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HP Pavillion not powering up

Q: HP Pavillion not powering up

A friend of mine phoned me tonight to tell me her old HP Pavillion had begun to struggle to power up over the last few days.

A big fat zero occured when she tried to turn the pc on over the weekend - it did power up after a couple of attempts. Gradually the number of attempts have increased until tonight when any number of button pushing would kick that monkey into life.

She has checked the power cable is fitting tight and the pc has not been removed.

Any suggestions?


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Preferred Solution: HP Pavillion not powering up

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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So 3 days ago when i turned on the pc the fan starting making a weird noise and was blowing out smoke. I took it appart after turning it off and found out it was dirty and had a dustbunny, after taking out the garbage i put it back together. The fan worked better but then my pc was running kinda slow, i realy knoticed it when running a game and a movie, was laggy and glitchy when it hadn't been before. Thinking i hadnt hooked something up correctly i took it appart again. Finding nothing wrong i put it back together again i tried to start it, the fan turns on and they caps lock and numb lock blink but nothing else happens
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I recently had to replace the mother board in my HP Pavillion a620n because of a nearby lightning strike. The replacement was done by a certified technician. Now when I shut the PC down I must turn off the powe strip it is connected to, turn the power stip back on and then press the power button on the top right of the PC case.

Prior to the replacement all I had to do was press the power buitton. I have checked all power settings etc and they are correct.

When I turn the power strip back on the hard drive accesss light flickers, the DVD drive light flashes and the fan start. I then pust the power button and the computer boots.

A:Trouble with powering up HP Pavillion 1620n

The power supply is the first piece of hardware to be hit by a power surge. it also may have been damaged
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I have a Dell XPS 410 that randomly powers off and then won't power back on unless I jiggle it a bit.

I found this:

Which indicates it can be the front I/O panel causing it.

How can I confirm this is the problem, and where can I get a spare?

When it isn't powering on, the mobo isn't receiving power either.

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First of all hello techsupportforum com I am happy to be here and I hope you guys can help me Ever since a few weeks ago my computer does not power up on demand What that means is after I press the power button it would start the cpu and psu fans not the gpu which would stop after a few seconds After turning the power supply off by removing the power cable and turning it on again I can try to power up my up not PC powering powering off and randomly pc again After a few attempts it eventually starts BUT I'm not done yet Monitor still displays no signal I have to press the restart button until it finally works Please note everything works normally except for the random shut down until I power it off again This is not everything at random times the PC would just shut down itself and I would have to power off the psu and start it again I have replaced my PSU with no change in this behaviour My spec Psu activ w w new one Gpu gigabyte gt Cpu amd phenom ii x Mbu asrock gm-gs
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Hie,My dv6 was working perfectly fine using Windows 10 64x.The laptop started crashing every time i tried to power it on ,it was displaying that the DRIVER essential for booting was missing so i switched it off and remove the CMOS battery.When i tried to power it again,it was not displaying anything on screen.Only the wi-fi and audio lights were displaying Orange.I switched it off again and remove the RAMs and CMOS battery multiple times but with no luck.Now when i switch it on,the fan start running and the wi-fi and audio lights are always on and it quickly turns off and restart itself and the screen is still black.I powered it without RAMs ,it stays on without restarting frequently
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My computer wont turn on. I have to take out the power cable, wait untill there isnt any electricity left then plug it back in and hope it works. Usually the fans spin for 1 second and then nothing, if i try to press the on botton again nothing at all happens. On certain occasions it actually boots and goes into windows and works fine then unexpectandly powers off. Ive got a LCD display thing that tells me what the computer is doing during startup untill windows boots. But when the fans stop spinning it just says 'Pwr_off'. Please help.

A:Not powering on

Hey there,

I think my first thought would be the power supply in the computer is broken. I am sure quite a few people on here would agree with that. If you are fairly tech savvy then you will probably be able to switch a known working power supply from another computer into yours to test if that is the problem. If you are not then you could see if someone you know might be able to help you with it. Or take it to a computer shop to get it fixed by a professional.

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when i try to power on, only main power and fan comes on. no components. if i try and try hitting main power in back, eventually all will power up. what can be causing this?

A:powering on

Possibly the PSU has an intermittent fluctutation in voltage causing no post, BIOS flashes have also been know to solve cold boot problems...

If you can swap the PSU from another known working PC and if that doesnt yield a result and if you're brave enough try updating your BIOS.... bearing in mind if you **** it up you're not gonna get a post full stop
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My Win Xp box with 512 Megs of DDR ram keeps powering off all by itself. I'll have it up for 40 minuites and it will just shut down and I can't power it back up until I let it sit for awhile. I tried replacing the power supply but it still happens. Ran burnintest but no errors came up. Is it the CPU. Any suggestions would help.

Cheers, Chad

A:Powering Off on it's own.

Maximus 19

Seems like over-heating. Run it awhile with the case cover off and a floor fan blowing at it from the M/B side.
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I haven't used my pc for about 2 weeks as I moved house. However, I just plugged all the cables etc into the back and now the pc won't power on. There's a green light at the back by the power cable input and it keeps flashing as though it's not getting a consistent power supply. Nothing happens when I press the power button on the pc. Therefore, I'm wondering if this is just a case of the power pack/psu dying, or if there's anything else I could do other than replacing it. Also, does this happen a lot when pc's aren't used for a few weeks?

Thanks a lot for any help.

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Recently my laptop running XP doesn't want to power off after I click "turn off computer". No music, no nothing. Hopefully someone can tell me whats going on and how to fix it. Also, because of this I can not do a re-boot. I can press the power button on the lap top and it shuts down. Thanks for any help. Chuck

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My parents live on a ranch in SE Montana where all summer we ve been getting massive lightening storms almost nightly My Mom has been unplugging the surge protecter powering powering up PC her Gateway w Windows me Recently she plugged it in pushed the start button the light came on nothing else no sound of anything running She pushed button to shut it off light wouldn t go out she finally unplugged it The next day she plugged and unplugged till it finally started The next time same ol no-start After numerous phone calls call-back promises that never happened Mom finally had a Gateway powering up PC tech talk her through removing side cover and plugging unplugging things the tech told her it was a bad surge protecter She plugged it into wall and it worked properly-until next time she tried powering it up Same ol same ol powering up PC The nearest computer store is miles away I live miles away and fires burning everywhere so any Q amp A to her takes a while nbsp

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I have a simple question...I've always wondered, is it better to leave your computer on all day and turn it off only at the end of the day, or turn it on when in use and off immediately after I'm done using it?

A:Powering on/off

Turn it on in the morning and off at night, or when you are finished for the day.
Sudden burst of electricity is bad for components.
Stopping and starting of spinning parts is arguably harder on them than leaving them running.
Warming up and cooling down of components should be minimized.

Many people I know leave their computers on ALL the time, only powering down for hardware changes or when the system locks up. Right now my computer has been on for 9 days 4 hours and 5 minutes.
Really there are only 4 reasons I can think of to turn it off if you have adequet cooling:
Saving electricity.
Leaving town.
Hardware change.
System lock up.

