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***poor sounds can DAMAGE SOUND CARD???!!!

Q: ***poor sounds can DAMAGE SOUND CARD???!!!

long ago i installed an old pc game on my friend s new pc the audio was DAMAGE can SOUND ***poor CARD???!!! sounds horrible so we shut it down but afterwards we realised ANY sound emitting from the speakers came out like ***poor sounds can DAMAGE SOUND CARD???!!! an echo we tried ***poor sounds can DAMAGE SOUND CARD???!!! playing some mp files and audio cds but the sounds continue to be mess ***poor sounds can DAMAGE SOUND CARD???!!! up i tried changing the speakers then reinstalling the audio drivers but nothing works no matter what audio files we tried to play the sounds still came out as an echo my friend was furious so i format his pc and reinstall windows for himm but the sounds problems presists yes that s right even formatting couldn t help in the end i was force to buy him a new mobo from then on i m always careful with handling old sound files but just this morning i receive a mp from a classmate in which he added his own voice in it singing his karaoke or something when i open the mp file my speakers emits a loud horrible sound i was scared i knew immediatly he did a bad job inserting his own voice in the mp afterwards it seems to me that the sounds in my pc has gone abit muffle than usual almost like the difference between a am radio and audio cd i just i don t know i THINK the quality of the sounds emiting form my speakers has degraded everything i hear from it now just seems so much more quot muffle quot so i was wondering if any of you has had these problems before and i would really like to know if poor quality mp s can damage a sound card my sound device is basically just a ASUS MOBO intergrated one called quot soundMAX audio quot thanks for all the help nbsp

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Preferred Solution: ***poor sounds can DAMAGE SOUND CARD???!!!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have a WindowsVista system and a Toshiba laptop I tried to play NetFlix instant movies and when playing there was a bad tinny digital sound playing over the and Netflix YouTube sounds) When Sound Playing Poor (digital dialog I used to be able to play YouTube videos just fine but now cannot This change happened after I contacted Microsoft Support directed there by NetFlix support Initially NetFlix told me that Poor Sound (digital sounds) When Playing Netflix and YouTube there was a problem with Silverlight So Microsoft told me to uninstall and reinstall Silverlight This did not improve the problem Then Microsoft told me to install a K-light Poor Sound (digital sounds) When Playing Netflix and YouTube Codec pack and this Poor Sound (digital sounds) When Playing Netflix and YouTube did not help either Microsoft told me to do something else but I decided to write to a site like this in an effort to get some more useful help Do you think it s Silverlight or Flash or what No matter the volume on my computer at max of neither YouTube nor NetFlix play appropriately When I play computer CDs audio the audio is just fine PLEASE HELP THANKS nbsp

A:Poor Sound (digital sounds) When Playing Netflix and YouTube

Maybe it is just that your speakers have a problem. Have you tried different speakers?
It might be the input where the spike goes in the computer.

Hope this helps
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My audio sounds slightly distorted especially the high frequencies while listening to MP s at a normal listening volume and there s some air noise only when a song is playing A sound quality Poor card? audio - the Is it The Source CD had copy guard protection which distorts sound quality when transferred to a computer B The songs were recorded at too low of a quality because the person who made them was frugal with HDD space C The Poor audio quality - Is it the sound card? sound card is of poor Poor audio quality - Is it the sound card? quality and isn t quot rendering quot the sounds correctly If quot C quot is correct as I suspect what sound card would you recommend I listen to Music and watch DVD s on my system I m not really into Poor audio quality - Is it the sound card? gamming I m looking for high quality and willing to pay a little more for it I would like Dolby SS support I have heard that Audiogy SP is pretty good there s like different grades of it though so I m a bit unsure of which is right for me Any help is greatly appreciated as usual nbsp

A:Poor audio quality - Is it the sound card?

You probably can't go wrong with the Audigy cards or any of the middle to top end Sound Blasters. The cheaper SB's give distortions- that you may be experieincing- on some mother boards. I have a little machine in the bed room with one in there and the voices sound like robots many times.

Check out Turtle Beach. They have good cards for a little money and the sound control software is pretty cool. They usually ship with mixers and custom stuff in the software bundle. I have a old Quadzilla 2 in the game machine here and it's still kicking. This one doesn't do surround sound from the CD player but the new ones do. My neighbors can hear Godsmack from across the street when I wind this one up.

Bottom line. Stay with the well known sound guys and you should do ok without having to hire a research team to compare products. Be willing to drop a couple hundred geeta on a card and you'll be in business.

Don't forget to have good speakers.
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I recently installed a new sound card because the old one was only working when it wanted to. The new one only plays about 3 different sounds! Like when a program opens or closes it sounds like birds flying away. It is a Sound Blaster 16 PCI. I am running Windows98. I think the motherboard is an AMI and it has a sound chip on it. The AMI web site was useless to me. Nothing is muted that I can tell. Any suggestions??
Thank you. Debra

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Before anyone tells me to try, I've already re-installed the drivers for my mother board, and I've tried uninstalling and re-installing several times.

My soundcard suddenly stopped working. It says that there are no sound devices installed in my system, but I do see them listed in the device manager.

I have run out of patience trying to research this problem, so I'm coming to you guys for help.

thanks in advance.

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Hi everyone out there.I've had a problem since the beginning with my probook (and no, cant be bothered to leave the computer to service) with the silent mode. When clicking on a file with audio, e.g. a video (weither it's on the computers own harddrive or online) the first 0,5 seconds it goes all in on full sound, then "remembers" it's in silent mode and it actually turns silent. I've updated the drivers for the sound card (and pretty much everything else I could think of that's not related).  Have anyone else had this problem, or have any idea what to do, I'm grateful. Any ideas?
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I purchased the Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SE 7.1 Channels 24-bit 96KHz PCI Interface Sound Card, a cheap, $30 card, and was expecting some improvement over my computer's integrated motherboard audio (Dell XPS 420), but I can't really tell the difference between the two. Is it possible for the card not to sound any better than my computer's integrated audio? I'm using the Logitech Z523 2.1 speaker system.

Sound card: - Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SE 7.1 Channels 24-bit 96KHz PCI Interface Sound Card
Speakers: - Logitech Z523 40 Watts RMS 2.1 Speaker System

A:Sound card sounds no better than integrated motherboard audio?

yes it's possible.
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Hello, I just bought an HP Pavilion X2 with windows 10, working well, but the sound quality really isn't good, there seem to be no bass even with good headphones on.I've seen some stuff about drivers, but I don't if it would work because it's not the same computer. Thank you if anybody can help!
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When I plug my sd card to my card reader, (that only half get inserted), I bent my card because of the cheap plastic made by patriots, so some of the connection of black chip to the board came off. I know coz I open it, and check what happen. Please Help, I have a lot of photos and videos I did for work that I need to retrieve. What can I do or where to bring it to assess it?

A:Help damage sd card! some loose chip connection in my sd card

Hi jaytab, and welcome to TSG.

Try checking if you have any local companies that offer a printed circuit board assembly service for boards with surface mount parts. They would typically have a rework station where they might be able to resolder the ICs to your board for a nominal fee. They may not be able to guarantee that resoldering the part will give you a working memory card as the bending of the board may have fractured an internal copper trace in the board or a trace under the IC.
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here is the screenshot : http :// there should be a test and browse option(s) to change program event sounds. none there. any help is appreciated. thanks. Jon windows 7
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can bad quality sounds ruin speakers or sound card when they're played?
for example, i had an old pc game, it doesn't work too well with my intergrated audio in my new motherboard, as a result i get all these load buzzzing and sizzleing and "SAAAAAAAAA" noises coming from my speakers, i was wondering if these kinds of noises could damage my intergrated auido ?

one time i install resident evil 2 on my friend's pc, it mess up his sounds completely, whenever he listens to his songs there would always sound like an *echo* effect, first we change the speakers but that didn't fix anything, we even uninstall windows adn format hardrive, but even after all that his sounds are still mess up, i feel really guilty, he too, uses intergrated sound on his mobo, so i'm worried if the same thing may happened to me.
please help, i greatly appreciate it.

