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Faulty power socket on laptop

Q: Faulty power socket on laptop

Hi all,

My laptop has had a 'wobbly' power socket in the back, which has finally given up altogether. I took it to a repair shop who had it for two days and when I got it back they said I would have to keep it plugged in all the time, I couldn't take the cable out as it would happen again. So I have kept it plugged in but its gone again. My hubby opened it up and found out they had just soldered the power connector back in, and it had just weakened and fell off.

So now hubby thinks I have to buy a new motherboard and PSU, is this right or is it something I can get fixed?

Thanks guys,

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Preferred Solution: Faulty power socket on laptop

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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i have an eisystem 4416 laptop and the power socket is faulty as you have to fiddle about and get the lead in just the right place to get power to the lap top , the battery is not charging

all i need is instruction on how to take it apart and get at the mother board to check the power socket connections etc and start to determine the problem and hopefully then go on to fix it

i cant find dismantling instructions anywhere

any help out there

please thanks mikey w (wikeym)
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Does anyone know anywhere where I can purchase a dc power socket for a Packard Bell Easynote MZ35-216 laptop, preferably the exact type as the laptop has slots & a housing to hold it in place.

None of the sites I have tried on the internet seem to stock this type, or reply to emails.

I am based in the UK

Thanks for any replies


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I have a very lose power socket on my HP Pavilion ZE4200 which is stopping me to re-charge the laptop and run it off the mains.

The power socket is a standard jack type conector, I have taken out the screws to try and gain access to the power socket but I can only open it so far and can't go no further in gaining better access to be able to repair the power socket itself.

Any ideas on what is stopping me from opening the laptop fully, if so how do i go about doing it.

Also i have a cdrw/dvd is it possible to use dvd disc to save data on instead of normal cd-rw disc's


A:laptop Power Socket

Last question, if it's not a DVD-RW it won't write to DVD....only CD-R's.

First question....though I've not worked on any HP laptops, I've worked on a few others....Sony, IBM and such. It's not always screws holding the case down but make sure you've looked for screw covers (usually little round stickies) so you've got that issue eliminated. Normally, the main cover is actually snapped on and it takes one or two 'small' screwdrivers to get under it carefully and take a little at a time all the way around. Label and remember where ALL your ribbon cables go because you will most likely have to disconnect a couple anyway.

One thing I do want to stress though....if this in any way makes you a bit shy then by all means find a qualified technician to replace the socket.

Hope this helps a bit.
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I currently have a XPS 12-9Q33 laptop that is not charging. The light at the end of the power adapter is no longer lighting up so it appears to be faulty. I've called Dell to purchase a new adapter but was told that they no longer sell replacements for them and was recommended to buy an adapter from a 3rd party source.
I purchased a replacement with the same voltage and amperage that is supposed to work on a XPS 12. The laptop now powers on but will not charge. The BIOS states that the adapter is unknown and will not allow it to charge.
What can I do now? I find it really frustrating that I cannot get a direct replacement from Dell themselves so I'm stuck with a laptop that is not portable at all since the battery is at 0%

A:XPS 12 Power Adapter Faulty. Cannot charge laptop.

Third party adapters usually do not have required logic circuit to complete the batter charging loop.  It's easy to find genuine, OEM Dell adapters:
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I recently bought a new, 3rd party power cord for my Toshiba Satellite L300 from eBay.
Recently I've noticed that my battery stops charging earlier and earlier. At first it stopped at 87%, then 83%, then 80% all in one week. I've had the computer for about a year which seems a bit early for it to start degrading so fast, so could it be the power cord?

The Toshiba cord says Model: PA-1750-29, Input: 100-240V~ 50-60Hz 1.5A, Output: 19V[solid line above a dotted line]3.95A
The 3rd party cord says Model: PA-34671ACA, Input: 100-240V~1.5A 50/60Hz, Output: 19V[solid over dotted]3.95A

If the new cord is harmful to my battery, I can just solder its input plug onto the Toshiba charger (that's the only bit that was broken) but I'd rather not risk breaking two power cords if I don't need to.


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I ask because I think that s what s behind my computer powering itself off from the main desktop today Order of events - Go to turn on my computer sees its not powering on after pressing the button - No problem this has happened before but not for a few months Reaches back and pushes the power cable back power cause to a power compter cord faulty a Can down at random? in move the wire a little until I can turn the PC on -Pc turns on Clicks the proper user desktop appears nothing unusual - Walks away for about ish seconds comes back to see the computer powered off with the monitor saying what it usually does when I manually power down the PC - I turn if back on and it s been working for the past hour Nothing in the event viewer no mini dumps Already set to not auto reboot on BSOD I just want to first see if the events that happened can possibly likely be the cause of said power cord before I go any deeper to figure out the cause of the reboot If there is anything you need to know or which I should check because it probably wasn t the power cord giving my PC the power it needs please don t hesitate to post nbsp

A:Can a faulty power cord cause a compter to power down at random?

If the desktop computer's power cord was conically loose, an electric spark between the power cord and the power supply, could have eventually damaged the power supply or even the motherboard...
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I am hoping someone can help me troubleshoot my Z as it is my main Laptop and badly needed nbsp The power jack rectangular was acting up for a long time due to wear and eventually wires popped off the jack I re-soldered it and it worked for a week then all of a sudden it would not power up I removed re-inserted the power plug a few times and the power LED seemed to light for a second nbsp I could not get any sign of life at all nbsp I took it apart again and cut the power cord and soldered it directly to the cable insideThere are wires on the cable black red and blue but looking at the jack and the mobo theres only actually nbsp and minus connections On Mobo power connector pins to nbsp and to -Both blacks are tied together and reds and blue no faulty ca... power leds rewiring Z-710 after power tied together nbsp So now Z-710 no power leds after rewiring faulty power ca... I have going to Red Red Blue and Gnd going to Black Z-710 no power leds after rewiring faulty power ca... BlackI see volts at the power connector on the motherboard but pressing the power button does nothing nbsp and no LEDS light up Tried with and without battery I beleive bat is dead Does anyone have any tips Maybe something simple like needing to hold the power btn down for secs or something If not where can I find a schematic to start some nbsp board level troubleshootingI have an Electronics backgroundAny help really appreciated I need this working asap nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp

A:Z-710 no power leds after rewiring faulty power ca...

BTW, I would also appreciate any help on where to purchase a new modo in case I cant fix this one.The model on the board is DUMB02(What a name)Almost as bad as the hard drives a friend used to sell called Daejong, apparently pronounced 'Die Young'I have bought a few mobos from china that were DOA so I am leery unless someone has experience with a good seller.Don't want to pay $$$$$$
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Whenever I run my Laser Printer and my Copy machine at the same time my computer reboots It is plugged into a Battery Back-up UPS Surge protector but that doesn t keep it from rebooting I have tried moving different machines to different outlets but that doesn t help I have another Supply, Faulty ? RAM Power or identical computer on the same circuit and it does not have this problem Is this a faulty power supply RAM or I was thinking either Replace the power supply in the computer year-old Dell with a better one as maybe it has gone bad Faulty Power Supply, RAM or ? can t handle the voltage changes Purchase a Tripp Lite Line Conditioner Have an electrician add a new circuit in the office Purchase a new computer One more thing The Faulty Power Supply, RAM or ? computer does seem to be running slower than it had in the past with lots more hard drive activity almost to the point of thrashing Thanks for any advice you can give me on how I should proceed to correct this nbsp

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I m pretty sure I ve got a bad power supply hoping it s nothing more then that The computer is a HP- n with a HIPRO HP-A A power supply With all plugs disconnected I measure no voltage on a drive plug going from black ground to yellow or red power supply faulty Possible The power supply light is on solid and when I press the start button the fans start to rotate but then stop No hard drives start up but I do get a LED Possible faulty power supply on the mother board that is lit But nothing more No CPU fan or computer cooling fan or power supply fan Another Possible faulty power supply problem I noticed was in the center of the motherboard was a small heatsink not the CPU heatsink or cooling fan that was attached to a chip with springs that were connected to four hooks that were on the motherboard I found two of the hooks pulled out and the heatsink sitting off the chip but still attached by the remaining two hooks that were still on the motherboard I was able to solder i hope the two hooks back tothe motherboard but the power supply issue seems to be the main problem nbsp

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how can it be identified whether the power supply is faulty? i got a pc. cannot on. no light. the fan not working. i tried to change the power cable. it's still the same.can i make sure it's becoz of power supply faulty?

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When I plug the power cable into my Dell Dimension XPS T450, it turns on. I don't hit the power button or anything. Is this a sign that my power supply is faulty or is this common for some computers?

A:Do I have a faulty power supply?

As long as your machine is shutting down and booting and everything is running o.k. you probably don't have a psu problem. I've run across several that do the same thing and never have figured out why.
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Ive got a 300 watt antec power supply powering my dvd player, cd burner, floppy, 3 case fans and my rad 9700. Is this not enough?? Recently my computer has starting acting weird.... shutting off when clicking certain icons, thats stopped after a format. But now when i play certain games it hangs there and then reboots harsh... How big of a psu should i get and where the best deals are at??

A:power supply faulty??

Is this PSU in addition to another one that powers the rest of the system? I assume so since you left out several components in the details. How is it connected with respect to the other? What is the full configuration of the system; mobo, cpu, RAM, HDDs, etc.. and what is the power rating of the other PSU if there is one?What OS are you running?
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I have a Compac desktop computer that I use as a back up machine. Latley this thing has been randomly shutting off. The wierd thing is pressing the power button does not start it up but if I unplug the main power connector to the motherboard and plug it back in again it start up, even without pushing the power button., but it only shuts off again maybe 10 minutes later of maybe 30 minutes later sometime even 3 minutes later. Does this sound like a faulty power supply ?
To recap, after the computer shuts off it does not restart on its own. The power on button will not restart it. I have to unplu the main cable from the mother board and plug it back in again.
Thanks for your help .

A:Faulty power supply ?

