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Question about buying a motherboard

Q: Question about buying a motherboard

I'm looking for a new computer these days, and I need an advice for the motherboard. Actually I don't have much money, and I need a motherboard with an AGP slot (it will be better if it has a PCI-E either for further video card upgrade), supporting celeron-D cpu.
Looking in the stores nearby I noticed this one:
Asrock P4DUAL- 880 PRO - s.478, VIA PT880 Pro/ 8237R, HT, Prescott Ready, 800, 4xDDR400 Dual ch., PCI Express Graphics slot, AGP8x, Lan, sound, ...and so on
It seems to have everything I need and it's kinda cheap (as it has a Via chipset). What can you advice me? I don't need excellent performance, only a working PC And what does "dual" means - do I have to buy dual channel RAM only?
thanx a lot.

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Preferred Solution: Question about buying a motherboard

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Question about buying a motherboard

"Dual" in the model name means it supports either PCI ex or AGP graphics, also it supports dual ram technology which you will have to install in identical pairs.
Use single if you don't want dual ram set up. See link for manual
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My laptop has been overheating. I've tried literally everything from checking for viruses  to reapplying thermal paste and I can't fix it. Here is a link to my forum post about it.  But that is not the topic of this post. I've decided to replace the motherboard thinking it may be a problem with the processor or some other piece of hardware. I found this forum post about replacing the motherboard on my model laptop. I actually found a motherboard with a higher model processor (AMD A10-5745M 2.1 GHz) for $50 cheaper on ebay and I wanted to make sure it is compatible. The motherboard product number is 763424-501. My laptop's serial number is 5CD426279F and product number is G4V48AV Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A:Buying a New Motherboard

Sorry. I Googled my pc product number and the actual product name is the  HP 15z-p000 CTO. I don't know if that makes a difference but I just wanted to make sure.
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I m contemplating doing what I think of as a major upgrade to my computer I want to replace my motherboard cpu and cooling fan and ram The reason I buying Need new motherboard help got on this Need help buying new motherboard track is that I wanted to upgrade my ram from mb to I quot ve got PC RDram and mb will cost around or so To me it doesn t make much sense to go with old technology when I can get the latest for not to much more than that But as this will be the most major upgrade I ve attempted I ve got a lot of questions I ve looked at a lot of threads in the forums and still don t have all the answers that I need to get started on this If any of you guys can help me out on this I sure would appreciate it As I already have a computer that runs well no problems is all I have to do is take out the old motherboard cpu ram and install the new one using all the other original components and then boot up I doubt it If I need to replace somthing else what and what else do I need to do I m going from and Intel motherboard P to AMD or and different ram I ve got a Gateway XL full tower gig Maxtor hard drive CD burner DVD burner floppy Intel NIC Intel IDE Contoller Audigy sound card with plenty of room inside The IDE Contoller has kind of got me worried I ve done a search to find info on this but I haven t found everything I need As I have only this one computer I won t be able to access any help from here at TS so are there any probems that I might have when I get this done if by some chance I do all this correctly So any advice in advance will be greatly appreciated Are all ATX motherboards the same size My present Intel board D EMV is supposed to be xx by xx The one I m looking at is something like xx by xx I thought all ATX were the same size I m not sure of these sizes but could not find out much info on this So my real question is is the new board going to fit exactly in place of the old one And also does the new board come with the standoffs included or do I have to buy this seperately Do I really need non magnetic tools I have the full install Windows XP Home Edition cd that came with my Gateway computer Am I going to be able to use this without buying a new version as it s stll in the same computer I don t know if it will work but I want to be legal I have had conflicting word on this some say it will work others say it won t If I can use it would it be better to use the existing install or better to completely reformat I m not against that at all probably will anyway This is what I m looking to get For some reason I can t link directly to it at TigerDirect it s about the fifth one down the page so here s what it is MSI s K TNE -F Neo Socket motherboard and AMD Athlon processor If anybody has got any better suggestions I am open as long as it s in the same price range Has to be AGP compatable as I just bought a new AGP card That s all I can think of for now I m sure I ll have more questions as I go along I know it s a lot questions but if you guys could help me out I sure would appreciate it Thanks Present specs are Computer Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition OS Service Pack Service Pack Internet Explorer IE SP DirectX DirectX c Computer Name User Name Motherboard CPU Type Intel Pentium HT MHz x Motherboard Name Intel Maryville D EMV PCI AGP RIMM Audio Motherboard Chipset Intel Tehama i E System Memory MB RDRAM BIOS Type AMI Communication Port Communications Port COM Communication Port ECP Printer Port LPT Display Video Adapter NVIDIA GeForce GT MB D Accelerator nVIDIA GeForce GT Monitor Gateway FPD quot LCD Multimedia Audio Adapter Creative SB Audigy Player Sound Card Storage IDE Controller Intel r BA Bus Master IDE Controller Floppy Drive Floppy disk drive Disk Drive Maxtor Y P GB RPM Ultra-ATA Optical Drive HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GMA- B DVD-RW x x DVD-RAM x DVD-ROM x CD x x x DVD-RW DVD-RAM Optical Drive LITE-ON LTR- S x x x CD-RW SMART Hard Disks Status OK Partitions C NTFS MB MB free Input Keyboard HID Keyboa... Read more

A:Need help buying new motherboard


1. I don't think you will be able to keep xp installed and just switch motherboards, you probably will have to plan on just formatting(back up first) and doing a clean install. What do you mean by the ide controller has you confused? What are you wondering?
3. No, all atx aren't the same size, but the maximum size is about 12x9.6". My chaintech vnf4ultra nforce4ultra 939(I'd recommend it, but you already have an awesome agp card ) mobo is "atx", but actually like 12x8" or close to that. In smaller atx, like mine, they are just missing the outer edge of screw mounting holes. Your case should have the right standoffs already. I didn't use magnetic screw drivers, but it sure would have been handy at times. I guess it's better to be safe than sorry.
4. Using your existing install, will probably be problematic, if it works at all. I would think that you could use you existing xp cd. I mean it isn't like you'll be using it on 2 computers, you just want to transfer it to your new system. You might have to call microsoft to see for sure though.
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I am the rookie of all rookies I know next to nothing about computers but have been educating myself for the past days I must have read pages worth of material trying to learn This site--I stumbled upon it THANK THE SWEET LORD --has helped me motherboard. help Need on buying new PLEASE!! more than everything else I ve read So I am going to rely upon you gentlemen and ladies to educate me I have an old CPU--Athlon K Mhz RAM MHz FSB--that isn t cutting it with the new hard drive I have Being the I am Need help on buying new motherboard. PLEASE!! I Need help on buying new motherboard. PLEASE!! bought a gigabyte hard drive not knowing the CPU isn t powerful enough to operate it and the software I have I m in the process of getting more software that I need for my profession in addition to my lust for WarcraftIII battle net I love the custom games So please please please help me I would like to buy a Pentium IV CPU GHz and the appropriate motherboard for about I found the CPU for about If what I want is not practical than I am willing to settle for the Athlon XP and the corresponding motherboard I found that CPU for about HELP HELP HELP HELP nbsp

A:Need help on buying new motherboard. PLEASE!!