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A friend of mine just picked up a Nvidia 550ti graphics card the other day, (his first time ever customizing a computer may I mind you) and he didnt realize he would need a new power supply (his is 250 watts) so he installed the card and booted up the PC with skyrim on ultra, after 5 mins the pc turned off and has not been turned on since, although it still powers up if you push the power button. Is it possible he has damaged his card or any other parts?

A:Did I just damage my card/computer?

It is quite possible. Trying to draw more power than a PSU is able to provide can lead to expensive consequences. The PSU itself is likely to have been damaged and, if the regulators within have been damaged, there is a distinct possibility of other hardware failure. Of course, it is quite possible that there has been no damage to the hardware apart from the PSU (you can check this by replacing with a known good unit of sufficient capacity), but given the margin of the excess power drawn on the 250W unit, I wouldn't hold my breath. In addition, the 550ti card requires a 6-pin power connection to the card itself, and a 250W PSU is almost certainly not going to feature such a connector. In that case, the card will try to draw the power through the slot, and potentially cause damage by trying to draw more power along the motherboard tracks than they were designed for (can lead to track burnout).

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but consider it an expensive lesson learned.
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I am not too good at installing hardware components and don't know much about them. Today I was installing a wireless LAN card in my pc. I was having a little trouble and as I was installing it I jiggled the Graphics card a bit while it was running (powered on) I heard the fan on it change noise a bit for a split second but everything was back to normal after.

I was just wondering if I damaged the graphics card at all or is this an ok thing to do? It wasnt that much of a "jiggle" Just slightly but enough to make the fan sound different for a split second

I feel as I am just being paranoid and I just need some reassurance. Like I said I am not too good with hardware components.

Thanks, mancow

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among 3D (game) working suddenly blue screen comes then PC restated and this message comes. how should i do?
Error signature
BCCode : 100000ea BCP1 : 89178DA8 BCP2 : 898E8A58 BCP3 : F78C6CBC
BCP4 : 00000001 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 3_0 Product : 256_1

BCCode : 100000ea BCP1 : 89265020 BCP2 : 898338F8 BCP3 : F78BECBC
BCP4 : 00000001 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 3_0 Product : 256_1

A:damage graphic card

Try updating the driver for your graphics card.

Go into Device Manager >> right-click the installed display adaptor and choose "Properties".
Click the 'Driver' tab, then click the 'Update Driver' button.

It's also possible your graphics card is not compatible or does not meet the minimum requirements for that particular game.
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Hello Yesterday I was watching videos on my PC Pc Sounds) No Sound Sound Chrome Or Ie, And Yes On Firefox On (system using FireFox in the evening I went and had a shower I got back and without any apparent reason FireFox stopped producing sound I installed Chrome after checking all the basics and Chrome does have sound I can watch videos on Chrome with sound UPDATE I dont No Sound On Firefox Or Ie, Yes Sound On Chrome And Pc (system Sounds) have sound no more on Chrome I did this morining and now I dont I have tried Youtube MSN FilmOn Facebook Games and Videos No Sound On Firefox Or Ie, Yes Sound On Chrome And Pc (system Sounds) Game sites SoundCloud and there is no sound I opend IE and tried the same and got no sound There is sound on my PC if I open a MP in WMP it Plays Windows system sounds play Yahoo sounds play Skype sounds play I can hear them loud and clear TheSims plays sound I have done the following Updated Flash VLC Java Shockwaves QuickTime Updated FireFox Updated FireFox Pluggins Followed all steps here What to do if Firefox won't play any sounds Firefox Help Updated RelTek Uninstalled FireFox Swiched Default browser from IE to FireFox and Chrome and back again I have rebooted my PC times Deleted Internet cache cookies history etc I have been to ControlPanel InternetOptions Advanced and made sure that No Sound On Firefox Or Ie, Yes Sound On Chrome And Pc (system Sounds) Allow browersers to play sounds Is checked I have updated my Graphics Card and my Sound card On the Volume Mixer FireFox is no muted and its turned up When I play a video It remains blank There is no movment of sound in the Volume Mixer Adobe Flash player is not muted either Im using a Razer Kraken HeadSet I have updated its drivers also and I cant find an awsner Im using WINDOWS Nvidia Geforce GTX Intel i th Gen GB RAM Please help if you know an awnser Thanks Emily
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My card is an ATI Radeon Now the damage? sign card - FPS drops of background I recently purchased Starcraft and the game has a well-known bug the menu screens don t have an FPS cap and thus your video card will render the bejeezus out of them to the point of getting fried if not stopped Being the foolhardy Starcraft addict I am I continued to play despite my computer s forced shutdowns I had figured that the shutdowns would always happen before the card reached dangerous temperatures so no damage to the card would occur Yes that is terrible logic but I really did want to play that game I ve seen a decrease in performance since I fixed the menu problem as in there are notable FPS drops while playing every - seconds I lowered my graphics settings yet this has been happening consistently I don t know if this is a cue that my card has been damaged and this could very well be terrible B net lag for all I know but the circumstances I just described make me a bit worried Are there any diagnostics I can run other tests to see if FPS drops - sign of card damage? my card has been physically damaged Thank you in advance for your help nbsp FPS drops - sign of card damage?

A:FPS drops - sign of card damage?

While I haven't encountered this so called bug, I would recommend reinstalling the drivers or trying a different set with your card. When video cards, and most other PC hardware, get hot you may notice performance drops. This is typically remedied with adjusting the fan speed or reapplying a thermal compound to the GPU core. While it is possible that the card could be damaged, it's unlikely unless it has been running extremely hot. Video memory (known as VRAM) is fairly sensitive to heat and isn't cooled like the core is.
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First of all, when booting my computer it takes about 15-17 minutes to finish loading windows, and I am unfortunately not exaggerating at all.

Secondly, upon loading windows, after the login screen my whole screen goes black, and then it gives me the same static appearance of an unused T.V. station before returning to a completely black screen, and finally my (almost) normal desktop, which now has two short-cut icons blurred and incorrect.

I've checked dxdiag and it does not report any errors.

A:Windows and possible video card damage.

Hello and welcome to the forum

Make sure you have anti-virus software and I would also download programs like Spybot S&D and ad-ware. Then use all that to check for virus, malware, etc.

After that click the link i have in my signature about malware and follow those steps.

Good luck and i hope this helps.
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Let me give you the scenario I have a SAPPHIRE SR a video a damage Can card monitor? Radeon HD X GB -bit x -bit GDDR PCI Can a video card damage a monitor? Express x HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card The card has dvi ports so I can have monitors attached to it of my monitors are digital with dvi cables one is a wacom tablet that uses a dvi cable but one was an only flat panel analog monitor that used Can a video card damage a monitor? a vga cable with a dvi adapter Just recently the display started to go out on my old analog monitor I thought to myself quot well it s old so I m not surprised quot THe computer still saw it and if I turned it off and turned it back on the display would show for a few seconds Well I wanted to be sure it was just the monitor and not the video card port so I hooked up the monitor over on another computer and sure enough it wasn t working Then hooked up the other computers monitor another analog monitor with a vga cable BTW and the port still worked Well the next day the other monitor started to flicker to the point where you couldn t see what you were doing It has since stopped but what I m wanting to know is is it possible that my video card killed my old monitor and damaged the other one I hooked up to it Or is it a coincidence that the other monitor started to act funny I don t want to hook another monitor up to it if it s just going to kill another monitor On a side note I did switch around my monitors to that port to see if it would work and none of my other monitors have shown signs of having problems I switched them around several times and only once did a display not show but I think it was because I was screwing around too much and my computer s display setting were getting ticked at my so to speak By the time I was done screwing around I had to re do how I wanted my monitors laid out Now that I have my setting back to normal and I hook another monitor up the monitor works fine I just don t want to hook another monitor up to it only for it to die nbsp

A:Can a video card damage a monitor?

