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What is the best computer case (chassis)?

Q: What is the best computer case (chassis)?

I read about this case by Zalman that is totally silent, but keeps the system cool.
It looks really neat to me, but it got me wondering what the best case out there is.
Of course, this is subjective, I know.

Criterion, in order of importance:

1. It keeps the system nice and cool
2. Itís quiet
3. It doesnít involve any water pumps or coolent
4. Itís nice-looking

Whatís your fave?

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Preferred Solution: What is the best computer case (chassis)?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi In November last year I wanted to try and overclock my CPU through bios Couldn t do that Tryed doing it through windows but my cpu just wouldn have Intruded -I Chassis a chassis! don't ! t go any higher than hz without becoming unstable so I tryed Chassis Intruded ! -I don't have a chassis! to look for any vcore settings in my bios None So I looked all over the web trying to find a hacked bios for my OEM MS- board but with no luck I recently bought a new Chassis Intruded ! -I don't have a chassis! ASUS P GDC-V board and it booted up fine a couple of times then when I tryed to overclock I miscalculated and set my fsb too high I thought the c p r function would reset the settings but it didn t and by mistake I removed the chassis jumper intead of the bios reset I replaced the jumper and reset the bios and now it keeps giving me the Chassis Intruded message although the jumper is in the right place Any help nbsp

A:Chassis Intruded ! -I don't have a chassis!

Load up on your motherboard a new bios file,with asus its easy.
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I have a Dell Optiplex GX270. When I press the power button, the power button light turns amber, I hear some fans spinning, and the CD drive spinning. However, it never gets to the boot screen (or any screen). If I open the case and press the power button, however, the power button turns green and the computer works fine (loads all the way up and functions like normal). If I close the case after it has started, it continues to run fine. I'm guessing / hoping it's not the mother board or power supply that has directly gone bad... but maybe there is a connection or something? that changes from when it's closed to when it's open. I've heard of something like... the motherboard is shorting out by touching the case... but I'm not really sure where to look for that / how. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

A:Solved: Computer boots fine when case is open, but won't boot when case is closed.
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hi all ,

i have a desktop

i changed my broken case to a new case like

i removed the HDD and the motherboard and the CD-rom ..etc and installed them to a new case

but when i press the switch button it works normally , and the screen display normally and there are no beeps , but after like 20 second my computer turns off automatically ! ,

what may cause this issue ?

A:i replaced all of my computer components from my broken case to other case

could be overheating CPU. Did you apply fresh Thermal paste to the HSF after reinstalling the motherboard? Is it tight and secure? Did you blow out all the dirt, dust and debris from the fans' fins?
Relevancy 43.86% ''92x38mm Vantec Tornado'' has just arrived from the states, its time to fit this UBER LOUD beast to my CPU H/S

110CFM @ 55db ....lets see how loud it actually

A:new chassis fan

Haha, VERY nice Skunk. I like people who don't care how loud the system long as it over clocks well !!
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Q: Chassis

Hello! i am trying to look for the complete chassis of my hp gaming  laptop i've been trying to do hp part surfer but i am not able to do find the chassis, can some one tell me where can i find a complete chassis?   thanks!


Hi @WaffleWizard, Welcome to the HP Forum!Thank you for becoming a HP Forum member.  It is a dynamite location to get help from the community, get suggestions and find what has worked for others. For you have the best experience, here is a link to First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More for you to review, should you have any concerns.I grasp you are looking to replace the chassis of your notebook, but have been unable to locate it in HP Part Surfer.  I would be happy to assist you, but will need to know your exact model of Pavilion gaming notebook. HP Notebook PCs - How Do I Find My Model Number, Serial Number or Product Number?  I will wait for your reply.
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When installing a chassis fan, as in the fan in the front of the case, should the air be pulling into the case to be creating an airflow through the case, or blowing out like the fans on the back of the case? Thanks.

A:Chassis Fan Question

It should be blowing out :knock: It should no be putting air inside because it cannot
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Manual that came with the Diabolic Chassis is wrong. How the heck do i remove the face plate. Model is Minotaur TH202 Insructions were for a different model.

A:Diabolic Chassis

Key the name of the product into a Google search, go to the website and pick up the right manual. Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat because the instruction book will probably be in PDF format.
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I've been looking around the web and am after a UK supplier of Clevo laptop chassis, particularly the d510p or d410e.

Does anyone know where i can buy one of these from?

i am after one so i can transplant parts (cpu, hard drive, cdrw/dvd) out of my fujitsu siemens amilo d 7830, which is now suffering from an overheating graphics chip, and i would like to get a better screen anyway.

Help gratefully appreciated.
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Well For the last couple weeks now I ve been fighting with my compaq Chassis or Fan not 514-CPU Detected...WTF?? I ve managed to fix one problem and create a new one Compaq US Pentium Ghz Gig DDR Ram Apparently my CPU was overheating before due to a thick layer of dust build up To fix this I pulled the Heat Sink Fan HSF out and blasted all the dust from it I then replaced it and it worked fine for about days After those days my comp proceeded to just shut itself off I ve been told that I might have touched the thermal silicone on the bottom of the HSF and to verify this I removed the fan again and removed all remaining silicone from both the CPU and the HSF then I reapplied a new layer This didn t fix the problem After that I was told to try checking the fan connections Been there done that Even checked them in the BIOS After weeks of fighting with one problem I get 514-CPU or Chassis Fan not Detected...WTF?? quot -CPU or Chassis Fan not Detected quot at start up Both fans are running and the comp boots fine but then it gives me that error and the option to boot with F Any ideas nbsp

A:514-CPU or Chassis Fan not Detected...WTF??

As it seems my problems just got a whole lot worse. Now I can't even get pass the Compaq start up load screen. The one that comes up first and says "COMPAQ" in red letters.
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I can't find anywhere I can get a new laptop chassis My current laptop chassis is damaged and has several issues with the ports and buy chassis? laptop Where new can I my computer manufacturer can't help me and even if I could ship the computer to them they'd want to be paid in full for everything I live in China so it makes more sense to just DIY it instead of paying insane shipping costs But the problem is that I can't find a compatible chassis anywhere It seems that just about nobody sells laptop chassis Does anyone know where I can find a good chassis for a quot dual-fan setup My system is an EON -S from Origin PC and it use a P HMx from Clevo as it's chassis I was told by Origin that their current chassis Where can I buy new laptop chassis? model is a P EM I can show you the inside of the unit if it helps you finding a good match for me It's just a quot setup with twin fans that bring in air from the bottom and blow out the back One is a large fan and one is smaller The large one is for the GPU and the smaller one is for the CPU TL DR I'm trying to find a chassis that will fit my setup but having no luck Thanks in advance I really hope I can get something done about all this - Alex

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A few weeks ago, the (8mm?) side case fan, which has an LED light in it to help light up the inside of the computer started to blink, like multiple times a second. I was hoping it was the fan's light going bad, but I replaced it with a new (different) fan, and the same thing is happening.