Of course if you are running a 9x based OS you might want to restart more often than every 9 days because 9x doesn't manage its RAM as well as the NT versions of Windows, meaning your performance will suffer after days of opening and closing programs.
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I have not on powering PC my old computer I was getting ready sell by reformatting it when it just shut off I turned it back on but it only stayed on for a few minutes before it just shot off Now it won t even turn on I have tried another powersupply but that didn t work Sometimes when you flip the power switch in the back of the power supply the fans twitch a little and the is a high beep that sounds like the beep a computer will make if the power supply isn t plugged into a high in graphics card so then I thought it might be a graphics PC not powering on card and a tried another graphics card but it still didn t work It wouldn t matter if the hard-drive was fried would it PC not powering on it should still power on right So leaves the cpu and motherboard I was just wondering if you guys had any idea what the problem could be Here are the specs CPU-AMD Athlon Motherboard-ASRock K COMBO-Z RAM- GB of Rosewill pc Hard Drive- gb hatachi Vedio Card-Evga Geforce Thanks nbsp

A:PC not powering on

Try another power supply first. The motherboard or a corrupt bios can cause this too
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I've been trying to figure out what causes the computer to shut-down without warnings... I've tried changing the power supply, checking the board for short circuits. nothing seems to be working. then a friend of mine told me to check its RAM. I've haven't done it yet... Is it true that sometimes RAM may affect the power of the computer???

A:Powering down...

Can be.
Please try Memtest (7 Passes)

But also can be the CPU overheating
Your easiest approach would be to blow out all internal dust
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"autochk program not found-SKIPPING AUTOCHECK" is the message that pops up before it starts all over again.

A:Powering Up!


Originally Posted by Philold

"autochk program not found-SKIPPING AUTOCHECK" is the message that pops up before it starts all over again.

There is an excellent solution here. Very well written and easy to follow.
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my comp randomly powers itself and then tends to not gain power to start back up the first few presses of the button here is the event log Event Type WarningEvent Source DiskEvent Category NoneEvent ID Date Time PMUser N AComputer COMPANY- D Description An error was detected on device And Over Over Powering Device Harddisk D during a paging operation For more information see Help and Support Center at http go microsoft com fwlink events asp Data b h d - V ff Powering Over And Over ff ff ff a a a d db d db x d f g f d g Event Type InformationEvent Source TcpipEvent Category NoneEvent ID Date Time PMUser N AComputer COMPANY- D Description The system detected that network adapter NVIDIA Controller - Packet Scheduler Miniport was connected to the network and has initiated normal operation over the network adapter For more information see Help and Support Center at http go microsoft com fwlink events asp Data P i Event Type InformationEvent Source SecurityCenterEvent Category NoneEvent ID Date Time PMUser N AComputer COMPANY- D Description The Windows Security Center Service has started For more information see Help and Support Center at http go microsoft com fwlink events asp this is not the first harddrive to do this starnge powering on this system so i think my board is messed up but would like help

A:Powering Over And Over says that your boot drive is D:, is that correct?

Your boot drive should be C:, while the optical drive should be D:, assuming there are only those two drives in the system.

It also says that you have a bad hard drive, whether it's C: or D: and IMO that would be the first thing to check, after ensuring that all connections are correct and that the drive is properly recognized in both the BIOS and in XP Disk Management.

Do you have an MS XP CD?

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I have a desktop PC that keeps dying I thought it was off powering PC keeps the power supply because when I PC keeps powering off unplugged it from the back of the computer and then plugged it back in it would start back up Eventually I changed out the power supply and it worked for about a month and then blew out again One thing though that has to be known is that this originally started happening when I was playing a game My graphics card was very hot I know but it was getting cooled enough I thought but maybe not Anyway I replaced the power supply and it did it again Then I went out and got a much better higher wattage PC keeps powering off one and that one lasted one day and I hadn t even started any games it just went out while I was on the Internet So I am wondering if maybe my motherboard is going bad or what I cleaned things up and dusted it all off and still it dies It stays on for about or minutes and then it shuts off HELP I don t want to buy new parts I don t need Any ideas My computer parts are probably years old now except my graphics card which is about years old That is an nVidia FX with mb I know everything could use an updating though I will get specific specs as soon as I can and post them but off the top of my head I have and AMD Athlon with mb RAM nbsp

A:PC keeps powering off

Post the rest of you system specs. Is possible that the thermal seal is bad on your processor/heatsink causing it to overheat. This was the case for quite a few Pentium 4 PC’s with a high clock on the Prescott core. If you have a P4, this could be your problem.
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i got this old performa 6300cd (its a macintosh) computer collecting dust. i plug it in and it sounds like the PSU is buzzing and the PRAM Battery is sertently dead. sence i dont have the keyboard (wanted to see if it turns on before buying the other components) i press the little button on the back of the mac. no boot chime, no light, no nothing

attached is what noise the PSU is making. (when it hits 2 seconds in the audio its when i unplugged the unit)
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My device can not power on with the power adapter. However, it will come on with the battery. I am worried after the battery runs out, that'll be it. I got a docking station thinking it will help but it was a waste of money. Will be grateful for any clues.
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I was using an 80mm fan in front of my laptop's fans to help cool it down. It was powered by an AT power supply. Is there any way to make it run on one of the ports. it is a gateway m505x. I could do USB, firewire(4 and 6 pin), printer port, video and svideo ports, modem jack, and microphone/headphone. I am shooting for the USB, but any of them would be fine.

Can any of these power an 80mm fan, and how do i connect it. It has only a positive and negative cable.

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Hp z1 powered up with fans running super fast the now it won't power up at all. Can I repair the power box? Thanks.
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Some one please help me with this


I have a really old PC AT power supply which does not have a hard power on/off switch, It is an old supply with PS1 and PS2 connectors. I want to use this supply as a secondary supply for my system to power up some fans and extra stuff but I don't know where or how to start with. The system with which I want to use this supply is an ATX power supply system.

Whenever I connect this AT supply with 220v power cable it does not power on (The fan does not move). I have also tried connecting dummy loads like two old hard drives but it does not power on. The PSU is not faulty but it is not power on even with load. Tell me what should I do ?

A:PSU not powering on

All ATX power supplies need a 3volt connection to the motherboard to power on
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Hello, this is my first post on the thread, hope someone can help. I have recently replaced motherboard, memory, HD & PSU on a freinds computer. As far as i can see all the connectors are in the right place, when i press the power button a red light flashes and nothing happens. The red light seems to be the indication light for the HD. It is really starting to bug me now.

Can anyone help?

thanks in advance

A:Help, PC not powering up.

you may have a faulty part. the PSU could have been a dead on arrival part.

try switching it out for another one. send that one you have back.
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I'd like to take a cheap unpowered USB hub, connect its upstream data leads to a computer's USB port, and its 0V and 5V leads to an independent, external power source that can handle more current than the computer's USB connection.

Would this in effect make it a powered USB hub? That is, would it make it possible to safely use a set of USB peripherals that are (in combination) too power-hungry to hook up all together to an ordinary unpowered hub?

Or would it just burn up?

