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Stuck with new build problem

Q: Stuck with new build problem

Hello all Stuck build new with problem I Stuck with new build problem am trying to build my st system and seem to have gotten in Stuck with new build problem over my head Here is what I am putting together PCChips P G v Via Socket MicroATX Motherboard Audio AGP x Ethernet LAN USB Serial ATA RAID CNR Intel Celeron D GHz K Cache MHz FSB OEM Socket Processor Masscool W B M G Socket Intel Prescott Aluminum CPU Cooling Fan PNY Verto GeForce FX MB DDR PCI Dual VGA TV Out Video Card Seagate GB MB ATA- Retail Hard Drive Ultra MB PC DDR MHz CL Memory NEC Super-Multi AD- A x DVD R Burn x DVD R Read x DVD RW x DVD-R DL x DVD-RAM x x CD-R RW Black DVD Burner - OEM I had a case and power supply already from a system I had built earlier Anyway I assembled everything and tried to start the system to install Windows XP and couldn t get any power at all After reading through the forums I found that the MoBo was grounding to the case and of the connectors had to have a wire moved because this board only had pins So now I get power to the system but I can t get the system to turn on my monitor or to boot up from the floppy drive or the DVD drive Not sure where to go from here Any help is greatly appreciated Thanks in advance nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Stuck with new build problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I seem to be stuck on Windows Insider build 14342 (Version 1511 OS Build 14342.1002). Since this build was installed, I haven't gotten any other insider builds.
Any ideas on how to fix this? I want to avoid having to reinstall if possible.
Is there a way to manually install build 14352, the one that followed the one I'm stuck on?

A:Stuck on Insider build 14342 (Version 1511 OS Build 14342.1002)

Originally Posted by GoghUA I seem to be stuck on Windows Insider build 14342 (Version 1511 OS Build 14342.1002). Since this build was installed, I haven't gotten any other insider builds.
Any ideas on how to fix this? I want to avoid having to reinstall if possible.
Is there a way to manually install build 14352, the one that followed the one I'm stuck on? you can use the ISO files to get the newer version Windows 10 PC Insider preview build 14366 ISO files now available for download | Windows Central
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I have not been able to get any updated insider builds since 10565.

Keep checking Check For Update but it says "your device is up to date"

Any suggestions?

A:Stuck at 10565 build

Manually update to 10586 by downloading iso from ms, double clicking on it and running setup.exe. Then make sure you rejoin the Insider Program in update menus, and leave pc on for up to 48 hours

Note - do not clean install if you did not install windows 10 upgrading from a valid 7/8 licence, as it will not activate.
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I was wondering if someone can walk me through the wiring A tad confusing for me I mean it s not like those - pins things which are impossible to mess up Its those wires that can fit either way I m a bit lost First this is the build What s been done so far Hardware wise everything is in the case Applying the thermal was easy The psu is plug in right video card is set the power supply for the processor is set it s everything else I m trying to go with a dual drive first one being a hdvd and the other a reg dvdrw I have several of the ribbon cables now sure how to connect them I mean it tells you how for one but for two drives The fans I m not sure how to connect same with the HDD What really annoying is the cables from the case they are purple black red not sure which way they go This is way the MSI manual has this is the mobo Now the stuck first Please on build. help. on wiring pc heatsink fan is kind of interesting Where do I plug it in to the motherboard It have three slots routed through a control knob stuck on wiring on first pc build. Please help. I m keeping it on max which part of the mobo should I put the heatsink plug in to thanks nbsp

A:stuck on wiring on first pc build. Please help.

Sounds like the optical drives are IDE, so the one on the end will be master, the one in the middle slave and the other end of the ribbon goes to the mobo.

The case lights/ switches should be labeled with things like HD+, HD- PW-, PW+

It takes a little translating, but HD+ would be the positive lead for the HD activity lights on the case so pins 1 and 3 in figure JFP1. Power switch are pins 6 and 8... just make sure to get the + and - right on each set.
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Hey everyone, just got a new computer, downloaded the Netflix app but for some reason it's stuck on the old interface and not the new Windows 10 interface, I can't figure out why?
Anyone else having this issue or know how to fix it?

A:Netflix stuck on Windows 8 build?

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question Hey everyone, just got a new computer, downloaded the Netflix app but for some reason it's stuck on the old interface and not the new Windows 10 interface, I can't figure out why?
Anyone else having this issue or know how to fix it? you're on windows 10, right?
Use the store app to get the netflix app
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.
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Title says it all, have not had issues with any previous builds; anyone else run into this or have a fix?

A:Build 10162 download stuck at 0%

Restart the WU service...
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I have tried just about every method out there!
I have been getting the automatic downloads and restarts since I purchased the computer and never once did I question it.
Then I hear about this "anniversary update" and all the new features and I think "well I want that, lemme get it."

A:Why am i stuck on windows build 10240???

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question I have tried just about every method out there!
I have been getting the automatic downloads and restarts since I purchased the computer and never once did I question it.
Then I hear about this "anniversary update" and all the new features and I think "well I want that, lemme get it."
Turns out I'M STILL ON THE SAME VERSION THAT I WAS WHEN I PURCHASED THE FREAKIN THING! Also, when I check update history, THE DAMNED THING HASN'T UPDATED A SINGLE TIME! i dont know whats wrong with your system , but i can show you a way to get Anniversary update . Download Media creation tool, make a bootable disc and when you boot from disc it will give to 2 options > upgrade your computer & >fresh install. choose whichever you prefer .
OR you can use the update utility form the microsoft website to force update your system to AU
Media creation tool will get you the latest AU update build i.e. 14393.10 :)
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I am on build 14393 and I am trying to update to 14905 or 14915, but when computer restarts after trying to update I get a message that windows is rolling back to previous version (my version 14393), without making the update. I tried through windows update, i tried also downloading the iso and update windows via iso and i tried updating via windows media creation tool. All efforts had the same result, which was rolling back to version 14393. Any thoughts? Must be a minimum hard drive space available? Cause i have 55 to 60 GB free disk space.

A:Stuck on build 14393: cannot update

Is your version 14393 an Insider version?? If not you can not update to 14905 or 14915.These versions are exclusively, for now at least, reserved for the Insider. The standard version (official general release) is 14393.105 .
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I'm a Insider member since Oct get all the builds till the official launch of Windows last July A few days before the official launch my Windows TP build had a boot problem and gave me a UEFI boot error since the Insider Program was locked and I can't get any Insider Preview build to work I had format my PC and install my Don't stuck 10240 Insider get Builds, build on Windows Pro and follow the upgrade path to Windows Reserve a copy wait for the update and install the Windows Pro and activate with my valid Windows Key no hassles there After success upgrade I went Don't get Insider Builds, stuck on build 10240 to Security and Updates gt Windows Update gt Advanced Options and hit the Get Insider builds gt Get Started button restart my PC and check if Don't get Insider Builds, stuck on build 10240 Fast Ring was selected and it was Last month it came out Build and later on Build and I didn't receive any of those I tried to force the download by hitting constantly the Check update button on Windows Update but the only thing my Windows Update download is Windows Defender definitions So I tried the following in Advanced Option I hit the Stop receive preview builds restart PC and go there again I hit the button Get Preview Builds restart again and wait a few days no luck Since I don't had any luck there I post some questions in Microsoft Answers and report the problem a few days later receive some answers but none of the those answers worked out and one of them seems to me a bit stupid so the suggestions was - Uninstall any anti-virus don't have any so it really doesn't apply to me - Safe Boot with Network did that produce no effect what so ever - Selective Startup with all services stopped except Microsoft services same as above produced no effect still didn't get any update via Windows Update - Create a new Administrator account and run the Windows Update from the new account although might work I found this solution a bit awkward I mean I have to create a new account with Administrator privileges and then subscribe to Insider Preview Program with that account and then make all the process I did it no effects also bit I thought that was the dumbest solution ever - Drivers update - All my drivers are up to date some from the manufactures others from Microsoft no hardware problems so can't anything about that - Reset IP Address - Did that nothing happened - Windows Update as Trusted Sites - Did that nothing happened - Change DNS to and - Did that nothing happened So in total despair I contact Microsoft Answer Desk by Phone and after a few minutes trying to explain what is my problem I'm a portuguese from Portugal and ours Answer Desk is provided by Brazilians which don't quietly understand us - Brazilian Portuguese is quite different from European Portuguese the woman gave me this solution Re-install my Windows Pro and from there wait that Windows Update give me the Insider Preview update and if Windows Update tries to install regular Windows upgrade she said to stop the upgrade and differ that update and wait for the Insider Update I didn't make this yet because I'm hard to believe that will work I mean in Windows I will get the Windows Insider Preview as an update Last I checked I had to install Windows TP with an ISO and boot from that ISO to get started and the new Insider Preview program state that I only have to set Windows Update to Get the Preview Builds which I did from a Windows activated install which I have By the way my Windows is set to USA as location and has the display language set to US English I had also set a Portuguese keyboard setup set my region to Portugal and Proofing tools are setup to US English and Portuguese Portugal I'm stating this since if my display language is not supported by Insider Preview I don't receive any builds Portuguese currently not supported So please help me understand why I'm not getting the Insider builds and I'm still stuck in build Here is a screenshot of my Settings and my Insider Hu... Read more

A:Don't get Insider Builds, stuck on build 10240

Welcome to Ten Forums Ed
When I changed from slow to fast it took 4 days to update for me. Have you waited the four days?
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Hi all, I have a dell xps 13 2015 touch screen. It started an insider build update on Windows 10 a week or two back and is still stuck on 80%, howner can i fix this? Please send help.

A:Windows 10 insider build update stuck on 80%

The Insider Previews aren't stable releases they are test builds... you shouldn't use them on a primary machine. If you need to recover files follow this guide: 
You can download Windows 10 and clean install: 
If you want to remain on the Insider Preview. Use the Insider Preview .iso:
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Windows 10 proposed me to update my Windows 10 build 10xxx to 14xxx ( xxx means parts I don't remember ). The update has sucessfuly completed, computer restarted and the login screen was displayed.

