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Problem w/ power and reset buttons

Q: Problem w/ power and reset buttons

I'm installing a new motherboard to my computer and I cannot seem to get the power on button to work. The motherboard is receiving power but I can't turn it on. I'm not even sure what information you would need in order to help me out. Anything you ask I can provide. I'm unsure of what case I have.


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Preferred Solution: Problem w/ power and reset buttons

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hello I need to connect power/reset buttons to dell optiplex 620, but I just can't connect them anywhere on motherboard.

I need help as fast as possible

Thank you
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Hi guys I have a strange problem here This is actually a continuation of the thread quot struck by lightning quot so if this belongs there my apologies Let me start from the problem. no down>power problem Power Reboot/reset, up, beginning Both my rigs were hit by lightning back in mid summer and I had to completely rebuild both from the ground up Rig my personal rig has had no problems since rebuilding but rig my sons fiance s rig wasn t booting up at all I had given up on rig for a month or so then got back on it a lot of part swaps and voltage checks later confirmed that the brand new Reboot/reset, no problem. Power down>power up, problem PSU I had purchased Corsair W modular was in fact bad even though my voltage checks showed no problems So I purchased a W single rail PSU A on v rail since it was all I could afford for the time being HEre are the following specs for rig AMD Phenom II quad core GHz ASUS M A XTD EVO mobo G-Skill Ripjaws series x GB sticks ATi Radeon GB Graphics card Corsair W single - rail gaming series PSU A on V rail Thermaltake V mm cpu heatsink fan HD WD GB Cooling Azza case running x mm and x mm fans Here s the strange stuff that s going on now I DL d the most current drievers for all of my hardware directly from the websites - I never use the included driver disks When I powered it on I got the same result from the st time I had issues rebuilding it black screen no post I thought that maybe I had yet another bad PSU so I swapped out with the PSU from rig Rosewill Kw and still got nothing I swapped back to the new PSU and it fired up right away as though nothing was wrong So I installed windows XP Home on it and started updating Literally a dozen resets later I had no issues but when I fully powered the rig down to move it to the other side of the game room I got the same thing Black screen no posting I performed a hard power down let it sit for a few seconds then powered it back up and it booted up fine It seems that whenever I power down fully it has a hard time posting booting up but whenever I reset the rig while it s on I get a post up right away I guess the question is this Do I have ANOTHER bad PSU and it s just good enough to once in a while provide the juice needed to boot Is this a sub - par PSU even though it provides ample power to the v rail Or do I have a bad mobo this would be the th in a row from Asus I ve had to RMA if so Any advice would be great thanks all nbsp
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I just installed an Asus P T mobo in an Antec with an i and I am having problems with the sw reset / power with Problem system panel connector power sw you know the thing with the power ground and reset ground that plugs into the case power reset wires If the case sits for a long length of time it won t power up I hit the power button and it doesn t do anything It s been doing this Problem with power / reset sw since the first power up after installation To fix the problem although temporarily I have to pull the system panel connector adapter out replug the reset wire the power wire and the led wire and plug the adapter back in Problem with power / reset sw Once I unplug it and refit all the wires it boots right up It doesn t happen in short intervals however I can shut the system down wait a few seconds and it ll power right back up Finally after I refit all the plugs on the system panel connector I have to change the boot order on my hard drives Don t know if this is related though nbsp

A:Problem with power / reset sw

Instead of unplugging the panel connectors from the motherboard, try switching the power off at the back of the power supply for a couple of minutes. Of course, the PC should be powered off at the time. Turn the switch on the PSU back on and see if it will start.
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We just received a shipment of new PCs for our computer labs, and the new systems don't have reset buttons. I've noticed this on my friends' newer systems lately, too. What's up with that? Why would "they" stop putting reset buttons on systems? Are "they" that confident that newer OSes won't hang and therefore there's no need to reset???

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I manage a fleet of 200 linx 8 tablets all running win 10 home.

I need to issue a 'fix' that HIBERNATES the tablet rather than entering sleep when pressing the power button

I will need to do this programatically - bundled within an .exe that I'm building - so the solution would ideally be an import of a new reg key....

BUT what do I need to change and where?

I think whatever I do, I may also need to enable hibernation, and disable connected standby. Also, as it may sometimes be mains and sometimes battery powered, cover both power scenarios.

Apologies if I am repeating a previously asked question.

many thanks
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Hi guys I just built my first PC from scratch and everything works great after it With Booting Button/ Power Works Problem Reset s booted up My problem is that when I initially boot up using the power button on the case I get this PCI VGA Link Width IDE Primary Master None IDE Primary Slave Light-On DVDRW SHOW- S BSOH IDE Secondary Master None IDE Secondary Slave None Detecting IDE Drives This is where it stalls I ve tried all manners of switching the DVD drive between Problem Booting With Power Button/ Reset Works master and slave and plugging it into both IDE spots on the board None of that changed anything When I hit the reset Problem Booting With Power Button/ Reset Works button I get this PCI VGA Link Width IDE Primary Master None IDE Primary Slave Light-On DVDRW SHOW- S BSOH IDE Secondary Master None IDE Secondary Slave None IDE Third Master ST AS AAD IDE Fourth Master None IDE Fifth Master None IDE Sixth Master None The computer then goes on to boot normally I suppose it s not recognizing the HDD when it boots from the power button I ve also tried plugging the SATA HDD data cable into each of the different SATA connections on the board That doesn t do it either My System is MSI K N NEO -F Socket AMD Athlon Venice Crucial MB PC Mhz CL -pin DDR DIMM Seagate GB ST AS SATA MB rpm XFX Geforce TC PCIE MB DVI TV MB Lite-On SOHW- S Dual Layer x DVDRW Cooler Master Cav-T -UKC W W Power Supply Anyone have any ideas on how to straighten this out Thanks nbsp

A:Problem Booting With Power Button/ Reset Works

You should have a setting in BIOS to give hard drives time to spin up. Look for "HDD delay" or something similar. You can also just disable quick startup, so the HD has time to spin up during the memory test.
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Several times now, when I start my computer, everything seems normal. But when I try and click on the start button, a quick launch button or a task bar button - NOTHING HAPPENS. I just get a ping sound from my speakers.
Sometimes a restart fixes the problem and sometimes I have to turn the computer off and then on again to get it to work correctly.

Does anyone know what could be wrong and what I can do to fix it.


A:Start button / Quick launch buttons / Task bar Buttons - Problem

Is everything fully loaded when you are doing this?
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Hello everyone I have a Satellite M with Windows bit M645 to reset How touch buttons? - Satellite the and recently some of the touch buttons have stopped working These include the eco utilities wireless lighting play pause mute and touch pad on off button Strangely the volume up and down work fine All the buttons are lighted all the time and when touched they go off as regular it is just that the function they're meant to do is not done For this I found a similar threat http forums computers toshiba-europe com forums thread jspa messageID amp but when trying to Satellite M645 - How to reset the touch buttons? install Toshiba Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility Satellite M645 - How to reset the touch buttons? from the website the file I download can't be installed as I get this message quot The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows is running Check the computer's system information to see if you need an x or x version of the program and then contact your supplier quot I've tried installing both x amp x but neither of them work That's it for now I really appreciate any advice or side solution you can give Satellite M645 - How to reset the touch buttons? me

A:Satellite M645 - How to reset the touch buttons?


Where have you downloade Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility? I have done a Google search and it seems that Satellite M645 is an US model and therefore all drivers and tools can be downloaded here:

Make sure you download the correct version of VAP and Flash Cards Support Utility. That means if you have Windows 7 64bit you have to download the 64bit version too.

Another question: Have you installed all other drivers like chipset?

