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Switching information from PC to PC

Q: Switching information from PC to PC

I am using a very old and slow MPC computer running Windows XP.
Someone gave me [out of pity] a 3 year old E-Machines computer running Windows 7. [beggars can't be choosy].
Anyway, how can I safely get my data from my old PC to the newer one?
I am not the sharpest tack in the box, so if you can tell me how to do it in simple terms, I sure would appreciate it.
Thanks guys.

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Preferred Solution: Switching information from PC to PC

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Switching information from PC to PC

Doctor Gallop said:

I am using a very old and slow MPC computer running Windows XP.
Someone gave me [out of pity] a 3 year old E-Machines computer running Windows 7. [beggars can't be choosy].
Anyway, how can I safely get my data from my old PC to the newer one?
I am not the sharpest tack in the box, so if you can tell me how to do it in simple terms, I sure would appreciate it.
Thanks guys.Click to expand...

Someone else may have a better idea, but if you have a large enough flashdrive, save it all to that & transfer it.
I don't know if you could use TeamViewer for that or not .
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Hey guys,

Just signed up although I have been following these forums for a few weeks now

Just after some advice. Basically I have the FX-8350 but I'm looking at switching to Intel (specifically the 4770k) as I've been told it's better for the GPUs I have, currently running dual-290x setup. Someone said the 8350 causes a lot of bottlenecking and that I would get a lot more out of them if I switched to the 4770k? Can anyone attest to that?


A:Switching to Intel

The 8350 is more than enough. The i7 could gain you a few frames per second (FPS) depending on the game (somewhere from 5 FPS to as much as 15 FPS). I would keep the 8350 until more attractive CPU options come out like Haswell-E or the next generation of AMD FX CPUs or even the 5th generation of Intel's i7.

The reason I am saying this is because the 8350, while it may not perform as well as the 4770K (not by much), the 8350 completely serves your needs and there is no need to upgrade to a 4770K at this moment since it wont bring you that much of an improvement.

I hope this helps.

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So I am thinking about upgrading my cpu and switching over to intel but I cant really come up with any good reasons to buy a new cpu and motherboard other than my cpu is outdated and I would like to be able to record lets plays and gameplay. Are there any other pros to buying a new cpu? Like would the performance of my machine increase substantially or something?
P.S I was going to go with a:
Intel i5-3570k
ASRock Z77 Extreme3 ATX LGA1155

pc current specs:
AMD FX-6100-six core processor
16 gb 1033 mhz ram
XFX Radeon 6950
ASUS M5A97 motherboard
windows 7 ultimate

A:I am thinking about upgrading my CPU and switching over to Intel but...

Depends on what you're doing - if you do a lot of video encoding or CPU heavy tasks then it might be a worthwhile upgrade but if not then either upgrade your GPU if your main focus is gaming or SSD if you just want a more responsive machine for general use.

Unless your current CPU is frequently running at 100% there's no real reason to spend so much on an upgrade to a 3570K especially as Intel's next gen Haswell processors are coming out in a few months.
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Recently this has come to light during my own research into mobile GPUs that are currently available on the market as I ve been considering replacing my aged i - M laptop with M GPU I had switching technology mobile graphics AMD problems... has "Enduro" even placed an order and paid for a machine but after reading much about the issue none of it from AMD themselves other than quot For those with M - Enduro issues are also being investigated quot by http twitter com CatalystCreator back on the th of August I cancelled before the unit was completed and shipped This is mostly a problem for Clevo EM EM based laptops which AMD mobile graphics switching "Enduro" technology has problems... have no way of bypassing the Enduro graphics switching unlike Alienware products which have a hardware switch Basically there is something very wrong with this immature technology Users are finding under utilisation of their cards for example Battlefield person multiplayer AMD mobile graphics switching "Enduro" technology has problems... fps dips with AMD mobile graphics switching "Enduro" technology has problems... lower recorded GPU utilisation when it should be going flat out Even worse is when the graphical settings are lowered to try and allow for more fps to be pumped out by the GPU the situation does not improve It is as if the Enduro tech is deciding that the lower workload required at lower resolution or graphical settings means it can lower utilisation further This means that someone with FPS issues at Ultra settings can drop to Medium settings and not see any improvement in output Threads about this http www rage d com board showthread php t http forums guru d com showthread php t http hardforum com archive index php t- html And many others Facebook awareness page https www facebook com Amd mEnduroUtilizationAwareness ref ts Many owners of systems with M graphics cards are now concerned with AMD s reluctance to comment on the problems that they are just going to try and sweep it under the carpet and move on to the next generation of GPU with the next generation of Enduro perhaps one that works No one is exactly sure if the problem is even something that can be overcome with a software driver or whether it is a hardware issue that the Clevo based laptops are stuck with nbsp

A:AMD mobile graphics switching "Enduro" technology has problems...

The silence from AMD on this is deafening. I honestly can't in good conscience recommend anything AMD related unless they get this situation fixed. The fact that they have tried to silence other manufacturers on forums says a lot. I would feel much better if they were just open about it and said what they are doing to fix the problem.
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Hi Team This must be an old topic for you guys but I am new to this Last night my Laptop was hacked using an application Not sure what it is but information and Laptop hacked stolen I received a RAR file which I scanned thoroughly and then opened The file passed the scan but the application got installed on my Laptop hacked and information stolen computer Then I received a message that I was hacked and they provided the proof like the web sessions I was Laptop hacked and information stolen running at that time It took around hours to send me this message and demanding money They even activated my Webcam and took a pic and sent me the link which made me believe completely I formatted my Laptop but I am not sure if my MAC address was hacked or not What is the worst case scenario and what can happen Do I need to change my LAN card replace my ADSL modem and replace the Belkin router Please let me know how I should go about waiting for your reply at the earliest Thanks nbsp

A:Laptop hacked and information stolen

Ok have you got any more threats sense you reformatted? You are behind a router and you do have your firewall up. You left them in,Buy opening the file. I doubt now that you have reinstall windows that they can get in. But to be on the safe side scan all email and do not open anything you do not know were it came from. There are few members here that are good with helping you with this problem so hold on, Hopefully they will pick up from here and help you out.
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MSI 770-C45 AM3 AMD 770 ATX AMD Motherboard
OCZ ModXStream Pro 500W Modular High Performance Power Supply
XFX HD-577A-ZNFC Radeon HD 5770 (Juniper XT) 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 - old video card
ASUS EAH6770/DI/1GD5 Radeon HD 6770 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 - new video card

Replaced failing Radeon 5770 with Radeon 6770 and now it won't work.

Motherboard LEDs turn on, CPU and case fans turn on. Graphics card fan turns on and then keeps cycling faster-slower every five seconds or so. No signal through VGA or DVI.
The problem persists even when I put the old card back in. What could have gone wrong?

A:Tried switching HD 5770 to HD 6770, fans just spin and no display

Any ideas, anyone?


Reseating RAM
Resetting CMOD
Reseating both cards
Different cable from PSU to card
Dusting all components thoroughly
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Hi, I have a current issue with my Acer Aspire M7720 desktop running on W7.

This problem started last saturday. When I pressed the power button, it doesn't respond. Only after much going through the process of plugging and unplugging all the usb and power supply, together with much spamming of the power button, then it would switch on. Anyone can help me cause I don't think this is a good way of trying to switch on my computer.

A:Problem switching on CPU

Can you explain what happens when you press the power button please? Do you get any lights appear, can you hear the computer doing anything?

It sounds like it could be a faulty power switch, but need more information to confirm.
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I am running windows 7 on a laptop at work. I would like to use my cruzer micro 16GB but when I put it in it wants me to format. I have information on it that I want kept. My question is will it be wiped out if I format? What can I do? I originally formatted it on a windows vista laptop a couple of years ago.

A:If I format my Sandisk Cruzer 16GB will I lose all of the information on it?

It sounds like something is wrong with your USB drive. To answer your first question: YES, if you format your drive everything will be wiped out.
I found a similar post,, it's about an external usb hard drive, but I guess the answer applies to your problem too.
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I am trying to set up a wireless network using belkin ASDL modem with wireless G router.

In the configuration stage it tells me that for the computer to properly communicate with the router, the computers networl ''TCP/IP/Ethernet setting needs to be obtain an IP address automatically using DHCP.. Where do I set this?

It also says for PPPoE and PPPoA users: VPI/VCI numbers, user name and password
For fixed IP users: IP address and subnet, IP adress for your ISPS gateway server and DNS. I don't know which one I am, I am on talk talk.

A:Setting up wireless - where do I get following information?

What windows are you using?

Go to run: cmd, and then type ipconfig
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I'm having some serious issues with my PC; I recently switched Motherboards to an M2N-SLI board with my Radeon HD 4880 graphics card. I updated my drivers and everything, but I still get crashes whenever I start a graphics intensive game (Portal 2, even CS:S) I'm not sure what it could be. Any help available?

A:Radeon HD 4880 crashes after switching to M2N-SLI Mobo

When you changed motherboards did you re-use the old hard drive? If so, did you reinstall Windows or perform a Windows repair? If neither, then try a repair first. If that doesn't work, you may have to reinstall Windows from scratch.
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Hi all.
I have an ongoing issue which has come to a head.
I have had BSOD's recently, and while removing my sound card as a test, I checked this section of control panel, it does not display my mobo.