What is the issue? It appears it must be a motherboard issue, but the motherboard seems to be powering everything else consistently and good.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm running Windows XP if that helps, but the flashing starts pre-Windows, so it probably doesn't matter.

A:Flashing Chassis Fan?

What's the fan plugged into? Is it a motherboard fan plug? Or is it a four-pin Molex? I think I'd be wondering about the power supply. The only lighted fans I've had were so annoying that I uninstalled them immediately. There's no way to concentrate in front of the computer when it looks as if the gendarmes are coming.
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hi all,

i just have a question here. my system has been running hot lately. i have a msi neo2 plat. ed. motherboard with a p4 3.2 installed. i am using the original cpu fan with 1 8cm fan in the window, 4 more 8cm fans in the case. my cpu fan starts running like crazy. it runs at about max regardless of system applicaiton. i can only check my temps in bios (i think) and it's running like 55-60C. when i go to bios under the pc health tab, there is something called chassis intrusion. currently i have it disabled, but the other options are enabled and reset. to enable this would it help my cpu fan out a little? or does it have anything at all to do with system cooling. i installed a cooler master cpu fan but found that it ran hotter with the new one, so i installed the old. any suggestions?


A:what is chassis intrusion?

chassis intrusion is a utility that the bios can use to tell you someone has opened the case. (intruded into the chassis)

alot of times i office buildings, the administrator will use that to alert them to the fact that someone had opened that pc.

once someone opened the case, a little button would pop out, and the chassis intrusion alert would show during next boot. (and some bios's force the boot to stall untill you go into the bios and reset the intrusion alarm.

if you don't have a fear of someone opening your case, then it's best to leave this feature off.

it isn't at all related to heat.

but, about that heat, which direction are them fans all blowing?

a good test is to run it with the case open, and a fan blowing into it, and see if it still heats up. if it still reports a high temp, then you might check to see if there is thermal paste under the processor. if blowing a fan in the side helps, then you will want to look into adding out-blowing case fans at the top of the tower, usually in the back right under the power supply is the easiest spot to add them.

also, everest is a good tool to use to see your temps. (formerly Aida32) you can get it here:

and then there is speedfan. speed fan is good at showing temps, and on some motherboards can control the fan speeds, and it shows a temp in the system tray if you want it to. you can find speedfan at:
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Hello, I bought a new rear case fan (CoolerMaster 120mm Blue Led), The problem that it is always running @ max RPM all the time, Can i control its speed? to make it 1000 RPM or less.. There's a screenshot of my BIOS (Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P), Is there anyway to control this fan speed? Thank you in Advance.

A:Chassis Fan Control

Hi ...
If you have knowledge of electronics - or know someone who has - you can make use of a resistor. Otherwise, you can use SpeedFan, but since the fan is connected to the motherboard. Remember to use 3 to 4 pin adapter and plug it in where shown below. Hope it helps!
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I don't know if I should get a bench or a chassis for a new setup. I will be playing games, and I will not be doing benchmarks.

I will have a Seasonic M12II Bronze 520 watt as my PSU, a HD 6950 Sapphire Toxic @ 6970, my current CPU and motherboard, maybe 8GB or 6GB of RAM instead of 4GB, current HDD.

Thanks in advance

A:Chassis or bench?

The choice is entirely down to your personal preference, but there are a few things to consider. First, do you swap out your hardware all the time? If so, you might want a bench. Which do you think looks better? A decent chassis will cool just as well as a bench, so you might as well just pick the better looking one. Also, with a bench there will be more dust buildup and greater risk of something accidentally breaking your hardware.
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I am going to buy some fans for my Chassis but I dont know much about manufacturers of them i e the ones who have the best reputations for making good quality fans I would like to know which are the best bet to buy I live in the UK and have looked at some sites where I have seen Papst Sanyo Denki and Delta fans for sale quoted as being good quality Seeing as fans are cheap and can dictate quite a bit of noise output I shall be looking to buy ones which are fairly silent Obviously I could dig out info from the net as the Chassis best? fans. are Which there isnt much to know about simple case fans but I just wondered if any of you had suggestions or recommendations based on your experience and knowledge of these devices Also I would add that I only Chassis fans. Which are the best? have two spaces at the rear of my case for the fans and would like to ask should I buy one for sucking air in and one for blowing out or do I only require one fan to do one of these chores I ask this as my old PIII-machine pre-built did not have any chassis-fans pre-installed and so I am unsure what I will need with my newer rig Maybe I dont need any at all Advice please people nbsp

A:Chassis fans. Which are the best?


Try these YS-Tech fans as used by CoolerMaster (despite making their own fans). Very cheap, very quiet (for their rated output) and very reliable. I've used their FD8125 SILENT 80mm Fans (£5.64 ea), which you can find here ...

I'd set them both up to expel air from the case (note: fans can be fitted any way round to suit your prefered airflow direction). As you are probably aware PC cases are not airtight so setting them both to blow air out of the case will ensure that you get a nice flow pattern for cool air entering and leaving the case. If you were to set them up one blowing the other sucking you would be unlikely to get the best cooling effect with your case.

You could spent a lot more on case fans (see other fans on this site), but I really doubt that they will be any better than these.
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Chassis Cooling Fan

c l e a r e d

A:Cooling Chassis Fan

Fans are pretty much the same, they just come in different sizes such as 40mm and 80mm. You can get a replacement at any computer or electronics store for as little as $5.
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512 chassis fan not detected is the message i got earlier when i started up my computer, i didn't know what to do so i just hit f1 to save changes. nothing is diffrent in the computer performence though.

A:512 chassis fan not detected

It could just be the connector or the fan sensor. In fact do all your chassis fans work?
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In the market to build my own computer, gotta start with the case so if my price limit for the case is $$200, what chassis do you guys like? I really only started looking today and so far have only discovered thermaltake brand so any input on other brands that i should research would be appreciated. I don't know if i will go with liquid cooling or fan cooling as of yet.

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I have a HP Evo 510 with windows xp sp3 and started to get an error message all of sudden without any software or hardware changes. 512-chassis fan not detected

I changed the cpu fan with another working one and still same error. no other fans are onboard but the power supply fan on the power supply and that works.

I have searched the web for a solution for two weeks. Please help ASAP!!!

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I had a bit of a catastrophe when opening my pc case. The wires and connector from my Chieftec D80SM-12 chassis fan have become separated from the motherboard. (An ASUSTek A8N-SLI Deluxe) and I don't know how to reconnect. The connector is a 3 pin with yellow, red and black wires leading into it and there are red and black wires leading out of it. Any help would be very gratefully received.

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Hey people I am wondering how to route my Side panel's fan cable's so that it does not look messy on the inside of the chassis like How to hide the cable's. Chassis : Aerocool Xpredator White edidtion : and the fans are 4 Aerocool Shark fans 12 CM : Thanks for the help guys Cheers

A:Chassis fan solution

With an all clear design like that it may be hard to hide it completely. Your best bet would be to make it less visible. Maybe try bunching all the wires (or if you're okay with DIY, combine them all to a single wire) and route it towards the back of the case, and from there to the closest power point?
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For a long time I have been trying to get my thermaltake Tsunami case trying to work with my asus p4s800D-E Deluxe. Last week i was looking at my computer and I started it when this American Megatrends thing comes up saying Chassis Intruded!. I need help because it wont let me into my bios. Please help me!

