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Is it possible for SD card to be bootable?

Q: Is it possible for SD card to be bootable?

Is the process same as making USB drive bootable? SD Card is SD HC, not micro if it matters.

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Preferred Solution: Is it possible for SD card to be bootable?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Is it possible for SD card to be bootable?

If I am not mistaken, I do not believe you can boot off of SD cards. Even if you were able to, they are quite slow.
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anyone know if Macrium or other common/good backup/clone package can take an existing good bootable SD Card and clone it to a fresh one? do they need to be exact matches [brand/speed/size] or near-proxy?

A:How to Clone Bootable SD Card?

I just use copy paste from explorer - from 1 SD to another or from ISO image to SD card.

According to here if it is formatted mbr you might have to mark it active but I never have and they always boot fine.

Size doesn't matter as long as it fits.
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I know it's possible to Make a Bootable USB Key, but by that same Token, wouldn't it be Possible to make a Bootable Flash Card like a Micro SD 4 or 8 Gb since they also have USB Readers for them...?????

Just a Random Thought, figured I'd toss it out there and see who Bites... lol

A:Bootable Flash Card...???

Guess that question was truely out there... lol
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Because I'm short on SATA slots, I would like to be able to connect a SATA harddrive via a controller card, but the ones that I have will make the drive available to the OS, but not to Boot Priority in the BIOS. Actually, the drive doesn't appear in the regular BIOS screens at all, just on the additional RAID screens nor is it listed in the Device Manager, even though it does appear in Disk Management.

I currrently have 3 SATA controllers, beyond the main one that most of my harddrives are connected to...2 SIIG 3132 SoftRaid 5 controller (one of which is onboard), and a VIA VT6421 RAID card. What kind of controller card do I need to make it's harddrives bootable?

A:Bootable SATA Controller Card

You may have to enable a feature in the motherboards BIOS called Interrupt 19, or INT19.
this feature allows Add-on controller cards to be access by the BIOS and booted from.

That is what I needed to do on my older machines with Adaptec SCSI cards and my Promise SATA card.

Interrupt 19 Capture
Common Options : Enabled, Disabled
Quick Review
Interrupt 19 is the software interrupt that handles the boot disk function. It is typically handled by the motherboard BIOS although it can also be handled by the optional boot ROM BIOS in some IDE/SCSI host adaptors. When enabled, this BIOS feature allows the ROM BIOS of these host adaptors to "capture" Interrupt 19 during the boot process so that drives attached to these adaptors can function as bootable disks. In addition, it allows you to gain access to the host adaptor's ROM setup utility, if one is available.
When disabled, the ROM BIOS of these host adaptors will not be able to "capture" Interrupt 19. Therefore, you will not be able to boot operating systems from any bootable disks attached to these host adaptors. Nor will you be able to gain access to their ROM setup utilities.
If you use separate IDE/SCSI host adaptors, you should enable this BIOS feature if you wish to boot from any drive attached to your host adaptors. It will also allow you to gain access to any ROM-based setup utilities.
However, if you are not using any separate IDE/SCSI host adaptors, it's recommended that you disable this BIOS feature.
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I've had this idea for quite a time, I wanted to use bootable SD cards. Well, I've worked with a team of four to create this. Below is a download for the tool and a bit more information.
If you found this helpful, please let me know! Thank you.

This was made in Visual Studio 2010. Will run on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and hopefully 10.
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I have several windows 2003 servers on old server boards. Someone mentioned that I should preinstall a bootable SATA pci controller card into each server, then boot and install the drivers into the windows os. This way if the server board fails I can still boot from the controller. This does not make sense. Can somone expand on this alittle more please? Thanks for your reply.


A:Suggestion for a good bootable sata pci card

This might work for you:
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gang I have a question. is there any risk in preparing a SD Bootable image of Win 8 via using a common USB SD Card adapter/'reader' for the makeboot? Or should I move to a system that has a normal SD slot and prep it there?
just want to do this once, if possible... and have it work

A:Any issues in prepping bootable SD card via USB adapter??

I installed Win 8 from a bootable thumb drive. No problems at all.
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Hey there, I've got a Sony Vaio laptop, the DVD/RW drive doesn't work, and I don't have a USB stick, is it possible to take my ISO file, and create a bootable SD card (8GB) to do a clean custom install?

I really want it to just be a clean install, and not just by mounting the image and installing from there, any advice would be appreciated.

A:Making a bootable Windows 7 install disk on an SD card?

Even if it's possible to create a bootable SD card (I've never tried but I guess it would work the same as creating a bootable thumb drive), does your computer support the SD card slot as a boot option? I've never seen a computer that does but I guess some could exist.

Maybe you could buy/borrow an external DVD drive or purchase a 4G thumb drive (they can be found pretty cheaply nowadays).
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Hi there
I haven't tried this yet but maybe later this wek when I get some spare time.

If you have a phone with a separate micro sd card of large enough capacity could you install windows to go on it and then use this as a USB ext drive on a laptop to boot Windows to go. These cards are now available up to 32 GB which is PLENTY for a small W8 installation.

In theory it should work -- but I've never tried the approach with a micro sd card. The micro sd card appears as an exte drive to the laptop so if the laptop can boot from a usb drive then it should work similarly to a USB stick.

I can see the advantages to having a portable Windows OS on a smartphone internal memory card. (Note the Windows OS will be booted on to a laptop --not the smart phone itself).


A:Bootable Windows to go on internal micro sd card on smart phone !!

It won't work from a normal card since I am not aware of any bios that can boot from the integrated card reader.

Perhaps it can work if the card reader is attached to the system by USB, but even that is doubtful since the boot loader probably won't know how to look at the card reader as a device. This is certainly the way to try though, if any.
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I'm trying to create a bootable SD ram card using "TOSHIBA SD Memory Boot Utility".

