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HP Pavillion not powering up

Q: HP Pavillion not powering up

A friend of mine phoned me tonight to tell me her old HP Pavillion had begun to struggle to power up over the last few days.

A big fat zero occured when she tried to turn the pc on over the weekend - it did power up after a couple of attempts. Gradually the number of attempts have increased until tonight when any number of button pushing would kick that monkey into life.

She has checked the power cable is fitting tight and the pc has not been removed.

Any suggestions?


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Preferred Solution: HP Pavillion not powering up

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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hi all I tried taking battery off tried just charger etc but wont turn on could someone help on where to start to try find problem its got no hard drive in it as I bought it 2nd hand with out a hard drive in it .. thanks in advance

A:HP Pavillion dv5 won't turn on

Do you see anything on the screen when you switch on? Any fan noise? It should start briefly then find the hard drive missing, as long as there is power(?)
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I am trying to install the new NVIDIA Tesla K40 in our HP Z800 workstation with a 1000W PSU.
I get the following error message even though I have connected the 6pin power connector

Unable to determine the device handle for GPU 0000:42:00.0: Unable to communicate with GPU because it is insufficiently powered. This may be because not all required external power cables are
attached, or the attached cables are not seated properly.

Could anyone who has successfully installed the K40 please help ?


A:Powering NVIDIA Tesla K40 GPU

You need at least and 8 pin connector. One 8 and one 6 pin connector is better yet.
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My acer battery was getting bad and my computer suggested I change it. Now with my charger plugged in(with or without battery) my laptop will power down after 15-20mins. I have ordered a new battery and will try it but I would have thought my laptop should run fine without one plugged in? Any idea the cause of this? My laptop would run for several hours on safe mode but even now safe mode is being powered down
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This is going to sound odd, but I need a way of powering two 120mm exhaust fans in the top of my PC case.

For some reason, these particular fans keep burning out the power connectors that I plug them into. The fans are not obstructed and spin freely. I don't think replacing them will necessarily fix the issue (though I plan to do that as well). I think it's just "drag" from trying to suck air out of a smallish mid-tower case.

I need another way of powering these fans (at least until I can figure out why they they keep burning out my plugs). I considered the USB port, but they only output 5v and not enough amps (and last thing I want is to burn out a USB port.).

Batteries may work, but they'd drain awfully fast.

Any other ideas? Thx.

A:Externally powering 2 fans?

What do you mean they are burning out your plugs?

Do they only have the tiny motherboard connector on them and not a molex? The fans shouldn't draw many watts, what fans are they and do they have a power consumption sticker on them?

I know you want a fix before replacing the fans, but this obviously isn't normal behavior and I'd worry about causing permanent damage to something else. Maybe you should also look into higher CFM intake fan(s) if you suspect they are working too hard drawing (although I really doubt that is the case).
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Hi all

I have got a new desktop PC, which works fine with Ethernet but I am not able to connect through wireless.When I tried to connect to the broadband, it says error connecting to the Broadband connection
Error 651: The modem (or other connecting device) has reported error. However, same comnnection works very well with my vista home premium Dell Laptop.

Thanks in advance

A:HP Pavillion PC with windows 8 works ethernet works well but not able to connect through wireless

How to reset TCP/IP by using the NetShell utility
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A:2 PSUs powering 1 computer

marinkvasina said:

We have used a cable like this
to provide common ground for both PSUs.Click to expand...

Common ground it not the purpose of that splitter. The splitter provide a "power good signal" from the motherboard to both PSU's, a green light so to speak. Without this power good signal, the PSU's would shut down almost immediately after supplying power to the motherboard. The power good signal is what keeps the power supplies functioning. If the motherboard senses a problem, it will not provide a power good signal.

The power supply may not function, if there is a problem internally with the power good sensor circuit. I had a power supply go out on me and without knowing for sure, I suspect this circuit.

marinkvasina said:

My question is, how safe is this?Click to expand...

I would say it is very safe seeing as there are cases designed to support two PSU's.
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I have recently built a new PC and am having some issues, I am getting power to all of my components but no power to any of my peripherals (keyboard, mouse & monitor) my monitor is in power saving mode.

I have done the following steps to try and resolve the problem:

- Upgrade from a 500w to 750w PSU
- Replace CPU as there was a slightly bent pin.
- Replace motherboard.
- Reset the CMOS.
- Clean the RAM sticks and put back in
- Boot with 1 RAM stick.
- Tried using DVI, VGA & HDMI cables to connect to monitor.

Also, please note my motherboard does not have a VGA or DVI port so I am unable to test if it is the graphics card.

None of these steps worked, does anyone have any idea what may be causing this issue?

Your help would be much appreciated.


A:Peripherals not powering up on new build PC

Need more info on what hardware you are using. Make and Model of: Motherboard, CPU, RAM, Video Card, PSU, etc.
It's easier to troubleshoot with this info.
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I powered down the machine yesterday (Shut Down) and now this morning the computer will not boot.
When I try to boot the machine the BIOS screen does not appear, the HD light flickers on but then stays off. All other lights on the machine are on as normal. The fan kicks in within 30 seconds and sounds like it's running at maximum revs.
I did a hard reset and reseated the HD and the RAM and replaced the RTC battery without fixing the issue.
I will disassemble the unit and make sure the fan is not clogged, in the meantime does anyone have any thoughts ?

A:HP Pavillion DV6700 will not start, no BIOS screen just black

The motherboard has probably failed do to consistent overheating over time...
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Hello Dear Friends,

My PC (Desktop Computer Windows XP Installed) is having some problems, I am not able to understand what it is. When I want to Power On this computer some times it is matured at the level of Window/Desktop, but it is automatically powered off at any time and a NUMLOCK Indicator shows on the Keyboard and if I want to Restart it the Power on Button does not work until I did not cut off the power supply for 30 Seconds to 1 Minute. Some time it can not be able to load the window and powered down in between the Boot Process and even I can not Reinstall the Windows due to this episode.

A:Problem with computer powering off constantly

I've moved your thread to a more suitable sub-forum given your problem. I've also retitled it as well.

From what you've said, it sounds like the issue is actually your power supply. How old is the computer, and what are the spec's of it?

Please also note that typing in capitals is considered shouting -- I realise you don't mean this, but just pointing it out.
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I have a HP DV6000 laptop that will not power on. It will not power on without the battery either...What I call the 'dashboard' lights on the keyboard will light for 2-3 seconds and you can hear the slightest fan noise and then all goes dark (screen never lights up). With AC plugged in, the little blue light at the plug does light up as does the blue light at the lightning bolt charge icon...presumably indicating a full battery.

What would be the first thing you would trouble shoot? I've tried removing and switching the RAM sticks with no luck...I'm good with computers just haven't done any laptop repairs and I'd rather not take it to a 'shop'.


A:Laptop not powering up

It bears pointing out that this precise model has an overheating issue - the GPU can get so hot that it desolders itself from the mobo! Unfortunately, the symptoms you describe sound like this (if so, I don't know a reliable fix, there are lots of unreliable ones out there!). Sorry I can't be more positive.
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I just changed the thermal paste in my laptop and now when I press the power button the power light comes on for three seconds and goes out I ve changed Laptop not on powering thermal paste a few times before on a different laptop without this problem The pc doesn t power up no fan or other lights it s just the power light that comes on for a few seconds It worked before I replaced the paste and I m thinking something may have come loose I ve checked the fan s seating multiple times Also when I plug it in the charge light doesn t come on I ve tried taking the battery out unplugging it and holding the power button down It doesn t work just plugged in without the battery or vice versa I ve reseated my ram even though I didn t mess with it the laptop is ASUS n vn I ve googled everywhere for solutions but couldn t find anything else I really don t want to disassemble it but the only other thing I can think of is a loose wire somewhere I can t reach without completely taking it apart Any clues as to what it could be nbsp

A:Laptop not powering on

Replacing laptop thermal paste can be tricky. Did the laptop have thermal pads originally? Each time you tear down a laptop you are taking a chance on breaking something, like plastics or wires, not to mention damage from static electricity. The motherboard may be bad now
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I recently hibernated my dell inspiron 1545 laptop and the following morning it would not power up. I tried with the battery alone still nothing. Even with the power adapter still it would not power up. What should i do?

A:Dell Inspiron 1545 mobo not powering up

It may have nothing to do with the hibernation.
Check your power socket very carefully... The socket has been breaking away on some models... This is a "flat soldered" device, and when it breaks awayf from the motherboard, the board and other components cannot get power.
This requires a re-soldering by a person who is expert in flat solder techniques... it is not a job for first timers.
Whatever the problem, you would likely benefit from having it tested by a shop or technician who has all the right tools for testing circuits, power input, and power output.
It could also be a fusable resister or other device.
Plan to spend some money... Diagnostic time from an expert can be expensive.
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Hpg61 not powering onboard plz help

A:HP G61 not powering on

The only thing I can do for you is direct you the appropriate area of the forums, that this problem of yours belongs....

Try this link......

Welcome to TechSpot and good luck!

Update : I guess disregard that link above, appears someone already moved this topic thread to it's appropriate place.
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A friend of mine bought some components and had not built a computer before so he brought New up powering build not them over and I helped him put it together We put it together hit the power switch and nothing I suspect a bad motherboard but I know thats a common thought when things don t work initially and most of the time its New build not powering up incorrect So here is what we did to try and troubleshoot it Unplugged the PSU from the motherboard and shorted out the green wire and a ground PSU fan spun New build not powering up up So figured PSU New build not powering up is ok but I know thats not always true because I ve seen bad ones do that too Tried known good PSU from my collection Removed the power switch headers and tried shorting with a screwdriver incase I put the wrong wires on the headers The case he s using is one of my old ones and its got all individual wires rather than the nice block to put on the headers so I thought maybe it was possible I made a simple mistake Removed the motherboard from the case to eliminate a short somewhere Reset CMOS Removed the RAM this was a longshot I know So in summary I think I ve ruled out the following Bad power switch or incorrectly wired power switch Bad PSU Short between the mobo and the case What have I missed Hardware involved Corsair CX PSU ASRock H M U S Mobo Intel i - Patriot Signature Line DDR RAM x GB No HDDs or Optical drives connected at this time nbsp

A:New build not powering up

Do you have another MOBO lying around you can plug in? That will provide your "which part is broken" answer in a matter of a few seconds.
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Thanks for taking a moment to read my question.

