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Graphic card power to power supply or connector on motherboard?

Q: Graphic card power to power supply or connector on motherboard?

It's been a while since I built a system from scratch and have a... errr... simple question

gfx: Sapphire HD3850 512MB Ultimate (passive)

MB: MSI P35 Neo2 FIR

PSU: Seasonic M12II 500W

The motherboard has a power connector for the graphic card next to the slot.

Is there any reason I should connect the power for the card to the power connector on the board instead of directly to the power supply?

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Preferred Solution: Graphic card power to power supply or connector on motherboard?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Graphic card power to power supply or connector on motherboard?

First time I have ever seen that feature. I like it. I'm thinking that is a neat/easy way to partially eliminate cable clutter from the PSU. Give it a shot, you can always revert to PSU cable if you wish.
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My motherboard has a 24 pin connection and I got a power supply with a 20 pin connection. While I'm waiting for my order of 24 pin connection power supplies, I realized that the 20 pin can fit in the 24 pin motherboard. Will I blow anything or cause harm if I power it up with the 20 pin power supply in the 24 pin connection of the motherboard?

Did I use the correct terminology? I am still learning. Thanks in advance.

A:Motherboard/Power Supply main connector

You wont do any damage, possibly won't power up.
There are adapters to change from 20pin to 24 pin
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Currently, I turn my computer on, and nothing happens, except green light on mother board and yellow light on computer "On" switch. I started testing power supply. That obviously works. I disconected everything from power supply and started to reconnect everything one by one.
Everthing seemed to allow the test switch on power box to power everything except when i came to connecting the 2x2 auxiliary atx 12v power connector (P9), into the mother board. It quickly shorts everything out, and i'm back to square 1 with just having the yellow "on" switch and green light on mother board, and fans shut off again.
Whats the problem?

I have a 500s 1.5 hertz gateway
Any help would be greatly appreciate.d...


A:Connecting 2x2 connector from power supply into motherboard shorts everything out?

If you don't own a power supply tester take your tower to a local shop and have them test the power supply. Even if the power supply tests good, have them "jump" a known good power supply to the board and see if the problem continues.

I have people bring towers in quite often for testing. It takes 20-30 minutes and the cost should be minimal perhaps $25-$30. You need to find out if your problem is with the power supply or the motherboard.
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During a recent storm lightning struck very close to my house and we lost power immediately after the lightning strike Once power was restored my HP Pavilion a would not re-start The computer and all the peripherals were protected I thought by two surge protectors On closer inspection I found that the green LED on the power supply was blinking I disconnected all the connections coming from the power supply and when I did the green light went from blinking to steady on I re-connected the leads one by one and the light stayed on until I connected the pin connection to the motherboard As soon as I connected the pin lead to the motherboard the solid green LED went back to flashing I assume from the diagnostics that something on the motherboard was fried by the lightning is Connector Power Pin Starts 20 to Supply Blinking When LED Attached Motherboard on I know how to replace a power supply but have never dealt with motherboard issues so not sure how to proceed The computer is only months old and LED on Power Supply Starts Blinking When 20 Pin Connector is Attached to Motherboard I would like to save it but don t know what I might be looking as far as expense and time involved to repair Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated nbsp
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i have listed a few i think i like. but can anyone research a good deal on a power supply good enough to run 1 560ti. i can only spend up to 40 dollars. and u can find used ones that have either barely been used or the box opened for some reason and get i t exremely cheap and still basically brand new. so used or new. if u think its a good condition and will work for me and is a reall GOOD PICK FOR ME PLEASE LIST IT HERE!!!

A:Graphic card power supply! Plz help!!! Plz list!
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Hello I am deciding that is time to update my graphic card and my power supply I have some question and some help from you to help me decide to get the latest and good graphic card on a good money budget value My resolution is x I play several games and looking for a graphic card that can at least handle with high settings at this resolution I did some research and found a couple of review and feedback about ATI My question is is this card worth the money for gaming The game i usually play is MW the one i have trouble playing max Card Need Supply Graphic + ) ( Help New Power Buying A settings with my current graphic card TF League of Legends and possibly the new upcoming game Call of Duty Blackops Will ATI worth the money and run all my games smooth or there is another better graphic card out there that outperforms this one Currently i also need to uppgrade to a new power supply Any recommendation of a power supply and a graphic card My money budget is up to max for both items Any help and comment will really appreciate it Thanks nbsp

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Hello TSG,
I recently bought a GeForce 9800GTX+ Graphics Card

I have a regular HP Pavillion Desktop Computer...

is this power supply going to work for me?

Im pretty sure it will, is this a good price? Should I look elsewhere first?
Will it fit lol?

lemme kno

A:Power Supply/Graphic Card Questions

Don't get a modular PSU if you're not really, really, really persistent about having one or two cables less inside the case. It's just not worht the extra price, and the loss of power the cables cause, and the multi-rail design instead of the rock-solid single rail desing. Get this instead: or this even cheaper and well enough.
You'll need to post the model number of the HP, but I would say it fits. Also... I would still recommend a new case. HP cases do not have enough airflow for high-end components like (well, mid-high) 9800 GTX+.
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Hello!! I'm new here so bare with me

My question is: I'm deciding to upgrade my graphic card and power supply on my "HP Pavilion P7-1010"
I came across these two that I really like! I wanted to know if they will suit my computer specs so I don't over fry anything or end up buying it and realizing that I don't have a PCI-E input.

My computer specs:

Graphic Card:

Power Supply:

Any help is appreciated!! Thank you

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i own a hp pavilion slimline 400 and i wanna upgrade the graphic card of it .However  the power supply is not enough for my new graphic card.The graphic is too large for that case . SO i decide to buy a new case and P.S! move all the thing inside the hp pavilion slimline 400 to a new case. However i have heard somebody saying that this kind of PC can not match with the case which we can buy in the store and the pin cable of those power supply in the market dont match with the motherboard. CAN i really do that?
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Somebody, please tell me what this is and what's it used for?

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Hi all.

I recently picked up a computer, here are the specs:

Pentium 4 1.7GHz CPU
Asus P4B-MX motherboard
20GB hard drive
10GB secondary hard drive
32MB AGP video card (don't remember the brand, but it is not an onboard card)
400W power supply
Windows XP Pro SP2

It all works properly as is. Now, I tried to replace the video card with a LeadTek WinFast A280LE 128MB card (I cannot tell whether it is nVidia or ATi). This is where the problem begins. It starts up properly about 10% of the time. The other 90%, at the POST for the BIOS, it does one long beep, then 3 short beeps before continuing on to Windows with nothing appearing on the screen. Interestingly enough, Windows still works.

Offhand, I have discounted the problem being drivers (at the very least it should go through the POST) and device conflicts (ditto). Can anybody help?

A:Solved: Video Card, Motherboard or Power Supply - Which is the problem?
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I have a Sony VGC-RB42G computer. I recently moved my computer, cleaned off all the dust, and when I plugged everything back in, it won't power up. The light on the power supply blinks green, inside the motherboard also has a green light that blinks as well. It has a ticking sound too, but I am not sure if it is coming from the power supply or the motherboard. Any idea what could be wrong.

FYI, I have already unplugged everything from the power supply, pulled out the ram, checked the battery, and put everything back together and still no change. One thing I thought was strange was after I unplugged everything, I pulled the power into the power supply again and this time the green light came on but did not blink. It stayed solid.


A:No Power, Blinking green light on power supply and motherboard

Sounds like a Power Supply problem.
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Hi, I just bought an HP pavilion e9300 a few week ago. And I am going to upgrade the power supply so that I can get a new graphic card--ATI 4870 which requires at least 500 watt power supply. My current computer is shipped with a 350 watt power supply. I will probably get a 650 watt considering the 70% effeciency of power supply.
However, when I talked to an HP technician, he insisted that I could go for a power supply with no more 450 watt. Because the system I just got has a motherboard which has a max power limit 450 watt. He said if I go beyond that, the motherboard will burn out.
So what shall I do? I really want to get ATI 4870 work well on my computer.
Thx very much.

A:Does power supply with higher power rating really burn motherboard?

The long answer is "No".
Just be sure of the dimensions of the power supply before you order a replacement, as HP uses some pretty strange sizes sometimes, and you want the new one to fit with room to spare.
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i found an upgrade ps for my HP pc . the only difference i see is that there is a white wire on the 20 pin connector on the new ps. the old ps in my pc has that slot empty with no white wire . can i snip the white wire or can i plug it in as is. thanks, franco
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I know of at least three types of power supplies which have different connectors. The square one is for the new high Pentium mother boards. One has a connector with 20 pin (two rows of 10 each). The other has two connectors with a total of 12 pins (6 on each connector. Is the latter for an AT board? If not what power supply would I get which has the latter connectors.

A:power supply connector

Hi bigsooner,

2 connectors with 2 rows of 6 each is for an AT.

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I have a laptop where the power supply connector is stuck into the female end of the laptop. Do i need to take apart the laptop?


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Hi,  I have a HP Envy 700-509C and I replaced the graphic card. However, I bought another power supply (Corsair CX 600 : because the graphic card requires more power. I ran into a trouble, the last part was the 4-pin connector on the motherboard. There was no cord with only 4-pin, however there is a 8-pin connector and it says CPU on it. I tried it and it does plug in but there the other half (4-pin) hanging out. My question is, will it burn my motherboard? If no, will the computer work?  Thank you 

A:I want to change the power supply, but can a 8-pin connector...