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Hey, I just moved my rig into a new Thermaltake case, which has about 3 huge led fans. I have 2 problems...

Most of the fans work but seem to run very slow, and particularly the fan speed control won't work.

I'm not too sure what I did wrong here, but there was one thing I noticed that was weird and wasn't in my old tower, which was a 2nd, 2-prong PWR Led lead in addition to the main power lead. I didn't do anything with it because I didn't know where to attach it to.

I have a Gigabyte GA-880GMA-UD2H Mobo, and the new case I got was this one

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

A:Trouble with chassis fan

are these fans plugged into the motherboard, or using a 4 pin molex?
If the MB, are the ones running slowly 3 pin, or 4 pin?

They are probably being auto controlled by the MB according to temperature. Have a look in your bios to see what temp/fan settings are enabled or disabled and how they are set.
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Hey guys.. I have PC Wizard 2008 and it states that my Processor and Chassis Fan are both running at 10 rpm, and my Power Supply fan is running at 1973 rpm . Is that normal for the power supply fan? and I haven't been able to change the CPU, PSU or Chassis fan speeds at all, is this possible?

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I get this error all of sudden and no hardware or software changes with my hp evo 510 :
512-chassis fan not detected

A:512-chassis fan not detected

closing duplicate, please respond at

Please do not create duplicate posts for the same issue.
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A few weeks ago my computer sounded really quiet when I turned it on I thought nothing of it Thinking it had finally started behaving itself rather than making alot of whirring Then about a week or so when I turned my PC on it made odd beeping noises and a black display screen popped up below is Error Rear Fan Chassis 512 everything that appeared on the screen - Rear Chassis Fan Not 512 Rear Chassis Fan Error detected Bus GB ModusLNK S I O T CH IP LUN A Vendor- Modus LNK Prod- MXJ SC T AND then it said press F to boot PC My PC seems to 512 Rear Chassis Fan Error work fine when I get past all this minus the bottom fan at the back working- as I have looked to see which one it could be I opened up the PC yesterday and it was extremely dusty I cleaned all the dust out and checked to see if everything was properly connected yes I did ground my self stop static and made sure nothing would inside the PC would die in the correct way and unplug EVERYTHING after I did this I plugged everything back in and booted the PC no beeps and the lovely whirring sound was back and I could see the fan spinning I turned on the PC this morning however and to my annoyance it beeped twice again and told me the rear chassis fan was indeed not connected again I turned the PC around to look at the back and the fan is not spinning again I am baffled as to why it is doing this I bought my PC barely months ago second hand refurbished Trying to find everything about the actual PC itself I know a bit about PC s but not enough this is the info I can find about the make of the computer xw X A A Xds Hewlett-Packard s n FRB DP PRODUCT DH S ABU please someone help me sort out this problem with my fan Thanks Lyneia nbsp

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My mobo(a8v deluxe, s939), as usuall, has 3 fan ports. Cpu, Power, Chassis.

1. Does the cool&quiet technology works only in the cpu port?

2. I think I can adjust the rpm of the chassis fan, because I see in bios that theres setting for 11/15 to 15/15...right? So, is it good idea to connect there the fan of my vga card(6600gt). I already did it. I also have the option to connect it right on the psu (option for 5V-silent and 12V-normal) Or I should choose the power port (is this port for standard rpm?)

3. I also want to connect a 90mm case fan. Which port should I choose? power or chassis? or psu direckly?

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Hi all I've been searching the tinterweb high and low for most of the day and I cannot for the life of me find an answer to what I would estimate is a simplistic question I'm getting a NZXT Phantom Sorry about the drooling Well it comes with two mm x mm fans although there is an option for another mm x mm fan in the top of the chassis but I cannot find out what the model number of the fan is in the top You would think this is a simple task Well no it's been a nightmare Is the fan a FS RB or FN RB simple question yet I cannot find an answer I want to order another mm fan at the same time but I need to know which one comes with the chassis Sorry case for the novice Um I would estimate that it's likely to be the FS is RPM - whereas the FN is RPM - I would imagine that NZXT wouldn't put a RPM fan in the top of the chassis because that would just be silly because that's RPM exhaust I think it's an RPM If anybody knows the answer or you're an NZXT Phantom customer could you please tell me what the RPM of the top fan is please I would be very appreciated if some kind person could let me know hopefully by Tuesday BH in the UK on Monday so nothing is open Well mail order isn't but all the shops are Thanks Simon

A:NZXT Phantom Chassis HELP!

I reviewed the Phantom for NZXT when it first came out, a nice thing about NZXT's fans is that they only like 6 or 7 of them and all their cases use supplied with this manageable number of fans.

The 200mm that is in the Phantom is either White, Red, Green or blue.

Here is a link to the USA NZXT Store so you can get the product code numbers.

NZXT. Crafted Gaming Armor.
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I am rebuilding a PC and as soon as I plugin the power the fan starts spinning. I have not turned on the power yet because I am concerned something is not wired properly. Please advice!

A:Chassis fan running while PC turned off

Which fan?
You're probably right, but it's hard to say if this is a problem with the fan itself or a short somewhere else.
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Simple question really;

I'm about to purchase a BTX-chassi and a BTX-motherboard. The motherboard has a regular PCIe x16-slot.

I do also have a graphics card with the PCIe x16 interface, from my old ATX-chassi.

Can I simply pop the card in the PCIe-slot, or does the BTX-structure require something else like an inverted card specifically made for the BTX?

A:Does PCIe x16-cards fit in BTX-chassis as well?

i'm pretty sure it works all the same, with the slot being the same distance from the chassis itself as with an ATX.
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Is the envy 13 d000 series all in aluminium? because i read some reaviews that the bottom case is in plastic thtat looks like aluminium

A:Is Envy 13 chassis all in aluminium?

