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DVD-R data recovery & Flash Drive data recovery

Q: DVD-R data recovery & Flash Drive data recovery

I have problems mine is recovering data from a DVD-R amp a friend is looking for my help in recovering data from a quot corrupted quot Flash Drive I was burning data on a DVD-R multiple sessions disk when my Burner crapped out while using Nero I now have a new Burner amp when I go back into this disk I can only read data from my st session when I compare the s from Nero s disk info tool however it also shows that session is still open but I cannot read anything from sessions amp Looking around I spotted CD Recovery Tool Box Free is there anything more recent and or better that would let me try to recover the data on this disk The data in session is still on my HD but I would like to be able to recover the data in the other sessions worst DVD-R data recovery data Flash & Drive recovery possible case even just the file names would be a DVD-R data recovery & Flash Drive data recovery small plus Now for the Flash Drive It is a Lexar Gig DVD-R data recovery & Flash Drive data recovery amp what supposedly happened is that Peter lent it to a fellow employee so he could extract some data probably a mistake When he got it back a few minutes later amp tried to use it all he got was a message that it was corrupted As it has all of his product codes phone numbers amp personal sales data for the last year he is really desperate to try amp recover DVD-R data recovery & Flash Drive data recovery the data He does not have a computer of his own so he has no backup another bad idea He has gotten a new Flash Drive a Sony Gig but I have told him that he better go out amp get a nd one to use as a backup As I know basically nothing about Flash Drives is there a program out there that maybe can recover his data Any and all help along with a few words of advice would be greatly appreciated Oh yes I have computers one running on Windows so I can run my old DOS programs amp HD so I guess that dates me amp the other on XP Pro which from what I have read may be an advantage in recovery Happy Skies Chris nbsp
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Preferred Solution: DVD-R data recovery & Flash Drive data recovery

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have a "Tiny" 128 mb flash drive from When I try to access the password protected drive I get a message that says "Drive Is Busy". "Close all applications & documents opened on the drive & try again"
But of course I can't as it won't let me in!
I've tried many times, restarted the p.c. with & without drive connected. Uninstalled and reinstalled the driver. Checked for a website. (Does not seem to have any info. on it)
I'm suspicious that i might have disconnected the drive while the L.E.D. is flashing. (not allowed according to instructions) and I presume that the software in the drive itself (is there any?) must have been corrupted. Any ideas on how I can access the data (pics) on the drive? Many Thanks.

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8GB DISKGO SECURE USB 2.0 FLASH DRIVE is not visible, they are replacing it after trying to reload the USB info. Can anyone recommend a data file recovery program for this?


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hi i have a scSi disk GB i [Hard header sql recovery] data Drive / extractors data lost information from it and tried to recover with other recovery softwares to no avail finally i got winhex amp got the professional licence i can now data extractors / sql header [Hard Drive data recovery] be able to see all the information on the whole NTFS partition but the problem is that i data extractors / sql header [Hard Drive data recovery] can t be able to recover it when ever i open the logical drive i can see all the information and most of the information is stack up in a quot free space quot which is around gb which i can be able to see has all the information that i need i have tried to recover the free space but its only copied to the location that i specify and no recoveries are made recovering the files by type name has bore no fruits a freind told me i have to curve out that area and use data extractors to get the information out of that area freee space the information in that drive are sql data bases and zip files whats the header for sql what techniques do i use to curve out that space and be abele to extract the information for i can even read the information in text format which are the data extractors available in the market kindly assist its quite urgent i get this information out nbsp

A:data extractors / sql header [Hard Drive data recovery]

I don't know where this thread properly belongs -- but I suspect the question may be too esoteric for most here.

Since it involves data recovery from a hard drive I'm going to move it to Hardware, I think "all other software" is not likely to have anyone with this type of experience.
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I have been given a flash disk to see if I can recover data from it.The person who used the disk uses Vista Home, I'm using a laptop running Windows 7 Home.When I insert the disk a message pops up saying, "You need to format the disk in drive F: before you can use it."If I run Getdataback for FAT and scan the disk it brings up the following information:Error: NotifyExceptionError Unknown error [87] while reading sector 64 on drive F:Info: FAT:28Address 004D6204Stack dumpDoes this mean anything to anyone? What do I do?Thanks for any help.

A:Recovery of data from USB flash disk

The flash drive could be dead.
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This is not just for recovering photos. I store general data on flash memory, not just photo-related, on various types of media--usb flash, SD Cards, xD cards, CF, etc.

What is the best data recovery for this purpose under $40 -- or do I need to go to more $ to get a really effective program?

Free would be nice; but, usually, there are limitations to the uses of free programs.

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I have a larged data drive that failed a disk check. It stalls when starting stage two (I belive that is the verification of indexing). I have been able to back-up all of the folders except for a large folder of raw video. The PC locks up when I attempt to access/copy this folder (it appears to be part of the problem). I want to make an attempt to recover this data before reformatting the drive.

The check disk fails both at start up or if I run from the desktop both in regular and safe mode. Does anyone have tips for recoverying this data?

A:Data Recovery of data drive

You could try using a 98 boot disk and then run ntfsdos from there to access the ntfs partitions. Then try an xcopy of that file to another drive.

Another method could be to use Winrar to create a multipart archive and store it on another drive. This might chunk it up enuff.

Or boot to recovery console from the CD and then run chkdsk /r which marks any sectors that are corrupt as bad so they will not be used again, even after format. All take some time, but they are readily availalble fixes.

Alternatively, you could create an image of the drive and save that somewhere else, then run your drive manufacturers disk utility to check integrity of the disk.

Hope this helps
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Hi everyone My external USb Wd mybook box has tb Seagate Sata and i use original Wd disc as W installed in My PC Case as sata II Today my old problem appears again as Corrupted disc I recovery external Data data but problem, space. Can reach no corrupted have Get Data Back NTFS and i used before plenty of times for recovery loss data or unwanted deletions but This time im stuck Becouse the disk i try to recover includes gb about used disk space only audio files only gb about empty space Thats too big for me to recover to other disks i don't have enough spaces that my other disks can handle I have about gb FREE disk space in several disks or partitions include My thinkpad SL Notebook Data recovery problem, Can reach corrupted data but no external space. --------- So my question is wit keeping my lost data in corrupted disk first can i take them slowly to this gb spaces i know i can and after create somehow emty space deleting those recovered gb on corrupted disk and use that empty space for more recovery Or smilar solutions Becouse DISC PRICES IS HEAVY nowadays and really i'm out of budget with buying some equipments upgrades ---------- IS THERE Data recovery problem, Can reach corrupted data but no external space. ANY PRACTICALLY POSSIBLE SOLUTION even can take very long time Like creating slowly slowly some extra spaces don't know how I know i look silly in Data recovery problem, Can reach corrupted data but no external space. situation becouse i know u should never write to same disc if you dont want to say goodbye to your files E-how happened not necessary to read these part according my experiences Thats the mistakes DOn't do those at the same time After Letting my Share program DC took big share space on that disk today -there were people downloading from my disk and don't know why i did that -i used heavly that disk to tag amp rename my music -Also let windows seven index -and also let my dc indexes my share I did these things at the same time disks was working My Downloads were happening another disk but it didnt help there were no any problems im just suspicious about some virus worked on this corruption but i don't have enough clue to say that Seems overload processes made this corruption Also one more mistake i made even i know shouldnt that there was a single folder with about gb value in my musics as jukebox folder Also don't do that normally i allow for download and upload only single disk for example gb Anyway somehow after restarting my OS i suddenly see half of my data was gone from TB disk and stupidly unlike other times while using get data back i tried to write a little amount from lost data to free space on same disc then immediately i gave up but this time disk become unstable Completly corrupted after restart my restart reasons are immediate quit for suspicious virus etc with using removal batch files becouse i SO as classic sorry to take ur time and PLEASE Help

A:Data recovery problem, Can reach corrupted data but no external space.


Before you write more data or attempt to read data from the drive through Windows, I would suggest using a Live CD like SysRescueCD to boot from and access the HDD.
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Minitool Power Data Recovery or Runtime Get Data Back, which
one would you choose or which one did you choose? I want to purchase a serious data recovery program for personal business use.

A:Minitool Power Data Recovery or Runtime Get Data Back, which


Both are good programs and i would recommend purchasing both ( if you can afford ). Both has it's own pros and cons.
"GetDataBack" is good at virtual reconstruction of damage/unrecognizable file systems but i personally found it weak at recovering image files. It recovers images but most of them seems to be corrupted in my testings. Also you need to purchase seperate versions for FAT and NTFS ( GetDataBack simple is garbage ).

On the other hand, "Power data Recovery" works with both FAT and NTFS and it is better at recovering image files. Another proven tools is "R-Studio" which has quiet good reputation among DR professionals. It's user interface is not newbie friendly but has lot's of options which no other tools offers.

Data Recovery from an External Disk with a Damaged File System
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Minitool Power Data Recovery or Runtime Get Data Back, which
one would you choose or which one did you choose? I want to purchase a serious data recovery program for personal business use.