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I cannot power down my laptop (Dell Inspiron); HELP!!!

A:powering down

Press and hold the power button for about 5 seconds.

What model Dell?

Are you having problems when choosing shutdown?

Post more information about the problem.
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basically i got my new Enermax powering not up. PSU Galaxy W PSU because i bought PSU not powering up. myself new GTS graphics cards i also bought myself a new case Aspire X-Cruiser Black ATX Windowed Gaming Case i decided to swap all my PC components to the new case i m so i guess i may have made a mistake or however im thinking i may need the W psu as when i go to power up the PC it powers on for about seconds then just shuts off the enermax galaxy has a beeping light on it which tells you when there s a problem when this happens i turn the psu off press the reset button on the psu and then turn it back on it does the same every time anyone got any ideas i think i may have just over-loaded the psu im not sure my OS is Windows XP x edition okay so i decided to take out all the power cables for everything except my motherboard and the psu still does the same thing is this because my mobo is broken or something i have no idea thanks nbsp

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i am having a problem with my pc. sometime when i power on my pc, it stays power on for a few seconds then will immediately power off then power on again by itself then work normally.
sometime it will power on but will not display anything on the screen.
at time it will power on,power off immediately and power on again then there will be no display on the screen.

does the problem come from the motherboard or memory?

A:my pc is powering on and off.

Hello neo1407. Welcome to the forum.

The could be a few reasons for this behavior.
Problem with the power supply
Problem with the power switch on the computer case
Loose or unseated power connections to the motherboard.
Faulty hardware - motherboard, video card, RAM, CPU
Is this a new build?

If not, and it was running fine and this just started happening, have you made any changes to the system recently?
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Hpg61 not powering onboard plz help

A:HP G61 not powering on

The only thing I can do for you is direct you the appropriate area of the forums, that this problem of yours belongs....

Try this link......

Welcome to TechSpot and good luck!

Update : I guess disregard that link above, appears someone already moved this topic thread to it's appropriate place.
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I Recently Took The Sides Off My Pc So I Could Get The Dust Out.

I Have Everything Back Correctly As Far As I Can Tell, But When I Turn It On It Stays On For A Couple Of Seconds Then Turns Off.

I Was Very Careful While Doing This. What Could It Be.??

Thank You

A:powering up

You were NOT careful enough.

HOW did you clean the dust?

You should have blown out your system with one of those air-spray cans you can buy, NEVER touching ANY component directly. If you do this, that leaves only small wire connections that the air MAY blow loose.

When you power-on, do you get MORE than ONE beep from the PC speaker?

IF YOU DO, these beep are POST Beep Error Codes indicating major problem with basic hardware.

I would especially check your CPU Fan connection.
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My pc always powering off after i started the windows, My processor is Intel P4 2.8 Ghz, motherboard is Asus P4s800, ram is 512mb. Hardisk is Maxtor 80gb. Last 2 weeks, i bought a new hardisk Seagate 160GB and Ram Kingston 1GB DDR400. It runs smoothly fine, but something just happend, my pc is powering off, the power led light is on but the pc is off. I thought of some updates installed, I restored it to earlier date, It seems ok, but here again the problem. Is there a problem on replacing my ram from 512mb to 1GB, it does affect my processor?

Somebody please help? Thanks in advance

A:PC powering off

Memory 2 x DIMM, Max. 2 GB, DDR SDRAM ,Non-ECC, Memory

Have you tried putting the original memory back in to test it?
It may be the new Ram, ram can be very sensitive, at times
You can also test by running Memtest on your Ram too

At this stage the first things to look at, would be
Reset CMOS
Test Safe mode works or not
Try the original Ram
Test HardDrive
Test Power Supply

Lots more info here: Tutorial: No POST (Power On System Test)
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I went away for 2 nights and came back to find my PC won't power up at all. Ive checked the plug, fuse and tried turnign it off/on at the back and nothing will make it power up. Its a new PC (under a month old) but the company I got it off want me to pay for thier technical support line, which includes if i want details to return it.

Previous problems:
Randomly the screen turns off occasionally (checked drivers and their fine)
resetting itself during games (in particualr sid meier's pirates and civ 4)
resetting when I run real player

its all legit software... can anyone help?

A:not powering up...

have you tried to jump the power supply on to test if it is ok? first i'd check for a light on the mobo but then if you jump the green wire (usually the 14th pin on the 20pin plug) to a black one (a ground) it should turn on, if it doesn't the psu is more than likly dead and you should try another one.
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Old dell desktop. Not powering up at all - no lights on, no fan sound. It did this a few weeks ago but then when left for a day powered up ok. Have changed plug fuse, used a different power cable that I know works but no good. Help!!

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hi all all of a sudden the laptop does not start.Once disconnected the battery, by pressing the power button, the led starts blinking until it's pressed.I can hear a internal sound as if a safety switch is triggered. with the battery on, no way... it looks simply not charged. The charger is properly working at the desired voltage (I checked with the tester) so the trouble looks internal in the laptop power line. any idea? Paolo from Rome.
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I used to turn on my computer and walk away. Two to three minutes later it was up. Then one day last week, it decided to stop the start up and make me click on my name. How do I put it back to just turning it on?

A:Powering UP

Hello Campinas, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if this may be able to help to have your user account to be logged on automatically at startup.

Log On Automatically at Startup

While you're at it, you might also check these:

How to Enable or Disable Require Password on Wakeup in Windows 7
How to Enable or Disable Windows 7 Screen Saver Password Protection

Hope this helps,
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Good afternoon.I have been using my notebook all day on netflix. Closed the lid and it went to sleep. On my return the notebook won't power up. It's plugged into the mains. On the charging socket the white led light flashes just one which is continously. I have no power to the keyboard and screen. The computer is only 4 months old.

A:Not powering up

Hi,            Based on the light blinking sequence below shows what could have gone bad. As you had bought the unit 4 months ago it will be under warranty. So i would suggest you to contact HP Technical Support to get this issue resolved. LEDs blink 1 timeCPUCPU not functionalLEDs blink 2 timesBIOSBIOS corruption failureLEDs blink 3 timesMemoryModule error not functionalLEDs blink 4 timesGraphicsGraphics controller not functionalLEDs blink 5 timesSystem boardGeneral system board failureLEDs blink 6 timesBIOSBIOS authentication failure
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Help! I am new to this board and sadly the most knowledgeable computer person in our office. Which is not saying much. I have a Dell PC I think one of the firsts pentium 4's. I has been working fine but yesterday it just wouldn't turn on. I opened it up and it was quite dusty so I cleaned it out. I plugged it into what I know to be a working outlet and with the cover off noticed a flashing light on what I believe to be the mother board. When I unplug it the light goes out so I assume the PC is getting power. Any Ideas? Thanks.