Also try to load the default settings in BIOS and test it again.
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I have a toshiba notebook satellite and I am trying to burn a DVD and/or CD to a external DVDRW drive.
Everytime I try I get the following alert:
Power on, reset or bus device reset occurred
I have an WIN XP SP2 Professional, and using Roxio and/or Nero for burning.

A:Power on, reset or bus device reset occurred

does it happen with both burning programs??
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A:Touchpad buttons open activity center after windows 10 upgrade, how do i reset them to mouse click only?

This may help, open the start menu, and click settings, and then click the “Devices” icon, then on the left column please select “Mouse & touchpad”. Click on the “additional mouse options” link under Related Settings. This will bring up mouse properties, click the buttons tab and then under Click Lock, uncheck the box for “Turn on Clicklock” and see if that helps.

 You may also wish to turn off Tablet Mode, again click the start menu, then settings; you will be able to find Tablet Mode on the left. Turn it off and see if it makes a difference.

 Please let me know if any of this helps out.
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Hello i have a HP G60-447Cl notebook that came with Vista Home Premium and I ran a hard drive test from the HP setup utility which failed at 82% which i was kind of expecting but when i hit <esc> to back out my screen froze where it was at and when i tried to hold the power/reset button to shut it down nothing happens.My battery is non-removable so that option is out. Short of just lettting the battery run out I have no clue how to turn it off. Does any one know of any thing that can help me or have a theory as to what caused this in the first place.
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Is there a way to put a shortcut on the taskbar that would perform a shutdown when clicked? And another one that would perform a restart?

A:Power Buttons on Taskbar?

Hello, I think this still works in W10

How To Add Windows 8 Shutdown / Restart Shortcuts To Start Screen, Taskbar And Desktop | Redmond Pie
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I just got a keyboard with power, wake and sleep buttons. Is there a way to disable these buttons in Windows? Otherwise I'll but a drop of super glue on them to keep them from being pushed accidently.

A:Keyboard Power Buttons

Usually a 3rd party keyboard or mouse will come with there own software & when installed will give you the ability to choose different functions for the buttons. If no disk is available look on the manufactures website for the drivers.
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I'm working on a friends lap top dv6000, has the standard power button. Along with a "soft touch pannel. When you press the button or soft touch it just turns the lights on then off.The small board that connects them was some what coroded white powdery, nothing to harsh. Cleaned it up and still having same problem. Can I leave the soft pannel disconnected, to see if thats the problem ?
Any help is much appreciated.

A:Power/soft touch buttons

I believe you can leave it disconnected, but then of course those buttons won't work. Are you having other problems with the laptop? Be aware that the DV 6000 series, as with almost the entire DV lines, has some severe issues that extend way past what this article refers too:
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Hello there I would like to ask for a help to solve this issue First i have the latest version of Windows and still of The workin... my V5-561 Aspire power buttons i face this after i did a fresh new installation of Windows pro to my laptop I've already seen some threads on other forums about this problems by turning off the fast start up but actually this option didn't help as well and i still face the same problem on battery or without battery is same the power buttons still on The power buttons of my Aspire V5-561 still workin... and i can hear how the pc The power buttons of my Aspire V5-561 still workin... is working The power button is adjusted to TURN OFF THE PC normally and the only thing i can do for this is to wait the moment when the power buttons will turn on automatically and i need to press long the power button in order to get ride of this BUT I NEED A FIX really I would like some more help about this problem issue and a FIX Thanks nbsp nbsp
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Win XP, SP2, 1Gb memory, nothing else special.

Those pretty little buttons have stopped firing up software. The only function seems to work is that the one next to the power button turns the machine on!

Any Ideas?

The only recent change is I upgraded Microsoft Office 2003 recently.

The buttons ARE set to fire software up.

A:A 200 - The 3 little buttons by the power button stopped working


Well, I don?t know why it doesn?t work but these 3 little buttons are Toshiba Controls.
Did you try to update the controls driver? You can find it on the Toshiba website under and ?Support & Downloads?.

Furthermore you can check the settings. I?m not sure but I think you can find them in ?Control Panel? .

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Just came back to my computer to find it had blue screened IRQL Not Less Or Equal Stop x A x x x x EB When I pressed the reset button nothing happened Pressed the power button same Shut off by using the power supply switch Then the power buttons wouldn t function to turn the computer back on Stop responding buttons not power 0x0A + I next unplugged power plugged it back in turned the switch in the back on - and this time the power button worked and the system booted normally The current system is not quite years old I think It has been extremely stable no problems at all - this is the first blue screen I ve seen in months or a year and I ve never had the power reset buttons fail to respond There s been no Stop 0x0A + power buttons not responding new hardware installed but I did upgrade the Stop 0x0A + power buttons not responding software to my TV Tuner dongle - but that wasn t being used when the system crashed System temperatures are fine Stop 0x0A + power buttons not responding I just replaced the intake fan filter a couple of days ago Currently running at c which is a tad below normal it s really cold in the house today So what happened Motherboard nbsp
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So I have had my laptop for little over a year now and before yesterday it was working fine . However yesterday I tried turning it on and now it doesn't even start. When I click on the power button it lights up for a sec then turns off then after a couple of seconds it turns on and then off this cycle has been repeating for a long time not and really don't want to buy a new one , I have tried removing the battery and holding down the power button then plugging in the AC cable but NOTHING seems to work. Someone please help me!

A:My HP Probook 4540s is not turning on, the power buttons jus...

Dear Customer,Welcome and Thank you for posting your query on HP Support Forum It looks like you are not able to Power ON the Notebook and wanted to fix the issuePlease perform below shown steps to find out if this is a software or hardware issue:1. Remove all Peripherals and Cables, Disconnect them and try to Power ON the Unit 2. Check for LED Light Status and ensure Power Button spring action is normal 3. Swap with a known good Power Cord and Power Adapter 4. Incase no Adapter is available, Check if the Power Adapter is slightly warmNote: This will give us a hint that the Power Adapter might be fine 5. Do you know if the Notebook was in Battery or Power Adapter Mode when you used it for the last timeNote: Ensure there is no liquid spillage or Power Outage 6. Check if the AC Adapter Port is loose/broken Note: If the Notebook doesn't Power ON even with a known good Power Adapter this confirms the Hardware fault with System Board or the DC Power Circuit  Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again **Click the 'Thumbs Up Button' to say Thanks** Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,K N R KAlthough I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP
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Hi there, first off, I'd like to say that I am using a Dell XPS l502x. Yesterday I was cleaning my keyboard and palmrest, and i think some liquid got inside the mouse buttons and the power button, because they malfunction now. The mouse buttons do not work, and the power button only works when I press it sometimes. When I do press the mouse buttons, sometimes the laptop will go to sleep or on standby. I'm thinking of buying a replacement for the palmrest because it contains both the power button and touchpad, as well as the mouse buttons, but I need confirmation so that I don't end up wasting money if it doesn't work. Is there anything I can do?

This is my first time posting here, I appreciate any help. Thanks .

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I have a Windows 8 tablet Acer Iconia W700(I5 Core) and i am trying to factory reset to the default settings again because of the stupid problems i am having on the tablet.
Here is the problem i am trying to get into the BIOS which is the 1 step on the Acer website but for some bizarre reason when it is completely off i press the Windows button and the power button to get in to the BIOS as it says on the Acer Website but it keeps going to the start menu/desktop now instead of going to the BIOS. :/
I have factory reset/hard reset on my Acer Iconia W700 a couple times and i never had this problem before, i gone in to the BIOS no problem!!!
Can someone help me please?? Thanks!!!

A:Windows 8 tablet factory reset/hard reset problem!!! HELP!!