I do not have a floppy drive so I use img/vfd image files created on another computer.
In both cases I get a window that say "TSDBOOT This is unsupported format", so what is unsupported, my img/vfd file or my SD ram card???

I have tried with 8MB and 256MB SD cards, both formatted using "TOSHIBA SD Memory Card Format".

NB: Before I begin using Partition Magic on the disk and install Linux, I would like to have a rescue floppy (using SD card instead of floppy to rescue boot WinXp).

A:Libretto U100: Creating a bootable SD ram card with Toshiba Boot Utility


I dint make much experiments but I presume that img/vfd file is not supported. Like you know the all newer units are delivered without floppy drive and you can use SD card for BIOS update or even to save the password.

Please check advanced search on this forum and you will find a few interesting discussions about similar theme.
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Hello sorry if the tittle sounds confusing What i am trying to do exactly is take my HD with my win os on it and plug it in to my raid card I currently have HD's on my raid card set to Raid I have another HD Bootable Trouble sata 1210 HD with Raid Card existing IDE ARCA making plugged into my MB sataport in IDE mode this drive has my win OS on it I want to take this drive and use it with my raid card When Trouble making ARCA 1210 Raid Card Bootable with existing sata IDE HD i plug it in to my Raid card I can set up the Raid set and Volume set via the Raid bios I also make this raid set boot-able via MB bios When i try to boot up windows i get the black Trouble making ARCA 1210 Raid Card Bootable with existing sata IDE HD screen asking to find a proper boot device Im not Trouble making ARCA 1210 Raid Card Bootable with existing sata IDE HD sure what i am doing wrong Im using a M A T-V EVO ASUS MB Am I missing a step Im kinda a noobie with raid ect I've self taught my self everything pc related with lots of help from forums just like this one This is my third pc build and everything has gone smooth except this Any and all help is most appreciated

A:Trouble making ARCA 1210 Raid Card Bootable with existing sata IDE HD

Quote: Originally Posted by reeseman

Hello sorry if the tittle sounds confusing ,
What i am trying to do exactly is take my HD with my win 7 os on it and plug it in to my raid card. I currently have 2 HD's on my raid card set to Raid 0 .I have another HD plugged into my MB sataport in IDE mode, this drive has my win 7 OS on it. I want to take this drive and use it with my raid card. When i plug it in to my Raid card I can set up the Raid set and Volume set via the Raid bios. I also make this raid set boot-able via MB bios. When i try to boot up windows i get the black screen asking to find a proper boot device. Im not sure what i am doing wrong. Im using a M4A88T-V EVO ASUS MB. Am I missing a step? Im kinda a noobie with raid ect. I've self taught my self everything pc related with lots of help from forums just like this one. This is my third pc build and everything has gone smooth except this. Any and all help is most appreciated .

I can still not get windows to boot when i plug my HDD into the raid card. Ive read the manual. One thing i may be having trouble with is in the MB bios ,i have no otion to make the raid card bootable.....but the drive does show up in the boot priorty options
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hey friends

i have a windows xp2 boot able cd.
recently i downloaded an executable of sp3 from the windows site..
around 6 months ago..

my friend told me a way to extract the boot file from the disc n copy it using nero to make a bootable sp3 cd. i had one but i lost it.
and now i dont remember how to do it again.

maybe you all could help.


P.S. Merry Christmas everyone!!

A:Solved: how to make a windows sp3 bootable cd from a xp2 bootable??

If you Google slipstreaming XP or similar you should be able to get the info you're after; sounds like what you want to do anyway.

Here's one result;
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I'm trying to do a fresh install of windows 7 onto an Crucial M4 SSD as the previousversion kept hanging atstartup, but the installation seems to hang and is very slow. So I want to restore my SSD back to factory settings and maybe this would help. Normally I would use partition magic but that's on a bootable flash drive and unfortunately this pc will not boot to usb. Is it possible to make the bootable flash drive into a bootable cd rom? cheers guys.

A:Can i make a bootable flash drive into a bootable cd rom?

if you have the files on the usb, you should be able to just copy them to the cd and it should boot. i say should because i have not done this. if you use a windows 7 system to do this, you should get the option to make the cd bootable when you burn it using windows.
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I'm looking for a freeware utility that Software bootable to cloning CDROM? for bootable USB will clone a bootable USB stick with special build Software for cloning bootable USB to bootable CDROM? of Slax with an inhouse developed program to a bootable CDROM There's plenty of information on how to go the opposite way from bootable CDROM to bootable USB but our company has several bootable sticks that we want to make into bootable CD's I'm looking specifically for freeware sourceforge type programs NOT shareware or paid software I tried copying the file structure from the USB stick which is formatted Fat to a CD and burning it but that CD won't boot I've also tried using a freeware app called USB image tool by Alexander Beug alex's coding playground to generate a img file of the bootable flash drive then used an app called cdrtfe portable by O Valencia cdrtfe - open source CD DVD burning program cdrtools Mode CDMaker VCDImager Frontend GUI using the bootable CD option and referencing the img file generated by USBimagetool I was able to burn a disc but it wouldn't boot I've looked through this article here Bart's way to create bootable CD-Roms for Windows Dos but all I'm wanting to do is create a bootable ISO clone of a flash drive that would also make a CD bootable and contain all the files therein Is such a process even possible Michael Lining Technical Support Bob Jones University

A:Software for cloning bootable USB to bootable CDROM?

My guess would be, start with a slax image from a site like this:
Slax: build

Load it into a tool that lets you add files to images. Add the files you need from the USB. Then use the image write command of the tool to create a new .iso. Burn the .iso.

