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Q: Good AMD processors AMD processors

Im working on building a server and I need an AMD processor in it. Right now, im looking at AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ 1GHz FSB Socket 939 Dual Core Processor Model ADA3800BVBOX for $322. The purpose of this server is just a place that 4 computers can access. Its not going to be set up as a server, but just Windows XP without a monitor. Im running an intel pentium 4 on the computer holding the network right now, and it is doing fine. Sometimes its just a little slow. So, I would like a little better than a Pentium 4, but AMD. Also, less then $322. What can I get?


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Preferred Solution: Good AMD processors AMD processors

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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We are using Supermicro Server which is installed with 4 processor of AMD (AMD Opetron 6000 Series) the server is having four processor sockets, please do clarify that windows 7 64 bit version will support 4 physical processor installed on the server or
not, or is there any patch which we can apply to the OS so that it can take all the 4 physical  processors.
What are the hardware limitations of Windows 7 64 bit ?

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I was aghast for reinstallations of Windows 8 because of reasons unknown which ran operating system into trouble.
Now I know why this happened, because I selected maximum number of processors shown in 'Msconfig', which really doesn't exists ('Msconfig' showed 4 processors for Intel Core i3210).
From next start Windows 8 ran into trouble and within a day or two of using this desktop stopped responding, happened for all operating systems where I selected maximum number of processors shown in 'Msconfig'.
Therefore do not select maximum number of processors from 'Msconfig'.
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Why the strangeqe question?

you see I have a Dell XPS 15z laptop with a core i7 processor, 8 Giga RAM running Windows 7 Premium and I also have an HP desktop with a core two duo processor, 3 Gigs of ram running Windows 7 Professional but surprizingly the desktop runs faster than the laptop when I give them both tthe same task on Photoshop CS6 ( a processor heavy application). I feel that I have been cheated into buying the Dell laptop which at the time of purchase was expensive in the is country.

A:Are there any new processors that are faster than Core I7 processors

Does it use 100% cpu for a long time? (so cpu is the bottleneck)
Is it a multithreaded application, so are tasks split in many subtasks and use different cores?
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Hi all,

I'm about to buy a laptop for heavy duty programs such as Cubase and Reason (music production software).

I'm a bit concerned because processor technology seems to have advanced so much since I bought my last desktop about 2 years ago and I don't really understand the specs on these new Duo Core prcessors.

Does anyone know what GHz speed and RAM amount is decent for a laptop these days (I mean as opposed to what some guy in PC World is gonna say "Yeah that's powerful")

The one that I'm thinking about is:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T5600 - 1.83GHz (x2), 667MHz FSB, 2MB L2 Cache
RAM: 2048MB DDR2-667MHz

Thanks ^^

A:Duo Core Processors - What's Good and What's Not??

Anything dual-core will be the latest technology and will be suitable for multiple processes and handling intense renderring, decoding, encoding etc software. The one you stated will do the job just fine.
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DxDiag says that I have a "Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86GHz (2 CPUs)"

I want to know what this means, do I have two processors? Each at 1.86?

What's going on in there?

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Ok i will try and word this a bit better. OK i am building myself a computer. I am going to pick up the motherboard soon. I need to know what one to get. I am trying to think of what type of CPU to get. I can spend up to $350 Canadian ($287 U.S.) on it. I want to know what you think is better, AMD, or Intel. And if so what GHz and model.

A:Please help (processors)

Alex4 said:

Ok i will try and word this a bit better. OK i am building myself a computer. I am going to pick up the motherboard soon. I need to know what one to get. I am trying to think of what type of CPU to get. I can spend up to $350 Canadian ($287 U.S.) on it. I want to know what you think is better, AMD, or Intel. And if so what GHz and model. Click to expand...

350 on entire pc? or just cpu
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Hello ! Am going to buy new laptop ,need to know the differnce between the AMD Athion 64-3000+ 1.8GHz;L1-L256KB and theAMD Athion XP-M 2800+ 1.60 GHz/128K L2 cache ,L1-OKB;L2-256KB ? also the Pentium 4. What oen is the best etc. ?? thank you all !!

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I am looking to buying a new PC but I am struggling to decide between to processors. Either the i7-930 or the i7-870.

Here's the thing, they are pretty equal so its a toss up of what is more important. Please give me your input. Everything will be appreciated.


Btw: overclocking isn't an issue, if that's any help.

A:Some help with processors please...

I'm running the i7-870 on an Asus board. Assembled it in early August with no problems since.

I also considered the i7-930. The price difference of the chip and the x58 motherboard and RAM was more than my budget could handle.
You can't go wrong either way. There are other similar set ups to mine by users on the forum and others with the 930.

Price seems to be the major difference not performance.

I saved the money and I am well satisfied with the ASUS motherboard combo I have.
The 870 will OC to 3.8GHz with no problem.
I had to try it once.
Not sure of the limit but have heard about them up to 4.0.
So they aren't a dog.

Hope that helps
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This is now my 5th computer, that i have built. I have noticed one thing about processors and computers that i cannot stand. See i origionall got an AMD II 600Mhz, that ran really good, i could multi-task, and everything, then about 2 years later that computer barely ran. Then i got an AMD III 900 Mhz, and the same thing happened. ....... Now i got a new AMD 2200+, and it has been great for 2 years, and now it runs teribly, no where near what it ran when i first got it. Is there a time limit for how good processors run? I dont think its possible for a processor to become fatigued, as it is a piece of hardware and not a boilogical beeing. I reformat quite often, maybe once every 6 months or so, and update my bios as needed. Anyway if anyone has any answers, or is aware of anything i shoulkd be doing different let me know.

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i havea p4 motherboard with a 462 chip slot and was wondering since the chip slot for this amd processor is 462 will it work or would i be getting into trouble? thanks John

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Hello all

I need help on this one i only have (4) processors.