I recently built a computer and attempted to power on the first time. I do already think I know what the problem is but I want to verify.

When powered on, for 2-3 seconds the fans/lights turned on and then off with a temporary period of time where I couldn't power again. If I waited 30-60 seconds I could try to power again with the same result.

I have a Zalman heatsink with an Intel Core i5 2400k on a Gigabyte motherboard. I don't think I applied the thermal grease well enough and the connection between the mobo, cpu, and heatsink is not the best.

Am I right that the faulty connection with the CPU is what causes this exact problem? Everything is connected properly, and the only other reason I think is possible is that I shorted a component.

Any thoughts are welcome.

A:Help troubleshooting powering up problem

The thermal grease will not affect the operation of the computer until it overheats and either the CPU dies or overheats to the point that the mobo senses this and shuts down. If it's not even getting to the post, I doubt that is the problem. It sounds like a power supply problem to me. What output your PSU rated at?
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I have a HP Pavillion dv5000 and would like to replace the cmos battery due to charging issues. I can't find the darn thing. I removed the keyboard and the wifi card and NO battery. I removed the ram sticks also to see and still no battery. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Seems easy but you try lookin in this machine lol

A:HP Pavillion CMOS battery... where the heck is it?

Section 5.8 RTC Battery, page 5-16
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hello computer lover,i hav a dell inspiron 6400 that had water mistakenly poured into it.i opened it up and cleaned it up,i even heated it up alittle.after doing that it came on.i now put it off thinking that was all,bt surprisingly it didnt come on after sometime.
i later noticed it blinks light and sometimes comes up occasionally.
i hav trid powering it up on battery,i hav also trid with ac power alone bt they all result in the same result.
pls what can i do next??????
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I have a Hp Pavilion with a 4.2 score, AMD Turion II P560 Dual-Core 2.50GHz, 4gb ram 300 gb storage, and a AMD M880G with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250. I can play games like minecraft well on High performance and HD, 3D graphics but I want to play more games like Battlefield and Black Ops, MW2 MW3 -Beta. I use Game booster but it only seems to end my processes, how can i run my laptop to be faster for gaming without lag?

A:How can I make my HP Pavillion G-series computer run games faster?

go into battery settings and change to high performance, also most the time with laptops specs dont handle like there advertised due to battery and "saving space" issues. On top of that just try doing the normal, clear off empty hdd space, and use a good defrag program like auslogics and optimize to read the data faster. Trust me gaming is hard enough with just BF2 on my dinosaur of a laptop stuck to windowed resolutions of 800x600
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it possible to place a ATI Radeon HD 5750 in a HP pavillion slimline?

I want to know because i just bought just cause 2 for pc and i dont have the right Graphics card so im planning to buy the graphics card.

btw im 13 so i cant afford everything.

thanks for your help

UPDATE: the version of the PC is S3330f

A:Is it possible to place an ATI Radeon HD 5750 in a HP Pavillion Slimline?

From the information I could gather 8800GT is 9" long and roughly 4.7" high. Whereas, this XFX HD 5750 is 7.9" by 4.4". So if these measurements are true to your existing system, you should be ok with this card.
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This is the strangest problem some Pavillion work don't TX2500, keys HP that I have ever run into The computer is less than years old the motherboard has been replaced once already Some of the keys on the keyboard do not work The keys that do work output in all caps when the caps lock is off and output in lower case when caps lock is on This HP Pavillion TX2500, some keys don't work is what I have tried already Uninstall the keyboard and drivers in device manager Scanned for viruses and malware-Negative Tried the battery removal power cord out press power to discharge the capacitors and still no good Tried a USB keyboard and a different set of keys don t work Tried the keyboard on my HTC Thunderbolt while connected using Gmote and even less keys work Tried a system restore and a clean install of Ubuntu Same nonsense Removed the keyboard from the laptop and re-seated the connector Now my head hurts Does anyone have any ideas that I have not tried I m thinking it s the motherboard keyboard controller which means I am not replacing the motherboard in this thing again UUGGhh Thank you very much in advance nbsp

A:HP Pavillion TX2500, some keys don't work

Bought a replacement keyboard and it did not work, which I expected. The keyboard was $56 from HP. I am returning it and they are charging me $25 restocking fee! Almost 50%...

HP sucks! I think it's time for a Macbook!!
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hi all
i took the laptop apart looking for this eeprom chip which i havent found. i waited 24h and reassembled it. then pressed the on button. after, the very first screen came up, loaded a bit and for less then a sec "time and date is not set up" info popped out. then suddenly the laptop powered it self off. when i was pressing the on button nothing happened. the status lights are coming on when i press the on button and that is it.

i did not change the silicone under the heat sink, do u think the processor has something to do with all this?

thanks for helping guys

here's what is going on:

A:Dell Latitude d531 not powering on

the power supply was faulty, changed it and works fine
topic can be closed
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A few hours ago why running a few programs and things nothing that taxing like a game or anything my computer randomly shut down Now when (BIOS/startup loop malfunction?) dv3150nr HP Pavillion boot I tried to reboot it or when it restarted itself im not too sure It would flash a blank DOS window with a blinking quot quot for - seconds then go to the HP BIOS screen and remain there for a few seconds HP Pavillion dv3150nr boot loop (BIOS/startup malfunction?) At HP Pavillion dv3150nr boot loop (BIOS/startup malfunction?) the point in which it would normally go to the next screen and start loading windows it instead started the booting process all over and went back to the BIOS screen and would do this continually until i pressed the power button and shut it off I have no idea what is the problem and how to fix it I ran the memory and other daignostics in the bios and they did not come up with any errors My antivirus expired not too long ago but i dont think a virus could do this I did at one time get a message something like this quot Primary internal Battery storage capacity of battery very low replace battery But that make have been a fluke caused by me trying to perform a quot hard reset quot by removing the battery and draining the remaining power in the notebook I am no longer under warranty By days Doesn t this always happen and I m at a loss for what to do I may still be able to boot from a disk but before I try anything like that I need to understand what is causing the problem and how best to fix it Any help would be appreciated Notebook stats pretty much the only thing I m able to access in the bios besides diagnostic tests Notebook model HP Pavillion dv Notebook PC Windows Vista SYSTEM BOARD ID PROCESSOR TYPE INTEL CORE DUO CPU P GHz Total Memory MB BIOS Version F nbsp

A:HP Pavillion dv3150nr boot loop (BIOS/startup malfunction?)

The primary internal battery might be the motherboard CMOS battery. Sounds like the hard drive may have gone bad... Once you get the laptop to boot, you can address the weak CMOS battery. Can you get into the boot devices in the bios at all?
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Hi I need to replace a screen on the above laptop - however I am unsure which screen I need - there seems to be one with a dual back light - and a 17.3" screen size as wellas the 17" - any ideas how I could find out which part I need ?

A:HP Pavillion DV9000 - Which screen to replace

Look on the back of the screen itself there should be some numbers on the back of the screen type model number from the back of the screen into google or eBay that will give you the correct screen.
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my lap top freezes when i turn it on. the only thing i get is a black screen with hp invent in the middle. i put a disc in with windows xp home edition on it to try to swipe the computer but when i turn it on i cant even get to boot from disc. any ideas?

A:HP Pavillion ze4400

That unit is old enough to have begun some problems with the hard drive... or heat from dust, dirt, fiber...

Clean out thoroughly with canned air and denatured alcohol.

Can you put the drive in an external USB enclosure to see if you can access the data on another computer? If so, look for the SMART test results.

HP has used in that model Hitachi, Samsung, Western Digital, and Seagate... so it would be helpful to know more about the hard drive installed.

Luckily hard drives are very low cost nowadays... so I would look for another at Frys, NewEgg, Directron, CDW, Zipzoomfly, or other supplier and see if you can install windows to it... If you need help, let us know.

But there have been a lot of system board failure reports... due to excess heat.

What is the age of that laptop and components.?
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As the title states I have a question powering Dell E510 Dimension on inquiry about my Dell Dimension E Heres the situations In order to turn my comp on from being completely powered off I must remove all USB connections monitor Ethernet connection and audio cables Then I wait for a minute sometimes up to minutes for the blinking light to finally turn to green and for the comp to start up to be able to plug everything back in When the computer Dell Dimension E510 powering on question is Dell Dimension E510 powering on question hibernating however it doesn t have this problem turning back on unless I have my external hard drive plugged in and at that point I have to go through the steps I took in So I guess my question comes down to is my power supply not pumping out Dell Dimension E510 powering on question enough power or could it be malfunctioning I changed out the lithium v battery already however still intermittently having these issues If anyone believes it is this small battery most definitely causing the issue I can run out and spend on a brand new one from radio shack By the way Ive upgraded ram memory to g Installed a new Nvidia GeForce GT Use a USB hub with USB s plugged into that which uses its onw dedicated power cord and other USB s plugged straight to comp I used to be quite ignorant to my computers feelings and would unplug power supply from power strip before it would fully power down and a few surges have gotten to it Ive recently fixed this problem by purchasing a Back-UPS BX G surge protector battery back up However this issue started before I made these changes Any way of testing the power source or any other suggestions in general would be a big help Ive searched the forums and have found similar questions but not as specific as mine So sorry in advance if this seems as though it is similar to any other posts Thanks for taking the time to read this post nbsp

A:Dell Dimension E510 powering on question

If you have access, I recommend simply trying a new power supply to determine if that's the issue. I'm sure you've considered this, so I also must ask, are you talking about the CMOS battery?
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i have an hp pavillion dv 6 entertainment notebook ? can i enhance it with new 3 d card?? it has a built it mobile chip set !

