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Solved: usb ports and memory card reader do not work

Q: Solved: usb ports and memory card reader do not work

On the front of my tower, an HP Pavilion, there are two USB ports and also a memory card reader. Suddenly all are not working. The USB ports on the back of the tower still work, however. Is there something--like downloading new drivers--I could do to fix this problem?
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Preferred Solution: Solved: usb ports and memory card reader do not work

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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My Gateway GT5228 has stopped recognizing my USB ports and my Digital Media Card Reader. The problem started about the time my Symantac subscription was 1 month from expiration and somehow the virus protection was turned off (not by me). My guess is I received a virus as a result. But I cannot figure out how to resolve the problem. I'm using McAfee now, but cannot find any viruses on the computer after multiple scans. What can I do to restore the ports and the card reader? Thanks in advance for your help.

A:[SOLVED] USB Ports and Media Card Reader will not work

Hello jeff29963

Try reinstalling USB first

Make sure all USB devices are unplugged
Right click My Computer/Properties/Hardware/Device Manager
Expand Universal Serial Bus controllers.
Right-click the device under the Universal Serial Bus controllers and then click Uninstall to remove it.

Repeat this with every entry under Universal Serial Bus controllers until they are all gone.

Reboot your system, and windows will detect the new hardware and re-install the drivers. Under normal circumstances, this should be enough to get your USB ports working again.

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I bought a used HP stream laptop My USB ports won't work. The wired mouse and flashdrive don't even show up in the devices and drives category. They work on another computer. It won't read my SD card. It works on another computer and my Nintendo 3ds. I did some diagnostics and gotUSB Port Check: FAILEDFAILURE ID: PG8BH1-79P83Q-MFPV6K-8D2X03 I reset it to factory settings. I still cannot use my wired mouse, usb flash drives, and SD card on my HP Stream.

A:USB ports and SD card reader won't work

Hi @aungy,Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts, and other support personnel. I understand you are having an issue with the USB ports. I will be glad to help you.Please post the full product number of your computer. See the following, if you need help with that information.How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number? Please get back to me and I will try to help you.
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My USB ports and memory card reader have all of a sudden stopped working correctly . the mem card slots i cant tell if they are working at all but the usb ports are still sending power as iv still be able to charge my mp3 player but it just will not send any data .. this is made even more frustrating as i was using them both less that 10 hours ago iv not installed any new software and i have not changed any hardware so tbh im completely at a loss as to why they arnt working .

iv done only the basic things to attempt to get them working again.. i un-installed them from device manager and let windows re-install them to no avail . I also went in to my bios and made sure that the ports were enabled .. they were ..

any help you could give would be very much appreciated .

A:USB ports and memory card reader not working correctly

Try downloading and updating the system BIOS. Then download the latest chipset drivers for your machine and re-install.

I've actually had an instance on my work laptop where the USB ports- all 3 of them did not work. I had to replace the system board in this case.

Sometimes charging electronic devices through USB ports will zap your system.
It happend to me. External USB drive to be precise is what blew mine.
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Hello I have Windows XP a Compaq computer around years old A couple of days ago my computer wouldn't connect to the internet through a wireless home network I also had other problems with my computer so i thought i'd plug in my ipod to back the music and picture files on the computer and then reformat it and stat again However the computer didn't recognise the ipod and it was then i realised that the computer wasn't recognising anything in the usb ports and the memory card reader drives G H not reader recognising USB card ports Computer Memory or I J had all disappeared I tried restrating it and everything but it still never came back As i was going to reformat it anyway i did this I used the recovary discs i made when i got teh Computer not recognising USB ports or Memory card reader computer so it loaded up fine and is now back to the beginning with just the OS and Computer not recognising USB ports or Memory card reader the standard things that came with the computer However the memory card reader and USB ports are STILL NOT RECOGNISED I don't know what to do know i've never had this problem before Any help would be appreciated

A:Computer not recognising USB ports or Memory card reader

Hi rkrulez !

What's the exact model ID of that computer ? Desktop or laptop ?
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Ok long and confusing story I'm posting this all because I'm not sure what triggered the problem I have a HP workstation with USB ports in the back in the front and an internal memory card reader that also has a single USB port Windows pro -bit I tried plugging in a new external HD to a USB port in the back of the machine Nothing happened and it didn't show up in My Computer same thing with one of the front USB ports I thought it might be a problem with the HD so I went into disk management but it got stuck in quot Connecting to virtual disk service quot with nothing showing up not even internal HD's I unplugged the new HD and now got into disk management fine tried plugging it in again - nothing I went into to device manager and noticed there was an unknown USB device with a stop error I figured I'd remove the device and let Windows re-detect ports card with USB built-in Problem reader memory and it not sure if this was smart Then I plugged the new HD again and now it finally showed up Now it works through any USB port including the one on the card reader However Problem with built-in memory card reader and USB ports now I can no longer read memory cards with it I also noticed that the small LED on the reader stays lit even if there is nothing plugged in I recall it should be lit only when something is connected I looked in device manager again and again Problem with built-in memory card reader and USB ports I have an unknown device under USB drivers with an error code but I have no idea if its the card-reader or what Is there a way to reinstall the reader or could it be broken it worked fine this morning and the USB port on it still functions I have no idea how to find a driver for it as it came with the machine and at least HP's support page doesn't seem to have a driver for any card reader for this particular PC model

A:Problem with built-in memory card reader and USB ports

Yes you sure can...go to HP's support website, dirver/downloads and input your make and model, OS type (32 or 64 bit) then drivers and download the latest card reader driver.

HP Support & Drivers | United States
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I have plugged the internal memory card reader into my computer in the correct slot, in one of my 5 JUSB slot's and the computer recognizes it, but it will not detect that there is a card plugged in. Very odd. Any suggestions?

Thanks everyone! And Merry Christmas!


A:Internal Memory Card reader won't work

Is XP updated to Service Pack 3? Have you tried temporarily connecting the card reader to another USB connector?
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Prior to upgrade to Windows 10, this machine was running Windows 7 Ultimate without problem.  I frequently use the SD Card reader in the machine to upload Photos I have taken with my Camera.  After upgrade to Windows 10 the machine does not recognize the very same SD card.  I have contacted Microsoft windows 10 support about this problem.  They poked around in the machine and had no answer. I think an appropriate driver is needed from HP to make the SD Card reader in the machine work.  Please help! I am using a work around now.  I use an SD to USB adapter to load my photos but this is not the way the process should work. Again, please help!