A:PC not powering up

give us some specs on the pc.
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Sorry its me again it seems on my last post I had RAM that wasnt supported by my motherboard even though my Is PC Powering Not Now Up! motherboard said it supported DDR RAM Anyway I sent it to Tigerdirect com Store here Now PC Is Not Powering Up! in Miami to be fixed so they did and I played my games for about two hours last night So this morning I turned on the computer and the game Now PC Is Not Powering Up! I was playing was loading up and all of a sudden my computer just shut off So I waited for it to cool down for about minutes I disconnected and reconnected the power cord I pressed the power button but it doesnt turn on now So I waited a little longer and disconnected the extension the outlet and the power cord and reconnected it But it still doesnt turn on I think it was a cooling problem but even if it was it still wouldn t turn on Please someone offer some suggestions Grizzly nbsp

A:Now PC Is Not Powering Up!

you let the computer cool down? does that mean that it was hot b/c u do not want ur computer to be hot, if it is hot then either u have a crappy power supply or u dont have enough fans, how many fans do u have and what power supply do u have? (this is only if it was hot)
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Okay I just finished building my pc and went to power up, pressed the button. But it will not start. Nothing happens, I hear a low whine from my power supply.

I am sure i plugged in my case power things right, the one for the power-up button and all.

Can anyone help me?

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I click on Start, Turn Off Computer, Then 'Turn Off'
Then the Desktop closes down and I get a message saying the computer is saving my settings, then Windows is closing down, freezes. It doesn't power down?
Please advise. Thanks
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Ive posted under XP as well...
Ive been away for 2 days, come back and my PC wont power up at all. tried changing plug sockets, fuse, turnig off/on at the back still nothing. Its under a month old, but the company I got it off want me to pay 50p/min to speak 2 a tech support and then pay 2 send it bk... can anyone help?

Previous problems:
Restarting when playing games (sid meier's pirates and civ 4)
restarting when using real player
ocaasionally the screen turning off then back on (check drivers nd they're fine...)

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my notebook is not powering on but emits a sequence of 8blinks on the battery LED after pressing the power  on buton. thse led flashes are orange.

A:not powering on

Dear Customer,  Please try HARD RESET: Shut down the notebook, unplug the AC Adapter and then remove the battery.  Hold  down the Power button for a full minute.  Plug in the AC Adapter ( leave the battery out for the moment ) and see if the notebook will start.  Can you match the sequence of 'blinks' to those shown in the table below.  Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee
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I have a Dell All in One (Inspiron One 2330) that will not power up.  I tried a new cord and also tried reset (unplugged and held power key down for 30 seconds) and still nothing.   I have no lights and no fans running when plugged in and attempting to power.   Unit is about 3 years old .... never had to search out for repair work to be done on a computer before (either handled it myself or just bought a new unit due to age) but this is not an old unit.   

First.... does anyone have any insight on steps I could do?
Second...... Is it worth to send to Dell for repair out of warranty or seek local help?
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Hey guys,

I've been a lurker here for a while and have finally come across a problem that I need some assistance with.

My Mom has an HP PC running WinXP. This computer has started powering off at random. I first assumed it was a PS problem and replaced it. Now with a brand new PS (OEM match) it is still doing the same thing. I thought it might be over heating so I removed the casing and cleaning all the air intakes and fans but still experienced the same issue. I've done everything from replacing the PS and power cables, surge protector, etc. I'm now suspecting an issue with the mobo.

Any suggestions?



A:HP PC Powering Off

I would initially try removing the side panel and directing a fan in to supply more air and see if the problem still occurs.
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My laptop doesn't seem to be powering up ... I tried removing the battery and then powering it after 30 seconds ... but it doesn't seem to work .. I am completely freaking. Out ...

A:Laptop not powering up

It looks like you are not able to Power ON the Notebook and wanting to fix the issue Please perform below shown steps to find out if this is a Software or Hardware Issue:1. Remove all Peripherals and Cables, Disconnect them and try to Power ON the Unit 2. Check for LED Light Status and ensure Power Button spring action is normal 3. Swap with a known good Power Cord and Power Adapter 4. Incase no Adapter is available, Check if the Power Adapter is slightly warmNote: This will give us a hint that the Power Adapter might be fine 5. Do you know if the Notebook was in Battery or Power Adapter Mode when you used it for the last timeNote: Ensure there is no liquid spillage or Power Outage 6. Check if the AC Adapter Port is loose/broken Note: If the Notebook doesn't Power ON even with a known good Power Adapter this confirms the Hardware fault with System Board or the DC Power Circuit  Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on left to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,K N R K
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I'm having a problem with Vista It's kind of strange Every once in a while I still haven't figured out what's causing it certain programs will stop working all at once Browser e-mail etc I get the typical quot such-and-such has stopped working and windows is trying to find a solution quot message When I try to restart the computer or power down nothing works The little black arrow button to shutdown sleep hibernate doesn't work ctl-alt-delete doesn't work I have to do a hard boot from the power button on the tower then go through Problem down powering with the whole quot windows was not shut down properly quot routine Once Problem with powering down windows is back up and running everything works fine until the next random freeze-up I've tried all kinds of virus malware scanners cause I thought it was that but they've all shown clean It's really weird It's nothing I can't live with It's just an inconvenience mostly Any ideas Some help would be appreciated

A:Problem with powering down

Let's have a look at your system. Please post the information that's detailed in this post: (even though it's for BSOD's, it'll contain a lot of troubleshooting info that we can use).
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Hey all just put together a new rig a week or two ago everything s been working absolutely fine from the get-go except a few days ago it abruptly powered down I m posting now because though I was just hoping it was a one-off it s just now happened again In both instances the computer instantly loses all New randomly down? powering rig power akin to a power cut though that s obviously not the case and without any delay whatsoever quot restarts quot itself I say it in that way because it doesn t actually manage to restart it just powers everything up and loiters on a black screen doing nothing When I turn it off and back on again it boots normally As for details the first instance was New rig randomly powering down? when i d been playing Mass Effect for a couple hours which isn t any stress in this case will post specs below I should specify i d played the same game and even the same part of the game before and after that incident with no problems whatsoever and afterwards I even tabbed out frequently to check my GPU and CPU temps incase overheating was the problem In every case ME fails to stress them beyond about a c heat they idle in the high s-low s Incase overheating was the problem I did set up and run furmark for a while on stability test and it maxed out at c where it loitered with no problem Hoping it was just a one-off I tried to forget about it and moved on and everything was predictably fine for about another week I could happily play games watch HD video and do my work photoshop corel painter etc for any amount of time without issue For the past couple hours i ve been watching some standard-def MKVs about mins ago I started getting on with some work in painter without any issue for about mins was a fresh image so again nothing that would remotely stress the computer when it happened again the entire thing just lost all power booting to a blank screen until I restarted manually Incase it s relevant to a diagnosis I should point out that when I started up again my RIF file from painter which I had saved several times up until that point was completely gone without a trace The worry of it shutting down is annoying but with the added threat of losing important work this is a crushing issue and i ll really massively appreciate any help with the matter As for the system as I say I built it from scratch a couple weeks ago now and haven t had any problems with it otherwise PSU Antec Truepower w GFX Sapphire ATI Radeon CPU AMD Phenom II x MoBo ASUS Crosshair III RAM Pioneer Signature gb x gb HDD Seagate Barracuda tb SATA OS Windows Ultimate x updated All components have latest drivers I ve had minimal software etc running at the time of the incidents above basic system processes the first was purely Mass Effect and Steam and the second was Corel Painter and Foobar lightweight media player and Comodo Security in both instances I ve run virus scans and such using both Comodo and Spybot and come up clean which isn t surprising since I really haven t had chance to even get any viruses Also no logs or anything are created on the crashes so unfortunately I can t post anything like that So far overheating seems unlikely just from what I can see and i ve double-checked my connections so i m wondering if it s perhaps faulty hardware It ll be inconvenient if so but I really need to fix this before it can do any real damage Thanks for reading this rather hefty post and thanks loads in advance for any help i m desperate to fix this Happy christmas all thanks again Tz nbsp

A:New rig randomly powering down?