I think you might be asking more of your $200 than is possible. After buying the CPU you will only have $40 left over. You will not get a good complimenting motherboard for the processor with that much left over. Plus you need to remember that you will most probably need to update the memory, and possibly the power supply in the case. You will more than likely need to expand your budget or go to a more discounted processor. Look at and the Celeron socket 478 processors. A drop below the P4 but a better buy at the same speed. With money left over !! YOu could get a nice motherboard and processor and stay below $200 maybe have enough left over for memory. As far as M/B go I reccommend either ASUS, Gigabyte, or Soyo. They have done well for me in the past, stay away from ECS have never seen M/B with more problems than those seem to have.
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i want to buy a GOOD motherboard,

a fast, and able to overclock motherboard my budget is $55.. do you know a good motherboard that will do the trick?...

For a 478 socket, DDR, 1 AGP 8x, and all possible pci slots, (up to 7 or 6 slots)

oh yea.. and im new to overclocking, can someone hook me up with overclocking guides, or hints, and warnings please?.. thanks..

A:Buying a motherboard

Your budget is too low for the things you described. Here's one that would do the job quite nicely, and it's not too much more than your budget:

IMO - You really don't want to go super cheap on your mobo. You'll regret it later, especially if you're pushing your components hard by overclocking.
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hello guys i need some help here on buying a new motherboard for my 2 pcs.
I do not understand much about pcs but here are my questions:

-Buying a new motherboard do u need south bridge and north bridge to be the same as the motherboard u have?
Could someone tell me if this motherboard i have: Pro

-Could be replaced with this one:


And if this motherboard i have:

-Could be replaced with this one:

i serious need to know this my shop depends on this..

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first of all please excuse me if this is in the wrong forum and if what l say loose you as l am new to all this. l want to build a computer that has more balls than a wild pack of dogs. l have been told that if l buy a supermicro X7DBE+ Motherboard With Extended ATX which runs dual processors, front side bus speeds of 1.333Ghz, Front side bus uses a 64 bit wide 1333 Mhz data bus that transfer data at 10.7 Gb/sec for a total bandwith of 21.3 Gb/sec. Total memory bandwith of 32.0 Gb/s for DDR2 667. And build the rest up from the motherboard l will never need to upgrade.This all means nothing to me so l thankyou all who help in advance. Also does running dual processors mean that you will have twice the speed.
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Does anyone have any suggestions on a mobo thats has Sli (two is enough) DDR2 GLAN 45nm 2 pci 1x some pci slot (onboard sound is not needed)
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My PC motherboard died about a week ago and since you guys helped me figure it out, I thought that you might also be able help me choose a new motherboard. Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

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I am looking to buy a new motherboard, reason i want to do that is to get 8gb ram atm my motherboard only supports 4gb ram.

never bought a motherboard on its own before so not sure what is best and what ones i can have, i want a motherboard that can work with my ram/graphics card/hard drive etc so i dont have to buy everything again.

been looking at that one, fairly cheap and good reviews. if you know a better motherboard at a better price link me to that,

do i just buy that motherboard and connect my other hardware and its good to go? or do i have to do other stuff?


A:buying a new Motherboard.

No way we can answer that since you haven't told what hardware you have. What processor, memory, graphics card, case, etc do you have now? What motherboard do you have now?

Do you have a 64-bit version of Windows to support more than 4GB of RAM?

You may need to reinstall Windows if you replace the motherboard.

Personally I wouldn't buy an motherboard based on an old 700 series chipset.
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dear sir,i want to asked you about replacement of motherboard laptop N5110 and want to buy it from ebay i want to know weather this motherboard can fix to my laptop or not the info about motherboard is like this:
my laptop info is:service tag (s/n)<ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>
express service code is:<ADMIN NOTE: Express service code removed per privacy policy>
thanks a lot for your info

A:buying motherboard

Yes, the board will work.  Given that replacing the hard drive on this model requires a system board removal, if the drive you have is original to the system, consider replacing it along with the mainboard - you'll be doing all the labor anyway, so you may as well take care of the potential for a hard drive failure at the same time.
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Im gonna build me a new gaming unit. I found this one I want but I dont see an AGP slot. There is something there, but it isnt an AGP adapter.
WTH? Any ideas?

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Hello everybody.

I am planning on getting a new CPU and motherboard this Christmas. However, I'm a little low on budget. Could you guys please recommend a CPU + Motherboard combination at under $200 ($150 if possible)?

My current specs are:

Motherboard : Asus P5B-MX / WiFi-AP
RAM : 2 GB (Transcend)
Graphics Card : XFX 9800 GT
Processor : Intel P4 2.93 GHz
OS : Windows XP Professional

Would it be a good idea to go for the AMD X2 6000+?

A:Buying New CPU And Motherboard help At that price, wow, why not. It certainly would give your old P4 quite a thumping!

Is your copy of XP Pro a retail copy? If not and it's an OEM copy, you might run into trouble trying to migrate it to a completely different machine. Since, cost is an issue, this might make the Q6600 in the old board the best choice.
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Okay so basically I ve had a lot of trouble with my computer lately It all started when I tampered with the registry which was broke my PC so badly I had to have new a Buying motherboard it formatted and I had to start from scratch I asked he guys at the repair place to quot upgrade my PC so it is in line with modern standards quot - I wanted a modern working machine They installed a new GB hard disk as well as leaving my old GB one in there which I used for storage when formatting the main drive and they also put in an extra MB RAM giving me a total of GB RAM which I believe is pretty decent But besides that they removed nothing and changed nothing despite stressing that my sound card is crap and I have a meager processor AMD Athlon GHZ I installed Windows XP Professional Edition Buying a new motherboard and Service Pack but after one or two sessions of my PC running smoothly and as fast Buying a new motherboard as hell it soon broke down again starting up slowly crashing my desktop and my explorer menus as well as me losing one of the stereo tracks meaning that when I m listening to music I only hear half the audio not to mention the audio crackling badly and often freezing and refusing to playback for several seconds in extreme cases Additionally not all of my USBs work meaning I ve had to plug some really impractical stuff into the front ports and I have two CD drives one of which does not work at all and I also believe they re supposed to play DVDs but they don t I ve not actually bought a new computer for like six years but that s because I can t afford one However I do not believe that I need one since it has some good parts in it I believe what would solve my woes is a new motherboard and a new sound card but I would like some help with a few questions Before I ask my questions here are my PC s current specs AMD Athlon GHz GB RAM HDD C GB HDD D GB ATI Buying a new motherboard Radeon graphics card On-board sound card And now my questions How good is my current machine judging by the above specs What would you recommend I add remove from my machine Currently the oldest parts of the PC are the motherboard the CD drives one of which doesn t work and the GB hard drive Is there any chance that the old hard drive could carry some afflictions which are being transferred to my new one or could my motherboard by the source of the problem What would you recommend I buy in terms of a motherboard I cannot stress how important it is that I get this PC fixed- I need it for a lot of stuff Any help is very much appreciated nbsp

A:Buying a new motherboard

From the sound of it, you may need to upgrade more than just your motherboard. You could just get another one but it would have to be second hand as you wont be able to buy a brand new motherboard that would work with your 1Ghz Processor.
The cheapest upgrade I can think of that would give you a decent upgrade for the money would be the following: (You didnt say if you were UK or US based, sorry)
1 x Socket 939 motherboard with an AGP socket (you should be able to get one off ebay but make sure it has IDE hard drive connections and not SATA) it should come with an integrated sound card anyway, so you wont need to buy a separate sound card. (Approx $20-30)
1 x AMD Athlon 3200+ Socket 939 (approx $30)
(Optional but maybe necessary - New DVD RW Drive, approx $30)

You will be able to use your New Hard drive and RAM with the above items and although it should give you some better performance without breaking the bank account. $50-60 for motherboard and processor together, or $80 if you get a DVD RW drive too.
It's possible that the old hard drive is causing problems and because its so small, id be tempted just to remove it.
You can also upgrade your graphics card as it is ageing, but if you are on a budget, you dont have to do that - its probably not causing any problems for you.
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Ok, so, i have a crappy eMachines with 3 PCI slots. My problem is, my geforce fx 5500 pci video card isn't cutting it for my new games, would it be worth it to just buy a new mother board with an AGP or PCI-E slot? If so, i could use some suggestions on some boards.

