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Ferrite Beads on Video Cables

Q: Ferrite Beads on Video Cables

From the early days of computing, when the FCC became concerned with stray emissions, ferrite beads or clamps were required to be on the cable that ran from the display adapter to the video monitor. Today, most video monitors come equipped with imbedded beads at one or both ends of the monitor cable. The beads are recognizable because they have a larger diameter than the rest of the cable.

1) Are these beads just an iron core?
2) Or are they magnetic as well?
3) Exactly what do they do?
4) How do they function?

I'm a non-engineer who is curious about such arcane matters.

R. J. Emery

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Preferred Solution: Ferrite Beads on Video Cables

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

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i have just bought a laptop and the modem lead is supplied with a ferrite core.why do i need to use this and can i do without it.the manual says that i should attach a core to audio leads aswell.your help would be gratefully appreciated.thanks

A:ferrite cores

I noticed that the sell them for older monitors too.... I think it has something to do with absorbing excess radiowaves and stuff... FCC regulations... but I really have no clue.
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hello techies. im trying/needing to get my old footage from sony trv-120 to laptop for editing.have acer aspire 5810tz,it only has 4 usb ports.i need ieee1394 firewire,4 pin to4/6pin?do i need a card ,adaptor,gizmos or gadgets, programs?i believe vista is ready to accept sony info.ive read using usb for transfer would mean loosing quality of video?would rather not loose any quality if avoidable.pretty new to the techieworld here(diditaliterate),so would love a simple fix if there is one out there.ive seen the ieee cables for super cheap but my acer has no ports...???help/thanks

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Do Audio Video Cables Quality matter much?

for example with Coax i know the gold connectors worked better then silver connectors. So my question is do the cables red yellow and white connectors have high and low quality cables or they all the same. If they have high quality cables what are the names of them and where can i find them.

A:Do Audio Video Cables quality matter much?

Red,White audio RCA are much the same.
It's haveing and useing a SVHS video cable instead of Yellow RCA.
If your TV has it for VCR's etc.that have it out.
But it also depends where you are.This is a N American reply,not GB.
Add your location to your Profile.
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Hi im having a major issue I want to play my games via my Dell switching Xbox cables. PC without monitor on video flat screen monitor The way I Xbox video on PC monitor without switching cables. achieve that now is by disconnecting the vga cable that connects my computer to my monitor and plugging in the vga cable for my xbox into the monitor Then when Im done I have to go through the agonizing process of unscrewing the cable for my xbox and replacing the cable for my computer This is my xbox cable http www xbox com en-US hardware x xbox vgahdcable My major question is Can I make is so I can have an option or button to switch between the two videos Like say mid game I want to switch back to my pc without have to unplug my Xbox video on PC monitor without switching cables. cable or anything can I do that I notice the cable for the connection from my pc to my monitor has another cable hanging off of it but I have no idea what that is for and it doesn t take in cables it puts out My operating system is a Dell C and i have a in flat screen monitor with the speaker attached to it on the bottom Do Xbox video on PC monitor without switching cables. I have to buy an attachment or is there a program I can buy Thank you so much nbsp

A:Xbox video on PC monitor without switching cables.

I also run on Vista 32 bit
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Please read this, sorry, I would copy and paste but like I say I'm using a Wii for internet due to no working PC, and there's no copy and paste (yes, I'm actually typing this damn long URL by hand):

Thanks for any help! Hopefully this forum will have more people online at this late/early time (I'm UK based and so is the previous forum)

A:Complete hardware beginner: How to remove power cables, ribbon cables and HDD drives?
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I recently purchased a Chaintech Geforce FX MB DDR AGP X X video card from newegg com Additional stats Core clock MHz D-SUB DirectX DirectX DVI Max Resolution input/check after display won't Monitor cables) new card install video (no x Hz Memory Clock MHz OpenGL OpenGL TV Monitor won't display (no input/check cables) after new video card install Tuner No TV-Out S-Video Out VIVO No I ve been using an old Geforce MB card don t have the specifics at the moment and it was working fine albeit sub-par for new games namely Guild Wars I m using an ASUS A V Socket A motherboard MHz FSB AGP Pro X if you need any other info or specs let me know and I ll provide what I can Long story short I correctly and safely removed the old card input the new card and nothing happens My monitor says quot no input check cables quot Obviously something is going on with this card I m not sure if the problem is with the card itself or its compatibility with my motherboard I m not a genius when it comes to pc hardware that s why I m here and basically I have two questions If this video card can work with my motherboard what do I need to do to get it to work If this video card cannot work with my motherboard what s the best video card I could buy that would be compatible with what I ve got Also considering the motherboard I DO have if I indeed I need to replace this card again what should I look for so I don t order the wrong thing Any assistance will be GREATLY appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Monitor won't display (no input/check cables) after new video card install

You didn't say whether or not you uninstalled the old graphics card driver and installed a new one.
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We have a HP DeskJet 810C connected to a pc by a 5 mtr USB cable (laid underground when 2.0 possibly did not exist, so there are no version markings on the cable). The printer works fine (It is not host-based, uses PCL)

I connect a HP LaserJet P1008 (Host based) to the same cable; but the PC reports that the USB device malfunctioned. The printer works fine on the same port if I use the 1 metre USB cable that came with the printer: it is USB 2.0.

Is it because of the cable length that the printer cannot communicate with the PC? If I were to get a 5.0 metre USB 2.0 cable, will that also fail?

Getting this P1008 to work in my office is getting to be a massive exercise: it does NOT qualify as an Office Printer

Glad if someone could guide me.


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I was thinking about this the other day, how even though in marketing VGA, XGA SXGA, UXGA, WXGA, WSXGA, WUXGA all seem to be labeled "VGA" ports and cables, dispite their significantly different display capabilities. I have done some searching, but still don't know how to tell specifically what kind of ports and cables I have. I would have guessed that the max resolution I can display would be some kind of indication, although my display adapter can display beyond my monitor's capabilities. Is there any easy way to physically distinguish the cables from one another?

A:How to tell VGA cables apart?

I worked as a monitor tech for 12 years and for these connector types, it's the cards frequency ranges and not the connector, that determines the output... I think that these connectors are physically the same, minus or plus some pins
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In my earlier post, I found that I need a bunch of new cables. What I don't know, is what kind Any help here would be appreciated....
I have two hard drives, a floppy drive, and a cd-rom drive.
I'm sure this is a simple question, but I'm too tired to dig up an answer on my own

A:IDE cables

Cabling is fairly simple.

Get 1 floppy cable...generic

The IDE cables for Hard Drives and CD-Rom depend on what type of drives you have.

For hard drives that are UATA, You'll need 80 Pin cables. If the Drives are all normal EIDE, then you need 40 pin.
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Q: Cables

Here's an easy one for you , just wondering if anyone has a good chart on cable types and there transmission distances??