I was typing my correct password but windows was sending me at the lock screen all the time without any reason or message. I deleted the password via cmd in Windows Installer. Now it still happens but it just don't ask for the password, reloading the lock screen in loop, like you can see on this video:

Windows10 bug - YouTube

Do someone knows how can I resolve this?

A:Stuck in login interface after build update

Originally Posted by Francislaw


Windows 10 proposed me to update my Windows 10 build 10xxx to 14xxx ( xxx means parts I don't remember ). The update has sucessfuly completed, computer restarted and the login screen was displayed.

I was typing my correct password but windows was sending me at the lock screen all the time without any reason or message. I deleted the password via cmd in Windows Installer. Now it still happens but it just don't ask for the password, reloading the lock screen in loop, like you can see on this video:

Windows10 bug - YouTube

Do someone knows how can I resolve this?

Hi Francislaw and welcome to the Ten forums!

I found some similar behavior on other forums and it looks like disconnecting USB mouse helps.
So, if you have USB mouse connected, disconnect it and then run diagnostic and updates.

Edit: disconnect anything on USB...
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Hi all I've been using seven bit version for quite a while now 7077 Build login stuck @ screen! on my laptop MSI GX PX - amd turion x ati hd MB GB gigs of ram The first installation did the problem mentioned in the title of the topic after i installed Kerio personal firewall - i didn't know what to do so i just reinstalled windows But now it happened again The comp was running for days i turned it off around am then turned it on at am - for the first time i could login and i even see the taskbar and the background but the icons never showed i couldn't click anything on the taskbar either ctrl alt del did nothing so i had to restart it manually The login screen showed up i entered my password but it never made it to the desktop it just got stuck like that the HDD wasn't spinning or anything Build 7077 stuck @ login screen! - restart - in safe mode it boots up normally so i uninstalled a few recently installed Build 7077 stuck @ login screen! programs mkvtoolnix and alike but after restarting it got stuck at Build 7077 stuck @ login screen! the login screen again Now normally i would just reinstall windows but after two months it has too many programs - lot of time to install them again So i thought i'll ask here for help The notebook has XP as it's main OS seven is installed on a virtual harddrive gigs Thank's for any kind of help in advance

A:Build 7077 stuck @ login screen!

Hi there
I can't give you a reason as to the error but this might work.

Try starting Windows in SAFE MODE as you've done but disable Networking and then shutting down. This should clear out any "Stuck" services. Switch off Firewall and uninstall any AV software whilst in SAFE MODE.

Incidentally while you are logged on in save mode see what starts automatically and stop those you don't need -- there are posts around suggesting what you can stop running automatically.

When you try again in "Normal mode" start DISCONNECTED from any network and switch your wireless card off.

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Although its small and trivial, it bothers me a lot and it ruins the mood any wall paper puts out for me. How do i remove it?
(its at the bottom right)

A:Windows 8.1 Build XXXX stuck on desktop

That happens when your OS is not activated. You can confirm this by pressing Windows key+S and typing "PC Info". Select it. At the bottom of the information it will tell you something like "Windows is not Activated" or "Windows is Activated"

if it's not activated Microsoft wants you to provide the key to activate your OS.
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Windows 10 proposed me to update my Windows 10 build 10xxx to 14xxx ( xxx means parts I don't remember ). The update has sucessfuly completed, computer restarted and the login screen was displayed.

I was typing my correct password but windows was sending me at the lock screen all the time without any reason or message. I deleted the password via cmd in Windows Installer. Now it still happens but it just don't ask for the password, reloading the lock screen in loop, like you can see on this video:

Windows10 bug - YouTube

Do someone knows how can I resolve this?
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I downloaded the build 14965. When it download was finoshed then it says that error(in installation) but the downloaded file remains in my mobile in the Temporary File option. What can I do?
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A few weeks ago MS Released build As I'm on the fast ring got and installed the build Then it released But installations would always fail It would show me the installation process and then restart as it usually would roll on cannot build update, back stuck 14901: cannot However after logging in I would see that I'm still on build A minute stuck on build 14901: cannot update, cannot roll back later there would be a popup message saying that quot some updates were not installed select this message for more details quot None were given when I did I thought I'd just wait for the next build stuck on build 14901: cannot update, cannot roll back that it was a problem with But now that the next build is out I still keep running into the same problem Unfortunately I cannot uninstall updates update history is empty nor can I roll back to the previous build through advanced startup quot there was a problem rolling back to your previous build try resetting this PC first quot I currently cannot afford to reset this PC is there another way
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Hey, guys and gals!

I've been stuck with the bugs of this build for some time and it was annoying at first, but still bearable. Now I've been getting the expiration warning and that's a big problem for me. I don't know if there's a newer build for the slow ring or not, and my system can't find any newer build to update to. I can't change to the fast ring because that's one of the bugs of this build.... I don't want to wake up on the 1'st of October not being able use my PC.

Any idea on how I can solve this or any info on the new build for the slow ring?
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Hi All,

I seem to be stuck on fast ring build 14352. Have checked a few things in the Registry and retried several times, but as yet, have seen nothing.

Any ideas?

The latest Insider Preview ISO that you can download seems to the build 14342 (via, and I don't really want to download the ESD from a russian site, but can't seem to find the correct MS site.
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I am trying to get my PC to upgrade to insider build 14332. At the moment I am on build 14316.

I have sometimes seen build 14332 available in Settings/Update, but after trying to get this, the PC is now stuck with 'Preparing to install updates 100%' There is no $windows directory, though this may of got deleted when I cleaned up system files. There is about 6GB of free space on the SSD partition.

What can I do to get the upgrade to run?
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I am trying to get my PC to upgrade to insider build 14332. At the moment I am on build 14316.

I have sometimes seen build 14332 available in Settings/Update, but after trying to get this, the PC is now stuck with 'Preparing to install updates 100%' There is no $windows directory, though this may of got deleted when I cleaned up system files. There is about 6GB of free space on the SSD partition.

What can I do to get the upgrade to run?

A:Build 14332 upgrade stuck 'Preparing to install updates 100%'

I believe you are going to need more room.

Kill the current update attempt, reboot and try it again only skip the Updates part. See if that works.

Filling out your System Specs would be a help.

See here: System Specs - Fill in at Ten Forums

Also, how big is the SSD?
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Hi I have a Packard Bell OneTwo S It 10240 10 build Can't Anniversary on install update, stuck Windows came factory installed with W I upgraded to W last year after difficulty - upgrading to W via Windows update would Can't install Windows 10 Anniversary update, stuck on build 10240 not work kept installing to a certain percentage then would reboot to a blank screen and freeze indefinitely I needed Can't install Windows 10 Anniversary update, stuck on build 10240 to power off Can't install Windows 10 Anniversary update, stuck on build 10240 then on restart it would roll back to W This happened repeatedly despite trying all sorts - clean boots uninstalling antivirus and updating drivers etc I finally installed W using Media creation tool Everything ran fine But when the big update came in Novmember that failed to in the same way as above however all other monthly windows updates install fine Windows update never tried to push the Nov update on me again - I'm still on build now I was prompted to install the anniversary update by Windows update last week but that also failed in the same way as above Download ok and begins installing fine then at some point after complete I get the blank screen indefinitely and have to power off then it reverts back to W build Having checked Packard Bell website my model is not supported by Packard Bell for W and they are not providing any drivers for it This may explain the problems Can anyone suggest how to find out what the problem is and if there is a solution I've tried looking in Update history for error codes but there is none it doesn't even show an attempt to install the anniversary update Like i said every other monthly update since last year installs fine its just the big builds that won't Thanks

A:Can't install Windows 10 Anniversary update, stuck on build 10240

Hi, simplest answer is avoid windows update and create the appropriate bootable medium or iso and use it as you did before.
As you know plenty of people have this sort of problem.

Note that the upgrade can introduce new issues for some (search the net), and some are delaying because of that. Older machines like yours could well exhibit such problems. So before you make this change, I recommend you create a disk image of your existing setup - a procedure you should do routinely anyway- to give another way of restoring your system.
E.g. Macrium Reflect (free) + its boot medium + external storage for images.

It's best to have a physical bootable medium as it covers all of:
a. if you need to repeat the installation
b. as a bootable medium for recovery options
c. in case you need to do an in-place upgrade repair install

without taking up disk space.
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I'll cut right to the chase; I built my new computer and I'm installing Windows 7 for the first time. Its stuck on "Preparing your computer for first use".

Methods I've tried:
Startup Repair via Disk
Unplugging my disk driver
Resetting BIOS

GTX 960
Gigabyte H170M-D3H
16 GB Ram DDR4 Hyperx Fury

This is very frustrating and I really wanna get this up before Spring Break ends ;~;
Thanks in advance!

(P.S - I'm a new scrubbo to these kind of stuffs so sorry for any inconvenience :-( )
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Hey, I cannot update to the latest build of Windows 10. I'm still stuck at build 10240.

Can anyone help me to update without having to reinstall programs, apps etc.?

A:Stuck on build 10240, can't update to 1151 November update.

