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HELP! Need to connect power/reset wires to mobo

Q: HELP! Need to connect power/reset wires to mobo

Hi I posted a question yesterday about how to ID a mobo b c I had disconnected the power reset wires on sister s desktop and did not have mobo manual Never thought to ask how to reconnect the wires amp mobo power/reset to to connect wires HELP! Need totally bypass the mobo ID See picture There HELP! Need to connect power/reset wires to mobo is one wide wire that is made up of wires that are divided into groups of two Wires are labeled starting from the left st group of wires white amp black labeled POWER SW nd group of wires white amp orange labeled RESET SW rd group of wires white amp yellow labeled H D D LED Then a single white wire not labeled The last wire - a single green wire not labeled See picture for pins amp table There are metal pins sticking out of a small black plastic rectangle with holes The top row has pins w the vacant hole being the last one on the right The bottom row has pins Then on the mobo there is a small corresponding table to the left of the pins Right above the table on the left the text reads SW - H D D LED - SUS-LED - RESET - PWR-SW There is also a pic of the power reset buttons on the front of the tower Thanks in advance for any help nbsp
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Preferred Solution: HELP! Need to connect power/reset wires to mobo

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Basically, I bought a new Thermaltake case and the front panel wires (5) are labeled power sw, reset sw, HDD led, power led +, and power led -. On many motherboards the connectors on the mobo are conveniently labeled to make attaching them a breeze. Unfortunately, this is not the case on the mobo that came with my Dell inspiron i purchased last year. It is labeled LEDH1 and has no hints in the Dell manual as to what is what.  This is driving me crazy.
The mobo DPN is 088DT1 but I can't find its manual.
Here's a picture of closeups of my mobo connectors, and my case connection cables.
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it wont let me start to boot it says cmos wrong then...

ok so just got my mobo working but it starts on the BIOS and it says:

CMOS display type wrong:
F2: Load default values and continue

On either one i choose it asks for my current password but i never had one for setup or log in????!!!!!

whats happened i booted yesterday before i took the mobo out and it was fine?

is the anything i can change e.g processor, BIOS(i have loads of spares) if i have to change BIOS how do i do it?

cheers for any help in advance

A:which wires go where on my mobo?

Read The Friendly Manual

And what has the BIOS password got to do with plugging wires?
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Building a new computer Okay everything came and I am almost ready to start building the computer I was told if I needed any help that you guys would be able to help me So here goes Like I said before I m not afraid of anything but the power supply cords There is awire from the mobo wires and Case from part of the case that looks something like thisIt s a striped wire with pronges at the end of it that plugs in somewhere Each one has something written on it Power Led the largest HDD Led Reset Led power SW It des not say in the mobo book where these go but I m pretty sure that I need to plug them in somewhere In case you need it this might help lol This is where you can find the mobo I know it s not a great one Case wires and mobo but for a year old I thought it might work If not I can always gett another one It was very inexpensive not that money is not object but I figured if I screwed it up I would out less than http www kobian com products php productid Thanks Jac nbsp

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I recently bought an asrock mobo and an amd cpu to replace my intel setup. I installed the mobo and the cpu and hooked everything up except for the wires for the case's front panel stuff. I don't really care about the sound and usb cables, but I do need to hook up the power and reset buttons but the wires are labeled differently than in the mobo manual. The manual says they should be plugged in in this order:
pled+ pled- pwrbtn# gnd
hdled+ hdled- gnd reset# dummy

but the case wires are in 4 different groups, and labeled: vcc, vcc1, vcc2, data+1, data-1, data+2, data-2, tpa-, tpa+, tpb-, tpb+, and gnd. Any idea which wires mean what? Any help is appreciated

A:asrock mobo and case wires


Ok, on your mobo, the pled is the power led, the light that indicates that the system is on, the hdled is the light that shows hard drive activity, the pwrbutn is the power on switch, and the gnd reset is your reset switch.

Ok, the case has odd names, but you can find out what each wire does by following the wire to where it goes. For example, if you follow a wire and it ends up at the power switch, then that wire would go on the pwrbutton headers on the board. The power button is likely the only button that "needs" to be connected to get it to work, and it doesn't really matter which way the two wires go on the mobo pins for pwrbutn. Do the same procedure for the other wires and you'll find the hd led, power led and reset switch cables, connect them accordingly. Led's do matter which way the wires are on the pins, as they have a + and -. You can probably assume if, for instance you find that two wires go to the hd ld, and the one wire is marked -, then connect it to the hdled- pin, and the other wire to the + pin.

Hope this helps.

The wires you list for the case are probaby usb and firewire connections, I think you should have other wires that connect to the power switch, because the ones you list, should go to the case's front usb and firewire(if your board has it) headers.
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I just built my computer but I have a problem... what's wrote on my case's front USB audio wire is not what's wrote on my mobo manual. I'll try to show you how it is the best I can :
Here's what it says in my mobo manual :
(o = pin)
Ground - Front panel sense - MIC_JD - N/C - LINE2_JD
__o____________o___________o___ (no pin)__ o

MIC2 in_L - MIC2 in_R - LINE2 out_R - Front I/O sense - LINE2 out_L
___o__________o_________ o_____________o_____________o

Here's the front audio wire I have in my case :
-Return R
-Return L
-Spkout R
-Spkout L

If you don't understand my representation or need more infos plz just ask!
The first person who can help me resolve this problem will earn my admiration, gratitude, etc...
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Hey All I was wondering if someone could please help me out with a problem i have Recently i installed a new case fan and to fit it in i had wrong controller HELP-Inserted on Wires way mobo usb to remove the usb wires going to the montherboard so i could fit it in as they was in the way So when putting the wires HELP-Inserted Wires wrong way on mobo usb controller back in to the motherboard usb controller i made a foolish mistake of entering them the wrong way round On my motherboard the wires should of been places in this order as shown below ------------------- v - Ground v - Ground HELP-Inserted Wires wrong way on mobo usb controller ------------------- But instead I made the mistake and entered them wrong as shown below opposite from the correct way ------------------- Ground - v Ground - v ------------------- After i switched the pc on and noticed my mouse wasnt working I turned it off and checked the wires to find out that i had made the mistake of HELP-Inserted Wires wrong way on mobo usb controller inserting them the wrong way So i inserted the wires correctly and turned on the pc My usb optical mouse was not working and wasnt lit up i tried it in all of the usb ports So I thought i would try another usb devise to see if that worked so i tried a little usb light one of them small lights attached to wire that clips on desks The usb desk light worked so this left me thinking that wrongfully inserting the usb wires to mobo must of broke my mouse I tried my mouse also in the ps port with a usb gt ps converter This resulted in the mouse optical light lighting up but still it didnt respond to movement also on boot up my pc sounds like a fan is going faster then slower then faster then slower but eventually a couple of mins after bootup it sounds like it goes to a more average same speed I dont know if this is problem is from the issue stated above if it is then can anyone giv any info on this So the next step i took was to test if my mouse worked at a friends house The mouse worked fine So then i borrowed my friends mouse to try at home on my pc The mouse was of those minature sized laptop mouse Strangely enough this worked could this be because it requires less usb power as its made for laptops I have been doing some reading on the web and i do realise i could of shorted my usb controller on the mobo But that is basically all the info i could find about this topic Now this leaves me with a few questions in my head i need to ask firstly How do i check if the usb compartment of my mobo is damaged And if its damaged then how do i find out the scale of the damage Could i have damaged any other components in my pc Is it safe to keep using my pc at this current time and if yes is it in no danger of damaging other pc components that asnt been damaged already in the near future I only built this pc - months back so i am hoping and praying that the damage is fixable if damaged Or on the otherhand not gona cost alot of expenses to get it fixed Thanks in advance for your time Your help is much appreciated Greetz hix nbsp
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Hey All I was wondering if someone could please mobo on usb controller wrong way Wires HELP-Inserted help me out with a problem i have Recently i installed a new HELP-Inserted Wires wrong way on mobo usb controller case fan and to fit it in i had to remove the usb wires going to the montherboard so i could fit it in as they was in the way So when putting the wires back in to the motherboard usb controller i made a foolish mistake of entering them the wrong way round On my motherboard the wires should of been places in this order as shown below ------------------- v - Ground v - Ground ------------------- But instead I made the mistake and entered them wrong as shown below opposite from the correct way ------------------- Ground - v Ground - v ------------------- After i switched the pc on and noticed my mouse wasnt working I turned it off and checked the wires to find out that i had made the mistake of inserting them the wrong way So i inserted the wires correctly and turned on the pc My usb optical mouse was not working and wasnt lit up i tried it in all of the usb ports So I thought i would try another usb devise to see if that worked so i tried a little usb light one of them small lights attached to wire that clips on desks The usb desk light worked so this left me thinking that wrongfully inserting the usb wires to mobo must of broke my mouse I tried my mouse also in the ps port with a usb gt ps converter This resulted in the mouse optical light lighting up but still it didnt respond to movement also on boot up my pc sounds like a fan is going faster then slower then faster then slower but eventually a couple of mins after bootup it sounds like it goes to a more average same speed I dont know if this is problem is from the issue stated above if it is then can anyone giv any info on this So the next step i took was to test if my mouse worked at a friends house The mouse worked fine So then i borrowed my friends mouse to try at home on my pc The mouse was of those minature sized laptop mouse Strangely enough this worked could this be because it requires less usb power as its made for laptops I have been doing some reading on the web and i do realise i could of shorted my usb controller on the mobo But that is basically all the info i could find about this topic Now this leaves me with a few questions in my head i need to ask firstly How do i check if the usb compartment of my mobo is damaged And if its damaged then how do i find out the scale of the damage Could i have damaged any other components in my pc Is it safe to keep using my pc at this current time and if yes is it in no danger of damaging other pc components that asnt been damaged already in the near future I only built this pc - months back so i am hoping and praying that the damage is fixable if damaged Or on the otherhand not gona cost alot of expenses to get it fixed Thanks in advance for your time Your help is much appreciated Greetz hix nbsp

A:HELP-Inserted Wires wrong way on mobo usb controller

connecting a usb device to a uab port that is wired incorrectly can and usually does reult in breaking the USB device particularly mice and flash drives. it can also damge the usb port itself. your mouse is probably toast and even if it could be fixed it would cost more to do so then it would simply to buy a new mouse.

if you need more usb ports then you best option is probably to invest in a Usb 2.0 PCI card.
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Hello I need to connect power/reset buttons to dell optiplex 620, but I just can't connect them anywhere on motherboard.