It sounds like the PSU. Try a known good PSU.
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I have been looking at this computer that a lady gave me to try and fix. I have deduced that the computer is all fine except for the power button. Everything is plugged in properly, the power supply works just fine. When I push the power button though to power on the system, the system doesn't respond/turn on. Does anybody know where I could buy just the button replacement? I have tried tiger direct, and googled for the last 45 minutes, and cannot find just a button replacement. I really don't want to buy a whole barebones kit for only one button. It is an emachines tower pc.

Thank you to anybody who can help.

A:Faulty Power Button

So you have shorted the PWR pins on the Motherboard and it turns on? Is that how you have confirmed its the Power button only?
You might want to blow out all dust in the power button area, well everywhere inside the computer using high compressed air

The "Power Button" comes with the case, so worst case scenario, replace the entire case
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I'm having some strange problems with my PSU My computer went black last night while I was playing GTA IV After some research power or something Faulty supply else? on the web I came to a conclusion that my PSU died I attempted the paperclip trick with no success - fans didnt do anything I was about ready to start shopping for a new one plugged everything back into places when I saw a red V V switch on the back I switched it from default V to V and tried the paperclip test again This time the fan on the Faulty power supply or something else? back of the case not PSU started spinning and lights on the front and the green light on CD-ROM lit up I plugged the pin connector back into the motherboard and hit the on switch still with V and the same thing happened From what I described above what do you think has gone wrong with my PC And why is PSU acting the way it is

A:Faulty power supply or something else?

You ask for help on your power supply and your power supply is not listed in your specs or your post. Your power supply switch should stay on the setting for your area. In the U.S.A. that would be 115 or 110 volts. If it doesn't work there your power supply should be replaced. DO NOT try to repair a power supply. Their can be enough stored amps to kill you. I recommend Corsair or Seasonic power supplies.
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I have a customer who has been adding new hardware to her computer, Modem, CD RW dirve. It was working for a week or two, then made some noise and died. It will not turn on with the power button. I found that if i unplugged the ATX power soscket from the motherboard and plug it back in, it will boot up.
I cannot shut it off by hitting the power button, i must unplug cord from power supply. I feel that something was moved or loosend when she was working inside of it.
I do not have any more info today, PC type ,etc because i am
sending this from work.
Can anyone help me?

A:Power Socket

It kinda sounds to me like the wires from the computer's switch/reset are wired incorrectly to the motherboard, or there is a problem with the powersupply. What type of motherboard do you have? If you have the manual, check and verify that the switch is plugged in correctly to the motherboard.
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hi i have a  HP Notebook - 15-af067sa could you please tell me should the power socket go all the way in to the power point of the laptop or should it only go in part of the way and be able to see part of the chrome socket also it feel a bit loose 

A:power socket

ive solved it now the copper wire in the centre of the socket had bent to one side stopping it from going in all the way  I centred the copper wire and it goes in all the way now
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I have a packard bell multimedia Pentium Mhz I have a watt power supply When I first got this machine Supply Faulty Acts Is But It? Power Like there was a problem with the power supply so I got the one I have in the unit now from a friend with a simular model It worked find The power switch was not used the machine was Acts Like Faulty Power Supply But Is It? turn off at the outlet switch This machine was used by my parents I replaced it with a P I wanted to use the pentium to run some older programs I installed a hhd cdrom floppy drive from an old I had When I powered it up it worked fine as far as power Acts Like Faulty Power Supply But Is It? goes In fact I was suprise I didn t have any problems after hooking every thing up like I often do when working on these things The machine was configuring the new hardware but the mouse would that work with that machine and I wanted to format the drive so I shut it down with the power switch on the machine to put in a boot disk to format the hhd When I when to turn it back on with the power switch nothing I could see the power supply was drawing current because the light in the room would dim a bit I would also see the fan move slightly and a light blink on the cdrom Other than that nothing I had no indication what so ever of a supply problem It worked fine for the months my folks used it My friend that took the original power supply for this machine told me he is using it and it works fine So with the information I have provided is it possible for a problem to look like trouble with the power supply but be something other than that Help please nbsp

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I have a dell that is about a year and a half old xp ghz gig ram all in wonder Last night the power went out for some time I was asleep I wasn t worried about my comp bc it was off and I have it on a surge protector I went to turn it on and it didn t supply? Solved: Faulty Power respond at all I did everything possible except take it in checking connection inside and out I gave up figuring that the power supply was fried I came back a few hours later and it started right up It did something similar to me about a month ago I have been a little rough with it recently the dorm rooms are really hot and I have an upgraded video card What do you guys think I m almost tempted to buy a new p s just because but I don t know if it would fit in the oem dell box Any and all help is greatly appreciated nbsp

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every once in a while my computer just turns off?

i dont know if its the power supply or not, but i only just bought it.

its a casecom 350W.

any sugestions?


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Hello I've been having issues with my old gaming PC and I would like to either replace or upgrade the components but I'm not sure what the issue is Here's a list of what happened - - years ago I was experiencing BSODs on PC boot so I decided to check each ram individually to see if one of them its causing the problem So I found that sticks were faulty so I removed them and I was left with GB ram - months ago Motherboard or Power Faulty Supply? I tried to turn on the PC and it was shutting down after seconds or it wouldn't even start at all no signs Faulty Motherboard or Power Supply? of power - So I decided to disassemble everything and clean my dusty fans there was a lot of dust inside the power supply and tried to boot again This time the PC was booting but with no display - So I removed everything expect the CPU Cooler and fans and tried to boot again Still no display no beeps and fans were spinning Is it safe to assume that my motherboard is bad Is there any other way to test it to make sure Because if it's the motherboard I might be replacing the whole system unless its the power supply that's faulty so I could replace it with a cheap one at the moment and upgrade the PC later Specs OS Windows bit CPU AMD Phenom tm II X Processor Motherboard ASUS M A TD-V EVO Memory GB DDR SDRAM Graphics Cards ATI Radeon HD MB x Cooling H corsair Hard Drives WDC WD AALS- L B ATA Device GB IDE x
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Can a faulty power supply course BSOD?

A:Can a faulty power supply course BSOD?

It most certainly can. Please post your BSOD log so that our resident experts can analyze it for you.

If you can get into the BIOS you might want to check the listings for your PSU voltages and temperatures and post them here.

Failing that, check to see if the PSU is overheating. Better still, remove it and either check it with a wattmeter/ammeter if you have one or take it to your local repair shop to have it checked.
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Any info someone may provide will be hugely appreciated I have a Micron Transport GX laptop A small black plastic tube has fallen out of the power socket jack on the back of the computer I m not going to take it do a dealer it s too old for the but need to get Power Help!! Hit Took A GX Transport Socket it working again as I can t buy a new one Tried to crack it open to get a better look at the piece I think I might be able to just glue it back on but it seems like the center of the computer is stuck together Some type of adhesive Took out ALL of those little screws though on Help!! Transport GX Power Socket Took A Hit the back it looks like there is a small metal quot Y quot inside the jack and I can see where this tube has broken off Are the metal posts supposed to go inside the tube or outside assuming I can get in to try and fix it nbsp
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Hi, I have a motherboard which needs an 8 pin pwer connector to supply the cpu properly, my question is: can I plug in my 6 and 2 pin power connector into it? will it work?
Currently I'm running only on 2 cores with my 4 pin power connnector
some say it works: 6 Pin to 8 Pin - Graphics-Cards - Graphic-Displays
If this is not a good idea, I will get a molex>8pin converter in the future, thanks.
edit: I have a Coolink 500W

A:6+2 pin power connector into 8 pin socket?

Realistically you can use any 12v connections as long as they will fit in the socket, which is where you would find the problem.

The CPU connector is very simple:
12v 12v
for the 4-pin
12v 12v 12v 12v
for the 8-pin

By convention 12v wires are yellow.

Acceptable: get any four 12v connections to fit in the socket.
Better: Buy an 4-pin to 8-pin adapter (just a splitter, really)
Best: Buy a modern power supply. Your puter will love you for it!
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my 8600GT hasn no power in? but i got a PSU with PCI-E power cos i thought i had too....
does this mean that this card doesnt need it?


A:PCI-E - power cord but no socket?

Correct. That particular card does not need any additional power connections. It draws all it needs through the PCI-E slot on the motherboard.
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Hi all, The DC power socket has fractured solder connections to the main board. I have the knowledge and means to correct the problem once I can gain access. All underside case and compartment screws have been removed, including two rear facing. the chassis still seem's to be held somewhere.. don't want to cause any problems if this is reasonably straight forward task, so would appreciate some help please.
Many thanks.

A:HP NX9010 power socket

When I was a PC at Firedog I came across a laptop in that series that needed the case removed, After the screws are removed the case is held together by very strong plastic clamps inside that snap together. Be very very VERY careful and use a small flat head screw drive and pop each clamp apart until it eventually falls apart.
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Hey let me Motherboard Power Socket start by saying I m fairly new to this so please bare with me when it Motherboard Power Socket comes to a lack of calling things by their actual name I ll try and be a descriptive as possible I ve Motherboard Power Socket been using computers for a while now I ve made some small upgrades such as more memory DVD drives graphics cards etc and feel fairly confident so decided to build my own from scratch I ordered all the parts being careful to check everything was compatible with everything else and I was happy when they arrived about an hour ago all new and shiny with quot that quot smell I flicked through the manuals pulled up a few guides online and got to putting it together everything was going fine until it came to plugging the PSU into the motherboard I can see two power plugs coming from the PSU one has pins and plugged into the motherboard perfectly fine One has slightly more pins and I found the socket for that too but upon plugging it in I noticed that the plug was shorter than the socket leaving squares of it empty I made a crude diagram to explain The quot plug quot coming from the PSU is slightly longer than my drawing but the white area is the same I have unused um squares on the Power Socket Now the plug does fit in fine with no effort but I m afraid to power it on incase something goes wrong - Any suggestions Or am I worrying over nothing nbsp

A:Motherboard Power Socket

yeah!,you got me confused with "Plug/socket"

Assuming you have the standard ATX type;

first to look for is how many pins you have in your motherboard & that will tell you if you have a matched number of pinouts with your PSU molex connector.ATX power supplies have either 20 or 24 pinouts as well as with motherboards.

if you have your PSU's molex connector exactly like this then you have no problem.otherwise you need to send back the PSU to the seller & ask for the appropriate one..just to be safe
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My roommate bought a P4 with an Abit board...In the manual it shows a place for two plugs from the power supply? Does this board/chip need a certain power supply to work?