My motherboard is an Asus P5NT-WS SLI, NF680i SLI, 775
Is it definitely supposed to show up here, or is this normal?

I cannot run my motherboards DVD to attempt a fix, even when I physically swap to a new DVD drive. This happens with only a small handful of disks, most importantly my 2 most crucial ones: motherboard and OS. Disks load fine on mums computer though.
Also, having moved to on-board sound temporarily, it is pitifully low.

I am thinking of attempting a bios flash, but am a bit nervous.

Any help appreciated!

A:Motherboard not in system information?

Dont worry about the motherboard not showing up in system info. If the PC is running fine, it doesnt matter.

As for the quiet sound and the DVD Drive not reading the disks, you could try downloading the latest drivers for your motherboards chipset and on board sound online. That may fix the disk reading problems and the low sound. Its possible though that the 2 DVD Drives you used dont read those types of disks very well.

Edit: Dont do a bios flash. Its risky and you dont need to. I just noticed you said you are getting BSOD's. When have you been getting the BSOD's? If they are happening while gaming, the system could be overheating. Try cleaning out some dust. I highly doubt the motherboard not showing up in system info has anything to do with the BSOD's.
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Hi ppl

i would like to find out more obout dns and networking so is the ne place where i can get free info or free e books on the subject thanks ppl

A:DNS information

The information itself is all over the internet, just Google whatever subject you're interested in.
You can try this site for books or more information:
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I just bought a new monitor New need IPS information panels monitor, on being shipped now and I have a New monitor, need information on IPS panels slight concern about response time It is an E-IPS panel with a ms response time I game a lot but my main concern is color accuracy and black levels I am wondering how much ghosting to expect I have read other places that even though something might say - ms GTG that it may still have a response time of - ms I don t think the ghosting will bother me I just want to know what to expect From what I have read this monitor will do everything I need it to do as far as photo editing and graphic design I have read that IPS and PVA panels are rated differently in their response times from TN or TFT panels The TN s and TFT s rating measure a grey-to-grey response and my IPS panel is rate a full black-to-white The monitor is the ViewSonic VP wb http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E I have owned a TN panel in my BW and I currently have a TFT in my Hanns G HW A I have some experience with with the Apple Cinema displays I don t know if they have PVA or IPS panels but I didn t notice any ghosting I have also used one of the Asus LEDLCD monitors I didn t like it at all nbsp

A:New monitor, need information on IPS panels

The ViewSonics specs look good, and it should perform fine. I have a SyncMaster 245bw monitor, and I love it
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Just got a new laptop and the hard drive is split in to two partitions C: which has the os and a small amount of memory(50GB) and D: (150GB). My problem is that everything I install or download goes to partition C: which is now full. How do I make all downloads installs go to D: from now on? I am using windows 7 premium.

A:Switching partitions

On most program setups will allow you do change the directory to where ever you want. If its not in plan sight the you will have to select a custom installment. if your taking about downloads from IE, Internet Explorer, when you download something you will have to save it as "save as" and select where you want it. If your talking about in FireFox you will have to look in the opinions, in the general tab you will see downloads.
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Hi guys
I recently purchased a new PC from HP that came with an ATI Radeon 5570 installed. I don't like this card, and I have an older PC with a GeForce 7900 GT OC in it. Would it be possible to do a clean swap-out with these two cards? Do i need to download the GeForce drivers onto the PC first? I'm a newb and have never switched video cards out before so I don't really know where to begin. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Switching from ATI Radeon 5570 to GeForce 7900 GT OC

First you need to uninstall the ATI drivers and software, then you can shut down the computer and replace the ATI Radeon 5570 with the GeForce 7900 GT. Turn on the computer once you have it back together and get into windows. From there go to NVIDIA Driver Downloads to download and install the right drivers for your OS. After that you should have to reboot the computer and then your done.
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So I decided to swap my computer's case for a another tonight. I believe everything is hooked up properly, all of the fans are running, lights are on, disk drive opens etc. But, my monitor fails to recognize that it is attached to a computer. I tried switching to another monitor and my TV with no avail. I figured it was most likely an issue with my graphics card so I switched over to the on-board adapter instead but had no luck there either.

I'm using the same power supply from my other case, a brand new 450W PSU. Everything ran completely fine before the switch.

I'm totally stumped as to why my computer won't give off any video feed, anyone have any ideas?

A:No display after switching to a new case

Although some cases do not require motherboard standoffs because they are built-in, are they required in the new case and if so, did you install them?
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My PC has been working fine for a couple of years then all of a sudden yesterday the PSU failed. The fuse at the wall had blown so I replaced it and then plugged the 3pin kettle lead back into my PSU. Turned on the PSU and "Bang" a spark flew out the back of the PSU and so did a waft of smoke. Now its dead. I bought a new PSU and rewired the internals of the PC and double checked all wiring. Plugged it in switched on the PSU. Turned on the power button of the PC and "bang". The PSU emited a pop and smoke and again its dead. Could this be a motherboard problem. ? Please help. I'm about to order an new PSU but I fear it is doomed unless I change my strategy !

A:Power supply (PSU) keeps blowing when switching on

When a PSU fails, especially in the manner in which you describe not only does the psus die but it can damage the motherboard, harddrives, etc. I would not buy a new PSU at this point until you can determine if the mobo is good.
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Intel Core i GHz Gigabyte GA-P switching video/audio Dual -USB G-Skill GB MHz PC DDR Trident CAS Kit Dual video/audio switching x GB Gigabyte GV N TSL- GI - Graphics adapter OCZ GB Vertex Series SATA-II Solid State SSD quot Drive Samsung SATA II TB quot LG Multiformat DVD RW Dell Ultrasharp quot monitor DVI from graphics card Speakers from mobo green audio jack Samsung quot TV HDMI from graphics card Amp and speakers from mobo SPDIF Win bit Hi folks Using the system above with my PC and TV at opposite ends of the same large room I have to switch over audio via realtek default device and video via windows display settings show desktop only on monitor or whenever I want to watch a downloaded film on the TV and then back to PC to make this post write email or whatever My question is how do I do this wiathout the need to switch audio and video back and to One solution I am considering is to get a monitor for the PC and use quot duplicate displays quot on windows display settings and get a pci sound card to drIve my PC speakers leaving the onboard Realtek audio set to digital output via SPDIF for the Amp amp TV setup I welcome comments on my idea as well as any other suggestions or ideas TIA Chris nbsp

A:Dual video/audio switching

i dont know about the audio something like playing same audio on 2 different devices....but for video, u can use the EXTENDED desktop mode...then u can just drag and drop the video player onto the TV. and switching displays is pretty fast with windows 7, just hit WINDOWS KEY + P and a bunch of options will come up
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Hi I have a dell xps m1210 that show a message "invalid configuration information - please run setup program", i can not even enter the setup, when i press de F2 to enter setup it says "preparing to enter setup", but instead entering the setup it gives me the "invalid configuration information - please run setup program"

Can anyone help me

A:Invalid configuration information - please run setup program

How old is it. Could be a hard drive failure... can you give us the service Tag from the back of the machine?
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Im not sure if this belongs in this forum or the hardware forum so I will try here first I Switching drives hard with Vista recently ran into issues with my PC which after numerous tests and attempts to correct appears to be a motherboard issue - everything else seems to be fine This PC that just crapped out was actually a replacement for another PC Switching hard drives with Vista which Switching hard drives with Vista the HDD went bad on Now my question is on the older PC it was purchased in and came with Windows XP installed on it which was later upgraded to Windows Vista bit before it failed - nothing Switching hard drives with Vista was wrong it upgraded just fine This most recent PC came with Windows Vista -bit and the HDD is in perfect working order - it is now in an external case and all of the information is there just fine So my question is is it possible to simply put this HDD with Vista into the PC that has the bad HDD Would it boot Would it recognize the drive Both HDDs are SATA so there shouldnt be any connection issue I just want to know if its possible to just simply switch bootable hard drives and if so how to do it If this is not possible to just switch the HDDs what needs to be done to make this HDD work in the older PC Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Switching hard drives with Vista

If the connections are the same it will fit into your old case/computer. Your older PC would recognise the new drive no probiems, and essentially there would be no issues with setting it up to work...

However, if the hardware is different, it is likely to have a fit if you try and run it on your older computer. This is because your newer drive has software installed which it depends on to run with your new setup. Unless your old setup is identical in every respect (all of the hardware) then its probably not going to like having to boot up.

You can dual boot XP and Vista but to be honest I don't really see the point in doing it, unless you have very specific reasons for doing so.

If you have the media to restore Vista you could doing the following:

Fit the new drive to the old computer
Insert Vista disc and boot into setup
Do a full clean install of Vista

Firstly, you'd lose any data on the new disk, and secondly doing it this way would mean it customises the install to the configuration of hardware of the older computer.
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I have my modem plugged into the computer and everythings running fine. I want to plug the modem into the router, router into computer and get that up and running. I'm running XP. The router connection will be wired, its an older computer.

