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Bent motherboard pins, fixed but now will not boot

Q: Bent motherboard pins, fixed but now will not boot

Hi everyone, I have a problem.
I pinmodded an LGA771 Xeon to work with my LGA775 motherboard. I decided to do it the hard way and use aluminum foil and tape to pin mod it. I think it worked out fine but anyway, on to the problem.

When I cut off the LGA775 alignment pieces, I accidentally bent 2 pins out of shape a little. Initially, I didn't notice, so I put in the Xeon to try it out, didn't work.
Then I tried my old processor, also didn't work (worked fine previously).

So then I noticed the pins and bent them back into shape, AFAIK it is perfect and you can't even tell that anything happened.
Tried both CPUs, nothing, no beeps, no signal to the monitor.

Is it possible to damage my motherboard if I didn't do the pinmod correctly?
Is it possible that I damaged my processor or motherboard by trying to run it with those 2 pins out of place?

Help please

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Preferred Solution: Bent motherboard pins, fixed but now will not boot

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Bent motherboard pins, fixed but now will not boot

I am not really sure, but my guess is you did not do the pinmod correctly since both CPUs do not work. I hope someone else can provide some insight on this issue. Good luck!
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I recently removed an Intel Q quad core processor from a Socket Gigabyte motherboard and found all kinds of bent motherboard 775 pins Bent on Socket pins Bent pins on Socket 775 motherboard on the motherboard after removal Don t understand how they got bent The computer has worked OK with that processor in that motherboard until my CPU fan died and killed my CPU I removed the CPU to replace it and found a mass of bent pins on the motherboard Don t understand how this happened It could not have been this way before the Processor fried so I must have did it while removing the CPU It has the two tabs there so have a difficult time understanding how you bend pins pulling that processor out of the socket Just a matter of releasing the latch and pulling the processor out Would appreciate any advice on what I did wrong because the mistake cost me for another motherboard The pins are mangled and cannot be straightened Thanks for your advice Jim nbsp

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As title says i have emailed the company Scan Computers.... I have never had a motherboard delivered with bent pins as well as the whole bent pins policy i'm worried i will be blamed...

A:Motherboard delivered with bent pins

Good luck mate, keep us informed
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Just to clarify that I'm not being silly. Bought a brand new Gigabyte SKT-1155 Z77X-UD5H Motherboard off of amazon. Was from a company selling through amazon. Product arrived with antistatic bag open which confused me a little. Contacted seller and was told its because the I/O shield is missing which is why it was cheaper than the others sold there.

Come to put a CPU in it and after removing protective cover some pins seem to be bent. Its an lga1155 socket and from images on google ( the pins look like that however a few look bent straight upwards. Is it suppose to be like this or is it broken?

A:bent pins brand new motherboard socket?

None of the pins should be bent upwards. An I/O shield is one thing (presuming that it was advertised, or you knew it was missing when it was purchased), but I would return it if it has bent pins.
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hi there,

Has anyone ever come across a P4 with bent pins straight from the box?

I just have, and as expected, the retailer is rather sceptical!

Took it back for replacement but first, it is being sent to Intel for "investigation".

Is this really un-heard of?


A:P4C 2.8/800 - bent pins out of the box!

normally would have but the one pin that was really bent was bent so far high chance it would break i think.
Relevancy 86% supply/turbine power/turbinePSU-2.jpg

On the right hand side of the picture you can see 3 black things jutting out. I removed the black plastic cover and their are 3 pins which where kinda bent. But i bent them back into the right place. Will this cause a prob?

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hello i recently dropped my friends cpu and bent the pins (luckily it was on carpet) none of them are snapped but most of them are bent a good 45 degrees. whats the safest way to bend them back into working order

A:Bent Cpu Pins

I never dropped an CPU or bent any cpu pins, but here are some people suggestions to try from some internet sources.

The You tube clip is from a computer part supplier

disclaimer: use any of these instructions at your own risk.
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Ok guys I don AMD pins... with K6-2 CPU bent t know if this is an obvious AMD K6-2 CPU with bent pins... question but here goes I recently tried to boot back up an old system of mine which I had stored in seperate pieces for awhile I started to put everything back together When I got to the CPU I placed it on the motherboard socket but it wouldn t fall into place like usual so I took it off and looked at the pins A couple of them appeared to be a bit bent not like degrees or anything but enough that you could tell they weren t straight So I got out some tweezers and re-aligned them to the point that it would go back into the motherboard socket without any force at all I put everything back together and boot up the PC I can hear that power is in the PSU but nothing else happens So my question is is the CPU screwed Mind you all of the pins are still on the chip none of them broke off just some of them got bent Would this render the CPU unusable I ve had bent pins on alot of HD s and stuff and after straightening them it worked again just like before Another question while I m at it I no longer have the PSU that came with the AMD K - system but I do have my W for my P system Can I use this PSU in the old system or is it too much power Would it matter that the PSU from the P is ATX and the AMD motherboard and case is MiniATX Thank you for taking the time to read my questions nbsp

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some pins on my fan on my desktop got bent as I tried to re-seat it, and now it won't power up. will straightening the pins be enough, or so I need to get a new fan

A:Bent pins on fan


Fans don't have pins. Maybe you should elaborate.

If you are referring to your processor, so long as none of the pins are broken, and you can carefully bend them back into position, you'll likely be ok. I've rescued hundreds of CPUs this way.
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can i fix or can supplyer repair this they came bent and ive had someone i know at hp test this board and it turns out several pins have been bent its that asus p6p78 pro board just wanted some info i get this rmad if it can be fixed or i they send me a new one but i think theyll just say its my thought or something like that ?

A:bent cpu pins

The pins are bent on the CPU itself or on the Motherboard?
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I have had my processor and mobo out for awhile, and now I'm trying to put the proc back in the motherboard, but it won't go. I am able to get three corners of it in, but one of the corners just won't budge. As far as I can tell all of the pins that were bent I fixed. Anyone have any idea what it is? I have a LAN party tomorrow so I'd like a little help really fast.

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originally posted on pins? bent of because Issues reddit Hello again Masterrace I recently put Issues because of bent pins? together my rd build I m relatively new this whole process so I slipped and jacked up a few pins I was able to bend them back into place I ll post links to my previous posts in the end the computer boots up just fine and I ve done several hardware tests Issues because of bent pins? including a run permon and an intel processor diagnostic tool check both Issues because of bent pins? came back with no issues The problems that I m experiencing are an inability to install programs such programs include games mostly but also the amd catalyst driver installer avast and windows downloaded and installed but didn t work on reboot my computer won t shut down I ll select shut down and it will get stuck on the shut down window there are updates on windows that just will not install one common holdup for installs is microsoft redistributables for different games For some steam games when I close out and reopen they ll eventually load up and are playable My specs are Intel Core i - k Asrock Z Extreme ATX LGA Team Elite Plus gb sticks of four ddr - Radeon R Windows on a Crucial GB Solid State Is this an issue with the bent pins The tests make me think things are fine there especially because the intel diagnostic tool cranked the thing up to and it passed but then I m new to all this anyway A lot of people are telling me it s software related which would be great because then I can just download and do some troubleshooting I ve never had this much trouble with my other systems so that s why I m thinking that its probably the processor but I just wanted to run it by ya ll to see if it might be another component What would be some good tests to try to see if it really is the processor What other tests can be done on any other hardware to check Thank you Previous Posts http imgur com dpI lk http imgur com x qv z I should note that I did one last bend on a few pins to even them out http imgur com SrZQMWt This is my fourth and last post about this issue I ll be sure to update from here from now on I ll link this comic to express my feelings on the matter https s-media-cache-ak pinimg com x fb e fb e cd efab d aab e d jpg Be gentle nbsp
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I accidentally pulled out my CPU chip when I was cleaning my heatsink from dust I didn t notice the chip was still stuck to the heatsink so when I tried putting it back in I bent some pins I ve been working for hours now straightening them with a pair of tweezers and a credit card I tried it once already but it was a no go My biggest problem is I get a no signal on my screen TV Note I am using a HDMI connection and I do NOT have a HDMI port straight to my motherboard only my ATI Graphics Card So should I be able to get it to work again other then the no signal I notice I can not turn off pins some bent CPU Accidentally my computer by holding the power button so that doesnt work either I also broke off a couple Accidentally bent some CPU pins pins but managed to save them will I be able to get those back in Thanks a bunch I really need help nbsp

A:Accidentally bent some CPU pins

Bluebarry said:

I also broke off a couple pins but managed to save them, will I be able to get those back in?Click to expand...

Please clarify this statement.

If you broke a few pins from the CPU, you will not be able to fix them.
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The computer won't boot giving the led code 00. Also ALL the pins look bent to me, should they be diagonal like that or pointing straight up?

Click the pics to zoom in.

With my 4690K the computer won't boot.