@Kevin828, welcome to the forum. If you look at the "Specifications" in the link that you provided, you will see that it lists a 1 x 4+4 - Pin - ATX12V connector.  This means that you will use one of the 4-Pin connectors only. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.
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Hi. If i change in Windows 10 in Power Management from Balanced to Power Saver is this safe for graphic card?
I change from Balanced to Power Saver and fps in benchmark went from 180fps to 50fps. Is there any hardware related changes due to swap from Balanced to Power Saver ?

A:Windows Power Management - Power Saver - is this safe for graphic card

Power Saver attempts to save power by reducing the CPU’s speed all the time and lowering screen brightness, among other similar settings and that may account for your fps drop when benchmarking. Doesn't sound like a good choice for your purposes.
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I am replacing a power supply with a thin 5 wire(orange, black,red,black,white) labeled p3 going to the sata hd in a Dell 5100. The replacement P?S has the molex 4 wire connectors. How do I try this? I am just wanting to test the possibility of a bad p/s

A:Power supply connector to h/d is thin 5 wire

Need something like this.
Sata power adapter.
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We're replacing a power supply on a gateway computer - the one that is in it and bad has a 4pin square connector that connects to the motherboard but we don't know what it is powering.

The power supply we are putting in it for the moment is an older one we're pulling from another puter and doesn't have that.

Any ideas?

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Dell Optiplex GX Small Desktop design running on Hardware issues power - connector supply XP The problem SEEMS to be the P power connector wires yellow black Label on motherboard says V power connector Here is Hardware - power supply connector issues what s going on Solid Hardware - power supply connector issues amber light is on inside the computer amp on the board stdby pwr when main power supply is connected Individual capacitors Hardware - power supply connector issues look clean and in fine condition Plugged in w o monitor plugged in connector plugged amp monitor unplugged doesn t boot CPU fan spins fast Plugged in w monitor plugged in connector plugged amp monitor plugged doesn t boot CPU fan spins fast Unplugged w o monitor plugged in connector unplugged amp monitor unplugged boots but no signal to monitor Unplugged w monitor plugged in connector unplugged amp monitor plugged boots but no signal to monitor Monitor actually reads quot No Signal quot when plugged to computer but P connector is unplugged I have already checked the RAM the processor the fans - eveything else seems just fine Please help me figure out the solution Thanks nbsp

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Hello everyone I seem to be having a rather simple yet immensely frustrating issue I m building a computer i plugged the power connector on the mobo turned it on and bam it worked Great right well today i came home from work and it would not work So i opened the case up and took out the power connector after inspecting both ends i put it back in fans started and the motherboard light came on but only for a second After fiddling with it some more i found that the only time my mobo gets any juice is when i put the connector from the power supply in just exactly the right place in the motherboard connector If i push it all the way in i can hear an odd whining noise from my PSU Like a gnat in your ear I m not sure how long the motherboard will stay on as my hands are not steady enough but i know power Motherboard connector the times have varied Any opinions I have a corsair cx and a biostar ta GB if that helps Thanks nbsp

A:Motherboard power connector

Just checking but did you also plug in the P4 12V ATX connector on the motherboard?
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I`m trying to do my first build. I have a Gigabyte Core 2 Quad/Intel P43/DDR2-1200/A&GbE/ATX Motherboard GA-P43-ES3G motherboard. I`m trying to hook the power supply to the mobo but there is a 4pin Atx12 v connector and a 24 pin ATX connector. Now my power supply Corsair 750W TX only has a 24 pin power. Do I only need to plug in the 24 pin, or do I have to get some adapter for the Molex so I can plug the 4 pin ATX 12V?


A:Motherboard POwer Connector Help!?

Yes you need to plug in both. There are adapters that convert the 4 pin Molex to a 4 pin 12V connector. Try a google search.
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HP Palvilion m c Motherboard IPIBL-LA Berkeley http h www hp com ewfrf wc lc en amp lang en amp lc en amp product amp task N Power Supply DPS- ab- a http www itwinkle com hp posu html Hello all this is my power Is NO motherboard? it or supply POWER, first post First let me thank all NO POWER, Is it power supply or motherboard? for being here and sharing your vast knowledge My PC and power supply is above web-links included for more accurate description Also I have scoured this forum internet attempting to resolved and yes there is a ton of info The problem is the I cannot find specific details quot similar quot to my problem regarding how they determined the repair action other than replaced power or mobo So hopefully when this is resolved this will help someone with my similar problem - Problem gt PC will not turn-on just as if not plugged into power source -- Sypnopsis gt Nothing unusual happened as far as I know Shut-down PC for the evening as usual next day went to turn it on nothing - Troubleshooting accomplished -- Checked power outlet amp cords checked good -- Green light on back of power supply is steady green normal indication -- Removed power supply to test with multi-meter Strapped jumpered pins green wire with ground blk wire All appears normal everything is in range of specifications values below pin pin pin pin pin pin pin pin pin pin pin - pin pin pin -- Tested my power button wires for continuity on PC case properly shorts -- Reassemble everything still nothing -- Disassemble entire PC motherboard is sitting on cardboard box --- Items plugged into motherboard -pin atx plug and from NO POWER, Is it power supply or motherboard? power supply -pin plug volt from power supply gig ram stick CPU amp CPU fan - Goal gt power-on motherboard -- Tried shorting power button pins nothing -- Tried shorting reset pins nothing -- Jump-started NO POWER, Is it power supply or motherboard? atx plug with paper clip POWERS ON See link below for example http www youtube com watch v FCspIGgBV amp feature related Unfortunately unlike the youtube video when I remove the paper clip I lose power and back to square one - Back to the PS tested PS with strap jumper on when I remove the strap the ATX loses power through its plugs though the green light stays constant green There is no external on off switch on the power supply -- Should the power supply lose power once the strap is removed -- If so how does the power supply know to stay on -- Any help is much appreciated trying to determine if power supply is bad MOBO etc and if I can repair it Also I cannot swap items I do not have any additional parts laying around ADDITONAL NOTES - When powered on the mobo pwr-btn pins and the reset pins have voltage accross them volts dc pwr btn pins though has quot NO quot effect when shorted volts dc reset pins resets when shorted it works the way it should - Attached additional items to see if I could fully boot PC System Fan note will not boot without this fan plugged-in quot ERROR System Fan Has Failed Service PC to prevent damage to the System Press F to continue quot video card geforce gt hp pn- key board plugged into PS keyboard port mouse plugged into PS mouse port Hard drive When strapped I can boot competely up and log-on to desktop When I choose quot restart quot via windows soft button it resets properly When I choose quot shutdown quot it will shutdown but then I have to remove the strap and reset the cmos I get no display unless I reset the CMOS to boot up properly again I m guessing ultimately its the power supply Since the problem directs back to losing power The PC boots properly when I make the conditions right so that would most likely eliminate a motherboard or cpu problem What I don t understand nor can I find any info on is how does the power supply stay activate I m aware of the shorting of the power button pins on the mobo Probably thinking too much into it but the power supply seems to be working accept for the mystery quot no po... Read more

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My PC suddenly shut off and wouldn't turn on, but the mouse and motherboard lights were still on. A tech took my PC and ran some tests. I assumed that either my Power supply or my Motherboard was unfunctional but he called me back telling me that it was neither, and that the problem was coming from "a part" that gave power to the motherboard. The replacement of this part would cost $80.

Am I getting ripped off? What part could possibly cost $80 and isn't the Power supply?

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I am shopping around for a new power supply for this motherboard. In addition to the ATX and ATX12V connectors, there is also an AUX power connector on this board. The PSU's I'd like to get for it (namely, the SmartPower2.0 from Antec) do not have this connector. This review by anandtech seems to indicate this motherboard does not need the aux power to function correctly.

Can anyone here confirm this? Thanks!

A:ASUS P4T motherboard and AUX power connector

From that article, I take that it can work without it.
I have an old psu that has a power lead like that, but it's only 230w.
Maybe some psus still have that connector.

Edit: I found one psu that has the 6pin aux connector. Fortron 350w ATX12V 350W Power Supply - Retail
It's on the right of the pic.

Another one.
Antec true 430w TRUE430 ATX 430W Power Supply - Retail
The connector is 3rd from the left.
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I currently have an asus P5KPL-VM mobo with a 4 pin power connector for the proccessor. I would like to buy a new asus mobo, and I've found the perfect one for my needs but the processor power connector is an 8 pin setup with a removable plastic cover over 4 of the pins. Am I able to use this mobo with the same processor and power supply with the 4 pin setup, or do I need a new power supply with the 8 pin connector.

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hi guys as per one of my friend I could replace my memory RAM up to GB so I ve ordered Power Light Motherboard/Power 8300 AMBER Green XPS - Supply - Light a couple sticks of Kingston HyperX nbsp so I ve took slot and replaced GB Hynix RAM by GB HyperX Now I have a good old CPU that doesnt work plus it smell like burnt plastic with no apparent damage to XPS 8300 - AMBER Motherboard/Power Light - Green Power Supply Light the board or RAM nbsp Startup x BEEP No BIOS Motherboard Light Solid AmberBootup Light Flashing AmberPower Supply Light Solid Green I ve tried booting from nbsp a single RAM unit on slot one then slot two and nothing has changed anyone can help Motherboard Y MRGhttp www findlaptopdriver XPS 8300 - AMBER Motherboard/Power Light - Green Power Supply Light com specs- y mrg-dell Processor i Primary SSD Kingston HyperX Savage added Secondary Seagate TB TB added Barracuda New RAM nbsp ts HX C FK http www kingston com dataSheets HX C FK pdfOld RAM nbsp HMT U CFR C-H https www amazon com PC - - MHz-Hynix-HMT U CFR C-H -Unbuffered dp B BTRAS
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HI, I was wondering if it is safe to use an atx psu on a motherboard with an eatx power connector. The motherboard has a 24-pin eatx and a 4-pin atx 12v connector. I bought the motherboard and started using an atx psu and everything seems to work ok then realized after it was an eatx power connector on the motherboard. Are there eatx psu's? Thanks

A:Safe to use ATX PSU on a motherboard with an EATX power connector?