What do i do with (8) this is not right.

Thanks for your help

A:Processors i7

Not to worry. With hyper-threading enabled, one would expect to see 8 on a quad processor.

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Okay, now my question is: Can you run a 64-bit OS on 2-32 bit processors? Note: i don't want to try this, but in theory it should work if the OS can address both processors as 1 64 bit processor, correct?

A:64-bit os on (2) 32-bit processors?

No it won't. That theory falls flat on its face as you don't get 64 bit computing from two 32 bit processors. The processor either supports 64 bit or it doesn't. Same applies to quad core processors; it is 4 cores running at a set speed (2.4 GHz for example), not as a processor running at 9.6 GHZ (don't know if they are still there, but there used to be a few that tried to pull this scam on ebay).
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Does the intel sandy bridge(1x-2xxx)..or the intel Ivy bridge(1x-3xxx) processors support  HDCP ?? If not, please give me some info on ones that do...with a LGA 1155 socket config.  Many thanks
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hey guys is there a difference between notebook/laptop processors and desktop processors? if so can you give me a link for any notebook processors.


first i would like to say yess there is a diffrence here is a link to amds laptop processors: and for intel:
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Does anyone know the reason for the price difference between the
following two AMD 9950's?


HD995ZFAJ4BGH OEM $289.00

I have been told that the OEM should be the cheaper of the two.

What am I missing?

Thanks Much

A:AMD Processors

Have no idea. How about a link to the site?

Perhaps the OEM includes a motherboard... AMD has recently dropped their prices (again) as their top in Quad parts don't sell as well. AMD's best market area is under $100 CPUs.

Recommendtion: Get the cheaper one
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I have just been looking on the following web site to see if my PC can run certain games.

In the info I am given after it tests my PC, it says I have the following;

You Have: 2 processors running - Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz
You Have: 2.99 GHz Performance Rated at 4.49 GHz

How do I tell if I have 2 processors running, and can I make full use of them if I have two?

A:How many processors do I have?

Look inside your case. If you don't see two CPU cooling systems, you have one physical processor. You propably have one dual-core processor, and you're propably taking full advantage of the both cores.
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how do I know if my intel pentium D processor is a 32bit or a 64bit?

or are all dual core processors now are 64bit?

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Hi, all. I have a noob question about my processor. I just bought a AMD Barton 2500+. It says that it's supposed to run at 1.833 GHz. I looked in my system properties, and it says its running at 1.10 GHz. I kow my motherboard can handle the chip. Is there a setting in my bios that will goose the processor to the speed it needs to be?

My specs are:
Win XP Pro Service Pack 1
AMD Barton 2500+
768 mb SDRam.
Ge Force 4
soundblaster Value
Biostar M7VIG PRO motherboard, 200 / 266MHz front side bus
Is it because the processor has a 333 MHz bus?
I don't know. Anyone that can help, I would appreciate it.
Thanks in advance.

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I have a Presario V6000 with AMD Turion 64 Processor. I am using XP w/sp2. When sp3 came out I installed it and lost everything on my computer. I had warranty on it so HP was able to talk me through a rebooting and reinstall of xp. I have been using xp since 2009 without sp3 but keeping up with other MS updates. I now need to install TurboTax but cannot as it requires SP3. I have installed HP's fix then MS fix which will not install. It says that "your system does not meet the requirements for this update. (9998). What am I missing?

A:sp3 and amd processors

and welcome to the Forum

Try this handy tool that disablers the intell driver in HO systems with AMD processors

and . . always backup any data you cherish before applying Service Packs . . If you have been running without SP3 for this long, you may have other issues than the intell driver problem
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Hi guys. My current computer is 4-years old now and I would like to buy a new one. I'm looking to spend around $3000.00 to get a really nice one w/ good warranty, etc. to be safe. But, is there really a HUGE difference between a 3ghz and 3.6ghz processor? Btw, these are both Intel p4 with HTT

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Hi all I m thinking of getting a new CPU and also I want to understand how CPU work so I have some basic quations I have made a list of some of the processors and the speeds I do not have all the information on the processors speed I can t find it at any book store or any of my books so processors New here it is From the first CPU to now first CPU made speed MHz MHz to MHz to MHz K to MHz pentim to MHz MMX to MHz pentim pro to MHz pentim to MHz pentim to GHz Intel celeron GHz to GHz pentim New processors GHz and can go up to GHz Top of the line CPU is GHz Top of the line AMD bit processor Companies that make CPU s Intel IBM AMD cryrix IDT Celenon is made by Intel Athlon and Duron is made by AMD New pentium when it comes out GHz and up I do not have any information on the list blow where it goes in the list above K and D and D or p Also is it true that the first CPU used in PCs hand a clook speed of approximately MHz If I was to get a CPU should I get CPU at GHz I think at this time the top of the line CPU is GHz Also is true that pentium when they came out it was GHz and the pentium can go up to GHz and than the pentium will come out Anyone have any information nbsp

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I am considering an upgrade to my desktop which means a new motherboard and processor at least. I don't know anything about AMD processors. Would someone gimme a run down of the worst to best AMD processors. I want to use the computer for some gaming (halo, call of duty....), watching tv, and for music.

A:AMD processors

There are a few things to consider when looking at a gaming processor / motherboard combo. Are you looking to REALLY upgrade meaning dual vid cards, etc., or do you mean occasional gaming with decent game play. The cost difference is huge and the choice of Crossfire (ATI) or SLI (Nvidia) is important. I guess what I'm asking is how far do you want to go?
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my pc is a 2.2ghz AMD athlon 32000+....which is the equivelent to a 3.3ghz pentium 4...Click to expand...

That is what my mate said that to me on MSN and I was just wondering if thats true or not?