Hi, From a preview: CaseIf a manufacturer of a premium subnotebook wants to be on the safe side in terms of the design, they just copy the design from Apple. HP does not make any experiments with the Envy 13 and follows the role model pretty closely ? and the result is appealing. The chassis is primarily made of brushed aluminum, which not only looks great, but it also hardly flexes under pressure. The bottom cover and the lid on the other hand are much more flexible (and feel more like plastic). There are no artifacts on the screen when you apply pressure at the back, but this Envy is not very torsion-resistant. Otherwise, there is not a lot to criticize about the build quality: The hinges are taut and only allow a slight wobbling of the screen, which can be opened up to 135 degrees. Small gaps support the generally decent build quality. Source: You can feel much better with higher class/gtade machines called Spectre . Regards.
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I have a Dell Vostro that has a loud chassis fan When I wake-up the operating system by moving the mouse either Windows or Windows Vista the chassis fan will usually start This doesn't make sense because the machine should be cooler while sleeping so it should not need more cooling at this point I would add that the fan starts up waking chassis when chassis chassis fan starts when waking up fan is not running upon boot up or even after hours of continuous use or hours of sleep mode It's only when coming out of sleep that the chassis fan starts up What I usually do to get quiet operation when the fan starts is to shutdown and reboot chassis fan starts when waking up I suppose an alternative is to setup so that sleep never happens but that would be wasteful I have on rare occassions been able to wake up the computer without starting the chassis fan by gently moving the mouse Unfortunately this is hard to do and there is usually no wakeup unless I more aggressively move the mouse The BIOS does not seem to have any settings for the chassis fan The owners manual does not mention speed control nor thermometers Is there an explanation or a better fix to the problem

A:chassis fan starts when waking up

I found this thread in the Dell Forum

Vostro 200 fan Noise at startup - Desktop General Hardware Forum - Desktop - Dell Community

They all point towards a certain BIOS version ( v1.0.8), a downgrade to the previous version seems to have fixed this for some. But also say the fans definitely spin up upon startup, but are supposed to slow back down after a few seconds.

A Guy
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I've had problems booting my PC (not this one) and I took the back off it to check that nothing had gone loose inside. Now I get the the message "Warning! Your chassis has been opened!" How do I now get rid of that so that I can on with things?

A:Warning! Your chassis has been opened!

When does this message appear - during OS boot or..?
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Hey guys,

I want to install a 12VDC Brushless chassis fan (Model: 273-243)
from radio shack

, but it came without a connector on the end of the 2 wires-they're just bare.

I have an available 3-pin connector on my mobo(asus p4pe-x). Did I get the right fan? If so, how do I install this fan?

A:how to install chassis fan that has no connector

if you want to connect it to the mobo directly, you will need to get a 3 pin connector then join the wires to the connector, and the connector to the board. if i remember correctly, pin 1 and 2 should be + and - respectively and the third a control/sensor. but doublecheck that with your motherboard manual. if you want to join it straight to the psu, then you will need to cut and strip one of the cables going to the molex plugs and tap it from there. be sure to not have any wires crossing each other or naked (use electrical tape or heatshrinks to seal tehm up)
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DO these need to hook to my Audugy2 zs or to my mobo? There are like 6 individual attachments..If I do need to hook them to my card, how do I know what goes where? My current case has a built my dell connection that connects to the card.

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I found out that the cpu fan was not working while exploring the cause of no video. I checked the fan and it works. I have a chassis fan that works just fine. Can I hook both the chassis fan and the CPU fan together and run off the same circuit? will the fans be too much for that circuit? they are both .19 amps, if this matters. Do I need the chassis fan? Is there a y-splitter to run both fans off the same circuit?


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I noticed a few random warning beeps while I was on the computer this morning. Looked up on Google and found a suggestion that it may be a temperature problem, that a fan was not working. So I looked a Asus Probe and se that it says that the temperature is ok, CPU fan is ok, power fan and chassis fan are "paused" and have a status of 0. What does this mean, please? And what do I need to do about it, in very simple language please...


A:Power fan and chassis fan not working?

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

By power fan, do you mean the fan inside the psu(power supply unit)?

If you do, then your psu is about to fail and should be replaced immediately, before if goes altogether and takes some of your valuable components with it.

Do a physical check to see if the fans in question are actually stopped. You should be able to tell simply by placing your hand near the fans.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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My computer came with a piece of software for monitoring fan speed etc. Whenever I launch it, it says "Warning! Chassis fan 0 rpm" to tell me the chassis fans aren't turning. However, they never seem to turn on! I don't know if it's normal, and I'm just worrying over nothing, or if there's something wrong. I've attached a screen shot to show what the software says.



A:Chassis fans not working?

this could be a number of things. Are the fans actually turning on. If they are the software is clearly not detecting them. the likelyhood that both fans went out at the same time tells me that its probably something else other than your fans misbehaving.

1.if you need to they will have two wires connecting them to the motherboard. make sure that is firmly seated in the connector on the board.
2. see if you have any yellow exclaimation points in the device manager
3. try hitting that "update" button or reinstalling that particular software so the software can reinitialize.
4. show me what the screen shot of the fan speed tab.

I wouldnt sweat this issue. If you see the fans are spinning and the board temp is reasonable you've got nothing to worry about.
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I want to get a new case for my Dimension E310 and Dell does not want to give me the info I need to buy a proper case. Can you guys help me out? I need to know that Motherboard type and dimensions? Sorry a bit of a newb at this.

A:Chassis for a Dimension E310

I would think you would have to get a new motherboard, ($40-100)

But then you would be sure that it would fit in any case. (standered atx)
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The Antec Nine Hundred or the GIGABYTE 3D Aurora 570 case? I am planning to upgrade my cheap Raidmax case once I'm done with the vid cards and such.

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I want to run a computer out of a plastic bin. If I lay the MoBo and powersupply on the bottom, then duct tape all of the peripherals to the side... will it run? Would it do better out of a cardboard box?

A:No computer case?

It should work. Depending on the type of plastic you may have static electricity so be careful. It would probably run equally as well in a cardboard box. Honestly though, why not just buy an inexpensive case? Even the cheapest case would be better than a plastic bin or a cardboard box.
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I have the following components in my PC:

GT 520 gpu
Intel i5 661 CPU
Gigabyte H55m-D2H motherboard (this is a small one, I believe it's micro ATX)
Two sticks of 4GB of RAM
ESI [email protected] audio card

I'm gonna stick with this build for a while (in fact, I don't see myself upgrading anytime soon - it runs great).

My case is big and makes a lot of noise (the fan is old...). I need a new one, and I wonder what compact cases are available for my setup. As you can see above, I do not use a gaming GPU, so I can probably make do with a thin case. The audio card isn't exactly tiny, though.

I'd appreciate any recommendations!


A:Need help getting my next computer case

This would be my pick, Excellent case IMO
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I am looking at now changing my computer case, preferably to either a standard ATX desktop or a HTPC Media Centre Case, however I have a slight problem in the fact that I have a Xigmatek hdt-s1283 CPU cooler, which stands rather proud at about 20cm or so.... what I was wondering is if any of you techspot frequenters know of any desktop style cases that would cater for my cooler, or if as far as it goes I am fighting a loosing battle?

Heres Hoping


A:New Computer Case

The Cooler Master Elite RC-330 is a decent, inexpensive case that will easily have room for that cooler.
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Looking for suggestions for a cheap case (cheaper the better).

Must have:
front and back 120mm fan spots (doesn't need to come with fan)
at least 5x 5.25" external bays
at least 1x 3.5" external bay
Fits ATX spec

On a budget, so the cheaper the better. I'm just replacing the case, so it doesn't need to have anything in it (PSU, fans, etc), but must be able to put them there obviously. I don't have brand preferences. Name as many as you can, since it might be a problem getting them where I am...