A:SD Memory Card Reader does not work after Windows 10 Upgrade

Hi @krmiller?, I checked the support page for your computer, and I only see Windows Vista and Windows 7 drivers, no Windows 10 (not even Windows 8). Your computer was released in June 2009 -- it will probably not get updated drivers for Win10. From HP Desktop PCs - Upgrading to Windows 10: If you purchased your computer prior to August 2013, HP has not tested or developed drivers for your computer model. Some features might not work, or the installation might not be successful.HP provides Windows 10 compatible software and updated drivers to support only specific computer models. If the SD card reader issue is the only problem you're having after upgrading, believe me, it could be worse. The USB card reader you're using now as a workaround is probably the best solution. If it's enough of a deal-breaker for you, there is an option to go back to Windows 7 as long as you're within the first 28 days of having upgraded -- instructions are at the bottom of the upgrading document.
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my 9-in-1 memory card reader wont work. it came with the computer but i had to reinstall vista. it doesnt even register that its connected to the computer so i dont know whats wrong. my computer is a new hp computer with vista home premium. it worked before i had to reinstall vista by the way
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Hello all, After updating the BIOS to version A16 or A17 doesn't work memory card reader :(
On the aforementioned version of the BIOS, when you want to turn on the computer with a memory card inside the system do not get up! Of course, without a memory card system will get up normally but when you again put the memory card the system still can't see it.
The last working version of BIOS is A15 where you can use a memory card reader.
My OS: Windows 10 Pro (x64)

A:Latitude E7440 - memory card reader doesn't work after bios update

I have exactly the same problem. Last working version is A15.
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i have a dell inspiron 1564 laptop and for some reason the card reader that is in-built has stopped working. at first it put me to a blue screen then shut down but now when i push the stick in it does not even recognise it. i would be most greatful for any help on this matter
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 330 @ 2.13GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3892 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator HD, 1722 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 59999 MB, Free - 22042 MB; D: Total - 406836 MB, Free - 405726 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 08CNC9, A01, .4Q2XXK1.CN486439C92222.
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated and Enabled

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Compaq HP Presario SR NX Vista Home Premium SP Intel Pentium D Dual Core Hz GB HD Western Digital WD AAJS new GB USB Lasie External HD new GB Ram My old HD Samsung SP does 1 not in Reader 5 Card Solved: work C died Put in new HD ran System Restore from disks installed Acronis and installed Solved: 5 in 1 Card Reader does not work external HD for backup I can learn Now my internal in card reader does not work USB works Do normal startup and put GB Memory Stick Pro Duo into reader and nothing happens It does not show in Computer Device Manager shows all four readers under Disk Drives but also shows under Storage Volumes generic volumes that are not working properly Error This device cannot start Code Disk Management shows something in Disk but no drive letter is assigned Properties says it is working properly but I can do nothing with it I uninstall the generic storage volumes put the memory stick into the reader and restart the computer The memory stick now works Device Manager now shows only generic volumes Disk Manager shows the memory stick as Disk drive I The drives for both Card Readers and generic volumes show Microsoft version dated However details show some different drivers for the generics Disabling or uninstalling the generics does not help If generics are uninstalled they just reinstall when the computer is restarted Have disconnected the power cord disconnected cable to card reader and held start switch in for minutes Any ideas how I can keep the generic volumes from loading Lots of screen shots nbsp

A:Solved: 5 in 1 Card Reader does not work

Have you checked Compaq's website to see if there is a driver needed? I know that we ran into that problem on one of our lab HP's awhile back and a driver download fixed it.
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Hi My system info Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Professional Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM Quad CPU Q GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX Ti Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Dell Inc YU Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Updated and Enabled --------------------- I recently installed Windows on my Dell XPS desktop computer because of no more support from Microsoft for the XP operating system This computer came with XP After installing Win my card reader no longer works It was normally displayed in work 7 - Windows not Help! now does reader card Installed Solved: My Computer as four removable disks with appropriate drive letters When I inserted a SDHC card a small light next to the drive slot would illuminate and a window popped up offering me to open the card Now I only get one removable disk drive Solved: Help! Installed Windows 7 - now card reader does not work display Drive E and when I insert a ScanDisk SDHC Card it will not read it or open it I just get a message to insert a Disk into Drive E I have tried four different SDHC Cards that previously worked and now none of them will load I have downloaded drivers from Dell that I believe control the card reader but they will not install because they specifically state the drivers for for the XP operating system I can t find anything on Dell about drivers for Windows operating system or anywhere else This means I can no longer download photos from my camera and other uses for the card reader Any help would be greatly appreciated Jerry nbsp

A:Solved: Help! Installed Windows 7 - now card reader does not work
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I have a couple issues that are kind of similar. First, some specs:
Dell Dimesion 4400, P4 166 GHZ, WinXP Pro SP2, 768MB RAM.

1. When I plug my Digital Concepts 21-in-1 Card Reader into the USB port located on the front of my PC, I immediately see 4 new drives. no problem. However, when I leave it plugged in and reboot my PC, the PC freezes on a black screen. I have to unplug the card reader and then the boot sequence continues.

2. I just upgraded to a Dell SK-8125 USB keyboard. When I plug the Card Reader into the extra USB ports located on the keyboard, I do not see the new drives appear in My Computer. However, when I reboot the PC, it still locks up on a black screen until I unplug the Card Reader.


A:USB Ports & Card Reader

As far as 2 goes your keyboard does not have enough power to power the card reader, same thing like the keyboards of Mac. It is not strong enough to run any devices but it is suitable for transfer of data (say hooking up usb printer to keyboard).

As for 1, have you installed drivers?
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I recently installed Windows 7 Home Premium (32-bit) as I wanted to upgrade. I've already fallen in love with W7 but am having a slight problem.

I've installed all the latest drivers for my hardware but I cannot get the media-card-reader to work. It's a 14-in-1 media card reader. My computer is an Acer Aspire 5640.

Motherboard Model: Acer MCP73PV
Chipset: Nvidia Geforce 7100
Southbridge: nForce 630i

I don't know how to go about fixing this. I tried looking for a driver but I couldn't find one for my system.

Please help as I would really like for it to work. I tried plugging in an SD card but it won't read it presumably due to the drivers. Although in Device Manager nothing is shown with the yellow question mark.

A:[SOLVED] Installed Windows 7 - media card reader won't work! - help

Never mind. It works.

Ignore this post.

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Hello I use a card and card reader for accessing lock boxes in my real estate profession The company is called Sentrilock I have installed their card reader utility and when I insert the card into the usb card reader Card open needs ports Reader in firewall? an internet window Card Reader needs open ports in firewall? opens http lb sentrilock com lbs index fromcardutil If everything is working properly there is supposed to be a green bar at the top of the screen to renew my card It does not appear tech support at Sentrilock says ports need to be open in the firewall but they couldn t give me further information Can anyone help me identify and open these ports if that is indeed the problem Thanks Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Card Reader needs open ports in firewall? bit Processor Intel R Core TM i - CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GT Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB F Total - MB Free - MB G Total - MB Free - MB I Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Dell Inc J R Antivirus Windows Defender Disabled nbsp

A:Card Reader needs open ports in firewall?

Open Control Panel - Windows Firewall and click on 'Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall.' Should be obvious what to do from there. Of course, if you are using a different firewall you have to configure that one instead.
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My SD card reader and USB ports have stopped working on my Dell Studio laptop running W8.1.

They still identify what's put into the ports and reader as the USB sticks light up and the computer goes bing when an SD card is put in, but they don't show up in Windows Explorer. If I put a cabled USB device into the ports, like the printer lead or a lead to the camera, these do work and show up in Windows Explorer.

Any ideas on how to fix this please?