I need help as fast as possible

Thank you
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I wasnt sure where to post this question, so I posted it here

So as I was replacing the LCD screen for my laptop, I must've ripped the cord that is part of the power supply. I am really bad with computers and this was the first time I took apart my computer on my own.
I'm not talking about the AC adaptor that connects to the wall. I'm talking about the wire that connects to the button you press to turn on the laptop. How serious is this damage? How much will it cost to replace it?
Or would it be alot cheaper if I learned how to solder and assemble the wires on my own? How hard is it for someone like me with no prior experience? how long does it usually take to learn?

A:Assembling wires for power supply?

Hi larry,

Welcome to Vista Forums!

First, is there by any chance another wire just like it attached to the PSU that you can use instead (they sometimes come with some extras)? If so, just do that and you're good to go (unless it created a short - but you'll know that soon enough).

If you tore it out from the PSU and there's no other wire like it to use, then I suggest you either take the PSU to a reputable computer repair shop (not Geek Squad or anyplace like that) and have them replace the wire or simply take the opportunity to upgrade your PSU and replace the entire unit. I do this for a living and I would not attempt what you are considering - it simply is not worth the effort involved and the risks of not getting it right (and is certainly not the time or place to learn such skills ig you don't already have them).

Frankly, I wouldn't even get it repaired (for essentially the same reasons and because it may cost almost as much as a new PSU) and would simply replace it (they aren't that expensive depending on what you need) - but that's your decision to make. As it seems to be a laptop, perhaps it might be best to let a computer repair shop (or the manufacturer's repair department) repair or replace it as it is tough to get to (and you don't sound very gentle with computers and there's much more serious damage you can do). You need to get one that fits your computer exactly and with at least as much power as the prior one and is compatible with your system - to do that you need to contact the computer manufacturer's technical support department or website to get the specifications (or just get the replacement part from them because then you know it will work in your machine - or just send it to them and let them deal with it).

Since you provided no information about your computer, it's hard to tell how much it will cost or what you will need or how hard it might be to do on your own (if that's even wise). If you provide the manufacturer, make, and precise and complete model number, I will check around for you - but it may take a while to do that research. I will not provide the cost of the repair or replacement by others (or make recommendations on who you should use), but I may be able to get you an idea on the cost of the PSU itself.

I hope this helps. If you provide the information requested, I'll see what more I can do to help.

Good luck!
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Satellite A135-S4527
after repairing power supply wire with electrical tape, wire got ripped apart and momentarily touched/shorted out. plug indicator blinks until I remove and insert battery, but does not charge. turns on but screen flickers and comp shuts off after about 5 mins. got new charger....same deal.
wll not turn on without battery installed.....not sure it ever did. think I damaged battery. any other possible issues? I have a multimeter if that helps.

thank you for any tip before buying more unnecessary parts.
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Hi I am putting a water coolant system in to my computer and i had to go ahead and upgrade the Where case on do motherboard? wires my connect from to case as well to Where do wires from case connect to on my motherboard? make room for the Corsair H My problem is that like an idiot I wasn't paying attention to a specific group of wires that i disconnected when removing my old motherboard and now i do not know where the cables for my new case connect to on the motherboard The cluster of cabling i disconnected was coming from the case itself the old case The cables for my case which is a Phantom that i am having a problem with are labeled as follows H D D LED POWER SW Pwr switch i'm sure RESET SW P LED and -P LED each of these are only a pin cable HD Audio The place where i think it goes is labeled like this MSG- PW- SPEAK- HD- -RES -CI PWR LED- To give u an idea of what i did so far I put the negative cable of the Reset SW where it goes on the -RES then put the where positive goes I did this until i got stumped no knowing where to put the -P LED and P LED cables As well as which spot to put the HD Audio cable at And i think the quot -CI quot is irrelevant because i have no cable that fits in the spot At least none of the cables from the case There are other cables as well but i think those are just fans and i can figure them out if they're suppose to connect a certain way then a heads up would be grateful As far as the HD Audio cable from the case goes there is a connection labeled as quot F AUDIO quot on the motherboard and the pin count is correct and it fits but i seem to have to force it a little and i don't remember anything being there when i unplugged the old cases cabling BUT it also fits over where i was connecting the cables mentioned above Even after connecting all the ones i mentioned whether they be right or wrong there was still enough room to connect the cable labeled HD Audio but the spot where it fits is labeled speak- PWR LED- instead of F AUDIO Which one do i connect the HD Audio to The quot speak- quot makes me think quot Speaker quot isnt this the cable that provides beep codes etc Anyway For the most part it seems like almost all the cables from the case plug in to the same little area on my motherboard except the fan cables which i'm sure plug in to the power supply itself correct me if i'm wrong There is ONE connection on my motherboard that sais quot SYS Fan quot but i'm not sure which fan goes there I am pretty sure that i've got it most of the connections right but i don't have the manual and can't seem to find the proper documentation Obviously i'd rather not guess about this The manual from the website doesn't help much i cannot take pictures because the wording on the PCB are too small for my camera to pickup clearly Sorry i really hope someone can help with this I'm stuck using a super weak laptop and i miss my monster machine Thank in advance Here is the motherboard and case that i am using CASE Phantom USB Motherboard Gigabyte GA-Z X-UD H-B Website Other non-relevant info i - k x GB DDR RippJaw RAM GB SSD TB Internal Ti GB Graphics

A:Where do wires from case connect to on my motherboard?

here is the link to the manual for my motherboard....

Here is the link to the manual for my case

Sorry for the long explanation but i didn't know how to simplify it haha.

Reading that manual i am 99 percent sure i got everything hooked up right. Negative to negative, etc.


I have 2 cables and i dont know where they go. The first is +P LED which has a connector for 1 pin only. And then i have its friend, -P LED... There is a spot that sais LED- on the board, so thats a given. But where do i put the positive (+P LED) cable? On the pin above or to the left of where i put the negative?

Thanks again.
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My laptop charger broke so I havent been on in a while and I finally got a charger and it wont connect. I tried connecting wireless and wired and neither worked. Tried resetting my modem and router a bunch of times... iPhone cAn connect fine to my router

A:Laptop won't connect to router wireless or wires

Meant wired ... Damn iphone
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My brother in law has a got himself a free computer to which I am going to donate my old Sapphire X1950GT graphics card. The problem is, is that I can't easily wire it in to the computer as it has a crappy generic PSU with only one Molex and several Sata power plugs.
What I do have, without slicing and dicing and getting out the soldering iron, is the adaptor cable below. What I don't know is whether this has a sufficient amount of wires I.e. 0V and 12V to provide power to my G/Card.
Any ideas?



A:Wiring a graphics card to a generic PSU - sufficient power wires on plug?

System power consumption with a Sapphire X1950 GT is less than 250W. I think you will be fine with the splitter mentioned above. You probably don't need much extra power to run the card. I assume there is at least a 300W PSU or greater in the system.
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I have a toshiba notebook satellite and I am trying to burn a DVD and/or CD to a external DVDRW drive.
Everytime I try I get the following alert:
Power on, reset or bus device reset occurred
I have an WIN XP SP2 Professional, and using Roxio and/or Nero for burning.

A:Power on, reset or bus device reset occurred

does it happen with both burning programs??
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Hello i have a HP G60-447Cl notebook that came with Vista Home Premium and I ran a hard drive test from the HP setup utility which failed at 82% which i was kind of expecting but when i hit <esc> to back out my screen froze where it was at and when i tried to hold the power/reset button to shut it down nothing happens.My battery is non-removable so that option is out. Short of just lettting the battery run out I have no clue how to turn it off. Does any one know of any thing that can help me or have a theory as to what caused this in the first place.
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Hi everyone. Ive just finished plugging my power led, hdd led and pc speaker into my motherboard. The only thing i have to plug in now is the reset switch but i dont know where it goes. Does anyone know where it plugs into? My motherboard is a DCS 370VB.

A:Cant find reset switch connector on mobo.

It shows up nowhere in the manual ? Generally it is quite close to the set of pins to which you plug the HDD led, speaker, etc.

ps. searching for your motherboard on Google doesn't yield much results so I can't seem to find a digital manual for it.
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Hello Gents My name is James amp this is my first post here I built my own rig last year for the first time ever and installed everything just fine But now I have purchased a number of SSDs and really just want to start all over again right from scratch I'm talking about resetting the MoBo and starting State Fresh Reset How In-The-Box Mobo Do - To Start Desired Original I as if I was firing it up for the first time to install from my Windows - Bit OEM System Builder disk Reason I have too many Windows installs on the wrong drives and want to install Win only on of the new SSDs I plan to use the Western Digital -TB drives for storage libraries amp photos How Do I Reset Mobo To Original In-The-Box State - Fresh Start Desired only So I'm wanting to wipe my drives clean amp reformat them as well as I have already saved anything I want to keep on the external USB Drive I'm comfortable with installing the OS and any programs amp even customizing things but admittedly not very knowledgeable about the MoBo BIOS inner workings and details of necessary files etc I did all the installing of both the hardware amp software myself and it went well but now I have one drive with the 'System' on it others that are 'Active' another has the 'MBR' Master Boot Record and I just want to wipe it all and start again being much more selective this time How Do I Reset Mobo To Original In-The-Box State - Fresh Start Desired So proper guidance and or links to info will be much appreciated My Rig In case it doesn't show up in my specs -Intel i - k LG CPU -ASUS P Z V-PRO MoBo -Antec High Current Gamer w Power Supply - Gigs DDR Corsair Vengeance LP RAM -Hyper CPU Cooler - Crucial M- Gig SSD - Crucial M- Gig SSD - Intel Series Gig SSD -Western Digital Black -TB HDD -Western Digital -TB External USB Drive -Windows - Bit Thanks for your reading this amp your consideration to help out James

A:How Do I Reset Mobo To Original In-The-Box State - Fresh Start Desired

I would take the cmos battery out for a couple of minutes - or pull the jumper.
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Ok so i do know what the no Power and supply 100%, mobo are power problem is this is more about what i can do to use my computer until i can fix the problem Ill start off with what the problem is My computer wont turn on from the get go i knew the power supply was okay Power supply and mobo are 100%, no power because the mother board has a green light on it showing that its getting power of course just in case i tried putting a new supply in but there were no changes At first glance the mother board looked good No blown resistors or anything of that sort i sent it to a friend to check it out though once again just to be thorough and sure Finally after Power supply and mobo are 100%, no power hours of tedious searching i found the problem The chip that the power button plugs into has blown out Very happy thats all it is Now my question to all of you is is there anyway to bypass using that board so i can run my computer until i replace it if i just unplug the little board that the button is a part of the computer obviously does not turn on when i attach the computer to power and i dont know how i can trick it into turning on without having the use of the power button Any info would be greatly appreciated Thanks Ryan nbsp

A:Power supply and mobo are 100%, no power

There are some motherboards that have a power on button directly on the motherboard. I don't suppose you have one of those? There are some BIOS' that can enable the keyboard to power on the PC by pressing any key. I'm using one of them now. Of course, the problem with that is to get the PC started in the first place so you can change the BIOS setting (if it has that setting).

