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Video card replacement in a laptop

Q: Video card replacement in a laptop

Hi there,

I've just had a question answered for me on the games bit
and now I need to know if you can replace a video card in a laptop. Thanks!

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Preferred Solution: Video card replacement in a laptop

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Video card replacement in a laptop

Not usually. You have the Presario C300 right? If so its not upgradeble.
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See my previous post for some background on my problem.

I've come to the decision that my Dell Precision M70 needs a new video card. The card that came in the laptop is an nVidia Quadro FX Go1400. There's a used one on eBay for $125, which is pretty steep. I'm wondering if there are other options? Possibly a newer and better card for the same price or cheaper that fits in the same spot? I'm not getting my hopes up...
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I have a gateway laptop where the picture has a bunch of lines in it like the matrix movie. it doesnt show binary code or anything but a bunch of lines everywhere. sometimes u can still see the image, but even then the color is dimmed also. I have been told its the video card that needs replacing, but i really dont know how to do it. its probably not that hard, but i dont know what it looks like on a laptop -vs- a desktop. any help? any help at all? lol!!!

A:video card replacement for gateway m675 laptop

ooo.. laptop.. maybe a bit tricky there..

Basicaly, do you have any experience opening a laptop? Laptop and desktop is somewhat different, since desktop has more easier access to fix stuff..

If its under warranty then send it off (easy way out) just make sure you backup your data beforehand..

I can't determine from the laptop specs if the video was onboard or card.. if its onboard then you won't be able to do much except change the whole motherboard.. maybe if you're lucky and if its hardware fault then it could be just the LCD screen thats stuffed..

but thats if you want to perform surgury on it

What other steps of troubleshooting have you attemtped to do? how did you come to the conclusion of the video adaptor being at fault?
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Hi all ... I have the nvidia geforce fx 5200 ... it went bad on me after less than four months ... the store agreed to replace it ... got back with the replacement installed it ... let windows get the drivers ... then I started getting all kinds of error messages ...
"igfx tray" stopped
"hkcmd mod" stopped working ...
"dr watson postmortem debugger" error
"windows explorer had to close" error
I went into safe mode in window7 ... I have a dual boot with XP ... I uninstalled the drivers in the device manager ... in the add and remove if the software was there ... I even when into the program files and deleted the nvidia files ... then let windows install the drives again ... still get the same errors. There is nothing in the bios that will disable the on board video ... It must be disabled automatically ... Could it be the replacement card is bad too?

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So I was changing my video card from onboard system to dedicated card. I disabled the onboard system thru device manager and changed Bios from onboard to auto. The new card isn't working "blank screen" and the onboard is disabled so now I have no monitor function. Is there any way to recover from this or did I do my computer in?

Dell Dimension windows xp
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I'm thinking about ordering this card EVGA GeForce GT Video Card - GB DDR PCI Express SLI Support Dual Link Dual DVI HDTV VGA Support at TigerDirect com To replace the current video card because the Vcore voltage is only v instead of as it should be but I'm wondering how that card would stack up I know that there are much better cards available but I don't want to spend all that much Nor am I interested in an ATI card One thing that Video Replacement Card caught my eye is that it says that it is compatible with HDTV what does this mean that it has HDCP The only thing that I can think Video Card Replacement of that would make me spend more is that I intend to buy an HDTV Video Card Replacement and the one that I'm considering doesn't have a DVI connector only HDMI and VGA HDMI would be fine except that on my Acer monitor using a composite cable DVI to HDMI didn't work so I'm unsure about the HDTV also

A:Video Card Replacement

If your not much into video editing or serious gaming your choice will be a fine one. I have a friend using the exact same one and he loves it. He does some picture editing and movie burning. He's using it on Win7 x64. And he loved the price on it as well!

P.S. He has used it on a couple of the newer games as well and says he doesn't notice anything wrong with it. It's holding fine!
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My friend is selling me his ATI VisionTek 9600 XT for pretty cheap. The only thing wrong with it is that the fan needs replacement. Few quick questions...

Should I buy aftermarket or oem?

Where can I buy a replacement fan? Online only or a local computer store?

And can i install it myself or should i leave it to a pro?

Thank you!

PS: I need to fix this crap ASAP. BF 2182 awaits

A:Video Card Fan Replacement

You should be able to install it yourself, and I suspect it'll be easier to find an aftermarket model.
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I have a Gateway MX6650. I was told that the video card needs to be replaced. Currently the laptop has 'Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 900'. (DMVT) Supports up to 128mb What would be a compatable video card? Do you recomend a vendor online to purchase one?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

A:video card replacement

Being a laptop, it is most likely that the Graphics is integrated onto the motherboard and is therefore not user replaceable.
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I have an older computer with a PNY GeForce 7300GS video card that the fan on has recently started making a noise, so I suspect it is eventually dying. I want to replace the fan (not the card) but every spec I read on the card says "with fan".. no sizes, no dimensions, specs, nothing. I ordered one fan that ended up not fitting the holes on the video card. I would buy a whole new video card but my power supply is only 300W and a lot of the newer cards require more, and its sort of tight on space, so I would be worried about it fitting (also cost is an issue.. the card itself works fine).

As far as I can tell, my exact video card is:

Any help on what fan would fit, or where I can find the info?

A:Video Card GPU Fan replacement

I think this is what you are looking for:
Check the distance between mounting holes on your board is 55-59 mm.
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I recently had a repair tech put new parts in my PC, but the new Mainboard has onboard video. Do not like it, seems to be too slow. Will it work if I disable the onboard video and then reinstall my NVidia GeForce card that I used to have? Great graphics-it has its own cooling fan. It is a high bit card, I think it will work 100% better. Ok here are my specs-new system-ASUS mainboard M2N68-AM w/NVidia GeForce 7025 / NVidia nForce 630a. 7750 Dual Core processor w/4 MB Ram. NVidia nForce 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet.

Old video card-GeForce FX5200 256MB W/TV/DVI/DDR


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My video card died and I need a replacement for it. I have (or had) an ASUS AGP-V6600 Deluxe GeForce 256 32MB card. OK. Don't laugh. I know its old.

Can someone suggest a good replacement? I couldn't find this card on eBay so maybe there's one out there that is similar.

If it helps, I have an ASUS CUSL2 Intel 815E motherboard.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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Good Afternoon!! I have a XPS 410 and the video card is out,it came with a nvidia geforce 8300GS.My cuestion is can I  replace said card  with a nvidia geforce 210(sxg2101024d2-nm) or Dell nvidia 256 MBQuadro fx3450 PCI-E video card T9099 REV A04
Thanks for your help!!
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Ok, so during a game, video crashed the computer. On reboot, video was reduced in resolution and anytime it went to a black screen, strange characters popped up. So I assumed the video card was failing and got a new one. Now, when the video card is installed and the computer is turned on, no signal at all. When I try to go back to the older video card, nothing either. No PC speaker so no beep codes. Fans and everything come on but no signal. Mobo is ASUS M2R32-AMD MVP and the new video card is a Galaxy nVidia GT 430.

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I was working through some problems with my video card that was posted 2 mo. ago and found out that I probably had a bad video card. The video card company sent me a new card. I would like to know since I haven't changed any of the settings since the bad video card should How should I go about installing correctly so windows detects properly and settings are for new card and not the bad one? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

A:Replacement Video Card installation

Hey, since nobody's answering your post.. I'll get it started..

This happen to me so I have some experience on it. All you have to do is just to plug in into your APG slot (I hope that's what you have) and then Windows will search for the best Driver. What OS (operating system) do you have?

In my case Windows ME gave me a Crappy One and it didn't work for me. I look up the manufacture of the Video Card went to the website and download the drivers. (Which is your Best Bet).

Just don't forget to UnZip it with Winzip.

It's simple as that...
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Would anyone know if it's possible to replace the video card in an Asus F3SV Series without fine soldering? It takes an NVidia GeForce 8600M GS

If you don't know, do you know where to find this out?

Thanks a lot.