Many thanks!
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I keep getting an error of a power surge at USB ports when awaking from sleep mode. USB ports are then shutdown and useless. No devices are plugged in to cause a surge. Also, card reader has stopped working. Apparently, there are no solutions?? Any help out there??
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Hey everyone I am having trouble with my Multi-Card Reader SD Card Reader I am trying to recognizing not my is Windows Reader SD Solved: Reader/ Multi-Card Card take pictures off of my SD card and put them on my computer I have lost my USB cord for the camera and can t locate Solved: Windows is not recognizing my Multi-Card Reader/ SD Card Reader it at this time or I would Solved: Windows is not recognizing my Multi-Card Reader/ SD Card Reader do that So anyway I put the card in the SD card drive and the green light does not come on I then open up My Computer and the drive isn t even listed I checked in Device Manager as well and as far as I know it is not listed in there either If it is then it is under a name that I don t recognize So anyway I would greatly appreciate some help in getting my computer to recognize my Multi-Card Reader SD Card Reader Also I tried these things from my Standard Account Here s my system information Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor AMD Athlon tm II X Processor AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard PEGATRON CORPORATION VIOLET Antivirus COMODO Antivirus Updated and EnabledClick to expand nbsp

A:Solved: Windows is not recognizing my Multi-Card Reader/ SD Card Reader
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I have an HPa1612n running media center 2005 and it wont pick up my memory card from the 9 in 1 reader that is part of the pc. It worked fine last night. any ideas?

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I have aLexmark memory card reader that I use with my memomry cards for my digital cameras. I just bought a new M 1G FujiFilm xD card. It said on the package that it is compatible with most cameras, and I didn't give it much thought since I have a Fuji camera.

Well, today I put the card in the reader and it won't read the card. Is there a way to chance properties of the reader so it can read it, or do I need a newer memory card reader because of the new "M" thing? If I need a new one, does anyone have any suggestions on which readers work with the newer cards? Thanks

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hi do all digital camera memory cards fit into any card reader? the card that came with my digital camera is by patriot brand and i don't know a lot about this yet so i don't know if it will be compatible with various readers (or, does "size" matter? this one is 256mb storage). thanks for any enlightenment anyone is kind enough to share princi*

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My memory card reader dpc-r1 for some reason now won't read any smart media cards can anyone help please. Found the problem, the reader won't work through a usb extention but I dont know why.

A:Memory card reader

I found a discussion on this card reader, maybe it will help you.

Card Reader
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I have a Gateway laptop that was changed from windows xp to windows Vista. Before the change, I could take the memory card out of my camera and put it in the slot on my laptop and download pictures. After changing to Vista, I put the memory card in the slot and nothing happens. Ive tried everything I know, nothing helps. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:memory card reader

Hello paul freshour,
Could you give us some system specs, and tell us what you have tried so far, so we don't go over old ground, thanks.
Also, is it showing up in Device Manager ?, does it need specific drivers ?.
Let us know and we will try to help.
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I have a GatewaY notebook and since upgrading to Vista the memory card reader doesn't function. It will not show up as a drive when an SD card is inserted. Any ideas on fixing this?
[email protected]

A:Memory Card Reader

I have a GatewaY notebook and since upgrading to Vista the memory card reader doesn't function. It will not show up as a drive when an SD card is inserted. Any ideas on fixing this? Thanks,[email protected] need the model number of your pc it probably just needs a updated driver but without your model number i wont beable to find it
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hi guys

slight problem i hope you can help me with

ive got a pc running windows 7 it came with a memory card reader built in, all worked fine for months.

ive just put my sd card into the slot and nothing happens.... ive tried connecting the camera via a usb lead and still no joy, it does need even show up in my computer.

the only thing ive done recently is installed itunes and had a iphone attached to the pc.... would these cause this problem??

any help would be great really need to upload some pics asap


A:memory card reader

have you got a slot on your printer you can try.? not much help im afraid but when i recently had an issue with my camera and pc i found my printer read the card and would upload to pc . just a thought!
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Hello I have a IQ 524 Touchsmart all in one. It came with Windows XP and I've upgraded to windows 7 Professional from my tech guy. My memory card reader is not working. Could someone please help me with this.Thanking you in advance
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hey guys
my pc has ports for SD memory cards and such, and after upgrtading from vista to win 7 no SD cards will read

any ideas thanks!

A:SD memory card pc ports etc

I have an idea, you may need a new driver for your card reader. I would go to the manufacturers website (if they have one) and see if they have a Windows 7 driver. You may also try unplugging the card reader (it's probably plugged into a USB port on the motherboard. Try a different one. You may also restart the computer if you have not tried that. Sometimes it will re-detect the hardware. Good luck.
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Memory Card Reader connected via any USB port on my PC running on 32-bit Windows 7 appears as an USB Device in "Device Manager" and as an ICON in "Devices & Printers" but does NOT appear in "My Computer" or "Disk Management" with an assigned driver letter! As such I am not able to access the Card Reader.

I have tried various solutions to similar problems reported by others in this Forum as also other Forums, such as technologynext, etc. but none worked for me!

Can someone please offer me a workable solution? Thanks!

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i am using windows 8 i have a driver missing for my memory card reader RT55139/ i am using a lenovo laptop Ive tried updating my driver through updates but it says driver cant be found. does it matter if i don't update this driver and if it is important to be updated where can i find the updates would i have to pay to get the update done or can i find them free
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I just put together a new system today with Core 2 Duo & Win 7 pro 64 bit and it is running great but for one small glitch. I put in a cheap 58-in-one (SD, MMC, etc) Vantec internal memory card reader and turns out it isn't compatible. Does anyone know of a specific brand and model that will work with 7?
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I have a Fujifilm 3800 camera and a DPC-R1 card reader, also made my fujifilm.
The camera has a 128 MB card in it. I successfully installed the card reader and it shows in Device manager. I install the mem card and click on the drive, but am prompted to insert the disk. The card is good since it shows all the pics I took this weekend but I can't get the reader to recognize the card.

Im running XP Pro SP2 and am not aware of a more recent driver for the reader since a websearch turned up nothing.

Any ideas on this problem? I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no results.

Thanks in advance.

A:Memory card reader problems

Have a look on Google.

Many users also report that this card will not work with XP, even though Fuji state that it does.

Some do report it works OK, so its probably conflicting with something on some systems - but what...?.
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I have a Gateway ML6732 running Windows Vista and recently my memory card reader won't recognize anything. It used to work beautifully, and I don't know what's wrong with it now. Does anybody know what drivers would be associated with it? I've checked my device manager and I have a yellow exclamation mark next to my SCSI/RAID Host Controller. I don't know if that has anything to do with my memory card reader, but I can't find an update anywhere. If anyone has any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

A:Memory Card Reader Not Working?

Right click the yellow exclamation mark and update your drivers if the device manager is unable to update drivers which is not often . Then you can go to your own computers website and download all drivers needed put in make,model number and operating system of your computer
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I recently installed Windows 8.1 on my HP Pavilion p6130y desktop PC. Everything works great except Windows can't find and install the 15-in-1 memory card reader device. I know the device is connected to the mother board because the light in the card reader comes on when I insert a memory card, but nothing shows up Windows Explorer. Also, I can't find a driver specifically for the card reader on HP's website. Please help, and Thanks!