A:HP Pavillion notebook

General speaking, you cannot upgrade the video card or GPU in a laptop.
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my laptop stopped picking up wireless network, it wont' recognized the wireless assistant, I tried every possible solution online (updating bios, reinstalling the drivers, changed the network card) and still nothing. any suggestions? will buying a usb wireless adapter give me the option to connect to wireless networks?

Thank you


A:HP Pavillion DV 6000 stopped picking up wireless networks

Welcome to the club and I don't say that sarcastically; I feel your pain. This is quite a well known problem with HP's DV 6000 series; a series that had MAJOR failures with their motherboards due to poor cooling. Their 9000 series also had epic fails. One tech guy that I know told me that in their shop the wireless card failing was the beginning sign of motherboard issues.

Its not your wireless card per se though. I speak from personal experience as my daughter's wireless connection died as well. I even replaced the card and it still didn't work. I also did everything you mentioned plus I followed HP's instructions. I even contacted them and the cost to fix was rediculous. They even said it most likely is a motherboard issue after I did everything they instructed to resolve the issue.

So to answer your last question: Yes, a USB wireless adapter will work. It did for my daughter and we hope this system will last us till she graduates this coming May.
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Hi all this is my first time here so hopefully i will be able sound on HP found dv6618ca Pavillion No to be successful for what i am here My problem is with my PC NOT having any SOUND at all The sound symbol No sound found on HP Pavillion dv6618ca on the right hand corner of the screen has an X mark over it and when i move the mouse over it it No sound found on HP Pavillion dv6618ca says quot No audio output device is installed quot This is what i tried to fix from reading all the other similar posts on net -I tried to restore my Pc to an Earliest point or b this problem occured and it didn t seem to fix the problem at all -I went to the HP software hardware site to install the audio software and it didn t work either once the installation was about to complete it would display a message saying quot Installation failed no MEDIA device is installed for this driver - I also read people saying go to Device Manager and update the Audio sound n so on thing BUT there is no Such thing as audio or such similar terms to click on and install update it -so i decided to REFORMAT my PC maybe that will fix it I even reformatted the PC BUT STILL NO SOUND -so i tried to go back to the HP s website to install the audio software and it gave the same message again I recently spend alot of money trying to get the fan fixed and new battery now i dont wanna end spending more on this sound I am hoping someone would really help me out and i really appretiate it thanks a bunch in advance nbsp

A:No sound found on HP Pavillion dv6618ca

It almost sounds as though Windows no longer detects a sound card....

Check your BIOS. Is there any setting Enable / Disable Onboard Audio?

Report on any BIOS settings, then Generate a Problem Device report

Make sure all your devices are connected and powered on
Click Start->Run, enter: msinfo32. Click the + sign next to Components to expand it
Click Problem Devices. Anything appear?
If yes, click on it, Ctrl-A to select all, Ctrl-C to copy it, Ctrl-V to paste into next post
Generate and attach a DirectX report

click Start->Run, enter dxdiag
Notice progress in lower left window corner
When done, click Save Information button and save to your Desktop
In TechSpot, use the paper clip icon to attach the report. (If you don't see icon you may need to first click Go Advanced)
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I own a Hp Pavillion dv6700 laptop and recently it wouldn't turn on for more than a few seconds. I tried troubleshooting by removing the battery and turning it on just with the powersupply, no difference. Vice versa.

I purchased another charger to see if that would help. Despite trying different combinations with chargers, batter in/out, the computer still only turns on for a few seconds(nothing comes up on the screen) and then turns itself off.

Reading some other forums similiar to this problem has yielded no help.

Another thing - the port that I plug the power supply into it seems like the cord can move around a bit.
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Hello I have a IBM thinkpad,that is several years old 2002 i think, and it will not turn on all it does is the screen will light up all the lights but the harddrive light will come on and not fans will come on ether. i belive it has windows 2000 but i am not sure because i have never seen it on. my aunt gave it to me because she needs some school files off it(word docs and stuff) I have opened it and cuold find nothing wrong exept for the fact that the cpu did not heat up at all.the graphics chip on the other hand got so hot that it burned my finger. please help i dont know what to do. any suggestions would be appreciated.
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I am at my wits end with this computer We received it yesterday at pm and tried Pavillion on "new" disconnected Winsock error/media HP refurbished for hours to get it connected to the internet with no luck Winsock error/media disconnected on "new" refurbished HP Pavillion We have another laptop ipod touch PS and Wii all connected to the same router with no problems I have tried just about everything you can possibly imagine I even tried downloading a program that says it fixes winsock errors and it couldn t find anything wrong The computer has nothing on Winsock error/media disconnected on "new" refurbished HP Pavillion it so any scans I have run turn up no problems The computer shows that the wireless card is working correctly and the computer can find all available networks just cannot connect When I try to go to a website and then troubleshoot I get this info Error attempting to validate the Winsock base providers Not all base service provider entries could be found in the winsock catalog A reset is needed already tried a reset When you try ipconfig it shows quot media disconnected quot I don t know what to do anymore nbsp

A:Winsock error/media disconnected on "new" refurbished HP Pavillion

We figured it out finally. We had to reset the router to factory settings and then connect the hp laptop first and now everything is online.
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Hi everyone I m about at my wits and trouble on powering shutoffs Random end with this issue for a computer of mine and I can t figure out for the life of me what the issue Random shutoffs and trouble powering on is Here are the symptoms - If on the computer will randomly turn off will run anywhere from a few minutes to several hours at a time with no issues - If off the computer has trouble turning on eg hitting the power button often causes the fans to spin for a split second and sometimes the boot-sequence LED s begin their changes but it shuts off within - seconds no post no beep code errors though sometimes it will power on successfully - There are no warning messages from the mobo only the OS prompt saying quot Windows did not shut down properly quot if it managed to get to a booting booted Windows state so it seems like the computer doesn t realize it was screwing up - The machine will sometimes randomly power ON if it s currently off Here s what I ve done - I did manage to run a memTest which reported no errors - Tried a stripped down boot video card -stick of RAM swapped each of my and Mobo power with current PSU and a different one both produced this issue - Tried directly plugging the PSU into the wall instead of the power bar - Tried switching the power cord connecting the PSU to AC power - Tried removing the CMOS battery and replacing I have absolutely no idea what s causing this but it s driving me nuts Here are the system specs Intel Core Quad Q P Neo Mobo W Ultra Power Supply Nautilus Water Cooling Can t recall the Video Card specs but it s nothing spectacular more of a number crunching machine than a gaming one It should be mentioned that these issues mainly cropped up when I moved to a new PSU Case which is a Cooler Master HAF but I tested with the old PSU as mentioned above admittedly it only ran W The thing about the new case is that it has several more fans than the old one and while the transition took place I may have spilled a small amount of the coolant water mixture onto the video card a small amount of which dripped down onto the mobo However given that the machine has been capable of running for up to hours at a time since I don t know if this is really the cause of the problem If anyone has some ideas for what to try next or what could be the problem I d very much appreciate it nbsp

A:Random shutoffs and trouble powering on

Try the old PSU.

If the same symptoms, unplug those fans.

Let us know the results.
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ok so i have a dv hp pavillion with win vista home premium actually the laptop is a series but that shouldnt matter to much just for some of you to pinpoint the problem more accurately First of all thanks for reading and trying to diagnose this wierd problem Problem is as states i originally found a problem with my laptop shortly turning it off one day the problem was that when i closed the lid on the laptop shortly after it would shut down as in not sleep but i could hear the hdd awkardly turn on hear the fan then it would kick off and power problem hp pavillion Laptop lid dv9000 i could hear the hdd loose power like if you were to unplug a from a usb connection passed it as a power issue and quickly went into the power settings to make sure that hybrid hybernation was turned off that sleep was the only option for lid Laptop dv9000 hp pavillion lid power problem closings and there were no timers on and everything is how it should have been and dismissed the problem once again shortly after noticing this problem it the power issue when i close the lid became more of an instant thing like it would try to sleep only to have the computer go into a state loosing power all together as i shut the lid or something to that effect so i thought that the lid option or some sys driver may have failed or became corrupt over several years of using my laptop so i decided to venture into the old manual and box get the system restore disks and proceed unfortuantely this didnt fix the problem either so i have elimenated several things so far one itts not the power options two its not the OS itself so i thought it may be something else and started to just shut the computer down when i had to close the lid but to my suprise even if i shut the comptuer down via the Fn Fx button or the start shutdown option and waited untill the computer fully shut down and then closed the lid it still did the same thing as i would close the lid it would power on only briefly then shut off as if it would totally loose power so now i am at a standstill and am asking for some help as i have no idea what this is other than the lid switch or something more familiar with these laptop models and it being something more of the internal hardware any help will work and i can post any type of diagnostic data needed thanks ps the laptop is officially a dv cl with a C D ghz processor gb of ddr mhz two hdds one has been replaced the os drive a gb wd black mb cache and the second is the factory installed hitatchi gb storage drive both independent from each other nbsp

A:Laptop dv9000 hp pavillion lid power problem

Have you tried restoring the laptop to the original purchased state? Or even doing a Windows Restore to an earlier time?
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Base System Device
PCI BUS2 Device 5 Function 2
PCI BUS2 Device 5 Function 3

PCI Bus 0 Device 1 Function 3

Thanks In Advance

A:HP Pavillion DV6809WM - I Need Some Driver Referrels For Win7x64

Please give a lot more detail as to computer, configuration, and problem.
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I have a toshiba tecra a8 and when i power it on the power light turns on but the screen, fan, and drive dont. I know the board is getting power because every know and then the fan turns on and blows out hot air. i can hear the hdd turn on evey time i power it on.