No one has an Idea?
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I'm getting distorted sound from my system. I have changed to different speakers but no change in sound quality. It is a new computer with NVIDIA. Any suggestions?

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aaagggrrrhhhh i have trouble with my sound only when i play games, everything is fine on music,dvd, but as soon as i play games i get a distorted soud i have, win 98,tnt2 geeforce 2 64 mb, graphics and a soundblaster pci 128

A:poor sound

i dont know if this is going to help u or not but i have had a similar experience. my sound would crackle and eventually cut completely out when i was playing graphics intense games the only difference btw our situations is that i have onboard sound. i fixed my prob by adding more RAM from 64 to 576 and i haven't had the problem since.
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I recently purchased an HP 555e with Windows XP, SP1. I am using my old monitor and speakers, also HP Pavilion. The monitor is fine but my sound is weak and sounds as if coming from an echo chamber. I have set the sound level for maximum output.

A:Poor sound

could be the speakers, especially if they are old. Do you have a new pair that you can test with?

You can also get a pretty good set for about 7 bucks new.

Finally, why are you flying sp1? Any reason you haven't upgraded to sp2?

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hi ive got a windows 98se with a creative soundblaster audiopci 128d. I bought a dvd player for my machine 6months ago which worked fine. Then i had a virus and for some reason lost all sound on the computer altogether.
I downloader the driver for my soundcard again, the sound is back for games etc but i have very poor almost incoherent voice and music sound from my dvd player. what can i do to fix this?? any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:poor dvd sound

Change the driver settings and volume and make sure all the settings are turned on and volume up.
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my laptop has recently developed a problem in whic the sound is alwase mangled and it has slowed down in loading programs to. it is like it is running somthing huge in the background that is ruining everything else. the sound problem occours from all sousces eg. games, windows sounds, sound from the inernet, my owne video and music files.

i think it may have happend after installing a game demo, which has since been removed, and i have run a full virus scan, spyware scan and a defrag which have all had no noticable efect.

please help me as it is getting realy infuriating as it afects all the things i use my laptop for.
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Windows Vista
Intel Core 2 Due processor T5250
358 MB Mobile Intel Graphics Media

Looks as if my PC sound is not working very well. when I play U tube videos it will start OK and as the video moves one it will stop. However, the sound is Ok when playing songs on the Windows Media Player, but the sound will die when downloading radio streaming. Also, sometimes while surfing the Net the PC will make real scratchy sounds very annoying....I proceeded to format the drive as to clear any possible viruses and get a nice clean factory reset on the PC but after formatting the sound is still doing poorly. Anybody can give some pointers.
Thank you

A:Poor sound on my PC

VLC is good - playing MP3s now.

Given system restore to factory default settings, make sure ALL Windows Updates are in including Vista SP1 & SP2 -

Update your device drivers - go to system manufacturer's support site as well as to device manufacturer's web site for the most recent updates.

Start with Intel -->

Regards. . .


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it's real strange...
i don't know why but the sound is real poor. i just wanted to listen to my mp3's & it's real poor... i restarted windows but it's still the same

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I just installed an HIS Exaclibur Radeon 9800pro and booted up fine. I restarted the computer about 20 minutes later, it would not load windows and kept giving me the message "cannot find any operating system on any device, hit any key". I am almost possitive this is a power supply issue because i just realized my power supply is 200 something watts and the minimum for the card is around 300. My question is, did the powershortage to the 9800pro cause any damage to the card?

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I just bought a Dell laptop the audio driver is SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC Im assuming that means that its built into the motherboard I used to be quite happy with the way everything sounded till I Poor quality... sound bought some SE 's by Shure Now it does not sound very good I have plugged the headphones into my brothers iMac and they sound great What can I do to make the audio sound better and more alive It sounds very flat and feels like low on Poor sound quality... power At low volume levels there is no bass I turn up the bass on wmp and all it does is almost mute the highs when the bass hits Leads me to think there is not enough power going to the jack to support both I can turn it up quite loud and the bass sounds great if i wanted to go deaf in a week but the rest is still lifeless I am hoping there is some settings Poor sound quality... that need adjusting since i dont think i can install anything internally and dont know of any other fixes wanting better graphics also but dont think i can change that

A:Poor sound quality...

Yes you are right..its inbuilt into the motherboard. All laptops are like that. You could try and external soundcard or a gadget from Creative using its crystallizer software. Heres the link:

Creative Xmod

Hope that helps. Says its built to improve onboard sound like your problem
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I have a Toshiba 46SL412U LCD TV The sound is not good. I am not interested in stereo quality sound but just want to be able to get a decent volume level. Does the signal coming from the cable box (Comast HD type) control the audio level or is it just the tv itself. What can I get at a reasonable price (<$50) that is easy to install and use? I have read through all the forums and they did not seem to exactly fit my area of concern. Spekers I have looked at were primarily for PC or laptop computers. Thanks


A:Speaker has poor sound

For a TV you really need a Hi-Fi system or a surround-sound system.

I have my Sony LCD TV connected to my Technics HiFi system via the left channel/right channel phono connectors on each device, so that the sound goes to my big Technics 3-way speakers. The Sony sound is actually quite acceptable but my hi-fi adds much more base and depth, especially for DVD-Video.
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My laptop has excellent quality audio on cd's, streaming videos, games, and everything else EXCEPT DVD's. It used to play the sound normally but suddenly it started to skip, echo and sounds 'tinny'. The video on the DVD's still plays fine, so it is just the audio that seems to be messed up. Like I say, the audio on everything else still works absolutely fine.
I contacted Acer about the problem and they said I should just reset the laptop and start over, but since most of the programs on the laptop were put on at the factory (including windows) if I reset it then I won't have the disks to put all the programs back on. Any help would be much appreciated.
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Lenovo G580 W7 x64
I just installed an application called camtasia on my new lenovo g580, which is a video making tool. I done a few tests of the sound playback of my voice recording and the sound is really hissy and muffled like speaking into a cup. I tried increasing the system sound and lowering the microphone sound, which helped a little bit but not much. I still get the hissing interference sound in the background.
I used camtasia on my old XP HP laptop and never had this problem.
Any thoughts on proper sound settings I can use or changes I can make to fix this? Camtasia settings make no real difference either as this just slightly alters the settings you already have on the machine, it doesn't trim anything off the sound of playback.

A:Poor Sound Problem

Hi Lenovo G580 W7 x64 I just installed an application called camtasia on my new lenovo g580, which is a video making tool. I done a few tests of the sound playback of my voice recording and the sound is really hissy and muffled like speaking into a cup. I tried increasing the system sound and lowering the microphone sound, which helped a little bit but not much. I still get the hissing interference sound in the background. I used camtasia on my old XP HP laptop and never had this problem. Any thoughts on proper sound settings I can use or changes I can make to fix this? Camtasia settings make no real difference either as this just slightly alters the settings you already have on the machine, it doesn't trim anything off the sound of playback. Thanks AndrewAre you using a built-in mic or an external one? If the former, then you might want to try the latter.The other thing to try is to test sound recording with Windows 7 built-in Sound Recorder app: might tell you if it is a general problem or a problem specific to Camtasia.
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Hi people!

When I install latest Realtek drivers I'm getting 50% lowest sound than I had before I've formatted my OS, also the same version of drivers and OS.
I'm running W7 x64 and Asus P5Q - PRO mb.
When I uninstall them and install "default Windows7 Realtek HD drivers" sound is great and high like before.

How can I solve this problem because I tried every to combine with every settings in Realtek HD audio manager but with no success?

A:W7 x64 - poor sound levels

Windows volume panel > Playback devices > Speaker > Properties > Levels > Realtek HD Audio Output
What does your output level look like?
Is it at the maximum?

