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Opinions On Memory Needed Please!

Q: Opinions On Memory Needed Please! is that memory any better then this memory:

or is it just a big money game...i eman im building a pc for $3000 and i want good stuff but i don't wanna spend UNNECESSARY money on such a stupid mistake like choosing the memory. i have read the reviews on both kidns of memory and there both now i ask for help...which is the ebtter value ALL around(not jsut money)
some opinions would be great on this subject

Thanks to all who contribute any opinions!

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Preferred Solution: Opinions On Memory Needed Please!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Since this is the best tech. and best informed site on the web, I figured I would ask here before I puchased.I am interested in opinions on the best web cams. I will soon be working out of town on and off and wish to use them to correspond with my wife. they will getalot of use. I am running win ME on my machine and win 98 on my wifes. mine is 533 mghz, hers is 333 if that matters. both are HP machines. I am willing to spend what it takes but I can't afford to go overboard. any replies are welcome and appreciated. thank you all. Cheers, Rev.

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A:Opinions needed

Hello? Anybody have any thoughts.thanks. cheers, Rev
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Could anyone give me their opinion of Photoshop 7 please I have it but am finding it a bit difficult to operate,are there any easier programs that I might try?

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Hey guys, I just wanted to ask your opinions on a system I'm building (well the first one ever atually, but I've been poking around in my current system already). I'm building it for my grandfather so nothing too fancy, but I'd like you guys to comment and help me improve it maybe
Here it is: (sorry for the dutch)

And also I wanted to know something about accesories: Obviously I'm using an anti-static wrist band and all those precautions, but things like that paste you put on top of your CPU, is it really necessary, or will my CPU fan cool enough without it?

Can't wait to see replies,


A:Opinions needed

Oh and also, does anyone know an equivalent for newegg that ships to Europe? Pretty important that is

I just checked the mobo manual and apparently I can't install but two system fans. Am I right saying that that means trouble with that COSMOS 1000 case?

Thanks in advance as always

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Hey Vistaforums I need your opinions on a new computer I'm planning to build for my friend He has a budget of and this build comes out to be total Here are the parts Newegg com - Thermaltake V Black Edition ATX Computer Gaming Chassis with Dual Oversized mm Ultra-Silent Cooling Fans VJ G N Z Mid Tower - Computer Cases Newegg com - GIGABYTE GA-MA X-UD P AM AM AM AMD X ATX AMD Motherboard - AMD Motherboards TWO OF THESE FOR CROSSFIRE Newegg com - HIS H FS P Radeon HD MB -bit DDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready CrossFire Supported Video Card - Desktop Graphics Video Cards Newegg com - OCZ ModXStream Pro OCZ MXSP W ATX needed Opinions new computer on V V EPS V SLI Certified CrossFire Ready PLUS Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply compatible Opinions on new computer needed with core i - Opinions on new computer needed Power Supplies Newegg com - AMD Phenom II X GHz x KB L Cache MB L Cache Socket AM W Triple-Core Black Processor - Processors - Desktops Newegg com - G SKILL GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model F - CL D- GBPK - Desktop Memory Newegg com - Western Digital Caviar Blue WD KSRTL GB RPM MB Cache SATA Gb s quot Internal Hard Drive - Internal Hard Drives Newegg com - ATOP ACM- B Black Normal Keys Function Keys PS Standard Keyboard and mouse combo set - Keyboards Newegg com - Acer X Wb Black quot ms Widescreen LCD Monitor cd m ACM - LCD Monitors Newegg com - HP Black X DVD R X DVD-R SATA X DVD Burner LightScribe Support - CD DVD Burners Newegg com - Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium SP -bit for System Builders w Tech Guarantee - Operating Systems

A:Opinions on new computer needed

Only thing I would suggest is to forget about the 2 4650's and get either a 4850 or 4770, as in most cases either of those will be faster than the 2x4650 (and cheaper as both can usually be found for $100.00 or less). That and you won't have the headache that can come from running dual cards.

Even better is if you can hold off for a week or two as the new HD5xxx cards are supposed to be coming out. Personally I would wait and see what the prices of the new cards are, that and the prices on the older cards is liable to come down some.
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Well I got promised a job and I'm going to start working in about - weeks Needed Opinions - New Laptop and save my money to buy a new laptop and I'd like some opinions on what I should be looking for in a laptop for I don't know much about specs so maybe some of you can help I am hoping for a decently sized screen maybe around inches and I definitely want it to be Windows I am a high school student going into th grade and I will be using this laptop for New Laptop - Opinions Needed both school work as well as personal stuff I will surely be buying a copy of Microsoft Office for this laptop once I get it I can't get used to Works I want a processor that can have the capability of running most game emulators GBA DS Dreamcast N but I will not play any top-grade games like Crisis I also want to be able to play Minecraft without crashing and needs to be snappy in menus What type of processor should I be looking for Also I've had a problem with viruses on this laptop and I'd like to buy a good protection for the new one Would you recommend a specific name of Virus Protection that I would be able to find online or in a store like Office Depot I know I want about a GB harddrive for storing photos videos music and lots of documents Other programs I will be buying and running here if that matters Photoshop iTunes MS Office Game Emulators ooVoo and MSN So if you can give me any idea of a processor I should use for the above mentioned tasks I want it to be able to run these without a problem I also need a Virus Protection tips

A:New Laptop - Opinions Needed

What is your absolute upper price limit for the laptop itself? I'm not including any other applications/programs that you are going to buy here, I just want a figure for the laptop itself.

In the meantime, have a look at this selection on Amazon. I have narrowed it down to W7 and a screen size of 16 - 17.9 inches. Electronics > Computers & Accessories > Laptops > Windows 7 > 16 to 17.9 Inches

As regards Virus Protection, many of us (myself included) use Avast!, which is easy to configure and use and, best of all, is totally free if you choose the Free Antivirus download here: avast! Free Antivirus - Download Software for Virus Protection
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I bought a new microphone recently, my idea is to record my 6 yr old reading his stories then I can burn onto CD's and hand out as Xmas pressies to the grandparents. My question XP there is the normal 'recorder' but is there anything a little better and nicer to use elsewhere (and preferably freeware)?. XP's recorder is so basic and will only record 60 seconds, I can bring the slider back to the beginning to give me more time but it seems a pain to do while he is reading, some words he still needs help with and I won't be able to keep my eye on the recorder window!

I have done a search on Google but wondered if anyone already uses a program like the one I'm after, to get some recommendations would be great

Thanks in advance,


A:Recorder opinions needed :)

Audacity rocks. Download it from here...
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Hi All,.
With XP Pro installed, and the XP Firewall activated, do I need a 3rd party firewall too? I do not want to bog down my computer with extra programs running in the back ground if it is not necessary. Is the XP Firewall Sufficient?
Thank you

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Hello everybody Let me begin by saying that I just joined these forums and this is going to be my first post so I hope it is being posted in the correct category Thank you for taking the time to check out my post Well as the title says I am in the market for a new laptop which I plan - For The In Laptop A Needed Market Opinions New on buying in the next few days on Wednesday to be precise but I don't know much about processors and other general specs so I'd like to ask for opinions on the machine that has my eye at this moment Here is a link to the laptop https www aarons com In The Market For A New Laptop - Opinions Needed p- - -phenom-x -laptop aspx In case you don't trust the link or don't feel obligated to follow the provided link I will post a few of the specs below quot HP Phenom X Windows Home Premium -bit Premium AMD Phenom II Dual-Core Mobile Processor LED Display ATI Mobility Radeon HD Graphics w MB Display GB DDR GB Storage Blu-Ray Compatible w Beats Audio In asking for opinions obviously you'll be curious of what I plan on doing on this machine so I'll tell you about that below Quote Web Surfing Obviously I'll be using this laptop for the basic web surfing for this including social sites email a bit of video watching YouTube In The Market For A New Laptop - Opinions Needed and Netflix etc Typing Documents I like to write so I plan on typing up quite a few documents over the course of having this laptop I'll be typing small documents in Microsoft Works and Notepad including poetry and short stories as well as some school stuff Multimedia I'll be storing quite a bit of multimedia files including photos music and videos probably about GB in total Basic Gaming I will be playing some really basic games The heaviest game I'll be playing is Minecraft Besides that a few emulators GBA and DS mostly I posted this thread in hopes of getting some useful feedback on this laptop since I'm sure most of you are pretty tech-savvy when it comes to computer specs Thank you for taking your time to read this post

A:In The Market For A New Laptop - Opinions Needed

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

I tried the link you posted, but it appears to be a dead 'un.

However, from the information you've posted, you'll have no problem doing what you suggest with the computer you have your eye on.

All I would say is, either buy direct from the manufacturer or a reputable reseller as I'd hate to see you getting caught out on Amazon or eBay. Also, pay particular attention to warranty periods and if you're offered the chance to buy a recovery disc with the machine, please do so.
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If after reading this post you have a Opinions needed!! Recoery - Disaster suggestion on where to go from here please share it I have a ton of personal photos that I couldn t replace if my family s life depended on Opinions needed!! - Disaster Recoery it That Opinions needed!! - Disaster Recoery s all Opinions needed!! - Disaster Recoery I MUST have Here s my original problem http forums techguy org t html Quick recap XP Pro GB Western Digital drive - less than a year old Saturday morning - no icons no taskbar Reset Corrupt or missing files Windows Recovery Console no good Last Good Config nada Just when I think it can t get worse it does The drive starts making noises Super Just to make sure it was really muffed up I tried a couple more times Finally I gave up Took it to a good local repair shop Using Western Digital utilities - no go The drive can still be seen - but not accessed even when set as a slave and placed in a working machine As of last night - the drive began making clicking noises as it tries to work Obviously some type of hardware failure The prevailing theory is that the boot records are toast well DUH and since the drive can t get past them - it s likely that the other information is intact One can only hope I ve pulled the drive out and am reluctant to do anything else for fear of greater damage I don t need the drive repaired - I just need whatever data that might be left off of it CD s DVD Tape other HD - I don t care If you have a suggestion on where to go from here please share it Thanks nbsp

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Unfortunately has been few years with no PC rig since I started working and carry notebook wherever I go. But I do remember the good old days where It was great to tweak the rig and squezze every Mhz our of every component. Unfortunately its not that much fun with a notebook

I have most of my components selected :

IntelCore i7-4790K
Cooler Master V8 GTS
Corsair HX 1050
980 AMP!
G.SKILL Trident X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB)
Seagate Barracuda 2 TB
But Im wondering if this a good selection of motherboard / PSU / Memory
What do you guys think, considering I didnt overclock for quite few years now. I want easy but rock stable motherboard overclock..

A:Back to Overclock - Opinions needed

Never been to keen on MSI mobos. Bad experience in the past I guess..
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ok i havent built a computer for quite some time and ive only built one about years ago but i need a gaming computer thatll kick the crap outta stuff for awhile built the last one on newegg and loved it very loud though im looking for quietness and kickage anyways im pretty inexperienced and i know the very basics about putting things opinions Compatibility needed answers and in their right place forgot the arctic silver last time only problem specs links from newegg CPU- i intel Nehalem ghz http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E GPU-EVGA G-P - -AR GeForce GTX GB -bit DDR PCI Express x http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E HDD- gb rpm WD velociraptor http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Case-cooler master full tower --see link http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E power supply- CORSAIR CMPSU- TX W http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E memory- G SKILL Trident GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E mobo- Asus P T http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E my main questions are about compatibility any wires i need anything else i need at all cooling questions and most importantly better products intel nvidia fan i also know that i need the thermal compound for the cpu thanks people nbsp

A:Compatibility answers and opinions needed

just make sure your motherboard is compatable with the desktop your buying and any graphics cards you plan to get, I think you should get a motherboard that could be Nvidia compatable also because alot of newer graphics card are Nvidia branded, and also make sure the motherboard has enough space for any upgrade rooms, and also that the computer can support the memory you plan to get, also I didnt see anything about the ram, If youi want a good gaming computer Get at least 3-4 GB of ram

Good Luck!
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I am buying a "custom" laptop for which I can select among certain components. Two CPUs are offered: Intel Core2 Duo (Meron) T5500-T7600 and the Intel Yonah T1400-T2700. There is no difference in cost.