A:Need Driver for 15-in-1 memory card reader

Welcome to the forum dle1964. Does it show up in device manager with a yellow triangle? If so let it search on line for a driver. If not, going to be a bit harder. Do you know the manufacturer name of the card reader? If yes, see if there are drivers at their site.
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hey everybody .. i have a sony vaio fw21e .I have 2 slots for cards.. 1 for sd cards , and another for magic gate cards from sony .. the sd card works perfectly ..but the magic gate doesnt work . i downloaded from vaio support some drivers .. but i don t have any clue how to install .. there 4 files .(.inf ) (.dll) ,(.sys) and (.dll) no.. executable .. how do i suppose do install these files.. i m using windows 7 ultimate .. 64 bit . .thx

A:memory card reader problem

Quote: Originally Posted by santiago89

hey everybody .. i have a sony vaio fw21e .I have 2 slots for cards.. 1 for sd cards , and another for magic gate cards from sony .. the sd card works perfectly ..but the magic gate doesnt work . i downloaded from vaio support some drivers .. but i don t have any clue how to install .. there 4 files .(.inf ) (.dll) ,(.sys) and (.dll) no.. executable .. how do i suppose do install these files.. i m using windows 7 ultimate .. 64 bit . .thx

Hi and welcome

to install drivers with inf files you need to go into search and type device manager. go to the card reader tab find the magic gate device. right click the file>properties>drivers>update driver> point to where the inf and other files are being stored

Let us know if this doesnt help

Ken J
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I am using Windows 8.1
I have found, in my "Maintenance" part of my Control Panel, a message has appeared, informing me that
a Driver, for my Memory Card Reader Driver, is available. When i view the message, the solution for this, is not available. When i go to, "Devices and Printer`s" on my computer, it shows me my computer, but it has a yellow
triangle, with like a black line running down the center of it. At the bottom of that page, where it says, "Status",
it says "Driver is not available".
Can anyone tell me what is going on, and how do i remedy this.
Thank you.

A:Memory Card Reader Driver.

Check if you've received this card reader with an optical media (contains driver that needed to installed first on your computer). Try installing the driver first before connecting the card reader. Once the drive is installed, restart your PC and connect the reader back again.

Good luck!!
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I have a Sony Cybershot and have lost the cable to transfer pictures to PC making it impossible to use internal memory. I bought a Dynex 5 in 1 memory card reader on the advice of a Best Buy employee. My memory card is a Sandisk pro duo which is supposed to work in the reader. It fits in fine, but I can't get it back out without a pair of hemostats. Any suggestions on a memory card reader for this particular memory card, or does this one really work and I'm just a moron who can't figure it out

A:memory card reader nightmare

preemiepower said:

I have a Sony Cybershot and have lost the cable to transfer pictures to PC making it impossible to use internal memory.Click to expand...

To get the internal memory info, you will need a compatible cable. A card reader can not do this.
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I did a search (both here and google) for finding this problem but came up overwhelmed and empty. Too many key works I think.

I have an HP laptop dv 9000 series running vista home premium. At one point, about 6 months ago my 5 in 1 memory card reader recognized and would allow me to access my Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo 2GB, 4GB Mark2, and 8GB Mark2 memory cards via a Memory Stick Duo Adapter (MSAC-M2). Now when I try the same method, my computer won't even acknowledge that the card is in the reader. I have checked the HP website and my drivers are up to date. Furthermore, my memory card reader will recognize my SanDisk 2GB, and 4GB SDHC cards just fine.

I get no error message, and even checking in device manager I can't seem to find the sony mem stick at all, even as an unkown device.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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There seems to be a problem with the memory card reader until last weekend it was working perfectly for the cameras I hve memory cards for As soon as I put a card in either gb or gb the following message appeared This card needs formatting nbsp nbsp I didn't format but when I put the card back in the st camera the screen flashed Memory Card Error I then tried the card from my nd camera and the same thing happened message appeared on laptop screen this card needs formatting then when put back into camera Memory Card Error appeared nbsp I find it very hard to believe that it's a coincidence as it's happened with two different Canon digi cameras and two different nbsp cards nbsp Are the cards corrupted now Is the memory card reader faulty and is it the cause nbsp I am very reluctant to put the memory card in from my rd camera into the reader slot as the cost of replacing the other Reader Memory Card Problem two Sandisk Memory Cards will be expensive enough
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Hey there! I've got a kodak 6 in 1 memory card reader. It's worked fine for a while now. About a week ago we dumped the hard drive, just due to a ton of viruses, etc...So that was said and done, and I re-installed the software for the reader. Before I just had to put my memory stick in and a windows prompt would pop up asking what I wanted to do...This time it didn't. I went to the drivers properties and changed it to prompt when I put it in, and it still didn't. I think I know how to get the pictures the other way, because I can access them...But does anyone know what I can do to get the windows prompt to pop up?

By the way, I'm running xp

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hey guys, trying to make a SD card be read on the PC it is built into the computer, and when plugged in the light goes red, indicating of course, that something is in there, however no option shows up to change files, we have tried with the lock switch, both ways...and still no luck, it also DOES NOT show up under computer, the pc is running windows 7 home premium.

A:memory card reader issue

From a Microsoft Answers thread:

1. Check if the device is getting detected in device manager. Follow the steps to go to device manager
i. Click Start, type devmgmt.msc and press enter.
ii. Search for the name of the device

If the device is not getting detected in device manager, then check if it is hidden device.
i. Click show hidden devices under View
ii. expand all the nods under device manager
iii. There would be many grayed out entries in device manager uninstall all the grayed out entries under all the nods and then restart the computer and plug the external device to the computer and check if it works

2. Install the latest drivers from the manufacturer website and even make sure the driver is compatible with the version of operating system installed on your computer. check if it works

Install the driver in Compatibility mode:

3. Check with any other another SD card if it is getting recognized or detected or you may even check if the same SD card is getting recognized or detected on other computer

Thanks and Regards:
Samhrutha G S - Microsoft Support



A Secure Digital (SD) card may not be recognized on a Windows 7 based computer.
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I have a Dell Inspiron 1505 running Windows XP sp3. Machine is equipped with a 6 in 1 memory card reader. Recently, the device has required a restart of the machine after the media is inserted before the machine will recognize the media. Now it seems even this extra step has stopped working.

I have looked in the device manager, but am not certain which device is my card reader. I'm thinking a driver update is needed, but would appreciate any other suggestions.
Relevancy 66.22%

I have a memory stick pro duo and someone stuck it in my computers card reader slot without using the adapter thingy to make it fit! :dead: (see example here)

The card has slid all the way to the back of the reader. I did try using a tweezer like most people used to solve their problem, but i bought 3 different sized tweezers and they don't fit because the card has went above the rail that you slide it in.
Any ideas on how to remove it?

If you don't understand what i mean, i can take a picture and attach it. Just ask.

Thank you

A:Memory card stuck in reader

Take the picture, but you might have to get some micro tools to take this out. Let me see how close you can take a micro image of what you have to work with...
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Hi I want to use the memory card reader on the HP D printer This printer is on a local network shared with a Desktop and a Laptop Printing works OK from either card reader Map HP D7260 memory computer The drivers are up to date I can view the pictures on the memory card but when I try to save to the computer I get an error quot Not set up you need to install device software quot I posted to the HP forums and I was advised to map the shared PC to the shared Printer HP is having a hour quot Experts Day quot and I did get one response The mapping they suggested did not Map HP D7260 memory card reader work for me It was to map lt sharedcomputername gt lt sharedprintername gt I verified the following names with NET VIEW FRANKSPC I used this mapping to letter J FRANKSPC HP Photosmart D series BT - - The mapping program finds FRANKSPC but it cannot find HP Photosmart D series BT - - which is the Map HP D7260 memory card reader shared printer name displayed by NET VIEW Any Suggestions Thanks Frank C

A:Map HP D7260 memory card reader

I think that I have made some progress!
Using this path for mapping a device
\\FRANKSPC\HP Photosmart D7200 series BT 12-8-08\Memory_Card
I no longer get
J is not accessible. The system cannot find the drive specified"
Now I get
"The specified network resource or device is no longer available"

When I use I.E to show I P \\ (the printer I P) I do see a folder for
memory_card (\\
Properties > Network tab > Workgroup shows MSHOME

At Control panel > System > Computer name, domain and workgroup setting
Workgroup is = to WORKGROUP.
Is this mismatch in workgroup name causing my problem?
Frank C
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I am planning on buying an external memory card reader/writer with hub. Should card readers generally be compliant with all three host controller interfaces--open, universal and enhanced? If not, would a computer compliant with only a universal controller work with a reader having one or other two interfaces--OHCI and EHCI? My computer has the universal controller.
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By error, I installed a Fujifilm Memory Card Reader two times. This means that in My Computer I have 2 Removal Disks drives, one in F and one in G.
How do I remove one of them?