Does anybody have any idea whats wrong?

Is the board fried?

A:Toshiba Tecra A8 not powering on completely

How old is your hard drive? Have you tried shifting memory modules to see if it will boot on one, and not the other?
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You re gonna love this one no ANY 6000 now HP display of gone. Disabled recognition driver, Pavillion graphics Lots of quirks along the way So get a laptop from my mom HP Pavillion 6000 display gone. Disabled driver, now no recognition of ANY graphics It was her old one It had been wiped clean It came preloaded with Vista she put XP on it and got frustrated and gave it HP Pavillion 6000 display gone. Disabled driver, now no recognition of ANY graphics to me All the drivers worked great except the graphics driver From searching it appears to be an NVidia Go series Believe I tried the full install from NVidia and the short driver install from HP the only one for this laptop no luck Keeps telling me no drivers are HP Pavillion 6000 display gone. Disabled driver, now no recognition of ANY graphics recognized In my hissy fit I turned off the vgasafe in properties gt Settings gt Advanced gt Monitor Okay no graphics at all Runs great still I use narrator and go into the same settings but as I go through I hear my monkey man speak out that the resolution is x x with no options I continue to advanced where there s nothing The advanced button no longer works So I head to the run command and bring up the Device Manager to enable that way Display Adapter is gone completely I even did a walkthrough to enable from the display Device Manager I try all the boot modes my BIOS has no area for graphics settings Safe with out command sticks at mup sys The other modes leave me black screened I go back in try to install basic and NVidia drivers from a CDRom with Narrator s help again Still says no hardware for NVidia found and the other kept erroring out Here s the quirks I have no Win CD I just got it Ma trashed the disc when I took the laptop and it s XP Home which meant I needed to burn a disc before it died Even so it seems the Recovery solution hasn t worked in the very limited info I ve been Googling for the last hours Display adapter is completely missing Advanced button in the desktop settings doesn t go anywhere I would install my copy of Win XP Pro to get it going but from again the limited info this does not fix the problem either Is the only solution at this point to completely reformat with my own Win XP From there it still seems that the drivers never worked with XP even though HP says they do Am I stuck forever in cheesy blur mode if I stick with XP Thanks in advance hopefully there s some more detailed advice here than what I ve been able to find nbsp

A:HP Pavillion 6000 display gone. Disabled driver, now no recognition of ANY graphics

it seams to me what you need to to do is reinstall windows vista and then go from there, if you have some money then go buy windows 7
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hi my name is thomas has anyone come across this fault

hp pavillion dv 6500 blank screen

A:Hp pavillion dv 6500 blank screen

It is an issue that has been reported before. How old is your DV6500? And what is the model number from the label on the back?
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My HP Pavillion Laptop has stopped booting. I only get the blue powerlights to flash briefly once. I have tried removing the battery, disconnecting the bios battery - all to no avail.

Following hp's troubleshooting guides, this points to a cpu failure - is it worth replacing the CPU (AMD) - or does the whole motherboard need replacing.

A:HP Pavillion DV6000 - Not Booting

There have been huge issues with that series of HP laptops... I suggest you call HP and discuss the problem. HP has recently admitted some of these problems and has accommodated some owners with repairs, even out of warranty repairs.

It is my understanding that it is a motherboard problem, and the CPU is fine... but my info is all second hand... so call HP and be persistent.
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So some months ago I bought the parts for my comp and put it together and it worked just like I d hoped Now lately I ve been having more and more problems first when I cable CPU is connected power Computer not while up powering booted my comp it would power down giving me a message that the SB was overheated even though my comp hadn t been turned on since last night So I thought it was just a fault in the thing that would show the temperature since nothing I ve done before has made anything in my computer warm at all not even playing or anything Now this morning I wanted to turn on my computer and it turns on for less Computer not powering up while CPU power cable is connected than Computer not powering up while CPU power cable is connected a second all fans running harddrive and power supply running everything seems to have power as usual all the LED s lighting up when I power up my computer So I have spend all morning trying to figure out what it might be and I can now get my computer to power up but that is if I take the CPU s power cable out as soon as I plug it back in the computer shuts down I m running with Intel Core i GHz GB Corsair MHz RAM TB harddrive Nvidia GeForce GTX I m using an Antec case with build-in fans using a Zalman CPU fan cooler for the CPU What I have tried so far is to take out most plugs and plug them in again changed the heatsink paste on the CPU and nothing of it works exept for when I unplug the CPU power cable I really need all the help I can get nbsp

A:Computer not powering up while CPU power cable is connected

Try resetting your motherboard and see if it boots-up
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I recently had to replace the mother board in my HP Pavillion a620n because of a nearby lightning strike. The replacement was done by a certified technician. Now when I shut the PC down I must turn off the powe strip it is connected to, turn the power stip back on and then press the power button on the top right of the PC case.

Prior to the replacement all I had to do was press the power buitton. I have checked all power settings etc and they are correct.

When I turn the power strip back on the hard drive accesss light flickers, the DVD drive light flashes and the fan start. I then pust the power button and the computer boots.

A:Trouble with powering up HP Pavillion 1620n

The power supply is the first piece of hardware to be hit by a power surge. it also may have been damaged
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I have a 1tb seagate external hardrive I would like to power off of my laptop, is there any way to do this? I do not want to buy a usb powered hardrive so I would like to figure out how this might be possible. Any help would be very appriciated.


A:Powering external hardrive

hello max...
I find your statement of problem to be confusing.
You say you would like to power off of your laptop, but you do not want it to be usb powered?
How would you like to power it?
If you have a ps2 connector (now mostly disappeared, I think) you might be able to get an adapter this way.
But maybe I am not understanding your question.

Is it that the seagate requires a 12v powers supply? (That is what my Maxtor requires).
AFAIK, (and I might be underinformed) - You cannot get 12v from your laptop.
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Ok While i was on my pc it cut off suddenly I powered it on again and it booted into the screen where all the devices are listed but then shut off It did this a few times before i shut it off and unplugged it from the power The next morning when i came to power it on it didnt powering not PC boot on but will boot at all The cpu fan spins and so does the fan on the power supply and the power led come on but thats it I have tested the graphics card in another pc and it worked fine I cannot test the RAM as PC powering on but will not boot it is ddr althought it has done the same thing with different sticks When i boot without the ram or anything except the cpu connected i dont get the beeps to say there is no memory I think this is PC powering on but will not boot a faulty motherboard although i wanted to ask as i have little experience with computers Any help would be greatly appreiciated Cheers Sam nbsp

A:PC powering on but will not boot

I would say the motherboard has died
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Ok, So the computer got the blue screen of death, and i was planning on fixing that but when I wake up my sister has decided to open the side and dust the computer...So now when i connect the desktop to the monitor the computer first flashes orange the second i hit the power then turns green makes some beeps then runs normally or so it seems. The only problem is that the monitor isnt getting a feed and remains in powersave mode; also, the UsB ports dont seem to be working because the keyboard doesn't work or anything else to my knowledge... could my sister have unplugged anything? the numbers lit up on the front of the comp are 3 and 4

A:Dell Dimension E510 not powering

any help would be appreciated.. also there is power comming from the usb ports but nothing is working (keyboard) ,because when i plug in this light up mouse pad it works
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Hey everyone,

Recently my computer has been acting funky. The green LED on the mobo is lighting up, but when I try to turn it on. The fans will spin for half a turn and the comp. will turn off. Thinking that it was a short, I took the mobo out of the case, tried it again, no success.

I'll need to find a multimeter pretty soon to test the PSU, but what I did so far was to short the ON(Green) and Ground(BLACK) pins coming from the 24-pin. I can hear fans spinning when I do that. I connected it to a harddrive while shorted, and sure enough, the hard drive began to spin. Also, I got the cheapest PSU I could find at Fry's, so I wouldn't be surprised if it had blown out.

PSU: Thermaltake 430 NP

A:Computer not Powering Up. PSU or Mobo?

why dont you try hookin your psu up to an older crappy computer you dont use and see what happens
if the same problem occurs than you know its the psu
if not than we can keep troubleshooting

good luck
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Hope this is the right section Hi I m quite new here and I wanted to know if I could upgrade the CPU and maybe the video card of my laptop Any help would be appreciated thanks My specs Time of this report Machine name OWNER-PC Operating System Windows Vista Home Premium Build Service Pack vistasp gdr - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard System Model HP Pavilion dv Notebook PC BIOS Ver PARTTBL Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU T GHz CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Page dv6700 I Pavillion upgrade Can my laptop? HP File MB used Can I upgrade my laptop? HP Pavillion dv6700 MB available Windows Dir C Windows DirectX Version DirectX DX Setup Parameters Not found DxDiag Version bit Unicode Card name NVIDIA GeForce M GS Manufacturer NVIDIA Can I upgrade my laptop? HP Pavillion dv6700 Chip type GeForce M GS DAC type Integrated RAMDAC Device Key Enum PCI VEN DE amp DEV amp SUBSYS CC C amp REV A Display Memory MB Dedicated Memory MB Shared Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor Generic PnP Monitor Driver Name nvd dum dll nvwgf um dll Driver Version English DDI Version Driver Attributes Final Retail Driver Date Size bytes WHQL Logo d Yes WHQL Date Stamp Device Identifier D B E E- - CF- E-C C CA Vendor ID x DE Device ID x SubSys ID x CC C Revision ID x A Revision ID x A nbsp

A:Can I upgrade my laptop? HP Pavillion dv6700

I have found from personal experience that HP is decent on responding to upgrade questions. They should be able to tell you what can and cannot be upgraded and then buy the parts from a cheaper source.
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New here any help would be ridiculously appreciated!!