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In theory powered USB sockets (maybe USB2 and later) can control the power if the hardware supports it.

I don't know if my H/W supports this function, but that's a mute point as I've never found any S/W that implements such control. Has Windows7 made any advance over XP in this arena?

This issue comes up once a year, at about this time, as I have USB powered desk Christmas Tree. OK, it has a switch on the bottom, but I'd really like to be able to control it with an application if possible.
The tree sits on my windowsill, and it's not easy to reach over my monitors. And yes, if this is the worst of my problems, I'm obviously doing OK.

A:Turning USB socket power off and on

Hello Swiftie. Welcome to the forum.

What a wonderful, weird problem. I love it!
So, a USB Christmas tree. What does it do? Can you control it, do a light show to music?

Does the "New Device" icon appear in the Taskbar when this thing is plugged in?
If you go to Devices & Printers, does it show up there?
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I have a pc whose video adapter died out of the blue last week. Replaced it and all was fine for one day. Now this card died too.

Would you suspect a faulty power supply is the cause?


A:2nd opinion needed on faulty power supply

Power supply's are easy enough to test. If you don't have a tester take the tower into a shop and have them test it. Cost is minimal. Bad capacitors may also be a source of your problem.
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Hi guys,I brought the above laptop on Friday 12th August from Argos, I used it for the first time and noticed that the power cable / charger wasn't working, I tried it on several different power points through out the the house. i went on Argos live chat who advised me to take it back to store, so I did - expecting no fuss and for them to simply swap it over. Instead, they advised me to contact HP helpline or even buy a new charger!! I was extremely annoyed so walked out. I have been in touch with HP and received the following message: 'This product is no longer serviced by HP' ..Really helpful!! Any advice?Thanks
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Hi everyone for many years I ve never had problems with my desktop PC This morning after having left it on for the entire night as I always did after Beep power - sequence [Problem] up PC faulty I noticed that there was no video signal so I decided to proceed with a forced [Problem] - Beep sequence after faulty PC power up reboot through the power switch Few seconds after having turned it on still there was no video signal but I heard a sequence of beeps of this kind s second Beep- s Silence- s Beep- s Silence- s Beep- s Silence- s and so on by repeating the cycle of beeps followed by a pause I forcefully rebooted the PC still through the power switch but the situation didn t change I still heard the beeps and the video signal wasn t there My motherboard BIOS is AMI By reading here http www bioscentral com beepcodes amibeep htm it would seem that this problem is due to RAM Particularly in my PC there are RAM modules of GB each let s call them R R and RAM slots S S I removed every RAM module from the slots and I verified them one by one through the following combinations - R in S - R in S - R in S - R in S In two of the above combinations I heard the beep sequence I previously described while in the remaining two combinations no beep was produced I only noticed the front red status led of my PC case which remained turned on for about s and then it turned off No matter the combination I used still there was no video signal My PC configuration is the following - Motherboard MSI KT V Bios AMI - AMD Athlon XP GHz - RAM x GB - Sapphire Radeon Atlantis MB RAM - Creative Sb Live - HD Maxtor Y L GB - DVD Reader DVD JLMS XJ-HD S - DVD Writer DVD LG GSA-H N - Microsoft Window XP Home Edition SP In your opinion what could have happened Do you think that it would be worth to purchase a diagnostic PCI card like this I hope that there aren t short circuits Thanks to those who will be willing to help me nbsp

A:[Problem] - Beep sequence after faulty PC power up

Most likely a mb failure. Honestly that system is so old that it is not worth putting any money into fixing. It uses an amd processor that was released in 03 and is now 11yrs old. No new replacement parts are available and you would have to attempt to find a used board on ebay, etc.

If you want to open the case and reseat the video card, any other add-in cards, atx pw connectors, etc. That will not cost you any money however I doubt it is going to fix anything. It does not hurt to give it a try. When you do reseat cards, ram, etc, make sure the slots are clean. Get a can of air and blow out the slot prior to reinstalling the cards, ram, etc.

There is a chance that your pw supply has failed and you can swap in a known good unit for testing however again IMO, it is not worth putting any money or effort into fixing this system.
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Hi all,

I have a problem with a PC which won't boot when the power is switched off in the following ways:
1. At the wall
2. Using the PSU switch at the back
3. Pulling the mains cord out of the PSU

The only way I can get it to boot again is by disconnecting the power connector from the motherboard and reconnecting it again.

If I shutdown XP and press the power button it boots OK. Same is true if I just do a restart.

I have already ordered a new PSU, but just wondering if anyone knows what would cause this.

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This is Repeated possibly faulty crashing, supply? power my computer CyberpowerPC Stealth Raider Desktop PC Intel Core i GHz GB DDR TB Repeated crashing, possibly faulty power supply? HDD Windows Home Premium -Bit - Newegg com Repeated crashing, possibly faulty power supply? I got this computer in November I didn't used to have issues but in the past two days my computer has been dying while gaming It doesn't blue screen it goes straight to a black screen and I have to hold down the power button to power it off and restart Sometimes when I restart the computer there will be a BSOD notification as in the little window popping up just to let Repeated crashing, possibly faulty power supply? me know something happened but not always This culminated today in something like crashes in a row within minutes of each other and then I was unable to even see my screen as in when I turned it back on the computer's lights came on and its fans were running but there was no output to my monitor I opened it up and tightened any connections nothing was really loose and tried again and this time it powered up hence me being able to post this My power supply is W and I'm thinking maybe that it just can't handle my gaming and I should replace it with a W supply but obviously don't want to do that without being sure that's the problem I looked at the dump files and I saw they mentioned my graphics driver but I have kept it up to date It's within the one year warranty so perhaps I should just send it back Thanks for all your help

A:Repeated crashing, possibly faulty power supply?


well according to the graphic card spesifications should be using a 500 watt power supply but i personaly would want something in the 600 watt range and with a good make like seasonic or XFX power supply. but wait for a BSOD expert to comment on your thread.
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I have a year-old Asus EeePC model Over the last two months or so it s been 1001: jack power EeePC Asus faulty more and more difficult to charge I ve had to jiggle the Asus EeePC 1001: faulty power jack cord in all directions for up to minutes in order for it to quot connect quot A few days ago it stopped responding altogether I bought an aftermarket AC adapter but the problem persists which leads me to believe the power supply jack is faulty There is no change after removing the battery either The Asus has been dropped a few times and has case damage to the back corner of the screen closest to the power jack A Asus EeePC 1001: faulty power jack few wires are visible and a piece of the exterior case is split This hasn t affected it s functionality and there is no visible damage to the bottom only to the back of the screen Where do I go from here Is there a DIY solution or an easy repair Or is there any other method of charging the machine other than through the power jack Thank you in advance for your help nbsp

A:Asus EeePC 1001: faulty power jack

There is no other method of charging the battery and the jack replacement is one of the most expensive laptop repairs to make, aside from being the most common type of laptop damage. If this laptop is not in warranty, the repair can easily rival the cost of another laptop like it.
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I bought some new stuff and built a computer, and plugged it into a strip running my stereo, a sub, an overhead light and 2 lava lamps, could that draw enough power away from the computer to stop it from booting? I thought it was just the PS but this scenario also occured to me, when the PS failed it kinda sputtered if you get what i meen, it slowly cut out more and more then it died, its a 450w power supply hooked up to an AMD Dual Core and ASUS M2N4-SLi motherboard, w a video card, 2 drives and a CD drive.


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Hello. Bought HP Pavilion 550-177c Desktop and wanted to ask if it is compatible with european power sockets? Thanks.
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JP8 and JP8A: DiMM Socket Power on a BEK-5731 reads as follows:
Pinout: JP8, Assignment: For 3.3V DIMM Memory only
Pinout: JP8A, Assignment: For +5V DiMM Memory only

If the pins (2)are closed with a jumper, does that mean the mainboard accepts that type of memory, or is it the opposite?
For example, JP8 (For 3.3V DiMMs) has a jumper on it. Does that mean the mbrd accepts 3.3V DiMMs?

Tried installing 64MB DiMM (PC 66 compatible)on the only DiMM bank of the mbrd, but when testing, nothing came up on the monitor screen.

Mbrd works OK with 72 pin SiMMs.
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The power socket on my old PCG-FX203 broke, so I bought a motherboard from ebay from another FX series laptop, and unsoldered the power socket from it.

I then opened up the FX203, and replaced the broken socket. However, the problem still persists. I have to hold the power cable into the socket otherwise no connection is made, even though the cable clips into place.

When soldering the power socket into place, I noticed that the negative connection coming out of the socket did not appear to be connected to any components on the mboard, instead there is a short PCB track which just ends without connecting to anything. I am wondering if this track is supposed to contact with the metal chassis of the laptop and be grounded in that way. Any ideas?
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I have a Shuttle AN35N Ultra400 Socket A mb that will not power up. I'm using a tested 450watt ps, 2gb ram Geil dual channel matched pair of ram. Athelon CPU 1.8 mhz ? or close to it, Socket A/462 CPU. LED on mb lights green however the the ps does not power up or the CPU fan does not start. Where do I start looking?
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i have a ASUS P5GD1-V and it has a 24 pin and a 4 pin power plugs. (picture attached) and my power supply has a 20pin connector and a 4 pin adapter, and i was wondering if i could just plug my 20pin into the 24 and the 4 pin into the 4 pin, would that work w/o screwing up my board?