A:Looking for a computer case

I found this as the cheapest with all the features you want, except it has an 80mm front fan and a 120mm rear fan. If you really need that 120mm front fan, this has it for about $7 more.
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I have a A7N8XE-Deluxe Mobo, and I would like to get a new case for it with more fans and better airflow since I overclocked the CPU in it. I have found several ATX cases, but the back doesn't match what mine does currently. How do I get the right case with access to all the ports in the back, like my four USB and two Ethernet ports. The cases I have looked at don't have spaces for those. Do I just rip out the whole back part of the case or is there a way to find the case I need that will provide access to all my ports on the back? Thanks for help in advance.

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Please tell me if I waste you peoples time. Im a fan of building computer cases.
Now I was wondering what you people would think of a cylindric case? You know, that look like a bin (or a very large coffee tin) or something. Then you put the mobo near the bottom but not too close to it, put air intakes near it and one BIG extractor fan on top of the case. No corners for heat to gather
Posted via Mobile Device

A:Computer case?

For home-made... if you know how to work with tools, metal, plastics, etc...

You could make one... doesn't mean it'll work any better at cooling.

There are round computers out there.
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I recently changed my computer case and after some struggles successfully moved all the hardware from my old case to the new one. It's a P4-1.7, DVD, CD, Nvidia GeForce FX 5600, Sound Blaster Audigy 2. The thing is, when I power the computer up I get no picture on my screen, so I'm wondering if it just has to do with the screen or the computer is just powering up and not actually turning on. Could someone please help me, I think it might have to do with how I connected the wiring to do with the hard drive, CD, and DVD.

A:Computer Case-NEED HELP

Disconnect everything except the processor, video card, memory, and floppy. Try and boot it and see if it posts with video. If it does just start adding one device at a time back
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zipzoomfly sent me this.Does anyone know if this case is any good? It's a good price Thermaltake Mambo

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Hey everyone! It's jsut a quick post, but I recently finished a brand new computer build, but I am worried my case doesn't supply enough cooling, but also don't like the nosie it produces during gaming, so I am wondering if anyone knows of any good cases under £50/$60. I have looked at the powercool dominator and am wondering if it will be enough (

My build is as follows:
- AMD 8350 CPU with stock heat sink/fan
- Gigabyte 7950 triple fan graphics card
- 16GB RAM
- SSD & Hard Drive (not performance, but more energy saving)
- CIT basic case modded with an additional fan on the side
- ASUS M5A99X Motherboard
- 880w PSU

Thank you for any advice! It will need to have high cooling abilities, but also quite quiet!

A:Computer case for $60?

- Noise from case is 95% the fault of the fans. More expensive cases provide quieter fans, but you're paying a lot more to start with anyway. Plus, you'll have to provide your own additional fans in most cases (pun not intended) anyway.
- PSU fan could be loud..?
- Cooling performance is a combination of how neat your build is (cables etc), the amount of components, the type of cooling on your devices, fans used, and airflow provided by case. This is a lot of variables, so it can be hard.
- The case you linked is a budget case. Don't expect miracles.

- My suggestion - stick with what you have, tweak the fan speeds a bit.
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hi guysI have a computer case when i tried to open it . The power supply turn off after 5 minutes immediately. So what is the solution for this issue . Please help Regards
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hi computer case guys nbsp I have a problem with another Computer computer case case The monitor hp type W a and the computer case type hp pro MT The problem is message appear to me like this no DVI signal amp no VGA signal every time when i tried to open my computer i show this message One from your comunity say to me i should to discharge nbsp the electrical charges from the computer and I thanks him a lot about this informationbut i have another computer case the same issue won't to resolveThis computer case i opened last week and it's work successfully but this days i don't know what's the problem maybe some dust won't to remove this is why i want to ask your comunity to get fast solution and this why i prefer this site to get fast information without i lost my time searching nbsp So nbsp please help me nbsp I appreciate your nbsp efforts to help nbsp nbsp and i'm one of our fans nbsp Regards nbsp
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Hello everyone, I'm looking to buy a new computer case tomorrow for my PC because I'm getting worried by all the clutter. Everything is too close for comfort. Lol. Now I've heard that the most "scary", or worrisome, thing is taking out the mobo itself because of the static and all. Um, I'm in need of some Windows 7 Jedi guidance from you guys. Tell me what you guys need so I can post my specs so you can help me out further. Thanks.

A:Computer Case help?

If you are worried about the static when you buy/order your new case pick up a 2-5 dollar static wristband. they connect to your wrist then ground to the pc
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I have a computer case where the on/off switch doesn't work when plugged into the motherboard. The computer is fine, I can jump the board but I need to resolve the issue with the on/off switch. it's just a PII case, no real thrills. The pins to the motherboard consist of (2) wires to the on/off switch, but the pin is (3) prong with a dummy in the middle. If you have any suggestions or need more info I'm online and watching? Thanks

A:Computer Case

Hi bturner
If you have the right tools you can sometimes get the pins to release from the connector and move them next to each other. If you can't get that to work you could use an exacto knife ( or sharp raser blade) and split the connector down the dummy pin. Then connect each pin separately to the motherboard connector.
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I am about to build a new computer using an Asus motherboard appr 10 x 12 inches.
Since I am reluctant to install the motherboard in a vertical position I wonder if
there are cases into which I could install my motherboard horizontally.
So far I found none.

Any suggestions



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My PC shutdown because of CPU high temperature and, after resetting, I found that the cpu and chassis fans on my Asus A7V8X-X mobo were not running. When the mobo is powered up (and before the CPU overheats again) I measure +2v between ground and +12v of the cpu and chassis fan connectors. The fans work ok if I separately apply 12 volts to them.
What could be causing only 2v instead of 12v at the mobo connectors? Is it the mobo, or is it the PS?
It's not like it's zero volts like with a blown fuse. But it's 2 instead of 12. And I can find +12v at the PS disk drive accessory connectors. Does the mean the PS is ok? Or are there different +12v outputs from the PS?

A:Low voltage at cpu/chassis fan mobo connectors

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot

What a drag!
It sounds to me like the psu is flaked out, it may have taken out the MoBo too.
If you are not getting power to the cpu fan from the MoBo, then chances are it
messed up. Most likely the cpu is still good if you did'nt run it to long with no fan.
There are at least three places to hook a cpu fan in on that A7V8X-X MoBo
(I have one) A7V8X-E Deluxe
try a three wire fan on each one to see if they power up too.

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Hello, I need some info what chassis will fit my laptop. Ideapad y570 , model name 20091.
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Hi Just unwrapped my birthday present today... a brand new, shiny, HP Pavilion HPE-595uk (yay!).  My husband bought it direct from HP, about 3 weeks ago.  It has been unused until today.  (Happy Birthday me!) However, on first power up, I got a bios message:- "Error 512 - rear chassis fan not detected, Press F1 to continue" I pressed F1 and the startup continued, Windows 7 Installed, all seems ok... I am talking (typing) to you on the PC right now.  However... if I powercycle the PC, I get the error (Error 512 - rear chassis fan not detected, press F1) every time. Does this mean there is a fault with this PC? Should the rear chassis fan be detected?  Has a cable come loose?  Brand new PC remember... just out the box 2 hours ago.    