This is my first post but i have been visiting these forums regulary, glad to be a member


Yeah, the AMD line uses a numbering scheme that roughly equals the Intel counterpart, hence the 3200+ being close to a 3.4GHz P4. It doesn't have that clock in megahertz but because its a good chip, in most games and benchmarks an AMD XP processor will beat a similarly placed P4.

Where the P4 shines is heavy multi-tasking, and when your encoding or doing some other intense number-crunching stuff.
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Hello All, I have just recently aquired two processors, one is an AMD Sempron 2500+ 1.75 Ghz and the other is as AMD Athlon 2400+ 2.0 Ghz. Can someone tell me which of the two is the better processor? I really need to know... thanks ...

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hey all

im looking into buy a laptop

and a mate of mine has told me to stay away from AMD processors.. now i admitt i dont know **** about computer hardware.
the laptop i had in minds processor states
AMD turion 64 X2 mobile technology (TL-50) 1.6Ghz

now hes telling me i should be going for an intell..

can someone shed some light on what i must be looking for..
i just need it to be quick.. doesnt need to be able to handle full to the brim with files and programs.
i will get at least 1gb of ram
i just need to be able to do a fair few things at once... i usually have abuot 5-6 windows open doing things...

any help would be much appreciated

A:help-- processors

There is nothing wrong with AMD processers in fact they were the industry leaders for quite few years
Intel has introduced the core 2 duo and has taken the lead as the fastest cpu's from Amd.
That said the AMD dual core processers are still pretty quick and could still be fast enough for your needs
Also because Intel core 2 duo are the "must have" at the moment it tends to reflect in the price you pay for machines with them installed
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I have heard that AMD's processors help protect against viruses:

this is what it said that I was reading:

"All AMD64 processors, including the AMD Athlon? 64 FX, AMD Athlon 64, and Mobile AMD Athlon 64 processors, are enabled with Enhanced Virus Protection. With Microsoft® Windows® XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), you will be able to fully utilize the security technology*. By providing extra security at the platform level, AMD lets you easily embrace the future of computing. "

I think thats kinda cool if this is True.. :giddy:

A:AMD Processors

It's not True, it's Marketing.

There is some truth in there but not enough to get all excited about it.
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So, I currently have a Sandy Bridge system that I built from scratch and am very happy with it. But before this, my old computer was ancient. (Compaq with an old AMD '64' processor, with DDR memory (not even DDR2) and an AGP slot.)

I don't ever want to get trapped with something that old again, so I would like to plan to regularly upgrade my computer. While I admire AMD for what they are doing, and I do believe it is good for mainstream computers, it doesn't seem best for what I like in the foreseeable future, so I know I want to make plans for Intel processors... But I can't decide whether I want to shoot for the tics or the tocs... or even alternate by skipping both a tic and a toc.

What do you think?
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I am buying a laptop and have pretty much decided on everything i want however the processor stage Help Processors with is confusing me I have always bought computers in the past based on their GHz my current desktop is GHz and i understand how that compares to others As i was browsing the Dell gaming notebooks Help with Processors the Duo Core processors were only clocked up to about GHz A similarly specced laptop with a Pentium Help with Processors HT GHz processor seemed relatively similar in price Does the duel core processor Help with Processors actually have GHz less power The AMD Turion from Alienware was only Ghz Does this mean it has Ghz less power I want to buy a computer with a processor equivalent or better to my Pentium HT at GHz and i don t care about weight or power I don t paticularly like the laptops i have seen so far with the Pentium chips because i am not getting the mb NVidia i want Help nbsp

A:Help with Processors

GHZ haven't meant much for a while and now they mean Nothing!

The Core Duo is likely better then the P4 3.2, depending on the exact model, but it should be a better choice.

The Turion will be just as good or even better then the Core Duo.
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Whats the difference between these 2 processors?
Intel® Core™ Duo Proc T2250 (1.73GHz/533MHz/2 X 1MB L2 Cache)

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor T5500 (2MB Cache/1.66GHz/667MHz FSB)

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i've been hearing lately that AMD is due to release a 64bit Athlon64(clawhammer) cpu in september/october/november. i also know that intel is launching a cpu on the prescott core. will the prescott cpu be 64 bit too? also how will the new 64 bit processors affect the computing world. i jus got a p4 2.4ghz C system and i hate to see it go totally obselete in a matter of months.

A:64 bit processors

relax - your shining new CPU won't become out of date the second 64-bit CPUs appear.

I should expect that 64-bit will primarily effect the server market mostly, and will only trickle down to desktop level after some time. Although there are some operating systems already available for these chips (windows 2000, linux, etc) there aren't a lot of apps yet. 64-bit will become the standard one day - thats for sure - but it will take quite some time.
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i want a fast processor for games. I looked around online and i heard that some processors get too hot and could melt. I just need a solid, fast, reliable processor for gaming.
btw i heard celeron wasnt for gaming why is that?


Celeron' lack the internal cache, and other command sets that are vital to a good gaming experience.

They are designed for entry-level consumer pc' where the only tasks performed would be email, web browsing, and music ...
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Hey every one,

I heard from some one that he heard or read some where that usually in the techonolgy world processor speeds double every 18 months. He said that they well double to a 7ghz processor! He didn't know when they will double the speed he was just passing on the information to me. You know how powerful a processor like that would be like? You could pretty much run any program and game maxed out. (with other high-end hardware.)

Well, I've been looking into get a 3.0 ghz or higher processor and as we all know when some thing bigger and better comes out the ones down below get there prices lowered.

Does any one know any thing on this? What are your thoughts on it?