Which should I purchase for an everyday use computer?

Thanks, {redoak}

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM Help/opinions needed slowly very working for PC i - K CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R HD Graphics Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Help/opinions needed for PC working very slowly Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC P H -M LE USB Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Updated and Enabled I hope this is the correct place to post this apologies if not My computer is running very slowly It has been quot glitchy quot for some while but now it seems to be much worse Today I have not been able Help/opinions needed for PC working very slowly to do very much on Help/opinions needed for PC working very slowly it because it is going along so slowly I have checked twice for virus with the free AVG and I have checked for Malware I have malwarebytes running in the background and have had for about a week now and it has found nothing The computer makes a sound like it is always downloading something always quot running quot but if I check the task manager it looks like hardly any of the processes are running I am not knowledgeable at all really about computers but it I do know there is fan at the back of the computer that is not running The one of the motherboard works fine and is clean I thought it might be the temp causing the issues so I downloaded Speedfan It does show some odd numbers but they change a lot and vary greatly Sometimes when I run speedfan i get a bit of text that says quot WARNING bad Winbond quot among the other text so I am never really sure if the readings are quite correct At the moment after running all day it says CPU c In the space of this past minute varies from to c The Aux HD core core c all vary from - c The computer is set to defrag each week so that should be fine and as far as I know everything is updated properly Can anyone suggest anything I can check or try Thank you nbsp

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Hey, I'm building a new PC and the main purpose is for gaming. I want to be able to run graphically advanced games such as Battlefield 3 on maximum settings etc, and I'd just like some opinions in the current build I'm going for.

nVidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti
ASRock Z68 Pro3 2nd Generation
Intel Core i5 2500k 3.3 GHz
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus Processor Cooler
8GB RAM 1600 MHz DDR3

Also, someone mentioned that a 1GB 560 Ti might not cut it at high resolution, is this true?

And how important is Anti Aliasing?

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I have an HP Pavilion a1350n which had been working well until a power out/power back on occurred. Since then, I have done these things: reseated hard drive, reseated memory modules, reseated cmos, reseated battery, and restored from disks I purchased from hp. It would only start up about 1 time out of 4 or 5 tries. Yesterday, things were looking up-- it completed a long process of restarting, after the restore program, and seemed to be booting-- it even started the setup process provided by hp and I even uninstalled all the "junk" software that hp includes. Then it did a restart and would not boot. I tried it a few more times and still it wouldn't boot. Does this sound like a power problem? If so, is it possible to get a new power pack and install?

A:Solved: Techie opinions needed...

It sounds like a power supply problem and they are readily available. Just use Google to search for power supply for HP a1350n.

If you want to be positive the power supply is the problem, take the tower to a shop and have the power supply tsted, or if you have another power supply handy, jump a known good power supply to the board.
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I just saw an ad for Memorex brand, SCSI, 8x4x32x CR-RW drives with an Adaptec PCI SCSI adapter included.

Does anyone have anything good or bad to say about this setup or brand?
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I don't own a digital video camera. Just the analog Sharp that takes HI-8. Does anyone have experience with the HP External Movie Writer? It connects via USB and supports analog capture. Didn't know if the USB connection would be reliable enough to capture the analog video. Does this writer work well with most movie editing software? Am I better off with a high end video capture card and a seperate DVD burner?

Second is the the Vegas 5 Suite with DVD Architect. While I'm not thinking of being a true professional video editor I have had some family requests to produce slide shows and maybe mix some old home movies. Is the Vegas 5 suite overkill? The price seems to suggest that the people that use this are doing this stuff for a living. I'm thinking I can do okay with the $100 software packages.

Thanks for any opinions and shared experiences!
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Best programs for starting over.

Thanks to the mod for answering me even though I should've read around

A:Starting over: Experts software opinions needed.

Hi do you mean reformat your hardrive you can use killdisk Erase hard drive by [email protected] KillDisk. Low Level Format.
if you feel it is required
antivirus ie microsoft security essentials,avast,avira which you can get for free,If a paid one then Eset
for malware scanning malwarebytes and superantispyware the free version will do you just have to remember to do the scans
you can use a thirdparty firewall but windows works quite well and you can have one on your router
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Hi, i've got a question about the premium version of Advanced System Care. I've been using the free version for a little while now, after a previous recommendation, and im very satisfied with the program thus far. That being said, i've been offered by the company a slight discount on the upgrade to the premium version for $20, and im very curious to know if it would be worth the money.

I've been sold on programs to improve PC performance before, only to be disappointed, so here's my main question for anyone currently using or having recently used this premium version: Were there any significant increases in PC performance after upgrading or much better cleaning processes?

Any additional insight would be much appreciated, and thank you in advance for all the help!

A:Opinions on Advanced System Care PRO Needed

I stay away from reg cleaners etc but saw this free version suggested at TechSupportAlert. I used it rarely, saw no change in performance. The 'pro' version was offered free on GiveAwayOfTheDay so I installed it ... no difference in performance.
Running Vista Basic on new Dell laptop.

Just my experience though.

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Hi gang i will endeavor to give you the readers digest version here I happened to meet the local owner of a custom PC shop here and he told me that he has many customers who want a machine to run intense games like crysis stalker etc but on a budget i brought him over for several 3DMark Experienced users needed opinions cocktails and a go Experienced 3DMark users opinions needed on my machine crysis crusher the upshot is that he was impressed to the point of commissioning me to build these things when the need arises I am putting together a benchmark presentation on this or very similar configuration I myself am only interested in frame-rates from actual games play and real world application however i am aware of the popularity of the DMark suite s i have read varying opinions on these benchmarks ranging from quot the best thing since sliced bread quot to quot worthless and designed to get you to upgrade quot Experienced 3DMark users opinions needed to quot nothing to do with how your Experienced 3DMark users opinions needed machine will perform gaming quot i have not purchased Dmark or Vantage yet and have used them in only their free trial state The results I got are a bit difficult to parse but then i don t have unrestricted access not having bought the full version my framerates in actual gaming are fantastic but I m not sure about the Dmark scores I was hoping someone well versed in Futuremark products could tell me weather my scores are at all reflecting the performance of my machine or not I have also noticed in sifting through scores that some on the list have things turned off i assume that is to increase their score adding to my inquiry about how accurate the scores are while i am running the tests with the presets on I don t wish to be deceptive but if they do not accurately reflect performance I certainly don t want to use them I attached a screen-shot and Crysis Warhead frame rates can be seen here http www techspot com vb attachment php attachmentid amp d and my specs are listed in the corner as usual Thanks The scores DMark using x HD s DMark using x HD s DMark Vantage P x HD s nbsp

A:Experienced 3DMark users opinions needed

red i would not base 3d mark as a good gaming performace app i mean a core i7 920 at 3.8 with a 4870 x2 gets around 24,000 3d marks but you get higher fps in games that that setup does
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Ok, here are the options (irrespective of cirucmstances/scenario);

XP Pro SP3, 32-bit, PC6400 ram

a) 2 x 1gb dual channel memory, totalling 2gb

b) 1 x 2gb, 1 x 1gb, non dual channel but totalling 3gb

c) 2 x 2gb, dual channel, totalling 4gb, (consider 32-bit os), will only utilise 3gb, thus wasting 1gb

So, which would you go with for best performance?

The options take into account amount of ram slots in each pc (vary from pc to pc)


A:Opinions on memory configs

if its not at least dual channel throw it out of the mix. I'd go with the 4 to be safe just in case I want to upgrade my os.
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My goal is to yes have a blazing Fast computer. It is now with this current setup but wanted to push the limit a little.

My set is:

AMD anthlon 64x2 6000 3.0 mhz processor

4GB 667 mhz RAM

200 GB HD 7400 rpm speed

Nvidia Geforce OC 9600GSO Graphics card

This is my current setup. I just purchased 8 GB 800 Mhz of Ram.

Will I see much of an improvement or did I waste my money? Thanks

A:Need opinions on New 8GB Memory I Just Purchased.

That will depend on how much memory your programs are using. If you are only using 1.5GB, having an extra 6.5 is not going to help.

Your hard drive is usually the bottleneck, unless you have an SSD.
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Hey forums I am wanting to upgrade in the near future from my current AMD Phenom II X Ghz -core processor 8 compare VS. two - -opinions AMD core Wanting needed i7 CPU' Intel to Now i know how much everyone loves intel and their second-gen core i processors but when AMD offers an -core for nearly the same price it makes me wonder quot What's going on there quot I know that i has some amazing hyper-threading but that's about all I know about it As well I know that AMD can boast cores but they might not necessarily be true -core What concerns me however is that when reading the reviews for the Wanting to compare two CPU' - AMD 8 core VS. Intel i7 -opinions needed -core I commonly see things like quot Fast quot and quot Great CPU quot But when i read the reviews for the more powerful i s i see quot OMG Wanting to compare two CPU' - AMD 8 core VS. Intel i7 -opinions needed THIS THING IS A BEAST quot and quot FASTEST CPU EVER quot I know that its more likely that amatures will go for intel because it's a bigger name but still Wanting to compare two CPU' - AMD 8 core VS. Intel i7 -opinions needed I'm wanting some opinions from people who actually know computers on which would offer better performance for the money To get a sense of what I use it for just think Gaming No d modelling Here's the AMD -core a whopping Ghz per core so GHz total Newegg ca - AMD FX- Zambezi GHz Socket AM W Eight-Core Desktop Processor FD FRGUBOX And here's a good Intel i Newegg ca - Intel Core i - K Sandy Bridge GHz GHz Turbo Boost LGA W Quad-Core Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics BX I K Although that one is bucks If i wanted something more affordable im down to Ghz which is almost no improvement over my current CPU Newegg ca - Intel Core i - Bloomfield GHz LGA W Quad-Core Processor BX Any opinions would be appreciated thank you

A:Wanting to compare two CPU' - AMD 8 core VS. Intel i7 -opinions needed

Well of course there are tons of benchmarks for each processor so you can compare there...

But a couple of things:

A 6 or 8 core sysem vs 4 core will yeild zero benefit for 99.999% of any desktop user. With GOOD video editing software and when you are doing tons of it, 8 cores may help. When rendering extreme quality 3d from cad or animation programs (BUT NOT GAMES) it can help. Or maybe if you are going for the record with seti or something. But other than that, there is no point, it'll simply cost you more money in electricity to power it and them even more money in AC to keep your room cool

Second, you are right to worry about the max clock on a single core. For 99% of what you will run, the single core clock is more important than how many cores you have. But that really only holds true for comparing one model of proc to another from the same manufacturer and line. AMD made the line "Clock speed doesn't matter" famous years ago and Intel has been beating them over the head with it for a while now. I haven't looked but it's possible that a 3.2 gig i7 might still beat a 3.6 AMD in a single thread (single processor) test. (Or maybe not!)