You do not mention what error you get trying to update. Can you provide your Computer model and  message you get when you try updating to the latest Windows 10 version?
Below is a link that may help you get it installed.
How to Upgrade to Windows 10 Version 1511
For me to better assist in troubleshooting, please click my DELL-Jesse L and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your Dell Order number.
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hi guys,
im on build 14926 on fast ring on the SP3, I know there is a new build to download but my pc doesn't download it even though it says "downloading"
UPDATE: I fixed it somehow
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Version Build is the one I am running I don't know what happened but it is just stuck there at I tried several solutions that I found on this forum and googling around but no success so far The main two that I tried several times were ---- ---- stopping the wuauserv by going into CMD as an administrator and running net stop wuauserv then deleting all the files in C Windows SoftwareDistribution then restarting the service and requesting the update again but still at even after leaving my computer on for a couple of days ----- ------- the second one was using the quot Update troubleshooter quot from windows which is linked both here and in the Microsoft Forums but that didn't do anything I tried to do both by doing slight variations during the process such 14372 update STUCK Build Version 10.0.14372 Windows AT 0% as stopping restarting the bits service after stopping restarting the Windows update STUCK AT 0% Version 10.0.14372 Build 14372 wuauserv first method or restarting the computer before running the commands But no success yet I don't feel reinstalling windows and installing all my programs again since I am crunching hours trying to finish a project and the only reasons why I am desperate to fix this problem is because I am getting a warning saying that my PC will restart every few hours If I don't solve this issue You can see the Windows update STUCK AT 0% Version 10.0.14372 Build 14372 screenshots below first image is the stuck at screenshot - second image is the warning from windows saying that my pc will restart every few hours
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I just last week built a new system I have Win XP Pro installed several days with the build...need problem Problem help new identifying Power ago the system Power Problem with new build...need help identifying the problem died I thought maybe I didn t have the power plug in tight I checked the plug and pressed the power button and it booted up fine Now tonight while booting up the system died now all that happens when I press the power button is the power LED flashes Power Problem with new build...need help identifying the problem and the fan tries to turn that s it The system will not boot I have checked the power supply connections on the motherboard all are tight I need some help How do I know if this is a power supply problem or motherboard problem See below for build list I am really bummed and would appreciate some advice thank Power Problem with new build...need help identifying the problem you elizbeth Motherboard GIGABYTE GA-MA X-UD P AMD Motherboard http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E amp Tpk GIGABYTE GA-MA X-UD P Processor AMD Phenom II X Deneb GHz x KB Processor Model HDZ XCGIBOX http www newegg com Product Produ amp Tpk AMD Phenom II X Deneb GHz x Hard drives Western Digital Caviar Black WD AALS GB RPM MB Cache SATA Gb s quot Hard Drive http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E RAM Patriot GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Video Card HIS Hightech H QT P Radeon HD IceQ Turbo MB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready CrossFire Supported Video Card http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E amp Tpk HIS Hightech H QT P Power Supply CORSAIR CMPSU- VX W ATX V V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready PLUS Certified Active PFC Compatible with Core i Power Supply http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Optical Drive LG Black X MB Cache SATA X DVD R Burner http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E nbsp
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i downloaded build a lot for my laptop, i open it , in the main menu i click play campaign and it doesn't do any thing

A:build a lot problem

ivanchavez44 said:

i downloaded build a lot for my laptop, i open it , in the main menu i click play campaign and it doesn't do any thingClick to expand...

need more information. Are you talking about the build a lot flash game?
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I built my 6th or 7th system, second time using an Asus A7N-266VM MB 512pc2100, 80gig WD, XP2100 amd- Loaded with WIN98 then upgraded to ME. Having several lockups, under different circumstances, thought that Possible conflicts with periferals might exist so I rearranged some of the drives to different channels, but No Change. Well suspecting that it was a software issue, I fdisked and tried to start fresh with XP home addition, now I get missing or corrupt file BTDOSM.SYS not found- and not able to continue with installation. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks John

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Hello all and Happy New Year I have just built a new computer with on board video When I install the stand alone video card the computer boots and I can hear the Vista sound when the machine is ready to sign GPU problem Build New on normally when desktop comes up but the monitor is balck I have read all the info in the instruction manual and check the bios configeration According to Gigabyte s website the mob determines if there is a GPU in the PCI New Build GPU problem or PCI Express slot I even installed a board from another compuyer that is working perfectly and got the same results pretty much eleminating a bad GPU board The info below is what is detailed in the user manual quot Onboard GPU quot This item allows the user to decide when to activate onboard VGA function quot Enable quot if no ext PRG is found Activate the onboard VGA first only when no PCI New Build GPU problem Express card is installed default quot Always Enable quot New Build GPU problem always activate the onboard VGA first whether CI express card is installed I also checked the quot Init Display First quot Set to PEG default System Info MOB-Gigabyte GA-MP -S Processor-AMD Ram-Gskill - gig F - CL D Video-ATI Sapphire HD XT HDD-Seagate gig sata PS-Antec Eathhwatts DVD-Asus BLT I would appreciate any help I can get here I am not a geek just a hobbiest Thanks in advance for any and all responses Pull nbsp

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Could someone please help me with this. I recently built a computer and when I run a program with any sort of graphics more advanced then the desktop or the internet the computer will reboot. Here's a run down of what I've got.

Intel Celeron D 340 2.93Ghz / 256K Cache / 533 FSB / Socket 478
Mach Speed Matrix P4M800 Via Socket 478 MicroATX Motherboard
Ultra / Intel Pentium 4 up to 3.06GHz / Ball Bearing / CPU Cooling Fan
Ultra / V-Series / 350-Watt / 120mm Fan / Power Supply
2 Ultra 80mm fans. 1 sucking air in, 1 blowing out.
160 GB HD
16x DL DVD
ATI Radeon 9200 256
1 gb pc2100
256 pc2700

I've ran Everest and Warpspeed which came with my MOBO and both say that my temps are fairly low. Nothing over 50c. Could there be something wrong with my video card. I know it is old. Please help. This is frustrating me to no end!

Also the FSB is showing as 133 in everest is there something wrong there?

A:Help with a new build problem!

zero said:

Also the FSB is showing as 133 in everest is there something wrong there?Click to expand...

Nope thats normal. 133 x 4 = 532. And that is what the Celeron should be at.

As for your graphics problem, my first guess would be drivers. Do you have the most up to date?

Is the card seated properly?

And is there another PC that you can test the card in?

Welcome to Techspot.

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Hi all I ve recently built myself a nice PC Been putting it together all morning First time I switched it on it booted up no problem My keyboard was working fine as I needed to go though the BIOS etc As soon as I loaded windows xp I found build USB New - problem? myself without any keyboard New build - USB problem? or mouse support keyboard and mouse are cordless I was just left with the login screen so I switched off the computer by pressing the power button which brought up the windows is shutting down message - meaning it hadn t crashed and restarted again this time trying with another usb mouse The keyboard worked and the mouse looked active laser light on until halfway through loading windows then I was back at the login screen mouse and keyboard not working again Anyone know what s going on Cheers sorry if I ve gone on a bit Christmas work s do last night feeling rough Asus P KC Intel Core Quad Q GeForce GTX XT x Corsair XMS Dominator Maxtor GB Windows XP x nbsp

A:New build - USB problem?

Reboot and go into the BIOS - make sure you have the UBS settings for legacy devices set to on.
You may also have to boot with either a standard mouse or keyboard connected so that you can install the windows driver set - although this should now work without that.
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Hi Tech Spot members I need some help with an issue im having with a new pc I built A bit of my background im a Network Administrator but know alot more then just that feild I have been building clone computer systems since I was now Now my problem I have recently built a computer system for a friend I normally do not do Anyhow It is setup with an Asus board gig OCZ memory Maztor hard drive SATA Raid Mirrow and rd just a storage on ATA P yadi ydai The problem Im having is after the pc has been sitting off for the day and turining it on the PC loads the bios check then windows XP loading screen in dos then black screen help can me? build New pc one some problem and hangs If I restart the pc it loads into windows no problem like nothing happened If I try simulating it again by wating a few minutes it doesnt hang But if I have it off for almost the whole day then trun it on for the first time bam it hangs and again after a fresh reboot all working and i can restart as many times or shutdown and everything is o k Does anyone have a clue where to start looking So far I have noticed these things I thought could be the cause - Noticed ther SATA cables New pc build problem can some one help me? that came with the MB was not staying in New pc build problem can some one help me? place on the drives and was very slack that the interconnects would not touch and make proper contact So I replaced them Still same problem - Noticed the power suplly was only watts and thought with drives and cd rom may be wanting extra juice even though im using an on board sound and video Replaced it with watt Not fixed but system a bit faster Im not sure where too look now I dont want to spend more on it and it seems i can have a defective part but its working just not right this is the first time ive seen something like this usually you get it working or its not Sorry for the long post P anyone can help nbsp

A:New pc build problem can some one help me?

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

As you know heat makes things expand while cold makes them contract.

The problem you are having is caused as a result of the system being cold, hence no problems once it`s up and running.

I suspect either the graphics card, or mobo is faulty. Either a loose component, or a dry solder joint.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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Building a new computer, put everything together, went to power up, received no signal on monitor. Removed everything from the case, put motherboard on a non conductive surface, installed the cpu and heat sink, installed memory, connected monito to the onboard video, connected powere supply to motherboard, connected power to power supply, powered on, and shorted the power switch pins (on/off pins), still receiving no signal -fan runs for a short period, then shuts down, occasional beeps.

Relevancy 37.41%

I have a new build and everyting was going along fine - loaded XP PRO SP2 then put in the disk for the motherboard drivers. It got to the "SigmaTel Audio" drivers and choked. Now the power to my mouse goes out as soon as XP loads, so I can't even go and uninstall it. I want to just wipe it and start over, as I'm not that far along. How can I just reformat the whole drive? Thanks.

A:New build problem

Have you tried safe mode to make sure you can't get in? Might give that a try. To reformat, just put your OS disk in and reboot and it will go through the process until it gets to the format area...and then it will prompt you.
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Problem with New build on start up I have Intel Core Duo E Socket GHz FSB MB L Cache Gigabyte GA-EP -S L iP Socket channel audio ATX Motherboard OCZ GB x GB DDR Mhz PC - GOLD XTC Memory Kit Gainward GTX MB DDR Dual DVI HDTV out PCI-E Graphics Antec Sonata III Piano Black Quiet Mid Tower Case - With W EarthWatts PSU Western Digital TB build with New Problem Hard Drive SATAII rpm MB Cache - OEM Green Power LiteOn x DVD RW Dual Layer amp Ram Lightscribe IDE Black Bare Drive - OEM Now i believe this could be the RAM modules being faulty With both sticks of RAM the computer will not reach any screen at all it will beep once and the reboot repeating this process over and over I decided to remove a stick of RAM now the computer will boot to the post bios screen for about seconds then will reboot again over and over However one stick of ram will not work at all and the blue light at the front of the case which is the hard drive LED does not switch on at all Any help is greatly appreciated many thanks in advance All these components are brand new from ebuyer arrived today nbsp

A:Problem with New build

hi cartera

Is everything connected properly on the motherboard? Beeping sounds usually indicate that something is wrong on the board itself or RAM is not plugged in correctly. Could be faulty RAM as well though - run Memtest on each stick. Try different slots and all chips on all slots just to make sure that your slots are working correctly as well. Most times, these things are not mentioned on online purchases and sometimes things get damaged during transportation.