A:Minitool Power Data Recovery or Runtime Get Data Back, which

you can try the trial of both products which give you a taste of what the programme is like
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My no-name (KingStar) USB 1.1 drive "malfunctioned" and I am getting sky-high quotes for data recovery (i.e., $700.00 for recovering about 125 MB of data); does anyone know a reliable data recovery person/service with lower rates? Thanks!

A:Help: Data Recovery for USB Drive

I don't thing there is such a thing because of how hard and time consuming it came be to recover lost data like that. I didn't even know it could be done from flash memory.
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Ok, so what happened was I formated my D Drive and made that my OS, then I restarted my computer. Everytime I turn it on it gets to the boot manager and then restarts again over and over. It never gets passed that, not even to the logon page.

Is there a way I can undo what i did (make my C Drive my OS again)?

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2GB Memorex usb drive not working. drive doesn't appear on computer after plugging in. Is there ANY way possible to troubleshoot these little monsters???? Can I open it? There has to be something -- I've already returned it to Memorex; the new one they sent me doesn't work either.

Any suggestions or websites I can check out.


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I wasn't sure Data Recovery Drive Help USB where to post USB Drive Data Recovery Help this because I'm panicing a bit Sorry guys please move if it's not in the right place So I'm in college and we have to do this really long assignment which constitutes of the final USB Drive Data Recovery Help grade I had one section of this on my USB drive but today as I was going to print it I noticed that something had changed the extension of the file making it inaccessible it was a microsoft word document I also noticed that a weird file named PERSON then a USB Drive Data Recovery Help weird square doc was on my flash drive and according to windows was last edited in USB weren't even invented then so I'm sure it's a virus which edited my file to the same extension however norton doesn't detect anything My friend recommended a recovery program which was only an eval copy but it didn't work However I did see a file which I can't seem to view in explorer named BE which was edited in I wasn't even born then I've made it so I see hidden files in explorer but I still cannot see this BE whatever it is I really need this file and by thursday which is why I'm in a panic I stupidly didn't back it up so I can't afford to lose it Is there any way to recover my file Is it a virus problem which has corrupted it for good

A:USB Drive Data Recovery Help

Anyone at all? I know it's a shot in the dark as it's probably replaced the file with itself (if it is indeed a virus) but still, It would be great if I could recover the file.
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i have lost my tally recovery data wheni pasted from pendrive tally data to computer was replaced

A:tally recovery data how i recover my replace data from my pc

Recover your data in Tally - Some Tips & Tricks to Recover Tally Data
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I booted up my Win 7 computer today and ChkDsk said my Ex HDD may have been corrupted and proceeded to delete some files. Those were some very important files - how can I get them back? (Video and Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 files)

I prefer free methods on this - I know I can buy software to do this, but I currently don't have the money. Or a very cheap method, if nothing else.

It's ironic that today was the day I was going to back up this drive.

Please help!

A:External HDD data recovery - Chkdsk erased some data!!

"How To Recover CHK Files Created by CHKDSK and SCANDISK ? Raymond.CC Blog"
How To Recover CHK Files Created by CHKDSK and SCANDISK
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Any assistance on how to recover data off of my slave drive would be appreciated Slave drive not being recognized by the OS when I try to access via Windows Explorer When I click on D a window opens stating quot Disk in drive d is not formatted do you Data off recovery of drive slave want to format quot so I click NO I ve checked the BIOS and shows up in Disk Management Disk Management shows D Drive as Health Active but the HDD capacity and free space shows the same GB or free space File system is blank Data recovery off of slave drive This particular drive has a FAT file system Have gone to DOS prompt for D and get the following message quot The volume does not contain a recognized file system Please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted quot Called a couple of Data Recovery companies and was told if they could recover any data off of the drive that it would cost between to They mentioned the probability that the volume structure could be damaged I need the data but cannot afford that kind of money Had no idea that data recovery would be so expensive If anyone has been through this and can assist please advise Thanks Logoman nbsp

A:Data recovery off of slave drive
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I want to recover data (pics) from our Pavilion. SSD is an LBT-64L6G-HP (part #735315-001) by Hewlett Packard. My current tech can't find a cable/connector for transferring/retrieving the data. Any suggestions? Thanx!   John

A:SSD Hard Drive data recovery

Does something called M.2 NGFF sound like the right kind of product?
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Ok my ac adapter charger would not register when plugged into my laptop so it was sent away for repair i assumed that i would be given a new charger i wrote a letter explaining that i specifically did not want anything REMOVED REFORMATTED as i was unable to back up my personal files due to my laptop not being able to work without a charger and i asked them to ring me in advance if they had to do so Upon receiving my laptop back i found to my extreme annoyance my old hard drive was removed then replaced with another one I was furious as all my personal files were on the hard drive I went to PC World to complain im sorry the level of customer service they provide ia appalling i am never going to old recovery drive??? Data hard from shop there again they said they could try to recover some of Data recovery from old hard drive??? my personal files for free such as Uni documents pictures etc but not Data recovery from old hard drive??? my music Anyway the data Data recovery from old hard drive??? was backed up but the adviser said the data that he managed to transfer was unstable and that if i was to recover the data by any other means it may damage my laptop All i want is my music videos etc back how can i recover it off the old hard drive I was told it had become corrupt somehow but i dont understand what that had to do with my ac adapter not working My computer worked fine before it was virus free etc All i want is my music back someone mentioned something about a caddy Please someone help me nbsp

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Hi all,
I formatted my C:\ (win 7 64 bit os), bt on d way realized that my most imp data was kept hidden under C:\Users\Prashant , but couldn't help stopping the format.

Now, since the C:\ drive is formatted , I can't access C:\Users\Prashant , so is there any way to recover back my "mostttt imp data"...((

plzzzz help asap...its very important for me....:|

A:formatted c drive data recovery

Oh joy! Another one who scrubbed C!

You need to spend some time looking over a number of data and partition recovery programs for sure! That's the facts right up front! If it was simple accidental file deletion a small program like Recusa would be a fast help.

Most of the better programs are the paid for type and run upwards of $70US! Don't bother with the free to try and buy versions since those never work it seems. One better rated freeware program for accidental format of partitions you can look over would be the DiskInternals Partition Recovery program found at Data Recovery Review - secrets of DiskInternals Partition Recovery 2.5
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Ok here is the deal. I had a new laptop that dual booted vista and linux. the vista partitioned was encrypted with bitlocker. I decide to give windows 7 a try so I repartition the drive in to one large volume, format and install windows 7. Everything worked perfectly. The problem is after about a week I realize there was some important files on the vista partition before I wiped everything out. I have found several data recovery programs the can recover files after a format, however they only show files that where on the linux partition. My guess is that the bitlocker encryption is preventing these tools from finding any of the vista files.

So the question is, Does anyone know of a application or company that can recover files from a bitlocker'ed drive after it has been formatted.
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I have been having great difficulty trying to figure out how to recover all of my data on my hard drive that just stopped working three nights ago. I was foolish to not back anything up. I have attached a picture of what my desktop looks like with two windows open. One being Disk Management and the other being Minitool Partition Wizard. They both show the hard drive that I am trying to recover. That hard drive will not show up on "My Computer" but I can see it in those two windows. What can I do to recover this data? I have tried a couple tools, but they could not see it, and the Minitool Partition Wizard was still at 0% after 18 hours of scanning. Thank you.

A:Data Recovery on Old Hard Drive

Hi Mat the w,

Welcome to Seven Forums.

I presume it is an internal drive on your desktop.

Please run the manufacturer's diagnostic/repair utility. ( Since you did not tell us the make/model number of the drive, I can only give this general statement.) Check whether it is able to repair your disk.
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I have recently upgraded to a new system from XP and was hoping to recover some data from my old hard drive which has the 40 pin connector. I was hoping to find the grey ribbon inside but instead there is what I think is a SATA cable connecting the hard drive. Therefore I'm a wee bit confused as to what I connect the slave to.
There is a grey ribbon, but that is connected to the DVD drive although it does have a second connector halfway down.

Thanks for the help!!

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I have a USB drive that is always giving me this message: ďThe disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?Ē
I didnít get it. After searching on the internet, I know that my best bet is to try a data recovery application, if I really want to get back the data inside it.
So, do you have any suggestion? It could be better, if it is a free one. I donít have extra money to pay for it this month.
Help me, please!
Thank you in advance!

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I have a hard drive that would not boot Windows XP. I replaced the hard drive reloaded windows xp and I am trying to retrieve data. When I plug the drive in using a USB to IDE adapter the compuiter recognizes the drive and it even shows in computer manager as the correct size, however the file system type is blank. When I try to look at it in My Computer it comes back as says the drive is not formatted do I want to format it now, I said NO.
also when I first plug it in the autoplay starts on that drive but does not give me options.

Any Thoughts??