Is it still under warranty? You should try contacting Acer.
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My son took apart our computer. Trying to put it back together. Forgive me. I am a total novice when it comes to computers. I don't know what motherboard I have or basically anything else. Don't know if there are standard ways of hooking these wires up or not. Just wondering how to install the wires that say:
power sw
reset sw
power led
hdd led
About the only one I can figure out is the speaker wire. When sitting with the cpu in front of you the speaker wire goes in the top left set of pins.
Sorry I can't give you more help than this.
I really appreciate it. If no one knows, I appreciate ANY assistance at all. I appreciate you putting up with what might be a dumb question.

A:Power SW & Reset SW

Usually in the bottom right (if you are looking at it in the case, and the case is a tower) you will see a line of pins looking like this ::::::::::::::::: Also if you look closely (use reading glasses or a hand lens or a magnifying glass if you need) the pins should be labeled, it should be fairly obvious then which pins go where.

Try that first, and if you can't figure it out, then you need to do a few more things and post back:
1 - Is this a store brand computer? (dell, hp, compaq, gateway, ect) If so what model?
2 - If this isn't a store brand computer then look on the motherboard, there is a really high chance somewhere on it it says what brand and its model number.
3 - This is stretching it a bit (but may help if you can find motherboard brand but not model). Do you know if you have an AMD or Intel processor, and also the speed if you know that.
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Code is 51908034

A:Power on reset

Alex. Check your other post. REO
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The NB has usb ports on its right side I tried plugging in an external cd drive and got a red flagged box from the bottom task bar stating something about device drawing too much power usb no how - reset to NB100 power and that the supply would be stopped Since then the usb ports 'appear' dead Nothing I plug in is recognised by the NB It does say in the user manual that if an overload is detected the power to usb ports can be stopped However it does not say how to reset the ports ie power to them Both the card reader and usb port on the front left are still working I have tried updating BIOS NB100 no usb power - how to reset to the latest setting all bios settings to default using F at bootup and have even bought 'Device Driver' to ensure all drivers are up to date Can anyone help I'm sure there is a simple answer but just can't see it Ideally I would like to avoid having to reinstall XP as I don't have the disk and the hard drive doesn't appear to have an XP partition Help

A:NB100 no usb power - how to reset


In your case I would recommend removing the USB port /controller /hub from device manager.
Just simply go to device manager, expand the USB controller area and delete all the devices which are available in this area.

After new reboot, the system (Win XP in your case) should recognize the USB ports and the driver should be installed again.
Then reboot once again connect an USB device and check if this helps?

Just for info: the USB 2.0 ports provide 500mA? so in some cases the external USB device would not be detected when such device would need more than the usual 500mA. In such case such device should be connected to two USB ports using an Y USB cable or should use an external power source as some USB hubs do.
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I have a Linksys WRT54G and I have a problem. I like to plug out my main power cabel from the power outlet when I go to bed and when I turn it back on in the morning and switch my computer on I need to reset my router so it can work (otherwise the internet icon has a yellow exclamation mark)
(also my router is connected to my computer via cabel)
I don't think that is normal. Why does the router stop working after losing power?
(it doesn't lose its settings but I need to reset it to fix it)
How can I fix this?

A:Router needs reset after power is off.

Quote: Originally Posted by headbuster

I have a Linksys WRT54G and I have a problem. I like to plug out my main power cabel from the power outlet when I go to bed and when I turn it back on in the morning and switch my computer on I need to reset my router so it can work (otherwise the internet icon has a yellow exclamation mark)
(also my router is connected to my computer via cabel)
I don't think that is normal. Why does the router stop working after losing power?
(it doesn't lose its settings but I need to reset it to fix it)
How can I fix this?

No Headbuster it is not normal, Most of the routers that I deal with do keep their settings when the power is removed and restored.

What might be happening is that the router has not completed it's startup routines and connecting to your ISP before your computer keeps asking for an IP.

I recommend that you plug in the router a few minutes before you turn your computer on and see if then your pc picks up an ip properly.

What you might be experiencing is hurrying the router when it is not ready.

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I bought a used HP Envy 700-210xt from a guy who was selling it cheap because he couldnt fix it. I got it and it has a power on password protecting it. I tried to reset the Bios by removing the CMOS battery for about 45 min,  also tried to do a reset by holding down the Windows key and the B button down as instructed but it would just stay stuck on black screen. When I powered off and powered back up it would back to the Black screen with the blue power on password box. I even tried to jump the CMOS PW as I read online but that did not fix the issue either.

A:How to Reset a Power On password

Hi: If there is a clear P/W jumper (and it looks like there may be one on the motherboard because I see a picture of a couple tiny blue jumpers), see if this works... Shut down and unplug the PC. Move the clear P/W jumper one pin over.  From the pictures it looks like it can only be moved one way. Plug in and turn on the Pc.  The BIOS P/W should now be cleared. Shut down and unplug the PC. Move the clear P/W jumper back to its original position. Plug in and power on the PC. Done.
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Please help me, how to reset password bios for HP 251-a115d. Thanks.

A:How to reset power on password

6 pins on pw+cmos 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 and 4 jumpered 2 and 5 jumpered can i reset from this pin?? if can how?? many thanks for your answered..
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Hi!  The 840 G3 appears to have a battery compartment that is secured by screws.  Sometimes there is a combination of keys that can be pressed that will simulate the function of a power reset (powering the laptop down, removing the battery, pressing the power button for a length of time to drain capacitors, replacing battery, and powering up) so that users don't have to remove the battery.  I've googled and found some key combinations for other HP products but can't find one for the 840 G3.  Does anyone know of one? Thanks!

A:How to power reset 840 G3 laptop

Hi, Thank you for posting in the HP Support forum. Welcome! I am not 100% sure if I understand you but I'll try to help. As mentioned by you and as confirmed by the product's manual, it comes with non-removable fixed battery. May be you want to perform hard reset to power off the computer >> Why do you want to perform this you write about ? Is there some issues with Windows ? If so, have you tried restarting it (instead of Shut down) ?  Because in Windows 8/8.1/10 this process is by default different from what it was in Windows XP/Vista/7.
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cant remember power on password to my new laptop, i suffered an illness last month almost died and now i cant remember a bunch of my passwords, some of my memory has been erased and i am one of those guys who could remember almost anything now i am lost, i was reading some of your forums and it appears that some how you guys can remove them if i have the correct info for you?  please help, thank you inadvance.

A:need to reset power on password

@baker133768? When asked for the password just hit enter 3 times. Post any code you receive. REO
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I have forgotten my hp laptop power on password and system disable code is58851457Plz help & thanks in advance

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I forgot my administrator password for BIOS. After 3 triesI get system disabled and the code is 51109054. This is a hpFolio 13 running Windows 8.1

A:To reset power on password

@dennmwangin? Enter   44861090
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I bought new motherboard P8P67 LE, swopped it with my oldone. Managed to plug everything back, but my Power botton wouldnt power the system up and wouldnt power it down. Actually it burned out, when I tried to force power it down. I replaced it, but it wouldnt work anyway. Only way I can power my system up is by holding Memory OK button on my motherboard. Everything works OK afterwards. Reset function still works on the button though. Any ideas what to do and what could be the problem? Thanks

A:Power/Reset button

You will have to look at a diagram of what each connector is for. They vary a lot and just because 2 particular connectors on one board are for power or reset doesn't mean that the same ones will be used on a different board. Though the polarity doesn't matter for the switches, you have to make sure it is right for LED's or they won't work.
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Hello i have a weird problem every time i reset whether soft reset or hard reset my pc turns off with a clicking sound and reset at loss Power refuses to turn on again for around five minutes during which the PSU power button must be on Trying to turn the PC s power button on too soon causes the fans to turn on for a second before turning off again once Doing it again nets no result until around minutes have passed Everything else works perfectly The machine is built Power loss at reset with spare components i had stored safely which were never used before and are practically brand new mobo asrock g m-gs cpu intel core quad s ram gb ram Kingston Mhz DDR HyperX HDD Power loss at reset Hitachi Tb GPU ati radeon sapphire PSU LinQ P - W I m fairly sure i setup the jumpers and the case connectors right so i dont know what could be causing this Resetting the CMOS and running the mobo with default settings seems to make soft resets work for a while but it doesn t last Any ideas This machine is made of spare parts so i ll have to use it even if it s a cripple but it would be nice if there was a solution nbsp

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when i start my computer with the power adapter in i get a message saying can not determoin the power output of power adapter try reseting adapter. How do you reset a power adapter iv googled it and nothing. please help thanks sorry for bad spelling.