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I'm setting up my new computer and I'm having a problem getting the computer to recognize my floppy drive. When I boot up I get a message that says "Floppy disk(s) fail (80)". I have two drives I've tried and I get the same results. When I boot up no lights will go on either drive. I took one of the drives from my existing computer and I know they work because I downloaded the raid drivers not more then 10 minutes ago. I've also tried different power connectors too. Is there something in the bios i have set up wrong. Any help would be appreciated.


MB Abit IC7-MAX3
Pentium 4 3.0 processor

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I have a strange USB 3.0 new a on problem build issue on a new build concerning my Intel USB ports They seem to work fine for USB devices but my front panel ones will detect show the contents and then disconnect my USB flash drive I know of some issues with Intel's USB controllers and the solution click here to resolve them I had to do so on my Ultrabook But this is where it gets strange My rear USB ports work fine with the USB flash drive I can move data back and forth at blazing speeds It's just my front ports which I thought were also controlled USB 3.0 problem on a new build by the Intel chipset I have no issues in Device Manager and all devices are installed no unknown devices etc The front ports work fine currently with USB devices and I know they function properly under Windows with the Intel drivers loaded So my question is this should I follow the steps above like I had to on my Ultrabook I'm afraid of causing an issue with the rear ports but I guess it is a simple enough rollback I'm just wondering if anyone has come across an issue like this concerning front ports I would have expected all of my Intel ports to have the issue not just the front two My board is a Gigabyte GA-Z -UD H and the case is a Corsair R

A:USB 3.0 problem on a new build

Just curious as to how you installed those front USB ports. See image below:
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I ve Just completed my first Build and I ve come across a few teething problems -Gigabyte GA-G M-ES L G Socket VGA Channel Audio Build Problem New MATX Motherboard -Intel Core Quad Q GHz New Build Problem Socket FSB MB L Cache Retail Boxed Processor -Crucial GB X GB DDR MHz PC - Ballistix Memory CL V These are the New Build Problem components New Build Problem i ve used the rest I ve harvested from my old desktop Problem - I wasn t getting any Video Out put when I installed both RAM when I installed one of them it work but only one of the two pieces worked this way Im assuming that one of the RAM pieces are faulty Problem - I decided to continue with only gb RAM I Tried to install windows Professional bit and it takes a long time to install I can look pass that but it takes about min for the computer to boot up everytime please HELP ME - NOTHING seems to be going right for me nbsp

Relevancy 37.41%

I'm upgrading an old P2 system. I ordered the following: Mach Speed V2DP motherboard, AMD Sempron 2400+ (1.67 GHz), 512 MB PC2700 DDR RAM. I put the thing together, as of now the processor and memory are on the motherboard, nothing else is hooked up. The monitor is hooked into the video port on the motherboard. When I start the computer, the CPU fan starts up (indicating to me that there is some power on the mobo. When I first tried it I had the hdd, CDdrive and floppy drive hooked up, and I heard the CD drive start up (there was a Win98 install disk in it that I had forgotten to take out) run a little, and shut down, so there is some activity there. My problem is that I get no video at all. Just a black screen. What is my next step? Any input would be appreciated.

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Hello everybody I have been trying to figure out what the problem is with the Problem Build computer build I ordered from Newegg I had everything assembled Problem Build inside the computer and I could not get the video to come up or for the mother board to post I took the motherboard back out of the case and I am attempting the bench test but very unsucessful I can get all the fans to come on but there is no beep or video Can anyone help me identify what might be the issue or if I should start RMA process for the motherboard and cpu One note is that i am not using a video card although could it be possible that the graphics is faulty on the mother board I Problem Build can also get the hard drive to spin Problem Build but is there any way to test and see if the CPU is working properly Any help is greatly appreciated I just want to be sure before I start returning parts because I am in the military stationed overseas and it takes forever to get stuff through the mail This is what my system includes MSI A M-E mother board Evo Veloce GB PC memory sticks X AMD A K Quad Core Processor Seagate TB Barracuda Hardrive Logisys Watt Power Supply V r Jeremy nbsp

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Well to start off i Purchase intel extreme series board and Core I with Problem new build - k CPU bundle purchased gb ssd intel series got GB corsair vengence Problem with new build RAM Corsair watt PSU ATI Radeon Hd MB Vid Card Installed win ultimate Norton IS win xp mode and not much else Problem is that from day I have been getting - BSOD's a day Ranging from memory management to bad pool header to page fault in non page area to driver verifier errors I have tested with PC Doctor for hard drive and overall system and everything passed I have run Chkdsk many times and it fixed a lot of stuff once but none since I am currently testing with Memtest and it is going on million errors also tring to debug BSOD with bluescreenview most errors are coming from NTOSkernal and ntfs one had come from a norton file a checking of system files show corruption that cannot be repaird could have figured that with as many crashes that iv had so obviusly a restore will be in my future but should i automaticaly say memory is bad and return it or should I look at memory timing bios flashing ect I am not overclocking either so looking for suggestions

A:Problem with new build

NOTE: Please provide the following information for a more detailed response:

Memtest with 8 million errors indicates a memory problem. To figure out which sticks are bad, try starting at step 6b here: Memory Diagnostics

I suggest starting all troubleshooting with the following diagnostic tests (located at this link: Hardware Diags ). They'll save you a lot of time and heartache if there is a hardware failure, and you'll have the disks on hand in case you need them in the future:


H/W Diagnostics:
Please start by running these bootable hardware diagnostics:
Memory Diagnostics (read the details at the link)
HD Diagnostic (read the details at the link) - Test ALL of the hard drives.

Also, please run one of these free, independent online malware scans to ensure that your current protection hasn't been compromised: Free Online AntiMalware Resources (read the details at the link)
There are also free, bootable antivirus disks at this link: Free Online AntiMalware Resources - Bootable Disks
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ok, this is my first computer build and i don't really know much about them but im working on it. everything went smoothly, ordered all my parts off of newegg, they all seem to work fine so i begin to install windows xp. however, it says i have no hard drive and then begins to reboot. after rebooting, it hangs at the "Verifying DMI pool data....." and stays there and nothing happens no matter how long i leave it up. i checked the hard drive sata cable and its all plugged in, i can hear it spinning so it's not DOA. please help, i dont know what to do!

A:Please help! first build problem.

XP doesn't support SATA Drives.

You can do a few things, I'm going to suggest the easiest first.

1. Go into your BIOS, check the hard drive in question, it should show up here, see if there is an option to run it as an IDE drive, it might be labeled 'Compatibility'.
2. You can find SATA drivers for your machine's SATA controller, put them on a floppy, and when you first go into the XP install, press F6 when it says 'Press F6 to load SCSI drivers' or something similar at the bottom of the screen.
3. You can create a slipstream them into a custom install disc but this can get complicated, try the above two options and one of them should work.
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I built a new system 2 days ago and everything went fine it will run for hours but the second i start up a directx 11 game like bc2 it plays fine for some time then i notice the fps drop from 70 to 15 just before everything freezes up. i have watched the temps on my second monitor while ingame and they show CPU: 54 GPU: 65 MB: 40 so i dont think its over heating.

I have newest nforce and geforce drives installed.

System Spec's:
O/S: dual boot windows 7 and ubuntu 11.04
MotherBoard: asus M4N98TD EVO
Processor: AMD Phenom II 1055T
Ram: 1 Kingston HyperX Blu 4GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 Desktop Memory Model KHX1333C9D3B1/4G
PSU: Rosewill Green Series RG530-S12 530W Continuous @40C, 80 PLUS Certified, Single 12V Rail, Active PFC "Compatible with Core ...
Graphic Card: evga gtx 460 SE

so any ideas as what could be making my system do this? also hope its a enough info.

Relevancy 37.41%

so i am a total noob at this but i gave it a go i build my first tower and then tragedy lol, so im a total noob but i know how to troubleshoot it or at less i thin o know how to but the problem is when i turn on the power button it will come on for about a second no more and then shut off on its own, it has no os or anything like i said i haven't been able to power it on and i would like to know any ones opinion(may be the power supply but like i said im a noob)

A:my first build #problem

double check all hardware GPU, RAM that they are firmly seated. Then check all cable connections; that they are in the right spot and fully seated.

Do get any post beeps at all?
Relevancy 37.41%

i just put together a computer, and now when i turn it on, there's a high pitched noise, and nothing happens. is that a bad sign? can it be fixed, or did i just screw up badly?

Relevancy 37.41%

Hey guys just built the following system and when the power Problem with build new is turned on monitor isnt Problem with new build responsive at all Luckily its an abit AW D with the post feature which said according to the manual it said check cpu core voltage Does this mean I have a DOA cpu Everything connected properly and seated and cmos has been cleared cant do much more as theres nothing on screen etc and no OS yet installed Problem with new build Mobo AW D abit CPU E core intel hdd samsung spinpoint psu watt tagan ram corsair mhz ddr gb vga fire gl v pci-e Everything powers up and motherbaord power lights are on vga fans spin and hdd can be heared spinning just no monitor response and that post of to check cpu core voltage Hoep someone can help ty Its under days old so I can replace any part easily but it would have to be faulty to avoid charges and added costs etc Havent any replacement pci-e or ram or cpu to swap around so its pretty much process of elimination I personally am thinking either motherboard or cpu nbsp

A:Problem with new build

I believe it means the cpu isn't getting enough voltage from the power supply. Did you plug in all power connectors to the motherboard. There are usually at least two, the main 24 pin and a 4 or 8 pin auxiliary connector.