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I have a Dell Precision Workstation with Dual Xeon Ghz processors GB RAM and an AGP PRO video slot I was running XP Pro on it but with End-of-Life looming AGP Need replacement on card advice Video thought I had better upgrade Need advice on replacement AGP Video card it Upgraded first to Vista Business in-place in order to preserve the environment and then immediately upgraded to Windows Pro installed SP and performed all the updates The problem is with my video card It is an Nvidia Quadro NVS SD driving DVI connections to a pair of iH quot displays at x However I quickly started having BSODs indicating a problem with NV MINI SYS NV MINI SYS Problem signature Problem Event Name BlueScreen OS Version Locale ID Need advice on replacement AGP Video card Additional information about the Need advice on replacement AGP Video card problem BCCode BCP FCEA D BCP BCP BCP OS Version Service Pack Product The current driver that kind of works between BSODs is V which is the W K XP driver I was using before I tried to use the Vista driver V but couldn't get the Dual Monitors at x resolution to work So the question is is there some way to get the Quadro NVS to work or will I have to change to a different board And if change is required what W supported board would be recommended I already tried a Radeon X Pro board that I had in another system but couldn't get it to even display POST Thanks in advance for your help Andy Tabor

A:Need advice on replacement AGP Video card

Any AMD or nVidia AGP card that supports W7 should work. Use Tigerdirect or Newegg to search for one.

Video / Graphics Cards at

Video Cards, Desktop Video Cards -
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My 7900 burnt out, and I need a reasonably priced ($50-$100) replacement. I'm looking at a EVGA e-GeForce 9400 GT (PCI-e 2.0, 1GB), on amazon for $58. What other cards fall into that range and would be comparable or better than what I have now? This system is 4 years old with a 300watt PS.

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Hello I recently RMA for video suggestions card Looking replacement a for d my evga gt for major artifacting problems to newegg They no longer have this card and are offering me the BFG GT link here as a replacement As an alternative I can get back and look for another card I am just looking for some advice as to what to do I was happy with Looking for suggestions for a replacement video card my evga until it failed Now I have a new widescreen monitor x native that I haven t even gotten to try yet because it came on the same Looking for suggestions for a replacement video card day I sent Looking for suggestions for a replacement video card my video card back So I want to make sure that whatever I get will run this monitor without any problems I would expect the BFG to run it OK can anyone confirm this I also like the VIVO feature but would consider a card without it if you think it s worth it I was also considering sticking with EVGA because of their supposedly good customer support but it looks like it s a gamble to get a these days so I may go with the BFG Plus according to newegg s pricing it looks like I d be getting the best bang for my buck by doing a direct exchange for the BFG GT s list for and up after rebates and the BFG GT is Not sure if price is the best indication of value here though I also don t want to wait a few weeks for the problems to be resolved Any suggestions are appreciated Thanks John Relevant system specs CPU AMD Mobo Asus A N-SLI PSU Antec TP-II Monitor BenQ quot widescreen Analog DVI nbsp

A:Looking for suggestions for a replacement video card

I'd be tempted to take the money and go after a 7900gt, I see one here for $236 after rebate, and you might as well get a better card. Dunno about the whole vivo thig though, what's it for? I'm guessing you just want the card to play games?
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I d like some input- Here s what I ve got Intel D GLC motherboard Pro network P ghz MHz fsb level Replacement Video Card Advice? cache kb level cache mb gb x Corsair XMS PC DDR matched pair Sound Blaster Audigy zs sound card GeForce Ti Ultra xp- mb DDR oc-memory email protected core email protected AGP x LiteOn x DVD -R -RW R double layer Writer ReWriter Asus x x x CD-ReWriter Generic A Drive Antec w true blue power supply gb Western Digital Caviar hard drive rpm mb cache OK- I have read quite a few reviews on Video Card Replacement Advice? the ATI X XT all-in-wonder video card mb GDDR AGP x TV-Tuner MHz core speed MHz GDDR memory speed pixel pipelines gb peak memory bandwidth All of the reviews have said quot still one of the fastest D cards none of the shortcomings of previous Video Card Replacement Advice? A-I-W cards quot etc If I replace my video card with the x xt a-i-w will I really see much of a difference I have been content with my GeForce Ti and it hasn t given me any problems but I m ready to move up What kind of graphics speed overall performance improvements will or won t this card give me over my current one All information amp opinions welcome nbsp

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I have a pc with winxp home edition which i built back in 2007. I have a XFX PVT86SYAFG GeForce 8400 GS 512MB 64-bit GDDR2 PCI Express x16 HDCP Ready Video Card which i would like to replace but it is no longer made or available..My motherboard is a ASUS P5N-E SLI LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 650i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard. Please advise me what current video card would be compatible with the original one.
Thank you,

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My original setup included an onboard videocard which copes fine with XP cannot cope with Windows 7 - apart from at the lowest resolution. I am not a gamer but would like advice on upgrading my video card. If I install a new card will I need to disable the old onboard card? If so how do I do this. What type of new card would be suitable foe Windows 7 - bearing in mind that I'm not a gamer, but enjoy watching videos, jpeg files etc. Any other issues I should be aware of? Thanks for any advice!

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Aloha I have a mature circa gateway xl running xp pro with a ati radeon series mb agp video card I ve been getting several error messages blue screen shut downs etc that seem to point to a failing video card replaced once while under warranty Gateway email support weak reviewed my error codes and concurred w my assesement card on the out replace Also I ve turned off the acceleration in the display control panel amp updated my driver from advice replacement card video the ati site after completely uninstalling the old software I ve read multiple forums regarding comparable replacements and it seems that several of the main contenders are the Radeon pro read about noisy fans x pro or GeForce gt video card replacement advice Most of these are available as mb agp to fit my board When I read that stats they all seem to require power of - w my existing power supply is w I do not wish to throw good money at old equipment until I need to replace the whole thing but for now wish to keep this alive spend as little as I need to and maintain the same or close to the same level of quality for my graphic use primarily photoshop amp some video editing Questions Card choice for functionality which of the above or others are recommended Re radeon cards can I expect equal quality from the ati manufacturers e g sapphire vs diamond vs vision tech etc What about the power requirements Are there any compatible decent agp cards dvi monitor that will run on w power Again I don t really want to begin adding piles of new equipment to an old machine Advice amp feedback much appreciated If you need more stats on my machine advise and I ll post if that assists in getting sound feedback Mahalo nbsp

A:video card replacement advice

Decision made....

I found a new 9800 pro agp on ebay for about $60 w/ shipping. I was scrambling since as of a few days ago I only found used replacements or an excessive price. Hopefully case closed.
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I think I killed my video card by pressing it in too hard - soooo annoying.

GeForce2 MX400 64MB SDR RAM PCI

How much will a new one cost - it is kinda old? I can only find similar specs on an AGP can I tell if I have the suitable slot?

Where can I find something similar that will work with my PC? specs: Intel Pentium III 1.3G(thats right Giga - almost left it off)Hz processor, 512MB SDR RAM.

I'm in UK (jic).

A:Video Card dead - replacement

Looks like either a radeon 9250 or an nvidia fx5200.

They have MX 4000 and MX440 cards also.
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Sorry if this is in the wrong section, but here we go.

I have a Compaq Presario 5000 Series and specific a 5108US.

Wondering what would be the best video card for this computer to play
full 3D games like WoW or others.

Current Specs:

Processor - AMD Athlon Processor 1.2 GHz

Ram - 376MB (Need to Upgrade too XD)

Graphic - S3 Prosavge (Does not support 3D acceration which is why I need
to change it)


New to this site.