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Dear support pleaaaaase help ,Today is the first time I open my new laptop , I plugged the power wire plug to the wall socket and the power wire to the adaptor and did not connect the adaptor wire correctly to the laptop , when I switched on the wall socket , a spark came out small blue spark ,Please will this damage my laptop or the battery thankyou
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Hello all I made a post regarding the performance failing of one of my supply power affect hard performance? drive/computer Faulty hard drives The conclusion we came to has unfortunately not resolved my problem and I am beginning to think my Power Supply may be the culprit Faulty power supply affect hard drive/computer performance? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Before I go into details here is my current Hardware Q GHZ GIGABYTE EP -DS R GB PC mhz x gb x gb Nvidia GTX mb requires x pin power adapters Asus Xonar soundcard requires floppy power adapters Windows x Jeantech W PSU modular PSU PCI-E nodes and nodes for other devices gb HDD operating system tb HDD data tb HDD data tb HDD data - added recently ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My original problem in brief Upon accessing certain files in one of my TB drives I hear a distictive quot click lockup halt quot sound and then the entire system crashes first the drive will become inaccessible then windows explorer will crash followed by the mouse and eventually a BSOD after a minute ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I bought a new TB a month ago to replace what then I thought was a failing TB drive Since the problems have become quot random quot and happen across all four drives tb tb gb tb I am now considering my PSU the culprit Jeantech Absolute w It seems logical to me Sometimes while performing tasks which put stress on several HDD s at the same time my computer is quot choking quot running as fast smooth as it should but with sudden freezes with those HDD quot click - stop - restart quot sounds Booting into windows is failing from time to time freezes on the quot starting windows quot screen or DISK BOOT FAILURE Insert system disk The PSU is modular - could certain quot plugs quot in my PSU are faulty I haven t tested this extensively but in some cases when the computer is not starting up at all using different power ribbon cable combinations seems to help Also I had to remove my DVD drive completely when I first installed the new TB I bought and I don t think my computer will start at all with it plugged in anymore so my PSU MUST be having a hard time coping with all the components If it is of any relevance I use an Nvidia GTX which requires x PCI-E pin power connections hard drives power is supplied via THREE modular ribbon power cables - two HDD s share power from the same ribbon cable lastly worth noting I use an asus Xonar sound card requires floppy power connector several symptoms suggest the PSU any thoughts nbsp

A:Faulty power supply affect hard drive/computer performance?

a 1000Watt shouldn't have any problem coping with the components that you have, i would recommend that u borrow a power supply from a friend and try it out on your computer, maybe the power supply is old and is not supplying proper voltages on all the rails....
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I have a Dell Inspiron 5748 laptop with a fresh Windows 7 installation. I noticed that sometimes the system would freeze randomly (sometimes after a few seconds) when unplugged from the power socket. The whole screen freezes, I can still move the mouse around but it is obvious that the system is frozen (start menu, unresponsive, mouse still moves sometimes, but the blue circle loading thingy stops spinning etc.). If I try to boot up the computer without it plugged into the power socket it freezes after the welcome screen and the screen turns black. I have updated all my drivers to the latest version and have tried to play around with the power setting, but to no avail. I'm drawing a blank, can any of you help me? And by the way, there is nothing wrong with the battery, since it was working fine before on Windows 8.1 and 10 (did a clean install of Windows 7 three days ago).
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I have a Benq 8000 that is as dead as a dodo.
The external power supply is fine, and testing pickups for the battery suggests there is power there, but otherwise it's dead.
I have swapped part between it and my old Sony Vaio laptop, well at least parts that are compatible, and everything seems to be working. Clearly I can't swap the mainboard and this has led me to suspect a faulty mainboard.
Trouble is I can't identify it to find a replacement. The middle of the board has the following information:


and on the back


But I can't find this with a google search or a reference to what the BENQ Joybook 8000 mainboard might be.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Hi guys I have a philips freevents laptop x model It comes with a i core duo processor My Laptop faulty gb ram gig hdd and shared memory intel display adapter My problem started a couple My faulty Laptop of weeks back when i installed MSDN version of Vista ultimate on it day tial I shut down the system My faulty Laptop it was a proper shut down but my laptop wouldnt start next morning Completely dead and none of the keys would work except for the battery charging indicator when connected to the power My faulty Laptop supply I gave it to a local computer shop who fixed it in abot days at a cost of quid But guess what i bring home the comouter and it was working perfectly fine and then i shut down and the process repeated again The service engineer at the shop says he replace a few quot resistors amp capacitors quot which i kinda find hard to believe being a electronics engineer myself albeit a really really bad one and he says the problem was caused by rapid temperature change Well i returned back my comp to the same guy to fix it again and he is supposed to return it back to me again today im wondering what to do next bring home and try another session on Vista or revert back to XP Im not sure if this issue is caused by vista or some kinda fault in my hardware I would like you guys to keep in mind that like most other computer geeks my average session on the comp last atleast to hours Suggestion and input on this matter is highly appreciated Tell me what to do guys yat nbsp

A:My faulty Laptop

I share your doubts about the "resistors and capacitors".

With amost all components being surface mount, bery little on the motherboard is "serviceable" to that extent.

But if it is new, why are you paying for service? Revert to XP and if it still persists send it back under warranty. And don't use cracked software.

Defeating the activation is a breach of the forum rules, so expect the post to be closed at any stage.
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Need to replace cable port and can't seem to find replacement part in UK - only from America.  Any suggestions??

A:Dell Inspiron 15 5547 DC Power Jack Socket Port and Cable - replacement part in UK???

Hi JS246 ,
What is the exact issue on the system? Have you checked with another Dell OEM power adapter? Is the current adapter working fine? Is the adapter frayed?
If you have isolated the source to be indeed the dc power cable, then assuming there is no warranty on the machine, you could contact our team to get a quote for a paid service call -
If you are looking to replace the parts yourself, then you could contact a 3rd party Dell parts seller - they ship parts to UK. Or check on Amazon UK -
Write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.
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Using a Sony Vaio Laptop, VGN-FE series, running on Windows XP Media Center w/ SP2

I joined to get a little hardware help..
About half the time I use my keyboard, the 'a', 's', 'k', 'b', '.', and '/' key wont operate.

They're not sticking, they just refuse to work. The only thing I can rationalize is a conducting issue, but like I said before: they only work about half the time. Im sure the keyboard doesn't just choose to conduct at times and stop at others.

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Hello I am trying to repair a DC Power jack on a toshiba satellite The computer will not take a charge at all even from a new power cord If you wiggle the cord enough my sister says the charge light comes on very briefly once in awhile I have not seen this happen I do notice that the large center pin in the center of the DC Jack is slightly loose and wiggles back and forth Possible from the cord being tripped over I would assume that the pin should be solid and stationary in he Jack I have already disassembled the laptop down to having the motherboard on my desk with full access to the DC Jack What Jack on laptop DC Faulty I would like to ask is whether the solder joints look OK My soldering skills are amateur at best All the solder joints for the DC Jack are yellowish brown I m not sure if this is ok Posted is a picture I d appreciate any feedback i can get as to whether the whole jack should be replaced just resolder some joints or anything else you can tell me Also anyone know a really good soldering tutorial online Thanks alot in advance for the help Faulty DC Jack on laptop nbsp

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My shift 9 and shift 0 are faulty.Shift plus other keys are fineCan you please help me.
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Hi all, I have just picked up a faulty fujitsu laptop. Amilo Li. model number ms2228
It appently was vista but someone had put windows 7 on it ... so they tell me.
they said it jsut went off one day but think they are telling porkies. anyway....

booted up to just the fujisu screen then went black screen with flashing curser top left of the screen.
I thought it was just the os needed reinstalling. I have tried to reinstall windows 7. the install starts ok & gets as far as 75% or thereabouts. but when it needs to reboot while installing the files, the reboot just starts right back at the beginning. so it seems that whenever i try to boot there is no continuation.
hope i have explained this ok. any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance.

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Using a Sony Vaio Laptop, VGN-FE series, running on Windows XP Media Center w/ SP2

I joined to get a little hardware help..
About half the time I use my keyboard, the 'a', 's', 'k', 'b', '.', and '/' key wont operate.

They're not sticking, they just refuse to work. The only thing I can rationalize is a conducting issue, but like I said before: they only work about half the time. Im sure the keyboard doesn't just choose to conduct at times and stop at others.
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I have a laptop that the display isn't working. You turn it on and the backlight comes on (at least the screen seems to light up a little) but there is no picture. I've taken it apart and there are no loose connections anywhere. I haven't got anything I can test it with so is there anyway I can check to see if it needs a new LCD/inverter/cables?

Kind regards
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This is what happens After a few hours of operation svchost exe crashes Doesn't matter what I'm doing Gaming surfing you name it Faulting module svchost exe version faulting module unknown version faulty address x A few seconds will pass as I accept and my theme will change from the start blue one to the old grey one in a few seconds and then reset to the standard XP one Here's what I know so far When this happens crashes it takes faulty randomly, Svchost.exe no address, faulty module crashes no Windows Audio and a few other services with it which I have to start again using Run services msc I know which instance contains the Windows Audio Svchost.exe crashes randomly, no faulty address, no faulty module service so the problem is Svchost.exe crashes randomly, no faulty address, no faulty module most likely with one of the services hosted within that particular instance of Svchost.exe crashes randomly, no faulty address, no faulty module svchost I'm a bit lost though I don't know what to do because it doesn't give me an address it doesn't tell me which service is messing up so I need some help I have the windows error log and a decent recollection of what has happened since that error started I got a new X-fi sound card a Sound Blaster X-Fi Platinum Fatal ty Champion The errors coincide with me installing that card but I can't see how that would mess up like this though http img imageshack us my php image errorspx jpg I don't know if I'm totally off the mark here but is it fair to assume that it is only ONE instance of svchost crashing The screenshot above shows the svchost hosting the services that go down after the crash I have a saved version of the program error log Right click on This Computer administrate System tools Log Program I have searched far and wide on the internet and tried all kinds of solutions Others have had this problem and it has been linked with the quot Automatic Updates quot service but that did nothing for me whether deleted the whole Windows Update service and re-registered the DLLs in short even though I replaced the Windows Update service and everything related to it with fresh copies generated by Windows itself Another related problem I found was the same message and the same symptom svchost crashing some time after a bootup There was a hotfix for this but I'm already using Windows XP Pro with Service Pack which contains this update and others addressing such issues And I have zero malware on this computer Am I looking at a faulty product here Damaged ram Lastly I have a copy of my error log containing about months before this error started http www megaupload com d DVZTRVWR Any help appreciated I'm going mad just from not knowing where exactly the problem lies
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I have an old XPS Gen laptop with a Go Ultra video card that is failing with memory errors The card needs to be replaced because it either shows a black screen or lots of artifacts when I boot up into Windows The system will display fine when I boot to safe mode Laptop Video Faulty Card This means that it must be able to support some low Faulty Laptop Video Card level activity Faulty Laptop Video Card OK To get the laptop usable I ve disabled the video card and I can now use it as a word processor browser etc However it is very slow to refresh the screen in this mode I think I need to change the refresh rate Is there any simple driver that I can use for this If I re-enable the device it straight away starts to load the NVidia drivers when I restart and I can t stop it As I recall it used to be possible to use a different driver but I don t know how this is done Any help would be great Thanks nbsp