Hi and welcome. Not sure if this will help, but found it on a quick Google search
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when connecting 2 hdd to a single ide controller - using a cable with 3 ide connectors (1 at each end & 1 at the middle),
is it important to connect the middle to the master hdd or to the slave?

& how things with the new sata cables?


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I get the message : no 80 connector cable installed when I boot my PIII.

I have a 15gb WD as C on ide 1 and a 20gb WD as D on the same cable.

I am going to replace the ide cable with the "new" 80 connector one.

If I now buy a second 80 connector cable and install it on ide2 will it affect my HP9100 (set up as master on ide2) and LG cd rom set up as slave on ide2?

A:cables - once again

It shouldn't affect the HP, but neither will it improve its transfer speed either. 80pin connector cables allow the full potential of ATA hard drives to be realised, especially in short burst type transfers of data. The HP will never be able to achieve ATA33 let alone the 66 and 100 speeds allowed by an 80 pin connector cable.
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just bouhgt a USB 2.0 PCI card, just wondering if i need to but special USB cables in order to get the USB 2.0 speeds or will the standard A->B USB 1.0 cable work?

A:USB 2.0, use different cables??

You shouldn't have to use different cables, it is just the transfer rate along the cable that improves.
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i have a question about UTP cable. does anyone know why the cable is twisted? i know its cheap....

A:UTP cables

It's twisted to provide noise immunity and the desired transmission line characteristics. Here's a page that talks to the topic:
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Q: Cables

How yall doing? well I thought of something crazy to do since ive seen so many machines with "glowing cables" i want to see how they look on my system these cables I am talking about are the IDE cables and more if any of you could give me a link where i can buy them directly it would be greatly aprecitated thank's



I only now a good english website, not shure if this is any help

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Vista has detected my wireless router and I have the internet. However, wenever i plug a cable in (for faster speeds) it doesnt work :S.

It doesnt detect the cable i plug in

Any help wud be appreciated

A:Help with my cables :S!

What cable are you using and where are you plugging it in ?
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Bought some Sas drives on Ebay, a Perc5i, 512 mb memory for the card, now only need 2 sas cables for 2 drives each.

1) hope the memory works on the Perc
2) still am waiting for the drives to arrive, also for the memory

3) wich cables do i need? anyone?

to go further:

my Perc4 (PCI-e) has 128 mb cache memory and BBU.

I want to remove my 256 mb on the Perc5i and put this on the Perc4, then instal the 512 mb.
Can i swap the BBU from the Perc4 tot the Perc5i?

A lot of questions, any good info will help.



A:Sas cables 229 pin, 32 pin, 36 pin

ok, it seems i was misled. The Perc5 does NOT support more then 256 mb, due to firmware.

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I just purchased the canon imageclass D320 printer. I need to know what type of USB cable to purchase and canon is no help. I think i need the A/B type but how can I be sure. Also I need to run a longer cable then 12 ft will extensions work I need 25 - 30 feet if I'm going to have the cable out of the way.


A:USB Cables

Look at the connection where the cable is. Most I/O devices use the A/B cable, so that's a good guess. If you have an existing USB device, see if it fits.

I'm somewhat surprised that a cable didn't come with the printer, Canon must be getting cheap.

I don't know if I'd try to pipe USB 30 feet, I have 12 foot USB cables that work fine here.
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Q: cables

Does anybody know how to search for the correct cables needed to hook laptop to tv?


Hi nanazena and welcome o TSG.

A Google search for the words video cable followed by the type(s) of connector you need on each end may work for you. Depending on what kinds of video outputs are available on your laptop and what kind of video inputs you have on your TV, you may need some type of converter box, rather than just a simpl cable with different plugs on each end.

Be careful if you need to go from a 15 pin VGA output on the laptop to a composite or S-video input on the TV. There are companies selling inexpensive cables for this. However, those cable will only work if your computer has the ability to reconfigure the video controller to output composite and/or S-video out of the VGA connector. I have not as yet seen or heard of any laptop with this feature.

You can also let us know what connection you have on the laptop and TV and we should be able to help you find a source. It would help if we at least knew what country you are in so we may be able to locate a supplier in the same country.
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This is my media tower and want to link it up to this tv which im ordering friday

As we have no hd equipment I can use the available connection.

I would like to order cables before the tv arrives can someone let me know what cable so I can order it

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My understanding is that any USB cable (1.0, 1.1, 2.0, High Speed, Full Speed, Shielded... etc) can be used to connect any USB device to a PC. It is also my understanding that the quality of the wires and the construction of the cable itself can vary significantly and that this may have an impact on the performance of the device.

I have 2 questions:

1. Is my understanding as described above correct? If not what is the truth about USB cables?

2. Is there a way of visually determing the type and quality of a cable? If not is there some other way of determing the type and quality of a cable?

I have a box full of USB cables, collected over the years, but have no idea what USB version they are or the quality of the cable. The only cables which are visually different are shielded and unshielded. The others all look the same to me.



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I bought a new hard drive and going to use it as my slave drive for backups. My question is can remove the IDE connector from my CDR-W drive and connect it to the new hard drive and then connect the spare connector looped from the CDR drive and connect it to the CDR-W drive. Will the primary and secondary IDE connectors on the Motherboard make any difference.

Some IDE cables are short, but by doing what I asked I can make the IDE cable work

Thanking You


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Hi I'm hoping someone can help me understand this as I don't to a lot of physical network setup It all seemed obvious until this point A customer has asked me to fill his pre-cabled by BT office with computers but there is one ethernet port that did not work whereas all the others worked as expected I took the front off and found that the wires hadn't been connected so I went ahead with my krone tool and did what I thought had to be done but that did not work either The one difference about this port is the fact it has another pair of white cat cables alongside the normal purple cables that connect through to the switch I don't know where the white cables go but they are connected together at this end by some clear plastic connectors using the the Blue whiteblue from one and the do do? these cables What orange whiteorange from the other What do these cables do? Does anyone recognise whats going on here Many thanks

A:What do these cables do?

So sometimes people will break out Cat5 cables and use a pair for a phone line or something so they don't have to run another line. I can't tell from the picture if those plastic plugs are for something to be plugged into or they are splicing the pair together somehow?
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Q: cables

hi what are the round bits on the cables (vga,modem,ect) ive been puzzleing over it for a while and its bugging me


Can you post a picture?
If you are taliking about the little knobs,like the ones on either side of
a VGA cable end,they are screws that you screw into the video card
and monitor so the cable doesn't fall out.
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I need some additonal length of cable for my flat panel monitor. The monitor came with 6' of cable, is it ok to add just another 6' section of cable to this or should I replace the existing 6' with one 10' length of cable? If it matters this is a DVI flat panel monitor.