A:MSI Z87-GD65 GAMING do I have bent pins?

Double check the manual, but I'm almost positive 00 is not a valid code for those boards. Which would imply there's a problem with the board, not the CPU

EDIT: LIttle google'ing. If it's a D0, a few previous owners say it's a bios issue you can reset
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I have an amd phenom 550. I switched out my mobo for another mobo. It didn't post which means it also didn't boot. I put my old mobo back back in and it didn't post either. I checked the cpu and there there 8 bent pins all in different places.

Could this be the problem? and how could the socket have caused the pins to bend? They weren't bent all the way down to the base, they were bent about thirty degrees to the left or right.

I tried unbending the pins but no joy.

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Im a lil worried and i did a search on the forums.

Is 3-4 pins near the edge of the cpu at the tip with the triangle icon. Is this something to worry about?

I straightened them out with my fingernail tips and they look prety strong and arent about to break off.

I put it into the holster and it seems to fit well.

Should I be worried and return it for a brand new one?

Or forget about it and it will work fine?

A:I accidentally bent 2-4 pins on AMD- 3500+ 64bit

As long as no circuitry on the chip was damaged, you'll be fine.
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A friend built HELP cycling, bent power Re seated pins, CPU, a computer nearly years ago for me It has recently started running hot I Re seated CPU, bent pins, power cycling, HELP was going to replace the stock H bans but I figured I would do a reseat and re apply thermal paste prior Re seated CPU, bent pins, power cycling, HELP to doing so Re applied the thermal paste cleaned it off of the H and put it on the cpu reseat it and put everything back together and it started power cycling I realized after re doing Re seated CPU, bent pins, power cycling, HELP everything that some pins are bent on the socket I am not sure if he did it or I might have I was EXTREMELY careful though So now I have power cycling I have cleared my cmos and tried different ram if I leave stick of ram in it makes it seconds if I put all in it restarts instantly but if I remove them all it lasts - seconds and then beeps once fast and shuts off to do it all over again I have tried bending them back still have the same issue I am going to the store to get a bigger magnifying glass soon and going to remove the mobo completely so I can see better How likely is it that this is not fixable I don t particularly want to buy another motherboard atm considering the new CPU comes out in months and would need another than also My specs are i k not OCed GB G SKILL Ripjaws X DDR gigabyte ga-p a-ud p-b Not sure what else you will need but I will be checking this regularly Thanks April nbsp

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I have a friend who gave his computer to his daughter and moved it into her room. He plugged everything in and nothing would appear on the monitor. After trying a couple of things, he gave it to me to look at. I eventually pulled the CPU fan to reseat the CPU and noticed that it looked "off". Pulled the CPU and that's when I saw the bent pin. Carefully straightened the pin, reinstalled it and put new thermal paste. The computer booted no problem.

Would moving a computer from one room to another cause the CPU to partially come out? It's a stock cooler so it's not like there was a lot of weight.

The desktop is an Asus M11BB (AMD FM2 processor).
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I bought a new case about a week ago and tried it's USB ports..
All worked but one of the USB3 headers didn't..
So I checked the cables, checked everything.. Decided to remove the USB3 plug from the MOBO and what do I see?
2 Pins are missing!

I have no idea how or when.. I tried to search for them, maybe they snaped when I unpluged the cable, but I didn't find anything..
The missing are pins 1 and 2 in the picture..
I think that pin 19 is missing too.. The image kind of faded off my mind right now..

Are those pins the reason why one of the USB3 ports won't work?
What do they mean? What do they do?
Is it safe to even keep the cable connected to the MOBO without those pins?


A:Broken USB Motherboard pins

Pin 1 is power, pin 19 is power and pin 2 is the USB 3 RX- signal, so yeah that's the reason the ports won't work. I can't see any harm in leaving it plugged in.
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Just put an older and somewhat obscure motherboard in a new case I bought from In-Win The Mobo in question pins USB my on The mysterious motherboard came with a quot Beon Li- quot that CompUsa sold to my mother in law in Its an ECS motherboard and the documentation that accompanied the PC upon purchase is for a quot IWP-Fe quot Intel Chip set but that motherboard is not listed on their support pages and I m not even sure that this The mysterious USB pins on my motherboard is the precise name of the board I have So anyway now I m trying to figure out how to identify the various pins on the internal USB header so I don t fry something The markings on the board itself don t seem to be of much help I imagine though I m not certain that if I can just determine which pins provide power the rest should fall into place I would greatly appreciate any suggestions as to how I The mysterious USB pins on my motherboard can work through this bit of confusion and get those pins identified Thanks nbsp

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a friend ended up messing with my computer and cleaned it out but got the pins wrong hooking up the front panel usb's. i don't know what the colors are for each pin so could someone send me a picture of what pins go where by the colors say pin 1 is red etc.?

thank you,
southern belle

A:K7s5a motherboard usb pins need help

Where they hook up on the motherboard will be different for different systems.. What is the make and model of your computer??
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I have a Dell Inspiron which at this point can only be described as an old war horse Bought in It got my wife through law school and is now still holding up in our second year living in the developing world Understandably it s starting to have some issues but I m hoping with a litte help it can get us through the end of our time overseas in May I think these issues are related to loose pins connections on the Pins Loose on Motherboard? motherboard but I don t know exactly where and my internet access is spotty at best so I could really use some guidance about where to check Ok to the symptoms Recently the machine would not boot up It seemed to start but then shut itself down almost immediately When Loose Pins on Motherboard? I took it apart and put it back together it gave me a message that it had shut down to avoid overheating But this couldn t be right since it had been off all night and was not hot at all The fan is working fine so I think the problem may be related to the sensor or auto-shutoff mechanism Once I had the machine back together a diagonal row of keys stopped working The i k qnd key would not respond Can anyone point me towards what could be causing these issues Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Loose Pins on Motherboard?

Really would appreciate any guidance anyone can give on this. The machine continues to auto-shut down even when started for the first time in days, and sometimes will boot up but with the fan running full speed and constantly, so I think a temperature sensor is a likely culprit, but I don't know where it is located or if it is possible to repair easily.
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how to connect this pins in those ports

A:how to connect audio pins to motherboard

Hello and welcome siwa nice to see someone include the system specs for change now mate this is the manual for that board go to page 43 & 44 for info if this link does not take you straight to them.
I have included a couple of snips anyway. Post back if there are any problems.
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Dear All,
I am doing a new self-build and wonder if anyone can help the clear cmos pins on the motherboard are not very clear in the manual can anyone tell me which side do you view pin from one is from left to right or vice-versa the motherboard is a GS7610 ULTRA made by ECS it is a micro ATX board any assistance would be grateful


A:clear cmos pins on motherboard.

Normal convension is pin 1 on left as you look at the three pins
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As the title says , I accidentally cut a wire between 2 pins (or whatever they are called) and now my PC starts slowing down after 20-25 minutes when I open it. After I restart everything is back to normal but after 20-25 mins its the same again. Is there a way to fix the wire between them or I have to buy a new motherboard? (sry , my english isnt very good. I hope you understood what is my problem) the image is what im talking about ,(the red is the wire) ,I got the motherboard picture from google , so its not mine.
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i just received my new motherboard, asus a8n, and i;m trying to connect my case's front usb panel with the motherboard.
The motherboard's pins are labelled:
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
| +5v P6- P6+ GND NC |
| +5v P5- P5+ GND |
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

As you can see, the first row has 5 pins, while the bottom one only 4.

My case's front panel has 8 pins, labelled

As you can understand, the pins of the panel are not grouped together.
Where must each usb panel pin go on the motherboard?

A:motherboard to usb front panel pins

My guess is that the matches are:

+5v ----> power
+5v ----> power
p5- ----> d2-
p5+ ----> d2+
p6- ----> d3-
p6+ ----> d3+
gnd ----> ground
gnd ----> ground
NC ----> unmatched

note that the p5+-,p6+- pins on the two other usb ports on the motherboard, have other one has p7-,p7+,p8-,p8+ and the other has p9-,p9+,p10-,p10+

Is my assumption correct? if yes, why is NC alone?
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Hi I just got my new parts for my build yesterday and today while putting everything together I couldn't get the heatsink on the CPU properly so I took it off to reseat it only to find Thermal on pins!!!! motherboard paste that there was some thermal paste on the motherboard socket So I was trying to clean it and in the process it got smudged on some of the motherboard pins where the CPU is placed I don't know if I am lucky or not but the thermal paste is non conductive so i left it as it is in case I bent any pins making Thermal paste on motherboard pins!!!! it even worse So right now I have been using the system for over hours without any problems and its is working flawlessly However I am worried if there may be future problems but the reason i bought non conductive thermal paste was for incidents such as this So if any you guys can give your opinion on this matter I would really appreciate it

A:Thermal paste on motherboard pins!!!!