I have tried a couple USB to IDE adapter same results also the to plug it in directly to the IDE controller no luck

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I have (yet another Maxtor) hard drive that has crashed - It is visible in the BIOS as a Maxtor ares 40gb drive, but invisible to any operating system. Maxtor's own low-level utlity can't pick it up and hangs - others do, and show the drive's parameters, but cannot read the drive. The platters are spinning. Anybody know any software that might get data off this drive? Have tried all the usual stuff, Spinrite, Easy Recovery, etc.

A:Hard drive data recovery? Can it be done?

If the drive is physically damaged enough there is no software that will recover the data. Have you tried the freezer trick yet? It may make the drive available long enough ot get the data off of it.
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Dear Friends Please Big Help me As there were viruses in the gb Kingston pen drive it didn t show any files the viruses were cleaned There was Help Data Recovery Friends Pen Big Drive only one shortcut visible but no data at all However upon checking the file properties of the pen drive it showed the use space as as GB and free space as mb After using the Restore kb tool Pen Drive Data Recovery Big Help Friends the free space is shown Pen Drive Data Recovery Big Help Friends as GB and used space is only kb I used this software https drive google com uc export download amp id ByIph ae VAcY xRlhrX tPQ c Now used space is kb and free space is Gb Pen Drive Data Recovery Big Help Friends Attempting to recover the data using recovery software did not result in showing any data Attempting to recover data using the command line did not work and neither did trying to recover using Ubuntu Changing the folder options did not work either My computer is using Windows XP as the OS kingston DT G USB Device ID VID PID Serial Number UP AD A B Device Vendor kingston Device Name DT G Device Revision Manufacturer kingston Product Model DT G Product Revision Chip Vendor Phison Chip Part-Number PS - PS - F W - - Flash ID Code DE - SanDisk TLC Can you please help me recover the data I ll appreciate it nbsp

A:Pen Drive Data Recovery Big Help Friends

I have used Recuva to recover data from a formatted memory card.
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Seeking low-level data recovery tools ---

I have an external drive (WD10TMVW-11ZSMS5; was in a "Passport"). The drive was dropped; hard -> head crashed and diver board circuit was damage... Tried to transfer plattens to new drive, but plattens became misregistered in process (duh) [Oh yeah... The head mechanism was damaged too; otherwise I'd have just replaced the circuit board and not tried to transfer the plattens (would that it were that simple)].

Does anyone know if there exists an app that will allow me to control the disk; read heads individually; transfer bit patterns to another media for reconstruction of the image?

I know it's a long shot, but I have to try.

Thanx, from Hell.

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I'm working on an older Compaq Presario 5070 for my father-in-law. He has been lax in keeping his virusscan up to date. I've built him a new computer that is ready to install, but days before my trip to do the install his presario took a dump. It appears through various boot attempts that the Config.sys files got corrupted in line 2 and 3. The drive is running Win 98. I can access the drive through DOS and run DIR and see all the files intact. I would like to recover his address book for Outlook Express. When trying to boot with windows I get an error that reads, "Can Not Find QR System Save Drive". I don't need to save this computer or drive, I just would like to retrieve some info. All help would be appreciated

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Okay, my harddrive in my laptop is corrupt. So I have got it plugged in to my desktop pc at the moment. I used GetDataBack to try and recover all my files. It found then all, and can play/open all of them. But when I try to copy, nothing happens.

Does anyone know of a free (or under $15-ish) hard drive data recovery program that works? Also, my hard drive is NTFS.

Thanks in advance.

A:Hard Drive Data Recovery

Some people have had luck with PC Inspector page:
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Hello everyone!

My brother accidentally hit his LENOVO laptop and it won't boot anymore with "unmountable_boot_volume" error showing.

I have tried connecting the damaged harddrive to my computer using 2.5'' enclosure for SATA harddrives. My computer was able to see the hard drive but wouldn't let open it, saying there was an input/output error.

I have also tried using chkdsk, but not to avail - chkdsk said it cannot get direct access to the drive.

Is there anything I can do myself besides taking the drive to a data recovery service?

A:Please help with hard drive data recovery

see this to get your DATA off the drive.
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Help. Can I recover the data on my hard drive which is in a desktop PC that died last week? Take the HD out, hook it up somehow, move the data to a backup or portable HD?
Thanks from Pacejo

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My OS became corrupt but my hard drive is still good, obviously i cant access the hard drive to save the files elsewhere, anyone know a way to take the info off the hard drive when i cant access windows

Note: this is what i get when you don't backup important data.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



A:Data recovery from hard drive

Is this a laptop or a desktop?

If it's a desktop remove the hd and place it in another desktop as a slave. Transfer the data to either that machine's hd or a cd.


You can try to repair the op system and hope you don't destroy the data while attempting it.
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My son spilled milk all over one of my laptops, which basically killed it.  I opened up the laptop and dried everything off, but It just will not boot at all.  Fortunately, however, the Hard Drive actually survived and still works.
I connected the hard drive as an external drive on my other laptop using a USB adaptor, and can open the drive in Windows Explorer.  However, when I try to navigate to my Users folder, I get an error dialog box that says the folder "is not accessible.  Access is denied."
Does anyone know how I can get passed this so I can retrieve my data before I reformat the drive?
Thank you

A:Hard Drive Data Recovery - PLEASE HELP

Hi jamespeck
Please try this links
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I have a USB maddog external drive enclosure with an IDE maxtor drive in it. I have used it to transfer files. The device will not access my files. This morning I turnned it on and it only show half of my files so I turned it off & rebooted. Now I can get any of my files. It gives the error "E not accessable" "File or dir is corrupt or unreadable". Is there a way I can recover data & files? The drive is used on a home & work computer.

Thank you,

A:Data recovery for USB drive crash? Help?

first thing to try would be to plug it into your computer internally, if that fails then there are some companies who might be able to assist you, but that can cost a fair bit of money, other than that, i would think the data is lost
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I m trying to recover data from a friend s hard drive that suddenly failed to boot It s a Samsung SATA Hard drive recovery data I ve got it connected directly Hard drive data recovery to the motherboard of my computer as a slave It is seen in the Hard drive data recovery BIOS Device Manager and Disk Management but not in Windows Explorer The drive spins and doesn t make any unusual noises I tested it with HDTune the SMART data is all OK and a quick sector scan showed no bad clusters I ve tried Spinrite computer froze O amp O Format and Recovery Scan started then computer froze A couple of other recovery apps froze too and some just didn t see the drive GetDataBack found a few things but not much and couldn t recover Trial version I installed Ubuntu on an attached drive it couldn t see the drive So I m about ready to throw in the towel but thought I d run it by the gurus at TSG first Is it possible that password protection on the drive limits what can be seen recovered or do the recovery apps look beyond that Anything I ve missed here Thank you in advance nbsp

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BTW if this is in the wrong forum then please tell me and then move as appropriate Thanks Yesterday I was trying to put my Packard Bell iMedia running Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack to sleep and I got a blue screen with the following error codes STOP x x x C A xC x Following that I could not boot in any mode further than the Microsoft Windows XP loading screen at which point the same blue screen was displayed Today I decided to go ahead with a Packard Bell Partial Recovery which allows you to retain your data At first the System Restore on the first screen and Partial Recovery on the second screen options were greyed out and then Bell recovery Data following Packard partial recovery System Restore randomly became available so I tried that got an error message clicked quot OK quot the first time and closed it the second time and both times it restarted Then Partial Recovery was suddenly available So I went ahead with that and when it came to the screen where it asked me what user I wanted to retain the only option was quot No Profile quot Thinking that my data would still be in the place the instructions said it would be C documents and settings Chosen user name I went ahead with quot No Profile quot The recovery ran and the computer restarted and Windows started up again as if it was the first time I'd ran the computer So I created the two user accounts that had previously existed and then logged in with mine Among other messages due to the computer thinking it was new again a Data recovery following Packard Bell partial recovery Packard Bell window came up telling me that Data recovery following Packard Bell partial recovery the recovery had succeeded and my data was in quot C documents and settings Chosen user name quot It wasn't there And it's not there for the other account for Default User for All Users or for Shared Documents There is however about GB of the hard drive being used up by something and I don't know what So after all that I really have two questions Is my data still on the computer Data recovery following Packard Bell partial recovery If so can I recover it I'm on an old Compaq with Windows ME right now BTW I was able to hook it up to my monitor and get an internet connection It's just as well I had it

A:Data recovery following Packard Bell partial recovery

clarification - does your documents and settings folder only shows your new accounts?

do you have two window folders? Try a windows search for your old profile folder and see what it comes up with.
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I have a friend who dropped a laptop and the drive is dead. She brought it to a data recovery place and they want to charge her $1,300 to recover the data--she is interested primarily in about 1700 Itunes downloaded. Seems to me that she could re-download the Itunes, can't she?

Also, if she does have to have data recovery, is there a place anyone knows for a more reasonable price?