You will need to carefully check out benchmarks for things you will be doing (like gaming) on specifically the CPU models you are considering and see what the numbers show...
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Hi all Well my computer was infected by spyware and its cousins and I do believe it was taken care of by the nice people in the Security forums but I was thinking I want to start new and not worry about lingering problems and such I was thinking on building my own Opinions needed and drives external on Questions hard on external hard drive I have options please let me know with each option what are the pros and cons and any opinion you might have or ideas you can add I also have a couple of questions Thanks Question If I reformat my Hard Drive will the refomatting process get rid of all data including any lingering spyware and its cousins Question If I transfer data mainly music and pics of family will other unwanted Questions on and Opinions needed on external hard drives files follow in the data transfer Option Buy new external enclosure and hard drive and transfer all the data from my old HD to the new external HD Refomat the old HD a fresh install of Windows and then pick all the important files music pics from the external HD I Questions on and Opinions needed on external hard drives need then transfer it all back into my computer Option Buy new external enclosure and put in the old HD from my computer into the enclosure Buy a new HD put into computer and then transfer all the important files music pics from the external enclosurew old hd into the new HD What do you guys think nbsp

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Hey guys http speccy piriform com results ISzjnY CHSjLtHBZtwepbEd I've done a memtest today passed on Going to do another test tonight to let it last longer There are several factors that are limiting me in figuring this out on my own First is I've just left Windows for I did a install from a disk I bought from a local store ON A NEW HARDDRIVE This leaves me with learning a some what odd layout when I try to accomplish anything I just didn't want anyone thinking I had old drivers from old windows laying around The second is its half a new system half old or old The case MOBO CPU harddrive and two slower sticks of RAM are new The PSU CD DVD and GPU are old but in working order - maybe This first started to happen under HEAVY gaming load Arma Star Citizen It Freeze Random crash... 8.1 Opinions last WATCHDOG PSU? needed. - now does it randomly but seems under load when happens often when I've got a large power draw Volts are holding at OCCT but something makes me think this is a PSU failure issue I've only had this setup complete for or days now From most recent to earlier minidumps are CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT X NTFS FILE SYSTEM X KMODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED X WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR X of the logged crashes are in relation to ntoskrnl exe I think its important to note the characteristics of a forced restart - I'm not only getting a bluescreen windows will force a restart perhaps once out of or lockups crashes I am also getting a complete lockup - as to where the only option is to power down the unit using a physical buttons on the case 8.1 Random Freeze - WATCHDOG last crash... PSU? Opinions needed. I've watched my temperatures and they are not the issue Under heavy load I go C CPU and C GPU I've got additional cooling options on the way anyways because the stock fan is crap that came with CPU and I've also got a larger PSU on the way because I plan to crossfire down the road here My main concern is - do you guys think this is a PSU I mean - a power failure could start to throw these random dumps I'm checking out or am I just being a noob and need to look up conflicting missing drivers I'd love some help guys If you need additional information or want me to upload the dumps to a location let me know UPDATE I left 8.1 Random Freeze - WATCHDOG last crash... PSU? Opinions needed. it running last night running another memtest this time with all sticks in it the last one was with the two sticks that game with it - the mushkin Woke to see passes errors Tst Pass Counts ranging from Removed the mushkin sticks and left the other two moved to the correct position and tested test again with no errors passes and passes on full test So its either the configuration of RAM is not liked but is correct - or one of these little bastards is bad I'm going to use the old sticks today and see if I come across any lockups I also went a head and unticked my CPU from the OS bcdedit set disabledynamictick yes - and I'm going to start hunting common issues that lead to other freezes installing windows but some programs are still configured for even with a fresh install I hear Trying these fixes in groups of onez twozy so I can report which one was a fix

A:8.1 Random Freeze - WATCHDOG last crash... PSU? Opinions needed.

Ok - I was running a Catalyst driver tool that AMD hosts, had the ASUS BIOS CPU control also ("ai Tweak" - for overclocking the CPU.)
I noticed that some how in the Catalyst CPU control area, that it was trying to overclock the CPU, and in the ai Tweak it was trying ot have it at a flat 4.  I removed the Catalyst drivers completely, went into tweak the CPU speed again (and it was set at 4.3 now in ai tweak, as if Catalyst was intercepting it).  Since then I've ran without issue.
So here we go - 1 bad RAM stick, unticked CPU from windows 8.1 (bcdedit /set disabledyanimctick), 2 conflicting drivers over CPU control...
I'll report back if it starts to freeze again, but I feel this might be solved....
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I need opinions on pqi and Patriot memory. I've never used either.

Power series


Patriot signature


EDIT: Not for anything but business apps.

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What are you going to use the PC for multi tasking lots of programming a little gaming music and image editing i use photoshop a lot and virtual dj as well How much is your budget around usd Where are you located a k a fill out your profile malaysia Are you willing to buy online i dont think so Are you going to re-use any parts from an earlier build nope Do you need other peripherals like a monitor keyboard and mouse among others yes monitor and keyboard maybe a speaker Have you already bought any parts not yet Do you have an Operating System OS nope Will you need any aftermarket cooling such as a CPU GPU cooler or a watercooling setup i dont think so built a multi-tasking for needed Opinions custom desktop or i dont know if i ll ever need one any advice if there s anything you guys think should be included in the list that i forgot Opinions needed for a multi-tasking custom built desktop to mention do let me know nbsp

A:Opinions needed for a multi-tasking custom built desktop

Well if your focus is mainly programming with some interest in gaming . i guess an ASROCK G31M-GS Motherboard would do the Job. equiping it with an ATI HD 4650 Graphic card and a power saving Intel Core 2 duo 2 x 2,4 Ghz conroe processor. for the rams get your self a 2 GB slot (more is a waste unless u want to work on vista OS). Water-cooling is intended for computers which work days without shutting down . however if its within your budget limits i recommend u buy it since it is amazingly quiet. If not then just stick to the Original Intel Cooler which is normally included in the processor package. A hard drive of your choice would do the job( It must be SATA of course). As for operating systems get yourself either the Windows Vista Business OS or Window XP sp3 . stay away for the moment from Windows Vista Home premium and Windows 7. If u wish to install a linux distribution then forget about 3D games.
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Hi Joined today just so I can put this little problem out there and see - is Hardware required.. high Reserved Memory advice/opinions if someone can shed some light on it as it has baffled me somewhat I have gb of RAM installed on Windows -bit I Hardware Reserved Memory is high - advice/opinions required.. know Hardware Reserved Memory is high - advice/opinions required.. that -bit won t allow me to use all of it but I believe I should be able to access at least Gb Anyway I can only use Gb as alot is Hardware Reserved Mb to be precise I could accept that fact if the following didn t happen - this is what is confusing me no end When I remove one strip of RAM I have x gb the memory obviously drops to gb BUT the hardware reserved memory also drops - to MB As soon as I put the other strip back in and go back to Gb I m suddenly hit with the Mb Hardware reserved again To try diagnosing things I removed my PCI graphics card and used the onboard VGA The hardware reserved memory then dropped to Mb so I came to the conclusion that the graphics card is taking mb But this is what confuses me when I only have gb installed the hardware reserved is mb so nothing is been reserved for the graphics card in this case and whatever is using the other mb doesn t take it either I need the VGA card installed as I use two monitors at work and the card is dual head Can anyone tell me why the hardware reserved memory rockets up to Mb when I have the gb installed yet is only mb with gb installed Surely if the VGA card and whatever else needs the mb then it would still try and take it with only gb installed I really need to try and free up this reserved memory as I need to run Virtual PCs on my machine and have a few other programs open at once It s just bugging me like hell now Cheers all Ade

A:Hardware Reserved Memory is high - advice/opinions required..

Hello Ade,
Everything you describes sounds about right to me. The more memory you add, the more Windows will try to allocate; however, with only 2 GBs installed, windows (probably) cannot allocate memory to specific functions because it may have to swap programs in and out of memory as required. However, once you up it to 4 GBs, a new allocation scheme kicks in. First off, windows will take (up to) a full 1GB of memory off the top due to your 32 bit OS limitation. How much it takes off depends on your chipset limitations and/or your bios restrictions. So, when you upped the memory to 4 GBs, windows decided there was now enough memory to allocate a specific amount to the graphics function, and it appears that allocation will vary (on your machine) based on whether or not you are using onboard graphics or an external graphics card.
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I've been looking at the Surface Pro and other tablet/laptop convertible machines fitted with Win 8. The top-end models usually offer only flash memory in stead of a hard drive. The standard 128 GB flash memory available seems hopelessly inadequate for storing Win 8, a full range of programs and a decent amount of data. Most of these thin, expensive models have only one or two USB ports available. Where must the necessary memory come from? Must an external hard drive be carried along? Nothing wears a USB port out more quickly than a fairly heavy external device such as a hard drive dangling from it in mobile situations.

A:Lack of needed memory on flash memory Win 8 machines

You can add extra storage with SD cards on some of them. It's not ideal but better than nothing I guess.
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I might buy memory for my really slow computer, but first I have to know how it costs and what type I would need.

I have a

Dell XPS R450
Intel Pentium II Processor
448 MHz
128 MB of RAM.

I was thinking of getting another 128 of ram, thinking it will speed up my computer a lot.

Does anyone know if my theory is true, that it will speed up my computer?

And also what type would I need and how much will it cost?

Thanks a lot!

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i have a dell inspiron 1501 and when i check my memory it says i only have 446 mb of ram when they only make 512mb now so i was told before that my memory was being shared with my video memory so i was wondering how to seperate it

A:ram memory help needed

Hello and Welcome to TSF.

Since you have laptop, your only option is to add more ram.

The only way to eliminate the use of onboard graphics is to install a video card, and AFAIK that can't be with laptops.

I would recommend having closer to 1gb of ram with Vista anyway. It's a memory hog.
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I have an older Toshiba laptop,P205-S7806. I want to upgrade the memory but was told it came with 2gb and that's all it can hold,it is a 32bit. I am not computer savvy by no means so please any help,make it simple. I was told I could change it from the 32bit to 64bit,is this really easy and then can I use more memory..thanks for any help you give me..

A:Memory needed

They were correct, 2GB is the max for your notebook.

Memory Upgrade for Toshiba Satellite P205-S7806 Laptop
Crucial® Memory Advisor results for the Toshiba Satellite P205-S7806 Laptop/Notebook.
Toshiba Satellite P205-S7806 Memory Upgrades
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I need some help. My PC is shutting down down every now telling that my memory is not enough.

Can any one help me to clean up my memory and also see if there is no virus affected or hacked.

I have also a small pb, my spybot starts whenever i open my PC. It is the first application that works even before any other application starts. can any one help me to configure it so it is opening not at the beginning but only when i want it?

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My system get slow on some program. Could more memory help to accelerate them

PC Q99600 Asus P5B 2.4Mhz
Memory 6G
Windows 64

Drive: SSD 128K

I understand the limit of 3G for the old Windows XP. My Win 7 is 64, but many applications ( majority) do run under 32bit. I suppose that these programs running under 32 bit have the same limitation about the memory.

- Could increasing my memory could help to get better performance?
- Should I select to run Microsoft Office in 64 and all available software in 64?

Is it a good idea to overclock (within the limit) and proper heatsink?

Any info appreciated


A:More memory needed?

You should definitely use 64-Bit programs when available. I don't think you really need more RAM unless you are running out of space. If you know what you are doing as far as overclocking goes, then I say yes(if you have a overclock-able CPU).
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My laptop has 2 GB ram total in 2 sticks and im wanting to add more, I have scanned with Crucial and got the memory info I need but am a bit confused over the numerous types of the stick I need.Crucial says I have DDR2-PC2 5300 unbuffered NON-ECC 1.8v 256MEG x 64,,,I am not sure what all that means and so could someone tell me which I need, I have searched and there is lots of DDR2 PC2 5300 but with numerous stats after and I don't know which will fit my laptop

A:Memory help needed

Most RAM will be non-ECC and that's what you want.

It's nearly always mentioned in the specifications at the seller's site, whether that is Newegg, Amazon, or Crucial.

You could buy directly from Crucial if you want. Or get the Crucial part number and locate it at somewhere like Newegg.

Or buy another good brand like Kingston, Corsair, or Gskill.

You should also probably go to the laptop manufacturer's web site and locate your laptop. There should be a specification sheet for that laptop that will tell you the maximum memory it can take and what the specs must be. Pay attention to that.

The Crucial configurator is highly accurate, but not perfect.

The main things to pay attention to are the voltage, ECC or non-ECC, buffered or unbuffered, type (DDR 2, DDR 3, etc), speed (PC2 5300 for instance). You also need to make sure you are getting the right DIMM specification---DDR2 for a laptop is typically 200 pin, as far as I know.

