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Comparing Single core & dual core Pentium processors

Q: Comparing Single core & dual core Pentium processors

Hello friends, Which one of the processor is faster & better between Pentium P4 3.6 GHz 'Processor No. 660 Single core 2MB L2' and the other one is 'P4 3.4 GHz Processor No. 945 Dual Core 4MB L2 Cache'. So one is a 3.6 GHz single core and other one is 3.4 GHz dual core. Thanks in advance


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Preferred Solution: Comparing Single core & dual core Pentium processors

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A: Comparing Single core & dual core Pentium processors

Welcome to our forum...may I suggest before jumping on to a new forum and posting a question, especially on a heavily asked current topic, it would be a better idea and provide you faster response time if you first searched the topic....
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hey just wonderinf if anyone could help me choose out of these two processors.would be greatly appreciated

AMD Athlon Dual-Core QL-67 (2.2GHz, HyperTransport? 3: up to 4.0 (GT/sec), 2MB L2 Cache)

IntelŪ PentiumŪ processor T4300 (2.1GHz, 800MHz FSB, 1MB L2 Cache)
thank you

A:Comparing amd athlon dual core and intel pentium dual core

They are quite similar. Both have nearly the same clock speed. Both have a total of 1MB of L2cache but the intel's is shared and the AMD's is exclusive. The intel is 45nm and the AMD is 65nm which means the AMD will run hotter most likely. The AMD gets a boost from its on die memory controller and HyperTransport links on its motherboard. Both are capable of running full 64 operating systems.

The best difference between them would be as to what is on board their respective laptop. The AMD will have quite respectable performance from its video chip as I would hope it either a Radeon HD 3200 or better a 4200 with SidePort memory. These are about the best you can get for integrated video these days. The intel will undoubtedly have a GMA4500. These don't game very well nor do they do a very good job of playing high def video. The AMD chipset should have a fairly complete selection of connectors and functions. The interl may or may not, depending on the maker.

Both chips have a TDP of 35 Watts. The intel should offer slightly longer battery life for a given series of tasks, say about a half hour.

As you can see, these two CPUs are quite similar on and of themselves, the supporting cast of laptop parts makes or breaks the deal.
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so which would be better:

dual core celeron 1.73ghz with 1mb l2 cache or single core intel pentium 4 2.4ghz 512kb l2 cache

A:dual core celeron 1.73ghz versus single core pentium 4 2.4ghz

I don't think there are any Celeron Processors which are dual core and so the Pentium 4 will definitely be faster. If you give me model numbers I might be of more help.
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I am buying a new rig tomorrow, just wanted to see what you thought about it.

I have a choice between a $269 used pentium dual core vs a brand new 299 AMD Athlon? Single-Core Processor LE-1620?

Whats better and how faster is the AMD Athlon? Single-Core Processor LE-1620 vs my pentium III/600MHZ?

A:Pentium Dual core vs AMD Athlon Single-Core Processor LE-1620?

Depends on what the specs are with the Intel dual core and what specs you're getting with the AMD.
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16th May 2016.Dear Dell Forum Members & Support,We have an existing and very reliable Dell Precision 490 with a Single Intel Xeon 5060 (Dual Core, 3.2GHz,1066MHz) system.The system is currently running Bios Version A08 (04/25/08)
Can it be upgraded to Two (2) Intel Xeon Quad Core Processors, and if so, can a list of the compatiable processors be supplied ?
e.g. Xeon X5460 (Quad-Core, 3.16 GHz, 1333MHz) etc.

Thank you for your time & patience.With kindest regards.GEM CNC Systems.
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I don t know if this question has been answered here or not because the words are a little difficult to do specific searches for I am thinking of making for myself a file server It s going to be cheap because it s main purpose is the processing of files from a centralized location As such I know I want processing power but I know I don t need a Core As such I m sticking with a Pentium Solved: and dual-core Dual-Core with between Pentium Difference features Pentium I got the choice narrowed down to a Pentium Dual-Core But as I was researching the Pentium I found out that the Dual-Core was re-branded to just a Pentium with dual-core features My main question is is there a difference Solved: Difference between Pentium Dual-Core and Pentium with dual-core features between the Pentium Dual-Core and the Pentium with dual-core Solved: Difference between Pentium Dual-Core and Pentium with dual-core features features I m choosing between an ASUS P G C-M LX and a P KPL-AM EPU I wouldn t have gotten confused except that I m buying these off of NewEgg and one motherboard has the Dual-Core capitalized while the other has the dual-core in lower cased letters nbsp

A:Solved: Difference between Pentium Dual-Core and Pentium with dual-core features
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I am torn between buying one of two Acer laptops Both have almost identical features--RAM HD webcam -cell battery memory card reader and are the same price-- on sale but the processors seem to be the big difference and I would like to know which one you folks feel I should go with I should also mention that the AMD laptop Intel P520 2.3 AMD Pentium Dual-Core dual-core or GHz GHz? 2.0 X2 P6100 Turion also has a Blue-Ray Disc drive and read writes normal CDs and DVDs The only other major difference when comparing specs is that the AMD laptop has an HD CineCrystal LED-backlit TFT widescreen display ATI Radeon HD graphics with MB of dedicated system memory supporting Unified Video Decoder UVD OpenEXR High Dynamic-Range HDR technology Shader Model Microsoft DirectX While the Pentium laptop has CineCrystal LED-backlit display Intel HD graphics with MB of dedicated system memory supporting Microsoft DirectX I ve been driving myself crazy for the past days trying to decide which one to go with and I need to decide quickly as I AMD Turion X2 dual-core P520 2.3 GHz or Intel Pentium Dual-Core P6100 2.0 GHz? m not sure how long they will be at this sale price--and I do have to stay at the range From the many laptops I checked out these seem to offer the most for the money I would truly appreciate your advice Thanks Gina nbsp

A:AMD Turion X2 dual-core P520 2.3 GHz or Intel Pentium Dual-Core P6100 2.0 GHz?


I'm sorry to bother you folks again, but I noticed that my question had 55 views but no replies. Did I perhaps give incorrect or confusing information, or maybe posted my question in the wrong forum? I tried looking at some of the other similar questions asked, but none seemed to help with my question.

I guess I'm basically wondering that since the 2 Acer laptops are the same price, would you go with the Intel Pentium Dual-Core P6100, 2.0GHz, 3MB L3 cache, or the AMD Turion X2 dual-core P520, 2.3 GHz, 1066MHz Front Side Bus, 2MB L2 cache. This laptop also has a Blu-Ray Disc Drive, but I've read conflicting opinions on whether having this is necessary or not.

Although I consider myself to be an intermediate computer user, I am lost when it comes to processors, and also when it comes to 'dedicated amount of system memory.' I know that 'dedicated' memory is better, but does it make a difference how much there is in different brands? In other words, could the lesser amount of 128MB 'dedicated' in the Pentium still be better than the 256MB in the AMD? I'm leaning toward the AMD Turion laptop because of the higher numbers, but I've read enough to know that you can't always rely on that alone.

I'm sorry to ask my question again, but I've been given a lot of help here at CNET in the past, so I was surprised when I logged on today to see that no one expressed an opinion on which one of the two they would buy.

Any assistance would really be helpful and appreciated.....Gina

GinaPA said:

I am torn between buying one of two Acer laptops. Both have almost identical features--RAM, HD, webcam, 6-cell battery, memory card reader, and are the same price--$499.00 (on sale); but the processors seem to be the big difference, and I would like to know which one you folks feel I should go with.

I should also mention that the AMD laptop also has a Blue-Ray Disc drive (and read/writes normal CDs and DVDs).

The only other major difference when comparing specs is that the AMD laptop has an HD CineCrystal LED-backlit TFT widescreen display, ATI Radeon HD 4250 graphics with 256MB of dedicated system memory, supporting Unified Video Decoder 2 (UVD2), OpenEXR High Dynamic-Range (HDR) technology, Shader Model 4.0, Microsoft DirectX 10.1
.........While the Pentium laptop has CineCrystal LED-backlit display, Intel HD graphics with 128 MB of dedicated system memory, supporting Microsoft DirectX 10.

I've been driving myself crazy for the past 3 days trying to decide which one to go with and I need to decide quickly as I'm not sure how long they will be at this sale price--and I do have to stay at the $500.00 range. From the many laptops I checked out, these 2 seem to offer the most for the money. I would truly appreciate your advice!

GinaClick to expand...
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Hello friends,
I m very eager to know that whats the actual difference between a Core 2 Duo processor and a Pentium Dual Core processor, other than their proceesing architecture?

According to most benchmarking sites including Tom's Hardware, Core 2 Duo E4300 or 6300 performs better than Pentium Dual Core 820 in almost all benchmarks.....whereas C2D E4300 or E6300(1.8 and 1.86 Ghz respectievely) are having MUCH lower clock speeds than Pentium D 820(2.8Ghz). Why like this???