A:New motherboard worth buying?

hard to say

I don't know what your system has, but there are things to consider, If you want better game play, yeah, you'll want a mobo to handle AGP/PCIexpress, etc., but then- will your power supply handle it? RAM? CPU?

Just changing mobos alone involves quite a bit- new installation of operating system, which means you want to back up your current data, and then you start upgrading video cards, almost everything else will probably need at least SOME upgrading/tweaking, so there are lots of things to consider.

Some of the guys around here who know gaming will be more help than me, but I'm sure there'll be more to it than just a mobo change. Good luck!! :knock:
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Hi i was looking at this processor and these motherboards, what do u think, let me know please,,, and boards ,,,,, ,,,,,
,,,, artical for the Foxconn C51XEM2AA as i liked it
will be getting 2 graphics card to go with the set too,,,, thanks for your time ,,,doj,,,, harris,,,,,

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Hello everyone, I am looking to buy a new motherboard for my Z50-70, as I see this as my only option for my SSD/HDD to get detected in BIOS. I have gone through many lengths to get it working by WINtoUSB and reflashing the BIOS, but to no greater avail.So now I am looking for a new motherboard and it is virtually impossible to find one, Lenovo/Medion directed me to their site and it was out of stock. I have scoured eBay, I could not find one.My question is: Does anyone have a spare/not used or a Z50-70 lying around they would like to sell? I live in Denmark. Best regards,Rasmus.

A:Z50-70 - Buying a new/used working motherboard

HI. You knowing reference, going on the motherboard, you'll know the exact model because in the manual are several.On this page you can find and cheaper: Here . Manual Service: Regards. 

Haga clic en la estrella para decir gracias, Por favor marque si resuelve su problema.No trabajo para LENOVO soy usuario voluntario.
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I am going to buy a new mobo, processor and RAM.

My current ones are the following:

Mobo: Gigabyte GA-73PVM-S2H
Processor: Core 2 Duo E5300 @2.6Ghz
RAM: DDR2 800Mhz.

I will be upgrading to the following:
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-870A-USB3 AM3+
Processor: AMD FX-4 4100 Quad Core @ 3.6GHz
RAM: DDR3 1600MHz.

I will be keeping the same hard drive, case, PSU and GPU. Is there anything i should take into consideration when replacing the mobo, processor and RAM such as drivers having to uninstalled etc.?

thanks for your time

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Recently i face BSOD error on my PC with my old motherboard Gigabyte G31-ES2L

then i repaired it with authorized service center but after that only one day my pc worked fine after that i got same BOD error.

Now i brought new motherboard Gigabyte G41-combo

but even now sometimes my PC automatically shuts down with same blue screen error and it works fine after restarts. But in my previous motherboard G31ES2L one BOD happened pc never starts (I m telling this because i want to know whether is it any other hardware problem or motherboard problem)

I m attaching the

and my system

please help me to solve problem.. Thanx in advance

A:BSOD after buying new motherboard help

I faced BOD almost while browsing in chrome Firefox with more tabs opened.. I tried to format PC but same problem happen.
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i have a dee optiplex gx 280 and i have 8 gb ram and a navida quatro 1 gb video card and seagate 500 gb harddrive i put in liquid cooling and a bigfoot 1gb enternet card got 2 sony dvd rewriters and the stock power supply just need to know if i can upgrade the cpu i like the pc it is working fine just would like to make it all it can be im running windows 7 ultimate and got good scores on proformance test
processor: 4.2
memory (ram): 5,2
Graphics: 5.9
Gaming graphics:4.7
primary hard drive:5.9
what would help othere then buying a new pc please help

A:Can I change my CPU without buying a new motherboard?

What's your motherboard model and what CPU do you have at the moment?

Also what do you use the PC for?
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I am currently totally broke after buying a new Graphics card and a new PSU buying on new motherboard? suggestions Any a Now I Any suggestions on buying a new motherboard? need to change my motherboard because my current one has BIOS from HP which blocks all overclocking facilities I want to overclock my q to minimum of from its stock speeds but I have a new heatsink and fan for extra cooling Now the problem is that I need a very cheap motherboard which has a good chipset for overclocking and also which will support PCI-E I have looked up couple of motherboards but I can't decide which one to get I was planning on to getting ASRock P DE So any one has any suggestions for me Furthermore I was looking at one site and they are selling Asus P G T-M-LX Intel G S PCI-E x DDR OC SATA GB s mATX On Board VGA I duno if there is a mistake somewhere but they are displaying in the title that this motherboard has a PCI-E but I have checked intel's chipset specs and that suggests G cannot support

A:Any suggestions on buying a new motherboard?

If you don't mind a factory refub then you should consider this board from EVGA, it will overclock nicely.

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I am fairly new to this board and need some advice. It looks like I will be needing to replace a motherboard. It is my son's computer and he just spent $75 to have a repairman tell him his MB was shot and a new one would cost $375 plus labor. Needless to say, I brought it home and am trying to fix it myself.
The computer is a HP Pavilion Model #6740C with an Intel Celeron 667 MHz; Socket 370 with an Intel 810 chipset. What else do I need to know in order to find the correct fit for this computer? Does anyone have any suggestions where I might find a motherboard for my HP that is not real expensive? I have looked at several sites but haven't been able to find the right one yet. I'm not sure what brand the MB is. Any suggestions??

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Hey... I currently have

Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 @ 2.20GHz
Club3d HD4850 512mb Overclocked Edition
580W PSU
Asus P5LD2-X/1333 motherboard

And i really, really need a new mobo to upgrade to a quad core cpu.
So i need one that supports quad core, has integrated sound card (5.1), Has at least 2 ram sockets, at least 1 pci express 2.0 socket, integrated Ethernet/internet or whatever it was and anything else to support my current pc components.

So... here's the thing... how do i know what motherboard to buy to be sure it is compatible with the gpu,cpu etc.
here are the mobos i can buy

Choose from that link and something good but not too expensive please.
Just help me choose ask me for more information.

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Hi all, I'm thinking of buying the following components for a new system. I want it for gaming, and just thought I'd get some opinions on whether it is worth the dosh; or if there are better components available for similar money.

Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000 3.1GHz Socket AM2 1MB L2 (2x512KB) Cache Retail Boxed Processor - £68

Motherboard ASUS M2N68 nForce 630a Socket AM2+ - £50


A:Processor + Motherboard: Worth buying?

well hat depends on what your other components are and what games you'll be playing, but besides these things, the combo looks good.
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For some reason i am going to buy a scrap motherboard for 5 to 6 months. please help in finding a better scrap motherboard. while buying what should i check please list it.
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What is the best memory I can have on the following motherboard:

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. - Motherboards- ASUS M4A785-M

For a normal price.. no need for high-end four months of salary thing
I want 4GB or maybe more (I do run 64bit win 7)

Thanks in advance !