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Hi all
Recently i spotted that one of my processors is parking... and i don't know how to make it run... i have follow the steps in msconfig by changing number of Processors... but the computer still slow as normal, and task manager still show only 1 CPU running... so if anyone can help me, please let me know...
Thank y'all

A:Help about the Processors

Are you running any programs that will use the parked processor, could just be idle, try running some intensive software then check
If not sure you could always run prime95 on it which will stress test the cpu but don't leave alone while doing it as temperatures can rise quickly so be sure to monitor
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I have a Duron 1.3 at moment. I intend to upgrade and will be going down the AMD route.

Could someone please just list the order of speed / spec after the 1.3. I see there are a number of ones 333, 2200 etc. I'm just a bit confused which is which.


A:AMD Processors

The green chart is what i believe you are looking for..
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I built a new computer a while ago, after a small problem that was fixed without too many problems I encountered this:
I'm not sure if its supposed to look this way or not... but I know I installed only one processor on the motherboard.

A:Two processors?!?

That's the way a dual core processor shows up...
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I am looking into upgrading my motherboard/cpu, and currently I have a 1 gig amd athlon. What I am wondering is what is the "rating" for AMDs processors..

Like I know with intel, its like centrino is best, then theres pentium, then like the worst is the celerons.. just wondering how the AMD compares, for like athlon, duran, sempron..


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now pentume is no more i think ...

core2duo may be runnig

the i series is also running ...

what is the meaning of i3 , i5 and i7 ? just numbers ? odd numbers ?

or they mean something ? leave that the higher the number the better the processor ,, but why exactly 3 , 5 and 7 ?

also there is somthing like second generation and 3rd generations

are they sub divisions of i 3 , 5 and 7 ? like i3 is about three generations ?

is it true that in i family , we have multiple processors at the same time ?

finally , from my device manager ... why 4 lines are under processor head cutter ?

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I'm thinking of putting a 64-bit processor into my computer. Can I run 32-bit applications/OS's on a 64-bit processor without run an emulation program or taking a hit in performance (I heard somewhere that you needed an emulator that hogs resources)? Thanks.

A:64-bit processors

As far as I`m aware, there should be no problem running 32bit apps with a 64bit processor. And as for an emulator I`ve never heard of one being needed.

Regards Howard
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Whats better to use a mobo with dual processors or just one?


G'day bonesaw2009, what were you intending doing with it and what kind of operating system were you intending to use and how well off financially are you?
If it is not a server application and you are talking common operational kind of stuff like desktop or common gaming kind of use using common windows kinds of programs you would probably be better off with a simple single processor setup.
Cheers. qldit.
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Excuse my ignorance but what is the difference between a 3.0Ghz Pentium celeron and a 3.0Ghz pentium 4?


Go here and you can see the specs on each processor you are trying to compare:Intel processor specs
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I have $1000au to spend on a new processor my 2 options are as follows.

Amd athlon 64 4400+ dual core (939)
Amd athlon 64 4000+ (939)

This is strictly for gamming only i already have a $300au motherboard lined up i just need help deciding on a processor.

Thanks :angel:

A:Processors Which one is better!

For gaming the 4000+ would be better as it has a clockspeed of 2.4Ghz (the 4400+ runs at 2.2Ghz). Games are still single-threaded & will not be able to make use of the 2nd core on the 4400+.

That said, if you like to game while having MP3s compressed in the background or DVDShrink running, the 4400+ is the better choice.

Don't you like it when there isn't one clear answer ?
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alright so im lookin to buy a new processor ive been lookin at an amd athlon 4400+X2 socket 939 or an amd athlon 4600+X2 socket 939.

heres the specs for the 4400+X2

Processor Speed + Class
Processor Class: AMD Athlon 64 X2
Processor Speed: 2.2 GHz
AMD Model: 4400+
Bus Speed: 1 GHz
Physical + Memory Specifications
Processor Socket: AMD® Socket 939
Number of Processor Cores: 2
L1 Cache Size: 128 kB x 2
L2 Cache Size: 2 MB
Included Fan Type: ATX
heres the specs for 4600+X2

Processor Speed + Class
Processor Class: AMD Athlon 64 X2
Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz
AMD Model: 4600+
Bus Speed: 1 GHz
Physical + Memory Specifications
Processor Socket: AMD® Socket 939
Number of Processor Cores: 2
L1 Cache Size: 256 kB x 2
L2 Cache Size: 1 MB
Included Fan Type: ATX

as u may notice the 4400 has an L2 cache of 1mb x 2 while the 4600+ has a L2 cache of 512kb x 2
so im just wondering whats better for gaming. im an avid gamer. just wondering what would be better. thanks

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Ive never quite understood all the small things about processors and one thing that ive come across whislt looking at the new intel ones is the 2,3,4,6 and 8 MB at the end.

For example ive seen an i3 processor that was 2.26Ghz 3MB, and a i5 2.40Ghz 4MB.

The one that confused me the most is that i saw an i7 2.6Ghz 3MB and a i7 1.8Ghz 8MB, i thnk the 1.8 was more expensive!

Can someone explain this to me



A:i3, i5 and i7 processors

The "mb" specification next to each of these processors is the amount of on board cache included with the processor.
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Good morning everyone I have been having a lot of programs with my windows xp computer Runs really slow and it is driving me crazy I read in here to update my drivers and programs and i have started doing that The question I have is when in my device manager I clicked on processors and it seems like I have two of them in there I was wondering if that might be what my problem is They are both the same exact thing say the 2 processors same thing on every tab Also I 2 processors have alot of stuff in 2 processors my startup and get really frustasted when I don t know what they are and 2 processors if they are ok to stop Is there a page I can go to where it will tell me what is safe to undo and what isnt I keep getting a message from norton saying I am using all my computer up and not sure what that means either One thing for sure is my computer crawls I can deliver my email faster if i print it and run it to the neighbors house Which is really bad Considering I have cable internet Hope you have a great day Thanks for listening hope to hear from you soon Revaa nbsp

A:2 processors

What's the brand name, model name, and model number of that computer?