I have 2 systems, one with C2D E4300 1.86 Ghz and another(from which I am writing this thread) is Pentium D 820 2.8Ghz. But I dont see any MUCH performance difference in reality, although in multi-tasking and gaming C2D system still performs better.

Can anybody please explain me in details.....
Thanks in advance.

A:Why Core 2 Duo outperforms Pentium Dual Core even when C2D has lower clock Speed??

The Core 2 Duo doesn't share the same architecture as the older NetBurst architecture of the Pentium D, which is also shared by the Pentium 4. The Pentium D is effectively a pair of Pentium 4 CPUs on one die. The Core 2 Duo architecture allows for a lot more processing to be done in one cycle, hence more information can be pushed in, say, 1 million cycles by the Core 2 Duo than the Pentium D. As for 'reality', there obviously won't be much difference when both systems are used for stuff like playing music etc. But the real differences will show up when you tax them, such as when playing an HD video without a video card supporting HD-decoding where the Core 2 Duo will be able to process information much more quicker than the Pentium D and so you will have a smoother image. Check on Wikipedia for more in-depth details.
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Is it possible to change the dual core processor I have for an i5 processor, is this type of motherboard capable of taking it? I have some screen captures from CPUID of my system specs, hopefully that will be enough info. If it can't take the i5 could it take any other quad-core processor?

I have a Compaq Pressario desktop PC, Windows 7 64 bit, 4GB DDR3 RAM.



A:Is it possible to upgrade my dual-core to i5, or other quad-core processors?
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just received new online purchase PC ordered with core2duo E5400 2.8Ghz and instead has pentiumdualcore E6500 2.93Ghz. Is this an improvement or perhaps E5400 not available and is one better than the other eg. speed and reliability? Thanx I'm a Newbie.

A:Pentium Dual Core E6500 vs Core 2 Duo E5400

Think you made out pretty well on this deal, in addition to the higher cpu clock you also have a faster front side bus.
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which model pentium 4 has socket LGA775 was implemented.
I mean which model brand hp or compaq or HCL or ibm ? year & model required.
I prefer to buy that model so that i can upgrade to latest processors.

Another question:
Will Pentium 4 with Socket LGA 775 supports any chipset model for upgradation to
1.Core 2 Duo
2.Dual core processors ?
If not pls give me the Chipset models support for the upgradation.

My plan is buy used pentium 4 LGA 775 & upgrade to new processor(only processor using same motherboard of the old one) which eliminates/reduces cost for upgradation.

Is this right plan or is there any complication in upgradation.

A:Pentium 4 lga775 upgrade to Dual core or Core 2 Duo

pathardware first please read this:

The list of processors using LGA 775 are listed on that page. As for your question, YES some P4 motherboards might support Dual Core and Core 2 Duo.

My Current motherboard is an ASUS P5B-MX/WiFi AP and I'm running a P4 Prescott on it. The CPU support list on the ASUS website lists Dual Core, Core 2 Duo and Quad Core support (With BIOS upgrade). My P4 actually was part of a Compaq system purchased way back in 2005. After that the rest of the system (barring monitor and processor) has had major overhauls.

But, as for your plan, I would suggest you go about building an entry level new system by yourself.
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I would like to ask you guys if there is a wide difference between Intel Pentium Dual Core T4200 and Core 2 T6400 laptop processors.

My dad recently brought me a new Dell Studio 15 laptop as my high school grad gift. Its equipped with T4200, but as I read in Dell's website T6400 comes as an option. He selected T4200, and now before I set my hands on the new laptop I would like to find out if those processors make much difference in performance and power consumption.


A:Pentium Dual Core T4200 vs.Core 2 T6400

Core 2 Duo is better in my opinion other people might argue they opposite or that they are the same.

I have a dell with Pentium Dual Core and another with Core 2 Duo, same amount of RAM, pretty much the same computer all around. The Core 2 seems to run faster and cooler.

But thats just me
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Hey all,
I have some proprietary software that works great on a single-core processor. When I try to run it on a dual-core or above, the software loads, works once, and then messes up.

The software uses modems to dial out to our payphones. We found a work-around by turning off one processor in the bios, but then, what's the point of having a dual-core processor.

Please help. The software is doing this on Windows XP.

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System specs Athlon x Windsor ghz single using stable Dual while crashes web, Athlon on core core but is randomly W tdp Gigabyte GA-Ma DS rev AMD SB His radeon MB had before x GB Dual core Athlon crashes randomly while using web, but is stable on single core Kingston DDR mhz CL xSeagate ST AS in RAID on SB Chieftec W power supply LG DVD rewriter Bunch of fans Windows XP pro bit x windows temporary I m having a strange problem from quite a long time PC just reboots randomly when I use internet applications like p p or browser It s that I can click quot favorities quot in firefox and puff reboot Leave pc for a night - reeboot at o clock I tried to find the cause updated drivers bios reinstalled windows several times - still getting the random crashes But if I use the numproc statement and run my PC as single core it stays perfectly stable for week But sadly the low power mode doesn t work then and CPU is getting hotter than in dual core mode also uses more energy However I don t think the low power mode isn t the cause - ran a prime for half a day on processor tuned down to ghz and V low power mode without a crash Ran memtest in dos mode for hours - no problems Also I have secondary XP pro without NIC drivers installed no web just for gaming and I can play for hours straight and never got any crash of this kind On the the primary OS open two windows start unpacking archive and try to browse web and I get a crash in minutes But sometimes nothing happens for a week or so Also I noticed following problems - disk read error not enough system resources to finish the task various p p programs say that - explorer windows disappearing closing usually when trying to use search on already loaded system - system locking down blank display cursor freezes when switching users but in most cases recoverable via external management log into console from another pc force logoff the user x display is back to normal - crashed on vista after minutes of usage None of above happens when using the single core but one of my applications won t start then for some reason Running out of ideas I tried to set all possible exes in windows folder to uniprocesor with imagecfg but got a nice bluescreens not surprised though Graphic card was replaced recently also I had this problem on previous hard drive though not so recently happening Temps in celsius are ambient CPU in iddle weird but true max system - voltages always in the ATX specs with vcore dropping to V in low power mode I know it s something dual core and internet related but can t figure what that could be Is it software bug Or maybe a hardware malfunction The only pieces I can think now to be faulty are processor but it passes all the tests or the motherboard itself Anything I can try before buying a half of new computer nbsp
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I was just interested in knowing if my intel celeron D 335 2.80GHz processor is dual core or single core because on intel's website, I see that they make a dual and single core version but I can't determine which one mine is?


A:Solved: Intel Celeron D 335: Dual core or Single core

It's a single core.

There are dual core Celerons, but yours isn't.
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Just wondering what if any problems i will get installing the AMD DC optimizer into my AMD 4000 single core pc .. i hope to get a dual core CPU early next year , i found the optimizer program in the single core part of AMDs diver down loads as well as the dual core page so i thought maybe it might benefit my PC as well .( bet im wrong as always ) .


A:AMD dual core optimizer installed on a single core AMD pc

Single core proc's don't need it so don't bother installing it. If you installed it then simply uninstall it.
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Okay, here is the scenario.
There are 2 laptops.
One has a 3.0GHz single core.
The other has a 1.5GHz dual core.
The thing I'm asking is: When you buy a laptop that says it's 2.66 GHz triple core, does that mean there are 3 processors each clocked at 2.66 GHz? Or does it mean that there are 3 processors and in total they add up to 2.66 GHz?
Also, is it better to have a 3.0 GHz single core or a 1.5 GHz dual core if you want to run games?

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I have a Pentium D dual Core 820 2,8 GHz on my Dell E510. 1 GB RAM and Radeon XT 1600 Video card. It constantly freezes during game play(Planetside) Four sessions with Tech support have me nowhere. Can I replace processor with a fast single core on the same motherboard?

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So I have a game called Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix. Its a single core game, but at current it is running using both cores. I'm asuming making it run off one core will warrant a significant performance increase, but I am clueless as to what to do.

My CPU is a e6300

Any replies appreciated


A:Running a single core application on a dual core cpu?

No it is the same performance, plus it dosnt overstress one core
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I'm trying to decide between two different Acer Aspire Notebooks.
One has:
2.20 GHz AMD V Series V120 single-core processor with 512 KB L2 cache and 1066 MHz front-side bus
250 GB SATA hard drive (5400 RPM)
3 GB of installed DDR3 RAM (1066 MHz; expandable to 8 GB)
ATI Radeon HD 4250 graphics (with 256 MB of discrete video memory) It provides up to 1919 MB of total shared system memory

The other has:
AMD Athlon II X2 dual-core P320 processor
2.10GHz, 1066MHz Front Side Bus, 1MB L2 Cache
2GB DDR3 system memory
250GB SATA hard drive
ATI Radeon HD 4250 graphics with 256MB of dedicated system memory

Which would be better for simple computing, surfing, and streaming videos?