A:Faulty Laptop Video Card

The low level functions of the video card use a vga vesa driver
that does not activate the hardware accelleration.
The problems you ar e having when the driver loads indicates
bad hardware and not a driver problem.
Being as it is a 6800 go card,it is probably replacable.
It would need to be replaced with the exact same type of card,
but not necessarily the same model.
If you want to try a newer driver,you would need to uninstall the old
one from start/control panel/add remove programs.
Download a driver here.
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Hi everyone,

I've had a search through the posts on the forum, and haven't really come up with anything to answer my question. I do apologise if I have missed it though!

Basically, I have installed Win 7 Prof Upgrade (from XP) on my MacBook via Bootcamp. However, this MacBook has developed a fault and is being replaced by Apple, who are sending me a new laptop.

My question: will I be able to reinstall the Win 7 upgrade (once XP is installed again of course) on my new laptop?

I'd appreciate any help or advice, many thanks in advance!

A:Installing Win 7 on a replacement-for-faulty laptop

Quote: Originally Posted by marvelman

Hi everyone,

I've had a search through the posts on the forum, and haven't really come up with anything to answer my question. I do apologise if I have missed it though!

Basically, I have installed Win 7 Prof Upgrade (from XP) on my MacBook via Bootcamp. However, this MacBook has developed a fault and is being replaced by Apple, who are sending me a new laptop.

My question: will I be able to reinstall the Win 7 upgrade (once XP is installed again of course) on my new laptop?

I'd appreciate any help or advice, many thanks in advance!

Probably it's possible, if it's not a OEM version. I have r?install Windows 7 on a new HDD and I was able to reactivate with Winupdate.
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My mother-in-law has a laptop that's needing reimaged, which is okay, can do but the screen is broken, only the left hand side of the screen is working. She's been running an external monitor via VGA for the past few months so it's just the screen that's cracked not a faulty graphics card.

Question is, will the external display still work if I reimage the laptop at all or will I have to use the half dead screen to reimage it until I get the graphics drivers reinstalled?

A:Re-image laptop with faulty screen??

Any laptop will work with an external monitor. Drivers won't be an issue.
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Hi All, I purchased Acer Aspire V 2 years ago in extended warranty (3 years) from Dicksmith, the laptop had issues that it will switch off automatically on battery after evey 4-5 hours (a bit random) plus the keys of keyboard have comeoff and not working properly. since Discksmith doesnt exists, what options do I have for replacement of the laptop.RegardsZahid
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So someone I know had me look at a laptop of theirs, an ASUS X54C laptop, which has 2 GB of non-removable RAM built into the motherboard. I used memtest86+ to check it and it immediately came back with all sorts of errors.

From the outside (minus the cover for access to the HD and RAM slots) there does not appear to be any additional RAM installed at all (the slots are empty). So I was wondering, by chance, if you add RAM into one of these slots, does the motherboard stop using the on-board RAM and switch over to the stuff you put into the slot, or does it use both the on-board and "off-board" RAM side by side?

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I believe drivers? faulty BSOD 116 card or graphics faulty the initial crash was caused by overheating Based on the fact that I have gotten it to work for a short amount of time more on that later Booting up with the drivers for my graphics card enabled causes BSOD to appear but when it is disabled everything is fine I can boot into safe mode and I have already reinstalled windows My motherboard is Asus B M-e and my graphics card is Nvidia EV A GTX How I got it to work for a short amount of time I reinstalled windows and then installed my integrated Ethernet driver After that was out of the way I installed and used driver booster to install the rest of my drivers I then noticed there was a missing driver that the program could not install that was named Simple PCI Controller So I thought I should install that driver using my motherboard's driver installation disk It then worked up until I decided to change the settings in Nvidia Control panel I also do not know how faulty graphics cards behave so it might be my graphics card The game I was playing when this started was Life is Strange if that is needed

A:BSOD 116 faulty graphics card or faulty drivers?

Sorry thought I uploaded this but apparently not.
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Sorry card? Solved: Faulty graphics Or motherboard? faulty that this is quite long but I want to give complete details as to the problem rather than just giving a vague problem Nvidia GT card has been overclocked for the last year Original Stable OC Before Solved: Faulty graphics card? Or faulty motherboard? you panic Solved: Faulty graphics card? Or faulty motherboard? it s been stable and temps have been fine lt My motherboard is a Asus P N-E SLI board The computer is dual boot to Vista for general use and XP x for games ONLY XP IS OVERCLOCKED Vista is not overclocked at all Only the GPU is overclocked in the computer Now the problems started when I moved the computer All the games on x crashed unless I underclocked the machine except UT ancient game which garbled the graphics weapon textures on walls etc I found out it was because somehow the card wasn t plugged in properly - so I pushed it back and I was able to play again Since then sometimes the card is alright and other times it isn t The other day I was playing fallout graphics intensive game for around hours without any problems But right now I boot to vista and within a minute it crashes Other times I was programming not even using graphics and the mouse suddenly has a flickering box around it - then the computer crashes When it crashes the screen goes weird colours like its rendered the screen as bit colours rather than bit and shortly after I get a blue screen with it complaining about a graphics DLL At first giving the card a wiggle in the PCI-E slot fixed it Now I ve discovered that when the garbled graphics come up if I physically push the card upwards in the PCI-E slot whilst the PC is still on they go away by this time the computer has crashed amp so I have to reboot anyway It s nothing to do with the drivers I ve reinstalled them on XP and besides the problem happens on both of the OS on the computer Vista seems to be considerably worse though - XP only crashes once in a while whereas Vista seems to be more unstable If you push the card up quickly sometimes Vista quot recovers quot It says quot the display ddriver stopped responding and has recovered quot or something like that You can then use the computer normally If I push the card down when the computer is working fine the computer crashes Any suggestions whether it s the card or the motherboard I removed the card blew dust off it etc put it back into the machine and the problem still happens although it initially solved it I don t want to spend on a new card to find that it s the MB that s the problem I m wondering if the card is fine since it doesn t have an issue with hours of gaming on a good day If it s a lose connection what can I do about it it s fully pushed into the motherboard If you ve read this far thanks nbsp

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OK I was hoping I d never need to go into the hardware section seeking help Well here I am I m not too sure the information needed by anyone so just tell me what you need to know As the title says I m on a laptop Dell Inspiron E The good thing about these laptops nowadays is that some of the hardware is accessible without actually dismantling the whole device Now onto my issue Couple of days ago I installed a game that my system seemed to meet the requirements As I was playing the game everything froze I Laptop unresponsive RAM/socket tried the windows key nothing Ctrl Alt Del no task manager I had to do a hard shutdown I came back to it and booted it up and nothing worked The only thing that happened was the Num lock light stayed lit and the Cap and Scroll lock lights were blinking The HDD light flicked on for a split second and the CD DVD drive light never came on nor would it open The screen didn t even attempt to light up at least This would go on for a half a minute then powered down I called Dell and Laptop RAM/socket unresponsive conveniently my warranty expired last month typical So they said I d have to pay just to talk and I m sure they d just tell me to send it in So I tried to dismantle it and I can t get it open but I was able to access certain hardware I attempted to do all my limited options One of them seemed to work I m on my laptop now as I type this So what I did was took my RAM out and did swapping and such and actually got it to work but limited So I have two sockets total each should contain MB Let s label these sockets and chips OK I took out both chips and switched them same thing happened I took them out and put chip in socket A same thing I put chip in socket A same thing I took that out and put chip in socket B YAY I got a screen saying my memory has been changed Then I went into the diagnostics and did a complete test of my system Everything checked out OK It even seemed to recognize socket A but determined nothing was inserted I shut down and then put chip in socket B and was also able to boot up fine So it seems like a faulty socket I m hoping it isn t I m hoping maybe something happened to where the driver or quot bridge quot is down or corrupted and that maybe my system isn t recognizing it Hopefully I we can try some ideas before I take it into a shop I d hate to spend money for something simple I could ve already spent just for someone to tell me that I have a RAM issue Thanks in advance Matthew nbsp

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i have to wiggle the head phones around to make them work.. other wise theres only partial sound... how can I fix this?

