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3 websites won't load

Q: 3 websites won't load

I was hoping I wouldn t have to post on the forum I hope I chose the right category to post it in for advice but after reading endless threads all over the net I am still left with a problem I can t seem to figure out Basically there are load won't 3 websites websites that I know of that won t load on my laptop at home Google com Facebook com and Amazon com I ve tried to disconnect my WiFi and turn my phone into a hotspot but they still won t load They all work on my phone both on 3 websites won't load the WiFi and the mobile network They also work on other PC s I use Firefox but I have tried Internet Explorer Chrome Safari and Opera and none of them can open these sites A few of the advices I ve read and tried are Replacing http with https Did nothing Flushing by 3 websites won't load opening a command box and writing flushdns I did it correctly and it did not work I have my computer set up with a login password the reason I post this is because I read somewhere that setting a login password might help This is how desperate I am I haven t done a System Restore because the dates offered aren t after this started to happen which is over a month ago I m from Iceland and for some reason google is does work I have a year old Acer with a Windows bit OS Is there anybody out there that has the slightest idea of what is causing this Many thanks in advance nbsp

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Preferred Solution: 3 websites won't load

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: 3 websites won't load

Suspect your hosts file is contaminated
get a command prompt

cd \windows\system32\drivers\etc​
look for each domain name in the hosts (should not be present)
(If you see something like ***, then you can't get to Here's the test sequence:

find /I "amazon" .\hosts
find /I "facebook" .\hosts
find /I "google" .\hosts​
Here's my content for each (notice while I have some hits, none are the basic domains (eg, and are all missing. Entries shown stop advers from being displayed)

find /I "amazon" .\hosts
# [] #[] #[]​
find /I "facebook" .\hosts
# [Facebook]​

find /I "google" .\hosts
# Entries with comments are all searchable via Google. # #[Google.Diagnostic] #[Tracking.Cookie][Google.Diagnostic] #[Google.Warning]
# [Google Inc] #[Parking Service] #[Google AdWords] #[Google Analytics]
# [Google / DoubleClick][AS15169][ -] #[Google Analytics social tracki
# [Google / DoubleClick][AS15169][ -] #[]
# [Google / DoubleClick][AS15169][ -]
# [Google / DoubleClick][AS15169][ -] #[]
# [Google / DoubleClick][AS15169][ -]
# [Google / DoubleClick][AS6432][ -] #[Google.Diagnostic][2013-01-02] #[McAfee.Cookie-Atdmt][Google.Diagnostic] #[Google.Diagnostic] #[Google.Diagnostic]​
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So about a few weeks ago (not exactly sure when it started) my computer stopped allowing me to access certain websites. It started out with only a few, but now it is almost 50-80% not connecting. I do not think it is a problem with my browser. I typically use Firefox, but IE will connect to the same ones Firefox allows, and will also not connect to the same websites Firefox will not allow.

I have searched these forums for a couple of hours now and nothing seems to fit my exact problem, and I am hesitant to use the solutions from other forums because it might further hurt my system. I am not tech-savvy/computer literate to say the least, and I would need a thorough walk-through on how to diagnose the problem, as well as how to fix it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Unable to connect to most websites -- not a browser problem

How are you not allowed to view the website? Does the page show "The page cannot be displayed"? or you are not authorized or something else?

Try running cmd.exe, type "ipconfig /flushdns" without quotes.
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I used RV042 10/100 4-Port VPN Router. I've configured the dual WAN, and enable Load Balancing for faster internet. But if I accessed my IP Address is always chaging? How can I setup the router sticking to just one IP address?

A:How to "Load Balance" without changing the IP?

Let me preface by saying....taking two circuits and using them at the same time, even with protocol management from the LB is most likely not worth the effort.

But for the sake of the argument, the first hurdle you have is that both circuits need to have static IPs. What type of connections are they?
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Laptop wont load bios or OS Interesting wont load Laptop bios OS or issue here When I press the power button the HD activity led light comes on for just a second I feel the HD spinning up and running the fan kicks in and runs then nothing No Laptop wont load bios or OS leds flahing just power led no beeps no screen and no bios I v discharged static build up battery out power button held down quot and tried both mains amp battery to no effect There were no precursors to this issue So I can deduce the laptop is unable to complete POST in pre bios despite the lack of beeps yet can supply power to fan amp HD Now the GPU is Laptop wont load bios or OS GForce m GS aware of the issues with the xxx series I v kept the air flow clean and use a laptop cooler Possible suspect though it never ran hot and all worked fine till I turned on a couple of Laptop wont load bios or OS days ago Now I understood that a failure of the xxx series usually presented a degraded screen lines etc rather than failing post I m backed up and use my second laptop so nothing urgent just a oportunity to learn I am interested in hearing from hardware geeks and their thoughts nbsp

A:Laptop wont load bios or OS

Seem to have been redirected here for some unknown reason !!
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Can anyone help me figure this out?

My new GTX 670 is regularly hitting 88%-99% load when running DirectX based games & benchmarks, causing it to quickly overheat and "emergency shutdown" my (64bit) Win7 PC after about 10 minutes.

But if I use OpenGL, the GPU load (via "GPU-Z") is closer to about 8% (but doesn't look as good.)

I discovered I can keep the load below 70% by setting games to "limit the refresh rate to 120MHz", but 70% is still WAAAAY too high.

Anyone have any idea why DirectX (v11) might be taxing my GPU so badly? Thx

A:70% GPU load under DirectX but 8% under OpenGL?

Because it's supposed to? Nothing is wrong with 70% if temperatures are okay, like 90*C range.
You can turn up fan speed or cap your framerate until temperatures are decent otherwise.
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Hi all I m a D designer and have recently experienced a few BSODs whilst rendering the cause of which seems to be the USB drivers according to the minidumps However I have also started to notice that my CPU temps are I7 Celsius under hitting 2600K load over 90 going through the roof caught I7 2600K hitting over 90 Celsius under load my attention when it hit degrees now it s hitting degrees under load - idle I have always aimed to keep the temps below I7 2600K hitting over 90 Celsius under load and have only really strayed slightly above this on particularly warm days so I m a little concerned that something may have I7 2600K hitting over 90 Celsius under load failed on my PC Setup details are i K professionally overclocked to GHz CPU fan seems to max at rpm shouldn t this go higher Asus P Z -V Mobo Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro mm Apache Black chassis fan x I ve had this PC for over years and never had this problem before I was inclined to think that the readings were inaccurate but both CoreTemp and the Asus monitoring software show the same temps I m going to lower the overclock in the meantime but would love some help figuring out why this may be occurring If you d like any further info please let me know Thanks in advance nbsp

A:I7 2600K hitting over 90 Celsius under load

Might be worth checking the CPU's thermal compound. The thermal bond between CPU and cooler may be weakening. If the fans blades are not clean, they will not spin as fast due to restriction of air flow across the surface of the blade.

cookiedude said:

CPU fan seems to max at 1250rpm shouldn't this go higher?Click to expand...

The Freezer 13 PRO in this review shows 1100 RPM @ idle and 1300 RPM @ full load.
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weeks ago I had to email a ton of complaints to broadband supplier sky for giving my aweful speeds they finally answered and gave me great speeds for standard line mb Youtube 4/5 problem, Load/Buffer at minutes Video intervals Wont s Download However a week after I noticed that Youtube Videos will stop loading completely it happens frequently after or minute point sometimes shorter Youtube problem, Wont Load/Buffer Video at 4/5 minutes intervals or longer This is a real annoyance as I use the site for a lot of things my close friend said he had no such problems Virgin Broadband However my other close friend has been experiencing the same problem he is also with Sky Broadband This will happen on ALL Browsers that I have tried I will have no other problem with any other site other than Youtube Me and my friend only have one factor I could possibly think would affect us and that is Kaspersky workstation AV other my other friend on Virgin also has this I am more than willing to blame and complain once again to Sky but I have no actual proof so it s an empty threat for them Any of you care to enlighten Thanks in advance nbsp
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I have been trying to block access to proxy sites without success. What I have done works on some but not all.

I've used a program called Internet Lock to block the port 443, but still I can access the proxy site.

I've put the name of the domain in the list of block sites, still it passes.

I tried to find out the IP address of the website, but I can't find it. Don't know if that would even work anyway.

One proxy site in particular seems to bypass all locks.

If anyone knows how to block such sites, without losing access to gmail, yahoo mail, hotmail, it would greatly be appreciated.



A:How do I block https(SSL) websites?

I think will also bypass your locks. You can check its IP address using ping or nslookup. You can also block its ip address using your host file.
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Dear all This is my first post in this forum My Dell studio XPS mt Bloomfield i no overclocking GIGs RAM has been working well for the last years I used it mainly for internet emails presentations database work and basic Standard and High Def video editing using AVIDEMUX and DIVX software In the last few weeks great deal of noise started to come out from the PC the noise occurred soon after opening an HD or an SD video file and continued until I close the file then the noise will Core high fan? or on i7-920 load: Hot faulty CPU gradually go down back to its idle state I opened the case and did a thorough cleaning with a house hold Dyson very carefully and a lot of dirt came out but no effect on the noise After some googling around one possible reason was excessive hard disk activity I had a look at the Resource Monitor and it did show high reading and writing activity coinciding with the noise Good I thought time had come for an upgrade so I went a head and installed a new SSD as my system drive and relegated my old hard disk for a storage purposes Unfortunately the noise persisted and it had become louder in the last few days I came across HardWare Monitor software and run it at idle state then at time of maximum noise Idle state Maximum noise I can see cores temp went up from - to - Hot Core i7-920 on high load: faulty CPU or fan? fan from to and fan from to Is my CPU going to die and what is meant by the Powers Package going up from w to w Is it the fault of processor or the fans or the heatsink Sorry for the long story but please advise me on what to do Many thanks nbsp

A:Hot Core i7-920 on high load: faulty CPU or fan?

I think I have made a mess trying to paste the 2 HardWare Monitor data images. Could some one tell me on how to put an image in my post as I kept getting error message that my post was too long!
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Hi there!