A:Installed Memory Card reader twice

Well, if the driver has an entry in Install/Remove Programs in control panel, uninstall all of them and start over. If not, uninstall all instances of it in Device Manager, reboot to make sure they're gone, and then install one.
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Hi, I have problem with SD card reader. When I connect card nothing happens for few minutes, then icon appears, but can not be accesed.
I tried reinstalling driver and Live CD Linux, but it's still the same.

A:E7440 Memory Card Reader

I have the same problem, I think it might be BIOS problem. I noticed this problem few days after BIOS update but I'm not sure that update caused problem. My current BIOS is A17.
Update: A18 version fixes problem :)
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Hi, I have a Fujitsu Siemens Scaleo P, it has memory card input on the front..SD/MMC, CF, etc. Time to time they don't work, as in, I put the card in and nothing shows up on XP, and it doesn't show up on My Computer. Now, it's not working at all, it won't read my SD card or my CF card.

Are there any solutions?


A:Memory Card reader not working

Any feedback...?
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I have a HP Pavilion DV6 Notebook PC , widows 10 .
My memory card reader isn't working. How should I check what the problem is?
Relevancy 66.22%

I have a Memory card reader and on the windows explorer it shows all the card slots as drives.

Is it possible for it to only show the slot that has media in (dare I say, like a mac)?

The same with my optical drives, is it possible to 'hide' them only showing when they have mounted a an item of optical media?

Or is this just pipe dreams, and only the preserve of unix based systems?

A:Memory card reader question

Folder Options

Drives - Hide or Show Empty Drives in Computer Folder
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dear sir,

right after I installed sandisk imagemate usb mem card reader the ff problem has occured... please let me know how to fix this cause I have no way of knowing where to start...

its says ....

system file warning:

the following system files has been replaced with older version by a program you recently ran. some window functionality may not run correctly eith this files installed.

please restore this files by running windows setup located on your original window disk to verify your current installation ...

I really cant understand where to begin and what it means so
please explain in details ... about my pc ,

intell III 550 mhz 256ram win98se msoffice200....
thank you guys in advance I really appreciate your help...

A:help : memory card reader installation

Try this:

Start button, run, then type sfc and hit ok....

Choose extract one file from installation disk and type that file name....winaspi.dll

you'll then need your windows installation cd.
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I have no idea when this stopped working, but i noticed it yesterday when i went to use it.
The device manager detects a 'unknown device' in the USB controllers list and gives this report 'Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)'

A:50-In-1 Memory Card Reader Not Working

The first thing I'd try is updating that particular driver. If no help, I'd delete the driver and let windows discover the device again.

Try this fixit link as well:

Tips for fixing common driver problems

A Guy
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I Have a Compaq SR1420NX PC Runnning Windows XP. My Memory card reader died, and it needs to be replaced. i Ordered a replacement one from Compaq, and there is a screw go get to after taking off the front panel and the case, and i can NOT get to it. how would i get the card reader out of the system?

A:Compaq Memory Card Reader


I just looked on the HP website and here is a link to the Upgrade and Service Manual for this system. It shows you how to remove all the components, face plates and everything!

You will want to download the “Upgrading and Servicing Guide”, the 6th one down from the top!

Here is the link:

It’s actually a really simple task!!!


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I have a Dell Inspiron had it for over a year I am always using the memory card slot to import my pictures I use a Gb SD card never even once had a problem Then I didn t use the slot for at least days started up my computer and the quot Safely Remove Hardware quot green guy is up! MESSED Memory Card Reader thing was in the bottom which was wierd because NOTHING was plugged into my computer Not even my power cord was plugged in When I opened it to see what it was I saw quot Ricoh Memory Stick Disk Device quot Not knowing what it was as I ve NEVER seen Ricoh anywhere on my computer after research found out it was the actual reader but I had never seen it before So I stopped this and inserted my card just like normal Normally the Auto Play comes up with CANNON at the top and it just imports my photos and such But when I inserted it this time the green thingy popped up again but Memory Card Reader is MESSED up! no auto play Okay so I can handle this so I went to My Computer and was just open it through Explorer But instead of it saying CANNON it says quot xD-Picture Card F quot So I tried to open it and it says quot Please insert a disc into xD-Picture Card quot and it wont open my pictures I ve tried putting the card into another computer and everything is peachy So as soon as I open the stop hardware thing it says quot Ricoh xD-Picture Card Disk Device quot Well never seen that before either So when I stopped it and removed my card the first one immediately popped back up again Not that the green icon is annoying but it has NEVER been up before unless something was plugged in I ve tried a system restore to a previous date two to be exact tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers disabling and enabling them from the device manager I m just SOO at a loss here as to why all of a sudden is Ricoh showing up on my computer and not letting me read my card I even tried to reformat the card and still no luck PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME Thanks sorry so long nbsp

A:Memory Card Reader is MESSED up!

Somone please help me...I'm so at a loss! It is driving me crazy because I need some pictures on this computer. PLEASE! Thanks
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I bought a 6-1 memory bank it is by IOGEAR. It is a card reader.
It installed with no problems but what I don't understand how does it work. There is no icon or program to click on. Its just there. How do you get the info on the card onto your computer?
Im sure if anyone has a card reader this one works the same.

puter hater

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Hey guys, so I upgrade to Windows 7 on my HP DV9000t (with intel core 2 duo t5600 processor) laptop recently from XP Media Center Edition. Now, my built-in memory card reader won't work. Does anyone know where I can find the driver for it? or what the issue might be?!

Thanks guys


A:HELP Memory Card Reader Not Working


Try this driver: Ricoh 5-in-1 Card Reader Driver HP Pavilion dv9000t CTO Notebook PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

Good luck!
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Does anyone know if a new memory card sandisk or a reader memory or with card new new virus? new iomega memory card reader writer can new memory card or new reader with virus? come with a virus Or possible a virus put on the memory card from a new digital camera The memory card card reader via usb and camera have never been connected to another computer but my own My system is working fine but I cant figure out for sure how a new folder with zip files suddenly turned up on my desktop I did not unzip the files and KIS did not detect any virus I quarantined the folder but not sure if I should plug the memory card reader into other computers I own or continue to use the memory card I did print some new memory card or new reader with virus? pictures off the memory card using windows picture wizard OR is it possible a coincidence that same day I plugged in new memory card reader writer I picked up a virus from the internet OS is win xp Also can KIS detect a virus if it is in a zipped file thanks for any help nbsp
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I'm using Windows Home Premium bit The card reader is a samsung sema card reader SFD- F T XU And I bought it new When I click onto the computer icon in the main window It shows all of the slots as quot removable disk reader work. won't HELP!! Card quot plus a letter When HELP!! Card reader won't work. I insert a card into the reader Windows can't read the card I have used the card in another reader and it works fine So it is not the card itself Before I installed Windows I had vista home premium on the same computer and that OS had no problem reading the card slots So I'm thinking it has to be a software issue So when I go into the device manager the drivers for the reader are in a folder called Human interface devices And the drivers read as HID-compliant device I have tried to change the driver s but all I get HELP!! Card reader won't work. is USB drivers for everything but a card reader I have searched the web for a card reader driver for this model but unable to find one So my question is how the HELL do I get this card reader to work again Thanks

A:HELP!! Card reader won't work.