A:need to reset power adapter

i don't think you can reset a power adapter - i don't know of one - it will have the correct voltage on the plug or not
whats the make and model of the PC
are you able to use and have a mulitmeter?
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Hi,, Please helpMy boss appears laptop password on the bios , but forgot the password .how to reset the password without opening the CMOS battery.There may be a reset code? thanks

A:reset post power

@hokage07? When asked for the password just hit enter 3 times. Post any halt code. REO
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Product # N9T28AV (X360 15 inch convertibles)How do you do a "Hard Power Reset" as the battery is not accessible?...on older HP laptops with access to the battery, you would remove power plug, remove battery, hold the power button in for 30 seconds. Reassemble.I can find other reset references to different types of convertible devices but not the N9T28AVIf this is posted in the wrong section, please move to the correct locationIn anticipationThank you

A:Hard power reset

I asked HP about this earlier today.   There is no current documentation that describes how to hard reset an x360 notebook.   I have no idea as to how long it wil take before the Hard reset document is updated. As soon as it happens I will let you know.
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Hello. I need to reset my Power On Password. The number that comes up after 3 tries is 85524480.Thank you very much.Patrick

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A:I need to reset my power on password

Hi, Enter  30482406 Regards, DP-K
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I forgot power on password. Need helpgiven code after three tryCNU9256B6W

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A:Power on password reset

@Mateshiv? Enter   e9lo7qgpgd    ( 3rd character is a lower case L ) Regards, DP-K
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About a week ago now, turn on at won't reset all PC Power I came home and my clock was blinking and my PC I had left on was turned off a mild storm passed by Now my PC won t turn on anymore no fans no lights no sounds nothing Power reset now, PC won't turn on at all Things to note Yes I checked to make sure the PSU switch was on and plugged in I tried different outlets My PC was plugged into a power Power reset now, PC won't turn on at all strip during the quot storm quot not sure how much surge protection that provides No visible burn marks on my hardware I bought a new power supply because the PSU was my first suspect since it was pin and I needed a new a pin to fit my motherboard best anyways ---No luck with new PSU--- I figured it might be my front panel power switch so I tried bypassing it by using the reset button as the on off power sw I also tried touching the on off pins lightly with a screwdriver ---No luck--- I ve tried naked booting with just mobo cpu and video card I ve tried different computer power cords When I turn on my new PSU I can hear it begin a very soft hum like a capacitor charging or something so power is getting to the PSU I ve tried booting with both V V PSU settings I ve tried taking out RAM and reinserting Idk if this is relevant but my drive data cables are very old My computer is basically new new cpu new mobo new ram new PSU My best guess is that it has something to do with the front panel power switch Any ideas Please help Also I put up my PC specs in my profile let me know if you can t see them Thanks -Ethan nbsp

A:Power reset now, PC won't turn on at all

We just had a nice line of storms come through a few weeks ago.

I was extremely busy replacing motherboard and PSU combos on various customer computers, mind you after having fixed them, I STRONGLY recommended they buy a decent surge protector.

Turns out all but one were running straight out the wall.

I've come across one scenario where the motherboard survived a PSU failure, luckily for me that was mine about a month ago.

Generally a PSU fails, it takes the motherboard with it, if you have any other motherboard that will jive with your hardware, swap it out.
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i got hacked they changed my cmos or bios power on password now i can't turn my computer on can you help
Relevancy 46.87%

The code is 51908034

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Are the power and reset switches -- the ones that connect to the system board -- on most computer enclosures simple momentary (make/break) buttons? I want to replace a "flakey" one on a computer, but I have not been able to locate any specification for these switches. Is there anything "fancy" about them?

A:Power and reset Switches

Nope, nothing fancy. Just a momentary switch.
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My laptop was Laptop will atx tried up not have reset power working fine yesterday then we had a thunderstorm last night I was worried it might Laptop will not power up have tried atx reset get fried because of the storm so I shut it down and unplugged it This morning it would not power on It is a Gateway TA When I Laptop will not power up have tried atx reset plug in the AC adapter the battery light comes on It will not power on though I found something about doing an ATX reset Laptop will not power up have tried atx reset and I tried that What I did was unplugged everything including the battery held down the power button for secs then again for secs when I tried it a second time I then tried just plugging in the ac adapter and tried to power it on that didn t work so I tried plugging in the battery with no ac adapter and that did not work either I tried it both ways several times varing the amount of time I held down the power button It has been plugged in all day so I know the battery should be fully charged by now Can someone PLEASE help me I have a lot of financial info on there that I need to get OFF before we go visit family in a couple of days I have some stuff backed up to my Free Agent Go but not the updated stuff I need Can anyone help I would be SO grateful Thanks for reading Jen nbsp
Relevancy 46.87%

OK Guys i finally got the case and mother board i want but now i have a problem The power wire that connects to my mother board just Say s power and is not marked pos or neg and the board has pos and neg this is also true with the reset wire it just says reset no pos or Wiring and Reset Power neg and my led light wire is the same The power wires one is orange and one is white The reset wires are Blue and white So what I m asking is the dark or colored wire always the pos wire and the white one the neg or what How do i Power and Reset Wiring tell the difference Also thanks for all the help on which hard drives to use and which CPU is better just so all you guys that helped me on those post s i went with An AMD AThlon CPU and a Seagate Sata hard drive O yea and You guy s that said ECS mobo s were junk ill have to say you were right cuz i bought one and already had to take it back now i got a Ansu Thanks for all your help Just help me with this wire issue now plz LOL LOL nbsp

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I have an HP Envy 15 Notebook PC
Serial # [Personal Information Removed]
Product: E1P05AV
Model # 15t-j100
How do we reset a Power on Password?
We enter an incorrect password three times and we do NOT get any codes, it just does a restart. If we do this again, it will go into recovery mode with Advance Options. But, does not allow us to reset the Power on Password.

A:Reset Power On Password

Please enter the incorrect password 3 times and reply to this post with an error code or the halt code, so I can reset the password for you Or Please click on the below shown link to reset the password by yourself using the error code or the halt code Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,KNRK
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Hello! An HP 100B was given to me, however, I cannot get past the "Power On Password", in spite of removing the battery and jumpers. Is there any way to reset this password or do i have to toss this PC?

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A:HP 100B Power On Password- Cannot Reset!

Take a look at the last image you posted for me. I would move the jumper on the header from its current position to the  second set  from the top to see if it clears the password. Give it an arbitrary amount of time, say 5-10 seconds, return it to the original position and then check to see if that cleared the password.
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Due to my inspiron15 Dell laptop running extremely slow, I did a factory reset to original factory settings. It worked fine and the laptop came with Windows 8. I decided to upgrade to Windows 10 using the free one still available from Microsoft for people who use disability functions (my mum uses magnifications). However, when turning on it gets stuck on the Dell Logo page with no bar underneath. I have attempted another factory restore as I have managed to get it to run automatic repair but it says that the partition has changed and there is no restore point to work from and won't let me continue.Can you please suggest what I may do to fix this problem?