I haven't done custom iso boot images in a bit. Even if I remember the image tool there's probably better ones out there now.
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I read the tutorial on building a Windows EFI USB stick from the Windows ISO. I want to build an EFI/USB from an ISO of a bootable third party application, which is not designed to boot from UEFI. First, I went through the steps in Diskpart. Then, I copied the files from the third party ISO to the USB stick. Screenshot 34 shows the objects listed from the third party ISO. The second screenshot (35) shows what I have on my Win 8.1 ISO. I tried to just copy the efi folder and bootmgr files from the Win 8 ISO, but my Win 8 system (a VM) didn't like that at all. Thanks!

A:Build bootable EFI USB from bootable third party ISO

You need to be using a bootable software app, which uses WinRE4x64 for Windows 8/8.1, not a bootable software app, which is using WinRE1x32 for Windows XP.
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I read all the messages about making sure the partition is botable However nothing was mentioned about changing a partition that has an existing OS working on it from not bootable to bootable I have two HDD with two partitions each One HDD has Windows on partition and storage on partition The other drive has Windows Pro on partition and Windows XP Home on partition When I set up my partitions with Western Digital s Data Lifeguard Tools the only partition that was made bootable was the one active partition with Windows The other three partitions are primary but non-bootable I use the Windows loader to access each OS Now I need to format the Windows partition but can t take a chance of wiping out the MBR to from bootable. partition non-bootable Change which is Change partition from non-bootable to bootable. on the first disk and thereby having no way to access Windows XP for regular operations until I get working again So does anyone knowif it s possible to change the status of a working partition Windows XP from non-bootable to bootable without destroying the partition Other wise I have to completely clean both drives and start over from scratch installing all the OS nbsp

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I have a USB drive with Ophcrack and a rainbow table in it. I can boot from it. I want to make an ISO from it with the table still installed. I'm trying to use it on VMware. I've tried using PowerISO by opening the files and saving them as an ISO. It wouldn't boot.

A:Make bootable ISO from bootable USB Drive

See if the answers on this site help you

A Guy
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I have XP SP1 on one CD. I installed XP and SP1 on my computer and then upgraded to XP 2. I slipstreamed both the bootable XP & SP1 and SP 2 upgrade into one directory. Together XP, SP1, and SP2 amout to about 800 meg. How do I get the combined 800 meg onto one bootable source like a CD?

The reason I want to do this is because I am getting error messages on bootup to drive C requiring me to do a Windows repair. I cannot do a windows repair on my C drive because my C drive has SP1 and SP2, while my bootable windows CD has only SP1. Currently I am booting up using a floppy.

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Can it be done?

I have a copy of winxp pro, but it's not a bootable disc. Can I copy the CD again using, say NTI CD maker 6 and make it bootable? NTI has an option "make bootable disc", but I don't really know if it works with winxp pro. Does it? I also have nero (own it, not a trial version) and THINK that nero has a "make bootable" option, but can't be sure.

If I can do this, it will save me from having to install w2k pro first (cuz I have that on a bootable disc) then installing winxp pro after starting the machine with w2k pro. I'll be doing my sons machine tonight, and I'd like to avoid having dual OS's if I can.

Any advice would be great!

A:Turn Non Bootable Disc Into Bootable Disc?

I have never seen a non-boot XP Pro disk. Have to checked the BIOS to make sure the CD is first in the Boot Order.
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I've spent four hours trying to figure out how to make a cd bootable Some kinds of computer info people don't explain because they think it's self evident or they don't want to be very good at explaining it I think I've hit the jackpot there I went through over twenty tutorials on making a cd that will start up when my computer starts and they are all complete and utter crap I have all the xp files I can make an iso It's an xp pro installation Will someone please please tell me how the heck I can actually put those files on a cd have them all be on the cd have that cd actually start when I turn on my computer and have the installation run like a windows xp installation And please don't tell me to use some program list three BOOTABLE xp cd steps out of the necessary thirty five to get it to work and then say 'and that's it ' Thankyou


Which program are you using to burn the cd? They usually have a checkbox or something where you tell it whether or not you want the cd to be bootable
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how can i create a xp with sp3 bootable cd, which i'm running

A:xp bootable cd

and welcome to the Forum

Please tell us more about what you are wanting to do . . Do you have an XP installation disc now?
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hey every1...i downloaded vista last week and i finally got around to burning it and trying to install...took me 3 days to backup all my data and music haha...but anywayz the problem i am having is this...the iso is not bootable i take it...i run it from windows and it will work fine but of course i want to boot to it so i can format my hard drive b4 i install...i attatched a screenshot of whats in the cd...any help would be appreciated...thanx every1

if u wanna talk via im my aim sn = [email protected] (yes its tru lol) msn is [email protected]

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Hi, I want to create a backup of my Vista, I already made the IMAGE, how and with what do I write a bootable disc?

Which app?

A:Bootable DVD

Hi BIG TuNa,

Since you have Vista Ultimate, if you made a Complete PC Backup using:

How to Create a Complete Computer Backup and Restore Image in Vista

You should be able to use your Vista installation DVD to restore the computer using this method:

How to Restore the Complete Computer from a Complete Backup and Restore Image in Vista

Hope this helps you,
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Does anyone know how to boot from an SD card?

A:SD Bootable?

Hi Eagle710,

In theory, yes it should be possible as an SD card reader is interfaced via a USB port, either internally or externally. Check your motherboard manual and the BIOS settings to see if you can select a USB device there as a boot device. You will, of course need to use an SDHC card of at least 4 GB in capacity. I am going to pose this question here: USB Bootable Vista Installation Flash Thumb Drive to see what Shawn makes of the idea.
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I don't have any of the original disks from when I bought my computer (IBM ThinkPad). Is it possible to create a bootable CD so that I can boot from the CD in the case of hard-drive failure etc.