A:Switching from modem to router

What's your question? Setting up a router is very easy with the models out now. They have a fold out chart and easy to follow instructions on the CD that comes with it.
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Just got Road Runner Turbo, but my speed is still awful. I'm running though a wireless G and would like to plug directly into the computer and test it again.
I unplugged from the router and plugged into the computer but got no internet. I set up (or thought I set up) a new connection and got nothing.

A:Switching from wireless to wired

use the Device Mgr to verify there are no Red or Yellow Flags on the Network Devices.

Disable the WiFi device will make it easier to use the Network Wizard
CP->Network Connection Wizard
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this isnt a problem but more of a general question I m currently using a GB hard drive that s dying question switching drive Hard and have a newer GB hard drive on my desk across the room in an enclosure bare Hard drive switching question just got enclosure yesterday I received or hassled my best friend into giving me one of The Sims games for PC I installed and tried to play it but it kept freezing on me I m wondering if i can switch hard drives as i was planning play the game from the external hard drive to-be and if i can do that I might need more RAM that s no problem but will i need to reinstall The Sims or just let it collect dust until i can get a better laptop by the way yes i do realize that if playing from external hard drive i could lose information if the hard drive goes awry I think i can handle saying goodbye to The Smiths better than quot Psychology Term Paper quot if you know what i mean nbsp

A:Hard drive switching question

psych89 said:

this isnt a problem, but more of a general question. I'm currently using a 160GB hard drive that's dying, and have a newer 100GB hard drive on my desk across the room, in an enclosure (bare, just got enclosure yesterday).

I received (or hassled my best friend into giving me) one of The Sims games for PC. I installed and tried to play it, but it kept freezing on me. I;m wondering if i can switch hard drives (as i was planning), play the game from the external hard drive to-be, and if i can do that? I might need more RAM, that's no problem, but will i need to reinstall The Sims, or just let it collect dust until i can get a better laptop?

(by the way, yes i do realize that if playing from external hard drive, i could lose information if the hard drive goes awry. I think i can handle saying goodbye to The Smiths better than "Psychology Term Paper", if you know what i mean).Click to expand...

Wouldn't you be better replacing your dying 160GB with the 100GB drive in your laptop? Or is this what your trying to suggest you want to do?!?

If its 'dying', putting data onto another drive so your not effecting the capacity of the internal drive isn't going to help your problem.

I'd just use the 100GB drive, a fresh install of whatever OS, and then install Sims, but go lightly on other software and just keep essential stuff on it. I'm assuming your reason for asking is that your concerned with filling the drive up to capacity quickly?

There is no reason why study work, and games cant be mixed on the same drive, but make sure you keep regular backups. Memory sticks are cheap these days, even a 1GB would be more than enough to do a back up of your data after every study period.

I kept two 1GB memory sticks soley for backing up all my degree study work and materials, research, and well everything for my B.Eng Metallurgy degree. They were both identical, in case one failed. I didn't care for any other data on the laptop, just this stuff which is a nightmare to replace. Be wise though, I've had friends in there 3rd year lose all there data, including project work and with no backups your screwed!!
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its a bit of a strange problem

my monitor takes about 30 turns to switch on.

basically the screen will come on and then switch itself off after a second or two. the green light on the power remains - so i have to switch it off and switch it back on again.

the interesting thing is that in that one/two second the screen appears very dull and no brightness. you can tell its working again by the image on the screen being bright.

is it that the monitor's shelf life is over or is there something more?

i did update the drivers but uninstalling them hasnt helped.

its a belinea 19 25 s1w

i've emailed the company and they've basically said they're not responsible as it was made by the previous owners (maxdata) who went into receivership and its based in germany.

A:Monitor not warming up? tft screen switching itself off

Are you using a graphics card? If so, then there could be a problem with it. Is it possible for you to test the monitor on another system (maybe a friend's)?
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So im fixing this laptop that was bought for parts and ended up putting together (had some minor water damage) starts up fine and all but the only prolem im having is that the CMOS will not save the time and date and i get the message every time i boot.
any help Thank you

the cmos battery is putting out 3.31v and is new.



A:Inspiron E1705 : "invalid configuration information"


are you sure that its the BIOS battery that your checking.~?

also try leaving the power connected to it for a few days and with the BIOS setup on the screen, some batteries are rechargeable and take a few days to charge fully before they work.

failing that the mobo is damaged.
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Im having a strange problem when im overclocking,
the cpu freq changes to random values, so does the multiplier.
It has done this with both the fox one OC utilily and the easy tune 6 OC utility
im using currently. I know they arent the true values because my PC wouldnt run at (1000mhz) for example. I dont press anything it just does it, this makes OCing
more difficult because it wont tell me the true CPU freq values.

Can anyone help me on this one?

A:Incorrect CPU frequency information?

I always found software overclocking to be pretty finicky.... any reason why you're using software to overclock?
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My E: has a free 12 gigs and I was wondering if I could somehow switch that to my C: The C: doesn't have enough memory to complete the task I have to do. Thanks.

A:Switching memory

Your E and your C are what and what?
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[insert arguing here]

A:Dell Inspiron 1501 Information

My original question is what method does Dell use to provide password protection on this Inspiron 1501. Why is that considered asking for a password? If I asked where the CMOS is stored on a (you pick a name) motherboard, I bet someone could answer that. I am interested for a purely technical reason.
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Help needed!

I had 2 Dell Latitude C610 and between the 2 only one decent computer (one good hard drive and one good hard ware). So I loaded all the data onto the good hard drive and removed both hard drives and swapped them so all the good components were together. This was a silly thing to do.

Now when I start both up the option for start normally, safe mode etc. comes up and in all start up modes a blue screen appears and disappears before I can read it. Is this fixable by myself or have I ruined 2 perfectly OK computers in one foul swoop?

A:Stupidly Switching Hard Drive

This should be fixable, but may require some time... several steps...
For a 6-year old laptop... you gotta ask yourself... is it worth it?

Still, my guess, at this point, is that it should be fixable.

First step... Questions...
1. How did you determine that the drive was bad on one, and the "hardware" bad on the other...
Specifically what hardware was bad?

2. Do you have the restore cds (or original OS disks) that came with the computers?
If not, we may have problems unless you wish to purchase an xp pro from someplace like Micro Center.
(your original OS was xp pro, yes?)
If you have another os such as 2k that you could migrate, this too could be an option.

Step two... go into your bios, on both, and set up to boot first from the cd...

On the one that has the data you wish to save... turn it off and wait.

On the other... attempt to follow the prompts for a restore installation.
If it fails, swap the drives (again). and try the same on the other computer...
again saving the other drive (that has the data you want to save) for later.

What results exactly from following these steps?
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i have a toshiba laptop which has ceased running and i need to obtain information from the hard drive, mainly invoices from the word program. i have a new toshiba laptop and my question is how do i go about retrieving the required information from one hard drive onto my new laptop. do i phisically have to remove the old drive from the laptop? or can i plug into the old computer in some way? once i have retrieved the files i require, i do not need to keep them on the new laptop.

any help please thanks


A:Transfering hard drive information to another computer

Yes, you can remove the old hard drive with your needed files, and purchase a USB laptop external case. Install the old drive in the external enclosure, and connect it to the new laptop. The external drive should be detected and your files should then be retrieveable
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My monitor will say quot no video signal detected quot mainly when switching users and logging off but it will also do it randomly when I try to restart the monitor with the mouse keyboard after the monitor shuts off for power conservation and sometimes when coming out of hibernation The only way I can reinitialize the signal is to Blindly find shortcuts to reboot sleep login Switch to the other dvi users and No when display other switching times port on the video card on the fly while No display when switching users and other times the system is running I know you re not supposed to do this When I had my old video card Radeon x -xl installed it did the same thing I thought upgrading the card to a more recent perhaps more Vista compatible card may do the trick but the problem persists HIS Radeon HD dual dvi There are no secondary monitors or display adapters to disable in device manager There is however two entries in Display Settings-Monitor tab quot Hanns G HI D-sub on ATI Radeon HD Default Monitor on ATI Radeon HD quot I can t see a way to disable the second entry I have updated to recent display adapter and catalyst control center I have updated the bios from Gateway Updated monitor driver Will do Windows update if suggested but I have no faith that will solve the problem The issue has been going on too long to do a system restore No display when switching users and other times My system Gateway GM E I know pre-made pc s are garbage Intel Q Vista bit upgraded PSU No display when switching users and other times W upgraded graphics card HIS Radeon HD dual dvi added hard drives analog digital tv tuner x gb corsair value ram onboard audio Sigma Tel My system otherwise seems very stable Any thoughts nbsp

A:No display when switching users and other times

"There are no secondary monitors or display adapters to disable in device manager. There is, however, two entries in Display Settings-Monitor tab:
1. Hanns.G HI221 D-sub on ATI Radeon HD 4670
2. (Default Monitor) on ATI Radeon HD 4670. I can't see a way to disable the second entry"...

Your ATI video card has at least 2 video output connectors, and maybe even a S-Video out... The second entry is the other video output on the video card. Is your system free of virus or other malware?
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I have recently upgraded my ram from 4GB to 8GB, but in the system information it shows that there is 8GB installed, 4GB total, and 6.5 GB available. Anyone know why it is saying I have more available than total?



