I have a wireless speaker called the OONTZ made by Cambridge. It will work by Bluetooth and does work fine from my Bluetooth Cowon Mp3 player.

But when I try to run it from my Dell INSPIRON 5520 I can not seem to get any sound out. The 5520 does see my device and I see it in my device .

I have been trying for the last few days to figure it out but w/o any luck? My 5520 has something called Stage and I tried that but again it will not show the speaker?

Sorry I do not know enough at this time to give and more details. Please get myself on the right track if possible

A:Getting Bluetooth to work, win 7 64 bit. No sound out!

Hey jjr, As you mentioned that both device are discovering each other. Have you tried pairing them? Once a bluetooth device is discovered, it needs to be paired for creating FTP file sharing or playing music. Try that and let us know.
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I have a CSR bluetooth dongle. It initially worked but has stopped recently. It connects to a Nokia E71 phone.

In my Device Manager there is an entry "CSR Bluetooth Radio" under "Bluetooth radios", and under "Other devices" there are four entries titled "Bluetooth Peripheral Device". Presumably there is no suitable driver.

I applied the update "CSR plc - Audio - Bluetooth Remote Control Device" on the 19.1.10. Maybe this is the source of the problem???

I tried inserting another bluetooth device but have had exactly the same problem with it.

I've managed to connect to my phone with Ubuntu Linux on the same hardware - connected to the same phone.

I've tried setting the phone up as a new bluetooth device with the same result. I've also tried uninstalling all of the bluetooth drivers and reinstalling them - no joy.

A:CSR Bluetooth dongles don't work

Just happened the same to me today... I installed the update:

Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited - Audio, Other hardware - CSR BlueCore Nanosira
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Hi All
Windows8.1 do not recognize any bluetooth., But Windows 8 will be easily identified. Install bluetooth driver in Windows 8.1, but I do not know why I can not be activated.

Model: Asus k53sd

A:Bluetooth does not work in Windows 8.1

Not sure if this is your problem but it is what worked for me due Bluetooth Support Service not having the right permissions:

Unable to REMOVE Bluetooth mouse

Does Bluetooth Support Service show up as running in Task Manager/Services?
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the bluetooth of the model g510 not working
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.
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Well lets begin first steps first.....making windows reconise the bluetooth usb stick.
i have a bluetooth stick connected and windows successfully reconised it and added it as device.
however when i go to the menu "add device" in windows, i see no bluetooth device whatsoever popup.

as soon as i have this working, i want to use the bluetooth headset for teamspeak.

A:Making bluetooth work my way

Quote: Originally Posted by borgqueenx

Well lets begin first steps first.....making windows reconise the bluetooth usb stick.
i have a bluetooth stick connected and windows successfully reconised it and added it as device.
however when i go to the menu "add device" in windows, i see no bluetooth device whatsoever popup.

as soon as i have this working, i want to use the bluetooth headset for teamspeak.

Try going into Device Manager and looking under USB controllers.
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I recently just bought a msi z87 mpower Intel motherboard and it came with a blue tooth adapter. now for some reason I can not enable the device. there is no wireless tab under the change pc settings in pc settings however it is listed under device manager. it says every thing is correct with the driver and when I go to control panel and go to devices and printers the Bluetooth device is not there. I even did a fresh install of windows 8. not sure how to fix this one.

thanks, have a nice day
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hello I have a problem with my notebook. Suddenly 'bluetooth' does not work any more; I get the message that my USB is longer recognised by Windows. Some time ago I upgraded my laptop to windows 10.According to my investigation I have following bluetooth: 'Broadcom 2070 Bluetooth 2.1 - EDR Broadcom corporation'. My computer gives the message I can nog longer use the windows driver.I searched on the site of HP, found a corresponding driver for bluetooth buth at last I got the message it does not work. Who can help me ? Kind regards! Dirk
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Hi. I am having a serious problem. My bluetooth doesn't work at all. Wifi works sometimes. I think it does not show some of the available networks. I need a solution to this problem. It will be so much appreciated.

type: laptop
model: dell inspiron n4050
OS: windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

A:Bluetooth and Wifi do not work

Hi Ahmed

Open up a command prompt . Click on the button type CMD , right click and choose Run as administrator . Input the commands below

wmic bios get serialnumber
So I could see which driver goes to your specific model
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Hi. I am having a serious problem. My bluetooth doesn't work at all. Wifi works sometimes. I think it does not show some of the available networks. I need a solution to this problem. It will be so much appreciated.

type: laptop
model: dell inspiron n4050
OS: windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

A:Bluetooth and Wifi do not work

I don't have much to offer other than suggesting you have to latest drivers installed for the machine...