Realtek also has Loudness Equalization which will boost the volume quite a bit.
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Running XP SP2

I recently discovered that the sound quality of my WMP10 is awful compared to some of the other sound utilities that I have on my system (like the CD audio player that came with my ATI video card). I would like to continue to use WMP if possible so I'm not looking for rants against WMP or Microsoft or suggestions to use WinAmp.

I would like to try uninstalling and reinstalling it, but I'm just looking for verification that I can just uninstall it from Add/Remove programs and that it's not woven into XP like IE is.

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I recently upgraded my SattellitePro 4300 laptop, increasing the ram and HDD. This required a reload of operating system (WIN 2000 Pro) and all drivers and software.
Now the sound coming from the speakers or headphones, no matter what the source (CD's, MP3, or WAV files) sound like an old scratched record, with a "click" every 3 seconds. This is more noticable with loud music, and seems to be an "break" in the sound continuity every 3 seconds, just for a small period, perhaps less than a tenth of a second.
I have done all the obvious things (updated sound drivers, etc.) but still the problem remains. All sound output experiences this problem.

The sound driver is Yamaha DS-XG.

Any suggestions what else I could try?

A:Poor Sound Quality

Well, maybe "fixed" is a little strong.

Not sure what I have done, but it did not include any more drivers, but merely changes to the settings and today, after I powered up this morning, the sounds is working without those annoying "scratched vinyl" simulations.

I'll have to mark this one up as "smoke and mirrors".
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I have an HP 2000-2D19WM that I bought five days ago. It is running on windows 8 and has all the drivers updated. The problem experienced is that it produces very poor quality of sound whether I use speakers or headphones. I tried to tweak by using the enhancement options but to no avail. The sound may be louder but the quality below par. Please I need help.

A:Poor sound quality

Hello @Shelomoh, Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! I see that your notebook computer is producing a poor quality sound, and I would be happy to help you!  To improve the quality of sound on your computer, I recommend following this document on No Sound from Speakers (Windows 8). This should help with the playback on your system. In addition, you can also follow @SuperMario1's thread on Troubleshooting Guide: Audio does not Work after a Certain Period of Time. This guide should help with your notebook's audio output in regards to a recent Windows Update. For more assistance, I will need to know: If your computer has completed all of its important Windows Updates.If you have updated your HP drivers using the HP Support Assistant.The format of music files you are playing, and the program you are playing them on.If this is an on-going, or recent issue.If using headphones produces the same poor quality.  Please re-post with the results of your troubleshooting, as well as the requested information above. I look forward to your reply!Regards
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Hello guys,
I just recently purchased an Acer Aspire X1700, which I now regret. Anyway, I am very disappointed in the sound quality of the system. After toying with the idea of replacing the sound card, I found out that this computer is not really upgradeable, and it looks as though the sound card cannot be replaced in this system, because of it's special configuration. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I could make the sound better, if I am not able to change anything out? RIght now all music and video sounds very tinny.
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I had a large music collection on my old system (XP sp2). After a motherboard death, I pulled the hard drive and installed it as a slave in my new system. (Presario SR1724NX).
The sound quality is very poor. Sounds echo, and some of the vocal tracks are almost inaudible.
I have tried Media Player 10 and RealPlayer and both sound alike.
I am thinking the Sound Card is bad, but before I buy a new one I am hoping someone will have some suggestions.
Also recommendations for a good sound card and speakers are welcome. I don't have a "Golden Ear", but I would like it to sound good.


A:Poor sound quality

First thing to do is try uninstalling and re-installing the sound card drivers.
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My audio playback quality through wmp 10 has recently become scratchy and tinny. Playback is fine through mplayer2 or through the internet, so my soundcard or speakers can't be at fault. The problem occurs with both CD's and music files. Can anyone suggest a possible fix or otherwise a good alternative media player? Thanks

A:poor sound quality

Is it just Audio CDs you want play then itunes is OK
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I really don't know what's going on with my sb0400 (sound blaster audigy 2 Value)... When I first installed it I had a very good sound with depth and everything but recently I tried to update my sound card driver and I really believe I've lost some sound quality somehow... In fact right now I'm using my onboard sound just to give you an idea on how disappointed I am with my new sound card sound.
I believe that reinstalling the driver from the factory cd could help but I lost it .
Can anyone help me??? I really don't know much about hardware and especially about sound cards...

A:Getting poor sound with my Audigy 2 Value

If you are using Windows XP you can go into Device Manager and use Roll Back Driver.
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im currently transferring vhs tapes to dvd-R format. Video quality is fine but sound quality is poor. Im using arcsoft showbiz dvd 2 and im using my home cinema audio through my vcr/dvd combi by LG. The manual with arcsoft showbiz dvd is rubbish and i believe their tech support is poor so im looking for someonw with some experience of the software to help me out here. Possibly it is due to the quality of sound on the tape and possibly due to limitations in the arcsoft software

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For me... when I'm at the near end of my song it just stops for two seconds and makes a crackling sound. What is this? What does it mean? How can I stop it from happening?

A:Poor sound quality

The fist step is to make sure that your audio driver is up to date and not corrupted
Go to search
type device manager
In device manger look for any yellow markers
Then make sure audio driver is up to date.

Question one in particular
Play an audio or video file: frequently asked questions
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This has now happened for the second time. My system shuts is self off like a power cut and then will not let me boot into windows. It gets to the windows xp user logon password screen and then when I try to access my administrator xp account it does the power off again. I can boot into safemode. There is also possible damage to bios as we had a nightmare trying to reinstall windows as the usb keyboard mouse would not function. Got a new motherboard in end and reinstalled ok. Only for the same problem to occur a few days later after installing progs. I think the most likely source is a bad .exe file. Please help. I can't afford for this to keep happening.

A:windows boot problems severe damage possible bios damage HELP!!

Welcome to the forums gurrilla..............:D

Would you be kind enough to post some system specs..........;)
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Hi. I have a Equium A100 with sound problems. The best I can describe it is that it sounds like a Dalek.
I'm running Xp pro. I've uninstalled and re installed the driver a few times in the hope that would sort it, but that hasn't worked.
Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

A:Re: Very poor sound on Equium A100

Before we start discussion about your problem please post which notebook model do you have exactly (A100-xxx) and which operating system do you use.

By the way: this A100 is pretty old and, if I?m remembering well, some of them were delivered with Windows XP Media Center Edition. I presume with original preinstalled OS the sound must be OK. Can you confirm this?
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Once in a while, I got very poour sound quality from Youtube, The sound look like a metallic one. I did listen to the same video on my Android tablet and the sound was normal.

I tried with Chrome and Internet Explorer. Both give me the poor quality sound

Sound from Realteck. Did check and I have the latest driver

Any idea

Win 10 64 24 gb memory


A:Poor sound quality (Occasionnaly)

Since this is intermittent, I would suspect the internet link from YouTube. From your post I assume all other sound is OK.
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Hello everyone,Please I need help with my Laptop:HP Pavilion TS Sleekbook 14Original OS: Windows 8, then upgraded to Windows 8.1, then currently upgraded to Windows 10 Home 64-bit.Problem 1: The "Touch Screen" feature is not working anymore. I can't remember if it happened during upgrades since I rarely touch the screen.Problem 2: Since around 2 months ago, the sound quality deteriorated. The volume is still good, but no bass when listening with both headphones or theater speakers. But when I used other music players, both headphones & theater speakers sound very good. So the problem is in my laptop, even the graphic Equalizer cannot enhance the quality. The sound in my laptop is very essential since I do music productions using this laptop. It's frustrating having this poor sound quality. I already did Uninstall & Reinstall the driver IDT High Definition Audio CODEC but still no improvement.Can anyone help me?Thank you.

A:No BASS - poor sound quality.

denzjim  test the driver Uninstall the old IDT driver and reboot after reboot install the new driver
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I have a Asus m4a77td pro motherboard in my system, and I have had no complaints until recently when I decided to connect a microphone to it. When I talk into the mic the recording of my voice ends up being 'crackly'.