A:Help With Video Card Replacement Problem

Need to know how much that you are willing to spend. What type of graphics slot the PC has. What power supply. And you are right about the memory upgrade. At least one gig, prefer 2 gigs. This machine may not be the right one to upgrade fully. Nvidia 7900 series cards are very good. 7600 GT. 7800 GS (AGP only).
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...recently I'm getting gray bars across the screen. I was told a new video card would help, after swaping monitors did not.
My Computer is a '99 Dell XPX T600, running Win 98 SE, with a GeForce 256 32mb AGP graphics card. So far I've not found a direct replacement card. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Hello Hopefully someone could help me out with this I Black card video screen following replacement ve been pulling my hair out on a daily basis troubleshooting this issue The other day I was cleaning my room listening to Pandora on my PC From what I could remember Pandora was the only application I had open at the time All of a sudden my computer flips out and the song that was playing started skipping rapidly and my computer screen went blank Since I couldnt see the screen I had to do a hard reboot I restarted my system and it came back up asking me to Black screen following video card replacement start normally or in safe mode I started normally thinking it wasnt as bad as it really is It came to the log in screen and I entered my credentials The system came up but only one of two monitors I have dual monitors set up one Dell Monitor and one LCD TV turned on Then about minutes later it did the same thing the screen went black and I was not able to do anything at Black screen following video card replacement that time I restarted my system again and this time I started in safe mode minutes later same thing I opened my computer to clean it out and noticed how dusty it was in there I aired out all the dust I looked at the fan on my video card and it looked really dusty like the fan was too dusty to even move I took the video card out and noticed that some of the cylinoides on it were popped like it got too hot So I figured that the video card was done I went out and purchased another one a GeForce GTS GB BIT DDR PCI Expressx I installed it and now I cant even get the system to boot up All the fans go on there is still an amber light coming from my motherboard like it always has But I get a black screen nothing comes up at all I dont even know if my motherboard recognizes the new card because my monitor wont even pick up a signal when I turn on the PC the light on the monitor stays amber like their is no communication to the video card I m thinking the PC doesnt recognize the new card because I havent installed the new drivers for it yet But since I cant see the screen I cant even install the drivers The worst thing is that I DO NOT have an on-board monitor hook up to my motherboard My motherboard is an MSI P N SLI Platinum I tried pulling the card out and putting the old one back in to see if maybe I could get one more life out of it just so I could go in long enough to install the new drivers But my PC did the same thing as when I put the new card in The weird thing is that the fan that is on the card turns on the new one and the old one but there is still no connectivity going to my monitor screen is still black I dont know what to do next anyone have any suggestions I would really appreciate it Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Black screen following video card replacement

Does the problem also exist in SAFE MODE?
We really need to know brand and model of computer, or configuration, and age of components to start making many suggestions.

I would want to remove every component possible, and be running some simple stuff... keeping very good notes of what attempts you have made.
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I have a Dell Optiplex 980 SFF and want to replace the NVidia NVS 420 4 port video card (because I don’t have the adaptor cable and only need one monitor anyway) with a regular video card. (The onboard video does not work because it is an i7 processor).
Does any one know if this DELL part is compatible: Dell PN: XF27T - AMD Radeon HD 5450 512MB PCIe x16 DMS-59 Port Low Profile Video Card.
Thank you in advance

A:Optiplex 980 SFF NVidia NVS 420 video card replacement

dms59 requires a special video cable
What you want is an ASUS EAH5450.
This is why Single Slot Only and less than 9 inches long is required. The ASUS EAH5450 works fine in all dell models EXCEPT usff which has no slots. Even the TOWER has the 1 Slot wide 8.5 inch Long Limit.

You cant use a THICK card. This is why Dell cards are fanless.
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The ATI 9800 pro video card in my Gateway FMC901X media center is displaying sporadic digital artifacts even at the initial Gateway splash screen (bootup), As best as I can determine this means some video card component is failing. Is there a modern replacement card that I can put in without having replace the whole computer? The mandatory requirements are:

Component HDTV (1080i) output
works with 250w power supply
at least as fast as the ATI 9800 pro

here are my computer specs

1. Motherboard - 901x motherboard with onboard ethernet 1 AGP, 3 PCI
2. Graphic interface - ATI 9800 pro, Hauppauge TV Tuner
3. Memory - 512mb
4. CPU - Pentium 4 pro w/hyperthreading
5. CPU Speed - ?
6. Power Supply Make/Model - 250 watt
7. Watt output/Amperage - ?
8 2 IDE HD's
9. wireless networking card
10. IDE Dvd-Ram drive
11. card reader
12 Running Vista premium

A:AGP replacement video card for Gateway FMC-901X


Did you ever find the replacement? I am in exactly same boat. My 901x hasn't been used for about 6 months since I moved to a new place and I am trying to resurrect it and I am getting all kinds of video atrifacts. Tried clean install and updated drivers same thing, I can boot up but after about 1 minute or screen either goes black or I gets all kind of lines and squares. I tried a new heat sink with the same effect, so looking for a new card.

Please let me know if you found a good replacement. I love the case of 901x and it is still going strong so don't want to upgrade to anything else at the moment.

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Would be interested in Forum's comments I had a GX card that failed about months into the year warranty after an agonising weeks of trying to find out what was wrong with my machine The shop I bought it from replaced it FOC with a new single GTX Card of on Query Video Replacement Fair A When I queried them that this didn't seem a fair replacement I would have thought two GTX 's SLI'd together was fairer their argument was The GX was no longer available as a new card The second hand GX 's are about NZ I am in New Zealand and the new GTX is the same price The GTX performs as well A Query on Fair Replacement of Video Card as A Query on Fair Replacement of Video Card the GX I am not unhappy with the GTX but I feel kind of ripped off NZ has pretty strict Consumer protection laws so I will explore those as well but my post here is to find out if this sort of replacement is common where high end cards fail and are no longer available Thanks Kotuku

A:A Query on Fair Replacement of Video Card

I think a single GTX260 for a 9800GX2 is quite a fair replacement in terms of performance. Two GTX260s would wipe the floor with a single 9800GX2, as it would, in essence, be like comparing a GTX295 to a 9800GX2.
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Ok...I need a bit of advice on getting a new video card for my T2240 emachine; All my slots are white/gray incolor....I bought a card but it was the wrong one...what type of card can it take...also whats a good low-end card with, I think it was pixel shading? (have a game that needs it) and one more thing...will increasing my ram help speed an on-line game up? Will I need to upgrade my power supply...and I did by one of those....but....its large and mounts differantly (wont fit inside)...can I hook it up as an external power supply with no problems?

A:T2240 emachine video card replacement

Sounds like you dont have either a AGP slot or a PCI-E slot which means your stuck with a PCI card. and there are not a wide range of cards to choose from in PCI. Hooking up a PSU externally is both dangerous and impractical.
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Hi.I've a Dell Optiplex 755 MT(the big one)
There are my pc specs: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1 CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.00GHz Tecnologia Wolfdale 45nm RAM 4GB 800 MHz PSU 305W Motherboard Dell Inc. 0GM819 (CPU) Graphics ASUS VW221 ([email protected]) Intel Q35 Express Chipset Family (Dell) Intel Q35 Express Chipset Family (Dell) Memorizzazione 149GB Seagate ST3160318AS (SATA) Drive Ottici HL-DT-ST CDRW/DVD GCCH30N Audio Dispositivo High Definition Audio Model computer: Mini tower
I want upgrade the video card with this:
a 1gb
BUT I don't know ifthis card fit in my pc and if the PSU of only 305W does its job.
Can you tell me what video card will fit in my pc?
I prefer don't change PSU of 305W.
list some video card models ,please.
The resolution is 1680 x 1050.
thanks in advance.
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I have a Dell XPS 8300 from 2011, with an i7 2600, 8GB of ram, 2 1TB HDD in RAID 0 and an OEM GTX 560Ti. A month ago this video card apparently died, but I was planning on replacing it anyway. I decided to replace it with an EVGA GTX 960 2GB Superclocked, the single fan version (so it should fit perfectly inside the Dell case). My concern is about the power needed: a 400W PSU is recommended and I have the stock 460W Dell PSU. Will the GPU run ok with the stock PSU? (In fact, the old video card required more power than this GTX 960). I was reading online that the Dell PSU is prone to fail and I don't want to take that risk. If I replace the PSU as well, what PSU do you recommend?
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I have to replace the GEFORCE 8600 GT with an equivalent one as the former is not for sale any longer.  The actual video card includes: 1xS-Video + 1xHDMI + 1x DVI-I (dual-link) ports.Could you please advise some equivalent types?The desktop is equipped with Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor @2.4GHz and 4Gb RAM. Thanks!
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Hi Guys,

Im new here so sorry if this message is unclear.

I am working with a confocal miscroscope connected to a PC. Recently the very old graphics card on it blew and I have had a very hard time finding a replacement. I have ordered two direct replacements and each time they have sent a mis-labeled card. From this i gather its very difficult to obtain new nVIDIA Quadro 4 980xgl cards.

I was wondering if there is an alternative card i could use. I think im not bad with computers however my hardware knowledge is lacking. Unfortunatly the comptuer is currently in use (running a 5 hour experiment i do not wish to interup) so i cannot give you the computer hardware details. If this is required I can post later.

It is for a two monitor set up (currently running on only one). If you need any other details, please ask.