Drivers & Downloads | Dell US

You might also want to check out this post to see if it helps - bluetooth not working for Dell Inspiron N4050 in windows 7 64bit - Microsoft Community

Good luck
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ive been trying to get bluetooth to work on my "ASUS Notebook F5GL Series" with vista. I cant seem to get it working. there is no bluetooth icon in the taskbar, and i go to control panel, hardware and sound, down to bluetooth and click bluetooth settings but nothing happens, i also click add a wireless device but it doesnt find anything, my brother has a laptop running XP and his bluetooth is working fine. i have asked him but he has no idea about it. I was wondering if anyone knew what to do?

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hi i am using a HP Pavilion dv6838tx Entertainment Notebook PC

i recently downgraded from vista to windows xp profesional sp3

i have managed over time to download and install all other drivers and software that was needed.

now the only thing left is bluetooth.

it is installed in device manager and is marked as working but i can not locate it in my control panel so that i can can make my bluetooth visible to other devices.

in wireless assistant it says that bluetooth is on.

how do i find or fix my bluetooth so that i can connect things to my computer?
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Hi guys. I have acer aspire v5 122p running on win 8.1. My problem is that the bluetooth device is seems not working coz it's just keep on searching for any bluetooth device but it can't detect it. I already restore my laptop to its factory setting and I download a bluetooth driver (Qualcomm Atheros) from acer site but its still didn't work. Hope you can help me.thank you

A:bluetooth didn't work!

Is it turned on ? ?,154323.0.html
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I'm trying to connect my Bluetooth headset to a Windows PC so that Headsets work? do How Bluetooth I can receive and How do Bluetooth Headsets work? make Skype calls The headset seems to have successfully paired with and connected with the PC but I can't get anything to play through it How How do Bluetooth Headsets work? do I check what is going wrong If I look in Devices and Printers I can see the headset there If I right click on it and select Properties and then look in the Services tab it says that the headset is enabled for Audio Sink Handsfree Telephony and Headset If I look under the Hardware tab I see Bluetooth AV Bluetooth hands-free and Bluetooth Headset If I look in the Sound control panel under the Playback tab the only device I see is Speakers Should I see the headset here if it's connected properly If I look in Sounds under the Recording tab I see Microphone default device Line in currently unavailable and Stereo Mix currently unavailable Is this correct or should I see the headset here too How do I tell Skype to use the headset and not the speakers or the built in microphone If I plug in a wired headset it automatically switches off the built in speakers and microphone and any phone calls that I then make will use the headset - why doesn't this happen with the Bluetooth device How do I debug all this stuff How do I see how the headset is connected How do I see what profile the sound applications Skype Lync Media Player etc are using How do I see what messages the answer button on the headset is sending I just need to understand this stuff better so I can have a chance of getting it all working Thanks - Rowan

A:How do Bluetooth Headsets work?

I searched your question ( How do Bluetooth Headsets work? - YouTube ) You just need to find your bluetooth headset there
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Hi all!

I have bought a HP 6730b notebook (type: HP KU216ET), it has got built-in Bluetooth. I have installed 32bit Windows 7, but the bluetooth doesn't work. I cannot find any driver to make that working good..

HP Compaq 6730b Notebook PC*-* Download drivers and software - HP Business Support Center - here is a driver for XP, but when I install, it said that I have to turn on Bluetooth... I don't know what to do...

I don't know what's the type of the built-in Bluetooth, maybe broadcom, I tried this driver: - Bluetooth Software Download

but there's the same message while install: Turn on Bluetooth...

What can I do? I have a bluetooth mouse, so I need to make bluetooth working good...

Thx a lot!


A:Bluetooth doesn't work

Look in "Services" and see if it's enabled.
Type services.msc in the start search box, then click on the gear icon.
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Hi all,

Question is as per the subject line but the reason I ask is that although each laptop is visible to the other in Devices and Printers when I try to send a file from the Vista laptop to the Win 7 laptop I get a message failure message. On the Win 7 machine when I click the the bluetooth icon in the systray the option to 'Allow a Device to connect' is greyed-out and there is no alert that a device is trying to connect. A far as I can tell the bluetooth settings on both laptops are OK, adding a device was OK with the passwork handshake completed without problem.

Is this a driver issue, settings issue, or summat else?


A:Can I transfer files from Vista laptop to Win 7 laptop via bluetooth?