What motherboard do you have?
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I just bought an Abit VI7 mobo, and an Antec SP 500W PSU, and put them both into my box. I put in my CPU (an Intel 2600 PIV), my video card (an Envidia Geforce 6200) and one of my HDD's (120 GB WD). I'm not sure how exactly to hook up the power switch, the HDD light, and the reset switch, so I just left those un-connected. When I turned on the power switch in back, I get a small green light on the mobo, and the three lights blink on the keyboard. But my fan to my CPU doesn't spin; nor does my HDD spin up. I'm flummoxed! I can't think of anything that would let power through to the keyboard, yet not power up the HDD. I'm fairly sure all the power cables are connected correctly. Help! What could cause this?

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I just bought new mobo, p4 and psu. when i installed everything and tried to boot nothing happened. both the psu fan and the cpu fan started but nothing else. the monitor wouldn't even reconize that the computer was on. Ive double checked all the connections and they are fine.

the only thing that concerns me is the psu connector is 24 pins and the mobo is 20 pin but i was told it would hook up fine just wont use the four extra pins.

I have no idea what to do now any suggestions

A:new mobo will not power on

is the 4pin atx12v line connected to the motherboard.? you should go over the motherboard's manual for installation and make sure there wasn't a spot you messed up or forgot.
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Hi All

I believe my PSU may have blown up (really odd coz wasn't even on at the time!) and damaged my mobo. I have an ASUS K8V SE Deluxe, which has an LED in the bottom corner to indicate power, this no longer comes on. I have swapped PSUs and still nothing.

Does this mean my mobo is dead? If so how likely is it that my CPU has been damaged?

Thanks in advance

A:No power to mobo!!??

It actually could be a couple of different things.

How long have you been running your current configuration.

What leads you to believe your PSU blew up. Was there an electrical surge/brownout.

I see the following as possibilities
1. PSU - you said you tried another PSU (known working I hope)
2. Mobo - do you have another mobo you can try
3. CPU - I have seen this before with CPU problems.
4. RAM - not very likely but possible.

Try the following ( remove all unessential devices cdrom/dvdrom/hdd/floppy/sata/pci/
1. Unplug power from pc PSU connected to mobo. Hold in power button for aprox 60 seconds, this will drain any residual power from the mobo capacitors ( caps have a tendancy to work like batteries at times where they can have a "memory" and when power is applied they will not fully operate. ( I wouldn't have believed this myself if I hadn't seen it fix many pc wont power on issues when working HP techs support about 5 years ago)

2. remove cmos battery, or set clear cmos jumper and clear the cmos for a good 30-45 seconds.

3. Reapply power and see what she does.

4. try removing one stick of your RAM if you have 2 sticks, ( again unlikely but possible)

5. is the mobo properly grounded?
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I received a pc to look at with no power, I replaced the psu but still no response at all, disconnected the power switch and shorted across the mobo connections but still no power.
I concluded it must be a problem with the mobo so replaced it and the cpu but still no sign of life from the pc. I then tried the old mobo, psu and memory out of the case but still no signs of life. Tried some other memory but still the same.I shall try the same with the new mobo but am not hopeful.
Have any of you guys any suggestions?

A:No power even with new mobo

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Just yesterday i got a MSI P35 Neo2-FR/FIR
And when i plug my powersupply in all i see is a red light i haven't tried to put the processor in or anything yet but when i turn the powersupply switch on all that comes on is that red light but the powersupply dosent turn on the fan dosent spin and the led light in the powersupply dosent turn on and i was wondering what causes this and ive tried to hook up 80mm fans to the powersupply and they dont turn on either, Thanks for the help

A:New Mobo no power need help

Install the processor and memory, then try turning it on again... The red light may mean nothing at this point
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Just a quick question for some opinions but I think I know the answer, I had a pc with no power so changed the psu but still no power, checked all connections and tried bypassing the on/off switch but still no power so decided mobo was faulty. I replaced the mobo but still no power, tried another psu and no power, suspect new mobo may be faulty.
I have checked and rechecked all of the connections. the mobo is a socket 478 from Asrock.
Any other suggestions you guys may have would be appreciated.

A:New mobo - no power

I think it`s either a dead mobo or possibly a dead cpu.

I suggest you take the cpu to your local pc repair shop and have them test it. It will only cost a few dollars to have this done.

Regards Howard
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My question is do I need to connect power to the power connector beside my CPU [Atx 12v 2x]. Is this optional/for overclocking?

My computer will have:
Intel i7 920
Gigabyte Ex58-UD4P
cooler master V8
Corsair TX 750 w


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My PC hates me and I hate my PC Power Mobo to No Have been having a few problems with puter lately Original problem was that the power had to be left on at wall switch otherwise the machine would take up to half an hour to switch on If left plugged in at wall No Power to Mobo there was no problem However a member of family turned off wall switch and since then the PC has not started Have checked the PSU by jumping the green and black cables - all HDD and CD DVD and LED turn on no fan on Mobo though this would indicate to me that the PSU is OK Have tried bypassing the power switch on Mobo by jumping the Power switch pins - there is no power at all to anything have tried removing all components well the video card also and there is still nothing CMOS battery has also been removed Mobo is GA- N pro - PSU is CodeGen W ATX Anybody have any ideas what could cause this Any help would be much appreciated nbsp
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Code is 51908034

A:Power on reset

Alex. Check your other post. REO
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My son took apart our computer. Trying to put it back together. Forgive me. I am a total novice when it comes to computers. I don't know what motherboard I have or basically anything else. Don't know if there are standard ways of hooking these wires up or not. Just wondering how to install the wires that say:
power sw
reset sw
power led
hdd led
About the only one I can figure out is the speaker wire. When sitting with the cpu in front of you the speaker wire goes in the top left set of pins.
Sorry I can't give you more help than this.
I really appreciate it. If no one knows, I appreciate ANY assistance at all. I appreciate you putting up with what might be a dumb question.

A:Power SW & Reset SW

Usually in the bottom right (if you are looking at it in the case, and the case is a tower) you will see a line of pins looking like this ::::::::::::::::: Also if you look closely (use reading glasses or a hand lens or a magnifying glass if you need) the pins should be labeled, it should be fairly obvious then which pins go where.

Try that first, and if you can't figure it out, then you need to do a few more things and post back:
1 - Is this a store brand computer? (dell, hp, compaq, gateway, ect) If so what model?
2 - If this isn't a store brand computer then look on the motherboard, there is a really high chance somewhere on it it says what brand and its model number.
3 - This is stretching it a bit (but may help if you can find motherboard brand but not model). Do you know if you have an AMD or Intel processor, and also the speed if you know that.
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i am currently in process of on power light is mobo building my first computer i have all the components except for the hard mobo light is on power drive and dvd burner i put in the memory cpu graphics card and connected the mobo light is on power power supply to the appropriate places i then plugged in the power supply to a power strip and switched it on thats when the motherboard s lights light up two out of that is now i didn t connect the wires for the tower to the mobo yet for power and lights and such but instead pressed the little button on the mobo that says power did not do anything then i decided to plug in the power sw from the tower into the proper place in the mobo light is on power mobo i checked in the manual i pressed the power button on the tower still nothing turning on only the little lights on the mobo the only thing that i could think of is that you need the hard drive for the entire comp to start but otherwise i have no clue what to do im hoping that this isn t a sign of something being doa so if anyone knows the solution to me problem i would greatly appreciate you helping me out thanks foxconn c xem aa x gskill gb pc - amd athlon x sapphire ati radeon x pro rosewill rp v -d-sl w nbsp

A:mobo light is on power

Try removing and re-fitting the PSU connections again and also remove and re-fit the memory and CPU. If that does not work, then your mobo is most likely dead.
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My neighbor has a desktop that is having a strange problem. If the PC is shut down it will not start properly. The green light on the back of the PC (power supply) is dim and blinking. In order to get it to start, you have to open it, remove the plug from the PS to the MB. Then while power is on, plug the PS back into the MB and move it a bit until the green light is solid. Any ideas as to what it may be?

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hi-i have a emachine,with a 1.4 g processor.all of a sudden my screen went blank with no activity at all.i thought my video card was bad but now i'm not sure.when i turn system on,the power supply unit starts,but there is no power going to harddrive or processor-no activity at all.i still can open and close my cd-rom drive,but there is no attemp to boot.i've hooked-up another power supply,but still same problem.any suggestions on what to do or what the problem??

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Could this be a memory issue? I noticed that the RAM that I am using is compatible with my MSI Z97 Gaming Mobo but it is listed under the OC Memory List in the manufacturers website. What does this mean exactly? Should I not be surprised that my PC won't turn on at all.

The new parts are...

CPU: Intel 4690K
Mobo: MSI Z97 Gaming 5

A:Just Upgraded CPU, Mobo, and GPU and PC now won't Power Up

What power supply are you using?