View Solution.

A:Error 512 - rear chassis fan not detected

Thanks for the inforfmation.  I just started my new computer which had the " Error 512 - rear chassis fan not detected" message.  The connector to the rear fan had a bent pin and the connector was just sitting on it.  Nudging the pin with long nose pliers and a small screw driver fixed it and allowed the connector to be plugged in all the way and all is well.  Be sure to remove the power cord from the back before doing this.  I didn't and the on button was hit while removing the side panel.  Since I have a SDD I didn't hear the computer come on - I was lucky not to short something out!
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Hi, Does anyone know where I can locate a replacement lock (and keys!!) for the side panel of the XW8600 ?  Can these be found on ebay? thanksBrian

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My desktop computer blue screened over night. When I turned it back on I got this bios message "Error 512 - rear chassis fan not detected, Press F1 to continue" Now, my computer is about 6 years old, it's no longer under warranty. I'm just wondreing if it would be worth it to replace the fan myself, have it replaced or just invest in a new computer? 

A:Error 512 - rear chassis fan not detected

The rear case fan is a 92mm x 25mm with a 3 wire plug. It's a quick fix. Example.
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Does anyone know where i can buy a Chassis 9-pin Front Panel Header for my HP 533W Desktop PC. I just upgraded my MB and Processor and i need a new power switch and i cannot find one anywhere????? Please HELP
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Good morning all,My motherboard was replaced after having an issue but during bootup i get a loud beep followed by "Invalid Chassis Serial Number". I have looked across forums and they say to press F10 to get into BIOS then CTRL A to be able to enter the Serial Number.First my machine is HP Prodesk 600G1 Tower PC, second the F10 doesn't get me anywhere, and finally the which serial number are they talking about and where can I find it?

A:Invalid Chassis Serial Number

Hi: You have to tap the ESC key first on your model to get access to the F10 BIOS access menu. After entering BIOS Setup by hitting the F10 key, press Ctrl+A to open additonal fields in Security>System IDs menu. Enter your PC's serial number in Asset Tag Number and Chassis Serial Number fields. Save changes there and again when you exit the BIOS. If that doesn't work you will have to contact HP technical support for assistance.
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I have an HP Touchsmart 610-1150y (Windows 7, 64-bit) all-in-one pc that I purchased in Sept. 2011 and it's been perfect until today. I went to turn it on and got the "rear chassis fan not detected" error, but since it's an all-in-one pc I'm not sure if it even has a rear chassis fan. I opened up the back of the pc and only saw the heatsink fan, but I'm not sure if this is the fan that's giving the error or if there's another fan somewhere that I can't see since it's hidden by the case.  Also, I downloaded and ran both SpeedFan and Open Hardware Monitor and neither show any fans listed.  Not sure where to go from here, any advice would be appreciated.
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im doing my first pc build and got the asus p4c800-e deluxe motherboard. however when i try to boot it says system halted chassis intruded. help! i need this system up and running asap.

thank you

A:p4c800-e deluxe chassis intrusion

oh and i checked the jumpers and they are installed properly and everything, so im still lost
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I have an ASUS P8B75-MLE Micro ATX motherboard, it only has 1 chassis fan header. My case (HAF 922) as 3 fans. My PSU is an OCZ ZT Series 650W.

What kind of adapters do I need to connect them all up?

A:Connecting chassis fans to the motherboard

Hi alexjsc, One way to power extra fans is to tap off 12v from one of your 4 pin molex connections, to, say a DVD drive.
There are molex adapters which have a plug on one side and a socket on the other, plus a small plug for one of your extra fans.
You need to check the number of pins on your fans connections, could be 3 or 4, but you need power for 3 fans also.
Also, do you want to be able to slow the new case fans, or to have them running full speed always.
This is the type of connector;
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The screen from the chasses/front cover is broken and the (right) hinge is no longer connected to the chassis/screen. I want to order a new chasses and hinge. Where can I buy/order this?
HP ENVY 15-k046nd Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR)
Model J3T82EA
Serial [Personal Information Removed]
Cracked outer screen. The LCD display and touchscreen controller are fine.

This hinge is no longer conected to the screen.

A:Looking for replacement chassis HP ENVY 15-k046nd



I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).

If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.
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Hello everyone, I'm living in UK and I have difficulties to find someone who can fix my laptop. They told me is impossible find the chassis.Any suggestions where I can find it? Thanks for the answers

A:Cracked chassis of Satellite R630-138

If you know the part number you could check eBay.
A Toshiba ASP might be able to locate one.
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I bought this desktop around two years ago now and it has served it's purpose well However around detected - 512 Error rear chassis fan not months ago I decided Error 512 - rear chassis fan not detected to upgrade the graphics card since the warranty had ran out anyway and therefore I had to buy a new case as well since the one the pc came with was too small for the new graphics card nbsp I installed everything and it all seemed to work but when I booted up the pc for Error 512 - rear chassis fan not detected the first time after changing the graphics card the error Error - rear Error 512 - rear chassis fan not detected chassis fan not detected Came up It said press F to continue and so I did I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary so I just went with it however recently this has started to bother me again nbsp I went online and checked how to remove this error and the best answer I found was enter bios and go to advanced then disable system fan check However in my case there were basically nothing I could do in bios There were only a handful of options and none of them had to do with fans My currnt bios is AMI nbsp So my question for all you smart people out there is How do I fix this Update bios I don't really want to buy a new fan or motherboard since I am saving for a processor upgrade nbsp Thanks for all and any answers
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hi. is there any difference beetween chassis fan (chas_1)
and power fan (pwr_1) headers ? and if both are 3 pin

A:Chassis fan -- difference between chas_1 and pwr_1?

More information is needed. Different motherboard manufacturers print their circuit boards differently. What kind of motherboard is it?
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Good morning everyone I have a ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC SABERTOOTH FX Rev and working Motherboard's fan Chassis connectors not last night I finished transitioning all of Motherboard's Chassis fan connectors not working my computer parts into my new SilverStone Raven case with the CoolerMaster Hyper EVO CPU cooler I went to plug in two air penetrator fan SilverStone Technology Co Ltd INTRODUCTION AP and when I went to change the speed on the fans like an on off swtich I heard a big ZAP sound and my computer restarted I finally found the problem with the wires being put in backwards not by me However the chassis fan connectors on the motherboard is no longer powering the fans and my BIOS no longer detects the fans connected to it for monitoring but computer is still working fine so I'm having to run an adaptor direct to my power supply for the fans to work Is there any way to fix this problem or is the chassis fan connectors toast now and nothing I can do about it Thanks

A:Motherboard's Chassis fan connectors not working

Well, usually a big zap sound and a restart signify that something went seriously wrong. I suspect that you've blown the regulators that provide power to the chassis fans. They are not field repairable, meaning that you can't fix them. I would suggest getting a commercial fan controller to look after your fans.
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I have an old 808532U that I am thinking of using as the basis for building a new much more powerful system.  I am not a gamer so I just want new, fast technology for today's apps and OS's.  Does anyone have experience doing this?  I am particularly interested in info on what boards and power supplies would physically fit in the chassis.  Also, any recommendations on board quality.  I recently intalled a 1 TB hybrid drive that I plan to reuse.  Any guidance appreciated. Thanks,Napp
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I have a Coolermaster 120mm UV LED Fan, and it came with these wide screws but, the fan itself doesn't have threaded holes they were just smooth, so you really had the press hard and turn hard to get them in properly, so inevitably I stripped all four of them. I was thinking about getting a new fan, since these aren't very powerful fans either. I am willing to buy a Grab-it removal kit for my screws, but I am worried about metal shavings from using the filing bit that comes with the kit. I can remove my motherboard tray, but I am still worried about metal shavings, what precautions should I take?