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Welcome all - this is my first post on Hard-drive Through Possible? Enclosure: USB Data Recovery this forum Here s my situation my desktop computer has died but its SATA hard-drive still functions correctly I have a suitable hard drive enclosure so I thought I would simply be able to slide the hard drive in and copy the data from it onto my notebook or any other computer for that matter via USB The notebook sees the drive Data Recovery Through USB Hard-drive Enclosure: Possible? and thinks it functions correctly but it does not appear in the quot My Computer quot list of drives The only way I can find it is by doing the following right-click on quot My Computer quot gt manage gt hard drives and there it is listed as quot unknown quot I have the option to format the drive but that s not what I want I wonder whether there is any way to make my notebook read the data that is already on the drive Both computers run Windows XP Service Pack the Notebook is a Toshiba Satellite I don t know what other information is Data Recovery Through USB Hard-drive Enclosure: Possible? relevant to the issue but I will happily provide whatever you think could be helpful nbsp
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So I posted earlier about how I forgot the password of please on data drive: an hard external recovery help my Western Digital MyBook Essentail harddrive I gave up and pursued another option Data recovery I read that basically when data gets deleted it just loses it s tag so it can be replaced by something else Therefore if you delete your data data recovery on an external hard drive: please help but never read write on the drive you should be able to recover many all the files you lost If you enter the password wrong times data recovery on an external hard drive: please help on the Smartware that comes with the MyBook it gives you the option data recovery on an external hard drive: please help to erase your drive losing all your data but enabling you to access the drive again It wipes it basically I also think it reformatted it too as it used to be in what Macintosh calls it quot ms dos quot format or something probably fat right It was in a format so it could be read writable on both macs and pc s So I took the risk and went for it I erased the drive after typing in what i wished was my password but wasn t times Now I am trying to find software that I might be able to use to fix this predicament I m in At the moment I am going to go to bed and leave test disk running It s quick scan only found two partitions some efs thing that I didn t recognize and mac hfs I think I watched on youtube this guy demo d test disk and the name of his partition showed up too I named my harddrive yonbanme I didn t see anything like that pop up now the harddrive s name is reset to WD or something it s model number Any advice is greatly appreciated but I have this lingering feeling that something is off I ve been using software here and there and none of them seem to be able to locate my old files Am I naive in thinking that as long as I do not write any more data to the external harddrive I still should be able to recover my files nbsp

A:data recovery on an external hard drive: please help

Sometimes you can recover data and sometimes you cannot. You are correct in that when you do a normal delete, you are really just removing the references to the file in the MFT or if fat32, the FAT.

Since it did format, and there was some type of security, it may have done a secure type of format or erase of the data. It may still be possible to recover data however it is most likely going to have to go to a data recovery shop. Prices for this are NOT cheap. Here a very basic data recovery costs $100 plus whatever media it used to copy the data. Prices go way up from there.

It does you little good now however we have a saying; "Data you do not have at least two copies of is data you do not care about" With an image backup of the data files, this would be a no brainer to fix. New drive and restore the data; done.

You have learned a valuable lesson regarding backups; hopefully it did not cost you too much data.
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just for curiosity I have had a few hard drives dismanteled, I wanted to see what is actually in them and how they work, so I am familiar with taking them apart and then putting them back together, and they still worked, but that was all original parts that I took out and put back in.
would it ever be possible to take apart a bad drive change out the disk to another similar drive and recover the data from it, or is this an impossible task?
if this would be impossible, what can I do to retrieve data from a drive that has pretty much died?

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Hi all My problem started a few days ago for no apparent reason When I switch on drive data hard recovery from corrupt my PC it seems to be loading windows XP as usual but before data recovery from corrupt hard drive I get to the login page it keeps rebooting i e never gets beyond a certain point I have therefore installed Windows XP home on another data recovery from corrupt hard drive hard drive and here I am I have now attached the faulty disk as a slave This drive is completely unreadable and I have not been able to access it at all Therefore I have not written anything or read anything off this drive As most of my important files are on this drive amp my last backup was over months ago I am desperate to recover this data Could someone tell me if there are any good on-line tools that I could use to recover my files I don t my spending a bit on this as I am very desperate and want a good recovery tool Thanks as usual for your support Regards Harsha nbsp

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A couple months back my system crashed. I was told to back up the comp using the Recovery drive on Vista. Did that, now my question is.."How do I get the data FROM the Recovery drive. Tried to contact Gateway...They were no help. I am only concerned about the photos that are "Hopefully" on the recovery drive.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Recovering data after using Recovery drive in Vista

go to your start menu and click on my computer and look for your D drive, that is your recovery drive.
to get your photos just right click on the D drive and open and you will find your files and pictures there in the recovery folder.
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The problem I am having is with the following hard drive DiamondMax Plus GB ATA HDD This is in an enclosure as Hard Drive not Need up: data showing recovery an external hard drive I removed it from the Hard Drive not showing up: Need data recovery case and hooked it to my USB to IDE adapter When the HDD first comes on Hard Drive not showing up: Need data recovery it clicks and is not recognized by my computer as being connected via USB I understand that clicking is not good and means the HDD is dead or dying When the clicking finally stopped Windows Explorer recognized it as being connected However the properties of the hard drive show all blue no free space Plus it is indicating that the HDD needs formatting This HDD was used to store photos and video and had to have been formatted in order to do this of course I ran a CHKDSK r and SFC scannow but nothing improved and I truly don t remember if any errors were found as a result of the scans Any suggestions as how to retrieve the data off this HDD or how to bring back the format without erasing the entire disk Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you nbsp

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error on bootup of laptop is 'media card test failed' 2nd error pops up "operating system not found"

CompUSA says - hard drive failure. Hard drive is just over a year old.

Wondering if there is anyway to recover data off of the drive.

Thanks -


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Hello, my laptop would no longer boot. I brought it to a local place and they recommended replacing the HD, so I did. At home, I used a 2.5-Inch to 3.5-Inch Notebook Drive Adapter to hook up the bad drive to an external usb drive. I think I may have not connected it correctly (not matching pin 1 appropriately). So I think I fried the drive. Is there any hope for data recovery, any other options?

HD 30 GB hitachi

A:Possible fried hard drive, data recovery

all i can say is try it on another computer, as its nearly impossible to fry it by connecting it, unless you go at an angle, and that would be a it should be fine. get a few big blank cds (atleast 5gb each) and manually copy the files......thats all i can think of.
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My desktop is a Dell XPS that possible? drive?? recovery Dead Is hard data is months old Yesterday it freaked out According to my daughter she left it for a few minutes and when she came back the screen had gone black and there was a white error message on it unforunately she did not write down the error message but she turned the unit off and tried to restart it At Dead hard drive?? Is data recovery possible? first it would go to the screen after the Dell splash Bios But after a few starts it wouldn t even go there I ran a diagnostic on it from the F option and I got several errors all of them attached to the message that the IDE device failed I am assuming that my hard drive is gone I have several questions Is it possible that I am wrong I can not get it to do anything other than the F option no F no F I did clean the inside of my tower and that did not help either My huband has over songs on that drive all downloaded from reputable sites the pay ones like Walmart Rhapsody and Amazon is there anyway to recover these so all he has to do is get them re-licensed instead of having to buy them all over again I am assuming that I need to buy a new hard drive but which one is best I guess I just seriously need help This is very depressing nbsp

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Hello, my hard drive recently became partially corrupted, so I'm trying to copy the data to another one to see what I can salvage, but when I try to access the hard drive it says "access denied" I tried changing the permissions but I really have no idea what to do here

A:[SOLVED] Hard drive data recovery

Take ownership of the drive or folder.
If you are having problems accessing a corrupted drive, try recovering your files with the free TestDisk Program, I have had the best luck with GetDataBack. You will need another drive of the same size or larger to restore your files to.,
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I have a notebook computer with a failing hard drive. I just got a new hard drive of the same capacity to replace it. I intend to sell the computer, so I want to copy the recovery data to the new hard drive so that I can have an authentic copy of Windows. Is there a way I can go about doing this?

I do have the tools to access the new internal hard drive via USB.

Image shows new internal hard drive (F:\) connected via USB using SATA to USB adapter.

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This is my first post on here, so please be gentle!

I am using Win XP Pro and have a couple of 2.5" SATA laptop hard drives that I need to get the data off. I am connecting the drives via an external USB adapter and can see the hard drives (connecting them one at a time) in the device manager and in disk management. However, wheras I can access my "C" drive from disk management, I cannot access the new drive - all the icons are blank.

I'm really stumped as I've never had this problem on an IDE hard drive

Any help would really, really be appreciated - I have looked for answers on this forum for Viruses, etc. and its always been 100% accurate and helpful


(one confused computer user)!

A:Data Recovery From A Sata Hard Drive

Try assigning a letter to the drive.Right-click the drive and then click Change Drive Letter and Paths. Click Add. Click Assign the following drive letter if it is not already selected, and then either accept the default drive letter or click the drive letter that you want to use. Click OK.How to change drive letter assignments in Windows XP
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I have sent out my old Firelite to Flash Fixers to have my files recovered,which they did for me and transfered the files to a new Firelite. Anyway if I have a problem with my Firelite, can I bring my Firelite to an Apple Store in my area and see if they do File recovery,if anynody has their files recovered how much do they charge.