A:Laptop won't power up and can't factory reset

Hello!  You can go here to download the restore media for your computer to USB or DVD and then restore your computer to factory settings.
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So basically my computer has ceased to function on the latest windows update disk usage is occurring at all times leaving the computer inoperable and I've found that reverting it to factory settings and not updating fixes that Well the other night I clicked on update and shut down accidentally rather than sleep I immediately out factory power reset Windows during 10 went to factory reset it again and it finished and put me at the setup screen at that point my power went out Upon turning the computer back on it came up with the screen That shows the windows logo and has a loading circle let this quot load quot for about hours before shutting the damn thing off and rebooting It takes me back to the same Windows 10 power out during factory reset screen where I proceed to give it hours finally it takes me to a screen that says administrator and has another loading circle I have now been on this screen for an additional hours I have no Idea what to do at this point I have tried to reinstall windows from a DVD and from a USB Windows 10 power out during factory reset but for some reason it tells me to insert actual boot media I have tried multiple different win and Windows 10 power out during factory reset isos on dvds and usbs and none will work Any help would be greatly appreciated as I fear this os is slowly taking my sanity Thanks
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I had a virus or a bug on my comuter so I thought I would just factory reset it and would just get all my suff back over xc-603g ... and to factory reset power tried out went time because I tried to factory reset xc-603g and power went out ... won't lose much But while it was reintalling windows my power went out and when i turned it back on it would go tried to factory reset xc-603g and power went out ... throuh the booting process with ACER on the screen the just black for nbsp two days strait Then I tried to Google a way to fix it and it told me to hit Shift and F to get to a menu and change a setting from to Sorry I actually don't remember what thing I changed Now nbsp I can't find what web site I went to and when I turn my computer on it tried to factory reset xc-603g and power went out ... boots up through the nbsp two ACER screens then a screen that says donlowded pops up for a second or two then it restarts and it dose it all again Thats the story behind it and I was woundering if a new copy of windows would work or is my hard drive to messed up and I need a new one nbsp or any other advise anyone has would be helpfull nbsp Thank you for your time AJ
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I have a HP 2000 with the power on password, its lock code is 96731153, how can I reset it?

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A:HP 2000 power on password reset

Hi: Restart the PC and enter this unlock code... 29699195
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Greetings to all! I've got a HP 14-ac100nv laptop and forgot the power-on password..How can I retrieve it?  The halt code is 60241169. Thank you!


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A:HP 14-ac100nv power-on password reset

Hi: Restart the PC and enter this unlock code... 75129169
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I NEED BIOS RESET CODE Error code Is                                                                  77001425.product is hp G42 series"415DX. IM Praying with higher power and in meditation .

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A:bios reset/power on disabled

@indianadaddy? Enter    68969401 Regards, DP-K
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If anyone has acces to the connections/schematics for the M4600 touchpad/button assembly, I'd love to see them! For some reason both the right buttons have stopped working. Tried to disconnect/reconnect  the 14 pin "touchpad cable from the mainboard, but unfortunately this did not do the trick. Need to look a bit deeper - so would love to see the schematics or at least the pinout of the connector(s)... (It's a button - how hard can it be to fix... ;-)
Thanks and best regards,
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I haven't had any problems with my Lenovo Z50-70 laptop - until this week. One day I couldn't turn on the laptop; I found that I have to do a hard reset (remove battery, hold the power button, put battery back in). However, now I have to do a hard reset to turn on my laptop every time I switch it off or even sleep/hibernate. Not only it takes time, but I am afraid that one day it just won't work.I am travelling until August, so I have no way to send or leave the laptop anywhere to get it fixed. Is there anything I can do myself?
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I have been having problems with my system freezing - some programs may still run the system off or Freezes - System power requires reset clock will freeze but a sidebar gadget showing the time in scotland will show the correct time my downloads may also continue System Freezes - requires reset or power off and when i have to do a hard reset the raid may have to be rebuilt It seemed to be random but i noticed that most of the freezes were occurring when i was installing programs and to a lesser extent when i was trying to control the computer with realvnc at first i thought it was a hard drive problem i had a stripe raid as the system drive or the cables connecting them i swapped cables i thought maybe i had faulty cables and a crash had broken system files as my raid was a stripe i reformatted everything and configured the raid stripe to a raid mirror and reinstalled everything - still crashing i removed drive - drive would crash removed drive and drive would crash so i don't believe my problem is hardware I have found a program that almost crashes my system - videoinspector exe when i try to install it the first window is okay select language i choose english and click next then then my system crashes explorer i can write this in firefox but i can't click on the start button or the taskbar if i cancel the installation i can then use the taskbar this may just be a rogue program but it is a problem that i can reproduce and i have have full freezes installing programs - last night a j river media player install froze completely occasionally realvnc crashes to both screens are completely black and i have to power down - these may be related let me know if i have provided too much information or not enough i hope you can help - i like the system but i crave reliability - i have raids in my system - two raid and mirror - i also have a drive for backups a total of drives - i don't like the system freezing and having to rebuild my raids all the time obviously it is time consuming but more importantly my data is at risk thank you for reading this and i hope you can help

A:System Freezes - requires reset or power off

Quote: Originally Posted by ethereal9

I have been having problems with my system freezing - some programs may still run (the system clock will freeze but a sidebar gadget showing the time in scotland will show the correct time, my downloads may also continue and when i have to do a hard reset? the raid may have to be rebuilt).

It seemed to be random but i noticed that most of the freezes were occurring when i was installing programs and to a lesser extent when i was trying to control the computer with realvnc.

at first i thought it was a hard drive problem (i had a stripe raid as the system drive) or the cables connecting them. (i swapped cables).

i thought maybe i had faulty cables and a crash had broken system files as my raid was a stripe.

i reformatted everything and configured the raid stripe to a raid mirror and reinstalled everything - still crashing.

i removed drive 0 - drive 1 would crash. removed drive 1 and drive 0 would crash.

so i don't believe my problem is hardware

I have found a program that almost crashes my system - videoinspector223.exe

when i try to install it the first window is okay (select language), i choose english and click next then then my system crashes (explorer?). i can write this in firefox but i can't click on the start button or the taskbar. if i cancel the installation i can then use the taskbar. (this may just be a rogue program but it is a problem that i can reproduce and i have have full freezes installing programs - last night a j river media player install froze completely.

occasionally realvnc crashes to both screens are completely black and i have to power down - these may be related.

let me know if i have provided too much information or not enough

i hope you can help - i like the system but i crave reliability - i have 3 raids in my system - two raid 5 and 1 mirror - i also have a drive for backups (a total of 9 drives) - i don't like the system freezing and having to rebuild my raids all the time (obviously it is time consuming but more importantly my data is at risk)

thank you for reading this and i hope you can help

Hi and welcome

can you type event viewer in search. go to the windows logs>application tab. Look for errors (red in left column) that relate to app hang, app crash, or anything that relates to the problem. when you find them note the Event ID and course codes. relay them to use


Kenn J++
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Please help me with the reset code for my Admin or power password on my hp630 laptop. I enter this code luckycam it opened but it stop opening and I need to reset it. Its showing me [92999143]

A:Please I need a defualt password to reset my admin or power ...