This also happens with a USB Video Capture device that I have tried to use. For the audio recording part I have a seperate audio cable from the video source to the Line In. I STILL get a crackly sound!

So the problem I'm getting is from using two different sockets, Mic and Line In. Now I have a treble boot setup. Win7 Ultimate 32bit, Win7 Ultimate 64bit and WinXP Home Edition 32bit. On XP I don't have any problems with the sound at all. It's just with Windows 7!!??

So I'm guessing that the latest VIA driver is just not good enough in Windows 7?

Anyone else had this problem? If so, how did you solve it?

A:Crackling and Poor Sound on Win7.

There are many posts (and fixes) on this forum (and other forums) about the crackling. Look over the posts here and see if anything in those applies or will fix yours.

Drivers are one thing. Video drivers are another. Wi-Fi can cause it, a cordless phone or cell phone near the PC, etc.
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I downloaded a few mp3's of old-time radio shows, and they play and sound fine through Windows Media. I burned them to a cd, and now there is a tinny/far away sound, like listening through a long pipeline. Any ideas?

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Hi Recently i bought sony headphones, the problem is the sound quality of the headphones for music and movies is excellent on iphone and macbook but when i plug it into my Hp probook 4540s , the quality is extremly poor the bass and treble is very ordinary even for youtube , I can't understand the reason i have checked all the sound settings also.I have windows 8 and pre-installed since 3 years . Anyone can Help?
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when i record with FRAPS version 2.9.4 i get horrible sound quality spat back at me when i playback. But from research i have found out it's actually my realtek HD audio manager is to blame (atleast i think it is). is there a way to fix this horrible sound quality recoreding issue?
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Once in a while, I got very poour sound quality from Youtube, The sound look like a metallic one. I did listen to the same video on my Android tablet and the sound was normal.

I tried with Chrome and Internet Explorer. Both give me the poor quality sound

Sound from Realteck. Did check and I have the latest driver

Any idea

Win 10 64 24 gb memory


A:Poor sound quality (Occasionnaly)

Since this is intermittent, I would suspect the internet link from YouTube. From your post I assume all other sound is OK.
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Something happened to my WMP 12. I can play DVD's and the audio and sound are fine but when I play a store bought original CD the sound is garbled. Sound plays fine with Nero Showtime or VLC but is staticky and garbled when using WMP. I have used the Windows troubleshooter which reset everything but the same problems occur on every CD. Tried to update my Realtec drivers using device manager but they are up to date, and they really are not the problem because every CD plays fine as long as I don't use WMP. Can anyone help me try to solve this problem?

A:Poor Windows Media 12 sound for CD's only

sometimes these plug-in players come equipped with their own codecs
codecs are little programs that interpret the audio signals from the player

occasionally, these codecs are incompatible with Windows Media Player,
and will cause problems - I'm not sure if Nero Showtime or VLC are among those that do..

I'm not an expert in the subject, but I do know that if you post your DxDiag here, the (possibly rogue) codecs will be listed
- someone here may may be able to identify them and advise you on how to deal with them..
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Ok i ran 3D Mark 05 and i could only get 7 FPS. I kno my ATI Radeon Visionteck X1300 PCI will do alot better i have the latest drivers installed and everything. Any advice on what to do?

A:Video card poor FPS

Well I've been prone to getting about 15fps at a time in '05 with just my PNY8500GT, 3DMark works the crap out of a video card and HEAVILY benchmarks it. It never goes easy on the GPU so of course you'll get low frame rates. Also you've got your current RAM speed which is DDR333 (PC2700) which is also a bottleneck (or would be if you had a more powerful card)...and then there's IDE which is like less than half as fast as SATA. Trust me, I know this stuff too, I even borrowed an XFX 7950GT from my friend and I still got crap speeds on my Pentium 4 system because of the old motherboard and slow ram and slow hard drive.
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Windows 7 64-bit I'm using an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ processor My audio is working, but I'm getting "popping" noises every 15-30 seconds and it's really bothering me. I updated to the latest driver for Realtek AC'97 and I insalled the Realtek HD Audio drivers, but only the AC'97 shows up in the device manager. When I got to add/remove programs, it shows that HD Audio can be uninstalled, but I don't know if that means it's working. From reading around on the internet, some people said the HD Audio driver solved their problem, but I'm not sure if mine is actually working or not. I don't know much about computers, so please spell things out explicitly for me so I can just follow directions.
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Hi all I am currently copying some old VHS analogue tapes to my PC for editing I have copied the film OK along with the sound using quot One touch grabber quot This edits OK in Movie maker and plays fine but the resultant save to the PC wmv format when played back in Media player has very quiet fuzzy sound quite unlike the raw film as edited and played in movie maker which was quite clear and crisp I decided therefore to pick up the sound track from the VHS tape separately using the the mike in Poor output sound maker Movie input socket in the PC and the windows sound Poor sound in Movie maker output recorder The intention Poor sound in Movie maker output being to put this recorded file against the film in Movie maker and editing it along with the muted video The recorded sound in wma format was Poor sound in Movie maker output fine when played alone and the file was imported and edited with no problems with the muted video files Playback of this via movie maker was OK The final result when the combination was published to the pc as a wmv file played through media player was just as dismal Does anybody know the reason for this or suggest a way of getting better output sound Thanks in advance Penphill
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I have the nbsp i GB touchscreen and used to get about - hours battery life but it s declined to about hours after months of use nbsp I finally contacted Dell and according to their tech this is quot normal wear and tear quot and the average life span is only quot a year to a year and a half quot nbsp He then proceeded to install 9343 XPS 13 Battery Sound Poor Buzzing & a battery management software on my system and said that my battery health is good even though the performance has dropped about in less than a year nbsp I asked to speak to a supervisor and the supervisor said that I am quot lucky to be getting - hours backup battery quot I asked him to tell me where on the Dell website does it say that it should be like that and he in return asked me to tell him where on the website does it say that I should be getting more nbsp I was so upset by the supervisor XPS 13 9343 Poor Battery & Buzzing Sound that I forgot to mention the annoying buzzing sound that has plagued my laptop since I received it I just emailed support and hope XPS 13 9343 Poor Battery & Buzzing Sound that they can be more helpful than the tech that I spoke to on the phone Has anyone else had a similar issue experience nbsp
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So recently I noticed that I've been having to hike up my volume more and more. I use to be able to watch various youtube videos at a solid 10, sometimes 15. But recently I've had to crank up the volume all the way to 30 just to hear decently. At first I thought it was the youtube videos, but their volume is at max, and it's not Dolby home theater V4 since I checked to make sure that was on, and I haven't changed any of the profiles on it. Basically nothing has really changed settings wise, and it just started within the last.. month maybe 2.  Any ideas what may be causing it or how to fix it?

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I can't get any bass on my audio and my Beats control panel isn't working.  I'm running Windows 8.1.  Is it a driver issue?