Quote: Originally Posted by kanangus

Hi all,

Question is as per the subject line but the reason I ask is that although each laptop is visible to the other in Devices and Printers when I try to send a file from the Vista laptop to the Win 7 laptop I get a message failure message. On the Win 7 machine when I click the the bluetooth icon in the systray the option to 'Allow a Device to connect' is greyed-out and there is no alert that a device is trying to connect. A far as I can tell the bluetooth settings on both laptops are OK, adding a device was OK with the passwork handshake completed without problem.

Is this a driver issue, settings issue, or summat else?


Couple of questions

Are you using "homegroup" for networking?

Is there no other way you can transfer like wifi (its faster)?
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Hello guys, sorry for the inconvenience if anyone is acquainted with this problem please help me .. really this is a serious problem for me .. Thanks in advance.
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Hey Guys Well i m a guy from India And my friend is getting me a laptop from US My budget is dollars but i wanna keep it to as for a good cover and mouse Let me tell u my laptop needs Internet browsing Gaming but not as a pro gamer I never got to play real games like cod mw crysis etc but i want to i want to play the high end games Watching HD movies Doing Sony Vegas etc i want a laptop cuz im going to start my college soon so i might move buying Range guidance 1300 or for 1250? laptop Need : out and need to carry it out with me all the time Things i particulary need inbuild hd webcam inch screen size - GB hard drive gb ram Wifi bluetooth HD screen Here is what i looked out Need guidance for buying laptop Range : 1250? or 1300 Sony Vaio F series for Intel Core i - QM quad-core processor GHz GHz with Turbo Boost Save reg price Genuine Windows Home Premium -bit quot D LED backlit Full HD display x Matte Black NVIDIA GeForce GT M GB dedicated graphics CD DVD player burner GB rpm hard drive GB GBx GBx DDR -SDRAM- Large lithium-ion battery mAh Any other ones guys and is that one good for gaming normal usage and do i need a cooling pad please suggest me a good laptop cuz im not that good i choose the vaio one cuz its sony but maybe its expensive nbsp

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Heya first time here so hi I'm having a very hard time searching proper information on my quest to get an automatic vnc session opening on my PC's second monitor as soon as my laptop connects to the vnc range laptop in when session wireless Auto-open gets same LAN network as my PC Both windows XP I have no problems at all setting up a VNC connection but I find it impossible to get an automation solution that detects my Auto-open vnc session when laptop gets in wireless range laptop on the network and connects to it All search results are obviously about setting up wireless and setting up vnc which comes up with the same search criteria My goal is as follows A non-technical person with a dual monitor windows XP PC automatically gets access to the laptop Almost as if the second monitor would get replugged into the laptop This as soon as the laptop running a vnc server connects to the same LAN network I have tried to find any way of automatically running an application when a connection is established with the network but found nothing but autoconnect issues instead S All clues are very much welcome I don't really expect anyone to have a complete solution to all above Thanks

A:Auto-open vnc session when laptop gets in wireless range

VNC itself doesnt have a option that will allow for what you are asking. The only way this can be done would be the hard way i.e. use 3rd party software or scripts that constantly ping the laptop and as soon as it connected, start vnc.