A:AMD v-series single core vs. AMD Athlon dual core

IMO the dual core, but it obviously takes more power, though you don't mention battery life or portability.
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Today I took my Athlon and replaced it with a dual core this is a socket system Everything went smoothly system powered Single now Issues Dual and to Core Internet Core up and cpu temperature is at c My BIOS which the latest and last for my mobo is for dual core I logged on to the internet and at first no issues for about minutes but then I noticed I couldn t access sites It was like my internet connection just Single Core to Dual Core and now Internet Issues froze Figuring it was one of those occasional needs to reset the router modem I reset both by unplugging the power for sec Nothing changed even after reset I figured it was a dual core thing and so I installed the Windows hotfix for XP and dual cores I also installed the AMD Dual Core Optimizer When I rebooted I was able to log on to the internet but accessing Amazon com or even my mail is either really slow or froze When I tried to log on here loading time was agonizingly slow to the point I had to disable the firewall in order to log on I have changed nothing with my system other than the CPU I am at a loss Could the firewall be the issue by the fact my hardware has changed I doubt it but as I said I am at a loss Thanks in advance Edit Never mind I was over at the Overclockers forums and happened to look in on their Internet amp Networking forum and there at the top was the subject South Jersey Comcast It seems others were having internet issues with the Comcast Evil Empire as well nbsp

A:Single Core to Dual Core and now Internet Issues

Do you need a bios update? probably.
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Hi all,

Is it possible at all to set a program to run on one core of a dual core processor?


Reason for info request: My DVB-T dongle is very jittery afetr upgrading processor from Athlon 64 3500+ to Athlon 64 x2 6000+ - worked flawlessly on 3500.

Surely there must be a way to resolve this?

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let me ask this... if the cpu i have now is a single core 2.54ghz 775 socket in a machine that was made before dual core was out... can i just toss in a dual core 3.4ghz 775 or will that not work out with my motherboard?

A:dual core install on a single core??

What motherboard do you have?
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I currently own a single core AMD Athlon 64 processor (3200+), and a friend told me that if i upgrade to dual-core, I'd be able to multi-task on the computer.

But on the other hand, the articles I've found on the internet so far say that most applications these days don't take advantage of the power of dual-core processors.
Would I really notice a significant difference in performance if I upgraded to an AMD dual core 4200+ processor? (the price difference is like $140 US)

Also, my mother board is socket 939, shall I change it too? or simply use a socket 939 compatible dual processor?
Your help is much appreciated

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This is probably a dumb question, but I'm not overly familiar with low-end hardware (look at my specs ). What was the difference between Intel's Core 2 Duo and their Pentium Dual core? They seemed like identical CPUs to me. For that matter, I think they used the same socket too...

A:Core 2 Duo vs Pentium Dual Core

The Core 2 Duo for the most part is better. Which CPU's specifically were you thinking of?
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On the dell website for desktop PC 9150. it has the option of Intel ViiV 940 Pentium D with Dual Core and Intel Pentium D with Dual Core 940. Which one is better?
They are both the same price.

A:ViiV Dual Core or Pentium D 940 Dual Core?

No real difference I wouldn't have thought, except maybe the software package?

"Viiv" is pretty much just another platform marketing concept by Intel (like Centrino), this time based around media oriented PCs.
(Like most marketing) it's an entirely pointless exercise as far as I understand it.
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is dual core with 1.6GHz faster than a single core of 3.2GHz

or are they equal

and is it possible from within windows to switch off the single core in dual core or more cores

A:dual core vs single core

Hello kf10,

CPU Frequency is often perceived as the (only) factor in cpu comparison, this is naive and wrong. Megahertz myth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
We can't tell right away without seeing the detailed specifications of each, as there are more factors affecting the overall quality of a CPU, aside from the number of cores and the CPU Frequency. If both are Intel CPUs, you can have a detailed side-by-side comparison here.
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i have an intel celeron D prossesor, and i dont know if the D stands for dual core like the pentium D. ive heard that it is dual core and that it isnt. so is it or not????

A:dual core or single core

jellofellow said:

i have an intel celeron D prossesor, and i dont know if the D stands for dual core like the pentium D. ive heard that it is dual core and that it isnt. so is it or not????Click to expand...

NO, celeron D = celeron Desktop, Pentium D = Pentium Dual, I have never seen a dual core celeron. I think the only reason that it has the D, is to stop cunfusion with their mobile Celeron M.
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Is there a noticable performance difference between a computer with 2 single core processors and one with a dual-core processor?

A:Dual-core vs. 2 Single Core

Can be noticeable, but you need to include the power supply, cooling fans and other issues into the mix. There are good full reviews on Toms Hardware and Anandtech that give you a good picture of how they compare.
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Hi I am planning to buy a new laptop to do high school and college stuff, and require only Word, PPT and etc, web surfing are mainly what I require.
I was wondering is there a difference between using a dual core or single core processor for Vista? I heard from somewhere it is better to have dual core for stability to run Vista.

While I'm on it, what specs should I have to run basic stuff but also get good performance for speedy loading of pages and programs

Thank you

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dual core 1.8, or single core 3.6?
i have 3.6ghz but i was wondering which is better? i understand that dual core is more efficient and can multi task. but if i was playing farcry 3 which is really heavy on the cpu, and the ram and gpu wasnt effecting the performance, then which would be better? i think 3.6 because farcry would be the only programme running. and even though the dual core has two cpus, would it be able to share the load between them? or does it have a limit of 1.8.

So, is dual core better for running lot of little tasks, and a single core better for running tougher tasks?
any other information regarding cpu speeds will be appreciated.

A:dual core 1.8, or single core 3.6?

Are you looking to upgrade your current rig ?

You should really get a quad core in at least the 3.4 GHz range.

Find out exactly what your MB will support, then go from there.
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I was looking around at processors today, and i found a AMD Athlon 64 4000+ for $xx. There is a AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ for just a little more. Which is better and why? Also i'm debating between amd or intel. if i go intel i will go Core 2 Duo, but they are a little pricey. Right now what is the advantage (for gaming) of dual core. Is a really fast single core good for gaming? i know dual core is good for multitasking, and all i multitask now is i run a webcam server and have to shut it down to play game on a single core. I know this would help but it's not that important. So... all you smart techie people who know more about processors than me, what would you suggest:
Athlon 64 4000+ single 2.4ghz
Athlon 64 X2 3800+ dual 2.0ghz
Pentium D Single 3.0ghz
Pentium Core 2 Duo Dual 1.86


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What's the difference in performance between a Pentium 4 with HT versus a Pentium Extreme Edition Dual Core at the same speed?

I know the dual core is good for running two ressource heavy processes but how much cpu capacity do i really use on a day to day basis?

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Ok, I'm running a Pentium D 920 on this motherboard

I can't get dual core processing to work. It shows it in the Post, and no, I can't enable it in the CPU history in the task manager. It just won't work. I've upgraded my bios, there are two different ones on the web site and I've tried them both. I've been reading all over the net, and I can't find ANYTHING about this. I found some similar stuff with ATHLON 64 x2 but all the solutions don't help or are bios specific. Ei...there is nowhere in my bios to 'enable dual cpu' ect....

please help me out here!

oh, and I'm running windows xp 64

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Hi all spent a bit - Performance Old core difference Modern processors Single of time over at OCAU but dont really want to bring this up as of course the guys will tell me to get it over with and buy an i I have a few computers at home all of which are the old Intel nm processors a celeron D Ghz a P Ghz and another Performance difference Modern - Old Single core processors D at around Ghz all of which at around Gb RAM these PCs or specifically Processors are a good - years old in AUS and are just not even mentioned anymore by enthusiasts understandably so as you can get dual core processors with each core at those clock speeds now I m wondering Just HOW much performance gain is there with a new modern Dual Quad core processor in comparison to the old P my old P is still reasonably fast a good boot will be quite quick quite optimized for startup speed im not interested in specs as i understand the great quot performance gains quot in modern dual cores on paper but i want to know the gain in seconds -- or time in general especially in startup and say using starting design programs such as illustrator ect as my computers will take me a good mins to start these programs also due to the ram which will be adressed I ve been using some of TAFE s old C D based computers and whether it was the network or not it was quite slow almost as slow as my Celeron D system EDIT not thinking of upgrading or anything stupid like that just really wondering is all nbsp

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Hi guys.

I'm thinking of upgrading my Pentium 4 660 3.60GHz processor to a Pentium Dual core E6800 3.33GHz.
Would there actually be any point in changing CPU or would it actually improve performance significantly? Also would my system be able to handle the CPU itself or not?

My system specs are as follws:
Operating System - XP Home Edition SP3
Current CPU - Intel Pentium 4 3.60GHz
Motherboard - GA-8I915PM-FS
ROM - 1x230 GB
RAM - 2GB PNY DIMM DDR 400Mhz PC3200
Graphics Card - NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT

If you need any other info then please just ask me and I'll let you know.
Hope someone can help please. Thank you.