I'm going to look into getting a new disk from the manufacturer but I would like to know if I can burn a boot disk for myself in the meantime.

A:Bootable Cd For Xp Pro

For what purpose would you want a boot cd?

You will not be able to have a fully functional version of Windows from a boot cd. You could, however, have an alternative operating system bootable from a cd that would at least grant you access to your files so you could save your data in the event of a disaster.

Is this what you mean?
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I m new user, and i would like to create one bootable cd. But i have no idea about it so please tell me the step to create DOS bootable cd

Please help me in this matter

A:Bootable cd

The most comprehensive bootable CD I've come across is the "Ultimate Boot CD" available from here. Download the appropriate file and burn the resulting .iso image to CD using any suitable program that will extract the contents. It is no use just copying the .iso file to the CD. The program I use is ImgBurn available from here.
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Can I make a bootable CD using Nero Burning Rome?

A:Bootable CD


Just use ImgBurn which can make bootable cd's, it is free and highly recommended.

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I need to burn a bootable cd for Win XP SP2. I run Roxio Creator Plus. Can somebody help me.



A:Bootable cd

What are you starting from ? An ISO image, or what ?

Ought to be pretty simple. I use Nero and cannot help with Roxio, but it's just a simple bootable CD.

Have you tried & run into difficulty ?
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I am looking to create a system image bootable USB factory restore flash drive. I want to be able to boot to the flash drive and restore an image I created that sits on the drive. Without using a bootable CD. Hope that makes sense. A free method is of course preferable but would be interested in any application that can do this. Please let me know if you can. Thanks

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is there a bootable dos cd that i can get that will run a .bat file?

i need it to:
xcopy /e /c /i "C:\Documents and Settings" "e:\"
format c: /q

c: being local o/s drive e:\ being external

A:bootable dos cd

Try the Ultimate Boot CD
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Hello! I have a Mac OSX install iso, and I want to 'burn' it to a 16GB usb flash drive. How am I supposed to do that on a PC?

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I have a Panasonic Toughbook notebook and I want to erase my C: drive and install Windows XP from scratch. In the past, when I have re-installed Windows XP in other computers without first erasing the C: drive, it wasn't a really clean installation.

As I understand, first, I have to create a bootable CD, second, I have to format the C: drive (NTFS?), and, finally, I have to use the recovery disk that was supplied when I bought the notebook, which I have and have never used.

1) I have researched how to create a bootable CD and I am confused how to do it. Is there a simple way to do it?

2) After I create the bootable CD, I need to format the C: drive (NTFS?). Again, I have researched how to do it and I am confused. Is there a simple way to do it?

I apologize for my ignorance.

Thank you.

Dr. T.

A:Bootable CD

you should just be able to use the recovery CD - no need for the other steps
The recovery CD should give you a choice to repair or install - when you do a clean install you will be able to delete the partitions , recreate and reformat the partitions and get a new clean install

you may also have a recovery partition on the PC which you can use instead of the CD - I will look up and see what Panasonic site has available - do you have the exact model number
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I have just bought an Alienware m17x, with the 750gb 7200rpm hdd. I hear there are two hard drive slots, and was wondering if it would be significantly faster installing a 128gb boot drive, where I could get one from (and for how much), and if it is easy to install - I am not particularly computer minded.

A:Should I get a bootable SSD?

You will most certainly get a performance boost by using an SSD instead of a spinner.

As for which is the best, it's all subjective and a search on Google would probably yield the best comparisons.

You might want to check out these tutorials.

SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

SSD - Install and Transfer the Operating System
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Hello all,
When system is such infected that we can't run the scan operation of installed AV or even go into the OS, we need to scan the machine beyond the OS, by, say a bootable AV.

OK, if you were in such a situation, what bootable AV would you use? Or if you have some tool like that what is that (for scanning PC from the boot)?

What best one for nowadays?

A:Best bootable AV

I don't know if superantispyware still has the one you put on a usb & plug it in to run it, but that is what I've done in the not so distant past to get online, is that what you mean? Good luck.
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I put my Windows Vista installation CD on a USB after following some steps to make it bootable ( My laptop will not boot from it, it reverts to booting from the HDD, even after selecting removable devices in the boot menu and changing the boot order to put removable devices first.
Any ideas on what is the issue?

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hi i assembled a new system Here is the config Intel Q Quad core Intel DG WH Motherboard NVDIA GTS MB PCI E GB Transcend Ram DDR MHZ GB seagate SATA HDD Samsung DVD CD writer Samsung CD-ROm W real Power supply When i tried to boot using the WIN XP CD i got a message saying quot NO Boot device found quot - insert boot diskette and press enter when ready The WIN XP CD which i used is a copy from the original WIN XP SP I Bootable Win Cd In Not New Xp Hdd dont have the original CD right now Win Xp Cd Not Bootable In New Hdd with me The boot priority set in bios is as follows Samsung DVD CD ROM followed by HDD I tried using DR-DOS a bootable cd prepared from Nero - The system booted however i was not able to partition it since the DR-DOS formats in FAT Moreover i dont know how to proceed installing WIN XP Could some one help me resolve this issue nbsp

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I can't get the burner Nero 5, to make an ISO bootable.

How do I solve this please?

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I have windows xp operating system. Is there any possibility to create a bootable CD instead of bootable disk. Thank you in advance.

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can anyone help me creating a bootable cd>>

i am using windows XP sp2 professional , and would like to know how to make it with all the applications, latest drivers and updates installed when i use this CD too INSTALLS in a new computer or existing one
i am looking forward to installing sp3 update, how can i include this too into this BOOTABLE CD??

A:new bootable CD !!

What you are referring to is called Slipstreaming. There is a good tutorial that you can read here. The author refers to slipstreaming sp2, but the same method can be used with sp3.
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Is there a way to tell if your computer will boot from a bootable cd after the hard drive is formatted? Thanks.