Many Thanks for your help

A:Replacement Video Card for nVIDIA Quadro 4 980xgl

Its hard to find AGP cards these days, especially Quadro cards, since all new cards are PCI-Express. What did they send you?

You may have to try eBay to find a replacement, you can still pick up the same card there:
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I have a 6 year old Dell Studio XPS 8100 that keeps switching off the screen randomly & won't switch back on again without resetting from the power button on the hard-drive. Also every so often I'm getting 6 beep codes and an orange light on the hard-drive when I try to switch it back on again. Pretty certain it needs a new video card but just not sure which one to buy. Any suggestions please?
My current Video card is a 1792mb NVIDIA GeForce GT. I don't need anything fancy, just something to run programs for a home business, and occasionally the kids use it for their games like Minecraft etc..). The card I have now was handling everything perfectly before this happened. Thanks in advance.
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I recently experienced an XPS motherboard failure burning electronics smell overheating of an IC on the MB PS shutting off etc nbsp I purchased and installed a replacement MB transferred the CPU SSD etc and was able to get everything functioning except I have an intermittent problem with the stock Geforce GTX Ti video card preventing my system from booting nbsp It sometimes gets stuck with a XPS problem 8700 card PCI-E MB Intermittent after replacement video black screen that never displays the Dell splash-screen After much troubleshooting here is what I have learned nbsp I can always boot with an older Radeon X GT PCI-E video card installed although it only supports a single monitor nbsp nbsp nbsp I have intermittent boot success with the stock GTX video card nbsp If I do get it to boot and then shut down it may not reboot e g appears stuck in the BIOS boot process Intermittent XPS 8700 PCI-E video card problem after MB replacement nbsp Thinking the GTX video card may be bad I purchased a new GTX Ti video card however it too causes the system to get stuck in the boot process same as the GTX nbsp nbsp I have never gotten the new GTX Ti to work in the computer nbsp I measured all Intermittent XPS 8700 PCI-E video card problem after MB replacement PS voltages and they are all good nbsp I did update the MB BIOS firmware from A Intermittent XPS 8700 PCI-E video card problem after MB replacement to A nbsp Using the GTX card it seemed to work for awhile and I was thinking having the old firmware version was the problem nbsp However after using the system for a few hours it once again would get stuck on a power cycle reboot Any help would be appreciated to help isolate the problem nbsp nbsp David
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Hello Not too sharp with this so please bear with me a bit Have a - year old HP Desktop PC running W the bit version About months ago the PC would suddenly totally quit on me Using the utility SpeedFan it seems that the small New Video Description, & Card Prob. Replacement Questions Please fan on New Replacement Video Card Questions & Prob. Description, Please the video board got gunked up and was not turning So took the board out cleaned the fan and all was fine again Speedfan showed it working as well New Replacement Video Card Questions & Prob. Description, Please as the two other case fans My conclusion is that the PC stopped due to an automatic thermal shutdown on my graphic board Has happened again Speedfan utility shows rpm for fan on board But I can see it turning quite well if I remove the PC case Speedfan is just not showing it for some reason a Any thoughts on this fan does seem to be working b I expect to buy a new PC as soon as W comes out so really don't want to put much into this one But if there is a cheap solution to get me to the Fall would do it The board my PC is using now is ATI Radeon HD PCI Bus I see that Amazon has some Radeon Sapphire boards for around to dollars Would any of these be an exact replacement Not looking for matching the capabilities exactly with what I have now which I think at the time of purchase was considered quot a very good one quot Just the basic video capabilities to get me thru Watching YouTube some home videos etc Have no idea what to get Would any of the cheap ones on Amazon quot reasonably quot do it Not smart enough to re-configure anything just want to drop in a new one quot and go quot Might you pick one out for me perhaps Would be very appreciative What do you think of Sapphire Radeon HD GB DDR HDMI DVI-I VGA PCI-Express Graphics Card DDR L Any caveats to just slipping in a new cheap one Any and all thoughts on this would be most appreciated Thanks really appreciate the help Bob

A:New Replacement Video Card Questions & Prob. Description, Please

Looks like that's an ideal choice.
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Iv'e just been given a new computer to be used as a gaming computer, but I need to replaced my Nvidia GeForce GT8800 GTX card. You may think "WOAAAAAAAAAAAH! That card's perfectly powerful as it is!" But I really just need to get a 1GB one instead of a 768mb one for stuff like Il-2 Cliffs of Dover. But i'm worried which card's will fit and i'm on a tight budget (£0-40). Im currently looking at a ATi Radeon 5450 but I don't know which will fit. Ill list some more that I can consider in my price range (already including the previously mentioned ones)
Evga NVIDIA GeForce GT 520
Palit GeForce 8400GS
ATI AMD Radeon HD 6450

Out of them please tell 1) Which could fit and 2) Which would be best (out of the ones that would fit if there's more than one)

A:Replacement Video card for Dell Dimension 9200

My name is Savinder and I work for the Social Media and Community Team at Dell.
You can use any of it but do not forget to check the hardware requirement for the video card before purchasing.
Because if you buy a video card which is not compatible with your system configuration then that may create more issues to it
Hope that answer your question
Dell - Savinder S
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Curious if I have any recourse here. Last weekend I woke up to my PC beeping at a black screen. 6 beeps in a row during post, then nothing. Beep codes indicate a video failure. I pull out the Nvidia GTX980 card and replaced it with another I had. PC boots fine and video works. I try reseating the Nvidia card in different slots, checking cables and alignment, still 6 beeps and no video.
I bought the system back in March 2015 and the warranty expired last month on 4/1. Of course :(
Am i out of luck? This is an expensive problem to have happen after only 1 year.

A:(Redirected) Alienware Area 51 R2 - video card died - can I get a replacement?

As you have no warranty in effect, then you are 'out of luck' regards to Dell supplying a free replacement graphics card.
Also, for more information, best to post this in the Alienware Owners Club Forum, here:
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Has anyone here tried replacing the wireless card in their laptop with an 802.11n model? One fly in the ointment is that the laptop only has two antenna connections, and the 'n' card has three antennas. I see varying reports around the web of how this will effect the function of the card. Some say it'll still be better than an 802.11g card, others are not so sure.

It appears that the proper mini-PCI Express card is available, so it's really down to how effective the thing will be with two antennas vs. the three it should have. I have not found any 'n' mini-PCI Express cards with two antenna connections, though I have a D-Link 802.11n router that only has two.

Obviously, I don't want to spend $60 for the card if it's not going to be satisfactory.
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I have a Dell Inspiron Laptop Core Duo T GHz MB Cache GB Ram with Nvidia M graphics card I do not play games Graphics Laptop Replacement Card at my laptop but recently the Graphics card chip overheated and it silently went out of order Yes it overheated with just normal operation of Windows making the laptop out of display at all The laptop ages more than two years and there is no Dell certified service center here However I have options to replace the burnt chip from a local service center But as I don't Laptop Graphics Card Replacement play games with the laptop I would like to have Intel integrated graphics now instead of a heat prone NVidia one But is it possible with a laptop to replace the graphics chip I mean for my desktop I can easily get off my D graphics card and turn the onboard integrated intel graphics on But in case of my Dell laptop which came with M graphics chip is the intel integrated graphics chip still Laptop Graphics Card Replacement there And can I just disable the burnt chip open the laptop cover and plug the display cable to the quot apparently present there quot Intel Chip I am not acquainted with laptop motherboards actually By the way if any intel graphics chip is not present there can I have a Intel Chip may be GMA or something like that on it instead of a new heat prone M In fact one local service center offered me to replace the burnt chip for a new one for around But I do not find the real price of a M chip anywhere Could anyone give some hints Any form of suggestion is welcome I am looking forward to hear from you

A:Laptop Graphics Card Replacement

There's a lot of information on your system at

If I understand the specs correctly, you have an Intel 965PM chipset, without integrated graphics. (Another version uses the 965GM chipset, with integrated graphics, but that's not what you have.)