I would check your power supply with a digital multimeter. I have a Sears Craftsman that I go for $20 at KMart (great investment).
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My grandson has an old Toshiba laptop (7 years old) running XP Pro. He uses it for games and children stories. However, recently it started to power off after about 20 mins/ half hour use. The 2 fans are working and I tried it on a hard surface as well. It uses a laptop card for his wireless connection. It is ok to use after a few minutes.
Any suggestions ? I think it maybe the power supply or motherboard overheating ?

A:Laptop powering off

Something is overheating... see here:
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I am about to built a computer and finished installing all the hardware.As I am not 100 %
sure if all my connections are correct I intend to proceed slowly with powering up.
Therefore I disconnected the power supply from the m/b,turned the computer on,
switched the power supply on and nothing happens.
I expected that the fan of the power supply should turn.
Is this normal ?



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ok so this is my second sli build i am doing for my father in-law mine went well with two gt cards but when i put his all together today i got nothing well i did get up??? Please!, powering build new not Help a light flash on from the power supply like it wanted to come on but didn t i am thinking the psu is not strong enough here is what i got GIGABYTE GA-M Help Please!, new build not powering up??? SLI-S AM NVIDIA nForce SLI MCP ATX AMD Motherboard AMD Athlon X Windsor GHz x MB L Cache Socket AM W Dual-Core Processor black edition Western Digital Raptor WD ADFD GB RPM MB Cache Serial ATA Hard Drive ARCTIC COOLING Freezer Pro mm CPU Cooler G SKILL GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory X EVGA -P -N -AR GeForce GTS SSC MB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready SLI samsung dvd burner and it is all in an ANTEC CASE with mm fans and the mm exhaust fan on top please any help i am lost and this is the first time out of builds that i have had a problem oh ya i forgot i am using a ANTEC NEOPOWER BLUE PSU nbsp

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 Hello All, my 5 years old Thinkpad t420 does not power on. the power button blinks and then does nothing. After reading about the same issue on forum, i found out that system board might need replacement.  Is it possible to fit any other system board in this laptop (i am looking for a cheaper option like:63Y1989 FRU instead of 04W02049 FRU which is installed in my system). or would it be better to go for a new laptop? pls advise. PS: i had bought 2 years extended warratny and got its LCD, keyboard and hinges also replaced during the same time. I have plugged in  quite a bit of money in it. but i am fearful of putting anymore money in this thing. It seriously lacks the relaibility for which i had purchased it.

A:T420 not powering up

Before spending money in a new mobo, have you tried this good 'ol trick? 

Remove the battery
Disconnect the AC adapter
Press the power button and hold it pressed for 30 seconds
Connect the AC adapter again (do not plug in the battery)
Try to boot again

You're also sure the AC adapter works fine? 
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Im trying to help my friend fix his aspire x1700. It suddenly stopped powering on. I went through basic troubleshooting including: replacing the power cable, trying multiple power outlets, taking the old power supply out and putting it in a different computer, (which works fine so I know its not the ps.) The weird thing is when I replaced his power supply with a different one and tried powering on the light came on and the fan started spinning for about a quarter of a second and then it shut off. But no matter what I tried I couldnt duplicate this occurence. Im just looking to see what the next step would be. Is there any way to test to see if its the mobo without replacing it, or possibly a way to test the connection between the power switch and mobo? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

A:Powering up issues

or possibly a way to test the connection between the power switch and mobo?Click to expand...

There are two pins on the main board that comprise the power switch (which are connected also to the on/off switch). If you can determine which those are, you can try shunting them to eliminate the switch as the problem.

But, if you disconnect the wall plug from the system for about 10 minutes or so and the system fans try to spin for a split second either when the power is plugged in again or when you press the power button, the power switch is most likely okay.

Other diagnostic: Disconnect all devices and cables from the board except power, memory and video to see if the board will light up. Disconnect even the keyboard and mouse.

If it still doesn't power up, you have at least narrowed it to those remaining items. My experience is that it is most likely the board or processor.
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Hi all my Desktop computer was working fine nothing wrong with it that i could see then when i went to turn it on nothing happened i just get a red light where the usual green power light is I dont think its the electric box as this has now happened with my husbands computer as well his was working fine a little slow but its an old computer but no problems then when i was turning it on for my son the same thing a red light where the green power is desktop my powering not up light usually is We thought that maybe the electric box in mine was shot but when i changed it over to my husbands computer the cpu fan worked so it couldnt have been that and also when we connected my husbands electric box to my computer the cpu fan was working So my only guess is that one of the kids has downloaded some thing that has killed the hard drives on both of them Could this be the reason Thank you for any help Richard how did the exams go Well i hope Heather
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Every once in a while my computer turns itself on (by itself) after being turned off. It is quite annoying especially when I leave on a trip and return to find that the computer has been turned on for the last 2 weeks!

It is alright for a few weeks, then starts doing it again for a it is not regular occurence. If someone can help, it would be great...if not I might consider an exorcism.

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I've got an old Seimens Nixforf Mobile 700 I keep for nostalgia reasons. Chargers gone AWOL, battery is long dead. According to the Seimens sticker,it needs 19V, 2.4a Max. The nearest charger I have in size and power is a Hewlett Packard Omnibook 6000 charger thats 19V, 3.16a. It will support the Seimens, but I'm worried about running it for any prolonged time for fear of shorting the laptop or the charger.

Is it safe or am I running a massive fire risk here? Charger is out now (and back in the HP, which I'm typing this on).

I did hear a banging noise, after which the laptop went off. However, it was the cover over the ports falling over which shocked the laptop into going off - giving it a hard tap also does this. Didn't stop me getting overly paranoid for a minute though...

A:Over-powering a Laptop

the amperage rating on you're newer supply is the maximum power than can be drawn. this basically means that the supply will deliver any current up to it's rating, including your laptop's specs.

so the answer is, no, your newer hp supply won't make trouble powerwise.
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The first three lights come on,when I try to start it . Nothing else happens no noise or anything. I have tried taking battery out,starting with external power only still the same.

Does it sound expensive to fix.

A:Tecra A2 is not powering up

Can you please post a bit more about this machine?
Have you bought it as used one and now you try to fix it?

Have you maybe tried to update BIOS and now you have this problem?