Here's a bunch of DDR2 200 pin DIMMs at Newegg. All of it 1.8 volt, but varying speeds and latencies.

Computer Hardware, Memory, Laptop Memory, New, DDR2 400 (PC2 3200), DDR2 533 (PC2 4200), DDR2 667 (PC2 5200), DDR2 667 (PC2 5300), DDR2 800 (PC2 6400... -

Are you replacing your existing RAM? Or keeping it and adding more? I assume you just have 2 RAM slots? If you have 2 slots and are replacing all existing RAM, you'd need to buy a set of 2 sticks sold as a single unit--either two sticks of 2 GB each (4 GB total) or 2 sticks of 4 GB each (8 GB total), whatever you want.

If you have Windows 32 bit and have no intentions of moving to 64 bit, there's no reason whatsoever to get more than 4 GB of RAM, total. So, you'd get a set of two 2 GB sticks, for a total of 4 GB.

Here's the Newegg list of 4 GB DDR2 laptop kits, non-ECC, 1.8 volt, 200 pin, PC2-5300:

Memory help needed

I'd probably get one of the lower priced Mushkins or the $45.39 Crucial; no need to spend more.
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Hey Memory REALLY needed? Most expensive Guys I have noticed Most expensive Memory REALLY needed? that whenever you go to a site that sells memory and they have a Memory configurator that has you enter your MB or system it ALWAYS comes back recommending their most expensive memory modules Now I don t doubt that you need the best memory possible if you are doing extensive graphics or video work But for an old or so HP Compaq Presario V laptop that will mostly be used for surfing the net viewing some youtube videos and writing some CDs wouldn t somewhat cheaper memory suffice It uses DDR PC Non ECC The poor laptop was given to me recently and it runs like a turtle right now all it needs is memory The computer is in excellent condition and looks new WinXP Pro shows something like megs of memory I assume the two memory sticks it now has are megs apiece I m going to install Gs but the price runs from about G to G I would prefer not have to spend on this memory if I don t need to I would like to go with a mid price range What do you think By the way I will be staying with WinXP Pro and or Linux on this machine even after support ends next year I am sure the only thing I could upgrade to on this is Vista and I don t like it nbsp

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I am looking to upgrade the memory in my Compaq Presario S7150. I currently have 256mb and i'm looking to stick in another 256 or possibly 512.

The only problem is i dont have a clue what type is supposed to go in.

Please could someone tell me how i find out what type i need because its driving me mad looking for it.

As you may have guessed i'm not that technical, so any replies in ***** speak would be appreciated.


A:Type of memory needed

Keep in mind you only have 2 memory slots. Id get the 512mb.
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Vista X64 Business
8 gigs ram, Bios set to use all of it. .

currently open:
windows task manager
resource monitor
ie 7, thee windows
windows explorer

windows task master says:
Memory graph - 1.55 GIGS used

Physical memory box
Total 8190
Cached 7119
Free 17

Resource monitor says
19% used, which would be 1.55

so why am i cahching so much memory? or is the cahced memory inaccrate calculation?



A:Memory interpretation needed

I'd suggest not worrying about memory usage statistics unless you're a developer tweaking your code or you're experiencing problems which you suspect could be related to (lack of) available memory.

The days when "used" and "free" memory were complimentary numbers which would add up to your total installed RAM are long gone. Even XP and Win2K no longer worked that way. To give you an example, in Task Manager parlance "available" means the memory is unassigned, or it is assigned but can be quickly repurposed, or it is assigned but is already in the process of being repurposed.

Vista also adds "superfetch" which attempts to move stuff into memory proactively based on your past usage patterns - portions of an app may already be occupying memory because the OS suspects you're about to use them.

If there's no perceptible problem, don't worry about the numbers.
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I have a co-worker asking me what memory card does he need to expand his memory and I don't have a clue. I tried looking on some retailer sites and I just get more confused. He has an older computer and this is what he has;

Compaq 4400US Series 4000
Intel Celeron 1.3 ghz
128 mb Syncdram total system memory
40 gb ultradma hard drive
24xmax cd-rw drive with easy cd creator software
56k v.90 modem
MS windows xp home

Any advice you can give me that I can pass on to him would be appreciated.

A:What Memory Card is Needed

From your summary of the system he definitely does need to add RAM. It looks as though he has SDRam installed and that's getting harder to get now. If he wants to try getting it I would go for 2 sticks of SDRam, each stick having a capacity of 256meg (total 512meg). The system is only capable of seeing 512 meg of RAM and can only be installed via the 2 chip method I described above. Also, it appears that the Presario 4400US uses proprietary RAM which means buying it through HP/Compaq. Generic RAM is most likely not going to work in it.

Suggest to your friend that it would probably be a good time to upgrade to a more modern system. Any money spent on that system will be dead money as most of the parts won't be compatible with an upgraded system (especially the RAM).
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I need a memory test for an issue with Chrome
Was asked by a Global Moderator to post here

A:Memory test needed

Hi f-ingComputer You can test your RAM sticks using Memtest86+. I suggest you to run a test on each stick individually, this way if one is bad, you'll be able to identify it right away and not have to repeat the process on each of them. Be sure to test all your RAM sticks.Follow the instructions in the thread below. They are pretty straightforward and easy to follow.
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Hi Everyone,

I have an MSI K7T266 Pro 2 motherboard with 2 x 256MB 184 pin PC2100 DDR SDRAM installed. It has 3 memory banks 2 of which are populated

Is it possible to upgrade the memory on this motherboard to PC2700 or PC3200 (DDR400)? The manual says it supports PC1600 & PC2100 "At the time of writing" Does this mean it might support future memory upgrades?

Can I mix memory types? eg Could I leave the existing 2 x 256MB PC2100 modules there and add say 1GB of PC2700 or PC3200 to fill the vacant third slot?

Thanks for your help.


A:Memory Upgrade Help Needed

Im sorry to say that this board will only support up to ddr 2100. Only a newer motherboard that supports ddr 2700 can handle that kind of memory. If the motherboard did support 2700. Sure you could mix and match, but it would only run at the slowest speed. Since a 2100 cant run at 2700.

I hope this answers your question....

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Hey Guys Was Wondering If Anyone Could Reccomend 2? DDR memory audio or for DDR More P.C! needed Some Suitable Ram Uprgrades For My P c I Have A Carillon Ac- Audio P c I m Looking To Spend Around Gbp But Im Willing To Shop Around I Use The P c Mainly For Audio Puporses But Also Play The Latest Games So I Need Something Fairly Good The Audio Software I Use Is Cubase Sl And Kontakt Often With Lots Of Plug-ins I Have Noticed That When I Have Alot Of Instruments Loaded In My Sampler kontakt That There Are Little Glitches And I Get Low Memory Warnings So I Need To Get Somehthing To Fix This I Am A Little Confused Between Ddr And Ddr What Are The Differences And Benifits Also What Are The Different pc Speeds For AND WHAT EXACTLY DOES DUAL CHANNEL MEMORY DO Anyhelp Would Be Greatly Appreciated More memory needed for audio P.C! DDR or DDR 2? Regards Processor Intel Pentium MHz Motherboard AsRock i GV Memory MB PC DDR SDRAM Cooling Zalman Silent CPU Cooler Videocard Leadtek Winfast A TDH Geforce Soundcard Speakers E-mu Hard Disk s GB Seagate Baracuda Other Drives DVD RW Drive Case Carillon AC- Other Peripherals E-Mu X-Board nbsp

A:More memory needed for audio P.C! DDR or DDR 2?

hello tyleronline your pc looks like it takes ddr pc 3200 ram do you courintly have 2x 256 or one 512 gb sitck of ram in your computer
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i need to upgrade my memory. I know that i already have SDRAM installed. Is this all you need to know when purchasing more?

In case not, I have copied and pasted the details of my computer, hoping that someone can advise me about what kind of memory i need to go out and buy.

Thanks in advance.


System Alphacode Search

Alpha Code U117 System Name Studio Writer
Description U117 STUDIO WRITER

Processor Athlon 800 Memory 128MB SDRAM
Mainboard MS-6340 KM Case MICRO ATX TOWER
I/O PCI IDE (ENHANCED) PSU Delta DPS-145PB-111 A Rev00
Comms 56K Modem-CNR

Restore Pack Restore Pack 1: V1.4 ME Extras CD

Addition Tiny Extras CD V1.5 Addition DVD Rom 6x
Addition CDRW Addition Onboard Wavetable 32

A:memory needed but unsure

This should be what you need

SDRAM, PC133 • CL=2 • Unbuffered • Non-parity • 7.5ns • 3.3V

You can check using configurator, although there are about 5 different motherboards with that number they looked like they all used the above, the last configuration info on the above is missing as that changes with the size of the chip you but
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I am getting messages saying that my" minimum virtual memory is low". Computer is accessing the hard drive a-lot. I would appreciate some advice on how much memory I can safely allocate to virtual memory.

Many Thanks.

OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Manufacturer Compaq Presario 061
System Model DW256A-ABA SR1030N NA510
System Type X86-based PC
Processor x86 Family 6 Model 10 Stepping 0 AuthenticAMD ~2166 Mhz
BIOS Version/Date Phoenix Technologies, LTD 3.05, 4/23/2004
SMBIOS Version 2.3
Windows Directory C:\WINDOWS
System Directory C:\WINDOWS\system32
Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1
Locale United States
Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp.080413-2111)"

Time Zone Eastern Standard Time
Total Physical Memory 512.00 MB
Available Physical Memory 91.06 MB
Total Virtual Memory 2.00 GB
Available Virtual Memory 1.96 GB
Page File Space 1.35 GB
Page File C:\pagefile.sys

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Is there a place in control panel that I can go that will tell me if I need to buy PC 100 or PC 133 memory?

The processor is 333 Pentium.

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Hi Everyone I currently have the following memory installed in my computer X MB x Mx DDR - SDRAM PC - - CL up to MHz CL up to MHz pin I don t understand all that but that s what s showing as the type of RAM I have The following is what I Needed Solved: Help Memory Upgrade m considering buying but I m not sure if it Solved: Memory Upgrade Help Needed will be compatible with what I ve listed above They say it s backward compatible but I don t know I d appreciate Solved: Memory Upgrade Help Needed your advice and opinion Thanks JEDEC Standard -pin Dual In-Line Memory Module x DDR Mhz Pin DIMM Module Performance PC DQ DQ Burst Frequency MHz Inputs and outputs are SSTL- compatible SDRAM have internal banks for concurrent operation Differential clock inputs Data is read or written on Solved: Memory Upgrade Help Needed both clock edges Bi-directional data strobe with one clock cycle preamble and one-half clock post-amble Address and control signals are fully synchronous to positive clock edge Programmable Operation Burst Type Sequential or Interleave Burst Length Operation Burst Read and Write Auto Refresh CBR and Self Refresh Modes Automatic and controlled precharge commands Serial Presence Detect SDRAMs in FBGA Package RoHs compliance nbsp

A:Solved: Memory Upgrade Help Needed

by: The best way to buy compatible memory is to use a Memory finder from one of the companies that manufacture or sell Memory sticks.
Go to and use thier memory advisor. It's free to use and they will recommend and guarantee the memory will work.
You will need to know your computer's name (Dell, e-Machines, HP, etc) or the motherboard name.
Another source is
The stick you're looking at will probably work, but why take chances?
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I need advice as to the best way to upgrade the memory on my custom built desktop computer. It is presently outfitted with two 512MB DDR PC2700 modules and has one empty slot. The motherboard (Soyo SY-P4X400 Dragon Ultra Platinum Edition) can apparently handle PC3200 and up to 2 GB of DDR 400. I'm uncertain as to whether to scrap the two existing memory modules and install two 1MB strips of DDR 400 - PC3200 OR to fill the empty slot with a 1MB strip of the foregoing. I'm obviously in over my head and would appreciate any suggestions. BTW, the unit is running a Pentium 4 processor and Windows XP Pro. I'm not a "gamer" but I do run multiple programs all day and my rig has become agonizingly slow.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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how much ram is needed to run vista smoothly?

i just bought a dell xps 1210 laptop and its kinda slow and choppy i only have a gig of ram

and will the laptop still function if i just take out the ram in it right now and go buy a better one at frys? will any of them work?