A:Pentium 4 3.60GHz upgrading to Pentium Dual Core E6800 3.33GHz

I'm absolutely certain you won't be able to do that, period. That newer Pentium Dual Core is not in any way, backwards compatible with your motherboard.

Well, it is the same socket. So, it would go in, but it surely won't run. Intel 915 chipset is 32 bit only. Thus, you couldn't even go forward to Cedar Mill core P-4s, which are 64 bit.
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When I initially installed Windows Vista Home Premium OEM I had an Intel Pentium single core GHz Vista only D core on Windows of runs Pentium single Processor installed in my system I have since changed the system processor to a Pentium D dual core GHz processor However Windows is acting like it doesn't know my processor has a second core Task Manager shows the CPU graph for only Windows Vista only runs on single core of Pentium D a single core and I Windows Vista only runs on single core of Pentium D have a Multi-core Windows Gadget that I've downloaded that shows Windows is only using a single core I have googled forever to try and find a solution to no avail I found a recommendation to use a tool called NTFS DOS and rename the HAL DLL file to something else and rename HALMACPI DLL to HAL DLL That didn't work I also tried re-installing Vista on top of itself upgrading itself and that had no affect I have removed the entries for the Pentium CPU in Device Manager and Windows Vista Home Premium now correctly identifies my CPU as a Pentium D but it still only runs on the first core My system board is an ASUS P ND -SLI It was also suggested to check in system BIOS to make sure there isn't a setting to disable one of the cores I'm running the latest system BIOS from ASUS and there is no such setting in my BIOS I found articles that described systems with AMD processors that seemed to be more plagued with this problem however my CPU is definitely Intel and the suggested workarounds don't apply I'm really not looking forward to formatting my GB HDDs and re-installing Windows Vista It's now months after the release of Windows Vista Somebody must have seen this problem by now I'd think but I can't find a solution posted anywhere Please help thanks ted

A:Windows Vista only runs on single core of Pentium D

I can hardly believe it, but I finally found the problem... it was the motherboard BIOS (despite ASUS claim's my CPU was supported since BIOS 0301).

I happened to find out just a few days ago that ASUS quietly released a BIOS update for my motherboard on 6/26/07 - version 0701. Keep in mind, this motherboard is now practically a dinosaur as it first shipped in 2005. ASUS' release notes for the BIOS are practically criminal as they only state the following:


1. Support new CPUs. Please refer to our website at:
2. Fix Smart Fan cannot control by PC Probe 2.

1. ???sCPU, ????????q????:
2. *?? PC Probe 2 ?L?k???? Smart Fan ?????D.
*** END

As I am writing this, the URL above for this motherboard does not show any new CPUs that require 0701.

That all being said, I'm glad ASUS had the integrity to release a fix. I just wish they were more open about known issues and announcing when fixes are available. I'm even registered with their website as having this motherboard. An e-mail would've been nice, don't you thinK?

If you find this post, because you were as unlucky as me. Go here to get 0701 BIOS:
Relevancy 83.7%

Is the technology too new to think about getting 2 dual core processors seeing that the computer will not be used as a server? CAn any games take benefit of the dual core double processor? Any CAD programs able too use this technology?

Relevancy 82.77%

I just read the disturbing (to me) news that XP Home is not dual core ready. I was wondering if anybody has had success in loading XP Home with and AMD dual core?
Relevancy 82.77%

How do I explain the difference between a Core 2 Duo machine and a machine with dual XEON processors.

Here's why I ask: I made a service call on a Dell machine that has two Intel 2.2-GHz XEON processors--a dual-processor board. I replaced it with a Gateway model 5412 that has a Pentium Core 2 Duo processor. He noticed the spec tag on the front of the new Gateway machine said 1.8 GHz.

Now, how do I explain how the Core 2 Duo processor compares with his old XEON dual-processor board?

Relevancy 82.77%

Ok so I'm in the market for a new laptop and I have a question about the AMD dual core processors. Is the AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-60 (2.0GHz/1MB) faster than the AMD Turion 64 Dual-Core X2 Mobile Technology TL-56? Is the TL-60 Dual Core?


A:Confusion about AMD dual core processors...

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I just got a new computer for Christmas and have a few questions The computer I have is an HP Pavilion a n I didn t particularly want a factory made computer and certainly didn t want an HP but hey you can t look a gift horse in the mouth right I m not very familiar with Dual Core processors and don t know exactly what I have I know that I have an Intel Core Duo CPU Ghz w Mhz FSB What I want to know is does this mean that I have Ghz CPUs Ghz CPUs or am I misunderstanding this completely PS I also apparently have an nVidia GeForce GS Video card The computer box says that Core Processors Question Dual concerning I have MB dedicated memory on it dxdiag Question concerning Dual Core Processors says I have MB memory on it and a program at gamespot com scanned my computer and said that I only have MB Memory on it Which do I believe and what does this Question concerning Dual Core Processors mean Thanks to whoever can answer these questions nbsp

Relevancy 82.15%

I bought a Pentium D 925 processor a while back, but I have a feeling that it is not working the way I was hoping it would

So what I was wondering was, which cpu would be a better option

Stick with Pentium D running at 3ghz
Buy a E5200 running at 2.50GHZ (best I can afford )

thankyou in advance


A:Dual Core vs. Pentium D

The E5200 is a much better CPU compared to the Pentium D.

As far as I can see, the E5200 is now equivalent to what the E4600 was.
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Greetings all Well I m done as much research as I can handle and I can t make core not???? or Amd dual or Pentium, up my mind I m in the procces of building a new puter and I just don t know what to get I would like a dual core but latley I ve been asking my self If I really need one I Want a very fast system that s a give I would do some video editing and some gaming and backing up Amd or Pentium, dual core or not???? my dvd library I usually stay on one task at a time That bieng said in the dual core chips I m looking at the Athlon x socket and the Pentium D socket Does anyone here have any exerience with these chips Am I looking at something that is over rated Maybe I should get at single chip processor it seems like I can get more speed on a single chip Amd or Pentium, dual core or not???? for about the same amount of money maybe I m not seeing something I am still learning about computers Take the AMD Athlon Processor socket single chip Processor AMD Athlon Model P N PIB ADA ASBOX Stepping CG Frequency Mhz HT Speed Voltage V Max Temp C Thermal Power W L Cache KB L Cache Amd or Pentium, dual core or not???? MB CMOS Technology nm SOI Socket Socket And nowthe Athlon x socket Processor AMD Athlon X Dual-Core Model Ordering P N PIB ADA BVBOX Frequency Mhz HT Speed Voltage V- Max Temp C Thermal Power W L Cache KB KB L Cache KB KB CMOS Technology nm SOI Socket Socket They are about the same price so which is a better chip for a person that wants a fast computer and is not so worried about multitasking I m confused it seems like the single chip would be faster How about that Pentium D Processor - Intel Pentium D Processor Processor Number - Architecture - nm technology L Cache - x MB Clock Speed - GHz Front Side Bus - MHz Execute Disable Bit - Can help to prevent some classes of viruses and worms that exploit buffer overrun vulnerabilities thus helping to improve the overall security of the system Intel Extended Memory Technology - Processors with Intel EM T allow platforms to access larger amounts of memory and will support -bit extended operating systems Dual-Core - Provides two execution cores in one physical processor allowing the platform to do more in less time while enjoying smooth interaction with your PC Compare that to the Intel Pentium GHz E MB FSB Socket Prescott Hyper Threading Bare Processor They are also about the same price So I guess I will leave you with this If I were using my computer on mostly single tasks Will I be throwing away money getting a dual core Thank you very much for reading my post Any info would be greatly appreciate it Bobby nbsp

Relevancy 82.15%

i thought if it was a pentium, it was not 'dual core ' ? 3.2 ghz, looking to buy a gaming desktop: can a pentium be a dual-core ? thanks

A:Pentium d, dual-core ?

Like dual-core Pentium 4 HT?

It's a 3.2, but I have it overclocked a bit. Been running at that speed a year or more now.
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I noticed that it was WAY cheaper for a Pentium D than a Dual-Core AMD processor. I also noticed how the PD's are clocked at a much higher rate than AMD Dual-core processors. What's the main difference between the two???

A:Pentium D VS. AMD Dual-core?

Why do you say a Pentium D is way cheaper than an Athlon X2? Are you trying to compare them at the same processor speeds?

As you may have noticed, clock speeds don't really tell you as much about the CPUs as they used to. It is the model number that needs to be looked at, and that still is very confusing. Maybe in the future the CPU makers will give us an easier to understand system, but for now the only way to know is to do the homework.

Here is a really useful interactive chart to compare CPUs. Have a look:
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Hi ppl, I was wondering if the dell 0FM586 motherboard supports a dual core pentium processor or are these mobo's only designed for a quad processor? The dual core processor that I'm thinking is the E5300

A:Pentium Dual Core

What exactly do you want to do with the system? And is there any other motherboard choice than the dell?
Posted via Mobile Device
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Does anybody know when games will start being made to take advantage of dual-core processors? I've read on an AMD forum that right now the AMD Athlon 64 FX57 is the best for gaming. But as soon as games start taking advantage of dual-cores, the AMD Athlon 64 X2 processors will be the best for gaming. So I'm just curious if anyone knows about when that will happen?