On this virtual way it is not easy to offer exact diagnostic but it doesn?t sound good to me. Maybe is BIOS screwed-up. Repair can be pretty expencive.
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I have a Shuttle AV with a Pentium IV and Gb of ram Help! powering keeps My off. system Lately my system will intermittently power off I hear a quick beep and click simultaneously and the power goes off When I restart My system keeps powering off. Help! the system it gives no error messages and does not offer to start in safe mode or any other Windows XP sp My system keeps powering off. Help! Professional type blue screen message about your system did not shut down properly or anything like that I HAVE examined the event viewer logs and many entries are missing Say from the time of the current boot for about hours or more there are NO entries in any of the event viewer logs The last ones that are there are not important It looks as though all logs that were written since the last log save or checkpoint if there is such a thing are lost when the power goes off I HAVE replaced the power supply blown out the dust and cleaned the memory connections with a rubber tipped pencil I have not run mem-test or any board burn-in diagnostics or done a Hijackthis log What do you My system keeps powering off. Help! think PS I did turn off the automatic restart option in error recovery and now instead of sitting at the welcome screen it is off I also turned off the option to Halt on Errors in the CMOS as well as the Video Bios Cache Any ideas TIA PAJ nbsp

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Ave I recently purchased different parts to assemble a new computer I have an ASUS K S-MX motherboard and i got a Socket AMD Athlon for it alongwith the recommended Corsair ValueSelect GB DIMM s I got a Rosewill Case with W Power Supply for it and other peripherals like HDD etcetera The problem is the computer is not powering up The Motherboard comes with a Led when i connect the unit to a power source the Led goes on which tells me the Power Supply is ok Even the Lan Led goes on if i plug in my network cable In fact i even tried another power supply from not up! powering ASUS K8S-MX another computer and still the same results So the power supply in my case is ASUS K8S-MX not powering up! OK I have connected the Power Switch and other switches very appropriately from the Case to ASUS K8S-MX not powering up! the MOtherboard My most prominent guess is that the Power Switch on the Case is faulty I noticed the on the Motherboard there is a USB Wake-up device but to the best of my knowledge i have it disabled with Jumpers set to on both jumper switches So basically when i hit the Start Power switch on the case Nothing Happens The system stays still the Led on the Motherboard stays on but computer doesn t power up Anyone got any suggestions Thanks Mickey nbsp

A:ASUS K8S-MX not powering up!

Could try swapping round the connections for reset/power switch to see if the switch if faulty.
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Hi guys, im having a major problem with my computer, just wondering if you guys can help? Since friday my computer has been failing to start up. When i press the power button, everything starts up for about 3 seconds, and then everything shuts down. The fans come on but nothing comes on screen. I have tried a different PSU and the problem persists. i have had the computer for around 18 months with no problems. Not too sure where to go from here, and ideas?

My computer spec,

Motherboard - A7N8X Deluxe with an athlon XP 2600


A:Computer not powering on

Welcome to Techspot

First thing that comes to mind, is to check that the cooler is properly seated on the CPU. If the cooler would be loose, the CPU overheats in seconds, and some mobos switch everything off automatically, to prevent a burnout.

Also, the CPU could have overheated already and may be dead. Check it in another PC if you can.
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My pc has been having problems powering on a yellow light just keep flashing and it does not turn on.If i shut the surge off cutting all power to pc it sometimes turns on.what can i do to fix this please help.
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Hello. Recently I've been having some problems with my chromebook. Since yesterday, I have not been able to turn it on. Originally, the red indicator light would come on briefly, and it could be charged, but now the light isn't coming on, and it's not charging. Any help would be appreciated!
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Hello all I have started having an issue with my laptop a few days ago I have been using http reviews cnet com laptops gateway-p- fx - - html since last May and I mainly use it at home to play World of Warcraft Now I won t pretend to know anything but mere basics about hardware Yes I do realize that laptops are a crappy option for gaming but there are reasons why at Laptop down powering this point in time I can only use a laptop This laptop has been presented as being able to quot take quot Crisis at full graphics so I presumed WoW would not be a huge issue Since gaming on a laptop is demanding heat-wise I also use a special-made cooling pad with two cm rpm fans Anyway I have been playing WoW on Dell Inspiron until it died Gateway worked well at the beginning I was able to Laptop powering down play WoW normally with almost all graphics fully up However as the time passed the laptop was getting hotter by day and I slowly had to lower the graphics switch to windowed mode only to now end up playing at a lower resolution and all graphics completely down except for spell level detail To add insult to injury a few days ago the laptop has started powering down and as Murphy s Law would have it usually in the middle of a raid I am at a loss what to do nbsp

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Hi all I have a new powering 100% on when Laptop Fan laptop see my specs Its really great can play the Laptop Fan 100% when powering on games I want it to can use Flash CS etc There are a few problems I would like to share with you to see if you can help The first When I hit the power button the fan spins at Everything turns on fine and when it gets half way through Starting Windows does it turn off I don't know why it does it is it something to do with the APU There are no options in BIOS regarding it The laptop acer aspire is the most cool laptop ive ever used Even playing games it barely heats up The second is when i plug unplug the charger it gives a loud beep There are solutions on google but they dont work for me one was disable beep in Device Manager And another was mute PC Beep in Sound gt Speakers gt Level Please help in any way possible Acer Aspire AMD Fusion E- MB with AMD Radeon HD MB GB DDR MHz GB HDD

A:Laptop Fan 100% when powering on

Nah, thats normal for alot of systems, including desktops, I wouldn't worry.

But don't know anything about your beep though.
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I have a 400mhz computer where I have changed the power supply and the computer does not power on at all and the hard drive power cable was pulled when it was on. I am completely lost on this one.

A:Computer Not Powering On

If I understand correctly, you have a 400 Mhz computer and the power was unplugged while it was running. It will no longer post. You have tried to replace the power supply and it still will not post. Is that correct?
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Anyone seeing this problem...

Happens more while in Hibernation mode, but sometimes in shut-down the computer will just COME-ON, by itself.

Desktop computer, ECS motherboard with Nforce4 chipset. 8600GT.

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Is there any real danger (little or big) to puting your computer to "sleep" instead of powering down?

A:Hibernation Vs. Powering Off

I restart my computer one a month for maintenance, otherwise its on all the time and it works perfectly. I personally think hibernation was made for laptops to conserve battery power.
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system lights on front flash on then off..

stuff tried:
power supply
differant ram
unplugging cdrom, floppy, and hdd...

what to do, what to do... ;o(

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I press the power button on my school laptop latitude 3340, the fan runs than stops suddenly but the light on top of the computer flashes on and off, and wifi and battery buttons flash which are placed next to the keyboard I've tried the take battery and charger out and hold power button for 20 seconds but still doesn't work. How do I fix it, it's done it before and I don't know how I fixed it but it started working again suddenly

A:Laptop not powering on

I'd suggest you run diagnostic tool on the system. It will scan for any possible hardware issue that might be causing the system to act up
1. Power off system
2. Power on system, quickly start tapping F12 key continuously. You should be diagnostic screen. After quick tests, run full tests as well. Please report back any error code.
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I wonder if any of you guys can help me. With this mobo (Pc Chips M863G) it will power on drives included perfectly with no CPU in it. However whenever I put a CPU in, duron, athlon or any other AMD it powers on for 5 secs then clicks off. There are no jumpers to change, other than a CMOS reset one.