Here's my issue, I have a laptop that trys to boot then comes back with an error of an invalid partition table.

I have tried to re-format it with the operating system (XP Home) it gets to a point and the machine just shuts down. Won't re-format.

I have tried to run memtest86+ on it and it does the same thing, runs for a bit but then the machine shuts down. I did notice while running memtest that one of the categories.. Chipset stated it was disabled, is that a sign of a dead motherboard??


Please help


A:HP Pavillion dv8000 won't start

Microsoft's Windows XP Home Repair Install step by step (* Including Delete Partition)

* Warning deleting the Partition will remove all User data and Windows system files

Can be done on HP or Dell as well Actually any Windows computer
Oh I removed your not required reply on the memtest guide too
Thanks Jane
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Help! I've got a problem with my laptop keyboard. The touchpad works fine but every time I try using the keyboard, everything freezes. Even the volume control buttons on the side of the laptop won't work. Right now the keyboards are disabled, saying that they've been disabled since the drivers may be corrupt or missing. I've been using the on-screen keyboard, but it's so hard to type documents. I hope you can give me advice on how to resolve this. Thanks much!

BTW, my laptop's model is ze4908us (i mixed 8 & 0 on the title) ==sorry!

A:Keyboard problems (HP Pavillion ze4908us)

Hi rhaiven29, please first confirm that all your System Drivers are up to date
You can do this by going here and clicking on "Start Detection" button
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I read the posting CM Lanman, explaining basicially the very same problem I'm experiencing with HP Pavillion zt3000 laptop. When I boot the computer up, all I get is a black screen, any help out there.


A:Problem with HP Pavillion zt3000

Can you boot all the way into Normal Mode at all (if there's a problem you may have to wait like ten mins) ?

Can you boot into Safe Mode successfully ?
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Just built a new computer ASUS m n -D mobo AMD Quad Core GB Corsair RAIM EVGA GTX Brand new off for itself powering 4-5 PC shuts after custom built seconds up graphics card NZXT Ultimate Cooling Chassis Took a GB harddrive out of my old computer a gateway It ran like a champ for approximately weeks Now it will not power up at all when I press the power button When I unplug the PSU or flip the off switch on the PSU and then plug it back it the computer immediately begins to try to power up without me even pressing the power button It will begin to power up for about seconds lights up Brand new custom built PC shuts itself off after powering up for 4-5 seconds CPU fan starts case fans start monitor lights up etc but then will immediately shut itself off At first I thought it might be the power button cord on the chassis and I fiddled with the connections on that and then I pressed the power button and it began to start Again however it shut itself down after a couple seconds After the first time messing with the power button connection the power button will not do anything ever The computer still attempts to start itself after being unplugged and plugged back in but always dies nbsp

A:Brand new custom built PC shuts itself off after powering up for 4-5 seconds

Do two things, updated your specs in your profile and lookin in your case, tell us what psu you have.
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Hi I just bought a new video card the ati hd and it requires additional power to run My old card didn t After I connected the video card I pressed the power button the first screen pop-ed up displaying info about the mainboard powering on Hard Drives not and cpu but the hdds didn t boot it just freezes at that After i push the reset button a couple of times they finally boot Now I have a W real power psu and would like not to spend additional money on this system Hard Drives not powering on since it s outdated and I ll Hard Drives not powering on probably change it all in a year or two and a W power source is Hard Drives not powering on quite expensive here My questions is are there any damages that this can cause over time in a year or two to any components I will probably want to pass the computer along to my syster once I m done with it PS tried connecting a separate power cable from the psu to the mainboard to leave the hdds on the same band not connected to the vga card didn t work system still freezes at start-up Thanks Paul nbsp

A:Hard Drives not powering on

Does the system still boot ok with your old video card installed?
Eg set it up how it was a boot up.

You say hard driveS. How many do you have?

Some other specs would be good to if possible eg the make of the graphics card etc because i'm doubting the overall power consumption related to your current PSU
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Standby does not work since I installed the latest XP SP3.
When the 1230 goes into standby, the screen goes blank and the keyboard is locked. It will not quickly resume with an active screen regardless of which key is depressed. In order to recover, the power must be turned off, and then back on in order to continue. In effect, standby works like hibernate, even though hibernate is not enabled. Any ideas about the cause of this type of problem?
Does the BIOS have to be updated??

A:Standby problem with HP Pavillion ze1230

You could try removing SP3 and see if the computer returns to normal
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Some one please help me with this


I have a really old PC AT power supply which does not have a hard power on/off switch, It is an old supply with PS1 and PS2 connectors. I want to use this supply as a secondary supply for my system to power up some fans and extra stuff but I don't know where or how to start with. The system with which I want to use this supply is an ATX power supply system.

Whenever I connect this AT supply with 220v power cable it does not power on (The fan does not move). I have also tried connecting dummy loads like two old hard drives but it does not power on. The PSU is not faulty but it is not power on even with load. Tell me what should I do ?

A:PSU not powering on

All ATX power supplies need a 3volt connection to the motherboard to power on
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Hi there I just happened to stumble upon this site thanks to Google It seems that this problem with the DC adapter jack is quite common on these computers which puzzles me when I try to - jack adapter HP pavillion bad DC zv5000 figure out why HP doesn t have the XC cable no longer available I have a zv series notebook and although it s done it s work it is still quite reliable for the kids If I knew about the XC cable years ago when the problem started I would have bought one in a hurry The problem initially wasn t a broken solder connection it was due to the jack HP pavillion zv5000 - bad DC adapter jack being tapered so I made a paper thin sleeve to go over the adapter end so it would prevent it from touching the plastic tip at least it lasted for a while - years Can anyone out there please let me know where I can obtain a XC cable or dock for this HP pavillion zv5000 - bad DC adapter jack computer Thanks in advance nbsp

A:HP pavillion zv5000 - bad DC adapter jack

Try Ebay. The problem with laptops is the fact that the metal/plastic connector that is around the power input gets shaved, bent, or broken. Your situation seems to be the shaved. The contacts arent touching fully and is not able to provide the correct ammount of power to the laptop. This could be either INSIDE the jack, or INSIDE the power adapters port. If it is the port, you should be fine going to walmart and picking up a universal power adapter for about 20 dollars. If it is the Laptops port, then you need to go to a radioshack or possibly order it from the manufacturer to re-solder on. Let us know what you can observe.
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I just bought this HP Pavillion ZV5000, I knew there was trouble with it, but didnt know what, so here is whats happening, I turn it on, I can hear the HDD spin up, then it stops, all power lights stay on, then after about 4-5 seconds it spins up again, but I get nothing on my screen, no post at all, I've also tried using a regular monitor hooked into the back, still nothing, I've changed the RAM with known GOOD RAM, still getting the same result, anyone have any Ideas?

A:HP pavillion zv5000, cant get to work..

Welcome to TechSpot!

Take it back to where you got if it brand new as you said it is... Or call up HP and tell them the problem you're having. They might give you 48 hour swap out or overnight you a new system. Depends on where you got it from?
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First my parents unplugged a few things out of anger one day That was a year ago they ve keeps HP Pavillion to going sleep My monitor finally given me my computer back and I hooked everything back up inside no problem I went to turn in on and the monitor will start and then say going to sleep then start itself up again given you the option of normal mode or safe mode If you go into safe mode My HP Pavillion monitor keeps going to sleep you re fine if you go into Normal mode it goes through that process of monitor going to sleep and starting up again I thought maybe it was the tower because of me maybe missing something small in it that would cause something big Well I took it to a friend who went to school for that and he took the memory card out put it back in and hooked it up to his monitor and it ran perfectly fine in normal mode Woohoo Well I took it home and it s still doing it on my monitor so I can come to the conclusion that I narrowed it down to it s the monitor not the tower well I looked at the settings and it shows a recommended setting for a thousand some number x a thousand some number can t check at the moment or I would and then it says GHRZ when in safe mode the first numbers are smaller than the recommended but it meets the GHRZ it s actually so would that mean in normal mode it s not meeting that and that s why it keeps restarting the monitor like that When I restored the other day I was given an option of installing hardware for the monitor I clicked continue anyways I m now in the process of restoring and seeing more details about that and maybe trying no this time to see where I can t get But even if it were to fix the problem or it weren t could anyone suggest anything or explain anything more to me Thank you for taking your time to read this and thank you if you were to reply I really appreciate it nbsp

A:My HP Pavillion monitor keeps going to sleep


I completely restore the PC to it's original self from the manufactoror I can't spell. And it's fine.. nothing at all wrong with it. Now. I installed my linksys wireless card fine, but when I put it in. that's when the monitor keeps restarting on me. when I take it out, it loads fine. BUT when my friend plugged it into his computer, it worked fine, with the lnksys card in it?
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My pc always powering off after i started the windows, My processor is Intel P4 2.8 Ghz, motherboard is Asus P4s800, ram is 512mb. Hardisk is Maxtor 80gb. Last 2 weeks, i bought a new hardisk Seagate 160GB and Ram Kingston 1GB DDR400. It runs smoothly fine, but something just happend, my pc is powering off, the power led light is on but the pc is off. I thought of some updates installed, I restored it to earlier date, It seems ok, but here again the problem. Is there a problem on replacing my ram from 512mb to 1GB, it does affect my processor?