Get some alcohol and an old tooth brush, wet the brush and start brushing softly till the paste is gone.
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hi evryone i have an out of date hp pavilion t be here that i m trying to get back up i m busy changing the ram cpu and motherboard gb ddr amd phenom II problem pins front panel motherboard x Asus M A T-M USB I m almost done but there are a few problems that motherboard front panel pins problem i ve run into the pront panel pins are combined in one big plugin for the ac -m motherboard so i need to get them out of there and plug them in into smaller pins but i motherboard front panel pins problem can t find a pinout diagram for the old ac -m motherboard so the wires are unknown to me another problem is that i can t find a aux in plugin on th motherboard so i guess it s if i just leave it as it is in the case last but not least the motherboard says it has integrated video and audio So do i still have to put in my graphics card or can i just leave it out of there thanks nbsp

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Hello. Recently i took apart an old computer with AT motherboard (manufactured by Intel), and i found a strange slot, named PBSCON and five pins with label IR1 near. I guess IR pins are for infrared connection, but i couldn't find any information about this. Can someone explain what are they used for? Photos of them are attached

A:Strange card slot in motherboard and IR pins

Appears to be a "Cache on a Stick" slot:

Ir port on computers:
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So my laptop fell of my bed and I was too tired to notice that the charge was sticking out strangely and when I went to use it this afternoon the charger was horribly bent. Is this worth trying to save or do I have to buy a new part?
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The Dell desktop motherboard has a front panel connection with a total of pins and a separate power switch connection Anyone know if it s just a matter of finding the power pins Motherboard What To Pins A Test I Run 7010 2 Do Short It? Dell On to short and start this up or is there more to it I ve tried shorting every pin setup in the front panel and power switch no luck although I suppose it could mean a bad motherboard However without knowing what pins are for power how am I suppose to know for sure Also is it possible that more then pins have to be shorted or touching to start this bleeping dell motherboard I m guessing the power pins that I would have to short are in the power switch connections and therefore I don t have to do anything to the pins in the front panel connections I m hoping there are no other pins that need to be connected besides power pins to get this to start I m not concerned with What 2 Pins Do I Short On A Dell 7010 Motherboard To Test Run It? any other pins except maybe restart nbsp

A:What 2 Pins Do I Short On A Dell 7010 Motherboard To Test Run It?

Hopefully the manual will help.
I would download the first one.
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hi..I have a computer that wont POST at all..its a new motherboard too...I checked the CPU pins and some of them look bad and one even broke off pretty easily..can this cause the computer to not POST at all ?? any info is appreciated

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Okay, so I guess my original thread got locked...? Anyways, my old thread is HERE, if your looking for the back story on all this.  Short version: I flashed my AAHD3-HB's BIOS from 7.07 to 7.16 and it bricked the board. But..... It's back!    AND, it's running 7.16. Which appereantly this board was not supposed to use? -See other thread. No thanks to HP of course, I had to jump through hoops to flash the BIOS back. I re-flashed the BIOS by using the ROM Recovery header and this guide HERE. If anyone needs any info on how to unbrick there AAHD3-HB, feel free to send me a PM and I'd be glad to help you out.  Thanks for the BIOS bricking update HP!    

A:AAHD3-HB Motherboard 7.16 BIOS Fixed

Thank you for posting the solution for your problem.  It may help others with the same problem who are tech saavy enough to complete the process.
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I just built a new PC a couple weeks ago (Athlon XP 64 3000+, 1GB Corsair matched pair, Asus K8N-E mobo, ATI X800 Pro XL) and XP Pro seems to hang for a while when the pc boots up.

When the pc gets to the XP Pro splash screen with the progress bar it just sits there for a while. The progress bar stops moving and there's no hard drive activity (no hd light activity at least). It just sits there then finishes booting up.

I don't know if my older pc did this or not, I never really paid attention to it. But it seems to me that a pc that's barely 2 weeks old and has little more than XP Pro installed on it should boot much faster than what it does.

A:XP Pro hangs on boot. Can this be fixed?

this is related to your mobo you need to update the chipset drivers also check in the bios at what speed is the front side buss is running at also Athlon XP 64bit ? if so you most be runnig windows xp 64 bit version
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Hi,I just bought an SSD, but my laptop doesn't have an optical drive, so my only option is to remove my HDD, install the SSD and Install Windows with a bootable USB. So I set my BIOS to boot all three items of USB first (USB FDD, USB HDD, USB CD-ROM). I tried this with both UEFI and Legacy mode with no success. I also activated the boot mode (F10) but if UEFI was enabled, then boot mode only showed the windows boot manager and in Legacy mode the only USB option was the USB CD-Rom but it didnt work. Everything I tried ended up with a normal Windows start. PD: -OS to install is Windows 8.1. I'm currently running Windows 8.1      -I made the bootable with Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool (also tried with rufus with no success, but only with UEFI mode) Kind regards, Oliver

Go to Solution.

A:[Fixed] USB Boot in Aspire V5 561G

UEFI on Rufus is ok, FAT32 formatting? if you press F12 at boot, the USB flash drive appears? try to disable secure boot on UEFI.
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Ok well I fixed my Ntldr missing problem, but I also used system restore afterwards to restore something, and now (since the restore is probably currupted) I cant even load the computer. It keeps on rebooting and rebooting. Please help, what kind I do?

Is there anyways I can cancel the restore on another computer using my hard drive adapter and other computer?

A:Omg my computer fixed but can boot again either!!! Urgent!!!

Is this Windows XP? If so, you can repair the entire install most of the time. Just boot off the XP disc and follow the on-screen messages. It will act like you are installing Windows fresh, but when you get to the screen where XP is asking you to install Windows on an existing partition, choose the repair option there. After the install completes, all your data and desktop should remain
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I ve been struggling with this for a couple of days now and am hoping the experts here can help me out My wife was running her laptop without any virus protection for a while it s a long after Boot "fixed" Can't Trojan.Gen.2. Norton story - don t get me started Anyway she complained about tabs appearing in Firefox with a spam site So after a little research I figured the first Can't Boot after Norton "fixed" Trojan.Gen.2. thing I should do is get some Can't Boot after Norton "fixed" Trojan.Gen.2. virus protection going Well I got Norton s Anti-virus and got the Can't Boot after Norton "fixed" Trojan.Gen.2. latest definitions and ran a full scan It found a bunch of tracking cookies and found Trojan Gen in the file c windows system consrv dll Norton s activity shows that it removed this file After the scan was completed I re-booted and now Windows won t boot it s Windows SP So I need to go back to a restore point from a couple of days ago and I m back at square one with the virus still in tact Should I be using something other than Norton Is there something else I can do to get rid of this virus Thank you in advance

A:Can't Boot after Norton "fixed" Trojan.Gen.2.

will it boot into safe mode via hitting F8 just after the BIOS Post screen?
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Have and XP home SP3 system with kaspersky internet security 2011 that alerted to a major infection, during the process of removal and restart, the system locked up and would not boot.
I used a kaspersky rescue disk 10 to boot, it found and fixed the booting issue(s).

After being able to restart i ran rkill and the MBAM and found some other issue, ran SAS and found some issue as well. tdsskiller detected nothing.
that said all of those things were done in normal mode, not safe mode.

Ran SFC /scannow to make sure system files weren't corrupted, that took a bit of time.

Things seem to be working ok, but the system is still a bit laggy, still concerned there may be some residual infection or other issue to fix.
What should i do?

side note: Kaspersky seem to be pretty resource hungry, any thoughts on that?
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Hello here is my story any help is appreciated Windows Pro GB HDD primary drive Bit and Windows GB Raptor HDD on a Dual boot system I had an issue with windows update which was fixed by Brian Sysnative he repaired my software registry hive and I was able to do the Almost fixed Parttion need Boot more just Corruption little - help a updates prior to this I could not do updates or an in-place repair I also Boot Parttion Corruption - Almost fixed just need a little more help had other issues with the SFC not fixing Boot Parttion Corruption - Almost fixed just need a little more help some other issues I decided at this point to go ahead and try the in-place repair since the update issue was fixed this went well I did have issues with Windows update not working but with a little research I was able to solve the issue myself everything was working great all patches updated manual restore point created all tests passed and was very happy with my Boot Parttion Corruption - Almost fixed just need a little more help system until I booted into Windows and it decided it was going to do an update so I went ahead and allowed windows to complete On reboot I had options Windows setup Windows Windows Normally Windows continues the installation process and I do not have to select nothing since it did not move I decided to selected setup all this does is reboot selecting Windows did the same reboots On Windows it says Starting Windows but does nothing else This leads me to believe that the boot files got corrupt how can I recover I have tried these steps Boot Repair no help Utility I downloaded from I think Ubuntu Ran SFC off of the DVD cannot repair Ran CHKDSK f r no issues tried restoring this was successful but Windows would not boot - Starting Windows - then nothing no animation UPDATE Sort of Fixed I still could use some help please OK so after trying several things like this How to Fix Windows When It Fails to Boot MBR FIX amp Active Partition fixes only This did not work at all when I booted into Win setup or Win boot selection it would just reboot when I choose Windows it would display Starting Windows and hang not even the windows logo would show This led me to believe that my BOOT section on my primary D drive was fried on the Win drive So after days of thinking about this issue I came up with the following Unplug the Win drive put the Win drive as primary ON THE MOBO SATA port boot off of the win DVD and install Win on the gb drive After this completes shut down the PC plug in the gb drive into the SATA port NOT boot the PC and edit your boot partition and add win from the gb drive reboot and choose the down drive My system came up Now the help my next step is to copy the boot partition from the drive to the drive What is the best way to do this I know I have to boot off of a DVD like Unbuntu or even the Win DVD I need to run the attrib command to be able to get all data files from the drive what would you recommend Which attribs do I use should I know anything before I do this Any help is appreciated TY again ETA When I booted into the recovered drive windows stated that the system restore completed successfully from one of the things that I had tried