Edit: I downloaded and read the motherboard manual. You have three power connectors. One 24 pin, one 8 pin for your cpu and one 4 pin molex for the PCI expansion slots. I would plug all of them in.
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Hello, I have salvaged some old computer parts in hopes if making myself another spare computer. I have set up a Gigabyte GA-6VTXE-A mobo with a Pentium 3. The motherboard does NOT have on board video so I have found a couple of fairly old agp video cards. My question is... how am I going to set up my pc if I can't get my monitor going? Its obvious that I don't have the drivers for these cards installed because I would need to be able to see my screen in order to do that.

What are my options? Is there any way to set up a generic driver just to get me going? If so... how? What are my other options? Please let me know some ideas!

Thank you
- Jesse

A:PC Build Problem

I would suggest to just plug in the video card and try it first. You should get images and be able to set up an OS without drivers. After that you can just download the newest drivers from the manufacturers website
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Hey guys Just build my sister a new PC here are the specs - New problem, PC build :( help! Antec NSK New PC build problem, help! :( Mini Tower Case Silver - W Earth Watts PSU - Intel Core Duo E quot LGA Conroe quot GHz - Samsung SH-S D x DVD RW SATA Dual Layer ReWriter - Gigabyte GA- PVM-S H GeForce Micro-ATX Socket PCI-Express DDR Motherboard - Samsung SpinPoint T GB SATA-II MB New PC build problem, help! :( Cache - OCZ GB x GB PC - C Dual New PC build problem, help! :( Channel Platinum Revision XTC Series DDR I m no PC expert by any means but I have built a PC mine before and other than incompatible RAM to begin with I had no problems So the build went well and I booted the PC up and everything seemed to be fine I put Windows XP in to install and setup began but during the part where it checks your configuration at the start I got a blue screen the Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer one and so I reset the PC but now it just hangs on the Verifying DMI Pool Data screen I ve tried a few things - Checked everything is connected properly and securely - Tried each stick of RAM on it s own everytime I changed the RAM around the Verifying DMI Pool Data screen updates to Verifying DMI Pool Data update success and then it just continues to hang - Resetting to optimized defaults fail safe in the BIOS and also resetting the CMOS None of this fixed the problem though Next I put the hard drive from my computer in to the new build and sure enough it booted up in to Windows XP first time So I now know that for some reason I can t get past the DMI Pool Data screen because of the new hard drive However another problem seems to have arisen With the hard drive from my PC plugged in to this new one I can get to the desktop sure but after about seconds the computer just resets No error messages or blue screens it just resets Every time I m hoping that s just because of the hard drive s settings and drivers all confliction with the new computer s components though Finally I tried putting the new hard drive in to my existing PC and as I was hoping I got the Verifying DMI Pool Data error So it s the new hard drive then I guess Not sure why it got past the DMI Pool Data stage the first time I turned it on but whatever Unfortunately I don t have an empty hard drive or one I can empty to test in the new computer So any other suggestions or is my new hard drive just faulty and in need of a replacement Thanks nbsp

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i have just built a new system:

Asus commando mobo
Intel Q6600
4 GB OCZ Reaper RAM
ATI HD4870
850W PSU

now after building and checking the system it will not power up, i have rechecked all connections and plugs numerous times, and there doesnt seem to be any problems.
I have also reseated the RAM a number of times and the GPU and CPU, aswell as changing the heatsink.

there is a power LED on the motherboard, but this is not lighting up at all, so i cant be sure if the PSU is supplying power to the mobo

can anyone recommend any advice please, i havent got any ideas, short of a faulty mobo or PSU?


Relevancy 37.41%

Okay, heres the deal, a friend ordered some stuff off of tigerdirect, and I assembled it for him, everything seems to be in order, problem at hand is, when i power on, it powers on for like, a split second, then is off.
I double checked the processor fan/heatsink to make sure that is on straight/tight, and the power switch connectors, i dont know what the problem is.

The build consists of...
Sapphire Radeon X700PRO 256MB PCIe
AMD Athlon 64 3400+ Winchester Core Socket 939 CPU
Gigabyte K8NXP-SLI Socket 939 Motherboard
Diablo ATX Case with 450 watt (D15-1010 )
Maxtor 80GB EIDE HD 7200/8MB/ATA-133
Kingston 512MB ECC Registered PC3200 DDR(x2 = 1 gig)

A:Problem with a new build.

Besides the main power connector, did you attach the 12v ATX (small 2X2 square) connector to the motherboard?
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I just made a new computer and i seem to have done something wrong...

when i start a mid-range it all works well i can play the game untill it all stops dead, no warning no blue screen audio still playing but cannot even get to task manager so have to restart.

could be cooling but i have opened the case and pointed 3 normal fans and a really strong desktop fan right at processor and graphics card and still seems to happen..
Also, it happens more on outside levels (where presumable the graphics are more demanding).

My Specs:
AMDx2 6000+
Geforce 8600 GT OC (OC for overclocked out of the box)
K9N diamond mainboard(NVIDIA nForce 590 SLI Chipset Based) x1 (not using SLI)
2Gb of DDR2 RAM (Corsair)
Win xp Pro Sp2
500W thermaltake PSU

A:Problem Build?

It maybe your PSU. 500 Watt is a little low for a hungry pc with 2gb ram and a graphics card of what you listed. Try lowering the graphics fully, every possible way. If it does same thing. its not over heating because of graphics demand (it also means it aint the psu too)

If it does that it may just be faulty hardware or that you've set it up wrong somewhere, but usually it wouldnt start at all if you had.

Try declocking the GFX. I have pretty much the same pc but with 8800 but i use a 720Watt PSU. Works fine on games for intensed hours.
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After I've assembled my system and turn it on BIOS is unable to detect either of the IDE devices I have hooked up. I double checked all the connections and they are good. Could this be a problem with the cables or the motherboard?

Relevancy 37.41%

I'm aware of the sticky on this topic, and I promise I will read and take the advice therein. However, I am hoping that someone will be able to help me focus my troubleshooting a bit.

AMD64x2 5200+
Asus M2NSLI Deluxe
GeForce 7300 PCI-E 16 video
USB modem
Crucial 1 GB X 2 800 mhz ram
Windows XPSP2 and Ubuntu Feisty dual boot OS

The problem is that every once in awhile (once or twice per day), everything locks up, the power is still on, HDD light is on, can't move mouse or do anything with the keyboard. The only thing that fixes it is to hit the reset button.

Where should I start in analyzing this problem?

Relevancy 37.41%

Ok so just completed my first build.

Everything went smooth. Very smooth actually. My only problem that I have noticed is with the memory that is listed for the HDD.
I have a Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD2500KS 250GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb

For some reason it will only recognize 230gb. Anyone know what could be causing this? any help will be much appreciated.

A:1st Build HDD problem

It's caused by mathmatics. It's the way the drive manufacturers list and calculate the number of bytes, megs and gigs. Perfectly normal.
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The scenario is as follows:-

What I want to do is create a boot disk that asks you to chose different options e.g.

1). Install Build 1
2). Install Build 2
3). Install Build 3
4). Install Build 4

When you chose the option the boot disk goes and runs/installs the file that you want.

Does anyone know how to do this as I haven't clue and also does someone know what command/file windows executes in order to kick off the install procedure as I just want to automatically install windows.



A:DOS Build Problem!!!!

There si a DOS command called "choice".....try that. Look up the command on google and I am sure you can find plenty-o-tutorials out there.
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I just made a new computer and i seem to have done something wrong...

when i start a mid-range it all works well i can play the game until it all stops dead, no warning no blue screen audio still playing but cannot even get to task manager so have to restart.

could be cooling but i have opened the case and pointed 3 normal fans and a really strong desktop fan right at processor and graphics card and still seems to happen..
Also, it happens more on outside levels (where presumably the graphics are more demanding).

My Specs:
AMDx2 6000+
Geforce 8600 GT OC (OC for overclocked out of the box)
K9N diamond mainboard(NVIDIA nForce 590 SLI Chipset Based) x1 (not using SLI)
2Gb of DDR2 RAM (Corsair)
Win xp Pro Sp2
500W thermaltake PSU

A:Problem Build?


well my first thought is mabey u need a power supply with more wattage, something like a 700 or 800 watt for that beefy cpu and graphics card
however, that may not b the problem

i would make sure ur ram is dual channel and working that way by going into the bois

make sure the reg. fans dont blow dust into the case cuz that could cause overheating and freeze ups
Relevancy 37.41%

I just built a new rig, however, I get this error message after installing Windows XP Pro:
Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: C:\...\PCI.sys

Or something like that. Anyway, I inserted the Windows boot cd, and it says booting from CD, but it just boots from the hard drive again, bringing up the same error.
My mobo is a GA-965p-S3 and I know for a fact that that the DVD drive is before the HDD in boot order. For some reason ever since I installed Windows the mobo wouldn't boot from a CD. Is it worth trying a floppy? Also, is there any way to manually erase a hard drive?


A:Problem With New Build

Reset the BIOS, using the jumper, or remove the battery for 5 mins, then see if it will boot from disk. If not, unplug the drive and see if it will boot from disk. Th eother option for the drive is to format t on another machine if you have access to one.

Also, if you Google 'missing PCI.sys', it gives lots of responses.