Above is an idea and i dont have the scripting knowledge to comment on whether its possible or not, maybe someone else on here knows. Goods Luck.
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I just instal my laptop with windows 8.1, but the bluetooth devices can not connect with others devices such as smartphone, tabs, etc. whereas in the device manager there are two devices for bluetooh. please help! Thanks
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Hello all nbsp I've had my Envy t for just under HP Envy Bluetooth to work Intel Can't get - 15t a year now It came with Windows Pro -bit and has been running bluetooth with no issues since new I've recently re-formatted with nbsp the same OS and had no trouble re-installing all but one of the drivers Intel Bluetooth The computer currently recognizes the hardware as 'Generic Bluetooth Adapter' 'Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator' nbsp nbsp The issue I am having is with that setup adding any device which should be 'plug' and play say a bluetooth speaker will result in an unrecognized 'Bluetooth Peripheral Device' The solution I found which worked on a friend's computer was to obtain the bluetooth driver from the laptop manufacturer and install it After the install nbsp everything worked nbsp as it's supposed to and he can stream bluetooth audio with no issues happy days nbsp However on my HP Envy t no nbsp version of Intel's Pro Wireless Bluetooth driver software package will install I always run into the exact same error at the same point during the installation nbsp I have tried getting the software from Intel directly through Intel's upgrade utility directly from HP and through HP Support Assistant all to no avail The error is as follows - There is a problem with this Windows Installer Package A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected Contact your support personnel or package vendor nbsp When clicking 'OK' the setup 'rolls back' the installation and goes back to square one I have noticed that if I keep the error dialog open and don't allow it to roll back the bluetooth seems to work labelled as 'Intel Bluetooth Adapter' in Device Manager and the device can scan for and find discoverable devices nbsp Has anyone run into this issue or can someone recommend how to proceed Many thanks
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Hi Recently I acquired a Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse It works perfectly well both on my Android tablet and on my old but efficient Netbook still running valiantly under XP SP Never a does work Mouse not Bluetooth desktop on Win 10 problem in pairing the mouse on these two machines and no problem either with the Logitech Bluetooth portable keyboard K which is a Bluetooth Mouse does not work on Win 10 desktop real marvel in its own right On the Android Lollipop tablet Bluetooth is built in while the built-in Bluetooth feature on the Netbook gave up some time ago but was replaced by a dongle Bluetooth Mouse does not work on Win 10 desktop which does its job without a hiccup So far so good On my desktop running on Windows which has no built-in Bluetooth capability but the Bluetooth quot service quot coming with Windows I use the same dongle as on the Netbook With the Logitech keyboard mentioned above no problem whatsoever Bluetooth quot sees quot it immediately and pairs it in seconds - so there is certainly nothing wrong either with the dongle or with pairing a device or the Bluetooth drivers and softwares which came with the dongle or with the Windows Bluetooth properties which are correctly started and functioning It's the Microsoft Mouse that presents an apparently intractable problem on that same desktop When activating the Mouse so that it can be detected when one wants to add a device it is quot seen quot almost immediately It is when wanting to pair the device to the machine that the problem arises The pairing as such takes a far longer time than it normally does and when that operation concludes I get error messages saying either that the mouse did not send the correct pairing code OR that it did not send a pairing reaction at all So this is quite mysterious Having a device that functions perfectly well with other machines and not at all on my powerful desktop while it can be detected and while other devices function normally I guess that the problem resides with that quot code quot However Windows does not ask for it and Microsoft says that the mouse does not need one - which makes things even more strange since it mentions a code when the pairing misfires Attached some screenshots They are in Dutch language of my Win OS but the images speak for themselves The error message on the rd screenshot says quot Communication with Bluetooth device has failed No pairing reaction received quot Sometimes after bootup the error message says failure but quot Bluetooth device sends wrong code quot I wonder if someone will find a solution to this riddle Best haku

A:Bluetooth Mouse does not work on Win 10 desktop

I have 2 Notebooks with Bluetooth and find that having their own mouse works much better/more reliably than switching 1 mouse from one to the other. I also have a Bluetooth mouse on my MacBook Pro. Two of the mice are from Microsoft and the third is from Targus. I also have a Bluetooth dongle on a Win7 computer for pairing my phone and PDA. It is important to have the drivers for the Bluetooth dongle. The Notebook Bluetooth adapters are part of the Wi-Fi adapter.
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The Bluetooth BT mouse of my laptop with build-in BT module seems to work just does why work? .... Bluetooth it works, mouse but fine However I don't understand why the Bluetooth mouse works because in the Controlpanel Network and Internet Network Connections the Adapter Bluetooth Device Personal Area Bluetooth mouse works, but .... why does it work? Network is DISABLED On the other hand in Device Manager- gt Bluetooth Radios there are two entries Bluetooth Module Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator MBE If I disable only the MBE then the BT mouse stops working If I disable Bluetooth mouse works, but .... why does it work? the Bluetooth Module then MBE disappears all together and the mouse stops working too So it is the MBE that controls the mouse but what is then the relationship between the MBE and the Bluetooth Adapter in Controlpanel Network And Internet Network Connections Are MBE and the Bluetooth Adapter in Network Connections two parallel Bluetooth structures stacks alongside each other Or does the Bluetooth Adapter sits on a higher level and get access to the Bluetooth hardware module of the laptop through the two Bluetooth Radio entries in Device Manager I've been reading about the OSI model and trying to figure out what Bluetooth components in Windows sit where exactly in the OSI model but it remains fuzzy to me how Bluetooth Device Manager components relate to the Bluetooth Network Adapter Can anyone shed some more light on the relationship between the Bluetooth Device Manager components and the Bluetooth Adapter Any info about websites or docs with some in-depth content about the relationship could help too Thanks in advance johan

A:Bluetooth mouse works, but .... why does it work?


I see you didnt get a reply.

As far as I remember The connection listed on the network connections page as Blue tooth Pan is a Network Connection allowing you to connect to the internet say via a smart fone or other bluetooth enabled device with an internet connection.

Blue devices such as a mouse or keyboard are listed on the devices page

Hope this helps