@lordcami? Enter:      23691185 Regards, DP-K
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Last night I was using hard Won't / 12 up power Dell - after start XPS reset my XPS w in laptop mode on battery and it finally got down to of capacity nbsp At that point it shut off the screen and I moved to my office to connect the AC adapter thinking that it would simply turn the screen on when there was sufficient power nbsp The screen never came back I waited - minutes but the battery was charging nbsp At that point I attempted a hard reset by holding the power button in the on position for - seconds nbsp When I tried to power up nothing happened nbsp No backlit keyboard no screen nothing but the fan nbsp The light never came on in the switch either So I tried another hard reset with the same results nbsp I even tried powering up with the quot D quot key held down for on board diagnostics and got nothing but the fan startup I thought it might be an overheat issue so I let it set for an hour and tried again - nothing but the fan It appears that the laptop doesn t pass Dell XPS 12 - Won't start / power up after hard reset the initial diagnostics and won t even get to the point where the bios starts to load nbsp nbsp I truly thought my laptop was dead and ready for service nbsp I took it into the office the next day so I could call Dell Pro Support Just nbsp for giggles I plugged it in with the AC adapter and tried to turn it on - viola nbsp it started working again I had this problem once before and it started working after - hard resets I was working on a proposal when the laptop went down I tried hard resets over a hour period with no results It baffles me why it would start OK the next morning I was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem nbsp I m running the A BIOS the most current and my XPS is configured with GB of memory and GB SSD with an i processor and Intel wireless card Any suggestions on diagnosing this The hard part is when if fails the failure is total - you can t get to the diagnostics When it comes back everything is fine and there are no events in the event log that relate to the failure

A:Dell XPS 12 - Won't start / power up after hard reset

OK - I've narrowed it down to the following:
When the laptop is "asleep" it eventually goes into power down mode. It appears that connecting a power adapter to the laptop at this point will cause it to go into a confused state where, when the power button is pushed,  the laptop fan comes on but no light on the power button or on the keyboard - the screen  stays blank.  The laptop fan runs (it's very quiet - you have to hold the laptop up to your ear to hear it.)
I don't know if the cause is a low battery or if the problem is simply with the state of the CPU at power down.  I just know that when it happens, it if I disconnect the power adapter and hold the power button until the laptop fan shuts off, the hard reset allows it to come back normally.  If you leave the power adapter attached, it will charge the battery but will not allow the laptop to start.
I've repeated this experiment several times with the same result every time. I'm guessing there's a bug in the BIOS that sets an error state that won't clear with the power adapter attached. Doing the hard reset without the adapter appears to clear the problem reliably.
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I haven't used a d-link in a long time and I'm just wondering if I can power cycle a DI-264 without resetting the router to factory default settings. I just pull the power plug for 30 seconds correct?

A:D-link DI-264 Power Cycle without Factory Reset?

Yes, pulling the plug on any router should not erase any of its settings. You would have to use the reset switch to clear the settings or the option within the router menus to restore it to factory defaults.
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This problem has been happening for a few months now. When I try to turn on my computer using the power button located on the front of the case, I hear the fan running but my monitor's status light is just blinking; nothing on the screen. At that point I press the hard reset button on the front of the case and then it boots up normally, with the BIOS screen and everything. This happens about 90% of the time; the other 10% it boots up fine. How can I make it so my PC boots up properly when I press the power button?

I know I shut down the PC every night by going to the Start menu and choosing shut down. Any help would be appreciated.

A:PC won't boot up with power button; reset needed

See that the connector for the Power Switch is plugged in properly to the M/B pins.

If possible, replace the Power Supply with a working one to verify if it's a faulty PSU.
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Bypass or reset power password

A:Reset power password laptop G5000

@Holbione First thing to try is when asked for a password just hit enter 3 times. Post any code you receive. REO
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Hi I posted a question yesterday about how to ID a mobo b c I had disconnected the power reset wires on sister s desktop and did not have mobo manual Never thought to ask how to reconnect the wires amp mobo power/reset to to connect wires HELP! Need totally bypass the mobo ID See picture There HELP! Need to connect power/reset wires to mobo is one wide wire that is made up of wires that are divided into groups of two Wires are labeled starting from the left st group of wires white amp black labeled POWER SW nd group of wires white amp orange labeled RESET SW rd group of wires white amp yellow labeled H D D LED Then a single white wire not labeled The last wire - a single green wire not labeled See picture for pins amp table There are metal pins sticking out of a small black plastic rectangle with holes The top row has pins w the vacant hole being the last one on the right The bottom row has pins Then on the mobo there is a small corresponding table to the left of the pins Right above the table on the left the text reads SW - H D D LED - SUS-LED - RESET - PWR-SW There is also a pic of the power reset buttons on the front of the tower Thanks in advance for any help nbsp
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 Can anyone help me to set up my power on pass word for hp 2140 . I  bought this few years ago  and I put power on passoword. And then. I did. Use this laptop for many years bt today. When I tried u charge n turn on  its asked me power on password. And I tried all the password I remember  nt all failed . Can anyone help me please . Kind regards Jimmy 

A:Please help me to reset power on password hp 2140energy star

Hi, Unfortunately,  business machines have more stringent security than consumer models - they don't produce 'halt codes', the password cannot be derived from the Serial No. and the code is stored in non-volatile memory so removing the RTC cell will not reset the password in this case. If you Contact HP Business support they should be able to send you a customised SMC.bin file which you can use at boot to reset the password. Regards, DP-K
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Getting blue screen on start-up asking for power-on password. I do not know code and after hitting enter 3 times I get an *. How can I reset the password? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Compaq 6510b power-on password reset

I'm sorry ,the OS is windows 10 64-bit.
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Desktop Pc Dell XPS Operating System Win Professional after port power probable USB surge Reset of Total port External Port on Reset of USB port after probable power surge the top of CPU probably on the back Problem Usally my seagate external hard drive is attached to the top second port always On a nice morning day back I got a message from the system tray after system comes off from night sleep that quot Reset of USB port after probable power surge USB mass storagedevice has exceeded the power limits of its hub port quot After I close the window in a hurry I could not able Reset of USB port after probable power surge to activate that port but power is coming to the ext device if attached but not recognised by the system The port next to it is working fine My dell phone support system could not solve the problem now his engineer will make a visit don't know what he will do Clue One interesting thing i have found under universal serial bus controller that one drive named quot USB Mass storage device quot always remains at present however if I attach the external device to left USB port another quot USB Mass storage device quot drive is created and is removed when I detach it But this is not the case for the faulty one Request How can I reset my faulty port to come back active please help Best Regards Raj

A:Reset of USB port after probable power surge

Try this, shut down the PC, unplug the power cord for the power supply from the wall outlet. Now press the power on button on your case and hold it for a couple of seconds. The power Led should lite up briefly and then fad out. Now plug the power cord back in and power up normally. With a little luck the USB port will be working again. I've gotten that same message on my PC and the above procedure fixed it for me.
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OK it s a Acer Aspire Someone brought it to me they thought the battery had died and bought a new one So I discovered that Acer doesn t really have anyway to calibrate a battery either Power Problems and Battery Reset Calibration know with a new battery you Power Reset and Battery Calibration Problems really shouldn t have to So the situation is that if I take the new battery out and unplugged the AC Adapter help the power button for seconds like the acer website says to plug in the ac power and its fine I put in the new battery and press power nothing Plug in the ac power and it boots up but device manager sees the battery I try to open power management and acer has this thing called eManagement and stuff Power Reset and Battery Calibration Problems that s supposed to help with these things and then I get an error message saying index is out of range I m at a loss and the acer website to even email their technical support isn t working any suggestions would be great nbsp

A:Power Reset and Battery Calibration Problems

uninstall all acer power management software. just look what the windows will tell you about battery. the battery assembled with bq2085 battery controller. it's quite smart and it will do all work for you
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Appreciate some help.