Somebody please help? Thanks in advance

A:PC powering off

Memory 2 x DIMM, Max. 2 GB, DDR SDRAM ,Non-ECC, Memory

Have you tried putting the original memory back in to test it?
It may be the new Ram, ram can be very sensitive, at times
You can also test by running Memtest on your Ram too

At this stage the first things to look at, would be
Reset CMOS
Test Safe mode works or not
Try the original Ram
Test HardDrive
Test Power Supply

Lots more info here: Tutorial: No POST (Power On System Test)
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My computer is less than a month old--so that is the good news The bad news is that upon turning it on last night the monitor is so dark that I can barely see the images I checked the brightness all says it is functioning well I have it hooked up to a regular monitor--which is actually how I intend to use it most of the time but this is nuts I haven t found anyone else with this problem I bought a second of these for my boyfriend who is taking it to Germany--his is fine and we compared the two computers settings--they are identical - Super-dim monitor HP Pavillion dv6910us There is no explanation other than the monitor is not working I hope it is something minor such as something I did and don t realize it otherwise I ll be taking it back and getting another computer since I just got the darn thing Any thoughts would be appreciated Thanks in advance Carolyn nbsp

A:Super-dim monitor - HP Pavillion dv6910us

If you tried another monitor on your computer it's fine, then there's something wrong with the new one. All computer manufacturer have a default 90 warranty on all hardware. Take it back to the store and either have them test it or replace it.

-- Andy
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finally something to contribute a few years ago i bought one of those after thanks giving walmart laptop specials don t get me wrong its been a good one only paid mobile sempron gig hdd upgraded immediately to gb ram only burns cd s and plays dvds but ill soon fix that along with hdd found i may be able to upgrade CPU a Hp pavillion ze2000 little too maybe someone can confirm that anyway apparently some of these overheat and they recommend Hp pavillion ze2000 a new bios flash sp some how they think that the CPU fan running slows Hp pavillion ze2000 the computer down and somehow makes it overheat i did the flash because they recommended it and told me that it would make it work better after the flash the CPU fan hardly ever came on did it twice to make sure i did it right tech support told me to clean it I m very meticulous about my computers did it anyway as suggested and took a vacuumed cleaner to it which was kinda fun but wondered if i was going to zap it with static electricity from the vacuum it would get so hot that the palm rest would be more than just warm but kinda hot the touch pad would become very erratic but it never shut down on me i got a cool pad just so i could use my computer good investment though i do like it finally installed cpucool so i cold see what temp it was getting up to C with cool pad man searched around and found older bios sp ran the flash eureka it works now still a little warmer than i would like but fan on at approximately - C off at around C under regular load with cool pad much lower temp mid to high s they tried to get me to buy a new fan also works fine I ve only had one laptop but it seems that they run just a little warmer than equal desktop probably air circulation limitations sometimes i think they just go down a list of things that s why i was so happy to find this site experience but if anyone else has one of these its actually a ze wm if you look on the tag they did have one thing that did some good for me sp core speed adjustment download raises clock speed from multiplier x to like almost mhz multiplier x cpuid it fluctuates from one to the other I m thinking it lowers the clock speed to force cooling right anyway hope this helps someone out that is wrestling with tech support i wonder if i can put a fan in it with its own temp sensor can you do that with a laptop hmmmm thanks nbsp

A:Hp pavillion ze2000

Find your computer and bios here:
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So the other night i turned on some music in winamp like i do everynight before i go to bed, and everytime i would lay down, not 5 minutes would pass and my laptop would just turn itself off. I had to keep getting up and turning it back on, and it did it like 6 times until i decided to just leave it off.

This morning, it did it about 3 times or so, but so far it has stayed on.

I have a Lenovo 3000 N100 notebook.
1gb ram
pentium dual core 1.60ghz
Vista home premium
the battery in it is completely dead and has been for a while so it is always plugged into the wall so it wouldnt be a battery issue.
if theres anymore specs that you need, let me know.

any help would be appreciated.

A:Laptop randomely powering off

Sounds like an over-heating issue

You may need to locate the dissasembly guide and remove all dust
And possibly reseat the CPU (applying new thermal paste)

Actually there are a few links, and info in this guide that may help (including Memtest)
Have a look here: Tutorial: No POST (Power On System Test)
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Hey people I m new to these forums but I advice? any not powering Computer on, have a problem I have a computer right basic details below Windows XP Intel Pentium ghz gb ram x mb sticks Nvidia GeForce GS mb gc Motherboard Albatron PX PEC Pro socket And i cannot fully remember back to Computer not powering on, any advice? what actually led up to it but it just won t power on at all Now you may be thinking the basics like checking power cables and that everythings plugged in and connected properly but I m no amatuer I know my computer knowledge Everytime I ve Computer not powering on, any advice? had problems I ve been able to fix them but until now I m caught in a rut At first I thought it was that my power supply failed ASTRO watts Form Factor ATX but I tested it on another computer and it powered fine and had been working well up till when my computer stopped powering on I ve tried unplugging and reseating all the devices including ram video card hardrive cpu etc and carefully connecting them but no budge I do not know whats wrong My nd thought as to why it wouldnt power on was maybe that the wires on the front panel indicator weren t properly connected like HD LED RST PWR-LED PWR ON PWRLED SPEAKER and were stopping the computer from turning on But I ve tried reading the motherboard manual and reconnecting them but still no response I ve tried taking out certain devices that also may be stopping computer from turning on But I m beginning to think and heard that if the cpu heatsink isn t properly seated firmly on top of it that it can cause it to not start Same as having processor not seated properly and I m thinking maybe that could also be a possibility But I would like some advice and help for my problem assistance from someone please because I don t want to spend money or getting it repaired without knowing what s actually wrong with it I m waiting and open for any ideas and assistance please Sorry for the big paragraph thanks in regards nbsp

A:Computer not powering on, any advice?

I had a similar problem years ago that turned out to be a bad power switch on the front of the tower.
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I have a HP Pavillion DV1000. Since last 2 days, it is giving me starting problem. When it does not start, then i remove the battery out and then put it again, repeat this process several times and sometimes that works.

I have 2 batteries, sometimes i keep changing on batteries and that also works. My both batteries are working fine, the only issue is laptop does not start by pressing the 'on' button the first time.

Once the laptop starts, then it will not shut down till i give shut down command.

What can be the problem?

A:HP Pavillion DV1000 starting problem

how does it behave if you start with power supply only - no battery?
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was excited to build my new system 790i nforce mobo ,inel 9300 with tuniq tower H/s , 2gb reaper ocz,750gb hd for data, 3x 9800 tri sli, 1200watt psu.

And to my dismay it refuses to start. mobo has blue led on when pluged in and when i try to start up orange mem. light comes on then stays on and green main power light flickers on then goes out and wont respond untill unplugged. Possibly the motherboard ?

A:Computer Not Powering on
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I tried to hotswap an xbox 360 game. I got as far as opening in the drive and when I powered on my computer, it did not power on.
What's happened?

It's a sony drive and warranty is void. Obviously
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Here s some info of the situation before help Troubleshooting - not Dimension powering up I describe the problem The machine is a Dell Dimension V c with x GB Hard Drives and MB of ram It is currently being used with no GUI as a network fileserver The machine was fully functional with no blips ever up till days ago after I swapped a hard drive The universal power cable that its connected to the power with has been checked and even swapped and is working fine The powerboard that the computer is connected to has been reset and is working fine Other equipment is running on the same Troubleshooting help - Dimension not powering up circuit and as Troubleshooting help - Dimension not powering up such it is not blown days ago I took a hard drive out to use in another machine temporarily and was extremely careful getting it out system fully shut down unplugged antistatic etc Yesterday I put the drive back in the machine When I plugged the power cable in and turned the power on I noticed there was no green power light on the motherboard I tried powering up the machine with the power button but it didn t turn on Upon jimmying the power cable around I have found that if you stick it at a certain angle you can get the machine to start to power on for between one half and a whole second but it immedeatly powers off What I need to know is what component has died if anything I have a suspicion that it is the psu but cannot be sure Can anyone help Thanks Theo nbsp

A:Troubleshooting help - Dimension not powering up

It may be entirely coincidental, but I think the power supply is bad. Change it first, before suspecting the motherboard
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I've been trying to figure out what causes the computer to shut-down without warnings... I've tried changing the power supply, checking the board for short circuits. nothing seems to be working. then a friend of mine told me to check its RAM. I've haven't done it yet... Is it true that sometimes RAM may affect the power of the computer???

A:Powering down...