Straight to the point:

Tablet specifications:
- Manta Tablet PowerTab 10" HD MID1001
- CPU - Cortex A-8 1.5GHz
- GPU - Mali-400
- 3D OPEN GL V2.0
- Ram 1GB
- Android ver. 4.0.4
- compile number - crane_axmid-eng 4.0.4 IMM76D 20120803 test-keys
- kernel 3.0.8+ [email protected] #52

- slow page load (if any!) - tested on default browser, chrome, opera, opera mini, etc etc
- no reaction for stopping loading pages

- not a router problem (802.11n WPA2/AES)
- other android devices working well on that hotspot
- Google Play working well on tablet, no lags, no interference (same other online soft - skype etc)
- tried system restore, default settings, changing router settings

Techspot is my last hope. Help me!

A:Slow browser failing to load pages on tablet

Download a terminal emulator, do some pings.

Check the advanced setting for the Wifi, there may be some weird DNS entries or something.
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Online gaming pc and xbox live both work great Websites are hit and miss Okay a little back story On around I woke up to find a very spastic internet connection Video games like world of warcraft steam games etc worked just fine No Most web won't issues.. load others at with all, no do sites sluggishness whatsoever Most web sites won't load at all, others do with no issues.. However basic websites all widely varied and unconnected would sometimes load other times they would just pretend they were loading circle repeatedly spinning like it would happen anytime You could leave that up for an hour sometimes without it timing out I chalked it up to a number of things We d just had several storms roll through one of which being a hurricane Two days later after work we called the cable provider because it hadn t improved even a little bit and I work with animals and have to routinely do research associated with my job I d get maybe of websites to load some I d never been to would work great others wouldn t even load when I frequented them in the past Yet this entire time we can STILL play online games on either the computer of the Xbox The man from the cable company ran us through some basic things they pinged various sites everything came back fine even for sites that refused to load After an hour on the phone the man was stumped Everything on their end and ours both appeared to be just fine So he tells us to give it a little time maybe something was slightly off Told us to call back in a few days if the problem didn t resolve Well two days later there was no change whatsoever We called back got the same sort of run around and basic tests finally they say to just bring the router to the local office and swap it out because that s the only possible thing they can think of We did this morning and nothing No change Exact same issues I ve since then searched through old and new forums trying to find a concrete way to get this back in order but resetting winsock and things of that nature have done nothing For details Windows Main OS is Mozilla but tried google chrome and IE with identical results Norton anti-virus have also disabled this and the firewall just to be sure but no luck Spybot search and destroy had used it in the past but only reinstalled it after issues began just to be sure There are two computers that are run through the modem with identical issues and one wireless laptop ARRIS router from Cable One have went into the configuration screens for it but have not been able to note anything amiss Right now I am able to look these things up because google works fine if I just want to search Clicking the links that pop up as a result either takes several clicks will pretend like it s loading but sit there spinning indefinitely or very rarely just time out altogether However I have taken to clicking the cached version of the website and that works just fine even when I have never been to the site myself personally ANY help would be appreciated It s very frustrating to pay so much for a service and then when you do finally have time off or actually need to research you are kind of just out of luck yet I could take a lazy day and play video games without problem Maybe my router is trying to get me to take a vacation Really don t want to reformat if I can avoid it and considering it s affecting multiple machines I m not sure it would help nbsp

A:Most web sites won't load at all, others do with no issues..

I'm using Firefox and it shows me some critical info when I access a URL

looking up xxx
connecting to xxx
waiting on xxx
done and the page is shown
(1) is the DNS lookup - - if this takes too long, the browser should show a timeout
(2) after finding the IP address of the url, this is where the connection is made and there can be
multiple issue at this point

connection reset (ie too many concurrent requests)
completed connection but no data at all
(3) data is being read by the browser and will continue in this state until there is nothing else to send.
Chrome & Opera will stall here forever {nothing shown} if (4) can not be reached

one test of the URL in question is to use TRACERT DOMAIN.NAME to see if it's possible to even
reach that server right now.
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So I'm running two XFX HD 5770's at 850/1200 mhz, 85% fan speed. Air flow is pretty decent, although the PSU sits a little close to the bottom card. While gaming I'll hit up to 76-77C but never over 80C. I've read a few posts and reviews and heard that these cards can run sub-90C fine, but a lot of these included users running their fan speeds at like 60% or below.

My question is : Is reaching almost 80C at 85% fan speed too high? Is it safe to run this for 3-5 hours a day/ 7 days a week?

Thanks for any info/help you can give

A:CF 5770 load temps

If your cards are right next to each other then yeah, they will run pretty hot.

It's pretty common to see GPUs running at 80-90C and they're designed to take that kind of temperature anyway, wouldn't worry about it too much if I were you. 3-5 hours a day isn't really that much compared to bitcoin miners who run 24/7.
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HP G62-455DX Notebook

My daughter have a laptop that she was trying to connect her son Leapfrog to it. She it connected overnight. The next day the laptop wouldn't load up but just shows a black screen with blinking cursor. Someone told her that it might be a virus. When I turn laptop on I can hit the [ESC] and it will take me to the black screen "Startup Menu." It won't let me do anything else but go to the black screen with the cursor. I tried to reformat the laptop but can't seem to get pass the black screen.

A:Can't get laptop to load (black screen with cursor)

Hello sir,
Could you give us some more details such as the OS, the exact process/incident after which the problem arose, and all the activities on the laptop since the Leapfrog connection?

For one, it could be plain hardware failure.
Assuming you have Windows 7 installed, have you tried performing a Startup Repair using the Windows 7 disk?
Once you power on the laptop, keep pressing 'F8' till you reach the "Advanced Boot Menu". Select Safe Mode, and see if you can boot into Windows. If you can get to the desktop, perform a malware scan.

If it doesn't help, contact your vendor's or HP's customer support/technical assistance.

Hope this helps.
Regards, Marnomancer.
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It seems everywhere i have looked lately the 6900 serious cards have disappeared and the ones i find are standard one that are stupidly overpriced for some unknown reason. Has anyone seen any sites that still sell good ones? (ASUS Radeon 6970 DirectCU II 2GB or similar)

A:Websites that actually have an HD 6970 available and not overpriced

A quick search on pricewatch says the item isn't available.
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ok i have a asus netbook and i took out the hard drive and replaced it with a dell hard drive now it thinks it a dell and a asus is there any way to wipe it then load only asus hardware????

A:How to wipe a hard drive then load different hardware

Buy a USB hard drive external enclosure matching either SATA or PATA drives and format the Dell drive on another computer. Then install the freshly formatted drive in the Netbook. How are you going to re-load the operating system?
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Hey guys I have just built myself a new rig full setup below in case when CPU over on load is My 100C full you need to see everything and when i was moving my tower to a more suitable place my stock heatsink fan somehow un-clipped and fell off I then placed it back on and i found that when running games or any kind My CPU is over 100C when on full load of demanding process it reaches temperatures of around C The idle temperature is around - C Is there anything i can do about this I am going to try re-applying the thermal paste as well so if you have any tips about that that would be great SETUP i Quad core GHz GB RAM GTX Asus Rampage III Gene Micro-ATX Cooler Master HAF FANS With my case i had built in fans One at the front one on the top and one My CPU is over 100C when on full load at the back My i is using a stock heatsink that came with it But after it falling off i think the thermal paste isn t applied properly So also is there any other way after applying a new layer or My CPU is over 100C when on full load thermal paste that i can keep my system running as cool as possible nbsp

A:My CPU is over 100C when on full load

It's almost definitely the thermal paste - make sure you clean off any residue before re-applying. Now might be a good time to get an aftermarket HSF also. Even a cheap CM 212 Evo would be much better.
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i can start up my toshiba netbook ok but as soon as it gets past the password and on to trying to load google, spotify or anything else it just stops and the loading sign comes up but nothing happens, does anyone know what could be wrong?

A:Netbook won't load

Hi welcome to TS,

umm we do need a few more details on the problem yhu have here etc. for how to write a post
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Can anyone please help with this problem as it's driving me nuts. I am getting the DNS error when I try to go to certain websites ie. I've been in contact with my ISP but they don't seem to know how to fix the problem. My system consists of: WinXP Pro sp3, D-Link 2640R Router, wired connection. I'd be grateful any help. Thank you....


I have managed to resolve this issue myself....

A:DNS error on random websites

Hmm, w/o more info, an inability to access common sites like "eBay" suggests your "Network Adapter" (not hardware, but a MS Networking driver) is corrupted. A number of things can cause this, but "AdWare" is the most common culprit. The problem has always been far too common with XP (and earlier). Much less of a problem since Vista/W7 made changes to those essential services far more unlikely.

If you can, I suggest you try connecting another PC to the same internet connection and see what you get. Or, if you're computer savvy enough, I recommend downloading a free copy of Ubuntu Linux and connecting to the Internet with the "Live CD" (a way to test the OS w/o installing it.) Both methods will rule out an issue with your ISP.
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I have a Dell that runs Windows 7 and I use Google Chrome. For some time now, my computer has slowly but surely not been loading pages. I had a friend look at it and there are no viruses. I have done all that I know possible. It is not the internet connection because my roommates computer will run all of them. Someone said I should add more memory, but I've only had the computer for a year. Can anyone give me any advice?

A:Laptop will not load pages

Which browser?

Recommend you disable all add-ons, quit the browser and relaunch it.
Also be sure to try three or four websites to be sure it is not related to the server end.
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Hi Guys,

Got very good inputs from the forum on setting up my network..and its working fine now.

Got one more issue where I need inputs from experts for the best way to do it.

I have got a webserver running behind a router. Now I am planning to add redundancy by taking another static IP from other ISP.

And I wish to balance my incoming load between two connections.

What would be the best way to reach this goal with minimum cosyt involved and best security.

Do I add multiple NIC card on the websers, would that help

Or is it possible to connect two router to same switch.

or would HA proxy be of any help n addition to something above.

Any pointers to a good site or tutorial would also be gr8


A:1 Webserver, 2 ISP static IPs, load balancing.. how to do it?

yes, this can work with (2x) nic's in the webserver


isp#1=== webserver === isp#2


I wish to balance my incoming load between two connections.Click to expand...

is not trivial.
As shown, the first connection (let's assume it's #1) will get the default route in your
routing table (that's in the webserver, not a router or switch). The default route is important & solves the question

where do I send the data when I don't know the IP address?
It's the DNS that does this and it will be routed to the default gateway
(see route print).