A:Poor sound quality on Beats laptop

Hi @henry8181 , Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums and Welcome. I have read about your HP Notebook and having issues with the sound on Windows 8.1. The Microsoft Sound Troubleshooter will go through some settings and will fix it automatically. The first thing to try is this HP support document No Sound from Speakers. It has a number of good troubleshooting steps including using the built-in Windows troubleshooter.Another solution is to uninstall the driver manually then force Windows to reinstall it. Follow the steps below to do that. Open Device Manager and open Sound, video and game controller section.Right click on your audio driver and select Uninstall.Restart the computer. Windows will then force in the driver on startup. I would be happy to assist if needed as there are many models of HP I would need the model number. How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?Please let me know. Thanks.
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Hi I just bought a new bit computer with GB RAM and GHz AMD Athlon AM Dual Core Also got Windows Vista Home Premium Bit But my problem is that the sound is awful it sounds like tapes in a cassette player when the batteries are running down with added dropouts and crackles especially when I minimise the media player when playing audio files i've tiried WMP VLC Zoom and WinAmp Any videos I stream on the net also sound like this AVI's also have poor sound quality and can also be quot sticky quot the picture not running smoothly My soundcard is fine i've run different ones on the machine and they all sound like this my amp cables videos quality and sticky sound Poor and speakers are working perfectly too I never use more than GB RAM and about of the CPU according to TaskManager I think it's a problem with Vista but can't get anywhere with MS and my usual Google searches on the problem have proved fruitless Please Help Thanks in advance Jamie

A:Poor sound quality and sticky videos

Originally Posted by tyui


I just bought a new 64 bit computer with 4GB RAM and 3.1 GHz AMD Athlon64 AM2 Dual Core 6000+. Also got Windows Vista Home Premium 64 Bit. But my problem is that the sound is awful, it sounds like tapes in a cassette player when the batteries are running down, with added dropouts and crackles, especially when I minimise the media player when playing audio files, (i've tiried WMP, VLC, Zoom and WinAmp). Any videos I stream on the net also sound like this. AVI's also have poor sound quality and can also be "sticky" the picture not running smoothly.
My soundcard is fine, i've run different ones on the machine and they all sound like this, my amp, cables and speakers are working perfectly too. I never use more than 1.5GB RAM and about 20% of the CPU according to TaskManager.
I think it's a problem with Vista 64 but can't get anywhere with MS, and my usual Google searches on the problem have proved fruitless.
Please Help!
Thanks in advance

ok i have had this problem before as well, its nothing bad, in fact its something built into vista to stop your speakers blowing, what you need to do is reduce the volume in windows and use the volume on the amplifier or speaker set, heres a demonstration of what i mean....
when your volume reaches a certain level, you will hear distortion and see the grey bar go past the marker on the sound devices (1st picture),
to fix the problem, all you need to do is reduce the volume of the media player and main volume and use the volume switch on your speakers(2nd picture)
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Hi all For quite some time my computer has been rather slow and as I am rather lazy I ve not cared too much about it poor coming Solved: from Sound performance + CPU The other odd symptom Solved: Sound coming from CPU + poor performance was that each time a process runs on the machine anything from switching windows to typing in a rich-text textbox I hear light sound from my case that is sort of like a CD-ROM drive accessing a disc a little whispy-ish sort of sound Anyway I finally got fed up and opened my case thinking it was possibly a hard drive going and the reduced performance due to reduced access rate from it but to my surprise the sound was not coming from the harddrives or the cd drives but in fact the CPU fan ensemble or part of the motherboard quite near it Now I know CPUs don t generally make noise as they shouldn t and that in most cases this would be the fan but what would cause the fan to make noises like that only when the CPU is in use That is it s not any constant whirrrr or anything mechanical it just sounds like well if you were to associate a sound with data processing this would be it Quick itermittent whisps that directly correlate to running processes Anyway I don t know if what s causing the sound is also responsible for the reduced performance but they do seem correlated My stats Intel P running on an ASUS P V X-MX WinXP Any ideas at all are greatly appreciated Dan nbsp

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I have recently purchased a new HP laptop but the sound is really terrible - lots of reverb and nothing is clear - very disappointed as a big reason for purchasing this laptop was the supposedly amazing sound technology provided by the Bang & Olufsen speakers! Please can someone advise how to fix this or is it just faulty?
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I recently installed a ATI TV Wonder Pro. I have been trying to set it up properly all day with the following major problems:

Sound is of a very poor quality. Sounds that should be like a soft "s" sound more like a hard "ZZZ"

I hear an effect... hard to explane... Like having the volume turned up way too loud for the speakers to handle if you know what I mean. I have tryed to adjust every volume slider in my computer. Nothing helps

Any Ideas as to the cause and/or solutions for this problem?

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I have upgrade my Windows XP pc to W7 and after the upgrade my 802.11n Wireless Lan Card has an poor range that fluctuates between 1 and 2 stripes. Anyone else also have this problem?

A:802.11n Wireless LAN Card poor range?

Try updating you WIFI driver, If you give me some speck i can link you to the download.
Have you moved your device at all or have you moved anything around the router, E.G Fridge, TV ECT...
These can all soak up your precious signal! :P
if you Pm me i would be more then happy to help!
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I have a 4.1 creative sound system and i can barelly hear the rear speakers , i can only adjust the DB Room Adjustment of the speakers if im in 5.1 OR 7.1 mode. Even then its not great

Why though not QUAD enable toom adjustment? , seems stupid to me

Also there is alot of annoying distortion through the rears
ALC889A, Vista x64, Speaker Fill = rear speakers distorted - Vista Forums
Same as in that link!

This is the same with vista

A:Poor low Rear sound - ALC890 Audio Codec

No sound through rear speakers on websites ie Youtube
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I have a Toshiba satelite A30 with a Realtek ac97 audio device.
The audio has been working fine for a few years now, but has recently been producing poor quality sound, like it is saturated.
I have been playing with sound volume, have reinstalled the latest drivers as well as the latest version of directX, but still experience the same problem.
I have also checked if there was a hardware conflict, but nothing shows...

can it be that the hardware is damaged, and i need to buy an external sound card or can this be solved otherwise?

thanks for anyone's help.


A:Realtek ac97 audio - poor quality sound

impossible to buy an external sound card for a laptop. Did you recently update any software or drivers?
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I have a 4.1 creative sound system and i can barelly hear the rear speakers , i can only adjust the DB Room Adjustment of the speakers if im in 5.1 OR 7.1 mode. Even then its not great

Why though not QUAD enable toom adjustment? , seems stupid to me

Also there is alot of annoying distortion through the rears
ALC889A, Vista x64, Speaker Fill = rear speakers distorted - Vista Forums
Same as in that link!

This is the same with win 7
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Hi, need some help trying to figure out why my Ipod sounds lousy when played through my Toshiba laptop (w/ Windows XP). Sounds fine when played alone-sound on computer is also ok when playing a CD/DVD. It sounds fine when you first start for about 60 secs, but then the sound quality deteriorates; there's static, and the overall sound is best described as something like helicopter blades in the background. Weird. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
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Hello, Last week, I updated my windows 8.1 hp envy 15 (product number: F9F15EA#UUG) to windows 10. When using windows 8, it had a verry dynamic sound thanks to the beats audio that was included. However,  after downloading windows 10 , the audio became kind of hollow and just of poor quality . When using windows 8, you could really hear the difference between when you unchecked  beats audio and when you put it on. Since i'm using windows 10, I cant hear any difference anymore, this is why i suspect the problem is with the beats drivers.I've already tried to update my audio drivers as was posted as a solution on this forum, but this dit not resolved the issue.I hope anyone knows a (simple) soolution for this issue since i got used to the good sound quality. Greetings.
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I have a set of Zalman Surround sound Headphones that support 5.1 These worked well on my Shuttle but not on this Asus board.

I cannot get the volume of the rear speaker up. I have updated the Realtek AC'97 drivers. I have also dropped the front and side channel volume, leaving rear on max then upping the overall volume still not much joy.

When playing HL2 I almost have to be facing something to hear stuff.

there are 4 ports Rear, Side, Centre and Front. I?m connected to Rear, Centre and front ( the manual mentions this for 6 channel support, side is only for 8 channel ). Windows config is set to 5.1, the realtek app sets to 6 channel. HL2 and CS:S set to 5.1. The headphones have 3 jacks Rear, centre and front.

Thoughts ?

A:Problems on Asus A8V with 5.1 sound - rear volume poor.

Mark T said:


I have a set of Zalman Surround sound Headphones that support 5.1 These worked well on my Shuttle but not on this Asus board.

I cannot get the volume of the rear speaker up. I have updated the Realtek AC'97 drivers. I have also dropped the front and side channel volume, leaving rear on max then upping the overall volume still not much joy.