EATX is a form factor (12"x13") not a power connector. I'm assuming you are talking about using a PSU with a 20 pin (old ATX) connector with a newer motherboard that has a 24 pin (current ATX) connector. If that is the case you will need to consult your motherboard's manual. Some 24 pin boards run fine with only 20 pins some don't. The issue is that each pin in only rated to carry a certain amount of current (Amps). If you overload one of these pins your risk burning or melting the ATX connector on either the PSU, Motherboard, or both.
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I have replaced a faulty dell motherboard with a Gigabyte GA-H61M-S2PV new one.
The chasis connector for power button is compatible with the original motherboard, but i need to know which pins placed where, so i will be able to connect them to the new motherboard. 
Gigabyte have this in the manual: 
where can i find the same from dell motherboard?
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Im working on a computer that turns on powers up, hard drive spins, etc. but no video is displayed. Ive replaced the motherboard, video card, RAM, power supply, and tried a new hard drive, is it possible that this could be a CPU problem? The computer is

Foxconn socket 939 mb
AMD Athlon 64 FX 3400+
Geforce 7600 GS 256MB Video Card
150GB SATA Hard Drive
420W Power Supply

I appreciate the help

A:I`ve replaced the motherboard, video card, RAM, power supply, but still no video.

Do you have another monitor that you can hook up just to check? Are you receiving any post "beeps" when you boot it up?
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I cannot find the power switch connecter on this mother board, it's not even listed in the manual, that I could find any way. Any help would be much appreciated!

A:ASUS P8Z77-M Motherboard Power Switch Connector?

Are you looking for the ASUS Q-Connector?
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Well I just bought a new computer I get home plug in my graphics card and get the molex adapter with the pin plug that goes into the graphics card to grab a hand full of sata wires WTF do they make these new computers with the sata cables to piss me off I read graphics connector there! not card Power 4 around and saw that there SHOULD be a pin connecter coming straight Power connector 4 graphics card not there! out of the power supply in the new computers but of course just because it is ME there is none So my question is what am I suposed to do is there any adapters that go from sata to pin or even sata to molex I have two more Power connector 4 graphics card not there! questions I bought a new computer like I sed and I was deciding between and AMD quad core phenom e X OR the intel Q My gut instinct sed take the Q take it and never let it go BUT I asked the guy there and he told me AMD is MUCH better than intel he even went as far to say that intel is grbage Now I have heard that AMD is better for gaming BUT I do not think that this guy realized WHICH AMD quad core I was looking at I really think I should have gotten the Q which is proly what I will do tomorrow since this lack of power connector has givin me incentive I would like your opinions though Does ANYONE suggest the e over the Q Questiong Is there anyway of taking this PIECE OF vista and downgrading it back to my XP I have the XP disk sadly I do NOT have the vista disk which makes me question being able to delete and creat a new partition even though I am not even sure if the partition has ANYTHING to do with the OS I am new to all this and I am learning OH and with the processor queestions I know you can over clock the up to a but I have also heard that the third core on the new phnoms are unstable and no good I am almost positvie everyone will say take this back and get the after what I ahve been reding lately lolol I just want to se if ANY ONE will suggest the over the and if so why nbsp

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My computer recently had a failed fan in the power supply unit I took the machine to an official computer tech company and they replaced it I brought the machine or Supply Power Motherboard? home used it once I turned off the machine unplugged it to use outlet for another computer I then replugged in the machine with the new power supply and nothing happened when i turned on the machine Nothing nada zilch No noise no video no nada I see a green Power Supply or Motherboard? light on the chip board inside the unit so Power Supply or Motherboard? i know its receiving power but no Action Is this my motherboard now and maybe my processor The tech s say that i need a new motherboard and processor But i dont trust them anymore after my replaced power supply and now dead computer Any suggestions on the logic of what s happening with my machine PLEASE HELP I m an end-user not a tech so I just need this all to make sense Thank you nbsp

A:Power Supply or Motherboard?

Hello there and welcome to Techspot!

I feel your pain. We've all been there. Not that sympathy makes things any better, but you have mine.

It is hard for us to tell what is wrong with your system without looking at it of course. But maybe we can help you confirm a few things.

You say you can see the green LED light is lit up on your motherboard. That's a good thing. When you push the power button, no fans are spinning at all? Not a good thing.

It could be any number of things, and the tests that need to be done involve removing parts to help troubleshoot. Do you feel comfortable doing these types of things?

Try unplugging and reconnect your power supply connections to the motherboard.

I would also test your computer case's power-on button. This is done by disconnecting the small 2pin cable from your case that goes to your motherboard, then using a screwdriver to quickly touch the two pins that that cable was connecting to. This will short the pins, and hopefully start your computer. If it does, then your power switch on your case needs replacing.

Other than that, I would try this test to see if you can get the power supply fans spinning:

If the fans on the PSU don't spin, then you have (another) dead power supply.

If the fans on the PSU do spin, then we have narrowed you down to either a dead motherboard or a dead CPU (probably motherboard)
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Hi, I'm on a mission to patch together some kid's emachines T2682 P4 pc. I'm pretty sure the motherboard is toast, I managed to get it running once, began a defrag, then the screen went to "no signal" (I could hear it was still running) and on reboot, no beeps, no post, no signal. The fans run, so I think the power supply is ok. I removed the ram, still no beeps, no video signal. I'm set to order another board, but I read where in most cases the power supply is what causes the mboard failure. Should I get a power supply and try that first? Is there a way to just check the ps?

A:Power supply or Motherboard?????

I would replace the power supply at the same time as the mother board. I had a faulty supply that seemed to work, on an Emachine that was under warranty. It blew the motherboard and keyboard and a wirless adapter that was pluged into the usb port at the time. they replaced all the parts but the wireless adapter because that was my own part. They put in a used power supply and just after the warranty it went out again an took the motherboard with it again. I took out the harddrive and threw the rest in the garbage. No more emachines for me. It was cheap and used as a second computer for the grandkids so no loss.
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hi i m new motherboard need new Do supply? I or power a to this site so please help me with my computer i m sorry if this is in the wrong place to post this Do I need a new motherboard or power supply? fourm anyways lately I have been having troubles having Do I need a new motherboard or power supply? my computer bootup and have a startup screen or windows pop up but it doesn t I sometimes have to boot it out of times for it to work and eventually it does One day it froze so I held the power button to turn it off Now it doesnt have a post screen SO now the power is on fans running videocard fan running but nothing on display I m not too sure if its the power supply even though its watt because it lasted me - years plus all my fans are running I posted help and people said it is my power supply due to because it doesn t give enough power to my I m assuming its the motherboard because i heard no beep when I turn on my computer also I ve tried taking my ram out and turning it on and there is no continuous beep i am suppose to hear I change my ram around i took out my processer to check my monitor should be fine When I turn it on the only sound i hear from it is my discdrive and also my cpu fan is the last fan that spins after awhile I took out my videocard and cleaned it and put it back i did that to my sound card and my network card too so please help me out i don t wanna go buy a new computer my specs x gb DDR SD Crucial Ballistix Mhz Nvidia Geforce Gigabyte S-series GA-P -DS L Motherboard watt Corsair power supply Intel duocore or Ghz im really bad with computers lol sorry guys hope this helps nbsp

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I have a P6vem3 mainboard and everything seems to work but the monitor will not come out of standby.
I get a post code of E9 and I have seen EE pc analyzer. I put in another vga card, but
the same thing happens when the computer starts. It gives a single continuous beep.
Should I replace the power supply, I'm not sure what to replace it with. Or should I just buy another motherboard?
Please help,
Thank you

A:motherboard vs power supply

It sounds like a issue with the memory. If you have the mainboard manual see what a long continuous beep means. more then likely its bad memory so try to buy new RAM if that dont work buy a new mainboard
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My pc won't properly boot up (i.e. all the fans turn, but there's no video input), so I have troubleshooted all parts. Eventually I put my PSU in another computer, to find that that one didn't boot at all. I concluded the PSU had to be broken.

As a last test I used a multimeter to manually test the voltages of the 24-pin connector and found that they were all next-to perfect.

Does that indicate that the PSU is healthy, and my motherboard must be dead?


A:Power supply or motherboard?

Marty9231 said:

Does that indicate that the PSU is healthy, and my motherboard must be dead?Click to expand...

No. It just means that under essentially no load the PSU is delivering the proper voltages. The voltages supplied under load may dip well below what they are supposed to be.
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Hello, I need your advice please.

I have a system based on a Epox 8KHA+ with the latest BIOS. 512MB RAM, AMD XP2000+ not overclocked, running at 56 degC., Windows XP fully updated.

The problem is the system keeps turning itself off. After about an hour of running, it suddenly dies as if the power plug had been removed. If I try to restart using the power switch nothing happens. If I then unplug the power lead and replace it, it then starts up OK.

Any ideas please?

Many thanks


A:Power supply or motherboard?

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Sounds like some kind of overheating problem. The psu is a major suspect.