Adding a router +- a switch or two do not solve the problem.

The presence of isp#2 will only add a specific route for that ISPs gateway.
If isp#1 gateway is at
isp#2 gateway is at
your webserver is at
then the routing table might well look like


Network Destination Netmask Gateway Interface Metric [COLOR="Blue"][/COLOR] 20 1
[COLOR="Blue"][/COLOR] [COLOR="Blue"][/COLOR] 20
[COLOR="Red"][/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"][/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"][/COLOR] 20 20 20 20 1
Default Gateway:
the -> is the default for all unknown traffic
the -> would be all local traffic on that nic
and -> would be local traffic for the 10.1.2.* nic.

THERE IS NO WAY to round-robin requestes between the
192.168.0.* connection and the 10.1.2.* connection

Load Balancing is frequently done by
registring a domain name
adding two more more DNS servers for that domain
and then choosing a round-robin scheduling technique to provide a different one to every dns request.
Using as an example, there are FOUR dns servers
Domain servers in listed order: ==> ==> ==> ==>
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Hi Everyone Desperately in need of help right now I m now currently unable to load ANY page which requires a login eg Hotmail Youtube any load which a page Can't requires login Login Page Facebook Yahoo Login Page etc I came across this forum and wanted to post a new Can't load any page which requires a login thread to look for help regarding my problem but this forum also required me to make an account BUT since I m unable to load any log in pages I can t load the log in page to my email too I m a computer newbie so I m really at a loss right now This login problem does not only apply to my computer though other computers in my house my iPhone and my PS also have the log in problem with any application or website with requires a login I m guessing it has something to do with either my Router or my ISP But I have no idea where to start or what to do to find out what s the problem I doubt it s a malware or any kind of bug though But just to confirm what can I do Any help is greatly appreciated PLEASE and thanks nbsp

A:Can't load any page which requires a login

JuicyDragon said:

This login problem does not only apply to my computer though, other computers in my house, my iPhone and my PS3 also have the log in problem with any application or website with requires a login. I'm guessing it has something to do with either my Router or my ISPClick to expand...

Good guess; common symptom across multiple devices implies something higher up in the network.
I suspect you have a port problem for port 443, secured http (HTTPS://)

Using a wired connection to your router, launch a browser and enter the router IP address as if it were a URL. This will access the router config page but should prompt for the admin/pwd.

Now you need the Admin-id, password and the IP address of your router, all of which are make/model dependent - - Please post the name/model number of your router so we can continue . . .
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When I power on my laptop, the BIOS won't go any further then the BIOS menu options. The screen is still at the Gateway logo and BIOS menu. I checked to see if it was the HDD but the disk is good. I tried removing the CMOS battery, but that didn't work.

Gateway 7422gx
Win XP/Ubuntu Linux
Pheonix bios

Is there a way to fix BIOS?
What can be the problem?


A:BIOS won't load

did you make any major changes to the machine lately?
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Having issues with Direct3D

I just installed Windows 7 on my computer. I haven't used in a while and got a copy from my dad. Since I don't have any work to do on it yet, I decided to install a game I recently got into - League of Legends - but the problem is, I cannot play. When I start up the game, I get the error in the title... "Could not load direct3d" I have no idea what's going on and I would love some help on the issue.

Here is my DxDiag if needed:
View attachment DxDiag.txt

Please and Thank You!

A:'Could not load direct3d' error for League of Legends

What kind of GPU do you have? Because you're running DirectX 11 and judging by how old all you're other components are I doubt you're GPU supports DX11. Look up the specifications of w/e card it is you have, and it should say what DX it supports.
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Hi everyone, so to explain my problem :
I was surfing trought web when my pc started to use more memory like normaly so it was slower even when no applications were runing, i have hp pavilion dv6t- 1200 and suddenly it freezed. I dont have battery so i removed ac. Then pluged back in, pushed power button, i could hear fan and hdd but nothing happened, i can see leds and hear hdd and fan on startup but thats all...and i dont have display, my pc was connected via hdmi which started on logon screen so im not able to see any error or anything...i tried hard reset, removing rams and hdd and battery on mobo with no luck...i tried win key + b + power button to downgrade bios and leds start to flash 3 times and maybe 20 beeps...please help i dunno what to do :-\ any help will be appreciated

A:Windows will not load up

The motherboard is probably fried
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So I just bought a Asrock z Pro motherboard with a core i k and gigz of g skill sniper series hz I cheerfully ripped out the old stuff and put in the new and booted the first error I got right at boot was windows windows ult bit could not load so I did the automatic repair it said it didn t work so it wanted a restore so I tried that it didn t do anything whenever I try to not load on motherboard new will Windows load Windows will not load on new motherboard into windows it just rebooted So from there I did the windows command prompt under the repair and did bootrec exe fixmbr bootrec exe fixboot Windows will not load on new motherboard bootrec exe RebuildBcd After I finished that it started the windows loading screen and just froze and rebooted So I checked the BIOS it reads everything prefectly fine RAM CPU all my HDD s everything So I tried booting into a Win install disk to try to repair it was the same process Then I tried a different HDD with a different OS windows xp it did the same thing just started loading windows then froze I did try updating the BIOS to the newest version and even clearing the CMOS and repeating the steps above it did not work So I put in a fresh HDD and tried putting Win on that one it errors halfway through installing finally gave up to defeat and reassembled my old comp back in and it works fine So I have no idea what is wrong is this where I RMA I sent a message to Asrock but have no idea how long it takes them to reply Can any of you think of anything else I could try I m worried this will happen again with the replacement All drives are sata And my psu is an antec w earthwatts And the video is an ati radeon HD but I did try it without it being installed nbsp

A:Windows will not load on new motherboard

Well, the reason behind it was my old mobo didnt have ahci, only an ide setup so simply reinstalling windows solved it
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urgent i need my computer
its an acer aspire 5536 its 2 years old and it sayes operating system not found


Jarrod S Lewis :dead:

A:My Acer Aspire 5536 won't load Vista

Have you left any CD/DVD's in the drive or a USB flash drive inserted? if so remove them and try again. If you have a card reader check there is nothing in it and if a blank is fitted make sure it is properly inserted.

Will it boot from the OS disc?

Unfortunately, if this is not the case, your hard drive has probably failed. Run this diagnostic from the hard drive manufacturer. You will need to use another PC to download the ISO and burn it to a disk.

Identify the make of your hard drive and then use one of the links below to get the manufacturers diagnostic for ISO CD. Burn the image file to a CD, boot the PC with the disc in the drive and run the diagnostics. You first need to set the CD drive to 1st in the boot order in the Bios setup.

If you do not have an image burner use this free software to make the CD.




Seagate, Maxtor & Quantum:

Western Digital:


Toshiba Fujitsu:

Please provide the model number of your drive if it is Toshiba Fujitsu for further instructions, this does not run on Windows 7. I would suggest the use of the diagnostics from the Seagate link as this will work on all makes of drive and on any OS.Click to expand...
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There are some Japanese flash game websites on a domain called I can access some but not others, getting a timeout error.

I can't get to and . I can get to and . I've pinged all four and get very similar results - I know 'similar' is not 'exact' but I am not techy enough to read/understand ping results.

A possibly relevant pair of messages I get from pinging via are
- The destination appears to block unwanted UDP packets.
- There appears to be a firewall at <ip address> (hop 1) that blocks unwanted TCP packets.

Both my windows xp and my ubuntu box have the same problem, so it's not a hosts file issue or a system based blocking software. Might be my router?

Thank you...

A:Can't access some websites -- same domain different subdomain

fallinghawks said:

There are some Japanese flash game websites on a domain called I can access some but not others, getting a timeout error.

I can't get to and . I can get to and . I've pinged all four and get very similar results - I know 'similar' is not 'exact' but I am not techy enough to read/understand ping results.

A possibly relevant pair of messages I get from pinging via are
- The destination appears to block unwanted UDP packets.
- There appears to be a firewall at <ip address> (hop 1) that blocks unwanted TCP packets.

Both my windows xp and my ubuntu box have the same problem, so it's not a hosts file issue or a system based blocking software. Might be my router?

Thank you...Click to expand...

Might I ask what browser you are using? Using my Google Chrome, I can access &
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hello i have a question about temperatures on HD ill start with my spec MB asus m a gtd pro usb phenom b x oc ghz x gb kingston hyper-x ddr ram gigabyte hd gb corsair tx v w psu as for cooling i have in case side cooler thermaltake x mm blow air inside on cpu thermaltake cooler too one zalman cooler back x mm blow air out and a x mm cooler in front blow air inside on hdds for idle work my temperatures are normal for MB c cpu c and gpu c but under load mb temperature goes to c cpu temperature on c as i assume is ok as before i was concerned about MB temperature before put in x side fan when MB temp hit c under load idle - c but recently got high-temperature under Gigabyte HD6970 load and concerned about temps under Gigabyte HD6970 high-temperature under load load when gpu diode is c but shaders temps show c Gigabyte HD6970 high-temperature under load under load is this normal for hd or i need to think how to cool down my gpu under load before had hd Gigabyte HD6970 high-temperature under load and it hit only c under load idle c nbsp

A:Gigabyte HD6970 high-temperature under load

Your video card is running hot, make sure your fan speed is throttling up when your gpu is active.
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Motherboard type: Gigabyte GA-P31-DS3L
it has 4 memory slots (2 red and 2 yellow)

I had 2x1G sticks of this type:
DIMM3: Mushkin 991529 (996529) 1 GB DDR2-800 DDR2 SDRAM (5-5-5-18 @ 400 MHz) (4-4-4-12 @ 266 MHz)

And recently bought a 2GB stick:
DIMM1: Samsung M3 78T5663QZ3-CF7 2 GB DDR2-800 DDR2 SDRAM (6-6-6-18 @ 400 MHz) (5-5-5-15 @ 333 MHz) (4-4-4-12 @ 266 MHz)

Tried to connect all 3 together in any possible way but my PC wouldn't start or
reboot before windows gets to load.
I tried to pull out the old 2x1GB sticks and just put the new 2GB one and it
worked perfectly.
Now i installed 1GB+2GB and it works great but
i bought the new stick in order to have 4GB total, not 3.