I doubt that it's practical to convert to the chispet with built-in graphics, but you could ask your repair shop. The performance of the nVidia graphics is probably much superior, but you appear to not benefit from that.
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I have a Compaq HP CQ - DX with a Atheros AR and I am currently on a wireless G connection my wife's netbook is getting better speeds then I am card laptop wireless replacement??? I feel like I am on dial up still So anyone know of a good mini PCI express card laptop wireless card replacement??? for laptops with high performance The card is mega easy to get at so the upgrade part will take less then minutes this laptop has ports for almost everything upgradeable on the laptop wireless card replacement??? laptop I want this upgrade so I can download the Free D models from DAZ D for my artwork and to play a little America's Army and Unreal Tournament laptop wireless card replacement??? Yes I was a gamer once Oh or a driver that might work I found a bit driver but running bit and not sure if that will work or not but I think finding a better card will serve me better over time as I plan to upgrade everything I can along the way Thanks in advance for any help

A:laptop wireless card replacement???

Hm...I am not sure where you would be able to buy an internal wireless card...if it isn't a driver issue have you thought of an express card slot graphics a linksys from Wal-Mart. I have a friend with one and he says it works great

EDIT: I meant a express card slot wireless card...
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My Laptop wifi card went out and I would like to have some advice on what to get to replace it.
I want to go with the interior card replacement as opposed to the external adapter.

Thanks for any suggestions.


A:ASUS Laptop G Series - G72GX WiFi card replacement?

BTW... it will go online when hardwired with a cable.
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Can you change a laptop video card/graphic card?

I looked in a shop and they said "a laptop graphic card can not be changed."

Can a laptop graphic card be changed??
(Nvidia geforce go 6150)

Please help
With many thanks,

A:Can you change a laptop video card/graphic card?

Unless the laptop has onboard graphics, there is no reason why the card can't be changed.

Of course, I am not very knowledgeable with GFX cards, so I can't necessarily tell whether is has onboard graphics or not.
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I have Nvidia GeForce 315M im trying to upgrade to a more preferable video card. Please reply ASAP

A:Can I Upgrade my Laptop's Video Card? Samsung Laptop RV411

Laptop video is a chip on the motherboard. The only way to upgrade would be to replace the motherboard.
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I have a Toshiba Satellite A10. It has an onboard 64mb Intel(R) 82852/55 GM/GME Graphics Controller. I have 1 gig of ram. I was woundering how to allocate more system memory to the video card. Is it possible? I checked the bios and did not find anything...but that again, the setting could be there.Maybe it's not in bios? I would like to share 128mb of memory wiht the video card. Please help me solve this problem!

A:help with my laptop video card...

Is it possible?Click to expand...

the answer, in a word, is: no
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Hi I'm new to this site and I know this may seem like a stupid question, but is there any possible way of upgrading my Samsung RV510's Intel GMA 4500m Graphics card?

A:Laptop Video Card

Some Laptops have this function to upgrade the video card but not very many and yours I believe is not upgradable
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I know its a stupid question but i need to ask... Are the video cards for PC the same as the ones for Laptops.... I don' t think they are the same cuz i think for laptops its only like a lil chip but... I been looking every site i can think of to try to BUY a GeForce FX Go5600 and i can't find it anywhere... Do they like not sell those chips for Laptop or wut. Where do you think i can find it to buy.

A:Laptop video card

In a way, yes, they are the same....

PC video cards are typically on a card because it can fit more things on there - capacitors, memory, etc. However, the main component of the graphics card is the chipset. Most laptops will have this chipset, which makes the graphics and everything, but will have the other parts, like memory, scattered about the motherboard (or it will use some of the memory you install). The reason you can not upgrade this chip is because it is soldered into the motherboard - upgrading it would require you to unsolder it and put the new one in, while making sure each connection is perfect. This is way too much work for the average user to do, plus the fact that the motherboard would have to be reconfigured to fit the new video. I think some laptops made it so you could upgrade the video, but I'm not sure which ones, and how they worked. But for the most part, upgrading the video on a laptop is not possible.
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ok so im usually a desktop guy, but i just got a Dell inspiron 1720 laptop. I know alot about nvidia's video cards but not much about radeon and I just went ahead and bought this laptop with a radeon xpress 1270 and didnt know how much crap it was =P. I got the system from dell as a refurbished system 1 week ago and saw that it had some other nice stuff in it, but I suppose the previous owner wasnt a gamer.

anyways my question is this, I havent seen many places online where you can buy a new video card for a laptop, and im wondering where a good place would be and what kind I should get? I was thinking something along the lines of a Mobility Radeon 9600, or something that I wouldnt have to replace for a while.

any suggestions would be great, thx

A:laptop video card

Have you researched the board to assure the board will accept alternate video graphics cards? Look first at what Dell has to offer from their online store, which will give you a good idea of what is possible on the Inspiron 1720, then look at the premier sites such as

Be cautious as you decide, as you do not want to introduce new cooling and heat problems. Those Inspirons are persnickity about such things.
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Can anyone help me with changing a laptop video card?
i am trying to change a DEDICATED ATI Radeon HD card in my laptop to a better card (possibly NVIDIA) i know the card can be changed, but i don't know how
Also, where can i get laptop cards? and can i change an ATI Radeon 2600 to a NVIDIA model or only ATI?

Will i be able to play CRYSIS?
1.66ghz core 2 duo
3gb RAM (exp. to 4gb)
512MB dedicated ATI

and how much better would a dedicated 512MB NVIDIA GeForce 9500M GS card work with CRYSIS?

A:laptop video card

Can anyone help me with changing a laptop video card?

you're probably not going to get an answer to that question as you've worded it,
laptop graphics come from a 'chip' that is 'soldered' to the mb,
not 'inserted' into a socket / slot,

you have something like this,
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hello guys my asus laptop is working fine for a while but after a few screens then reboot i found out my device manager displays two video card the additional Intel (R) HD Graphics and my original Nvidia GT 335M and i think my computer is currently using the intel graphics card coz my monitor shows that particular video card and my game is incredibly slow

is there any way to shift my video card back to the original nvidia video card?? (P.S. I tried disabling the Intel video card and the screen went black and tried removing and it reinstalls after reboot) Thank you guys.

A:laptop having two different video card

Go to Device Manager and check under "Display Adapters" and see if your nVidia card is enabled under the "Driver" tab.

Next thing I'd check is the Power Options, and you can access this by right clicking on the battery Icon in the bottom left tray. I'd see if that is on High Performance setting or Balanced. I would set it at High Performance to see if it changes it.
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are they upgradable?

I have a gateway p-6301 can you change the card in it?

is there a gateway that you can do it to, looking for a 17 inch one

Thank you for the help


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hi, ive just recently bought a used alienware laptop and the video card needs updating. i just havent found a place to buy a card from, i tried newegg and couldnt find one, maybe i didnt look hard enough, i just dont have time. if anyone knows, pleez write back. im looking for nvidia cards.

A:where can i get a video card for my laptop?

If it's upgradeable at all, it will be only to a small list of compatible cards. Start with checking the manual for the computer. If there's nothing specific there, you'll need to contact Alienware to ask if the card can be changed and if so what models are available.

Laptop video cards are generally not upgradeable, but in a high-end gaming system, there may be a couple of options. However, laptop video cards are not upgradeable in the same way desktop cards are.
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I have a Toshiba Laptop, and it has a trident cyber alladin video card. From what I have done so far... i havent been impressed with it. I have looked around, and can never seem to find prices on a ATI Mobile Radeon card. Any ideas where i would get one for cheap? And also are the video cards soldered onto the board in laptops? I am just looking for something mainly to keep up w/autoCAD and Rhino software which this one can do... but takes its time.


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So, right now I am getting ready for college, and I have my laptop. It came with a Mobile Intel® 965 Express Chipset Family device ( DAC Type: Internal ). My question is is there any way to add a video card to this laptop of mine (Sony VAIO, model PCG-5J2L)? Am I stuck with what I have? I had read somewhere that you can disable the onboard card and use a installed one, but does the laptop even have room for a better video card? Thanks.

A:Laptop Video Card

No, you're pretty much stuck with what you've got on a laptop - as the video card is usually built into the motherboard to save space.
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Someone just told me I couldn't change my video card in my laptop because it is like all one piece, is there any way I can get around this?

A:Can I get a better video card in my laptop??

if your graphics processor is integrated into the motherboard, and almost all of them are. then no there is no "getting around" it.
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My question is for my laptop a AW M5550 it has a removable nvidia go7600 256Mb. Can i find a replacement anywhere other then alienware, due to them wanting me to pay to ship it to them to replace it for me then charge me for a card I could find online. I don't see why I couldnt find one and replace it by taking the 7 screws off of it to remove and replace it.
The laptop has 13 months of use under its belt, far less then I expect the self proclamed power house pc companys' product to last.