Try another psu and see how it goes. I don`t think it`s your mobo.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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My computer was working great.  I went out of town for a week and upon my return, it would not turn on.  The green light on the power supply was lit but that was as far as it went.  I purchased a mobo but this did not fix the problem.  I am not real computer literate but have experience.  Does this mean that the power supply is gone since no power seems to go beyond the light?  If not, can you tell me what to try?

A:Motherboard or Power Supply?

You can test the power supply (PSU) with these instructions.
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Case Heres the thing I went to a friends house wolvman on here and was getting it set up He told me that because I Power out Either Or Supply went Motherboard needed a hard drive still and that neither of the raptors he gave me worked he had a gig IDE drive I plug it up having to unplug the side fan because all of the power supplies I have are limited to I think legacy connections I start the computer up nothings wrong but its lagging a little due to the system XP home getting drivers etc for the hard drive It comes up and says its working so I check it and it was It had a previous installation of XP on it so I see everything We then decided to play CS S and about minutes into it it was running fine and dandy it just shuts off First I think that the GPU went out because I didn t notice the computer went off just that the monitor said quot No signal quot but it went completely off I proceed to try to turn it back on and it does NOTHING I pulled the side of the case and checked how hot it was Either Power Supply Or Motherboard went out The Power Supply Either Power Supply Or Motherboard went out was pretty freaking hot along with the GPU CPU and HDD s This is where I get scared First I think it just overheated and shut down but then I realise that that s usually a BSOD correct Would the HDD s usually get that hot Its a Either Power Supply Or Motherboard went out simple Maxtor gig I believe its RPM No point in making threads X D Case I got a motherboard from him after this us deciding that I needed to upgrade anyway While its not great its still decent It contains an Athon XP Same as his computer and has PCI-E support I have no clue what the maker is or anything It has a Geforce IGP but the guy used to have a GPU in it but his brother stupidly knocked it off of the bed and one of the battery things on the GPU what are these busted and acid went all over it Do you think it will still work It is already in my case with a power supply but I am waiting for him to find the manual so I can plug up the power switch and everything will it hurt anything to just try different pins I stupidly did the uppermost top right one on the set of pins that you plug them up to and it wouldn t shut off without switching it off on the back of the PSU Simply do you think Battery acid could ve killed the Motherboard I apologize for this very long topic but I haven t been on for a while and in the meantime this all happened nbsp

A:Either Power Supply Or Motherboard went out

Maxtors fail way too frequently. Next choice is the power supply. Watch from the back with a strong light when the <ON> button is pressed. Does the fan blade turn four revolutions or less. That is a bad power supply.
There is no relationship, really, between heat and a BSOD. It can just as easily shut down as give you a BSOD.
I'm betting it is power supply, memory module, or Maxtor failure.
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Hey fellas. My mother in law had a power outage quite some time ago. When it happened her pc would not turn back on. Is there any way to check to see if the motherboard is still good? I would like to get it working as a secondary computer. Also, how can I tell what kind of power supply is required for that motherboard? Because I have tried a couple power supplies, and one was from a OLD 166mhz pc, while ther other was from a 866mhz, but it seems like the ends or where it plugs into the motherboard are different in shape. Any suggestions? This is a HP 900mhz pc, it would be nice for web browsing and other task. Thanks for any help!

A:Motherboard/Power Supply ?

Post the make/model of the motherboard and we can probably find a manual for it.
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I was looking through motherboards and noticed that this one has an 8-PIN power connector.

I went and looked through PSUs and found that most are only 4-PIN, like this one.

What am I missing? How do you connect a 4-PIN PSU to an 8-PIN board?


A:8-PIN Motherboard and a 4-PIN Power Supply

A lot of the newer PSUs have two 4 pin connectors to use for the 8 pin connection. Also I have seen some 4pin to 8 pin adapters on NewEgg and eBay.
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OK I ll try to get it right I have an Intel Ghz Duo Core on an ASUS Motherboard Gig RAM and all about six years old running Windows Pro When I do a cold Power what? OS? or Motherboard? .... supply? bootup from the power OFF condition the PC freezes at the BIOS message and will sit there forever If instead I press DELETE on bootup it will boot right through to the BIOS settings page blue white screen whereupon I do the ESC and EXIT bit get Power supply? Motherboard? OS? .... or what? presented with quot Start Windows Normally quot and all is then OK If I do a reboot using the reset push button it will only proceed to the BIOS part where the HARD DISC is checked and again will sit there for ever Now to confuse it further if I turn the PC OFF and ON using the front deck push button it will do a normal reboot right through to starting Windows correctly Whilst the PC runs reasonably well thereafter it is quite common Power supply? Motherboard? OS? .... or what? for it to do a complete and total shutdown for no reason whatsoever or the keyboard or mouse to suddenly stop working On the back of the deck is yet another ON OFF switch and using this to reboot the PC results in a normal bootup So something stinks using the RESET Pb on the front of the deck or a normal cold bootup I replaced the Motherboard battery pushed and pulled all the wires - as you do - all to no avail It is far from a happy PC and I suspect either the power pack is playing up or the Motherboard is on the way out It is quite common to be tapping away quite happily when BANG the whole thing does a complete shutdown following a keystroke or adding a USB device such as a camera or such For no apparent reason on a bootup it will decide to reinstall a whole stack of drivers that have been working satisfactorily to date It may be the Windows software as after I took it to the local repair shop now defunct I keep getting messages that Windows is not the genuine version When I asked the Techie on this one he said thay had used one of quot their Windows discs quot to effect some repairs - yeh I have everything backed up so am very gtempted to format the whole wretched thing and try again I know the above explanation is a but hard to follow but hoping someone can see a glaring problem Is there any disgnostic software I can download to do a check on the hardware or is this a waste of time Thanks nbsp

A:Power supply? Motherboard? OS? .... or what?

Sure. Start by going into the bios and checking your temps and voltages; specifically the cpu temp, system temp, 12V, 5V, and 3.3V values. Post those here.

Next download and run memtest This runs from bootable media ie CD, floppy, etc. You need to make the bootable disk and restart with the disk in the drive [CD set as first boot device in the bios]

Test the hard drive with the drive maker's diagnostic. You download this from whomever made the drive ie WD, Seagate, etc. Most of the time you have a choice between a windows version and a dos or boot version; get the boot version. Again it runs from bootable media.

One other thought; have you cleaned the system at all? If not, open the case and give it a good cleaning with a can of air [available at any office store, computer store, even walmart]
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Hi I have a computer or maybe had with an Asus M v-MX SE motherboard with Power Supply or Motherboard a dual core AMD processor running XP Pro SP Over the last few months maybe once every week or weeks it would freeze after booting into the OS Mouse would freeze and couldn t crl-alt-delete to task manager I had to unplug it then reboot and it would be fine The other day as it booted the boot message screen came up in different colors within words then everything had a green hue The green hue continued after the OS came up I was just checking mail before I went to work When I came home I Motherboard or Power Supply turned on the computer---and nada It didn t do anything and a message appeared on the monitor---no signal Not even the bios came up I use the onboard video so with the green hue I figured Motherboard But since it sent no signal now I m thinking power supply How can I determine the cause of the problem I know I can t find a replacement motherboard---it s years old A month ago I put in Crucial CT KIT AA gb but I don t know how this would cause this problem as it hasn t froze since I installed the ram Any and all responses will be greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

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OK here is the chain of events Turn off computer at Had pizza Power Up computer at While I'm walking away I think I hear a rather remarkably loud beep or maybe two beeps Either way when I come back to my computer it's powered on however the monitor shows quot No SIGNAL quot I go through the standard try the monitor on another computer check the cables etc After a few more tweaks I power the computer up Still no signal Another power up later I notice there is no POST beep I check everything and try again No post I or supply Motherboard? Power reset CMOS no post I notice at this moment that the VIA chip fan isn't spinning I unplug all peripherials and try again Power supply or Motherboard? no POST the computer comes on for a brief second then everything stops the PSU fans computer fans everything Now that's all I get it's Power supply or Motherboard? like the car starts but doesn't turn over I'm assuming this is either a powersupply problem or a mother board problem How do I narrow it down My MAJOR concern is I have segate drives RAID ed the one for speed I think if I get a new mother board I need to keep this info is that possible So I guess in order of priority here are my questions How do I get my data off my Raid drives Is this a PSU issue Or a Motherboard issue Power supply or Motherboard? Sorry about the meandering nature of the post but it's am and I'm really out of sorts worrying about this Thanks in advance Shaun ABIT KR - R AMD AThlon XP strips GB segate barracuda RAIDed drives NVIDA GeForce Soundblaster Live Windows XP pro SP

A:Power supply or Motherboard?

Check to see if the CPU was installed correctly and have not come "loose". Also check the pin that powers the CPU fan and see if it is seated securely.
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I am building c computer and have aUniversal Pentium 3 motherboard DFI CA64-TN with a Intel Celeron 1.3 ghz processor. I can't get anything to power up. When I power it up the light on the motherboard lights up but nothing else powers up. The fan in the power supply does not spin.

Can someone help me please...I am at a lose as to what the problem is.