Any way i can fix this? maybe i'm doing something wrong?
or could it be a bios problem? my bios version is F8 (2 updates behind the latest version)

A:PC fails to load with three memory sticks

All the memory sticks should be the same type and speed modules. Your speeds and manufacturers are different. Some motherboards are more sensitive to this than others
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to describe the problem
when i play games there is annoying background buzzing sound in earphones noticable, when i had 5770 it wasnt so notisable(was noticable when i had my old MB+5770) after changing new MB and with 5770 didnt notice that buzzing, but after geeting a 6970 now i noticed that on my new mb and new gpu buzzing sound in games is back , really anoying while in game is silent moments, have updated all drivers to newest didnt help, is it MB related audio problem ? if i put pci sound card it may fix that problem?

A:Annoying sound while under load(gaming)

What Operating System are you running. I had this "buzzing" on a Dell Presario 530S desktop with Vista Home Premium, SP2 installed. I ran Windows Update over and over again to insure that all updates were installed and the buzzing stopped, as suddenly as it started. I did notice, that when the computer was off, I could still hear a faint buzz until I disconnected the speakers. After installing ALL the Windows Updates even this off buzzing stopped. I know this sounds strange. The Dell has on-board Realtek HD audio
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Hi all, i am new to this forum. I need some advice with my Sony Vaio as it has stopped working, when i turn it on it stays on the Vaio page for a few minutes then moves to another screen saying 'Operating System not found'. I don't have any recovery disks or anything as it is a couple of year old now. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks

A:Sony Vaio will not load

When the operating system not found error occurs because of file system error, or worse, hard disk drive failure.

What is the operating system?
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I'm running windows 7 64 and whenever I start up my laptop windows 7 takes forever to load my network. You can see it doing that loading symbol over where the white bars would be on the bottom right of the task bar. Idk why it does this but I think it has something to do with windows gadget taking long to load as-well because ever since this started, so has windows gadgets taking forever to load. Any ideas on what I can do to fix this because it takes around 2 min to connect.

A:Windows start up takes forever to load network

Here is the video of my problem, maybe this will help
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Replaced failed HDD in laptop, need to load Windows 7 using the System Image DVD's.

Can this be done?

If so, what are the steps?
Is special hardware needed?
Do I need to format hard drive first?

I have already tried by using the "Repair Disk" created along with the "System image" disks, it's apparently not as simple as just following the prompts.


A:Steps/hardware needed? Replaced hard drive, load Win 7 w/ sys image DVD

This should help.
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Hi Guys,
Can anyone help me with this.
I have a geforce 9600gso card that has been working fine for a year or so.
A few days ago while ALT-TABBING between a game and website my PC crashed and when it came back on the graphics card wasnt working correctly.
In the device manager it shows an error code 43 and is saying the the drivers installed correctly but wouldnt run.
I have updated the drivers and reinstalled the card a few times.
Ocasionally it comes back up working correctly, but seems to crash again after a few minutes (if i run a game or the screensaver comes on.)
Oh yes, running Vista 32 bit

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Fixed my problem. one of the connections were loose.

A:New PSU won't load OS

Re: Computer turns on but does not boot after new PSU installation.

Nevermind guys, I just fixed it myself. What was wrong was that there was an 8 pin power connector not plugged into the motherboard, as my old power supply had a 4 pin power connector, and I had automatically assumed I didn't have to plug anything into it. There was a little platelet, covering the rest of the 4 pins so I didn't know I had something to plug in there.
Have this exact same problem but only have a 4 pin connecter and not another one.
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My subject paper recently started acting weird.
When I try to load continuous paper and press load button, it retracts the paper.
It did happen previously and I used some compressed air to clean the printer and
everything worked fine. I believe there is a photocell somewhere in the printer,
which is supposed to sense the paper. I do not know where it is and also I do not
know why it is not working as it should.
Does any one have ideas about what to do except to trash the printer.

Best regards,

A:Citizen GSX140 printer would not load paper

Here's a link to a settup guide for you - hope it helps-> http://webcache.googleusercontent.c...+adjust+tractor+feed&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ca
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I place my symantec cd into the drive and nothing happens. I tested to see if it was my cd drive, but it's not. I loaded 2 other cd's perfectly fine. I've never posted here and I'm wondering if anyone would know the reason why. A few things to bear in mind, I recently had to wipe my computer due to a virus (I removed it but the computer ran a little slow sometimes), and this cd isn't store bought. It's symantec burned onto a cd, it's not boot-legged, it's a company copy of symantec and it won't load. This is the only kind of anti-virus that I have available for me

I made a mistake, it does load; however, whenever I try to access the cd, it takes me the cd but with no accessable files, it says there's 263 mb free of 702...not sure what to do here

A:My CD ROM won't load in the drive

See if this might apply CD/DVD or Disk Problems? How to Fix Problems Caused by Filters

Oh. just noted in your post: Is the problem specific to the Symantec CD???. Try cleaning it. p.s. You wipe CDs using horizontal NOT circular strokes.
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I just launched up my PC (W7) and there is a red cross on the bottom right where the network connection is.

Everytime I launch IE it freezes everytime I launch up firefox it just doesnt load up although I can connect to Skype fine and update software.

This is really werid, sounds like a viruses blocking internet browser and displaying a cross because I have internet as I just updated my software.

Virus and spyware scan came up clean

Any ideas,


A:Can't access websites but can update

TheCase said:

Everytime I launch IE it freezes
everytime I launch up firefox it just doesnt load up
although I can connect to Skype fine and update software.
Click to expand...

1+2 are real issues that *can* impact you regardless of the network settings, so you may go thru a lot of work and still have issues left over :sigh:

What has changed? Did you install hardware/software or tweek some settings?
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I have had alot of problems the past week with pages not loading and appearing with this error "504 DNS server not found", what does that error mean and has anyone else had a problem with that error?

A:504 DNS Server not found while browsing websites

DNS server not found is unusual. I assume you're using your ISPs DNS servers? Are you using DHCP for both IP and DNS?
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I couldn't find the right section to put this, so i put it here.

I don't know what's wrong, but I can't connect to websites. I don't think its a browser problem because I tried 3 browsers. Chrome, Firefox, and IE.

On Firefox, it says something like,
The connection was reset
The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

I have windows 7 on my computer.
I also have windows 7 on another computer and it can connect to these kind of websites fine.


A:I can't connect to websites!

The connection was reset
The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.Click to expand...

this is from the server itself.

Something related to your login, registration, or even server work load.

contact the website admin
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recently websites take long to load and sometimes time out nothing has really changed in terms of software and i believe it s a problem for another computer at my house as well i am connected via ethernet so it s not a wireless hardware issue and my internet connection doesn t drop when load/timing to Websites out long taking the websites time out and it s not firefox because when i ping via command prompt sometimes the pings time out i did a traceroute for google and a website i visit regularly and i noticed that the first trace times out in both occasions i m not really familiar with traceroute but i believe the first trace is to the router modem however i can ping the router modem fine and connect to the config via firefox i have also tried restarting the gateway and the problem still persists C Documents and Settings Administrator gt tracert google com Tracing route to google com over a maximum of hops Request timed out ms Websites taking long to load/timing out - - - lightspeed livnmi sbcglobal net ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms Websites taking long to load/timing out ms ms ms ms ms iw-in-f e net Trace complete C Documents and Settings Administrator gt tracert nadota com Tracing route to nadota com over a maximum of hops Request Websites taking long to load/timing out timed out ms ms ms - - - lightspeed livnmi sbcglobal net ms ms ms ms ms ms Request timed out ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms xe- - - edge Chicago Level net ms ms ms vlan ebr Chicago Level net ms ms ms ae- - ebr Denver Level net ms ms ms ae- - ebr Denver Level net ms ms ms ae- - ebr Dallas Level net ms ms ms ae- - edge Dallas Level net ms ms ms RACKSPACE-M edge Dallas Level net ms ms ms vlan core dfw rackspace net ms ms ms ms ms ms - - - static slicehost net Trace complete C Documents and Settings Administrator gt ipconfig Windows IP Configuration Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix gateway wire net IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway C Documents and Settings Administrator gt ping Pinging with bytes of data Reply from bytes time lt ms TTL Reply from bytes time lt ms TTL Reply from bytes time lt ms TTL Reply from bytes time lt ms TTL Ping statistics for Packets Sent Received Lost loss Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds Minimum ms Maximum ms Average ms C Documents and Settings Administrator gt tracert Tracing route to home over a maximum of hops lt ms lt ms lt ms home Trace complete if u need any other information please let me know thanks nbsp

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Hi I m urgently in need of some ideas and will try and be as complete as possible I have websites which all run from the same webserver provider Last Saturday I could access them all as normal Came back from day holiday and can not access any of them This is true for my pc and any laptop Can others can not that access websites in the house Everyone else outside my house can access the sites as normal Can not access websites that others can I ve tried several different ISP all with the same result The bottom of the Can not access websites that others can screen says Waiting for lt sitename gt and then times out Can not access websites that others can with the message can not connect to site or connection reset whilst page was loading I can however access after about minutes of loading a couple of php pages No html pages will load though I ve also tried the following Shutting down and resetting the router Changing the pc from the wifi to normal lanline running ipconfig flushdns in the cmd Turning off firewalls Clearing out browser caches etc Adding sites to trusted sites in the Internet-Tools-Options sections Getting my server provider to check my IP address they say everything is fine at their end and must be a problem at my end even though we have altered nothing They also claim it is a code developer issue which is also illogical as it was all working fine one day Clearly something is blocking me from their servers - but I have no idea how to work out what the problem why it should suddenly appear or to solve it Any other ideas would be most gratefully received nbsp

A:Can not access websites that others can

Have you checked your system for Virus/Malware etc.? To be on safer side that is the first thing to look at.