I am also think about breaking the holes with a screw driver so then I don't need to worry about metal shavings, but it doesn't seem that practical.
Have a nice day

A:Someone has to answer? I have 4 stripped fan screws on my chassis fan?
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Can I remove the drive from and WD Elements and put it in the box itself. I have plenty of bays, they are all SATA (I think, I don't really know what that means).
If if is possible I want to get this thing off the top of my box and clean the area up a little.

THank you for your consideration

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD FX(tm)-6100 Six-Core Processor, AMD64 Family 21 Model 1 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 6
RAM: 8138 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 123789 MB, Free - 37276 MB; D: Total - 179852 MB, Free - 104860 MB; G: Total - 1430795 MB, Free - 643221 MB; H: Total - 2192872 MB, Free - 2087592 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC., M5A97
Antivirus: avast! Internet Security, Updated and Enabled
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I have an Acer Aspire X Details It s about years old now Came with Windows Vista I upgraded it to Windows Also has a newer video card than what came with it Anyway The PSU fan is getting really obnoxious it gets really loud more or less like a lawn mower I have taken the thing apart and have tried every suggestion given to quiet it down which it does for a whole week or two This is a small form factor PC so to even take the power supply out you have to new / Form Solved: Replacing case Case bigger Small with PSU Factor basically take out everything else just to get to it I have looked for replacements but they are very obsolete It s only W anyway so i d like something a little more powerful What I want to do is get a larger case that I can use the same hardware is motherboard drives etc and purchase a larger power supply for that case W really limits the PC The small case holds a lot of heat even with all fans cleaned and working properly Even just taking a CD DVD out that was in it is very hot I want a case with better airflow than this one I really am not sure what kind of case to get that will meet my needs I don t want anything really fancy If possible I d like to get Solved: Replacing Small Form Factor Case with bigger case / new PSU it off newegg com Any suggestions would be great nbsp

A:Solved: Replacing Small Form Factor Case with bigger case / new PSU
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I created a list of companies & phone #'s etc. in access 2000. The letters are upper case. How do I change upper case listings to lower case?

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Ok, now I have a new build that has All new parts, brand new case and everything, it works fine when it's partially screwwed in or outside the case, but once I put everything else in (pci devices) it doesn't turn on? What could be the problem?

A:HELP!! The new build that worked fine out the case doesn't work in the case!
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Motherboard Asus P N- MX motherboard BIOS update CPU Intel Core Duo E Processor OS Windows XP I was trying to install a new CPU and in the middle of that process I found I needed to update Solved: detection I How error? do get chassis intrusion around the BIOS Again this took some time to do but once it was updated I saw this message quot The system intruded chassis opened or tempered before Please check the system quot I looked up the issue and did a series of things to mend it Checked the manual According to Solved: How do I get around chassis intrusion detection error? it there is no switch in the BIOS itself only a physical set of pins which by default have a jumper cap over them to short the detector Upon checking my MB I found this jumper cap was missing so I ordered a batch and replaced it Problem continued Reset CMOS I turned the PC off removed the battery then moved the jumper cap to clear CMOS according to the manual Waited about a minute to be safe before returning the cap to its original position and putting the battery back in Problem persists Updated BIOS again I d previously had issues updating the BIOS only to learn the file was not being detected was all Once that was settled it was updated and this new issue appeared After calling ASUS the rep suggested the first two options I mentioned as well as checking for an even more recent update to the BIOS I had the most recent one but I re-updated it anyway Problem persists Check jumper caps I thought maybe the cap was not secure enough for the short to be detected so I checked that Afterwards I removed the battery then reset CMOS again Turned on the computer Problem persists I m aware that such an error says in the motherboard s log until the issue s resolved but presently I don t know what else to try and remove this message Any suggestions nbsp

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This thread topic is NOT about SMART monitoring in hard disk drives! It is about NVidia introducing and open-industry standard, Enthusiast System Architecture (ESA), for real-time monitoring and control of PC power supplies, chassis, and water cooling systems.

Article here.

-- Tom
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ProDesk 400G1 MTWindows 8 was orignal operating systemUpgraded to Windows 10 recently Issue:   Invalid Chassis Serial Number on Boot Up  - Hit F1 to continue Windows 10 Operating System was authenicated by Microsoft tech support.  Original HP mobo crashed.  Replaced with higher version 2.0 than the 1.2 that it came with but same maker. Getting this error:      1. at boot up - Invalid Chassis Serial Number Where do I find the Chassis Serial Number? Solutions?  Is there a way to fix this without reinstallation?   Something in BIOS/EUFI that needs updating? Thanks, Darryl

A:New MOBO - Invalid Chassis Serial Number

Fixed this already.   Chassis Serial Number is known on the mobo as ASIN and a letter I is similar to a 1.  I thought I and O's were not used anymore. Next question:on boot up it states "Front Side USB is not connected".   All USB ports work and all connectors are accounted for.   Is there a way I can have it ignore this error message and not stop at F1 to boot? Thanks. Darryl
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 No idea what the part is called but it's this metal bracket that is to the right of the extendable GPU slots: and here is an image of how I have been holding my GPU for the past 2 years:,VwR4sg2#0
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Hey guys This is my computer case with Problem first post so I will try to make this as good as possible I just built my own computer which consists of a Gigabyte P C-DS R motherboard Intel Core Duo Conroe Ghz FSB Problem with computer case watt UltraXfinity power supply dual V rails Ballistix ram sticks for GB ddr Seagate GB Sata and Foxconn Nvidia GTX card Both me and my friend built this computer he is more knowledgeable so he did most of the work while I learned We assembled everything properly and attached it to the case plugged in every wire nescessary and it didn t boot We double and triple checked to make sure that all the basic wires were attached properly trust me we really checked stuff and it still didn t boot so he decided to unhook everything except for the motherboard and its power supply cable and he tried to jump the Power button leads with a screwdriver to hot wire it and it didn t turn on At this point we figured we had a motherboard failure but we took it out of the case and plugged it in and it fired up right away In fact I am typing this message right now and it is all assembled outside of the case and it is working great I played some games with it and it also ran fine and Power supply unit is giving enough voltage current wattage for everything so that isn t the problem Problem with computer case We are stumped and nobody else knows what is going on because many of my friends are studying to be computer engineers and they have built their own systems and have never seen this happen before By the way my case is a brand new Cooler Master Mystique Any thoughts Thanks nbsp

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I wanted to buy a bigger case for my computer so I can upgrade my psu and get a full size graphics card will my motherboard fit inside any standard case?