It's fine to add an extension cable to your existing one. Here's a site where you can purchase one for your monitor.
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I have what seems to be a 40 wire ide cable, running from my motherboard to my two cd-rom drives, and a 80 wire one from motherboard to hard drive.

I only use one cd-rom, and want to make a secondary hard drive setup, can I simply switch these cables?

Never mind, I answered my own question


A:IDE cables

Yes, but if you have a hard drive on a cable it really should be an 80 wire one. CD Drives aren't fast enough to need the 80 wire ones, but ATA100/133 hard drives are.
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Q: cables

Not sure if any one can help but would be gratefully if any one even has any idea's.
ok recently i thought i would try and build a computer i managed to buy 1 which had alredy been half built so i thought this would be a bonus.

Connected everying together and turned it on....not much happened, 1 thing the power did turn on.But there was nothing on the screen . also none of the cd rom drives were to cut a long story short i worked out that the cable connecting the drives which comes from the motherboard was playing up because if you took it out the drives it would then work and the computer would try and start up but still there is nothing on the screen. not sure what it could be, replaced the cable but still that doesnt make a difference.


Is the in-case speaker hooked up to the motherboard? Are you hearing any beeps? If so, how many, how long and in what order?
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Hello i just registered here, nice forums and community, so i have this Foxconn GeForce7300Gt, and it comes with these cables

i was wondering what can i do with them?

Black one is S-vid out, red one is Pr out, blue one is Pb/COM Out and green one is Y Out.

thanks for ur help

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i have a lacie usb external hard drive, which i thought was on its way out, i tried diffent usb cabels and i used to get this clicking noise like the fan or hard drive was struggling. Any way i found a usb cable which has a plastic round thing about 2 inches away from the end, not sure what its called or what its purpose is ,but this works great, no clicking and no loss of connection.

Anyone know what the difffernece between the usb cables is?

Many thanks

A:usb cables

Thats called a ferrite bead and prevents noise, or interference on the line.
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Is it possible to hookup a IDE HD to a IDE Cable that has a DVD/CDRW Rom drive on the same cable?

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A:Ide Cables

Turn your CAPS lock off first of all. Next, have you been in the case recently or added any new hardware? Try reseating the cables to the drives as well as the motherboard and if that fails try a new cable.
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I am not sure if this question belongs here As you know RCA Cables are red white and yellow Are the colors primarily for people who need a simple way of hooking up the cables correctly Is there any difference between them The yellow one is for video Can one of the other colors be used for video I know red and white are for audio Is the yellow cable different than the white and yellow cable The reason I am asking these strange questions is that I am thinking of using three splitters from the TV so that I can watch the TV while I am recording the same program on the other half of each splitter RCA Cables cable I will use each splitter for the red yellow and white connections on the back of my RCA Cables TV I will use a software from Arcsoft to capture the program so that I can create a DVD of that program I am using As you may remember I used to record my movies for or years but now I get the loud low hum now The noise suppressor did not eliminate that hum I do not know if the picture will be degraded by using the splitters Any help will be appreciated nbsp
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Hi i just bought a a 40 gig harddrive. I just got it and it looks like i dont have an extra slot on my IDE Cable left. This is my 3rd hardrive. I have C drive/D drive, And now E drive if i can connect it. Ive been looking at sites for a ide cable with a 4th pin connector but I cant seem to find them. The most is 3 connections. Thats only for 2 hardrives. Can anyone show me a site where i can buy a IDE connector where i can connect 3 hardrives to them? Thank you. Any other help would be useful to so thanks!

A:IDE Cables

It's simply not possible, 2 drives per cable is the max.
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If any of you have tried to help me w/my problem, I'm still haveing them. I have tried every suggestion you guys gave me . I have a question, does the cables ever go bad? before these last set of problems started, I had unplugged the video cable (I unscrewed the two side thingys & pulled out the plug, but it didn't want to come out, so I pulled hard on it & the screws came out with the two things on the side of plug that tightens the plug up. But, I did get it back in. Just wondering if that may be my problem .I can't even print or down load anyting either.Please see my last post on "don't have a start up menu or bar. Thanks

A:can cables go bad?

FWIW: I suspect that...if you want feedback on a given problem, the least that you will have to do is provide a link to related posts.

Most of us don't memorize any posts, let alone every one...and the chances of anyone going out of the way to search for your posts...well, IMO, it just minimizes your chances of any response that is useful.

Cables...and anything else manmade...can go bad with usage, human error, etc.

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Have just bought an Artec 32x12x48 cd-rewriter. It is an ATA33 jobbie and came with the 40 pin ribbon cable.
Is it ok to ditch this cable and carry on using my rounded ATA66/100 cables ?
Also it is rigged up as secondary master with the cd-rom drive as 'slave' and the Seagate 5400 20gb hdd is primary 'master' on its own with no 'slave'.
Is this layout ok ?? I have been testing and 'burning' a couple of cdr's to try it out (with Nero 5) files to back up from the pc with no problems. But it seems to be very fussy about which cdr discs I use for copying music cd's. Only had it a day or so.

Very many thanks.

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My boss owns a coach which has a built in TV on the side. We need to have this cable that would allow sound to be transfered from the laptop he has to the speakers on the TV. He needs this to work for powerpoint presentations and such.

The laptops sound is a regular plug which is the standard headphone jack plug. To the TV it looks as if the only connection would be the standard red and white just like regular TV have, but I'm not too sure.

Does anyone on here have experience with Coach's? Or perhaps any plugs that would work for this situation.

- Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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I have a Dell L400 and an IBM Thinkpad 570, both with (what I believe to be) faulty LCD cables. I went searching for replacements and found a site advertising three LCD cables as replacements for each laptop (six total). The Thinkpad cables were even priced differently. I am wondering if there are significant differences between the cables, and if so, how I can tell which will work for my laptops.
For the Dell the product numbers of the cables were 60KWK, 8D153, and 6D441
For the Thinkpad they were 12P4214, 27L0593, and 05K2836
I've been struggling with this issue for quite a while and any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Which LCD Cables Are Appropriate?

Why not send email to the site and ask which is appropriate for your machine?
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Will a 12 foot 3.5mm cable be used from the digital audio port on my TV to the 3.5mm port on the back of the desk computer?

Then all I need is to split the yellow cable at the TV and hook that up to my TV using the Arcsoft software to record video and sound from the TV. It all depends on the splitter being used with the yellow cable which is 70 Ohms. From what I have read elsewhere the splitter can be used if there is a short distance from the TV and my desk computer. I hope I am making sense.