Thanks much

A:Taking advantage of dual-core processors

When they become common enough that most people have them. Game makers want to capture as many gamers as possible, if only a few have dual core processors, then they won't make money by making games for them.

But I don't know all that much about processors, I'm not a hardware expert.
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Can anyone tell me whether I should purchase an AMD dual core processor that has a frequency of 2.4GHz and a cache of 2 x 512MB or a processor with a frequency of 2.2GHz with a cache of 2 x 1MB? Which one would provide best performance? By the way, they are of a similar price.
Which is better? Higher frequency or higher cache?

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Hey everyone Just been trying to replay an old favourite of mine Prince of Persia Sands of Time on my intel dual Games Core affected Processors Dual by core laptop running windows I now have It keeps deciding in game to play in slow motion which after a bit of research seems to be due to my dual core processor I ve tried setting the affinity on task manager which works to a certain extent but doesn t fix the problem entirely I know there is an AMD Dual Core optimiser but I decided not to install that on my intel machine right move I also know that there is MS XP patch http support microsoft com kb However this decides that I cannot install it The error message says Not enough storage is available to process this command Installation did not complete I ve also found process Games affected by Dual Core Processors exe though I don t like the idea of doing that to my processor Any Games affected by Dual Core Processors ideas Thanks for any help nbsp

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Hello all..

Have a quick ? for you all...

I have installed Windows 7 on my IBM Intellistation machine which has 2 Intel 3.6Ghz Dual Core Xeon Processors. Here's my question...

In Device Mangler, it shows Processors>Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 3.60Ghz x 4. When I check Task Manager, it shows me the utilization of two processors.

Is this correct!? Should TM show 4 boxes instead of two!? Or is Windows 7 seeing everything okay?!

Thanks in advance!

A:Dual Core Xeon 3.6Ghz Processors

Which version of Win7 do you have?

It's not easy to find the information, but apparently you need Professional or Ultimate to use two physical sockets. Home Premium only supports one.
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I'm new to building my own PC. I've taken a really bland class on Computer Architecture, so I know the basics of the basics.

I just guess I have a question that I'm begging to be answered. :dead:

So does anyone know if there's conflicts with the idea of Dual Core Proc. in a Dual Proc. Motherboard?

And of course, is it worth it?

A:Dual Core Processors in a Dual Processor Motherboard

No there will not be any conflict. If the motherboard has a BIOS that supports dual-core processsors, it will use both cores present on each processor.

READ: Opteron 285 review
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Hello all, I'm new here and have little knowledge about how computers work. I've been trying to figure this out for myself and am getting confused and frustrated.
I'm pretty sure my question has been answered via another thread on this forum that I found during a web search but want to be certain.
I have done some searches and am coming up with conflicting info..
I plan on purchasing a HD camcorder and the system requirements call for a Pentium 4 3.2ghz processor. My current PC has much less than that so i will need another.
My question is,will a 2.0 dual core work instead of a Pentium 4 3.2 ghz?
Some of the info I've come across says yes and some says no.
Many Thanks,,I sure appreciate the help from you knowledgeable folks here.

A:Is 2.0 dual core equal to Pentium 4 3.2?

A 2.0 dual core will do anything a Pentium 4 will do and more so yes, it will work for your purpose. I suggest a 3.0 ghz + dual core.
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Hi Guys I had got a new pc around months ago Its spects are - INTEL Pentium D Dual Core GHZ Intel GNT chipset GB RAM Nvidia Geforce GT Creative Audigy sound card Dual overheats core Pentium TV Tuner card OS Windows XP Media Pentium Dual core overheats Center Edition Its an assembled pc and is working fine There has been one issue though My system runs hot I know its dual core but its idle temperature is around C When I found that I had reapplied thermal compound couple of months ago when i thought the original one must have got a bit rusty when i was installing the stock cooler fan So for last six months I have been using it and its worked allright Recently I read that running the system at that temperature will not give optimum results and can damage the cpu So far i have had no problem with games but when I tried playing game FEAR my system was struggling to run it in full graphics What I want to know is that should I let my system be what it is or should i buy new heatsink or so I did research and i found that Zalman CPU cooling fans are popular and arctic silver compound is preferred but being in my city I dont think it would be easy to find those Is my pc running slow Oh ya one more thing I also installed fans on my cpu cabinet so that hot air is blown out Two fans act as exhaust and blow air out and are on left side of cabinet One fan on the back blow air out and is on the rear There is no space in the front to install a fan that could blow air in When I tested by opening my cabinet and running my system the Idle Temp was around - C My graphic card also gives temp reading Its idle temp is usually around C When playing it can rise upto C or maybe more The temp in my city can go upto C in summers and around C in winters Its winter here and still the temp on my cpu hasnt changed much maybe a little Any advices as to what do i do will be appreciated Thanks JG nbsp

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ok well i need to find out what is best... Apparantly the new Vista will be requiring DDR3 ram which is still being developed and AMD doesnt even support DDR2 yet... Is DDR2 a lot better than DDR? They say AMD is better in games... just standard gaming with a 256MB PCI Express every now and then is all i want... pentium D should still provide me decent performance shouldnt it? Which is the most upgradable?

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Hi. im upgrading my silly single core cpu to another 478 processor. But i want dual core. I hear there are some p4s running 2 cores but when i look they only say: Cores 1 threads 2. WTF is this. was the 2 cores thing a lie

PLZ HELP i cannot run my games on a intel celeron 2.4GHz with 1.25GB ram and ATI HD 3650 1GB AGP.



A:Pentium 4 SL7E3 dual core?

The 1 core 2 threads is the P4 hyperthreading. Dual cores came with the 775 pentium Ds

I think its almost time to get a new tower parts.. AMD can be built for bout $400 without reusing the old stuff, less with recycling.
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I'm looking for a new computer to buy with a Intel Core 2 duo or a AMD Athlon 64 x2.
When I was browsing around a noticed a Pentium D Dual Core with 2 cores running at 3.5ghz each. And in all honesty this is the first time I have ever heard of Pentium D dual core.
So Ive been reading around not finding much info about it.
Some people said its not as fast and some said its faster and all I really wanna know is... Are Pentium D Dual Cores worth the money or should I stick to Core 2 duo and/or AMD x2?

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Pentium Dual-Core v. Athlon X2...winner? Both have comparable clock speeds. The Athlon uses a different FSB. It has less cache. Which is faster?

Relevancy 80.91%

Hi Guys !

I have intel dual core @2.0 GHz processor.I am upgrading my system.For now im going to replace the mobo and RAM.I am going to buy G.Skill RipjawsX (2x4 GB) RAM.So I wanted to know will my system support it.I know the mobo im going to buy will support it.

Thanks in Advance !

A:Does Intel Dual Core processors supports 1600MHz RAM?

t3chn0vamp said:

So I wanted to know will my system support it.I know the mobo im going to buy will support it.Click to expand...

Thats all you need to know, the CPU is irrelevant for selecting memory. The CPU never has dictated the type of memory used. The motherboard either supports the memory or it doesn't.
Relevancy 80.91%

Hello everyone, could someone point me in the right direction here. I remember when running vista a rumour that when vista was installed on systems it didnt recognise dual or multiple processors on the boot.ini tab in the msconfig boot advanced options. I have checked this with windows seven and again the same has happened. i enter the msconfig. select boot.ini tab. click on advanced options and see that only 1 processor is recognised. My system has a dual core processor so have changed this value to 2 and applied settings. I have noticed an even quicker startup time and when i run multiple programs ie Photoshop and itunes there is no system slow down. Has anybody else expierienced this, does anybody know if this would affect quad core processors. any feedback would be appriciated. Thanks

A:Dual core/multiple processors not recognised by system

woah slow down there Too fast! and welcome to sevenforums,

the advanced boot.ini tab is only used if you need to turn cores off for whatever reason. by default, all your processors/cores will be used. you say that only one was recognised before you changed it to two - was the box also ticked at that time?

you can always see how many cores windows is using, by starting up taskmanger (ctrl-alt-del or ctrl-shift-esc) then check the performance tab.

i've got a dual-core processor, and both were enabled and used by default - are you sure about these performance gains?
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Intel Pentium Dual Core or AMD Turion 64 X2

As you can tell, i'm asking about which mobile processor is better.

I know that Core 2 Duo is better than both of them FTW but we don't wanna pay that much for a laptop.

So which one would be better all round?

Its not gonna be much of a gaming computer, more multimedia though like videos and other things.

So please, HELP us!


A:Intel Pentium Dual Core or AMD Turion 64 X2

core duo CPUs are WITHOUT x64 architecture. so you can't install WIndows x64 OS. core2duo has x64 instructions. remember this when you want to install 4gb of ram and want to use it fully. in gaming machines the main thing is videocard(recommended nvidia geforce go 8600gt).
Relevancy 111.37%

So my friend gave me a vaio computer about 2 months ago, and I just noticed it's a dual core, I don't know the computer model....