A:64-Bit memory information

Didn't catch if thats a 64 bit OS, but it probably is and thats probably not the issue.
Whats your motherboard?
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This may well be the longest story of a failing computer you ve ever seen It started well over half a year ago and my Dell Dimension has been giving and and switching subsequent RAID failure BSOD HD me agony ever since Excuse me about all the detail in this I am clueless as to what the problem is so I included everything My computer use to give me grief by going to the dreaded BSOD on random occasions I was less computer literate at the time so I thought nothing of them A few months down the line an icon pops up and subsequently reappeared every other hour the HD switching and subsequent RAID and BSOD failure computer was on saying that there is a S M A R T event occurring on my Western Digital HD specs not important as you will see later I follow the icon to the Intel Storage Management system and it tells me that the HD is working fine I carry on gaming and general time wasting paying no attention to the S M A R T event the blue screens were still coming thick and fast My tolerance grew thin however and I started asking my computer-knowledgeable friends what on earth was going on - they simply said my computer was screwed and I had no chance in hell My computer also began to make a very disturbing noise it sounded like a loose fan case vibrating inside my computer so I simply blew into the fan vent at the right angle and intensity and the noise subsided for a few precious minutes pardon my ignorance What I didn t realise then that I have now is that the fan was part of the PSU no spec at hand sorry I decided to buy a new HD and see if the S M A R T events disappeared I bought a new SATA Hitachi HD rpm GB that seemed perfectly suitable my old WD HD was SATA also When I opened the computer and took out the old HD there were bubble-marks on the plastic cover - I presume that they were evidence of heat damage Ignoring this I did the following plugged the new HD into SATA port with my old one in SATA port turned it on in the BIOS booted the computer on USB CD Rom partitioned and formatted the new HD and installed Win XP I switched the old HD with the new HD so that the ports were now respectively and got the computer running After entering all the details to personalise the computer I tried to copy my old data across to my new HD I encountered a problem that caused copying to stop something about msfi line terminating - not the actual name but it had m but managed to get some important data across in small chunks as soon as I tried to copy it across in one go it got pissy I began to use the computer properly again for about or days when the BSODs came back again I decided hoping that it the easiest answer was the right one that I should remove the old HD I took it out sealed it in a plastic bag and turned it off in the BIOS I now have the new Hitachi HD in SATA port - hasn t been moved since the install I turn the computer on and it works a treat Few months down the line few days ago and I hit the series of random BSODs again This time the computer reboots and says that it has just recovered and I quote from a serious error I report it an option that came up and it comes up with a Microsoft website that says that there is a problem with my RAID controller Correct me if I m wrong but I thought that RAID was a configuration that dealt with multiple drives as a single drive I have one drive in there I followed a link to Intel Corporation website and tried to download the latest driver for the RAID controller It downloaded it tried to install but as soon as the bar hit a message pops up and says that my system doesn t meet the minimum system requirements after already entering Win XP as my OS I give up and decide to chill out after surfing for about mins I find that there is a Win XP service pack that I haven t downloaded I download it install it and everything is normal I say normal but what I mean is that five minutes later I am hit with another BSOD This time I uninstall the RAID controller reinstall and update the drivers all thr... Read more

A:HD switching and subsequent RAID and BSOD failure

Try installing a new power supply before you give up
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I need help with info on a fan. I have a Dell 170L mobo wit h a prescott 3.0 guz cpu. The Cpu number is Intel SL7PM. I need a fan to keep it cool. The one i have is not the right one and it overheated. Will the fan and heatsink that is recommended for the 170L be enough to keep it cool if I try to oc? I found a fan and heatsink at Electronic discount but it does not come with a base. I found some bases on ebay but i am not sure what to get. Is the base the same as a 2400 style or is it the optiplex model. Thanks

A:Fan and Heatsink Information

Get your heatsink and fan as a package. Be careful so as to assure they will fit in the case with lots of breathing room. Zalman is our preference for the best... they offer more choices. Also like Dynatron, Tuniq, Thermaltake, and SuperMicro...
Just watch the space available so it will fit easily.
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Hi, newbie here - first post, hope it's not a duplicate and is in the right place!!

I have a Dell 4550, when I boot it up it comes to a screen saying "Invalid configuration information - please run setup program"

I then get the option to hit F1 to continue or F2 to run setup utility. Ususally, I will go into the setup utility and make the date and time correct and then carry on. This will fix the problem for that day but then the same thing will happen the next day.

Can anyone shed any light on a possible long term solution please?

Thanks in advance

A:Invalid Configuration Information

Your CMOS battery may have reached the end of useful product life. $3.50 at Wal-Mart. Or it may merely be loose.
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I recently bought a Gateway FX Gaming laptop, and it comes with media hotkeys. I was wanting to know how to reprogram these to function with iTunes instead of Windows Media Player.



EDIT: Problem solved, I didn't have full keyboard navigation turned on.
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Hey techspot Omg it s been like a year since I last posted xD Ok so here s the deal I m moving hard drives and swapping out motherboards and I want to transfer the files from this hard drive to the next the data not the O S I was just wondering if it s possible to install the new HDD and then plug in the old HDD w o messing up with the boot file so that I can transfer files w o having to use a third-party s removable hard drive due to the fact that the current hard drive has a boot file too durr F so I didn t know if they could conflict with each other I didn t know if you knew a HDD could do that same or over HDD's Switching if there would be boot conflics note that the new Switching over HDD's HDD is SATA and the old is IDE If you can t tell I suck at hardware xD Give me some software to code and I can do it talk to me about boot files and hard drive configurations and I blank out xD Anyway thanks for any answers guys Sorry I ve been away soo long xD I feel so stupid for asking this since I m pretty sure that if you set the BIOS to boot from HDD it will only boot from that HDD but knowing my luck I thought I d get an exact answer from someone nbsp

A:Switching over HDD's

I recommend doing it the way that you want to

I can't tell you how many thousands of times I have plugged another HardDrive in internally, then backed up, without issue. (as long as not set to boot from the secondary harddrive )

It is possible that Windows (not the boot part though) may assign different drive letters to your CD\DVD drive or new HardDrive
This is normal
When the HardDrive is later removed
And Windows starts up again (with the original HardDrive)
Any drive letter change will return to as it was before

Note: C: will not change drive letters (but external USB drives may <- eg just for the sake of the argument)

Go for it :grinthumb

Warning: replying will make your posts 4 And therefore becoming a recent member again (old post status gone!)

Please reply if this post was helpful
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Hey all I don t know much about computers but have been buying parts to build a new one lately nothing special expensive it s only been missing a graphics card and has ran fine without it but it came today and when plugged in the computer just shuts down about seconds after I switch it on I ve looked for threads about this before but the problems all seem slightly different to mine When I remove the graphics card again it works perfectly so I think I can safely conclude causing New help? switching seconds several on, card after graphics it shut down that it s the problem it has an independant power supply which I don t have a cable for yet but the instructions imply that it s optional It also said something about disabling the motherboards graphics utilities if it has any built in which I was told mine does but I don t know how to do that Maybe the cable is mandatory maybe I New graphics card causing shut down several seconds after switching it on, help? just need to disable something or maybe the graphics card isn t compatible I m hoping for any suggestions so I know what to do next The card is an Inno D Nvidia GeForce series MB DDR PCI Express and the motherboard is a Foxconn CM-S Thankyou for your time nbsp

A:New graphics card causing shut down several seconds after switching it on, help?

you need to plug in the 6 pin power connectors for that card and if i remember right you can disable your on board graphics through device manager, try doing it through safe mode.
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To all, I have a compaq presario 2200 computer. The LCD screen is burnt out. I would like to go to eBay and fine a computer to use for parts and not have to deal with HP.
My question is:
What other computers would be compatible with mine for parts or what LCDs would work on my computer?
My product number is PR306UA

Thank You

A:Looking for some information on a compaq presario 2200

While I am NOT recommending purchasing here, this site has a good compilation of screens versus what they were in;
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Heya, I'm new here, recently, my friend said I had a computer that could have a "dual DDR channel"? I dont know much about computers, and i wanted to know more, so he checked my computer with a program thats called "Cpu-Z" and it said my DDR channel was Single, even though all my "RAM" slots are filled with DDR 512mbs, any reasons why?

A:Switching from Single DDR channel to Dual DDR channel?

Well there may be a setting in Bios to set it for dual channel
Or even a little jumper on the Motherboard that must be placed on the correct pins

You will need to download your computer's (or motherboard's if it's not a name brand) Manual
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i lost my other post so what im doing is i get another computer in a week thats running a 80gig hard drive with xp pro and i want to put this hard drive 160gig xp and i have nero and norton ghost but what do i need just to switch hard drives.i was thinking just a copy of xp pro but im not sure pls help.....ok i just talked to a bestbuy geeksqaud person and they said all i need to do is switch drives and it should reconize it,is this true?

A:Switching hard drives

BIOS will recognize the HD however most likely it will not boot since the 160GB had XP installed/drivers installed on a different computer. You can't clone hard drives that have your OS installed and use it on different computers. They only work with identical computers. What you can do it is when your new computer comes home, put the 80GB into the computer (format it) containing your 160GB HD. Transfer all your data from the 160 to the 80. Now install the 160 into you new computer and re-install windows your OS.
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Hiya I have a problem with my monitor flashing on and off during boot up. I am unable to get into safe mode because of this, and when doing a dxdiag direct3d test the monitor switches itself on/off as well. Also my PC reports the graphics card as a 8600GT and not the 8800GT.