When playing HL2 I almost have to be facing something to hear stuff.

there are 4 ports Rear, Side, Centre and Front. I?m connected to Rear, Centre and front ( the manual mentions this for 6 channel support, side is only for 8 channel ). Windows config is set to 5.1, the realtek app sets to 6 channel. HL2 and CS:S set to 5.1. The headphones have 3 jacks Rear, centre and front.

Thoughts ?Click to expand...

I would probably think about getting a new sound card. I have an asus board, and the sound jus isn't as good as it can be. you also might want to try different configurations. they might have it set at a different setting. and also is your headphones any good? if you do go with sound, go with creative. unsurpassed sound at an incredible price!

"from a person's perspective"
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I just bought a HP 15 AC083TX laptop. i updated all the drivers, but even if i keep my laptop just 1 metre away from the router the bars are drastically reduced to just 2 bars. any idea what is wrong?

A:The WiFi card in my laptop has poor range

What router u have? Can u test with a different WiFi device?
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Hi All

i am at the end of my tether with this machine. the sound quality is terrible. the only way i can hear anything is if i am in a silent room and then its difficult to hear. i bought the laptop brandnew so i doubt its the speakers as the sound as always been this bad. i have updated my drivers and still my audio is woeful. please help!



A:poor sound quality Lenovo Ideapad Conexant Audio HD

Originally Posted by mightycee79

Hi All

i am at the end of my tether with this machine. the sound quality is terrible. the only way i can hear anything is if i am in a silent room and then its difficult to hear. i bought the laptop brandnew so i doubt its the speakers as the sound as always been this bad. i have updated my drivers and still my audio is woeful. please help!



Welcome to the forums, you could try installing Dolby Home Theatre 4, installation instructions are in this link:
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Ive recently purchased this laptop brand new as a replacement to my HP chromebook 14. Although a better spec, this laptop is seriously underperforming compared to the chromebook. Biggest issue is the audio quality, any noise played from the speakers is accompanied by a static buzzing/muffling sound.  How do I solve this?
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HP ENVY TouchSmart -j nr Notebook PC ENERGY STAR Model E A UAWhen Windows was giving a free low not ... Poor working Envy sound, HP 21 quality, Audio Beats Windows upgrade from I upgraded Since then I have had very low sound from only the front speakers near my wrists and low quality like they are from a really old game boy Beats Audio does not work and there are no drivers for it I have scoured the internet for a solution HP Envy 21 Poor quality, low sound, Beats Audio not working ... to my problem but I have not found one I have checked every other week researching I've been in the properties and drivers I even did a Windows Update at the time of installation and have kept it current to see if there is a fix to no avail nbsp HP Doesn't find any updated drivers for my computer for audio Beats Audio has no software or drivers for my computer either Again I have not found the same problem with a solution None have worked so far Please help
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I have an asus M N -SLI Deluxe MB W SoundMax onboard sound I ve been reading tonnes of related forums all week and Asus Series Pops, Sound M2N-SLI Poor SoundMax: Cracks, i still cannot fix the poor sound quality cracks pops and so on music is poor sound FX are the worst and internet sound does not work I have tried Regedit wavemapper already it did not help much I did a fresh install for the second time this week and still no improvment When i first assembled my new machine and ran it mths ago everything worked perfectly so i know it did work before up until about wks ago i have already tried most of the generic and basic fixes but still no improvement everything on my comp works great except my sound I am trying to avoid a getting new sound card because i do not want one and my case is aready quite full I Asus M2N-SLI Series SoundMax: Cracks, Pops, Poor Sound am running out of ideas and any help would be appreaciated THX OS - XP Home SP Fully Updated MB - M N -SLI Deluxe Prsr - AMD X DuCore Mem - G ddr Vid - Radeon X HDD - Segate G SATA x nbsp

A:Asus M2N-SLI Series SoundMax: Cracks, Pops, Poor Sound

Go to start -> run -> type dxdiag

And post what it says under the audio tab
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I know that my system is outdated compared to nowadays PCs but it is really sufficient for my humbled needs and it was working fine under XP but when I jumped to Windows 7, I found out that video performance is so poor in a strange way (same exact videos played great under windows XP) and after i did a lot of exhaustive goggling, I just came up with that the reason might lie in the combination of using a DX9 card under windows 7 (PS I'm using the latest 195.62 driver from nvidia). Can someone give the drivers that came up with windows vista 32 so that I try them on the hope that it can help with the performance issue.

PS I use realplayer (and I tried different players but still same performance issue) and Klite codec pack

A:Poor performance of video files using 6200 AGP card

Hi, see if there is anything here that might help you.

Install AGP Drivers for HD 3850, 3650, 2400 PRO
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Since I reinstalled my graphics card, when watching videos the colour is all messed up. The colour is a lot whiter than usual and is almost black and white. I never had this problem before I reinstalled my graphics card and I have the latest driver for the website. The driver I had before I reinstalled my graphics card was different however I don't have that any lnger as I lost the Cd that came with the card.

The graphics card I am using is the XpertVision GeForce 5500 fx 128mb and I am using Windows 2000 professional SP4.

A:Video quality is poor since I reinstalled graphics card.

The last version of Forceware, I think 77.72 caused the same problem for me. 77.77 cleared it up. You can find older versions of the driver on nVidias site. You dont have to use the ones from the cd.
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Hey guys. I have an HP m6-k015dx and it has an intel centrino 2230 wifi card in it. I also have an old, netgear wna 1100 usb wireless adapter. The wireless usb adapter I have gets extremely better wifi connection that the internal adapter and the signal strength on the networks won't fluctuate. Are there any settings I can change on the intel adapter, or can I buy a new internal adapter to replace the intel to get better reception? Thanks.

A:Wireless card with poor reception and dropping connection

Does anybody have suggestions for a good wireless card? The 2230 is really ticking me off because it doesn't have 5ghz support and reception is abysmal.
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I have a Compaq pen computer in I have this as a sound card Realtek AC Audio I dont have any specifications on that sound card so i assume it was state of art Card VERSUS the state 2003 2008 Sound card of Sound the art for the year I notice the Diamond XtremeSound bit Sound Card specifications below for sale at Staples for Should i consider buying that Sound card to replace my sound card 2003 state of the art Sound Card VERSUS 2008 Sound card I use my speakers almost exclusively for listening stream media I have a Magnovox home stereo speakers hooked up to my computer Realtek AC Audio -to- Diamond XtremeSound bit Sound Card Diamond XtremeSound bit Sound Card Allows the user to experience high level theater quality sound while watching videos listening to music and playing games all in true channel surround sound Dolby EX and DTS formats channel DVD playback virtual speaker shifter providing surround sound for CDs and MP s Audacity multi-track recording editing studio included channel audio output bit KHz playback Karaoke support band equalizer with presets Mic and stereo line inputs Front left right rear left right and center subwoofer outputs nbsp
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A lil' confused so need some expert adv.

Just wish to reconfirm, this USB PNP, IF it will record/SAVE
from my audio cassette player to my desk top,using WIN XP PRO ! I wish to transfer songs from audio cassettes to my desk top which does not have a sound card.I have the COOL RECORDER in case that helps, does it ?
Earlier I have used the TV tuner card which did the job of such a transfer but that went kaput.

Thx for yr help.Cheers

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I recently updated to windows 10 but the Waves Maxx audio is not working properly. It doesn't start automatically at startup (it is not disabled in task manager) and the audio is cracking both in speaker as well as in all my headphones and earphones. I've reinstalled the driver from Dell's official site several times but nothing works. My windows 10 OS is up to date with anniversary update. In device manager all the drivers are installed.

A:Dell Inspiron 15 3521 Sound quality is poor after Windows 10 upgrade

Hi Vipin Yadav,
I would suggest you to uninstall and reinstall the audio driver from Dell website as these drivers are tested on the Dell system. Please follow the steps mentioned below to uninstall the audio card.