A:Buying new memory, motherboard support

Computer memory upgrades for ASUS M4A785-M Motherboard from

Above link shows all compatible RAM at using their configurator for your motherboard model.

Take your pick from that list. You can buy from Crucial directly or make note of the part numbers and buy that RAM at the dealer of your choice.

There are several speed choices in that list. In your situation, I would just get the standard PC2-5300, Non-ECC:


Priced at 49.99. You may be able to find that same part number at a lower price at another retailer such as Newegg.
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after much strife with my old board i gave up trying to fix it
here are the spare parts that i will be using to rebuild my system

AMD Phenom x4 960T 3.0ghz
ASUS EAH 6950 DCII 2gb
CORSAIR XMS3 CMX8GX3M4A1333C9 (4 x 2gb)
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

can anyone recommend a decent budget board to put it all on? would be a great help


A:Advice on buying gaming motherboard please

Depends on your budget really....


Gigabyte GA-880GM-USB3 Motherboard Phenom II Socket AM3 AMD 880G RAID Gigabit Ethernet (rev 3.1)

ASRock 880GMH-USB3 Motherboard AMD Socket AM3 AMD 880G + AMD SB710 ATX Gigabit LAN (Integrated AMD Radeon HD 4250 Graphics)

.... all these are full of features and cost around ?50
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my laptop is dell inspiron n5110
Ram : 6GB
processor : intel core i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHZ
Video Card : Nvidia GT 525M (1GB)
i want upgrade my Graphic Card But
I heard some people say graphic card fixed in motherboard  !
The solution : Replace Motherboard
i wanna know which is compatible with my laptop
and Nvidia GTX 600 or higher
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Okay I m buying a new hard drive and I m looking for the best deal <_< hardware question also question, Windows Buying I can find I have a K V special edition motherboard and a GB hard drive Maxtor not sure if SATA or not My motherboard can support SATAs but beyond that I don t know how many hard drives I can support What I m looking at is a GB hard drive quot Maxtor GB RPG Ultra PATA Internal Hard Drive quot with MB sec transfer speed For the same price I can get a GB SATA with MB sec speed Three questions What s PATA and can my motherboard support it Which hard drive am I better off getting assuming I can Buying hardware question, also Windows question <_< use both Next I recently tried upgrading my Windows from XP to XP lt lt there was a problem with getting SP I made it to the point where you have to reset your computer and go from there but when I did the Windows setup ran into a missing file and couldn t go further I restarted and had the option of choosing whether I wanna start up in normal XP or in the XP setup so my original Windows is intact But now I get that choice whenever I turn my computer on and I d like to know how to remove the XP setup as an option for starting up Thanks for the help guys nbsp

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Hello, I have recently decided to get a new graphics card for my HP Compaq Presario CQ5320Y. After opening it up I only see one PCI slot and 2 black slots that are unkown to me. I have done a little research and some sites say that there are PCI express slots but i am not sure which ones those are. Anyways after looking around, I decided on this card but am still not sure if its the best i should get, an suggestions? I am looking for a card for mostly gaming and am willing to spend up to $100 - $150 tops. This is the one I have decided on so far. Galaxy Technology 512 MB DDR3 GeForce GTS250 Graphics Card 25SFF6HX1RUI (sorry about no links unable to post links or images for now)

A:Deciding on buying new graphics card and need help with motherboard slots

The HP Compaq Presario CQ5320Y does have 1 PCI-E x16 slot and 1 PCI-E x1 slot. The best option for you would be to purchase an ATI Radeon HD 5770. It will give vastly superior performance compared to the GTS 250. However, for either card, your PSU will be insufficient. Presently your system has a 250W PSU. You will need one in excess of 400W with sufficient amperage on the 12V rails. The Corsair 400CX should be good enough but the 450VX is a safer bet.
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hi guys, i have a question regarding hard drives these days...

the last hdd i bought was a 7200rpm 20gig fuji with a 2meg cache about 5 years ago...

im now looking at a maxtor 7200rpm 250gig with a 16meg cache..

now i know that the jump from 2meg to 8meg cache yeilds a great increase in speed, everyone i talk to seems to say this, but these 16meg cache drives seem fairly new, and im wondering how much of an increase do you see in speed when you go from 8megs to 16megs? is it worth the extra dollars, or should i stick with the 8meg cache?
thanks for the replies

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I got 2 questions about buying a PSU for my 1st gaming rig:

1) Do I need it to be full modular?

2) Do you think a PSU thats gold certified can save money on my electric bill and is worth buying over one that's bronze certified?
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Ive had XP on a previous machine that I built, but the laptop Im on right now came with vista.

Obviously, I do not like vista, and am looking to buy XP once again.

I was looking at and they seem to have two different versions.

One is XP home, the basic stuff, for $190.

The other is XP Home, but its OEM for system builders, only $80.

Whats the difference?

I know a lot of this has to do with the EULA, which I seem to know not much about.

Could someone help please?
Any input is appreciated.

A:Buying XP Question

well the OEM version is for newly built computer only (where the computer doesnt have any OS installed previously), for your problem, buy the "basic stuff" u called it, i assumed its the retail version :) hope this helps!
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I want to buy some more RAM, but how do I know exactly what kind I need? I have a 2 year old custom-built PC with an AMD 750 processor. Is there any other way to find out what kind of ram you have? Im not sure if its pc100 or pc133. Can anyone help me find out?
I looked at my motherboard's manual and it isnt clear.
here is what is says:

•Supports 33mhz PCI Bus speed
•I/O clock 8mhz fir ISA Bus
•Supports 66mhz/133 mhz AGP Bus

DRAM Memory
•Supports 8/16/32/63.......... MB DIMM module socket
•Supports Synchronous DRAM
•Supports a maximum memory size of 768MB with SDRAM

The motherboard is a Biostar M7MKA.

ANy help would be greatly appreciated.

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I know nothing about pc's really,but i need some more ram as one of mine has gone down.
i want to get 1gb in my old dell but i'm not sure.

Can i just buy a 1gb stick of ram(i know the specs i need)and it will work or do i have to go with two 512mb sticks?

which can i do?

i need 400mhz ddr 184pin

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Hey everyone I am buying a new battery for my Hp Compaq 6735s Laptop.

The standard battery I got with the laptop is: 10.8V - 47 Wh - 4200mAh
The one I am looking at buying is: 10.8V - 5200mAh
Battery for Hp Compaq 6720s 6730s 6735s 6820s 6830s NEW - eBay (item 230508215312 end time Aug-08-10 20:52:22 PDT)

They don't specify the Wh (Watt Hours).

The model code I have on my battery is: HSTNN-OB51 451086-3632

Can anyone tell me if that would work with my Laptop? Like will it hurt my laptop if it's a 5200mAh instead of a 4200mAh?

The battery looks exactly the same as mine but mine weighs 339g that one is 479g. Mine is dead so I guess it should be less right?

Thanks heaps for any help!

A:Question on buying a new Battery...

4200mAh means 4200 milliampere hours (or 4.2 ampere hours). 4.2 X 10.8 gives about 45 Wh. I can't answer why it's not 47.

The 5200 mAh should give you 56 wH. It's not unsual for third-party batteries to have higher ratings than the manufacturer's battery, as well as being cheaper.

The eBay battery weighs more than the OEM one because it has more stuff in it. Batteries may not lose weight when they die.

It should work OK with the laptop. Some people shy away from third-party batteries because they are afraid that their compatibility claims will be false.