Did you first connect all of your hardware outside the case and do a burn-in test?

Remove everything from case.
Grab motherboard box.
Place motherboard on top of box.
Connect everything.
Power up board.
Let it run for a couple hours like that, if nothing asplodes put it back in the case, if it don't work, you probably have a short behind the motherboard.
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Hello All, I'm back.... ... I installed a AMD 2400+ 2.0 processor back into my compaq presario S4020WM computer... when I had hooked the power supply back up and had all my cables back in place.. I proceeded to restart the computer. The computer powered up for about 45 seconds and it keeps shutting back off... can anyone help me to get my computer back up and running?

A:MoBO will not power up after cpu installation

Did you renew the thermal paste between the CPU and the heatsink?

If not, it will overheat and shut down quite quickly to prevent damage.
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Hi all I m a new boy to the forum but MoBo it is or dead Is or else? something my power would be grateful for your help on a problem that has suddenly developed on my son s machine I have some knowledge but not a lot what s that they say about a little knowledge being a dangerous thing Anyway the problem is as follows The system was bought from novatech in the UK about years ago It is AMD processor on Is my MoBo dead or is it power or something else? a K SA motherboard running XP home All was fine at lunchtime When switching on this evening the fans graphics CU case PSU start the power LED HDD LED and CD LED all come on and stay on but nothing else happens Normally there would be one beep and the system would start Now no beep nothing The power switch and Reset buttons now do nothing - need to switch off at the wall I ve check some of the power leads and they seem to be sending out V and V OK There have been no general power problems that I am aware of eg surge spikes other machine in the house are fine I ve checked the CMOS battery and reseated the cards and memory My guess is that the system isn t even getting to the motherboard ROM to start up the POST Could it be the PSU The Power Switch The Motherboard Any thing else Any pointers gratefully received I m not keen to change the MB unless I have to as the PSU is only W and any newer stuff is likely to need that upgrading too - I might end up with the costs of nearly a whole new machine Thanks Brian the Cat nbsp

A:Is my MoBo dead or is it power or something else?

Same thing

My computer is doing the same thing, except, I switched my hardware from one case to the other and power up was attempted, a fan would spin, a led would pop on and nothing else. I switched back to the original case and the same thing happens. The RAM led is lit on the motherboard and network port is lit and flashing so I know the MOBO is getting power, but it just does not want to power on the whole way. I had the same problem when I first built the box, but it was resolved by another friend when I wasn't looking and I neve asked the technical details on how he fixed it. My specs are below.

MOBO: Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000 Pro Intel P4 3.0G HT
VC: ATI Radeon x800 PRO 256MB AGP
PSU: Turbolink Switching Power Supply (stock with full tower)
Memore: 1.5G of Corsair Value Select and HP stuff
HDD: Seagate Barracude 120GB

I have fooled with the front panel wiring to see if that is the problem. Tried powering on sans video card, soundcard, HDD, fans, etc. I am completely lost. Cleared CMOS as well.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

B to the J.
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Going for my 2nd ever mobo install,
this one into a new case & new power supply.

Going ASUS P4C800-E and a P4 Northwood

Reading up on the board, I noted it might be
a good investment to make sure the power
supply voltage is stable, to avoid spikes.

I then found a main power cable that has a
large capacitor wired into it to absorb voltage

Is this a valid concern and a worthwhile investment?
Only a few $.


A:Mobo power stabilization ??

If $ is not a problem this capacitor cannot hurt.You did not state the make and model so I can't comment .
Generally , any brand name power bar with voltage surge protection will be fine .Look for the brands that offer a warranty covering your equipment replacement is a good bet.
Look at this post;
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As I on Mobo power No Drive New Help!!!! know I am not the first to ask I ask for any and No Drive power on New Mobo Help!!!! all help I built a pc a few years ago and it has rocked ever since I decided to add some more ram but it was late and I was tired and I seated it wrong and fried the board Intel was nice and No Drive power on New Mobo Help!!!! gave me a new one with no isntructions I put it back together and made sure everything was seated correctly this time but now I m not getting any power to any of my cd drives or more importantly my HD to start my pc Also when I start it up the power led comes on and stays but the hd led doesn t come on I catch the No Drive power on New Mobo Help!!!! floppy light up for a sec but that was it So all of the fans are running but nothing else is flashing or starting When I go to hit the power buton up front it won t turn off or reset or do any thing at all very frustrating I have to flip the switch in the back and unplug it I checked cables again but couldn t find anything I really need to get my pc back and running as I have been over a month without my killer rig It s a intel d pebt mobo p watt power supply nbsp

A:No Drive power on New Mobo Help!!!!

sounds likely that your power supply went out on you, try swapping it with a spare known good one. if you haven't the parts on hand, i reccomend taking it to a local pc repair shop, where they will have plenty of parts and experience to solve your problem. good luck.

PS > i'm assuming there is no pilot error on cables or something
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i bought the GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3R a few days ago. After reading some reviews, I noticed someone said something about having an up to date power supply. I looked into it and saw that this motherboard requires an 8-Pin and 24-Pin power cable. I currently have the power supply that came with this JPAC Computer case. (i am very aware that this case is a p.o.s. I only bought it because of its price on ebay). The power supply in the case only has a 4-pin and 20-pin power cable. Do i need to buy a new power supply? Or can I use one of the 4-pin to 8-pin and 20-pin to 24-pin adapters like this one.

Here are my specs.

Intel Q6600 2.4GHz Quad Core
Kingston HyperX 4GB 2x2GB PC28500 DDR2
ATI Radeon HD3650

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Hello all I have a gigabyte MB with AMD chipset on it This past summer my powersupply went out so I bought one while I went through the processes of warranty replacement SO I ended up with a functioning machine with an extra PS in the box if the need arose That was months ago Last week I Mobo Up? Power Wont did a fresh install as I do on occasions when I get sick of all the windows updates causing things to act funny Well in the process of updating some drivers my computer froze and would only boot partially and freeze Its done this in the past no big deal just a couple of resets and it pulls through Well I Mobo Wont Power Up? was in a hurry so I just left it to see if time it would pull through and boot into windows Well I came back and the computer was off B c its a media center machine Its set to go into standby after min if left alone and it awakes on its own But when I tried to start it It was stone cold dead no power lights no RAM LED on Mobo Wont Power Up? MB nothing I removed Powersupply and installed my fresh out of box Power supply and hooked it up and nothing no effect Mobo Wont Power Up? I got a power supply from another computer It didn t have the v cpu power but it did have the wide MB power no help I got spare case and removed the switches thinking its the switch nope I unhooked everything still dead B c Compatibility was an issue building it years ago I bought a working MB of the SAME MODEL on ebay and hooked it up and it started and recognized everything EXCEPT it said OS was not installed or not recognized So I just figured that a file or something was damaged when it didn t boot last so I put in windows disk and rebooted I began a fresh install and a quick format it copied all the files to it and proceded to reboot as windows does and it gave me the error no OS seen or available I Put the disk in again and did a partition delete and a full format I had a meeting so my wife is watching i now Well after the format of gb HD it tried to reboot and it gave the no OS error again and sat and she said it turned off I came home and tried to start it and nothing ALMOST dead but the Power LED comes on and when I kit the start switch the CPU fan makes one revolution and stops I am using the power supply b c I assumed was the cause of the problem the first time Well I go back to powersupply and everything spins and stays on but I turn it off in like seconds b c I didn t have any HDD hooked up or it wasn t in the case I then try again just to see if it really did fix it and again nothing but a half second cpu spin and RAM light with no changes made I then remove the CPU ATX v power supply and it works again I get powersupply My newest and plug it in just as the one that worked just a minute ago and still the half a second cpu spin I know this is wordy but I was hoping to tell ya ll my troubleshooting so maybe you have an idea of the culprit How does a computer act if the CPU isn t working I don t have any other CPU s with this socket type so I can t test a new one Does this point to anything in particular Just to clarify with the second MB its the same model and version and it recognized the RAM and all the drives just no OS by it does that mean that CPU is not right b c other stuff is BIOS related right Please help I don t want to spend anymore money on this like I did with an extra Power supply and motherboard now and its still not working It didn t show My signature so here it is AMD socket - CPU Gigabyte GA-K NSNXP- - MB w Ultra - PS ATI XT Video card gb DDR Ram x gb SATA x RAID GB for OS Just to add I saw another post that sounded like my problem and they were advised to place a jumper on power supply and I did that and found the Powersupply fresh out of the box was not comming on but the powersupply that I was using when the first MB went down checked out and all voltages read correctly I kept powering on and off the power supply till it started working my MB is running on the floor outside of the case with only the... Read more
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Hi, I am tying to sort a PC for a friend. The PSU appears to be fried, so swapped that for a spare one. The spare provides power to the mobo in that the on board LED lights up, AGP powered fan spins up, as does the CPU fan and the case fan. However this is as far as I get, the is no video output. I am wondering if the mobo is fried too. One other thought is that the 20 pin connector on the original PSU contains 20 cables, whereas on newer PSUs there are only 19. Could it be that as the PC was built with a PSU which provided 20 cables into the 20 pin connector that a 20 pin connector fron a newer PSU which only contains 19 cables might not work? Sorry if this is a bit garbled.

A:Mobo power connector

partofthechaos said:

Hi, I am tying to sort a PC for a friend. The PSU appears to be fried, so swapped that for a spare one. The spare provides power to the mobo in that the on board LED lights up, AGP powered fan spins up, as does the CPU fan and the case fan. However this is as far as I get, the is no video output. I am wondering if the mobo is fried too. One other thought is that the 20 pin connector on the original PSU contains 20 cables, whereas on newer PSUs there are only 19. Could it be that as the PC was built with a PSU which provided 20 cables into the 20 pin connector that a 20 pin connector fron a newer PSU which only contains 19 cables might not work? Sorry if this is a bit garbled.Click to expand...

what mobo is it? does it have an additional 4 pin power connector? or an additional 8 pin power connector?