It says Pentium 4 2.80 ghz; in the system info, but in device manager it has 2 processors under processors and under computer it says ACPI Multiprocessor PC. now I can set affinity and task manager shows 2 charts for the cpu under the monitor thing.

I thought pentium 4's couldn't be dual it possible that this vaio has a dual core p4? Or do I have the wrong cpu drivers? Computer runs fine and I can set stuff to run on either core and it will work...

Basically I'm just confused as to how a p4 is a dual core and wondering if I might have some wrong drivers or something, if not I guess I just got a free 2,8ghz dual core lol.

A:Pentium 4 2.8ghz dual core wth? Confused!

What you are looking at with a Pentium 4 2.8GHz. processor is HyperThreading, i.e. one physical core + one virtual core.

It's explained here;
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I just recently bought a new Dual Pentium E5200 Intel Core processor at Microcenter The Intel E and my computer would give me the blue screen of death My pc would just freeze and give me Intel Pentium Dual Core E5200 an error Even during reinstalling XP i would get the blue screen It is the th or fifth time of a clean install of XP on my hard drive I did checkdisk and other programs i used to see if my hard drive had problems but my hard drive is fine I swapped out the memory and my pc would still crash I just put in my old celeron back in just now and my pc did not crash or freeze My motherboard is a Biostar G M TE and it supports my processor from celeron and the exact model number for the E all the way to quad core I did not overclock or anything to my processor The error i would get at the BSOD is Stop x A XE D C xC E XBF F D x A another BSOD said Kernel Inpage Data Error and also Win K sys-Address BF F base at BF date stamp F A I saw on a thread on techguy that a processor could have compatibility issues with ram and i think it might be the case As i speak right now i am using my Celeron ghz and it has not frozen or crashed yet If i was using my E dual core even if i left my pc idle the cursor would freeze and the system would crash I checked device manager and It has support for dual core This is a custom PC build that i bough all the parts separately Please help nbsp

A:Intel Pentium Dual Core E5200

Flash to the latest BIOS. The one that you have may not support all the newer CPUs on the CPU support list.
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Dell XPS with Pentium D dual core processor For the last year I have a recurring problem For unknown reasons cpu can hit while cpu usage bounces around as quot normal quot While overall cpu usage may be say with pegs One Malware? cpu - dual core D of at 100% Pentium a cpu pegged at the computer just crawls I have been unable One cpu of a Pentium D dual core pegs at 100% - Malware? to identify the source of the problem SAS MBAM AAW SS amp D and F-secure branded by my ISP as Shaw-secure have found various problems and One cpu of a Pentium D dual core pegs at 100% - Malware? corrected them but the cpu issue persists One cpu of a Pentium D dual core pegs at 100% - Malware? Just when I think it s gone it s back Not sure what s triggering it When this issue happens and I display processes in task manager there is often no correlation between total of processes cpu usage and what s being reporting as total cpu usage and as seen on the performance tab graphs I think this suggests malware but I can t find it if it s there I did produce a hijackthis log via Anvir while I was experiencing the problem and will post it if needed I also have some pdf screen captures of task manager while the problem is occuring if they are of use Other interesting or not things I m currently noticing outlook exe often doesn t stop when the outlook gui is closed this is something new the font on the task bar looks like quot safe mode quot fonts but I m not in safe mode I ve seen this before from time to time once in safe mode it s hard to get the computer to reboot normally I often have to choose quot last settings known to be good quot or whatever the exact wording to get it to reboot normally I ve had this problem for quite some time Help Jay

A:One cpu of a Pentium D dual core pegs at 100% - Malware?

Welcome to BCUpdate mbam and run a FULL scanPlease post the results------------------------------------------Then run ATF and SASATFPlease download ATF Cleaner by Atribune & save it to your desktop.Double-click ATF-Cleaner.exe to run the program.Under Main "Select Files to Delete" choose: Select All.Click the Empty Selected button.If you use Firefox browser click Firefox at the top and choose: Select AllClick the Empty Selected button.
If you would like to keep your saved passwords, please click No at the prompt.If you use Opera browser click Opera at the top and choose: Select AllClick the Empty Selected button.
If you would like to keep your saved passwords, please click No at the prompt.Click Exit on the Main menu to close the program.Note: On Vista, "Windows Temp" is disabled. To empty "Windows Temp" ATF-Cleaner must be "Run as an Administrator".------------------------------------SAS,may take a long time to scanPlease download and scan with SUPERAntiSpyware FreeDouble-click SUPERAntiSypware.exe and use the default settings for installation.An icon will be created on your desktop. Double-click that icon to launch the program.If asked to update the program definitions, click "Yes". If not, update the definitions before scanning by selecting "Check for Updates". (If you encounter any problems while downloading the updates, manually download them from here. Double-click on the hyperlink for Download Installer and save SASDEFINITIONS.EXE to your desktop. Then double-click on SASDEFINITIONS.EXE to install the definitions.)In the Main Menu, click the Preferences... button.Click the "General and Startup" tab, and under Start-up Options, make sure "Start SUPERAntiSpyware when Windows starts" box is unchecked.Click the "Scanning Control" tab, and under Scanner Options, make sure the following are checked (leave all others unchecked):Close browsers before scanning.Scan for tracking cookies.Terminate memory threats before quarantining.Click the "Close" button to leave the control center screen and exit the program.Do not run a scan just yet.Reboot your computer in "Safe Mode" using the F8 method. To do this, restart your computer and after hearing your computer beep once during startup (but before the Windows icon appears) press the F8 key repeatedly. A menu will appear with several options. Use the arrow keys to navigate and select the option to run Windows in "Safe Mode".Scan with SUPERAntiSpyware as follows:Launch the program and back on the main screen, under "Scan for Harmful Software" click Scan your computer.On the left, make sure you check C:\Fixed Drive.On the right, under "Complete Scan", choose Perform Complete Scan and click "Next".After the scan is complete, a Scan Summary box will appear with potentially harmful items that were detected. Click "OK".Make sure everything has a checkmark next to it and click "Next".A notification will appear that "Quarantine and Removal is Complete". Click "OK" and then click the "Finish" button to return to the main menu.If asked if you want to reboot, click "Yes" and reboot normally.To retrieve the removal information after reboot, launch SUPERAntispyware again.Click Preferences, then click the Statistics/Logs tab.Under Scanner Logs, double-click SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log.If there are several logs, click the current dated log and press View log. A text file will open in your default text editor.Please copy and paste the Scan Log results in your next reply.Click Close to exit the program.
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I have a Dell Optiplex 754 computer and just bought a pentium E5700 processor. The socket type for the PC and the processor is LGA775, bios version is latest but when i put the new processor in the optiplex, the fans speed up to max and nothing appears on screen.

Can someone help me at all?

I thought it would be incompatible but according to some users of the same PC, they have quad core processors in them.

Thank you.

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When I bought my computer had it put together to my specs just didn t do the physical building part myself I know I bought a single core P GHz chip Just recently bought my comp months ago now I was checking the quot system quot area in Corel Draw don t ask why I can t even remember and it says I have cores Huh So then I check System Information and it shows I have TWO GHz chips as well Huh again How do I know for sure if I have a single or dual core Are these system info s accurate and if not how can I get an quot accurate quot I or a single dual have core? Do read on what chip I have exactly Is it possible I Do I have a single or dual core? was given a dual core by mistake LOL It just occured to me to check my bios I can t remember what it said there last time I looked cuz i haven t had to check my bios more than twice since i bought comp Will that give me an accurate read on my chip and if not again what will Thanks in advance nbsp

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Hi ...

Actually I am really confused, I am about to buy a new system and I am confused between

the AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+ (2.0 GHz, 2x 1 MB L2 Cache)

and the AMD Athlon 64 4000+ (2.4 GHz, 1 MB L2 Cache)

which one do you think is better and why?

Relevancy 111.37%

If I have an intel D945GTP mobo, could I upgrade from a single core CPU to a dual core? If so, which dual core CPU would work with my MOBO?


A:single to dual core CPU

Yes, it does support dual core, here is a list of all the processors it supports

The D family is dual core
Relevancy 111.37%

what is the advantage of a dual core cpu vs a single core. is a 2.4ghz cpu faster then a single core 2.8ghz? please help!