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With my new M A -VEVO board build I have gotten everything working great except for sound I ve troubleshot till my hands bled and to no avail The on board card is a ALC realtek card I ve installed the drivers for it that came with the board nothing I uninstalled that and installed the drivers from the site nothing Here s the weird part I even put in a soundcard that I KNOW is good and downloaded the drivers for that no sound OS Name Microsoft new Problem on Audio build Windows Home Premium Version Service Pack Build Other OS Description Not Available OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Manufacturer System manufacturer System Model System Product Name System Type x -based Audio Problem on new build PC Processor AMD Phenom tm II X T Processor Mhz Core s Logical Processor s BIOS Version Date American Megatrends Inc SMBIOS Version Windows Directory C Windows System Directory C Windows system Boot Device Device HarddiskVolume Locale United States Hardware Abstraction Layer Version quot quot Time Zone Pacific Daylight Time Installed Physical Memory RAM GB Total Physical Memory GB Available Physical Memory GB Total Virtual Memory GB Available Virtual Memory GB Page File Space GB Page File C pagefile sys Please help I ve literally tried everything before coming here Edit It also recognizes when I plug in the speakers as an audio device and it looks like sound is playing in the volume mixer except there is no sound the speakers in question worked great on my other computer nbsp

A:Audio Problem on new build

Go to Control Panel>Sounds & Audio Devices and make sure that the right card is selected under the audio tab. Sometimes windows forgets to select it for some reason.
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Just built my son a new machine---Booted it up and I got the Windows screen (we are using his old drive that houses his OS) Then I get a beep from the computer (which means refresh error) and it goes back to boot sequence again---Its an endless cycle. What does refresh error mean? Thanks.

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I recently built a computer and everything seems to have been successful in the construction but I have encountered a boot problem. I have a sony DVD writer (Sony 4X DVD+R DL) as my primary IDE drive and an SATA HDD as my secondary (all SATA connected) and set the BIOS to boot only from the CD drive, and disabled all else. In the CD drive I put a Windows XP CD, but everytime I boot it says "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key." I press the key and the CD light goes on like it's reading something but nothing happens and the message repeats. I haven't been able to get past this screen. Any ideas?

Relevancy 36.98%

Hiya all Happy New Year Okay this is my first home build and I m a little stuck So far my fan CPU new build Weird problem, build is complete but on power up the CPU fan spins then stops and I get the usual CPU fan failure message At the moment this is with the original cooler I have another fitted to work out if it was the fan or mobo I plugged my second one in but didn t mount it switched on and away it span I mount this one and power on nothing It just sits there while my CPU cooks up I do the same as Weird CPU fan problem, new build before this time with the original and as before it spins up without problem but now get the CPU fail message again My second fan is Arctic coolings Freezer Pro Rev Am I missing something My system ASUS M A T-V EVO mobo GB Kingston DDR AMD T black GHz WD TB hard drive HAF X Full Weird CPU fan problem, new build tower case CORSAIR TX NZXT Fan Controller not connected yet SONY DVD drive connected at the moment I ve not fitted the graphics card yet and only have the bare essentials plugged in Don t really want to blow anything up just yet there s no OS installed just the main BIOS so far any thoughts nbsp

A:Weird CPU fan problem, new build

Let's start with the simple. Are you plugging it in the right connector, "CPU Fan" and not "Chassis fan"? Did you put the MOBO on standoffs or were they built into the case?
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OK so i know a reasonable amount about computers enough to be confident to try my hand at making Build Custom Problem my own computer for the first time a couple of weeks ago I had a few minor hicups but nothing too major but now i have hit a wall The computer has decided not to power on at all These are the parts i used in my build Intel Motherboard Bundle http www awd-it co uk scripts prodView asp idproduct note the cpu is over clocked Nvidia GT http www awd-it co uk scripts prodView asp idproduct Heat Sink http www awd-it co uk scripts prodView asp idproduct Case http www novatech co uk novatech prods Components Cases Cases Novatech FANTASY html not the psu just the case Psu http www novatech co uk novatech prods Components PowerSupplies OCZ OCZ SXS-UN html I have a gb Maxtor Sata Hard Drive Custom Build Problem from my old pc and disk draw When i first put all the components together it worked perfectly then i tried starting it up the next day and it just wouldnt start so i tinkered around with a few things and still nothing so i sent the motherboard back for testing it was tested and it worked fine I got the motherboard back yesterday set it all up again and it worked fine then about hours later it cut out and it wouldnt turn back on I removed the battery from the motherboard put it back in and it started working again for the rest of the night Woke up this morning and its not turning on again so i tried removing the battery again and this time the battery trick did not work As far as i can tell all the components are functioning properly and i really have no idea where to go next to even attempt to fix the problem Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated If u need any more information just leave a post and i will get back to you asap nbsp

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Have built a new computer and it runs well except I have no sound. In control panel under sounds, the volume, sounds, audio and voice are all "greyed" out. All drivers have been properly installed from the CD that came with the mobo and indicate such under system, device manager shows there are no problems. I went into "Services" and windows audio in enabled and shows "automatic". I'm working with a PC chips mobo A13G+, windows xp home with 2gigs of memory, AMD 64 3500 chip. The speakers are in working order and I went to the PC chips website and downloaded the audio drivers and reinstalled in case the originals were corrupt. Any help here would be appreciated.

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Well I decided to build my own PC for the first time Specs Solved: PSU Problem? Build. PC Maybe First - ASUS A N-E - AMD X - Crucial Gb DDR PC CT Z B - XFX GT XXX - Zalman ZM -APS ATX Noiseless Solved: First PC Build. Maybe PSU Problem? PSU W - Zalman CNPS -LED Aero Flower Cooler - Western Digital Caviar GB S mb rpm - Antec P So I hooked everything up I believed and powered up The case fans heatsink DVD-Drive HDD and motherboard fan all started spinning The mobos LED came on no flickering but nothing appeared on the screen There was no beeping I then realised that I d forgotten to connect the V ATX on my motherboard Oops So I plugged it in and turned the power on expectantly I got a single short beep and the mobo s LED came on That was it The fans didn t spin The heatsink didn t spin The heatsink s LED didn t come one Nothing And still no display on the screen Now the case fans are directly connected to the PSU so surely the only thing that can affect them is the PSU Why would connecting the V ATX have an affect like this I can only assume the PSU is faulty It s not even like I skimped on it either - I made sure to buy a respectable brand And W is easily enough for this system is it not I decided to disconnect all non-essential items HDD floppy DVD-drive etc etc and test the V ATX connection like above and I got exactly the same results nbsp

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Is Windows - x -bit or x x - the original installed OS on the system yes - an OEM or full retail version Full retail - What is the age of system hardware about month - What is the age of OS installation have you re-installed the OS about a month YES Hello all I've had this desktop build for a month and have been dealing with random bsods with a view to eliminating them at their source So far having run the elementary checks numerous times memtest scandisk SCANNOW chkdsk f r etc uninstalling avg daemon tools gigabyte software and stuff and build New problem!! BSOD updating New build BSOD problem!! all my drivers tis been a long dreary road But it would seem now that the crashes have finally narrowed down to the elusive NTFS SYS BUGCHECK code Well I have attached the dump files that tell my tales of the journey I really feel I am finally at the source of the problem As you can probably tell I am trying to go as far as possible without RMAing anything lol Well that's the story I leave it in your capable hands Also I hope you can point out anything I may have missed Either way it's all in the MinidumpDocuments zip

A:New build BSOD problem!!

Recent update. Just had another bsod with new minidump added. So much for the 'narrowing down'. Now I got a system service exception. I guess something's gone bad but I dunno what it is. I'm also experiencing incessant IE and google chrome crashes (probably related but just thought I'd throw it out there). Anyway any help would be appreciated.
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Hello ive built a :( Boot build Help New Problem new computer and i got some problems i dont know whats wrong but after i built the computer i puted windows CD and formated the Windows it fully worked then after i try to install a game i got BSOD then when i boot up i get black screen and error please insert a proper boot device this is killing New build Help Boot Problem :( me really im close to break the computer and what i have done is Removed unplugged Changed IDE kable to the DVD Room to the Motherboard changed SATACable from the SATA HDD then i still get same error ive tried HDD and when i unplugg over the night it works actually but then if i Turn off the computer it happends same error and i cant find the Drive in W CD and cant find the harddrive in the BIOS also but it works if i let it - hour unplugged from the HDD then i start i can see it in BIOS the HDD but not for long Whats the problem is the motherboard t up the Mobo is new everythign is new i really want some help is it the PSU or what what is the problem Please help

A:New build Help Boot Problem :(

Sounds like a BIOS issue, update it to the latest version
ASUSTeK Computer Inc. - Motherboards- ASUS M5A78L LE

Turn off AHCI in your BIOS if it is on
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I am trying to install Windows home premium bit from a USB stick but I have run into the following error A required CD DVD drive drive is missing If you have a driver floppy disk CD DVD or USB flash drive please insert Problem from USB New Installing BUild on it now I have tried to Google the solution to this dilemma with no avail The relevant specs of my newly built machine are below intel i - k cpu Problem Installing from USB on New BUild gigabyte ga z x d h motherboard gb dd kingston memory GB kingston hyperX k ssd Problem Installing from USB on New BUild sapphire hd graphics card I am attempting to install windows on my SSD This is my first home build in years and also the first time I have ever interacted with an SSD I do have traditional a HDD but I was told to unplug it whilst setting up the SSD to ensure that nothing was mistakenly installed onto it Anyways this error which I have listed above is frustrating me greatly and I would really appreciate anyone's help in resolving it I will be giving this thread a refresh every or so minutes for at least the next hour so if you reply stick around a bit I will try to respond as fast as I can Thanks in advance EDIT I solved this problem by using my laptop to create a new image of Windows from a DVD I had been using downloaded images I guess these were bad files I don't really know but I sorted this out

A:Problem Installing from USB on New BUild

The stick likely needs rewriting. Confirm the ISO source and use Universal USB Installer with Win7 in dropdown.
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I am putting together a new system:
m2n sli deluxe
2gig ocz platinum
WD500gig sata
msi 8600gts
coolmaster 550Wpsu, case

While installing xp pro, I get a beep code, one long and two short. For the award bios, this should mean: Either video adapter is bad or is not seated properly. Also, check to ensure the monitor cable is connected properly. -

I took out the msi vid card and tried an old pci card (different slot) It gets to the XP install blue screen, and at the 37minutes remaining I get the same error.

I flashed the bios to current, and get the same error.

Is this a motherboard problem?