Should be OK, but the choice is yours. You may not get a reliability report from someone else who bought exactly the same battery.
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Im looking forward to buy a new disk this week coming. Ive seen a western digital 200 GB , 16 Mb cache, 7200 r - sata.

What do you think about this piece of hardware? Is it in any way obsolete or is it a nice buy? Should i look somewhere else? What alternetives would you advise me?

Could you tell what is the top technology for harddrives nowadays ?


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I never had a LCD monitor, always had CRT. I Am looking to get an LCD monitor but i have a question.
When the monitor says "MAX RESOLUTION 1024X768" does that mean it only runs at that resolution? OR can i go lower then that if i want to?

Also, my main use of PC is for gaming, should I stick with CRT or go with LCD? I need a new monitor for my new pc i just built.

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I want to do a memory upgrade. My Dell computer spec says it takes 200 and 266MHz DDR SDRAM PC2700 or PC3200 non-ECC.

Would memory of higher MHz work? Or am I absolutely restricted to 200MHz or 266MHZ?

A:Question about buying MEMORY

This doesn't make al ot of sense as ddr 266 is 2100 ram and 200 is 1600 so 2700 and 3200 are out. You can buy higher speed ram but it will only run at the maximum the computer holds.
Try here and put in your Dell model # the match is guaranteed:
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I currently have two 128 RAM cards...256...I am looking to upgrade to 512...should I buy two 256 cards or one 512 card? also, if you have recommendations about the best places for good cards at decent prices...let me know

A:Question about buying memory?

Hi ChrisEllingt

What type of system do you have? will it support 512 mb of memory? I like to use for buying memory, usually get it in two days or so.
If supported by your mobo board, i'd buy 1 stick of 512
Paul V
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New Videocard and AGP x need help Hey guys I m about to buy a new videocard but i m not really sure if i m about to buy the right things Here s some info about my system AGP device AGP Version AGP Status Geactiveerd AGP-device nVIDIA GeForce MX AGP doorvoergrootte MB supporting AGP Speeds x x x Actual AGP Speed x Fast-Write Ondersteund Activated Side Band Addressing Ondersteund Activated and Videocard buying Question AGP I translated it from Dutch so sorry if i make any mistakes blush And here s the card that i m about to buy would be the X Pro mb AGP version ofcourse http www hardwarezone com articles Videocard buying and AGP Question view php cid amp id amp pg that s a link to the X Pro mb AGP not really sure if it s enouf info about that card Now my question is would the X Pro mb AGP work good on my pc Thx Shoot me Edit Here another link to a dutch site about the videocard too http www launch nl launch php l enter shop producteninfo php productid nbsp

A:Videocard buying and AGP Question

I think an X800 would be overkill for your system if you only have 4x AGP. A card like the 9800 Pro or 9600XT might be a better choice. What are the specs of your system?
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The monitor will be used for very light to moderate gaming, drafting, 3d stuff and photoediting. and lots of movie watching and xbox 360 playing.

i guess i'm wondering what the difference is between brands. and also is refresh rate more important or contrast ratio? and i chose these because of the resolution, price and generally positive reviews.

are they good choices?

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I want to buy a harddrive and at the specifications i found some information about the 'cache' of the HD. What is the best? a low cache or a high cache?

ps: i like you guys, the people on this forum just know everything about computers!

A:Buying a Harddrive question

The higher cache number allows the drive to buffer more data, and generally improves performance
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Hubby has an older laptop. Toshiba A135-S4527 running Windows Vista. It currently has 2 memory sticks with 512MB each (only two slots available). The max the unit can take is 2GB. He is wondering if he can use one stick of 2 GB memory instead of getting two sticks 1 GB each. Apparently it would be cheaper that way. Would this work? Is there a down side to not using the two 1 GB sticks?

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I just have a couple questions about the hardware I plan on purchasing.

I currently have:
GeForce 4 Ti 4400
2100 DDR Ram 256
Dragon Lite KT333 Mobo
AMD Athlon XP 2200

Here are the items I want to buy:


^ Is this video card better then my current one? I know it has more memory, but I am not sure about the other numbers around it. And is it compatible with my motherboard?

512MB PC3200 DDR400 MEMORY
And will this ram be compatible? Or is it any good?

Thanks for any help.

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I'm not sure if you guys offer help on this, but I'm looking into buying a flat-panel monitor and I was wandering if i could get some advice. I will soon be living in a very small room with a very small desk and my bulky monitor has to go. Unfortunately I'm a poor college student living in southern california so I'm a little strapped for cash... anybody know of any good deals on monitors? I'm looking to save some money but still want end up w/ a decent display, all the buyers guides just seem to say, "buy this monitor its the best" even though it costs upwards of a thousand dollars. What should i be looking for?

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Ok my question is what is the difference between these 2:

AMD ATHLON XP 1800+ 1.533GHz 1533Mhz OEM Socket A Palamino CPU
AMD Unveils New AMD Athlon™ XP Processor; Drives Initiative to Develop New Processor Performance Metric
Add to Cart

AMD ATHLON XP 1800+ 1.533GHz 1533Mhz Retail Box Socket A Palamino CPU
AMD Unveils New AMD Athlon™ XP Processor; Drives Initiative to Develop New Processor Performance Metric. Retail Box comes with AMD direct Heatsink and fan AND 3 YR Direct Warranty

Obvioulsy the retail has a 3 year warrenty and a heat sink but i am getting a custom one (heat sink that is) but is there a differnce between OEM and Retail?
I need to make sure the OEM will fit my motherboard rather then the Retail (big price difference). I am getting the Abit KR7a Raid Board, the new one.


A:AMD XP 1800 Question when Buying

Make sure the seller gives you some guarantee on the OEM without a restock fee. 60 days is plenty to get the system together and sorted out. If it works for a month it will likely work until it is obsolete if you get a decent fan/heatsink. I don’t think the guarantee is worth the extra money.

If Abit says it will take that processor the OEM will fit.
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Hello everyone with Sony realising the PS4 "Pro" is the standard PS4 still worth the money. The reason why I want is because it has the only exclusive I want which MLB the Show.Thank you and have a blessed day.
Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (LG V10 or Nexus 5x)
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Can someone tell me if system Solved: new a about Question buying am I a processer--this one AMD Athlon TM X dual-core - GHz Will that run fairly fast if I have gigs of RAM with windows vista basic using it for mainly just surfing the net and a few games it also has a MB ATI Radeon HD DVI VGA This is every thing I just want to Solved: Question about a new system I am buying know that it will be good for a few Solved: Question about a new system I am buying games and surfing the web etc Operating system Genuine Windows Vista Home Basic with Service Pack -bit Solved: Question about a new system I am buying edit Processor AMD Athlon TM X dual-core - GHz edit Memory GB DDR - MHz dual channel SDRAM x edit Graphics Card MB ATI Radeon HD DVI VGA edit Networking b g Wireless LAN card edit Hard Drive FREE UPGRADE to GB rpm SATA Gb s hard drive from GB edit Primary CD DVD Drive LightScribe X max DVD -R RW SuperMulti drive edit Front Productivity Ports USB front audio ports edit Sound Card Integrated Capable Sound w front audio ports edit Security Software No additional security software -day Norton Internet Security trial edit Productivity Software Microsoft R Works edit Speakers HP stereo speakers edit Keyboard and Mouse HP keyboard and HP optical mouse edit Your additional options Click edit to modify NOTE These items are in stock and will ship immediately Monitor HP -inch LCD Wide Flat Panel Monitor Can someone help me out here nbsp

A:Solved: Question about a new system I am buying


That will be plenty to do what you want. That's a good system.
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So, I'm looking to get some Microsoft points for my friend who has a XBox 360. I'm finding various places online where I can get cards with points on them, like a "gift card" or sorts.