Can be.
Please try Memtest (7 Passes)

But also can be the CPU overheating
Your easiest approach would be to blow out all internal dust
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Dell latitude c just shorted the BIOS password got it working Booted it a Latitude powering c400 not up few times on XP worked fine I was powering it off the mains then I then tested the battery life so I turned it on without the power cord but half way through draining I had to go to my other house so I flipped the lid down and carried it to my car I believe shutting the lid when only powered by Latitude c400 not powering up battery puts it to sleep or on standby It would not power off the battery alone when in the car and still does not even though I left it with charge It does also not power up when plugged into the mains anymore Very puzzled any help would be appreciated - Jake NB The battery charge light flashes green approximately once every seconds EDIT Please do not move post to the password removal help thread try reading the post before modding it I have already removed the password that is not the problem at all The problem is that of it booting like many other new threads at the top of this forum which have not been merged into any other threads Please leave this where it is nbsp

A:Latitude c400 not powering up

Tutorial: NO POST / Power General troublshooting
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I just recently I installed a new silent CPU cooler into my computer but in order to install I had to take out my mobo and then put it back together In the process of putting my comp back together I bumped my PSU into my case a few times After everytjing was put back together I turned it on and the PSU began to Squeal I knew this meant fan was off so I powering Mouse/KB not up took out my my PSU opened it up and remounted the fan I then put it back together with my computer and booted up It booted up perfectly well but when I got to windows my keyboard and my mouse would not work I know its not a software problem because the keyboard lights won t light up and neither will the optical sight on my mouse Which means power is not going to the ports on the back of my motherboard So I tried sticking my mouse in the ports on the front of my Mouse/KB not powering up mobo but that would not work either But everything else boots and works fine So my question is what is wrong with my computer Do I have to get another motherboard I could RMA but I would like to find a solution that wouldn t leave me computerless for a week or nbsp

A:Mouse/KB not powering up

i'm no expert, but try checking all your connections from your psu onto your mobo. Sounds to me something simple. Could be wrong though
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Hello I would appreciate any tips.
My daughter has a HP Pavillion desktop. I have upgraded my machine and have donated to the HP my spare ram, processor and pci e Nvidia 6600gt.
The ram and processor are fine but.
I have updated the bios.
Disabled the onboard Ati ane enabled PCI e. I have loaded the latest drivers but am unable to get anything but the very lowest resolution .
Any Ideas. Have put it back to onboard graphics for the moment to make it usable.
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Hi forum goers I m having an infuriating time with my desktop PC I tried to install some new RAM and a new second harddrive got everything plugged in and the computer wouldn t boot So I backtracked replaced the RAM replaced the hard drive and the computer still won t boot The power turns on with the fans running the drives spinning the LEDs going but the monitor can t find a connection I ve double checked all the connections tried all combinations install.. not harware Computer after starting powering but up, of new RAM and old with new hard drive and old and have also tried with no second drive The OS is on the primary drive Anyone have any suggestions as to what to do Something that might be significant When I unplug my monitor from my PC it says quot Computer powering up, but not starting after harware install.. check display cable quot but when my computer is off or when I try to Computer powering up, but not starting after harware install.. turn it on now there is just a blinking green light in the front bottom Some Specs in case they re important Old RAM MB New RAM x GB Video Card Radeon Primary HD GB IDE Old secondary HD GB IDE New secondary HD GB SATA RPM Thanks for your help P S Sorry for the typo in the heading nbsp

A:Computer powering up, but not starting after harware install..

Remove power cable (from computer)
Hold in the ON switch for 30 secs (dispersing all internal power)
Put the power cord back in
Turn on!
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I really don t know how to title this nothing Powering sucking psu execpt power computer does problem days ago i turn on my computer It Powering computer does nothing execpt psu sucking power went to the Blue screen stating that either low memory or the bios has wrong info on one of the component Anyway after a few restart which ended up with the blue screen again the com died Now when i turn on the power the psu works the Vga card works since the fan is running The hdd dvd rom and A drive works But the monitor don t detect the computer as turned on and neither does the p s keyboard Although surprisingly the mouse see to have power But the computer itself doesn t post Normally there would be beep before i have to type in my cmos password But there isn t any here Things i have tried that didn t work changing ram removing and changing cmos battery change jbat to clear revert to original bios turning off the computer and wait for a few days that sometimes work Things that worked HDD is working when tested on nd computer VGA card works Monitor works keyboard works Some additional info the Com being mention is about - years old the previous psu blown up when the computer was on Due to the fact the the computer is down i can t provide certain info hope some one can help as this com is very good and still usable for programming use thanks in advance nbsp

A:Powering computer does nothing execpt psu sucking power

Try unplugging HDD / CD/DVD / FDD from motherboard
Also unplug any PCI card (ie sound / modem / video (if you have onboard))
Also unplug all externals (except keyboard; power and video)

See if that Posts
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third attempt to post I recently bought a brand new Hewlett Packard computer It prompts you Hewlett Hp full." error Packard "recovery Pavillion drive message dv2500 to back up your files and gives you the option of selecting the backup drive d or writing to dvd I selected writing to the backup "recovery drive full." error message Hewlett Packard Pavillion Hp dv2500 drive The system "recovery drive full." error message Hewlett Packard Pavillion Hp dv2500 tried to backup my files but sent an error message recovery drive full It continues to prompt me to backup my files I solved this problem by going to the HP website clicking on troubleshooting and entering the details of my computer I then found an FAQ somehow The page explained that I had been wrong to select the d drive to back up my files how foolish of me to choose one of two options "recovery drive full." error message Hewlett Packard Pavillion Hp dv2500 offered It said that the D drive was only small I must delete the file already created there and then change the settings to create a backup onto a dvd drive instead You delete the backed up copy of the file by going to start computer HP recovery d where the first folder you will find will be one with the name of your computer eg in my case Anna-PC You then delete this file You then go to start and type backup in the search box Select backup and restore center then change settings then change backup settings then give your permission to continue then select DVD rw drive e which describes itself as on a hard disc cd or dvd I wondered if there had been some sort of design error Why did they give me that option if it was not a good place to save a backup I would have thought there was little point of making a backup on the same pc you are backing up anyway Had they intended people to back things up there but not allowed enough space gb is quite a lot of space after all Many people must have stored less than gb there in blissfull ignorance that it is the wrong place I am rather mystified nbsp

A:"recovery drive full." error message Hewlett Packard Pavillion Hp dv2500

Actually what concerns me more is, I wonder if you have deleted files in your recovery partition.
It's usually hidden from inside Windows, so I expect no. But by chance did you receive a Windows CD or just a recovery partition (because the recovery files may now be gone)

As for the location, think of it this way, it will show all areas that you can backup to. I think even the floppy drive (if you have one) this is to give you the full choice, instead of putting restrictions on your own computer (which most don't like)

That's why.
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I got my hp pavillion dv9419us like 3 months ago and two days ago i spilled coke on it it worked for like 2 weeks but now it turns on then off again

A:My hp pavillion dv9410us turns on then off

The acid, not to mention the sticky sugar, isn't good for your computer and has probably eaten through some of your metalwork (printed circuits, tin-solder, etc).
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Hi Guys

I'm sure this question has been asked hundreds of times but sorry here goes again.

I have a Dell D600 and basically the power button does nothing. The unit was working but powering it up was always hit and miss. I've replaced the little power button pcb but it still doesn't power.

Any ideas would be appreciated.




A:Dell D600 Not Powering Up

Zenosincks said:

Err, by "The unit was working but powering it up was always hit and miss" do you mean it has always experienced trouble while trying to start up? Clarify this please .

Assuming the following:

Everything is connected properly (if you've disconnected anything in the past, you've checked the system's motherboard manual and are 100% certain everything is connected properly)

You have tried a different outlet and power cord
This is a new or semi-new occurrence
You at one point at a fully functional system (it powered on just fine)
Pressing the power button yields absolutely no results (no fans/lights/noises)

I'd try replacing the power supply first. See if you can borrow one from another system...Click to expand...

I was given the laptop and on reading across the net this seems to be a common problem. The unit worked for a bit but was intermittent. I think Its the same powered by battery or mains. I will try this with a known working psu.


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I have it plugged in but it won't power on?
On the back of tower is a small flickering green light
What's happening?

A:Hp pavillion desktop a520n won't power up

If that light is flickering, it is likely that the power supply has burned out, and must be replaced.
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Hey guys, Im looking to get another xfx 8800gt so i can run in sli. My question is can my power supply handle it? I have a thermaltake thoughpower 750w With 4 12 v rails and can take a max of 60A. The nvidia web site recommends this psu for sli but i just wanted a second opinion.

Please check out my specs and see if it could power all of that.


A:Powering 8800gt in sli

If Nvidia certifies it for SLI, it would be good enough for me.
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Hello, this is my first post on the thread, hope someone can help. I have recently replaced motherboard, memory, HD & PSU on a freinds computer. As far as i can see all the connectors are in the right place, when i press the power button a red light flashes and nothing happens. The red light seems to be the indication light for the HD. It is really starting to bug me now.

Can anyone help?

thanks in advance

A:Help, PC not powering up.

you may have a faulty part. the PSU could have been a dead on arrival part.

try switching it out for another one. send that one you have back.
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ok i installed my asus motherboard... i hit the power button and it turns on and then immediately turns off.... can i have some suggestions?

A:powering issue

Perhaps this will help -
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Hey everyone, just a quick question for you guru's.

I have an A8N32-SLI deluxe Mobo, and I installed it into a new rig I'm building. Everything was working then it stopped powering up. Now it starts sometimes and sometimes not. At first i thought it was the case, so i tore apart my working rig and put it in the case, it seems to be working great. So now i'm thinking it's the actual Mobo that's the problem. Any one know how to test if it's the Mobo and where in the Mobo the problem would be? I already have all the parts for the beast so i dont want to purchase everything all over again, and since i bought this Mobo about a year ago i dont think i can RMA the thing. Is there anyone out there than can help me?

A:A8N32-SLI Deluxe powering problem

You have an excellent motherboard, but it is very persnickity about having the correct memory... so much so, that ASUS lists what memory brands and models they consider acceptable. Same with video graphics cards.
The motherboard itself is very rugged, and rarely fails.
You could also have problems that are Windows related, because Windows doesn't like you to change anything but the memory.
First step is to download all the latest drivers, to assure you have the latest BIOS, Chipset, and other drivers.. Then query the board about what it requires when you change hardware.
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Hi guys,

i have a dell cpt that started working odd....first it freezes when you get to use the system....suddenly 1. it freezes and you have to restart or or well 2. it just powers off. Right now im sitting with it a side, and after pressing power button it powers, lights flash but just when it comes to the time of showing video it powers off...maybe 2 seconds 3 tops after powering on, it goes off...i tried running on baterry and also AC but same thing. Could it be a short inside or maybe internal power supply is defective?

thanks in advance.