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So I assembled my new PC last night and unfortunately am having some trouble getting it running.
I flip my PSU on and my Mobo LED lights up; good. However, when I then hit the case ?on? button, the fans start spinning and other Mobo LED?s light up for about a second or two and then everything quickly stops/shuts down. The blue Mobo LED is the only thing that stays lit up.

I?ve double and triple-checked that all my PSU connections are solid.
The PSU is brand-new; bought it last night.
This is my second Mobo ? first was RMA?d since it had burnt-out caps on arrival.

System specs:
EVGA 680I (122-CK-NF68-AR), e6600, 2gb Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400 R, XFX GF7950GT, 150G WesternDigital 10K 16M SATA, Thermaltake Toughpower 750w, NZXT|ZERO ATX, LG DVD-RW, Hanns-G 19? WSFP

Any thoughts on why this might be occurring? Thanks in advance!

A:New PC Build startup problem

Everything is connected properly? Including 4-pin CPU power? (I had same problem, connected the 4-pin cable and it worked)
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BIOS doesn't recognize either IDE channel. Pri master is a 250gig HD and the Pri secondary is a DVD/CD burner that both work in another system. I tried pinning them as CS and master and changed cables. I've run out of ideas? Please help. . .

Mobo Asus M2V-MX SE
AMD A64 X2 4400+ 2.3G AM2
DVD/CD Liteon
1GIG GSkill ram
Sapphire HD2600XT 512M
400w PSU

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Hi Folks A new build Asus P KPL-CM MB Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor E Corsair Mem TWIN X - C R and an Ultra X Watt Micro ATX Pwr Sply Weird situation When the system is cold not run for minutes or more and I try to start the pwr sply cpu and case fans Build POST New Problem all run I get HDD led blink for about a second and then no further progress No POST nothing Pressing the reset button does nothing I need to shut off the pwr sply switch turn it back on and start again I get no startup error beeps but I don t know if this MB offers this option Tried running without DDR memory and no beeps Sometimes it starts on the nd or rd try When it does start I get the HDD led blink and now the keyboard lights blink and then the POST screen appears post shows all components correctly and I get a normal boot into Windows Home Premium -BIT Passed MEMTEST It seems that something New Build POST Problem needs to warm up before it sees everything Can anyone help John nbsp

A:New Build POST Problem

the E5200 is not supported without an BIOS update. you need at lest BIOS version 0606 but 0608 is the newest. what you need to do is buy this Intel Celeron 430 so you can flash your BIOS, or you can take is to a computer shop so they can do it for you. i think it will be cheaper to buy the cpu and do it your self
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I brought the Office 2010 EN version, but usually i write in Portuguese and with the dic problem i choose to install the Portuguese version of office 2010.

So i see a problem.

In the control panel when i choose my Office it shows me this build number:

Imageshack - teste1k.jpg

When go to an office program shows me this build:

Imageshack - teste2x.jpg

Why the builds are different? Someone can explain me?

Note: Someone can tell me if the Office 2010 specially the MS Word 2010 come with the Crop Marks enabled or disabled.


A:Problem with the build number?

Theres no explanation for the mismatched build numbers, but its normal, so dont worry.

Take a look at this page.

Office 2010 confusion with mis-matching build numbers..
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Hello my system has been working fine since I got it last August My system is the following Motherboard P N -E SLI Plus build Problem year-old with Processor Core Quad Gfx BFG Geforce MB Memory Gb S Windows Vista Home Edition x OEM Recently I had an overheating problem Problem with year-old build with the weather started getting extremely hot in my area which made the system crash repeatedly when playing Mass Effect and pretty much any other game even an oldie like Beyond Good amp Evil So I added a few fans in the case and after hearing there was a common overheating problem on cards that ran on Asus motherboards I updated my BIOS to since I can t flash the latest version EZ Flash tells me it can find no boot signature - quot No boot signature was found in the file quot - when booting from a removable Lexar USB drive So anyway after all that the system ran perfectly fine for about a month Now though new problems have sprung up sometimes it simply freezes sometimes it refuses to boot and gives me a Blue Screen instead of going into Windows and pretty much always gives me a blue screen or automatically reboots when playing games if it helps the two specific games I tried are Team Fortress and Neverwinter Nights I have been looking everywhere for answers and the best I can come up with is that my RAM might be bad damaged So I tried doing the memory test included on the Vista installation disc But this utility froze prettty quickly Then I got Memtest and booted that It ran for hours and at some point it seemed like it had found somethings started displaying strings of text but then it also froze Meanwhile it is very hard to find out what the problem is Sometimes the computer will run for days on end without freezing crashing or getting a blue screen then it will unexpectedly just reboot by itself or give me a BS most of the time when I run games So is it pretty safe to assume this is a hardware memory problem Should I try reinstalling the OS Anybody else ever had something similar Any help would be appreciated Sorry for the length of the post but I wanted to give as many details as possible nbsp

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I m sending out an SOS to all the expert computer builders out there I just finished building my first ever computer from scratch I ve fiddled around before with new memory graphics cards sounds cards and power supplies but this is my first ever new build everything from scratch assembly Problem is it doesn t work When I hit the power button all the fans turn on my LEDs come on but only for half a Powerup Problem HELP) New Build (NEED second and then they turn right back off I ve read through several posts that say to removed the motherboard to eliminate possible shorting but that didn t help I ve checked the seating and reseated all my components I verified that the CPU has no bent leads and that the heatsink is New Build Powerup Problem (NEED HELP) mounted properly I reset the BIOS and New Build Powerup Problem (NEED HELP) removed the battery for min I removed all but the bare essentials did an out of box powerup using screwdriver to short power up pins and nothing changes Same half sec power on then off Here s what I m trying to build nForce -A Motherboard nVIDIA NF chipset AMD Sempron CPU Kingston KVR MB RAIDMAX Scorpio case with W pwr supply ATI RADEON x PRO AGP MB Graphics Card I have no idea what to do next Seems similar to the CPU overheating auto shut off problem that I ve read about in other threads but I don t know why my build would be doing that I don t know if I need to do something different or return something Is the CPU bad is the motherboard bad is the power supply bad is the case wiring bad do I have bad jumper settings Is there a guru out there that can help me Thanks nbsp

A:New Build Powerup Problem (NEED HELP)

it sounds like you've already been over every square inch of the system...perhaps you should have it looked at by a technician.
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OK so I finally built my first system specs posted below and when I push Build Problem Up New Boot Rig the Power button the system starts up for a few seconds and then turns off I ve checked all New Build Rig Boot Up Problem connections tried different electrical sockets to start up from etc It s driving me up New Build Rig Boot Up Problem a wall as for the life of me I can t figure out where the problem lies The only other tidbits of information that others may find useful is that after I plug the computer in there is a single blue light on the motherboard so I dont know if that indicates issues elsewhere as they re are no other lights and when I hit the power button and the computer comes to life for a few seconds all the fans seem to function fine except for the ones on the CPU cooler Also the LED lights on the case light up as well My System Cooler Master HAF Case Intel Core i CPU Artic Silver Thermal Compound Cooler Master Intel Core i Compatible Hyper N CPU Cooler EVGA E X Motherboard Sapphire Radeon HD OCZ Gold BG DDR RAM Rosewill Xtreme Series W PSU I greatly appreciate any and all assistance THANKS nbsp

A:New Build Rig Boot Up Problem

It's been awhile since you posted so maybe you've solved your problem by now but let me see. It's possibly a bad power supply. Did you use standoffs for the motherboard?
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Ok, so I've been trying to build my first PC, but since I'm a noob I've had a hell of a time getting it right. My first mobo was defective, so I finally get a new one this week, only to find that I can't quite get it to work. This is the problem: when I hook it up to a power supply and turn on the power switch in the back, it turns on automatically for a few seconds, then goes into hibernate mode. The mobo led is on, but the fans, video card, processor fan all turn off after a few seconds. It shouldn't even be turning on at this point, so I think it's a wiring problem. But let me know. I'll post the specs shortly.

A:Booting Problem on New PC Build

The front power switch will stay on the on position until you push it to the off position unless you shut down properly, at least for some PC cases and perhaps yours. If so, as soon as you plug it back in your PC has power.

When you installed the motherboard, did you use standoffs? They should have been supplied with the case. If not used, the motherboard will short to the case. Also, the rear I/O panel and installed PCI cards won't line up correctly.

Edit: for spelling error.
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I have just finished building a new PC for a friend but I have run in to a very odd problem Hopefully someone will have a clue what is going on here When booting the machine it takes an inordinately long time to begin detecting problem PC new-build IDE with post odd IDE devices around minute and then hangs completely for no apparent reason It currently has a single Gig Maxtor plus HDD on IDE and a Samsung combi CD-RW DVD on IDE It will happily boot with either of these devices conected on either IDE channel - but not with them both connected in any configuration I have tried swaping channels and putting them both on the one cable in all combinations of master slave cs configurations I really am at a loss to figure this one out - I have never come across odd IDE post problem with new-build PC a problem quite like this The system has a MSI K N GM -ILSR Mobo nForce chipset with an AMD Sempron CPU first time I ve used one of these If any other information will help - let me know Thanks in advance nbsp

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Just finished building my new computer. Plugged it in, fired her up, and nothing happened. No fan spinning (either case fan or CPU fan). The blue standby light on the motherboard was light up. The monitor had nothing, but wasn't registering a 'no input' sign.

I disconnected everything out of the case, set up just the case, CPU, one stick of RAM, the video card all to the PSU and my monitor and connected it, only to have the same problem. Nothing, nothing nothing. Were should I go from here?