A:3.5mm cables

Is this the arcsoft product you were mentioning?
Does it contain any function to record TV shows from a different host or TV?
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Im trying to remove the current psu cables from the devices they are plugged into. Man, these cables are really snug. I can't get them out, should they be liek this. Will I just have to use more strength to get them out. Should I pull them out straight, or pull them out while wiggling them side to side? Cheers

A:PSU Cables

Wiggle them both ways (left/right) while pulling at the same time.
They can be a ***** to get out.
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im looking at buying a second hand APC smart-ups 1000. except it doesnt come with any cables what cables will i need to use it? and can i get these from a computer store??

im assuming i might need power cables with 2 male connectors for connecting the computer powerwise.
and a five pin cable so the software can do its thing..

i attach a photo of the back on the unit its the only one i have on the computer at the moment i have seen the front and it looks in excellent condition. just not sure on the cable situation.

A:UPS cables

I just bought an APC UPS and the cabe it uses is USB on one side and what looks like an RJ45 on the other. I'm not sure if it is standard or proprietary, but I can't make out the jack on the back of your UPS in the picture, so I couldn't say.
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I have: 1 Hard Drive, 1 CDRW drive, and 1 DVDROM drive.

What assignment (primary/secondary master/slave) should each drive have?

A:How to set up the ide cables?

I would put both CD drives on the secondary. You'll have to experiment to see if one or the other prefers to be the master.

If you are on Windows XP you might have to experiment with DMA/PIO settings in the secondary channel too. Sometimes you have to set one to PIO mode so the other can use DMA without stuttering. Try setting both to "DMA if available", hit OK and then reopen it to see what Windows decided to do.

On Win9x/ME you can turn DMA on and off in the Drive properties instead of the IDE controller properties.

The HD will perform faster if it doesn't share a channel with either one, so that means it's the primary master.
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Q: Cables

I want to connect my camcorder to my acer laptop what lead should i get and what port does it connect to This laptop does not have a firewire port so I want to use another port - can anybody help The spec of the laptop is below What I really need is the name of the cable that I need to order Acer Aspire specifications General Platform Technology Intel Centrino Built-in Devices Stereo speakers Subwoofer Wireless LAN antenna Embedded Security Fingerprint reader Width in Depth in Height in Weight lbs Localization Cables United States Notebook type Mid-size laptops - lbs Wireless capabilities Cables IEEE g IEEE b Processor Processor Intel Core Duo T GHz Multi-Core Technology Dual-Core -bit Computing Yes Data Bus Speed MHz Chipset Type Mobile Intel GM Express Cache Memory Type L cache Cache size MB RAM Installed Size GB GB max Technology DDR SDRAM - MHz RAM form factor SO DIMM -pin RAM configuration features x GB x GB Environmental Parameters Environmental standards EPA Energy Star Storage Controller Storage controller type Serial ATA Storage Controller Serial ATA Interface Serial ATA- Storage Floppy Drive None Hard Drive GB - Serial ATA- - rpm Storage Removable None Hard drive type Portable Optical Storage Type DVD RW R DL DVD-RAM - Integrated CD DVD read speed x CD x DVD R x DVD R DL CD DVD write speed x CD x DVD R x DVD R DL CD DVD rewrite speed x CD x DVD-RW x DVD RW x DVD-RAM Optical Storage nd nd optical storage type None Card Reader Card reader type in card reader Supported flash memory cards Memory Stick Memory Stick Pro MMCplus xD-Picture Card SD Memory Card MultiMediaCard Display Display Type in TFT active matrix Max Resolution x WXGA Widescreen Display Yes Color Support -bit million colors Features CineCrystal Screen type Widescreen Video Graphics Processor Vendor Intel GMA X Dynamic Video Memory Technology Max Allocated RAM Size MB Audio Audio output type Sound card Audio output compliant standards Dolby Home Theater DirectSound Audio Input Stereo microphone Notebook Camera Camera Type Integrated Input Device s Input device type Keyboard -way scroll button Touchpad CineDash Features Built-in numeric keyboard Telecom Modem Fax modem Max transfer rate Kbps Protocols amp Specifications ITU V Modem features Wake on Ring Networking Networking Network adapter Networking Wireless LAN Supported Yes Wireless NIC Intel PRO Wireless ABG Data link protocol Ethernet IEEE b IEEE a Gigabit Ethernet Fast Ethernet IEEE g Networking features Acer SignalUp Networking standards IEEE b IEEE a IEEE g Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Expansion Connectivity Expansion Slots Total Free x ExpressCard - SO DIMM -pin x Memory Interfaces x Audio - Ethernet Base-T Base-TX Base-T - Mini-phone stereo mm x Network - Phone line - IrDA x Microphone - VGA - pin HD D-Sub HD- x Modem - Input - Mini-phone mm x Audio - SPDIF output headphones line-out - RJ- x Display video - Line-in - RJ- x Hi-Speed USB - pin USB Type A x Infrared - Mini-phone mm Miscellaneous Features System password Hard drive password Security lock slot cable lock sold separately Administrator password Wake on LAN Power Power device form factor External Voltage Required AC V Battery Technology -cell Lithium ion Installed Qty Operating System Software OS Provided Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Software Microsoft Office Home and Student Edition days trial McAfee Internet Security Suite Trial Acer Video Conference Manager CyberLink PowerDirector Trial OEM Acer GridVista Acer Launch Manager NTI Media Maker OEM Acer Instant-on Arcade Microsoft Works Acer Crystal Eye Acer Empowering Technology Acer Bio-Protection Adobe Acrobat Reader Manufacturer Warranty Service amp Support year warranty Service amp Support Details Traveler warranty - Parts and labor - year Limited warranty - year Sustainability ENERGY STAR Qualified Yes nbsp


You need a Firewire ExpressCard. 1208419865&name=IEEE 1394 ExpressCard
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My Dell 2001FP was sent with a DVI cable and someone hooked a VGA cable to and now i have a yellow verticle and red verticle stripe on the left side.Could that have anything to do with it?It's kind of annoying to look at red stripe starring you in the face.Thx for the help.
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hi i'm trying to fix a laptop that has no cd rom and i want to connect it to my xp desktop using serial cables that i have and the laptop has win98se will i be able to connect.i've tried but can't get the 2 computer connected to share the cdrom.could someone please help.

A:serial cables help

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Hello Guys I was so confused a few days ago after solving two problems with different computers with just a cable issue do you know any difference on the IDE cables besides the little plastic guide in the middle of the cable I can t really tell why but the problems I had is that I can t read any dvd from a dvd-rw unit so I test the unit in a dif PC and it works so later on just change the cable and the unit works it s important cables? How are the weird to me because the same cable works good for How important are the cables? a regular How important are the cables? CD-Rom unit but this IDE cable besides it was brand new was kind of old but I can t tell the difference by just looking at it is there really How important are the cables? a big differente between the new IDE cables and the old ones same happen with a HDD I took out the jumper from the HDD and it works put it back and PC freeze change the cable and works with the jumper back I ll appreciate any information that you could provide Thanks wave nbsp

A:How important are the cables?