A:Fireltie USB Hard Drive Data Recovery

If anything goes wrong with one of my Firelites, I'll just take the drive out of the enclosure and either plug it internally into a PC with a 2.5" to 3.5" connector adapter cable; or fit it into another external USB enclosure.
If the drive itself isn't damaged (as opposed to the enclosure circuitry) this will make it readable right away.
If the drive IS damaged, it'll cost zillions to get the data professionally recovered.
The cheapest solution is to ensure that you ALWAYS have ALL the data on the Firelite backed-up to another device.
I do, even though my Firelites have been running fine for a couple of years at least with no glitches at all.
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How would I go about retrieving files from a busted amiga hard drive?

I tried taking it out of my A600 and putting it into my then newly-purchased A1200, but something wasn't right and neither the 1200 or the 600 would see it.

I'd like to see if i can salvage the files and use them on my PC with an emulator.

Can anyone help? Thanks!

A:Amiga hard drive data recovery...

If the drive itself is damaged, it makes it difficult or impossible to read data off the drive.

It's been a long time since I've touched an Amiga 1200/600. I still have my Amiga 3000 in this room. Oh well.. I remember when the high-priced A4000 came out and the A1200 - I knew C= royally screwed up big time. Yeah - $2000+ for a desktop and $600 for a key-board computer, when $600~1000 gets you a desktop-PC. Ouch. Oh well... memories.

Good luck - but if your A1200 can't read the drive - all is pretty much loss... and of course, PCs don't read Amiga formatted media.
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looks like my hard drive crashed... it was fairly new...western digital 7200 RPM 30GB drive.... accidentally dropped my printer on my computer, and computer froze, and restarted, bios wouldnt recognize the hard drive to be plugged in or anything .... now hard drive, doesnt make usualy spinning noise, but rather a slower clicking spinning noise ......

any way to recover the contents of the disk?

or any suggestions what i can do to try and get the hard drive to work?

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Hello, hope I come to the right place! Honestly, my Toshiba flash drive has been used for saving some videos, photos and files for several years. But, last night, I just formatted it by mistake and lost all my stored information. Honestly, I did have another copy of these files on my computer, but, some of the newly edited videos and several school documents have not been backed up yet. Is there any data recovery software that can help me take them all back? I did have searched a lot of the related problems over the internet and all of them recommend me to apply the related data recovery tools. But, I am not sure whether the related data recovery tool is really necessary? Do you have any similar experience? What am I supposed to do now? Thanks!
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Hi all I have a hard drive from an Acer laptop Win XP that died from a charging problem some years back and is in pieces I put the HDD in an enclosure and I see only one file in My Documents instead of what should be there and it says USBC with about three wingding type squares a little as in a squared and then another hard Acer recovery from an Data drive wingding type square I have a Ubuntu Dual boot with XP box I don't put XP on the net and I looked at it in Ubuntu and saw the Acer and the Acer Data recovery so when I looked in the acer partition I could see all the data normal individual flies and photos in My documents even though each file has a little pad lock on it I should have copied it all there and then but I went back to XP to try but as XP Data recovery from an Acer hard drive didn't recognise the USBC file it wouldn't I went back to Ubuntu and found I couldn't see the Acer partition only the Acer Data recovery partition I have searched the net to see if this USBC is a Data locking virus and couldn't find much In Ubuntu I ran a program that said one of the sectors and cylinders was wrong so in windows XP I ran Chkdsk and I think I have stuffed it up as I can now see the pertition in Ubuntu but there is just an unknown file with a padlock on it in My Documents and the file is too small My question is does anyone know if I can access the data in the Acer Data recovery partition even though it isn't in an Acer Laptop Thanks in advance for any advice

A:Data recovery from an Acer hard drive

In linux you might have to mount manually. Check if the system can read the drive/partitions. Running command....
sudo fdisk -lu
sudo blkid
sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/myfiles
cd /mnt/myfiles
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I have a failing hard drive but I can still access it when it is connected as an external USB drive (used to be the primary boot drive in a laptop) I want to copy as much of the data as possible from the "user" folder and sub folders. I select the folders I want to copy but the process fails with out any errors. Copying files sees to work but it would take a long time to rebuild the folder structure. Any ideas how to accomplish this and/or why copying folders fails (with not error messages)? Thanks!

A:Data recovery from failing hard drive

Try running a Disk Check

If this fails sometimes what will work is How to Check File System? Partition Wizard Video Help.. I'd also run Video help on how to perform partition surface test with Partition Wizard..

If you can't copy out the files via Explorer then try Copy & Paste - in Windows Recovery Console to another HD or flash stick.
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Hi all, first post.
I have a HP pavilion dv7 laptop that recently died, but comp tech says hard drive should still be good. HPs black screen of death is what happened...I'm past trying to fix it, and bought a new ASUS laptop.
I removed the hard drive from the HP, hooked up the sata cable n power supply a d tgen into the USB port. When I do this, it immediately displays an error message "unknown address" and I cannot get into the hard drive. I'm lost now and can't figure out what to do. Driver is up to date, did a few things that I found online like updating driver, disable/enable through devmgmt, n some others....
The hard drive I removed from the HP was running Windows 7 and my new ASUS is running Windows 10.


A:Hard drive data recovery failing

Hey, Ben! What exactly do you have this hard drive plugged into? I'm a bit confused on that part. Is it an external enclosure or a dock? Or something else? The new laptop is displaying the message about "unknown address?" Is it a particular software that you're running showing that?
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My wife s Dell desktop of years unexpectedly crashed this evening From a similar experience with my old laptop I know you can possibly extract data on the hard drive by turning it into a quot slave quot drive and hooking it up to another out Swap Drive data for Hard recovery computer and then copy the files over to the working computer From what I have read online even though I cannot boot the hard drive the rest of teh data should still be accessible I did not hear any noises coming from the drive before its demise nor do I hear any loose parts now I heard both on old laptop Swap out Hard Drive for data recovery drive and could not recover anything from it with the help of a tech - Thsi is where I learned the procedure initially I have already removed the hard drive Swap out Hard Drive for data recovery from the non working desktop and have placed it in a plastic bag for safe keeping I have read that you can put the drive in a hard drive enclosure and then hook that up to a computer but we were looking to get an extenral drive of some sort anyway so I d like to just use that My question is can I buy an external hard drive and then swap out the insides putting my old drive in the new enclosure and then hook that up to the computer I would really like a portable drive vs an external drive so can I use that or do I need to buy an external Or buy a portable drive for the future and an enclosure for the data transfer - this seems like a waste as after taking everything off the drive do I want to rely on that for storage since its yrs old I don t know how long a drive lasts for but the computer has been moved a few times and we live in the humid NE part of the country which I know affects things I appreciate any insight into this nbsp

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I see a lot of existing threads on this topic so feel kind of guilty for starting a new one but I didn t find an exact match to my situation yet My desktop running Question Recovery Hard Data Drive XP Home Edition stopped booting up yesterday so I suspect some data is corrupted or the drive is in the process of failing or both Hard Drive Data Recovery Question I put the HD as slave into another desktop we hav also running XP home I seem to be able to access most of the drive except for what I m really after I can t get Hard Drive Data Recovery Question into my documents it says access denied I go to Documents and Settings folder then try to go into my personal folder and that is where I get the Access Denied message Could this be because there is some corruption in these files or could it be because I have a login password when we first boot up the machine just the standard administratory password Should I stop everything I m doing and go for help I m backed up until mid-July so it is really just family photos and movie clips off my camera and some misc documents since mid-July but there have been a lot precious photos since then By the way I didn t create restore CD s for this PC but it has a partition with recovery on it One of the options is a non-destructive recover If all else fails should I try that Thanks nbsp

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Hi all Yesterday my clients laptop HDD became corrupt and unreadable Unable to boot to Windows or recognise disk through recovery drive data Laptop hard WinXP re-install process I replaced the HDD and software re-built his laptop All went well My problem is that of course he has alot of data on the old HDD and did not have a back-up in place I have a USB - IDE tool that I connect the old HDD up to my laptop with and WinXP does recognise the disk but when you try to access the disk it says the file table is corrupt or unreadable chkdsk returns a message saying master file table is corrupt and it does not run the chkdsk after that The disk is in trouble I know but it is not making any strange noises and My PC Laptop hard drive data recovery picks it up straight away so there is a chance I may be able to salvage some data from it somehow Any ideas or programs would be appreciated Cheers grinthumb nbsp

A:Laptop hard drive data recovery


Look at this guide:
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My laptop stopped booting in either safe/command or normal mode. it keeps shutting down after first Windows logo screen(animated block moving from left to right) and keeps repeating...

So to recover data i took drive out and connected as via adapter to USB port. Now when i open it it says 'drive not formmated'. So used EASEUS - it went though and pulled about 25GB data but all are in 'SWF' and 'GZ' format. nothing else.

Can someone guide me what can i do to either fix or recover data?

Thank you,

A:2.5" SATA drive - data recovery

Hi, i think you should download Hiren use Acronis its better at restoring partitions...