Any ideas?

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I've been having problems since February. My computer will just power down. I've installed a 512 MB RAM and my computer still will power down in the middle of DVDs, while running SpyBot or DiskCleanup, I can't even load antivirus software. I have a Dell Inspiron 1100. Dell Support is sending me a new system. However, my CD drive is read-only. So, I tried to back up to an external drive. And, once again (!!!), my computer just powered down. Any suggestions on how I should save my data? I feel as if I'm at wit's end!

A:Computer keeps just powering down....

Have you checked your computer for the Blaster Worm?
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I'm putting together a new computer w/ a ASUS A7V8X-X motherboard w/ Athlon XP 2200 processor, and 430W PS. I tried starting it up and all I could hear was a high pitched sound from the power supply. I tried the power supply in another computer and it worked fine. I bought all of my parts from NewEgg. What could the problem be? I've checked all connections, and now I only have the fan hooked up, PS to the mobo, and the wiring for the power switch so that I can just test it and Please help!!!!

A:Powering up problems

Hi bhath19
Try hooking the motherboard up outside the case. Something on the motherboard could be shorting out. Are you sure the sound is comming from the power supply and not some type of system board overheat alarm?
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Laptop not powering. White LED near PowerBook input blinks thrice when power button is pressed. This happens with battery or without.

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I hate feeling like such a novice My computer has had some various power issues lately A number of weeks ago the computer during regular use will simply restart It does not get quot sticky quot or frozen and on Powering inconsistently no Powering on inconsistently other irregular errors or noises occur it simply restarts This was quite frustrating but not too stressful It did not happen consistently either It would usually occur after the computer had been shut down and in the morning this is Powering on inconsistently when most of the difficulty would arise This past weekend the problem seems to have worsened Now when I attempt to power on the computer I don t get very far at all Although there definitely is some power i can open the cd tray etc That is all it seems to do It quot sounds quot like it should boot up but the led lights on the front don t light up and the light that indicates that the hard drive is quot busy quot or working to not light And the monitor doesn t recognize any action either as it stays in powersave mode Eventually after many manual restarts by myself I eventually get it to work but of course i still have the restarting problem Arrggh Any idea what this sounds like or possible things to investigate and how to Software issues i tend to be ok at fixing but this certainly is new to me Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Powering on inconsistently

My first thought would be the power supply. Is this a custom build or is it a system from a mfg like dell, gateway, etc?
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I went through this whole ordeal with Dell to have them tell me sounding very unsure of themselves at that that I need a new motherboard I m looking for a second opinion Computer Dell Inspiron laptop Pentium Problem When I start the computer the power light goes on harddrive spins and fan turns on That s about the extent of what I get I thought it was the monitor but the way the computer is behaving is telling me that it s not that the capslock numlock scrolllock else Powering nothing then up Help/Advice: keys are not responsive my power button is configured to shut down when pressed while the comp is running When I press the button it immediately with no hesitation shuts off Here s what I did with Dell took out the memory started it up nothing different took out the battery Hard Drive CD drive wireless card memory and modem card nothing different No bells whistles lights or otherwise always the same thing Help/Advice: Powering up then nothing else Power light and CPU light blink on at the same time the CPU light turns off and the battery charging light turns on when the battery is there and the power is there I wouldn t mind trusting Dell except she seemed so unsure And I d hate to spend the or so to replace the motherboard to find out a it s not the motherboard or b it s something else that fried the motherboard Help/Advice: Powering up then nothing else and it s just gonna fry the new one Please let me know what you guys think thanks -phil nbsp

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I think my battery crashed but I'm not %100 sure. Is there any way possible to turn on my PC or to figure out why it wont charge or turn on? Thanx!!

A:Battery/ Powering on my PC

Hello MrsM and welcome to Seven Forums.

Since you didn't give any info about your computer I'm guessing you have a laptop. It's OK to run a laptop with the battery installed and using the AC adapter. Are you saying with the battery installed you can't power up the computer with AC power?

It's also OK to remove the battery and use just AC power. Will the computer start with the battery removed? If yes, it's likely you have a bad battery.
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I have just repaired my XP Home operating system and beforeloading my desktop I get the message "Cannot load the user's profile" and have been told that it is a default setting. Can anyone help me retrieve my original desktop as I am unable to create any shortcuts. Also the few shortcuts I have will not load.
Many thanks

A:Xp Home Powering Up

Create a new profile (user account) and then go to C:\Documents and Settings\, find the old folder for your old account, the documents are in My Documents and the desktop stuff is in Desktop.
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it takes me 2 or 3 trys to power up my system.??its a amd athlon xp. windows xp operating system.

A:powering up system

The first thing I would try is another power supply. You can test this by using another power supply from another computer if you have one.
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just recently one of my computers are currently switching off every so often and or from running certain programs or none at all it started once it made a hdd that was not even a year old die and since then it happens reguraly was just wondering if I was to clean the fans would this solve the issue or powering hardware down shoudl I just buy a new cpu fan and hope for the best my current one that I have just built is running better from day one then the one my friend built me the specs for it are as follows gigabyte p titan intel celeron chip ddr ram nvidia gforce think that is that should be needed to help solve the problem also I just noticed that it switches off the monitor when viewing wats on screen now n then also but all cables are plugged in and working orderly also as I work nights I have no time to take to a computer shop to get it checked out also as they are closed when I finish work and when I wake up for work also nbsp
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I have a hp pavilion 5000 laptop running on xp. I can't get it to power up. I've tried it power it up both with and without the battery in it using the power cord. I bought a new battery for it. This didn't work either. Is there a way to power it on, and if so would reinstalling the os help the problem?

A:powering up my laptop

Hi Almaalou,

The new battery may not have any charge at all. Check the adapter if it is giving the correct output voltage as per its label. If you do not have the tools to use to test this, use the AC adapter in a similar laptop perhaps from a friend.

Also try removing battery and AC adapter then press power ON button for 30 secs. at least. Put back the battery and plug in the AC adapter then power ON as normal.
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I m having a problem with Up Powering Problems a PC I have just recently built from Powering Up Problems completely new components The problem only occurred after the machine was transported from where I had originally fired it up with no problems bios only at this time to my home The problem consists of the PC powering up for a split second then cutting itself off When I say a split second I mean a split second we re talking a half rotation of the fans There is no visual output no beeping nothing As far as I can see the motherboard ASUS A N-E is getting sufficient power as the green LED is coming on Also I am certain all the power switches are connected into the right place on the motherboard I Powering Up Problems m using a AMD some corsair memory a nVidia GT and a WD Raptor SATA drive - all of which I m sure are compatible Has anyone got any ideas on what this problem may be Its highly stressful knowing this thing worked a couple days ago Thanks nbsp

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What kind of ill-effects (if any) can happen from powering down a computer that has been locked by a user? Assuming all data has been saved before locking the computer, can significant damage or degradation occur from other users powering down a computer to "unlock" it?