There are different cables. 40 wire ones for ATA 33 devices and 80 wire ones for ATA 66\100 devices. both though have the little plastic guide in the center. are you sure this wasnt a floppy cable? they look alot like IDE cables but dont have the guide int he middle.
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I have 2 IDE Hard drives and an IDE DVD-RW. The hard drive and DVD-RW is hooked up on the same cable. My other hard drive.. well.. i cant use it since there is only one IDE port on my motherboard. Of course buying an IDE Controller would work, but i dont really want to put any more money in on this thing. Which brings me to my question, why dont they make a 3 Port (or more) IDE Cable? If the motherboard can support 2 devices running on one cable.. Surely it can support 3.. right? I dont know. Just curious.

A:3 Port IDE Cables?

No, IDE cannot support three devices on one channel. You will have to get yourself another IDE controller or an external drive enclosure.

Or maybe a better motherboard.. Single channel IDE is something one would expect to find in hardware from the early 90s..
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Running W-7 X64 Enterprise, which to Transfer Files from my XP PC . Can I just use USB cable or do I need special Transfer Cables?

A:Transfer Cables

Quote: Originally Posted by xptowindows7

Running W-7 X64 Enterprise, which to Transfer Files from my XP PC . Can I just use USB cable or do I need special Transfer Cables?

Need more info. Are you transferring just data or are you looking to import XP and dual boot. Are both the same version (32bit or 64bit)?
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I'm thinking of upgrading my system at the end of the year.

Do I need to upgrade the cables connecting the cd drives, hd etc? At present the mobo is PC100 - not fast then..but are there different speeds for these cables?

If I do need to replace them..where do I get them - do they come with the mobo?

A:Change IDE Cables?

They will come with the sysbo, unless you're getting a super-duper uber-cheap OEM board.

No need to buy new ones, unless you want rounded cables.

In fact, the only trouble you'd have with your current drives is if your HDD's and CD-ROM's are ATA133.

But don't worry, everything you need will come with your sysbo.
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Im trying to remove my motherboard, but there are cables connected in sockets that wont come out. In the picture is my problem. Whats the trick to removing these? And thanks!
Sorry about the title
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Google Image Result for

I got this by a friend from the U.S.A but with no cables

A:What cables does this thing use?

This is what I found on a webpage that describes it:

Single 26-pin D-connector (High resolution) containing video, audio and VOS head tracking sensor cable

Interfaces with standard VGA feature connector 26-pin ribbon cable
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Hello, I have just started my first ever PC Build and am almost complete however I am struggling to find out which cables go into which slots, I have only done the 24 pin into the motherboard, the rest honestly make no sense to me and would love some help I have tried to watch videos and obviously read the manual given but I just can't seem to figure it out, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I bought an HP Pavilion DV7-3020sa a week ago which has 2 HDD areas but only 1 HDD fitted.
I have bought an identical HDD to the one already installed to fit into the 2nd drive slot but cannot find anywhere where I can buy the lead to connect it to the mainboard.
Having now tried over 15 companies, including HP, I am becoming frustrated.
Does anyone know where the lead can be purchased?
It is a SATA socket on one end and a very very small plug on the other and is only around one inch long. (Please note that it does not connect directly to the mainboard in the usual clip-in method, it does have a small cable!)


A:HP Pavilion HDD cables

please do not duplicate posts
continue here
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I thought there was a problem with a cable, the wide grooved cable and tried another. At bootup it did crazy things at startup, so I changed back to the originals.

Each time I restart, I am prompted to the "guest" login only, and not to my login along with the guest login.

To avoid having to logoff guest to my environment, what can I do to bring back the original login screen. And yes I use Windows XP home.

A:Changed cables and ....

Why did you think there was a problem with a cable? What was happening to the PC prior to this to make you think that so we can have more background on the problem? Does the PC have more than one install of Windows XP on it?
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iv recently moved to a thermaltake tsunami case, which has usb and firewire mounted in the top of the case(which is quite handy) however this meant that there were long black cables travelling down through my case!!

i want to know if there is any risk routing these cables directly behind the mobo, so like where the mounting scerws are.

cheers and any other tips on concealing cables would be great!!


A:routing cables

No problem. Just make sure you don't put too much pressure on the cables and routing them from under the hot CPU is probably not the best way either.
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This week, one of my SATA connectors on a hard drive broke. Hitachi will replace it but I want to avoid this happening again. SATA connectors are a poor excuse for a connector but we must live with them.

Western Digital has a very good connector in their Sure Connect line but it is only available in a 19" length and they don't plan on offering it in any other length.

My case is a server case and needs 24" to 30" cables.

Are extensions available for SATA cables (6" to 12" would do)?

Can cables be easily spliced to lengthen them by 6" to 12" extra?

Does anyone other than Western Digital offer a stronger SATA cable?


A:SATA Cables

Solved: Found some 12" SATA extensions on the net. Will combine these with the WD Secure Connect cables.
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Can anyone tell me what type of HD cables work best with a Playstation 3.

A:Playstation 3 HD cables

I would say HDMI as it was designed to carry HD signals.
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I am setting up my connectors, my manual says I have all these connectors to the fans(SYSFAN1; NBFAN1; AUXFAN1; AUXFAN2; CPUFAN1). I have three fans in the case each has its own power connector that I have hooked up directly to the power supply. Do I have to worry about the other connectors mentioned in the motherboard manual? I have the CPU heat sink and fan connected and there is one fan on the motherboard that came already connected.

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Sorry for such a basic question for my first post - its just something i have never got round to asking/looking for.

My laptop (and Pc as far as i know) both support this function, at least one way. Is there a cable(s) or adapter(s) i can get to link my Pc and Tv together to use the TV to display but also to record images from DVD/Tv (according to licensing rules) onto my computer.

The main reason i ask is i frequently prepare powerpoint presentantions with clips from Tv documentaries etc in (with their permission and credit) but have to go through my IT dept which takes ages - i would rather do it myself if possible?

Thank in advance.

A:What cables do i need to link my TV and Pc?

Using a TV as a computer display and capturing video to your computer are two completely different processes. Most computers (especially laptops) have an S-Video output, which you can buy an S-Video cable for, and it will allow you to use any TV with an S-Video input as a second monitor (or if the TV doesn't support S-Video, you can buy one of many adapters to change it to another input, such as RCA or even a standard cable connection).