Please go to Virus and Malware Removal Forum, and follow their 8 steps then post the logs for analysis. Kindly be patient as people over there are usually very busy so they may need some time to get back to you. Regards
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I was wondering if there are video cards that specialize in taking more load off the cpu than others. I have heard nvidia cards are better at this than ati. Any opinions?

A:Any specific GPU that takes more load off CPU?

If you think about it, graphics cards specialize and do all the graphics work, while the CPU will do everything else. It would be extremely inefficient for the CPU to try and process the GPU's load, and incredibly difficult to make it work vice versa.

There are physX cards, which really don't help a whole lot, are rare to find now, and were expensive.
NVidia cards also support using a GPU as a physX card.
Not very useful IMO,
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hi, i have a fujitsu siemens laptop, model number MS2228. I can turn my laptop on and the screen to boot it up comes on (where it says f12 for setup), then that screen goes off, and then i am left with a black screen with a flashing dash. I have tried pressing f8 at the beggining to start a system restore, but this doesnt work and any other button i press it just beeps. My operating system is windows vista.

Please try and help me,


A:My laptop comes on but does not load

First things to check would be the operating system and the hard drive. You can try running chkdsk on the drive using the vista cd/dvd or try doing a repair from the vista install disc.
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Hi Im not really sure if im posting this is or System-start to load boot-start drivers Nvatabus fails the right place or not Im so sorry if im not Here is a list of my computer specs Operating System Windows XP Professional Service Pack BIOS Phoenix - AwardBIOS v PG Processor Intel R Core TM Quad CPU Q GHz CPUs Memory MB RAM Page File MB Nvatabus boot-start or System-start drivers fails to load used MB available DirectX Version DirectX c DxDiag Version bit Unicode My problem is everytime i go to watch any type of video on youtube or other websites like that the video will freeze i will still hear sound then my computer will lock up eventually blue screening i went to my system reports and found that i was having a nvatabus error so i deleted everything to do with my nvidia card and reinstalled fresh still having this same issue I dont know what else to do everything else on my computer thats graphic heavy runs just fine i even play a game called second life in that game we Nvatabus boot-start or System-start drivers fails to load can watch movies streamed thru quicktime and i can watch those just fine I hope theres somebody out there that can help me thank you for reading nbsp
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I been having trouble with my dvd disk drive lately i had roxio and i used roxio zap but it still wont go away. the udf letters wont go away. Its hard to install games..... PLEASE HELP

A:My disk drive says udf and wont load

See if this might apply CD/DVD or Disk Problems? How to Fix Problems Caused by Filters
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I know this is a little nooby, but idle it's around 35-40C and when I'm just on the internet or editing it's around 50-70C. Under a full load it goes very high around 80-95C.
CPU- Intel Core i7 860 OC'd to 3.94Ghz
Any tips on if it is to high.

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This is the error I'm getting when I try to play Moh:AA, I have made sure all my drivers are up to date, video card and windows, I have reinstalled, and I have tried deleting the 3dgfx.dll inside my moh folder, all to no prevail. I think I may have to do something involving glide2-3.dll, etc. but I don't even have any idea where to put the glide folders.. Any help in this would be greatly appreciated

A:GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load opengl subsystem

I'm not sure where you are getting the association with glide something or other. Opengl is a component of Windows. It might be you either have a graphics driver problem or your graphics card does not support the game.
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Neither I nor my friend can access his website. We share a connection. I have checked with a host and they made sure that the firewall rules were reset and the firewall itself was restarted. we can get to the site through proxies, but when accessing from either computer the error "The server at is taking too long to respond." pops-up. I tried disconnecting the router and connecting straight through the modem ( cable modem through Shaw) still to no avail.
I know it isn't the server where the site is so I am thinking that there must be something wrong on my end.
Anybody got any suggestions?
Thank You.

A:Connection to some websites issue

If you can get through by proxy then someone is blocking the site on your end or your ISP.
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Windows could not load the installer for lt device gt Contact your hardware vendor for assistance For every Windows could <device> for the installer load not USB device I connect I m met with the error in attachment nr quot Device installer error quot When I boot my computer the error comes in this order first the keyboard then keyboard followed by the mouse and at Windows could not load the installer for <device> the end Volume Keyboard and mouse works So the messages are just annoying HDD however is unable to mount even with the compmgmt msc Then I m met with error message displayed in attachment nr quot Logical Disk Manager quot According to other posts on the internet I have check that the following files are available in the systemroot system quot sfcfiles dll quot quot sfc dll quot quot desk cpl quot I ve also ran the line quot systemroot system msiexec exe regserver quot as well as a complete Windows Update Still nothing is able to fix this Seriously considering a full reinstall of windows Thing is my CD is located a hour drive from here S Any ideas on how to fix this installer problem without having access to my windows CD ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Microsoft Windows XP Professional x Edition Version Service Pack Intel Core Quad CPU GHz with GB RAM nbsp

A:Windows could not load the installer for <device>

You may have a virus or other type of malware infection. You will need to install XP Service Pack 3 too
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I've found several posts on this subject, but the thread was closed to comment.
I tried the dll installs that were meticulously typed into the posts, but it did not
fix the problem. (I had an error in one of them, so perhaps it was this
that prevented access to secure websites-- email, etc.)

I reinstalled Windows SP3 updates and it fixed the problem.

I've found it useful to have a saved copy of SP1, SP2, SP3 on a memory stick
if ever I need to reinstall XP or if files become corrupted.

A:Can't access secure websites


Things like this can be very aggravating.
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So all of our computers at work run off a server and they have blocked out all the good websites does anybody know if thier is a way to still get to them

A:Blocked websites how to get to them

that's a security breach and the Network manager is protecting the company resources.

If they've done it right, there is no circumvention. if you do -- you could be fired.

caveat emptor; play by the rules and keep your job
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Anyone know any good websites that discuss NAND flash pricing trends, supply, demand, etc. on a consistent basis and/or are dedicated to that sort of thing?

Thanks for any info. I'm looking for something besides TechSpot, Tom's, Anandtech, the usual stuff.
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Have new system which gave me a hell of a time in getting an OS installed XP Finally got it although not now IPL (Initial Load) problems called Program BOOT without having to skip or files during install procedure Seem to relate to WMPLAYER CHM and two IPL (Initial Program Load) now called BOOT problems others likely related to the media player Now my new problem lies in the IPL or BOOT process The system will not properly BOOT on the st try It will automatically restart and begin the procedure all over again Will see the info regarding USB keyboard RAM etc it goes so damn fast I can t really read it all Eventually perhaps after or more tries IPL (Initial Program Load) now called BOOT problems I will see the Windows BOOT option screen Safe mode normal etc I generally try either the Safe mode or Start normally option These do not always work on the first try - nor perhaps the second either So its sitting here listening to my hand held scanner beep when initially recognized seeing the MSI logo screen and the system info that is normally shown at the beginning over and over until this thing finally decides to proceed to the Windows load Might be six or seven tries before it gets it right May have to contact MSI technical support and see where they go with this Am hoping they do not want me to do a BIOS FLASH Am eventually going to Windows and hope this issue does not carry over into that OS although it is likely not an OS issue Anyone else have or heard of a similar problem THANX Must mention also that I get the black screen with the rectangular red and white box indicating NO INPUT SIGNAL between each attempt Is brand new graphics card and have used the drivers CD supplied Will try mfg web site for possible new drivers nbsp

A:IPL (Initial Program Load) now called BOOT problems

Boppa said:

Finally got it although not without having to skip 2 or 3 files during install procedure.Click to expand...

errmm your install is faulty and needs redoing, i would check the disk for quality and do a test on your RAM as well.
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(It goes black screen and the green led light on the monitor blinks) I can hear the Audio and sometimes it freezes up my computer to where I cant alt tab or even hit windows key to get back to my desktop I dont think its the graphics card driver but i dont see what else it could be.

I am currently using my 7300 gs. Could it be my power supply is faulty and i cant play any games?

A:Monitor Blinks when I load a 3d game

What are your complete computer specs?
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Hey,i think this is posted in the right forum,if not i apologize.I turned on my hp g60-214em this morning and was working fine until it suddenly turned of.I tried turning it back on,and while it turns on in that the power comes on,the screen stays black,and i cant seem to do anythng.The disc drive does not open,and at first it made a crackling sound after a while when it was turned on,but now it dosent make that sound.From what i have read else where i think it could be a motherboard problem but im limited in my knowledge on these matters.I do have insuranc but am back at uni in 2 weeks and really could do with this problem being sorted soon,the last time i sent them my laptop they took ages,Thank you,and ideas or advice would be appreciated

A:Laptop wont load up

Well the first thing is, if its under warranty then sending it back is all you can..any attempt at fixing it and you void the warranty...

That said a laptop isnt user diagnosable, it either works or it doesnt..

How long have you had the laptop..

Did it go back for the same fault before
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Hey everyone,

I would like to find out how much power would be sufficient for my computer. I have the following.

NZXT Lexa Blackline Case
One Internal 500GB SATA HDD
ASUS P5Q PRO Motherboard
HD Radeon 4870 PCI-Express 2.0x16 Video card
HP External DVD lightscribe player
3 120MM case fans, 2 80(?) fans
Intel Dual Core Processor
Logitech 2.1 speaker system

The power supply I have at the moment is a Xilence 600W Gaming Edition Power supply.

Any insight on this prob. will be appreciated as always =]


A:Too much of a load?

unfortunately we often dont realize we need a larger ps until we have issues. its better to go big then skimp and risk damaging your components. 600 watts should be enough for that setup. Ive seen worse.
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What the hell?

Why is my CPU temp shooting up to 228C when I OC my GPU to 547MHz / 792 MHz (VGA Mem)?? Or am I reading CPUID monitor wrong?


I just did a test, and found the CPU temp was only 53C Max this time...

What is going on? Is CPUID THAT unreliable?

A:CPU heated up to 228 deg C (load)?

Looks like a glitch in hwmonitor or something like that. If your cpu was 226 C, it would be completely fried, and you would have probably smelled something burning or melting. I mean, that's 2.28 times the boiling temperature of water.
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This isn't my first system build, but it's my first one in 3 years.