A:Boot Parttion Corruption - Almost fixed just need a little more help

It appears the Update failed but to be sure you can boot the latest Windows 10 installation media to run Automatic repair same as shown here for Windows 8 Automatic Repair. If WIndows 10 starts then you can install EasyBCD to add Windows 7, replacing any old listing.

If it won't repair or just based on the failed Setup listing you may want to delete the Windows 10 partition during a booted reinstall of 10 using the latest ISO from Download Windows 10 Insider Preview ISO - Microsoft Windows. This should also configure a Dual Boot menu with Windows 7.

Otherwise to rescue 7 Mark 100mb System Reserved (preferred) or Win7 Partition Active,
then run Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times until Win7 starts.

You can then install EasyBCD (click Download - no Name or Email required) to add Windows 10 to a Boot Menu to see if it will start, using the Windows 8 type OS choice.
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hardware concerning: ethernet, specifically nforce4 network controller (drivers

situation: Assigning pc to static ip of router (wrt54g) ie; default gateway, and primary dns as

problem: upon bootup the network can not find the proper route and has to diagnose/troubleshoot to fix the problem, which was a nag every time and gadgets like weather and such would not be updated until this was resolved. If leaving network to dhcp the problem would not occur or nag. Yes dhcp set on router.

solution: simple really, going to nvidia's site and installing the latest nforce4 platform drivers fixed the problem (which i think is just a reinstall of the drivers as i think they are the same that are packaged with win7 7000. Have not checked this yet to confirm

A:[fixed] Constantly troubleshooting network after boot [/myself]

Hi Digger,

Welcome to the forums, glad you found a fix for your problem and thanks for sharing.
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Hello all, I had a really strange event where by my boot time took around 10 min. I tried everything sfc, refresh and restore but still the problem remained. Then I took out my battery and unplugged ac cord and pressed the power button a couple of times. Reset battery and plugged in ac and booted up. My boot time is now faster than when I first got my comp. I am unclear as to why this would solve the problem and is this something I should do on occasion as a maintenance regiment??
Relevancy 46.87%

After spending 2 days off and on fooling with EasyBCD 1.72 and trying to get Windows XP to load, I finally loaded the EASYBCD Beta 2.0 and it worked immediately....

Get EasyBCD Beta 2.0 ...Yes, you must subscribe to forum, but it was worth it.....

Good Luck

EasyBCD = awesome program!!!

A:FIXED! Dual Boot issue WinXP and Win 7

Win7 should configure any multi- boot properly if it is installed last and all other drives than the OS's are unplugged.

The fly in the ointment is when a data drive is marked active and confuses the Win7 installer, so keep them unplugged during install and you won't have to use old technology like EasyBCD to do what is automated in Win7 installer, and Win7 startup repair from boot.
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One of the quircks of Windows Update that I never had before was that every reboot on desktop every the boot I fixed freezing icons the moment I open any folder my desktop icons become quot not clickable quot and the icons in that folder all turn white blank for minute then they would turn back normal I and many other users have been experiencing this according to this thread Anyone Noticed Desktop Icons Not Responsive on Win Update Yeserday I had to format my laptop coz I bought a new SSD So I installed Windows Update x and noticed that the freezing icons wasn't there Anyway I started doing my usual tweaks and stuff I fixed the freezing desktop icons on every boot and noticed the moment I disabled I fixed the freezing desktop icons on every boot OneDrive via a registry file the create an entry to disable OneDrive the next reboot the problem started So I enabled one drive again by deleting the key and rebooted no more problem or freezing With that said I decided it is best not to mess with the OS so I switched from Dropbox to OneDrive completely and paid USD to get an additional GB but this way I know I won't face any problems from messing with the OS I had to buy the extra space coz I needed it and certainly don't want to have cloud apps running on my computer at the same time
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My computer is setup to dual boot with Windows and windows Vista original OS it was quot born quot with Both OS runs with no problems for months too Anyways today I was going trying to boot into windows vista to use some program installed fixed be winRe, won't in a in dualboot Also cannot 7 boot, Windows in the OS but was a bit too late in choosing the OS from the bootloader Windows 7 won't boot, cannot be fixed in winRe, Also in a dualboot screen In the panic to quot pick quot the OS i accidentally place my slightly heavy headphones on the power button lol facepalm while it was starting to boot into windows The computer turned off of course interrupting the boot process I turned it back on and booted into vista to do my business Later on I wanted to go back to my Windows it failed to boot and WinRE tried to fix it It rebooted a few times and just kept at it to fix the problem until it says it can't fix it Here's the report it gave me Problem Event Name StartupRepairOffline Problem Signature Problem Signature Problem Signature unknown Problem Signature - Problem Signature Autofailover Problem Signature Problem Signature NoOsInstalled Os Version Locale ID Also can't help it notice that it refers to my windows drive as 'E ' which was supposed to be 'C ' But I have multiple partitions in my master HDD so its prolly just labeling it intrinsically Also safemode just loads winre It was kinda a bit of a pain to reinstall the whole crap with the bit drivers and some registry tweaking to reinstall windows so I just want to see if there is a solution I wasn't able to find in Google

A:Windows 7 won't boot, cannot be fixed in winRe, Also in a dualboot

I dualboot Windows vista 32 and Windows 7 64. One day while loading windows 7, the power was interrupted and win7 wasnt able to load anymore so startup repair did its business. It restarted a few times till it says "Start up repair cannot automatically repair this issue" with the following errors: "Autofailover", "NoOsInstalled', and "No OS files found on Disk. repair action - Partition Table Repair". I also tried the safemodes, Last Known good configuration, and also restoring to previous restore point (which did not find any restore points at all) and none of these worked--it just starts Stat up repair. I was able to still boot into Vista with no problems and used it to check my BCD:

Name: Windows 7
BCD ID: {default}
Drive: \Device\HarddiskVolume3
Bootloader Path: \Windows\system32\winload.exe
Windows Directory: \Windows

Entry #2

Name: Microsoft Windows Vista
BCD ID: {current}
Drive: C:\
Bootloader Path: \Windows\system32\winload.exe
Windows Directory: \Windows
I noticed windows 7 uses HarddiskVolume3 which I checked with DISKPART as actually the "Vista recovery volume" from the manufacturer. Is this the problem why it can't find the OS and the restore points?

I'm kinda careful to edit the BCD because I might screw it up making vista unbootable too. I'm not too experienced in this area.
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I would like to know whether my problems will go away if I change my HDD with some bad sectors to GB SSD Or they can be the problems boot, Windows? Bad good Freeze&unable a or to while:Bad HDD fixed, for of Windows and they are likely to happen again even I Freeze&unable to boot, fixed, good for a while:Bad HDD or Bad Windows? change to SSD I found this thread where the computer suddenly becomes very slow even with SSD PC slowing down to a crawl Your answer will help me decide whether I should buy GB SSD now or I have more time to save up for GB SSD I would like buy Samsung Pro which cost more than other model You can read all the story and test results below including my system info Thank you -------------------------------- My laptop always keeps freezing and sometimes does not boot at all until Freeze&unable to boot, fixed, good for a while:Bad HDD or Bad Windows? I have to do System Image Recovery My System Freeze&unable to boot, fixed, good for a while:Bad HDD or Bad Windows? Image Recovery was done right after cleaning up Factory Bloatware and installed few programs including Lightroom Chrome MSE Calibre HP Printer Solution Center Then it will be good for a while until the same things happen again At first my laptop was good for months after System Image Recovery Then it stayed good for only months and just month the last time it happened The last time was the most severe one One week ago my computer kept freezing for a few days and then it would not boot at all There was a flash of blue screen during boot and a screen asking to choose between system repair and boot normally When I chose boot normally there was a flashing cursor for so long more than min then a flash of blue screen and the same screen asking to choose between system repair and boot normally When I chose system repair the system recovery options showed up The system restore didn't work System image recovery found the image in my external HDD after min of searching started to run for another min without going anywhere until the error came up I tried F to do Factory Restore It said it cannot boot or something like that and back to the same screen with a choice to choose between system repair and boot normally I tried installing Windows from a boot DVD it ran and then said something like some files missing I ended up using Ubuntu Boot CD to back up everything from Drive I installed Ubuntu in the same partition of Windows and then reinstalled Windows from the same DVD This time I was able to install Windows Windows boot DVD formatted all the HDD and I was able to use my System Image Recovery Now my computer seems to work again but I don't know for how long I did a lot of tests for both RAM and HDD RAM is good but I found Bad Sectors in HDD My HDD passed short test but not Long Test Checkdisk result Here is my system info

A:Freeze&unable to boot, fixed, good for a while:Bad HDD or Bad Windows?