My PC specs are

Mobo - Asrock Conroe1333-D667
CPU - Intel Pentium D 3GHZ
GFX - INNO3d Nvidia 8800GT (even though pc says 8600GT)
RAM - Crucial 2gig DDR2
HD - Seagate 250G SATA11
BIOS Version P1.30

The Monitor is a GNR 19" TFT monitor.

Any help would be appreciated

A:Geforce 8800GT - monitor switching on and off


Maybe the monitor is going on the fritz or the graphics card is ready to "kick the bucket"
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Ok i have an gig hard drive for my OS drive and it s too full Found a good deal on a gig drive so i OS out Switching HDD Vista got that and a cheap external enclosure My idea and something i ve done with non OS drive swaps was to just copy everything to the external drive crack it Switching out Vista OS HDD back open and switch it with the drive in the computer I get a bigger internal drive and a spare external in the process Well thing is i activated the compression on the vista OS drive and when that happened it split the disk into two partitions one is very small and has about megs taken but completely inaccessible by files that couldn t be compressed I don t think a simple drag amp Switching out Vista OS HDD drop will work for moving the OS drive I really REALLY don t want to have to reinstall windows and since the only change is the HDD i shouldn t have to Could anybody offer any suggestions nbsp

A:Switching out Vista OS HDD

I used Acronis True Image to swap the hard drives. Bought it for back-up purposes and figured it has the drive moving functionality built in. Used to swap system drives both in my Vista and XP Home computers. A word of caution - some people reported problems with moving system drives, but I had none. Also, it is not free.

Also, I do not think just copying everything will make the new drive bootable, so compression is a smaller issue.
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ok first let me say my knowledge of computers is limited but not non-exsistant.

I am runing a custom computer and would like to switch out the 80 gig internal HDD with windows XP pro for a 40 gig internal with windows XP Home instaled on it the 40 gig has a partition C: drive and D: drive.

D: drive being the recovery. my understanding of computers is not good enoph for me to know how to do this and this is were i need help.

the system i would be instaling the 40 Gig drive on has these specs.

Motherboard--Elitegroups K7VTA3
Processor--AMD athlon XP 2500+
Video Card--Nvidia GeForce 6200 256MB DDR2 TV DVI AGP
Power supply-450w rosewill model LC-A400 ATX
Xtreme Sound 7.1/24bit sound card

any help will be apreciated.

Thank You

A:Switching Hard Drives?

Why don't you just leave the 80GB drive in place and add the 40GB as extra storage. There is no need to have a separate "recovery" partition in a custom computer. OEM computers like HP, Gateway and Dell have recovery partitions to save money by not having to supply recovery CD's and extra hard drives...

It is never a good idea to place a hard drive with an Operating System already on it, in another computer...
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Hi all I have been checking out your forums and this looks like an awesome community I onboard switching video and an Installing 8600GT off m hoping I can find some help with installing my new graphics card an GT Just starting the system from scratch so I played around with it for a few days before I tried putting the new card in Here was my process -Put new card in -Tried installing drivers from CD and when Autoplay loads the box says quot No Suitable Driver quot -Disabled other Installing an 8600GT and switching off onboard video video in Device Manager reboot and no effect -Uninstalled drivers for other video reboot no effect -Tried looking in BIOS for way to disable video found nothing -Pulled card out and then put back just to make sure it wasn t a bad connection So that s where I m kinda at right now The computer doesn t read the new card as new hardware at all and even when I try the install new hardware under the CP it still can t find it like the card is just invisible so the install disk will not show any drivers for it and my guess is that it s an issue with shutting down the onboard in the BIOS anybody else have any ideas or thoughts that might help I ll take anything I can get at this point Thanks a ton Board Asus M N-MX SE Plus CPU Athlon X Memory GB OS XP nbsp

A:Installing an 8600GT and switching off onboard video

You should go to the Nvidia website and downloard the latest driver for your graphics card. It is a self executing file and either double clicking it or opening it with Start > Run will start the installation process. I could be wrong but I have the feeling you are not using the CD correctly to install the driver on it properly (outdated though it may be). You need to guide the wizard closer to the actual folder containing the appropriate driver file. But regardless, I recommend using the latest driver from Nvidia instead.

One thing isn't clear to me so just to check, you are plugging the monitor cable into the back of the new graphics card, correct? It's not still in the onboard output?
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Can anyone help!

I have a HP pc that has started to switch its self off but when it does this the fan will stay on but run at a really fast speed. The fan will continue to run at speed untill the plug is pulled fron the wall. This fault can happen if the PC has been on for 1 minute or 1 hour, it's totally random.

A:Help PC switching off but fan stays on running fast.

First thing I would do is replace the fan. They are very inexpensive, and since they are built mainly by machine, they sometimes have defects. A chip defect in the fan can cause this.
BIOS problems can conceivably do so... have you done any work, or made any changes, where a setting may have been changed, or a cable connected to the incorrect pin?
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I would like to update my motherboardīs drivers but donīt know which one it is. Itīs a built-in. Where can i find that info in my computer?

A:Motherboard information

There are many tools here to choose from:

But the favorite seems to be:

Mind you, if you have a proprietory manufacture like HP or Dell computer. You will be able to get this information from your manufactures support page
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I'm looking for information on the bottlenecks of data transfer. For example, I'd like to find some kind of chart or table or something that shows different Seek Speeds, Rotational Speeds, Interface, Buffer, etc. and what the potential problems problems are when transferring video, images, etc.

All this is coming from a need to purchase a particular external hard drive so I'm trying ramp up my knowledge base again. I've heard that there are some nice charts like that out there but I can't find any.

Can anyone point me to a link or something?

Many thanks,

A:Information on Data Transfer Issues

Those things aren't really relevant with todays drives... consider 5400 rpm vs 7200 rpm vs 10,000 rpm... then get the largest cache buffer you can find.
They usually come in 2 mb, 4 mb, 8 mb, and 16 mb buffers.
You will find some charts on the websites of Seagate, Maxtor, Western Digital, and Samsung.
I recommend you stay away from Hitachi, Tri-Gem, Fujitsu, and Maxtor due to reliability features, and their high failure rates from relatively small lateral impact on an external drive. In fact, i would get only a Seagate or Western Digital with a 16 MB buffer.
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I Hard Switching... Drive have read two similair but did not quite answer Hard Drive Switching... the question I am looking for My motherboard in my Hp a n went out I purchased a new motherboard but Hard Drive Switching... it is an atx so i purchased a new case as well Hard Drive Switching... I was just going to put everything from the no longer working computer into the new case that has a new motherboard Then I got enough money to build a new machine The hard drive from the Hp has all my music videos etc on it I need to keep those I have another computer i use for gaming I would like to make that my new computer for music and every I then wanted to sell the hp component computer to someone else I want to put the music hardrive in my old gaming computer and the old gaming computer into my new gaming computer I am basically trying to swap hard drives I have read that this can happen and i have read that this cant happen I do not want to purchase a new copy of windows and reformat or copy or ghost I would if possible I would like just swap hardrives A thread by savage something said that it worked for him The post Can i said it can not work I need to know if it can or if it can not First thread sorry if confusing nbsp

A:Hard Drive Switching...

You will have a very difficult time without a reformat and a reinstall.
Put the drive into another desktop jumpered as a slave, then drag and drop the files to the desktop drive, or burn them to disk. You may need to use recovery software for some programs, email files, etc., depending on what you use.
Then you will need a copy of windows or a windows recovery disk to reformat and perhaps re-partition the drive, then install Windows.
Part of the problem is the protective way that Microsoft blocks Windows when the hardware changes. The other part of the problem is that using a Recovery Disk set is not the same as using a full, unrestricted version of Windows which will often allow you to repair the disk to restore it to full use in a new computer... but that is costly.
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I have vista....up until today i have always been able to switch sound between my speakers and headphones just by pluging the headphones in and out of the hardrive but after a windows update i had to reinstall i am unable to switch between my speakers and headphones automatically

my sound device manager asks for a deafult device and i can only choose the speakers or the headphones, but when I choose the speakers asdefault and try to plug in my headphones no sound comes out of my head sets

is there any way to fix it so that when sound is coming from my speakers and i plug in my headset the speakers are muted and the sound transfers to the headset...just as i was able to do before

thank you in advance and plz forgive me if this has already been covered.

A:Sound-Switching Devices

Did you reinstall the drivers and software for your sound controller?
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Good evening everyone.

I am playing Final Fantasy XI on my laptop and I am getting an FFXI-4001 error, which has been identified as a problem pertaining to my router. Because of my router model, I am being told that to fix this problem, the only way is to turn off the DMZ on my router. I would like to know what DMZ does and what consequences this will have for my laptop and pc using internet through it.

Thank you for your time, have nice day.

A:Need more information on DMZ effect.

DMZ is a setting on a router that is used to expose a single computer directly to the internet, rather than hiding it using NAT etc.