I've got a i7 920 (D0) with stock cooling. I initially used the factory thermal paste, but was getting even higher temps. I just applied Arctic Silver 5 (using their instructions) and i'm still getting temps I consider pretty high compared to all my AMD builds in the past. I'm using a GB UD3R Mobo and my case is an Antec P180 which has pretty good airflow over the CPU.

I'm worried I've got a crap CPU? can I exchange it at Microcenter worse case scenario?

any suggestions?



p.s. I'm using Real Temp 3.00 to monitor the temp.

A:New build w/ i7 920 Running hot (55c idle and 91c load with Prime95)

Couple of questions, did you remove all of the old thermal paste before applying the new? and are you overclocking?

I haven't used Arctic Silver 5 before, but i've heard there is a cure time.
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I have a home network that was working fine until I let my son move back in I don t mind that he watches movies online And he s gotten into online game playing And when he s not quot present quot he s got quot bots quot playing the games for him This really Slooooows down the connection for the rest of us I have one computer conncected to the internet which in turns shares with others So the first computer could do the quot traffic shaping quot for the rest I don t want to stop him just slow him down and make it fair for the rest of us I looked at Traffic Shaper XP and really liked it It really worked well But when I re-boot my computer won t come back up I have to boot up in safe mode un-install the product then boot up normally and then re-install it The rest I found only worked on a computer by computer bases My son would spot somthing new on his computer very quickly Not what I had in mind Any one have any other ideas Thanks nbsp

A:I need to do some load balancing, any ideas?

I actually am looking into the same issue, home network of 6 computers, 4 being wireless. If I find any good software I'll report back.
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I HAD MY HARDDRIVE REFORMATED AND NOW MEDAL OF HONOR DOES NOT WORK I GET OPEN GL MESSAGE IT WORKED GREAT BEFORE THE DRIVE WAS FORMATED THE VIDEO CARD IS NIVIDIA G-FORCE TI TV I HAVE BEEN PULLING MY HAIR OUT WHATEVER IS LEFT THE SYSTEM INFO IS AS FOLLOWS IF YOU CAN HELP I WILL BE YOUR BEST FRIEND --- Common Initialization --- Medal of Honor Allied Assault win-x Dec ----- FS Startup ----- Current search path C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main Pak pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main Pak pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main Pak pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main Pak pk files Opengl Load Could Subsystem Not C Program Files EA GAMES Could Not Load Opengl Subsystem MOHAA main Pak pk files C Program Files EA Could Not Load Opengl Subsystem GAMES MOHAA main Pak pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main ---------------------- files in pk files execing default cfg execing menu cfg execing newconfig cfg Config unnamedsoldier cfg couldn t exec configs unnamedsoldier cfg couldn t exec localized cfg execing autoexec cfg Unknown command quot fov quot couldn t exec custom cfg detecting CPU found AMD w DNow ------- Input Initialization ------- Initializing DirectInput Couldn t set DI coop level Falling back to Win mouse support ------- Input Initialization Complete ------- You are now setup for easy mode ----- Client Initialization ----- Called FadeSound with ----- Initializing Renderer ---- ----- R Init ----- Initializing OpenGL subsystem initializing QGL calling LoadLibrary C WINDOWS System opengl dll succeeded setting mode FS using colorsbits of calling CDS ok registered window class created window x Initializing OpenGL driver getting DC succeeded GLW ChoosePFD PFDs found GLW ChoosePFD failed GLW ChoosePFD PFDs found GLW ChoosePFD failed failed to find an appropriate PIXELFORMAT restoring display settings WARNING could not set the given mode setting mode FS using colorsbits of calling CDS ok created window x Initializing OpenGL driver getting DC succeeded GLW ChoosePFD PFDs found GLW ChoosePFD failed GLW ChoosePFD PFDs found GLW ChoosePFD failed failed to find an appropriate PIXELFORMAT restoring display settings WARNING could not set the given mode shutting down QGL unloading OpenGL DLL assuming dfxvgl is a standalone driver initializing QGL WARNING missing Glide installation assuming no Dfx available shutting down QGL GLW StartOpenGL - could not load OpenGL subsystem nbsp

A:Could Not Load Opengl Subsystem

Please do not post your messages in all caps, it's quite annoying. Have you tried downloading & installing the latest drivers from nVidia ?

Link to the detonators (66.93).
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I scanned my computer using avast, and there were files files in the chest. They were winsock.dll, kernel32.dll, and wsock.dll. I scanned the files, and the files do not contain any viruses. I tried to restore them, but the access was denied, and now I can't load webpages. Can anyone help me?

A:Cannot load web pages

Nevermind, I just fixed it.
I reset the TCP/IP and Winsock and that took care of the problem.
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I'm having a strange problem with my main computer. I can log onto AOL and read my e-mail, but I can't open websites. I get a "navigation to the webpage was canceled" message. I've tried various remedies but nothing has worked. The connection is fine, the hardware is fine. I did recently discover a quirk, however...if I go to a saved link to a login page requesting a password, it not only opens that page, it allows me to continue to use that site once I've entered the password. I only have two such links, so there are two sites I can still access.

Any suggestions? I'd rather not have to wipe the thing and start over... Thanks!

A:Problem accessing websites

I'd suggest running the 8 steps and seeing what that produces
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I decided to get working again my other old pc. It has no OS Installed, harddrive is blank, i was using the harddrive of it on the new computer, but then i decided to put it back, so i reformatted it, then put it back on the old pc. But can't install an OS, since whenever i do so, It says' Boot from CD/DVD, when on windows xp, it just hang up. But on vista, it loads, but later on, an error will appear.

The Harddrive is working on the new pc.

Not sure where the problem is, I already replaced the IDE Cables to a new one, which still not fixed the problem

A:Windows XP/Vista Setup won't load

Bump, please can someone know the problem is.
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Just got a TC4200 tablet laptop and installed windows xp on it. Those of you familiar with the model know that it has no cd drive so I had to move the HDD to another laptop to do it so I know the install was good. However when putting the harddrive back in after the HP load screen but before it enters the xp load screen it goes to a black screen with a flashing white _ cursor similar to a dos command but with no text and I cannot type. I have no idea what the issue is nor how to solve it. Any suggestions?

As an extra note I tried the other laptops HDD and it gave the same results so that rules out the harddrive as an issue.

A:OS wont load Black screen

Matthew said:

You're probably missing essential device drivers for your laptop's hardware (which would have been installed had you ran the setup on your system). Use an external optical drive enclosure or a flash drive to install XP with the HDD in your system.

Alternatively, if you can get into Safe Mode you might be able to provide the system with drivers manually. You could also probably get away a repair install of XP, but this too would facilitate an optical or flash drive.Click to expand...

trying this nowish just gotta download sdk so I can use a flash drive as I dont have a external cd drive.

Second I do wonder if this is the correct solution as it never gets to the XP load screen so it doesnt have a chance to realize its wrong. Although dont get me wrong I hope its the problem as its an easy fix...
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Hi, i have an advent 9215, recently my computer has not been turning on. It wont load on start up and seems to just crash. If i shut down my computer and then go to turn it back on. The power light comes on aswell as the caps lock and num lock on start up, then the load light starts to flicker, then just when it should load and the screen should come on, it doesnt, it just freezes. the screen doesnt come on but the fans are on. Any idea what this may be?? It took me 3hrs of switching it on and then off, waiting for it to come on, eventualy it switched on and loaded up. I did a virus scan and nothing came up. Cant think what it may be. Any help would be grateful, cheers

A:Advent 9215, wont load when switched on

Have a look here: Tutorial: No POST (Power On Self Test)
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Hi I have a windows xp system 500 GB HD duo core procesor

when i installed medal of honor it isntalled ok but when i try to run the game the game seems to not start up and my screen stays on the main windows screen.

any tips
got a nivdia 8600 GS vid card

Relevancy 21.93%

Hi, I just recently bought and assembled my new computer. After assembling it all it wont seem to load the BIOS. The monitor just reads that its in Power Save Mod, Activate using PC. Ive tried a million different things, Can Anyone Lead me in the right Direction. There is no onboard graphics card, so Ive tried swithching the ram around and tried multiple different monitors. If anyone can help me out, it would be greatly appreciated.

Asus A8N-SLI Premium Mobo
AMD 64 Athlon 3700+ Processor
eGeforce 8400 GS PCI-Express Graphics Card
160GB SATA Hard Drive
4x512mb SuperTalent DDR400 ram
Dual 500w Power Supply

- When I first tried to boot it up, it turned on and started to load the bios i think but then after about 1 minute, the computer shut down, and after that nothing. The Powersupply fan, CPU fan, Graphics card fan all are spinning. Also the Mobo LED lights up.

A:Newly Built PC wont Load Bios

Is there a 4 or 8 pin connector near the CPU that needs a cable from the power supply to be plugged in, similar to Intel boards?
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Hi all,

It has been a while since i have posted, so hello to you all.

My friend has asked me to post this as she is having a problem with her pc. It will not load up, at first she thought it was the monitor as the monitor says "no video output" but she took the monitor to a friends house and it worked fine. The tower lights up and you can hear the computer making a sound as if it is loading up, but there is nothing coming up on the monitor (it is black)

Computer make and model is Iqon technologies N09-01284

Monitor make is Philips Model 170S6FS-00

I would be grateful if anyone could help, it is like the blind leading the blind x

A:PC will not load up

How old is your friend's Igon N09-01284, and is it a laptop or desktop computer. It appears it is a desktop, and the Phillips monitor is an excellent model
Are you talking about booting from the hard drive?
Age of the hard drive will make a difference... if it is a Hitachi, Maxtor, or TriGem drive it could be bad.
First test is to see if it will boot in <SAFE MODE> by pressing the <F8> button repeatedly once per second as soon as she presses the on button. If it works in safe mode, then she likely has a bad video graphics card or bad driver.
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I've recently purchased two sticks of PNY 1GB DDR PC3200 RAM. I did the system scan at and thats what it advised as my maximum.

I have an old Compaq Presario SQSXE1 which previously had 2 x 256 PC2100 running fine.