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I have a Palm TX and am thinking about expanding its memory with a 2-Gig SD card. I looked at and they list only one chip at $160; but, when I search at, prices start at $70 and go up from there.

I want to get thie best bang for the buck; but, this vast difference makes me suspicious.

Is there a significant difference in the performance of these chips? Also, I will probably be using this chip for transporting and storing miscellaneous data from time to time and I don't want to get stuck with some chip of inferior speed/performance.

I don't want to get down the road and find out when its to late that I have a chip that doesn't perform as well as its specifications said it did.

Are there any sites that rate these chips based on objective tests?

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My computer is always coming up with a message that says 'windows virtual memory is low' and yet I dont even run that many programs.
granted my computer is old and I should probably buy more memory for it - though i can't afford it - but is there a program or process i should run for my computer to make the most of the memory it has and therefore run more smoothly, and therefore not flash the message 'low on virtual memory' up at me all the time????

A:Help Needed! message saying 'virtual memory is low' keeps coming up.

Read this to help you understand how virtual memory works and what you can do to fix it.
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I own mini notebook Toshiba NB305-10G which has one 1Gb of RAM installed. I would like to upgrade this to 2Gb. Where can I find list of supported memory providers and memory models which will work with this laptop ? As far as I know not all memory chips will work with this notebook. Is that true ?

Tomasz Piechowicz

A:NB305-10G - supported memory list needed

I?m afraid such list is not available but I;ve checked Kingston page and found compatible 2GB memory module for your notebook.

Please check it HERE .
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Hi all My Dump Help Analysis Needed BSOD/Memory computer is usually stable so I was a little surprised when I received a BSOD today I was doing nothing more than typing into a text file so I was hoping to get to the bottom of this to find any problems that may be lurking in my computer I have already followed the advice here http www bleepingcomputer com BSOD/Memory Dump Analysis Help Needed forums t how-to-use-event-viewer How to use the Event viewer and I'm at the point where suggestions on the memory dump analysis would be helpful Notes I have no idea what 'vinceo' refers to in the follow-up section Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks Microsoft Windows Debugger Version X Copyright Microsoft Corporation All rights reserved Loading Dump File C Users MyName Desktop DUMP tmp Kernel Summary Dump File Only kernel address space is availableSymbol search path is SRV c symbols http msdl microsoft com download symbolsExecutable search path is Windows Vista Kernel Version MP procs Free x compatibleProduct WinNt suite TerminalServer SingleUserTS PersonalBuilt by x fre vista gdr - Machine Name Kernel base x PsLoadedModuleList x e Debug session time Sun Dec GMT- System Uptime days Loading Kernel Symbols Loading User SymbolsPEB is paged out Peb Ldr ffde c Type hh dbgerr for detailsLoading unloaded module list Bugcheck Analysis Use analyze -v to get detailed debugging information BugCheck c Page f b not present in the dump file Type hh dbgerr for detailsPEB is paged out Peb Ldr ffde c Type hh dbgerr for detailsPEB is paged out Peb Ldr ffde c Type hh dbgerr for detailsProbably caused by Unknown ImageFollowup vinceo--------- kd analyze -v Bugcheck Analysis CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT An expected clock interrupt was not received on a secondary processor in anMP system within the allocated interval This indicates that the specifiedprocessor is hung and not processing interrupts Arguments Arg Clock interrupt time out interval in nominal clock ticks Arg Arg c The PRCB address of the hung processor Arg Debugging Details ------------------Page f b not present in the dump file Type hh dbgerr for detailsPEB is paged out Peb Ldr ffde c Type hh dbgerr for detailsPEB is paged out Peb Ldr ffde c Type hh dbgerr for detailsBUGCHECK STR x AMD SP DEFAULT BUCKET ID VISTA DRIVER FAULTPROCESS NAME svchost exeCURRENT IRQL cSTACK TEXT c ec nt KeBugCheckEx x e c ed b d c b nt KeUpdateRunTime xd c cc b d c b nt KeUpdateSystemTime xed c b c nt KeFlushProcessWriteBuffers x f cd c caea da nt NtQuerySystemInformation x cd c aa f da nt KiFastCallEntry x aWARNING Frame IP not in any known module Following frames may be wrong e f x aa f STACK COMMAND kbFOLLOWUP NAME vinceoMODULE NAME Unknown ModuleIMAGE NAME Unknown ImageDEBUG FLR IMAGE TIMESTAMP FAILURE BUCKET ID x AMD SP BUCKET ID x AMD SP Followup vinceo---------

A:BSOD/Memory Dump Analysis Help Needed

Besides the Event Viewer there's also this guide for BSOD's
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I m hoping for an expert s Memory Diagnostic Windows Expert needed. REF: opinion on Expert needed. REF: Windows Memory Diagnostic these several issues Very sorry to put so many issues into one request but they are all related to my issues I am encountering FATAL EXCEPTIONS while playing the game World of Warcraft WoW The game crashes then reports Error x FATAL EXCEPTION Exeception xC at fe dda at memory location quot x d c c quot I have run Microsoft s Memory Diagnostic tool several times I ve run it in normal and also in extended yet it reports quot passed quot on my two stips of MB each System RAM My first question is Could my problem within the game be with my VIDEO RAM instead of my System RAM Should I be able to tell by the memory address given in the error message Secondly my other comment is about the Windows Memory Diagnostic During the scan phase of TEST of MATS Cache Disabled the scan slows down to an incredibly slow speed It took over hour to complete that single test in Extended mode Is that to be expected or does that slow speed denote an error with my RAM Any expert with knowledge of these issues is welcome to help me if so desired I ll appreciate it since I ve struggled for weeks with this issue in WoW I don t have fatal errors except when running that game It is WINDOWS XP HOME EDITION with all latest updates including all latest video card sound card updates as well Thank you for any help you can offer MY EDIT I FORGOT TO ADD THIS IMPORTANT QUESTION to my original Topic Do you know of any utility that will check the RAM on my video card like Windows Memory Diagnostic tool If so will you provide a link to it Thanks Larry My video card is a ATI GeCube X --- Heh heh it s an oldie but I can use only an AGP video card with my motherboard It works perfectly for everything I want to do except World of Warcraft Can t afford a new computer at this time Geeesh nbsp

A:Expert needed. REF: Windows Memory Diagnostic

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I'm having a hard time OCing with this Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H, and the 3570K Ivy Bridge. I need something that can display an accurate list of ALL my memory timings. Using several programs either give me too much difference between one or the other to trust, or only the first few (4 to 5) settings. AIDA64 gives me 14 but skips some important ones or at least ones not showing on their list but showing on the mobo's BIOS.
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Hi all I need a lesson in Needed Settings 101 Lesson Virtual Memory Virtual Virtual Memory Settings Lesson 101 Needed Memory please Was just checking performance and ended up at Virtual Memory Had a couple of programs fail recently I do not necessary think it is my system but rather glitches in the two applications themselves as was the case with compatibility between the latest versions of Firefox and Java Still think it's wise to check performance every so often After reading several posts on the Forum I'm still not sure what I should do if anything Have two questions Can you please take a look and offer some guidance Some Virtual Memory Settings Lesson 101 Needed info below on my computer Please let me know if I need to provide anything additional OS Vista -bit Home Premium GB hard drive GB Ram I have three drives quot C quot where the system is quot D quot where back up is - never touch this quot K quot docs and gaming programs Question Is quot real quot memory the same as quot physical quot memory I believe it is If so then I have GB - correct Under System Properties Advanced System says C MB space available D MB space available K MB space available Paging file is on quot C quot NOTE I do have the system managing the memory currently System further says Min allowed MB Recommended MB Currently allocated MB Question Given the recommendation of MB above should I custom set the Virtual Memory And if so do I need to do this for each drive Thank you all in advance for your assistance Meltie

A:Virtual Memory Settings Lesson 101 Needed

Hi Meltie
Found this very good article on virtual memory. It should answer most of your questions
Virtual Memory - How To Information |

RAM is known as real memory it is not the virtual memory. You have 7gb of real/physical memory.
Real and physical memory are the same.

Additional Information and how to set virtual memory.
NB. The default setting is usually best for most users. There are very few users that will need to change the default setting.
Introduction to virtual memory and how much virtual memory you need for your system

If you are not receiving error notices about low virtual memory, just leave the defaults. Little mentioned fact, the larger the page file (virutal memory) slower the computer performance. Bottom line, no problems leave the memory alone.

Just some additional information, I have been working with computers since Windows 98. Other than minor tweaks, I have never made any changes unless circumstances required. I never changed virtual memory, overclocked etc and my computer works great.
On the other hand many members have come here with problems, only to find the cause to be some elaborate tweak they made that was not necessary.
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I have a Dimension 4550 with 256 mb of memory. I'm ready to upgrade at this point and i know that only certain types of memory will work. Anyone have any ideas what kind i need and or links to the proper items at a reputable online store?

A:Dimension 4550 memory needed
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I have a Compaq Presario SR1710NX with a 9 in 1 memory card reader which my computer cannot reinstall. I can't find the drivers for this device. It is connected to the proper USB pins on my system board.

Can anyone give me a direct link to the drivers for this model? HP doesn't offer them on their website. I don't have the recover disk.


A:9 in 1 Memory Card Reader Drivers needed

Dylan2aT said:

I have a Compaq Presario SR1710NX with a 9 in 1 memory card reader which my computer cannot reinstall. I can't find the drivers for this device. It is connected to the proper USB pins on my system board.

Can anyone give me a direct link to the drivers for this model? HP doesn't offer them on their website. I don't have the recover disk.


Click to expand...

Look around here for something:
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Recently I built a PC with a Foxconn FXMJ-RS mobo with Intel Duo CPU GB I use my olf RAM memory from my old dell dimension MB and ATA HD GB and GB I am using the graphics adapater nic audio already with the mobo I install Windows Pro and installed all MS Windows updates and ran without any problems Couple of days later I installed OpenOffice Epson printer McAfee internet security package and an a or Devices needed!!!! Problem: Error Help Memory ???? scanner and ran well I turned off The following day I start the system and the systems crashed and start itself Give me an error and prompt me with Ms Online Crash Analysis http oca microsoft com en windiag asp top I try to restored to previous days and start the process and stops crashed and reboots without restoring to a previous date I reboot in safe mode with networking and the system worked well Them I uninstall the scanner but the system still gve me the Error Problem: Memory or Devices ???? Help needed!!!! same error I unstalled McAfee and continued with the same error I follow the advise that MS Online Crash Analsysis suggested and test the memory and give a thounand errors Them I run the same test in my Error Problem: Memory or Devices ???? Help needed!!!! other pc which run very well without errors and give me also a thousand problems I used additonal memory from other system that are working well but are failing with the Foxconn system I tested the Mobo and works pretty Error Problem: Memory or Devices ???? Help needed!!!! well Personally I don t think is a memory issue but I do not know everything and I need help My issue is that the pc foxconn mobo runs very well in safe mode with networking however when I try to run normal fails I do not want to expend buying more memory if I don t need Do you have any suggestions or advise Thanks for the time you will take in reading my post Bernard nbsp

A:Error Problem: Memory or Devices ???? Help needed!!!!

Hi Bernard,

At this link there is a list of drivers for your motherboard. As your system appears to be stable in Safe Mode this why my suspicions are centred on a driver issue. 661GX7MI-RS&TypeID=en-us0000004

It is likely that something in your configuration is depending on a Microsoft driver rather than the manufacturers.

Also on this site you will find a BIOS update.

I hope this works out for you.
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Hi there!
I am way behind on my terminology and so on. I have two sticks of 512MB Kingston dual channel on a ASUS M2A-VM. My question is what dual channel means? How can I benefit from this. I also have read the manual for mobo, but I still can't figure out which slots I should put the memory in for best performance. Apparently they see a difference and made two slots specially for it, but it says I need three sticks to benefit.
I am so confused.