Hope that helps
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DiskGetor data recovery free : 1, Increased ability of undeletion; 2, Recover system destroyed files and recover deleted ( word, excel ,photo,dwg ,cad,office ppt etc important data) files names perfectly which were erased in Recycle Bin ; recovered files will add right file extensions automatically, if they were in sub-folders before, DiskGetor will recover all these folders as well, Recover encrypted and hidden folders
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Can anyone recommend a good data recovery program for an ATA hard drive?

A:Hard drive data recovery program.

Hi, I lost 120GB last months and I recovered with this software:

GetDataBack for NTFS


GetDataBack for FAT

It is the Best!
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I bought recovery external Comcast drive Data from this drive years ago or rather I received as a gift details aside the thing broke and I m having one tiny issue before I can install its guts and save the remainder Data recovery from Comcast external drive of my data Data recovery from Comcast external drive I ve read similar issues on other forums with what is more than likely the same product and found a few conspicuous details It s a Tb drive made up of two Gb WD HD s installed in a Raid format The Primary Master within the case is in a continuous start-up cycle I E Spin up click twice reset so assuming I can get the freezer trick to work long enough I should be able to clean it no problem The problem I DO have is pretty pathetic by comparison I checked the BIOS and the broken drive is recognized as PM while my actual main drive is only M Could this be preventing Windows from normal start-up If so how do I Change the M S setting on a Sata drive so the broken drive is recognized as a slave instead and how do I Change the setting on my main Sata drive to read Primary Master rather than rd Master The second drive is a non-issue it seems as it s recovering fine as I type this but I May have to recover them simultaneously as a virtual Raid if the data is split in some f d way as well Either way only the one drive is giving me problems at the moment nbsp
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Hi I have been using a Kingston gb data traveler to store work however as I was saving my word document to go home Word crashed and restarted itself it did not however bring up any autorecover options I therefore thought everything was ok and pulled out the USB When I tried to plug this in again it says USB device not recognized This device may have malfunctioned etc It then proceeds to install the USB as an unknown recovery? unrecognised Traveller USB - data Data device and appear like this in the device manager I desperately need to recover this data I was designing a Data Traveller USB unrecognised - data recovery? website and had pages of text on the USB stick What I ve Tried Plugging the USB in another machine This bought up exactly the same error Downloading a Data Doctor Recovery Pen Data Traveller USB unrecognised - data recovery? Drive tool This however did not recognise a USB as being in the system and thus did not work Is there anything I can do to rescue this data P s I use Vista -bit Business nbsp
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I have a 300gb Maxtor Drive partitioned into 4 drives...the OS on the hd was Windows Vista...While i was reinstalling XP i accidently formatted the whole drive because it didnt show the rest of the partitions on the the time i realized what i just did it was already 5% i decided to stop it by turning off my computer...

i was wondering if the data (music, files, pictures, etc etc) is still recoverable...if so, what are the necessary steps that i should take to recover friend sent me OnTrack 6.3 EasyRecovery Pro and i went out and bought Search and Recover 4...should i do a clean format on the drive and then run a data recovery software or should i run the software with the drive being 5% formatted...

if someone can lead me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate it...thanks


A:Data Recovery Lost Data from format

Don't know of any freeware ...
But I know someone who has recovered all of his data from a formatted drive using ..

I know he tried some others ... but this one worked.
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I have a 300gb Maxtor Drive partitioned into 4 drives...the OS on the hd was Windows Vista...While i was reinstalling XP i accidently formatted the whole drive because it didnt show the rest of the partitions on the the time i realized what i just did it was already 5% i decided to stop it by turning off my computer...

i was wondering if the data (music, files, pictures, etc etc) is still recoverable...if so, what are the necessary steps that i should take to recover friend sent me OnTrack 6.3 EasyRecovery Pro and i went out and bought Search and Recover 4...should i do a clean format on the drive and then run a data recovery software or should i run the software with the drive being 5% formatted...

if someone can lead me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate it...thanks


A:Data Recovery Lost Data from format

Closing duplicate, please reply here:

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I have a 300gb Maxtor Drive partitioned into 4 drives...the OS on the hd was Windows Vista...While i was reinstalling XP i accidently formatted the whole drive because it didnt show the rest of the partitions on the the time i realized what i just did it was already 5% i decided to stop it by turning off my computer...

i was wondering if the data (music, files, pictures, etc etc) is still recoverable...if so, what are the necessary steps that i should take to recover friend sent me OnTrack 6.3 EasyRecovery Pro and i went out and bought Search and Recover 4...should i do a clean format on the drive and then run a data recovery software or should i run the software with the drive being 5% formatted...

if someone can lead me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate it...thanks


A:Data Recovery Lost Data from format

Please do not post duplicates. With patience, you should get a reply to your post within 24 hours.
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Alright my hard drive had been having some issues as of late I deal a lot with large files on my computer Slaving data recovery hard problems for drive a from school things like my animation homework my music videos me and my friends make even some pretty Slaving a hard drive for data recovery problems cool lookin light saber fights the works The hard drive Slaving a hard drive for data recovery problems started making a weird clicking noise and would lose performance some times I had to restore God knows how many times because it would drop registry files or just stay with a black screen for over an hour I finally got fed up with it when it lost the System file and couldn t load windows last night so I got a hold of one of my dad s spares loaded up XP Pro and went to slave the old drive to get the data off of it the old drive was gigs but it s showing it only around and will only ask me if i want to format it when I click on it Not sure if it helps but the sequence of events were as follows Take out old HD Replace with new HD Set old HD to slave hook everything up Boot up computer Format new HD and Install Windows XP Run windows XP click on D drive and get message asking if i want to format the gig actually gig HD Was I supposed to wait until after I installed windows to install the Slaved drive or what what am I missing here If you have any ideas please send em my way I hate to start all over again nbsp

A:Slaving a hard drive for data recovery problems

Usually a clicking noise will mean a hardware failure. When it asks you to format the drive that points to a failure of the read/write heads. Running software on it isn't going to work and unless you have a clean room you aren't going to be able to recover the data yourself. Take it to a data recovery professional and they will perform a free diagnostic on the drive. That way you will know just how serious it is. I've had good experiences with a place called CBL data recovery. Good luck. JT.
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Hi there I need some assistance to determine if I have any options left Long story short an Iomega home media network hard drive lost some data that was needed badly Not NAS drive data issues. hard recovery/format help sure if this was deleted by someone or the drive corrupted The web gui has no NAS hard drive issues. data recovery/format help recovery options and the data wasn t backed up Took the HDD out of the enclosure and used a SATA to USB connector to attach to a computer locally Computer says it needs to be formatted and wouldn t give it a drive letter In disk manager it NAS hard drive issues. data recovery/format help showed as a RAW file format even though it s still usable when in enclosure and on network maybe the linux os that runs it can access the raw format anyway I have never recovered raw before and I understand it isn t nice file names are generally not recoverable I tried a few programs like easeus data recovery and had no luck One program saw files and recovered them by type but each file wouldn t load and acted corrupt like word files opened with squares for all of the content and pictures would not open etc Do I have any options I was thinking about formatting the file system to NTFS and then trying an NTFS recovery program but would this even work at all or would formatting just overwrite sectors where the missing files are and recovering wouldn t work because it s now a new filesystem I m guessing it was raw to start with since it still works normally I don t think it corrupted and switched file formats but iomega doesn t seem to give me a hint on this anyway no file system format info NAS hard drive issues. data recovery/format help Help Please and thank you nbsp

A:NAS hard drive issues. data recovery/format help

No, don't format. Don't do anything to the drive that could possibly overwrite your files.

If a Linux-based OS was managing it, do you know what file system it used to format that drive?

You might want to actually inspect the drive from a Linux-based OS since it would appear to Windows to be unfoermatted even if it had a perfectly intact Ext3fs file system, for example. If you have it already connected to the machine, try a boot CD (or try a file-system driver and try it from Windows).

Parted Magic disk partitioning, PC repair, and file recovery tool (Bootable CD or USB image)
If you prefer a bootable USB key, download and run Linux Live USB Creator. Choose the Parted Magic distro, and it will download it and automatically create a bootable USB key.

This CD (or key) contains many useful tools. You can partition, recover files, recover lost partitions, make disk images (by several different methods), transfer files between media, scan for viruses (It can serve as an Alternative Trusted Platform for search and elimination of rootkits and bootkits), examine and benchmark hardware, access the internet, and much more.
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I bought SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery and I m ready to download and install the program Recovery Install Drive SysTools Hard Data The decision to make is on which drive should it be installed The company website says When you will click on Next you will be asked to select the destination location for installation of software By default the software will get installed on this location-C Program Files SysToolsHard Drive Data Recovery but if you wish then you can also select a different destination location by clicking on the Browse button The email sent with the Install SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery purchase instructs NOTE Please DO NOT select destination Install SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery drive folder as the source hard drive from which you are recovering data The data I use and want to restore is on Drive C That leaves Drive D which is marked Recovery No valuable documents on there to my knowledge Drive Install SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery E is for running DVDs but it seems a bit risky as DVDs can degrade over time Which way should I go nbsp

A:Install SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery

What exactly are you trying to recover and why?