The more specs you can provide the better.
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hi i have trouble with a pc of mine which is very strange my pc s specs is core duo ASUS P B-E Zalman CNPS hsf antec truepower W sticks of corsair gig xms - win k pro it s been running fine for months without problem until recently when i tried to swap the ram with that from anther pc the pc wont start at all hard drive not spin none of the fans spin is not power led up light on on pc but mobo but the green led light on mobo is on i tried putting back the old ram checking all the front panel connections and cpu fan in pc not power up but led light on mobo is on case they might have gotten loose stripping all the parts from pc not power up but led light on mobo is on the system video card hard drives pci cards swap psu with another psu also truepower W swap case with another working case even reinstalled the hsf in case cpu became loose but nothing works now there s just the motherboard and cpu but i dont seem to get any sign of powering except on the mobo led What other steps should i do to troubleshoot this Thanks for any help you can give me nbsp

A:pc not power up but led light on mobo is on

Have you tried booting up the system without the ram? Take the ram out and see if anything happens when you turn on the puter. However, it could also be that you've accidentally damaged the mobo while swapping the ram... If that has happened, it might explain why nothing is happening and you will have to replace it..
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I'm trying to recycle my older computer parts to build another one. I picked up a Foxconn 915A01 motherboard today but it uses a 24-pin power supply and I have a 20-pin. As I understand it the other 4-pins are for the PCI-e slots (which I won't be using). I've read the manual can't seem to find anything about using a 20-pin.

A:Using 20-pin power supply on 24-pin Mobo

you are usually OK using a 20 pin supply on a 24 pin board, you do have to pay attention when fitting the connector and DONT FORCE IT, if it doesnt fit then you have the incorrect orientation, rotate and try again!. The connector shape will prevent you from connecting it wrongly tho
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my computer wont start up. after pushing my power button about 50 times, it randomly turns on. the DRAM power LED is not on but the other things are fine on the mobo. when it does randomly turn on, it works flawlessly. i tried to push the Power switch on the mobo itself, still nothing. what is the cause of my DRAM Power LED not being on? is it a faulty MOBO or is it power supply related?

DFI Lanparty UT nF4 Ultra-D
corsair xms dual channel, twinx1024-3200c2pt
antec smartpower 2.0 SP-500 atx12v 500w PSU

A:mobo or power problem

how new is the mobo?
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OK so this has been going on for a bit: my machine is running fine, sometimes for hours, but then all of a sudden the screen goes black and the monitor switches to power saving mode. The computer is still running but can't be woken up and has to be restarted.

What I've tried:
1) New video card- it was a good excuse. Went from 9800gtx+ to HD 4870.
2) trashed Vista, clean install of Windows 7 beta 7000.

3) in control panel, turned on "balanced" rather than power saving.

The machine: MSI P7N 750i motherboard. 4 gigs of corsair xms ddr-800. Xfinity 600 sli PSU. E6850.

So I am thinking next step is to replace the PSU....but I thought I'd check here first for ideas as the old budget is hurting a bit and a decent PSU does cost.
Your thoughts?

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Greetings I thought I knew something about computers - but my research is proving otherwise I power? Need mobo new select to and - seem to know enough to get more confused Hope you can help Custom built ATX form Alabatron motherboard w AMD Athlon XP CPU FRIED IT Thought power source only problem but replacement did not help and then I noticed bulging capacitors Figure power took out mobo So that s really all I know I know I need to buy new board - would like to upgrade to a faster AMD processor if possible - but want to be sure I wouldn Need to select new mobo - and power? t need to upgrade anything else Certainly need new power supply as well PROBLEM I can Need to select new mobo - and power? t figure out what comes WITH a new motherboard I am really embarrased Does it come with the processor If not do I have to get a very specific motherboard to match the processor I want How do I figure out what motherboard I need to fit my sticks of mhz DDR ram three add-on cd dvd cd-r burners video card USB etc Does the motherboard determine what power source I should buy I SHOULD take this to a professional I know but am stuck with a wounded ego and hope to make myself feel better by doing it myself I am comfortable installing hardware pieces just not comfortable knowing how the big picture all fits together Would sure appreciate help Can give all kinds of gory details if they will help Thanks nbsp

A:Need to select new mobo - and power?

A motherboard doesn't come with a processor. If you want an AMD processor search for an AMD motherboard. Socket AM2 or AM2+ 64 bit processors and a motherboard that supports AM2 or AM2+ CPU's are good. Just choose a board and processor that suits your budget. If you are in the US you can start looking here and look at the motherboard specs for the type of memory it takes. DDR2 memory may be what you need to get. Everything else may work... A SATA hard drive may be needed too for this upgrade. A good 450 watt power supply should work fine
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Hello Gents

New Mobo and CPU Power on everything works BUT.

nothen on monitor no beeps nothen

HD turns on
CPU fan Turns on
PC Back Fan turns on
light for ethernet turns on

but sill nothen on monitor no beeps nothen

my Mobo
Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2H Socket 775 Micro ATX Motherboard, Intel G41 Chipset, Supports 45nm Intel Core 2 Multi-Core Processors, 1333 FSB, Dual Channel DDR2 800, SATA HDD, with Gigabit Ethernet LAN

"intel pentium4 630 sl7z9 3.00GHZ/2m/800/04a"

oh ya there is one thing the power cable that plugs into the Mobo has 4 slot/plugs remaining. The power cable plug only has 20 plug connectors but the Mobo has 24 so there are 4 plugs unpluged

help please

A:New mobo and CPU power on. Everything works, but...

As per Gigagbyte's website concerning this motherboard you must have the following from your power supply:

1 x 24-pin ATX main power connector

1 x 4-pin ATX 12V power connector

Are you saying your power supply doesn't have either? What power supply are you using?
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I have a ASUS P6T mobo with a i7-950 CPU.The mobo has a 8 pin power cable connection for the CPU, but 4 of the pics are covers. Not 4 on one side, but 4 on one end.

I have the machine running, all is well, but I'm wondering if I should get an 8 pin cable and use that instead of the 4. I don't do any gaming or real heavy usage projects. A #2 pencil and a sheet of lined paper would do most of what I do.

I have looked on the ASUS forum but not found a positive answer one way or the other, maybe there isn't one.

I figured I'd post here since the knowledge level here seems to exceed any other forum.

Any info is appreciated.

A:Mobo/CPU power cable ?

All eight are not normally needed unless you've fitted an Extreme Edition
CPU which requires considerably more power...
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I didn t remember to write down my motherboard s model number but it is an intel socket board as well with a ghz P cpu I woke up to find my computer off so I turned it back on When it first booted it just held a blank screen and then rebooted itself After this try BIOS booted and left me with an quot CMOS failure quot error The error was followed by an option to press F to enter setup I made sure that all of the hardware was detected in setup and that the settings were still set for default After that the computer rebooted upon leaving setup During this boot I never saw BIOS attempt to load and I was left with a black boot screen with a flashing underscore character A minute later I would finally get a message stating quot error loading OS quot Every boot after that I get a blue quot intel inside quot logo screen that I have never Bad Loss Mobo / Power CPU? -> seen before in the last two years All of the hardware appears to be intact and there have been no beeping or alarm sounds coming Power Loss -> Bad Mobo / CPU? from the motherboard Power Loss -> Bad Mobo / CPU? speaker quot This forsaken apartment has had Power Loss -> Bad Mobo / CPU? problems power causing lights to flicker slightly and computers to reboot I had been meaning to purchase a UPS within a months time Also I have no idea if it s a possible problem with my PSU from OCZ Though it s sensors on it show that it s putting out proper voltage nbsp

A:Power Loss -> Bad Mobo / CPU?

Eh fluctuating power is never a good thing, motherboards are very sensitive.

You need to start checking the continuity of your parts. Do you have another PSU you can use temporarily?

Does the green power good LED on the motherboard light up?
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I have an Emachines Etower 500i that doesn't power up. When the power cord is attached the fans on the ps and cpu spin and then stop. Then it won't do anything, until the power cord is unhooked and hooked up again. I've tried a different psu and motherboard. If I unhook everything from the mobo except the power switch connector, it will turn off and on with the power switch. But as soon as I plug any drives in the power switch won't turn it on or off and the power cord has to be unplugged and plugged back in then the fans spin for a couple seconds and stop again. If the memory is in when I plug the power cord in I get 2 quick beeps and then 8 more beeps. Everything I've seen about these symptoms points to either ps or mobo, but I've switched both with the same results.

A:power supply or mobo?

You may have had a catastrophic failure that has taken out the processor, ram, video card(if not integrated, and/or the hard drive or CD drives. You'll need to have those parts tested or swapped out to narrow it down.
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I have just run across a problem in a Power/Mobo Issues...HELP comp I built for my sister that I have never heard of before I basically bought a new case and Power/Mobo Issues...HELP PSU because the previous case and PSU were mATX and I found the ATX PSU s to be cheaper I built it back in early and had it working great with all her software installed This week she finally got a desk to put it on so I carrried it from the kitchen countertop where it had been sitting unplugged for the past months and put it in her desk in her room I Power/Mobo Issues...HELP then hooked everything up and put screws in the back of the desk for the surge protector as well as nails for cord management The computer was also in the desk while I was hammering With all the cords hooked up I turned the PSU switch and surge protector on and the PSU and CPU fans began running That was it nothing else ran I did not push the button to turn the system on I tried to turn the system on after the fans were spinning but no go Has anyone ever had experience with this Can you offer ideas My specs mhz Celeron mb SDRAM gb HDD Watt Rosewill PSU bought off newegg very good reviews mb Nvidia Geforce video card CD Burner Floppy Please bear in mind that this machine was working prior to sitting months on the counter While sitting no harm came to it I have also tested another PSU with this machine and the same thing occurs Thanks sph nbsp

A:Power/Mobo Issues...HELP

Try resetting the CMOS battery on the Mainboard
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I seem to have a problem that quite a few people have mentioned but no working solution has been found that I can find After plugging everything in and then flicking the power switch on my power supply mobo new issue up Power with not on the PC box all the fans start Power up issue with new mobo up but it seems like nobody is at home No beeps and only one green light on the box that doesn t flash or flicker Monitor doesn t register anything and no POST or bios information shows up My specs are Asrock AM NF -VSTA Motherboard AMD Athlon X Windsor GHz ELSA GLADIAC GT AGP MB GT GB PGI DDR - RAM MHz GB DDR PC - Elixir MHz Western Digital GB HHD ENERMAX EG P-VE FMA ATX V W Power Supply I bought the board because my AGP is still strong enough for what I need but I wanted to start using a bit processor I ve tried switching RAM sticks and slots and using only one chip and but no change The power seems to start up as soon as the PS is switched on Holding down the power button on the box does t shut it down and the reset button doesn t seem to have any effect either Any help would be appreciated nbsp

A:Power up issue with new mobo

I have seen this on one or more occasions and it turned out to be a bad motherboard. Also, if I had another power supply to test with;I would try that too. Its possible you may have a standby problem. Do you have a power supply checker?
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I've got a Premio mobo. a 212J, that has an unusual board socket for the power supply.
It's a white plastic socket with the internal pins.(2 banks)
A scan of this board can be seen at:

This is probably a real newbie question but I've never seen a power socket like it.
Thanx in advance.