I installed the ram one at a time. Put in 1 gig, works fine. Put in the 2nd stick, Compaq screen comes on, the memory check in top right-hand corner goes up to 2gig, but then goes to a black screen and windows does not load.

I have tested both sticks individually in both slots, works every which way. I have put both sticks in at the same time and switched them, same results.

I'm not sure what information you need from me but I'll be happy to try and get it if I can. My knowledge of computers is unfortunately minuscule.

Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.

A:Upgraded RAM Windows won't load with 2 gig

What version of Windows?
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I recently cloned my Windows XP Pro with SP from a failing Hitachi harddrive to a new Samsung HD in my Tecra S Everything went smooth and the system immediately recognized the new harddrive The transfer was perfect Then for some unknown reason about a week later I decided to upgrade to Service etc, load to forever Icons, take Pack I ve read where they got the kinks out Hmmmm Anyway the first reboot afterwards loaded Icons, etc, take forever to load my background but that was it No Icons No Task Bar No Start Menu was displayed I had to do a hard shut-down and when I rebooted all screens loaded fine with all icons etc Today I turned on the laptop and it loaded to the Windows screen and then my desktop with no icons etc to be seen I shut down via power button and tried again The same thing Eventually the Icons etc loaded How do I rectify this problem The boot up time is definitly quicker since upgrading from megs of RAM to Gigs and going from a rpm HD to a rpm It is only when I get to the desktop that a full load fails to happen nbsp

A:Icons, etc, take forever to load

Uninstall or otherwise remove the service pack.
Defragment the drive.
Use RegEdit by Juoni Viourno to clean up the drive and get rid of any suspect registry lines. (Find on
Reinstall Service Pack 3 once more, watching carefully to assure that everthing was installed, and the Service Pack was fully installed. As you probably know, with your experience, this darned thing can take forever... Sometimes it is still running processes and install bits, when you think it has finished.
Regardless of whether you are sure you did it right the first time, shut down, then do a cold boot.
Reinstall Service Pack 3 and give it up to an hour to finish.
Good luck. Let us know if this works. It worked for me.
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Well not Open subsytem GL load Could after reading hundreds of posts and Could not load Open GL subsytem FAQ s around then net on how to fix this poroblem Could not load Open GL subsytem I almost gave up What I have discovered is that there sems to be about or general solutions which actually work for people None however have worked for me Then I came across this post today after venturing to the th page of results from a google search What I read interested me Someone mentioned that MS NetMeeting installs a messed vga driver when remote desktop is running Well I dont run remote dsktop but I do run netmeeting in the background Imagine my suprise when I shut down netmeeting and the games ran successfully namel Jedi Kinght Quake Return to Wolfenstein etc I have formatted my drive and reinstalled windows many times I have reinstalled drivers vid card games direct x and anything that Could not load Open GL subsytem could possibly have anything to do with the game video I cannot believe it was netmeeting Anyways Im going to go smoke a spliff and try and spread my soultion arounda few more boards in the hopes that I can save someone else from going through what I have gone through Peace rolleyes nbsp

A:Could not load Open GL subsytem

Thanks for bringing your solution to the forums.

I'm gonna direct a few threads on the subject to this one.
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When I turn on my laptop everything is distorted, the normal load screen has some funky colors in the background and some pre-loading stuff (think it's the bios) looks like it's bleeding (the letters have some lines above and below them) then the screen goes black and the computer wont finish loading (no windows load up sound and when using keyboard hotkeys I can't turn off my computer). However, it will load up in safe mode (though, it has the same text distortions till it's fully loaded) I don't know how else to explain it.

I have a dell XPS m1710, nVidia graphics card (pretty sure it's 6800gts or something like that) and I've had a few problems with my display drivers already. However, this problem happened while trying to update from SP2 to SP3. I uninstalled SP3 and reinstalled SP2 but that didn't work.

Any ideas?

A:Laptop wont load properly

Start back up in Safe Mode
Log on to the Administrator account
Click on Start->Run-> Devmgmt.msc

Maximize the Device Manager window that eventually opens
Locate and expand (clicking on the + sign) your Video device

Right click on your actual expanded Video device, and select "remove" (it may say "delete" or "un-install")

Then restart back to Normal mode
In Normal mode, go H E R E to get your updated drivers

Oh and put SP3 back on
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Hi there I play Warhammer online and the crash up hits load GPU = Temps roof but figured you guys here helped me in the past so Ill show you the problem After the last patch I really cant play anymore After a few minutes max min the game freezes and I Temps up and GPU load hits the roof = crash have to reboot the comp I have a Pentium gig with gig ram Temps up and GPU load hits the roof = crash My card is a ATI Radeon HD AGP driver ati mtag XP This problem is getting really annoying I downloaded a small prog so I could log the temp of the GPU while Temps up and GPU load hits the roof = crash playing and as always lately it crashed a few minutes into the game I noticed a severe increase in temperature though Here are parts of the log Before starting the game Date GPU Core Clock MHz GPU Memory Clock MHz GPU Temperature C Fan Speed GPU Load - - A minute into the game - - At time of crash - - The temp went up from to C and the GPU Load went up to the roof nbsp

A:Temps up and GPU load hits the roof = crash

48C is a low temperature for a modern GPU. No worries there. 99% GPU load isn't a problem for a GPU in working order.

What are the CPU temps ?
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I got a new gigabyte board, because my old one fried. And a new processor. At first it was loading a tad slow, maybe 20 seconds of a black screen then it'd go on. Now it's taking about 3-4 minutes of a straight black screen and then it'll post ect..

I can't figure out what the problem is. Any ideas/suggestions?

A:Black screen then load?

Honestly, this is a crap thread.

I was hoping that you could explain more clearly about your system specification, and then explain your situation.

Also, you didn't even bother telling us how you attempted to fix this problem.
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Hello everyone,
Basically my WD external makes a clicking sound when plugged into my system and prevents the system from booting up altogether. When I unplug the drive from USB, my computer boots up fine (mostly). It almost seems as if the external drive is not getting enough 'juice' to boot up completely but my new system with 650w PS does not include any power-draining peripherals.

Is it possible that my external is corrupt? Does the clicking always indicate failure? Could it indicate lack of power?

ALSO, the room in which I have the drive in tends to see a fair amount of dust plenty of which has made its way onto (and into) the MyBook casing. Is it possible for dust to get inside the casing and ruin the drive?

Thanks for any input.

A:WD external clicks upon bootup, prevents XP load

It can be n issue with the USB plug
Yes dust can cause lots of issues
It's best to test it in another computer to confirm

But generally this sound is caused by a faulty harddrive itself
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I have an HP Pavillion a1025cc. Our power flickered last Sunday and this computer decided not to work after that. It would power on go to Windows screen and then we would get a "boot disc error". I ended up getting a new hard drive and installing it. I then used the recovery discs to reload the original software. Everything appeared to go well. Then when I got to the "restart or turn off" choice of the recovery discs, regardless of which option I choose it will not completely load. The farthest I get is to "wait while windows loads" and then I get a flashing cursor on a black screen that will stay on for hours. I put the hard drive in another computer and it worked fine. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your help.


A:Windows won't load on new hard drive

You will have to get a retail copy of Windows and use it to install on the new drive
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My first be kind :rolleyes: .


Running windows XP
Latest versions of IE, Firefox,Netscape
Attempting to view MSN Videos (found on MSNBC website).
Window opens...but never loads. Always gives the message about "blockedReferrer is undefined"

I have gone to MS for assistance and have repeatedly been provided a multi-page "solution that involves changing setting and lowering security settings.

I have also turned off ever piece of security I can find (even asked the dog not to come in the room). never loads.

Every other video feed from any other source runs flawlessly.

This is not a crisis by any means. I am just not happy about being unsuccessful in resolving this issue.


A:MSN Video Won't Load

what version of windows media player do you have?
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Ok about hrs ago I was able to access overclock net amp den-a plr liquidcompass cc etm plr audio player php id KQRC But for some reason I can t connect to them I have tried everything I have read to resetting modem and router let them sit for mins reset defaults on router Clear DNS cache scan for viruses connect directly to modem restart computer check firewall I even turned it off Some of you may Certain Websites Out Are Timing be thinking that possibly both those sites are just down They aren t thats why I provided the links I also checked to see if this was isolated to my computer It isn t Every computer on my network is having that problem I have pretty much narrowed it down to ISP or Modem I could have possibly overlooked something tho My router is a Linksys Certain Websites Are Timing Out WRT G v and my Certain Websites Are Timing Out modem is a Westell B Rev D DSL Modem I have another modem which Certain Websites Are Timing Out is a VisionNet M but it needs to be bridged to work and I don t know how to do that If you can please help me I would thank you so much nbsp

A:Certain Websites Are Timing Out

Check your hosts file.

Check your blocked Security (restricted) and Privacy sites.