If Western Digital Data Lifeguard cannot repair your HD then it should be replaced. I'm not sure I'd even trust it if it does repair. Best to replace.

Then you should not have any problems with your image unless its integrity was damaged by missing sectors.

So it would probably be best to do a perfect Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 - the steps are the same for retail.
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Thought I d share my experiences with my year old Dell Dimension desktop which obviously doesn t owe me a thing Recently it stopped booting completely all status lights off and no preboot screen nbsp I tried everything reseating RAM CPU reconnecting all interconnect cables etc Nothing worked Seemed to fail at preboot I concluded it was probably a MB or HD Dimension Fixed : .... Dell problem Boot Won't 3000 failure nbsp Dell Dimension 3000 : Won't Boot .... Fixed problem I Dell Dimension 3000 : Won't Boot .... Fixed problem have a good more recent Dell I Studio laptop but this Dimension desktop has a very good Creative X-Fi Elite Pro PCI sound card installed that I have used extensively nbsp So I determined it was time to upgrade to a newer PC But no new PCs that I could find have PCI slots they are all PCI-e except for some older Dells nbsp as per a post in this forum Therefore I started to considered the refurb market The quot dead quot Dell Dimension owes me nothing but I decided as last check to remove the installed PCI cards nbsp a D-Link wireless adapter and the Creative sound card I removed the D-Link card first tried powering up and VOILA it boots up with no problems Unbelievable luck Reinstalled the D-Link card and won t boot Reproducible results Without the D-Link PCI card installed everything works exactly as expected including the PCI sound card Put the D-Link in another available PCI slot same problem nbsp So it looks like probably a fried PCI D-Link card somehow loading down the MB so booting couldn t proceed Has anyone seen this type of problem before
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I just got my computer back from having the motherboard switched out because of another problem, but now my battery will not charge. The light is on and it says it is charging, but it isn't. Should I attempt a gauge reset or something else?

It is a Lenovo y50, which I have had for 3 months. The battery needs to be unscrewed from the back.

A:Says plugged in and charging, but is not charging. Just got motherboard fixed.

If it is not charging maybe the battery is defective.
Did they gave you back the original charger?
Did they install another different motherboard which might use a different charger?
You may need to contact the person who repaired it to find out.
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yes I bent a cpu pin the full 90 degrees it was a corner pin and did not line up
when I put the lever down if you get me.
Well I straightened it I have no MB to test it on do you think it will survive or is it now an attractive piece of garbage like me

Relevancy 46.01%

Hey everyone I am having yet another technical issue I think it is a new world record Three days ago I got a brand spanking new HP EliteBook p notebook but there was something wrong with the BIOS I had just installed everything and when I tried Need Bent help! pin! accessing the BIOS to change the system date and system clock there was already a BIOS password and username Me being the Bent pin! Need help! kind of guy I am that takes things apart trying to fix them I did I was told I should unplug the RTC CMOS battery for minutes HP website and plug it back it Well I didn t know which wire was the RTC CMOS and I had two options so I unplugged both of them One of them was a ribbon and the other one was a wire red and black Well turns out the Red and Black one was the RTC CMOS battery so I plugged the white ribbon back it But me also being the uncordinated idiot that I am I bent one of the very small pins for the ribbon to the point it just about is broken The RTC battery went back in no problem But when I plugged the ribbon in I realized that not all of the pins had gone into their respective holes I turned to laptop back on and everything was working with two exceptions The internal wireless card wasn t finding any wireless networks tried with another computer and it was able to be found and I have been getting the blue screen of death I am thinking that the pin that was bent was a wire going to the wireless card because it goes in that general direction I am not going to attempt to fix it I just want to know if it is fixable if it is I will take it to a professional laptop tech If you could let me know that would be GREATLY appreciated nbsp

A:Bent pin! Need help!

A picture would be helpful to visualize what you are trying to repair.
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So I have seen one or two questions summarising my current dilemma The charging pin on my Charging Bent Pin laptop is bent i did not notice that there was a problem until the charger wouldn't get into the charging port I am deeply distraught by this whole experience with this particular HP product nbsp because i have only had it for two Charging Pin Bent months and had to Charging Pin Bent do a lot of saving to buy it Mind you I have previously owned a very affordable HP Compaq Presario for years and had to do away with it as it was operating on Vista nbsp So with all my receipts in hand I went back to place of purchase thinking that this would be covered by my warranty as really i did not do anything wrong to cause the pin to bend But alas when I got there i got zero sympathy from the tech saleperson who insinuated that I had somehow physically abused my laptop and also let me know that I had caused further damage to the charging port as i kept trying to push the bent pin in it never rains but it pours I am a very careful person and my laptop and charger are always stored in a safe place nbsp away from my curious toddler So my only assessment is that this has more to do with the pin bending due to everyday use rather than physical abuse customer service person I strongly believe that this particular pin has a narrow diameter and lack of support in the connector causes it to bend easily not really a technician so this is just a theory The nbsp L shaped jackdoes'nt make matters any easier as it kind of sits awkward when working on a laptop board or desk So HP if certain designs result in damage surely these can be nbsp covered by the warranty Personally I have spent more than I can afford on this Notebook and I can't pay for damages that in my opinion were not due to any mishandling of product but rather to a flaw in design

A:Charging Pin Bent

Have you called HP Support to see if it is covered under warranty?  >>Contact HP Btw, I have seen posters solve the bent pin issue by inserting a ballpoint pen into the barrel(with ink cartridge removed), fitting it over the pin and gently straightening it. If you have indeed damaged the charging port I do not know of a way to fix that yourself.
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Okay I m going to make this as brief as possible I ve had a ton of problems with my computer for the past week I thought it was because of the high humidity and heat out here in California I was having issues with my monitor going black Thought it was a video card problem Bent CPU prongs AMD GeForce GT Bent AMD CPU prongs g but the temperature on that wasn t going any higher than c I was told that card can withstand up to c After re-pasting that I was still having problems Reformatted my computer Sigh took me a full day to get everything back together and was still having problems This time it actually shut off on me and reset Called EVGA Called Ibuypower Which is where I bought my PC Bent AMD CPU prongs called Gigabyte about my motherboard NO HELP what so ever So after getting my computer up and running I was still having problems with the monitor going black Used another monitor still having the same problem So then I realize hey check your cpu So I take off the processor Mind you I have never removed a CPU before But because of lack of help from anyone I decided to do it myself I removed the metal clips And started moving the cpu back and forth to remove it I didn t know that I had to actually remove the fan and heat sink and leave the actual CPU in the motherboard Anyway Once I removed the CPU I thought to myself Oh hell that s not right I took the processor off put thermal paste on and tried to put it back in Only problem it won t go back in gently like it s supposed to Some of the prongs are bent I ve tried my best fixing them Using methods of a credit card that I ve heard to use and tweezer to fix a few badly bent prongs The prongs are set the best I can I move the bar up put the CPU in put the bar down to Bent AMD CPU prongs lock it in but the CPU isn t set in Is this the way it should be and is only set in properly once the heat sink and fan is put back on Or am I better off getting a new CPU The prongs aren t bent THAT bad Some are just not centered as well as they should be Sorry for the long post But I m at my wits end trying to get this thing back up and running Thanks Athlon X G of Ram Gigabyte Ga-m sli-s Windows XP nbsp

A:Bent AMD CPU prongs

Hi Michelle,
assuming you have the pins straightened correctly, you have to line up the gold arrow in one of the corners of the CPU, PCB (the green substrate the CPU is on) with the embossed arrows on the CPU socket.(AMD's only) It will drop in then. If not , the pins are not straight yet. Get a eyeglass repair kit screw driver, and a magnifying glass and take your time (thats about all the advice I can give) take your time and look at them from several angles to make sure they align down the rows of pins.
hope that helps
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I bent a few pins on my 3.0 Ghz P4. After carefully straightening them it booted up and installed XP. But then, it just blue screened and shut down. Now, t will only run for a few minutes. I dont think its overheating and Ive checked about everything I can think of. I just want to know if anyone thinks the problem is the cpu being bent.