A:dual core vs single

A dual core cpu can run multiple programs or multi-threading from a single program faster and better than a single core. If you run two programs at once, they have to fight over one core in the single core machine. Having a dual core cpu is like having 2 cpu's in one computer, each of the two programs has it's own core to use, making the system faster. As far as clock speeds go, a single core that is clocked higher than a dual core would be faster if you were only running a single program or one that doesn't support muti-threading. But if you want to have more than one program running, a dual core would be faster, so long as it wasn't a huge difference in clock speed. Like a 2.4 dual core and a 2.8 single core are so close in clock speeds that I don't think you would notice a difference.
Relevancy 110.08%

I have tried running Windows 8 on my Pentium Dual Core setup. It runs at 2.7 GHz, and i have 4 GB of DDR2-800. The problem is, even with every update installed and the newest drivers installed, that Windows 8 is very, very, very slow on my system. And Windows 8 lacks proper drivers for my Belkin FD71101 WiFi card. I was curious if anyone knew how to get Windows 8 running as fast or faster than 7 on my setup. Thanks.

A:Running Windows 8 on Pentium Dual Core setup

No one has any ideas? Until I can get 8 running good I am stuck in Vista land.
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Hi, I have Intel Pentium D 2.66 GHz CPU on Asus P5RD2-VM motherboard running windows XP operating system with 512 MB RAM. Recently I am noticing that my CPU-1 does more work than CPU-2. I have not set the Affinity of any program and also have /usepmtimer in my boot.ini file. Please help me to troubleshoot this problem.

You'll not get any reward for this, but the self satisfaction of helping someone could be good enough
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It s true Definately doesn t perform like one but I downloaded speedfan to check my temps and fans and such And what do i see It has an area that shows the current CPU load and in that area it shows different cores I looked in the device manager and in there it says quot ACPI Multiprocessor PC quot Am I missing something here The main reason i m concerned is that recently my cpu temps Intel 3.0E 4 Pentium as Prescott treated dual-core? have skyrocketed Idle temps Intel Pentium 4 3.0E Prescott treated as dual-core? of - c and load of - while playing low-graphics intensive games think HL And if for some reason the comp is trying to use it like a dual-core cpu I need to know how to stop it I m running a D GBF Intel mobo a Radeon x GS gigs Intel Pentium 4 3.0E Prescott treated as dual-core? corsair DDR HD s CD-ROMS I have case fans exaust intake brand new aftermarket heatsink fan and speedfan reports my case temp at around c Anyone have any ideas nbsp

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So far I have overclocked it to 2.73 ghz (non overclocked 2.50ghz) it was my first time overclocking... Can go any farther (3.00) when im using only the fan that came with the cpu with out the cpu overheating or shutting down?

I have a 500w psu

A:Overclocking a Intel Pentium Dual core e5200

get a better cpu heatsink and fan before u start. that is a must for over clocking. next go here and read all stickiesin the intel section before asking questions.

I am just editing to put another link for u to read
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According to a table at Wikipedia it says that the maximum supported CPU Core's for Windows 7 Home Premium Edition is 1. Does this mean the OS itself will not support a dual core in its own operation, or does it mean that it will nullify any Dual Core support on the system thus rendering a Dual Core useless?It seems that only supporting a single core is rather stupid considering I bought my computer 3 years ago, I don't see why they would even release an OS that doesn't support hardware 3 years old, especially considering there are now QUAD-Core machines.

A:Will Home Premium support a Pentium D Dual Core?

Replying to my own thread:

Upon further reading the chart states "Number of Physical CPU's" and not "Number of Cores" so any version of Windows will run even a Quad-Core as long as they are on ONE single chip.
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quick question: Do I need to re-install Windows 7 when I change from an AMD single core to a dual core?

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Hello everyone! Will a single core CPU work with dual channel RAM? Will there be a performance impact? I will get a dual core CPU soon, but not yet.

A:Single core CPU - Dual Channel RAM?

Yes a single core CPU will work with dual channel RAM, and it should not give u any reason not to do so.
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I was looking into upgrading my PC. Im currently using MSI mobo with a 7800 gt 1 gig of ram and 3400+.Would it be better to go with dual core or stay with the single core. I do some gaming and video editing for the most part. Also i been hearing that the Nforce 4 has issues with the dual core that you should use the ati. I use a Nvidia card. i was under the impression that Nvidia cards wont work in a ati board. So im kind of lost on what to do. i was looking at getting the x2 4200 but now i wondering what board should i get if the nforce has issue. Can anyone help me

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Anyone any views on which processor is the best for an entry level pc mainly for gaming.
My 2 choices are the AMD 64 AM2 3800 Athlon which runs at 2.4ghz or the AMD 64 AM2 3800 Athlon X2 which runs at 2ghz.

Personally I cant see any real advantage of having of using x2 because this pc is mainly for gaming. Im sure someone will be able to point me in the right direction.

Thanks for any help


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Hi Dual i3-4005U A4-5000 AMD Core" Core "Quad Intel vs Core guys I've been looking at laptops they are basically identical but one has an Intel Core i - U mobile processor and GB of RAM and the other one has an AMD A - mobile processor and GB RAM The guy at the store and a couple other people I know told me that the Core i is better than the A as the AMD quot Quad Core quot processors aren't very good AMD A4-5000 "Quad Core" vs Intel Core i3-4005U Dual Core so even though the Intel i is only dual core it will be better than the quad core AMD The other question is the RAM Is GB that much better than GB or will GB be fine for basic use That's all this laptop is for Basic use and touch apps since it will be touchscreen The AMD laptop is this one Buy the HP Pavilion Notebook - AMD A GB at TigerDirect ca And the Intel here Buy the HP TouchSmart Notebook PC - F W UA ABL at TigerDirect ca Last question what the hell is DDR L All the new laptops have it nowadays Is it backward compatible with normal DDR laptop RAM Meaning can I take a normal laptop DDR GB stick out of my dads laptop and put it into the GB i laptop if thats the one i'm gonna get Or does the DDR quot L quot part cause issues Thanks Edit Sorry i'm not sure if this is the right place for this thread If it isn't mods could you please move it Thanks

A:AMD A4-5000 "Quad Core" vs Intel Core i3-4005U Dual Core

Hmm, I guess you should read some reviews. But just from the specs the AMD has 6 GB ram instead of 4. Has a DVD burner where the Intel shows no optical drive. It only has W8 8.0 where the Intel has 8.1. But some people may prefer 8.0.

Read reviews. See how each performs. If you don't wish to use it to burn DVD then the optical drive, or lack thereof may not matter to you.

Edit: Oh, and the AMD is about $80 cheaper.
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I ve only had my PC for about a year now and it s been going slower by every passing month I ve never installed anything E218 Dual Pentium slower running Core than rated on my PC except games from Steam and Windows Update stuff and graphics card Pentium Dual Core E218 running slower than rated drivers from the official AMD website My Intel Pentium Dual Core E GHz is now running at GHz I always keep my PC clean and virus Pentium Dual Core E218 running slower than rated free yet for some reason the CPU has slowed down a lot and games that I used to play before are almost unplayable now A friend suggested that I might have to update my BIOS but he also said that up and it could ruin my PC forever and I ve got just as much PC experience as a turtle has speed I recently upgraded to Windows -bit from Windows XP -bit but my CPU still remains at GHz I ve never overclocked or fidgeted with anything on my PC I sometimes carefully hoover out the dust on my CPU but I already had this problem a while before I hoovered my CPU When I m on my desktop my CPU temperature is always at around C in-game it s around C so it s not overheating I hope you can help -Love Panda nbsp

A:Pentium Dual Core E218 running slower than rated

Try changing your power settings. I would switch it to high performance mode. Now, what are you using to monitor your CPU ? Are you getting these figures while the computer is idle or doing simple tasks? It could just be down clocking itself because of speed step.
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I am trying to figure out what processor is compatible with my motherboard in my HP Pavilion dv us notebook I've read the manual and looked on HP's PartSurfer PartSurfer listed a number of dual t2310 processor GHz... Upgrading intel pentium from 1.46 core them from GHz to GHz I purchased an intel duo processor Upgrading processor from intel pentium dual core t2310 1.46 GHz... GHz that did not work Now I'm trying to figure out if that processor wasn't compatible or if it is just faulty If it is not faulty or compatible I need to know what is compatiable so I can purchase it tonight and have it shipped by Wednesday because I am going through serious withdrawals without my computer Help me please I updated my computer from vista to windows Hp didn't have updates available for Windows on the support page for my laptop so I had to install the one they had for Vista Should I have updated my BIOS from a laptop's support page that had an update for Windows such as this one below Online support for HP's Home and Home Office Products HP Support amp sw lang here is mine Online support for HP's Home and Home Office Products HP Support ct I have a questions Do all the specs have to match on the processor For example will I have to buy a processor that only supports mb L if that's what the processor's cache is I know you're able to go above the bus speed If so this could be resolved right now Ha ha

A:Upgrading processor from intel pentium dual core t2310 1.46 GHz...

I would call them direct.
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I have got a Supermicro X5DA8 mainboard with two Xeon 2.8 GHz processors.
Would two of those processors
Intel Xeon CPU Processor 3.2 GHz 533 MHz
1MB 604 SL72Y as offered on ebay
Intel Xeon CPU Processor 3 2 GHz 533 MHz 1MB 604 SL72Y | eBay
work with my
Super Micro Computer, Inc. - Products | Motherboards | Xeon Boards | X5DA8

A:Xeon Dual Core 2.8GHz, can I easily upgrade to Dual Core 3.2GHz ?