In the search box, Start typing devmgmt.msc and then press enter.
Select the Sound, video and game controllers listed and expand it.
You should find Realtek High definition audio or audio controller please right click on it.
Now select properties.
In the properties window, under Driver tab, click on Uninstall button.
Check “Delete the driver software for this device.”
You want to delete the driver click OK.

After the uninstall finishes restart the system. Please enter your service tag # on the link below, select the OS, then download the BIOS from BIOS section and audio driver from audio section onto the system and install it.
Please let me know if this helps.
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Summary- ThinkPad T550-just over a year old and out of warranty- completly dead with some sort of hardware issue. Lenovo customer support- refused to stay on the line to offer assistance since it was out of warranty.  Good product and support, I tell you.
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Hi I haven't done anything to my computer.And when I went to stream some sound it has a echo to it.Sounds like I'm in a cave.Does anybody have any ideas.I have no virus.spyware or malware. meatman Moderator Edit: Moved topic to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:My Sound Sounds Has Echo

Got anyone else in your house?It's possible that someone changed the environment or sound effects to echo.My Computer >> Control Panel >> Sound Effect ManagerUnder the environment tab it is on <None>
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i reformatted my computer and now the sound coming from my speakers sound very hollow and distant not the usual rich and direct sound. i've played around with all the settings and still didn't get any results.

I have a creative soundblaster audigy 4 SE 7.1 with 2.1 altec Lansing speakers
i know that 100% its not my speakers.

A:sound sounds hollow

The reformat will have wiped the drivers (including the motherboard drivers).

Have you reloaded ALL drivers? Windows will usually substitute "basic" drivers, which may be less than optimum.
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New build.
Xp Pro.
AMD 1800+
CMI8738/c3dx onboard sound.
256 ram.
256 agp vid.
IWILL board.

I got this mother board processor and a adapter for sound. (takes up one of the slots but does not plug into the pci slot. has a wire that plugs in twards the bottom of the board..)

I used the driver CD that came with the board and processor. I was told it was the one that came with it, but to me its Unknown if its the correct one

A:Sound sounds like I am in a cave.

Most onboard sound chips have their little utilities that let you add such effects... try checking in that to make sure you don't have some "sound environment" set up.
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My headphones don't work!

It is plugged into the right socket at the back of the sound card and it doesn't work. My desktop speakers work though, howcome my headphones don't work??

A:Sounds sound weird...

Minime88 said:

It is plugged into the right socket at the back of the sound card and it doesn't work. My desktop speakers work though, howcome my headphones don't work??Click to expand...

It isn't weird at all, but you don't list your hardware information at all or anything for that matter then no one can help you.

I can only give you an educated guess of your hardware, for an example...

Latency equates to output sound bandwidth, if your hardware used non-standardize data pathways such as some ASUS implementations of audio in nVIDIA nFORCE series chipset, the additional latency caused loss of bandwidth.

To compensate the POST data sample windows can be shifted back and additional gain applied, this will translate to too much bass and not enough treble, or the inverse when none being used with same symptoms as yours which is too quiet due to truncation of lower bandwidth spectrum samples from the latency delay. Boosting the gain will give much hissing with little gain in bass.
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I don't have a clue what I've done or if I had anything to do with it, but my system sounds are gone. In fact, ALL sound capability is gone. For several days I had been working blissfully with my volume control turned all the way down. When I turned it up recently, I noticed the sound problem.

I've reseated the SoundBlaster card, gone through the troubleshooter, answered all the questions, checked the cables, couldn't find any conflicts, and I'm still stumped. Can you please help?

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Six months and still not got a mother board for lenovo y510p. No proper date of resolution. Worst Experience with Lenovo. Escalated Services_ED <[email protected] and [email protected] . But still didnt got product after 3 monthsof excalation.  I dont want this laptop want to gift it to lenovo for providing worst service and degraded quality product.Kindly make arrangement to take my dead laptop for free .
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First off, I didn't know whether to post this in gaming or hardware. Sorry.

My question: If there is dust on the videocard and fans or other poor condtions in my computer, can it affect performance in gaming? FPS wise?

Thanks, Andrew.

A:Poor computer conditions = poor gaming performance?

I think any build-up of dust can lead to poor performance due to heat. And heat can lead to crashes, BSODs, etc.
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I'm working on a rebuild of an old Dell. I disabled the onboard sound, and installed several different PCI sound cards. The system is not my main system, but a spare. It's a 32-bit processor, but has Win7 Pro 64 OS.

The onboard sound adapter is so old, I could not get 64-bit drivers from Dell, so I disabled it and bought a couple of PCI sound cards. The drivers installed properly, but I can not get sound from internet, such as YouTube, Pandora no matter which sound adapter is used. This is true in either FireFox or IE9.

But I **DO** get sound from system events such as opening or closing Windows, beeps, errors, etc. **AND** I can play MP3 files from my HD through WMP.

I have downloaded the latest Flash player from Adobe, but I'm not sure if it was 32-bit or 64-bit Flash Player. Would this matter?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:No sound from internet, but have system sounds

There is no possible way you can install a 64-bit OS onto a 32-bit Processor. It won't work. Period. End of Story.
Either you have a 64-bit processor, or your confused as to which version of Windows 7 you have.

Goto Control Panel -> System. Under "System Type" it will say either 32-bit or 64-bit OS.

Try some of these first:

Do me a favor in Firefox too - goto Tools -> Addons -> Plugins.
Tell me if Flash is listed in there and what it says.
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I'm having a problem with a PC where the cdrom works with data files, system sound works, but if I try to play an audio cd, there is no sound. I tried switching the small cable that connects the cdrom to the sound card, switching the cdrom, assuring volume for cd audio is not mute, but all to no avail.

I know it could be a failing soundcard that has lost its cdrom capability, but before I switch that, I thought I'd ask if anyone knows what else I can check.


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I m Running E-Machines with XP Win XP with Vinyl AC soundcard When I woke up from my nap today and tried to play some mp s using winamp it doesn t play sounds sound even no playing, system not and prompts no sound playing, not even system sounds saying quot Bad DirectSound Driver Please install proper drivers or select another device in configuration Error Code A quot So I tried playing it through WMP and it doesn t work either an the quot quot mark appears on my song list in WMP I tried the trouble shooting wizard for sound in control panel and even my system sounds cannot be played My speakers cables and power and volumes are all fine but no sound appears When I went to the Divice Manager and to quot sound video and game controllers quot there is a yellow quot quot mark on the icon for quot Microsoft Kernal Wave Audio Mixer quot So I went to the properties and tried to update the driver but that seems to be the lastest driver and from that point on I have no clue what to do Any help would be appreciated Please help cause I need my sound to wake me up in the morning for class nbsp

A:no sound playing, not even system sounds

I suggest going to the Emachine website, and downloading and reinstalling the appropriate sound driver for your specific model. If that doesn't work remove the device with the error as well as the Vinyl AC97 driver(should be listed in ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS) and reinstall the same driver you downloaded earlier.
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i've been using my laptop for over 2 yrs and the only problem i had with it was overheating . . . just a few days ago no sound came from it. i checked the device manager and the troubleshooting and the settings in control panel. still no sounds. it can't be because of wiring problems because sounds coming from the microphone still work and i also tried plugging in headphones and speakers. can anyone help pls?

thanx, ngan

A:No sound from computer but can only hear sounds from mic

try reinstalling the soundcard and stuff , that could help or just buy a new soundcard. thats what i did for mine
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Hi, My sound from my pc sounds like something from the Chip Munks i.e the speed is fast and squeeky. My soundcard i use is a AC 97. I know there is a way to resolve this problem but don't know where. Can anyone help me please??

A:My sound from my pc sounds like something from the Chip Munks -HELP

is that in games? I remember one of the Tombraiders did that...

Try the latest driver.

What motherboard is it?