I run Vista 32 home premium

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my dell laptop has 2.5 MB of video RAM

cud i upgrade and wud it be worth it?

i just want it to run my NES emu!


(i own the games so its not illegal )

A:video card for laptop?

You can't upgrade the video on 99% of the laptops in the world, and you own one of that 99%.
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I am working with a Toshiba Satellite s and it has a video card problem Im getting vertical lines on the whole screen that are non continuous Also it will display text characters in the wrong places and sometimes not at all or one character on the whole screen where the lines would be i am getting the same result booting with a crt monitor hooked up to the vga port on this laptop I have read all over the place that this is a common problem with this particular toshiba laptop What I am getting at Video Card Laptop is I want to know what are the standards if applicable with laptop video cards For example on regular motherboard there is pci agp Laptop Video Card and pci express or pci-e I would like to know what are the different types of connectors or type of video cards for laptops so I can buy a replacement video card for this laptop Thanks in advance Piringa nbsp

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guys i just found out that my laptop video card doesnt not all my computer to turn on. I took video card out and computer turn on fine (no picture, i can see hard drive, turn on sound, turn off sound).

Is it possible to connect external monitor?

A:laptop without video card

I thought laptop graphics were integrated(non removable), except some newer models, so how did you remove the graphics? Do you mean a memory module?

There are some usb graphics cards, which may help.(but they can't do any gaming).
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Hi Everyone, I have a question about my laptop. The video card that is in it dosen't work well on games. Is it possible to get a new video card to put in a laptop? How much do they cost?

A:Laptop Video Card

Post your laptops Make / Model number, but most likely the answer to your question is no.

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I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron 700m laptop. Displeased with the Intel Integrated Graphics card, I am wondering what my options are to purchase a new one.

I know that I cannot "swap" the two video cards. Intel being onboard, I know I am stuck with it in the motherboard. Instead, I was wondering if I could purchase a PCI Graphics card to replace it.

An explanation would be greatly appreciated.

A:Laptop Video Card

There is no option to upgrade the video card on that laptop I'm afraid.. it's integrated on the motherboard/chipset. Only a few laptops offer the ability to upgrade the videocard, unfortunately.
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Is there any way that i can upgrade my video card on my 95 IBM thinkpad?

A:laptop video card upgrade

Not really, you can get updated drivers or connect the laptop to a docking station and use the graphic card in it.
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I was wondering if anyone knows of an external video card for laptops that allows for better game play I have googled and looked Card Laptop External Video all over and have found external video cards for laptops that allows one to hook into another display for better performance What I am looking for is different though I have a crappy integrated chips on my laptops mobos and I am looking to be able to play External Laptop Video Card more recent MMO s without having to purchase a new machine and or monitor Is there a product available that allows one to plug an external video card into either a pcmcia slot or usb that would be comprable to upgrading a video card on a desktop that would enhance the performace on the laptop and laptop monitor without having to purchase another display etc I haven t been able to locate one as of yet but I imagine it would be a pretty good piece of software for mobile gamers looking to be able to get faster FPS and performance out of their External Laptop Video Card lappys Thanks for reading and any ideas are appreciated wave nbsp

A:External Laptop Video Card

I know external sound cards, NICs exist, but video adapters... I don't think so
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I was wondering just how liable it is to install a new video card on my laptop HP Pavilion la I m not sure just how customizable a brand name computer is let alone a brand name laptop so I m not sure and forgive the silly question if it is I was hoping to buy some more robust video card not this Intel GMA chipset one which seems to not live up to the MB is promises in video new card a into I Can install laptop? my video memory someone explained how it was possibly shared memory or something of the sort Also if Can I install a new video card into my laptop? I am perfectly able to install a personally bought video card for my laptop which would you suggest I tend to use my laptop for videos and games so I m guessing I m a power user I know my laptop isn t necessarily a power house but I didn t necessarily pick it out myself it was a gift but I m hoping I can slowly make it one Thank you for your time patience and help I really appreciate any input nbsp

A:Can I install a new video card into my laptop?

I have never heard of a video card for a laptop. I think they come built onto the mobo.
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My friend has a laptop and the video card died in it. We took it to a laptop repair shop they said then can fix it by replacing the video card and said the video card would be $575 + shipping/service/tech charge

can someone tell me if there is a cheaper card that he can get and put in?
Here is the laptop specs

purchased at Cyperpower

model FL90
Item # : Description
CU-185-405 : C2D Intel T7700 Dual Core Procesor
HD-309-105 : 160gb HD 720RPM SATA 150
RM-213-102 : 1 GB pc5300 DDR2 667 SODIMM
NB-310-102 : Compal FL90+ 15.4WXGA 8600GT 512MB
NB-310-DVDRW : Compal FL90 DVD-RW
NC-109-117 : Intel wireless 802.11 4965 AGN Nic

Thank You

A:Solved: Need help with Laptop video card Please


it would seem an alternative without risky bios flash etc. that price is right . new lappy or...
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Keep in mind both laptops will have no less than 1 gig of ram. One even up to 4 gigs ram.

One of the video cards:

ATI Mobility Radeon, 64-bit video graphics with 32-MB DDR SDRAM for increased color depth and graphics performance


ATI Mobility Radeon X600 with 64mb(I think)

Looking to find out which would be better and why. Currently, on one of my laptops I have the top vidoe card. It can play games like age of empires3, dark age of camelot, and some others.

Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Relevancy 52.03%

I just got the game Age of Conan for the PC a couple of weeks ago and my video card does not cut it Here are my specs help. upgrade video card Laptop Operating System Windows Vista Home Premium Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU T GHz Memory MB RAM --------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name NVIDIA GeForce M GT Manufacturer NVIDIA Chip type GeForce M GT DAC type Integrated RAMDAC Device Key Enum PCI VEN DE amp DEV amp SUBSYS F amp REV A Display Memory MB Dedicated Memory MB Shared Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor Generic Laptop video card upgrade help. PnP Monitor Driver Name nvd dum Laptop video card upgrade help. dll nvwgf um dll Driver Version English DDI Version Driver Attributes Final Retail Driver Date Size bytes WHQL Logo d n a WHQL Date Stamp n a Device Identifier D B E E- - CF-BD -FA C CA Vendor ID x DE Device ID x SubSys ID x F Revision ID x A Revision ID x A Now I would like to upgrade the video card to at least an GT of megabytes I know that upgrading a video card on a laptop is very hard especially on this one Dell Inspiron Is there any possible way to upgrade this system nbsp

A:Laptop video card upgrade help.

not much you can do here. You have to almost completly disassemble your laptop to change the card, and last i recall, laptop cards dont really come much faster then the 8600 (not to mention they they are difficult to find from a retailer)
Relevancy 52.03%

Ok, I have an HP ZT1175 and I was wondering, how I could allocate more of the RAM in the computer to the video card which currently only has 16 megabytes.

Any help?
Relevancy 52.03%

My video card is running hot even when I first turn on my computer and my fan keeps running After lots of research it seems that I may need to replace my video card card laptop upgrade for video However I ve just spent the last four hours trying to figure out how to buy a replacement video card for my Gateway MS gaming laptop but can t seem to find one It has a NVIDIA GeForce M GTS - GB GDDR SDRAM Can you please video card upgrade for laptop tell me where to buy a comparable or better than video card that will fit in my laptop I am deeply grateful for your help Other computer info OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU P GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce M GTS Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Gateway IMV Antivirus avast Antivirus Updated and Enabled nbsp

Relevancy 52.03%

Hi all,
I have an HP Pavillion 9700 that came with a nVidia 8600 gs, 3gb RAM, a 2.4ghz core 2 duo, so i think the graphics card is the weak link in set up (not that it's that great overall). Are there any options for upgrading a mobile graphics card?

A:Upgrading video card in HP laptop?

Pompeius, for a laptop that is quite a powerful system, I do not think there is any need for better graphics, you should be able to play newest games like crysis, COD4, ... Especially like the 3 gigs of ram Why do you want to upgrade anyway? Not happy with the system? It's pretty good tho... (better then my desktop...)