To capture video, you need a capture card or capture device and also capturing software. The following link will take you to a list of external USB devices that do this (you can buy these anywhere). You can also buy an internal card (either PCI or AGP) that would do the same thing. The process of capturing and editing video does have quite a large learning curve, so if you're not familiar with it, it may be awhile until you can really use this.
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I purchased a Belkin easy transfere cable for windows vista. It worked fine. Can I use this same cable to transfere files from wds 2000 to wds xp?, or is it only for vista transferes?

A:Transfere Cables

Its unlikely Belkin only made this transfer cable for Vista - more likely than not it works with Win2000 and XP also.
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My EIDE cables are not marked (no "master" and "slave"). How do I know which connector goe's into the motherboard and which into the ROM's? Also whihc connectos to the master and whihc to the slave?
Does it matter whihc cable is used for hard drives and for ROMS? Are they the same?

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Just wondering...
They seem to create more trouble than good. Why can't we just push them in like USB or whatever?

A:Why are there screws in VGA cables?

Not 100% sure but I think this is the reason
If they were allowed to work their way out this could cause the machine to reboot.
If you were in the middle of something you would loose all your unsaved data.
USB etc won't cause this problem
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I have a laptop with vga & want to connect to tv with hdmi. Does anyone make a cable with vga on one end & hdmi on the other? If so...where...what do I ask for? And would I get both sound & picture with it?
Thanx for any help...Linda

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I know that there is really no difference between a SATA 1 and SATA 2 cable, despite the fact that some vendors try to give that impression. However,the new Asus Asus M4A89GTD motherboard includes two pairs of cables, 2 x SATA 2 & 2 SATA 3. The only difference that I can see in them, is one pair has black connectors, and the other gray. Also the gray pair are marked as SATA 6GBs. Does this mean that there is a real difference between them, or is it like in the past...hype?

A:Sata 3 Cables

Well, if you have a device that supports 6GBs, than yea, it is a significant difference. If not, likely there wont be much difference.

Solid State Drives can really use the Sata III 6GBs to their advantage, increasing the speed dramatically. It is still often a noticable difference for some, but as I said, the difference will more likely come in getting hardware that supports it
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Hello Guys & Gals,
Need to ask a question I am unsure what to do about. My daughter brought me her pc to work on. The problem is someone took the power cord that supplies the moniter (HP f1703) can someone tell me where to find this cable. I did get it on by using my cord for my laptop. But they cost like $100 or more. Would like to find it cheaper. Thanks.

A:cables needed

Try E-Bay. I just entered "monitor power cord" and 59 hits came back. I would think that at least one would fit.

Good Luck!
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I am hoping that you guys know how to check the USB version/speed in the computer once the cables are connected. It's a problem for me because I want the best quality when transferring data, and I own so man cables like 10 of them. I have different length cables, too, does that affect speed?

So my main question is how do I know if my USB cable is 2.0 or 1.1?

A:How do I know what version my USB Cables are...?

if you have a USB 1.1, when you plug in a device like a flash drive windows will tell you is is slow and will run faster.

If you have a late model computer, rest assured, your USB ports are 2.0

Cable length really doesn't make a difference until you're more than 5 feet in length. At that point you want a POWERED usb hub.

if you go into windows control panel under device manager it will say enhanced USB for 2.0
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Hi guys. I'm not really into computers but my children need the computer for school. We've recently moved and when I unpacked the computer box to set it up again, there is no cables to set up. All I have is the tv monitor and hard drive. I have no cables or connectors so I really don't know what u need. Please help me?

A:I've list all cables

Being answered here:
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Hi guys. I'm not really into computers but my children need the computer for school. We've recently moved and when I unpacked the computer box to set it up again, there is no cables to set up. All I have is the tv monitor and hard drive. I have no cables or connectors so I really don't know what I need. Please help me?

A:I've list all cables

Hi and welcome,
Some options:
Is there a computer spares/repairs shop near you?
Did you use a removal company? Have they got any boxes left on the lorry?
Who's moved in to your old place? Could you 'phone them and ask them to see if you left anything?
Have you looked in all boxes & cartons?
Try Ebay?

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hi every one , am using windwos xp sp 2 for 2 computers i just bouth 2 network card ( realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast eathernet ) and i bought 2 cables crossed cable and straight cable ,,, anyways i went to my network places and u creat new home network in both computers and i follow the steps til it gives me it's compelete successfully for both computers

and i went to the network IP and put in the first pc and in the other pc and i restared the pc and also it gives me that is'nt not plugged so any 1 can help ??

Thanks regardes

A:Gives that the cables are nto plugged

Always do things step by step.

First, connect the cable and make sure the link light on both network cards turns on (both computers have to be running of course). If there is no link, triple-check that your cabling is OK. If you are sure there are no cable issues, go to network card settings and force the link speed/duplex manually.

After you have a link between the network cards, set the IP configuration and try pinging the other computer. Be sure to turn of any software firewalls.

Only after ping works should you try to set up anything else.
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Is there a performance boost in using 80 wire IDE cables to connect my DVD drive and CD-RW drive? Or will 40 wire do the same thing?

If I wanted to, how could I add a third HDD(not likely) or a third optica drive, say DVD-RW (more likely)? I know on my mobo manual and in BIOS there is a 3rd an 4th IDE interface but I dont remember seeing any places on the mobo to plug any cables into.

Any ideas?

A:ide cables and drives

Hi There!

Using an 80 Pin IDE ribbon cable for DVD/CD-Rom drives won't make much difference at all. Normally, DVD & CD-Rom drives do not use the UATA specs so a 40 pin cable would be fine.

as far as adding a 3rd HDD, to the IDE Chain, Each IDE Controller can handle 2 drives. Your motherboard may have U-ATA Controllers in addition to the IDE controllers and that is where you would need to configure things more the added HDD.
Good Luck

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My neighbour who went halves on a CCTV unit with cams would like to have a monitor of his own just to watch the CCTV unit has one HDMI and one VGA Iam currently using the VGA on a quot to use? splitter are VGA ok cables monitor we were thinking of using a VGA splitter cable to run a m cable along out of our soffit along and into his soffit and down into his bedroom so he can see all cams basically see s what Iam doing some info on are VGA splitter cables ok to use? the web seems to suggest a simple split cable are VGA splitter cables ok to use? will do are VGA splitter cables ok to use? this and others say it wont and that you would need a way quot powered quot splitter port im wondering if its worth us buying a monitor with HDMI amp VGA first THEN trying it out as the splitter cables are only couple of pound if the HDMI monitor gives me better same quality then we just get him a really long VGA cable from eBay and he has our quot VGA monitor and we use the HDMI connection does anyone know if these splitter cable actually work or do you need a powered device thanks in advance nbsp

A:are VGA splitter cables ok to use?

Yes, they work. Whether or not you need a powered splitter/or video amp will depend on the cable quality and cable length.
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Is the type of cable used for the motherboard (from motherboard to electricity) the same type of cable used for monitor (from monitor to electricity)? Is it ok to switch them?