Check for the DMZ setting on your router, and change it to the opposite of whatever it is.
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Do you have to get the same adapter and router to get wireless connection.
Am new to this stuff

A:Need information on wireless networks

I need help
Relevancy 30.1%

I don't know if I'm posting in the right area or not, but i need to know if there are any other threads detailing precautionary measures or step by step instructions for switching out a power supply. Thanks in advance!!

A:Switching out a PC power supply

a simple google search came up with this -
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This is not the first problem Ive had with my vx but it s far more perplexing than my first which I corrected with a new video card ATI x That card took a crap and now I have an ATI x Put simply my monitor keeps switching to the Default Monitor in my Device Manager but only when the monitor has been off for a while minutes or more It s difficult to say switching Monitor Default to Monitor when this started since I was on deployment when my wife told me about it Pretty much the scenario is that I switch off or Restart no problem But If I leave the computer off for more than minutes then turn it back on I have Monitor switching to Default Monitor to switch to the DVI cable wait a second then switch back to the VGA cable before my screen becomes visible After doing this if I go to the Device Manager the Monitor will be Default Monitor If I quot scan for hardware changes quot my vx shows up I have the latest drivers for everything from mobo to monitor nbsp

A:Monitor switching to Default Monitor

you've been around for a while now... What kind of system are you having this trouble with? Provide us with some system specs if you please.

Are you running the latest ATI/catalyst drivers? Do you have Microsoft's .NET framework installed?
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hi everybody, i bought an ati radeon x1560 agp video card but once i installed in the computer the monitor says that i need to put the powercable, and when i put my older video card everything is alright...thanks

A:Videocard information

Your new video card needs extra power from your power source to run. It probably takes the type of plug a floppy drive would take or it could use a power plug an older IDE drive would take. When you're looking at the fan on the card the plug will be on the upper right hand side.
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Hi, I have an HP xt948 with a ASUS P4B-LA (Amazon) motherboard. I only have 256MB of 133MHz SDRAM, I'm a little too rough on my computer for that amount of memory and it's causing me problems. Money is a little tight right now so I'm trying to scavenge parts from some old computers that are sitting around. I found 3 sticks of Apacer 128MB 100MHz in 1 case and 2 sticks of Liberty 512MB 133MHz DDR400 PC3200 in another. In an ideal world I'd like to take out my 256 and put in the 2 512's. But I get the impression the DDRs aren't compatible. Is that true? If it is, would it make sense to switch out the 256 for the 3 128's (to keep the speed the same). Or since they're slower (100 vs 133) would the speed loss counteract any benefit of an extra 128MB? Any advice would be much appreciated.

A:Questions about switching RAM

Pc 133 is the ram to use. The ddr400 ram is not compatible.
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right this is going to be diffrent

i need some infomration on three interconnection methods pilot phase and direct. i have tryed to find information on the internet and i am having no luck.

can you try and help out

A:Looking for information on interconnection methods

Explain a bit more. What are you connecting with what? Silk thread? You are mating dogs? Garden hoses? Computers perhaps? Abstract network devices?
Relevancy 29.67%

My current EVGA 680i Chipset SLI mobo is sending me continuous BSOD's and has to be sent in for replacement ( ill be doing it soon. ) My question to you guys is; if i send the board out for replacement and get a new one back in working or the same condition ( same condition meaning somthing else is causing the bsods ) and put it in my computer, am i going to have troubles accessing windows normally to get into my files and move things around to other partitions so i can reformat my main partition with windows installed, or is it going to act next to the exact same as the last one and windows will recognize it so i can move things around before reformatting? Thanks alot.

A:Switching out motherboards, will windows still run correctly?

If you successfully got into windows with your old mobo (same type/brand) then you shouldn't have to reinstall the os i don't think.
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Dual Mobo information?

Anyone around here know of a web site where I can find information about doubling up motherboards, and the respective hardware?
I am basicly aiming to make an experimental computer with 2 linked motherboards. I like to start with single prosessor boards and eventually move to dual CPU boards. Yes I know there are 2, 3 , and 4 CPU mobo's on the market but they are to expencive for my budget at this time. Besides, the therory behind duel motherboards is to pool and share motherboard resources/CPU's and hardware.

Any and all information would be very helpful. Thank you.

A:Dual Mobo information? Clustering motherboards?

I think you're refering to Clusters. It multiple PCs linked together but acting as one computer. In a certain way, projects such as the Genome project or the SETI project can be considered as one big Cluster.

There's a lot of info on it here -> SCL Cluster Cookbook

You can always go on Google & do a search on Clusters.
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hello guys i need information about intel D102ggc2l mortherboard.i want to know ho much built in graphics memeory is present in the board.either 64mb or 128mb.please let me know as soon as possible.thank you.

A:Information needed urgently

Perhaps this will help a bit -
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Hi All,

I have an Intel D975XBX motherboard which has 4 SATA ports that are on an Intel controller and 4 SATA ports that are Silicon Image. For some reason when my computer was built they connected my drives to the Silicon Image ports in a RAID0 configuration using a softraid instead of the intel hardware option. I would like to switch the drives to the Intel controller (the data transfer rate of the intel is 3 GB/s vs the silicon image which is 1.5 GB/s).

Can I do this without re-installing the OS?

Can I take a backup of my drive now, make the switch, setup the RAID0 partions (which wipes the drives), and then recover the backup?

Any advise is appreciated!



A:Switching RAID from Silicon Image to Intel on a D975XBX

You can do all of that with Norton Ghost. The only real problems I forsee are:

What are you going to store the backup image on? You can't store the image on a partition you're going to delete and then recover the image and you can't store the image on the same partition you're backingup.

You'll need to install the Intel RAID driver in your OS before you create the backup or when you do change disk controller cards and use the backup image to reinstall everything your computer will not boot.
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Hello i was thinking about purchase the Dell Inspiron Slim s and switching out some hardware in it to get some better gaming out of it Watt Power supply Graphic Card Upgrade HIS X Pro IceQ Turbo and Creative Sound Blaster X-treme Audio or X-treme Gamer Sound Card Obvisouly being thirteen Custom or to Time?: Case Computer worth Not Easy my Switching a and taking all this time and research and my lifes saving s pretty much - I saved up about for no real reason i want it to look cool and make all my friends jealous So to the point If i buy a new custom case here s some choiced B-low is it that hard to move all the chips and drives from the dell case to another http www apevia com product php pid amp xcSID f a d ae Easy or Not worth my Time?: Switching to a Custom Computer Case c ae a http www apevia com product php pid amp xcSID f a d ae c ae a http www apevia com product php pid amp xcSID f a d ae c ae a http www apevia com product php pid amp xcSID f a d ae c ae a http www apevia com product php pid amp xcSID f a d ae c ae a It doens t take a whole day and a huge instruction pamplet right I know this is a stupid question but I m only being cautious before spending All you have to do is un-mount and un-plug each piece and re-mount and re-plug it into the other case right PS - If I buy or neon glowstrips and LED lights which probably aren t worth the money and hastle but for buksa piece why not do i plug them into like the Mobo probably not or directly into the power supply Do you mount them with velcro screws or do they have some kind of slot I m sorry many ppl frown when noobs post questions that sound like they haven t reasearched or don t know what theyre talking bout - I tried to nbsp

A:Easy or Not worth my Time?: Switching to a Custom Computer Case

Why pay $400.00 for a processor, motherboard, memory, hard drive, and operating system that you have little control over.






The above is a little more expensive but you have total control, and I'm a little leery about the motherboard but you can choose what ever you can afford and still works with the processor. You'd also have to have a video card too to get this running because it doesn't have built-in video. Any case you really like would be best. Neon usually connects to your power supply. You might want to spend the sound card money on your video card, and go with a cheaper sound card unless you really want the best sounding music, and you have a half-decent sound system to go with it. Planning your new computer usually takes the most time. Installing components into your case can take a couple of hours if everything goes smothly and much more it it doesn't, and yes, most of the time it's just take out and plug back in.
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Hi all I have a dell latitude D800 with a bios password enabled. I'm not asking for the code based on my service tag number. All I want is to know if someone has successfully cleared the bios password using the paper clip method. I've spent a lot of time looking for a solution to this problem and it seems that dell is hiding these chips by hiding the under the hardware and by putting stickers on top of these chips. Although, I think I've found it. This is the only pic I?ve been able to find of the location that I think it?s the eeprom chip labeled 24c04. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Best Regards to all.

A:Help EEPROM chip information

YEAH I?m proud to announce that the shorting method WORKS! on a dell latitude D800.

Thanks to everybody specially Paragon for posting back.
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Hello all!

I am using the Conexant Fusion 878a chip on a 4 input video capture card. I am trying to access the mux on the chip from Windows (XP) that changes the input feeds.

I am able to acquire the images into Matlab from the first input on the card with no problems, but I can not access the other 3 inputs. I was told that I need to find the hook on the driver for the mux. Can anybody give me any help or advice?