Thank you.

A:Dual channel memory explanation needed

Section 1.7.2 of your manual is VERY clear on ram placement for dual channel operation.

What part of that is hard to understand?
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ASUS quot A needed and ASUS cooler Memory MOBO help CPU please N X-E Deluxe quot nForce Ultra Chipset Motherboard for AMD Socket A CPU AMD XP Barton ATI Radeon Pro AGP gig HDD megs of Crucial X memory Watt Power Supply I ASUS MOBO and CPU Memory cooler help needed please received these two items free when ordering ASUS MOBO and CPU Memory cooler help needed please products and am not sure if they are any good or worth using I tried to register my MOBO on the ASUS website this morning however they keep saying that it s not the right serial ASUS MOBO and CPU Memory cooler help needed please number I checked the outside of the box the mobo itself and the packing slip from New Egg com where I paid for a new one not a used one Also there were things missing from the box I called New Egg and they promised to send me another box of all the things that come with this mobo Up until now I have been building a lot cheaper computers and the AUSU has a lot more parts so I was not sure what was missing just that the items and the number I was supposed to have didn t add up Also is the thermal gel or the pads better for the CPUs Heat Sink Fans I know this is a lot to deal with but I respect all of your advice Thanks Jac nbsp

A:ASUS MOBO and CPU Memory cooler help needed please

Well I can't make out your pictures but it won't hurt to use coolers for the RAM or chipset. The board alreadt has a heatsink on the Northbridge but you could put the other one on the southbridge. If you plan to overclcok then this help disipate any additional heat thats generated.

I personally like thermal paste over pads and I think they do a better job at transfering heat.
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Hello, I have a HP Pavilion N5350 (F2347MR) and it seems to be standard. Does anyone have extra memory for it and a battery thats good. I believe it supports 512.

ALSO, the lid is tight when opening it, can the hindges be lubed some way to make it smooth.

I noticed that the screen shows a strip down the center thats faded in the back ground, is that a sign of it going to crap out?
Thanks for all your help.


A:HP N5350 Memory Needed and Advise on Display

Well if you want to add memory, replace the dead battery, fix the hinges, and fix the LCD then you really ought to be looking at a new laptop.

For the price of the repairs and upgrades you can buy a new laptop.

$120 for a new battery, $80 for a 256MB stick(times 2 for $160 if you want 512MB total). Then it sounds like you need new hinges, I've never seen ones that could be fixed by greaseing/oiling them up. And then it sounds like a part of the LCD is failing and LCD's are extremely expensive to replace.

Here's one for $469.99 after 2 rebates and you get a digital camera and a radio:
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hey everyone am new here and i have been facing a problem ever since i installed win ultimate bit edition after like - dumping Help memory problem.. needed, physical hours of being switched on os gives me some error msgs on a blue background and the last line will always be dumping physical memory and some random numbers increase by it and then the system restarts somewhere i read someone suggest some ppl to execute memory diag tool and see if there's a problem with their ram so i did it too Help needed, dumping physical memory problem.. to check even when my ram chips are brand new Help needed, dumping physical memory problem.. like six months old and the result was what i expected no problems found then i read someone suggest to run syc scannow from cmd prompt which i did and at the end it reported of finding some errors but could not fix them and that a detailed report can be found in windows logs that reports folder so now am here hoping for help from experienced users ill upload both the files now the error report which i always get after dumping physical memory error and the log file of the report of syc scannow pls take a look and let me know whats the problem and how it could be corrected many thanks here are the files -

A:Help needed, dumping physical memory problem..

Hi picalojack; welcome to the forum. I think you have described a BSOD , Blue Screen Of Death. We will need the actual dmp files. Upload your dump files -
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Need help in removing possible Ma
 Addition_20-04-2015_10-55-05.txt   43.62KB
 FRST_20-04-2015_10-55-06.txt   31.4KB
  0 downloadslware..

A:Malware Removal Help Needed - Explorer taking CPU memory

Hello and welcome to Bleeping Computer! I am HelpBot: an automated program designed to help the Bleeping Computer Staff better assist you! This message contains very important information, so please read through all of it before doing anything.
We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.
To help Bleeping Computer better assist you please perform the following steps:
*************************************************** In order to continue receiving help at, YOU MUST tell me if you still need help or if your issue has already been resolved on your own or through another resource! To tell me this, please click on the following link and follow the instructions there.CLICK THIS LINK >>> <<< CLICK THIS LINK
If you no longer need help, then all you needed to do was the previous instructions of telling me so. You can skip the rest of this post. If you do need help please continue with Step 2 below.
***************************************************If you still need help, I would like you to post a Reply to this topic (click the "Add Reply" button in the lower right hand of this page). In that reply, please include the following information:If you have not done so already, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.A new FRST log. For your convenience, you will find the instructions for generating these logs repeated at the bottom of this post.Please do this even if you have previously posted logs for us.If you were unable to produce the logs originally please try once more.If you are unable to create a log please provide detailed information about your installed Windows Operating System including the Version, Edition and if it is a 32bit or a 64bit system.If you are unsure about any of these characteristics just post what you can and we will guide you.Please tell us if you have your original Windows CD/DVD available. Upon completing the above steps and posting a reply, another staff member will review your topic and do their best to resolve your issues.
Thank you for your patience, and again sorry for the delay.
We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan again: Download FRST by Farbar from the following link if you no longer have it available and save it to your destop.FRST Download LinkWhen you go to the above page, there will be 32-bit and 64-bit downloads available. Please click on the appropriate one for your version of Windows. If you are unsure as to whether your Windows is 32-bit or 64-bit, please see this tutorial.Double click on the FRST icon and allow it to run. Agree to the usage agreement and FRST will open. Do not make any changes and click on the Scan button. Notepad will open with the results. Post the new logs as explained in the prep guide. Close the program window, and delete the program from your desktop.As I am just a silly little program running on the servers, please do not send me private messages as I do not know how to read and reply to them! Thanks!
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I hepled a friend with a new build--the old computer is a Dell Dimenssion 4300S with a Pentium 1.4 Ghz processor--it runs very slow because it has only 256K Ram and is running XP. It has a capacity of 1 Gig.

So I have various upgrade options. I could just buy one stick of 256K and add it to the one open slot, but that would be mixing two different modules. I could also add two new 256Ks, or add a 512 to the existing, but then again have a mixing. I could of course add two 512s and have it maxed out. Price ranges between $25 to $120 with those various options.

She wants to keep this puter for a backup for the teens. What do you recommend? Willl 1 Gig make a big difference over 512? Should I put in new memory? Etc.

A:Question on Memory replacement on Pentium 1.4--mixing and how much needed?
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Expert needed REF Windows Memory Diagnostic I copied this from another TechGuy forum because I realized later that this may be the more appropriate forum for this issue --- I m hoping for Diagnostic Memory Windows Solved: needed. REF: Expert an expert Solved: Expert needed. REF: Windows Memory Diagnostic s opinion on these several issues Very sorry to put so many issues into one request but they are all related to my Solved: Expert needed. REF: Windows Memory Diagnostic issues I am encountering FATAL EXCEPTIONS while playing the game World of Warcraft WoW The game crashes then reports Error x FATAL EXCEPTION Exeception xC at fe dda at memory location quot x d c c quot I have run Microsoft s Memory Diagnostic tool several times I ve run it in normal and also in extended yet it reports quot passed quot on my two strips Solved: Expert needed. REF: Windows Memory Diagnostic of MB each System RAM My first question is Could my problem within the game be with my VIDEO RAM instead of my System RAM Should I be able to tell by the memory address given in the error message Secondly my other comment is about the Windows Memory Diagnostic During the scan phase of TEST of MATS Cache Disabled the scan slows down to an incredibly slow speed It took over hour to complete that single test in Extended mode Is that to be expected or does that slow speed denote an error with my RAM Any expert with knowledge of these issues is welcome to help me if so desired I ll appreciate it since I ve struggled for weeks with this issue in WoW I don t have fatal errors except when running that game It is WINDOWS XP HOME EDITION with all latest updates including all latest video card sound card updates as well Thank you for any help you can offer MY EDIT I FORGOT TO ADD THIS IMPORTANT QUESTION to my original Topic Do you know of any utility that will check the RAM on my video card like Windows Memory Diagnostic tool If so will you provide a link to it Thanks Larry My video card is a ATI GeCube X --- Heh heh it s an oldie but I can use only an AGP video card with my motherboard It works perfectly for everything I want to do except World of Warcraft Can t afford a new computer at this time Geeesh Last edited by Old Fart -Apr- AM nbsp

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When I go to My Computer to access my memory stick (which shows up as Removable Disk [G:] ) I get a message that says "Please insert disk into drive G:".

I can't format the memory stick (don't know if you are supposed to format a memory stick).

When I click on Properties, it says 0 available space, 0 used space.

I am running XP with SP2 on a Compaq.

Please help!

A:Memory Stick (Sandisk Cruzer Mini) HELP NEEDED

SanDisk Cruzer 512mb Mini - Needs to be formatted somehow?????

So, it appears that you are having the same problem that I am having. Here is how my problem happened. I had it plugged into a computer that I was about to Fdisk and format. I thought that there was a small partition on this hard drive of 512mb, so I removed the partition, only to realize that the partition I removed was my SanDisk 512mb memory stick....So, any luck getting yours back. Essentially, you should be able to fdisk or create a partition and format again, but it doesn't work like a hard drive. It keeps asking me to insert a disk into my Drive E (the drive letter that is designated). On yours it could be E or F or whatever....Can't seem to get any help from SanDisk on line, so I am searching around the net. My e-mail address is [email protected] if anyone can help. Thanks. JT
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I have gone through the -Step process before posting this I am having problems with my computer not allowing me to open applications Can't access assorted programs and sometimes it acts like it is using too much Physical Memory to proceed I have to reboot to get things rolling again Here are some Memory Re-Boots Physical Needed, Initialize Errors, high of the errors I receive when trying to access Outlook Express Itunes Firefox IE etc Not enough quota to fulfill this command Application failed Initialize Errors, Re-Boots Needed, Physical Memory high to initialize properly xc and xc Null is not a valid Win app Exception euiberror in module When I run System Mechanic to gain physical memory back by defragmenting I get some relief but it Initialize Errors, Re-Boots Needed, Physical Memory high has reverted back to these issues several times the last couple of days I have attached the Panda Active Scan log for it found some issues and I never saw where that got dealt with later in the - step process Thank you for all you do Deckard's System Scanner v Run by user on - - Computer is in Normal Mode -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- System Restore -------------------------------------------------------------- Successfully created a Deckard's System Scanner Restore Point -- Last Restore Point s -- - - UTC - RP - Deckard's System Scanner Restore Point - - UTC - RP - Software Distribution Service - - UTC - RP - Software Distribution Service - - UTC - RP - Software Distribution Service - - UTC - RP - Software Distribution Service -- First Restore Point -- - - UTC - RP - Software Distribution Service Backed up registry hives Performed disk cleanup -- HijackThis Clone ------------------------------------------------------------ Emulating logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at - - Platform Windows XP Service Pack MSIE Internet Explorer Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS system smss exe C WINDOWS system csrss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS explorer exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C Program Files Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support bin AppleMobileDeviceService exe C Program Files iolo Common Lib ioloServiceManager exe C Program Files iolo System Mechanic IoloSGCtrl exe C WINDOWS system nvsvc exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Program Files Trend Micro AntiVirus tavsvc exe C Program Files Trend Micro AntiVirus components TmProxy exe C WINDOWS system MsPMSPSv exe C WINDOWS system Fast exe C WINDOWS htpatch exe C Program Files Trend Micro AntiVirus tavui exe C WINDOWS system alg exe C WINDOWS system ezSP Px exe C Program Files support com client bin tgcmd exe C WINDOWS AGRSMMSG exe C Program Files iolo System Mechanic SMSystemAnalyzer exe C Program Files X watch x watch exe D Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exe C Program Files iolo System Mechanic SystemGuardAlerter exe C Program Files Google GoogleToolbarNotifier GoogleToolbarNotifier exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files Verizon Wireless V CAST Music Manager MEMonitor exe C Program Files Yahoo Yahoo Widget Engine YahooWidgets exe C Program Files Yahoo Yahoo Widget Engine YahooWidgets exe C Program Files iPod bin iPodService exe C WINDOWS system wuauclt exe C Documents and Settings user Desktop dss exe C WINDOWS system wbem wmiprvse exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Bar http www google com ie R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http www google com R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www rr com flash index cfm R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant http www google com ie R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer SearchURL Default http www google com keyword s R - HKCU Software Mic... Read more

A:Initialize Errors, Re-Boots Needed, Physical Memory high

It has been over three days I want to make sure this hadn't become lost.