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I have several USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 portables wihich came with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 cables respectively.
One of my recent computer tower has both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports.
I understand that USB 3.0 and 2.0 cables are compatible with either USB 2 or USB 3 ports.

My question is about the speed of file transfer and other functions when USB 2.0 cable (with portable drive with USB 2.0 port) is plugged into USB 3.0 ports in the tower , and vice versa (USB3.0 cable to USB 2.0 port).

A:Question about USB 2.0 and 3.0 cables

The cables are not any different, a wire is a wire, connectors are same.
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I recently ordered about $40 worth of various SATA cables from

They advertise "Same Day Shipping VIA UPS for USA Customers Only". I finally got an acknowledgement of the order but never received any shipping info. Tried calling them a couple of times and all you get is a recording . After about a week and no confirmation for shipping I was finally sucessful in cancelling the order.

If you order from this company, GOOD LUCK!

A:Just Fyi-sata Cables

It took me a month to get my "in stock" capacitors from, welcome to the club.
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My A8N-SLI motherboard just came in today, ad i have no idea how to plug in the...cables..I think its called a GAME/MIDI cable...Theres little ones theres big ones they're all confusing oneesss :_; Help please?

A:Motherboard Cables

Follow the instruction manual that came with the board. Just because a motherboad comes with lots of cables and accessories (depending on the model) doesn't necessarily mean you need to connect them all. Some come with extra pci cards for additional USB connections; some come with firewire ports, etc. Some are also dependent upon your case as well. If the case has a built in firewire port, then instead of connecting a firewire port pci card, connect the cable to the case and ensure it's connected to the correct pins on the motherboard (assuming the board supports it). Did you purchase the Deluxe or Premium version of the board? Personally, I've never connected the game/midi port cable since I use gamepads/joysticks that connect to a 2.0 USB connection.
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I few weeks ago I tried cutting of my ATA cables removing the quot mobo quot end but to my suprise the cable didn t work or rather it was detected as an conductor instead of conductor cable The reason for this is that the quot mobo end quot of the cable is the only end that has the ground wires connected in the terminal so what I did was actually removing the cables grouding function which is the only addition to ATA blush So if you want to shorten your ATA cables to remove clutter in your case for example you must keep the quot mobo end quot and cut off the quot master end quot leaving you with the longer of the two cables but atleast it will be shorter than when you started and still have it s conductors all connected I ll include the mails I sent to Mike who helped me solve this read from bottom to top cables Shortening ATA/66+ -------------- Hi Mike I found a site that sells custom cut cables http www cgicomputerwares com index htm What I want to do is remove the clutter from the IDE cables in my case as I said cm long cables are more than Shortening ATA/66+ cables enough And no I wont mind if you mention our finding just put a small link to Techspot com there - I searched a while for the ATA spec but only came up with that the name of a file describing it is quot SFF- PDF quot gives one hit on google which itself links to a dead FTP server Sincerely - Per Hansson editor Techspot com --------------------------------------------------- --- Michael Schuette lt michael schuette edram com gt wrote gt P s Do you mind if I use your finding to update gt the articles in question IBM vs Maxtor and SATA gt gt Best Regards gt gt Michael gt gt -----Original Message----- gt From Per Hansson mailto gt Sent Wednesday October AM gt To Michael Schuette gt Subject RE Cutting a ATA- cable second mail gt gt gt Hi again Mike I ve found out that you infact where gt right it s only the quot mobo quot end of the ATA cable gt that gt has the ground wires attached gt gt And this must also be why you must connect the cable gt in the right direction i e otherwise the ground gt cables will not be grounded gt gt So now is how do we overcome this gt gt Do you know if any retailer sell quot custom cut quot ATA gt cables or if any of the manufacturers connect the gt ground cables in all terminals in the ATA cable gt gt Sincerely - Per Hansson editor Techspot com gt ------------------------------------------------ gt --- Michael Schuette lt michael schuette edram com gt gt wrote gt gt Per gt gt gt gt Thanks for that tip Usually there should be no gt gt difference whether you cut it off or not unless gt the gt gt shield wires are only connected to ground in the gt two gt gt terminal connectors This could vary from one gt gt manufacturer to another meaning that there is a gt gt chance that the center connector only does a gt gt pass-through for the ground In this case the gt gt controller would not see the correct resistance gt gt value for the combined ground and default to UDMA gt gt because electrically it would be looking at a gt wire gt gt cable Very interesting gt gt gt gt DUH I just reread what you did and there is gt gt actually a possibiity that the only connector that gt gt has the ground -to-shield connections internally gt is gt gt the blue connector that goes on the mobo In fact gt gt that is the only one that would be needed gt gt gt gt Of course that would not influence the basic gt gt fonctionality of the drives they are gt backward compatible with gt gt the older standards but then they would work in gt UDMA mode only gt gt gt gt Best Regards gt gt gt gt Michael gt gt gt gt -----Original Message----- gt gt From Per Hansson mailto gt gt Sent Monday October AM gt gt To ms lostcircuits com gt gt Subject Cutting a ATA- cable gt gt gt gt gt gt Hi there Mike read your very fine artcile on gt Serial gt gt ATA awhile back and also posted a small link to it gt gt over at Techspot com gt gt gt gt In that article you say that while one can t place gt a... Read more

A:Shortening ATA/66+ cables

thats pretty wild. i didnt know that about the IDe cables motherboard end. everyones going sata but thats something i never knew thank you for letting us know.
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I received a catalog from Cyberguys a while ago, and in looking through it I see a lot of ways to label and organize my cable and other wires.
I'm in need of something for myself, and I often get asked about such things, but I'm not very good at keeping my own set up organized, so I'm wondering if you guys have any effective and inexpensive recommendations.

A:Cables and labels

Drill holes in the desktop, run wires through them. Fini.

You can tell I don't use much that I have to buy- I save good wire wraps from kids toys, the nice ones not like garbage bag ties.

I use a lot of tape........ and I like dollar stores so I have it made! I have wooden countertops where the comuters are, and they are not
valuable so I usually run cables down through it. or along the top of the backsplash along the joing where it meets the wall, neatly of course.

I don't like the wires wrapped together, I need to move things a lot, so I just run them the best I can.