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Alright trying yet again I had one Computer tower working however noisy due to an old CPU Fan Rang SMBT Computing asking for a home visit to replace AMD Athlon XP CPU Fan due to my inability o leave the house because of a broken leg The Proprietor came ripped out the old CPU Fan with some force on the floor of my office He then replaced the old fan with the new one According to the CPU Fan Instructions a thermal paste needed to be applied evenly over the heatsink before application I observed Adam do no such thing After 64-bit 754 CPU, 1.8GHz, Socket 3000+ 754 Motherboard MD Sempron SOCKET & K8MM-V MSI replacement of fan which took under one minute from start to finish he restarted my Computer It would no longer work It hung at the black startup screen He then took my computer tower away saying he would need to run further tests After several phone calls by myself he said either the CPU or motherboard were damaged when HE had had replaced the CPU Fan He would install a new motherboard into my computer tower He did and a few days later my partner went and picked it up NB No mention of costs for parts and labour were MSI K8MM-V Socket 754 Motherboard & MD Sempron 3000+ 64-bit CPU, 1.8GHz, SOCKET 754 even brought up There error on installation there problem to fix Upon installation of the Operating System which kept encountering errors the motherboard was running The only problem being that upon any type of installation i e Critical Updates other Utilities the computer would shut down and reboot itself Even when the computer tower was left in idle it would shut down and reboot for no apparent reason I also spoke with a technician from SMBT told him of the automatic shutdowns MSI K8MM-V Socket 754 Motherboard & MD Sempron 3000+ 64-bit CPU, 1.8GHz, SOCKET 754 and subsequent reboots It was indicated by him the motherboard they had installed was faulty To return the tower back to them this was done week later the proprietor from SMBT Computing rang and said he had a working motherboard installed on my system and would be ready for pickup in a couple of hours He also asked what CPU I had installed on my system prior to my computer tower being broken I once again told him it was an AMD Athlon XP I received a phone call an hour later telling me a nd hand motherboard MSI K MM-V Socket Motherboard and who only knows whether or not it was also a nd hand CPU AMD Sempron -bit CPU GHz SOCKET was in my tower and ready to be picked up I loaded the OS on it all was well for about a week I rebooted the PC and got nothing Not even the BIOS would show up This third mobo is an MSI so I went to there website it said remove CMOS Battery for minutes and remove the JBAT for seconds so I did I unplugged the harddrive DVD Rom swapped out of the sticks of RAM changed my new Graphics card for an old one that I knew worked just in case it was the Graphics Card Plugged it back in minus everything except for RAM and Graphics Card Restarted it heard beep and then looked a lovely black screen In the meantime they have sent me an Invoice for for a quot new albeit a nd hand mobo and an upgraded CPU In the meantime I have stripped the PC right down removed the mobo and am planning on returning it to SMBT Computing with the message of quot Here s your mobo CPU back jam your bill where the sun don t shine quot On the bright side my new dual core tower is working like a charm I had planned on keeping the tower as a backup PC just in case my new tower died on me I am still looking into buying a brand new mobo and CPU and putting it together myself I am pretty sure this mobo is DEAD however there maybe something I have overlooked PS I hope this doesn t count as a triple post and no I am not a blonde I am a redhead lolz Oh and just for the record I live in Australia we do not have BBB here nbsp

A:MSI K8MM-V Socket 754 Motherboard & MD Sempron 3000+ 64-bit CPU, 1.8GHz, SOCKET 754

G'Day - I would not waste time on it. I think your idea of sending it back with the bill is spot on. Don't forget to lay it on thick that you are incapacitated and have been taken advantage of over this.
Albert (Whinging Pom) Lionheart
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My sister dropped my laptop and I am worried I may have a faulty hard drive.

Is there any good tool out there which can thoroughly check my Hard Drive for ANY error at all?


A:Dropped my Laptop may have faulty Hard Drive

Use something like SeaTools to check condition of HDD, link to download here
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Hey guys this is quite a long story but I would be very frateful for any help you could give I bought a faulty laptop off my friend assuming that it just needed a fresh Faulty XP greatly Any And help Laptop - - appreciated Vista install off Vista I installed Vista Faulty Laptop - Vista And XP - Any help greatly appreciated and now on bootup i get the error saying a file is missing the file is usually quot winload exe quot but can sometimes be other files which I cant remember the name of Some times Vitsa will load Faulty Laptop - Vista And XP - Any help greatly appreciated up fine and the laptop would be perfect but percent of the time i got this error whichis really boggling me I then tried to do a fresh install of XP during the install I get a blue error screen saying there is something wrong with my hardware and to run fdisk on my hard drive I couldnt do this due to not being able to boot up so I bought a fresh new hard drive trying to fix the problem I installed this HD and started the XP installation again I am still getting the error message and I am stumped on what to try next Does anyone have any ideas or pointers they would be greatly appreciated thank you nbsp

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I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop which I have just discovered has a faulty battery, and although it is plugged into a power socket, won't start up. Any thoughts on how I can get around this?

A:Starting Dell laptop when battery faulty

Remove the battery...
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I got a new laptop recently (this past Sunday) and ever since I turned it on I've had horrible issues with WiFi. It's tothe point where I'm ready to return it to the store and just go without a computer. Keep in mind I'm not very tech savvy, so I might not know what you're talking about.

It's very slow and won't stay connected to the internet. 4/5 times it doesn't load the web page I'm trying to load and after about 5 minutes after powering on it disconnects from my Wi-Fi and refuses to reconnect. The troubleshooter says it's a router issue but resetting the router doesn't do anything at all and no other device in the house is having any issues. I haven't downloaded ANYTHING to it yet. In addition, when it /does/ connect to my Wi-Fi, trying to open any web page brings me to a "you are not connected to the internet" notice.

I have no idea what to do. I need a computer for work but I'm so sick of having problems with them.

A:Brand new laptop; faulty wifi process?

Set up the laptop next to the router where the signal should be strongest. Are you sure that you are connecting to your own wi fi network and router? When you switch on the laptop it will search for in range networks and when you spot your own you are asked to give the password before you can use the internet for the first time. If that's not happening maybe its logging you on to a neighbouring unsecured network (no password set) where the signal is weak. If I click on the wireless icon bottom right in my taskbar it brings up a choice of available networks. My icon looks like a set of steps and so the icon shows how strong the signal is. Check that you are connecting to your own router and see how strong the signal is. You mention other devices that work OK but haven't given any details.
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Hey all The Issue I Have recently purchased a laptop with windows XP preinstalled high-grade drive Faulty DVD on laptop on it has COA key and eveything seemed to be working until i updated the Webcam drivers Suddenly the laptop stopped working and kept getting a BSOD so i re-installed XP and re-instlled the drivers for the laptop but now the DVD drive doesn t work properly When i insert a DVD film into the drive the film will play using Power Cyberlink DVD player but if i try to open the DVD from quot My Computer quot the disc appears to be blank This also happend with DVD Faulty DVD drive on high-grade laptop s where i have backed up data etc Also eveytime i start the laptop up it keeps trying to install two quot Base System Device quot I have tried allowing the laptop to install these devices but each time it tells me the device quot was not installed correctly quot I am confused as to why this is and was just wondering if i had installed the correct drivers for the laptop or not or if perhaps my DVD drive is on t its way out Laptop Specs Hi-Grade Notebook Pentium INtel T Dual Core Gb RAM Gb HDD Windows XP PRO Faulty DVD drive on high-grade laptop SP Model No W S I do have a genuine copy of Windows Home Premium with a COA but im reluctant to install this without a fully working DVD Drive thanks in advance James nbsp

A:Faulty DVD drive on high-grade laptop

I can't find W76S on Hi-Grade's site, so I don't know what extras the laptop has. And their FTP server for driver download appears to be offline. Do you still have the CD/DVD w/ device drivers that came with the laptop? Perhaps try reinstalling the drivers for the webcam, card-reader, etc. from that disc.

The other option is take a look at Device Manager. Look at the properties for those w/ exclamation marks. There should be a Details tab. Select Hardware Ids under Property, and you should get couple things in the Value box. Hopefully, the 1st one will help you identify the make and from there, the right driver. If not, try using the 2nd value.
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From time to time I look on youtube to find ways to boost the performance of my Laptop and the tactics work temporarily and my Lapotop performance soon returns to its slow sluggish self I bought my Laptop brand new about yrs ago and have microsoft security essentials malwarebytes Mbar spybot as well as in the past other spyware malware protection but performance especially simple desktop tasks and applications run so slow and take time to respond before running I have even had OMG techhelp service for about half a year and they would remotely perform full tune-ups on my laptop that woudl take hours but to Laptop NIC card Very faulty performance/maybe slow no avail I also think my NIC card is faulty I initially thought I need a new router so I purchased a very good one but performance and transmission and throughput speeds are not that much better at Very slow Laptop performance/maybe faulty NIC card all I sometimes go to public places to use public wifi and my internet transmission is still awful and as slow as ever NEED HELP OUT OF IDEAS nbsp

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Two times in the last week my monitor (a KDS visual sensations CRT) has come on with the image looking like an hourglass (wide at the top and bottom, pinched in the center). This happened imediately upon boot up and both times rebooting has returned the monitor to normal, leaving the computer running does not bring the problem back. Which is more likely, that my monitor is beginning to fail or maybe my graphics card (a saphire, ATI radeon 7000) is failing? Is there some way (other than swaping my monitor out and trying another as this seems so far to be an intermitent problem and may not arise when a new monitor is conected) to check and see which it may be?