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Hi, I bought new Yoga 900-13ISK (ornage) 3 months ago. I've just realized that sometimes it is not quite stable on a flat table (it swings a little bit). What is more worrying - I am able to straighten it just by stressing all laptop corners with my hands. After some time the problem occurs again. This mean that some part of the laptop (aluminium bottom casing, frame or sth that is reponsible for making the computer a stiff is not working ok... Or maybe it is a feature?  Anyone noticed sth similar?  Jacob
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Something I noticed when I first started using my ultrabook: if I place it on my desk/another table, it seems wobbly. The front left part seems to be hovering in the air, about 1mm from the surface of my desk. I checked all the rubber thingies underneath and they're still there and attached properly, so what can I do to make it stop wobbling? I'd rather not remove one of the rubber thingies since I'm afraid that'll cause scratching on the bottom when I move my ultrabook.

Apart from my ultrabook being wobbly, I love it, but the wobbling is increasingly annoying since I use my ultrabook all the time when at lectures or writing essays for lawschool. Do you have a simple solution, like a bigger rubber thingie I can place underneath it?

Best regards,

A:My laptop seems to be bent from the beginning

Hi Marlinde

How long do you have your notebook? Try to contact your local dealer, explain the situation and ask if you can get replacement. Maybe this should be the first step for you.

What do you think about it?
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Lets start out with the specs abit kv- motherboard gigs of ram gs video card quot widescreen monitor amd bit processor Here s my issue I went to change the processor ihad an extra one thats faster and found out after taking mine out the new one was a different socket type so I put my old one in and booted my pc I got no video Turns out after examing my processor i bent two of the Processor no Pin, Bent Video Now corner pins i easily bent them back upright and both of them are straight they both go back itno the slots and the proc fits exactly into the wholes that it should without forcing it now keep in mind i ddi not unplug any cords or jumpers from the motherboard during this process now when i hook everything up i get no video but fans lights keybaord leds and all powers up When i turn off the computer via power button or power supply switch i get one short beep I was told this is normal and means my system is fine and running normal I have also tried reseting the jumper for the cmos and to no avail aswell as taking the battery out of the mobo for minutes booting without it and replacing it then rebooting with it always get no video I have also tried putting the monitor cable into the onabord video slot and i still have the same problem p s when i say no video i mean the moitor light stays orange nbsp

A:Bent Processor Pin, Now no Video

Take out the video card, and then put it back in. Sometimes pushing down on the heatsink getting it installed will make the video card slip out of its slot a bit, especially if you left the screw in that holds the plate to the case.

If that still doesn't work, take out your 7800 completely and only try onboard.
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hi there first time poster long time reader you guys do great work ok so here's the skinny i have a sony vaio laptop i purchased at best buy back in one of my children decided to leave the laptop outside on a rainy day i could not get the laptop to power back up so i took it in to best buy where i had an extended warranty plan they had it shipped off to a warehouse somewhere and it took them months to fix the problem they basically gutted the whole thing installed a new motherboard new hard drive new ram etc buuuut what they forGOT to do was install the OS so circumstances have led me here i've moved away from where all that happened and when i brought it in to the best buy here in Farmington NEW MEXICO they said they could not help me out whaaaa gt gt i have no backup or restore disks i have no original vista OS Geek Squad over! me bent install disk anyone have any ideas of what Geek Squad bent me over! i can do to get my laptop back up and running for the love of pete SOMEbody help me pleeease

A:Geek Squad bent me over!

You should be able to contact Sony and give them the number on the bottom of the case.
If they are nice they will just ship the disk if not it may be $10 - $20
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Hi, I was recently cleaning out my Motherboard of dust and I noticed a couple of my Capacitors are bent. I checked to see was any Electrolyte leaking and there isnt. Also my computer hasnt been showing the usual symptoms of a bad capacitor. What should I do? should I try to bend them back in place or leave them be.

A:Capacitors next to Processor bent

Is the capacitor itself bent, or the metal contacts that connect it to the board?

It shouldn't cause a problem if it's just the contacts, as long as they don't break off.
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ill get right to the point.

i have an ibm thinkpad laptop. this laptop has dual usb ports, one on top of the other. a while back, the pins on the upper usb port got bent because i was forcing a cable in the wrong way. ever since then, when i would plug something into the upper usb port (accidently) the computer would turn off or restart so i would have to boot back up again.

just recently i accidently plugged into the top usb port and the computer turned off. this time it wont turn back on.

im not worried about the bent usb prongs but i really need to get my computer to turn back on.

any help on what to do, what might have gone wrong, what i shorted would be HIGHLY appreciated.

A:bent usb prongs - shut comp off

Usb uses the 5v rail, you should have stopped using the port when it first went wrong. Im afraid to say, its gonna cost you to get a problem like that fixed on a laptop!!!!!
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I was upgrading my HP 15-af131dx laptop to an SSD when I accidentally bent the heatsink. The base of the heatsink was still attached to the processor, but the end was bent and was hanging in the air. I quickly reassembled my laptop and turned it on. It worked, but the fan sped up really quickly even though I was only at the BOIS screen. I knew that something wasn't right so I quickly unplugged my laptop to avoid damage and disassembled it. I removed the heatsink and bent it back in shape, but in doing so the copper pipe collapsed. I reassembled my laptop and it worked normally so installed a fresh copy of windows 10. I then immediately installed chrome and typed this question. Should I keep using my laptop or not? Is the damaged heatsink going to cause problems in the future? If it is, can I get a replacement?
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I put my USB Flash Drive in my backpack and must have set it down wrong.

Is there any easy way to fix this? I do not want to buy another flash drive This was a really nice one.


A:Flash Driive USB Jack Bent


You could get in there with some needle nose pliers or a butter knife and attempt to bend it back slowly. Do this at your own risk, it may never quite fit right again.

Also USB Flash drives are always on sale at for less than $10 you can score a 4GB one
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Hello I have a question regarding the possibility of getting around my usb port problem Let me explain a Prongs port bent/broken USB ONLY on little clearly Prongs bent/broken on ONLY USB port I have an OLD Dell Latitude with a gb hard drive thinggy I think that s the hard drive LOL I run Windows XP operating system I have only one usb port in the back of my laptop and thanks to my year old son-the prongs have been bent and two have the points broken off I noticed this last night when I tried to plug my camera into the port I got a bubble thing pop up stating that the usb port had had a power surge The bubble continues to pop up until I unplugged the camera and restarted my laptop My computer also has a D-Link ethernet card adapter and so here s my questions First is there an adapter like my ethernet that has ethernet AND usb ports in one So that maybe I can by-pass my computer repair shop Secondly if there are no adapters like this how hard expensive is it to repair replace Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Prongs bent/broken on ONLY USB port

This should work:
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I was installing a new processor/heatsink/fan and accidentally bent this thing next to the cpu slot that looks like a mini water tower. I bent it back and everthing seems fine. So what is this thing and what would have happened if I snapped the thing off instead of just bending it?

A:I bent this thing sticking out of my mobo

That's a capacitor. They're usually rather large black cylinders with two pins going into your system board. The same type of thing is used in a camera's flash system: it receives electricity, stores it temporarily (like a battery), then at a given signal, it releases it all in one large burst to the other side of it's lead.
Your system board most likely would not have worked if you had snapped it off, until you unsoldered the pins going into the PCB and soldered a new one on (with the exact same ratings or the same one). They can be very easy to bend out of place when installing a rather large heatsink - like my Volcano 9. I did the same thing, but actually just scraped the rubber lining off the side and bent one a little bit. I bent it back and am having no problems thus far. If your board works, then it's ok
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Greetings. I typically use and love Microsoft's ergonomic keyboard. However I am pretty hard on my keys playing Star Wars, EQ2 and other games (alt+1, alt+2, ect). I love the feel of mechanical keyboards, love the springy-ness! I also really REALLY love the bent/split ergonomic design that Microsoft came out with. I can type soo much faster on it.

I have searched High n Low and I cant seem to find an ergonomic 'mechanical' keyboard.

So, is there such a keyboard on the market and where can I possibly purchase it?
Relevancy 44.29%

It freezes up my pc completely if I have anything else running at the time on start up. System resources should NOT be a problem at all. So I don't know what causes it.

A:Firefox hell bent on freezing up pc.

Perhaps you could provide more information. EXACTLY what is happening and what led up to it. Also, try Firefox safe mode and see what happens (
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Brand new Flashdrive no longer working because of physical damage and yet I was told by a company they could retrieve the super important files for me for $375.

Here is a pic of the disk.