Have an HP empty case (XT 936 Pavilion) in which would like to place a used mainboard and other components. The used mainboard came with a Compaq Presario 5360. (AMD Athlon 450MHZ)

Installed the Compaq mainboard in the HP case, and everything fit like a glove. The Power/Reset switch connector is one piece with a series of 4 pins and 3 pins respectively.

Well, the darn power switch on the HP case will not turn on the power supply. Tested the power supply, and it works, but if the power switch connector from the HP case is used, it is no-go.

Any ideas of how to get this case to work with the Compaq mainboard? Read about rigging the momentary power switch, but not clear as to how this is done.

Thanks in advance for the help.

A:Front Panel Connectors (Power/Reset)

The pinouts for the one piece connector is probably different from one motherboard to another. It's pretty easy to take the wires out and move them around.
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Need to Reset Power on password for hp pavilion 11-k026ca x360

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A:Reset Power on password for hp 11-k026ca x360

Hi, Enter   40581281 Regards, DP-K
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hello Im having an issue with my laptop , two days ago i turned it on and i dont know what did i pressed but a dailouge box appeared with two options ( yes\ no ) and i was in a hurry i think i cilcked on yes or maybe no i dont remmber but  since then my brightness keys f2 and f3 and my volume control keys f6 and f7 and f8 none of them are working i tried every single soultion in the internet now the screen is too bright and i cant control it i wish u could help me asap thank you
Relevancy 45.15%

Hi on cmos Dv6700 reset laptop power after wont recieved this laptop with it turning on with only black screen Power leds were on along with the quick play and battery lights Fan was running No show on external monitor Removed Dv6700 laptop wont power on after cmos reset battery and wireless card Hooked it back up to AC power and it booted up all the way Problem was when it went in sleep mode Dv6700 laptop wont power on after cmos reset it wouldnt respond Had to remove battery and AC power then reconnect them to get it back on Decided to do the reset thing Removed battery cmos battery and AC power then held down power button for seconds After that i left it alone for about an hour Replaced all the batteries and connected it back to AC power and now nothing No response at all No power lights except for the blue ring at the dc jack Battery light comes on for about minutes then goes out No fan or hard drive spin What happened How did reseting the cmos and static discharge proceedure make it do this Im lost Any ideas Thanks nbsp

A:Dv6700 laptop wont power on after cmos reset

Yeah I had the same problem. I Don't know u laptop or desktop model, but exist a Crisis Recovery Disk.

If you put your model maybe can extend the information about.

zeta27 cambio y fuera.
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Hey guys,
I just came back from college and my computer has been packed away in the closet for over 3 months. I plugged everything in today, and upon pressing the power button, the fans spin up and stay on, but the computer doesn't do anything more.
On the back of the computer, a red light that says CLR CMOS is on. The power LED's in the front are not on.

Also, it's an ASrock p67 extreme 4 mobo
Looking inside, their is a code that is displayed on the mobo "A3" and the Power and Reset lights are also lit up

Any help would be appreciated!

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Just replaced hard drive and restored to factory defaults. Computer whirring. Was going to check into possible fan issues. Was afraid it might be hot. Removed battery. Continued working. When I got up to go get something I pulled the plug out and it of course shut down with no battery in it. Now it will not start again. I did the hard reset. Unplugged it and held down start button for 15 seconds, replugged in, but nothing. No lights on computer. AC adpater light is on. Thank you for any help!
Relevancy 45.15%

My HP Slate 21 keeps refreshing the hp log every 2-3 secs and wont boot from power up or from reset - any idea what this could be and any help tips apart from repair? Regards Tim
Relevancy 45.15%

HP 15-f009wm notebook we are locked out need to reset administrator or Power on Passwordtried 3x and the "System Disabled 77305999" is the result. Any suggestions on what to try next?

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Hi!  RecentlyI was restoring my computer back to factory default when a power outage shut down the computer. When i turned the computer back on it go farther then the HP logo before shutting off and restarting over again.  None of the advanced diagnosis will start up or help correctly and whenever I try to reset the computer the reset won't pass 1%. Someone please help.

A:Tried to reset computer, power outage happened, now my compu...

Hopefully you created the Recovery media.
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Trying to help my girlfriend recover her computer. She must have accidentally set the Admin/Power on password and doesn't remember it. I've tried a few recovery entries that I've found from other posts by searching the web, but none of them have worked. If the password entry fails three times I get a "System Disabled/82148628" message. Any help would be wonderful.

A:Administrator or Power On Password recovery/reset (System Di...

 Hi, Enter: 33820208
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The Enter power on password comes up when I turn on computer, I don't know the password and after some attempts a message saying system disabled (13535).

A:How to Reset/Remove Power on Password on Compaq C500

We can't help with unknown or forgotten passwords as we have have no way of knowing if you are the authorised or legal owner/user of that computer.
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I ve had this ongoing problem for a few always 20 Options off monitor turn in minutes reset Power to months now Here is the topic i made on another part of this site here is my log Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v BETA Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss Power Options always reset to turn off monitor in 20 minutes exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system Ati evxx exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system Ati evxx exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C WINDOWS ehome ehtray exe C Program Files HP HP Software Update HPwuSchd exe C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe C Program Files Transcode Transcode Tray exe C HP KBD KBD EXE C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE Core-Static MOM EXE C Program Files Microsoft Xbox Accessories XboxStat exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files Windows Media Player WMPNSCFG exe C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE Core-Static ccc exe C WINDOWS ehome RMSysTry exe C Program Files HP Digital Imaging bin hpqtra exe C WINDOWS eHome ehRecvr exe C WINDOWS eHome ehSched exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files Common Files LightScribe LSSrvc exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared VS DEBUG MDM EXE C WINDOWS System spool DRIVERS W X HPZIPM EXE C WINDOWS ehome RMSvc exe C Program Files Alcohol Soft Alcohol StarWind StarWindServiceAE exe C Program Files TVersity Media Server MediaServer exe C WINDOWS system UAService exe C Program Files Webroot Spy Sweeper SpySweeper exe C WINDOWS system dllhost exe C WINDOWS eHome ehmsas exe C WINDOWS ALCXMNTR EXE c windows system hpsysdrv exe C Program Files Trillian trillian exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Program Files Mozilla Firefox firefox exe C Documents and Settings HP Administrator Desktop New Folder HiJackThis v exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http ie redirect hp com svs rdr T Q amp bd pavilion amp pf desktop amp parm seconduser R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http ie redirect hp com svs rdr T Q amp bd pavilion amp pf desktop amp parm seconduser R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Bar http ie redirect hp com svs rdr T Q amp bd pavilion amp pf desktop amp parm seconduser R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http ie redirect hp com svs rdr T Q amp bd pavilion amp pf desktop amp parm seconduser R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Bar http ie redirect hp com svs rdr T Q amp bd pavilion amp pf desktop amp parm seconduser R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant http ie redirect hp com svs rdr T Q amp bd pavilion amp pf desktop amp parm seconduser O - BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO SSVHelper Class - BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - HKLM Run ehTray C WINDOWS ehome ehtray exe O - HKLM Run HPHUPD quot c Program Files HP Digital Imaging D CC - F - d b-A D- B A hphupd exe quot O - HKLM Run HPBootOp quot C Program Files Hewlett-Packard HP Boot Optimizer HPBootOp exe quot run O - HKLM Run HP Software Update quot C Program Files HP HP Software Update HPwuSchd exe quot O - HKLM Run SunJavaUpdateSched quot C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe quot O - HKLM Run TkBellExe quot C Program Files Common Files Real Update OB realsched... Read more

A:Power Options always reset to turn off monitor in 20 minutes

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No matter what i do, my power options always revert to shutting off my monitor in 20 minutes. I've tried reinstalling windows, i've tried going to the command prompt and reseting power schemes to defaults, nothing works.