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Hey guys I ve been having this on-going problem for a couple months now and I have no idea what to do I ordered a new mobo processor ram and eventually a new power supply trying to upgrade my pc only to keep running into the same problem Everything seems to boot fine except the gfx card The fans on the card will spin momentarily and then stop followed by slight flickers of movement This is the mobo http www newegg ca Product Product aspx Item N E This is the processor http www tigerdirect ca applications SearchTools item-details asp EdpNo After setting up the build and running into the problem the first time I checked around online and problem New boot pc build, everything pointed to the mobo being bad So I sent it back and got a replacement When I rebuilt the pc I had the same problem I then came to the conclusion it must be my psu I was using a watt corsair by the way and my video card is currently an AMD Radeon R Series So I ordered an watt EVGA psu and tried that but I m still having the same problem Everything seems to be connected properly I have the pin cpu cable connected to the mobo as well as the pin connector The gfx card has the socket connection plugged I tried booting without any ram and that wasn t the problem There s no onboard video so I can t try to boot without the video card Oh I should mention I also tried an older video card to see if that would work and the same problem occured with the fans spinning briefly and then stopping with minor flickers of movement and no display The video card works fine as I m using it now in my older pc I was trying to upgrade from as well as the watt power supply Any New pc build, boot problem ideas Thanks nbsp

A:New pc build, boot problem

OK, I see a couple of items here;

1 There are two different 8320s. One of which is supported by your mb from the first or release bios and the other is only supported by a beta bios which your board would never have shipped with. Are you absolutely sure which 8320 you have installed?

2 The mb you selected is not a performance board. Gigabyte is a fine mfg however that particular mb is one of their low end boards; ok for a basic build however NOT up to the stress of gaming. The performance gigabyte boards have the UD suffix ie UD3, UD5, etc. These are designed for the stress of gaming.

3 There are two different versions of your mb; ver1 and ver2.0. Exactly which mb do you have? The ver# should be silkscreened on the mb pcb. It should also be on the mb box label ie where the serial# is listed on the box.
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Ok built my first PC today, turned it on and nothing. There is a possibilty the PSU is dead, but I'm in the process of exchanging it out with another one I have at my house. But my big question is, will incompatible RAM stop a computer from turning on? I wasn't sure the RAM I bought would be compatible or not.

Here are my components for the build.

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The last problem I have if you remember was the motherboard was 'dead'. No power to USB devices, monitors, etc. Well, now it's happened again. I didn't even overclock it after I reset the CMOS battery. Any idea why it happened this time

A:Problem with build 7077 again :(

I had to reset my CMOS battery yet again -_-
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Here is what he told me.

I have built this nice rig,
Amd 3500+
1 gig pc3200
80 gig SATA

Now, my problem is that when I try to start up the BIOS it just stops at a menu showing my CPU model, my amount of RAM and the IDE Master/Slave drives.
It also displays a error message, saying "CMOS cheksum error - defaults loaded"

Then it tells me to press F1 to continue but when I do nothing happens. What to do?

I have cleared the CMOS before starting it, by changing the jumper with the power cord not inserted.

A:A friend is having a problem with a new build.

Check that the Clear CMOS jumper is in the right position and not in the Clear CMOS position.
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Sup all

I've decided to get a new PC sorta and I needs some advice. I've had the ATI Infinite Loop issue for a while and I've had enough. I'm just gonna start over sorta. I'm thinking I'll get a Barbones PC and just tranfer my storage divices to it along with a new video card.

DO you think this would be better then just building from scratrh?

A:An old problem, A new Build, and BareBones

Unless you get an Identical Motherboard to the one you now have you are going to have to reinstall Windows clean, and reinstall all of your programs again.

Personally from what I see out therre for Barebones Systems, I am not really impressed by the Hardware most of them include, so for personal builds I don't use them. If I am building for a friend, and that friend absolutely wants to start with a barebones system then I will Grudgingly do so.
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hello I have a logitech usb mouse and when my computer starts it loads three mouse driver and this stops my mouse from functioning properly when i uninstall the 2 hid compliant mouse drivers the mouse works normal but when i restart the hid complaint drivers come back ???

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Okay so I ll get straight to the point me and a with problem Having fresh a a build! mate have been scratching our heads at this for the past like or days Now before I continue with the problem at hand I ll reel of the parts I have Mobo - Asrock x Extreme CPU - Intel i RAM - modules of gb Corsair DDR at mhz GFX - Nvidia GTX TI PSU - Antec Wat High Current Gamer And of course the other peripherals but that s not really important at this current time We have put together this fresh new beast and the problem is SHE WON T BOOT Dr Debug is displaying the error code x - quot CPU DXE initialization CPU module specific quot Now I have NO idea what this means But I ve determined that the processor is definitely getting at least some sort of power We ve thoroughly checked out all the other components to the best of our abilitiy even threw in the GFX card in another computer and booted fine so I Having a problem with a fresh build! think it s either the Mother Board or possible the CPU or possible the PSU Any help would be GREATLY appreciated nbsp

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Hey there, maybe someone can help me and stop me from banging my head against the wall repeatedly.

Just got a bunch of new components for a system build. Got it all together, switched on and no boot up. The case fans spin, the cpu fan spins, mb power light is on, you can hear those little switch on clicky noises the hard drive makes but thats pretty much it. Blank screen.

All thats in there at the moment is:

Asus M4A78 Pro Motherboard
AMD Phenom II X4 3.2 Processor
1 Stick of OCZ DDR2 1066
WD SATA Hard Drive
DVD Drive hooked up to primary IDE
Corsair 750W PSU

I'm presuming the motherboard is fine as fans are going, the light on my usb mouse is on etc etc.. Could the processor be DOA? Already tried switching the memory between slots and tried a different dimm.

I'm out of ideas and my new computer excitement is dwindling rapidly

A:New computer build problem

did u plug in the 4 pin power plug (its behind the mouse ports on your board)
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I have an Abit KN8, AMD 3200 XP, Antec 400w Smart power, 1 Crucial 512 dimm, an ATI 300X PCIe video, a floopy drive, an ide hard drive and a usb mouse and keyboard. All parts are known to be good. As I turn on the power the LED on the board lights, the power supply fan-cpu fan and auxillary fan all spin for just about 2 seconds and stop. The power light in the case stays on. I have reset the CMOS and changed the battery, reset the power cord connection and reset memory dimm. I have rechecked all connections.

Does anyone have suggestions of things to try. Hate to take the board out to look for shorts.



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Hi all: I just put together a new system today, powered it up, checked the Bios and made one or two insignificant changes (FSB from 100 to 166) Bios recognizes HDD, Floppy, DVD R/w etc.
I am using an Athlon XP 2500 Barton, M7NCD Pro mobo ( both used) New 64 MB nVidia video card,, 2 sticks of new PC2700 Ram, Thermaltake TR2 430 W. PSU, and Thermaltake TR 2-M3 CPU cooler.
Got it all set up, inserted the XP Disk and fired it up. Installation started fine.
It ran abour 3 minutes and shut off.
I checked everything for loose whatever and couldn't find anything wrong so I started it again. It ran 3 minutes and shut off. It passes the sniff test, all the components are cool to the touch, doesn't seem to be any overheating.
Where do I begin to fix this thing?

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Hi all first post here and im hoping to get some opinions about what s going on I recently plucked up the courage to attempt my first full build with the following components Asus P Q pro mobo Q cpu stock GB OCZ reaper ddr pc Nvidia GTX gpu Vista x all up to date GB new with problem Puzzling build... WD A-AKS hdd Pioneer DVR sata drive PC Power amp cooling w silencer psu All went well with the build vista installed without problems and is stable BUT i can run any games with the gtx games launch but freeze lock up as Puzzling problem with new build... soon as i Puzzling problem with new build... move the mouse with sound looping I have tried LOADS of different drivers new and old and used driver sweeper in safe mode etc etc I have also tried different PSUs all over w with sufficient v rails no difference Yesterday i switched the for a GTS that i know Puzzling problem with new build... is not faulty same issues The strange thing is when i install an old sapphire X pro games run fine until the card overheats a well known issue with the sapphire card Cpu and Gpu temps stay at around c so no overheating issues I have tested the ram one stick at a time and ran memtest on both sticks all fine Ive tried the cards in the second PCIe slot with the same results dmark results in a black screen with the following errors IDirect DDevice resent failed Device lost D DERR DEVICELOST or IDirect dvertexbuffer lock failed n a unknown Im left thinking there must be a motherboard issue but im not certain im really confused here Any opinions folks nbsp

A:Puzzling problem with new build...

Thats a very STRANGE problem. And I thought mine was bad in which only 1 game does freezes randomly with my video card. If I stick in a Nvidia, the game will run.

I assume you double checked ALL power connectors to the motherboard and video card (and that they are not switched).

With all parts "working" - then theres a chance the mobo is a lemon. It simply doesn't like Nvidia cards. Not saying the P5Q is incompatible, just your particular board.
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Hi I have just finished my new build and have a problem when I turned the power on the computer lit up and the Problem with build startup new fans started OK The Initial MB setup screen started but only flashed on every five seconds with the prompt quot press Problem with new build startup DEL to enter Bios setup quot Nothing happens the light on the mouse flashes Problem with new build startup when the setup screen appears then goes off and the keyboard doesn t seem to work cant get the caps or number lock to stay on I tried another keyboard but same result I tried it plugged into USB port and with the adaptor in the keyboard slot The MB is brand new in box even tho its a couple of years old now Its a MSI X Neo Platinum I have not installed anything on the PC yet as I thought you had to Problem with new build startup get the MB up and running before installing O S etc I will be using XP home edition I had to put a Graphic card in as there was no socket to connect my monitor to on the MB This is placed in the PCI Express slot and is an NVidia GS I have x gb ram in their respective slots one in green and one in orange so dual channel is enabled infact everything has been bought according to spec of MB Any advice would be greatly appreciated nbsp

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i built a computer today and when i plugged it up to test it, all the fans on the power supply, motherboard and graphics card would start up but after a few seconds the computer would shut down. If i turn it off and try to turn it back on before the lights on the mother board go off it will not push power at all but if i wait and try again it does the same thing. what could it be? i am using a M4N75TD asus motherboard and a radeon HD 5770 graphics card, amd phenom II black edition multi-core processor, 1TB HDD and two 4gb ram

A:computer build problem

It could be that you put something together wrong. We would have no way of knowing what that is. You need to check for errors. From your brief description, it sounds like overheating, but you are the only one who can check the machine for mistakes in construction.

And what does this have to do with "Software Development"?