How much RAM does it have?


Let's see what's auto-loading and running in the background and if any obvious issues need to be addressed

Go here and click the green icon to download and save HiJackThis 2.0.4.

After it's been downloaded and saved, close all open windows first, then double-click the saved file to install it.

Allow it to install in its default location - C:\Program Files.

After it's been installed, start it and then click "Do a system scan and save a log file".

When the scan is finished in less than 30 seconds, a log file will appear.

Save that log file.

Return here to your thread, then copy-and-paste the entire log file here.


Let's see what's installed and what may need to be uninstalled, updated, or replaced.

Start HiJackThis, but don't run a scan.

Click on the "Open The Misc Tools Section" button.

Click on the "Open Uninstall Manager" button.

Click on the "Save List" button.

Save the "uninstall_list.txt" file somewhere.

It'll then open in Notepad.

Return here to your thread, then copy-and-paste the entire file here.

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Please can anyone tell me in layman's terms the differences between if any and if one is better than the other

Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E6400 2.13Ghz
Intel® Core™ i3-330M Processor 2.13Ghz

Also what is the equivalent AMD Processor

many thanks


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I have currently an AMD 400mhz processor and an IWILL XA100plus motherboard. Unfortunately the motherboard cannot support processor power higher than 500mhz.

I would like a motherboard that can accommodate 700+ MB Ram. I would like a processor speed of about 1Ghz-1.5Ghz. I also need a heat sink and cooling fan to accomidate the power of the processor.

does anyone have any ideas of where i can buy them as a package


could someone tell me the difference between a socket 7 processor and a normal one, would I have to get a special motherboard for a non socket 7 processor.


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As I start my merry journey into the 'brains' of home computing I was wondering if anyone has any information on the different processors and cost, compatability, performance etc etc in 1 document/Website......Basically I wast something that I can refer to quickly and then investigate further once I have the basic info for that particular processor. Many thanks.


it really depends what route you want to take from here, Intel or AMD, this is where your journey begins, i'm not that clued up on AMD, but i know quite a bit about Intel.

Firstly, a history lesson ;-)

I'm going to skip the first lot of processors that were pre-2000,

so, Pentium 4 and Celeron at socket 478, not really anything brilliant about these processors, if you ever come across a celeron, avoid them at all cost, these are described as "family processors", good for general productivity and not much else, Pentium 4 with hyper threading was ok, hyper threading on the p4 was a 1 core processor that simulated multiple cores, seemed to work ok but you could tell the difference when you multitasked.

now, moving onto socket LGA775, this socket introduced the first ever true multi-core processors on the mainstream market, with the core2duo and core2quad processors proving to be very good at almost everything, you could also get core2duo extreme and core2quad extreme processors which were for heavy duty gaming and multitasking(including heavy HD video editing), you can get a 775 socket P4 though, but with HT technology, and also the celeron family making an appearance.

now to the most recent socket LGA1366, this socket is exclusive to multi-core processors, with the likes of i3(2 core), i5(4 core) and i7(6 core) processors, the i7 family also incorporated an extra 2 simulated cores using intels hyper threading technology, which seems to work rather well, making it an 8 core processor, of course intel made the extreme family for i3, i5 and i7.

Now enough of the history, now to the present, it really boils down to what your poison is, Intel or AMD, so choose wisely and someone else could possibly fill you in on AMD's side of things?

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How does everone feel about them. Just asking because there is a notebook that I want and it runs AMD, so yeah.
(Please dont get mad at me, Im new at this)

A:AMD Processors


they are fine, no better no worse.
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i have a single core intel pentium 4 3.00 ghz processor. under device properties, it is listed twice, does this mean i have two or is this just a mistake?

(this sounds like a stupid question, but i know not the first thing about computers)

A:2 processors??

It has what is called Hyperthreading, it will show as two processors.

The only stupid question is the one that never gets asked.

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I need a cheap laptop.Looked at two-both HP.One has a N2920 Processor and the other N3530.What is the difference?


Looked at two-both HP.One has a N2920 Processor and the other N3530.What is the difference?Click to expand...

Intel Celeron N2920 1.86 GHz (2.00 GHz burst speed)

Intel Pentium N3530 2.16 GHz (2.58 GHz burst speed)

The bottom one is faster.


If you submit their model names and model numbers and part/product(P/N) numbers, we can answer your questions better.

Do both come with the same amount of DDR3 RAM?

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I have a 1.4GHz TBird and its ment to be 1.4GHz but is more 1407MHz thats is very good getting extra without even overclocking basically Atlon XP is newer but seems to be crap like 2000 XP is reall 1700+ and 22000XP is lower so why is that why is 2000XP not 2GHz?

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what ia the minimal mhz of processor that u would advise to have for the use of b-band internet acsess as ive got a 750mhz processor and ive got b-band which seem to work ok but am i getting the full benifit for my money or not as i still have time to cancell my account if not so plz give me your veiws thankyoufor all the help i get.

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I am in the market for a new PC and definitely want one with at least a 1.0 Ghz processor. I am confused however by all of the different types of processors now. I have owned 2 PC and one had a Cyrix processor and the other an AMD. I haven't experienced much difficulty with either of these systems as far as the processors go, but really need some direction is determining what I want now. I believe the best is a Pentium 4, is that true? What is the major difference between the Pentium and Celeron processors too? Any help of references to sites with this information would be greatly appreciated.


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I'm picking out a new computer and needed some input. I'm leaning toward this one- AMD Athlon? 64 X2 Dual-Core 3600+

but this one is $20 cheaper- Pentium® D Processor 935 with Dual Core Technology (3.2GHz, 800FSB)
Is there really a big difference?