A:Dell CPt power off after powering on

i forgot to say that after powering off and repeat the power-on-off situation, only after leaving it off for maybe 3 4 minutes it will power on if something was getting slightly hot and wont work until it is cool are working fine although......i was thinking about a memory problem, could it be? when i get to boot well, i boot in safe mode and windows trows the tipical failure blue screen with information about "a hardware malfunction and it will close blablablabla" thing...ram maybe?
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My laptop is running extremely hot I believe and thus results in system shut down. Please advise me of what to do. Thanks.

A:HP Pavillion dv8000; 55+ Celcius

Make sure that the cooling fans are operating as they should, or at all. Use some compressed air to blow any dust out of the fans and heatsinks.
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I have an HP Pavillion dv9074cl which I bought with no OS. It came with 2 100 GB sata HDs. I am trying to install Windows XP Pro but it requires raid drivers before it can "see" the HDs. I have an external USB floppy drive so that's not an issue, but I have not been able to find drivers that work. Help?

A:Installing XP on an HP Pavillion dv9074cl

This doesn't sound right... All you should need is the Nvidia Chipset driver for the hard drive controller. You might need other XP drivers like video, modem, network and such...
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Recently my eMachines microsoft xp has had problems powering on If I try to turn on my computer the fan would go crazy but the monitor would stay in its quot idle quot state So I am forced to manually turn off the computer by holding down the power button However the properly Help Need Powering on Computer second time I try to power on the computer the fan goes on briefly and then the computer would operate normally This is how I have been powering my computer on Power it on it wont work so manually turn it off turn it on It always works on the second try Even when I try to restart the computer the monitor would power off as usual but it would never turn on again and it would stay in its idle state again Thus causing me to Need Help Powering on Computer properly use the manual power option Not to long ago i observed my dad play poker and he had clicked on a pop up which stopped him from continueing as it froze the web browser I told him to turn it off and he went straight into the manual power button without trying to power it off properly I dont know if this is related or how long he has been doing this Yes I have tried restoring the OS but the problem still persists thanks for any help you can give me nbsp

A:Need Help Powering on Computer properly

There was a thread about this some weeks ago relating to emachine PSUs and their reliability. Also I remember some reference to PSUs doing more damage when they finally give up - like trashing main boards.
Suggest you try a replacement PSU before doing anything else but it might be worth trying to trace the earlier thread.
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Hi all I have a Compaq Presario -XL- laptop which I am having a little trouble with In that it will not power up at all the battery is flat and won 1200-XL-110 Not powering up Compaq Presario t charge I have had the power supply tested and it delivers what it says on the bottom of the PSU Compaq Presario 1200-XL-110 Not powering up adaptor also the light on the front of the laptop to indicate that power is getting to the laptop is on however the battery charging light dosen t work and I cannot boot up at all Someone said that it might be the power converter board in the laptop however I have bought a new one and replaced it and it still doesn t start I hope that someone can help Or if you have any other ideas then please let me know Nish P S I had a thought that it might be the battery because when it did work if the battery was out of the laptop then it wouldn t boot up either Now I don t want to buy a battery unless I really need to nbsp

A:Compaq Presario 1200-XL-110 Not powering up

Sorry to report this is a typical problem in that Presario. We have a stack of these mystery machines in the shop right now. Sometimes it is an inverter.
When the inverter goes bad, the screen is dead.
Other times, it is the system board. We don't know of a battery issue report, but it is theoretically possible. We assume the system should work without a battery if the power adapter is working.
One common problem is the power socket becomes loose or worn, but then that would prevent the LED's from turning green. Those little LED lights are indicative only of power being plugged in. The laptop seems to have the same or similar system board to the eMachines laptop which has system board failures.
In other cases, this Presario is simply too thin, and only has one cooling fan to move all that hot air out of the case. The other HP machines have multiple fans. When a laptop gets too hot, you don't know, and the heat kills it.
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I have not on powering PC my old computer I was getting ready sell by reformatting it when it just shut off I turned it back on but it only stayed on for a few minutes before it just shot off Now it won t even turn on I have tried another powersupply but that didn t work Sometimes when you flip the power switch in the back of the power supply the fans twitch a little and the is a high beep that sounds like the beep a computer will make if the power supply isn t plugged into a high in graphics card so then I thought it might be a graphics PC not powering on card and a tried another graphics card but it still didn t work It wouldn t matter if the hard-drive was fried would it PC not powering on it should still power on right So leaves the cpu and motherboard I was just wondering if you guys had any idea what the problem could be Here are the specs CPU-AMD Athlon Motherboard-ASRock K COMBO-Z RAM- GB of Rosewill pc Hard Drive- gb hatachi Vedio Card-Evga Geforce Thanks nbsp

A:PC not powering on

Try another power supply first. The motherboard or a corrupt bios can cause this too
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I just recently purchased a samsung ltn154x1-l03 to replace it with my cracked phillips lg lp154w01 cause it says it was compitable. I put it in and i am not getting any response with my computer it doesn't light up or anything, yet when i put my cracked one in it works. PLEASE HELP i dunno what to do....

A:HP Pavillion Zv5000 LCD Screen

What "it" says it was compatible. How did you ascertain the new screen was isntalled directly? Did you also install inverter for new screen?
Relevancy 32.68%

has black screen cannot loadup
tried to reinstall windows asks if repair or new install try new install, message appears
Setup did not find and hard disk devices installed on your computer

its there but where
regards Motherearth

A:Hp Pavillion DV1000

I would boot into BIOS. See if the Hard Drive is recognized there.

I can walk you through the booting into BIOS procedure if you need me to.

Good Luck

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when i power my laptop, only the power led shows that it is on while there are no clicking sound or even the sound of the fan running.
Sometimes it would work for even a whole week then start to freeze before refusing to to power on.
I tried to unistall some programs which were not being used (i.e before it refused to power) but still the problems is there.
This problem started when i changed the charger, which the first one fell and refused to work, but i looked at the charger but it looks ok.
So I suspected the battery, which for the first time i removed and try to see if it is down which it was. and it worked but after that the problem continues even if i removed and boost the battery sometimes it works sometimes not. I guess battery is not the problem.

Please help.


Omar Kissasi

A:toshiba satellite not powering

replace your AC/DC converter.
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Right my auntie has a HP PAVILLION 1450 and she has previosuly had teh ssue that the light on the back ( on the psu ) flashes, after opening the case and removing the cables and replacing them it has worked, shes had to do that twice now. But it was only happening when it had been without power ( unplugged) Today she came to use it, after it had not had the power turned off and it wont fire, have tried removing the cables ad its not having it, i think taht its complely knackered now. any ideas if it is, shoudl i just replace it?


A:HP PAVILLION 1450 - Possible PSU problem

Just replace it.
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I am having problem getting my computer to Up Advice Powering Issues - turn on It started a few weeks ago when it decided that it would turn on when it wanted to Powering Up Issues - Advice turn on I would hit Powering Up Issues - Advice power and it wouldn t work then minutes later I would do it again and it would turn on You get the idea that happened Powering Up Issues - Advice many many times sometimes I would try it times or hours later before it would turn on Recently it won t turn on at all I replaced the power switch and got nothing If I left the computer on without shutting down it would work for days with no issues the only problems came when I shut it down it quot sometimes quot would not come back on when I hit the power switch The light on the motherboard stays on and green which makes me think the MB is getting power It is less than a year old and when I hit the power button I get nothing Any suggestions I check all of the wiring for shorts and have not come up with anything My Ideas Power Switch OK New One PSU OK MB has green light on MB Not sure but green light is on Here is my system Motherbaord Asus P WD Premium X P Celeron FSB LGA DDR ATX Motherboard w Audio Dual Gigabit LAN Dual RAID Serial ATA II FSB ATA DDR DIMM PCI Express x PCI-E x mode PCI Express x PCI USB IEEE Audio Dual Gigabit LAN Dual RAID SATA II Processer Intel Pentium D Processor GHz MHz FSB Socket x MB Cache Dual Core Memory Corsair TWIN X - PRO GB Kit DDR - XMS - ProSeries Memory w Platinum Heat Spreader Case Thermaltake Soprano VB SWS Power Supply Ultra ULT V-Series Watt Power Supply DVD Burner Sony DRU- A Internal Double Layer DVD RW Drive Video Card ATI All-In-Wonder Editon Radeon X PCI Express MB DDR Video Card w DVI-I VGA amp VIVO SATA Hard Drive Maxtor DiamondMax V F GB Serial ATA II RPM Hard Drive w MB Buffer nbsp

A:Powering Up Issues - Advice

The only questionable item in your sig is the PSU. Do you have another one that you can try?
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I am having problems with a recently perchased HP Notebook It is a HP Pavillion ZT Ghz Pentium M Mb ram I upped the ram a week ago Gb HD I have been using this note with out insident for a month now I shut it down on tuesday night and put it away On friday night I set it up but it won t complete the boot cycle It will kick on the 3000 boot zt Pavillion problem" "major HP fan and the screen will glow you now that look of being on with HP Pavillion zt 3000 "major boot problem" a black screen there are no colors or icon at all The HD will spin up and chatter as normal for about - seconds but then the screen powers down the HD stops spinning The computer just sits there power light on fan buzzing but no HP Pavillion zt 3000 "major boot problem" more noise no progress I tried re-seating my ram chips and my HD no change I am at a loss for what it could be I have had no problems to speak HP Pavillion zt 3000 "major boot problem" of since buying this unit What could it be More important what can I do to fix this Please help CM Lanman nbsp

A:HP Pavillion zt 3000 "major boot problem"


Did you ever resolve the issue? My daughter recently received the same model from a relative, (HP Pavillion zt3000), and the same thing happened to her. It appears the battery is charged and the computer is operational, but the screen is dark. I can lighten or darken the screen, but that is it.

Thanks, Psychicbud