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I am working on my aunts PC HP slimline supply? Is or it the power motherboard again This Is it the motherboard or power supply? time it will not turn on seems relatively easy problem I press a power button Is it the motherboard or power supply? and exactly Is it the motherboard or power supply? nothing happens not even PSU fan spins I do not have a tester for FLEX PSU they have that tiny pins and not regular size ones but I take it out and cross the green wire PSU on with black ground wire and the PSU turns on hmmm So I independently test out each voltage on all wires and they all come out with proper voltages I put the PSU back in and I test out the power button and its wires and they are fine I even crossed the pins on the motherboard to get it to turn on and nothing The thing I can not get my head around it that in every motherboard failure I was a witness to I was at least getting some PSU response fan spinning That is why at first I thought it was PSU for sure but I do not have spare FLEX ATX PSU as they are not common at all Would I be wrong to assume that motherboard went south The way I see it ifI get a new motherboard for a lot less than new FLEX PSU with standard power supply plug I can just put the PC into normal chassis I have spares and use one on my many spare ATX PSU s and eliminate both possible sources of error weather it is a motherboard or FLEX PSU Thoughts Thanks nbsp

A:Is it the motherboard or power supply?

Assuming the fuse in the power cord is fine, I would suspect the PSU to be at fault.
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I have a s446 motherboard. It came with a 350 watt power supply in the kit I purchased. I would like to buy a bigger case and the one I like comes with a 450 watt power supply. I looked at my manual and searched on the internet but I can't determine if it is safe to hook my motherboard up to a 450 watt power supply. If anyone could help I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

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I was replacing a fan in my case because it made a high pitched sound. I took it out to test it to make sure there wasnt too much pressure from the screws inside the case that were causing this noise. I unplugged one of the molex connectors from my gfx card to test it. It still made the sound so i plugged the molex back into the 2 molex to 6 pin connector and the computer shut off immediatly. Now when i hold down or just push the on button my led flashes and fans spin and stop repeatedly. Any Help would be just the best thing right now.

~Thank you


A:Motherboard or Power supply

NEVER unplug or plug in anything except maybe case fans inside a computer with it powered up! Pull out the video card and see if the computer powers on. If it powers on you have fried the video card. If the computer still doesn't power on, the power supply should be changed before you suspect the motherboard
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Hello nbsp i got a question regarding the HP Z workstation recently bought a dual xeon one with GTX installed on the pin connector nbsp as i cannot find any other power connector to use neither on the power supply nor anywhere else around the board i'm wondering how a graphic card should be powered thatneeds nbsp x pinor x pin pinor x pin nbsp really for graphics 1 only 6pin power card? connector i know there were some discussions about that in this forum but i didn't understandthe solution some said there are adapters to switch pin to pin or pin to x pin nbsp but how is that really only 1 6pin power connector for graphics card? possible really only 1 6pin power connector for graphics card? as far i know watts are max from the pci-e connection further watts max for x pin nbsp so connecting any adapter to that x pin for graphics cards that need far more power would beagainst the specification a danger right nbsp and what about dual graphics setup nbsp would be glad if anyone around could help me with this nbsp best greetings nbsp Chris
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Just in case the Motherboard(maybe Power Supply CPU?) on fritz. or Either these are my specs for a New self-built for the first time machine MB ASUS P P -E DELUXE ATX Intel Motherboard CPU intel Pentium E MHz FSB Socket HDD Seagate Barracuda ST A RPM IDE Ultra ATA Hard Drive ASUS N TD Geforce MB -bit DDR AGP X X Video Card GB RAM MB Aspire ATX AS w PSU came with the case When I got finished with hooking everying Either Power Supply or Motherboard(maybe CPU?) on the fritz. up in the case I turned on the power and guess what It turned on for split second and then died down I tried doing it again and again for like what seemed like times which might of caused a future problem with different things unplugged and it still always did that After all that I figured that the problem can be at least somewhat cured if I take out the big pin plug and put it straight back in and then it ll fully power up But sometimes for some reason it goes straight back to powering for a split second and dieing As long as I disconnect and connect the big power cord it ll power up but that s not the problem I m having NOW When I DID get it working I m sure you can imagine my joy that I finaly got it to work So I went straight to installing Windows XP and then something happened The computer friggin froze Restarted and in the middle of the installation it froze again Repeat like more times and then I ve finally got XP installed Only thing is is that it of course it froze most the time and it would usually only take like or minutes til it freezes Now it s so bad that I can t usually can t make it the desktop and if I could it would only freeze a few minutes later As right now the problem has gotten worse in that the computer now refuses to boot if the anything is plugged into the Primary IDE port which is by the way right next door to the pin power socket And when it rarely but sometimes boots with a cable in the PRI IDE port it just does those freezing antics all over again I Put the HDD cable back in and it doesn t boot up It won t boot up even if the connection to the HDD is off When the cable is only connected to the PRI IDE port so I don t really think the problem s the HDD Of course I can t start Windows XP without the harddrive so I can t use the computer yet In fact all I ve been able to do with my selfbuilt computer so far is activate XP over the phone cause of the freezing problem and install the Nvidia driver Anything else I tried the computer freezes before or during the process I m using my mother s very weak by comparison but at least actually working computer right now if you re wondering Oh and by the way the ASUS s POST bios keeps on telling me that Overclocking failed Please enter Setup and re-configure your sytem I never even TOUCED the Overclocking settings in the bios and if I check the settings it s always still on Standard and not any of those Overclock etc settings So could it be my CPU maybe All the other IDEs are ok by the way And I already tried using a fresh HDD cable so that s not it either Now I m considering that it could very well be the power supply and that maybe it damaged my motherboard Please help What should I replace or do Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Either Power Supply or Motherboard(maybe CPU?) on the fritz.

Did you use an anti static wrist strap?

Or did you ground yourself by touching the power supply while building the pc. If you didn't take electrostatic precautions you could have damaged the motherboard or other components
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Hey guys,

My motherboard has recently blown and I've had to replace it. My only issue is that it has a different internal power source to my former motherboard and I'm not sure if I can utilise my old power supply with it. I've included pictures of the motherboard connection (the blue one) and the power supply connection. Power supply connection is for a larger connection but it works perfectly with the motherboard, except it is inserted into 4 slots rather than 8.

Is this safe? It seems to be working fine.


A:Power Supply/Motherboard Compatibility

Yes it's safe, good explanation here :-
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Hi everybody! I need some help  about power pins of ml 350 g6 motherboard.I have a atx power supply with 24 pins, but this motherboard (ml 350 g6)  has 22 pins.  Is there any way to adapt it ? Thanks!  

A:pinout power supply HP ML 350 g6 motherboard!

Hi: You may also want to post your question on the HP EBC Support Forum -- Proliant Servers section
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How can I tell if my power suppy is dead or the motherboard is dead. When I press the power button, nothing happens.

Computer is out of warranty and is a DELL 4600

Please help

A:Dead power supply or motherboard???

You'll need to get your hands on a powersupply and swap it into the DELL to see if thats the problem.
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since my build keeps changing from day to day i keep needing new advice and opinions on what to do with it it changes partially due to my proposed budget and partially because i find that i want to plan more for the future and include certain features my biggest concerns are as i suggested in my title my concern with my motherboard is that it s from asus http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N supply power Motherboard and concerns E it was selected because of it s price and the features it offers i need ide pata ports a few SATA ports at least pci-e x at least pci at least x pin pc memory slots and an LGA slot but since this one is from ASUS and has lots of complaints and ASUS is going downhill i m hesitant to buy this board i m not exactly going to have an awful lot of money to Motherboard and power supply concerns throw around for RMAing parts i d like something that s high quality offers what i want and doesn Motherboard and power supply concerns t go very much higher than dollars i tried looking into a gigabyte board but i can t find one that has ide pata slots for a good price or that doesn t have so many problems the other concern is whether or not the psu i selected will power the system well enough i ve selected the Corsair CMPSU- VX http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E my Motherboard and power supply concerns concern is the amperages offered on the v rail i m not sure if it has enough let alone how to calculate whether it has enough here are the specs i m trying to run intel core duo E conroe gigabytes G Skill ddr memory geforce gt mb dvd drive x speed x gig hard drives the ones listed in my current specs eventually i ll buy a new one that s sata x mm fans and possibly up to x is the corsair i ve chosen good enough or do i need to go with a higher end model this part was again selected for price but also because i know it s a strong psu and good quality if this one isn t enough i ll move up to an antec neoHE or an antec earthwatts but for now i d like to see if this corsair will work nbsp

A:Motherboard and power supply concerns

*bump* come on people. advice please?
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Hi my W don t know the brand power supply gave out a few weeks ago so I replaced it with a W Thermaltake Ever since then my motherboard AsRock P V has been starting up slowly Normally it detects the Primary and Secondary IDE devices within a few seconds and moves on to boot windows but now it takes about a minute to get through it Also it sometimes stops at the Initializing USB controller and it ll never complete I don t think it freezes at that point because if I press F or F and it ll tell me killed supply Power Motherboard? that it s preparing to enter setup boot Power supply killed Motherboard? menus I more or less solved Power supply killed Motherboard? the problem by powering down the computer for about - minutes and it got past the USB issue fine but it still took a while to detect the IDE devices I think it s time for a new motherboard but I m hoping to salvage it nbsp

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Okay being the computer tard i am and also being nosey i kinda demolished my Motherboard and Power Supply I ll explain just to make you guys laugh at how much i am of a complete idiot Power Supply My powersupply was louder then normal so i opened up my case and rebooted still loud so i made sure everything was plugged in ok and again still loud so i unscrewed it and ran it with Power Help New Required Supply. Motherboard, the casing off and then BOOOOM Right in my face I got told i could of died by it but i was laughing so hard i was almost crying Shat my pants almost lol Motherboard I decided to learn bits of the motherboard and took the PSU off tried to put it back and bent the gold spikey bits Motherboard, Power Supply. New Help Required didn t work again So overall i ve decided with these two new parts Are they compatable Will they work Power Motherboard, Power Supply. New Help Required Supply http www overclockers co Motherboard, Power Supply. New Help Required uk showproduct php prodid CA- -HP amp tool Motherboard http www xpcgear com cknf a html Im using x Gig DDR Memory Sticks Im a casual gamer i don t know what my Graphics card is but it cost me quid so it better be good Btw Just to make you druel in your chair My new sexy case http www xpcgear com vento blk html Thanks nbsp