A:bootable cd

When you restart your computer go into setup. If your computer supports booting from the cd, it will allow you to change the order of your boot sequence. Set the first boot device to cd, save settings and exit. You can do this prior to formatting the drive so you will be able to tell if you can boot from the cd.
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I know this isnt the right forum to ask this on but this is one of the only computer forums that i know and you helped me out with my previous question So lets give it a try.

Well basically i downloaded a Disk Image File and i need to burn it to install the program but i don't have a DVD of 3GB but i have a USB of 4GB so i was wondering if it is possible to either burn it to my USB some how or even make a bootable ISO to the desktop
Thanks in advance.

A:Bootable USB

Most of the DVD's I have are 4.7gb ?
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Hello everyone I downloaded and burned to disk a bootable antivirus called Avira AntiVir Rescue System from Bootable AV http www free-av com en products avir cue system html Now I loaded it into my other computer and booted up with it to see if I have any viruses before I would install an antivirus package It booted up and the program started but when I hit scan it scanned for sec and said it was done After fiddling around with Bootable AV it for a few minutes to try and get it to work I gave up So I tried to open the cd rom drive but it wouldn t let me Then I decided to turn off the computer and when I turned it back on I couldn t get in Nothing comes up on my screen The light on my monitor keeps beeping like it s in sleep mode I don t hear any beeps when I start the computer but I can hear the hdd start Bootable AV up I also tried disconnecting and reconnecting my monitor but that did nothing Would someone please be able to explain to me why this happened and how to go about fixing this Thank You

A:Bootable AV

You should be able to open the CD drive by inserting the end of a paper-clip into the small hole on the front of the drive.
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i need bootable windows XP SP3 software through internet any one tell me the sites plz....

A:Need bootable xp sp3

If you're looking for an illegal site to download XP SP3 for free, you won't get any help here.

Read the Tech Support Guy forum rules here.

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Again problem with cd boot.

I copy the entire cd xp install sp1 to the hard drive, open nero, and choose boot cd ( nerolight 8 ), and after that he ask me to image files, i use the own that came with nero, Choose some emultion, don't now what it is, choose sectors...i selected, and burn. he do the boot, but to dos, i know how to get from there to the install folder, but this is not what i wanna get.

Explain :

From the cd i have ( That lost now ), i was putting the cd on the optic drive, restart the computer, config the bios to start with cd, and he was giving me the message : "press any key to load from cd",
that's what i wanna get ! this process.

not that the cd boot going to a:\ or to dos mode, or to win98 menu.

How can i do it ?
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hey guys, looking for a little bit of help as i have never done this...
i'm looking into getting a thumb drive and i was wondering what you guys think would be best?
i know there are a million different brands but i was looking for something to load a W7 build onto and install quickly.
i've been using dvd's and its cool to see all of them in order from 7000 to 7100 but after all the clean installs i'm doing i know dvd's aren't the quickest.
so! what type of USB should i get and how do i make it bootable?
thanks for the help!

A:Bootable USB?

Try this,
USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create
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I have a new computer with a SSD as the primary drive. I have a second HDD available in this computer. After I install the software I need on the SSD I would like to make a bootable copy of the SSD and install it on the HDD to have as a bootable backup. I have read many posts about this yet cannot understand what I need to do.

I'm new to Win 7 and would appreciate a simple explanation, thanks!

A:SSD to bootable HDD

Do you mean to say you want to be able to boot from the hard drive or do you want a disk image of the ssd on the hard drive
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i am trying to boot my pc by a windows xp 2007 but it does not boots and gives the notification that "you have a newer version of windows than this" and sometimes it stops due to the system compatibility but there is no solutin for it in the intenet.


A:about bootable cd

Hello satyam and welcome to Seven Forums.

You can get a free, legal copy of Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit (x86) from this tutorial. (See the link in Step 4.)

Repair Install

This is an ISO file. Download and save it to your desktop. Then burn it to a DVD. You can use it to boot the computer, access repair options, clean reinstall the OS, etc. But you must have a valid Product Key if you ever need to re-activate with Microsoft.
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from my previous post; i migh b e able 2 save my XP by bootable cd. iHow do u USE the norton s ys tem wor ks C D? Just boot it up with the cd in?

MY bios has primary boot up:HD

but my cd r om dont work. its there nd hooked up but i bet it d ont spin. so i been using a CDRW latley. how do i boot from that? isnt that the SDSI thingy?

A:how to use bootable cd

Can't you change your boot order in BIOS to use
the CDRW?
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I have a bootable Usb for the Windows professional and since I already installed them to my laptop I want to make the usb normal again so that I can listan to music etc.
How do I do that?
I guess many of you can light me on this

A:Bootable Usb

just reformat the USB drive NTFS
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how can install windows on an ext HD so that i could boot off of it withou the need of an int HD?

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hi friends, when i make a bootable windows7 iso using magic iso, need bootimage, where can i find boot image?

A:iso bootable

Hello shamsuputhen, welcome to Seven Forums!

Do you already have the ISO image or are you asking us where you can get an image because we're not allowed to assist in matters of that sort.
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I need to test a hard drive with Samsung's HDD testing tool and am certainly NOT going to burn a 734 KB iso image to a CD (complete waste). How can I make a USB stick bootable with this?

A:Bootable USB

You could use a program like Power ISO to burn it to USB.
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how to make bootable cd.
pls give me answer steep by steep or screen shot

A:bootable cd

What type of Bootable CD? If you want to slipstream your Windows CD with SP3 and IE8 and other drivers for your computer then use nLIte.
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Please tell me how i make "udf bootable iso" of any window(xp, vista, 7).
Please help me.........