Assuming they are simply files that were deleted on accident, the more you use the computer (especially as the files were on the C drive), the more likely the data has been/will be overwritten, and thus not recoverable. Windows and all Windows software (your browser for example), write temp files to the C drive all the time. Which means any files deleted from that drive, will quickly be partially or completely overwritten and not recoverable.

Even installing the recovery software on a different HDD (or in this case, drive D would appear to be a partition of a single HDD), will write files to the C drive.

In this instance, as soon as it was determined that file recovery was needed, the computer should have been shut down and the HDD removed. You then use a second computer with the recovery software, connect the HDD (internally, by USB adapter, or dock/external enclosure) and recover the data.
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Hi guys
Hope someone can help.
My external hard drive has suddenly stopped working.
My computer can see the drive (but not the drive label) and the shortcut I have for the drive will open it but when it does there is nothing there.
I have downloaded a few so called free data recovery pieces of software and they can all see the data on my drive with no problems, even stuff I'd previously deleted seems to be available for recovery, however, as soon as you try to recover the data these "free to use" tools need to be registered and paid for.
Is there any free/shareware tools that will get my drive working or at least that will recover the data onto an alternative drive.
Im ever so grateful for any advice offered (apart from back up your data cos I've learned that piece of advice the hard way!!!)

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I have a Dell Dimension that is less than a year old Last week I got the error quot Unmountable Boot Volume quot and after calling Dell tech support I was told my hard drive was options? Dead Drive: Data Dell recovery dead A Dell tech came and put a new hard drive in my computer Monday and left the old hard drive with me so I could attempt some kind of data recovery I have limited time to keep the odl hard drive before I Dead Dell Drive: Data recovery options? have to send it to Dell but could ask for an extension if needed Some questions please note I m very much a novice What exactly are my options A Dell tech suggested places that do data recovery such as quot Drive Savers quot drivesavers com or Best Buy unlimited recovery Are there any other options for recovery again I m a novice The hard drive I want to recover files from is GB I m not sure how much of that I want to recover If I give the hard drive to a data recovery place how will I be able to tell them which files I want to recover Do I have to remember everything I want them to look for and recover or will they somehow be able to provide me with a list of data that can Dead Dell Drive: Data recovery options? be recovered Thank you in advance for any help and advice you can offer Colin Harrisburg Pennsylvania nbsp

A:Dead Dell Drive: Data recovery options?

You can try the freezer test first. Put the hard drive in a ziplock bag with the air out of the bag and put it in your freezer for an hour or two,then reinstall it as a slave to your new hard drive and quickly try to get your data. I works sometimes but if not you may have to spend big bucks to a data recovery company if it is that important to you.
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Hi The drive Data crashed still but there. help needed- recovery files other Data recovery help needed- drive crashed but files still there. day our computer crashed not sure why how though the tech guy we just paid to fix it said we could not access any of the old files cos they are all gone corrupt and gave us a CD of what he could get it was a few files that were basically nothing though today using a demo of RestorerPro v all old files seem to be there an accessible family photos uni assignments all the rest are able to be previewed using the software though it is a demo and will not restore them I am wondering if anyone can recommend some freeware that does as good a job as RestorerPRO as I am a student and just forked out for this to be fixed though it apparently wasn t and the guy wants another to go in and restore the files but if restorer pro can do it for i ll just do that but if there is a cheaper free option PLEASE let me know my budget begs you Thanks any help will be greatly appreciated Shane nbsp

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Hi all I have a Lenovo my data? do i hard losing recovery without How a drive do Windows Thinkpad E with Windows pre installed by reseller instead of the windows pro and since today i can no longer access windows I boot and it goes to black screen with flashing cursor in top left hand corner My How do i do a Windows recovery without losing my hard drive data? first thought was to tap F and go to advanced start up How do i do a Windows recovery without losing my hard drive data? and select safe mode How do i do a Windows recovery without losing my hard drive data? however it seems this function is no longer available I assume this is because the system was originally built for windows pro So my first question is is there a way to access ASO via a cold reboot I have spoken to customer services and Lenovo and they said it may be hard drive issue I explained i had ran diagnostic test and that came back passed and clear he then said it sounds like a major corruption of the OS His solution is to send me Windows recovery discs and reload win and then downgrad to WIn again if thats what i prefer To be fair i just want a working computer My second question is Can i do a Win recovery on the Win system and keep all the existing data on my Hard drive Looking at the recovery process it would wipe my hard drive Unfortunately this is my bosses computer and he hasnt done a back up of his files massive school boy error on his part Any advice help you can offer will be greatly appreciated Thanks Rich

A:How do i do a Windows recovery without losing my hard drive data?

So my first question is, is there a way to access ASO via a cold reboot?

Not all computers work the same, what is ASO? It's always best to spell out a name at the first mention then use the acronym for it later on so folks know what it means.

No, the process will usually not save any data. Two choices come to mind, one is to boot to a Linux LiveCD or LiveDVD and try to copy the data to a USB device and the other is to pull the HDD, put it in a USB HDD Case and plug into a different computer to save the data.
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I accidently put my USB drive in the washer I first realized it was in the washer when I finally went to take out my clothes and put it in the dryer When I found the USB Drive in the washer I noticed the top cap of the USB was still attached After realizing that it was in the washer took the USB out Washed USB Machine Recovery Solved: for Drive - Data and wiped it down with a dry cloth Then I went to my laptop to plug it in As a result the laptop recognized it in addition the laptop also viewed all my of files on the disk however the USB drive kept dismounting every few seconds By the way my USB Drive is made by Kingston My question to you is what do I do from here Would data Solved: Data Recovery - for Machine Washed USB Drive recover help me I am planning Solved: Data Recovery - for Machine Washed USB Drive to learn a little Solved: Data Recovery - for Machine Washed USB Drive data recover myself I just do not know where to start So far I have put the USB Drive in a dry container filled with dry rice uncooked rice I found out about this idea online earlier I plan to leave it there about four days and then figure out what else to do next nbsp

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I want to recover if possible, not only my emails, documents, videos, and photos. I also want to recover my browser bookmarks, tabs, and history, and my programs, particularly some shareware I have.

I have had a firm in California recommended to me.

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I just started using BitLocker on a Windows Computer and am confused about one specific aspect of recovering data drives I Question Encrypted Drive BitLocker Recovery Data have BitLocker Encrypted Data Drive Recovery Question read through the tutorials on here but I can't BitLocker Encrypted Data Drive Recovery Question seem to find anywhere that explicitly states if this is possible or not From this link Regain access to a computer locked by BitLocker Drive Encryption I see the statement that quot To unlock the drive and regain access to your files you will need the BitLocker recovery password If you also encrypted data drives you will need to have access to the drive that Windows is installed on as well quot My question is if my OS drive dies will the data drives be recoverable with the password and or recovery key I am not currently in such a situation but I would like to prepare for all possibilities Since a TPM is needed to store the encryption keys on for the OS drive I just ordered one but have not encrypted my OS drive yet are the encryption keys for the data drives are stored on the OS drive itself and this is the issue Most of the things I find on Google when trying to search about this issue discuss recovering a data drive that is failing not a data drive that is in good health but does not have access to the system drive Can anyone say definitively if this is possible or do I need to be prepared to lose all data on data drives if my system drive crashes

A:BitLocker Encrypted Data Drive Recovery Question

Based upon what I have read, your data drives will be UNRECOVERABLE if your OS drive dies. I would consider setting up a RAID 5 array for your OS drive for redundancy, this way if one drive dies, all you have to do is replace it and the missing data pieces will be recreated.
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My old laptop is dead (will not start up -- it's either the mobo or CPU). I read in a previous forum post to buy an adaptor that converts your laptop hard drive to be able to connect to the desktop -- the link no longer works. So....

I found this connector from CompUSA -- will this work?


A:Dead Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery

That will work just fine.
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We were playing lan games and didnt want to share some folders. So i removed some of the permissions. A week later my motherboard crashed and my OS hard drive was IDE the new motherboard im getting is SATA only.

When removing the permissions on the folder on my secondary hard drive I by accedwntly made so only my profile can access the files.

This makes that i cant access the files from another computer. The backups i have is not complete.

Any help please?

A:secondary hard drive data recovery crisis.