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the ASUS A7n8x-x motherboard , I was told was compatible for my system. My question is , when I looked it up on, there were two....there is a ASUS A7n8x-x going for @ 74.99 and also a ASUS deluxe for about 118.99 , they both have nvidia nforce2 utra 400 + Mcp, is there a big difference between the two as far as perfomance? I also saw a ASUS A7v8x-x with a VIA chipset ( my comp ran a VIA before) and I just wanted to make sure that I can run a nvidia chipset.
Also.... I looked into my power supply and it's a 250 W max. I am not sure what wattage max I can ,or should go to . Any help would be great. thanx

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Hello I've been having issues with my old gaming PC and I would like to either replace or upgrade the components but I'm not sure what the issue is Here's a list of what happened - - years ago I was experiencing BSODs on PC boot so I decided to check each ram individually to see if one of them its causing the problem So I found that sticks were faulty so I removed them and I was left with GB ram - months ago Motherboard or Power Faulty Supply? I tried to turn on the PC and it was shutting down after seconds or it wouldn't even start at all no signs Faulty Motherboard or Power Supply? of power - So I decided to disassemble everything and clean my dusty fans there was a lot of dust inside the power supply and tried to boot again This time the PC was booting but with no display - So I removed everything expect the CPU Cooler and fans and tried to boot again Still no display no beeps and fans were spinning Is it safe to assume that my motherboard is bad Is there any other way to test it to make sure Because if it's the motherboard I might be replacing the whole system unless its the power supply that's faulty so I could replace it with a cheap one at the moment and upgrade the PC later Specs OS Windows bit CPU AMD Phenom tm II X Processor Motherboard ASUS M A TD-V EVO Memory GB DDR SDRAM Graphics Cards ATI Radeon HD MB x Cooling H corsair Hard Drives WDC WD AALS- L B ATA Device GB IDE x
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I replaced a motherboard, processor and memory. All should work with each other. I got everything connected and cannot get the power button to work. I have tried it every different combination that I possibly can. The led on the mb is on. Any suggestions? I can't even get it to do anything. This computer worked until I took out the old parts and replaced them wiht new. Is it possible the MB is bad?

A:problem with power supply and motherboard

Yes, the board could be bad; but, more testing is in line before deciding that.

Are you certain you have the power-on switch connected to the proper pins on the board? Thoroughly checking this is a must. Study it carefully.

Is it possible you have the CMOS-clear jumper set to 'clear'? I have bought boards that had this setting out of the box. I never could figure why they would do that; but, they did.

Are you certain the processor is fully seated into its socket? And, are you certain there are no bent pins?

If you have checked all of the above and found nothing amiss, disconnect everything from the board and remove all add-in cards and see if it will power up.
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I have a power supply of ATX 12V V1.3 and my motherboard has a label says "24-pin ATX V2.2 Power Supply." Are these two components capable? Will there be any kind of problems that might occur such as pc shuts off itself and automatically restarts?

A:incapable power supply with the motherboard


Are you sure you don't mean "compatible"? If the PSU has a 24 pin plug for the main connection to the board, then it is. Earlier PSUs have a 20 pin plug for the mother board. some PSUs have something called a "20 plus 4 connector" which will work for both new and old motherboards. Since there is only 1 plug (the main board connector) coming out of the PSU with anywhere near that many pins, simply count 'em. 2 rows of 10, no worky, 2 rows of 12 in like Flynn.

Here's a Newegg tutorial on power supplies:

Here's a picture page with the connectors marked:,+TUV,+FCC,+and+CB+certification+-+Retail
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Alright, well I'm looking at purchasing this motherboard here:

If you'll look at a couple of the reviews, they mention this:

I neglected to get a 20+4 pin power supply for I dont know what reason, but once I had that everything worked. If you have a GPU which 256MB dedicated RAM or above it is reccomended that you get at least 14 amps on the 12 volt rail.Click to expand...

I have a 256MB GPU. My question is, what does that guy mean by the 14 amps/12 volts/20+4 pin power supply, and what do I need to get one? The case I'm looking at buying is this: Computer Cases

Does that include enough power, or should I be looking at another power supply in addition? Thanks in advance for the help.

A:Motherboard Power Supply Question

I'd recommend taking out the power supply that comes with that case and getting yourself a reliable one. Powmax are not really PSU makers, they are case makers (who include PSUs with their cases). In other words their PSUs are made with very cheap parts. You do not want a cheap psu. Read through this forum and you will see many people with really hard to diagnose problems that most of the time are the result of going cheap on the PSU.

To answer your questions briefly:

PSUs put out different types of power, as different parts on you computer like different flavors of power. There is 12v power for some parts, 5v power for others and 3.3v for the rest. A cheap PSU is not very good at making these different types of power, specifically the 12 type. A good PSU should be putting out at least 24amps as a minimum.

And the other question, your motherboard uses a 20pin connection from the PSU. Most new PSUs are a 24pin connection, but a lot of them have adapters that come with them, or better yet, the 24pin connector actually allows you to "snap" off 4 of the pins to change it to a 20pin connector.

I'd recommend getting a PSU from a company like enermax, fortron or Antec. Have a look at this thread for some great info:
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I have a HP 8000 elite cmt I know the elite series is a special setup I'm wondering if I can use the case to build a custom mid range gaming pc by replacing the Mobo to a ATX style and changing power supply I can modify the case to fit any power supply if needed I just need to know if I can put a ATX style Mobo in it
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Recently I had a problem with my computer where the monitor would not get a signal no matter what and I also tried another monitor and got the problem? Power Supply Motherboard or same problem I took out everything other than the Motherboard or Power Supply problem? motherboard CPU and RAM The computer started working so I put everything back in one by one and tested them each individually and it all worked until I put the graphics card back in GeForce GTX Now every time I take the card out of the computer it boots fine and the monitor works but when I have the card installed the monitor gets no signal even though it is connected to the motherboards VGA port and not the graphics card I replaced the GeForce GTX with an older GeForce GS and it had the same problem so now it s happened with two graphics cards even though the monitor was not connected to either of them I m hoping this is a sign that my GTX is not the problem When I originally started having the problem and took out the graphics card this problem was still happening so I have seen it happen both with the video card installed and with the video card out of the computer but now the computer only works while the card is not installed I have had people tell me that the motherboard was probably failing but now the motherboard appears to be working fine as long as no graphics card is installed they are both PCI-Express so maybe that slot is is having problems Any suggestions what could be going on here My system specs are in a text file attachment nbsp

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I made a thread this summer regarding problems charging my iPod. I had been assuming it was an issue with my motherboard, but recently began thinking that it could very well be my power supply. I was just wondering which is more likely, and if there's a simple test I could do. I'd easily be able to get my hands on a DMM.

This is the thread from this summer:

A:Motherboard or power supply problem?

Only thing I can think of is to test the PSU in a different computer - or better still, put a known working one in your PC. Seems strange that the iPod not charging is the only symptom of either however.
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I am in a build state with a Asus F1A75-V MB and a Hercules 600wPS. My misfortune is that nothing is simple. The board has a 8 pin EATX12 socket and my PS has a 4-pin & 6 pin 12 connectors. Is there a simple solution, or do I have to change PS?

A:Motherboard-power supply mismatch

You can use a 4 to 8 pin EPS power adapter to connect the cpu power.
Something like this........
I use one in one of my computers.
Hercules aren't top of the line power supplies,so make sure
it can handle the load the computer will put on it.
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An individual built the CPU running windows XP memory It s been up and running for about year When turning it on the BIOS did not see the hard drive So I rebooted and went into the BIOS and or Power Supply-dual Motherboard? fan tried to auto detect the hard drive It found it so I saved the configuration Power Supply-dual fan or Motherboard? and system booted fine After working for a while I shutdown the system for the day next day tried booting and same thing occurred So I went through the same steps as stated above system came back up Obviously a problem and concern here I couldn t stay to diagnose it at that time but it was up and running and it was used all day That afternoon I went and bought a battery for it thinking that was the problem After installing the battery and rebooting the system Right in the middle of the reboot the power supply-dual fan started making a loud noise and the CPU totally died dead So of course next I replaced the power supply-dual fan thinking maybe it was overheating After replacing that the fan unit on the motherboard started making a little bit of a noise so I thought what the heck I just replace the fan unit as well After replacing all of the above everything seems to be working fine But my question is how do make sure that it was the power supply and it s not the motherboard itself I do not have any fancy equipment like a voltmeter storage oscilloscope or the PC Power Check Is there any other way to tell without having just sit and wait or do you think that what I described above has fixed the initial problem Any advice would be greatly appreciated nbsp
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Just to let everyone know first, I'm not very techy/good at this stuff. I know several things but I'm far from good haha.
So my problem:
Every time I turn on the power for my computer the fans run but the light on the power button blinks once and then stays off. I have to try several times to hold the button/turn it off and then try turning it on again before it totally starts. I'm wondering if this is just a power supply problem or a motherboard issue? I've got an Acer Aspire AX3400-E2202 AMD Athlon IIX2 215 dual-core processor.
Also, if I were to get a new power supply unit would I have to stick to the watts of what it is now or could I move up to something like 300?