So I put into the computer USB port and it was working fine. I accidentally kneed it and the red back of the flashdrive cracked off but the green part stayed intact except that I do notice these sort of whitish cracks in the green part at the bottom of the chip. Does anyone...know how I can retrieve the data off this? Or even if it's possible. Although this company did assure me it's possible and they are pushed by Sandisk company.

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I just noticed my 2.5 month old all in one laptop is bent. After less than 10 uses (been busy so didn't get enough time to use it yet). You can see from the pictures how bad this is. I can actually insert my finger nail behind the screen a bit. I didn't notice this but I'm very frustrated.

IMAG2021.jpg ?919 KB
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I got my first Lenovo Yoga around weeks ago and noticed surface? 710 bottom with bent/uneven Yoga something immediately when I opened it up The metal case or laptop bottom was uneven The bottom right side of the laptop Yoga 710 with bent/uneven bottom surface? is sorta bend from factory the rubber part does not even touch the table when I put the laptop down It isnt much maybe a few millimeters but whenever I use the laptop I hear and feel it rocking back and fort and making a clicking sound against the table I really didnt expect this from such an expensive laptop nbsp nbsp So I contacted the store I got it from and they ordered a new one from me And guess what the new unit is JUST the same I looked at their display model and it sat flush with the table rock solid Did they just ship a bad batch Yoga 710 with bent/uneven bottom surface? of laptops with uneven surfaces seeing that both the laptops I got is uneven nbsp nbsp To be spesific its the Yoga ISK I think Anyone else experienced this themself or know what I should do nbsp
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Okay I m on the st laptop Toshiba Satellite -works OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor AMD C- Processor AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Safemode,Missing contacts,what? Can You drivers,Bent Help? More Read PLEASE!! AMD Radeon HD Graphics Mb Hard Can You Help? Safemode,Missing drivers,Bent contacts,what? Read More PLEASE!! Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard TOSHIBA Portable PC Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Updated and Enabled My issues are with my second laptop nd laptop ASUS Notebook Model K IJ K IJ Series Manufacturer ASUSTeK Computer Inc Processor Pentium Dual-Core CPU T GHz GHz Installed memory RAM GB Can You Help? Safemode,Missing drivers,Bent contacts,what? Read More PLEASE!! -bit Operating System Computer Name CreativeG This is the one i need Help With My Question is Either can someone trustworthy please remote host my ASUS amp Help me Get out of safemode or being that both laptops are legally mine bought amp paid for from proper retailer s printed reciepts amp all is it legal to somehow reinstall windows from My Toshiba Satellite to My ASUS Notebook keep in mind ASUS Notebook was refurbished amp as such Windows Updates were only to be done thru ASUS Three Known Possible Scinarios Did Occur the most unfortunate of times October I was as always Financially burdened amp in this became incarcerated in county lockup for an unpaid amp forgotten fine from back in i was held for almost months Usually something happens i fix it i m literate amp that makes life easy yeah i can read tho ya don t wanna get stuck reading my writings i tend to write books lol Anyway While i wasn t able to oversee things on home front viruses an such are pulle in st in Dec several Windows Updates were installed nd trying to clean out what they thought were viruses someone deleted many files amp surely some important drivers again these are only possiblities of definate actions taken occuring rd in the same time frame possibly the root cause of early misconceptions the usb connection from a wifi antenna was modified to work amp pulled a few contacts around inside a couple usb ports this being a likely canidate to mess things up that one may have mistaken the barrage of shutdowns to be a virus erego spreading forth into this my calamity Due to getting hit in head work nov th last year put me out of work for few months and after having head surgery really am just not upto the task before me this time But Am Desperately in need of a working laptop at home its theraputical for mother its calming for her boyfriend and for me its my outlet amp inlet a mind like mine loves to know more and teach more but More Over i Love to Help People amp Raise spirits or just be able to be there when someone needs an unwaivering heart amp i Love My Large Extended Family so being able to talk to my kids or play facebook games with my grandkids or wizard with my son i think you may understand my urgency ya see the one im on now i leave at my Beautiful Loving Angels house so she can keep up with her kids and family she deserves it volunteers at soup kitchen days a week is in church days a week amp boy do we love our nature walks both in our s still climbin trees and pickin flowers chasin frogs im sorry this is only the rd time since december th my head operation that ive made it over to see her her amp her one lung me with screws in my head what a wild pair we are lol okay gotta go if anyone can help thankyou oh every statement is TRUE Can be Proven With True Miracles to back it up i Love You All Unconditionally Your Perfect as you are nbsp

A:Can You Help? Safemode,Missing drivers,Bent contacts,what? Read More PLEASE!!

Either can someone trustworthy please remote host my ASUS, & Help me Get out of safemode.Click to expand...

no we dont offer that type of service here - see the rules

is it legal to somehow reinstall windows7 from My Toshiba Satellite to My ASUS Notebook.Click to expand...

No the software will be OEM software and tied to the motherboard hardware and NOT transferable
BUT if you have the exact same software as on the CoA label you cna use that license with the software - BUT it has to exactly the same
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Okay I'm in hopefully a finishing stage of a month long computer battle here Prior to the drama I had occasional rough starts with Windows where it took an attempt or two to start up but no more than that and everything seemed fine After the evil red Compaq logo there would be a black screen no Windows loading screen It would stay that way even after a shower pulling dinner out of the stove or giving my kid Problems, Motherboard? Boot MBR virus? Disk? Boot a bath Then the drama started First I got Boot Problems, Motherboard? Boot Disk? MBR virus? a virus detected by Avast So Boot Problems, Motherboard? Boot Disk? MBR virus? I deleted it everything seemed fine then I had another virus detected by Avast So I deleted it things were fine for like min then I rebooted after a game but nothing started up So I suspect that I deleted a virus attached to a dll file tried to use my disk to repair windows no go I did manage to backup some files in safe mode so I attempted a reformat I kept getting a disk error even after using a disk my mom brought over a disk that scrubs data I figure I managed to have a hard drive crash Boot Problems, Motherboard? Boot Disk? MBR virus? at the same time I got two viruses and proceeded to wait many long days until I could afford a new hard drive kinda happy with that part G is better than Fer sure Part two After installation and updates I am still getting the odd hang up when booting Sometimes it won't even load in safe mode I'm starting to suspect a motherboard issue or something with my MBR Since a corrupted MBR hard drive crash and two viruses seems a little much to have all at once I'm wondering if a boot virus is possible Like maybe my hard drive never crashed at all I still like the new one though Could one boot virus cause two virus positives like it replicates into the OS Is a boot virus on the motherboard or the hard drive Well anyway I figure my theory could be tested if I replaced the MBR with a fresh one and here I'm at a loss I have no boot disk Is the XP disk's setting for Repair like a boot disk Can I use that to replace the MBR or is the MBR a manufacturer thing I can't seem to find something to download bios or MBR for my model on the Compaq website I'm seriously considering replacing the case and motherboard in the spring so I have room for a nice sound card but that won't come until I get my financial aid for the spring semester With my school that means sometime midsummer Anything I can download anywhere to help Maybe on NVIDIA's site that's the motherboard manufacturer but I can't find the model of the motherboard anywhere Because Compaq sucks and I can't beleive I got suckered into one

A:Boot Problems, Motherboard? Boot Disk? MBR virus?

Okay, well first I'd put the dreaded MBR virus at the bottom of the list of things to consider. But, yes, it's possible one might have survived standard formating. But highly unlikely, IMO.

I think the first step is to make certain you have the most recent motherboard drivers installed.

Please post the exact Make & Model number of the computer.

Federal Law requires electronic manufacturers to label their devices with an "FCC code". You can sometimes cross-reference that number to a specific model of motherboard (or whatever).

I've never seen a motherboard that didn't have the model number silk-screened on the motherboard, in large letters.
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Hello So about a week ago my Dell Dimension came up with the DOS screen noting an quot unmountable boot volume quot and the BSOD somewhere along the line It wouldn t even boot up in safe mode Eventually I got it to boot from the CD-ROM and ran all the stuff in the Recovery Console following drive boot volume" switched? are - partitions now Fixed "unmountable the instructions in this link http support microsoft com kb Somewhere in there I started messing around with the drive letter assignments because we d been in touch with Dell tech support and they said it might be a fried Fixed "unmountable boot volume" - now drive partitions are switched? hard drive the C drive the GB one that came with the machine in I d installed a second drive GB in or so and partitioned it so that one section was a backup of the C drive although I hadn t really done another backup since the initial install--fixed that with the Backup Utility I figured I d have to boot from the backup partition Fixed "unmountable boot volume" - now drive partitions are switched? and just lose all the data on the GB drive So now that I ve run Recovery Console chkdsk r and all that the computer is actually back to full strength and running normally--with one weird quirk When I go to the properties for the C drive then to the hardware tab it has the GB drive highlighted And when I click Properties in that box and go to the Volumes tab and hit Populate The C drive is apparently running on the GB drive three other partitions not shown When I do the same for my backup drive J it gives me this Before this quot unmountable boot volume quot error the C drive was the GB and the J drive was a partition on the GB I don t see at all how the data could have physically switched drives It must have happened somehow when I started messing with the drive letter assignments Is this correctable without messing things up The machine runs fine again and I ve also updated the BIOS to A from A I don t want to start doodling around with this again if possible Let me know what you think Thanks nbsp

A:Fixed "unmountable boot volume" - now drive partitions are switched?