Relevancy 52.03%

I have a e5400 lattitude laptop and was wanting to upgrade the vidoe card so I could get better performance, I play wow and would like a better performance from the video card for that game. Any suggestions as to a good card made for laptops???????????? thanks

A:looking for Suggestions for laptop video card

Hello cgcomeaux,
What card do have at the moment ?, if it's the one below then i dont think you will be able to upgrade, (unless you are handy with a soldering iron), as it is integrated into the Motherboard.
Check in device manager and see what is installed.

Intel? 4500MHD Graphics Accelerator
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I have an IBM Lenovo T42 running an ATI Radeon Mobility 7500 video card (32 mb). That's pretty much useless to me, especially that I am looking to play some games that require much more than that. Has anyone ever changed the video card in a laptop? I know it's possible with a few laptops (ie - some versions on Dell).

I am fairly computer literate and have changed out hardware in desktops, but nothing in regards to a laptop & would want some assistance, but after my search, it seems that laptops cannot change out video cards, but I'd want to be sure.

Thanks for any assistance & I hope to be posting responding soon & helping others.

A:Changing Laptop Video Card?

Most likely it won't be upgradable, as laptop graphics are currently proprietary and usually not upgradable.

Lenovo makes the thinkpad now, but IBM used to, so I'm not sure where that leaves you on end user support/upgrades if it's old enough to be from IBM but new enough that it'd still be under upgrades/warranty)

Regards Jase
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So here s what quot Can you run it quot had to say I was wondering if it is even possilbe a put card video my I in laptop? cheap Can to put a cheap video card in my laptop Video Card Recommended MB Video Card w DirectX support with pixel amp vertex Can I put a cheap video card in my laptop? shaders NVIDIA GeForce ATI Radeon You Have Mobile Intel R Express Chipset Family Mobile Intel R Express Chipset Family FAIL Sorry your video card does not meet this recommended requirement Video Card Features - Minimum attributes of your Can I put a cheap video card in my laptop? Video Card Can I put a cheap video card in my laptop? Video RAM Required - MB You have - MB Video Card D Acceleration Required - Yes You have - Yes Video HW Transform amp Lighting Required - Yes You have - No Vertex Shader Ver Required - You have - Pixel Shader Ver Required - You have - FYI Your video card driver version is provided for your information but it is not part of this analysis But proper video card driver versions are important to the proper operation of your product CPU Recommended Pentium or Athlon XP You Have processors running - Intel R Pentium R Dual CPU T GHz PASS CPU Speed Recommended GHz You Have GHz Performance Rated at GHz PASS System RAM Recommended MB You Have GB PASS Operating System Recommended Windows XP You Have Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition -bit Build Service Pack PASS DirectX Version Recommended DirectX version c included or higher You Have PASS Sound Card Recommended Yes You Have Speakers Conexant High Definit PASS Sound Card Driver Version Your driver version number is FYI Your sound card driver version is provided for your information but it is not part of this analysis But proper sound card driver versions are important to the proper operation of your product Free Disk Space Recommended GB You Have GB PASS CD Recommended X Speed CD DVD-ROM You Have TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-L H ATA Device PASS but the Speed could NOT be analyzed nbsp

A:Can I put a cheap video card in my laptop?

All that info. And you didn't say what computer you have.
By the way, most laptops cannot have their onboard Video card updated (as the Video is connected to the actual Mobo).

Any further help, please put your System Specs information in your Profile
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Alright i bought an Alienware Laptop in January It worked fine for many months then i stopped needing it so i but it away for a few months I took it out a few months later when a friend came over and needed to use a computer After i booted it up it came Video Issues Card Laptop up with an error message about hardware changes The video Laptop Video Card Issues card i ordered with the laptop was Video Adapter Caption NVIDIA GeForce Go Adapter RAM MB DriverVersion Verified Hardware Device against Order MOBL-VID ENV U Test Video Card signed and all from AW - now when i run dxdiag it says i have a Mobile Intel R GM GMS GML Express with MB of Approx Total Memory without AGP Texture Accelerators now when i first got my laptop it ran games and everything fine now it is graphically choppy and noticably laggy originally i had xp installed on it but once this problem came up i tried switching to vista to see if it was an OS problem I have completely cleaned my computer and reinstalled vista and it is still auto detecting this intel video card What happened How can i fix it I and all my tech buddies are completly baffeled any help at Laptop Video Card Issues all would be greatly appreciated if you need any other tech specs of the machine to help let me know thanks nbsp

A:Laptop Video Card Issues

Since your running Vista please note that the required video card memory is 128 MB and it should support Direct 10X. I recommend that you check first your motherboard manual and see if your onboard video card can be upgraded to 128 MB. Since your using a laptop your RAM memory is shared to your video card. Ex. if your computer has a 256 MB of RAM and you have a video card that can have 64 MB of memory, this will be taken from your RAM so the remaining 192 MB will be used by your computer and the 64 MB will be used by your video card.
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I was just wondering if I can upgrade the video card on my laptop and if so where I can find one that is in the price range of $100-200. My laptop is a brand new hp pavillion amd turion 64 x2 tl-58. 1.9 ghz with 2gb of ram. I just bought guitar hero 3 for the computer thinkin it would work because I just got a brand new laptop but it lags too much to play. 32- bit operating system with a nvidia geforce go 7150 video card. My current system is windows vista home premium. Would loading windows xp on the system instead of vista help in any way because I know there have been some problems with vistas speed.

A:Upgrading Video Card on Laptop

You can't upgrade the card in a laptop. Downgrading to XP would likely improve performance some, but be sure you can get drivers for everything before you do it.
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I have an old XPS Gen laptop with a Go Ultra video card that is failing with memory errors The card needs to be replaced because it either shows a black screen or lots of artifacts when I boot up into Windows The system will display fine when I boot to safe mode Laptop Video Faulty Card This means that it must be able to support some low Faulty Laptop Video Card level activity Faulty Laptop Video Card OK To get the laptop usable I ve disabled the video card and I can now use it as a word processor browser etc However it is very slow to refresh the screen in this mode I think I need to change the refresh rate Is there any simple driver that I can use for this If I re-enable the device it straight away starts to load the NVidia drivers when I restart and I can t stop it As I recall it used to be possible to use a different driver but I don t know how this is done Any help would be great Thanks nbsp

A:Faulty Laptop Video Card

The low level functions of the video card use a vga vesa driver
that does not activate the hardware accelleration.
The problems you ar e having when the driver loads indicates
bad hardware and not a driver problem.
Being as it is a 6800 go card,it is probably replacable.
It would need to be replaced with the exact same type of card,
but not necessarily the same model.
If you want to try a newer driver,you would need to uninstall the old
one from start/control panel/add remove programs.
Download a driver here.
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Hello guys,

I'd like to know whether it's possible to upgrade my laptom's graphics card, it's currently using an internal video card
the laptop is : Dell, Inspiron N5010,core i5

And if it's possible ,could you suggest some good graphics card, thank you.

A:Updating laptop video card

The graphics controller is part of the system board in this laptop, so upgrading isn't possible.
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Is it possible to upgrade a new Video card?

I just bought my laptop about 6 months ago.

It is a Compaq Evo N160, with a P3-M cpu at 1ghz, 256 sd ram, 20 gigs, DVD, and an ATI mobility Radeon (original version, not the 7500).

I wish i had waited a couple months for the 7500... my radeon is fine, except it only has 8mb of DDR ram, which is a bit meager for the next batch of games. I wasn't able to run Grand Theft Auto 3 because there was a lockout. I know i can run it though, because i can run games like Serious Sam 2 smoothly at 1024x768.

So i guess my question is, is it possible to upgrade the video card of a laptop? I'm guessing no, because all the parts on the motherboard are so custom and specific to each other.

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A:Is it possible to upgrade a video card on a laptop?

I've already posted this on the portable forum, but i've gotten no replies so i figured i'd try here.

I just bought my laptop about 6 months ago.

It is a Compaq Evo N160, with a P3-M cpu at 1ghz, 256 sd ram, 20 gigs, DVD, and an ATI mobility Radeon (original version, not the 7500).

I wish i had waited a couple months for the 7500... my radeon is fine, except it only has 8mb of DDR ram, which is a bit meager for the next batch of games. I wasn't able to run Grand Theft Auto 3 because there was a lockout. I know i can run it though, because i can run games like Serious Sam 2 smoothly at 1024x768.

So i guess my question is, is it possible to upgrade the video card of a laptop? I'm guessing no, because all the parts on the motherboard are so custom and specific to each other.