Try adding the site to Trusted Sites.
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I have a plextor PX SA that won t load some commercial movies After some movies load DVD-DL won't commercial burner quot tries quot you can hear something in the drive of trying to quot read quot the disc s I get a blinking amber lite that flashes twice then stops and flashes twice again This code according to Plextor means that t was quot unable to focus quot The movie titles are quot league of extraordinary gentilemen quot quot days later quot and quot days DVD-DL burner won't load some commercial movies quot The first are dual layer no flipping the last one does DVD-DL burner won't load some commercial movies not specify but there was printing on one side of the disc All these have some sort of copy protection but this seems to be a hardware issue rather than a software encryption problem I haven t had any other issues with this drive either reading writing SL or DL and playing in other machines or playing other DVD commercial movies these movies play fine in newer set top tv boxes I am not trying to copy these movies just play them on through this system System specifics the plextor drive is a vintage with firmware rev the system is an Intel PBZ P GHZ GB Ram with a WinXP w SP OS running Roxio Easy Creator DVD player I looked at a similar thread that marioherbert posted in Jun of but his was more of playing DVD-DL that was burnt on his drive The question s I have are this because of the age of this drive and system is there such a thing as not being able to load DVD-ROM Dual Layer even though the drive reads and writes to DVD- R RW SL DLregularly Is there a quot hardware chip quot similar to the requirements of BR-HDD to play these discs I am fence sitting about buying a new system but can t see buying new stuff if the old performs okay thanks nbsp

A:DVD-DL burner won't load some commercial movies

just a guess.. but it could well be copyright protection on those commercial movies... ahem... why else would you be concerned they don't work on a burner?
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I did something stupid last night I downloaded microsoft Service Pack I ran Medal of Honor Allied Assault yesterday and today and I keep getting this I ran MOHAA fine before i did this update and now it doesn t work at all I dont have a clue as to what driver I should install or what not Any help is greatly appreciated My Graphics Card Intel R GM GME Graphics Controller Here s what my console gave me --- Common Initialization --- Medal of Honor Allied Assault win-x Mar ----- FS Startup ----- Current search path C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main dmin-Pro Client Menu pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main zzzzzzz MoH AdminMod CI pk files SP3 OpenGL GLW_StartOpenGL Downloaded not subsystem load could - C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main zzz thVertex Fix pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main z VonLeipenSteins Skin Scream pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main z skins pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main Z MetroWebMilano Real Bullet Holes pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main User wigster rangers pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main user-Swat Downloaded SP3 GLW_StartOpenGL - could not load OpenGL subsystem Officer M pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main user-Swat Officer pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main user-skin-hardgore-ww pack pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main user-skin-hardgore-elitegamers pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main user-reaperskin pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main user-Halo Master Chief pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA Downloaded SP3 GLW_StartOpenGL - could not load OpenGL subsystem main user-Desert Marine pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main User-Clantraining pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main user-camogarand pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main user-Allied Halo Marine II pk files Downloaded SP3 GLW_StartOpenGL - could not load OpenGL subsystem C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main user-allied halo marine pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main user-Allied Halo Cortana pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main user-Allied Halo Captain Keyes pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main user-acdc-the colosseum pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main user-acdc-apartment complex pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main user-acdc-apartment complex pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main user-acdc- rd Skins pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main user- hi play-stolenskinpack pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main train to hell pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main pak pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main Pak pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main Pak pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main Pak pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main Pak pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main Pak pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main Pak pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main glas pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main entdefs pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main crete pk files C Program Files EA GAMES MOHAA main rcolt pk files ---------------------- files in pk files execing default cfg execing changeme cfg Unknown command quot Must quot Unknown command quot Change quot Unknown command quot quot Unknown command quot Default quot Unknown command quot Default quot Unknown command quot Default quot Unknown command quot Default quot Unknown command quot Default quot Unknown command quot Default quot Unknown command quot Default quot Unknown command quot Default quot Unknown command quot Default quot Unknown command quot Default quot Unknown command quot Default quot Unknown command quot Default quot Unknown command quot Default quot Unknown command quot Default quot Unknown command quot Default quot Unknown command quot Default quot Unknown command quot Default quot execing menu cfg couldn t exec newconfig cfg Config unnamedsoldier cfg execing configs unnamedsoldier cfg Can t find localize... Read more

A:Downloaded SP3 GLW_StartOpenGL - could not load OpenGL subsystem

I did a system restore point to about 3 days ago. All is working fine...stupid sp3. I will let you guys know if I have any future problems. Thanks!
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Hey, recently I've been working on overclocking my CPU, and I noticed (both in task manager and in speed fan) that one of my cores (on my Q6600 quad core processor (65nm)) is always under an 80-90% load even when it's just idling, while the rest of the cores are under a very low load. I am running 64 bit vista. Also, it takes much longer for whichever core is under a heavier load to finish a stage (of calculations or whatever) in the multi-core prime 95 stress tester. I have closed all programs that I can, except for symantec anti-virus, which you cannot close all the way (at least to my knowledge). Is this normal? And if not, what can I do to fix it?

A:Core 2 Load

This is more of a Windows question, but here is a starting point:

Look into Task Manager. In the process list, look for any processes that are using up CPU cycles. That's the first place to look. If you DO see a process that is consuming large amounts of CPU time, you'll have found your culprit. If you haven't, there's a more serious issue, which could be anything from a bad driver to bad hardware. Post back here after checking it out.
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We bought my son a websites to open Not able new Sony laptop We then got him a wireless card from Verizon When he is at a friends house that has wireless he can access Not able to open websites the web with no problem But when he is at home using the verizon card he cannot The card says he has internet connection but he cannot open web pages When he tries to open messenger it say quot invalid IP address quot But when looking at the properties it list an IP address and it is not a Not able to open websites address Does anyone have any suggestions about what to do next short of giving up and returning the card We took it to Best Buy and all they did was check to see if it was connected and that the computer was working and guess what it was connected and the computer is working properly I don t know what else to do is there something in the settings that needs to change HELP OH if it helps it is running Vista nbsp

A:Not able to open websites

I guess no one has an answer for me. I think we are going to try and return the card and get out of the contract if we can. Looks like it is just no going to work in the place where he is going to school. He will have to use the schools.
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I need to block websites on my network, it is a wireless belkin. It does not have a program on it already, i emailed belkin and can not get it. The online settings do not offer a method of doing this. Is there any software out there than can be installd onto my belkin or i can install onto two computers and block websites, i.e, gambling websites. Thanks

A:Blocking websites

Yes a personal firewall
There are many free firewalls to choose from, most tend to go for ZoneAlarm
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Hey guys first time poster Won't Load PC Up here So I guess my dad was trying to install an external DVD burner and when he plugged it in and put the driver CD in the computer froze and after restarting now nothing will come up on the monitor The computer will turn on but the PC Won't Load Up light on the monitor remained orange as if no signal was coming in After waiting a day the computer would turn on with the keyboard plugged in but it was not responsive to the ps keyboard when it was on the desktop couldn t bring up the task manager or anything with ctrl alt delete and then when you plug in the usb mouse it freezes again and goes back to the no display I m thinkin maybe a USB problem or something The external burner is USB also Can t get it to go into safe mode I don t think it s taking input from the keyboard at all The lights on the motherboard and case turn on with the power but that s it PC with XP with SP I believe a pentium fairly new computer maybe years old or so Does anyone have any ideas about this nbsp

A:PC Won't Load Up

Does the system boot up properly when the external DVD drive is disconnected? You might have to disconnect all USB devices until the system loads windows and then go in and reconfigure each. I'm pretty sure you can't put the driver CD in the actual external drive until it's configured... that might be why it froze up. In order for those drives to work, certain drivers must be installed before they can be used so... put the CD in one of the computer's internal drives and try it again. If nothing works, the drive itself might be the problem.
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Hi So I thought it d be a wise idea to clean one of my computers Now when I turn it on that s all it does is be on It doesn t load the BIOS it won t POST it doesn t even beep No error beeps nothing The fans run and the LEDs light up but that s all it does I ve done absolutely everything I can think of I ve reset the bios RAM I ve stripped the pc down to its bare components I ve applied new thermal paste tried with a new PSU taken the Mobo battery out jumpered it Everything I m out of ideas I ve tried every part in another pc that would fit and they re all fine I haven t tried the CPU in another pc as it won t fit Could this be the problem If its bust would the pc still power and fans still run etc If you need specs I can provide them nbsp

A:My computer won't load at all


The only thing you didnt do was change the motherboard.
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I recently was forced to reformat my harddrive and reinstall Windows xp. All went well except now I have 4 error messages in my system readout. My chip sets Intel 82801 pci bridge and my Intel 945G pci express won;t load.

In the system it list it cannot find drivers for multimedia controller, simple pci,etc,etc.

I have looked all over the net for these drivers with no luck.

I have a Dell XPS 400, with Windows XP SP2.

Thanks for any help.

A:Can't get my chipsets to load

Go to the Dell support site and download and install the drivers for your model computer
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I have a Nvidia GeForce4 mx 440 card. After repairing my computer from a "Win32.Worm.VB.TB", I found that I still have a few issues such as the one in the title line: could not load OpenGL... I have reloaded the drivers from the Nvidia website, but nothing has changed.

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I have a Toshiba Protege 7020CT that i am working on for my daughter. It had no cd-rom or disk drive so i ordered the docking station that hasnt arrived yet. Now the laptop would load up with windows 2000 just fine. So i took the hard drive out, put it in my laptop and added windows xp and a few programs. it works on my laptop just fine, but when i went to put it back into the Toshiba it doesn't load up. The only thing is does is show a black screen with a blinking line at the top. I put windows 2000 back on the drive and the same thing. Anybody else with this problem that can help me fix it. Thanks

A:Laptop wont load

swapping back and forth is a bad idea -- do this ONLY to extract important data.

Why? Each computer has unique components, especially the onboard devices.
These require unique software drivers and getting a system to run from boot to
the windows login screen still requires many of these to be exactly correct for the

Place the drive where it belongs and then fight thru the issues to get things straight.

You are now going to need the OEM CD that came with the laptop and perform a
Repair or Recovery opperation by booting from the CD.

Insert the CD, boot the hardware, and hit the key for BIOS setup.
Make the CD the first device and save settings. This will reboot and run the
CD setup.
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Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but I am fairly new to customizing computors in this way...

I am upgrading by adding a second SATA drive for a RAID 1 setup. I have had no trouble following the available guides to get through the BIOS setup and getting the existing drive copied, etc. My problem is that Windows XP will not load afterwards.

I am suspecting I need to install a driver or something at this point, but I am at a loss as to how to procede. When rebooted with the RAID turned off, the drive is detected by windows just fine.

What step am I missing?


A:Upgrading to RAID 1 windows load problem

How about providing us with a bit more information about the setup on which you're trying to install Windows ?
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I am looking for a way to fool a video projector in thinking that there is pc connected to it.
A little explanation: When giving a video presentation, I would like a blank screen up front while I am getting the presentation ready and when it's over. I have an Idea to use a vga y connector to a vga switch box from my desktop. When I'm setting it up, I would have the switchbox selected to a vga dummy load. Then when I was ready, I would selected the input from the video out of my pc. Is there something out there to do this, or is there another way to achieve this? I Googled, and found nothing that would help me do this. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!:approve:

A:VGA Dummy Load?

Couldn't you just display a blank slide or turn the projector off? You seem to be way over engineering this.