A:Question about powering down

Yes. If you power off the system without going through the normal shutdown procedure, you run the risk of file corruption.
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I m a newbie at putting a computer together but I decided to do for the first time Despite the lack or good documentation I completed it However when I press power button nothing happens No noises nothing Absolutely nothing Now I said this in another forum and the response I got was to Remove EVERYTHING from the case Set the motherboard on a non conductive surface The motherboard box is perfect for this DO NOT PLACE THE MOTHERBOARD ON THE STATIC BAG It can acually conduct electricity We are going to try and assemble a running system outside of the case Install the CPU and heat sink Install the Computer powering up... not RAM only install stick for SDRAM for RDRAM Install the video card Connect the monitor to the video card Connect the power supply to the motherboard Connect power to the power supply Do NOT connect ANYTHING else Make sure you have the power Computer not powering up... connector on the CPU fan connected Use a small screwdriver to momentarily short the power switch connector on the motherboard If all is well it should power up and you should get a display If not then you most likely have a faulty component Do this and and post your results then we will get it all assembled in the case and get this thing running Click to expand Ok so I did this Now what Computer not powering up... happens is that when I turn the power supply on the red LED on the mobo turns on BUT when I short the power connector NOTHING happens I don t know why Anybody have any idea why This is my first PC that I put together so I m more prone to think I made some silly mistake then a hardware problem but I don t know Thanks Board is NF -S Corsair XMS low latency ram pc radeon pro etc nbsp

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Can anyone come up with any possible causes as to why a computer I'm trying to sort out keeps shutting down?

It can be sitting there minding its own business and then suddenly it will shut down... just like the power's suddenly gone - except it hasn't!

It can be running a program and often if I'm trying to do a lot of CD reading it can happen but that might just be a red herring.

I've tried it with a different graphics card and with a different CD drive but the problem persists. I've upgraded from Win98 to WinME and still the problem is there.

I *think* in tghe past I tried a differnet power supply and different memory but I can't be too sure about that. I've still those tests to do again but what can cause this machine to suddenly switch itself off?

A:Computer is powering down!

Other than a Power Supply issue - what are the system temps like ? Any sign of overheating as the pc would (hopefully) shutdown if temps built up too much. Are the fans spinning ? And is the inside clean ? Check the vents and the heatsink for clogging.
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Recently my computer has started to hang at the 'Windows is Shutting Down' screen when I tell it to turn off. There no 'It's now safe to turn off your computer', I just have to press and hold the power.

This is quite annoying, especially with it's already slow shutdown time.

Any ideas why it should suddenly, out of the blue, decide against turning itself off?

Thanks again

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Product Name: HP Spectre x2 - 12-a012nr (ENERGY STAR)Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) GreetiingsMy laptop is not powering on. Have tried holding start button to force system reset.Shutdown normally. tried to power on the next morning nothing.There is a charge light when charger is connected.I would like to send it back to HP for inspection and repair but I  dont have an address.

A:HP Spectre x2 Not powering On

Hello @eugenespectrex2, Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums! The forums are a great place where you can find solutions for your issues, with help from the community! I understand that you are having an issue with the notebook starting, and wanted to assist you!  I see that you are interested in sending the notebook in for repair. First, try reviewing the following document, to see if the issue can be resolved without sending it in.  Please post back with the results: HP Notebook PCs - Computer Does Not Start (Windows 10) Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great day!
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my computer keeps powering off...sort of. I run Win XP home on my desktop. When i turn it on and log in, i have about 1 minute to get situated before the screen goes black and i get the "monitor self test" message box that says the monitor is working fine. The thing is, the green power light on the box is still lit. I have to hold down the power button for a few seconds to get it to completely power off, and then i turn it on, log in, and go thru the exact same thing again...every time. any thoughts? oh, and i got the computer in feb of 2004, and it's a gateway, if that makes any difference.

A:computer keeps powering off

tell us-
-what hardware is your PC (or model number)
-Have you made any recent changes to your PC
-What do you use your pc for
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can someone please help.. when i hit the power button on cpu all i get is a flicker and then nothing. i already replaced all wiring and replace the power supply and the ram. could it possibly be the power button causing my concern. thanks

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I have just completed building a new build PC , with a new case and a used board , board is a GIGABYTE : GA-EQ45M-S2 rev 2.0 , 600W PSU , CPU , Intel Core 2 Quad 8200 , incl HDD , DVD RW .

I have double checked the "F" Panel conections ( lots of times ) changed the CPU from original Board , cleared the bios , put a new bios battery in , but still no luck , the led light on the board comes on but when I press the start button nothing happens , checked the switch on the front panel it is ok .
there is a chassis intrusion terminal on the board , there was no jumper on it . so I put a jumper on , again no power up .

Not sure what else I can check , does the power button connect a positive or negative feed back to the board ! .

If any one can give me anything to test , that would be great .

A:New Build PC not powering up

The pw switch leads do not matter which way they go on. Same for the reset switch leads. The pw led and hd led leads do matter however if you get one on wrong, no problem. Just switch them around.
Next have you read the guide at the top of the page for problem builds? If not, do so. If you follow ALL steps of the guide, you will find the cause of your problem.

A very common problem with inexperienced builders is to forget the 4/8pin aux pw connector.
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My computer is powering off during gaming. I have suspicions what the problem could be but I wondered if someone could take the time to analyse my diagnostic files.

(fyi: I have just removed the heatsink/fan and turned it round, and used arctic cleaning solution, preparation fluid, arctic silver 5, but its still powering off)

Many thanks in advance,
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Hi nbsp I've replaced the SSD in a Thinkpad nbsp this morning and it was working fine nbsp However I had to close the E550 not up powering lid when E550 not powering up I reopened it I'd got no power at all - nothing no splash screen no LED's that I could see and no power to the fan nbsp I removed the battery and power kept my finger on the button to drain any excess power - nothing nbsp So I removed the hard drive tried again nothing removed the RAM tried again still nothing same with the fan nbsp I've stripped it right down to almost nothing but the motherboard - now when I plug in the power adapter I get the logo LED LED as it's marked on the motherboard flashing times it may have been doing that all along and not easily visible due to the lighting in the office - so there are signs of life but still absolutely nothing on the screen not even a flicker and no beep codes either nbsp One more thing I've noticed is that the smaller LED beneath LED is flashing constantly and quickly hopefully someone will know what I mean by that nbsp It's probably worth mentioning that I did a BIOS update earlier it worked after that though so may be unrelated nbsp Thanks for reading
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After my computer has been on for an hour or so it completely powers off. I cant seem to find out a reason and it takes several times of attempting to start it before it will let me turn it back on. it starts to power up and then stops as windows opens
and powers back off. After i try about 10 times it will start. I have Vista installed.

A:powering off for no reason

Sounds like a faulty hardware issue.
How did this begin to occur? Can you associate with any hardware\software change?

Start your computer in safe mode and
Using Last Known Good Configuration to check if you can log in the system.
If it is notebook, remove battery and check.
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