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Is it possible? I've done upgrades on desktop PCs and even built one from parts, but I've never taken apart a laptop and I'm not even sure if I could possibly upgrade the video card.

Anybody have any suggestions?

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new to this site,I put my specs in when registering,so I prolly dont need to type them again

I dont have the money,but I want to consider doing this sometime.

Does anyone know what video cards I could do this with? I know the x1400 would fit,but thats going in the wrong direction.

I'm looking for something DirectX 10 compatible.

I noticed the new Dell XPS 1730 laptops come with the SLI 8700GT,and I wouldn't mind just having 1 of those cards for my laptop (altho the SLI laptop interface would prolly cause problems just for 1 card).

Something more reasonable would be the 8600M I supose,they're on the inspiron 1710 laptops

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Hi all,

I am currently deployed to Afghanistan but before I left I was given a laptop to use for out here. Its an HP zv5000 with 800mhz, now 1.25gb ram, and a geforce go 32m graphics card. To make it short and to the point am I able to upgrade the graphics card in this laptop? 32mb is very very low (not to mention the proc is slow too) and I would like to get at least 128mb if possible.

Unfortunately I am unable to afford a better laptop or I would certainly buy one with better components in it. Any suggestions are appreciated.

SSgt Hill

A:Laptop video card upgrade?

I am sorry to say that as far as I know it is integrated Video Card and you cannot upgrade it.
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I am looking at this HP Pavillion dv4000 notebook in my PC Magazine and it said that with the Intel GMA 900, " shouldn't expect to run 3D intensive games." I know quite a bit about the GMA 900 in that it can be upgraded with up tp 224mb of additional memory. I completely understand the concept on a desktop computer, however, I was wondering if in a/this notebook with the GMA 900, if I can put in an external video card, or whether I am stuck with the relatively useless integrated graphics... Thanks.

A:Laptop Video Card Upgradability

But the problem is, just where would you "put in an external graphics card" on a laptop.

Consider the relative sizes, and you will see why "integrated graphics" is very common (probably essential) to keep the size and power use down (getting rid of the heat is yet another issue).

Some top end models of laptops (from Dell, Alienware etc) actually have a separate proprietary graphics "module" that is a choice at purchase time (or later) but its only a choice between what options were offerred at the time, not to any latest and greatest thing that comes along. Not what you would call an "upgrade" as much as a purchase choice as to one of about 2 available or so available options.
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I need to identify my laptop's video card in order to see if its compatible with the SIMS2 game. When I get to that info it says a generic video driver is installed and suggests I download the manufacturer's driver, but there is no manufacturer listed. I recently reinstalled the system win XP using recovery disks and maybe this caused the generic driver to be installed.

compaq presario 2209cl laptop with celeronM Processor 330 1.4Ghz.

A:Identifying Your laptop's video card


Sounds like you are looking in Device Manager
Look in system INFO

Click Start > All programs > Accessories > System Tools> System Information> Expand Components and Click Display.
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hey guys an gals

i have the Sony Vaio VGN-NS laptop and would like to upgrade my graphics card as i play game's around the house etc and hauling a desktop around aint good at my age LMAO
i have Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family video card (out box STOCK STANDARD) and i can appreciate theres not much space inside this so was wondering if any u folks have any suggestions or ideas for me for an upgrade if possible .... or,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

tell me it's not worth the hasstle and stick to sitting infront eh the desktop or put it on wheels with a gennerator attatched lol

thanks in advance

A:upgrading laptop Video card

Upgrading a laptop other than disk and RAM is not easy. I would probably buy another laptop suitable for the task.
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I have a Dell Inspiron 15r laptop that i bought for mobile gaming when i'm not at home. The problem is it only has Intel integrated graphics, and I am told I need a dedicated card to play games. I checked out the Dell site and some of the 15r models come with ATI cards, but other than this what video cards will work with my laptop?

I like Action/Adventure, RPG, MMORPG (WoW anyone?), FPS, etc., so I want as good of graphics as possible with my computer.

If you need any other specific info please tell me where to find it as i'm not a whiz with computers and especially laptops.

A:What video card will work on my laptop?

I think you might be **** out of luck, I hope you still have your reciept because as far as I know you cannot replace the video card on laptops - laptops are tightly saudered and jammed together as compact as possible

1. If you have a warranty I reccommend hitting it with a hammer and saying you bought it that way
2. Buy a desktop?
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Hey everyone. I have a Dell (ugh) M4300 Precision Workstation. However, I no longer use it for 3ds Max, etc. and now use it primarily for gaming. Problem is, the Nvidia Quadro is not a gaming card. I'd like to be able to swap it out for a more gaming friendly video card, but I've been unable to find any information on what cards the motherboard supports. Any ideas? Thanks!

Edit: The Dell part number for the board is W032J.
Edit: The video card is a NVidia Quadro FX 360M.

A:Laptop Video Card Upgrade Help

Its a notebook. Not a gaming desktop computer.

There is no video card you can buy and stick in it.

Want to play games either spend $950~2000 for a gaming notebook... or $500~650 for a desktop.
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I have a Gateway MX7525 laptop with the ATI Mobility Radeon X600 video 3D Graphics card installed. ATI makes newer cards, X1200, X1400, up to X2300. My question is can I replace my X600 with a higher, faster version card?

A:Laptop Video Card Upgrades

To my knowledge the video chip is built onto a laptop's mainboard, not connected as a separate card like on a desktop computer. To replace a video card on a laptop you'd have to replace the entire mainboard, which would then have to fit into the chassis. Not very likely to happen.
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I have installed in video can what how I and know laptop? have model my card I a new quot HDD after the other HDD crashed But I have a problem now when I try to scroll down it is how can I know what video card and model I have in my laptop? very slow and it makes waves I have tried to research about that since I don t know anything and I have read how can I know what video card and model I have in my laptop? similar article and it says I have problem with my video card----Hi the problem that how can I know what video card and model I have in my laptop? in my opinion that you are having is your video card driver and software if you have installed windows not from the original disc the driver is not on that disc or you put the video card in yourself or this was done before you bought the PC find out what video card is in your machine and download the driver and software for it --- I tried to search how to find but I can t see anything about my video card I need your help I have been trying to put back my computer to normal but it s taking long now one of the problems is this please help me Thank you nbsp

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Well Me and my GF got in on the Age of Conan open Beta and it has been a bummer because her pc won t play it I guess I kind of figured why but didn t want to check because I am afraid I know the answer Her video card or lack there of I can Laptop card anything do? Video with chipset isn t enough to play the game is there anything we can do here is what she has Video Card Minimum MB DirectX c Graphics Card with Shader support NVIDIA GeForce ATI Radeon You Have Mobile Intel R Express Chipset Family FAIL Sorry your video card does not meet this minimum requirement Video Card Features - Minimum attributes of your Video Card Video RAM Required - MB You have - MB Video Card D Acceleration Required - Yes You have - Yes Video HW Transform amp Lighting Required - Yes You have - No Vertex Shader Ver Required - You have - Pixel Shader Ver Required - You have - Any help would be awesome Thanks a Bunch Dominic nbsp

A:Laptop with chipset Video card anything I can do?

well, the GMA doesnt have the balls for any gaming except the occasional game of GTA, unfortunately alot of laptops arent upgradable in the video aspects.

but some are, i doubt that this one is or that it would even be worth it really.
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Hi Im wondering if there is any way to upgrade an internal graphics card in a laptop that wont break my wallet looking for someway to play games Laptop Card Video Expansion for less than - if possible If i cant upgrade the card i have a mini pci-e slot that is open is there any graphics cards that i can put into that Next option after that is usb port are there any external cards that run on usb after that how about expresscard are there any expresscard video cards after that is there any adapters Laptop Video Card Expansion like can i Laptop Video Card Expansion adapt an expresscard right into a pci-e port i dont care if its hanging out or if i have to plug in a separate power cord I know Magma has an enclosure through expresscard but the damn things like so i might as well by a new laptop if im gonna shell out that much Ive looked at ViDock which is about does anyone have any experience with that but i was hoping for an even cheaper solution if possible and i dont care what it looks like if it looks like i just ripped a desktop apart and its hanging out next to my laptop i dont care as long as it works is cheap and is semi portable any information and help is greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Laptop Video Card Expansion

It would be good to know your current laptop brand and model, OS, configuration, and memory possibilities,