Super Micro has no CPU support list that I could find for this board, nor in the manual. It may take a call or email to them to find out for sure.
I would be careful buying such used item from an eBay seller, check their return policies and reviews first.

Overall, from what little info I could find, it seems the 3,2GHz Xeons will work, but just a guess.
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ok guys.. I upgraded a kt600a MB to an asus one, that has an athon II x4 620 CPU. 2.64ghz, 3.24gig mem (4 installed, with xp pro as operating system), 32 bit.
On my boot up, it says 4 cores running.. have no idea what that means.

Only differance I see is when I am chatting in a chat room and converting videos from FLV to AVI format.. the system no longer slows down.

What exactly is the imporatance of quad core? is it designed for multi tasking? And if I wanted a MB/CPU for gaming, which would be better, Dual, Single, or quad?

I really have no idea how to tweek this thing..


A:Single, dual, quad core CPU's.. whats up?

Quad Core means you have 4 CPUs on one chip, so yes its great for multitasking.
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Whats the pro & cons of disabling duo core into single core? I have a Dell D630 with a T7300 and want to know the pros & cons and how do you assign certain apps to a processor? I want to maximize the processing power I have. Thankx

A:Benefit of disabling duo core into single core?

There is no benefit? Maybe less power needed? Other than that you would just be crippling it.

And they are automatically assigned to different cores if the program supports threading.
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Hello yesterday i've made a system restore and some apps like Coretemp, CPU-Z and HWMonitor gives me as result Core #0 but in task manager on performance tab it display the four cores working. I read in some other threads about the advanced option in msconfig i've already checked\unchecked the number of processors but nothing happened. Please give me some hope before i need to reinstall windows again, there is so much to config and install CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!

A:Quad Core detected as single core

Try to uninstall then reinstall those programs and see what happens
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as it is a dell overclocking from bios should be near impossible, because it is not the extreme edition 3.2 Dual Core Hyper Threaded pentium processor

any good software out there i can use to overclock a lil bit and get some more speed outta my system?

any thoughts or ideas as to possible cooling plans would be helpful as well
Pentium D830 3.0GHz,DCT
1GB DDR2 DC 667MHZ-2X512MB
RAID 0 W/ 2X250GB


A:dell xps gen 5 Pentium d830 3.0ghz dual core overclocking from software

Clockgen can oc some systems. It depends on your chipset.

Oc and/or modifying the system will void your warranty.
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as it is a dell overclocking from bios should be near impossible, because it is not the extreme edition 3.2 Dual Core Hyper Threaded pentium processor

any good software out there i can use to overclock a lil bit and get some more speed outta my system?

any thoughts or ideas as to possible cooling plans would be helpful as well

A:dell xps gen 5 Pentium d830 3.0ghz dual core overclocking from software

you bought oem, and can forget about overclocking. you have a fine system as it is and overclocking shouldn't be nessesary. besides, messing with a dell as mentioned will void the warranty/tech support contract.
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Hello I've seen this posted on a few forums so here goes It appears that various folks have struggled with this process through Vista and Windows XP - This is my first post and I've heard nothing but good help! Dual xeon-- single recognizing only quad core things about this group Please help me INTENT I am upgrading a Dell Precision Workstation with Dual Quad Core Xeon Processors GB RAM and GB SAS ATA HD from Windows XP- to Windows SP Professional -Bit Fresh installation CHALLENGE Windows -Bit SP Professional will NOT see the nd XEON processor Dual quad core only recognizing single xeon-- help! THINGS TRIED I used MSCONFIG in the start Menu Went to the Boot Tab Pressed the Advanced Options Button and on multiple boots did Dual quad core only recognizing single xeon-- help! the following a Clicked on the multiple processors button and rebooted b Clicked it again and rebooted I was only able to select processors from the single Xeon that the system is seeing I upgaded the system BIOS from Dell's A to A I entered F to enter BIOS setup and looked for any Multiprocessor menu's support HAL selection etc Nada There is one menu for multi-threading which this generation of Xeon does NOT support Xeon E Went to my local computer store bought some new heat-paste and reseated both processors Rebooted and tried and again No sucesss I double checked all the other things you might think about This is a stock Dell MOBO and I didn't see any CUDA-styled swith like on the Apple to reset the MOBO There aren't any jumpers on this system to turn on off a dual processor set up I double checked all the connections to hard-drives video cards sound cards internal USB and the like with out any success THINGS TO NOTE The BIOS doesn't see anything but processor with a single quad core THINGS I'M THINKING ABOUT I'm new to Windows but wasn't there an ACPI HAL Stuff in Windows XP that you could click or not click for multi-processor support vs Single Processor Support Where is this function if available in Windows Professional I'm going to reseat the CPU's again but this time reverse them put processor in processor slot and visa versa so if one of them is bad I'll see it in the BIOS doing this reversal I just bought this unit refurbished so I believe I'll be in a good spot since I got a warrenty with it for year and I can easily get a new part QUESTIONS FOR THE GROUP What else is there to try regarding multi-processor support from Dell and the Precision when migrating from -bit XP to -bit Windows Professional I do have a Windows Virtual Machine running XP -bit emmulator running on the system to use some software that isn't -bit compatible and probably never will Could this cause a problem Are there any known issues regarding this mess

A:Dual quad core only recognizing single xeon-- help!

There are a few knowns for others in this situation that need to be said about Windows 7 and that is:

To elaborate, the Home Basic and Starter editions support 1 physical processor, with an unlimited amount of cores. All other editions support 2 physical processors.

Remember, it's processor, then core. A processor consists of cores.


Windows Starter and Home Premium dont' support Muti-Processing
Windows Professional, Enterprise, and ultimate Do.

By the Way, I'm using Professional 64-bit. I downloaded CPU-Z as directed by several other folks wrestling with similar issues on the web. I am copying and pasting the resuts here for your assistance.

CPU-Z TXT Report
CPU-Z version 1.60
Number of processors 1
Number of threads 4

Processor 0
-- Core 0
-- Thread 0 0
-- Core 1
-- Thread 0 1
-- Core 2
-- Thread 0 2
-- Core 3
-- Thread 0 3

Processors Information
Processor 1 ID = 0
Number of cores 4 (max 4)
Number of threads 4 (max 4)
Name Intel Xeon E5320
Codename Clovertown
Specification Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5320 @ 1.86GHz
Package (platform ID) Socket 771 LGA (0x6)
Extended CPUID 6.F
Core Stepping B3
Technology 65 nm
Core Speed 1592.1 MHz
Multiplier x FSB 6.0 x 265.3 MHz
Rated Bus speed 1061.4 MHz
Stock frequency 1866 MHz
Instructions sets MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, EM64T, VT-x
L1 Data cache 4 x 32 KBytes, 8-way set associative, 64-byte line size
L1 Instruction cache 4 x 32 KBytes, 8-way set associative, 64-byte line size
L2 cache 2 x 4096 KBytes, 16-way set associative, 64-byte line size
FID/VID Control yes
FID range 6.0x - 7.0x
Max VID 1.250 V

If you want the thread dumps and all that other fancy stuff send me an email and I'll forward it to you.
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Not sure which to pick.....

I m looking to spend about 300-400 on a processor for my next build... I can get a San Diego AMD Athlon 64 4000+ @ 2.4 ghz Socket 939 or go with an Athlon 64 X2 4200+ @ 2.2 ghz...

Which would be a better choice????

A:Single or Dual core for a hardcore gamer's system...

Well if your budget is $400 and gaming is your main concern then get the Athlon64 4000+, it does outperform the X2 4200+. If your budget was higger then the X2 4800+ or the FX-57 or FX-60 would be a much better choice. More and more games and applications will be coded with dual processors in mind. Quake 4 already benefits from dual cores as do many audio/video applications, and multitasking has never been better.

You should be aware that the Socket 939 platform is done, no more new processors will be made for this platform and everything will move to the new AM2 platform. That doesn't mean you shouldn't buy a 939 based system but you may want to wait until the AM2 arrives and drops the prices on the 939 based components. 939 is by no means dead or obsolete.
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Hey guys Got another doozy of a problem I got a dual core processor about a year ago because I needed the extra processing power obviously My mobo was pretty old but I learned that this particular processor would work with it For the first year it worked fine My computer recognized it and everything Well recently I had to reformat my computer Problem is my computer is only recognizing one of the cores in my processor now In Task Manager I can no longer set affinities showing Dual up as Core Single Solved: processor The second core doesn t show up in Device Manager Tests that determine how my computer will run newer games all show that I have a single dual processor even though it says quot dual-core Solved: Dual Core processor showing up as Single quot in the name I ll wrap it up here My mobo BIOS is fully updated the processor was recognized as dual core before and I m using Windows XP If you guys can think of anything I m missing please let me know I d be very appreciative nbsp