So i guess there is no way of getting the data.
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Hi SevenForums First time posting here so thanks in advance for any help offered to this noob Have read over the tutorial thread started by Jumanji quot Windows Request external from guidance: data Recovery for of USB drive Regain a lost drive using Test Disk - An Illustrated Guide quot which was very informative and gave me hope that I might find Request for guidance: Recovery of data from external USB drive assistance here for the issue I've encountered Base issue HDD no longer showing data partition Listed as Disk in the Disk Management screenshot attached Suspected cause Loss of power to external HDD enclosure due to pet rabbit attacking power cable Have read that rabbits see wires as roots that are encroaching upon their warren and actively quot trim quot them as to keep the warren tidy Current status Have removed the drive from the external closure and have installed it as a standard HDD As you can see from the Disk Management screenshot attached the drive is recognized and shows up as quot Unallocated quot and quot Not Initialized quot Using Test Disk to attempt partition recovery see attached screenshot Currently in progress and showing some very cryptic output Has taken over hours to reach analysis complete Unsure of next steps please advise As I said thanks in advance for any suggestions Really appreciate the contributions on this site so far and will endeavor to update this with what works or does not work for me
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Ok, my brother had a few hundred images on Ares but they were shared, Ares just had them in the images folder. He deleted the files on Ares thinking they wouldn't get deleted on this whole computer, he was wrong. Now I'm trying to help him by finding the best data recovery. That's why I came to Neowin to see which program works the best and was reviewed the best by Neowinians.

First is it even possible to recover all of his pictures? I would like people to not throw out every program that they know of. I just want programs that you have had good experiences with.

Please help out my brother in his time of need

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I have recently had a malware attack, and a friend was able to access my hard drive and disinfect it. When I try to boot to this hard drive now, Windows gets me as far as my wallpaper, but no desktop functionality (no icons, taskbar, etc.). I have put this drive in another computer to try and scavenge data from it, but the data is password protected. Is there a way to either 1) do a Windows repair, or 2) get past this password when accessing this hard drive on another machine? I understand you can change a setting in the registry, but don't know how to change the registry when the drive is in another machine, or change it in my machine when I have no desktop functionality. I do appreciate your wisdom!


A:Data recovery on hard drive w/password protection

Exact error message, please?

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I finally got around to taking my computer to a professional after having it fail to boot The drive is dead He couldn t access it by any means So it looks like a data recovery service is my last option to actually pull the drive itself apart and physically make the data accessable and copy it I can find several online but have no idea of one over the other And with pricing done on a case by case basis according to thier sites all I can find is that these services are expensive I d like to have an idea of Dead Data drive. hard services. recovery what expensive is prior to contact some of these places Best I can find any discussion of is a low range of - and moving up from there Does anyone have any hard number ranges Anyone Dead hard drive. Data recovery services. have experience with or recommendations for any data recovery services I m not sure how much I m really willing to spend on this I hadn t been regularly backing up because I never considered most of my stuff to be very worthwhile I have most of my music on my iPod so I wasn t worried about losing most of that but I know there is some there Dead hard drive. Data recovery services. I will lose The real problem is that just about all Dead hard drive. Data recovery services. the pictures of my daughter for the last six months are on there And of course with a newborn I didn t have the time to setup a backup system or manually do it I wasn t sure what section this would best fit in If it should go elsewhere let me know As always thanks for any help I appreciate the time nbsp

A:Dead hard drive. Data recovery services.
I think there's a $50 evaluation fee but you're not charged further if they can't recover the data. Very good at what they do (employ both software and hardware recovery methodology-the cheaper ones usually only have software), not cheap but not outrageous either.
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Having looked at a few forums, it seems an update from Windows sometimes produces a fault where your PC is stuck in an infinate restart having shown updated 3 of 3 0%. I found trouble starting in safe mode and instead selected to go for a restore point, from here the drive was formatted and I have lost about 100gb of data. My question is if I use a data recovery program will I be able to restore all my emails, documents, photos, music and software etc and replace them onto the hard drive. The PC came with MS Office already on it so I cannot reinstall the that or any of the other usefull programs as I do not have the serial numbers. I have been looking at Ease Us and this is doing a search at the moment has found 140,000 files in 2 hours, feels like it may be opening a massive can of worms trying to replace and restore everything.

A:Formated hard drive, Data Recovery problem

The more that you use the hard drive, the more likely that the data will be overwritten (and unrecoverable by normal means).

I'd recommend the utilities from Data Recovery Software - Hard Drive Recovery - RAID Recovery - Runtime Software They are free to run and see what you can recover - but it'll cost you about $80 US to actually do the recovery.

Data recovery is just that - data. If you're trying to recover programs that'll be much more difficult. I'd suggest contacting the system manufacturer for a set of recovery disks that contain the original software.

Then you're faced with determining if the data recovery was successful. In my case I recovered a deleted partition with an image of my hard drive - and the software reported that it was successful. But I wasn't able to restore the image.

Good luck!
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The Acer recovery manager will only let me make a recovery DVD drive and I want it on DVDs.
The selection to burn to DVDs is greyed out.
Is there a way to burn the data from the DVD drive to multiple DVDs.

A:Possibility of burning recovery data on DVD drive to DVDs

Quote: Originally Posted by philetus

The Acer recovery manager will only let me make a recovery DVD drive and I want it on DVDs.
The selection to burn to DVDs is greyed out.
Is there a way to burn the data from the DVD drive to multiple DVDs.


What exactly is a "recovery DVD drive"?

I know what DVDs are. I know what DVD drives are.

You say "burn the data from the DVD drive". More confusion. A DVD drive doesn't hold data. DVDs do.

What do you think you want to do?
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My son disc to create Drive me C format data recovery let Cannot is Cannot create data recovery disc to let me format C Drive running Windows Pro on a sad little Gb RAM PC GHz and of course it is somewhat underpowered and the PC is badly in need of a formatiing anyway Problem is I can t get to a Format command anywhere I can get into BIOS OK set the DVD as first boot option but when I save it F and then it reboots the screen always comes up with the quot Start Windows Normally quot option I can reach the quot boot from any CD DVD option but for some weird option the arrows on the keyboard will not alow me to move away from this latter choice yet the board works fins with everything else I can t get it to boot from the original Win CD Windows Vista or even Pro OS s so of course again cannot get to the format command I have created a System Recovery Disc but I am not sure how to use this disc but nonetheless cannot seem to find an option for formatting there anyway So how can I format this C Drive when Any help much appreciated nbsp

A:Cannot create data recovery disc to let me format C Drive

Formatting beforehand has not been needed since around 2000. It is part of the installation. Start the installation and all will be well.
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I have a disk with 2 partictions. Recently my system would not recognise either one of them. However I have got lucky and XP home is able to read from one of these 2 partitioned drives. However when copying some files from this drive I get message - Data error :Cyclic redundancy check. But this is only sometimes and I have been able to copy most of my data off this drive.

My big problem is that the second partition is unaccesible. Xp recognises this drive as as drive G: but it is unable to read it.

Just for info when booting I get a Master File Table error.

Can anyone recomend any software tools to recover my data. Would really really be a huge help.

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Hiya I managed to lose one of my HDD s with all my multimedia on it and have been trying unsuccessfully Pc Data File Recovery Inspector Recovery With to regain it with PCINSPECTOR The Data Recovery With Pc Inspector File Recovery HDD ISNT where my windows is installed and has become corrupted something happened with the partition and it went kablooey The problem i seem to be having with PCINSPECTOR is that it comes up with for example quot Cluster MP quot and it doesn t work Is it something wrong with how im using PCI or something like that I scan for drives Choose quot NONAME on FIXED DISK quot scan for logical drives and withing the first ten seconds it comes up with two partitions Choosing the second one i get these files and the first one nothing Scanning them for FAT So basically am i using quot PCI FR quot properly am i doing something wrong and or is there a cheap better alternative with results Patch Sorry guys bt i managed to fix this with the use of a different program Awesome program I m gonna plug it now quot R Studio quot well worth the investment My Multimedia was worth the odd
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I have a latop that seems to have an overheared motherboard.
I removed it's internal HDD and made it an external HDD of a laptop I bought to replace it.
My new Laptop sees the external HDD but I can not access the documents/pictures/programs, yet the laptop acknowledges the data.
I am running Windows XP on both but the original laptop requested a password for the user.
I am not sure where the problem is.
Any suggestions?

Regarding the overheating, the heatsink was blocked with a wad of LINT.
The laptop will not boot up and basically the led indicators slowly light up and then turn off when I try to boot up.
I am not sure of it is the power connection/fuse(?), something on the mother board, or chip. I did notice a few days before the final crunch that the graphics were distorted.


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Hello I mistakenly formatted a terabyte drive and wish to use Minitool Power Data to formatted Recovery using Data save Power Minitool drive Recovery to save the data onto another hard drive while preserving the original directory folder files structure The support page for this freeware is fairly clear on how to run the program and get to the point where LOST and RAW folders are displayed The LOST folder has many ROOT entries and the RAW folder has entries for many file types BMP GIF using Minitool Power Data Recovery to save formatted drive JPEG etc I have been able to save files and then access the data using Minitool Power Data Recovery to save formatted drive on the output drive many of the images seem a bit corrupted but many are OK If any of you folks have much experience using the Minitool Power Data Recovery using Minitool Power Data Recovery to save formatted drive software please help me out with this task Again I want to save the recovered data from the formatted drive onto the output drive so that there is the same directory tree is that the correct term Thanks ----HulaBear PS The files found by the Minitool total more than terabytes from a terabyte drive What s up with that