Is it safe to buy Microsoft points online like this or should I just go to a retail store and pickup a card?



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If I configured my XPS 600 with a Pentium D 830 processor instead of the Pentium 955ee would I really be able to tell any difference in performance with gaming?

A:Buying a Dell XPS 600-- Processor Question

Yes. The Pentium D 830 only runs at 3.0Ghz with an 800Mhz FSB, 1MB cache per core, no Hyperthreading, and they share the same die on a 90nm manufacturing process. The 955EE runs at 3.46Ghz on a 1066Mhz FSB, has 2MB of L2 cache per core, supports HyperThreading, and is built on two individual dies with a 65nm manufacturing process. The result is a faster processor with greater overclocking potential. Expect to see UP TO 20/30 fps less with the D 830 then with the 955EE.
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hi i am going to build my first computer for this christmas. i know i want xp and i jsut wanted to know that when building a system, do you have to pay the $100 or so dollar cost for the operating system disc for 'system builders' like this one at newegg: the thing is i dont really want to pay that much for it, i have an XP cd key on an older broken computer and is it possible to use that? or is the key 'stuck' with that computer.

A:buying op system/quick question

I buy from new egg all the time, so thats a good choice i think!
You will need a New Windows xp disk...
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Say I buy an OEM XP Pro CD from NewEgg that comes with the Vista upgrade coupon. What would prevent me from installing the Vista on a new build if I have the XP disc availible for the install? The end result being 2 computers with one running XP Pro the other running Vista

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I am hearing that my PNY9800GT 512MB GDDR3 card is more powerful over card i am buying HIS ICE 5670 1GB GDDR5

The specs for the 5670 are about 30% more poweful than the 9800gt, so how it less powerful?
Just looking for a small upgrade over the 9800gt, which btw is working perfectly. Just wanted another card for my dual core thats all.

A:Buying a new card next week, question

Personally I would just keep the 9800GT, I don't think you'll see much, if any, performance difference. Wait until you can make a bigger jump to a faster card or CPU.
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I'm considering buying another license for word 2003 to use on another computer. I'm confused about oem versions available. I thought oem versions couldn't be used except on the computer they came on, but that might be the software versions that are only installable via recovery cds and not the software that comes on its own disc or on its own disc in its own box. has an Office 2003 Professional OEM for sale. They have OK web of trust, norton and macafee scores and were included in a nextag search, so I think they are legit. Assuming it's ok to buy an oem version, what is the difference between buying an OEM vs full version? They also sell academic versions. Should one only purchase an academic version if one fits Microsoft's criteria to purchase an academic version?

Thanks for any assistance.

A:question on buying oem word or office 2003

You cannot buy standalone OEM software legally. They come with hardware. However, Outletdeal and similar places legally sell it by including the hardware it's bundled with. In other words, they are advertising the software but what you get is the software AND the hardware it comes with. For example, Roxio is often bundled with CD/DVD drives. You buy Roxio OEM, you get a qualifying drive that it ships with. So yes, this is legal as long as they are shipping everything as the package it is licensed for.

Another thing with OEM is that the software is only supported by the vendor, not the software company. Outletdeal offers installation support as is required. I have no experience with them so I don't know anything about the quality or extent of the support.

Some OEM software does not qualify for an standard upgrade path. This can vary depending on the software, and full versions are usually upgradeable. Outletdeal states that their OEM offerings are upgradeable but I have no way to verify this or find out what, if any, stipulations there are.

If you qualify for an academic version of software, you will be asked to provide proof that you are a student or an authorized representative of an educational institution in order to purchase it. Usually this is either a purchase order from the school, a student or faculty ID or something similar. As long as you meet all the requirements of the academic licensing, then you are entitled to full support, etc.

Hope this helps.

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Ok, I'm thinking about buying one of these 6600 gt refurbs from newegg...

couple of questions:

does anyone have any experience with refurb vid cards?

anyone know if they're covered by warranty?

Which make is the best...Leadtech, Gigabyte, MSI, etc...?

Newegg says the refurbs don't come with anything but the card. Will I need to by any cables or anything to hook it up?

Is it worth buying the 6600 gt refurb or should I pay about $10 more for a 6600 retail.

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i want a radeon 9800Pro ok?

well, i found a bunch on EBAY....BRAND NEW IN my 300 dollar price range. it jsut as safe is buying anything else on ebay? (i've bought tons of games........they are all fine)

like........should i be warry to buy a radeon on ebay? or no?

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In the build it has you buying two hard drives one of them being a Crucial RealSSD C300 64GB and the other a Western Digital Caviar Black 750GB.

I am not so great with hardware so is the point to this to install everything including your OS onto the 750GB drive and then install what ever game your currently playing Like Crysis 2 onto the 64GB drive so it runs faster?

A:Buying guide Enthusiast's PC hard drive question

That's one option, often installing the OS onto the SSD can result in faster bootup and faster loading of windows applications. With a 64GB drive this might not leave much space for more than the OS. But generally loading the current game you are playing onto the SSD will be beneficial as well. I find some games load screens flash up in front of me and are gone in a few seconds compared to running them off of old physical HDs. Generally the SSD can be used for OS(Win7 takes up 30GB or more if my memory serves me correctly) and the current game you are playing through, and the 750GB would be used for general data. It's not a major performance part of the system, it's nice to have and results in a snappier feel to operations on your computer but I don't think it's essential.
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So as the title says it I m buying an EVGA Gefore GTX Ti DS superclocked http www tigerdirect com applications SearchTools item-details asp EdpNo Buying TI superclocked card GTX EVGA DS Geforce have a 560 an question amp CatId I m just not sure what power supply to get I m thinking about this one here http www tigerdirect com applications SearchTools item-details asp EdpNo amp CatId only problem is the card has pci e six pin plugs on it Will that power supply be fine The card comes with Buying an EVGA Geforce GTX 560 TI DS superclocked card have a question power adapters specific name escapes me right now shows pictures on site with card Also I chose to go with a premade store bought pc from gateway this time Last time bought pieces and had a friend build it for me I had to get it at bestbuy for certain reasons this time Anyways I have a gateway FX - e so that s another concern I don t know if that power supply has enough things for my computer Any help would be appreciated thanks nbsp

A:Buying an EVGA Geforce GTX 560 TI DS superclocked card have a question

The PSU is one of the most important parrts of your computer. Don't go cheap. Seasonic or Corsair make quality PSU's. 600w to 650w should be sufficient for your computer if it is a quality PSU.
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I am looking at ASUS or Gigabyte in the slots of DDR or higher flavor I was looking at this wikipedia page on motherboards https en wikipedia org wiki LGA B looks like an attractive price point for me We dont use many USB ports What does quot PCH PCI Express configuration quot mean B - Q - H - Q amp Z - Some motherboard specification sheets state O C meaning its overclocked So I need to OC the ram in order to get that speed Other spec sheets Price Spec and Question Motherboard CPU Question just state it without O C statement Gigabyte B M-D H GSM w DDR Audio Gigabit LAN -Way CrossFireX HDMI DVI-D VGA at Memory Express Motherboard Spec Question and CPU Price Question x DDR DIMM sockets for up to GB RAM x GB - Supports standard DDR - OC MHz Non ECC UDIMMS How long will it take for the i - listed below to get to around the mark I was figuring to start with the G then buy the i - later CPU Pentium Processor G GHz Motherboard Spec Question and CPU Price Question w MB Cache core threads Core i - Processor GHz w MB Cache core threads
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Hey all i was wondering if somebody could get me a list of what capable processors i can use with my motherboard, its a Asrock G41M-SV3, ive got a Pentium duel core cpu e5700 -3.0ghz at the mo, but wanted an upgrade as i want to play certain games!..Anybody help?!