Quote: Originally Posted by hartengel

I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. The card reader is a samsung sema card reader 3.5 (SFD-321F/T4XU). And I bought it new.
When I click onto the computer icon in the main window. It shows all of the slots as "removable disk" plus a letter.
When I insert a card into the reader. Windows 7 can't read the card. I have used the card in another reader and it works fine. So it is not the card itself.
Before I installed Windows 7, I had vista home premium 64 on the same computer, and that OS had no problem reading the card slots. So I'm thinking it has to be a software issue.
So when I go into the device manager, the drivers for the reader are in a folder called: Human interface devices. And the drivers read as HID-compliant device.
I have tried to change the driver(s), but all I get is USB drivers for everything but a card reader.
I have searched the web for a card reader driver for this model, but unable to find one.
So my question is how the HELL!! do I get this card reader to work again. Thanks

You can take the vista driver that worked and install it in compatibility mode. right click the installer>properties>compatibility mode>vista.

Let us know if you need help

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I have bought a used (second hand) Sony DSC P73 digital camera .My OS is Windows 98SE and I am thinking of buying a card reader for it Would someone please explain how it connects (usb?) to my computer how the reader works and do I need anything installing in my computer to make the reader work.


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i got a dell latitude e6430 , 64 bit win 7 laptop and it's card reader does not work.
i hear the sound of a connected device when i put the card in but it does not read it. I assume i need new drivers
the driver that is is using ( according to device manager ) is Broadcom Usbccid Smartcard Reader (WUDF)
i looked around google but i could not find for my laptop version. Only for e6400 and i assumed i rather ask than download invalid files and hope i dont break anything

If more info is required, ask away
Thank you

EDIT : if possible , suggest to me which drivers i should also download in order to improve my experience because i don't think windows update downloads every driver that i need since my pc freezes after exiting sleep mode.
*specs are not the ones on my profile, those are from my pc*

A:SD card reader does not work

Hi ... Drivers can be found in the Link below ... Most are recent Versions ...
Product Support | Dell US
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I put in more the 2 SD disks and the reader is not picking them up at all it just lights up and remains lit.... (led)

I have the latest NET Framework 3.0 and the drivers for the 5in1 reader are generic...

any suggestions?

A:SD Card reader will not work! help

Is the reader USB?

Do you have the driver disk for it?

What shows in device manager for the reader?
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I don't know if this belongs here, but my card reader stopped working. I checked Device Manager and in the "Other Devices" there are 3 entries for "Digital Camera . PC Camera (all of which have a big yellow Question Mark), and then a 4th, "Mass Storage" (when I have the card reader plugged in) also with a big yellow question mark. I tried getting new drivers, but, even wtih a card CD, which says it installed the drivers, the yellow question marks remain and the card reader doesn't work.

I am at a loss where to even begin to figure out how to get the USB "Other Devices" working again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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hi everyone I have a problem getting my Compact Flash Card Reader to work on my laptop I ve never had a problem on any other computers- I just plug it in and can view my files or pictures that I ve stored on my Compact Flash card BUT i switched laptops and when I plug the card reader in it does recognize the hardware and says it s ready to use HOWEVER when i put any of my Can't to Reader work! get Card Compact flash cards IN the reader it gives me this Can't get Card Reader to work! message quot USB Device not recognized One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognize it For assistance on how to solve this problem please click here quot When I click on it it just tells me to remove Can't get Card Reader to work! it and plug it back in but that doesn t work- I get the same message I m overseas here without the CD that came with the Card reader but from what I m reading online I shouldn t need to install a driver because Windows XP should recognize that plug and play device SO what do you think could be the problem Any help would be great Thanks Susan OS- Windows XP Pro version Service pack Intel Pentium III mhz MB Ram Laptop Brand Pro Star Card Reader - CR-V -UC it doesn t have a brand but it s just the reader with a cord on it to plug into usb port- i have a picture if necessary nbsp

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A friend of mine who is an dear older lady always comes to me for computer help but this one has me totally stumped She has an HP Pavilion Slimline with a built-in SD card reader She didn t issues card having SD Friend reader memory know Friend having SD memory card reader issues anything about the quot Safely Remove Hardware quot option and so has just been putting the card in and taking it out I believe what has happened to her is that she once pulled the card out when it was still working with a program Now when she sticks the SD card in the green light comes on but the computer does not recognize anything being in the device I went to the Safely Remove Hardware screen and the Friend having SD memory card reader issues device is showing up in there but if you click to quot Stop quot it an error message comes up advising that this device is already in use even though it is not So where could the hang up be How can we find it and release this device so Friend having SD memory card reader issues that she can use her card again We have tried reboots we have tried to just go to the device but it doesn t show up as quot in use quot anywhere but in that Safely Remove Hardware screen I also checked in the Device Manager and this device is shown as working fine no errors Help Thanks nbsp

A:Friend having SD memory card reader issues

If the card was accessed while removed, it's highly probable it got corrupted in the process. Safely Remove Hardware isn't really needed, unless you do just what happened or some malware accesses the card when you remove it... Like Vista.
Anyways. If you don't have a memory card reader, get one: and test if the card works in other systems. (Try finding a way to format it, if all else fails) If not, the card itself is now officially dead.
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Good morning.

I am in the process of purchasing a digital camera, and I am trying to find a memory card reader for the following setup. I hope any one of you can help me.

I have a 4 pin firewire port on my 3 year old computer. Most, if not all, of the firewire card readers being sold have 6 pin connections. I can get a 6 to 4 adapter cable, but all of the card readers I have found get power from the bus on the computer through the 2 extra pins, and do not have a standalone power option.

So my question is this: Do any of you use a 6-pin firewire memory card reader with standalone power (AC adapter, batteries, the like)? FYI, I am using a Sandisk 1 GB CF II card.

This has been an incredibly hard piece of information to find out. Any help would be most appreciated.

Thank you.

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i have recently updated to windows 10 on  my presario cq57 and now the card reader will not recognise any sd card. Can't find where to update drivers.

A:have updated to windows 10 and now memory card reader will n...

Hi: The only suggestion I can offer would be to try the W10 Realtek card reader driver directly from Realtek. Download, unzip and run the setup application file from the first driver on the webpage below...
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I want to reinstall the driver for my SD memory card reader. If I uninstall it, will it automaticly reinstall itself after I uninstall it?