A:UDF Bootable Iso

Download the free CD/DVD burning program JetBee - it has an option for making UDF discs.
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Got a question regarding setting up computers/laptops using an Ghost image.
Thing here is that when the dvd is booting up and are about to start the "ghost" sequence, I get an error massage saying "gcdrom not loaded".

Now Im suspection that the reason why the ghost sequence wont start is because "gcdrom.sys" does not support the ICH10 controller (on a HP Compaq DC 7900 machine).

The boot and ghost sequence works just fine on computers with ICH6,7 and 8 controllers.

My question is if anyone have experienced any similar problems? Or does anyone know how to work around this(whitout making any changes in BIOS), or simply if there is a newer version of gcdrom.sys that support ICH10?


A:DOS bootable dvd

From reading this
I saw the CD-ROM is SATA. Could that have anything to do with it? I haven't used newer versions of ghost, so I don't know how they work, but do they allow you to load drivers for the SATA controller (are SATA hard drives seen)? I don't even know if separate SATA CD-ROM drivers are needed as well.
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Hello, I want to install win 7 and i have a 100% working DVD as i tried at another pc.
the problem now when i restart my pc it doesnot read it and i made the dvd boot before the hard disk and it still not booting from it.

I tried to search before posting this thread, but i amnot very good on these things and i didnot understand how to solve it, please give me the steps for doing it and don't tell me "burn the cd" or "do something" as i don't know how to do these things..


A:Win 7 DVD not bootable

You provide very little information about what you did.

Does the PC have an operating system in place? Can you read the DVD from that OS? Are you trying to install a 64 bit version of Windows 7 on a machine with a 32 bit OS in place?
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I bought an HP Pavillion laptop about two years ago pre-loaded with Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. HP is now being stupid and not handing out the Windows 7 OS bootable disk. I was wondering if there was anyway that I could create a bootable clean OS disk. I know this has been asked allot but have not found any information helpful. I have a bunch of files on my harddrive but I don't want those on the disk if I create a system image. I just want a clean image or .iso where I can install it to a CD/DVD. Any help would be great. I've searched about everywhere and everytime I try to reword my question, Google just gives me alot of purple links that I have already cliked on.

A:Bootable DVD (Not what you would think)

Here's how to get a perfect clean reinstall of factory OEM:
Reinstalling Windows 7

You can also clean up the bloatware as best you can to see if the performance is good enough to keep, then save a Win7 backup image which can be used instead of reinstalling Win7.
Clean up factory bloatware
Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup

If you don't locate an installer, you'll need the REpair CD in case WIn7 ever becomes unbootable, or to boot to reimage the HD or its replacement:
System Repair Disc - Create
System Image Recovery

Make your Recovery DIsks as a backup in case you need to run Factory Recovery, although it's most stable to run it first from it's partition:
HP Backup and Recovery Manager
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I have a backup I made of xp pro Sp1 with a legit coa and I am trying to reformat my system with it. When I try to boot off the disc It does not recognize it, but the disc runs perfectly when I try running it in windows on my other system. I know that it is not my drive or configuration because other OS discs do work and boot perfectly using the same setup. How can I install it if it wont boot would I use dos to install it manually?

A:non-bootable xp??

Go to and get a set of XP boot Disks, boot with floppies (6) and then go to CR rom to install windows!! OR if you use Nero you can make the CD bootsable !! Big job though, better off with the floppies!!!
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How to make bootable USB. Every time i Mount it, it just stick in the middle of installation,
Or even didn't Detect it

A:Need Help with Bootable USB

What do you want to put on the stick? linux or Windows?
I use these 3 tools to make linux bootable USB sticks (I make the sticks on a computer running Windows)

If it is to use with Windows, here are some tools. I have never used any of these.

I had a few more but I need to search further for the page.
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i am working in telecom field
in epabx we use external cdROM for booting the pbx via USB
i want to use PC instead of external cdROM
it is able to configure like that bootable system via USB?
thank you
with love
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I need to do a clean install of Windows XP on a system that previously Bootable a Need CD ran Windows I deleted the partition via the Windows Install Setup menu but when the PC boots it lists Windows K Need a Bootable CD as one of Need a Bootable CD the startup OS options I need to be able to do an fdisk on the whole drive and start from scratch Unfortunately I only have a basic Windows XP installation CD - and if there's a way to get to a prompt and do it from there I can't remember Could anyone direct me to a bootable CD that will allow me to fdisk and delete and create partitions I need something quick and fast I'm not permitted to download or install anything without permission and my boss is out of town until Thursday He may call in tomorrow or he may not So please don't point me to Bart's PE or anything that requires installing an ISO burner I need to be able to do this with the tools that Windows XP SP native These are laptops I'm working with and they do not have floppy drives so I cannot use floppy disks I'm pretty sure I've done this before but I can't recall how Thanks in advance

A:Need a Bootable CD

The Windows XP installation CD is bootable and it will allow you to fdisk and partition the drive. Follow the prompts carefully and it will take you to the typical "fdisk" gui..
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Can anyone help me to make a bootable xp Pro Disk for my own use. I have copied my XP Pro CD to a new folder on my backup hard disk, tried to make an iso using ultra ISO, however when i try to boot from DVD it doesnt work. I have used Nero Smartsweet to burn DVD.

Is there any files i may be missing

Thank you in Advance.

I have followed various tutorials, ie Easy Boot, ULtra ISO etcbut I cant get dvd to boot on startup.

Thank you in Advance.