You can't change the drive letter on the system drive. You could possibly move the installation from the large drive to the smaller one, but if that is where it boots from, the connections to the drives will need to be switched, too. You could clone the larger to the smaller and then switch them.

Your other partitions are lost, I presume. Partitions do not have inherent letters assigned to them. They will be different in one Windows installation than in another, and different again in the Recovery Console. You cannot use letters to identify partitions. You need size, location, or contents to be sure which is which.
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As I try to boot my laptop (a different computer than the one on which I have a malware thread ongoing) - IBM Thinkpad T41, I get the message: ERROR - 0200: Failure Fixed Disk: 1. Press F1 to setup, which brings up the IBM bios setup screen - with which I do not know what to do.

While I do have the backup of my user files, I do not have boot/recovery disk, I think. Am searching for something like that...

Any help would be appreciated.

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This may be a dumb question but im in desperate need of help: 2 of my socket 478 pent 4 pins broke off and i was wondering if there is any home remedy for this?? If so i would be incredibily happy

A:CPU Pins

No help. Better get a new piece of very expensive and delicate equipment.
You could also ignore/remove the broken pins and beg that through some miracle the pins you bent are not critical for the CPU's operation..
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How many pins do i have on my RAM stick? This ram stick came with my computer and was already installed. SO how can i tell how many pins there are on it? Also,if i buy another stick from Corsair(first one wasnt corsair, anonymous brand actually), will it work? My RAM stick is DDR too. Do i have to have the exact pins? For example, can i have one stick with like 200 pins and another one with 300. Will it work on my mobo.?

Sorry noobie here

A:How many pins do i have?

you have to get one with the same amount of pins or it won't fit. First of all what computer do you have then we could research and see what kind is in it now. also look to see if your computer manufacture has upgrades on their website and it should say how many pins.
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i bought a motherboard off of newegg that was LGA 775 (, so obviously i bought a cpu that was LGA 775. (

when i got the motherboard the part where the cpu goes already has pins in it? Should i have gotten a cpu that said pinless, or am i ok?

A:CPU Pins

The LGA 775 processors are pinless and fit onto the pinned mobo CPU connection.
See here:
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ok i got a 3 ghz cpu from ebay but 3 pins were bent so i carefully put them back into place and it fits perfectly into the slot i just wanna know will i have any probs with it or is it a gonner? cant test it yet need to buy a heatsink 1st

A:cpu pins need help

I dont see why it shouldnt work, As long as they are still attached and straight down. But there is always a risk that it wouldnt.

The best way to tell is to boot it asap.

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I've downloaded System Information for Windows, and it tells me the speed, capacity, etc., but it doesn't tell me how many pins it has.

I do have some info if it helps.

Manufacturer: Infineon
Part Number: 64D64320GU5C

Thank you very much!

A:How can I found out how many pins my RAM has?

Here use this it should tell you exactly.
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I have just been given a all in one internal card reader, the card reader has a 9 usb pin header on it but when i looked at my motherboard i can only find a 10 pin header.
Can anyone tell me if there is anyway to connect this to my motherboard or if there is a converter to turn a 9 pin to 10 pin.

Thanks in advance

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How do you identify the power-up pins on the motherboard and what to do to short it I have extracted some advice from the internet from someone who had the same computer problem as me and he fixed it with this method Just wanted to ask some of the experts here how to do that since i m not an electrician and are pretty much oblivious when it comes to these kind of tasks Here s the original paragraph from him which i didn t understand much of quot Try this once take pins Power-up the CPU out from the motherboard then short the power-up pins on the motherboard that is the pins Power-up pins to which your power-on switch of CPU is connected with the help of screwdriver I learned this just yesterday my pc was giving trouble and then it stopped booting nothing on Power-up pins the display fans running I took it to the vendor and he did this procedure and the pc started booting again Told that the BIOS hangs due to which this problem happens So you can also try this and see i if it works for you best of luck quot nbsp

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I have an athlon II cpu which is listed as supported for the main board, and an athlon II cpu heatsink and fan. However, the mainboard has a three pin connection for the cpu fan, the cpu fan has 4 pins. Is there a work around for this?


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Can a loose pin on a monster 2 video card be
reset or is it a futal effort to try? After moving to a new place, I plugged in the cpu. and got no 3dfx profile for games. I pulled the pin back out, (it was pushed in) butt am not sure about how much more damage there is cause it's on the very bottom of the fitting.(of course!)It's the fitting the pass-tru cable plugs-in on then connects to the primary card. Has anyone ever had this problem or know a fix. Thanks, Mark

A:videocard pins

do you mean its on the cable or the card, cause both are reperable, though i'm not exactly sure of to whht degree it would be (read: signature). But basically its a matter of getting some needle-nose pliers and pulling on the thing to make it straight as possible

Just remember, i could be wrong.
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Hi! I just bought a CD burner. The firewire that came with it has 6 pins. It doesn't fit in any of my USB ports on my Dell Dimension 4500S computer. When I looked at 4 to 6 pin converters, the 4 part looks too small! How do I know how many pins my computer USB port has? The booklet that came with it doesn't say.

I appreciate ANY help! New CD burner, but no fun.

A:Firewire pins

Well, USB and Firewire are two completely different things, well, sort of. The plugs are totally different, and the speeds are different. Most computers have standard USB ports built in. Not so much for firewire. What you need is a $30 firewire card, or a burner that is USB compatible. Another option would be to install the drive on the internal IDE.
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Hello i received a new Geforce 8600GTS (EVGA) card - i brought it from ebay from a international seller - When i received the 'New' product i noticed it didnt come in an original box - and the CD was a copy - That's not the issue really so i will get on with it lol i noticed the pins (contact pins) on the board below and the small pins on top (i think its the SLI pins not sure) are very discoloured - any advice on what to do now or how to clean them - Thanks for all your help. Damion.

A:PCI-E Contact Pins...

Use a pencil eraser to clean the Card contact. A new pencil preferably. After you get the debris off use a dry cloth to wipe it clean. Sounds like you got shammed on the "newness" of the card
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Ok i have a monitor and the two pins or whatever they are called came out? what can i stick in replacement for them because it seems as if the color red and a little green has gone from my pc?

thanks in advance for replies
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I have a coolermaster 750 watt PSU (power supply unit). I have read this both ways so I'l collect a few opinion here. I have no 8 pin connectors. I don't know who's brilliant idea it was to put no 8 pins in a 750 watt psu, but they didn't.

Is it ok if i hook up a 6 pin and 2 pin, or a twp 4 pins to a 8 pin connector? or will it not deliver as much power or short circuit the graphics card?

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Does anyone know, what the voltage is likly to be across the pins that the power switch connect to on a MSI 865P Neo2.

I know itll be in the manual, but i dont have it handy and MSI's website doesnt seem to be working at the mo.. well not for me anyway.


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Has anyone got a diagram i could use to connect firewire pins from a card reader as it has firewire, to a firewire PCI card.

I have the pins and i know where they are meant to end up but i do not know where each pin belongs.


A:Where do these firewire pins go?

just google firewire pinout
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can i pull/snip the extra pins from a dvi-i cable to use it as a dvi-d cable. or will that just plain not work?
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I m trying connect a psu to a mobo.
But mobo has 24 pins while psu's cable has 20 pins! Can I do the connection? Is there any danger?
If yes, which 4 pins should I let free?

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Which years and which model CPU's had real gold pins on them? Can you please help me compile a list? Maybe someone already knows of a list that is on the internet somewhere they can share.

I'll start the list. I have two AMD Duron 600 processors with the year 2001 stamped on them both. Both processors appear to have gold plated pins on them. I seriously doubt the pins are solid gold though. Does anyone know for sure?

Also, it is my understanding that some computer parts also have platinum in them or on them. Does anyone know which parts and which years or which makes and models?


A:Which CPU's have gold pins?

you can check each one here:

but since the 8008 cpu(1973 timeframe) most are gold plated...

Good Luck
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Here's the old "well trained technician" with another question. I have an old amptron PM-8600 MOBO and I can't determine which pins I connect he on/off switch. The pins look as follows with the appropriate notation (from the manual) next to it.

PIN # Description

1. LED Output
2. N.C
3. Ground
4. Keylock
5. Ground.

Any and all help is appreciated.


keylock is also indicated as power led, guess that would be my best guess