A:New Case For Dell Computer

It should...but we need the specific details of you Dell PC. If you would fill in your system specs in you profile area then we can get a better picture of your needs.
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I'm considering buying one of the cases and would like your opinion.

Thanks in advance.


A:Is this a good computer case?

Looks like it might be a little tricky to upgrade. Otherwise a fine looking case.
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My existing PSU is very loud and the case doesn't look great.

What information shall I post so I can get help regarding the title.

Thanks in advance.

A:Need help buying PSU & Case for computer

Your system specs are most important, it lets us know how much wattage you'll need to sufficiently power your rig and also the motherboard model will help us determine what size case you'll be needing as well. Once that is all posted, we can continue on to recommendations.
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hello everyone. im looking into buying a new case for my computer. i currently have the stock case that came with my sony vaio pcv rx860. I was looking to get one of the more custom cases ive seen on the web. my main concerns are if the vaio components will be easily transferable to whichever custom case i end up choosing. as well , are there certain types of cases i need to stay away from or that i should look at specifically ? ive never changed the case on a computer before and the vaio i have has a very interesting way of opening up. is there a site or set of specifications i should follow before choosing my custom case ? thanks.

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Hi guys I m building a new PC and I was just looking for a case and a tv tuner I am also accepting advice for other parts Here is the Computer so far Processor Intel Core Duo E Motherboard Asus P QL-EM Hard Drive Samsung SpinPoint F HD UJ Hard Drive Samsung SpinPoint F HD UJ Optical Drive LG GDR- B Optical Drive LG GDR- B Graphics Chip Inno D GF GTX case Tuner and TV Computer Overclocked PCI-E Graphics Chip Inno D GF GTX Overclocked PCI-E Sound Card Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal ty Champion Series Network Card Bigfoot Networks Killer NIC K Card Wireless Networking D-LINK DWA- Wireless Draft N PCI Adapter B G N Power Supply Unit Amacrox Free Style AX -EP CPU Cooler Cooler Master V Operating System Windows Vista Ultimate x Keyboard Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Mouse Microsoft Wireless Laser Monitor Dell WFP Speakers Logitech G I d like the case to have good airflow and preferably to stop most noise at a decent price definitely no more than and the TV Tuner to have dual receivers and recording abilities Thanks in advance nbsp

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Hello. This may sound like a very stupid question, but I just got this computer for a great deal but the guy forgot to give me the key so I can't open it to upgrade it. Is there a simple way to pick the lock or perhaps a universal tool I can buy? From what I know, only the really old computers required keys, but I guess I was wrong. I tried to look this up on google, but once I typed in the word "key" into any sentence, all I got was threads about how to crack programs and stuff.

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What is the difference between a OEM and Retail case? TIA


A:Computer Case Question

OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer. They are produced for a middleman to use building his machines to seel to the public.

Anything OEM generally has a shorter warranty, no documentation and few extras. For example, an OEM harddrive does not come with cables or install software. You get a drive, thats it. For an OEM case, you may or may not get a powersupply for example.
Retail on the other hand, gives you the full manf warranty, documentation and any extras there may be.
Unless OEM is significantly cheaper, I usually get the Retail version.
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PICS IN PAGE Okay I have decided that my next computer is going to be a mini-ITX Ever since PC makers decided to embed a LAN card and sound card onto a motherboard and put in a graphics card slot into a wee lil motherboard I don t really need anything bigger Anyway I set out looking to BUY a computer case a Building mini-ITX case but kinda came up short They are really REALLY small Most of them don t even use ATX spec components Slim optical drives slim heatsinks flex-ATX PSU So I decided to build my own mini-ITX case Gonna be an Aluminum frame and aluminum fibreglass cover and front Fibreglass because its much easier to work with IMO and doesn t cost a Building a computer case bomb like carbon fibre My list of spec Fit a mini-ITX board Fit a full tower size CPU cooler For overclocking and quiet operation which is why I started the Venomous X thread Fit full ATX sized PSU I ve set the length of this PSU to cm which is the length of my current W Antec PSU Fit my current graphics card GTX From my proposed layout and calculations I should be able to fit something a few cms longer Fit x quot HDDs Fit x quot Optical drive Fit a mm exhaust fan or bigger I did some calculations designed a layout by researching what works and what doesn t and came up with this sized box excluding the front bezel x x mm That seems to be the smallest I can make it to fit everything in It is bigger than any mini-ITX box out there that I could find but I m basically getting an ATX box with a mini-ITX mobo And it will still be much smaller than mATX boxes out there For comparison Lian Li has a PC-Q case mm x mm x mm which doesn t have space for a massive heatsink no space for dual slot graphics card only x quot HDD and the overclockers nightmare no exhaust fans In fact no case fans at all And another comparison case would be the Lian Li PC-V which is a mATX case measuring a whopping x x mm And even then I have doubts about that massive heatsink I ve started the planning stage by building cardboard replicas of every internal component in the PC and seeing if it will fit with enough margin for assembly space as well as holding structure itself And I ll also be building a box to those dimensions and seeing if everything will fit as planned Thank god most stuff in the computer are box-shaped Anyways since I have other things to do around the house as well as given the number of items I m gonna take a few days to put this together Now I would like some feedback about this little project of mine Assuming I ve figured out how to put it together does anyone foresee any issues with the size I can see huge glaring issue here I m hoping someone will be able to point that out And at the same time point out some other issues I haven t seen Or maybe have I missed out some important component nbsp

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I do not see any issues in size. In fact, I have seen a shuttle system with a Core i7, 3 HDD's, and an HD5970 in it:

If you are building an aluminum frame, I recommend using right angle pieces. They are very easy to work with, and very strong and light when you are done. Also, remember when you are making the cardboard replicas to leave space for the cables. In a cramped environment, they take up a lot more space than you might think.

Here is the worklog for an ITX HTPC I am building right now. It does not meet your specifications, but it does use a full ATX PSU, and it might be helpful for ideas, and for working with the aluminum.
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Today I found I have a filter on the front of my case that sits in front of a 120mm fan ... and it was clogged with dust ! so I took it out and cleaned it, and now my temps are down by a lot !, I'm still finding out things about this Computer



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Hi Ciara...Yeah...I have to clean my PC at least once a month as it does p/u quite a bit of dust. A few puffs of canned air into my PC\Laptops does wonders. I do the same to all my computers\Laptops. I think I'm going to give my hardware a cleaning...that's for the reminder...