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i have an Epox 8RDA3G motherboard and just today it wont power on. i turn the power supply on ,from the back of the case, and the fans start up. thats without pushing the power button in the front. when i push the power button nothing else happens. any suggestions?

A:mobo wont power on


i have had that problem so many times. all of those times it was because the motherboard was earthing. something about the mobo touching a part of the case is shouldnt. but to make sure the mobo hasnt blown take it out the case altogether, sit it somewher (say on a pillow) , put power in2 it an get a screwdriver, an uno the little bit wher u plug the power cable switch, along with teh hdd light, reset switch (i dont know the name of this bit,jus aloada pins lol) put a screwdriver in there, just so its touching the bits of metal and teh mobo should start up. if it doesnt the mobo might have blown. if it does the mobos fine. you just gotta be careful when your puting it in. try and test it everytime you put a screw in, and use risers if you can. everytime i have had this problem i took out the motherboard an put it back in and it was fine.

p.s. it dont matter when or how it happens, you dont have 2 hit it. what im saying is you could be sitting and for no reason it powers off and wont start back u, liek what happened to me. try what i said above and you should be fine :grinthumb
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i was using my computer normally not in a game or anything at the desktop , i unplugged my joystick and put my webcam in whitch i do alot then about a minute after that im talkin to friends and my system just shut off... i thought it was my power supply so i used a paper clip to connect it to itself with it or sumtin weird my friend tought me, that tested my PSU to make sure it was working and it was...

pentium 4 3.2
ge force 6800 ultra
audigty 2 soundcard
2 gb ramm
200 gb h/d

A:??NO Power Mobo Fried??

did you actually use a paper clip to complete a circuit? what exactly did you do and why?
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Hi I seem to have gotten myself into quite a predicament I had my PC on earlier left it on while I went supply? Possible power bad or mobo to go watch TV and return to find my PC off and no longer able to turn on The greed LED on my motherboard is no longer on and will not go on no matter what I do Switched which outlet the power supply was plugged into checked to make sure the cords were securely plugged in and finally made sure that the power switch on the power supply was on The primary issue right now is that I don t know how to identify which component of my computer has likely gone bad The PC is just a few months past years old and has been on and in use pretty much constantly I m assuming that either the power supply or the motherboard has gone bad but I don t know how to tell which The fan on the power supply does not spin or turn on and it doesn t seem like anything is getting power from the power supply at all I m really worried about the damage such a failure could have done to the rest of my system and I d obviously like to get this repaired as soon as possible I just simply don t know Possible bad mobo or power supply? where to go from here How would I check Possible bad mobo or power supply? whether my power supply has gone bad How would I know if my motherboard has gone bad What possible damages could I be looking at Any and all help is appreciated nbsp

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Hello everyone I have a year old Dell XPS with a stock tp mobo Intel C Q GHz Vista GB of RAM and an ATI Radeon that s ready for an upgrade I purchased a Radeon HD without verifying I had an appropriate power power my Can this use with I mobo? supply supply but unfortunately the stock Dell is rated at W Other Can I use this power supply with my mobo? forums have suggested a W PSU would be fine for the card but those posters typically have C D processors instead I think a W would theoretically cover it which is the only other option available directly from Dell but I also have another power supply lying around that I wanted to try first well - ask about trying could fried mobo It s an Ultra ULT-V DR rated at W and it has -pin connectors which I m assuming are for dual PCIe graphics cards This leads me to believe that the W rating is legit but I m unsure if it s going to be too big looks to be a standard ATX size though the mobo is BTX from what I ve been reading and I can t find anything online that says it would be certified for use with a the or b the stock Dell tp mobo Any help would be greatly appreciated and Happy Holidays Also I apologize if I double posted but it s my first time on the board and I think I closed out my previous tab while still proof-reading my post Thanks Nate nbsp

A:Can I use this power supply with my mobo?

Okay, so I did a little more research into the "new" power supply (basically looked up what all the Amps and Volts meant). It seems to me from the sticker that there are two +12V rails that are rated as such:

Ultra ULT-V600DR
+12V1: 18A
+12V2: 20A
Max combined wattage: 420W

Across all of the listed voltages, the Max Combined Wattage is 600W. Now I read where the ampere ratings don't directly add up, however there is some formula I found in another thread on that leads me to think that 18+20A would be something above 30A, but it's limited by the combined wattage. My concern is that the box for the 5770 says the minimum required for a 12V rail would be 40A (to be fair, the ASUS box also says it requires a 500W PSU when it really needs 450W by ATI's specs).

To top it off, I found another single post in a PSU/5770/XPS thread where someone simply posted "I've got a 5770 in my XPS 420 with my stock 375W PSU and it works no problem." I can't find the thread again to link it, but that was the gist of it. By the sticker on the side of the stock 375W unit, it wouldn't have anywhere near the required 40A rail...

Confused thoroughly,
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I tested my mobo to see if it would start up. I have it on a cardboard piece with CPU+heatsink, graphics, and PSU connected. Plus on stick of ram. I connected the 24 pin and the 8 pin to my mobo and then when I pushed the power button, everything started up for half a second then stopped. The mobo light was still on indicating power was still running through it. Any ideas why?
ABS Tagan ITZ Series ITZ700 ATX12V / EPS12V 700W Power Supply
EVGA 122-CK-NF68-A1 LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard
Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 Conroe 2.66GHz LGA 775 Processor Model BX80557E6750
EVGA 256-P2-N615-TX GeForce 7600GT

A:MOBO power on problems

Try this;

Disconnect the machine from the power source, and press the Power On button for about 10 seconds to drain any residual charge from the capacitors.

These instructions ONLY apply to INTEL coolers that were shipped with pre-applied Thermal Interface Material or Thermal Interface Compound.

Without removing the cooler take a flat blade screwdriver and turn the locking pins counterclockwise to the unlock position. With all the locking pins loose, without lifting up on the cooler assembly "gently" turn the cooler assembly left and right a couple of times (Just a couple of degrees each way). Turn the locking pin assemblies until the notch on the locking pins is perpendicular to the heatsink. Re-align the locking pins with the holes in the motherboard. Push down HARD on 2 pins at a time diagonal from each other, until all 4 pins are fully down and locked. After all 4 pins are down and locked push down HARD on each pin individually.

Re-connect the power source, power on the machine and see if it will boot.
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The NB has usb ports on its right side I tried plugging in an external cd drive and got a red flagged box from the bottom task bar stating something about device drawing too much power usb no how - reset to NB100 power and that the supply would be stopped Since then the usb ports 'appear' dead Nothing I plug in is recognised by the NB It does say in the user manual that if an overload is detected the power to usb ports can be stopped However it does not say how to reset the ports ie power to them Both the card reader and usb port on the front left are still working I have tried updating BIOS NB100 no usb power - how to reset to the latest setting all bios settings to default using F at bootup and have even bought 'Device Driver' to ensure all drivers are up to date Can anyone help I'm sure there is a simple answer but just can't see it Ideally I would like to avoid having to reinstall XP as I don't have the disk and the hard drive doesn't appear to have an XP partition Help

A:NB100 no usb power - how to reset


In your case I would recommend removing the USB port /controller /hub from device manager.
Just simply go to device manager, expand the USB controller area and delete all the devices which are available in this area.

After new reboot, the system (Win XP in your case) should recognize the USB ports and the driver should be installed again.
Then reboot once again connect an USB device and check if this helps?

Just for info: the USB 2.0 ports provide 500mA? so in some cases the external USB device would not be detected when such device would need more than the usual 500mA. In such case such device should be connected to two USB ports using an Y USB cable or should use an external power source as some USB hubs do.
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when i start my computer with the power adapter in i get a message saying can not determoin the power output of power adapter try reseting adapter. How do you reset a power adapter iv googled it and nothing. please help thanks sorry for bad spelling.

A:need to reset power adapter

i don't think you can reset a power adapter - i don't know of one - it will have the correct voltage on the plug or not
whats the make and model of the PC
are you able to use and have a mulitmeter?
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I bought a used HP Envy 700-210xt from a guy who was selling it cheap because he couldnt fix it. I got it and it has a power on password protecting it. I tried to reset the Bios by removing the CMOS battery for about 45 min,  also tried to do a reset by holding down the Windows key and the B button down as instructed but it would just stay stuck on black screen. When I powered off and powered back up it would back to the Black screen with the blue power on password box. I even tried to jump the CMOS PW as I read online but that did not fix the issue either.