A:Motherboard Question

Hi crisyyNova, Have a look here ASRock > G41M-VS3 and here
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Thinking on getting this board Gigabyte GA-965PDS3 any other good brand names with similar specs?? ( CPU Pentium D 3.0GHz ) Thanks

A:Motherboard Question?

Looks like a nice mobo, but before using any other maker for Intel Cpu, why not check out Intel boards. They are always better and usually less expensive and have to work with Intel cpu!
I have used this one a few times and like it a lot:
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My brothers' motherboard burned out and needs to get a new one. Does he have to have the same one he already has or can he get a different type. He has a custom built computer from Next Century. It has an AMD Duron Processor if that will help.


A:motherboard question

He can use any MB that fits the case and has the correct specs for the memory, processor etc.... He may need to reload the operating system as there are some drivers for just the board. It is usually best to do a clean install of the OS when changing the MB.

Just an opinion
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Just wondering, would THIS motherboard support and Intel Celeron D Proc. ?

A:Motherboard Question

jorge said:

Just wondering, would THIS motherboard support and Intel Celeron D Proc. ?Click to expand...

Support what and Celeron D?
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alright this is like my 9th post about my comp.. really getting nowhere with it soooo heres my story

i basically messed up some slots on a mobo i had and i put some new ram sticks into it after i jacked it up would this kill the new ram sticks if i powered the mobo?

A:ram / motherboard question

depends on what "messed up is". If your voltage is wrong, yes you can.

read the ram guides and other guides in hte FAQs and guides forum - that's what they're there for.
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I recently bought a new motherboard. (This)

In the users manual it has, has a list of qualified ram vendors. A review on newegg says this is important. I was wondering if I order something not in the manual, from a manufacturer thats in there but the model isn't, will it work? (Example: I order Kingston ram, but the model isn't on the qualified vendors list)

A:Motherboard / Ram Question

If you match up the specs it should work, most people don't use memory of the qualified list and their systems work fine. Only a small set of memory is tested but most board manufacturers. Its just more of a guarantee thats been tested and known to work, less chance of compatibility issues. Also note that memory manufacturer's also test RAM with board and have lists of their own on their sites.
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So, i have an E-machines Desktop T5082, and the site doesn't tell me what kind of Motherboard i have. I want to make sure that i have the latest Bios for it, but i dunno how to find out what kind it is? Are there any programs out there to tell you how, and if not, how can i find out what it is by looking at the physical board itself?

A:Motherboard Question

Hello Israfel, welcome to Vista Forums!

I would suggest you not flash the BIOS unless you're having a problem; it's a very risky proposition, you could disable the machine if it's done wrong.
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I m a little jumpy about my motherboard Question Motherboard since my last one fried My old pc was an eMachines T desktop which I had had for a little over a year About a month prior to armageddon the screen suddenly became distorted while playing Rise Of Nations I rebooted and all was fine About a week before armageddon It became distorted again while playing WarRock I then force quit and tried to reboot Nothing The fan would spin the harddrive spun and the blue light which showed if the computer was on was lit So i got a little Motherboard Question worried and tried it again later Phew it worked Everything s all better now right WRONG Later on it did that same thing again then again then again Each time more often than the last I was in the middle of thinking that it was a motherboard problem my graphics were onboard when it died for eternity Gone kaput Same thing with the fan and light but it never booted again Some reliable sources told me it was a motherboard problem so I bought a new PC After having it for almost a month I ve been a little scared about my motherboard Recently certain programs at certai ntimes would go into a GIANT lockup and just as I was about to press reboot it would un-lag Also while playing Rise Of Nations gasp parts of the screen and objects in the game would occasionaly flicker Also thsi seems like a ultra noob question but if there was water on a CD that got inserted into the disc drive is there any LOGICAL reason to think that it could damage the motherboard Thanks for the replies in advance nbsp

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Hi, I'm kinda new to the whole PC building scene, and I'm wondering if the Asus P5N32-SLi Premium/WiFi-AP is compatible with the Q6600 processor. If it's not, could someone recommend me a motherboard that is?

Thanks in advance!

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I'm new here first off, but i have a question as to wether or not my motherboard is any good and if i need to buy a new one for what i want to do. i currently have the ET1331g-03W model emachines and it has a MCP61PM-GM motherboard and currently has an AM3 socket AMD athlon 2 X2 E235 dual core processor i want to be able to upgrade to a quad core. So my question being: Will my motherboard handle a quad core or will i need to invest in a slightly better mother board and if so what motherboard while semi cheap is still decent enough to easily handle a quad core AM3 socket with PCI-E sockets for graphics plug-ins and such.

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So my husband wants to replace some of the parts of his computer, but he doesn't know what's compatible with it. Specifically, he wants to get a new motherboard, a new processor, and a better video card. He has a Gateway 9310X which currently has a Pentium 4 3.2 GHz and a NVidia GeForce 6600. He wants a better card to play games with and a dual core processor. Also we do have a budget, so we can't afford the more expensive parts. Any recommendations? Thank you.

A:Question about a motherboard

He's probably going to need new RAM to go with the new motherboard (actually, almost guarantee he'll need new RAM, since his existing board probably takes DDR, and all new boards use DDR2 or DDR3). He'll probably need an upgraded power supply as well. About the only thing guaranteed to carry over from the old machine will be the hard drive(s), but even then he'll need to reinstall his operating system to work properly on a new board.

At this point, it's probably more cost-effective to just get a whole new machine - they're usually cheaper than pricing out all the parts separately, especially if you find something on sale.
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I have a dell 3000 p4 prescott socket 478 and im looking to upgrade mb because its PCI slot only. I am looking to buy this motherboard

it says PCIe (x4) does this mean i can buy a PCI express video card? or should i just use the AGP slot on the board???

A:question about new motherboard

phob54 said:

I have a dell 3000 p4 prescott socket 478 and im looking to upgrade mb because its PCI slot only. I am looking to buy this motherboard

it says PCIe (x4) does this mean i can buy a PCI express video card? or should i just use the AGP slot on the board???Click to expand...
Could you quickly clarify if you have a Dell computer, or you just have the processor?

Dells aren't usually compatible with third party motherboards, power supplies or anything for that matter.

My suggestion is that you can salvage the hard drive, RAM, processor and video card and build a new system with a new motherboard. The motherboard you selected is a good reputable manufacturer with a decent factory warranty.

PCI Express is a much faster technology than AGP or the former PCI. You can use whichever video card you want, although I recommend PCI Express.
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I recently reinstalled Windows XP in place of Home Edition. However my computer says I have no sound device installed. Because I have a Pentium 4 processor, my friend told me to go to and under support downloads, select Pentium 4 Processor-based Motherboards and select the motherboard I have and download the drivers.

However, I don't know how to identify which motherboard is the one in my computer. Is there someway I can do this?

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Hey guys!!!