A:Bootable XP Pro DVD

Hi if you go to the microsoft site you will find a download to make a bootable cd or floppy.

hope this helps you.
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I removed the HD from my Dell which has Windows on it and would like to install it into a new Windows Gateway I picked up I want this HD to be the main drive and I want to save all the information on it I plan to wipe the Gateway HD and have it as a storage disk I installed the HD into the Gateway and got an error upon reboot prompting me to insert proper boot media and will not progress further I then HD bootable Add new connected both the Gateway's original HD and my HD and saw that my HD is detected and online in Computer Management I then restarted and entered bios to change boot order Add new bootable HD Although my HD is detected in Add new bootable HD the Advanced gt Misc tab in the bios it is not listed as an option to boot from in the Boot Options tab nor from the F boot menu I suspect if I can just get the Gateway to boot from my HD everything will be fine but I can't seem to get it recognized as a 'bootable' device Any help would be much appreciated

A:Add new bootable HD

You cannot just move an OS that was installed on one system to another system. Besides a lot of driver problems you will get an activation problem.

For your Gateway, you have to make a new Windows 7 installation with a valid (unused) product key.
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Hey guys,
So my laptop hard drive appeared to fail last weekend, a problem I believe do to a bad lenovo motion sensor driver. Nevertheless I've been told to make a bootable iso DVD disk. My main problem is that I don't have the install disk/information. I am running 7 Ultimate, and was wondering if there is a protocol I should follow when making a bootable iso?
Also just so my understanding is clear, in the case that the OS becomes corrupted on the hard drive, the bootable disk enables me to run the OS from the disk and access the hard drive right?

A:Bootable ISO

First I would run the full diagnostics/repair CD scan from the HD maker: Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.

If you can still access Win7, I would save a Win7 Backup image externally which can be reimaged to the HD or a replacement using the Win7 install DVD or Repair CD, which can be made in the same Backup Center.

If the PC came with Win7, there may be a way to create Factory Recovery Disks off of the Recovery partition. Read your manual or browse for the utility to make a Lenovo Recovery disk set.

If you have a Win7 DVD then you can always reinstall your version using the activation key on the machine or the DVD insert.

Hopefully this helps answer your question which is somewhat unclear. Ask anything else you like.
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Sorry, can't browse well from my phone at work does this file exist anywhere? I have an 8 upgraded to 8.1 but caused all kinds of issues with registries and such. I want to reformat and clean install 8.1 SP1 if possible when I get home.

A:Win 8.1 SP1 64 bit bootable iso?

Yes it exists. Got mine from my MSDN account.
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hi, friends
i am working as programmer as well as hardware engineer...

i am using separate bootable cd for each operating system. that means win98 for one , winxp for one cd,win 2000 p/s/as for one ,win 2003 for one now i want to combine all these in to one DVD . when i put that DVD System can boot with that and also ask for which OS You need(Means OS Choices)...

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Sony VAIO GR370s don't have 1.44MB floppy drives. These Windows XP systems don't support REAL MS-DOS mode so things like Drive Image 2002 won't run. Also these systems won't boot from a Microsoft Windows 98ME Installation CD (something in BIOS?).

Seems like I need a bootable CD with MS-DOS so that I can run things that require REAL DOS. Is there somewhere on the Internet where I can download to burn such a CD?

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Hello all,

When system is such infected that we can't run the scan operation of installed AV or even go into the OS, we need to scan the machine beyond the OS, by, say a bootable AV.

OK, if you were in such a situation, what bootable AV would you use? Or if you have some tool like that what is that (for scanning PC from the boot)?
What best one for nowadays?

A:Best bootable AV

I've used F-Secure on a few occasions - does what it says on the tin.
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Hello, I was wondering if anyone new the site where you can find how to make a bootable xp cd with either Nero or EZ cd creator? Thanks

P.S. How to you

A:XP Bootable?

Disregard the "P.S. How to you", LOL
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I would like to make a bootable xp cd so that I can take it with me wherever I go. However I want to be able to save my files to the cd and install programs in xp. So I will have to make the bootable cd using a rewritable cd.
Most likely I will use this method
to make the bootable cd.
however my question is how can make it so that I can save files to this rw disc and install programs on it? I want it to be a fully functional xp where I can save files and install programs. can this be done with a rewritable cd/dvd?

A:Bootable win XP on RW dvd

you cannot create a fully functional xp cd. The link you are referring to is generally for slipstreaming xp so if you have to reinstall xp, you have the latest service packs.

You may want to look in portable apps and/or u3 for usb drives if you want to save files and install programs.
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Please post me link to create non-bootable applications to bootable. I have seen many tutorials about making Windows XP, Windows 98 or Windows ME non-bootable cds or dvds into bootable ones. I want to learn how to make windows 7 non-bootable dvds into bootable dvds. Also how would I get the boot sector img or bin files which could be used at the time of burning for making a dvd bootable.
Please help.

A:Non-Bootable to Bootable - How?

Quote: Originally Posted by akbagaria

... I want to learn how to make windows 7 non-bootable dvds into bootable dvds...

Huh? As far as I have discovered, Windows 7 DVDs (from MS) are all bootable.

Are you asking how to make a DVD/CD containing just data files bootable?

Or, are you asking how to create your own DVD and make it bootable so you can have a "portable" version of Win7 -- because, as far as I know, this is NOT possible.
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how do i make my windows xp cd bootable?

A:bootable xp cd

XP CDs are bootable so perhaps you need to go into your system BIOS and make sure the CD drive is set as a bootable device. Actually it should be the first bootable device if you are doing an install or repair. Could you provide more info on what you are trying to do or what problem you are having.
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is it possible to boot win7 from a usb drive????????????????????

does the bios support usb booting????????

A:bootable usb

Yes, it's possible, that's hoe I install. We have a tutorial on making a USB installation drive. There several othe ways but you can start off here.
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Now that Apple uses Intel Core 2 Duo processors, does anyone know if Mac OS X is bootable on a PC? Is there a way to do this?

A:Mac OS X bootable on a PC?