Thanks in advance!
Relevancy 29.24%

I have an e-machines T computer with an intel celeron d ghz gig ram gig hard drive ati radeon x graphics card I have been using a pinnacle studio program to edit dvd movies The computer has a hard time keeping up with the program It takes a while to do different functions sometimes freezes for a few moments when i preview the movie it doesnt information a upgrading on CPU. Help and always play smooth etc I have talked with several people Help and information on upgrading a CPU. from circuit city best buy and have heard so many different things I bought Help and information on upgrading a CPU. the graphics card which really didnt improve much other than the previewing the movie I have been wanting to upgrade the cpu thinking that will speed some things up and make it more efficient No one has really been able to give me a straight answer to what will work and what wont I dont want to burn up the motherboard I have a socket I was interested in this cpu Intel Pentium GHz MB MHz CPU SL V P Does the mhz have to match with mine i have a and will this be a decent upgrade to what i have thanks Doug nbsp

A:Help and information on upgrading a CPU.

OK doug. How much are you willing to spend to make this thing run more smooth. We'll start there.
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Hi everyone I own a Dimension Im kinda unfamilular with the dual channel RAM type stuff so I was gonna ask a couple questions to clarify I found this entry in everest Memory Controller Type Dual Channel -bit Active Mode Dual Channel -bit Memory Module Properties Module Name Samsung M T FG -CCC Serial Number C Bh Module Size MB RAM information required. Dell Dimensions, Dual channel rank banks Dell Dimensions, Dual channel RAM information required. Module Type Unbuffered Memory Type DDR SDRAM Memory Speed DDR - MHz Module Width bit Module Voltage SSTL Error Detection Method None Refresh Rate Reduced us Memory Module Properties Module Name Samsung M T FG -CCC Serial Number D Ch Module Size MB rank banks Module Type Unbuffered Memory Type DDR SDRAM Memory Speed DDR - MHz Module Width bit Module Voltage SSTL Error Detection Method None Refresh Rate Reduced us So if I were to add possibly just another MB of RAM would I need to go with the Dell crap or could I go buy just any standard DDR - If I can use non-Dell stuff would I suffer from a performance hit not adding in the same brand of memory and would it interfere with dual channel what would happen to dual channel What are some rules of thumb for RAM Ex - speed matching etc etc nbsp

A:Dell Dimensions, Dual channel RAM information required.
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I have a shoddy stock 40gb Maxtor Hard Drive and i want to replace it with my Samsung 400gb Hard Drive. How can i copy all the files (system files and everything) from the 40gb hdd to my 400gb hdd. So my computer starts up and runs fine with just the 400gb hard drive plugged in, help appreciated.

A:Switching HDD's

You'll need to clone the 40 to the 400. Seagate (and maybe samsung) have a utility that can do that for you. Or you could use Norton Ghost or Acronis TrueImage or something like that, but those cost money.
Relevancy 30.53%

I have a Hp and my friend has a dell. He doesn't need it anymore and his computer is better. So i took his motherboard and cpu. and put it into mines. now the pc only boots with this _ . Please help me.

A:Switching motherboard need help

One likely cause is Windows. If Windows detects any significant changes in the hardware, other than memory, it will refuse to work in a new environment. Could also be the power supply. Some Dells are very persnickity as to what power supplies are acceptable. In some models, the power supplies are proprietary.
We will need to know the models and cofiguration of both systems in order to be of any help.
Relevancy 29.24%

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi all I was wondering if I could get any advice from you nice people I am going to apply to do a Masters in Information Systems Management and I am trying to come up with a topic As I am a teacher what I have in mind is a Management Information System for a school Essentially what the system would have would be Students own E-mail Accounts Printer Networks Shared Drive for Teachers to put notes on an Intranet I am Management Information System not sure where to start The idea is that Management Information System every Student will have a user Name and password to log into computers in the school Then they could access their files from any computer I have been doing some research and what I think I have to do is set up a database for students staff design a website for students to log onto e-mail set up a mini-network with a server and or clients I would have to source some software for setting up the email accounts and printer networks I am told I can get some open source software for these Anyone got any idea Any help would be much appreciated I think I posted this in other hardware forum by mistake tried to delete it but don t know how sorry - nbsp

A:Management Information System

Do you have a budget?

Because, first off i would say:
Windows 2003 server and create a Domain Controller
XP pro on clients, put desktops on domain
Data stored on server
Exchange server for email
Printers easily networked
Clients access server and resources by logging in to their active directory account, thus allowing them to log into their profile from any desktop.

This help?
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Hello everyone I have some serious problem with my lcd panel or graphic card still not sure so the thing is it turns itself off for like seconds and then back on and everything is fine till next time it happens lcd is a samsung n and graphic card is a palit geforce the thing is that the card doesnt itself monitor switching off problem: have a fan - just a radiator it came like this stock so what you guys think is more probable - lcd problem: monitor switching itself off damage or graphic card overheating and one more thing about the lcd - there appeared some small grey dot on it its like x pixels no its not a dead pixel and its grey NOT black not red or any other subpixel color but grey looks like the screen is dirty but its not cleanable what can it be could it possibly be fixed if anyone could help me I would really appreciate it btw that was problem: monitor switching itself off my first post so please no flaming if I did something wrong nbsp

A:problem: monitor switching itself off

Simple way to troubleshoot this problem is to swap monitors first. A blemish on the LCD screen cannot be fixed... If you can't clean it off
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when i restart my comp this message appears.

my comp is a pentium d 3.4 ghz (2core)
win xp home edition
my graphics card is a asus x1300 series.

i tried installing the latest drivers from ati (ati catalist and ati graphics's driver only) and asus, and i always get the same message.
i also get some glitches when playing cs source.

can u guys help me

A:error message "can not find grafic card information"

And that same message is? And the glitches are?
Unplug then reseat your graphics card... While you are at it, write down all the info on the card.
Then go to, to download and install the latest Belarc Advisor. Then run it to get a report on what it detects.
Now at boot up, check your BIOS to see what it reports for Video Graphics. Also go to Start->Control Panel->System->Hardware->Device Manager to see what the Device Manager reports as detected... and note whether there aae any yellow or red flags.
Download the drivers from ATI or your computer manufacturer for that detected device, then remove or disable the drives you find, and install the newly downloaded ones.
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So my friend wants to play a pc game (World of Warcraft) that does not support the S3 Prosavage graphics card series so he ordered a new card: Chaintech VGA Geforce 7600 AGP 4x/8x from Nvidia.

He says his motherboard only supports 4x which is why he bought this card which claims to be "4x/8x". However, after he installed the new card (without disabling his onboard Prosavage graphics chip)and restarted the comp, his monitor doesn't come on. What's the problem here?

Supposedly, Chaintech VGA 7600 AGP 4x/8x from Nvidia is compatible with computers that have onboard graphics chip. The instructions say to just install it and it should work.

Has anyone had this problem?

A:Switching from s3 Prosavage to Nvidia

He probably needs to disable his onboard video in the CMOS.
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I'm not sure this belongs in this forum - the heading for "audio and video" said video cards and my problem is about the screen itself. Anyway, if this isn't the right forum tell me and I'll post again.

I have a MAG Innovision 17" LCD monitor, model 780, prod. # MS-776, on Win XP.

Currently it's identified as a "plug and play" device. My current settings are 1280x1024 32 bit (highest available in the settings menu). In order to play a game I want to change the setting to 800x600. When I do that, the screen goes blank and I get a "mode not supported" message from the screen.

I tried looking for appropriate drivers but I couldn't find one for my model (not even on the MAG website).

Can anyone tell me what I should do to make it work?

Thank you,

A:Switching to lower resolution with MAG LCD

The resolution shouldn't be an issues. It could be that with the lower resolution the refresh rate gets set too high for the monitor.

Try forcing the screen to 800x600@60Hz and see how that works.
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i just using my computer early, suddenly the AVR was blown up., i replaced the new AVR, but after plug-in, my computer doesn't power i replaced the PSU, with new one..after setting up, my computer automatic ON after switchin ON the AVR..the CPU Fan spining, no beeps, no display...

i tried running my MB out of its casing, only with processor..same problem
automatic ON after switching ON of AVR..

what seems to be the problem..any idea to fix it.
Relevancy 29.24%

I am replacing my hard drive this week because of some viruses, I am wondering if I should also replace the RAM. Is it cleared every time there is no power going to it or does it store information all the time? I dont want to install a new Hd and there be a virus hidden on the RAM, if thats how it works.

A:Does RAM store any information?

Every time you shut down your computer, the RAM contents should be cleared. Instead of replacing your hard drive though, why don't you just reformat? That should wipe everything.
Relevancy 28.38%

hi,,, i have dell inspiron 6400 laptop and when i turn it on it shows invalid configuration information- please run setup program and it directly goes to setup and i do not remember the password aswell .. now i have noway to boot.. please tell me what to do ... thanks...
Relevancy 30.1%

If I were to take the hard drive out of my computer tower I'm using now and put it in my other computer tower, would it load up with Windows XP (whichis what I have set up) on the new tower or would I need anything else? Thanks for all help.