I&#8217;m doing a research on computer hardware. I need to know how MotherBoard Works? (Specifically if it&#8217;s possible)

I did search on &#8220;Howstuffworks&#8221; and other sites but haven&#8217;t really got what I need&#8230;

If any one knows any links to a GOOD website? I'll appreciate your help



A:Question about MotherBoard....

Wikipedia is always a great place to start research. Links to other wikipedia articles, and external sites.
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Was looking at this but it doesnt tell me the front side bus speed?
MSI Z87-G41 PC MATE Intel Z87 Motherboard - ATX, LGA 1150, Intel Z87 Chipset, 2600 MHz(OC) DDR3, SATA 6 Gb/s, Audio, Gigabit LAN, USB 3.0, 2-way CrossFire - Z87-G41 PC MATE

A:Motherboard question

The FSB was retired with the 775 socket.

Basically, FSB doesn't matter any more.

What is your main concern?
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If my laptop's (Toshiba) motherboard is damaged, or burnt out, or even just just went out. Would it be possible to start the laptop up again?

A:MotherBoard Question.

Hello pinakfans,
If the MB is damaged, then the PC wont do much of anything.
What are the problems your having with it ?.
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I was planning to place a order for this motherboard in the morning ( ) but I have a question. The additional power connector under the one pci slot. Do I need to plug my power supply in there or is that for if my video card needs to get plugged into a power connector?

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If an AMD mobo says it can take Athlon 64 - Athlon 64 FX - Sempron, do you think it could take an Athlon XP?

Like this one:

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I have an Intel Pent 3 ,Someone gave me a Geforce 7300 video card but it won't fit into the motherboard ,does not have pci express,Question ,can I switch motherboards? if I buy new what should I get ?

A:Motherboard Question?

Yes you can switch mother boards but to get one with a PCI express slot you will need to upgrade to P4 or Core2 (or equivelant AMD). That basicly means building a whole new computer as you will need: a new board, new CPU, new RAM, new power suply and may need a new case.
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I am trying to upgrade my motherboard because the one I have doesn't have pci-e slot in it, and I want to buy pci-e video card. I have 754 socket processor and 754 socket motherboard currently installed. so can I buy any motherboard that is 754 socket with pci-e slot in it or there is a risk if I change my motherboard?

A:Motherboard question

If you really want to stick with Socket 754 you can get something like this:
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Hey guys first time poster here - I found out about TechSpot while looking for an answer to a problem I bought parts for my computer last week and it was doing fine until yesterday I m quite sure everything about motherboard/cpu Question was working because I had installed Windows XP the day before When I try to turn on my computer it doesn t boot or POST at all It then attempts to boot itself over and over again The fans work for about seconds before switching off then coming on again I realised after trying various things that the fans would continually run without stopping if I Question about motherboard/cpu unplugged the -pin connector for the CPU My guess is that there is either a problem with my CPU or motherboard The question is would the fans work without the motherboard being functional or is it a problem with my CPU For your reference I have Question about motherboard/cpu an e cpu and a gigabyte p-ds p motherboard Cheers Daniel nbsp

A:Question about motherboard/cpu

The problem could be anywhere. You need to trace back everything you have done, and compare everything to the motherboard and video graphics manuals.
Either something is installed incorrectly, a pin is bent, or something is unplugged.
I would go back to one power supply, one driver (preferably a floppy with Windows 98 or other simple boot), one memory module, and a simple video connection. If you don't have a boot with that, you really need to take a very close look at everything you have done... crossed wires, bent pins, incorrect cpu, bad cpu fan, and so on.
Your motherboard and cpu are correct, if all the switches and jumpers are correct... look for a bent cable, or broken socket... bad memory module...
Start with simple and if simple works, walk your way uphill.
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Can the installation of a NIC ruin the pci and agp slots on a mobo? I have a 8 year old ep-k7xa that worked fine until i put in a d-link NIC to replace the old modem card that was in. The installation caused my annhialator blaster pro to die, but I replaced it with an agp tnt2 which also ended up showing me a black screen after about a week or so. I've also tried a pci radeon card but still no video. The computer boots up and i've already tried different ram. The setup is pretty old but it worked fine until i installed this NIC. I'm sure I did the install right.

A:motherboard question

Being a fairly old PC, it's possible that the NIC card is causing a conflict.

Have you tried moving the NIC to different slots?
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I have installed a new power supply (500 W) and I find that the secondary connection is not the same (p10) that I had. My computer is 4 yrs old and the motherboard is an Intel D850GB. I have powered up the computer and it runs fine. I was wondering if this connection is necessary and if there is a way to adapt the connection if so.

A:Motherboard Question

There have been some changes to power connectors available in the last 4 years since your PC was made.

BUT since:
ret03man said:

I have powered up the computer and it runs fine. I was wondering if this connection is necessary....Click to expand...

You have obvious connected the required power leads to the right plugs.....relax and enjoy.
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I recently (by accident) removed a processor from one of my computers. In doing this, until I removed the processor from the heatsink, it became impossible to install. Now, my question is, (since I didn't apply any extra thermal compund), will my processor run hotter? If so, do I need to use a better cooler, or simply add more thermal compound? The processor is a Intel Celeron 2.5gHZ socket mPGA478 with stock cooling inside of a Compaq S5010NX computer system.

A:Motherboard question

It's not a question of extra thermal compound. You have to clean off the old compound and apply fresh compound. To reassemble without doing anything, seriously risks overheating the CPU and quickly too.
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I think I know the answer to this but I've never been sure about it. If your motherboard goes out and you replace it should you reformat your hard drive? I've been told yes one tech. I've also heard it can be done but you have to delete a certain file after it's done.

A:New motherboard question

Should you? Yes.

Do you have to? Not necessarily.

If Windows fails to boot up on the new motherboard you might b able to do a Repair Installation of Windows without losing any of you data, settings, or programs.
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Hi, for this motherboard P5WD2 Premium, it says that it has a universal PCI-E slot. It goes on by telling us that " It enables users to plug in an additional PCI Express graphics card to set up a dual graphics card platform on a single motherboard..." Does that mean that you can plug two pci-express cards on one motherboard, like the SLI ones??

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I have been planning a CPU upgrade for a while now, and recently managed to get my motherboard model/manufacturer, my motherboard is a Biostar 945PL-A7B, further specifications here: It says that the Mobo supports 1066Mhz FSB speed only by overclocking, but the problem is that I want to upgrade to a Core 2 Duo E6600 from my current Pentium D 915. The E6600 uses 1066Mhz FSB speed. But I do not want to overclock, does this mean that I cannot upgrade to this processor? I also found this page, and it tells me that my mobo supports an E6600 upgrade. So my question is, can my motherboard support an E6600 without Overclocking? Also, if this processor is unable to run on my system, can you guys give me any reccommendations for C2Ds that will run with this mobo?

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just wondering if an Intel Cortez D945GCZ motherboard will be able to support a Nvidia Geforce 7600GT

A:motherboard question

plz someone answer /beg
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Im getting a new MB and buying a AMD Athlon 64 X2 Socket 939. Here is the link to the MB im getting.

Im not to good on CPU Fan Specs and i need to know if this CPU fan will work with this board.

Thanks for the help!

A:New MotherBoard Question

That HSF will work fine with your setup, and it's a good quality unit.
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does anyone know of any evga mobo's that have pci-express 2.0?

A:Motherboard question

Go to '' and check with them. Personally I do not know.