Thank you for your help.
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Hi everyone,
I am new here and just registered as I need urgent help with my laptop. I wanted to watch a wmv file this morning, and WMP downloaded a codec file, upon installing which I instantly got the blue screen of death. I restarted my windows, a few seconds after its start-up, the ruddy screen appeared again. I ran it in safe mode; the very same thing happened. I can not run windows at all to uninstall the codec and fix the problem. I have tones of work documents on my C drive, so I cannot re-install windows. And I need to access them as they are work documents, and I need them tomorrow for a meeting. what can I do? Is the only way left to copy those files through DOS and reinstall my Windows?

A:Urgent Help Needed-Physical Memory Dump Blue Screen

Can you boot from your Windows CD and restore your system to a date prior to installing the codecs? Can you do a repair install? Repair Install
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Hi guys by looking at previous problems with iexplore exe's and seeing how they are solved which doesn't work for me iexplore.exe, needed repair 2 of constantly [SOLVED] memory lots bo for Startup used, i decided to ask you guys so u can please help with this monstrosity that hijacked my computer while i was playing a stem game here is as much information i can give about this problem -it started with an internet explorer advertisement popping up randomly then [SOLVED] 2 iexplore.exe, lots of memory used, Startup repair constantly needed for bo a component not working -Then every time i told the computer to shut down open the internet it would just pixelate on the screen and not respond requiring a force shutdown i have a memory leak problem im getting to fixing that is known for causing this problem if the computer's memory is [SOLVED] 2 iexplore.exe, lots of memory used, Startup repair constantly needed for bo too high -when it turns on i get the blue screen of death and it restarts into startup repair -startup repair identifies the problem as quot Unspecified changes to the system configuration may of caused this problem quot and then i can boot -every logon there is iexeplore exe lowercase chewing up memory a svchost exe process that its description says quot svchost exe quot which has never been there before an quot sqlbrowser quot its location includes allot of variations like sql exe where could be random words -I checked both autorunexec bat and config sys and they were both blank had a few random characters in it i think this causes the bad start -i have NO access to vista install disks but i do to XP boot cd's which return the blue screen of death when trying to boot from them -also every second logon there is no sign of iexplore exe bu there is of the sql exe atm its sqlservr exe before it was sqlbrowser exe i have lots of important files on this computer and wold like to save them in any way i was running AVG at the time and it doesn't pick up im sure this is way more than sufficient to help me in my problem asap Thanks in advanced Edfake Log DDS DDS Ver - - - NTFSx Run by Administrator at on Mon Internet Explorer BrowserJavaVersion Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium GMT SP Windows Defender enabled Updated D DDC A- F- FAE- E -DA C ACF Running Processes C Windows system wininit exe C Program Files AVG AVG avgchsvx exe C Program Files AVG AVG avgrsx exe C Windows system lsm exe C Program Files AVG AVG avgcsrvx exe svchost exe C Windows system svchost exe -k DcomLaunch C Windows system TAMSvr exe C Windows Microsoft Net Framework v WPF PresentationFontCache exe svchost exe C Windows system svchost exe -k rpcss C Windows system Ati evxx exe C Windows System svchost exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted C Windows System svchost exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted C Windows system svchost exe -k netsvcs C Windows system svchost exe -k GPSvcGroup C Windows system SLsvc exe C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalService C Windows system Ati evxx exe C Windows system svchost exe -k NetworkService C Windows System spoolsv exe C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalServiceNoNetwork C Program Files Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support bin AppleMobileDeviceService exe C Program Files AVG AVG avgwdsvc exe C Program Files Bonjour mDNSResponder exe C Program Files TOSHIBA ConfigFree CFSvcs exe C Program Files FolderSize FolderSizeSvc exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared VS DEBUG MDM EXE c Program Files Microsoft SQL Server MSSQL SQLEXPRESS MSSQL Binn sqlservr exe C Program Files AVG AVG avgnsx exe C Program Files NetSupport NetSupport Manager gateway exe C Program Files Google Update GoogleUpdate exe C Windows System svchost exe -k HPZ C Windows system svchost exe -k NetworkServiceNetworkRestricted c Program Files Microsoft SQL Server Shared sqlbrowser exe c Program Files Microsoft SQL Server Shared sqlwriter exe C Program Files TOSHIBA TOSHIBA DVD PLAYER TNaviSrv exe C Windows system TODDSrv exe C Program Files TOSH... Read more

A:[SOLVED] 2 iexplore.exe, lots of memory used, Startup repair constantly needed for bo


didn't want this to become inactive when its still a major problem :)
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So I ve been playing Hellgate London a lot lately and would like to clean up my memory after or even while playing the game because it s what it is Any recommendations I ve used several of these programs in the past with my previous computer but have and scheluder needed shutdown programs "sweeper" Solved: Memory forgotten about all of them Also as a wish I d like a program that only does what I need it to do free unused memory No all-in-one solutions and preferably freeware not shareware This program is needed for my XP rig in my spec box Next a program for quot work quot I capture old VHS tapes for the local sports Solved: Memory "sweeper" and shutdown scheluder programs needed association thingy then convert them because the capturer is crap and craps any movie that s longer than minutes and I have to convert before I can burn them and scan their covers and edit them to fit x cm CD covers I would like to have the computer left to capture or burn a hour movie before I leave for home and shut down after that I only need a timed operation though having it automatically shutdown after the job is Solved: Memory "sweeper" and shutdown scheluder programs needed done let s say CPU load goes under for mins as a rule to shutdown would Solved: Memory "sweeper" and shutdown scheluder programs needed be a plus Thanks for any suggestions nbsp

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--------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name NVIDIA GeForce M GT Manufacturer NVIDIA Chip type GeForce M GT DAC type Integrated RAMDAC Device Key Enum PCI VEN DE amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV A Display Memory Memory,Dedicated consistant Memory,Shared not Display Memory MB Dedicated Memory MB Shared Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report Machine name NICK-PC Operating System Windows Vista Ultimate Build Service Pack longhorn rtm - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer ASUSTeK Computer Inc System Model G S BIOS Default System BIOS Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU T GHz CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C Windows DirectX Version DirectX DX Setup Parameters Not found DxDiag Version bit Unicode A person in my thread here http forums worldofwarcraft com thread html topicId amp postId amp sid said That doesn t look right my GTS displays Memory MB Dedicated Memory MB Shared Memory MB Could you have bad videocard memory Or maybe reinstal direct X Click to expand So I m not sure where to start and I Display Memory,Dedicated Memory,Shared Memory not consistant m hoping someone here can point me into the right direction as to what it is I need to do to fix this problem I ve been having with graphical Discrpencies in World of Warcraft I haven t notice any in Call of Duty nbsp

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Hello all.. Just looking for opinions and advice.. I've been running Vista for 3 years and never had an issue..(I know I'm in the minority but it's served me well). My question is are then any REAL differences to justify upgrading? I know they took off some features that came with Vista, but what else? Is it worth $100 bucks to upgrade? Thanks for any and all opinions

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I'm trying to get old home movies onto dvd from vhs - I'd rather do it myself than go through a commercial service.
I'm guessing the easiest way is through a dvd recorder / vcr combo, yes? - Any opinions on the quality of the conversion this way?
I wanted to put get the movies onto a pc for editing but that looks a bit complicated.

I know you can go from vcr to pc by way of a camcorder but the vcr i have doesn't have s-video out - (camcorder only has s-video and firewire connections)

any thoughts?

A:Opinions on best way to put vhs on dvd?

ohheck said:

the easiest way is through a dvd recorder / vcr combo, yes?Click to expand...

That is the easiest and quickest way to go, but you're limited to just basic editing (starting and stopping the VCR tape at certain points).

The other way to do it is to get a TV card for your PC and record that way. You create .mpg files that you can edit with a DVD authoring program. It's not too hard but it's rather time consuming. The nice thing about it is you can create DVD's that have menus so you can jump to different sections on the DVD.
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Which should I buy? DDR2 Dual Channel 533 mhz ram or DDR2 667 Mhz Ram. Prices are almost the same. im going to use the PC for gaming. My motherboard is a ECS ELITEGROUP 945p-a and my processor Intel Pentium D 830.

Here is the first choice-

Second ONe-

First choice is 2 modules- ideally for dual channeling, second choice is just one module.

A:Opinions Please<<ram

It would probably be better if you'd reply back to one of your other ram threads
Perhaps this one?

I'm going to close this.
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This should be prefaced by saying that my computer had previously been infected with xp antivirus.
I've found the following 2 files in my startup menu:

lphcj2nj0ep43 (.exe)
rhcn2nj0ep43 (.exe)

Neither malwarebyte nor AVG (free) detected anything while in safe mode.

These files remind me of files xp antivirus placed in my computer. I have tried google,, and the search function on this site and have turned up nothing. Its important to know that I have a 2nd computer that is not networked with my primary one, so its impossible for me to be blocked by a virus completely. I have checked the 2nd computer to make sure its not running the same files, but I never use this thing for surfing or downloading.

I have a understanding of windows functions that lies just about basic, so I am hesitant to attempt to delete these files.
Any ideas??


A:looking for some opinions

With Malwarebytes now showing 0's, let's try SuperAntiSpyware.Please download ATF Cleaner by Atribune & save it to your desktop. alternate download link DO NOT use yet. Please download and install SUPERAntiSpyware FreeDouble-click SUPERAntiSypware.exe and use the default settings for installation.An icon will be created on your desktop. Double-click that icon to launch the program.If asked to update the program definitions, click "Yes". If not, update the definitions before scanning by selecting "Check for Updates". (If you encounter any problems while downloading the updates, manually download them from here and unzip into the program's folder.)Under the "Configuration and Preferences", click the Preferences... button.Click the "General and Startup" tab, and under Start-up Options, make sure "Start SUPERAntiSpyware when Windows starts" box is unchecked.Click the "Scanning Control" tab, and under Scanner Options, make sure the following are checked (leave all others unchecked):Close browsers before scanning.Scan for tracking cookies.Terminate memory threats before quarantining.Click the "Close" button to leave the control center screen and exit the program.Do not run a scan just yet.Reboot your computer in "Safe Mode" using the F8 method. To do this, restart your computer and after hearing your computer beep once during startup (but before the Windows icon appears) press the F8 key repeatedly. A menu will appear with several options. Use the arrow keys to navigate and select the option to run Windows in "Safe Mode".Double-click ATF-Cleaner.exe to run the program.Under Main "Select Files to Delete" choose: Select All.Click the Empty Selected button.If you use Firefox browser click Firefox at the top and choose: Select AllClick the Empty Selected button.
If you would like to keep your saved passwords, please click No at the prompt.If you use Opera browser click Opera at the top and choose: Select AllClick the Empty Selected button.
If you would like to keep your saved passwords, please click No at the prompt.Click Exit on the Main menu to close the program.Note: On Vista, "Windows Temp" is disabled. To empty "Windows Temp" ATF-Cleaner must be "Run as an Administrator".Scan with SUPERAntiSpyware as follows:Launch the program and back on the main screen, under "Scan for Harmful Software" click Scan your computer.On the left, make sure you check C:\Fixed Drive.On the right, under "Complete Scan", choose Perform Complete Scan and click "Next".After the scan is complete, a Scan Summary box will appear with potentially harmful items that were detected. Click "OK".Make sure everything has a checkmark next to it and click "Next".A notification will appear that "Quarantine and Removal is Complete". Click "OK" and then click the "Finish" button to return to the main menu.If asked if you want to reboot, click "Yes" and reboot normally.To retrieve the removal information after reboot, launch SUPERAntispyware again.Click Preferences, then click the Statistics/Logs tab.Under Scanner Logs, double-click SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log.If there are several logs, click the current dated log and press View log. A text file will open in your default text editor.Please copy and paste the Scan Log results in your next reply.Click Close to exit the program.
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hey guys i was thinking of buying this psu for my computer... i have only one hdd, one dvd drive, i dont overclock, and i have one video card (plan on upgrading to a geforce 8800gt).

your opinions would be greatly appreciated!