A:Reinstalling driver for SD memory card reader

Card Reader Driver - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET
Use this if it won't load a generic version.
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When I insert a memory card (SD & CF) in the reader of my new Dell Vista PC the "Autoplay" window does not appear. However, the media reader can be accessed in My Computer (and it works), just no Autoplay. Autoplay does work for other devices on my system (DVD, USB disk) but not the reader. I have tried another memory card reader with the same result. Also, I do know that the Autoplay config in Control Panel is configured correct.

Any guidance would be appreciated. This is driving me crazy!


A:No Vista Autoplay with USB Memory Card Reader

I found this for XP but it still may solve your problem...

And here seems to be your answer..
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I have just tried to put on some pictures on my Acer laptop.

The memory card reader is not being recognised by the Windows 7. Never had any problem with XP.

Have also tried connecting direct by cable from the camera. Also not recognised.

Can anyone kindly assist without being too complicated.

Relevancy 65.36%

Please help! Just upgraded to Win 8.1 Pro from Win 8 on a Dell Latitude E6530. Everything was working fine; post upgrade, system does not recognize any of my SD cards upon insertion. [Don't even see a drive letter show up.] All other peripheral storage devices are fine. Has anyone run into this problem; if so, know a fix? Thanks.

A:Win 8.1 Pro Upgrade and Memory Card Reader Problem

Found the solution to this issue

To access the library of Windows 8 troubleshooting wizards, follow these steps:

Type "troubleshooting" while on the Start Screen and select Troubleshooting, OR follow these instructions:
Swipe in from the right side of the screen to open your Charms bar (if using a mouse, hover on the top right corner of the screen and move the pointer down to open the Charms bar) then select Settings. Alternately, press the Windows + I keys to go directly to the Settings Charm.Select Control Panel.In the location bar at the top of the window, select the arrow next to Control Panel and select All Control Panel items, then select Troubleshooting from the list of items.On the left side of the screen, select View all to get the full list of offline and online troubleshooting wizards.Run the Troubleshooter for Hardware and Devices - it finds you're missing a Chipset Driver. Install it.

This fixed my issue. Hope this helps.
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Hi -- I just purchased the Lenovo Ideacentre AIO 910. It says it comes with a 3 in 1 media card reader; however, the slot is much too small for me to insert a typical SD card. Am I missing something? Thanks.
Relevancy 65.36%

i am using windows photo gallery and i need to put the pictures from the photo gallery back on to my memory card i know how to do that but i need to upload like 500 pictures and i only know how to do one at a time?? any suggestions

A:uploading photos to a memory card reader

You multi-select as many images as you want, and copy them exactly like you "know how to do that."
Relevancy 65.36%

First time using memory card reader. I have been using reader to transfer
pictures to memory card/sddisk for digital picture frames. I got through
1 set of pictures, now when I try it keeps saying (cannot copy) the directory or file cannot be created. what is happening? thanks

A:Transfer pictures to memory card in reader

Card is full or locked.
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I have a Compaq Presario SR1710NX with a 9 in 1 memory card reader which my computer cannot reinstall. I can't find the drivers for this device. It is connected to the proper USB pins on my system board.

Can anyone give me a direct link to the drivers for this model? HP doesn't offer them on their website. I don't have the recover disk.


A:9 in 1 Memory Card Reader Drivers needed

Dylan2aT said:

I have a Compaq Presario SR1710NX with a 9 in 1 memory card reader which my computer cannot reinstall. I can't find the drivers for this device. It is connected to the proper USB pins on my system board.

Can anyone give me a direct link to the drivers for this model? HP doesn't offer them on their website. I don't have the recover disk.


Click to expand...

Look around here for something:
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I have been using a compact flash media reader device that plugs into a USB port on my fairly new Dell - (with XP). When I insert the flash memory card with my photos, I have always had a menu pop up with choices of what I'd like to do with the photos...until just recently. Now, nothing at all. I recently installed WinDVD6 and Roxio...but otherwise no changes to the machine. I've tried the usual re-boot...and also unplugged the device...but the new hardware wizard does not acknowledge it.


Relevancy 65.36%

My PC...Win XP...won't recognize my card reader. I've reinstalled it several times, but it keeps telling me that the USB isn't connected. It beeps and lights up when I plug it in, but the "Download Pictures" window doesn't appear. Any ideas?

A:PC won't recognize Fuji memory card reader

When you say re-installed do you mean the software that came with the reader? It's easier without. XP should just recognise the reader as an extra drive in my computer when you plug it in without any software.
Is it recognised in 'my computer' when plugged in. It should be a 'removable disc' in my computer, or words to that effect.
Relevancy 65.36%
Hi, I bought this about a year ago and it worked at first but as time passed sometimes it would work and sometimes it wouldn't when I put in my memory stick to upload pictures, etc. Now I've been trying for a couple of days and whenever I insert it into the usb port the light flashes green (somestimes remains green) and the computer shows that that removable drive is there when I go to 'my computer'. But when I click on it it says "Please insert the removable drive E)" or it freezes my computer. I even tried it on a laptop and it doesn't want to open up.

A:GE Memory Stick Card Reader not working!

Hi and welcome. As with anything else, sometimes they go bad. Check to see if it's still under warranty.
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Can anyone please help.

On my computer I have 2 memory card readers.
I tried using one of them but it wouldn't work. When I looking in My Computer it shows that Windows XP (Media Edition) isn't seeing them.

Windows used to see them but suddenly have vanished.

Does anyone know how to make Windows see them again without having to reinstall Windows.

They were originally lettered as Drives D & E which are now missing.

All help is much appreciated.

A:Windows XP vs Memory Card Reader problem

Microsoft Knowledge base has an article that will help you with your problem. It is article ID: 890546. This article discribes proper removal of hardware and a hotfix you can get from Microsoft.
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So shutdown problems We shutdown card reader Memory problem causes meet again I have an quot internal Memory card reader in my computer connected to the mainboard's USB slot The reader works correctly but every time I shut down Memory card reader causes shutdown problem my computer Windows realises to start complaining about Empty drives I press the shutdown button Message appears No disc in A Please insert disc Retry cancel continue A Floppy Drive I don't have one Message appears No disc in D Please insert disc Retry cancel continue D Sony memory Memory card reader causes shutdown problem stick quot magicgate quot Message appears No disc in E Please insert disc Retry cancel continue E SDHC card reader Message appears No disc in F Please insert disc Retry cancel continue F CF Card reader Message appears No disc in G Please insert disc Retry cancel continue G SM Card reader Message appears No disc in H Please insert disc Retry cancel continue Wait What's this Clicking continue will lead in to black screen These are my drives And my quot beautifully installed quot card reader
Relevancy 64.93%

after i installed my new windows 8.1 , the sd card didnt work, i dont know why , i have tried many ways but it just cant be fixed. please help me on this as soon as possible.
Relevancy 64.93%

The problem happens with a Thinkpad R500 running 32-bit Windows 10.

The R500 has a built-in card reader, however, that reader no longer works properly.
Several times I've installed drivers for the card reader. Each time, the reader briefly works, then fails to operate the next time the R500 is used.
Checking the knowledge base and Levovo online support turns up no cause, explanation, or solution.
The card reader has been activated in the R500's BIOS.
SFC/scannow shows no problems.