Thanks in advance

A:Motherboard dead or power supply?

Yes try a new power supply first... 350 to 500 watts is okay
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Hey i changed my power suppy the other day they are virtually the same except one has more plugs so I wanted it and the newer one has only 5 amps where the other is six. but anywho I changed them and it word like twice then cut out and now it will not turn on until I unplug it from the motherboard. but the weird thing is my old one doesn't even start when its pluggerd into the motherboard but they both work just fine when when uplugged from the motherboard so what gives?

A:Motherboard not acepting power supply?

Possibly too much draw. Did you plug in the P4 plug?
Post complete specs.
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I currently have a dell E310 dimension w/ a 230 w power supply
i want to upgrade to a ATI Readon 9250 PCI video card which requires more power
I have a Thermaltake Purepower 420w power supply which has a 20 pin connector--the motherboard has a 24 pin socket. there is also a 4 pin plug from the power supply . will the computer work with the 20 pin connector or do i need all 24 connections? --is the 4 pin connector supposed to make up for the extra connections?

A:20 pin power supply to dell 24 pin motherboard

Should work fine with the 20 pin, but there is another spot on your board for the other 4pin

the power supply should have 2 cables, the 20pin(or 24pin) and another cable with 4pin, both of those go in differnet spots,

and from what i know it shouldnt be a problem with the 20pin going in the 24pin.

Wait for more people to reply i might be wrong
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I have an Ultra V Series 500w power supply that has the 12x2, 3x2 and 2x2 connectors. My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H which requires the 12x2 (of course), but my question is do I need to plug in the 4x2 connector? I haven't tried booting yet. I'm not running a video or sound card, just the onboard video & sound (if that matters).

A:Motherboard / Power Supply Pin Question

Yes you need to plug in the 12V ATX connector This is the 4X2 connector.
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I have a gaming rig with the following stats:

500W Power Supply
9500 AMD Q4 Chip
Don't recall what motherboard I put in there, but it was functioning
Nvidia GTX 260 Video Card
1x 1TB HDD
1x 400GB HDD

In any case, there was a decently big power issue recently, and although the computer was hooked to a power strip, I'm pretty sure there was damage done as the computer will not turn on now; I can press the power button but the computer will not respond, and I went in and double checked the connections to make sure all was in working order (it was). It was in perfect working order previously, with all cables and equipment functioning, and the BIOS and everything was up to date. My issue is that I have no idea what got shot, the motherboard itself, or the power supply. Any suggestions?

A:Power Supply/Motherboard Issue?

Can you borrow a power supply and hook it up?
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Is it possible to have a motherboard corrupt a power supply?

I have a computer that quite working and I suspected the power supply. I installed a working power supply but that did not help. When I checked the voltage levels on the power supply, the 12 volt pins were only at 11 volts.

Did my motherboard wreck my ATX power supply?

Any help would be appreciated

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I recently bought a new computer from Dell and a new graphics card from newegg The computer is a Dell Inspiron and my graphics card Supply Motherboard and Issue Power is a Nvidia Geforce GT The graphics card requires a minimum of a watt PSU which unfortunately Dell only gave me a watt PSU So I replaced the watt PSU with a watt PSU that I purchased from a store near my place but when my computer is shut off the motherboard would make static noises The noises sound like a cross between clicking static that appear around minutes after my computer has been shut down and start to fade away after an hour The noises would only go away if I switched off the power on my PSU I replaced the new PSU with my old PSU and the static noises went away The power supply that I purchased was this http www coolermaster-usa com product php product id I called Dell about my problem and they said that the motherboard could not handle a power supply of more than watts I bought the computer and graphics card online so it would be a real pain to return and I m not really fond of replacing my motherboard I was wondering how I would be able to get rid of the static noise nbsp

A:Motherboard and Power Supply Issue

Dell lied to you, the motherboard has no idea on the wattage of the power supply, it simply draws as much as it needs. That said Dell's are cheap systems.

The power supply you got isn't of the best quality, and it may also be faulty. Return it for a higher quality brand and see if that resolves your problem.
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or the video card? The CPU i want to buy has 35W, do i have to look up if my motherboard or power supply or video card supports that?

A:Does the CPU's W have to match the power supply or the motherboard?

When looking at a new CPU's compatibility to a system, check whether:-

1) Your CPU supports the socket that your motherboad has.

2) Your motherboard's BIOS supports your CPU, if it doesn't, check the manufacturer's website for updates that'll allow support.

3) Your current cooling setup (Heat sink and fan) supports the new CPU.

4) Your Power Supply Unit (PSU) is powerful enough to handle the CPU. This is what you meant in your above.

Fill up your current system specs and tell us which CPU it is you intend to upgrade to so that we can advise you further.

System Info - See Your System Specs

Hope that helps!
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I am working with a friends Emachine T2042 2ghz Celeron. She told me that the machine wouldn't turn on - no lights, POST, etc. I replaced the PSU and am having some problems. Once I connect everything, only the PSU fan and the fan cooling the CPU are operative. No HD lights, POST, etc.

I've checked the 20 pin connection to the MOBO. It seems to be seated correctly. Any other ideas?


A:Power Supply - Motherboard problems

Hate to sound brash, but you're yet another person with a bad emachine. The bad news is emachines are notorious for horrible quality computers. This problem is posted ALL the time. The components and construction in emachines are of the cheapest quality. Their PSUs often blow out - often taking the motherboard along with it. If the computer is still under warranty, send it in. If not, test the PSU. You might be able to replace the PSU - however don't be surprised if the motherboard is also fried. If not- you're lucky. If it is toast , you might be able to salvage components and/or data by building another computer yourself.
You can buy a PSU tester for $12 at circuit city.

To all others: AVOID emachines period!
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I recently problem Supply Motherboard/Power decided to upgrade my computer big time by purchasing a new motherboard and processor and power supply case Anywho it is a KD -E motherboard an AMD Athlon XP processor and a watt power supply The processor doesn t seem to be the problem though so that shouldn t be anything to worry about I put the new MB in to the case and hooked it all up correctly I triple checked it a million times It simply would not turn on at all until I hooked a friends power supply in to it and that seemed to sort of jump start it It came on the fans and the lights and it would seem to go just fine but then it would sort of hiccup and die We hooked my power supply back in to it and it started working but hiccuping just like the other It would start up fans and all then Motherboard/Power Supply problem they would just die all of a sudden It seems that it runs longer though if you hold down the power button for some reason At first I just thought the power supply or the motherboard was fried but that cannot be it since they both work just not well I think it might Motherboard/Power Supply problem be a short in the motherboard maybe And it is not a lack of power either It is a watt power supply and that would be enough I believe That and my friends who we hooked in to it was a watt power supply and that is more then enough Anywho dunno if anyone has heard of anything like this before or have any suggestions or tips but I would really appreciate it I d like to get it working instead of having to send it all back to get new stuff which would be a major pain Thanks nbsp

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Does anyone know what model or type of adaptor I can purchase for my Dell Inspiron 13-7368 laptop for the power inlet so that I connect onto my external portable power unit (The connection to the power unit is USB)?
I do not have knowledge of how those the Dell power inlet are being classified and I cannot locate the specification for it. The AC Adaptor that I have for the Dell laptop is model HA45NM140. The information maybe on the AC-Adaptor but I do not know what I am looking for in regarding the plug in type for the inlet of the laptop.

A:DELL Inspiron 13-7368 power connector for portable power unit

No one knows at all?
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Hello I was wondering if someone would have a salution for me or suggestion I have recently bought a MSI -FX FSB Pentium Micro ATX Motherboard with Audio and LAN CPU Supports Intel Socket for Pentium Northwood Processors Support up to GHz FSB Supports FSB MHz Chipset SiS FX Chipset Supports Intel Pentium processors with data transfer and now I freeze. supply Replaced motherboard power rate up to MHz Supports -bit high performance DDR DDR memory controller Supports AGP X X interface at v or x at v with fast write transaction Dual-IDE ATA ACPI amp PC compliant enhanced power management Low pin count interface for SIO Integrated audio controller with AC interface Integrated high speed USB controller Mb s Main Memory Supports two -pin DDR DIMM Supports up to GB memory size without ECC Slots One AGP Accelerated Graphics Port slot - Replaced motherboard and power supply now I freeze. AGP specification compliant - Supports AGP x x Three -bit PCI bus slots LAN RealTek C PHY - Supports Mbps and Mbps auto-negotiation operation - Supports ACPI power management Audio channels software audio codec RealTek ALC - Compliance with AC v Spec - Meet PC audio performance requirement and a Titanium Powmax Assassin Watt or Pin Power Supply w mm Blue LED Fan SATA PCI-E Assassinate your opponents with this elite gamer style power supply Not only does Replaced motherboard and power supply now I freeze. it have next generation PCI Express video connector and SATA support but it features an enormous mm fan for maximum airflow and glowing LED lights FEATURES W Maximum Output CM High Efficiency Green LED Fan w Ultra Silent Design Excellent Heat Dissipation by Honey Comb Structure Built-in Voltage Overload Protection Colored Heat-sink and LED On Off switch Shielded Tube and Black Connectors x Pin Main Connector x PCI Express Connector x Serial ATA connectors Support Intel quot Pentium- quot and AMD quot Athlon XP Complies with ATX and ATX V SPECIFICATIONS Model PSAS Dimensions quot Wx H quot x quot D AC Input A A Hz Hz Max Load A A A - A - A vsb A MTBF K hrs at C ambient conditions Efficiency Min at full load Noise Level Maximum of db at system loading Certified by UL CB CE TUV amp FCC I put in my Intel Celeron P- GHz CPU with its original Heat sink and fan I also replaced the Thermole Grease I have a rear exast fan as well All Fans work well there all pritty new I have MB of DDR and a Nvidia GeForce FX Video Card Its fan is working as well My problem is this I am apperintly overheating I can run my PC some times till windows loads and some times just a couple minutes longer If I open my back door and put a small box fan on my PC I can run till I am ready to turn it off long as the weather out side requires a jacket Any help would be appriciated I have used the MSI Live Update and got all drivers and utillitys running I have also checked and my BIOs is up to date I am running Windows XP I had fried my original motherboard and power supply by hooking a bad monitor up I got the dreeded black screen My PC was perchased at Wal-Mart and was a hp pavilion a w Thanks for your time and I pray someone can help knock nbsp

A:Replaced motherboard and power supply now I freeze.

start by checking all the jumper settings.If there ok or resetting them doesn't work try flashing the bios if you can. make sure all cards,connectors tightly inserted,If problems persist remove devices one at a time.if it works when you remove a device then that device is the problem and needs to be replaced.If any of these are shorted they could cause freezeing.
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I need to replace the motherboard and power supply on my compaq 5321sr. Is this hard and where is the best place to get parts?