Using windows xp media center edition here.

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I was using Dell Vostro 3800 PC, somehow my cabinet got damaged due to short circuit but the motherboard is running perfectly. I need help identifying HDD LED,Power LED & Reset SW connectors. Thanks in anticipation. 

A:Identifying Dell Vostro 3800 HDD LED,Power LED & Reset SW

I was using Dell Vostro 3800 PC, somehow my cabinet got damaged due to short circuit but the motherboard is running perfectly. I need help identifying HDD LED,Power LED & Reset SW connectors. Thanks in anticipation. 
The Vostro 3800 Slim-Tower Owner's manual is Here:
If you are referring to the pin-outs of the HDD LED,Power LED & Reset SW connectors, unfortunately these have never been published by Dell.
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I have a Windows 2000 laptop (Toshiba).

I set my power settings to Never Turn Off Monitor, Never Turn Off Hard disks, Never System Standby.

Whenever I turn the machine back on, the settins are reset to 5 minutes for all three tasks.

Is there a registry setting I can change to not reset on every boot-up?

Thanks in advance,


A:Windows 2000 - laptop power settings get reset

Try this MS article:;en-us;Q242414
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i5-3570k OC'ed 4.2GHz(tested stable on linpack)
XFX DD 7850 2GB
Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz 9-9-9-24 2x4GB
seasonic x-660 gold
OS + Programs on Crucial M4 256GB SSD
Data on WD Green 2TB

Everything has been fine for the past year or so, but in the last month the computer started to randomly hang, won't get out of it till I hard reset/power off. No error messages whatsoever. Seems to be getting more and more frequent. Most likely not heat problem, CPU remains <50 celcius even at max loads. GPU <60 celcius. Most of the time it happens during low load periods(web surfing/video watching). All drivers are up-to-date AFAIK.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:Custom computer hangs till manual reset/power off



i5-3570k OC'ed 4.2GHz(tested stable on linpack)

Likely your issue. Even if you've stability tested it for however long with whatever software, I recommend bringing the entire system to defaults for troubleshooting purposes.


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Thank you all in advance reset State Power every Processor of Maximum sleep/hib Option Serious for any help you can provide I am new to Serious Power Option reset of Maximum Processor State every sleep/hib this forum and I just do not know where else to turn or at least point me to the correct forums to post I just got my new Windows Home Edition Premium bit Lenovo T and I cannot enjoy it for the following reason Under power options I created a custom balanced profile and set my Processory Power Managment settings to - for Maximum processor state on battery and plugged in and - for Minimum processor state on battery and plugged in Everytime i put my computer to sleep hibernate restart shutdown etc the maximum processor state always resets to on on both plugged in battery This means I cannot enjoy my new PC at full processor state ever Is there a startup program that affects this I am running NVidia and Intel chips I have troublkeshooted every setting on both to still get the same result Is anyone aware of have any input onto this Thank you so much in advance I am really desparate Lenovo support has not experienced this problem prior when I called prioirty support Nick

A:Serious Power Option reset of Maximum Processor State every sleep/hib

Have you updated the BIOS on that machine to the latest version available (if it hasn't been already)? I remember issues with their thinkpad line last year where resume from sleep would cause the CPU to throttle itself and not come back from throttle, even under A/C power, until a cold power down and reboot (and thus the IBM tools would set OS values incorrectly at times). A BIOS update mid to late last year fixed this problem, so make sure your BIOS is the latest if you can, and it should be very recent too.
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Basically, I bought a new Thermaltake case and the front panel wires (5) are labeled power sw, reset sw, HDD led, power led +, and power led -. On many motherboards the connectors on the mobo are conveniently labeled to make attaching them a breeze. Unfortunately, this is not the case on the mobo that came with my Dell inspiron i purchased last year. It is labeled LEDH1 and has no hints in the Dell manual as to what is what.  This is driving me crazy.
The mobo DPN is 088DT1 but I can't find its manual.
Here's a picture of closeups of my mobo connectors, and my case connection cables.
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So about an hour ago my computer decided to crap out on my, when on reset my ASUS informed me that there was a power surge and was prevented. But now all I can do is access my OS via Safe Mode even if I choose to "Start Windows Normally". If I do it simply forces it into Safe Mode again. I'm at a complete loss if this is a software problem (I'm hoping so). Or if my motherboard or something else internally has been compromised or damaged when said surge happened.

Any thoughts on this or possible solutions?

A:Power Surge detected upon reset, windows 7 only starts up in Safe Mode

Try unplugging the PC from the mains power for a minute or two. Also try loading defaults in BIOS.
Option 3 - Step 6 - Safe Mode
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Hi all

I'm having a problem with my taskbar buttons. They attempt to display the full directory they represent. For example, three of them display "C:\Documents and...." becasue they attempt to display the full directory. It's a new computer and I don't remember my old XP installation doing this. It makes negotiating between windows difficult because it is difficult to see which folder is being represented.

Is it posible to change it so that only the specific folder name is displayed?

Thanks in advance.

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go here and note the stupid boxes around my buttons! how the ...... do i get rid of them!?! i know i had the same problem before and can't remember for the life of me how i fixed it!

A:problem with links/buttons

Put a border = "0" within the href tag for the image source for the button. Either that or add it to your style sheet.
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i own a sony vaio and my q button is stuck, its not normal cuz it just keeps repeating itself no matter what i do.
i adjusted my repeat level to the slowest it can but this is not solving my problem. due to this i think that is causing my a, caps lock, tabs and another button which i can't identify due to technical difficulties.

plz, if any1 has any suggestions i am all ears.
at this point i am willing to try anything.

A:Problem with laptop buttons

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HTH and Enjoy your Stay
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I m currently using Windows XP Home This isn t so much a problem as an annoyance I started noticing this problem RIGHT after running CleanUp awhile back It was my first time running CleanUp on this computer a laptop Anyways its hard for me to describe the problem annoyance exactly so I ll post a picture some problem Buttons Tabs Odd with and also The thing is after I ran CleanUp my XP style was automatically changed Odd problem with some Tabs and Buttons to the Classic Style I looked up on how to solve the problem along with other possible problems of running the program itself and figured out at least how to restore the Luna Style files that CleanUp most likely got rid of However after I reverted back to the XP Style I noticed some Tabs and Buttons didn t change back to the style as well I have been searching for a way to fix it but to no avail So I am resorting to asking for others help Anyways here s an image of the problem I have Its probably not a problem to some people but my head must be off and I like things to be consistent I noticed the problem after trying to tweak some settings in order for XP to run a bit faster The quot System Properties quot window is fine as it is however the quot Display Properties quot window s TABS and BUTTONS are all in the Classic Style where they are not highlighted when moused over and they are not white like the quot System Properties quot TABS and BUTTONS are Hopefully someone with expertise in XP Display Settings can help because I ve tried almost everything and mostly to no avail I am sorry in advance if I fail to do something I should have before in this post and I will provide more information to see this is thoroughly detailed in explanation Thanks in advance EDIT oh and this isn t limited to the two windows above I just used them as examples
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I have just bought a mouse (A4 X-748K) and I'm having problems with the 4th and 5th buttons. When I try to map them to a custom control in a game it says that I have pressed the 'left alt' button. I have not done this in any custom mapping tool so I am confused as to why it is saying this. The buttons work in web browsers to go back/forward.

Any ideas? They would be greatly appreciated.