A:Switching Out Systems question

well assuming this is the primary hdd it would boot with xp, yet if your putting it in another system, the mobos are different and graphics are different, sound is different so on and so forth, so all your drivers would be different and wouldnt work... i would recommend a clean install of xp.
Relevancy 28.81%

I purchased a mini SD card that has a file system loaded on it that prevents any format, I can not clear the card for reformating. it may have been in a pda at some point but the guy says it should be new. I tried to insert in my pda and all kind of strange stuff happens to the functionablity of the pda. I can add information but nerver remove any of it. I did try to format and the bar graft completed format to a RAW state but now it will not allow it to be reformatted in fat, the file stuctures are still there and viewable. one file has like wing ding letters so I assume it maybe a propriatary OS or information.
I would like to reformat this card please...HELP

A:2gb mini SD card w/ CRAZY Information

Try Bc wipe first then format it.

also make sure the little write protect slider is off on the side...
Relevancy 30.53%

i have a abit nf7 motherboard this week it has started to turn on and off
within 30 seconds , saying cpu not workable, but if i click on last none system
working settings it atemps to start windows, any ideas

A:computer keeps switching its self on and off

Hallmark sign of a failing or failed PSU. Replace it with an equal or greater wattage.
Also clean out the insides while grounding yourself. Blow and vacuum the dust.
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I recently bought a new computer, and i want to switch the video card from this new computer (Geforce 6150 LE) to the one from my previous computer.

I have a Radeon 9800 Pro video card on my old computer.
Is this possible? apparently the Radeon card is AGP according to my friend and the motherboard on my computer is pci-e, and you they aren't compatible?

can someone shed some light on this subject for me please? As this grahpics card i have on my new machine is really slow and won't handle the games I play.

A:Regarding Switching Video Cards

Because one is AGP and the other is PCI-E, you cannot interchange them. If your new PC has a slow graphics card, you'll just have to get a better PCI-E card for it.
Relevancy 28.81%

i recently purchaced halo for the pc and i have all the system specs and on microsoft s website it says im able to play it however that isnt the case I need a T amp L capable video card that runs at MB i would like to know the following what aspects of gaming would this attribute to e g better graphics or increased sound quality where could i find one about how much would one cost and finally is it worth tracking one down or should i information cards do? do on i etc. video what T&L capable they need just return the game and are most graphics cards T i need information on T&L capable video cards what do they do? etc. amp L compatable i got this computer second hand from my uncle so im still becoming familliar with what all its packin but this is what i know for sure it runs on microsoft xp its a dell with the computer model L R runs on an intell pentium III at Ghz MB of ram has direct-x chip type is intel R approx total mem is mb current display mode x i need information on T&L capable video cards what do they do? etc. bit Hz on microsoft s website it says my computer can run the game but when i go to scan it it says it didnt recognise all my parts thank you for your time David nbsp

A:i need information on T&L capable video cards what do they do? etc.

You need just a basic grahic card. One to play that game should be about $30-$40. Gives us the make and model of your computer so we can help you make a selction. (that is combatible with you computer)
Relevancy 29.24%

I was just wanting some information on why a lot of the motherboards now say that they cannot support 3.3v agp cards?

is 3.3v agp a new or old technology?

Also, I wonder if anyone could tell me: when installing a motherboard I notice that on the cases now days there is a raised metal "mound" where the motherbord screws in, and I want to know is it necessary to use the little plastic plugs that screw it to sit between the case and the board, or can the board sit straight on the raised mounds? The reason I ask is that with the new board I have, it will not line up with the backing plate if it is raised up - therefor if you put the plastic plugs in the board is too high for the backplate.

Any info on these points would be greatly appreciated.


A:information on motherboards and 3.3v agp cards

I can answer your question about the AGP volts. Most mobos that support AGP slots only support AGP 4x/8x. The 4x cards use either 1.5v or 0.8v and 8x cards use 0.8v. AGP 1x & 2x use either 3.3v or 1.5, depending on the card. Since most mobos only support 4x and/or 8x, this would explain why you don't find any newer mobos that support 3.3v. And yes, AGP 1x & 2x are very old. AGP 8x cards, in general, are more expensive than their PCIe 16x counterparts.

Not sure about your mobo question. Maybe someone else can answer that one for ya.
Relevancy 29.24%

I did the paperclip trick and now instead of the password prompt it says this on my dell d600 any help would be great
Relevancy 29.24%

I a currentlly concidering buying an older used Dell model # DHS computer. I have tried searching online to different Dell sites and can not find what this computer accually is. MGHZ, Meg bites, etc. It to my knowledge is a 2000 model, with only one Ethernet port on the back, no telephone hookup ports. When can I find more info on this computer?.......txtrker
Relevancy 30.1%

I just purchased a brand new Linkseys Wireless-G Broadband router with srx200. I simply want to replace my old wireless router with my new Linkseys Wireless router. how should I go about doing this?

A:Switching wireless routers

Well I'm ntot sure you will be able to just simply swap them out.

You will need to go in and reset the NEW router to contain all the information that was stored in the old one. For example if you changed the default local IP addresses, assigning the SSID (Wireless broadcast name), and encryption or address filtering, etc.

If you have any questions about any of this feel free to post back.

:wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:
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My brother-in-law likes flashy things and now he has his eye on the VisionTek ATI Radeon X1600XT 512mb AGP graphics card, but he is having trouble finding actual user reviews for the card. So he asked me if I could look to see what I could find out. I said okay.

Starting with VistionTek's webpage I looked on their forum and while not finding anything specific to the X1600XT I did see that their 1300 series (along with some other models) was riddled with problems. So I looked further. I still as yet have not found anything X1600XT specific, so I turn to you!

Is anyone using this card? Know someone using this card? or Have any information about actual use of the card?, please respond!! I want to know what you think!

Thanks in advance..

A:VisionTek ATI Radeon X1600XT 512mb AGP...Information Please!

If he wants flashy things, tell him to stay away from that card. It`s easily outperformed by a X800-X850 card.

Also, some Radeons X1600 have the "frezzing" problem when any 3d app is loaded. Just google for "radeon X1600 freezing problem" and you`ll find some bad things about the card.
Relevancy 27.95%

Can somebody please tell me if each system board has a unique serial number that is coded into the board?

It is in the Bios, but was wondering where it comes from. Is it purely coded or is it hardware?

This is on Dell desktop units

I'm wondering if there are browser pages that pull this information when you post or download. It would seem that if you are a registered owner with Dell, they can not only identify your isp, but also who the computer is registered to.

Does anyone know if Dell shares this information with the government?

Does anyone know how this bios information can be shielded from network traffic?

Dell does not tell people about this information, but it is easy to find.
If you have some ideas, please drop me a line at

A:Information in system bios identifing registered owner

Just use a tin foil hat while you are browsing the internet, and the the Govt. cant read your mind.
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giddy Hello giddy I used a program called quot garage band quot Its a thing about band" software "garage Help! Need Information called a that can let you make a song i like it so much that i want it so bad here is the problem its for Macintosh computers i Help! Need Information about a software called "garage band" have windows i herd that you can use it on windows any way i am not sure and i dont wont to buy it and not work please if you have and information about this topic please respond LoL If you Help! Need Information about a software called "garage band" have any advice or qustions about this topic then feel free to post Thank P S wave If you have advice about this please please tell me And if you dont say hello anyway LOL Thank you stickout P S Can i add you to my buddys list If yes say so If not i undersatand i and i wont thanks Why cause scince you had advice i will know that you had good advice and i just want to be you friend If you have any qustions then please ask and i answer as soon as possible thx nbsp

A:Help! Need Information about a software called "garage band"

Garage Band is made by Apple and available for Mac only. I'm 99.9% sure that there is no Windows version.
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i just bought a seagate 160Gb sata HD. what i can't figure out is how to boot off of it(specificly, how do i copy my OS on it) and how 2 make it my primary storage?

A:switching from one hard drive to the other?

self explanitory... should figure it out yourself how to work it by the time you've downloaded the app.. otherwise post back...
Relevancy 25.8%

I partitioned my HD and loaded XP on both primary partitions The original is on an NTFS partition the new one is FAT if this matters I loaded XP on both because I am trying out different versions of Office I used PartitionMagic and Boot Magic to do this After partitioning I used Boot Magic to boot from the new partition it worked and I installed XP Then I used Boot Magic again to boot up the original OS but now I can t go back to the new partition Boot Magic will no Help XP Magic, - Boot on (Partition partitions both between Magic) switching with longer run on the original OS because it detects a duplicate copy on the new partition Weird it wont let me install Boot Magic on both partitions I ve used Partition Magic to quot activate quot the new partition adn Help with switching between partitions - XP on both (Partition Magic, Boot Magic) hide the original one but it still boots the original one So then I used PQBoot which is supposed to immediately boot up the selected partitioned drive but again only the original boots up How do I access my new partition again nbsp

A:Help with switching between partitions - XP on both (Partition Magic, Boot Magic)

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

I have deleted your other thread, as two threads for the same problem are not required.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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Okay heres my deal, a friend of mine gave me their old PC thinking it would be something for me to play around with. In my current PC i'm running WIN XP with an intel cel. 1 processor. My friends PC has a Intel Pet 3 which i'd rather be using. Is there anyway to take my hard drive out of my system and put it in the other system? Friends system has WIN 98 OS, i would want to use my drive with XP. Is this possible? Is there any kind of info need to help me. thanks in advance!

P.S cant switch the CPU's diff slots

A:Hard Drive Switching????

If you swap the hard drive to the other pc you will need to reinstall xp anyway.