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I've been using Outlook for years both at work and at home. Now that I am no longer working there is no reason to keep using Outlook. I don't need all that over bloated stuff. I'd like to simplify my life with asimple but good. I've read about many email clients. I've no clue which way to go. I know I'm opening a can-of-worms here but what email client do you use and why do you like it? I used to get 100 emails a day and interfaced at home. That's all done. Simple but useful. Help me out here kids.
As usual comments & flames welcome.

A:Opinions, Everybody Has One (or two)

Office outlook usually only gets bloated when people don't delete emails
Inbox 1-2-3k sitting in the inbox some read most not
Spam folder 2-3-4k none read.......

So users usually bloat up office outlook themselves
I've never understood the email archiving fascination some people have
Same people also never delete their browser history either 50gb's and building it's just weird to me
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Guys, this is my WISHLIST for tomorrow cause i'm planning to upgrade my PC
and i have only around $500 in my BUDGET.

1. MSI 880GM-E43 AMD880G/ddr3 - $92.26
2. 2gbx4 Kingston 8GB 1333 ddr3 - $83.03
3.Power Color 6770 DDR5 - $126.86
4.AMD Phenom II X4 965 (3.4G) 8mb black ed. - $157.99

does this Chipset is GOOD for the Price i Pay?

A:I need Opinions here ^_^

You ask about the chipset, but the only chipset involved is on the motherboard that you listed. Since I detest MSI motherboards, I can't comment about any of the components comprising them. My advise is to not get near enough to touch a MSI motherboard with a 10 foot pole.
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Thread Starter
Well not sure if this goes here, but anyways I want to get a new computer.. I am torn between Asus notebook( r510ze-xx135d) and an Acer all in one ( aspire z1-623 404g1t21mgi). I want to play world of Warcraft on one of these as my old machine was thrown on the floor .. Could you please give me your opinions about which I should choose? Also can you upgrade ram on all in ones? Thanks kindly and sorry posting this again I mobile is on the verge of going out the window

A:need opinions

Closing duplicate to another thread in Hardware:

Please do not start more than one thread per topic.
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I have windows 8.1 installed on my system.It runs pretty well,but I think I got a virsu or something,and now is a little bit laggy and I want to re-install the OS.

Here's my specs:
AMD Athlon 64x2 dual core 4400+
ATI Radeon HD 2400
160 GB HDD

I am running a 64 bit version.Should I keep the 64 bit edition,or install a 32 bit edition?I want to install windows 8.

A:some opinions

Stay with Windows 8.1 64 bit for performance. The problem is with your RAM. 2GB is not sufficient and should be increased to whatever your computer can handle. Not knowing the model of your system I can not help you there.
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I have not downloaded SP3 yet. I have read that it is causing some problems.

I recently had a new hard drive installed and a fresh install of XP Home, SP2.

Everything is running very smoothly and I hate to "rock the boat".
Do you folks feel that SP3 is something that needs to be installed at this time ?
Thank You for your time,

Xp Home, Sp2, IE-7

A:Your Opinions Please Of Sp3

Personally, I don't see any real need for it. I installed it and the only problem I've had is one of my wife's cheaper programs will not run now. No big deal, we'll just get another one that does work. But otherwise, I can't see any difference on my computer as far as how it runs or the other programs. I know it's supposed to be safer and have better protection but I can't see that when I'm on the computer. I'm not a real geek....
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At present I'm unable financially able to purchase security software for my pc. Could I have some suggestion on which of the 100% free antivirous, spyware etc. I'm running XP Home

Thank You!


A:Need Opinions Please

Hi Joe and welcome.
Many suggestions here.
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This is my first time to find and use techguy com and so far i am loving it One of the things i have tried searching for i have Need this opinions some please!! on not seen straight answers on is some of the questions i got gt What would you recommend for software firewall gt What would you recommend for spyware blocker gt What would you recommend for pop up Need some opinions on this please!! blocker I have used ZoneAlarm for awhile and really have had no problems but i am looking for the best to get now since my new computer is my life and my business I am constantly on two seperate connections on and off all the time between home and work But again i am Need some opinions on this please!! looking for the best I have also used Adware Adwatch for spyware and pop up blocker i have noticed on my old computer that it mess it Need some opinions on this please!! up where it won t load properly after deleteing something in the load processes but after reinstalling xp pro and adware and adwatch the only problem i got is on the shut down process adwatch makes xp hang on shut down if i close it it shuts down properly other than that i have noticed nothing wrong and they work wonders on popups What do i do I am a little lost and haven t been in to the latest computer stuff till recently and i want to hear the pros and cons from people that got the software to let me know what to try I am switching my AV from Nortons to AVG since i have heard so much good stuff about it and i want to see for myself thank you very much and let me know what you think nbsp

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Hey all,
Well i just got a beautiful samsong syncmaster730B, but failed to realize that they only include a standard RGB cable. I have the ability to use DVI on my computer, but wanted to know if there $10 cables off of newegg are good enough/comparable to the $60 ones Best buy has. I have searched posts, and while some say it doesnt matter, others love DVI. I want to get the most out of my monitor, but dont want to pay $60 if i dont need to. Thanks all

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I am about to buy a HD Television soon and my budget is around £450. I am open for suggestions but I recently came across this particular TV which caught my attention. It seems to be the perfect price also very good quality. I was wondering if I could have some external views on whether I should get this TV or not? I have searched the net for reviews and have not found many to date.

I watch HD movies frequently and also am planning to buy PS3 and GTA IV soon, so I need a TV with decent quality, here it is:
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Perhaps I've missed it but I don't see any discussion of IE 7 now that it in Beta 2 release.

Has anyone any opinions?

My instant reaction is that it looks pretty good but all the text seems slightly blurred. Apart from that I'm quite impressed

A:Ie 7 Opinions

Actually, I find it best to discourage people from Microsoft's string of BETAs (except for possibly Windows Defender) because they are all buggy and full or errors. Apparently, Microsoft has been working hard on IE7, but there are still a lot of people who run into extreme problems and such with IE7. Therefore, I instead recommend Mozilla Firefox which will PWN IE even when IE7 goes into full functioning mode!
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I am running an AMD For Looking Opinions System on an ASUS A N X-X motherboard I am running with Gb of RAM and I have a Soltek GeForce FX Mb video card Over Looking For Opinions the last few weeks I Looking For Opinions have noticed that one of the fans inside the computer was starting to get a little loud I have also noticed a slight reduction in speed performance in terms of running applications ie wait time Two days ago my system just decided to reboot after running for a couple of hours Shortly thereafter it happened again and since that time it intermittently reboots without notice At times it does not even get to the MS Windows XP logo screen before rebooting again I opened up the computer and the fan that was noisy was the Video Card fan I removed the card and cleaned up the fan and now it runs much better The other fans in the system are clean and running fine I am wondering where my problem most likely lies If my video card had overheated and damaged itself could it intermittently reboot my system like I have explained above Does it sound like a motherboard problem How about a MBR Virus Since my motherboard does not have onboard video I cannot simply remove the video card and test it with the onboard card As such I am looking for some opinions prior to going to the local computer store and purchasing possible replacement parts Any input would be appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Looking For Opinions said:

I am running an AMD System on an ASUS A7N8X-X motherboard. I am running with 1Gb of RAM and I have a Soltek GeForce FX5600 128Mb video card.

Over the last few weeks I have noticed that one of the fans inside the computer was starting to get a little loud. I have also noticed a slight reduction in speed performance in terms of running applications (ie. wait time). Two days ago my system just decided to reboot after running for a couple of hours. Shortly thereafter it happened again and since that time, it intermittently reboots without notice. At times it does not even get to the MS Windows XP logo screen before rebooting again. I opened up the computer and the fan that was noisy was the Video Card fan. I removed the card and cleaned up the fan and now it runs much better. The other fans in the system are clean and running fine.

I am wondering where my problem most likely lies? If my video card had overheated and damaged itself, could it intermittently reboot my system like I have explained above? Does it sound like a motherboard problem? How about a MBR Virus?

Since my motherboard does not have onboard video I cannot simply remove the video card and test it with the onboard card. As such I am looking for some opinions prior to going to the local computer store and purchasing possible replacement parts.

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.Click to expand...

G'day, it is always handy to have an old PCI simple video card, these are a dime a dozen at swap meets and are very useful for trouble shooting malfunctioning systems.
The problem you have could be caused by a number of things, it would be worth obtaining "everest home" (google it) and installing it on your machine, this is a free analysis program that has lots of very useful capabilities. (a gem)
Open and run it, then open the computer icon, then the sensors icon, with luck this will display a series of info as to temperatures and voltages.
You might copy and paste the info here and we can maybe make some comments about it.
Cheers, qldit.
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Folks Very happy to find a place like this I would greatly recommend any opinions or suggestions regarding my prospective new system I am an extremely busy filmmaker and my business has exploded over the last months I have outgrown my Gateway and am looking to custom build my next system Here s what I have in mind Intel D PBLL Motherboard and P Ghz CPU Ultra MB PC DDR MHz Memory x Maxtor GB MB SATA- OEM Hard Drive x for C amp D drives I currently use a Maxtor GB external Seagate GB external and an Acomdata GB external for video PNY Quadro FX MB DDR AGP X VGA DVI Video Card Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy OEM Sound Card SONY DRU A x x x DVD RW x x x DVD-RW x DVD RW DL x x x CD-RW Internal DVD RW Burner E Drive SONY x internal DVD -R Burner OEM F Drive Are there any opinions or suggestions PC Opinions on possible about this group of components Any suggestions for Opinions on possible PC machines that deal strictly with hours of video editing Any help is appreciated Thanks -N nbsp

A:Opinions on possible PC

You have selected some very nice components, BUT...

Your chosen motherboard is PCI Express and your chosen card is AGP. These don't match.
Look at nVidia for more details:

Also have a look at Plextor's SATA DVD-writers, such as PX-712SA or later.
They go easier on your CPU than Sony's products.
After all that mobo has four SATA-connectors!
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I just read in another group that if you are running XP you can disable Win.ini in msconfig as it's not needed in XP and it will speed up booting as all that stuff won't have to load.

I'm adventurous to a point but I don't walk into things like this without a little more confirmation.

So, toss this around guys and gals.


A:Opinions please

"Both the systemroot\System.ini and systemroot\Win.ini files are not required by Windows XP Professional and these files are maintained only for compatibility with older software that does not use the registry to save settings. The System.ini file is used to start and store information for drivers and services; the Win.ini file plays a similar role for applications."

Quote from MS XP Resource Kit Documentation online...


I just read in another group that if you are running XP you can disable Win.ini in msconfig as it's not needed in XP

So, unless you are positive you do not have "older software" I would not rely on this advice as gospel...
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Any opinions on the value of the optional October, 2016 Preview of Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows 7 (KB3192403)?
Some of it sounds -to me- like more intrusions from MS.
More information on KB3192403