A:Which of these processors is best?

im not quite sure but i think the X2s are better then the Pentium Ds. The X2s are really cheap right now, i recommend at least going for an X2 4000+ or perhaps slightly higher. Get them while there cheap and still available.
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Could someone explain what processors are for and what is a good one to buy with my new computer?


A processor is the "brains" of your computer.
what is a good one to buy with my new computer?
Click to expand...

Your question does not really have a definitive answer; it is too vague. We would need to know what the intended use of the system is to be ie are you intending on gaming, doing video editing, just email/web surfing, what?

It is somewhat like asking "What is the best car" Well there are a lot of cars and they have different attributes such as a sports car might not be the best choice for an area that gets a LOT of snow. If that were the case, a 4x4 truck would be "Better" than the sports car.
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Im lost when it comes to processors. Somebody please define them so I can make a smart choice

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i still dont get this dual processor like to know which is faster a pentium D 3ghz something or a core2duo 2.4ghz..for gaming use of corz! nid help fast...coz my dad's gonna buy me a new processor tomorrow

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have a pc, dont know what make,do know its a dfi atx board. it has a slot 1 pentium 2 processor wanting to go faster, looks like it will support a pentium 3, where can i find these old processors or i there another way to go about this
Thank u all much and have a great day:


You can find lots of interesting stuff for reasonable prices at

Hope this helps.
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I would just like to know which processor get hotter. The AMD 1.33ghz, or the Pentium 4 1.5 ghz, thanx.


Gonna take a wild guess and say the amd runs hotter, the p4's need very good cooling.
But it's just a guess. They don't spec the same so to do a one on one comparision is hard.
Amd says 90 to 95 c for theirs, intel specs theirs at 72C.
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For 2 cores at 2.2ghz only $36.
From what I know AMD does run a bit cheaper but what is it about this processor that makes it so cheap? The only other thing I can think of is the L2 cache.

I'm running an intel core 2 duo 2.33 ghz with 4mb shared cache and I know the price tag on my processor is much more.
Putting AMD vs Intel aside.. is it pretty much the cache that really seperates the price?

In the end I'm building my friend an everyday computer for mostly browsing the net no serious gaming of any sort so this AMD is looking like a sweet grab

A:What's this processors cons?

Sempron is the Celeron of AMD. Can't compare it to a core2duo regardless of speed.
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thinking about buying a new pc... how do the amd processors compare to intel.. ive always have had intell.. amd is a little cheaper... any help appreciated.. thanks

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which is the best processor specially for gaming i5-i7 or APU quadcore A8 or A10??
Please specify pros and cons..thanks!!

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I have a Windows Vista Home Premiun computer. Device Manager lists two seperate "Intel Pentium 4CPU 3.06 GHz " processors. Is this the new 'dual-core' feature?

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my system shows up "Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20GHz" but it shows this twice on device manager?
Does this mean that i have 6.40GHz worth of processing power?


A:Two processors, quite confused

all the newer p4s use hyper-threading to simulate 2 cores but its not very useful. no you only have one core running at 3.2 ghz
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Well, I dont know if processors can be changed. i currently have a celeron d processors at 2.93 Ghz but i would love to have a pentium 4. Do i necessarily need to buy a new motherboard in order to get a new processor? Or can they just be poped out and changed as long as the motherboard supports a p4? here is my motherboard right now

well. i just really would love to get rid of the celeron, i can't say its a bad processor, I say its highly underated cuz its actually pretty decent. well I still would like a p4 seeing as they are faster and more powerful so can processors be changed? and if they can can my motherboard support a p4, i know my motherboard support ht tech by the way, it said on the manual.

A:Can processors be replaced?

Pick your choice of CPU:
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Hi everyone i have a LS-36 Foxconn mobo with dual physical processors in a dell precision 670 and i currently have two physical Intel Xeon 2.8ghz processors and i was wondering what processors are compatible with my motherboard or if necessary what is a current mobo that would fit inside my computer?

A:Compatible Processors

yes. there are two physical CPU's its a workstation computer
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Maybe Im just not lookin in the right place, but I can't seem to find and 3.x Ghz processors with Intel's Duo Core. Can anyone link me to one.

A:any intel duo 3.x processors

the core 2 duo (even the extreme's are under 3ghz) BUT are easily overclocked past 3ghz
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Would a Pentium D processor be able to make full use of Vista 64bit, or would it just be a waste of cash to upgrade to a 64bit O/S?

A:Pentium D processors

with the setup u have, I would say all is pretty old for Vista. that is not to say it would not work but would be slow.
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i want to know which processors i can run on my system. currently i have pentium D 2.8. so, i have an LGA 775 socket. my mobo manual says that it can support upto 1066 mhz fsb. so, can i run c2d or c2e on my system???
thanks in advance

A:which processors i can use on an LGA 775 socket

You've just answered your own question.
A LGA775 socket with 1066MHz FSB will support (you guessed it!) a LGA775 CPU with a 1066MHz FSB.

Only the newest C2D CPU's have 1333MHz FSB, so any Core 2 Duo except the E6X50 series will work.
It would help if you tell your motherboard info. A LGA775 socket with support for a 1066MHz FSB does not necessarily mean it can support C2D (the chipset needs to be compatible).
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Hi guys I'm new here and I wanna swap prcessors with another computer which I have no experience on this at all.

What I want is to change my 1.86 core 2 duo(check my profile) to a 3.0 Pentium D intel.
About eletricity box I plan to swap that thing from that computer too.
What i need to know is how to do it(additional steps that I don't know).
Also my motherboard doesn't have a number(it's just an HP Compaq computer) due to straightly got it from HP.
Any Specs I might missed you guys need to know?