Event viewer shows this:
Device SD\DISK&Generic&SD02G&8.0\6&1777445a&0&50324e24&0 could not be migrated.
Class Guid: {4d36e967-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}
Location Path:
Migration Rank: 0xF000C0008000F130
Present: false
Status: 0xC0000719
Relevancy 64.93%

I've owned this computer for less than a week and the SD card reader has been working fine until the most recent automatic update. Now it will not register that there is an SD card in it. I've tried multiple cards and none have worked while they have worked in other computers. Any insight on how to fix this problem?

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A:SD Card Reader Won't Work After Update

Hi, Please try to download and reinstall Realtek Card Reader Driver for Windows 10: Regards.
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I have Vista Ultimate x64. I have a flash card reader (part of my PC) that works just fine when I insert a card to be read (the first time around). After I, "safely remove hardware" and insert the same or different flash card to be read again, my PC doesn't recognize the freshly inserted flash card (the second time) until I reboot my PC.

Is there anything else I can do to get the flash card to be recognized the second time I insert it into my PC, instead of rebooting my PC? (I've tried "install new hardware" and having my computer scan for changes, with no luck)

Thanks in advance

A:have to restart for card reader to work again?

Hello 1basket, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Restarting Explorer instead may allow the device to be redetected without having to restart the computer.

You do not have to use the "safely remove hardware" feature as long as you make sure that you do not have anything being written to or copied from the flash card before removing it.

Hope this helps,
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ok memory reader card is duo slot? need it help even pro in i laptop possible? stick SD i was bored and got some homebrew for my ds but i needed some files off my psp memory stick and couldnt be bothered to charge memory stick pro duo in laptop SD card reader slot? it is even possible? i need help it as its dead and i cant find the charger so i thauhgt quot ill try it in my laptop sd card slot reader quot and after a some moments later bang autorun pops up with the memory stick icon on it all the files are accessable aswell now my question is HOW DID THIS WORK i looked in the slot and the pins are much to big spaces to fit all the pins on the card everyone know theres a size difference between sd and memorystick how did it work i didnt think there were duel sd and memory stick readers all the usb ones if seen have seperate slots this is memory stick pro duo in laptop SD card reader slot? it is even possible? i need help bugging me as it shouldnt that and i have to get it in just the right place to get it to work it doesnt seem to fit snug in the slot any idea on how the hell this is working thanks nbsp memory stick pro duo in laptop SD card reader slot? it is even possible? i need help

A:memory stick pro duo in laptop SD card reader slot? it is even possible? i need help
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My laptop doesnt have a memory card reader so I bought a USB memory card reader to be able to read my camera photos. I bought a standard run of the mill no brand memory card reader, it works perfectly fine on my desktop, when plugged in, the folder would run and open.

On my laptop, nothing happens (my folder autoruns for my external harddrive), and it doesnt appear in 'My Computer', I know it has been assigned g: so i run g: and I get this error message:

The file does not have a program associated with performing this action. Create an association in the Folder Options control panel.

I dont know what association to change or do when I'm in the control panel! I would appreciate any help! I really dont want to buy another memory card reader hyuk! Thanks in advance!
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I install the Windows 7 Ultimate in my Sony Vaio, But the support site dont have this release drivers for Windows 7x64, the most I could install and operate, but i could not find the driver for the memory card reader for Windows 7 and when I use the Windows Vista driver nothing happens and the device still not been identified. Anybody know what I should do?

A:Memory Card Reader Sony Vaio VGN-FZ350AE

See attachment, it's what I use.
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I am not a computer tech or anything of that sort so please bare with me I have a Sony VIAO 7. upgrading PLEASE to Memory HELP!! Windows Card issues Reader after VGN-FZ E I just recently upgraded from Vista Home Premium to a x I am fully aware that MANY other people have been having the same problems plus camera and touchpad issues I scoured over the forum internet found drivers but am still having issues I tried installing the Vista Memory Card Driver - to no avail I had heard some drivers were still compatible so I gave it a try I found a driver that was named quot Memory Card Reader Writer Driver TI R - quot installed it but that didn't make it work I even tried rebooting my computer and also reinstalling the driver I've read that other people have installed this and it has worked Am I just doing something wrong Am I missing a step When that didn't work I found a PLEASE HELP!! Memory Card Reader issues after upgrading to Windows 7. link on this forum that lead me to another zip file containing all of the laptop's drivers ftp ftp vaio-link com PUB VAIO ORI z drivers zip When I opened that file there was no quot setup quot or quot install quot application under the folder listed as quot Memory Card Reader quot I looked in other folders and there were quot setup install quot apps so I'm confused as to why this PLEASE HELP!! Memory Card Reader issues after upgrading to Windows 7. folder did not have it I am running out of options and patience for that matter ANY input will be greatly appreciated

A:PLEASE HELP!! Memory Card Reader issues after upgrading to Windows 7.

I FIXED IT!!....... for now.

So I went into Device Manager and found the portable devices. I uninstalled the devices (E. Then I reinstalled the driver I had previously downloaded. "Memory Card Reader Writer Driver (TI) 2.0R -"

Hope this helps someone else in the future!!
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I have a Dell XPS M1710 laptop. I recently installed windows 7 home premium 64bit. I can't seem to get my built in Ricoh 5 in 1 memory card reader to work. I installed the recommended driver using the dell drivers on their website. None of the drives are appearing under my computer, and nothing happens when I insert a memory card. I have tried several 1 and 2gb cards. Both high speed and regular with no success. I went to folder options and unchecked the box to hide empty drives in my computer. I am unable to locate anything under device manager for the Ricoh card reader.

A - I want it to display the empty drives in my computer
B - I want it to read my darn memory cards

Any ideas, I'm starting to think the reader itself may be defective. Please help me diagnose and hopefully fix this problem. Thanks!

A:Ricoh 5 in 1 memory card reader not showing drives

As far as I can find Ricoh 5 is XP and not Windows 7.
Ricoh 5-in-1 Card Reader Host Controller and Driver | HP? Support
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Hello, i have 4 in 1 memory cards reader in my desktop pc.
It works ok, but it gives some warnings in event viewer.
I put error message links here:
These only come in boot. I have win 8.1 and all drivers installed.
How can i stop them from coming ?

A:Memory card reader warnings in event viewer.

If the card reader works OK, I would just ignore the Event Viewer warning messages.
Windows has several hundred Event Viewer logs and you'll make yourself crazy trying to fix every perceived error and warning message in them.
Regards. . .
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Hi Smart Guy The time has come to ask for your expertise I know of no more knowledgeable site and this problem Card media XP PRO USB WONT Reader WORK is driving me nuts A little backround Firstly I know all hardware is working perfectly tested on nd machine Second I know the USB port on my motherboard is working Also ALL other USB devices work fine NOW I install the -in-one card reader quot drive mount I have also tried external readers XP will absolutely NOT recognize ANY type of smart cards various formats from several cameras The mass storage device quot DOES show up when I double click the quot green arrow quot card icon in the tray HOWEVER NOTHING shows up in My Computer Disk management Windows Explorer etc No USB Card Reader WONT WORK XP PRO media drives drive letters or anything shows up under quot Removable Storage Devices quot I guess you can tell by what I DO know about the problem that I have tried all the elemental stuff Of course the drivers are native in XP for these devices I m at wit s end NO WAY to view pics use my mp devices etc I am at wit s end PLEASE PLEASE HELP THANK YOU Gary nbsp

A:USB Card Reader WONT WORK XP PRO media

Have you tried removing all other USB devices and just trying the reader?