Click on the red triangle and ask one of the Mods to move your inquiry to the Mac forum. You'll probably get more responses there.
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Hi to all,

I do not have a floppy disk drive in my laptop. If I want to boot from a CD (I have a CD/DVD drive) how can I make a CD with a bootable partition? (My operating system is Windows XP)

Thanking all of you in advance

A:Bootable CD

Does anyone have a laptop without diskette reader? How do you do your installations.
Please someone, give me some clues..................
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i am wanting to reinstall my version of XP Pro but the XP CD that i have is not a bootable one. like when i start up my system with the XP CD in the CD-dirve it just goes right past it and starts to load XP from the hard drive. i also set the CD-Drive to the first boot device but that yielded the same results. i am just wondering how to make the CD i have into a bootable one. please help, i really need to reinstal XP...

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Hi, I got a question. I have this diagnostic program that is on my computer. I want to burn it on to a bootable CD but I was unable to. Upon booting the system tried to read the disk but it did not load. It just loaded windows and never booted the disk. How do I make a bootable CD? I got the newest version of Nero.

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Can I use a bootable OS to access the files on the HD and recover them, and then do a fresh install of Windows?

Can someone please help!


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Hello friends!!!

How can I make bootable CD of windows 98 ?

A:Xp bootable cd

MagicISO works fine for making bootable CD of All versions of Windows.
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Hey guys whats up My HDD appears to be FUBAR at the moment I've got partitions one running XP the other running Windows RTM -bit Slowly but surely my MFT constantly screws itself to DVD Bootable a corrupt state I used to have a corrupt MFT on Win build but I was able to fix it Now I'm getting similar problems on my RTM build but they aren't quite as bad I only have problems when accessing files in my Windows folder I've tried re-creating the partition times with a fresh install Same problem So before I get a new HDD I'm going to wipe off both partitions and only install my Windows I was previously only able to install it from XP since I didn't have a bootable disk I've tried burning the ISO and the contents of the ISO on two separate DVDs but neither one boots So what do I need to get this OS onto a disk that boots

A:Bootable DVD

Burn the DVD with IMGBurn at 4x or less.
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Hello All,

I am sure this is on this site somewhere but i can not find it.

How do i make a USB stick bootable from an iso?

also is there a way of putting a few iso files on a memory stick and choosing which to run on boot?

cheers all

A:Bootable USB

General concepts:

To write a bootable ISO to a usb stick:
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My new XP notebook has no floppy drive!. How do I make a bootable CD or DVD disk?I use norton ghost image for backup but their booting instructions are for a floppy disk. I have copied the files from a workable floppy boot disk on to a CD but this does not boot.The O.S. is XP Home using NTFS format.

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I apologise for my ignorance but I need help to make a bootable cd for a computer that will not boot at all. It says that it cannot read from the HDD and when I go into the BIOS I have 2 options HDD or CD. Hence need help to make bootable disk.
I've looked on the internet as to how but have got confused so decided to come to the people who I know will help me and can answer my extremely blonde questions...... Apologises to all blondes.
The computer is a Toshiba running Windows XP home but it has been updated very much so I don't know what service pack it might have if any??
Can anyone help me.
Thank you

A:Bootable CD

What is the exact wording of the error message, please?
Is the hard drive properly reflected in the main screen of the BIOS?
What model Toshiba system is this?
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What is the easiest way to make a bootable cd?

A:bootable cd

Be more specific.
What do you want to boot?
A bootable iso might be what you're looking for.
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How do i create one of these. I use nero if that is any help.

A:bootable cd

Bootable CD of what?

Nero's Bootable Cd option is located under Data CD if you use the StartSmart interface.
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I would like to make a copy of my xppro cd with service pack streamlined in to be bootable I want the whole cd to be bootable when I start my computer I made a backup for myself I don t have the cd BOOTABLE xp cd they installed the system with I lost it my bad I ve been researching and trying to solve this problem for over hours now and I would really really appreciate it if someone could tell me how to make a bootable windows xp cd I have ALL FILES NECESSARY except the ones to make the cd actually boot when the computer starts Nero just burns and image to my desktop and no other programs have worked I don t have the original cd to extract some boot record from I need to be able to make this cd that I have boot up when windows starts Any help would be appreciated I ve googled xp bootable cd and have followed through the first thirty links so if you have any info other than that I d love you nbsp

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I would like to create a backup of my Windows Installation disk including SP3.
I have created an ISO file of the original disk and SP3 using Auto streamer but cannot find any software to turn this into a bootable disk.
Can anyone suggest where I may find something suitable. As I only wish to make one copy I would prefer freeware.

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I created a bootable ISO on a memory stick for my 8.1 machine. My question is...... can I use that to upgrade another machine with Win7 on it or is the stick only good for the machine it was created on?

A:Bootable 8.1 USB

You can go from win7 to a free upgrade to win 10 but you can use 8.1 usb to upgrade unless you bought another licence
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hey guys, need help bad!!!!!!
hope someone can help. i am trying to boot my girlfiend's p.c. (emachines, xp) and it wont go into safe mode. any suggestions. thanks, i listed it under security becuaseof the probles she was having before it went dead. now i'm trying to go in and run spybob and avg to see if i can come up with anything. thanks
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I'm using Easy-Creator and i'm trying to cut an ISO.
Can't see anywhere in the instructions how to do it.

But i have found instructions on how to cut a bootable CD.

I dunno what the difference is.
Tried to look on line,
but soon became overwhelmed with information which didn't help.

For all i know, it might be the same thing.

It is for cutting a bootable repair CD,
the file is a ISO file.

Any help gratefully recieved,

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Can anyone tell me how to make a bootable cd?

A:bootable CD

Go to

It is a great site and it has many useful utilities.