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Hey Guys,
So currently why have the 'i' series, im thinking of building a new pc, but i'd rather what for the next generations of interl processors, does anyone have an idea of when they are going to be out?

Thanks x

A:Next Intel Processors

I believe the new Ivy Bridge versions are supposed to be out by end of this month.
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Are there any amd processors out there that will work with a lga1155 socket motherboard from asus? And what would compare to the intel i7 2600k lga 1155 socket processor on the amd side? Also; would i have to switch to a different motherboard completely; or is there a way to make it compatible with the current asus motherboard i have? The reason I ask is because Im seriously thinking of jumping ship because Intel's customer support is non existent imo as they are trying to highway rob me for trying to get a replacement processor thats suppose to be under warranty. Thanks Matt

A:amd processors on lga1155?

No the 1155 is Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge, no AMD compatibility.
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Which of the following are the best for getting a new laptop that I'll be using for media graphics. I want to balance speed with battery life. I need at least 2 hrs on my laptop and I'm going to be using applications such as photoshop and all applications included in macromedia studio 2004 mx, and adobe cs 9
Pentium M 410 (1.46GHz)
Core Solo (1.86GHz)
Core Duo (1.66,1.83,2.0GHz)
Core Duo 2?

A:Laptop processors

Core 2 Duo, best performance out of any CPU(its so nice to say that without having someone else correct me) with no more battery consumption than its younger brother, Core Duo.
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exactly what the title says. i really do not know what the difference is.

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Right where do I begin I thought I knew enough about processors to understand what I had and how good it was in comparrison with others But i the Confused about processors.. was wrong My processor is an AMD athlon X Dual Processor running at MHz Bus speed of MHz and HT link of MHz Now Confused about the processors.. I knw Intel and AMD run different to each other but thatdoesn t mean you can t compare them right Now I ve very recently spotted an Intel Core running at MHz this guy clearly has some pucker deluxe system going on but I don t understand how it works I ve never seen Confused about the processors.. an Intel CPU running GHz or is it the dual thing which means both of them are running at GHz And therefore one of mine must be running at GHz each as it is dual I know this sounds completely stupid because it is but Iv e gotten annoyed with it to the extent of which I need full explanation and also how does the Bus work and whats it affected by Is it just the CPU Because my one is MHz and the others is Mhz lol thanks in advance Oh and I m beginning to feel that AMD are inferior to Intel after seeing that dude s stats nbsp

A:Confused about the processors..

No one? I know it's completely stupid but I still need the help
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Wasnt sure if is the right place to post my question but I got a few that fit in this category

1. Im kind of confused with the whole Intel vs AMD thing, what AMD processor is equivalent to a intel dual core for example. Is there like list where I can see them lined up in order?

2. There are different types of dual cores for example, right? How do you know whats best? What the max ghz on a dual core?

3. Theres tons of different companies selling PC's, what are some good ones today. I see a lot of eMachines, acers, gateways, dells, any of them good?

Im not buying anything, just wondering...


A:CPUs (Processors)

Unfortunately, comparing processors isn't like it used to be; in fact, not only have the done away with labeling processors by their speed in ghz, if you grab a bestbuy or any comparable circular, they don't even tell you the specific processor anymore, just something like 'dual core,' After heat and power consumption increased drastically as the cpu manufacturers tried pushing toward 3 ghz, they went down another route and started re-engineering the designs of their processors at their current speeds and manufacturing sizes.

so you might want to do a little research if you do think of buying in the future. There's dual and quad core's now (and triple cores with AMD from what I understand) but I'm not sure as to the specifics; perhaps someone can elaborate.

Personally I shy away from buying pre-fabbed comps and prefer building one myself, but if you're not familiar with doing so and have no interest in the literally hundreds of hours you'll put into research, familiarizing yourself with them, troubleshooting strange problems, etc., I'd stay away from it. I can't really recommend any company though as I'm really not too familiar with them. But one of the best things I can think of doing is looking up tech support problems and nightmare cases with the different companies. You don't want to fall into the same holes others have fell into. So, although again you said you're not buying, always google the models you have in mind (this goes for any tech product of course) and see what problems others have had.

This is a little old, but still informative:,369.html
choose the benchmark from the drop-down menu uptop

For recent prices:
also useful are the reviews and the buyers guide down the left hand side of the menu

also, is a good website
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hey, i have two processors listed in my device manager, though i only have one installed. it says both are working. i also have two video cards listed as well. one says 'secondary.' is this a problem? what can i do to fix it?

A:two processors listed

do you happen have a Intel Pentium 4 processor and one of the newer ATi video cards?

that phenomenom you are mentioning is normal. i have the same thing happening with my system. you do not have to worry about it -- it is not a problem.

there are two cpus listed because of hyperthreading, which makes the operating system think that there are two cpus (with one physical cpu). you must have one of the newer Pentium 4's that have hyperthreading. you can read more propaganda (i mean info) from Intel regarding hyperthreading here.

you have two video cards listed because the primary adapter is for your monitor and the secondary adapter is for tv out. that is how ATi designed their card to interact with Windows. i am not sure about Nvidia video cards but they probably do something similar to ATi.
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I'm comparing these two processors, looking to see which is better in just raw power. I know some people may say a lot of things aren't dual core aware and won't use it to it full advantage - I know, but I'm talking with no variables, just which is more powerful. Now, I'm not sure of the exact specifications of the AMD processor, but those should be pretty damn close.

Intel Pentium D 820 2.80GHz (Dual Core)
AMD Athlon 64 3500+

Which is better?


Ok, compare the Intel Pentium D to this processor now:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 3800+

A:Comparing 2 processors

Well each one would have it's strengths and weaknesses. Comparing if they were both SINGLE core processors i would say the AMD 3500+ would be the better choice. However there actually is quite a bit out there that benefits from dual cores so the dual core would be a better choice in that respect. Personally i would save up a bit more for an intel core 2 duo.
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I was reading somewhere that some guy installed two processors, is this possible, and where on the MoBo would you put a second processor?