A:How to Reset a Power On password

Hi: If there is a clear P/W jumper (and it looks like there may be one on the motherboard because I see a picture of a couple tiny blue jumpers), see if this works... Shut down and unplug the PC. Move the clear P/W jumper one pin over.  From the pictures it looks like it can only be moved one way. Plug in and turn on the Pc.  The BIOS P/W should now be cleared. Shut down and unplug the PC. Move the clear P/W jumper back to its original position. Plug in and power on the PC. Done.
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I just installed an Asus P T mobo in an Antec with an i and I am having problems with the sw reset / power with Problem system panel connector power sw you know the thing with the power ground and reset ground that plugs into the case power reset wires If the case sits for a long length of time it won t power up I hit the power button and it doesn t do anything It s been doing this Problem with power / reset sw since the first power up after installation To fix the problem although temporarily I have to pull the system panel connector adapter out replug the reset wire the power wire and the led wire and plug the adapter back in Problem with power / reset sw Once I unplug it and refit all the wires it boots right up It doesn t happen in short intervals however I can shut the system down wait a few seconds and it ll power right back up Finally after I refit all the plugs on the system panel connector I have to change the boot order on my hard drives Don t know if this is related though nbsp

A:Problem with power / reset sw

Instead of unplugging the panel connectors from the motherboard, try switching the power off at the back of the power supply for a couple of minutes. Of course, the PC should be powered off at the time. Turn the switch on the PSU back on and see if it will start.
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Please help me, how to reset password bios for HP 251-a115d. Thanks.

A:How to reset power on password

6 pins on pw+cmos 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 and 4 jumpered 2 and 5 jumpered can i reset from this pin?? if can how?? many thanks for your answered..
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i got hacked they changed my cmos or bios power on password now i can't turn my computer on can you help
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I have a Linksys WRT54G and I have a problem. I like to plug out my main power cabel from the power outlet when I go to bed and when I turn it back on in the morning and switch my computer on I need to reset my router so it can work (otherwise the internet icon has a yellow exclamation mark)
(also my router is connected to my computer via cabel)
I don't think that is normal. Why does the router stop working after losing power?
(it doesn't lose its settings but I need to reset it to fix it)
How can I fix this?

A:Router needs reset after power is off.

Quote: Originally Posted by headbuster

I have a Linksys WRT54G and I have a problem. I like to plug out my main power cabel from the power outlet when I go to bed and when I turn it back on in the morning and switch my computer on I need to reset my router so it can work (otherwise the internet icon has a yellow exclamation mark)
(also my router is connected to my computer via cabel)
I don't think that is normal. Why does the router stop working after losing power?
(it doesn't lose its settings but I need to reset it to fix it)
How can I fix this?

No Headbuster it is not normal, Most of the routers that I deal with do keep their settings when the power is removed and restored.

What might be happening is that the router has not completed it's startup routines and connecting to your ISP before your computer keeps asking for an IP.

I recommend that you plug in the router a few minutes before you turn your computer on and see if then your pc picks up an ip properly.

What you might be experiencing is hurrying the router when it is not ready.

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I bought new motherboard P8P67 LE, swopped it with my oldone. Managed to plug everything back, but my Power botton wouldnt power the system up and wouldnt power it down. Actually it burned out, when I tried to force power it down. I replaced it, but it wouldnt work anyway. Only way I can power my system up is by holding Memory OK button on my motherboard. Everything works OK afterwards. Reset function still works on the button though. Any ideas what to do and what could be the problem? Thanks

A:Power/Reset button

You will have to look at a diagram of what each connector is for. They vary a lot and just because 2 particular connectors on one board are for power or reset doesn't mean that the same ones will be used on a different board. Though the polarity doesn't matter for the switches, you have to make sure it is right for LED's or they won't work.
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About a week ago now, turn on at won't reset all PC Power I came home and my clock was blinking and my PC I had left on was turned off a mild storm passed by Now my PC won t turn on anymore no fans no lights no sounds nothing Power reset now, PC won't turn on at all Things to note Yes I checked to make sure the PSU switch was on and plugged in I tried different outlets My PC was plugged into a power Power reset now, PC won't turn on at all strip during the quot storm quot not sure how much surge protection that provides No visible burn marks on my hardware I bought a new power supply because the PSU was my first suspect since it was pin and I needed a new a pin to fit my motherboard best anyways ---No luck with new PSU--- I figured it might be my front panel power switch so I tried bypassing it by using the reset button as the on off power sw I also tried touching the on off pins lightly with a screwdriver ---No luck--- I ve tried naked booting with just mobo cpu and video card I ve tried different computer power cords When I turn on my new PSU I can hear it begin a very soft hum like a capacitor charging or something so power is getting to the PSU I ve tried booting with both V V PSU settings I ve tried taking out RAM and reinserting Idk if this is relevant but my drive data cables are very old My computer is basically new new cpu new mobo new ram new PSU My best guess is that it has something to do with the front panel power switch Any ideas Please help Also I put up my PC specs in my profile let me know if you can t see them Thanks -Ethan nbsp

A:Power reset now, PC won't turn on at all

We just had a nice line of storms come through a few weeks ago.

I was extremely busy replacing motherboard and PSU combos on various customer computers, mind you after having fixed them, I STRONGLY recommended they buy a decent surge protector.

Turns out all but one were running straight out the wall.

I've come across one scenario where the motherboard survived a PSU failure, luckily for me that was mine about a month ago.

Generally a PSU fails, it takes the motherboard with it, if you have any other motherboard that will jive with your hardware, swap it out.
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OK Guys i finally got the case and mother board i want but now i have a problem The power wire that connects to my mother board just Say s power and is not marked pos or neg and the board has pos and neg this is also true with the reset wire it just says reset no pos or Wiring and Reset Power neg and my led light wire is the same The power wires one is orange and one is white The reset wires are Blue and white So what I m asking is the dark or colored wire always the pos wire and the white one the neg or what How do i Power and Reset Wiring tell the difference Also thanks for all the help on which hard drives to use and which CPU is better just so all you guys that helped me on those post s i went with An AMD AThlon CPU and a Seagate Sata hard drive O yea and You guy s that said ECS mobo s were junk ill have to say you were right cuz i bought one and already had to take it back now i got a Ansu Thanks for all your help Just help me with this wire issue now plz LOL LOL nbsp

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Hello i have a weird problem every time i reset whether soft reset or hard reset my pc turns off with a clicking sound and reset at loss Power refuses to turn on again for around five minutes during which the PSU power button must be on Trying to turn the PC s power button on too soon causes the fans to turn on for a second before turning off again once Doing it again nets no result until around minutes have passed Everything else works perfectly The machine is built Power loss at reset with spare components i had stored safely which were never used before and are practically brand new mobo asrock g m-gs cpu intel core quad s ram gb ram Kingston Mhz DDR HyperX HDD Power loss at reset Hitachi Tb GPU ati radeon sapphire PSU LinQ P - W I m fairly sure i setup the jumpers and the case connectors right so i dont know what could be causing this Resetting the CMOS and running the mobo with default settings seems to make soft resets work for a while but it doesn t last Any ideas This machine is made of spare parts so i ll have to use it even if it s a cripple but it would be nice if there was a solution nbsp

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Hi,, Please helpMy boss appears laptop password on the bios , but forgot the password .how to reset the password without opening the CMOS battery.There may be a reset code? thanks

A:reset post power

@hokage07? When asked for the password just hit enter 3 times. Post any halt code. REO
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Are the power and reset switches -- the ones that connect to the system board -- on most computer enclosures simple momentary (make/break) buttons? I want to replace a "flakey" one on a computer, but I have not been able to locate any specification for these switches. Is there anything "fancy" about them?

A:Power and reset Switches

Nope, nothing fancy. Just a momentary switch.
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I forgot my administrator password for BIOS. After 3 triesI get system disabled and the code is 51109054. This is a hpFolio 13 running Windows 8.1

A:To reset power on password

@dennmwangin? Enter   44861090
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Product # N9T28AV (X360 15 inch convertibles)How do you do a "Hard Power Reset" as the battery is not accessible?...on older HP laptops with access to the battery, you would remove power plug, remove battery, hold the power button in for 30 seconds. Reassemble.I can find other reset references to different types of convertible devices but not the N9T28AVIf this is posted in the wrong section, please move to the correct locationIn anticipationThank you

A:Hard power reset

I asked HP about this earlier today.   There is no current documentation that describes how to hard reset an x360 notebook.   I have no idea as to how long it wil take before the Hard reset document is updated. As soon as it happens I will let you know.
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My laptop was Laptop will atx tried up not have reset power working fine yesterday then we had a thunderstorm last night I was worried it might Laptop will not power up have tried atx reset get fried because of the storm so I shut it down and unplugged it This morning it would not power on It is a Gateway TA When I Laptop will not power up have tried atx reset plug in the AC adapter the battery light comes on It will not power on though I found something about doing an ATX reset Laptop will not power up have tried atx reset and I tried that What I did was unplugged everything including the battery held down the power button for secs then again for secs when I tried it a second time I then tried just plugging in the ac adapter and tried to power it on that didn t work so I tried plugging in the battery with no ac adapter and that did not work either I tried it both ways several times varing the amount of time I held down the power button It has been plugged in all day so I know the battery should be fully charged by now Can someone PLEASE help me I have a lot of financial info on there that I need to get OFF before we go visit family in a couple of days I have some stuff backed up to my Free Agent Go but not the updated stuff I need Can anyone help I would be SO grateful Thanks for reading Jen nbsp
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I forgot power on password. Need helpgiven code after three tryCNU9256B6W

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A:Power on password reset

@Mateshiv? Enter   e9lo7qgpgd    ( 3rd character is a lower case L ) Regards, DP-K
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The code is 51908034

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Hello. I need to reset my Power On Password. The number that comes up after 3 tries is 85524480.Thank you very much.Patrick

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A:I need to reset my power on password

Hi, Enter  30482406 Regards, DP-K
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I have forgotten my hp laptop power on password and system disable code is58851457Plz help & thanks in advance

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Hi!  The 840 G3 appears to have a battery compartment that is secured by screws.  Sometimes there is a combination of keys that can be pressed that will simulate the function of a power reset (powering the laptop down, removing the battery, pressing the power button for a length of time to drain capacitors, replacing battery, and powering up) so that users don't have to remove the battery.  I've googled and found some key combinations for other HP products but can't find one for the 840 G3.  Does anyone know of one? Thanks!