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Hi First off I posted in here because my problem mainly had to do with Networking Driver issues before it went into Laptop Freezing Adapter Problems Wireless + (Faulty?) computer freezes and stuff like that so feel free to move this thread if I'm wrong One of my laptops has been facing a driver issue recently and it's driving me crazy it's the laptop I bring for education study purposes this one I'm using to post is a giant and not exactly portable - Alienware Malfunctioning Laptop specs Dell Inspiron Windows -bit GB RAM It all started when the wifi suddenly disappeared from my network center only to discover it having (Faulty?) Wireless Adapter Problems + Laptop Freezing problems in Device Manager exclamation mark After trying to disable and renable it to test it disappeared until several minutes later when it randomly shows itself and it was working for a while until the laptop suddenly decided to freeze on me No crash reports no error messages just couldn't move the mouse or use anything Restarting the laptop randomly brought it back on a few occasions but it would freeze nevertheless after a couple minutes of use System Restore didn't work and every time I tried to quot Scan for hardware changes quot in Device Manager to try and regain the default driver when one of my restarts didn't bring it back it froze over and over After uninstalling the wifi adapter through an external program - Driver Booster however the computer no longer froze and I could use it normally just without wifi which I need I tried installing the latest driver version from the Dell website in order to try and bring it back but it failed at first appearing to only install the Bluetooth suite before a few minutes later again it would randomly show up and bring back the same problems freezing Have I just been trying to fix a faulty wireless adapter card all this time
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I purchased a new Dell laptop from local computer shop in early May On the day of purchase it was noted by both myself and the store that the unit was slow powering up It was returned the following day with several difficulties which seemingly the store corrected The unit has been used for no more than an hour per day just syncing data from main PC From date of purchase rights Legal laptop - purchase Faulty comments? to the th July there have been periods when the unit was very sluggish but also times when it worked fine On the th July the start-up procedure taking to full desktop was Faulty laptop purchase - Legal rights comments? in excess of three minutes as well as that on closing down despite the screen going black the hard drive continued running and had to be forcibly stopped via holding down the On button This was repeated five times on the sixth attempt it functioned as it should Subsequently the unit was returned to the store on th July due The store tested the laptop and then it was returned to Faulty laptop purchase - Legal rights comments? Dell where it was supposedly repaired I received the unit back on the th July On receipt the unit was found to have exactly the same problem In excess of three minutes to desktop and the hard drive still running after shutdown The start-up and close down procedure Faulty laptop purchase - Legal rights comments? was repeated five times with the same scenario Coincidentally starting correctly at the seventh attempt The item is now back with the store with me stating that I do not want another attempted repair as the unit would seem to have had the problem from day I am to speak with the manager on Monday Comments please

A:Faulty laptop purchase - Legal rights comments?

You can check your rights to a replacement laptop or a refund from the Citizens Advice consumer help line found click here
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Hi folks I wanted to post the fact that Dell sold me a faulty laptop in July last and I had a complete nightmare gaining a refund nbsp I had to fight for over x Faulty Customer Feedback / Dell Service RE: Laptop days to have my money returned and in the end I requested my Credit Card provider to resolve the matter legally I was also lied to on many occasions by the staff Gian Vishka and Shahank who repeatedly RE: Faulty Dell Laptop / Customer Service Feedback promised me manager call-backs and also that the courier was en-route to collect the faulty item nbsp I was asked to please be patient to allow them to resolve the matter asap which RE: Faulty Dell Laptop / Customer Service Feedback I was and my gesture was completely throwm back in my face on multiple occasions nbsp I am still waiting for the Senior Manager call-back I was promised TEN DAYS ago although now the RE: Faulty Dell Laptop / Customer Service Feedback situation has gone to far for any kind of amicable resolution I shall NEVER purchase from Dell ever again as it is totally criminal of them to retain a customers money nbsp I have probably spent at least x hours on the phone before I managed to make any headway with the situation nbsp I have been a Dell loyal customer since and this would have been the third PC I purchased from them nbsp Therefore it is utterly abysmal for them to treat me or anyone like this I am considering posting a copy of the entire dialogue here as well as other computer forums sales-reviews online as it is quite unbelievable nbsp I only wish I had recorded the phone conversations Yes I was provided with some compensation which I do appreciate however it was the very least you could have done and I still feel that the members of staff involved should have been sacked on the spot for their repeated misconduct Thank you Paul David Seaman UK

A:RE: Faulty Dell Laptop / Customer Service Feedback

Moderators: Please feel free move this post to a more appropriate section of the forum should you see fit.
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I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop and the audio input in front is can sometimes get it to work but often it's impossible. How difficult is it to replace it? I also heard from someone that you might be able to do the sound through that correct? What is my best option here?


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I m not sure whether to system restore or fight to try and issues Slow Faulty, laptop, Audio multiple fix my laptop but here are the problems that I am aware of - Recently the audio turns off randomly USUALLY Slow laptop, Audio Faulty, multiple issues it turns off if I turn up the volume on Slow laptop, Audio Faulty, multiple issues the computer - The laptop has been getting progressively slower over the years - Slow laptop, Audio Faulty, multiple issues The Icon Tray at the bottom near the clock is broken when I click the little arrow to expand it takes about seconds to load and then pops up as a huge white empty box It takes a good few minutes for the box to close if I click on another window and the whole computer freezes up during that time - When I go to quot Folder Options quot and then go to quot View quot the icon for quot Files and Folders quot is a black square and where quot Hidden files and folders quot is there is another black box next to that with the two options listed in caps lock quot NOHIDDEN quot and quot SHOWALL quot Both of which are un-ticked and cannot be ticked I can provide pictures for any of these claims if that helps I m not the best at articulation Over the years I ve tried various methods to fix problems that I just pick up from the internet when others get help I ve never actually sought help that applies directly to me Here are my FRST and Addition logs FRST Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool FRST x Version - - Ran by Hero administrator on KAPPELLAJ - - Running from C Users admin Desktop Loaded Profiles Hero Available Profiles Hero amp Administrator Platform Windows Enterprise Service Pack X Language English United States Internet Explorer Version Default browser Chrome Boot Mode Normal Tutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool http www geekstogo com forum topic -frst-tutorial-how-to-use-farbar-recovery-scan-tool Processes Whitelisted If an entry is included in the fixlist the process will be closed The file will not be moved AuthenTec Inc C Program Files Fingerprint Sensor ATService exe Softex Inc C Program Files Softex OmniPass OmniServ exe Wacom Technology Corp C Program Files Tablet ISD ISD TouchService exe Wacom Technology Inc C Program Files Tablet CalibrationAssistant exe Microsoft Corporation C Windows System wlanext exe Apple Inc C Program Files x Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support AppleMobileDeviceService exe Apple Inc C Program Files Bonjour mDNSResponder exe Broadcom Corporation C Program Files WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software btwdins exe Microsoft Corporation C Program Files x Skype Toolbars AutoUpdate SkypeC CAutoUpdateSvc exe Microsoft Corporation C Program Files x Skype Toolbars PNRSvc SkypeC CPNRSvc exe Intel R Corporation C Program Files Intel WiFi bin EvtEng exe FUJITSU LIMITED C Program Files Fujitsu FUJ E FUJ E exe O Micro International C Windows System drivers o flash exe C Program Files x Razer Razer Services GSS GameScannerService exe Intel R Corporation C Program Files Common Files Intel WirelessCommon RegSrvc exe Wacom Technology Corp C Program Files Tablet ISD ISD Tablet exe Microsoft Corp C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WLIDSVC EXE Microsoft Corp C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WLIDSVCM EXE Microsoft Corporation C Windows System wisptis exe Intel Corporation C Program Files x Intel Intel R Management Engine Components LMS LMS exe Intel Corporation C Program Files x Intel Intel R Management Engine Components UNS UNS exe Microsoft Corporation C Windows System wisptis exe Wacom Technology Corp C Program Files Tablet ISD ISD TabletUser exe Wacom Technology Corp C Program Files Tablet ISD ISD Tablet exe FUJITSU LIMITED C Program Files Fujitsu SSUtility FJSSDMN exe C Windows snuvcdsm exe Sonix C Windows vsnp uvc exe Realtek Semiconductor C Program Files Realtek Audio HDA RAVCpl exe Intel Corporation C Windows System igfxpers exe Softex Inc C Program Files Softex OmniPass scureapp exe FUJITSU LIMITED C Program Files F... Read more

A:Slow laptop, Audio Faulty, multiple issues

==================== One Month Created files and folders ========

(If an entry is included in the fixlist, the file/folder will be moved.)

2015-08-28 21:23 - 2015-08-28 21:24 - 00025617 _____ C:\Users\admin\Desktop\FRST.txt
2015-08-28 21:22 - 2015-08-28 21:23 - 00000000 ____D C:\FRST
2015-08-28 21:21 - 2015-08-28 21:21 - 02186752 _____ (Farbar) C:\Users\admin\Desktop\FRST64.exe
2015-08-28 18:52 - 2015-08-28 18:52 - 00001945 _____ C:\Windows\epplauncher.mif
2015-08-28 18:46 - 2015-08-28 18:46 - 00002123 _____ C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Microsoft Security Essentials.lnk
2015-08-28 18:45 - 2015-08-28 18:46 - 00000000 ____D C:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Client
2015-08-28 18:45 - 2015-08-28 18:45 - 00000000 ____D C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Security Client
2015-08-24 12:51 - 2015-08-24 12:51 - 00000000 ____D C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\com.playsaurus.heroclicker
2015-08-24 12:49 - 2015-08-24 12:49 - 00000222 _____ C:\Users\admin\Desktop\Clicker Heroes.url
2015-08-24 12:49 - 2015-08-24 12:49 - 00000000 ____D C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Steam
2015-08-24 12:45 - 2015-08-24 12:45 - 00000000 ____D C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Steam
2015-08-24 12:45 - 2015-08-24 12:45 - 00000000 ____D C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\CEF
2015-08-24 12:39 - 2015-08-24 15:39 - 00000000 ____D C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam
2015-08-24 12:39 - 2015-08-24 12:39 - 00000973 _____ C:\Users\Public\Desktop\Steam.lnk
2015-08-24 12:39 - 2015-08-24 12:39 - 00000000 ____D C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Steam
2015-08-20 07:54 - 2015-08-11 02:20 - 25191936 _____ (Microsoft Corporation) C:\Windows\system32\mshtml.dll
2015-08-20 07:54 - 2015-08-11 02:14 - 02724864 _____ (Microsoft Corporation) C:\Windows\system32\mshtml.tlb
2015-08-20 07:54 - 2015-08-11 01:33 - 02724864 _____ (Microsoft Corporation) C:\Windows\SysWOW64\mshtml.tlb
2015-08-20 07:54 - 2015-08-11 01:20 - 19871232 _____ (Microsoft Corporation) C:\Windows\SysWOW64\mshtml.dll
2015-08-12 03:05 - 2015-07-30 14:13 - 00124624 _____ (Microsoft Corporation) C:\Windows\system32\PresentationCFFRasterizerNative_v0300.dll
2015-08-12 03:05 - 2015-07-30 14:13 - 00103120 _____ (Microsoft Corporation) C:\Windows\SysWOW64\PresentationCFFRasterizerNative_v0300.dll
2015-08-11 21:32 - 2015-07-21 01:39 - 00389840 _____ (Microsoft Corporation) C:\Windows\system32\iedkcs32.dll
2015-08-11 21:32 - 2015-07-21 01:12 - 00342736 _____ (Microsoft Corporation) C:\Windows\SysWOW64\iedkcs32.dll
2015-08-11 21:32 - 2015-07-16 21:54 - 00004096 _____ (Microsoft Corporation) C:\Windows\system32\ieetwcollectorres.dll
2015-08-11 21:32 - 2015-07-16 21:37 - 00066560 _____ (Microsoft Corporation) C:\Windows\system32\iesetup.dll
2015-08-11 21:32 - 2015-07-16 21:36 - 00584192 _____ (Microsoft Corporation) C:\Windows\system32\vbscript.dll
2015-08-11 21:32 - 2015-07-16 21:36 - 00417792 _____ (Microsoft Corporation) C:\Windows\system32\html.iec
2015-08-11 21:32 - 2015-07-16 21:36 - 00048640 _____ (Microsoft Corporation) C:\Windows\system32\ieetwproxystub.dll
2015-08-11 21:32 - 2015-07-16 21:35 - 02885632 _____ (Microsoft Corporation) C:\Windows\system32\iertutil.dll
2015-08-11 21:32 - 2015-07-16 21:35 - 00088064 _____ (Microsoft Corporation) C:\Windows\system32\MshtmlDac.dll
2015-08-11 21:32 - 2015-07-16 21:27 - 00054784 _____ (Microsoft Corporation) C:\Windows\system32\jsproxy.dll
2015-08-11 21:32 - 2015-07-16 21:26 - 05923328 _____ (Microsoft Corporation) C:\Windows\system32\jscript9.dll
2015-08-11 21:32 - 2015-07-16 21:26 - 00034304 _____ (Microsoft Corporation) C:\Windows\system32\iernonce.dll
2015-08-11 21:32 - 2015-07-16 21:23 - 00615936 _____ (Microsoft Corporation) C:\Windows\system32\ieui.dll
2015-08-11 21:32 - 2015-07-16 21:21 - 00816640 _____ (Microsoft Corporation) C:\Windows\system32\jscript.dll
2015-08-11 21:32 - 2015-07-16 21:21 - 00814080 _____ (Microsoft Corporation) C:\Windows\system32\jscript9diag.dll
2015-08-11 21:32 - 2015-07-16 21:21 - 001... Read more
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I have a toshiba laptop BA68.