A:Duel Processors

Search Feature is your friend.
Dual CPU or 64 bit?
Dual-core CPUs
Dual CPU or 64 bit?
Dual CPUs and Gaming?!?!
Would a dual 700MHz system be faster than a singular 1400MHz system?
SMP SystemsDual CPU or not ? ( Kind of an odd question )
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this is just out of curiosity really. But i should be getting a job soon so i'll be able 2 get some good upgrades for my computer. I'm more of an AMD person myself, thats all i've used before so may as well stick with that rather than going for pentium. Anyhoo i've spyed out alot of processors and motherboards and i just wanted to be safe, will any AMD processor go with any AMD motherboard?


A:AMD processors with AMD motherboards

No. You need to pay attention to the socket the CPU uses (Socket A, 754, 939, 940) then you get a board which has the same socket or you decide on a board then you get a CPU which can fit on the socket.
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i was just wondering why there is a difference in the processing speeds of an AMD and an intel processor. i mean why does an AMD 3800+ equal about a 2.6ghz intel, or so i've heard. also what the hell is dual ddr, and whats so great about it?

A:AMD Processors and Dual DDR

:wave: Hello & Welcome to Techspot :wave:

These questoins have been asked quite a lot, and if you do a little search, you should find plenty of threads where the difference between AMD and Intel cpus are explained, and what DDR is, and how it is affected by Dual Channel...
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Hi I ve had my desktop for several years now and would like to purchase another I m not a real gamer but I really would like a faster machine than I currently have My current machine runs Windows about processors. Confused XP has MB DDR RAM and the sticker says the processor is an Intel Pentium D Processor Now featuring dual-core processing with each core running at GHz MHz FSB x MB L Cache I saw an add for what looks like a good deal on a new computer It runs Windows has BB DDR Memory and the processor is an AMD Confused about processors. Athlon II X e GHz CPU Both systems are E-Machines which is fine with me as I ve had no real problems with the one I have now I m really not stupid in other areas but I m completely hopeless when it comes to technical specs and what that actually means in practical terms I get that GB Confused about processors. memory is better than GB but I m lost when I try and compare processors I was wondering if anyone could be really kind and let me know in fairly plain terms whether this new system would actually be faster than my old and if so if it would enough of a difference to be worth the upgrade or if I should keep looking around Thank you so much and I m sorry If my question has been really stupid As I said I just really can t tell nbsp

A:Confused about processors.

I have an Intel Pentium D 830 3.0 GHz in my old 2005 vintage Desktop. My 2007 vintage Core2 Duo at 2.0 GHz is easily 10 times faster at stuff like creating a WinZip or WinRar archive, and just overall feels faster.

This website lists benchmarks for various processors, will give you someting to compare differnt processors:

PassMark CPU Benchmarks

Here's how that one measures against you current one:
The Pentium D @ 2.66 - 676
AMD Athlon II X2 235 - 1723

Obviously it depends on what the benchmark is measuring, but any recent processor, Intel or AMD, will be a noticeable step up.
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If so where can I find some, I'm looking for an AMD phenom 4 or higher for an AM3 motherboard. Newegg seems to be permanently out of stock?

A:Are AM3 processors still being produced?


Did you google the exact model you want ? Lots of options should come up.
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ok i have 2 comps here i have one with a 2.5ghz processor and one with a 2.8 i want to take the 2.8 and put it in place of the 2.5...they are both 478 mpga p4s both in dells...iv tryed just switching them the 2.5 works in the 2.8s comp but the 2.8 wont work in place of the 2.5...i know the ps is good enough for this...anyone have any suggestions....if u want to im me to help its crispiesone on aim.

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Anyone have any information on duel processor boards, duel core processors? I am trying to find a benchmark comparison of them compared to a standard processor - I saw such as comparison recently in a magazine... but alas i threw it away thinking "I wont need that!".
Any help much appreciated


A:duel processors
The x2 is amd's dual core, the pentium d is intels dual core.
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Hey everyone.

I have an Intel Pentium Dual CPU T2390 and I want to change it to Intel i5. I am currently using a Toshiba Satellite A205-S5871 laptop. Can you guys help me?

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I want to know any specific models of Desktop PC that can accommodate two physical processors?

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Can anyone recommend a 64-bit server that supports hardware virtualization?

Can't seem to find anything with the AMD-V or Intel-VT processors on Ebay. I found ONE Intel server on Ebay but would like to look at a few more options. What I want to do is set up a small intranet like environment for testing/development purposes using Ubuntu Server and the XEN hypervisor and set up like 5 or 6 VM's. Maybe mess around a little with Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud.

In additional to which server I should buy, does anyone have any other suggestions so far as hardware requirements?

A:AMD-V and Intel-VT processors

Most of the Intel Xeon processors would be suitable for this:

Most (if not all) Opterons from AMD would support virtualization as well.

If you don't need a server CPU, there are plenty of desktop CPU's that support this technology as well.
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hey, i currently own a PC with an ATX micro motherboard, it holds a E6300 intel core 2 duo (775 socket) 2 .8 ghz . will i be able to remove this processor and insert an E8700 3.16 ghz (775 socket) . will this process go smoothly?

PSU: 550w

A:Switching processors help

You need to post the exact mb you are using; atx micro means next to nothing.

It is the same thing as saying I have a car; can I fit a 426 hemi in it? Maybe yes and maybe no.
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I was wondering if its possible to swap a AMD athlon II 170u 2 ghz processor with a AMD phenom 8600b triple core 2.3 ghz. I would like my new processor to be the triple core.