A:How to power reset 840 G3 laptop

Hi, Thank you for posting in the HP Support forum. Welcome! I am not 100% sure if I understand you but I'll try to help. As mentioned by you and as confirmed by the product's manual, it comes with non-removable fixed battery. May be you want to perform hard reset to power off the computer >> Why do you want to perform this you write about ? Is there some issues with Windows ? If so, have you tried restarting it (instead of Shut down) ?  Because in Windows 8/8.1/10 this process is by default different from what it was in Windows XP/Vista/7.
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I have an HP Envy 15 Notebook PC
Serial # [Personal Information Removed]
Product: E1P05AV
Model # 15t-j100
How do we reset a Power on Password?
We enter an incorrect password three times and we do NOT get any codes, it just does a restart. If we do this again, it will go into recovery mode with Advance Options. But, does not allow us to reset the Power on Password.

A:Reset Power On Password

Please enter the incorrect password 3 times and reply to this post with an error code or the halt code, so I can reset the password for you Or Please click on the below shown link to reset the password by yourself using the error code or the halt code Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,KNRK
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cant remember power on password to my new laptop, i suffered an illness last month almost died and now i cant remember a bunch of my passwords, some of my memory has been erased and i am one of those guys who could remember almost anything now i am lost, i was reading some of your forums and it appears that some how you guys can remove them if i have the correct info for you?  please help, thank you inadvance.

A:need to reset power on password

@baker133768? When asked for the password just hit enter 3 times. Post any code you receive. REO
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Hi guys I just received a PC a bought online The motherboard is a quot ASUS P H connect mobo can't to connector 3-pin fan -M quot The thing is that I ordered an extra fan apart can't connect 3-pin fan connector to mobo with the one that comes with the case and the thing is that this extra fan they gave me has a -pin female connector see first image My motherboard only has male -pin connector and its reserved for can't connect 3-pin fan connector to mobo the cpu fan It also has male -pin connector but its occupied but the can't connect 3-pin fan connector to mobo fan that comes with the case There is a weird series of pin connectors in which my fan connector would fit but I'm not sure if those are meant for fans 'cause to those -pin connectors my HDMI audio and USB connectors are connected My psu has no -pin male connectors just more female -pin ones or some weird -big pin ones see second pic what should I do Is there some kind of attachment I need to buy

A:can't connect 3-pin fan connector to mobo

sorry not 7-pin connectors.. they have 9 pins
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Like the Title says it, I've have wondered this for a few time now and it would greatly help.

A:Is it possible to connect a HDD and CD-ROM to a MOBO with a single IDE?

Its is possible, all u need to do is have one as the Master (HDD) and the other as slave (CDROM) and make sure that in your bios, u have the ide as the primary boot, plus make sure u have IDE running as NATIVE, not LEGACY, u will see that option somewhere in the boot options (If i remember correctly).
Thats it
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So my computer -- which was once one of the best gaming pc s of its day back in someone else built it for me though -- it s now ancient It just can t run modern day PC games My CPU is too slow My graphics card is too weak I can t upgrade the memory anymore from GB DDR That new any connect without hitches? I Can HD mobo a old my to s it the end of the road for this guy Can I connect my old HD to a new mobo without any hitches? I still have all this software though on my internal hard drive My question is -- if I just get myself a new motherboard a new CPU new memory new PSU -- can I just plug in my internal hard drive and everything will work just as before on these new specs Or is that being too optimistic Perhaps a starting point would be consider the interface cable connector between the internal HD and the motherboard Has that changed over the years Because if new motherboards Can I connect my old HD to a new mobo without any hitches? have different kinds of connectors ports I guess I m sunk A second related question would be -- even if I get the HD to work do you think it will substantially bottlneck my new Can I connect my old HD to a new mobo without any hitches? gaming system Or is that more of a minor concern A final question would be -- will my Windows bit stop working on me because it thinks I m trying to use it with a new system If I recall my version of Windows said that it will only work with one system or something to that effect This is the internal hard drive I have in my system now x Seagate Barracuda ST AS GB RPM MB Cache SATA Gb s quot Hard Drive Perpendicular Recording Other Specs OS Windows bit Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU E GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card AMD Radeon HD Series Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB E Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC P N -E SLI Antivirus Webroot SecureAnywhere Updated and Enabled Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Can I connect my old HD to a new mobo without any hitches?

its a good decision to buy combo-pack, (mobo and cpu) because sometimes you may get compatibility problem when buying them separately.

as for upgrading parts of the machine, Windows may become non-genuine after some hardware changes, usually, the mobo. but a call to microsoft can resolve the issue and has done for many folk. lots of research before splashing out first would be the best step. but check out all costs against a new machine, as it may work out cheaper. but the machine as it stands today is very good, imo as a standard.
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HI guys, I reset my router (WBR-T2) a fews days ago and now I cannot connect to internet (although I can connect to the router - local only). Any solutions please? Thanks guys . Oli.

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After being discon a few times I reset my router through anger and now I'm struggling to
connect to the internet.

My wi-fi is not being noticed by my mac.

I was told to go to and set it up again. However, I have
no Internet.

So, I'm trying to do it via Ethernet. However, I struggled to get on the net this way and couldn't type in that ip address for
my speedtouch router ST585 v6

So, I had to do it manually and so my settings are..

Ip address:
subnet mask:

using these settings I am still unable to connect. I can't ping the address because I get the error that
my host is down or can't find a route.

Any thoughts on how to fix this?


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I have just bought a PcChips M810LMR motherboard and an AMD Duron 1.6 Ghz and putting it into a Compaq Presario 5000 case using the original power supply. When i turn the power on the fan on the power supply turns about a half turn and then stops and wont do anything else untill i unplug the power connector from the mobo and plug it back in then i get another half turn out of it. I thought that it might be a bad power supply so i tried another one but i get the same from it. Have I lucked upon two faulty power supplys or is it possibly a bad mobo? Or is there something else that im just overlooking. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi guys hope y all doing good just a minor problem i got I have a built system from about two years now that was always starting operating shutting-down fine Soyo Mobo AMD clocking ram onboard videocard on Sunday suddenly it completely froze while i was using it a on drives, & BIOS in MoBo nothing happens Power very faint purple overlay Power on MoBo & drives, nothing happens in BIOS came on the monitor display after powering off the Power on MoBo & drives, nothing happens in BIOS system it refuse to power back on i know there is power on the mobo because it lights up when the Power on MoBo & drives, nothing happens in BIOS system is plugged in all fans start spinning when i push power button the cd drive lights up and i can eject and close it the problem is that nothing comes on the monitor monitor power light is green there is no beep no sounds at all not even hard-drive-reading sound no display from bios i reset the bios still nothing i bought a NEW battery same type for bios still nothing PLEASE I WOULD BE MOST GRACIOUS FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE nbsp

A:Power on MoBo & drives, nothing happens in BIOS

Possible a failed monitor or failed video graphics card. Replace with another to test.
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Does anyone know where to connect in a power switch on an AI5TV 13D Motherboard?

A:AI5TV MOBO Power Switch

Are talking about the power supply? Do you have the manual for the board? If not
Page 17 has a picture of the board and a discription of the connection.
Hope that helps.
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I fixed my harddrive problem but Power what or mobo, processor, supply, now i have an even bigger problem Last night at around my computer shut down I powered it back on and it stayed on for about minutes then shut down again What i want to know is if the power supply is going bad it smells burnt The little green light shows that power is still going to the motherboard but it will not power on unless i leave it alone for or minutes I m pretty sure its not the processor since i removed the heat sink being careful not to smear or remove the thermal paste and it seems ok I ve had something like this happen before but the motherboard was fried power surge anyone that has heard about e-machine mobos and their psus knows what im talking about this is not an e-machine I m not sure i m ignorant when it comes to motherboard psu and processor problems but it might have something to do with the switching of my harddrives every minutes Anyway I want to know what exactly could be wrong and if theres anything I can do to fix it Thanks in advance ps not sure if this will help but before Power supply, processor, mobo, or what it started to shutdown and smell the computer stopped recognizing harddrives and would only recognize them if i switched which psu cable they were plugged into One last thing that confuses me to no end Anything that i plug into the motherboard works mouse light comes on mp starts charging etc I can t get to the hardware information so give me any suggestion you can I tried posting this on TSF but got no results please help nbsp

A:Power supply, processor, mobo, or what

subtleteddybear said:

What i want to know is if the power supply is going bad (it smells burnt) Click to expand...

Burnt smells are really not a good thing, and indicates that your PSU is pretty much 'toast'. Get it. "BURNT" "TOAST" HILARIOUS!!

Sorry, that was really bad.

Anyway, your PSU is not safe to use anymore. Get a new PSU and see if it solves the problem. If it does, then you're good to go. If not, it's likely that your motherboard was damaged as well. Processors rarely fail, so I'm more apt to believe that it's the PSU and/or motherboard.
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First time I have ever upgraded my CPU and MOBO.

Anyway, I just popped in my Intel Core 2 Duo 6300 and my new intel D945gcpe board plugged in eveything and nothing. The fans turn about a 1/4 of a turn every 7 seconds like its trying to boot up but nothing. Im using the old power supply (250w) but im only running a harddrive and cd drive. Im thinking thats the problem but if anyone has any ideas let me know!

A:New Core Duo And Mobo Wont Power Up?

There's a 4 or 6 pin molex power connector near the CPU that many people forget to connect. Are you one of these people? Maybe your 250 watt power supply doesn't have the molex connector, does it?
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Hello, i have some simple questions. My system randomly turns off. no blue screen. No crash dump. no windows shutdown screen. This isnt really about the shutdowns.

1 - What happens when the 4pin connector of a 20+4 pin mobo power plug is disconnected

2 - Does the 4pin connector give more stability to a pcie2.0 x16 Graphics Card?

3 - What damage could have been done?

Ive swapped the graphics card out with a Power Color HD4850. The shutoffs happened with both.

I have four ram chips. i took out 2 and it still shutoff. Im now trying the other two.

Thank you for your time.

A:4pin of a 20+4 pin mobo power was n0t plugged in. What happens?

To answer your questions, I really don't know. But, I would suspect the +4 pin will supply more power to the motherboard. The 20 pin will supply enough power for it to run but not quite as much as it should have. I would not worry too much about any damage to the board. The GPU gets most of it's power from the pcie conntections, but the extra 4 pins may help. As far as the memory, I would suggest running memtest86 to test the memory. The link is to a tutorial on how to run it. You are looking for bad ram sticks or defective dimm slots.