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I bought a Chaintech CT-7AJA2/AJA2E Motherboard and an Athlon 1.2 gig proccesor. I hooked everything up, then the power supply blew. I believe that I hooked the power button cord reverse polarity, not sure.

On intial start up, looked like it was going to run just fine. I am not sure what I did, but I need help badly.

Got a new power supply, made sure the polarity was correct and plugged it in. Nothing happened, no led light-up or sounds, nothing, Heck the power supply didn't even blow up this time.
p.s. By blow up, I mean burnt out. Smoking and such.

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i recently acquired an asrock pro 3 for a project budget build for a friend and have a query...

Basically, the atx 12v interface for the board has 8 pin holes, however my power supply has a 6+4, so

if i only connect the 6 to the 8 holes will it work?
if i connect 8 and have two pins overhanging will that work?
do i need to buy and adapter for 6 to 8 or 10 to 8?


A:asrock pro 3 motherboard vs power supply issue

Can you give us the exact version number / serial number for the motherboard. I can only find information on an asrock Pro 3 that shows it with 10 x 2 pins (6+4 connectors) for the motherboard power. Pro3/
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I have an emachines t which has been problem-frree for more than years Because motherboard t3265 power and problem supply of warnings about the psu failing and taking out the motherboard I got a new fsp psu along with gb of new ram from Crucial When I installed them power supply and motherboard problem t3265 the computer would repeatedly crash abruptly - sometimes before the windows start page came up and sometimes after I was able to boot up and use programs I took the new psu out and re-installed the new one and everything was fine for about month and the same thing happened It would take longer and longer after unplugging the power cord for the computer to re-boot Now the computer won t boot at all When I turn on the power the psu powers and the fan runs but nothing else If I take out the RAM no beeps I assume I damaged the motherboard Anything else I should try Anything else that could cause this problem I can get the same board for about should I consider any other one for this old computer Thanks Eric nbsp

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my xp keep shutting down and by the time i had someone look at it (a friend), they cleaned it but said they couldn't fix it which is unusal for him to not be able to fix it, but he does mostly work on the computer not in it. he said a power supply is probley what i need, is there a way i can tell if it's that are the motherboard are both that are messed up? thanks for any help,rose2948

A:windows xp power supply verses motherboard

Hi rose2948, we'd need a bit more info please such as pc specs and details of your current PSU. Also, did you ever get any 'blue screen of death' errors (BSODs)? If yes, can you remember any details please? Can you hear any beeps when you power up the machine? If yes, how many and their duration please? Are you able to access BIOS at all?
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The Gateway GT4016 desktop still powers on then off, new power supply, motherboard, switch sub, memory removed, dvd tray removed to test for bad. This is a big mega mystery. Hard drive removed temp. so that leaves about everything checked.
When I plug it in, fan starts up for a few seconds, then shuts off. (Not suppossed to do this until I hit the on button)

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Yesterday my power supply was blown up (fuse). So i bought the power supply (PS HEC 300W) and plug in my compter which is assembly with Intel Desktop Board D845GEBV2 mounted with Celeron 2.0GHz. If i am not wrong, it is compatible with my mother board right. But there is problem after switch it on the power. First i switch on the main switch in the power supply. And i realised that the CPU fan is running although i didn't switch on the power from the front panel of my system unit. The LED for the harddisk in the front pannel also light up even though i didn't connect power to the hard disk. Is it the Mainboard problem.

A:Motherboard problem after plug in new power supply

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot

I see from pic on intel your board has two power plugs,
did you plug in the 4 pin plug as well as the 20 pin?
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This question is regarding the power supply for a custom built computer. Tested old PS (starlogic 300 watt atx) & it was dead according to ATX power tester. So I purchased another power supply (closest I could find --Vio power w/atx 12V 420w max) that tests fine using ATX power tester. I connect it to the mobo and turn on.
The only response is a red light on the mobo.

Both p/s are atx that plugs into 12V socket.

I find the following on the mobo for mfr: ASUS ASB100/SIS963/ATA 133. Not sure where the product ID is on this mobo so wasn't sure what ps would be compatible.

What should be my next step for testing?

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I'm currently running a machine with an 8-core processor and a 550W Power Supply.

The machine won't run on all 8 cores. It gets to the "Windows Startup" screen and shuts down. It's not running hot as far as I can tell, and if I manually shut down a pair of cores in the BIOS it runs just fine. I am currently running it on 6 cores, but would like to run it on all 8.

Is my Power Supply not powerful enough, or do you think it's another problem?

My System:
Processor: AMD FX 8120 (8-core), 3.1GHz Socket AM3+
Motherboard: ASUS M5A88-V EVO
Power Supply: Logisys 550W ATX12V
Video Card: *Currently using onboard*

A:What size power supply do I need for my CPU/motherboard combo?

Your 550W PSU should run that system just fine. Is your BIOS up to date?
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Hi we are building a pc and have the following problem.
Internal LED from power supply stays on - so good, however pc was running now wont turn on. The 24 pin connector from the psu to the motherboard when partly pushed in makes the pc flash on and off - when fully in pc wont turn on at all, led stays on. Power supply is good as we tested it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Internal power supply problem to motherboard

Is the motherboard in the case? Are you sure that the motherboard is standing well off from the metal case? If not you may have caused some damage by pushing the connector hard and shorted the motherboard onto the chassis.
How have you tested the power supply? No load tests may not show up a problem.
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor AMD Phenom tm Quad-Core Processor x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD XT Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ECS MCP PM-GM Antivirus Norton AntiVirus Online Updated and Enabled I have been have Issues Supply/Motherboard Boot/Power strange issues with my PC that lead me to believe there is a bad hardware component and I need help figuring out which one exactly I can t remember which one started first but these two issues seem to signal the beginning of the end and started quite some time ago First the computer was unable boot from the hard disk It would try and load and load and never get anywhere It Boot/Power Supply/Motherboard Issues displayed some text about AEM new component detected or something like that I had the text written down but the paper is gone it was about a year ago that this started Sometimes it sounded like it was reading the CD-ROM drive I would do random things like just restart it restart and immediately open the CD-ROM tray and eventually it would boot Then it eventually stopped booting at all so I put in the Operating System disc and just booted from that The second problem that I recall that began around the same Boot/Power Supply/Motherboard Issues time was that the Boot/Power Supply/Motherboard Issues fan would quot bark quot whenever I clicked on My Computer or something similar caused the fan to kick on It is literally a bark so much that I convinced myself the neighbor had a dog that would bark once at random times while I was working These two issues occurred over the past year I have always had issues with the display adapter driver graphics Certain games wouldn t start or would crash just dumb things But a new issue was that when I viewed a video or streamed a program online in full screen mode occasionally the computer would freeze and lock up I would just hold the power button turn the PC back on and go back to work I assume this is in conjunction with my on-going struggle with the display adapter and not related to the bootup issues Then I noticed that a hard drive disappeared from My Computer This computer has two GB hard drives One is partitioned for recovery purposes The C drive has all of the Windows files programs everything The D drive is the partitioned drive for recovery There should be another drive listed that has my music photos videos stored I can t find it anywhere In the BIOS menu when I have it search for a connection on the several slots of the empty slots are immediately scanned and it says nothing found In one of the slots the scan takes several seconds but it still returns with nothing found Now the crux of the issue began within the last month The computer was freezing crashing on more occasions while running RAM and CPU intensive programs I E playing the Java based game Minecraft while running a server of Minecraft accessible by friends The computer now has bootup issues every time I start it Sometimes it just gets stuck on a screen the Gateway BIOS option screen the Boot from CD screen a black screen etc Other times the screen gets all jumbled Sometimes it freezes here other times it just shuts down and tries restarting again Other times without the screen being jumbled the PC powers off and back on immediately Other times maybe most frequently Windows loads to the choose user screen I pick myself and the desktop loads then it shuts off and powers back on Any time including all of the above examples the computer shuts off and turns back on automatically it gets stuck on the BIOS option Press for BIOS Menu screen I then manually shut down the computer hold power button and turn it back on after a couple seconds At this point it usually loads Windows fine All of the above ultimately results in me restarting twice before the computer works Now once I get in to Windows and it doesn... Read more