It does not have a firewire socket.
I need a firewire socket for use with my avdc300 to digitise video.

It does not have an express card socket either.

I would like to know can I take out my dvd drive and be able to attach a firewire socket via, say an express card and slot, to the DVD's SATA socket?

Failing that is there another way to do this?

Thanks, in advance, for any replies

A:I need to install a firewire socket on my toshiba laptop

Probably not. Laptop DVD drives are usually connected with very proprietary connectors that do not at all resemble SATA connectors.

You could use a firewire to USB adapter, but that will only give you speeds of USB. Your machine may not even have a bus that supports full firewire speeds unless especially equipped for some other purpose.
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Hi On Solved: & Off Turns When Socket Laptop Into Plugged For the past few weeks my Samsung laptop has been showing the You may need to replace battery on my Windows OS computer Today I plugged in my computer to the power socket and turned on the computer For a while the power indicator was lit in red color without any other kind of response After a while this turned green and the computer turned on while pressing the power switch On bootup the computer asked me to either launch startup repair or start windows normally Even before Solved: Laptop Turns On & Off When Plugged Into Socket I could respond the computer turned off Pressing the power switch does nothing but every now and then the computer turns on by itself and turns off before the intro Samsung name is displayed This has been continuing for a while Is there anything I can do to fix this issue Thanks a lot ------------------------------------------- Specs OS Windows Model Samsung R the specs I could gather from the internet are Intel Core i M Dual Core Processor MB Cache GHz Speed GB RAM Cell LI-Ion Battery nbsp

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Please can anyone tell me if my keyboard is faulty or not ?
Symptoms is i start the laptop up fine and works web, office etc but then after a few mintues it goes haywire and the mouse goes really erractic fire over the screen and wont stay in one place its like its got the shakes, Any know what my fault is a friend said to me that happened with him and his was faulty keyboard. Anyone any suggestions please ?

A:Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop keyboard problem faulty or not?

Yes, I would say replace the keyboard too
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Hello guys First apologies if this is in the incorrect section I wasn t sure if to put it in either Hardware or here X required? Laptop Socket - Solved: to What's UK Swedish Mains Basically my girlfriend is wanting to buy a new Laptop next time she visits here in the UK She lives in Sweden for the moment but is planning on getting her new system while visiting here in October This is as higher-end Laptops seem far cheaper in general here especially at places like the PC World Online store and Comet when compared to shops over there However we re a little confused with the process of plugging a UK bought Laptop into a Swedish mains socket I m aware that there are plenty of UK gt Europe mains adapters but most are cheap and tacky and with a Laptop I m a little unsure as if we require anything a bit bigger such as something like Solved: UK Laptop to Swedish Mains Socket - What's required? a voltage converter transformer I believe both UK and Sweden have the same mains voltage v though don t really feel to confident just plugging the Laptop straight into a travel adapter If anyone has any advice with what to buy and if anything extra is needed please let me know We both very Solved: UK Laptop to Swedish Mains Socket - What's required? much appreciate the help Cheers nbsp

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So I got a toshiba satellite l300d and it does not charge/turn on. I bought a new socket and charger that work. The board looks fine with no corrosion. Is there anything that could be stopping the laptop from working and could it be fixed?

A:Laptop - no charging light even when socket & charger works

Does the laptop have a separate power board? Is that what you mean by "new socket" ? Or did you replace just the jack (desolder / resolder new jack) ?

May need to crack it back open and use a digital multimeter to see what voltage is coming through it.
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I bought an old Dell Optiplex 380 system refurbished from Dell for about $80 with an E7500 Intel core 2 duo processor and upgraded it to a Xeon E5430 for about $20. The cpu benchmark went from about 1800 to 4000. The Dell Optiplex 380 uses DDR3 memory, so the Xeon gets an additional boost there. I also downloaded a modded Dell bios that supports the Xeon functions on the 775 motherboard at bios-mods forums for free. Great little computer to play older games in Windows 7. Next I will be updating this system to Windows 10. It came with Windows 7 Home Premium OEM installed by Dell.

So for little cost you can play around with older hardware and make it do things it wasn't originally designed for.

A:Socket 771 Xeon processor in a Socket 775 motherboard

Used little sticker eh ?
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It's a cyrix M2 250 mhz.

Someone told me that the fastest cyrix processor was a 200 mhz one, but a site tells me that my 250 mhz m2 is a regular socket 7.

This computer is a compaq presario 2286, and I'm trying to figure it out, but I need some help.

I want to upgrade this computer.
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hello there, i have a problem. i have a processor which is a CELERON 2.00 GHz and it's on socket 478. is it okey to insert it on my other motherboard which is a socket 478B? i really need some help right now... thanks in advance... god bless...

A:Socket 478 vs socket 478b on Celeron processor

i think it will.........tigerdirect WAS selling the 478b and celeron in a combo so i would imagine that they are compatible. Now if its only a socket 478b then no it won't work but if its a socket 478 thats has socket 478b compatibility then it will work.......socket 478b is pentium 4 cpu......

What is the motherboard specs if you have doubt so i can help?
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my situation:

I have a Compaq V6000 notebook. Several months ago it started to only charge when I placed the power cord in the right position. It keeps getting harder to find the right position. I was told that I might have a broken power socket or broken solder connection from the socket to the mobo. So I opened it up. The power socket looks normal to me, but then again, this is the first one I have ever seen.

My question:

what should I be looking for on the power board? What would I be able to notice if the solder connection was broken? and where should I look?


What would indicate that it is a broken power socket?


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I'm new to this forum so very grateful for any help...

I'm trying to wire up a Cat5e to Cat5e wall socket extension and I'm a little confused...

I need to connect a machine in room A to a router in room B. Presently I have a very long Cat5e cable to do this. I've just run a length of Cable through the wall, with a view to terminating both ends with Cat 5e panels (to alleviate the need for a really long cable trailing across the floor).

However, I'm unsure as to how I wire up the insides of the panels. Should I wire them up straight through or crossed-over?

Thanks indeed for any help!


A:Cat5e Socket to Socket extension

Straight through. Plus you need to either wire it up under the 568A or 568B standard. Just pick one and wire up both ends the same way and you'll be fine.
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I am using a TCP/IP - Acer Lan ALN 201 PCI ethernet adapter. The control panel, system , device manager says everything is working correctly. I only have one problem. When using a program called paltalk, I am unable to upload or download .jpeg files. I get a message that says "socket error on non socket". I am able to view video in this program, but am unable to send or receive pictures. I properly opened the correct ports on the router homepage. I am hooked to the net via a Lynksys router. Any suggestions? Is this a hardware problem or a software problem? haven't seen it before. Thanks.
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hey guys i just took apart my old hp ze5170 P4 laptop(not really important) my new laptop is is a P mobile (socket 479). My question is this will this new laptop support the (socket 478) P4 im wondering if that extra pin is just something to help reduce power for longer battery life. or if my laptop will explode if i drop the P4 in. im willing to experiment but i was wondering if some one already knows. ill entertain guesses and rumors too. let me know what you guys think.

and yes i know the voltage is different but i can change that

A:socket 479 cpu swap for socket 478 cpu, will it work???

It won't work Check THIS PAGE and THIS OTHER ONE.

BTW, Welcome to Techspot!!

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I have a Dell 8600 about two years old. When I plug in the AC adapter, it intermittently fades to the battery as though the plug was pulled out (its not) and of course the screen fades in an out when every time it swithces--it does it every 30 to 60 seconds or so. I switched to a different AC adapter (I have a Dell 600M with the same AC adapter)-same thing so I know it is something internally. Any ideas?

A:Dell Laptop Power Supply Fading In and Out--power jack is bad or loose?