For keyboards and mice if you have the pull out drawer shelf, and if you have wood to drill through, that's the best way to hide wires that are always drooping down and getting the dog confused or worse....
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It is not easy Cables Bloody VGA to screw in a VGA cable to a monitor and the Bloody VGA Cables computer itself And as the VGA cable that came with the monitor hasn t got a head on it you know the crosshead and the flathead screws it makes it difficult for me to screw it in properly and the computer desk it is on is crap making it harder for me to access the rear of the computer I have a replacement cable that is easier to plug in to It is from the tv in the Playroom can also act as a monitor I have tested it using a HDMI cable and it works but mum Bloody VGA Cables says it will not work with that cable What does she know anyway why can t monitor manufacturers have clips on the vga cable that would be better than screws oh and the speakers have packed up actually mainly the subwoofer that thing makes a very annoying humming noise me thinks it is the speaker cable nbsp

A:Bloody VGA Cables

Bloody this bloody that we don't use that word here, so don't bloody use it again...anyhoo when are you going to ask a bloody question ?
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I have an RCA Scenium DLP HDTV, and a Sony DVP-NS300 DVD player. The Sony DVD player has several output methods in the back. I'm currently using a regular red white and yellow line out. There is also the following: Digital Out Coaxial and Optical, S-Video out, and Component Video out with plugs labled as Y (green) PB (Blue) and PR (Red). Which would give me the best quality with my tv?

Here is the DVD player

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hi, i need some help connecting my 1394? and usb? cables to my motherboard...but i am not sure which is which..the first attached picture is what 1 of the cables looks like..then another says vcc,usb2-,usb2+,gnd,sheild....another says vcc,usb-,usb1+,gnd..i know you are probably going to say look at your mobo manual, but i did that last time and freid help would be greatly appreciated

A:mobo cables

Those USB1 and USB2 connectors are most likey not for firewire, but just USB. If your Motherboard had the jumpers for the firewire they would be listed in the manuel there. If they aren't then you don't have it.
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Hi. I am looking for two straight connectors on a SATA cable to fit into my pc.
I found this on newegg....sounds like it's cheap and will break easy -

And I found this:
BYTECC Model SATA-118C 18" Serial ATA-150/300 Cable w/Locking Latch
Would either of these two cables work with a new Samsung EVO 250G SSD drive??
Thanks. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

A:SATA Cables

I would use a SATA III cable for an SSD drive, and I prefer locking cables.

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What is the difference between dual link DVI and single link DVI cables? Would I see a noticeable difference if I switch to dual link cables? Would I benefit any at all from switching from single link to dual link?

A:monitor cables -DVI

Do you mean the actual cable or on the graphics card?
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I have been given a computer to set up (brand new) and it has 3 cables I have no idea what to do with . The computer is an ACER E500 with lots of bells and whistles ... and has 3 small cables . All have a metal jack at one end ... 2 have a small hard plastic on the other end (possibly lights up as it looks to be a dark red plastic.) the other one has a soft round rubber end with a possible bulb inside the round ring. ...

Anyone have any clues on these????????

A:Extra cables ???

If you uploaded photos it would help.
Or, if you said what the "bells and whistles" actually were.

If it has a TV card, one could be the IR receiver cable for the remote control, as an example.
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Hi. I would like to know if it's possible to join two VGA cables if yes then how?.. But the wire coding is different. . Thanks in advance.

A:Join Two VGA cables

What do you mean by "join" and "wire coding"? Are you trying two splice together two cables that have a VGA connector on only one end, into one longer cable and the individual wires in the cables are of different colors?

If so, there are no standards that I know of for color coding the individual wires in a VGA cable, You would first need to use an ohmmeter or continuity checker to determine the color of the wire associated with each contact. Then splice together each wire with matching pin numbers. The wires for pin # 1, 2, and 3 are usually coaxial and you would need to make sure to splice together the center conductors and their outer shields.
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I need to order some new power cables for my computers, and lists different gauges. I'm not sure what to pick. Do I need 16AWG or 14AWG? Does it matter? I don't care about the couple dollar price difference. I just want something good.

A:Power Cables & AWG

The 16 awg will handle about 10 amps the 14awg will handle 15 amps. Unless you have a monster power supply or are running a large server the 16 awg should suffice.
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I have a Dell 4700 and am planning to add a NEC 3550A DVD Burner to my system. I have one cd burner currently in the dell, and am planning to leave that in. The new NEC uses IDE, and I want to figure out if my dell has a spare IDE power supply cable so that I won't need to take out the old CD-Burner. What do I need to look for? Thanks

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Simple question, I think.
Own a Toshiba laptop - mid-price - a-la-walmart.
Also own a Xerox workcenter 480cx multifunction.
Want to get appropriate cable -IF POSSIBLE - to connect the Xerox 480 to my laptop USB port.

The nine year old kid down the street says it can't be done.
Ergo therefore I have 2 "printers " on my tableone for fax & copy work connected to Alexander Bell line - the other to print stuff from the internet.

Wifey teed off at me for the wires etc.
Any one solved this problem?
Any advice appreciated.

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My bro's PC has a Creative Vibra 128 sound card installed. He wants to connect it to our TV. Are there any cables available that can allow the sound card to send input to the TV? And what are the best brands available, if any?

A:What cables required?

Here is a good set at Radio Shack. One side to stereo or TV, the other to sound card.
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I have just noticed that my external hard drive has been forced to have its connector be bent by its own carrying case for one whole year I have never noticed that the pocket in the case was there for the cable so I have always thought the case was supposed to be used with the connector plugged in Is it safe to continue using this connector or should I get a replacement from Western Digital the manufacturer The port on the drive itself is fine it is the connector that is bent and it still works The only problem is that I would have to have the cable be shipped internationally from the US for anyone wondering I always use international shipping legally as WD drives don't sell in Korea Also one side question Could any harm have been done to the drive so far because of the case restricting airflow I am supposed to not use the case when I cables about questions more few and A USB actually A few questions about USB cables and more am using the drive on my computer right Don't worry about the data I have another copy of the data on this drive IMPORTANT Edit Question is A few questions about USB cables and more now basically void as it is not the connector that is bent but the port is bent instead More info in post Also I have a USB to Micro-USB cable and the outer insulation for the part of the cable right besides the USB plug is starting to come off from pulling too hard and shows a peek into what I assume are the shielding wires So far it is less than a millimeter wide so I can only see a bit of wire Is it safe to continue using this cable as it is only exposing a very tiny bit of the shielding wires or should I get a replacement This last question is pretty simple Do external hard drives and flash drives show SMART alerts like internal drives do

A:A few questions about USB cables and more

A simple rule of the thumb.

***If a cable in any fashion shows a problem; replace it.***

Can you show us exactly what case you have your hard drive in?
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Hi, I am looking to set-up a room at work with a wireless keyboard/mouse but the set-up of the room will require approx 20' of USB extension to allow the receiver to be in a good range.
It seems I am limited to 10' cables and I have heard that it is not recomended to attach multiple cables (for unspecified reasons).
Can anyone shed some light on this?
Do I have a bluetooth option to use with USB connection since the range is in the 10 meter range?

Thank you

A:USB extension cables

USB can only send a signal for a short length (from memory I think its 13.5 feet).